If You Can Only Lose Weight To Get Revenge, Something Is Wrong With You

Have you noticed the rise in “revenge body” stories recently? Google Trends certainly has. Formerly overweight or plain obese women have been flocking to news outlets, bragging about how they managed to finally get rid of the pounds after their boyfriend, fiancé, or husband dumped or criticized them. The male exes are then routinely lambasted for being “mean” and not “deserving” the newly transformed women they used to have.

Here is some of the tripe that has graced newspapers and computer screens of late:

On the one hand, these women losing weight might seem like the exact thing Return Of Kings has been preaching for years—stopping the proliferation of human whales. Conversely, however, it demonstrates a kind of toxic self-absorption. Yes, the women may look a whole lot better, some of them even being hot. But you end up asking yourself why they didn’t bother losing weight in the first place. Why couldn’t they have done it for their partner, to show him their best self? Or for their children?

If a woman’s definition of transformation and self-improvement depends on making the man she kept herself fat for jealous, the problem is almost certainly with her. In nearly all these cases where a man left an overweight or obese woman, he had better options and chose to take them. Any self-respecting man would, too. In addition, it is doubtful, perhaps even impossible that these women would have lost weight out of love or consideration for their boyfriend, fiancé, or husband. Everything depended on the rage that developed after they were rejected.

This article should serve as a warning to anyone who dates or wants to date a former fatty. Whilst the superficial package may seem fine, you’re potentially dealing with a powder-keg of female victimhood. If revenge, not a self-directed effort at improvement, has been the driving force behind her changes in life, you may have a hard time with this girl in many other areas.

Social and mainstream media will always reward this female narcissism

Did you really need thoughts of revenge to lose weight?

One thing I did not know before researching for this article was that Khloe Kardashian (the mannish Kardashian sister) hosts a show called Revenge Body. This shining light of television consists of women, with a gay man also thrown in, getting “revenge” on their exes by finally exercising and eating right. The shifting of responsibility engaged in by this show mirrors the very perverse social media validation women get for losing weight only after being dumped.

At no point do even small numbers of people appear to say things like, “Maybe he dumped you because you didn’t respect him enough to take care of yourself.” Worse still are the attempts of the former fatties to blame “toxic” people, especially the ex-partner, for them originally being overweight or obese. Again, while many of these women may now be bangable, their supreme lack of personal responsibility (remember, all their changes depended on someone else’s actions) may make them about as suitable for a long-term relationship as they were when they weighed 100 pounds more.

A man should never regret dumping a woman who falls below his expectations

Losing weight is only one part of restoring women.

You are going to meet exes who have improved themselves (or seem to have improved themselves) since you dumped them. If it’s not a law or fact of life, it’s close to it. In my life, most of the positive changes I have seen in my ex-girlfriends have been oriented around their personalities, whether an apparent return to the personality that once attracted me or sometimes even a vibe I had never seen in them before.

Though I might briefly ponder what could have been, I quickly snap myself out of that thought pattern. The causal factors behind a girl’s potential self-improvement during and after a relationship are usually very different. In fact, in the case of the “during” part, these factors frequently don’t exist. She likely wouldn’t have bettered herself without a man leaving her, so moving on was the right choice.

The same goes for a man whose girlfriend has physically improved since he dumped her. Given the truly poisonous presence of modern-day feminism, it is highly unlikely that a woman you dumped after she gained weight was going to exercise and eat right for you. This is not to say that you and I cannot improve our chances of preventing women from sliding down physically and emotionally. But just as an overweight woman can regard herself as a victim during her relationship (“Why can’t he accept me for who I am?”), that same woman can regard herself as a victim of rejection when she loses weight to spite her ex-partner.

By all means bang a girl who has shed her excess pounds. Just be careful and judicious about dating her.

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242 thoughts on “If You Can Only Lose Weight To Get Revenge, Something Is Wrong With You”

    1. They’re still ugly on the inside and the next dude that tries a long term relationship with them will find that out really quick. They’re poisoned berries.

        1. I can assure you that the lard will pile back on once they have locked down another guy down. Return of the hamplanets – Part Deux. Losing weight is just one part of the equation.

      1. Agreed, some of the most toxic women in the world are former fatsos and uglies. Not forgetting that chances are they will put weight back on at some stage.

        1. They had to DIY or lose the weight themself and the motives were not gratuitous towards the patriarch but were selfish. Woman partners and some spouses who take a side job also show the same selfishness by hoarding their paltry income instead of chipping it into the house pot. “It’s MINE, all mine. I earned it and deserve every penny of it.” A teenager dependent with a burger flipping job can say that because the house patriarch wants them to learn responsibility and to become self sufficient and hopefully graduate to better money game. But for a wife to get all posessive about their own income means she’s stuffing it somewhere so she can run off and disappear like the women’s programming advocates. The 70s tv jewcom starring Linda Lavin comes to mind.

          She runs off abandoning her nest and raises her poor son on the road and the show promotes the glories of an unskilled single mother working as a waitress and living in a motel happily ever after.
          The 70s sitcoms should have featured ‘FLAKING PREVENTION’ as the theme but ‘Alice’ was just the opposite. The show had millions of viewers for many seasons so we’ll never know the exact number of brainwashed housewife fallout that precipitated from the ‘Alice’ show alone.
          It’s best to keep a flaking mother hitting the recipe encyclopedias until she has a PhD in homecraft and can recite and debate spices as fluently as she reads it. KEEP THE FLAKING BITCH INDOORS when she gets critical and smash the TV. For outdoors, regular 100 lap brisk exercise resistance walks around the house are fine though.
          A chicken kept in the pen is one less than you have to collect. Feminism is like PCP. It stores itself up in the fat globules and must be completely burned away and flushed out the pisser with vinegar.

      2. Yep, still on psych meds, skullfucked beyond belief, making excuses for all of their shortcomings and blaming others/men… You name it!

    2. Women get their validation from male attention. When a man actually has the balls to deprive them of that, it sends the hamster into overdrive, and motivates her to do the unthinkable: only eat what you need.

      1. Would love to see some analysis of their social media presence between fat and normal. My hypothesis is that they lost the male attention, started seeking fake attention via social media, and lost weight to get more of that sweet sweet drug that is attention.

        1. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least. AWALT when it comes to attention whoring.

        2. In my experience, most women will just use old pictures where they were thin, or just put up head shots. Way easier than actually losing weight.

        3. Depends on The feedback they had for social media when they were fat. If people said they were beautiful blabla, and during her transformation continue to praise them as hot beautiful blabla, they will eventually come.to the conclusion that people were really saying bullshit before. Therefore seeing distinction between genuine praise and misery support bullshit ?

        4. Given that probably all her female friends and most of her thirsty male orbiters will eagerly approve of whatever choices she makes in life, plus the inevitable “He didn’t deserve you!” shrieks, I’m rather shocked any of these women bothered to try anything different in their lives.

        5. That’s exactly how it is. There’s this small town fattie I know that sunk her marriage down the bog and neglected her kids because of her addiction to social media attention. Somehow she managed to drop weight just to keep getting more and more likes and flirts from nerd betas.

    3. I keep telling this… self improvement is secondary, what matters is male collusion against female fatness.

    4. Know the signs, my young friends: If your relationship gets to the point where she criticizes everything you do and say and she is noticeably losing weight, find a replacement because trust me, she already did!

      1. Actually, it’s when they stop nagging you is the time to know their eye has wandered but after years of nagging, they do lose respect for a man. Nagging is a shit test.

    5. I’m not sure who is more stupid… the fatties or the men writing teenage high school bicker articles about them – just ignore it its all BS.

        1. I don’t use much cosmetics myself, although maybe I should due to my old, old age (36). But there were times when men wore more make up than today’s women (XVIII century Europe).

        2. Why are you here, then? I don’t go to feminist websites because I know feminism is retarded. I don’t need to lurk there and waste my time.

        3. What part of the word “amusing” can’t you understand? Reading comprehension needed… Besides I’m weird. I like reading even stupid stuff if it triggers emotions.

        4. Perhaps. Who cares? I sometimes agree with what is written here, but most of the times I am amazed how delusional people can be. Manosphere is like feminism – provides one sex with feelings of superiority.

        5. This is a place for men. Just keep all your stupid comments to yourself ok. Youre beginning to sound like a “sad pseudofeminine joke”

        6. I’ll take my chances. Post the pic… even if you’re a Polish hambeast.
          If our articles “amuse” you, time for you to amuse us.

        7. That’s just it. Your expressed opinions are authoritarian. We dont need to be shamed or a lecture as to what we find desirable in women from a woman. Go “like reading stuff that triggers emotion” someplace else.

        8. Not sure how it’s amusing, considering it’s the truth.
          But please do go ahead and make no valid points but simply try weak ass insults and name-calling. That’s what you have to resort to in place of any having any real meaning.

        9. “Shamed”? I don’t see a shred of shame in what we do here. At this juncture of human history, with how vile, used-up, disgusting and cuntish American women have become, it’s simply self-preservation!

    6. Remember, if you’re with a fat chick, it’s because she couldn’t get anyone better

      1. More like: Remember, if you’re with a chick, it’s because she couldn’t get anyone better.

        1. No, guys get the best they went after. Woman (all of them) settle. They are the pursuee, almost never the chaser. And even when they do chase, at best they get uncomitted dick.

    7. A girl I dumped once (who was actually about a 9.5) went so far as to start working at the gym as well as working out. She improved herself to get to being a 10. Completely by coincidence I joined the same gym.
      We got talking (this was about two years after I dumped her and I now had a girlfriend) and she manipulated the conversation to get me to ask her out (implying that was what she wanted). Of course I didn’t actually ask her out, I just suggested that we meet for lunch since I worked around the corner. She responded “if I have time…” and wandered off.
      Obviously she would spin it inside her head as me wanting her back and thus she got her revenge. In actual fact I just thought that she was a retard and I avoided her every time I saw her after that.
      What she failed to realise was that I didn’t dump her because of any physical flaws. I dumped her because of her shitty personality. All she did with her silly little game was confirm that.

      1. Sounds like you avoided a huge waste of time and one of the scenarios where a woman fakes a situation (meaning, sets up a situation intentionally) so she possibly could pretend to reject you for her own vanity.

      2. What he said below. She plotted and schemed the entire exchange, that’s for goddamn sure!

    8. Now, now, sir, everyone knows that a woman does these things to boost her “confidence”. It couldn’t possibly be that underneath that toned, lithe figure lies the personality of a man hating fatty.
      Someone should have also told these bitches to hit the mental gym too and trim off the rolls of thought fat. They may be a 10 on the outsise, but on the inside the’re a 1.

    9. Judging from the average female’s FB feed, it takes quite a vicious slap to get them to even recognize they have an issue, much less to motivate any actual sustained action.

  1. In a fucked up way, it makes sense. These women know instinctively what feminist theory has spent decades denying – women’s value is in their beauty and health.
    Their revenge is buffing their value so their ex has to say, “Damn, I way undersold my own value. I settled for the least-valuable version of her.”
    Even so, if he’s got even a smidgen of game, he’ll make it work for him. He now has preselection from an even more attractive girl than before, and that could give him the edge.

    1. I think the best thing the ex could do is to show he doesn’t give a damn anymore. All that work to hurt his ego, and if he develops the patronizing attitude of “Good for you, go away.” you’ll see some really interesting freak outs.

      1. A little feigned misunderstanding could help, too. “….but, I left you because you were a bitch, not because of your weight.”

  2. Fuck ’em. If/when they get into a new relationship, and get comfortable, I guarantee that they will fall back into old habits and get fat again.

    1. Fully agree. They fall into habits n’get a fat-back. Once they muffin-top, the fun don’t stop. Fun, in this case, meaning caloric intake. Just look at women and chocolate. BERTHA.

    2. This. Oprah Syndrome. Heavy dieting and/or liposuction, followed by boasting, followed by regaining fat.
      Many lose weight only to snag a man, so that they can start eating donuts again.

  3. The t4m section in Craigslist is waiting dudes. Ya just gotta treat the ass like a pussy. It’s not hard. Feels better too.

  4. These are the same type of women who snack on shitty foods at night to piss off “judgemental” boyfriends. Both are founded on spite.

    1. Top: 1/10 looks like ugly dude
      Bottom: 3/10 (could improve if she’s not as fat as I guess from face)
      Summary: From WNB to physically CNB.

    2. My two cents. Whatever your feelings are about illegals, you might agree with me that if she still looked like she did in the bottom pic, at least she had a fair chance to hook up with an American citizen and get that green card Melania Trump style.
      And two more observations. You know why many Mexicans come across? The place is tough as nails to survive. You have to be physically and mentally strong to make it down there, with little to no govt assistance. So you can imagine how she will fare. And if she doesn’t speak Spanish, she’ll be another dumb pocha.
      And then there’s her appearance. Mexican men are what feminists would refer to as misogynists simply because they still like feminine women. This one will be dismissed as a “machorra”, or ugly dyke.

      1. Yeah she did have more of a feminine look than your average white lard bucket.
        In my experience most Central Americans are tough mother truckers. Sort of wish I had grown up with more mentors of that origin. Salvadorans for instance will set their sons up with a hooker at age 15 to make sure he has no inhibitions with women.

      2. My guess is different. The men will be lining up to get at her. The competition will be who gets her knocked up and abandons her first. That snotty North American mouth mandates ‘special treatment.’

  5. The problem with doing things for revenge is– you’re living in the past. Learning from the past and doing something to have a better future for yourself is admirable.
    Doing something to ‘get back’ at someone is pointless. If they were that bad, why do you care what they think? If this doesn’t get a reaction, will you keep making more efforts? And if you care about what they’re feeling, then you still care in some way about them.
    Truly– live well and forget about others, otherwise you are allowing them to still have control over your life.

      1. Every now and then something happens with my ex and the kids that just makes me think- well, you chose this sh!t, not me.
        Like my daughter the other day telling me her mother started crying when my daughter mentioned she’d set up a private txt group with her siblings labled- ‘By products of a failed marriage’ and that it used to be called ‘(our last name) mistakes’. My daughter does have a dark sense of humor, but it was how she dealt with her mom moving out and making her home someplace the kids couldn’t be.
        Or when the older one got in a pissing contest with her mother, and I ended up going wedding dress shopping with my daughter instead of her mom. It was a good time.

      2. I will agree for the most part…however I have dealt out some revenge to some very deserving folks and I must say it was quite satisfying…always delayed enough to escape obvious suspicion…but soon enough to elicit a gratifying ‘close the book’ conclusion

    1. Living well and being happy is the best revenge…….without even bothering to “take revenge”

  6. The list of PHYSICAL problems they’re facing is scary, too – so committing to these types is not a good long-term prospect – unless you want to deal with a fat, unhealthy spouse with lots of major medical problems. You need strong game to keep these types in line so they don’t blimp out. Not worth the risk.

  7. It’s also rough for some of the ladies who are friends/acquaintances of these women. I remember women from work or at university who experienced this. Most became intolerable during their “I’m just focused on me” phase post-breakup. They were judgmental about my healthy, balanced, not-afraid-of-eggs diet. They made it a point to comment on my pasta dish and wore as a badge of pride their ‘inability’ to finish the food on their plate whenever a guy was around. They couldn’t even turn down food without annoying everyone else. The amount of times I heard “no, none for me- bread makes you fat” “no none for me-yogurt makes you fat” drove everyone at the table nuts. One girl I knew even straight up asked me “Do apples have calories?” Maybe just my experience, but it was weird. I’m glad I’m not the only one suspicious of post-breakup “know your worth-ism.” But I’d like to think/hope a lot of those women truly dumped a bad guy & are realizing the importance of physical and mental health.

      1. It’s up to Roosh if he wants to ban my account. You can email him to see if he agrees.

    1. Well this article should be positioned as: “Yay, it’s working!”
      Instead, it’s “Us alpha males are still not impressed because “victim.” If she lost 50 pounds, (within reason) she made a great decision for her health. I hope she can stay healthy

  8. Revenge is a powerful incentive. But once you actually start to self improve as part of your revenge, you should forget about your revenge.

    1. The problem with women is that they can’t simply forget and move on. Even after she breaks off the relationship, she still needs to see him destroyed.

  9. Women just want men to accept them and love them unconditionally as they are, no matter what, period.
    Just like women accept their men and love them unconditionally as they are: tall, handsome, shredded with six-pack abs and a big dick, and hard cash to burn in their pockets.
    Why is so hard to understand that, you mysoginyst pigs, you? Is that too much to ask for a little acceptance?
    Acceptance is key! 🙂

    1. if a woman has a man then she has already accepted him and doesn’t want to change because if he started improving himself and thus his sexual market value then she would either start nagging him, sabotaging him, or fucking his brains out and doing A LOT more to please him.

      1. Women are clever: if they notice that you started improving yourself while in a relationship, she will automatically assume that you are fucking another girl on the side, or you just met someone else who is hot and you want to bang her…

  10. As somebody who advocates spite and anger as a remarkable motivator…
    Frankly, if this is what it takes to get American women to lose weight, we oughta increase fat shaming.

    1. Hell, I lost 80 lbs because I was tired of being ignored by women. Gained half back, so I need to fix that.

      1. Eggs, meat, fish, and greens. Buy some good spices. Avoid all sugar, carbs, alcohol.

      2. Ketogenic diet and some Intermittent Fasting periods will set things on the right path.

      3. I have also lost significant weight recently. When asked what finally got me motivated, I say directly “I’m done dealing with fat chicks!”

    2. Indeed and be more ruthless and merciless about it. I do my little bit in looking at land whales with a mixture of disgust and pity as to outright say they’re an affront to the senses is too advanced ZFG for me presently.

      1. I told off an old FWB a few months back bc she had put on about 80 lbs in the year that passed between times we hung out….since the overweight was excessive to the point of being a boner killer, I have no regrets doing so.

        1. Good. Who the hell thinks that they can gain 80 fucking pounds and still be attractive? My god. 10 pounds I can see being like oh oh well, maybe she’s having a rough year. EIGHTY!!!!!!!!! That’s like 3/4 of a person. Shit. Don’t validate that. How can anyone support recklessly neglecting your own health like that? Being all women can look however they want? Jesus you all of a sudden put on that much weight in a year? What. That’s being in denial.

        2. Putting up with FWB situation gaining 80 lbs in a year are both sure signs she had no respect for herself.

  11. For women, even something as innocuous as dieting can become an opportunity for mean spiritedness.

  12. The irony of course that many redpill guys understand is it was alpha/mean to dump the fatty and as much as she bitches on social media she WANTS the original guy back – or at the very least wants him to come back so she can say no.

  13. I suspect “revenge” is only part of it. The fact of the matter is, women need to get dumped a lot more often than they are. Beta males create fat chicks through their lack of courage in telling her no. (And I’m pretty sure that fat girls usually get into relationships in the first place by their initiating, not the man.) If a beta sacks up and dumps her, she perceives him as alpha and, in a twisted way, inspires her to find another alpha because she just got dumped by one.
    It’s sort of the female version of a beta getting dumped or brutally rejected by a hot girl and then learning Game. But beyond that, women getting fat is a shit test; women are perfectly capable of staying thin if they wanted to. Lena Dunham slimmed down after Trump was elected — what does that tell you?
    So I don’t take as jaded a view of girls slimming down after a dumping as this author does.

    1. I would respectively disagree or there wouldn’t be fat single gals. And believe me, there are more than a ton of them.

      1. I suppose fat (chronically) single girls are the female version of MGTOWs.

    2. Just say no and walk away is the answer for all the behaviors. It’s the only option men retain and its the one that can’t be taken away without exposing the true nature of the feminist scam.

  14. woman like this never stay thin- within a few months of meeting a new guy ; they bloat out and put the new man through hell.

        1. And no doubt wiser having seen the signs and knowing how to avert such disasters.

  15. funny, when men improve hit the gym and learn game women hate those men. Once you are labeled as a beta guy, Women hate when you leave the plantation. If they known your beta past, They see you as a hustler and those women that you are banging with your new red pill mindset they are victims of course. They see your new SMV as fake, Real Alpha males are scarce, once a beta always a beta, in their eyes you become a fake alpha.

    1. The key take away is to give zero fucks about their approval/lack thereof. You do it for you. If their paradigm can’t cross over the threshold of self improvement, that’s their mental burden to bear not ours.

  16. Ah, the “I lost weight because my boyfriend dumped me” shtick. I’ve always laughed at this because the question that always comes to mind is, “So that was your motivator? Why not because he likes you and expects you to take care of yourself just as he does?”

  17. The number one lesson here to remember is that “the medium is the message.” If your girlfriend is overweight and doesn’t care to try to change that, and makes no effort, THAT is the message. She doesn’t respect you, and doesn’t think you are valuable enough to get in shape for, end of story. All of the excuses are bullshit. Women have no problem making the effort when properly motivated. I see this phenomenon at the local gym all the time. You can tell when a girl just broke up with their long term boyfriend because now all the sudden she’s trying to get in shape. It’s funny how deep down women instinctively know that they need to be in good shape to attract the best mate possible, but only start trying to accomplish this AFTER they’ve broken up or been dumped.
    Women who are with high value men, or men they perceive as high value, will police themselves to make sure they are doing everything they can to keep his interest, which includes keeping fit at the top of the list. They won’t dare risk getting fat or doing anything that could make his eye wander. If your girl doesn’t do this on her own, then she doesn’t perceive you as high-value and you need to broom her fast.

    1. 100% spot on truth. If she really is into him she will do whatever it takes to stay desirable.

    2. I agree. Likewise having been a regular gym goer for many years I’ve seen plenty of this as well, as well as reading of cases on relationship forums, and seeing it in social circles. Its not just fat/chubby women who flock to the gym after a relationship bust-up, guys do it too, and I fully support anyone who takes the sting of rejection and uses it to motivate themselves to want better out of life. In the case of the “I’ll show him what he missing out on now” scenarios, there is no self reflection. Its strictly motivated by revenge. I personally think its pathetic, and its another signpost on the decay in society that we now have a mainstream show promoting this (I guess its all for female empowerment over men who did them wrong. Putting em back up on the pedestal) revenge makeover and fittingly hosted by one of the selfie obsessed narcissistic karadashians.
      The ones you see in the gym who get back in shape, they last about a year, reap the validations with the new attention from the opposite sex, get a bunch of NSA sex with hotter guys then will settle down with a new bf and slowly go back to the way they were. Any ex bf/gf of one of these revenge weight loss people, should not feel any regret at having broken up with them. While their ex will flaunt their new look and say look what you missed out on, that comment is total BS. If he was still with her she would be the exact same chubster she was as before when she was not inspired to look her best for him. Its a reflection of her lack of passion/devotion/respect for her ex that she did not make the effort before when she had a committed bf. The guy’s she is hooking up with now with her new svelte look are the ones reaping the benefits.You want to be one of those guys, and not the next bf she settles down with. With no self reflection its likely she will still have the same issues she had before.
      When I started to do well with the gym, it certainly hit home how I got treated better and the women made more effort to please and I looked around at my friends and their varying degrees of desirability with women, and the correlation to how either their woman put in more effort when he was in the top 50% or less when he was in the bottom 50% where he had to try harder (generally speaking). Your last sentence is something more men need to be woken up to, though often it doesn’t became so apparent till after marriage/baby/mortgage is locked in.

      1. Excellent post. My wife and I just had a child but throughout the pregnancy and even now she laments that I hit the weights six days a week. Whenever she asks why I still do as when we dated I hint that maybe she can be disposed of for another. She’s been dieting and doing fitness ever since.

  18. Please…. it’s easy. When you get dumped, you get depressed and you eat less from loss of appetite. I lost 4 inches on my waist my first real breakup. I’d love to get back down to my 32 inch waist…

  19. Revenge body? LOL! You go girl, you really showed him by conforming to traditional male standards of beauty! Too bad you can’t lose the psychotic lack of critical thinking skills along with the excess poundage.
    Great article!

  20. I think fat shaming should be a part of any healthy relationship. If people are supposed to be monogamous in a relationship then let’s not make that difficult by blimping out two years in. My husband and I agreed not to let each other get lazy and fat even if it means fat shaming. I don’t want to have sex with a whale and neither does he.

    1. My wife and I are old… I never said anything specifically 41 years ago when we got married. What I said was it would be bad if she got fat, because I would hurt my back throwing her out the window. Heh, heh.

  21. I’m going to start online dating again. Normally if a girl doesn’t have full body pictures or angled body pictures, I tell her to show me a full body pic. This time I’m going to go through with dating them, and when they show up fat as ever, I’m going to call them out on their weight. Yes they will hate me but they will also lose a ton of weight, be happier and have more fulfilling relationships.

    1. I used to call it the 10 year twenty pound rule. That is, a girl you meet online will generally show up looking ten years older and twenty pounds heavier in real life.

    2. Then your online dating account will get deleted because they reported you for ‘harassment’.

  22. No matter how much weight the top photo mudshark lost, I would shun her. I don’t want her herpes or low class.

  23. i wholeheartedly disagree with this article. Get dumped and upgrade yourself to get better pussy and get over it. Why can’t women do the same? If anything the more thin and attractive women there are out there the less attitude you need to put up with.

    1. But these women are doing it out of spite. They aren’t accepting any responsibility.
      If a woman says “I was dumped, I should have more respect for future men I date and improve myself”, that would be totally fine.

    2. The central idea of the article is that while the hardware has been upgraded, there is a major fault in the operating software.

      1. Just the fact that most of these women have children shows us how self absorbed and screwed up they are. And it’s more clear to me after two weeks perusing through Tinder.

  24. I’m always surprised at the number of women that are driven by spite, hate and vindictiveness more than any other emotions. Sadly it seems to be the norm for women.

  25. One of the best parts is that these women will be giant sluts now that they’ve lost weight and can actually attract men. They will be opened up to an ocean of dicks.
    “…not a self-directed effort at improvement, has been the driving force behind her changes in life, you may have a hard time with this girl in many other areas.”
    -Which means that she has no foresight and/or doesn’t care about herself enough.
    It’s kind of funny; They get hot to get back at us, then (possibly) ruin their futures by whoring around. Amazing.

  26. The best revenge is to move on, be successful and sincerely not give a shit. These girls accomplished one out of three.
    I can’t wrap my head around the logic here. “Look at what you didn’t have when we were together.” What?
    My gut tells me these chicks had other character flaws as well.

    1. No, it’s more like: “Look at what you could have had if you have stayed with me…But now someone else is gonna get this…”.

      1. “No, it’s more like: “Look at what you could have had if you have stayed with me…”
        Actually, no. The whole point was: these women don’t bother to put forth the effort to improve themselves until after they’ve been dumped. So, in essence, if the man had stayed with the woman, he’d never have the improved woman.

    2. shes still insecure and wants to know that she made it to a point where she would not be thrown to the curb.
      But her insecurity shows that she knows that deep down inside shes still a shitty person

  27. The blonde in the 2nd picture is still hideously obese.
    150/160 with a double chin.
    She’s got at least 45 lbs to go.

  28. And the first one, with the nog.
    Her looks no longer matter at all.
    Damaged goods…

    1. I’ve known a few of naive women who were mudsharks, and had their self-confidence relentlessly crushed by their black boyfriends – including physical violence as standard, not to mention the guilt tripping. They are damaged goods but they have learned a valuable life lesson about their real worth, which is that they shouldn’t be lowering themselves to negro losers. Unfortunately the (((media))) is pushing white women into self destructive behaviours by making them disregard their natural racial superemacy in favour of mixing with subhumans.

      1. J-Media is 100% correct.
        Can’t believe how many TV commercials, Internet ads and Magazine ads are pushing this crap. But that is only a small part of the problem. The real problem is parents that are not doing their job. Training their kids to “avoid the groid”. The wishy-washy n-loving millennials never would have turned out the way they did if their parents had raised them right.
        These ads would have had no effect and would have disappeared immediately if they were falling upon deaf ears.

  29. Yeah that one doesn’t make sense. If they respected the guy enough they’d have been in shape to start with.

    Look at that. I’m trying to make sense out of what some women do!? That’s enough of that!

    1. That is a dangerous place, you do not really want to go there.
      The day you understood women’s thinking in 100% is the same day you will start screaming and clawing your face, as if you were Catelyn Stark at the Red wedding.

  30. One problem I see is that most women look at pregnancy as an excuse to blimp out – and then the weight almost NEVER comes off. I would seriously advise any younger man that if a woman’s OB/Gyn says 40 lbs of weight gain is okay, find another OB/Gyn that doesn’t give her permission to get fat! I’ve also seen the rare – and exemplary example – of women who, a few weeks after giving birth, look like they’d never been pregnant. We must always praise such behavior and proper body-maintenance.

    1. Six weeks back I met a 22 year old mother of 4. She weighed 43Kg and was really cute.

      1. So maybe the problem is, most women get pregnant after age 30 and then wondering why she can not look like she was 18 again?
        Solution: we should make them pregnant at 21 then, so their bodies will look like they are 22 when it is over.
        This is the solution. Fucking Feminism, ruining it for everybody…

        1. “Solution: we should make them pregnant at 21 then”
          Six years too late!

        2. It depends more on the type of woman. My mother gave birth to my brother when she was 20 years old ( she had me 2 years later) and she weights 73 kilos.

        3. Recently me and my dad started working out but every time we tell her that she should do it too, she always makes up some kind of excuse.
          Still better than my older brother who “holds the record”. He is 185 cm tall and weights 118 kilos. Scariest part is that he has a mood swings of teenage girl. Not sure if it is connected to his weight.

        4. Probably depression caused by sexual frustration …. indirectly connected to his weight problem. I say indirectly, cos if he were rich, he could still get laid.

        5. Body fat is caused by estrogen which kills T, and causes mood swings, especially rage. High levels of T is the main thing that keeps men super calm, which is the opposite of the anti-male propaganda, which states Testosterone causes rage.

    2. Reminds me of my biology teacher. We thought she went teaching immediately after school but it turned out she was much older than she looked. She was married, had two kindergarten aged daughters and years of teaching experience. You wouldn’t be able to guess that from her body.

  31. And thus begs the question: what happened to “body positivity?” Either these gals are going to accept themselves as fat or they aren’t.

  32. So, when they say revenge is a dish best served cold, they’re talking about fatties horking salad? I didn’t think that was supposed to be taken literally.

    1. No, no. Revenge is a dish best served cold OR scalding hot. You have to decide.

  33. No matter if getting thin raises a 3 to a 10, you are dealing a woman who has no sense of balance in life. Who cannot leave it at one cake. Or values her health. Or that long-term gain is better than instant gratification. For a Ltr, it is better to be with a woman who may be a 6 but always kept a healthy weight.

  34. Lose weight for the sake of your health. Lose weight because your happiness, level of attractiveness will improve. Lose weight because it benefits you, makes you have more energy, less depressed, gives you more options in life. This is absurd.
    Another point I want to make is that I don’t think leaving your current relationship if your wife is overweight is a good thing to do. Maybe help your wife lose weight, and likewise keep yourself in a healthy condition, and be happy and healthy together. Yay!

  35. Well, there are some similar stories of guys who got rich as revenge for being dumped or rejected by girls because they were too poor…

    1. I was the high earner in my (former) marriage, but that wasn’t enough. After divorce, I didn’t get (relatively) rich for revenge. I stuck with my investment plans which mostly played out. Looking back I wonder how I put up with the nagging, the shaming, and outright theft and deceit of my then beloved other half, however, the past is the past.

  36. My position is: whatever it takes for the land whales to cease their hungy-hungry hippo eating habits and look normal again. The fat epidemic has gotten out of hand.

  37. I suspect that the Revenge Body idea is a rip off from the PUA movement (including ROK). The PUA movement was pioneered by men who got rejected or dumped by a girlfriend and were inspired to improve their SMV.
    Many mainstream ideas and themes are either copied from the manosphere or are a reaction against it.
    The manosphere, with all its strands, appears to be the leading intellectual movement in the West, and the mainstream media is desperately trying to keep up, without acknowledging where its ideas come from.

    1. I would not have said PUA was inspired by revenge. Reading the motivations of some of the early proponents of PUA they were inspired more by watching the more successful men (naturals) scoop up lots of opportunities to sleep with women who were now down to f**k more and they merely wanted to get their piece of the nsa sex pie rather than wait around to be just bf material only. It wasnt about revenge, just learning how to capitalize on women sleeping around and getting their share of the action by studying what attracted them to the guys they were going home with.
      For some men who transformed themselves there is a revenge element to it, but from what I’ve observed in those men, it came along ‘after’ they started sleeping with lots of women really easy when they showed no interest in commitment to the women, and it was the dramatic change in attitude from women that made them see them as shallow and not worth being relationship material.

  38. Revenge is a dish best served cold
    Well at least it gets ’em back in the kitchen

  39. All those fat girls that got thin ……. what did they do with all the hanging folds of excess skin? Photoshop them away?

  40. When a man want to get attention from women (to get laid), they have to work on multiple subjects. Voice, body, behavior, culture, small talk, network, real or perceived power, ability to listen, to get the right moment, to be fun, to get signals of interest
    When women want to get laid, they groom and they get out. Or they open their tinder app.

    1. No need to bitch about it. It is what it is. Just be your best and concentrate on that. Getting female attention should not be your motivation.

  41. “If revenge, not a self-directed effort at improvement, has been the driving force behind her changes in life, you may have a hard time with this girl in many other areas.”
    How true. These women didn’t respect their partners.
    But apart from these ex human whales (forgive me, whales, I love you!), are all “manosphere men” so superficial that a woman’s looks is her most important virtue?

    1. Her fertility is her most important vitrue IMHO.
      I would have loved to have found a good old fashioned woman who could pop out 10 kids. Wouldn’t have cared what she looked like at all, or how many men she had before.

        1. My first wife had 4, and after no. 4, the hospital gave her a free tummy tuck and lower adjustments at the same time. To be fair I never noticed any change after any of them.

        2. What do you think your chances of finding a good wife are when you announce that you left your first one with four kids? I don’t want to be rude, but I’d feel uneasy, to say the least. You already have kids, don’t need to have more.

        3. I didn’t leave her, she started fucking around (after 30 years married) , divorced me, accused me of the usual stuff, and refused to let me see the kids ever again. Three months later I had moved to foreign country, was remarried (7 years now) within a year and have new children now. Never saw the previous 4 again.
          Not sure the current one is a ‘good wife’ but she is half my age and fairly attractive, so that’s good enough.

        4. She’s very selfish not to let you see your own children. That will come back to bite her in the ass when your children come to resent her for it. It all around sucks when children end up suffering the most when marriages fail.
          Based on other things you posted, having a wife yet paying for sex and not using protection, why did you get married again? Seems like you could of just moved to this foreign country and lived a fun bachelor life without having to be accountable to anyone other than yourself. It’s very risky to have random unprotected sex and who are these girls who are ok with not using condoms? Aren’t you concerned about bringing diseases like herpes or AIDS to your wife and children?

        5. Not really, we have six kids. There is a recuperation time but if she has decent muscle tone, she will get it back.

        6. It appears the western government propaganda about stds is incorrect where heterosexuals are concerned. Nobody out here uses condoms, and nobody I know has caught anything worth mentioning.

        7. You do know condoms are no protection from herpes?
          It appears the western government propaganda about stds is incorrect where heterosexuals are concerned. Nobody out here uses condoms, and nobody I know has caught anything worth mentioning.
          My mates and I used to worry about it, and take our girls (and ourselves) for testing, but afer a couple of years of negative results we gave up that game. Ten years later ….. still nothing.
          My brother (way oversexed) has been banging 4-5 hookers a week for the last 5 years without protection ……. caught nothing.
          In the Philippines, the girls working in entertainment venues have compulsory STD testing every week. No certificate and they don’t work. When was your last STD free certificate issued?

        8. True, condoms do not protect against herpes. Herpes can be dormant in your body for years so hopefully you get regular tests for that if you are consistently sleeping with whores.
          Consider you and your mates lucky that you so far haven’t caught anything that you know of. But it only takes one time to get HIV, Hep B (which is a lot easier to get than HIV) or a number of any other unpleasant diseases. How crappy would it be if you gave your wife something? Imagine if she was fucking around too (maybe she is and it’s an open marriage), and she gave you something?
          I have been tested before when first dating my now husband, and the mandatory tests with my pregancies. I suppose if I was regularly fucking random men I would get tested every year, but I’m not and so don’t really need a certificate of approval to be a cum receptacle

        9. Real STD information here, using real data from the USA.
          I don’t agree with some of his conclusions, but can’t fault his statistical analysis of the data.
          I would say generally the levels of STD infections in SEA are far lower than those of the western countries because no medical practitioners stand between Asian people and their antibiotics. You can buy them in supermarkets off the shelf for $1 a course.
          In the UK I didn’t have easy and cheap access to antibiotics, so would maybe imbibe once every 3 or 4 years. Here in SEA, I’m taking antibiotic courses 3 or 4 times a year (along with the rest of the population). Hard for STDs to spread under such conditions.

  42. Women NEVER do anything for love.
    They’re all full-blown narcissists and they’re all for themselves, always.
    Make no mistake about it, ever.

  43. And why you never see a girl who’s been dumped by a self-respecting man for being exposed a a whore, bettering herself after the break-up by casting aside her old self-destructive ways?
    No, you don’t see that. What you’re gonna see after the break-up is even sluttier slut, every single time.
    And her celebrating her new-found “freedom” that seems to make her so happy that she has to post new celebratory photo every day on her Instagram account. With ever-changing random, unknown dudes in the picture of course.

    1. Post break up casual sex gives them validation that they are sort after and can do better than the ex especially if they are banging higher smv men. The “past is the past and is irrelevant now” as lots of women will say to dismiss any inquiries of their past, when It comes time to settle down. Its very unlikely she will be upfront with her future fiance about her ‘yolo girl’ times. She will probably clean up her IG account then too. Lots of guys these days really dont know how wild their fiance was in the past. With online dating its so easy to hookup on the quiet and same day if they want.

  44. I know this toxic whore in New York State. (This is hilarious.) She had bariatric surgery and lost a bunch of weight. Went from being fat to being hot. She promptly became a total slut and spread her legs for a bunch of men (making up for lost time and all). She then bagged a beta sucker who married her, and she promptly shit out a kid. Then she gained all the wait back. Ha! This is about self-control, and most women just don’t have that quality.

    1. There are lots of cases out there like that (usually from diet & exercise more so than surgery). Really the woman doesn’t even have to be a former fatty for this scenario to still play out. (keeps in shape during her fun years but lets herself go post marriage/baby for the guy that gives her longterm commitment & provisioning)
      I dont blame a chick/guy enjoying & exploiting the new attention from a physical transformation if they had previously struggled. When it comes to a woman though it depends if its just a bit of fun or she gets addicted to the sudden wave of attention from hot guys and is in bed with a new fuckboy every few weeks/weekend. Ideally much better to be one of the hookup dudes during her validation phase in cases like this. I would have thought surgery would be a safer bet for the woman maintaining her figure in the long term though.
      You sometimes also see scenarios where the fat girl loses weight and now dresses sexy, promptly gets a big ego boost with all the new attention with her higher SMV, and thinks she now deserves better and soon dumps her average joe bf and makes up for lost time with a bunch of flings/ONS then tries to snag a new bf higher up on the social/SMV ladder. Some guys will do this too, and it sucks for their ex who committed to them in their former fat/low self esteem days.

      1. I concur across the board. Get ’em when they shed the weight, bang ’em, then bail.

    2. “This is about self control”……truer words can’t be spoken. You take a girl who has no self control in some ways (sluttiness, drug use, poor eating/exercise habits, dishonesty) and you will see problems in other ways.

  45. I don’t think those are pictures of the same women. You cannot lose 70-80 pounds without having stretch marks. That is at least without plastic surgery. I am assuming most of these women are so delusional that they stole pictures from other women on social media to make it look like they had “revenge bodies”.

  46. Living well is the best revenge, end of story. Once these chicks find a man, they’ll turn right back into blimps.

  47. So now slim is good but only if you can rub it in someone’s face and still be a victim? I thought body positive imaging and fat acceptance were the the new normal. Strange that.

  48. To me, this a similar phenomena where a woman gets dumped and immediately rushes out to find some new sap so she can post pictures of them together all over social media, signaling to everyone that she is still desired.
    I used to live in an apartment where this married chick was constantly hitting on me, she had a kid and lived with the cucked husband in the front unit. One day she told me he was moving out and they were getting a divorce, and that we should hang out when he finally leaves. I kept blowing her off and eventually moved without even saying anything to her. Before moving, she happened to add me on Facebook when I still had one, and literally two weeks later there was a smattering of posts with pictures of her and some new dude together, with all this emotional diarrhea attached to the photos. “This wonderful man came along and changed my life, the universe works in mysterious ways, but when you ask for something from it and stay positive, the universe will provide. I’m the happiest girl ever!!!!!” She has obviously read “The Secret” her fair share of times.
    About a month later, all the pictures and posts about the new guy were gone… a hearty chuckle was had.

  49. Well said, she may look better but that same narcissistic brain is in there. If a woman is more motivated by revenge than by love, serious red flags

  50. “One thing I did not know before researching for this article was that
    Khloe Kardashian (the mannish Kardashian sister) hosts a show called Revenge Body.”
    Khloe is very possibly the child of OJ Simpson. People also don’t realize the Nicole Brown (besties with Kris Jenner at the time) and Ron Goldman murders are basically what paved the way for the Kardashians’ fame. All of these women do one one thing in life: they take a man, and they destroy them. They are literally black widows. This “revenge body” stuff coming from the Super K is merely another manifestation of that fact.

  51. The revenge body phenomenon carries with it a fake virtue signalling also; it gives the tacit assumption that the dumped woman would have stuck with the guy she was with before she increased her smv/mmv by losing weight. Ask most men who had a woman who lost weight or got fake tits: a woman’s affection hinges on her value relative to yours.
    If her value increases or yours drops she’ll go back to the market to see what she can get that’s better and shinier.

  52. I don’t know if it’s true, but I think women who were fat have a tendency to gain fat-tissue again easily. We’ve all had that ex who, with a lot of exercise, turned into a slim girl. I had one. I had a fuckbuddy once who lost so much weight (like 23-30lbs), she came back to fuck me couple of times when she lost it, so proud she was. Had to prove it to me she was hot now. It was great, she looked good yeah, but two years later I googled her. She was in some kind of sorority, blew up like an elephant again. It was shocking.
    ‘Staying thin’ is a verb. A lifestyle, for these former fat-women they can not let slide. If they don’t workout 4 hours a week, cycle everywhere, take the stairs and eat home-cooked meals at work: they are fat again in no-time. It goes slowly for the eye. The scale doesn’t tell you so much either (only the muscle to fat ratio changes) but you definitely can feel it. And the best thing: they know it as well. Makes them insecure. And there’s nothing better than insecure women to take advantage of.

  53. A woman who is fat with a man and only bothers to lose the dead weight around her hips, gut and ass when he dumps her is doing one thing….serving herself.
    Women coupled with men let themselves go because they’ve achieved the ultimate female goal –> living at the expense of another human with no mutual exchange. When she gets kicked to the curb, she is alone and needs to attract a new mate to provide for her sloth.
    Moral of the story –> fat, slim, ugly, hot…..the woman is doing what is best for herself.
    YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME. Chivalry died circa 1965. Let him lie.

  54. what a transformation tho heh…guy who dumped her paying it forward to us bros.

  55. Would they have lost all that weight if the guy didn’t dump them? If not (most likely) then what is the point? Hey you didn’t stay with the fat me so now you can’t have the skinny me that never would have existed if hadn’t dumped me anyway. So they are basically a lose lose situation, nothing to get upset over or have any regrets about that.

  56. The first and last photos ….. left and right different girls.
    The middle …… same fat chick, still fat, still no tits, different dress and make up.

  57. I agree wholeheartedly with the title of this article. Amazing how there is zero self-accountability until their revenge motivation finally pushes them to get fitter, when their lazy asses couldn’t be bothered before.

  58. Yeah seriously…for the boyfriend it was a lose lose deal..she was never going to lose the weight for him so why should he feel bad that she looks hotter later.

  59. A girl who I dumped after banging a whole bunch of times went through one of these “transformations.” When we were dating I told her that my partner is a reflection of me, so if she wanted to be my official girl, she needed to lose weight. After making excuses left and right, I eventually moved on and got with someone else. Years later, she lost tons of weight and actually looks as hot as I envisioned which proves several things (1) her excuses were all BS (2) the only way to make a woman change is to dump her ass.
    As guys, we have a responsibility to each other to demand more of women. Somewhere down the line, the next guy who dates her, will have a debt he owes to me. And so on and so on between all of us in the manosphere. Happy Hunting gentlemen…

  60. I checked out all the links in the article and none of these women look hot. They went from obese to overweight with fat still hanging in all the wrong places. Ridiculous, but at least they are a bit healthier now and less of a drain on the NHS.

    1. quick diets are worse than just maintaining the fatness. once their photo-op is done, they will balloon right back up and add some.

  61. I can imagine Yoda saying “The Fat is strong in this one”. All these women doing the revenge body are doomed to once again being fat slobs.

  62. ” Again, while many of these women may now be bangable, their supreme lack of personal responsibility (remember, all their changes depended on someone else’s actions) may make them about as suitable for a long-term relationship as they were when they weighed 100 pounds more.”
    …You hit golden on this one.
    There’s a case that I know of a girl who dropped half her size, while being married to a clueless Beta and having two kids off him.
    I noticed that despite being a hick fattie, she attention whored a lot of social media as her weight dropped, really annoying narcissism. As her constant online presence began to inflate her ego (to the point of believing herself a solid 10).
    The whole thing reached a point on which she became delusional of her SMV (the constant praise of Beta orbiters would spoil her rotten) and her crave for attention, would become detrimental to her relationship. She neglected her marriage and her kids and lately she seems to have ditched the Beta cuck and ruined him thanks to the generous divorce laws.
    Physically, she’s much leaner although retaining a bit of baby fat here and there, however, nothing beyond a pump and dump. Attention is a powerful and destructive drug.

    1. I had that happen to a coworker. Any more than a 2 point difference in SMV (1 to 10) can spell trouble. If she is getting in shape, you better follow suit.

  63. What the? You warn not to date a fat woman. Then a woman disciplines herself and loses the weight and you warn men not to date them because it was “revenge for being told they we’re too fat” by men?
    Who cares about the motivation? She was burned for not being healthy and attractive enough, so she used that as a way to better herself. That ain’t too far removed from the reason a majority of men get themselves in shape. Motivation is just that, a way to move you in your desired direction.

    1. 1) Once her vendetta is over with, she will balloon back up.
      2) Her thoughts are more on the other guy than with you.
      3) Obvious mental problems if she is motivated more by the negative than the positive.

  64. 100% the girl is even crazier, less predictable, and more erratic when thin. Usually precludes a massive cock binge when they realize they can attract a whole new set of men.

  65. I think women that do this are weird and stupid. I had gained weight last year due to mainly focusing on getting financially stable due to a bad ex. When I was back to being stable I looked at myself and said yikes I gained weight. I now run every day and eat right and dropped the weight. Being overweight is not cool for health or finding a partner. Yes taking care of our bodies is important not just in finding a relationship.

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