Women Who Don’t Reproduce Hurt Society

“Society is indeed a contract. It is a partnership . . . not only between those who are living, but between those who are living, those who are dead, and those who are to be born.” – Edmund Burke

As human beings we are biologically programmed to first protect women and children.  The tribe that sacrifices some of its men can still produce the same number of babies.  If a single woman perishes, the growth capacity of the entire group is reduced.  Lose a few women too many, the neighboring tribes become larger and more powerful until the group is either assimilated or wiped out altogether.

Change now occurs far faster than our old instincts can follow.  We have to shrewdly pair our gut reactions with our ability to reason—otherwise we end up parasitized by those who benefit from hacking our malfunctioning instincts.

It’s clear why we’re predisposed to value women more highly—they have to be protected or the tribe goes extinct. However, many millions of our population are ‘modern’ women who will never fulfill their duty to the tribe to sustain its numbers against rival incursions.  Our protective instinct stems from the imperative of reproduction. Therefore, our protective instincts are misdirected towards women of no or marginal reproductive value.

The life of a woman who does not continue the race can be worth no more than a man’s.  If she dies in battle, it is the same as a man getting shot or blown up by the enemy.  If she hits a man she gets hit back.  If she becomes homeless, society doesn’t lift her up, just as with men. If she reaches the end of her reproductive years a spinster or intends to remain childless, then it is biologically just to strip her at once of all accoutrements of power befitting a fertile woman.  By the very same principle we send expendable men to their deaths. Perhaps a woman reaches spinsterage through no fault of her own or was sterile from the start, but by the same token, many young men were slaughtered in the trenches through no personal fault.

In ages past, women with no children of their own commonly assisted with the children of other women.  They still made a contribution to the furtherance of the tribe.  However, it is now normal to see an abundance of childless women who do not contribute to the future of the group.  Rather than imposing some analog to Sharia law, let them do as they will, but make them into honorary men under the laws and customs of society.

The implications of this reasoning are huge if we apply it to social policy.  Most of the privileges that women have come to enjoy would be narrowed to moms only.  Millions of women who parasitize the inherent good will of men would be suddenly cut off from a bountiful flow. Seeing the status and resources they lack, they would have a clear incentive to bear children and continue the lines of their ancestors.

It’s difficult to see how meaningful change could occur, but if this civilization refuses to take the modern reality of constant rapid change into account, its fall is assured.  Ability to adapt to change is what fitness is all about.  The tribe that succeeds is the tribe with the laws and customs best suited to the reality on the ground.  We can suppose countless tribes perished over the eons until those that remained had come to live by certain universal principles.

Those principles remain in effect, but the inbuilt mechanisms we have evolved are no longer adequate. Until the advent of reliable contraceptives, every fertile woman was nearly guaranteed to get pregnant some time in her life; her role came with her sex.  To this day humans do not distinguish between women and their observed role and actions.  Thus ‘woman’ is a state every female inherits by default, ‘man’ only achieved when a male passes through brutal rites of initiation. In this new world, we have to critically examine who receives our resources and our sympathies and take apart the evolutionary logic behind our emotional reactions.

Men are programmed to defend women to the death and see to their needs first because those men who did not were mercilessly stamped out of existence.  For all of human history, older and infertile women helped rear the tribe’s young.  But if we have a great number of women who give back nothing to the next generation, they usurp the honors that rightfully belong to mothers who bring forth the future, our legacy, and our descendants.  We cannot begin to thrive as a society in the modern age until we understand that just as manhood must be earned through courage and sacrifice, so too must womanhood with all its attendant privileges.

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365 thoughts on “Women Who Don’t Reproduce Hurt Society”

    1. I can’t think of a use she would have. So I’d have to say none unless she helps rear other women’s children.

      1. You can’t think of a use? You’re not very good at thinking are you Becky? What if the woman has a job? There’s a use! That wasn’t too hard huh?

        1. If she has a job, 99% of the time it’s something a man or a younger woman could do better.

        2. Only because of affirmative action. Again, it’s something that men on average do far better.

        3. I am not good with percentages? This coming from a person who claimed a 99% rate. The majority of incoming medical students are women.

        4. That last sentence you just made up. Prove it. Women have better grades and do better on the mcat.

        5. Men have more imagination, and are thereby able to solve medical problems by thinking outside the box far better than women. Women (and Asians) are overrated. Even though they do well on tests, they disappoint in the real world.

        6. No you are not good with percentages. 99% of jobs held by all women, not just those over 50 without children, are not necessary to the functional operation of society. You cited a female doctor as an example of a necessary job a woman could take up. I won’t argue that. Grandma graduated med school in 1938. Unfortunately for you, the number of female doctors is less than 1% of the entire female population, or the female workforce, reinforcing my initial assertion.

        7. Look up how many inventions were made by white men. Then how many were made by women, or by Asians.

        8. Well, the question was what use would an older women have. I gave you an answer. I am also a female doctor, though I am under 30 and pregnant.

        9. That’s not in the least bit surprising, since medical schools have become massive cesspools of affirmative action favoring women and minorities. The entire medical curriculum is based on parroting facts. The majority of the medical sistahood has nothing to offer what a decent computer program won’t be able to offer in the near future. Of course, such program, just like most groundbreaking therapies, will be invented by men.

        10. take a look at the fortune 500 list and a map of where the world’s wealth is accumulated and by who and you will see that white men are doing just fine… in fact white men still rule, even though they put the odd nigger puppet in office to keep the masses guessing…

        11. It does look like most modern day “jobs” that women (and “minorities” in general) have are totally makeshift, nothing positions. If you’re on LinkedIn, take a look at the “job” titles – total nonsensical doublespeak. I’m convinced that companies set aside these useless “jobs” to fight off litigation from the minority/race card hustlers.

        12. It’s like being forced to swim with a piece of concrete attached to your legs, while the competition not only has the legs free, but even gets a head start. And then, after finishing, you are getting looked at by the judges with contempt and you’re not allowed to get angry.

        13. Actually in the life sciences women graduate at a higher degree and get more MD ‘ s . This is due to the nature of life sciences vs Enigeneering, technology , and mathematics. Life sciences are memorization and observation, and are easier than logic and math based disciplines . This is why there was no issues for women to get competitive in the medical field but very difficult for women to get competitive in something like computer engineering.

        14. Look at California’s university system that’s what will happen. Only Asians ( including India ) will be accepted to major university’s and white people will be in the community college system. Then white people will say they want more than test scores and grades considered in admission just like in California. Watch a UCLA or USC game,looks like china town. Carful what you wish for

        15. The community college system is also far cheaper. Lot less student debt to worry about. Another example of how whites think outside the box.

        16. Being a red pill man long before it was labeled as such, I have a strong belief that as men, we walk this path the best as a unified force. Not a monolith, but at least a group with a common set of goals. It can almost feel like a brotherhood, at least until some prick comes along and ruins it with unnecessary racism. Fuck you man. Your words no longer have any value.

        17. Rationalization for the sake of argument. Lets do facts instead, Asian kids have no personal life and overbearing parents so they outdo Caucasians on merit based admissions. Try facts, they are not always supportive of your worldview , but they are true.

        18. Then go to computer pujama boy when you get rash on your kok from jerking off.
          And don’t take credit for what another man may invent because you are a moron who can’t even get burgher flipping job.

        19. If women are overrated why women from different countries have proven great talent as writers.
          In the last post you talked about Brazilian women, can you explain me why 1 of the best TELENOVELA writers of BRAZIL is a woman called GLORIA PEREZ, her obra master is O CLONE.
          In SOUTH KOREA one of the best tv DRAMA writers is KIM EUN SOOK, her name is already a brand by itself, her last drama was the most expensive to sold in Asia.
          In JAPAN, some women are among the MANGA best sellers, like HIROMU ARAKAWA who wrote FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and SHINOBU OHTAKA who writes MAGI, both have won AWARDS in Japan.
          In the West we have MARIA DUEÑAS who wrote EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS, that novel is right now the most popular in SPAIN, the TVseries based in that novel is the most watched since long time.
          And in the ANGLO SPHERE we have SUZANNE COLLINS of HUNGER GAMES and JK ROWLING of HARRY POTTER, I believe in the power of women, and if could choose my sex before my birth, I would always prefer to be a woman anyways ; )

        20. You’re unnecessary, pyjama boy. You’re not even good as a sperm donor with your inferior sperm.

        21. Asian kids get sex more than you blanket boys so they do have a social life and don’t jerk to porn in cellar.

        22. You have it wrong – its the hand that gets the rash. Not the kok.
          Dumb Siberian pyjama gurl

        23. haha watch the game. Not one athlete is asian. India has 1.2 Billion people and yet not one gold medal at the olympics. Yet they have the highest record of athletes banned for doping. This doesn’t require one to be a statistical genius to say that the figures don’t add up to a picture of an athletic society.They can’t excel in physical contact sports in the least. Or sports that require: strength, endurance or power. And now a White Norwegian kid took the chess championships back. I’ll hand it to you that generally white people are now lazy and lack the drive to become the ubermench but that doesn’t take away from when we were on top.

        24. Yeah, women make great doctors ….
          New York Times, June 11, 2011

          Today, however, increasing numbers of doctors — mostly women — decide to work part time or leave the profession.[…] This may seem like a personal decision, but it has serious consequences for patients and the public.
          About 30 percent of doctors in the United States are female, and women received 48 percent of the medical degrees awarded in 2010. But their productivity doesn’t match that of men.
          In a 2006 survey by the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges, even full-time female doctors reported working on average 4.5 fewer hours each week and seeing fewer patients than their male colleagues.
          The American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that 71 percent of female pediatricians take extended leave at some point — five times higher than the percentage for male pediatricians.
          This gap is especially problematic because women are more likely to go into primary care fields — where the doctor shortage is most pronounced — than men are.

        25. never heard of the doping part. but india is just starting out in sports in general. Strangley they did much better athletically during 1900-1960s. Like Milkha Singh or Great Gama.
          They are starting to come up now like Sushil Kumar beat the turkish gold medalists(in 2008) in the prelims in wrestling but lost japans wrestler at the finals due to broken hand(london 2012 olympics). And the guys deit is pretty medieval(just veggies an butter).
          But the ones taking up sports are in other countrys like Vikash Dhorasoo in french national soccer. Or Rocky Khan on New Zealand 7s rugby team. brandon CHillar and bobby singh in football. Vijay singh golf. Jaideep Heart Singh was the Jnetwork heayweight champion in kickboxing. Kash the flash Gill was huge deal in UK kickboxing.
          Andy Singh is an upcoming fighter in muay thai,Amir Khan in boxing and theres numerous others if you just start looking.
          I think in about 30 yrs we should see some talented indians by then
          We said for years that the chinese are a weak people yet they now dominate weightlifting, wiki if you dont belive me.

        26. Is it me or women in power positions are miserable and cant handle the pressure! I’ve found working under a female bosses they seem to not deal with stress as well and it brings down everyone below her! Male bosses seem to handle pressure so much better! maybe it’s due to males not being as emotional beings compare to women where some act like they are PMSing everyday! #backtothekitchen

        27. The more successful a women the less a man is attracted to her. She ends off coming across as 2 muscular and showing feminist traits!

        28. Asains are brought up to work there bloody ass off compare to white kids! In Australia they are saying the white Aussie Gen Y are so lazy at work where all the Asians are taking the good jobs over here now! These a TV reality show coming out about it this year where I have to agree! I went to go back and study the last couple years and when I’m grouped with white Aussies, they don’t do any work (Gen Y).

        29. It’s called ‘thinking on your feet’ and you’re right.
          I’ve worked with H1B PhD engineers. Great technical resources, but when something goes amiss, they’re useless because things are not going by the book.
          I find American men to be better when the going gets tough, at least in my field.

      1. Ooh, good one, but honestly, that’s nothing a semi-auto .22 with a scope can’t cure and be way more entertaining.

        1. Bolt action with the new CCI subsonics. A 15 ft/lb springer will also do the job out to 30 yards or so with precise enough marksmanship.
          You’ll be working the parks and alleyways. You want to keep things on the quiet so the fun doesn’t get spoiled.
          Protip: They make the best banjo and shamisen heads.

        2. Just so the femi-nuts don’t freak out, Grayson is imitating the usual psycho murder threats crazy feminists say when they come here

        3. Yhup. The live dueling shamisens I saw (not these particular gentlemen) were part of a touring Taiko drum show and there also was a solo shakuhachi flute player.

        4. I could see how you think that after reading my post. No, that is not what I meant. poor communication on my part.

        5. I doubt you would be “entertained” if you had to hunt a group of coyotes with your bare hands.
          Hunting animals (other than for food if necessary) is completely cowardly and psychopathic. I doubt most hunters would be as “big bad and tough” against animals if they couldn’t use their guns to do the actual action of hunting/killing for them.
          Why is aggression being misplaced onto innocent animals, while feminist cunts run rampant destroying society and taking away men’s rights?

        6. Why are feminists valued more than innocent animals? Feminists sure don’t value anyone but themselves, and are working to bring men and traditional women into submission in all spheres of life. At least animals aren’t destroying society and taking away our rights.
          In contrast, feminists are far from innocent, they are noxious/toxic, and a threat to the way of life that our grandfathers fought for. Animals on the other hand, bring joy and happiness (read recent article about “man’s best friend”), and actually value other humans.
          Why is aggression being misplaced onto innocent animals, while feminist cunts run rampant destroying society and taking away men’s rights?

        7. Honestly, I dont know a single feminist. Not one.
          I dont hire them, I dont mix with them, and I certainly dont listen to them. but I would do anything for an animal. so, your point is spot on.

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        2. I really think that you boys are so deluded and such losers that you imagine things just to justify that you are big failures in life. You think that a girl is a man and the other moron thinks she’s a Mexican. You’re failures in life and you’re failures with women so you hate them. Look in the mirror because there’s the problem.

        3. I dont know who the fuck you are. But we dont “think” she is anything but a troll. We have been here on this site a lot longer than you ya fucking retard. Mashenka was formally the troll known as PabloAndGringo who was formerly known as BoomersGreatestGeneration. And yes, its a dude. You idiot.
          As if I need to explain this to yet another fucking cunt troll..jeez im starting to get sick of this shit…

        4. No not deluded. A woman would not write like Maschenka,look at her writing style That is how a man writes. Look at his picture for the Maschenka tag he is using. A girl who looks like that would not spend multiple nights online on RoK, maybe on Instagram posting pictures looking for validation but not RoK. Maschenka is a man, pure and simple.

    2. She has a use. She’s supposed to be taking care of other people’s babies. In this age, that would mean foster mom/adopting all the unwanted kids. Unfortunately for us, these women feel no obligation to make this contribution to society, which is why pro-choice people can point to unwanted babies and increased crime when abortion is outlawed. I think a great policy to implement (if women want to keep privelege) is to require barren women to raise the unwanted kids (hell, maybe even get state funding to do so). This would make them somewhat productive, reduce crime, and maybe even pave the way to using adoption instead of abortion for careless women.

      1. What if they’d be terrible mothers (hence them not wanting children of their own in the first place?)
        Or maybe they have jobs and voluntary work to keep them occupied and don’t have time to raise unwanted children

  1. Actually, since it’s 99% leftist twunts not reproducing, thier failure at the biological imperative is a boon to society. A few generations and they will be extinct.

    1. That’s why they are in a hurry to open the border to 10s of millions of Latino Communist Party members

      1. Bingo. White liberals die out, they get replaced by nonwhite liberals through immigration. Over time, the less-liberal party (the GOP) becomes overwhelmingly white, while the Dims turn into the UN.

    2. Yea…… that’s not true. I hope you do recognize that the Muslim world is the place where fertility rates are collapsing the most and the Muslim world is certainly not leftist. Ditto for the depopulation issues in Russia. In places like Russia and in the Muslim world, the biggest issue for them is productivity, which has basically stagnated (along with the entire society). When looking at stuff like this, you can’t ignore economic and geographical factors.
      This issue isn’t a matter of left vs right. It’s a matter of straight up common sense vs stupidity.

      1. 1. That is because they are modernizing and turning leftist.
        2. That they are collapsing at a faster rate is irrelevant because Western fertility rates have already collapsed.

        1. Fertility rates across the developed world are highest in the US (which were at 2.1 until 2009-2010), which is much more liberal than Russia and the Middle East. Are you seriously telling me that guys like Putin and Ergodan are “modernizing” their countries and turning it leftist? Gimme a break dude.
          A huge part of declining fertility rates is stagnant wages and stagnant productivity (especially in the Muslim world and in more conservative countries). You really can’t ignore the economic aspects of this stuff. It’s ignorant and stupid to do so.

        2. Zaqan is correct. West European and white American fertility rates were lowest in the 1970s. Eastern Europe had its low point at about 2000, and is increasing again. Now, it’s East Asia which has the lowest birth rates in the world, and in their case appeared to have bottomed out around 2010. On deck are Latin America and South/Southeast Asia, followed by the Muslim world.

        3. I really emphasize the economic factors because when things aren’t good economically, people raise less children. I’ll use Turkey as the classic counterexample. A very traditionalist Muslim (Ergodan) took over and tried to force top-down principles to increase the fertility rate and Iran has tried to do the same thing. What happened? Fertility rates fell even further. Same thing is happening in Russia and I’m pretty sure countries like Turkey and Ukraine are gonna end up drowning in war over the next few years.
          In modern day societies, children are basically a social good and it costs families resources to raise them. If they don’t have the resources, they don’t raise children. This is why income inequality and wealth inequality are real issues.

        4. 1. Most “American” babies are not even White. that in itself renders your comparison useless (most Hispanics arriving at the states are not blonde cubans are Mexicans and other Mestizoes from CA ).
          2. It’s stupid not to see that Russian women (as well as Eastern European women in general) are for the most part closet feminists, the day abortion and contraception are banned in Russia as well as as female vote and participationo in politics that day I can believe Putin is a “traditionalist”. His only virtue is that he doesn’t seem as degenerate and idiotic as our leaders.
          3. Urban populations tend to be more liberal, in the Middle East poligamy is the norm and a factor in the stagnation of birthrates, (only high class men have many wives, but many of those men are weak, specially in the Oil rich countries), thus not having enough children to compensate. Regular men turn to underground homosexuality and/or extremism when they lose the battle for reproduction, hence a factor of chronic political instability.
          4. General decline in male and female fertility due to widespread pollution and degeneration of the human race.
          Economics are a factor, but women liberation and subsequent decadence along with decline in fertility (this one slow and steady and becoming more apparent everyday) ARE the most important factors behind demographic collapse. If economics were the dominant factor, Africans and most of Asia would have become extinct by now.

        5. I’m not here to defend feminism and “women liberation” (quite the opposite) and I’m not saying that these things are not factors. Actually, I even consider the education of women and even religion as major factor as less educated women and more religious women both have more kids.
          As for the American example, do you really think that it’s coincidence that the American fertility rate dropped after 2009? Cuz I don’t. To me, it just makes sense.
          You don’t think Putin is an idiot? Seriously? I think the Ruble collapses in the next few years. All of these countries you’re talking about are in horrible shape and Russia is a commodity exporter in a world filled with excess capacity. I wish Russia and Putin the best of luck because they’ll need it.
          Also, smart leadership doesn’t mean shit relative to the power of the social and political institutions in place. Politics is just a game of petty bullshit and politicians are basically puppets. What really matters in the end are the values and ideas that make up our society. There’s plenty of examples of smart leaders running countries into the ground and dumb leaders leading countries to success.

        6. Dumb leaders leading countries to success I have yet to see it. By the way I said less idiotic, I didn´t imply he was not an idiot and a corrupt politician, but in the grand scheme of things, he is just delaying the inevitable, the collapse of Russia. If Yeltsin had stayed, Russia would have already collapsed completely.

        7. American history is littered with horrible Presidents that made horrible mistakes and every single civilization has had bad leaders. Most politicians are just puppets; they’re followers and most of them are useless. A politician’s primary job is to get reelected and a bureaucrat’s primary job is to cover his own ass. Politics is a dirty game that’s all about bullshit. The best political systems are the ones that are able to use the idiocy and lunacy of politicians and bureaucrats to strengthen the society as a whole. The best political systems use struggle and mistakes as a fuel to get stronger and don’t rely on the leadership being smart. If a political system can’t handle idiots in charge, then it’s a political system that won’t exist for very long.

        8. Not true, it’s just your blanket boy sperm that can’t swim lol
          Help! call the lifeguard haha

        9. as less educated women and more religious women both have more kids.
          Da, stupid kids like themselves lol

        10. Yea, that’s the irony. Educated women have much less kids and it’s not even close. Educated women almost always get married later too, which adds to the problem. Although the RoK writers and moderators really shouldn’t be (and probably aren’t) surprised by what I’m saying.

        11. I have been to America and visited people of my class there and all upper class white women have many children. It is the Negro in the ghetto where you boys come from that abort kids or throw them out of window when they cry. The US Negro is a degenerate race and disgrace to real Africans. Your kids have no respect for anyone and you are one of them. Your Negro women are like fat whores collecting money from silly boys and just eat, fuck and watch TV all day. Our women respect us and we respect them and are equal. They have jobs and professions too and we do not begrudge them this. Only a little uneducated man would do this in my country. Man up US Negroes and grow up and cut the apron strings like a man! Stop being lazy oafs and believing you are kings when you can’t even work and support yourselves let alone a family. Keep your dick in your pants and have some self respect.

      2. Do you have statistics about muzzie birthrate collapsing?
        Iraq have a high birthrate following the war, maybe the west needs something similar?

        1. Their birth rates are collapsing too, but not as fast as they are in the West. Sometimes it’s just a matter of last man standing.

        2. The problem is that the Muslim world is about a tenth as productive as the West, so it’s a virtual guarantee that the entire Middle East ends up in war. The only country in the Middle East with strong fertility rates is Israel and in a few decades, Israel will have an extremely large population relative to the rest of the Muslim world.

        3. I think this should be read by everyone to understand the real picture
          and this
          Explains how Gentile Simone de Beauvoir, while publishing the Second sex, which led to the second wave of feminism, attacked women from reproducing while herself fornicating with Jew Nelson Algren.
          Basically, feminism is a jewish propaganda to control world population. Considering it has reached almost every corner of the world and has succeeded in corrupting most women, it would not be surprising if Israel will have an extremely large population relative not only to the rest of the Muslim world, but possibly even parts of Gentile Christian Europe.

        4. @casinobox
          this is rather true with Isreal. Ive been watching their fertilty like the rest of the other nations for years. Every country has a declining fertility except for Isreal, in fact its growing and Im wondering whats the cause?
          Iran,Lebanon and Tunisia is below 2.11 replacement value yet Isreal is growing.
          Both secular and orthodox birth rates(orthodox is sadi to double in 20yrs) are climbing and the Israeli Arab fertility is declining(forced urbanization is 1 cause of many).
          Whats their secret while the other nations are dropping theirs? Cause they even discriminate against their own(they were sterilizing ethopian jews without their knowledge)

        5. Negroes are not Jews.They do not come from the pure Adamite blood and the Rabbis consider them monkeys.

        6. if that is the case then isreal should only be populated by sephric/mizra middle eastern jews since they are the OG. The ashkanzi jews of Europe whom escaped WW2 then wouldn’t belong there and wouldn’t be considered jewish cause they are white.
          Yet the ashkanzi jews basically run Israel…exp Benjamin Netanyahu and other politicans.

        7. Actually, Israel has one of the largest fertility rates in the world and the highest in the Middle East. You may wanna use models that are a bit more realistic rather than ideologically driven.

        8. I’m really not sure why this is happening. The only way I can describe it is that Israel is a relatively religious country, but as you stated, secular birth rates are rising too. Israel is also a very, very productive country that’s relatively religious, so that’d be my best guess, but even that doesn’t make complete sense. I have no idea why.

        9. Yes and it will be all arabs. Once the Israelis finish absorbing the few acres of Palestine that are not settlements Israel will become an arab nation. Arab palestinians have like 10 kids and only a small sect of highly unproductive jews who are culturally more lazy than the arabs are having kids. The jews just colelct welfare for having kids and do not work. And then its bye bye israel. Right now israel is fine because the majority are the hard working ones from the west. But those ones are either leaving or can’t afford it there or are having just 1-2 kids and will be a minority to the lazy jews who do not work and just make kids all day and go to synagogue. These are the most ultraorthodox of jews and they are the only ones who have a birth rate to prevent the entire jewish population from collapsing and they won’t work. So how is that going to work genius?

        10. I know hey seem to be the only nation thats an except to the rule. i wonder what this mysterious factor is. it would be good to know so other nations can reverse theri negative growth. It would be worth someone going in and studying it.

        11. sounds like a racial heirachy is going on there. I take it indian jews chinese jews and persian jews are looked down on by the ashkanazi(european) and sephirc/mizra majority?
          If they dont consider the ethopian jews jewish then all jews must leave isreal except mizrahis since they are middle eastern.
          DOnt understand why the very people that apparently suffered in WW2 would do such things to other people(black jews and palstinian) that Hitler did to them.

        12. The problem with the Arabs is that they don’t have the productivity to sustain more children in the modern world. If they were to have more children, the increased demand for food and energy would cost them a lot more than the children would initially bring in. The currencies of these countries would collapse. There really isn’t much hope for the modern Muslim world.
          As for the Jews in Israel, they’re extremely productive and can sustain much higher populations through their productivity advantages. Throw out the racist crap and look at the economics. The economics is a key factor in all of shit.

        13. No one has the productivity so far to sustain in the modern world.
          Despite being dirt poor the palestinian women still pump out 6-10-15 children and they are the POOREST country. Rich people have less kids, poor people have more kids, its one of those paradoxes. America’s only saving grce is the mexicans making all the babies. Because the northeast wealthy east coasters in nyc and boston aren’t having 8 kids, they can’t afford it.
          Given that the wealthy arab nations have lots of oil money and small population they can afford to double their population. To import food or water is no biggie to them. We are paying more for food in nyc and alaska than people in saudi arabia or uae.
          There really is no logic to your argument. It doesn’t even seem you know what the word productivity means. The UAE has a gdp several times that of Israel.
          The most productive citizens of Israel are a minority. You have the arabs who are already 20% and will soon be the majority in the long run 50-100 years when Israel absorbs all of Palestine. Then socialism will come in as the arabs seek to take back what is theirs. The other problem you have is the ultraorthodox jews are going to be the jewish majority. These people DO NOT BELIEVE IN WORKING! They are not like the European or American or African jews, these people think it is a SIN TO WORK and are paid by the state of Israel welfare money. On average they have 6-10 kids compared to 1.3 for the average jewish family in Israel.
          This is why Israel is literally paying people to move to israel to the tune of $50k USD! Someone has to pay for the welfare queens. And its not possible for the 1.3 productive jew kid to pay for the 10 ultraorthodox welfare jews and 8 palestinian welfare arabs.
          In fact many jews are leaving Israel because they realize America or australia or africa is better. Israel devotes a large portion of its taxes to military, wars, and army while the economy is collapsing, there are riots in the street. Tehre are some old rich jews with old money but trying to be young in israel is hell, there is no opportunity.

        14. Another mistake you make is that you think hard work means something. It’s way better to work smart than it is to work hard. The hardest working people in the world are very often the poorest people that live off subsistence farming. Productivity is what makes us rich. Israel is a very, very rich country. Israel devotes a large portion of its spending to the military because it can afford it; because it’s productive enough to afford it. The country that spends the most on the military throughout world history is always the richest nation with the most sophisticated financial system. That’s not coincidence. The rich ones are the only ones that can afford it. The poor ones can’t.
          That being said, in 100 years Israel will basically run the Middle East unless Islam can somehow turn against its entire history and welcome capital inflows from rich countries and use them to develop their own lands, which won’t happen any time soon. Finance is always the x-factor and the factor everyone always ignores (usually because most people are too stupid or ignorant to actually sit down and understand it). In terms of a country’s development, at least 50% of it is related to finance. If you’re not willing to accept capitalism and especially the financial aspect, you won’t become rich as a country. This is why the Islamic world will stay poor. You say there’s no hope in Israel for the young, but one of my best friends actually moved to Israel from the US because of the opportunities available to him. In the Islamic world, there really is no hope for the young. The countries are dirt poor too. Just go to a country like Egypt or Iran or Iraq. There is no way those countries can avoid war. None at all.
          Also, don’t use GDP numbers to determine how wealthy a country is (like you did for the UAE). If GDP is what mattered, the Soviet Union would now be the world’s superpower. GDP is just some number that governments can fudge with. If a country went to destroy a city and rebuild it, GDP goes higher. Is the country richer? Of course not. It’s the same thing that’s happening in China right now. If GDP was everything, why not just keep sticking a shovel in the ground and keep building useless building that no one will ever occupy (like the UAE has done)?

        15. Yeah because its sustainable to be a slacker and make a large income when people in china, india and africa are working 16 hours days with no food by candle light. In fact many of Israel’s and London’s function in the diamond trade is being relocated to Botswana and South Africa.
          Israel is a paradox when it comes to wealth. There is alot of old money floating around from some old rich jews, reparation money and us aid. But this will be short lived as they are taxing the rich silly to payfor the welfare class.
          Israel is quiet poor by gdp standards, a big chunk of the spending is useless and going to the army and defense and counter terrorism sapping investment from the private sector. Then the draft of young people. Then the mass immigration of East european soviet poor jews who do not want to work and lack a work ethic and want the state to do everything. The the arabs. The only people who want to work in israel are the west eurpean/american and african jews, the rest want welfare.
          Unlike America, Israel canot afford its large military spending, it is receiving 25-50 billion a year from the usa in aid. At some point they will get cut off. Israel is more like the soviet union than American like. The Saudis are more American like they have a real resource (oil) that the economy is built upon.
          In the long term a large military, like israel will ruin a nation like it did to rome and britain and france with an over stretched army.
          In 100 years Israel will be an arab majority state! The Saudis for one have a soverign wealth fund larger than all of Israel’s wealth and could wipe them out if they wanted. But the real threat to Israel is from within and socialism and the greed of the settlers. Soon there will be no Palestine, just Israel, Palestine is down to a quarter of its territory. At some point the israelis will just take it all and the arabs being poor have more kids and will become the numerical majority. So Israel will become an arab state.
          Most Israelis do not have many opportunities. I am not saying that All americans have perfect ones, but the average russian jew who moved to Israel laughs at Americans, Canadians and Australian jews who come there and say your an idiot, everyone here is trying to get to Canada and America!
          egypt is a basket case it will never catch israel in development. The Iranians are probably on par with the Israelis in development and army power. The iraqis are well behind. The saudis and emiratis are ahead of israel.
          The soviet Union gdp is still low so it would not be a superpower. The only place destroying cities and rebuilding is israel if any fudged numbers if from them. A country like saudi arabia who is number 1 in oil exports and has jet planes or a place like dubai with international air lines those are real wealth.
          Tel Aviv is nice but who wants to live in Israel? Not many non jews, but many christian american would move to dubai to teach english. Not even Israeli jewish want to be in israel. The russian are lazy, the ultraorthodox refuse to work, this is the majority of israel. How can a minority who has 1 kid per couple support a majority of lazy eastern european jew, ultra orthdox 10 kid welfare jews, and 10 kid welfare arab?
          In the long term Israel will go broke. The americans will throw them under the bus to make good with the oil arabs. You don’t understand there is nod ealing with the americans. These are the people who financed the nazi and hitler in switzerland. Israel is being set up as the fall guy. America is going to allow Iran to get nukes, so Iran can nuke Israel, even if the missile defence shoot the nuke it will KILL MORE people because it will detonate in the sky not the ground giving 100% impact. Then the Americans will bomb Iran and everything goes to the saudis the one true us ally in the middle east.
          If America was Israel ally you think they would arm israeli enemies like, saudis and emiratis and jordanis with top f-16 jet? America is divide and conquer master, they are setting up to destroy israel.

        16. Did you just say Iran is on par with Israel for development? Iran is really, really poor. Iran is in total political and economic turmoil dude; Iran has very high inflation and the currency is collapsing. You’re talking about the oil in the Middle East, but the Middle East is exporting less and less oil the rest of the world. Pretty soon, the oil money in the Middle East is drying up. As for GDP, don’t trust most Islamic governments on their GDP figures (note that the financial markets don’t). Saudi Arabia is a dirt poor country. Go and actually visit the countryside and then tell me the country is 30% as rich and productive as Israel. The oil money from the Arab world is leaving very, very quickly. The largest exporters of oil are countries in the Western world, not the Middle East.
          “Who wants to live in Israel?”
          Of course non-Jewish people don’t wanna live there, but they don’t need people to wanna live there. Israel’s population has been growing sustainably and consistently while fertility rates are high.
          You were talking about Russia, but Russia’s fertility rate in 2011 according to the World Bank is 1.54. Keep in mind that Russia is a commodity exporter in a world of excess capacity, which means they’re basically screwed.
          You’re talking about the old money rich Jews in Israel. Well, the x-factors in wars are always the rich guys with the cash. Don’t believe me? The reason the South had hyperinflation in the Civil War was because they couldn’t get anyone to buy their bonds. They thought the Rothschilds would finance them, but the Rothschilds weren’t gonna finance a country that supported slavery. Prior to the Russo-Japanese war, the Russians were persecuting Jews. Do you know what the rich Jewish guys did? They funded the Japanese side of the war and the Japanese beat the shit out of the Russians. It’s what the rich guys with lots of capital and their decisions to move their capital around that’s the x-factor. There’s plenty of other cases for this, which brings me to my next point.
          Due to the Islamic hatred of finance, none of these countries in the Middle Ease have the proper institutions to actually fund a war, except for Israel. That’s where the problem lies. If Islam doesn’t let go of its 1400-1500 year history of hatred and revulsion to finance, they can’t win against Israel.

        17. Where do you think you can buy a 3 story house for cheaper Iran with lots of land or Israel that has so little land you have to steal it from Palestine?
          Iran’s has nuclear weapons, Israel has nuclear weapons. Iran has put a monkey in space….Israel has good missile defence. Many Iranians are very poor. But if you look at the 10% of richest Iranians, they are more numerous than all of the Israeli jew. Israel gets 25-50 billion in aid a year to keep it from collapse. Iran is 3rd largest oil exporter and gets billions of sanction. Who in the long term you think has a better model?
          The wonderful thing about oil is that the less that is being exported, the higher the price, the gulf arabs made a killing on oil money when they embargoed the west with oil. In most cases the oil money is nowhere near drying up in the middle east. O please name some of the large oil exporters outside the middle east there really are only canada, russia, nigeria, and norway and some of these are opec nations. Saudi arabia has the capacity to flaten the oil market which is why opec works.
          The Gdp figures compiled by the world bank and the cia factbook are not self reported, analyst are sent in, trade and export figures are tabulated. While some saudis are poor which is no surprise the rate of poverty in israel is far far higher. You have the welfare class, the arabs and other groups excluded. The east european jews are lazy and scammers and don’t want to work. Only a small portion of Israeli the western european and american jew is willing to do anything and they are getting smaller because they don’t have the kids.
          I agree Israel’s arab and welfare ultraorthodox population are growing but what good is it for Israeli jews when arabs are having 5 kids, the welfare class whor efuses to work or pay tax has 5 kids and the most productive citizen has 1 kid?
          If the jews guys beat the shit out of the russians then why did the russians turn around and shit all over jews until the end of communism. Further why did the Japanese so happily join the nazis in jew killing if they were your allies?
          The world has changed with floating exchange and central banking its not a gold standard anymore you don’t need alot of capital to build a modern army. There are some very poor countries like Pakistan or India who would wipe Israel of the map in a war.
          So I am assuming you calling the non-acceptance o usury in islam hatred of finance. When you look at dubai or qatar you see modern 21st century city/country not so much in israel, a welfare state living on handouts. Israel’s days as a jewish state are numbered, its destruction will probably come from within. Most its population is a welfare class followed by the socialist jews from the bloc countries and then a small minority whow orks. Sooner or later the minority will get smart and leave to a country like america who appreciates the rich.
          “According to the Israel Central Bureau of Statistics, as of 2005, 650,000 Israelis had left the country for over one year and not returned. Of them, 530,000 are still alive today. This number does not include the children born overseas. It should also be noted that Israeli law grants citizenship only to the first generation of children born to Israeli emigrants.”
          Israel is a country of 6 million about 75% whom are jew,, how can you run a country when 14% of your population is leaving 230,000 between 1995-2005, who the hell wants to leave russia or ukraine or ethiopia never mind canada or america to live in a war zone?.
          You will see this number increase. Next decade you have another 230k israelis leave and it quickly starts adding up how the jews will become a minority in their own country. The arab israelis don’t even have the money to leave no one wants them.

        18. “But if you look at the 10% of richest Iranians, they are more numerous than all of the Israeli jew.”
          Who are all the rich Jewish people gonna fund if Israel gets into a war? That’s what matters.
          “The world has changed with floating exchange and central banking its not a gold standard anymore you don’t need alot of capital to build a modern army.”
          This is a joke right? Historically, countries always abandon fixed exchange rate regimes when they go to war. Historically speaking, countries move back and forth between fixed and floating currency regimes. Remember that you can’t create real spending power without increasing productivity, so if you try to finance deficits with central bank balance sheet expansion, the first thing to fall is the currency. The only difference between a fixed exchange rate regime and a floating regime is that the central bank targets the short term money rate of interest rather than the exchange rate.
          “Israel is a country of 6 million about 75% whom are jew,, how can you run a country when 14% of your population is leaving 230,000 between 1995-2005, who the hell wants to leave russia or ukraine or ethiopia never mind canada or america to live in a war zone?.”
          If you look at the population forecasts, Israel is the ONLY country in the Middle East with a growing population. The population is going to be growing for the next 200 years really. I’m usually not a fan of using forecasts, but population demographics is a scenario where forecasts work really well.
          “Most its population is a welfare class followed by the socialist jews from the bloc countries and then a small minority whow orks.”
          It’s kinda funny because Islamic culture is actually one of the most collectivist in the world. Islamic culture is far more collectivist than Jewish culture (it’s not even close).
          “There are some very poor countries like Pakistan or India who would wipe Israel of the map in a war.”
          India would but not Pakistan. Pakistan is a piece of shit dude. It’s mostly just independent tribes (like most of the Muslim world). Israel actually has a very advanced military.
          “Iran is 3rd largest oil exporter and gets billions of sanction. Who in the long term you think has a better model?”
          Israel for sure. Iran is a commodity exporter in a world of excess capacity–that’s my point.
          “If the jews guys beat the shit out of the russians then why did the russians turn around and shit all over jews until the end of communism.”
          The problem with persecuting minorities is that all of the skilled workers, intelligensia, and a good portion of the elites leave. In fact, cultural intolerance tracks right along with the decline of every major civilization. It’s remarkably consistent too. It’s the exact opposite when civlizations are on the rise too. How else do you think the Mongol Empire was the largest land empire in history? They beat the shit out of much more intolerant Christian, Muslim, Chinese, Russian, and a whole bunch of other societies and a large part of it was their cultural tolerance. Ditto for Rome. In fact, Claudius actually got up in front of the Roman Senate and specifically said that for Rome to survive, Rome must remain tolerant and referred to the collapse of Athens. Sure enough, when Rome became Christian and less tolerant, a large part of the Roman population just left to side with the Barbarians and this was critical to the downfall of Rome. All of the smart politicians and emperors (like Genghis or Kublai Khan or Claudius or whoever) specifically say that they want skilled workers from other societies to come work for them. The Muslim world has no skilled labor and no one intelligent lives there at all. All of the elite and the upper middle class have basically already left to the US.
          I also don’t think we’re gonna see a nuclear war with anyone involved. When countries like Pakistan and Israel have enough nuclear power to wipe out the entire world, if one person pushes the button, everyone dies. Everyone knows the consequences of pushing the nuclear button, so no one will do it.
          “what good is it for Israeli jews when arabs are having 5 kids”
          Arabs aren’t having 5 kids. The Arabic population has the lowest fertility rates in the world. That’s the entire basis for my argument. Guys like Ergodan and Ahmadinejad have even said so. The Muslim world is undergoing depopulation. The part of the Muslim world that is having high fertility rates isn’t the Middle East, but countries like Morocco with the exception being Qatar. Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iraq, Egypt, and the rest have collapsing fertility rates.
          “The east european jews are lazy and scammers and don’t want to work.”
          Why do people think that hard work leads societies to somewhere? This makes no sense. Working smart>>>>working hard. The hardest working people in the world are subsistence farmers. Personally, I have no problem with some degree of the welfare state as long as you can fund it in a fiscally responsible manner.

        19. Well not all the rich jews even live in israel.
          In an autaurky you can increase wealth by printing more money, it is impossible to have deflation and a growing economy in the long run it is a self evident proof.
          -Israel will grow but it will be the arabs, the jews are going to be a minority in Israel in 100 years.
          -Pakistan is a piece of shit but again it has an army that would crush Israel. Despite being a shit hole, it has a large enough population to have advance weapon system and nuclear weapons, which Israel has as well but Pakistan has the edge there.
          -Israel has no long run model because all there main exports are being cut out. Israel is a diamond market or was one but now buyers are going direct to Botswana and south africa israel and london are being cut out. Israel doesn’t even have advance technology its not even on belgiums level. The richest country in the world is an arab one and its buying usa military top weapons, Israel cannot compete.
          -Israel is culturally intolerant so its fair to say that they are on the decline.
          -When in Rome do as the romans do, does that sound like when in rome do whatever you want?
          -Ottoman empire was very multicultural and they were the sick man of europe. I’m not convinced its one way or the other.
          -I can see Iran pressing the button because with the small size of Israel there is no chance of Israel hitting back because one bomb can wipe them out completely and even if it didn’t kill everyone the emp would fry the circuits of the operating system and bomb components.
          -The muslims might not be very skilled in general, some like iran or pakistan or Nigeria actually are putting satellites in space but they have the oil money, and enough oil money they can buy the weapons to wipe israel out and actually have quiet advanced educated people. Although some others like Kuwait just have money but little else. You have to understand the world expo for military arms is held in kuwait and jordan they have the money to buy the best weapons its not like when they were poor and israel could go through them. If Israel tries another war that involves any of the rich arabs not just the poor egyptians or syrians but ones with money like kuwait or jordan or ones with modern weapons like Iran or Pakistan they are done.
          There are 1 billion muslims, you think they have a low fertility rate when Islam will be the biggest religion and the arabs are having all the kids in israel?
          Egypt has 100 million, how much more people they need?
          Iraqis have 5 children, saudi and israel are about the saqme, Israeli jews are just staying above float through immigration otherwise they’d be declining. The immigrants are all from east europe and america, they don’t want to haave kids. As soon as a jew woman has a kid she gives it to the filipino wetnurse
          The eastern european jews are lazy and unproductive. They don’t work smart, they don’t work period. They have the east european mentality, that bankrupt much of europe like greece, why work when germany will pay our bills. E.E. jews think why work when I can make government pay my bills. Sooner or later the few american and canadian and german jew is going to understand they are just wasting their time and money in israel and return home.

      3. Muslims are not reproducing?? hahahaha
        Go to any country of Europe or the the middle east. The average danish non muslim woman has 1.3 kids, while the average danish muslim woman has 4 times the number of children.
        Western civilization is at the verge of societal collapse, in part thanks to feminism, but also thanks to materialism and the rejection of religion… and guess who’ll take over?
        The future belong to those who will be there.

        1. It’s actually mostly because of feminism. The materialism is a result of feminism not a cause itself.

        2. You think Western society is on the verge of collapse. Islamic societies are collapsing. Islamic culture as we know it will basically end in the next two centuries. Europe is screwed as well, but it won’t be as fast. Using Muslims in Denmark as a proxy for the rest of the Muslim world is a mistake because things don’t transfer quite like that.

        3. Why are danish muslims having way more babies than non muslims? Is it because danish muslims family have higher incomes? Please.

        4. It’s probably because they’re more religious. However, it’s a mistake to think that every Muslim family in Turkey or Iran does things the same way Danish Muslims do. Just look up fertility rates in the Islamic world right now if you don’t believe me. Someone below asked for data and another person provided it.

        5. Most of the muslims in Denmark are Somalians, who have the highest birth rates in the muslim world — three times higher than saudi arabians, for crying out loud — so they’re not a good example.

        6. @Ershava
          danish women have been fed they must put career over family perhaps.But remember the dane population is aging while the immigrants are young. Keep in mind muslims in denmark only make 5% ot the population but overrep in the city of Copenhagen(all immigrants always head to the major cities and are never evenly distributed over the country).
          You are a man dont let feelings trump fact. heres the data
          I like looking at demographics for fun since 06. Check other videos of Hans Rosling shich is very entertaining.

          Islam doesnt magically make you have more kids any more then catholics, other factors are causes.
          Islam in europe is currently 6% and will grow to 8% in 2030. Which is 1% every 10yrs. Theres no take over assuming everything is constant. But we learn immigration comes in waves. In the 90s Netherlands got turks and morroccans, then afghans an iraqis in 2000 cause of the wars(otherwises theyd never come) and now migrants come from Romania and Poland.
          Once the wars settle down in the middle east well see less immigration and see more from africa perhaps.
          In USA there are less mexicans showing up now that the country is devolving so the need to leave has diminished(now mexico is starting to see illegals from central america now). Many italians use to got to america but not anymore. the biggest immgrant sources are from asia.. Everything changes.

        7. You sound like some poor slug living in some rural slum who is just jealous. You’d love to get some material things but are too dumb to do it.

        8. I’m just a random commenter, but I am going to day this for my own best interest:
          The comments section on this site is as valuable as the articles. And it’s being inundated with trolls. Every other comment there is your usual ” small penis/mother’s basement/ can’t handle a real woman” rhetoric. Some of us come here to broaden our thinking and these feminists are succeeding with what they are setting out to do- cluttering up the comments section.
          Provided the person is in fact Russian, does anyone actually care what a Russian feminists says or thinks? Imagine how fucked up a person would have to be to come up in Russia as a feminist. They person is about as worthwhile as your corner crackhead, I guarantee it.
          Anyway, is there a way to bring about a stronger ban hammer? There are plenty of sites that do, case in point that sissy reject Abagond. Shit, all these uneducated little beta gremlins will

        9. For Denmark to import a minority– which did not previously exist– is insane national (although not necessarily political) policy. Til lykke with that, DK. Democracy is a race to the gutter. We need an actual return of kings, and not just constitutional monarchs and figureheads.

        10. “she” is a he and ‘he” is not Russian. You did have the Troll part correct however. Mashenka was much funnier as PabloAndGringo. He must have fell off his meds.

      4. My Russian grandmother had 14 kids. Russia is booming unlike you pathetic boys who are too afraid to even talk to a girl.You are not men but mouse and stutter and turn red around girls which is why they reject you.We girls want real men not chickenshit boys.

        1. Did she have one of those little dolls thaat opne up and there is another smaller one inside? And then you opne that one, and there is another even smaller one inside? And then you open that one and

        2. Sister where you get your facts? Russian fertility rate is 1.61 ,well below the 2 we need to replacement, in fact several Western countries have higher fertility rate, lol ,like United States ,New Zealand, Ireland or France ; )

        3. My grandmother from Mars had 39 Predator alien babies and invaded Pluto back when it was still a planet. More likely true than you being female from Russia . You are a fat Caucasian man living in Intercourse , PA.

        4. Nope. That’s what you call in Russian as “Matryoshka” doll. I don’t think that was the case. The reality is, her grandmother produced her 14 kids at the Pavlov Institute. When MashenkaS was born, she was given as a gift from her family to the institute- both because as a baby she had an anal blockage – and as a case study for human genetics. The institute’s efforts to normalize her failed, and she is permanently left to think with her ass for the rest of her life (fetish with gay porn).

        5. The current Russian fertility rate according to the World Bank is 1.54. You may wanna do some homework before talking out of your ass.
          You may want “real men”, but what you have are idiots in charge that don’t know what they’re doing.

        6. Just proves how inferior you are when you have such a common low class trash frame of mind and way of expressing yourself. I am from South Africa and you US Negroes are a disgrace to the Negro race.

        7. Another low class disgrace to the Negro race. Get an education and learn how to behave like a man. Come to South Africa and we will teach to be a man because we know you just had a fat baby mama who behaved like whore and no father to teach you. You are like the white man’s dog who he feeds with foodstamps and takes care of like a child. He let’s you bark so you can pretend you are free but you are just a big joke they laugh at. He gives you bling, grills and sport shoe that you kill each other over and laughs at you but still you are so stupid that you want a white woman as a trophy. They all laugh at you like a dancing monkey. Learn some real African history and not the nonsense you learn during Negro history month and stop crying about oppression because you don’t know what it is. Your ancestors were just lazy slaves living on a plantation and living off the fat of the land not warriors or intellectuals.Wake up Negro Americans or you will be back in chains.

        8. Yes, they have idiots in charge that don’t know what they’re doing. Watch any Russian porn. It’s often purely heterosexual anal, the guy does not even go near the girl’s pussy, and often rams deep and cums inside the girl’s ass. So you can see the trend in Russia, as their men often end up shooting in the wrong hole to screw up their fertility rate and demographics. Possibly MashenkaS was sodomised by all Russian scientist boyfriends at the Pavlov or Pablo Institute, that now she thinks that all men have a fetish with gay porn.

        9. The real reason for Russia’s fertility rate, and demographics, aptly shown by the confusion of Russian sperm. inside a Russian woman’s ass

        10. Hey, you are good. I didnt catch Pablo switching it up. He is getting pretty tricky on us. Maybe he is on NZT now.

      5. disagree with the Muslim reproduction rates. I had to travel for my job, stayed in suadi and abu dhabi for 2 months…notices arab women with 2-3 kid each, some even 6 kids.. Their birth rates are definitely note declining.
        Also in Nordic countries , you will notice that the muslim population is growing as a vast rate and muslim men are raping Swedish women in the droves.
        The only problem with muslims is that it attracts very low IQ people to the religion, hence you get a bunch of dumb fucks with low IQ reproducing.

        1. ill ignore the last bit. But you can wiki through that the “muslim” rape rate also include the Christian Africans whom rape the most. It came out nationally in Sweden at 47%, though not the majority but a huge over representation considering immigrants make 10% of the population. But this majority rape was in the city of Oslo and Stockholm but not nationally.
          This rape rate started since 2008 for some reason and its only confinded to Norway and Sweden home to the easiest women(ironically most feminist) and yet doesn’t occur too often in the other nations.
          There has been crime that happens to minoritys that are far worse and yet don’t get much of a showing(white women can get the whole world to stop for them even for the smallest of things…spoiled and entitled) such as the rape and murder of Farha Noor adams by Scotsman when she was dragged into the woods after dropping her kid to school and the guy gets 16yrs I belive….Yet no one cares.
          Well you saw those kids were born years earlier. Every year it declines a little bit by a few points.
          youll notice a drop off with generation to generation.
          I posted data above so look into it I look and study demographics for fun and have become a self taught expert I just don’t have much time due to college.(been doing it
          since 06)
          rember youre a man you go with data and numbers. feelings must not tump facts or the feminsts win

        2. There’s nothing to disagree with the Muslim reproduction rate because it’s factually very low. There may be a few specific families here and there, but fertility rates in the Muslim world are very, very low and Israel has the highest fertility rates in the entire region. You can look this stuff up and I’m not making up any of this. Even other commenters have displayed similar data and statistics. Truth really is stranger than fiction.

      6. His comment make some sense to me, BECAUSE IRAN HAS LOW BIRTH RATE THOUGH. Are they feminists”

    3. Not quite. You’re forgetting every new generation going through leftist academia and the cycle starts all over again.

    4. Not to mention the recruitment of children via public education (for both feminism and pro-LBGT – to confuse children, childhood innocence, and strip them of any self-identity/freedom of thought). All while destroying the traditional family unit.

  2. Nice Burke quote at the beginning. That worldview — that we’re living for our ancestors and our descendants as well as ourselves — is so foreign to people today. But that was the worldview of almost all societies, across cultures, throughout history.
    People in developed countries have lost this sense of continuity — which Tom Wolfe called “the great biological stream” — and I get the feeling that’s the underlying cause of a lot of the social decay the manosphere writes about.
    Women who don’t see themselves as part of the great stream are more likely to put career goals, fun and self-gratification ahead of children. They feel a kind of hollowness that comes with lacking purpose (like living for other people), which they with medication and technology-assisted attention whoring.
    Men suffer from aimlessness, too, but it doesn’t seem to eat away at their very core the way it does women. They’re both signs of a society in decline.

  3. If nothing changes, we will make babies with beautiful foreign ladies who understand how to be good, faithful wives. The gene pool will be cleansed of all feminists in 2 generations.

    1. Nah, feminists have contaminated the education system. They don’t need their own children, they will take yours. They will fill your children’s minds with hate and make them despise you.

      1. Not if we do something about it. Remember that feminism only exists because there are still a lot of men supporting it. There is no feminism without men’s approbation. If we convince men then the women will follow.

        1. Never going to happen. The majority of Western men are thirsty simps that will throw their best friend under the bus for a chance at some pussy. The only way to get rid of feminism at this point is total societal collapse.

        2. http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/160/2/9/bane_s_second_american_revolution_by_jxl5465-d68e3mu.jpg
          “In the east coast stands a symbol of tyranny, Washington DC. Where millions of Americans have languished under the names of US Government officials including one man, Barack Obama, who has been held up to you as the shining example of Justice for America. You’ve been supplied with these false idols to stop you from tearing down the corrupt government. Let me tell you the truth about the US Government, from the words of an unknown former federal agent:
          “The FBI and the US Government have been behind the assassination of John F. Kennedy and was aware of the possible 9/11 attack but they’ve allowed it to take place. And worse yet, they helped Al-Qaeda stage the attack and used these incidents to spread fear to the American citizens so that we could, to my shame build lies over these fallen victims and turn the nation into a Tyrannical Police State. I praised these madmen and women who tried to murder the true foundations of America and when I can no longer live with these lies, it’s time to trust the American people with the truth and it’s time for Government officials and the president to be impeached.”
          And do you accept this man’s impeachment? And do you accept the impeachment of all these liars? Of all the corrupt? We take America back from the corrupt, the rich, and the oppressors of generations who kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you, the people. America is yours. None shall interfere, do as you please. Start by storming Washington DC and freeing the oppressed nation. Step forward those who would serve the nation’s founding fathers’ legacy, for an army will be raised and restored. The rich and powerful will be ripped from their decadent nests and cast out into the cold world that we know and endure. Courts will be convened, spoils will be enjoyed. Blood will be shed. The remaining federal agents will survive as they learn to survive true justice to the American people. This great nation … it will endure. America will survive.”

      2. The feminist movement is still young, we haven’t had enough time to see the damage it has done! Us guys just need to put up with the feminist bullshit for the next 50-100 years until the real damage via our society via feminists is clear to the the majority of people! Just like history we will learn from our mistakes from giving women to much power in our society!

        1. “Given” is correct. Men TAKE power. Women whine, complain, withhold sex, moan and beg. Any power women have is given them by men.

    2. It is naive to think you are going to bring a foreign bride onto western soil and not have her learn the loopholes of our legal system. Learn Arabic, Hindi, etc., move to a middle eastern country, and yes, you will have control of your family and your children. In Pakistan for example, there is no concept of child support or alimony.
      On the author’s subject, yes, from an evolutionary perspective women should not be working as much as men, nor competing for jobs. Every technologically advanced society in history has fallen (Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, etc.). These societies granted women the vote, seats in government, prestigious jobs, and a role in leadership.
      In a simple summary. In each society, politicians realized immediately women are the majority vote. Next, they offer women free crap (really nothing is free, as a society, we just redistribute wealth by taking it from hard working people and giving it to others). From an evolutionary and historical standpoint, when we grant women power, it has turned a civilization into a very unproductive place. Women vote up social programs to the point where it is more lucrative to sit at home and do nothing, then it is to get a job.
      Even in the blue and white collar jobs it is a well-supported fact (read “Why Men Earn More” by Warren Farrell) that women do not work nearly as hard as men when we give them entry into expensive, federally-subsidized undergrad, law, and medical programs. So yes, each tax dollar is worth substantially less each year.
      Have a great life, work hard, travel, become wealthy, have sex with beautiful women. If you really want children (which I advise against). Here is another way to game the system: find one of these female executives that earns a massive salary, and knock her up. Otherwise, learn a foreign language, and go to a country where women have not had a sexual revolution, because it turns out, in the end, the Government has the biggest dick and fucks the hardest.

      1. Late Roman Empire had sectarian christianity, no votes for women there!
        And it is this sectarian christianity that destroyed the Roman Empire, that was half the size of the United States, if it had been a “normal” collapse and not people dumbed down by that sect, other parts of the Empire would have recovered and taken Rome´s Place.
        Older Roman Empire had it right.

      2. That’s not true, there was no democracy in the Roman Empire or Ancient Egypt, and in Athens only landowning men were allowed to vote. Equating giving women the vote with the downfall of modern civilization makes no sense. Women also had very little power in those societies, there downfalls were for other more complex reasons. There were also no social programs that gave people free stuff, the welfare state is a modern phenomenon.

        1. Ever hear of “bread and circuses” near the end of the Roman Empire proper?
          By progressively driving the Greco-Roman farmers off the land, by lending and foreclosing, into the cities, a dependent underclass was grown.

      3. “In Afghanistan for example, there is no concept of child support or alimony.”
        ??? Well not the latter because under Islamic law, on divorce men are automatically awarded custody. But divorce settlements heavily favour women under Islamic law.

      4. “Women vote up social programs to the point where it is more lucrative to sit at home and do nothing, then it is to get a job.”
        Both female AND male women.
        The female executive with the massive salary has a dead womb. It has been surgically ruined, poisoned or barricaded. If the usual methods of contra-(against, opposed to)-ception fail, she will have the child poisoned or removed in pieces.

    3. On the whole, there is nothing wrong with their genes. The culture is sick and rotten. Their grandmothers reproduced and transmitted the culture, their grandfathers valiantly struggled to build a lineage. In our consumerist society, we are supposed to look upon our ancestors with disdain.

    4. Taking foreign women, especially those who are very different genetically, strengthens mankind. Too many generations of too-close relatives tends to weaken the tribe. This is a major reason for the prohibition of incest, which is almost universal. Few cultures approve of any closer matings than first cousins. Exceptions were sometimes made for the ruling classes, but it was for preservation of power and property, not for maintaining genetic superiority.

  4. The implications of this reasoning are huge if we apply it to social policy. Most of the privileges that women have come to enjoy would be narrowed to moms only. Millions of women who parasitize the inherent good will of men would be suddenly cut off from a bountiful flow. Seeing the status and resources they lack, they would have a clear incentive to bear children and continue the lines of their ancestors.

    With sperm banks, and eternal laziness, your solution would just force every single woman to become a single mother, without entering into a social contract with a man.

  5. Can these women be used as cannon fodder on the battlefield? Men as young as fifteen were used as such during World War 1. They can be used as a rearguard against the enemy, never to see their loved ones again, just like young James, at the Battle of Ypres. That would be useful, right?

    1. We don’t find with cannons anymore. However considering you believe this swill I’m not surprised you’re stuck in the 19th century.

      1. Huh? Of course we still fight with cannons. What do you think howitzers, mortars, and autocannons are?

    2. If you were the enemy, would you be able to point and shoot at defenseless blobs lumbering towards you in between fits of laughter?

      1. And be crushed in wave after wave of blubbery fat? Where’s the fuckin’ trigger!!!

  6. Rothschilds, Bill Gates et al. wanted this in order to keep human populations to levels the financial elite could manage. To this extent, they have made abortion readily available as contraception, and started making the economy contract so people in the West have less children. They also tout lies about lack of resources etc, when there is plentiful available. Some argue this is a Satanic agenda. Whatever it is, we can see how feminism has been a key movement, along with the welfare state, to keep society dumbed down and docile.
    Even if modern feminism received less funding from the uber-wealthy, the problem is most Western women have been indoctrinated since birth; and so existing generations from current teenage years and older will be mostly lost as they cannot change their ways. This is social engineering at its finest. This is why I am not fond of game as a permanent equalizer, as it improves the quality of men WITHOUT IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF WOMEN. The women get worse and worse until the society falls apart. Feminism has been a poor ideology for whites, whose birth rates have declined dramatically, along with their competitiveness(eg single motherhood adversely affecting future generations). When applied to other populations, feminism has a similar effect, so it is the ideology that is at fault.
    We can never have a perfect world. But feminism has led to greater concentration of power and wealth in the upper 0.1% of the Anglo ‘elite’ whilst hurting society as a whole. Do we even have a viable society any more? Or are we just all solipsitic mercenaries in it for ourselves, just like the feminists. I’m pretty sure the history books recorded ancient Rome having collapsed in a similar manner to what we are seeing today – a debased currency and debased relationships (read debased women) does not make a lasting society. I mean, you need to keep having kids who are raised well in order for society to continue, or else it dies.

    1. yes, the ultimate irony of game is that red pill guys know full well that girls with low notch counts are best…. and yet they are the same players contributing to high notch counts, even breaking virgins in, with no intention of wife-ing them up….
      the ultimate proponent of game and red pill would also have mastery over his own sexual desires and would seduce women, get them naked and then refuse to have sex with them and shame them… en-mass this would slowly work, to straighten women out … but no one will do it because they all want pussy…..

      1. when I read british imperial history my old master described the concept of swaraj (self-rule in indian) in terms of being able to lie in bed between two beautiful naked women and resist any kind of temptation. One should not be at the mercy of desire, or desire controls you. To state the obvious women rarely respect men who are beholden to them.

      2. I agree, Im not a fan of deflowering a virgin if you are not willing to take them serious. The whole point of game is to pump n dump sluts, but marry the virgin. Those players are ruining the good women. Game must be used responsibly.

    2. If there is anything to take away from your comment, Seth, it’s that philosophical writers ought to be public servants in the true sense.
      Society is an idea. In real life there are no societies, only collections of individuals. I guess if it helps people (like this author) make comparisons in their mind, it’s good to create groups, but at the end of the day, they don’t exist. I agree with you that ‘we’ need to better ourselves and women. But a ‘better man’ doesn’t accept bad behavior from a woman. An MGTOW man might take advantage of that behavior, but a ‘better man’ wouldn’t and wouldn’t encourage the immature woman or the MGTOW. There ought to be a ‘diamond knight’ or some superior version of the white knight who both understands where we are and where we are going (if feminism prevails) and who acts in a superior, masculine way while bettering the world around him.
      In other words, an intelligent man who is not also a nihilist (like many writers on this site are).

      1. if feminist prevail we will need nihilists….we will need the knights who say “Ni” ………

      2. You seem to be very literal when it comes to abstractions.
        True, we are all independent individuals, but unmistakable patterns emerge in aggregate. Regular patterns that make the concept of a ‘society’ useful.
        It would be similar to say: “There is no weather, only breezes.”
        We rise and fall, thrive or die as a mass society, within which we’re each just a cell.
        By this, I don’t take from the principle that we’re all termites in the hive, but from the principle by which moral imperatives are derived. As individuals we have to act to avoid a tragedy of the commons.
        As things are right now, we could all get away with shoplifting most of the time, but if we did so, even candy bars would soon be kept behind bulletproof windows.
        I’m intrigued by your concept of a ‘diamond knight.’ What might it entail?

  7. This is a very interesting article. Reproduction is important, I agree on this point. But who actually wants to have kids, and who doesn’t? In the western world, it’s the young women who want children, and the young men who don’t. This causes many conflicts in young couples: the woman wants get married and have kids, but the man says he’s not ready to settle down, or that he might want kids some day but not yet… And so millions of frustrated young women waste their most fertile years trying to find a husband or waiting for their boyfriends to become more responsible. Tell all the young men out there that the time is limited, they and their girlsfriends don’t be eternally young!

    1. Yeah right. Man up boys! Knock up those cunts now!
      This whole thread is a bunch of boring philosopher wanna-bes.
      I liked Fat Shaming Week better. This “week” sucks donkey balls.

        1. Why yes. They are a mix between a mule and your ass.
          Pablo, you set yourself up! Your edge is slipping!

        2. A self styled anthropologist’s spelling of “donkeys”.
          Enough said, I think you need to head back to your shithole university, learn English (particularly proper spelling) and reconsider your “qualifications” in anthropology, biology, science, and medicine. How did you go to Pavlov Institute? Did you offer the principal to shaft you up your ass to get admission (considering you love talking about gay porn)?

        3. Are you another of MashenkaS’s alter egos? Or possibly related to her? Typical female Russian mentality – all sore losers, a defect that even genetic engineering would not be able to normalize.

  8. I’m confused…women must reproduce, but we must not marry them, and a woman who reproduces without a husband is damaged? Aren’t we setting up women to fail even more than they already do?

  9. I’m a man who has no intention of breeding because I hate the little bastards and have better things to do with my life.
    I have no problem with women choosing their own path. I only have a problem with the cunts that support a double standard.

  10. Alternatively you could simply shame the women into doing what they are supposed to do, take back your rights and privileges as men, and beat to death the faggots and sociopaths that are emasculating you. (Reverse order)
    But that would mean a real brotherhood where all men look out for one another.

  11. Using government (i.e. ‘social policy’) is the feminist’s way to promote change. Society is not a patriarchy, and it hasn’t been since the State took it over. One of the main traps of the modern world (especially the western world) is using the government to try to solve social problems. That’s what ‘social policy’ is. This author fell for it, too.
    ‘We’ should not do anything ‘together,’ instead, let’s all separately, in our own way with our own organizations, make changes in society without elections and voting … and corruption.
    Second, what is all this retarded evolutionary psychology bullshit? 99.5% of the people in society today are completely non-violent…why are you writing about ‘tribes’ and ‘rearing young’ and other outdated concepts.
    A simple principle for this author (and the other statist, collectivist authors on ROK):
    Technology makes people more efficient and people more effective, over time. Greater efficiency > Less work > smaller organizations > smaller units. Nations > Ethnic groups > Families > Individuals. This is the trend social organization has taken. We are at that point now where the individual is the important ‘unit’ in society, because technology makes it possible for an individual to survive independently of others.
    *Don’t get confused between social independence and material/economic independence.* We are very economically interdependent and will continue to be that way. But in the past when tribes and families and nations were largely independent and competed with one another, we are in an age where those groups *do not compete anymore*. Please therefore do not waste time going on about evolutionary instincts and such which have no place in a modern discussion.

    1. You try to describe me as ‘statist collectivist.’
      Like you, I recognize that we live in an age of rapid decentralization; that’s why I speak so much about tribes.
      Does greater efficiency mean smaller organizations? Or has smaller organization become more effective than mass structures with cheap worldwide communication acting like a more responsive nervous system?
      Violence is now less often the best way for groups to get their way, but factions and tribes are in conflict as intensely as ever, busily competing over:
      -economic markets
      -political power
      -jobs, wealth, assets
      -biological capital (population, genes)
      -sexual capital (desirable members of opposite sex)
      -physical space (land)
      -cultural space (memes)
      …to name some of the basics.
      So you recommend some form of egalitarian political anarchy? How would you implement this?
      The hippies of the 1960s would likely have seen much in common with your views but their ideas never had much practical application.

      1. Now that you’ve clarified what you mean by tribes, I think we are on the same page. What you call tribes, I call demographic groups. They do compete, but it is not necessary. The things they compete over, they could have more efficiently if they repealed laws instead of creating new ones. An example is ‘women’ trying to get affordable health care via Obamacare. Not sure what you mean about hippies. None of this is commune like or leftist, at all.
        Back to healthcare: A more efficient alternative is to remove the protections on insurance companies, the AMA, etc. Dominating and gaining power over others is not necessary in this day and time. It continues because ‘power’ is ‘distributed’ using systems that are thousands of years old (governments). Call it anarchy, sure, that is what it is, but make sure you understand that it is peaceful, the most moral way to live.
        The same way you can buy aspirin at a convenience store, peacefully, and if you try to buy marijuana at the same store (or if they try to sell to you) the situation could involve cops (violence). Once we as a society stop tolerating that dominance by the 1%, yes, we end up with an egalitarian society, but only because all are wealthier (except the 1%) because trade is truly free and the basics get cheaper and easier to come by. The key is to replace government systems with competing private ones. The first place to do this is in the financial industry.

        1. It is odd to suppose people and groups seek power over others because of redistributive governments.
          Governments manifest that way because people are competitive and aquisitive by nature. Just a tool to for people to get what they want. When governments don’t achieve that, people use other tools instead.
          If resource distribution wasn’t arbitrated by a mass government, we’d see violence become a much more popular tool.
          If there were no cops to throw you in jail, why not beat up the first unguarded person you see and take their wallet? Or simply shoot that boss who pisses you off? If someone amasses resources in a mansion and doesn’t have enough guards to defend it? Why not get together with your friends to sack and plunder it?
          In this kind of society, you’re dead meat without a clan or gang to back you up. And what are these but smaller, less organized governments?
          A demographic is a marketing term for a range of ages, incomes, gender, race, class, life circumstances… These divisions are very important, but you still don’t understand what I mean.
          Take an internet subculture such as the red pill/manosphere for example. It’s developed an elaborate system of beliefs and doctrines that seems strange and alien to a “foreigner” visiting for the first time.
          Certain demographics will be very common in this subculture, but they do not define it. For instance, does it bother you that there are older/younger commenters or that some authors may be of various races and classes?
          Probably not so much because it’s common ideas and values that define the identity more than a demographic.
          The tribes I see emerging aren’t just marketing focus groups, but emerging cultures.
          The biggest trouble with holding a competition: someone tends to win it.
          Aren’t we back right where we started when a few private firms rise above the rest and establish monopolies?
          Their rule becomes like a government. What is a king but the competitor who won by establishing a real-estate monopoly?
          So you need someone to regulate them, a government. And who watches the watchdog?
          Your idea that the world would be a less violent, more peaceful place without governments, if people were just “set free” would probably be accepted by hippies.

  12. Men gave up the responsibility to teach their daughters that being a wife and mother was paramount, and the result has been a system developed by the elite to teach girls grrl pwr. The result is median household incomes have been stagnant ever since, while all wealth gains have been collected by the elite.

    1. “Men gave up the responsibility to teach their daughters that being a wife and mother was paramount,”
      we didn’t give that up at all. Our wives deliberately undermined us in our own homes…that is what happened in most cases.

      1. Why would a wife feel that was a good idea?
        Either she no longer respects the man or never did to begin with.

      2. Shutup obese pyjama boy. And stop using guest accounts when you want to threaten violence. That’s pretty pussy whipped to me. Your former wife dumped you because you’re a wacko nutjob and you were trying to pimp her out as a prostitute because you were too lazy, drunk and stupid to get a job yourself. Even MickyD’s turned your lardarse down for a min. wage job.

      3. It’s women that’ll have to make the decision to save our society too. The sooner they realize that feminism won’t make them happy, the better off we all will be.

  13. Single women past their fertile years are much worse than useless to society. They degrade it by voting for policies that benefit them personally.
    Some may say, “Well, they have jobs just like men.” No they don’t. The few that are in productive jobs have those jobs only because they were taken from productive men and given to women who are by their very nature less productive. This is done through affirmative action, special programs in schools for girls, and financial aid that is denied to young men and lavished on young women in universities.
    Our society is sinking fast. I was once a proponent of investment portfolios with a fair share of equities. No more. Demographics in the US and most of the West work against equities. What’s left to invest in? Hell if I know, but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with cats, cat food, and veterinary services.

  14. “For all of human history, older and infertile women helped rear the tribe’s young.”
    Yep…my grand mothers had 58 (26 and 32) grand children between them if my memory serves me correctly….and they taught us a great deal…and were very sharp with their tongues when we mis-behaved in their eye-shot.
    They don’t make women like that any more in the west.

  15. Girls are gagging for a shagging and you little bedbugs in your pyjamas are jerking off under the blanket in mommy’s cellar to disgusting gay porn.These college girls at Columbia even had to make a video to display their pussies because there aren’t enough straight White men in NY to shag them. And none of them have Humpty Dumpty Lena Dunham bodies either. You blanket boys are pathetic and must look like slugs if you can’t get laid.

    1. This explains the sad state of American women very well. But, Russian girl, why did you post this link? Are you trying to tell that these sluts are gagging for reproducing? Or actually gagging for fucking because of their pussy itch or sluttiness?
      Human beings have sex for both recreational and reproductive purposes. I think you can understand the difference between that, considering you claimed to be the only one who has real knowledge of anthropology, biology, medicine and science, than any one else here in another thread. So if you posted that link which you did, in context of this article “Women who don’t reproduce hurt society”, then it shows you cannot make out the difference between sex for reproduction and sex for recreation.
      And you call us masturbators to gay porn, while you are trolling this site with your own педик faggot-obsessed comments. I wonder, were you ever shafted up your own ass (жопа) by a red piller, as you keep claiming us to be watching jerking off to gay porn? I think you were. And I ask, are we supposed to put chastity belts on every slut and take responsibility for every slut who wants to want be shagged because of her pussy itch? We can’t do that. Just like how we can’t take responsibility for each piece of trash which comes out of your faggot obsessed mouth.

        1. Wow, so if you consider me to be stupid, does that make me a
          negro? Is that what you learnt in anthropology? Did you study in some shithole
          Russian university?
          I thought anthropologists know that human beings originated
          in Africa. So even though I am not negro, I wouldn’t argue with evolution.
          If Wikipedia was amateurish, then maybe you could enlighten
          us with your half-assed lies?
          In contrast, you sound butthurt. Instead of thumbing up your
          own comments, grow a pair of tits and learn to talk like an educated respectful
          woman, and not an attention seeking trashy whore passing sad taunts about gay
          porn (like most women from your country). You are trolling this site to provoke
          men unnecessarily.

        2. Its just PabloAndGringo posing as his alter-ego crossdressing rusky babushka fantasy. He fell off his meds. Cut him a little slack.

        3. Our scientists at Pavlov Institute know all about genetics and what causes idiocy in people like you.
          And you are butthurt from gay sex. Come out of the closet because it’s acceptable now.

        4. Did they know about your defective genes (or “jeans” as you might spell it that way, considering your misspelling of “donkeys” as donkies). I am sure – you were their first failed human experiment – possibly they left a part of your brain in your ass – as you have a habit of pulling ridiculous statements out of it, to troll this site.

        5. Only a retard would worry about some silly word by a foreigner who apparently has perfect English. It ‘s just a sign of a loser with the brain of a flea.As she says, come out of the closet gay boy and stop being so bitter.

        6. I’m sure you studied too at the Pavlov Institute for genetics. Are you another of her clones?

    2. No thanks. after watching those disgusting cumbuckets – Ill stick to jerking off to porn in moms basement.

  16. My daughter’s have been told their potential in life: women are capable of having over ten children, sometimes 12 to 15! They actually thought this was very neat and have never heard this before.

  17. Please would you stop this “tribe” bullshit? Nobody in the west belongs to a “tribe” anymore. You’ve been outbreeding for centuries. The whole country is your tribe now. 300+ million people won’t suffer if you murder 5 million women.

  18. Modern women are nothing but liabilities for men in the modern world. If she can’t be his liability, she will often see to it that she creates liabilities (expenses) in his life, which sometimes makes life itself a liability for him. Another reason why modern marriages are nothing but a self bought ticket to liability hell forever, for single men. Women were and are after resources; men were and are after sex and offspring. And it is the true fact of nature, even among all species.
    Thus, in such a scenario, what should be understood, is that women are thus actually necessary only for the sake of reproduction and survival of the human race. If a woman willingly chooses not to provide her womb for her man to reproduce, then she is useless from an evolutionary point of view, unless if she can help to reduce the liabilities in his life. This article actually touches the core and real reason as to why women are really needed for. Without reproductive/birthing abilities, women of child bearing ages would actually be worthless.

  19. They haven’t had a chance to pass on their useless DNA so I guess that’s a contribution in the long run. In the short term, they probably end up in elementary schools absolutely ruining modern education for boys and girls alike.

  20. The real fact of the demographic rise in Russia can be seen here
    And demographic statistics about Russia in 2013
    The province with the highest growth is the Tibetan Buddhist dominated Tuva Republic followed by the muslim dominated province of Chechnya.
    Most of the demographic turnaround was attributed to:
    In 2012, the birth rate increased again. Russia recorded 1,896,263 births, the highest number since 1990, and even exceeding annual births during the period 1967–1969, with a TFR of about 1.7, the highest since 1991. (Source: Vital statistics table below). The number of births is expected to fall over the next few years as women born during the baby bust in the 1990s enter their prime childbearing years, but this would not have an effect on the TFR.
    Immigration would be likely be the future hope of Russia.

    1. “Immigration would be likely be the future hope of Russia.”
      Winners are usually fine where they are, and when they do move somewhere, it’s not to help some new country out of a crisis, it’s to help themselves get a better life. This is the usual last ditch attempt to justify turd world immigration, when in fact most immigration is likely to increase problems. The solution is obvious – women in Russia and the West need to start having more kids!

    2. Russian ethnicity will eventually be wiped out in the next 50-100 years, if the trend continues. The demographic situation in Russia itself shows that ethnic Slavic women are not the ones who are responsible for the current increase in birth rate, but it is the non-Slav ethnicities like Tuvans, Tatars and Chechens who are responsible for the increase of population. There is a gradual erosion of traditional values among Slavic women in Russia, as more and more non-Slavs are the ones who are reproducing in Russia. The Slavs don’t do anything to reproduce much except look down on these ethnicities.
      Eventually, you’d find more and more Russian women “forced” to have children with Americans (adding to American population), Canadians, Latinos, East Indians, Persians, Arabs, Turks, Asians, other Europeans and even Blacks (which is happening). It will happen. That will be the second collapse of Russia, but a gradual and non-dramatic one. Since most of the women (and from other FSU countries like Ukraine) want to marry, but faced with a surplus of females, this will be the
      American women still have it better as compared to Russian
      women. The average American male would still try to hit on her, and rather
      choose to whine about her feminism than actually travel abroad to marry women from other nationalities (including Russia). Though men who did travel abroad to seek partners have to be commended for their efforts to improve their own lives, but the average man would still try his luck back home than venture abroad. If the American woman changes to traditional values (ie. If the effects of redpill/ manosphere thought on American society have to really work, it would possibly take 10-20 years for the female mentality to become “traditional” on the real core level here), then she would score over Russian women as more American men would definitely choose to reproduce with her than with a Russian woman. Eventually saving American demographics – minus immigration. Even now, it’s not too bad yet. America still scores over Russia as ratio-wise; America has more men as compared to Russia.
      The problem of Russia is that though they covet the technological and economic advancement of American society, Russians (especially women) are nothing but American wannabes, still retaining Soviet style prejudices. The condescending attitude to other countries and ethnicities, self-righteous pompousness and grandiose self-estimation in the mentality of the people (reflected in their politicians) are some of the real reasons as to why the Soviet Union fell, and will be the same attitude that will leave to the eventual collapse of Russia and other FSU countries (Ukraine, etc). Women there have the same attitude, possibly even worse than American women, when they try to assert their superiority/closet feminism. Russian men often travel to neighboring Belarus to get married, for this sake. But with lesser Russian men in the first place, this is a vicious downward spiral.
      Russian condescension on other ethnicities and their self deluded obliviousness to their own demographic problems will be the reason for the utter bastardization of their own race with other blood, and eventual demise of it. People 100 years from now would write about this.

  21. Why is a possibly gay man posing as a Russian wrinkled cellulite butt faced granny (like the ones getting reamed in the ass by their grandsons in Russian anal incest pornos) while posting in Hebrew, allowed to post? This MashenkaS psycho is doing nothing but obscuring good comments with needless obnoxious trolls. Can we get this androgynous defective specimen of humanity to be blocked from this site?

  22. u all realize some woman cant reproduce. way to throw it in our faces. i love children to. its not fair. and ppl always say oh u can adopt but its not the same and never would be. guess im a dis service to society eh.. to bad society doesnt see it like that.

    1. It is clear you have not read the article:
      “In ages past, women with no children of their own commonly assisted with
      the children of other women. They still made a contribution to the
      furtherance of the tribe.”
      Also, stop whining like a child. Life is not fair, and sometimes sucks. You have to play the cards you recevied.

      1. But then of course, there’s this little sentence afterwards,
        “Perhaps a woman reaches spinsterage through no fault of her own or was sterile from the start, but by the same token, many young men were slaughtered in the trenches through no personal fault.”
        So the author seems to be comparing “Not be able to produce a child”, to “Death”. Now granted, I’m not a woman, so I don’t what psychological toll being infertile has on a woman. However, to those that simply choose not to have kids, it’s making it seem like an act comparable to that of taking a life. As though somehow, the end goal of a woman should always be to produce or care for kids. However, although that may be a “society” pressure put on women, that doesn’t make it even remotely comparable to a “biological” one. A woman won’t “die” if she doesn’t care for the young.

  23. You are too kind. Women who reproduce with a series of uncommitted men hurt society even more, because instead of gracefully fading into senescence (cf. Japan), society degenerates into a vicious jungle of feral bastards.

  24. society is filled with self absorbed bratty women with issues so its best that they refrain from reproducing

  25. It is a good article although overly simplistic. “Health of the tribe’ where birth rates are concerned is obviously a little more complex than how many kids we are pumping out. Food resources, political stability, relative value of children (e.g. necessity of large broods for farming families or to make up for child mortality) all have their role to play and no doubt feature in the western world’s declining birth rates. Likewise, I would like to see an article or two on RoK that refer to the traditional role of fathers as stable, responsible patriarchs to assist women in the role of “traditional women and mothers.” The two go together. So far I am seeing mainly articles of interest to the single player.

  26. WOW! I know many women who go on and on about how their decision
    not to have children is superior to those who do. this piece by G.D. comes from the heart of the men who have died in honor and for a greater purpose. clueless obstinant or barren bitches!

  27. A little too vague on what women and men actually require or take from the system and how exactly we should revise the system, or is that for the sequel? 😀

  28. So if a woman does not want children, you’re saying she should have them anyway. That she would do more harm to society remaining childfree than having unwanted children.
    She should have children that she does not want, and they can live miserable lives and be likely to grow up to be criminals. Great logic.

  29. I partially agree with what the column says. A woman who doesn’t participate in the reproductive marketplace is essentially ‘demoted’ to a genderless humanoid shape; her value is determined solely by her work contributions (if any). In other words, she becomes the same as a man: utilitarian, ignorable, and ultimately disposable.
    Welcome to equality, ladies. This is what you wanted. Enjoy.

  30. In Ireland at the moment there is a concerted effort on a particular side of the fence that cannot reproduce, i.e. homosexuals, to stifle any debate on the legitimacy of homosexual “marriage”. A homosexual on a chat show branded a number of journalists and a organisation that promotes traditional heterosexual marriage as the ideal as “homophobic”. The journalists in question sued the TV channel and received compensation for the homosexuals rant. Last weekend there was a rally in Dublin to protest against this pay out from the TV channel. I would venture that these people are heterophobic, they have an irrational fear of heterosexual acts and heterosexual marriage. They also want to set up a government watchdog to prevent any legitimate discourse over the next year leading up to a constitutional referendum on the issue of homosexual marriage. I have no doubt that over the next year there will be so much misinformation put out by the equality bots and homosexual lobby they will actually turn the populace against their cause. I just want to know how can anyone compare anal sex between two men or lesbian sex, both of which are barren pursuits with heterosexual vaginal intercourse, the source of all human life? And before anyone labels me with the Judeo Christian brush, I am agnostic….

  31. …Well, what about women who choose to go into something like education as teachers or professors? Or the creative types that choose to go into design and art? Or the hundreds of female science majors. I mean, like it or not, that is a form of contributing to society in forms other then just “rearing the young”.

    1. What about them? We already know how effective the majority of female teachers are, there are exceptions to the rule of course. Professors? Humanities and “feminist studies” professors? Top female professors in STEM areas? Design and art…. top five of each please? Hundreds of female science majors? Of famous female scientists all I can think of is Marie Curie, and she received the Nobel prize with her husband and Henri Becquerel. Am I right in thinking that men still attend the sciences and engineering in higher numbers than their female counterparts? Please enlighten us to your very vague post.

      1. And though your hostility towards a simple inquiry isn’t exactly welcomed, I’m more then happy to give you few examples.
        How about we start off with my favorite category; Art. Now, admittedly, since Art is big term that covers many things, I’m just gonna limit it to more popular forms of media.
        1.) In Film: Kathryn Bigelow, An Academy award winning film director, with such films as “The Hurt Locker”
        2.) In Animation: Well, why don’t we go with the first known one in history, Lotte Reingier, who in 1926 made the films ” The Adventures of Prince Achmed.”
        3.) Let’s try sculptors: Sylvia Shaw Judon, born in 1897, died in 1978. Her statue, “Bird Girl” was even featured on the cover of the 1994 novel “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”
        4.) How about Comics: Let’s just go with the obvious (at least if your a comic book nerd like me), Gail Simone. Her most notable works include “Birds of Prey”, her run on the new “Firestorm”, “Batgirl”, and a brief little run on “Deadpool”
        5.) Let’s give Video Games a go: Roberta Williams, the co-founder of Sierra.

        1. How is asking questions hostile? You addressed STEM and arts. I found the Hurt Locker to be pretty boring to be honest, and an academy award is no vindication to success in my book but fair play to her. The other areas you mention STEM, I’m sure these women are very accomplished, never heard of any of them but then I am involved in a different area of expertise and I didn’t Wiki any of them. What percentage of their different fields do these women occupy? I would hazard a guess they are in a minority and much of their research is based on discoveries already made by men, such as DNA. They all contribute to the well of knowledge but the vast majority of discoveries and invention can be attributed to men…. if that is not a fact then I still need to be enlightened by your superior intellect….

        2. Perhaps “hostile” might not been the most appropriate word. Sarcastic maybe?
          Admittedly, my STEMS also doubled as professors at well-known colleges. So that category is still technically covered. If you’re really gonna peg me on something as semantic as that, then that’s just simply petty. And to answer your questions in order.
          1.) Well to use some the previous examples I mentioned, without say, Esther Conwell, and her work with conduction, we basically wouldn’t have the modern computer we know today.
          2.) If by “Make a Sandwich” (haha, cute), you mean be a mother and wife? Then yes, they can actually. Mrs. Conwell is in fact married, and does have a child who surprisingly enough, is also a student of hers.
          Just because their chosen professions choose not to point the stoplight on them, doesn’t mean they have contributed to their fields in various significant ways.

        3. Esther Cornwell didn’t build her discoveries on previous research conducted by men? Don’t know her and hope she’s a good wife and mother. I was referring to teachers in lower grade schools. You didn’t address my last point i.e. the vast majority of discovery and invention is attributed to men. Women are welcome to contribute….

        4. What? You want me to name off the literally hundreds of female school teachers in lower education (i.e. High School and such)? You can’t possible tell me with a straight face that you’ve never encountered a female lower education teacher before; not even in your own time at school?
          Fella, you’re arguing semantics again. Just because one group did it first, it doesn’t diminish or belittle the contributions of the others that came after. But hey, since I’m just on a example high today, here’s another scientist/inventor for ya.
          Dr. Patricia E. Bath,
          Born in 1949, she created an entirely new method of eye surgery that’s actually helped the blind to see. She’s also been nominated for the National Inventors Hall of Fame.

        5. Plus you’re sort of diverging a bit. This article posed the theory of “Women who don’t reproduce hurt society”. That by someone not contributing to the young in the motherly sense, they’re somehow damaging society. The examples of provided show that many of these women, some of whom are single, childless, and elder, in the end actually impacted society in a positive way without having to “nurture the young” in the traditional sense.

        6. You can keep naming all you like but for every one female scientist you name there are hundreds of male scientists making contributions. Its in male DNA….

        7. Well, in this case, it was actually six or seven. And you know….hundreds more I could probably dig up if I had the time and energy. Also, what now? Now you’re claiming that science is just…in male DNA? Really?…Really? Okay, I’ll bite. Where’s your proof?

        8. Which could be attributed to females not being allowed into universities or almost any profession for at least 2000 years, no? Still there have been female philosophers, rulers, scientists, authors etcetera, you can just google it. In the last 100 years, since women fought and gained the opportunity to get educations and work, there have been and are plenty of female inventors, artists, scientists, doctors, professors etcetera, again, if you just google it.

        9. “and are plenty of female inventors”
          You still peddling that myth?
          You put forward alist recently of 11 female inventions, only to find that 4 of them were male and another 2 were derivatives of male inventions.
          When the 6th most valuable invention by a female is liquid white out (a derivative of more yet another male invention), you know the competition isnt even.

        10. Pray tell me, what have you invented? I don’t think Tesla, Einstein or da Vinci would appreciate you trying to claim partial credit for their hard work simply because you have testicles.

        11. I doubt da Vinci, Einstein or Tesla would be stupid enough to conclude I am taking credit. Strawman arguments don’t tend to succeed much in a pro-male envionment.
          We’ll leave the idiotic comprehension to those lacking a Y chromosone.

        12. By DNA I an euphemistically referring to mans nature. I hope I’m allowed a euphemism. It is in a mans nature to discover and invent. My evidence is in the car you drive, the food you eat, the jets you fly and all the other luxuries you associate with modern everyday living…… dig all U like…. women contribute in many valuable ways. The vast majority of modern invention and discovery can be attributed to….. you guessed it…. men….

        13. Where in his post did he “claim partial credit” for said inventors discoveries and works? From what I read he is just stating facts. But facts are never in the feminists interest….

        14. .Oooh, I see, you wanted someone who was the inventor type. Someone who created a thing that we now all use. But what’s this? What’da ya know, females come in the form of inventors too.
          Meet Mary Anderson,
          in 1903, she created the windshield wiper,
          Also, you still didn’t provide any proof. And to think you accuse me of being vague? You’ve yet to actually a bring up an actual study that shows that…apparently the mere acting of “inventing” is purely a male attribute..

        15. Why don’t you Google the name Mary Anderson. Don’t know who she is. Doesn’t surprise me, but I’m willing to bet you use her invention all the time if you drive a car. She invented the Windshield Wiper in 1903

        16. Onya dumbass….
          When the post immediately above talks about “11 female inventions”.. and Mary Anderson was one that was conceded… you introduce a fuckwit nexus

        17. I said I was “euphemistically” using DNA to demonstrate invention and discovery as inherent in man. I hope you understand the concept. I provided the motor car, the jet engine, the fuel you use, the electricity that runs your house, your house built by men, practically all the food you eat, the raw material, is produced by men, I work in the agricultural sector so I know this from experience. Most everything you use every day invented or discovered by men. You come up with the windshield wiper…..keep it up….

        18. When he says that men are better than/superior to women because of male inventors, scientists, philosphers etcetera he is in fact claiming partial credit for these brilliants minds life work on the basis of sharing gender.

        19. You’re arguing semantics. Just because it was derivative of a much larger invention, doesn’t mean it was any less influential. That kind of twisted logic would be like saying, “Oh, the guy who invented the airbag? Yeah, well, screw that guy. It’s not like he invented the car or anything.”

        20. As I stated with another fellow on this board, you’re arguing coincidentals and semantics. Yes, those inventions just “happen” to be invented by men, but you’ve yet to provide any proof that mere act of inventing is inherently a male only quality; either biologically or otherwise.
          And as Ms. Cheri so kindly pointed out, for 2000 years, women were forbidden or ostracized from taking part in roles outside the traditional female mold. So if there’s a “lacking” in some of the more larger inventions, it was probably because of that.

        21. And just because I’m on a role, what about Hedy Lamarr, the inventor of the “Secret Communications System” during World War 2. Or are you just gonna deem it worthless, since…I dunno, a male invented the telephone first, or some other semantic garbage like that.

        22. At least 2000 years eh? So from around 14 AD women were denied access to education? Pretty specific. Homosapiens have been here “at least” 10,000years and we decided to deny females education 2,000 years ago? Why was this?
          Anyhow you want specifics. The number of patents filed by females in the US in 2012? 18%. That leaves just 82% filed by men. Must be the 2000 year lag in education that is having an effect. They’re catching up though…..
          Is that just coincidence? You don’t like dealing in reality do you?
          Link here:
          Anything else? I can Google too. Incidentally Google was created by…..a couple of guys…..

        23. Well, at least in the “male” oriented professions, then yes, they were denied access to those universities. And the rare few that did decide to branch out on their own were often ostracized for it.
          In yet that’s still proof that women do in fact invent and contribute to things; many of which in a positive way. Also, the article even admits the patient office usually doesn’t ask for a gender when filling out the application. So this doesn’t account for anyone that DIDN’T state their gender.

        24. Where in my previous posts have I said women do not contribute to “things”? They contribute to “things” (how specific) every day. I offer you figures on patents and you still can’t accept the fact that more men than women invent “things”.
          “The Patent Office doesn’t ask applicants about their gender. To determine how many patents were granted to members of each sex, the NWBC report used Census and Social Security data to determine whether the name on a patent application is likely to belong to a man or a woman.”
          How much of a margin of error would you prefer?
          Now my hot sexy girl is going to make me a sandwich and bring me an expensive craft beer….. brewed by trappist monks….whaddayaknow…..they’re guys…..

        25. Actually, according to Historian Jane Peyton, up until about 200 years ago women were responsible for beer. Because beer was considered a food, it was women’s work (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/howaboutthat/7538264/Men-owe-women-for-creating-beer.html)
          And oh, look at that, a female Historian too. I guess I add that to the list too.
          Also, big word in the quote, “likely”. Just because a name “sounds” male or female, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee that the person is male or female.

        26. One of feminism’s irritating reflexes is its fashionable disdain for “patriarchal society,” to which nothing good is ever attributed. But it is patriarchal society that has freed me as a woman. It is capitalism that has given me the leisure to sit at this desk writing this book. Let us stop being small-minded about men… If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”
          – Camille Paglia, lesbian feminist, in Sexual Personae
          Gotta love Camille….

        27. Admittedly though, Camile Paglia is quite the odd little pickle. An “Anti-Feminist”…Feminist? Though it does make sense, once you take into account that she’s a Libertarian at heart.
          I do apologize though, as I am getting off topic. As are you apparently, since you didn’t actually offer a rebuttal. If you’re truly just not interested in the conversation, I’m more then willing to just end it here if you’d like.

        28. Also, as an interesting bit to note, the Patriarchy hurts men too in some ways.
          Take the male victims of domestic abuse for example. Often not taken seriously either by the courts or by society itself. It’s a fairly serious problem, because it means that a lot of victims are potentially falling through the cracks. This in turn reduces the likelihood that domestic violence against men will be reported, because men don’t want to be emasculated on the basis of being a victim. It’s not considered “manly” to be a victim.

        29. Not really. I mean, if you’d like, I can talk about the other ways in which the Patriarchy actually hurts men too.

        30. If that is not his argument, then why bring up male inventors and geniuses? Their work could be attributed to the potential of the human mind, but he tries to argue that brilliance is a male trait, therefore I conclude that he believes himself equal to these geniuses simply because of having a penis, and women not having a penis disqualifies them from being brilliant.

        31. Most known geniuses I might agree with. It might be difficult to cultivate genius if you were not allowed an education, any form of profession, or even leave the home without a male companion. This might be the reason for females not being so prominent in science, literature and the arts? There still are prominent females through the ages, for example the most prominent rulers of the British Empire were women, Albert Einstein accredited his physisist ex-wife with part of the credit for his greatest accomplishments. There still have been prominent female minds, even if many of them were forced to publish their work under male pseudonyms.

        32. If men shall have credit for all discoveries and inventions simply because you think females’ inventions and discoveries rests upon the foundations of previous research and inventions conducted and thought out by men, then I shall use the same logic and accredit all of society and all inventions and discoveries to women, as they have invented weaving, sewing, clothing, building the first houses, making the first traps, gathering and learning about all the medicinal herbs and creating pottery, farming and all other domestic inventions and advances that all of society rests upon. After all, do you really think men when out hunting thought about how to improve all the things that were in the female domain which they had no experience in or knowledge of?

        33. I think it’s more to it than that. IQs are differently distributed for the sexes, even if averages are about the same. But to be genius in something, you also need passion and interest, not just IQ. The Scandinavian Paradox tells us something about the general interests of men and women. So do studies of babies and toddlers. And this is why I predict we’ll never have a 50-50 ratio of male and female scientific geniuses.
          That’s not to say an individual woman can’t be a genius, but there will be fewer of them than male ones.

        34. And this is why I have to laugh when Norwegian authorities encourage girls to study STEM more, in hopes things will even out. As someone who studied STEM and has a master’s degree, I’ll say this. You don’t become a genius or a professor by merely going where your’e told and getting good grades. A genius would read books you see as work, but for fun. That person will do it in their free time. In their free time, when chilling on the internet, they will naturally click on sites that contain the same scientific passion. A normal student is no match for someone like that. And that’s why a normal student (woman or man with no natural overwhelming passion for the thing she’s studying) will not be a genius, while the former person will.

        35. I have absolutely no problem if there are more male geniuses than female, I have a problem with trying to keep women from certain fields/trying to keep women in the home and “blame” it on biology. That violates the freedom of the individual. No woman or man should be hindered because of gender, everyone should be free to aspire to any goal they wish, without being told they can’t do it because of their sex organs.

        36. I have absolutely no problem if there are more male geniuses than female, I have a problem with trying to keep women from certain fields/trying to keep women in the home and “blame” it on biology. That violates the freedom of the individual. No woman or man should be hindered because of gender, everyone should be free to aspire to any goal they wish, without being told they can’t do it because of their sex organs.
          Should we forgo female geniuses and their contributions to help further our society, just because there might be more male geniuses? That would be incredibly illogical as well as detrimental.

        37. The problem, as they have been trying to tell you, lies in the word “allow.” That you say this shows you just don’t get it. The best are not “allowed.” They rise up from nothing if they have to despite the efforts of all the world to stop them and many of them die trying.
          Guys like Newton, Faraday, and Tesla rose up from nothing in societies formally divided by social class. It’s frankly an insult to their legacy when people try to insinuate they were born with powdered wigs on their heads and a ticket into the scientific academy.
          Women are biologically programmed to stay safe and men to risk their lives for status that gets them women.
          In all the human experience we never once hear of a group of women going out to sea on a voyage of exploration or getting together and deciding to conquer the highest peak.
          This is why even native aptitude becomes a moot point when the basic issue lies in natural temperament.
          There are a very few accomplished female outliers, but as it happens they tend to be a decidedly masculine lot. Look back through the annals and you won’t see a single Britney Spears ever caring about STEM.

        38. Men are the reason for all of the wars in the world, and men are the reason for all of the rape.
          All men are born of a woman… My mother was a corpse, I was born from undeath into life.
          This is why I love whores… they are superior creatures, they can bathe and are exactly what they were before, the men are changed forever.
          The living only know they will die, the dead know nothing, blood is the life.

      2. Now to knock those STEM categories out of the way.
        1.) Ruzena Bajcsy
        Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of California at Berkeley. In 1979, Bajcsy helped create robots that could sense and respond to their environment.
        2.) Jacqueline K. Barton
        Professor of Chemistry the California Institute of Technology in Barton. She Discovered that DNA conducts electric current but not as well—or not at all—when its tight organization is disrupted by damage from certain chemicals or mutations.
        3.) Esther Conwell
        Professor of Chemistry at University of Rochester. Half a century ago, Conwell’s research on how electrons course through silicon and other semiconducting materials jump-started the computer age.
        4.) Kathleen Howell
        Professor of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. Purdue University NASA and other space agencies have long relied on brute force—and a lot of fuel—to get spacecraft to their destinations. She developed a more efficient technique that played off the unseen free energy in the solar system.
        5.) Barbara Liskov
        Professor of Engineering, MIT. Liskov’s work in data abstraction in the 1970s paved the way for writing far more complex and subtle computer programs. She was also a key figure in the development of applications that run on distributed collections of computers connected by a network.

      3. Curiosa: Marie Curie is the only person to recieve the Nobel Prize in 2 different scientific fields.

        1. Among all the scientists that have existed and the ones that are alive today, there are but a few the ‘common human’ can mention by name. How about you google ‘female scientists’, and ‘male scientists’ as well while you’re at it. You might learn some new names and what they have contributed.
          While this should be self-evident for anyone with the ability to make logical deductions, let me spell it out for you – there have been few well known female scientists through the ages because there have been so few women in science through the ages. And now in our modern times there are few women at the top of science because there are so few women in science. It’s simple statistics. Perhaps you lack historical knowledge and have no idea about how women weren’t allowed to get educated, weren’t allowed into universities, weren’t allowed to enter into most professions…? If that is the case, it’s rather ironic that an uneducated cretin like yourself think yourself so high above your female company and believe yourself worthy to mock women as a group for not being educated or successful. Especially when in this day and age you can just google “women/female scientists’ and get a whole bunch of interesting names. Just shows what an ignorant unwitting twit you are.
          Being smug about male scientists is quite ridiculous, their contributions have nothing to do with you and your penis. Having a penis doesn’t make your brain excellent, nor does it grant you a potential of greatness. I would never credit my gender or myself for the contributions of other women, I rather see it as proof of the potential of the human mind. Neither would I use the life work or endeavors of others to try and bring down or bully others. Don’t you feel the least bit ridiculous, petty and stupid for doing so?
          Many scientists, great minds and trailblazers have had to fight for their rights, beliefs and theories. I think many of them would loathe closed-minded supremacist oppressors using them and their inventions and contributions as some sort of reason to inhibit and obstruct others.

        2. Okay let’s have this discussion again in 25 years when all of these free thininking independent strong willed women in college right now (they now make up the majority of college graduates) are out in the workplace or in science labs (as you seem to think they will be). When the cure for AIDs, cancer, or a viable method of nuclear propulsion are discovered by a woman I’ll concede to you.

        3. There already are cures for cancer, they are just not part of conventional medicine as they cannot be patented and profited upon.

        4. Irrelevant and not really true but okay. What I’m saying is with women now getting the majority of degrees we should see a significant uptick in the amount of important life-altering medical and technological advances made by women in the coming decades, more so than men even if we are to believe the sexes are intellectually equal.

  32. Dude we no linger live in “tribes”. I’m 21 years old and I am never having children. I cannot think of a “resource” that you could take away from me that would make me change my mind. Wanna treat me like a man? Fine by me!!

    1. Ira,
      You are an abnormal female. Your philosophy of life is twisted and dishonest and will be gone, not missed by anybody, in 20-40 years.
      Just sayin

    1. Firstly, she is an exception to the rule for starters, and isn’t really encompassed by what’s being expressed here. Secondly her lack of fertility manifests itself as lack of value, and her genes die out liek nature intended.

  33. Shouldn’t there be a minimum # of children that a woman has to have to get special privileges. I mean if she only has one then that isn’t even enough to replace her and her husband. Also, what about welfare queens? It doesn’t seem right that they should get honored just for reproducing.

  34. We are more than 7 billion people, wasting resources, poisoning the waters and the soil, emptying the oceans and bastardising the food supply. We do not need our populus to grow even more out of control, at least not before we have learned and implemented sustainability.

      1. True that.
        There is also the problem of increased infertility in both men and women due to estrogen-like substances leaking into the water and food supply as well as being largely prevalent in fabrics and clothing. More and more people will not be able to procreate.

        1. It is not a “solution”, rather an effect of our oil-based civilisation. All the oil-based products – in skin and hair care products, pesticides, herbicides, detergents, synthetic perfumes, synthetic fabrics etcetera behaves like estrogen in the body.

        2. Yeah. I try to use as little product as possible. There is a staggering amount of toxic sold to us.
          But a good diet and working out the right way creates more than enough testosterone to battle this estrogen epidemic. It just takes time to find the right information.

  35. I chose not to have kids and found out later that I would not have been able to, anyway. I don’t expect other women to share my mindset, and I do NOT understand other childless people who make a big political or cultural case of it. No, we are not running out of room on this planet. No, women who have abortions rather than kids are not “liberated” or “healthy.” No, a childless life is not necessarily more fun or rewarding. No, it would not be better for society if we all stopped “breeding.” No, you can’t use my decision not to have kids to score a political point. Ridiculous ideas, all.

      1. Exactly! I know I’m an aberration and should remain one. I disagree with childless folks who would have the gall to claim that it’s a good thing for women to be less inclined to breed.

  36. A vast percentage of the woman not having children are not doing society any harm, the world will be better without their genes. The fat, lazy, opinionated and ugly women that do have children are more of a problem. The world has too much quantity and too little quality.

  37. i am so so so so sad that this website exists and that people who agree with these things roam the earth.

    1. Feirell,
      You are an abnormal female. Your philosophy of life is twisted and dishonest and will be gone, not missed by anybody, in 20-40 years.

    2. The people who agree with these things will roam the earth forever as they have families and children. Your childless gene line will be condemned to nothingness. Enjoy your very short time in existence.

      1. with any lucky, those poor children of theirs will become educated enough to break the vicious cycle of hatred and ignorance that people like you perpetuate. and thanks, i will! i’ll be spending my time *not* being on the wrong side of history.

  38. When mothers see a women who is childless, what do you think the mothers are thinking (even if they never say it)?
    “Oh, you loser”
    Women who don’t reproduce are losers for life. This will never change. Ever. Feminists can:
    – Launch campaigns
    – Get political power
    – Have huge amounts of money
    – Have sex with lots of handsome men
    None of will remove the word “LOSER” from their foreheads, in the eyes of other women. History forgets childless women, as if they never existed.
    There is an easy solution to this, and even the stupidest primitive tribes woman, anywhere in the world, knows it:
    “Fuck all that career crap. Get married at 25 and have a family.”
    Gals, it truly is that simple.

    1. So people should have children to prevent themselves being labelled as losers and to make sure society doesn’t forget them. That’s sensible, stable, and not at all self-absorbed.

  39. I disagree. Women who do not reproduce are just as important as women who do. It’s a part of evolution. We need to make sure the best genes get pass down and bad genes die off. A mentally retarded woman who probably would have died at birth if it wasn’t for modern technology shouldn’t reproduce.

      1. You’re right – evolution does not favor these non-feminine activities in women and women who have this goal and desire will be relegated to oblivion. Get busy living or get busy dying.

  40. Some time ago, I made the comment about how much of the “man” blogger scene has degenerated from the legitimate issue of re-balancing the family courts away from their bias towards women to a very feminist-like mentality that every man is “entitled” to owning a woman. I cite this ROK piece as example of this entitlement mentality.

  41. Um, except overpopulation is literally destroying our planet. Do some research and look at the current state of things. Seriously.

  42. Women Who Don’t Reproduce Hurt Society”
    No they don’t. They frequently have good reasons for doing so. Besides most of the men here go on about how foolish a man would be to have children. So who are these women meant to reproduce with?
    Nothing wrong with any man or woman who chooses to be childfree.

  43. Honestly i dont even know why this a topic because people are dying off at a rtecthats much to slow to even talk about having morechildren. If people keep expanding at the rate they we’re are going to run out of reasources and space. And unless you stsrt talking about killingoff mass numbers of people reproduction shouldn’t even be a discussion

  44. I found this site when searching for articles concerning the biological need to protect children. Strive to love everyone. As people we all make mistakes. Reading these hateful comments makes me sad for humanity. Our creator is not a respecter of persons. We should be careful that we are not either.

  45. Because we have been so unsuccessful with reproduction lately. To the point that there are ONLY 7 billion of us on this earth. We exploded in population. We dont need to worry about the size of our “tribes”. Cant believe this nonesense article.

  46. Wow… as a guy, it is a shame to see how many people agree with this article.
    You are not strong leaders of society, you are pathetic weak men afraid of women…Its so sad

  47. I’m married to a wonderful woman that is my partner and equal, not my subordinate. If you guys can’t seem to get a woman unless you rig the game such that they are forced by societal convention to make babies, then you’re a bunch of sad sacks. I hope my daughter never comes in contact with the likes of you.

  48. Feminism may make a positive contribution to Western society, after all.
    Cutting down our birthrates so that we don’t overpopulate the planet even more than we already have, thereby ensuring the Earth is hospitable enough to ensure our survival in the long term.

  49. Considering that I was a loyal partner to my husband for 10 years and, in the end, he wasn’t willing to share his sperm with me and I have since had even more experience with the narcissistic nature of the modern human, who can’t imagine that the sacrifices of parenting may be worth it to not only yourself and your own fulfillment but also to your society, then I think this post should be aimed and men and women.

  50. Why would someone ruin their lives with children just so pigs like you will continue to treat them like a delicate flower they never actually were?

  51. Don’t we have enough people on the planet already? We’re facing a population crisis and driving every other animal to extinction. What are we, a virus?

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