How UVA President Teresa Sullivan Sold Out The Heritage Of Virginia

UVA president Teresa A. Sullivan has recently said of the Rolling Stone hoax, “Irresponsible journalism unjustly damaged the reputations of many innocent individuals and the University of Virginia.” Her statement is dripping with irony and hypocrisy.

Sullivan’s Own Irresponsibility

Sullivan has yet to apologize for punishing the entire fraternity system for a false story that could have easily been verified had she, for example, checked to see if the fraternity in question even had a party that night. Nor has she apologized for the vandalism caused to that fraternity by militant leftists under the belief that it is the patriarchy that is violent and unjust.



Even today, there are still harsher rules on the UVA entire fraternity system because of the story, despite Sullivan herself admitting that there was no basis for the allegations.

The South Gets Shafted Again

Why did Rolling Stone and Erdely choose the University of Virginia instead of more famous in-crowd schools like Harvard or more famous party schools like Ohio State? Because Charlottesville, Virginia is in the South. And not just in the South, but only an hour drive from Richmond, the capitol of the old Confederacy.

Northerners have always hated the South ever since there’s been a South. We have always had a more defined social order and hence a deeper sense of culture. Furthermore, calling us racist for two hundred years makes it easier for the yankees to turn a blind eye to their own abuses of the other races. Same reason critics love to hate all over country music—both new and old—yet fawn over hip-hop retards like Kanye and Beyonce. 

Uncle Tom’s University Admin Office

Sullivan sold out—and continues to sell out—her own fellow Virginians in the name of popular activism, not uncommon today in the world of academia. But now that the heat is against said activism, she’s suddenly pretending to switch sides.

Yet she still isn’t changing anything that she’s put into place. She’ll do whatever it takes to preserve her name and rise in the ranks, so there is no way she will apologize or loosen the restrictions on the fraternities unless she’s cornered into it. What she wants more than anything is to appear like a competent administrator so that the the media and her colleagues will pat her on the head.

This is not unlike the novel To Kill A Mockingbird still being force-fed down Southern children’s throats in high school English class. It was written by a Southerner hoping to win the favor of the Ivy League powers-that-be.

Granted, Sullivan’s actually from Illinois and went to school in Michigan, so perhaps the better criticism is that she’s an outsider herself infiltrating a Southern establishment to uproot its identity. Still, in moving here—putting aside any arguments over whether north Virginia is still part of the South—she has taken a certain implicit moral responsibility to assimilate, which is true for any region in the world. No one likes an angsty immigrant.

Of course I’m not suggesting that Southerners should never criticize our own, but neither should they go out of their way to crucify the South merely to appease their white guilt or to gain social points with establishments like the Pulitzer Prize that are prestigious just because we are told they are important without any kind of citation to why these prizes and accolades are so valuable.

What traitors to the nation like Harper Lee or the authorities today in Oxford, Mississippi never realize is that the Yankees will never truly accept them. The only way for a Southerner to be accepted by the outsiders is to move away to somewhere like Manhattan and contrive a victim status. Today that involves becoming a homosexual and telling blatant lies like, “I would have never had survived if I had stayed in the South.”

The North and West will always hate us. I’ve quit caring about outsiders’ opinions. Southerners going their own way.


But fighting against the legacy she has been entrusted with isn’t the main reason Sullivan should be fired. Sullivan should be fired because she is completely incompetent at her job. She punished innocent men without evidence or trial and refused to remove the punishment once they were shown to be innocent. If that’s what leftists mean by human rights, then I don’t want my rights.

Sullivan allowed these innocent men to be terrorized by activists who are literally fascists in their actions. Bricks through a window could have easily killed someone. As far as I have been able to discern, there has been little to no investigation by the university into who committed this highly illegal action. The cops have been equally worthless. HotAir wrote,

Oddly enough, cops haven’t made any arrests for the window-breaking even though a Times reporter apparently had no trouble tracking down the ringleader, who admitted his role in it on the condition that the paper not reveal his name. […] Asked whether he felt at all bad about attacking the wrong fraternity, he showed no remorse and justified the attack on the broader woes of “social injustice.”

Had there been any other issue at hand other than college rape, or had this been any other work environment than a university, Sullivan would have been fired months ago. I’m going to give my vote for equality and say Sullivan should be making french fries and living on food stamps. That’s true social justice.

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124 thoughts on “How UVA President Teresa Sullivan Sold Out The Heritage Of Virginia”

  1. I visited UVA with one of my kids last summer. The main quad and Jeffersonian architecture is absolutely stunning.
    The people and atmosphere, on the other hand, was stifling. It was as obnoxiously PC as any northeastern liberal arts school.

    1. I like to open carry on the blatantly leftist campuses in Ohio. On the public sidewalk. It’s fun! Screw their PC.

      1. Carefull there the marxist serfs don’t want to see a male with the means to protect himself

        1. Oddly I don’t give a shit about them. Weird, Inorite?

        1. Nope. I’m starting to see more open carriers as time passes as well.

        1. Public sidewalk is public sidewalk, and campuses only ban *concealed* carry. Open carry, they’re shit out of luck, at least if you’re not in the buildings. Little known fact.

        1. To be fair, mostly I get no challenge nor even snide looks. I have to hit German Village or the Short North (both high gay density areas) to start getting the open sneers.
          Last gun rally we had on the Statehouse sidewalk had a huge amount of OSU students show up with a sidearm on their hip. There is actually hope.

      1. I do find ways to appreciate it when I’m in it though. For instance, I can always drink more and not feel it the next day in the humid South than I can in deserty So.Cal.
        Until you’ve had a hangover in a dry climate, you’ve not fully experienced it.

        1. Or at altitude, every time I work around the Rockies and get drunk the hangovers are the worst, I suppose it has something to do with the thinner air and less oxygen but whatever it is it blows

        2. It’s all about hydration. Thinner air = easier to get dehydrated, same as a desert. Now, high desert, like northern Arizona and some of New Mexico, is probably the worst.

        3. Yea I just try to match however much beer I drink with water and it usually ends up alright when I stick to it

        4. Fuck but if this isn’t the truth. Elevation matters, which you don’t realize until you’re cruising in the Rockies. Feels cool and nice, but you sunburn in 2.5 minutes. And drunks are easy, recovery isn’t. But still, I’ll take it.

      2. Yeah, that sucks. Found that in Texas too. Love the people in the South and southwest, but the temps leave something to be desired.

      1. when will he return his Olympic medal for running in a man’s race?

      1. NEW! IMPROVED! A Sue-To-Lose-Weight Program! Tired of eating a carrot a day and not losing any? No problem! Just call us and we’ll find something to sue your land whale ass off. A year of legal hell can help you drop 25 pounds easy! Call now at 800-LEGA-SUCKA and watch that lard slide off along with your money!

  2. Enough with the “Northerners are all socialists” boo-hoo-ing. The Solid South spent sixty years voting for every “progressive” president the Democratic party put on offer, when it benefited them, to the detriment of conservatism until the party finally turned against them for political gain. The only states that voted against FDR’s reelction in ’36 were Wisconsin, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. When you weren’t paying the income taxes (before WWII) you were more than happy to receive the benefits.
    Yes, the South still has some shadow of conservatism remaining, and yes it was always more conservative in its institutions than the Northern culture of Puritans and Quakers. But the idea that UVA is or has been conservative for the last 50 years in anything beyond its architecture, is ridiculous. Why would such a great institution have such a person in charge anyway?
    Face it, the radical revolution has already infected your Southland. Compare and contrast if you will, the dress and behavior of sorority girls at any Southern school today v. in 1950. Then there was a genuine attempt to promote ladylike behavior, today its just a dress-up, make-believe fantasy farce. They’re just as whorish as any of their northern counterparts, they just put on a none too convincing show of innocence.

    1. “They’re just as whorish as any of their northern counterparts”
      Almost as whorish, not “just as”.
      I’m well aware of the tv show Party Down South. In fact, my high school was famous for its sluts (in part because it had alliteration with the school name). I wrote a little about it here:
      But we are a bit more resistant to cultural progressivism, at least in pockets. I think one reason I am more optimistic about marriage than most of the people here is because I’ve known several chaste traditional-ish girls. It is my understanding that this is not the case in most of the English-speaking world.

      1. I have known a very small number of girls who got married as ostensibly virgins. Perhaps there is some of this in pockets of northern states too. I wouldn’t know so I have no anecdotal data to compare. Other than on personal experience girls from up north and larger urban areas are generally much looser.

        1. North as in “north east” yes. North as in “north west, but not the Left coast” no. A “loose” girl in Idaho or Montana will stand in front of her father’s shotgun to keep him from shooting you lest you touch his daughter. Meanwhile you can’t get to third base with her.

        2. I figured it went without saying which areas in the north I was referring. Yes, north eastern urban centers as well as northwestern coastal cities and pretty much the entire state of Californication.
          But really I don’t have much confidence in the general population in this entire country to actually have true conservative values. Plus what is considered conservative today would get you laughed at and mocked in conservative circles of just 30-40 yrs past. Today’s conservative is yesterday’s liberal commie bleeding heart.
          Fuck this gay ass country and every faggot piece of shit that works to keep it goin.
          It’s been a slow agonizing race to the absolute bottom and it appears there is further yet to go.
          So many sins to answer for america. The clock is ticking.

        3. The one where reality exists. Been out West recently?
          Sure there are sluts. But it’s not like NYC or the east coast levels. That’s all I’m saying.

        4. I was born and raised on the Plains, with family going back generations as farmers/ranchers. The world you describe I see as a less onerous, less absurd form of what exists on the coasts. Same disease, varying stages of infection.
          Talk to the younger men. Their eyes see things your own eyes may not.

    2. I’m born and raised in the south and this account is sad but true. At this point all pretensions of conservatism are just window dressing and political bandwagoning. The cultural rot has been at work in this country since the turn of the 20th century if not earlier. The south has been a bit slower perhaps but not enough to matter in my eyes.
      The women of the south are of the same whorish stock you find in the north it is just they are prettier down here as a whole so I think that we are less likely to be as critical… many white knights of course.
      A solid culture it may have once had. Now just a rotten moldy piece of wood where once a proud southerner’s home stood.

      1. The ‘white guilt’ in the South is suffocating. It’s like y’all can’t apologize fast enough if you accidentally don’t drop to your knees and suck off a black man. I really don’t get it. Nothing against blacks, this is an observation about Southern whites.
        Prettier girls in the South? Hmmm…. Compared to what? Not saying there aren’t pretty ones, but by and large the prettiest are in the midwest and the Old West, especially the Dakotas and Wyoming/Montana where the Norse blonde haired blue eyed willowy girl is out in force. The midwest has Amish girls who, if you get past Leftist indoctrination about inbreeding, are gorgeous most of the time. My son is dating the daughter of a former Amish woman (who married a former Amish man) and she is model quality drop dead gorgeous AND traditional. Waits on him hand and foot.

        1. The West? You mean the leading wedge of the “women’s rights” suffragette success?” The first states to break down the historical legal differences between men and women and thereafter to extend the vote to women? No, too many rough Western men, stupidly decide to raise their daughters as rough and tumble “cowgirls” rather than as future farmer’s wives. Very unfeminine.
          By contrast, the Amish/Mennonites may be the last redoubt of “Christian” femininity. Even the average looking ones look terribly pretty in a decent, lady-like, home-spun sort of way.

        2. That’s their propaganda. I agree they should not have given up the ghost on suffrage, but otherwise they’ve held fast to traditional roles.
          A cowgirl is FAR more feminine than a tatted up, shaved headed, pierced eastern girl, chief.
          Agree on Amish, as noted prior.

        3. “A cowgirl is FAR more feminine than a tatted up, shaved headed, pierced eastern girl, chief.”
          Thinnest kid at fat camp.

        4. LOL didn’t know there was such thing as “former Amish”. Rumspringa gone wild?
          As for the south having pretty women, I think this was mostly in the past due to the high level of class and dress and mannerisms that southern women were taught. They were taught to be feminine, but still it was a unique southern style of feminism. It wasn’t high heels and a skirt, but a big dress with gloves and a hat. Manners, customs, and tradition were important. But that has all gone out the window now. You can see it if you walk through a hall of a southern university and look at pictures of the girls from the 60s and 70s. Gradually it declines and the girls from today look like the undeveloped clueless party girls that college leaves them.
          I will say that southern girls *when thin* can be extremely attractive, but the south has one of the higher obesity rates in the nation. I prefer the ethnicity of girls from the upper west.
          Your son is lucky to meet an attractive, traditional woman. My dilemma, if I met one, would be to sacrifice some happiness and settle down, only because the odds are it will be extremely difficult to find another attractive traditional woman in my country, or to go my own way until my late 30s or so.

        5. Actually, the first suffrage states were the Mormons who have so many women that they decided to use their numbers to electoral advantage.

        6. Hardly.
          Most men are here because they despise feminism and anti-male laws and culture. Some are here because they simply despise women. I think I see which camp you fall in.

        7. Yes, after Rumspringa they have a choice to make, to return to the veldt or to stop being Amish.
          Agree on the South, and your dilemma. I hold no illusions though that if they break up she’ll eventually turn into what most women are, unless she really is that different.

        8. Petty. Very petty.
          The process of masculinizing young women by raising them in the form of young men in endemic in our society. It isn’t any different if it’s in a rural setting, versus an urban/suburban one.
          If you raise a young woman like a young man, she will loose a considerable amount of attraction (notwithstanding her looks and figure) to young men. It also raises the anticipated level of masculinity they expect in a prospective mate. None of this was deemed desirable past. We used to understand that and likewise raised young women as young ladies.
          I don’t support feminism-lite.

    3. Ok, but how does that refute the fact that the northern east coast IS all socialist, except for New Hampshire? Argumentum tu quoque is a logical fallacy after all.
      We have some New England types starting to trickle into central Ohio, mostly from NJ, Massachusetts and NY based on license plates I’m seeing. They bring their east coast authoritarianism with them, and get soundly told to shut up or get the hell away whenever they start honking on about “we need a law!”. Folks around these parts don’t cotton to such nonsense. As far as I’m concerned they’re the east coast version of Californians, invading free states and trying to change shit. They can get their arse back home and not pass GO and not collect $200 for all I care. An opinion shared by most central/north central Buckeyes.

      1. Of course the Northeast is socialist/humanist/progressive. Now. Every part of the country is, to one degree or another. Yes the disease is more advanced in the NE and West Coast, but does that really matter? Just project forward a few years and what prevails there, will have become a part of “traditional conservatism” everywhere else.
        My objection was to the framing of the argument as a sectional one, a mere continuance of past disputes, (which seems to be the go-to, lazy, reflexive answer from Southerners whenever liberalism pops up below the Mason-Dixon), rather than the expression of a problem which can be found among native populations across the Western world. In other words, it isn’t invading Yankees ruining everything. The Southern people themselves have come to accept Leftist ideas and have incorporated them into their “traditions.” Divorce laws in the South are little better than those elsewhere, and might be said simply to reflect where states like Massachusetts were, several years ago.
        Nor as a historical matter, was conservatism confined to the South. Remember the case that opened up Brennan’s “right to privacy” panacea, was Griswold v. Connecticut. The state of Connecticut, in 1965, was defending a law outlawing contraception sales even to married couples. For years, New York had some of the most restrictive divorce laws in the country.
        Framing the issue in terms of Abe Lincoln v. Jeff Davis, as many southerners seem apt to do, oversimplifies sectional differences, ignores the roots of the Left and paralyzes the South from the introspection necessary to purge its own culture and institutions of Leftist practices, freezing it in a state of complacency, because it’s just the Damn Yankees who are to blame.
        Having spent a few years in Northern Ohio myself, I can relate. Yes, people who come into the Midwest and South from the NE and WC, will tend to bring their horrible beliefs/politics with them. Agreed. But that doesn’t account for the state of affairs that presently exists throughout the entirety of the “red states.” And as a historical footnote, recall that Northern Ohio (i.e. the (CT’s) Western Reserve/ the Firelands) was settled by New Englanders and Central Ohio was largely settled along the Old National Road (Hwy. 40) by Pennsylvania Quakers/German Pietists. (While Southern Ohio was settled by Virginians, particularly in the Old VA Military District along the Miami and Scioto rivers)

      2. We get that same shit down in VA. People retiring and moving down here trying to bring “their ways” – as if we need to fix everything to suit their needs.
        Welcome to Virginia, bitches….now get in line and play nice. I don’t think too many of them have adjusted to the open carry (or conceal carry) laws, though.

        1. Fuck’em, I say. Any time you hear them start to honk (the NE accent sounds like somebody buggering a goose to me, heh), challenge them openly. They only “win” because they assume an unchallenged smug superiority. Screw that.

  3. Phi Kappa Psi will be coming for her, the school, and the rest of the school administration at some point.

  4. Holy shit do these women in power lack self control. To a T everyone of them is morbidly obese. They are disgusting to look at.

    1. Why do you think they’re feminists? Because they are vile, disgusting land whales that no man, even the most desperate omega, would nail with Roosh’s dick and Quintus pushing…..

  5. I have no love for frats (my buddies and I used to steal all the remote controls at frat parties and smash them out front) and there are plenty of reasons to hate frats, but what these idiot administrators are doing is ridiculous. Then again, most of the way a modern college is ran is ridiculous. Our higher education system is so messed up.

  6. Being from the West, it seems to me like a simple case of hyperactive militant feminists and their enablers going apeshit, rather than an anti-Southern conspiracy.

    1. Maybe a little of both. I’m from lower alabama and its funny cause I meet people all over America while I travel for work and the views on the south make me think it’s 1865 and I’m in a grey uniform

      1. I think for people who have never lived in the North or the South this mutual dislike can be pretty baffling, considering that the war has been over for 150 years and that Reconstruction is a distant memory.
        Why don’t people out there just let it go? Do they get some kind of emotional validation from holding grudges over events that happened a long time ago?

        1. That sort of thing is hardly isolated to America. Look at Ireland. Two peoples, both Celtic in culture, both (mostly) Post-Christian non-religious in belief/practice and both effectively now ruled from Brussels (not Dublin or London). But they’re still fighting? Why? Habit and a crude sense of self-definition by not being “the other.”

        2. Yes, you have the same kind of thing between the Scots and the English as well.
          Habit is probably the best explanation.

    2. Yeah, bit of both actually. These people target specific things, it’s how they construct their propaganda. This fraternity is all upper/middle class white guys, who are in the South. The progressives cannot salivate enough for that kind of target. They will never run a story about Lambda Lambda Lambda (that was the black fraternity in Revenge of the Nerds, right), even if it was true (not saying it would be).

  7. UVa alumnus here (not so proud to admit that nowadays). Thanks for calling this woman out, Blair.
    Sullivan has received less scorn than she deserves in the wake of this Rolling Stone debacle. RS, Sabrina Rubin Erdely (the author), Jackie Coakley (the catfishing, bullshitting, delusional “victim”), and Emily Renda (the #rapeculture pimp) will soon be sued into penury, godwilling, and we’ll never hear anything from them again. But I’m afraid Sullivan will not only remain in her position, but continue to implement and enforce the restrictive, unlawful policies that she put in place behind the tide of outrage immediately following the article’s publication.
    Sullivan is the leader of a once-respected institution, founded by one of our nation’s greatest thinkers, and an alleged “scholar.” (She has a doctorate in Sociology…Lolz). Yet she uncritically bit on that piece of anti-white male rape bait hook, line, and sinker and, as Blair noted, threw the students in her charge–decent, INNOCENT men– under the bus and then backed over them. She used the predictable femtard outrage as cover to implement restrictive policies that do nothing except hinder the free association of people she dislikes, namely, the mostly white fraternity men who seem to think differently from her and her ilk. Fraternities were suspended from meeting, they now have severe restrictions on activities (no beer except in cans; mandatory classes on how not to rape women; zero-tolerance policy for non-PC statements). Now that the story has been exposed as a total hoax, she still keeps these policies in place and shows no signs of relenting. Nor does she intend to do anything about the ACTUAL criminals who destroyed private property as a means of intimidating other students.
    In short, she’s your typical, agenda-driven idiot leftist who besmirches the men–yes, the white, southern, proud MEN– of Virginia who served in her position before her. She doesn’t belong running an elementary school library, much less Mr. Jefferson’s university. And I’m afraid that too many people of authority will be too frightened to do anything about it.
    That said, Blair: I think this might be the wrong instance to bring Sectional hostility into the argument. I suspect any Southern-bred idiot feminist in Sullivan’s position would have done the same thing. And the same result would have happened if this hoax had been perpetrated at, say The University of Michigan or UCLA. This is feminism and liberalism all the way down. The Southern aspect, which Erdely admittedly found particularly interesting, isn’t really the salient point here. Now, had the alleged victim been black, it would have been a different story, though that story already played out with Duke Lacrosse.
    TL;DR–Sullivan’s an incompetent, ideological bitch. Beware, men, of sending your sons to schools run by people like her.

    1. Agree. The ‘southern angle’ really wasn’t a major element in this particular beatdown. The behavior of Sullivan and UVA has been the daily-bread of schools and colleges all over America, for decades. The Happy Hatefest is institutionalized across American culture, and the same gleeful evil is dished out everywhere.

  8. I’m not sure why the article criticizes To Kill a Mockingbird, a great novel which is actually very relevant to the story here–what we need is an Atticus Finch, a man of honor and integrity, to stand up against the lies and false claims made against the men of this fraternity and defend their honor in a court of law.

    1. It’s a good novel, however the time and culture it was written in was one where the south was being shamed for slavery. The underlying message is one of shame on the south.

      1. One way to look at it I suppose. It’s been a while since I read the book. The film, however, really focuses on the story of Atticus and his family, and is a positive message about honor, courage, and integrity.

      2. Funny how nobody noticed that the Yankees were just as racist as the Southerns if not more so before and after the War of 1861. Lincoln’s own home state even banned the blacks from even entering without official papers. One of the GOP’s biggest support groups was the Free (white) Labor who don’t want the blacks in the West because they are the competition that can depress the wages. Lincoln was very active in promoting both Jim Crow system and re-colonizing the blacks back in Africa.

    2. Atticus Finch has no place in this era.
      He couldn’t even achieve martyrdom, everyone would secretly rejoice or just ignore the death of a white man with standards.
      Become a mercenary or accept your lot in life.
      Hopefully someone will prove me wrong.

      1. No just secretly rejoice, the media would go on full frontal attack and dig up people from when he was in 2nd grade to tell us how he would smack girls on the butt or whatever and make him out to be a monster.
        EDIT: Nothing wrong with smacking girls on the butt, mind you, but to the SJW crowd it’s a cardinal sin.

        1. After the collapse when we use surplus women to turn the cranks on generators (their specialties in handling TPS reports won’t be so in demand then) we’ll use paddles instead of whips.
          Those who enjoy it will get… uh… promoted..

        2. +1000 upvotes.
          Problem is, most would enjoy it. It’s built in.

  9. or more famous party schools like Ohio State?
    Ohio University, not OSU.

      1. Nah. Ohio University. They don’t get to use the big boy THE yet. OU is a fantastic school in a beautiful setting that has more parties per square inch than any other school out there, most years. OSU can’t touch them on that front.

  10. She has written or cowritten six books and over 80 scholarly articles in sociology.
    Sounds to me like she should be sweeping floors somewhere

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  11. Sooo…. why doesn’t the frat turn around and hire a good lawyer to sue the shit out of this bitch? Since they have no qualms about spending their parents money to pay for friends you would think they’d at least be able to hire a lawyer to help them out.

      1. Good I hope they do, the only thing I hate more than frat boys who think they’re gods gift are old battle axes with jowels who have a personal vendetta against men. But hey, enemy of my enemy right?

        1. Yep. Ain’t nobody holding a gun to the heads of these fratboys, forcing them to attend Femfascist U.
          It was obvious twenty years ago that males had no business on what U.S. campuses already had become — encampments for the indoctrination of the ideo-politics of mass hatred. So while these boys were railroaded (for fun and profit!), my sympathy for them is limited. They stroll into the modern Colosseum and expect to guzzle beer and receive kisses from the lioness. Yo boys, it’s not 1962 anymore.

  12. Everytime I see a woman with a man’s haircut I always wonder how the conversation at the salon goes

    1. That face has stuffed in plenty of free meeting and committee lunches. She hasn’t paid for a meal in ages.

    1. Well…um…
      I had the best of intentions. I swear.

        1. The road to hell is paved with more than intentions. Not all intentions pave the road to hell.
          It’s important to know the difference.
          Should we know the road to heaven so well.

      1. Fear not,
        Jeff is of the greats of the modern world.
        Schools are fickle, Jeff’s legacy is intact.

      2. The road to hell is paved with more than intentions. Not all intentions pave the road to hell.
        It’s important to know the difference.
        Should we know the road to heaven so well.

  13. This pig is no stranger to controversy or incompetency. It seems she and another campus femme engaged in some kind of power struggle which resulted in her ouster.
    Unfortunately, the reliably useful idiots on campus petitioned for her to come back, and so it was:
    So brothers, even if this cow faced loser faced the shame she unjustly heaped upon the fraternity, she will most likely be brought back at some point by the indoctrinated dolts that pass for the students of UVA.

    1. Meh. Meanwhile a traditional Christian dean like OSU’s former Gordon Gee, who is happy and jokes a lot and is fun to be around, is suspended for making a harmless, non-offensive joke. The man raised, alone, literally millions of dollars for OSU. He was a highly competent administrator and fantastic ambassador for the university. Forced to resign and take a crap job at a second rate school. Even today he holds no grudge. Class act. He was Dean when I was a student as well. Walked the campus talking to kids openly, nearly every day, with no “administrative interpreters”. This bitch isn’t fit to *sell* him shoes, let alone fill them, and she stays.

        1. He light heartedly made fun of Catholics, in a state highly populated by Catholics and nearly everybody gave him a pass, including most Catholics.
          Or were you talking about the bitch?

  14. If men still want to study at Uva after all of this bullshit….then they are braver than i am.

  15. UVA was built by Jefferson, a slave owner. So it better fits the agenda driven narrative of feminists. Why don’t feminists target an historically black college for a rape story to rally their political base? Because feminists must maintain “unity of the oppressed” in order to achieve critical mass to have political power. If a white woman is gang banged by blacks, it only gets reported on page 11 of the local newspaper like a traffic accident, and feminists don’t want to comment on it.

  16. Once again, how the feminist agenda pushes past facts, laws, rules, courts, truth and the now gone American way

  17. There is a lot of talk about suing the university and other people involved but what just hit me is that are there lawyers willing to take such cases ? Think about it most of the judges are female/feminist or white knights i’m pretty sure the feminist have considerable sway in the various bar ethics committees so why would any lawyer who knows how the system works want to take these type of cases. These lawyers will probably win but then they most likely will have to watch their backs from the feminist and by extension their white knight orbiters scorned.
    Also the attorney fees that the falsely accused will have to pay to clear their name…..mamma mia.
    With all that is happening i hate to say it but the cultural maxists have won. If you are a heterosexual men regardless of colour and creed you should watch your back.

  18. Looks like Rolling Stone is about to get blown the fuck out. I hope these guys win the case against the school. Im no lawyer but I would think that if nothing else they can at least skewer Rolling Stone with a libel charge or something.

    1. Twice. Both the chapter house and the national organization were defamed. Although associated, they are separate legal entities, each with a case.
      What’s more, there is the non-profit charity organization that is operated by the national organization, but is itself a separate legal entity. If donations are affected, they too would have a case.
      Three times is the charm.
      Addendum: Just as a point of interest I’ll point out that the physical chapter house, the building and plot, is owned by the chapter house legal entity, a corporation formed for the purpose. It is not the property of the college. It sits across the street from the college.The college has no direct control over it and damage to it is not a college internal affair, but a criminal act against private property.

  19. I agree with most of this article. I take exception with modern country music however. It is horribly written, poorly sung, unimaginative, stale, and downright boring from the opening note to the last thankful beat. Give me Waylon, Willie and the boys any day of the week. Modern Nashville knows nothing about good music.

  20. Seeing scum like her succumb to obesity would be perfection; defeated by her own greed and lack of feminine control and rolled out on a stretcher unceremoniously. It’s what all fat pigs deserve for their disgusting lifestyle.

  21. I guess Harriet Beecher Stowe was just “hoping to win the favor of the Ivy League powers-that-be” and appease race-hustlers like Frederick Douglass.
    You can make the case that the South is no longer racist without denying that the South used to be racist. You can also criticize Teresa Sullivan leaving race (or “Southern Heritage,” as if black Southerners weren’t Southerners) out of it entirely.

  22. What Terry needs to do requires courage.
    You all lambaste her for not doing what is right.
    She has no courage. Reversing ground would mean confrontation in the faculty lounge and she has neither the stomach nor fortitude. Cowardice is a personal failing.

  23. The woman is totally incompetent, she, the UVA Pres jumped to conclusion’s over the whole saga. She did not even investigate any of the facts, as usual all men are guilty straight away and get thrown to the hungry media wolves, All women are innocent little angels with halo’s above their heads that do not fantasize and make up false fabricated stories of rape?

  24. What I’m seeing nowadays more and more is that people in power have divorced themselves from risk. If the central bankers make a big screw up, they just get a big bail out while the every day American suffers.
    In a big corporation if some of the businessmen at the top slack and can’t sell a big project? Eh, who cares we can just layoff a ton of the people at the bottom if we screw up while everyone in the Good ‘Ol Boy network keeps a job.
    Same thing here with this feminist. She can easily switch sides and say what feels good to the masses because there are simply no consequences either way. She can gain popular opinion with nothing to lose.
    People like this need to be hung out in the street in public display, that’s the only way this stuff will change. That’s why public executions were so effective. Parents would bring their kids and say “Look, little Johnny…that’s what will happen if you don’t do your job.”

  25. Born in the Rust Belt North. We moved to Chicago when I was very young. My elementary school years were in heavily Jewish neighborhoods. Got downwardly mobile later living in Uptown on the north side as a teenager and young man when it was “hillbilly heaven.” The southern Appalachian whites were my best friends. Generous to a fault and would never back down from a fight no matter what the odds. These people were looked down on even by other southerners, so enough with the pity party about us Yankees and you poor southerners. You have your own social stratification issues. I live in the cradle of the Confederacy now and in SC those that live in Greenville, Spartanburg, the Upstate of SC, are often the objects of scorn from folks in my part of the state. On other notes, I’ve mentioned many times young people here are almost as fucked up as the nose ringed tatooed flotsam and jetsam up north. Yes the massive influx of Yankees has turned NC and FL from red to purple. VA is now blue due to the massive overreach of the DC crowd. Lastly, yes the south has always been under appreciated. Some of the best in American food, music and culture was born down here. The food part is hanging in there but the rest of it is disappearing like just about everything else that is good in this country.

  26. Very few women stand up to the Sisterhood and if they do, it’s only for selfish reasons.

  27. I’m to old not to notice that women almost always drive everything into the ground with their endless dialogue BS.

  28. The phenomena of false rape has been going on for years..baywatch even made a show off of it in 91….mind you that was 24 YEARS AGO!
    Watch how Eddie the lifeguard’s life get’s F’d over by the 15 year old cunt psycho who accuses him of false rape.
    Come for the false rape, stay for the T and A 😀

  29. “I’m going to give my vote for equality and say Sullivan should be making french fries and living on food stamps. That’s true social justice.”
    America’s campus administrations and departments, courts, government offices, law firms, etc. are chock-full of Teresa Sullivans. And they love to beat down the Evil White Males, as long as they feel certain there will be no defense or response. Usually they isolate the little boys or man-targets prior to attack . . . perhaps in the UVA case the error was targeting an entire house full of the objects of their collectivist hate?
    I don’t vote, to say the least, but Sullivan and her many clone-minions need a couple decades in the mancages (no, not the country-club women’s ‘prisons’). Maybe that would help fatassed Teresa to empathize with the many male victims that she and her ssisterhood have left in the wake of their greed, lies, cowardice, and viciousness.
    After that, put them to work on agricultural farms, so that before they die and stand before their (very male) Creator, at least they will have accomplished something unselfish and productive. Instead of just preying on males.

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