The Time Is Right For Traditional Sex Roles To Return

I’m proud to announce the launch of Traditional Sex Roles week. For the next seven days, we will be offering you over a dozen articles that explore the societal benefits and implications of having traditional sex roles.

What Are Traditional Sex Roles?

In the most simplest terms, it is when men are masculine and women are feminine. Nature (or god) gave men a unique set of strengths and weaknesses while giving women a different set of strengths and weaknesses. Traditional sex roles allows both sexes to logically maximize their strengths in ways that benefit both the individual and society. Let’s look at some simple examples:

  • Which sex, thanks to a stronger nurturing component, makes for better nurses and caretakers?
  • Which sex, thanks to a superior analytical faculty, makes for better engineers and programmers?
  • Which sex, thanks to its predisposition for accumulating power and resources, makes for better nation builders, state leaders, and executives?
  • Which sex, thanks to a more innate ability at nesting and maintaining the hearth, makes for better home caretakers?
  • Which sex, due to its greater desensitization to fear, is better suited to take large risks?
  • Which sex, due to having a minuscule fluid contribution to the breeding process, is better suited at having a larger number of sexual partners?
  • Which sex, due to having to risk its life through a 9-month gestation period, is better suited to monogamy?

Despite what modern progressives may attempt to brainwash us to believe, the answer to any of the above with “both sexes” is incorrect and dishonest. While we can take a baby girl at birth and raise her to be a Spartan warrior with immense effort and investment, it will be ten times easier to make her an accomplished mother instead. There are limitations placed within our genetics that make the pursuit of another sex’s innate advantages an exercise in futility.

This does not mean a man can’t be good nurse, for example, but unless he has some type of predisposition to caretaking, nothing is proved by forcing him to undertake such a role. The same logic holds by pushing non-analytically inclined woman into a field like physics, where she will waste university and societal resources before inevitably dropping out to become a housewife, something she was inclined to do from the start.

Why Are Traditional Sex Roles Important?

They are the glue that holds society together. Consider that the “equality” regime has been in place for less than 50 years, a blink of an eye in the course of human existence. Up to the feminist revolution, having roles based on traditional fabric was wildly successful is allowing humans to colonize the Earth via the mechanism of a nuclear family. Equality beliefs have not proved that it is any way superior for humans, and if plummeting birth rates among Western nations are any indication, it may be a principal contributor to the relative cultural decline of the West behind those nations—particularly in the Middle East—who retain their traditional sex roles and out-breed those who don’t. In other words, feminists on Tumblr will have a decreasing audience for their social justice rantings while women in the Middle East are busy filling their home with children that propagate their own culture and way of life.

But who cares about society? Will it really affect you if birth rates plummet in America? Probably not, but if you take a minute to zoom in on the individual level, the eradication of traditional sex roles is clearly harming both sexes. Happiness surveys show that Western women are unhappier than ever, even if they have a lucrative office job or own an iPhone that provides then with nonstop entertainment and thirsty suitors. It turns out that brainwashing them to live the program of a man by achieving a career and accumulating lots of money has not made them better off.

At the same time, men are finding that their traditional strength of being a provider is becoming associated with loserdom. The resulting punishment is either no sex or a relationship with a woman who had dozens of sexual partners beforehand, with a 50% chance of her filing a YOLO divorce. Such an unforgiving assault on traditional masculinity is leaving men confused, frustrated, and unsure of their place in society. In the past, a man could marry a good woman from not much more than having a good job. He could come home to a wife who prepares his cigar and whiskey beverage while cooking a homemade meal. But not anymore. Women, now trained to act like men, are too busy with their own jobs to care about dedicating themselves to a man. Instead, they seek out aloof cads for hedonistic pleasure while the provider men become addicted to videos game or porn.

The Eradication Of Traditional Sex Roles Is Great For Players

Some men are sexually cashing in on these times. I look at myself, a man who has fornicated with a huge pile of women, most of them within hours of meeting. Could I have done this in the 1950s? Probably not. But even in spite of the ease which I was able to lay American women in Washington DC (after years of game training), it turns out that brainwashing women to act like men with little dicks does not make them pleasant to have as girlfriends who you can trust. So yes, I banged a lot, but where’s the connection? Where’s the pair bonding? My relationships in America were ultimately unsatisfying.

Every player will tell you that indiscriminate banging does lose its luster after a few years, and when it does, this man would be a fool to settle down with a woman who can order an artisanal burrito with her smartphone app but not remove mold from her bathroom tile or cook a healthy meal. Thankfully, I’ve had the economic means to escape America to pursue mini-relationships in foreign countries with women who accept their feminine role and my masculine dominance over them.

Fruitful Discussion

We get frequent accusations that we are a “troll” website. The radio band of discussion has become so limited in the West that possessing an opinion that is on the other end of the spectrum is simply dismissed outright as false. It’s a lot easier to levy this label upon us instead of using the following style of rebuttal: “I disagree with this because <insert logic here>.” Speaking for myself and all the ROK writers, we truly believe what we write. In fact, if you’ve been following my work for some years, you will see that I indeed live to the letter of what I publish.

In the end, ROK will grow and these ideas will spread for one simple reason: we provide answers for men. In a world where traditional sex roles and masculinity are being swept under the rug as if they had never existed, we give men the tools to get what they want out of life. Our enemies offer no tools, just shame and petty “oh the poor men” insults. They have zero answers for men. Their movement is specifically geared to empower women at all costs, and in the zero-sum game between the sexes, men come out the big losers. I hope Traditional Sex Roles Week puts a halt to that, and I implore you to consider our viewpoints with an open mind. We look forward to your comments on the blog or on Twitter with the hashtag #BackToTheKitchen.

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508 thoughts on “The Time Is Right For Traditional Sex Roles To Return”

  1. why would I be the traditional hausfrau for an ugly misfit with such restricted and forced world views (emotional trauma) that needs to travel to get sex from prostitues? What fun can I find in such a boring nerd? Would I at least get some good sex or some tryhard forced sex because he needs to prove he’s the alpha while pathetically pulling my hair and slapping my ass with his skinny-fat old body?

    1. Nice to know you love doggy-style (“pathetically pulling my hair and slapping my ass”).
      Btw, do you have a nice ass? The usual way is to cum with a girl on all fours or on her stomach and to pound her till orgasm.

      1. of course I love doggy-style. But only with hot guys. Pathethic skinnyfat nerds with horse mouth-breathing faces like you who spend their lives on the internet imagining they are alphas on their keyboard can only be good for some good old cuckold sex. Hmmmm, I love when a loser like you watches me orgasm in the night while I’m riding some true pulsating cock. You can be my husband if you want, just know that you won’t get the same sex that I can have with some bad boy that craps on your ugly face.

        1. Lol. I hurt you there, didn’t I?
          “Would I at least get some good sex or some tryhard forced sex because he needs to prove he’s the alpha while pathetically pulling my hair and slapping my ass with his skinny-fat old body?”
          You said you love doggy style with hot guys. You mentioned we have horse mouth-breating faces (Lol, I pity your rant). And you mentioned I could be your husband. You mentioned I could watch you orgasm while you’re riding some “true” pulsating cock (I’m assuming some “hot” guy).
          How do horses have sex? Doggy style! Which means we (horse mouth breathing) are hot, we’d get to do you doggy style! The guy you’re riding to orgasm obviously is not “hot” as you’re on top of him showing your ugly face to him.
          Think about the contradictions in what you wrote. Obviously, feminist irrationality could never have been so blatant.

      1. Hmm. And with an attitude like that, it’s such a wonder women are turning to feminism instead of your ideals.

        1. oh please. like you give two shits what the man in your life wants. everyone is in it for themselves, i’m sure that fans of jizzabel have similar views, just that the genders are inversed in their..ahem… minds.

        2. Feminism, Inc. for decades now has been telling gullible women what they want, which is the exact opposite of their natural instincts or what is ultimately better for them in the long run. Much anguish and ruined lives have been the result. Now feminism tries to keep itself relevant by complaining loudly about how badly things have turned out, as if feeding upon its own corpse.
          And make no mistake, Feminism is a business.

        3. it’s the internet that told you should see life you old faggot. Keep playing the mysoginist because Rollo the autistic retard (ironically: married, married to a RADIOLOGIST when he’s the bitch, got cuckolded, got kids at 30y.o.) told you to do so, or Roosh, the ethnic skinny nerd ex “nice guy”(who says: “you can’t get laid in america” lol, I wonder why) told you to do so. I wanna see how much it’s going to get you laid, faggot. Meanwhile you are still lurking and posting 20 hours a day on these shitty websites, but yeeeeeahhh mate I’m pretty sure you are getting laid all the time (with hookers, lol)

        4. Typical feminist. In between scissoring and advocating for gay marriage, drunkenly throws out “faggot” as the worst insult she can muster.

        5. It’s all they have. When they’re old they’ll regret their attitude. But it will be too late.

    2. Have no idea what you’re talking about.
      When not able to make a rational argument, always use insults, right “hotgirlapproves”?

      1. ” A womyn doesn’t need no man”. Then they shame men with no ‘womyn’ in their lives

        1. Yeah, they all man up and marry those womyn and provide, shield and protect them from the harsh, cruel world… because they deserve it!
          Feminism is not that far off the traditional idea of the male provider, an expansion of it.
          What feministst do? They demand from the oppressive gender.
          So some people can complain that they are no longer provider to a woman, I tell them, you provide over 100 millions of them already, you really want one more to that?

        2. THANK YOU! I was just about to say that before I saw your comment. They be all “I’m a strong independent woman and I ain’t need no man” then turn right around and say “with views like those, no woman will ever love you!”
          So wait, you ain’t need no man but I need to compromise my integrity to get women? Please.

      2. They don’t need no man, they say, while being critically dependent on an infrastructure and technology almost solely devised, created, and maintained by men.

  2. With many women in Western society getting more degenerate in their behavior (i.e. tattoos, implants, masculine haircuts, regular boozing, chain smoking, substance abuse), and general have-it-all-ism, I’m afraid the genie will not be taken back into the traditional gender roles bottle so easily. It would probably require a critical mass of red pill aware men. The entire foundation of the have-it-all pyramid is comprised of beta males, men of great thirst, and white knights, all not mutually exclusive, whose actions are either complicit or even geared towards enabling deranged female behavior. This has to change first.

    1. well, it certainly won’t happen in our lifetimes, so we might as well buckle up for the ride. feminism is a self-cannibalising movement that is already losing traction, however virtually all women aged 15-40 as of today have been poisoned and as such need to die out for normalcy to return. by the time feminists will be extinct, my forehead will be as wrinkly as my balls..

    2. Even a man of great thirst can tell the difference between saltwater and freshwater. Making men aware of the raw deal they are being given is enough.

      1. That’s the manosphere in a nutshell: “to make men aware of the raw deal they are being given”.

        1. It is enough, ultimately, because for feminism to have any meaning for society, it requires men to defend and champion for it.

    3. The lid to Pandora’s Box has been wrenched away with such force that it will never be closed again.

    4. Look at Greece, look at Ukraine.
      Things are brewing in Europe, i give it 5-10 years before the “collapse”.

      1. The economies of both countries are shit right now, but I fail to see how it has anything to do with traditional sex roles

        1. They are just some starting-blocks of what we will see as a turning-point in history, where today’s inhuman society called the western world will be abolished for a more true european culture, societies and people.
          By my countries law i’m not allowed to name a cow as a cow, but what i can say is that today’s society is created by the people on the top. What i can say is that if you want to go back to a non-feminist society with traditional sex-roles the people on the top need to be abolished. For reading-tips; read Kerry Bolton’s Revolution from Above.

  3. oh man this is gonna be glorious. let me scream out the main argument, for the feminists in the audience – YOU CANNOT REFORM BIOLOGY. no amount of shaming and campaigning will change a person’s genes and behavioral tendencies. but i am sure you bitches are gonna try.

    1. The real irony in all of this is that feminism will lead to its own death. Eventually, feminist women have less kids and there will be less of them in the end. It’s the same for our society. This is why depopulation is becoming such a serious issue. If we want our culture to survive, feminism needs to end up in the trash can.

      1. Demographics are scary. We are not replicating ourselves. Europe and Japan are in a demographic death spiral….we are not breeding.Instead of fucking we are indulging in endless distractions ie sports, video games etc…

        1. Plenty of people are fucking, its just that due to cultural factors, only the fuck-ups are reproducing, The future truly will look like the film ‘Idiocracy.’ Hell, our society already does.

        2. Plenty are fucking – but up women’s asses. Most feminists love anal sex (you could see articles on anal on jezebel). The anal sex trend is already popular in eastern Europe, Latin America and other parts of the world (thanks to cultural customs to avoid pregnancy + popularity of heterosexual anal porn). Most girls are into anal sex in their early 20’s, you’d hardly find anal virgin girls in their late 20’s. In their early 20’s they indulge in anal to feel sexually liberated/avoid pregnancy, and in their later years because they don’t feel anything with their stretched out pussies which only serve the purpose of making pussy farts in bed. And that’s what makes men suffer. So it is a combination of feminism + anal porn which is actually screwing up the demographics. Both feminism and heterosexual anal porn need to go, if the demographic situation needs to stabilize.

        3. You can also add the Muslim world to the rest of the places with collapsing fertility rates.

        4. ‘Idiocracy’ assumes democratic nation states to survive the trend towards dumbness.
          I’m pretty confident that the more you have large amounts of fuckups leeching on the productive the less sympathy the latter will have to be stuck with the former in a democratic nation state.
          The result will be the end of the super states and the end of traditional democracy towards smaller entities with more diverse governmental systems.
          Numbers don’t matter when there is no democracy to translate numbers into power.

        5. Intelligent people may be intelligent but they still lack knowledge and perspective.
          They´ll cry that the future is so bad blablabla their children would have it so bad blablabla
          I say it is the other way around, The End Is Near and It’s Going to Be Awesome.

          Stop being defeatist pussies, rejoice in the coming Götterdamerung and what comes after, a new world purged of its idiots, bitches and scum.

        6. Perhaps similar circumstances are what resulted in past civilizations disappearing from the face of the earth.

        7. I fucked a 19 year old single mom who pussy-farted once. It was…traumatizing. She instantly become completely unworthy of my attention forever. My boner had to be put on emergency life support. My god, I’m reliving the horror in my mind. I’m feeling physically ill in this moment just thinking about it.

        8. Lol. That’s the funniest statement I have read for a long time.
          But in reality, pussy farts are hilarious, and gross. At the same time they let you know how much air has accumulated in her frequently explored and excavated cave. Farts are understandable during anal sex. Some women even fart after orgasm, but that’s normal (muscle relaxation) and fine as long as they’re not smelly. But pussy farts? Gross and good indicators of how much the pussy has rode the cocks carousel.

        9. Was it a loud and smelly one? Pussy farts can be smelly too. The sound may be hilarious or traumatizing depending on the kind of person you are, but the smell can be gross. Good indicator of UTI’s or yeast infection. That can be more traumatizing.

        10. Karl, I have to say, I busted my gut reading your post.
          However, I also want to say that I am very pleased with the popularity of anal sex. If done right, the risk of pregnancy is very low. Most women over 25 have had their pussies so overused that its like fucking an aircraft hanger. But somehow those assholes seem to stay tight despite the abuse.
          Another great thing about anal sex is that it is at once submissive on the part of the woman while also degrading to her. A good ass fucking will put a woman in her place faster than any words or even an actual physical threat ever can. The degrading aspect just serves to keep her in that role. Want a woman to do wash your dishes? Fuck her hard in the ass.
          I am not an advocate of marriage in our dysfunctional society. But if you do marry, make sure you fuck her in the ass at least once per month. She’ll know her place if her asshole hurts.

        11. Agree that women respond to two things effectively in the modern world – authority and possibly anal sex (authority established through anal sex). Watch any Rocco Siffreddi film. Especially when he pulls out of her ass, and says to her, “Lick it baby, c’mon, it’s only poop.”

        12. We have great plans for these people, but first, we should ask the question that begs to be asked …
          Which size will these people be: AA, C, or D?

      2. You may be forgetting the institution of feminist brainwashing, the universities/colleges withe their huge “gender studies” programs.

      3. Unfortunately feminism is a memetic virus. The sick will die, but they will infect the healthy first. This can go on for a very long time.

    2. But that will not stop them from trying, no matter the suffering and costs of human life.
      I look forward to the articles.

      1. That is exactly why they have won so far.
        There is only one decision, one can be the face or you can be the boot, what is it going to be?

    3. I might actually stop over at manbooby’s place again just to laugh at those psychotic biotches howl about this “twerible, twerible misogyny,” and howl about their new found kittens penchant for being the only thing that loves them. Personally, I suspect those kittens are being sexually abused, but eh, whatever, they aren’t human. Hahahahaha
      It warms my sadist’s heart to see these infallible demagogues bitch to the sound of nothing talking back to them, try and act intelligent, then talk about cats. Like anything but the home, and hearth would do for them. Too bad it is too late for them. You younger chicas take note! We are watching.
      Good luck getting us back into the cages Roosh. If manbooby and feline friends had any sense, they would encourage you. But they don’t, so let the shiv of twisted irony wrapped in delicious despair begin.
      I can’t wait to see wittle David’s take on your brand of evil. And I love you more for it. Keep it up.

        1. The troll who dwellith under the cunt bridge of child murder and despair has his fat rolls permanently affixed to said bridge supports.
          When the bridge goes up in flames, sadly*, ol-boobsie will surely go down with his idol.

  4. Population is the barometer- feminism will ultimately lead to shrinking populations, the abortion of the unwanted, the euthanization of the resulting excess old, the replacement of the family with the welfare office and the teacher, and the political determination of what things we are permitted to say. For our future and our freedoms, feminism must be defeated. Traditional gender roles work and they lead to greater happiness for all, especially women. Yesterdays women were kind mothers and carers, but today’s women are sluts with herpes and bastard children. Feminism leads to disease and poverty. Therefore it must be wiped out.

    1. Feminism isn’t possible without women. You’re treating women like infants and basically saying that they are victims of feminism. It’s a part of their psyche. Haven’t you noticed how quickly women en mass jump aboard the feminism bandwagon? Look at how it has started in every country and try and tell me that it’s feminism and not women.

      1. well of course they jumped on the bandwagon, dude. feminists claim to want a better life for women (nevermind the fact that they’ve done more bad than good, but that’s another topic altogether), so why wouldn’t women align themselves with them? when you get right down to it, life is a zero-sum game – the more men have, the less women do. possessions, rights, money, you name it. of course women will support the side that marches to get more for their gender.

        1. If women were not infants like traditionalism makes them, then they would have done some research into what feminisms actual goal was along with the big picture, and not just take it at face value like a child.

        2. absolutely. feminism wrote a huge fucking check, short-sighted women bought into it cause they think a man’s life is blissfully easy and they were too goddamn stupid to figure out long-term implications of this revolt, now the check is bouncing and they’re faced with a choice: admit their mouths are too big for their brains, or double-down and tell more lies to cover up the first lies. guess which one they’ll choose, lads.

        3. ding ding ding. we have a winner. you will receive a free cadillac when the last feminist dies from cat-related injuries.

        4. And they’re too stupidly prideful to admit they fucked it all up, so they won’t be getting down on their knees in front of us and opening wide.

      2. to be honest I blame men for feminism. if men had not been so complacent, it would never have gotten this far. plus men are the creators of marxism and cultural marxism. the chicks were as per usual simply reacting to something men did.

        1. I take that as a yes then. The problem isn’t “leftism, Marxism” or any other ism out there. The problem is much much more complex and deeper rooted in humans. Traditionalism imposes unnatural sanctions on female sexuality and behavior. I believe that is why when feminism hits, women flock to it like starving vultures over a dead rodent. Individualism is the greatest trait humanity has to offer. And women must also have this desire to be “free” and understand themselves as much as we do. Does being submissive and virginal sound appealing to you? Probably not. Traditionalism is dead, and it’s not coming back. Unless yo find a rural settlement that hasn’t been mechanized, you’re SOL.

        2. i fail to see what’s unnatural in asking each gender to play to their innate strengths.

        3. The number one thing that destroyed our traditional American culture is immigration by non-european whites to the USA. This malignant action is 100% the work of the “left” starting in the early 1900’s.
          Feminism was started by the left and one of the main origins of feminism was abortion. Look at the ethnic origin of the founding members of planned parenthood.
          Starting to see the connection?

        4. don’t attribute to race or nationality that which can be adequately explained by man’s nature. white or not, jew or not, we all want the same thing – more for ourselves, less for others. the fact that through some weird chance most of the players you allude to are jewish, is mere coincidence in my book. i’m sure that if you dig deep enough, you could probably incriminate just about every nationality and every race for some weird shit. it’s not a conspiracy, it’s man acting on his innate desires.

        5. oversimplified example: men bring home the meat, women raise the family. your point was that “Traditionalism imposes unnatural sanctions on female sexuality”, i was saying that traditionalism limits one to one’s strengths, hence it’s the most natural thing in the world. you wouldn’t use a hammer as a screwdriver, would you?

        6. Bullshit. This is the talk of a man who can not face facts because they are “uncomfortable” to him.
          Also one needs to look at another organization. The NAACP. The NAACP was not started by blacks or run by blacks for decades after it began. It was started by a group of non-european whites living in NYC and has morphed into a “racial justice” group but in all reality just like planned parenthood/feminism its only purpose is to seize control from white european men.
          Non-european peoples above all else HATE white european men. All things they do is to the detriment of european whites. If you think that is some “weird chance” then you are unwilling to see the truth.

        7. fine, dude. call me ignorant. i’ll call you a conspiracy nutter and we’ll be on our way, alright? no need to hijack the thread.

        8. I’ve noticed it is hard to describe the groups I am trying to speak about. Non-euro whites to me is any group of any color who is not of white european christian origins.
          These people can be white, black, asian, mestizo, etc etc.
          It is a culture thing and not a racial or ethnic “ism”. Simply the vast majority of non-white and non-christian people HATE white men.

        9. if that were true, there would have been at least one example in history of non-whites ganging up on the whites in some freaky race-war. however, history is chock-full of examples of wars amongst fellow countrymen, amongst people of the same race, wars over land, etc. it’s very hard to prove your point when everyone has been fighting, well, everyone else over the millennia. that fact alludes to human nature as the culprit, and not some anti-white conspiracy.

        10. I’m speaking of a cultural war and you are speaking of conventional warfare. The battle at hand is 100% cultural.
          There are numerous examples of non whites attacking whites in a non-conventional or “cultural” war.
          South Africa is one example where blacks have ganged up on whites in “some freaky race war”. Also every major US city has blacks attacking whites “in some freaky race war” only for the sole reason of being white.

        11. I disagree. I think traditional relationships and family’s stifle the male individual, as he must provide for basically what amounts to a child (a traditional woman) and his own self along with his children and some for retirement or whatever else that one seeks. To much work for such little gain. I don’t think Tesla would have invented electricity if he had a traditional family, in fact, I don’t believe he would have even thought about it. Neither Leonardo da Vinci With his amazing works of art and creativity.

        12. south africa was the scene for huge racially-motivated injustices, the blacks were merely retaliating. also, in the good ole USA, black mostly attack whites with the intention of robbery, not cause of some deep-rooted hatred. c’mon man. everything has a rational explanation, no need to grasp at conspiracy straws.

        13. Traditionalism is the answer not the problem.
          Your progressive vomit reeks of Feminist TROLL!

        14. I feel very stupid for engaging people in conversation that is far too complex for them to understand.
          MGTOW=i can’t get any pussy

        15. Nice MSNBC response mr MGTOW.
          How very progressive of you to call me a bigot. You are a 100% sheep.

        16. Ouch, you really hurt my feelings. I’m going to kill myself now because you’re so alpha bro.

        17. Men are polygamous, women are hypergamous. Traditionalism involved both suppressing their nature for the greater good. When women figured out they could get welfare or affirmative action office jobs they ditched traditionalism except for the few parts that they preferred to keep. Now men are using game to reject traditionalism. The law of the jungle is coming back. Learn Kung Fu.

        18. en.wikipedia.or g/wiki/Sexuality_in_ancient_Rome
          The thing is, traditionalism have only been ditched one way and only when it is advantageous to one gender, not for the other.
          So the answer is to make it both way.

        19. ” . . . some weird chance . . .”
          ” . . . mere coincidence . . .”
          Ha! Thanks for giving us the best chuckles of the day.

        20. As a non-white, non-european person, I can say for myself that I really truly genuinely don’t pay any mind or consideration to what colour your skin is. Seriously. Don’t care.

        21. How many guys are Tesla though? Your average man probably doesn’t have much to offer civilization other than to be productive and to create well adjusted children who will become productive citizens. Your average woman isn’t even productive outside of the home. Traditionalism is the way to go for the vast majority of people. Also, most geniuses are severely socially impaired, so no matter what kind of society they find themselves in, they’ll cloister themselves away from it anyways.

        22. “most geniuses are severely socially impaired”. Not necessarily. They have different priorities and this runs counter to society’s views of what should be considered as ‘normal’. Enter the shaming tactics in an attempt to return the genius to the plantation of mediocrity.

        23. I will read it. I believe, however, that a high IQ alone does not necessarily make one a genius. There are indeed a lot of socially inept, borderline autistic, high IQ guys who walk through academia in a breeze, never to be heard from again after acquiring their PhD. They don’t possess that ‘spark’ of creativity; they don’t innovate; they come up with nothing. It’s like after all these years of reciting facts and plugging in numbers in equations in academia, they suddenly don’t know what to do. It takes a special kind of combination of both intelligence and creativity to innovate.

        24. Dude, NOBODY gets to pretend a man “can’t get any pussy”. What a fucking LIE. You can order pussy RIGHT NOW like pizza. Pussy is not priceless. It’s WORTHLESS and available to any man – anywhere – for much less trouble, effort, money and time than you care to believe.
          I promise you that.
          Saying “he can’t get pussy” is the DUMBEST thing you can say to a man when all women are whores. It’s like saying “you can’t breathe air”. Any man can go out there right now and “get pussy” of his CHOICE. He can pick and choose the flavor. And it’s CHEAP.
          But it’s not stupid because women are whores. It’s stupid to say it, because it’s like telling everyone THAT’S ALL WOMEN ARE GOOD FOR. “He can’t get pussy” is like saying that’s the most valuable thing women have to offer.
          • You don’t say “He can’t get LOVE”.
          • You don’t say “He can’t have a CONVERSATION with women”.
          • You don’t say “He can’t get a woman to LIVE with him”.
          • You don’t say “He can’t get a woman to spend TIME with him”.
          No. You say —–>> he can’t get pussy.
          Which proves YOU think the most valuable thing women have is their pussies. And that’s pathetic. That’s what YOU don’t understand. It’s YOU who shouldn’t be engaging in conversation you don’t understand.

        25. lol literally soft genocide before the eyes of the census statistics and he’s a “conspiracy nutter” . What is this 2002?

        26. Yep.
          Her writing ” the problem isn’t leftism or marxism or any “ism” just gave it away. They can never help going full retard.

        27. I’m glad someone else has finally said this. Sure IQ is a good indicator of general cognitive
          ability, but beyond a certain point I don’t believe it’s measuring what people
          think it is. Included in measures of IQ
          are participants’ motivations along with their willingness to conform. You can train any monkey that’s obedient
          enough and has a certain level of cognitive ability to have a high IQ. But true
          genius is beyond the desire to conform.
          People love to say how Asians are smarter than Europeans but in my
          experience this isn’t true. Asians are just
          far more willing to conform more and work harder. Similarly, I don’t think I’ve
          ever had an interesting conversation with a woman that I wasn’t sexually
          interested in. The fact that there is a
          bulk of women sitting in the middle range of IQ is in my opinion solely because
          of women’s willingness to conform, and their desire to please (and because most
          homeless/social rejects are men – since women wouldn’t last a minute on their
          own, and because autism is higher in men).

        28. There is an interesting theory that says that women’s intelligence has evolved to mimic the male’s. Basically, women evolved intelligence sufficient largely to assess the intelligence of men as potential sexual partners. They are clever at detecting cleverness. They are good at mimicking and copying intelligence. It would also explain why women do good at university, because it’s nothing more than reciting facts and numbers these days. The male drive to be creative and to critically analyze is being stifled, so they are ‘left behind’ by the educational system.

        29. “The male drive to be creative and to critically analyze is being stifled” – I couldn’t agree more. It’s a huge mistake for parents to send their boys to mixed gendered schools. Young boys generally love everyone especially women. If they sense that their teachers and their female peers would prefer if women did better than them academically, through their love, they internalize this wish unconsciously and make it a reality. In all boys schools this generally doesn’t happen because boys want to be the best of the best and won’t know if they’re the best if their competitor is handicapped. Moreover men who exhibit female like sabotaging processes are generally ostracized and excluded whilst the general environment is admiration, respect, awe, and love for prowess – intellectual or otherwise.

        30. I think that since all people of White/European mindset are vicious and vile… We should be exiled… Then see how long it will take for everyone else to try to sneak into our exile…

        31. It is called “hyperbole.” Look at what I am doing; who can argue with my good intention; Yes, to pass this law, there are some downsides, but look at the good side; All the while it is the “poison” that is buried in the good intentions that was the purpose of the action. “Whenever I hear that the government is going to do something for someone, I wonder what it’s going to do to me.” Will Rogers

      3. Why didn´t it happen in the middle-east or even among muzzies immigrants in western europe, Australia and North america? Why didn´t it happen in Russia and the former Soviet-Union?
        It is a western, particulary anglo-american phenomenom, it would never have been possible without “betas” and White Knights (no offense to the Klu Klux Klan!).

      4. Correction : Feminism isn’t possible without WHITE GENTILE women and their j-wish backing and funding handlers.
        You see any other race so in love with self hate, abortion and a love for their make work cubicle “career”?? I don’t.

    2. 100% agree with you here. I shudder to think what the next generation is going to look like, being raised by the current generation of women. I think you can kind of see what it’ll look like when you look at the ghettos in America (70% of black children are born to single mothers). When you think about it, gender roles aren’t really about sex; they’re about raising children that aren’t going to be totally screwed up in the head. Unfortunately, we might be a bit too late.

    1. don’t kid yourself. there will be a torrent of shit coming this way in the next 48 hours. we will be called every name in the book because we dare have opinions not mandated by the politically-correct society.

      1. And the only proper reaction is to NOT take the bait, not reply to feminist comments, do not debate them or otherwise acknowledge them. Really want to piss off a feminist? Ignore her.

    2. There will be a rogue wave of outcry alright. Let’s hope the bow of the manosphere will be aligned towards it.

  5. Their’s no going back. Women rejected these unnatural roles imposed on them and men should do the same. Esther Villar made a great comment in her book “the manipulated man” stating that any woman who allows her femininity to control her undergoes a state of brain atrophy, a permanent intellectual surrender to which women view children as a means to extract resources from men. And we have a population of this type of female in the black community (obviously) and most other women around the world are like this, including all ethnicities of “whites” in America (obviously). And we have to ask ourselves, is this the type of woman we want to replicate with? What type of critical thinking skills is this idiot offering to our offspring? No, men should stay the same with our superior intellect, and women need to learn from it to better our species. The best way to reproduce in this climate if you must, is to make a surrogacy contract with a female so she has no say at all over the DEVELOPMENT of the child.

    1. or, you know..don’t spawn. there’s like 7 billion people out there, we’re not rebuilding society after some epic collapse. even without the peril of getting your kid swiped by your cunt of an ex-wife, kids are still black holes for money, time and attention. and fuck your legacy. who gives a shit what you leave behind as long as you’re too fucking DEAD to enjoy it?

      1. I’m not advocating reproduction, if you actually read my comment you would have understood that.

        1. true, you advocated it under certain circumstances. i took the side of excluding it altogether. to each his own, i suppose.

    2. I am with you in essence, however I will note that today we tend to pedestalize the ’50s. To take them as our traditional “norm.”
      And they weren’t. They were one of the most remarkable and anomalous periods in history. To do something like recreate them you would have to have a world war, followed by global economic collapse, then another world war all while having the greatest life changing expansion in technology the world has ever seen.
      The 50s are not a pattern. They are a sport.
      Prior to WW1 women actually had very little role in raising children, or at least male children, beyond the age of about 5. What role they had was subservient. Children, by default, belonged to the father who made the decisions about how the children were to be raised.
      In effect wives were surrogates for producing heirs for the husband.
      Feminism 1.0 was not principally aimed at gaining the political franchise, but was rather aimed at gaining control of the children. The vote was just a necessary tool for achieving that end.

      1. i agree. the 50s were too anomalous to be used as the shining example of when society was ‘good’. we might have to go even further back in time for a good example.

      2. Kfg,
        not many people seem to remember that men were FAR more enslaved prior to feminism than they are now.
        Look how many men had to march off to wars in the last 1,000 years. Marching off to war was hardly “optional” in most countries, especially in WW I and II. Those men who were able bodied and not willing were severely demonised and vilified. And ask a russian or a german man how “voluntary” fighting in WW II was.
        Those men who understand feminism and how it affects their society and understand how to minimise the impact of feminism on them are FAR FREER and FAR BETTER OFF than our grand fathers were.
        It is only those men who “fight feminism” and give their energy to that “fight” that waste their time and energy since that is what the PTB want them to do.
        Me, on the other hand? I seem to have wasted quite a bit of time presenting the path to freedom to men only to see it rejected…and I am kind of wondering when that is going to change.
        The whole “feminism” thing was orchestrated to reduce birth rates…..that’s the main goal of it….to have less people. And the way you do that is to make women appear as such monsters that the men do not want to marry them any more. And that was quite easy….just let women talk for themselves….soon enough men realise what monsters they are.

        1. ” . . .men were FAR more enslaved prior to feminism than they are now.”
          That was the price they paid to have children.
          ” . . .men who understand feminism . . . are FAR FREER
          and FAR BETTER OFF than our grand fathers were.”
          At the expense of having children.
          Historically, as opposed to “traditionally,” women spent most of their lives in the women’s circle and men spent most of their lives in the men’s guilds.
          What you and Jack Donovan are essentially trying to do, each on your own tack, is to restore the men’s guilds.
          I have no problem with that. I am no trad-con.
          P.S. The proper form of direct address is “KFG.”

  6. I’m sure the picture of a woman cleaning a toilet with the hashtag “#BackToTheKitchen” will really change women’s minds and encourage them to go for your “traditional sex roles.”
    Very persuasive.

      1. feminists are right up there with nazis as far as sense of humour goes. good luck trying to tell toots back there to relax.

  7. The Rational Male
    Chateau Heartise
    Return of Kings….
    The pyramid of the Manosphere…
    One of The Godfathers of course being “No Ma’am” blog… Can’t leave out a list with mentioning them.

    1. Except now with all the 15 and 16 year old girls now commenting here RoK is becoming Jezebel for men.

      1. Yes, hordes of attractive young ladies who want to exchange traditional gender roles with the promise of spinsterhood catladydom. HORRIBLE!!!

      2. Oh come on, like they’re really fifteen year old girls and not feminists laying bait to try and prove everyone here’s a pedo.

  8. I don’t know about nursing, at least insofar as critical care and similar high speed nursing roles are concerned.
    I think I’ve read on this site that, due perhaps to their increased responsibility, female nurses are a blight upon the system in Australia.
    I wonder if it’s the same in the states.

    1. I disagree. All that matters is that my dick is sucked daily and nothing else. If we lived in the 50s than I would be forced to marry because sluts would not put out. For someone who isn’t a fan of raising kids and just blowing loads, the times are perfect. For the roles-hire a mexican maid to clean the place.

      1. I agree, the cat is out of the bag…
        Mexican maids are great…besides once you’re married with kids, sex goes down big time..

      2. Interesting perspective. Lots of truth in that statement. Remember boys, for the guys that ‘get it,’ there has never been a better time to be a man. Endless (although damaged) free pussy that you take home that night, no military draft, no social pressure for marriage or children, etc. Sure the society is diseased and collapsing all around us, but this happens all the time to societies over the course of time. Enjoy the good times, lads, This will not last. It may actually get worse for men, especially legally and economically.

      3. smells fishy, almost shill-like. A recurring theme from the same person who hates hates hates the idea of traditional values.

    2. There’s going to be some kind of collapse before that happens, otherwise the incentives are just not there for women.

      1. But even if the system is overthrowed following a collapse this very year, it is going to take 15-25 years to rebuild infrastructures and reindustrialize.
        There still won´t be jobs able to support a familly of 4 and more while a high birthrate and military draft is a survival necessity for post-collapse societies.
        And even if one could get back to the 1950s in the 2030s, it only means there will be more problems 10-25 years later.
        Something new has to come.

      2. Why? Feminsm is unproductive. Feminists serve as their own counter examples – noone wants to be bitter, hateful and alone. There’s no natural law that says this madness needs to go on forever bar some collapse.

  9. Cant believed they gave up a place where they were useful. For what ? useless paper pushing jobs at HR departments (where they, btw, inflict immeasurable damage).
    I could understand if they became scientists and cured cancer. Or just auto mechanics. But no, they never become anything useful.

    1. FYI cancer is already cured. It takes a natural alkalizing of the body to do so. Eat healthy, drink healthy etc. explains this quite well.

      1. what?! troll or not, shut the fuck up. alkalize – to make basic, to remove H+, to reduce electron acceptors, to raise pH, etc. but blood is a giant buffer, maintaining pH within a very specific range so you don’t end up dead. alkalize all you want, your blood with equilibrate back by exchanging buffer. alkalize more, and you’ll blow off less CO2 until it’s again back to 7.4. alkalize even more, enough to actually raise your pH above 7.5, enough to actually alkalize, and you’ll be dead. d-e-a-d. dead. fucking dead.
        balls. and some one upvoted you? fuck it. fuck you and your unnatural ‘natural’ banter. cancer is cellular deviation into uncontrolled, uncompensatable metabolic activity. in other words, death. cells are dynamic. change outside of dynamic range is unhandled and leads to death. ‘alkalizing’ is deliberate departure from normal dynamics and therefore death. you want to alkalize? hyperventilate. you’re CO2 will plummet, your pH will skyrocket, and you’ll pass out, smacking your fucking keyboard with your damn skull. do it enough times and you’ll either be braindead or your keyboard will be broken, and we’ll all be free from your fucking new-age health troll shit.

        1. Nice job clicking my link and saying everything that I already know in your waste of time essay that you wrote. And you called me a troll? Lmfao

    2. Not like they would make ideal wifes (in my opinion) but there are many career oriented woman that are scientists or doctors.

  10. Women hate the idea of traditional roles right up to the moment where they need to be physically defended, or they have a bill that needs to be paid, or even if the lid on the peanut butter is too tight.

      1. yes. unless of course one possesses a vagina, case in which what’s true is what’s good for her.

    1. There is fulfilment in having the man you love come home to a clean house and delicious home cooked meal and being the attractive, happy lady who made it all happen. I challenge all women to try this for at least a week, and surrender to their femininity. I’m sure you’ll find yourself and others around you happier.

      1. I dunno. How would men cope without having to listen to the inane blow-by-blow of a working woman’s day? Sally said what to Trisha? No way, you had to re-file all those accounts? You had what for lunch? Yes I’m putting this revolver in my mouth, but please go on about how much you hate the co-worker in the cubicle next to you.

      2. I’ve heard women say the same thing, including the importance of “being their husband’s girlfriend” (still being loving & affectionate to him).
        Men respect a woman who treats them well, and most men I’m sure would go to great lengths to provide for them and protect them.

      3. I challenge myself to not come back to this site until females stop posting their worthless comments here.

      4. Nope. No getting out of it. You need to collectively suffer before things get better, Otherwise, you cunts just won’t learn. Will you?

    2. Any relationship has two components: NUMBER 1 who is the mad captain in charge and NUMBER 2 who plays the more straight down the line ‘supporting’ role.
      Even in business partnerships etc. you can often find one is the leader and the other the supporter…. both have EQUALLY important roles to play, but their roles are very different.
      I was watching the movie on J Edgar Hoover the other night, and his right hand man (gossip and politics aside), built the FBI as much as he did…. there’s always a no#2 and women are perfectly suited to be no#2 to a good man….
      Hell look at all the presidents…. their wives get up and stump for them and put on a good show… because they are the wives … and the voters love it… so much for equality…

      1. Good point and post. The real problem with the equality argument is that we’re not equal; we’re naturally different. Basically, the equality argument is devoid of common sense.

    3. How many feminists volunteered for the Vietnam war?
      Or even war against the talibans? Womyn, join the Syrian forces today and fight against the FSA islamist scum!

  11. Hi Roosh,
    you know this already but many of your new readers will not…it’s a bit long but I think open and honest discussion as to what happens in the west is a really good idea.
    Funnily enough Jennifer was one of those women who got deliberately pregnant at 16 to “get away from a domineering mother”. Michael Toal was actually a friend of mine at the time (you can tell by how he tells lies about me all the time! LOL!) and so I was in the Toal household commonly in those teen years. The man in question was a bit of a “bad boy”. You know the whole routine.
    She dropped out of school of course. When we started dating some years later she said she wanted to be a librarian and I encouraged and helped her get back to school. I got her “work experience” jobs at BHP and at IBM so she could see what working in a company library was like. Not so flash.
    Anyway….as she did her studies I felt she was smart enough to be a programmer. Not a great programmer but able to actually do the work to a reasonable level of skill from good specs. So I suggested to her that programming was a far better career choice than corporate librarian. And that has proven to be the case.
    I put her through college and she worked part time at IBM and part time at a local library. We got our first house and neighbours with kids did the before and after school care so she could work and do her studies by correspondence. I would help her a lot with her studies.
    Jennifer worked very hard at all this and gave every impression of being committed to having a career in programming and IT. She got a job at an Insurance company and finally landed a job at IBM in the same IT department as me. At IBM at the time it was seen as very beneficial if both the husband and wife worked at IBM as it vastly decreased the likelihood a man would resign for a better offer.
    We decided to buy our second house in the best suburb we could afford to give her children a better high school to go to. I felt that high school was a very important stage for her children so we moved near the best public high school near IBMs head office. Naturally, IBM had it’s head office in an area where real estate was expensive. So as we negotiated our new mortgage and tried to sell our first house to get our second house there was a great deal of stress. We borrowed to the max on our two incomes. Jennifer swears blind that she will continue to work to pay for the mortgage because she wants the career and we made the move for her kids. Josephine was a small baby and so schools were not an issue for her.
    About 14 months after we moved Joshua arrives, planned and wanted. Jennifer goes back to work after 8 or 9 months off.
    So imagine my surprise when Jennifer simply announces that she is never going back to work again! LOL!!
    “I am the woman, I am going to stay home and raise the children, paying for the house is your problem, you are the man.”
    If course, if I said “I made my wife stay home and raise the children while I went to work” I would be a misogynist.
    But if a woman says “I am not longer willing to pay my fair share of the family expenses. I am going to put that total burden on the man even though I signed the mortgage and my 2 children are the ones who benefit most because we got them in to a much better school. I am going to be a stay at home mother and raise my children and who cares what the man thinks about this.”
    Then she is “empowered, and liberated, and independent” despite the “SAHM” being typically cast as “living in the comfortable concentration camp”.
    Jennifer had risen steadily in her 5 years at IBM. She was not great but she was above plenty of others. I would say she was slightly below average as a programmer but she was quite good as a team leader because she was very adept at emotionally manipulating betas like me….and programming is FULL of beta men. Very few programmers are alphas….it does not suite the alpha persona.
    So here we have the perfect example of a woman who was a home maker by 17…..divorced by 21….being given a second chance by a “nice guy” and managing to get a degree from an (alleged) university and finally get in to a job at IBM that has a career path 100 miles long.
    Massive levels of investment went in to her to give her the skills that would enable her to get on the bottom rung of her chosen profession….and she quits and leaves to go back to exactly what she was doing when she was 19 and that was looking after two small babies.
    But because it was all HER choice and she inflicted full responsibility on me that was ok….if it was the case that I had NOT supported her in getting her education and her job and I had told her right from the start that I did not wish to waste the time and effort of educating her and that her role in life was to simply raise the children I hoped to have one day? Well we all know I would be a misogynist.
    Women in the west are so deranged now that they brand the man with the labels of misogynist depending on WHO MADE THE DECISION….not WHAT DECISION WAS MADE.
    If a woman make a decision and a man pays for her and supports her in whatever decisions she makes than that’s ok. If a man makes the SAME decision and pays for her and supports her in the decision he made then he is a misogynist.
    The decision and the outcome is the same….the thing that makes the man a misogynist is whether HE makes the decisions or not. This is how insane it is.
    And even then Jennifer kept the house like a nuclear bomb went off most of the time….she couldn’t even do that job to any decent level.
    This is what the generation of women my age were like…..and in the generation of women of my daughters who are 33 and 23 now? They are really disgusting people. I thought Jennifer was bad enough….my daughters couldn’t boil an egg if they tried….it would be microwave meals if that. They never helped with the meal preparation with Jennifer because she never bothered to cook properly for them.
    It is long past due for women to have the conversation of “what do we offer our men that they might want”? Because all the traditional value that women had? It is gone. A woman does not bring you the opportunity to have a family, a home, a settled life, decent meals, good company, a companion, a friend, a helping hand when you need it.
    None of those things are on offer any more. So it is no surprise most young men only look at women as “sex objects”. They are not offering anything else as my grand mothers and mother offered.
    I still recall both my grand mothers telling my female cousins that the best thing they could do for themselves was “learn how to make yourself useful”.
    True story. A mate and I and my fav#3 were eating in a restaurant one day. More correctly we had just arrived and sat down and were going over what was on the menu. My fav#3 asked us both what we wanted to drink. I thought she was going to call the waitress over and give an order for us.
    Nope….she got up and went to the bar and ordered the drinks and brought them back to the table. We both looked at her in some surprise….
    So I said to her “why did you do that, that is what waitresses are for”
    She replied “Well, I can fetch drinks, that is easy, I wanted to make myself useful.”
    I burst out laughing because she had used the same phrase my grand mothers used to use…my mate now puts in the line “Can you imagine Jennifer ever doing that!” And we laugh some more. The poor woman is sitting there totally clueless as to why we are laughing so much because for her, going to the bar and getting some drinks seems like such a small thing to do! She was czech by the way.
    Feel free to copy my comment to other places if you want to repeat the story to other men to let them know how they can expect eastern european women to act.

    1. for the love of fuck, peter.. would you stop spamming every goddamn comment thread with your sob-story?? yes, we all know you got shafted. yes, we all know by now that women are scum. but for fuck’s sake could you FOR ONCE talk about the topic of the article and not about furthering your own vendetta? and no, this is not man-on-man crime, this is about you specifically.

      1. Get it going,
        “Repetition is the mother of learning”
        Men today need rather a lot of repetition for something to get though their thick skulls.
        After all? Have you got it through your thick skull yet that legislation is not law and you can rescind your consent to be governed so that the effects of feminism are minimised in your life?
        I have repeated THAT hundreds of times in the man-o-sphere and I guess I will repeat it hundreds more times yet.
        And it is not a “sob story”. It is lie to try and colour my story as a “sob story”. There are MILLIONS of men who have a similar story to me. What there are not is MILLIONS of men who are willing to state, in public, with evidence, exactly what happened in their particular case because the women attack them as “misogynists”. So telling lads exactly the sort of thing that they can expect to happen to them, or worse, is in their best interests which is why I do it. They can scroll past if they want to.
        Personally I have had a life better than the vast majority which I have pointed out many times over. I am very happy with how my life has worked out. My life has worked out perfectly for me. I could never have imagined my life today 20 years ago….or even 5 years ago. Can you say that for yourself?
        Indeed? When people ask me “would you do what you did over again” I actually say yes. Sure, I would have had an easier life if I did not raise 4 kids etc. But my fate was to produce the book that gives the “everyman” the opportunity to live in freedom. Not many men want to live in freedom but those who do now have the path well laid out for them.
        It is only small minded men who would be angry and bitter if they were treated the same as me who would call my story a “sob story”. Everything that has happened in my life happened for a reason.
        If you want a comparison? When my step son, Jarrod, came over to stay in Ireland to recover from his 6 months of chemo he said to me words to the effect:
        “You know, now I am on the other side of it, if I had my choice of whether I would have cancer or not again I would take the cancer and the chemo again because I would not be who I am today without that experience.”
        I did not really “get it” at the time as this was before my suicidal period. But once you have faced death with no fear and no concerns? You are a different man. A better man. A more courageous man. A more compassionate man.
        So I recommend you do not try the lie of “sob story” because it interferes with what you might learn from myself or others who repeat their stories for your benefit. If you listen with an open mind you might just learn something.

        1. it’s just tiresome to read basically the same story over and over and over again, that was my point. i never denied there was some truth to your musings, however people who fully support your cause can head over to CAF and chat over there. all you do is try to hijack comment threads, and that is what i find reprehensible.

        2. “it’s just tiresome to read basically the same story over and over and over again, that was my point”
          Then don’t read it. There are plenty of new guys coming along who have not heard any of this before. That is the nature of the beast.

        3. For what it’s worth Peter (this is my first post here) I’m glad I read your story. I’ll forward it on to as many guys as I know will listen too 🙂

        4. Thank you Guest. Your kind words are much appreciated.
          I have put a great deal on the line for you young lads, including my life. I did this because when I came out of my period of being suicidal in April 2008 I made a commitment that I would do all I can to ensure that as many other men as possible never need to go through that dark place.
          Very few people have any understanding at all of what it is like to be a man who is suicidal. And fewer care. I can tell you it is not a pleasant place to be.
          If it were not for three friends who got me through that I would not have been here to tell you my story so that you could avoid finishing in the same place as so many men do finish today.
          Look at the suicide rate of men today. It is 4x females and 8x females when the man is in divorce. Male suicide should be the MOST TALKED ABOUT TOPIC in the west. But NO ONE is talking about it. Healthy young men are killing themselves in droves. Your peers. And no one is talking about it. Well? I AM TALKING ABOUT IT because I think it is incredibly important. I have two former sons. One who nearly died from cancer. I truly care deep in my heart about the welfare of young men. There is also the issue of older men in divorce, but they have proven impossible to help so there is not much I can do for them until they listen to me.
          So my work these last 6 years has been directed at securing the rights of men, especially those boys who were under the age of 18 six years ago and who are blameless in the mess that they are heading into as they grow up. I did this to save many mens lives. Men just like RoK Readers and Spearhead readers.
          It is sad that such an act of love and compassion for my fellow men is so often criticised. This demonstrates the man-hatred in society. The very fact that a man who has risked his life and everything he held dear to secure the rights of other men and boys can be criticised by the very men and boys he is risking his life to secure the rights of shows you how dystopic and dysfunctional men are in the west.
          So feel free to read my two books which are incredibly important for young men to know the contents of. And feel free to watch our education channel and to review some of the more than 200 videos I put in to the public. And please remember they were all put there with one thing in mind. Save the lives of as many men and boys who might otherwise wind up where I was…..suicidal.
          To show them how to live their lives in such a way that they are very unlikely to wind up where I wound up. And I wish more lads would pass along my work. The more lads to are confronted with the evidence I have been willing to publish the more lads will understand the need to rescind their consent to be governed and get the hell out of dodge.
          So. Thank you again for your kind words. Please help me save the lived of more young men.

  12. You have a point, but bare in mind, I’m only essentially a housewife due to being unemployed, and I only don’t mind doing the cooking and cleaning because my fiance is out all day at work, and he shouldn’t have to come home and clean. But, with that in mind, when I become employed, I have better things to do than sit around all day cleaning (though I have no issues doing the laundry and helping to keep our home tidy).
    I’m 21, I’m not ready to settle down and conform to the typical female gender role. Many afternoons with my infant brother have proven this, he starts crying and I hand him back over to my dad. Kids are awesome when they’re happy, but when they start crying, I want to join in. I think it’s going to be years before I finally get over this fear of children actually. I’d rather work.
    I don’t think traditional gender roles are needed, mainly because a lot of modern men and women alike don’t confirm to the roles expected of us, based on our gender. Some women never have that maternal urge, and some men actually enjoy being a househusband. Tradition went out of the window when we became modern men and women. Irrespective of gender, life is what we make of it and I’d rather have a good career than a nice house and a couple of kids, and with that in mind, the cost of living is too high for women to consider taking on their traditional roles, if you want a nice home, you both have to work for it.

    1. The problem is that it only benefits women, at the expense of men. Because of the feminists, men have to constantly be on their guard around women, since they will do anything to assert their “equality,” which is really their want for more and more. As Roosh said, YOLO divorces are in most cases caused by the woman.
      I am a player, but if I found a nice feminine women that I fell in love with that would be faithful to me and submit to my authority, I would have absolutely no desire to get out and fuck as many women as I do, since she would be satisfying my needs and I would be satisfying hers by being a strong provider and protector.

    2. i have no qualms with women that lack maternal instinct. there are some women like that around. what i thoroughly hate about feminism is that it corrupts even the few women who might be good people and turns them into these shrieking harpies that get offended easily, are extremely self-righteous, are unable to be a productive member of society, but allthewhile demanding protection and unfair advantages from everyone – mainly the government and men.

    3. ” . . . the cost of living is too high for women . . .”
      . . . because you both work for it.

    4. Stopped reading at “I’m 21, I’m not ready to settle down and conform to the typical female gender role”
      You’re still riding the cock carousal sweetheart, come talk to us in 8 years when you hit the wall

    5. I love it when a feminist says they are lousy at housekeeping but then add that there are great househusbands out there.
      But what woman wants them?
      Ashliee has the luxury to be a housewife for a short time while considering looking for women. For men, it’s not a luxury. If he’s bad at working, few women will want him as a househusband. He adapts. Quickly. That’s _real_ equality. It’s not a hobby job that he can come and go from.
      If a man can’t succeed at work in a traditional society, he’s strongly discouraged from having kids and that may be a good thing. Feminism is the notion that every woman should be allowed to do as they please and be happy. This is not the world of men. The world of men is that the world doesn’t owe you a living. When the government runs out of trillion dollar deficits per month, then things change. Quickly. Then the option of not doing something because you don’t “like it” will not exist anymore.

    6. Look, I don’t like children either. They are a pain the vast majority of time. Everyone knows this. That said, it is our duty as women to make sure that a) there are enough people in the next generation to sustain civilization by having kids b) the little humans that come out of us end up being moral and productive adults. It’s our duty, because that’s what your country and civilization need from us. To make sure that these two things happen, you need a husband who can provide for you so that you can a) have more than one child (2.1 is the replacement rate) b) spend enough time with your children to teach them properly (not by a bunch of random strangers who could care less about how well your child does in life). You don’t do these things for your own satisfaction. You do it so that the future won’t be over-run by uneducated hordes who can’t feed themselves.

      1. How am I clueless and brainwashed? The figures are directly in front of me. If I want a nice life with my fiance, I have to work. We can’t survive on his income alone. We also keep our incomes separate and both contribute to our rent. Which means he’s on just over a grand a month, and my unemployment money is around £200 a month. I don’t want to depend on him, because I respect him. I don’t mind him being the primary breadwinner, but I don’t want to live my entire life being dependant on him.

  13. Seriously…. for God’s sake we want women to sit at home and do housework and raise children. They literally have the future of the world in their hands since they are molding the youngsters… and they still bitch about being oppressed.

    1. that’s because in their book each and every man is living a dream-life with all the advantages in the world. what they don’t get is that men – unlike women – only demand what we have EARNED. women want stuff because they have a vagina and think that entitles them somehow.

  14. I disagree with this because my father asked if he could stay at home and take care of me, while my mother ran her own business, which suited them just fine.
    I disagree with this because women in the east are becoming more feminist, and more liberal, not less.
    I disagree with this because feminists don’t need to have children to have their message spread, that’s the difference between a gene and a meme.
    I disagree with this because people are individuals, and even if more women want to stay home, and more men want to work, there will always be the women who want to work, and the men who want to stay home, and the women who love sex, and the men who love commitment, and men who love children and women who hate them and clean men and disgusting women and women that can cook but hate cleaning, or like cleaning but not cooking or men who like cleaning, or like wearing women’s clothes and also banging women (see Eddie Izzard)…
    Actually, you guys have never said what you think about Eddie Izzard, that I would like to read.

    1. i’m sure you can come up with some weird anectodal evidence, however that does not make it the truth. it’s all about the big picture here.

      1. That’s the main problem with you guys, that’s the main reason I am a feminist, because no one actually lives in the big picture, no one fits their stereotype perfectly, everyone has quirks, no one wants to be pigeonholed like that, whilst most women may well prefer to stay at home and raise children, and most men might like to work and provide for their families, shouldn’t individuals be able to do what they want? By telling women they have to conform to traditional gender roles, you’re not encouraging the ones who already want to, i’m sure they already do, you’re telling people who don’t want to conform to gender roles because they’re individuals that they have to… And why should it bother you if someone does as they please? Who gives a fuck if a lady is wearing trousers and working in an office, you might never get along with her, but then just leave her alone, what gives you the right to tell everybody what to do?

        1. Just the opposite: While you pretend to offer individuals to do what they want, you propose pigeonholing and forcing women into equality that most of them do not want and simultaneously bashing men and putting children’s needs aside in order to please a minority of women.
          It’s feminists who want to get men fired for making a slightly off color remark at work (while giving Bill Clinton a free pass to assault women). It’s feminists who want to discriminate against men via affirmative action. It’s hard to find anything nice to say about feminism except that if a woman hates men and doesn’t want relationships with them, then feminism is great for her. Or if a woman thinks she can demand that men be discriminated against in the workplace while still marrying up. This isn’t necessarily greedy but just stupid. As Barbie puts it: Math is hard.

        2. whilst most women may well prefer to stay at home and raise children, and most men might like to work and provide for their families, shouldn’t individuals be able to do what they want?

          Individuals were able to do what they wanted before feminism. They just had to make sacrifices in order to do so. Those sacrifices were not examples of oppression, they were part of the high barrier-to-entry for a non-traditional role that proper division of labor creates. You can’t expect anything different after millenias of men being allowed to be men and specialize in masculine labor.
          Feminism tells women that *ONLY* being a housewife is a wasted life. Traditional labor roles tell women that trying too hard to have a career and family means you end up with a shitty family, because ultimately you are sacrificing all the time required to raise kids right in order to have a career + second income + expensive vacations/toys.

        3. Traditional gender roles are there for children. They’re there to maximize the amount of time a child spends with his mother, who is responsible for rearing him. As to why it should be the mother raising the child, it’s because natural order dictates it to be that way. Women are the ones with breasts, which is why they are the ones that need to stay home with the children, and it’s also why children bond most strongly with their mothers (and it’s been shown that breast milk is far superior to infant formula). I don’t see why society should over turn the natural order so that a few eccentric women can be happy. Your happiness does not trump the need for stable families.

        4. The notion of individuals choosing to do what they want reminds me of a Sally Jessie Raphiel show with trailer trash screaming: “I do what I want!”
          What men are told when they reach 16 or so (or before then) is that being a man means doing stuff you don’t like most of the time. Sometimes, it’s not even for anything other than just existing. You pay taxes whether you like it or not. You sign up for selective service. You find a way to financially support yourself. Want to be an artist selling sculptures? OK, you could choose to do that but you will probably have to give up having a family. For men, choosing to do one thing means giving up another choice. It stinks. It’s called Life. The world doesn’t revolve around pleasing us.
          To feminists, the world is about having one big party time and if daddy says she should do her homework instead of twitter all night, he’s “controlling” her. Then when it turns out that the patriarchal sugar daddy in the form of government gives her “free” contraceptives, it really means she has to pay twice as much for healthcare. Was Obama lying? Of course he was. Because badboys say what women want to hear and lie. While decent men say the difficult stuff up front. Feminism is about loving bad boys.

        5. The irony is, they degrade their own femininity far more than any man has. They think if they’re not doing and acting like men then they’re worthless. Women are the biggest misogynists of all.

        6. Almost completely agree with what you said about feminists, except when I say things like that I say “most feminists”, feminism is supposed to be about equality for both genders and personally I feel the time has come to dedicate more to men’s rights, to keep children after a divorce if they’re the better parent, to get paternity leave, to stop being pressured to “be a man”, but most feminists are more worried about banning page 3.
          Although obviously I don’t understand what you meant by your first statement, feminists are about choice, I’ve never heard any feminists criticize women for wanting to stay home and raise families, that’s totally up to them, a personal decision, I just believe that should a woman want to work at a job she is good at, there is no reason why she should be treated any differently than a man.

        7. I am one of “they” and I certainly don’t think I need to act like a man at all, men go on return of kings and say terrible things, men love football, men aren’t as emotionally aware, I’m very happy being a clean, nice smelling girl, who much prefers the emotional nuances of comedy than the screaming of sweaty crowds to KICK THE BALL TO A PLACE.
          You know that feminists are women right?

        8. People have to do things they don’t like, that’s life. But the difference between having to pay taxes and being told you aren’t allowed financial independence is enormous.
          It’s the difference between saying “a woman is usually a better parent” and “therefore men should have absolutely no access to children”
          Also, what about all the ugly girls, the threes and fours you would never grace with your company? Are they supposed to just willingly starve because a man won’t provide for them?

    2. Something to keep in mind: There were non-traditional relationships throughout history. Karl Marx penned his anti-capitalist diatribe from his sister’s factory. The arts wouldn’t exist if it were not for women spending their family fortune to keep their sexy boyfriend artist in a studio. Mary Magdalen funded Jesus’ ministry.
      In the end, we see that few women have any more freedom today than a century ago. Madame Curie discovered radium without feminism. A few men today are happy to sit at home with the kids, but the vast majority of children now wind up in unwed mother households dumped into daycare because feminism has made relationships far more dysfunctional. It’s been about sponsoring a few radical relationships at the expense of most and even then, it didn’t even help more radicals than expected.
      What more could we expect from a bunch of damsels in distress sponsored by chivalrous western men?

      1. See my reply to notdeaddontquit, who gave you the right to tell everyone else what they have to do?

        1. Actually, there’s a lot of flexibility in the traditional system. Ever hear of the nunnery? Or textile mills? There was work for women. Ever hear of Madame Curie?
          In some ways, women had MORE freedom back then since fewer women in the workplace (of their own accord) meant higher wages for men AND women. Single women without
          children often were paid the same rate as men.
          Instead, now we have massive unemployment and high cost of living. THANK YOU feminism!

    3. Eddie Izzard is a clown. Literally. You want to be with a clown, there’s plenty out there. Round here, we are kings.

      1. I definitely do want a clown, as a matter of fact, I am a clown, i’m a stand-up comedian, if being a clown means I get a pass from the “red-pill men” and their constant judgement and condemnation then sign me the fuck up!

  15. The way that successful traditionalism evolved in Europe was that men could sow their wild oats in brothels and normal women had normal, healthy relationships. Yes, of course there were a few women who were beaten as feminists like to jabber on about, but today plenty of women also get beaten (perhaps more) because of the bad boys they wind up sleeping with anyway. So what’s the difference?
    When chivalrous men and feminists banned bordellos about a hundred years ago, social mores pressured women to ALL behave more trashy and that’s when things went downhill. As player men enjoyed such trashy behavior and simultaneously normal women became less valuable as marriage material, it made a self-fulfilling prophesy that sent things down quickly. Women’s equality was the nail in the coffin: Men could not be traditional breadwinners when women were guaranteed “equal” access to everything.
    Feminism sold itself to men with a lie that when women were freed from sexism, men could be too. But we see that’s not true as women either went nuts or demanded hyper sexism from men: supermen who were super good looking and successful that few men could, or would, live up to. The remaining men, and women, wound up in dysfunctional relationships. For every “freed” woman by feminism, there’s hundreds (and that’s no exaggeration) of women stuck in the welfare system, or with “bad boys”, or working longer hours to get by in order to prop up fake equality.
    For a brief time, men were Men’s Rights Advocates who proposed taking the noble sounding part of feminism to men and advocating men banging drums and becoming househusbands. This is folly. (Most) women are uninterested in such men so it doesn’t make sense to propose equality that few men want and even fewer women want. That leaves traditionalism.

  16. Feminism and with it, the eradication of traditional sex roles is like dealing with drug addiction. Its gonna get worse before it gets better.
    One has to overcome the Enablers(mangina’s, white knights,marxists, liberals)
    One has to overcome the Triggers(welfare state, socialism/communism, Hollywood indoctrination)
    I’m looking forward to this new initiative from ROK

    1. My intention is not to get attention from feminists, but to be a topic that blue pill men can carefully consider.

  17. Putting most woman back in the kitchen would actually be an unmitigated disaster at this point in time. I could see most men getting food poisoning within a week, especially for men whose wives work in fast food.
    Not that the traditional roles shouldn’t re-emerge. Part of the reason the middle-class was destroyed was because of the pressure to go towards two-incomes.

    1. I heard this theory before but let’s review: Many women work part-time or take a lot of time off anyway. Even if they were to go on “strike” tomorrow and return home, society would get by. Also consider all the infrastructure needed to support career women: daycare centers wouldn’t be needed so the women running those could stay home without effect. Divorce lawyers also could find a more constructive living.
      Hmmm…. indeed… come to think of it there already are many housewives out there: welfare mothers. Unable to find men and unwilling or unable to work at a working class job, they live off the largesse of the taxpayer. But since these women have few responsibilities, they make terrible parents.
      One of my favorite observations is that the roadways would be clear. Imagine if the worst commute you had reduced traffic by 50%. Imagine how much easier it would be to get to work.

        1. I remember growing up in that our neighborhood was filled with part-time working women. Some of them were taking care of the kids full time and others had the kids going to school so they got part-time jobs for more money. They didn’t die of boredom trapped in the kitchen.
          It was not uncommon back then for single women to do in-home daycare/babysitting. Keep in mind as well that wealthy or upper middle class women often used babysitters or nannies because they didn’t like taking care of kids. Hmmm, let’s consider the woman who wrote in to claim she NEEDS to have a career because she doesn’t like kids.
          If wages were higher, it would be possible for her to afford a babysitter and go to work part-time. It was common even back 50 years ago for such an arrangement. Or grandparents took care of the baby (my wife wants to do that.)

        2. “If wages were higher . . .”
          If the work force were reduced while its productivity went up wages would be increased. Prices of consumer goods would also fall.
          And who would that hurt anyway?
          Ahhh, yes; the industrialists and paper traders.
          Never mind.

        3. ” Or grandparents took care of the baby (my wife wants to do that.)”
          Smart move, grandparents have something usefull to do.

  18. I don’t really care for traditional roles and society anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m childless and only 23, maybe it’ll change when I’m older.

    1. There is no such thing as “modern masculinity”.
      Only masculinity, which is constant for thousands of years. What made the Roman emperors masculin, is the same which makes the men nowdays masculin.
      The author clearly has no idea what masculin means, so he wants to redefine it to fit it to himself. He expects the world to change for him. He is just like a feminists. I can understand his confusion, I had this also. For years masculinity meant “assholes” for me too. But it is not. It seems from the outside, but when you are it, you understand.

      1. Well, except for the fact that even what’s viewed as “Traditional Masculinity” (that being the 50’s, martini drinking, “Leave it to Beaver” kind) was a drastic change of sorts from the definition of masculinity before that (You know, the rapey, killing wives, village burning sort of thing). So it does lead me to be believe that perhaps the rules for what’s considered “Traditional Masculinity” aren’t as solid you might.

        1. The masculinity you’re referring to is a Feminist caricature used to demonise men. Raping and burning villages is more properly referred to as “uncivilised barbarism” than “masculinity”. Stop drinking the Feminist Koolaid.

        2. Yes, but how the Hell is that related to your nonsense description of masculinity as “village burning”? Im not saying the idea of masculinity changed to not include village burning, Im saying that never was masculinity.

        3. Oh sure, it isn’t considered that now. But I’m sure back then, it was perfectly acceptable. Eventually though, a new idea of what masculinity was stepped in, and became the norm. And it continued to do this over and over again throughout history. I’ll admit, I did drastically skip a few centuries when I went from the 16th Century to the 50’s, but it was only to prove just how drastically we’ve changed over time.
          Human’s adapt in order to survive. And if that sometimes means tossing out something as old, and toxic as what’s considered “Traditionally Manly”, then so be it.

        4. Again, thats a warped view of masculinity. Judicious use of violence for the protection of your tribe or the promotion of its interests would be a better way of describing the particular aspect of masculinity you’re referring to. You see how thats different from just referring to it as “raping and burning villages”? Theres a context – protection of your own group. Yes, violence is an aspect of masculinity, but it has a purpose. Ignoring this is, as Ive pointed out, just a way to attack men.
          If you want to abandon “Traditional Masculinity” just because of your Feminist influenced misunderstanding of what it is, go right ahead. Im not buying it however.

        5. That’s some nice sugarcoating you did, but it still doesn’t doesn’t change the fact that, that civilization and what it considered “Manliness” are drastically different from what’s considered “Traditional Manliness”.
          I could go on, but frankly, my head is starting to bob from lack of sleep. So until tomorrow, I’ll just leave you with this.

        6. It only seems like sugarcoating because you’ve unquestioningly accepted the sour, unappetising Feminist definiton of masculinity. Ask yourself why you’re so inherently hostile to a positive definition of masculinity. Its because you’ve been conditioned to think its “bad” by Feminism.
          “Tradtional Masculinity” is often the way that Feminists sneeringly refer to masculinity in order to conjure up images of all the oppression (plus raping and village burning) that men have supposedly been responsible for all throughout history. This is the caricature I referred to in my first comment. So yes, of course its different from the real thing – its an attack.

        7. Your second paragraph is starting to give me the impression that you missed my previous point entirely. My point is that even what’s considered “Traditional Masculinity” was a departure or an evolution from a previously established model.
          I’ll admit, there are positive bits of the “Traditional” model that I like. Protecting your loved one, being honest with ones self, you know, those qualities. However, it’s the notion of using violence in order to assert ones dominance over another that I can’t get behind.
          Especially the whole aspect of the “Alpha/Beta”, now that we’re on the subject. The whole concept in itself is an intellectual fallacy once you take a look at how evolution actually works. For example, though we may share some common ancestry to chimps, we’re actually much closer to a species of primate called the Bonobos – an animal that doesn’t have an alpha/beta social structure. And though they might have a matriarchy, with relative status that’s determined by age rather then dominance; when it comes to their mating practices, it’s a complete free-for-all.

        8. I understand you were trying to claim that masculinity has changed, I just dont agree.
          Just because you cant get behind the notion of using violence to assert dominance doesn’t mean that its not part of masculinity. Masculinity is associated with protecting and building. The use of violence is an important part of competing for resources (in other words survival in times of scarcity) and violence is necessary as a way to ultimately enforce rules without which you cant have a functioning society, let alone civilisation.
          The whole notion of Alpha/Beta doesn’t have anything to do with masculinity per se. I find the focus on it in the Manosphere rather ridiculous as well, but apparently for different reasons than you do.

  19. Not really, back in the 1950s,a single job could support a familly with several children, that is no longer the case.
    “but where’s the connection? Where’s the pair bonding?”
    Who cares?

  20. I do agree that we need to revert back to more traditional gender roles in this country. Many men have become wussy chumps and women insufferable nags. My only issue with having true traditional roles, meaning men provide, women stay home, is a family depending solely on 1 person’s income. The job market is not what it was back in the 50’s. You could stay at the same company for life if you wanted and would get a nice pension to boot. Those times are long gone and you can get canned at any time, no longer receive retirement benefits and increased competition/agism makes finding new work that much harder. Also, what about when the kids go to school? Women may find themselves bored to tears at home all day with the men getting resentful that she gets to stay home while he works all day.
    There are unintended consequences to these ideas, much like feminism…we see now how that all shook out.

    1. homeschooling/unschooling. also i think the retiring at 50 thing is quite stupid. obviously you cant work 100% of what you could when you were 20 but work is in our blood. if a man is not working at anything weather it be his mind and body or to support his family what is gonna do? sit around all day?

      1. I think semi-retiring is a good way to go. Freelance/consult based on your skill set and take up a secondary job doing something you’ve always wanted to try. It’s never to late to learn something new.

    2. The job market would correct itself if the available pool of employees was reduced by 50% (wouldn’t even take every woman leaving the job market). And when the kids go to school the woman can hit the gym and keep herself looking right for her man. After that, she could always use the free time to learn a foreign language, or pretty much do anything to better herself in the way that a man would with that situation. Explore a hobby, take up photography, or art, or read a fucking book. Make themselves more interesting and valuable, which contrary to feminist belief, women do not accomplish by holding 99.9% of the jobs they currently do.

      1. I have little faith that today’s woman would use free time to develop self. I feel like it would be mainly used for brunch, facebook and watching Bravo. A valid point that if many women dropped from the workforce, it would increase demand and increase wages for men. Excellent points here all around.

        1. I agree with that considering the current crop of women. I made the statement with an assumption of certain societal corrections being well-entrenched.

        2. Certainly, welfare mothers haven’t developed themselves much. In addition, women’s greater incomes haven’t meant greater financial responsibility from women (most still want provider men.)
          But sure, their spare time needn’t mean spare time. They could work part-time, or cook or clean more. It all requires strong men willing and able to make demands of women rather than appease them rather than the wimpy beta males that feminism has produced in the states.

        3. If ever. We’re probably past the point of no return on that. Short of Red-Pill thought becoming the norm, which would require control of the primary facets of power, which have been firmly in the hands of the opposition for decades, I doubt that any correction is possible. Putting aside any possible mass calamity of course. A good meteor strike would do wonders in that area.

    3. It’s a myth that all women were trapped in the household unable to do anything before feminism.
      Who cleaned hotel rooms? Who waited tables? It wasn’t illegals. It was working and middle class women. Even normal jobs were open to women part-time. It wasn’t an issue of women earning “equal pay” with men since women who married got his pay anyway via marriage. Most men did not spend their money on bars and booze but rather gave it to their wife. Today, it’s feminists who spend their money on Gucci bags and blood diamonds and then demand that the state pay for daycare because they don’t know where the money went. Fiddle dee dee.
      There’s plenty for women to do to earn money. Then and now. Women can’t just get everything handed to them and still expect men to pay for everything. It can’t work that way.

  21. My friend showed me this article because she wanted me to see how “terrible” it was… we’re 15 and after reading it myself I found that it actually made sense. Honestly im kind of glad I found this site before I really explored modern feminism

    1. You now have a head-start on every other woman of your age out there. Put it to good use.
      And always remember that your friend doesn’t want you to be happy. She wants you to be miserable like her, because misery loves company.

      1. Realistically, her friend probably wasn’t trying to inflict misery. She’s just deceived into thinking that her female life is somehow “worthless” if she settles down into being a mother right away.

        1. seems like quite a few young girls are showing up here making me feel old I was their age in 2005 dammit lately. There is hope in the next gen after all.

        2. Only the next generation of men.
          The next generation of women, it’s just going to be 50 shades of red pill fad to try and lure a man. The veneer might change, the underneath is the same.

        3. Nice of you you come to conclusions about other people’s lives and happiness that you don’t even know, nor have ever met.

    2. The best advice is to ignore ALL the stuff other women tell you. They will all lie to you and attempt to sabotage your life and mating prospects, for even the slimmest chance of improving their own. You are much better off just listening to the dwindling amount of real men left out there. Men will give you better real world advice, not the passive-aggressive, ‘spare-your feelings’ advice that other women will surely give you.

      1. Thank you so much for the advice, I def. believe yall… I honestly can count the number of males I interact with on a regular basis on one hand and have found that like black poison and joe said, other women aren’t looking out for me. In fact, I feel like for the most part we behave like goddamn childish animals : /

        1. “In fact, I feel like for the most part we behave like goddamn childish animals”
          I feel the same way about grown men on a mens website that reply to comments from 15 year old girls.

        2. Do you see anybody here being creepy (oh, there’s that word) or rude to her? No. Shut the hell up.

        3. I am not so sure.

          Perhaps the baiter police agents can learn something from this website too.

        4. Creepy mind much? Projecting a lot aren’t you, exposing your twisted insides for the edification of all.
          Let me guess: you’re an older feminist. Ironically you are showing exactly to Sophia and everybody the pull-er-down mentality that I mentioned: misery wanting company in her old age.

        5. Ignore the people on this site. They simply hate women. And as the father of a little girl I find the things they say about women to pretty disturbing. This is a site for Neanderthals who don’t see women as being anything but less than equal. Choose your own path in life, don’t listen to what people who hate tell you.

      2. Although I don’t disagree, we will still fall far short of her intended consequence.
        Her best bet would be to go to women who have been successful with men. Although she will glean much intellectual gold here, this place is like a fool who swims in Humboldt waters. You will be dragged down, and eaten here.
        Go to women who understand, like maybe sunshine mary, or red pill wifey. If they are in fact what they say.
        Who here knows of a better group of women for her to start learning her feminine trade?
        As the old maxim goes, never ask a member of the opposite sex what they want in a mate. For they tell you what they think they want, but bed the one they are with.
        Why would a man ask a woman what she wants, when we know far better than she what makes her his quarry? So how then can we expect to better help her avoid getting pumped and dumped, rather than finding a mature version of us with whom to command her as she needs?
        I think her spending too much time here is a fool’s errand.

      3. Wow, quite of a bit of anger towards women on this site, pretty pathetic really.

    3. Here is my advice little one.
      1. Graduate school, cause without a high school diploma, no one means anything.
      2. If you must, go to college. But DATE OLDER MEN! Or at least a younger one who is going somewhere. Be not afraid of dismissing any riffraff.
      3. If he is a bit older, (and traditionally, women went older for a reason) he can then watch over you, and have your kids while you are young enough to do so. That way, you heal faster, and will be able to enjoy your kids, grand kids, and potentially great grand kids for decades. In good health!
      4. Finish your degree despite being preggo! There is a reason for this!
      5. Here is the reason: You will heal, be better able to maintain your feminine figure (daddy will likee likee), and you won’t have to drop out after starting work.
      6. This is the part feminist cunts don’t get: If you follow this program, you can still maintain having it all, but won’t have their life long pursuit of unnecessary drama! And, you coult potentially get your masters degree, marriage, and kids outta the way before 26! Therefore, when an employer hires you, you are ready to work until retirement, and your kids are potentially already going to school, or close.
      7. This is the most important part: Now, you can return the favor, and help your husband who is probably in his thirties by now pursue the next stage in his development, and start his own business, or get his PHD, or whatever.
      If he is successful, you will not just enjoy your offspring and descendents together for many decades; you will be able to do whatever you want, simultaneously being able to leave them the ability to do the same!
      Feminists will ruin you, and you will spend your whole life pursuing a fool’s dream, and then live life alone with your cats.
      Jesse James advice>then mediocrity>dumb assery>then primates(close runner up to the other two)>then dumb ass women>then single cell amoebas>greater than dirt>feminism>feminists.
      Take heed.
      And now understand that this will be the last time you receive such kindness! For the next time you run into one of us, you will be our prey, and the “Oh God!” mommy dearest and her beta tool will hear is not worship. Keep in mind, no one cares about you more than yourself!
      If you follow feminist’s path laid out for you, you will be pumped and dumped, and treated like the sack of crap they all are. Make no mistake, we pull no punches here.

  22. You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.
    I don’t even think men WANT housewives anymore.
    Doubtful it will ever return a time when men slave and sacrifice EVERYTHING so a woman be supported and live a privileged (and paid for) existence of turning dials on washing machines and watching ThePriceIsRight all day.
    Why? Because of —->> “commensurate compensation”.
    A housewife basically comes down an exchange of sex and menial duties for a man’s resources. And, an employee providing a service expects to be compensated to a degree that is “commensurate” with the value of that service.
    But are the menial tasks and occasional vagina whenever a husband is a “good boy” such that they alleviate all the stresses and pressures placed on to him by his 70 hour week???
    When any “traditional husband” asks himself if what his wife brought to his life & home was in any way “commensurate compensation” for what HE provided over the course of 5 decades… you can bet any crumb of benefits he enjoyed that the “traditional housewife” was nothing more than a tremendous BURDEN and pesticide on the male soul.

    1. Depends on what else you want to do with your life. When your work is fulfilling and you can afford it, why not?

      1. Why NOT?
        The only things & risks reasonable people are willing to take are CALCULATED risks. One weighs the costs and benefits of those risks. As it is, signing a marriage contract (i.e.. “traditional relationships) FAIL a cost/benefit analysis for every man.

        1. That’s a completely different argument.
          My “why not” goes for the *traditional* marriage contract which I find rather attractive.

        2. Of course it’s rather attractive if YOU write your own marriage contract. I’ve done that, and shown it to women who started pushing for marriage. It was VERY attractive to me. But they changed the subject pretty quickly. Especially when divorce is not a possibility.
          (Have you read Einstein’s marriage contract? It’s a laugh!)
          So I learned pretty fast it wasn’t really MARRIAGE they were after. —>> it was the DIVORCE.
          The real key in your question was “if you can afford it”. NO man can *afford* it… unless he thinks so low of himself and his potential that he believes he, his efforts and is life are disposable. In which case…. knock yourself out.
          in order for this question to be properly answered, one must first examine the concept that “marriage” is an economic contract based on property rights.
          • Males have a surplus of labour but a shortage of reproductive ability.
          • Females have a surplus of reproductive ability but a shortage of labour.
          The male “sells” his surplus labour to the female in exchange for her reproductive ability.
          The female “sells” her reproductive ability to the male in exchange for his surplus labour.
          In order to “sell” something, you first must “own it” yourself, and upon “selling it,” you are agreeing to transfer ownership of it to the buyer. This is the basis of economics, and as you can see, it is based on property rights.
          In the economic contract of marriage, the female agrees to transfer the ownership of her sexual reproductive ability to the male, and she takes ownership of his surplus labour as payment for it. The children of a marriage became his property, because he paid for them.
          This is also why, in the past, women were so much more harshly condemned for adultery than men. The wife’s sexuality was no longer hers to give away.
          This is why, in the past, when a woman was raped it was considered an act of theft against the husband. Someone “stole” the sexuality which was his property.
          Thus, when you hear that “marriage is the foundational building block of society,” you are hearing the exact truth. And society, or rather,advanced society, is based on the economic contract of marriage. The economic contract of marriage is based on property rights. Property rights are the basis for Capitalism, and Capitalism is the basis for an advanced society which upholds the ideals of individualism, personal responsibility and Liberty.
          Today…… the traditional marriage contract is a FRAUDULENT contract. For all your slave labor and wealth and contribution…. man “owns” NOTHING. “Do you believe women have the right to divorce?” Because modern marriage has become a FRAUDULENT contract, and therefore women shouldn’t be allowed to marry in the first place!
          It is simple. No right to marry equals no right to divorce.
          That’s “why not”.

        3. I have nothing to add to your treatise. That’s exactly how I see it.
          I was mistakenly thinking you meant to say that it’s an unattractive deal even if that institution still existed.
          Because it’s pretty much what I find reasonable and desirable. Much more than fucking sluts.

        4. I think know what you meant. That’s why I cleared it up right at the top.
          However, I was recently VERY interested to learn the worldwide stats that women don’t actually WANT marriage anyway. As soon as they have earning abilities of their own, they divorce in record numbers. So perhaps it wasn’t as appealing for men in the past as we are led to believe…(?)

    2. “You can’t turn a whore into a housewife.
      I don’t even think men WANT housewives anymore.”
      Not one from here anyway. But that’s where the tide is turning – more and more men that want something “traditional” are either escaping the USA or importing feminine women here. And the “Americanas” can get even older and more bitter as they see “them” get the quality men. The “Americanas” can be happy throwing birthday parties for their cats and dogs and watching “Sex in the City” reruns. They “won”! YAY!!!

      1. That’s certainly sensible. In order for men to have ANY hope of a fair & commensurate exchange, partnership, or a family, they HAVE to leave the west. The current social & legal system makes it IMPOSSIBLE for a man to exercise any sliver of discipline in his own home – without some idiot fucktard calling it “abuse”.

        1. You’re spot on tom, spot on. I had an acquaintance that moved back to the DR several years ago when one of his sons came home from school one day and said: “Papa, if you don’t buy me the Xbox game I want, I can call the police.” The man freaked the fuck out, went to the school, told them off, took both boys out of said school and was back living in the DR within 2.5 weeks. I remember him saying: “No fucking school’s gonna make me a prisoner in my own house.” That’s a man being a fucking man and a father.

        2. Spot on right back to you. Huge thumbs up. Fortunately my parents always raised their voices at each other (or us kids) when necessary …. there were always harsh detentions to enforce discipline. My mother would “punish” me with an extra hour of practice at the piano. When I was 7, that was pure hell. Even when I did something REALLY wrong, my father gave me the belt.
          It worked. And I never did it again. But I never thought to call it “abuse” in a million years. Because something about the way my father taught us the REST of the time, told me I knew I bloody deserved it.
          So that’s the sign of a parenting job well done. When an 11 year old KNOWS he deserved the belt. Today, a 11 year-old kid would call child services because they didn’t get a PS4.
          Rethink that:
          • I thought I deserved the belt for setting deliberately setting fire to something.
          • But a kid today thinks he deserves a PS4 or else Dad belongs in prison.
          A GREAT BIG FUCK YOU MIDDLE FINGER to the system (and any bitch) that wants me to be a part of that. Those motherfuckers will NEVER win.

        3. Yep – a spank of the ass or having extra chores put on you for bad behavior is called parenting, not abuse. I also got the raised voice and the “Oh, you’re cleaning the attic as well as the basement” punishments. I also would have never in a million years called that abuse. Nowadays, if the kid doesn’t get exactly what they want – you’re potentially a victim of a multitude of false criminal charges. I also will NEVER be a part of that “system”. I’d commit suicide before I subjugate myself to that fucking Hell of an existence.

        4. I’m with you 100%. Would rather be dead that give up my sovereignty. I wish I knew more guys like you in my everyday life.

        5. Hey absolutely agree and would like to take it a logical step further. Say you found yourself in a situation where you realized you have been made a “prisoner” in your own home or the system has been arrayed against you in such a way that suicide is the only sane answer.
          I implore you all that if this day ever comes you would be smart enough to take out some of the enablers of this evil system with you.
          Personally that would be a wonderful death knowing that I sent some twisted evil shitbirds on a sudden and utterly violent one way trip STRAIGHT TO FUCKING HELL!
          If enough men started behaving in this fashion how quickly would this debased system crumble do you think?

        6. An EXCELLENT thought.
          Glad you took it a step further. In fact, the system is already set up for many men where suicide is a perfectly logical answer and (is it were) someone. That’s why so many men kill themselves, and ONE MARRIED MAN SUICIDES HIMSELF EVERY 8 SECONDS. Any man can take a cue from that.
          But, let me put it to you this way:
          When I turn on the news and hear “man opens fire in crowded movie theatre”… or “school shooting today”…… or “honorable police officer goes rogue and targets those who wronged him”……..
          Well, I’m not saying it s “RIGHT”.
          ….. but I understand.

        7. I’m afraid you hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer Tom. How can a man discipline his family if he’s always being arrested for doing so? Discipline is now considered abuse. Is it any wonder we have an entire society of adult brats?

        8. If you listen carefully, you’ll hear the word “abuse” thrown around like a frisbee…. but not the word “discipline”. I started noticing it in the 90s, after a rather regimented and HIGHLY disciplined schooling. All of a sudden, everyone was crying “abuse” to the right and left of me… but what they call “abuse” I would call a goddam vacation.
          Have you ever read a police questionnaire when a woman calls 911 and claims “domestic violence”?? Go down to your local police station and get one. It’s enough to turn your hair white.
          • “Has he ever raised his voice at you?”
          • “Has he ever forced himself on you in a sexual manner?”
          • “Has he ever called you something other than your name?”
          … and wait for it…….
          • “Has he ever withheld money or credit cards from you?”
          That’s right Jim. You better give your wife all the money and use of your credit cards she wants… or you’re being “abusive”, and they will lock you up.
          Since the LEGAL definition of *husband* became “docile controlled schmuck who never questions anything, quietly pays for everything, and never pesters her for sex”….. I say give these bitches the men they DESERVE.

        9. Thats exactly right. Give these sniveling, whiny cunts the future they can’t wait to receive(until after it arrives). Go ahead and spread your genes with pathetic fucking sacks of meat worthy of neither life nor liberty nor any good thing earned out of strength and virtue.
          Whine I say! Cry cry and cry some more to some higher authority which other men are a part of. Cry for more freedoms! Cry for more freebies! Bitch and fucking moan for more haaaaaaaaaapy!! But none of it is going to come.
          I am laughing and I will be laughing even harder from my grave knowing the hellish earth your children will have the misfortune to inherit. Your cries little witches are music to these ears. You are more lost and helpless than ever….but no help is coming for you or saving your black souls.
          Modern women are witches that are under a spell from the man inside the box…the idiot box( tv and modern technology). You will all be burned in fire for being a nasty, disgusting miscegenating little witch. A righteous fire is the one swallowing you all.
          May your children, weak as they will be suffer the indignities inherited from this generation. They will writhe and squirm like the worms that they are and know the hell you left for them. Enjoy every meaningless moment you have my little rotten bananas because in a flicker it will all be over.
          No more facebook
          No more iphone
          No more lust
          No more sarcasm
          No more betas to save you
          You have screamed and whined and complained on earth. How much more violent will your screams be in hell?
          Every man who can see the brutal truth is laughing at it all.

        10. Making Someone, that is not a man, feel bad, is now the unspoken but enforceable definition of “Abuse.”

    3. Good thing that George Washington and his soldiers or Tesla did not man-up dedicate their entire lives to wives.

  23. The funny thing is that once they fall in love with a man, they start acting traditionally. They become more attentive and caring. They cover your plate with a lid so that your food doesn’t get cold. They help you look for stuff. They give when moments ago all they were doing was taking.

  24. I am a strong girl, I can hold my own, I don’t need a man, I can stay by
    myself and I certainly will clean as well as earn, pay for my own
    things and I won’t be submissive to a man. I know more women like this
    then not.. so tell me if biology is meant to be that way then why is
    that? I know if I was to go back in to the gender roles of the 50’s I
    would be very unhappy, I would be uncomfortable, I would feel compressed
    and bored all the time. I have a heart of travel, I could never do that
    and live satisfied. I feel as though humans only objective out of life is to BE HAPPY. That is all that matters! Why would you prevent that for women. I will never be owned by anyone
    and if you want to be that’s fine but there are millions of women that
    feel as I do and will not be pushed under by men like you. Give up now
    your argument will never scrape on anything. Cambridge/Oxford
    professors and students of men and women did a whole project on
    feminism. Most of my family, my dad, my mum, my aunties and uncles are
    all feminists. There are male and women soldiers that are feminists.
    Some of the most beautiful and strong women that I know are feminists.
    Hell there are quantum cosmologist, physicists you name it that are
    feminists. I am a well traveled person, I have traveled most the world
    and seen a lot of things and hell I have never seen anything as
    ignorant, hypocrite and laughably stupid as this website. Your reasoning
    is wrong, your theories are wrong, your feelings are ridiculous, you
    generalize, stereotype, and shame women and men for unjustified, stupid
    reasons. Do you deny what you’re doing is wrong? I have seen misogyny
    all around the world, every day, the reason I fight for it is because I
    have seen how it has hurt some people. It has left some people feeling
    sad, scared, worthless, guilty, vulnerable and embarrassed and I have encountered so much of it in my life
    and that’s why I preach it because I want to help women grow, fight,
    stand up for themselves, and stop these feelings and the issues causing
    them. It’s 2014 this should not even be thought of. I’m just glad most of it is gone. Do you like
    making another person feel they way you make them feel, were all just
    skeletons, just atoms, just molecules, just beings, why do you have to
    make some of them feel bad, what do you gain? Why would you do it? Why
    do you see nothing but a big bunch of atoms worthless unless they’re
    skinny? I just don’t understand at all. You are all so close-minded, you
    have absolutely no idea about women, or men, or people, or their
    feelings, or biology.

    1. “I know if I was to go back in to the gender roles of the 50’s I would be very unhappy, I would be uncomfortable, I would feel compressed and bored all the time.”
      How about freedom of choice?
      How about that people who want traditional marriage can have it and those who don’t just choose something else?
      It’s feminists that fight to cram their values down the throats of others, not the other way round.

      1. I stated as well “If you like that the that is fine”
        If women are HAPPY to take the traditional route then that is great, fine that’s good. If they don’t then don’t make men put you under something you are not happy doing. Just because me and other women are not for traditional marriage or gender roles doesn’t mean all have to be. You are also cramming gender roles down women’s throats even if they don’t want to. I am willing to respect everybody and their choices. (If they deserve it)

        1. Well, I’m the one who doesn’t get the choice he wants, you are.
          If you’d put your money where your mouth is, you’d be more concerned about my situation that you are with those of women who want to stay independent.
          No one is threatening women’s independence, and in fact those who wanted to be independent could choose so long before the advent of feminism.
          If a woman wants me to be a provider in exchange for her submission, there is no legally binding contract that wouldn’t set me up as the idiot who has to pay her alimony in case she changes her mind – let alone that she still has the power to send me to prison over a rape accusation.

        2. I would never do that, but then you could do the exact same, accuse me of raping you? I wouldn’t take your money either. What do you mean about choice and your situations, what are you talking about? And who’s to say that she will be with someone to change her mind in the first place. She doesn’t have to be dominant or submissive she can be as she likes and that goes for men as well, that’s not the point. Independence is only part and parcel, women are threatened in a variety of ways that doesn’t even make up one, yet there are still men that don’t have a mutual respect for a women and sadly loads of vulnerable women that will actually listen to them. This is only an equation for tears. For example; my (very unhappy) friend has gone under the influence of your sort of ‘women should be unequal and shamed and submissive and pretty’ attitude and she is now is longing after an abusive partner who is using her for sex, she’s depressed and dependent, she’s skinny as anything yet she will still starve herself for days on end and the saddest thing about it is she’s only fucking 11. It has become THE NORM for a girl to be uncomfortable in her skin and god forbid a girl is more then what she weighs then she will get shamed for it. You think women have the upper hand. Really. They are brought up to believe they are to be dependent on men, are you really gonna deny that?

        3. Some are, some are not, I’m denying that it has anything to do with the topic at hand.
          If I marry a girl with the expectation for her to bear my children I want the security that she can’t change her mind and get out of the contract by filing rape charges or sleeps around. I understand that she needs the financial security to not have me just dump her when she’s old and I want something younger. That’s been a legally enforceable deal for centuries, it’s not any longer. I don’t even care whether it’s called marriage, I do care whether it exists at all.
          Most of what you write is not addressed to the issue of me lacking the choices I want to make, but trying to convince me that my desires are bad.
          I don’t want to force you to do anything. You can have your equality-partnership-coworker-type marriage all the way you want as far as I’m concerned – as long as I don’t have to live that lifestyle as well.

        4. I think your desires are unhealthy because they effect people in a bad way, depending on how you go about it. I have seen it happen. Wanting security in marriage is actually a good thing. If a women is happy to play up to what you desire that is also completely fine. If this article was to play out and all women were brainwashed in to the idea’s of gender roles in the 1950’s, that’s when it’s bad. However, not all women will do that, yet a women is allowed to be unhappy in a relationship as is you, it’s probably better one drops out otherwise you could be unhappily together. Men can sleep around as well, I hope you’re not forgetting that. I think I may have misunderstood what you want, see I’m not defiant, I will make a man a sandwich as long as he makes me one in return when I want one.

        5. I want a relationship with a strong D/s bent where I call the shots and provide financially in exchange for her submission.
          It’s a deal that people might live in practice, but that is rather dangerous under the current legal system – because all she’s got to do is cry abuse and the man can lose everything.
          I’m pretty sure it’s not something you want from what you write here. It’s just that your type is also the reason why no one else can have it either.

      2. I actually know exactly where Alannah is coming from. She’s not advocating that one side should a hard boundary for either gender. If a woman chooses to take that more traditional role of a wife and that makes her happy, she should be more then welcome to do so. Likewise, she should have the freedom to choose the plethora of other options as well. Whether that be both partners actively bringing in income, or the man staying at home as a househusband or a “Stay-At-Home-Dad”. Or who knows; maybe they choose nether of those things, and switch it around to whatever works at that moment.
        if there’s one good that came out of the economic crash, it’s that it’s shown that the traditional form of relationships (Man=Breadwinner, Woman=Subservient) is obsolete when faced with financial difficulty.

        1. “If a woman chooses to take that more traditional role of a wife and that makes her happy, she should be more then welcome to do so.”
          She’s still welcome do so, but the legal foundation of such an agreement has been abolished: Marriage today means something completely different than it used to, and there is no alternative to provide for legal security in traditional relationships.
          I’m pretty sure this is intentional. Without traditional marriage, the traditional relationship can not reliably exist. And that’s what feminists want.

        2. …And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. And it’s not like that “Traditional” mold doesn’t exist any more. You and your partner are more then welcome to use that mold. I doubt anyone would stop you. It just allows for other relationships to exist too. The only thing that’s really changed is that the law isn’t forcing the “Traditional” mold has heavily as they used to.

        3. The people who want it exist.
          But the legal framework within such relationships could securely manifest doesn’t.
          Which means a woman has no recourse when left outside a marriage, and a guy can lose most of his value when he made the mistake of marrying her.
          Since we all know that the likes of you want no suited legal framework to exist to suit traditional relationships, it’s you who take away choices and no one else. You’re the one who’s anti-choice, not the traditionalists.

        4. Yes, to have that “legal framework” you describe, you have to deny the right for other relationships to exist. And frankly, that’s just not something I can get behind. Frameworks change and evolve with time. Simply taking the “Traditional route” just because it’s easier and more comfortable doesn’t necessarily make it right.

        5. “Yes, to have that “legal framework” you describe, you have to deny the right for other relationships to exist.”
          How so?
          You just have to let a wider range of marriage contracts be legally enforceable, so that traditional marriages are also covered.
          Do you even read what I write?

    2. BTW, my auntie is also a feminist who is in love and in a strong relationship. She hasn’t changed jack shit for him, if he even attempted to push her under he would be gone, she doesn’t take shit and they are both mutually respectful equal (and very funny)

      1. Stop trolling on this site about your feminist auntie who is in love and a strong relationship with a mangina (who’s allowed/accepted her not to change jack shit for him, lest his jack shit existence would be kicked out).
        We all know feminists and manginas are mutually respectful, “equal” and very funny (for red pillers to observe), so stop trolling about their “ideal” relationship as the “ideal” for us. No red piller is going to accept that “ideal”, so stop wasting and spamming this page with your trolls.
        In the movie “Heat”, Neil (Robert DeNiro’s character) says : “A guy told me one time, “Don’t let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing to walk out on in 30 seconds flat if you feel the heat around the corner.” That’s enough red pill wisdom for you, Alannah. Men don’t need to stick out around (or get involved with) women who’d radiate (or try to radiate) their heat of feminism on men.
        Guys here know what they want (traditional minded women who value men), as you know what you want ( proselytize men into “manginas” to provide support and companionship for feminazis). You can’t win us over, and never will. You’re better off whining elsewhere as you won’t approval, acceptance or empathy with your feminist views here.

    3. “I am a strong girl, I can hold my own, I don’t need a man, I can stay by myself and I certainly will clean as well as earn, pay for my own things. . .”
      How are you with a jack hammer or an oil rig?
      Being dependent on men at a remove is still being dependent on men.

      1. What? I never said I was with a man, I said I could do that sort of work. BTW even if I was I would not be dependent on him we would be mutually dependent and respectful, like most healthy relationships.

        1. “I never said I was with a man. . .”
          That would be why I didn’t say you said it. Go figure.
          “. . .we would be mutually dependent . . .”
          Mutual dependency is still dependency. You are simply redefining women’s work as art and travel.
          At least you have been a working farm girl, so you can’t be 100% detached from reality, so you have that going for you, which is nice.
          However, I will note that I am in the 60 year old cohort, that I was a frail and sickly child and, as an endurance athlete who has to watch his power to weight ratio, am not particularly muscular now.
          But I can exceed the minimum duty fitness requirements for a U.S. Marine of 21. If I took the specialized course of training I would be able to pass the combat duty fitness requirements as well.
          When women were recently called upon to meet the same minimum duty requirements as the men, 90% of active duty, female marines failed miserably.
          No woman has ever passed the combat duty requirements.
          If you could do so you would not merely be in rarified air as a woman; you would stand alone as the fittest woman in the world.
          Are you the fittest woman in the world? That would rank you somewhere around 100 millionth in the world.
          And without those 100 million men, you could not travel.
          Your women’s work is dependent upon men doing men’s work that you cannot do.

    4. Whenever a woman says “I’m a strong, empowered woman!” what she’s actually saying is that she has a cushy office job, which she got through affirmative action, and that society subsidizes her lifestyle – if not directly by paying for her bastard children, then indirectly, by having tax payers pay for the cops she needs to protect her.
      Alannah, you’re a parasite. Go work in the oil patch for a year, and then come back and tell us about how men and women are equal.

      1. I could easily do some heavy work jobs, I have lived on a farm for years, trust me that is no easy business. My younger sister is training in the army cadets for gods sake. I have never had an office job like I said my heart is in traveling, I am in college studying art actually. I have no kids, or money problems either. I am perfectly content with my life and myself. Did you read what I wrote? Look at all the people I stated were feminists.

        1. “I am in college studying art actually.”
          Don’t you see how that contributes to the irony?
          “Look at all the people I stated were feminists.”
          Yes, we all looked. Not one of them was working in the oil patch.
          Basically all of them were working for public institutions, which means they are tax-funded, right?

        2. How is what I’m studying art contributing to anything? That means nothing? Who cares whether or not they’re working in an oil patch? Maybe some are, either way my point is there are no particular traits for any feminist you cannot generalize something like feminism. I can be an artist and still be able to get elbows deep in physical work.

        3. Alannah, it means you have growing up to do. Put aside the topic for the moment. Eventually, you’ll have to grow up and support yourself. Or maybe not. Maybe you’re from a hippy commune where they have that figured out. But in the Real World, eventually people have to earn a living somehow unless they have some kind of scam going. Maybe you’ll sell art at art festivals in California and get by. I truly wish you luck and good fortune but here’s my point:
          FEW in life are truly independent. Whether it’s the taxpayer footing the bill, or your parents, or multiple customers you need to flatter to buy art, almost ALL of us have to kiss butt to get by. I had a terrible boss about 2 years ago. He treated me like human dirt. But I had to suck it up for a few months before I got a transfer because otherwise I’d hurt myself. It stinks but that’s life. That’s what men have been living in for the past zillion years or so. MEN do not live in the world of doing as we please. Most of us at least. And this ultimately goes for women as well.
          That’s not feminism or anti-feminism or sexism, it’s LIFE. Whether it’s a sexist society or a feminist one, the big decisions are made by the big cheese somewhere and we suck it up.

        4. It means you’re studying something that isn’t meant to provide value for anybody.
          Oil patch work is the stereotypical kind of work that sucks but is necessary, art is the stereotypical kind of work that people who know nothing do for fun that doesn’t pay any bills.
          There is a strong tendency for women to do jobs that no one needs doing – and which so in turn have a tendency to be paid collectively, usually by some government body.

        5. Well, like I said I have worked on a farm, that is of value for people. The reason I do art is because ultimately, I’m good at it I really enjoy it, it makes me happy. That’s all that really matters, I always say if you wake up and dread the day ahead change how you’re living. I have already earned sustainably from art from commissions and people appreciate my work which I think is value.
          But no that’s not true. Most women I know do jobs that is very necessary.
          In fact only me and my dad in my fairly large family do jobs that supposedly has no ‘value’ he’s a photographer and I am (soon to do) art. My mum owns a cafe which she manages and caters in, she also is part of a big butchers business, she used to slaughter the animals actually, with my grandad and she definitely wears the pants. My auntie is a site manager etc etc.. This is literally just me, I am one family in billions.

        6. Farming counts, and I know there are good women managers of small businesses.
          There are a large number of jobs where you don’t see many women though, such as everything that’s outside, dangerous or requires to take personal risks.
          I understand that not everyone with an arts degree is useless, but to answer Aurini’s attack with “I do an arts degree” is about as cliche as it gets.
          To have worked on a farm is way more likely to impress people around here.

        7. Well I am earning a living and I am supporting myself. I’m uh British actually and my art is getting me by well for now, of course I work on the side until I see something to do but it makes me happy you see and like I said if you wake up and dread your day then change that immediately whether that be quitting your job or whatever. I still believe everything aside why should we live if were to be unhappy, we should strive to be happy. But.. you misunderstand my point. I am obedient when it comes to it, as long as I’m (and others, men and women) happy taking orders I will do it. I will not be completely dependent though. I have been treated like human dirt a lot that does not mean I’m being dependent. If I worked for a shitty boss and I enjoyed my job and it gave me a living hell yeah I would do it, he personally wouldn’t bother me that much. I have a professor who is always discouraging me and treating me like shit saying I’m stupid and lazy and whatever but I came out with an A so. However when I say I’m independent what I mean is I can live without someone else. I can earn for myself, I will not get in a relationship just for money, nor will I ever be something that condemns me to an office chair or a baby’s bum. Some are okay with that I’m not and I won’t be told that’s what I’m mean to do because it’s not.
          This argument is by far the healthiest I’ve had with a man on this website granted I shouldn’t of said you’re all stupid and ignorant, selfish and close-minded.
          A lot are though. I mean when you get judged by something as stupid as your name, your hair colour, or your weight like I have been on this website you do get that impression.

        8. Keep in mind that this website is tough on young men also who want to “do as they please” and play video games or be players and don’t think about the future. The 20’s are a fun time and it’s a good thing to sow wild oats. Do it while you don’t have a family (it’s bad when a middle aged man or woman goes out partying when there are kids at home.)
          Who knows? Maybe you’ll think this way forever. When I was 21, I wanted a family. I didn’t “want” all the responsibility and crap, of course, but I did want someone in my life and to have someone who would carry who I was past my death. That’s what kids are. I saw that big picture back then. You claim to see the big picture but for now, I see you talking like a 20 something kid. Not that makes you a twit. I’m saying you talk like a free spirit kid. Which is ok if that’s what you will remain for the rest of your life. Some people are like that.
          Once you have kids or even get married, you got a “boss”. And you can’t easily fire them. Damn police forensics… So you have to live with them. Or divorce them and mess up people’s lives (a lot of women do that.) Or wind up as a single parent and deal with an energetic kid a fraction of your age who has nothing better to do then mess with your head the moment you get home from work.
          This transcends feminism. Except for people born into slavery, even in hyper sexist cultures nearly everyone has options. They may not be ideal options, but they are there. Marriage is one of the least unpleasant options for women. For all the talk that feminism isn’t about man hating, it’s always about being “independent” from men. People who like men don’t fret so much about avoiding men so much. Yes? Nobody says marriage has to be to a jerk. It could be a sensitive new age pussy who cooks and cleans but doesn’t provide. Or to a guy whose a bit of a jerk but pays the bills. Most women apparently like the latter guy. Some even like bad boys. These are all choices women make apart from feminism. Sure, the women can live in a log cabin without men and be poor (absent the welfare state) but men are not that bad as I said.
          Anyways, you come across to me as a kid and that’s not reflecting badly upon you. Put aside feminism (or even anti-feminism) for the moment and think long term. Because here’s what I’m telling you: The clock is ticking. I’d say that to a young man too.
          Take care.

        9. ” . . .you cannot generalize something like feminism.”
          So what you are saying is that the word actually has no meaning, that feminism is what ever you say it is at your convenience.
          I think you have just perfectly refuted your own claim by generalizing it exactly.

        10. Not the word, the people that follow it.
          I expected more

        11. ahahaha wellllllll..
          I am a kid, I’m still in my teens. I am adamant I will never get married or have kids, that’s not my game I am a free spirit, every women is different some are like me. Some have settled down with kids already. I don’t really want to settle down for at least 20-30 years. I don’t think marriage or something is the way to provide, that to me is unfulfilling. I mean it could even be the other way around some pretty boy could cling to a business women for money. I don’t avoid men I think they can be pretty fucking cool. I don’t see them as beneath women at all. I think they are both pretty much the same, all very different. I have a lot of plans for the future though, I’m just gonna see how it goes. I’m not gonna spend time being worried or upset about it, I have done my share of that for most of my life. I really just aim to do what makes me happy and you should too. There is nothing like earning for yourself though. It feels better saving with your own work to do something like I don’t know backpack around Australia then to have your rich husband or daddy pay for you. One of my close friends future plan is to marry and be a housewife that’s totally cool with me.
          I don’t want to bunk down. Maybe I’ll change my mind I don’t know. Everyone is different though. No-one is meant for one thing. I will always have an inner kid though. I mean I’m an adult yet I still love Disney and have done since before I can even remember. That usually doesn’t stick.

        12. I don’t really care, I mean you may be psychic but I know loads of successful artists. Either way I work on the side and I also am not all that bothered about money, I’d rather be happy of my own earnings then rich and unhappy or living of others. I live on a secluded island between Ireland and England and I visited a studio opening of this pottery lady of only 18 years just returned from New Zealand. She lives in a lovely little house in the country and she makes really good chocolate Guinness cake.

        13. “I live on a secluded island between Ireland and England . . .”
          Ahhhhh! A Scouser who can swim.

        14. Well no I’m not scouse. I’m Irish and I moved to the Isle of Man a few years ago.

        15. Ok now this is actually the first discussion on this page I would like to join, as you seem to be genuinely interested in communicating on the evoked topics (whereas usually all you get when you’re criticizing articles on this page is “Go away, ugly feminist” or even worse).
          You claim that not all men “want to sleep around”. Yet on this page, the majority of the is be about having as much sex as possible with as much women (pardon, they’re rather called sluts) as possible. The justification for this is that Western women are not worthy to be “kept” in a long term relationship. However, even when the authors talk about going to more traditional countries, they say how great it is to “bang” submissive girls there or have “Mini-relationships” as Roosh. Monogamy apparently only is in order for women (I don’t get the argument with the 9-months-life risk, first of all because risks of pregnancy today are extremely reduced and also because it’s not said why there shouldn’t be polygamy for women outside of their pregnancy period)
          These are only observations, I did not deduce anything from this. However, you have to see that almost (of course I cannot speak for all) no woman, in no part of the world, “feminist” or not would be happy with anyone who thinks this way. Unlike regular claims here, men that sleep with many women do not appear to us as something desirable for long term, but only as manwhores. We don’t want to marry manwhores, just as you don’t want to marry femalewhores (I know the word doesn’t exist but you get my point).
          Neither do we want to marry men that do not respect us as we are. And here is the really interesting point:
          Often, on this page it’s claimed that in nature, women are “this and this”, and feminists are “this and this”. And while I totally agree with you that in the past there definitely existed traditional gender roles, this does not mean that it has to be good or right. Society evolves, not only in a good way, but also not only in a bad way. We have state welfare programs. We have women that study mathematics, or engineering. We have men that study sociology, or arts, and they’re happy with it. We finally have the opportunities to follow what we really want, if we try and put an effort into it.
          And this means equality. This cannot be bad, as everyone gets the opportunity to pursuit his wishes and dreams. (Of course, I know there always are constraints and times of failure and everything, but as you said, this is life).
          The clock is ticking, you say? For what? Having children, getting married? Everyone here should now that today you can get pregnant at 35 and still chances of having a perfectly healthy child are extremely high (I’m not saying that I personally want to wait until then, but it is a possibility)
          But in order to be able to be independent today, education is extremely important. And as the job market tends to prefer younger people, it is essential that women who want to be independent do their studies at an early age, in order to pursue the career they wish to have. The clock is ticking for students, too.
          Another really horrible cliché I encounter on this site is that women want to have reliable, providing men in order to provide for them. This is not true. Women who have a career want to have providing men because they view is as a sign of responsibility and independence – character traits everyone wishes to find in their partner. It shows who they are, and this is essential.
          So, and just to shortly describe who posted this: I am a 20-year old European female who studies at one of the world’s most renown universities for political science, the SciencesPo Paris. I just got an offer from the University of Sydney to complete a dual Bachelor between between Paris and Sydney, and I chose to take it so I can take economics as my major. Later on I would like to work in the field of development aid, or, if I’m really lucky, as a diplomat.
          I had several longterm relationships which all lasted for at least one year, and I don’t like sleeping with people I have no emotional connection with (though I respect people who do so, as I think everyone should decide about this him/herself and not be judged about it). I have travelled to 14 countries (If I count correctly), including at least 4 for a longer time you would count as ones with traditional gender roles, so I got to experience life there as well.

        16. “I could easily do some heavy work jobs”
          Then upload a video of yourself lifting 135lbs for squat, bench press, and deadlift respectively for as many reps as possible, then I’ll do the same. If you get more overall reps than me, I’ll become a feminist.

    5. You claim to be well traveled and that this website is the most laughably stupid thing you’ve seen and then also claim to have seen anti-feminist sexism. Are you going to propose then that Saudi Arabian sexism isn’t so bad?
      The “independent” western woman exists in a context of a trillion dollars (or Euros) spent on the welfare state to keep things going. for now, and in the rest of the world… you keep you passport up to date to go back to a western white male run nation or get in a burka.
      Will our arguments never scrape on anything? Well, they scraped on you and yet you’re one of the most independent women you like to think of yourself as. For most women, feminism means alienating breadwinning men they crave. Your argument is unpersuasive. You merely provide insults even as you claim that men here are hypocrites and close minded. It’s important for men here to show that besides criticizing feminism, there’s a lot to be said for traditionalism: Women WANT providing, reliable, protective men. You sure like them the moment you run out of cash to live in Western hotels in traditional nations. Most men don’t want to be players and sleep around with women. They want to be stable fathers and a lot of women want that as well. Feminism literally means seeing things in terms of women but it makes men into creatures few women would want. Good for your “feminist” male relatives that they can be with you. Most women don’t want them.

      1. First off, comparing different forms of an issue will not make any issue better, I have seen so much sexism, all of it is bad all of it should still not be happening and ALL OF IT is causing some form of negativity, not depending on the country. You could say that the women over here who for example is a victim of rape isn’t allowed to be sad because she could be in Saudi Arabia getting raped and abused everyday, getting treated as less then animals.
        By scrape I meant the western world will never go back to how it was in the 50’s no matter how much you preach about it. I am independent, no doubts. See there you go, your generalizing feminists, first they are not all women second of all a lot of them do not crave men? You are thinking so selfish, I know I certainly do not crave a man to win bread for me, and I don’t even need to think for more then 20 seconds to come up with names of feminist women I know that have never in their life craved a man to work for them, ME AND MILLIONS OF OTHERS ARE HAPPY WINNING OUR OWN BREAD. When is it your place to tell an entire female species of homo sapiens what they want? Really. Some women want that, some women want traditional relationships children and all that malarkey but do not speak on behalf of every single women. I love men, no really I do. Why are you also speaking for women and who they desire, how the hell would you know?
        Maybe you should to a bit of traveling, it’s broadened my mind it could do the same for you, then you won’t speak on behalf of others.

        1. Alannah, you probably don’t know the term Godwin’s law (look it up) but it claims that all debates ultimately degenerate into calling someone a nazi because it gets so heated. In the case of feminism, rape is always brought up at some point. Feminism’s obsession with rape is amusing because it demonstrates the claim that anti-feminists like to make: feminists HATE sex. Sure, they will bed smooth talking guys who please them but they feel guilt about it. They’re nuns of the sisterhood. (Actually, Catholic nuns seem better adjusted. The most content people I have met are nuns and monks of any religion.)
          I chuckle at your claim that we’ll never go back to the 50’s. In some ways, that’s true. We won’t be seeing big muscle cars and cheap gasoline again. Or lead additive gasoline. But overall, the clock is turning but not necessarily the same clock. Rather than exporting feminism to the rest of the world, the rest of the world is bringing their notions of sexism with them to the west. Western chivalry is far far different than Saudi Arabia.
          Back to rape: You decry sexism as all bad yet do you realize that most victims of rape in the USA are men? In prison. Yet, feminists rarely talk about it or do anything about it. That’s sexism! (I had one say the men deserve it.)
          I speak for women what they desire based upon what I see. Most women want men to provide for them. Most feminists want affirmative action. Not all feminists are like that, but most are. Consider:
          Let’s conduct this thought experiment and eliminate affirmative action and welfare and just let women live like men. Earn their own bread. Not all men can support themselves either. The men who can’t wind up on the streets, in jail, or dead. Or they marry a woman who supports them. But such men are the exception rather than the rule. For poor women without such patronage anymore, they would wind up single and childless living meagerly, like many law abiding men do, or on the streets with a child. They would quickly abandon any pretenses of feminist equality. Many women also competing in the workforce but finding it difficult would abandon feminism. Since most men don’t have the option to abandon equality to live as househusbands, there is little incentive for men to reject “equality”. For women, there would be plenty of incentive.
          Regarding traveling, I have been to 15 countries and lived like a local in many of them. Cheers.

    6. The so-called “Red pill movement” is the death rattle of western pseudo-intellectual misogyny. I actually implore Roosh and people like him to attempt to spread their BS evo-psych theories about women as far and wide as they can just so real scientists and scholars can mock them.

      1. Are you denying that there are feminists that are scholars and scientists, because I can show you.
        Don’t get embarrassed when I do, because some plop on the internet will get shown up by fucking top university graduate.

        1. No dear, I was agreeing with you. I can see why you assumed I was trying to attack you though, since that’s exactly what everyone else is doing.

      2. The BS evo-psych theories of feminists are destroying Western civilization. I think they’re more of a problem.

      3. Agreed. These morons are ridiculing their entire movement, and themselves, on a daily basis, although they don’t notice it.

    7. Nothing you have stated is fact based or has anything to logically support your arguememt.
      You have espoused feelings, which, unfortunately, don’t amount to a hill of beans when it comes to the big picture or the advancement of society.
      You know the truth. Read history books or do your own unbiased research. You can’t argue with unbiased objective facts…..they are just that….facts

      1. Well yes it is.
        I mean I didn’t pick this information out of my bum.
        What’s history to do with anything? Go on explain the facts I am intrigued.

        1. History has to do with everything. If you don’t learn from it you are doomed to repeat it.
          you would believe that men and women are equal. Besides the physical facts that directly contradict that thought process….I.E. nature, or if you like, God; there is the fact that men are physically superior to women as a whole. There is the fact that men can physically dominate and do as they please to women, as a whole. There is the fact that almost ALL advancements that mankind has made since its creation has been by men…I think saying 99.9% isn’t an exaggeration on that point. There is the fact that any technological achievements in human history has been by men.
          Almost all the great rulers of history have been men. And when they weren’t men, the women were put in power and supported by men.
          Until the last 100 or so years, women were kept out of politics and business matters in general with very few exceptions.
          Property rights were passed down from man to….you guessed it …man.
          History denotes there is no such thing as equality of the sexes….never has been and never will be…..even if it were possible…it would have to be enforced by ….men. Where is the equality in that?
          If there was equality….true equality…women wouldn’t need men to give it to them, or protect them, or provide for them (create and build stuff). But they do. So to say that men and women are equal is at best a delusion and at worse….. a cruel joke on women.

    8. “I will never be owned by anyone”.
      Yes you will be. By your overused vibrators, dildos, butt plugs, your fingers, and your cats.

      1. I don’t have any of those, not even a cat wow
        you can do better then that darling

        1. I didn’t say you have any of those presently, or you are owned by anyone presently. I said ” Yes you will be”. Can’t make out much difference between present and future tense, can you? You can do better that.

  25. Top 5 feminist twitter responses to this article:
    1. “Wow, just wow.”
    2. “What the actual fuck.”
    3. “I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.”
    4. “I was going to clean the kitchen today but just to spite this fuck I’m not going to.”
    5. “I’m seriously going to find this guy and stab/curbstomp him.”
    As you can see, the best these twitter-jockeys can come up with are either mindless cliches, nonsensical threats of self-harm, or laughably empty threats. Because being a strong, empowered, independent woman means responding like a child at all times; either offering juvenile retorts to genuine criticism, or self-congratulatory high-fives to your equally deluded peers.

      1. That one is my favorite. Because anything that is counterintuitive to the hive mind’s teachings must be a joke, right?

  26. I get worried that a lot of guys at ROK do not fully comprehend that female nature has finally been revealed.
    Ancients knew restrictions had to be placed on women in politics and society, or it would lead to all women running to the Alphas, forcing men to compete like chimpanzees. Maintaining civilization would thus become less important.
    Today, that lack of attention to what really matters (a functioning society) is happening as we speak.
    ROK readers should realize, even if a Jessica Alba lookalike wants to serve you your cigar and whiskey when you return from your office job, she is not doing it out a reciprocal love; the female will still be receiving a sufficient amount of security she is biologically programmed to seek. Yes, she can’t go out sucking off the hot boyz 4 times a week, but she is in the housewife role for security, not love/companionship. Love never existed between the sexes, it is just a trade between security for women and reproductive opportunity for men.
    MGTOW may be the way to go for the next few decades. The unveiling of real female nature makes them too alien to ever look that them the same way again. She blows you as thanks for the 3 bedroom/2 bath shelter, not because of you yourself.

    1. “Barbarism is the natural state of mankind,” the borderer said, still staring somberly at the Cimmerian. “Civilization is unnatural. It is a whim of circumstance. And barbarism must always ultimately triumph.”
      Roman society functionned more than fine, the legions conquered an area half the size of the United States today with what they had.
      Ad they whipped the floor with judea, BTW.
      Simply put, when the Alphas are in charge is when societies are healthy and when the weaklings and cowards are in charge (or rather, no one is really in charge, today we call that democracy), we see a mass of “people” who are hollow, corrupt and marked for destruction. Their societies self-cannibalizes.
      The “betas” are to be conquered and made to obey, as they should.

      1. In the next few years, would do you think a beta would rather put up with a plain wife and 2.5 kids, or have dangerous thugspawn breaking into his apartment with weapons, looking for anything to steal because their single moms are facing a welfare drought, because the Misandry Bubble popped?
        Betas need to be controlled so they can construct Civilization instead of getting lost in internet porn. Women need to be controlled so everything doesn’t catch on fire and die.

    2. She might be in the role for security, but the love will come after the first couple of spankings.

    3. ” . . . she can’t go out sucking off the hot boyz 4 times a week . . .”
      How many days a week do you go to the office?

      1. By the 4 times I a week example, I was alluding to the average college-slut who 50 years ago, would be putting Apple Pie on the window sill, but instead at the age of 21 is out binge drinking and slutting it up on the nights she does not have a 10:30 am class the next morning. Which I guesstimated to be 4.

        1. Well, at least a couple of people so far got it. Just because when the old people talk about the old days you don’t understand what they are saying doesn’t mean that they are the ones who aren’t making sense.

        2. 1. I’m only twenty-five
          2. I think I get it…you are alluding that women have been whorish throughout history..which I agree with, I just didn’t get at first. That’s what you meant, right?

        3. By George, I think he’s got it!
          Penelope was an ideal. Helen and Clytemnestra were warnings about what women might well be up to while their husbands were “at the office.”
          The tactics change with the ages, but the strategy remains the same.

  27. It’s quite clear that the majority of financial problems we are currently experiencing are due to the drive to turn women into men by forcing them into the workplace. In a society where more people are working each household will have more income. Because people feel wealthier those selling products or services realise that they can charge higher prices for their product or service. Thus, prices increase. As work becomes the norm for women there are now more people in the employment market there are less jobs for the men to fill meaning higher unemployment. The combination of higher than normal inflation combined with the lack of available work makes the poor poorer.

  28. Finally Finally Finally!!!!! This is the week all of us have been waiting for. It should be called logical roles between the sexes week. Women are naturally suited to be caregivers at home and men are naturally suited to be providers and protectors. How do we know this for fact?
    Historical precedence. All you simply have to do to squash any debate is to look at the history of mankind…..nuff said!
    We are where we are as a society today because of those roles that men and women were naturally made to play. It does not work well any other way. It goes against the normative. Can it be done, yes. Should it be done, no!
    I’ve said this many times on this site but it will always need repeating….
    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS EQUALITY OF THE SEXES. How do we know this, history, facts and logic!
    More importantly, there is no such thing as equality. it doesn’t exist and has never existed. Just because you want something to be a fact with all your heart, doesn’t make it a fact.

  29. A mate’s mother:
    – married his alpha male father at 18, divorced him 5 years later because she wanted a career, and farmed the kids off on her traditional sisters to raise;
    – says she hates him but always asks about him;
    – spent 20 years doing her degree and four different postgraduate degrees in Social Work;
    – despite the education, in the 10 years I’ve known her has never stayed at any government job for more than 5 months, saying that she didn’t feel it was ‘the right fit’ for her;
    – hit the wall hard, realised the men no longer thought she was as cute, got a mushroom dyke cut;
    – started dating the hugely-beta man who lived next door to her in her prime and has been carrying a torch ever since, and then asked her to marry him;
    – weighed up the fact she was no longer getting any attention, measured up his wealth;
    – kept complaining to me that he was always so rational and that they never ‘fought’, so there was ‘no passion’;
    – waited a year, no-one else bit;
    – his stability and common sense meant he was sitting on a $5 million fortune;
    – he gives her $50,000 as an engagement gift;
    – she immediately spends $400,000 renovating his house so it meets her standards;
    – she talks about a coastal holiday home;
    – he buys the home, she spends $800,000 renovating the property, when you could build a decent, brand new house for $200,000 down there, and has left us wondering what on earth she spent it on;
    – the moment it’s completed, she talks about ‘time apart to find herself’, moves down to the coast home, he’s still footing the bill;
    – now’s considered herself ‘retired’ at 45, no longer looks for work, her tastes are now luxury goods and the best restaurants, eating out every night and spending her days shopping for name goods.
    – I show my mate some red pill sites, without saying anything, showing him all the cliches. The realisation hit him hard: “my mother is a bitch!”
    The government probably spent half a million dollars educating this woman, for a few years of scattered, disinterested job commitment. Her husband spent 25 years of hard work, common sense, denial and investments accumulating a fortune, and she burns through it on pathetic, trivial excessive comforts, because the privilege of her sex is to be able to use someone else’s life as a stepping stone to her own selfish goals.
    Women are monsters.

    1. I’m reminded of the book “lord of the flies”. Children aren’t innocent, sweet creatures that sentimental public figures like to claim but rather little monsters who would murder the family pets for sport if given the chance.
      Women are more like children that become monsters without firm guidance.
      When I dated women, I heard the “cheap” word used a slur a lot. I didn’t want to spend (my) money at lavish restaurants. I’m cheap. I drove a 10 year old car. I’m cheap. I fix old clothes rather than buy new ones. Cheap. I don’t buy expensive jewelry for her. Cheap.
      But over the years, my wife uses the world less and now likes the feeling of a big bank account and stability. The ability to spend money on things that matter. Her in-laws want to visit? Ok, I get tickets and a nice beach resort for a week. She goes without thinking twice about it. Her mother has medical needs? The rainy day fund is there. What matters in life is paid for by the crap we don’t need and don’t buy.
      Children don’t “get” this concept. If parents don’t teach them, they never will. Western women are not taught this and who can blame them with beta males buying $50K rings without a second thought? I blame the beta males. It’s like they give children loaded guns to play with.

        1. My wife was watching the superbowl commercials and wanted to try “budweiser” beer. I laughed. The stuff is dog wash water. Maybe the premium is ok, but regular bud? It’s mud. But the commercials are so good, aren’t they?
          I was amused that so little of the superbowl ads were aimed at men. There were car ads but I didn’t find them compelling. I buy a car based upon consumer reports reviews, talking to friends, and experience. The LAST thing I do is consider a car ad to buy a brand because a cute babe is attracted to it. But the SB car ads were gender neutral. Even the beer commercials seemed tame.
          If the ad execs want to pester women to blow their money and ignore men, that’s fine by me. THANK YOU ad executives!

    2. A smart man would never let this happen. He’d always have the upper hand over this bitch.

  30. Brilliant. Simpy brilliant. Keep up the good work, Roosh. You are certainly fighting an uphill battle, but at least you are fighting.

  31. As I’ve said before, men’s cognitive strengths just overwhelm women’s all over the place. White guys have so much surplus of the mind that some of them even spend their leisure time on activities like inventing new languages, analyzing Stanley Kubrick’s films frame by frame or applying mathematical models to the study of baseball (sabermetrics) – and they do these things for fun. Women, with their endless prattle about popular culture, people, feelings and relationships, don’t do anything comparable.

  32. Roosh drops another bomb into the feminist stinkhole. There shall be much weeping and gnashing of teeth.

  33. on the middle east comment the fertilty rate of some of them have dropped below 2.11 replacement value such as iran 1.8 lebanon 1.7 and tunisa 2.02. you can find this data on wiki and cia world factbook. google “hans rosling” he speacializes in demographic data. and he explained why these fertilty trends are happening. like why does ireland 2.00 a first world nation have a higher fertilty then iran. or debunking the myth that religion plays a role on children. his presentations are very interesting and enteraining.
    there are 4 factors that affect fertilty rate and that is family planning programs,child mortalty,women working and cant recall the last one.
    we know how to bring population down(irans family planning eas highly effective) but to increase it is a mystery. all countrys in the world are seeing a drop in fertilty, except for isreal which is growing(arab fertilty in isreal drops and jews both secular and non are growing)

  34. I am pleasantly surprised right now. You put up good logical arguments which didn’t anger me so much as gave me a lot to think about. Of course my views haven’t slightly altered but not all of you are so close-minded, ignorant, stupid and selfish as others.
    Some of you are actually really smart and you do actually know what you’re talking about
    I advise you not to get too influenced by what a lot of these articles say
    It would be a waste of a good arguement

    1. • “I advise”.
      Nobody cares what “you advise”.
      This is a men’s interest website and no place for you.
      When we want your opinion, we’ll give it to you.

      1. *You don’t care what I advise.
        You’re getting my opinion anyway.
        For the record you are not one of the people I am talking about here.

        1. Well in that case, I advise you STFU and don’t dye your fucking hair neon red. But I’m not going to say that directly to you. It would be rude and presumptuous.

        2. Okay I read that first sentence and I can’t even be bothered reading the rest, it’s going to be complete hypocritical nonsense.
          You don’t need to be embarrassed for being put under by a women darling I understand.

        3. No you don’t.
          Feminists would never be caught dead in a curtsey.
          It would be too lady like for them. You’re not even PERMITTED to curtsey.

        4. I advise you stop pretending, because a curtsey is a display and showing of respect. You can’t possibly know what that is , because you don’t even understand “basic fucking decency”.
          “Respect” is only a lesson for people who first understand “basic decency”. It’s a grade-school-before-high-school thing.

    2. I would advise being less self-righteous on this site – except you just want to troll around.

      1. Just advice. Just advice. I’m complimenting a few and giving them advice which will put their talents to good use. This website is without denial harmful to peoples emotions, I’m not so much being self-righteous as I am giving easily-influenced women hope that you don’t have to listen to anything any of these guys say.

        1. Just some advice, lose 15 pounds.
          “close-minded, ignorant, stupid and selfish as others.”
          Sadly woman don’t respond to smart, clever and other-centered men as such characteristics are viewed as ‘weakness’ and ‘lack of confidence’ by woman.
          Since viewing woman as nothing more then objects designed for my pleasure and to obey my commands I have found my interactions with woman to be much more successful and enjoyable to both parties.

        2. Why would I lose 15 pounds?
          That’s complete bullshit, wow you are pulling that out of your arsehole. I don’t believe that’s what it is at all what is it with all you guys speaking for women like really?

        3. It’s ‘complete bullshit’ that woman don’t respond to smart, clever and other-centered men as such characteristics are viewed as ‘weakness’ and ‘lack of confidence’ by woman ?
          Get real, being nice to woman as a reproductive strategy in the late 20/ early 21st Century is a FAIL.
          As for what you ‘believe’ it doesn’t count for anything as woman are basically illogical and incapable of sustained rational thought.
          Since viewing woman as nothing more then objects designed for my pleasure and to obey my commands I have found my interactions with woman to be much more successful and enjoyable to both parties.

        4. “This website is without denial harmful to peoples emotions”
          Your hair color is without denial harmful to people´s eyes…

        5. and the shit for brains you have in your head dear child is just harmful full stop! keep on impressing the boys here with your crap to make yourself feel popular and clever. Insults and name calling is all you seem to be good at be proud of yourself idiot

        6. oh dye your hair back to original colour cos little Laura doesnt like it it hurts her little eyes! such a silly little girl child she is

        1. No.
          I wouldn’t leave a comment on Jezebel remarking how pleasantly surprised I am to have found a few reasonable women also and advising people not to take the content too seriously.
          If I’d do it, it would be to troll around.
          While I understand that trolling can be fun, I don’t think that’s what you’re doing. You simply lack the empathy that is necessary to understand that what you’re saying is condescending, which, in contrast to trolling, doesn’t make you seem to be the superior one.

      2. ( Can’t imaging what would possess a woman / girl to walk into any situation and say “I advise” in all her arrogance.
        “I advise” she doesn’t dye her fucking hair neon red. But I’m not going to say that directly to her. It would be rude and presumptuous.
        Men have something known as “class” and “manners”…. after all, we invented diplomacy and peace treaties.
        But I hope everyone knows how to ice-skate home…. because hell would freeze over before a woman develops a fucking shred of decency.

    3. Something good came out of your bragging, Alannah: it drove me to write this article:
      I “advise” you to read it, and perhaps you’ll be a little bit less egotistical in the future.
      TLDR: your feminist “accomplishments” are built upon the backs of men. Maybe 5% of women are actually accomplished – the rest of you are Affirmative Action hires, who are destroying society with your vanity.

      1. Aurini, read your article. You’ve actually managed to condense feminism in one insightful phrase: “Women are miserable in today’s world: they get everything they want, instead of what they need. ” Absolutely well said. Women are children and as such want things that are bad for them, they need the guidance of a man to show them what they need in order to live well. Great post, will be visiting again.

  35. 1. the pill
    2. divorce cash & prizes
    3. sluts gon slut
    the trifecta of why that shit ain’t coming back

  36. So you use the Middle East as an example the West should be following? Not only are they unable to progress out of their medieval society, but they’re bringing those backwards beliefs to Western nations and transforming whole cities with rich cultural traditions into mini-versions of their home countries. Clearly there’s not as strong of a correlation between prevalence of traditional sex roles and the success of a culture/society as you’re claiming. The shittiest places on the planet could actually benefit from giving women more choices.

    1. ” . . .they’re bringing those backwards beliefs to Western nations. . .”
      You’re about 2000 years too late with that criticism.

    2. Are you a Christian? Jesus and most of the Biblical prophets lived in the Middle East region (if you take the Levant, Israel too). Patriarchy and original red-pill was born there. When Christianity spread from there, most of the time it incorporated many of the existing pagan customs of the places/countries it reached into itself. What we have in America and most European countries is a paganized form of it.
      In the Middle East, most Christian homes still maintain the original patriarchal model at homes. So don’t look down on the Middle East, as there still exist traditional red pill societies here. What you have in America is nothing but young satanic unchristian women who choose to be slutty witches (witchcraft) or totally mock the cross by dangling it from their necks while fornicating. You have seen what has happened by giving more choices (rights/laws) in favor of your women, i.e. why you are here to learn red-pill.
      Societies where American globalization has not touched yet, are the places where you actually find women with whom you could build a future. See what’s happening in Japan and some places in EE (where the demographics are failing because of American globalization).
      The irony with your whining is that while you want traditional minded wife-worthy women like from traditional red pill societies, you don’t want to relinquish the right to fuck scantily clad, slutty women (which unfortunately you won’t find in a traditional red pill society).These are the kind of women you can fuck, but you know dead sure you can’t wife her up – as she’s not the marrying kind.
      In traditional societies of medieval Europe or Asia, often only the whores or courtesans where allowed to obtain education and had “rights” as compared to the normal average woman, and had separate lodgings (brothels) in the cities/villages, where people could visit. Correlation between more rights and more sluttiness? Education is necessary and important for women; but not more “choices”. In modern times, there is not much difference between the attitude of a slut, whore and average young girl (especially in US and Europe).
      If you want American women to become wife like and feminine, you need to know that you will need to take away some of their choices. Because as long as there will be choices (rights), you won’t be able to make them be your “dutiful” wives. Men at ROK here know that. Women don’t always respond to reason, but they only and always respond to “authority”. Because you were complacent, and relenting to allow them more “choices”, you have your men being dominated now.
      Feminism exploited this complacency among men like you, who thought women would be responsible if they were given more choices.
      And now you’re whining and looking to travel to countries (“shittiest places” e.g.EE) where men still have more choices/rights as compared to women, while harping at the same time that women would benefit from more “choices” . Do you want to destroy the societies in these places, just like how it’s been destroyed in America? Do you want men to suffer more? So stop being a hypocrite, don’t sit on your prejudiced ass and preach about the world, and get the fuck out of America to visit these shitty countries to actually form an unbiased and unbalanced opinion. (But I know you won’t because you’ll form your opinions about these places by watching feminist controlled news and media). You can continue to wallow in your skepticism while the gender roles continue to deteriorate around you. You can’t have your cake (red pill women) and eat it too (unless you follow patriarchal societies like in the Middle East).

      1. Vote for Joshua: Taking away women’s rights and freedom of living. Because screw the constitution and human rights, we want bitches to be wife-like!

  37. if you get bored of game, the answer is to use ‘game’ type skills to make a pile of money and then ‘contract’ a wife or three, so that you can have the home life, without the hassle.
    Money is the great arbiter of all things…. simply hire a professional house keeper, professional escort and a professional nanny / nursery school teacher with the understanding that you will have children with all of them over the course of the next X years….
    An LTR is null and void due to a web of laws that prevent you from maintaining the status quo with the woman, who can always back out and / or make life miserable…
    Employment however provides for contracts and specific and limited financial benefits, bonuses, severance etc. etc. etc. In many countries prostitution is legal, meaning you can contract a gal or two long term for sex, and make sure they uphold their side of the arrangement and provide extra services such as professional level massage etc. Same goes for housekeeper, nanny, etc.
    It’s not so easy to haul in six/seven figures a year and a man needs a considerable support system around him to do that…. game is all fine and good but bouncing about bars and clubs is unproductive and unhealthy.
    Focus instead on making money and hiring the people you need to form your own little castle around you…. women can make extremely loyal ’employees’ provided the benefits are all there…..

    1. Great idea, tough in practice. A buddy of mine has something (sort of) similar–he’s had 3 kids with 3 women. He lives with the mother of the youngest one, and she mothers all three kids, two of them part-time. She’s 26, he’s 42.
      This is a tough row to hoe, but maybe the best path to passing on one’s genes and creating a great family tribe. I don’t know that I’d state up-front that I’d have a kid with my housekeeper, that goes against basic game concepts. Instead, I’d hire a bunch of young hotties, and game the shit out of them.

    2. Damn, you’re a fucking idiot. Hiring a nanny to have kids with her? Sounds like a great plan, moron.

  38. I do not agree with this article.
    I have no problems with women choosing their own path. I only take issue with the institutionalized double standard that grants them “Equality when convenient”.
    Now make the twats register for Selective Service.

    1. I can understand this argument to an extent, personal freedom and all that, but I think that the best interests of society should take priority over the right of women to do any job they want. And theres one job sector in particular that a civilised society that wants to secure its own long term existence should not permit women to enter, and thats the Military. Arguments can be made for other professions too, but the Military is on a category of its own, especially the various combat units.
      We hear complaints from Feminists now that women are constantly getting raped in the Military. If those Military women cant even protect themselves from the people on their own side, how exactly do we expect them to be able to protect their own countrymen against a real enemy? The Military exists as a Nations tool to project and protect against violence in order to further its own interests. Its not a vehicle to provide women with safe and comfortable jobs, which is the way that many people are currently treating it.

      1. Actually, men now gets raped much more than women in the US armed forces, kinda like prison.
        It does not stop there, there is a massive double standard.
        if a woman claims to have been raped, the accused is guilty until prooved otherwise.
        If a man claims to have be raped, let it just be stated that it is not taken at all that seriously…

        1. OK, thats good support for your claim. I notice the surveys that finding was based upon are quite recent – I wonder if this epidemic of man on man rape in the Military is a recent thing, or if we are now just finding out about it because someone tried to measure it. (No, dont take that as a suggestion that you should Google it for me)

      2. Then let’s take it a step farther and put blacks back in chains.
        We can use IQ scores, Crime Rates and Health Statistics and
        Poverty Rates as justification.

        1. You’re suggesting that group propensity towards lower IQ, poverty, higher crime and health issues justifies slavery? I wouldn’t make that argument. You is obviously rascist.

  39. I think that if femininity is valued appropriately women will find suitable roles to fill. May or may not be in the kitchen.

  40. I agree that traditional roles are necessary for healthy relationships and also society in general, but I don’t think it’s possible for them to return, because:
    1) Women have no reason to behave well and treat men with respect today. They don’t need men as much as they did in the past, where they literally needed a man for survival. They have the government, various organizations and shelters for women and legions of white knights, eager to protect their fair maidens.
    With things being this way, women can fuck up however they want, and someone will always clean their mess. No reason to be loyal. All it takes is them feeling bored with you and everything you were trying to build is destroyed in one moment. Also media and other women don’t want their ‘sisters’ to succeed, so they spread lies and backhanded compliments (“You look so cute with the short hair!”).
    2) The trust between men and women is broken. Feminists spread fear and paint all men as being natural rapists and sadists, and men stop trusting women after a few relationships, where they realize that no matter what they do, women will never be happy, and lies and manipulation both come natural to them.
    Women also have the upper hand in relationships, and they can easily destroy a man’s reputation or his whole life if they want to. With unfair laws that let women take men’s children and money, and accuse them of domestic violence, rape or sexual harassment, associating with women can be really dangerous. Entering a relationship feels like she is always pointing a gun at your head, and you never know when she will decide to shoot.
    3) Those roles can only exist in certain environment. As I already stated, women have no reason to be the ‘nice and submissive’ wives again. Feminism became mainstream at the exact same time when work went from really hard physical labor to sitting in an office 8 hours/day. Women have always been hypergamous opportunists. They are only loyal if they have to be. They can only act traditional when their survival depends on it.
    With all these reasons, I think it’s quite naive to expect things to go back to ‘normal’. Even the women who claim to be traditionalists cannot be trusted. They can appeal to my instincts with this behavior, and then drop it when I’m hooked. Also all the traditional women I ever met claimed they want to get married. That should tell you something. I have yet to meet a woman who would just want to be in a relationship and enjoy the time together as a man a woman without wanting something more later, like cohabitation, marriage and children.
    It’s also hard for me to ever fall in love again like when I was a naive teenager, when I know what ‘love’ and ‘attraction’ really is. As a man, I will always be disposable to women. If I refuse to pay for sex with resources, effort and time, she will find me broken and go fish for someone else.
    Healthy animals are not supposed to be self-aware and know all this. We should only follow our instincts and procreate as much as we can. We’re supposed to sacrifice our personal comfort and goals for sex, and most people do just that. Hell, the hobbies and goals of most people are made to lead to sex.
    I don’t like the preachy tone of some people who tell me that I should live my life a certain way for our children, for better future! Even if I do that and sacrifice the very limited time I have on this planet, how can I be sure it helped anything after I die? And from what I know, people never learn. So many people throughout history tried to change the world, and while rarely they did succeed, we mostly still make the same mistakes. What is the point of prolonging our existence anyway? Imagine all animals becoming self-aware, realizing how they do so many self-destructive things out of instinct. That would destroy the world.
    Enjoy the decline, folks. It will not get better without it getting really bad first. Then all this will happen again, and again, and again…

  41. In British English, what you mean by ‘Caretaker’ is said ‘Caregiver’ or ‘carer’, and Caretaker is used to refer to something like a ‘groundsman’, generally a role which in an institution like a school or college is filled by a male.

  42. How gloriously appropriate that I read this as I reread Plato’s allegory of the cave. We are not tolerating these women who offer nothing.

  43. If you really wanted to revert to a patriarchal system, the best way to go about it would be to implement genuine equality across the board. That would mean no more alimony unless under exceptional circumstances. 50/50 child custody, making things like false rape charges and paternity fraud illegal, reducing the role of Affirmative action only to investigate certain claims and make sure there is no overwhelming discrimination, but no more quotas now for how many employees need to be white, multi-race, women.
    I would also make getting married more than once illegal unless you were a widow.
    With those things implemented women would think real hard about divorce because the incentive to do it would be gone.

    1. “I would also make getting married more than once illegal unless you were a widow. . With those things implemented women would think real hard about divorce because the incentive to do it would be gone.”
      Kidding, aren’t you? Please be! Without the divorce, and subsequent getting the hell out of his area of influence, I’d be dead by now. Shall I show you the scars he gave me?

        1. I suppose you want to hint at that he beat me up and tried to throttle me and stabbed me because we didn’t have enough sex. I disagree, but since I know that you don’t want to believe me anyway, there’s no use in further explanations.

      1. He didn’t say anything about abolishing divorce. Not one thing.
        Listen to what he said, not what the voices in your head are saying.

        1. “make getting married more than once illegal unless you were a widow”. Sounds a bit like “get divorced and you are out of the game”. I agree that he doesn’t say anything against divorce, but effectively criminalising women (“widow”) who want a second chance with a man is a bit much.

        2. “I agree that he doesn’t say anything against divorce,”
          Then you shouldn’t have responded as if he had.
          “. . .effectively criminalising women . . .”
          There you go again. The defining character of criminal acts is that you can be imprisoned for them. Marriage and divorce are civil matters.
          Perhaps you are not suited for discussions that affect your own status in life, not “because patriarchy,” but “because histrionic straw maning.”

  44. This was a good post. I am a girl and I agree with this, for the most part at least. Women need to embrace their feminine virtues, rather than viewing it as something insulting. This post expresses a lot of respect for women, and I don’t find it offensive….HOWEVER, I think that the main reason this site is often deemed a “troll” site is because many OTHER posts on this site are extremely disrespectful and drenched in spite. I can go into detail if I must. Also, I believe that women are most in their natural element when taking up nourishing roles, but this does not mean they should be confined to monotony or judgement.

    1. …”extremely disrespectful and drenched in spite…” Maybe y’all should live femininely instead of leaving us opportunities to address your flaws.

    2. Agree wholeheartedly. Some of the more extreme stuff is just pushing the envelope though. While I might not agree with some of the more hateful views, sometimes extremism is needed to push back against the prevailing feminist culture.

  45. Haaaaahahahahahahahahhahaa oh my god I almost pissed myself laughing at this article hahahahahaha :’) ” I look at myself, a man who has fornicated with a huge pile of women, most of them within hours of meeting”…. pahahahaha. Also, you continue to hate on sluts, when you spend most of your time trying to fuck them? ??????

    1. To paraphrase Donny Rumsfeld, we go to bed with the SMP that we have, not the one that we want.

    2. That’s the huge paradox with this whole pick-up/MRA cult. These fellas hate on women without an end, calling them sluts, thieves, worthless, stupid and incompetent on any other field except cleaning, cooking and fucking. They spill out all this extreme hatred against women every day, but yet they center their entire cult on how to pick up random women to have sex with them, travel all around the globe for women and read all the books by Roosh, just to be able to fuck more women. It’s fucking ridiculous.

      1. there is something of a paradox there, but presently its an unavoidable one. down the line it might be possible to do Game & be more oriented towards women, but you have to remember this is in no small part a response to a virulent feminism that seeks to hurt men wherever it can. There is literally no part of masculinity that feminism has not tried to stymie or destroy. So all the hurtful things said of women – some of those things are deserved. Ultimately the question might be whether it constitutes ‘good game’

  46. “Which sex, due to having to risk its life through a 9-month gestation period, is better suited to monogamy?”
    True! I have had this same idea more or less for a long time; also, that women cannot afford the luxury to be promiscuous because sooner or later it will show (pregnancy, babies); it’s just not in our nature but if I tell this to other women, they will never agree, and they just don’t see it (and never will) the consequences of their feminist indoctrination AKA Whoring Around.

  47. I wish this was a national holiday so I could take a week off to do some “behind the fridge” cleaning.

  48. To a degree, I agree. You just allow for statistical outliers. I’ve met some pretty good female engineers.
    We need to test people objectively. You’ll find the majority break along gender, but brains aren’t always wired the same.
    We do need to end the ridiculous two-standard system. You can’t pass the unified standard? Tough. Standards exist for a reason.
    I think we need to split classes by sex again, not because of sexual thought, but learning types. Guys are competitive by nature, women are consensus learners.
    Stop trying to hide the differences. Celebrate them, and play to each one’s strengths. That’s what this ‘liberal’ would do to fix the problem.

  49. “It turns out that brainwashing them to live the program of a man by
    achieving a career and accumulating lots of money has not made them better off.”
    True, women are not only obsessed with accumulation but with STEALING money from men , they don’t want to confront their own demos and they rationalize the fraud and the stealing saying that it’s *child support* and that the kid (s) deserve it. Yeah right…

  50. “In the past, a man could marry a good woman from not much more than
    having a good job”
    Absolutely, so true.

  51. the general idea i can agree with, the pigeon-holing i cannot. male / female, evolution might blur, do what makes you happy and strive for that but be aware of reality. this shit cannot be mandated, certain expectations will be managed and that does not account for the human spirit. to some degree, public funds will be involved (fucking taxes, a separate yet interlinked issue), fine, and an acceptable evel of wastage is inevitable. No human system will be without its bullshit so throw pure theory based solutions out the window. However, if you want to mandate based on ideology then produce relevant results first. A harsh system of reality will correct in the long run, but while there is excess, we shall indulge

  52. Here’s how I see it: A respectable man should be deeply respected by his mate. An adorable woman should be deeply adored by hers. Together, they should collaborate for team betterment, especially if they create progeny. Children, especially young ones, need more hours of parental interaction per week than they can get from two parents with full-time jobs, say nothing of the time they would clock with single parents. To make a household work to it’s ideal potential, there needs to be a caregiver and a career high achiever. Traditional gender roles can make this work. So can collaborative parenting situations wherein both people work out of the home with freelance, consulting, or investment types of things.

  53. Roosh, you may single-handedly right the ship of gender relations. PUA and red pillers are in the best position to make this argument. We’ve experienced the benefits of confused “feminist” women in the sexual marketplace, but we still see the truth for what it is. And know the benefits of the old rules. Perhaps the argument for traditional gender roles will be strengthened because it’s cause is taken up by people other than the standard religious moralists- who say to do it because “God said so”. Like giving actual reasons why it benefits both men and women.
    This is a bold move so my respect for starting this discussion.

    1. It’s important to understand what true “traditional” roles were. Many women define traditional roles today of women doing as they please and men providing for them as “ladies”. Traditional roles of old meant men were in charge without apology. Most young women today won’t call themselves “feminists” but rather will say they want “equality” in the workplace and voting, and then the rest of the time “traditionalism” which means, to them, men pay for everything. In other words, women get all the goodies with none of the responsibilities.
      I should have told her at the time that if she truly meant she wanted traditionalism after getting home from work, that meant handing over her paycheck to the husband for him to decide how it’s spent (including whether she can buy designer bags) and then, even if she put in a 10 hour day at work, she’ll cook the food and do the laundry. I betcha she wouldn’t be so much into “traditional” values then at home! But sure, if that means men pay for dates and then after courtship, her income basically is his and she’s an “unpaid” houseservant, sure, that paradigm works for me!

    2. Benefits for whom, of course manosphere peacocks would make that argument, I as a MGTOW reject it.

  54. Hm. I don’t like the article, since it’s very black-and-white-ish.
    There are stay-at-home moms who don’t know shit about child rearing, healthy food and suchlike (as the authors of this page frequently address as “fat mothers commit child abuse”), and highly paid career women who are actually able to care for their children even after they come home from work. (There are even fat mothers able to care for their children healthily, but that would mix up two major topics here and make things too complicated).
    The main problem with this whole bashing of housewifes is that some (!) women think that every woman should desire a career (otherwise she’s brainwashed), and that some (!) women quietly wonder if if would have been nicer to get married and be a housewife instead of working their asses off to pay back the debts they piled during university, so they lash out towards what they desire.
    In a time when a woman can’t trust the father of her kid to stay at her side, many are afraid to become a housewife and stay at home without own income. So it’s not just “feminist brainwashing” that keeps women from settling down, but simple fear of becoming a single mom with minimum wage.
    Maybe ROK could address this as part of this topic week: the responsibilities of the husband/father when it comes to the commitment, the question of doing the honorable thing (pay child support, or even simpler, don’t leave her in the first place) and the problems and stresses (and rewards) of bearing the responsibility to keep a family fed, clothed and happy.

    1. Maluca, that’s a valid question and I’ve heard this several decades ago from women as well. I think it’s a bit of a self-fulfilling prophesy, however: Regard men as likely to bolt so be more independent and then this fear is validated as men appear to be less committed.
      On RoK, there are many blog postings advising men to not marry. Period. It’s considered a huge risk. But for me, personally, the benefits outweighed the (carefully calculated) risks. If we think about it, men are about taking calculated risks. They shouldn’t take STUPID risks, but they should be willing to walk away when the deal isn’t worth it.
      It’s ironic, therefore, that feminism which preaches about women being independent and equal to men somehow is risk obsessed and don’t want to marry men if there’s a small chance he’ll die or leave her. But it’s also ironic that for all the talk of women wanting more choices like men, they often make the bad choices men have made. Men often marry dumb cheerleader golddiggers who take them to the cleaners and women now often seem to go for “bad boys.” Nobody says women have to marry bad boys either in a traditional or modern system. But the bottom line is this: Whatever happens, risk will be there. Even if she dots her i’s and crosses her t’s, the guy could fail her. But the same can be said of being independent too. That’s life.
      The paradigm feminism sold women was twofold: One was women could “have it all” and get sunshine and rainbows. They were told that “men”, collectively, were all partying it up and if he was a working schlub, well, he’s not a real man anyway so why bother counting him? So ALL women should be party animals with the world owing them a living. On the other hand, they were told that being “independent” was safe. Well, not too many people equate single motherhood with affluence and safety. In general, women are worse off after feminism.
      Finally, the matriarchal notion of keeping a child fed, clothed, and happy is an example of bad parenting, quite frankly. A proper parent RAISES a child to become an adult. This doesn’t mean the child may be happy. It means telling the child to put away the video games and study. A happy childhood is important, of course, but men see children as future adults while women see children as babies. While family courts often awarded mothers of infants default custody because that made sense, the opposite logic usually goes for a child after they get old enough to go to school. When they’re weaned off of breast milk and in school for half of the day, then parenting is about guidance more than raw nurtering.

  55. An article on fertility rates would be wonderful, you barely scratched the surface and feminism does appear to drop it below replacement.

  56. Great topic!! I love it. I did try to get a #lovethepatriarchy tag going on Twitter last week in accordance with your request, I’ll keep working it and see if it takes off.

  57. “This does not mean a man can’t be good nurse”
    Yes it does. I love the rest of the post, but I don’t want a male nurse ever! Men should not be nurses. Sadly, many men seek that profession out because traitorous DC-Manhattan scum have offshored all of the jobs.

    1. it depends. in mental health community psychiatric nurses for instance are less obviously ‘nursey’ than in hospitals. Professions do change. Community psychiatric nurse for instance doesn’t quite conjure up the image of a benny hill type nurse bending over a patient in a tight little uniform and suspenders. Caring professions are quite often dominated by women or gay men, but while it will probably never be a masculine job, not all make you florence nightingale or whatever…

  58. Traditional sex roles were beneficial in the past, where economic output was solely upon men, and men were paid enough to feed an entire household, now one income isn’t solely enough, now men and women need to work outside the house. Traditionalism, seeks to oppress and severely restrict individual rights, as it dictates my sole role is to be a beta male provider, it seeks to provide a direction for me that doesn’t fit me, and it never has fit me. I understand that there are differences between men and women, and feminism has strengthens gynocentrism and created a hostile climate for men to live in, but traditionalism will do the same thing only in a different context. Traditional gender roles in an age of technology, in a post-modern society, is no longer relevant. We need a new way to deal with gender issues, and this isn’t it, and because of the reasons I listed above, I reject and always will reject traditionalism.

    1. “…and men were paid enough to feed an entire household, now one income isn’t solely enough…”
      It was still enough if taxes weren’t so high.
      “Traditionalism, seeks to oppress and severely restrict individual rights…”
      Traditional genders roles surely can coexist with whatever it is you want for yourself.

  59. Lamenting in the past will not get anything done, it will make this site more marginalized than it already is, and you will not get within a earshot those who matter, I laughed at fat shaming week, but this might make me laugh harder.

  60. I don’t know Roosh but it seems that when you were abroad, either you didn’t travel much or had very shallow relationships. Women warriors are common around the world, society for most of history was matriarchal, but patriarchal societies started in the fertile crescent, and spread with Christianity and Islam, then colonialism. Traditional gender roles are women and men taking care of a herd, collecting water, doing chores together, taking care of children together, but during hunting season men are off. Traditionally, men and women were part of a tribe.
    You can’t reform biology. There used to be one silverback, and the rest of you who comment in this forum used to not get laid historically because you were not the tribal chief. You’d live at the edge of the territory, and catch whatever land whale chimp who could not get fertilized by the silverback no matter how hard she tried. What a Gamma male website.
    Alpha male monkeys have low levels of cortisol which you clearly don’t on this forum, both authors and commenters. Beta males are passive, and gamma males are type of betamale who is still beta male but decided to get aggressive to try to get laid. A couple can try to temporality overthrow the silver back, but bicker among each other and the silver back shows them. Then they become extremely passive beta of beta males. Being passive and being aggressive are two sides of the same coin of powerlessness. You can sneek in some booty as a gamma, but will also likely get jail time or the hate of the society, less access to resources, and other gamma male problems.
    Alpha males are assertive and not aggressive among gorillas, because they are the boss. They have more issues than females to deal with, like where the pack will feed, war, making piece, etc. When attacked, an alpha not only retaliates, but his clan stands with him. However, the difference between an alpha and a beta, is that the alpha only fights when necessary and conserves energy. Beta gorillas are aggressive and pick fights. Alpha females, women of high sexual value and confidence (famous models, actresses, etc), only go for alpha males, know that gamma males are posers. Beta females will mistake Gamma males for Alpha males and give them a chance.
    A beta female can be a shy 9.5 in looks, but doesn’t know it as she lacks confidence. There is something in their childhood/life that damaged them, so they don’t have a realistic view of the world. They feel unattractive so they often give up on beauty and stop taking care of themselves, drink to numb the pain, and this catches up with them. An alpha female is happy, healthy, takes care of herself, and knows her value. Unlike beta females who are jealous and cause drama, and alpha female is relaxed. She is calm, relaxed, smooth, confident, like an alpha male. They aren’t rude, and are more likely to give a real number than a fake number, give a man a chance, but dump the moment they see the insecure gamma male.
    A great Alpha-Female Gamma Male break up example is Selena Gomez and Justin Beiber. Famous long hair attractive (though not ideal) actress and Gamma male singer. She, unlike Beiber has self confidence. This article advocates Gamma male behavior. Again for those who don’t care for famous models and actresses from Europe, follow it. If you want someone easy, great article. If you are into super-models from Europe, man you are out of luck.

  61. In short, great article for game, if you aren’t into Mediterranean and East/Central European supermodels. It makes them think you are pretending to be alpha, but are a fake alpha, which goes over as a well as a fake Gucci bag if you gave it as a gift. (Trust me, they know, and you get officially uninvited to too many events for your liking)

  62. There is a problem concerning the definition of “traditional” and this is related specifically to religion. For the polytheists of European countries, for instance, traditional does mean something completely different than for the puritan/kalvinists of US. Under the first category of religions (worldviews) women have significant roles as also priestesses, theologians, philosophers and mathematicians. Under the second, originating from primitive arab nomads’ tales, they’re excluded from important social roles and positions. The classical academic Jane Harisson, only a few decades ago, had to get into great effort to argue that there’s nothing biologically “wrong” with women’s minds and they should be welcome in the academic field, if so inclined. This would have never happened to the Pythagorean women, who occupied with cosmology questions and advanced mathematical theorems, while raising their children.
    So what kind of “traditional” are we talking about? Women back at home? Keep in mind that in older times, at least one maid was available, and that with a pretty average financial ability. One man’s work was enough to sustain a family, to cover his wife’s and children’s needs. This is NOT the case today. Even if it were so, that would make women subject to financial control and blackmail from their less evolved husbands. Which had happened, and that’s why older feminism appeared – it didn’t come out of thin air.
    All these are questions to seriously consider.

    1. I’m pretty sure we’re talking either medieval or reformed Christian traditional.
      While there is a lot of variety there also, I don’t think anyone is thinking of priestesses of the ancient world.

      1. Medieval still lied on ancient worldview foundations, and that’s quite a different thing.
        The problem with american writers here is that they have no concept or experience of anything else than their society’s puritan and kalvinist bases. This isn’t the case in the European countries, with their various traditions and customs, best suited to each one.
        In any case, people should be very clear about what they mean and phrase it adequately. Traditional-what? Be specific. Telepathy, they should understand, isn’t very widespread, really.

        1. I live in Germany and there are no customs and traditions that survived the liberal catastrophe of the 20th century.
          “Traditional” roughly means the same in Europe and the US as far as this context goes: pre-liberalism.
          That might be more puritanical in the US than in Germany, but in both cases it’s anti-feminist.
          The most stark difference is probably in countries with predominantly Catholic background, such as Latin America and Latin Europe, who follow somewhat different patterns.
          Personally, I am a great admirer of America’s puritanical roots and in contrast to most Americans believe that this is what made America great. In fact I think the Christian Reformation is what made the West great, America being the most prominent example of this effect.

        2. What is great? That in times of decline, the worst prevail? Do you think that the historian of the future will refer to the US as anything else than a repulsive tyranny and mankind’s most hideous war criminals?
          Time is a cruel judge and a truthful one. Historical evaluation is only possible after enough time has gone by and there is detachment. Today it is not easy to see that. US people have been told by their media that they are “special” and they believed it. They won’t understand why e.g. dropping two atomic bombs on unarmed civilians and causing teratogenesis for generations afterwards is an extremely serious war crime, which should have gotten another Nuremberg trial. They won’t see the numerous war crimes committed afterwards, and still are up to this day. Neither they know that in times of decline it is only the worst that prevail. Only the worst.
          There is nothing great about that. And it is misleading to be told constantly that you’re “special”, and can only lead to narcissism and blindness. Which it has. In a society where the only criterion of worth was “what do you do?” or “how much money do you make”, men suddenly wonder why their women have copied their …’values’ and why these men are viewed as cash machines. Why their women grow with the “you’re special” nonsense. They don’t understand yet that their women are their own mirror, one they still cannot look at.
          There is no hope for the US. But for Europe… that’s another story. And you’re not right about Germany (or elsewhere). You only see what is departing, I am acquainted with what has risen to replace it.
          Anyway, my point today is none of that. It is that if one wishes to discover again the lost values, one must go back to their source. And that means classical education. As there are no excuses to be terribly fat and without any consideration for one’s own body, there are also no excuses to leave spirit behind. There are no excuses not to have a classical education, especially today.
          To discover again the wealth of sophisticated concepts, advanced ethics and deeply intelligent -no, wise!- views and ways of thinking. To train thought and to learn to think well, once again. That’s were the sources of real civilization are.
          Do we have that today? Can anyone name a significant philosopher of the last 40 years, or important works of art or other such achievements of spirit? No, there aren’t any. So, back to the source.

        3. Look at ancient Rome and how it is remembered despite having had slavery. They put thousands of them to death at the cross, letting their bodies adorn the via appia.
          None of this taints their status as a great civilisation much, and against that the US are saints – after all, the Japanese were pretty evil themselves.
          America specifically and the West in general will be remembered as the worlds greatest and last discernable civilisations. Last, because I think soon globalism will merge the world into really one, single civilisation.
          As for philosophers, art and spirit – well, I think there are quite a few, but you won’t agree because in such matters people fight over a narrative rather than being objective in their evaluation.
          I’m quite interested in movies and television series and think there has been a lot of progress in terms of storytelling even in the last couple of decades. Naturally, much of it originated again in America.
          I’m sure you will now argue that it’s only “art” when it comes in a form that is either boring or produced by someone who is long since dead.

        4. *sighs*
          1. Not slavery, serfdom. Serfs, not slaves. Serfs (basically workers), could own private fortune and there was no life and death right upon them.
          2. There were certain crimes which got the death penalty, murder being one of them. So convicted criminals were executed and nailing them on a cross was such a way of execution.
          You cannot compare the execution of convicted criminals with committing war crimes. War has rules also, and that’s why war crimes even in this declined period are still part of international law.
          Now, why don’t you spend some years studying basic history first? And no, wikipedia won’t do… 🙂
          PS: To begin with, art is about good form, not formlessness and smudges, which the talentless defecate. Fashions come and go and soon are forgotten, but this which is art survives the test of time.
          All these and much more are the gifts of real education. Without which, one perhaps will have still trouble understanding why globalism never stood a chance…

        5. You’re a pretentious moron.
          I’ve never heard the slaves of Ancient Rome to be refered to anything other than as slaves.
          And yes, Wikipedia does actually do. It’s just liberal art snobs who think otherwise.
          Also, do you really think that there are not a great number of movies of the last 30 years that will be remembered in a thousand years from now? Well, you probably don’t.
          Here’s why you’re such a fan of classical education: It’s all you have, and it doesn’t sell well. So you talk down to people on the internet to make yourself feel better about it.
          Learn something marketable, and you won’t find the need to type “*sigh*” in your keyboard to pretend you actually had something better to do.

        6. LOL…. you lack any education, your “history” comes from wikipedia and when your arguments are exposed as worthless, resort to ad hominem.
          There’s a word for that: bad loser. 🙂

        7. “you lack any education”
          I’m an IT professional and maths graduate. What are you, cunt?
          “resort to ad hominem”
          After you: “Now, why don’t you spend some years studying basic history first?”
          When you talk down to people you get it back. I’m not lenient with insolent bitches.

        8. You were given a most polite suggestion for studying history, after the incredibly ignorant remark about slaves being crucified.
          Now, if you ever addressed a man in this manner, in real life, your jaw would be broken in a second. There are some degenerate cowards who believe they can address a lady in that manner.
          However, in my real life as well, I would have your jaw broken in a second too. You don’t qualify not only for an educated person, but for a man in general.
          And this is the end of all conversation.

        9. HAHAHAHA

          I would have your jaw broken in a second too.

          Not only are you stupid, but you’re obviously must depend on some male white knight to do your physical bidding.
          Is your favourite sport “Let’s you and him fight”?

        10. Of course, I have proper males around. Weak “males” always go for attacking women. Not men, of course, they’re too coward for that.
          I grew up in very traditional society where men dealt with other men. And weren’t chicken to attack women, in any way, it was viewed with great contempt.

        11. And all you brats, have become too spoiled and with a lot of nerve under modernity nonsense. The pseudo-feminists have given you quite the wrong ‘freedoms’. If it was up to me, you wouldn’t even live under the same roof with a woman, without marriage. 🙂

  63. I am a man just like any other men and I am completely disgusted by this. Well reading the description of the author, no wonder why he says these things. Obviously he is a complete loser and no girl wanted to bang him, that’s why he is hating all the women. Seriously this is a big ignorance.

  64. I think more women such as myself are starting to catch on to the fact that feminism is just like any other construction we’re taught to agree with in our youth. I think the problem is that people don’t question the legitimacy of feminism. I agree 100% with everything you have said, patriarchy is the way to go, men deserve more than this. Just because we’re born women doesn’t give us the right to quash men for being awesome! 😀 Women should support men!
    Thank you for your post! 🙂

  65. After reading such an enlightening article, I can’t imagine why you’ve had so much trouble with women Roosh.
    You are seriously deluded, and you share a similar perspective with rapists. No one owes you a f**king thing. Seriously, get yourself some help.

  66. Yeah I don’t plan on submitting to anyone because of my gender soooo…
    I guess traditional gender roles aren’t for me?

  67. The zeitgeist of the day groups many causes together — feminism, minority rights, immigration advocacy, etc. — but this is a very loose coalition, with different parts often at odds with each other. It’s not so obvious that feminism, as it was traditionally understood, belongs in the same camp of the new post-left identity politics.
    Not all races of women are the same and race cuts deeper than gender.
    Feminism is a product of females of Northern European ancestry. As argued by the Roman historian Tacitus, Northern European women have always had more liberties. This tend goes back thousands of years and there are probably sociobiological reasons for it, such as the particular type of monogamy that evolved among Northern Europeans. But these liberties are under fire — not from gun-toting white males from the South but from the hoards of Third World people coming to the United States.
    The new multiracial empire forming in the United States will eventually and undoubtedly be hostile toward white women. As noted by Brenda Walker, Third World immigration will hurt women. Just look at the treatment of white women by blacks and mestizos. Listen to some rap music or look at some crime statistics on Hispanics. Or look at thesestatistics on interracial rape in the United States:
    “In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.”
    While short-sighted feminists have declared war upon Darwinism simply because it does not conform to political correctness, Darwinian insights can provide realistic survival goals for European females. The first thing white females must realize is that race cuts deeper than gender.
    A recent example. For all her talk of a “trans-racial feminism,” Oprah Winfrey dropped the real feminist (Hillary Clinton) in a heartbeat to support her co-ethnic Barack Obama (who’s a lukewarm feminist at best). As did nearly all other black women. You see, non-whites are not as naive as whites when it comes to identity politics; whites too often believe in abstract universals (which works for mathematics) but can be detrimental when it comes to politics.
    Another example that comes to mind is the OJ Simpson trial. Feminist prosecutor Marcia Clark tried to pack the jury with white women, and Johnnie Cochran tried to pack it with black men. They compromised with a jury of mostly black females. Well, we know the end of that story.
    In terms of IQ (intelligence), the IQ differences between genders is minimal and IQ largely tracks by race. For instance, the average white female will have significantly higher IQ than both black males and black females. Regarding trans-racial bonding, white females, intellectually, have very little in common with black females. Why would we want to be grouped with them?
    I could give many more examples of race trumping gender but a greater insight is the realization that throughout human history nearly 90% or more of all wars have been ethnic conflicts of sorts. Even many religious wars were truly ethno-religious wars. History has yet to demonstrate a gender war. The very idea that men and women would divide by gender and then attempt to exterminate each other is ridiculous from a Darwinian perspective because it would reduce everyone’s inclusive fitness. If “war is the great clarifier,” as they say, then the very absence of armed “gender wars” clearly demonstrates the primacy of race over gender.
    People sort by race. They always have; they always will. A white man and a white woman can pair up, have a child, and each will increase his or her inclusive fitness. Not so with a white female and black female teaming up, for even if they adopted, say a “mixed-race (black-white) child, each female would be around 55x more closely related to her co-ethnics than to the adopted child. Their inclusive fitness would be diminished.”
    Once again, race trumps gender. A lesson that all feminists today need to learn. A reality that Margaret Sanger knew very well but many feminists today seem to have forgotten.

  68. My friend is a devout believer in this site. I thoroughly read this article as he recommended and here’s what I think: The problem isn’t with feminism, but simply the way in which we define what a good woman is. What defines what a good woman is? A faithful, pretty woman who cooks, cleans, and knows how to make her man happy? A smart, independent woman with a career? Why is it suggested women can’t be both of these women at the same time? Who says that you can’t learn to cook, clean, perform quality fellatio, make your partner happy, and hold a good job all at the same time? If we push that kind of greatness from every woman, low quality women will still exist, but there will certainly be a higher turnout of more quality women out there. All in all, nice article. There were certainly some good points.

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