6 Types Of People Who Deserve The Cucking Stool

Dating back to the 13th and 14th centuries, “cucking stools” were specially made chairs used to punish disorderly women and dishonest tradesmen in medieval Britain.

Large crowds would gather to watch and ridicule the recipient, who would be repeatedly plunged into water for a set number of submersions that were predetermined by the local magistrate.

cucking stool

Should have shut her big yap: a woman accused of excessive arguing being punished in a cucking stool

The practice did not cause any physical injuries or entail any lengthy incarceration (in accordance with the less-than-capital nature of the accused crimes), but the high level of public humiliation and ridicule often had a profound long term effect on the recipient, which would help to minimize repeat offenses.

The last recorded case of a British woman getting “cucked” by the stool was in 1817, but there are a number of different neer-do-wells in the 21st century west which are rightfully deserving of having the cucking stool reinstated for their transgressions.

This article will identify six of them.

1. False Rape Accusers

ducking stool

Have another drink you lying bitch!

A false rape accusation is the intentional reporting of a rape when no rape has occurred. The number of women who have falsely accused men of rape or sexual assault has increased substantially in the 21st century, as these women have figured out that a rape accusation will garner them a significant amount of media attention and public sympathy, at the complete expense of her accused man’s life which is being completely ruined because of the ordeal.

The Duke lacrosse team case and the falsified “A Rape On Campus” story by Sabrina Rubin Erdely (who essentially went unpunished for the malevolent mishap) are prime examples of how innocent mens’ lives can quickly be turned upside down due to the emotional whims of modern women.

All people who have been caught out for false rape accusations deserve a very long cucking stool session, with a large and spiteful audience present to witness it. Teenage girls and university students are particularly recommended to attend a cucking, to serve as a stern warning and future deterrent.

2. Race Baiters

race baiters

Shaun King (left) and DeRay Mckesson (right). Along with Tim Wise and Al Sharpton (not pictured), are prime candidates to get acquainted with the cucking stool for race baiting

Race baiters are influencial people who repeatedly make groundless accusations of racism to the point of acting like a one-note broken record. They have a unique, deliberate, and hypocritical focus on racial issues, and specialize in making malicious use out of news stories to negatively influence the actions and attitudes of one particular group of people against another.

In the 21st century, the current mission objective of professional race baiters is to turn everyone who is not a non-Jewish heterosexual white male against non-Jewish heterosexual white males, with particular focus on pitting black men against white men who are employed in law enforcement, politics, or are simply deemed to have too much money, property, or success for their jealous taste.

Race baiters are like St. Bernard manure on the shoes of society, and a cucking stool session down at the local “spa” (river or lake) should do the trick in wiping the indignant and cunty looking scowls of Al Sharpton, Shaun King, DeRay Mckesson, and Tim Wise off their face.

3. Fake News Propagandists


Everyone who works here (Cancer Inc.) deserves a session with the cucking stool

Webopedia defines fake news as: “false information or propaganda published under the guise of being authentic news. Fake news websites and channels push their fake news content in an attempt to mislead consumers of the content and spread misinformation via social networks and word-of-mouth.”

Buzzfeed, Gawker, MIC, MTV News, Al Jazeera Plus, Alternet, Everyday Feminism, CNN, MSNBC, Huffington Post, Salon, and a legion of other media portals are all fake news outlets which seek to cause discord in society through a combination of their lowest-common-denominator and divide-and-conquer typist work.

All of these fake news outlets continuously lie non-stop despite their repeatedly debunked “gender wage gap” and “rape culture” awareness campaigns, among many others. In addition, they all have a relentless bias in favor of left wing degeneracy, anti-white male hatred, and open borders globalism.

Every typist who works for these fake news organizations has huge dirt on their hands, and a wash basin is simply not enough to get it all off. Only a thorough cleansing with the cucking stool will suffice.

4. Modern Day “Common Scolds”

(0:46 to 1:10 is sufficient grounds for Big Red to get a nice little cucking for common scolding)

In the common law of crime in England and Wales (until 1967), a “common scold” was a troublesome and angry woman who had a reputation for being a public nuisance and for habitually arguing with her neighbors.

Being a common scold was the most common offense for which the cucking stool was administered as punishment during the Middle Ages, and considering how degenerate feminists and social justice warriors are profanity spewing public nuisances in the present day, wouldn’t the cucking stool serve as a good way to clean up their act a bit?

ana kasparian

Ana Kasparian – another unhinged common scold in need of cucking

I mean how many times did women in the Middle Ages have to repeatedly be subjected to this punishment?

In modern day fairness, men should be held accountable to receive the stool for being a common scold as well. However, since men tend to far more often be driven by logic and reason rather than profanity laced emotional fervor, women like “Big Red” and Ana Kasparian will be on the receiving end of a cucking far more frequently than the “you’re a fucking white male!” guy.

5. Internet Doxxers And Witch Hunters

witch hunter

And what do you cuck, apart from witch hunters? More witch hunters!

An internet witch hunt is a malicious campaign which targets a specific person or group, whose “crime” is often nothing more than holding unorthodox or dissenting views on a topic that does not march lock-step with the current (almost exclusively left wing) social zeitgeist.

Meanwhile, a “doxxer” is a person who publishes private information about these falsely accused people or organizations, which opens them up to large scale abuse, being removed from their primary source of income (fired from their jobs), and even being exposed to physical danger.

Doxxers and Internet Witch Hunters are malevolent cowards who often avoid all manner of retributive punishment for their unwarranted and over-the-top behavior. They are fully deserving of the cucking stool should they be caught out.

(Note: Retributive doxxing for being doxxed is perfectly acceptable and understandable behavior, which acts in accordance with human nature’s natural desire to seek revenge and restitution.)

6. Actual Male Cucks

Finally, modern day cucks deserve the cucking stool.

How pathetic are men who have been so brainwashed and browbeaten into believing that feminism is fantastic (hello Justin Trudeau), Donald Trump is “literally Hitler”, transgenderism is “normal” and “brave”, learning game is akin to “rape tactics,” and that letting military-age Syrian refugees stay at home with your girlfriend all day is supposed to be some sort of civic virtue?

Carl The Cuck‘ and his merry band of SJW’s probably think it does, so it’s time to dust off the good ol’ cucking stool and get medieval on these sorry excuses for “men” along with the preceding five other culprits.

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186 thoughts on “6 Types Of People Who Deserve The Cucking Stool”

  1. While it’s a sufficient punishment to humiliate the latter five types of people, it should only be a part of the punishment for false rape accusers, at the least. Race baiters, propagandists, witch hunters, scolds, and cucks deserve humiliation and their punishment would serve as both example to others and prohibition on future behavior. With the exception of individual race baiters and witch hunters, they don’t do a lot of direct damage to others and so don’t merit punishment more severe than public humiliation.
    False rape accusers, though, deserve as much punishment as they wished to visit on the accused. They deserve long prison sentences, harsh fines, permanent tattooing with the sex offender label, and anything else we think rapists deserve. They make a mockery of the legal system and the heinous crime of rape when they bring forth their lies and slander.
    The Cucking Stool would help humiliate them as they humiliated the accused, though. The shame of accusation follows a man for years before and years after he’s found innocent; let her experience long and recurring shame.

  2. we are way past the cucking stool.
    Their brains are permanently mis-wired. And incessantly misfire.
    Free flying lessons. Works every time.

  3. 7. Attention whore mum , who manipulates (forces) her 10-year old son into getting his dick cut off by the docs because “she saw him play with a doll one day ” , and brag about it in social media and magazines about “the brave choice their family did”.
    8. Cucked hubby who shuts up und does nothing while crazy leftists castrate his son.

    1. no. she is a hero. And the child should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for causing the mother to endure regretful feelings.

      1. Seriously though , after reading this article at “The Guardian” about this really brave mum (somehow she had become the centre of the story instead of the child), I only hope the fall of the West ist fast and brutal and takes us back to at least Stone Age so the leftist nightmare can finally end. Think about it , practices which would be considered barbaric and disgusting even in Middle Ages are now cheered up and praised. How fucking low have we fallen ? The state can’t protect children from being castrated by mentally ill maniacs anymore. We’re fucked up.

    2. The fact that a significant portion of our society is totally okay with parents pumping their kids full of hormones and shit to “change their gender” is truly disturbing to me.
      The parents should be taken to a psychiatric hospital and treated for Munchausen by Proxy. They are mentally ill and their children need healthy parents to help them deal with their own issues.

      1. Even more disturbing is the fact that is has become the norm and it doesn’t seemingly disturb anybody , outside of RoK, not even the cuckservatives.

        1. I don’t know about that. It disturbs most of us with children. I’ve never met anyone who thinks it’s normal or healthy.

      2. I don’t think the significant portion is okay with it, they just don’t know what to say or do, since the media is able to give the appearance of normalcy to just about any deviant behavior out there.

    3. These parents mutilating their sons “because it’s trendy” are MONSTERS. In my book , they should be executed. The boy might be acting out weird cause hes tired of being enslaved in mommy’s safe space . He wants be out there adventuring and discovering new things, and getting exposed to some danger .Maybe he wants to solve a problem that is not a school math problem . Naah instead let’s get him to some SWJ gender expert (modern day therapist) and then cut off his dick off, so he finally keeps quiet in mommy’s safe space

  4. I tell you, I would so much like those public humiliation punishments come back into style. People that make an ass out of themselves for no other reason than to stir up trouble and create chaos need to be shamed.
    As far as the false rape accusers, they should be tried and sentenced for lying under oath and contempt of court. It goes way past annoying decent people. they are potentially ruining peoples’ lives.

    1. False rapers? Where? And how do they practice?
      Those FRA’s should serve the same time as a rapist.

    2. What’s lacking is these type of people have no conscious to feel shame or humiliation. Any harm they cause is just blamed elsewhere and i don’t think that generation is capable of learning remorse. They’re a lost cause, the punishment is well deserved though.

      1. Through sin, people tend to push out their conscience. While the particular people being punished have no shame, they will serve as an example to those around them. I heard a prison guard tell me that the biggest reason most people try to keep out of prison is not the prison itself, but the shame they bring on their family.

        1. The number one reason I try to keep out of prison is that I really, really do -not- want to be ass-raped.

        2. The shame doesn’t bother me – I’m the only one of my immediate family to have never been behind bars anyway!
          Its the buggery that keeps me in check.

        3. “Its the buggery that keeps me in check.”
          The state pen. A place with an actual rape culture– but no women involved, so not news worthy.

        4. 3 seasons of OZ is enough to convince any man to be law abiding.

        5. Funny enough, there is a state prison down the road from Penn State University. Happy Valley indeed.

        6. crazy how that is just a funny running joke for guys and yet it is such a serious matter with women being raped

        7. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too.
          Men being sexually violated (or hit in the balls) = Great Fun, Let’s Do A Comedy Skit!
          Women being sexually violated (or punched in the tits) = Mobilize the military and take that bastard that did it to her out!
          Nah, there ain’t no double standards, I tells ya.

        8. That (getting ass-raped) would be the least of my worries.
          I’m not a big guy, but they would literally have to kill me before they stick anything up my ass. I’d rather get my head slammed into the wall and stabbed with a prison shank than be someone’s bitch.
          Even the fighting/gang violence would not be a big worry for me. I’ve been in street fights/been jumped before. Not my biggest concern if I were facing hard time.
          The biggest concern for me would be the fact that I’m locked up, the boredom, and the lost time. Also, the lifetime loss of my 2nd amendment rights once I get out.
          The whole “ass-raping” thing in prison is exaggerated. I’m sure there are some legitimate, violent rapes that happen in prison, but most guys who get “raped” in prison are choosing to become someone’s bitch in exchange for protection.
          PS: If I had to be in prison, I would rather be in the general population (surrounded by violent thugs) than solitary confinement, any day of the week.

        9. yea that fag stuff in combination of the gang activity makes prison a hell hole. It wouldnt be so bad if people just served their time and act like mature adults

        10. Ya ever notice how when ya bring up any one of fifty sexual double standards and privileges women benefit from, they always resort to their ONE go to “rebuttal”? The slut/stud double standard. They think this trumps all without considering the logical reasons for why that double standard exists verses all the hypocritical reasons for their double standards.

    3. it makes sense, but as far as I can tell from being preverbal boots on the ground here in the modern world — as soon as you brought a cucking stool or any form of public humiliation into play it would become a fetish.
      FFS I have a girl now who wants me to jizz on her face and then make her walk home with it and that is one of the tamer things she has asked for.

    4. in ancient Athens a person who accused someone of a crime (remember, there wasn’t a district attorney, you were accused by a fellow citizen) had to put a substantial amount of money up. This money was redeemable at a guilty verdict and forfeit if found not guilty.

      1. Suks if you’re broke. Like most things.
        But then again it might spawn a whole new industry along the lines of bail bonds.

        1. no one was broke. It was limited to Athenian land owning citizens. Others couldn’t vote or ya know, do anything really.

        2. That is right, I forget how many other city states there were, but unless you were a slave you were free to leave

    5. Back about 15 years or so ago I heard a news item about a young American man who’d been caught vandalizing in Singapore, I think it was. There was quite an uproar about it because according to their legal code the punishment was to be publicly whipped with a cane, which sentence was carried out if I remember correctly. It got me to thinking about our penal system. I came to the conclusion that we’re doing it all wrong. I think that prison should be more or less done away with. We should punish crime by execution, exile, some form of public corporal punishment, and some form of restitution for property crimes, which may involve some type of work camp. I’d rather be beaten and have it done with than to spend time in lock up and loose my job and property as a result and come out economically hobbled due to a prison record.

      1. They did away with that in the mid 19th century with the advent of the “Pennsylvania System” which focuses more on penitence (hence, ‘penitentiary’) and rehabilitation over punishment.

      2. You know, when the framers drafted up the 8th amendment about excessive punishments to criminals, people in Europe were routinely beaten to death, drawn and quartered…..real torture. Not some caning or waterboarding.

        1. I don’t mean ‘cruel & unusual’ as in torture or anything like that. It’s just that our present system is corrosive in that it costs between $30,000.00 – $60,000.00 to imprison a man for a year and he just comes out a more educated criminal. Also, I have a neighbor whose son got in trouble with the law for giving another ‘friend’, who was wired, a few grams of weed and a couple of hits of acid, it’s cost their family tens of thousands of dollars and hampered the young man’s future as he now has a criminal record. I think that’s ridiculous. The punishment far exceeds the ‘crime’. I’m sure he’d have rather been caned and have that considered his full ‘debt to society’. Of course, that would cut out the gravy train for lawyers and law enforcement.

        2. I thought “unusual” meant you can’t do anything wacky. Like you can totally waterboard a guy, but if you do it dressed up like the hamburgalar then you are really in the wrong.

        3. Right, the “and” is important. It can be cruel, as long as it isn’t unusual. You can pull out his fingernails, but you can’t do it the middle of a fancy French restaurant with a Mexican Mariachi band planning Metallica covers while you do it.

        4. exactly. beating the shit out of someone is cruel, but not unusual. Beating the shit out of someone while in full mime regalia is cruel AND unusual.

        5. Also “cruel and unusual” is a certain standard, which means you could get right up to the edge of “cruel and unusual” and still be good.
          You could do “uncomfortable and a bit odd.”
          Like giving him a titty twister while wearing a full three-piece suit with a monocle and a handle-bar mustache. Not quite cruel, not quite unusual. Just uncomfortable and a bit odd.

        6. Hmmm, that might be “cruel,” at least after the first 10 or 20 hairs. But I don’t know it that’s actually all the way to “unusual”.

        7. She’s got some good gams, and a nice tight core.

        8. yes, the Odd and Uncomfortable inclusion was added to the 8th amendment to allow for Grover Cleveland’s penchant for lifting up the shirts of criminals and exhaling most vigorously on their bellies while dressed up in a sailor suit to the song Sweet Caroline despite it not having been written for another 100 years or so.

        9. i think that’s something that’s unappreciated, a nice set of legs. I mean, I like boobs as much as the next guy but a shapely pair of legs will keep my attention just as long if not longer

        10. Teddy Kennedy introduced a bill in 1978 to add a “harsh and creepy” exception, but it never made it out of committee.

        11. “Mexican Mariachi band planning Metallica covers”
          LOL! I can just picture that in my mind.

      3. The young man in question was from Dayton, Ohio, and after police arrested him for vandalism they found stolen road signs in his flat after a search. I believe he was 18 at the time and was there because his mother worked for the US consulate. He was sentenced to 30 lashes, but Bill Clinton intervened and it was reduced to 10 and carried out.
        I know this because the local news in Dayton was trying to generate support for him and the majority of the responses were more “I wish they would do that here.” Heh.

        1. And I thought it was about 15 years ago, probably more like 25. I’ve had a lot of these time compression events lately. It’s true what they say,’when you’re young the days are short & the years are long; when you get older the days are long & the years are short.’

        2. the majority of the responses were more “I wish they would do that here.”

          LMFAO. That’s it, I’m moving to Ohio.

        3. Remember that Muslim puke that tried to run over and knife kids on OSU a few months back?
          Yeah, Ohio’s response was “Concealed Carry Now Legal On All University Campuses”.
          We got our priorities aligned properly most of the time, heh.

        4. Lots of places getting serious about Constitutional Carry. We have legislation pending for the same thing.

        5. No worries. Happens to me as well. I will laugh about something I recall from the past and then realize it happened +20 years ago.

        6. Michael Faye from Kettering. He was in Singapore and he got his ass beat for vandalizing cars. That was in 1994, I believe.

        7. That’s what Trump needs to do now, instead of fucking around with the russian bullshit (libtards’ benghazi)

        8. You lucky folks ! Here in Aus we are not allowed to have even a pop gun ?? The few farmers who have a permit for a shotgun single shot or double barrelled only, have to be stored it in a proper gun safe & shells in another safe ?? Now if his home is invaded by the famous Apex gang & he will use his gun & shoot & kill in his home an invader, then he will be charged with homicide & look at ten years in a slammer ! Here you are told, that if someone invade your home to rob you of your money or other properties, give it to them ! If they want to rape your wife or daughter, let them, don’t resist or you will be charged with assault !

      4. Prison is used because it benefits the state. I came to this conclusion because there is no attempt to make a victim whole. How it benefits the state is an essay in itself. From the prison industry to keeping criminals around to threaten the masses.
        Restitution does not happen unless the victim files a civil suit and even after winning it the guilty party can avoid paying, because the state won’t enforce the judgement without spending more time and money in the courts.
        Just look at say a stolen car. The cops will destroy that car to put the thief in prison. What good does that do the person who was harmed?
        Most of the crimes are crimes against the state. Failure to follow some edict or obey some official. Things are the way they are for the benefit of those ruling, not society.

        1. Yes sir…
          Malum se : that shit is evil and everyone knows its wrong
          Malum prohibitum: you broke a rule — “ignorance is no excuse, son”
          The cops are definitely interested more in Malum Prohibitum — easy cash and mostly non-violent law abiding types vs the Malum Se people — real criminals.
          Yes bring back public punishments and exiles…
          1. Stocks for shoplifters
          1A. Caning/lashes
          2. Cucking chair (FUCK YEAH!) for SJWs, fags, manginas, and femcunts
          3. Hanging — for pedophilia and other violent crimes.
          4. Exile –
          The current model does zero to prevent crime and many criminals like being in jail. They certainly don’t fear it the way most of us who have something to lose do.
          The current model does however double as a jobs program for millions of cops, social workers, drug testers, probation officers, et al. And asset forfeiture adds significantly to local coffers.
          We should just go back to common law.
          There are so many laws and regulations in the USA, that I would wager a good percentage of us aer committing felonies right now. And don’t even know it.
          Malum Prohibitum — the state is the victim.

    6. Bring back the pillory for petty crimes like larceny. Bring back public hangings/public firing squads for capital crimes. *Prison overpopulation problem solved.

    7. They did come back into styleor maybe never left, the internet witch hunt. It’s the modern version of the stockades. What is relevant is who has a handle on it and currently it’s he braying mob. I really like the idea of river dunks a LOT though.

    8. How about the stocks too ? Put the person in the town square for a couple of days and pelt them with rotten fruit.

        1. Why dont they just put them into the military training programs – you screw up – you’re press ganged into active service. The British Navy got half its crews from late night drunks that woke up below decks the next day to find no land in sight. Compulsary unpaid military service as a private – bingo. Steal a car you’re scrubbing toilets on the USS Nimitz for the next 6 months.

        2. They’re too much of a liability in the modern military.
          Unless you were thinking of the Soviet Style “punishment battalions”.
          Those men drained swamps, cut forests by hand, built roads and infrastructure by hand, dug latrines, removed landmines, and were sent as the vanguard of human wave attacks (ie suicide missions).
          Basically the most dangerous and shitty jobs went to the punishment battalions.
          And the punishment battalions were guarded by NKVD, who would shoot them upon the first sign of cowardice or insubordination.

        3. Are you comfortable with our national defense depending on those pressed into service? It sounds like a great scared-straight type program but only if there aren’t any real wars going on.

  5. Finally, an article I can agree with 100%, without reservation, nothing held back, complete and utter lock-step, yessiree Bob, you betcha concurrence.

  6. Agree with the others. Real rape is a serious crime. Proven false rape accusers should do some time behind bars, and huge fines.

  7. So now I know who this red-haired chick is that I’ve seen in so many still photos. Big Red. What a piece of work. The potty mouth. The “slut” sticker. The shirt that appears to say something with the F word in it. Oh, her parents must be so proud.
    But I’ve always wanted to know who she is, because except for the red hair, she resembles a neighbor of mine so much I can’t believe it.
    But my neighbor is a much nicer lady who gardens, looks after her husband and dogs, but alas IS a democrat voter. But def not a hardcore feminist.

    1. If you really want to laugh and later pour bleach in your eyes, look her up on Encyclopedia Dramatica.

    2. Your neighbor is Big Red’s secret identity.
      You fucking blew it, chump.

  8. people who parrot whatever leftist media says w/o ever questioning it- they deserve the non-comfy chair too

  9. Before you cheer for that stupid chair, you guys might want to watch this and understand what the gynocentrism will bring to America. It’s already all over Europe. Very fucked up shit. If you won’t want to cut off your balls after watching this, I don’t know what will.

    1. Disgusting
      But same california by proxy
      And VAWA
      Socialist agenda
      Destroy western family unit

  10. The cucking stool was about public shame. People who broke the social contract or the rules of the society were shamed, and even saw that this behavior was wrong and bad.
    The opposite is true today. Bad behavior like this is promoted, glorified, idealized. Especially by the SJW media. So we have gone from shaming (discouraging) bad behavior and transgressing against society to idealizing (encouraging) that bad behavior. No wonder so many things are going to shit.
    They used to glorify homosexuality and idealize single moms. Now their are more homosexuals and more broken families. Now they are romanticizing transgenderism and promoting sympathy for pedophilia. Next it will be something even more deviant and repulsive.
    We have to go beyond just rejecting the crap they promote in our own personal lives. We have to return to actively shaming and discouraging these things on a broader scale
    They keep saying everything is fine, there are no rules, follow your bliss. Someone has to stand up and say no, this shit is unacceptable.

    1. Nothing will change until the law changes. The law won’t, it’s actually pushed the wrong way. Watch the vid I posted. It’ll get much much worse.
      Nobody will stand up for anything. The Beta males will just bend over and take it some more.

      1. well, our president said grab em by the pussy, so I wouldn’t be so sure that things aren’t going to make a turn for the better. or maybe SJWs secede vis a vis calexit and we can get on with grabbin the pussy unabated.

        1. Sorry to disappoint you but Trump is all for women’s rights and stuff. Did you watch his speech the other night? He probably won’t do anything to make things worse, but nothing to make things better either.
          The only way to turn this is to take women’s right to vote away, and that will never happen. Women should not be allowed to vote because they will always be able to co-opt the beta cucks to do their bidding. Women + beta males –> society collapse. Maybe we learn this next time we start over.

    2. It almost seems like there’s some kind of AGENDA.
      Nah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

  11. Cucking stools were intended to punish minor crimes or bad social behavior.
    Falsely accusing a man of rape is not a minor crime. It should be punished with mandatory prison time.

    1. I agree, but I’d add chain-gang work camp. Breeds productivity. Since they have none otherwise.

  12. That has got to be the most hideous photo of Ana Kasparian I have ever seen.
    Number 2, the race baiters, much like the rest of the SJWs, just scream and yell because they can’t actually provide a valid argument which in the end will just shut everyone else up because the rest of the world is too mature to sink down to their level and act like children who don’t get their way. They see themselves as these open minded individuals but are really the most close minded jackasses of society.

    1. Every time I look at her (or any of those SJW chicks like her), I know that scores of guys have done all kinds of demeaning and despicable things to her in bed, and she had loved every minute of it, and begged for more. AWALT

      1. That’s why you should try to PUMP AND DUMP these types of bitches as much as possible. In the most degrading ways possible. With video if you can, straight to youtube.

  13. I rather have them shipped one way to somewhere in Africa, citizenship revoked. No white man there to opress them, win-win scenario.

  14. Number 1: I posted this on another article but I’ll post it again since it recently occurred.
    Two innocent men lost scholarships and were booted from school courtesy of this lying cunt. I’d also bet their names and faces were plastered on local media & ESPN for merely being accused.
    I’ve not ONCE seen this fucking bitch’s name or face mentioned/ shown on ANY MSM outlet.

  15. Great memetic name, but these people already humiliate themselves and feel no shame. Fuck the cucking stool, they need 72 hours in the stockade.

  16. Re Doxxers: The newest Antifa/SJW trick is creating a Google Doc and posting a link to it in a right-wing/”racist” forum. If you’re signed into your Google/Gmail account they’ve got your name and e-mail. Use incognito browsing and hover over links before clicking them. Stay safe, brothers.

    1. does that include youtube? which is google..
      or an actual shared doc in google drive?

  17. it is written in stone.
    Rape is a capital crime – death for false accusations.
    If a man has borne false witness in a trial, or has not established the statement that he has made, if that case be a capital trial, that man shall be put to death.
    If he has borne false witness in a civil law case, he shall pay the damages in that suit.
    from Code of Hammurabi — over 3500 years ago.. really covers most laws. Don’t need no more lawyers…

    1. Hmm.. Trade, theft, liability, but… There doesn’t seem to be any provisions establishing a hate crime to have been committed for suggesting cross-dressing men shouldn’t be using the girls toilets.
      And it completely lacks any mention of free healthcare. C’mon, man, it’s 1754 BC! Get with the times!
      For goodness sake, where is the part covering preferential admission to university based on ethnicity?

      1. Does mention consumer protection though. If you provide someone a turd of a service/product, you will provide the one you promised at your own cost. Simple.

  18. This sounds great and all, but this kind of thing only works on women if they weigh less than a duck. Good luck finding that our modern obese world.

    1. They have created hoists for shipbuilding, I am sure they could create some wench to hoist a wench.

      1. Wow, look at that hair. Now I legitimately want to bang a chick with her hair like that, just for the experience.

        1. I think that’s the same chick that played Marty McFly’s mom maybe? If so, she was fairly attractive in her day, 80’s hair notwithstanding.

        2. That’s great! I hadn’t heard that one before, now it is a permanent part of my memory, until I get old and doddering and near death 120 years from now.

        3. What’s the difference between sexy and perverted?
          Sexy is using a duck feather.
          Perverted is using the entire duck.

        4. GOJ and I have a standing rule not to even look at them now. Let’s just remember the good

        1. You can still get the 80’s hair experience, just go to Texas. Basically that’s all it was, Texas hair that got trendy across the entire continent for whatever reason.

        2. You can still find full scale Blockbuster style video rental stores there too.

  19. 7. Race Traitors
    They don’t deserve a cucking stool. They deserve to hang by the neck.

  20. A similiar practice was carried out in (post) WWII Europe. Patriotic citizens, in territories recently liberated from Nazi occupation, would round up local females suspected of providing comfort/sleeping with German soldiers and shave their heads bald in the public square. Quite a humiliation. Of course men caught fraternizing with the Germans would unceremoniously face a firing squad. So much for privileges of White Patriarchy.

  21. I was so young when I watched the hangover and for some reason didn’t put the two and two together that the doctor’s wife was actually cucking him. Sex with a bartender while she won’t even kiss him. Ouch.

  22. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instragram are the platforms people use to publicly ridicule and shame people, it’s the modern day cucking stool.

  23. In the case of many of these people, don’t bother raising the chair out of the water.
    In addition to the cucking chair, I would bring back the pillory and public flogging.

  24. Speaking of race baiters…go see the new Wolverine movie, “Logan”. Every villain in the movie was a white man with few exceptions–Patrick Stewart and Hugh Jackman’s roles being the “good guys”. The story involved a group of white mercenaries going after a Mexican girl that Stewart and Jackman try to protect. It leads to a group of mutant kids who are holed up in the desert–all black and Latino. It was a rip-off ending of The Cowboys where John Wayne is killed while the kids watch. Only white face in the group of kids was a girl.
    There’s a scene where a group of southern-drawl country boys gather around the front of a farmhouse owned by a black, Christian family with a mom, father and son because who doesn’t know a family exactly like that in 2017, right? Of course, the black family didn’t have a southern accent but the white hillbillies outside his house did. They may as well had a Confederate flag and cross ready to go. Hollywood has lost me for good. If you’re a white man, you may as well give all your earnings, wife, house and belongings to a dark-skinned person and thank them for giving you the streets to live on.

  25. Corporal punishment should be restored but only whipping/flogging. No mutilation or tortures.
    Ii don’t quite understand what’s wrong with accepting Syrian refugees or immigrants (because that’s who they are) in your own house. If someone wants to shelter a homeless person, a pet, a widow, a pregnant teen, it’s his/her right. Who cares???

    1. But someone has to live next to them, and it really lowers the tone of the neighborhood. Then someone has to pay for their, education, food, health care, give them some cash ……. etc. Not to mention their behavior generally isn’t all that good, stealing, littering, sexual assaults, fighting, drug dealing, forming gangs, chanting at all times of the day and night ……. it’s an endless list of nastiness.
      Sure, everyone has the right to keep a pet, but not if it ends up shitting on everyone else’s doorstep.

      1. Perhaps you are right, but if you think your welfare is too generous, write a petition to the government or organize a protest. Don’t blame individuals who shelter people “in need”.

        1. The government of the country in which I live doesn’t provide welfare and doesn’t allow immigration, if I were to write to the general in charge with any complaints, I’d probably disappear.

  26. I think a false rape allegation or in fact any kind of false ‘ism’ accusations should be punishable by 5 to 10 years imprisonment. The effect on the falsely accused lives, whether it be a fake racism allegation at work or a one night stand with a girl who regrets it after the fact, more than justifies a reasonable sentence. And what about all the individuals who really are being racially bullied at work or have been actually raped? Their already miserable lives are made even more difficult, and their credibility called into question, by unhinged lunatics with no moral compass.

  27. Thank you for this wonderful article, John!
    The whole way through, I kept imagining people here in Australia who are first class candidates due for a good cucking. And it was glorious….

  28. Cucking stool seems way too lenient for false rape accusers, given that it’s basically an attempt to inflict great suffering upon the victim for the remainder of his life, even punishments like scaphism or lingchi don’t seem quite cruel enough.

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