If Black Lives Matter, Blacks Need To Stop Killing Each Other

The biggest violent threat to African-American communities is neither the “white” police (for example, the Baltimore officer allegedly most responsible for Freddie Gray’s death was black) nor white people in general. It is blacks themselves. Of all the blacks killed in the United States over the last 35 years, only a fraction have been killed by law enforcement and a small minority by the broader white population.

The numbers may be “large” for these two categories of white-on-black crime (America has 320 million inhabitants) but they are spectacularly dwarfed by the rate at which blacks will shoot, stab, and otherwise maim each other.

93% of murdered blacks between 1980 and 2008 were murdered by fellow blacks. More recently, the proportion was 91%. Even Politifact, which interprets “facts” according to a leftist agenda, rated Rudy Giuliani’s referencing of the 1980-2008 statistics (when he criticized last year’s Ferguson riots) as “Mostly True,” adding the very nitpicking technicality that blacks mostly live amongst fellow blacks. This also suggests that whites would be killed in greater numbers by blacks if neighborhoods were more racially assimilated.

Or, in other words, people will kill each other in the context they find themselves in, undermining, again, the mantra that a purported white shooter and shot black (or the reverse) is always a case of racist hate.

Victimhood depends on the gender or race of the parties involved

The tragic death of homeless man James Boyd over illegal camping allegations received, surprisingly, some ample coverage by the media. It still accounted for very little compared to Eric Garner’s death. The reason? Race.

The white-on-black crime hysteria has much in common with the vitriol surrounding feminism and alleged crimes against women. Tears may flow from families but outrage is thoroughly muted, especially from the likes of the NAACP, when a black child is murdered in an area like South Central Chicago.

Why? Because the probable offender is almost guaranteed to be black, like the victim. That hypothetical black child (actually far from hypothetical if you watch the news) lying dead on the streets of urban Illinois is afforded not even an iota of the attention given to a Michael Brown, whose shooting death, albeit heart-wrenching for his relatives, was reported by many black witnesses as being a case of Officer Darren Wilson acting in clear self-defense.

I personally regard the death of African-American Eric Garner in New York as a police homicide. The facts are different in kind from those surrounding Michael Brown. Garner may well have been behaving illegally but the response from law enforcement was excessive and, in the end, fatal. That said, it is very selective to highlight Garner’s death at the expense of deaths like that of James Boyd.

I chose Boyd, who was white and homeless, because his plight, dying at the hands of Albuquerque police, did receive some wide media attention. It simply paled in comparison, however, to that provided to Garner, which cannot simply be explained by the video recording of Garner’s gruesome suffocation or the fact that police involved with Boyd’s shooting have been put on trial.

Both were accused of “minor” crimes at the times of their deaths, with Boyd allegedly camping illegally due to his homelessness and Garner supposedly selling untaxed cigarettes.

Based on the media and popular airing of the story we can safely say Boyd is a victim, but only at the bottom of a victim’s monument, whereas Garner is at the apex. Why? And God help your regular black-on-white, white-on-white or black-on-black homicide victim, who might be extremely fortunate to make the six o’clock news.

When will the “Black Lives Matter” movement go after black shooters and not Bernie Sanders?

Politically cuckolded liberal-socialist Bernie Sanders

It is conceivable that within the next ten years or so, SJWs will start to continually and explicitly blame whites for every trigger pulled by an African-American on another African-American. Right now, this allocation of direct responsibility to Caucasians is more implicit, brought up in conversations about slavery, Jim Crow and a twisting of the original civil rights movement (the actual civil rights of the 1960s, not the opportunism of a Sharpton or Jackson today).

Other mechanisms for apportioning blame includes “white privilege,” which tendentiously groups together the likes of affluent Mitt Romney and Donald Trump with greatly impoverished Scots-Irish white Americans in two of America’s poorest states, Mississippi and Alabama.

Meanwhile, aside from the occasional (excellent) Samuel L. Jackson video, which doesn’t even mention African-Americans specifically, few are interested in perceiving black people, most notably young black men, as free agents, whatever influences may be around them.

The convenient segue is to focus on the less than 1% of black deaths caused by police, which includes a great many instances of self-defense and needing to protect the public. When the “hate the police” narrative temporarily runs out of steam, one can always confront Bernie Sanders, the “Black Lives Matter” movement’s lackey, and accuse him of some sort of thoughtcrime for “not doing things right.”

Will those really interested in black lives please stand up?

“Gangsta” rap’s glorification of violence has probably killed many times more people than all police shootings, justified and unjustified, combined.

You do not cure cancer that has metastasized throughout most of the body by treating, say, only one’s left hand. So if the rate of black deaths is an issue without any equivalent, which is already doubtful when other racial deaths are being calculatedly quarantined from the underlying discussion, a holistic approach to combating violence is what will matter and pay dividends. A politicized method designed to please a Rachel Dolezal or Louis Farrakhan only serves to divide, antagonize, and hide the facts.

Beleaguered liberals like Bernie Sanders and ex-Maryland Governor and Presidential candidate Martin O’Malley, who was booed for saying “All Lives Matter”, suddenly sense that the putrid corn syrup they and their leftwing colleagues have been feeding to the African-American community and SJWs for years is now being vomited up on them. For sanity’s sake, the only choice is to confront the festering wound of black-on-black crime.

No parent, boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, child or friend deserves to have their loved ones taking from them in a homicide. Yet what a homicide is seems to change daily, according to the wishes of those pursuing their own agendas. Worse still is how a black death is only really considered a death by SJWs if a white or the “system” is behind it.

The majority of black deaths are thus deemed irrelevant by the same folks claiming black lives matter. How typical.

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386 thoughts on “If Black Lives Matter, Blacks Need To Stop Killing Each Other”

  1. Good article!
    Before this turns into another race baiting circus, I want to say you did a good job being objective while coming to a well stated conclusion, all Lives matter. The reasoning behind hunting whites is simple, the white class is the majority in America.
    If you want to address what may be helpful in addressing the black on black crimes issue, here are a few ideas. End Black History month. It is the shortest month of the year and typically focuses on slavery and how we overcame it. However, if you read the comments of the race baiters who post on these articles you’d realize the slavery honoring only gives these people an excuse to claim superiority. What happens when you claim superiority? You exalt one side and debase another, in this instance black people. A people who view themselves as substandard, prisons near schools, lower chances of well paying jobs due to less structuring at homes (directly related to welfare and wedlock support) creates people who think of the system as adversarial. White America has created a system where every year you will be treated as adversarial because of the consistent reference to superiority. As far as I remember no human has become superior to a bullet yet.
    Other blacks who are least affected by Black American culture are not like this. Only in America are blacks considered as savages. Maybe Haiti and a few other African nations as well, but by and large every one of these nations have felt the effects of European/American influence. Or white people.
    At some point you must realize in your attempt to claim superiority, the group on the bottom will hate you by consequence. If you were so superior why not act like it? Whites are attacked because they are on top due to population. The vast majority of white people do not add much to society as a whole. Blacks are more violent in America because they are trained to be as such, whether the father’s are removed, prisons enforced, other races exist separate from them, or media has trained them to believe they only exist to entertain, whether as sports players, musicians, artists, or rappers. A person taught to view themselves as a savage will only keep themselves as such. The programming is heading to white America in full force with the next wave of men being taught to gay and transexual as sex positive. Wonder how long until we all will start to say all white men were born gay?
    TL;DR End Slavery Praise, Slow production of jails by schools, End Welfare or greatly increase incentives for jobs to hire to get people off welfare, End no Fault Divorce, End Black History Month.

    1. End all ethnics parades too while your at it, a little bit too much “pride” goin on if you ask me…Fourth of July/Memorial Day/Labor Day, thats enough, and it includes all of us…

      1. I like the ethnic holidays for Puerto Rico, although for a bit it became known as national rape day. It’s a shame but I can’t think of pride without thinking of the gays. Thank God they didn’t link their sexuality with honor which is what a parade should be about.

    2. Actually Slavery should be taught to our kids because its part of history, you cannot know where you are going unless you don’t know where your people have been! However I do agree thousands upon thousands of years of History exists for Blacks as well, Black History should be about Ancient Egypt and Ancient Kush as well as recent Black History that is positive, it should be about all of that. African History Month actually was the main reason I started learning about Black History in the American School System. For most of our history taught to us was European History…I first learned about Ancient Greece and Rome and American History before anything related to Black History. So I believe it serves a purpose. The reason there is no “White History Month” is that White or European History is the first thing we all learn.
      On the Holidays I like most of them, they are fun and festive and I learn from other cultures, nothing wrong with that. Unless you are putting others down.

      1. Let’s teach the truth about slavery in the USA.
        It was first recognized as legal in Virginia in 1655, when a black land owner named Anthony Johnson filed a lawsuit to hold an indentured servant for the remainder of his life.
        In 1860 when slavery was at its peak less than 2% of Americans of all races (white, black, native american, etc.) owned slaves.
        Slavery was still legal on Indian reservations after the Civil War. It wasn’t until the US military forcibly ended the practice that this stopped.
        Slavery was legal in northern border states at the start of the Civil War. President Lincoln only made slavery an issue during the war because he felt that was the only way to win it.
        President Lincoln was morally opposed to slavery but he was staunchly opposed to racial integration. He pursued a policy of deporting freed slaves, and probably would have continued this had he not been assassinated.

        1. No educate yourself first, and everyone else reading:
          Slavery existed before Anthony Johnson among White Slave-owners, I should have added this in my original response since people such as yourself seem to bring this up as a counterpoint which is not legitimate. Also slavery was eradicated in Haiti, and places like Latin America and Mexico before the United States made the practice Illegal. Many White Immigrants into Mexico into what today is the State of Texas broke Mexican Law by bringing their Black Slaves into Mexican land.
          “African Slaves had been in the New World since at least 1501 when they were brought to modern day Brazil. But since this image is surely meant to use the 13 British Colonies, and not the United States of America, I will use them. I’m quite sure it wasn’t supposed to mean the United States of America, since in 1789 when it officially became a nation (When the Articles of Confederation were superseded by the ratification of the Constitution of the United States of America) there were almost 700,000 slaves here already, and many laws had codified slavery, and some states had already abolished slavery by this point.”
          Massachusetts First Slaves
          The exact date slaves first entered Massachusetts is unknown but many sources suggest Samuel Maverick was the first slaveholder in the colony after he arrived in early Boston in 1624 with two slaves. According to the book “Bound for America: The Forced Migration of Africans to the New World,” the first slaves imported directly from Africa to Massachusetts arrived in 1634.
          A few years later, in December of 1638, a slave ship named Desire brought Boston’s first shipment of slaves from Barbados, whom had been exchanged for enslaved Pequot Indians from New England.”
          First New York Laws involving slaves.
          In 1640, New York passes a law that forbids residents from harboring or feeding runaway slaves.
          In 1652, the first law establishing codes for Slaves and Slavery was written in New York, it was called the “Protection for Slaves” law, and were passed to prevent the mistreatment of slaves. Whipping was forbidden unless the owner received permission from authorities. Manumission of slaves was allowed.”

          First slave in Delaware
          According to Alf Aberg’s book “The People of New Sweden” In 1639 Anthony, the first known enslaved African arrived in Delaware, the ship, the Fogel Grip, which accompanied Kalmal Nyckel, brings a 25th man from St. Kitts, a slave from Angola known as Anthony Swartz. He served Johan Printz, Governor of New Sweden. [11]
          These are the slaves, slave owners, and slave laws passed before 1655, there are surely more, but these are the documented ones. While I am aware that I didn’t list all of the 13 colonies, this is because I stopped at 1655, and all other colonies either didn’t pass laws until after then, didn’t have any documents slaves before then, or weren’t established yet”

        2. Anthony Johnson
          This brings us to Anthony Johnson, Anthony Johnson first arrived in Virginia in 1621. Referred to as “Antonio a Negro” in early records, Anthony went to work on a tobacco plantation. It’s not clear whether he was an indentured servant (a servant contracted to work for a set amount of time) or a slave. [12] 1651, Johnson claimed 250 acres of land along Pungoteague Creek. He claimed the land by virtue of five headrights A headright was a colonial system put in place to help bring laborers to the new Colonies, in exchange for buying the contract for an indentured servant, the colonies would give the purchaser between 1 and 1000 acres each. In the case of Virginia it was given at a rate of 50 acres per indentured servant. So this means that Johnson had bought the contracts for 5 indentured servants, which typically had contracts of either 4 or 7 years. This is how Johnson came to have a servant named John Casor. However, 4 years later, John Casor escaped to a nearby farm owned by Robert Parker and claimed that Johnson had kept him longer than his indenture by “7 or 8 years” which is obviously not true since he had only acquired his contract 4 years prior.
          The Civil Suit was against Robert Parker for taking his property, not against John Casor. According to the case transcript form the original archives, John Casor claimed to be an indentured servant, which might have possibly been true if you consider that Virginia gave Johnson a 50 acre headright for him, but Johnson said he was not, and that he was purchased as a slave (probably untrue for above reasons) but there was obviously no proof of indenture since Casor was returned to Johnson. According to the ruling he was not “an indentured servant made a slave as the result of a civil suit” as the court apparently believed he was already a slave. He did not go to court to demand it. The transcript follows [13]:
          The deposition of Captain Samuel Goldsmith taken (in open court) 8th of March Sayth, That beinge at the howse of Anthony Johnson Negro (about the beginninge of November last to receive a hogshead of tobacco) a Negro called John Casar came to this Deponent, and told him that hee came into Virginia for seaven or Eight yeares (per Indenture) And that hee had demanded his freedome of his master Anthony Johnson; And further said that Johnson had kept him his servant seaven yeares longer than hee ought, And desired that this deponent would see that hee might have noe wronge, whereupon your Deponent demanded of Anthony Johnson his Indenture, hee answered, hee never sawe any; The said Negro (John Casor) replyed, hee came for a certayne tyme and had an Indenture Anthony Johnson said hee never did see any But that hee had him for his life; Further this deponent saith That mr. Robert Parker and George Parker they knew that the said Negro had an Indenture (in on Mr. Carye hundred on the other side of the Baye) And the said Anthony Johnson did not tell the negro goe free The said John Casor would recover most of his Cowes of him; Then Anthony Johnson (as this deponent did suppose) was in a feare. Upon this his Sonne in lawe, his wife and his 2 sonnes perswaded the said Anthony Johnson to sett the said John Casor free. more saith not
          Samuel Goldsmith
          This daye Anthony Johnson Negro made his complaint to the Court against mr. Robert Parker and declared that hee deteyneth his servant John Casor negro (under pretence that the said Negro is a free man.) The Court seriously consideringe and maturely weighinge the premisses, doe fynde that the said Mr. Robert Parker most unjustly keepeth the said Negro from Anthony Johnson his master as appeareth by the deposition of Captain Samuel Goldsmith and many probably circumstances. It is therefore the Judgment of the Court and ordered That the said John Casor Negro forthwith returne unto the service of his said master Anthony Johnson, And that mr. Robert Parker make payment of all charge in the suit. also Execution.
          “While the case of Anthony Johnson and John Casor was not the case of the first slave, first slave owner, or first legal slave owner, it might possible have been the first civil case involving slavery, and at the very least is the first known example in the colonies of a black man owning either indenture servants or slaves. Slaves had been here since 1619, and all slaves had been “legal” slaves (and thus their owners “legal” slave owners) since the first law legalizing slavery passed. The first man to be considered a slave by a court of law was John Punch, and his owner Hugh Gwyn considered the first slave owner by a court of law. However it might be of interest to note that in 1670, when Johnson died, a court in Virginia ruled that, because “he was a Negro and by consequence an alien,” the land owned by Johnson (in Virginia) rightfully belonged to the Crown meaning that because he was a negro he did not have the legal right to own property to begin with. [14]”
          [1] http://nbhistoricalsociety.org/Important-Figures/lewis-hayden/
          [2] http://www.americaslibrary.gov/jb/colonial/jb_colonial_jamestwn_1.html
          [3] http://www.encyclopediavirginia.org/Rolfe_John_d_1622
          [4] McIlwaine, ed., Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, p. 466. http://www.virtualjamestown.org/practise.html
          [5] H. R. McIlwane, ed., Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia 1622–1632, 1670–1676 (Richmond: Library of Virginia, 1924), 466–467.http://www.encyclopediavirginia.org/General_Court_Responds_to_Runaway_Servants_and_Slaves_1640
          [7] http://www.geni.com/people/Simon-Congo/6000000013422175686
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          [13] Northampton County Order Book 1655–1668, fol. 10; via Warren M. Billings, ed., The Old Dominion in the Seventeenth Century: A Documentary History of Virginia, 1606–1689 (Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1975), P. 180–181.
          [14] http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/aia/part1/1p265.html

        3. Very well then, I will correct my remarks to refer specifically to Virginia, where the case in question happened.
          But none of this changes the fact that blacks and other non-whites owned slaves, and that this inconvenient truth is no longer taught in US history classes today.

        4. Yes, the property in question WAS John Casor. And the ruling was that Johnson owned Mr. Casor for the entirety of his life.
          If that’s not a legal recognition of slavery, I don’t know what is.

        5. but nobody is saying that others were not involved in slavery, why do you think this? Many communities have been involved in it and it’s wrong. At least you are fair.

        6. I attended public k12 schools in the 1980s and 1990s. The curriculum in those days was that only whites had owned slaves.
          I learned that there were non-white slaveowners in the USA long after I had completed school. The closest we got to implicating blacks in this regard was learning that it was blacks in Africa who sold other blacks into slavery, but this was muted at best.

        7. In America that was the case, at least that history was taught to you, most history in America has been pro white American history. Only until recent decades has this begun to change and even then people are angry about it. I don’t have a problem with whites blacks or anyone based on their skin color, unless they give me a reason.

        8. Wouldn’t “pro white” American history give at the very least a more balanced view on how slavery existed here?
          If anything I’d say the public k12 curriculum is designed to foster white guilt in people who had absolutely nothing to do with the slave trade.

        9. no Pro White was over 500 years of false teaching to place the White Race in a superior light, its not only taught in America but all over the World. Its the reasons Black or colored Pharaohs are usually never portrayed in movies, Jesus is portrayed as Nordic, and “Injuns” are always portrayed as mindless and violent. However its not about “white guilt.” You are an individual in current day society. I don’t want your “guilt” anyway no one should.

        10. I feel no white guilt, or any guilt whatsoever, for anything bad that I did not personally do. I’m teaching my children to feel the same.
          As for tying this back to the original subject, leftist blacks today often blame slavery, even though it has been effectively outlawed for almost 150 years, for problems in their communities today. Considering that no one alive today was ever a slave, that sounds silly and stupid on its face.

        11. Slavery is fact, and they are trying to learn about this truth. However sections of the Rightist people are not too smart if you haven’t noticed. Their leading candidate is Donald Trump a Birther and whose support the majority comes from people who believe Obama is a Muslim born in a foreign country as well as a communist.

        12. Deny what?? Please don’t say you think Obama is Muslim, Communist, Foreign born, or any or all these things? Because if you do I cant engage in conversation with you.

        13. I don’t deny slavery at all.
          I simply bear no guilt for it, no responsibility for it, no blame for it, or any other such feelings.
          I’m as responsible for slavery as I am responsible for the holocaust. Zero.

        14. Communist? If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck. If you have a problem with Obama being a muslim, then you should take it up with him.
          Dismissing your opponent and slinking away is a typical leftist MO. Lets just leave it that you are wrong and a liar no matter how you wish to engage in healty debate. There is no honesty in you.

        15. “Obama being a Muslim”?!? What are you talking about lol Even if he was a Muslim so what? That is the problem with many right wingers they are too dumb to be allowed to open their mouths. And this is beyond left wing and right wing by the way its just about utter stupidity.

        16. Obama admitted on his own accord, but you seem concerned others notice. His father was a muslim as well. Do you know enough about the faith to know what that implies? LOL Despite the Wright’s “g-d damn America” chuch of hate whitey, Barry hasn’t attended any other church. You could look that up. You might want to dig up his parents backgrounds and his time with Bill Ayers. But we both know you won’t because you are not here for “healthy” debate.
          PS- My utter stupidity? Hahaha I win.

        17. Yes his father is a Muslim Obama is a Christian, besides anything that tells any type of truth of any negative aspects of whites historically to people like you is simplified to “hate Whitey” rhetoric as you call it. Good job oversimplification for a simplified mind.

        18. Do you also believe Obama was born outside the United States? Do you also want to see his Birth Certificate? Along with the other crazies lmao!

        19. No he wasn’t a Christian–his Imam was Reverand right–for twenty years–get your fact straight–

        20. Untrue, it wasn’t 2% of Americans, it was 10%, and 30% in Texas alone. And when you account for the average family size of 10, 6 kids, 2 adults, you quickly see that pretty much every white family was slaving owning at some point.

        21. Care to back that up with some stats?
          Even if it was true, no one alive now ever owned slaves, and no one alive now ever was a slave, so to blame slavery for current problems is silly.

        22. In the Lower South (SC, GA, AL, MS, LA, TX, FL — those states that seceded first), about 36.7% of the white families owned slaves. In the Middle South (VA, NC, TN, AR — those states that seceded only after Fort Sumter was fired on) the percentage is around 25.3%, and the total for the two combined regions — which is what most folks think of as the Confederacy — is 30.8%. In the Border States (DE, MD, KY, MO — those slave states that did not secede) the percentage of slave-ownership was 15.9%, and the total throughout the slave states was almost exactly 26%.”
          Battle Cry of Freedom, by James McPherson
          Ordeal by Fire, by James McPherson
          The Confederate Nation, by Emory Thomas
          Civil War Day by Day, by E.B. Long
          Ordeal of the Union (8 vols.) by Allan Nevins
          Reader’s Companion to American History, by Eric Foner and John Garrity
          ensus data can be appealed to in order to determine the extent of slave ownership in each of the states that allowed it in 1860. The figures given here are the percentage of slave-owning families as a fraction of total free households in the state. The data was taken from a census archive site at the University of Virginia.
          Mississippi:49%South Carolina:46%Georgia:37%Alabama:35%Florida:34%Louisiana:29%Texas:28%North Carolina:28%Virginia:26%Tennessee:25%Kentucky:23%Arkansas:20%Missouri:13%Maryland:12%Delaware:3%
          About 9 million white southerners in 1860, 23 million white northerns, for a total of 30 million Americans or so the figure of 10% is quiet accurate if you do the math. 30% of 9 million southerns = 3 million = 10% of 30 million. And the number is actually much higher because in cities like new york during the 16/700s pretty much every white was a slaveholder with a whopping 45% of the population being enslaved blacks. My numbers don’t take that into account. But it is safe to say pretty much all the whites come from slaveholding families unless they are post 1860 immigrants.
          To blame slavery for problems now is not silly, because its legacy still has an effect today, there certainly are psychological effects, the view of blacks as subhumans who were denied voting rights and all rights continued for another 100 years well into the 1970s. And enslavement still technically occurs of prisoners were it has not been abolished. Further we see it in so called soul food and we see that whites still wave the confederate flag and put slave owners on the money and name states and universities and cities after them. And much of the musical culture has slave based origins. So no, I don’t accept running away from problems, we need to face these problems head on to end them.

        23. I see you copy and pasted a website whose source is 404.
          http://www.civil-war.net/pages/1860_census.html I looked at this census. According to this, the population of what would become the CSA was ~9.1 million. According to the same census, the number of slaveowners was 316,632.
          This comes out to about 3.5% of people in the CSA being slave owners.
          Nationally, the population in 1860 was ~31 million, with 393,975 slaveowners, which comes out to about 1.3% of the entire USA population being slave owners.

          To blame slavery for problems now is not silly, because its legacy still has an effect today, there certainly are psychological effects, the view of blacks as subhumans who were denied voting rights and all rights continued for another 100 years well into the 1970s.

          Black social progress happened at an epic clip until the advent of modern welfare policies in the 1960s. Prior to that, modern, self-caused problems such as illegitimacy and generational welfare dependency simply did not exist. Was it all peachy? Of course not, but progress was being made.
          The problem of course remains as other posters have pointed out, many modern blacks have embraced dependency, illegitimacy and victimhood as staples of their own lives, and they refuse to move beyond these bad ways of thinking. Meanwhile, we’ve had people come here who actually did have to live through the evils of communism and other forms of totalitarianism or repression and they are able to work hard and become successful, even if English might have not been their first language or they came here with nothing but the shirts on their backs. What’s the latter doing that the former isn’t?

        24. You ignored the 10% figure on the page, you also ignore the other sources. And I previously pointed out you had 6 kids sometimes 2-4 adults in one household. So just about every household was slave owning.

        25. I went by official US census numbers. I don’t know where you’re getting your information but unless you want to disprove US census figures, it is obviously wrong.

        26. You ignored Karenas’ last paragraph. Can you answer the question he posed? Why have people that have immigrated here (legally), people who have been exposed to all kinds of oppression, including genocide (worse than slavery), have prospered while blacks have made little progress in comparison? These people have had to deal with stereotypes and cultural barriers, and yet they have mostly flourished.
          Could it be the victim mentality?
          Only someone who is an enemy of logic and reason would say no.

      1. Nah, the soldiers have training in tactics and proper use of force. These are high school jocks who wanted to keep their sense of superiority.

  2. And for goodness sake stop bringing up the kkk. Not only has it not been relevant in terms of killings for decades now, but black thugs murder the same number of blacks that the kkk lynched over the course of 100 years every six months.

    1. And of course, the KKK also strung up quite a few white men, I believe nearly in equal proportions (though don’t hold me to that, I recall reading it once).

  3. I keep thinking the best solution is my campaign: No Lives Matter. It makes more sense when you think about it.
    Good article though!

  4. There are plenty of leaders in the black community who are aware of the black-on-black crime issue and are working on trying to stop it. You just aren’t going to hear about it on mainstream liberal media because it doesn’t fit their agenda or their ideology. For any of them to even suggest that black-on-black crime is an issue and that the black community should own up to and address it would instantly get them called “racist” within their own circles. That’s why only when black celebrities talk about it it gets wide, positive exposure.

    1. Actually you wont hear from it from Right Wing Media, regarding protests for Black on Black on violence. You actually have it backwards, think about it!! Republican Networks like Fox News and people like this author use the Black on Black Violence thing to deviate from violence perpetrated on Black people…so they continuously bring it up. The Liberal Media actually TRIES to showcase the fact that Obama has spoken against Black on Black violence along with other Black leaders in an effort to counter Right Wing Media. Liberal Media will actually do a disservice to their position not to bring the honest fact of other Blacks protesting Black on Black violence, I watch all these networks and see this at play.

        1. This was excellent, Right Wing Media especially Fox News which is the most biased “News” Program usually asks loaded questions to deviate from the real issues. What this man did was brilliant.

  5. It has gotten to the point where we should just default-incarcerate the entire black male population at puberty, then release the Urkel-like boys who won’t likely cause trouble. This would keep the feral black men from breeding, and after a couple generations we would have a more docile black population.

    1. Great comment! We should also mass incarcerate single parent white young males to avoid mass killing rampages where dozens of lives are lost.
      Oh yeah, and conjugal visits. They will all still breed. Dipshit.

  6. I do agree with some points of this article, but this argument has been posed before. There are many challenges in the poor black community, however to say that attention has not been given to this is also false and misleading. Black groups have protested, held rallies, and have advocated their respective local politicians to stop Black on Black Violence in their respective communities as well. This has manifested in marches, and neighborhood walks by mothers all the way up to President Obama and his “I am your brother’s keeper” initiative. So yes Blacks continuously protest and speak against Black on Black violence, the thinking that groups of people can’t speak against Black on Black Crime AND crimes against Blacks by Whites or Law Enforcement seems to be an overarching theme in places like this website and Conservative Media. It is also stated to deflect certain realities they do not want to face. While this article does bring up other issues that are a problem it spreads misinformation as well.
    Again Violence exists throughout ALL Racial Communities in America, and different dynamics have occurred historically in regards to those crimes and the race of the criminal. Of course special attention is given when the Victim is Black and the perpetrator is white or is Law Enforcement, mainly because the white perpetrator or Law Man will get a minor penalty or no penalty at all for hurting or killing the black person. So stating the fact that Black violence against White people exist is a False Comparison for the simple fact that the Black Criminal goes to jail and receives judgement to the full extent of the law. Obviously there are other factors involved like Class and Political Connection that plays apart in these dynamics as well.
    Class and Race has ALWAYS been a Factor in America and these lands before America was even a country! This could be seen in the first English Settlement in America during Bacon’s Rebellion where White Indentures and Black Indentures allied together against the Ruling Class but the Black Indentures were punished much harsher than the White Indentures and made Slaves for LIFE. So even among the poorest and most disadvantaged there was a privileged to being white compared to their black counterparts. For example Italians and Irish people were discriminated against but even at their worst moments they still had time to put down Black People, the New York Draft Riots in 1863 was a riot against the unfair treatment of Irish being drafted against the Anglo Saxon Ruling Class yet most of their frustrations were aimed at Black people and their businesses in arguably the worst riot in American History along with the Tulsa Riots where Whites destroyed Black Businesses and burned down the upper middle Class Black Neighborhood. Yes the ruling class stays in power but knowing one of these facts does not mean you do not know the other, so you will know that society punishes blacks to keep poor whites in line or at least give them a sense of superiority but you know the entire systematic motives.
    On the issue of White Privilege I rarely even mention this word except in response to articles such as this one. No one is trying to compare poor whites to the likes of Mitt Romney and other wealthy white men, this is also a False Comparison and misses the points being made. Like Bacon’s Rebellion you have to state that Whites had more rights as compared to their economic COUNTERPARTS. A Poor white has a rough life a poor black had an even rougher life, this is a more accurate representation. Look at the case of Ethan Anthony Couch, a white, rich young male of 16 who had prior DUI’s and Killed 4 people!! Including permanently paralyzing his friend for life while driving with a Blood Alcohol Content was .24 THREE times the Legal Limit…and he gets NO Jail Time. I suspect a Black man even if he was wealthy would not be afforded the same ruling like Ethan Couch did, and his lawyer stated he suffered from “Affluenza.” Basically he was a rich spoiled kid who never faced punishment for his actions, so basically he will not face true punishment even though he took the lives of 4 people and permanently paralyzed a 5th person. This has happened many thousands of times in America’s corrupt Justice System, so any response by stating O.J. Simpson ONE potential example of a case where a Black Man might have gotten away with a crime is not a good counter response.
    It is also important to note that Black on Black Crime has generally REDUCED over time since several decades past across the nation, with some isolated spikes in places like Chicago. “First, a little context: In the last 20 years, we’ve seen a sharp drop in homicide among blacks, from a victimization rate of 39.4 homicides per 100,000 in 1991 to a rate of roughly 20 homicides per 100,000 in 2008. Likewise, the offending rate for blacks has dropped from 51.1 offenders per 100,000 in 1991 to 24.7 offenders per 100,000 in 2008. This decrease has continued through the 2010s and is part of a larger—and largely unexplained—national drop in crime.”
    Additionally ALL races kill each other at a high percentage, White on White Crime for example is at 84%. “According to the US Department of Justice statistics, 84 percent of white people killed every year are killed by other whites. In 2011, there were more cases of whites killing whites than there were of blacks killing blacks. Between 1980 to 2008, a majority (53.3 percent) of gang-related murders were committed by white people, with a majority of the homicide victims being white as well.”
    “In 2013, whites led all other groups in aggravated assault, larceny-theft, arson, weapons-carrying, and vandalism. When it comes to sexual assault, whites take the forcible rape cake. They are also more likely to kill children, the elderly, family members, their significant others, and even themselves! They commit more sex-related crimes, gang related crimes, and are more likely to kill at their places of employment. In 2013, an estimated 10,076 people died in the U.S. due to drunk driving crashes. Driving while drunk is almost exclusively a white crime because everyone knows black people prefer to drink on their porches or inside their homes.”
    Furthermore “Beleaguered” is not the most accurate word to describe a Candidate such as Bernie Sanders he is the only candidate directly taking on Big Businesses and Corporations who CAUSE the Recessions and Depressions and are “too Big to Fail.” Even Trump stated that he has Bought off his fellow Candidates including many of his current Republican rivals and the leading Democratic Candidate Hillary. You see its simply not “Big Government” like the Republican and Conservative Right Wing keeps stating it is Big Money Corruption UPON our Government that is the problem. While those two young ladies rushing the state I believe did not help their case, Sanders showed poise and later invited them to speak. Noting by his huge rallies and his respectable poll numbers early, Sanders is showing promise and has been consistent throughout his career. The beleaguered candidates are people like Trump who cannot correct an ignorant member of the Right Wing who incorrectly labels Obama as a Muslim. Trump himself is a “birther” who stated the possibility that Obama was born elsewhere. The majority of Trump supporters still believe Obama is a Muslim, an Arab, and a communist born in another country, which begs the question how many ignorant people do we have supporting Trump from the Tea Party and the Republican Party. Ironically Ted Cruz was born in Calgary Canada, and John McCain at the Panama Canal Zone, so by their flawed logic shouldn’t they also make big protests about those Republican Candidates, the Ignorance and Hypocrisy bubbles over.
    Gangster Rap is entertainment, and there are many other forms of Hip Hop as well. The Hip Hop you hear on the radio is pushed by Business interests beyond the artists themselves. I would also suspect people would criticize Conscious Hip Hop talking about the same topics I write about, and about the need for education and empowerment in the Black Community. This Hip Hop exists but does not get airplay. But then if its about entertainment then we should also expand the conversation to Violent and Sex in movies, in television series, within video games, and with Heavy Metal and certain Hardcore Music where people Mosh and are encouraged to beat themselves up for fun. Of course I personally am not criticizing these behaviors but these are topics to bring up. In fact there was an article on this website talking about how people unfairly criticize Heavy Metal Music, for the very same reasons this author is criticizing Gangster Hip Hop. Just an observation.
    I disagree with the abuse of the Welfare System and I do believe in it for people who are truly in need, and those rates are increasing I may add. However Welfare and its abuse seems to be incorrectly labeled as a minority phenomena where by raw numbers Whites abuse Welfare at a far larger number, and for those who will bring up percentages yes Whites abuse certain government programs at higher percentages than everyone else. Additionally Latinos by raw numbers AND Percentage numbers use Welfare and Government Aid at less than half the percentage rates as whites…but continue to be presented along with Blacks as being the major offenders. At the same time I do agree that the breakdown of the family, and needless use of welfare among other factors plays into criminality…but this is just one of the conversation pieces. You see there are many factors involved in the conversation.
    Black Lives Matter takes an important meaning due to this nation’s history…and I acknowledge that! That doesn’t mean that All Lives do not matter of course they do. All Lives Matter as well but its also not a backhanded reason to disagree with the first statement. You see people are capable of thinking in more ways than one. You can protest against Violence against Black and Brown people perpetrated by Law Enforcement as it has been an ongoing issue in America, while at the same time protest Black on Black Violence which actually has also been a vocal point in many of the protests including protests specifically against Black on Black Violence, which these author seems to ignore.

    1. Again Violence exists throughout ALL communities in America

      NO IT DOES NOT. I grew up in a lower middle class neighborhood in east Tulsa, and my parents came from poor rural families. I never experienced violence in my life, despite all the rednecks around me, many of whom owned firearms.
      And I live in another rednecks-with-guns area now, in rural Arizona. I have never lived in fear of getting shot when I go out the door.

      1. Racial Communities was implied in my comment (I edited that in). I am from one of the poorest urban communities and never personally experienced deadly violence. I live near Rednecks today and have experienced some bad behavior from those groups, not grouping all of them but i have seen it.

        1. That was so tedious and boring, yada, yada, blah, blah blah, hyperventilating, I can’t believe it’s not butter type talk.
          George Soros is the only life that matters.

      2. Yeah, I think outside of the occasional fisticuff thing on the playground, violence is pretty alien to most of us from white communities.

  7. The dirty little secret is no one really cares that much about black lives. That is the Left only cares on election day when they show up to vote and the Right really doesn’t care altogether. Unless black people are entertaining us via sports, movies, etc. most just want them to stay in their ghettos. I’m not saying this is right. Just saying this is reality.

  8. Ever so often, this site raises its racist head, this article is ridiculous!! 😂😂
    If u did proper research you would know, white people kill the most white people, indian probably kill the most Indian people and obviously black people kill the most black people. Your race is the most dangerous to u, common sense, areas are segregated to race, so obviously black on black crime will be high, along with white on white crime 😴😴😴

      1. I mean, isn’t the whole ‘blacks need to worry about black on black crime’ boilerplate too? offer the same advice to the poster.

        1. Not really, no. If it were said in a vacuum, then yes. When you have a distinct movement of blacks en mass telling us “black lives matter” then it becomes a logical question to ask “So why aren’t they important to you when it is black on black violence”.

        2. Actually like I previously stated, this has been repeated…Black on Black Violence has been the point of many rallies and protests including from the President Obama himself, there are many links and videos to evidence that fact.

        3. Coming back to this a bit later, but i’d wager that black folks saying black lives matter aren’t killing other black folks.
          extremely violent areas…they’ll have a small group of folks responsible for the bullshit & a much larger, though unfortunately less effective, group of folks asking for reason.
          “…logical to ask, ‘So why aren’t they important to you when it is black on black…’”
          it’s too bad that the media you consume doesn’t involve activist groups that existed prior to BLM. if it did, you wouldn’t be typing such shullbit.

        4. So in other words, you basically have answered “because muh ad hominem”.
          Thanks for playing.

        5. it’s the same with you all over the place. do you get paid to spit prop in the comments or is this just a hobby of yours?

        6. Answering the charge of ad hominem with ad hominem on your part, rather makes my point for me.

    1. I wrote about this below, they use the Black on Black Violence thing to deviate the conversation. They ignore the fact that its part of the protests as well, especially right wing media they seemingly ignore these facts, but what do you expect when their front runner is Trump and a majority of his voters still believe the President is a “Muslim” Communist born somewhere else

      1. I’ve just realised, especially by the comments this is a right wing site, even the so called *black* bloggers say questionable self hate things, all fitting into the white supremacy rhetoric…

        1. Take P SQUARE for example he brings up some good points which I agree with but I show him a more layered TRUTH and he seems to disregard it going along with the others. Check him out above. I mention if its victim hood when you bring up certain external realities facing the African Continent, as I believe he has stated prior he is an African. I thought it would be important to bring up.

        2. There are some seriously racist people here, someone kept posting racist cartoons and P Square actually laughed about it. I notice this with some Africans putting down Black Americans and Vice Versa. As well as the lumping together and simplifying certain issues as well. The best remedy is to speak to someone and learn about their perspective, you might surprise yourself.

        3. Although I won’t be surprised if he’s actually white but just with an black avatar, white people love impersonating blacks to spew their ideologies “ Good stuff Garrett” 🌚 lol

        4. Ur in the wrong site, for rational debates on race, u can only debate logically on this site on game, where the smart commenters come out the woodwork, and race is irrelevant…

        5. You seem to be omniscient. Since you can tell I’m white, can you also identify what breed my dog is?

        6. Based on that thumbnail, I bet you are a cuban coke dealer pretending to be black.

        7. I don’t find racists offensive as their viewpoints on blacks don’t apply to me and I happen to respect the opinions of others.

        8. Interesting to note that they’re both playing the race Abbot and Costello routine of “He’s not really a black, and even if he is he’s brainwashed by whitey because he doesn’t hold our opinion”.
          The word “predictable” seems to apply here.

        9. Ahhh its not just about that…. predictable can be applied to you very easily. You state Derailing a topic…you are actually at fault for this with your logic on the issue of the KKK instead of simply acknowledging the fact they killed many Black people in this country you automatically deviate the top to state they killed whites…yes they did correct! However, like someone else stated “whats the point.” are you trying to “Derail” certain truths that they killed Black people. Also Black Lives Matter DOES not mean other lives matter less, is the point. Right Wing Media continuously spreads the false narrative that Black on Black Crime is not discussed by our President and other Black Leaders which is utterly and categorically False. Talk about Derailment!

  9. Good stuff Garrett. The biggest problem when it comes to black Americans is their pervasive obsession with victimhood. “Its the White Mans fault”…”Its because of slavery”(even though there were white slaves before the establishment of the slave trade in which African slave owners also profited from). I won’t absolve all responsibility from white people but the majority of the responsibility should be held by black people. The 1960’s was the turning point of black culture in which the social movements did more harm than good.
    To identify and explain every problem that is rampant in American black culture would make me write a dissertation. So I’m gonna try and keep this as short and concise as possible(it all connects).
    1. The welfare State- Blacks pre-1960’s were actually very productive, were business orientated and had thriving economic hubs in various predominantly black areas. E.g. Madam C.J Walker, 1st Black AND female self made millionaire. Not to mention the Black Wall Street in Greenwood, Oklahoma consisting of black businessmen who were far more wealthier than whites in the area.
    The welfare state reduced black peoples incentive for industry and hard work.
    2.Anti-Intellectualism- Modern Black Americans tend to look down on black intellectuals and consider them sell ‘sell outs’ lol.
    Examples of prominent black intellectuals pre 1960’s
    Otis Boykin
    Otis Boykin (1920–1982) had an
    incredibly diverse career. He invented a machine used to control heart
    pacemakers, parts for guided missiles and computers, an electronic air filter, and a cash register that thieves couldn’t break into. Boykin worked in Chicago, Illinois, and in Paris, France.
    Leonidas Berry
    Leonidas Berry (1902–1995) He invented the Eder-Berry biopsy gastroscope in 1955. His invention made it easier for doctors to collect tissue from the inside of the stomach without surgery.
    Five years after inventing his gastroscope, Dr. Berry studied the stomachs of alcoholics. He discovered that it was the liver, and not the stomach, that became diseased because of too much alcohol. This changed the diagnosis and treatment of alcoholism forever.
    Elmer Samuel Imes
    Elmer Samuel Imes (1883–1941) was an astrophysicist
    who made improvements on infrared spectrometers. Infrared spectrometers
    measure the amount of infrared light, invisible to the naked eye, in
    the atmosphere or outer space. Imes’ improved infrared spectrometers
    improved rocket engines and chemical lasers.
    I can bet my left testicle that no black american today ever knew these gentlemen
    3. Decades of single motherhood- self explanatory EDIT: Drug abuse, gang participation and violence, thuggism, rampant female promiscuity and anti-social behavior can all be linked to decades of single motherhood.

    1. Great post.
      Of all of them, I’ve never understood the anti-intellectualism stance. All of the great black men of the past, which most today claim to venerate, were highly intelligent and educated. Yet somehow when the young man down the block decides to crack a book to earn a good grade in school he’s shamed and mocked. It makes no sense on any level, and never has. In fact, the very notion is itself pregnant with racism, as it relegates being intelligent to the realm of “white”, which is to be avoided by blacks at all costs. Frederick Douglas would like a word with these types, I’m certain.

      1. Glad you mentioned Frederick Douglas, a true hero who understood what it took to be truly free. Less dwelling in victimhood, more focus in action.
        “I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.”

        Frederick Douglass

        1. You have to define “victim-hood” Is victim-hood realizing certain realities that plague the black community from external sources? And working to combat that by Fighting both those external factors as well as internal factors…or do you mean “victim-hood” to just remain stagnant and not do anything to better yourself. There is a difference.

        2. I define it as constantly bitching about a problem you can solve instead of actually implementing solutions AND blaming external forces to deny yourself agency and personal responsibility.

        3. If you’ve followed his answers here and on other threads, I suspect you’ll realize that you’re pissing in the wind when replying to him in time.

        4. Thats more accurate thank you because you do know that little phrase you use is used to encompass a broad range of speech that many dislike.

        5. Is it “victim-hood” to acknowledge that Africa in many places remain in the condition its in due to various factors including Foreign Intervention and Puppet Dictators put in place to plunder Africa of its natural resources? Is it victim hood when these nations were colonized and carved up and tribalism energized to encourage the violence among Africans that still occurs today? And trying to educate the African populations to better themselves and learn their history and their worth?

        6. Actually its having a conversation you disagree with me fair enough continue “pissing in the wind.”

        7. You see I do agree in Education and Bettering yourself and TAKING Agency, I also agree that we should be a highly educated community and should stress this. I also am against the internal negative factors of the Black Community. At the SAME TIME, I acknowledge realities that plague the Black Community Externally, you see just because you speak against one doesn’t me you don’t speak against the other is the point.

        8. Africa wasn’t the only victim of colonization. Colonization was also prominent in America/ Latin America and South East Asia.
          The past is the past, if you can’t change the past, there’s no point bitching about it. Sure the European colonization process was responsible for countless atrocities, but every other race has seen its fair amount of atrocities committed by foreign invaders.
          Blacks weren’t the only slaves in history!

        9. Precisely I know exactly about that history. The past is the past but it still repeats. Events occurring now where do you think they came from? Past actions. The past is like a ripple that only now hits you as you are wading by the shore. There are people who get paid a lot of money to sit and analyze history to try to impact the future 10 20 30 and 50 years or more into the future. And Blacks are not the only slaves in history but around the world they are still generally looked down upon.

        10. It’s hard to say actually. He is one who basically tries to keep up and reinforce the victimization narrative when given a chance.

        11. No I’m bringing a more accurate and full conversation which you continue to ignore, however you will get a lot of fans here. I agree with some of your points I never said i didn’t however the conversation is more layered than the way in which you present it.

        12. Exactly. I was almost going to make that my first post about him, that he only shows up to reinforce the memes of the Left, then vanishes into the night.

        13. Not really I have commented on other articles, and I don’t comment here often but I see articles as this as perpetuating heavy levels of ignorance.

        14. perpetuating ignorant comments, it has in the past. You seem to look past them I have noticed. I stated prior that I agree with some of the articles points as well as yours naturally, however I’m presenting a more complete conversation. I think I am right to believe that when having a conversation it is far more interesting to take on different factors than simply to nod yes to everything.

        15. “I acknowledge realities that plague the Black Community Externally” = White man’s fault
          Personal repsonbility is kryptonite and the need of a pyscological scape goat is something that some simply cannot over come. You know… like certain posters constantly bemoaning about the jews.

        16. No I am not by any means, there is another person who comments who bears that name, and he is a true racist and nihilist.

        17. Posters don’t bemoan Jews. They simply identify that Jews have been prominent leaders in advocating and aggressively promoting degeneracy e.g. pornography, sodomite marriages, and radical feminism/socialism in their host nations whilst Israel is a right-wing nationalistic state.
          Not to mention the role in international banking and usury.

        18. lol easy… here you know what? I will leave it to you for homework. Track all the simplified articles regarding Race on this website and simply scroll and read the comments, if you cannot see this for yourself I can’t help you.
          In fact I can’t help you, you actually find some of the most ignorant comments amusing.

        19. Wouldn’t it be more accurate to say those leaders are aligned with left wing ideologies than a particul ethnic group?

        20. Looking over the thread now, I’m going to revise my original answer and say “Yes, he’s a troll”. The conversation is derailed and now he’s engaged with his sock puppet in trying to decide who is a “real black” compared to who is “brainwashed”. Meanwhile the topic of the article goes unattended.

        21. Non-sequitur. You failed to recognize a very well known movie reference. That is fine as far as it goes, a simple “what do you mean” suffices to grant forgiveness for ignorance. Instead you take it deadly seriously and then impugn another poster in your own defense against the “charge”.
          That’s your fault, you own that.

        22. You also fail to realize other comments and their legitimacy because you disagree you can own that also. Also its not about who is “More Black” as you continuously fail in your oversimplifications by the way, its about certain realities that exist and a broader conversation. Its also a commentary on the ignorance between some groups of Africans and Black Americans, and how to correct that through education.

        23. “Foreign Intervention and Puppet Dictators put in place ” — we’re talking about Negroes. It’s not like they could ever rule themselves anyway. obviously the superior races (White, Arab, Chinee, Turk, etc) will always have some sort of say in the affairs of territories inflicted with Negroes.

        24. “certain realities that plague the black community from external sources” — No, Negroes plague external realities.

        25. Nicholas you seem to have an obsession with me go talk to your African buddy Psquare he might agree with some of your viewpoints.

        26. “we should be a highly educated community” – How could Negroes ever be a highly educated community? And by being educated to any degree, that would surely place them in the non-Negrotic sphere.

        27. you’re the one who’s talking utter shit. psquare’s just some sort of deluded type, but you’re a moron.

        28. So Psquare is just “deluded” LMAO!! You sir are a piece of shit! Remember that, your words are as insignificant as a month old peanut on monkey shit.

        29. So you can’t admit error even on something trivial that was meant not as a political point, but only for humor.
          The dogmatic mind is always fascinating to observe. Error is verboten, heh.

        30. No, but he’ll go to the wall before admitting error or having a laugh at his own expense. Count on it.

        31. Actually the mind who writes these simplistic articles and the countless racist posters here who you choose to ignore…your mind should be placed into question.

        32. Like I said, incapable of admitting error. cheeseburga seems rather apolitical on this topic, he was merely throwing out a quip from a well known movie. And still, you can’t just laugh at your own mistake.
          Quite inflexible and dogmatic.
          In any event, you’ve derailed the discussions across this thread enough, your trolling has succeeded, congratulations.

        33. Actually it was quite funny, however with the overall theme of this thread its easy take a written comment in another way..just as you or anyone else would. Now moving to the main topics of this conversation. The thing is that I speak and bring a wider perspective to this conversation that you simply disagree with. Thank yourself.

        34. Even oversimplification can provide valuable insight or a measure of superior intellect, so can sarcasm, charm, grace, wit, etc.
          Discourse doesn’t always require obfuscation or even adherence to rhetorical rules, as such is not generally the default setting of the human mind anyway. Certainly, it can lead to erroneous statements and sweeping generalizations, but so can much more considered arguments and speech patterning.
          I, for one, appreciate brevity coupled with humor even (and especially) though it is one of my own personal shortcomings. Sometimes we all take ourselves much too seriously.

        35. Opinion is opinion, and as discussion is not a spectator sport, participants of any maturity are left to decide for themselves what is or is not correct.

        36. Face it. He has the perpetual victim mentality. Rather than trying to break that negative stereotype by setting yourself as an example for others to follow, he continues to display that same negative stereotype. He’s been brainwashed that there is no hope so no point in trying.

        37. I guess Im apolitical on certain topics, because its pointless in arguing. If Sir Types-A-Lot made the the connection between 1980-2008 violence aligning nicely with the erosion of the black family and the drug epidemic, I woulda given him an upvote or two. Instead, he splits hairs about what happened 300-500 years ago.
          I have a bit of Scottish heritage; I dont dredge up the past, I dont want to get even with the English who kicked my ancestors asses centuries ago. Time to move on.
          You seem like a decent guy, but its time to look to the future- dont forget the past, but dont dwell on it…

        38. Africa wasn’t the only victim of colonization. Colonization was also prominent in America/ Latin America and South East Asia.

          Not to mention Britain, France, and Spain who (before becoming “colonial powers”) were once conquered by the Romans.

        39. Not at all. When you recongize that truth is objective it sets you free from dogma or maintaining false narratives that supports lies. Seek out the light.

        40. Every failure needs a scapegoat. Asian people were kept in concentration camps during WW2. I suspect if Asians had the same problems as blacks they’d still constantly remind whites about the harmful effects that concentration camps had on their people. “We need more money and resources,” they’d tell whites, while constantly reminding whites of how evil they are.
          The past is the past. No one is a slave anymore. All the people responsible are dead. The President is a black man. Our poor are obese. If you can’t “succeed” at the same level as others, then you probably just lack what it takes. There’s nothing wrong with that. Somebody has to finish last.

        41. Honestly your defense of wackjobs who think Obama is a Muslim Communist born outside of America, is the epitome of false narratives and lies.

        42. Obviously people will take the position that best benefits themselves and their kin, and then try to convince others that that position is the correct one. That is basically how politics work when resources are on the line. He may even truly believe what he’s telling you, as people have a way of creating their own reality and deluding themselves. Why would someone accept information that does not help them in the world?
          “It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”
          -Upton Sinclair

        43. Obama is an atheist .He is a kabuki , faux christian. He joined the WACKJOB racist Rev Wright’s church because it was required to get elected. Telling that he joined that church instead of say Oprah winfrey’s church. He chose Rev. wright’s church and sat and listened to that nut for over a decade. Rev Wright married he and Michelle. and baptized his kids. Obama is politically very aligned with Muslims ….

        44. Right. Asians move here with nothing and in one generation their kids neurosurgeons. Hindu /paki kids thrive . I see Sikh truck drivers everywhere. Read that Sikh’s are becoming huge olive growers. Tough to feel sorry for blacks…

        45. Mug a be is being clock blocked because his country’s mines are not owned by peace loving corporations.
          On the other hand, he is being a total cunt to the whites who could teach his peeps about agriculture.

        46. My take is this;
          If people cling to it, celebrate, use confirmation bias to find it, or seek it in any way then it is not ‘victimhood’.
          Vietnamese refugees got off their piece of shit boats as soon as possible when they saw American shores. That’s victimhood…getting the fuck away from it as fast as you can.

        47. “I define it as constantly bitching about a problem you can solve instead of actually implementing solutions AND blaming external forces to deny yourself agency and personal responsibility.”
          I think that’s ‘faux victimhood’ and it’s 99% of America’s ‘victim class’. There are true victims, worthy of help but they’re almost never the ones being discussed. True victims are certainly not our beloved ‘poor’ obese friends.

        48. It’s fine not to recognize a given cultural reference. It just strikes me as odd to get all huffy about a comment that, if read as “not a movie reference” makes absolutely no sense. That’s usually my first clue that I’m out of the loop/joke during a discussion, when somebody throws out something entirely random. My general response in that case is not to go all defensive like our little buddy Third Eye, but to say “whut? dufuq?” or something similar, heh.

        49. I can only surmize with the factual evidence that has been provided. He attened a madrase in Indonesia, his parents and acquitntances have ties to communist front groups, etc… again, what Obama says, or you for that matter, means nothing to me. I simply deducted to what he his by his past actions and with whom he associates. As you have provided nothing but hot air challenging the said observations, you can be dismissed as another obtuse left wing nut job. No worries, you are in good compnay there.

        50. This seems to apply alot more to white people than blacks. There are white nations like usa, germany and all over europe who blame outsiders and non-whites for everything. Go look at the article on multiculturalism and see everywhite blaming jews and blacks. Ironically no one dares accuse them off this.

        51. Do you know what a “Madrasa” means…it simply means school. Its like saying “Escuela” in Spanish..it means a school. Yes he attended a school in predominantly Islamic Indonesia, I have met many of them they are fine people so what? Your deductions are crazy and ignorant and misinformed, just as the majority of Trump supporters who still believe Obama is a Muslim and born outside the United States…or even an Arab.

        52. Egg-fucking-xactly!
          I’ve even stated the above to close friends of mine that are Jewish and some of them admit that it makes no sense.
          If you’ve been to Israel, or spoken to real Israelis.. They aren’t the John Stewarts or Woody Allens of the world… They’re hard (but friendly) people that know how to shoot guns and raise families…
          And yet the rest of the world is supposed to be homo and multicultural while they build 50 foot walls to keep Palestinians off “their” land.
          I’ll judge each man as an individual… But give me a break with the idea that the Tribe isn’t a group of people that are allowed to be blatantly self-interested. They’re incredibly ethnocentric yet everyone pretends like they’re the pinnacle of leftism.

      2. In his auto-biography, Richard Wright recalled being laughed at by a black audience because he “sounded like an intellectual”.
        I was in a movie theater in DC watching Dead Presidents. When the older brother of the black protagonist suggested that his younger brother go to college and get a degree the black audience erupted in laughter. In the end, the protagonist wound up in prison for years with all of his friends dead. I think the message was missed.
        That said, it is not a general view of black people that being ignorant is a virtue. All of my friends are well educated. I would rather that the media generally likes to push this view that being stupid is cool. Hence the replacement of conscious intellectuals with thugs like Tupac.
        Btw, in state schools in England, if you were intelligent and hardworking you would be laughed at and called a swot. Anti-intellectualism is not an exclusive reserve of ghetto blacks.

        1. I’m speaking in the context of the U.S. of A only. I have no idea what the situation is in other nations and am unqualified to hazard a guess.

        2. You’re actually correct GoJ.
          I went to a black high school, in D.C. no less. It was one of the worst experiences I had in school.
          I was by no means a good student at the time but I wasn’t born into thug culture to the same degree that others were. It was around me but not in my home.
          I decided on a whim to do my math homework one day. Turned it in and the teacher announced to the class that I had done so, which immediately made me uncomfortable because I knew what was going to happen next.
          Ridicule and snide remarks by a portion of the class. This didn’t happen to me at any other school. The culture is completely fucked up.

        1. Ah right, of course. That must be it. You can’t be wrong, others must be ignorant. My bad.

      3. guy stop painting the whole black race with that crap because some dumb asses say stupid shit. hell i know all kinds of successful black folks. those are the folks the racists really hate because they are competing for jobs and perks of society

        1. Are you honestly trying to tell me that you think, that I think, that highly educated blacks today, who are successful and decent people, hold an anti-education position?
          Context is key, obviously I was targeting the inner city types, specifically thug culture.

      4. Yeah, when they were slaves it was illegal in most places to teach them to read or write. Now they refuse to learn either. They’ve segregated themselves from society, yet complain that they have no place in it.

    2. I have not heard of any of these black intellectuals. Thank you for bringing them up to light. The only black intellectual I heard about was George Washington Carver and his work with peanuts.
      The black communities need black leaders to point out these things you mentioned. They will face stiff opposition from the Jesse Jacksons and Louis Farakhans as this ideology will strip away their power.

    3. Impressive post. It’s sad that I’ve never heard of those individuals before. Thank you sir for teaching me something new today.
      I’d also add Allen West, Dr. Ben Carson and Thomas Sowell to the list. All of whom I classify as “intellectuals”, but like you said, are considered “sell outs” because of the rampant anti-intellectualism prevalent in black culture.
      EDIT: Although Allen West is not an intellectual, he does speak out against black culture much in the way Bill Cosby did.

      1. I’ve never seen any signs of intellectualism from Ben Carson. The only reason he is on that stage is his skin color. He’s a medical doctor, perhaps even a competent one, but he’s as ordinary as any of my friends in anything I’ve ever heard him say.

        1. saw a clip of him saying homosexuality isnt genetic. They will be used against him at some point…

        2. While I might even believe that the majority of homosexuality (because it seems to have exploded in the past 5 years) is caused by environmental factors / nurture, there is clearly scientific evidence of nature causing homosexuality, across various species of animals.
          Besides, he’s a surgeon. He was trained to cut with precision, and to understand in detail the physical anatomy of the body, especially the brain. But he’s no more qualified to have an opinion on behavioral psychology than anyone else.

      2. Cornell West is also an intellectual, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey, Reverend Wright…but they are not liked by many in the White Community. (Martin Luther King during his lifetime)

      1. Tommy Sotomayor LMAO!!! I know there are a few of his kind on this website. Give me a break. He has some important points however he seems to go against any legitimate Black Issue as well.

    4. Thanks for sharing this, really insightful.
      “2 – Anti-Intellectualism- Modern Black Americans tend to look down on black intellectuals and consider them sell ‘sell outs’ lol.”
      Yeah, I never got that either… Whenever they see a succesful intellectual black man they will call him “Uncle Tom” or “sell out” or some other bullshit… like the only way to be a true black person is to be the gansgster ghetto rapper pants-down-the-knees type..

      1. Not true, there are lots of Black Intellectuals not referred to as “Uncle Toms” but they are not liked by members of the White Community or some in the Black Community for their uncomfortable truths. However among young kids yes this going against kids going for an education is called ignorance and should be stopped.

        1. My experience is blacks are actively discouraged against STEM/Business studies since they are “white” and a fairly large minority of blacks I know that are at my level in business have confided in me that they were frequently mocked for trying to learn, becoming educated, and working their ass off in corporate America. There are some black intellectuals that are leftist philosophers more or less that are liked but otherwise…
          Like anything though, exceptions-which certainly exist–prove the rule.

      2. Funny, because I always viewed it as the other way round, whites hate black intellectuals, they hate a black like malcolm x or martin luther king, telling it like it is.

        1. Based on what? My experience is that whites today dislike the perpetual race baiters like al sharpton and jessie jackson but generally think quite highly of MLK and the educated ones admire X even if they don’t agree with him on most things.

        1. I was blown away to see him on tv over the weekend. Sadly, he is getting old, he wasnt that sharp.

    5. Really good post, Psquare.
      I really have trouble even caring about this movement, as it is likely to be co-opted in the end anyway (if it hasn’t been already). And quite honestly, with today’s “cause-du-jour” attitudes where-in people are equating self-worth to activism, the only movements I give a shit about are in my own bowels, metaphorically speaking of course.
      Sure, the name is exclusionary, but I don’t care, let it be, we’ve got enough PC and thought-policing going on preventing any and all -isms and -ists regardless of threat that we need a little more “necessary prejudices” again if only to maintain open discourse and moderation.
      What it has done is become very visible, along with the grievances (Peggy Hubbard’s in particular) against it. Proving a few things:
      1. In the US at least, darker skinned people don’t even need to claim victimization, there is an entire industry built up around doing it for them (that should be a red flag right there, folks).
      2. Protesting police and getting a national spotlight is still completely ineffective for addressing problems within any local communities. (Better to operate similarly to a neighborhood watch and let it be clear to the criminal element that yours is a community of zero tolerance, but quit expecting people you call pigs and seek to enrage to earn a “gotcha” moment to come and do it for you, that rift was sought out, live with it). People who want to dig around in squalor can go ahead. Those wanting paradise? Make it. One just takes more effort than the other.
      3. Stop fucking trusting politicians and the ambitious (famous) figureheads who need a base of followers to have power for themselves. Most people are too damn reliant on the wrong folks and too controlled by their narrative rather than making their own way. These “leaders” need you irate and discontent for…control and profit! “See how bad it is, send us money to fix it.”
      4. In the modern world, everything has a visual. You are on TV or the net or both. People aren’t always hearing what you may think or want them to hear. Everyone involved has to do better at PR and messaging in general because right now it’s fairly easy to write them off entirely as chronic (even professional) complainers, thugs, looters, and outright criminals. Not to mention, the percentage who are just that.
      5. Quit thinking in terms of hyphenation. It’s not African-American, or Black-American, or whatever, start putting America first and stop self-segregating: black this, black that. Try thinking, for just one week, of everything important in life without considering how it’s different for you because of skin, soon enough you might realize how irrelevant it was all along, and how you’ve been played so well. Hell, I love when people admit their color, sex, or creed online: It didn’t matter until you made it matter.

    6. You’re dead right about the victim mentality. At one point I worked in mental health in a predominantly poor black neighbourhood. There were huge mental health problems in that area, and a few years on the issue of severe mental health problems in the black community, overwhelmingly affecting young black male became a national (UK) priority in mental health. Unfortunately most of the focus was just on ‘dual diagnosis’ – which basically meant drugs as a major co-morbidity factor. There’s no doubt that drugs – particularly crack cocaine – was a major problem in areas such as those in which I was working, and you could easily relate that to other social problems such as high rates of unemployment, dependency on welfare in the black community, as well as the kind of breakdown of family structure and community that arises in such situations of sponsored dependency. By and large though it remained (and I think remains) a mystery why in places like UK there is such a high rate of schizophrenia in particular amongst black (& BME) communities, when schizophrenia is supposed to be biological and there is as far as I can recall no equivalent phenomena of widespread mental illness in most non-western black countries (I can’t back that up, but I think that was the case when I was reading up on it). A lot of the focus then turned to issues such as racism, namely young black men were more inclined to become mentally ill because of the racism they experience (+ drugs, family breakdown etc). As far as I’m aware they still haven’t quite worked out why there was such a problem, but I remember coming across a psychiatry research study which I’ve since been unable to locate which I thought could potentially explain what was going on. Basically there were three apparently white authors whose researched showed that black men with mental illness were particularly likely to have an externalised ‘attribution style’, something which might also result in directing feelings of anger and aggression outwards towards society etc. In other words the study was massively politically incorrect, and for that reason I imagine it was never taken very seriously: a study saying young black men are suffering massive rates of serious mental illness because they were blaming others for their problems was never going to meet with the approval of poliltically correct mental health pundits. I can’t be sure its correct, but in non-psych jargon an other-directed attribution style means exactly what you said: young black men have succumbed to mentality of learned helplessness and the belief in their own victimhood. Instead of looking at themselves to see what they might be doing wrong, and how they could improve, which is what they would do if only they had the right role models, and a culture that fostered taking responsibility for oneself, they learn to blame ‘whitey’ and ‘racism’ and sulk over the historical indignities and iniquities done to black people, just as women, under feminism are learning to blame (white, heterosexual) men for every problem they have. The problem is ingrained, but I imagine the solution could be potentially quite straight-forward. It doesn’t look promising though given what’s happening

      1. Or maybe whites are just racist as they ever been and still have their heads in the sand as they always had.

        1. I’m mixed race, so I’m not unaware of racism. But racism and the perception of racism may be two different things, particularly if the latter predicts how you’re going to deal with challenges you face in life. An externalising attribution style i.e. a victimhood mentality where one is inclined to blame others (or racism/sexism etc in the system) for difficulties and failures one encounters will limit one’s sense of self-agency i.e. the capacity to take action to improve one’s own lot in life. It is in other words predictive of a defeatest attitude, a sense of learned helplessness (I couldn’t do X because of racism) and ultimately anger against the party blamed. Victor Frankl explained freedom in terms of the ability to decide how to respond to a stimulus so that that stimulus did not necessarily limit one’s capacity for self-determination. The irony of the black fixation on white racism is that it means (perceptions of ) ‘white society’ control black lives. Sounds like slavery to me

        2. Lol, “Victimhood” mentality. I really never had to read beyond on that. When the WTC towers were hit by terrorist, no one never dear to this day tell the WHITE people who those towers hit and their survivors they are playing the victim card or victimhood mentality. This whole idea of its bad to be a victim, is really only applied to non-white people.
          Rather than recognize their actual consequences of white racism and yes indeed actual victims, its much easier for white people like me to do as we’ve always done, blame the victim!
          Again, no one white tells a white survivor of rape, or of a terror attack even 15 years ago to stop playing the victim card and to get over it, nope, their victimhood as you may call it is actually encouraged.
          What if you really couldn’t do X because of racism? Still victimhood?
          The perceptions of white society control black lives because white people control the government on the state federal, local levels, the police, the judiciary, the banks, the economy, In otherwords, due to their planned minority status, blacks are put in a situation where they have little if any control over their actual affairs.
          The native Indians have reserves run and owned by indians where they pay no tax and ban whites from living on and have complete control of their reserve and government. Lets see the blacks get equal treatment and set up their own and then you can tell me about no white racism.

        3. “Rather than recognize their actual consequences of white racism and yes
          indeed actual victims, its much easier for white people like me to do as
          we’ve always done, blame the victim!”
          You completely missed the point, which is about the politics of and personal consequences of choosing to blame rather than take personal responsibility for oneself. The level of and nature of racism is not the only factor, but focussing on racism, and therefore externalising responsibility for one’s life and personal / group responsibility is a huge strategic mistake, one which begets helplessness, despair and anger. Feminism creates exactly this same dynamic, and likewise women suffer the consequences. White people who support black people to think primarily in terms of racism are ultimately doing them a disservice and are keeping them down, probably more than racist cops, judges or the whole “white-man” system you’re so concerned with. And BTW victimhood mentality is exactly what it is

        4. “White people who support black people to think primarily in terms of racism are ultimately doing them a disservice and are keeping them down..”
          Yes. I believe it ist called the “soft racism” of lower expectations. Treating others as a special needs person or “chilidren” who need their help. It also provides the white person a sense of satifsfaction and allows them to look at others as inferior and not equals.

        5. “I believe it ist called the “soft racism” of lower expectations.
          Treating others as a special needs person or “chilidren” who need their
          help. ”
          Very much agree with that, but there not even aware of it unfortunately.
          “It also provides the white person a sense of satifsfaction and
          allows them to look at others as inferior and not equals”
          More thought needs to be given to what the ‘payoffs’ are for people who think this way. It isn’t just ‘suicidal altruisim’ (however suicidal it may be for society), SJWs etc feed off that satisfaction and gain a lot more sustenance that the supposed beneficiaries

    7. This is hitting the nail squarely on the head. The whole “Black Lives Matter” routine is all about preserving black victim status. No other explanations are ever explored because not jumping on the “It’s All Whitey’s Fault” bandwagon would suggest that blacks themselves are largely responsible for their own victimization.

    8. The mantra, “Black lives matter.” is a actually the first of the more important question, “Black lives matter,.. to whom?”

    9. Are you high? You must be high!
      The 60’s was when black social movements became negative?
      You mean when Jim Crow was finally being abolished?
      Despite the Klan bombing the shit out of everyone, the feds killing black nationalist, racist committing public lynchings then being reprieved.
      That 1960’s?
      Let’s break this down.
      “The welfare State”
      Pre-60’s blacks were productive just like blacks are now. I don’t know if you get all your information from FOX news and BET music videos but if you go through a Black neighborhood I’m sure you’ll see black entrepreneurs. Considering that we currently live in the high period of black economic momentum I’d say we’re doing pretty well for ourselves.
      While welfare badly needs reform it’s not the reason for the non-existent lack of motivation of blacks. In addition to that, whites make up the majority of welfare recipients. However I do think this economic growth has a reason…
      maybe…just maybe it’s due to the fact that attempts at black prosperity aren’t being undermined by racist!
      I’ll skip over the blood bath that was post civil war south and the utter failure that the freedmen bureau was and go straight to the 20th century
      Black Wallstreet was great…. till it was burned down to the ground in 1921. Thousands killed, millions of dollars lost. Why? A bullshit story and racists hating to see black people win.
      Madam C.J. Walker and co. fortunately didn’t experience but she had to lobby just to create stronger anti-lynching laws.
      As for Anti-Intellectualism same criticism of your “research” applies.
      There are numerous black inventors of today and yesteryear. However are you seriously trying to convince me that you won’t be laughed at in school or get a spanking if you get Fs. I could see if you’re saying some are apathetic to education and not speaking Ebonics or using slang being looked down upon as being “uppity” or “bougie”. Black or white(Rednecks love to shit on “city folk with their running water, dental care and non-incestuous relationships”.) no one gets points for being a dumbass.
      Decades of single motherhood
      No duh, and the same happens in poor white communities. It’s almost as if not having one’s father/capable adult/ breadwinner will have negative consequences.
      The black community has issues like all communities and the idea of blaming the white men is retarded and won’t accomplish shit. Especially when the average modern white guy has as much to do with black disfranchisement as the Napoleonic wars. However historically Blacks have been fucked over, and as much as you want to do historical gymnastics (It was about states rights and the economy anyone?) it’s still the truth you must face.
      As for the Article.
      Murder in black communities has been going down. The NAACP has been addressing black-on-black crimes since forever(Since you don’t know about it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.). Anyone who thinks cops are killing more blacks then other blacks is a dumbass. The issue is about police brutality(Body cams anyone?). Rap killed as many people as Metal did.

    10. Black Wall Street was burned down and bombed out by white racist, maybe its not victimhood but victim reality.

    11. I would be careful with suggestions that music is a causative factor in violence. Its not a far stretch from saying computer games and movies cause violence and then censorship being applied to these activities. Clearly, people were violent, much more violent before these things existed so it is much more likely that violent music is caused by human beings rather than the other way around.
      I would also say this: Black on black crime has been a major issue in black communities for as long as it has occurred. Just because the mainly white owned media doesn’t focus on it, doesn’t mean black people don’t. There are many movements working hard to resolve this issue but given welfare programs, they really have their work cut out for them. Just one example, from decades ago, was the Stop the Violence movement by KRS-ONE.
      One reason why police killings of black people attract such ire is that the police have long been an occupying force in black communities and they are feared and despised. Nobody likes being pushed around and so, anytime a police officer shoots a black man you can expect a response. For example, see Fuck the Police by NWA.
      Also, given black on black killings happen daily, they are almost part of the background of life in the ghetto. Not only that, you will generally find that other than stray bullet killings or cases of mistaken identity, most of these killings are of gangsters by gangsters. And who really cares if a gangster gets shot no matter what colour he is?

      1. “One reason why police killings of black people attract such ire is that the police have long been an occupying force in black communities and they are feared and despised.”
        I feel compelled to repsond Bob. One of the reasons so many cops are in black neighborhoods is the unusual amount of crime that occurs. In the US 85% of black births there is no father– that has consequences on the development of children. You may perceive that the police are hated, but they are highly depended upon in ghettos by those who live there.
        I will give you an real example. Cincinnati Police deparment in the 90s was getting sued everytime they made arrests in black neighborhoods. The police simply stopped responding to calls in the ghetto. The courts upheld that the police are not required to respond. Crime went through the roof and people there were begging them to come back. The lawsuits stopped and it resumed to normal.

        1. I didn’t say that there were a lot of cops in black neighborhoods. Honestly, I’ve seen more of them on the highways harassing innocent drivers.
          I would also point out that the issues with police pre-date the upsurge in crime in Black neighborhoods. Fuck the Police and 911 is a Joke came out in the 80s and but black people’s problems with the police go back maybe 100 years. So there is extreme sensitivity to any police action, right or wrong.

        2. its deeper than just single moms although that is a major issue. the bigger issue is “uncle toms” ie anyone who made money thats not an athlete musician or drug dealer.

        3. American blacks do come down hard on “race traitors”, but that is all amplified envy. What do whites fear in poor, black neighborhoods? The same thing blacks fear. Getting assaulted or worse. One someone in the ghetto lands a higher income or wins the lottery do they stay in the “transient” neighborhood or move to a nice bedroom community (aka white) suburb?
          Eg. Look up where “Reverend g-d damn America” White lives. I assure you it’s not in south Chicago.

    12. Here we go. Do you guys know what most race riots prior to the 1960’s? Usually, whites angry at black progress that feared black people doing to well and surpassing them. Rosewood and Black Wall Street are just two examples. Ever since then the liberals have sabotaged black progress by brainwashing black people into becoming dependent on the liberal mommy and daddy.
      Now if black people miraculously got their stuff together the riots would start all over again. Why? The same people complaining about them now would be threatened that black people are doing to well. Imagine if there wasn’t poor blacks to accept predatory loans, take minimum wage jobs, and accept the underclass status. Since the beginning black people have been used by everybody and what is funny those same people complain. People will open a liquor store in the ghetto, charge 35% to cash checks, and go home to complain about “those lazy blacks”.

    13. dude i have seen whites try to promote white hs grads into positions over blacks with master degrees

    14. ok fine those guys were smack dab in the middle of jim crow and i bet my right nuts white folks do not know that shit either.

    15. stereotyping bs .i grew up in the hood and saw all kinds of shit on my way to making six figures. the hoodlums are a small number of assholes and the cops know who they are, everybody does. when you start trying to work your way out of poverty that is when you see the racism. the fuckers on the corner in the hood do not run into that because they have very little contact with whites. that being said i know black millionaires airline pilots engineers etc. white folks who write this shit know zero black folks

    16. Very interesting interpretation of reality. It’s very one-sided and fits the whites’ agenda of not being responsible for the disadvantage caused by their ancestors’ actions. I can agree that blacks often let the victim mentality hold them back, BUT that mentality is not unwarranted; blacks didn’t invent stories of having their culture taken away out of thin air. So answer this question; What experience are blacks supposed to draw from to plot their course forward? “African American” is a 150 year old culture based in servitude and oppression so what do blacks draw from to start forming the prosperity that you blame them for not doing? Blacks have attempted to use American (European) culture to prosper and America used its resources to stop it. Case and point; Marcus Garvey started the UNIA, began a shipping line and started investing black money in the same manner that a white American would. What happened? The American government (J Edgar Hoover) hired blacks to infiltrate his organization and sabotage it. Black Wallstreet is another example, where the government allowed white citizens to burn it to the ground. Many whites have opportunities that blacks don’t have and they have examples of prosperous people who come from those opportunities to give them aspirations. What you’re blaming blacks’ victim mentality for is not joining the white man’s system, which benefits whites more than the blacks that work for them. Most blacks don’t want to do that, rather they want to prosper in the same manner as successful whites. Blacks want their own banks, businesses and vendors so they can control their own destiny, not a seat at the white man’s table.

      1. So, I take it you don’t have any answer to the question, “What’s wrong with Niggers killing each other?”.

        1. Okay, you don’t see anything wrong with Niggers killing each other. I do. It’s a sin. However, it’s their business. But they always end up bringing their niggerfeuds into decent, civilised White areas (or, even worse, are brought in by mud sharks and SJW faggots). Obviously some degree of apartheid is the solution.

        2. Ad Hominem haha…No its your Mother’s anus along with all the women in your family…and how easily accessible it is.

        3. “it is X, and with all the other X’s X’s” — How awfully witty, though anatomically nonsensical.

    1. Every race has killed it’s own kind, for centuries. No big secret here. Unless we hold that inter tribal warfare was not a well documented feature of Africa. “In far greater numbers” is questionable, if we take that number as percentage of the whole.

      1. Mmm Have you ever heard of these two wars which took place mostly in Europe in 1914-1918 and 1939-1945.
        I think the current war in Ukraine is quite interesting.
        Besides, if we take the Caucasoid race as a whole, we can suppose that European and Arabs are gonna kill each other in a few decades.

        1. What you’re doing is called argumentum tu quoque. It is irrelevant since we’re not talking about white people walking up to random black people and throwing out a J’accuse!, rather, we’re talking directly about the Black Lives Matter movement. This movement is of, by and for blacks, which is fine, as I’m not particularly fond of the police myself. The questions come at the selective outrage. White cop kills black man, even a black man in the wrong who would have been shot regardless of his race and we’re treated to endless tirades of “racism!”. Meanwhile, well over 90% of black males die at the hands of other black males here in the U.S. and when we, whites (and even no small number of blacks outside the “movement”), wonder why those black lives don’t matter, we’re given silence, evasion or, in your case, argumentum tu quoque.

        2. Again let me make this very simple for you. This article makes some good points, however it is an oversimplification. Again what you are choosing to ignore along with Right Wing Media are the countless programs, rallies, all the way up to the President himself speaking against Black on Black Violence, there is evidence of this all over the place. Secondly the reasons why their is outrage is that the particular dynamic of Black Victims and Law Enforcement has a unique history in this country…to ignore that fact does not serve the conversation. That is why there is outrage because Justice is NOT always served in that case. You see that is why their is that outrage, at the SAME time Black on Black Violence is also an issue that is addressed by the Black Community.

        3. This is about “black lives matter”, not general rallies and comments outside of that context. To make it simple for you.

        4. Yes its about Black Lives Matters, and because it brings up points that no focus is brought up on black on black violence you would begin to think there would be a response to that false allegation. Its extremely simple really.

        5. When someone writes an article naturally you will have people who will disagree and bring up certain points. Its called criticism and having a conversation.

        6. Can you put the smarmy “conversation” thing on the back burner please, nobody is buying it? Conversation always seems to be “You’re ignorant if you don’t see it my way and you’re simple for not buying into my obfuscation cum “layered nuances”. Your purpose here is to troll, nothing more, nothing less. You only show up during these kinds of articles.

        7. Please…I agree with different viewpoints or at least understand certain viewpoints, however I have to question when I see articles that use Unfair Comparisons. Again you fall back into the troll narrative blah blah blah.

        8. Yes its about Black Lives Matters, and because it brings up points that no focus is brought up on black on black violence you would begin to think their would be a response to that false allegation. Its extremely simple really.
          Show me, directly, where Black Lives Matter, as a group, address black on black violence. Not a random comment, but widespread discussion.

        9. THe tile of the article is ‘If Black Lives Matter, Blacks Need To Stop Killing Each Other’
          As you conceded, interracial killing is nothing new and it’s not gonna stop anytime soon. Ergo, Black killing Blacks doesn’t make the Black lives matters less legitimate.
          Personally, I think Black and whites should separate once and for all. We’re not meant live together. We can’t be ourselves around you and you are obsessed with ‘civilizing us’.

        10. Black Lives Matters leaders have spoken against Black Violence and overall the Black Community and Black leadership including President Obama have also decried Black on Black Violence. The thing is that in Right Wing Media they choose to ignore these facts and continue the misinformation. But that is not a surprise when the Republican Front-runner is a “birther” and a majority of his supporters believe Obama is a Muslim..this goes to show the type of people we are dealing with.

        11. Nobody said black killing makes the movement less legitimate. What makes the movement less legitimate is to not address that the main thing killing blacks are other blacks, while focusing like a laser on killing that is statistically minor in comparison to the elephant in the living room (not that any killing is right). That’s what makes them not legitimate.
          If they want to clear up the marketing problem their poorly chosen hashtag created, they should have been more consistent or more focused in the hashtag. Throwing out argumentum tu quoque doesn’t defend their own self identification issue. #SomeBlackLivesMatterButOnlyThoseKilledByCops is a more appropriate. If it were *all* then there would at least be a growing discussion on the black on black violence, which many black people outside the movement have brought up as well.
          I have no desire to civilize you. Those smart enough to accept the bounties of civilization are fine, those that are not are free to get on a boat to Liberia or Sierra Leon.

        12. Show me, directly, in context of BLM, the discussion of black on black killings.
          You’ve only restated your claim. That’s not proof.

        13. Again for the millionth time! The hashtag is not misguided historically that dynamic has been unique. Right Wing Media continues to spread misinformation that Black Violence is not addressed by black leaders which is completely and utterly false. BLM leaders mostly aim at this particular dynamic but its leaders also note Black on Black Violence as an important issue. And it HAS and Continues to be Addressed all the way up to President Obama himself, what part of that statement do you not understand?

        14. Derailer lol its the very article that was written and Right Wing Media slant that chooses to misinform the public by stating Black leaders NEVER talk about Black on Black violence. If you are looking for derailer look to them they provide the perfect example.

        15. Just a heads up, George Soros pays good money for this stuff,
          you should be getting paid for your whine.

        16. ‘If they want to clear up the marketing problem their poorly chosen
          hashtag created, they should have been more consistent or more focused
          in the hashtag.’
          Well they got result and that’s what matters after all. A slogan aims at the subconcious brain not the intellect.
          ‘I have no desire to civilize you.’
          Caucasoids have always been obsessed with converting other people to their own system. Now, the chicken have come to roots since the very people they have ‘civilized’ use the White man system against him.
          ‘those that are not are free to get on a boat to Liberia or Sierra Leon.’
          Black people are meant to live in small communites with little to no technology. This way of life is practically impossible in modern-day Africa.

        17. Well they got result and that’s what matters after all. A slogan aims at the subconcious brain not the intellect.
          And what result would that be?

        18. Yes George Soros is paying good money for this stuff and that is an issue. I always follow the money, just like how most of our politicians are bought off. And no im not getting paid. However this is beyond this single movement and George Soros.

        19. Cops are equipped with body cameras so they to abide by the law when dealing with any citizen. That’s more democracy for all of us.

        20. It’s a shame that you are not getting paid for your seriously heroic efforts to bring to us the plight of another george soros funded movement.
          A few weeks ago a 9 year old girl was shot in the head in her house while doing her homework, it was in baltimore, the little angel was black, killed by a gangsters stray bullet,
          Victoria Nuland in the Ukraine is one of his minions as is Femen/pussy riot type civilisation destroying garbage.
          Definitely behind the fukyoglag911 idiots that got smashed last week by hackers. I posted a link to the hack on this site, it’s hilarious!
          Haven’t done the research but i am sure i will find his fingers in the NGO’s related to our current “refugee crisis” in europe.
          Anyone wanna take a pretty sure bet on that?
          Do you want to extoll the virtues of these movements to us as well?
          I could go on but you can follow the money yourself.
          Do you want to spend your time advocating for george soros for free? Right now, a lot’s about what george soros is doing as a front money man on behalf of others. But yeah you keep talking to us about evil whitey.

        21. Im not advocating for George Soros Im speaking against a wider reality, again if you read my comments it is a combination of Internal Factors in the Black Community as WELL as external factors upon the Black Community. It has been the case historically in this nation. Because I am against External factors does not mean I mysteriously am not aware or don’t push against Negatives within the Black Community, understand?
          I also speak against the Right Wing media slant that Black on Black Violence IS NOT Addressed by Black leaders, black people, or the President itself which is categorically FALSE. You see people have this thing called thinking and acting on several issues at once. While some groups focus on one issue other groups focus on OTHER issues, and some groups focus on Broad Issues.

        22. I don’t disagree with that outcome. As I’ve noted, I’m no fan of cops. Seems we’re on the same page here.
          Now, given the outcome, their purpose seems rather cloudy these days.

        23. Personally, I think we should separate.
          White should give away California and New Mexico to Hispanics then 2 southern States to Black people. Afterwards, they could merge with Canada and have a country which would be 80-90% white.

        24. I don’t have time to re read your terribly arrogant indoctrinated awful style of prose and this will be that last response to this, I am a busy guy.
          I’ve done over 1000 hours of research on the history of slavery.
          You last response to me is just random words strung together it actually makes no sense to any one that works for a living.
          We don’t want your smarmy post modernist talking down to people type writing, it’s just a defence mechanism for a frightened child. We come here to be able to speak like men, not like indoctrinated manginas. The wider reality is that you are a ball of light trapped in an imaginary bag of flesh and your consciousness is been harvested through creating fear and violence in the 3dworld (by people like George soros) blm/feminism/communism all the bloody isms/fascism/anger/hate and fear, it’s on an intergalactic, inter dimensional level, but that’s for another day.
          Have a good day Sir. Broad Issues 🙂

        25. I’ve seen that but it’s only one source, I always go for at least 5. Still I would bet good money on it, but the odds would be shit, not like pulling the rug out from forex markets and making billions in a day, that’s soros style

        26. I’ll get right on that immediately after I decide what pattern I wish to use on the drapes in the White House when I’m elected President.

        27. The answer is simple then blacks should police themselves. Black only cops. Black only schools .Black only universities. Black only schools could teach anything history they want…

        28. Slavery was huge and institutional in Africa. How do you think Europe got slaves?? They would pull up to the slave ports and blacks would be led out like cattle by other blacks or Arab slavers. Arabs were huge into the slave trade. Ironically it was whites that ended slavery esp the Brits. The British empire ended slavery and it’s navy was huge in ending the slave trade…

        29. Because Black Lives Matter was why police presence are so heavy in black neighborhoods. Cops go where the crime is. If blacks don’t want that then fine. Murders are up 60% in St Louis this last year. Pick your poison black people…cops in your neighborhood or being killed…

        30. but then whites would be “like”–we got to kill them–we can’t let them succeed–just ask those on the black Wallstreet–heck why can’t whites stay out of African countries? Just let them be?

        31. Why would we give it to hispanics? Whites conquered it. If you believe that it is wrong to conquer land, then hispanics should not be given it anyway, it should go to the Indians from whom the Spanish/Mexicans stole it.

        32. Actually it”s on the interest of Whites to give it back.
          You guys have a lower fertility rate. Therefore, you’ll be a minority within a few decades. You’d better separate from Hispanics and Black ASAP by giving them lands of their own.
          Russians are experiencing a Renaissance because they separated from Central Asians, The Caucasus and the Baltics in 1991.

        33. Or we could kill them kinda like how we conquered this country in the first place.
          Look at Brazil, South Africa. The ruling class has always been white with browns in the middle and blacks on the bottom.
          Russia did not separate from anyone. Communism collapsed.

        34. Some White Canadians do not like the Average American, they look at our politics here in disgust. Especially the Right Wing slants.

        35. ‘Or we could kill them kinda like how we conquered this country in the first place.’
          You do realize that you are being delirious, right?
          ‘Russia did not separate from anyone. Communism collapsed.’
          In paractice, they were obliged to separate. If they retrieve Belarus and 75% of Ukraine, they will have a country which will be 90% East Slavic.

      1. That interracial killings has been quite common. Black killing blacks doesn’t deligitimate the Black lives matter movement.
        So what’s YOUR point?

        1. it’s your fault Mike that “caucasians have been killing each other for centuries in far greater number…” that’s the point. it’s your fault.

        2. Yes it does.
          Because when blakcs march against those who kill the most of them will it show they are serious about defending black lives. Otherwise, they are just protesting against whites under a false banner.

        3. Terrorists also get results when they blow up planes and buildings.
          Does that justify the actions?
          Again, this is not about black lives, it’s about making whitey feel guilt, even when they aren’t guilty. If it was about black lives, they would try to end the gangsta life that is killing so many of them.

        4. My points remains: they got results. Now cops are being equipped with body cameras which means more democracy for all of us.

        5. No, that’s a fact. If it was about black lives mattering, then why only focus on the “white” component of it which delivers the fewest deaths of blacks?
          If you want to save black lives, teach them to stop going in gangs and killing eachother, which is 90% of black deaths.
          Again, that is all about hating whitey, that’s why they focused on the white aspect. If you think otherwise, you are just being purposefully ignorant.

    2. You see you are stating this as a response of articles stating Black on Black violence, and stating that whites also kill themselves. A legitimate point, basically your response was a type of “So what’s your point?” Ironic that others responded to you as such.
      Tribal Warfare has also had a long history among Europeans. Gauls, Visi-Goths, Gaelic Tribes, Slavs etc…and they continue today under the veil of international border disputes..in Eastern Ukraine for example.

    3. Of course. Whites invented nuclear bombs and fighter jets. Blacks use Chinese made machetes. Of course whitey is better at killing than negros.
      Is Dylan Roof a better more moral man for only killing 8 than Adam Lanza is for killing 25?

      1. And you considering all these killings as a sign of superiority? To me it’s just a sign of madness.

        1. Of course. Whites use Nukes while blacks use Chinese made machetes.
          Black technological inferiority does not equal moral superiority.
          Is Hitler (6 million) a better man than Stalin (10 Million)?

        1. I’m a leftist due to economic reasons, not because I support extreme feminism or the other things pushed here. The reasons are due to what I see as Corruption by the Fed, Wall Street on buying our politicians and Government. Only some on the Left talk about this.

  10. Negroes kill each other all day for no reason. In 2013 there were 939 murders in Japan, a nation of 126 million people crammed into a small island. Certain streets in Chicago and Detroit have higher murder rates than the entire island of Japan. Why is this?
    The Japanese are of high genetic quality, very K-selected, intelligent, and trustworthy. These attributes allow them to build a stable, high-quality culture and society.
    Africans are the exact opposite. Low genetic quality, r-selected, very low-IQ and completely untrustworthy. They cannot build a worthwhile society and grinding poverty and cannibalism is their natural state. Haiti, Detroit, Africa and the aftermath of Katrina prove this.

    1. ‘Negroes kill each other all day for no reason.’
      As a race, Caucasoids are far worse and have killed each other in far greater numbers throughout history.
      ‘The Japanese are of high genetic quality’
      So how come their race is dying?
      ‘Africans are the exact opposite. Low genetic quality’
      White people age faster than White, especially, Germanic/Scandinavian Slavic. Besides, these ethnic groups have low fertility rate and are very prone to addiction due to Neanderthalian genes.

    2. “Certain streets in Chicago and Detroit have higher murder rates than the
      entire island of Japan”
      Back up your assertions–though I won’t hold my breath–
      But by your logic certain streets in whiteville have higher murder rates than the entire island of Japan. Why is this?
      Whites are rapists-thieves, arsonists, commit violent crimes, cheaters, frauds, sex offenders, drug abusers, drunkards,
      Yep-African Americans commit the most murders but not by much–however if you take the murders by white Americans outside of America they would be on a league of their own–
      “Africans are the exact opposite. Low genetic quality, r-selected, very low-IQ and completely untrustworthy.”
      In most African societies–people trust each other–can you tell me which whiteville city I can go to and just enter a house and get a drink of water without batting an eye?

      1. “Yep-African Americans commit the most murders but not by much”
        Another stupid nigger who doesn’t understand simple proportionality.
        “In most African societies–people trust each other” That’s why those pieces of trash are drowning in the Mediterranean while trying to make it to the EU.

        1. Hey nigger,
          According to the 2010 US Census, whites make up 77% of the Population while niggers make up 12.3% Keep in mind that the census considers “Latinos” as white.
          Therefore your nigger logic of “Afros commit the most murders but not by much” is as flawed as your failed race. Whites out number niggers be 6 to 1. From your source, under the Percent distribution column, whites commit 45.3% of murders while niggers commit 52.2.

        2. Hey white ass cracker,
          “whites make up 77% of the Population while niggers make up 12.3% Keep in mind that the census considers “Latinos” as white”
          hey dumbass white cracker, at one point Italians, Irish, Jews were not one–now they are–what you got a problem Hispanic being white?
          “Whites out number niggers be 6 to 1. From your source, under the Percent distribution column, whites commit 45.3% of murders while niggers commit 52.2.”
          Hey dumb ass white cracker, did you see all of the other ones that whites double the rate of black Americans? rapists, thieves, violent cries, you name it–and what did you think was going to happen when you took away men’s resources to survive? they are going to fight–dumb ass cracker–you should be surprised its not 100% of the murders by black Americans–but why do white ass crackers commit 45% of murder and double the rate of violent crimes of that of black Americans? i thought you white thieves crackers were civilized? why white ass crackers like to be around black people? why do they want to go to African nations so much? white trash racist piece of shit cracker

        3. Nigger, did they even try to teach you math in your ghetto school?
          From your source
          Whites 77% of the Population 66.2% of the Rapes.
          Niggers 12.3% of the population 31.2% of rape.
          Congratulations niggers are more likely to rape than whites.
          There is no violent crime in which a white is more likely to commit than a sub-human nigger. And I’m taking that info straight from the FBI UCR table 43 that you, nigger boy, posted.
          Whites are underrepresented on every single crime on that list except for DUI, liquor laws and drunkenness. Niggers also commit those crimes at higher rates than their representation in society.
          Niggers are over represented on every single crime on that list.

        4. “hey dumbass white cracker, at one point Italians, Irish, Jews were not one–now they are–what you got a problem Hispanic being white?”
          Yes nigger. I have a problem with brown men being classified as white. They are not white. Whites do not believe that Hispanics are white. Hispanics do not believe that they are white.

  11. Nice point about James Boyd. I live in Albuquerque where he was killed. We have had a huge issue with police shootings long before Ferguson, but with no racial component.
    We have a media that constantly wants to focus on race, gender………….and anything else they can think of to divide people who would otherwise have the same economic interests.

    1. “..and anything else they can think of to divide people who would otherwise have the same economic interests.”
      Divide et impera. It’s the mantra of the democrat party and their propaganda organs.

    2. Yes, good point. I’m sure there are some examples of whites abused by the police by that isn’t ‘news’ so the media doesn’t report it. It’s only when others are abused…then it’s news (and it matters). People need to stop letting the media “program” them.

  12. White men aren’t going to calm down until they see that the leader of the free world, Good ol’ USA , has the face of one of their drinking buddiies. (aka .some white dude) Then they will feel more assured that they are getting their k-k-kountry back.

    1. He was voted in by white people (the majority) and he continued policies right along the lines of past administrations (Clinton, Bush, etc…). I don’t see how he’s any different (they all belong to the same party).

  13. You’re completely missing the point. Black Lives Matter is about state-sponsored violence against blacks (police officers killing blacks), an idea incompatible with the tired “black-on-back crime” rhetoric.

  14. I always cringe when I think about how the parents of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom must feel every time they hear somebody say “black lives matter.”

  15. Black lives do not matter to me.
    I’ll give those beast free reign to do whatever they’d like in there own ghettos, but the first time it spills out into whitey’s land, there’ll be hell to pay.

    1. Sorry to break it to you so public bro, but their chaos have been spilling into our realm allready for quite some time.

  16. Chimp response” Ugga bugga bix nood Caucasians have been killing each other for centuries in far greater number”
    Of course. Whites invented nuclear bombs and fighter jets. Negros use Chinese made machetes and shit in their own water supply. Of course whitey is better at killing than negros.
    Is Dylan Roof a better more moral man for only killing 7 than Adam Lanza is for killing 25?

  17. Mention the words “race(ism)” “black” or “multiculturism” and you are almost guaranteed 500+ racists comments on you column. A bit of proof that racism is a non-issue in the US. Can you weepy beta-boys get back to writing columns about men’s issues and save your racist rants for your favorite “White Power” sites.

  18. true. Though the point of the movement was to hold police accountable for their actions for a group that overreps in crime, though some of those examples they use are questionable like that of Micheal Brown, isnt their point to build as much “paper work” to keep them on the defensive for the real victims like Eric Garner. Honestly non black victims should be used. The more people that wrongfully get killed by police must be publicized. I dont know why whites are quiet their victims. People with authority should not be able to abuse thier power that we give them. The more people we bring forth from all backgrounds the better. Anyone wanna start an all lives matter campaign.
    THough you can always thorw out the old, blacks kill each other more whites kill each other more, but end of the day street marches and campaigns is not going to stop criminal thugs and random street crime. Its an invisible enemy, but an enemy that has the same power over. But the cop is the opposite, hes visible,held accountable but had more power and authority to bully you around.

  19. Finally somebody has hit the nail on the head about the Black Lives Matter movement. It is getting to the point that even white liberals are getting bitten on the ass by the monster they heled create. Then again it is the liberal media outlets trying to stir the pot.

    1. Any organization that calls for the murder of police officers or anyone else is a terrorist group and should be dealt with as such.

  20. This kind of ballsy, completely politically incorrect articles are the reason why I am here reading your content. And as a sweet cherry on top of this racially honest cake, you make a great argument.
    Thank you.

      1. Probably a culture that achieved an understanding of iron working, smelting and making steel. It was likely not a culture that never even got around to figuring out the wheel.
        If I were to hazard a guess.

        1. Indeed it is. And it’s a perfectly valid thing to do, to use those inventions to put away sociopaths who have demonstrated a criminal disregard for others in a culture.

  21. From my own experience blacks/negros are just fucking dumb. Most of their behavior is embedded in their genes. In the poor areas of my country you will find a lot of different ethnicities, but only negros and North Africans (Berbers/Arabs) are so fucked up.
    Culture and environment plays a role, but then you would expect that the other ethnicities would show the same behavior. But they don’t. Most of them are just normal and nice people, despite the conditions they live in.

  22. Lol, so exactly how are black people suppose to fix the problems of others in their community when they have no political power to actually change laws. This is where the race based politics of the original poster fall apart. Ironically he would never dare make a post on white on white crime and how most whites butcher other whites.
    And the stats are wrong, 1 million blacks murdered in the last decade by white doctors in america. But you won’t talk about that stat because it doesn’t play into the narrative of bad blacks. And of course this is the sin of white people, we always look to blame blacks for all the problems we foisted upon them despite the fact we control government, congress and put in all the laws that screwed blacks over and keep them down. The black American is our creation. If they are unmotivated it is because we destroyed their motivation by burning down their successful neighbourhoods and lynching and murdering and enslaving them in the south and bombing black wall street.
    We don’t look at who sells he guns, passes the gun laws, and who white teachers expell black teens out of schools and which white dope dealer from the cia arms these kids and sells drugs to them to redistribute. Hmm hmm ronald reagan that is you!

    1. We?
      Got a mouse in your pocket, do you?
      What does “who sells he guns” (whatever that means, but I’ll make assumptions for the sake of conversation) have to do with anything?

    2. Blacks have no political power?
      Have you had a recent look at who is president?
      Beyond this, who runs most big cities with majority black populations? They’re all run by blacks. And if they’re not run by blacks, they are run by ultra leftist non-blacks who are voted in by blacks
      Local government has more power to make a direct impact, good or bad, than state or federal government does. The idea that blacks don’t have any political power is asinine.

      1. Lol, nice try, he can’t get a law through the white republican congress and we both know it.
        Most big cities with black populations like new york or la or detroit are run by whites.
        You’d think the few cities with black mayors could for instance, act in the best interest of blacks in the same manner white mayors do for whites, strangely this seldom seems to be the case because they are usually under the thumb of white state governments who will bring them down and lock them up or frame them up for some bogus crime. Blacks have no political power.

        1. From TPP, to the Iran deal to capitulating on the government shutdown, to funding illegal executive amnesty, by and large this congress has given 0bama a rubber stamp on pretty much everything.
          For all the other stuff he simply issues executive orders and bypasses Congress altogether.
          As for black-run cities, it still remains true that local governments have tremendous leeway to make life good or bad for their citizens. For example, they can direct police to more stringently enforce certain laws and more leniently enforce others. They can direct prosecutors to plea bargain certain crimes or vigorously prosecute others. They can pass local minimum wage hikes and other ordinances that can impact quality of life.
          There’s very little a state can do about that.

  23. This is the work of Jews.
    Zionism, Communism, Marxism, Liberalism, Progressivism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Anarchism, Socialism, Mass Immigration, Political Correctness, The Frankfurt School and its doctrine of Critical Theory, Civil Rights Groups, Sexual Perversions and Fag Parades, Degeneracy promoted in the Arts, Entertainment and Hollywood, are all JEWISH.
    These ideologies were conceptualized to overthrow the White European Civilization. JUDEO-Christianity is your Christian faith inverted to serve Jewish socio-political interests. Cuckservatives and Conspiracytards are Jew-cucked controlled opposition that do not really attack the heart of the Radical Jewish-Left. Conspiracytards like Infowars cloak the Jews behind shadowy labels that are unable to be opposed by political reformation and to spread disinfo among the half-awakened people who do not know where to turn.. e.g. “Illuminati” “Globalists” “Banksters” “Big Media” “Elites” “Bilderbergs” “New (Jew) World Order” etc etc
    The problem with the world is International Jewry. Its Banks, Its Media, Its Education, Its Culture and Ideologies. Frankly, you are not truly redpilled until you become a Fascist.

  24. Black Lives Matter is Jew-financed (Soros) and Jew-controlled. It is used by Talmudic Jews to balkanize The West further into destablization, culturally and politically.

  25. Another good truthful article – its not just an American thing where the white population gets blamed for the sins of the black population, remember South Africa during apartheid area when everyone was criticizing the white population for its policies black deaths or murders were around eight thousand per year mostly black on black now under black rule black murders mostly black on black has hit fifty thousand per year and yet where are all these mouth pieces that were so determined again to tear down another piece of white history only to replace it with something worse.

  26. People have to get it though their head that getting an education, a good job, staying out of prison, and not killing each other is NOT “acting white”. You are not a race traitor or Uncle Tom for being Herman Cain, Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell or Ben Carson.

    1. The liberals and people profiting from race have done a superb job of setting African American culture up.

  27. Funny all these race articles can be pointed right back to white folks…
    White on white crime is in the same ball park as black on black crime…

  28. blacks, mexicans, arabs are violent races. Carry an extra clip. stay out of ethnic neighborhoods. SB277 is the answer to this problem. It will lobotomize millions of them with 100 different mandatory vaccinations. Problem solved.

  29. I hope all here don’t let the government off the hook on this one. White people along with everybody else are routinely abused or killed by police and you don’t have to neccesarily be a criminal type.
    This black crime thing is a separate issue and all of the comments and feelings on it are valid and proper.

    1. Same with the media…it’s all propaganda. You’ll have white men being abused by the police but it doesn’t make the news (but it does when a black man is abused or killed). It reminds me of how they’ll show a little white girl missing but you won’t hear any reports on a little black girl missing.
      People need to be aware that they are being fed propaganda (everyday) by the media.

  30. Post WWII, the Japanese Americans (and Asians in general) were hated with a passion. They’d been rounded up in concentration camps and stripped of their wealth during the war and were very poor. People like my grandfather refused to by Japanese anything even when he died decades after the war. And there was just as much prejudice against Asians before the war as there was against blacks (just a lot fewer of them).
    Fast forward 50-60 years / 2 generations later and Japanese Americans out-earned white Americans and had almost no race issues with the “white man.” Why? Hard work, integration with US culture, focus on education, and generational sacrifice much like most others that have come to the US did before them (Irish, Italians, etc).
    Contrast this with Blacks in the US. Not only have black Americans stagnated economically since the 1960s, a very good case is they have retreated since then. Education and hard work is shunned and considered “white.” Victimhood mentality is rampant. SBFs have the vast majority of babies and crime/drugs rule the urban areas where Blacks live. This in spite (or more likely because of) of unbelievable amount of money spent on the “war on poverty” since LBJ’s great society. It’s time for blacks to stop blaming the white man and start looking for the modern day Frederick Douglas and Booker T Washington’s of the world as role models..

  31. I actually find it rather amusing that you posted a picture of Tupac with the caption:
    ““Gangsta” rap’s glorification of violence has probably killed many times more people than all police shootings, justified and unjustified, combined.”
    While I don’t disagree with your assessment, Tupac was as red-pill as it gets, especially when it came to understanding that black-on-black crime was the real problem. There are tons of references in his music that support this, but the one that truly stands out in my memory is a line from “Only God Can Judge Me:”
    “…and they say it’s the white man I should fear, but it’s my own kind doing all the killin’ here.”

  32. Black Lives Matter; Take Pride In Parenting; End Our National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect; End Community Violence & Police Fear
    Speaking At The Eulogy For The Honorable Reverend Clementa Pinckney, President Barack Obama said:
    “Perhaps it causes us to examine what we’re doing to cause some of our children to hate.” (Applause.)
    Video Excerpt from Obama Remarks Search YouTube: /watch?v=2T_GwYI7MnQ
    With all due respect to my American neighbors supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, I believe your cause would better serve all Americans if your organization were to honestly, openly and compassionately address the National Epidemic of Child Abuse and Neglect that for decades has deprived untold numbers of depressed children from experiencing and enjoying a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.
    I strongly suggest members of the Black Lives Matter target communities that have embraced The Street Culture Baltimore Mom of The Year Toya Graham desperately struggles to keep her son from embracing.
    In his 2015 Grammy award winning Rap Performance titled “I”, Kendrick Lamar writes, “I’ve been dealing with depression ever since an adolescent.”
    During a January 20, 2011 LAWeekly interview (Google search) Kendrick, born in 1987, the same year songwriter Suzanne Vega wrote a song about child abuse and *VICTIM DENIAL* that was nominated for a Grammy award, he told the interviewer:
    “Lamar’s parents moved from Chicago to Compton in 1984 with all of $500 in their pockets. “My mom’s one of 13 [THIRTEEN] siblings, and they all got SIX kids, and till I was 13 everybody was in Compton,” he says.”
    “I’m 6 years old, seein’ my uncles playing with shotguns, sellin’ dope in front of the apartment. My moms and pops never said nothing, ’cause they were young and living wild, too. I got about 15 stories like ‘Average Joe.’”
    It seems evident to me Kendrick identified the source of his depression, the roots of poverty, the child abuse/maltreatment that prevented him, his brothers, sisters, cousins, neighborhood friends, elementary and JHS classmates from enjoying a fairly happy, safe Average Joe and Josie American kid childhood.
    Seems the adults responsible for raising the children in Kendrick’s immediate and extended family placed obstacles in their children’s way, causing their kids to deal with challenges and stresses young minds are not prepared to deal with….nor should they or any other children be exposed to and have to deal with.
    It seems evident to me these PARENTAL INTRODUCED obstacles and challenges cause some developing children’s minds to become tormented and go haywire, not knowing OR NOT CARING ABOUT right from wrong…because as they mature, young victims of child abuse realize their parents introduced them to a life of pain and struggle, totally unlike the mostly safe, happy life the media showed them many American kids were enjoying. RESENTMENT
    I cannot speak for anyone else, but if I was raised in Kendrick’s family I would most likely be silently peeved at my parents for being immature irresponsible “living wild” adults who deprived me of a safe, happy childhood.
    Though like many victims of child abuse, most likely I would deny my parents harmed me, seeking to blame others for the pain my parents caused to me.
    I wonder how little Kendrick and his classmates reacted when their elementary school teacher introduced the DARE presenter and they learned about the real dangers of drugs and how they harm people, including their parents?
    In a Oct 25, 2012, LAWeekly interview (Google search) Kendrick talks about being a SIX-YEAR-OLD child who was not able to trust and rely on his mom…essentially he speaks about being emotionally abandon by his own mom.
    Growing up during the 60-70s I listened to virtually ALL American music artists of African descent writing songs admiring, praising, respecting and loving the maternal half of our population.
    I am curious to know if members and supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement have wondered why for the past three decades, many popular American music performers of African descent have been characterizing the maternal half of our population as *itches and *hores…essentially less than human creatures or people not worthy of respect?
    Honestly, I have a feeling most BLM supporters don’t have the strength or will to face the truth about who is responsible for filling our prisons with depressed, angry, frustrated teens and young men who were victims of early childhood abuse and neglect at the hands of immature teen girls and women who irresponsibly begin building families before acquiring the skills, PATIENCE and means to properly raise a fairly happy American kid who enjoys a Safe Fun Street to play in.
    This video depicts horrific examples of men who were victims of childhood abuse and neglect, conditioning a young teen to embrace ‘The Street’ culture Baltimore Mom of The Year failed to protect her teen son from…not to mention representing the fear peaceful people living and WORKING in the community experience knowing depressed, angry, unpredictable teens and young adults need to vent their angers and frustrations for being introduced to a life of pain and struggle by irresponsible, “living wild” single moms and/or dads.
    Search youtube; /watch?v=C3ChOLiJa8k
    With all due respect to my American neighbors of African descent, the oppression of humans that led to racism and slavery has been replaced with a new form of human oppression that impedes and deprives many American children from experiencing a safe, fairly happy American kid childhood.

  33. The movement is called ‘Stop The Violence’ which is about putting a stop or bringing a decrease to Black on Black violence in, especially, impoverished neighborhoods.
    Will violence ever stop in 3rd world countries? No, it will not cease and It will not stop in the ghetto’s of America either.
    Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I have witnessed and experienced what it is to be of a Darker Skin Tone and be targeted by law enforcement because of it. Wrongful killings of innocent black men, brutal beatings of men who may not have been innocent but have not warranted violence against themselves in any way, all by those who swear it their sole duty to help put a stop to crime.
    Black on Black Violence is a real thing, but those who sign up to serve and protect should not be adding fuel to the flame.

  34. To David Garret.
    I’m a black male. This article is the biggest pile of nonsense that I have read in a long time.
    More black people are killed by black people than by the police ?
    That might be true, but guess what ?
    That would have been true a 100 years ago when black people were getting killed and hung from trees. That would have been true under apartheid in South Africa.
    But would “the black people kill more black people than cops” argument been valid back then ?
    No. So why is it now ?
    The “black on black” figure will always be higher than the “white on black” figure. Why ? Because they are the ones you will live with.
    The police are held to a higher standard. A teacher can’t often be late for their class and say “Well you lot are late too”
    Why ? Because you hold them to a higher standard and if you have the power to kill me, break my spine and get away with it, you better believe I’m going to hold you to a higher standard.
    Oh and by the way, it’s not a few highlighted cases, a black person is killed every 28 hours by police or vigilantes in america
    Also black community leaders do in fact discuss crime in urban communities. That you don’t know this, is simply because you do not know many if any black people (at least not those who live in black communities), have not spent time in those communities, and do not read or listen to black media, where such issues not only are the issues covered but the efforts made by people in the community to address those problems are also highlighted.
    So I know you do not know about groups like the Nation of Islam, which have a long track record of effective anti-crime initiatives in urban communities (and a history of getting black men with records moving in a more productive direction), or folks like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, whose tenure at Trinity United Church of Christ, in Chicago, involved multiple initiatives aimed at addressing violence and crime on the South Side.
    Your argument is like attacking breast cancer support groups and saying “Why don’t you focus on lung cancer !! That kills more people than breast cancer”
    Mr Garrett – You sound like one of those guys on stormfront who search the web trying to find any video of black person robbing, fighting and then using it to say “Look !! Look at them !!”
    And by the way white on white crime is just as high as black on black crime. But white life is unconditional. Right ? Where as black life is conditional on good behaviour.
    Once blacks get black-on-black crime under control, then they can act as if their lives matter.
    But I’m just playing the race card – Right ?

  35. The idea that Black-on-Black crime is somehow way out of proportion to White-on-White or Asian-on-Asian crime, is a myth perpetuated by the ongoing PR program against Blacks – officially in effect since the time of the Panthers. This is why in natural disasters, Whites are reported as ‘locating resources’ while Blacks are reported as ‘looting.’ the propaganda program is to justify racist bs against blacks and to discourage their daughters from having sex with black men.

    1. PR program against blacks? Where?
      I don’t see any PR programs against blacks in black countries. Perhaps it’s just a numbers game. Math’s doesn’t lie even if words are twisted.

      1. duh yes blacks will kill blacks in black areas just like whites. that shit has been done to keep white women from looking a black men since slavery ended. they used that as an excuse to make weed illegal

        1. Done by who? Nobody forced them to kill anyone.
          You can either kill someone, or you can not kill someone.
          It’s exactly the same principle as I mentioned in the crack thread.
          All I see is excuses and rationalization as to why blacks chose to do crack or why blacks chose to kill other blacks.
          The fact is, they did it of their own free will and in disproportionately high numbers.
          p.s. I was specifically talking about black countries, aka countries in Africa but I guess you admitted that it also applies where you’re from…

  36. The Black Lives Matter movement addresses the injustice of our judicial system when it comes to holding police officers accountable when they shoot, beat up or kill unarmed Black men and then lie about it. Shooting someone in the back running from you; choking a person to death over a cigarette; shooting someone point blank in a store for holding a toy gun (in an open carry State), etc is wrong and that’s what Black Lives Matter is addressing. all this other mess is foolish talk from racists and black booklickers buckdancing for “massa”

  37. The amounts cities pay out in civil settlements for police brutality cases tell part of the story: $521 million in Chicago since 2004; $6 million in Baltimore, where payments are capped at $200,000 per person and $500,000 per incident, since 2011; $420 million in New York since 2009. Those numbers tell the story of all-too-common abuses, but they have to be viewed alongside the incredible rarity of meaningful punishment for the officers committing the abuses. Take the killing of Eric Garner: New York City paid a $5.9 million settlement to Garner’s family, but the officer who killed him, Daniel Pantaleo, was not indicted and kept his job.

  38. With 49 elementary schools closing this summer, with pensions being slashed, and with public services being cut all over Chicago, the city now admits it has paid out over $521 million in settlements and legal fees due to police violence, misconduct ,and abuse over the past 10 years alone—with a whopping 500 cases still pending.

  39. When a black person murders a black person, the murderer is pursued, arrested, put on trial and imprisoned.
    When a cop murders a black person, the cop is given a paid vaction and a go fund me reward by racists

    1. What about when a black cop kills a black person?
      Have you thought that maybe it’s just because they’re part of the cop tribe and look after their own?

  40. roosh you let black traitors and racists post all kind of crazy bullshit shit on here but erase the posts of folks who can counteract their crazy bullshit with facts and logic.

  41. In our city (Indianapolis) the black preachers would get on the news and whip up their congregations over “stop and frisk” and every time there’d be a high-profile arrest in their neighborhoods. So the mayor told them to police themselves. He pulled out the cops and patrols stopped. Soon ambulances and fire trucks couldn’t go there because they’d be attacked and shot at. Before the police pull out, one neighborhood 5×7 blocks in size accounted for 87% of our murder rate.
    After the cops pulled out, starting around noon and lasting until 3 am, you could be anywhere in the city and hear gunfire coming from there. It’s been about two years and there’s less gunfire. I think the strategy of letting them kill each other off worked.

  42. Black lives matter ?? But not in Rwanda……Right Bernie Sanders..??
    The Rwandan Genocide was a genocidal mass slaughter of Tutsi and moderate Hutu in Rwanda
    by members of the Hutu majority. During the approximate 100-day period
    from April 7 to mid-July 1994, an estimated 500,000–1,000,000 Rwandans
    were killed,[1]
    constituting as much as 70% of the Tutsi and 20% of Rwanda’s total
    population. The genocide was planned by members of the core political
    elite known as the akazu,
    many of whom occupied positions at top levels of the national
    government. Perpetrators came from the ranks of the Rwandan army, the
    National Police (gendarmerie), government-backed militias including the Interahamwe and Impuzamugambi, and the Hutu civilian population.
    The genocide took place in the context of the Rwandan Civil War, an ongoing conflict beginning in 1990 between the Hutu-led government and the Rwandan Patriotic Front
    (RPF), which was largely composed of Tutsi refugees whose families had
    fled to Uganda following earlier waves of Hutu violence against the
    Tutsi. International pressure on the Hutu-led government of Juvénal Habyarimana resulted in a ceasefire in 1993 with a roadmap to implement the Arusha Accords
    that would create a power-sharing government with the RPF. This
    agreement displeased many conservative Hutu, including members of the
    Akazu, who viewed it as conceding to enemy demands. Among the broader
    Hutu populace, the RPF military campaign had also intensified support
    for the so-called “Hutu Power” ideology, which portrayed the RPF as an alien force intent on reinstating the Tutsi monarchy and enslaving Hutus, a prospect met with extreme opposition.

  43. I’m a closeted racist. It’s dangerous to be out in the open racist now. I hope one day to be able to be free and have all the rights that everyone else has. Gays got the marriage thing, so maybe one day I will get to openly marry another openly racist person without persecution.

  44. Come complain about racism when blacks are not 25 times more likely to murder a white person than the other way around, dipshits.

  45. I have generally removed myself from all “race” related conversation, but do occasionally chime in as I will here.
    As a 43 year old brown American born and raised in Chicago, I have come to understand that all such discussion is nothing more than mindless blather that has been ongoing since God confounded people’s language thousands of years ago and we spread out across the Earth.
    All human beings are the same. God only created one man. We are not of different “races”
    That said, this “black lives” stuff is nothing more than the result of the outrage felt by Americans of all skin tones that has occurred after unarmed United States citizens have been murdered in cold blood without so much as a criminal charge being levied at the perpetrator; as in the case of the man who was strangled to death in New York.
    Of course Afro-Americans understand the prevalence of violence upon one another in communities where they make up the majority, and do not condone it.
    Therefore the “then why don’t you guys stop killing each other” retort is symbolic of nothing more than utter ignorance. This ignorance in turn generates increased strife and disdain between people who have different shades of skin and the vicious, never-ending cycle continues.
    Just writing this response made me realize why I rarely take part in these ridiculous discussions any more. Thank God I had good parents who taught me to work hard, mind my own business, respect my fellow man, love my wife (which includes being faithful to her) and take responsibility for my own lot in life.
    Since my skin is brown, the cops still stare at me when I’m out running in the morning, (as I have done for the past 15 years), store owners watch me while I shop, and women clutch their purses or cross the street as I approach.
    However, after putting up with the garbage human beings from all sectors of society throw at you for so long……you get used to it and learn to deal with it.

  46. whites kill whites blacks kill blacks.the fucking cops are not supposed to be killing unarmed black folks for fucking bullshit and walk. they never kill the gangbangers who got bodies on their guns ever. look at the fucking people they killed

  47. Garner was resisting arrest. It was not a police homicide. Garner was also a ticking time bomb when it came to an inevitible heart attack. If I ever give the police a reason to subdue me in the same way Garner did, I would not die and neither would the vast vast majority of other middle-aged men.

  48. Funny how you usually couldn’t care less about blacks killing blacks but suddenly find yourself outraged by it whenever there’s a white-on-black killing controversy on. Which is why nobody who isn’t already agreeing with you finds that talking point convincing, but rather see it for the red herring it is.

  49. Yet another police-apologist piece from ROK Failing to make a proper connection between two similar, but irrelevant issues.
    It confuses me how much bloggers such as this hate that the blacks are Protesting improper treatment from police. The fact that some whites (Zach Hammond) have been unjustly killed by police as well is a necessary sacrifice to continue to spread hate on “The Other”
    Stick to talking about all that game you’re not spitting.

  50. Yeah, well. In my city (Indianapolis) there’s a neighborhood called 10 Points, all black, that accounted for 87% or our murder rate. The black pastors kept complaining about police presence and stop-and-frisk. So the mayor told them to police themselves and pulled the cops out.
    So, for nearly two years if you were downtown you could hear gunfire starting at noon and up till 3am most days of the week. Now that most of the trouble makers have killed themselves off, our murder rate is now back to normal levels.
    There’s even been talk of the “lag time” when convicts would be released back into the community and keep the killing going after the free birds were dead.
    You might not agree with Republican Politics and all that, but this is one case where mid western common sense worked out.

  51. This article serves no purpose, the overwhelming majority of people are killed by people they know and most of the time their own race regardless of race if you ran the numbers about white homicide it would be mostly white killing whites as well. The issue of black lives matter is about police brutality, militarization of the police and racial profiling.

  52. “The biggest problem when it comes to black Americans is their pervasive obsession with victimhood.” No, its their lack of family unity. By this I don’t mean a lack of aunts and uncles and cousins. They got plenty of those, and do a better job of staying together or in touch than most white Americans. You know what I mean about it – single parenthood. The exact same problem is found amongst the majority of middle to lower class white Americans these days as well. The vast majority of white people I meet these days are either divorced or are single parents who have never been married in the first place. Its not a low income thing anymore. I’m talking middle class people here.

  53. Yall missing the point with Black Lives Matter. Black on Black crime gets portrayed in media like that’s the majority of blacks, but it isn’t. It only paints a small picture. The Black people who kill Black people don’t give a shit about anyones life including there’s. Black Lives Matter is about cops killing black people and getting off scott free or A black person getting murdered by a cop then having a mug shot shown as his picture to make his death seem justifiable. If a black person kills another black he goes to jail, it is a problem in the community 100% and honestly that can be changed by men actually be fathers to their sons instead of letting women raise them and then the sons run off in the streets and start looking up to thugs. That’s the problem..not a victim attitude..Though some black people do play the victim role, but that isn’t what Black Lives Matters is about.

  54. This article is so slanted. 93% of blacks are killed by blacks and 85% of whites are killed by other whites. So is 8% such a big deal or did the inherent prejudice America teaches us make people automatically assume that whites had a dramatically lower white-on-white kill percentage? Could we blame the small difference on the fact that blacks are reluctant to deal with police because of what they do to us? Fix the police problem and blacks will have an alternative to using their own means of settling their issues.

  55. Respectfully, I must disagree about Eric Garner, while the police do bear some culpability, ultimately the politicians are responsible for the ridiculous amount of taxes they pass and insisting the cops arrest people for, basically, a penny-ante crime.

  56. It’s always great to read someone telling other folks to take personal responsibility. Here’s an idea: When you tell disproportionately white male CEOs to stop killing 50,000 workers a year to make a few bucks, you might, MIGHT have earned the right to wag your finger at other people.

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