Female University Student Carries Around Mattress She Was “Raped” On

Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz has decided to publicly broadcast her “rape” experience by carrying around a mattress on campus at all times—purportedly the mattress she was raped on—as part of her senior thesis in visual arts. She claims to have been anally raped by a man with whom she twice beforehand had consensual sex.

Emma was so frustrated at the lack of serious response by the campus and police authorities that she is using the mattress to not only make a statement against rape but also to complete her requirements for graduation. She states that she will not stop carrying the mattress until her rapist is kicked out of school, yet reluctantly admits that she may have to carry it until she graduates.

Watch Emma describe what the mattress means to her:

The story of her rape sounds extremely suspicious, and by extremely suspicious, I mean complete bullshit. The fact that she had to convince herself that she was raped several months after the fact and was hesitant to provide details to police should convince even a male feminist that her story is twisted.

ES: My attacker was one of my closest friends at the time, and we’d had consensual sex twice in the past. There was a party and we left together. I invited him to my room because we’d had sex before, and we were having consensual vaginal intercourse. Soon though, he hit me across the face and started choking me and pinned my arms behind my head and pushed my legs up against my chest. He began to anally penetrate me. It was really painful and I was saying no, I was telling him to stop but he didn’t. Then finally he did, he got off and laid down next to me for a second. I was just frozen solid. I was petrified. And then he ran out.

I spent months in denial. I wasn’t really ready to believe that I’d been raped because realizing that you’ve been raped is realizing that people can take control of you and objectify you. In that moment, I wasn’t a human to him. I was just a thing. And that’s pretty fucking scary. Once I finally did admit to myself that it had happened, I was really unhappy. And I think a lot of what I’ve been dealing with since then is trying to find ways to believe that I am human.

She found it offensive that authorities didn’t just take her word for it and arrest the rapist immediately. How dare they ask her specific information about the incident in order to determine if a crime had occurred?

Already anxious and queasy, Ms. Sulkowicz, a junior at Columbia University, said she felt her body freeze up and her heart race as she tried to answer questions that seemed to her to reveal not just skepticism about her story, but also disturbing ignorance in someone who had supposedly been trained for this role.

“The fact that I had to tell an embarrassing story and then teach them an embarrassing subject on top of that felt really gross,” she recalled in an interview. Worse still, for her, was the outcome: The panel dismissed her accusation — the same result, she said, from sexual assault complaints against the same man that year by two other students.

Her rape accusation was so frivolous that not even the friend who she took to the police station with her for emotional support believed her story.

According to Spec, Sulkowicz went to the police after finishing her finals on the 13th.  She filed a complaint with the NYPD after being dissatisfied with Columbia’s internal handling of the case.

Sulkowicz’s experience with the NYPD was harrowing, to say the least.  She describes the police as “dismissive,” as they emphasized the fact that she had engaged in earlier consensual sex with Nungesser and that she could not remember specific details of the attack, like what shoes Nungesser was wearing. They demanded graphic details, and one officer also allegedly told friends Sulkowicz brought for emotional support that he “didn’t believe [her] for a second.”

Once she discovered that police need actual facts, she decided that is was just too laborious for her. In a farcical interview with NY Mag, she attempts to give her reasoning for not pursuing charges against the rapist who so destroyed her life:

The last time we spoke you said you had filed a report with the NYPD and they were starting to investigate. What is the status of that?

It got transferred to the district attorney’s office, and I decided I didn’t want to pursue it any further because they told it me it would take nine months to a year to actually go to court, which would be after I graduated and probably wanting to erase all of my memories of Columbia from my brain anyway, so I decided not to pursue it.

You were also hoping to file a complaint with the police regarding how you were treated. What happened with that?

I was contacted by an investigator who was really, really annoying to work with. He would call me randomly, and make me repeat everything that happened. He kept telling me I had to come into the station, and obviously I don’t want to deal with the police any more right now. It’s so disorganized, and it’s really upsetting to work with them at all.


Neither campus authorities nor police believed her. Combined with the fact that she is broadcasting her “rape” to the media, granting interviews to anyone who will ask (here’s a video interview with Time), and using it to get an easy A grade on her thesis, it’s safe to conclude that we are looking at a false rape accusation by a mentally unstable woman. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this girl was not truly raped, and instead was sour about being pumped and dumped after giving up her anus to a guy she had the tingles for.

The icing on the cake is that she’s too lazy to even fulfill her victimhood project:

One girl seems to be organizing some sort of website that will allow students to organize and figure out how to help me carry [the mattress] to all my classes.

Are you prepared to carry the mattress until graduation?

Yeah. I would prefer not to obviously — it is really painful and tiring — but I don’t think it is a protest. It’s an art piece.


mattress1 copy



Images made by Atlantic

Hearing about false rape accusations is not uncommon in these parts, but for many Americans it’s a new frontier in a culture which teaches them to always take a girl’s word for it. It’s becoming obvious to the everyman that rape accusations are being used as a weapon by women to gain attention, settle scores with men, and inject drama into their lives, giving them a perverse sort of life meaning that is not provided by an iPhone, psychology degree, and cock carousel.

While it would be easy for us to attack Emma for her unexcusable behavior, we should thank her instead. Emma is doing more than we can to show exactly how absurd “rape culture” has become and how meaningless a rape accusation is becoming. For the longest time, feminists have been complaining that crimes against them are not being taken seriously, but due to their own abuse of yelling rape, I believe that such as accusation will be brushed off much more easily than in the past. Girls are crying wolf a bit too much, and soon no one will believe them when they are ravaged by a real one.

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363 thoughts on “Female University Student Carries Around Mattress She Was “Raped” On”

    1. This whole thing is stupid.
      A good point was made: there’s so many false “rape” accusations that in most of these cases there’s no real way of telling what actually happened to any casual observer. It doesn’t help that the feminist/SJW definitions of “rape” and “abuse” no longer have anything to do with what those terms actually mean.
      Whether she’s making shit up or the guy got off due to knowing the right people/being on an athletic team I think we can all agree on one thing: Columbia sucks ass.

        1. Without any way of looking at the underlying data, the survey isn’t
          too useful. It also doesn’t define “accused of rape”, a potential
          stumbling point as the legal definition of being “accused of rape” and
          what your or I would think of as “being accused of rape” are different.
          One of my subordinates at work was recently convicted on a rape
          accusation that I have very good reason to believe was bogus, and
          retaliation from the girl in question for his telling her to pack her
          stuff and get out. The actual charge pressed was “sexual misconduct”,
          but the end result is that he’s serving a 5 year sentence on what is (as
          far as I was able to determine) almost certainly a bogus charge.
          the other objection I have to the “everything is rape” mentality that
          is pervasive nowadays. It heavily obfuscates the legitimate issue of
          rape. It puts the horrors that rape survivors go through on the same
          level as people who regret a drunken, blackout sex….and that’s just
          wrong. It also makes it more difficult to prosecute and prevent sex
          that actually is completely non-consentual.
          And as old school
          as I am, I also have an old fashioned attitude on rape(both are typical
          among people in my subculture): While I’m not sympathetic to people
          regretting bad decisions, actual rape is likely to result in me beating
          the dude responsible within an inch of his life.

        2. Only 2-7% of rape allegations are false. Male violence is a major killer of women 15-44. Please stop perpetuating victim blaming. You’re only making it easier to be a perpetrator.

        3. How imaginative. Perhaps next you’d care to call me a homophobe, privileged, misogynist, or racist?
          You don’t seem to understand what “blaming” means, as nowhere did I blame a victim.
          You also don’t seem to realize that false accusations(due as much to their publicity as their quantity) and conflating the definition of “rape” is extremely harmful to actual victims. I’ve got friends of both genders who have been, and to equate “regret rape” or “rough sex” with the ordeals they went through is extremely disrespectful.

        4. Ya! So fuck those 7% of innocent men! They should go to prison anyway, because VAGINA! You are living, breathing proof of why women shouldn’t be given equal powers in any society; you lack compassion for anyone outside your in-group, have no knowledge of the founding principles of this nation’s court system, and have absolutely no sense of justice. hooray for wimmins, ‘give us stuiff because we want it!’

        5. Hmm I think the other 93% of victims who are telling the truth shouldn’t be overlooked. Rape has the least amount of false allegations compared to any other crime.

        6. Even if that were the case…and it’s not…we live in a nation where people are innocent until proven guilty. You can’t just change that because vagina. Ifr a woman is raped, she needs to report it right away, or live with it. No matter what they **FEEL**, we cannot send men to jail on a woman’s word alone, without evidence. The fact that so many women think that it would A-OK to do so if proof that women really have no place governing/judging a society…at least, not until they mature some, and see that rules and laws exist for a reason
          And that reason is not to fill up[ the prisons with men just because the wimmins say so

        7. Interesting. Derfel is merely suggesting that evidence be brought forth for an accuser in order to substantiate said claim. This is standard procedure within a court of law. It is difficult to understand how this is tantamount to mental illness. It does not require an extensive imagination to realize that if one individual can simply have another individual incarcerated on an accusation alone that just about anyone can utilize it as a tool for malevolent purposes.

        8. And less than 1% of women in the U.S. are raped, so since the percentage is sooooo low, I supposed we shouldn’t be concerned about rape victims.

    2. If she was smart, she would have said she was raped on an air mattress so she could easily deflate it and carry it around.

      1. Brilliant. She should claim she was raped on a moped, even more convenient. This really opens up the options for American cunts and their current false rape festival. “I was raped while eating Haagen-Dazs. I will continuously eat Haagen-Dazs until my rapist leaves the school (nom, nom, nom).

        1. True. Feminists never seem to care about the group most likely to rape, which is young black men. How can they be so ignorant, apathetic, and ill-informed? It’s amazing.

        2. “Feminists never seem to care about the group most likely to rape, which is young black men.”
          Are you kidding me?!? What proof do you have that young black men are most likely to rape? You must be a racist. There are more cases of white men raping women(particularly black women) more than any other group of men going all the way back to slavery. The greatest number of pedophiles are white males. A white cop in Oklahoma is in jail right now for raping 7 black females.

        3. exactly. it’s sickening. feminists also never seem to care abut the group most likely to rape, molest, and have incestuous relationships with children, which is all white men. feminists should get their priorities straight if they want to be taken seriously.

  1. The very fact that she wants the entire world to know that she was ‘raped’ is proof that she was never raped at all. No actually rape victim go running around bragging about being raped.

    1. Agree. Also, she’s claiming rape but doesn’t want to give details to any authorities but she wants them to take her seriously (but she doesn’t feel like going through any of it).
      Does anyone else see something fucking wrong with this picture? This girl is truly a wack job and no one should take her seriously.
      In my opinion, it’s just another from of attention seeking at it’s finest. The authorities have been trained to listen (and watch) for lies (or the truth).
      This girl is obviously lying about something that did (or didn’t happen).

      1. “it’s just another from of attention seeking”
        Attention seeking indeed. In fact that was the first thought that came into my mind as soon as i saw the tittle.

      2. @Driver
        Yes, something is very fucking wrong with this picture. A supposedly well-respected University is, knowingly, going to give this cunt a degree.
        Gents, you best do Google searches on your employees before hiring them!

      1. Yeah, she should offer up her ass for raping. I’d buy that for a dollar. It will be like female empowerment or something, let her take back the power she “lost” by voluntarily getting anal raped. Yes, it makes no sense, but it’s warped enough for feminists to rally behind.

      1. False Rape accusations aren’t to taken seriously? Go tell that to this guy:
        Buzzfeed isn’t a credible source of information. Nice Try though.
        This is:
        A meta-analysis by Rumney (2006) suggests that between 10-50% of rape allegations are false. Kanin (1994) arrived at an estimate of 40%,
        using methodology that strikes me as more trustworthy than a simple
        count of police-recorded ‘malicious accusations’, since many false rape claims are ignored. Kanin’s unique process was as follows:
        Kanin investigated the incidences of false rape allegations made to the police in one small urban community between 1978 and 1987. He states that unlike those in many larger jurisdictions, this police department had the resources to “seriously record and pursue
        to closure all rape complaints, regardless of their merits.” He further
        states each investigation “always involves a serious offer to polygraph the complainants and the suspects” and “the complainant must admit that no rape had occurred. She is the sole agent who can say that the rape charge is false.”
        The number of false rape allegations in the studied period was 45;
        this was 41% of the 109 total complaints filed in this period. The
        researchers verified, whenever possible, for all of the complainants who recanted their allegations, that their new account of the events
        matched the accused’s version of events.

        1. That’s actually funny because I have six close friends and only one of them hasn’t been raped in her lifetime. All of them let it go unreported – the general consensus on that subject is that the process is humiliating and we all have the same mentality towards it; “we don’t want to ruin their lives.” Sexual assault/rape are so common place now that women my age are fairly desensitized to it. So it’s interesting to learn more on the subject after reading the article you posted. I must of sensed that all of my friends were victims of rape and therefore felt a sort of kinship with them. What are the odds?

        2. “That’s actually funny because I have six close friends and only one of them hasn’t been raped in her lifetime.”
          You are full of shit obviously. Female always try play the victim card. It no longer works, get over it.
          “Sexual assault/rape are so common place now that women my age are fairly desensitized to it.”
          The amount of rape case have been decreasing for decades now. Which is even more proof that you are full of shit.
          “I must of sensed that all of my friends were victims of rape and therefore felt a sort of kinship with them. What are the odds?”
          That makes zero sense given the fact that you were never raped so how can you possibly feel ‘kinship’ with someone who has. You are just a fucking lair like every other feminist. Fuck off.

        3. *rolls eyes* I’m full of shit because you didn’t like my anecdote? Mmmkay. I don’t particularly care whether or not you believe me, all I was saying was that it was interesting that your article refuted my own personal experience.

        4. I don’t know what else to say to you other than you’re incorrect. Denying what a person says without concrete proof just makes it look like you’re one of those fools who dismiss things that don’t coincide with your own personal beliefs. Weak.

        5. She doesn’t have any proof either so by your own logic ‘”you’re one of those fools who dismiss things that don’t coincide with your own personal beliefs. Weak.”

        6. “I don’t particularly care whether or not you believe me,”
          Sure don’t considering the fact that women like you have a need to feel victimize to such an extend that they make up obviously improbable bullshit in order to manipulate others. If you were to have said “one of my friends were raped” i would be more inclined to believe you but since you said 5 out 6 of your friend were raped i know for a fact that you are just making up shit since the chances of 5 out of 6 women that know each other who just happen to be rape victims is just about impossible and not even remotely realistic. Rape doesn’t occur that often. Roll your eyes all you want, you aren’t convincing anyone.
          And why are you on another account for? Stock account? That is proof positive that you are just a fucking troll. Good bye dumbass.

        7. Pointing out the flaws in my argument doesn’t make yours any more valid. It seems we’ve reached an impasse. I choose to believe her based on my own personal experiences. I also didn’t dismiss the article you posted, nor did I attempt to refute it. You jumped on the chance to call me a “lair” (*snickers*)….your anger made you look weak.

        8. “Pointing out the flaws in my argument doesn’t make yours any more valid. ”
          No. It just make your arguments pointless and invalid.
          It’s not anger idiot. It is a statement of fact based on your own actions. Cry some more.

        9. “Pointing out the flaws in my argument doesn’t make yours any more valid.”
          Yes it does since your attack failed. I accused you of being lair and can’t prove me wrong therefore my accusation remains correct until proven otherwise. Lairs can be proven lairs by proving that what they are saying is untenable and impossible.
          “I choose to believe her based on my own personal experiences.”
          Their was no ‘personal experiences’. Just bullshit you made up in order to victimize yourself, and it failed.
          “You jumped on the chance to call me a “lair” (*snickers*)….your anger made you look weak.”
          Not anger. It is a statement of fact based on something you said that was obviously false.
          Your constant lying make you look weak.

        10. This is why I said we’ve reached an impasse. You think that what I’m saying is bullshit, and I know that it’s not. You can call me a liar all you want, it does not change the fact that it happened. You don’t have irrefutable proof other than what? Your experience with women and the many lies they tell? That’s illogical. I base my opinions on logic, I’m sorry you don’t :-/ – and people who often make inflammatory remarks like “liar” often do so when they’re angry, that on top of your unnecessarily long-winded response.

        11. I victimize myself? Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the only articles I’ve seen on here are about men being personally victimized by women. As I pointed out to another member on here – this site is the equal antithesis of feminism (if one really sees men and women so opposite – if you don’t, and you them as equal, then we can do without the “antithesis” part and just say that you are synonymous with feminists). Like I said, I don’t care if you don’t believe me or not. And if I’m a troll, why do you continue to feed me?

        12. “You think that what I’m saying is bullshit, and I know that it’s not.
          You can call me a liar all you want, it does not change the fact that it
          Keep avoiding the issue. The fact of the matter is that what you claim is impossible and is therefore bullshit. You are a liar. That is NOT an opinion but a fact.
          “That’s illogical. I base my opinions on logic,”
          Fail. An opinion is not “logic” idiot. It’s what you choose to believe based on your own biases.
          ” inflammatory remarks like “liar” ”
          How is it inflammatory when it is obviously true? Not only are you a liar but you suck at it hard.

        13. “I victimize myself?”
          Yep. Like what all women do when they want attention. They make up some bogus story so that gullible idiots will actually feel sorry for them so that they can manipulate them into doing anything they want. Anita Sharkeassian ring a bell? You are just mad because I’m not falling for it. Cry some more loser.
          “Correct me if I’m wrong here, but the only articles I’ve seen on here are about men being personally victimized by women.”
          And yet to give exactly zero example of what you are talking about. Keep pulling bullshit out of your ass.
          ” Like I said, I don’t care if you don’t believe me or not.”
          Then why are you trying so hard to convince me then? Obviously an attention whore.
          ” And if I’m a troll, why do you continue to feed me?”
          Because you keep spamming my notifications. Stop responding. You are never going to convince me of your bullshit. I would have already blocked if there was such an option.

        14. I’m not trying to convince you otherwise, I said we’ve reached an impasse. I’ve said it about three? four fucking times xD. I’m not a liar, but it’s fine if you think I am. I’m 100% okay with that.
          You want examples of how this site is a bunch of men being personally victimized by women? There’s not a single article on here about women that’s even remotely positive – one article even went as far as to chastise a 17 year old girl who got shot in the head. You mentioning that Anita chick and how she’s an attention whore just further proves my theory. You guys are victimized by rape victims, by sluts, and the list goes on and on and on – so clearly the entire gender is not worthy of your respect. I fail to see how that makes you any different from your average “feminazi.”

        15. “There’s not a single article on here about women that’s even remotely positive”
          Yes they are. You are new here so you never saw them. Even if that were true I don’t see how this makes us victimized by women.
          “You mentioning that Anita chick and how she’s an attention whore just
          further proves my theory. You guys are victimized by rape victims, by
          sluts, and the list goes on and on and on”
          None of us ever claim that we were victimized by her. We are just calling her what she is. You are just pulling shit out your ass at this point. In fat that is what you have been doing this entire time.
          “so clearly the entire gender is not worthy of your respect.”
          You are clearly new to this site. Roosh, Matt Forney, and other writers spoke highly of foreign women from certainty countries in the pass. If you even bothered to read the about tab you would have know that we promote femininity in women not degenerate fat loud, ugly, narcissistic, entitled, sluts. Many writers in the pass have point men to where feminine women can be founded.
          ” I fail to see how that makes you any different from your average “feminazi.”
          Easy. Feminazis hate all men due to their own insecurities as women but we don’t hate all women, just the degenerate low quality ones like American women. In their little feminazi minds their is not anything man can do to please them. We simply want better quality women then ones that are prevent in the western world.

        16. My lord….. You are full of such shit. I can’t believe you are still dragging this thing on. Why don’t you find something more productive to do hmm?

  2. Wonder if any white knights rush up to her when she’s lugging around her rape mattre$$ and offer to help her carry it.

      1. Any man willing to engage this slut romantically, in any capacity and despite her history, deserves everything she will no doubt put him through.

  3. “The Mattress that Moved On”. I am still laughing!!!
    For women being a victim is a plus, men who have slept with less than 5 girls don’t understand this which is why these chicks keep it up with this bullshit.Once you fuck enough women and hear the bullshit they come up with you get it that victim is the default for most American women. Straight up, how many men on this site have fucked a chick and she tells you her last boyfriend “abused” her. When you press her for details it turns out he just did not put up with her bullshit and she labeled that as “abuse”. Fuck this bitch and her rape mattress, right in the ass.

    1. A girl once called me abusive to another female while smiling. They dont like the idea of not being worshipped by an army of betas, so when a man challenges their princesshood, the only word they can come up with is abuse, mean, asshole.
      Actually abused women never use the word and deny it and cover it up. I know because Ive seen it.

      1. My friend’s ex wife said that he physically abused her, yet she had no marks. She claimed that he punched her in the face. She is 5’3, 150lbs, he is a 5’11,180lbs golden gloves boxer…

    2. The “my ex was abusive” bullshit has been uttered from the mouths of a large percentage of the women I have been with since I graduated from high school more than a decade ago. These ones always had major mental issues which ensured they’d only be used as a pump and dump at best.
      A perpetual victim complex is something I have definitely noticed taking hold more and more in the women I interact with and come across on a daily basis. I chalk this up in no small way to sites like this helping men to wake the fuck up to the madness that is the American hypercunt.

      1. Of course women are always the victim but they never tell the whole story (or the true story). We’ve seen too many women, in today’s society, start so much shit by slapping a guy, humiliating a guy in public, etc…and society looks at the exchange as if “he deserves it”.
        When are we going to start arresting these women and start holding them accountable for their actions (versus letting them off with such bad behavior)?
        The best thing a man can do (once he finds out just how crazy she actually is) is walk away from the relationship…it’s not worth it.
        She’s going to create a situation at some point where the man will, eventually, get thrown in jail.

    3. Women love playing the victim when they make poor decisions. Your right…ive had lots of chicks tell me about past abuse and when you peel back the layers of the hamstring it becomes clear that past abuse equals past regret. Verbal abuse means a man told a chick something she didnt like. And rape means a man ran game on a chick.

      1. Bingo. There’s a reason why so many women vote liberal in the US. They respond to histrionics and sensational euphemisms for common things. Don’t want kids murdered en masse because of poor female decision-making? You’re engaging in a “war on women.” By assigning an emotionally-manipulative term that instantly assigns a guilt complex to the target (eg rape, abuse etc), females and betas attempt to garner a reaction rather than a thought chain. It all goes back to the fact that most women utterly lack the ability to see their input into others’ actions. No responsibility — princess complex at work.

      2. Are you kidding me? This entire website is DEDICATED to men playing the victim; every article perpetuates the idea that you’re all somehow being “prosecuted by feminists” – this is a website that basis it’s existence on being a victim of women. Fucking DUH.

        1. Before you make accusations, check yourself and your evidence. Feminists have portrayed men as dumb, irresponsible animals that should be disrespected. And it encourages this twisted philosophy through media and brainwashed beta males. Because we refuse to be subjected to this doesn’t mean we victimize ourselves. Unlike most women, we don’t pull shit out of our asses and accuse people with it.

    4. Yeah I remember it happened to me about 5 years ago. When I inquired for details it was “emotional abuse”.

    5. Fucking truth right there. When I was young and dumb I dated a chick who’s last boyfriend was “abusive.” Later found out his “abuse” was from wanting to have a blowjob once a week, minimum. Also found out why he wanted that blowjob: because her cunt was too tight for sex and a blowjob was all I could get out of her.
      But that goes for everyone. If they complain that their last boss/ friend / lover didn’t like X about them, then there’s probably a valid reason in there somewhere. I met this rapper who told me his last producer said, “If you want to come over and work with me you have to bring your own weed.” I was, like, “Pretty petty. Weed’s cheap.” Then months later realised this rapper cunt would always just turn up and smoke my stash then fuck off.
      So yeah, always remember there’s two sides to every story.

      1. I’m glad so many commenters can relate to this.
        “He was abusive!” What a damaging thing to say about somebody. Abusive is a loaded term.
        Instead of saying, “it didn’t work out”… “we weren’t right for each other”… or “I cheated on him so he left”… They say their ex-bf was abusive.
        I really hope the next generation of guys gets some of this information. They’re getting all the shittiest parts of female behaviour and practically none of the benefits.

        1. It’s all about the hamster rationalization going on with women. I’ve told many that they are delusional in conversation when it gets to a point because they really believe the bullshit coming out of their mouth.
          They can’t accept the reality of the situation so they make up shit to deal with it.
          I told a woman, one time, that I don’t let anyone fucking talk to me that way and that she could take a walk. She came up with a bullshit excuse, later on, when it came to telling others the reason for the break.
          Don’t accept any unacceptable behavior from a woman. If you wouldn’t accept the behavior from a friend or family member, then don’t it from any woman that you’re seeing either. Best way to deal with them…draw a line in the sand.

        1. I guess you don’t understand the pitfalls of having a big dick. And I guess you’ve only fucked a handful of chicks. Here’s a tip: vagina’s come in all shapes and sizes.

        2. 8 inches, bob. 8 inches. Actually, that’s a lie, it’s technically 7 3/4 inches, which still puts me in the top 97.5%, but, God dammit, less than a centimeter and I could do porn for a living.
          And before you laugh and say, bullshit, understand I have no reason to lie. Moreso, if you say I’m full of shit, you’re just telling me you got a smaller dick than me.

        3. Lol I like your logic man. Tell you what man, if she has a tight pussy just make sure she has a big mouth.

        4. Honestly man I have never found this to be a problem a little lubricant wouldn’t fix. But whatever works.

    6. Too many women get away with throwing this term around too loosely. There needs to be consequences for their action (jail time) if indeed a rape claim turns out to be false.
      And don’t let a man claim anything close to ‘rape’ or even any type of abuse (by the woman) – yes, this shit does happen. He would be laughed right out of the police station.
      Yes, it’s all about “equality” folks.

      1. Should look up Erin Pizzey.
        Did domestic research and found that women were just as likely as men to be physically violent at home.
        As you might expect, she received death threats.

    7. I once dated a chick who told me her ex used to beat her up (with his fists – although logically that should have rearranged her face). I thought to myself “who could harm such a delicate flower?” After a couple of months of putting up with her shit I understood why. I wanted to throttle her and throw her in the river. She drove me absolutely nuts!!!

  4. Allegedly she has a boyfriend. Some excerpts from this interview:
    “…had a class at 8:40, so my boyfriend helped me carry the mattress to class — we slid it along the sidewall so it wasn’t distracting.”
    “I didn’t know that he was a reporter at first so I thought I was going to die, and so I was so scared and really fearing for my life. My boyfriend came and picked me up because I was so afraid of the reporters.”
    That’s right guys, this pathetic excuse for a “man” carries around the mattress for her. Facepalm.

    1. I guess as an uber-beta he is safe from false accusations, who would believe a guy pathetic enough to go along with this charade would even touch a woman?

      1. She probably doesn’t let touch him. She tells him she loves him but she’s not ready after her “ordeal”. But because he’s “real man” he understands.

    2. She likely yelled ‘rape’ because the boyfriend found out she was fucking her ‘rapist’

    3. I’m sure her boyfriend gets anal from her to carry her mattress, and that too with her ‘consent’. Or does he not? Even that could be a possibility.

      1. Yesterday’s consent could turn into today’s rape. Always remember that my friend.

    4. I see the mattress being carried by the “boyfriend” (i.e. beta manservant) as an allegory of today’s female expectation for men to shoulder the burden of their baggage and enjoy doing so. The dude should ditch the damaged goods, and burn the mattress.

    5. I first heard of this case through my girlfriend. She figured that this woman was fucking nuts and not raped, as claimed.

  5. Another case of modern female hypocrisy. I don’t know whether to be appalled, disgusted or laugh out loud at this attention whore skank’s delusion.
    “I invited him to my room because we’d had sex before, and we were having
    consensual vaginal intercourse. Soon though, he hit me across the face and
    started choking me and pinned my arms behind my head and pushed my legs up
    against my chest. He began to anally penetrate me. It was really
    painful and I was saying no, I was telling him to stop but he didn’t.”
    Lol. I’m sure she must’ve titillated enough guys with her ’50 shades of grey’ failed anal story. Now guys should think twice before going for anal or a blowjob without
    a chick’s consent in the middle of a sex session, which already had consensual vaginal sex before. I wonder whether there’s gonna be a law soon on that as well, now that there is already a law for written consent prior to having sex. Imagine asking a girl to write down on a piece of paper in the middle of a sex session saying that she is fine with her anus being penetrated. Would guys also need to have document a sexual encounter with a timeline of each type of sexual activity
    within the encounter too?
    A sample encounter with written consent would then be:
    10 PM: undressed her. She signed here.
    10:05 PM: she consented for oral. She signed here.
    10:10 PM: she consented for vaginal penetration. She signed here.
    10:20 PM: pulled out of her vagina, and asked her for anal. She said she wants
    to crap first.She signed here.
    10:30 PM: Assumed doggy position, but there were still turds near her anus. She
    rushed back to wash herself.She signed here.
    10: 40 PM: she didn’t come out of the bathroom, because she was crying from
    inside saying she didn’t want anal. I relented.She signed here.
    10: 45: We started consensual vaginal sex in doggy position, and I put my
    finger in her cleaned anus. She freaked out. We stopped fucking.She signed here.
    10: 55: She stopped crying. She finally said she wanted anal. I couldn’t get it
    up because I was too overwhelmed with her emotional drama. She started crying
    again because she felt she was responsible for me losing my erection.She signed here.
    11: 05: I finally got it up again with self stimulation, and we finally had
    consensual anal sex. She kept saying not to shoot my load in her ass. She signed here.
    11: 10: I felt like I was about to cum, but she leaned back just as I was about
    to pull out when I was about to cum. I ended up cumming in her ass. She started
    crying, and threatened to report me to the authorities for shooting in her ass
    without her consent, even though she consented to anal. She didn’t sign because she ran away crying and carrying the mattress we had sex on.
    And why the fuck is she carrying her mattress around as if she’s an artist carrying his canvas?
    “Yeah. I would prefer not to obviously — it is really painful and tiring — but I don’t think it is a protest. It’s an art piece.”
    I wonder whether her mattress has poop stains that she crapped when he pushed his dick’s head into her anus. Possibly that’s the ‘art’ she’s proudly talking about. Her mattress is her canvas, while her butt created the art on it with poop stains during anal.
    Emma ‘Sulk’ owicz is a sulking ‘anal’ attention whore. I wonder how many guys
    must’ve already asked her for anal on campus (or done anal with her) to
    recreate the scene. Her shameless attention whoring talking about her rape
    itself shows that she’s possibly already anally experienced. How could a girl
    go walking about a campus talking about anal sex and her mattress. Anal sex
    messes up women’s minds, period. Faggots are the male examples of them.
    These are the examples of modern young sluts. Anal sex is the fixation for
    young chicks. And the future looks that we are going to be real ‘anally fixated’
    on female consent – possibly written.

    1. Since she can never get hired in the private sector after this she probably intends to add this to her teaching credentials.

      1. I seriously wonder who’d want to bone her possibly bony ass (as from the pictures). No tits and she looks like a malnourished homeless crack whore. Her rape allegation sounds more like she’s trying to use that publicity to get some sugar daddy or college betas or pimps to pay for her university under the pretext of being anally experienced. Her clothing leaves little for imagination, so I guess a lot of beta college professors would be giving it to her up her rectum, to help her graduate in her semesters. ‘Anal for grades and money!’ – I wonder if that’s gonna be her motto till she graduates.

      2. Education, specifically that given by the public sector, has become a dumping ground for carousel enthusiasts who failed in the world of private endeavors and personal relationships.
        What’s one more on the garbage heap, eh?

    2. The day we have to give every chick a consent form and have them sign it is the day when women officially cannot be trusted with social contracts.

      1. Every holy book tells you that women cannot be trusted with any type of contract, social or official.

  6. By the way, how come women with hairy arms are more likely to be mentally unstable? Am I the only one who sees a possible correlation here? Look at the first of Atlantic’s pics of her and the mattress, the girl has some fur.

        1. You’re speaking to a female. There’s no logic there so don’t bother. As for those who deny Zionism, well we already know who’s side they are on and their agenda.

        2. Oh yay! Antisemites too. What a fun bunch. Now i see why you’re angry. I realize its only 10 % of the men on here that feel like you do. Every site has there extremists and nutjobs

        3. Wow, just wow like totes angry and anti-semites and stuff.
          Feigned chick indignation never gets old lulz

        4. Not indignant. Look up the word before you use it. I merely asked why the anger and clearly a couple of you got your bvd’s in a bunch. Lighten up already. You just replied to me but used your buddies name. Try to focus and remember who you’re replying too. And yes your friend puked out something about Zionist deniers. I don’t believe most of the men on here hate women and Jews. Like I said every site attracts nutjobs with an agenda.

        5. Kindly take your hatred for the Jews over to Stormfront where it—and you, for that matter—so deservedly belong, Adolf. Thank you for visiting, but your visit is over now. Goodbye!

        6. And goose-stepping accomplishes… what, exactly? Does it make you feel like a big man, little boy?

        7. Better speak to a female than praise a pedophile prophet (Piss Be Upon Him), Hadji.
          Fact is, Irani, we should have nuked the lot of you goat botherers back to the Glass Age when we had the chance in November 1979. Merry Christmas, Crispy Critter!

        8. It wouldn’t surprise me if Islamic nutjob recruiters came to these ‘all male ‘ sites to stir up mysogynistic and anti Semitic bs Most of the guys on here are cool and just venting or chatting and just mocking feminazis for a laugh, but like most sites, about 10% are very angry, barking mad types and someone with an agenda could easily sign them up for their 72 Virgins

        9. We’ve succeeded in flushing the rats out of the sewer. They’ve exposed themselves for what they are more than sufficiently enough to meet the preponderance-of-the-evidence test. That’s all I came to accomplish. My work here is done. Good night!

        10. Chicks use extremes to extract feeelz from an audience to shutdown any conversation over “hate facts”.
          Don’t do that. It has no place here.

        11. how dare y’all be disrespek da most success of all false prophets in recorded history moehamad ( pigs be upon him ) just y’all kikes wait till my hommy allah the mighty and his sidekick *lemaricus jamal jihad* track yo sorry kike ass down yaw! nomesayin?

        12. I am sure you side with them. Your stupid comment shows you are just low info enough to be one of their useful idiots.

        13. Oh fear, you’re not a real clever one are you? The door ? On your way over to that door lift your arms a little to avoid scraping your knuckles as you walk.

        14. aha! so not only you’re an islamophobe but you’re also an idiotophobe! it’s truly sad that you’re such a hateful person, you must be insecure and have a small dick!

        15. women enjoy the attention from the real men here otherwise they can dwell at websites belong to feminazi and white knights.

        16. Aha! So not only are you an idiot you are lazy and just post knee jerk reactions to random posts even though you haven’t read the thread or bothered to view a persons profile. I suppose for knuckle draggers like yourself that are a minority on this website. , if a woman disagrees with your view she is a slut or a bitch and if its a man you disagree with he must have a small dick or he is gay. LOL. I guess that is what passes for an intelligent rebuttal in your mom’s basement. So if it pleases you to think about , yes I have a small dick. Ha ha ha. The Mindnumbingly stupid never fail to make me laugh.

        17. ha-ha! u admit u have small dick! that explains your insecurity made you an islamophobe and an idiotophobe. yet the icing on the cake is that your small dick render you to fear strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent independent man and woman, you’re such an enemy of humanity, please don’t reproduce and spread your hateful genes upon our multicultural paradise on earth.

        18. I practically hit you over the head with what was wrong with your post. Clearly you are mentally deficient and probably a little retarded. It would be cruel for me to mock you or continue replying to you since you cannot comprehend simple English and don’t even know when you are embarrassing yourself. Good luck.

        19. ha! u wish! u much too slow to hit me, doncha forget that i be da proud member of strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent independent man and woman! u a misogynist loser who want oppress strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent independent man and woman! u admit u have a small dick! i bet chu play barbies in yo daddy’s basement too!

        20. Next time they do -don’t inhale , clearly you have few functioning brain cells and need to avoid further damage. 🙁 antisemitic much MoHAMad? Shalom Aleichem

        21. Have you yet discovered the sanitary and comfort afforded one who uses toilet paper toilet a mild benefit of being an Infidel and standing up to the hordes of Cultists.
          I do believe you are guilty of an undeveloped brain as well
          as suffering from an onerous viewpoint which cant even tell
          the difference between a Man and a Woman.

        22. After all the hints I gave him he’s still too lazy or stupid to look at more than one thread in a row or check someone’s profile and previous comments to see who he’s talking to. Not the sharpest beheading knife in Allah’s drawer

        23. Sho nuff if they were casting the remake of Deliverance there’d be no shortage of dueling banjo players for the bridge scene. 😉

        24. no shit sherlock! chu be sayin dat it be a ho pretendin dat she be a dude? dat ho told me dat she got a small dick! damn,i thought she be a dude or a tranny, nomesayin?
          in dat case den i say she got small tits and a gaping poon! betcha she also be playin dem barbies in her daddy basement and she be afraid of strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent confident men yaw!

        25. Nope, it’s on the calendar on the wall in our kitchen. All I gotta do is subtract two hours from the ET shown.
          Did a wee bit of campus-security work back in college, and I’m here to tell ya, the walkie-talkies were the best entertainment in town on shift nights when the moon was full—and this was at a four-year school. Stir in just the right amounts of indoctrination and drunk-ass stupidity (is there really any difference?), and voila! Dumbfuckery at its best!

        1. Do you know who your masters are, Hadji? And didn’t you miss another hot date with your favorite goat so you could be a pathetic troll and toss more Jew-hating red meat on to the Internet? Irani! Go home!

        2. lol, Saul Alinsky ring a bell? No? Didn’t think so. Funny how youi call me an Iranian as well. Why do you assume I’m even in the United States?

        3. LordIndra, they’re trying to get you to respond. Shrug it off. Men at Return of Kings do not respond to women, faggots, or social justice warriors. Her confusing you for an Arab is evidence enough of her idiocy.

      1. tribe of strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent confident men and women yaw! dem raycisss misogynist islamophobe idiotophobe want oppress da tribe cuz dem be scared of equality yaw! nomesayin?

        1. You’re reaction is so predictable as i have seen your Previous ‘work’. Most of the men on this site actually have a brain and use it. That is, they are, unlike you, secure enough to not fly into a hissy fit and belt out profanities cause a woman shows up. The few that do that do feel the need to lash out at a poster merely because they are a woman , are the ones that come here to whine about their latest failure with a woman and rage about how all women are bitches, when in reality it is they who keep hooking up with the same type of women ( bitches) and they seem so shocked when it once again ends badly. Women do the same thing with men. Get over yourself. The comment I made that somehow hit a nerve with you was almost identical to one made around the same time by a man. I don’t expect you’ll be telling him to F off will you? That would take cajones. Yawn. I like this web site. I get what the site is about I don’t come here to bash all the men on here or whine about the subject matter and complain about it. I’ll leave that for the man haters and the feminazis that show up here. I find that amusing too. They are idiots. They, and you, need to lighten up.

        2. Regardless of whether or not what you believed I wrote was a “cowardly attack on a woman”, the point remains that you’re in a male only space.
          There are few spaces that men can go that haven’t been by women. There are female only gyms, women’s centers etc but next to nothing for men. The fact that you have so little respect for men that you feel entitled to come here and take even that away from us speaks volumes.
          Soon the only place that men will be able to go to get away from women will be either remote wildernesses or in unglamorous jobs such as garbage removal. You already are ruining the tech sector that we created along with many other industries. When will you get that we just don’t enjoy having you around like a millstone around our necks?

        3. You have violated the rule of responding to any known female. You know, or should know, that they derail threads and distract from the topic. It is their nature to do these things even when they were not planning to do it which is why there’s the no reply rule to females. And besides, on any blog or even an article written by let’s say someone like Marcotte, comments that don’t follow the party line are erased and the poster banned. If you find an article just written by Marcotte she obviously stays there 24 hrs a day to erase anything she doesn’t like. Obviously doesn’t have a real job or anything else in life. Females need to be treated the same way.Ignored, erased or banned. They have plenty of other places to go for their bullshit like Fruitloops Furtrelle’s freak blog.

    1. chu bet yo sorry ass dat she be yaw! she be da proud membuh of da tribe of strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent confident men and women yaw! nomesayin?

  7. ” Soon though, he hit me across the face and started choking me and
    pinned my arms behind my head and pushed my legs up against my chest. He
    began to anally penetrate me.”
    ??? I thought you guys said they like this treatment and this is how they stay loyal?
    Anyway, since it’s about anal a true artist would go to class with the mattress shoved up her ass. Lest we forget Hamlet, “the role of the artist is to seek the truth.”

    1. I would make sure the rapist carried the mattress shoved up his hoo haw, after I had lit it on fire.

        1. I think she is a total idiot for what she is doing. She had sex with him willingly but claims a certain act was not with her consent and that he hit her and choked her. If true, then yes she was raped. I don’t know as i wasn’t there. I was just saying something ridiculous in response to another ridiculous comment. No big deal.

        2. u said u aint there but u said she’s an idiot! and had sex with that creep willingly! u such a misogynist who wants to oppress women cuz u fear strong mighty agile dexterous nimble intelligent confident women!
          and oh, u have a small dick and play barbies all day in your daddy’s basement!

        3. oh so now u want oppress goat too! u a goatophobe! wow oh just wow i never met such hateful creature like u and i belong to da tribe of strong agile dexterous nimble intelligent confident men & women!

  8. There was just recently an article in our local newspaper of a girl from the state Uni here (in OH) who claims she was raped in her dorm by a male “roommate,” whom she did not report the crime on until months after the alleged event occurred.
    Yet when the case was heard by the campus police (this happened 2+ years ago) the guy was given a two week suspension from school and a $25 fine. NOW, a new member on the Uni board wants to examine and reopen this case, and redefine this, and any similar cases as full blown rape. Clearly this was another case of pump & dump or sexual remorse after the fact. I can see the legislation in CA is going to spread across the nation opening many new doors for female empowerment over young men in mutual agreement of sexual activities with young female feminists.
    Beware gentlemen, the witch hunts are broadening.

  9. We’ve all read the “26 sign’s she’s a slut” articles by Tuthmosis, how many signs can we read from this one?

    1. Hahahaha I discovered RoK and /r/TRP because some flooze linked to that article on FB to demonstrate her outrage.

  10. Emma sounds like a giant cunt. She should be grateful that she gets any sex at all with that personality of hers.

  11. The sickest thing is, I initially thought she drew that face and hair on the mattress. It’s not like it would be that strange considering how tasteless she is.

    1. You mean some smelly dyke pissing in a cup on stage in front of a bunch of atomized libtard students is not “art”??
      This is an outrage !!

  12. Too many rape “victims” have boyfriends at the time of their accusations and this Emma girl is another one.
    Girl has beta boyfriend, goes out gets drunk, fucks alpha guy because she cant control her tingles after a few drinks, he brags about it and word spreads around campus, she yells rape. When I was in college these scenarios happened every few months.
    Women that file false rape claims should be severely punished to discourage this behavior.

  13. Everytime I have sex I slap around a little, pull hair, pin down a girls arms, manipulated her body how I want, ect. Nothing seems out of the ordinary here for consensual sex. If there was something bad going on…why did the guy just lay there all cool and shit after he was done? I mean she says it herself, he layed there a minute… then just left. That doesnt sound like a rapist to me. Rapists dont lay around to smoke a cig, relax, or whatever after rape. Sounds like she got a taste of dark triad sex, he laid there all aloof afterwards, then ditched the bitch and never returned her calls. Nothing wrong here. Have fun carrying around your mattress. Next time establish a bond with a man before giving it up.

  14. When you think about it, carrying around a mattress totally gives the wrong signal to potential rapists.

  15. How much attention can one bitch ask for? Carrying a mattress around? You know she just wants people to come up to her and ask her why she’s doing it. Besides if you really felt embarrassed to tell the police who are bound by confidentiality anyways and who would find your supposed rapist, you don’t find it just a little embarrassing to carry around the mattress you said was proof of your rape? You’re angry that it would take you 9 months to a year to take the case to court but you’re fine with letting your supposed rapist go free? She complains that the NYPD is disorganized when they are trying to get the facts straight on a rape she claimed happened months ago? And when they try to get her story straight she claims they are too disorganized to even work on getting a case together to prosecute her supposed rapist? And last but not least to call the mattress you were supposedly raped on an art piece? Gentlemen this is the female victimization complex at its worst, watch and take notes. It seems like she wanted her supposed rapist to be arrested, tried, and found guilty without even giving the NYPD the evidence that would convict him. This is how entitled women believe the world should be. That they can just scream rape or anything they want and have the world bend at their fingertips, disgusting, keep carrying that mattress around bitch.

    1. Agree. She doesn’t want to do any of the “work” involved in helping the authorities catch or convict this guy. It’s because her story is full of holes and the authorities will see right through it.
      No one who goes through something like that is going to broadcast it. She truly has mental issues or is just pissed at the guy…so she is going to get him back.
      These type of women need to be held accountable for false rape claims (jail time). More women would give it a second thought before claiming ‘rape’ with some bullshit story if authorities threw them in jail.

  16. False rape accusations should always be taken seriously by the police and the victims.
    But this was really fucking hilarious lol. 🙂

  17. Roosh is familiar with taking it up the ass, so he is the best person to say that being sodomized is not that big of a deal.

  18. its a cliche that men have sex on the mind but modern women are increasingly being trained to have rape on their minds. Feminist ‘consciousness’ about rape involves examining sexual encounters, relationships, and day to day interactions for signs of sexism, abuse and above all anything rapey. It becomes part of a fear / desire nexus that is getting clearer by the day .. well that is to everyone but women it seems. Is this complete fantasy on her part, so that we can simply assume that she is lying. Maybe, but the whole point about the modern in-college training in how to evaluate everything as abuse or rape or violation is that she is simply following the instructions on the package. Its not always true there’s no smoke without fire in these cases, however its probably the case he tried to be assertive and take control during sex, something which feminism, which simply hates heterosexuality, know typically turns women on, and therefore has tried with considerable success to criminalise it. So his limited experience, combined with her feminist inspired expectations that he well take no initiative in the bedroom without her first consulting her gender studies professor to check if she actually likes it, makes encounters like these increasingly risky. Feminism knows that if you can get enough women to ask the question ‘have I been raped”, have I been raped?” eventually some of them, maybe all of them will answer in the affirmative. That likelihood increases exponentially when you factor in the hidden rewards of being able to claim rape (especially if its bullshit), namely being able to nurse that trauma as a formative emotional, psychological and identity building event that will subsequently entitle you to life-time membership of an exclusive (but increasingly less exclusive) club, with bragging rights with respect to “my story of how I overcame trauma” ,and all the victim privileges of endless support and sympathy, from female friends and good-non-rapey men, who will know to behave themselves like castrates in your company thereafter. Oh, and in this case you also get extra marks for your art project, so that in all likelihood your entire degree depends on your having been raped. All these projects include a ‘reflective analysis’ bit at the end – wonder if she’ll consider her possible motivations as above.
    Incidentally, the pics struck me as looking a lot like a crucifix being carried around. The soppy mare: you’re supposed to carry your crucifix around before not after.

  19. In speaking of feminists, please watch this: This guy punches Feminists RIGHT in between the eyes without even calling them out as feminists.

    1. Yes, excellent video to watch. The guy in the video makes a very valid point about the double standard bullshit that is going on today.
      The woman is delusional….plain and simple.

    2. And..no one should take this fucking magazine (or women involved in it) seriously. It does nothing but profit off of women (see all of their cover photos featuring women in various, half naked positions).
      Again, it’s hypocrisy at it’s finest (all while raking in the cash).

  20. This chick is a moron. “The police don’t believe! Why do I have to provide evidence I was raped? RAPISTS SHOULD PROVE THEY DIDN’T RAPE!!” Then what does she do? Of course, take her mattress, where she was allegedly raped, and DRAG IT THROUGH THE OUTSIDE WORLD AND LAY IT UPON EVERY DIRTY AND TROD UPON SURFACE POSSIBLE IN NEW YORK CITY!!!
    Good job dipshit, at first you weren’t willing to give any evidence to assist the police in an investigation of YOUR OWN RAPE, now if you do want to reopen the case, the strongest evidence you would have had to prove you were raped has been contaminated by coming into contact with several people who helped you carry it, and the disgusting surfaces of the open herpes sore that is New York City.
    Great job genius, clearly you were accepted into Columbia because of your raw intelligence.

    1. I don’t think she has rape evidence. She probably farted out poop after he pulled out from her anus on her mattress which she instead now considers to be a piece of ‘art’. Anal sluts all have psychological problems and delusions.

  21. Q:What’s the difference between a sleeping Emma Sulkowicz and a raped Emma Sulkowicz?
    A: One’s a lier and the other’s a liar

  22. Think of all that delicious attention, every single day, as she carries a fucking mattress around campus. Think of how many curious people probably ask her what’s going on.
    Each time they ask, she gets another little moment of sympathy and drama, which she cooks down in her “rape spoon” and mainlines like a fucking heroin addict.

  23. I am trying to visualize the pose. “Arms behind head with legs on chest”. I am pretty sure there is no way to get raped in this pose unless you allow it. The man doesn’t have the leverage he needs to pin her down while he did his business

    1. Yep. The position she described could be advanced missionary (viennese oyster) or the piledriver position.
      Either way, she can push him off with her legs if her legs were on his shoulders. Secondly, this position, unlike doggy style or rear entry, gives women enough control during penetration. She probably allowed it, but was probably pissed off with him at the same time for not using enough lubrication.

  24. Damn it!!!! I love being a man!
    What the hell is wrong with women in this country? If I was the father of this young lady, I would be putting my foot in her ass for being such a imbecile. More than likely she was “raped” after a long night of partying her ass off and being a typical AW.
    I wonder how long she will carry this mattress around? Will she bring it on dates? Her friends wedding? Her own wedding? Her honeymoon? Will she show it to her kids? Does she still sleep on it? So many questions….. and not a damn given at all. Its like a homeless person with their shopping cart, at least the shopping cart gives more use and practicality for carting things around.
    (I am not condoning rape at all, but to continue to play up the victim only shows how dedicated to drama and chaos this young woman is.)

    1. Her father probably wasn’t around growing up. Her mom divorced him and raised her as a single mom and claimed to be the victim. Like mother, like daughter.

    2. Her father probably wasn’t around growing up. Her mom divorced him and raised her as a single mom and claimed to be the victim. Like mother, like daughter.

  25. Women are silly. Fucking children. Victim fetishist. Drama for drama’s sake. Remember when people had decorum and class and not attention whores? If this gal was really raped ( a crime) she would have reported it. Normal people report crimes.

      1. “”Remember when people had decorum and class and not attention whores?”
        Waaaaaaaay before our time i’m afraid.

  26. A 4/10 trying to draw attention to the fact that she managed to get laid, nothing to see here.

  27. Let’s give some credit to campus authorities and PD for once seeing through this. Guy sounds like a creep, but she decided to bang him. Sorry if the experience wasn’t what you hoped!

  28. Excellent timing. I was discussing the problem of ‘crying wolf’–using those exact words–yesterday with a male friend who agreed wholeheartedly, despite having a girlfriend who was raped in her teens.
    Bottom line is that feminists making noise about rape culture are making the situation worse for actual rape victims. I dated a girl that was gang raped in the late 90s and the trauma associated with it turned her into a drug addict. I hooked up with her right after she stopped using and getting her to be intimate with me was hard work because of a lack of trust(she was raped by an ex and his friends).
    Real victims of rape don’t act like the way these feminists do.

  29. This is why no father should send his daughter to slut it up in college. Colleges create whores and female psychopaths.

    1. Women are natural-psychopaths, the symptoms fit.
      And I’m not saying it pejoratively:
      – Low sense of moral/justice.
      – Empathy is an expression(social), low sentience.
      – Incapability for love/affection, lack of true compassion for others
      – Egocentric, narcissist, superficial, vain, shallow
      – Manipulative, liars, victimization, histrionism, exaggeration, sex, etc
      – Chaotic, emotional, evil
      – Lack of remorse or guilt. (Denial and empathy-manipulation)
      – No self control
      – Parasite life style. (Our modern society allows it: marriage, etc)
      – Promiscuous if society allows it (lack of self control, emotional chaos)
      – Irresponsibility, no accountability
      – Some murdering tendencies (if society allows it: abortion,infanticide etc)

    2. Women are natural-psychopaths, the symptoms fit.
      And I’m not saying it pejoratively:
      – Low sense of moral/justice.
      – Empathy is an expression(social), low sentience.
      – Incapability for love/affection, lack of true compassion for others
      – Egocentric, narcissist, superficial, vain, shallow
      – Manipulative, liars, victimization, histrionism, exaggeration, sex, etc
      – Chaotic, emotional, evil
      – Lack of remorse or guilt. (Denial and empathy-manipulation)
      – No self control
      – Parasite life style. (Our modern society allows it: marriage, etc)
      – Promiscuous if society allows it (lack of self control, emotional chaos)
      – Irresponsibility, no accountability
      – Some murdering tendencies (if society allows it: abortion,infanticide etc)

  30. She acts and dresses like a whore and then gets treated like a whore. That’s surprising?
    And apparently, she’s never heard of something those in the legal community like to call “evidence.” Oxford Dictionary defines this obscure legal term as: “Information given personally, drawn from a document, or in the form of material objects, tending or used to establish facts in a legal investigation or admissible as testimony in court.” I can fully, completely understand how she wouldn’t realize that simply accusing someone of a crime is not enough to act as evidence.

    1. She goes way past acting and dressing like a whore. She fucked her “rapist” multiple times, and was fucking him while he “raped” her.

  31. The guy in this story got REALLY lucky especially with all the Title 9 kangaroo courts at colleges these days eager to throw men under the bus. You never know when a prior consensual sex partner/girlfriend/wife, etc will file a false rape charge against you, sometimes even years later. What’s really horrible is that when true, legitimate rape does occur, people will second guess because all of these false claims out there.

  32. Feminist Logic:
    –A rape victim carrying a mattress is “powerful.”
    –A rape victim carrying a gun is demeaning.

  33. “She filed a complaint with the NYPD after being dissatisfied with Columbia’s internal handling of the case.”
    The fact that she wanted the college to handle it at first and not the police is a dead giveaway that the charges (and “rape culture” in general) are bogus. We’re constantly told by feminists that rape is the worst crime you can commit, that there’s a serious epidemic going on; and yet, they’re satisfied with the rapist just being expelled and not imprisoned. Presumably, they’re okay with him walking the streets, just not a college campus.
    Of course, we all know the real reason they want colleges to handle rape cases: The standard of evidence is lower; hence, much easier to falsely accuse someone.

    1. That and the guy probably wasn’t nearly liberal enough to buy the agitprop.
      Remember, real progressive men hover helplessly at the side of crowds of angry lesbians… any guy that actually gets laid is, by definition, not a good prog.

  34. Women really are trying to get to that point where they can just clap their hands and say “Guards! Take him away!”.
    They are pretty close to that and the absolute power has already corrupted them. If they can get past having to you know, actually file a criminal complaint, then the day will come when a woman sees you crossing the street, feels you are creepy for whatever reason, and has you hauled off.

    1. doktojeep, thanks for getting this thread back on point. Clark Kent, I think there’s an app for that…great point. I have yet to meet a female who wasn’t abused by an ex. According the fairer sex: “If a man doesn’t do or say exactly what I want at the time I want it, it is abuse…it has to be…according to every Disney Princess movie I was raised on, it is.” Roosh, great analysis. I agree that every young man needs to see this. And your right about another thing, all these easily provable false rape cases make it easier for men to see the obvious. You could tell a blue pill a thousand times about the risks, but all it takes is one experience like this to convince him.

        1. Some reading this may think you are using sarcasm or hyperbole; you are not. I have seen documents on DV where exactly this is stated to be abuse and DV.

    2. think more the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland and you’re closer to the mark brother.

  35. The man, Nungesser, should sue her for libel and cc the University.
    It would be interesting to see how the university deals with hopefully forthcoming accusations that they are accepting a libelous story in lieu of degree work and gifting a degree on a woman who has the temerity to style herself the victim of what appears to have been a consensual encounter.

  36. She only needed a topic to write her graduation thesis of and that’s why she’s doing that. I feel disgust.

    1. I’d rather it ends up in a dumpster behind an old shopping center. Rightfully forgotten and forever ignored like she should be.

      1. I dunno, she kinda is a graphic example of the term ‘mattressback’.
        Too bad she likens herself to Jesus. Maybe she should be wearing a crown of thorns to prove how noble she is for ‘surviving’ imaginary rape.

        1. What is interesting (and somewhat pathetic, or is it just sad? Hard to differentiate sometimes) is that someone is willing to publicly humiliate themselves to this degree yet her behavior otherwise only cements the idea that she has personal problems, not a legitimate plight.
          I’m fairly confident she has alienated herself from the average person. What bothers me is when these days we have those on the fringe to support, encourage, and otherwise “prop up” women with bizarre behavior.

  37. When I was in high school, a guy was hit with a false rape accusation a few years ago. He was at his bro’s basketball game at a different high school. He banged some slut in the bathroom. She claimed that he dragged her into the bathroom and raped her. Do you really think a freshman kid would do this? The guy is a douchebag (Asst principle’s son), but he wouldn’t do that shit. He’s kind of an ass, but he was alright to me. Anyways, the entire school crucified him. Even I did, because I was a typical blue pill white knight beta at the time who would always believe a woman’s word. His mugshot is still on google and pretty much no school would take him in for a while. His reputation is fucked for the rest of his life. Not to mention his dad had to waste $50,000 to bail him out.
    As for the girl, she moved to another state. I heard rumors that she sucked off the entire basketball team. Just a freshman whore. She accused him of rape after her dad spotted them walking out of the bathroom together.

  38. Well, as another guy said somewhere, at least she has a comfortable place to lay on if and when she gets raped again!

  39. Sums up so much of why western culture is dying when she has no shame at admitting she used to let him fuck her like a toy. It’s a good time for the alpha males at least, and I think most men here are benefiting from this kind of slutty behaviour becoming accepted but it’s bad for society in the long run as solid families, with a father with authority are the backbone of society, not just for economics and law and order but also learning, science, reason. A pity for her and other girls like her, she’ll almost certainly never know true love, lifelong marriage and devotion that would have been hers if she remained a virgin. Of course children and young adults can’t be expected to understand such things that’s why in the past fathers and indeed universities would protect young women from their own promiscuity. And to think the feminists called this “oppression”
    And it further underlines one of the many problems with feminism – the lazy approach to facts, intellectual laziness, the bending of truth. I think “truth” as an abstract concept comes much more easily to men than women anyway and feminists in particular are the worst for just ignoring facts and statistics when they want. As they seem to be doing here. I notice the odious Jessica Valenti has been championing this particular “rape” claim. Tells you all you need to know.
    What a pity they are having to drag western civilization down with them. The Chinese must be laughing at us.

  40. Sooooooo, she was too embarrassed to tell the story to people that were actually trying to help her, but not too embarrassed to broadcast to entire world that she was raped? Lolwut?
    Also, really? Too much of a hassle to come down to the police station and answer questions, but not carry around a fucking mattress that grants you more publicity?
    And look, I am not taking rape lightly. It is a horrible, horrible thing, but if you say “no” and he keeps going, you don’t have the mental capacity to scream “HELP!! HE’S TRYING TO RAPE ME!!!”? Especially in a dorm?

    1. Women are weak.
      You’ve never been in that situation where you’re about to go in but you can tell she doesn’t want to go that far?
      You ever gotten in raw and she wants to stop cause you don’t have protection?
      I’ve been in both these situations and I know for a fact neither of these chicks would have screamed or resisted enough to stop me if I kept going.
      Women are weak.

      1. But after the fact and with the help of their herd they are relentless.
        And indeed women are weak. Where are all the activist Ukrainian cunts from Euomaidan now that shit has really hit the fan?

  41. If you can’t see it yet then you are hopeless and you have no one to blame but yourself;
    American women have become completely sick with INSANE propaganda and meaning-making, pseudo-emotional bullshit. I don’t want to even try to articulate it. If you don’t know it yet then you are not worth my attempts to articulate. If you marry one of these COMPLETE FUCKING ASSHOLES then you deserve the life you get for yourself. Here’s a tip for you young fellas; WOMEN FROM OTHER REGIONS OF THE WORLD HAVE TITS TOO. The ball is in your court. I would say that 27 of my best 30 friends have had their lives ruined by these assholes, divorce or not. Mostly divorce. This is a completely sick species. I’ve spent 15 years overseas now and I know. American women are the biggest assholes on the planet. They are total jerks. GET OUT.

    1. Not that I disagree with your basic concept. Foreign women>american women.
      But I’ve had a few buddies that have imported and who found that once they brought their wives back they got fat and Americanized pretty quickly. Several of said buddies later got divorce raped. Even with foreign women game and learning to be an alpha are essential. Learn these first, then get married (if you must). I’m still learning myself. Still early in the process even, but I see the world for what it is and most of my buddies are still taking the blue pill.

  42. Also, listen to that voice of hers. Flat, harsh, low, masculine, monotone “I am strong and I have been mistreated” tone of voice. They all have it. So feminism has so overtaken women so thoroughly that vocal chords have been altered by it?

  43. So he pinned her arms behind her head and pushed her knees up against her chest…all while performing a dry-entry through the backdoor? And all while she’s resisting? With 6 arms and a dick like a #2 pencil, then MAYBE….

  44. I think the tide is turning. There are feminists now who have college-age sons (and gay couples with adopted sons) and even THEY are calling bullshit on this trend. Its their worst nightmare. But I am sooo thankful for this, because it looks like a tippng point. American culture created this monster and they are reaping what they sow.

  45. I’m starting to believe that many women fantasize about being raped. Like those romance novels they’re all reading. Then they go and conjure up a rape story just to drink in all the victim drama.

  46. What an insult to real rape victims. And what bona fide rape victim would not understand investigative due process (got annoyed with the investigator getting her to recall her story at unexpected moments to see if she was making shit up)?
    I’m doubting her credibility as someone who made the entrance requirements at an intellectual establishment never mind rape victim..

    1. Fair point. Also it has been I think a particularly bad unintended consequence of the liberal ideas of affirmative action to cast doubt on every woman or non-white person succeeding. (The intended consequence was to dumb down society and that has worked.)
      But there are some women and some non-whites who have the ability for advanced study. But now even they will always be viewed with suspicion, as people perfectly reasonably ask themselves: Did they get in due to a quota?
      Not for the first time extreme feminists have hurt women.

  47. Carrying around a symbol of promiscuity and the consequences thereof. She is not the brightest bulb in the bunch, is she?

  48. In the past year, Heartiste has been referring to the liberal media, feminists and their manboob sycophants as “The Cathedral.” It’s a fitting title considering the idolatry people like this girl are engaging in.

  49. I just had an epiphany. She’s the new obama phone lady denouncing the bitch system that deceived and betrayed her. She’s expressive, potentially very expressive in her own peculiar way. Her world has forsaken her. She tried the carousel to ‘fit in’ with the slut crowd and even her contemporaries won’t carry her rugged bedroll. She put herself out to get used up and it was all to promote the feminist BIG LIE. Maybe she’s a little gypsy or puts out,what is it, that leathery serial killer smelling pheromone that makes westernfolk run away. She only got it to click with some borderline schizo runaway assfucker. She seems more loner than individualistic. But the bottom line is that the feminist college institution broke short of fully molding her into used up carousel excrement. The women’s services and mangina white knight armies are obviously for smashing intact families, to ‘snuff the rooster’, but she won’t get their ‘services’ until she becomes compliant and completes the program and graduates with a full knowledge of how to command her weaponized pussy. If she wakes up red pill, she’ll throw the mattress aside and with the same fire, she’ll carry a six foot obelisk harkening for the saviour. The return of THE GREAT DICK.

  50. EXCLUSIVE: Obama’s high school pot dealer who he thanked for the ‘good times’ was beaten to death with a hammer by his gay lover after fights over flatulence and drugs

      1. Of course she would. She is obviously a cock addict who covers the shame of her phallic addiction by overt displays of hyper-feminism. I bet she would suck a melon through a drain pipe for the price of a pint of Guinness and a few smokes.

  51. Roosh’s Twitter post is a grand slam and should be plastered on every college campus billboard in the Land so that the False Rape Tourette’s crowd and “embarrassment after the consensual fact” women get the picture loud and clear.

  52. Welcome to Spinsterhood, bitch. Any sane man will see you for what you are …. a psychotic attention whoring infantile child in a woman’s body and RUNNN as far and as fast the other way and never look back.

  53. Meanwhile in Iraq captured Christian and Yazedi girls and women are being sold as sex slaves to Muslims for as little as $5. And then there’s Rotherham.

  54. This is fantastic. Now I know that if I am having sex with a dude, and I am giving him a blowjob and I decide to bite off his…ahem…member….then it was consensual because we were fucking and lets face it, everything that I choose do do after that is fair game. Its even better to know that should the man complain about his…ahem…..dismemberment….I can feel free to cal him a pussy beta bitch. Thank you for the clarification.. Amazing.

  55. Default setting at this point is the men accused should be innocent until proven guilty of said 100% across the board (the way it always should be) due to the inherent nature of such disgusting vile primitive degenerates that have the audicity to call themselves women…. fucking worthless pieces of human excrement in need of euthensia.

  56. This sort of Rape Hysteria is why men are going their own way on college campuses. We are opting out of any and all relationships with women on campus because of the huge risk to the life we are building for ourselves when even trying to opproach a girl on campus. The juice is definitely not worth the squeeze, I suggest many men who want to avoid being expelled by kangaroo university courts walk away.

    1. Or you just don’t get pussy and are rationalizing like a woman about it.
      Don’t ass fuck a chick who didn’t tell you to put it there and you should be fine.
      I fucked something over 30 women during my college career, never had a rape scare.
      Not saying it doesn’t happen and you shouldn’t take precautions, but “going your own way” is for fags that don’t get pussy but need to rationalize about it instead of get better at it.

      1. Why would I need to risk my life for slutty feminist vagina, when I can either buy pussy outside of campus? Why can’t you see that universes and college campuses are hostile towards males and their interests? Oh that’s right, because you’re a feminist apologist.

        1. I hate feminists. I just think you’re rationalizing not being good with women as going your own way. It’s not that they won’t get with you, its you choosing not to.

  57. So the fact that two other people have filed complaints against this guy for rape means it’s safe to say this guy didn’t rape this girl?
    Man, Roosh is the biggest hackjob on the planet. His logic is so fucking myopic it’s hilarious.

  58. Also Roosh, you didn’t even read the fucking story correctly. The officer told her friend that the OFFICER didn’t believe her for a second, not that her friend told the officer he didn’t believe her for a second.
    But hey, anything to bolster your bullshit argument, right? Logic man! Guys are so smart lolz.
    You suck at everything.

  59. if you cannot blame her for her clothes or whatever, start talking shit about her because ‘she’s obviously lying, she didn’t want to report it to police but now all the world knows’ blah blah blah. you’re all pathetic and i don’t want to believe there are people like you out there.

    1. Her story alone is suspect at best to be honest. And the problem is exacerbated by false claims before her by scorned women.
      However, if this dude is indeed ass fucking chicks after vaginal consent while the women are telling him no, then that is indeed rape.
      I’d like to hear the detail behind the other two accusers.
      Either he is pumping abd dumping and word is getting out and these girls are getting together to punish him, or he’s crossing lines.

  60. I normally don’t defend women, but I’d like to hear the other 2 accusations. This could be a dude that goes over the line after consent. Her story alone is fishy but if this guy goes for ass fucking without permission in other instances with other chicks, maybe he is the issue.

    1. You don’t need female permission to take what’s yours. Cunt consents the first time, Cunt consents when you start… cunt is going to fucking take it until your done. Fuck these pump and dump whores. I film every single fuck for my protection. If you don’t have the closed circuit concealed cam rocking – you deserve what you get.

  61. Women are weak.
    You’ve never been in that situation where you’re about to go in but you can tell she doesn’t want to go that far?
    You ever gotten in raw and she wants to stop cause you don’t have protection?
    I’ve been in both these situations and I know for a fact neither of these chicks would have screamed or resisted enough to stop me if I kept going.
    Women are weak. This strong independent bullshit that anyone red pill knows flys out the window in the face of real shit doesn’t exist here.
    Honestly I wouldn’t believe this attention seeker if there weren’t outstanding accusations against this dude.

  62. “I was contacted by an investigator who was really, really annoying to
    work with. He would call me randomly, and make me repeat everything that
    Sweetheart, that is called P-O-L-I-C-E W-O-R-K. A cop will ask you for your story, then talk to you then ask you about a random part later on. It is a psychological trick – you see, when someone is telling the truth, they won’t have any trouble picking up a story from any point and repeating parts of it. But if they are lying they will almost always circle around to the front and tell the lie from the beginning.
    You failed this test. And you probably failed all the other silent tests they gave you too. This is why they didn’t believe you.
    You are an attention whore and you rob REAL victims of legitimacy. Just for an easy A in a field you probably wont use after graduation anyway. You are a disgusting human being and I hope the memory of your crime haunts you until you die.

    1. It does seem that way, but again women are weak and irrational. They don’t understand the process you just explained. They can’t fathom that people just don’t take her hysterical word for it. It’s annnooooyyyying and difficult to recap a story that could potentially ruin a man’s life.
      With that being said, I am still interested in the other two stories. If this guy really is going for ass bangs without the go ahead, he is a problem.

  63. Wow. You clearly don’t understand the LEGAL concept of rape. It’s not a matter of opinion of what constitutes rape or how much time has passed (unless it exceeds the statute of limitations), but rather someone forcing them self onto another person. Regardless of past interaction. Period. No excuses.

    1. Needs to be a removal of or no consent.
      It was legal 100 years ago to beat women with a broom stick, doesn’t make it right because its law.

    2. i feel ya dawg and i agree. muh white buds keep be sayin dat dem be raped by the irs cuz dem be forced to gibs muhnee to da gubmin yaw , nomesayin?

    1. An understanding of social dynamics that is not the brainwashed, fem centric, pc nonsense that has been drilled into your head since childhood

      1. I see. You are clearly either an ill-informed moron or someone who struggles with mommy issues. I hope you get thing sorted out either way!

        1. You’re part of the problem. You clearly didn’t read my opinion on this topic. Just threw out your troll bait so you could call a stranger names. Good job, loser.

        2. Nice try, nice job. You’re clearly missing the point of my argument… and yes, I’m familiar with your opinion on this topic; it further leads me to believe that you are extremely uninformed and (from what I’ve read) incapable of forming a valid point or coherent thought. Keep trying though, it’s important to never give up!

        3. You never made an argument. You’re just talking shit. Make a real point in regards to my opinion or fuck off kid.

        4. My point is that you’re full of shit, kiddo. Look up a few legal definitions in regards to your post and get back to me. I understand that it may be difficult for some people to research things before mouthing off.
          Otherwise, take your own advice and piss off.

        5. Do you think I’m roosh, the author of this article, you stupid fuck?
          I think this chick may have been raped and my posts have said as much you dense fucking moron.
          Again, it’s obvious you didn’t read anything I wrote and you came here to run your anonymous dick pleaser.

  64. So let me get this straight; its easier to walk around with a mattress and tell EVERYONE what happened than to deal with the police on what she says is an “embarrassing” matter in order to pursue justice against a man she says sexually assaulted her.

  65. This girl is the largest liar on the planet. She shows all the classical signs of deception within the first 10 seconds of the video. Firstly she puts her palms up which is a very unusual stance for a sitting person but more importantly is listed as the number 1 sign of classical deception. Secondly she has very shifty eyes, within the span of 5 or so seconds from the start of the video, she looks to her left, then down the to the right then straight. Nextly, if you slow down the video and watch real closely you can see she is actually smiling when she says rape can happen anywhere. This in psychology is when someone commits a lie and believes they have told a convincing lie on subconscious level they show a micro smile because they believe subconsciously they are getting away with something they know is wrong. Kind of like when you are a kid and you steal the cookie from the cookie jar and say I didn’t do it, but you smile as you lie and brush the crumbs off your shirt. You can see the little smile on her face in the first 5 seconds, just watch her mouth real closely. Notice in the 8th second how she pauses and looks away and then looks back at the camera and pauses and says uhm for me, I was raped in my own dorm bed, then looks away and down and pauses again. These are signs of someone who either making up a story or trying to remember their past lies on the spot. You don’t need a good memory to remember your rape, and you don’t need to look down every 3 seconds. Also note how she changes her hand positioning at 45: seconds. She now no longer speaks with her hands up but puts her hands between her legs and covers one with the other. Also notice how when she talks about her project ( a neutral and factual topic) how she doesn’t constantly look away from the camera and stutter, no uhm, ah, eh. Just perfect articulation and unbroken eye contact. And her rape story is bullshit too, not his fault that he couldn’t pullout fast enough to suit her, if she didn’t want him in her ass, she shouldn’t have let him in her pussy. its like inviting a guest over for diner then pressing charges for trespassing when they stumble into your room and find your porn collection. Shouldn’t invite people in the first place. And if feminazis are teaching women that you let a man in one hole its good but the other hole is rape then no wonder police are dismissing their claims. People get carried away in sex and try things. Its like play fighting, a guy might slap you in the nuts, you didn’t consent to it, but it happens, if you didn’t want it to occur then don’t play fight.

  66. Let’s look at a couple of points right off the bat. He was supposed to have been pinning her hands behind her head while also bending her legs up against her chest. Where did he get the extra set of hands? What was she doing while all this was going on? Was she physically resisting at all? Then there is the point about while he was holding her hands pinned with one set of his hands, and bending her legs double with the other set of his hands, apparently he was using at least one additional hand to line up his penis with her anus.
    The logistics of this do not make sense. This is probably the same set of questions being asked by the college and the police; who I guarantee were willing to bend over backwards and stick their own heads up their ass to make this guy guilty. These organizations (colleges and police) have no down side to prosecuting a guy on the flimsiest of excuses, and have a huge downside to any time they “ignore” a charge made by a woman.

  67. What is it with the appearance of these feminist liberal women? They’re invariably Jewish, have some vague brownish/Native American look, generally unattractive and usually with some other ethnicity tossed in (in this case Asian). I mean really, is this the way to get into schools like Columbia?

  68. It wasn’t the friend who didn’t believe her for a second, it was the officer who said that TO her friends. The way the sentence was worded makes it confusing, though.
    I still think she’s a liar though. Real victims of rape don’t deserve to be associated with wold criers like this.

  69. Hahaha you fucks, how do you like it now we women/male feminists can destroy any of your lives at any moment we want? WE hold the power now. After 2,000 years thanks to our insidious plans which included taking over the mainstream media and poisoning the whole world against the EVIL of MEN, we have overthrown the patriarchy! We can get any of you, whenever we want, all it takes is one word and your life is ruined. And there’s nothing you impotent fucks can do about it! Our White Knight armies will obliterate anyone who opposes us. Your days are numbered and soon we will destroy not just sexually active hetero males with our False Rape Cannon, but manboy “gamers” too – our operation codename: Sarkeesian to destroy gaming for the male population forever is well under way and there is NOTHING you can do!!! Any who dare to stand against us will end up vilified and destroyed by our agents embedded within the mainstream media. By poisoning the very word “male” we will ensure that courts and authorities take our side at all times. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Cut your penis off and undergo trans-sex therapy immediately or YOU could be our next target!

  70. On a different note, don’t you think there’s something fishy about this story?
    “Four white women between 20 and 21 years old have been attacked in the last nine days under similar circumstances and by a similar suspect…
    One woman was punched in the head and had her clothing ripped, but as she yelled out, a neighbor chased the man off. A second woman also fought back and yelled, drawing attention from nearby bystanders, who intervened. The third and fourth women also fought back, and the UFPD credits each of the victims with stopping the assaults from going further.”
    “According to student newspaper The Independent Alligator, the suspect is a 6’4″, 250-lb white man in his late twenties or early thirties with some facial stubble who always wears University of Florida branded clothing and attacks at night. He’s also incredibly evasive for an enormous person; the most recent attack occurred last night at 8:42 PM, and even though police arrived within three minutes of the incident, by that time, the suspect had vanished.”
    So the perpetrator is basically a phantom-like giant who always wears the same clothing. It reads like a horror story a third-rate feminist writer’d come up with.

  71. Is this supposed to be healthy behavior, in her eyes? If she truly believes she was raped, she’d be better off moving on, instead of pleading for unneeded attention.

    1. Yea! Because when something isn’t being done about a problem we need to shut the fuck up and pretend it never happened 😀

  72. So… she expects that her word alone, about something she alleges happened months earlier, should be enough to have someone arrested and prosecuted, or kicked out of college?
    What arrogance is that, to think that the authorities will punish someone based solely on her word about something that happened months earlier?

  73. This is what the top institutions are churning out. Idiot mattress carrying, purple haired, useless degree, opportunists who believe in egalitarianism and have almost no understanding of basic economic concepts. The world needs a miracle

  74. Where are all the male feminist manginas at, to offer to carry her bed around for her? Won’t SOME male feminist “man up” and carry the burden for her? It’s not like she should ask another woman to do it-that would be sexist.

  75. Some young Smith College chick is probably thinking “rape on a cot” is so much easier to example, for obvious reasons.

  76. Now that the “my last boyfriend (or husband) was abusive) meme has fully saturated the American female social circuit, the new one-upsmanship is “my last TWO boyfriends/husbands beat me”. I’ve heard it more lately.

  77. Like I, and countless others in the Manosphere keep saying… Never put stock in, or believe a slut who dyes her hair nonstandard colors.

  78. I would have to say, adding to this, I have also grown disgustingly weary of women under “constant” MALE sexual aggression. I live in a mid-sized city, and in all the time I spend in public, I have yet to hear a “catcall”, or watch ANYONE grab a strangers ass/hair/leg/vagina. Consider this is touted as “constant” by the feminist movement, it certainly seems to be lacking in a city of a 300,000. I have known women who have been aggressed on. Followed into an alley by a guy who was being WAY too pushy, or followed down the street by some inbred asshole making lewd comments. Yes, it happens, but “constantly” ?? You’re compromising your legitimacy, bitches. On the same side of that coin, all that is ever mentioned is MALE sexual aggression. What about the friend of mine who ended up married because she said she was pregnant(she wasn’t) ?? What about a girl bragging that she told a guy she’d call “rape” if he didn’t pay her rent ?? What about the woman who parked outside my apartment for three to five hours every night for a summer ?? No, I won’t take your feminist bullshit seriously, it’s a joke, and when you try to pass it off as “not about ALL men”, you’re just calling out your own rank lies.

    1. Yeah. I haven’t heard a catcall in years. I honestly can’t remember if I even ever have. What’s more common is women going around with the fantasy that something is up. I once had the park ranger called out to check up on me while hiking on a mountain. This mountain is groomed for hiking, publicized for it with benches, trails, ranger station. Yet when I hiked it there was a woman there who did not like me on her mountain. The fact that I was hiking up the same trail about 20-30 minutes in her wake just was really ‘off’ to her.

  79. You are a pathetic little shit. You have no idea what post traumatic stress does to someone in this sort of scenario. Oh dear just because you can’t get laid…grow the fuck up and have some compassion.

    1. I think carrying a mattress around to gain attention, and to get easy marks to pass a echo-chamber, bullshit degree screams ‘pathetic’ more than the authors pedigree

  80. Avoidance is the normal reaction to trauma. What trauma victim carries around a reminder of their trauma?

  81. These fucken narcissist women. They do this because it gets them attention, and it works every time. Growing number of women are going nuts like this.

  82. With a name like “Sulkowicz”… whowuddathunkit?
    Oi gevalt! It’s anudda Shoah!

    1. The subject of the article seems to be a genuine rape victim. This article and the attitude it promotes are terrible for rape victims everywhere. This is why rape goes unreported, and why women give up on pursuing justice. Their experience, plus all the horrible, mindless cynicism that they are confronted with protects perpetrators.

  83. This article is the very reason why 70% of rape goes unreported – EVERYONE assumes that the chic is lying about it.

  84. It makes me very sad to see people commenting here the way they are.
    You wonder why victims are hesitant to come forward? Because you treat them like this!

  85. if he pins her down, chokes her then sticks it in her ass after she says no that is rape. It doesn’t matter how many times they had sex he penetrated a different part of her body and violated her why be so mean and say these things?? Do you feel big at your house talking down on this poor chick? Pick up a new hobby like idk drawing, or jogging instead of being a woman hater

  86. Well, at least when the next guy rapes her, he won’t have to lure her anywhere, its like a to-go box….

  87. Holy shit you guys hate women. So much!! You take the most trivial shit, and use it to dismiss a perfectly credible rape accusation. Against a man who has been accused of the same by two other women!! And it’s not so much that she ‘convinced herself that she was raped’, but that she finally came to terms with it. The ‘actual facts’ that the author demands, you know, besides the detailed account of how she was forced to participate in sexual activity against her will, such as what shoes the attacker was wearing, are trivial, and used to justify his resentful dismissal of a rape accusation, which appears to be his default position. And her male friend who wasn’t there at the time not believing her? So what? He can’t know. Just because she accused him publicly doesn’t make her a liar. It’s pretty obvious to any human being with even a shred of empathy that it would be incredibly difficult to have to re-live a rape experience for sneering, dismissive investigators. It’s easy to understand how a person would want to just give up on that. I mean, the fact that the police emphasized that she had had consensual sex with this man before as a way of dismissing her accusation reflects a pretty broken system for handling rape accusations. Less than 10 percent of all rape accusations are found to be false, and yet you present the norm as being ‘crying wolf’. This is disgusting. You are all disgusting. This page is nothing more than a meeting place for the scum of humanity to make each other feel better about being horrible people.

  88. thesis in visual arts? not something about you know actual visual arts? no your thesis has to be about pitying you.
    and furthermore this is performance art. not visual art. visual art can be displayed. performance art is where the act of creation is the art itself. when you put on a play the art is in the act of acting out the play. not saying performance art is less than visual art, just that this is NOT a visual arts thesis. if she learned anything in college she would know that.

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