Islam Pass: Feminists And World Leaders Silent As ISIS Burns Alive Child Sex Slaves

The media continues to give radical Islam a pass. Not only are the media blaming gun owners or “toxic masculinity” rather than ISIS for the unfolding tragedy in Orlando, last week as a horrific story came out from Mosul, Iraq of Yazidi girls as young as 8 years old being imprisoned, caged and burned alive for refusing to become sex slaves, it quickly became evident the death of Harambe the gorilla would end up sparking more public outrage on social media and more genuflecting in the dying (once mainstream) media than misogynistic rape and murder at the hand of religious fanatics. An anonymous witness described the nightmarish scene as the young girls were incinerated:

The 19 girls were burned to death, while hundreds of people were watching. Nobody could do anything to save them from the brutal punishment. They were punished for refusing to have sex with ISIS militants.

(The above photo was circulated by ISIS with claims these young women were burned alive. Some sources say the photo is from a staged protest. Regardless of the veracity of the photo, the story of young sex slaves being incinerated is well documented.)

Adding to the issue of this issue not receiving proper attention, it is believed radical Islamists hold an additional 1,800 to 3,500 more sex slaves hostage, with many of the girls aged 10 to 12. Ahmed Amin Koro, a 15-year old Yazidi boy escaped imprisonment and told interviewers what he witnessed:

The girls were covering their faces with dirt, trying to make themselves less beautiful. But if they were caught doing that they were beaten. They were all beaten and taken away.

The lack of attention to this huge story came despite feminists in Western culture regularly labeling themselves as champions of women and young girls, as they create a culture that chastises, demonizes, and marginalizes men for everything from “microaggressions” to requesting sandwiches from “liberated” women. In the twisted world of American media, even if young females are burned to death by radical Islamists, it does not warrant the same level of outrage as a gorilla death, or even the level of outrage Donald Trump sparked last week after making this mild comment about a judge who is the member of a group that calls itself La Raza or “The Race.”


Judge Curiel is a member of a club or society, very strongly pro-Mexican, which is all fine. But I say he’s got bias.

The media was screaming, flopping on the floor, and foaming at the mouth over the tepid Trump comment before the cindered corpses of 19 young girls, true victims of sex crimes and female oppression, had even cooled down. The biases of feminists, leftists, and their marionettes in the media are becoming more obvious, and more worrisome by the day. Here are a few examples of how the bias works based on last week’s events:

  • Radical Islamic crimes are not subjected to the same standard of scrutiny as Christian crimes
  • The media will blame terrorist attacks on gun owners rather than radical Islam
  • The media cares more about zoo animals than it does young sex slaves being burned to death
  • Feminists are concerned more with personal power and removing men from their roles in society than actual evil being done against women
  • Leftists claim to want to live in a world without borders but ignore evil going on outside the U.S.
  • An activist judge can be a member of a anti-gringo group but a Caucasian Presidential Candidate cannot point out his potential for biasing a high-profile court case

Without getting sidetracked on the Trump comments, it is important to point out that even the Marxist Cesar Chavez said La Raza is an anti-gringo group:

I hear more and more Mexicans talking about la raza—to build up their pride. Some people don’t look at it as racism, but when you say La Raza, you are saying an anti-gringo thing, and it won’t stop there. Today it’s anti-gringo, tomorrow it will be anti-Negro.

While discussing media bias, the alphabet networks even went so far as to blame women who support Trump for the violence of Marxist protestors pelting them with eggs. The media also underplayed the fact “migrants” committed 69,000 crimes in Germany alone in the first 3 months of 2016, and routinely ignore brutal rape cases or hide the ethnicity of perpetrators.

With the tragedy of young girls being burned alive and the other stunning examples of bias, the cognitive dissonance feminists and leftists continue to demonstrate is breathtaking. It proves that in the liberal hierarchy of concerns, religion trumps feminism, as long as that religion is Islam. It also shows there is and will be more conflict between two groups under the liberal tent: feminists and Islamists.

The Messiah failed to comment on the tragedy of young sex slaves being burned alive

The Messiah failed to comment on the tragedy of young sex slaves being burned alive

The Silence Is Deafening

Where was the Pope on the matter? President Obama? Hillary, the supposed champion of women? Other world leaders? Prominent feminists? The media? Other than a few short, tepidly written news stories the matter was largely shuffled under the rug and dismissed, except insofar as it helped provide a pretext to keep funneling money into the military-industrial complex. Michelle Obama was apparently too busy complaining about having to live in a White House partially built by slaves, eating French fries and vegetable gardening to take notice of young women being raped and burned alive.

Even more telling, Yazidis are a minority religion which has remnants of Christianity and other religions in it. We all know the Hollyweird, New York Talking Head, and Marxist political operatives in America have been decidedly anti-Christian for generations.

Imagine if the situation were reversed: a radical Christian group burned to death 19 Islamic sex slaves. It would receive 24/7 attention and condemnation. CNN would get on its soap box and pontificate over how terrible the oppression of women by burning them to death is until “something is done!” The U.S. would send in SWAT teams and elite units teams to take out the oppressors, as it has done numerous times on its own soil against groups who challenge government tyranny, as when it killed LaVoy Finicum in an ambush style attack earlier this year. (FBI storm troopers are now under investigation in the Oregon standoff with Finicum, and the land the family refused to vacate has ties to a Clinton uranium deal.)

When an issue like the rape and murder of young girls by radicals are suppressed or ignored, it implies some level of consent to what is happening by those in power. It also tells us political game players do not really give a damn about moral issues no matter how much preening they do in front of television cameras. The only way they get involved is if the issue means either gaining more personal power, a boost in their public persona, and/or higher approval ratings.

An issue like the murders of sex slaves could also expose leftist hypocrisy and diametrically opposed ideologies (feminism vs. Islamism) in the Democrat tent if it became lodged in the admittedly short memories of fast food and ball games obsessed sheeple. This is why issues like these are never given a lot of air time. Multiculturalism implies tolerance, but it is hard for people to tolerate crimes against humanity like sex slavery and burning people alive. Leftists claim to be champions of women but at the same time tell people not to worry when a religion that oppresses women is increasing in number in Europe and America. Leftists claim multiculturalism will bring about Utopia on earth when in fact people are self-segregating, forming groups like La Raza and Black Lives Matter, and the population of Europe and America grows ever more vivisected and divided.

In short, an issue like one of the liberals’ “protected classes” of people burning sex slaves alive throws the political narrative off to such a degree it will never receive the emphasis it deserves. Just as Hillary claims to be a great champion of women while many of Bill’s former hookups say she tried to shut them up, including a black prostitute who claims Bill fathered her biracial son, it is hypocrisy in The Political Game and The Corrupt Media. Four legs good, two legs bad, as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

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353 thoughts on “Islam Pass: Feminists And World Leaders Silent As ISIS Burns Alive Child Sex Slaves”

    1. I’m not surprised in the least at any of this. After coming back from Iraq, I called out any one who would call me a baby killer while sipping a latte or drive an SUV. To this day I tell many of them that if they’re not willing to be the change they wish to see in the world than they have no right to complain.

      1. One of my favorite memories was coming back and being a called a baby killer. I walked up to the guy and said” I actually joined the Army for the whole reason of killing babies, and the SOBs wouldn’t let me kill even one!” The guy looked to about shit himself and backed quickly away. I had the hardest time not busting out laughing.

    2. You expect less from the people (running the media) whose ancestors put Christ on the cross and let a criminal go free?

        1. I believe that in the future the chosen will suffer a schism between their orthodox members and holocaustians

        2. #ballpointpensdidntexistbro
          I know in all likelihood she did get a hold of one, but still. Idk.

        3. But does it really matter whether it was 2,4 or 6 million Jews? Lets not haggle over numbers when it comes to the horrors of genocide and the holocaust. Whatever the number it was one too many.

        4. Good luck with that crowd…
          I dig the name btw. Ill remember not to count on your support come the end times 😉

        5. Of the 6 million, they claimed 4+ million of them were killed at Auschwitz. Now they have changed the museum marker and admit there were only maybe 900,000 or so killed there. That is over 3 million less from the 6 million. Yet people keep throwing the 6 million number around. A TOTAL FABRICATION!

        6. Yes it does. If we are searching for truth. It makes us question what else is false. Such as: were they really gassed, or did they just die from malnutrition. Russian prisoners had it far worse. Lots of survivors from Nazi camps and yet if one ended up a Russian prisoner your chances of surviving were about 2%. Why so many survivors, even women and children and older Jews from Auschwitz if they were gassing them all? And why did Churchill admit years later that going to war had nothing to do with Hitlers political views (anti-Semite) but everything to do with the banking system? I am not an anti-Semite. But I do think we have been lied to in a very big way in this case. I think the same globalists that has sold the world down the PC toilet were involved as far back as WW2. I think it just all came down to which banking system was going to prevail and they did not like the fact that Hitler was operating outside the globalists central banking system. Instead of just believing everything you been told by the same people that also sold us feminism and PC BS do some research. Start with Jews boycotting Germany BEFORE the war. Look up statements by generals about how that war had nothing to do with antisemitism but everything to do with money. Look up Henry Fords article (later turned into a book) that was VERY anti Jew and ask yourself why he did not get targeted as well. Look up quotes where Hitler was trying to stay out of a war but Churchill and others said they would force him into a war. Yes, I think the official story is total hokum.

        7. Well the story is always told by the victors, and I have no doubt the allies feathered their post war caps as much as possible. And you do seem very well read on the subject. I have had German friends tell me their grandparents loved Hitler and what the Nazi regime did for them, i.e. native Germans. Apparently he brought very rapid economic prosperity, especially for the common man. However, I don’t believe the holocaust and the persecution of the Jews never happened.

  1. These people who propagate this kind of hateful bile in the media should be shown to be just as dangerous if not more than groups like ISIS.
    While the threat of ISIS violence on american soil is very slim. The real brainwashing and indoctrination that the media and the screeching hordes of mindless zombies take part in is truly dangerous to everyone in this country.
    Real americans should BE FUCKING ANGRY about this shit.
    Stop letting these assholes control the narrative. Stop treating them like your fucking equals. Spit on them. Mock them. Make your anger have consequences.

  2. makes you wonder how big of a stake these middle eastern sovereign wealth funds in our media, both traditional and social…

  3. Be fair! SJWs are fighting ISIS every day. They attacked it with mean hashtags and even collected signatures on . The nightmare will be over anytime now.

    1. The only possible harm that this would do to ISIS and their terrorists is cause them to die laughing…

    2. Remember.
      Standing in solidarity with slaughtered and/or dismembered victims’ surviving family members via hashtags and illuminating buildings with colored lights are the best weapons we have in our arsenal to defend ourselves and our loved ones.
      They may take our lives — but they will never be able to mow us all down.

    3. So brave sitting in an air conditioned Starbucks sucking on a bucket of cream and coffee tapping those ipads and phones away. Watch out they could break a nail, go without me I have to pee all that coffee out

  4. Trump needs to bring this incident up in the debates or even bring it to the media spotlight now and show people the establishment’s hypocrisy.

    1. The media will refuse to mention it, or spin it to fit their preconceived Leftist narratives.

    1. The Yazidis have been through a lot of hell lately, they need help to eradicate ISIS and recover.

    2. We haven’t been screwing around. The best way to kill those fuckers is to help the people nearest to the fuckers do it for us. Ever heard of the Kurds?

      1. There are some PC aspects that inhibit Americas fighting force from going all out. The war in the Middle east could be over in about a week, if the full force of the Military were allowed to fight without it’s hands tied behind it’s back.

        1. Things are way more complicated than that. Study twentieth century Middle Eastern history and the long list of foreign powers that tried and failed to maintain a foothold in the region.

        2. you seem to be better versed on this topic than me- you think dismantling the Ottoman Empire after WWI made things worse?

        3. As Western powers began to partition the region after WWI, they paid zero attention to the complex ethnic and religious rivalries that existed. Iraq, for example, was a totally Western construct. The Kurds were never given their own country, but were scattered among 5 or 6. This weird mishmash created by European outsiders trying to force their own views upon the Middle East has led directly to today’s chaos. England and France went running back to Europe like two kids who’d just ding-dong-ditched the neighbor’s house down the street.

      2. Kurds over there are largely socialist egalitarians featuring actual women fighting on the frontline at least in Syria.
        They seem fitting enemies of each other. The former is nationalist and do and are morally superior to their enemy ISIS who are imperialistic. I know who to pick.

      3. Kurds? That doesn’t sound like a good idea as we’ve had horrible luck with trying to get third world muslims to fight for us.

  5. Had this image popping out on my facebook wall.
    It says:
    “Born in USA
    Studied in USA
    Worked in USA
    Bought in USA a AR-15 made in USA
    Killed 50 co citizens
    But he still is an islamic terrorist”
    Now, aside the childish attempt to shame the critics, it’s so funny to see the rationalization levels people reach to.. They do anything to Not see the truth for what it is. Nope, they’d rather live in their delusion.

    1. “They do anything to Not see the truth for what it is. Nope, they’d rather live in their delusion.”
      Because they are scared shitless and their chanting the usual narratives isn’t keeping reality at bay. Cowards to the end who will speak lies until their last breath.

    2. This image was probably done by a woman. Women don’t understand the concept of ethnicity.

      1. This is true.
        My brother was having a discussion with his wife about the “historical” French and she said her friend, who is an import from China, that was raised in France since childhood is somehow historically French.
        She even got angry when my brother laughed at her for saying that.

        1. Ethnicities and nations are the extensions of clans and tribes. All of them are products of men. Women purpose in live is breeding, not creating wolf packs with ideals that fight each other to impose such ideals. This explains why 99% of the “welcome refugees” photos are of women.

        2. Too funny. Try passing off the French woman raised in China as Chinese.
          I don’t know how many people would laugh at that one. Yes, really, she’s Chinese…stop laughing.
          The disconnect is real.

    3. Minor point: the initial media reports were that he used an AR-15. He actually used a Sig Sauer MCX. This is why you never trust initial media response. Details are irrelevant.
      It’s also irrelevant what kind of gun he used. They are trying to build a narrative. Set up the narrative and fill in the “facts” later.
      And people wonder why there is no faith in the media.

    4. Definitely something contrived by some smug liberal feeling clever. I don’t understand what the hell the point is though? Yes to all those things. So what? Islam is a creed. It’s not a race, ethnicity or nationality.

    5. The part of the message that these type of people don’t see is the situation is even worse for Americans. The fact that we have these terrorists already on U.S. soil should be disturbing and alarming to all Americans.
      They’ll continue this nonsense until one of these “American terrorists” (read radical Islamist) takes them out. They are ignoring the real danger in the area and it will cost them.

  6. The degenerates never challenge the barbarians. They know that the barbarians are more than willing to murder them.
    So they attack the civilized because the civilized will not fight back, at least not initially.

    1. They also go after the weak, and helpless. Nothing gives cowards more of an ego boost than to oppress and harm those who lack the ability to defend themselves.

      1. Which explains how the cowards are so devoted to disarming the lawful, while they ignore the real criminals.

    2. Indeed. You only need to look at the BLM movement marching on a college campus or downtown during the day.
      I say they need to march in the hood, at night, to get their message out there. The only problem is that march would last one night and then be over….because many of them would have been shot or chased out of the ghetto (by other blacks).
      You know it’s pretty funny (and bad) when older black people are schooling these BLM “leaders” on their movement. One man asked “what do you want?”…and the woman couldn’t answer him. Pretty sad…you just shake your head.

  7. Also, a French cop was recently stalked home and stabbed to death with his wife by a muslim.

    1. I heard about that. Why the fuck hasn’t France kicked those fuckers out yet?

      1. money from oil countries, money for mosques, money for soccer clubs, cheap labor, MOOOOOOONEY… I mean, THE FEMINISTS DID IT!!!!!

        1. Q: Why don’t they have fireworks at Euro Disney?
          A: Because every time they go off, the French try to surrender.

  8. Idea: Somebody round up all unemployed, fucked-up feminists for a modern-day crusade to save those children.
    If the crusade succeeds, the children are freed.
    If the crusade doesn’t succeed, the feminists are slaughtered.

        1. Yeah, I know; but I’d like to see some screeching “girl power” feminists go up against some ISIS Islamists and see what happens. Some serious schadenfreude…

        2. Israeli fems would likely crush em. Regular fems would fold. Wehrmacht would be looting their shit by 8am.

        3. I would root for the islamist for sure because islamists are not really the decease, only the symptom. The real decease is the army of SJW and feminists letting these people invade our shores.
          In a sane society they would have been destroyed with but a mere shrug. We have the power to do it. They are ridiculous, it’s like an ant believing it can defeat a lion.

        4. The girl power feminists would quickly find themselves in ISIS’s harems if they survive, that is…

      1. hahahaha – you obviously haven’t come across too many country raised American women who learned to shoot and hunt as children. My aim is impeccable…….and I’d go hunt these pieces of dog sh*t down…..shoot them right in the groin, then shove my boots up their *sses along with my Rosary, for the devil to dig out when they get to hell ! LOL 🙂

    1. If that were to happen, i’d bet on the latter outcome. Of course, in order for the entire scenario to happen, lavishly privileged, upscale, white western female entitled, daddy’s princess feminists, would be expected to leave their gated neighborhood, college safespace , social media twitter feeds, and safety of their white knight orbiters. That’s an awful lot to ask from the modern feminist who is already fighting the unjust war of the Patriarchy in the west. Nope, in the unlikelyhood a feminist crusade ever manifests to liberate women in countries where true oppression of women exists, ….it will most likely be fought with Hashtags.

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      1. They will shame their white knights into “manning up” and doing it for them. Like usual

        1. But their keyboard champion white knights are too busy defending online, to dust off the Cheetos dust from their guts and actually take physical action. Plus just imagine the triggering!

      2. yeh – well fyi – not all the privileged western entitled females are ‘white’, and many others while they’feel’ entitled they aren’t rich. Take a walk thru any urban area and you’ll figure that one out quickly. But I digress……we need to hunt until we find these poor excuses for men known as ‘radical islamic terrorists’ and put them down like the rabid dogs that they are! The sooner the better for the entire civilized world.

    2. does that mean you’ll go and battle the Catholic priest pedophiles? How about the Jewish rabbi pedophiles? No? Anyone?

      1. Yeah I mean that’s more than a fair trade. When can we sign you up for your combat gear issue?

        1. been to one war, it was enough. thanks though. didn’t know women have never been in any war ever…

        2. Women? Im pretty sure he called out priveleged upper middleclass modern intersectional feminists.
          Im a serviceman myself, and I certainly counted many female squadmates, but one accurately described like that?
          Nope, nada.
          Thanks for making a difference. As you know, American servicemen make up less than 1% of the population and females are far in the minority of enlistees, hell even commissions.
          Probably the patriarchy’s fault though…

        3. What the fuck does “been to one war” mean? Did you fight? Have you killed a man?

        4. Isn’t that the truth. The way they praised her up you’d think she was Patton.

        5. I am not trying to steal male thunder, honor, prestige, medals, TV time for ‘heroism’, calm down. It’s okay, there is no need to be frightened or over-emotional. There will be more wars for you to go prove your ‘manhood’ without women there to steal it with their ‘magic’ and whatnot.

        6. Answer the question. It’s a simple yes or no. Did you fight? Have you been shot at? Have you killed anyone?

        7. Yep . We need to forgive our brains for asking it to think out logical responses to idiots like you .

        8. Listen, sugartits. You’re just a cuntfused third-worlder. I don’t deal in forgiveness – that is God’s domain.

      2. Yes it’s true, that Catholic Priests and Jewish Rabbi’s who have sex with children are terrible, but do they burn their victims alive in cages? Also no-where in the Catholic and Jewish religion is an adult allowed to have sex with children. Mohammed had a 9 year old bride, and there is a culture of Boy Love in the middle east. Of course the liberal argument is to throw all religions into one big group, and try to make comparisons, but there is no comparison here. ISIS is evil, why are you defending them?

        1. I am not defending ISIS, I am saying that all male divinity monotheistic religions are the same pedophile rapist cults and have been for centuries. Why are you defending some of those cults? Hard to let go of ‘god’ because of hundreds of thousands of children raped? you’re being a hypocrite.

        2. “all male divinity monotheistic religions are the same pedophile rapist cults” Try saying that to a Thor worshipping Viking metal fan bitch . And see what happens . They will call their kids to whack your bitch ass .

        3. “all male divinity monotheistic religions are the same pedophile rapist cults” Try saying that to a Thor worshipping Viking metal fan , babe . And see what happens . They will call their kids to whack your bitch ass …

        4. Yeah with Christianity it’s all Rainbows & Butterflies, Sugar & Spice
          O daughter Babylon, you devastator!
          Happy shall they be who pay you back
          what you have done to us!
          Happy shall they be who take your little ones
          and dash them against the rock! (Psalms 137:9)

        5. Did you know that Communism is a Government which is entirely Atheist. Ever read about the Horrors of Communism?

        6. So all atheists are liberal? Is that what you’re saying? Have you not seen my Username? I’m a fiscal conservative, against SJWs & feminazism but I just don’t believe in a god, neither islamic nor christian/judaic.

        7. I’m not defending cults, I’ve said that pedophiles are terrible if Jewish or Catholic.
          “I am saying that all male divinity monotheistic religions are the same pedophile rapist cults and have been for centuries.” As I said, Liberals throw all religions together and compare them as the same, even when they are entirely different. If you can’t see the difference between ISIS and Catholicism and Judaism, there is really no point in arguing with you anymore.

      3. This is a typical tactic…trade one for one.
        I wasn’t advocating for “man power” or “equality” for the last 5 decades (like feminists) your argument (deflection) is hollow. Women were the ones champion for all women (supposedly) so get to the Middle East and help out (where there is a real problem).
        Knock off the bullshit in the west where women have it pretty damn good.

        1. I am not from the West. I don’t believe Westerners have any place, say or right to mess in other people’s countries or cultures, not that its something you all understand. But it’s fine, not long before your complete economic collapse, and then you can be ‘righteous’ in your own lands.

        2. Many here agree with that statement…we’re not the world police. I’m tired of paying for it as well. Tired of paying for the wars and to the countries to rebuild. We have enough work at home to do.
          We’ll have a civil war, here, before too long because our government is too big and out of control (with power and spending).
          My comment (and let’s stay on point) was in regards to feminists being outraged for stupid shit happening in the west while ignoring real crimes happening in other parts of the world (namely the Middle East).

        3. while you keep on yapping about current ‘feminism’ pushed by MSM, PTB, I still have yet to find reason, sense, goal in why did you all need to use burned female children as your parade against those evil liberals and feminist who probably haven’t stop yammering about the shooting in Orlando to even get to Mosul. You don’t care either about those kids, look in the mirror, this site is no better than ‘hashtag’ social justice business online. I get that anything outside any individual is always perceived as an object, especially if a woman or child, dead or alive, but don’t pretend you’re that different from SJWs.

        4. and we can’t understand why you are here (on a men’s site) yapping, period, beat it.
          You’re trying to paint all men and all religions with the same brush (I’ve read your comments, rebuttals, etc…).
          Thanks for stopping by…this isn’t HuffPo..and the door is ——————>

        5. That’s all you got, huh?
          Women always want to be included in the “men’s locker room” talk. This is just another example.
          Listen, sweetie, I understand why you stay.

        6. I understand Annie darling . I understand that you need the safe space that has been created for “strong progressive liberal women ” by white knight men in the government . Alimony , ” Violence against women act ” , to name a few . And no , we dont need safe spaces , considering we straight dudes regularly deal with smarmy women , asshole police , street punks with total fucking in- your- Motherfucking – face impact . We dont need the fucking safe space you know why ?
          Because we like defending ourselves instead of whining for support . Lol .

        7. Please, just leave. I’ll only say it once. @Moderator, can we get this troll out of here?

        8. A feminist site wouldn’t allow their ideology to be challenged, either. Is there a difference?

      4. Suddenly feminists care about little boys over little girls? Give me a break feminists wouldn’t dare start shit in Islamic nations they’d get beated or deported

      5. Annie , I have been noticing your impolite stupidity for quite a long while. First you did something wildly offensive , that is just throwing the pedophile tag at the whole Christian community , just because they have a male icon , ie.Jesus . Your cognitive dissonance and cretinious shit-spewing forces me to summon my nukes of verbal logic . (Now I must add here that I am in no way a Christian , a Zen spiritualist rather ,
        But a lot of my wonderful progressive friends are Christian . Also my major role model JRR Tolkien .Yeah he was a Christian too , inspite of inspiring the old Nord ways again in the 21st century .)
        You see , I understand a huge number of pedophiles had reportedly infiltrated the American and West European churches and were not incarcerated until 2000 . Yes , these fucking pieces of scum deserved to be incinerated . But they were given sympathy and normal jail -time instead , because of the kind liberal judiciaries of the west . Now , have you been to Russia ? Do you know what they do to child molesters there ? Castration and incarcerations for life .
        That’s fucking right . That’s because the patriarchal orthodox Christian Russian legislators have the manhood to crush such vermin . Now wont you give them credit now , Ann ? Or are you willing to ignore because they happen to be Orthodox conservative Christian men ,who don’t deserve the credit for passing down true justice ?

        1. as for the legislators in Russia, I never said don’t give them credit when they don’t support pedophiles, rapists, did I?
          but no way am I ever trusting any institutionalized religion.

        2. Your so hated institutionalized religion of Christianity has countless charity programs to support unfortunate and impoverished women . Jesus respected women himself . And your dear atheists have created Porno-care programs where young women can be turned into meat live
          infront of camera . Lol .

        3. Well, at least Mohommed married WOMEN. Hmm, why do you think Jesus never married any WOMEN? Duh, obviously he was homosexual.

        4. Um . Why do you need to publicly announce that you fuck women to get the the certificate of straight-ness ? Maybe he had stuff going on with Mary Magdalene. Maybe he was asexual .

        5. So you prefer the actions of a punk who raped little girls , coz he’s straight and hate a man who’s asexual because you don’t have proof of watching him have sex with women ? Lol . You are amusing . Btw you didn’t fuck enough women when you were 5 years old ? So that means you were not straight then ? ( by your logic )

        6. So you have to be fucking women in public and record it in script to get a certificate of straightness ? Lol I mean he could be asexual or have a thing going with Mary Magdalene . Who cares ? What matters is he was a nice dude and did not abuse little girls . Stop seeing everything in your gay-straight perspective . That’s the problem of mass homophilic propaganda . And btw, you probably did not fuck women when you were 5 years old . Does that mean you were gay then ?

    3. Fuck that shit. I want men to have freedom from the family courts. I want men to not only be allowed but encouraged to own weapons.
      I want a sane marriage policy, where we stop this disgusting pedestalization of women. A mother doesn’t love her son more than a father. The kid should go to whoever pays for the upkeep. Fuck women, goddamn those parasites to Hell. I have almost no respect for any of them. But I have outright hatred for the white knight faggot brigade. Those selfish backstabbing motherfuckers need to be put back in their place and hard.
      What princess “thinks” is irrelevent. Because princess doesn’t “think”, she feels. And what she feels primarily is disgust for weakness and admiration for strength. Those are the two primary emotions of women.
      Therefore because I am a man, I want men to be strengthened.

        1. Nah sweetie, that’s where you get it all wrong. I’m a man. Unlike you, the whole world doesn’t bend over to kiss my hairy sweaty ass, or give me prizes just for showing up. I actually have to make things happen. Which means I dont’ “get help”, I help myself.
          Run along now poppet your ice cream is melting.

        1. It’s interesting that the women are all flipping out over this one random comment. Obviously, I just struck a nerve. Good to know. I’m not just interested in attention, I’m interested in results.
          One extremely effective way to get the results I want is to find those little nerves that you precious dears are sensitive about and hit them over and over and over again, until you overload, and submit.

        2. Maybe it’s the blatant psychosis you’re spewing that make people “flip out”….I’m sure it’s always “everyone else’s fault” your life has gone astray, and of course none of your own doing.

      1. What a sad shriveled ballsac you are. May you never reproduce and pass on your limp-Dick mysoginistic hate.

        1. Thank you for confirming the need to achieve all the goals I outlined in my comment. Your angry little tantrum is a perfect example of the childish idiocy that is so common to woman, and why it is essential that your gender be tamed and controlled by proper Men.

        2. Nothing has been confirmed except that you are a warped sad small minded mysoginist so threaten by women that you think you are entitled to control the other 50% of the population just because you have a bit of flesh dangling between your legs….How pathetic. I hope you find the courage to get some good counseling before it is too late for you – you are one step away from becoming a mass shooter and dying by suicide by cop.

        3. Yes yes, keep fantasizing. You aren’t actually capable of doing anything other than living off of the hard sweat and work of men so fantasizing is a good way for you to let off your own nervous energy. That and getting fucked by random strangers so you can feel “empowered”.
          Besides which, it doesn’t actually matter. Either your current men will get you under control, or they will be murdered and overrun by the Muslims, and then you will be put under control.

        4. “Overrun by Muslims” now who is fantasizing fucktard. Pitiful little misogynists like you make my day. So thank you, I really needed a laugh to start my very busy day. I hope you are paying rent to your mom while living in her basement, she deserves every penny she can extract having to put up with you. Maybe if you are extra nice and put your controlling S&M delusions aside for a moment, she’ll bake you some cookies and kiss away those pesky man-tears.

        5. I like that last line about the “pesky man-tears”. It’s very cute.
          Of course in real life, a man who cries is a dead man for many good reasons, not least of which, he’s a liability to himself and all other men. But I don’t think you have any concept of anything like that.
          Good luck, I think you are going to need it.

  9. Not really all that surprised; the villains and monsters who perpetrated these outrages are not White Western (and possibly Christian) heterosexual males — the villains of choice for the cowardly Western world leaders, the feminists, the SJWs, and their spineless boot-licking lackeys in the media.
    If it was anyone else other than White (and possibly Christian) heterosexual males, they could care less.

  10. It’s difficult to look stuff like this in the face. I keep wondering / hoping that this might not be real. The fact that they are yazidis makes it more believable, as their peacock angel is often accused of being the devil. I guess that makes ISIS the representatives of light then?

  11. In our European history ( not so long ago mind you ) we had effective methods in dealing with this kind of … culture. Simple and effective.

  12. I cant wait till we get our hands on them. There should be no humane executions when it happens. We will go medieval on their asses.
    Can’t wait for trump to be elected. He will bomb and he will bomb and he will bomb until the goat ridden wasteland that is the middleeast is no more.

        1. I’m not concerned with their welfare. They were nothing until the western media built them up, and they need to go back to being nothing once more

        2. I always thought disemboweling the dead Isis Fighters, and stuffing pieces of pig into the cavity and leaving the corpses to be seen for the next ISIS terrorists to stumble upon would send and effective message.

        3. that’s probably what happened to get them so angry in the first place.

        4. the pigs were doing while the goats watched, that’s what got them riled up

  13. A few key points that jumped out at me:
    They were children
    They were sex slaves
    They were burned to death as a punishment
    They were Christian
    They reportedly have up to 3500 more
    They were ignored by mooch who failed to do a task tag exploitation

    1. it makes not the slightest bit of difference in terms of the evil done, but as far as I can tell they were yazidis who are a small ethnic-religious group from that region

      1. My mistake to have (for some time now) assumed that because they were monotheists and not muslim they were Christian.

  14. Does not surprise me that libs would ignore something so sick after all look how they handle what happened in Orlando, these people are sick but liberals are delusional and demented.

  15. Those militants believe it’s their religious right to rape those children. So if those little girls deny the militants their right to rape them, that’s a hate crime! #StopIslamophobia

  16. By and large, people are lazy, emotional parasites. That’s why the MSM can pump out a new “controversy” every week and keep the idiots squawking on social media. In the last few weeks we’ve had:
    1) Gorilla experts come out of the woodwork.
    2) People foaming at the mouth about an athletic, rich white guy fingering a highly intoxicated girl and likening him to brutal rapists.
    3) Jackasses bitching about the need for gun control and about homophobia rather than radical Islam.
    Keep the masses bickering over petty shit, or becoming emotionally invested in it, and they’ll ignore the bigger issues. Most Americans don’t care to do their own research. I had to send someone multiple pictures of gays supporting Muslim immigration after he challenged me by saying he didn’t believe that gays supported Muslims. They’d rather plop in front of their TVs, take the talking head’s word for it, and call it a night.

    1. It’s sad and tragic to watch what you just said unfold every day. As much as I wish it weren’t the case, it seems that yes, people really are that stupid. The problem is they’re dragging us all down with their stupidity.

      1. How can one take advantage of people’s stupidity these days.
        I feel the only way to stay sane in today’s world is to embrace ur darktriad side. Do u agree?

        1. Pretend to be a harassed transexual on Kickstarter and ask for money for surgery.
          Congratulations for your opression-bux .

    2. That’s the purpose of corporate media. They’ve succeeded in regulating most of the public’s thoughts and emotions. And with that, they become loyal consumers and obedient workers, living in their bubble.

    3. The really bad part of it all is that the people who are supporting (or welcoming) some of these “refugees” will eventually be killed by them.
      I don’t ignore a man with a gun or a grizzly bear in the area because they are both dangerous (can kill).
      These supporters are given evidence and they choose to ignore it. It will be there downfall (and death) in the end.

  17. liberals screech toxic masculinity, ROK screeches feminism… Are you all much different or is it just me? Men have been raping children in the Muslim countries since their pedophile leader in the 6th century. I doubt feminism existed back then, too busy pooping in a diaper while your husband is paying for you, I guess. I get you all don’t care about the kids, after all you’re using their dead scorched bodies in the area of ‘kings versus feminism and liberals and pussy cats’ and all, but clearly none of you or ‘them’ could have done anything to stop it all. We could try summoning the spirit of Andrea Dworkin to scare the shit out of the ISIS, or just wait for Kurd female fighters to kill the mofos and take selfies with their cut off testicles.
    ps: Why did Roosh grow a poodle on his face?

    1. Some on here go too far and are definitely misogynistic but what the main aim here is a return to traditional values, with men being masculine. we do not advocate masculinity alone but in tandem with a beautiful femininity. Not some androgynous green haired fat feminist who wants the best of both worlds but the responsibility of neither. Im not even sure if your post deserved such a mesured response ot the two minutes of my life but there it is.

        1. thats retarded. They are as natural as each other. I do not mean the modern political feminism i mean the natural home making,baby raising,man supporting feminism. I said FEMININITY work with me here.

        2. That’s odd. Did you edit your post? I don’t recall seeing femininity previously.

        3. No i didnt. Mistakes happen but from the context and where we are you should i guessed what i meant i even said ” Not some androgynous green haired fat feminist who wants the best of both worlds but the responsibility of neither” anyway no harm no foul.

      1. Which femininity would you like? Traditional one, eh? The one that supports your ideas, right? Well, after all, most women fantisies about ‘rape’ so that must mean they want an Alpha dude (usual ROK theory about ‘femininity’ and ‘women’)…
        “To understand the fragmentation between subjective and physiologic arousal, we need to understand how both mind and body attempt to survive the threat of sexual violence and the fragmentation it causes. In the case of the mind, fantasies can play a central role in surviving trauma. Fantasies, like dreams and nightmares, often are repositories of experiences that seek integration, if not resolution. And like the body’s lubrication, sexual fantasies of rape may serve as protection of a mind that must inhabit a world in which sexual violence is a ubiquitous threat, and denial of this threat is necessary for keeping potentially debilitating fear at bay. This point is best understood by looking at women’s sexuality through the lens of trauma.
        Splitting between mind and body is a common response to traumatic experiences and chronically traumatic conditions. Often called dissociative splitting, through a complex chain of events triggered by overwhelming emotions and body sensations, the mind is able to escape what the body must endure. In extreme cases, this involves the experience of literally feeling as if one is outside one’s body.
        During dissociation, the body releases endorphins, the body’s natural opium, which reduces suffering.[ix] This is an unconscious and automatic reaction that increases survival but also the likelihood of dissociation occurring again in traumatic conditions or when triggered by reminders of past traumatic events. And I want to suggest that, especially in women, the fragmentation between physiologic arousal and subjective arousal is related to dissociation.
        Dissociation is also thought to exist on a continuum from very mild occurrences, such as spacing out while driving, to out-of-body experiences during life-threatening circumstances. On the lower end of the spectrum, the mind is also prone to fantasizing.
        When The Best Defense Is Submission
        There are five basic defense responses: fight, flight, freeze, submit, and attachment cry, or calling out for help. Theoretically, these defenses are available to all of us, anytime we experience a threat. However, social conditioning, along with personal temperament and personal history, will influence which defense responses are activated.
        Submission and freeze in response to sexual violence have largely been the defense responses available to women, in part due to being physically overpowered, economically dependent (in the case of intimate partner violence), or because of taboos and shame surrounding experiences like childhood sexual abuse, intimate partner violence, and rape that keep women silent — and submitting. Women also submit to gender-based violence because they have been inculcated to cultures of violence (and think violence is normal or inescapable), or fear alienation or abandonment if they resist or speak out.
        Submission, as a recurring defense response, increases the likelihood of dissociation.[x] This thus leads to habitually escaping in the mind the overwhelming emotional and physiologic arousal the body cannot escape. However, both submission and freeze as defense reactions can be considered the body’s last ditch efforts — taken only when the other defense responses are not options.[xi]
        Although both submission and freezing may optimize survival in certain conditions, they are activated only when the other defense responses are truncated by the overwhelming nature of the threat, or as a result of chronic exposure to threatening and overwhelming stimuli, such as ongoing childhood sexual abuse or intimate partner violence. Generally speaking, the body’s preferred defenses are fight, run, or cry out for help.
        But too many women submit or freeze. And I think the same process that contributes to the fragmentation of women’s sexuality — dissociation — also contributes to submission and freeze being normative defense responses to gender-based violence. Dissociation keeps the reality of harm out of conscious awareness, at least part of the time, but it also leads to inaction. This occurs on the level of the individual, and might be witnessed through the intergenerational transmission of trauma, which I hypothesize occurs in part through sexual fantasies of rape.
        Epigenetic Transmission of Dissociation?
        Since the 1970s, genetic researchers have known of the existence of methyl groups — an organic element that ‘tells’ DNA which genes to transcribe as a result of environmental feedback. Referred to as epigenetic tags, the presence of methyl groups confirms to some degree Lamarckian evolutionary theory and the idea that changes an organism undergoes during its lifetime can be inherited by its offspring. Whereas DNA, as the fundamental material of life, remains unaltered across the lifespan, how genetic code is interpreted is changed by traumatic events and conditions, recalibrating basic physiologic systems in enduring ways.
        Rachel Yahuda, Director of the Traumatic Stress Studies Division at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, studied epigenetic change in children of Holocaust survivors.[xii] These children often showed similar signs of traumatic stress as their parents who had lived in concentration camps, despite the children’s relative safety in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio. According to Dr. Yehuda’s research, the children of Holocaust survivors generally showed difficulty with separation, higher levels of vulnerability, and greater likelihood of developing posttraumatic stress disorder if exposed to a traumatic event. Thus, the children of Holocaust survivors ‘inherited’ some of their parents’ orientation towards survival in concentration camps, along with the effects of the traumas they suffered.
        Epigenetics may also explain why defenses such as submission and freeze would become normative responses to sexual violence, as well as habitually dissociating in intimate encounters, thus increasing the likelihood over generations that physiologic and subjective arousal would become fragmented. Although dissociation has not been studied from the perspective of epigenetics (as far as I know), research has shown that children whose caregivers use dissociation as a defense response are more likely to dissociate in response to overwhelming stimuli themselves.[xiii]
        Do Sexual Fantasies of Rape Optimize Survival?
        Along with developing dissociation as a response to threatening stimuli, I also wonder if sexual fantasies of rape are a way the traumatic effects of sexual violence are transmitted across generations.
        Rather than expressing desire, perhaps sexual fantasies of rape optimize survival, much as dreams are thought to function. Irrespective of culture, people experience dreams in four general categories, all related to survival. These categories include: feeding, fighting, fleeing, and fornication. As Jungian analyst Anthony Stevens put it, “[dreams] enable the animal to respond appropriately to food, threat, attack, and sexual encounters even before the gustatory, threatening, erotic stimuli are encountered.”[xiv]
        Dreams are thus ways we learn how to react to encounters that have been crucial to the survival of our species. Fantasies may also function like dreams, especially when they are entertained by a significant portion of the population, such as sexual fantasies of rape. Like dreams, they may be a way to rehearse confronting threats that have overwhelmed past generations and still lurk in the shadows of our own lives.
        There are also parallels between how dreams optimize survival and the way the body attempts to overcome a traumatic event. As in dreams, the body orients towards optimizing best outcomes. When a traumatic event happens, the body registers the sensations and muscle movements that happened during the traumatic event as well as what the body wanted to do — the movements that would have led to fighting off the attacker, running away, or crying out for help. These are the actions that would have optimized survival. Pierre Janet, a pioneer of trauma-focused psychology, called the movements and actions the body wanted to take “acts of triumph” — what would have led to a different history, one that involved facing down or escaping the threat. Janet wrote, “patients affected by traumatic memory have not been able to perform any of the actions characteristic of the stage of triumph.” [xv] These “acts of triumph” that would have led to escape or defense are split from awareness, or dissociated, along with the unintegrated thoughts, sensations, emotions, and images associated with the actual traumatic event.”
        Realize that traditions betrayed women a long, logn time ago, men (even masculine men) betrayed women a long time ago and seem to continue doing so. So feminism is the last thing, some women have because god only knows, men projecting their own ideas and opinions onto women hasn’t done jackshit for them.
        Not that I am a feminist, I despise all groups, they’re all annoying after a while.
        But hey, I fully support your individual masculine men traditional aspirations. God only knows, what it means for you or for hoardes of you online, but some us have a great glimpse into it on ROK and other sites. Same old shit, different decade.

        1. Ann that was impolite and childlike to bombard me with that amount of txt. If you lack the intelligence to make a concise reasonable point without resorting to a rant I am going to leave you alone. I dont have the time and I certainly don’t have the interest in your opinion to read all that. Have another go or fuck off.

        2. you’re the one ranting, no need to project your feeble psyche online or offline. meditate and seek the inner peace.

        3. You are amusing in your cognitive dissonance . No self -respecting Man desires to rape women . its degrading , not to mention a rapist has techincally putrefied and weakened his soul to the point of being a sewer rat . Where do you get your facts from sweetie ? Or do you just like to stick the rape tag at every single thing you perceive as having a physical existence ? It seems a rapist inhabits your soul . Consult a shrink . Or spiritual guidance at the earliest .

        4. You cant seem to spell . Its hordes btw . And why do you think ROTK is run-of -the-mill ? And if its so , why are you posting snarky and irritating retarded comments here to attract attention ?

    2. *yawn * Its the men who pass the child protection legislations bitch . And its us who form mobs to crush these fucking vermins under our toes . Its us , who gets conscripted into militaries under state orders . Its us who face the onslaught of mortars and tanks in he battlefields . Its us who do the Special Ops campaigns to exterminate high priority targets like Osama Fuckface-O-Shit-Laden . dont start your liberal bitch ass marvel inspired girls-are-so-tough
      propaganda . On a side note , if you think girls are so tough why dont you try to imagine why the bars are set so low for women in the Olympics . And what would happen if Rhonda Rousey went up against Fedor Emelianenko ? Tough female fighters goin against Isis , lol give me a fucking break . And yeah ,its necessary to point out ISIS uses guns , limbs,and APCs to fight . So try destroying them . Even a little rat can injure testicles lol . Tough female Kurdish soldiers , GIMME A FUCKING BREAK roflmao

  18. The out of wedlock black child of Bill’s was supposedly put to rest with a paternity test years ago. Strange this would surface now without any further evidence.

    1. Of course they’d say that. They can’t have anything that could further damage Bill’s reputation allowed to circulate among the proles.

  19. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT give the mainstream media a shred of your time, money or energy as best as you can! There is nothing beneficial to it, they are dishonest and cutthroat, and any self-respecting human being should know better as is!
    I’ll even take it a step further and say avoid mainstream film and music as much as possible. I shouldn’t even have to explain how utterly worthless and insufferable they are.

  20. Feminists treat rape like a worse crime than murder. Wouldn’t be surprised if some of them actually thought this was a better outcome than the alternative. On top of all that they are completely terrified of islamists. They wouldn’t dare criticize a group that would be more than happy to throw them in that cage next.

  21. Yo, forget the massacres and sex slaves. I want to hear more about manspreading and pay 3,000 dollars for scalped Hamilton tickets.
    It’s weird to think I used to be a Liberal. Sancta simplicitas.

    1. I was on the left myself until about the end of 2008. Being in college and in a toxic leftist environment, I saw how bogus and/or selective the causes were for this crowd, and none contributed to the betterment of society as a whole. You can’t call yourself “tolerant” and “inclusive” and continue to host genuinely racist groups like GUPS or La Raza all in the name of “cultural diversity.”

      1. Indeed.and that is the real problem. Any other group can be racist, say racist things or belong to these hate groups except white people.
        White people belong to a movement and they are accused of being the new KKK…black people (the BLM movement) – no problem. Latinos (with La Raza) – fine, no problem.
        It only becomes a question of hate when white people group together.

      2. Bullshit, you left when criticisms of Israel were raised. Quite the irony your people losing the reigns of the destructive monster you created that sometimes bites the hand that feeds it.

        1. Anyone can criticize Israel. It’s excessive criticism–some justified, mostly not–while ignoring or excusing everything else, that’s where I have a problem. This is where the left loses its credibility.

    2. It boggles the mind that one of the most if not the most corrupt man in the history of the U.S. got a musical sucking up to him -_-

  22. The only reason I got upset about the gorilla story is that not that many people called out the mother for negligence.
    I looked through Jezebel, XOJane, Vice. Nothing. I guess there will be no more #bringbackourgirls hash tag in the future. I’m actually more furious at Christians not doing anything. Just moaning and complaining.

    1. “I am actually more furious at Christians not doing anything.”
      When it comes to the Islamist movement, you mean? It’s baffling that many Christians and/or western churches are silent on Islamic atrocities against Christians throughout the world.

      1. Yeah. The Vatican’s PR game is wretched. I wonder if they fear retaliation for a misstep in public policy assertions.

        1. While I have my criticism of the Crusades, at least Bernard of Clairvaux made them earn their way into Heaven, no reliance on faith only doctrines. Shit, as much as Jehovah’s Witnesses tend to irritate me every time they wake me up on Saturday mornings, at least, they do do the dirty work of preaching the Gospel to what they consider heathens, all while looking clean cut.

        2. It’ll take a suicide bombing for the Catholic Church to get its head out of the ground regarding radical Islam.

      2. Precisely. And coming to think, this could be a perfect opportunity to either go over and convert Muslims or fight them, or help out fellow Christians. But what does one expect of a population that’s so full of themselves. They will rather wait for Jesus to get His Ass down here and whisk them away to Heaven than fight the fight. Meanwhile, let’s get shitfaced and fornicate on Saturdays and wash their sins on Sundays. Fucking Pharisees.

        1. Manuel, I’m not a Christian, but would have a ton of respect for any church that openly spoke out against Islamist barbarity instead of this constant appeasement. Orgs like Trocaire and Pax Christi, to say nothing of Presbyterians, should all be ashamed of themselves.

      3. For a while there was some talk on the news of some western men volunteering to fight against ISIS but, lately all that’s been quiet.
        It takes a man with REAL guts to do that. To bad there isn’t a western equivalent to jihad. When some goofball Iman(or whatever they are) sends out the call young Muslim men come from all over the world to fight but, nothing like that in the west.

        1. In AUS if you get caught trying to leave the country TO FIGHT THE TERRORISTS, you get arrested and put in jail.

      4. Christians are constantly being called islamophobes because they speak against islam.
        But there are also some Christians that believe they worship the same god…

    2. They aren’t calling out the mother because she’s black. For a few hours on the first day they were sharpening pitchforks and lighting torches until it became obvious she was black then, ZIP.

  23. Im sorry but i just don’t believe ISIS are burning child sex slaves. There is mroe to that than meets the eye. Ive been lied to enough in my life and seen so much bullshit and spin that i feel i know when im being sold something. I know it wont be popular to say so and i don’t claim to know what the alternative is or what truly is going on but my gut tells me thats a load of bullshit.

    1. That’s… Totally unexpected.
      What part of this throws a red flag for you? We’ve seen mass executions, beheadings, suicide bombings, immolations and sex slavery many times..
      I really have to wonder if you woke up on Acid today.

      1. Honestly its hard to articulate. It just makes no sense and in my experience when something makes no sense its usually for a good reason. I might not always find out why it doesnt immediately sometimes it might be years later that i can join the two but it happens most of the time.
        Why would they do that and tape it ?? No one is that stupid to think this tactic will get people to their side and convert them.It’s so obviously counter productive. Also what ever you think of Islam it just does not support this type of action and even the fanatics arent believers of child rape and burning them. This is so fucking stupid that it mus be meant for the masses to incite emotion in the many.
        I really don’t expect you to understand and im sure you response will be more stupid remarks about acid but I will take my perception of life and my experience of the media over believing blindly any day. Malcom Gladwell writes a good book that touches on gut instinct i think its called outliers.

        1. So. When have they ever once done something that made sense to you?
          Nonsensical mayhem and brutal, shameless attocity is, yknow, kindof their modus operandi.
          I think — and I know I’m going out on a limb here — but I think that’s actually where they came up with the term terrorism. Specifically to describe actions that fall into this category.
          Maybe your gut is just working to overcome the ingestion of some bad sausages and its not hard drugs?
          Lol I know. Im so beneath your certain pinnacle of wisdom. Sorry I asked mate.

        2. They have often done stuff that makes sense to me even if i dont agree with it nor would follow that myself !! I can follow others internal logic even if it isn’t my own.It’s ok that you can’t dont be mad. anyway be gone and try to sound clever and talk down to someone else,the internet is full of pompous cunts like you i see no reason to indulge you in particular

        3. “Why would they do that and tape it ?? No one is that stupid to think this tactic will get people to their side and convert them.It’s so obviously counter productive. Also what ever you think of Islam it just does not support this type of action and even the fanatics arent believers of child rape and burning them. This is so fucking stupid that it mus be meant for the masses to incite emotion in the many.”
          How does this not raise an eyebrow of query to so called ‘red pillars’

        4. Nono. Now Im enthralled by the idea that something they’ve done made sense to you.
          Please do share any single event you felt was rationally sound.

        5. So to be clear you can not apply THEIR own internal logic and THEIR beliefs and make sense of what they do from THEIR point of view ?? I’ve highlighted the recurring theme to make it easier for you to follow the conversation. If you can’t its ok. My neighbor has special needs too and Im used to explaining stuff to him. Just let me know and I will patiently explain what i meant to you and don’t be embarrassed i think its big of you to admit you find it difficult to comprehend other peoples thoughts.

        6. Right. So from THEIR point of view, you insist that making graphic videos of beheadings, suicide bombings, using children as human sheilds, sex slave conscription, public stonings and immolations all make sense, but NOT if the people lit on fire are kidnapped young girls.
          You definitely must’ve achieved some level of nirvana I’ve yet to transcend to.
          Please enlighten me.

        7. ahhhh so you can understand what i mean. So what the confusion ?? if you disagree jsut say so and explain your position. It’s simple really isnt it. Any way I am RIGHT,the video is a fake !!!!!!!!!!!! so go fuck yourself my friend.
          And yes according to their fucked up beliefs its ok to stone sinners and behead unbelievers. That doesnt mean they wil do anything and jsut like i didnt believe this was real i dont believe everything i read abut them but you keep going around sucking up everything your told when your told liek the fucking sucker you are. This was a fake and no doubt many others are. It can’t be every way being a fanatical fundamentalist muslim does have rules !!!!

        8. I did say I disagree and thoroughly explained my position.
          If they have done all of the other things on that list, why not this one? Why are they capable of such barbarous atrocity but just not this one?
          And how many of these events do you think are fabricated by… I dunno I guess by the CIA or blackwater contractors or some shit?!
          I dont get why you think youre not the one that sounds absolutely bonkers. Are you a 911 conspiracy enthusiast?
          I mean we can agree to disagree, and yeah I guess this a blatant waste of time, but I really honestly am just totally awestruck that you think this was some kind of staged event and that someone went through all this trouble and then DIDN’T plant it in mainstream coverage.
          Is it the Jews??? Did they do this???

        9. Ah! Gotcha gotcha.
          Well. I concede to your BS detector. Im also in a remote area and have been dealing with 3g svc from my phone the last 2 days so I didnt get to see the vid itself.
          However. In the articles refuting this, they mention multiple other very similar events that DID happen. This was also a protest, not a fabrication, so you’re only half right. “There’s more to this.” noway. Isis really are a bunch of pureevil SOBs
          They would totally do shit like this, and you know it. I just didnt see the video which apparently has a quality level of a fake Im reading.

        10. See you are stating to adopt a tone i can talk seriously too or at least until the end.
          First and this is very important “conspiracy’s” are real. Would you like a list of ones that turned out to emphatically true ???? Now of course they arent all conspiracies and There are nut jobs out there who go too far. But it is a stupid and tired old trick to scream down people by labeling them conspiracy nuts.
          Two, I do not know all the answers to these questions or anything at international level. I stated clearly in my first comment. Very clearly. Also you would be naive and so would I as two fucking peasants to think we know how the world works at that level. We can see shadows and hear rumors and make semi logical guesses but we can’t know.
          But feel free to think everything is in plain sight and a nobody like you see’s all and knows all and that the C.I,A and the “jews” are above board and do everything with your full knowledge.
          As for this particular picture I said at the very fucking start in my first post that I didn’t know exactly why but it felt like lies and I WAS RIGHT. So you can take that how you want but the clip is falsified and I WAS RIGHT. So rather than question why I am not a fool question why and WHO would do that and not worry about some nobody on the internet.
          I’m done. In future be reasonable from the start and NO you didn’t just say you disagreed and explain why. You were fucking sarcastic and asked stupid questions that you allready knew the answer too and that i had anwered in my FIRST comment.

        11. Ok only seen this now. Not sure which message came first but i would happily have left it at this. Have a good day my friend and hopefully next time we’ll get off to a better start.

    2. Islam may just be the biggest killer in the history of the world, easily ahead of communist democide of the 20th century. Where have you been? Some shadowy, unseen force fomenting Islamist rage and barbarity in your eyes?

      1. I still don’t know what to make of those Rita Katz videos. I’m not saying they’re fake, I’m saying I don’t know what to believe any more. ISIS is evil; that’s about as much certainty as there is.

      2. You didnt understand what i wrote. Stop making grand sweeping statements out of specific comments.

    3. Im sorry but i just don’t believe ISIS are burning child sex slaves.
      You might be right, at least about these particular images and the story surrounding them.
      Here is the video the pictures are from. It’s safe enough for everyone to watch; I observe the following points:
      12:30 to 12:50 – Lit torch scene.
      18:26 to 18:37 – Can clearly see they are not locked in the cage, some are coming and going freely.
      Various – Girl in purple jacket is holding a sign that reads ‘Syria – Duoma’. Various news outlets are claiming it to be from Mosul. That doesn’t add up.

    4. In the unlikely event this is story was invented out of whole cloth, all the more reason to push this story hard until the pressure on the puppet masters squeezes the truth out. Either the powers that be are ignoring the issue because they don’t care or, less likely to me, suppressing it because it’s fabricated. We have to hold them accountable. I thought about all these angles when writing this up.

      1. Fair enough and I am not suggesting anyone is stupid or lying for propagating this. But I have faith in my perception of the world and It just doesnt have the ring of truth. Its far from a scientific approach but it has served me well in the past though not infallible. Basically I would have to delve deep into on my own and read several sources before I can believe something that has a feel of bullshit to it.

      2. Did you read the comments below that shed more light on the subject ???

    5. My rule is… If the media makes a big deal out of it = Bullshit.
      If the media sweeps it under the rug = truth.

  24. Beware garbage flowing, this is a dramatized scene, made in February in Douma, Syria and now assigned to ISIS in Mosul. Its aim is to demonize, even more, to ISIS. They are the universal enemy and the destiny of millions of dollars in bombs falling on mostly civilians. The real “children burners” are foreign powers.

    1. Yeah totally. And when western citizens stop killing others inside western borders in the name of Isis, Ill remember to give a fuck about their cities.

    2. Israel has a history of false flag operations to incite war on Arabs/Persians/Muslims. The Lavon affair, the Lebanon civil war for example.

  25. Liberal Logic 101 when it comes to crime: if they ain’t White, it’s alright.

  26. I predict lots of real gays are switching over to Trump while LGBT and feminists are still complaining about pronouns.

      1. He really has come common sense about him. If most gays were like him and not the SJW tripe, I’d welcome them into the fold.

        1. He is just a normal guy who happens to be gay. I think really most gays are like that and don’t identify with the whole insane lgbt scene. Unfortunately they are not really visible.

        2. One moment someone like Milo gives one hope, and then the next you see Owen Jones having histrionics on TV. The guy has his work cut for him

        3. Which “fold” would you welcome them into!? Never mind, I don’t want to know, just “be safe” lol

  27. It really makes me sick to my fucking stomach reading shit like this. Not only the horrible story about what happened to these girls but the world leaders and the feminist themselves not saying a goddamn word.
    It’s a huge contradiction on the feminist part because they throw a fit and rant on and on about female oppression and “rape culture” but when a story about how young girls get locked in a cage like animals and then gets burned alive for refusing to have sex with their captors they turn a blind eye and don’t say shit because they are more concerned about having their feelings hurt by harsh words,”being oppressed and raped by the male gaze”,and being offended by seeing fictional female characters getting choked on a billboard.
    These fucking cunts are so quick to raise hell over the most dumbest shit possible buy when something serious like this happens their as quiet as fucking church mice. The feminist has always been a bullshit fraudulent movement and this shit takes the whole fucking bakery. Fuck feminism,fuck these self entitled bitches who support it,and fuck you white knight faggots for rolling over for them and for giving me shit for ranting against them in the past. This movement is a fucking joke and I have every right to bash and call them out on their shit especially when they claim to be for “women’s rights” but ignore the REAL PROBLEMS that these young girls had to endure.

    1. and the best thing you can do when coming face to face in a debate with these women (feminists) is point out this hypocrisy to them. Point out the fact that the media barely reported on it but we’ve heard (or watched) endless programming of nonsense like a rape culture (at college) that doesn’t exist.
      It’s easy to make these types look stupid. You only need to point out the facts and then ask “where were you when this happened?”
      Then, they will really be quiet as fucking church mice.

      1. Remind them of how they defended their ‘Rapist-in-Chief’, Good Ol’ Boy Bill Clinton. Accused of groping/molestation/rape numerous times by multiple women, and the feminists and their toadies in the media either attacked the accusers or made sure the stories were suppressed.

    2. Liberals only stand by their main interests they don’ give a damn about equality or freedom

  28. You know what pisses me off even more? It’s when the ‘moderate’ Muslims or SJW’s look at this and say “But that isn’t Islam!”. Fuck you, this is Islam in its purest form and it’s a stain on humanity.
    Anyone who tries to disassociate it from ‘mainstream Islam’ is living an utter delusion. You’re telling me that when the Caliphate comes to the West, that the so-called ‘moderates’ won’t start doing this kind of deplorable shit to the unbelievers? That they’ll somehow be friends and live together in peace? What a joke.
    Yes to Trump. Stop all Muslim immigration. Force all Muslims in America to show their real allegiance. Get them all out in the open and then get them out. You either adhere to Western values or you’re a fraud.

    1. “You know what pisses me off even more? It’s when the ‘moderate’ Muslims or SJW’s look at this and say “But that isn’t Islam!””
      This form of intellectual cowardice has a name. It’s called the No True Scotsman fallacy.

    2. Good point. With this one, there is no hiding the fact that “Islam” was involved. Islam has a record (history) of killing off gays so the narrative on this one can’t be changed (even though they are trying). You have two protected classes (gays, Muslims) going up against each other, a President who doesn’t know what to say except “guns are the problem”…they are trying to spin it but it’s not working.
      If anything, the shooting has convinced some gay people that maybe they should vote for Trump because he sees the real threat (while the others want to continue with business as usual). I can tell you this…under Clinton we’ll have more of the same with Clinton trying to ban guns, gun sales and ammo versus looking at the real problem (radical Islam, Muslims) entering the country and killing gays.

    3. Ask any moderate Muslim what they thought about 9/11. Most will say it was sad, but they will then talk about other atrocities where more people died and that the horribleness of 9/11 was blown out of proportion.

  29. You know what? I don’t care any more. Fifty faggots put down. Who cares? A few cunts made an example of for refusing to do the one thing they’re any good for? Spare me. The last things the world had too few of was faggots and cunts.
    As members of the one group who made civilization possible—English-speaking, white heterosexual men—let’s spare our outrage for the murder and persecution of our own. Because frankly, we’re the only ones worth our trouble avenging.

      1. If it turns out he’s a homo will liberals pretend the shooting never happened in the same fashion they ignore when blacks shoot other blacks?

        1. Doubt it, but this is a watershed moment for gays. Are they and the regressive left going to continue appeasing the “Religion of Peace” and ignore genuine human rights atrocities across the world in the name of “cultural diversity”?

        2. Wouldn’t surprise me if they did.
          Leftists are not known for their logical thinking or relying on facts. Socialism is their religion (whether they admit it or not) — which has NEVER worked economically, no matter how many times that it has been tried. Bring up that little fact, and they ALWAYS repeat the same old reply: “That’s because it hasn’t been done right”/”MY plan will make it work.”

        1. They killed a few individuals, but I’m talking mass murder, like Omar Mateen here.

      2. There’s still doubt that the muslim perp was a pole-smoker?
        He’d been driving the 85 miles to the club so regularly over the past 3 years that club patrons knew him by sight.

        1. You know, now that I’m reading about him, information–whether or not substantiated–says that he used gay dating apps and that he had tried asking a few guys out. To say nothing of what you just said, him going out of his merry way up to Orlando for some good ol’ gay fun.
          A repressed gay supporting ISIL–that WOULD happen in the world of the loony left.

    1. Yes, because non-english speaking peoples were barbarians before brittish came along…yeah right.

    2. I don’t necessarily agree with you, but I respect that you broke every PC rule in the book. The entire club was Latino gays. How many allies do you think we had in there?

  30. Is it really such a bad idea to ban a group who hate your way of life?
    Ban or no ban Muslims do nothing, hell his wife knew of the attack and did NOTHING!!!

    1. It’s not only that. For those who weren’t informed, a Mohammedan raped a 10 year old boy in a public swimming pool changing room.
      Quick aside, my country is pretty bad when it comes to crime but if some pervert raped a 10 yo he’d have the decency to flee the scene of the crime because he would know that what he did is wrong.
      They found the Mohammedan jumping of the diving board.

      1. There was another instance of a few migrants in a pool in Austria masturbating in plain view in front of female swimmers. Would it be intolerant for police to charge the pervs with public indecency?

      2. That is a good point and one that people in the west often (and they want to) ignore…the cultural differences.
        These people believe that everyone can live together in harmony….until their 10 year old boy gets raped by one of them (newly in country). Yes, you have to love liberals and their “we are the world” moments. They have no idea that they are inviting a fox into the hen house…until it’s too late.

        1. “All cultures are equal” — perfect example of Leftist trash ‘thinking’.

  31. Liberals do the same thing with Muslims that republican politicians do with the MSM, if we are nice to them they will LIKE us!
    Out of curiosity I read the Quran about 20 years ago. Don’t really recall the details but, what I got from it is Muslims are to regard any non Muslims as the enemy. If said Muslims are at a disadvantage at the moment they can be nice to the infidels until such a time as they can be converted by force or any other means necessary, if they refuse to convert it is ok to do anything they want to non believers. It’s idiocy to think devout Muslims will assimilate. Allah Akbar mudda fuckas.

    1. no no no you are holding the Q’uran the wrong way! Seriously, their excuse for the horrors of the Q’uran is “You must fully understand the entire contextual background the events took place in.” Essentially, to understand the absolute true meaning of Islam, you have to be a life long scholar of Islam. It is then you will see it is a religion of “peace”.

      1. You mean I will have to read that whole book again? Dammit man! I didn’t think I would ever get through the first time.
        So if I hold it upside down while reading it’s like listening to a record backwards and you get a different message? ; )

  32. You have to give it to ISIS… They have very creative ways of murdering people. I say, glass the region.

  33. I have a friend whose mother is voting for Hillary Clinton because “she likes the whole first-woman-president thing.” Furthermore, he tells me that his mother cares not about Hitlary’s scandals or lies or hypocrisy.
    This is what half the world is like.
    We need to find a way to have the meet ups. We are surrounded by people who don’t think for themselves, and we are left to comment on a website in order to get what we have to say out. There needs to be a way where the freethinkers of the world can sit down and discuss, and PLAN, taking the world back. Or SOMETHING.
    Don’t get me wrong, this website is a useful and a powerful tool. But little girls are dying in cages. Nightclubs are being shot up. Hundreds of people are mutilated at concerts, among other public gatherings. We have colleges teaching FEMINIST STUDIES classes. Old news, I know. That’s the saddest part about it. It’s been happening for years now.
    At what point do we start to take action? Even if it’s baby steps.
    My prayers go out to all the victims of the most recent ISIS attacks.

    1. Tell these women to take a good hard look at the mess in the EU with the open borders policy (Merkel). That’s what the U.S. will look like if Clinton gets in office. It’s already bad enough with Obama taking some in but a woman really knows how to royally fuck shit up.
      Also, in Australia they got rid of their female PM because she was offended. You don’t let women lead…they will get you killed (because of feelings). Thank god this woman was booted in 2013.

  34. God almighty – now I know humanity is totally fucked up. Since when the slaughter of children become “acceptable” by default because the media and world leaders will not condemn it? Sadly, I am not surprised that feminists have not made a peep on this issue. Why would they when there are more important issues – in their pathetic excuses for minds – such as campaigning against the non-existent rape culture and for abortion rights. That I hear about such a horror not from the media nor from any female-aligned source but from a blog dealing with men’s issues (and don’t fucking start on Red Pill vs MRA vs MGTOW) is truly saddening.
    Whilst I am the first to rage against feminism and various abuses of men, I will happily defend children of either sex. These ISIS cunts have provided ample proof (this latest issue just adds to the list) that they need to be exterminated with extreme prejudice. The next time some fuckhead feminist, SJW, mangina or other assorted retard calls me an islamophobe, I am going to tell them to read this article and THEN come back at me.
    Seriously, sometimes I wish aliens would invade Earth and wipe out all humans; shit like this and the general apathy towards it makes me believe we don’t have a right to exist.

    1. To be fair, sites like Jihad Watch, Guido Fawkes, Atlas Shrugs, and Religion of Peace regularly cover ISIL atrocities and other Islamist madness in the paradise that is the Mohammedan world. But agreed; feminism and the ultra-PC/SJW movement loses all credibility when they fail to speak out against this. An occasional Twitter hashtag and lip service just won’t suffice.

    2. “…The next time some fuckhead feminist, SJW, mangina or other assorted retard calls me an islamophobe, I am going to tell them to read this article and THEN come back at me.”
      You’re wasting your time; facts don’t matter to them, only their propaganda and their ‘feelings” do.

    3. When talking with so-called peaceful non-extremist Muslims about various mass atrocities commited by Muslims, I get the impression they secretly gloat about the atrocities but either they condemn the attacks or are indifferent. This is especially true with 9/11. They’ll say it was bad, but “thousands are dying in xyz all the time! 9/11 only killed a few thousand. It was no big deal.”

    1. Ha, one of my friends in high school gave me that Best of Def Jam CD; love that song.

      1. I was thinking more along the lines of “Young Guns”, and taking out ISIS.

  35. I honestly think we need a new Crusade. Not necessarily a Christian one, though. Just some billionaire needs to organize a private army. Give me a Mag 58 and I’m in.
    We need to just go cull these men. There’s no shame in slaughtering men who do this.
    Bring the liberated girls home to resettle in the West. Fertile wombs are always welcome at my house.
    I wish it’d just happen. It’s a shame most our billionaires are part of the problem.

  36. This world is coming to an end. I’m just going to eat drink and watch the merry go round from here on out.

  37. The West is just so fucked up anymore with these nuts supporting pedophile and murderous Muslims. It’s just too bad there aren’t anymore undiscovered lands left out there like Australia in the 1700’s. It would be nice to just start a new society where nationalism & patriarchy ruled and Islam, feminism, pedophilia, and other fucked up ideologies were banned.

    1. That reminds me of the irony of raging globalist Newt Gingrich (who keeps trying to worm his way onto the Trump Train) being mocked for calling for a moon base.

  38. I just told my flatmate, a young women in her 20’s….
    if western men lose this war,
    her, her daughters, her granddaughters and their great granddaughters are gonna be fuck meat.
    I said, choose your side carefully, if this guy you are seeing now is a good guy (he is) then you be a good women to this man and stop all this stupid modern bitch shit.
    i explained to her that a moderate feminist is the same shit as a moderate muslim, both are enablers and get ahead because of extremists and both are the enemy, only because of the hatred they have sown in our lives and our societies.
    It’s really hard to build a society with someone that constantly wants you dead, your only real option is to get them first.
    She got it real fast.

    1. “There are no feminists on sinking ships” (that fact was proven on the Costa Concordia).

      1. Probably because any that were quickly went from I’m a strong independent woman to women and children first!

  39. Are we SURE this ACTUALLY happened? Because the photo used here in this article and also by a number of different news agencies reporting the same story earlier this month is another angle shot of the photo in this article:
    Snopes also has a bit about this:
    Note that I only question the veracity of this article because I’d much rather be made the fool of for believing these girls were burnt alive when they really weren’t rather than the alternative. Thoughts? Anyone?

    1. I’m not sure it matters if this specific event took place or not.
      But there’s plenty of video and imagery of other events of similar type.
      Tossing gays off buildings and filming it etc.

      1. One of the reasons I follow ROK is because the articles and the people writing them don’t have that “fast and loose with the facts” charm about them that you find elsewhere. Accuracy and honesty always take center stage here.
        Don’t get me wrong, I do believe ISIS to be nothing more than a collective of inhuman animals that deserve the worst fate possible. However, I also think we should stick with the facts and vet stories for accuracy. Steamrolling ahead with a story without much concern for the truth is best left to ROK detractors and the liberal mainstream media.

        1. I agree with you that we should stick to the facts. But I see this article as being one about the larger picture and not really that specifically this event.
          ROK is clearly and rather obviously pushing a specific narrative rather than the raw truth, that to me seems quite clear by how preference colored some of the articles are.
          That’s ok with me because it’s still better than anything else out here I think, and most the opinion coloring is matching with my own views.
          There are a bunch of sites that don’t color and take a stand, and if you want only logical analysis of facts you can find that there, but the discussion is generally not there, or just dry or lefty.

    2. Yazidi girls have been made sex slaves -that’s a fact. The silence is deafening.

  40. This shit’s been going on since forever. The difference, is that we’re becoming aware of it because of the ease of information exchange.
    What we need to understand from this:
    This is what radical islam brings.
    Radical islam comes from islam.
    If you bring this kind of ,,people” in your country, you know what to expect.
    I wonder what our ancestors did when confronted with hoards of this kind of people ?
    Go figure.

  41. good write up.
    keep it going, these scum will be exposed for what they are.
    There are good muslims out there. But; 9/11, Paris, Colgne, London, Orlando, were all muslim.
    There is no fucking prejudice, a spade is a spade.
    Like even harem… having a harem of women… just look at the history behind it.
    Good will always triumph over this evil.

      1. Are “good Muslims” works of contemporary cultural fiction, akin to the “born-again virgins” of American feminist Christianity?

  42. Islam is the feminists first real war. Feminists got to practice warfare on harmless, overworked, oblivious and pathologically chivalrous white boys for fifty years straight. Now the flag goes up for a real war and the feminists have STOOD DOWN. Forget even waving the towel; our screeching ‘nothing is stronger’ grrrlll power supergirls started fear-puking in the locker room as their gloves were being wrapped and didn’t even make an appearance in the coliseum tunnel. Watch for them to ramp up their attacks on white boys to an insane degree to win back some cognitive balance.

  43. 1 damn google search can prove that this entire story is a lie. Please dont beleive everything you read, this is a photo from an anti-Assad protest in Syria, the children were not in danger and were there by consent. This is a sad excuse for a story

    1. “The above photo was circulated by ISIS with claims these young women were burned alive. Some sources say the photo is from a staged protest. Regardless of the veracity of the photo, the story of young sex slaves being incinerated is well documented.”

      1. Thanks for the reply btw sorry if I came off strong but I’ve not seen any reports of sex slaves being burned. Any sources?

  44. How about we have a deal, trade in volunteering sexually frustrated camel poop eating feminists to lie with them in exchange of the underaged girls brought to the safety of another country.
    Feminists don’t need dirt on the face to be undesirable

    1. Again, stop with the neo-Nazi/Islamist, Jew-hating crap. Israel has given back land won in wars started by Islamist barbarians–evacuation of Gaza, southern Lebanon, and Sinai being the major examples. So if Israel gave back land it won in hopes of achieving peace, then where does the “expansion” come in?

        1. Oh, that fake map. Wrong on all accounts, except for the 2005 version. Nowhere is Jordan or Egypt maintaining control in West Bank and Gaza mentioned from ’49-’67, nor is the fact that Arabs rejected the UN plan in 1947, or that “Palestinian land” in 1947 was in fact public land under no ownership.

  45. I’m glad you mentioned Killary. She is the polar opposite of “helping women”. There’s only one woman Killary helps and that’s Killary.

  46. ISIS are no doubt barbaric pigs. But I see a lot of headlines blared as fact about their latest atrocities, and then you look at the source and it’s something like “an anonymous witness.” So I wonder how much of it is propaganda/sensationalism.

  47. So much spin is done on the Curiel issue. They present that Trump lied about Curio being in NCRA (National Council of La Raza) when only “La Raza” was used. Not a huge distinction since SDLRLA (San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association) has listed NCRA in their “community section” since 2012. Plus SDLRLA’s state parent organization “La Raza Lawyers” has done so since 2001.
    More importantly they shift the focus wrongly in La Raza alone. SDLRLA is an affiliate of the national group HNBA (Hispanic National Bar Association) and Curiel is independently a lifetime member of HNBA as well.
    Last year HNBA officially boycotted all Trump businesses in a mandate from its president to all members, including Curiel. This is a direct conflict of interest. This is the “pro-Mexican” organization Trump spoke of, not La Raza.
    They did so over intentionally taking the murderers/rapists comment out of context, implying Trump meant this described all Mexican immigrants when he was only saying it was some of the illegal one.
    All the republicans turning in Trump on the Curiel issue are dishonest. Either in not doing their research, or in doing it and then intentionally withholding it from their constituents for future political gain. They want Trump to lose so they can run in 2020.

  48. It appears that Muslims can do whatever they damn well please, throughout the world. In history there were certain groups you were unable to criticise, these groups were the ruling elite. I’m starting to wonder who/what rules us in this day and age.

    1. Voltaire: “To discover who rules over you, find out who you are not allowed to criticize”.

    2. “To learn who rules you, see who you can’t criticize.” – Voltaire
      Edit: Ok, someone beat me to it.
      Regardless, it amazes me how Muslims can pull the shit they do and get away with it.

  49. It appears that Trump is calling out the media already on a few issues as well for their shoddy and sloppy journalism. We may very well see it’s reformation under his presidency if he and we hold their feet to the flames? As for bias and multiculturalism, a few years back watching news from India showing a segment on their version of the Academy awards ;the camera lingered on their film stars while giving quick shots of American stars in attendance. Other than that, their news was primarily regional with barely a glance towards other world events. If it doesn’t happen in their or our backyard it’s of no concern?

  50. This has all got to be a joke. How can the POTUS be so politically correct he can’t say islamic extremist.
    There are islamic extremists, who he’s probably helped create and fund, that have the goal to take over the world.
    Or if the POTUS is so politically correct, why not pull out all the troops and end all military excursions outside of the US… I think that’s one of their demands…
    There is so much more going on it’s just unbelievable.
    The quick argument for gun control.
    The continual joke alignment of islamophobia with homophobia…
    lol even when they have some imam who was speaking in Orlando about death being the only sentence for homosexuals…
    Why is he allowed to spread literal hate speech, but it’s a big deal for a small business (say a devout catholic baker) to have the right to refuse something against their beliefs…(say bake a wedding cake with two grooms)…
    What is going on?

  51. Islamophobia continues to grow and with each terrorism event will bring Trump to Presidency. I use to be very Liberal in my views but over the years, I’ve seen how liberalism and feminism has ruined Western society. Civil war is coming with Muslim populations.

    1. If there is real, hard evidence, is it a phobia? By the same logic, I am a heart disease phobic because I choose to exercise.

  52. SJW logic: I despise the stupid inbred redneck Christians forcing their horrible morals onto us! Don’t you dare say anything remotely bad about Jews you ANTI-SEMITE! Islam is also the religion of piece you ISLAMOPHOBE! NAMALT (Not All Muslims Are Like That)! But the patriarchy gives male privilege to all men and to deny that 100% have male privilege is MISOGYNY!

  53. “Regardless of the veracity of the photo, the story of young sex slaves being incinerated is well documented”
    Do you have any links to legitimate/reputable news sources that detail this?
    The news sources I found were only speculating on it and some suspecting this might be just a staged terror stunt. Even if its just a terror stunt its a terrible thing to portray let alone if its true. I’d find it hard to believe they would be that depraved to children (I hope I’m right)

    1. The Daily Mail, The Independent (UK), Fox News, The Sun, Mirror, Times of India, The New York Post, and Australian all did stories on it. If it turned out not to be true, to me it would only mean the media intentionally spreads disinformation to make sure money gets funneled into the military industrial complex.
      When an atrocity such as this is reported that widely, all over the world, a story like this has to be taken seriously until facts prove otherwise.

  54. But the woman above already made her pretty sign that says she’s “against Islamaphobia.” She can’t change her mind. A fundamental characteristic of a woman. She’ll treat this the same as if you told her there’s a quicker way to get to the drug store.
    Hurt feelings are still the #1 priority.
    How far does this have to go until leftists and feminists are ready to call this “radical Islamic terrorism?” How many toys do you have to buy a spoiled child before they are satisfied? It’s a black hole.

    1. They won’t call it radical Islamic terrorism because they are completely out of touch with reality. I don’t think anything a radical Islamic terrorist does will convince leftists and feminists otherwise.

  55. Killing the kids is their equivalent of abortion on whim. The little girls wouldn’t cooperate with the savages and the unborn get in the way of Western females fucking everything that comes along.

  56. Feminists are able to indulge in the same form of doublethink regarding Islam as Mateen did regarding gays. Feminists get away with it because the wholesale persecution of women and Christians in Muslim nations is kept hidden by the mainstream media. Iran for example is brutal in its daily persecution of Christians, yet the media tells us that if the imams give up the quest for a nuclear warhead they will be acceptable.
    US soldiers called Afghanistan Afgayistan. Even today their was an article about the Taliban using boy sex slaves as suicide bombers. It is easy for an Afghan male to be homosexual and also want to kill homosexuals. Mateen, raised by an Afghan father with Taliban background was not unusual at all.
    Do we want these sorts of people in the West where they will war with us openly to take our rights away. Feminists and Liberals are not able to grasp who the enemy is and they will be the first killed when trouble starts. Christians, who for the large part, know gays are there and leave them alone, are not the enemy. Feminists gained their rights in Christian nations.
    The left and the media have granted Islam a dangerous propaganda victory. The term Islamophobia was invented by the Muslim Brother hood for that reason, so they can pretend to be a persecuted minority. When the fact is that opposition to polygamy, child brides, Sharia Law, religious persecution … all the bad things of Islam is not a phobia.
    I was originally on the left, for decades, but now believe in a mixed economy. I saw the left deteriorate from good people championing the rights of the working man to the loonies and academics that make up the left today.

  57. This photo is several years old now. It’s the same photo that was used in a story I published back then. It was reported to be school children protesting the burning of ISIS victims in cages.

  58. ‘Cause they never gave a fuck about this shit in the first place.
    Feminism is a society wide shittest, and the soy cramming, pantywaist Western male has FAILED.

  59. I noticed all the mainstream media is pretty much making this about gun purchases and not about Islam. They are trying hard to make it about white male conservatives and toxic masculinity.
    Information war.

      1. “White” is not a race. It is a skin tone. He clearly had “white” skin. European “whites” and Arabs are both members of the Caucasoid race.

        1. Can’t accept the science, sweetie? Can’t accept that your “white racial consciousness” is a myth? Fucking deal with it asshat.

        2. Lol you’re just butthurt that a blond blue-eyed man wearing a cowboy hat wasnt the shooter.
          If anyone is an asshat troll you are.

  60. No no no. You have it wrong you racist! ( cause religion is now race)
    The biggest issue we have is the western rape culture. Who cares about this when men “mansplain ” and “man spread” in the train. Get your priorities straight!
    When a girl gets drunk and has sex, then gets dumped a year later and cries rape, we need our full attention on it.
    This is just a distraction from the real issue. Now excuse me while I complain about that Xmen billboard.
    Stupid Cis male scum.

  61. Seems fake to me. But this just doesn’t make sense. Their law permits
    the fighters to rape their slaves. Who asks for permision so that they
    can get a yes or no? Anyway, I can’t decide what’s worse: to be a
    soulless lifeform who buys human beings and rape them or to burn them
    alive after having permision denied to have sex.

  62. I’m so sick of Muslims being allowed to do anything and not face any consequences! Same laws for everyone, please!

  63. It’s quite funny that the manosphere protests against Islam. They want to treat women the same way the Muslims do. If all those Muslims were white, the Manosphere would have little problem with them aside from the banning of alcoholic drinks and pork.

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