European Union Has Declared That Fat People Can Be Considered “Disabled”

Apparently being extremely fat may now qualify you as disabled. This notion arose after a series of recent events surrounding Karsten Kaltoft. Kaltoft, a Danish child-minder, was fired from his job on a local city council. He’s arguing that his immense size was part of the reason that he was let go, and he thinks that this represents some type of unfair discrimination.

He believes that because his extreme obesity prevented him from efficiently performing his work duties, he qualifies as disabled. And following this logic, it was illegal to fire him, because a European Union law exists that prevents employers from discriminating against employees based on any disabilities that they may have.

Following up on his claims, the Court of Justice of the European Union was asked to make a ruling on the matter.

But Niilo Jaaskinen, the advocate general, did conclude that extreme obesity, classified as having a body mass index (BMI) of more than 40, could be considered a disability:

“If obesity has reached such a degree that it plainly hinders participation in professional life, then this can be a disability,” Jaaskinen said.

While no official ruling has been made, the EU effectively just told employers they have to give special treatment to their fat employees, the same they would go to someone with autism, cancer, dementia, or blindness. If this seems wrong or backwards to you, that’s because it is. But rather than getting into fat shaming and going on a health rant, I’m going to break down the two larger issues that I think are at stake–two trends of modern society that are promoting weakness and depression.

1. Not taking responsibility


Aside from the rare case of severe metabolic illnesses, people get fat because they eat too much food. They consume far more energy than their body needs, and they start to pack on the pounds.

Unless someone force feeds you through a tube, you’re the only one to blame. And now you want special treatment because you ate yourself so fat that you can’t move around the office without tripping on the printer cable? How about focusing on eating less and exercising a little bit so you can enjoy life and live longer?

But no, people flee from taking responsibility like it’s a tsunami coming to destroy their home. Whether it’s being fat, being late, making a mistake, or just being an asshole people tend to do everything they can to make sure someone else takes the fall. People are so insecure that the thought of stepping up and admitting that they’ve done something negative scares the shit out of them. They’d rather point the finger, pass the blame, and hide.

2. Lacking self discipline


Taking the blame for eating all of the McDonald’s you ate to get you to 300 pounds is one thing. Having the self discipline to eat less, now or in the first place, is a different story, but still one that’s demonstrative of our lazy, pleasure seeking society as a whole.

Yes, Ben & Jerry’s is fucking delicious. And yes, it feels good to wank one out to some big titty pornstar. And yes, taking a nap sounds better than banging out a few hours of hard work. And yes, smoking a joint and hitting the sack is easier than heading out and approaching cute girls.


The answer to all of these questions is so obvious you’d have to be seriously disabled to miss the point. Doing what you know you should do, or abstaining from doing what you know you shouldn’t do usually isn’t the easy or most appealing option. But it is the option that, when chosen consistently, will lead you to greatness.

So yes, it’s stupid that the EU Court may rule that being severely obese is a disability that grants you immunity it the workplace, but it’s even more frightening that a governing body is encouraging the backwards ideals of not taking responsibility and not possessing an ounce of self discipline.

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162 thoughts on “European Union Has Declared That Fat People Can Be Considered “Disabled””

  1. Maybe the Urine Peein’ Union thinks disabled means “gross?” They’re foreign, after all.

  2. What an insult to all the people that are genuinely handicapped. If obese people can claim disability benefits then they might as well do the same for alcoholics and drug addicts.

    1. No reason to stop there… Video-game addiction is a problem, especially in the workplace, so let’s all agree that no one can be fired for playing the latest social media game while on the clock. After all, addictions are a disability.

      1. Exactly that. Obesity is the result of food addiction sure they can talk about genetic factors that play a role in obesity but those same genetic factors can be used for alcoholics and drug addicts.
        The same reasoning that Mr. Jaaskinen uses can be used for any other addiction that ‘hinders participation in professional life’.
        Conclusion: Every man and woman is responsible for his/her addictions.

        1. This is so key! Addiction to sugar and grains is actually at the root of obesity.

        2. Don’t forget Industrial seed oils high in inflammatory omega 6 fatty acids like GMO corn, soy, canola and sunflower oils. Just use Virgin coconut oils, grassfed butter and virgin olive oils. Red palm oil and avocado oil is fine too. I never gain weight eating a striuct paleo diet. My body never aches and I think more clearly without all the processed junky gluten grains in my diet.

        3. Don’t forget snake oil. I used the stuff once and I’m now 6’5 and 250 pounds with an iq of 145 and a 7×6″ third leg.

      2. Whoa whats with the discrimination? If I want to play Diablo 3 at work then my employer should have to provide me with a computer that will do it and pay me to play.

      1. Fat people should be classified as food addicts. To classify them as mentally retarded would do them no favor as they still won’t take responsibility for their eating habits
        e.g John: Dude, why do you eat so much, hit the gym, you’re fat
        Alan(Fat dude) : I have a mental defect, I can’t stop eating

        1. Have to agree with you these people are looking for a classification which implies that their eating habits are something outwith their control like those obese cunts in the States that tried to sue McDonalds for their conscious choice. Something fat asses and feminists have in common is that they try and perpetuate the myth that they are the way they are (fat, “disadvantaged socially” etc) because of factors outwith their control (no surprise that many feminists are overweight themselves). We need to shame these people they want to blame others for their own decisions and lifestyles, the concept of personal responsibility is dead among these people.

        2. Sugar and grains are addictive. But the first step in curing addiction is to take responsibility for it.

      2. They should be classified as animals since they exhibit subhuman levels of self-awareness.

      3. Actually they are mentally retarded. No joke. Obesity lowers your IQ and consumption of grains had been known to cause significant “brain fog “.

    2. They already do in England. Alcoholics get more money on welfare so they can drink.

    3. Was thinking the same thing. So some tub-o-lard gets the same benefits as someone who lost a leg to an accident t or illness.

  3. God damn it! And the show goes on, we live in a society where people will do anything within their power to avoid responsibility this makes me fucking sick. These people need to be absolutely shamed and ridiculed instead of this feminine trait of unfiltered acceptance, don’t get me wrong only those people who have a medical condition (that hasn’t been self induced) in which they gain weight or cant lose weight efficiently should be given leeway but not those fat fucks that think the rest of us have to cater and pay (financially and socially) for their conscious decision.
    The absolute worst are those that use the excuse of bullying or ‘depression’, as well as PTSD for their ‘disease’ ( don’t make me fucking laugh ). My friend is only 19 years old and had his arm blown off while serving in Afghanistan, he saw many of his friends die in front of him this lad suffered real hardship and trauma yet he didn’t go into depression he now has a prosthetic left arm and still works out at the parachute regiments local gym so the next time you see a fat ass tell you that they are that way because of emotional stress tell them to go and fuck themselves.

    1. Barring the (as noted in the article) rare, actual, people with a weight disability caused by other factors:
      Shut your feed hole and start moving fat ass!
      We need to shame these people non-stop. One gal, impressively fat, was on a school (college) exchange to some place in Spain. When she got back, she immediately started diet and exercise. Why?
      When she was in Spain some old lady made the sign of the cross while looking at her like she was a demon.
      This is what we need to do with fatties here. Shame them. Mock them mercilessly. See a fat chick (or guy for you ladies) don’t be afraid to tell them they’re nice but it’s too bad they look like they need a satellite to take a good picture. You might even have considered asking them out on a date if they were physically attractive.
      Shame, shame, shame, and then some more shame. Only laud them when they begin to work at their problem in a serious, constructive, manner.
      One final thing we have to admit: it is very hard to go to a gym and be around physically attractive people when you look like shit. We have to remember, the shaming stops at the gym door. At that door, encouragement to succeed, to work hard, begins.

      1. Agreed, people who laugh at others who are weaker or way more out of shape at them at the gym are some of the biggest pieces of shit on the planet.
        As long as people actuall work hard and try to better themselves there shouldn’t be any condescending from anybody. That goes with anything.

      2. I agree 100%. I had a friend who had the opportunity to live in Japan several years ago. She was pretty hefty in high school, but after living there for a few months, she realized just how bad things were for her. She started eating better, and taking care of herself.

      3. Shame does not work on fat people anymore. They are a social caste in and of themselves. There are so many of them now. They cannot be shamed because they now have the numbers in their ranks.
        Shame only works on small minority groups that can be singled out and compared with a larger group that defines the standard. Being fat is now the standard. It can no longer be shamed, rather being fat is now the new normal.
        If I know anything about 21st Century neurotic large group psychoses, fit and normal weight people will soon be the target of shaming attacks as they represent the new minority in society. When one group envies another and they are the majority, expect oppression of the minority group. Sounds crazy, right? If the theory is so crazy, then how can something as ridiculous as modern feminism thrive politically? Fat people now represent a HUGE ( pun intended) voting bloc in modern democracies. DO expect politicians to pander to fat people.

        1. Yeah, democracy doesn’t work too well when half the population consists of disenfranchised freaks of all shapes, colors, and sizes.
          All of these freaks really fuck up and derail the democratic process for the normal people who just want peace and stability.

        2. ” . . . fit and normal weight people will soon be the target of shaming attacks . . .”
          Dude, that is soooo last Tuesday.

        3. How will they force the skinny outliers to conform? Funnel-feed them to death like foie gras geese to fatten them up so they no longer stand out among the never ending sea of wobbling land whales? How will they even catch them when most can barely walk on their own? Create channelled meat walls with their voluptuous mass to entrap them like gazelles before forcing them into submission by way of a good sitting (atop them). Whatever they try, hilarity is bound to ensue.

        4. Quote: “There are so many of them now. They cannot be shamed because they now have the numbers in their ranks”
          That, and piss them off and they’ll sit on you.

        5. Dude when fatties will form a majority, the remaining fit/muscled strong guys will be rare as hen teeth and worshipped like gods. But by then I wont be in North America or Australia anymore. Fattie worship is useless and worthless when you need your sexual needs satisfied regularly. They wont be satisfied with pigs, and rarely satisfied with fit girls since their numbers will be low, and it will be guaranteed they will be low,since women compared to men have lower self-discipline and quickly give in to immediate self-gratification and base pleasures.

        6. I got to disagree. They dont want validation from other fat slobs cause they know if has no value. If high value people shun them they will feel it.

        7. Their shaming doesn’t mean shit to me.
          Anymore than some feminist calling me a woman hater or some race baiter calling me a racist. Women are what they are, and all humans are racist because we prefer to be around that which is ‘like’ us and avoid that which is not.
          IOW, I simply DO NOT GIVE A FUCK.
          I’m right. I’m fit, I feel great, and goddammit, I look good.
          Put that in your pipe and smoke it, victim-card players.

        8. There will be no forced compliance here.
          That’s what firearms are designed to do: protect life, liberty, and happiness.
          Try to fuck with my right to life or liberty, and find out what lead looks like flying toward you at high velocity.
          Men stand up for liberty. Women favor security.
          If more men stopped acting like women we wouldn’t be in this predicament.

      4. Are you American? If so what are your thoughts on the yanks that sued McDonalds and the like for “making them fat”? I only ask this because I already have the British perspective on this but I’ve honestly never heard what Americans thought about this.

      5. no need to go to a gym, just jogging is enough to lose weight. hell even taking a walk is a good start for the obese

        1. As a fomer avid cardio aficionado, I’m here to tell you that you can’t run it off effectively. You’d have to run 5 or miles per day. And that eventually ruins your knees and or hips.
          What fat people can do (and even fit people with extra fat) is just STOP EATING CARBS and eat meat, healthy fats, and vegetables. The pounds will melt away in a very short time and its much less effort than 5 miles per day.
          I lost a belly that stubbornly remained no matter how much cardio I used to do, simply by completely cutting out wheat and reducing other carbs to less than 100grams per day.
          Now I lift weights, don’t do cardio except for HIT or mountain biking, and am back to my college waistline. I workout less, have more energy, feel better, and look much better.
          Cardio can’t make up for a shitty diet. Period.
          Most people when presented with this option, say, “I can’t give up bread”, or “I love pasta”.
          Not surprising. Modern wheat contains a protein called Gliadin. That protein binds with human opiate receptors.
          People can actually be addicted to wheat.

        2. Wheat contains opiods that fit the opiate receptors in the brain. When I eat wheat I start laughing uncontrollably. It’s insane. That shit is VERY addictive!

      6. That sign of the cross thing is brilliant. I don’t think stupid jokes and lame attempts at humor will get the point across – they’ll just think you’re being an asshole and get defensive; maybe even eat harder just to spite everyone. But genuine horror will definitely get the point across. They need to know that the world thinks they’re horrific and produce gut reactions of disgust and terror.

    2. Everyone is so quick to say macho things and to tell everyone to tell fat people the truth, but when it ACTUALLY comes down to it… cue the hordes of soft, passive, disconnected vaginamen who try not to hurt feelings and try to give their ‘support’. Fuck that. I was fat when I was in my late teens. I didn’t need emotional support, I needed to be told to get the fuck off my ass. And no matter how much fat people complain and whine and tell you not to bully them around, don’t let it discourage you. The truth is the truth.
      What a fucking joke that some people are actually taking this guy seriously instead of laughing in his face and continuing with their lives. But this event in itself isn’t that important; it’s merely just a symptom of the much larger and more dangerous disease that’s eating away at society.

  4. That girl’s tits are obese. She lacks self-discipline, send her over here for butt smacking.

      1. Nothing surprises me any more. He/she then deserves that smacking even more so and can claim benefits for being weird and carrying an extra weight breasts.

  5. Anybody remember The Simpsons episode they did on this when Homer became morbidly obese to get on disability?
    Getting on disability is a fast-track to early retirement the way I see it. Sure it’s immoral, but so is our government. I wouldn’t do it myself, but I don’t blame people who do become “disabled” for spurious reasons.

    1. Watched it the other day…. its funny ’cause its true…. fat guy hat…..

  6. When given the CHOICE…people will choose to be LAZY. If given no choices…people will all have to WORK HARD. Our society has TOO much choice. You must strive to stick to what is tried and true. Two roads diverged in the woods…I’m going off road and making my own…the bitches on these two roads are ugly, fat and on some fuck shit….maybe there are hotter bitches off road…who knows but only one way to find out.

  7. These people are like the Terminator going after food instead of Sarah Connor. They never stop! They can’t be reasoned with!

    1. I am the model-500lb sent back in time to destroy the genetic viability of the human population.

  8. I do cocaine and OxyContin in the morning and drink all day, this has a negative impact on my work and my boss wants to terminate me , I think he is discriminating against my ” disability”….

    1. You are no different than your co-workers who have been plied with legal anti-depressants.

    2. Sorry is this Rob Ford speaking?
      That’s precisely the angle he has gone for to try and step away from his disgraceful behaviour as the mayor of our City. “I am sick, the sickness made me do those horrible things, it wasn’t me”.

      1. Rob is the Man. Re-elect Rob!!!! He represents the alcoholic/crackhead constituency, and he does it very well.

    3. I know, it’s just totally unfair of the patriarchy to demand that I show up on time and sober for work, every day. This is totally discriminatory. The liquor bottles I stashed all over the place are my medicine, to treat my disability. The other drug
      What disability, you ask? Just the inability to remain not wasted. It’s not my fault, I blame the alcohol manufacturers and the drug producers. Clearly they have no respect for my inability to not consume their products. Hic.

  9. Good for them. They earned it. I can’t help but see how this will increase productivity as workers will now be comfortable disclosing any and all conditions that might hinder their work and improve their self-esteems measurably.

  10. Nice way to take a page out the US of A play book Europe. Looks like we’ll being seeing some law similar to that here now

  11. No doubt Lindy West will be thrilled that she could now claim she also suffers a disability, another notch count for her victim status pole.

  12. Really what needs to happen is every year your waist to height ratio gets measured and unless you have a genetic disease you are taxed $100 for every 0.01 it is over 0.5.

  13. I predict the same will happen in the USA.
    …and here I am, with a new goal of hitting ~10% body fat. I must not have my priorities right.
    I’m going to leave a pic of this handsome example of American pride right here…. (BLEH!)
    PS: Jefe is the man! Great Kindle books, by the way. 🙂

        1. So that’s what happened at Fukushima. An obese American tourist dove off the dock, and shit happened.

      1. What exactly does this photograph do to advance your line of reasoning? It’s an overweight man diving into a laned swimming pool quite clearly to get a little exercise and work on his physique. Good on him!

      1. De nada, amigo. Bought two so far from Amazon, well-written/edited material with relevant references and examples is always nice.
        Yes, I’ve learned a lot from examples of stories dealing with “fatlogic” over at Reddit r/fatpeoplestories.
        Obese people who are ridiculous in behavior, defying all reason & healthy logic in front of them. Sometimes to their death. And of course, shaming thin women & living in self denial.
        Lots of behavioral similarities between your article here and my “6 Reasons Fat Women Are Defective”

        6 Reasons Why Fat Women Are Defective

        1. Future possibilities:
          – Low body fat, and/or muscular body is shamed and illegal
          – Illegal to date a woman of more than 5 years younger than a man
          – A man who rejects a woman (read: she gets “hurt feelings”) is subject to discipline legally or a civil judgement
          – “Attraction discrimination” becomes a new social justice theme
          Sounds ridiculous, but seriously, at this point, who knows??

    1. The store I work at just doubled the amount of motorized shopping carts we keep. Too many fat/lazy people who simply don’t want to walk around and carry their thunderous bulk all over the place. Cannot imagine what it musbe like to weigh 400 lbs.

    2. You need some fat in case you get lost in the northern woods; a ripped fucker will die the first night, even if he happens to know how to start a fire in the snow. I believe in a good layer of muscle covered by a good layer of fat. Ripped fuckers have no reserves.

      1. Very true. A person with a few extra pounds will survive longer than a lean, string bean. That’s “a few extra pounds” NOT blubber that spills and oozes out of every opening in your clothes.

  14. Wait till the fat women hear this. Each one of them will use it to gain immunity. No one would be able to fire fatties for the fear of a lawsuit.
    Victimhood is power.

  15. What they should do is say they get disability and send them to the secretary of state/DMV. Then revoke their license to make those fat asses walk everywhere to lose some of that weight

  16. Imagine all the new government positions that will be created by this new “disability.”

  17. The Obesity epidemic is with us until we eliminate cars, elevators, escalators, sugar, and grains as a human food supply.
    Not happening.

    1. Or if we just stopped subsidizing people and started making healthcare cost a lot more.

  18. Institute chaos to aid Divide and Conquer. Use multiple fronts.
    Move along men, nothing to see here.
    (the above comment might as well be posted on every single ROK article)

  19. Whites need to stop self handicapping. Like seriously. Went from Victorian Era IQs of 115 to this shit.
    Australia may be the last hope of Western Civ, fairly conservative so it can be turned to red pill thinking.

  20. Mandatory surgical removal of their excess fat so that we may conserve electricity by using fat lanterns. Every time I see an obese person I see the light!

  21. That “woman” you posted is a trannie, affectionately referred to as Kayne Chest on thedirty, just FYI.

  22. We need more of this not less. The collapse of the welfare state is a long term positive thing for men.

  23. I wonder if those people know what “discriminating” actually means…
    I sure damn well hope that they “discriminate” against those with disabilities. Who the hell would want to be operated on by a blind man.
    Don’t laugh. That is what discrimination means.

  24. People will eat what is available and cheap. The simple solution is to eliminate subsidized corn and soy products and go back to the silo methods. This will result in junk high calorie foods rocketing in price while more diversified healthy year round crops will come back to guarantee farm revenue. This is one of the key items that is pointed at as the cause of the obesity pandemic.
    You can thank Nixon for setting the standard to bloat America.

  25. It’s only a matter of time before ugly people are considered ‘disabled’ because of claims of ‘Lookism’ is why they can’t get a job. lol

  26. Fat people are usually lazy. When interviewing people I try to avoid hiring fatties. They are usually un-motivated in the workplace, promote gossip and blame everyone else for there fuck-ups. I don’t look fucking disgusting, it’s societies expectations that are disgusting etc.

  27. Fuck You, Jefe….and fuck all of the ” Body-Nazis” here…I would like to see You survive a week with my weight (390 lb, when I started dieting…and now, 2 months after that….slooooowly going down toward 340…thank Heavens…)
    Yup, I am a very fat guy….but got so working sedentarily (as psychiatrist….listening to Your sorry-ass life-problems, and helping You all solve them) for 10-12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for the last 25 years.
    After such a working day, with NO pause for (healthy) lunch, one is too tired to “move one`s ass and go to the gym”…and even if You eat healthy, organic food in NOT-humongous amounts – it is easy to overstep Your daily caloric needs and slowly become….well, huge.
    Nevertheless…my game was relatively tight (thanks, Dad)…so, with 1000 of my problems, pussy was not one of them….and my healthy eating choices (and a gene, or two), saved me from being diabetic
    And I could always, either beat the crap out of, or cockblock (in my favour), the most ripped among You.
    However, not having a particular penchant for wheelchairs or electric mopeds, I have decided to lose weight, and to do so – I NEEDED to stop working for a while, and instead of helping other people all the time….help myself.
    And what did I (and still do) encounter from my fellow Men? My Brothers? Condescending chauvinism? Hate? SHAMING? I am STILL NOT average weight….actually still very far from “slim” or even “normal”…and it is not written all over my face that I am trying so hard (which I do). And at the moment, I am still too heavy for the regular gym, or running.
    Therefore, once again – fuck You all….I am doing it for myself, not to “please” anybody.
    And concerning attractiveness – or, at least, fuckability – Men can be whichever way they want – women can`t. Hell, I don`t like fat women either.
    Yet, obesity IS a disability. As is (any) addiction. And needs some empathy, especially from bros.., instead of self-righteous little pricks talking about something they had (due to good luck, mostly) never had to wrestle with.

    1. With the few mentions of good luck or ‘lucky’ genes I’m getting the implication that you’re still not 100% with the fact that, for the vast majority of people, their weight is relatively in their own hands? You’ve lost 40 lbs. in 2 months. You sound like you’re in your early 40’s? That’s such a miniscule portion of your life, for how much progress you’ve made.
      The point that I took away from the article is not that fat should be shamed, it’s that fat acceptance should be shamed. It is not implied that being obese isn’t DISABLING. Rather, it is not a DISABILITY because you posses the mechanisms to RE-ABLE yourself.
      You’re lucky that you were like me – you saw yourself in the future bound by your own weight to a scooter. You – like me – turned away from that yawning abyss. The problem inherent with classifying obesity as a government funded disability is that it only exacerbates the problem. We both – AND MANY OTHERS – hit that moment we’re we realized that enough is enough. That any more reckless weight will lead to a self-inflicted handicap. If, instead, we were told by our doctors, by our politicians, that obesity is a disease – THAT YOU ARE A VICTIM – we would be shepherded over the edge.
      Instead of enabling these self-destructive tendencies, we should all just cut out the bullshit.

      1. I disagree. In today`s world of constant rat-race and mounting financial obligations, even self-inflicted hurt gets protection and some kind of social support. Example: poor handling of hammer by a bumbling amateur-handyman results in crushed thumb, etc. And then follows the (paid/insured) sick-leave, and healing/recovery time. Obesity is a complex psychological and physiological problem, with a need for interdisciplinary expert help…and TIME. And all of that costs. Just like rehabilitation of drug addicts. And just to point out: to those drug addicts who NEVER make abstinence happen, and thus exclude themselves from the work market, without much chance of ever returning, a permanent disability status IS awarded. It is simply realism combined with social solidarity. On the other hand, I agree that society should NOT promulgate the belief in passivity of an individual and absence of personal responsibility. 🙂 Just give some break to straight things up.
        p.s. Thanks for kind words. You obviously know what You`re talking about.

        1. We’re all gonna make it, brah.
          I feel you. Obesity can be a significant – often lifelong – battle. The thing that frightens me is that providing disability payments to those who are grossly overweight without significant government oversight will spiral quickly out of control.
          The dream sounds fantastic: someone who is morbidly obese would be able to apply for government disability, thereby freeing themselves of the shackles of the 9-to-5, providing healthy breathing room for personal fitness. The problem with this solution is that we are, all of us, already equipped with the ability to manage our weight. There are precious few excuses to use in the face of obesity – specifically because full-blown, hurtling-off-the-rails, genetic obesity is exceedingly rare. Sure, many have a genetic predisposition to store fat, but the incremental impact of such biology is nearly infinitesimal. And while the body is an exquisitely complex machine the basics of mass-management are a matter of thermodynamics: Energy Stored vs. Energy Expended.
          What would be the REAL DREAM would be obesity retreats: self-sustained communes devoted to allowing individuals a season long respite away from ‘reality’. I would gladly fork over my tax dollars (and as a business owner in CA, that’s a lot’a dolla’s) to fund such an endeavor.
          But that’s fleeting hope. The horrible truth is that such a system will allow many to suckle at big-brother’s teat to bursting.

        2. Yes, I see that You understand the problem. Still, I think that such retreats could be a grand solution for many people. Imagine how many years of lower productivity, enormous medical expenses, depression and toxic social feedback (to and from fat people) could be avoided with ONE YEAR of supported “reset”! One year IS enough for 90% of morbidly obese…and I cannot imagine that someone successfully accomplishing such a (strictly controlled) program would ever want to go back to overeating! Therefore, UNDERSTANDING the problem must be taught to public…not just “ex-cathedra” preaching from the people who never felt the disability and/or ridicule on their own skin. It takes one to know one.

    2. Man, SHUT the fuck up, with your ol’ line of sorry BULL-shit! You sound like a limp noodle, Captain-crunch-eating ass muthafucka!
      Too heavy for the mother-fuckin’ gym? Does this rinky-dink gym have creaky plywood and bamboo flooring, you fat, goofy muthafucka? You scared you gonna fall through the fuckin’ floor? Man the FUCK up! Lift some goddamn heavy-ass muthafuckin’ weight. You go treating the gym like a mother-fuckin’ fashion show! You hip-having, tu-tu wearing, elliptical-machine-riding ho’ ass muthafucka’. Too tired for the goddamn gym, but you aint too tired to chew a BURRITO!
      You’re blaming a job where you sit on your ass all day.
      Boo-muthafuckin’-hoo, you bologna sandwich eatin’ muthafucka!
      You sit on your ass, eatin’ bon-bons, listening to people tell emotional fucking stories all muthafuckin’ day. You ol’ second-hand soap-opera listenin’ muthafucka’! Sitting down on a couch talkin’ shit aint gonna get you NOTHING, but yo’ feelings hurt!
      You want sympathy for being a goddamn BLOB? You will get NONE from me. You could be a sidewalk crackin’ mutherfucka’, but you want to be a buffet bustin’ muthafucka! That yo’ choice.
      It’s still yo’ muthafuckin’ set!

      1. Never ate a burrito in my life. No bon-bons. Can leg press 400 pounds with ease…not just once. Learned grammar…and don`t confuse sympathy with EMPATHY. And do not refer to fellow Men as IDIOTS…even if they may be just that.

        1. I cant be empathetic with rolly poley, belly floppin’ muthafucka like you. I dont have the experience of being a Pringle poppin’, grease guzzler who makes muthafuckin’ excuses. I just can’t muthafuckin’ relate. I take muthafuckin’ ACTION, goddamit! You’re here just fishing for a pat on your jiggly back. It aint gonna happen. This is “,” not “”
          I’m supposed to be impressed that you can leg press your body weight for a set of 4 when your big pork belly limits your muthfuckin’ range of motion. Your leg presses must look like calf presses with all that muthafuckin’ GUT.
          I never once called you an IDIOT. I’m not insulting your muthafuckin’ intellect. I’m insulting your fortitude and determination, goddamnit. You dont want to be fit more than you want to make muthafuckin’ EXCUSES!!!

        2. Actually I try to avoid to insult YOUR intellect, which You so richly deserve…but, You don`t give me other choice: therefore, yes – You are an idiot. First, for not understanding what I wanted to say…and secondly, for the poorly executed gangsta-talk improvisation that should imply Your enormous, proactive manhood looming over my whining, roly-poly, blob of misery. I would like to see Your dumb ass leg-press MY body weight 3×50, as I can do…without shitting Yourself, of course. And my determination is King, not You.

        3. Strong arms, indeed. But don`t forget the leg day, bro. 😉 And You seem amiable. So I retract my insult and see now Your comments in new light. I am sorry that I can`t hire You as personal trainer…You seem qualified.

        4. You Shape-Magazine-reading mutherfucka… all you want is people to feel sorry for yo’ azz. You know what the FUCK yo’ Sudoku-playing, diet-coke drinking ass needs to do to get in shape.
          You dont wanna muthafuckin’ do it. You want cry and complain and eat muthafuckin’ chocolate cake. You’re acting like a goddamn pansy, when you know deep down, you can unleash a muthafuckin’ beast within your muthafuckin’ self upon this world.

    3. First — Good of you to start losing weight.
      Second- Cut out the whining. I was working 10-11 hour days managing a team of people plus getting my undergrad full time (including summer/winter session–finished in 3 years as a 24-27 year old) and then shortly thereafter get my mba (14 hrs of class and ~25 hrs of outside class work / week for 2 years) for 5 years I and was able to keep my weight around 200 even with an insane amount of food at my mba program on Fri/Sat for free, drinking heavily to deal with the stress, and never working out cause I didn’t have much time at all. Oh–and I had a wife to deal with that whole time as well.
      Third – Go on a high fat/med protein/low carb diet (think meats & veggies) + cardio and be strict about it and you will lose insane amounts of weight.

      1. Thanks Rob. Good for You…but, as I said….genes ARE lottery. I never ate big amounts of food and not so many carbs, as well. But I did exceed my daily caloric need. And it added up. You have obviously some good genes…so do not take to much credit for that. 😉 And keeping weight is not the same as losing it – people who successfully lose weight, have to eat 30% less calories then their peers who were never fat – permanently -, just to keep the weight down. And food IS pleasure…which (obviously) has to be replaced with some other pleasures, to keep the life enjoyable.:)

        1. Heavy obesity “runs” in my family, too. From my experience, its 100% their own fault (every time we have family get togethers they are literally gorging on snacks, desserts, sides and drinking). When my weight goes up 15-25 pounds, its 100% my fault (drinking, desserts, fries, less exercise). My brother gained enough to weight 300+ at once. He finally stopped blaming the genes and now weights 205 and is buff as shit with probably 10% body fat.
          Seriously–Do not eat more than 20 carbs a day for 3 months (besides fiber, eat as much fiber as you want) and exercise at least 4 days a week and see how much you lose. Eat lots of meat, butter (real butter), and veggies.
          Your calorie calc is incorrect. You need to eat ~the # of calories per day of the weight you want to be. So a 180 pound very active guy probably needs around 2700 per day. A 180 pound sedentary guy needs around 2000. There are plenty of calculators for this out on the web. If you want to speed up getting to 180, you obviously have to eat less than what I just said. However, if you follow the no more than 20 carbs per day, your body will naturally hit your skinny weight over 5-6 months and you don’t even need to calorie count. But STAY off carbs…including most fruits.

    4. TLDR. Here’s what you wrote: “After such a working day, with NO pause for (healthy) lunch”
      What I read: “I chose to make money, eat shit food, and be unhealthy, instead of taking a little time off to take care of myself, and now I deserve your sympathy for my poor choices”.
      Sorry pal, but men practice discipline and accountability.
      I’m glad you’re now working to get rid of that which you worked so hard to accumulate.
      You’ll feel better and people will stop noticing your girth.
      All the best…

      1. Everybody chooses to make money.And sometimes it may even include sacrificing one`s own health to help the others, who are, again, centered ONLY on their problems. Again, no sympathy expected….but a bit of empathy (capacity of others to imagine themselves in the same shitty situation). It helps more then the “drill sergeant” approach. And if everybody here thinks:”every man for himself”….then what are we doing on this site? A circle jerk? However, thanks for good wishes….I`m getting there.

        1. LOL “But a bit of empathy (capacity of others to imagine themselves in the same shitty situation).”
          I can fully empathize with the fact that you are a fat lazy junk food junkie. No one asked you to gain +250 lbs, you did it all on your own initiative.
          No one asked you to do this: “but got so working sedentarily (as psychiatrist….listening to Your
          sorry-ass life-problems, and helping You all solve them) for 10-12 hours
          a day, 6 days a week, for the last 25 years.” You did it all on your own initiative.
          If you ever slim down to a normal weight (<200 lbs), no one will fat shame you. At least you recognized there is a problem, decades too late is better than never. So keep on losing the weight, for your own health. But that won’t stop me from feeling the same disgust when I see you as when I see a 340 lb woman waddling down the grocery aisle loading up the cart with junk food. Obese people ARE disgusting, it’s a normal human reaction, as you stated yourself. Don’t try and guilt us for it.

        2. Sure…as it was soldier`s decision to get drafted…..then go along with his country`s silly war ABROAD…, and if he loses a leg…well, it is his responsibility. He should man up and do crazy shit to continue proving his worthiness to the masses. Shit happens in war, too, doesn`t it.
          And yes, cripples are disgusting, as well…and should be shunned….according to dumbasses.
          p.s. I am guilty of not being more egotistical earlier, I agree. Won`t happen again.

        3. Those who tried shaming me to my face…got their heads up their asses…pronto – along with my massive foot….No one is “guilting” nobody… But just to get straight:

  28. all those fat feminist cunts will be delighted. in my view the humane thing is to let their gay allies infect them with aids while also loading the bitches up on immuno-suppressants. then they will definitely lose weight.

  29. Meanwhile in Mexico, the Government has issued a law that bans TV ads showing unhealthy food at times of the day when children watch their cartoons. This affects about 1500 ads from companies like Mcdonalds, Hersheys, Nestle, Pringles, Ruffles,etc. There is also a campaign in place where obesity is considered a disease that needs to be combated. In fact, some obesity clinics have started to appear in several cities. After all, diabetes is the 2nd cause of death in the country. Will it work? Not sure really, traditional Mexican food is notorious for having a bunch of carbohydrates, sugar and fat, but is still way better than processed food; people just need to stay away from the tamales and the wheat flour based tortillas.

  30. These a new law in Australia where if u are in an abusive relationship and u kill your partner, u can get away with murder.
    It seems no one wants to take responsibility for their behaviourlife choices these days which is what weak people do!

  31. like that episode of the simpsons where homer goes on disability on purpose….i wash myself w a rag on a stick…

  32. I sometimes think this site is being run by some far away elite organization with the objective of creating a new world order.

  33. For the betterment of us all, fat shaming week, should be a quarterly event

  34. i agree fully with the sentiment about people largely being shit at responsibility

  35. Jefe, great article but I would like to point out one inaccuracy. You do not get fat because you eat too much food, you get fat because you eat the wrong food. This is a very important distinction because treating your body like it’s a calculator can lead you down the wrong path. The metabolism of the human body works in an altogether much more complicated fashion.

    1. True. You get fat because you eat too many CARBOHYDRATES. This is what makes people fat. Sugar & breads & pasta. It’s not “FOOD”, it’s carbs.
      Obesity is nothing but a carbohydrate addiction. It’s a substance abuse problem. These people don’t choose alcohol or cigarettes or heroin. They choose carbs as their drug.
      We need food to survive, but we DON’T need carbs.

    2. “treating your body like it’s a calculator can lead you down the wrong path” I lost 37 pounds using the calculator mindset, so to each his own I suppose.

  36. America has been on this long before Europe. In the US, you can collect welfare from being morbidly obese and have been able to since… oh… 1992, give or take.

    1. The excess protein necessary to do that is something not even most bodybuilders are able to meet.

  37. All newly married American women will soon be labelled disabled since they like to chunk up so they don’t have to bang anymore.

  38. I know what it’s like to struggle with being overweight; it’s in the family to some extent. But the one thing i realised very quickly in life is that while some people are more prone to gaining weight than others, it’s generally within your control. Fat people too often make excuses for why they are fat. I have fat friends that always claim to have ‘tried everything’ to lose weight but that is complete bull. They just don’t want to cut out the consumption of fatty foods and excess carbs. They want to the freedom to be able to eat whatever they want whenever they want without accepting any responsibility for the consequences whatsoever, hence the connection between feminism and fat acceptance.
    Whoever said that carbs are the biggest killer on here is correct. I lost the most weight when i cut down on my bread and pasta intake and eliminated pizza from my diet for 6 months. I barely ever eat bread now. It’s very bloating.

  39. The poor European guys share a lot with American men when it must come to marriage:
    It’s like we both are serving time with big fat cellmates who DON’T want to have sex with us.

  40. It’s all part of the social conditioning system. The first world governments are just trying to get people on the nanny-state band wagon. The less responsibility the give to citizens, the more they must depend on the government.

  41. The European Union is a big machine whose only purpose is to create work for the bureaucrats that control it. If there’s any doubt about any tiny detail in any bit of legislation, then they’ll do something about it and, in the process, create more work for themselves and their friends. Contrary to what they themselves say, they really have created legislation about the acceptable size, shape and colour of fruit.
    It’s one big pyramid scheme, essentially, because at some point the machine will become top heavy, the money will run out and the machine will break down.

  42. This discussion is missing the point. It is not the fat people that are disabled. It is the European Union (via this non official ruling) that is indicative of being mentally challenged.
    “While no official ruling has been made, the EU effectively just told
    employers they have to give special treatment to their fat employees,
    the same they would go to someone with autism, cancer, dementia, or
    It is not the fat people that you should be discussing, but rather the EU’s lacking.

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