Spanish Politician Is Crushed For Questioning Feminist Dogma

Europe’s first law specifically cracking down on gender-based violence was unanimously approved in Spain at the end of 2004 under the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. This law called for public education in gender equality, improved assistance to victims, stiffer sentences for aggressors, the creation of special courts, and a series of procedures aimed at protecting women under threat, bringing the full force of the state to bear on eradicating what they called “criminal machismo.”

A Law Only For Women

This may seem fine at first until you realize that the law ONLY allows women to use it—not men.  It also works on the principle that the aggressor is guilty until proven innocent (in direct contravention with Spain’s own constitutional laws).

Needless to say, the law may encourage some bitter women to run into the police station and falsely cry abuse for different reasons, such as obtaining custody of children, increasing out-of-court divorce settlements, and plain old-fashioned jealousy.

In all cases the man is arrested and put in prison before facing summary trial in the specially set up courts.  The case may end in a tragic outcome for the man, facing prison as well as having to fight the stigma of being a falsely accused “maltratador.”

This is the situation in the Spanish political scene in 2013. But the times they are a changing…

Twitter Opened The Pandora Box

Antonio Cantó García del Moral (Valencia, January 14, 1965), better known as Toni Cantó, is a Spanish politician and actor, member of the Congress of Deputies of Spain. He participated in several movies and TV shows. He is one of the few politicians that dared to speak up about discrimination against men in Law. On February 25, he tweeted the following messages:

“Most domestic violence allegations are false. The law does not enforce them. Statistics are biased”

“Did you know that one-third of deaths for domestic violence are men?”

“2,456 men committed suicide in Spain in 2010, a 78.09% of the total was in the process of separation or divorce”

These statements triggered outrage across the country.  Almost immediately he was slayed in the Spanish media and on Twitter for what was considered a “classic machist rant.” More than 40 women associations demanded his resignation from the “Commission of Equality”, a commission where he owns a seat.

Cantó twittered again:

“As soon as you mention fake claims they say that you don’t care about women’s deaths or they call you an abuser. This is what you get in this country”

The Mistake

The pressure didn’t stop, and things got even worse for Cantó. He realized that the sources where he obtained his data weren’t verified and therefore the figures weren’t accurate. At that point he had no other option but to ask for an apology:

“I have to apologize because I didn’t double checked my sources, and considering we are talking about domestic violence, this was a bad mistake.“

The  New Inquisition In Modern Spain

Cantó was called up for questioning before the “Commission for Equality.” This is a commission of the Spanish Congress constituted almost entirely by women. In the meantime, some brave political manginas took advantage of the situation to kick him when he was down: “Comrades, today is the day to impale Tony Cantó.”

During the session, Cantó was confronted and scolded by a furious group of angry-looking women. The Socialist party representative, Carmen Montón, suggested that he had behaved like an “accomplice of abusers” and would have contributed to “undermine the credibility of the victims.”

Cantó only managed to keep his seat after issuing an official apology to the commission. “At any case”, he added, “the equality that we are trying to build, goes against men.”

Unexpected Support

The year is 2013 and the Spanish political scene is entirely dominated by fundamentalist forces that seem to despise any man who dare to stand up to the sexist, man-hating feminist movement. Well, not entirely, as Canto’s statements were not disliked by everyone. Despite all criticism he also received support. Some bloggers expressed him their sympathy, the issue was discussed in forums and Spanish female journalist Anna Grau backed him up. She wrote an article titled “Any woman to support Tony Cantó? Yes, myself”. This is a small excerpt:

In short, Toni Cantó has been stoned in the media, peace and political correctness was seen here and there and a load of crap was swept under the rug. I am not writing this because I have Stockholm syndrome from Tony Cantó or with the male gender in general. I write this on behalf of all the true battered women who do not deserve the scorn of lying. I write this in defense of all good men and friends who do not deserve to be stuck in the same bag of rapists and murderers. I write this in defense of decency, human dignity and yes, politics. Thanks Tony Cantó for trying to touch some truly painful subject. And please keep digging.

Soon after Anna posted the article, her site received the visit of a number of choleric feminists who expressed their disconformity in different ways.

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59 thoughts on “Spanish Politician Is Crushed For Questioning Feminist Dogma”

  1. Women in Western Europe are certainly better looking then what one sees in pig vomit america. And certainly men have a bit more default respect europe overall when compared to the States. But as soon as a line gets drawn, when any accusation at a man gets thrown out no matter how false, the majority of women are quick to side with Team Cunt regardless of the situation.

    1. The in group preference bias amongst women is documented by writers such as Girlwriteswhat. Men don’t share this for obvious evolutionary reasons. Hard to ram a spear through a tribesman from the village over the hill if you empathise with him.
      Some theorists contend that this lack of preference amongst men is the reason why the MRM is struggling to gain traction and even why so many men were willing to throw their brothers under the bus during the rise of feminism.

  2. Feminists and manginas are the biggest hypocrits of all. Indeed, they are tyrannical bullies who will refuse to give any rational voice of dissent a fair and equitable opportunity to convey concerns regarding unjust laws. While they make strides in promoting the rights of one group (women) they do so at the expense of another group (men). To elevate one, they degrade the other; this is the tactic of the school yard bully: to raise my self-esteem and feel better about myself, I must humiliate others and hurt them. Scratch a bully and you reveal a wimpering insecure coward.

    1. In societies where all outcomes are dependent on the arbitrary will of some government, the only way to personally advance, is to set oneself up as a better guarantor of continued governmental expansion than someone else. And what better way to do that, than to cast those most likely to question whether all encompassing government is an unqualified good, as “baaaad, dangerous” people, who “the rest” must line up behind the thugs in charge to “defeat.”
      That’s all Progressivism, of which feminism is but a subset, is all about; privileged government apologists attempting to maximize their privilege. It has never been about one iota more.

  3. There’s been a number of posts about how most feminist women are quite ugly, we should have some more posts about how equalist women like Anna Grau are actually quite hot. Raise up the good while we push down the bad.

    1. Remove the wrinkles-concealing makeup, the studied lighting, the nice clothes and she’s a washed up 6. Square jaw and pointed nose.

      1. Your post is so unbelievable I think it might be trolling. A woman shows insight and courage, sticks her neck out for a man at personal cost to herself and you start nit picking minor aspects of her physical appearance that are in fact merely matters of personal preference. All this will do is to confirm to feminists the negative about men that feminists generalise about men. Own kill. If someone is trying to help you, one doesn’t respond by insulting them first. You may think you are being objective but you are just being hyper critical: sort of like criticising a brunett for not being a blonde.

  4. OK, guess we can add Spain to the list of fallen countries..the world is just getting smaller and smaller..

    1. Even in the midst of economic collapse “gender issues” occupy Spain. MRAs often dream of post-feminism, but that probably will only come about after the extinction of our species

  5. Last night I was in a Romanian club and I overheard Spanish. Three girls, all overweight. I wanted to troll them gently. I asked, “Why are you speaking in Spanish?” The oldest one, a hard 5, glared at me and said, “Because I am SPANISH.” Then she turned away. I’m never going back to Spain.

    1. Yeah I’ve had minimal interaction with Spanish women in Europe but haven’t been impressed with the little there has been.
      As one comment noted above, you would think the Spanish government would have better things to concern themselves with right now. Youth unemployment reaching 55%, 26% across the country. These numbers are staggering. A housing crisis that hasn’t recovered, the dream of a united Europe is hanging by a thread. Maybe that’s what the country needs, more dysfunction.

      1. Massive unemployment + feminist bullshit = civil war
        And no, ladies, we are not talking about a war with words. We are talking about a war with guns, in which women will get killed. Guess who will get the blame? Feminists.

    2. Lol. How many weeks had she been waiting to unload her squealing on the first man to approach her? They would have been talking about your disgusting behaviour for the rest of the night, squeezing every morsel of faux-status from the interaction by reliving it again and again.
      This is what warpigs’ dreams are made of.

    3. What is it about fat women that they’re always ready to explode like overstuffed ravioli left in the oven too long? I grew up in an Italian family and way to many fat women were like this. On the upside, I knew who to stay far away from early on…

    4. Spain has been going down the shitter lately, but the women there are still miles better than chicks from the uk, usa and other Westernized countries.

  6. It will reacht he point that men en masse are guilty of a crime they did not commit.
    Be careful what that creates. When you are already convicted of a crime, you are more likely to just go ahead and do it.

  7. There’s a lesson in this for anyone who’s paying attention: don’t go to war all half-cocked. His heart was in the right place, but you don’t charge into a fight without having your shit together—he should have known better. And it’s not like he couldn’t have found real, verified research to back up his claims—all it would take is a little digging on the part of a few of his interns.
    This guy getting the business will hopefully be a wake-up call to any young Turks hoping to make their bones by taking on the corrupt gynocracy. If you go up against these people without bulletproof evidence, you will be destroyed. But the evidence is out there if you are willing to be patient, study and prepare.
    Only then, strike.

    1. Excellent point. Had his original Tweet been based on statistics, he could not only have made his point better, but wouldn’t have had to break frame to apologize. There are, in fact, studies that show domestic violence is a two-way street and that women are almost culpable, if not more. A simple link would have solved his problems and he could have said “Take it up with the researchers.”

      1. Mmm…even if he had real statistics it wouldn’t have mattered. He would have gotten crushed anyway.
        There is no way to fight this with words.

    2. And even if you have the statistics they, (the feminists) will still ignore them. I’m becoming convinced that socialism, which is the root of feminism, is a mental illness. If you want to go up against that system you are going to have to do so via civil war.

    3. Problem is that if you go to any Spanish organization waving statistics that are not from Spanish or (preferably) German sources and about Spanish problems they are bound to ignore them completely due to jingoism. Spanish sources are NEVER going to say anything that deviates with what politicians tells them to sing, they hadn’t done so for centuries now, they ain’t gonna change now.
      Unfortunately this also means that even if the political situation happens to favor the truth the public is not going to believe it…we are complicated like that…no question why we never get shit done.

  8. The lunacy here is that a law that tramples over due process, assumes guilt and is applied exclusively against men by women…isn’t questioned, but someone criticizing the law gets eviscerated because a few of his statistics were off. And then he’s hauled in front of a farcically Orwellian “Commission for Equality” that concerns itself with virulently defending a deeply unequal law. Classic feminist idiocy. Props to Toni Canto for speaking up.
    It’s sad, but it seems like most everyone who goes up against feminism in the public eye is eventually forced to back down. Ironically, the most common exceptions to this are women…from what I can tell, voices like Paglia, Hoff Sommers and Grau don’t get nearly the blowback when they say obvious truths out loud (and they do so ably) because the feminist/whiteknight perception is that a man saying the same stuff is a meanie oppressor who can’t get laid. But even then dissenting opinions are tossed aside and ignored because feminists, like spoiled children, can’t stand logic or reason and only want to get their way.

  9. Truth that hurts womens’ feelings = crime of the century
    VAWA, sexist legistlation against men = media celebration and empowerment
    this BITCH SOCIETY do not serve in the military and pay as little tax as possible. don’t get married and don’t have children. PAYBACK

    1. What’s sad is that the only thing feminists will actually spin the controversy into one where WOMEN are the victims.

  10. Feminism is communist control. That’s why it’s so aggressively exported by the UN.

  11. OK I’m totally convinced at this point that there will never be a compromise here. Modern feminism is has gone completely to the dark side and will never return.
    Ultimately men will have to pick up guns and fight, or be enslaved.

    1. Yup. Too many men think all they have to do is promote equality. Sorry but equality is a Marxist utopian fantasy. One or the other will dominate. I’m shocked at how pussified men have become. So much so that they think its “misogynist” to dominate. Yes that includes the law. This is what happens when women are allowed any sort of (political) power.

  12. men are automatically labeled as rapists and murderers when were born but ironically we are the ones that can stop em.feminists just complain about it

  13. The reminds me disturbingly of British libel laws, where you are presumed guilty until proven innocent. That’s the most truly terrifying thing about this.

  14. This is the real situation in Spain. Every day 400 men go to the jail, only with the declaration of the women.
    Women use this law to get money and children in the divorce.
    1.500.000 men have been in this process in Spain.
    Only with the complaint, women gets 3 years of payment from de gobernment, each month.

  15. Hi, I am a man and I´m spanish, so, since I know what I´m talking about, I would like to give my opinion.
    You got it right, the situation here is completely absurd. Since this the Ley de Violencia de Genero appeared, the amount of male suicides has increased a lot.
    When a woman goes to court claiming that a man (her couple or former couple) has commited a crime of this kind against her, the man is taken to prison in 20 minutes, where he spends 48 hours and then he is judged in special courts.
    In case of divorce, 90% of the times women get the children, the house, and the man has to pay them money.
    On the news, every time a woman dies victim of her couple, they report it, and say how many women have died this way in the current year. Of course, when a man dies nobody gives a fuck.
    By the way, did you know that when Zapatero was the president there was a ministery just for this? It was called ministerio de igualdad (being igualdad “equality”). Of course, they never tried to solve any of the problem that men suffer.

    1. “On the news, every time a woman dies victim of her couple, they report
      it, and say how many women have died this way in the current year. Of
      course, when a man dies nobody gives a fuck.”
      It’s the same here in Sweden. A whole page of really nice-looking young women, and never anything about male victims.
      By the way, did you know
      that when Zapatero was the president there was a ministery just for
      this? It was called ministerio de igualdad (being igualdad “equality”).
      Of course, they never tried to solve any of the problem that men suffer.”
      That we also have here.

  16. This is why the MRA exists, to point out unfairness like this. I get that pick up is important, but this stuff needs to be brought up more in the manosphere.

  17. In Scandinavia they are attempting a smack down as well:
    If you are from scandinavia, or can read and write one of the languages, I encourage you to write an email to Reform, the feminist controlled “male issues” organization that is involved with this and protest against the report. State how you mean men are discriminated against, protest against the claim that MRAs are also homophobic and racist like they claim and point out the large number of female MRAs and women in the manosphere. Also provide as much examples of feminist hate spreading as possible. Stuff such as or feminists who dispute that a woman can not rape a man is great.

  18. Spain is full of hot women who have no idea of feminism bs
    The mentality of hot Spanish Hbs is pretty much golddigging,yet they are much sexier,passionate and feminine than other women on Europe,including eastern europe (if you want to f*ck a log -get an eastern european).
    The problem-its hard to find them.They tend to hang out in certain clubs,bars and ve got to find which ones.

  19. BOO-fucking-HOO.
    “These statements triggered outrage across the country. Almost immediately he was slayed in the Spanish media and on Twitter for what was considered a “classic machist rant.” More than 40 women associations demanded his resignation…. ”
    How many dudes rose in his defense? 10? 5? 2?
    Hard to feel sorry when all it too was a few whiney fem-cunts to disrupt a truthful mans career. Not a peep from the constituents he hoped to shield. Not a peep. Reap it Spanish pussies, your mommies demand it.

  20. I suppose we can add “inability to set priorities” to the already long, long list of problems Spain is facing right now. I doubt they’ll every recover.
    Regarding their women, never considered them attractive physically, and never met anyone who did.

  21. Where’s the last picture in the article from? With the dude and chick in bed?

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