Happy Birthday Jay Z, Red Pill Rapper

It is a familiar trope in the manosphere that rappers are “red pill,” but this is rarely explored in any detail. Today, December 4th 2014, is Jay Z’s forty-fifth birthday, so by way of tribute I will examine the lyrics to several of his songs most pertinent to our concerns here at ROK – those concerning relations between the genders that often hit on truths rarely explored in mainstream music.

I know from having posted tracks here before that opinion is divided on rap music. I myself come at it as an outsider to the genre, as someone who is primarily a fan of alternative rock or electronica, with a particular leaning towards great lyricists who tell a story in their songs – everyone from Nick Cave to Jacques Brel to Morrissey to Depeche Mode to Sinatra.

But of course, rap music is by its very nature intimately concerned with lyrics, given that the artist’s verbal facility is front and centre of any recording. This has led to a number of great storytelling MCs, foremost of whom, in my estimation, are Eminem, Tupac, Nas, Ghostface Killah, Talib Kweli and Pusha T. But none of these are able to communicate the whole span of human experience as effectively as Jay Z, whose songs are by turn comic, violent, sexy, sad and tragic.

Whether Jay Z is actually – as he has claimed many times – the “best rapper alive,” and whether he is the most “red pill” is of course open to debate. But I believe there is a good case to be made on both counts, and indeed, one quality feeds into the other – because Jay Z is one of the most skilled MCs ever to have picked up a mike, he is better equipped than most to articulate the intricacies of human relations. Those who doubt his ability, perhaps just having heard the singles or his guest spots on other artist’s songs, like Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love,” should seek out album tracks like “Where I’m From” from the 1997 album  In My Lifetime, Vol. 1:

I’m from the place where the church is the flakiest,

And n*ggas is praying to God so long that they atheist,

Where you can’t put your vest away and say you’ll wear it tomorrow

Cause the day after we’ll be saying,

“Damn, I was just with him yesterday.”

Note the dexterity with which the lyric reveals the murderous reality of life on the streets around the Marcy housing project in Brooklyn. There are those (including Nas, on the diss-track “Ether”) who claim that Jay was bested by Eminem when they duetted on “Renegade” for the former’s Blueprint album. While Em’s verses are undeniably shiny and slippery as mercury, Jay reaches an emotional pitch inaccessible to Em in lines like this:

Do not step to me, I’m awkward, I box lefty

An orphan, my pops left me, and often my momma wasn’t home

Could not stress to me I wasn’t grown, especially on nights

I brought something home to quiet the stomach rumbling

My demeanor, thirty years my senior

My childhood didn’t mean much, only raising green up

Raising my fingers to critics

Raising my head to the sky –

“B.I.G. I did it, multi before I die!”

jay z

Stick 2 The Script

The central narrative to Jay Z’s work is the struggle – the tornado of energy and determination which took him from poverty on the streets of Brooklyn to becoming a music mogul worth over $500M. As you might expect, a man who has successfully accomplished such a monumental life change has nothing if not a piercing acumen for decoding intimate and social relations, as well as an iron will in avoiding falling into the traps that derail lesser (beta) men. In the hook of “Stick 2 The Script” from 2000’s The Dynasty: Roc La Familia album, Jay counsels:

Money over bitches n*gga, stick to the script

We cop, we flip, we re-up; get back on our shift.

In other words, a man should not allow a woman to distract him from his primary purpose of attending to his business (in this case drug dealing) and making money. Jay elaborates further in the verse:

When I’m skating through the city and I stop and kick it

Be the most asked question – how I got them digits?

I say I stay on my grind, never stop for bitches

This, even though he has “fuck[ed] the most hoes out of New York State.” The message is clear – the successful man is free to enjoy the company of women, but at no point should he allow them to take over his life to the detriment of his ambition. Love them and leave them, in other words – or “pump and dump” in manosphere-speak.

Big Pimpin’

This theme is expanded on in Jay’s 2001 hit “Big Pimpin” (a song he later disowned for its misogyny, perhaps because of his impending marriage to Beyonce, although he continues to play it in live concerts). The first few lines straightforwardly present the alpha mindset of the industrially-successful player:

You know I, thug em, fuck em, love em, leave em

Cause I don’t fucking need em,

Take em out the hood, keep em looking good

But I don’t fucking feed em

First time they fuss I’m breezing

I’m a pimp in every sense of the word, bitch

Better trust and believe it

In the cut where I keep em

Till I need a nut, til I need to beat the guts

Then it’s “beep beep” and I’m picking them up

Let em play with the dick in the truck

Many chicks wanna put Jigga’s fists in cuffs

Divorce him and split his bucks

Just because you got good head, I’mma break bread

So you can be living it up?!

Shit, I part with nothing, ya’ll be fronting

Me give my heart to a woman?

Not for nothing, never happen

I’ll be forever macking

Heart cold as assasin’s, I got no passion, I got no patience

And I hate waiting, ho get your ass in and let’s ride.

I quote at length because this passage mirrors many of the preoccupations of the manosphere. Jay the successful “pimp” or player maintains zero emotional investment in the women he meets, using them only for sex. He will tolerate no nonsense, dumping them unceremoniously at the first sign of “fuss.” He maintains fuck-buddy relations with them, calling them only when he needs “a nut.”

While, as a rich man, he doesn’t mind spending a little money to “keep them looking good,” he resists the “many chicks” who want to “put [his] fists in cuffs” – that is, marry him – then divorce him, taking half his cash. Why, he argues, should he part with the fortune he has built up just because a woman happens to be skilled at fellatio? Why indeed. Jay will not fall into the provider role.

By the way, that Jay Z ended up marrying Beyonce in real life is the subject for another article – and given the persistent rumors of infidelity, who really knows the truth about that relationship? Here I’m more concerned with the fictional persona that Jay presents in his lyrics. It is the downfall of many men that they end up buying the cow because they enjoy the milk, or supporting women financially simply because they were initially sexually attracted to them.

The suspicion that woman are frequently financially-motivated in a persistent theme in Jigga’s work, and must, we assume, be borne out in the real-life experience of a young man who achieved great fame and riches quickly. In 1998’s “Can I Get A…”  he writes:

 Can I hit it in the mornin’ without giving you half of my dough

And even worse if I was broke would you want me?

If I couldn’t get you finer things like all of them diamond rings

Bitches kill for – would you still roll?

The pecuniary motivation the young Jay identifies in the women who surround him pushes him further into his cold, self-created alpha role as one who acts solely for himself, lacking all “passion” and “patience.”

Is That Yo Bitch?

But his concerns extend beyond mere materialism, and into female hypergamy. Take “Is That Yo Bitch,” recorded with Missy Elliot, from his 1999 album Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter. To a dark backing track, Jay casts himself as a protagonist having an affair with another man’s wife, in what must be one of his most thrilling recorded displays of verbal virtuosity. In essence, the song is a direct refutation of the blue pill constructs of monogamy and “provider game.”

Don’t get mad at me

I don’t love ’em I fuck ’em

I don’t chase ’em I duck ’em

I replace ’em with another one

Addressing the woman’s [beta] husband, the lyrics assert that, even though they may be married, his wife is not “his bitch” – that is, she is not allied to him in any meaningful sense beyond the merely legal, given that Jay is fucking her – the lyric “wedding bells won’t make it rosy, man” recalling Rollo’s observation that marriage does not exempt a man from the sexual marketplace.

Jay describes how he treats the woman coldly: “I never kiss her, I never hold her hand / I diss her, I’m a bolder man,” without any of the affection and financial support presumably forthcoming from the husband, and yet, turned on by his alpha, “pimp” demeanour, she rewards him sexually –

Why you home alone, why she out with me?

Room 112, hotel balcony

How she say “Jay you can call the house for me?”

There’s no respect at all

You betta check her dawg

She keep beggin’ me to hit it raw

So she can have my kids and say it was yours

How foul is she? And you wifed her

Shit, I put the rubber on tighter

Sent her home, when she entered home

You hugged her up

What the fuck is up?

She got you whipped, got your kids

Got your home, but that’s not your bitch

You share that girl, don’t let ‘em hear that, he’ll hurl

It’ll make ‘em sick  that his favorite chick

Ain’t saving it, unfaithful bitch

This passage articulates the worst fear of men everywhere – that the woman they love will be impregnated by another guy and they will be forced to support the child. Worse still, in this instance the offense is deliberate, with the errant wife “beggin’ Jay to ‘hit it raw.’” To his dubious credit, Jay (or rather the narrator) puts “the rubber on tighter” before sending her home, where her husband greets her affectionately (“you hugged her up”).

Rightly, Jay sounds incredulous (“What the fuck is up?”) – both that the husband is unaware what is going on, and that the wife “ain’t saving it” – although like all alpha predators, this doesn’t stop him from taking advantage of the situation. And as he suggests, if the tables were turned, it’s likely the husband would do the same to him (“You would fuck mine”).

“Is That Yo Bitch” is typical of the “misogyny” identified in the rap genre by many feminist commentators. But is the scenario the song describes atypical? Sperm Wars, Robin Baker’s 1996 study in evolutionary biology, famously posited that 10% of children have a biological father who is other than the man married to their mother: that is, that woman, programmed to seek the sperm of the highest status males possible to ensure good genes for their offspring, are often not above cheating on their (beta) husbands and then lying about it. So “She keep beggin’ me to hit it raw / So she can have my kids and say it was yours” rings with a truth that many men – and women – would rather not hear.

One might argue that it is the narrator’s behavior that is reprehensible, but here blame is apportioned to the wife – after all, it was she that was breaking her commitment to her partner. As Jay says, “How the hell can you knock that? / I’m just playing the cards chosen.” As a man, Jay is merely following his biological programming in sleeping with a willing young woman with whom he could in theory procreate, while the woman is exercising her hypergamy in seeking out his alpha seed.

Meet The Parents

A further examination of hypergamy and its consequences in the impoverished African-American community in Brooklyn is undertaken in Meet the Parents from 2002’s Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse album. Arguably Jay Z’s greatest song, it showcases his masterful storytelling technique to the fullest, opening with lines that are particularly poignant given recent events in Ferguson and NYC:

At the end of every young black life is this line

“Damn, him already?”

The song starts with the funeral of a young man, son of Isis, who was raised by his mother after his father ran out on them:

 Mama ain’t strong enough to raise no boy

What’s his father’s name?

Shorty never knew him, though he had his blood in him.

Hot temper, mama said she act just like her husband

Daddy never f*cked with him, so the streets raised him

Isis blaming herself, she wish she could have saved him

Damn near impossible, only men can raise men.

How did Isis come to be raising her son on her own? Because she chose an unsuitable, bad boy partner who got her pregnant with no intention of hanging around to pick up the bill afterwards. Jay describes her visceral attraction to this alpha here:

He wasn’t really her husband, though he called her wife

It was just this night when the moon was full

And the stars were just right, and her dress was real tight

And it sounded like “Lisa Lisa, I wonder if I’ll take you home?”

“Will you still love me after this night?”

Mike was the hardhead from around the way

That she wanted all her life, shit, she wanted all the hype

Used to hold on tight when he wheelied on the bike

He was a willie all her life, he wasn’t really the one to like

It was a dude named Sha who would really treat her right

He wanted to run to the country to escape the city life

But Isis liked this Broadway life

But she loved the Gucci sneakers, the red green and white

Hangin’ out the window when she first seen him fight

She was so turned on that she had to shower twice.

The one to “really like” was Sha, a nice guy who wanted to take Isis out of the ghetto for a good life in the country. But Isis loves not only the bling that Mike and the big city represents – the Gucci sneakers and Broadway – but also his tough-guy machismo. Is there a greater encapsulation of the power of alpha over women than Jay’s extraordinary poetic image of Isis having to “shower twice,” so sexually aroused is she watching Mike fight? In these few lines Jay artfully contrasts provider game with masculine bad boy don’t-give-a-shit energy and finds the former sadly lacking.

Of course, Mike runs out on Isis after the baby is born – as a streetwise tough he is well aware of the nature of women and is naturally uncertain that he is the child’s true father:

If that was my son he would look much different

See I’m light-skinned and that baby there’s dark

So it’s mama’s baby – papa’s maybe

Estranged for fourteen years, the song reaches its Shakespearean conclusion when the son – now a hoodlum himself, having lacked a strong father figure – runs into Mike on the street and an altercation ensues. They both pull their guns but the son pauses, recognizing something in the older man’s face:

He clearly had the drop but the boy just paused (hold up)

There was something in this man’s face he knew he’d seen before

It’s like looking in the mirror, seein’ himself more mature

Then, tragically, the Mike fires:

 Six shots into his kin, out of the gun

N*gga be a father, you’re killing your son

Six shots into his kin out of the gun

N*ggas be a father, you’re killing your sons

Meet the parents

In making “sons” plural in the penultimate line, Jay pulls back from the narrative to address absconding fathers generally. But women are indicted equally – had Isis chosen the more suitable Sha as a partner, rather than following her instinctual animal attraction for Mike, then perhaps her son would have been raised properly and would still be alive. And it is precisely his awareness of the realities of female hypergamy that prompted Mike to walk out on his son in the first place.


I think we can safely assume that Jay Z does not spend his days scrolling through manosphere blogs—and of course, most of the tracks referenced here pre-date it—but this makes his work all the more compelling, in that his deep understanding of female behavior and its consequences is authentic and was hard-won on his journey from the streets to the ROK boardroom. His work proffers a tough, cynical, and unvarnished understanding of relationships between men and women to a huge audience – the type of insight that is sorely lacking in most mainstream culture outside of rap music.

Were Jay Z to be starting out today, in the current cultural climate with its SJWs and Twitter witchhunts, I wonder whether he would be allowed a voice at all? Could a song like “Big Pimpin” be a hit single in 2014? I doubt it. As we know, the push now is to eradicate anything that doesn’t cohere with the solipsistic views of the social media masses, talentless but angry, and hungry to suffocate anything that offends even slightly.

But to have denied Jay Z a career would have been to have silenced one of the most talented artists of our age, the creator of iconic tracks such as “Empire State of Mind,” “Hard Knock Life” and “99 Problems.” Thankfully though, Hova came up in a more tolerant, less censorious age, where a plurality of opinions and their expression was still tolerated. In a world where bland rap stars like Drake now rule the roost, Jay has retained his edge, with powerful tracks on 2013’s Magna Carter, Holy Grail. Happy Birthday, Jay – can’t wait for the next album.

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  1. “Red Pill” rapper who is married to an obnoxious feminists whom short haired tumblr feminists worship….hmmmm

    1. Yet, Beyonce (the so called feminist) enjoys dressing up like a prostitute in her music videos with her john in the background.
      Another proof that feminists are hypocrites.

    2. ..And…he let her sister beat him, and let’s his wife publically cuckhold him, basically. When I think of RP philosophy-in-action, Jay-Z hardly comes to mind, instead he is the EXACT stereotype of the matriarchal framework of the black community–it is COMPLETELY run by women, with a few beta “beards” if you will, who use the power of the state to enforce their imperative and sort out the cash (e.g. democrats in large cities, US Congress and the Prez, etc).

  2. He sat through the VMAs while his wife put on a strip show for the world to see, while his daughter was on his lap watching the whole thing. It doesn’t get more red-pill than that let me tell ya.

    1. Hands down. Of course the underground never gets its due respect. Then again, 99% of Jay-Zs audience can’t even comprehend Aesop’s lyrics. Been a face of Major Acer for 8 years now and counting.

      1. It’s always going to be like that with mainstream. There are some legendary musicians/artist out there.

    2. Maybe if you’re into slam poetry and still break into rail yards to tag railcars but to everyone else Hov is the main guy.

  3. “I think we can safely assume that Jay Z does not spend his days scrolling through manosphere blogs”
    He is a big fan of Robert Greene’s books though, for what that’s worth.

  4. Jay Z- this is a guy who along with his wife, worship the illuminati and satanism. Thats one of the reasons I hate these musicans/rappers.
    But, I do have to give him, 50 Cent and P Diddy the respect, for building multimillion dollar empires from absolutely nothing.
    How many women can do that?

  5. troy francis- you’re my guy. articles about jay-z and “crimes and misdemeanors.” these are a few of my favorite things…
    and ur lil homie nas is a garden to me
    whats the problem b? you not as hard as me
    nigga, hard as we, nigga R-O-C, nigga…
    i was born to get cake, move on and switch states
    cop the coupe with the roof gone and switch plates
    was born to dictate
    never follow orders, dickface, get your shit straight
    fucka, this is big jay
    but forreal jay married to a fuckin nigger-go figure. beyonce an embodiment of the unsalvagable world we inhabit.

  6. If there’s one thing Red Pill men can learn from JAY Z it’s this: If you decide to wed, don’t wed until much later on in life (JAY Z was 39), wed someone at least 10 years your junior and avoid broke bitches (Beyoncé has a much a higher net worth than JAY Z).

    1. Combined they are supposedly worth over a billion. Pretty sad our society elevates modern court jesters so much.

      1. Seriously man. How the fuck can this country be in a recession and these two mongoloids can rack up almost a billion dollars off of their ‘art’, yet we can’t afford to maintain our roads and fill potholes. I guess it is true, a sucker is born every minute.

        1. lol are you serious? Thats capitalism. You have a problem when blacks make money from the system but I doubt you’d blink an eye when white people do the same.

        2. Well those “mongoloids” as you refer to aren’t the cause for this countrys’ financial ills. You can blame the president that “you would most likely have a beer with”for that, you know the fake-ass Texan that went to Yale and partied his way through school and still got a degree because his father and grandfather are legacy’s and powerful elites.

    2. Whats funny is that your comment is the only positive thing we can take away from all if this.

      1. Illuminati-types financed the Russian Bolshevik revolution. Jay-Z is proudly “Illuminated”

        1. What exactly is wrong? Jay-Z is Illuminati; he makes the hand symbols all the time.
          “Illuminati Jewish banker Jacob Schiff pulled the strings on the “Russian” Revolution, including the savage murder of Czar Nicholas II and his family. The same power is behind the New World Order”
          Jewish banker Jacob Schiff pulled the strings on the “Russian”
          Revolution, including the savage murder of Czar Nicholas II and his
          family. The same power is behind the New World Order. – See more at:

        2. If I was in a secret society running the world I’d probably be a bit more subtle than making a hand signal advertising it in front of millions of people.

  7. “Red Pill” my ass. Like all mainstream rappers, this camel-faced goon is just another useful idiot and poverty pimp. His job is not to make good music, but to poison the minds of young people. First he started off as yet another studio gangster, much like Rick Ross, who acted like he came up struggling and was some kind of dope kingpin. Like all these assholes, Joe Camel magically made it “out the game” without doing any kind of major time for (according to him) “moving snowflakes by the O-Z”, a.k.a. trafficking major weight across international and state lines, something which will get you 25 to life in reality.
    He did the Scarface bit for a while, then I guess he grew up and entered some kind of personal renaissance. Dropped the hyphen from his name, started rapping about “serious issues”, married an even bigger useful idiot for the feminist cause, and started trying to convince everyone that he’s some kind of jet-setting international playboy that refuses to shit on anything less than a gold toilet and wipes his ass with hundred dollar bills.
    If you look at rap music, you can see the destructive influences on both fronts. They use that garbage gangster shit to appeal to the kids who want to fuck shit up, and convince them to gangbang and engage in other equally ignorant behavior that just leads to a perpetual cycle of death within their communities, instead of getting them to use all that testosterone to do something productive for the betterment of society.
    If the Bolshevik Communists and Cultural Marxists who run the studios can’t destroy you physically, then they’ll destroy you financially. Enter Jay Z and Kanye West, who rap only about buying Ferragamo shoes and Gucci linens and whatnot, all of which the vast majority of their fan base couldn’t afford in a year. They have only one job: convince young people to engage in rampant materialism and spend money they don’t have on shit they don’t need in order to keep them racking up massive debt and living paycheck to paycheck for their entire lives.
    You can’t afford to pay your rent this month, but you’ll shell out $250 dollars to go see Jay Z and Justin Timberlake in concert, which is the definition of insanity. Meanwhile, Kid Rock is charging fifty bucks to get into his show and giving people free coffee afterwards. Thus the destruction of America continues. Fuck Jay Z and anyone like him.
    If you need any further proof that this moron is the furthest thing from red pill there is and deserves the title of Simp of the Year, I’ll leave you with this: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/02/06/celebrity-name-changes_n_2631803.html

    1. By these standards we should be handing out red pill awards to every criminal white trash or black thug who be beaten up his hoes and shooting police officers.

        1. Your backwards ass knows that Jay Z was the one attacked by a woman and did NOT retaliate, right?

        2. White boys be lovin rap and gangsters.
          Until they get attacked by one.
          White boy listening to rap = blue pill on STEROIDS.

        3. Sounds like black people frighten you. Why are you so scared cherry boy? I’ve been attacked by both whites and blacks. I’m white. I still like rap. It’s a local culture thing. Since you were an entitled little faggot all your life I can see why you feel the way you do.

        4. no doubt you’ve been attacked by many people, with your stupid angryI am the man act, you’re a bull’s eye for anyone looking to get into a good punch up.

        5. When your backwards ass can follow a thread and figure out what’s being talked about, your life will be much better. Besides, why do you think Ray got 2nd place?

        6. They are more than welcome, it has been a long time since a good “punch up”. I am the man as I am a MAN. No shame in that sweet tits.

        7. No, there is no shame in being proud of being a man. A man doesn’t have to advertise that he is a man though, he is one or not. No need to be all crusty and angry . People just chatting here and you seem to jump all over them. just sayin’. Even “the man” can talk softly and carry a big stick. ( maybe that’s not the best metaphor, but you’re a smart cookie, I am sure you know what i meant)

        8. Crusty and angry is more entertaining. I’ll do it in any way I damn well please. When is someone going to ban hammer this cunt? She’s been sniffing around trying to play mommy for too long now.

        9. i don’t want to be your mommy.Wow, – Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh much? I’ve never seen anyone get so angry my comments . I didn’t see them as being provocative at all. Sorry you were offended to the point that you’re unable to converse with me and a few others on any level. I see why you’re trolling sites on tips on “being a man”, Good luck with women and good luck with the punch ups. Peace to you.

        10. I would say more harsh than angry. Comments do not “upset” me. Why are you trolling on sites with tips on “being a man”? I enjoy and interact with this site because you will actually get intelligent articles and comments. Not some PC BS. Well, until women come along and TRY to troll and shame. Luck is for the stupid and lazy, peace is for the weak… you can keep both.

        11. Come on , i am not here to shame or troll. You said you use anger and crustyness to be more entertaining. Great! I mostly use sarcasm and it’s usually purely for entertainment. I don’t come here often but i do get along with a few of the blokes and value their opinion on some stuff but i don’t push it on other stuff that clearly i don’t agree with. Why should i waste my time bothering to try and change someone’s mind? Nothing in that for me. I am not one of those feminazis that create accounts specifically to troll on this site. As a matter of fact I had at least 6 of them in the course of a couple hours create profiles to come on this site to bash me for sticking up for men. I still have them in my followers list. Un-frickin-believable. I am not here to offend anyone unless it’s funny and they deserve it. I don’t go out of my way to do so though. Stay crusty and stay entertaining. Laters

        12. Actually you missed the point. I’m criticizing white kiddies who be thinking they know duh hustle … white kids who went to private high school and college paid on their parents dime.
          These whites don slogans like “FUCK THE POLICE”, yet they dial the cops any time a dark guy gives them real or imagined problems. # straight hoodin
          Blacks only frighten me because I know if they attack I will be called a racist for fighting back.

        13. Under that context, you are correct. Many blacks put on a front just as well. Oddly, despite raps criminal overtone is the most uplifting music a man can stand in modern times. I like all music and could not choose a favorite genre. What since the 80’s hasn’t been whiny drag you down shit? Just a few rock bands here and there.

        14. Strip away the flair of a rap song and you get left with…
          I am a man making his way through life against the odds in a way he knows how. Taking shit from no one along the way, especially a bitch. Just use them as they will do unto you. You are either predator or prey. To prove I made it I only consume the finer things in life… see look.

        15. It’s easier to fight than to run away? Seriously? Don’t get me wrong, I understand the value of peaceful discussion. However, to say that being violent is easier than being peaceful is foolish. Violence takes a lot of energy. Peace, you just sit there with your thumb in your ass.

        16. Nah, peace takes more muscle than being a meathead who is violent. Dudes
          who can’t control there emotions and fly off the handle are the most
          feminine dudes on the planet. They think “mean muggin” and being ready
          to fight at the slightest provocation is red-pill. It’s a joke. To have
          prolonged peace is only accomplished when you have the muscle and
          organization built by real men to compel your enemies to be peaceful.
          What you were talking about when you said peace is keeping your thumb in
          your ass is not real peace. That is just being some lame pacifist who
          will accept attacks and not defend themselves. The U.S. has kept the
          peace with other nations b/c they know we have the biggest weaponry and
          military- not b/c we are pacifists. This is the same in my hood as a
          black man. Power concedes to nothing but more power.

        17. It takes no thought, that is like rolling with the pigs on this subject. Just hand a rapper a musical instrument to see what I mean.

        18. Only women call the police. I’ve never known a man black or white to call the police.
          Your last comment sounds like complete bullshit. You should shorten it to “Blacks frighten me”.

        19. The U.S. has kept the
          peace with other nations

          Eh? Are you completely ignorant? America has been at war with one country or another for virtually the entirety of its existence!

        20. True in the emotion department. BTW, I’m talking at a personal level not an organization or nation level. If you can’t understand the simple concept that it is easier to walk away than to actually fight you have a serious disability.

        21. In general, any white person that listens to black music is never deserving of any respect.

        22. I’m 1000% with you on that. This is something more people in my own community need to learn as well as many people period. Totally agree with you on that point.

        23. Great point you raise there. However, I was really talking about one, or in this case, a nation (the USA) having nations actually visit its shores in a direct act of war. This is largely thwarted b/c of the fact that nations know that the USA has the world’s mightiest military. This, in effect, “keeps the peace”. I am totally with you within the context that America has been in many wars-usu as the aggressor though or as some sort of “police” or “big brother” type of role-at least that’s the way it’s portrayed (I know better).

    2. You have assessed the man, while Troy has assessed the music. I will agree however, that it is tragic that someone whose music i enjoy so much is such a mangina beta simp.

      1. He has assessed what he thinks he knows of the man from feminine media sources (gossip websites).
        I stuck to discussing the lyrics, which we can be certain about.

      2. He has assessed what he thinks he knows of the man from feminine media sources (gossip websites).
        I stuck to discussing the lyrics, which we can be certain about.

    3. This is the fuckin TROOF!
      Jay-z another whore for the big money that is invested in our collective degradation.
      Whats with all his shout outs to the illuminati and all the pagan symbolism he uses along with his dumb fuck wife beyooooonsay?
      I always hated the fact that as a teenager all my peers flocked to listen to this shit along with other rap which is just a copy of a copy of another man’s great work of art in music with basic nursery rhymes attached to the beat.
      Music has truly lost it’s value these days and just gets dumber and dumber along with the idiots who listen to it.
      BTW Kid Rock is a cool motherfucker.

        1. I just said he was a cool dude because I’ve actually met him. I don’t really care for his music but he was down to earth not pretentious at all.

    4. Yup, entirely accurate, Jay Z is a shill. Back in my day, they use to call a artist a sell out if they had a corporate sponsor. When Emcee hammer got the Pepsi deal he became dead as an artist, it was widely known he had sold out. Now artist are expected to sell out to the major corporations and they promote the brands in their songs rapping about their luxury products listeners and themselves for the most part cannot even afford. Jay z was broke for the longest time until he stopped rapping and started stealing rappers money like every other exec.
      And taking his wife’s last name, just shows how fat of a pussy he truly is. Any man who takes his wife’s lastname unless he has a terrible last name should just off himself and not contaminate the remaining gene pool any further.

        1. Doesn’t matter how many hot albums you drop. A musician is basically a cog in a factory, making the cheapest of product. Just like any other business, the person who makes the product is paid the least. Think of a car factory. Your worker can make the best damn car, but he is only going to make so much. You want to make real money, you need to get into the management side. You can flip the best damn burger, but if you want to make money, you need to get in on the management side. When you employ 120 burger flippers across 12 restaurants, then you are making money. Even if you are the top paid chef making 500k a year, you still going to have to work to keep the lights on.

    5. Amen – you took the response right out my mouth.
      This clown-ass is as far from red pill as you can get.

    6. Wow, he took her name? That is a chump move.
      That said, I think it is important to separate his lyrics from his behaviour. I think while writing the earlier passages he did live that way (fucking bitches) but there are lot of guys who change once they “fall in love”. And Jay-Z was “crazy in love”. Clearly.
      The lyrics stand on their own but I think the point is Jay-Z obviously had no framework (such as the one we are developing here) to guide him beyond the immature phase (of fucking bitches). Look fucking hoes and not giving a fuck about them is quite easy. But maintaining your frame when it comes to a wife and kids (particularly a powerful woman like Beyonce) is a challenge.

      1. That’s true – my interest is in his lyrical persona rather than what he does in his private life.
        Still, like I said in the OP, who really knows the truth of his marriage to B? They’re a fabulously wealthy power couple and I bet he still gets loads of strange on the side. Sounds pretty good to me…

        1. Thanks for your answer. Did you see my comment on NWA? I’d love to know your thoughts on that, particular the song “I Ain’t the One” by Ice Cube. It pretty much sums up the frustrations of a lot of young men with respect to women.

        2. Yeah I like it – he nails the materialism at the root of so many relationships. And this was decades before the manosphere. Rappers definitely ahead of curve.

    7. You’re right on and you haven’t even begun to scrape at the iceberg. This rapper needs a boycott and be shamed.

    8. yeah in real life dude is prolly a huge vagina, but you cant take away from 2 things:
      1) his music from 96 to 2007 (reasonable doubt till american gangster)
      2) and his smarts. the man turned himself into a fuckin legendary brand, whether you agree with it or not. dude is recognizable everywhere you go in the world.
      those 2 things should be enough to inspire kids to get out and go do shit

    9. Jay Z is a phony.
      He’s smart and perceptive enough to notice the real alphas, but isn’t smart enough to walk the walk himself. Anybody who’s watched Beyonce boss him around the last few years knows that he’s slipped.
      He’s going to get dumped soon, and it will be his fault too that she gets bored by his blue pill self.
      See, while there is a blue pill fed to whites, there is another blue pill fed to blacks that Jay Z consumed.

    10. The problem with throwing around terms like ‘cultural Marxism’ is that, rather like when feminists accuse someone of misogyny – often equally unprovable – it tends to close down the debate.
      If Jay Z is a shill for studios run by cultural Marxists (and who of us can know that for certain) then how come they let lyrics such as the ones I quoted in the OP through – lyrics that undermine the feminine-primary cultural narrative the manosphere seeks to expose?
      You will probably argue that Jay Z simply represents a ‘distraction for the masses’. Perhaps. But my point is that he has smuggled subversion into the mainstream in his work.
      Remember – you could accuse any singer, actor, artist, filmmaker, writer etc of being a ‘distraction from the truth’. Does that mean that men’s sites shouldn’t discuss their work? Clearly, that would be ridiculous and as heinous as feminists trying to gag comedians and other entertainers for sexism.

      1. With respect Troy, I can sum it up best with the age old saying “by your works will you be judged.” In other words, talk is cheap, and it’s what you do that defines you. Jay Z can make all kinds of songs with supposedly red pill truths in them, that doesn’t mean he’s practicing what he’s preaching. You accused me earlier of attacking the man, not the lyrics, yet the title of your article was “Happy Birthday JAY Z, RED PILL RAPPER”, not “Jay Z’s LYRICS Are Truly Red Pill”. I read that as you saying that Jay Z himself is red pill due to his lyrical content, and to my mind the two are not mutually exclusive. The lyrics come from the mind of the man and are supposed to represent his innermost thoughts and feelings on particular subjects. If his lyrics don’t match his actions, then he’s a hypocrite and a liar.
        You mentioned that you’re relatively new to rap music, so let me say as a man who listened predominantly to some of the most “gangster” rap music for twenty years before my enlightenment (DMX, Notorious B.I.G., Tupac, Big Pun, NWA, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Wu-Tang, etc) that as far as I’m now concerned, it’s garbage music and ignorant propaganda designed to convince black kids that their only options in life are to be a drug dealer or an entertainer. Like Notorious B.I.G. said, “You’re either slinging crack rock, or you’ve got a wicked jump shot.”
        You said that I can’t prove that he’s an agent of Cultural Marxism. Well, one of the primary tenets of Communist ideological subversion and Cultural Marxism is the tactic of Demoralization. No one, and I mean no one, should be using the word nigger in any form, not ending with an “A” or a hard “R”, yet I lost count of how many times you quoted it in your article. It was a word used to subjugate and demoralize an entire race of people for over four hundred years, and black people now foolishly believe they’ve “reappropriated” the word and claimed it as a term of endearment. As a person of color, I can tell you that all they’ve claimed is their own demoralization as a people, and it saddens me to see them run like lemmings to their own destruction. That word has lost all power because of overuse in the black community and proliferation into the American mainstream vernacular, so now when it’s used in a truly heinous fashion in its original form as a racial epithet, no one cares except SJW’s.
        I have no issue with discussing truth in art, but frankly I can’t consider what Jay Z does art at all. Rather, I find his work to be the epitome of ignorance. You can tell red pill truths without resorting to buffoonery and making a clown of yourself. (As you mentioned, Sinatra springs to mind as the perfect example.) I will concede that to rap well takes talent, as obviously not everyone can do it, but what started as an art form dedicated to keeping the party going, having a good time and trying to get laid has now morphed into a destructive ode to violence, ignorance, and senseless death. I enjoy your articles brother, but on this one we can’t agree. Be well.

    11. I understand a lot of people don’t like rap music or Jay-z as an individual but to deny his accomplishments and nuggets of wisdom his music or raps is short sighted. How many people cant afford to pay rent yet use an Iphone 8s (sarcasm intended),almost all companies encourage materialism this is the capitalist way.

  8. Arguably, the most red pill hip-hop song known…
    Gotan Project feat. Al-Shid – M.A.T.H.

    “One thing you should know if you think about stackin’Putting your bitches before riches is considered subtraction
    Haven’t you heard about the principle
    Fuck a bitch, get a grip, stack your chips
    ? are reciprocal, nigga
    Fuck if she’s into you, she’s into your integers
    Trying to hold numbers, don’t trust her, nigga she’s tripping you
    You’d be a fool to commit to her, she marry your dough
    Cause when she’s splittin’ it’s division and she’ll carry the one”

  9. Jay-Z achieved his heightened level of fame through a combination of selling his soul to the music industry, race exploitation, and political pandering to the socialist/redistributionist nutjobs that have risen to power. He is showered with riches only so long as his ability to influence the masses lasts. He lives in a fantasy world where he ships his child’s mattress halfway across the country so that she won’t have to sleep on a strange hotel bed for one night. He’s party to a seemingly loveless, “Bill ‘n’ Hillary” type power-sharing marriage. He knows nothing about history, finance, economics, or science yet routinely spouts off drivel as if he’s an authority on these subjects and speaks for the nation. Does all this constitute a paragon of red pill thinking? He is an employee of the machine, a high-level drone and there is nothing red-pill about it. Article is trash. Grow up.

        1. Respectfully, what is your analysis based on? His lyrics and the public perception he has crafted for himself to sell garbage music to the garbage mainstream. Saying “bitches ain’t shit” sells records, so he says it. Saying he sold crack sells records, so he says it, despite Nas calling him out on it. He is not red pill, he is a puppet being used to distract the masses.

        2. Any form of entertainment distracts the masses to some degree, so that critique is not specific to Jay Z.
          My analysis is based on his dexterity with language which no-one (yet) has managed to challenge effectively in over 200 comments.

  10. Can I Get A (only Jay Z song on my playlist)
    Can I hit in the mornin’ without givin’ you half of my dough
    And even worse, if I was broke would you want me
    If I couldn’t get you finer things like all of them diamond rings
    Bitches kill for, would you still roll
    If we couldn’t see the sun risin’ off the shore of Thailand
    Would you ride then, if I wasn’t driving
    If I wasn’t a eight-figga nigga by the name of Jigga
    Would you come around me or would you clown me
    If I couldn’t flow futuristic, would ya
    Put your two lips on my wood and kiss it, could ya
    See yourself with a nigga working harder than nine to five
    Ten to six, two jobs to survive, or
    Do you need a baller so you can shop and tear the mall up
    Brag, tell your friends what I bought ya
    If you couldn’t see yourself with a nigga when his dough is low
    Baby girl, if this is so, yo
    Can I get a fuck you?

  11. Glancing over the comments, I’m repeatedly seeing the idea that Jay-Z can’t be considered red pill because he married a feminist and is a communist. You are mixing up the actual people behind Jay-Z and Beyonce with their brands/public personas.
    Look at their relationship. Jay-Z and Beyonce’s relationship is believed to have begun sometime in 2002, meaning that Jay-Z was most likely banging one of the world’s hottest women when he was 33 and she was 21. They then proceeded to have a private relationship which continues to this day, including a secret wedding in 2008 (meaning he put her through a seven-year proving period and didn’t allow Beyonce to make the wedding an excessively expensive or public affair.)
    Compare this to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. They began dating in 2012 when Kim was 32 (aka time to settle for a beta provider), had a child the next year (aka locking him in), and were married in 2014 in a highly public flaunt-fest at an estimated cost of $12,000,000. Kim, by the way, is a woman who became famous for a sex tape, has been married twice before and has previously divorced to high profit.
    Jay-Z and Beyonce are not foolish enough to show their real selves to the public. They use their public personas only to help their business. Beyonce only claims to be feminist because that allows feminists to watch her perform without feeling hypocritical. In the same way, Jay-Z claims to disown “Big Pimpin’” because that allows SJWs to think “Yeah, it’s lyrics are misogynist but that’s okay because he doesn’t believe those things anymore.” Even though he clearly doesn’t disown it since he continues to perform the song!
    Jay-Z and Beyonce have been referred to as the most powerful couple in the world and were the highest earning two years in a row (making $162 million in 2008 and $122 million in 2009). Their few political statements have kept them in good graces with the black community and they were friends with President Obama at the height of his popularity.
    Say what you will about Jay-Z’s public persona, but it doesn’t really matter. His red-pill relationship refutes it. His marriage was good business, and it’s clear that his house is run by his rules.

    1. until her sister beats him and she publically supports HER instead of her own husband. Otherwise, I get some of your points. They are essentially the OPPOSITE of what Marc Antony allowed J-Lo to do to him. She will be prancing around in leopard skins when she’s 55, like Cher.

      1. I remember seeing that and thinking, “Well, Jay Z, you are back up to 100 problems….”

    2. Yeah an attractive black girl from houston who lived on the road around a bunch of musicians travelling all over the world only had sex with one man. Were you born yesterday? Any man who did fuck her would be doing suicide by admitting that he did it because she would lie and deny it and he would be assumed to be lying for having a penis.
      She probably had more men go through her than the navy. As long as none are very famous it won’t get no traction and it would get swept under the rug. After all “a woman’s past shouldn’t matter right?”.
      At least Kanye married a richer woman. If they divorce he cannot lose a thing.

      1. “Any man who did fuck her would be doing suicide by admitting that he did it because she would lie and deny it and he would be assumed to be lying for having a penis.”
        Why do you think this would happen? If you had a friend who ran into Beyonce at the bar or traveled with her as a musician for a few weeks, wouldn’t you at least give him the benefit of the doubt if he claimed he slept with her?
        You can be sure he’d have sexual texts on his phone, probably a few phone calls with her in his call history, and maybe even a few sexy snaps or at least a photo of them out alone together. These things would back up his claim, and the media would absolutely love to spill the dirt on it. It would be the feminist reporter’s chance to bring Beyonce down to her level.
        “She probably had more men go through her than the navy. As long as none are very famous it won’t get no traction and it would get swept under the rug.”
        That’s a pretty big if! Beyonce has dated some famous men besides Jay-Z, any of which could be asked about it in an interview. The closest thing we’ve had to this is her first boyfriend (named Lyndell) saying “No comment.” when asked if his relationship with her was sexual.
        My guess is that means he got to third base, but who knows? It may just mean he feels like that’s a private aspect of their relationship.

        1. The fact is that all of this conjecture is worthless anyway, because none of us knows the truth.
          That’s reason I steered clear of discussing Jay’s personal life in the OP.
          Beyonce? Solange? I’m rather surprised that so many commentators on a men’s website have descended to the sort of female gossip better suited to Gawker or Mail Online.

        2. Eminem is famous, claims he ran through Mariah, remember what happened to him. And Eminem is rich and famous. She denied it, then he produced the nudes. Women lie like no other on this. They don’t care, they can pretend you never existed once they are done with you. Back then, beyonce is like 30 something, cell phones, and cell phone cameras were rare. They were still mostly for calling and had really bad visuals. And people didn’t sext back then. Most people never had cell phones unless it was for work, because they were still pretty clunky back then.
          Beyonce is a liar, anyone who believes her is even stupider. Girls have most of their sex from their teen years until their 20s.

        3. Your example intending to prove that a famous woman could get away with lying about this (Mariah Carey denying she slept with Eminem) ended with Eminem producing proof.
          You then went on to claim Beyonce could get away with it because “back then, beyonce is like 30 something, cell phones, and cell phone cameras were rare.” To use your own example against you again, I just have to mention that Mariah Carey is in her mid-forties and was caught for her lie.
          Do you see that both of your points are disproven by the very evidence that you presented to prove them?

        4. Untrue. Had eminem not had the photos he’d still be thought of as liar. Mariah was just unlucky enough that Em had a camera and took pictures. Most guys just don’t do this, it isn’t a normal practice. No, I don’t see how they disprove each other, they are different cases.

    3. You’ve made some good points that made me reconsider my views – only a little, mind you, but here’s what made you lose all credibility in my eyes :
      “Even if this is not true, her number of partners must be very low if she feels safe enough to make that claim, and it shows that she understands the value of female virginity”
      Someone who says garbage like this can’t make statements about whose red pill or not because it shows you lack even a basic understanding of women – they lie; she could have fucked over 1000 men and still say the same thing.
      All Jay-Z’s fame and riches aside it doesn’t change the fact that he’s been placed on an elevated platform by selling garbage to a lost generation of idol-worshipers (not in the biblical sense) for a taste of what they think is true success in the form of catchy lyrics.
      You should try again.

      1. ” she could have fucked over 1000 men and still say the same thing.” That’s true, but couldn’t any of those thousand speak up about it if she did? She’s not some college freshman whispering in your ear at the bar!
        You’re forgetting how famous she is and that she said this in public. She’s dated famous men who could easily be asked about it in an interview. If she had a one-night stand or relationship with a lower profile man, you can bet he’s told dozens of his buddies about it by now.
        But let’s say not a single one of those guys speaks up. Why would she even risk the possibility of that happening? It would be a pretty embarrassing and totally unnecessary fiasco for her to make this claim if even one guy said differently…

    4. Good post. We’re really not sure how that marriage is actually run. It was good business, and any claims of him being worth “half a bill” is in large part to his wife. Beyonce was a big time catch at that time.
      Kanye might as well be a female.

  12. Right … and it’s of course never mentioned that Jay Z has flaunted anti-white behavior in public and on records. He doesn’t like you, white boy.
    Retarded white red pillers, keep white knighting for people who hate you! Can’t wait until you need to call the police to stop the very sort of mentality Jay Z encourages ….
    Ganster hood white boys be like … why am I being robbed and stabbed?

  13. Rap music is a pile of crap. Its all part of the matrix of cultural marxism and neoliberalism
    If you are a White man, then listen to music which is inspired by the deeds of your forefathers. Not dull rhythmic americanized piccaniny chanting and posing.
    Hip hop culture is part of the larger trend of cultural and racial degeneracy. Stay away from it like the plague.

    1. There are many forms of Hip Hop music that’s like me looking at hardcore and metal and say things like they are degenerates with no talent and simply Scream throughout their entire albums and like to mosh and beat themselves up for fun. I’ve seen my friends come back with broken noses and say things like “I had a blast man” I grew up with Latino music dancing with women and hip hop reggae dancing and getting it on with fine ladies. But I don’t judge what music they listen to, I even went to a mosh once just to have fun with my friends.

        1. Yeah everyone has different tastes you are right…I really enjoy music and like to share it with people. I personally rarely listen to the radio to be honest.

        1. Nothing against you just making a point to the guy above me…don’t worry i’m not into Metal anyway.

    2. My grandfathers, both of whom are white, and both of whom are incredibly accomplished in their own rights, one through privileged means and one who grew up in a rural town during the depression, both have a penchant for the spoken word as well as poetry and classical music. I used to receive presents with written poetry from one every Christmas and from the other I have very early memories from my infancy sitting on my grandfathers lap whilst he wistfully made up rhyming songs a la freestyle if you will. Simply put all else equal since when did blacks have a monopoly on spoken word lyricism or otherwise? Is eminem not one of the highest grossing rappers ever? Was Shakespeare not a wordsmith some 400 years ago? This idea that white people can’t listen to rap simply because our forefathers enjoyed classical music is analogous to saying black people can’t play basketball because it was invented by a white professor at McGill university. It’s stupid.

      1. Well good for you. I am sure your grandfathers were excellent role models.
        But the fact is that rap music is not some subgenre of high poetry. But at best an equivalent of trash literature. It is even on a far lower level than so called “poetry slam” improvisation. It is commercialized low IQ negroid chanting. Mass produced for the white and miscegenated goy, by the jewish moneymasters in the media industry.
        Eminem is a wigger. A wanna be ghetto white nigger, Who idolizes a racially foreign culture. He is really beta at the core, since he seeks validation from his black idols. He is actually far worse than the retarded white beta ballgame fans. Those types who cheer on their favorite black hunks week after week.
        Comparing this degenerate to Shakespeare is nothing short of blasphemy. I am not saying that white people should not listen to rap music because their forefathers listened to other types of music.
        I am implying that rap music is trash culture. And stands for the opposite of a “Return of Kings” mentality. Stay away from that shit!

        1. If being “beta” and “seeking validation” results in my net worth being over $100,000,000 then where do I sign up?

        2. Well its all fine if you dont have a problem selling out of your moral character and personal integrity.
          Eminem might be a multimillion dollar rapper, but he is still a beta wigger with a big bank account.
          But even worse is the fact that there are countless numbers of suckers who buy his “music”. And who idolize him and his lifestyle, thinking he must be an alpha hero since he makes loads of cash and is hip among his black overlords.
          It apparently is all about the bling-bling.

  14. Rap was pretty good back in the day-late 80s to mid late 90s. Heres an example (and all the best stuff was east coast)

    1. If I was king of earth, I would make it illegal for anyone over the age of 30 to purchase rap music. They would get carded by the cashier- “Im sorry sir, you are too old to purchase this, the adult contemporary section is over there, right next to jazz.”

    2. Slick Rick put out one of the lost red pill albums ever in the form of The Great Adventures of Slick Rick. It needs to be on everyone’s play list.

  15. As I am no stranger to rap music I will make an affirmation without keeping an opened mind concerning this rapper, as he is not new to the game and knows exactly what he is doing and how it affects the world.
    From the Pantheon of true rappers, this individual is on my top 10 most despised rappers of all time. From his position towards society in general he deserves to enter oblivion starting from right now. He has lost his chance of being worthy to be aired on radio and listened to by any living thing.
    He represents everything wrong with our society and is a living statement of why ROK was created in the first place.
    The author shared his taste in rap music and we appreciate the courage writers have to express their thoughts, but I feel compelled to enlist the rappers that truly watch what they say and mean it:
    1. 2pac
    2. 2pac
    3. Eazy-E
    4. Ice Cube
    5. Ice T
    6. Method Man
    7. Beastie Boys
    And I believe that sums it up.
    Do you want your quality music to be a detriment for society ? Then congradulations you are part of the problem.
    There are many rappers in the world that actually keep it real and teach you to get the fuck up and go to work many Romanian, French, Italian, German rappers that really do cut the mustard wisdom-wise and society wise but are not uplifted by the elites as their agenda is not to educate you but to enslave you by feeding you the exact shit that you now have in your heads when you to your job.
    Regards to all,
    PEACE !

        1. And The Roots. Thats the only rap I would ever listen to at this point. Blaque Thought is bad

        2. I still respect the Wu Tang guys. Those guys created a damn empire (by working harder and being better and more original).

        3. and do shady things on the side. you forgot that 😉 fbihad a docket on them as thick as a phone book.

      1. Id rather discuss the content. This is pretty much how inner cities all over the country are these days.
        People pissed off, no jobs, no future… there was an article on Drudge “Children in Nigeria have better lives than children in inner city Baltimore”
        Its bad out there.

  16. Like a great man once said;
    He’s a corporate shrill, just another whore in the capitalist gang bang, everything he says is suspect.

      1. His lyrics are pretty gold a few good rhymes mixed with some struggle type ideology. Can’t say the guy pouring his sole out though. I only have the black album though and your probably better versed on him than me.

    But looks like feminism has done it again in Hollywood. Has anyone seen the recent trailer for Terminator 5: Kyle Reese is the beta simp and Sarah Connor is the tough alpha female.
    Fucking disgusting.

    1. Arnold passed up a life time of banging starlets for a less desirable wife. Maybe he wanted to have children, or go mainstream into politics, or had his reasons. But then he knocked up the ugly house maid and even bought her a house, so that’s really hard to respect in the red pill category.

    2. Absolute garbage. That dopey broad is literally 5 feet tall and weighs about 100 lbs soaking wet so the idea of her being some badass commando is laughable. I can’t stand her on Game of Thrones either. It’s a shame to see a paradigm of masculinity like Arnold be involved with something so blatantly feminist.

      1. Arnold, along with Sylvester Stallone, helped pioneer the masculine image of real men.
        Now with the role reversal bullshit. Fucking hell.
        I can’t believe they pulled this shit with this iconic franchise.

        1. I’m not even going to click that trailer…you want to know why? Simple, A. I just fucking sick of this stupid shit and B. why should I…I know exactly what its going to be and you guys already said it.
          But here is the thing. Its 2014, the first Terminator came out in 1984. We’re onto #5 now…how many times can they re-slice this story? But, wait a second, its not just Terminator…most movies today are remakes of old ones…why do we keep seeing these remakes? Why? Here’s why…because the mainstream media has no originality anymore. Even if it were to be feminized Terminator 1 would never be made in 2014 because we don’t have the same culture. We have a suffocating revisionist politically correct culture that has put so many restrictions on what is permissible that its killing the only thing art is good for, which is new original stuff. T 5 or T 25…who cares, just like the rest of the shit out of hollywood its seeing less and less viewers. Fuck em, they’re doing it to themselves.
          I’ve said it before, we’re very close to a new paradigm in media and very soon I think some ambitious young artists/producers in a garage or local playhouse will look at old Arnold movies and produce one just like that but completely original…distributed via the web.

        2. And this whole women being bad ass is so over the top and just fucking silly and immature. First off, a feminist will look at men behaving this way and call it immature or something but then champions this behavior in women? And they say they can be anything they want to be? So, if you women are sooo superior as you say because you’re not prone to violence then why are you choosing to portray yourselves as violent warriors? I guess it comes down to their ego’s…like that’s something new. Of course all this baloney must mean that its good for women to be physically tough, but if that is true and we’re all “equal” then being physically tough in general must be good…so, why can’t men be portrayed, celebrated and encouraged, as they always have been, for their physically toughness?
          It just falls apart as in it so contra reality…I suppose that is the worst thing about this, women are not as physically tough as men, period. 100 lbs 5 foot woman is not a very difficult opponent and she could be a black belt…simple physics are just too compelling…unlike men, technique isn’t relevant, men just need to connect and its over…look at the ray rice vid below, perfect example.
          One last thought, its pathetic to see how these images transcend into the culture and inter-personal interaction…some women many presume their actually like this, which only confirms their detachment from reality, lack of intelligence and attachment to pop culture…all of which show us that the subject is anything but tough and is in fact weak and pathetic.

  18. He gets his money for nothing and his chicks for free. He does it by knowing his audience niche very very well and giving them what they want to hear. But that doesn’t mean that’s the only audience to sell to.

    1. He made half a bill – that’s a pretty massive audience. He ‘made it’ because he’s an artist whose work has resonated with a very wide public

      1. How do you know how much he’s really worth? There’s a lot of hype in show biz you know. But even if he’s worth $50mm that’s still impressive.

  19. What’s with the “n*gga” shit? The man wrote it, the man sang it, why does it need to be censored?

  20. Being from Gotham City I always loved music from various areas. I grew up loving Latino music some of the best being Merengue, Bachata love music, and I also loved Salsa music from the 70’s era as it has a lot of great lessons to be learned. I also am a big fun of Reggae music. Classic Rock, Jazz, The Blues, and FUNK. I also was a big consumer of Hip Hop music. Hip Hop is the music of the inner city and it spread around the world from its very humble beginnings. Hip Hop was a fringe outsider culture for a long time before it became mainstream, the elders from my own community many of them did not like it however I grew to love the genre. I love wordplay and lyricism which are the most important part of an M.C. in places like New York. Sometimes people love Rap music thats meant to be played in the Club for dancing.
    You also should understand there are more forms of Hip Hop that are not all about getting girls, jewelry and expensive cars the thing is that Hip Hop has been commercialized. It’s great that Black White Asian Arab kids listen to it, but there are many times of Hip Hop meant to educate and speak on Social Ills, just as Rock n Roll (which has its basis in black music) has many different splits like Hard Rock cool rock classic Rock Heavy Metal etc…Hip Hop has Southern, Texas, New York, and West Coast sounds etc.

  21. I’m a big fan of “Golden Era” Hip Hop from the 90’s especially from New York New Jersey area. My 10 favorite are:
    10. Eminem 9. Jadakiss 8. R.A. The Rugged Man 7. Immortal Technique 6. Kool G Rap 5. Tupac 4. Notorious B.I.G. 3. Big L 2. Big Punisher
    1. Nasir Jones NAS

    1. the only worthwhile rap is from the northeast (same goes for stand up comics).
      I blame the miserable weather 😉

      1. I think so but that’s my opinion, there are some good artists in other places as well. My preference is Northeast.

      1. I don’t think he’s overrated I think his lyrical skill is great from the school of Kool G Rap also first Solo Latino Platinum Rapper…he just died early. By the way his next Album is coming out later this month before the year is over.

  22. On a realistic note men like Jay-Z are just as blue pill as the dime a dozen dudes you run into on a daily. The only thing that somewhat makes them red pill is money & status. That being said, how many million and billionaires do we see wife an average bitch and then get taken to the cleaners, or say or do some fruity shit.

    1. I loved Suicide!! “You’ve seen him, you know how strong he is?!” “You can’t Win!!”

  23. This is Rap music that doesn’t get radio play its underground and talks about American Government Foreign Policy and Domestic Policy…

  24. Listen Troy, the opinion of intelligent men is far from divided on the subject of rap. I never needed rap to get laid or have fun, and I knew people on the south side who have been gunned down mistakenly (or was it?) by the fucking niggers who listen to this shit, and the mangina white fucks who want to emulate them.
    In my five years studying engineering, not one of my colleagues casually listened to rap when studying, or working out, only some of the more beta-delta nerdy types did it when at a party where the social scene was playing it in the background. Not ONE of my fellow students (in a place where the only kind of advanced education is necessary) listened to rap. We worked on advanced optical fibers and temperature sensors, do you think anyone who listens to rap even knows how technology operates other than how to work their speakers in the back of their car with the fart-muffler on it? Milking money is only because there are so many dumb shits who listen to this because it gives them some kind of identity in lack of a society that doesn’t give them a chance for a purpose doing anything meaningful.
    I don’t care about the advice it shews on women, as a rational man I knew from the beginning that trying to understand a woman is like trying to read a sign in a foreign language backwards.
    Listen ROK readers, you’re mostly alpha-men, or aware men in the least. Rap, like Samson says, is mostly a product of the marxists who want to run us all further into the ground with rampant crime, consumerism, miscegenation, and harlotry. I say let everyone who listens to rap succumb to their cultural implosion, let them all die in a worthless world. I know I’m going to outlast them, you all can too.
    Here’s my request that you all try. Disassociate yourselves from rap-music and anything considered ‘ghetto,’ whether it be ebonics, shitty food, general malaise and lethargy, and acting without thinking. I’ve read your work Troy, and your 7 laws book and it is quite ingenious, but I am surprised that someone who like you who I thought was very smart takes rap to be so seriously a lesson-giver.
    Raise the bar gents, don’t lower it anymore than it already has been.

    1. Very well stated. Rap is part of the overall agenda to mongrelize America and it’s working brilliantly. The only sort of creature which can inhabit the cultural toxicity of American culture is a mulatto.
      White culture and music is too boring and beta. Enough of Strauss and Wagner, we want Jay Z and Rihanna.

      1. The first rap song, by an Okie Jesus freak of Scottish Descent:

        The rap song that introduced rap to NYC, by a Jewish kid from Duluth:

        On the other hand, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.

        1. Indeed there is, and that’s obviously the way the wind is blowing. Nonetheless, rap is of Middle American origin, derived from square dance calling, so I don’t have to listen to that crap to enjoy a bit of rap.
          Here’s some genuine NYC rap:

        2. That sounds like one of Bob Dylan’s earlier dreams. I posted his 115th dream above, good stuff but with a different backing.
          For an example of good black rap, check out the gil-scott heron vids I have at the top. That’s what modern rap and hip hop should aspire to be.

    2. Rap is a product of Marxist, negative. Might as well say music in general is Marxist /s. It’s fine if you don’t like it and yes, plenty of rap is shitty. But damn, you guys are taking it to the extreme.

    3. I like Hip Hop but I don’t like what’s played on the radio…Hip Hop originated in the inner city music and I have some friends who studied Computer Science, Engineering, and are now trying to unlock a cure for Cancer that listen to Hip Hop music, Rock music was influenced heavily by Black music also and many people enjoy Rock and its various forms. It can be generational as well older folks also might not like Hip Hop, the music might be abrasive but not all of it. I actually have learned some things from Hip Hop music (Educational Hip Hop that is and not the mainstream stuff). You can go further in their analysis and say video games or Movies causes criminality…how about the screaming Hardcore music where people actually bash themselves to have fun? I mean I’m not judging here lol

      1. Rap sucks, period. It is not poetry, it’s jive-talking. No book can change that reality otherwise.
        Third Eye, I’m not making a stereotype. Rap is clearly a marker that we are at one of the lowest points of human history, regardless of the medical or technological advancements. Racial backgrounds don’t matter, for both whites and blacks are guilty of giving in to this stupidity.
        If you listen to rap (*enjoy* listening to it), you are limiting yourself. Everyone is under the same umbrella if they listen to rap. I’ve called out friends and acquaintances on it numerous times, and hard-pressed them to give me a reason why they listen to it, and after some heated banters, they cave in to me, only to find out that they really don’t enjoy listening to rap, it’s just a ‘social’ thing honestly, that they want to be accepted by the general stupidity that permeates our malignant social infrastructure.

        1. Led Zepplin was jive-talking too. Actually rock n roll and pop is all mostly jive-talking. The fucking Bee Gees, the whitest damn group ever formed, sung Jive Talkin! Unless you are jamming folk, punk, or metal all you are getting is jive talking.

        2. But your contention that ‘intelligent men’ don’t like rap is false, nevertheless.
          Why are you so passionate about it anyway? If a man with a PhD in English Lit from Harvard gets rap and you don’t, so what? Don’t sweat it, dude.

        3. The problem with what you are asking is that anyone can turn the question on you and do what you’re doing: looking for a response that only YOU will accept.
          People will enjoy music for many reasons amd i seriously doubt anyone will ‘cave in’ except to get someone off their backs. If my brother were to pull that on me for liking System of the Down, anyone would be a fool to think i will cave in for not giving an answer he is looking for. It’s my fucking business.

    4. You do know that people that enjoy Hip Hop can be upwardly mobile, belong to different racial backgrounds, and be just as hardworking as you. They can also speak very eloquently. I don’t go around grouping all country music lovers as Republican Bible carrying, Gun loving Rednecks with two first names who screw their sisters do I? lol
      Hey I don’t like people that bring down their own communities no matter who they are but don’t mass everyone under one umbrella.

    5. Yeah b/c engineers like you are so red pill and progressive. What a joke. You sound like the blue pill nerd you are. Living in some “red pill” doomsday fantasy where you “outlast” some one. Get real. I listen to real hip hop and am in Finance. Fuck if I need to know about your tech, i will hire one of you blue pill engineers to get it straightened out for me. Now that’s some red pill for your ass. It really insults your little nerd sensibilities that some “nigger” can make more than your “intelligent” limp noodle ass will in 1000 lifetimes. Do yourself a favor, stop living in a fantasy world- and tell your bitch to come here.

      1. Obviously banking scum like yourself need to learn how to respect others opinions, because you obviously don’t. Calling someone out on shit that has no meaning. Maybe you should go back to your parents house where proper manners may or may not have been taught. Oh and have them get you some milk, cookies, and naptime too. Ass clown!

    6. What’s funny is i know an engineer who rolls around in a bently who looks like a rapper and also raps. What’s even funnier is that you probably won’t tell your friends what you REALLY listen to, and visa versa, just like you probably won’t tell them about ROK.

    7. Generalizing all rap as ghetto, and having a poor message is not accurate. Lil Wayne is not the ambassador of rap. There are tons of good artists who aren’t as mainstream.
      Hopsin is a good example. In the song Ill mind 5 he talks about various issues like the ‘black gangsta’ attitude plaguing the community and the mainstream brainwash of artists like lil wayne.
      In the song he also talks about women thinking they deserve the nice guy when they act like sluts and spend their time in the club dressed in exposing clothes and having sex with random guys.
      Hopsin is pretty Redpill.

  25. Wow I thought this site was already going downhill, look at it now?
    You want red pill hip hop, listen to DMX and not this bitch who gets slapped around by his wife’s ghetto sister. Let us also not forget punk ass Jay’s wife is a self proclaimed feminist.
    Fuckin’ cracker ass mental midget wrote this shit trying to appeal to blacks.

      1. It’s considerably easier to write lyrics when you’re not writing them to any kind of melody.

  26. I fall more under the NAS fanbase. Being from Gotham City I always loved music from various areas. I grew up loving Latino music some of the best being Merengue, Bachata love music, and I also loved Salsa music from the 70’s era as it has a lot of great lessons to be learned. I also am a big fun of Reggae music. Classic Rock, Jazz, The Blues, and FUNK. I also was a big consumer of Hip Hop music. Hip Hop is the music of the Inner City and it spread around the world from its very humble beginnings. Hip Hop was a fringe outsider culture for a long time before it became mainstream, the elders from my own community many of them did not like it however I grew to love the genre. I love wordplay and lyricism which are the most important part of an M.C. in places like New York. Sometimes people love Rap music that’s meant to be played in the Club for dancing.
    You also should understand there are forms of Hip Hop that are not all about getting girls, jewelry, and expensive cars. The thing is that Hip Hop has been commercialized. It’s great that Black, White, Asian,, Arab etc kids listen to it, but there are many types of Hip Hop meant to educate and speak on Social ills, just as Rock n Roll (which has its basis in black music) has many different forms like Hard Rock, cool rock, Classic Rock, Heavy Metal etc…Hip Hop has Southern, Texas, New York, and West Coast sounds and worldwide sounds etc.
    Hip Hop can be educational, can be violent or flashy but I use it for educational and entertainment value….just as I do watching violent movies or playing violent video games…those mediums don’t “inspire” me to cause damage to society, it boils down to parenting not the entertainment media.

    1. That’d be the best thing to happen to him. She is definitely out-earning him, and she’s over the hill anyway.

  27. 1) If a white girl knows the name of a rapper, chances are that rapper is shit.
    2) The music to rap is shallow and caveman-level
    3) Even the good rap songs have a strong “black good white bad” message to them
    4) Troy, study music theory, listen to jazz, classical, and metal (the real stuff, not scene shit) exclusively for a year and tell me if you still find rap music so glorious.
    5) Probably 90% of other RoK readers and I don’t give a shit about some dumbass crapper’s birthday. If you really feel a need to idolize a musician, try Niccolo Paganini, who was a true musical genius, a womanizer, and alpha male.

  28. Jay Z blue pill beta
    “I’ll be forever macking”
    Marries an over the hill beyonce whose sister beats him up in an elevator, real ALPHA. Real Macking. Cheats on his wife. Best just leave your wife than to stick it out. Jay Z is a fake and a phony. And this is just one line..
    “Don’t get mad at me
    I don’t love ‘em I fuck ‘em
    I don’t chase ‘em I duck ‘em
    I replace ‘em with another one”
    Does he tell that to beyonce? Did he duck her or marry her? Did he replace her with another when her sister beat his ass up?
    Jay Z is a phony. People shouldn’t listen to rap, it is a genre full of phonies talking about things they don’t do, money they don’t have and pretend to be something they aren’t. It is like a movie except where the actors keep acting even when they are off the set and stay in character. It is pretty silly.

  29. “Males shouldnt be jealous that’s a female trait. What you mad cause you push dimes and he sell weight?” – Heart Of The City

  30. This guys lyrics are the most foul excrement of a diseased mind. I think it’s all an act anyway, like all of these “thugs” who fool their lemming fans into believing their shit.

  31. Rock solid post, Troy. Listening to tracks like this through the red pill sound system makes you really understand and appreciate the message. “If you got girl problems I feel bad for you son….”

  32. On a personal level, his lyrics resonate to me, but his lifestyle and personal life don’t.

  33. I am here to testify to the good work of Dr. Olokum. 4 years ago, my husband left home, he never returned, no phone calls, no letters, no emails, no sign of him anywhere. My daughter got sick with multiple sclerosis, things were so hard for me. I had lost hope, 2 years ago, I met a psychic told me it would help me, , I lost hope. completely, my daughters situation worsened day.last each month, I saw an ad on the good.works all professionals, I gave them a try? I ordered three spells (Bring Lover. back Healing spell and Career spells). Within weeks, my husband called me and told me it was. sorry and wants to get back to me and that he would explain everything when I get back, three days later, I got a new job with a company of loans and finance, at this time, the condition of my daughter ?? s is.getting better every day and I hope it would be fine in a matter of days.I want to thank, [email protected] for their efforts and for bringing my life back to normal and so close.

  34. Great article Troy. I am no fan of Jay-Z (Wu-Tang and Public Enemy more my scene) but this is an excellent analysis of the Red Pill nature not just of Jay-Z but the vast majority of pre-2000 rap music. These themes were standard for rappers and I have tried to encourage men to listen to the early rap music to hear the masculine approach and message.
    That said, I am not sure that Jay-Z came up in a less censorious age necessarily. Have a look into the history of rap in the late 80s and the massive battles fought by rappers such as 2Live Crew (HEY! I WANT SOME POOOOOSSSSSEEEEY!), NWA, Ice T, Public Enemy and Ice Cube. These groups had whole albums banned and constant pressure from Tipper Gore and the FBI. Check out Ice T on Oprah (still available on YouTube). Jay-Z benefited from those battles but not only that, to be honest, Big Pimpin is actually quite tame compared to some of the stuff coming out 10 years earlier.

  35. Nothing “red pull” about thisguy. I’m in my 30s and have been following him and others for a long long time. This guy has turned on child hood friends, stabbed a man over pussy (charlie baltimore), marrys a bitch who ‘threatened’ him to marry her via hit song (LOL), kicked out the 2 business men who made his label what it is today cause he lacked any real hits until the industry looked his way and basically promoted anyone close to biggie, bit a dead rapper for ages, gets punked in any beef he starts except for r.kelly, lets bitches jump him due to having beta frame control, and a few more i can think of when im fully awake.
    Jay-Z is often idolized by our younger generation and i ask them to stop and understand why the older generation brushes him off (do understand there are those that will uphold him because he is from their borough in NYC).

  36. Calling this garbage music is a joke. Calling any of these no talent monkeys an artist is an even bigger joke.

  37. So this is the same author that had an article about how to cheat on your girlfriend and said Russell Brand was a hardcore alpha male (lol), and when people in the comments didn’t agree he responded “but he has got a higher notch count than you !!11one1!!!”.
    And now some gangster rapper is apparently someone we should look up to?
    Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought this website was about restoring conservative and masculine values, NOT promoting cultural marxism.
    Besides that, I start to get tired of seeing another self proclaimed anonymous master PUA selling ebooks and bragging about his game.
    I call fraud.

  38. I’m revolted beyond words. It leaves me speechless with rage. Red pill? Are you fucking kidding me? Jay Z and his genre are just another symptom of a decaying dying society. Just as bad if not worse than the feminism that you are supposedly railing against. Just cuz he uses big words like bitches and hoes. Pathetic drivel for pathetic losers.

    1. You may be speechless with rage, but unless you can tell us why you don’t consider the lyrics I analyse to be red pill, or to quote some others to reveal that Jay Z is a beta schlub then you add nothing of value to the conversation.

      1. Jay Z sold one of the most destructive drugs [crack] to his own people. Then in the same vein, has the nerve to say Black Lives Matter. What a fucking bum.

  39. Jay Z is a clown and made a few hits back in the 90’s but most of his songs are pretty lousy. If you snatch that wig and makeup off his wife Beyonce she would look like a skinned-back-mongoose!

  40. Jay-Z is far from red-pill. He got physically attacked by Beyonce’s sister and didn’t even do anything about it. He’s just like any other fedoratheist.

    1. John Lennon and Bob Marley both called out the “controllers”
      Real guts. Not surface bs posers this culture worships.
      Federal reserve notes pursued like doggy biscuits and sticking your Johnson in anything that moves is the measure of a man in todays culture.

  41. A black dude gettin shown love on rok?? A rapper at that, I know cats wont like that.

  42. Perhaps he is red pill, but his dealings with the illuminati, promoting the feminine takeover makes me think otherwise.

  43. He is a social engineer sell out for the central bankers.
    Western Civilization has really fallen when this guy is held in acclaim….

  44. Part of the degradation of our culture has been the wanton and willing embracing of men by “rap stars”, “athletes”, and “celebrities”. He isn’t red pill, he’s just another thug made famous by some music mogul lining his own pockets while destroying society by pushing this sort of filth into the minds of children. Here’s some red pill truth… Michael Brown would still be alive if he didn’t spend his time trying to emulate these rappers and engaging in “youth” culture, and we all know what youth is a code word for in the media.

  45. Lotta jealousy and butthurt in these comments. Its a damn shame, jealousy is a beta trait and it will rot your bones gentlemen.

  46. Red pill rapper? Get the fuck outta here. This guy has illuminerty fists so far up his ass they brush his teeth for him.
    He’s a talentless fool pushing forth an agenda of degeneracy. One can hardly call it music.
    He’s a part of the blue pill system. The sooner people understand that mainstream anything is lies and dogshit, the better.

  47. Jay-Z used to put out some decent songs back in the 90’s, now most of what he does is pure garbage and if you snatch that wig and make-up off Beyonce, she would look like a skin-backed mongoose.

  48. Juicy J is more red pill than Jay Z
    And these hoes is crazy
    Still suck the dick after I played ’em
    And they know, I fuck ’em and leave ’em
    And when I’m in public, act like I don’t see ’em
    And they still love me, when I don’t feed ’em
    These bitches is greedy, give up the fettuccini
    Who I be? Juicy J
    One bitch won’t do, shit I gotta fuck two a day
    Thought she was my bitch, she was your bitch
    Her bitch/his bitch, a for-sure bitch
    You caught feelings, now you wanna kill her
    Don’t get upset dog, that’s just the real her
    These bitches love giving head, love spending bread
    Selling pussy on the low, what you said?
    Take a look at her bank account, shawty ain’t got a dime
    She only get out of bed so she can twerk on Vine
    Trying to cuff her like she’s something, homeboy you must be joking
    She not worth it, she been up and down the block
    Lil shawty ain’t a wifey? Now that’s what’cha call a THOT
    But them niggas be thirsty, they be gassin you up
    All them real niggas lookin at you, laughin it up
    I hope you wrapping it up, give that pussy a break
    All them niggas you fuckin, you never been on a date?
    Baby you know who you are, it’s written all over your face
    Go take a look in the mirror, point your finger and say
    This is for the THOTS
    Thirsty ass hoes on me
    These hoes, they for EVERYBODY
    Pass them all around, they at EVERY PARTY
    They ain’t gon’ be loyal, not for ANYBODY
    But still I love these hoes

  49. Trick Daddy is more red pill than Jay Z
    I figure you’s a ho but you can’t help it
    Cause being raised by a ho is kinda hectic
    Number two ya been gold diggin for them tender dicks
    A real nigga never give you shit, bitch
    You wants no respect, you gets no respect
    And all ya want is my hardcore sex
    One, two, three, yes you know
    Four, five, six, seven niggas in ya ho
    Nigga after nigga runnin up in ya
    I figure you’s a ho but you can’t help it
    Cause you don’t know it
    I figure you’s a ho but you can’t help it
    Cause you don’t know it

    You can’t trust a bitch with a big butt
    You get the guts and tell a ho to keep in touch

  50. I’d agree with the writer of this article if the guy hadn’t married Beyonce. Fuck Beyonce? Sure. Marry a feminist icon? BETA

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