America’s Booty Obsession Is Another Symptom Of Social Decline

Ayn Rand once wrote, “Show me the woman [a man] sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself.” If this applies to American men in general, our nation is rocketing towards Gomorrah like a fat kid on a water slide. No less than an authority than the New York Times has declared that booty is in, with pop singers and movie stars like Iggy Azalea and Beyonce showing off their asses and music videos for songs like “Booty” providing a butt buffet for America’s simpletons.

This is not a good thing.

I don’t mean to trample on anyone’s preferences, but America’s increasing ass addiction is further evidence of our decline as a society. Not only is booty worship associated with primitive, backwards cultures, but America’s burgeoning butt cult is yet another expression of female narcissism. By cheering on the likes of Meghan Trainor and other ambassadors of ass, you are helping perpetuate the degradation of women into fat, self-centered sluts.


Ass, Class And Status

It’s universally accepted that a man’s preferences in female beauty are indicative of his class and attitude. Historically, ass fixations were considered trashy, because butts signify the primal and hearken back to our animal origins. Boobs were associated with working-class men (think the original Playboy), while legs were the preference of the upper classes because they signified good breeding (since height is an indicator of good nutrition and genes).

This was confirmed by a recent Pornhub study analyzing the types of search strings their sites get. The map below displays whether boob or butt searches are more popular in certain countries:


As you can see, asses are preferred in Africa, South America, and the Middle East, regions known for their crushing poverty and corrupt governments. The civilized, wealthy nations of the world, from Europe to Asia, prefer boobs. Egypt and Argentina, historically the most advanced countries on their respective continents, also prefer boobs. The U.S. is the only first world nation in the Butt column, and that’s primarily because of our large black and Latino populations.


Looking at a state-by-state breakdown, we see the exact same pattern. The states where boobs reign are the whitest ones, as well as the ones with the highest quality of life, the least corrupt governments, and the lowest crime rates. Vote Ass if you enjoy paying 50 percent of your taxes to a government that can’t even pave the roads or protect you from criminals, while your city devolves into a third world cesspool.


Those Phat Asses Aren’t For You

So maybe you think my civilizational explanation is cracked out, or you just don’t care about the fate of the U.S. But even if that’s the case, there’s still a very good reason to oppose the MSM’s booty crusade: it’s feeding the self-absorption of young women.

The reason why asses are considered low-class is because developing a big ass requires less discipline then any other female beauty standard. The butt is the only part of a woman’s anatomy that improves when she gains weight. Contrary to what fat girls think, getting obese doesn’t make for better boobs, because a fatty’s tits are veiny, distended, and saggy. Absolutely no effort is required for a girl to get a big ass; perfect for a nation in which the majority of women are turning into cellulite-ridden hambeasts.

This is the most troubling aspect of America’s butt cult: virtually all the ass anthems being pushed by the media are paeans of self-love. Take the video for Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” as an example:

Trainor is a fat white girl rapping about how she’s fine just the way she is, how beauty standards that expect her to cut down on the bon-bons are oppressive, and denigrating women who have “stick figure,” “Barbie doll” physiques. The message to girls is clear: don’t work on yourself, don’t take care of your body, and any man repulsed by your undulating stomach flab and toilet paper-infested asscrack is a meanie misogynist.

The same attitude is present in last year’s other major butt worship song, Jennifer Lopez’s “Booty.” When that video first came out, I was talking about it with some friends and one commented on how anhedonic and unsexy it was. I told him that “Booty” wasn’t supposed to be sexy. J.Lo and Iggy Azalea aren’t flaunting their butts because they want to look hot for men, they’re doing it out of narcissism: “You better worship my big booty, or else!”

Contrast these music videos to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back,” which ass-lovers point to as an example of how butts have gone mainstream. “Baby Got Back” is sexy and appealing because it was sung from a man’s perspective, about what men liked. It wasn’t even representative of black America’s tastes, because the majority of attractive black women didn’t emphasize their butts, even going all the way back to the sixties (NSFW link).

The current crop of ass anthems are by women, about women, and are about shaming men for not giving these women the deference they think they deserve. What you prefer as a man is irrelevant: big booty is the only item on the menu, and if you don’t like it, you can starve for all they care.


Planet Of The Asses

It’s fine to prefer booty, but the left never stops at tolerance. Gay rights were originally sold to the public with the “tolerance” canard, but in the year 2015, Christian bakers are getting sued left and right for refusing to make gay wedding cakes. Eventually, if you don’t worship the flabby ass of every narwhal lumbering down the street, you’ll be treated like you’re personally jamming your finger down the throat of every bulimic in America.

Again, if you like asses, there’s no problem with that. But the booty cult being pushed by the mainstream media isn’t the product of what men want, it’s yet another way to bolster the already inflated egos of women. Iggy Azalea, Meghan Trainor and their ilk are horsewomen of the female narcissism apocalypse, slipping poison in the ears of this nation’s already slovenly, slutty, selfish girls.

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472 thoughts on “America’s Booty Obsession Is Another Symptom Of Social Decline”

    1. Long legs and a nice round butt. Stuff that fits really well in a pair of very tight jeans.
      And a nice set of tits on top. Plain t-shirt, no bra, nipples out.
      And preferably no or minimal makeup (and not in a lesbo/dyke way).

  1. Although I realise Matt Forney is quite ugly and probably shouldn’t throw stones, this piece is indeed interesting. What the fuck is up with these big asses? A really big ass is not sexy. Look at those Armenian whores, the Kardashians, and those ridiculous asses. It’s nice to have a little bit of butt, but not these monstrosities.
    Are they selling sodomy or fatness/laziness?
    Imagine how long your cock would need to be to get to the appropriate hole with an ass that big sticking out at you doggystyle – then again, that may not be the hole they want you to enter.
    I am very glad Australia still came up as a tits place. I personally love big tits, and that betrays my working class background.

    1. Interesting. Does an ass preference mean a preference for anal. At least I don’t think it does in Africa but in the West, ass means arse and arse doesn’t mean vag
      edit: there should be a research study for this

        1. that ass does not mean vag is not really that high-falutin. It just means, what do you want to do with the ass in question, penetrate hole A or hole B, get face-sat about, or as the author Timothy Mo once asked have a “Brownout” (on Breadfruit Street – that was the whole novel). Read Plato’s PhaedrASS for the ancients’ perspective

        2. I see. But it is a deep philosophical issue. Entire cultures are founded on such things

        3. Oh man – that prepubescent thing is so feminist. That is what they go for all the time. Besides, you can leave a landing strip.

        4. we were talking about culture weren’t we? The big butt and the waxed vag are a combo surely? There’s no sign of a 70s ‘merkin’ type bush recovery

        5. As a man you have to mix and match. Waxed vag don’t equal big booty or anything related to prepubescence. Might not like a mouthful of pubes.

    2. If the ass is natural you can grab it and get easy access, it is not at all difficult. When the ass is fake is when shit gets weird.

      1. “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.”- Hunter Thompson

    3. “Look at those Armenian whores”
      There are a lot of those active in media these days: Kardashian, Kasparian, Sarkeesian…

        1. My theory is that they are going through the “more holy than the pope” syndrome only in terms of whoredom. Fully aware of their eastern origins they feel the need to compensate and hence you get bigger whores then even the local whores lol.

    4. Just realized that could be why I like these women and most non-black men don’t (and uh, scrawny/short black men don’t). I like big tits too though.

  2. It’s about time to concede that phat asses are monumentally overated. On a personal level I’m a big fan of perky boobs and and gorgeous hips. You can’t go wrong with these:-

        1. For real. Not only how they feel, but also it’s just sad that a woman needs to buy (er, I mean have the dude she’s fucking that has the most money out of all of them buy!) her self-esteem and confidence in such a crass and pathetic manner and then feel the need to put them on public display 24 hours.
          That not only, but have you ever heard a woman with fake tits be referred to by other people who hardly know her as anything BUT “Oh, you mean the girl with the fake tits?” That becomes her one and only identity from that point on, and sadly many of them are content with this fact.
          Now imagine if that were your sister…

        2. A couple of fake tits, yoga pants, and an instagram account are all a girl needs these days to make bank. Pathetic…

        3. Actually dude the technology involved in making fake tits has really improved. A little while ago I plowed a chick with a pair. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

        4. A girl’s appearance is her meal ticket. The prettier she is, the wealthier the man she can attract. You can’t really blame them for that. Its all they have.

        5. A beautiful young woman is like a walking currency to herself – beauty can actually be used to buy a better life.

        6. Heard the same thing from a girl I plowed. They can either go over or under the rib cage now, and apparently the difference in feel is huge. She wants implants and stands at a barely there B cup. Has an impressive ass on her though.

        7. Agreed heavily. I have been face slapped by a few fake titties in my life… it felt like I had been hit by a baseball or a large bag filled with water.

        8. That’s because men like you are chauvinistic douche bags who insult women behind closed doors, but cry and sulk in public when they reject your pathetic existence.
          A woman is more than her body parts. Just as I suppose you might perhaps be more than the coward that you chose to be behind a computer screen, and “good ol’ boy” scout at work.
          You are disgusting.

        9. And all you really have is the peen that you suck on at night while pretending that you are into women in the day time. If you hate women so much just go join the rainbow brigade. I mean really.

        10. Awww look, it uses the tired and worn-out “douchebag” cliche to brand anybody it doesn’t approve of, how cute! Go back to 2009 with that platitude, hun.
          Reject MY pathetic existence? Unlike most of today’s American women, I don’t take a single selfie and post it into the ether to generate Likes from the absolute basest form of males, I don’t get a gym membership just to boast about it and take selfies in there with some obnoxious clothing with stupid fortune-cookie dialogue, and I don’t do things like pretend to like pro football and shoot guns just to act like “one of the guys” for attention. And I sure as shit don’t feign to “Love Jesus!”, what is with that trend cokewhores and skanks jumped on recently? Apparently the herd mentality of women really is a thing!
          You are beyond the realms of disgusting.

        11. Your attempts at creative low-blows are comical at best.
          Don’t look to REAL men to save you when the Russians, Chinese and Iranians are hanging us from traffic lights a generation (or at best, two) from now, there sure as shit won’t be any left with the way people like you have emasculated everything!

        12. What else is new. Men dismissing women’s opinions as comical. Which if that’s the case for you fine. Doesn’t take away from your apparent and overt racism and misogyny. You are dismissed.

        13. What else is new (you forgot the “?”, Einstein)? Women trying to be funny when not one such fiber exists in them. Which if that’s the case for you, fine. And not once did I make a single racist reference, do you even know what that means? Did I preach any hatred or violence towards another race that I deemed inferior to my own? Do you even know what race I am? What if I’m mixed four-ways? Way to overreach, Champ! How soon before you file a rape charge, too?
          Am I “dismissed”?? Awww, that cuts so deep, how ever will I get over it?

        14. It wasn’t a question coward. I don’t engage with fearful pigs who hide behind computer screens. Because in real life you would never make it this far talking like you do.
          Do the typical troll insult: typical rambling, typical attempts to point out a perceived lack of punctuation, word choice,,,etc..typical and expected chauvinistic taunting and nothing I haven’t seen before.
          How about doing something that we haven’t seen. Oh, that’s right, you’re an ignorant, rambling troll. My comment’s still stand.

        15. Yeah, it should read “What else is new?”, genius. “What” implies a question being asked. Who The Hell schooled you, Friends episodes? And it’s not your cliche “trolling”, it’s fact. Assuming you are an adult, you simply don’t make grammar/punctuation/spelling errors. Oddly, that isn’t exclusively reserved for your manufactured “chauvinist” boogymen, that’s just how you should carry yourself in general regardless of the equipment between your legs. Saves you a lot of heckling and ridicule, especially when you’re trying feigning intelligence.
          Tossing “ignorant” around like candy too, eh? Are you drawing all of your platitudes out of a hat or spinning a wheel that generates them?

        16. It was rhetorical you crack head. Fk correct verbiage and idioms. Regardless of how well I write or don’t you will do anything/use anything to continually verbally engage. Again, all your retorts are typical trolling, ignorant, crybaby language used to divert attention away from your original ignorant comments that I called bs on.
          Clearly you are hurt about it. But I actually have a life. So I’m not going to sit and go back and fourth with some grossly emotional pedophile who hates the fact that women with enhancements get attention and are likely the women who reject you on a daily basis. You go ahead and waste life-minutes being a pig on blogs.

        17. Way to try and patch it up to save face “crackhead” (one word). I have no idea what “fk” is any more than you seem to know what pedophile means. I assume you mean “fuck”, so if you are saying “Fuck correct verbiage and idioms” to try and downplayyour own shortcomings and defects, that’s no my issue and I want none of it. I don’t know what your rationale is calling me a “troll” either when I contribute to the discussions on this site all the time. Say “The sky’s green!” while you’re at, it might actually make more sense. You can keep showing up with a knife to a gunfight while we only pursue young and attractive women and refuse to marry any of them so as to not participate in the divorce racket and the ensuing child support and alimony. We are catalysts for change and social revolt in this wasteland your kind creating and is handing over to The Chinese to plunder wholesale. Keep tossing out the cliches and platitudes all day, it makes little difference!

        18. Ok you can stop biting my azz now, or not.
          You may have the last word if it helps your self focused ego.

        19. RAAAAAPE! I just got raped!
          What The Devil is an “azz”? I’m not hip to degenerate millennial deadbeat lingo. It is no loss, either.
          RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPE! Give me publicity and donations, now!

        20. There it is. The real truth includes all those inconvenient details that ragging, cat loving, feminuts just do not want to come to grips with. Like the end result of their narcissism smorgasbord.

        21. ‘stupid fortune-cookie dialogue’ haha that’s about the right way to put it. This comment makes me laugh.

        22. I bought a girlfriend of mine, with whom I was very seriously considering marrying at the time (stupid, yes), big fake tits. She was like a 26A or something…very petite. Her fake tits looked like grapefruit halves on her chest…not bad when wearing clothes, but there was no movement when the bra came off. It was creepy and one of those things that your deeper human subconscious just can’t deal with…like when you can tell cgi just isn’t a real person in the movies — your eye knows but you can’t put your finger on it. Ever since the big fake tit incidence with that gf, fake tits are really a deal breaker. Yes, I like tits, who doesn’t? But I like real tits, tits that move with gravity the way God intended, not frozen solid props.

      1. The second one maybe third one I could deal with but the first one is fake and would not bang.

        1. My detractors screeching and whining ceaselessly about fake tits,ass and etc is a good fodder for hilarity.
          Who even gives a rat’s piss whether the women’s assets are augmented by silicone or God’s natural gift?
          I posted the pics for mutual pleasure of ROK readers.
          No benefit in shafting each other, mates.

        2. I don’t like grabbing fake tits, feels like some sort of stress ball and not an actual breast.

        3. Have you ever felt a fake tit or fake ass cheek? Ever see the results of a bad surgery? They look like shit, you can see the implant, scars, and you can feel them also. It is a major turn off.

        4. Some guys are so thirsty, they don’t care. In addition, many Americans seem to worship fakeness.

      2. I have always been foremost, a leg man. I like a woman who is in good shape and you can’t fake good legs. A woman gets fat and her tits and ass grow but her legs look disgusting.
        That said, I tapped a fine Spanish woman a little while ago. Tiny waist, wide hips and ass for days….. No tits but she had great legs!

        1. Always been a leg man myself englishbob, for the same reasons. Proportion matters too…if the legs aren’t longer than the ‘shoulders to waist’, I likely won’t even look.

        1. Probably of Indian descent. Flabby waists and guts are characteristic of Indian girls.

        2. My suspicion is that it is genetically caused by a tendency to develop lower density of musclemass in indians compared to euros. Hence a more flabby look when not skinny, both among males and females.

        3. At least she looks real, more than I could say for the first two. On top of that she’s very pretty.
          I swear niggas these days be harsher than beauty contest judges as if they were hot shit themselves.

        4. oh gosh I hope you know us women are human so therefore we are not PERFECT just like I am sure you aren’t. i find those women gorgeous but y’all have something negative to say about every one of them. It’s annoying that y’all men expect us to be perfect. Like dang.. I am blessed to have a boyfriend who finds every part of me beautiful even if I don’t think so…. Y’all men should try it.

        5. Flab is not healthy. If you have flab you are poisoning yourself and likely will become a burden to your children or your husband. This is selfish behavior.

        6. obesity is unhealthy, having too much fat in your belly area is unhealthy but a bit of fat is okay. wth nobody is perfect.. burden to children or husband? how is that a burden to the children or husband? A persons body weight is not someone else’s burden unless you’re obese and that person has to deal with your weight & taking care of you.. So do you have a nice flab free stomach?

        7. Yes I do Carmen. But it depends where that fat is. You could appear skinny but if you have excess visceral fat that is unhealthy.
          Anything you do Carmen, that makes you unhealthy is a burden on your family. I tell this to my slim friends who smoke weed.
          Eating crap, smoking and drinking, is selfish behaviour. It offends your mind, your body and your family. Your God also if you believe him. I would consider that the next time you engage in any of these behaviours.

    1. this booty obsession is better than where we go in the future:
      “welcome to the 2040 Ms. America pageant! as usual, the contestants will be judged by the 3 G’s- best goiter,gunt, and gout symptoms.”
      mark my words…

        1. I for one think Ms. Trainor is quite pretty. While I like my brunettes pale and thin, I prefer my blondes voluptuous. She looks healthy – no need to buy tractor to plow field.

    2. I love body type first then boobs. If her body is thin, slender, slim, lean and toned, small and petite I’m all about it. Then I’d say I want boobs!
      I’m half African and Latino, and boy was my skinny mom right about not dating chicks with big asses. Because at 20 it might be all cute, but once they hit late 20s to 30s?……it all goes down hill!
      I always felt the correlation – Fat Glutes turn into Fat bodies.

      1. By the way, the middle photo of this one (chick in white bikini) is my favorite. She looks like she might maintain by 30s. I said she might maintain that body.

        1. Emma Watson is not even close to being hot in my book. Mildly attractive, yes. Hot? Definitely not for me.

        2. Every guy has different tastes but I find Emma Watson average, sure I would bang an she’s good looking but go on a night out you will see at least 5 hotter girls than her. If she wasn’t a famouse actress an he went out she wouldn’t be the hottest girl in most decent clubs.

        3. Watson is a beady-eyed feminazi, with a blowbang underbite, and a penchant for drunken upskirts.
          I would bang her, but only so that I would make bank telling the tabloids about it.

        4. THANK YOU for saying that. She is very masculine looking. Strong jaw, sharp angles in the face, heavy brow (for a girl). Body has no curves, from what I can tell.
          The only upside is that it might be an indication that she has a high sex drive (due to high T).

        5. I think part of the “masculine look” you describe is associated with her feminist leanings. If she wrapped herself in a more feminine identity, I would bet her appearance would change in a way that would be necessarily more appealing to men. It would be subtle, but as a man, you would feel the difference.
          Honestly, and I know a lot of guys don’t like to hear it, but personality matters. No matter how naturally gifted a woman is in the looks department, if she carries around an identity for herself that is antagonistic toward men’s sensibilities, it will be a turnoff compared to an equally or even slightly less gifted woman whose appearance and disposition are respectful and sensitive to masculine tastes.

    3. Only overrated if you’re a white male that is used to and prefers his flattened back sides and thinks that any woman who doesn’t fit this overly propagated image is somehow by default unattractive. Everyone is entitled to their tastes. Men of color like curvy rumps–get over it people!!!!
      At least these women are natural and don’t have fake body parts. I mean without enhancement your playboy loves would be nothing more than Motts Juice Boxes.

  3. America’s Booty Obsession Is Another Symptom Of Social Decline

    No it’s not. The opposite is the case.
    It’s a sign of
    1. Women are being seen more and more as what they are: Sex objects.
    2. Probably a symptom of some sex altering chemicals being removed from the environment. Remember the times in the 80s when boyish hips were in? That was probably the time when some of these chemicals were at full throttle.
    3. Whites dying out and blacks and Latinos taking over.
    Moralfags please go.

    1. Apart from your usual weirdness, you actually could have a bit of mileage with number two. Instead of ‘removed’, why don’t you try ‘introduced’?

    2. – Whites dying out and Blacks and Latinos taking over –
      hmm pretty sure that will never happen since only what.. like 13% or less are Black and Latino worldwide?
      there is alot of booty hype going on in US, because of Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, iggy Azalea, and J.L.O. Funny thing is some of these have fake asses. They basically took Africa (where they loved butts for years) to the US and are trying to make it mainstream. Ass is very very nice but I appreciate and respect boobs more because of how they define a woman. In the end if your truly in love with someone, none of those matter anyways.
      There is also a clear indication boobs still dominate worldwide by far looking at the map statistics of Pornhub. If boobs are preffered in India and China with over more then 2 billion people, and having more landmass behind them it’s kinda GG butts.
      Buttmen or US people don’t seem to understand this and get all ignorant about it … ..Well to each his own I guess, no matter what you choose between the 2 its something a real man gets aroused for, and nobody should try and bash someone for his/her opinion with ”self proclaimed facts” stating why the other is better or not.

  4. People always complain about the media but the vast majority of them seem to have no problem with the early sexualzation of children. Insane.

    1. Early sexualisation of children should be a criminal offense. Kids will find their own path at their own time.

  5. Works for me, keep the masses of men obsessed with big asses and send all the (naturally) big tittied women in my direction—I’ll take them.

  6. I don’t really have a problem with a booty being regarded as sexy but I have a problem with women who think being a whale means they have a bootylicious ass. There’s a difference between a fat ass and an attractive booty.

  7. I liked this article better when Days of Broken Arrows articulated the exact same thing back on Sept. 19, 2014 on the Roosh V Forum:
    The part of Matt’s article dealing with class and narcissism can be found here:
    The part dealing with Sir Mix-A-Lot can be found later on in the thread:
    If you look at the bottom of those threads, Matt Forney “liked” them, so he definitely read them. I should have at least gotten a footnote or reference for this article — which I basically wrote.

  8. Ten years ago a “big” ass wouldn’t even be in contention today. Guys are now worshiping gigantic mounds of flesh attached to an overweight body that has no proportion. Is it because that’s what they are really attracted to that or because they don’t really have a choice?

        1. Symbols, idols are very powerful. FGM isn’t pleasant, but just look at the symbol they’re making. Its not the same but its on the same theme

    1. You always have a choice on what to worship. I don’t care how many songs/stories/articles/books/etc are made about fat chicks or fat asses, I will never find either attractive.

    2. Ten years ago a “big” ass wouldn’t even be

      Sir “I like big butts” Mix-A-Lot:
      When I did “Baby Got Back,” women with curves were not accepted. We’ve come 180 degrees from that point. Not only is it accepted, but it’s also expected

      1. Sir Mix a Lot: “little in the middle but you got much back”
        He liked thin athletic girls, not lardasses.

        1. Um, yes, athletic—his dancers were all in shape dancers with waists smaller or (at most) equal to their hips with butts that extended out from the hips *slightly.*
          Not fat chicks, just “thick”, as the brothers used to call it.

      2. At the time, waifish supermodels were in, but they always were. Models are for women and fairies, not men.
        For men’s models—aka Bikini models—this was the time of Kathy Ireland. She was an hourglass beauty.
        Mix-a-lot was rapping for feminists and gays and the MTV crowds. And also to heavier-but-not-fat women who didn’t have Ireland’s face–hey baby, jump on board!
        Grown men were too busy jacking off to Kathy Ireland pics.

    3. I hate to burst your bubble, but in Black America, ass is always about proportion. More specifically, Waist-to-Hip ratio. Black men like waist to hip ratios below 0.7, and prefer around 0.6 (while white men traditionally like 0.7 -ick fat): That is what the “ass obsession” is, was, and always had been. It’s also a great indicator of health: It’s a way to tell how much gynoid fat and estrogen a woman has vs her android fat and testosterone. Gynoid fat is important because it provides babies with omega-3s, which is important for brain development, while android fat is useless shit that contributes to diabetes. Oddly enough, gynoid obesity, while disgusting, does not significantly increse chances of metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol), while android obesity does so much that it’s the sole reason bmi is even used as an indicator of health (because of its correlation). Finally, to have a nice ass, a woman must work out *more* than a woman with pancake flaps, as it requires both muscle and the right type of fat to be in one place, with very little fat in another place. Women without ass are just skinny, while women with small waists and big asses (the only combination which is known as a ‘nice ass’) are skinny where they should be and muscular (with the right type of fat) where it is helpful. As for this feminist thing, Meghan Trainor is ugly by black man standards (waist to hip ratio of 0.74 – *yuck*) and pushing this “I’m big, like me” bullshit, while Iggy and J-Lo are at least attractive (both with waist to hip ratio of 0.68), and their song is more “hey, I’m hot, look at me”. Once again, just like with “curvy” vs curvy, this whole thing is due to a massive breakdown in communication between men and women.

      1. Great insight! But the problem with the chick with the big ass and small waist, is that so very few of them can keep the ratio in check over the years. That big ass usually turns into a big overall body, especially if combined with the Modern American Diet. The body of a slim ‘curvy’ woman, becomes the body of Linebacker very quickly.

        1. Well the answer there is not to combine your big ass with the Standard American Diet.
          Job done.

        2. Lol. Most men are barely able to tell their girlfriend she needs to lose weight, let alone tell her what she needs to eat. It takes balls which many modern men lack. I’m reminded of a friend of mine in college, who snatched a crispy creme doughnut out of his girlfriends mouth just as she was about to take a bit. At the time I thought it was a bold move, but now I just see him as a pioneer.

        3. Yes we need far more of this type of behaviour.
          The motto needs to be: “Dont feed the whale”.

        4. I find it so ridiculous that men think it’s okay to boss women around and force them not to eat certain things and such. lol
          I am thin, always have been, and I doubt I’ll ever get fat, but I’ve even told my boyfriend that if I get fat I would want him to say something to me.
          Ultimately though, it’s the woman’s choice what she wants to eat, and if she doesn’t want to lose weight, that’s her choice. If you don’t like what she’s eating, or how she looks, then I’d leave and go for someone you are attracted to.

        5. “I’m reminded of a friend of mine in college, who snatched a crispy
          creme doughnut out of his girlfriends mouth just as she was about to
          take a bit.”
          there are still great americans.

        6. Lmao at the donut! Personally I find the best approach is just not to date girls with fat potential. I had a big ass chick tell me “I like to eat”. I thought ” wow, how to turn a guy off in three seconds”.
          Girls who are slim will tend to follow your lead. So they will eat what you eat and do their little Zumba classes or whatever.

        7. Drop of a hat? Just leave without a backward glance. All muh wimmin, independint, throw ya handz up at meh! The society you’re currently benefiting from was formed around stable families. Leaving, divorcing and ‘options’ weren’t a feature of past societies. If a man wants to tell his fattening wife to call a halt to her gullop (and vice versa), that’s entirely reasonable, rather than ridiculous. As our society descends into feral chaos, it seems that people will do what they want, however. If you’re saying ‘don’t get involved with someone who you’re not attracted to in the 1st place’ that’s reasonable. But if you’re saying that a spouse can’t tell their lardass of a husband or wife to lean out, you’re off your rocker. Even you say you’d like to be told in your cute little ‘boyfriend/girlfriend’ arrangement.

        8. I never said they can’t tell their SO to lean out, I’m just saying you can’t force them to. It’s ultimately their decision.

        9. Also, I don’t give a damn about the past and how people divorce wasn’t an “option”. NOW, in the present time, it is.

        10. You’re not completely wrong, but as with how children can be made to eat healthily, SO’s can use similar tactics. A simple one would be to agree that no junk food can be brought into the house. Of course that involves communication. Actually dietary control is very complicated, and nowadays, people have to be quite educated to understand how to diffuse the cravings that arise from aggressive tasting processed food that is designed by scientists. I’ve read reports of people on the bullet-proof diet who’ve been able to curb junk food cravings. Something to do with going into ketosis every day. Once physiological terms like that and ‘glycaemic’ start being mentioned, it’s difficult for your average mountain jew swiller to keep up. This wasn’t a problem 200 years ago, as processed food basically didn’t exist.

        11. I agree with you. But if that is done then it is a mutual decision. That’s different than taking something out of someone’s hand that they are eating. I think that’s just my take on it. If it’s mutual, by all means, help each other out and what not. But if you say something to the other person and they don’t WANT to do something, that’s their choice.

        12. Or boxing or ju jitsu or netball or weight lifting …. ‘Do their little zumba class’ itsike your suggesting that this isn’t good enough….lots of active sporty gals who do.way more than a little zumba class sigh

        13. Not good enough for men, plenty for women. I don’t recommend masculine sports for women though so frankly I would stop anything that gives you a bruise. Guys don’t dig scars.

        14. Fair enough-your take on it is legit. My observations where ‘mutual consent’ go out the window are when women nag men to do shit and parents force kids to do shit. IMO, it’s not practical for everybody to get too hung up on equalism and what people want, when clearly nobody abides by such utopian niceties anyway. In the scramble to achieve certain outcomes and objectives, people get forced all the time, and it’s good for us to learn some discipline and how to eat some humble pie (in place of huge mounds of junk food). ‘Taking one for the team’ is a noble act, and if people are going to be team players, they’ve to be willing to be bossed around. From another point of view, dohnuts and sugar snacks, coffee/frappacinos, energy drinks, etc, have a large effect on brain chemistry, so if your SO is eating them, they can get ‘sugar hangovers’, which is a true biological phenomenon. So they’re not 100% themselves, and aren’t being responsible to the team (I know that’s a really strict and probably obsessive standard, but worth a mention at least). Coffee can make people wound up. Alcohol has huge societal impacts, violence, crankiness, etc. Smokers are prone to ‘snapping’ when they can’t get their fix. Prescription drugs and marijuana make people confused and out of it. If people aren’t exercising their hormones aren’t functioning optimally and they’re sluggish, but over-exercising is a problem too…. it’s a big challenge to get the human organism’s chemistry right, in order to live and think well. And that’s not even mentioning a person’s thought process: watching pornography, playing video games, watching horrors, or TV thrillers can all overactivate adrenal glands. I remember there was this stage in sonic the hedgehog called ‘panic puppet’, and that’s one way to describe this 21st century lifestyle we’re living with all the insta-stimulus we’re surrounded by.

        15. Boxing and jitsu are masculine sports. I find that guys like it when girls do these sports. But not to the point that a girl looks like a dude.

      2. Men who come up poor, regardless of race, prefer women with larger hips, butts and breasts. Although race probably plays a part, it’s not the only factor. Big asses
        are well loved among whites as well, but on the lower class spectrum of
        society. Men who come up well to do prefer women with more lithe bodies. Men who come up poor don’t have the luxury of fucking about with skinny fuck toys like rich men. Poor men need women who make babies. This phenomenon has been observed in the past. About 20 years ago, I remember reading an article a buddy showed me about the different sexual preferences between men with and without wealth. Men raised wealthy also tend to be significantly more interested in taboo sexual practices such as BDSM, Role-Playing, Gangbangs, etc.

        1. Back in the Renaissance times in Europe being fat/plump was considered desirable for women becaused if they had meat on them it meant their husband had enough money to buy all the food they ate.
          What you’re saying only shows how fickle and ever-changing beauty standards are, not how the appreciation of certain features are inherently dependant on class (though I’d agree that ethnicity might come into play because the common body type changes depending on where you are in the world).

        2. This is a myth.Forget Rubens and religious art that depicted fat mothers.Look for Goya and he’s then considered “erotic,indecent” art.Look at the 1870s normal and erotic art and forget this leftist myth that “fat women were prefered bla bla”.If it’s not enought for you, search for anciente indian, greek and egyptian female statues.Yeas, all thin with tiny little waists and some with big boobs/ass.Artists for a very long time were no alowed to depict really hot women (social tabu whith sex), but they sold some works whith sexy slender women as especial orders for their clientes

        3. that bit on how the scarcity of ressources affect how society percieves attractiveness might be useful:
          Also it’s not like Rubens was the only one to depict plump women:

          I mean hell, even the true OG was not skinny:
          Simple as that.
          I’m not trying to argue that the Ancient Indians, Greeks or Egyptians had a preference for slim women here (though it could be argued for greeks, considering their society was phallocentric to the core and greek men used to consider themselves the beautiful ones). Just that what you grew up to consider a universal standard of attractiveness may vary slightly greatly depending on time and location.
          Even though there’undeniably s some biologic basis on what body traits humans find desirable in others, nothing is set in stone, because culture has ultimately a far bigger impact than what you might want to believe, and the diversity in our sensibilities and sense of aesthetic is what keeps us from making beautiful women (and men to a lesser extent) an army of clones of each other.

      3. Something more: There are a lot of fat white women who have pancake asses, seriously. A black or middle-eastern woman who is 20-30lbs. overweight is still way more attractive than any European white woman who is 20-30 lbs overweight. Its all in the ass and overall proportion of the body. Some women simply carry extra weight better than others. I actually prefer slim, athletic women. However, I sometimes like the booty girls as well.

      4. Well said and really good point about the omega 3 fat storage.
        I also agree that Meghan Trainor is ugly. They were also playing her video in the men’s locker room at the gym the other day. I was disgusted, not only with her but with the fact that they were playing this bullshit in the men’s room. Where the fuck is the sports?

      5. well said. Actually many women with that exaggerated waist to hip ratio naturally maintain a slim waist and belly, because of fat deposit distribution. Look at ancient greek sculptures, they definitely had an ass appreciation. I’ll just say that sexuality is out of control today, whether boobs, butt or hair, which are all fake on many starlettes.

    4. Once you unplug yourself from MSM, you become less brainwashed to what they define as beauty. Let others worship the fat asses. Soon the ones with “smaller” asses would be so insecure with her appearance and would actually be flattered that you picked her over the Kim Kardashian butt bitches.

    5. I really do believe it is society who primes men into believing they need a chick with fat ass.
      It was not like that 10 years ago. The same guys wanted boobs.

    6. Nobody likes a fat ass without proportion. Who do you talk to? A bigg ass, and big boobs, do NOT count if the girl is fat. This is universal knowledge.

    7. They most certainly do, Roosh men need to follow your example Save money for that trip abroad to seek better quality women. Once the fatties here are no longer being validated by thirsty hordes of men things will change for the better.
      Or USA culture dominates the world making it hell on earth for most men…

  9. Matt’s reference to ass ‘worship’ and the ‘cult of booty’ could be about something deeper and more insidious than one might think.
    Cultural Marxists since at least Marcuse have sought to create a matriarchy. Some anthropologists believe that in pre-history society, stricken with awe by the magic of female fertility (the ‘seminal’ role of men perhaps not being as yet understood) worshipped fat birds with huge asses. There is a quite organised feminist / pagan / spiritualist push to re-establish goddess worship, at least indirectly and as such the massive butt can serve as alternative to the mighty phallus.
    The picture below is of the Venus of Willendorf, who was the Kim Kardashian of her day.

      1. archaeology / anthropology like everything else is a (politically correct) battleground

      2. I know when ever feminists say this shit I look at those Ancient Greeks and Roman statues, I would in no way consider those men and women “fat” and similarly the men they idolized were ripped, tall, and with muscles. So all of this non-sense of the fertility goddess excuse is just that, an excuse and just another example of the leftist war against standards. Wherever a reasonable constraint on human behavior exists, a leftist somewhere, some way, is working tirelessly to destroy it.

    1. Funnily enough most actual matriarcians I know do not actually support feminism and consider most modern feminists as stupid and useful tools of the patriarchy that seek to turn women into men by throwing the concept of feminity further away.
      So yeah, calling modern feminism “matriarchy” is kind of misguided.

    1. I think that is fairly well established. I think they’re talking about the fetishizing of really, unnaturally big asses.

  10. This is BS. Just because I like a women w/ a nice ass doesn’t mean shit expect I like a women with a nice ass. That whole region, waist, hips and thick thigh to boot

  11. Anybody take notice on that USA map that it’s only the Lily-White parts of the country (New England, North Plains, Upper Mountain West) that were “Dem Titties” people instead of “Dat Ass” people?

  12. Such a craze, go to other parts of the world and you’ll feel odd obsessing so hard over Ass like America does.

  13. I like attractive women and a nice ass on a thin woman is fucking great. I am currently in Miami and Cuban skinny girls with nice asses do it for me. I currently date a Russian with big tits and no ass, but a nice ass is not a bad thing. I really cannot find any fault with an attractive girl with a nice ass. Guess Matt and I will just have to disagree on that point. He is right about fat chicks being unappealing no matter what attributes got big with the rest of them, so I will agree on that point.

      1. I don’t know how the Hunan Province in south-central China entered the discussion, but I can assure you butts are pretty flat there.

        1. I did not realize you are black, I just went to your link and followed you on Twitter.I will take a different tone with you. I have never been to China but I fuck plenty of Asian women in America and have never really had issues with race in terms of getting sex (it is an issue with relationships, but I could care less). When you type things like ” We will stop Black people from interacting with Chinese.” it makes it difficult to know you are black but I give the benefit of the doubt. Post more often on your site, I will follow it from now on.

        2. I’ll post when I have things to talk about. Just depressed and not getting out. I only like Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese girls (sans okinawans and uighurs) from their own countries. being Black makes it damn-near impossible, especially when I’m not out there. It is what it is.

        3. I actually read a lot of your stuff, and I saw your hand holding the tea so you are either black or going hard on the tanning. I never really lusted after Asian girls hardcore, I prefer Hispanic>light skinned>white but to each his own. I have a lot of shit going on right now but after the 24th of this month I will have a shitload of free time, I will hit you up on Twitter and lets talk about some of the ideas mentioned on your site.

        4. I will be moving to Cali this summer ( May-June). We should link up to plan an Asian invasion? Get you out this funk your in.

        5. I’m guessing your more of a tit man than an ass man? Chinese girls aren’t known for their asses. Or their tits, for that matter.

        6. I’m more of a variety type. I only like Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese girls, but I notice that there are different body types out there. I have seen the long-legged slender girl, the girl with big boobs and a pancake ass, the short girl with a bit in the rear and big boobs, the flat-chested girl with a nice ass, etc.. It’s not size, but shape and proportion that turn me on when it comes to the body. Northeast Asian girls have what I like, particularly in Hunan, Taiwan, and to a degree, GZ.

        7. Also, I have heard that girls in Sichuan have great asses (only experienced one so I cannot confirm it, but she knew how to slam that ass against my pelvis in a way that made me want to say GYAUD DAYUM!)

        8. Not into plastic surgery types, and not interested in the country or culture. Have and would smash though, but I prefer Taiwanese, Chinese, and Japanese in that order.

  14. This is gonna be another great thread like the anal sex one. I am laughing already. Needless to say – another reason feminists will laugh at this site. But why do they laugh? Because dudes are having fun – they are looking and laughing at the same time. Women hate men because they may just be having too much fun – which they can’t handle.

  15. There is a big difference between a shapely behind and a fat ass. Let’s be clear about that. Don’t mix the two.

  16. For fuck sake, is it possible to like anything without it being a force of degeneration? Personally, I like both big asses and big tits, preferably on the same women.

    1. For fuck sake, is it possible to like anything without it being a force of degeneration?

      I have the same beef with this article like with the anal sex article.
      I have no problem with guys liking big asses or not, or with guys liking anal sex or not, or fatties or not. But shaming men because of their sexual preferences is bluepilled as fuck.

  17. I asked the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine to calculate the probability Iggy Azalea is a tranny. It returned an astounding 76.8%, rounded to the nearest tenth.

    1. She’s got what is called a pear shaped body – not a tranny, but an extremely undesirable body type.

    2. Didn’t they say they same thing about Lady Gaga or Ciara? Not surprised if either or both are.

  18. This is fascinating. What’s going on with Iceland? A 1st-World, entirely white country with an ass fixation? Maybe the sample size was small and it skewed toward ass by chance.
    I wonder if the stats were quantified in any way, such as by what percentage ass or boobs were favored over the other in each country. Then that data could be taken and correlated with the average national IQ.

    1. haha I was gonna say the same thing about iceland- guess Im not moving there.
      Is there anyway to get a time lapsed graph of the ass lovin countries? I assume when the whole world goes red, its the apocalypse.
      I’d like to time this thing out 🙂

      1. Im thinking either
        a) Iceland didn’t have many PornHub visitors to begin with, so it was a small sample size, and the Icelanders who did search happened to be ass lovers.
        b)Being a small, white, homogeneous country, they don’t see huge asses there. It’s an exotic thing that they know is becoming popular in other parts of the world, and the Icelanders want to see what it’s about.
        Actually, I guess both could be true.

  19. Funny how the graphs/charts only go boobs and butts. Why didn’t they survey – who likes a nice wet pussy – small lips? Big lips? Who likes a nice visible cameltoe?

  20. For me, it’s all about proportion. I do lean more towards ass than tits, but shape and proportion are more important overall. These pop stars with big, gross, and likely fake asses don’t do it for me. I actually prefer Northeast Asian women for their aesthetics, Taiwanese being the best to me (they are more inclined to have a nice, shapely ass and small, but proportionate breasts in my observation). Not saying that I wouldn’t take big breasts, but I prefer a woman that is more bottom-heavy to top-heavy (but not fat/phat/”thickems” or whatever euphemism they use these days) since in my mind, the sex can be more enjoyable and such women look more balanced.

  21. As part of the post-2008 rise of nerd culture, butts are perceived to be smarter and more authentic than boobs. For a women to have a big but and be proud of it means she’s more introspective, smarter and down to earth. That”s the weird world we find ourselves in today.

    1. Maybe if it’s the right size and in proportion though I think what that study was talking about is hip width.

  22. Forget Phat asses, give me a shapely ass with some muscle, tight legs and decent C-D sized tits and you’ve got my vote. I just dumped my LTR main who had somewhat of a flat wide ass, but the most shapely DD tits, that stood straight up on their own, you could imagine. Extra tits, and extra ass are both overrated. Proportionate amounts of either, minus all the narcissism from women is what hooks a sensible man.

    1. I would agree…. shows she has some semblance of respect for herself. I love TNA… the right proportion. My last ltr had beautiful tits but a bit of a flat ass. She started working on it and it gained some shape. Then I got pissed off paying for everything and no sex so dumped her…..

  23. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Africa, South America and Middle East prefer asses because the big ass women are there. That also explain the rise of the ass preference within US. US women mostly had flat asses but with imigration the big ass mommas are taking over the country. Not hating on tits but give me an ass any day of the week. Also, big asses in fat women aren’t as appealing as in curvy women,which most men prefer anyways.

  24. If every inch of this Trainor person is perfect, “inch” must be a really horrible thing.

    1. Trainor is fat ass who needs to do something called losing weight! She’s making the world unhealthy with her BUG (‘Big Ugly Girl’) crap!

  25. Interesting article. I must say huge Nicki Minaj asses are disgusting. Heck, even big silicone tits are also disgusting, as well as, fake. Although I think it is even weirder when women added silicone to their hips and ass so they can look like Kim Kardashian who is a stupid ugly hoe. Gross example:

      1. Maybe but the point that is being illustrated here is that big asses are disgusting especially if it is silicone enhanced.

        1. wow i think this is the woman who got actual silicone(not encased in an implant) injected directly into the caboose by a fake doctor…

        2. Doesn’t matter, it still looks bad. Even Nicki Minaj’s ass looks terrible and it’s probably done by a real doctor. Fake silicone padding on ass and hips is disgusting regardless. It’s even more disgusting than breast implants.

      1. go to Armenia then, “our” women love Black Guys; You’ll have fun there, it’s like a Las Vegas for Iranians (Persians), Gabonese, Nigerians, and Ethiopians.

        1. I’ve been to the “homeland” and I’ve seen upper middle class Arabs as well as Blacks in cafes with Armenian women. They usually take the Armenian women back to their respective countries. Whatever makes you happy my friend. I do not like most Asians, except the one in the above picture. My goodness !

        2. …and the sad thing is that you’re actually proud of this statement! You don’t even care about how you embarrass us! You say this in full view of other men (re: white) who basically agree with this idiot above in that he just basically called your people subhuman (oh I’m sorry – impoverished, backwoods, primitive, without class, etc) without actually saying it. Yet here you are bowing down? I bet they just love oblivious self hating black men like you!
          In the meantime, shouldn’t you be off in the corner with Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Golden Tate and Sotomayor looking for your new white owners and planning the destruction of the descendants of Africa just to pay tribute?
          You’re an example of how low they’ve succeeded in taking us so you might as well join your white washed brethren.Please turn in your black card at the door – if it hasn’t already been taken from you. Smh!

        3. I care about embarrassing the race to a degree, but trust me, our dirt is out there and our enemies are constantly sifting through it. Best to acknowledge truth and move towards a solution from there.
          This chest thumping pretending that “they love us mayne” when it just isn’t true only makes us look like fools, and is more embarrassing if you ask me.
          I’d love to turn in my Black card and be free like others can be, but alas, I am Black, and that is what I have to work with. I intend to move forward in reality, not the fantasy land where Black men are on top. I have no illusion of white men and others liking Black men; I don’t believe that their women, as a whole, love us either.

      1. The ones in music video’s are hot, but your average girl in the street in Korean has legs like a pool table.

    1. wrong, asian is just too high maintenance, and there is the culture. Just can’t deal with it. I feel like an outsider. Listening to a foreign language and being excluded is really rude. The mariage between white male + asian female is about 50%. I jsut don’t get it. They are just not that special to me. Once they become americanized, it is all but over. Guys, at least get a prenup. Meet mom to. [email protected]@!!

  26. Black and Latina women have naturally big booties regardless of BF %. The problem is that white girls get all fucking fat and try to excuse their fattiness as being with the big booty movement and being “curvy”.

    1. Yep this is the main issue, big booties are indeed sexy but big booties also allow fatties to hide within their midst .

    2. This is spot on. Black and Latina women simply “carry the weight” better than most white women. You will also note that a lot of those fat white women still have flat asses.

  27. The parts of the USA that favor boobs are also the whitest parts of the USA, demographically.

  28. Just to be fair, getting a “nice ass”, not just a big one, takes a ton of dedication. I know plenty of skinny white girls who got themselves nice asses with slim waists after working out for years. On the other hand, I don’t think there’s a way for a girl to get big boobs if she isn’t genetically predisposed or if she doesn’t eat like a pig.

      1. Especially when the tip of her tits touches the waistband of her size 46″ spandex pants. Ugh!

    1. Agreed-I do like a firm and toned ass which is usually accompanied by a killer pair of legs.

    2. Yummy. Skinny white girls with asses. Fine. As long as she’s 5’6″ weighing under 120 pounds I am in!

  29. Is it just me, or does Meghan Trainor look like a transexual Bert from Sesame Street?

    1. that english crooner who won all the grammys last night has hair like Ernie, maybe they should get together…

  30. More fat acceptance bullshit from the mainstream. When I first heard that awful Trainor song I immediately recognized it for what it was thanks in a big part to being more red pill these days. They can’t seem to swallow the fact that a man’s preference and likes are his own and you don’t force a man to find something attractive. Shaming is a just a weak minded strategy and we have to learn to brush it off with a touch of arrogance.

  31. What I see here is this ongoing theme of telling men what is desirable. Dictating to some people what they’re suppose to find attractive and unattractive isn’t just another intrusion its a violation of the first order. I guess what’s most disturbing about all this is that the issue of ass and Forney’s accurate connection to fat acceptance shows us that the people behind these edicts are text-book examples of unworthy people. This is why I think the Manosphere will be growing exponentially in the coming years…this isn’t about the “rights” of the owner of a fat ass or their, apparent, difficulties in an otherwise hostile society. No, this issue is about the right to tell other sentient people what to do and as far as the u.s. is concerned there is still enough of tradition and documentation (i.e. Constitution and Bill of Rights), which clearly show that in this case its not the woes of fat people that is immoral. What’s immoral are fat people telling other people what do do, think and desire.

  32. You are genetically predisposed to being attracted to women with wider hips because wider hips means the woman will have an easier time having children. Wider hip base usually means bigger ass. I myself have been an ass man long before it became a trend and will continue to do so long after. This article is lame

    1. Not wider-hips; men have always worshiped youthful women, who do not have wider hips .Their hips widen—aka gain fat—as they get older, and also after they birth children (which will stretch them a bit).

      1. Wider hips has to to with bone structure not how much fat you put on. A petite woman can get fat and still have no hips…

  33. On a related note, I had the unfortunate experience of catching Miley Cyrus at the Grammy’s at a friend’s house last night. Miley looked and sounded like a man. Here is the clip if you want to see it. I remember the voice was actually deeper than this tv-filmed camera phone playback shows.
    Even if one is not a tranny, and keeps all the lady parts, this is what remains, and is now sold to America as sexy and hot. It’s absolutely disgusting and I would have nothing to do with this creature.

    1. Miley used to be cute. I will not let my daughter (If I ever have any) copy this garbage.

    2. That’s not touched on enough; how disgusting the voices are getting. She is really dropping it down low here. Clearly intentional. Gross.

    1. yes, but now they can buy (or get a beta to buy) the “bolt-ons” and maintain firm, large knockers.

  34. ..from my picture archives..small, shapely ass, and long legs….belonging to a Guatemalen who knows how to keep her figure sized appropriately. Unfortunately, she learned the way of the west and became lazy and expected a man to take care of her “problems”

      1. she is a financial train wreck. She expected a guy who was attractive who would also be a sugar daddy and benefactor. Like a lot of women, she became delusional and wasted money on non essential expensive things.

        1. If your boyfriend were a Man, would you still be on this website? Or are you here trying to become a better man yourself?

        2. I comment on articles that I either find funny, or find through other people I follow on disqus.
          I didn’t know that by doing so I automatically grew a penis.

        3. No, you dont grow a penis from commenting on Mens websites. You dont learn how to be a better woman so that men might want to spend money on you, commenting on mens websites either. If your “boyfriend” did read RoK he might learn youre as much a waste of time as I have.

        4. I’m a waste of time cause I’m a woman? I learn how to be a better PERSON by listening to other people’s opinions, even if I don’t like what they have to say. I like to learn, I didn’t know that was a bad thing 🙂
          Also, I don’t need to “learn to be a better woman so men spend money on me”. I’m not a materialistic cunt. More money in our relationship would be awesome (we live together, and share ALL funds) but, it’s not necessary.

        5. look, for any kind of conversation to continue. Im gonna need a titty picture. I ve said five words more to you than I usually allow myself to give any woman whose tits I havent seen. If you want anymore words I need pics. 200 words per pic is my usual requirement.

        6. I’m not a whore, sorry.
          I guess this is goodbye. I’ll try to pretend to give a shit for 30 seconds….. you should feel lucky.

        7. Al Opinya was being a smartass to you honey, not literally suggesting you were a man, maybe you should grow a set of comprehension skills

        8. Wow bragging about your body and being bitchy, great contributions here. Maybe you should take your tall, thin, attention whoring ass and fuck off Without pics I’m presuming you’re a fat pig anyway

        9. I do brag about my body. I’m a dance instructor, so I actually have something to brag about 😉 I don’t have to prove myself to you, you aren’t that important, hunny. It’s actually quite silly that you thought otherwise.
          You obviously like something about it because you are still here replying, sweetheart.

      1. I don’t have a photo on my profile. What makes you think I’d grace you with the view of my ass?

        1. Well, you came on here looking for attention, so I thought posting a photo would give you some more of that.

        2. I didn’t know I was looking for attention.
          Last time I checked I commented on an article, and you are replying TO ME for no reason.

        3. “I’m thin, tall and my boyfriend loves the ass. :)” – on a site full of guys? I’m obviously missing something.

        4. Ever thought of doing porn? Then you might be able to work out all of your sexual/exhibitionist/male attention issues.

  35. Well this whole big booty Western craze is all by grand design. With the big booty comes the hip hop culture right along with it and with that comes more White women seeking black men. It’s sad but White women will be the absolute destruction of the white race across the planet with their designed uncontrollable lusts.
    Put me down for the classic perky little white girl bum anyway, while they are still left lol.

    1. I’m a Black guy and I don’t even like White women. White women that get ass injection or try to act like a mimicry of Black culture as seen on TV gross me out even more. I think that what we are seeing is white women letting themselves go, White men going to Asia (where I wish that I could go), and Black men being the only dudes willing to take out the trash that western women have become. Standards, Brothers, standards!

        1. White dudes are getting higher quality and quantity in Asia than they are in America, so they are leaving White girls behind for Asian girls. I am a Black man and I like Asian girls, thus, if Black man could get some on a regular basis there, I would return.

  36. In Black America, ass is always about
    proportion. More specifically, Waist-to-Hip ratio. Black men like waist
    to hip ratios below 0.7, and prefer around 0.6 (while white men
    traditionally like 0.7 -ick fat):… That is what the “ass obsession” is, was, and always had been. It’s also a great indicator of health:….
    It’s a way to tell how much gynoid fat and estrogen a woman has vs her
    android fat and testosterone. Gynoid fat is important because it
    provides babies with omega-3s, which is important for brain development,
    while android fat is useless shit that contributes to diabetes. Oddly
    enough, gynoid obesity, while disgusting, does not significantly increse
    chances of metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, high
    cholesterol), while android obesity does so much that it’s the sole
    reason bmi is even used as an indicator of health (because of its
    correlation). Finally, to have a nice ass, a woman must work out *more*
    than a woman with pancake flaps, as it requires both muscle and the
    right type of fat to be in one place, with very little fat in another
    place. Women without ass are just skinny, while women with small waists
    and big asses (the only combination which is known as a ‘nice ass’) are
    skinny where they should be and muscular (with the right type of fat)
    where it is helpful. As for this feminist thing, Meghan Trainor is ugly
    by black man standards (waist to hip ratio of 0.74 – *yuck*) and pushing
    this “I’m big, like me” bullshit, while Iggy and J-Lo are at least
    attractive (both with waist to hip ratio of 0.68), and their song is
    more “hey, I’m hot, look at me”. Once again, just like with “curvy” vs
    curvy, this whole thing is due to a massive breakdown in communication
    between men and women.

  37. It’s all about this (to quote RodtR): “Sir Mix a Lot: ‘little in the middle but you got much back’”. Feminists don’t want to be little in the middle, they just want to have much, uhh, everything.

  38. I don’t pay attention to pop shit music, that’s for 16 year old girls, so I’d never seen this Meghan girl. I am shocked that a fat girl like that has been pushed into the spotlight. Disgusting. Chalk another point up on the board for Asian girls. Last time I was in Japan, a few months ago, I saw one fat girl the whole time I was there. And she wasn’t even that fat by NA standards.

  39. 1. “Booty” was a collaboration of Iggy Azalea and Jennifer Lopez. NOT Beyonce.
    2. Bart Baker made an awesome fat shaming parody of “All About That Bass”

      1. Ive been a Baker fan for 2 years. Im suprised at how redpill this song and “Booty” is.

  40. I have to disagree with this one. I just don’t see the “booty cult” being that related to fat acceptance (at least here in Europe). You mention that many girls think getting fat will make them have a nice ass but in fact I’ve run into many girls that now know that squating and working out will make them have nice, toned glutes that are definitely attractive. If anything, this booty cult is encouraging the right exercises so that girls can get fit (although it also certainly promotes attention whoring, gym selfies etc).

  41. I expected better from someone who claims to be a writer. It’s a shame to have to put on my captain obvious hat, but here goes:
    1) Not all ass is the same. What’s with the bullshit notion that “bigger is better”? If one simply substitutes the buttocks for any other body part of common interest, we know this to be true without difficulty. Why is the butt getting different treatment? Example 1: Using someone like Ms. Trainor to talk about obsession with asses? I’m afraid we’ll have to start using “phat” to indicate the difference between an obsession with ass that actually looks nice, and “fat” for the rest of the lard-filled-pillow-sack population.
    2) That pornhub analysis (the US is a for-butts nation because of minorities) is a joke. So you expect to tell me that all of a sudden either a) Those red states are predominantly inhabited by blacks & latinos or b) all the whites on those states don’t do porn.
    I don’t know if we were trying to complete an assignment handed to us, but I can’t take this article seriously if we’re to discuss something that is an actual problem.
    If we’re here to just bitch and moan and “gtow” afterwards, that’s cool, I’ll pass.
    There were some actually valid and interesting points to talk about, such as how this affects the younger population. Which I will nickname Generation Buttpad.
    But I guess without the fluff, you wouldn’t reach word count

  42. But I have always been an ass man, except I like small tight pretty asses, not huge jiggly lumps of cellulite. Am I a degenerate too?

  43. I’m an ass man myself. It’s appealing to see a woman that’s well proportioned in all the right areas. I find women that have asses and tits that are too big comical and a turn off. Too bad nowadays a it’s often taken out of context. A woman that has a phat ass doesn’t equate to a woman that is a fatass.

  44. Meghan Trainor is not an “ambassador of ass”, she’s the ambassador of fat ugly white women. Her song shames skinny girls and wants to reinforce that fat is beauty.
    Men have always loved nice plump asses, but because it was only blacks and latinos that had them no one really made a big deal about them. White women were always known for being flat-assed in the past, but now that they’re getting fatter it’s now the cool thing to show off their fat ass… even when everything else on their body is also fat.
    Vogue received a lot of backlash for this article about us now being in the era of the big booty because big booty only became a trend when non-black women were showing it off

  45. Blacks and Hispanics combined are only about 30% of the United States population. Roughly 63% of the United States population is white. Are you suggesting white people don’t watch pornography, being as they are the majority of people, would most likely set the trend of ass vs breast that you describe?

  46. I think it’s also important to note that, yes, a woman can develop a big ass from gaining weight and getting fat, BUT squatting heavy also develops a big ass that is more in line with what I think most “ass men” prefer.

    1. Exactly, there’s a difference between a big firm ass developed from squats and just a big floppy cellulite ass

  47. Yep, Porn Hub is about the level of research you can expect for Matt Forney. He is like rok’s version of the fat, ugly, mentally retarded cousin you have to put up with…. So according to Matt’s “research” (if you can call it that) Europe and other Nordic states are perfectly normal because they like boobs… Yep you heard that right feminist states like Sweden are Utopias because they like tits…

  48. The problem with fat asses, is that usually they are just that, fat. Never feel as good as they look, and never look as good naked as when clothed….
    I’m not sure people are as ass obsessed as you might think, for a start if they were, black chicks would get a lot more love….as it is, I can’t really find a fat-ass attractive unless it is attached to a slim Caucasian female, light skinned latina or asian who also has a pretty face….
    Ass is just a part of package to me, but I agree this could be a symptom of the degeneration of society, the negrification of society even, as with the proliferation of mind numbing rap/hip hop music
    Besides now that yoga pants and tiny little dresses are all the rage, it looks like every chick has junk in the trunk if her ass is even just sort of toned or well shaped. The Phat-ass must be redefined, perhaps a certain threshold measurement by volume or circumference at the widest point and must look PHAT in jeans+looser fitting clothes also. Asses are beginning to look phatter across the board, if only because they are shamelessly on display and in your face.

  49. As a man that loves fat asses himself. Asses are getting too fat. It still should have shape and look proportionate to the rest of the girls body. If not it is just disgusting.

  50. The problem is not boobs vs asses, the problem is the unsightly and unhealthy overweight we see today in society.

  51. This must also allude to women’s obnoxious sudden obsession with squat bragging post-Instagram’s existence. Bullshit hashtags like “#youcantsquatthis” proliferate all over social media, are you guys impressed? Because I sure as shit am not. Which brings me to a funny story:
    So one night last summer I’m at a strip club with some buddies (yes, Beta as fuck, but it was a friend’s birthday and he got to call the shots that night, cut me some slack!) and me and one other friend have been training with weights like maniacs for well over twenty years and NEVER jumped on the bragging bandwagon, well, because, we simply don’t have to, for humility’s sake. A cocktail waitress came up to us and said “Hey guys! I do ass-grabs for a dollar!” I said back “Uh, I pay you a dollar, you grab my ass?” and she replied “No, you pay ME a dollar to grab my ass!” I chuckled and said “Huh, interesting.” And she said “Yeah, and I’m the only girl here who knows how to squat!” and turned around to emphasize her ass. This naturally made my blood boil and just struck me as audacious and pompous as all Hell. So I stood up and didn’t grab but wound up like a baseball pitcher and smacked her ass so loud you could hear it over the music that was playing. She keeled over and I told her “Here’s a dollar to go away. And for the record, this was the wrong table to walk up to and try to exercise brag!”
    She told me about fifteen minutes later than her ass was still hurting from that. Good!

  52. It’s butt in most Africa because their boobs are smaller, their babies don’t need fat big breast feeding.

  53. This is the first article on return of the kings which i can say is absolute bullshit.

  54. Titties are better than asses. Asses tend to smell like shit. Ive heard gay men like asses too. Titties have a crack without the smelly brown eye. If I was into asses Id just turn gay. Half the men I meet are more feminine than almost all the women I meet so. Being an ass man and being into these masculine women? Nah.

  55. One thing that annoy me is when as soon as a girl has a nice butt, she constantly gets harassed by black men. Very annoying.

  56. I’m not aware of any 110+ IQ Man in my social circle who is an ‘ass man’.
    Whereas many of my more uncouth, lesser-cortexed male associates have espoused their love of the faecal features of ‘Beyonce’ and the ‘Iggy Azealia’.

  57. Always been a leg guy. T&A never concerned me, and overpowering asses really turned me off.
    I always blamed the fad of big butts coming into focus as being western white women trying to appeal to the mythos of the big black penis and their desire to be impaled by them. I always found myself saying “If you’re trying to get a huge ass, you have to be trying to impress the one demographic that adores big booty – because it obviously ain’t me”
    And many times i’ve found myself asking black guys where their pref for (or insane thirst for) big women came from, none could give me any answer of satisfaction. They like women, all kinds, without any standards, as long as they sink it in, they’re happy.
    I’d ask “Don’t you have standards? Don’t you want steak instead of McDonalds?”
    Every response is some variation of ‘if it’s pink and wet, it’s good.’
    Cultural.. genetic.. whatever.. i will never wrap my head around the urge to have sex at any cost overriding my visual cortex and gag reflex.

  58. Over-the-top sweeping generalization:
    Leg men: generally higher IQ white collar types
    Boob men: beer drinking blue collar types
    Booty men: non-whites, whiggers

  59. This is probably one of the worst articles I’ve ever seen on this site, and this site has gone down significantly in quality over the last year or so

  60. Body types for me
    The J.Lo/Beyonce/Eva Mendes/Jessica Beil body is FAR superior and infinitely sexier than the Emma Watson/Jenifer Aniston (in her prime)/Angelina Jolie (in he prime) body.
    I like girls with nice thighs and a curvy, plump ass. I’m not into chicken legs with ass as flat as a pancake. This article is trash, and this site is fast becoming trash.

  61. This is idiotic! Latina, Black Women, some Mediterranean women have nice curvy butts! There is nothing wrong with them or loving them. I have a buddy who is white, who loves these gigantic boobs on anorexic looking women with pancake ass…talk about ridiculous looking. I love a nice toned curvy butt!! This is NOT the same thing as a fat woman with cellulite ass! American and European examples of beauty for a long time have been anorexic pancake ass women (excluding the older European ideal of beauty of women who were what would be considered fat today), who look pale like a VAMPIRE and obviously the SUN would fry them halfway to death!! This is disgusting and unhealthy symbol of beauty for women to follow also causing mental disorders. Caribbean, Black, Latina, South East Asian (by other Asian standards) have beautiful bodies. There is a reason Latina are some of the most beautiful women in the world and that is because they have beautiful dark skin tone naturally darkened by the sun, they are mixed with the shape of Africa, and some other flavors like white, Native, even Asian and Arab!
    I’m talking about small waist nice round butt like an apple shape you can also see what I’m talking about with female athletes like Caribbean track runners with tight fit bodies small waist and nice solid butts that are toned and in shape. Yes I prefer butts any day of the week! Sometimes a small B or C cup with a solid butt is ideal. By western standards even what i described can be seen as overweight. Those anorexic traditional European/American models are disgusting, on the same token yes over exaggerated fake butts and breasts are also disgusting. But we are talking about a nice curvy natural toned ass…I would take that over the traditional European/Western ideal of beauty any day…in fact you can keep them. Also turning this into an entire Geo-Political Diatribe was ridiculous and Overreaching by far!
    The theme for this writer seems to always reflect neo-colonial white advantage in post colonial societies. Where segments of the population still live with the mental disorder that “white is right” while worshiping a false Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Jesus. Many of those people don’t know any better…and although people across races marry or get together because of honest preference and true “Love,” there is a segment of these populations that would go for white males no matter how beta they are because of their whiteness..which is a display of ignorance…this is reflected by other Forney articles and some other writers here, which to further solidifies and proves my perspective and point
    Bottom line is this: Matt Forney and the rest of the pancake ass lovers can keep those women…ill keep the nice toned, small waist, nice butt women for people like me.

    1. Korean women have curvy bodies and very thick legs too naturally.they starve themselves to get that skinny look.its sad.the most curvy woman IVe seen in real life was this hot korean chick eyefucking me walking down the street.

      1. Ahhh yes how could I forget!! Korean women have very thick legs that I love!! In school I used to go to Asian parties with a female Korean friend with THICK legs!! I love them. Its a shame they starve themselves and do eye surgery cause I find that thickness very sexy. Even with the Chinese girls the curvy ones other Asian men thought they were “fat” but those were the hottest ones in my opinion!

  62. I think whoever wrote this is really afraid of change…..what we see as attraction was pushed to us my the Media, no matter what part of the body it is. This is simply a sign that America is changing to actually reflect the people that live in it. Oh and for those women without a butt do have to work at getting one by do what? Squats! So just search a hashtag on Instagram and see the “work” it take to get a butt. More than one way to skin a cat man.

    1. This is a Forney article, so I knew what was coming already! Below I talked about how the standard of western/American Beauty was anorexic/bulimia, pale, pancake buttocks was also detrimental to young women and unhealthy. Certain women like Latina, Southeast Asian, and Black women have natural round buttocks. They can even be skinny and still have a tight round butt. A big breasted anorexic woman looks unhealthy to me. Read other Forney Articles and you will see his “theme.”

  63. It’s a deliberate push by the left—pushing the black aesthetic on the mainstream as well as pushing fat chicks onto men. It kills civilized male desire while promoting black desire, all the while making the majority feel freakish for not going along with the program. “What’s wrong with you not liking big booty ass?”
    Several black guys have actually asked a form of that question when I’ve expressed disgust at a woman’s posterior or uninterest in a certain “ass goddess” . I used to hide behind “everyone’s got preferences” but now I just tell them it’s disgusting and unattractive. Most have shut up at this point, but a few have tried to razz me that I’m the weirdo, wherein I tell them point blank that ass worship is a low-class ghetto thing, not for men with taste. I’ve found that blacks tend to get very meek and upset when their taste is pointed out to be low class and not high class as they previously thought.
    Never forget that the SJW set religiously believes that black desires and beliefs trumps everyone elses. So if blacks decide a candidate is the one they want, SJWs believe all other candidates are evil and the black-desired one is good.
    What has been pushed out as a sexual desire is the non-black desire for nice legs. In the 80s the Rockettes were on Sesame Street in skits and man-oh-man—even as a kid I was into those legs. Old Hollywood movies emphasized women’s legs as appealing sexual items. Female chorus girl dancers were the staple girlfriend of up-and-coming celebrities due to their gams.
    The late 90s began the ugly ass phenomenon. It’s around the time the SJW media changed from a Cosby Show/Will Smith black image to wanna-be-ganster/faux tough guy black image such as NWA.
    Jennifer Lopez’s ass isn’t even noticeable. She’s pushed it as her item in an effort to “keep it real” and appeal to lower-class/SJW-friendly outlets. Because of her looks, she can pass as non-ghetto and even white, but since her acting skills are poor and her singing skills are mediocre, she can’t rely on non-ghetto fans to keep her fame going. As Madonna plays to the gays who buy all her shit, Lopez plays to the ghetto that buy her shit.
    P.S. this also plays into how I believe gays have pushed anal sex in straight porn. The concentration on ass as a sexual object , along with images of straight men fucking anuses of women, is a stepping stone many gays hope leads to more straight men looking at the asses of everyone because “a hole is just a hole.” After all, a higher percentage of ass-worshipping blacks than non-blacks have engaged in homosexual encounters—you can see this in the HIV rates and weird emphasis modern movies have on prison rape.

    1. You are retarded.
      The preference for large butts has more to do with higher testosterone levels and fertility, NOT class and iq. This can be seen in any society throughout history. The more alpha (manly) a male is, the more likely he likes big booty.That’s why even upper-class Blacks and Latinos prefer rounder butts. Also the reason why Asians have the smallest and flattest butts. Its human nature, not a SJW conspiracy.
      It is mainly aspies, beta males, pedophiles, nerds, less testosterone & and smaller penis male that hate rounder, healthy butts. That says alot about what kind of guy you are. I bet you also fetish Asian girls as many omega males do.
      And anal sex is a 50,000 year old practice with little to do with orientation.
      For all your ranting against leftist you seem to think actually like one, blaming everything on the media and your political enemies instead of accepting the reality of human nature.

      1. 1. No. Simply wrong. The vast majority of sculpture or painting of
        attractive women in history–including the glorious nymphs of
        antiquity—made them young, girlish, and slender. If most civilizationspreferred the large-assed chicks, then Persian, Chinese, Greek, Egyptian, English, French, German, etc. would have glorified them.
        They did not, as any trip to a local museum can show you. Those hot chicks are by and large young, waifish, long-legged (for their height).
        2. Anal sex becomes popular for straights during periods of decadence, wherein men and women are encouraged to experiment with both sexes, multiple partners, and beyond (including anal sex). This period is almost always the last period before a society falls. In the vast majority of time, however, men aren’t fucking broads up the ass.
        3. Ass reflects class, as Forney’s map demonstrates. low-class cultures–those with low IQ—are into large asses. Hand waving won’t work here.
        4.SJWs project their own demons onto non-SJWs. Whenever an SJW blames something on a “vast right wing conspiracy” or “right wing media” you can be sure they are on a Journolist or in a theater group dedicated to raising “consciousness” about SJW project X or Y.
        Furthermore, Hollywood has a very long history of deliberate collaboration to promote left-wing ideals through its work. What’s lost in todays screams about “McCartyhyism!” is that the Army-McCarthy hearings and HUAC found tons of evidence of the CPUSA deliberately infiltrating and swaying Hollywood studios to insert propaganda. No less that Gary Cooper and Elia Kazan testified about such influence. Do you think such efforts have stopped?
        Hollywood has deliberately inserted gay-friendly propaganda into its work for 40 years in attempts to normalize it, and it has worked—the “Will & Grace” effect, as your vice president called it. Hollywood led the charge on black civil rights, hiding black savagery behind a curtain of “noble oppressed superhuman” depictions. The idea that Hollywood gays wouldn’t be trying to push decadent behavior such as anal sex on straights to try push them into being some fag’s rent boy for a night—well, you’re just not paying attention to history, even very recent history.

        1. 1. You are in denial. Outside of East Asia, the vast majority of women depicted in the art of most cultures were NOT thin, flat, and petite. They all had meat on them with very obvious hips and curves, not at all like the anorexic supermodels (popularized by gays) on recent times. Just look at ANY nude painting, especially during the Renaissance (so much for low class lol). This is a proven fact by genetics and evopsych. Men naturally like some well-proportioned meat and definition on women. No culture outside of East Asia has ever praised small flat butts as attractive.
          2. The Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Egyptians all showed an interest in anal sex in every era of their history, not just the last decades. It’s only under the rise of Christianity and other prude, anti-worldly views is when it became taboo.
          3. False cause fallacy. The data I showed in my first post clearly proves that testosterone is the real cause of the attraction to and frequency of rounder butts. Blacks naturally have the largest sexual parts on average ( hips, curves, breast, butt, penis, balls, etc) due to high testosterone levels. Mongoloids of all types are the opposite. Blacks of all IQ levels prefer larger butts. Mongoloids of all IQ levels either are indifferent to them or dislike them on average. It’s only with Caucasians is where you see variations in taste since higher IQ whites tend to have lower testosterone, as shown by nerds and autist. Show me counter-evidence lol.
          The growing popularity of Large booty in the western world is due to the increasing masculinity of White women, which is why many are now seeking Black and Latino men as lovers since women are naturally more attracted to men that are more alpha than themselves. Meanwhile, White males have become more feminine since WW2 due to Leftism. As a result, many white guys fly to Asian women since many are no longer manly enough to handle their own women. This in turn leaves Asian men in the dust as the bottom of the mating pool.

  64. This modern change in preference is a direct result of increased stress and poverty for men in this society. When men cannot provide in a stressful situation, for whatever reason, they look for women to mate with who are already “well fed”. When men can provide and are not stressed, they prefer thinner women. This accounts for the cultural variations too. For example:
    Swami, V., Tovee, M. J. (2012). The impact of psychological stress on men’s judgments of female body size. PloS One,
    “Previous work has suggested that the experience of psychological stress
    may influence physical attractiveness ideals, but most evidence in
    favour of this hypothesis remains archival. The objective of this study
    was to experimentally investigate the impact of stress on men’s
    judgements of female body size…
    This study found that the experience of stress was associated with a
    preference among men for heavier female body sizes. These results
    indicate that human attractiveness judgements are sensitive to
    variations in local ecologies and reflect adaptive strategies for
    dealing with changing environmental conditions.”

  65. I gotta disagree- gaining weigh does not improve a womans derriere. quite the opposite.
    no one wants to push up on a malformed lump of wrinkly butt

  66. This may sound far fetched but today’s society is a neo pagan society. The pagans of old used to use human fecal matter as a sacrament. Baal peor worship. It also entails female worship (fertility). I can’t imagine any other reason for sexual obsession with a woman’s poo factory other than this. We’re going to see female entitlement skyrocket now that women are at the point where they really believe their “stuff don’t stink”!

  67. Years ago all engineers learned that the heat of the meat is inversely proportional to the mass of the ass, and positively correlated with the angle of the dangle.
    But I guess that was just plain old classical physics. This new ass thing must be like backdoor quantum mechanics or something.

  68. One time I smelled a girl’s asshole because I thought it would be hot, but it smelled like shit. I don’t know what else I should have expected

  69. This is the very first time in my life that I’m happy about living in a “blue” state!!!

  70. I don’t think that White girls having big asses is a thing to attract Black men. maybe make Black men crave and support them, but at the end of the day, these same White women often throw Blacks under the bus once they have used us to gain popularity in the media, or they make it clear that they wouldn’t have anything to do with Black men (as evidenced by quite a few Tinder profiles of “whooties”, as they call them).

    1. I pray you are correct. If I was being honest it isn’t as though Black men are super popular the moment anyway and I really never hear any high quality white women talking about them in any way.

    2. It’s not even about Black men at this point. It’s about taking features typical of black (and latina) women and claiming it as their own while still deeming these women as less attractive than them.
      Shit is fucked up mang

  71. Where did Whitey whites like Megan Trainor and ‘Iggy’ learn to speak like ghetto Negresses?
    Trainor looks like the president of the PTA and ‘Iggy” is from Sydney Australia.
    “My mama told me don’t worry ’bout yo size. Boyz like that booty to hold at night” -MT Really Megan? Yo mama done told you? I’m going to have to call bullshit unless you can show me a half dozen mulatto half siblings.

        1. Yeah really. Her man jaw and thin lips ain’t that hot either. Doesn’t she sing that ‘Dear future husband?’ song, which is like a long list of requirements in order to put up with her crazy shit and fat ass forever. Good luck to whoever the fuck gets that job

      1. Bitch grew up in Nantucket, MA, an island community and one of the wealthiest vacation spots in America; . Martha’s Vineyard, it’s twin Island not an hour away by ferry, and is where the President (when he’s a Democrat) always vacations in summer. Her parents run a freaking jewelry store there. This girl not only was never poor, she was always upper class-idyllic childhood-hobnobbing with billionaires.
        The only oppression she ever felt was when she went to the beach with her friends in the summer and found her bikini wasn’t gucci like theirs were(it was Ralph Loren! the horror!) and she looked worse in hers than them.
        Between her and Kanye I don’t know which big pop tart right now is making the sillier claims of keeping it real, being raw, being oppressed, and being from the streets.

    1. From other pop songs, pop culture, and their managers —who hire other writers to write the songs for them while they ostensibly give them the credit.

      1. Yea Bro. Kinda my point. These white cunts who ‘bez talkin’ all blaq and shit’ are as fake as Obama’s birff certificate.
        So who is buying this trash? Blacks? I doubt it? Whites? Maybe a few 99 cent downloads but I doubt any significant amount. I think they are being sold to us by the-powers-that-be in the ZOG. I just don’t know why.

  72. Is Iggy a tranny? I know I’m not the first person to ask.
    I believe that will be the jew’s next ploy. They’ll artificially inflate a “sex symbols”– “She’ll” be a top recording artist, star in RomComs and have her poster ‘glued’ on every teenage boys wall. Then she’ll be with Bigbird, to present the award for best pedo-interracial fisting scene at the ‘Kid’s Choice AVMA’ when a “Wardrobe malfunction” will cause her big, fat hairy, Pringle’s Can of a cock to flop out. At that point, the jew media will chastise you for “trans-phobia” and remind you that you personally jacked it to her Sports Illustrated swimsuit spread 197 time —but that’s OK, you’ll be told– because things like sex organs and chromosomes are nothing more than ‘Social Constructs’. They don’t matter — It’s all about how you feelz on the inside.
    What’s the jew’s endgame?

  73. Ugh to fat asses without a little waist. I love a nice curvy, tight ass WITH a little waist.
    Worst of all are fat pigs with a wide but flat ass.
    I reckon liking a girl’s cute rounded ass is more natural for men than liking cleavage, because of our animal instincts. I like what I like, and that pronounced curve of waist to hip does it for me way more than big tits with small hips. Top heavy chicks mimic a man’s shape. Plus big tits sag and look matronly.

  74. I hadn’t heard that “All About The Bass” song until this past weekend. I was at a friend’s BBQ and a lot of people came. Long story short, a couple with a 4 year old thought it’d be “cute” to play it on their IPhone and have their daughter dance to it. In the middle of the living room, they pulled up a chair and she basically dry humped it and sang along with it. The guys in the room were all like “what the fuck is going on?”. I left the room. What the fuck is wrong with people these days?
    Oh, loved the article by the way.

  75. I’m a skinny girl with an unusually big butt. White guys like it as much as brown ones. Flat butts are for snobby old white dudes.

  76. You simply can’t tell a man what’s attractive to him. How can you tell me what I should prefer, I see the differences of races but because it seems as if a hip hop culture has invaded everything whose fault is that. I feel as if this article is grasping for straws. You can like what ever body part you like on a women it doesn’t show anything at all.

  77. See you at next week’s Klan meeting Forney! Be sure to bring the good lube, you’re gonna need it.
    Other issues with this piece:
    1. Jennifer Lopez’s ass isn’t that good according to anyone’s definition or even big for that matter. This has been the case for the past 15 years.
    2. Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj have fake asses. Kim Kardashian is just a fat girl who liposuctions flab from surrounding areas, making her ass appear large. All of that is just wrong.
    3. Laugh out loud at PornHub having statistical data on NORTH KOREAN sexual desires.
    4. Sprint Cyclists:

  78. Even the word “booty” is cringe worthy. It really comes down to what is the “ghettofication” of America and western culture now, and its something that has had a negative impact on everything from language to art.
    The obsession with the show stopping ass is straight out of the ghetto, and given the influence African Americans have had on popular culture, it has gradually filtered through via a maniacal left wing media that promotes this crap and aims to elevate them as a group.
    Well done America, you are trading in the modesty of your pioneering and successful ancestors for the debased behavior of low IQ simpletons

      1. Call me racist all you like, how exactly does an accusation of bigotry make my point any less valid?

        1. How can the “maniacal left wing” decide when my dick gets hard? Every healthy woman has an ass.

  79. Black men love big butts. It’s nothing wrong with it. If I wanted a flat booty, I’d start phucking a man. But on another note, why do White people think that their way of thinking is the only or best way of thinking. Not everybody wants to or has to conform to the White man’s standard of beauty because the White man is not the end all be all in the world. Also, Meghan Trainer really isn’t all that fat, I mean maybe to a white man that likes his women looking like little boys like Taylor Swift, but I don’t think most people would consider Trainor FAT. All I know is that if I see a girl with a nice ass, I am instantly somewhat attracted to her, and it has nothing to do with media brainwashing but more of Biology.

    1. Yup. KKK idiots like this Matt dude think that what they like is the universal metric of attraction.

    2. Agreed as another black man that loves a curvy ass.
      Trainor isn’t obese per se, but she ain’t stick figure skinny either. Looking at this recent grammy pic, either she lost the excess weight or people are blowing her size out of proportion. The important test however, is the all inclusive boner test. How does she fare in my opinion?
      I’d hit it two ways to Sunday.

    3. Agreed as another black man that loves a curvy ass.
      Trainor isn’t obese per se, but she ain’t stick figure skinny either. Looking
      at this recent grammy pic, either she lost the excess weight or people
      are blowing her size out of proportion. She still puts out a shitty message about fat acceptance and it needs to stop but the important test however, is
      the all inclusive boner test. How does she fare in my opinion?
      I’d hit it two ways to Sunday.

  80. Big boobs are okay, but the hips of a woman seems to define more femininity than boobs for me. Also Meghan Traynor doesn’t have an ass at all, she has an elongated stomach. Iggy also has no ass I don’t know where these comments are coming from. Also the reason that “Primitive” cultures value women with large behinds is because that’s where the fat from the child’s brain comes from, they also look for child bearing hips.

  81. Butt preference correlates with backwards cultures, therefore our changing tastes means our decline. What a fine intellectual theory you have there. Now tell us again why you like the Filipinas so much?

  82. Men have always liked booty. Check out Marylin Monroe. Its not possible to have a little extra without some of it going to the ass. Men evolved to like women with ass because it means they’re not dying of hunger.

  83. I’ve been into big asses since I had a sex drive (bout 15 years.) It has to be on a girl that’s in shape though.

  84. The thing about rich men liking legs, less wealthy tits, and poor ass, I’m glad I’m not rich because I don’t know how the fuck you could like legs better than tits and ass.

    1. Yeah. Ever noticed that lots of drag queens have lovely long shapely legs, because guys naturally don’t store fat on their thighs. But they need surgery to get boobs and a curvy butt.

  85. This article is evidence of further decline in quality of this site. “Waaaaaaah….other men like what I don’t like therefore this country is going to hell”.
    F*cking cybaby.

  86. The best evidence this theory is true is that women’s preferences for men have not changed, while men’s preferences for women are dependent on social class, which has indeed undergone dramatic change. Women still prefer men who are tall, with a full head of hair, broad shoulders/narrow waist and of course a big fat wallet. Meaning social expectations of men have not really changed at all. They are still meant to be of service to women. Women have cast off any need to demonstrate health or elegance because they can do so. They won’t be particularly happy doing so, but they can.
    Smart women don’t buy this narrative. Those perfect men are not free and why should they be? Nothing of real value is free. The really confusing part is that it’s really not that hard to look like the woman in the white bikini. It takes some effort, but not that much! And having kids is no excuse. Please. I have three. I weigh 5 lbs more than I did at 20.
    Women don’t care. Hence they are mostly miserable. Visit #WomenAgainstFeminism. Almost universally above average attractive and of normal body weight. That’s not a coincidence.

    1. It’s always a pleasure to encounter a Woman (not a female) disconnected from the feminatrix and remaining disconnected by choice.
      Here on ROK the feminist banality is believing that the prevailing majority of males here “hate’ Women, when nothing further could be the truth.
      We simply despise what passes for Women (aka females) in mainstream media and their pavlovian byproducts in the social circle.
      I would like to add to your comment that smart Men are in no way threatened by smart Women….indeed, if more females were smart enough to realize that behaving like a Woman with class was a proper goal to be pursued, they would stop acting like feminist or feminized females and graduate to the maturity level of a quintessential Woman, which is what you demonstrate through intelligence and understanding from your respective perspective.
      Incidentally i stop by WAF on occasion. I like what passes for intellectual conversation there. They are a credit as well.

    2. I’m currently dating a girl who is A LOT poorer than me, and I love it. Not because she’s poor but because she honestly appreciates everything I do for her, and she’s humble. Prior to her I casually dated a medical doctor, whose whole family is doctors, and nothing impressed her. The best of everything for her was not an option, but an obligation. I felt like I was constantly in a pissing contest with her. Dating her was stressful so I stopped texting her. I’m happy with my humble poor girl.

  87. Part of this has to be explained as being a part of the genre, “rap.”
    Rap is about bragging and expressing aggression to whatever bothers you. Think about how it evolved as “rap battles.” The bragging is usually ridiculous and baseless. There is nothing great about any popular male rapper- they have done nothing of merit. But they rap endlessly about how great they are.
    So how does this tie in with Meghan Trainor? She is bragging about her ass, and expressing anger ar beauty standards that secretly bother her, and insisting that she is wonderful and beautiful with no actual evidence.
    It is only natural that if women start to rap, they will rap about dumb shit like this, rather than the gritty, violent, competitive kinds of lyrics you hear from males, as a simple result of the different psychologies of women and men.

  88. Nah. Butts and boobs are popular where women have them. Surprised about Iceland though when I saw that graphic on twitter.
    Megan Trainor is a thing right now because of a combination of the push for fat acceptance, feminism, and white folks constant appropriation of other races pop culture for the sake of being cool. Feeds a rebelliousness. Just look back all the way to zoot suits, doo wop, rhythm and blues, break dancing, rap, hip hop, and all the lingo that been borrowed and copied. Angelina Jolie’s lips. Kim Kardashian.
    “The butt is the only part of a woman’s anatomy that improves when she gains weight.” Big ass myth(pun intended). It’s the opposite. Unless it’s a large weight gain. Nothing improves with that.
    That’s why the shift from boobs to booty in pop culture and hollywood. There just hasn’t been a time when mass media has gone so deep into using black people’s slang, fads, etc…
    Booty has always been sexual appealing. Even in classic literature.
    Problem is with a lot of things, everybody and everything seems to get put out there as being all that. Part of the reason in cheaper and readily available tech. The internet and cheap digital sensors.
    Even with all the girls on youtube that call themselves fitness models would a few years ago just be a college aged girl who gets enough exercise to stay a little toned.
    But I get the reasons behind (pun not intended) for associating booty with “The Decline”.
    So I’ll leave everybody with this. So I hope it loads.
    Booty is good when it’s good booty.
    Embrace it.

  89. I think this got crossed up a long time ago, but ‘booty’ is loot; ‘boody’ is ass, at least it was when I was growing up in the 60’s & 70’s.

  90. Her mother told her that “boys like a little more booty to hold at night”
    That`s some weird parenting.

  91. There’s a big difference between big butt and nice ass. It’s not size, it’s proportion.

  92. I prefer a woman with a nice shapely ass, but she would also have to have the boobs and the slim waist. If your ass is big with craters, and your tits are proportional to the big tire you call a stomach, then I don’t want you.
    Janet still has a point, women’s standards for men have not changed, they still crave the alpha males with jerk game, all this fat acceptance is basically sexual socialism, it’s basically the media leveling the playing field so that the fat mother hens have a crack at being pumped and dumped too.
    So if they’re standards have not changed, why should ours? Because they have the inflated magical vajay? Fuck that.

  93. You sound like a total faggot. If you like flat asses thats fine, but don’t act like bubble butts are a sign of the apocalypse.

  94. This is a fake paradigm. Rears and hips are always going to get prominence in music, because they are related to dancing. A current fad doesn’t explain away why music and dancing are connected. Boobs have minimal dance value. Yes, I know they jiggle, but dancing wise, neh. Second, the booty moment also matches up with a huge increase in anal sex practices. The cultures in Red are the most repressed, strongly christian and muslim. Though I am tired of crappy sexualized music peddled to children.

  95. As a black man, I’ve loved disproportion large asses for the last 200k years and I’ll love them when I make it big. Fuck this is article.
    Keep up the good work tho :/

  96. Beware the booty! Show me the booty!!!!!
    For I can show you a woman whose path is that of a cow in a short span of time!

  97. There used to be a show called blossom , with Miam bilyak what ever the fuck her name is . We’ll the character who played her best friend ” six” she had nice fucking ass

  98. That’s funny b/c during the 50s Marilyn Monroe (the larger sized woman with a big butt) was also preferred beauty in the US and there was a tiny, tiny Black and Latino population back then. Also the US was the richest country in the world after WW 2 in the 50s. If you look at medieval Europe it was the same thing (check out Michaelangelo’s paintings). Plus many of the Asian countries listed are pretty dirt poor but they prefer super thin women with boobs. This theory is a little inconsistent.

      1. “Marilyn Monroe’s size was measured by one of her dress makers and released as 5’5” tall, 35” bust, 22” waist, and 35” hips. Her bra size was 36D. During Marilyn’s time, her waist was about 2-3 inches smaller than the average woman in America and by today’s average she was 12 inches smaller.”
        I read different remarks with regard to changing sizes, but from what I gleaned with a 22″ waist she’d be a size 8-10 today? That comport with your feminine expertise? Regardless, with such an extreme hourglass shape she might have problem finding a good fit in any era.
        Marilyn was my first hollywood crush, Cheryl Teigs was all the rage when I was a teen, but I think I was man out of time and preferred a previous generation of sexy. I’d of rather had a Kim Novak poster if they’d made them.

        1. Yes, today she would have been about a size 8-10 (depended, because her weight seemed to fluctuate, from what I understand). Back then the size was 16-18, I believe.
          I agree though, I think that she may have had a problem with finding a good fit, even today.

        2. That they do, one more generation and they’ll be engineering their children. Once you decide to get rid if autism, why not give them high IQ and abs?

  99. For a girl to have a nice ass she has to work for it -deadlifts and squats- A big ass that’s not toned and worked on is gross.. This article mostly sucks

        1. Lol you may have misunderstood ness.. My point was that a nice ass doesn’t just happen by eating and being lazy like this article stated. My point was that it takes work.

        2. Haha, I agree it takes work. I guess I misunderstood – it sounded like that was the ONLY way to have a nice toned as. lol

  100. This is nonsense. ‘Big butt’ doesn’t mean ‘fat butt’, anymore than ‘big tits’ means ‘fat floppy tits’. A ‘big butt’ generally means a big, round butt, on top of wide hips, and a relatively slim waist. The butt is not just ‘fat’ but has muscle underneath too. This kind of butt is fucking hot. I dare you to pound a girl with this from behind, and whilst looking down at this, say ‘this feeling is just caused by western culture’.
    A merely fat girl will get more of the straight ‘curveless’ look, as the fat evens out the hip-waist curve by landing evenly over the body, which doesn’t look good at all.

  101. This is probably the DUMBEST post I’ve ever read about asses in my entire life! A big round butt is a biological indicator of fertility. Most men don’t give 2 shits and a fart about a woman’s social class. Men want genes that promote fertility, women want genes that promote survival. A big butt + wide hips means that she can more easily give birth without hemorrhage as the buttocks is the place on a womans body where she stores the fat necessary for pregnancy(think calories)! Biology trumps class and societal conditioning which is what postmodernist left doesn’t understand.
    The big breast obsession that gripped 20th century America was really weird. Because even small breasts can still produce enough milk to feed an infant.

  102. Another epic fail is the fact the size and shape of a womans buttocks, though genetics do play a big role, is mutable. So it actually DOES require discipline for many women to get their buttocks properly toned and shaped. Eating fatty foods isn’t enough. With breasts on the other hand, their adult size is determined by genes and there really is nothing a woman can do short of surgery to alter their size. Breast augmentation is extremely low class FYI.

  103. “The reason why asses are considered low-class is because developing a
    big ass requires less discipline then any other female beauty standard.”
    This right here is just plain dumb and untrue. Your ass doesn’t necessarily “improve” as you gain weight, because one has no say in where the fat goes when they gain weight. However building a nice-looking ass is one of the very few ACTUALLY ACHIEVABLE beauty standards, because working out and doing exercices can give you satisfying results, both on size and shape.
    It’s funny that you use this argument to dismiss the attractiveness of butts when boobs are probably the number one feature that cannot EVER be changed through any other means than surgery (only getting pregnant and taking the pill can guarantee a growth in size, but then if the shape itself is bad, there’s nothing to do about it) because it’s all determined by genes. All I see here is a lot of hypocrisy and a very biased opinion based on cherry-picked evidence, false facts and mad leaps of logic, with some midly racist and classist undertones all that to justify your preference for breasts.
    Please take several seats.

  104. Well say what you want, but a nice ass is better than a fucking flat one. You were diving way too deep into this post. I usually agree with some of the stuff you write. But I won’t lie, I like seeing thick asses on females. why not judge that then? Because being way too damn thin and skinny is all that does for a girl is make her look way too young. Not saying that’s a bad thing. But I don’t obsessed over girls looking hella damn skinny or thin. Thin isn’t better than fat, both are shit. I’m not a body worshipper period. But most of those Latina women with thick bodies look terrific. So I don’t know wtf your problem is with women having big asses. I can agree on the whole fake and implant thing. That I don’t like either. And I don’t support the whole “twerk culture” as they call it. But I’d be lying if I said that seeing a female do that doesn’t get me off. I hear men talking about liking Asian women because their thin. Well sex with that Japanese porn star Hitomi would be heaven. That bitch is all 100% real! Big ass tits and ass, no implants at all. And I would get her ass pregnant for damn sure if she was my girl. lol.

  105. Accumulating fat on the ass doesn’t require any discipline….But toning the ass into the right shape requires a lot of discipline. A person can control their fat intake but they cannot control where on their body the fat gets deposited. Some women have to do squats to build up their glutes in order to get a well rounded behind.
    Bit boobs requires zero discipline whatsoever. Breast size is genetic and either she’s born with a good sized rack or she gets a boob job.
    Regardless, what men like is a nicely shaped body. Most of us don’t give 2 shits and a fart how a woman gets that shape. Though some guys really prefer that a woman be born with it because that means she has good genes.
    Nevertheless, a big round butt + wide hips turns most men on for a very good reason: It indicates FERTILITY! That’s right: The fat deposited on the female buttocks is used by her body as a source of calories during pregnancy and the curvy, voluptuous, big-butted body type makes pregnancy much easier on her body. A big but literally provides more cushion for the pushin’ when it comes to poppin’ that baby out. Even small breasts work at producing enough milk just as well as big breasts.
    Class is irrelevant when it comes to how most men size up women. Because marriage is an economic contract where the woman trades sex appeal for the mans financial resources when she decides to have his children and has to take time off work if she’s employed.

  106. Omg, what an insanely pseudo science bunch of BS!!! Gee do you think your study of searches between books and butts may also reflect that countries that have genetic traits of larger this or that obviously lead to that trait being the popular one in that society? I guess ice is popular with Eskimos because they have a heat deprivation fetish… What a moron! That desire and sexuality is strictly and scientifically determined by something as arbitrary and non biological as “class” or status. I think human evolution, instincts and inherent cues surpass man made “rationale” I guess the term Rubenesque must refer to Ruben the famous butt obsessed Neandertal! Or shapely women at the height of the renaissance, you know the Age of Stupidity as it is best known.
    Get over it, so you don’t like butts, good for you. More for me! Like Sir MixALot said… “I like big butts and I can’t deny it…”

  107. USA and Canada white men are of german descent which likes big boobs and long legs but their asses are flat and square, it’s a genetic thing. On the other hand latinamerican men like round hips and butt, legs nice shaped and somehow proportioned to the body structure, the iberians had the most proportioned and best round butts of all time, the original hougarglass body shape. It’s a genetic thing. The celtic tribes, gael, etc. are intermediate or moderate size. With all the mixing in Europe and later in the American continent you can take your conclusions. North America is a boobs worshiper and Latinamerica an ass whorshiper.

  108. This is the most racist asinine piece of garbage that I have ever wasted my time reading. Just because white men’s women tend to have flat rears (not saying it’s bad, racial groups are simply built differently) that are now “out of style.”
    The author wants to go on an rampage assault on women of color’s bodies and the men of color who love and appreciate them. Of course men would love what is native to their country including their women. “Oh, why don’t African and Latin American men want flat rears?” Because their women are some of the most voluptuous and stunning that you will find, why wouldn’t they desire their own. Has nothing to do with the wealth of a country.
    Absolutely disgusting. Who cares what was emphasized years ago. Mainstream media often dictates what is propagated as “in” or not. And this often excludes woc that don’t fit into European norms. Articles like this do nothing more than show people of your elk as racist, jealous, and flagrantly ignorant.
    Real men like curves, and it’s about darn time that the rest of America got with it. Because beautiful, curvy, round bums aren’t going away.

  109. Black men have always been attracted to the hour glass figure and a nice derriere. I don’t agree with his theory about breast. The reason breasts are not as obsession in the above countries, it is looked upon as a means to nurse a child, it has nothing to do with poverty.

  110. Your fatphobia is showing darling. Female skin is thinner than male skin, so of course veins and cellulite show easier. Also: your argument about an asscrack full of toiletpaper has got nothing to do with it, personal hygene has got nothing to do with weight. I don’t agree on Trainor’s view on skinny women, however, if she loves herself for being how she is, who are you to stop her? Who are you to tell a woman she can not be happy with herself? Who are you to tell her to get rid of her confidence and get skinnier/heavier?

    1. Well, thanks for demonstrating the fact that women have thin skins by your hysterics.

  111. Obesity (not an obsession with ass or tits) is a sign of our social decline. An obsession with excessively large breasts or butts is sign of low breeding in this country. Thin women with well balanced proportions, very long hair, and nice legs will always be the preferred taste of those with better taste.

  112. Curvy ass and boobs are indicators of femininity, so I don’t think it’s really intellectually honest to say a preference for either over the other is a sign of decline. I think this article is a little try-hard and comes out looking like a chick trying to downgrade other chicks…or trolling. Either way, I think it’s really time for writers to decide what you want to be. If you’re trolls then don’t expect to be taken seriously once people figure it out. If you’re being sincere about this then it is really time to take a step back and think about the fact that there are many trends and fads…many features cultures decide are more or less fashionable. Your fetish doesn’t make you a better man. If you go there, you’re doing the same thing the booty and other fad promoters are doing: deciding someone is more or less valuable based on whether or not they conform or pretend to conform to the group norms. I’m not personally interested in trading one set of over-imposing thought police for another.

  113. I stopped when I seen the map of where booty happend to be a fixation amongst men. This blog has to be and is written by a white guy. He fails to tell how ancient Caucasian scholars came to Africa and wrote about the women they adored. He also fails to acknowledge that places other then Africa and south America had women whom were flat on the ass end, therfore many of men during in the blue sections wouldn’t have even known what a curvy body was. He also fails to mention how white women tied stomachs to stimulate a bigger ass. At the end of the day, how could one like something they never seen.

  114. This article is spot on. However, healthy estrogen levels causes the female butt to have a healthy, full heart-shape, as healthy levels (let me stress HEALTHY LEVELS) of fat storage (healthy fats are high in omega-3’s which are critical for a developing fetus, especially the fetus’s developing brain) in the butt are used to nurture a developing fetus in the womb. A nice, heart shaped full butt is an indicator of healthy estrogen levels because fat storage in the butt and hips are imperative to a fetus’s development as the fat is used to nurture a developing fetus. Men who are attracted to a nice, heart shaped full butt instinctively know that butt belongs to a woman with healthy estrogen levels and has good health. Now, there is a big difference between a nice, heart shaped butt and an overly large cottage cheese ass that is out of proportion with the rest of the woman’s body. White men do like asses as long as they aren’t giant obese asses. Only low class folk like giant obese cottage cheese asses. Nothing at all wrong with a man liking a modestly sized decent heart shaped full butt.

  115. Well, the only first world nation except for Iceland. But I mean, they don’t count, they are only highly developed, creative and badass. But then it wouldn’t fit the narritive, so lets ignore them.

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