Attention Whoring Is More Important To This 40-Year-Old Than Being A Mom

Kriste Lewis has been making a lot of headlines for recently making the New Orleans Saints “Saintsation” cheerleading squad. While this would not normally be Good Morning America worthy, this is an exception. Why?

Because Kriste is 40 years old and the mother of two children.


Of course, her making the team has caused plenty of discussion: what it was like competing with so many younger girls vying for the Saintsation position, as well as her battle with kidney disease:

Though Lewis said it was her lifelong dream, the biggest inspiration that motivated her to try out was a health condition she has battled daily for more than a decade.

“Fourteen years ago I was diagnosed with polysistic kidney disease. Eventually my kidneys will shut down [and] I will be in need of dialysis and in need of a transplant,” she said.

“That had a lot to do with me auditioning as well. I didn’t want to waste a day.”

While Lewis’ ability to make the squad over her younger peers, and her overall conditioning, is admirable for someone who has lived forty years on the planet, what is being lost in the hoopla is the impact it might potentially have on her husband and young children. Of course they say she has their full support, but I bet the husband will think differently when he sits down at the dinner table to a frozen pizza meal for the third time in a week.

The question that no one is asking is this: why is this mother of two more concerned about restoring her former glory days with Photoshopped airbrushing, short skirts and drunk men drooling all over her fading beauty?


“Her Lifelong Dream”

Lewis has raved about how excited *she* is for the opportunity:

“I can’t even fathom what it’s going to be like to walk out on that field in the Superdome with all those Saints fans,” she said. “I hope I don’t pass out. … If I died tomorrow, I’m good. I’m a happy girl. It’s been a blast.”

She fails to mention anything about how where this lifelong dream fits in with what I would assume was also a lifetime dream of having a family, which she has already been blessed with. Contrary to what she is saying, her lifelong dream is not to be an NFL cheerleader—it’s to have attention on her and to be famous.

If her sole dream was to be a cheerleader for an NFL squad, then she would have made the team and just shut up about it, rather than doing features with her family watching her dance by herself on a Good Morning America feature.

The Cheerleader Cost

I dated a dance team girl in college, and let me tell you—the schedule is no joke. Games, practices, photo shoots, and “fan appearances” (i.e. beta male orbiting) all take a up a significant amount of time.

You can read this article about the Raiders cheerleader who filed suit against the Raiders for her low pay and wages:

Long before Lacy’s boots ever hit the gridiron grass, “I was just hustling,” she says. “Very early on, I was spending money like crazy.” The salon visits, the makeup, the eyelashes, the tights were almost exclusively paid out of her own pocket. The finishing touch of the Raiderettes’ onboarding process was a contract requiring Lacy to attend thrice-weekly practices, dozens of public appearances, photo shoots, fittings and nine-hour shifts at Raiders home games, all in return for a lump sum of $1,250 at the conclusion of the season.

While hopefully the Saints have a better environment for their cheerleaders than the Raiders, Kriste Lewis is kidding herself if she thinks that this could somehow benefit her family with some “extra pay”.

It simply will not happen.

In all likeliness, it will add more stress to her husband. He will have to finance her upfront costs out of his own pocket (none of the articles have made mention of how much she previously made, if she worked at all), and will have to deal with either additional childcare costs in the form of daycare, or putting in those hours himself.

Meanwhile, mommy will be too busy dancing half naked in front of leering men, posing in her bathing suit for a cameraman, and participating in what will likely be mandatory “team bonding” sleepovers, much like the Raider cheerleader had to.

Before the 2013 season kicked off, the women were also required to drive up to Napa to participate in a Raiderettes minicamp, and during the season, the squad went away for its annual swimsuit calendar shoot. Lacy drove up to Napa, posed all day in a royal-blue bikini at a cold winery and was forced to stick around for a sleepover.

Though Lewis has been continuously praised in the media for her courage to tryout with her younger peers and for her battle with kidney disease, she should be shamed for terrible priorities. She should be keeping  fit and exercising consistently for her health and family, but she can do that without being nearly naked, holding pom-poms, and shaking her ass in front of the Superdome crowd.

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124 thoughts on “Attention Whoring Is More Important To This 40-Year-Old Than Being A Mom”

  1. Great role model for her kids…
    No doubt her beta husband is 100% supportive of this

  2. I have known women who were pro cheerleaders and they don’t make any money. A lot are hoping to marry some athlete or get a TV job. She is just another selfish self centered woman.

  3. Not to mention the fact that she’ll be around 6’4 inch 240 pound men in the greatest physical condition imaginable. Hope her husband will be ok with that, and with hearing “not tonight honey, I’m so tired and sore from,uh…PRACTICE, yeah that’s it. Maybe next week.”
    Then again she’s old so maybe they wouldn’t want her like that considering she’s surrounded by women half her age at the peak of fertility. But there’s got to be one guy on the team who would fuck her senseless.
    What an unlucky bastard. Managed to get a wife and some kids…then she runs off to do this shit.

    1. yeah, by the same standard, what’s the harm in taking a few for a ride in the changing rooms after a match… YOLO….
      on the other hand all it takes is some simpy product like Dove to contract her for a few adds and she’s six figures richer in one weekend… it’s not all bad…..

      1. If her beta husband discovers the red pill within the next 6 months, and she gets rich from this, his best move will be to strategically divorce her and extract whatever alimony or assets he can.
        Public adultery from her will be a plus in court.

    2. Oh, they’ll pump and dump her given a chance. Why not? She’s probably not seeking another kid. Even if she could get pregnant, with her kidney issues, it wouldn’t be great. She’d probably pork up like a sow being readied for slaughter, and it looks like she’s vain enough to avoid that.
      I agree though, terribly unlucky husband. Even if she’s not being ridden like the team pony, she’s going to be tired and bitchy. I dated a girl in college on the cheer team, and let me tell you, practice nights were the worst. She always put out, but damn, she was lazy about the bedroom performance. No practice, she fucked like a champ. Her conditioning was excellent, physically. Even with that, she was exhausted after practice. I can easily imagine that (nearly 20 years later) she would be bitchy about sex after practice.
      I don’t blame her for wanting the attention, she’s a regular attention-seeking woman. That being said, I don’t think it’ll work out so well.

      1. “Get pregnant with her kidney issus” She is fucking forty, she can’t get pregnant without a team of doctors charging enough to buy a Ferrari.

        1. Not true. Women’s fertility expires at varying rates. Now I’m not saying it’d be as easy as knocking her up as if she was 20. My friend’s mom got pregnant with her (by accident) at 42 if I remember right.

          This bint just has an extra reason to avoid it. She get’s knocked up and her kidneys will likely go to hell in a handbasket.

        2. I was in the service with a guy whose mother was 52 when he was born. His youngest sister was 20 years older than him.

    3. dude when you’re at the top of the food chain like millionaire professional athletes are, you dont even consider a hag. The friend of my cousin actually plays in the NHL and he’s happily destroying young pussy like no other. He told me in no uncertain terms- younger girls are better, game over.
      Past 35 BCT (biological clocks ticking)hags are not worth it. Pregancy traps, old leather pussy, bitter, frustrated cunts…they suck.

      1. Tell that to the Green Bay quarter back dating some 35+ hag and he’s 30. The red pill is rare especially in sports

        1. Agree. The red pill is rare in professional sports and the military. You see so many of them just going along with whatever ‘mommy’ (or girlfriend) wants at the
          And the blue pill pro athletes are the worst…because they don’t have to.

    4. Here’s another wife ‘bored’ with her life.
      Most women get involved with something to keep them busy (and maybe grab a little attention). This one is pretty bad (and more people should be calling her out on what should be higher priorities – namely the kids).
      Daddy has to go along with it (now). He has no choice (or it’s court, divorce, no kids, half pay, etc..). He’d better support mommy’s new ‘hobby’ or he’ll pay dearly.
      Yep, let’s see a follow up to this piece after the NFL season. They can do a “where are they now” segment on her. Is she still with her husband? What happened to the kids?
      Would be interesting…but more attention whoring at it’s finest.

    1. She’s seeking attention. She’s an attractive woman, she could already get tons of cock.

      1. Think you missed the large picture of her face at the top of the article. No amount of makeup + Photoshop can make that woman NOT look like a bridge troll.
        But, put a paper bag on it and it might be okay. She’s probably flexible…

        1. Yea she really has a weird lookin face. That being said I’d prob bang her if I was single/horny and any younger prospects dried up for the night.

      2. She is trying to ‘recapture’ those old glory days – when men would do anything for her and she gained attention. Here at ROK…we all know that once they hit the wall the attention becomes less and less.
        More attention seeking by this woman because she misses those days. I see it, live, every day with older women. They are becoming invisible and the younger women are getting the attention.

    2. Yes, but don’t these alphas have better options than a 40 year old woman?

        1. I don’t think a 21 year old with a spawn may qualify as a MILF haha. Wouldn’t a woman become a MILF only after 30?

  4. After an entire year of having male attention 24/7, she won’t be the same woman he married at all. It will go to her head and modeling, swimsuit pagaents, car shows, promos, etc. will be her next adventures. All the girls that I went to HS/college with that became dancers/cheerleaders are now lifelong attention whores, posting every modeling or Hooters photo on Facebook for the beta love.
    Her husband should hire a divorce lawyer ASAP and start preparing for the end…

  5. Listen boys, drop the double standards, will you?
    Who fucks and gives validation to these women? It’s you. People like you who later on would brag about it on rooshv forum. So you either stop validating these women or stop bitching about them.
    You can’t fuck them and then cry “oh, where have all the virgins gone?”

    1. I wouldn’t fuck her with your dick. Some desperate beta no doubt would, but who cares, they deserve each other.

    2. We don’t give these women validation, but we do try to help the poor, spineless cuntboys who do.
      Besides, their cock-riding lifestyle won’t give them the life-affirming validation that a stable family will…only they don’t realize it til it’s too late and they’re past “the Wall” as we call it.

  6. Why she’s doing this, and why the husband is going along with it, became plainly obvious as soon as they cut to him in the GMA video. The dude is an herb. I’d bet money that he’s a walking wallet, and gladly jumps at her beck and call for the occasional reward of sex. Now she’s trying to get alpha cock lined up before she bails on him.

    1. Never met a guy called “Tim” who wasn’t a beta. It sounds ridiculous, but I firmly believe the name your parents give you has an indirect influence upon your personality. I’ve yet to met a masculine Colin, Connor, Devon.
      Same as there are no smart DeShawns, JaQuan…

      1. Maybe true in your experience. I once knew a black dude who was a personal trainer named Colin and dude was absolutely ripped and jacked. He also did some martial arts and we sparred several times so he could fight too. His wife was white.

  7. Tbh I’m impressed. I think she sets a good exams to other women about how someone can stay in shape after having children which she did before her career. I have no doubt that if she has a disease she will likely still put in more time than your average Westerner. I think she should be applauded. I rarely critique the articles on RoK as I understand the sentiment but I feel it’s lost on this woman who doesn’t seem to be trying to cry for attention and who would unlikely leave her husband for a footballer given her medical condition.

    1. Of course not. It’s all for publicity. She looks very old for her age…Definitely not 40.

  8. Every once in a while I start to think that maybe I’m just being bitter and I start to go blue pill a bit….
    Than immediately blue pill results return…
    Take your RedPills boys.

  9. If she was still concerned with her family as well as her “dream”, she would be a cheerleader for one game then quit. That way should would have been as professional cheerleader and still would be able to get home to her family. We all know now that she has fame, the media will spin whatever she does as positive. If they divorce its because the husband was selfish and couldn’t handle the new her. If they stay together it’ll be how she is a super mom and wife even though she probably barely spent any time with her family during the season.

    1. Agree. Let’s see a follow up on how things went for the couple about a year or two later.
      This is the start of the ‘decline’ for this family. Mommy needs to get out and do things so everyone else will have to wait. Then the split, court, payments, no kids, etc…
      and yes, the media will probably spin it in her favor (you go girl)…lol. What BS.

  10. On the other hand it gives the husband time to line up the 22 year old Asian child-minder/fuck-doll who will replace her. He should go ahead and move her in now so that the kids will already have bonded with her and the blow of losing their dry-pussied mother will be cushioned somewhat.

  11. I’d punch her if she were my wife.
    No, I am not kidding.
    Some people want to write a book or a symphony. Others want to create a foundation and give something back to their communities.
    This woman’s lifelong dream was being a cheerleader.

  12. Pro Cheerleaders don’t make hardly anything. It’s basically a volunteer position for young women who want to: (a) have something to put on their resume for their prospective modeling careers and/or (b) find a professional athlete to marry and/or impregnate her. It’s not something a 40 year old mom has any valid reason to do.
    I’m all for pursuing your dreams. But, once you are married and have kids who need you, you’ve got to start putting some foolish dreams behind you.

  13. I used to hang with a bunch of cheerleaders. They get payed minimum wage and end up spending more money driving around town than they will ever earn. Everyone of them was grade A, certified, narcissistic skanks doing it all for attention.
    A woman in her 40s doing this is pathetic. No better than the 40 year old hooters girl. Shes clearly pushing her family to the side to prove to herself she still “has it” and can mingle with the rich at fundraisers.
    Id tell the husband…get ready for the divorce. Hes about to learn about hypergamy…

    1. Actually, Hooters’ waitresses are better off. Unlike most servers(waiters or waitresses) who get less than minimum wage, Hooters’ Waitresses get paid minimum wage. Hooters’ waitresses usually get just as much if not more in tips than most servers. She would make more money on her own as a Hooters’ waitress. However, she has more opportunity to be boned like she is owned by a 6 foot 6 inch 300 pound of solid muscle football player with a big dick who knows how to use it and always wanted to try MILF(Mother I would Like to Fuck) sex. The actress Gabrielle Union, age 42 and born in 1972, is married to basketball player Dwayne Wade, age 32 and born in 1982 so she is 10 years older than him. Can you say, “Mommy, your bad boy needs to fuck!!!”

  14. Long before Lacy’s boots ever hit the gridiron grass, “I was just hustling,” she says. “Very early on, I was spending money like crazy.” The salon visits, the makeup, the eyelashes, the tights were almost exclusively paid out of her own pocket. The finishing touch of the Raiderettes’ onboarding process was a contract requiring Lacy to attend thrice-weekly practices, dozens of public appearances, photo shoots, fittings and nine-hour shifts at Raiders home games, all in return for a lump sum of $1,250 at the conclusion of the season.

    Wait, really? That much work for $1250? I had no idea professional cheerleaders were paid so little. Women STILL try out for those teams despite the low pay? I guess being a pimp for attention whores is profitable.

  15. The body looks OK, in the photoshopped photos, from a distance, but the face screams “old hag arriving soon in this space”. She looks like a Barbie that got melted in a fire, and that manjaw is just a bonus – if you are blind.
    But there would be a line of thirsty betas eager to date this creatureoid, I have no doubt.

  16. Meh, I think this article is a bit too over the top. Let the diseased hag have her moment in the spotlight. It’s not easy to become a pro cheerleader, and to do it after 40 is quite the accomplishment. Chances are she wont be doing it for more than a year or two.
    Her husband is probably getting sick of her and could use a little private time anyway. Maybe it’ll be an opportunity from him to bond with his kids more? Or have an affair with a hot young piece of ass? Or just enjoy sweet Internet porn?
    Plus all the cheerleading will keep her in banging shape when she comes home. And given her age I doubt she is putting out for any of the athletes.

    1. Being 40 or older doesn’t make them stop looking out for the bigger better deal.

  17. Her boys are 14 and 11, they’re not babies anymore and they’re probably not home schooled. At that age it will do them well to spend more time with their dad than their mom.

    1. Yeah but every male friend they have will make constant jokes about their mom getting rammed under the Superdome. Might not be true but it’ll be annoying as fuck and they’ll have no answer.

  18. Sheesh. She might have good teeth, but she still looks like white trash to me. She sounds like she has the coarse mentality of a white trash woman as well.

  19. My sister-in-law is an ex-NFL cheerleader. Cheated on her husband about a dozen times. 4 boob jobs, another one scheduled. Total narcissistic nightmare of a wife, I can see my BIL die a little more inside every time I see him.
    Moral of this story, don’t marry attention seeking whores.

  20. I very much doubt that her attention whoring just started recently. She’s surely been an attention whore since she was a teenager. Which means she’s already had loads of cock.
    Which leads to the obvious question – Is there a venereal disease that attacks the kidneys?
    Watching their mother publicly attention whoring, her two sons are pretty much lost causes. Her narcissism most likely messed them up when they were still infants.
    So, the husband should finally get his sweet revenge. He should finally grow a pair. File for divorce and give her a choice: Either she takes full responsibility for the kids half of the time (which will trash her cheerleader adventure), or she can go her own way, and get no spousal and child support. In the latter case, he might still have some time to at least improve the mental health of his two boys with her out of the picture.

  21. Horrible article.
    The kids are boys aged 14 and 11. They are old enough to handle their mom working weekends during the season and a handful of other dates during the year.
    Helicopter parenting, where a tiger mom hovers over everything her children do, is not healthy. In another age, these kids would already be adults. Mom can o what she wants (especially if dad is around, the article doesn’t say she is a single mother so I assume she isn’t). Of course, dad needs to find out why mom is suddenly interested in attention whoring so he doesn’t get divorce raped, but that’s his problem.

    1. Exactly!!! She is in fact doing
      the RIGHT thing.

      had the boys when she was young. The parental duty is done. They are at age now
      when they need to spend less time around women anyway and more time with dad,
      uncles, other men.
      she wants to be a show girl why not, she’s got the looks. She IS attractive and
      she’s got the right face. I get a good vibe. I can tell you she definitely looks
      a lot better than the majority of 20 something girls I see around. If the
      husband does not mind, she’s good to go and have a fun in the second part of her
      The problem with article is that RoK is
      developing this self-righteous attitude and is damaging its

      1. I can tell you she definitely looks a lot better than the majority of 20 something girls I see around.

        Somebody fetch this man his spectacles, pronto! Maybe we can have a community fundraiser and all chip in to get him corrective eye surgery.
        Either that, or he lives in a small rural town where all the hotties have left for the big city and only the warpigs remained behind. That being the case, I think I may understand…

      2. But return of kings is a bunch of men who take full advantage of modern society at the same time as they lament it. That is the reputation.

        1. Taking advantage of modern society means selling shit to idiots. What does RoK sell?

      3. Her behavior, at 40, should be questioned by any sane adult (man or woman). It’s not as if she is going to try a new hobby…the woman is going out for her life long dream as a professional cheerleader (lol).
        I think you need to rethink your comment here. There is nothing wrong with the woman living her life, trying new things, new hobbies, etc… It’s the choice in this new ‘hobby’ is what I would question.
        This choice screams nothing but clear attention seeking behavior (not healthy by any means – ask any professional therapist).
        Again, any sane adult could see it.

  22. She is pursuing something that she set as a goal. There are numerous articles on this site and the manosphere in general that encourage an attitude of self improvement and a path of goal accomplishment. Her children are old enough to not need mom around all the time and if that is the only issue with her striving for this goal, then good for her.
    Professional Cheerleaders are not high school or college cheerleaders and they are not generally allowed to fraternize with the male athletes, and the athletes themselves have clauses where they could face fines for such.
    There was a guy that had retired out of the US Army Special Forces a few years back that decided to play football as he attended the University of South Carolina on his GI bill. He and his wife actually had a bunch of kids at the time. I can’t see RoK leveling such a harsh criticism at him.

    1. I have to 2nd your post. Definitely a lot of woman hate here. I think these things too. It’s a natural reaction, I believe a lot on the fem side DO hate men in a lot of ways too…

    2. Nope….I call BS on this comment (just my opinion).
      There are plenty of ‘goals’ that this woman can obtain (physically fit) and not parade around seeking attention. If she were just in it to become the best she could be (at 40), then she would do it without the attention. Like another poster said, she would have made the team (and shut up about it).
      Not only is she trying out for it, she is going on MSM to talk about her story. Next, we’ll see her on a reality TV show (would that change your mind?).
      There are plenty of hobbies, sports, etc….that she can engage in (that will push her limits) without all of the fanfare. Let’s just be honest about it, here.

    3. Of course this site is encouraging goal accomplishment but only for men. And many articles keep on saying how women are valuable only in their young age but when a women makes efforts to keep her look she’s seen as ridiculous and pathetic…

  23. She looks old and the doctered up photos do not hide her age at all and wtf is the deal with freakishly white teeth these days lmao.

    1. Her skin on the first picture is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, while her skin on the picture with the black sports bra looks like paper mache.

  24. Nice body but she got the big beefy man-head.
    The only reason why we know about this is because this is what the media likes to promote. She might be a special snowflake or have some special familial arrangement like a sugar daddy beta husband or something, or be might even be an alpha who does not give a shit or knows he can raise his kids better.
    Who knows.
    There will be damage. The damage comes from all the other attention-seeking women seeing this and going half-assed at it, without the same resources on hand or even the same opportunities. We’ll never hear about those train wrecks because they won’t serve the narrative.

      1. Indeed. Years of stress. I bet she is a manager in some corporate setting. Another telltale sign is triangular zones of hairlessness or thinning over the temples (pretty much what most men have). You will very rarely see a woman with a “baby face” yet have hair missing in those zones. It comes with the man-jaw. Stress does that.
        But hey the like it and they are brainwashed to think cubicle-land is some higher order existence so fuck them. I’ll go after the baby-faces and they can drag their big fat manjaws around wondering why nobody looks at them any more.

  25. This MILF is hotter, thinner and fitter than 85% of all other living females. Of course she is an attention whore. Most hot western women are, but very few over 30 are able to command quality attention from alpha males. This woman still can.
    While her intrinsic value is lower than that of a hot 20 year old, it is more than enough to get her into a pro cheerleading squad. Such career is not directly for the money, but as a trampoline for modelling, stripping, golddigging, public relations and escort services. At her age, I think escort services and goldiggin for octogenarians will work quite well.
    I agree that she will not have much time for her husband and children, but then again most hot western women are already selfish and narcisstic and their family comes after them.
    The only uncommon thing here is that she is doing this at 40 instead of 25.

      1. Haha I googled her without makeup and photoshop. Manjaw indeed. At her age, only the high testosterone levels and insane routine keeps things in place.

  26. Someone pursing their dreams through hard work, male or female, is not a bad thing. I’m actually cool with this.

  27. I believe the inherent nature of women is that they starve for attention. I also believe there was a time, long before I was so graciously given the opportunity to walk this earth, that societies all over the world on this entire planet were able to keep women in line and not allow them to speak up or think freely. As ideas become more liberal and women gain more independence/freedom/options, we will see the true nature of women continue to grow unchecked. Masculinity, self reliance, logic, order, nature itself is under attack by the new ways of thinking. You have women mouthing off to men and wondering why men don’t put them in their place and fuck them right. It has never occurred to them that they like being dominated? It’s their nature to be dominated by men. Women need to realize that everyone, society as a whole, will be so much better if they just stopped trying to be like men. As technology continues to “bring people together” the narcissism of women will continue to fuel the decay of society. As a man, I can only continue on with the sound principles that my true fathers of knowledge have passed down to me until my death. I am alone in this world and I have to work everyday to get what I want. Death granted to me by chance and fate shall be a blessing. It’s like I would have to earn it. Call it an honorable death. After I have gamed enough women, continued to improve myself on all mental, physical and social fronts, I would have earned my right to be released from this burden of life as a man in this world. This is a right that must be granted to me by fate alone. I cannot choose to be weak and destroy myself. That would be much too easy. I have to earn this death. And upon that great day they can bury me with my arms open signifying that I came with nothing and I’m leaving with nothing. Except maybe my street triple r =P

  28. Her lifelong dream is to be a cheerleader. That pretty much sums it up for me.

  29. Fair article. Her making it is commendable, and under other circumstances achieving a dream with ticking clock is also commendable. But wasting time that could be spent with your family is worthy of admonishment.

  30. This is an old story, apparently
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    We were very happy
    Well at least I thought we were
    Can’t somebody tell me
    What’s got into her
    A house, a home, a family
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    Who’d believe she’d leave us
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    Oh, I know when Mary Jo’s been dancin’
    Here in New Orleans
    In this smoke-filled honky-tonk
    They call the land of dreams
    Here she comes a-struttin’
    In her birthday clothes
    Say has anybody seen my
    Sweet gypsy Rose?

  31. Alphas can’t take care of their children without a woman? They’ll starve living off frozen TV dinners because they can’t cook themselves a simple meal? Sure, you might call him a beta, but you’re still advocating that his wife treat him as an alpha. This makes alphas (and all men, really) look incompetent without a woman’s direction. Seriously, are 20 year olds writing these pieces? Stop blindly picking the first story that includes a woman on your news feed and write an article that doesn’t make men look so weak. This article is pretty much saying that men are the inferior parent. If they were superior, the setbacks experienced by this woman’s newfound career choice would not include starvation and complete lack of skill as a parent, but maybe, unable to put their child’s hair in a scrunchie the proper way or something…the author has subconsciously declared women as the head of the home.
    Also, very obvious assumption about her husband’s increased stress to the added cost of a pair of tights. He’s probably very well off if his wife can be a cheerleader for almost no pay. Something tells me he’s not struggling, yet this article portrays men with families as weak providers.
    Clearly a rant by me, but still some valid questions.

  32. Bitches past 35 should never be parading their old carcass around in public.
    A young 5-6 destroy any hag past 35. I dont care if the hag is in shape, hotter than 99% of the hags of the same age- shes just past her prime and not fit for visual public consumption.

  33. I’m going to dissent here.
    I like it when 40+ year old women who are in shape parade themselves in public. Why? Because it shames all of the out of shape ones, and exposes the self-serving lies that pervade our culture about how any woman who is over 35 and/or has kids has an excuse for putting on pounds.
    They say “It is impossible to have a killer body because I am older and/or have kids.” Bullshit. You just like scarfing cupcakes and sitting on the couch more than you like having a sexy body. And now we have women like this cheerleader to prove it.

    1. I’m going to dissent here.
      Sure, fit, shapely 40+ year olds should be promoted and rendered visible as something to strive for, if not accepted as a normal occurance. But as others have observed, a cheerleading squad for younger women is not the platform to do it. 40+ plus should be laudered for their fitness at their age, and not put up against some 20 year old. I don’t think people here generally want to see 40+ year olds looking and fucking and being as immature and irresponsible as 20 year olds.
      That’s the irony of feminism that you don’t want to buy into. On the one hand, feminist insists that older women should not be held up and compared against younger women because a youth culture and focus is inherently patriarchal and oppressive. Then in apparent cognitive dissonance, the same feminist celebrate a 40+ year old giving a 20 year a run for her money in terms of looks and attention. And women insist it is an insult to call them crazy…………

  34. At first I thought: how sad for her family. But then I thought if she requires this much attention and ego stroking, they might actually be better off with her gone for long periods of time. She’s probably very envious of anyone in the family getting attention but her. As any shrink can tell you, a kid having to compete with a parent for attention is a recipe for major psychological damage.

  35. This sounds like a nightmare for the family and she looks like shit god I hope 40 year old women look better in 20 years when I’m 50

  36. I once dated an NFL Cheerleader. She was exactly the kind of girl RoK talks about but just pre-smartphone. Extremely selfish, entitled and bitchy.

  37. Its all part of the overall culture of youth in modern society. People (especially women) want to hang on to their youth as long as possible and not accept adult responsibility. We used to talk about male mid-life crisis. Now that women have these crises and even that this has become “normal” no one really mentions it anymore.

  38. At best, it borders on being a cruel joke to tell a 40-year old mother of two that she “still has it.” And worst, its downright disgusting ad plain old bullshit to try to pass this blown out soccer mom off on Joe Lunchbox as any kind of sexy….maybe you could call her, like, “Iron Curtain Seksy” or “comfortable shoes sexy”…

  39. Is it just me, or does her face look plastic?
    She doesn’t look bad with all the plastic and gunk on her face. She doesn’t look petite. She’s probably very energetic and really outgoing, which makes for a great fuck. 8=====D ~~~ ~~~

  40. “Lifelong Dream.” To do the work of a 16-year old high school student.
    Well, I guess she figures that eagles may soar, but no one ever hears about weasels getting sucked into jet engines.

  41. “Of course they say she has their full support, but I bet the husband will think differently when he sits down at the dinner table to a frozen pizza meal for the third time in a week.”
    How much you wanna bet that her husband is already used to this routine?

  42. The only reason she does this is her hope to grab some last minute alpha cock.
    Her husband is beta – no alpha would allow his wife and mother of his kids such a nonsense. Not at 19 and even less at 39. So there you go.
    Hot chick with beta boy hopes to upgrade and the sucker even pays for it; wondering how many of his kids (if any) are indeed his…

  43. I guess this is a pro-male site, but the basis of this piece is total bull shit. This bitch can’t go do something that she really wanted to do because she has kids??? I bet if some married dude had a dream of making an NFL team at age 38 this retarded author wouldn’t say shit but….. go get em tiger. This may be the stupidest argument ever.

  44. You shame this woman, yet praise Maria “what’s your excuse” Kang? Both do fitness, are moms, and love showing the bods all over the place. Both love attention, yet one gets the hate. Oh ROK. (Facepalm)

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