How America Makes Smart People Stupid

America has an odd way of making smart people stupid.

I went to a college full of people who were bright on paper. I was friends with people who were at the top of their classes, in classes chock full of smart people. Yet if you talked to these people about anything beyond their narrow field of expertise, they knew nothing. And not only did they know nothing, they had no desire to know more than nothing; even a subject of wide appeal like human nature wouldn’t get their interest. They were philistines in every area of human thought, except their own – and that too bored them. Political science majors would squint in confusion when you asked them about political philosophy, as if you had asked them how to refine uranium into fissile plutonium.

I came to college hoping to be engaged intellectually, among fellow students. I didn’t find that. People who did fancy themselves as intellectuals were awkward, weird, boring – and their conversations were about the nerdy trivia of Star Wars and video games. Screwing around with girls was far more mentally engaging – at least that drew laughs and satisfied my penis. Being curious didn’t get you any closer to an internship with Goldman Sachs or a spot at Johns Hopkins’ medical school, so it went ignored among the students.

In an intellectual sense, they were effeminate – they would only want to know something when society would reward them for it – which is the same reason why so few women opt for the thankless job of editing Wikipedia. There was no intellectual interest independent of professional gain. There was none of that masculine desire to know for knowing’s sake, like a medieval monk might have. At most, people would spout their personal feelings about something, ignore what everyone else said, and pat themselves on the back for ‘being so expressive.’

Among the intelligent in America, the chief object of study is learning to conform

You would try to figure out what other people were thinking, and parrot it accordingly. Thankfully, Orwellian campus newspapers made it easy to conform. It was hard to even find the words to dissent. When someone did dissent, you were sure to hear about it, in harsh scolding tones, with shock and anger. Personally, I had a teacher ‘correct’ me when I failed to include an ‘or she’ when I correctly used ‘he’ to refer to both sexes.

When you’d say something controversial, and it was logically convincing, they would fall silent. They knew what you were saying was taboo – but they couldn’t prove you wrong. Or they may have even sensed that you were right – but your position was so taboo they had to stay silent. They wouldn’t give your argument an honest look, lest they become convinced and believe something different from everyone else. Controversial beliefs were just a liability to a bright ambitious future as an up-and-coming mandarin. So it was imperative to walk around with a protective cage around the mind – thinking impure thoughts would only keep them from fitting in and having a successful career.

Maybe they were so unused to a clear framing of debate that everything you said confused them. And there were the philistines – principally girls – who’d say “how do you even know this?!” – to shame you for knowing something that they didn’t.

At best, people would come and tell you they agree with you in private – and then go right back to parroting the herd’s message. They could not even manage to stay silent, lest they raise doubt by withholding their agreement. It was like a communist party meeting where every vote ran 100% in favor of the party position, yet there was no Stalin or Mao there to send them off to a death camp if they abstained.

A few men retain their curiousity, but they go to comical lengths to cloak their dissent behind a studied pose of ignorance. Paul Graham, a celebrated Silicon Valley capitalist, wrote an essay about the taboos of our time, and how they make certain truths unutterable. Yet he could not bring himself to mention any of those very taboos. That which goes unsaid goes unquestioned. Men of power have refused their duty to live not by lies, as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote:

And the simplest and most accessible key to our self-neglected liberation lies right here: Personal non-participation in lies. Though lies conceal everything, though lies embrace everything, but not with any help from me.

This opens a breach in the imaginary encirclement caused by our inaction. It is the easiest thing to do for us, but the most devastating for the lies. Because when people renounce lies it simply cuts short their existence. Like an infection, they can exist only in a living organism…

So in our timidity, let each of us make a choice: Whether consciously, to remain a servant of falsehood-of course, it is not out of inclination, but to feed one’s family, that one raises his children in the spirit of lies-or to shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of respect both by one’s children and contemporaries.

Occasionally I go to political events and see a similar pattern. On the right, among Republicans and conservatives, the only people making bold claims are crackpot audience members. The crackpots may have poor powers of reasoning – but at least they’re using them. Then there are the rich backers who bring in the speaker – they are too polite by half to discuss his ideas in earnest. They are all desperately waiting for a man to step up, and say what they are too cowardly to say themselves. Deep down, they know what must be said, but to a man, no one has the balls to say it.

You can see this dynamic on display in this clip, in which Allen West discusses the nature of Islam. Regardless of your position on Islam or Allen West, what’s happening is obvious – the crowd is waiting for a man to say what everyone in the room believes about Islam. The greying panelists hem and haw empty platitudes until Allen West takes the microphone, and speaks forcefully (skip to ~0:48):


The West is stuck in that very moment, in wait, for a man possessed of conviction to stride to the podium and defiantly state the unutterable truths of our day.

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195 thoughts on “How America Makes Smart People Stupid”

  1. I believe that it is very telling that, up until Col. West began speaking about the dates and battles fought over the centuries against the “theo-political” system of Islam (an apt description, by the by), the men next to him were leaning towards him, and 1 even had his arm draped across Col. West’s chair. But when he started speaking about those battles, and the fact that the muslims are doing exactly what the koran tells them to do, they put as much distance between themselves and him as they could. That is a major reason why the West is losing; these spaghetti-spined so called leaders refuse to recognize (or perhaps choose not to recognize) the real dangers that Islam presents to modern civilization.

    1. Islam is finished as a threat to anything except itself.
      Muslims spend most of their time murdering each other. They cannot tangle with any civilisation more advanced than their own without taking catastrophic losses.
      In the West they are losing the next generation. God knows why but most young people of Muslim ancestry have no interest in joining a death cult.
      However because bad news sells newspapers we never hear about this.

      1. Any one innocent person who dies due to their insanity is one too many.
        Agreed I never hear the voices of dissent. That’s unfortunate.

    2. Bullshit. This sort of rant on Islam / Muslims is commonplace w/in the mainstream media — no one is shamed or called racist anymore for doing it; far from it, many are congratulated. No one on the panel is trying to distance themselves from Col. West — he was simply selected to give that prescripted answer and the rest of those traitors are deferring to him. Think of the one group / religion / political movement you can’t criticize and that will be your proof of who currently rules and is destroying Western culture and the USA. That is why conflict in the Middle East exists and why America is being squeezed of billions of dollars and millions of lives. BTW, false flag terrorism was invented and perfected by this particualr group I’m referring to. In fact, their main “intelligence agency” has the following motto: By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

      1. I’m German and I had to divorce a circle of friends that once was dear to me because even though I tolerated their anti-Zionism (which it seems you agree with), because they wouldn’t tolerate my anti-Islamism in return.
        They were fairly leftist in comparison to people around this site, but they were also pretty much average for German academic standards.
        The idea that Jews or Israel are beyond criticism and Muslims are constantly bashed it a delusion. It’s just two different groups of Westerners fighting over a narrative.
        The fact that the Boston Bomber was an Islamist didn’t make it into the German mainstream news: What does that tell me?

        1. Oh right, of course you must reference the Boston Bombing… Might as well include 9-11 to stir the pot even more. Those evil Muslims that are sooo jealous of our way of life (lol) “The idea that Jews or Israel are beyond criticism…” Bullshit. Of course they are beyond criticism and throwing out the term anti-semite shuts 99.99% of people up and quickly destroys careers. I have German friends too, but perhaps they are a little older and wiser and w/ better memories.

        2. Yeah, because old Germans are those who remember bad stuff that the Jews did to them, right? Bizarre.

      2. First off, there is no one religion that you can’t criticize. They all have chinks in their armor, and everyone does their best to make their opposing religions’ chinks more widely known.
        I won’t assume to know what group/religion/political movement you are passive-aggressively pointing the finger at, so unless you want to grow a pair and actually name this group/religion/political movement, I will ignore that comment.
        This may be incorrect, since I haven’t read the Koran for myself yet, but I’ve heard that the Koran specifically states that if you can’t defeat/convert the followers of an opposing religion with force, to defeat/convert them by out-populating them. With that mindset, I don’t really see how reasonable/middling levels of anti-Muslim sentiments should ever be shamed.

      3. Tourette’s is a hell of a disease.
        Name the race. What race is a muslim? Name and identify the “muslim race” and I’ll give you a million euros.

    3. That’s what people do when someone who was a part of the audience suddenly has the spotlight put on him. It both looks and feels awkward if the guy is talking and you’re draped over him all buddy-buddy, whether he’s talking about how Islam is a religion of violence or Islam is a religion of peace.

    4. ” But when he started speaking about those battles, and the fact that the
      muslims are doing exactly what the koran tells them to do”
      Maybe if you cherry pick. If the OT is included, the bible is actually WORSE than the Quran.
      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the most likely reason for musliim barbarism is genetic. Read on hbdchick’s blog where she talks about consanguinity.

    5. I will call BS on this and actually these are the type of generalizations that make the US (and other places as well) “stupid”. Do you actually know anything about “Islam” beyond what you have read in the media and one or two nutjob blogs? What is making the US stupid is that people do not have an open mind, and do not do their own in depth research.
      Have you actually read the Koran? In fact, it is actually less violent than the Bible (and many things in the Koran are actually based on Christian things). And I will actually state that it doesn’t really matter what the Koran states, but like with any religion, it is how it is interpreted. The Bible states that you need to kill witches and that is what was happening until the 19th century in Europe and North America and is still happening in Christian parts of Africa. The Bible actually states that kids that insult their parents should be killed. That is what Calvin was doing in Geneva back in the day. Several kids were executed for insulting their parents. Calvinism is the root of many different Evangelical churches in the US today.
      Let’s look at the supposedly “ancient” version of Islam, the salafis and wahabis, who are the main root of terrorists today. Their ideas are based on the teachings of Ibn Taymiyya, who was a 14th century Islamic scholar. He started preaching the idea that the Koran should be taken literally. That is, if it states that the hand of God reached out and touched Muhammed, then literally God’s hand came out of the sky and touched Muhammed. He was laughed at by his contemporaries (since everyone at that time interpreted the Koran metaphorically), and died forgotten in jail with no followers. His teachings were forgotten, until they were picked up in the 18th century by an itinerant preacher in the deserts of Arabia known under the name of al-Wahhab. He converted the Saudi tribes to this version of Islam. However even then these tribes were quite insignificant and only did a few raids here and there.
      In the 19th century, the Muslim world is mostly under the subjugation of European powers and the Ottoman Empire is known as the “sick man of Europe”. There is a reaction among some Muslim intellectuals, such as Muhammad Abduh. These were influenced by 19th century romantic nationalism in Europe and were relatively harmless. Then in the 20th century, the political Islamism started by Abduh, resulted in some guys founding the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. In parallel, you have developments in what is now Saudi Arabia. After WW1, the Ottoman Empire is collapsing and you have general chaos in the area. The Saudi tribes take advantage of this to take over the holy cities of Mecca and Medina. Then in the 1930s, you have conflict stirring between the Palestinian Arabs (both Christian and Muslim) on one side and the newly arrived Jewish settlers, which ends up radicalizing the Muslim Brotherhood, with this radicalization leading to salafism. In the 1950s, you have oil starting to get pumped out in Saudi, basically the most intellectually backwards area of the entire Arab world, which makes a previously insignificant group, the Saudis and the Wahabbis very rich. This gives them money to spread their version of Islam to other parts of the Muslim world.
      But let’s go back to the dates mentioned in the video. Did you know that el Cid, the hero of the Spanish Reconquista, started off as a warrior in the armies of one of the emirates of Muslim Spain? Back in that time some of the Muslim lords would ally with some Christian lords to fight other Muslim lords and vice versa. It was not the jolly Islam vs. Christianity fight that the current propaganda tries to portray. People would regularly switch sides depending on which would give them greater benefit.
      Did you also know that a large part of the Polish armies of Jan Sobieski, the king who led the “Christian” armies at the Battle of Vienna, were made up of Lipka Tatars, meaning Muslims? One of these Muslims later saved his life at a subsequent battle.
      Did you also know that most of the most famous “Muslim” poetry from the Ummayad and Abbasid Caliphate courts in Damascus and Baghdad talks about drinking wine, getting drunk and fucking women? Did you also know that there are very detailed paintings of Muhammed many centuries old from Iran and other parts of the Muslim world?
      The view presented in the video is extremely ideological and has very little basis in reality. It’s basically the same time of “argument” the Jihadis are making over in the Muslim world. “Look they invaded us in the Crusades, then they invaded us in the 18th century, then in the 19th century, then they toppled all our leaders in the 20th century and kept dictators in power to govern over us…blah blah”… Not everything is black and white and it is exactly this type of soundbite ideological BS, which is keeping everyone stupid.

  2. This is the way it shall be from now on.
    Give it just a few years and trivia quizzes will be extinct as a social activity. In a world where everyone has a computer chip in the watch, glasses or head the ability to remember anything will be redundant. That’s probably no great loss as having a huge memory is no more than a parlour trick when all is said and done.
    I was talking to one of my nephews the other day. This kid is smart, scarily smart yet he had forgotten a serious conversation which had made him laugh (so I knew that it mattered to him) we had had the previous week.
    Technology is changing people for good or ill and there is no escape from it.

    1. A good memory is important but just having a lot of facts in your head (or on a tiny computer) means nothing unless you know how to put it together and understand how each piece relates to the whole. In fact, unless you are intelligent to begin with And have a broad education a bunch of facts is useless and you may come to a wrong conclusion;you may not even understand that your so called “fact” may just be some propaganda or disinformation and you may not know how to separate the wheat from the chaff. And despite all of the technology people aren’t any smarter or better at thinking for themselves(in fact it appears that people are getting dumber based on studies) and I’m not even considering the fact that most technology is used as a toy to play kid games or watch disgusting and unrealistic porn.I don’t watch porn but of course I’ve seen it and I really hope that boys are not getting their idea about sex from this stuff because they’re going to be in for a lot of disappointment and aggravation. And if females watch this stuff it’s going to be even worse because they’ll blame you for the fact that they can’t cum (most females can’t from sex-perhaps only 1/3 or less) Hey, why didn’t you fuck me for an hour with a 10″ dick like the guy in the film did?lol There are probably just as many myths and misconceptions today as there were a 100 years ago about sex. Dr. Masters was trying to evaluate sex in a scientific way and collect real data and of course he’s not totally correct about some things but it’s a lot closer to reality than fake porn where they use various techniques of splicing, camera angles, lighting etc that may look real in the finished product but is totally contrived.

  3. Allen West hit the nail on the head. It’s funny when people say ‘not all muslims are terrorists” Maybe not but I guarantee you 90% of muslims worldwide celebrated on 9/11. They all believe the same shit.
    And yeah too many people in this country are sheep, it’s disgusting. Maybe if more men in America were less submissive we’d get somewhere. Instead, people are willing to give up all sorts of liberties for a false sense of security. Like you said, no one’s gonna take them to a concentration camp for expressing an informed opinion. Yet people remain ignorant/silent because they don’t want to ‘offend’ others. The founding fathers are rolling over in their graves.

    1. They all believe the same shit? Really?
      Flying horses aside Shias, Sunnis, Wahabbis and Sufis do most definitely not believe in the same things.
      If Islam was united the state of Israel would not have lasted more than a month and yet it has survived precisely because Muslims would much rather shaft one another than the other theists.
      If Islam was united then they would have taken over the whole world by now.
      Crackpot theism is on its way out my friend.

      1. What I meant was they all mostly believe the same things when it comes to the West. That it’s evil and should be destroyed and Islam should replace it, basically. Because like Allen West says, the terrorists are doing what it says do in the Quran.
        I know they also kill each other, lol, better for us

        1. Except most of them would rather do business with the West than destroy it.
          Most young men of Muslim ancestry are more interested in western culture than anything else. I have been friends with dozens of Muslims and none of them had any interest in being violent towards me or anyone else.
          Seriously its a case of the dog is dead but the tail still twitches but because bad news sells we are fed a news diet of moronic jihadi dipshits.

        2. I thought Islam was the only group that can keep their women in check. Thought that was the only hope we had left for this hollowed out feminist society. If feminism takes over Islam then I guess we have truly lost…

        3. I used to have friends who were very pleased with 09/11, and they were not Muslims but just your garden variety German leftist. I bet they would also do business with Americans, they would also be their friends. The contradiction you paint really isn’t one.

        4. Atheist communists Westerners are worse than the Muslim nutjobs because at least Johnny Taliban believes in something higher than himself.
          That’s something else real Men and the Talibs would concur about. We both despise the morally weak left.

        5. The West is polluted and will destroy itself anyway. I wonder how many Muslim countries don’t block

        6. I disagree – it’s the other way round.
          They (the left) believe in “society” in the same way that Christianity used to believe in God during the middle ages.
          All that is good for “society” is what is morally acceptable, and that’s why they fight to be seen as speaking for society – just like the clerus was speaking for God.
          I remember that one of those former friends I mentioned (who is a truther, btw.) what a great opportunity climate change is to make “everyone pull on the same string”.
          They are collectivists, the seek a place in the herd.
          Real men are individualists in the sense that they are self-reliant. Real men have friends, allies, wives and children, but not tribes and herds.

        7. “I have been friends with dozens of Muslims and none of them had any interest in being violent towards me or anyone else.”
          So you define Islam as an ideology that by definition is about being violent to the west.

        8. Good points.
          You could well be on to something.
          I will reconsider what I wrote.
          Happy New Year.

        9. Have you just arrived from a Star Trek style “Mirror Universe”?
          Its just that you seem to have taken everything I said and read it backwards.
          It gave me a laugh though so Happy New Year to you.

        10. I stand for ever by my God and my Culture, all else shall fall by the way-side and burn in Hell.
          Every manor of dark scumbag has come to the west to pollute it! because the shit hole they grew up in sucked!
          Fuck the Equalists, Lefttoid socialist academic morons.
          They shall fall by the sword, the Godless shall be cut to pieces they shall be a portion for Foxes. Fuck you Johnny Taliban! and all you SWPL traitors who opened the floodgates and destroyed us from within!
          Psalm 52
          5 God shall likewise destroy thee for ever, he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah.
          6 The righteous also shall see, and fear, and shall laugh at him:
          7 lo, this is the man that made not God his strength;
          but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness.
          8 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of God:
          I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.
          9 I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it:
          and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints.

        11. “…at least Johnny Taliban believes in something higher than himself.”
          In relation to your insinuation that atheists do not believe in something higher than themselves, I disagree. In my experience, highly educated atheists and agnostics believe in their species in place of a higher being. We might be completely gone after we die, but our race will continue.
          We worship the advancement and improvement of our species.

        12. Do not count on it… many Islamist countries are forcefully secularized by Western trade pressure. Maybe Iran, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia but not the others.

        13. You actually made me think, I mean no sarcasm with this remark, I will ponder this post of yours and devote serious cognitive resources to your last statement.I read RoK everyday and once a month I get something like your statement above and I am better for having read it.Thank you for being intelligent.

        14. Thanks for the kind words.
          I should add that what I said is a fundamentally Randian idea (especially the God-society analogy).
          I took a lot from her but usually don’t make it clear because her name evokes scorn and distrust in many people.
          So maybe you might want to look into her (non-fictual) works.

    2. “Maybe not but I guarantee you 90% of muslims worldwide celebrated on 9/11.”
      More like 40-50%.
      Also, they have a decent justification for it: Israel. (+ innumerable acts of what amounts to bullying on the international level – just watch at how they are harassing Iran and threatening war for no reason)

    3. Most Muslims didn’t celebrate 9/11. In fact one survey of Afghans in 2011 found that 92% of them didn’t even know it happened at all.
      Just as importantly, Islam is even more fragmented a religion than Christianity is. It wouldn’t make any sense to say that Lutherans, Catholics, Unitarians and Baptists all believe the same things, because they obviously don’t. By the same token it makes zero sense to argue that Sunnis, Shiites and Sufis all believe the same things. Even within Sunni Islam (for example) there’s massive disparity between Sunni Muslims in Yemen, Turkey and Mali. These are complex issues and should be understood as such.

  4. Being able to memorize something and then write that down on a paper requires some intellect but doesn’t mean you’re smart and more importantly, it doesn’t really make you smarter either. Academic accomplishments don’t mean that much anymore. I pay no attention to them and more and more employers are doing the same.
    They try to make school better for minorities and females and as a result they end up ruining any merit the educational system might have actually had.

    1. A lot of these people are in fact very bright. Go to a top flight medical school, for instance. Yet outside the field of medicine, from an intellectual perspective these people are incredibly dull and vapid – intellectually emaciated and atrophied.
      Imagine yourself as an active young boy, with boundless energy. When you run, you’re told that’s offensive to people who can’t run. When you do pullups, you’re told that’s unfair to amputees. For any vigorous exercise you can imagine, you’re shamed and scolded. No wonder that your body begins to atrophy and waste away.
      That is the life of the mind in modern America. No wonder then that people with the most potential are just as flaccid and lame as the least able.

      1. I won’t deny that most people are not living up to their potential. However, I’m certain that a lot of these people you’re talking about have just slightly above average IQ and most have very little creativity and wit. I know your argument is that these people have just been lobotomised but I don’t think that’s all there’s to it.
        Some of these people have great potential, I’m sure. However, others are completely normal people like most other people out there–which is totally okay if you ask me. Having the enlightenment which a site like Return of kings gives would unlock a lot of their potential.
        What I don’t think is that everyone or even most of the people who have a higher education would be revealed as super smart people. If this was true, females would actually be the real hidden geniuses as they are overrepresented in academia at this time.
        No, I think school is a good indicator of having at least average intelligence (which most females have if you know the bellcurve) and a good indicator of being good at copying things; or in other words: the ability to be a productive member of society.
        So in short: I don’t think higher education is an indicator of being smart but certainly isn’t an indicator of the opposite either.

    2. Academic accomplishments don’t mean that much anymore
      They do if you’re in a real course of study and in real subjects like medicine or law there’s no way to fake it. Then even after getting a degree you can’t practise until you pass a State exam. Can’t fake that.

      1. To an extent,sure.However Book knowledge does not a good Doctor make.I’m guessing you don’t choose your Doctor only based on his ability to vomit verbatim all the Med-textbook curricula. If he is mediocre in clinical competence,has low empathy and lacks a genuine interest in healing people then you would avoid him altogether regardless of how many board or state exams he aced.

        1. I may be wrong, since I do not work in the medical industry, but that sounds wrong to me. From what I understand, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, etc. get extensive amounts of hands-on/clinical experience during schooling (which directly affects their grades). Your comment about lacking interest in healing people could be a definite issue. But overall it seems to me that workers in the medical industry that excelled during school are almost definitely better than those that didn’t. Surgeons may be an exception, for obvious reasons.

        2. all above are correct more or less. bias disclaimer: engineer, doctor, extensive list of crap, no phd.
          would be doctors do need to study extensive knowledge, do need to pass literally endless tests (CME, etc), do need to cultivate empathy, do need significant socio-economic class and culture knowledge to treat patients, and do need to ace their clinical (in-the-field) experience years. and do so all in the face of debts, contracting pay, and diminishing agency to do their jobs.
          but that’s a tall order even if you’re going to be a good doctor. most would-be docs will never stray away from indoctrination and into science now. medicine is fading fast. it suffers the same decline outlined above; killed by political correctness, terribly insidious feminist agendas, and just lies all around. the field is contracting around recent law/legal changes too, making standing out to be quite professionally suicidal. patient care is dictated by insurance-bought capital hill far too much already. i doubt the public knows what’s going down. too much vitriol.
          all want to heal to some degree, but not all can. in fact, these days, few have the courage to defend their patients from their own indoctrinations. it’s really a symptom of society at large; medicine can only go as far as the patients are willing. time to take back medicine from management.

    3. All it takes to get an MD,PhD or JD is to memorize and regurgitate facts in a test environment. This just requires competence, not intelligence or innovation. The intelligent people innovate, the competent memorize and recite the innovation.

      1. Most Ph.D. programs don’t even have tests after the second year coursework qualification exam. What are you talking about?

        1. A PhD should not have tests. It is not a BA, it is your turn to demonstrate that you can generate significant research. Your “test” is the PhD work you produce. Now, most of those are not significant research, and there lies the problem (also, access).

      2. This is not true of any STEM field Ph.D.’s, nor is it true of any reputable econ/fin/soc program,

      3. I don’t disagree. But I think you are using the wrong words/definitions. I could get a PHD in engineering, but I will have to work harder than a natural genius. Also, I will most likely be picking a topic to do “research” on that won’t do anything. The truly ingenius conduct major research that often leads to one of a few things:
        1. A patent that produces a large scale business; like EPIC in Wisconsin.
        2. A breakthrough in science/learning; say something in Chemistry, like Lewis’s method for outlining molecules. Simple, but makes it easier to visualize, and is surprisingly complex.
        3. A revolutionary new technology. Say the personal computer, Steve Jobs, that does all of the above.
        I am not offended that I may not be the greatest intellect in the pond, how many of us are. However, I do think that PHD’s should be handed out with less frequency, and Masters degrees handed out more, allowing “technicians,” or “instructors” to be the more common professor if you will before you hit university.
        Classes at the elite level would be massive, but you would have a whole lot more people assisting in explaining the material. This could apply to all forms of education.

  5. Good article. The general opinion around here is that you shouldn’t go to college unless it’s for a narrow STEM degree, and things being the way they are I can agree with that, but the death of general education is a sad thing.

  6. You won’t find the truth in the West, especially in those Cultural Marxist laboratories called universities, because the pendulum has swung back from the Enlightenment back into religious intolerance- except this time the religion is of equality. Feminism, that ideology we at ROK hate so much, is but one order of this religion.
    Religion cares first and foremost about its doctrines, not about the truth.

    1. A major problem is that the same people that went to the indoctrination centers are also the same people that inhabit your social class especially at work. Almost all are equalists, republican and democrat alike. The tradcons might say on a political level all the right wing views but they act and I suspect believe in cultural Marxism in terms of social interaction. Double so in their views and treatment of women.
      I even try to actively tone down any red pill talk so I don’t stick out and I still get called out on shit that I didn’t even think was offensive. Many guys think ‘I’m out there’ for not being an enthusiastic mangina.

      1. It’s rough being an academic in the humanities and choosing the red pill. We exist, but right now we have to be careful about what we do.
        I feel like the climate is shifting ever do slowly however. For now my sharing of actual truth has to be subtle, because if I’m open and fired that is definitely not positive for young males. Our opportunities to teach correctly are coming.
        My 2 cents.

        1. Yes, it is not possible to speak frankly in academia without paying a terrible price. It’s why the work of Leo Strauss, especially his distinction between exoteric and esoteric speech, has become so important in contemporary intellectual life.
          I also agree with you that the wall is coming down. Theory has played out, there are no big “new” trends any more. People at elite institutions are often more concerned with showing off their high-mindedness than engaging in the pursuit of knowledge, because they believe they’re smarter than everyone else. Aside from a small number of true believers, many scholars I think are secretly fed up with how dull and predictable intellectual debates have become.

        2. Yup. I’m in a graduate program for Classics; it’s about thirty guys and seven girls, and all but 3 of the men are red pill guys. Half the girls are conservative and feminine, too; there’s only one loony-tunes progressive, and one who’s about halfway gone. We know that there’s nothing to be gained by being “out and proud” at the moment – none of us outright lie or deceive, we just know how to be tactful. We even get to write papers in line with our views without much trouble. If we just bide our time, then in twenty years who will be running the faculties at various universities?
          Disciplines vary, though. There are lots of dimwits in education, comparative literature, gendercatastrophe studies, etc., so perhaps universities will be in a state of civil war, soon.

        3. “Half the girls are conservative”
          Conservatives are no less loony than liberals. They both believe lies and buy into completely ridiculous theories and religions. Two sides of same coin.

        4. In this forum, the men know what I mean by “Conservative.” They understand as well as I do that a Rush-Limbaugh-listening, Sarah-Palin-supporting, Bush-loving Neo-con is not a Conservative.
          Here, when I say a woman is conservative, they know that I mean that in the true sense of the word: cleaving to the best elements of tradition (they are Catholics in a Classics department who still value gender roles and their particular feminine nature), while being able to deal with new problems from the standpoint of that accrued wisdom. They reject the jingoistic emotionalism that uses right-wing rhetoric to push a left-wing agenda. Neo-Cons are actually liberals, as anybody who looks at their policies or reads their authors (esp. Strauss) can tell: what is the substantive difference between the Bush administration and the Obama administration, other than that Obama is more candid about wealth redistribution and less candid about spying on us and murdering citizens without trial?
          So, yes, many “conservatives” fall prey to the “other side” of the coin, and fall for the same liberal-progressive garbage and emotion-based politics, under a false flag of Conservativism. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about actual Conservatism.

      2. You could start by stop calling Marxism something that is not. About “equality”: one thing is to demand everyone to be the same, another is to ask for the same opportunities and give the tools to everybody to try to take advantage of them (and then let them compete). I wish for a world where people can choose their trade, and that trade can be fulfilling, whatever might be.

        1. Well… that’s not how it works now is it? It is said that it will work the way you describe but it never does and never will, because the promise is part of the deception.

    2. You won’t find truth in corporations either. I don’t care if it’s Walgreens, Walmart, Kimberly Clark, JP Morgan Chase, or Intel. This has nothing to do with equality and everything to with the magic word: profit. Everything you might consider a ‘truth’ is sacrificed on the altar of profit.
      You don’t believe me, look at the altar of the rich: Wall Street. There is no truth, no ethics, in fact nothing is allowed to interfere with the holy profit. Never mind if the profit for the investor is illusory, as long as Wall Street receives a cut.

  7. Actually, bankers bought the Democrats, but it hardly matters. Everyone is bought and paid for by someone.
    The truths that may not be uttered in the West now compose such a long list that the man you hope for will have to spend a lifetime speaking them to even make a dent.

  8. All religion is bullshit, the Jews started monotheism and the Abraham based faith system , Christians made a sequel with a super Jew son of god, and Muslims completed the trilogy. I will not get into the straight to DVD shit the Mormons made, but it is worth mentioning because it is also bovine feces. the great thing about science is it is real even if you do not believe it . Fuck religion and the ignorance it fosters. For the record I believe in the Greek gods, at least my bullshit is older than yours.

    1. Traditional religions may be false, but their lessons are rooted in the truth of human nature, especially those found in the Bible.
      However you sound like a professional Atheist, so this will all go over your head, as your angry zealotry blinds you.

      1. It is human nature to murder your wife and children because Moses says so as you engage in warfare across the desert as he holds up his cane, listen to burning bushes, and have a pregnant wife whom claims to still be a virgin? You probably believe in politics too,that your vote really counts. Reality sucks lets call it atheism, you will not marry 35 year old single mothers lets call you a misogynist, don’t agree with my opinion or affirmative action you are a racist. See how that bullshit goes….

        1. None have greater faith than zealous atheists. Hubris to say you know for a fact, with absolute certainty what lies beyond the curtain of mortal life.
          Have you traveled the stars? Plumbed the depths of this earth even? Traveled through time?
          And don’t even try to invoke science as your core philosophy because nowhere in the scientific method is there presumptions about morality, afterlife etc. That is something beyond the scope of the scientific method but I usually get a good laugh when “atheists” try to use science to justify their massive faith based ideology.
          Perhaps you haven’t yet realized that advancements made in science and thought around the Enlightenment era and beyond were from men who believed in a higher power that created an orderly arrangement to the universe which was scientifically observable in the world. This actually gave way to much scientific inquiry.
          Pure atheism is the deadest of dead ends. By that ideology we can safely become whatever horror there is possible for the mind to conceive. Child rapists, animal fuckers, total psychos with no concept of morality or social contract. Nothing matters whatsoever. Just whatever your reptilian brain senses as pleasure/pain,
          You “feel” this way so it must be right and true. Well you have no right to be mad when someone else bigger and stronger “feels” like crushing your head in..

        2. And here is the opposite of atheism: That atheism excuses dishonorable behavior … that atheism leads to pedophilia and animal fucking?
          I am an atheist, and I do not need religion to threaten me and make me behave in a civilized manner.
          Your own bigotry is just as annoying as that of some atheist fanatic who gets bent out of shape when he sees a cross shaped memorial.

        3. @Kristophr:disqus
          Much of what is morality of the Atheist today is influenced by what Atheist decry as the false religion of Christianity.
          Atheism itself is absence of belief. Hence nihilism and humanism can both be atheist.
          From whence then does the humanist derive its ethics. What makes something right or wrong?
          Certainly I can give you an example from my religion. That all humans are made in the image of God. And hence I have no right to murder. Only God and the state that is invested with the sword to act as his instrument of vengeance is allowed to take life for the sake of Justice.

        4. I think what he had in mind was the Atheistic communist regimes of the 20th century when voicing his opinion.
          Certainly you may be more rational than the savages in the past. But certainly the savages in the past needed to have the threat of having their ass kicked in the afterlife if they misbehaved.

        5. Religion, money and law are bullshit made by other men to control you and enslave you. Pointing out the “good” religion has done is like pointing out Ted Bundy rescued a kitten from a shelter. If you need a book of Jewish fables to tell you how to behave so be it , but that is as silly as telling children Santa will put coal in their stocking.I do not rape ,murder and steal because I have empathy for my fellow man, not because of laws or religion.

        6. Another clueless unable to understand that the edifice of civilization is built upon “laws, tradition, religion” and things he considers bullshit. The truth is that even though such constructs have been abused by men to control another for centuries, without such constructs, patriarchy as well as civilization that provided you and your ilk with the ways to express your malcontent would have ben impossible.
          Whether you like it or not, your own value system is derived from your so hated Christianity, almost everything you considered good or wrong is derived from the set of beliefs espoused by that Jew that preached in the desert, beliefs that were systematized by solitary men from the “Dark Ages”. The dark and cruel godless regimes were just expressions of what a truly “godless” society would work a society in which “right and wrong” are determined by might.

        7. Are you implying that Abraham was an insane man with an imaginary friend who told him to murder his son and cut the end of his dick off and not a “profit”?
          Oh ye of little faith!
          Though I personally worship PAN THE GOAT GOD!!!!!!!!!

        8. Assuming they say “murder” instead of kill to allow for self defense and maybe even righteous war, but if that differentiation is made then why make an allowance for the state to “murder”, and why would a benevolent and merciful god want to “murder” ever?

        9. You are just another infant using identity politics like a soothing balm to assuage your fragile ego. “I am an atheist” You sound like an annoying homosexual that feels the need to let everyone around him know that he is a special gay little snowflake and is definitely more righteous than me or anyone else.
          You don’t need religion to make you behave civil huh? Well aren’t you the perfect neutered little puppy. Sounds like an arrogant teenager that has never had to work a hard day or experience one iota of struggle in his entire fucking life.
          I actually don’t consider myself religious…but more agnostic. That at the very least makes me more intellectually honest than you.
          You actually claim to know something with certainty without having any shred of proof. And by the way pal, the burden of proof is on YOUR ASS when you make claims like that.

      2. what exactly is a “traditional religion” ? does this definition include gods like thor, ganesh and zeus?
        you seem to be a partisan of the judeo or judeo-christian “god” – so let’s start with your robust defense of the holy bible.
        how can a rational person use the word “truth” to describe any of the absurd myths and despicable stories told in the hebrew scriptures? from benign nonsense (“let there be light”) to wanton genocide, slavery, and wrath…
        i am forever grateful to my parents for raising me in a secular household, permitting me to subsequently study all religious ideologies with the same passive impartiality.
        what troubles me about most people is that they carry primitive, tribal affiliations into adulthood. indeed while col. allen west is absolutely correct in his analysis of islam as being more than a man-made totalitarian ideology, he loses his personal credibility by spending his sundays worshiping another man-made deity.

    2. I’m religious and I can assure you I’m not ignorant. Atheists and/or non-believers are far to eager to paint everyone who has faith with far to broad a brush.
      Yes, some people have little critical thinking but my religion is a choice, not due to a lack of IQ.
      You seem a little bitter. That’s a shame.

      1. Believe whatever you wish that is your right, I disagree with you on this issue. Religion is a product of a lack of understanding and a tool of control of the masses.

        1. Agree with you totally. Organized religion is a very effective hierarchy with which to to channel resources/money/sex/populations.

        2. Perhaps. But at least the one I believe in I can testify has the greatest amount of evidence on its side.

        3. What a lot of people seem to have trouble with is accepting the difference between religion and belief, or the bible as subject to the human bias and interpretation from the council of Nicea some 300 years after the Bible’s content was created that it went through.

        4. Organized religion is, by and large, a waste of time. I believe in God, but I think that most religions are more of a “believe or burn in hell” thing more than “believe and together we will do good deeds.”

      1. Many alleged “atheists” promote a liberal social ideology and call that “atheism.” Yet they become angry when you point out that atheism has nothing to do with feminism. An atheist can support the patriarchal wisdom tradition because it has empirical evidence in its favor, given the ongoing depletion of our society brought about by feminism and women’s sexual freedom. But moderators of “atheist” forums like PZ Myers and Hemant Mehta will ban anyone who tries to argue for this.

        1. Exactly.
          The “atheist community” is in fact a “leftist community”. They just call it “atheism” because atheism is something you can defend properly.
          So they tie their liberal ideas together with atheism and unless no-one challanges them on this, they will win.

    3. All science is bullshit. Physicists believe in these things called “quarks,” which are little flavored particles that spin around and work like magic charms. Some of them think the universe is made up of tiny shoelaces tied together, though they admit that they have no evidence for this and have to take it on faith. Meanwhile, the chemists contradict the physicists and believe instead in little colored balls held together by sticks. Biologists believe monkeys can give birth to human beings. I will not get into the straight to DVD shit Einstein believed, but it is worth mentioning because it is also bovine feces. The great thing about God is that he is real even if you don’t believe in him. Fuck science and the ignorance it fosters. For the record I believe you can turn lead into gold, at least my bullshit is older than yours.

    4. I believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. No one so far has been able to disprove its existence. Or prove its existence. So seems perfectly fine for me to worship it’s holy noodly appendage.

      1. You fool, it is the flying lasagna octopus! You pray to the wrong pasta now you must die! When I see you in the kitchen you will pay for your choice of boiled starch warship! Lasagna is great!

        1. Noooo!!! I must repent my heretical thoughts. I shall now only worship the Flying Lasagna Octupus…praise be to its holy tentacles!!

    5. Fuck you bitch! I can kill you once but God will Burn you for ever motherfucker! Hey great news just got my conceal weapons card come see me we’ll talk. I live in the murder capital of the country look it up.
      Proverbs 1
      7 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
      8 My son, hear the instruction of thy father,
      and forsake not the law of thy mother:
      9 for they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck.

      1. If you live in Chicago your clip is limited to 15 rounds, unlike Tupac I can duck! Come at me bro!
        Reality 1
        1 there is no god and there never was
        2 see 1
        3 seriously see 1

        1. Chill, I’m not going after a homie. I was in Englewood this morning and dodged a few bullets myself.
          Do you believe that only matter exist?
          Do you believe in spirit?
          Are you an Atheist?

        1. Look Bro it don’t matter what I think, say or feel about you or if I forgive you or not; first off you didn’t do shit to me.
          This isn’t a game! Eternity is a terrible thing! see the link below @ the end:
          Psalm 52:
          1 Why boastest thou thyself in mischief, O mighty man? the goodness of God endureth continually.
          2 Thy tongue deviseth mischiefs;
          like a sharp razor, working deceitfully.
          3 Thou lovest evil more than good;
          and lying rather than to speak righteousness. Selah.
          4 Thou lovest all devouring words, O thou deceitful
          5 God shall likewise destroy thee for ever,
          he shall take thee away, and pluck thee out of thy dwelling place, and root thee out of the land of the living. Selah.
          6 The righteous also shall see, and fear,
          and shall laugh at him:
          7 lo, this is the man that made
          not God his strength; but trusted in the abundance of his riches, and strengthened himself in his wickedness.
          8 But I am like a green olive tree in the house of
          God: I trust in the mercy of God for ever and ever.
          9 I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast
          done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints.
          The good new is this:
          For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6
          Make sure you’re ready to face your maker Bro.
          I knew this dude Michael Dahlquist sold him a great condo; him and two of his buddies were on their way back from lunch and BOOM ETERNITY!!!!!

  9. Men, real men of conviction, no matter what that conviction may be have always spoke there minds. I’ll take a person with common sense over a “smart” person any day of there week.

    1. I have my complaints about “simple” people but honestly the people that “smarter” people look down on are usually pretty stable and good people, without the arrogance of “educated” people.
      I agree with you.
      I’ve seen well-educated people who were absolutely clueless when something as minor as a flat tired occurred. Something the average “country boy” wouldn’t even flinch at.

  10. One thing I’ve noticed is that those who have “book learning” (example: work in an academic field, those who have studied topics but never had to apply them) have a bit of a sense of entitlement and are a bit smug due to their knowledge. Haven’t we all known someone who made *absolutely sure* you knew their credentials? In some cases as if your opinion is less valid…
    But often they aren’t WISE. Wisdom is learned & earned. I have seen firsthand how lesser-educated people who have lived a hard life, worked in blue collar fields, or have had some small adventures in life are far more well-grounded than the “smarter” people who think they know so much.
    It’s interesting how much common sense a welder can show sometimes compared to say a college professor in the arts.
    I would say being “smarter” is not just about getting a degree, but being wise. Life’s a bitch & teaches hard, unforgettable lessons. No substitute for real-world experience!

    1. It’s not clear that blue collar people are any wiser. Rates of social dysfunction, eg bastardy, divorce and crime, are far higher among their ranks.

      1. Successful business people often become very street smart, if not necessarily wise. To make money, you have to learn to recognize liars, lunatics, thieves, incompetents and just generally stupid, potentially violent or dishonest people, and create workarounds so that they can’t screw up your operation.
        And then we wonder why they want to move into gated communities or other high-valued real estate to isolate themselves from the chuds.

    1. This phenomenon is nationwide, east coast west coast, right left, north south, urban suburban, doesn’t matter. That’s the beauty of monolithically meretricious media.

  11. You’re right on with the part about dissenting views. For my freshman seminar, I had a woman who was essentially a Marxist. She used Marxist sources and held up historical revisionism and political correctness as important and worthy. The last assignment of the year was to give a presentation on political correctness. Out of the 15 people in the class, 13 said that it was necessary. One woman even said that there was a “white male conspiracy” to dehumanize American Indians.
    I said that political correctness was unnecessary bullshit because of its relativistic nature. I also said that attempting to force people into a certain set of beliefs and methods because you’re afraid of offending someone is both totalitarian and wrong. About half the people looked like they wanted to kill me. My two friends said that they enjoyed it and that I had more balls than anyone else there. However, this one woman (I would say about a solid 7.5) was just eye fucking me throughout the entire presentation. It was the look of “holy shit, this guy is saying what he thinks and not giving in to social pressure.” I was expressing what I felt and doing it in a high-energy, positive way.
    The professor tried to knock down my remarks by saying “it’s always been offensive to do xyz,” but the damage was done. I destroyed what she had been trying to argue all semester. I ended the course with an A-.
    My only failure? I didn’t fuck the one who was eye fucking me. I realized that my game needed more work, and since I went on winter break, I’ve been learning more about game and the like.
    Was this being “red pill?” Yeah, it might have been. More accurately, however, I was being completely free-flowing and not really giving a fuck about what anyone in that class thought about me (very different from not knowing). To me, that’s the real “red pill.” Yeah, we can sit and argue about the deleterious effects of feminism all day, but the fact is that a lot of this “red pill” vs. “blue pill” stuff is useless. The truth is that you need to be free, say the shit you want to say and do the stuff you want to do.
    That’s why the article on living without apology was so fucking good.

  12. Try to mention any critique about the special class of society, the constant victims of the world and see every bit of your life being taken away from you. You could even get prison in some countries in Europe because of it, great times.
    Like Voltaire said: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

    1. Exactly and bravo Simon. The quote perfectly sums up how to seek the truth. The very fact that I can go to jail for criticizing a certain group or questioning the specifics about a certain historical event speaks volumes of who is in control and pulling the strings. And they continually point us in the direction of “evil” Muslims or “redneck and racist” Christians. Who else is tired of their constant bullshit???

  13. what i notice no matter what subject theres always a left and a right to the topic. Most of the people are crackpots that parrot on both sides that rely on the speaker to properly voice their opinions.

  14. America has a long history of anti-intellectualism in public life. Combine that with the ultra-pragmatism and vocation obsession of the Anglo culture and you produce a society where nobody really engages with anything remotely intellectual that is unrelated to work.
    Australia is the same. This country is full of dumbfuck rednecks that don’t know their ass from their elbow.
    Europe has its problems but it is easier to find good conversation there.

    1. Yes, I’ve found this to be true. I keep on meaning to read the book ‘anti-intellectualism in American life’ based on the title alone.
      The late traditionalist Lawrence Auster wrote a bit about how Anglos have a profound fear and distrust of philosophy, and that prevents them from having a comprehensive understanding of certain phenomenon. For example, a lot of Anglos write off political correctness as ‘liberalism run amok’ or some such thing when it is in fact the opposite, it is very much liberalism taken to its logical conclusion. The Anglo approach has been an asset where the truth can only be determined empirically – but that doesn’t hold for every domain of human endeavor. Where truth must be arrived at through other means, eg deductively, as that analysis of political correctness does, the Anglo distrust of analysis fails miserably.

    2. Strong disagreement here. What you call anti-intellectualism is only in part what you claim or think it is. The other part is simply anti-leftism.
      There is a *lot* more variety of ideology in America than there is in Germany, were I come from. There is no comparison.
      When it comes to Christians, America is an outright museum of thought. You can talk to Amish or Calvinists who still talk like their forefathers did in the reformation.
      You have the most crazy leftists and the most bizarre racist Nazis.
      And of course you have about any religion and ideology that this world knows represented by immigrants and converts in substantial numbers in the US.
      Compared to the US, it looks as if every German has the same world-view.

      1. But whether they know what they are talking about is a different matter. There is a lot of political division in the U.S, but so much of it is concentrated on shallow identity politics.
        Politics seems more trivial in America than Europe in my view, or at least compared to the European countries i have lived in. e.g Greece, France, Holland etc.
        Germans definitely have a strong pragmatic streak. That’s what Max Weber was writing about in the early 20th century.

  15. The triumph of Islam is a historical inevitability. With its embrace of polgyny and male dominance, Islam is a masculine religion, unlike Judaism or Christianity, and is impervious to feminism. Judaism is inherently matriarchal and produces bad ideas like feminism and Marxism. Christianity at its core is pacifist religion that is easily co-opted by both feminism and Marxism, as is evidenced by Pope Francis, who actually follows Christ’s example and is therefore anathema to right wingers in America who have tried to re-imagine Jesus into a modern capitalist, which the Gospels show is ridiculous. Ayn Rand was correct — Jesus was a socialist and his teachings are incompatible with capitalist values.
    But Prophet Muhammad was a a successful businessman and Islam has always been friendly to trade. The Hajj pilgrimage is set up to encourage global trade and exchange of ideas and goods. It also prohibits usury, the banking principle upon which the entire shaky Western financial system has been erected by (Jewish) bankers and which is now collapsing under its own parasitic nature.
    Allen can say whatever he wants out of loyalty to a false ideal of what Judeo-Christianity is about. The truth is Islam matches masculine values and will be the only system left standing in the West when the Judeo-Christian culture collapses over the course of the next century.
    And, for the record, the vast majority of Muslims rejected 9-11. It violates Islamic rules of law, which prohibits killing noncombatants. There is no such prohibition in the Bible. The Torah/Old Testament glorifies genocide against the Canaanites and others, with no mercy shown by the Hebrews even to the babies of their enemies. That kind of extremism is rooted in the feminized thinking of the Bible writers, whose hypergamous instincts called for complete annihilation of their competitors, rather than Islam which wisely incorporates other religions into its cultures as People of the Book and absorbs their wisdom, rather than seek to destroy them.
    Islam is the future, no mater how hard you choose to lie to yourselves.

    1. I left the Catholic Church a long time ago, and flirted with Lutheranism because of the old Prussian militaristic appeal of it (I looked for some vestige of the old masculine militant Christianity) and can tell you without a doubt all of mainstream Modern Christianity (save for Eastern Orthodoxy) is corrupted to the core. Vatican II which was as Catholic as a tumor on Lenin’s ass ruined the Church while political mainstream liberalism subverted Protestantism to that of women priests, homosexual “marriages” and political correctness. Frankly, I want nothing to do with Christianity. I am Christian at heart, but organized Christianity, the real soul of it, was destroyed a long time ago. If Islam does take over the West which would seem inevitable at this point due to the low birth rates of whites because of institutionalized feminism, then women will lament the day Christianity, real Christianity was ever destroyed.
      The one religion that strictly without any caveats, prohibited man’s promiscuity by ecclesiastical law will be no more. Christianity tied prime alphas to one woman through a monogamous marriage. Christianity did more for the ungrateful Western woman than any other religion on this planet, and the thanks it got was corrupted feminist movements to destroy it, movements funded by corrosive groups inside the belly of the West who weren’t necessarily all that interested in seeing real Christianity survive; and one of those groups WEREN’T Muslims. Islam by the very nature of it, is impervious to feminism and an excellent buffer to it as well. Islam however radical its doctrines are never truly exhibited the blatant racism Christianity once did (which is why it’s so pervasive amongst so many different races of people) and the very nature of it is Patriarchal. Indeed a soft, benevolent Patriarchy governed the West when Christianity did away with the old pagan European religions.
      It breaks my heart to admit it, but I can see Islam supplanting whatever bullshit this is, these plebeians today call “Christianity.” Would I join an Eastern Orthodox Church? No. Why? Because the Orthodox Church is extremely ethnically sectarian, one reason why Western Catholicism trumped them as a “brand” globally. You have the “Russian Orthodox Church,” and the “Greek,” “Ukrainian” etc… This ethnic denotation is not a good way to make it spread amongst alien cultures, because it no one will ever be Russian, Greek or Ukrainian and will always feel like the outsider. Islam as religious brand is poised to dominate the planet. Western Catholicism ante-Vatican II was a great answer for Westernized peoples, but now it’s just a matter of when and how.

      1. It may well be the case that either Western liberalism / cultural Marxism or Islam will dominate the world in the future. But that is a defaitist position that I believe few here are happy with.
        Even though we may oppose liberalism, we are still thankful for our open society and for the great scientific progress we are making. And we know what a terrible track record Islam has when it comes to freedom and scientific discovery (for the last eight hundred years). Only a few sexually frustrated Western teenagers could truly long for a Muslim society in America or Europe. But a liberal, atheist society will only fragment further and foster despair and an ever increasing flight from reality into virtual entertainment.
        We may never in the foreseeable future again have a monolithic, conservative, reasonably tolerant and free society, but there is still some hope. The clever Jews are probably chartering a goood way, in that they are betting on two horses simultanteously: liberalism and strict orthodoxy. In Christianity we have had, and still to some extent have, the monasteries as spiritual powerhouses and keepers of ancient faith.
        To be able to resist despair and not to fall for the easy temptations of liberalism and Islam, we need both a free, open society AND some nuclei and beacons of faith – people in smaller communities determined to live a spiritual life of counter-culture, which will be sign of hope to people in our society. Don’t give up on our Western culture and go with the easy alternatives of dictatorship of the market or ruthless religion. That is not the way of masculine men.

      2. …..ALMOST became a Mormon, cuz they seem to keep the pimp hand HIGH and STRONG!

    2. How is Judaism a matriarchal religion? Judaism in its traditional form is incredibly patriarchal. Women cannot serve as clergy or witnesses; Jewish men literally thank God every day that they were not born a woman. That modern Ashkenazi Jews are kind of whipped is true, but that’s not Judaism per se.
      And interest is the rent you pay for money.

      1. One thing I like about Jews is that they keep that shit to themselves.No billboards about Moses loves you, no one preventing work from Friday sundown until Saturday,no aggressive recruitment whatsoever. Christians should take note.

        1. We’re forbidden from doing so. As I said above, although I’m technically Jewish, I consider most organized religion to be a waste of time.

        2. Also Jewish. Take note, Judaism is a religion as well as “a people”, before nation-states were invented. I am part of the Jewish people, I am NOT a Zionist (meaning, somebody that thinks that Israel should be a “Jewish Nation” and not a nation of all its citizens including Jews, Christians and Muslems and the rest), and I am not religious. Also, I am Israeli (which has a lot of nice and intelligent people inside its borders), Argentinean, and also hold a Polish passport.

        3. If I was Jewish I would be in Israel fighting for my shit.I am black and they only enslaved us, they tried to exterminate you. Y’all won a war and and are surrounded by people who wish to kill you.For you not to be a Zionist is admirable ,because in your position it would be difficult for me to be so understanding to other faiths.Considering your world view,perhaps I am a little in awe of your ability to forgive those who would seek to do you harm. You are more “Christ like” than these so called Christians. Your empathy is admirable.

        4. Thank you for all the things you said, but reality is a lot more subdued. Palestinians do not have a problem with every Jewish person. In fact, I know many Jewish and Palestinian (both Israeli and not Israeli) that are friends. Not many couples though (that one issue is difficult). It is difficult to believe, but it is not a religious conflict at all. It is about territory, control of the land.

    3. Some good points Rhett. However, there is no such thing as Judeo-Christian culture — it’s either one or the other as they are completely incompatible and at odds. The person we call “Jesus” chased the money lenders out of the temple and set their sacrificial goats free from the pens and the J-tribe has sought revenge and destruction ever since. Read the Talmuds (both the Babylonian and Jerusalem editions are translated into English on the web) for a real eye opener of what Judaism / Cabalism really is. Read and then judge for yourself — it certainly changed my worldview about 6-7 years ago.

  16. Well the problem is that West is full of shit and was likely paid to say that, as was the person who asked the question… “I paused for the boos for Helen Thomas.” Give me a fucking break — like West pulled all those dates out of his head at a moment’s notice. You can even see him looking down at some notes in order to answer this supposed “unexpected question.” Total prescripted bullshit. Old Helen Thomas has more balls than every Marine in that rehearsal hall and she told it the way it is: our enemy is Israel and all the rabid Zionists who have invaded and sabotaged Western culture, particularly the USA. If you blame it all on the Muslims and think that all the turmoil in the Middle East is due to Islam, than you’re pretty stupid, even if you are reading this otherwise enlightening site. The author of this article needs to include himself on his own list, but as usual, the REAL truth is too politically incorrect and makes cowards of little people who like to think of themselves as truthseekers.

  17. Wow, look at the body language: 1:53, as soon as he starts laying it down, the old farts on either side of him literally recoil, distancing themselves.

    1. Yup, it’s a fine demonstration of cowardice. It’s not that they think he is wrong, but as you said, they are deathly afraid of being associated with someone like that.
      (This part isn’t directed at you) As for whether West is correct or not, it’s irrelevant to the point I was making – it’s more about the phenomenon of a man telling what people suspect and fear to be true, and how others respond.

  18. Going to college in the U.S. was like four years of flying coach from Fresno to Oklahoma City.

  19. After one year of reading this site, this post might be the truest of all. But let’s face it, a part of the problem is that we generally believe every human being has, or at least SHOULD have, the right to self-determination and the right to earn one’s keep… and so all but the strongest among us are paralyzed in the face of people arguing for and demanding what they call “equality” when what is painfully obvious by any outside perspective is that they are demanding the right to dominate without accountability.

  20. “refine uranium into fissile plutonium”
    Dude … no. The production of plutonium from uranium can in no way be considered “refining”. Plutonium is a different element than uranium, and produced through a series of nuclear reactions. “Converting” would be a better term, and the “fissile” modifier seems a bit like gilding the lily.
    Not trying to piss on your parade, but it just looks silly to bag on people for being intellectually incurious while fumbling the reference.

  21. A couple of points. First, non-technical education at this point is largely bad for the individual and definitely bad for society. People spend years of the most productive part in their lives getting degrees in crazy talk. Really this is just high end baby sitting. And women are generally the worst offenders in this regard, as it allows them to compete with men without actually having to produce anything. They all get most of the crazy talk degrees out there as well. The worst nightmares of both the 19th and 20th centuries all came directly out of the academy. And generally from the soft sciences.
    However, my next comment is directly aimed at the atheists out there. You are simply wrong. The technology to explore divinity is well know and highly effective. And has been for the length of recorded history. Your outright cowardice and ignorance on this issue is telling. Also, the worst murderers of the 20th century were all officially atheist regimes. Become adults, get over yourselves and get with reality.

  22. “When you’d say something controversial, and it was logically convincing, they would fall silent. They knew what you were saying was taboo – but they couldn’t prove you wrong. Or they may have even sensed that you were right – but your position was so taboo they had to stay silent. They wouldn’t give your argument an honest look, lest they become convinced and believe something different from everyone else.”
    Ah, yes, The Snub (a.k.a “Liberal debate”)– you know you’ve made a point when they’re struck dumb and your supposed to feel ashamed as so ignorant/wrong it should be painful. The Snub, however, doesn’t chastise as much as it reflects: Nyah, Nyah, it won’t exist if I don’t dignify it with a response! (And libtards feel they’re mature…)

    1. That’s because it is a taboo.A taboo is one of those things, usually in a religion, that certain things are forbidden to discuss or mention for fear of being punished by the gods. It’s like a J-w not saying or writing the word G_d, it is forbidden. In our society we also have secular taboos and we probably have more than the people that we think of as “primitive”. In real life I’ve never used the word ni__ger because it’s just vulgar and there’s no reason to go about offending people who are sensitive to the word. But with a lot of people who have been conditioned today the very word is taboo where even if they said the word aloud where no one could hear it they would worry about a bolt of lighting hitting them or something lol And in all of these taboos whether religious or secular there also seem to be some people either the priests of the religion or rappers who are exempt from the taboo.

      1. Then it’s taboo to point out left/liberal hypocrisy and/or where their point is wrong (i.e., is back-assward, doesn’t work or is just plain destructive/unhealthy, etc.). Of course, integrity and/or admitting error is “racist” and must be crushed today… especially if it’s some conservative ignoramus making the observation that must not be dignified.

  23. I think only the positive morals(modesty[with friends not for game], belief in the femininity of women, and pursuit of knowledge) should be taken out of Islam as well as other religions. Some traditionalist viewpoints are true wisdom, but religious fanaticism is counter productive( this includes atheist bashing of religion). I think we as humans need to take the best out of everything and uphold truth by getting rid of political correctness. Isn’t the whole point of the red pill self improvement and understanding the hard truths of the world?

    1. If you want the truth then you’re going to have to follow the religion of St. John and his three apostles, Ringo, Paul and George :o)

  24. Thank you for this. I needed to hear that.
    You might be interested in this:
    I suppose Unis have become cookie-cutter employee factories. I too was disappointed at the homogeneity of the supposedly smart people around me. They’re overwhelmingly Left wing too, this is never considered a problem and that’s why they’re decaying structures – they thrive on conflict.
    The only way I survived is spending more time reading AROUND the reading lists than on it – some professors didn’t even try, one lecturer had a list where all but one study in the field was his own and another outright told us NEVER to read The Bell Curve and take his word as gospel it was wrong and EVIL. He didn’t actually trust us to make up our own minds on the evidence.

    1. Well, to be fair with the dude “The Bell Curve” is indeed evil, but he should read the book aloud while stating his criticism, at least a few bits.

  25. Political correctness is the belief that it’s possible to pick up a turd from the clean end. And it’s ruining western civilization.

  26. I like the article, and completely agree with the taboo aspect of America, but I’m not as keen on the university aspect that you reference. Perhaps we had significant differences when it came to our university experiences, or you just needed a good segue for the latter part of the article, but there are still pockets of intellectually stimulating groups within universities. Within fraternities, business school students, and a small group of lecturers or professors who, I guess you could call were red pill, I found individuals in these groups that significantly enhanced my university experience.

    1. What school did you go to? I want to go there because my college experience was a disaster. Feminists and minorities run the show and if you dissent your grades will suffer. The environment in modern public university academia made me say fuck it and drop out.

      1. Matt – I went to a big ten university, but I also spent time at Oberlin college, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

    2. I think we’re saying the same thing – you focus on a palatable shadowy minority, and I on the general body of students.
      And while I met a lot of people who would hear me out and superficially consider what I was saying, they would not change their minds out of fear of violating taboos. They didn’t much disagree with what you said, but agreeing would take them to an area they couldn’t tolerate being associated with. They might agree to certain statements whose logical conclusions, or policies based on those conclusions, they lacked the spine to advocate.

      1. Palatable indeed. Like any ROK reader though, we understand that when dealing with a large quantity of people, be it a group, organization, or university, there will always be a small minority that aligns with traditional masculine morals and beliefs. Though it’s up to the that individual to seek out that group and become apart of it, lest they be lost in the ‘general body of students.’

  27. An excellent article that I wish I’d penned myself. You have elucidated my feeling that have been roiling beneath the surface of my thoughts since 2004.

  28. Two Ideas:
    I. In most high schools and colleges that one person who wants to ask questions and stimulate classroom discussions is frowned upon. Students roll their eyes and start snickering. Usually it’s a disheveled neck beard or pretentious “intellectual.” Most of us are probably guilty of doing that too. Most of the time people just want to get the hell out of the classroom. From discussions, I’ve gathered that generally only in small advanced classes and some particular universities is there an open exchange. Another problem is most students know that their teachers are leftist but don’t want to dissent because they think by speaking their minds their grades will tampered with. I am not defending these positions but bringing them to light.
    II. From the 48 Laws of Power, Law 38, “Think as you Like, but Behave like others” When you make your opinion stated, some people will inevitably think you are flaunting or courting attention. Due to their own ignorance, they naturally feel inferior. From my own experience, there are only about 1-3 friends you can discuss your original or philosophical ideas with who can also reciprocate. Some will listen and act interested but either don’t stimulate the conversation or hold your views against you later. In this day and age, if you seek power, keeping your unconventional ideas to yourself is wiser. But Goldstein I agree that in the true university setting there has to be discussion and growth or else it’s just programming and not knowledge seeking. Also remember that the current zeitgeist is “preparing for jobs” and not the “antiquated” notion of the liberal education

  29. Two Ideas:
    I. In most high schools and colleges that one person who wants to ask questions and stimulate classroom discussions is frowned upon. Students roll their eyes and start snickering. Most of us are probably guilty of doing that too. Usually it’s a disheveled neck beard or hipsters that want to be rebels and not the young men who have researched on their own or cultivated their own wisdom. Most of the time people just want to get the hell out of the classroom. From discussions, I’ve gathered that generally only in small advanced classes and some particular universities is there an open exchange. Another problem is most students know that their teachers are leftist but don’t want to dissent because they think by speaking their minds their grades will tampered with. I am not defending these positions but bringing them to light.
    II. From the 48 Laws of Power, Law 38, “Think as you Like, but Behave like others” When you make your opinion stated, some people will inevitably think you are flaunting or courting attention. Due to their own ignorance, they naturally feel inferior. From my own experience, there are only about 1-3 friends you can discuss your original or philosophical ideas with who can also reciprocate. Some will listen and act interested but don’t stimulate the conversation. In this day and age, if you seek power, keeping your unconventional ideas to yourself is wiser. But Goldstein I agree that in the true university setting there has to be discussion and growth or else it’s just programming and not knowledge seeking. Also remember that the current zeitgeist is “preparing for jobs” and not the “antiquated” notion of the liberal education

  30. There’s a great song By Frank Zappa “I Am The Slime”, that talks all about it Boys, check it out:
    //: Bbmaj7th / Cm7th F13b9 ://
    (Sick guitar Solo)
    I am gross and perverted
    I am obsessed and deranged
    I have existed for years
    But very little has changed
    I am the tool of the government
    And industry too
    For I am destined to rule
    And regulate you
    I may be vile and Punieous
    But you can’t look away
    I make you think I’m delicous
    With the stuff that i say
    I’m the best you can get
    Have you guessed me yet?
    I’m the slime oozing out
    From your T.V. set
    You will obey me while I lead you
    And eat the garbage that I feed you
    Until the day that we dont need you
    Don’t go for help noone will heed you
    You’re mind is totally controlled
    It has been stuffed into my mold
    And you will do as you are told
    Until the rights to you are sold
    Thats right folks dont touch that dial
    Well I am the slime from your video
    Oozing along on your living room floor
    I am the slime from your video
    Can’t stop the slime
    People look at me go
    I am the slime from your video
    Oozing along on your living room floor
    I am the slime from your video
    Can’t stop the slime
    People look at me go
    (Another sick guitar solo)

  31. ” let each of us make a choice: Whether consciously, to remain a servant of falsehood-of course, it is not out of inclination, but to feed one’s family, that one raises his children in the spirit of lies-or to shrug off the lies and become an honest man worthy of respect both by one’s children and contemporaries.”
    Interestingly I chose to refuse to participate in the web of lies that I had believed and to speak the truth…which is why my second book was called The Truth Be Told.
    Sadly, very few men are willing to speak the truth.
    And an american lecturing about Islam and claiming the muslims are a bit warlike and like to conquer through force of arms? A black man being a black pot calling a black kettle black me-thinks.
    A man, black, white, red or yellow in the USA can be incarcerated based on the lie of a woman. Maybe those on the panel might like to consider securing THAT little bit of freedom in the US republic before they go and kill innocent men, women and children in foreign lands.

  32. EG,
    “I came to college hoping to be engaged intellectually, among fellow students.”
    That’s pretty hopeful. At university I found that there was absolutely no interest in expanding ones mind past the rather obvious chemicals that are so popular. And I even did a philosophy major! LOL!!
    When I was 21 I was doing a year long course called Epistemology and Metaphysics. For laymen it is the study of the question “what is it possible to believe and still be considered rational.” That sort of thing. Because it is possible to believe anything.
    I was having a bit of a sleep as I usually did in class when the professor asked me for my opinion. I told him that he probably didn’t want my opinion and perhaps it was better for me not to share it. That, of course, intrigued him. So he pressed me again. I said words to the effect that we must accept that it is possible to believe anything at all, even totally contradictory ideas, otherwise we would be forced to call all women irrational and insane because women were perfectly capable of believing things that they know to be false and know to be contradictory to the facts or other beliefs they held.
    Of course the women in the class immediately got “upset” and started calling me names. I mean we are in an epistemology class and they think calling me names like a 5 year old is something they should do?! LOL!! Does that not say it all.
    I went on to recite a series of examples and the women had nowhere to go. I had noticed as a lad that my mother and aunts would often say things that were totally contradictory with absolute earnest belief. I wondered why they did it and I just figured they were not very intelligent if they could not figure such things out themselves…which turned out to be correct.
    And look at women now? Women absolutely believe the most totally rubbish ideas and repeat them like a mantra.
    “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”
    “A woman can do anything a man can do”
    “Men and women are equal”
    “Gender is a social construct”
    These things are LAUGHABLY false and are proven false every day. A 5 year old boy knows these things are false. And how many women repeat those 4 things like they are the GODS OWN TRUTH?
    If women, after 40 years of feminism, have not denounced these laughably false statements then we must conclude women are able to hold provably false ideas as true. If we call them irrational or insane they can not be held accountable for their actions, which they are not anyway today.
    So we have to call women sane and rational despite the fact they can believe these sort of falsehoods….and that they will attack any man who points out these are falsehoods.

  33. Don’t ever mention Mises or Rothbard or the Austrian school to the dumb ass MBA’s. They ‘just know’ that the gold standard never worked and the Federal Reserve or central bank is so important. And don’t forget inflation is always good though I’m always at a loss to understand why I would want to be able to buy less in the future with any savings I might gain.
    Funny that what is left of capitalism and the free market can be provide with thousands of products to choose from but somehow can’t provide with what I would like to use as money.

    1. If you don´t understand why moderate inflation is not bad you should refresh your courses or read a little outside them. Start by reading some history of economic thought. I like “The Worldly Philosophers” for that purpose.
      Basically, moderate inflation is a symptom of strong demand. If you have deflation or zero inflation over a long period, you have a big problem (starting with country-busting unemployment).

      1. I’m pretty sure he was being rhetorical when he said he wondered why inflation might be a good thing.
        If I was the government and the printing press was at my hands it’s pretty obvious why I would then believe inflation might not be so bad. If I print this money for all my government dependent suckers, it’s also natural that they might not find inflation so bad too.
        But I’m sure many philosophers have come up with nicer sounding explanations, probably involving saving the children and defeating cancer.

  34. You cannot refine one element into another. Uranium and Plutonium are different elements,
    #92 and 90, respectively. Refining is the process of removing
    impurities but the process you are referring to, and the word you want
    to use, is transmutation. Uranium can be transmuted into plutonium,
    yes. It cannot be refined to do so. If you refine uranium you get more
    pure uranium.

  35. Having intellectual pursuits and curiosity isn’t “cool”. Aspiring to be a well rounded individual isn’t “cool”. Maybe it once was, but for as long as I’ve been alive it’s “cool” to not care about history, the natural world, philosophy, etc…

  36. Well, Emmanuel, I suspect I may be barking up the wrong tree on account of your name, but I’ll tell you what I discovered: join the Catholic Church.
    Or, at least, find the traditional Catholic thinkers on campus and hang out with them. I have found that these are practically the last “real people” left. Amongst the Catholics in our Classics department, I find that I can have conversations across a wide variety of topics. Things are not always religious. We can talk about music, art and literature; we can talk about scotch, beer and wine (and good coffee and tea!); we can talk about philosophy and religion; we can talk about nature and the great outdoors. We can talk about politics and justice.
    I will emphasize “traditional Catholic thinkers,” because of course there are lots of “Catholic thinkers” that are completely indistinct from progressive atheist “thinkers,” and lots of “traditional Catholics” that are neo-Con drones like Rick Santorum. But I have found that traditionally-minded, thinking Catholics on campus – usually in Law, Classics or the Sciences (or Medieval/Renaissance studies, if you have any on campus) – are by far the people with the deepest and broadest sense of culture and humanity… and, moreover, in a way that avoids being nerdy or oddly super-religious. I was once an atheist, became a “born-again” Christian in my late teens, joined the Orthodox Church in my mid-twenties, and am now coming into Catholicism.
    Runners up are the occasional Conservative Jews and Orthodox Christians, though both groups often have some very odd personalities; most men on University campuses are complete betas, but you’ll find some real men in the Sciences and in the only two legitimate humanities disciplines: Classics and Law. Otherwise, I find that most men who work with their hands or run their own businesses, college-educated or not, tend to be smart guys with an healthy range of human interests.

    1. I didn’t interact with Catholic organizations much, but the Intercollegeiate Studies Institute judging by their materials was one of the better conservative college organizations. A few Catholics are also big fans of G.K. Chesterton, a great conservative.

  37. People should have a look at the Talmud, And The Protocols of Elders of Zion as well. It’s good to have a balanced perspective, right?

  38. You can find some semiotic history of America’s love affair with anti-intellectualism in Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”.
    Of course, it didn’t help that Ichabod Crane tried to go Intellectual Alpha with a stupid American chick with “ample tracts of land”, although once he got the message in supernatural form, he didn’t waste any time vacating the scene …
    There might not have been any shame in his game — he simply chose to waste time with a hypergamous, neotenous American chick who wanted to be entertained.

  39. My son went to UC-Berkeley and got a BS in economic history. He took one class on utopian communities and failed.
    Why? He had lived with an ex-girlfriend in one of the hippie commune remnants for a year and knew how they really played out. He made the mistake of telling it like it is on a major paper.

      1. It was an anomaly in any case as he had an impressive GPA.
        Interesting that you’re so confident when you have NO knowledge of the situation. The ignorant should be more circumspect as a matter of policy.

  40. Trust a Jew to suggest that ‘everyone’ thinks that ‘Islam’ inherently advises its followers to try to ‘conquer the West’ as an example. Allan Wests rant is pure paranoia and Judo-propaganda, and his skewed opinions are as accurate and valid as stating that the Brits and French with the help of USA are on a crusade to conquer to holy land (even though there is more circumstantial evidence to support the latter).
    Attention manosphere Asians, Africans, Europeans, Middle-easterners, Latin-Americans and all else, it’s only a matter of time before this site gets hijacked by Pro-Israel, leftist Jews, the same people who were responsible for flooding America with leftist radical Khazars from the Soviet Union, who introduced feminism to America in the first place (culture of critique – Macdonald). I’m not an ethnocentric or religious radical, but the facts speak for them self.

  41. What bullshit. Bin Laden told us why he attacked us. It was because we based troops in Saudi Arabia and our support of Israel’s ethno-religious supremacist campaign of colonization and ethnic cleansing in Palestine. Of course this doesn’t mean that Islam doesn’t have imperial ambitions and doesn’t have a war making past, or that Sharia isn’t a system of governance and religion, it just means we would not have been attacked by Bin Laden if we hadn’t put troops in Saudi Arabia to pretect them from Saddam Hussein.
    Funny how fundo Christians like West, a smart, courageous men, are so up on ancient history but never manage to actually state the facts of our immoral and idiotic interventions in the Islamic world since we overthrew Mousadegh in Iran, with the Brits, in 1954. Please, do get facts. As for the author of this article, this is an uncomfortable truth for you I bet – I’m glad to educate you on the past 60 years in any forum you’d like. Including right here. Stop peddling Zionist agit prop, it’s boring, debunked and disgusting.

  42. Exactlly the same story.
    Emmanuel, you’re so good in descriebing dumbness of the most of people.
    In my everyday life I talk with people around me about stupid, trivial, ordinary topics while I’m actully very, very bored. I made decision to study political sciences just because that field of social studies include so many diverse stuff. I regret. I thought that this is the place where I can meet REAL intelectuals, people who think with their own heads. What a disappointment! Even if they know something from some field of knowledge, they use it as status simbol and nothing more than that. Conformity is prevailing human trait. We are plain ready to be slaughtered. Those who attend coledges (and especilly liberal art coledges such is, a in certain sense, mine) are mostly mindless prunks and sheeples who can’t see far from their noses, hungry for social status and peer admiration at any cost. Too bad, bro.

  43. in academia, especially the higher up you go, you’ll find mostly book smarts, not street smarts.

  44. Duh! You don’t ‘refine’ plutonium from uranium. You transmute uranium into plutionium in a nuclear breeder reactor. Where did you get this ‘masculine desire to know for knowing’s sake’ and ‘there were the philistines – principally girls – who’d say “how do you even know this?!”’ crap? What a bunch of self serving contradictory horse pucky. Worst case of adolescent testosterone poisoning I ever saw.

  45. Robert kiosaki talked about this in rich dad poor dad. All academia is good for is getting to be so specialized in some very narrow field. Colleges espouse to opening up minds but only opening them up to the professors ideals.

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