Why Do White Girls Cut Themselves?

First, I’d like to explain the provocative headline to this article. Self-mutilation is a white girl problem that is encouraged by feminism, yet another example of how feminism is overall harmful to humanity. How is it encouraged by feminism, you ask? Because feminists deny gender differences.

According to Dr. Leonard Sax in his column “Sax on Sex” which runs in Psychology Today, the gender differences between male and female self-harm are minimized by the APA and many studies of self-injury. Dr. Drew Pinsky, when interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about cutting, alluded the same, adding the aphorism, “Boys act out, girls act in.” Leaving the absolute validity of Pinsky’s statement aside for a moment, let’s at least admit that there are significant qualitative and quantitative differences between male and female self-injury, even if it hurts feminist feelings. Some cutting is associated with legitimate trauma, and some is definitely not, as I will try to prove.

My Qualifications


I have experience with several cutters, as most men who regularly have lady-friends do. One case: we were teenagers, in a long-term relationship throughout high school. She liked to cut herself and play with the blood while writing bad poetry and drawing looney pictures. I didn’t like the cutting at all, and I ordered her to stop. Most of the time, withdrawing my attention and affection worked in preventing the cutting. She would call in the morning and confess her late night urges to cut, and her late night recollection of my orders not to cut, and proudly tell me that she refrained.

Later, another long-term relationship featured a girl who was destroying herself with drugs, and physically endangering herself within drug culture. I again ordered her to stop, threatening to withdraw my affections and relations. This again worked for the most part, except for a few slip-ups over the years. I am tempted to lump these two girls’ psychologies together for reasons that you will understand as I share my experiences and thoughts.

I have read the professional opinions on cutting, and I find them helpful, but often lacking. These professionals have not had to deal with cutters like I have. They did not get to know every single intimate hidden detail about these girls, like I did. Professionals have not had the kind of access I had to cutters, where I peered into their souls and was actually able to help her all on my own, without so much as a high school diploma. I also know how much girls lie on surveys of any kind, no matter how secret or helpful their comments supposedly are.

So why do girls cut? Here are some of my theories.

Trauma Vs Faking Trauma

Let me start out by reiterating my lack of qualifications to discuss cutting universally (from a medical standpoint). Many professionals point to trauma as a major association with self-mutilation. When it comes to this aspect, I am not qualified. The girls I have experience with did not suffer any trauma. They were typical suburbanite coddled white girls with fathers and mothers who did not seem to have any abusive capacities. On another note, I also know that it is a well documented fact that people fake symptoms of PTSD and other mental illnesses. This is known as “malingering” and can be researched further on your own. These two aspects of cutting are not my focus or concern here.

Attention And Boredom

My first impulse is to pin cutting on boredom and attention seeking. Yes, I know girls usually cut in secret, and I know that they hide it under their clothes. This does not mean they aren’t doing it for attention, because perhaps they do not want the attention of everyone. They want delayed gratification of their desire for attention. Perhaps they just want attention from a certain person, even if she is unsure of exactly who it is that she’s seeking in her life. Once upon a time, I believe I was that person a cutter was seeking, and I was able to get her to stop cutting. What was I to her? I was a dark, illiberal, dominant male, who occasionally got into trouble, and always took her on wild adventures. Although going to Marilyn Manson concerts gave her the urge to cut again, she didn’t. Manson and his followers are often cutters, which leads me to my next theory:



Do some girls cut because it is fashionable? My experience in subculture, again first-hand, leads me to conclude that many self-destructive “goth” or “emo” behaviors are nothing more than extra “guyliner,” a passing fad or a signaling of in-group orientation. Indeed, most cutters stop once they become adults, which is typically about the same time they stop wearing chain wallets and black nail polish. It is also tempting to point out that young white girls are the prodigal materialistic consumers, but their consumerism (although perhaps not their funding) is arguably exceeded by blacks, and blacks don’t cut, so to speak. So consumerism is very arguable as a cause for much cutting.

Suffering Is Important and Good


I mentioned that girls may be seeking something that they modernly do not know exists. Do girls need suffering? Are children too coddled and protected? Many countries in Europe have outright banned spankings. Do girls in Europe cut more than girls in the U.S.? I don’t know. But I do know that suffering is important, and often good. And I think most people unknowingly or secretly agree.

In the intro I mentioned the girl who was destroying herself with drugs and drug culture. It turned out that one day she realized she liked to be spanked. Although I had previously given her a few swats, she suddenly wanted me to try spanking her without any associated eroticism, as a means of punishment for disobeying me. I told her that a good hard spanking was always on the table even before she brought it up, but that I am generally against spanking adults as a form of discipline. Was I wrong?

I have recently read some material about domestic discipline (i.e., spanking your wife). Apparently, as little as 100 years ago spanking your spouse was publicly discussed, normal and accepted. By Christians, even. Perhaps girls really just need a good spanking sometimes from a man they respect and love?

I have also seen children act up in order to get attention, accepting even a spanking and the subsequent lectures as acceptable forms of attention, leaving their rooms after a spanking with a joy and peace that seems to be the opposite response to a spanking. In fact, they often appear happier and less cranky after their spankings from a good parent.

Trauma Or Pastime?

I recently considered some females in the context of a young man seeking an eventual religious marriage. Here is a video I found while considering his playing field, which spurred this article about cutting, because during the video I was easily able to identify the Christian rockers as mentally unstable cutters, without ever having seen or heard of them before, without them even mentioning cutting yet. All I had to do was look at how they presented themselves, listen to what they said, and think about what stereotypes were most probable. I believe these girls fit into the categories I’ve discussed today: nothing traumatic happened to them but they cut nonetheless to fill a mysterious void within them.

I hope I’ve helped with my brutal honesty, unlike feminists who encourage cutting with their dangerous delusions about sex and gender, which harm everyone medically, economically, spiritually, and physically. If you have a cutter in your life, the first thing to do is realize that they are cutting. The latest cutter I caught tried to tell her parents it happened in the blackberry bushes. I told her dad, “Nuh-uh. She’s cutting.” Turned out I was right. She is supposedly doing better. I will have to check with him to see what they did to help her.

My experience has led me to believe that being a dominant, masculine, illiberal, aloof asshole-who-cares has some merit when it comes to helping girls avoid self-destruction. When it comes to a father dealing with a daughter who is cutting, I don’t know. Perhaps it would be best to seek medical attention, and an experienced male spiritual counsellor, simultaneously. In my experience and in reading through the history books as well as reading peer-reviewed studies of the matter, the professional psychiatry community harms more people than the spiritual community. Just look up “religion is healthy” and you’ll see the evidence you need to save your daughters from the postmodern malaise ruining Western civilization.

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173 thoughts on “Why Do White Girls Cut Themselves?”

  1. The article is correct. I come from Bulgaria originally and before I moved to the UK I hadn’t heard about such problem. But since now people in Eastern Europe have adopted the western way of life, the girls over there will start cutting themselves too. If they haven’t already.

    1. Eating disorders have also begun to appear in China, where they were unheard of prior to Cosmo and other Western media started appearing on their shelves. The Chineese government is very strict on what is allowed in imported movie content.

      1. Eating “disorders” and cutting are effete derangements of affluence.
        Umfufu in the Congo is not cutting herself. Instead, she’s worried about collecting enough clean drinking water that her kids don’t die of bilharziasis.

        1. While reading this article, I was wondering if the reasons for females ‘cutting’ themselves was also associated with the (typically) female affliction of having an ‘eating disorder’. (Wondering because my youngest brother’s wife was definitely anorexic and possibly bulemic as well.)
          It’s interesting to consider the coincidence these problems were relatively unknown in the culture until after the rise of ‘second-wave feminism’ to government support and social prominence in the 1970’s.

        2. Yes spot on. When the pressure and challenges from the environment disappear it seems humans tend to go batshit crazy.

      2. “The Chineese government is very strict on what is allowed in imported movie content.”
        When some of their most popular “domestic” content involves young Chinese women in high-heels crushing kittens and rabbits – I find that sentence slightly amusing.

  2. There is no social or behavioral problem that can’t be solved through a strong male figure.
    Cutters, without fault, lack such a figure.

    1. I agree with you. I think it’s lack of purpose and lack of a strong male figure in their lives. The modern life is rather empty and dull if you think about it. No family to take care of, chores are very simple these days compared to Grandma’s day, school is boring (especially if you’re a woman’s studies major), and if they don’t play sports, what do they do with themselves? They get attention from the cutting and other bad behaviors, and this is easier than actually picking a vocation or developing a real talent.

      1. I know, and unlike in Grandma’s day, stupid bitches can press charges on a violent husband, have their own bank account, and actually get post-graduate degrees!
        Feminist bitches ruin everything. Remember when a chivalrous gentleman could beat his wife, walk away from his traditional family unit, then start over in the next town with no repercussions.
        Dull family life indeed. Life is better in super manly countries like Bangladesh, where life is so much better.

        1. The fact is that feminists just want to be treated equally. Those “raging feminists” aren’t feminists at all, they are sexist. Please learn the difference.

        2. I’m guessing this is sarcastic, because that’s how I read it. If it is, thank god there are educated reasonable people on this site.

    2. Oh, yes. Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, the Congo are flourishing because all of the wonderful, strong male figures in that society. Not a problem in sight.
      Thank goodness for winners like you to point out such wonderful truths. Where would the world be if wonderful males didn’t do such a great job?

    3. Yet, my dad and mum have never been better parents. Me, as an x-cutter, can clearly tell you that this website is bullshit and so is your life so get out of the basement and get one. Fuck you all

      1. Were they nurturing or disciplining? If they were not disciplining you, they failed.

  3. i generally find that if you take out your cock and lovingly slap the girl across the face with it, it works wonders.

    1. Try it on your mother.
      Then punch her for bringing trash like you into this world. She should be ashamed of herself for producing you.

  4. I’m going to go with attention whoring. Yes, they don’t do it and show the world, rather, they show the one or two people whom they know will tell everybody else. Then, they get to play the poor, misunderstood tragic figure to the delight of everybody, all while everybody pretends that they do not know. It’s like garnering social status through stealth sympathy.
    My daughter knows a girl who cuts and she thinks that this broad is an absolute drama queen attention whore (not her words of course). The girl naturally is from a split family aka – daddy removed from the picture except as a paycheque, she’s pretty as far as it goes, and she craves constant attention and drama, even if it’s bad.

  5. If you encounter a ‘cutter’ your best bet would be to avoid her, it just doesn’t seem worth the hassle.
    There are many more level headed fish in the sea, and they don’t cut themselves for attention.

    1. spot on. you’re job is to never be a grown adult’s therapist if you want them as a partner. run and run quick from these types the only they’ll do is bring unnecessary drama into your world and it could be expensive and potentially dangerous to you

  6. Spanking turns most girls on (but especially white women – not only from the Anglosphere. European – especially FSU girls).
    Most white girls like their asses to be kneaded, massaged, bitten, and spanked hard.
    Once knew a Russian girl (165cms, 55 kg, slim body, long legs, small mango shaped breats, pale white skin and rosy pale bubble butt – with a pink anus – for her slim frame.) Boy did she love anal – and even more did she love spanking while getting it done to her! Just a touch on her ass and she went into horny mode. But with more experiences from other girls from the FSU, they more or less similarly preferred ass play to breast stimulation.
    Experiences with Asian women were different – they preferred more breast stimulation as compared to white women. Possibly because they tend to have flatter asses.
    Latinas, Middle Eastern (Israel/Levant girls) and North African girls were the most balanced (preferred both ass play as well as boob play).
    Spanking I presume is thus banned in Europe – because it immediately triggers sexual arousal in most white women – and has sexual connotations to it.

    1. That actually makes sense. Spanking children would seem as perverse or twisted if they have it related to sex in their minds deep enough.

    2. I remember in Calvin and Hobbes where Calvin mentions getting spanked, and Susie claims girls don’t get spanked because they “have more delicate fannies”. I suspect it’s actually because boys experience spanking solely as punishment without any sexual connotation, but girls may feel it as a molestation.

      1. It has been noted that the fatty breasts on a woman’s chest emulate a woman’s butt, which would explain their evolution in a primate which has also evolved to engage in sex face to face.

        1. Yes. Haven’t reread that one since ’69. I think I’ll have to stick it in the queue somewhere.

    3. What is FSU? Isn’t that the school famous for whores trolling men’s sites looking for their true love?

      1. Former Soviet Union (Russia and Ukraine, mainly).
        I’ve heard that Florida State is a notorious party school, though.

    4. Stop watching that gay porn and then having fantasies about anal. No normal female likes that only the dirty diseased degenerate pigs. Go find yourself a dirty pig pyjama boy. And stop pontificating and making generalisations because it’s apparent that you’re a virgin and are just day dreaming about these things.

  7. It means she’s coco for cocoa puffs in one way or another. no need to even discuss it. run fast from these chicks. don’t have them as friends or whatever. they are the queens of the drama queens and may have some twisted abuse in their background. remember boys, you’re job is not to be her therapist at any time.

    1. Very true. I reframe it as “would you want your son involved with this dummy?” In my head, the scream of “oh, hell no!” is pretty loud. Nothing, but nothing, can come out of a relationship with someone so defective, except for perspective on the matter, a la the author’s… but personally, I’m glad to read his opinion, and very, very glad I didn’t have to experience what he did to form it.

  8. I’ve only known one male cutter. He was mid twenties with developmental delays. As a child he had been brutally sexually assaulted repeatedly for years by one of his mother’s boyfriends, and mom did not believe or help him when told.
    Cutting seems to be related to stress. It seems to be some maladaptive stress release.
    It makes sense that women would cut more often than men from this perspective because they have a lower stress threshold.
    As for why its a “white people thing”. I’m not really sure. Whites do tend to be more introspective than say blacks. Also, the whole media-indoctrinated white guilt thing can’t be helping, but who knows.

    1. Also, I just want to say that it assuredly has a lot to do with this modern era/culture of plenty. Idle hands are the devil’s workshop/playground/whatever. These women have no spark in their lives. Nothing to do. The cutting gives them a narrative of struggle and victimhood. It gives them purpose which they previously lacked.

      1. I girl I knew told me that she learned to play piano because she grew up in a small, rural town where there was nothing to do.
        What she meant was that there were no nightclubs to hang out in.
        It never occurred to her that learning to play the piano is, ya know, something to do, despite the fact that she had, ya know, done it.

      2. no man it means she’s fucking crazy in the head. no sane person cuts themselves when bored. run like hell from these women.

    2. I wonder if there is any correlation with high T in girls and cutting or substance abuse?

  9. Every girl I have been with, slut or girlfriend, who had previous issues with substance abuse and/or cutting loved rough dominant sex.

    1. This website is a gift to humanity. Male thought is completely uncensored here, and the truth shall set you free. This is how science is supposed to be, unfettered, unmoderated, an in your face unflinching attack. Science was once masculine. Now it is subserviant to feminist and socialist gatekeepers who do little more than adjudicate crimethink. There was a study published at a major university linking birth control with increased chocolate consumption. The author was fired and the entire jornal was vaporized by the ministry of truth.

      1. yeah it’s little wonder that theoretical physics hasn’t moved in 100+ years…… if Einstein were alive today they’d black ball him…… you’re not allowed to contradict the established theories, but at the same time, they haven’t got the right answers either…. which means at least a part of Relativity or String Theory or Quantum Mechanics is fucking WRONG bro… WRONG!

        1. Even Einstein admitted his bias though, what he called a “fudge” factor, the cosmological constant; which if admitted earlier would have sooner dissolved the most popular cosmology at the time: steady state theory.

        2. Right…even at the end of his life wasn’t he fighting against quantum theory as being valid, even though it seemed apparent that he understood enough of it to know it had merit? Sometimes you just have to admit you were wrong about everything to take the next step forward. That’s red pill shit right there.

        3. ? This is just not true. Science works the same as it always has – by scientists unrestrainedly attacking each other’s ideas. The good ideas survive.
          Anti-vaxxing, forteana, and magnet-powered perpetual motion machines don’t.
          (ps: google amplituhedron, if you are interested in theoretical physics. It’s doing just fine.)

  10. Why do girls cut themselves?
    For the exactly the same reason they do everything else.
    —->> ATTENTION.
    A scar on her arm (or wrist) will leave a mark she can create drama and cry “victim” about for many years – even though she did it to herself. If you thought bulimia was pointless and stupid, you better come up with some more derogatory words for this “cutting”.
    Each year, women do immeasurable damage to their credit to soothe their aching self-esteems. Apparently, they also slice themselves up. Gross. “Cutting” is defined as self-inflicted scratches or cuts — enough to break the skin, done to assuage intense psychological distress or cope with upsetting and overwhelming emotions.
    “Cutting” is no different than anything else women do when they’re emotionally overwhelmed or distressed. I once saw a woman kick the side of her car because she couldn’t figure out how to open the trunk. Is that called “toe stubbing”? Are there any signs I need to watch out for, like a refusal to wear fucking sandals?
    Another time, I heard a woman complaining about men while she was eating. Here’s a tip, honey. Put down the fork and men will be nicer to you. Teenage girls do anything and everything because they think it’s cool. That’s why they act so stupid all the time; because they think it’s “cool”. No human being — not even a woman, could be as dumb as a teenage girl acts.
    Men attack a problem like we are going to KILL IT — and EAT it.
    A woman attacks a problem by slicing “F” for failure into her own arm.
    And speaking of solving problems, this is how to solve “cutting”… don’t pay any attention to it. That’s doing her the favor an make her look for another way to get attention.

    1. I’m guessing you don’t have a brain, what with all these fucking bullshit you said.
      You pretend to know so much but you’re just another ignorant bastard.
      So I guess you’ve never lost your temper before, or punched a wall before out of anger. It’s the same context, asshole
      Stop beimg a goddamn fucking sexist. So the guys can do if but the girls can’t?
      The reason why the world is so fucked up now is because of people like you, people who pretend to be smart when they’re just arrogant, ignorant, blistering humans that put down everyone else and jump to conclusions.
      Go fuck yourself.

  11. The girls need to be pregnant, carry the infant to term and give birth and do it a couple of more times so they’ll be busy with things to do. They’ll complain and whine about that but the majority of them aren’t actually capable of anything else and even females who are busy and doing what suits them complain constantly anyhow. Reproduction is useful.

  12. Girls who cut themselves are usually awesome in bed. They always like it rough, they are not strangers to exploring their bodies, and often will enjoy any excuse to show their scars. A number of these girls even deliberately ascribe to the “slut” lifestyle, chalking it up to being on the of “dark and shameful” ways they cope with their deep seeded mental issues. They are damaged goods and by design, are total freaks in the sack. I have been with 2 girls in my life who cut themselves. One was a highschool love with (super exaggerated) daddy issues and a (likely fabricated) sexual abuse story that was a total nympho.The other was a stripper who was sexy as hell, and a totally kinky nymphomaniac freak.
    If you are looking for a good lay, cutters are a safe bet. This is in the same vein as http://www.returnofkings.com/21313/5-reasons-to-date-a-girl-with-an-eating-disorder
    Hell, look at the girl in the cover photo. Looks like she has a tight body, and totally doesn’t mind pulling her pants down to show the entire internet her damage she has done to herself. DTF

    1. The only girl how not only let me fuck her in the ass but also seemed to enjoy it was a cutter.
      I’d fuck the cutter and the chick with green hair.

  13. All women have an insatiable appetite for drama. There’s definitely a correlation with cutting being more prevalent with white girls who live in a comfortable suburb.
    Sisters from the hood don’t have a reputation for cutting because they have plenty of outlets to satisfy their cravings for drama: single mother households, more access to dominant aggressive males, poverty, and a lack of public safety.
    There’s one last practical concern as to why blacks don’t cut, which white girls don’t have to worry about; access to healthcare. For white girls, life has been too good to them. Lack of conflict makes them go crazy.

    1. as any good slave master would say…….. you can’t see the cuts on black skin… so there’s not much point in black girls cutting themselves….

  14. Yeah, you clearly have no idea what the fuck you are talking about other than your personal experiences. What’s next, you explain cancer to us because you knew two people with cancer? Just one point of many that can be made about your idiotic ramblings – you can’t tell whether someone suffered trauma or not by knowing their parents casually. There are all kinds of traumas that can mess kids up that have nothing to do with their parents – ooops, kind of a big fuckup on your part yes, characterizing trauma as only abuse, and then only coming from parents? Babysitters, teachers, siblings – many other sources of abuse to be found. As well, trauma can occur due to a house fire or car accident, so yeah, again, just shut the fuck up.
    As you say, any pussyhound knows cutters and I’m no exception. I’ve had a male friend who cut himself too – a very close one. It’s about self-loathing, anger, and desperation at least, but you don’t mention any of these things. Stop writing articles about things you are clueless about, yes? Just a thought…

    1. “Just a thought…”
      . . . that you can accomplish the same emotional release, physical pain and even self injury with a heavy bag, a batting cage or 440 intervals.
      So there is something more to cutting.

      1. There may be something to what you say. But invariably, the vast majority of cutters are people with serious psychological problems that need help. It’s not something spoiled white girls do to get attention – sorry, that’s absurd. It’s a behavior on a spectrum of NSSI’s and is a step on the continuum of becoming suicidal. Cutters are much more likely to attempt suicide or have already attempted it.
        But hey, just forget all that. Let’s talk about it here, among us fucking amateurs, and conclude it’s just nonsense from spoiled white girls and that we can “cure it” with our masculine dominance. Is this supposedly what being an Alpha is all about? Shooting one’s mouth off about nonsense? Talking complete crap? And then having minions here fluff the author for it? Nah, i think not.

    2. From the article.,,
      “Many professionals point to trauma as a major association with self-mutilation. When it comes to this aspect, I am not qualified”

    3. Girls who cut themselves very often confess that there was no trauma. They say they’re not sure why they do it. They spend years trying to figure out why they did it. They write poems and songs and still can’t quite pinpoint it.
      So my 2 cases of girls healed is mere anecdote, but your buddy is not anecdote? You’re such a special snowflake.
      Although I related only 2 cases where I was able help heal a girl, I’ve been very close to other cutters who I was unable to help, perhaps because I did not have sexual interests in them. One was raised to be a slut in her parents home, and besides that there was no trauma.
      Besides, pointing to trauma in a girl’s past as a cause for cutting, then saying that trauma can be nearly anything, undermines your point and reinforces mine: they’re traumatized by not having enough attention or did not have a chance to suffer well from their minor traumas in life, because they’re coddled and never told to “quit crying and cowgirl up.

      1. This is a great article… i threatened to spank my daughter, all in good humor and even caught her a stinger a couple of times, all in good humor, but she knows well and good that she needs to behave and what happens if she doesn’t…. whats more i believe that in time science will discover that the sting of a spanking, provided it’s not done with an angry or psycho attitude, literally rewires neural pathways in the brain and programs the brain to behave.
        Of course if this is done by an abusive parent or even in a wrong frame of mind it can cause the child psychological harm, but by and large children wire their physical neural networks, by falling over and hurting themselves…. and their social / psyhcological networks need to be wired by parents that are prepared to make their ass sting from time to time….
        wives definitely respond to this as well, and of course good humor works best….. but even in the case of domestic violence you have to wonder whether the girl is goading the guy to help reprogram her bad behavior…. if the guy’s drunk or over reacts that is his mistake…. but spanking definitely works….
        my theory is that the lack of spanking is partly responsible for all the ADHD in school kids… babies are naturally fidgety and all over the place and without the neural networks being ‘calibrated’ by the odd spanking… it’s not surprising the kid is jittery…. perhaps in 50 years kids will wear a collar or wrist band or belt, that gives them a quick electrical shock to adjust their behavior….
        we’re all just animals in the end…

        1. Back when psychology was actually *scientific* and dominated by the Behaviorists, it was well known that neural pathways were rewiried by such and such stimuli, also known as Conditioning. Now that psych is dominated by Humanist and Materialist theory it has no capacity to tackle most problems in life. All it can do is help people “self-actualize” or medicate them into oblivion.
          I have been considering an article on psych, since almost everything we do in the west has been harmed by it.

        2. Any kind of physical punishment towards children results in them being more violent to peers, siblings and others. It’s not a contestable question anymore.Check it http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/241298.php
          I wonder, do you boys here just want to move to an island and set up your own reality? One that proceeds without regard to what is known about humans already? It sure seems like it…

        3. So a poorly executed literature review in a third-rate medical journal makes corporal punishment verboten, definitively unquestionably ineffective, for all time. Thanks, genius.

        4. ^ ikr
          (that’s how the kids say “I know, right?”, which probably needs to be explained to at least someone out there)

        5. Glenn, I literally train my children to be violent. On purpose. It is a family activity, in fact. Here’s the trick: you must teach them to use violence for good, not evil. So shove off, sissy. When your kids are paying the jizzya, maybe mine will liberate them. No need to thank me.

      2. Boys aren’t being taught about acceptable masculine behavior. I’d have a real hard time believing that a boy who cuts himself has a healthy relationship with his father. We tend to suicide a lot more than women, especially in the teen years- remember that 80% of suicides are males. There’s just too much stacked against the idea of legitimizing male cutting. I’m emphatically NOT saying it doesn’t happen. There’s a reason, however, why only women get diagnosed with Munchausen-by-proxy, and the author hit the nail squarely on the head- malingering, attention-whoring, whatever you want to call it. It’s not a masculine behavior- it’s an exclusion behavior that would have left the cutting male teen to be culled prior to the era of the web.
        Personally, I’m grateful for cutters- it’s a great alternative to tattooing “keep out of gene pool” across their foreheads. I’d be deeply, deeply worried if my kid ever got involved with a girl like that.

        1. 4-5x as many white men kill themselves than females. But the rate of suicide increases with age. Teenagers are the lowest but since you don’t really die much from any other cause at that age things like accidents and suicides may be the primary cause of death.

      3. No, dingus, I’m not presenting a hypothesis – you are. All I have to do is point out the weakness in your evidence, not make a complete counter-argument. And now you claim to have “healed” two girls? I’m stunned that you think your dominance has magical healing powers. What, is your cum a healing elixir too? Does it make a women’s skin glow?
        Just how much of an ignorant, arrogant punk do you want to reveal yourself to be today?
        Your last point about trauma is just nonsense. You have no idea whether those two girls suffered from trauma – you haven’t the expertise to distinguish and observe trauma markers. You are a just a loudmouth PUA, probably started out very Beta, who’s so entranced with his ability to be dominant that you think your dominance is more important than it is.
        Cutting may result from different causes, but it’s always the same setup. Self-loathing, desperation, rage, crippling anxiety – all usually come from some family of origin issues. It may not be “abuse” or trauma – psychology is complicated. That’s why you don’t read articles like yours being written by people who actually study this shit. You know less than nothing about trauma, abuse, family system psychology and self-harm.

        1. Oh, calm down. We get it–you were abused and now have anger issues. And yet, your reaction is a bit womanly for this site. Name-calling? Stahp it.
          You have valid points in your criticism. I had a few of the same thoughts, but I chose to look for the strengths in the article, not the weaknesses, and I appreciated the article overall. I imagine that if you presented your argument more logically (something you present yourself as capable of), you would get nothing but constructive feedback. Also–and I didn’t look into your history or anything because I don’t really care–are you a woman? Because my initial feeling is that you might be, just from what I’ve seen posted. If you’re not, you might consider revising your argumentative style.

    4. Way too new agey and full of anger.
      Desperation and abuse and actual horror and murder happened during the 1940’s, yet I don’t recall there being cutters then. As I recall reading, people sacked up and faced reality and dealt with it, even the women folk.
      It’s bored suburban girls who have nothing to worry about in life, making a victim out of themselves and blaming a host of ills defined for them by the bogus psychiatric industry, and nothing more.

      1. “Yet I don’t recall them being cutters then” – how old are you? And what does your personal experience have to do with anything? Mental health has advanced significantly since then and many disorders and psychiatric diseases have been diagnosed and treated. If there were cutters, why would there be stats on them? We don’t have stats on eating disorders or PTSD or bipolar II – we weren’t aware of them as distinct phenomena.
        Cutting is merely one form of self-harm. The cutters I’ve known (the women) were very disturbed, unhappy people. To me, their cutting seemed to be a desperate exercise and an exhibitionistic act of self hate. It’s hard to know someone like that. Two of them also had substance abuse problems and a couple were also bulimic. But to know them was to know someone who smashed themselves in the face every day in many ways. It’s very tough to watch.
        It’s certainly nothing to be glib about in the way this author has done. Cutters are really suffering. The right thing to do is get them to some professional help. Don’t let it be okay, call them on it and insist they seek help. Fyi, you will never get to the “bottom of it” with your self-destructive friend, but also know that while she’s in her spiral of self-destruction you are a mere ornament that can be cast aside the moment you become inconvenient. Keep your distance from such women as they can become intoxicatingly dependent and submissive – and submission is how women get men to open their mouths so the bit can be slipped in. They gain by exercising our most powerful urges and egoic indulgence – what a system, yeah? Cutters cannot get that far inside of you – they will wreck you. But the sex is fucking great…

        1. “To me, their cutting seemed to be a desperate exercise and an exhibitionistic act of self hate.”
          So, what you’re saying is… they’re attention whores. Sad, nutty, self-hating attention whores.
          “It’s certainly nothing to be glib about in the way this author has done.”
          Why not? Because it upsets you? Oh no!
          “…call them on it and insist they seek help.”
          Yeah, not my problem. Eating disorders, in particular, have a built in positive feedback loop. An “afflicted” woman may ultimately sterilize herself through malnutrition, removing her defective genes, and fucked up spawn, from the population. What’s the problem?

        2. And cutting, despite not being similarly self-limiting, leaves indelible physical evidence of severe pathology.
          This is a good thing.
          With outreach, we can encourage young men to identify and avoid cutters like the plague. Compared to sniffing out BPD it’s child’s play. Think of the lives we can improve!

        3. Wow, what a pile of malevolent pseudo-intellectual horseshit. Don’t wrap your hatred of women up in fancy ideas – it just makes you look absurd. Why anyone would have anything other than empathy for a cutter is quite telling, or does that evade you? The entire tone of this article is masochistic Your psychopathic tendencies are showing in your silly but emphatic fluffing for it.
          Fyi, the “exhibitionist” aspect of cutting is actually for personal consumption. Cutters feel only relief when they cut, and then deep shame afterward and go to great lengths to hide their cutting wounds. They feel great shame when their cutting is discovered – but in your rush to grasp on to any single word to validate your rage infected point of view, you just grab on exhibitionist in the popular sense, missing the crucial and subtle distinction that makes all the difference here.
          What does that really tell us? You – and the author – don’t know the first fucking thing about cutting. You’re just venting your pathetic rage at a target you think is acceptable – which makes you quite loathsome. Keep it up, let more people know what an imbecilic cur you are – the world is waiting on your every bilious emanation.

        4. Who said anything about hate? Sure you’re not projecting a bit, Sigmund?
          When a man becomes a derelict through addiction he usually dies in a gutter or, if he’s fortunate, anonymously in some cold, dingy emergency room.
          There is little “empathy” available for him.
          If we notice, we mutter soothing platitudes to each other then go about our lives as usual. There is an unspoken understanding, however sad, that the man was the agent of his own demise and got what he deserved.
          When a disturbed woman acts out in a similarly “exhibitionistic” manner, we bend over backwards to excuse her self-destruction and deny her agency in her own fall. There is a mad scramble to label her personal moral failings as a “disease” or “disorder” to be treated. Like a Polio victim, she bears no responsibility for her sorry condition. After all, there’s no possible way she could have chosen to put down the knife!
          Then come the endless exhortations to “do something!” to “raise awareness!”; to very publicly and expensively bail her out. To make her problems every one else’s.
          Furthermore, we encourage these blighted individuals to reproduce, thereby propagating their failed genes and amplifying any deleterious environmental factors in subsequent generations.
          This is highly dysgenic and literally breeds misery. This is what you excuse. This is what you support. Who is the hater in this scenario?

      2. >>It’s bored suburban girls who have nothing to worry about in life, making a victim out of themselves and blaming a host of ills defined for them by the bogus psychiatric industry, and nothing more.
        Yes very correct assessment. Humans have a need to struggle and suffer even if subconsciously so. Subjecting yourself to a self induced (but safe) suffering or danger adds excitement to an otherwise boring humdrum life of an American middle class white girl from “da burbs”. Think of why women love sad sappy movies that make them cry? Why do men love experiences of simulated danger like rollercoasters, or simulated combat like paintball? I think it largely caters to the same human need. When you take out all of the danger, suffering and the like from the life of a human he begins to look for it even crave it subconsciously. Seem like the nervous system needs a balance of both pleasure and pain. Obviously not all cases of cutting are the product of the suburban ennui, some are genuine cries for help or a sign of an early abuse. Still the majority of the cases stem from the simple need to feel pain and see yourself bleed as an antidote to the surety of life in a modern industrialized society like the US.

    5. If these clueless pyjama boys stopped writing about what they don’t know there would be no articles written here lol This boy’s qualification is that he has a bicycle with a motor on it.And stop talking about White women because you don’t know any. I’ve never known of an upper class White female who cut herself. If this cutting happens at all it’s with the fuglier lower orders who hate their ugly bodies because no good looking woman will intentionally mess up her looks.
      You also don’t cure any REAL addiction by spanking someone. What you millennial and Gen Y pussies call “addiction” would be laughed at by a Boomer.
      I wouldn’t listen to anything these jew doctors like Drew Pinsky who spend all of their time on TV as showmen and make more money than being a regular doctor. If I did as badly as he does “curing” addicts I’d lose my license and would be getting sued by the addict’s family all the time.

      1. You are, of course, 100% correct. In fact, if EVERYONE wrote only about what they know, nothing would be written–anywhere. To claim to have true ‘knowledge’ of anything is a ridiculously heavy philosophical burden. I find it more useful to explore ideas and create techniques than to claim to know something. And yes, addiction these days is for pussies. That’s not to say that people don’t slowly kill themselves on hard drugs like meth, or hell, even alcohol. But that’s because people don’t have any direction in life, that’s my opinion. In any case, let’s try to reduce the level of name-calling. If we could do that, that’d be great.

        1. It is exactly as you said. If people were looking for truth instead of the feeling that validation from others brings to your ego then this articule would be used as a springboard for intelligent discussion and maybe a layman’s guide to cutters and how to manage them might appear. Instead, we have a digital doctor and an intellectual enabler saying we need to be patient with people. To me, as an outsider looking in, psychology is current at the phases that alchemy was at in the medieval times. They treats symptons as if they were cancer. Self-loathing, rage, anxiety, etc all sound like natural reactions to stimuli. While it is understood that positive reinforcement produces results faster then harsh judgement, that does not negate what that harsh judgement can accomplish when you MIX it with positive reinforcement, especially when it come from someone who (a) will not fold and coddle you when you fail and (b) is not being fiscally compensated for any sorta of temporal “friendship.” Don’t be so quick to judge the method because of the disgust you have for the people who are discribing it.

  15. another reason why ethnic kids dont cut themselves but white kids do cuz their parents would beat em for it…white parents coddle n spoil em for it…o poor u.shit like dat.

  16. you messed up on the title… it should have been “how to date girls that cut themselves” or “why girls that cut themselves enjoy S&M Sex”… then you could have gone viral….

    1. Alas, I am not a nihilist anymore. Sometimes I actually miss it. Plus, Roosh changed the title to what it is now, as he’s done with all my articles so far, except Female Agency.

      1. “Nihilist” are better then “last men” who believe in “progress” and “equality” at the expense of life. But even better than nihilist are (true) Christians who have died and been “born again”. They may seem like “monsters” to everyone else, and perhaps awhile to their old dying selves. But they are gods insofar as they live in relation to God. A god-man – the ideal of Jesus, living in God’s image in the garden eating all (except of course from the tree of knowledge of good and evil).

  17. The modern day version of the nuns who used to kneel on ball bearings or the Medieval religious fanatics who would walk around whipping themselves. Some people like pain, drama, and all the rest of it.

    1. I think a lot of these shebeasts writing this insane article and that insane article about how the world should morally behave according to their feminine minds has a direct correlation to becoming a nun going out of fashion when religion took a nose dive.
      These ugly women that couldn’t handle their low value were supposed to go be nuns and lock themselves up in a convent somewhere where they could do no harm. Now they have no constructive outlet and so they write about how the whole world should change for them and for some reason some people actually listen to their own detriment.

  18. a submissive denied damages herself in order to prove that she is still ‘real’ without a dominant. Cutters do not understand that they are looking for a master.

  19. Attention seeking, nothing more. If most women had more hobbies, productive jobs, sports, tasks etc.. to do, rather than spending 24 hours a day on social media, watching mindless television and talking too much, there would be no time to cut and whine constantly. Problem solved.

    1. Spend 5 mins around the average woman and you’ll quickly figure out none of them have any interest in being productive. The female definition of “productivity” is entirely different from our definition of productivity, which is the normalized definition.

  20. Victim mentality. It seems like everybody has a reason to play the “poor me” victim these days, and if they don’t, they create it with bullshit like this. Meh, first world problem. If a bitch is silly enough to injure herself for fun, that’s her problem and I don’t give a shit. Even if it were one of my daughters, I’d just raise my glass, take a sip of red, and say, “What the fuck’s wrong with you, are you fucking retarded?!”

    1. That’s what’s missing from todays homes. No more stern fathers, and if the fathers are present they seem to be these hipster-esque betas, with the baby strap carrier etc. A dad can’t warn his daughter about being a whore anymore, instead he must say “be careful honey with whom you choose to express your sexuality with,” and other PC bullshit. If I had a daughter, she’d be at an all-girls school or a nunnery.

    2. “Become a whore? You fucking retard.”
      Whores can make good money. Unlike wives, girlfriends, and babymommas, whores demand a lump payment for their services upfront. Granted, there is limited upside with this method, but no one’s stopping her from investing her earnings.
      It’s better than becoming a slut, unless said slut hits the monied sucker chilimony jackpot.

  21. Good article, however it didnt really tie together the feminism relevance, altho it tried to. Why does feminism cause cutting? It seems more like women are just insane attention whores and that is why they cut.
    Also, I used to think spanking worked because I was spanked more than my sister, and she seems to fight our parents more than I do and get into problems at home (she has never been in crime or drugs). But the more I think about it the more muddled it gets. And I definitely did not enjoy spanking at all, so to even suggest that is twisted. For years, I would keep my rear end away from my dad to protect it from that terrifying assault and loss of control. With women, who knows. They love what they hate and hate what they love.

    1. When a man losses control while instructing his child, he is not teaching, he is more likely harming. A drill instructor does not lose control, but he certainly breaks his recruits, shatters them. Then he always builds them back up afterward. Spanking and beating are two different things. A child should not fear a spanking, but agree that he deserves it and take it well.

  22. There is a type of cutting that is very commonplace among women, and often looks stupid. However, it is socially acceptable as long as you rub ink in the wounds after, or do it surgically. I would love to see more inspection of the relation between cutting, drugs, alcohol, and tattoos.

  23. I doubt that cutting is about attention-whoring.
    I personally think that people cut because they are in severe emotional distress. By cutting, they are able to “flood out” the mental pain with physical pain, and take control of their feelings.
    It sounds dumb that completely normal people, growing up in normal families, would have such psychological problems, but this is exactly what is happening. Maybe the modern American way of life is not quite right.

  24. Of course, the female religious obsessives in the Catholic tradition who cut themselves called their wounds “stigmata,” and their religious culture accepted it as “miraculous” behavior.

  25. Did Ayn Rand cut herself? I have to wonder after reading the passage in The Fountainhead where Dominique Francon apparently goes into sexual ecstasy by cutting herself with the shards of glass from the apartment building her boyfriend Howard Roark just blew up.

  26. Suffering isn’t necessary but women do seem to have this weird pathology of requiring to feel physical pain in order to ‘feel good’. I have no idea where it comes from or what evolutionary purpose it serves but it’s definitely real.

    1. untrue. my mother was never into feeling pain of any kind. I’m sure my dad would say “what the hell’s wrong with you” as he wouldn’t be with a woman like that. any sane person does not think like this. this tells you how many sane women there are left on this planet.

  27. cutting in almost all cases=borderline personality disorder. If you’ve never encountered one consider yourself lucky. If you do by the time the relationship is over a North Korean prison camp would sound nicer to you.

  28. Ugh why do white men even bother with white women anymore? Take a page out Matthew Mcconaughey’s book and get yourself one of these. His wife bears his children and still cooks despite their wealth. She doesn’t compete with her man but backs him. He attributes his meteoric recent success to the stability of his wife and children. White men you won’t get this with white women. South America and Asia should be on your to do lists.

    1. “A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” -Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
      My new experience has been discovering what a real woman is supposed to be like. Upon this discovery, I stopped fooling around with white women 10 years ago and life has never been better. I now find them repugnant, in action, in appearance, and in the way they refuse to submit to their biological imperitive to be good mothers and good partners.
      There’s a reason the White race is dying out. It will have gone from 30-40% of the world population in 1900, to around 15% today, to as little as 2% by 2100 for a reason. It’s the women, plain and simple. The male enablers play a role, too, but feminism’s role takes the cake.
      The reason it breaks down along ethnic lines is not purely because of the fact these women are white, but because Anglo culture has become a toxic witch’s brew in the last century. Anglo culture has tried, and has failed disasterously, to turn women into wannabe men. Other cultures have been able to maintain a more traditional balance between the sexes.
      When you’ve been with women who will submit to your authority as a man, there’s no going back to Pasty Jane. Sure, when dealing with ethnic women there are still the shit tests, the hypergamous instincts, and the general aura of intrigue/drama that comes with dealing with a woman – but there is a huge payoff that Anglo women cannot offer. Women from other cultures will willingly submit to you. Is it any wonder Anglo men are fleeing them in droves?
      My claims aren’t just hyperbole. Demographers have known this was coming for a long, long time.

      1. Anglo culture also ensures that children are liabilities, not assets. How much is little Cheyenne’s cathedral indoctrin… I mean college education going to cost mom and dad?

      2. I will add to my above comment, and it should already be obvious, that our little experiment in feminism will result in one of the greatest genocides in human history.

      3. A little dirty secret about European history is the Germans, the fierce (once upon a time) Teutons identified the Anglo-Saxon cancer a long time ago before feminism. Bismarck, Schopenhauer and others basically said they hated the very liberal propensities of English women. In fact Bismarck distrusted Kaiser Wilhelm II’s English mother to such a degree, he made sure he alienated her from the future monarch’s life. Prinz Wilhelm grew up to hate his mother and her English liberalism. This European rift would determine whether or not European women would be in their traditional roles as helpmates under a Pan-Teutonic order or the then current World Anglo Saxon domination. Needless to say, the Jews greatly influenced the World Anglo Saxon order to the extent of dominating it.
        The Jews proliferated feminism and the Anglo-Saxon mindset was all too ready to accept it. White men had already put their women on pedestals, but feminism crushed any future that the Anglo-Saxon would have. Simply, your women bought the shit, you accepted. They believed what you told them, that their shit could and would never stink. They want to be men, and will crush anyone who will try to put them back in their natural roles. The average white man cannot be happy with the average white woman, (much like blacks today). Mr. McConaughey, a God fearing Texan, probably knew women like his mother could not be found within this generation of white women, so he went to Brazil and found himself an absolutely beautiful woman, both physically and with great character.
        Needless to say, his types are very rare in Hollywood, you’ll usually see the Brad Pitts with attention seeking co-competitor career whores. I have had my share of white women, and can honestly say I wouldn’t dare touch an Anglo chick outside of the one night stand of course. My children’s mother will most likely be French, given that I speak the language and I have had too much success in France, in the sack. Even though feminism spread in Western Europe, French women can still cook and are still good mothers (for the most part). The Nordic races are finished. Look at England, Germany and Scandinavia. The women hate the men.

        1. And that’s exactly what Anglo feminism is, a cancer. A metastasizing one, at that. Brilliant analysis, by the way. Another reason I relish ROK. Intellectual, rational debates without the emotion of women and beta males. It’s truly an oasis in an insane world.

        2. Yeah but be careful about Slavic women. When they arrive in the West, they become really entitled. In fact, the most successful gold-diggers of London and NYC are in fact ex-pat Slavs. Russian men have brilliantly kept their bitches on the leash, but for someone reason Anglo men have this weakness to give into the first piece of attractive pussy they see. Polish chicks are ok, but are becoming to Americanized like German women. French women are nice because they still somewhat hate the Anglosphere, and can still cook (at least from personal experience). I wouldn’t deal with a Slavic women outside of Eastern Europe. I’ve heard horror stories of thirsty ass Westerners getting taken to the cleaners by these girls once they get their green cards, babies and citizenship. Read this article called “Invasion of the Russian Gold-diggers.” http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-458832/Invasion-Russian-gold-diggers.html

        3. its not just ee women but any woman that comes from traditianl countrys. white guys ruin foregin girls every time. they make the same mistakes with them like thier own women. then this foreign girl gets worse. its almost like they are white knighting the foregin girl to save her from her own men. which kinda makes sense since they see white guys as freedom from tradition and be like their women.

        4. Setting aside your possible anti-semitism, and oversimplification (jeez, an account of this aspect of history but no mention of how Christianity was the crucial third point of the triangle of power in these societies? I mean, you can’t mention the jews but not the Catholics or Protestants, can you? But that is a side show.
          Your larger point about the impact of feminism and the state of western European civilization is quite important. The culture that gave rise to liberal values is being destroyed by the overapplication of them – how ironic is that? Humans are so fucking stupid and so brilliant all at the same time. Sigh…

    2. She is beautiful, but most of what you said is bullshit. White men get that with white women all the time, you could have used any white celebrity who is married to a white woman. Most white men cannot afford to go to South American and Asian countries to find a wife, Matthew Mcconaughey is a multi-millionaire. Most white men in relationships with white women, or Western women in general, do not have the problems you speak of. You’re taking shit you read online and exaggerating.

  29. WHITE GIRL PROBLEMS: 1.) Anorexia 2.) Bulimia 3.) Careerism 4.) Parasitism 5.) Self-Mutilation 6.) Solipsism 7.) Ungratefulness 8.) Entitlement 9.) Third World Causes (African babies are the new fashion accessories for all who didn’t know) 10.) Hatred of the Patriarchy Please feel free to add to the list!

      1. Definitely not 4. You’re right. But white chicks tend to be especially vain and self-centered, more ungrateful and extremely entitled.

    1. BLACK MALE PROBLEMS: 1) Welfare Dependence 2) Laziness 3) Criminality, 4) Deadbeat Fathers, 5) Hatred of Authority, 6) Incompetence at running successful countries (See: African countries, and any Black-majority Nation) 7) Professional Victimhood
      See how lovely racial generalizations are?
      Glass houses, Etc.

  30. Have you thought that, maybe, it isnt for attention? That they have depression, and they dont know how to let the emotional pain out? So they do the only thing they think of- as a release, a way of escaping the pain, even for a little while

  31. They cut themselves because the have mental issues like depression. Cutting is not unique to white girls as I knew a black person who used to cut. I don’t know why somebody would purposefully harm themselves but depression can make you do some weird things. That being said the BBC is the cure for all white girl depression. LOL.

    1. “”That being said the BBC is the cure for all white girl depression. LOL.””
      Pull the other one. Mudsharks are the most messed up, neurotic and drama addicted white chicks getting around.

  32. I knew a girl who was cutting herself at 23 years old. She was stunningly beautiful with the most gorgeous blue eyes I’ve ever seen. Easily an 8 in my eyes. Of course, she had a lot of issues. On adderall since high school, her parents divorced when she was 15, her dad was on prescription pain meds, her mom was a crazy narcissist, she was abused by her first long-term boyfriend, had done plenty of drugs, and was pretty sexually impulsive (told me — without me asking — that she had fucked 11 guys; not a lot for an Arizona State grad, but def more notches than you want your gf to have).
    Cutting itself wasn’t the issue. The girl was self-destructive in a lot of ways, definitely had at least one personality disorder coming from her fucked up family and probably had some other mental issues on top of that. Shit, the first time I saw her she was talking to another girl across the room for me. I heard her talk for maybe 15 seconds and I thought to myself “that girl’s crazy”. Still hooked up with her though. She really was gorgeous, and a good person too underneath everything. But being around her mood swings and irrationality just brought me down and made my life too miserable to handle.
    At the end of the day I don’t blame her. Not a lot of people with that kind of upbringing can make it out and live a happy life. The rest cut, or do drugs, or act like sluts, or maybe all 3. Just because you’re rich and white doesn’t mean you know how to be happy.

    1. She doesn’t know how to be “happy”?
      What woman does?
      They are the most miserable (yet most coddled) creatures on the face of the Earth and they are not “happy”. You want to know WHY? Because women haven’t got a goddam clue what “happy” is.
      Happiness is —->> being CONTENT.
      When you are content, happiness is sure to follow.
      But a woman has no concept of what the fuck I just said.
      Everything could be PERFECTLY FINE – maintaining an even strain. And a woman will RUIN a day like that because she spends it wondering “am I HAPPY????”… “why am I not HAPPY right now?”….. “I deserve to be HAPPY RIGHT NOW GODDAMMIT!!!!! MAKE ME HAPPY!!!!!”.
      And that’s why they cultivate their own misery. A man is delighted when everything is just as it should be. Nobody got killed. Made his way to work and home again safely. No great tragedies or whacky surprises. Just the calmness of seeing the value in being CONTENT.
      Women see no value in that.
      And that’s why they are fucked up and miserable.
      Even when they SAY they are “happy”, they are miserable:
      “Happily married …… but dreaming of divorce”.
      Women are “happy” when they are complaining.

      1. I had a feeling she would be white before I clicked on the link. lol… damn. Smh

        1. Ya. Pissed her husband still greets her ungrateful fat aging ass with a SMILE in the morning…. just because she would rather behave like a bitch and is “not viable” before 10 AM. Those are her words!
          … as if she thinks her husband should be her own personal Santa claus. Men don’t OWE women personal happiness.
          Google “happily married” and that’s the number 5 result!
          SMH is right.

      2. Idk why my posts always seem to attract the crazies, but dude, chill. The only miserable cunt is you.

        1. Right. And about 500 years ago, you would accuse me of being “crazy” if I said “the Earth is not the center of the universe”. But guess what. So I take it as compliment, thanks.
          I even provided a link to the crazy miserable cunt which you can read for yourself. You’re welcome. Personally I have never written an article criticizing anyone for greeting me with a SMILE in the morning…. so I am afraid that – between you and I – the only miserable cunt is you.

    2. Why do we care to make women happy?
      Everyone should be responsible for their own hapiness. If I can help for someone to achive it fine, but I should be not responsible for it.

  33. No No No. Everyone is really close, but the reason for cutting (and other forms of self mutilation) is a bit deeper.
    A good book to read is called “Spent“ and I can`t remember the author`s name. Anyway, it is a very interesting book about the motivations of humans in regard to purchasing. The book is deep and explores the substrate of motivations to purchase etc.
    The author mentions, by the by, that cutting is interesting. What is happening is that a person (usually female) that has low self-esteem and is unsure of her future security. Fear of being secure is the fundamental reason for chronic anxiety and all the additive behaviors that attempt to lessen it.
    So, what to do to attempt to get security. Well, a female must demonstrate in some way that she is worthy and capable to reproduce and can carry children to term. For a fucked up girl with (seemingly) no options she can self mutilate and then – RECOVER!. This is a clearly visual sign that she can endure insult to the body and has the internal resources to heal and thus has the power and right to bear children.
    Sounds strange, but this is the deep message of mutilation. I think it includes extreme cases of body piercing and tatoos
    The unconcious is deep and mysterious, but in the end its all about reproductions and energy. Love makes the world go round.

  34. I damn near sliced myself open as a teenager. I also attempted suicide ( clumsily, but still). I can tell you exactly why I did it.
    My parents are both mentally ill, and there was little to look forward to. My father despised me for living. The community at large only cared for a select few ( Deep South).
    I had to get tough or I was going to die in my mind. I had to be able to take physical pain. For a while I did the most ridiculous bs you can think of, like closing my eyes while driving to prove I could, or walking on ledges at dangerous heights. Well one night I went all the way to ending it. Woke up the next morning and I was free. I hit the next year like a kamikaze and it helped me face the horrors of my life

  35. Affluence is a soulkiller. The highest suicide rates are in the most affluent countries (e.g highest in Scandanavia). Suicide is almost unheard of in your typical 3rd world hell hole e.g Bangladesh. Affluent societies allow folks to kvetch about trivial bullshit. Only in affluent silly, feminist USA could the concept of a “microaggression” exist.

    1. You won’t believe how many of these silly Americanized cunts complain about the most mundane bullshit. I swear there must be a weakness in the gene pool for men to keep letting these Western whores to keep doing this shit. Just watch one of these reality TV shows, and it goes something like this “Rob! Jessica is having problems in school and nervous breakdowns” “Well honey let’s talk to her,” “Jessica, what’s wrong?” “Daddy you didn’t keep your promise of getting me the car I really wanted for my birthday and all my friends are laughing at me now! You’re the worst dad in the world! (Tears)” I wish there would be a night of the long knives against these types of women. The hatred runs deep.

      1. Chill. You’re verging into radfem territory.
        Hatred betrays your own vulnerabilities. Shoot for indifferent, methodical protection of your own interests.

  36. I have written before that many women enjoy a little pain from a man they respect and it may even bond them more to him. My comment to this effect at CH got highlighted.
    The female reality involves some unavoidable pain. Menstrual cramps, defloration, childbirth. And, as the author says, being spanked by your husband was commonplace until recently. I have read in a mainstream article that about one-third of wives are still spanked sometimes, mostly for erotic reasons I suppose. The article was on Salon or Slate or some such place. Strangely it seems to have disappeared!
    I know little of cutting, but it makes one think of female masochism, Freud’s death wish, what Eric Berne called mortido …
    Another point is that women are fascinated by violence and cruelty. I have no interest in Game of Thrones or Fifty Shades of Grey, but women are fascinated by this stuff. Drama and violence. “If it bleeds it leads” in the female mind. Hence cutting?
    A woman I know well has wanted to be spanked fairly regularly for thirty years. it is highly erotic for some women.

  37. “”As stated, one cure for hot girl crazy is kids. Not just any kids. She has to push them out of her own wet incubator. Nothing grounds a mentally imbalanced woman quicker than childbirth, and the heavy responsibility that follows. Unfortunately, Western Civ is in a tailspin of single moms, dysgenia, endemic zero marginality, pathological Stockholm Syndrome, and soft concubinage. The womb issue within the confines of sanctioned pairings that would have sedated the self-destructiveness of attractive women in the past is now put off until a woman’s 30s, giving over her entire teens and 20s to marinate in the crazy. Poor beta males are then stuck holding her bag of bonkers when she’s nigh wall splat and resentfully settling for Mr. Subpar.- Roissy””

  38. Liked your stuff bro!
    Only problem I had was your claim of Marilyn Manson listeners to be cutters. I thought all Marilyn Manson listeners were making school massacres.
    Also cutting has to do with other sociological aspects than just mentioned above. Keep up saving young chicks from making any damage to their bodies. They shouldn’t increase depreciation by cutting themselves.

  39. Attention-seeking, primarily.
    A kid at a rich kids’ college I attended “tried” to kill himself with a razor blade by cutting across his veins. Someone called an ambulance. The EMTs came, bandaged him, and took him on a ride to the hospital.
    On the way to the hospital they made it clear they had no sympathy for rich kids acting out. They sneered at him and told him how he was a waste of life, that he didn’t know what suffering was and that they had neither the time nor interest to waste on him.
    And then they got coldly and brutally clinical. They gave him pointers on how to do a more effective job the next time so the school could just call a hearse and not waste ambulance/EMT time: take a box cutter blade, stick it in a crack between boards in the floor, then firmly bang your wrists down on the sharp edge making many longitudinal cuts. That way (they explained) he would lengthen the slashes in the veins. It produces more effective/massive bleeding and less clotting. By sticking the blade in a crack in the floor, they told him, he could avoid the problem of slashed tendons which could prevent him from cutting both wrists.
    I think of the EMT’s lecture and instructions as a tactical thermonuclear “agree and amplify”.
    When the guy returned to school a few hours later, he was severely chastened. Shocked into silence. He was unable to enjoy the girls cooing and clucking over him, calling him a poor tortured soul.
    Best thing that ever happened to him. The boy straightened up and flew right without any rich kid histrionics for the rest of the year.
    My hat is off to the EMTs. They gave him a real, ugly, in-your-face tuneup and it worked.

  40. I really hope you burn in hell. You’re disgusting. What made you such a hateful miserable person?

  41. I believe that women need pain in order to function properly. Womanhood has always been about pain; the pain of the menses, the pain of losing virginity, the occasional pain of sex, the pain of pregnancy and childbirth, the pain of separation from their children, the pain of losing children and their spouse… I don’t know how many times I’ve heard women say “I need it to hurt at least a little bit”, and “it hurts so good”.
    Women are natural submissives with masochistic tendencies. It’s so easy for them to get stuck in “emotional loops”; a little pain, properly administered, resets them, and lets them function again.

  42. Cutters can be good fucks.
    I’m quite happy to see more of it. It means there are more crazy bitches. And thus more crazy bitches that fuck like animals. Since cutting indicates crazy, and crazy bitches fuck like animals, I like cutters.

  43. It isn’t purely from attention. The human brain can’t tell the difference from physical and emotional pain, but the conciousness does. The conciousness cuts to even out the distribution of pain, and some people do it because they think they deserve it.

  44. Everyone better shut the fuck up. THose girls feel so depressed and like they have nothing to live for because of you dicks. Just so you know, guys cut too. Because they feel depressed. There is something called clinical depression you know.Its a chemical imbalance. And for feminists, how would you like it if your wife beat you and you COULDNT do anything about it. So stop thinking the world revolves around you and shut up

    1. You could do anything to stop being beatem by you partner. From poisoning him to paying some Russians to break his bones, use your imagination.
      Cutting yourself is not a normal reaction to depression and people cut themselves because they are too weak to seek help.
      Everyone that doesn´t know that “I´m feeling bad = I should seek help” is getting himself out of reproduction circle as the mother nature inteded to.

  45. Do any girls actually cut themselves and not “accidentally” let someone know?

  46. This article is full of shit, you have a limited perspective of attention seeking whore and so those women who cut are therefore attention seeking through cutting. Try to be a little bit more thoughtful, more people cut for far more serious reasons, don’t be so reductionist. First shitty article i have read on this site, hope it’s the last.

    1. “First shitty article i have read on this site, hope it’s the last.”
      l o l

  47. very impressive qualifications you have there! when it comes to discourse on mental disorders, there is no one who can provide nearly as much valid insight as someone who dated a few depressed people and as a means of handling the situation, “ordered them to stop”. your sensitivity to the needs of others is definitely one of your best qualities, probably why you find yourself in such great relationships with women and have such positive opinions of them.

  48. do you seriously think white girls are the only people that self harm, just because you knew two white girls that did

    1. I’ve noticed a link between self harm and affluence. All the girls I know that do it, come from wealthy families, many of them white but some not. Also, white girls from poor families, rarely self harm, even if they are truly fucked in the head. Also, the world poorest countries tend to have the world lowest suicide rates. People who are already born into shit, instinctively try to keep their lives from getting worse.

  49. There’s no way I can even begin to verbalise the hate I have for you, the author of this article.

    1. You don’t have to verbalize it. The best way to express is, is to carve it deeply into your skin, so that the scars remain forever and the pain will always be associated with the deep burning hatred that you have for this man.
      Don’t forget to let the hate consume you and cloud your judgement to the point that you abandon your higher thought processes and lash out with your animal instincts. Emotions and instinct give you strength, logic and reason make you weak.

  50. Affluent White Girls aren’t the only ones who cut, they just receive the most flack for it. Because they are well-off and have no apparent “problems” suggests that they SHOULD be happy and if they’re not, they just want attention. However, people of all races and genders self harm. It is often because of issues that are deeper than parent problems. As someone who self harmed for several years because of clinically diagnosed anxiety, depression, and PTSD from having a severe medical problem, I know this to be true. I am not an “emo” girl. I am cheerful and bubbly and sociable. Actual mental illnesses are usually the cause of self-harm. Of course there are some people who cut for attention, they shouldn’t be considered the only important ones or the majority.

  51. I am a man and I have cut myself in the past. This was absolutely not because of “attention seeking” or some shit like that. It was just frustration mostly. I suppose you think that makes me some pathetic “beta” or something. You know what, I’m not ashamed you can think what you want

  52. You are all clearly uneducated morons to buy into any of this inaccurate nonsense – says a MALE psychologist with an actual Ph.D. in Psychology. I am glad to see that your beta male high school level diploma really shines through in your “facts” you report. But who would need years of silly education to understand these issues when you can just “order” someone to do as you please. LOL, idiot.

  53. Oh, I thought this was going to about how these girls can’t keep up with the standards their mothers created for them, and they are too mentally unstable to deal with it because girls are weak and useless and stupid and aren’t people.
    Are you going soft on them!?!?

  54. Let’s not compare drug taking with cutting yourself. Drug taking, drinking and smoking are all pleasurable activities. Cutting yourself is pure attention seeking.

    1. Um,,, They are in fact related. Just cause a person chooses to get high they are engaging in risky behavior without any desire to understand the consequences. This is indicative of a person with low self esteem and willing to self mutilate for some short term pleasure.
      I used to know a girl I liked that would party and drink heavily every weekend. Many did not know this but she was also doing party drugs like coke and ecstasy. One day she collapsed at work and was out sick for a month. She came back and We found out her kidneys had failed and she was on dialysis every three days for the rest of her life. She was only 26 and ruined her body.
      It was this same phenomenon of self destruction. Weather it’s cutting, drug abuse, or overeating, these behaviors seem to be rampant among western women.

    2. Cutting releases endorphins to help the body deal with pain and stress. In fact, endorphins cause an actual high designed to cover over real physical pain. It is a very strange way to get high and seek attention.
      Nothing worse then a job candidate with scars all over their arms that scream “careful I might be a loon”. As bad as those silly assed tattoos.

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