How False Accuser Michelle Fields Tried To Bring Down Donald Trump—And Failed

The news just keeps on getting better for Donald Trump. Buoyed by his huge win in the New York primary—as well as polls showing him leading in the primaries taking place next week—the Trump campaign got another boost last week when charges were dropped against manager Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski had been arrested for simple battery after he grabbed the arm of Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields when she tried to approach Trump at a rally in Jupiter, Florida last month. In her own words:

Trump acknowledged the question, but before he could answer I was jolted backwards. Someone had grabbed me tightly by the arm and yanked me down. I almost fell to the ground, but was able to maintain my balance. Nonetheless, I was shaken.

Even by normal Trump Derangement Syndrome standards, Fields’ false accusation—derisively called “GrabGate”—sent both leftists and cuckservatives into a tizzy. Both used the alleged incident to claim that Trump is a misogynist who was encouraging violence at his rallies. Media outlets from the Washington Post to the Daily Caller were in on the hoax, raging manlet Ben Shapiro resigned his position at Breitbart so he could white-knight for Fields, and a group of female conservative “journalists” even tried to use their gender to shame Trump into firing Lewandowski.

With the charges against Lewandowski dropped, Trump’s actions have been vindicated and then some. Between both this and his massive victory in New York, Trump is well-positioned to secure the delegates he needs to clinch the Republican nomination.

Michelle Fields, Professional Attention Whore

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The media jackals who rushed to feast on Michelle Fields’ attention-grabbing stunts failed to look into her background. Fields has a history of attention-whoring and making false accusations against men of various kinds. Among other things, she once falsely accused journalist Chuck Johnson of hacking her computer, falsely accused former Congressman Allen West of sexually assaulting her, and falsely accused NYPD officers of attacking her with batons during an #OccupyWallStreet protest. Her mother is also a pro-amnesty activist who opposes Donald Trump for his anti-illegal immigration policies.

In the days after her initial accusation, Fields changed her story multiple times, the Washington Post actively colluded with her, and reports surfaced that she had defied Secret Service in trying to pursue Trump. When Lewandowski was arrested for battery, independent journalists noted that Palm Beach County’s district attorney—responsible for bringing charges against him—was a major Hillary Clinton supporter and thus had a political motivation to prosecute him.

At the time of Lewandowski’s arrest, Trump refused to fire him, stating that he was loyal to his employees and didn’t want to ruin Lewandowski’s life over what he believed were trumped-up charges. While Trump was initially slammed for his decision, with the charges against Lewandowski now dropped, he’s scored a two-fer: he’s shown that he’s a man of character who will defend his people and not throw them to the lions, and he’s also shown how the Michelle Fields case was a blatant attempt to derail his campaign.

The Empire State Is Trump Country


While most political analysts assumed that Trump would win his home state of New York, his crushing victory—winning 61 percent of the vote and taking all but five delegates—is still a massive boon for his campaign. Trump not only won the statewide vote, he won all but one of the state’s congressional districts (New York parcels out its delegates according to the winner of each district) and broke 50% of the vote in all but four of them.

While Ted Cruz had been trying to position himself as the #NeverTrump candidate after his Wisconsin win, he was completely routed in New York, coming in a distant third and getting no delegates. John Kasich was able to snatch a few delegates away from Trump, but not enough to matter: he still has fewer delegates than Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race a month ago. Additionally, Trump’s margin of victory in his home state is far larger than Cruz’s or Kasich’s in theirs.

It’s too early to call the race yet, but Trump’s blowout win in New York combined with the implosion of Michelle Fields means that his campaign isn’t dead yet. While there’s still time for the GOP establishment to stop the Trump Train, it’s going to take a lot more effort on their behalf.

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          Switch to Firefox and install the add-on Adblock Plus.

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    7. Don’t make fun of Andean indigenous people, they are extremely hard-working and get stomped on a daily basis. Michelle Fields, on the other hand, is a product of your degenerate culture.
      I may also add that I’m a frequent visitor but this site is getting repetitive…

    8. Just another attention whore who’s trying to get one last hurrah from her fading looks.
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    9. Michelle Fields, professional victim, has FALSELY accused all of the following:
      Allen West
      The NYPD (she said they beat her with batons at Occupy – never happened)
      Matt Damon
      Robert Kennedy, Jr.
      Chuck Johnson
      Seth MacFarland
      A former professor
      Students for Liberty organization
      Leonardo DiCaprio
      Mark Dice
      Corey Lewandowski
      She will die alone in a state-sponsored apartment and be eaten by her cats.

      1. No. You don’t see the level of thick-headed ignorant violence at any Democratic rallies — not like what both Palin (in 08) and Trump (in 16) have purposefully stirred up.
        When political demagogues emerge in the U.S., it’s always on the conservative right.

        1. No. Both Bern and Hillary (and Kasich and Cruz) speak much more respectfully to and about people; they understand civility. Trump, OTOH, fans violence and encourages a cult of personality. Here’s a great quote:
          “When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.”
          – Sinclair Lewis, first U.S. winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature
          That’s Trump. He’s a would-be fascist inside the body of a twenty-first-century carnival barker. The man is used to having his way, every day, no questions asked … but the modern presidency isn’t set up for absolute power.
          He would be a walking, talking, six-foot-high disaster in the Oval Office, and he would face massive internal opposition from the military, bureaucrats, and lawmakers.
          Forney’s clearly got a hardon for the guy. Call it alpha envy.

        2. If they understand and promote civility, it’s in words only. All the great riots, hate, and divisiveness has come from the left as of late (BLM/OWS/etc). It’s amazing how the race relations has taken such a huge downturn since Obama was elected, isn’t it? There’s also increased animosity between men and women, the classes, and others. The right isn’t stirring this shit up. The left is.
          And the reason there’s so much violence at the Trump rallies is because the left swarm there to stir shit up. Remember, Trump had to cancel one of his rallies due to the threat large-scale violence and it wasn’t from his supporters.

        3. Trump fans the flames. He gives encouragement — “Rough him up, I’ll pay your legal bills”. He’s responsible for all of it, both the protesters and supporters. He’s got the mic; he creates the environment.
          You don’t see any of this shit happening at Cruz or Kasich rallies.

        4. He’s not responsible for BLM showing up at his rallies and causing trouble. He’s not responsible for protestors putting on KKK masks during his rallies. They are responsible for their own actions. Do you think it’d be any different if roles were reversed and right wingers started doing the same thing at Hillary/Bernie rallies? No, it wouldn’t.
          I’m not a Trump fan, but I’m also looking at it through the cynical eyes of an unbiased observer. There’s plenty of blame to go around on all sides.

        5. Even me, a foreigner, can see that you are full of s**t. Leftists have been playing the game of political violence disguised as “activism” for a long time and not only in the U.S. The violence that is going on now is because Trump seems to be a credible menace, unlike the rest of the GOP candidates that are simply different flavours of leftism and liberals in disguise.
          As someone posted before, BLM and other groups have been stirring violence and racial hatred for a long time, let alone charlatans like Al Sharp and company.

        6. That’s a straw man argument. No, of course, it wouldn’t be any different IF the Dems were doing the same. But they’re not. Only the Donald is doing it. Let’s address what’s actually happening — not hypothetical situations. Deal?

        7. Show me one non-Trump political rally with the same level of protests and potential violence.
          Just one. I’ll be here waiting.
          Let me help you — leftists (like BLM) protest Trump because they know how quickly intolerance for, say, Muslims, can be aimed at other groups.

        8. “Let’s address what’s actually happening — not hypothetical situations. Deal?”
          “…potential violence.”
          “…BLM protest Trump because they know how
          quickly intolerance for, say, Muslims, can be aimed at other groups. (I like the irony here especially).

        9. When Trump condones violence perpetrated by his supporters against other groups whether on political, religious and/or ethnic reasons (as many leftists and feminist do on social media repeatedly); insults and promotes publicly violence citing centuries old grievances as legitimate reasons for this behaviour (as BLM and other race baiters routinely do) then you will have an argument.

        10. There are plenty of videos on youtube of anti-Trump protestors spitting on, pushing, and hitting Trump voters. I saw one yesterday:

        11. 1) The only one in this race carrying a Bible or a cross is Ted Cruz and the supporters like Glenn Beck who think Cruz is the Second Coming.
          2) Trump is not fascist (I realize progressives think anything the right of communism is fascist). A populist, and a nationalist, for certain, but not fascist.

        12. Yes, it’s a total clusterfuck. And Trump is responsible for bringing it all up to the surface.
          Again: You don’t see this shit happening at Cruz, Kasich, Clinton, or Sanders rallies. Trump is responsible for his message … and he’s playing turtle when he says that he doesn’t know the consequences of delivering that message.

        13. Robert Paxton, leading authority on history of fascism:
          “First of all, there are the kinds of themes Trump uses. The use of ethnic stereotypes and exploitation of fear of foreigners is directly out of a fascist’s recipe book. “Making the country great again” sounds exactly like the fascist movements. Concern about national decline, that was one of the most prominent emotional states evoked in fascist discourse, and Trump is using that full-blast, quite illegitimately, because the country isn’t in serious decline, but he’s able to persuade them that it is. That is a fascist stroke. An aggressive foreign policy to arrest the supposed decline. That’s another one. Then, there’s a second level, which is a level of style and technique. He even looks like Mussolini in the way he sticks his lower jaw out, and also the bluster, the skill at sensing the mood of the crowd, the skillful use of media. And the capacity of Trump to enlist working-class voters against the left is exactly what Hitler and Mussolini were able to do. “

        14. There are some similarities between Trump and Hitler to be sure. That doesn’t mean Trump is going to go on a genocidal spree invading the world. And “serious decline” depends on how you view “serious”. The US has steadily declined in disposable income since the 1960s. That means that for the first time in our history, the last generation is not better off than our parents were. And the debt and military spending are out of control, and we are on the road for irreversible damage, if not total collapse of the nation. In just a few years the military and interest payments alone will total more than the entire federal budget was in the 80s. At some point, that will break the nation.

        15. 1) Muslim isn’t a race or ethnicity. Illegal immigrant is not a race or ethnicity.
          2) Trump (and Sanders) are pretty much the least pro-war of all candidates. Trump does not support going into Ukraine, or pursuing a policy of “making the world safe for democracy” (which was invented by Woodrow Wilson, BTW).

        16. No one has their physical appearance blasted more than Trump and his hair….you sound like a faggot hypocrite.

        17. Trump is a mirror image of the Left…he has to be an asshole…the Left requires that he be an asshole…fuck!

      1. Have you looked at Trump’s Twitter account? He’s a one-man factory of insults and divisiveness.

        1. Is it really worse than anything the other candidates are saying? Or does Trump merely speak plainly and clearly instead of using newspeak? When Hillary Clinton says “I am sick and tired of Bernie Sanders distorting the truth about my record” Is it any different from Trump calling someone “dishonest”?

        2. Not even a Trump fan, but this is just too ridiculous.
          Insult covers a wide range of things from making a “rude” statement to allowing the subject to determine its degree of “offensiveness” to doing grievous harm (medically speaking).
          Notably, Trump has likely even been insulting to himself (at least in the archaic form) as that meaning is “to behave with pride or arrogance.”
          Meaning and context is key and many people are not above twisting truth to fit their own narrative. “Well, technically he did insult them, a-huck a-huck.”
          However, most of these “insults” would fall under the category of “having contempt for” (or in many cases, subjectively speaking a non-sugar-coated opinion, i.e.: Common Core standards? “A disaster.” Angela Merkel? “Ruining Germany.” Veterans Affairs? “Corruption and incompetence”. All things many of us here agree with btw, despite whatever political leanings).
          The rest are primarily him calling someone/something “dumb,” “failing,” or a “loser.” Again, mostly subjective and possibly accurate depending on one’s own criteria. Anyone particularly offended (not only those who are perpetually offended either) by any of the things listed at the site should probably mature and develop a thicker skin, the world isn’t a safe-zone.
          Good luck, trying to convince people here to become politically correct under the guise of “sensitivity” though.

        3. I agree he is a dick. And he’s unprofessional as hell. But he’s a great mirror for middle America. If we believe in democracy, we should believe in Trump.
          How many prominent politicians from EITHER party do things like call out GWB for not protecting us on 911? Or John McCain for getting captured as a POW (that doesn’t make him a POS but it doesn’t make him a hero either). If you have to take some salt with the sugar, then so be it.

        4. No, there are certain standards of civility that our leaders should follow. They should be better than us, as people, in some ways. Obama for example is more thoughtful, circumspect, and smarter than 99% of the population. Reagan was extremely civil and was more likable and spoke better than 99% of the population.
          Trump’s simply not presidential. Not the way we’ve defined it for two hundred years.
          Most importantly, he never got the memo that negative attacks are always left to proxies. Bush had Cheney, for example. The candidate himself should be looking at higher goals.

  1. She also claimed that the “horrific assault” was the worst experience that she had gone through since the death of her father.

    I can imagine that her father would have been so proud of her for making such a statement.
    Here is Trump making a fool of Fields on CNN:

        1. Trump stood by an innocent man and didn’t cave to pressure to can a man for touching a woman in the wrong. Due Process played out and the evidence clearly shows the innocent man did no wrong.
          There really is no way I could ever support CRUZ after his reaction to this. The so called purist constitutional conservative acting like a knee jerk liberal in calling for an innocent man to be fired before the facts and due process ever played out exposed him a complete hypocritical fraud.

        2. The sad thing is that it does happen sometimes. I can see Cruz firing that guy if he were in the same position as Trump, for example. Just to make other people happy and not to lose voters. Even though that way of thinking is stupid and makes a candidate look bad, and rightfully so, in the long run.
          Trump stood firm and stood by his employee, rather than throwing him under the bus. If you are convinced that you are right you should never back down, and he didn’t.
          Molyneux says it best here:

        3. Many Honest WORKING Americans are fed up n rightfully concerned with firings over bogus allegations. Canadian Cruz proclaims to be the purist of Constitutional Conservatives yet didn’t want Due Process to play out. This incident solidified it for me. No way could I support Cruz. The guy is hands down the biggest hypocrite I’ve seen. I’m sick of him and his deranged robot supporters.

        4. The owner of a youtube channel that I follow said in one of his clips that “the more you get to know Ted Cruz, the less you like him.”

    1. My hatred toward Ben Shapiro is through the roof. That fucking weasel calling for an innocent man to be fired like a knee jerk liberal.
      This whole incident exposed just how hypocritical these supposed “purist conservatives” are: Beck, Cruz, Loesch, Shapiro and the gaggle of ‘conservative’ cunts demanding a person be fired before DUE PROCESS ever played out.

      1. Maybe he is having an affair with her or he is hoping to get in her panties by being a white knight that.
        It just goes to show that being conservative is certainly not a guarantee for having integrity.

        1. That’s one major point that has been exposed this year so far: “conservative” no longer means standing up for the (correct, ethical, moral, patriotic) bottom line.
          It often comes with white-knighting or cucking.
          As much as it sucks that it exists, it’s refreshing to see it finally exposed for what it is.

        2. I’ve appreciated Shapiro taking on the irrational left PC Police on college campuses. My mixed feelings about him began a couple years ago. I lived in Seattle and he did not. Yet he had a “local” radio show regarding Seattle issues he hosted from LA. Some Seattle person would call in questioning and he’d go into that fast talking tirade he does to make the local seem dumb.
          Overall, I can’t stand Shapiro. He reminds me of a family member who is a drunk yet gifted … and therefore graduated Valedictorian, went to impressive college, has lucrative job and has not had to put much effort into it. Shapiro like this family member of mine is simply out of touch with 90% of society.

    2. Notice how she keeps saying “worst experience of my life”, while looking happy about it?

  2. I have zero patience for this kind of a person, ZERO! Oh, life has been soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking tough. Some “man” nudges her aside and its a cardinal sin. What a fucked up country. Trump can’t come soon enough.

    1. meanwhile, ill give you 6:1 what when she is done sticking her tongue up a strangers ass she likes it when he pulls her hair and fucks her like a meat pillow.

      1. Yep, exactly. And we’re all suppose to “respect” her with the same regard we would for a dead Marine that won the Congressional Metal of Honor. After all the CMH is sexist anyway.

  3. Either Trump gets the nomination or the GOP blows itself sky high. I consider either a great thing, with the latter possibly being better.

  4. Michelle Fields needs to find another line of work. Reporters get knocked down, punched, and even killed. It’s a dangerous line of work, the best reporters get in the face of people and ask questions they don’t want to answer. If a reporter has never been punched that reporter hasn’t been doing their job right. I wonder how Ms. Fields would do in Mexico trying to cover the drug war going on there.

    1. that’s spelt womyn
      Spelling it that was is not just sexist but the worst thing in the entire world you could do to a person.

        1. Ok, because that was literally worse than every single murder in the world…….collectively

        2. Stare rape can be worse than forcible rape. If you are stared out with a particular pair of intense red eyes… You know what I’m talking about.

        3. List of world history’s worst people:
          1. 1647
          2. Trump
          3. Hitler
          4.Curt Schilling

        4. She have some little david stars in her DNA, but I can take one for the team.

  5. Even MegYn Kelly won’t return her calls anymore. I give her a week before she swallows a bottle of sleeping pills.

    1. Yeah I heard about that. I’m beyond disgusted that they would fire someone who’s calling this out as it is.

    2. Curt Schilling. Man is not just a champion, he is a downright legend.
      That said….I kind of blame Schilling.
      No one put a gun to him and told him to sign his contract with ESPN. They offered him money and he took it. That contract, as I am sure his lawyer let him know, had a morals clause that basically said he has to tow the company line with SJW bullshit.
      He signed it and took their money and now is complaining when he breaks the rules and gets fired. He said something like “i am not JUST a commentator.”
      The ESPN SJW agenda is total fucking shit. But it isn’t hidden or secret. If Schilling wanted to be a warrior for something he believed in he would have told ESPN to take their cash and their contract and shove it up their ass.
      Instead he took the money, signed the contract, made comments in violation of that contract and then is upset when they fire him.
      That is the same kind of bullshit that girls pull all the time. They want all the rewards of something without the responsibility.
      As a pitcher I have a lot of respect for Curt. If you guys don’t remember, this guy pitched through an injury in the world series where blood was literally coming through his socks. However as a person he has very little credibility to me.

      1. Is he complaining ? I haven’t seen that.
        Put yourself in Schilling’s shoes. He is way more than a fucking commentator. He’s basically just talking about baseball, a subject that requires very little effort on his part, for a few hours a week or whatever his schedule is. In other words the ESPN gig is a very minor part of his life, a minor part of his income, and a minor part of who he is as a person.
        So he uses the ESPN platform to bring a lot of attention to the fact that emasculating men in sports is terrible and that letting mentally ill sexual perverts into women’s restrooms is a bad idea. He collects his final paycheck, and no longer gives a fuck about ESPN. I don’t see anything wrong here.
        If he is also following it up by raising a stink ie “How dare you fire a masculine guy for making a common sense point about human relations and to hell with your SJW agenda” then I say that is only further using the ESPN bullhorn to drive attention to the issue. I don’t think he’s really butthurt, other than, hell, any reasonable person being fired for making a common sense statement would be surprised to some degree. How does he have low credibility?

        1. He is making some noise about how it is ridiculous and how his life isn’t defined by ESPN and their values.
          I obviously take no issue with anything he said and, further, think ESPN is basically a mouth piece for faggots.
          That said, I still blame Schilling. Those ESPN contracts specifically state that you cannot mouth off on social media or online or anywhere with things that don’t jive with the ESPN belief.
          He had the choice of saying “fuck you, I am not going to be your puppet” or the choice of saying “ok, ill do what you say but I want to be compensated for it”
          Either of these choices is fine in my book.
          What is not fine to me is that he said “yes” in writing, in a legal contract, that he will not say certain things or act in certain ways and then turned around and did them.
          Forgetting the specifics, he is in violation of his contract with ESPN and I think ESPN has all the right in the world to terminate that contract.
          Hi comment was in fact a common sense comment. But it has “i was drinking and checking facebook in the middle of the night and made some comments that, had I thought them through, I know would have lost me a lucrative and easy job because they are in violation of a contract I signed”
          Football players have wild clauses in their contracts too. For instance, they aren’t allowed to go skiing. They are too much of an asset and skiing is too likely to break a bone. So if Eli Manning decides to go skiing and breaks his leg despite having contractually agreed not to go should we say “well, he is more than just a football player he is also a person who wanted to go skiing.”
          How does he have low credibility. The man entered into a formal and legally binding agreement and did not hold up his end. I don’t think he should have went to work for that faggot network anyway. But if he wanted to take their money, that’s fine. The very definition of credibility is that you are proven to keep your promises….that your word has meaning. Curt may have been a pitching great. He also may have made innocuous common sense comments that, in a sane world, should not offend anyone. I believe both of those things. However, the fact remains that he signed a contract with an SJW morals clause, he made an agreement in writing, and he didn’t keep his end of the bargain.
          Being a masculine man has to be more than having physical strength, having good values and being a good provider. It also has to mean a commitment, even when it isn’t easy, to our integrity. If our word…especially when in writing…has no meaning then we have no credibility and if we have no credibility then we are not masculine men.
          Curt should have either turned ESPN down after someone explained what his morality clause entailed or been a man and kept to his word.
          Like I said earlier, all the respect in the world for his career in the majors but I think he has shown that he is a man who is not in control of himself and, in being like this, is no better than the women we criticize here.

        2. maybe if he didn’t blow all his money trying to make dumb ass video games he would have been able to keep his principles and tell espn he doesn’t want to be a part of their absurd network instead of taking the dough and then reneging on his side of the deal.

        3. Makes noise about how ridiculous it is? Check
          Says his life isn’t defined by ESPN? Check
          If Eli Manning wants to go skiing bad enough that he is willing to risk his football career, and when fired he says, “Hey, I’m more than just a football player” then that is fine and dandy with me. A man is his own master. Just because he’s an awesome QB doesn’t mean we are entitled to have him play until he dies of multiple concussions. And maybe at 23 he agreed not to ski but several years later he’s like you know what, I want to see what this skiing thing is all about after all. Life is short.
          The only thing that troubles me is that technically Schilling did promise to behave a certain way and he broke that promise. But it’s such a ridiculous premise. I wouldn’t expect anyone to agree to support trannies just like I don’t care if Bill Clinton lied when people asked him if he let Monica blow him (because everyone lies about sex and his sex life is none of our business) or how Ed Snowden broke some agreement when he found illegal acts going on and exposed them. Some things are more important than contracts. I would say his morality overcame the legal technicality of his work agreement. And anyway, the repercussions are clearly spelled out. It’s not like he’s going to hell. He spoke his mind. He loses his job. Action, and reaction. The two cancel each other out.
          You know, I’d be willing to bet if we read the fine print in the Disqus user agreement, we’d find something that you and I both violated. But I don’t really care. I am using disqus to freely express ideas. If they find I broke a rule and want to exercise their power to terminate my account, so be it. I can and would criticize them for being censors, but at the end of the day I will move on and not feel bad about any of it. But to criticize me for being “dishonest” or “uncredible” because I didn’t follow the rules set out by disqus would be silly.

        4. There is def more we agree about here than we disagree. However, you say something that is very telling. You say ” A man is his own master” and that is true. But if a man makes agreements and then breaks them should he be trusted in the future? Let schilling get a podcast about how people are absurd now a days instead of a sports talk gig with ESPN. I will listen. But in the end, if you give your word on something, even if it is absurd, and break your word then you have spent your credibility. That is just how credibility works.
          Yes, a man is his own master. And a man has resources he can spend as he likes. Those resources may be money or health or fame or whatever. But amongst the resources a man has is his credibility. To the degree that he keeps his word he increases that credibility. To the degree that he breaks his word he decreases it.
          Schilling has made very poor choices with his resources. He has spent his money foolishly and now, at least in my opinion, has spent his credibility foolishly. Not only that, but I think it shows a fundamental immaturity on his part to say “I’m getting good money for a job and all I have to do is stay away from being an asshole on facebook to keep that money rolling in” and he can’t even do it.
          Sorry, I agree with Schilling’s comments in principle and a lot of what you say above, but my feelings about this issue are pretty strong.

        5. I guess my biggest beef is the degree to which someone is “agreeing” to something. Was there actually a conversation where someone told Shilling to censor his social media usage and monitor his public statements? Or was this something buried in 100 pages of legalese that no one read and was not part of any real back and forth negotiation? If my employer told me to my face “OK Spicy, you can come be the female bikini inspector, but you will have to become a vegetarian for the next 90 days” then we could talk about that point, why it’s important to my job or to them that I not eat meat, and we can come to a decision. But if they just bury something in the employee handbook about “and oh yeah, anyone earning a paycheck here must stop eating meat” I don’t view that as dishonest at all if I continue my regular diet.
          Likewise I’d say having an opinion about trannies is unrelated to talking about sports.
          Does Snowden have less credibility than before he broke his agreement to his employer or more? I’d argue the latter.
          What about if Trump breaks his agreement to run as a Republican and support whoever the Republicans crown (in that case I would blame him somewhat because that was an idiotic promise to make, but still, he made it)? Still, I think most people would support that decision because there is a bigger issue than the exact promise made, and I could see *more* people respecting his credibility after he broke that promise.
          I can see your point but I just don’t agree at all that Schilling’s credibility is any lower. If it were a job-related thing, like you can work for ESPN as long as you don’t blog for FOX Sports, and then he blogged for Fox, that to me is dishonest. But because he didn’t behave the way a SJW HR fatass at ESPN wanted him to, and stayed true to his own morality, I actually have *more* respect for him. I see where you are coming from, I just disagree that he has less credibility–he actually has more in my eyes.

        6. By the way, the reason I am so hard on Schilling and not cutting him any slack has to do with making sure we don’t allow a double standard.
          I swear, Rosie O’Donnell could go out and murder like 50 children on camera and the news and the fags and the women and the SJW’s would find a way to say she didn’t do anything wrong.
          That is how they act. That is what they do.
          I think we should be better.
          Curt Schilling fucked up. Yes he was making sense. Yes he said stuff we all agree with. But if we say “yes we agree with what he said so we are going to defend him” then we are no better than these cunts that have ruined the world.
          I cut no slack for women, but think we should be especially hard on men like Schilling who are in a position to be a positive face on a masculine movement but instead carelessly drop the ball. Men like him should do better and be held to high standards. Otherwise, our critique of women has no weight.

        7. I honestly don’t know anything about snowden. I know he is some kind of whistle blower. I am kind of clueless about shit.
          If a politician breaks an agreement I would hold them to the same standard (not counting if they honestly tried to keep their word but wound up unable to do it because of a hostile congress or whatever the fuck stops these things).
          As for Schillings ESPN contract…100% he was told this stuff in plain English. The same way that all athletes have everything explained to them like they are 3 year old children. There is no way he signed an employment contract without knowing this. He probably thought it was bullshit and said fuck it, I will take the money. Truthfully, if it had been less of a hot button topic maybe they wouldn’t even mention it. Maybe he thought that his comments were so common sense that despite signing a morals clause no one would say anything because duh. All perfectly valid thoughts. But the fact remains that he was in violation of a contractual agreement and nothing he can do or say and no amount of having made sense changes that.
          it doesn’t even have to be a job related thing. It could be a no nose picking clause. You should see the shit that is in some of these contracts. Stuff about your personal habits, personal life, what you say, when you say it. You agree to a lot of crazy shit. CS knew this. He played major league ball long enough. These contracts, both for news people and athletes, basically treat the talent like retarded children.

        8. She is acting like an entitled cunt who thinks the world is unfair and a job being a news bunny is “hard”
          In other news: WB. God help me.

        9. Gotcha. The rebel in me appreciates whenever someone gives a big F U to the establishment. But I live in the Heart of Dixie and you live in NYC, so I suspect that’s the major difference.

        10. I am ok with the big FU. Believe me, I would love to do it myself. However, if you are going to do it then you should not be surprised when you wind up getting a little F’d. If he straight up tweeted “i had enough of this SJW bullshit with these fags on espn” and then resigned I would have all the respect in the world for him. But when I see some comment calling ESPN’s decision ridiculous and saying he is more than just a sports commentator it has the taste of wanting all the thrill of rebellion while not accepting any of the responsibility.

        11. “I honestly don’t know anything about snowden”
          Were you ever interviewed by Jay Leno in one of those “man on the street interviews”?!?

        12. We are not that far off in our viewpoints, and should let this flailing horse die, but if you were the ESPN boss, would you fire him for this? I do think the decision to fire him was ridiculous, even if he did “break the rules,” so I don’t have a problem with him saying as much. Can’t firing him be both allowed under the contract and a really ridiculous thing to do?

        13. I know, I know. I am totally blind to politics and world events. I am just not interested. I know the news from the front page of the post and daily news which I walk past and notice if it is a funny headline and the no volume closed captioning I read during sprints on cardio days. The lag makes it so that I often thing some celebrity is running for president of Poland or some shit.

        14. If I was the ESPN boss I would absolutely fire him. Because my allegiance is to the bottom line profitability of ESPN and the second I let schilling get away with saying that the SJW’s mobilize, sponsors pull out and we start losing money.
          The people who made the decision to let schilling go have a responsibility to the company and it’s share holders. I have no doubt that some of the people firing him, if not all of them, thought it was a shame and agree with him.
          This is the larger point. They had to get rid of him because after those comments he was bad for business. Whether they wanted to or not it is their job to make ESPN profitable which means, yes, keeping the sponsors happy. The sponsors need to keep their clients happy and their clients are a bunch of loud SJW faggots.
          See how quick Nike dumped Tiger Woods? Was it right. No. Fuck that. He is the man. Still, Tiger stays, sponsors leave. Sponsors leave, money lost. Money lost, Company, investors and board members hurt.
          Bottom line, you get a pay check. Now do your fucking job.

        15. Probably a wiser way to spend one’s life. Most news is stuff we can’t do anything about anyway. So what if an eruption killed a bunch of people in Ecuador, or Donald Trump called someone a tool, or some rich people hid money in some offshore money haven? I know all those things all happened, but how does that help me in any way?
          I used to subscribe to Time and Newsweek. A magazine can give you a deeper level understanding of an issue. A newspaper can do nothing more than tell you “Hey! Look at this!”

        16. To give you an idea…..after the first Obama election I made it 10 days without knowing who won. I only found out because I overheard people in the office talking about it. I was so upset. I wanted to see if I could get through the rest of the year.
          Meanwhile, I did already hear that Harriet Tubman is going to replace Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill. That is because someone emailed it to me for the lulz.
          BTW: That is fucking insane. They should only have put 3/5ths of her on the bill.

        17. Wow, yeah that’s really weird actually. When I hit the upper Midwest I see about 1 a week. Alaska I would think even less.

        18. folks are obsessed with pot and pot legalization…. I do kinda dig her “giving it to the man”…I too live in South so maybe it’s a southern rebel thing…

      2. ESPN hires people who will stick to their script. When Stephen A. Smith dared to speak from the heart on domestic violence, they suspended his ass for a week.
        Here is his quote, “There’s never an excuse to put your hands on a woman,”…..”We also have to make
        sure that we learn as much as we can about elements of provocation. Not
        that there’s real provocation, but the elements of provocation, you got
        to make sure that you address them, because what we’ve got to do is do what
        we can to try to prevent the situation from happening in any way. And I
        don’t think that’s broached enough, is all I’m saying. No point of
        So basically he got taken off the air for even SUGGESTING that women can provoke men to violence (which we all know can and DOES happen). Whoopi Goldberg defended Smith and went even FURTHER, saying, “If you make the choice as a woman who’s four foot three and you decide
        to hit a guy who’s six feet tall and you’re the last thing he wants to
        deal with that day and he hits you back, you cannot be surprised!” I’m not sure if she got suspended as he did, but I’m thinking not. Just sayin.
        I wrote a term paper on political correctness in society, explaining how critical thinking is demonized in favor of mindless group think, aka going along with everyone else (arbitrarily) to fit in. The effeminate male teacher said I should research “hate speech”, which is a passive aggressive way to dismiss the logical arguments I made in the paper. Typical SJW tactic.
        Anyway, fuck ESPN, and their attempts to shove society’s agendas down their viewers collective throat. For example, google “lean in together” and read that emasculating horseshit (started by a WOMAN, of course).
        Just a snippet, “Gender equality doesn’t just benefit women, it benefits men in lots of
        ways,” Sandberg said in an interview with The Associated Press. Among
        other things, she believes most women are likely to have sex with their
        husbands or partners more frequently when they get more help at home — a
        phenomenon she has branded as “choreplay.”
        And another, “”Men should support their wives and daughters at home and their female
        colleagues in the workplace, not just because it’s the right thing to
        do, but because it’s great for them,” said Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO
        and FOUNDER of LeanIn.Org. “From stronger marriages and healthier,
        happier children to better outcomes at work, the benefits of men leaning
        in for equality are huge.”
        To a free thinker like myself who can decipher this propaganda, this translates to, “Guys, you better give up your power to the women in your lives, or you won’t get pussy from your wife, and you’ll get fired from your job if you don’t pander to the “fairer” sex.” This is why as men, we can’t take “equality” claims from women seriously. Not only because we’re fundamentally better than them as creatures, but because any argument for equality from them is coming from an innate position of weakness.
        Anyway, ESPN just play the SPORTS we want to watch, and keep your politically correct ideologies to yourself. Nobody watches ESPN to learn about their interpretations of values and morality. We want to see the games broadcasted on the channel. (/rant)

        1. I agree with every single word of your rant. Fuck ESPN for exactly these reasons and the people who got busted for speaking truths…well, what they said was correct. BUt you said it yourself, they got in trouble for going off script. Well, they are the actors, not the writers.
          ESPN gives the script out along with the money. There is no big gotcha moment. When you sign your contract you know the ups (the big $$$$$ for very little work) and the downs (you follow the script).
          Let’s say you were hired to be in a play and on opening night of the play you decided to, instead of reading the script, make up your own words. Even if your words were correct in every way, the director would be totally in his right to fire your ass and other people putting on play’s would be sensible not to hire you seeing as how you have earned a reputation for not fulfilling your end of the bargain.
          Mind you, I don’t think any of these people should have not spoken their mind. I do think they should tell ESPN to go fuck themselves. But no, they take the money and then reneg on their word which reflects poorly on them as much as it does on ESPN imo.
          I can’t stand espn. If they come to me with a dump truck full of money and say for the next two years I have to tow the company line, swallow my beliefs and say what they want me to say better believe I am going to count that money and think long and hard. It is every man’s right to make that decision. I don’t want to do my job, but they pay me and so here I am.
          If I cash my paycheck I should hold up my part of the bargain.
          I am not blaming these guys for thinking these things….hell, I think them too. I am not blaming them for selling their souls to the devil. On a smaller and much poorer scale I have done that too. My problem is that when you make a deal, devil or know, and don’t hold up your part of the bargain then you are known as a man who doesn’t honor his word.

        2. Oh I know how the game is played, when it comes to media outlets. They put people on to represent how they think people should be. Namely subservient males, and women who have no business on air (think NFL, NBA sidelines). Money is the determining factor for any of these “professionals”, but at what cost? In my opinion, when you repress whats in your heart in order to further someone else’s agenda, you lose a bit of yourself.
          I’m sure the paydays help the men swallow their pride, as it were, and women can say pretty much what they want on air, so the “sticking to the script” theory doesn’t affect them. So basically, unless you don’t have to work for a corporation and you can say whatever you want, the choice is, money, or your integrity? Compromising what you are as a man for financial gain, or being able to live with yourself because you stood up for what you believe in. It’s sad that there are endless sheep willing to do the former, and very few, the latter.

        3. So true dude. No one has ever made me the offer. Ya know, I’m not that special so no one has said “hey lolknee, here is millions of dollars and fame so just choke down your honor and repeat after us”
          I would love to say “no way, not me dude.” But honestly? I don’t know. Would I chose principles over a life of comfort and luxury celeb style?
          Let’s say the decision is tough enough that I can’t blame guys for choosing to take the money. I can, however, blame them for trying to have their cake and eat it too. You either sell your soul and are damned or not. If you are gonna make the Devils deal you need to accept the damnation.

  6. So, what happened to this chick? There were calls for Trump to fire his manager for doing nothing, but there is no place at Breitbart for a lying weasel like Michelle Fields. Has she been fired??? Her entire job is related to relaying facts so lying should be a fireable offense, IMHO.

      1. I’ve given up on trying to understand people, and my wife is happy I have. The stuff IS IN THE NEWS and they even read it and still don’t get it.
        Really just fuck’em if you feel like it, otherwise just stay away.

    1. Curt Shilling was fired from ESPN for his anti-transgender views he posted on Fakebook or something like that. I say the hell with ESPN.
      Edit: just saw someone posted about it.

      1. I’m with you. ESPN is a Disney-owned leftist shill posing as a sports station–one, I might add, that discusses politics far too often. I only check in when my teams play on the ESPN network. I quit watching Sportscenter and all the other nonsense a while back, and I don’t miss it.

        1. Yep, it got ridiculous. I wanted sports, pure and simple. I don’t need a leftist mangina preaching to me.

    2. Breitbart was smart enough not to jump the gun, which pissed her off so she resigned.

  7. No matter how cynical I think I am I am still surprised by the audacity of the main stream media. They lie when the truth is before our eyes and tell us our eyes are wrong.
    I wouldn’t piss on these people if they were on fire.

  8. off topic but: a moment of silence for one of the great players….if you haven’t heard…the artist formerly known as prince is not the artist formerly known as the artist formerly known as prince.

        1. oh, Roosh mentioned that in an article the other day. I told myself I would look into it and then totally forgot.

        1. “move that big ass round this way so I can work on that zipper, baby. ‘Cause tonight you’re a star and I’m the big dipper”
          Very few people had more red pill lyrics than prince.

  9. Want a career in journalism? Sometimes you just gotta get in there and take one for the team. Enjoy your 15 minutes sweetie.

    1. I remember that one. That laid the ground for the 90s trash TV like Springer and Ricki Lake.

  10. I’m just glad Ben Shapiro got sucked in. That guy is an SJW in his own right. Bye-bye, Hack!

  11. While I’m glad to see a serial liar like Fields get an ass-kicking in the court of public opinion, I have to disagree with the article’s assertion that things keep getting better for Trump.
    He’s now hired lobbyists (including long-time GOP establishment whore Charlie Black) to manage his campaign, relegating Lewandowski to the background.
    This morning on a national town hall he said he was in favor of the transgender bathroom nonsense and he advocated a path to amnesty for existing illegals, both of which flies in the face of his heretofore populist and anti-PC campaign.

    1. The tranny toilet thing is bullshit, and actually making this into something like a law or even an argument is giving this stupid shit too much attention by a wide margin than it should have.
      It’s a goddam non issue! Have you ever been in a communal toilet/bathroom with a tranny or genderbender changeling? I have like 100s of times, and nothing was fucking different in any way.
      I think Trump is right, it’s not an issue.

      1. Are you sure you want this “”woman”” peeing next to your wife or daughter???

        1. Do you really think what this kind of scum does will ever be an issue for my daughter? I don’t need laws to protect me where my hands are enough to do the job.

        2. Well apprently you stated earlier you didnt have an issue with people like this entering womens restrooms…

        3. Should I have an issue with female cleaners in men’s restrooms? I’m quite sure that if any female of my family encountered something like this they would wait for it to exit.
          I’m not familiar of any reports of issues relating to things like this.
          I think we need a third toilet that’s single and has a question mark or something on the door, but I don’t understand the hysteria. I thing making more laws is bad.

        4. Actually I’m going to go further, I don’t think people should share bathrooms. Period.

  12. So let me get this right:
    Works for Right Wing News Site
    Is at Occupy Wall St Rally and claims to be assaulted fraudulently
    Is it just me, or does this chick sound like she is full of shit all the time?

    1. Liberal media is at war with anything remotely used to be American. Now they are after the money… Like the folks who fought in WWII are less worthy than Harriet Tubman on American money… our country is fucked in the head.

  13. Looks like she’s ditched the Sarah Palin glasses and dolled herself up to look prettier and less Jew-ey. Still got a horse face though.

  14. Imagine if Fields – or any person – rushed Obama like that after a speech. She would have been in a Secret Service headlock in about two seconds. Then cuffed and hauled off for questioning.

  15. CNN yapped about this incident for an entire evening. Haven’t watched CNN since.

    1. I was in an airport lounge trying to drown my sorrows with free alcohol during the Oregon shooting. CNN was on every TV, and they were going on and on and on about all those fucking white men, and fucking white men with gun, and fucking evil white people.
      The shooter was mixed race, and thus blacker than me, but that didn’t stop the Media Jew from promoting their narrative. And lightning photos… like they did with George Zimmerman.

    2. That’s pathetic. An arm grab incident gets an evening’s worth of investigative journalism and discource. When you witness BS like that its not hard to see their (I guess the CEO of TimeWarner) not too subtle agenda/biased reporting. The media these days is increasingly shitting me off with their over hype of selective topics. Just report the facts and dont try and write the news.

  16. I never really cared for Trump, especially as a Presidential candidate. But now I see how he handles himself when people are fucking with him. He deflects everybody’s garbage with skill and ease. The guy’s got a set of balls, and I greatly respect him for that.

  17. She’s a shill, a willful tool. I don’t think she’s smart enough to see beyond the increased book sales and career attention. Some mid-level power elite saw an opportunity to besmirch Trumps campaign, insinuate and cast aspersions about “violence” and bare minimum reduce his delegate count a little.

  18. LIBERAL New York supports Trump. Muslims support sharia law. Progfascists support political correctness. Welfare moms love Obama. You can tell a lot about a person or an idea by who supports it or him.

  19. God, it brings me such pleasure to see that cunt fail. This idiotic circus also revealed to the world what a total fucking phony that little bitch Ben Shapiro is.

  20. She should have been a lesbian porn actress. She wasted her talent.

  21. Thankfully Michelle Fields will not get in the way of Donald Trump’s fight for bathroom equality.

  22. I used to love this site but ever since donald announced his presidential run its really gone down the shitter. all i see is SJ type smear articles against ted cruz or anyone who even remotely makes donald or his staff look bad.
    this is the kind of shit this site used to rail against when leftist sites like gawker or jezebel would use yellow journalism to lie and deceive in order to smear return of kings, and here we have matt “trump can do no wrong” forney doing the same thing in regards to cruz and anyone else not named trump or not affiliated with him.
    i cant believe how rok has sold out like this. forney gets to get away with this because he has roosh’s blessing. roosh himself has endorsed trump and doesnt care for the fact that trump is buddy buddy with all the same kinds of people who wouldnt spit on roosh if he was on fire. hillary, democrats, gays, etc. trump himself said he “loves to hire women” which means he is probably ok with the same kind of gender bias rok is supposed to be against. excuse me a second, my hypocrite meter is buzzing for some reason…

  23. Great for Trump that he didn’t fire the guy. How many of these other worthless politicians would just throw someone under the bus to please false accusers and manufactured hysteria?

  24. I lost almost all respect for Ben Shapiro when he pulled his white knight drama. Shameful Ben. Shameful

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