Immigrants Are Now Occupying Private Property In Sweden

Gypsy migrants from Eastern Europe are coming to Sweden to beg for money on the streets. They set up camps on private property, and occupy houses they don’t own. But authorities are unable to do anything to stop them.

In the city of Malmö, a shantytown is developing with hundreds of gypsies living without running water or electricity. People are starting to grow tired of the situation, some who might even resort to the use of violence.

“Lawless” situation

The TV program Uppdrag granskning continues its exposé of the effects of immigration in Sweden. One recent show was about the so called “EU migrants,” a politically correct code word for Gypsy beggars.

These Romani people, coming from Bulgaria and Romania, have been a common sight on the streets of Sweden for the past few years. They make their living mostly from begging for money, which must be a lucrative business, since more of them are coming every year.

While panhandling is not a crime (yet), occupying other people’s property certainly is. And that’s what’s happening right now. Coming to Sweden dirt-poor, the gypsies set up camp in places where they have no permission to stay. Some live in caravans or abandoned buildings, others in tents or makeshift shelters.

They throw their trash in the woods, which is also where they defecate. Naturally, Swedes residing around the Gypsy encampments are not terribly happy about the situation.

One woman from a small Swedish town where gypsies have moved in, describes the situation as “lawless.” One man warns that it might get violent.

I can tell you that most of the people living around here are hunters. So there’s basically a weapon in every home. And you know what can happen when people are partying and getting each other riled up.

Occupied land


View of an occupied summer house.

Uppdrag granskning talks to the owner of a summer house which is being occupied by a group of eight EU migrants, both children and adults. They have now lived there for several months.

The owners have reported the illegal occupation of their cottage to the police. But the investigation was closed—since nothing has been stolen, i.e. taken from the property, it doesn’t count as a break-in.

For the police to remove the occupiers by force, the owners themselves are required to identify who the criminals are. Without identification, law enforcement won’t lift a finger to intervene.

Shantytown growing

A similar situation has occurred in the city of Malmö, where four hundred gypsies have created what some call a shantytown on private property. It looks like a big, messy trailer park.

The television reporters try to talk to the people living there, but are met by an angry crowd screaming at them to turn off the camera and leave. They seem to think that they are the landowners now.

When the reporters come back with a written permit to film, one of the residents comments on the situation.

We know that this is a private property, but what can we do? To stay where, in the middle of the street? Do you think that I like to stay here? No, I don’t.

In this case too, the authorities refuse to take action, saying that the four hundred immigrants must be identified before they can be evicted. And the landowner bears the responsibility of identifying them.

While it might sound surreal, this is actually how Swedish law operates. By not doing anything to stop the crimes taking place, police officers are following the law.


A shantytown developing in Malmö.

Leftists oppose the rule of law

On television, the subject of illegal occupations was debated. As could be expected, the leftists blame “society” for not taking better care of the illegal immigrants; “How can we let people live like this?”

According to the leftists speaking, the authorities should not evict the immigrants if they can’t provide a better option for them. What they’re basically saying is that the illegal occupiers should be rewarded for their crimes.

Leftists want law enforcement to be selective. They wouldn’t tolerate their own inner city apartments being occupied, but when these poor gypsies do it to someone else’s property, it’s perfectly fine and just.

If you don’t agree, and want everyone to be equal before the law, you’re obviously an evil racist. And if you don’t want tax money to be handed over to every immigrant that happen to cross the border, you’re a selfish, capitalist scumbag.


Get them out

There’s a simple answer to the question of what should be done about the illegal occupiers: Throw them out. Not necessarily out of the country, but they should certainly not be allowed to stay on other people’s property.

Being a Gypsy doesn’t mean you get a free pass to break the law. Being poor doesn’t give you any special rights either. If the authorities can’t punish criminals, or don’t want to do it out of fear of being labeled politically incorrect, then citizens should take matters into their own hands.

Swedes must take a stand at some point, otherwise the word will spread that we are pushovers who let immigrants do whatever they want without repercussions. We need to stop fearing being called “racist” or “xenophobic.” If we don’t, how much of this country will end up occupied by foreigners?

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      1. didn’t the vikings leave the norweigen countries and go fuck the rest of europe up? maybe all that was left behind were the pussies…

        1. The real viking descendants are in Iceland anyways. Scandinavia was always too close to the rest of Europe.

        2. Except for the ones that settled in Ireland and built Dublin. And those pesky Vikings that settled in north western France and got called Norse men and then Norman; you know, the ones that later invaded and took over England. And how about those that went due south and got called the Rus, settling all the way in Kiev. Yah, they never did anything but raid and bring stuff home.

      2. Indeed so. I dont see how burning down an asylum center risking prison time for arson is mangina though, wich was what my comment was about.

        1. Isn’t the burning being done by the foreign garbage folk themselves rather than Swedes?

        2. Most likely it is what people like to term “neo-nazis”.
          Nationalism is on the rise all over europe.

        3. Good for her. She has done one tiny thing right. But rather than worry about Saudi Arabia, maybe she should just stop the invasion of her own country. Stop airlifting in Muslims and bringing sharia to her own country.

        4. Well, it better start to rise faster. Europe needs to vomit their Jews first and foremost. The muzzy vermin needs to exterminated but if the Eternal Jew is allowed to remain they will start the trouble all over again. They are an ugly race inside and outside. They want to destroy that which reminds them of their hideous nature.

        5. One more asylum center set a flame last night/morning.
          We shall see what will happen here im not gonna try to make predictions just yet. Different forces at play here, rabid leftist populists, nationalists are making their voices heard more and even some journalists and politicians have sacrificed their careers lately by speaking their minds.

        1. more like she want to bring the feminism spirit to take the money of saudi arabia. unlikely to work though.

        1. that’s not courage, attacking multiculturalism is courage
          that woman should be criticized for advocating gender equality

      1. No. I think its a good thing. It will happen a lot more things like this by the way, it is inevitable and just a natural response to our politicians insane politics.

    1. Seems the only thing that is going to work is violence. The EU and European left have zero interest in the preservation of European identity and culture. They are simply a corrupt, criminal class of middle managers hell bent on following Zionist interests.

  1. I’m afraid Swedes are a lost people. They have been so brainwashed for the past 40 years, they have nooooo idea who they are anymore. Let’s hope a miracle is still possible to save them from total self genocide.

      1. You as well as those Swedes are a lost cause if you think a feminist can save them, just because she dared to say baaaaaad things about Saudi Arabia….Hahahaha. The very thought should be shameful for you.

    1. It’s been longer than 40 years. I was friends with an exchange student Finn in my high school who routinely mocked and made fun of Swedish men as being “gay”, usually due to their effeminate positions on government. He was a hard right wing type so perhaps that had something to do with it, but in the 1980’s it seemed a bit extreme. Who knew that 30+ years later he’d prove to be prescient?

        1. That’s actually hilarious, heh. Very creative people on teh interwebs.

        2. This vid certainly confirms my belief that the majority of these migrants are simply human debris who have no business in a civilized continent like Europe.
          I honestly feel like I am watching, day by day, the gradual death of my ancestral homelands and people.

  2. Even if they broke in that would still count as trespassing, right? Although from the sound of it trespassing is no longer a crime but a right in Sweden.
    This is going to end very badly for all involved.

    1. the equalist only cares for laws that serve compassion
      its like a mental illness

  3. They should be thrown out of the country because there is no reason for them to be there in the first place.

    1. The EU has really made things difficult. Since bulgaria and romania became part of the EU these gypsies have the “right” to be in our lands.

        1. They have the same rights as white Romanians and Bulgarians. So the only way to kick Roma out is to remove Romania and Bulgaria from the EU.
          Of course, they can’t even stop Muslim Somalis from coming into Europe.

  4. Sweden, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but word has already spread that you are pushovers who let immigrants do whatever they want without repercussions. I’m booking my own flight even now.

      1. Well you don’t have to be an actual African or even young. You can just say that you identify as black and age is just a number.

        1. Actually for about $200 you can get a fake Syrian passport and that buys you immediate asylum with full benefits. The fact that you are not Arabic nor are you able to speak any language native to Syria is neither here nor there as far as the EU authorities are concerned. there just isn’t time to vet all the (80 to 90%) young male refugees fleeing war torn Syria.

  5. If I came across a summer house I owned and found illegals, Id walk them out and line them up and kill every last one of them. Women, children, whoever.

  6. Right, you all know what the problem is
    what do you plan on doing about it?

  7. How does a ne’er do well American like myself black knight in this situation? No reason to leave the pillaging of the European corpse to dark skinned savages.

      1. Dude consider the context most non Scandinavians are dark skin compared to Scandinavians

      2. REAL Arabs are… Bedouins from the South Arabian Peninsula. 90 percent of the “Arab World” are actually conquered Berbers, Egyptians, and Levantines that were forced to convert to Islam, speak Arabic, and take Arabic names. They vary from brown to off-white.

        1. True that. Remember that the real Aryans were the Persians; closely interrelated with the Arabs.

  8. The word “will” spread?
    Why do you think there’s a problem in the first place?
    “Victims” get a pass for everything, be it a nigger-pass, pussy-pass, muslim-pass, gay-pass, etc.
    The worst possible thing to be now is a white straight male.
    And if you’re a christian…

      1. Christian, brown, straight male checking in….. almost the scum of the earth. Atleast they cant call me as big a racist as white person.

        1. I have worst :
          white Christian catholic male and French Canadian…
          I was at Roosh’s conference and have to live with the crazies you saw..
          I win.. heu lose…

    1. The n bomb makes you look like the ignorant hateful hick we are always accused of being. Otherwise I agree.

      1. I’m biracial so (ironically?) I get a pass
        There’s also larger theme at play here which is the following: being held to lower standards has to be the most de-humanizing practice that exists, just YouTube “black debate” for an example

        1. To be fair, white Harvard kids participating in a “speed-read as many half-truths as possible for points…” liberal-style “debate” are just as sad to watch.

        2. I saw that and it was one the most ridiculous things I’ve seen. If a white debate team did anything remotely similar they would be laughed off stage.

      2. We’re not children, enough of the “n-bomb”, “n-word” and other assorted bull-s-word. See how stupid that looks, when grown men start talking like 4 year olds?
        We may not like the word(s) sometimes, but that doesn’t mean that we must infantalize ourselves because of the SJW prohibition on using racial epithets.
        It’s not n-bomb or n-word, it’s “nigger”. And who gives a flying fuck who “accuses” us of anything? They accuse us when we sit silently in compliance, so worrying about their accusations is pointless.

        1. still, there’s no need to hate other races
          save it for the equalists

        2. I’m not advocating hatred nor automatic-love. I’m stating that we should not talk like 4 year old children. We are adult men, we should not entertain infantilizing conversations with “letter-word” goo goo talk.

        3. Absolutely. I’m not advocating being an idiot douchebag running around throwing out racial insults like your standard KKK member. Rather, I simply don’t use -word type speaking. If it comes to a point where the word “nigger” or “kike” or anything else comes up and the use is necessary (which is so infrequently as to be statistically insignificant) then I use it as part of the discussion (not as something I call somebody).
          I’ve actually used the word once when talking to my (very nice) black neighbor, in a discussion we were having about inner city kids and their thug culture. He stated something to the effect of “These kids act like the worst people think when they say nigger”. I gave him a straight up “Very true. The problem is if nobody tells them to stop acting like that nigger stereotype, who are they to learn it from”? Just matter of fact, no special inflection, just like we’re talking about now. He gave me…I wouldn’t say an odd look…but it was clear he hasn’t heard big pasty white men like me say that word around him. We moved to a different topic and neither of us was the worse for wear.
          Beats the hell out of talking like a 2 year old.

        4. I don’t really care about offending people but it does kind of make you sound like your ignorant and uneducated.

        5. And I really don’t care about your perceptions. Get it? I don’t give a shit. I have degrees and a job experience list in professional positions that would make your head spin. Saying “ignorant and uneducated” means, to me “You don’t agree with my agitiprop, comrade, you need re-educated”.

        6. Fine can’t take any criticism without blowing out your sphincter… I’m just suggesting that your otherwise sound ideas might be passed over by those who aren’t affiliated with stormfront.

        7. Yes yes, stormfront, of course, expected. Anger accusations, yes, naturally. Don’t speak like an adult, revert to 4 year old levels of talking, I get it, thanks.
          Ok, I guess we’re done, unless you have any more ad hominem to lob perchance?

        8. Yeah I have a friend who ultra-sensitive to that word. He was ready to beat someone’s ass because they said “negro” (he thought they said “nigger”). I am less sensitive, mainly because growing up people called me “nigger” all the time and not in a nice way. I got used to giving them a middle-finger and carrying on. Or some cases, I just couldn’t hear it anymore.

        9. Funny how your friend is so hyper sensitive and unconfident about his race… no one could say any word about my race that would inflame me. It proves that many blacks know in their heart of hearts the truth, otherwise why would they get so angry over a word/s.

        1. That was Baltimore city councilman Carl Stokes defending Mayor Stephanie Rawlings’ decision to allow protesters “space to destroy” the city, and the early #BlackCrimesMatter movement arguing that it’s not fair to call mobs of violent chimps burning down stores, looting shoe and liquor stores, and violently attacking random white people on the street “thugs.”
          They wus gudboys who didnu nuffin because they needed moh money for dem programs. His argument was it be rayciss because they all just happen to be black, so them rayciss cracka-folk are basically just using “thug” as codeword for “dem uppity negros…”

        2. Whites have to wait for a Super Bowl or World Cup game. We also have to cut it short, because police are given the OK to use tear gas grenades and baton rounds within a half-an-hour of any drunken crowd of white people who start tearing shit up being designated an actual riot. Which is good… we need to be encouraged to loot quickly. Most of us have work the next morning.
          Negro riots are allowed to continue for weeks to months. That’s called “White Privilege.”

        3. We had a bunch of them a few years back in London. The police usually step back and let them destroy your property until they get bored.

        4. I think its just the opposite. Riots in black areas can continue because nobody gives a shit about black areas. Now nice clean white areas on the other hand. Nobody’s going to tolerate a riot there no matter who’s doing it.

        5. A fair observation. Though those black areas over here tend to be heavy Democrat controlled as well, often with a black-majority police force and a black-majority local government.
          They tolerated their own riots. The whites who keep cleaning up the messes and paying the tab for it seem to care more about black lives than the blacks in those cities do.
          Seattle is a pretty clean, white area… they’re still bowing down to #BlackCrimesMatter groups. Poor Bernie… the king of cucks and still they hate him for it.

        6. The poor barely pay taxes at all in the U.S. You don’t even pay sales tax when using food stamps.
          Anyone on Government assistance has an effective negative tax rate. The working poor pay a low single-digit effective tax rate at absolute best, and usually not even that.

          So, yes… I’d imagine in most cases it’s whites that pay the majority of taxes in these areas, and are the ones that pay to rebuild what has been burned down; the disaster funds for those millions in damages are funneled in from the taxes of large business owners and the state coffers.

        7. Poor is not synonymous with black. Washington DC is majority black with wealthy blacks paying city taxes. Working class blacks in DC pay city taxes. In terms of rebuilding , there are still buildings from the sixties riots that haven’t been rebuilt yet.

    2. ….be it a nigger-pass….
      I’m not so sure about this one. Don’t think that’s such a big advantage. Jew-pass would be more appropriate.

      1. Dindunuffin-americans are the liberal’s pets. They are simply unable to do wrong in the eyes of a lib or the Jews that control the media.
        We regularly and in great numbers ignore violent crimes committed by gudboys because they dindu nuffin. Obama has even called for schools to even stop punishing them for their troublemaking because “dem white folk ain’t being punished as often so dat rayciss.”
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        Elevated rights in a society is a privileged class.

        1. The nigger-pass doesn’t let you skip the lines. The jew-pass, pussy-pass and gay-pass do. You can’t compare them.
          I’d rather have one of the VIP passes than one of the ghetto passes.

        2. >The nigger-pass doesn’t let you skip the lines.
          Depends what line you’re trying to skip.

          Between affirmative action, “positive discrimination,” and a liberal government that refuses to ever speak poorly about their gudboys who dindu nuffin… blacks may not have the Diamond Pass of the Jews, or the Gold Card of an (attractive) woman… but they’ve got many privileges granted to them.
          Some sandnigger bashes a radio shack clock with a rock and throws it in a pencil case, he’s heralded as a genius by the “progressives” and showered with cash and prizes.
          You can argue the Jews have it better, or that (attractive) women have zero accountability in their lives, but you can’t deny a pass is still given.
          Just being able to blame all of your failures as a person and as a community on others is a pass. “White privilege” is the ability to walk into a store in a poor city and not have the owner get nervous. Of course, that privilege was earned… because whites don’t have a miles-long track record of trying to rob the shop’s owner, or loot the place then set it on fire for “muh jusdiss.”

      1. So if white men are the only non victims then by default we must be the victimizers.
        If we became victims then everyone would be a victim and that would ruin it for everyone.

    3. The thing is it’s STILL better being white. And not because of some patriarchy bullshit. No, we know who built this world and we know all the others who are destroying it.

  9. Sweden has gone from being the model to the laughingstock. Especially the men.
    If that is the proper word for them.

  10. I hope sweden gets taken over. The more feminist countries get their ass kicked, the more everyone else will tighten up.

  11. “As could be expected, the leftists blame ‘society’ for not taking better care of the illegal immigrants; ‘How can we let people live like this?’”
    How about the Leftists welcome the migrants into their own residence with their spouse and children. Do that that first before telling others to do it.

    1. An entire intact refugee family remaining cohesive as a family unit even though they’re on the street? That always amazes me. Americunts and Eurocunts ditch their spouses over a whim or less. I wonder how the feminized Anglicunts would fare as homeless refugees anywhere. They have homes and still they have the itch to play weakest link and break the family unit, or they have itchy fingers and the shit brain to dial over the man exterminators. The homeless refugees have passed an important milestone just by remaining as intact families. See how many western femcunts stick around for better or worse. They wait ’till the ‘better’ arrives when the man reaches his maximum earning potential, then they CASH IN. But if things go for the worse, they never make it to the street like the refugees. The femcunts desert the nest at the drop of a hat so they can resume fucking the town, squeezing vinegar out of their rapidly diminishing smv. KEEP IT CRACKIN’ YOUNG AND VIRGIN. Young virgin spouses learn the correct pattern behavior and can’t be broken away from their nest. They’d stick around for even the lowest of lows, however ‘worse’ it gets. The simple sandies that find themselves as homeless refugees did one thing right. They took their wives YOUNG and FRESH.

      1. Women are women. They all exhibit some common characteristics. These few refugee women are in dire straits and struggle to their next meal. They know they would not survive out there on their own without a man for protection and resources.
        Make no mistake about it. If a more wealthy man came along and finds her appealing, she would disappear like a fart in the wind. Hypergamy is in their nature.

        1. Wealthy men trolling the alleys? IDK. Hard up Swedish betas might fall for a Gypsy’s honey trap though. Giving rides and lending money. Then she’ll go back to her extended fam and order pizza. Gypsies are nomadic when they have to be. It’s strange but Gypsies often have Jewish sounding last names like Greenberg. A lot of what they do like wandering and running a business or peddaling out of their trunk they claim is in their blood. If it were ever possible I don’t know, but I’d take a Gypsy president over Hillary. A GYPSY president lolol

  12. Gypsies will be the least of Sweden’s problems soon. The hoards of Muslims and Africans swarming into Sweden and Europe as a whole are threatening the continent at every level, from ethnicity to economy.
    At the very least Gypsies have no interest in power, they care more about stimulants (drugs and alcohol) and general mischief making.
    Africans care only about violence and stealing. Muslims are about dominance and submission of “infidels”. Not to mention whining about their feelings and how whites aren’t generous enough with the welfare.

    1. Remember they’re not all doing it so it’s inappropriate to generalize it by ethnicity

        1. No are all whites sjws? No
          Do all blacks steal? No
          Do all Asians commit killing sprees? No
          Generalizations don’t work, remember don’t be a Demokkkrat!

    2. Disagree. Muslims are models of integration compared to gypsies.
      I lived in two European cities with sizable Moslem populations. Was mugged four times – each time by gypsies.

      1. Gypsies are really annoying but are not a threat on a larger scale. Africans just do drugs and prostitution, but are in general peaceful and it’s possible to integrate them into society. Muslims are the real threat, that is for sure.

    1. Please, tell me what’s the original site where you found this image.. there are other images just like that parodying Sweden and all of its faggotry that just make my day..

  13. The effeminate Swedish men need to grow a backbone, and grow a backbone fast. This is what happens to a country when all of the men turn into SIMPS, and try to please women, who are just using them

  14. Good one. Just bring in a bunch of gypsies. That’s how you build a great country. Good work. Smart.

  15. All the guys in the first pic look like Roosh. They should read BANG and learn how to game Swedish chicks then they wouldn’t need to squat, they could just move in with their new Swedish girlfriends and create happy families.
    The only politician standing up to Saudi Arabia and Islamic Fundamentalism is this Swedish Feminist. Will the Manosphere back her?

        1. Only exception to the rule means nothing, because feminist belong to the left-camp they cannot throw eggs at the people supposedly on their side (in the their own mind)

  16. The Romani are poor, yes, but they are Europeans (and usually Christians). They have been in every other part of Europe for centuries (including Britain, Germany, and Spain).
    I thought would be more worried about the new Muslim immigrants flooding into Sweden.

      1. They have been in Europe for 700 years, which makes them natives. Plus, most have names that are Romanian and Yugoslav, rather than Indian.
        The Roma are certainly more native to Europe than whites are to the US, Canada, or Australia, who have been there just 150-250 years..
        You need to learn a bit about a topic before you comment on it.

        1. “The Roma are certainly more native to Europe than whites are to the US, Canada, or Australia, who have been there just 150-250 years..”
          Actually that is totally false, the first humans to set foot on the north american continent were whites, the oldest skulls found in north american soil are caucasoid skulls.
          During cold periods the passage between what is now Alaska and Russia freezes over allowing for passage to the America’s, later down the line Asian migrants also crossed the passage and spread into the America’s and interbred with the white populate creating the caucasoin/mongoloid hybrid we know as the Indians or Native Americans.
          Yet the oldest skulls there, and caucasoid skulls.

        2. Actually that is totally false, the first humans to set foot on the north american continent were whites, the oldest skulls found in north american soil are caucasoid skulls.
          Well, outside of a small fringe, no one thinks that, including most White Nationalists.

        3. Far from a small fringe. There is mounting support in the debate that the east coast of North America was settled from Europe in the ice age as the hunters of walruses and such migrated across the ice shelf in skin boats. The DNA doesn’t lie. Why did the east coast Indians mostly just disappear? Because they melted back into the more general European gene pool without too much of a ripple.

        4. They didn’t disappear. The Vikings could not sustain Vinland even in 1000 AD, much later.
          Plus, white people only evolved 15,000 years ago, so they could not have come across the Bering Strait. There are no archaeological artifacts of your theory across Newfoundland, Greenland, etc.

  17. Sweden didn’t suffer at all during WW2 (nowhere near as much as Norway, Finland, and Denmark). So they have had it easy for too long, and thus it is inevitable that they would become this stupid.
    This is karmic, given how they got off so lightly in WW2 (which was almost a miracle).

    1. They may not have been an ally of Germany, but they were the closest thing to it while keeping their skirts clean. They supplied all the steel to keep Germany in the fight. Why do you think they weren’t invaded along with Norway? Norway by the way was only invaded to ensure that the Swedish ore could be shipped through Narvik, Norway. Some kind of neutral country huh?

  18. A girl In my dorm when I was studying as an ERASMUS student recently moved to Sweden from Moscow. Not only does she think it was a bad decision, she tells me how backwards their society is. The girl is studying for a masters degree and is piling up debt because she can’t afford to live there, meanwhile immigrants are getting a free ride. She told me a story of how a new friend of hers complained about Her boyfriend. Being the “alpha” in the relationship the girls boyfriend couldn’t lift a picture onto a wall mount and she was upset about this. The Russian girl (Ukrainian) told her “you asked for this”. LOL burn, even a female who lectured to me about patriarchy in Russia justified how completely fucked swedish society is. She said guys are surprised when she walks through a door that they open. Literally said “they’re no men in this country, women are men, women lead not the men. She said its a common occurrence to receive income for going to the police after having sex with a man “false rape claims”. Apparently victims of rape get monetary benefit for fucking guys over and it’s a common occursnce. I had to break the news to her that’s it’s not any better In Canada as she expressed a desire to move here. Literally had this conversation yesterday.

  19. I live in SoCal. Instead of shantytowns illegal immigrants here get section 8 vouchers to live in newly constructed apartment buildings. Within 5 years these places become run down, gang infested, graffiti ridden urban blights.
    Not uncommon here to see a 25 year old woman with 4 children and a 5th in her womb eating fast food while talking on her free smartphone. There is a permanent and exponentially growing underclass living here.
    Luckily my small home here has appreciated enough in value that I am selling it for a substantial profit and getting the hell out of this cesspool.

  20. Remember that when the government decides than an immigrant group from an alien culture has more rights and a special legal status above local white males, then local white women, being hypergamous, go for the immigrants. Since the immigrants are ‘made men’ of the government and local whites are not, women quickly sell out.
    We see this where white women :
    1) Get with Mexicans in California and Texas.
    2) Get with Pakistanis and Jamaicans in Britain
    3) Get with Moroccons, Algerians, and Congolese in France.
    4) Get with Turks and Indians in Germany.
    The Swedish sluts feel left out, so are trying to make up for lost time. Remember, these are the same sluts who falsely accused Julian assange of rage.

    1. Only the ugly low life bitches fornicate with Turks in Germany. That’s perfectly fine with me.

      1. It may be true, but the offspring of these unions contaminates German genetics, which was already severely depleted by WWII.

  21. Nice, so anyone can afford a summer home in sweden, excellent, I’m packing my bags!

    1. Better get a nice deep tan first, if you look anything like the Jims I know, you’ll be out sooner than you can say smörgåsbord.

      1. Your probably right, anyone too white pulls this stunt, and all of a sudden the police care.

  22. Swedish authorities would love for violence to happen. Then they would go on and on about it for the next decades, justifying every single draconian measure from it. All the lefties would hold annual candle light ceremonies, whining and crying to end racism once and for all, parties would be forbidden, websites raided, statues erected… Remember Korvhuslän, never again!! ;-( You get the picture.
    The problem is the feminists and the left have infiltrated basically all of Sweden. Universities, media, even male dominated professional groups, they’re all feminist and pro Swedish genocide. It’s just very hard to do anything in that situation. The best course of action would be for moderate, smart people to speak up and gather momentum from most swedes, who are split in the middle at present, and maybe even have an anti white destruction majority. And just the inevitable consequences from immigration unfolding until most people say No more! and then for a paradigm shift to occur.
    Oh, and nice avatar, John.

    1. Sweden will be a proving ground for demonstrating that the scourge can be reversed. The whole world is screaming at Sweden to slam on the brakes with the insanity. Swedish men must surely be able to hear the call to begin spanking their bitches and restore the order. We can’t all go in and spank their women for them. That is the job of the Swedish men, but we have their backs. The Swedish bitch dictatorship flim flam house of cards will fall soon. The men of Sweden know their duty. Everyone seems to be alerting the Swedes, shouting at them from the outside that their ass is on fire. To continue the burning is suicide. They have our full backing to at once begin hog tying their manginas and chaired bitches. No place on Earth is so cold that you can’t feel your own rear end on fire. When faced with certain death and annihilation, the will to survive is all you have, aside from fate. If only there were a super pill the Swede men had enabling them to finally break out and right things. A pill that would make them 10 feet tall and into fierce gladiators if only just for a day. Something that could give them the power to finally push down the bitch wall once and for all. And there may exist such a ‘pill’. To be taken ONLY in combination with the red pill:

    2. When the Christ like leftists get brutally butchered by the brown vermin they love so much a party is in order.

  23. What’s that.. a group of people called “Gypsies” (i.e. Romani) are moving into private property, setting up shanty towns and generally creating a nuisance for the locals?
    In other late-breaking news, a German man has invented a thing called the “Printing Press”, a priest named Luther is making trouble for the church, and some Italian guy bumped into a whole new continent on his way to India.
    Rewind another few centuries: a group of people called “Vikings” (i.e. Norse) are moving into private property, setting up villages and generally creating a nuisance for the locals.
    Welcome to the rest of world, Sweden.

    1. The news is that the locals haven’t killed a few and chased out the rest with pitchforks and torches.

  24. Great news – I should move to Sweden, ditch my passport, enter the house of the Swedish prime minister and just refuse to leave. Since they cannot identify me, then I can stay there forever.

      1. Actually if you kill them it makes identification much easier. they can’t refuse to have their fingerprints taken just as one example.

  25. Cowards. I believe the Swedes used a 6.5mm Mauser – excellent caliber for such vermin.
    Mark Steyn described it perfectly: “What’s to stop that vast “caravan of humanity” just walking in and taking it the way Robert Mugabe’s thugs took any Zimbabwean farm that tickled their fancy? ”

  26. And which ideology is it that believes property should be expropriated and held in common? Doesn’t have to be formally legislated to be achieved in practice.

  27. Sweden, yes!
    Of course their idea of “violence” is to not lube up properly before bending over to take a thick load of diversification.

      1. It’s hard to go wrong with a good cleave. Smiting is also quite appropriate.

        1. We are dealing with filthy savages. The only to deal with them is extreme violence and war. Charles Martel did not lead his troops into battles against these beasts 1200 years ago to stop them from taking over Europe only to have them walk in and take it unopposed.

        2. Cleave the heads of the men, cleave the dresses of the women (exposing their cleavage), and leave the children cleaving to their mothers’ legs.

  28. I know the Gypsies only by reputation – as thieves and squatters who move in wherever there is least resistance. They do sound like Middle East Muslims in one respect – they despise weakness and fear strength. If they think you are weak, they will try to attack, rob, and generally bully you every way possible. If they think you strong and dangerous, they will treat you with nothing but courtesy and respect.
    Imagine Gypsies trying to squat in a Elizabethan Englishman’s cottage – they would be dragged out and thrashed in the street. Or a Colonial American’s – the bodies would be buried in a field.

  29. It is interesting how the majority of the population is able to project their own codependency and weakness on all those pigs. While I can have compassion with gypsies – and pigs – I do not see how any healthy person would want to have people take over their property. And invite such behavior. The only conclusion can be: People do not protest because people do not own that shit. Classical case of common property. Nobody responsible, nobody cares.

  30. If my summer house was “occupied” I would call the cops, give them exactly 20 min to do something about it, and then evict them myself by force when the cops fail to do their job. Legal consequences be damned. And film it all and broadcast it on a few dozen channels.

  31. It appears that the goal is the utter destruction of greater Germania is the top priority. These ugly Arab animals, so called refugees are marching into Germany with their hands out. The Kikes are desperate it seems to push hard and do away with Europeans on an accelerated time table. Merkel’s mother is a Jew. That makes her a Jew. This Jew beast advertises itself as being Lutheran because of her Father. She was schooled by communist Jews, raised by them and in fact is one of them. Israel loves her. No woman should be in politics at all, let alone a filthy She-Kike being president of a nation.

  32. Wave good-bye to Sweden. It won’t be long now. And try not to put any more Swedes in the US Congress and the White House.

  33. WTF? Whatever happened to those crazy Swedish black metallers that thought nothing of burning churches and killing other black metallers because they weren’t satanic enough?. Wheres that can do spirit that we want to see from the Swedes? They are taking it up the ass from all sides over there. I see these dinky shanty developments. You’re not dealing with intellectually advanced people there. I dont see anything that a few strategically molotovs lobbed over the walls cant handle. Set an example and watch the tide turn and others will follow.

  34. Lol will spread…its already well known that Sweden is a pushover leftist hell hole, im so lucky to never be born in that shithole I couldn’t stand any of that bullshit in my own country.

  35. Anders Breivik was truly the greatest hero of the Twenty First Century so far. If only he had had more bullets.

  36. “They seem to think that they are the landowners now.”
    The immigrants ARE the landowners now. Looks like Daddy’s home. If you look at the situation now, the swedes outnumber the immigrants, but who cares. The immigrants are united and motivated to get their way and the swedes aren’t, so in reality 1 immigrant male=50 swedish males at this point.
    Sweden seems done for to me. If they get taken over, they fucking deserve it, that’s what happens when men allow leftist ideals anywhere.
    On the bright side, when the immigrants take over, the men in those immigrant cultures will have the balls to keep leftism OUT. It’s like one huge trojan horse operation LOL.

  37. About the advice:” throw them out”. In Greece there was a similar situation a few years ago and there was, a grassroots movement with the backup of the nationalist party Golden Dawn to help Greek people whose their properties had been vandalized or occupied by illegal immigrants. Then the political system launched a huge campaign against GD, with political persecution, laws against racism, now there is an ongoing trial illegally ordered by the government against almost all the high members of the party, and everybody remotely associated with racist incidents is trialed with heavy penalties and jail time.So the conclusion is, the only thing that matters is who has the power and
    authority, now the ruling elites are masonic and judeocapitalist powers. They pass everything it suits them. First you have to take the power from them.

  38. What’s this nonsense about having to identify the occupiers? How is this important, first of all, and how is anyone supposed to go about doing that? Might as well evict them on your own terms.

  39. Leftists allow immigrants to do criminal activity, but want to send innocent people in jail if they say a non-PC opinion.

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