Why Do Leftists Want To Prevent White Men From Creating Art?

In the progressive sphere, there is a notion that a man cannot write about anything other than his own kind. That goes double for a white man author. How dare he fill his imaginary worlds with diverse characters…sometimes not even humanoid characters? He is not a lizard person…how can he truly know what a lizard woman thinks of the goings on of lizard kind?

You can see this type of mindset in Marvel Comics stunt casting of Ta-Nehisi Coates doing a twelve issue run on the Black Panther series. Surely many of Mr. Coates’ readers are also comic book fans? With his co-writers exaltation that the first issue “Won’t be a Superhero script” then what is this: cynical cash grab or tokenism?

Marvel Comics isn’t a stranger to this pandering, cash grab, stunt casting nonsense. In recent memory, they’ve made a female Thor to entice all those female social justice comic book readers out there that are under served by all these “dudebro” laden comics. Other comic book companies have fared no better.

No stranger to its share of problems with minority characters is The Walking Dead. Both the comic and television series, created by white man Robert Kirkman, has long come under attack for having poorly written female and minority characters. However, it’s not because of Kirkman’s limitations as a writer or creator, of course. It’s because he is a white man that this series is so unwatchable and devoid of any value to pop culture.

Exactly what this calls for…more women!

The SJW cure-all for this? Adding minority voices to everything from writer rooms to director chairs, and everything in between—regardless of talent or ability! Everything is elevated when you put someone besides a (white) man in charge. Except that’s not the case, and if anything else only goes to further dilute the product by unnecessary addition.

Why is this rubric only used on men? Why is no one going after Shonda Rimes and her parade of poorly characterized hunky steely gazed white dudes on her various programs? How about Lee Daniels’ Empire and its cliché riddled narrative nonsense? Hell, any creator that perpetuates and continues to fill our media with tired clichés and tropes, providing nothing of substance all in the name of the almighty dollar and diversity quotas.

"It was a dark and rapey night..."

“It was a dark and rapey night…”

A lot of this regressive ideology seems to be coming out of click bait sweatshops like The Mary Sue and the myriad of other concern troll sites that need to gin up some sort of “feminist outrage” in order to keep the views coming. It’s one thing to be take a piece of media to task for a being a little limiting in its characterizations or narratives. It’s quite another to demand that men step back from creating because of the preposterous belief that they can only write about violence, rape, farts, poop, and nothing else.

All this pandering to a tiny minority of progressives has lead to a constant stream of non-issues bubbling up out of the cesspit of social justice websites. The very nature of a click bait sweatshop is that authors must write up a lot of articles every single day, so they have to file many nonsense articles that are little more than “Tsk Tsk…shame on you!” baloney. You have to wonder if these people even believe what they write.

"And then he told her to get back in the kitchen...and make him a sandwich..."

“And then he told her to get back in the kitchen…and make him a sandwich…”

However, the notion that men perpetually think about rape and violence and therefore that is all they can truly create is also caustic. There have been plenty of male authors that have written great female characters. One example is Henry James, another white man who was nominated multiple times for the Nobel Prize in Literature and authored The Portrait of a Lady, a literary classic with a woman as a protagonist.

Creators cannot create interesting worlds in a vacuum devoid of differing characters and conflicting ideas. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it certainly can’t be too interesting.

"...then Tur Paug the Barbarian thrust his mighty broadsword in to the sunless sky..."

“…then Tur Paug the Barbarian thrust his mighty broadsword into the sunless sky…”

For people espousing “progressive” ideas, how is limiting one gender in favor of the other going to progress anything? More galling is the audaciousness of telling an artist what they can and cannot do. That flies in the very face of what Art…with a capital “A”…is…subjective. Does a man have any idea what a woman truly feels? By creating art he allows himself the artistic license to explore that idea, free from outside judgment while he does so. It doesn’t make what he finds objective fact, that is why it’s art.

To progressives and feminists, the ideal worlds that a man can create are barbaric hellscapes where women are bags of meat with tits that men spray their seed all over. Protagonists whose only narrative goal is to rape most things and kill those who stand in the way of that goal.

Sure that makes for a fine Saturday evening, if you’re a barbarian. But it certainly doesn’t make for compelling art.

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111 thoughts on “Why Do Leftists Want To Prevent White Men From Creating Art?”

  1. There is no value in diversity. There is no value in diversity. THERE IS NO VALUE IN DIVERSITY.
    In a free market the cream will always rise to the top. Creating quotas via affirmative action hiring processes is nothing but putting the finish line where you started.

    1. Desire for diversity is really fear of inequality dressed up with good intentions
      If anything the best people for any given task would probably be very similar to each other – meaning that any call for diversity is in fact, a call for social dysfunction

      1. “the best people for any given task would probably be very similar to each other”
        Yes, they’d be all white. The smartest men, and greatest inventors in history are 99% white

      2. Well, liberals — leftists in general — actually are unequal to everyone else. That’s why they want to control everybody and stifle ideas. They aren’t capable of doing anything constructive, they know it, and they want to limit everybody who can instead of trying to improve themselves or accept their lot.

    2. The free market is predicated on diversity and the choices that follow.
      The power of diversity is in the options that are created not in the choices that are enforced.

    3. Liberals love the moronic platitude “Our diversity is our strength”. In theory diversity COULD be a good thing if all parties carried their weight and contributed equally. But when one party ends up having to carry everyone else (which is what always happens) there’s nothing strong or admirable about that.
      Diversity has never worked in the entire recorded history of man. The great Ann Coulter wrote that diversity is bad because “it destroys social cohesion”.

  2. The greatest art work of all ages is from men. Gay and straight. The greats form of protest is to continue doing great things and rubbing their collective faces in it.
    As men quit paying any monies to any system that bashes men.
    I quit going to movies.
    I do not watch TV and have not for years.
    Shun the theater like a plague.
    A pox on modern art openings (most of the time it is useless drivel created by washed out hags that are “angry”).
    Quit it all.

    1. “I do not watch TV and have not for years.”
      There are a lot of us out there. I didn’t own a TV for years until I got married. College football and local news is it. The rest is DVDs.

        1. I have been thinking of looking into Netflix. Problem with sports bars here is that they show mostly “soccer” games– I actually watch NCAA football online thru the TV.

        2. Netflix is so so. I think you have to get it and Hulu to have a good mix. Netflix seems to have taken away a lot of stuff I like recently, including ditching the MST3K series, so it’s on thin ice with me at the moment.

      1. I hear ya, but local news is bad for the soul. So much negativity and the local weather man always irks me.

      2. I live in China so there is no point in watching TV until my command or the language is better. I download TV such as GOT, True Detective, Person of Interest and such, and then watch them when it is convenient.

        1. I live in Germany and speak the language, but the TV is all rubbish (alot of US stuff translated). Wife and I usually watch old US or soviet movies on DVD as it also helps me learn russian.

        2. I never understand this. I wonder if it is just me. After my load is blown I don’t care if she is a 36 on a scale from 1-10, I just want her to put her clothes on and go away.

        3. I like your posts because they display some intelligence. But really, grow a heart and join humanity: post-coital cuddling is the thing. You cum, she cums, and there is this moment free of bullshit. That is especially so if you fucked her in the ass and blew your load on her face. After stripping her of all dignity there is this narrow window of honesty from the bitch.

        4. I appreciate the compliment 66S.
          I really don’t understand the post-coital cuddling thing. Maybe it is my fault, but I have never felt this way. The only time I am truly comfortable is when I am alone. My time with women is utilitarian, my time alone is the time for honesty and openness.

        5. I am a classic introvert. I have survived in China largely because it doesn’t bother me to be surrounded by gibberish or to have a rather limited number of people that I can interact with.
          With women, the trick is to be alone. . together. To be alone without being lonely.
          With the right women, you are alone even in her presence. You have solitude even with her right next to you.

  3. Modern man, much like fundamental religious devotee brother, is dumb. Modern man cannot read metaphor and sees all art as a literal rendering of “reality”. Art has been reduced to a hodgepodge of sensory input. “If you didn’t experience or live it, you can’t know it.” This is also why cinema and TV are now our main “artistic”, outlets. Man, I wish someone would flush the toilet, so we could get started all over again.

  4. What was that Jack Nicholson quote: “how do I write such great women characters? I think of a man and then take away reason and accountability”. Too many aspiring male writers, white or otherwise, fail to follow that basic rule and hence can’t create convincing characters

    1. Maybe those aspiring male writers willfully create unrealistic female
      characters because realism would be too depressing for them. And lots of
      people don’t want realism, they get that every day – they want
      escapism, art that is more beautiful than the norm. They want Baywatch,
      where everyone is beautiful and the sun always shines.

      1. Baywatch? Is this 1989?
        At least Baywatch celebrated beauty and healthy living, as well as had correct sex roles.

        1. I don’t watch much television and can’t think of a more recent live-action show where everything is so nice and positive. Certainly nothing as successful as Baywatch was.

  5. This article is all over the place
    They don’t want to prevent you from creating art, they want all art to suit their sensibilities
    A more direct rebuttal to diversity is one based on ideology:
    Art and media should privilege men and the dominant ethnic/cultural group in order to foster a collective social atmosphere of ethnic nationalism and prevent problem elements from using minorities and the underprivileged as wedges against the ethnostate.

    1. The exact opposite of what the bolsheviks did in other words, convincing the mongols and the uzbeks that the white belarus privileges was because of them being exploitative, and thus owing the fruits of their labour to other ethnic groups, nothing new under the sun.

  6. Yeah freedom of the press is essential. Hiring the most qualified candidates regardless of whatever is important. Wasting time dealing with do as I say not as I do types is ridiculous. The same people that will troll you will also write about things they are not as well. IMHO anyone including the people here that are too far left or too far right behave crazy like this. I would know. I troll both sides of the radicals and say whatever I want. It doesn’t mean anyone has to listen though.

  7. There’s a reason the Romans hated actors, they knew they were degenerate and causing tremors in the roots of stable societies. The same can be said for modern day actors artists and what have you. They are all of the same ilk, sowing the seeds of dissent with their satanic and ugly unpleasantries and abnormal creations.

  8. Funny enough, one of the worst writers when it comes to female characters is SJW hero John Green. The females in his novels are always these mysterious, otherworldly, ethereal creatures who seem “above” being human, as if they confer with angels. For someone who White Knights for women, he sure doesn’t seem to perceive of them as human when it comes to his own writing.

  9. Because Art plays an enormous role in culture, you need to forbid white men from the arts to destroy our culture.

    1. Art can inspire, it can create a feeling of unity, it can communicate feelings not just ideas. With art you have power. At a very basic level you can embed ideology in art or entertainment.

  10. A few years ago a student (a hipster-mangina) at my former University made a sculpture for a class which was black purple-polka-dot penises urinating on the floor. Dada-punk drivel to elicit raw emotions like Picaso with minimal talent required.
    I was a pariah because I was more focused on traditional art (to get a good foundation to be a cartoonist). Needless to say quite a few Profs hated me in the usual libertard passive-aggressive manner.

  11. I keep wondering about all of these female aerospace engineers, computer hackers and nuclear physicists you see in movies and TV shows, because you generally don’t see them in the real world.
    The same goes for all the warrior women in these stupid chick-oriented fantasies.

    1. Remember the new Mad Max? Badass women were the norm there and the girls at my college went crazy over it and ate it up. They thought it was plausible. Big Bang Theory does the same shit. The Walking Dead at least has an alpha man ready to do anything, so not all is lost.

      1. yea I didn’t really pick up on how the cast was all female when i saw it, i thought it was a pretty damn entertaining movie. But definitely sexist, the men are all evil and the “main” character has like 3 lines and he pretty much grunts them.

    2. God I want to beat the snot out of Ronda Rousey. Just walk up to her on the street and beat the living shit out of her. It would be worth it so I could say, at my trial, “I can also post up any bitch in the WNBA”

        1. I saw this. I didn’t even think Swayze was man enough for that roll. I want to be upset, but it is so predictable Hollywood that it doesn’t even faze me any more
          IMangine being in a bad with a female bouncer. Ha. I would not be able to resist.
          Sometimes when I see two female police officers I have mean thoughts but then I remember that you just can’t outrun a two way radio.

      1. Worse than her are the men who mumble the required “Yeah man, she’s hot, I think that’s hot that she is violent” bullshit. I’ve started taking them to task in real life, asking when precisely they started becoming aroused by hard jawed men with tits. Discussions rather, um, bloom from that point forward. End of the day half of them back out when I stress the square jaw, broad shoulder “attraction” as being an indicator of some level of homo-eroticism. Heh.

  12. Why? Because ‘art’ made by leftists homos looks like the result of someone having explosive diarrhea while standing in front of a jet engine on full reverse thrust.

    1. They called a bunch of dildos hanging from power lines art, remember that. The left love public displays, especially if they are in line with the agenda they push. I recall a Thanksgiving day parade with two guys simulating anal sex and the children in the background were just watching. Nobody did a thing. they could not, because they would be labeled as some type of bigot.

  13. You want to see women written disturbingly well? Watch American Horror Story Season 3: Coven.
    The shows own premise shoots itself in the foot and I’m not even sure if the writers noticed it. One of the w(b)itches overtly says we don’t need a man in our lives and then the whole season the main characters prove by their actions that they need immediate restraint by stable authoritative figures (read: men) from their catty, solipsistic, self destructive, murderous ways.
    A few highlights with spoilers: Pretty much every main character kills another in Machiavellian moves for power. But hey, it’s ok because you can just resurrect them. Death has no finality and therefore no impact.
    The brunette girl is introduced in a scene where she kills her boyfriend accidentally during intercourse with her Ebola snatch. That is her power. She uses it the same episode to murder a man in the hospital who was one-dimensionally written as a dude-bro frat boy rapist. The man-hate is strong with this one.
    The enviro-nature witch murders two alligator hunters just for the reason that they hunt alligators mindlessly babbling, “This is murder.” Hey, ya dumb broad, alligators eat people! Nature is red in tooth and claw! Fortunately, she dies awful later.
    The blond boy who is arbitrarily portrayed as good is killed when Madison, the uppity blond actress twat, flips the bus with her telekinesis ability. Somehow this apparently mutilates all the men on the bus into a mess of assorted bloody body parts. Stomach churning at the very least. What’s the witches take on this? Let’s assemble the perfect boyfriend with all the best “parts.” WTF? Take away from this? Men aren’t even seen as human, just tools for female pleasure.
    The fat black human voodoo doll girl offers herself to a Minotaur baphomet creature while rubbing her twat. Disturbing enough but the grossest part was how morbidly bloatedly obese she was. This is why fat shaming is absolutely essential today.
    There’s more. Such as exploiting a Down syndrome girl who can’t act. The way-past-the-wall cougar “Supreme” of the coven getting busy with a serial killer. And the rank Satanic occulticism of the season in its entirety. I realize it’s called Coven so that’s expected, but still it’s harrowing to the soul how far in detail they go. There’s an article on this site on how feminism is tied to the occult and this program evidences just how much.
    The point of all this is that feminism at its core is all about serving Chaos. Disrupting and upending the natural order. What I took away from the show is how much the Patriarchy is a good thing and in essence synonymous with civilization itself. Feminism taken to its logical conclusion will reduce us to savages living in squalid huts. So, if there ever were witch hunts back in the day, supernatural elements aside, it was probably for a good damn reason.

    1. Feminism is directly linked to the occult, on many fronts. One, in Wiccan/new age/witchcraft/satanism; the divine feminem is seen as the way to destroy the ego laden destructive masculine energy. Two, the official “feminist” movement was initiated by the rocekefllers (one of the bloodlines of the illuminati, witches and occultists), as a method to weaken the populace and destroy the family unit, for easy worldwide take over from within.
      The baphomet (goat of mendes) is an androgynous male/female goat god signified by the cloven foot symbol (pentagram). Reversed is the symbol of the feminem spirit (vaginal orofice).

      1. That is one hell of a Silent Hill Truth Bomb. The first game had a Mother or Incubus as the boss, and Baphomet was the inspiration for the Incubus. The whole game was occult with strong ties to motherhood. What could this mean?
        We might just be high as fuck.

    2. “Disturbing enough but the grossest part was how morbidly bloatedly obese she was.”
      Thank you. When watching it with friends, I would point out how disgusting she was and they would all, even the guys, pretend not to understand what I’m talking about. Extremely annoying. I’m glad to see there is at least one other sane human being in the world

      1. When your fucking eyes are squinting not because you are actually squinting, but because your so god damn fat that the skin around your eyes is sagging from the excess weight and covering them…
        I mean holy shit dude. How is she alive

      2. Same here, bro. I’m willing to bet that most of the guys noticed and agreed with you but kept silent to avoid drawing the ire of the ladies.

  14. I’m a big comic book fan, but I can see the PC agenda seeping it’s way into the Marvel U. The new Amazing Spider-Man had Peter Parker attending a gay marriage, and the new Ultimates has a lesbian super powered heroine. Keep in mind these comics are aimed at early teens. Great way to get them indoctrinated I guess.

    1. Fantastic post. Indoctrination is right, buddy. They are getting them early. I cannot stand western comics now. They used to be counter culture, but now they serve an agenda.
      I see this in kid’s shows too like Teen Titans Go. My friend’s kid watched an episode all about boys versus girls. The girls won all contests. They were portrayed as stronger, faster and smarter. I wonder how seeing that will affect the little guy. TV is madness.

    2. They are releasing a comic with Wolverine as a woman; the most manly character in the marvel universe as a woman…

      1. I heard they made Thor a woman. They co-opted White European Culture and Religion and turned it into a feminist rag. There were other attributes that could have been used (Valkyries) but they chose to feminize Thor by making it an office rather than an identity.
        Jewish writers writing tales of Ubermensch who are now politically correct, homosexuals, transgendered, you name it.
        They know the demographic and they are exploiting it.
        25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
        26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

        1. The latest Capt America story arc has him going after right wingers. Can you think of a more right wing hero than Capt America lol
          Of course, its all by design, I think we are all aware of the agenda…

        2. >the demographic
          The only ones still buying these rags are the hardcore collectors who’ve been on the train since way back when the big two (DC, Marvel) comics were sometimes good.
          Really, the business isn’t making money and it isn’t meant to, the House of Mouse only bought Marvel for tax benefits.
          But while they own it, they may as well do whatever they want with the characters. Friendly reminder that CEO of Marvel Ike Perlmutter is an ex-Mossad agent.

    3. Well, the one upside is hardly anyone reads comics these days. Sales peaked 20 years ago

  15. The primary difference between a male and female artist is not talent but imagination. This applies as much to the arts as it does to the sciences and humanities. Women are the ultimate creators, but, it’s men that create all of the “added value” with their intellects and imaginations in terms of progress, in medicine, engineering, music, literature, film, laws…that makes human existence tolerable and bearable, that lifts us above the mere biological facts of life.

    1. Women don’t create shit. They are incubators. They don’t create the babies that they have, they grow on their own according to their biology. That’s like saying a farmer creates his own crops.

      1. Incubators perhaps, but, it’s something that’s impossible for men to do. That’s what I mean by creators.

  16. Everyone time I watch crap like Picasso, I laugh and wonder why people pay a bunch of money for it. Then there’s Warhol and his goddamn Campbell’s cans. And Lady Gaga. And why does the white man not do anything about it? Simple, too busy listening to bullshit country crap about God, beer, trucks, and whining about women. Lol, sheep in wolf’s clothing.

  17. That is why I love manga. Soul Eater is about as graphic as can be and it is never ashamed to portray women as walking boobs with all of its fan service.
    The author of One Piece once stated that his books are for young males, period. He will cater to them. Other groups need not apply. I loved it. Japan seems like a free zone for all types of things we do not allow here. I am sure it is not a safe haven I imagine it to be, but it sounds better than what we have going on here.
    I’m shocked Game of Thrones made it so far.

      1. The question is what is it in our culture that differs from Japanese culture? Why are we so ‘free’ when we have so many limitations? I think our culture may be lagging behind and I have just realized how far we have fallen.

        1. Japan aint doing all that great really… Their population is aging and not enough people are starting families. Combine that with the fact that they don’t open their borders to easily to immigration and they are having a population/demographic recession.
          They have their problems… They just aren’t so afraid to discuss their problems or where they come from.

        2. Thought so. It is no haven, or paradise. Their culture is hush hush about stuff, good point. Their entertainment seemed less constrained though.

        3. No I meant they are not as afraid as we are to discuss/admit their problems.
          They know they have these problems. For example they have a special name for young men who are being left behind economically (herbivore men or Otaku).
          I’ve seen YouTube videos online of Japanese journalists discussing their demographic problems straightforwardly.
          They even change public policy to encourage some behaviour over others. They have a special tax for overweight people because it weighs down their healthcare system.
          Like you said they are culturally a little less constrained in certain ways. Their fiction and entertainment districts reflect this level of openness. They have vending machines of used panties for horny men, and are very open about sex. But they know what’s going on… The Japanese have a much longer history than we North Americans do.

        4. “The question is what is it in our culture that differs from Japanese culture? Why are we so ‘free’ when we have so many limitations? I think our culture may be lagging behind and I have just realized how far we have fallen.”
          Japan barely has any Christians, Satan gets all those dying souls by default, so there’s no particular need to bother with micro managing the culture to maximize resistance to the Gospel. However, Manga/Anime that starts getting influence in the ruins of Christendom, say Attack on Titan, and the creator has to pay his dues, in this case retro-conning a character for the “trans-gender” agenda:

  18. Why? I think we’re all pretty aware of WHY leftists want to prevent (hetero) white men from creating art. I think it’s more instructive to look at how, via the modern leftist social justice outrage machine. If a hetero white man creates art which includes non-white, non-hetero, non-male characters, he’s accused of speaking for those whose “struggle” he cannot understand, and even of cultural appropriation. Whereas if hes creates art featuring ONLY hetero white males, he’s accused of bigotry and lack of diversity (Bechdel test? whitewashing? heteronormativity?). In short, the leftists have created criteria by which there’s no way for hetero white males to create fiction WITHOUT falling afoul of one of their sacred taboos. In other words, hetero white males are now expected to shut up and create no art whatsoever, because they’ll be deemed probelmatic no matter how they do it. “Shut up and listen” is their only intended message to us.

  19. The popular culture was hijacked by Marxists long ago. I used to read comics, but between Superman being turned into a weak white knight Marxist, and every other character I liked being either turned gay or into a woman, I gave it up. I’m not the only one either, the best selling books struggle to sell more than a couple of thousand issues a month, compared with the millions sold when I was a kid. The TV and movie adaptations aren’t any better, with Arrow turning a strong black character into a gay married fruit. Even black men are the target now. Any strong male character will eventually be ‘reinvented’ to better ‘reflect a new generation.’ It’s absurd and insulting. It also alienates the best creators, the ones who don’t buy into the group think. The fact that the ‘progressives’ now intentionally normalize abnormal behavior in media made for children and teens shows how sick and twisted they really are. The right action is to vigorously create anyway.

  20. It’s because the progressives are projecting their ‘unsuitable’ desires, i.e. they actually want to be those bags of meat,etc. At least I think so.

  21. As long as Writers are pressured to conform to PC Narrative parameters, all works of art/entertainment will look the same and lack originality.

    1. I don’t think anyone is being pressured to write, produce or film this shit. They are exploiting the medium and using it as a tool of propaganda.
      They are playing the long game.

      1. There is definitely a black-list in Hollywood, there may not be a Man with a gun in his hand holding it at a writer’s head saying “write this or Die” but usually the threat of loosing work/job is enough to get people to conform. Though they’re are people actively involved in producing this crap, and they love it, no doubt, they want to see society fundamentally change and nobody is pressuring them to stick with the SJW program. I guess what I mean, is that say a Mano-sphere writer took his work to a major publishing company, the Publishing company would probably say it was sexist and reject it, now imagine the Same Man goes back with a work that has women kicking butt and the male lead is kinda gooberish, and they’re are tons of gender shattering stereotype examples in the novel with strong female Protagonist proving all her doubters wrong,.. and don’t forget to add plenty of “empowering” sentences Like ” She’s as strong as any Man I know” etc etc , and the Book will probably have a better chance of getting picked up and published over the first book the Mano-sphere guy Brought.
        I’m not making excuses for the writer’s/artist’s who felt the “PC Pressure” and Conformed ,.. Personally I think it’s weak and Un-Masculine to conform to ideas that are contrary to ones beliefs, but I do think they’re are writers who disagree with SJW nonsense but find it easier to take the path of least resistance, remain silent, and conform.

    1. Been enjoying this guy for years. He’s amazing. The Bill O’reilly part made me laugh hard.
      I’d like to see a remix of the breast, asses, penises, vaginas combined with Carlin’s 7 dirty words. You know, one of those musical ditties.

  22. Because the left want to destroy the great history built by Whites they want no more Galileo no more Newtons no more Reimann, no more Darwin, no Da Vinci, no Miguel Angel, Beethoven, Rachmaninoff, Mozart, Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Dvorak, they hate all of them because of envy the left is envy in political form. They believe they can replace all this geniuses with people who have not been selected in our cold homeland. And thus they will attack all white men in art and science because all geniuses have in common with Whites is their race and they want to prevent being overcame by a upper art style and highest thinking. And it is against their narrative of nurture
    Modern art is shit, is it just a coincidence with the appropriation of the art sphere by the left, or it is casual???

    1. Also, a hunch, are you S.L.?
      I will never ever utter a word to anyone. Man-code.
      (Also, write more, you are awesome)

    Why Women Are More Unhappy Than They’ve Ever Been
    Young women, before feminism sinks it’s talons into you – read this! Below is a brief synopsis of a book called “What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us: Why Happiness Eludes the Modern Woman” by Danielle Crittenden.
    “If young, attractive women offer no-strings-attached sex, then men will have no pressing reason to tie themselves down. This might be of little concern to a woman who is not yet ready to settle down, but sooner or later it will become of urgent concern.” (“What Our Mothers Didn’t Tell Us,” 43)
    “All the sexual bravado a girl may possess evaporates the first time a boy she truly cares for makes it clear that he has no further use for her after his own body has been satisfied. No amount of feminist posturing, no amount of reassurances that she doesn’t need a guy like that anyway, can protect her from the pain and humiliation of those awful moments after he’s gone, when she’s alone and feeling not sexually empowered but discarded. It doesn’t take most women long to figure out that sexual liberty is not the same thing as sexual equality.” (31)
    “If previous generations of women were raised to believe that they could only realize themselves within the roles of wife and mother, now the opposite is thought true: It’s only outside these roles that we are able to realize our full potential and worth as human beings…How often have you watched a TV show or seen a movie or read a novel in which a woman is celebrated for finding the courage “to be herself” by leaving a marriage or starting a new career or telling a boorish husband he’ll have to make his own dinner from now own? Her actions are not seen as selfish—or when they are, her selfishness is seen as payback for all the centuries of women’s selflessness and sacrifice to men.” (60-62)
    “Elaborate rituals that used to govern relations between the sexes were based on the understanding that women, as child bearers, required the protection of society against men who might recklessly use and abandon them.” (42)
    What a woman is aware of, at around the age of twenty-six or twenty-seven, is a growing, inchoate dissatisfaction, a yearning for more, even if her life is already quite full…She starts noticing the mothers all around her—especially young, attractive mothers—pushing strollers down the street, cooing at their babies in supermarkets, and loading up their shopping carts…Alas, it is usually at precisely this moment—when a single woman looks up from her work and realizes she’s ready to take on family life—that men make themselves most absent. This is when the cruelty of her singleness really sets in, when she becomes aware of the fine print in the unwritten bargain she has cut with the opposite sex. Men will outlast her. Men, particularly successful men, will be attractive and virile into their fifties. (66-67).
    If we are not willing to do much for our husbands, we can hardly expect them to be willing to do much for us…The long-term surrender of their freedom, the unshrinking shouldering of the financial burdens of a family—the sacrifices they used to make in exchange for a woman’s agreement to run the home—are sacrifices fewer men are willing to make. Women have gained the right to move into all spheres of society; men, from their point of view, have only lost their right to domestic comfort. (94)
    By encouraging men and women to strive for this sort of precise equality within marriage, we have left women and their children much more vulnerable to the whims of their husbands than ever before. The protections the law once afforded to women who made economic sacrifices for their families no longer exist. They were abolished when we rewrote the divorce law in the name of sexual equality. (98)
    It will be even tougher for a woman to take time out from her job to stay home with her kids if, before giving birth, she’s been especially adamant about the fairness and equality of her marriage. Asking her husband to shoulder the whole burden of being the breadwinner will not necessarily strike him as “fair” or “equal.” (100)
    This loss of faith in marriage explains why my generation may be so zealous about making sure their marriages are so equal: A modern couple’s desire to keep their arrangement strictly balanced, at all levels, is actually a way of protecting each partner’s self-interest in the event that the marriage dissolves. (104)
    Of course, no woman should cease to be loved simply because she is old. But a society that refuses to acknowledge that age touches women very differently from the way it touches men—a society that shrugs as good enough marriages are dissolved after twenty or thirty years—is a society condemning millions of women to loneliness.” (153).
    It may not be so ironic then, that the happiest memoirs among the elders of the women’s movement are by those who led the most conventionally female lives…Betty Friedan takes enormous pleasure in watching her own children become parents and in being a grandmother…Meanwhile, Gloria Steinem, alone in her fifties, devotes herself to writing a book about finding self-esteem. (160)

  24. SJWs are consummate artists at poisoning the well. They push that being male, white, Christian, straight, able-bodied and such completely prevents you from commenting in any substantive way about the human condition. FUCK THAT! I am a human being and I will continue to comment on your condition whether you like it or not!
    Yesterday I checked and among my belongings are no membership cards to being some elite class based on gender, race, or such. OK, I found the following:
    The Left is one big conspiracy theory.

  25. There is nothing wrong with the manosphere fascination with STEM. This is what society needs technologically to move on. However, what it needs culturally is men to reassert their dominance outside of STEM, in the creative arts.

  26. The only response to leftist SJW assholes and feminists trying to curtail art and expression is a good loud “FUCK OFF AND DIE!”

  27. Leftists = Bolshevik jews
    W. Cleon Skousen – „The Naked Communist” (1958)
    Chapter 12: „The Future Task”
    – page 260: “Current Communist Goals”
    1. U.S. acceptance of coexistence as the only alternative to atomic war.
    2. U.S. willingness to capitulate in preference to engaging in atomic war.
    3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament by the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.
    4. PERMIT FREE TRADE BETWEEN ALL NATIONS regardless of Communist affiliation and regardless of whether or not items could be used for war.
    5. Extension of long-term loans to Russia and Soviet Satellites.
    6. Provide American aid to all nations regardless of Communist domination.
    7. Grant recognition of Red China. Admission of Red China to the U.N.
    8. Set up East and West Germany as separate states in spite of Khrushchev’s promise in 1955 to settle the Germany question by free elections under supervision of the U.N.
    9. Prolong the conferences to ban atomic tests because the U.S. has agreed to suspend tests as long as negotiations are in progress.
    10. Allow all Soviet satellites individual representation in the U.N.
    11. PROMOTE THE U.N. AS THE ONLY HOPE FOR MANKIND. IF ITS CHARTER IS REWRITTEN, DEMAND THAT IT BE SET UP AS ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT WITH ITS OWN INDEPENDENT ARMED FORCES. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by Moscow. Sometimes these two centers compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)
    13. Do away with all loyalty oaths.
    14. Continue giving Russia access to the U.S. Patent office.
    18. Gain control of all student newspapers.
    19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.
    29. Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate, old fashioned, out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between nations on a world-wide basis.
    30. Discredit the American founding fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the „common man.”
    31. Belittle all forms of American culture and discourage the teaching of American history on the ground that it was only a minor part of „the big picture.” Give more emphasis to Russian history since the Communists took over.
    33. Eliminate all laws or procedures which interfere with the operation of the Communist apparatus.
    34. Eliminate the House Committee on Un-American Activities.
    35. Discredit and eventually dismantle the FBI.
    *42. CREATE THE IMPRESSION THAT VIOLENCE AND INSURRECTION ARE LEGITIMATE ASPECTS OF the American TRADITION; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use „united force” to solve economic, political or social problems.
    44. Internationalize the Panama Canal.
    45. Repeal the Connally Reservation so the U.S. cannot prevent the World Court from seizing jurisdiction over domestic problems. GIVE THE WORLD COURT JURISDICTION OVER NATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS ALIKE.
    – The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime
    – Jewish Bolshevism

  28. To progressives and feminists, the ideal worlds that a man can create are barbaric hellscapes where women are bags of meat with tits that men spray their seed all over. Protagonists whose only narrative goal is to rape most things and kill those who stand in the way of that goal.

    Sounds compelling to me. We need more of that shit.

  29. On the topic of art, has anyone else heard the news regarding the captain America comic series? Apparently the new captain is super liberal and his first target is the tea party. Really!?! He’s basically against everything the original captain America was for. I’m not a comic book person but this kind of liberal bullshit pisses me off if true. Has anyone else heard of this?

    1. Yep. Captain America pursues and destroys Constitutionalists, Thor is a woman and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make Batman and Robin gay.
      Basically we’re living in Bizzaro World now.

      1. That would be a great troll. Have the Marvel heroes become increasingly liberal/progressive and then be like “Psyche! This is Bizzaro world and none of this is real! Now back to reality.”
        As far as Batman and Robin…nah, it’s too predictable. With the comic book world’s hard push to the left, I’m fully expecting this from the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie:
        Batman: “Superman, what are you doing?!?”
        Superman: “Shh, let me show you why they call me the man of steel.”

  30. A tough question to ask is “what is art?”. Its basically rhetorical, because like a picture has a 1000 words, then art must be worth billions. However, the meaning of art has, more than ever, come into focus especially in these “progressive” days. To answer my question art, apropos to this article, is the leading edge of our culture. This is the raw material of culture and from this point all things follow. You never thought of art being that significant? I can see why, but, can you see the connection between painting in menstrual blood and institutionalized man hating…once you do you’ll realize what art is today. As follows he who controls the art controls culture and has the power. So, why don’t they want white men in art? As if its not obvious enough…because they want power. Power over white men but also just power in general.
    However, art is a pesky thing. As many can attest its chaotic, which means a lot of things to include being hard to control. So, another reason why “they” discourage men in art is to keep us to smarten up and jettison this fucked up culture and re-make our own. Now, don’t fall for it. They have ZERO control over any art that we may create now or in the future. In fact, I’ve argued that now is the best time ever to create an anti-progressive renaissance! How and why? Answer: the web. If conservatives get smart, and I think they’re starting to get it, the bulk of their efforts should be in patronizing conservative art, especially tv shows and film. Imagine if a movie was released that was, in every way, as heroic and masculine as “Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark”! Read your mind – your reaction “that can never be made…today”. I didn’t ask you that. I ask you if it was made today? Think about it.
    How starved is that demographic? On that basis alone all things equal it would be a blockbuster.

  31. Rick’s wife fucked his best friend within days of him disappearing. I’d say Kirkman is writes women pretty damn good.

  32. Jane Austin once said that she’d never write a scene with two men conversing.. she knew her own limitations. I’m all for some white writer guy engaging the help of women/minorities to help make their characters more believable.. hell, I’ve done it. And I’ve nothing against more women/minorities going into writing & film making (Christopher Judge comes to mind).
    But I’m talking about women/minorities with actual talent. We absolutely do not need SJWs and feminists filling those post by order of quota. Because thanks to their hateful ideological “cry sexism/racism” mantra, they are the last people who have any idea of “reality”.. until, that is, sometime in the near future when the entire world has been taken over by SJWs, in which case their’s will be the reality.
    I’m reminded of Joss Whedon, the feminist darling who once said “I put strong women into my films because someone has to”. But he put one foot wrong, and look what happened to him.. it took no time for the SJWs to turn on him in a feeding frenzy of feminist outrage. It took an inordinate amount of prostration and self-flagellation before Whedon found forgiveness.
    I’m also surprised they haven’t turned on George R.R. Martin yet. That rapey scene came close.. coz as we know, in the SJW’s twisted mind, *not* seeing a woman getting raped is infinitely worse than a little girl being burned at the stake, or an old woman getting flayed alive. (Men being skinned, burned alive, beheaded, disemboweled, and castrated doesn’t warrant a mention, of course.)

  33. Here’s the thing: there is only one gender that understands the other gender. And that’s the gender that has devoted gigabytes of data, countless hours, (also see: music, poetry, art, Western Civilization) trying to get the other gender into bed.
    It’s plainly obvious to most men when a male character has been written by a woman. Not so, the other way around.
    Women’s views on the male experience are so far removed from reality, their story-telling is nearly always unbelievable, and hence just bad.
    Art is about truth; you cannot make good art if you spend your life lying to yourself. If culture isn’t truthful, humanity will surely follow… and vice versa.

  34. Feminazis can hate on white men all they like. That will never change the fact that all of them will always owe us everything.

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