Many Of You Can Ignore The 5th Commandment

An important lesson I learned is that “bad things” aren’t necessarily bad things in the long run.  Matter of fact, sometimes the absolute worst thing to happen to you in the present could be the greatest blessing in your life.  So if you…

ever get fired from a job,

dumped by a girl, or

can’t afford college and need to drop out

chances are you likely…

avoided a career in a field you would hate,

a psycho drama queen that would have divorced you anyway, and

a crippling level of student debt for a law degree that is worthless.

It’s nearly impossible to tell if “tragedy” is tragedy indeed.

bad luck 2

However, a very interesting “bad thing” that happened to me and nearly every man alive here is that of the collapse of the nuclear family. Specifically, the utter deterioration in the quality and caliber of parents and parenting in the past 50 years. Whether you want to look at divorce rates, feminism’s brainwashing of Western women, the outsourcing of child rearing to the state, or the single or deadbeat parent epidemic, parents, especially of the Baby Boomer and Gen X vintage, are absolutely atrocious.

Of course, while it was happening the absentee parenting and a general wholesale of our children to the state daycare and school industrial complex seemed like a “bad thing.” We all endured 13 years of prison known as “school.” Half of us come from broken homes. We wandered in the desert without strong, fatherly leadership suffering needlessly decades of confusion and torment when it came to dating, love, and marriage. And many of you are likely stuck under the tonnage of student loans because your parents said, “follow your heart and the money will follow.”

But ironically this collapse of the most important part of American and Western culture ended up being a HUGE blessing for me (and many men within the ‘sphere). For without it, I and all the other men who make a living in the manosphere and neo-masculinity areas would have to have regular jobs. Instead, thankfully, we get to help out our younger internet brothers by passing on the lessons we had to learn the hard way so you can have easier lives than we did.  And that “career” would never have been possible if we didn’t first go through that baptism by fire.

Unfortunately, however, this “silver lining to the clouds” does not negate the fact there are clouds. And a dark and tragic trend I’ve noticed is that parents aren’t getting any better. They’re actually getting worse. A disturbingly high percentage of my clients are young men (and women) who live under a household headed up by what is nothing short of abusive parents.

Of course we have to be careful here.  Just because your dad won’t let you go out past 2 AM while you live at home at 17 is NOT abuse. Or that your parents insist on you getting a job or something a child simply does not like is NOT abuse. Sadly, this is not what I’m seeing in my little world.

I have clients whose parents threaten to disown them if they change their religion.

Clients whose parents would cut them off if they dated outside their race.

Parents who are drug addicts and steal their childrens’ pittance of money they make working fast food.

Outright abuse.

And parents who demand their children live at home so they can collect more welfare or section 8 housing.

The list goes on, but the problem is that it forces young boys and girls into an impossible situation. One where they have to raise themselves. And not just raise themselves, but be able to identify that their situation is NOT acceptable, escape, SUPPORT THEMSELVES, AND know enough to undo all the damage their parents caused. It is again, an impossible situation, especially if you’re under 18.

Still, like the Marines say, “We don’t want to hear problems. Only solutions.” And since this is a growing demographic of young men and women (sometimes, boys and girls) who are in desperate need of help, some advice on raising yourself might be in order.

You’re On Your Own Now, Son!


The first thing you have to do is truly determine if your parents are indeed abusive. This is somewhat tricky, as in today’s world our Millennial and younger children are such drug-induced basket cases and brainwashed into professional victimhood by their teachers, a mere NORMAL and COMMON disagreement with their parents would falsely be flagged as abuse. It’s up to you to be intellectually honest to determine if your parents are genuinely abusive and you’re not just being a whiny, spoiled cunt.

There are obvious cases of abuse such as physical violence, theft, drugs, and assault, whether it’s against you personally or family members. In clear cut cases such as these, you are very much within the right and likely need to call child protective services, the cops, or (if you’re older than 18) move out and have nothing to do with the family again.

But beyond that it gets a little gray and into the world of “mental” or “verbal” abuse. Again, because the amorphous nature of these types of abuse they are prone to be taken advantage of by petulant little children similar to a witch hunt.  But a lot of times these ARE indeed genuine forms of abuse. But unlike your dad clobbering you one or your mom bringing in a new and genetically different half-sibling every 10 months, some of this is not so black and white.  Especially if you are significantly younger.

If you’re 5 (and you should not be on this site if you are) your parents very much have the authority and right to tell you to go to church. If you’re 10 your parents very much have the right to set you a bedtime. And if you’re 13, you’re parents very much have the right to tell you you can and cannot date. But it gets less gray when you get into your late teens and certainly once you pass the age of 18 and become an adult. At this point your parents should have taught you independent thought and made a case for why they want you to be the way they do.

Your parents should have made their arguments for why you should go to bed before 3AM if you have school or work the next day. And your parents should have explained why it’s probably not the best thing to date a socialist, teenage parent with a criminal record who’s still working on their GED and on Ritalin. But if they then threaten you with ostracization, cutting you off financially, or (worse) disowning you because you “won’t go to church” will “date a black guy” or “want to go to trade school instead of medical school (true story)” that is most definitely abuse in that they are tyrants who simply do not respect you as an individual, but worse, view you as a piece of property they own.

How Do You Know You’re In A Prison?

The second thing that must be addressed is that many times you may not KNOW how to assess this, as your ENTIRE life and upbringing has been under this environment. The North Korean people, who nearly everybody in the Western world feels pity for, very much hate everybody in the West. The reason is that they’ve been brainwashed after 70 years of communist rule. Nearly every Christian girl I dated was “tormented” over pre-marital sex as their biology was telling them one thing, while their fathers and Jesus were telling them (an obsoleted) other.

Whatever the case, you are conditioned both by your genetics and your environment to love your parents and never leave them, no matter how indifferent and uncaring they are to you. Going against them takes a completely revolutionary way of thinking that you have just not been programmed to do. But if I could recommend a “test” to help determine if your parents are overly controlling, it is one where your gut instinct just tells you your parents don’t love you.

Every human has this genetic instinct of self-respect. The reason why is self-respect is self-preservation and is genetically programmed into your DNA. Thus, even at the young age of three you should be able to determine whether to trust somebody (stranger in a dark van asking you if you want candy) with or without parental or environmental conditioning. And if you have that feeling in your gut that your dad who gives you a bedtime of 8PM at the age of 18 (true story) doesn’t REALLY like you, chances are it’s true.

Your Parents Are Just Idiots


The third and final thing you need to assess is whether your parents are just plain idiots. Being stupid is obviously not abuse, as it is not malicious nor selfish. However, it does determine whether you should follow the 5th commandment and “honor they mother and father.” This doesn’t mean you hate them, but why would you look up to a parent who’s collecting welfare? Why would you admire or respect a parent who at 55 still has student loans and a mortgage? Why would you “honor” a parent that even with social security and medicare hints that they may need you to take care of them because they so piss-poorly managed their lives?

Again, a lot of this you will not be able to assess at a young age, but when you’re 18 you should at least be able to look at your parents and say, “OK, do I want to be like them when I’m their age? And if not, what did they do so I know PRECISELY what mistakes to avoid and never make in my own life.” This is certainly a lot easier than trying to emancipate yourself from an abusive alcoholic father, but a challenge nonetheless in that you have to find alternative sources of wisdom and parenting so you do NOT end up like your loser parents.

Financial Independence


The fourth and final thing you’re going to need to do is leave. And not just leave, but support yourself financially. The cowardice I see in the parents of my clients who instead of using reason and love, threaten their children with cutting them off financially enrages me. At the age of 16, 17, or 18 you are not only still reliant upon your parents, but are likely entering the most poverty-stricken half-decade of your life – college.

Combine this with absolutely no employable skills, the threat of pulling the purse strings is one that literally threatens your livelihood. Still, it doesn’t change the fact you need to support yourself financially for 100% of ALL your needs.  Food, clothing, shelter, tuition, lip balm, toilet paper, utilities, everything. It’s all on you.  The only other option you have is to go back to an abusive home and never really or truly live a free life.

However, as hellish this guaranteed-to-be-a-nightmare is going to be, it is better that living under an abusive home. You may not have food, but you will have freedom. You may be sleeping on a couch, but you have the right to come home when you see fit. You may be going into debt to pay for tuition, but you won’t have your money stolen or be forced to tithe 10% to a defunct state religion.  And you may be down and depressed, but you will find your own family either through friends or a spouse, and they will treat you better.

It’s the best life you can live, no matter what disadvantages life gave you.

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258 thoughts on “Many Of You Can Ignore The 5th Commandment”

  1. Thank God my parents are the best ones I could have wished for. They just did everything so right it’s unbelievable.
    “Do Sports or you will remain a weakling”
    Supporting me financially during college by paying all of my rent and expenses despite being middle class immigrants from Russia. Shit I am so retarded because it took me 20 years to realize what’s important in life. I really hope every one of you guys has a good relationship with his parents, I am thankful for mine either way. Based Dad, based Mom.
    Degenerates pls go.

    1. despite being middle class immigrants from Russia

      I think this explains a lot of their childrearing skills.

  2. You become an adult when you start supporting yourself financially. In years past this might have been at age 13.
    Sorry, buy if your parents still pay for your life at age 22, that’s your fault, and they still have the right to tell you what to do. If you don’t like it you can leave.
    Insisting your son keeps his religion, dates the same color, or gets a good job isn’t abuse, it’s good parenting.

    1. I saw a photograph years ago of my great grandfather at 13, and it is still vividly impressed in my mind. He looked as if he were in his late 20s. Not that he looked aged–simply had the countenance and appearance of a wise man with strong frame, was dressed sharply in a well fitting suit, and didn’t have clown face like many of my friends even into their 30s, still living at home, display. He looked like he easily could have been your boss at the factory, and was ready to spit game at any trollop who entered eyesight. I don’t have a copy, but I google image searched 1920s teenager for something similar:

      1. My great-grandfather hopped a train at 13. Don’t know much about him, but I can say men were much different back then.

  3. “Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit”
    -Napoleon Hill

  4. Are we trying to rebuild the structure of family or destroy it? Yes it is flawed, but the core of which a true strong society stands upon is that of the functional capacity of the family unit. Shame and call out the bad parenting, but reinforce the good, praise the masculine father and feminine mother who bring up their children in a standard environment, at least on the domestic front.

    1. “Are we trying to rebuild the structure of family or destroy it?”
      Reagan nuked it with ‘no-fault divorce’, and the Churchians / cuckservatives have never pursued its overturn (with the exception of Bobby Jindal, and even he didn’t have the courage to make the change mandatory as opposed to optional).

    2. As much as I think Aaron Clarey (captain capitalism) is an asset to the manosphere, I also wonder if he’s fully absorbed and internalized redpill ideology.

  5. The 5th commandment is to honor your parents and you can never ignore it. If your parents are abusive you must break free, but you still are duty bound to honor them. You don’t have to kill yourself for them, but you have to treat them with respect and safeguard their dignity.
    For a real man, his own honor is one of the highest values, and one who doesn’t honor his parents has no honor himself.
    Besides, the same way you treat your parents, the same way your children will treat you.

    1. I don’t believe in karma, this idea of poetic justice you mention. Behaving like trash to your parents is a punishment in and of itself, something you have to live with the rest of your life.

      1. I’m not talking about some metaphisical stuff but very down to earth. Your kids notice the way you address your parents, even subconciously, and they learn that that’s the way to deal with your old man.
        If you are a person who radiates respect for your parents, your kids will absorb this without knowing even.
        Your kids are a reflection of yourself.

        1. I hate my mother like she hates my grandmother. Yet she kept asking me to be nice to her. Just like my grandmother kept asking my mother to be nice – and me, of course. How ironic.

    2. “but you have to treat them with respect and safeguard their dignity.”
      Not at the expense of following God. I speak as someone who has been put in the unfortunate position of choosing between God and what your parents say.
      Jesus even expounded on this point: “If anyone comes to Me, and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be My disciple.”

      1. What that verse is trying to say is that you must “hate” (disregard) your parents if they try to make you stop following Jesus or break a commandment or something.
        So if your parents are Hindu, you convert to faith in Christ, and then they threaten to disown you unless you go back to being Hindu, then you have the right to disregard your parents, since your first duty as a Christian is to Christ.

        1. My situation is as you describe. I choose between sticking a bullet in my head while adhering to the Churchian teachings, or following Christ.
          And no, I am not exaggerating.

        2. Worldwide Church of God, then S. Baptist.
          I’ll give the S. Baptist church some credit: at one point, it had a good pastor that gave the only encouraging Father’s Day message that I’ve heard in a church. But then they switched pastors
          and the most of the music is now the same “Jesus is my boyfriend” nonsense that is heard everywhere
          (at least is my impression when I visit them on the holidays).

        3. What kind of songs are you talking about when you say “Jesus is my boyfriend?” Are you talking about “Christian Rock” or actual hymns?

        4. “What kind of songs are you talking about when you say ‘Jesus is my boyfriend?’ ”
          A lot of modern Christian songs over-emphasize the loving and kindness aspects of Jesus and make little reference to His holiness and power and might. Yes, God is Love, but His definition of love is not the sappy feelings or ‘warm fuzzies’, but sent His only Son who lived a sinless life and died a horrible death on cross for the sins of all humanity.
          Basically, if I take a Christian song, and I can replace ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ with [dog, truck, woman, gun, etc], and the song makes sense with the replacements, I would consider it a ‘Jesus is my boyfriend’ song.

        5. Living in the south all my life I know all too well the churchian experience and the Jesus Christ superstar worship that goes on there.
          I thought about hitting one up lately to see if there were any not completely sodomized and debauched church girls I could game with the ” he’s a bad boy but I can change him” type situation.
          Ultimately I don’t think I can even enter these churches anymore. Not when I could feel the flames of hell licking at me when I enter the building and I imagine I would keep seeing the scene from Donnie Darko in the movie theater incessantly playing in my head…..
          “Burn it to the ground”

        6. Episcopal church is casualty of feminism, a shadow of its former self. Might as well get married at city hall with transgender public servant doing the honors.

        7. Jesus is my boyfriend? Wahaha, barf.
          I am not a great fan of church – due to the preaching of misery – but it can not be denied that it is a great pleasure to sing these mythical compositions in a great dome together with many others, while the girl choir in the back makes it sound like angels are coming.

        8. I decided not to enter the building and thus not even engage in that thought.
          Maybe the Christian thing to do would be to actually burn it to the ground….

        9. Depends on the diocese, really. My parish has a staff of 3 priests or so, one of them being female, and her messages are more biblical than some of the *male* pastors I’ve heard preach.

      2. I have also been put in this position. Indeed, this is one of the 10 commandments God gave, if your parents make you go against His will, than they go against the very source who commanded to honor them.
        But after the point of saying to your parents: “No mom and dad, I can’t do that, it’s against my faith” You still have to respect them, honor them and try to mend bridges with them. And it the end, as loving parents they will see that your way is good for you, and will be at peace.

        1. ” And it the end, as loving parents they will see that your way is good for you, and will be at peace.”
          That is not a guaranteed outcome.
          Matthew 10:34-39: “[Jesus is speaking] Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I have come to turn
          ‘a man against his father, a daughter against her mother,
          a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law—
          a man’s enemies will be the members of his own household.’
          Anyone who loves their father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; anyone who loves their son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever does not take up their cross and follow Me is not worthy of Me. Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for My sake will find it.”
          I followed my parent’s advice, and was the ‘nice guy’ Churchian:
          Checked all the boxes.
          Did all the ‘good works’.
          Was the perfect ‘gentleman’.
          Attended church on Wednesday and twice on Sunday.
          And nearly drove me to suicide.
          Found RooshV, Christian Men’s Defense Network, and Dalrock from Google. Realized they gave the answers that the Churchians couldn’t answer. Can’t be a PUA because that lifestyle disgusts my core, but it has some redeeming information. Tried to explain to my parents what it is all about, they try to re-convert me to their blue-pill nonsense.
          They are hopelessly steeped (excepting God for all things are possible with Him), in their Churchian nonsense, and I have performed my duty as a watchman. They are not my problem.
          On the other hand, my future in-laws seem to be an improvement thus far.

    3. In my case, if I were to follow this commandment to the letter, and do everything I could to try and win my mom’s respect, I would have to deny my own faith in Jesus.
      So no.

    4. If you consider your parents “abusive” for cutting you off, and then you cut them off, then you become them. A religion is required as a standard of behavior, something to dictate the relationship and the rules and the way to healing.

  6. Entirely too many of my students have “two parents” …
    Mommy and Grand-Mommy.
    Both of THEM had “two parents”…

    1. Ha! Story of my life. I wasn’t raised by one woman, I was raised by three, and none of them wanted to have anything to do with me. I turned out surprisingly normal.

    2. I have a female relative doing that now with her young daughter. I was tipped off by another relative that the father probably would have stuck around if she hadn’t treated him like dirt all these years. Another “independent woman” joins the ranks.

  7. Very good article Cap! This is an often not talked about subject because everyone who had half decent parents who may have taught them some life management skills chides those who actually have abusive parents with such ridiculous ideas that you need to honor them. If you starved for a night so your parent could get a high, your parent is a piece of shit and doesn’t deserve the title. Same for a parent who chokes you to let you know who’s boss. Any parent who has to dominate a child physically is a low piece of dung who doesn’t deserve to be honored.
    However, if you want to honor parents ubiquitously, please honor ISIS, the Federal Trade Union, welfare, the banks, and every man-hating feminist you’ll ever meet. They are all just trying to make you a better person. Hopefully you survive the experience.

  8. I love both of my parents and have put what happened in the past behind me, but they are both failures at life. Each has been divorced twice. My mother is on her way to a 3rd divorce and my father is considering marriage to a woman he’s currently dating, unbelievable. Needless to say they’re both in their late 50’s and broke.
    When I turned 18 it was like I was finally freed from prison. I had no money, marketable skills, and didn’t understand the world around me, but I was hungry and free to do what was necessary. I started to grind, determined to never return to the life I lived under my mother. I’m 30 now and in a good place in life but I know the work is never done.
    Today when I talk to them they always ask me when I’m getting married. It gives me a good laugh considering their track records. I just smile and say “it’s not in the plans”. Like I’m supposed to sign myself over to woman just because I’ve achieved a little success in life. Trying to explain my reasons against marriage totally flies over their heads.

    1. You mentioned starting to grind and that resonates with me.
      I grind because I’m going nowhere but up and if I’m not moving I’m just dying.
      When your in motion and getting things done this brings confidence and initiative. When your stagnating you flounder in depression and indecision.
      I had to stagnate completely while in a mostly toxic relationship with a girl for 3 years before I was jolted out of my complacency.
      Now I’m more driven, focused and purposeful than ever before. Women for the most part and especially in today’s world will just bring you down and leech off your resources both mental, physical and material all for a cheap dopamine rush. Only the inexperienced and the slave to his lust of pussy for validation will spend years and years chasing tail.
      This used to be a phase a man went through on his ascent to the summit of masculinity.
      Now it’s a destination unto itself for the modern Pavlovian dog(human male) and his arrested development.
      I see women as little elfs that need to be commanded and set to doing tasks for me and if they have a problem with that it is because they are a malfunctioning elf and should be abandoned or discarded.
      They will conform to my purpose and my will or they do not exist to me. That goes for weakling men as well as I treat them the same.

        1. “Cheap dopamine rush”
          There you have it. In a woman’s world, emotional juice is all that matters–not function, reality, logic, achievement, completion, fairness, production etc.
          All that matters in a woman’s world is the moment to moment emotional (dopamine) payoff. If the payoff is achieved through two separate trains of thought (within seconds of each other) that flatly contradict each other….doesn’t matter. All that matters is the dopamine. I think the internet has contributed so greatly. The world is turning into a bunch of ‘click for dopamine’ junkies. I’m not entirely innocent there either.

    2. can you give me advice? I am about to graduate from university next month and have 0 marketable skills etc. I dont plan on continuing at university for anything more ( will receive Bachelors in Biology and I hated every moment of it).
      What are skills or career paths i should consider?

      1. Biology. Doesn’t matter if it sucks. It will pay. Get your ROI, then do something else that you find along the road that you like.

        1. Heating and cooling. My son-in-laws friend really gets off charging a college professor $400 for four hours work cleaning his air conditioner unit. Also, read WORTHLESS by Aaron Clary.

  9. I always new that I was very fortunate to have both my mother and father. While they weren’t perfect, they cared for me deeply and did a very good job raising my sister and me.
    Aaron’s and the Manosphere’s stories opened my eyes to just horrible many parents are and just how truly fortunate I am. The Spearhead (now defunct) had a mother or father’s day (can’t remember) article where the comments made my stomach turn.

  10. My own father was a 1950’s hard drinking, heavy smoking hard core ex marine dude. Until he became a teacher and then high school principal. But even though he was a drunk, taught me a lot by example.. Started smoking at age 7, 2-3 packs a day. Drank a fifth of jack every night. Got up and went to his office and “worked” the next day. Drank in his school office most of the day.
    But he still had integrity and grit.
    He never got fired because at the office, people liked him. But he never gave me any advice. No complaints, paid my college. Died at 67 from emphasema. And he was a very smart dude. Only college graduate among 16 abused farm kids. His father was also an alcoholic and a 1st class SOB. Made farm babies so he would not have to work hard.
    I also drink too much. Three glasses of wine a night.. Afraid of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam as I know I cannot control it. Used to smoke 2 packs a day in my 20’s until I saw it would kill me. Quit smoking cold turkey. Once or twice a year, I sit on our deck over my suburbAN chicken coop and smoke a pipe. And imagine I am Tolkein.
    But I give my son advice. He has a pretty clean life. On scholarship overseas. I just hope I can make it to retirement. Want to see him get his ROTC commission.
    My last big dream as a broken down school teacher. Want to retire, move to the Boonies and build my 18oo’s style compound on a farm in our family since before the American Revolution.
    And hope my own son will build on it. Be a chip off the old block.
    Second big dream.

  11. One of the biggest problems that exists today is the “everyone is special and does a good job” mentality. It is apparent when people are extremely defensive about any and all criticism of their parenting. Well someone is raising the future prisoners, serial killers, school shooters, and leftists. Clearly someone is fucking up along the way and creating problems as they go. I believe it stems from babyboomer parents casting off the yolk of their parents and trying the new age parenting. Which I think by now we can admit has been a monumental failure in bringing out the best traits in their kids.
    Most of us have either been raised by single moms or raised by dads who were barely ever there. Fortunately my dad was there but he never taught me any valuable skills, I had to learn it from tv and friends. But honestly it took me forever to recognize my parents shouldered a good deal of the blame. I don’t sit around and stew and blame them for everything, but I don’t deny they contributed to it. I mean look at all the young guys on the manosphere now, it’s nice but the truth is that with proper parenting, most of them wouldn’t even be here. They would only be here to share positive stories about their lives.
    Everything that new age parents believe is wrong:
    “Oh don’t do sports you’ll get hurt!”, “Treat women with kindness and respect”, “Make sure you study hard to go to a good college”, the list goes on and on
    It’s like they can’t believe that they’re kids don’t live in the year 1975. I once heard that it is like trying to play skyrim (the reality that exists now) on a Commodore 64 (the traditionalist society that doesn’t exist anymore). I think that this is a good analogy.

    1. Wrong buddy if kids were raised tje same way in 1974 we wouldn’t have these problems today.
      You’re right on parents not liking to be criticized

  12. If you think Jesus and Christianity’s sexual ethics are outdated you are part of the problem.

    1. You’re missing Aaron’s point.
      He’s basically saying most young men are faced with a choice:
      1) Do you follow the advice of society / parents / Churchians?
      2) Do you follow reality?
      Most Christian churches (at least in America) don’t practice (or preach, in many cases) what the Bible says, and are the best recruiting tools for Satan in this day and age. I’ve sat in a pew for most of my life; I know what I’m talking about.
      I may not approve of the PUAs, nor is their lifestyle condoned by Christian ethics, but they have their eyes open to physical reality (unlike the Churchians who are blind to physical and spiritual reality), and there is more hope for them than the ones who blindly follow what passes for ‘Biblical teaching’ nowadays.

        1. God’s not the problem; it’s those who
          “shut off the kingdom of heaven from people; for they [sic] do not enter in themselves [sic], nor do they [sic] allow those who are entering to go in…who travel around on sea and land to make one proselyte; and…make him twice as much a son of hell.”
          Such people I have an issue with.

        2. Hey uh did you know that nobody thinks the Bible is written by God? For example: The consensus is that the Pentateuch was written by Moses but many of the manuscripts we use now were established about 600BC at the latest. You sound very childish, as if your theology studies stopped when you ditched Sunday School at age 11 and never went back.

        3. Ask Daniel Ramos here on ROK, he takes the Bible literally and warns about hermeneutics. It is actually him that even made me consider that god wrote it.
          Calling me childish, meh. Maybe you find it childish because it is the most intuitive and simple question to ask when somebody actually claims something that can be doubted.

        4. Since God created all things, He created the Bible, everything that is born in the fabric of Reality God brought to Exist.

        5. “Those who wrote the bible thought that heaven was water. Meh. If god really wrote all that, he should have known better.”
          And your source for this is what?
          “God said, ‘Let there be a vault in the waters to divide the waters in two.’ And so it was. God made the vault, and it divided the waters above the vault from the waters under the vault. And God called the vault, Heaven.” (Genesis 1:6)
          So, Heaven is the “vault” that separates the waters below and above, we’re never told that Heaven is water.
          Now, you can look view that as the water on earth and below the earth is separated by air (first heaven) from the waters in the clouds. All the water within the atmosphere is separated by outer space (second heaven) from waters in space (other planets, asteroids, comets). And the physical waters on Earth and outer space are separate from the waters in Third Heaven (true Heaven) which exists spiritually above us (transcending time and space). Finally it can be seen as speaking of the operation of the Holy Spirit on Earth being distinct from the Father from whom the Holy Spirit proceeds.
          Nothing to do with “Heaven = water.”

        6. Haha, dude. Yeah, we know that clouds are water today. Back then, though, they would have looked at sky and thought: Hey, it looks blue.
          And it is ridiculous to assume that they meant other planets. Come on, water is the least important element on other planets. Why would an all-knowing god make a big fuss about that.
          Sorry, it does not make sense. Their knowledge was simply limited.

    2. I have too agree, and I’d like to point out there is an Ambiguous hypocritical stance varying from Article to article at ROK. One stance is Bang as many women as possible and the other Stance bemoans the Lack of Virgins and Proper women. The Christian Fathers using a Patriarchal Approach to keeping their daughters chaste till Marriage are doing the Right thing, it’s a method that while not fool proof would help keep a large Majority of women virgins and Desirable as Marriage material instead of career Cock Carousel members.

        1. It depends, as an American I would modify the Statement to, “Logics and American Liberal Culture don’t go together.”

      1. I’m getting involved with a young Christian woman, who is the sister of my co-worker. She has long, light brown hair that reaches her waist, and she has bright blue eyes. She loves God, and comes from a traditional Christian household.

        1. Thanks Shep, but technically, I deserve to burn in the lake of fire. God saved me because of His love, and I hope that you find Him! Have a blessed day!

        2. I would very much prefer that you have a happy life than to burn in the lake of fire.
          Good luck with your girl.

        3. Heaven is my home! An angel told me about God’s kingdom. The angel had flaming wings and wore a white robe with leather sandals.

        4. Can you feel the Earf move, under yer feet? The sky tumbling down? Are you about to lose control, right down to your very soul?

        5. I was with my mother the other day, and she got pissed at me the other day for a comment I made about the planned parenthood shooting. (She’s old, but she’s a slimy liberal who supported ol’ Barry.) I said, “I don’t support what he did, but they deserved it!” She got mad, and I said that they were a bunch of child-murderers. She told me that violence doesn’t solve anything, and she called me the Devil. I thought to myself, “Well, try telling my guardian angel that! You don’t see him telling demons that ‘violence doesn’t solve anything’.” He fights them with a flaming sword, and gets really angry when they hurt me. Warrior angels most definitely think that violence solves problems! God bless them!

        6. Omigosh! Your mom is a liberal?
          Well, now that I think about it, so are my folks. Somehow it really surprises me about your mom.

        7. Off-topic, but I’ve been discussing building a village in the forest. Would you and your family wish to join?

        8. We like ideas like that. Years ago we considered buying a remote, long-ago-platted, but never developed addition with our friends. The idea did not come to fruition, but the concept of having only neighbors we liked was very appealing.
          I live in one of the most Pro-Obama precincts in my state.

        9. That’s too bad. It must be sad not to have anyone with whom you can have a conversation.

        10. My next door neighbor is a good guy with a sweet wife.
          He is a hotshot oil & gas attorney. His wife is a successful “landman”.
          I could do without the rest of the folks on my street.
          The mother-in-law of the fella that stopped the Islamic beheadings down at Vaughn foods lives around the corner from me. She’s a great lady and her son-in-law is a fine fella we knew from Scouting.

        11. So a lot of people in your precinct are fans of ol’ Barry? I can see why you would want to get away from it all. One of my friend’s friends has a relative that owns are large amount of property. That’s where we are planning on building our safe haven. I await further detail.

      2. I agree completely. It is internally in-congruent to go “rack up lays” while bemoaning the lack of chaste, steadfast women. I’m a strong believer in game and all, but promoting sex outside of marriage and practicing it regularly is degenerate and totally against what a patriarch would want.

        1. You know Roosh, I can’t specifically , But sometimes the Articles sound Contradictory to me regarding relationships between Man and woman.

  13. Don’t really agree with this. Honouring your father and mother isn’t just about assessing how great your mother and father (if you have one) happen to be. We are all acutely aware here that the current generation is growing up without the kind of stable traditional upbringing they could once have (at least in theory) taken for granted, and that many parents today may lack most if not all the requisite qualities for being a good parent. Without going into why that is (just read a random article and you’ll get a fair idea) the fact is that while some parents may be outstanding and others abusive,or incompetent that is not the only reason you ‘honour’ or ‘dishonour’ them.
    In the first instance they are your elders, and bestowing honour upon them describes an objective relationship rather than one that should follow from some kind of ‘performance evaluation’. If your dad is a serial killer and your mother smothered your other siblings at birth that relationship still holds – you can disown them, leave them, move out of the family home or never talk to them again, but none of that automatically requires dis-honouring them.
    There may be any number of reasons for why not honouring your folks may be a bad idea, but the main ones beyond religious / ideological reasons, are that your family, and above all your parents are in the first instance ‘where you come from’ – if you dishonour, repudiate, or otherwise curse them or spit in their faces, ultimately you’re not only hurting them but yourself. They are a part of who you are, and if you hate them, you will surely hate yourself.
    The problem we have today as never before is that there is a need for roots, and those roots are being severed bit by bit, the result being unsurprisingly that we are increasingly rootless – that is disaffected, alienated, drifting and anchorless.
    There is a lot of talk about nationalism on this site, but before you can even think about where you come from in terms of nation, people and culture etc. it is your mother, father and family that you hail from.
    Honouring your parents though does not mean being subject to them in submission. Children always have some need to rebel, disagree with or otherwise establish both their independence and separateness of identity from their ‘primary carers’. The problem only arises if you imagine that doing so may involve some kind of final severance of ties, literally or if you like ‘spiritually’. One of the things about this article which I disliked to some extent was the degree to which it buys into the culture of ‘abuse’ which so dominates our discourse. If you think about the fact that feminism has put the patriarchy on trial it is at least in part because ‘father’s have been portrayed and ‘constructed’ as ‘abusers’ of their children. As mothers now dominate the family often completely to the exclusion of the father they in turn are coming to be seen as the abusers of their own children – something which is quite demonstrable in many ways, and probably reflects some kind of cosmic karma, however the same caveats apply in both cases.
    With both father and mothers, but I think far more these days with mothers, children are often treated as functions of the (neurotic) needs of their parents. All of this desperately needs sorting out, and parents should indeed be held accountable for their failings, but none of this undermines the basic imperative to give them what is due on account of the brute fact of the relationship. The fact is parents are often crap, love us badly as often as they love us well, and may well knowingly or more likely unknowingly do us more harm than good. It is precisely in such circumstances that the commandment to honour ones father and mother applies most. In the first instance it is about accepting and affirming what is.

    1. If your dad is a serial killer and your mother smothered your other siblings at birth that relationship still holds – you can disown them, leave them, move out of the family home or never talk to them again, but none of that automatically requires dis-honouring them.

      Damn, that is a fantastic sentence. I can honor my mother without ever talking to her again.
      You know, it kinda feels more right this way. Like the wish to dishonor them was not actually a punishment to them, but rather akin to a hunger strike. To cut off my own feelings to hurt her. Feelings that, no matter what she did, are simply brute facts of the relationship.
      I can hate her without dishonoring her. Because the honor is simply an inalienable emotion born out of my birth. Huh.
      Maybe I will regret writing this in 5 minutes, but right now that seems like a real interesting idea.

      1. You probably will lol, but ultimately it’s about agency, which is what you lose when you focus upon anyone else too much / have to strong feelings.

        1. I don’t doubt it. Not trying to trivialize anything. But ultimately they’re ‘just’ feelings. Managing thoughts / feelings is probably one of my main goals in life

        2. Not a bad goal. But everything is ‘just’ something. Managing them is good. But you need to learn how. I grew up with a first class emotional manipulator. Half of my emotions are repressed with shame, the other half kinda stands around with a stupid gaze.

        3. Of course, that’s the reason for the quote marks. The reality is most issues don’t go away but we find some way of accommodating to them. Have to get some kip now.

        4. Yeah. I figure that it has to do with those stages of grief. Always seemed kinda silly, but it is becoming increasingly true.
          Denial. Anger. Bartering. Depression. Acceptance.
          You can not skip any of them, even if you want to. But once you are through, it may seem like you could have skipped them – because it does not matter in the end, right?

        5. Yeah that’s a good example. Knowing of those stages also gives you a ‘meta’ position / perspective on the feelings you’re going through during those stages

        6. Yeah. I think I was in denial for my whole life. I always had this feeling that I had somehow lost a naive innocence and that I had to fake it and that I could finally, one day, restore it, if I only kept faking very well. If I kept pretending to find joy in festivities, they would surely become joyful. If I pretended to be interested in small talk, I may actually become innocent again and worryless, like all the other people.

        7. I think I know what you mean, although I’m not sure with respect to the naive innocence thing. I doubt ‘all other people’ are “innocent …and worryless” in the sense you mean. Many may be but equally many become habituated to faking interest i.e. to their own inauthenticity. In a sense inauthenticity is only inauthenticity if you’re aware of it as such.

        8. Was I aware? Good question, eh. It is like with that ‘it is a choice’ thing. From today’s perspective, I can say that I felt all the emotions and thus was theoretically aware that I was inauthentic. But did I understand the emotions back then? No.

        9. I think what I was trying to say was that a goodly part of ‘inauthenticity’ is simply becoming aware that one feels inauthentic in a given situation / exchange. Best not to care probably

        10. I once put on a little show for a girl I wanted to meet. She then rejected me and told me I had been weird and inauthentic, like a mask. To me, it had been the natural intuitive thing to do. But that was only so because being authentic would have been to painful and confronted me with emotions I wanted to stay hidden for good reason.

        11. maybe if she had given you that feedback though it would have become a ‘performance’ you would have grown into, made your own. Not many men / young men can act completely naturally in such situations

        12. I meant to write ‘hadn’t’. Still you’re probably better off without ‘clown game’ or whatever if it doesn’t feel right

        13. I recommend you read “Your Erroneous Zones” and “Pulling your own strings”, by Dr Wayne Dyer. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel like they were written for you.

  14. Many parents are abusing their children to a certain degree without even being aware they do so. By controlling every aspect of the life of their kids, they “kill” them by completetly crush their self confidence and their ability to be autonomous.
    Internet brought the “Smart” phones and the selfies, but it also gives today’s youth a chance to easily access information we could not have before. I personally wish I had access to all the information found on ROK when I was 16 or 17. My life would be different today.

    1. The info on the internet via ROK and like sites would have saved me a lot of heartache in my teens and 20’s.

    2. Never too late. Information will be revealed to you when YOU are ready to use it. YOU have to be the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time to utilize the information.

  15. Sure why not? After all other commandments, such as Thou Shalt Not Steal, Thou Shalt Not Kill (this one’s for you NRA), Remember the Sabbath and Keep it Holy, and my favorite, Thou Shalt Not Covet Thy Neighbor’s Wife Nor Ass (lol) Nor Servants, are not followed, so why this one?

    1. Thou Shalt Not Kill (this one’s for you NRA)
      Thanks for reminding me. I think my membership fees are due.

      1. To be fair both commandments, Thou Shalt Not Kill, and the one honoring the parents, have a lot of moral conflict. At the end of the day, if it was between self defense and following the commandment to not kill, I would discard the commandment. Same with parents. If I have crappy parents, no way would I honor them. It’s just plain practicality.

        1. I wrestled with the same issue when I was younger and agree. I have heard the commadment “thou shall not kill” was mistranslated over the ages from “thou shall not murder.” There is a difference. Being a Christian doesn’t mean standing around to be slaughtered, so there are circumstances where you have no choice and would be morally justified.
          I believe you should follow the 5th and honor you parents, but it doesn’t mean you have to like it (or them).

        2. Luke 22:36, You can Renew your NRA membership with confidence, I have to renew Mine at some point as well.

        3. Luke– I was thinking of that passage, but was too lazy to search for it. I’ve been tempted to get the life membership and be done with it, but $1000 is a bit steep on my budget.

      2. “Thou Shalt Not Kill (this one’s for you NRA)”
        It isn’t “kill,” it is “murder.” If you properly translate the Hebrew, “Thou shalt not MURDER.”
        Self-defense, war, and executions of criminals aren’t murder.
        The homeowner who shoots the thief breaking in is merely killing a man who may have murdered him and his family.
        See how easily the Biblical “contradictions” that doubters/progressives/SJWs always bring up are resolved?
        There’s a reason the Left is always trying to change and twist words. “It depends on what the definition of ‘is’ is.” (Bill Clinton) That’s the only way they can win.

        1. Thanks. I heard the same of the “kill, murder” lost in translation as metioned below. Leftists cherry pick and distort everthing, so I dismiss anything they say as a default. If they couldn’t lie, they would suffocate.

  16. In the beginning I thought that mostly only Murican womyn were damaged, but after several years of contact with US Culture, you are all equally damaged. I feel very sorry for you, Americans. What a rootless culture and what a pity that you guys are isolated by two oceans, which allow you to evolve your cultural decadence further and futher AND export it across the World (this is the sad part). I see everyday how my culture (and neighboring ones) are becoming more and more similar to yours due to your exports.
    And please, don’t write more articles about “defending traditional family” and/or nationalism. You don’t even know what it means. I strongly recommend any of you to emigrate BUT leaving your poisonous culture behind. And please, do NOT reproduce.

    1. It wasn’t always that way. At one time we actually had a- dare I say it- damn good culture. Jazz, Broadway and Tin Pan Alley, the golden age of cinema, a few novels here and there, a strong family. Then everything changed in the 1960s. And I’m not sure if it’s possible to ever go back to what we had, let alone stop the rest of the world from being infected by our degeneracy. Sad, because once again, America was one hell of a country once upon a time.

      1. Thanks, I agree. I would reformulate my comment to “post-1960s American culture”.

        1. I agree with that. I remember the Forties and Fifties, at least somewhat. It was a different world.

    1. The commandments were written for Israel, and the commandments before the 5th and after the 5th established a lot of other things that parents ought to do. Parents should be obedient to God, and children should be obedient to their parents, until they are old enough to be obedient to God.

  17. Most “parents” are a joke today, look at the shitty advice they are still parroting to their kids in 2015:
    “Just eat what you want”
    I can’t tell you how many “parents” I’ve seen with obese kids in the 5-15 age range. These blue-pill “parents” seem oblivious to basic awareness of GMO’s, HFCS, refined sugars, fluoride, aspartame, etc. I see these “parents” – usually overweight themselves – stuffing their shopping carts with Twinkies, Pop-tarts, Doritos, Pepsi, Oreos, pizza rolls, etc. These same parents are constantly leaving their kids money to order takeout, pizzas etc…. presumably because they don’t have time to cook. These blue-pill “parents” don’t realize just how much damage they are doing to their kids, and setting them up for addiction to this processed crap and giving them a “head start” on diabetes.
    “Just go to college”
    It’s slowly becoming common knowledge that a college degree ain’t worth much in the year 2015, and yet blue-pill “parents” continue to blindly advise their kids to “just go to college”?? No planning, no saving, no college fund, no nothing on the part of these “parents”….. which means the kids will need to take out student loans. A few years later most of these kids will come out and only be able to land a $10/hour job, resulting in poverty for the remainder of their 20’s.
    “Just get married”
    The “downsides” and life-DESTROYING effects of Western marriage on a man have been discussed extensively in the manosphere, I really have nothing to add myself. That blue-pill “parents” continue to blindly/ignorantly advise their sons to “just get married” shows you how little they really care about their sons. They don’t give a shit, they just want grand-kids so they can “have something to talk about” on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
    On the other hand, “red-pill” parents will do the exact OPPOSITE of these ignorant out-dated fucks. They will get their kids eating healthy from an early age, they will tell them they have options besides “just go to college” or bring them into the family business/trade, they will advise their sons to take GREAT care in choosing a partner, etc.
    Sadly, most parents fall under the “blue-pill” category, setting their kids up for a life of bad health, poverty, and emotional destruction.

      1. Not sure where you got that from.
        Smarter/higher IQ people in general tend to make healthier choices once they find out about those things I mentioned. It’s not really a left/right thing.
        Low-IQ/general public people will continue to eat the junk food/poison of course, ignorance is bliss.

  18. Tom Leykis was right:
    “I disagree, I think your parents DON’T always ‘know best’, you have to remember your parents grew up in a different world, a different time. Their advice is old and out-dated.”

  19. It’s worth pointing out that the language of the 5th Commandment is actually quite brilliant; it doesn’t say that you should Obey, or Believe, or even Celebrate your parents – but that you should *Honour* them. No matter how terrible ones parents might be, approaching life with a “Fuck you, dad!” attitude is going to be just as damaging as blindly following all of their terrible advice.
    Even the worst parents will have some virtues, and an adult should try and look back and see their parents as human beings, not deities, and acknowledge their mistakes while appreciating their successes. If one tries to live their life in a way that honours the best parts of their familial line, it will generally result in a life worth living.

    1. ‘some virtues’
      If someones parents are psychopaths, which virtue of biology and human variation some are, maybe not. The human reproductive system does not care about morals. If you parents tried, honor them, but not if they were intentionally negligent.

    2. I’ve done this with my mother more than enough times. But she continues to try and manipulate me and control me. That kinda over shadows the virtues she may have. I’d love to ignore her attempts but she can be very crafty.

      1. I find it hard to see anything positive about my mother, too. She always bought me things and fed me well, but those were cheap replacements for the really important stuff she never provided.

        1. I get what you mean. My mother would bring me soup when I was ill. But then teach me to hate men and try and get social housing because I was ‘entitled’. Id rather she left the soup and have taught me not to buy into her perpetual victimhood.

        2. Again, it’s time to focus on the virtues and live accordingly. How you missed that in the initial post is beyond me.

        1. Yeah I did, for quite a few years. I tried to get her to adopt some virtues. Because well, she’s my mother. But that lesson is now well and truly learnt.

    3. “If one tries to live their life in a way that honours the best parts of their familial line, it will generally result in a life worth living.”- – – Man, you said it! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this perspective! 🙂 THANK YOU!!! :’)

  20. My parents divorced when I was about 6 years old. I always has a good relationship with both parents but the biggest problem was dealing with their new choice in a mate. My father retired after a successful career in accounting and was promptly struck down by brain cancer. My step mother has made it clear that she is cutting me and my sisters out of her will, now that she has inherited about $10 million of my father’s and grandfather’s legacy. Apparently my half brother – her son – will get everything.
    My father’s last words to me were “I worked too hard”. No shit, dumbass: that’s why mom divorced you. When I was two years old he made a cameo appearance and I had to ask “Who is that man?”
    My father had numerous great qualities but he was no saint. Half of what I learned from him was to emulate his best aspects; the other half is to not make the same mistakes he has.

        1. Ah yes. That issue. If anything you are owed more than her! My father has nowt but a large record collection and a council flat. My step mother will try and keep the flat and maybe the record collection 🙁 I know for a fact that if he died without a proper will and had money she wouldn’t give me shit. Sorry dude. Sucks right?

        2. Totally sucks. I have no idea what the terms of my father’s will were: I think he just left everything to her. No legacies, no trust funds, nothing, not even for my nieces. Dad was an accountant and he was generally really good with money so I don’t know WTF was up with that.
          From word of mouth (which doesn’t count for shit in a court of law) apparently his intentions were to give everything to step mom but then on her passing to divide everything 4 ways: me, my brother and my two sisters.
          My stepmother was several years younger than my father so none of this will be any sort of issue for another 20 or 25 years, barring some premature end to her like what happened with my father. At that time, it is all a matter of the good graces of my spoiled, younger half brother. By that time he will probably have his own kids, a mortgage, tuition fees and such and be none too ready to part with any significant percentage of his ill-gotten gains.
          And it’s rough too because I live in China, my sisters are in Toronto, but my bro lives in New York, so it’s not like we have a lot of face time to maintain our loving, familial relationships.
          He’s actually a really great guy and I hope that when the time comes he will do the right thing. However, I doubt it. When you are talking about $5 million or $10 million, people come up with all sorts of excuses as to why the “right thing” is the wrong thing for them at that juncture.

  21. It is not child abuse to tell your child you will cut them of if they date outside of their race or if they change religions. Parents of 18 year olds are, obviously, adults themselves, and are not required to keep paying for a lifestyle of their adult children that they find unacceptable.

    1. Yes, if your strapping son decides he likes bum sex, comes home with his Brazilian cabin boy are you meant to say nothing and just carry on? Fuck that shit, he’s getting thrown out the door with fag boy never to return and no inheritance.

      1. What do you care? He is your son, not your property. But if he should choose to do things like that, I would figure that you failed as a dad.
        On the other hand, it is your business. I find it indeed difficult, this whole ‘abuse’ classification system. Sometimes a parent may do something they find okay and the child really suffers. I guess that is life. The advice to use one’s gut seems very fair.

        1. He is not my property. Exactly. He has rejected everything. He has banished himself. He has left and I will not chase and I will not provide bail outs unless he stops sinning and comes back to repent. I would treat my adult sons as I would treat any other man. If he murders someone, I accept he deserves the death penalty. If he rejects his religion, I accept he deserves depression and dysfunction. If he flaunts society’s taboos, I accept he will be ostracized. He knows what he must do to come back, and until he does, I will not bless him.

        2. I think i understand what you are saying, Tom. In the city where I lived until I retired in 1997, the police chief had five kids. Four of them were college educated professionals.
          The fifth child, a boy, was a criminal who will spend most of his life in and out of prison.
          In the first part of the 20th Century, a rich family adopted the child from a well known criminal family, when he was a baby. Their other children grew into upper class successes. That baby also spent most of his life in and out of prison.
          I have much empathy for your writing. But, if you have not been a parent, you have no grasp of the limits even a good parent can have on children who choose to rebel..
          Just for the record, my ancestors were all manual laborers or dirt farmers. My four kids include a math research professor; a med school graduate; a Master’s in Science ed. and an R.N.
          I am convinced that genetics, and family environment and social class and yes, free will are all at work in the future of your offspring. There is no guarantee that good parenting will always produce good descendants. It will up the odds, and no more than that.

        3. Thank you. I am just expressing a sentiment. I would hurt if I did not. Conflict is good.
          Not having a grasp of it is precisely why I am challenging it. I see before my eyes a world ruled by conservative thinkers with millions of axioms and ideas about how the world should ‘naturally’ be. I feel it is my duty to attack all of it viciously, until only the best and truest ideas survive. Everything else is inacceptable.
          Now, a father may say that he can not deal with his kid. That is absolutely fair. But I reject this bullshit ‘I am a good parent and he is a bad kid’ narrative. Everybody makes his choices for a reason. I can understand the decision to reject a person, even completely. I can not understand the invalidation of that person’s experience. It actually is akin to denial. ‘No, reality could not possibly want this to happen!’ It is cowardly and yeah, disgusting. Stand by your decisions without using biblical rationale to justify it, dear fathers.
          Naturally, a part of my anger is simply an outcry for attention. I stand behind it. Why? Because men like me need someone to listen to them instead of telling them to ‘suck it up and grow up’. Fuck those assholes who blind themselves to the pain of others. Their blissful ignorance will be their rightful downfall.
          Yeah, I read the beginning of the book ‘Inside the Criminal Mind’. It argues that this stuff is genetical. I am not sure. Maybe it is true. I am also starting to open up to the idea of past lives, if hesitantly.
          I wonder if there is a thing as ‘good parenting’. The farther I progress, the more I realize we people are simply flawed. Not much to do about it.

        4. Absolutely true. 1,000,000 upvotes. I always confront and challenge anyone who says it’s the parent’s fault for the way someone turned out. Such people are ignorant and judgmental. I have three grown children. Two are doing great, even though one of them is autistic. The third is severely mentally ill and engages in acts I absolutely do not approve of and certainly raised her not to do. People forget that these children we raised have a mind and will of their own and choose their own path no matter what we as parents want or taught them.

  22. I moved out of home 3 years ago.
    For all that time, I managed to keep myself alive through work. Now, I am slowly failing. All the pain is bubbling up now and I just can not even see the point of working anymore. It seems to be for nothing. The whole world just seems like a dark and unfriendly place. I am torn between pointlessly keeping working on a job I hate, getting social security to sort my issues out over the next year or two, becoming homeless or plainly killing myself. I was always told I was a spoiled brat and should toughen up. Maybe a part of it is true, but most spoiled brats I know are loud and want to get their way. I am just plain finished. My gut tells me I would like to kill my mother and hack her to little pieces. Love seems like an illusion and sometimes I wonder whether I even know what it is.
    Growing myself up, yeah. Nice. Question is: For what? What is the point? As long as I live with this pain, it does not really matter whether I live in luxury or in the gutter. Or not at all.

    1. Lighten up Tom. And don’t incriminate yourself. Been there with the whole existential questions. I have no answers. All I can tell you is, as corny as it sounds, the answer lies within you.

        1. We are our own art project. We create our own souls out of our choices. Ignore most of the world and ask what is my arete (Greek for “excellence”)? Then look for the models in history or fiction that embodies that arete the best and copy them.

    2. There is no point in your life. It is a scientific fact. Ask yourself, “what is the meaning of life?” There is no reasonable answer, and anything anyone comes up with is revealed as wishful thinking after only a moment of logical proofing. You’re just an animal. You’re just a cloud of atomic particles. The only “good” you can do in this dark absurd world is to die.
      Put yourself to death and be born again in the Spirit. Pick up your cross and follow Jesus. He will deliver you from the darkness into the light. He will reveal your purpose, the meaning of it all, and you will have understanding. You will experience peace and joy that surpasses understanding. You will have eternal life.

      1. What do you mean by ‘put yourself to death’? I heard this rebirth thing already. Shall I put a shotgun in my mouth (do not have one) and pull the trigger? Then go through a tunnel, reach light and find myself magically without a hole in my head?

    3. You’re a most intriguing person Tom. But why are you always so intense about things. You’re way ahead of where I was when I was your age, and you just want to spunk it all away

      1. See, you write I am intriguing. That kinda makes me proud. For 5 minutes. Then my reality catches up and it is just another meaningless sentence that can not chase the dark clouds away.
        I am intense because I feel intensely miserable. If I make it out of this, I may become a great artist some day. This is the stuff of myths. But I do not even care about being a good artist. It would not change anything. Just add a few tiny specks of light that would fade away as quickly as lonely raindrops in the sun.

        1. Ultimately, misery is a choice we make. It’s an indulgence. It’s about the payoffs. Also note what you just said: ‘ great’ artist. Why is there any need to be a great anything? You’re addicted to extremes and it keeps you miserable.

        2. Yeah yeah, choices this choices that. This shit may work for some otherwise happy but lazy kid. To me, it is an insult. It just does not work that way. Maybe there are mechanics I can use and paths I can follow to become happy, but ‘it is a choice’ it ridiculous. That is like saying that it is a choice whether you can fly.
          Good point about ‘great’. I said that because I honestly believe it, not because I need it to satisfy my ego. But maybe it is not true. Who gives a damn. If I did it, I would do it because I enjoy it, not for fame.

        3. I suspect you reject the idea of it being a choice because it’s a cliche. But it’s not wrong because it’s a cliche. I had depression in my twenties. I decided not to have it any more. There very few people who are absolutely incapable of improving the management of their thoughts, emotions and energy levels. This is probably true even with depression that may have a biological / seasonal basis.
          Re ‘great’ – the issue isn’t ability but what thinking in those terms may require of one emotionally / spiritually i.e. in terms of cost /benefit analysis (afraid I can’t type fast as am on phone)

        4. I have a theory. The theory is that things are not a choice until they are.
          For instance, I may start contemplating game. I feel like it is out of my power. But then I spend a year at ROK and suddenly, one day I wake up and my subconscious has morphed enough and I say: Whoo. I can choose it.
          Believe me, I know what you mean. I ‘chose’ to lose 90 pounds in half a year once. But that freedom of choice was born out of happiness and hope, neither of which I have now. I know how it feels to make a choice and I know I am not able to make one now. I lived for 26 years, so I kinda know myself.

        5. A good analogy just came to my mind.
          Let us say you are punching your box sack. After a few minutes of hardcore punching, your knuckles are bloody. Now, you can say it is a choice to keep going. But if you do, you will just grind off more until you reach the sinews and the bone. You will ruin your hands for good.
          But if you wait two days and let it heal, it will strengthen and you can continue for even longer.
          Emotional damage or damage to the soul is a bit like physical damage in that regard. You first need to acknowledge it and then heal it. The problem for me is often to actually identify and acknowledge the pain, as life always felt that way to me.

        6. I can relate to that. That idea might be worth exploring. They say ‘ all is mind’, but sometimes also it as though ‘all is feeling’. Often the impossibility of an action relates to the impossibility of a thought, but the hidden part of that equation may be the energy / emotion management involved in having that thought.

        7. It is quite a common pattern in these internets. I often hear advice that goes like this:
          I used to be like you. I spent years waiting for the right moment until I realized it would never come. Then I just decided to do it. So here is my advice: Stop waiting and do it.
          It sounds neat, right? It reminds me a bit of my own naivety when I first became a teacher. I just expected people to just have to hear my ideas to be able to incorporate them immediately. But it takes time.
          So when somebody says ‘The right moment never comes’, they are actually lying. The right moment did come and manifested itself as the decision to no longer wait for the right moment. From that perspective, one may then look back at one’s past and say: I could have done it all back then. But back then, the understanding of one’s emotions and situation was not subconsciously developed enough to allow that. Think of it: If it was just a choice, why did that person not actually do it earlier?
          I am a big fan of determinism.

        8. Yes definitely agree with that. People ‘process’ things, but they do it in their own time and in their own way. Obviously they may also draw quite different conclusions too. There are no short cuts

    4. all life is suffering. become one with it, that is the way to rid yourself of it.
      look into the 8 fold path.

        1. the point that makes it bullshit is that o want to enjoy my desires and fulfill them. the problem is to chase impossible desires or to chase the wrong thing.
          after all, the desire for an unclouded mind is slso a desire. heh.

        2. Don’t, human emotions are to be put in check NOT satisfied.
          You can’t kill greed, greed kills you

        3. You do not know my emotional world, so I do not blame you, but the mere thought is ridiculous. Emotional suppression drove me into the mess in the first place. But yeah, a healthy man surely profits from discipline.

    5. I almost hate to suggest the solution I know many men need, including PTSD veterans. It is called EFT, and is a modern version of acupuncture using tapping instead of needles. Google Gary Craig and EFT. DO NOT SPEND A CENT until you try the free tutorials and Youtube videos and see if it works for you on small things, like can’t sleep or car sickness. and, if it works, still don’t spend a cent.
      Why do I hate to mention it when it is so effective for many? Because there are so many men who assume something free can’t work, and also assume I must have some financial gain for pushing it. Not true
      Gary Craig was an engineer. He said when there was a problem, he went out, looked over the problem, and fixed it then went home. He was horrified to find out the effete snobs of mental health could have a person in therapy for twenty years with no detectible change, unless their health was destroyed with horrid drugs.

      1. I have no trust in modern psychology at all. I looked into a few PTSD things after an enigmatic LSD experience. I read an article on Wikipedia suggesting that PTSD is basically stored up energy causing a dysregulated nervous system. Animals supposedly shake off PTSD by releasing the energy through weird spasms and movements. Yoga does just that.
        Me, I am currently handling it with guided meditation. Most of my current insights stem from that. It is great.
        I will keep this in the back of my head.

  23. The are some millennials who believe financial independence is more important than location independence, if it means living with your parents longer so you can keep more of the money you earn instead of pissing it away every month to a landlord. But this requires that you have amicable relations with your parents, some millennials don’t.

  24. It’s the Fourth commandment, captain, not the fifth. The fifth is “thou shalt not kill.”

    1. The Captain got it right.
      The 6th is “thou Shall not kill.”
      The 5th is “Honor your father and mother.”
      The 4th is “Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.”

      1. No it isn’t.
        The fifth is thou shalt not kill.
        The sixth is thou shalt not commit adultery
        And the fourth is honor thy father and mother.
        The Sabbath commandment is the sixth.
        The first commandment is “I am The Lord your God, you shall not have other gods aside from me.”
        The second is “Thou shalt not take the name of The Lord thy God in vain.”
        The Protestants added the commandment about “graven images” to stiff the Catholics, in the same way they ripped out the Deuterocanonicals, which were in the Bible when Jesus was running around.

  25. Yeah this is important. Especially for those of us born from baby boomers. It’s the first generation to fully adopt the money works for itself lie and put mothers in the work force. I’m an example. I come from a family that would rather pay other people to raise their kids and freak out when they turn out different. This mentality that money or society will do more then actual parents means kids grow up without proper influence. Parents that don’t parent or put their ideologies before raising a child properly are the problem. Not to mention we live in capitalism so the only type of money that helps raise kids comes in the form of a business. On the other end you have a whole new generation of children born undisciplined creating babies they can’t afford in with mentally unstable mothers. If the pattern continues that movie idiocracy will be real only people will still think they’re smart.
    The world is full of people who had their hopes and dreams never come to fruition. In every sense it is that persons family that should have been supportive. Instead we promote kicking children out and use words like enabling to get away with just not caring enough. We promote independence, but as a society all of us depend 100% on others; whether it’s food, your car, your house, or appliances nobody makes them all themselves. The rat race and consumerism is being promoted harder then the foundation and family values that provide the floor for consumerism. It’s a self destructive system. We worship the rich so much we don’t care about the fact U.S. labor laws are more comparable to Iraq then the rest of the 1st world. Wed rather dream of having the opportunity to be greedy, selfish and rich then seize the actual cash for our labor that’s required to build that. All of this stems from the lack of family structure. Families that look out for each other grow to be wealthy. One must distance themselves from a family that takes more then it gives though.

      1. U.S. labor laws are on par with Iraq not the rest of the 1st world. Reason . . . simple. Big money in politics and advertising propaganda being the majority of what people see. Government or family propaganda is much better then merchant propaganda any day of the week. People lack the understanding of their own subconscious meaning propaganda works, but the u.s.propaganda is almost solely consumer with a large amount of radical left and right from the media.It’s also the reason behind degenerative values. Values after all might stop you from buying stuff. I mean there’s a bunch of lawsuits against supplement companies right now for lie in about products, but that doesn’t stop them from telling you what you need to hear to make a profit.
        A.k.a you crave coke or Pepsi in theaters or when you see polar bears and yet deny advertising has anything to do with it. You’re mind eats information whether you’re consciously aware or not. You are what you eat.

        1. Sorry but the Government hurts the market not help it, there’s a reason America controls the world economically

        2. Yeah I’m not going to disagree, but it’s how you apply and what you apply as a government that creates the foundation, infastructure, and right and wrong. It is much easier to build an ideological engine wrong then it is right, but if a government can’t adapt to the times it loses serious effectiveness and falls way behind in world affairs. I.e. if you failed to make sure your territory has Internet your gdp is going drop regardless of how great you were.

        3. That’s central planning the same thing communists did, however if it’s needed the market would build it

        4. Communism was never really really used though. Its more dictatorships and in order for communism to work you need a strong republic. Certain leaders have made mistakes as well as intentionally modified history. It’s also likely they put us in for the long con purposely sabotaging communal societies in order to secure the concept or need for dictators, tyrants, and real democracies for their bloodlines. You’ll need to do your own research on blood relations between world leaders all the way back to Sumer.

        5. “Communism was never really really used though. .. Certain leaders have made mistakes as well as intentionally modified history.”
          The 100 million dead, inefficient use of resources and constant shrotages and misery caused those under it are simply mistakes? Seems you are an apologist for an evil ideology.

        6. It’s idealistic nonsense, just like kids wanting candy for lunch.
          To put it simply humans and “forced cooperation” can’t mixed.

        7. Society is forced cooperation and everything we know or learn is like an imprint or programming. You can program babies from birth to believe whatever you want, but it’s much harder once they’re full maturity. The problem with not understanding this is that you actually think we are a lot smarter then we are. You are smart and a bit of a bitter intellectual, but I will repeat understanding reality is subjective to your programming and perspective and if you look at what there is to know vs what we know vs what we need for civilization vs what we need for survival odds are we are not only wrong, but that we only have a glimpse of the foundation that makes reality. So assuming we know more then we do stops one from progressing positively in directions on a subconscious level. In the end it is not the guy with all the natural talent, but the first guy to try a million times.

        8. That’s like telling me it failed because God didn’t like it guy. You’ve bit the propagandist bullshit and aren’t making valid arguments. If a meteor hit the earth tomorrow you’d probably say it was Satan too right? Probably have never laid eyes on sumerIan mythology. There is no good and evil, just what we make up and how we make each other feel based on our programming.

        9. My point is that you can’t plan out an economy nor can you force someone to do something without complications. Or you won’t get the same result if they did it voluntarily

        10. Yes massive complications that’s what I’m saying as well. I was just really long winded about it. It’s really just sales though. If you can sell everyone an idea then you can create change. The idea has to be win win though and it helps to know the agendas out there which we don’t either.

        11. Yes, but with a large side of unintended consequences. Life is trial and error. The same way we genetically evolve or our immune system works is similar to the concept of changing the bigger picture. I think efficiency should be the largest focus. Every engine needs a tune-up eventually and sometimes you replace or upgrade entire parts despite the ghastly repair bill.

        12. Yeah communism is dumb imo because it’s half assed. I like my pantheon of gods utopia idea that functions without money far better.
          While it’s way better and doable it comes in elephant sized red pills most struggle to stomach.

        13. That’s their subconscious Id fighting back to maintain their identity. Because the general population has little to no understanding of anything let alone their subconscious they only control 5% of their own actions consciously. So the involuntary action is to protect normality so the best a in can carry out routines without wasted energy.

  26. Sorry, if my kids, male or female, reject our religion and run off thinking I am going to bail them out after they suffer the consequences of their stupidity, they have another thing coming. If they come back it better be to repent first-or no bailouts out from me. And it better not happen again, either.

  27. Thanks for this. I’m currently pregnant and tried to ‘re establish a positive relationship with my crazy mother because I don’t want her to miss out on her grandchild but she proved too frustrating once again. She thinks I’m ashamed of her paranoid personality disordered ass. I told her ashamed isn’t the right word, just disappointed mainly. She has been a professinal perpetual victim who lost custody of me to my father after I was taken into care for a few years despite my father being quite a life fail himself. He did something quite bad when I was younger but she was so messed up that he looked good in comparison. Guess who lost all their parental rights? But guess who didn’t have to pay child support? You guessed it! My mother. Although we are in the UK and our csa isn’t as ruthless as the USA. She had a mental breakdown at some point and was able to claim incapacity benefits and has been on them for over 15 years. My father hasn’t been the shining light of working hard however he has managed much more work than she has and has been self employed for a good chunk of the time. Piss poor though and relies on social housing. I think his strength to fight her bs was inspiring to me, despite his many failings. They were foster care kids themselves and their childhoods were much worse than mine.
    When I became a teenager my mother set out to put me against my dad and tried manipulating me for years until I eventually told her to stick it. I also realised the extent of her paranoid disorder is mixed with narcissism. Not a great potion. I made a choice to be as far removed from these twos entitled victim complexes as possible, despite my mother being way worse, they both have it.
    It has taken me years to get away from their influence. I had to learn work on my own and look after myself. I was mature early on and could never see the point of rebelling as I was the mature one.
    Eventually the twenties proved more challenging then I thought and depression loomed, alongside promiscuous behaviour which I knew was complete bs. I got therapy and have battled their unhealthy influence every single day. I know I’m an adult and that I have to take responsibility for my failings even if they are the main reason I have failed in a few areas due to ‘disordered’ thinking. If you are too busy bringing up your parents, who is instilling displine on you? When you finally cut the ties with the parents psychologically as well as physically, who acts as the disciplined voice inside your head?
    If your parents didn’t do that as a child then you have to create this yourself, it’s like growing up and being that adult all over again. Not fun.
    Now I tell my mother exactly what I think of her and her con and don’t give too much of a shit..especially now her benefits are being cut and she might end up homeless. She tries to do the whole parental authority guilt trip over me, but I remind her who the adult.has been all this time.
    It’s a shame. My kid really deserves healthy grandparents and they are only getting two. Because I don’t have time to try anymore. Unless she admits her disorder and gets medication (unlikely) She’ll have to be cut for good

    1. In my early Forties, I chose to ‘disown’ my whole insane family. I simply did not want the crazy to pass on to them as it passed on, generation after generation, in my mother’s family. Best thing I ever did as a parent.
      My Mexican wife (different race, no regrets, our DNA is very similar since the Irish came from Spain maybe 5,000 years ago and most Mexicans are of at least part Spanish blood) was unhappy. She said they are still your family. I said, “No, they are not!”
      When people say you can choose your friends but not your family, I respond, Oh, yes, you can! I did!

      1. The Iberian Peninsula people are nearly non-existent in Spain, genetically, culturally and linguistically. By the time of the colonization of Spain, the Spanish were a mix of Moors, Visigoths (Germans) and Romans, layered on top of the small remaining, non-migratory indigenous Celtic populations that made up the Insular Celtic peoples of nearly all of Europe at the time. It’s rather like how little of the Celtic people’s identity you’ll now find in, say Austria (which once had an indigenous Celtic population). Lots and lots of movement and shifting of populations occurred in those 5,000 years. What traces remain of their culture and people in Spain is inferred from some tablets found in the area and some very inferred meanings from place names (rather how Pictish names are inferred from some ancient city names in Scotland).

      2. Sadly, sometimes it is necessary to take this step, as I have recently learned. The emotional and psychological cost of maintaining these ties is sometimes too much if we wish to preserve our own sanity.

  28. “Clients whose parents would cut them off if they dated outside their race.”
    Implying this is a bad thing.

      1. Lol. Ok, buddy. Race is real. We are better off living separately. Enough of this nebulous “oh maaaan the racial discontent is just divide and conquer tactics dude.” There is no “divide and conquer” it’s just “let’s demonize whites.” That’s all it is.

  29. I would definitely cut my daughter off if she dated outside her race. What kind of deracinated horse shit are you pushing here? You think actual abuse and preventing your daughter from being a filthy mudshark are the same thing?

      1. Fuck MLK! He was a Marxist, anti-white, plagiarizing, piece of shit, the only reason he became popular is because he was foisted upon America with the full power of the media. MLK was a talent-less hack who would of been nothing without his handlers and scripted speeches…

        1. LMFAO you proved my point, you attacked character instead of race.
          Let me spin the question would you let your daughter marry a Quello?


        3. Why can’t you see the skin color of those with bad character. Certain skin colors have a dis-proportionate amount of people with horrible character.

        4. So now were generalizing, so guilt by association?
          Besides that do you even know any black person personally or ever been to Africa?

        5. It’s usually multi-cultist like yourself who don’t know any black people those of us who have been around them know what they are like.

        6. LMFAOO wow yup
          1) I’m black
          2) I live in the inner city
          3) I’m not a “mulicultists” and never will be
          4) Are you going by the race baiting, over-exaggerating, media?

  30. Premarital sex was economic stand point and existed prior to Christianity, it even valid today. I mean look at women today

  31. Unrelated, but I’ll ignore anything Captain Capitalism says. I can’t make it through 2 minutes of any of his videos without saying: “holy shit, why am I listening to some 45 year old unemployed loser rant about how everyone else is such a loser?” His videos and articles should be about all the mistakes he clearly made in life, not about how to make your life great.

    1. I feel the same about the “Sandman” Mgtow character on Youtube. Whenever I watch one of his videos (once in a blue moon) I think to myself “someone ACTUALLY paid money for this crappy video topic??”. I suspect some of the “donators” do not even exist and he simply claims a donation was received as a marketing tactic, but no doubt a lot of them are indeed actual people – which is sad.
      I guess what we can glean from these various channels, and the apparent “success” of the channel owners (Clarey, “Sandman”, et al), is that there are still lots of internet “casuals” out there willing to dish out their cash for “manosphere 101” type content. Nothing “new” really, but stuff that 99% of manospherians should already know.
      “Sandman” seems to be an extreme example, but he really does seem to be “the Walmart of Mgtow”, with an emphasis on quantity over quality. All of his videos are around ~10 mins, just perfect for the smartphone/millennial generation. His business formula seems to be “working” though, as evidenced by his 40k+ subs.

      1. Close to zero intellect, and emotional, feminine rants. Theres some greatness in the ‘sphere (Roosh, Dalrock) and then there are…not so much.

        1. I like to look at it like this, with the manosphere as a sort of “galaxy”:
          There’s the “core” manosphere guys like Roosh, Roissy, Rollo, Elam (MRA wing), bar bar (MGTOW wing), etc. To be considered “core”, they have to have been around a long amount of time and not “sold out” or “cashed out” to money in that time. They didn’t just “run off” after a few years on the job.
          Then there is the “outer ring” consisting of all manner of guys who got into this just for the money. They have blogs that are up for a year or two, before disappearing off the face of the Earth. They have a short presence compared to “core” guys. Most of these guys don’t stick around. I suspect Sandman may be one of these guys, he’s openly admitted to being mainly interested in making money off his videos a number of times.
          Then there is “the fringes” at the very very edge of the “galaxy”, this includes more destructive elements like PuaHate and other detractors.

  32. Whaa? Call the CPS on your own parents?? No one does that! Only a system wog would do such a thing ORRR a poor fatherless chump who was raised by the system under ‘GOVERNMENT HUSBANDRY’. Wild runaway bitch mothers will play a game with their kids called ‘daddy is the boogeyman’ where they run from shelter to shelter hiding out from ‘the boogeyman’ father. The socialist services witches condone this activity. Ooh the excitement, running at midnight again. Mommy has $50 running money from the last shelter and it’s Mcdonalds at 2am again. Whoopee this is fun! A lot of fat idle she pigs only use their legs when running and fleeing daddy or during a foreign invasion of their homeland. Nice try dude. If you were unfortunate to be raised by the system like that, I feel for ya. But kids absconded and raised by the state are lucky if they don’t end up as medical waste less a few organs. FUCK THE STATE. Please, try and say that, kay? For me . . say ”FUCK THE STATE” . . atta boy. And the CPS, shit their goddamn HEADS need to go on poles. Same for the divorce rape mafia. Fuck em all. But don’t spew the state socialist service drivel. NEVER call the feminists on your own parents, OR ANYONE for that matter. It’s pure feminist STATE HUSBANDRY in effect. Our mammalian species is PATRIARCHAL. NO STATE will meddle so help the patriarch. The patriarch is THE PILLAR for which all of civilization rises and towers to the skies. Don’t have stockholm syndrome for your old state bitch nannies. Say it bro ”HAIL” . . come on ”HAIL THE PATRIARCHY” . . that’s it . . got the powaaah!!

  33. “Nearly every Christian girl I dated was ‘tormented’ over pre-marital sex as their biology was telling them one thing, while their fathers and Jesus were telling them (an obsoleted) other.”
    That’s not their biology telling them that, it’s feminists. Pre-marital sex moves a girl towards sluttiness, end of story.

        1. You’re forgetting the dual mating strategies that women have. Sperm from multiple alpha men for the best progeny and may the best tadpole win, AND one stable provider to help raise the kids and protect them and her.

  34. So here’s the best free piece of advice I can give you:
    Regardless of whether it’s true or not, the best thing you can do is tell yourself that Your Parents Did the Best They Could With What They Knew.
    Now, some of you could well respond about your shitty childhood–and you could be 150% right about it–that’s not the point. You will have Other, Bigger Problems to deal with as a man, (or when you become a man) and you will need to learn to put down your anger. Otherwise, it’s like you’re dragging an anchor your whole life. Do.NOT.Do.This. It will hold you back.
    A friend of mine who is the most grounded person I know (other than me, of course) had some Seriously Wrong Shit happen in childhood, and from both parents–like “beaten to unconsciousness for accidentally spilling milk at the table” shit. The kind of shit that either turns you into the Best Guy Ever or a Serial Killer. But you have to choose, and he chose Option 1.
    Do whatever you have to do to leave all the bad shit behind you, and learn to be happy.
    À bientôt,

  35. But if they then threaten you with ostracization, cutting you off
    financially, or …disowning you because you will “date a black guy”…

    Fortunately, few of us reading this website will do this…

  36. Under the Augustinian division used by Roman Catholics and Lutherans, the fifth commandment is “Thou shalt not kill”.

  37. What parent in their right mind would freely allow their child to date outside of their race? Do you really want your grandchild to become a dindu noffin just to keep up appearances as a progressive or anti-racist? This doesn’t apply to black men because they are MIA as dads anyway.
    If I had a kid like that I would cut them off financially.

  38. A lot of people are abused by the ignorance of their parents and that can extend before and after many generations. They themselves can be victims of physical and emotional abuse and simply pass that along to you.
    I have only reconciled my parents failure with the fact they did the best they could under the circumstances. Which wasn’t much. When I tell people my family history it is often meet with disbelief. It was as fucking broken as broken could be. “But you turned out alright.” I learned by watching and still made mistakes.
    People can come from good families and still be horrible people.
    Your journey can be filled with people and the journey is still alone. Honor them by understanding where the came from and why they did it.
    “Who is my mother, and who are my brothers?”

  39. Ah – the trials, tribulations and agonies of the modern man, eh Aaron? You poor, poor thing – how you must have suffered! It brings a tear to the eye dunninit?
    You mealy mouthed little fuck. You always prattle about how we have let you down, how those eeeeeeevil boomers have shafted and shattered your generation, how you could do a better job of EVERYTHING, compared to us, and blah, blah, blah. And of course the best thing to do according to you, is sit back, enjoy the decline and cop out on life in your 20’s. Well, boys – if you listen to this idiot…enjoy your freedom, I guess. I would ask you to consider first, though – that couch you’re sleeping on in your 20’s is going to get old when you’re in your 30’s. It is going to be unbearable in your 40’s. If you haven’t eaten a gun by the time you’re 50 you will wish you had. You prattle about the 50’s and how great they were not knowing a damned thing about the men that set the stage for them.
    My grandfather went to work when he was 9 digging coal. At 15 he lied about his age and joined the dough boys in the trenches of WW1. His best friend was gunned down right beside him, and he carried his comrade a couple MILES to a field hospital. The doc took one look, sent him back to the front where he promptly got shot up going over the top. He came home, recovered and went back to digging coal. In the 30’s he rode around on the roofs of trains with other bums looking for work. In the 40’s he enlisted again and served as a camp cook. After the war, now in his 40’s…he picked up a trade as a brick layer. He dug the basement of his first house with the boys from the neighbourhood using picks and shovels.
    Yannow…I never once heard him complain. My eeeeevil baby booming father was brought up in a home that would be well below today’s poverty line. Most of you boys would consider growing up with absolutely nothing a form of child abuse…but Pop never complained either. Both of those men would laugh like hell at you Aaron. And yet, your fan girls hang on your every word.
    For those of you seriously looking for a successful role model to emulate and take advice from – I would recommend you dispense with Aaron’s books. They are mostly just common sense. You need actual, GOOD advice and the man who can provide it is none other than Stormin’ Norman Schwartzkopff! His autobiography is entitled ‘It Doesn’t Take A Hero’ and is chock full of good, solid manly advice. Do yourself a favour and buy the book.
    Some of you may laugh, but who would you rather listen to? A man that led other men into the mouth of the cat – or a guy that gets off on ballroom dancing? HAR HAR HAR! Just so ya know Aaron, that pic of you with the axe? That axe looks bigger than you do!
    For shame Aaron. You used to do superlative work…and now? You descend into douchebaggery. For chrissakes – straighten up and fly right. Some of these kids listen to you and take you seriously.

  40. So, controlling who your teenage daughters date and teaching them that premarital sex is wrong is now a bad thing? I’m confused.

  41. “ever get fired from a job,
    dumped by a girl”
    These two! First job out of college I was fired from after a year. It was terrible at the moment but in the long run, it got me out of a failing company and industry.
    As for the girl… I found one online that I dated years ago (20+). The 96 lbs cutie turned into an enormous land-whale with all sorts of personal issues. Yes.. sometimes the bad in the end turns out to be good.
    As for abusive parents… I bitched a lot less about my own parents when I learned the house of horrors some of my college classmates had to put up with. Two examples:
    1. Kid loses his financial aid because mommy and / or daddy claims him as a ‘dependent’, even though they refused to help pay for college. This happened to many of my classmates. The most egregious case was a kid who had been living on his own since age 16. He lost his financial aid as a result and had to drop out of college (he was an engineering student). I saw this guy about a year later. He was still trying to get his financial aid re-established while paying off the student loans he already took out by working menial jobs.
    2. 2nd generation Korean-American girl: This girl was a perfect ‘A’ student her entire life… until college. She studied hard.. but the course work was hard (this was at the time a non-grade inflation STEM school). She dropped to a ‘B+’. Her parents freaked out, pulled her out of college, and enrolled her in a new school where she was forced to live at home. Her parents couldn’t take the shame of having a daughter that didn’t have a 4.0 average.

  42. This may have been mentioned before, but as a member of the clergy, I’d like to comment on the entire “honor your parents” command.
    The verse in its entirety is, Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the LORD your God gives you. (Exodus 20:12 and repeated in Ephesians 6:1–2)
    Taken in its historical and social context, the concept of honoring only means that you do not cause them shame. Basically, you stay out of prison and you aren’t living a life so detestable that your parents aren’t made out to be social pariahs.
    Of course, we live in a different culture nowadays. Very few people even understand what shame is and many times our parents shame the children more than the other way around. However, in a culture where community is valued over individualism, the basic point is that you are not to socially damage the family unit by being a jerk. Obeying as well as ignoring the parents in spite of their self-defeating, self-destructive behaviors is not implied in the passage.

  43. “Or that your parents insist on you getting a job or something a
    child simply does not like is NOT abuse. Sadly, this is not what I’m
    seeing in my little world.
    “I have clients whose parents threaten to disown them if they change their religion.
    “Clients whose parents would cut them off if they dated outside their race.”
    You are abusing your clients by telling them that is abuse. You have to choose God above all things, parents, children, or spouses. Race is also highly important (trivial compared to religion, but still worth waging wars for) and it is the parents’ right to disown their children for dating and marrying other races (or even wrong ethnicity of a race). If one of your children leaves the family firm and goes to work for a competitor, do you think the parents are required to continue to fund and fully support the child who is now working with the opposition that would gladly bankrupt them? Here’s reality, all nations, races, and groups are in competition and marrying outside your own people can mean you end up on the other side of a war or civil war.
    Anyone who thinks religion and race doesn’t matter and/or shouldn’t matter has taken leave of reality. Why should sex matter then? Lets just declare everyone and everything equal. Why should debt matter? Why should nations and borders matter?
    It is a lot easier to believe in God than the mutli-cult.

  44. “Matter of fact, sometimes the absolute worst thing to happen to you in the present could be the greatest blessing in your life. ”
    A version of this was told to me years ago “sometimes that piece of bad luck could be the best thing that could happen to you” – the hard part at the time is seeing the opportunity that has presented itself.

  45. It’s funny I’m Catholic so the commandments are nuumbered differently than here. I thought this was going to be about how I’m allowed to kill people now.

  46. What a timely article. I’ve seen far too many parents who treat their children like pets: sure they take care of them but they don’t respect them. As for me I need to move out as soon as I can. While my parents have many good qualities, and I’m grateful for what they’ve given me, I really do not feel like they treat me as an adult. Being extremely conservative religious folk, they would be horrified if they ever found out I was trying to learn game or (horror of horrors) try to have sex with a girl. I’m not entirely certain they wouldn’t throw me out. That’s just one facet of the control freakism that goes on. I’m working on becoming more hireable, so I can be completely self sufficient.

  47. Correction: a parent who allows their child to date or marry outside their race is negligent.

  48. This is good advice. I’m old enough to likely be the grandfather of many readers here and tasted but didn’t guzzle the Koolade.
    That’s due to my parents, members of the Greatest Generation, who didn’t fully understand the world they created and who brought up the much maligned next generation. I’m not too critical of them because their original values were correct and actually work, but subsequent age grades have adapted to an unreality sustained by parasites. There’s no excuse for people today not seeing what’s actually going on.

  49. both my parents sperated before i was born. I didnt meet my father until i was 7, he had another wife and kids at that time and basically throughout my early years was non existent. My mother, who raised me, had been in a series of car wrecks which left her a little off mentally. When i was 15 i made an effort to get to know my father despite his short comings and even though i dont have a normal relationship with my parents I respect them. I think regardless of your upbringing its best to make an effort to learn about the people who birthed you.

  50. This might be slightly off topic, but I wanted to share it. For the first time I met a person raised by two lesbian mothers. He was adopted as a baby, but his two sisters are “baster babies.” And he’s totally fucking insane. He’s gay himself, of course. But his sexual orientation and upbringing in a “liberal” gay household have no effect on his intolerance for others and his open racism. It’s hard to describe in a short posting the problems the guy has, but I’ll just say that he needs serious psychological help. Honestly, if it weren’t for his two mothers being lawyers and helping him coast through the system he’d either be in prison or dead on the streets by now.

  51. My father was a closet homosexual and a child molester who terrorized me regularly as a child until I started lifting weights and gaining muscle. Then years later, when I decided to tell the rest of the family about being sexually abused, he threatened to murder me.
    Years went by and I thought about reaching out to them again, but nobody gives a shit. In fact, they find this situation quite amusing.
    As a partial result of a piss poor upbringing by racists who literally pushed me around, threatened to disown me (check) when I decided to leave the religion and sneered at every non Caucasian girl I ever brought to the house (check), I think it’s safe to say i am in the right to cut worthless people out of my life.
    Anybody hurling ad hominems like “spoiled brat” to me are either A-gullible idiots who need to get their facts straight or Bee- Manipulative, conniving liars who know the truth about my background who just want to discredit me because their bosses don’t like my self respect.
    By the way, I am being electronically harassed and physically stalked on a daily basis by people who insist I should go subject myself to more abuse by these pathetic nut cases.
    Strange things happen when you leave the Mormon church, and intensify when you bring forth allegations of child molestation.
    Thank god I won that lawsuit against my former employer, otherwise I would actually be fucked. People who try and fail to ruin my life owe me compensation, and will pay up the ass whether they want to or not.
    Fuck with my ability to make a living, and I’ll do you one better. Have a nice day.

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