In A Broken America, Only The Dishonorable Are Rewarded

John Edwards, the disgraced, slack-jawed lawyer turned Senator was fond of telling his populist “Two Americas” story before his life imploded with – you guessed it – another classically Anglo-American sex scandal. Squeamish about all things sex as this overly repressed culture is, and as worshipful as it is of women, how many men have we seen brought down in the last generation by sex scandals? That’s a story in and of itself, but we’ll discuss that another time.

Edwards’ story did have some merit to it:

During the campaign, I spoke often of the two Americas: the America of the privileged and the wealthy, and the America of those who lived from paycheck to paycheck. I spoke of the difference in the schools, the difference in the loan rates, the difference in opportunity.

It needs to be revised, however.

Let’s tell a tale of two Americas. A story that is never told in the lamestream media and by lying politicians. The story of what happens to a man who makes a solid effort to pull himself up by the bootstraps and earn himself a slot in the middle class, and the story of a guy who mooches or government dibsmedat programs, fucks hoes and enjoys recreational drugs. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that if you can pay for it yourself!)

Beta Provider Guy

New blood joins this earth, and quickly he’s subdued. Through constant pained disgrace, the young boy learns their rules…

Meet Contestant #1. He was instilled with a solid work ethic from youth. He’s worked since he was old enough to be of use to anyone, and started “official” employment at age 16. All while earning top grades in school and prepping himself for college. Totally ignored by women in his teens, he is assured that if he “does the right thing” there will be a reward waiting for him at the end of his long road.

He endures liberalism in the public education system and suppresses all his natural male instincts to fit into the female-favoring education environment. He spends the best years of his life studying rather than partying, staying out of trouble rather than enjoying the rowdy lives boys want to live, and graduates college 4 years later with a rubber stamp and an average of $30,000 in debt. Not to worry, with his newfound credentials, he’ll be able to pay off his debt and earn his place in the middle class.

Well, not so fast. The industrious, give 100% go-getter WILL BE punished with today’s Socialist schemes.

The more he earns, the less he gets to keep thanks to a progressive income tax scheme. Even with his median $43,000 a year salary, he finds himself nothing more than an indebted rat in a wheel, spinning as fast as he can only to watch money come in and money go out each pay period. Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your student loan guarantor. It’s time to start making $300 a month student loan payments. He soon discovers he is trapped by rather than freed by his education and J-O-B.

He still can’t get laid without making Herculean efforts since women find him BORING because he works 70 hours a week and has no free time on the side to do anything except sleep. Bitches don’t realize Betas are boring because they have to be to keep the world they enjoy functioning.

It doesn’t take too many years before he has a Walter White moment, realizing the system he faithfully supported has fucked him, and at the same time turned him into a villain because of his “success” in the economy. His job is soon off-shored to India and he finds himself filing bankruptcy.

Total Loser Guy

Who’s smarter? The hard worker who works in vain or the layabout who milks the system?

Meet Contestant #2. Total loser guy does whatever the fuck he wants from boyhood through adolescence into adulthood. Of course, women find this irresistible. Total loser guy spends his teens in and out of trouble with the law. He can’t keep women off him because every girl loves a bad boy. He knocks one up. Then another. Then another.

He can’t pay his child support, though. That’s okay, the tax money from the try-hard dupe will cover his kids’ expenses. And his exes don’t pursue him for back child support in the court system because he doesn’t have any money for them to take. He’s in and out of different jobs until he “gets injured” on the job, sues, and then fakes a disability and goes on Social Security Disability.

Even though he does nothing but lay around and smoke weed, he doesn’t go without women because they come offer and offer themselves to him to get into some of his stash. He scams tax-free money on the side selling dope, paying no taxes on what he earns.

This guy gets taken care of for life, because he’s “disabled.” It’s not his fault the system failed him.

More than Hyperbole

This is why we can’t have nice things

This is exactly how our government works in America. People who are industrious, give 110% go-getters are punished for their industriousness while those who contribute nothing to society are rewarded with free money. Well, as we all know, nothing is truly free as the government steals tax dollars from the contributors to society and “redistributes” it to those who are “less fortunate.”

This story might sound like a farce but it’s about half autobiographical. I’ve personally lived and seen much of what is written here.

It goes without saying women also avail themselves of the industriousness of Contestant #1 as most government spending benefits women. This system is unsupportable, and an abomination on free men. Politicians do not care that the oblivious Beta Provider Guy is being screwed over by their system, because his tax money is how they maintain their power. As long as they can buy Total Loser Guy’s vote, and Beta Provider Guy stays quiet, politicians and other miscreants can continue to ride the gravy train.

That is, until a man gets fed up and decides to work only to support himself and his interests, to starve the beast of the lifeblood it needs – his industriousness and tax dollars. Here’s a revelation: It’s doesn’t take much for a man to live on. Through the evangel of minimalism, men can turn this system on its ear. Find yourself enslaved by the economic system? Take a page from the corporate playbook and downsize what they’re selling out of your life. You don’t need ANY of what they’re selling beyond food to eat, clothes on your back, and a modest roof over your head.

All it takes is a critical mass of John Galts and Walter Whites to emerge and it’s Game Over for abusing the productive men in society.

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  1. Squeamish of all things sex? It seems to me that sex is overly celebrated in American culture. Just watch any HBO series or primetime TV. I tuned out of one series on netflix when the older male character’s advice to his daughter consisted of, “Don’t every let anyone ever tell you anything is wrong with sex.” That series (Hemlock Grove) went on to repeatedly show a teenage boy werewolf pumping a pregnant 16 year old…I turned it off at that point, had enough. Our culture is saturated with sex.

        1. No kidding cheese man! Need a good list of new phrases and books that are mentioned on this site.

      1. No, I mean the kid was literally (Hitler) a werewolf. Maybe I should have written “boy-werewolf.” lol But now that you mention it, it does sound like a new idiom. C’mere honey, I’m going to werewolf pump you.

    1. HBO, Netflix, etc, all are heavy promoting decadence, deviance, miscegenation and all forms of twisted sex, just look at Game Of Thrones or Black Mirror.

      1. Yes, and it’s probably no coincidence that a lot of “Progressives” that I know love that show.

        1. Not only ‘progressives’, I know people on the Right that love Game Of Thrones. How can they love incest, softcore, moral relativism, and decadence escapes me….

      2. With regards to Thrones, none of the queer stuff was even in the books it was made up just for the show, let’s see, maybe the names of the producers will gives us a hint as to why ? Ah yes , (((David Weiss))) & (((David Benioff))) . Every. Single. Time .

    2. That’s the duality that creates sexual friction and energy for advertisters to sell product. Sex is everywhere in Anglo America, but it’s always treated with a look but don’t touch legal and cultural attitude.
      Just look at strip clubs. Only in America can women pilfer men’s wallets and give them nothing but blue balls in return. That’s only one example.

  2. Far-Left voters more likely to share their wives:
    Probably the best way to find someone’s character is to identify which side of the political spectrum they are. The more liberal they are, the more prone to degeneracy.
    The more conservative they are, the better the moral and family values. Note that a woman’s personal political values are as important as her family’s. The main reason you find supposedly “conservative” women to be raging sluts, is because they internally subscribe to the liberal ideology.

    1. I’m guessing you didn’t read the whole article.
      “The research shows that [Far-right voters] are distinguished
      by greater experimentation with ‘hard’ behaviours derived from pornography such as spanking, facial ejaculation, and ‘penis slapping’.”

      1. Far-right voters tend to be more sexually dominant. I don’t know about you, but I think it is better to engage in kinky behavior with my partner, than to wank in the corner while other men fuck her.

        1. More popular among Liberals, I would imagine. Better, too, if it’s a strapping Negro doing the cuckolding.

        2. nothing is shameful anymore, therefore anything goes. A married woman was a whore on the side, her hubby was okay with it, she convinced him to peddle his ass- to men(guess he was gay anyway). but the guy was blogging about his foray into that world. its all a bit much

        3. LOL true dat. And given the state of leftist women, these cucks are probably relieved someone else is taking care of business with their blue haired landwhales.

  3. “The Manipulated Man” (1971) is the book any young and not so young man should read. The irony is, it was written by a Jewish woman. But I guess, it takes one to know one.
    Some quotes:
    “If a young man gets married, starts a family, and spends the rest of his life working at a soul-destroying job, he is held up as an example of virtue and responsibility. The other type of man, living only for himself, working only for himself, doing first one thing and then another simply because he enjoys it and because he has to keep only himself, sleeping where and when he wants, and facing woman when he meets her, on equal terms and not as one of a million slaves, is rejected by society. The free, unshackled man has no place in its midst.”
    “Men have been trained and conditioned by women, not unlike the way Pavlov conditioned his dogs, into becoming their slaves. As compensation for their labours men are given periodic use of a woman’s vagina.”

    1. Read the book. It’s a must read for any man.
      Didn’t know she’s a jew…makes you think.
      By the way, when you have time, check out these Jews to see the works they did along their life…Gives you a general idea that some of them…are actually doing God’s work.
      John Milius
      Norman Finklestein
      Genndy Tartakovsky
      Nicolaie Steindhardt
      all of them jews….
      The last one I mentioned, viewed us Christians as cattles, frequently reffering us as dirty monkeys and goys.
      But he took a side against Communism and became an Orthodox Priest…One of the most revered…
      Cheers !

      1. Most Jews and women are soulless creatures. But there are some good Jews around, like Esther Villar, Otto Weininger, Henry Makow, Brother Nathanael, Gilad Atzmon and more.
        Our culture is trying to turn us all into soulless jewish feminine creatures. That’s the end goal in order for them to impose one global tyranny.

    2. As compensation for their labours men are given periodic use of a woman’s vagina.”
      I wonder if anyone has ever thought up a formal time-share arrangement like they do for holiday apartments?

        1. No such thing as “your match”. There are women who fulfill more checkboxes that you’re looking for than others. You take the ones that suit your plans and needs. “Your match” is the same kind of thinking that gave us “soul mates”.

        2. You’re welcome. You’re wrong on so many things that I feel it is incumbent on me to put you on the right path when I can.

  4. I’m from Canada and living in the US. See this all the time especially in the correctional systems that I have worked in. Why bother working? Feed off the system, squirt out babies, claim disability and basically sneer at the jailers. In a strange way I understand that thinking.
    I was wrongfully terminated in February. No legal recourse due to a law called “at will” employment in the state that I work. Found another job but I have lost about US$10,000 in wages in the interim. The money I saved towards a car had to be used to keep the rain off my head. I have worked for about a year and have nothing to show for it. My frustration level is extreme. Good article.

      1. No freakin kidding!! They come into jail and haven’t taken their psych/blood pressure/diabetes meds for months and immediately start screaming for their “meds”.

    1. Yeah, the politicians try to frame it as “right to work,” but it’s actually “right to get fired at any time for anything.” Sorry to hear about the unemployment, underwent something similar myself a few years back. Coworkers didn’t give a shit either, even though now many of them are facing the same thing for the same reasons.

      1. It was done so hastily that I was left on the corporate computer system for days. I took the liberty of stripping off emails, phone numbers and other information. You are absolutely right, co-workers do not give a shit. This was an all female event from start to finish – getting thrown under the bus by snitchy bitiching, female manager and staff, female HR twat liars. When I now hear this feminist bullshit of “women have to stick together”, I go full on maniac and tell them to cut out the twat bullshit. This is the 3rd time since 2010 that this has happened to me. Just emoting.

    2. the COs in NY are no longer allowed to punch rowdy inmates in the face, so they are all undergoing training on how NOT to punch someone in the face. Inmates? Still gonna rock you in the face

      1. This is a classic problem of addressing a legitimate 2 pound problem with an absurd 200 pound solution. I am not proud to say it, but I have been through the NYC Central Booking system several times and in several boroughs….it isn’t pleasant. The CO doesn’t know what you are charged with and general will treat everyone as if they just murdered a room full of police officer’s children. It makes their lives easier and that is fine. However, some of those guys are straight up fucking assholes who took this job so they could be badge wearing bullies and used excessive force in a sadistic way. I have seen it with my own eyes. That said, we are talking about a few bad apples who should have probably been on the other side of the bars and in turn the solution is to totally hamstring all COs, making their jobs harder bordering impossible.
        This is always the way of things. There is someone or some small group who do something that legitimately ought to be addressed and the solution is to drop a huge hammer on everyone.

        1. right. this is overkill in response to a few bad apples who were honestly taking pleasure in beating people senseless. It is not different with women. A couple of husbands beat their women in ways that they ought to be castrated for and the response is “it is NEVER ok to hit a woman”

      2. The problem is the litigious society that we live in. Inmates want to sue so they can get money. It’s like the lottery for them.
        CO’s are literally hand tied by administration and “use of force” policy. I know of a CO who was dragged through the mud just for touching a male inmate on the arm. That was considered “use of force”.

        1. When I was growing up there was, in general, an understanding that if a CO or a police officer broke your nose you probably did something bad but if they broke your jaw you probably did something REALLY bad.

        2. Shit, when we were kids, the understanding was that any ‘grown up’ could belt you in the face at any time with impunity!

        3. Ha, I remember talking to a buddy who said when he was growing up in Queens he got caught by a cop drinking underage in a park at night and the cop dumped the booze and smacked him around a bit. He said he was so happy because the beating he would have got if the cop brought him home, or took him in and called his father would have been far more severe

        4. I always subscribed to the idea that until you get a full time job, anyone who has one can beat your senseless

        5. its one of them old fashion toilets, you know, with a box and the chain

  5. And at the same time you the tradcons (the other side of the gynocentric coin) are bashing the mgtows for sitting back and letting it all burn. Very disingenuous of you.

    1. What social model do mgtows support?
      Islam? That seems to be as hardcore patriarchal as it gets right now.

      1. Soft patriarchy is what they promote. However they believe the current system is completely fucked and beyond repair and so it’s better to let it burn and start new.

        1. I’m on board with that but it’s a gamble to sit around and hope society implodes. It’s a gamble either way though I suppose.

        2. There will be a patriarchy no matter which way you look at it. Either men wake up and set their foot down and take women’s rights away or the society will die and be taken over by a more patriarchal one.
          Either way, women will lose their rights.
          The problem with trad cons is they’re still doing what they’re doing “for the women” and “for the family”. A trad con society merely taps the men on their head for coming back to the plantation as opposed to the current one who shits on them while on the plantation. The tradcons still view men as disposable utilities, hence my assessment of them being just the other side of the gynocentric coin.

        3. a gamble, sure, but that doesn’t preclude managing the risk to the best of one’s ability.

        4. You have zero leverage in the current legal environment. Hard to even call that gamble.

    2. Too binary. There is no standard definition for MGTOW. The kind who do their own thing and don’t need to scream it to everybody on every corner, good for them. The ones for whom MGTOW is a crutch to excuse their own lack of success or self improvement, who yell to the world how it’s their way or no way, are losers.

      1. I agree with you. There are two types and the shades in between. Also, mgtow does not necessarily means monk. A lot are slaying top shelf, they just don’t want to have anything to do with the institution of marriage. However, regardless of where on the spectrum, I think they are right in letting it all go down for total lack of alternatives.

        1. I actually have no issue with any of the MGTOW except the sliver that uses it as a crutch for loserdom. The rest of them seem like decent men striking out on their own path (I know it doesn’t mean celibacy, btw, necessarily).

        2. It is too sad for the bad blood between the tradcons and mgtows is what I’m saying. Unfortunately we will never be able to join forces for a better society. We’re too far apart. The tradcons want it revised, mgtows want it anew.

  6. As I tell my kids, there are two rules in life:
    1. (This) Life’s not fair
    2. Nothing’s free
    I always like to add, though, that the parenthetical part of rule #1 will provide most of the guidance needed for living a life beyond reproach. Understanding both rules leads to greater satisfaction and less whining.

      1. You need to be like Deacon Jones of the Fearsome Foursome (can you fucking imagine an NFL player saying this today)

  7. Totally off subject. Does anyone know a good social media lawyer in regards to corporations and employees. I may have a problem I’ll need legal help with. With all the problems ROK had last year, I bet someone on here does.

  8. yawn.
    More defeatist nonsense.
    There are more ways to go about life than being a sucker or being a loser.
    A serious lack of will power represented here which leads one to believe there is no real possibility except to chose between different brands of terrible.
    Oddly enough, as it turns out, it is this defeatist attitude that is the #1 culprit in ones ability to be great.

    1. I don’t think it’s defeatist more than he’s destroying the pipe dream we all grew up to believe.

      1. someone tell you life was fair when you were a kid? and if they did, it took you to adult hood to figure out on your own it wasn’t true?

        1. Parents were immigrants who believed education and morals was the way to go . To answer your question , yes, I believed everyone was like my parents .

        2. wow. I guess I should thank my parents for being total fucking losers lol.

        3. They have a point, but you need strong boundaries and a great ability to evaluate people to make it work.

        4. Education and morals used to work until not long time ago. Don’t blame them. I also got that advice. The world was a much different place when my parents were raising me.

        5. “someone tell you life was fair when you were a kid? and if they did, it took you to adult hood to figure out on your own it wasn’t true?”
          Lolknee, for me, in a way, yes. I was raised in a typical liberal bullshit household. Not only was I fed lies, but was punished for thinking critically. When one stops thinking critically, one is going to enter the world with one’s head up his ass, and it will take numerous hard knocks of real life to break his narrative.

        6. How long did it take you to realize it was BS.
          Politics are fuckijg moronic. Left and right. Being prepared for the real world is so much better than being prepared to care about politics or play dungeons and dragons…two activities which increasingly seem to be identical in my eyes

        7. “How long did it take you to realize it was BS”
          Longer than it should have.
          “Politics are fuckijg moronic. Left and right. Being prepared for the real world is so much better than being prepared to care about politics or play dungeons and dragons”
          The bs fed to me was nothing to do with politics. It was about being told really young that “what ever you want to be you can achieve it…. just dream it and the money will come” which is an ideology that works only for females in feminized societies that ensure that women will never go hungry and will always be given preferential treatment over men in almost all situations. I should have rightly been told: “You have a penis, therefore you are on your own – and nobody cares if you live or die, and in fact your death would probably amuse everyone”
          I understand that there is a good reason that boys, when they are toddlers, are NOT read schopenhauer (“What crime did a newly born child commit to have the sentence of Human life handed down to him?”). But seriously, at some point when he becomes a little older he should be read the read the riot act on how things really are in the world – otherwise he’ll be chewed up and barfed out by society.

        8. Yeah, me too. I had this absolute BS worldview that women were angels, the police were your friends, the government was here to help us and if you worked diligently with integrity you would receive your just reward. Probably took me until I was nearly fifty to wash all of the chivalrous white knight garbage out of my head. I’m still honest and morally upright, but I’m under no illusions about the nature of the world and the people around me. I’ve learned to say “No!” a lot of the time and to protect what I have worked for in many different ways.

        9. “Yeah, me too. I had this absolute BS worldview that women were angels, the police were your friends, the government was here to help us and if you worked diligently with integrity you would receive your just reward”
          Man, sounds like you were read from the same book of lies that I was.

        10. Well of course I did. It’s pumped into our little white heads from the time we’re big enough to understand any of it. Knights in shining armor slaying dragons and saving damsels in distress. We don’t hit girls. You are a gentleman and expected to turn the other cheek. Your word is your bond, you’re a man of your word. Yada yada yada. So when you tell your 17 y.o. GF (who looks like Sandra Bullock and is f%&king you like a wild animal) you’re going to love her forever, go off to basic training at 18 and come out someone else, you go home and marry her just like you promised. Never mind you’re screwing the both of you because the boy that got on the bus now came home as a seriously damaged young man. That’s exactly what I did. Hard to imagine, despite our best efforts to tough it out, that things turned exactly to shit within ten years. Once she was done with me, I became her emotional punching bag and ATM, nothing more. But because of my upbringing, I still tried to “do what’s right” and got f%&ked once again. That’s when I learned the term PDBFH: Psycho Demon Bitch From Hell. My “little angel” weaponized my sons against me and did everything she could to ruin me after running off with an older man with money. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was no saint either and did plenty to hurt out of resentment for being “trapped.” It was a lose / lose situation for both of us actually. I don’t believe most men should get married before they’re thirty if then. Too much shit in our systems. But I knew when I got out of basic training that going back for her was the wrong thing to do and did it anyway, because “I gave my word.” Yeah, they pumped our heads full alright. I wish I’d had lolknee to mentor me back then, ha-ha!

        11. I was. It did. I was never under the impression that ALL hard work pays off. Digging ditches is hard work. I never thought I’d get rich doing it. I took “hard work pays off” to mean that once you find the path for you if you sacrifice everything for it and work yourself to the bone to succeed it will pay off.
          I still mucked up a bit and didn’t get myself on the right path until I was in my early 30’s. I have it everything I have and now am able to coast a little because hard work paid off

        12. im not talking about ditch digging. im talking about the guy with a masters. the fact is there are more people than there are desirable circumstances. it worked out for millions of americans but the % is getting lower and lower cause the previous generation screwed up. to stretch their dollar they imported people to lower the cost of goods and services. it also lowered wages for their children. simple fact of supply and demand

        13. When things don’t workout the way they have it only means there are new and not yet thought of ways it will.
          If you get that masters that provided a guarantee 20 years ago and think it still matters that’s not the world’s fault.
          There is always a way if you look close enough

        14. Politics is how winners are made in the modern USA. It’s moronic that so many people follow it as a team sport instead of understanding it is a racket, but it is a racket that if you play it right makes you a winner. There’s nothing moronic about it when it’s viewed as a system where a bunch of people with no marketable skills have created a system where they vacuum up the wealth of those with the skills and abilities.
          In the modern USA you’re not going to get beyond a certain point unless you play the political game. Either the government one, the corporate one, or both. Ever notice there are no new successful companies growing large that aren’t making deals with government any more? The biggest ‘we don’t play’ companies Microsoft and Walmart were both taught lessons and they play ball now. Notice how the left complains less and less about Walmart in recent years? Walmart plays ball now.

        15. for talented people yes but everyone should be able to put food on the table for 40 hrs of committed wrk. that’s just not the case for the people born around the time u started ur career

      2. “I don’t think it’s defeatist more than he’s destroying the pipe dream we all grew up to believe.”
        Indeed. Damn, such lies fed to us as kids. There goes that Disney / Brady Bunch / Patridge Family narrative for me.

    2. lolknee you never ever have a problem with the system, just the individual. Even if you’re right in the main about our limiting ourselves through defeatism for a regular on this site you really need to get with the programme.

      1. You both have points but for either of you to accept the other’s view completely, it might end with a whole mindset shift. For how Lolknee lives, this would be a net negative since his understanding gets him exactly what he wants. It might be as, or more beneficial, if we could understand more his strict belief there is hope.

        1. While you are right Red Hook, you are missing something. If things were different I would adapt. I am a realist when it comes to the world and as the world changes I change with it in ways that will allow for my continued success. The problem, as I see it, are rigid people who see the world as something other than they want it to be and refuse to accept that. German’s have a great word for it, Weltschmerz, the feeling of depression you get when you recognize the gulf between the way the world is and the way you think it ought to be. That is quicksand my friend and quicksand is best avoided. The world is as it is and will change as it changes. In the meantime, there will always be opportunity for those of us who seek it and are bold enough to take it.

        2. See I agree with lolknee that individual’s need to hold themselves accountable before blaming others, or the system etc. Anything else is dependency which as he says is likely to produce defeatism. I just don’t that holding oneself accountable is inconsistent with holding the rest of the world accountable as necessary. One must target oneself first, but passivity with respect to the external environment, “the system”, the state / politics is just as bad, or even worse, if that environment happens to be targeting you to some extent

        3. Interesting points on self improvement versus world shifting. One would say that pick up, red pill, alt right, are all attempts at world shifting. It is true that improvement with self is the start, but at times not enough of us have fully assessed or addressed all of the ways we have created our own problems. Obviously this is in conjunction with false premises of strengths from our parents, self destructive ways of addressing the world, limiting self worth beliefs or even limiting economic potentials based on practices observed. Compound this with all the ways the system already limits a man plus seeing how people close to us seem to utilitize the system, if it weren’t for such an eclectic grouping like RoK, many of us would still not understand the whole picture.
          If that is All long winded, I only wish to point out how it still comes back to yourself, even when it doesn’t make sense. We are only now seeing enough people improve themselves enough to concentrate on the system, but to think our actions don’t affect the system are just as defeatist as not working on ourselves. By far the best rewards are from improving ourselves and linking with like minds on the system, but attacking the system without addressing self seems a fool’s errand.

        4. agree absolutely. I would say lolknees basic point is sound. People who have an other-blaming attribution style are ultimately going to fail to do the work on the self that any kind of real success requires. I evaluate myself for such failings all the time, and sometimes I realise I’m focusing on the external world, others, politics, the system etc when I should be focusing on my own act etc. Women and minorities (at least the left wing variety) often have other-blaming attribution styles and their agency suffers from it, so I am absolutely behind the core message in this respect. Except focusing on self-improvement, personal accountability and taking responsibility for oneself is not incompatible with seeking also to improve the world around one (where after all do ‘we’ end and ‘the world’ begins?), holding others accountable in that world and taking responsibility for making any necessary changes within that world.
          The hermetic axiom ‘as above, so below’ applies here insofar as it implies in this context that the inside – the interior realm –
          and the outside – the exterior – may need to be balanced to produce equilibrium.

        5. Here is the biggest issue I take with holding the world accountable (and I think there are 3 that I take but this is surely the biggest) What does it get you?
          If I hold myself accountable every day I can live a life I am proud of, make decisions that benefit me and do all sorts of things where I create a life I can be proud of and enjoy. Holding myself accountable provides results.
          Ok, so hold the system, the world, the whatever accountable. Now what?

        6. I’d say you’re radically and I think unnaturally severing the individual from his environment. To hold oneself accountable but to fail to hold the world around you to the same standard is arguably not to hold oneself accountable at all, because in doing so one is erecting a false limit, not to mention denying the interconnectedness of things. It is in the nature of men to separate themselves off from the hive, but that is always with a view to a return.
          “Now what?” That’s got the same rhetorical force as say ‘go on then’, unless you meant it as a ‘what is to be done?’ Maybe it’s all hot air, maybe it’s not. But since none of us would be here if we didn’t believe that to some extent speech was also action, then that’s a question we can answer with the same leisure as a Chernyshevsky or a Vladimir Lenin. To be honest though, I think it is the very attempt to constrain action to the domain of the individual that is most likely to produce a revolutionary kind of exigency. I think it is counter-productive in a sense

        7. I meant now what as it “what does holding the system accountable” give me? Can I change the world? No. Do I want to change the world? Not particularly, I like the world the way it is. So if I have no ability to change the world and I am content with the way the world is should I niggle around holding the world accountable for all of its little imperfections? Be perfect as my father in heaven is perfect style? I hold myself accountable to standards I have set for myself, both pure and practical, and that is the only authority I need to impress. As for the world, all I see is opportunity. So again, I don’t have any ability to change the world and I don’t have any particular motive to do so if I did. Basically you are chastising me for not complaining about the weather.

        8. there are many different types of weather, beyond the literal. That includes one’s personal weather-system (for instance living under a cloud of one’s own making) as well as perhaps determining that the likely wind resistances is greater than it is. I think we’re debating so I don’t think what I’m doing is chastising – it’s engagement with an approach and philosophy like any other. I do disagree though. I don’t understand why we should impose such claustrophobia inducing constraints upon our freedom of manoeuvre.
          Probably not the best person to quote given his record but I think it was Henry Ford who said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t—you’re right.” Our limits are mental before they are physical, even if some limits are or appear to be absolute. All systems are subject to change are they not (and you’re the heraclitus expert aren’t you) so why shouldn’t every system be susceptible to change on whatever basis? Personally I have no problem with you deciding that you want to focus on opportunities and living the good life, but if all of us adopted that attitude I think we would ultimately lose control of and become helpless in face of our environment

        9. “You can’t pimp slap the world into accountability”

        10. Plus you have surrounded yourself with lots of tasty pussy. Well done sir!

      2. I don’t think that is true. The system is the system. The system changes over time and can be gamed. You are right, I don’t have a problem with it. It is, as they say, what it is. I do my best to understand it and figure out how to bend it over and fuck it until it screams my name. The individual on the other hand is, in my estimation, accountable for his own actions and his own successes and failures. I won’t say what constitutes success or failure, that is for each man to decide on his own…but blaming the system is an absurd excuse.
        If the “program” you think I should get with is bitching and moaning that life is unfair then no thank you sir. I will stick with the program that believes that by being honest with oneself about abilities, goals and the realities of the world and with hard work, cunning and a little courage a person can set a realistic measure of success and achieve it and if they don’t it is their own fault.
        So yes, praise and blame for the individual and no, I don’t have any blame for the system. The system is unfair. The system has always been unfair. You want the world to cater to you and make it easier for you? That’s BS. Nietzsche says that wisdom is a woman and like a woman she wants a warrior and I believe it. I think success is like that too. People who complain that the system is rigged are, in my eyes, no different than guys who sit home, get fat and play video games and complain that they never get high quality women.
        There is a big, wonderful world of opportunity out there. Complaining that it is difficult is rank immaturity and weakness.

        1. You’re wrong if you’re trying to tell us that all systems are equally unfair and corrupt and anti-human. Some systems are better, some are worse, and the tendency of all systems is to decay and degrade until people resort to guillotines in a French Revolutionary fervor and the system resets and the cycle begins again.

        2. well you let me know when those guillotines start getting set up. In the meantime, I will sit here being wrong, successful and happy.
          A lot has changed since the storming of the Bastille in 1789. The fact that you are so tied up into your own narrative to understand it is actually the larger problem, not “the system”
          If you could let your “this is the way the world ought to ideally be” nonsense go and start being more realistic you would more than likely benefit from it greatly.

        3. I have said anything about the system being unfair, and indeed I think we agree it would pointless to expect anything else. Likewise I fully agree the individual is accountable for his own actions, but my caveat is that so is everyone else, and the system likewise must be held to account regardless of how impersonal it is. Obviously shaking ones fist at the system is meaningless, but the problem I have with your position is that your arguing for personal agency with regard to oneself but personal passivity with regard to the environment within which each of us as individuals lives. Now I appreciate also that you say the system can and should be gamed, but that surely is to remain passive in the face of a great deal of environment which could potentially be changed. What of all the revolutionaries who have changed our world so fundamentally for the last few centuries, did they satisfy themselves with purely personal agency. Did they not impact upon the structures and institutions that bound them? Most men here consider self-improvement to be their primary focus and that I think is completely correct. But to focus on that and ignore the fact that we live in a world that is gunning from men and masculinity at every level is surely the worst passivity and the worst defeatism, particularly if you have identified the problem

        4. I can’t speak for lolknee, but those revolutionaries *did* change the world, for a hot second, and as soon as they took the reigns of power they became the new boss, same as the old boss.

        5. that’s kind of my point. But you don’t get to be the new boss by just tweaking the rules a bit unless ‘gaming the system’ is itself a revolutionary act

        6. I see what you are saying Mobius. I am not a revolutionary though. I will take the world as it comes and fuck it until money falls out of its pocket and I blow my nut on its back.
          Idealists, for the most part, die poor and miserable. I don’t want a revolution and if one comes (it won’t) I will be prepared to make the changes which are required for me to adapt to a new world. In the meantime, I leave the dreamers to the dreaming….I have a life to live.
          As for a world gunning for men and masculinity…I am not even sure just how bad this is. As the superficial world guns for masculinity the people who were using masculinity like a costume are dropping it and putting on their dresses. In the meantime, people who display real masculinity, from within, seem to be, overwhelmingly, successful not despite, but because there is indeed a dearth of it and it is a necessary commodity.
          Do you remember the plot from Goldfinger. See Auric Goldfinger owned quite the private collection of gold. He was going to break into fort knox. When bond finds out about this plan he calls it insane because even if he is successful in doing so it will be impossible for him to haul it all out. That is when bond realizes he has no desire to STEAL the gold in ft. knox. Goldfinger is planning on nuking it. By massively reducing the world’s supply of gold he raises the value of his own gold supply many, many times. So too with masculinity. Let the world be hostile to it. Let the little weaklings go off and become cross dressing faggots. All it winds up doing is making my own decisiveness, strength and masculinity more valuable as evidenced by the very fact that by being overtly masculine I have been handed money and women like a rock star.

        7. Why would somebody want to invest the time and risk required to be the new boss, when instead one can work within the given system to achieve his goals and enjoy life (not talking about being a leech here, I mean do it like lolknee)? Where’s his incentive? To be the new boss? That shit is exhausting and cut out for the utter control freak (as in wants to control other people).

        8. I think that it’s possible to be idealistic and practical at the same time. There are some things that I strongly believe “the world should be” but I don’t let that get in the way of accepting life as it is today. That whole prayer about knowing the difference and accepting, yadda yadda.

        9. well who knows. I don’t expect to be the new boss, but we’re not necessarily talking about individuals here. Revolutions tend to be social in nature. To be honest I’m more a reform oriented guy. Maybe if revolution is what the system is built on then only reform could truly and paradoxically be a revolutionary act?

        10. I see a lot of strong men…they aren’t everywhere….they are special…the thing is, strength has changes a lot. The strength the world required in pre-roman times simply isn’t relevant anymore. It’s like in the capital one commercial where the Vikings lose their jobs and are trying to get office work and the guy is clubbing the copy machine and another one is riding a chariot around the office to deliver the mail.
          Believe you me, I never am one to say that physical strength isn’t important…my entire life is based around it. But it is an avocation, not a vocation. There is a strength the modern world requires that wasn’t necessary 1000, 2000, 3000 years ago.

        11. Got the Bond collection & have been slowly watching them all, some great mongering in each one.

        12. Good man. My wife bought me all of the old Bond movies many Christmases ago. She “gets” me. Heh.

        13. “Idealists, for the most part, die poor and miserable. I don’t want a revolution and if one comes (it won’t) I will be prepared to make the changes which are required for me to adapt to a new world.”
          I do understand where you’re coming from. As I pointed out to goj I’m not really a revolutionary either – necessarily – but are revolutionaries (or reformers) necessarily idealists? Surely the whole revolutionary praxis was a rejection of idealism, of the idea that change should be internal rather than material. Moreover – no disrespect intended and allowing for the necessary constraint of circumstances – isn’t adapting to a new world, more a feminine than a masculine attitude. In such a scenario is it is adapting really ‘engagement’. It’s great that you have a system that works for you – and as such I don’t blame you for not rocking your own boat – but allowing for the possible truth that it may be no bad thing for masculinities fair-weather friends to dessert it (although we are in danger of reifying the idea somewhat here) it’s still cannot be masculine to respond passively to an identified threat.
          Re. your gold analogy the Goldfinger reference is interesting although there are not a few that suspect Fleming may have been privy to the knowledge that there was no gold there to begin with (at the risk of going off topic the conspiracy theory is that the gold had already been stolen). So sure currency isn’t backed by gold reserves any more, and likewise – to run with your analogy – masculinity as an idea isn’t perhaps backed by the real thing any more, but Goldfinger’s (supposed) plan was to raise the price of gold, whereas the nuking of the worlds masculinity reserves have worked only to lower the price of masculinity. Moreover if one considers how gold really works, the destruction of physical gold would not today predict the price of gold as the latter today is dictated by paper gold – comex futures etc. So likewise with respect to masculinity, we can argue the toss about whether masculinity is real or notional, but the price of masculinity, the value that society gives to it, will depend on the paper price not just the worlds reserves. That’s to say if we want to impact the price we need to both stack physical gold so to speak and whack up the futures price, the notional idea of what masculinity will be worth in 3 months, 3 years or 30.
          In short I think Goldfingers economics were dubious

        14. I think all skills are necessary at a base level. For example I’m quick as a whip with math and logic, and am social and can persuade people to do nearly anything. Today that gets me into IT (or bartending). In the year 800 A.D. that makes me the engineer plotting the course of the projectile that the catapult will launch, or makes me the duke/earl/king who has entire battlefield logistics laid out before him for him to figure out translate into orders for the army, who can also keep his people in a state of near rapt awe and worship.
          Strength is needed today for many blue collar jobs, which seem to be coming back into vogue, but clearly it’s not necessary for a career in finance.

        15. No offense taken….as for whether adaption is more feminine. I don’t know man. I guess you can look at it either way. Westward expansion and the building of the transcendental railroad was absolutely a refusal to accept the terms of nature and to dynamite and technology a way to get across the country, sure. Under this rubric you can def say that mere acceptance is effeminate and changing the world around you more masculine. However, what the builders did from investors to engineers to hammer swingers, was to work within the confines of what is possible to do something amazing. They didn’t do this with their hands, they used dynamite. On that token you can say that accepting certain realities of the world and learning how to manipulate the world you have with the tools you are given in a way that is already calculated as not just possible, but inherently doable as long as you put in the work….that is very much like being born very poor and looking out at the world, assessing your tools, assessing your goals and not caring about the body count in the process of getting things done. So your point? 6 of one half dozen of the other. I can’t deny there is some sense to it, but the opposite is what? Hamlet like passivity in the real world while trying to effect change that is more than likely impossible? Too often a desire to change the world for the better is merely used as an excuse not to deal with the world as it is…..this isn’t to say it is always like this, but I think more times than not idealism is just porn or video games.
          As for the goldfinger analogy…leaving aside anything flemming actually knew and the realities of world gold trade and leaving merely the plot of the story as given…I think it works perfectly. I think you are incorrect. Nuking the worlds supply of masculinity HAS made masculinity more valuable and is why men who are naturally aggressive, naturally masculine, for lack of a better word because I really hate to use this, naturally alpha have been in very high demand both by corporate America and women’s boxes.
          Having a bunch of hipster faggots limp wrist their way around the first decade of this millennia has created a young female population which is starving for a masculine energy which is increasingly a rare commodity. The same goes in corporate America where college graduates simply can’t handle the harsh realities of the world let alone manipulate them to their advantage and the ones who can are demanding more and more money for those skills as they realize the supply and demand issue. True masculinity will always be necessary no matter how much social conditioning takes place. So go ahead, create fewer people with those traits and I will thumb through my Adam Smith before putting a price tag on my time or a cut off number on the level of hotness I will accept in a woman.

        16. Having a bunch of hipster faggots limp wrist their way around the first decade of this millennia has created a young female population which is starving for a masculine energy which is increasingly a rare commodity.

          I love those guys who fly in now and then to this site with “Y’all old guys don’t have a chance, hur hur hur”. No kiddo, it’s the younger guys who, if they follow norms today, don’t have a chance. Young girls are getting downright *thirsty*. If you tick off a couple of “strong, aggressive, confident” boxes you can write your own cheque in the current market.

        17. as a side note, as a person who keeps a certain small group of people in a state of near rapt awe…trust me, it ain’t worth it

        18. Depends. I think it would be a fun challenge if my family were the presiding one in England still. That would make my dad the king and me a crown prince. I think that being a crown prince with direct succession to the throne, in his 40’s, would be an *excellent* way to live.

        19. been doing it for years. My favorite is when people call me on it and I tell them what I do and they say “oh, well, then that is obvious” as if I am cheating by playing the game smart. “oh, well you made yourself successful, have varied interests and hobbies, aren’t afraid to talk to women, dress well, make a point to understand female psyche, have enough experience to intelligently target your objectives and have established yourself as a well beloved fixture in dozens of popular and hard to get into places all around your city…..pfffftttt well that doesn’t count.”
          omne ignotum pro magnifico est

        20. Well the crown prince of Qatar seems to be enjoying things so you may be on to something.

        21. Anecdote time.
          A 40 something friend of mine (I think he’s only 41 or so) has a live in 30 year old girlfriend who is pretty hot. He is blue collar acting, is direct, kind of aggressively up front about his life and has no issues with confidence, plus he has this streak of asshole in him that he isn’t afraid to whip out when the need calls.
          So anywho. She will occasionally park in the middle of his driveway with her new Camero in a way that blocks the garage AND prevents him from parking even in the driveway.
          She did this a week ago and he came home around midnight. He went in, grabbed the keys to her car off the kitchen table, went out and drove her car three blocks away, walked back, parked his own car in the garage and went back into the house.
          Next morning she panicked “My car! It’s gone!” He was already at work, so she texted him about the stolen car. His response was, and I saw it first hand in the text
          “Hey, well maybe next time you won’t be such a forgetful bitch. I told you not to do this, you did, so there you go. The car is three blocks down on XYZ street, enjoy the walk!”
          I know this all because *she* told the story and showed me the text *and she could not have been happier and more tingly”.
          “Yeah, I was being a bitch actually. I was mad at first but it was really funny how he handled it!”
          Dude gets it. He will never have a shortage of significantly younger broads.

        22. I wasn’t referring to physical strength so much as strength of will and character. While there are a lot of buff dudes, there is a severe lack of men with the latter qualities.

        23. I see a lot of those too. The will and fortitude I see in a lot of the men I know is impressive.

        24. “On that token you can say that accepting certain realities of the world and learning how to manipulate the world you have with the tools you are given in a way that is already calculated as not just possible, but inherently doable as long as you put in the work….that is very much like being born very poor and looking out at the world, assessing your tools, assessing your goals and not caring about the body count in the process of getting things done. So your point? 6 of one half dozen of the other. I can’t deny there is some sense to it, but the opposite is what? Hamlet like passivity in the real world while trying to effect change that is more than likely impossible?”
          I don’t really get the point about the body count to be honest. We are talking about revolutionaries because they are the paradigm for “getting things done TM” (Dave Allen). There are also reformers, and indeed any kind of interaction is going to have some affect on the system, providing one is oriented outwards and not exclusively inwards. I do see it in the first instance as a question of orientation. We need both an inward and outward orientation to achieve some kind of equilibrium between ourselves and our environment. That’s less controversial in theory than in practice as ‘the red pill’ so to speak requires us to be reality oriented towards both our self (and our strengths and weaknesses) and the world about us. Getting those things wrong can of course fundamentally skew our take on the world, and yes that might mean naive or even dangerous idealism that will lead nowhere. But then we are both alert to such issues, self-examine for them etc so why should we exclude such things in advance.
          “Too often a desire to change the world for the better is merely used as an excuse not to deal with the world as it is…..this isn’t to say it is always like this, but I think more times than not idealism is just porn or video games.”
          I think the problem is with how you’ve framed that sentence. You’ve framed the idea of orienting oneself towards an external environment that may be unsafe to ignore as involving a “desire to change the world”. We both know the failings of ‘social justice warriors”. The problem with such people are manifold but mainly that they are not reality oriented; that they are delusional. Here I think the delusion is to think one can achieve control over one’s life and internal environment by ignoring the environment beyond ones immediate vicinity
          Re. the goldfinger analogy I get what you’re saying, but would say that you are mistaking the thirst that women have for masculinity in the absence of the same, for a healthy attitude towards the masculine, when every part of our political culture is about denigrating and removing masculinity from men and society (if not from women). You are a nihilist, so perhaps you are of the opinion that whatever survives the attempt to destroy it will have demonstrated it’s value, yet I see no evidence that the wider cultural attack on masculinity (which you seem not to care about at a political level) is not in fact a very genuine determination to neuter and emasculate, without any kind of renaissance

        25. I have mixed feelings on this. Obviously it would be better for the world if the number of men like this increased. However, as the number of men with these traits increases, each of them will be able to demand less and less for their qualities. Conversely, while on a very long timeline (one that spans many generations) it would probably be worse for the world if the number of men like this decreases, the individual like this, with the lack of supply and the steady demand, can exact more for his time.

        26. I see a lot of men who have a ton of inner strength, but unfortunately, don’t understand that they are standing strong against the wrong things or they are fighting battles that can’t be won.
          I know men working desperately to keep their families together, enduring unfathomable levels of verbal and emotional abuse from their wives and the mothers of their children, because they earnestly believe a sham of a marriage is better than a broken home.
          I see men enduring the worst kinds of conditions at jobs, working unbelievable long hours, grinding themselves down, taking loads of crap from terrible bosses… all because they don’t know how they would make their kids’ tuition payments that month if they quit or got fired. Some of these guys are almost literally indentured servants.
          I know a lot of guys here will discount that as true “inner strength” because they believe it is so misguided. A “real man” would go alpha on that bitch and put her in her place, real strength would be having the courage to quit your job and start your own business, etc.
          But regardless if a guy is doing it wrong, or just can’t even fathom that there are better ways to do it, I still have a lot of respect for these guys who are working and fighting to try to do the right thing.
          Do I want to help them and get them focused on using that strength in a way that is actually productive and will really benefit them and their situations? Yes, absolutely.
          But to totally discredit all of those guys as just weak and dumb is to do them a disservice. It takes an incredible amount of strength and will to endure what a lot of those guys are going through.

        27. But…taking your own limited time frame into account, and given as you live a life of self interest (which is good, I do too), then what happens 100 years from now if more men with good values and strength show up is kind of tossing into the wind isn’t it? Who cares? We won’t see a huge glut of them in our lifetime so what we can command from the “market” now will remain more or less unchanged I’d suspect.

        28. I sympathize with these men. As I said to GoJ, a lot of energy is being channeled towards the wrong things.

        29. I understand your point. Such men will not become the majority in the world in our lifetime. But for the time being, we stand the most to gain because we possess these qualities.

        30. “We both know the failings of ‘social justice warriors”. The problem with such people are manifold but mainly that they are not reality oriented; that they are delusional”
          I get this, but I really don’t see a difference between the SJWs and their delusion and the extreme other end of the spectrum and theirs. For instance, in this nonsense that went down at Berkeley I think both sides are equally moronic, equally worthless and equally delusional. I do take your point about immediate vicinity and larger environment beyond however.
          with regard to the goldfinger analogy I understand what you are saying, but my experience simply doesn’t support your claims. Is my personal experience indicative of everyone or able to be extrapolated as a universal? I don’t know. Maybe. Maybe not. That said, my claims that the reduction in the number of masculine men have allowed me a higher quality of woman as well as to demand more monetary remembrance for my time and abilities have been backed up with decades of my own uninterrupted experience.
          As for an attack on masculinity (and not, I don’t care about it at a political level…in fact I don’t care about anything at a political level I am totally neutral)…is there an attempt to neuter masculinity???? Sure. It has been going on since early Christendom emasculated the Romans. As long as there have been strong men there have been weak men complaining about them. The worlds attempt to neuter and emasculate hasn’t won vis a vis me and, in turn, the number of people it has won against has made me a more rare and, hence, more valued commodity which is something I have learned to use towards my advantage. If given the option to change the world I wouldn’t. I am satisfied with things as they are.
          Further, I won’t dance around it. Things that have a direct impact on me are truly the only things I care about. I simply don’t fucking care about people starving in Africa or people losing their jobs in the rust belt or Hollywood trying to convince the world that being a homo is just terrific. I do not care if the world burns so long as I am left prosperous and happy. If the choice was between me having 90% of what I want and a perfect world and 100% of what I want and a miserable world I wouldn’t hesitate for a single moment.

        31. Interesting….what you call ‘inner’ strength I might call passive strength, endurance as opposed to active or creative strength. There’s definitely a type of strength to the ‘grinders’ of the world.

        32. Some people care about what happens to this rock we live on in 500 years. Not me. I have, at most, 50 or so years left here and I intend to drink good wine, eat good food, fuck beautiful women, do enjoyable things, set and meet personal goals and in all ways fulfill my own desires and afterwards the world can go to ashes for all I fucking care. I have a hard time believing the world will exist after I die anyway.

        33. too much work. Bond Villains tend to have global objectives.

        34. correct 100%
          Further, I am not creating any or killing any. I am just being me. My claim was more about how the market seems to serve me well so if given the hypothetical choice of living as we do now versus most men being prone to greatness, I would chose now.

        35. they are CONSTANTLY calling and when you don’t have time for them they get all mopey

        36. He was going down the actual physical strength path at first.
          I was just noting that all skills have always had a place in society, just in different ways.

        37. Haven’t seen it, but that sounds like my kind of commercial.What little TV I watch, seems like commercials are all for pharmaceuticals now.

        38. I’m not a nihilist, so that’s not how I intend to live my life. I want a large family where my children will go on to become great people in their own right.
          Take King Rurik, for example. He conquered a small region near Novgorod, later established the kingdom of Kievan Rus and created a dynasty that lasted till the collapse of the Tsardom of Russia

        39. If you want to set up a dynasty I wish you luck with it. For me, that kind of stuff seems kind of silly and always has. A case of different folks different strokes though.

        40. Kneeman, I worked my ass off in Engineering school (4 years) and am now cruising earning an upper middle class living with no debt (thanks GI bill! Thanks USAF!) even though I have to pay fucking child support to my first mistaken wife. Still doing ok….AND I own a house AND I am the sole breadwinner. This article IS defeatist. Just get a fucking good job and keep it and you will do just ok. Like I am. We own a 7 year old car (payments on a 2010 Honda Fit) and my undying fifteen year old Saturn SL….on which I sometimes have thousand dollar repair bills but I keep it…our next goal is pay off the Honda. Ramsey’s total money makeover helps too…

        41. Well I’m not entirely in disagreement about Berkeley, as I think both sides are probably useless idiots, and more to the point I’m a great believer in that kind of ‘direct action’ – revolutionary violence, barricades, and all that. That stuff should be left to the French
          You’ve never disguised your personal take on the world, and despite what you think it’s not my intention to ‘should’ you into some kind of guilt for starving africans or underappreciated homos or whatever. One need not moralise about altruism or its lack. I see my position as do yours, self-interested as much as it is principled. That self-interest might be less direct in this interest but that’s more a debate about utility rather than the value of utility (Mill himself I think warned against the direct pursuit of happiness as something likely to be self-defeating). So my problem isn’t necessarily with nihilism or people having personal moral codes that vary from my own or from the mainstream or anything that could be seen as being to do with idealism etc, but with the analysis of self-interest – enlightened, principled or otherwise.
          But with respect to what you say I think your analysis assumes that we can somehow be insulated – hermetically sealed off – from our environment. When you say “further, I won’t dance around it. Things that have a direct impact on me are truly the only things I care about”, why do you assume that you can stay insulated from, “safe” from the impact of such a hostile environment? In all the blissful activities you describe that environment, the political environment specifically, could impact you at any moment. A woman you’ve dated might consider you have treated her badly and make a complaint, or likewise a female colleague might object to some witticism you make, or discover you make witticisms on ROK and complain. Alternatively your company might introduce equality quotas and cull your position despite how secure you might feel. As likely as not your career as a lothario might effectively become unworkable under some new ultra-feminist definition of abused and exploitation (feminists have committees working throughout the night trying to think of new ways to criminalise heterosexuality). So how can you stay politically detached and argue that others do the same. It’s precisely the politics of the thing which determines the latitude we have to act freely in our personal lives. Yet the logic of your position is that when latest nutcase assault happens we should do nothing, and act apolitically – what I would say is helplessly. The whole Trump, red pill, alt right phenomenon (whatever you think of it) has surely shown definitively that calling out feminist shit works not only at the personal level but at the political / cultural level? Yet none of that would have happened if we’d just adapted to and worked the system for personal benefit.

        42. oh these commercials are from the late 90’s I think maybe early 00s
          The original ones had the premise that if you didn’t use your capital one card interest rates would come out of no where like pillaging Vikings. Then they morphed to “now everyone has capital one and the Vikings have nothing to do” so there was a series of commercials showing them trying to get jobs in the modern world.

        43. yes! and you are doing it while paying blood money. Thanks!

        44. my fave drug ad is for blind people who cant fall asleep.
          I would just prescribe them some whiskey

        45. As it turns out, in the singles market that has the opposite effect.

        46. ” Being older already makes them hotter than guys my age”- quote from a 20 year old female I usually ‘interact’ with.
          I have a 23 year old regular who’s told me similar things.
          It’s almost an unfair advantage for the 30 and 35+ year old (hell, the 23 year old still has a thing if you’re a well put together 40+year old) with a masculine core.
          And these are attractive young women.
          A youthful looking empty suitcase of a man loses his allure pretty damn quick.

        47. Yeah, endurance is a good way to put it. It is amazing just how much shit one man can really take.

        48. but the Vikings don’t have the card…they represent the dangers of interest payments of which capital one doesn’t have and so that is why they have to find jobs as office interns

        49. sir you look like the piss boy
          or my favorite quote
          Count D’Money: Your highness, the peasants are revolting
          King Louis: Yeah, they stink on ice.

        50. Exactly. Lots of guys don’t understand how desperate younger women are these days. Any single 35+ year old guys ain’t getting tail then they need either massive self improvement, or to up their game.

        51. That’s the point:
          You had to try and work hard to end up with what? Shitty used cars? One should be able to attain such without trying.
          The idea that one has to study and work hard to achieve such a meager return is insane.
          Not putting you down here: but America used to provide the essentials (apartment, used car) without much effort and if you wanted a sports car and a mansion then you had to work hard for it. This hunger games mentality is insane.

        52. I didn’t know a library card cost so much money …
          American way of thinking: I don’t know how to teach my own children so I will entrust them to some “professional for profit educator” who is almost certainly a socialist and more than likely a pederast

        53. Pay for public school through taxes.
          Let public school be turned into shit by nogs and Mexicans.
          Pay for private school.

        54. Yeah? And his great great great grand daughters are probably fucking some Moroccan “refugee”

        55. You’re delusional.
          25 year old hot teachers are fucking their 13 (and younger) year old male students.
          They don’t want men their own age and they sure as fuck don’t want 40 or 50 year old men.

        56. People used to be able to afford a decent apartment and an old beater while working part-time as a fucking cashier. Now, you need a 4 yr stem degree to afford some old ricer? WTF?

        57. He’s paying off a first wife/child support AND he still owns his house and out of debt.
          He’s making a pretty good choice about prioritizing necessities over ‘wants’ or impressing the neighbors. My vehicles are- 2002, 2003, 2006 and a 2015. The 2015 is for the kids to drive, the others are for me. I don’t owe anything on any of them.
          They run well, they serve my needs, and they don’t have a lot of extraneous crap on them. Why the heck should I go throw money in some auto manufacturers hands just to have a shinier new one?
          Like GoJ said, there’s a middle ground between minimalist and rat race competition.

        58. Honestly, I think we are back at the top, Hard Times Create Strong Men. The recent riots at Berkeley show that there still are stalwart men willing to fight to maintain the old way of life.

        59. Don’t be ridiculous. There aren’t enough jobs for everyone to do that.
          Fairplay to you. You seem to be doing well but “just get a fucking good job and keep it” is as retarded as “let them eat cake”

        60. ” makes me the duke/earl/king who has entire battlefield logistics laid out before him for him to figure out translate into orders for the army, who can also keep his people in a state of near rapt awe and worship” …….or “IT today” hahahahahahhahaha come on man get a grip on yourself.

        61. Some truth in it but he is definitely trying to sell himself something !!!!!
          Yeah like its better to be old !!! Sure some women like it but its definitely not the norm. And you think if both you and some young cut stud have the same red pill qualities that the woman is going to pick you ??? be real people !!

        62. Lolknee (((ignores and/or denies that the world is gunning for men and masculinity)))
          It is, as you say (((worst passivity)))

        63. understanding the system, being realistic and winning rather than putting my head in a hole and wishing that it would rain bubble gum and fairy dust

        64. This attitude (not yours, but above’s) is what make Americans so randomly miserable.

        65. GoJ lives in his parallel dimension. Things have changes SO MUCH in the last 15 years, that people over 40 literally don’t get it.
          And wait for accepted massive “lesbianism” + sperm bank, which I believe will be the trend in the next 10-15 years.
          If we men, as a group, don’t collude for our own group interests, we are totally fucked.

        66. I concur on all points. All of my failures in life have ultimately been my own damned fault! It took me a long time to learn to game the system and I have certain moral standards I won’t violate, but I have discovered that if there are hacks, short-cuts or hidden opportunities available…well…avail yourself of them. As you say, the system is unfair.

        67. No, I simply don’t live in a Leftist hellhole like you and Pabst do.

        68. Wrong. You wouldn’t know though, even if it was right in front of your face. You are literally impervious to any kind of reason on this topic, so you should probably refrain from trying to share your “insights” with me on it.

        69. You’re free to disbelieve all you want. It really is no skin off my nose.

        70. That’s what those skills translate to, back then. What didn’t make sense to you?

        71. Disbelieve what ??? I’m not saying you don’t get young women.
          I’m just not buying that its better to be old. Older people HAVE to tell themselves that. I’m sure I will too. Its a copping mechanism and I don’t say that to insult. We will all grow old if we’re lucky enough.
          I live life. I KNOW what women want and it isn’t old men. Can some women find them more attractive ? sure. Would a woman pick an older man with game over a emasculated younger one ?? absolutely. Like i said “theres some truth in it”
          And no pun or joke but I appreciate the mature response

        72. “Everyone” is collectivist bullshit. I care about myself and my family and what I’m doing. I care about you insofar as you have a level playing field under the U.S. Constitution and that the government does no more for any of us than protect our lives, liberty and property. I care about you if we are engaged in mutually beneficial business or social arrangements. Don’t conflate self interest with selfishness though. I am not selfish, but I am very self interested and that’s what makes me successful and truly makes the free market work. It’s people who think they can sit on their collective asses and take part of what I have worked for that are ultimately what’s wrong with The System™. You are responsible for your own life just as I am. If you piss it away, bitching and moaning about your ship not coming in or the deck’s stacked against you or the system isn’t fair, that’s not my problem. That’s the root cause of your problem. As I stated before, my failures in life have been my own damned fault. Not yours. Not the system’s. My fault. I put myself in the position for those failures to happen and then figured out what I did wrong and strove not to do that again. The opportunities are out there. Find your passion, get off your ass and pursue it in spite of The System™. And don’t worry about “everyone” else. They sure as hell aren’t worried about you.

        73. We actually are living in good times if you know where to look. And as I’ve pointed out before, if you long for those mythical “good old days” turn your air conditioner off this August. If you’re talking about the American dream of the 1950s & 60s, you had plenty of poor folks back then too. I know, I grew up poor. It’s what spurred me on to figure out how to do well and not go through that again. And if you don’t see a strong man in the mirror (’cause that’s the only one that counts in your life) then figure out what it takes and become one. No.More.Excuses. Get busy improving yourself and your perception of the world will improve with you.

        74. I don’t discredit anyone who is a true believer and passionate about their cause. I will try to turn them around if logic and facts indicate they are wrong and they ask my opinion. It’s often a thankless and pointless pursuit. Otherwise I mind my own business if they aren’t trying to infringe my rights. Many are not even remotely interested in the red pill. Well worn paths, long term habits and dogma are much easier than trying to blaze new trails and think for one’s self.

        75. Oh, I doubt we have to ever worry about having an overabundance of truly strong men competing with us or each other. There are very few “doers”, most folks, even the productive are just “drifters”. And then you have the true ne’er-do-wells: Matt. 26:11 For ye have the poor always with you;

        76. Stop. Just stop. I just do not think it’s for people to themselves such lofty hypothetical success. Its ridiculous. Anything that hypothetical is silly in its own right and an exercise in futility and when you add the self aggrandizing it just becomes too much.
          If you were a national leader or titan of industry I would say fair enough. Instead you are just some guy that spends a significant chunk of his time on ROK but happens to think he would have been Napolean if he was born 200 years ago.
          Come on man lets be real here.I tend to agree with lots of what you post but theres a limit to the bullshit.

        77. I’m not sure why you posted that ?? was it to a different comment I made ??
          You mistake collectivism for welfare state. I don’t believe in handouts. But the government taxes,regulates and controls everything. Absolutely everything and in that scenario yes they do owe us something. If you want absolute control you must give something in exchange.Not a hand out but work.
          I’m a nationalist. So i do worry about my people. Nothing would have been achieved if we didnt come together. Maybe you’d prefer a primitive society ??

        78. And he said everyone should do that. I just pointed out how thats mathematically impossible. Don’t know why you went on a fucking rant about collectivism.
          Can everyone in the workforce get jobs engineering ??? No,hence the stupidity of his statement.

        79. I didn’t write anything about engineering jobs. That’s only one avenue. There are countless others. Sure it mathematically impossible as well as totally impractical for everyone to be an engineer. I did it for a couple of years (I don’t have a degree but I had technical expertise and experience), but I didn’t like it. My point is that there will always be people making excuses why they can’t get what they want. Now, I’m not talking about the genuinely disabled. What I’m talking about are otherwise able bodied people of average intelligence bitching and moaning about not being able to get or keep a job. Most of them I’ve seen are long on excuses and short on motivation. Nobody wants to pay you to stand around and text on your smart phone. They expect you to show up on time, do the job and be respectful. If you can do that, you can get and keep a job. And having a job is a lot like being with a women; you’re seen as desirable so it’s easier to get a better one if that’s what you want. I’ve been unemployed once in 41 years and that was because I stood on moral principle and blew the whistle on my corrupt superiors. Went from zero to unemployed in 2.5 seconds, lol! But I had another job quicker than I actually wanted one, worked it for a year and got a better one. I’m nobody special. Anyone can do it. That’s the main point I was getting at. If it was a rant, ZFG.

        80. To a certain degree I’m a nationalist too. Although I’m very much an individualist first. What we achieved by coming together was done through the free market in spite of the gun-vermin. The gun-vermin are like the mob (just not as well organized), except the mob does provide some things people want such as gambling, prostitution and drugs. The government these days is primarily good at taking things, hurting people, breaking things and covering it up. And frankly, no, they don’t owe us shit, because we the people have allowed it to come to this. We, as a society, are in fact getting the government we deserve due to our collective complacency. Virtue, valor and vigilance are required to maintain a limited constitutional republic. We have failed on all three nationally. So I can’t very well count on the majority of my fellow countrymen and had better look out for me and mine first.

        81. .
          You just need to get some shit off your chest because I have no idea why you are going on about all this. Ive made it quite clear where I stand but you insist on replying as if i said something to the contrary. I don’t even disagree with you. I just don’t know why you are saying in to me.
          I am NOT sticking up for losers with no work ethic. I just hate his fucking stupid attitude above. He didnt say everyone could work he said everyone should get a great job and be upper middle class like him but he is too fucking stupid to realize if everyone did that then it would cease to be upper middle class.
          Thats is all I’m saying.

        82. Again we arent disagreeing. Of course take of yourself first, How can you help anyone if you arent right yourself ??
          But using the governments OWN logic yes they do us something. They can’t have total control but no responsibility to the people. They can’t dictate the ways you can make a living and no provide a platform in return.
          I agree its ups to us to make them but thats my justification for it. If we lived in anarchistic society then fine but we don’t we’re like cattle on a farm and if you tell cattle they must stay in a certain field and can’t roam for shelter nor forage well then you best provide those cattle with hay and a barn.

        83. Okie-dokie. I misread what you were getting at and we do indeed agree on a lot of things. And no, everyone is not going to get an upper middle class job and even fewer are going to get into the six figure club (or especially higher). And yeah, I do have a lot of shit to get off my chest. I’ve been monitoring the progress of this Charlie Foxtrot we call a society in America closely for nearly 4 decades (I spent the first 20 years of my life pretty much oblivious to anything other than my immediate gratification and surroundings). I see a lot of issues that result from individuals not taking responsibility for their own actions. I have very little to no sympathy for them and frankly our current state of affairs really pisses me off. So please excuse my venting. 😉

        84. Okay, the federal gun-vermin have arguably “taken”* our tax money and worse our social security and spent it on things that many (if not most )of us disagree with (*the current income tax scheme is purely voluntary in most cases, but that’s a matter for another time). In the case of social security they have engaged in multi-generational theft and are kicking the can down the road, because the system is effectively bankrupt. The money that we and our parents and grandparents put in is gone! That money should have been invested and let grow. Instead it was squandered on all manner of unconstitutional things and the gun-vermin don’t have it anymore; they have to steal from the next generation to keep the Ponzi scheme going or risk outright revolt. Even if they do a Zimbabwe / Argentina style inflationary push to ensure we receive something at retirement age that money will effectively have a little or no buying power, so bankrupt by any other name… Most of the people who set these wheels in motion are already dead; they are the one’s that really owe us something like a pound or two of their flesh! The vast majority of the people (private sector and gun-vermin) who are currently propping this system up genuinely believe they’re doing the right thing so I have a hard time holding them too accountable. I suffered under this same institutionalized delusion a long time myself. And a couple of guys like you and me aren’t going to change the system or hold any of them accountable, whether they owe it to us or not. So the smart thing to do, or shrewd if you prefer, is to figure out every way you can to game the system and work with that. Do a side business and work for cash. Sell stuff on eBay and turn it into things you do want. Avoid every tax you can (I make my own wine for instance, avoiding the liquor tax). Do like the author and find work that gives you a poverty level W2 and only report that. If you’re waiting for this government to do right by you and provide you, the cattle, with clean water and a good pasture, you’re already defeated my friend. I appear to still be in their pasture, but I assure you I free range a lot, lol! And they’ve become so top heavy and inefficient they don’t notice a few strays. It’s not for everyone, but it works for me.

        85. haha not a problem my friend. This is indeed the place to vent and get it off your chest !!!
          I’m sure we’ll agree and disagree plenty more in the future.look forward to it !

    3. While I think you are correct that there are “more ways to go about life than being a sucker or being a loser,” I think you are missing the real point of the article. It is not mere “defeatist nonsense” at all. He doesn’t state that the *only* choices in life are Contestant #1 or Contestant #2. He even suggests other options when he talks about men becoming minimalist and turning their back on the system.
      The author is using the vehicle of the “Two Americas” propaganda peddled by politicians to compare and contrast two very different lifestyle choices: joining the system, working for the system and following the rules, versus simply laying back and sponging off the system. His point is basically that if you feed yourself into the meat-grinder of the system, don’t expect the happily-ever-after lie the system promises you — expect to end up as ground f’n meat.
      The article is addressed to people just starting to get red-pilled, men who are looking at their options and trying to find their own path. He paints both of the “Two Americas” in his version as shit options that no real man would want, but then suggests a third alternative: opting out of the system and forging your own path.

      1. I can totally accept that and recognize that stuff aimed at people just opening their eyes for the first time (at any age) is important…..even when, say, Troy writes game articles that seem absurdly obvious I remind myself that to some men they aren’t yet and Troy writing them is an excellent thing…..but here I see no resolution to the antinomy. If this was truly as you say there would be something that pointed the reader away from the thinking that these are the only two choices. Rather, it reads like “this is the real tale of two Americas and boy does it stink”

        1. As I said in my reply to GoJ, the “resolution to the antinomy” was definitely weak and underplayed, and that is a legitimate weakness of the article. He mentioned the minimalist path as an alternative to the Two Americas false construct, but the article would have been better if he had done a better job of blowing the false construct up entirely.

        2. right, cutting off feet for lack of shoes. I have a harsher way of putting things, but I think we essentially agree.

      2. Sure, but that’s a pure Hegelian construct. There are not nor need there be only “Two Americas”. I find that a false construct. His logic is sound IF there are only two options. But there are nearly limitless options here.

        1. I agree that the article would have been better if it had ended by stepping away from the “Two Americas” construct and more clearly stating that there are other options, other ways of living than as presented. He did that to some extent by presenting the minimalist option.
          But I read the article as more about exploiting what most reasonable people understand is a false narrative, the “wealthy versus poor” Two Americas that politicians peddle. In other words, if you want to talk about Two Americas, lets focus on this dichotomy that’s more representative of what people are actually going through on a daily basis.
          Because, in the end, the Two Americas presented in this article have been a lot more prevalent in terms of average guys in the blue-pill world. The other options available have been pretty rare, although now they are getting more attention and discussion.

    4. We need more political violence in America: while I don’t agree with Ted Kaczynski’s ends, I have no issue with his means of utilizing violence.
      A truly free society requires our leaders to constantly have a Sword of Damocles hanging above their heads.

      1. if you say. I am not a fan of violence. I like things to be predictable and steady regardless of direction. When they are I can figure out the angles. Violence has too many variables for my taste.

        1. The case for violence is not based upon some greater truth that violence inherently possesses, but upon the greater truth that leaders who fear that their followers may slit their throats are less likely to do shitty things.
          If George Soros genuinely feared that some Trump supporter would shoot him dead for being a left wing piece of human garbage, he might change his religion.

    5. When the system has defeated you, it could be argued that still supporting the system is the defeatist attitude. You are agreeing to the defeat. Why should anyone be okay with huge amounts of their money being taken to support losers, both male and female?
      Of course anyone whom is succeeding in the system, like yourself, is going to support it. Likewise, if after giving your full effort, the system has decimated you, it could be logical to pull out.
      That said, I’m with you in action. I have a high paying job that supports the system very much. I’m not giving it up. But, i don’t blame the men whom have been ruined for pulling out and living as minimally as possible. Just as long as they don’t become abusers of the system as well. Whom I blame are the politicians, the system abusers, and myself to an extent.

    6. Straw man argument. It’s not defeatist. It’s this is why I’m fist fucking what I want out of the economy, just like moochers, CEOs and the government. Taking as much out as I can while putting as little as I can back into it.

      1. I’m reaching the very same conclusion.
        I feel I’ve given enough to this world: papers, inventions, patents.
        I’m done. I can’t keep pushing the boulder up the hill.
        As far as my own needs go, they are very, very minimal. Small apartment. I’d rather spend my free time in the library reading and writing than slaving away at some job I hate in order to afford expensive clothes and other pointless shit.
        Fuck the creditors, fuck the tax man.

        1. Man that’s impressive, patents.. I can also observe that people of great genius are being milked for very cheap prices. Hackathons with small prize money where teams are falling over each other to compete in very technical areas for free and the companies get the benefits at a cheap costs. Even open sourcing has a negative side I think with everyone giving away their ideas on github without any special rewards for it.

        2. I’m pretty much getting to the same point, I’ve done enough for the human race. Taken enough ideas out my head and into reality to put food on the table for others. But it doesn’t count for shit. One politician stealing from A to give to B is considered a great benefactor even though having made no net contribution.

        3. The crony-capitalist system is one of exploitation where we can’t put our ideas into reality without going through the system and getting very little back from it. The regulatory costs, the deal making, the laws, the financial system, and more is all geared to prevent someone from doing it without having it taken from him. Even with your own start up the system is designed to force one to go to the central money machine for financing and they end up owning it.

      2. I agree with you, kneeman also has a point some shouldn’t wallow in negativity it does lead to MGTOW lifestyles, I’m not at risk and and can stay motivated and hear criticism of the system without turning into a compaining loser. But something is definitely a lot worse than it was in say the 50s.

        1. Well, the number of moochers per working stiff, is certainly much higher today than it was in the 50s, and ten thousand boomers every day become eligible, and will for the next ten years.

      3. Hell yeah I want to be a CEO. Even if I drive the company into the ground I’ll get a fat severance check.

    7. 100% agree. This article stinks of MGTOW and is very close to an nihilistic ideology. I understand that the system is rigged but the alternative is not to give up and go live in solitude: make money, fuck bitches, repeat..

      1. Yup. At some point, all RP’ers must leave the cocoon and emerge the metaphoric butterfly, the bad boy loser. It’s good to be bad!
        By even commenting here, I’m guilty of indulging in mental masturbation that constantly pervades the manosphere. It’s the about the same shit, different day, over the latest Top N-Ways fill-in-the-blank is blanked blank blank, as if it were some new revelation. RoK now reads like some chick rag, ala Red Book or Cosmo.
        Y’all put down the keyboard, go out for a walk and chat up the next 5 women you see. Go find some buddies and hit a happy hour and discuss man shit topics face-to-face. Go game together. Rent a convertible and drive to the beach and have a beer and a babe while thinking about none of this nonsense. If you’re not that close to a beach, then fucking move. The middle of the country sucks ass.
        Get out and get a life. Just because you swallow the Red Pill doesn’t mean it had to get stuck in your throat causing you gag on it forever!

        1. Damn right! I have a convertible and a Jeep Wrangler that I keep the top and doors off all summer. I don’t need to rent one. I have two motorcycles and have to laugh when some 20-something chick smiles and waves, thinking “Honey you’d freak if I pulled my helmet off” (I’m pushing 60, but as trim as any 25 y.o. and ride a street fighter). I talk to women all the time even though I’m in a committed relationship; it never hurts to keep your skills sharp and your SMV at its peak no matter your age. If you’re funny and self confident they eat it up, even the ones that are a lot younger. I would also say get to the gym and lift heavy. Get out to the range and keep your marksmanship skills up. Get out on the trail and tote a pack all day (or a few days if that’s your thing). Learn as many different things as interest you well enough to be able to advise and instruct. And no, the middle of the country does not suck ass. You just have to adjust to not having an ocean. There are plenty of lakes, rivers and public pools if that’s your thing. Women in the Midwest are some of the best, especially if you’re looking for an LTR, left in the US. There are opportunities for fun and profit everywhere, you just have to take the blinders off and look for them no matter where you are.

        2. I rarely come here anymore. One of my favorite night games is to show women attention, and then completely refuse to acknowledge they exist after the first shit test. This is extremely effective if your attacking groups, as you can just stop talking and hit on their friend.

        3. LOL. Just did this tonight at a high-end outdoor jazz concert at some 4-star hotel. Some divorced, drunk cunt, who I was already ignoring as a couple of other guys from the tribe were chatting up and her friend, started shit-testing me, which is an obvious sign of attraction. Perhaps it was because she wasn’t getting any play from me to begin with. It drives women nucking futz when you don’t indulge their need for attention.
          I wasn’t biting on this middle-age post wall cunt. I reveled in giving her bullshit answers in my smug tone, agreeing with every ignorant assessment of me and my character, with the exception of one — correctly identifying me as some kind of “bad boy,” I had to smile at that one, then turned my back to her and moved away to enjoy a perfect spring evening.
          However, I upped the ante by calling on one of my super sexy Latinas to join me. I paraded her around in stunning 6″ heels, barely–legal mini skirt, and her smokin’ body, the product of years of world-class black belt training. I tore up the dance floor with my dark-haired beauty, in front of that cunt and her friend, who now, in her complete inebriation, was high-fiving everyone on the dance floor who’d make eye contact with her. Of course I was not one of them, preferring to put distance between me and her constant companion, that half-full glass of that Pinot swill she threatened to spill on everyone one the dance floor between clumsy high-five attempts.

    8. You could not be more right. Glad you said it. I received 36 applications this month for a job in my company, 32 of them looked like they were put together by a third grade student. If these people put even an ounce of effort into writing a resume they would immediately move up several notches in life.

    9. You accuse him of constructing a false dichotomy while constructing one yourself.

  9. If one looks up “Slimy Piece of Shit” in the dictionary, John Edwards’s likeness will accompany the citation. There are indeed two Americas, if you examine the stark contrast between Edwards’s words with his deeds.

    1. cheating on your wife while she is dying of cancer. cant get much lower than that

      1. oh man I get to break out one of my all time favorite clips!!!!!!!!!

    2. What is completely astounding about Edwards is the way his little head so publicly took over his big head. He couldn’t keep it in his pants till his wife died and could not spot a slimy, manipulating, new age slut. He couldn’t figure out wearing a condom.
      Take note the phrase “family values” which was so tossed around a few years back has become almost a joke. Anyone uttering those words now needs to be carefully scrutinized.

      1. Edwards’s sole skill was putting on Kabuki theatre for unsophisticated rural juries, whom he excelled at convincing that Evil Corporations (i.e. Whitey) needed to be made to pay for any real or imagined misfortune. Jim Bakker-esque tears and wailing included.
        A classic bullshit story from Edwards was his tale about the family going to a restaurant and his father telling them all they had to leave because they couldn’t afford to eat there. His father was, in fact, the plant manager where he was employed, so if they couldn’t afford to eat at the restaurant it was only because his father had forgotten his AMEX Gold Card.
        Which recalls P.J. O’Rourke’s comment that when Bill Clinton talked about using outdoor plumbing, it meant he urinated in the in-ground pool, as Clinton’s stepfather owned the local Buick dealership.

  10. This article has one flawed premise in that it defines success in strictly material terms.
    The confusion and resentment comes from doing the work and following the path to one definition of success and assuming it will lead to another.
    Indeed, the pushy conniving asshole may well ‘get more stuff’, but if
    that’s truly how you define success, be the best conniving asshole you
    can be – there’s always room for one more.

  11. I am that guy. Educated in engineering with a worthless mba.I only could pull worthless former shot girls, and single moms for many years, and that was sparse . Then married a Virgin “career woman attorney”. Sexless marriage. Thats when I said fuck it . Started having multuple affairs. She found out and divorce raped me. i got screwed over in custody initially . Kept my house got my son back when he turned 12. The kid is successful in sports and school now. He plays academy for a pro major league team. I teach him to have fun and talk to girls. I tell him just get good enough grades and have a passion for the sport he loves. 2 years ago i Decided to borrow from a Jew bank to pay jew landlord using sba backed loan. Franchise . Franchisor is a scam artist. Lost the loan money and some of my own . Said fuck it . Declared bankruptcy . The jews are fighting over the business assets while I ran up the unsecured credit cards . Fuck them all . Now I’m spinning 2 plates and hiding cash . Being a loser is more profitable than having morals in many ways

    1. Sorry, but if you’re pulling this off while raising a good kid, you cant call yourself a loser.

      1. All I have is my son. He knows what’s going on at 15 years old . I tell him everything .I tell him why daddy brings over different women because mom couldn’t do her job . He needs reality and I give it to him

        1. In his autobiography (which I highly recommend) called “Based on a True Story” Norm Macdonald is talking about opening on tour for kinneson before norm got “famousish” and they were taking a plane from one place in Canada to another and sam was trying to get a drink but the stew wouldn’t give him one until they took off.
          Anyway, the pilot comes on and says “this is your pilot, captain Johnson, speaking” and Kinneson starts screaming at the top of his lungs “NOT CRASH JOHNSON HOLY FUCKING SHIT CRASH JOHNSON!!!! THIS GUY HAS CRASED 12 PLANES IN 5 YEARS. CRASH JOHNSON!!!!!”

        2. LMAO! Homeland Security would bury him under the jail now.
          I gotta puck up that book

        3. The book is great. No telling which of the stories are real, embellished or just made up…some of them obviously made up like when he spent 2 years in prison for trying to hire an under cover cop to murder Dave Atell. I was laughing outloud reading a lot of this book. Not even sure about the validity of the Sam story because the way he writes the book it is like one of his shaggy dog jokes, but for some reason I kind of believe it. That is back when you could sneak some blow on a plane and go and do some lines in the bathroom

        4. I didnt know he was a preacher before he was a comedian.
          Those must’ve been some fire and brimstone sermons!

        5. “did he say Captain Orr!?!? O hell to the fukkin no!!”
          but no one would get that….
          ‘cept maybe @ghostofjefferson:disqus

    1. He’d probably say – “hey wife, stay home while I run off to the park to fuk boys!”

  12. On the flip side the convicts who pull babes in their 20s are begging for work in their 40s. Not all can collect disability either , but the point of this article is to give us all a taste of bitter reality

    1. The convicts’ choice of women goes down very quickly past 40. And some former beta-providers discover sites like seekingarrangment for their entertainment.

        1. family guy? I am pretty sure it is one of the most watched shows on the televisions

  13. I don’t think this should encourage us to be the loser guy, but sometimes you have to take advantage of an opportunity when you see one just like everyone else does.
    Fuck pride and nobility.

      1. This just it. The world is the way it is. If you work at understanding things there are some dead ends and some opportunities. It is a zero sum game over here like one of those puzzles where there is one missing block and you keep moving things.
        Sure, you can’t do exactly what a successful person did in the 1960’s and expect success. The world has changed. But the areas that have been closed off have left other areas open.
        My grandfather bought a whole bunch of bonds in the 80’s and was very successful with it. His idiot children, my aunts and uncles, now buy bonds that don’t do dick for them because “he was smart, he was successful, he bought bonds and thus we ought to emulate him” no mention of the fact that interest rates are in the toilet now. I try to explain to them that if you want to emulate him you look at all options and pick the best ones, not do exactly what he did because it worked 40 years ago.

        1. The quote, “No plan survives contact with the enemy”, exists because you cannot keep trying the same strategy every time. As the situations change, the individual has to adapt and find new strategies to thrive.

      2. I agree, but what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t have to much pride or be too noble to get take handout when everyone else is getting them.
        For instance: I have used food stamps before on both ends of the spectrum (I’ve sold them and I legitimately needed them at one point)
        I’ve gotten free cell phones from the government because I simply had no interest in paying a cellphone bill( I now have a legit phone for business and a government phone just because).
        I’m currently trying to figure out how I can get the government to pay for all of my schooling.
        Never box yourself in by thinking you’re above the fray. we’re all getting screwed one way or another.

  14. I think the modern-day Walter Whites of the world are starting to target Go Fund Me, and other such money-siphoning conduits. I’ll bet an accurately recounted divorce-rape sob story, or a tale of woe about student loans, downsizing, and a lost job, would pull buckets of cash from men who’ve been burned in a similar manner. Nobody’s in a bad enough situation that a little creative Go Fund Me action won’t alleviate…that shit even tempts me to try and suck out $50,000 from the emotional, online suckers, via a made-up sob story. “They’re sitting out there waiting to give you their money. Are you gonna take it? Are you man enough to take it?” – from “Glengarry Glen Ross”

    1. sob stories work.
      a guy on this site said he set up a page to fund his video game production- got $0.

      1. If he’d lied and said he needed a sex change operation – and spinal fusion surgery, due to being assaulted by 23 Trump supporters in a non-tranny-friendly bathroom – he’d be driving a Rolls…

        1. Women and non binary are the expanded victim classes now. If you aren’t either of those or trying to defend either of those, your sob story will fall on deaf ears.

        2. I’d rather give money to someone to help realize their dream (and maybe get a little ROI ) not to some money pit

      2. “sob stories work” otherwise known as “90’s game”

        1. Reminds me of this homeless latino guy panhandling back in the 90s:
          “Please help me! my wife is starving(holds up a picture of Nell Carter from tv show Gimme A Break) and so are my kids (held up a picture of the kids from the Brady Bunch)
          Naturally, I gave him some cash for the performance

        2. Original and funny panhandlers will sometimes get a coin out of me too, if they’re sufficiently entertaining. In a pop culture driven culture, they need to up their game beyond sob stories. The ones that do, sure, I’ll give’em a buck or buy them lunch.

        3. back in the 90s, youd see a bum do a soft shoe here n there; now, they just demand money(they really are bums now)

  15. Fair article and astute assessment of the dichotomy currently active now. On the one hand you have the the belief that this is all defeatist, but that is easy to agree to when you have found ways to have hope. Unfortunately, hope is a very tough resource to acquire, and when you see the world part for some with hard work, and then others be told to work even harder for a maybe, the question then becomes why?
    The simplified answer doesn’t make sense to just pick yourself up by your bootstraps and only a few people can really attest to it’s success, so most just find a strategy to attain what they want. We have less marriage, higher sexual anxiety, more feminized men, more women in careers, and less men in college. States are now incentivizing college by offering it for free but have sold a few generations the lie of be whatever you want for so long, there might be no going back to high college turn out for men.
    As defeatist as that may sound, it is an honest observance of society. Most men now are just changing their strategies from marriage to fucking, getting paid, and enjoying their years ticking off their bucket list of things to do in life. There is no worth in being selfless if you will be the one to suffer. After years of the ‘hero’ lie, be altruistic to others, get a high paying job, have babies, go to church, give back, was proven false, the strongest choice is selfishness.
    TL;DR: Placing women on the pedestal as a nation and turning a blind to feminism allowed pair bonding to get wrecked. As long as the country willfully excuses sexist practices to push women knowing they game the system, it will be in men’s best interest to be selfish.

  16. The incentive system has been skewed to favour those who are prepared to sell out or otherwise go beyond lip service in subscribing to the latest globalist, collectivist fads and social engineering projects. Beyond that it’s probably the same as it ever was, except the kind of security one could once hope for is gone

      1. I think this would work…make that, I know it would. Bad-boy-loving Western twunts would shovel cash at the guys requesting money…
        You put a disclaimer in fine print on the site – “This website is for entertainment purposes only. Any contributions made will be considered donations to the site owner.”
        Populate it with bad-boy pictures, and fake profiles, complete with fake requests for money. “My baby mama won’t gimme my son back and she’s tweaking and humping a stripper pole. I need to fix my Harley so I can drive to Nebraska, kick her skanky ass and get Tristan back. P.S., I”m looking for a new hoe, and I loves me some BBWs…”

        1. Exactly. And a lot of Western bitches would never know it was satire. “Donate.” Click-click-click.

      1. Nah, never been. I’ve heard it’s overrated and the lines are too long. Assuming you’re talking about the restaurant, and not the Mexican girls who have Back Page ads and spread their legs for cash behind their haciendas…

  17. Contestant number 1 was not given proper guidance by a father. He should work and take care of his own shit, he should strive for excellence, but he also should have played some hard core sports as well as have been taught about women by his father. Contestant number two is a waste of life and oxygen and while he can get girls now, that goes away eventually because as it turns out, sitting around smoking weed and collecting welfare, over time, makes you a fat stoner who can’t string together two coherent sentences.
    It all comes back to a few factors. I wouldn’t encourage anybody to be the system leech if my life depended on it. The father is responsible for instilling the values that help make Contestant 1 into somebody who reaches his full potential, not just economically, but also with regard to an all around fulfilling life, which includes having some pussy when he wants.
    This shit is not binary, folks.

    1. you always manage to get my point across without the use of the words “fuck” “idiot:” or “cunt”
      I will never understand it.

      1. Thanks, I’ll try to add curse words in the future.
        There is this false dichotomy that I’m seeing a lot in the manosphere the last couple of years. Like it’s only “be a sucker, or be a welfare dopehead loser who scores pussy”. Right, because life is always that binary. Meanwhile there are plenty of things the “sucker” can do to make his SMV as high as dope-boy, without having to lose his self worth and dignity and self respect. It’s like this dichotomy is set up to basically throw men’s souls into the abyss and instill an attitude of utter defeatism. It is not wholesome.
        Oh, forgot, “fuck cunt, idiot!” (which is actually sound advice)

        1. I don’t see the “enjoy the decline” folk anymore. Maybe they realized that hedonism, while fun, is not a viable long term strategy.
          What I observed in many people is that there is a sort of spiritual bankruptcy. I don’t mean that in a religious sense. People no longer have morals, higher ideals or a drive for self-improvement. They just slog on through life without realizing that it is within their power to change things.

        2. you don’t need to add curse words. We are going to have you write the Lolknee to Sensitive Twat dictionary and redact all of my brash new York rudeness so people can get my point without getting hung up on me calling them worthless cunts.
          As for the rest of the stuff, I think our agreement here is pretty well set out.

        3. I’m not sure how far removed “become a minimalist and live a meager life” is from “enjoy the decline” outside of the material aspect.
          I do agree with your observation regarding people not realizing that they can change their lives.

        4. I came across “enjoy the decline” from the Redpill subreddit. The concept is that all women are degenerate sluts and since you can’t change them, you join them. This, I believe, only accelerates the decline. There is a serious dearth of masculinity in society. Having a strong family and imparting traditional values to the next generation is the only way to fix it. I just think that there is plenty of energy being channeled in the wrong direction.

        5. Yea i noticed it too. I thought the red pill was about understanding the true nature of reality and improving yourself to make the most of it. But man it’s like a lot of these new articles just screams defeat. It’s always the Jews this, elites that, illuminati, blah blah blah. Like come on they are human too they have all the imperfections we have as well. They are not all knowing, all seeing, and unified. Case and point look at how many rich liberals still hate trump despite him being one of them.

  18. Ive been allowing myself to stay home, working hard with woman that wants to have kids.
    However, she canot stop going to the “harmless – just having fun with my friends” happy hour.
    So -I give up.
    If you cannot beat em join em.
    Going to work one night per week as a bartender in Manahttan.
    Have not done it for 20 years.
    But its what girls want— zero effort, get paid, act like an obnoxious broke asshole- gather groupies

    1. Man I want to bartender but other than the hotel bars i frequent who hires drink slingers in their 40s?

      1. Shit im in my 50s
        Have the same issue.
        But have friends that own places who i worked with mid 90s, and want me and another guyhelp with promotions…
        Getting the band back together

        1. Man… yeah i wish incould look like a badass in the lounges as a bartender. They typically hire the younger tatted up guys. Sounds like a boatload of fun though . I have a group of friends who always partied together the last 10 years. My best buddy gets beta cucked by old grandmas 10 years older than him .I call them grandmas and he gets offended . He stopped talking to me .

    2. “However, she canot stop going to the “harmless – just having fun with my friends” happy hour.”

  19. And again, this is why if you’re in the first category, as most of us are, that we should do what we can to minimize what we are forced to pay into the system.

    1. Just wrote a 20K check to the treasury (on top of what I’ve already paid). Fucking hurts. Especially when I think where the money is going: the single mothers, and women’s programs.

      1. I know… it does suck. And you sound like you’re in the unenviable position in which the government no longer sees you as “middle class” but not rich enough to where you can use a whole other set of loopholes to reduce your rate.

        1. Breaking that barrier is difficult and it sucks. You are correct, right now, you’re right on the cusp where you’re the Mega Mule.

        2. It’s what I’m trying. Problem is in order to get escape velocity I need to double or triple my income, and that’s extremely hard.
          I can’t go back either…

        3. being on the poor side of rich is the worst with regard to this. You have enough money that anally raping you makes a point about how much they are willing to fuck over rich people but you don’t have enough money to have any actual power to scare them away

      2. Create and register a business , sole proprietor or llc , depends on how risky you want to get . Buy small property or do some selling on ebay. Run up the expenses on your home and call it office improvements . Show losses every year . You’ll pay less to the govt.

        1. also you might think about taking a few exploratory trips to see if you would be interested in buying more property in the Caribbean. Business expenses.

        2. That what I did with my business. I wrote down every little deductible I could. I even counted my comic book purchases as part of my business as I use them as references and to see where the market is heading.

        3. Forgot that one ! Went to England last month. Thank you mastercard. I won’t be paying you either visa …

      3. Tax season makes me want to get my Sniper Game on. Every single time. For exactly why you hate it (plus welfare in general, which is wrong on every level).
        The best advice I can give is find the most successful AND most fiscally conservative accountant you can and pay the premium he will command if you have real tax issues at hand. The price of the top shelf accountant is almost always easily justified economically by the results he provides.
        Short story: My accountant, when we were experiencing The Joy And Wonder Of Childbirth ™ the first time, point blank told my wife that “If you work after your child arrives you’re making a grave economic mistake” and then laid out the evidence for her in a no nonsense way. He pushed not only fiscal responsibility, but he also framed it in some rather blatantly traditional values.

        1. I know. I still paid my accountant $2800 for the year. Problem is I make my money with my head. There are no assets, or other ways to work around it. Yeah, my computer system is top shelf but that’s only a mere $4-5K…

        2. Play the system man. Have business “lunches” with others who can be vaguely connected to your career and write them off. Deduct mileage, keep receipts. Every single fountain pen you buy, you write off, just get merciless with making a (sound) case with every fucking thing you do in life. You probably know this already, but I’m just throwing it out there.

        3. One thing I’m doing is take whatever is left and invest in ventures overseas. I have very trustworthy men over there.
          The money comes back in the same amount and the profit will stay in a 15% corporate tax jurisdiction. Of course the travel back and forth will be deductible.

        4. My accountant … point blank told my wife that “If you work after your child arrives you’re making a grave economic mistake”

          That is so true. My wife staying home after we became parents effectively pushed us into the lowest possible tax bracket for many years afterwards.

        5. The amount of work required for us, at the time, to cover day care consumed almost her entire paycheck. It always seems silly, economically, to work 40 hours a week or more for what in the end comes up to about $1.50 an hour.

        6. Exactly. If I get a support call while I’m on a trip I deduct the cost of that trip.

        7. Yep. Be merciless and go up to the very edge of “reasonable” that an accountant would advise you to do.

        8. I’ve seen some of the Finest Works of Fiction in the form of a good ol’ Schedule ‘C’…..
          write off EVERYTHING.

  20. Aside from cartels running large segments of our economy (higher education, healthcare, insurance, etc), many ‘little guy’ industries squeeze out honest small business people. How can someone compete against low-balling moving and storage companies that hijack people’s belongings for thousands of dollars? Or restaurants (landscapers, etc) who hire illegals or ex-cons then don’t pay them full wages? Or auto repair shops charging for imaginary repairs?
    The article above at first presents a false dilemma of only two paths, but there are more. Men seem to catch on to the rules of the game and adapt.

  21. Would relish the day government handouts ceased & reality bitch slapped America. Id have new neighbors in a month & there’d be a plethora of hookers at every hangout.

      1. I’d think that any violence associated with a cutoff of bumfare would be short-lived and contained mostly in the cities.
        Suburbs and rural areas are choc-full of armed people who are always itching for a reason to legally use firearms against the riff-raff.

        1. Agreed, most would just make the effort to get a job. I would bet you that beggars would become common, and so would honest charity organizations.

      1. Claussen that’s the good shit! Im about to clone them, you dont even have to cook anything. Same as Lithuanian half sours i read.

        1. The one thing we “Lugans” know about, other than using every part of the pig except the “squeeeal”, is how to pickle things.

  22. OT, but… has anyone seen the footage of the big fight at the mall in Florida? It’s outstanding.

    1. oddly enough, googling “fight florida mall” turns up quite a few hits.

      1. The mall in the clip I saw was called Orange Park mall.
        I have so many things I want to say about that event… but I just can’t really say any of them.

        1. yeah, that one was great. I can’t figure out how they knew who was on which team.

      2. Oddly enough more-so…malls still fucking exist. Haven’t been in one in over 5 years, for obvious reasons. Malls are nothing but big Wal-Marts with the same shit clientele.

  23. “Now these are the nations which Yahweh left, to test Israel by them (that is, all who had not experienced any of the wars of Canaan; only in order that the generations of the sons of Israel might be taught war, those who had not experienced it formerly).” – Judges 3
    Praise God for your enemies, men. In every form that they take. This is aimed mainly at the Christian brethren who read this site, and then to the non-Christians in hopes that you can see a Christian mentality is superior to a heathen one, and become Christians yourselves.
    This idea is a challenge and a paradigm shift. As a people, we’ve been in a form of spiritual and mental bondage for generations to ungodly ideas and culture. Break the chains, help others where possible, and praise God for the enemies you face. It’s to teach you war. So, when war is brought to you, learn war, and hold ground or take ground wherever you can. Remember as well though war can obviously be physical, and may likely be in our nations again someday so be prepared, war takes many forms:
    “. . . for the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh, but divinely powerful for the destruction of fortresses. We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ, and we are ready to punish all disobedience, whenever your obedience is complete.” – 2 Corinthians 10
    I, for one, really look forward to the day of “punishing all disobedience”. There is plenty of disobedience out there right now. As it stands, our nations obviously lack the spiritual temperament to carry this out, or we wouldn’t be where we are now in the first place.
    “Respect what is right in the sight of all men. If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” – Romans 12
    Harmonizing these instructions is taking the moral high road in this area. If you’re not, or haven’t been, persecuted in some way out among the world right now you’re not living a principled life. Expect it, praise God for your enemies, and fight the good fight.
    Lastly, stop wasting time over analyzing the current government/world system. It’s failing and on the way out regardless if it takes another year or 100 years. Separate yourself from it as much as you can because when it comes down it will bring you with it to whatever degree you are still attached to it. If enough of us separate from it, we can definitely help starve the beast.

  24. I’d add this to the “Beta Provider Guy” Part.
    […]: “After realizing the system has fucked his life he joins a MGTOW Forum, claiming women are purely evil. Especially white women (or whathever race he is) and calls guys who are able to pull girls pussy beggars. While he himself is only able to fuck a woman if he visits a hooker.

    1. I don’t think we should put down guys who buy hookers . Myself, I love the thrill of the hunt and can’t fuck a hooker. The seduction game is fun and challenging. However its not in our best interests to put down men who buy pussy. We are men not women, no reason to put others down;Beta males who marries a hooker , yes .I sincerely believe hookers devalue pussy and it’s better than being divorced raped .

      1. I’ve never said that buying hookers is bad. But if you rely on hookers, because you are not able to get pussy otherwise and call guys who are able to do so “pussy beggars” or any other insults, is a major beta move.

    2. If you buy expensive clothes, cars, travel, etc… as part of your game, doesn’t it amount the same thing?

      1. Not really expensive cars are fun, expensive clothes boost confidence . People should be forced to dress well

    3. Do zero sum game (I should get credit for coining (!) the term in 2011, although that was among alphaish friends in Sweden) and join the zero sum club = sleep with hookers without paying.
      This does not imply to bail on bills but be their boyfriend for a while.

  25. All government has become is a way for everyone else to subsidize one’s heart’s desire.

  26. The Go-To Guy Gets Educated:
    How Business Really Works On Planet Earth
    Start with about 300 million people in the United States . Consider that half of ’em are retired or in school or on welfare, a fourth of ’em are taking care of the retired ones and the ones in school, you’ve got 75 million left. But 29 million work for the Federal Government which means there’s only 46 million left to bring home the bacon.
    Ah, but then there’s the 15 million who work for the local government, so they’re only marginally more worthwhile than the feds. We’re down to 31 million now. 80% of the 31 million are either lazy, apathetic and mostly unproductive, or they’re busy undoing the damage done by the doofuses every day. So in fact there’s only six million people doing real, actual, productive, innovative hard work.
    Those 6 million people are not only feeding 300 million, but providing them with warm homes in the winter and quality television programming. The comfort food and Seinfeld reruns keep the unproductive, roiling masses from rioting.

  27. I think you are giving a loser guy more value then what he has in reality. In reality a jobless guy using the system or guy that will never moves out of his parents house will kill any desire in most young woman. There are starting to be more single nonwhite mother but we do not know how many are gaming the system themselves. John Galt and Walter White are different animals. John Galt would refuse to help Walter. Walter decided it was best to disobey the systems rules. While I understand John Galt I respect him less then Walt since he starved working people that did not agree with how the people with business were treated.

      1. Well you can do an experiment and do things like say you are jobless, live with your parents, will only have anal sex etc and see if your pool of women get smaller.

        1. One Eases Into The Discussion About Anal With women. Even the stripper I’m screwing now would run if my first words to her were about me directing my one eyed snake into brown town

        2. A guy working a dead end job at a mall kiosk meets and interacts with hundreds of women every day. An engineer making $100k a year interacts with none.
          Guess who’s sleeping with more women?

        3. 100K???
          Even 250K won’t get it done.
          It will for escorts, but that’s about it.

    1. Yeah right Jeremy Meeks has 911000 followers … mostly women drooling over him..

        1. He’s a convicted felon, gang member , drug dealer. You are making our point for us. That man should not be celebrated but now he’s wanted by woman and rich even though he is a criminal . He is rewarded with pussy , fame and $$$

        2. so what? so he stabbed some white bastard? who cares? ho hum. he a good boy and you basement dwelling neckbeards are just trying to keep a fly ass nigga down

        3. yeah … what are you crackas doin’ huh? being all law abiding and shit lolz

    2. Do you know how many guys I see sitting in the passenger seat dicking around on their phone or gameboy while their female companion drives or pumps gas?
      I almost never see a man in the driver seat anymore.
      So where did being a responsible man with my own car get me?
      Oh right: nowhere

      1. Far less frequent, but unfortunately becoming more common. Some Tyrone being chauffeured around by a mudshark.

  28. Add all the $$$ spent on welfare and it still is nothing but a drop in the ocean when it comes to the amount of tax AVOIDED by huge MNC when they profit shift overseas. Target the BIG money first!

  29. Thanks for this.
    We all know its true. But its good to hear other talk about it from time to time.
    “started “official” employment at age 16. All while earning top grades in
    school and prepping himself for college. Totally ignored by women in
    his teens, he is assured that if he “does the right thing” there will be
    a reward waiting for him at the end of his long road.”
    Well, I started working at 17, but that’s basically me.
    Except I got fed up at 20 – a Junior in college. Totally and completely fed up and I decided to do something about it. I took 70 dollars, went downtown to Park & 32nd (it was the 80s) on a late Saturday night, and got the deed done. She was a blonde and actually pretty hot.
    Its been all down hill (in more ways than one) ever since.

  30. agreed…everybody needs a hand up occasionally. but after going through some hard times of my own,i learned that the only help that is offered is to people who do wrong,and make poor choices…especially if you’re a white man.

    1. That’s the white male privilege– the knowledge that there is no superman who’s gonna step in and fix things for you. You can’t wait around – you need to solve it yourself.

  31. This makes me laugh, you gotta get a little dirty to make some cash. At some point you need to go out on your own and/or be prepared to sink a few knives into backs. The only lies anyone was told as a child was life is fair and hard work alone equals reward.
    Anyone who has spent even a few years in the corporate mill knows this.

  32. We bow down to charisma and chastise morality. Dostoevsky made this visible for me. Our beast has already arrived.

  33. I’m always reminded of this scene from Legends of The Fall.

    I’ve lived it in my own family.

    1. Yes. A pattern one sees again and again. Seeing it often does not make it any less bitter and unjust. Like you, I have been through that route in my own family. It is one of the reasons I could never stand the sibling stories in the Bible – Jacob cheats his way to an inheritance and Easau is discarded, Martha gets stuck with all the housework while Mary is offered love.
      If one lives long enough, though, one sees how those who are favored are also undermined. They do not learn to be self reliant.

  34. This article is fuckin’ gospel.
    “This is exactly how our government works in America. People who are industrious, give 110% go-getters are punished for their industriousness while those who contribute nothing to society are rewarded with free money”
    It has been stated somewhere that there is no reason for an honest hard working man to get out of bed today. There are exceptions of course – those 110% hard working men who are already billionaires like the deceased founder of Apple, the founder of Micrsoft, and the founder of Virgin to name a few. But these guys became successful as a result of decades of growth, pre-globalization, and much less regulations than today.
    I know my remarks may sound defeatist, but things and circumstances are indeed different today. A lot of people who make fuckloads of money on the internet do so by accident when they produce something that by chance, goes viral.
    This is yet another sign of a culture in decline : piece-of-shit-whores who make up the female demographic and have no societal restraints, while decent men withdraw from society and don’t reproduce and raise good kids.
    Honestly, the more practical thing to do is focus on the coming global conflict – WWIII or a civil war, or both for that matter.

  35. In my experience, losers who milk the system end up with fat trailer trash chics, not fashion models.

    1. Not between the ages of 18 to 35 . That’s our sexual peak . Losers win , winners lose during that time frame

  36. Totally ignored by women in his teens, he is assured that if he “does
    the right thing” there will be a reward waiting for him at the end of
    his long road.
    This was me exactly in particular the repeated lies it’s all those lies and other denial etc that I as an impressionable youth received that has left me and probably many of you so sensitive and reactive to the lies and propaganda of the MSM etc.

    1. Even my own mother told me about the so called pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that never came if I worked hard enugh

      1. “Even my own mother told me about the so called pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that never came if I worked hard enugh”
        Yup. Or the proverbial “Just dream it and the money will come” bs.

      2. OMG my female guardian too! Man, all that study got me nowhere really and just like in the article the badboys were cleaning up. None the less am okay now, sorted most of it out but lik your good self and most of the readership am left with a lot of anger about it!

    2. “Totally ignored by women in his teens, he is assured that if he “does
      the right thing” there will be a reward waiting for him at the end of
      his long road. This was me exactly in particular the repeated lies it’s all those lies and other denial etc”
      Me too.

      1. It’s certainly enough to fire one up to considerable reactionary rage 😉 Like Roosh it started with pickup but ultimately ends up with politics

  37. not the “loser’s” fault anyone buys into the system. they want everyone to have just enough to not be able to afford kids. sure they give to those so pathetic that they do anyway when they shouldn’t have but they would take just as much from the sucker anyway

  38. In a gynocentric society, all rules are shit tests.
    There is a reason most CEOs are extremely feminist (at least as a front): it is extremely profitable for them and no one else.

  39. What about the third option, work the corporate government system. Get a job
    on wall street, go into politics, get a nice government job with a
    pension, ride various bubbles, and many more options that mean becoming
    part of the problem. Keep telling yourself that you didn’t make the
    world this way, you’re just playing it the best way you can. That’s the
    route to being a winner in american society today and the article
    completely failed to mention it. That’s how the dishonorable are really rewarded.
    Most wealth taken in taxes doesn’t go to the loser’s children or single mothers or even welfare. They go to inflated salaries of every government employee. Their pensions. The salaries and pensions of political office holders. Fat government contracts that go to friends of those in various government offices. The government deals for companies that made the right donations. Getting vacuumed up by wall street banks and the so-called elite through monetary policy and more.

  40. I am a bit like the beta who had taken advantage of the system’s emaciation of my labor market value to become the guy that works the system. In fact, I now consider myself to be a “yellow-dog” Democrat sucking on the teat of ObamaRomneyHeritageCare Medicaid and waiting until Guaranteed Income gets political viability.

  41. “”In A Broken America, Only The Dishonorable Are Rewarded””
    No shit. I know a girl who is dating a pedophile!!! Talk about disgusting.

  42. Great article. Concise and simply stated, and so very true. And so very sad. Leftism is cancer

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