“Memoirs Of A Misogynist” Is A Brutal And Entertaining Look At Our Sexual Dystopia

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Everyone says that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but that’s really difficult when the cover makes you throw up a little in your mouth. That’s how I felt when I was tasked with writing a review of Chad T. Cocker’s Memoirs of a Misogynist: An Erotic Novel for Men. What kind of “man” would want to read an erotic novel? Romance and erotica are female masturbation material; trying to write a Harlequin novel men is like marketing lesbian porn to actual lesbians.

Or so I thought.

Despite the packaging, Memoirs of a Misogynist is one of the best works I’ve read this year. Contrary to Cocker’s marketing, the novel is a examination of life as a man in modern America, filtered through the protagonist’s relationships with women. While it starts slowly, Cocker’s prose and honesty save the day and make Memoirs of a Misogynist absolutely worth your time and money.

From The Marquis De Sade To Neomasculinity


Because mainstream publishing almost exclusively caters to women, underground and independent writers have turned to fill the void of male-centric literature. From braggadocios “fratire” writers like Tucker Max and Maddox to “loser lit” authors such as Andy Nowicki and Ann Sterzinger to our very own Roosh and Quintus Curtius, there’s a surfeit of alternative writing for men who are sick of the misandry and feminism of the “real” literary world.

Viewed against the backdrop of alternative publishing, Memoirs of a Misogynist is an odd animal indeed. When I first picked it up, I assumed it would be a tell-all memoir along the lines of Roosh’s A Dead Bat in Paraguay, or a roman à clef in the fashion of Charles Bukowski’s work. However, it does indeed live up to its subtitle, as much of the novel is devoted to lengthy, detailed descriptions of the protagonist’s sexual encounters:

She’d also gotten used to her chastity belt, and that scared her. It still didn’t sit well with her that Master had total control over her sexual gratification. Slave was constantly wet and horny, and that made her even more compliant. The orgasms that Master gave her were unlike anything she had experienced before. They were mind-blowing. Even after a year together, their sex was electric and deeply satisfying.

In the introduction, Cocker warns us that the book is “possibly the dirtiest, most depraved, and most offensive novel you’ve ever read,” making me wonder if he’s ever heard of 120 Days of Sodom. Still, the structure of Memoirs’ plot and the skill of Cocker’s prose shows that he’s both acquainted with classic erotica and has actually had sex with a lot of girls. The first half of the book is reminiscent of Pauline Reage’s Story of O, in which a woman is systematically trained to become a sex slave.

Interestingly, Memoirs of a Misogynist also seems inspired by Venus in Furs: not the Velvet Underground song, but the erotic novel by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. It’s from Sacher-Masoch that we derive the term “masochism,” the tendency to derive sexual pleasure from pain (akin to how “sadism” is derived from Sade), as the plot revolves around a man who desires nothing more than to be utterly subservient to his mistress. Severin’s humiliation at the hands of his lover drives him to become a “misogynist” in the same way that Cocker’s protagonist is one:

That woman, as nature has created her, and man at present is educating her, is man’s enemy. She can only be his slave or his despot, but never his companion. This she can become only when she has the same rights as he and is his equal in education and work.

(It’s worth noting that Sacher-Masoch was a feminist and believed that equal relationships with women would only become possible with women’s liberation. Insert your own joke here.)

Power Doesn’t Care What You Need, As Long As You’re On Your Knees

Impanted RFID chips are closer to reality than you might realize

Enjoying Memoirs of a Misogynist requires you to get past the initial few chapters, which read like Fifty Shades of Grey with about 30 extra IQ points. The initial plot concerns Melinda, a runaway who falls into the care of a wealthy man who goes unnamed for most of the book. After offering her room and board, the man and Melinda begin a relationship, sealed by a contract where she agrees to become his sexual plaything:

“My body is my Master’s. It is his blank canvas, for him to modify as many times, and in as many different ways as he chooses.” He could hear her breath quickening as he read. “He will control my bodily functions; most particularly my orgasms. I will only orgasm when my Master allows me.”

What saves the book—and what kept me reading—was its depiction of the protagonist (henceforth referred to as “Master”). Far from the masturbatory blank slate that Christian Grey was, Cocker depicts Master as a complex and conflicted character, constantly trying to rationalize the way he treats Melinda (later re-christened “Slave”). Cocker’s deft writing kept me wondering what the protagonist’s motivations were all the way to the end. The book also frequently switches to Melinda’s perspective; while it’s usually a challenge for male writers to depict female characters (and vice versa), Cocker is skilled enough to make her compelling as well.

Where Memoirs really picks up is in the second half, which is set nearly ten years later. The focus shifts to Elizabeth Avery, a disgraced doctor stripped of her medical license after she’s caught abusing a male patient. Destitute and despondent, she accepts a job as the personal physician of Master’s stable of whores, his lifestyle offending her feminist sensibilities:

Doctor Avery’s world was spinning. She tried to distance herself. This was just a patient, after all. She was being paid a significant amount of money for this job—the kind of money that would solve a lot of her problems. Regardless, she couldn’t help but be disgusted that a woman had allowed herself to be treated this way. He’d said she consented to this. In fact, the way she looked at the man showed she clearly loved him, and was a willing participant in her modifications and degradation. The woman, or Melinda, as the man had called her, looked up at him with what the doctor could only call adoration.

Once again, it would have been easy for Cocker to depict Elizabeth as a raging, bra-burning feminist stereotype, but he agilely avoids clichés in favor of nuance. Elizabeth isn’t portrayed as a fire-breathing misandrist, but as a woman who unthinkingly absorbs leftist cant and has her life ruined because of it. The final chapters of the book show Elizabeth tussling with the sexual arousal she feels working for “Mr. X” (her name for the protagonist) and her attempts to maintain her beliefs as the evidence of her failed life piles up. I won’t spoil the ending, other than to say that after finishing the book, I had to sit on it and digest it for a few days.

Each chapter of Memoirs begins with a factual statistic about the state of men and boys in America today, a jarring contrast with the depravity of the book’s action. I initially wondered why they were there, but as I approached the end of the book, it all suddenly clicked. Memoirs of a Misogynist is a biting look at what our toxic sexual marketplace does to men and women. American dating is like an acid bath: no one who dives into it comes out unscathed. Even men who are successful at getting laid are affected by what they have to do to get ahead. There are no winners, no saints, and no role models: just people trying to make the best of a broken system.

As I stated earlier, Memoirs takes a while to really get going, and if you’re not into lascivious descriptions of sex, the book won’t appeal to you. But if you want a haunting, piercing look at the horror show of modern gender relations, Memoirs of a Misogynist is a must-buy. I can’t wait to see what Cocker comes up with next.

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      1. If it was the only book about that … maybe. But our world is really oversaturated with that stuff, despit it being a niche. There are ten thousands of blogs about this from both perspectives.

    1. It’s weird because it takes a normal part of sexuality and then cartoonishly exaggerates into weird territory. I think it was a blogger named Blond Beast who posited something along of the lines of “if your sexuality needs so many accoutrements it just means that you don’t enjoy it very much”.

        1. hypersexuality is linked to childhood sexual abuse. the author hints at that with melinda being cast as a “runaway”. lonely, rejected, trauma ridden young people….

      1. This sounds very conservative. Imagine having sex 3-5 times a day, every day. Eventually you’ve got to mix it up.

        1. I dig what you’re saying but think, every appetite can be over indulged. Drink too much, eat too much. Why is sex the one thing you can’t do too much of?
          Nobody’s saying a little variety in your love life is bad, but when you’re wearing a gimp mask inside a dog cage, maybe you need to scale it back.

        2. Agreed. And that it’s not even about the sex. I know a few ‘Bulls’ who gleefully participate in white couple ‘cuckold fetishes’. And as they try and relish me with their awesome sexcapades, it never fails to impress upon me how little they are actually enjoying the sex. It’s painfully apparent that they actually are getting off on the subjugation of the white male husband as they plow his chick. To a man, they all have racial insecurities, prejudice, and sexual hang-ups.
          Nevermind, how none of them understand that its the woman who is controling and manipulating both men for her benefit…fools.

    1. Like the Scottish Porn Star turned fast food spokesperson Angus Third Pounder

    2. You are awfully suspicious. Next you are going to tell Hugh Mongus was using a pseudonym.

    3. If men spent less time worrying about sex and women (an unproductive, dangerous and expensive waste of time….) and more time being productive and creative – the women would simply fall into line…. as they dofor example for successful people who have mastered a craft.

  1. Ann S is a fucking kike in disguise who found herself a niche for attention whoring. You shouldn’t even mention her. She must be masturbating furiously by rubbing her fat head while reading your piece.

  2. Sponsored post and no mentioned of the mighty Kratom? Ain’t that something, anyways enjoy this 50s song about rockets!

    1. This book is groundbreaking as the first genre-fluid book ever written. The higher you are on Kratom while reading, the less it fits into eroticism, and the more it fits into the humor category.

  3. Does anybody recall what that online hotel booking service is, that Roosh likes? It was mentioned in the comments section somewhere not long ago…

    1. I recall him mentioning it but not the name or which article so, essentially, I am useless as the fifth leg on a bar stool

      1. Well pfft see how you are. I’m worse, I read the comment, tried to memorize the web address – poof, gone.

    1. Funny, I was just doing that earlier today. I think I’ll dress as him for next Halloween, see how many millennials get the joke.

    1. Surprisingly well, actually, considering I’m having a hell of a time marketing it – I’ve written other stuff under my real name and that’s a lot easy to market. All I did was the ROK sponsored post, a post on TRP, and a banner ad on a Voice for Men.

      1. So, you’re marketing has been primarily here at ROK? I’m going to pick it up and check it out.

  4. Shouldn’t Matt Forney be writing about Trump erotica. God knows there’s enough material out there if you believe his detractors. Which I don’t

    1. I feel like Forney has been absent for several months. Perhaps I’ve just missed his… ‘articles’

      1. Matt Forney defending Trump’s ‘grab em by the pussy’ video probably wouldn’t have helped the campaign much. Still at his click-bait-best he’s an interesting read.

    2. Did you watch Forney’s coverage of the Iowa caucus? It seems like the man had a hard on for Trump.

        1. Please tell me that “Trump inspires affection where other men inspire respect” doesn’t sound so homoerotic it’s not even funny.

        2. Has Forney lost any weight yet? Years ago he was going hard in the paint against fat wimminz but when his own morbid obesity was pointed out, his bros came to his defense and said at least he’s trying to lose weight. Well, POGTFO

        3. No he hasn’t. The man’s a worthless hypocrite. Sometimes I wonder if I should cheer along when Fatrelle scourges him because, unlike other times, he’s actually right.

      1. When the rich old ladies in the gym start eye fucking me I always think they are “50 shades of gray hair”
        There is no woman with less apprehension than 60+ multi millionaire widows

  5. That might be an interesting book to read – but I’d rather get some action. And just because I still feel hot, I’m going to take a shot tonight on the Thursday Night NFL game (which I usually don’t like most of the time). Take the under (50.5 total points scored in the game by both teams combined, Atlanta and Tampa Bay), for 2 units ($200 plus 10% juice = $220, a winning ticket returns $420)…

    1. Well, my four-bet winning streak got snapped tonight, as the under did not come in – boo! But you can’t win ’em all, and there’s really no need to be hoggish. Tomorrow is another day, and I’m due for a huge NFL weekend within the next two weeks. God bless the NFL. (Net for night: 0-2, -$220.)

      1. That was a terrible bet. Derek Carr just threw for 4 touchdowns and 500 yards (albeit in OT) and Atlanta has the best offense in the league. You knew that Tampa was gonna be playing from behind all night putting up points in garbage time.

  6. Good stuff and nice to see Matt again!
    (except for the mention of Fucker Max. The guy is full of shit and a proven liar)

  7. I’d pay money too see what private life that fat, bald, ridiculous Matt Forney really does lead. I bet just like the majority of internet studs. Sitting on his fat ass, spewing bullshit on the internet. Every time I see name ‘Matt Forney’ you know you dived into pulpiest of the pulp.

  8. I just finished it today it and man, I loved it. For those asking if it’s like 50 shades of grey but for dudes, I’d say this it is but the same way a Mozart opera is like a Nicky Minaj song: both are music but one is complete shit. I’d say definitely buy this book. Don’t read further if you don’t want spoilers.
    Not gonna lie, the first part of the book during which the protagonist trains his first woman to be his property and his sex slave was almost too much for me. I’ve seen some shit but some parts made me go “damn… that’s messed up”. I like a raunchy story but reading about the various sizes of buttplugs used to strech her asshole to its limits got a bit tiring after a while. The author makes a good point about the importance of domination but it goes too much into hardcore S&M territory for my tastes. The absolute best part of the book is when the protagonists hire a female doctor to take care of his multiples whores. She is the typical daddy-issues ridden, post-wall repressed slut strong independent feminist women who divorced her husband because he was too beta but now lives with him again because she doesn’t have any money (and of course Captain-save-a-hoe takes her back and cooks her dinner every night without ever getting laid). The doctor is first shocked by how the protagonist treats his whores but mostly by how his whores love it and love him. She struggles with the fact that his sheer alphaness makes her wet even though he is everything her feminist brainwashing tells her is bad. She ends up jumping on the cock carousel, getting fucked behind a bar by two rednecks who piss on her, cum in her face and slap her. She loves it. She’s so horny now that she even gives the ex-husband a piece and a few glorious impromtu blowjobs.
    Her daddy-issues are explained with a perfect plot twist that perfectly fits a book that is as much about PUAs and men’s rights (every chapter begins with a little factoid about men or feminism). She ends up finding solace with the only man who really understands women and how to treat them. You’ll to read the book to know who (or just guess it, it’s pretty obvious)
    10/10 would fuck bitches with “tow hitch” buttplugs again

    1. Fuckin’ A – thanks man. I’ve heard that a lot, that the 2nd part is being better received than the first. I actually wrote it for fun for my LTR, who is a very dirty bitch – and I though I’d publish it for shits and giggles.

      1. well its a good sign if even the hardened manosphere can’t stomach extreme descriptions of bodily degradation and pain of humans

  9. To all the people with nice comments, thanks. To all the negative comments – suck my balls.
    I fucking love the manosphere. Only here can you say shit like that and not get everyone all riled up.

    1. Man this book was awesome. I finished it all in one reading. Not to mention I could relate to it since I live in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area. Its so nice to see TRP actually make it into some literature. Please hurry with Part 2.

  10. ”The focus shifts to Elizabeth Avery, a disgraced doctor stripped of her
    medical license after she’s caught abusing a male patient. Destitute and
    despondent, she accepts a job as the personal physician of Master’s
    stable of whores, his lifestyle offending her feminist sensibilities”
    ARe you saying that feminist sensibilities oppose humiliation and degradation of humans?
    “” In fact, the way she looked at the man showed she clearly loved him, and was a willing participant in her modifications and degradation.”
    So only feminists will oppose this? So feminism is humanism?
    “. Elizabeth isn’t portrayed as a fire-breathing misandrist, but as a
    woman who unthinkingly absorbs leftist cant and has her life ruined
    because of it.”
    Leftists are into bdsm but rightists aren’t?

    1. It depends on the kind of BDSM – Leftists love to have women dominate men, but in my experience, leftist women who want to be dominated by men often ‘top from the bottom’ – i.e. make so many consent rules, lists and contracts that all the fun gets sucked out of it. Feminist sensibilities oppose the degradation of women, but have no problem with the degradation of men. When you get feminist women who get into being dominated in a BDSM sense, you get lots of statements like, “It’s actually the submissive who has all the power,” and other dumb shit like that.

      1. thanks devn. i was asking the author of the review. he seems to be saying either one of 2 things; this stuff is normal and healthy and only an unhealthy “leftist and/or feminist” would oppose it. OR; this stuff is really messed up and only ethics and justice oriented people like feminists and leftists would oppose it coz the rest of the sheeple are cruel, hardhearted and sexually depraved

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