Is Zyzz A Role Model Or A Bad Influence?

There is no figure more polarizing in the eyes of young men today than deceased bodybuilder Aziz Shavershian. A tall and originally very skinny ectomorph, Aziz began posting videos on Youtube in 2007 documenting his transformation from scrawny teenager to shredded sensation. Zyzz attracted a cult following on the internet, particularly among male, teenage Australian gymgoers, who sought to emulate not only his physique, but the success with women produced by both his body and internet fame.

On one hand, Zyzz single-handedly made bodybuilding popular again among teenage boys, which is no mean feat in a culture where brazen displays of masculinity are stigmatized by the feminist establishment. Thanks to Zyzz, today’s young men are much open to the idea of “getting shredded” than their older counterparts, offering hope that masculinity is not on it’s way to being dead and buried in the 21st century English speaking world.

I can safely say that my motivation to train goes far beyond that of merely impressing people, it is derived from the feeling of having set goals and achieving them and outdoing myself in the gym.

Thanks to Zyzz, hordes of young men have embarked on a journey of mastery and embraced positive masculinity while men such as Roosh chose to pursue the journey of game and men like Tim Ferris pursued entrepreneurship.  Just like improving your game or building a business, body building encourages young men to better themselves and gain satisfaction from the goals they have achieved through sheer effort and persistence over an extended period of time, allowing those who take it to truly become Men.

While Zyzz should be commended, his fame is not without controversy. It is almost certain that Zyzz’s aesthetics were the result of heavy steroid and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) usage. On top of the questionable circumstances of his death (a heart attack in a Bangkok sauna at the age of 22), his elder brother “Chestbrah” was arrested for possession of steroids in 2011 and photos circulated on the internet depicting Zyzz being injected in the butt.  Nobody is fooled that it was a flu shot. I know a guy who started taking steroids at a very young age during the peak of Zyzz’s fame in the months following his death. How many other young men have started taking steroids and put their health in jeopardy due to Zyzz’s own bad example?

U mirin’ brah?

Zyzz owed his success to pumping his body full of dangerous substances, and used his steroid-fuelled physique to work part-time as a male stripper. Zyzz not only “cheated” on his journey, but engaged in the most degrading and anti-masculine profession there is: being a rent-boy. While Zyzz no doubt enjoyed the fruits of his fame before his sudden death, his fleeting internet fame and lifestyle choices should not be taken as an example to follow by today’s young men.

While Zyzz enjoyed a few years of unlimited access to young, tight women and no doubt had a blast with his crew before he died, he was never able to build any significant wealth from his an internet fame that will quickly be forgotten. Young men should follow Zyzz’s example in regards to starting on their own journey of mastery whether it be game or business or weight lifting, but they should also learn from his mistakes and avoid taking perilous and unsustainable shortcuts.

Do not take the easy road. Do not let yourself down. Build your success the right away so you can enjoy the satisfaction brought to you by achieving your goals through hard work and sheer persistence. That’s what I’ve learned from Zzyz.

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194 thoughts on “Is Zyzz A Role Model Or A Bad Influence?”

  1. I’m one of the many young men who got into bodybuilding because of Zyzz, and I wholeheartedly agree with you. Even though I admire Zyzz and think he had a pretty awesome life, I would never want be like him in any manner aside from the physical aspect.
    Late summer of 2011 was the first time, since high school basketball, that I started working out. At the time I knew almost nothing about nutrition, getting into a lifting routine, or most other basics of weight training (I grew up in an area where outdated bro-science was accepted as fact). As such, I was forced to research and experiment with tons of diets and exercises; eventually finding what worked best for me. By the end of the year I managed to develop a six-pack and biceps. To me that was like winning Mr. Olympia, I couldn’t have been prouder.
    Had I done steroids, I’m sure that I’d have gotten a lot bigger than I did (looking back, my first year physique was anything but impressive). But I would have missed out on the entire journey and learned nothing from my experience.
    tl;dr: I admire Zyzz for what he did, not how he did it.

      1. So what have you done, punk? First do something useful, then you can criticize. And no writing a blog doesn’t count, because MRMs have blogs.
        It’s pretty ridiculous that Roosh’s followers ridicule MRMs, when Roosh and his followers agree with them on 90% of points. If you weren’t demoniac, you’d be pooling efforts with them. But you prefer to take the irrational female route and criticize, because they are unpopular, and you take strength from ridiculing those who are unpopular.
        Also, why does Roosh advertise on The Spearhead? Isn’t that an MRM site?

  2. Never heard of him, but a sad story. It ain’t nice to fool Mother Nature. Stay away from roids guys. Whatever chemicals you put into your body will screw with your natural feedback mechanisms.
    You don’t have to be “buff”, just physically fit. I see a lot of young men these days who are overdoing it. Seek a dancer’s body, along with the moves.
    Dancing is far better for your “game”. If your muscles are interfering with graceful dance moves, they are too damn big. The contact with women during dance also pumps you full of their biochemicals (“pheremones”), which have far better effect on you than any steroids.
    Throughout my life I have had “body builders” make threatening postures at me. They never do shit. It’s the quiet, scrawny little guys that scare me. Naturally big fellows are like teddy bears. They just want to be hugged.

      1. My son Hermann, now a “frat boy” , started Ballroom 101 today. I feel like dropping in but I really have gotten too old for them. Glad I spent so much time with those gals before I became obviously older than their fathers.

    1. I agree, as the Gen Xers start hitting their 50,60s and beyond there is going to be an explosion of this. That is the only smart way to use them. Given a choice between wasting away over along period of time or having a good few years I think most would take the last option. The

  3. I can’t see how being a ridiculous poser and cheater could make you a role model at all. There are some clear differences between being a boy and being a man, and those differences become more than evident if you look at him. Be influenced by true men.
    And being only 22 is not an “excuse”. I knew guys at the same age that had a mature behavior.
    Let’s say that getting a nice body with drugs plus some good genetics is not a big of an achievement.
    Only really stupid and empty women like guys like this. And I definitely don’t care for them.

    1. +1 Zyzz being a poser. He’s a show pony, he’s trying to validate himself, he’s not working out for himself you can see that with all the pictures and how he posers in photos. He is a sheep dressed as a wolf.

  4. Women die from getting breast implants too. He had 0 chance of becoming a fitness model without steroids; maybe if the government didn’t pass stupid regulations he would have had better medical monitoring, but it would rather see him dead than buff.

    1. Yeah it’s a shame, he could have accomplished similar results without the steroids. It would have probably taken longer and required more work, but he would have enjoyed the side-benefit of not being dead right now.

      1. no he actually couldn’t.
        nattys (save for extreme genetic exceptions) can’t put on 205 lbs at 6’1″ and 7-8% bodyfat.
        To have an extreme of a cut at 8% they would lose too much muscle and wouldn’t be able to hold their physique at 205 lbs.
        There is one compound Zyzz used that makes 205 6’1″ 8% BF possible:
        Trenbolone Acetate
        Trenbolone Acetate
        Trenbolone Acetate.
        “natural” body builders can reach similar stats with respect to height/weight, however it would be a MAJOR accomplishment if they could maintain it at 10% Bodyfat. 10%-12% bodyfat is fairly aesthetic, with 12-13% being the “abercrombie model” look.

    1. People with genetics waaaaaay outside the norm (as in, being Mr. Universe) may well be good role models as far as lifestyle goes, but trying to train like them is just as futile and silly as trying to train like juicers while staying natural.
      If by “good influence” you mean someone to emulate, most people would be much better off finding someone with genetics more like them, who have still achieved quite a lot. Like say, if you’re 5’9” and want to play basketball, look to other shorter guys, not some 7 footer who dominates the NBA.

  5. >>> “It is almost certain that Zyzz’s aesthetics were the result of heavy steroid and Human Growth Hormone (HGH) usage.”
    Look, it’s obvious he took steroids. The only reason steroid use is ever a topic of debate is because the government decided to make its use a felony. So, people feel the need to hide it. They lie because the fascist police state we live in forces people to lie.
    Steroids are not “cheating.” There is no “cheating” in the realm of fame and being sexually attractive to young women because there are no rules.
    It’s one thing to enter a competition that bans the use of steroids as one of its rules, but then break those rules. That’s just lying, which only weak losers do when they can’t win according to the rules.
    But there’s nothing remotely wrong or unethical about taking a drug to make your personal bodybuilding more effective. Zyzz never agreed to abide by any rules of competition.
    Steroids are just testosterone. Scientists found ways to add esters to the testosterone molecule, in order to increase its otherwise short half-life in the bloodstream. But the active molecule is always the same — testosterone.
    Why is it a Schedule III substance? It’s what makes men men.
    The reason is not safety. Cars are many times more dangerous, and yet the government has no problem building more roads and encouraging more driving, despite the fact that 100 people die by driving per day in the USA.
    Besides, steroids can be taken safely. The reason they kill sometimes is because they take doses that are many times larger than what is safe. Young men will do this because the body reacts to the presence of increased testosterone, and your testes atrophy. So, when you stop the cycle, your nuts are weaker than before. You lose the benefits quickly, so you feel like you’re sliding backwards.
    The only real problem with steroids is the risk of this psychological addiction — the panic that you’re going to fall back into the status of being weak (i.e., rejected by women).
    I submit that the reason steroids have been treated by the government (and their beta enablers) as though they are DANGEROUS TO CIVILIZATION is simple — because they work.
    Today’s corporatist-feminist government hates the fact that men can become strong and powerful and attractive to women without having to first prove themselves.
    The modern State (i.e., women and beta males) hates steroids for the same reason they hate Game — it allows any man to become more attractive. This power prevents women from being able to distinguish between inferior and superior males. It lets JUST ANYONE appear to be a genetically-superior male.
    The Feminine Imperative can’t tolerate this. To them, that’s like letting people have the power to print money from their home laser printers. They alone want the ability to declare who is an alpha male and who isn’t.
    Steroid use doesn’t break anyone’s rules, other than those set down by (a) sports and (b) women. Abide by the rules of sports, if you choose to play. But women’s rules? Forget it. I didn’t agree to play their game.
    As for Zyzz being a good role model? He looks like a homosexual. Male strippers are not good role models for men.

    1. The problem is, if you abide by the rules of your sport while no one else does you are going to lose. Nobody can tell me that any of the Mr. Olympia or Mr. Universe contestants are all natural. Same goes for most pro sports.
      As for steroids, the problem I think is that they are far more readily accessible (even though illegal) than information on how to use them, especially since a lot of the costumers are too stupid to understand the subject matter to any degree and have no one qualified to administer. And well, young men think they are invincible and that the worthwhile portion of their life is over by the age of 30 anyways.

      1. “The problem is, if you abide by the rules of your sport while no one else does you are going to lose. Nobody can tell me that any of the Mr. Olympia or Mr. Universe contestants are all natural. Same goes for most pro sports.”

        I completely agree. Most professional sports have a completely hypocritical stance on steroids — publicly they ban them, but tacitly they allow them (and certainly profit by their competitors’ extraordinary abilities).
        The people who get screwed are the second and third-tier competitors, because the marquee players are too valuable to bust.
        Even women’s tennis, which is not exactly a power sport, has a steroid problem. Look at Serena Williams and Samantha Stosur, and tell me what you see.
        This is what the government’s “ban” has actually accomplished — forced it all underground.
        That’s what any governmental act of prohibition does — you end up with an instant black market, with all of its attendant problems, like shoddy quality control, sporadic violence (drug gangs cause most gun deaths in the USA), a total lack of reputable guidance about their use, and an almost complete halt of scientific research and development about ways to improve the product.

    2. Women cheat everyday when it comes to their looks. Fake face, fake body, clothes, makeup, implants…. And even in the professional competition world of modeling and miss universe pageants. If a guy wants to even the playing field while not in competition what does it matter?

    3. AMEN! AMEN! 🙂 Thank you for pointing this out! 🙂 Testosterone is illegal ’cause women who hate men, want it to be!

  6. Zyzz worked out 6 days a week and was always on a diet, saying he accomplished everything through steroids is the same excuse fat people give for never starting in the first place. Also, he did of a heart defect he was born with, so his steroid use or possible lack thereof probably would have done nothing to his life expectancy, poor bastard was born as a ticking time bomb.

  7. Zyzz was a legend. A God-damn motherfucking legend.
    A male-stripper as the ‘most degrading and anti-masculine profession there is’? I don’t buy it. Sorry. I smell the stench of haterism. Zyzz understood the aspect of the Game that is Aesthetics, and he took that and ran with it. And he was successful. Wild, crazy, more-arse-than-a-toilet-seat levels of success. And you’re gonna judge him because some teenager may use steroids, or because he took his wang out in front of a crowd of screaming women? Really?
    Arnie took steroids. Overeem. Sonnen. Bonds. Zyzz was a grown man and made his own decision. He owes nothing to a group of anonymous teenage boys on the internet looking for a new hero. Aside from his bodybuilding achievements (and trust me, steroids or not, what he built was an achievement), his internet presence, and the massive amount of clunge he pulled, he had a protein powder business, fan sites built about him, and a shit-ton of fun.
    When a man outperforms you, you can either respect his hustle or whinge about something arbitrary to make yourself feel better – “Sure, he earns six-figures and bangs models, but have you seen his HAIR?? What a gayboy!” Consider it a litmus test of how you view the world. Are you here to win or here to whinge?
    Don’t get me wrong here, I love Pdogs articles, and his blog. Read it for months. Some very good stuff in there. But this is WAAAY off.

    1. Keep in mind Arnie took steroids when it was legal and admitted to it. Zyzz led people to believe he wasn’t on steroids.

  8. There’s a lot of suspicion that he was homosexual and used these women as a beard.
    At the very least, I’m undoubtedly convinced he was bisexual.

      1. It’s by no means a bad thing, but it puts his physical development into perspective.
        As it is though, there are probably more bisexual men than the statistics would suggest. I don’t buy that sexuality continuum BS, but I do believe society makes it harder for bisexual and gay men to admit it.

  9. No, steroids didn’t kill him brah.
    You’ll see phaggots say that he died in a sauna, that it was the steroids, it was the coke, that it was a congenital heart condition; they’re all lies. Have you seen Zyzz’s physique pics lately? He was beautiful, gorgeous, inspiring: or simply put… he was aesthetic. He was the definition of aesthetic. Lettuce be cereal, and I’m going to type this as sober as possible: if you fap (and cum) to Zyzz, it’s not gay at all, you don’t have to use the “no homo” tag because it’s a given. You would be fapping and cumming at beauty. Beauty, aesthetics, that transcends gender. Aesthetics that transcend gender and sexuality. As I’m saying this, you might want to scroll and look for a pics of Zyzz, you might probably have them in your mind right now, go ahead, you know you want to fap bro. Don’t feel guilty because of it, it doesn’t make you a homo, it makes you human, human that is appreciating in the best way one can the ultimate, godly aesthetics.
    Now, I’m not a fanboy, I’m not a nuthugger. I’m a mirer. You are a mirer too. Haters are mirers, everyone mires Zyzz. Lettuce ketchup to real tee and bee cereal: there are no real Zyzz haters. No one hates Zyzz. People hate the fanboys, the nuthuggers, phaggots that don’t even lift that reference him as their hero. They hate on people that try to profit on him. They hate the attention he gets, they’re mad jelly of him. But we all mire Zyzz, and always will.
    Now, to answer your question. He isn’t even dead brah.
    As I said, the best way to describe him is “Aesthetic”. HE DEFINES the word. A word doesn’t die.
    What happened to him then? Laws of Physics brah. Remember he mentioned he was going to “Arnold Status”? He was becoming more TOO aesthetic. He became too aesthetic. He had to change dimensions: go to heaven, mount olympus . . . however you want to call it. He is now in a place where he can continue to exceed the word “aesthetic”. Just imagine the possibilities, and by the way, that’s all you can do, IMAGINE. Because a human, mortal, mind is too minuscule to really grasp the aesthetic level of beauty he is now at in Mount Olympus. Aesthetic isn’t the word anymore: there is no way to describe his aesthetics now.
    Now that I answered your question, let me add something.
    He “died” for us brah. He showed us the way to aesthetics, he wanted all of us to be Aesthetic and lol. That extra strength you feel when you thought you couldn’t lift anymore? Zyzz is spotting you. That extra bumps you’re giving your gf while sexing her? That’s Zyzz trolling you and phucking your sloot. That urge you get to dance and bishes be mirin’? That’s Zyzz showing you the way. That sexy mofo you see in the mirror? That’s not Zyzz, that’s you bro… but Zyzz is right behind you, and he’s smiling: he’s proud of you, he’s proud of your aesthetics. Don’t worry brah, Zyzz has your back. And he wants you to become Aesthetic.
    Yes, everyone has a little bit of Zyzz in them. He didn’t mean that in the sense that you had “him”. He meant that you had the aesthetics, the lulz, the trolling, the intelligence, the charisma: Zyzz. You have it, make that Zyzz in you grow.
    And one day we will join him in Mount Olympus. But not yet, not yet.

    1. Oh dear:
      ” if you fap (and cum) to Zyzz, it’s not gay at all, you don’t have to use the “no homo” tag because it’s a given. You would be fapping and cumming at beauty. Beauty, aesthetics, that transcends gender. Aesthetics that transcend gender and sexuality.”

      1. The man is correct. ‘Cause if a man masturbates to a woman AND a man having sex….there is a penis entering a vagina, and arousal still takes place viewing the act. There is STILL a penis involved, and the man watching is STILL able to have an erection.

        1. And “straight” men drooling over “Aesthetics” and complementing other men on how good their half naked muscular body looks and is, compared to other men isn’t at all gay….. everyone on is a latent homosexual and Zyzz awoke that denied deep dormant latent homosexuality in all of you in a decade.

      2. If you fap to a man, you are gay. Bottom like…come out of the closet, you fucking homo. 🙂

    2. fuark!
      strong aware in this post.
      “That extra strength you feel when you thought you couldn’t lift anymore? Zyzz is spotting you. That extra bumps you’re giving your gf while sexing her? That’s Zyzz trolling you and phucking your sloot. That urge you get to dance and bishes be mirin’? That’s Zyzz showing you the way. That sexy mofo you see in the mirror? That’s not Zyzz, that’s you bro… but Zyzz is right behind you, and he’s smiling: he’s proud of you, he’s proud of your aesthetics. Don’t worry brah, Zyzz has your back. And he wants you to become Aesthetic. ”
      i want to be leaf….

      1. in the old days , you would be destroyed and wipe out in the days of noah and sodom , your a abomination in the side of the almighty god , and a wicked generation of heathens, ungodly , and paganism , full of sinners , and religeous demons have taken over the whole world nowdays , 99.99% or more people have the mark of the devil in there flesh and soul nowadays a ungodly wicked generation. wickedness and unrighteous threw out the whole world. steroids , peds, drug dealers ,etc…. have taken over the gyms and schools that people are like wild beast .

    3. dude… this post… summed up everything….. just perfect…. zyzz is within all of us…. mirin’ 4 ever. thank you for sharing this with us

    4. you guys are beyond me. he looks good in well posed photos. but check out his youtube vids. he doesnt look that great from all angles. he still looks quite slim, you can see hes got a really slim frame and all the muscle he has..attained by steroids? its nothing to gloat about. you guys are bigging him up to cult status and for what?, he was just human like everyone else.

    5. wrong ,sinner and unrighteous person . why is he dead at the age of 22 then? if the steroids did not take is life or drug use, stupidity and lusts after his body is filth , and you are uneducated in fitness, health and body image . he was on peds, steroids and used them, abuse them and died off like any other model and hollywood star/ dope head . he is dead , and drugs have side effects , you are in total denial and lusts after a dead man which is ugly , and tattoos on his body . trashy and a wicked generation …. do not follow such people they lead to the wide gate to hell lake of fire blind leads the blind both fall into the ditch.
      steroids , peds mess up the body in the long term, side effects and can kill you.

    6. “Now that I answered your question, let me add something.
      He “died” for us brah. He showed us the way to aesthetics, he wanted all of us to be Aesthetic and lol. That extra strength you feel when you thought you couldn’t lift anymore? Zyzz is spotting you. That extra bumps you’re giving your gf while sexing her? That’s Zyzz trolling you and phucking your sloot. That urge you get to dance and bishes be mirin’? That’s Zyzz showing you the way. That sexy mofo you see in the mirror? That’s not Zyzz, that’s you bro… but Zyzz is right behind you, and he’s smiling: he’s proud of you, he’s proud of your aesthetics. Don’t worry brah, Zyzz has your back. And he wants you to become Aesthetic.”
      “Yes, everyone has a little bit of Zyzz in them. He didn’t mean that in the sense that you had “him”. He meant that you had the aesthetics, the lulz, the trolling, the intelligence, the charisma: Zyzz. You have it, make that Zyzz in you grow.
      And one day we will join him in Mount Olympus. But not yet, not yet.”
      Gayest paragraphs I have ever fucking read seriously. You previously wrote before that sappy Faggot final tribute to that “cunt” not a sick cunt but just fucking massive arrogant cunt. People hate the “Zyzz fanboys and nuthuggers”….what the fuck are you seriously?
      There’s actual youtube Videos on how to do the exact Zyzz hair, and when you go on Ebay they’re selling vests saying Brother of Hercules Son of Zeus he wasn’t something mythological not even an entity or a fucking historical personality. I haven’t met not one guy in the gym that doesn’t mention or stop deep throating this guys dick. It’s actually hilarious how grown arse men are swooning and still obsessed with him like fucking One Direction fan girls.

  10. Unfortunately, the material in this article about Zyzz is wildly inaccurate.
    Zyzz did not die of gear use, he died of a congenital heart defect that was made more relevant due to his Trenbolone use.
    Furthermore, Zyzz did reach a good natural state before his cycling. Of course it wasn’t close to as aesthetic in his later years, he did get to the point in training where every bodybuilder has to consider, (and they conclude its best to) the jump onto gear.
    And speak what you want about being a ‘rent-boy’ if it pays the bills and gets you laid, that is alpha by Roissian standards.

  11. Maybe I’m just from a different generation but watching that youtube video had me laughing so hard at that “Jyzz” guy or whatever he calls himself. Having never been acquainted with him or any of his videos, I kept wondering if this was a parody of the *real* Zyzz. But no, evidently that sad fella is the real deal. Firstly, working out is great and all, but there is something called balance, and that body of his was just too much. It’s all an external shell covering up an empty inside. Any woman of quality will see through that a mile away. Secondly, men who are not complete idiots don’t say “Brah” every four seconds. Just my two cents, take it for what it’s worth.

    1. >>> “men who are not complete idiots don’t say “Brah” every four seconds.”
      No kidding.
      There’s a funny graphic floating around that says something like, “I may be 40, but I feel like I’m 20, then I talk to some actual 20 year-olds, and then I think, no, never mind.”
      Suddenly, Return of Kings is starting to read like YouTube comments.
      I weep for the future.

    2. If a “woman of quality” sees through him, that would just mean her professional discrimination as a whore rules him out for a relationship, but she’d still pretty much instantly fuck him. Her “quality” is therefore for our purposes irrelevant.

    3. He’s probably an idiot. But I really hate this “no woman of quality” trope. It’s like game denialist bullshit “only bar sluts and skanks will fall for that”. How would you define “quality” for a woman who is in or below Zyzz’ age group? What could a 22 year old woman possibly have going for her, and what would it matter to a young guy who just wants to get laid?
      It’s like listening to ugly bitches saying beautiful women are stupid, vain and psycho.

      1. @ Hugh G. Rection, I agree with you 100%
        @Sir Alan, he had a job as a male stripper. His popularity multiplied overnight when he died, even though he’d been posting on Youtube for a few years. I don’t think he ever would’ve gotten big (excuse the pun) had he lived.

      2. @Hugh G. Rection
        I meant in general, not just those girls in his milieu. That absurd level of muscularity comes off as too vain and therefore is an insecurity red flag.
        And, “quality girls” doesn’t mean quality in the sense of how men determine worth, but rather simply that they’re applying a more rigorous standard of mate assessment. This usually means they’re smarter. And this will be manifest in some way whether 18 years old or 45.
        Of course, you are correct in that if he just wants to bang dumb chicks who lack the competence to detect the insecurity, he can.

        1. ‘Absurd level of muscularity’…you reek of insecurity. The person Zyzz built himself into can game any girl. Pushing yourself makes you a better man, and if there’s anything good about Zyzz, it’s that he showed us that.

    4. > Any woman of quality will see through that a mile away.
      Many gorgeous women ended up on his dick

  12. Zyzz is neither a role model or a bad influence. He is just an inspiration. Zyzz lived his life how he wanted. He knew what he wanted to accomplish and went after it. Zyzz was tired of being as skinny ass kid that got little respect from girls and guys. He went to the gym five days a week every day and did muscle tearing workouts until failure. I do not admire Zyzz for his physique, despite how aesthetic it was, I admire him for living life how the chose to see fit. I don’t think Zyzz would advocate for steroid use but he always emphasized the importance of nutrition and pushing yourself past your limits in order to make gains.
    I do not necessarily agree with his lifestyle (excessive drug use) but he did what any 20-22 year old guy should have been doing – going out and having fun. The Zyzz persona was nothing more than an act and I do think he was too narcissistic (like most of us young guys) but he did more in his life than some guy who works at a desk job stapling papers all day. He actually LIVED and did simply exist, like too many do.
    I believe that if Zyzz stuck around, his popularity would have increased quite a bit and he would have gotten even more endorsement deals than he already had. Zyzz was making some good in roads on revenue already at 22 without even having a job. His natural charisma could have branched out into many other things.
    Zyzz inspired a lot of people to be themselves and to have the most fun in life as they can. I don’t think someone who was a bad influence could do that.

    1. “Zyzz lived his life how he wanted. He knew what he wanted to accomplish and went after it. Zyzz was tired of being as skinny ass kid that got little respect from girls and guys.”
      There is a contradiction there. Sounds to me like he ended up living his life not according to his wants, but rather those of others.

      1. He mainly worked out so he’d feel better about himself in relation to other people, but his lifestyle was more IDGAF. If he really lived his life according to how people wanted, he wouldn’t have been the massive troll and party-guy that he was known as. He’d be a desk clerk beta shrub if he followed the rules and played along.

  13. He’s the pinup for “little boy in a gorilla suit”. What he did was one massive case of avoiding-his-real-problems. He wanted to look the part instead of becoming the part.

    1. And that’s the sad part of his premature demise. He never got the chance to deconstruct his motivations; in other words, grow up. I guess the best you can say is he probably had a blast towards the end there.

      1. He lived life to the fullest? He did deconstruct his motivation phaggot. ” My motivation goes far beyond impressing anyone” he loved the lifestyle you idiot

  14. Weight lifting, when done right, is fantastic. But doing roids instead of dieting correctly to look cut just strikes me as defeating the purpose.
    I’ve been lifting for a year and intermittent fasting for 3 months. It will take me longer to get where I want to be, but I suspect the end result will be much more satisfying.

  15. u mirin, brah?
    u mirin, jaw brah?
    u jelly?
    Jokes aside, Zyzz did whatever the fuck he wanted, and for that he was a true Alpha male.

    1. No, Zyzz SCREAMS beta. Total beta male hiding behind those muscles. Future divorcee getting is ass raped in family court and crying when he’s alone.
      An alpha male would be the guy from the photo on the left living unapologetically and getting ass because of it. You just have to imagine him in a different shirt is all.

  16. ZYZZ set a goal and achieved it not giving a fack what others have to say. He did what was needed to achieve god like aesthetics. He took the risk just like the rest of the bicycle riders and its very unfortunate people are looking down on him without knowing him or his story. There is a reason this man has influenced so if you do a little research to find out. He didn’t wanna grow old working a boring 9-5 job like the rest of u haters. You want something in life ??? GO GET IT
    ..forever mirin brah ..your legend will never die and be forgotten

  17. ZYZZ’s life proves that many men who get to the very top, pay for it with a short life and a brutish end. Think Caesar, NFL players, and Lance Armstrong.
    Armstrong nearly lost his life early, like ZYZZ, because performance enhancing drugs were said to be the cause of his cancer, which Armstrong admitted himself. Now his career is dead because of dark triad that got him there.
    For every Jay-Z who got into the game, clawed his way to the top, and stayed there, are others who followed the same blueprint but got killed or brought down by some tragic flaw.

  18. I don’t see what the hype is about Zyzz.
    I understand that the vast majority of his popularity these days has been derived from the fact that he died young. As far as aesthetics go, he wasn’t necessarily the most special bodybuilder out there. There are a lot of guys who look like Zyzz, and I maintain that his physique is actually acquirable by a large amount of men who are willing to put in the time and take the substances to do it.
    The reason why Zyzz was so popular while he was alive was due to the fact that he was a prolific internet troll. His entire identity was built off of his physique, much like how a woman’s worth is basically built off the value of her sex. He offered little else other than that and, if you review his past, you realize he was quite narcissistic and insecure.
    My overall dislike for Zyzz does not stem from the fact that he took steroids. I don’t care. In fact, testosterone injections are technically more safe than birth control pills are for women and the only reason its recreational administration is banned is because of its potency as a constructive force for men both physically and psychologically.
    Anyway, I felt the need to type this up because people don’t really remember who exactly Zyzz was.

    1. A popular path to popculture icon status is to “Live fast, dies young, leave a good looking corpse”
      In our feminized, you are what you look like, culture, this guy succeeded at the latter beyond pretty much anyone else.

  19. Zyzz was a modern-day Samson. He was done in by a fatal flaw: his overuse of steroids. Still, he created a cult-like following and had tons of girls trying to get with him. Long live Zyzz.

  20. Test levels have been dropping 1.2% since 1980. Why buy into the govt’s frame that steroid use is cheating and dangerous? This is the same govt that claims its too difficult to filter the estrogen out of the water that is lowering males test levels each year, and yet made sure to ban steroids and make people have to jump through hoops to get test even if they are 70 years old and their test level is 200 ng/dl. Same govt that makes sure to always mention how dangerous steroids are in the media but strangely enough never brings up the estrogen in the water and how men’s test is decreasing each year.
    Fact is, us men aren’t competing on a equal playing field here. It’d be one thing if men’s test levels were what they are suppose to be. But they aren’t, so I cant look down on anyone who uses steroids when moderate steroid use appears to be quite safe. I mean in 30 years when test has decreased another 30% are we still going to be advising men to do it naturally?

  21. I find the whole thing sad really. I remember bumping into a video of his a few years ago and thought it was a joke and a bunch of guys showing off topless and looking for attention.
    Having now read Roosh’s post. My impression hasn’t changed.
    Zyzz became famous because he was able to satisfy every insecure guy’s false expectation that getting jacked would make you score women.
    That’s why I often feel sorry for most if the guys pumping weights when I pass my local gym because they’re all doing it for the wrong reasons.
    They’ve built themselves up simply to help cover their insecurities.
    I honestly find it surprising that the game community discusses this as if its the ‘magic pill’ to getting laid.
    I would argue that being game aware. We already have it…
    I know a guy who has the body of a tree trunk yet he’s tapping more girls than I am. And he’s fucked models, actresses and strippers.
    It’s all common sense really. If you want to fuck more girls. Simply talk to more girls. Why go to the gym when you can simply walk up to a girl and talk to her? You get more of what you focus on.
    One last point…
    You have to seriously be smart and ask yourselves the question:
    Would a smart, beautiful and high self-esteemed woman be seen with guys like that?
    If you can’t look at yourself in the mirror and honestly believe that you’re entitled to a high quality girl. Then it’s not your body that needs sorting, but something far deeper.
    Just my too cents.

    1. Unless that women was gay, she ca’nt possibly resist him. no homo. As for that fat prick of a friend, is he tapping his own equals? RIP Sweet Prince xx

    2. I used to be on that game hype son, but you know whats the truth? People deal with their insecurities in different ways. With some people its game and with some people its Lifting, fighting, Money making. There’s not only one way. And mate as much as you want to believe right, portray yourself as big and as high as you want with game, after the one night stand if you want a relationship she’ll definately find out your true side. It’s not about pulling the girls, It’s what happens after. What use is a first impression if you aint true to yourself.
      I’m done here

    3. > Would a smart, beautiful and high self-esteemed woman be seen with guys like that?
      Yes. Stop making excuses.

    4. true but you could say game is a way to cover up your insecurities too. pot calling the kettle black here.

  22. This article is too hard on steroids. If done properly and in reasonable doses steroids are not that unhealthy. In fact most people would be healthier with some amount of extra T. Of course Zyzz was probably doing far more than is healthy.

  23. The “he cheated” thing doesn’t apply IMHO. He wasn’t competing with anyone. It’s like saying a woman with fake breasts is ‘cheating’ women with natural breasts that aren’t as big. End of the day if he decided to take a substance to make his journey to getting the body he wanted easier, then so be it. He wasn’t cheating anyone other than people who wished they had his body. And that’s just projecting envy onto him. Is it cheating to take powered protein? Special post work out shakes? Ice baths? Altitude training?
    Now if his death was the result of him becoming hooked on drugs or stuck in a spiral of usage to get bigger well past a point he should have stopped at.. then yes, that’s a tragic shame, as tragic as any substance abuse that leads to an early and unexpected death. Everyone can become addicted to things that make them feel good. No one is perfect. We can all become addicted to things that can harm our life span.
    I think what sticks with me is for the body he had.. and the speculated substances he took.. he looks like a bloody nice guy to be around. I mean the dancing on webcam.. the constant smiling.. the way he was around women.. him hugging his dog.. the photos with strangers.. he looks like a nice guy. There was no aggression. No hint that he was full of rage or anger that a lot of substance abusers get like. No hint that he felt because he became well built he could go around starting fights every Friday night. The guy looked like he wouldn’t say boo to a ghost. Even Charlie Sheen said just last week, when he took steroids, he wanted to go to bars and hit people. It screwed his head up. Where in any of the Zyzz videos is any suggestion he was like that? I see none. Just a nice guy who had a lot of fun in the final years of his life. I’m sure we all hope for the same.
    We’re all on a journey and we’ll all make decisions on that journey. He made his. His choice.

    1. It’s not like he juiced and then sat on his ass waiting to get big, he juiced and worked his bag off to acquire a physique that many people aspire to mimic. I commend his effort to aim for the more asthetic look, as opposed to the “mass monsters” that are overtaking today’s bodybuilding scene

      1. I actually have more respect for the likes of mass monsters like Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and the like because they put in hard work constantly. They reached their genetic potentials before juicing, and juiced responsibly to keep making gains without dying, all while putting in decades of hard work to attain their physiques. They’re a lot healthier than this guy because they know how to cycle properly and they worked hard to get strong as well. Zyzz is all show, no go. To get to Mr O, you need to have a lot of go, otherwise there won’t be enough show. Look: Ronnie benches 600, deads 800 for 2 easy reps, and squats 800. Zyzz barely benches 286 with a spotter pulling that stuff up. You can’t sit on your ass and bench 600, but you can definitely do lazy workouts and bench 286 after 2 years of taking roids.

        1. you are trashy yourself and unlearned about the body , more lies and more drugs use and peds , execuses , and dope heads it will catch up with them later in life too, you are stupid and uneducated in health and fitness, and drugs,peds. they are not healthy at all , drugs and peds does not make you healthy or help your body to be healthy, hard work – that is a joke , more roids and cycles , they all going to crock over or side effects going to miss them up first. and your wrong about the siting on your ….. you know nothing about drugs and exercise .and bench pressing …… i scene the laziness guys do drugs/peds in a short time and bench 300 plus and more in 20-30 mins of working out . and know of guys who bench press 450 plus or so all on drugs users/peds use, and do not even work out very long . and the quick-fix is cheating and steroids are illegal drugs, anabolic steroids are bad for healthy and the lazy way . you are deceived and probably on the dope yourself . cheaters would never make it back into the days of charles atlas , and steve reeves -no juice and no peds to use nor quick-fixes.

      2. and thats a good thing? inspired a bunch more morons to mimic him and roid up their skinny bodies to look like this douche bag? its dumb beyond belief.

      3. trashy , dope heads , lazy , quick-fix, illegal steroids , peds ,and execuses ….. he is dead and dope heads are losers at the end of the line , and all sinners go to hell, lake of fire too.

    2. Offer and demand dude. Personal image is a competition due to this thing called sex appeal, which is relative to the available offer. If as a male you attended a party and Zyzz was also there you look like shit in comparison. Zyzz was 22. Without using Roids it would of taken you decades of dedication to achieve that. Thus he used roids to steal your sugar walls (he had them lined up) and then asked you “you mad brah?”.

        1. his lifestyle caused him to die at 22. if you think that equals something good you are a fool.
          the guy was obviously running away from some huge insecurities judged by his reckless behaviour. that is nothing to salute.

        2. If you think I have in any way implied that Zyzz’s lifestyle is something good you are a fool who has no reading comprehension.

    3. it might not be cheating but it sure is dumb that a guy who didn’t even have the virtue of patience and had to take a massive short cut that probably contributed to his death has a cult following. seriously, people are getting stupider and stupider.

  24. Whats the difference between someone using steroids and someone eating junk food and sitting on the couch everyday, both are destroying their bodies, but you have a bunch of haters crucifying Zyzz. Look at all the fat unhealthy slobs in our society who will die at 40 from heart disease, they certainly out number the Zyzz physiques.

    1. wrong , if they get medicines , the obese can live to be in their 70s or 80s . and they can lose weight and no side effects , steroid users /peds have side effects that are dangerous unreversible and death occurs , and steroids are illegal drugs/peds . and not made for humans -anabolic steroids you are completely ignorant there is a difference / 1.a natural person can lose weight -obese person and get off meds.2 steroids have side effects that can not be undone . especially if the liver or heart is to far gone .

  25. He was a troll and for that i respect him.And so what if he was a poser? He banged more cunts than anyone of you haters could imagine , so hate more 🙂

  26. Aziz Shavershian? Another Iranian dude like Roosh? He’s got a cute face but I like Roosh’s hairy chest.

  27. This article like many others is ignorant to steriods. The reason people misuse them is because of the fact that information is concealed from them rather than letting people make informed decisions about wha they want to do with their body. There is no cheating unless someone uses these things in a competition where they are not allowed.
    I believe roids should be regulated and legalised everywhere and correct information should be available to any who want to take that route with their bodybuilding journey. I would rather see guys getting shredded and enjoying their life than getting fucked up on booze, driving cars when drunk and beating their wives.
    We don’t know the curcumstances of Zyzz’s death and it’s none of our business. Plenty of people have unknown heart problems so for all we know, it was bound to happen given his increased stress. A family member age 30 only died recently and unexpectedly like this from heart failure. Even if it did kill him, it’s more reason to want to regulate steroids so people can do it safely and without fear. Fear only breeds ignorance.
    Rest in peace Zyzz.

    1. All medications have side effects, specially hormonal medications. Usually the bigger the effect, the bigger the side effects.

    2. anabolic steroids are not made for humans to take they are artificial substances and chemicals , and illegal , you are promoting steroids and illegal drugs , and yes they are cheating , they are not natural but artificial hormones , your opinions are not facts and stupidity . you must be taken them yourself or a loser on dope , etc…. and uneducated in healthy life, and body, and soul . and we need not more steroids, peds, dope heads running around with roid range like a manic , trying to fight and kill more people and dying off younger or missed up their lives .no wonder the medical bills are so high , people have to pay for the dope heads at the hospitals, jails ,etc… it is sickening .

  28. Haters gonna hate, faggots gonna fag.
    You’re all mirin’, don’t lie
    He died of a heart condition + everything else, not just roids.
    He came from nothing, and built his own way up to mount olympus.
    Maybe he used roids secretly, but he never admitted or encouraged anybody else to do them. When he played Zyzz, he always pushed people to build themselves through hard work and heart, he never encouraged anybody to use roids. Zyzz isn’t real, he’s a characterization of a way of life, a true role model for anybody who wants a healthy and extremely rewarding lifestyle, a true inspiration.
    I wont judge Aziz for any mistakes he made in his personal life, we all make them. We should learn from his mistakes instead of judging him.
    RIP Son of Zeus, brother of Hercules, and father of aesthetics.

      1. I think what they resent about him most is just that — he -didn’t- “come from nothing”. No one does.
        It’s that perception which we loathe. Like not being able to appreciate something unless it’s absolutely perfect. That is what killed him, not the steroids.

        1. don’t take word literally. what he meant from nothing is mean zyzz come from super duper weakling skinny cannot live anything to muscular that can lift more than 10 kg each dumbbell or whatever. yeah i am in a cult. lol

      2. your brains are fried ,and you look like a hoar , uneducated in healthy . peds are illegal drugs, cheating and against the law ,they destroy your body and kill . many wrestlers, football players, bodybuilders , models ,etc…. have died young and have diseases from the peds . trashy.

    1. haha you’re in denial. you’re an idiot to think he didn’t die from steroids. Steroids causes the muscles in your heart to grow abnormally large. He was only 22 that should be enough said. After all who dies of a heart attack at that age?

    2. fucking faggot cunts talking shit about zyzz, brah, all u sad cunts be mirin’ zyzz’s aesthetics zyzz is aesthetic sick cunt brah (no homo) , none of u fukn hater sad bitches got shit on zyzz’s aesthetics hes fucking shredded cunt brah (no homo), just cos u sad cunts be mirin’ on zyzz’s aesthetics brah u bitches be hatin’ on him, zyzz is the god of aesthetics brah (no homo) gods dont die! forever mirin (no homo) zyzz, brah’ zyzz is fukn shredded brah be a sick cunt with a ambitioning like zyz brah’ role model brah sick cunt shredded zyzz brah (no homo) sick cunt zyzz brah dont be a fuckn hater brah’ (no homo) zyzz brah’ aesthetics brah’ (no homo)

    3. Zyyz was more self-absorbed about his body than most girls out there. He needed to get a life! Ooops, too bad he died from abusing the sh1t out of steroids, too late to get a life now.

    4. your uneducated and deceived and worshipping paganism and false gospel and false gods , worship of men and idols , satanism , wicked and ungodly yourself ,following a dead man that lied to you and others , he is a sinner and dead going to hell lake of fire . he is trashy and dope head ,uneducated and cheated , and peds user, and know telling what other substances he use bad . and for the wages of sin is death . if the blind leads the blind both will fall into the ditch . blind follows the blind . death by steroids , you have no discernment .

    5. Yeah,and people think that gear will give you great body without insane workouts and diet.I bet if Zyzz didn’t use any gear at all he would look pretty much the same.

      1. He would’ve taken much longer than the 2 years it took him to get there. 2 years should’ve been the minimum amount of time he should’ve stayed natty imho. And then start with MODERATE dosages to get a feeling for the gear. Pro BB are on a shitload of substances, but they have a career that involves being big as shit, Zyzz didn’t (nothing that would’ve made him a Coleman anyhow). Also, Pro BB are superhuman in regard to being able to take so many toxins into their body (though of course they counteract many side effects through yet another substance).

    6. Every serious athlete on bodybuilding boards hates the fag. Narcissistic cunt, His heart gave out because he was on DNP and Coke. Natural selection at its best. I’m not against juicing or taking other stuff such as Clen, Ephedrine, Adrenaline or whatever floats your boat. However, if you do so, do so responsibly and don’t be stupid like this guy. Also, don’t be a faggot and seek validation on the interwebz. If you absolutely have to, get your validation from real people, not from some keyboardwarriors on 4chan or whatever.

  29. I love this site, but please either get people who know what they’re talking about to write about fitness or stop doing it altogether. Every single fitness article on this website contains so many erroneous claims that it’s mind-boggling. And then you start talking about gear, XD. Why would you talk about steroids when you don’t even understand basic fitness concepts.
    RIP The King, forever mirin.

  30. Zyzz is the Father of Aesthetics. If you cant even spell his name right…. Dont criticize his Life. RIP Zyzz, Forever Remembered.

  31. Steroids only allow you to surpass your natural physical limitations. Weather you take them or not, you still have to put in the hard work. There is no ‘magical muscle pills’ you can take and all of a sudden you are a ripped up, jacked muscle-head.
    Zyzz was an inspiration to this generation, and will be remembered for a long time to come. Rest in piece bruh, we forever mirin.

  32. Well, there in no sports-person on this planet in any famous game, who would have not taken steroids for becoming better than what they naturally are. Bodybuilders and wrestlers do take steroids and many of these if taken properly and in limited dosage are not hazardous. Zyzz died due to a congenital heart condition, so its unfair to say that just steroids or weight training did it. If you have a bad gene HCM/ HOCM, you could die at any age (mostly young) at anytime sitting in a quilt!
    Zyzz is a role model not a bad influence and though he is a legend now, had he have lived till today, he might have been more famous than Justin Bieber. He was a man, who built himself from a nobody kid to a celebrity with just a tool of internet videos. Something, that all cannot do! RIP Zyzz!

  33. People are way to judgemental, so what he used steroids, (I’m neither for nor against them) its not as if the steroids make you big overnight he worked way harder than anyone not taking them! and why is it that it’s all about wealth/money? He lived his life and enjoyed it!
    It’s got nothing to do with anyone as a person it’s their choice to take steroids and no one elses, don’t blame him for ‘influencing’ them, he influences me to train but I don’t take steroids
    R.I.P Zyzz Forever Mirin

  34. you are a bit of a faggot , arent you ?? look like you are a big fan of Own3r, Dimtri Duke-Nukem guy !!! stop writing bs and go lift weights, off you go !

  35. yh i heard he was a douche but i still admire him as he was very entrepreneurial and had good physique i have some motivational quotes from him

  36. Haters don’t really hate you, they hate themselve cause you are a reflection of they wich to be.

  37. It still surprises me how ignorant the general public is on steroid use. Steroids do not make you big and/or shredded. You still have to work your @$$ off to get a body like Zyzz, with or without gear.
    Long live Zyzz, Son of Zeus, Father of Aesthetics! May his memory live on our hearts, souls and muscles.

  38. It’s not about the steroids. He was a bad influence because he made the impression that beauty is only skin deep. Even though his videos encouraged people to become more physically fit he turned an entire generation into bassically douche baggs and tools. Zyzz didn’t make youtube videos to encourage or enspire, he made youtube videos to get more of what he loved “attention”. He (in my oppinion) gives bodybuilding a bad name the way criminal thugs give black males with hip hop “swag” a bad name. By making them look ignorant. People (especially young) looked at Zyzz at saw that he was attractive, got alot of girls and had money but they also see that man acting like an immature jock from high school and treating lesser looking people as if they were not on his level so ofcorse people are going to associate that mentallity with his life style the exact same way young people see celebrities like Lil Wayne and 2 Pac with women and money but they are spreading ignorance and violence so people saught out to obtain that exact same image and life style. You don’t have to be a stuck up douche bagg to get hot girls and be sexy. What this world needs are role models who are attractive, wealthy, loved and spread a message of loving one another, education themselves and bettering the world rather than being a self obsorbed egotistic ass clown.

    1. ” If the world was filled with the same people it would be boring”. Get shredded or you’ll die mirin ya bish

    2. This is a fucking woman for sure…. Ey yo don’t listen to this shit. “He was a bad influence because he made the impression that beauty is only skin deep. Even though his videos encouraged people to become more physically fit he turned an entire generation into bassically douche baggs and tools.” bullshit brothers beware. Women don’t like nice guys…. I’m not saying beat women or some shit like that. I’m saying You’re not a womans first priority, So why should she be your first priority… Go out and do what you want and don’t suck up to women. If you think being nice and smothering her in compliments is gonna work you’re fucked out your head….
      More of me later

    3. He’s not a bad influence because of steroids (who cares about that shit? Are we still really talking about steroids?) he’s a bad influence because he helped create an army of complete fucking self absorbed douche bags who spend their time flexing in the mirror and hash tagging annoying bullshit like #youmirinbro. One fucking idiot after another idolizing a complete piece of shit. The probablility for women being date raped has tripled since this guy blew up on social networks and yeah, I’m glad the shit bagger died before he had the chance to influence another generation of mindless fucktards. “#doyouevenliftbrah?” Yeah you skinny little shit…I do. More than any of you, no doubt. It’s bad enough the world has to deal with little snitches like Jeremy Buendia…but do we still have to feel the after affects of this asshole???

      1. your trashy and wicked , ungodly yourself and yes he was on drugs , of the world and a bad guy , he got want was coming to him, for the wages of sin is death , physical and spiritual. was on peds, and bad influence , you speak for the devil and your own words condemn you , cussing does not make a better man , blind leads the blind both will fall into the ditch , wickedness proceeds from the wicked too. i am against dope heads , drugs, etc. peds , and condemn all of that garbage .

    4. Having always been into the whole weight-lifting and gym culture since I was a teenager, I never understood the Zyyz phenomenon. Being someone who looks up to guys like Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer; Zyyz is a moron and a douche bag compared to them. They treated bodybuilding as an adjunct towards greater holistic development of the person; Zyyz was a self-absorbed douche bag, and his popularity is responsible for creating a sub-culture of self-absorbed mornoic douche bags trying to act “alpha”, but the fact of the matter is they come off as insecure little boys, lost in a scramble for gratification.
      I tell tou what, I’m not mirin Zyyz’s death!

        1. Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer , dope heads themselves and quick -fix drugs. uneducated in health and fitness and dying young .

      1. look up to lazy steroids users who died young Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer , dope heads themselves and quick -fix drugs. uneducated in health and fitness and dying young . i myself will stick to all natural body and healthy way, while the dope heads, peds users are dead or messed up from the side effects.

      hot girls and be sexy ,is of the flesh and sin, lusts of the flesh , corrupted minds and satanism . that leads on the wide gate to hell, lake of fire that many are on in this wicked generation. last message

    6. Cut the kid some slack, he was a very young man, how many young men can you say the same things about.
      Regardless of how he died, the fact is he is dead.
      He was only here a short while but made himself a legacy in a very short time. It’s very sad his young life is over so soon, but in the scheme of things our lifespans are but a blink in time.
      Try being kind to one another in the time we have, we all will be dead soon enough for billions of years ,just as we were before we were born

  39. whoever published this article is a fucking ignorant dipshit, he didn’t die from steriod use he died from an undiagnosed heart condition. and taking steriods is an “easy way” or a “shortcut” it takes even more work that way, and commenting “rent boy” on his job is uncalled for, he worked as a stripper so he could support his healthy lifestyle and persue his dreams of becoming a bodybuilder, that was his job it wasn’t who he was.

  40. This article is offensive on several levels but I can’t help but agree with the spirit of it in part.
    Zyzz introduced a hyper-masculine cartoon of himself in a playful way which, I’m afraid, a lot of people who look up to him now are blind to. He created his own identity without regard to what the “norm” was. What concerns me is that now, rather than people seeing this as an open door to reinvent themselves as they see fit, too many people are following the Zyzz playbook to the T. He used the term “aesthetic” correctly – meaning to have a unique and considered personal connection to the world which one adheres to. Now it’s confused with the opposite: blindly following the trends set forward by someone who followed nobody.
    But what bothers me about this article is the assumptions it makes about masculinity. To say that something is or is not more or less masculine is a self-imposed sexism which needs to be weeded out of our culture – specifically our gym culture. So he stripped. Does that make him a woman? Maybe he liked it. Hell, even if he took a dick in his mouth that doesn’t make him any more or less masculine. Where do you draw the line? Manscaping? Makeup? Excessive attention to hair style? He was guilty of all of these but using his body that you praise so highly as being masculine is somehow an issue? I see it as being smart so long as he did it willingly and didn’t think any less of himself for it.
    Same with steroids. This culture needs to get the stick out of its ass about steroid use. It’s a part of our (bodybuilding) community. Some people choose to use it, some don’t. It’s no more “cheating” than, say, hiring a trainer instead of studying for years about what works best for you. Everyone has their own way to get to where they want to be and as long as we – as bodybuilders – continue to demonize or otherwise look down upon those who don’t go about it the exact same way we do we are doomed to remain a sad subculture on par with the bitchiest den of drag queens imaginable.
    What makes this community so great is that it is so adaptable to each person’s approach, goals, and needs. I dislike Zyzz as a cultural icon but only because people seem to be missing the point to the detriment of bodybuilding at large as well as to the memory the pretend to think they are celebrating. If you want to see him as either a villain or a savior I should remind you that what always made him worth listening to was that he wasn’t afraid to be both at the same time.

    1. Shut up. He is the Father of Aesthetics. Enough said fgt. Your wasting your time trying to be smart.

  41. He showed in one of his videos that he was taking Clenbuterol which is a performance enhancing drug and is mainly used in live stock, The FDA has banned it in the U.S. for human consumption. It can cause cardiac hypertrophy (enlargement of heart ventricles), a
    potentially serious form of heart damage, as well as irregular rhythms,
    and as stated above, specific cell death. That along with his already inherited heart condition and anything else he was taking was not a good combination for him.

  42. You can’t just take steroids and become huge. You still have to put in just as much work. Yes, obviously he injected using steroids or HGH but he still had to work for that body. So cheating? Not really.
    As for forgetting about zyzz… Theres still a growing ‘cult’, as you say, and many guys are still looking to achieve that aesthetic look (steroids or not).
    You obviously do not know about steroids or how they work, let alone how bodybuilding works.
    So yes, whenever someone becomes successful theres always people going to put you down. Everyone hates that other people are successful, and not them.
    As Zyzz says “Haters gonna hate”.
    “I’d rather be a person thats hated on, than a person that does the hating”.

  43. Don’t be Zyzz- be Arnie. Zyzz could barely bench 286 for one rep. That shows that he didn’t work hard to get where he got. Arnie, on the other hand, benched 347, squatted 440, and deadlifted 660 at the age of 19, and at around the same bodyweight as Zyzz. He worked hard. He only used roids to stay strong while cutting (instead of bulking without much effort or strength), and they’ve barely caught up to him (heart issues in 1999). Work out to get stronger, and size will come. It’s hard to do, but it’s the best way to pack on size if you’re natty while bulking. It’s undoubtably the slower path – Arnie started powerlifting when he was 15 – but it’s much more rewarding, as your muscle is your accomplishment made by your testosterone, and not some silly shit in a needle that doesn’t belong in your ass. That’s why Arnie’s still around and still pretty strong, while Zyzz is dead.Just work hard and think long term – every man has the genetic potential to bench 300 without drugs, and when you can do that, ladies will be mirin’ those pecs and tris. PS: if you think steroids had nothing to do with Zyzz’s death, look up Wikipedia for side effects: increased / worse cholesterol, high blood pressure, and changes to the left ventricle of the heart are all there. Any congenital defect he had would only have gotten worse with juice, so it’s highly likely he could have lived longer before it hit him without roids (or at least responsible use).

  44. *Oh wait, I just looked at the list of recent articles and realized this
    blog brands itself with articles meant to spark criticism and
    controversy. Anyway…
    The most degrading anti masculine profession there is?!
    Are you fucking kidding me? Why do people spout that word off like reflex when describing exotic entertainers – ‘degrading’?
    I can understand if you are a puritanical Christian or generally religious type, but an author on a blog about masculinity… What?!
    I can say from personal experience that there is absolutely nothing degrading about displaying your physique. And having sex appeal strong enough for women to PAY for it.
    In fact, the opposite is true. It’s a massive confidence builder. It builds your self image in the world of male-female relationships. It frees you from the binds of western puritanical denouncement of open sexuality.

  45. Zyzz burned the candle from both ends. In the end we all end up burning our candles so who gives a shit?
    I do not want to live like that. I’m more about eating homemade cookies with my wife in a garden we’ve planted together and called paradise. I don’t want momentary greatness on the pale blue dot. I want to feel amazement, amusement, beauty, trust, company, wonder, joy, intrigue, mystery, desire, hope; and to a lesser extent fear, sadness, need, vulnerability and solitude.
    So often the drive to feel superior comes from a desire to feel like what we think a normal person would.

  46. fucking faggot cunts talking shit about zyzz, brah, all u sad cunts be mirin’ zyzz’s aesthetics zyzz is aesthetic sick cunt brah (no homo) , none of u fukn hater sad bitches got shit on zyzz’s aesthetics hes fucking shredded cunt brah (no homo), just cos u sad cunts be mirin’ on zyzz’s aesthetics brah u bitches be hatin’ on him, zyzz is the god of aesthetics brah (no homo) gods dont die! forever mirin (no homo) zyzz, brah’ zyzz is fukn shredded brah be a sick cunt with a ambitioning like zyz brah’ role model brah sick cunt shredded zyzz brah (no homo) sick cunt zyzz brah dont be a fuckn hater brah’ (no homo) zyzz brah’ aesthetics brah’ (no homo)

  47. zyzz is fine nothing wrong with him, some people call him arrogant but thats just the way he is and he hasnt hurt anybody
    its the fucking annoying insecure closeted 15 year old homophobic sexist fan that makes him look bad, overusing his phrases
    “brah dont hate on zyzz ill lay you out you fairy cunt hes the man brahh im a sik cunt who gets bitches like him brah”

  48. RIP ZYZZ .. zyzz died because because of his undiagnosed heart condition.not because of steroid or anything.. he nevr promoted steroids or any substances in his life.. so this post have been degrading his figure as steroid junky tht he is not.. zyzz motivated lot of people. and enjoyed life at its peek.. dont b jealous who ever write this post.. get shredded or die mirrin… love u brah.. RIP.. he will b always remembered as the most perfect aesthetic body ever walked on planet earth.. to the poster dont b a hard cunt b a sickcunt.. ZYZZ forever

  49. It was the clenbuterol and lack of cardio that killed Zyzz. Steroids and HGH are generally safe; provided one pays attention to cholesterol/triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and thyroid hormone levels. The internet is so much more than a place to get porn, it was developed for scientists to communicate remotely about cutting edge research.

  50. A definate inspiration to people to work hard and live their dreama, to be who they want to be. He sent a good message to people that with belief and hard work you can change your life.
    If you knew him in person you would know he was actually a really nice, humble guy. He was loved and he is missed. I
    f I am to say anything negative is that, he was not healthy, nor was he fit. He did barely any proper cardio, his blood pressure was through the roof, his organs such as his liver would have been struggling. This is because of all the drugs he took, party drugs along with steroids and so forth.
    So he was an inspiration to many people but he was not a role model for a healthy lifestyle in my opinion.

  51. Here at ROK we go on endlessly about how important it is to lift. The thing is, as a 21st century man you should never rely on your body for success – that is total medieval thinking. What is between your ears is far more important than your pecs or abs. Lift? Yes! Read? Better! Practice, play, live, game, gamble, and such. YMMV but it is guys like Franco Columbo and Arnold Schwarzenegger that kids should look up to, not this passing may fly. Work it. Get your PhD. Build a business empire. Fuck Kennedy squak. Lead the largest state in the union.
    If you are a fat slob or skinny little bitch then get to the gym, but that is not your end game. Jedi mind tricks will get you more tail and money than any amount of steroids ever will.

  52. This guy not represent escene bodybuilding …he dye in a sauna ..with dnp in blood and clenbuterol for ripped? thats why the problem of heart of is the CC and meth in pills? ohh sorry for the followers of thsi guy of the new era ….anybody remember nasser el sonbaty ? paul de mayo ? andreas muntzer? thats are embassadors of the word bodybuilding …this guy zyzz is only a kid with a patetic life to one day see in the mirror and tell …i wanna be someone important and famous …I train alot of people better of that kid and hes dont got to clubs in night and try to show and flex a just 1 or 2 years of training ?
    guys like this really send to the hell the bad reputation of people to train in the gym …now all the kids to coming the gyms tells …ohh sure …roids and im bigger ….wait a minute is not all about only roids …is about metabolism …night sleeping …respect foryourself and others …and Change for better all the time ,,,BODYBUILDING is training all the body …not only the MUSCLES TO OTHERS SEE … is for you …your interior respect ,,,this guy just get the wrong way of the power of training in the gym …
    Im not hate no one to train hard …but respect each others and people to dont train too …

  53. I have built a wooden house by myself from scratch. Now i want to kill a bear with a hatchet and after that single handedly stop a lgbt parade. My goals are goals of a man. Looking like this ? What is this? Sorry but this is new age trash. Never comfort to form instead of function. And this armenian is dead too. I hope kim kardashian is next.

  54. Mike, we all know you were toking on his meat pipe most times you hooked up. You probably have traces of the gear in your system from the copious amounts of Zyzz jizz that you gulped. You were mirin swillin’ that shit like the dirty queer you are.

  55. For what it’s worth, I believe more research on steroid use and consequences SHOULD be allowed and done and science SHOULD give the society the answers it badly needs.
    We DO know Zyzz died of a heart attack and we all know Zyzz did roids, but we CAN NOT in all honesty claim the two are connected. Yes, he died at the age of 22 but there’s people with undiscovered heart conditions dying of heart attacks even before their teens. And there’s proven and self-proclaimed roid users who live(d) up to 70+ no problem. Anyone who’s not a naive fool knows a HUGE number of athletes – almost all pro athletes of nearly all sports nowadays – are on some kind of juice and well.. while there ARE some odd cases, they’re not really dropping like flies, are they? The problem is, THEY MIGHT START TO as we really DON’T have any REAL research on what steroids do to people, in which quantities, at what times in their lives.
    Let’s get our heads out of our asses, A LOT of kids today are doing roids without as much as a drs checkup before starting a cycle, they’re buying who knows what from illegal sources and injecting who knows how much of that into their bodies. There have been reports of stuffs like motor oil found in roids. Hello? And these people are your kids, friends, neighbors, relatives. I think the RESPONSIBLE move for the society would be to
    – make roids LEGAL and focus on CONTROLLING the market so people at least know what and how much of it they’re taking
    – generously fund MASSIVE studies dedicated to steroid effects on human body
    – create a controlled way to legally obtain steroids through your local MP which would include mandatory check ups, health control and expert guidance which would be just enough to make people be safe but not enough hassle to resort to black market (yeah, that won’t go away so soon)
    I believe that people who are gonna take steroids are gonna do so regardless. I’ve never wanted to do so myself, in spite of working out and training for over 10 years; but I feel if my kid wanted to go that route I’d AT LEAST want there to be ACTUAL science and medical people to support him, rather than having to rely on urban legends and bro science. I can’t resist but feel that, had he been going through regular medical examinations and EEG readings, Zyzz would still be around today.
    For what it’s worth, my 2C.

  56. Are there actually real people who are stupid enough to believe that this guy was/is some kind of accomplished, fitness role model? Are these people also really stupid enough to believe that he didn’t die from roiding?
    If the jerkoff had a congenital heart condition then being as in shape as he appeared to be (to the untrained eye, at least) would have, in more than just theory, helped prevent him from… I don’t know… dropping dead at the age of 22? I mean, for starters, at least. Instead, as he decided to shoot up his pathetic little muscle balloon juice (like every other bitch-made punk does in desperation), he enlarged his heart and aggravated the condition.
    The guy was a cheating roider. He’s not a hero; he’s a joke and, furthermore, his death is on him.
    EDIT: You guys who are defending him like he’s your fucking messiah; why don’t you all just go ahead and come out of the closet and admit that you’re gay for him? Lol!

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