How Our Feminized School System Is Crippling Young Boys

When I was around the age of 16, I had somewhat of a rebellious streak—perhaps it was my raging testosterone levels, or perhaps it was my righteous dissatisfaction with our absurd school system. Regardless, I recall an incident that happened between a teacher and I during my Junior year in high school.

I walked into my English class, on the very first day of school—the teacher was a tall man, a couple of inches over six foot, who must have weighed around 230. He was dressed in a pair of khakis, a button down dress shirt, and a tie… and for some reason, I thought it’d be a good idea to mess with him. I can’t remember what I said or did, but I vividly recall what happened afterwards.

He immediately pushed me up against the wall, and physically confronted me: “Listen, Bub—if you think you’re going to start trouble in my class, you’ve got another thing coming. Now you’re going to sit down in that chair, and show me the respect that I deserve. Do you understand?”

I was completely stunned—up to that point, I hadn’t even imagined that one of my teachers could do such a thing. I was used to a decade of female schoolteachers, who may have been able to control me when I was seven, but who could barely do anything to manage a class of rowdy high school boys. This man, for having the balls to confront me on my bullshit, had my respect. I sat down and did as I was told, and from then on it was smooth sailing.

I went on to have one of the best English classes that I’ve ever had in my entire life. I ended up getting a 99% in the class, and was his star pupil—I recall learning of the nature-loving philosophy of Thoreau, reading the cryptic, darkly poetic writings of Poe, and delving the depths of the human experience with Shakespeare’s Hamlet and King Lear. As much as I would’ve hated to admit it at the time, being physically confronted is what I needed. I needed an actual alpha male, for lack of a better term, to put my rebellious 16 year old dumbass in his place—and he did.

What’s The Lesson Here?

The lesson is that boys have a psychological need to be taught by men, plain and simple—and who can blame us? We need male role models, especially during our most formative years, and unfortunately, the epidemic of female teachers isn’t cutting it.

I want to make it very clear that I’m not ragging on female teachers here, because I’m not. In fact, the reason that there’s so many women in the profession of teaching, is because it’s a more social job, which women typically favor. Women enjoy working with children, too, which is why around 90% of elementary school teachers are female.

That being said, though, young boys desperately crave to be accepted into the “world of men,” as Robert Bly, founder of the men’s mythopoetic movement so passionately conveyed. When boys don’t have a proper male role model, they get stuck in a sort of “psychological boyhood,” for their entire lives. This is because becoming a man isn’t something that just happens naturally, it’s something that must be taught—every single society in the past knew this, and yet for some foolish reason, we’ve completely forgotten this.

Is it any wonder that so many men nowadays are completely lost, in a sea of existential angst? Is it any wonder that the vast majority of men who I coach are terrified of talking to women, and can’t seem to get over their severe approach anxiety? Is it any wonder that such a large number of men in our country, completely lack boundaries and a sense of purpose?

Of course not! How can we expect our younger generation of boys to become men, if we don’t give them the proper guidance? We can’t! It’s that simple. If we want to see a change in our country for the better, we need to start advocating for a change in the schooling system. I believe that high school teachers should be at least 50% male, so that teenage boys can have some semblance of a male role model to sculpt themselves after.

Lack Of Masculinity In Schools

Where are the toy swords and shields? The room for rough play?

A proper schooling system should have a balance of the masculine and feminine energies. With too much masculine energy, nobody is free to express their individuality or creativity; yet with too much feminine energy, order and logic are thrown to the wind. An appropriate balance of creativity and nurturing with order and confrontation is necessary to rear a child properly, and unfortunately, our schools are currently experiencing far too little masculine energy.

The scenario which I mentioned before, where a teacher physically confronted me, would now be considered child abuse. That man, had the SJW’s gotten their way, would have lost his job and been thrown in jail for child abuse. Admittedly, I’m sure these SJW’s think they’re doing some sort of good, but really, they’re not. Sometimes young boys NEED physical confrontation to learn where they stand in the pack—this is basic evolutionary biology.

Boys need rough play. They need recess and they need male role models. Yes, they need some nurturing, too—this is where the women come in. But too much nurturing is what has created the massive societal problems we’re seeing nowadays, because it leads to:

  • An entitlement complex, where you expect someone else to always take care of you
  • A lack of agency, because you’re used to a teacher resolving all of your conflicts
  • An unrealistic view of the world, because of “safe space” schools
  • …and more

Boys need to be allowed to fight one another—studies have shown that rough play is actually beneficial to a child’s development in many ways, and paradoxically, it actually makes them less violent, because they’re able to recognize the difference between play fighting and real fighting. Boys should be encouraged to follow a powerlifting routine starting around age 14, should be given an hour and a half of recess every single day, and most importantly should have an ample amount of male teachers to serve as role models.

Simply instituting these three policies would eliminate 85% of the problems we’re currently seeing with our political system. With healthy male role models, there would be far less crime, and boys would grow into well-integrated members of society, rather than welfare-leeching degenerates, or cucks ready to sell their country out to the false song of globalism. Frequent exercise would lower obesity rates, which would improve the economy and lessen the cost of our healthcare burden, while simultaneously enhancing brain-development, thus increasing our average IQ level.

The Bilderberg Group Knows This

So with such an obvious solution to so many problems with our schooling system, why is it that they still persist? I’ll tell you why—it’s because the elite KNOW that changing our school system would lead to a nation-wide revolution, and a loss of power on their part. So, like a den of vipers, they’ve been hiding in the shadows, pulling the strings to influence public policy and school curricula, in an attempt to deliberately feminize our boys and brainwash our youth.

Is it any wonder that “tolerance” has been spreading all throughout our public schools? Not actual tolerance, but rather a complete surrendering of logic and reason, while simultaneously bending over backwards to cater to mental illnesses and foreign interests? I recall walking to my local public school to vote (for Donald Trump, of course) and seeing a “multi-cultural” wall, where children were encouraged to view all ways of life as being “equal.”

Oh, right, of course! The sexist culture of radical Islam is clearly just as good as traditional Judeo-Christian cultures, right? We should value foreign immigrants over our own US citizens, right? We should give illegal immigrants the right to vote, because we’re all just “equal,” right? Hell no—some cultures are simply better than others, and we need to pass down our own culture to our youth. When a generation neglects to pass down its culture, it is only a matter of time before it dies off.

Why is it that a young Christian man can’t even state his opinion about how transsexualism is a mental disorder (which it is, so that’s not really an opinion), without being sent to the “Title IX” office for discipline? Title IX, in case you men didn’t know, has been the elite’s main attack against masculinity for the last 40 years—they sold it under the guide of “equality,” like they always do, but it’s ended up completely destroying our youth. Here are some things that have happened under Title IX:

  • Dozens of male sports teams have been forced to stop
  • Mandatory anti-male, “talking to girls is sexual harassment” type training
  • Gender neutral language is being pushed
  • Unfair sexual assault cases, where ZERO evidence is needed to expel men
  • …and more

What started off as a seemingly noble crusade for justice, has been shown to be an absolute NIGHTMARE for our school systems. I believe that, if we want to see a lasting change in our schools, and want to make America great again, we must all do our best to pressure congressmen and President Trump to end this bullshit, bureaucratic, SJW policy.

The Solution

He doesn’t look too happy.

All in all, schools are a battleground for our youth’s future—and we’ve been failing miserably for the last two generations. It’s time that we start taking our schools back, and there’s many different ways to do this. One of the most effective ways is to simply withdraw altogether—home school your children rather than sending them to feminized indoctrination camps.

There are plenty of resources nowadays for parents looking to home school healthy young boys, and what’s even better is that you’ll be able to spend time with your son. Too many fathers neglect spending time with their sons, not realizing that an investment of time is worth far more than any financial investment that you could make in him.

Furthermore, with the Donald in office, completely revamping our school system doesn’t seem like it’s too far out of the realm of possibilities. If you’d like, you can contact your local politicians and pressure them into repealing Title IX, or you can just share this article. Either way, despite the many problems that our school system faces, many men are starting to wake up from the Matrix and fight back. And this, my friends, gives me hope.

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298 thoughts on “How Our Feminized School System Is Crippling Young Boys”

    1. I guess my theory about Trump being a member of the elite (minority) is not so outside after all….

      1. Your theory is dead-on perfect. Meyer Lansky founded Resorts International, and the mob runs all gambling ops here in the USA and elsewhere. Trump owned casinos in Atlantic City (so, by that point alone we know who owns Trump).
        The Rothschilds made him an offer he couldn’t refuse to keep Resorts International afloat back in 1990. And now, one of their minions is his Commerce Secretary, and he’s the guy who bailed Trump out back in ’90 on behalf of Rothschilds, Inc., for whom he was the managing director. Connect the dots and it’s obvious: The mob (aka the elite) runs everything and everybody of major importance, and anyone who thinks otherwise is…well…blue-pill as fuck.
        For a little icing on the cake here, George Soros has invested in Trump’s various construction projects over the years, including this one in Chicago, back in 2004 –
        This article should get anybody’s attention; it spells out the relationship between Trump and Soros with a lot more clarity –
        Checkmate, bitches…and thanks for playing.

  1. It is rare that boys have a masculine role model who espouse actual values. Even a male dominated industry such as the military is filled with leaders who bow down to political correctness. Never trust a military officer they are the most cowardly and self-centered people around. They will not hesitate to throw you under the bus in the name of political correctness and advancing their careers! To the detriment of national security and the effectiveness of the US as a war fighting force nothing is off limits to restriction and regulation in order for the US military officer to look good and get a promotion.

    1. basic training is being watered down to make it more “inclusive” for women, and there is a silent rape epidemic going on ever since they allowed a bunch of faggots in.

  2. This was a solid article.
    I now know of two 7 yr olds who have been put on ritalin by their parents. One of the boys has a tutor, and half the boys in his class are struggling, they already have tutors. My 6 yr old nephew is struggling as well; he also has a tutor. I keep telling my sister she better not put him on a drug (her best friend has the 7 yr on ritalin).Common Core is making things worse. Parents are getting pissed off, hopefully something will change for the better. Boys need that athletic release, but schools are banning games like dodgeball and kickball(kickball? how is that not an okay game to play?).

    1. US schooling went to the gutter with the common core (so all kids follow the same dumb level) and billions of dollars so retards can learn to write

      1. Shortly after I graduated highschool they abolished the gifted classes and the special needs classes and threw everybody together. So the brilliant have to endure the disruptive and the retarded.
        I was not one of those kids who did all the busy-work and got straight A’s, but when it came to competition I either won or was one of the select few who got a perfect rating based on personal merit and delivery of whatever the competition entailed. I am proud to this day that when it came to academic competition, I laid waste to all the snobby elitist kids who were supposedly smarter than me due to their willingness to do mountains of tedious indoctrinating busy-work.

        1. How many years ago was that? So there’s no more AP classes in public schools?

        2. Late 90s. But I do know of kids now who get college credit before they graduate HS.
          It’s a totally different game now. I went back a couple years after I graduated to visit a couple of my favorite teachers and I used to be able to just walk right in after school was out, but now you have to be ID’d, scanned, given a hallway pass or be escorted around. They have cops on campus at all times. No open lunch.
          I feel lucky that I got out just before the “good old days” finally ended.

        3. I got into a bit of a bullying situation with some knuckleheads on the football team myself and when I sought help they put my ass in the special ed.
          Talk about messed up. It did not end well for anyone thats for sure.

      2. US schooling went into the gutter when the government run modern compulsory educational system was created and fully implemented. I think this was achieved in the early 1920s. Maybe a few years earlier.

    2. Moms are usually tranqued up on anti-depressants. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Like mother like daughter, etc. So it make sense that mothers would be quick to medicate their kids. Also, women look up to doctors, typically. Drug dealers of any sort at all usually make women wet…

      1. dealer in the hood rocks 60k of ice
        dealer in the burbs rocks 60k Benz
        At least the diamonds dont depreciate in value

        1. Sheeeeeeeeet..

          Go spend a grand on a diamond.
          Then, that same day, go to a dozen places and see what they would give you for it.

      2. A Spanish writer pointed out that cocaine consumption represents no more than 1 or 2% of the population, while antidepressants are consumed by 20% of women, if that is not a serious problem of drug addiction, which is?

        1. And cocaine is a lot better for you, if it’s uncut. South American tribes suck on coca leaves for energy, stamina and clarity. Ironic as fuck, isn’t it.

        2. We’d get a lot more accomplished as a nation if these bitches were all hopped up on coke than succumbed to the zombie apocalypse

        3. No shit. Cocaine used to be an ingredient in Coca-Cola. That was before the FDA and the other alphabet-soup agencies got involved in deciding what was legal, and what wasn’t, as well as what was good for us, and what isn’t. Up is down, black is white, and bitches have been targeted for tranquilization…

        4. Yes. The leaf is fine for a person (because it’s pure coca); the powder is stepped on (cut), with all manner of nasty shit, including arsenic.
          Coca is a medicine, amongst South American tribesmen. Drug-dealers’ cocaine is cut, impure, poisonous, and potentially fatal. (Just ask Len Bias, John Belushi, Ike Turner, et al.)

        5. Actually no we wouldn’t. They can’t innovate, produce or problem solve at all. Most of their acts are destructive so if you energized them, it would only hasten the decay. Look at Sweden; not only feminist but super-charged and look how quickly they’re destroying it. All the women on coca leaves would only mean the HR departments would be coming up with 400 page quizzes for temporary night janitor slots which they would give to the only woman applying anyway.

        6. Tell it to Wikipedia –
          “Turner died on December 12, 2007, at the age of 76, at his home in San Marcos, California, near San Diego…On January 16, 2008, it was reported by the San Diego County Medical Examiner’s Office that Turner had died from a cocaine overdose.”

      3. The irony of this all is that ritalin is a derivative of cocaine, while adderall is a derivative of methamphetamine. The “War on Drugs” is about stomping out competition for big pharma.

        1. Agreed…the elite control illegal narcotics, too, so it’s also about stomping out competition there as well.

    3. Zombie pills promote obesity and are estrogenic.
      How did human beings get by all this time without being sedated zombies cowering away from life? Must have been rough having to face reality.

    4. It infuriates me how the pharmaceutical industry has convinced general public that natural characteristics of growing boys are ‘ailments’ which must be ‘treated’ with their DRUGS.

        1. The education system has become a gold mine for various industries:
          – Big Pharma concocting ailments to increase profit/ use of their drugs.
          – Federal Government/ Banks who’ve made BILLIONS off student loans.
          – Teacher Unions who demand automatic annual 6-8% salary increase, more paid time off, etc.
          – Corporations increasing revenue off Common Core.
          – Lawyers creating more & more frivolous lawsuits.
          Trump’s right: our education system is flush with cash yet students come out incoherent. Our younger generations have become tools for those listed above to get filthy rich.

      1. I somehow dodged getting medicated and I was like Americas most wanted student criminal lol.

        1. Fortunately I was in private education where the prescription of drugs wasn’t prevalent. But I’ve listened to those in public schools who saw classmates put on drugs. They always describe how the kid went from being full of life to a zombie.

    5. Damn,whatever happened to kids these days,is there no rebellion left in them? Not being able to play outside would have seemed like pure torture to a 7 yo me and would’ve kicked off big time!

        1. Lawsuits? I was talking about the kids themselves running outside and rebelling against the fascism of their parents!

        2. I’m sure if kids ran outside in objection they’d face some absurd 120 day suspension.
          Weeks ago I read a boy who threw paper airplane in direction of teacher may face 30 days in prison. Yes … 30 days in prison for throwing a paper airplane.

        3. Im gonna tell my nephew to call his mom “fascist pig!” the next time she wont let him play outside.

        4. A kid needs a mom like a fish needs a bicycle! ***runs up the stairs in Batman costume***

    6. Ritalin etc is a gendered form of child abuse. It may not be in all cases, but there’s every reason to think that the ‘medical’ / ‘psychological’ need to medicate these young kids (mainly boys) reflects the organisation of the school system, and it’s gradual feminization. The only way this will get on the wider agenda is when the media and politicians start talking about this in terms of systematic child abuse. Ritalin is the educational equivalent of Jimmy Saville (British paedophile and knight of the realm)

      1. I was just told a huge pedo ring in the US got busted; almost 300 arrests.

        1. There was a Furry/pedo ring busted in Pennsylvania- smaller, only a few involved, but it went on for 8 or 9 years. I used to not pay them Furries any mind, but Im starting to think theres some dark shit going on…

        2. They dare not pay any attention to such stories as that might spark a debate around Pizzagate conspiracy.

        3. I googled but am not much wiser – does furry mean paedo? Is it a paedo-bear reference?
          Paedophiles do seem quite inclined to organise from the number of rings that seem to get busted now and then. Some of that might just be bad people on the margins seeking out like minded people. I think it goes deeper than that. It’s a question of how much more so though

        4. “they look at cat-human-hybrid porn.” Literally? Real-life, animation? I’ve literally never heard of them before

      2. The media and politicians will never speak ill of this when they’re receiving kick-back$ by the pharmaceutical industry.

        1. Its the ad revenue, thats why you’ll never hear the truth. I listened to an interview with RFK Jr. a few months ago. He said he could call up any newspaper in the country, they would publish an op-ed he wrote, no problem, as long as it wasnt anti- pharma (hes a big” vaccines are toxic” guy)

        2. unfortunately the pharmaceutical industry helps create the conditions it treats and as such inevitably acts to some degree as a drug pusher (true even if it is a cliche). With adults, mental health it’s hard to get round that, however if we could work to re-classify these kind of practices as effective child abuse and gender discrimination (i.e. something that actively harms both boys as children, and boys as a member of a particular identity group) I think this is something that could be tackled. We need a paradigm shift, and I see no reason right now why that could not be achieved in a relatively short period of time.
          Some very expensive law suits (expensive for the drug company’s that is) would do very nicely

    7. I remember when I was 10 and feeling disappointed when the classic red rubber dodgeballs were replaced with that elephant skin pillow bullshit.

    8. Those were the only times that were fun aside from interesting subjects. We loved blasting each other with big rubber balls and causing a scene.
      It’s a crime really to take all that away. I learned how to run like the wind doing stuff like that.

    9. I agree. It’s a disgrace. Boys need physical release (aka competitive sport), and crave discipline.
      What’s happening in schools is a form of gendercide

  3. Boys and girls should go to separate schools until high school and be taught by same sex teachers until then. Those early years are when boy’s personalities and identities are formed and that’s when they need male role models the most. Equality of the sexes is an easy lie to sell to young children since puberty hasn’t differentiated them yet.
    Aren’t the boys who sat with the girls at lunch in school the most feminized and cucked? Boys who get socialized with girls at that young age become catty, sensitive, and develop the gay voice. There will always be somebody at the bottom of the masculinity bell curve, but until recently, they still managed to become men.

  4. When I was a teacher (Poland) I noticed some teachers (females, of course), when saw a fight, scolded both the aggressor and the one who defended himself. Stupid cunts. I’m a female myself but I see the difference between attack and defense.
    Not all women are stupid bitches emasculating their pupils or sons. But men are definitely helpful when raising children. We need men. So where are they? And what can a single mommy do to raise a healthy boy if there are no steady male role models in her family?

    1. My favorite was when female teachers encouraged the victim to “make friends” with the bully. Like wtf is that shit? How do you learn self respect when inviting others to walk all over you?

      1. It’s the first step towards demasculinizing young boys. My grade and middle school had a policy of any retaliation upon being attacked would be met with equal punishment to that of the bully. Seriously, I would have been expelled for defending myself. As to your last sentence, all self respect is lost and takes years to get back.

        1. They absolutely are, and are held to the same standards as my school set for me. But I believe such a deterrent to escalating against a physical altercation is different for men, hence my use of demasculinization.
          I’m not saying it isn’t harmful to women as well, just that it is different.

        2. Someone really needs to challenge that shit in court. You’ve got a right to self-defense.

    2. The only time I got in trouble in highschool was for defending myself/retaliating against bullies. I got an hour and a half detention, they got 15 minutes each. Fucking dickless cuck substitute teacher though…

      1. Yep been there done that sort of thing and man some of the subs…not one cock or ball between many of them.
        A pattern maybe?

        1. Does the kid have grandparents? Get them to raise the kids whenever they can. It’s either this or get remarried for you son to have a male role model!

        2. Fortunately I wasn’t speaking about myself. I have a partner and our child is a girl. But my heart goes to every single parent, male or female, who struggles with raising kids. Thanks for advice, though I don’t think every step father could replace a biological father.

        3. Worst mistake my ex wife made for her kids was letting me try and raise them as my own but having more kids with me as a way of nailing me down. When the divorce came through did she really expect me to treat them all equally? Sad situation but ultimately a parent will always prefer their own blood over someone elses.

        4. I read many stories that prove you are wrong. Sometimes a stepdad or a stepmom adopt their stepchildren and everything is OK. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you.
          Of course having LOVING biological parents is best.

  5. The past two years of being redpilled has taught me more than all of elementary and high school ever did.
    The school system in the west is a complete joke. Besides the commoncore curriculum, the teachers mainly consist of post wall dykes who love going on power trips while emasculating young boys, and any kind of independent thinking is ostracized. The few male teachers that are around have very little positive influence, due to the majority of female teachers feminizing the boys, and the gynocentric government only securing the women’s jobs.
    I remember in the first grade I got sent to the office for standing up to a bully(verbally), in the sixth grade my friends and I were suspended for having a snowball war at recess, and in eighth grade the recesses were getting shorter while the teachers on recess duty forbade the boys from playing touch football. All I learned from these experiences was that being a boy was bad.
    High school was even sadder. Female teachers trying to control undisciplined teenagers was painful to watch. Most people I knew in high school are now stuck in an arrested development where its “hip” to live like a dumb 15 year old when your 23. Further proof that the education system encourages this modern anti-intellectual attitude, which is combined with this sort of sociopathic and passive mindset younger people today are developing.
    The education system is nothing more than an instrument of the elites to demoralize women and turn men into broken horses. Do yourselves a favor and invest in a lot of time for books and documentaries, then you’ll understand why learning doesn’t have to suck so much.

    1. Boys as a rule are punished more severely than girls. Outrageously so in my experience. When I was 10, a boy kissed me during recess break. On the cheek and not aggressively. I can’t say I liked the surprise, but I didnt feel attacked and I didn’t tell a teacher. But a teacher saw it. She marched over, grabbed that boy by the arm, dragged him into the principal’s office where he given a two week suspension. My mother was called in and I was offered couseling with the school therapist. That was 15 years ago, so I can only imagine how much worse the situation is now.

        1. That sounds both horrifying and not entirely outside the realm of possibility. The whole thing was so insane and unjust, I suspect it is the root of my sympathy with the men’s rights movement.

        2. there was that one story that happened around a year ago where a boy got in shit for writing a love letter to a girl, i think he was in shit to the point where the law was involved.
          So we went from two week suspension over a kiss to potential jail time over a love letter. I guess it was a blessing in disguise that I was a beta during my school years.

        1. Oh I see.
          I can see nowadays a boy kissing a girl getting in more trouble than a boy kissing a boy.

        2. My mom told me when she was in highschool a dyke was hitting on her, so my mom hauled off and decked the bitch. No punishment was administered. Now, she’d probably be a class X felon/hate criminal etc

      1. 15 years ago? Shit. That boy must have grown up with all kinds of social disorders, especially with women.
        There definitely is a gender bias. I remember my fat cunt of a teacher in sixth grade always yelled at the boys at the drop of a hat, but whenever the girls were being all loud and giggly, they were always given a free pass.

        1. I know through mutual friends he’s a grad student at MIT, so I assume he’s ok. But I’ve always wondered how, if at all, it affected him. I know it left an impression on me.

        2. It definitely affected him somehow. I remember being a lot more self confident and extroverted until around fifth or sixth grade when I started to get mostly cunts for teachers. I didn’t come out of my shell until like after high school ended. Sadly, not everyone can break out of the conditioning.

        3. I suspect so. He was one grade above me so 11 or 12, which is such a formative age for boys, I think. We live in the same city now and I sort of secretly hope I’ll run into him somewhere because I’ve always wanted to say how sorry I was about it all and find out what he thought of the whole thing.

        4. I went from excelling in Mathematics to barely being able to pass after getting raked over the coals by a teacher. Completely sabotaged any drive I had regarding it.

    2. You can blame the anti-intellectualism attitude on the appropriation of, how shall I say, “ghetto” culture. Glad I got out of the system before being a dumb thugging piece of shit was considered cool

      1. There is a reason why black neighborhoods are ghettos, and it has nothing to do with race, this is why you see it spreading even in upper middle class white areas.
        I’m just glad I grew up fairly poor, I never had the privilege to indulge in hedonism.

  6. The classroom pic … who wouldn’t need a Ritalin script after spending the day in that loud, garish, over stimulating mess? I see the appeal of homeschooling, but if the mother is teaching, you haven’t avoided the female teacher issue?

  7. The real resistance to our elites’ childish utopianism has to come from white men, because no one else poses a serious threat. No one looks at a Mexican anchor baby girl in the sixth grade and predicts that she’ll become “literally Hitler” in the United States in 30 years and terrorize the world. Instead, they see her future as a hotel maid or something comparably menial and powerless.
    That means our elites have to propagandize, gaslight and demoralize all the white boys early on, while selecting and mentoring a handful who have leadership ability so that these young men can join or serve the ruling class. The elites just don’t give a crap about the rest of the boys they’ve decided to write off and discard.

  8. In the “old days”, men were an essential part of boys’ lives outside of school. Now, for many boys, there is no adult male role model in their lives at all. That makes the lack of male teachers even more tragic and consequential, especially at the elementary school level.
    Also, these days, many of those women who teach boys have been marinated in leftist, frankly anti-male educational theory, not to mention the general anti-male, “boys are defective girls” cultural zeitgeist these days, which they then use to infect the classroom, usually to the detriment of boys. And don’t even get me started on your average 25 year old female teacher (or 50 year old female teacher, often) who has no clue on how to relate to and motivate boys, or even competently manage young boys’ behavior in a classroom, for that matter.
    I have taught 5th and 6th grade for 21 years. I see it all day every day. By the time the boys get to me, I have 5 or 6 years of damage to reverse. It is especially noticable in the schools in less than savory neighborhoods I’ve taught at. And surprise, who do you think they ask to supervise detention? Me or Ms. Feminist? And why do you think I hear “Thank God my boy finally has a male teacher!” from both male and female parents multiple times each year, starting at parent orientation about a week into the new school year?
    I think we both know the answer to those questions as well.

      1. There is an unfortunate shortage of those as well.
        Most of the principles I’ve had have been women. Liberal women.
        Ironically, the principal I have now is a woman but she is more masculine in her philosophy than the one (!) male principal I had. He was a real pussified mangina.
        It probably has something to do with the fact that her dad was in the military.
        Frankly, her support is one of the few reasons I stay there. That and the fact that she and admin in general wisely leave me the fuck alone. They also usually defer to me in matters of discipline and subject matter, as they should. I know more, have more experience, and am more effective than most teachers or administrators will be or could be in their wildest dreams. And I’m not afraid to make that clear when necessary.
        And funny, when the shit hits the fan, who do they and parents come to for advice??
        Uh huh.
        I told her flat-out that if her approach changes and she starts to cave, I’m fucking out of there like a bat out of hell.
        She does not want that. I make her job way easier.

        1. I am eligible for retirement in about 9 years. I’m all over it.
          21 years teaching 5th and 6th graders feels like 40 years. No joke.

      1. Even with majority of teachers being female & education funding highly focused on girls, they still howl.
        There’s no pleasing these womyn. Even if all their demands were achieved, they’d still march in streets for “equality.”

        1. Teachers in the states seem to be low paid, i wouldn’t consider teachers pay bad. Especially in elementary/primary school which is essentially baby sitting IMO, but they’re making $80k+ in public schools at that level. they have strong unions and community support to push the wages up.

        2. Australia. I think most countries pay teachers much higher than they do in the states. An ex gf of mine got a placement straight out of UNI and was on $45k. Id say she would be on atleast 70-80 now that was 6 years ago. She teaches in primary/elementary level school. So basically a baby sitter. But ive heard that alot our grads go to the UK because they can make even more, so youd be looking at double that, $100k+ Aud ($60,000 or so pounds), i dont know the current exchange but its usually more than double AUD.

    1. I didn’t have a male teacher until high school.
      Your assessment is spot on. I was in elementary school during 90’s and it was full of anti-boy/male “you go girl” propaganda.

      1. My condolences. That sucks.
        Too bad I wasn’t your teacher. I started teaching in the mid 90’s. You would have loved my class.
        I played a toned-down version of tackle football with my 5th grade boys briefly. They ate that shit up. Suddenly boys who did not get along became best buds. You got knocked on your ass? Suck it up. And here come your pals to help you up.
        Funny how that works. Heh.

    2. Glad there are still some male teachers holding the fort
      There are also some good kids who are holding their own against the feminist school system. I am more optimistic about things that I’ve been for a while actually

      1. Great post.
        I flat-out ridicule political correctness in my classroom and the teachers who engage in it.
        And I tell my students that many of the teachers they will have later will be leftist manginas and angry feminists and to be wary.
        A teacher should always tell the truth.

        1. Glad to hear it. Conservative teachers have been a rarity for as long as I can remember. I’m hoping that’s about to change

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        3. Good for you, BM! I, too, go on many a rant about political correctness and its corrosive effect on liberty. My students are gradually seeing the light. I tell my students, “I’m not trying to convert you to my politics or religion, and I don’t claim to know the Truth, but I am trying to inoculate you against falsehood.” There is no greater falsehood in our time than the scattered, inconsistent, yet deadly claims of social justice.

      2. Smart kid! Love how he holds frame and speaks calmly from reason / intellect.
        “It’s not about feminism, it’s about lying.”
        “I believe in equality, but I don’t believe in feminism.”
        Essentials. Thank you, Harry!

        1. He did brilliantly. She kept trying to derail his clear and logical position, but he refused to be side-tracked.

      3. Yawn… repeating the same argument about “choices”. He doesn’t realize feminists are aware of this and criticize why does choices are made. He also ignores there’s 5% that is unexplained.

        1. He’s probably 16 or 17 years old, and as such did brilliantly. In fact it was she who disadvantaged because her position was clearly derived from feminist (and literally marxist theory insofar she referenced ‘classes’) – a more theoretically sophisticated position would probably have got in the way of his winning the argument…which is precisely what he did

        2. The man seems to be very well-spoken however, like most of his ilk, he lies by omission, forgetting the unexplained part of the gap as well as not wondering why women make those choices. Women in my culture earn more than men because they make, once again, “different choices”. Culture must be criticized.

        3. He’s a teenager, at school. There are limits to what he is aware of and what he has encountered, and he debates well beyond his years. Yet you say he ‘lies by omission’? , ‘like most of his ilk’? Who are his ilk? You make a reference to an ‘unexplained part of the gap’ – what unexplained part are you referring to (even if you are right there is no way of knowing what you are talking about unless you make that clear). You say women in your culture earn more than men because of the choices they make: which culture are you referring to; what choices are you referring to?
          You are usually very articulate, so I will assume you are being deliberately unclear

        4. Any remaining difference is likely due to the fact that men are more likely to ask for more money with a job offer, ask for a promotion, and to take jobs that offer more money rather than softer perks like paid time off and flex hours. Also, women are far more likely to take an extended break from working, which greatly interrupts your lifetime wage gains, especially in the top quartile of corporate jobs..
          What culture do you work in where women earn more than men?

        5. My family are Don River Cossacks. Most women own businesses. Wages are irrelevant in my case.
          As for your argument, have you maybe considered that women could ask for promotions more often and men could pitch in more to educate their children?

        6. I probably am being unclear.
          When I say “his ilk” I mean “people who argue like him”. What I am referring to is that, while this young man accurately points out how choices affect how much women earn, he fails to ponder why they make those choices in the first place. Women are the default caregiver. Women are stereotyped as being in those low-cost profressions. He also fails to realize that there’s a large part that is unexplained by professional choices.. This can be anything from statistical noise to outright discrimination.
          Women in my culture more often than not own businesses and therefore analyzing it in terms of wages would be inaccurate. They earn more because their businesses earn more than a man who more often than not is either a soldier, a police officer, a furrier or some skilled tradesman or engineer.

        7. Most feminists aren’t genuinely interested in intellectual rigor, more like shoving leftist screeds down peope’s throats.

        8. They can ask for more promotions and raises, they just don’t – even highly educated top 10 MBA programs – men are 3x as likely to ask for more money with an initial job offer than women are even though every one of those programs have classes near the end of the MBA that tells you 75% of those that ask of either sex receive more money and 90% of employers actually think better of you for asking. Despite that, only about 1 in 4 women will actually ask for more money out of these programs vs 3 in 4 men.
          Men on average work a lot more hours than women, especially in households with kids so it wouldn’t be as easy for the men to spend equal time educating their kids.
          Studies have shown single men and women in their 20s – the women today actually make more money. Once families start occurring and once women hit income that is “enough” though women begin to work significantly fewer hours and take jobs with better benefits/flexibility whereas men focus on pay.

        9. Yes! MEN are responsible for the choices that WOMEN make.
          Women have no agency. They are not responsible for what they do.
          Couldn’t agree with you more.

        10. it’s not his business why they make those choices in the first place. If women are default care-givers they are so for their own children. If they are influenced to go into the caring professions as an extension of that why is that society’s fault? Indeed it may have to do with a stereotype, but in the 21st century there is absolutely no reason for a young woman to choose a care profession – caring, nursing, teaching etc. over a more obviously professional or high earning career. If in your culture women earn more because they go into businesses more often that is still there choice and presumably a choice they benefit from. Are you saying that in your culture there should be some remedial action to alter the situation to encourage men to set up businesses or something? The young man in the video is completely justified in not looking more deeply into this as you suggest, because in a society where people have the option to make their own choices about careers etc then they are ultimately the ones responsible for the outcomes of those choices, not stereotypes, or culture etc. It on the other hand they face discrimination in their attempts to break out of a more traditional role etc. that’s another thing. Women shouldn’t be discriminated against, and neither should men

        11. which is why the influence of feminism on the academy is been so truly damaging to academic integrity

        12. Women used to almost always choose to stay home. Now they don’t. Women in my culture choose to start businesses more often. Women in the US don’t. Everything is culture.

        13. I identify as a womanist for that reason. Women in my culture are crimson pill and are the very definition of the Eastern Game Roosh explains. Most laugh at western feminists with humanities degrees.

        14. Three guesses – 1) Women are generally non-confrontational in person and many see it as a confrontation even though its not 2) lack of self esteem 3) Money isn’t as important as other things

        15. I asked a russian woman once what she thought of western feminists and she said they should call themselves what they really are.

        16. I asked a Cossack (basically a descendant of Russians and Eurasian natives) woman that. She answered “whiny weaklings”.

        17. For some women I know, money is very important. Then again, culture and statistics.

        18. I don’t really get what you mean. What do you mean by ‘womanist’, particularly in respect to my comment above. I don’t think most here would object to women starting their own businesses, provided it doesn’t stop them from being actual women

        19. culture may account for a great deal, but ‘everything is culture’ is precisely the mantra of the feminists and social engineers, and historically it has reflected the denial of biology and often of the reality on the ground in favour of the brave new world to be shaped and manipulated by social engineers. Everything is culture only if you’re purpose is to change the world

        20. With 3.5 billion females in the world, if even just 5% primary importance for a job was money, that’s 175 million women. That’s the problem with anecdotes and the law of large numbers. Every corporate EOS study I’ve ever seen the results for the #1 concern for men was money and #1-2 for women were flex hours, amount of paid time off. Most women I know that money is far and away the most important thing are doing better than their male peers doing the same thing on average. I just know 20x more than once they hit 50-100k in income (or like my wife – their husband soars up the corporate world), shift from moving up to getting comfortable.

        21. Those studies were probably in the West. They probably would change if done where I’m from.

        22. I never denied nothing was due to biology. I just deny we can, as of now, determine it accurately.

        23. Translation: I care about women’s rights, so long as said women adopt masculine traits (while still being motherly) and don’t act like complete trollops.

        24. ” so long as said women adopt masculine traits” – did you miss out a ‘don’t’ or did you mean that as written?

        25. Masculine traits like honor, rationality, integrity and assertiveness are things I value in a woman. You’ll note the second part of my comment provides a counterbalance to it.

        26. well nobody’s going to complain about honour etc. Women may need to be assertive sometimes, but there’s a thin line between that and the aping of men, and the coveting of ‘masculine roles’ that we see with so often with feminism

        27. Women in my culture earn more than men because they make, once again, “different choices”. Culture must be criticized.

          So it means your culture is as screwed as ours but in different ways…

        28. Except you’ll note the part where I say most of them get into relationships early and actually tend to be motherly.

        29. I think those studies would show the same in probably 95% of the world, now and throughout history. While originally it was due to cultural stuff, at this point there is definitely a lot of DNA/hard wiring involved.

        30. > I think those studies would show the same in probably 95% of the world, now and throughout history.
          Citation needed.

        31. Hah – find me a citation that shows otherwise in any country at any point in history.
          According to the UN in 2015(which is certainly biased), 77% of men globally work vs only 50% of women. Of those that work, men in developed nations work 65% longer than women and in developing nations its 88% longer. Globally, women are significantly more likely to work part time jobs (which provides job flexibility). In China, retirement age is 5 years later for men than women. This isn’t just a US issue, although there has certainly been more studies done in the US than elsewhere.
          IMO it all goes back to hunter/gather stage of evolution – women stayed in the village to do housework and raise the kids while men went to hunt (and eventually farm and more recently factory work).

        32. I’ll trust you on the statistics. I don’t really think the Man the hunter theory can explain everything though, as I think paleolithic social anthropology is more complex than that.

        33. women should not be educated beyond learning to read, write and do simple maths.
          They shouldn’t be allowed to own smartphone.
          They should stop working when they are pregnant or get married.
          Now, this may look backwards to a lot of people. But I can tell you, my grandmother was happy with her 12 kids.

        34. Possibly but I doubt it. People easily are willing to believe evolution on why birds have different colors, social behaviors of penguins or prairie dogs, migration of dolphins and other sea life, or say the black widow where the female eats the male after mating, yet completely discount human evolution effecting IQ by race or differences in wants/needs by sex. People want to throw logic and darwin out the door when it comes to humans due to a feeling of “fairness and equality” but it just doesn’t make it true. Of course, there are standard deviation of results both with humans and the rest of the natural world which is why its easy to point to anecdotes that show examples of anything you want.

        35. And they like lynching guys on false rape accusations!! Its almost as if this Klan-like blood lust is rooted in the feminins

        1. That might help. I think salaries vary a lot in the UK. Head teachers can earn quite a lot. Over a £200k pa in a few cases. Not CEO money, but then they’re not CEOs…well not really

        2. Bullshit, many men would work for pennies to do what they love to do…..Teach boys how to build electric motors!!

    3. In my experience, female teachers like to over-manage students’ time with busy work, and hunt them down and badger them to get them to do what they are supposed to do. In my college teaching days, I used to assign a couple of big projects, and then make them due at intervals during the semester. Made it very clear that any incomplete work would result in a D or F for the class. I hardly badgered them or even reminded them at all to get it done. Once word got around that I had no problem flunking kids who didn’t do the work, 99% of students got everything done, every time.
      Same policy applied to cheating. If I caught you, you were done in the class, instant F for the semester. A lot of female teachers (and males unfortunately) used to give a slap on the wrist for this shit. Yeah, it sends a message when you let a student negotiate their way out of an F for cheating…that you can cheat in life and get away with it. No thanks.

      1. “Yeah, it sends a message when you let a student negotiate their way out of an F for cheating…that you can cheat in life an get away with it.”
        But… that’s exactly how the real world works! If you cheat don’t get caught. If you do, have plausible deniability. Last resort: talk your way out of it.
        So negotiating your way out of an F for cheating is probably more useful a lesson than whatever the stupid class was.

        1. If you’re a chick, definitely. And they mostly tried those three things, in that order. I got more than a few tears when they found out my bullshit radar was tuned to their stealth lying signature. I had proof on my side in every case but I think some had even convinced themselves of their own lies (female nature?)
          With males I would try to appeal to their sense of honor. Most would fess up when I put it in those terms and I would usually give a second chance. I had one kid in the Marines who cheated and I caught him. I asked him how he’d like it if the guy in the foxhole next to him cheated his way through basic. He fessed right up and took it like a man, and he got a second chance as a result.
          I see what you’re saying, but for me teaching was about conveying the positive ethics and values of society; they can figure out the pragmatics of subterfuge on their own time and with someone else.

        2. Women used to have a sense of honor as well. In the past rape was especially terrible a crime because the victim would pretty much have to commit suicide in order to completely prove her innocence (and hopefully invite justice and revenge on the rapist). Now, a woman’s honor is considered misogynist while men are increasingly encouraged to twist their own standards of right and wrong to fit leftist agendas.

        3. Exactly, it is considered misogyny to hold a woman accountable for her actions. On the other hand if a feminist says that differences between the sexes are all in our imagination we are expected to believe it…oh and we are rapists for existing.

        4. “But… that’s exactly how the real world works!”
          Yeah, it is.
          It took me years into the corporate grind before I figured out that 90% of people who get ahead in corporate are the ones who steal credit, pass blame, kiss ass and generally are machiavellians. The successful ones who don’t seem Machiavellian at all are the most dangerous because they are so crafty.

      2. I’ve learned as an adult many people can cheat in life and get away with it. All enforcement is selective out in the world.

        1. Smart cheating is rewarded in real life most of the time.
          Look at politics — no one gets to the top without cheating and lying their asses off. Even Lincoln did it. When you win everyone forgets (or never finds out) that you cheated to get there.
          Only winning matters in the real world.

        2. If people understood that everything was selectively enforced this society would fall apart for it attacks one its base myths.

    4. My favorite teachers at school were the men. They were tough scary guys. One was a former WW2 fighter pilot who was shot down over Germany. Nobody ever argued with him. Ever. Another was a British Army major. He and I had a major disagreement. We went head to head, came to an understanding and thereafter got on really well.
      The women regularly struggled to maintain order in the class. The men’s classes were quiet as a churchyard. We also had nice practical and interesting classes like metalwork, woodwork and technical drawing. I loved them.
      Not sure what they are teaching nowadays but it doesn’t follow (according to the article) that boys should follow a power-lifting regime. I don’t know anyone who does power-lifting who doesn’t have chronic injuries. In my school we had a variety of sports (soccer, rugby, cricket) and calisthenics (including acrobatics, rope climbing and other activities). I would recommend a whole mind and body workout – power-lifting does not develop your whole body believe it or not.

    5. my female teachers were always pretty cool people, I wonder what these schools are that teach this leftist thinking because the ones I went to never seemed to have this happen. In high school, soft teachers were run over by kids and male teachers were almost a requirement for the more unruly classes. Maybe I was truly lucky to have female teachers who didn’t push agendas and would challenge girls in class not to settle for being a hoe bag.
      I found way more of those types in college where feminism really pollutes academia, particularly the social sciences but luckily I was in a STEM degree. The women you meet there don’t typically fall into the feminist agenda because they’re walking examples of contradiction to their theory that women aren’t found in STEM degrees. I still keep in contact with a few of them who work in labs and have phDs now and they find the feminist message to be absolutely terrible because those types of women think the world is just handed to them rather than something you have to work for which is what my female friends had to do.

  9. The entire Western public education system gimps boys from the start.
    A woman can never transform a boy to an Alpha male.
    Only an Alpha male (or self-realization) can transform a boy to an Alpha male.

  10. The mania about education is the neurotic disease of the modern man, as Carl Jung once said in his “archetypes on the collective unconscious”.
    The stem of the problem is that the modern man, having shed away his tradition and his religion with it, has developed an enormous vacuum inside his soul and consequently his mind. That inner void is the cause of much pain, that manifests in the form of a loss or orientation and footing on the matters concerning spiritual and intellectual sight. In short the modern man has lost his ability to maintain inner stability and peace, hence his need for “pushing the boundaries”, while at the same time having lost the rational mind, the logos*, which leads him to self-destructive paths, through the dark corridors of his mind.
    Education is being given to childern through mimesis of the character and the actions of their tutors, normally. For the last one hundred years, in which collectively educators decided to heed the advice of Rousseau, a man who abandoned all his children, on the subject of rearing and tutoring children, education does not work like this anymore. So the modern system litteraly indoctrinates children even when it was for good purposes, hence the reason for the failling of education in modern times to yield general results, besides raising literacy.
    In older times children were taught through paradigms, while forcing exemplary men and women to them so that they would one day mimic their actions. The left, the very moment it managed to take it’s hold on the educational system, the first thing it did was to destroy even the concept of the exemplary person, so that a return to previous times would have been very difficult. The thing is that education for the past century forced pure knowledge to children that would later just fade away mostly and at the same it did not care for shaping the characters of the pupils. Hence the modern situation of people that “mutilate” themselves, in mental and physical ways, so that their minds and bodies would match their amputee souls.
    By a return to our traditional knowledge only this modern problem may be able to be corrected, and through it the west may live again.
    *Speech in Greek but it also has the meaning of logic, in some ancient texts animals are reffered to as the “aloga zoa” which means animals that lack speech and logic or better rationale, fun fact in modern Greek alogo is the one out of two ways, second being ippos, to say horse.

  11. We need to abolish the failed social experiment that is adolescence: make the age of majority 13 and allow teens to join the adult world

      1. Laugh you may but when I was 15 or 16 my dad took me along for a painting job he had on the side and that really opened my eyes to what the working world was about! After the fist weekend (it was weekend only) my body was aching from everywhere, even the forehead muscles!

        1. At eleven I lied about my age (I was tall for 11) and scored weekend caddying and riding lesson jobs. I probably hurt, but what I remember is the sweet sweet jingle of money I’d earned, instead of having to beg my parents for it.

        2. The money at that age is probably the best motivator, and motivates more than money earned at any stage beyond that!

      2. At the age of 11 or 12, I was helping my grandfather with his window washing business during the summer.

    1. yep
      is mostly useless indoctrination.
      I was digging ditches, and lifting bricks, mowing lawns, etc for cash from 10 years old…
      school was full on fist fights at times (not that I think is ok).
      Lunch time in elementary school was British Bulldog – full contact fighting/wrestling/running — in the mud…
      Some can go onto college with an agenda(useful degree) – great — but no slave loans.
      others can learn a trade — apprenticeship system…
      others can do manufacturing…
      chicks can remain whores – -don’t care…

  12. From elementary to high school, I have known or heard of several teachers who were fired. They had all been let go for transgressions like getting rough with a disobedient student, or using one four letter word too many to get the class back in line. All of them were manly men and generally well-liked by students and staff.
    All of these guys had some semblance of Trump in them, and that’s why the system worked to take them down. I’m sure they were replaced by ugly or clueless female teachers.

  13. As long as thug kids know they can sue and have the ACLU behind them; it doesn’t matter what we think. It will remain a lawless jungle.

  14. Sorry Jon, but one little correction in your text is necessary,
    Judeo-Christianity is a contradiction in terms!
    There is NO such thing as Judeo-Christian culture!
    Our culture is the Christian culture, singularly, period.
    Glad I could help to clear the waters!

  15. My primary school experience in the 1960s:
    First/second grade: Ms. Denton was a mean old bitch who loved corporal punishment. She paddled us with abandon, and had flogging been allowed, she’d have put Captain Bligh to shame. I am left-handed, and she was determined to “convert” me. I resisted every step of the way, and spent a lot of time in the principal’s office due to my “uncooperative attitude.”
    Fourth grade: Ms. Nye was an idealistic young woman fresh from Michigan State. She determined that a friend and I were reading too many books about war (this was the era of TV shows like “Combat!” and “12 O’clock High), so she attempted to expand our horizons by assigning us to read and write book reports on a couple silly children’s books. We didn’t do the assignment; fifty years later, we still read books about war.
    Fifth grade: Mr. Bailey. My best year of all. Straight A’s.

    1. Mr. Bailey sounds awesome.
      My favorite was my 4th grade teacher in early 1980s rural Vermont, Mr. P. At recess he let us do anything, and often joined in. Snowball fights, whitewashing, a very physical king-of-the-hill. One kid dipped his hair in a puddle and tried to freeze it. Mr. P would break up fights if things got out of hand, but otherwise would let boys settle scuffles. Really great lifelong memories from that year.
      Mr. P would be fired and/or sued in The Current Year. No doubt about it.

  16. Interestingly enough we see this happening in elephant populations. Elephants are very intelligent and social animals. Hunting has recently drastically decreased the number of mature male elephants that had been historically acculturated. As this population has disappeared, young male elephants are packing up on their own and raising all sorts of hell on local villages and on other elephant packs. No big bull adult male is around to keep them in line and teach them how to use their masculine energy for a purpose.

    1. so the elephant in the room is that there is no big bull adult male elephant in the room

    1. You might be able to exclude one sex or the other, but you’ll be forced to enroll trannies

  17. I think we should thow the idea of co-ed school right out of the window and go back to single sex schools with single sex teachers. All male schools with all male staff, except for maybe the nurses and the librarians. I strongly believe that female contact should be minimised as much as possible once a boy enters puberty. Like any feminist will tell you, female learn in a different way. For once, let’s stop using this fact as a way to artificially and unfairly boost women and girls’ academic performance and let’s use it to help both sexes. Of course, feminists don’t want that because they know that male-only schools will always come out on top in all domains because men are inherently better than women at most things.

  18. Good article. I’m a product of American public schools, and this is partly why I was well into my 30s before I red-pilled and became successful. I goofed my way to straight As and a scholarship to a top engineering school that I was totally unprepared to attend, all the while being completely terrified of the opposite sex.
    I learned more in an hour on sites like RoK than I ever learned from 17 years of “teachers.”

  19. In the early days, when Rome was a kingdom, children did not go to school. Education was done by the family. If a family had someone who knew how to read and write, the boys were taught how. They were also taught how to be warriors. Finally, they were taught how to manage the farm or business and how to behave in society. All this teaching was done by other males in the household. Girls were taught by the females in the household. They were taught how to run a household and how to be a good wife. If they could afford it the family might hire a tutor to teach math and oration, but mostly the teaching was by the family.
    This changed during the republic. The Romans saw how the Greeks taught their children using paid teachers to educate groups of students and they adopted it.

  20. I worked as a High School Teacher from 1994 to 2006. I admit I was not a very good one, this is why I left, and I do not regret my move.
    You could just not believe how hard it is to be a man in a school staffed with Feminists and Beta Males. In Primary Schools, I would say about 90% of the staff is female, and it’s around 60% at the High School level.
    There are many good teachers, males or females. However, there are lots of bad ones too, and those bad ones screw up not only boys, but also girls.
    It is impossible to calculate the negative impact that a bad teacher has on a society, in terms of kids fucked up by him/her.

  21. “With too much masculine energy, nobody is free to express their individuality or creativity;” I don’t see any problem with creativity and masculinity. They are actually very related: only men are natively creative.

  22. I was one of those little shits who was always in trouble for something. It even got to the point that I was often scapegoated and punished for things I did not do.
    Regular menace to society as a kid. But yeah the schools sucked and I went to new ones every year sometimes twice a year.
    Total waste of my life aside from basic skills that lets face it could be taught in 1-4 years early on.

    1. The temporal density of knowledge of current education system is ridiculous. My father knew more at the age of 14 than most people now at the age of 18.

        1. My grandfather ran away to sea at age 13.
          He designed the first nuclear submarine.

  23. I heard that high schools will now arrest students who are in a fight. Even if one of the people was attacked by the other, the one who is attacked also gets arrested.
    With public schools who use these kinds of tactics on the young male population, is it any wonder why boys are cucked right from the start?

    1. To be fair, there is some hope out there. In the South, there are a number of counties that have full video surveillance on their campuses, and because of that, now have proof of who initiated a fight or altercation, at least in most cases, so the original instigator is usually held accountable.

  24. My parents enrolled me in a military school (I went voluntarily… I wanted out of the public school system). The male teachers, in particular those who were retired military got respect. For the miscreants, “respect” was enforced by older students. One teacher in particular had a list on the chalkboard called “Captain Jewett’s Shit List”. On it were the names of kids who gave the other teachers (in particular the females ones) a lot of attitude or in some cases, physically threatened them.
    You didn’t want to be on that list. To do so, meant an avalanche of abuse and terror from the upper classmen who were in the Captain’s trig and calculus classes. I watched in amazement when one of the baddest of the little basses came in before class started and VERY RESPECTFULLY explained to the Captain that he had changed his ways. The Captain checked with other teachers, confirmed the boy had been on perfect behavior, and promptly erased his name from the dreaded ‘Shit List’.
    After I graduated and went off to study engineering at college, I heard back that the state sent a bunch of women to the school to investigate it for “abuse”. Turns out pushups was considered abuse. They also began admitting women. The school is long gone and has since been turned into suburban housing.

  25. Clearly either you weren’t that good a pupil or he wasn’t that good an English teacher because you’ve said “between a teacher and I” when it’s actually between a teacher and ME. Objective pronouns follow prepositions such as between regardless of how many nouns/pronouns there are.

    1. If you’re going to go grammar nazi over something this minor, it helps not to have minor grammar errors of your own.

  26. Even as a kid, I never believed in the “school system”. Just seemed so coincidental that the “school system” just so happen to coincide with the 40 hour work week, which essentially makes the school system really just a public babysitter so females can go into the workforce and generate tax revenue. A kid with average intelligence can grasp all the educational fundamentals within a year that they have to spend 8 years in grade school to learn. 8 years of grade school and 4 years of high school is completely unnecessary. Anyone can learn the same things within a few years that is taught in all of those 12 years.
    My theory is that a kid can be driven insane in some capacity if you make them go to an institution for 8 + hours a day for their entire childhood so they can sit in a hard desk and watch some loony liberal teacher slowly teach them fundamentals that any kid can grasp within a year rather than 8 years of grade school. Not to mention the fact that not all kids are “cool kids”. So you are going to have kids that have to endure being a “loser” their entire school existence when that kid would just be mentally better off to be separated completely from kids and home schooled.
    The school system is really one of the many results of the overall big system of western slavery under the federal reserve central banking system (1913). They are just public babysitting services so women can work and they are training camps for corporate serfdom.

    1. I agree that education as a whole has become watered down. Your best bet is really to send your child to a private school. Some public schools systems are competitive, but most are meh. I believe part of this is that a) some people do view teaching as babysitting and b) some teachers are not as good as others.
      You are right, however, that most children can learn what they need to in less than 12 years. A large part of it, at the elementary level, has to to do with social development.
      If you don’t develop that, you end up with a country of bitter young people who live hedonistic lifestyles with limited social interaction. Recipe for disaster.

      1. I was around home schooled kids back in the day, and they were always very intelligent, educated kids, and spent less time with the books then I did sitting around for 8 hours being babysat.

        1. I would guess from your response that you were in some sort of extra curricular or some sort of sport. That’s good, your parents did a good job.
          Not every parent is that wise.

    2. I’ve dated a couple girls who were homeschooled. Smart, but profoundly awkward and insecure.

    3. I have yet to meet a home schooled girl that was a whore. To the parents, that’s the definition of success.

  27. These no other way in the west but to home school children! These ‘male hating’ Feminists teachers make it even worst!

    1. I must say, I never ran into any “male hating” teachers during my time in the schools.
      In fact, I found them to be incredibly funny and open minded. Seriously, I would have RAW conversations with some of them. I also was sexually harassed alot, which was hilarious.
      Dude, elementary school teachers are buck. They can throw down.

  28. I worked in a number of inner city elementary schools during my youth. I was the disciplinarian, and one of only 4 males in the building.
    I recall seeing children beating on each other, or throwing chairs at each other/ the teacher. I would immediately put the aggressor in a protective hold. Many of my colleagues were afraid to do this because of DCF (DSS).
    The kids loved me. The parents appreciated that I did not let their children a) get into more trouble or b) get hurt. I agree that more males are necessary in elementary education, especially with the numbers of young boys and girls without father figures in the home. Unfortunately, unless you are in the suburbs, you are looking at a 45-65,000$ dollar salary for a 50 to 60 hour work week. The pay is significantly less in the suburbs. When you compound that with the headache that is “the system”, it simply is not a worthwhile career trajectory for most.

  29. Get heavily involved in your child’s education, or home school.
    Early on the day of Trump’s inauguration, I called the weak male principal at my kids public school and suggested that the kids all watch the inauguration. The principal said he wasn’t going to do that, because it might cause a controversy.
    I made it very clear that constitutional process in this country isn’t controversial, but is part of the fabric of the country, and that someone might sue if he played political favorites (the same principal hosted a celebration at school when Obama was inaugurated). Everyone at the school knows what I do; I’m a lawyer.
    My kids came home very excited, telling me how they all watched President Trump. Teachers who know me and had prepared lessons related to the inauguration suspected my involvement, and thanked me. Apparently the principal went home early in a fit, bitching about some “parent that called” him.
    The staff was generally very pleased with my intervention, because the principal is weak and just waiting for retirement.
    It’s not easy, and you have to have a bit of a thick skin, but get involved. It does make a difference. Next year we may home school, and until then, I’ll be on overwatch duty.

    1. Parent engagement is key. Join your local school board.
      If anyone does do home school, I very strongly suggest you place your child in sports or some other type of extra curricular. They will develop social skills and confidence.

    2. apparently the fathers at my kid’s school joined the women’s march.
      I overheard some stating they would leave the country if trump was elected…
      My gf is a teacher – -and none watched the inauguration…

    3. Good on ya brother. My kids haven’t entered regular public school yet. I plan to be one of those pain-in-the-ass super involved parents.
      Prefer to homeschool though if we can swing it.

  30. In my experience, female teachers are not as capable when it comes to controlling unruly students and making a classroom of hostile and disruptive students fear them. They then have to spend 100% of the time trying to get the class to settle down rather than educating them. This makes school into a sort of daycare rather than a place of education. No amount of online red pilling has been as instrumental in my reactionary worldview than going to a bad high school with hoodlums where the teachers failed to teach.

    1. Sadly I feel the same way about female teachers, there was only one exception who seemed to control unruly students and silence a naughty class, and that was an old nun who taught me at high school. She was in her 70s by the time she taught me. No one dared cross her, when she shouted ‘quiet’ you did your damndest to breathe quietly, she was old school, not afraid to get you with her walking stick when no one else was looking. To those who behaved, she was a wonderful teacher, but god help you if you were a known delinquent. She had a voice that could shake dust from the rafters, if she walked in a room, you stood up, and if she said ‘jump’ you jumped, asked if it was high enough, and continued to jump until she said otherwise. No other female teacher at my school commanded that level of respect. I’ve heard she has since died, and it’s a terrible shame. We needed more like her, we will always need more like her.

      1. Now that I think about it, the only male teachers who could really keep the class in line were also coaches.

        1. Agreed. My football coach was a marine Nam vet with scars running down his left arm (grenade fragments) and was built like a brick shithouse.
          Not only the students, but I suspected even other faculty was intimidated by him.

  31. I do think boys need male teachers for certain subjects. No doubt about that.
    However… I’ve seen male teachers that are so pathetic, I wonder how they could get a job flipping burgers let alone teaching.
    And… I’ve seen female teachers that could calm an unruly classroom… by walking in the room. 😀
    I’ve also seen female teachers that are insane. Literally. 😀
    In this case, I think it’s less about gender and more about: decent teachers. There just aren’t many good teachers.
    And then there’s the university level but that’s another issue.

    1. I can see your point about not being just a gender issue. Back in my day, I just recall most of the male teachers that I had were more real men then not. The one and only one that was the least, happened to be an English teacher. But still, he was more likely to give me grief (which I deserved) then any female teacher.

  32. Eliminate government schools and so many societal problems go away.
    John Taylor Gatto (former NY Teacher of the Year) has written extensively on the true purpose of the government school.
    You can put more men in classrooms but it won’t change anything.
    The whole idea of sitting down and shutting up in a classroom is to teach obedience and subservience.
    Kids need to have experiences (such as apprenticeships) not more memorizing and regurgitating.

    1. The modern school system was developed by the 19th Century Prussian military as a way for prepping mass numbers of young German men to become career officers. It was designed to teach obedience, subservience, rote repetition, group cooperation along with a healthy serving of mathematics so they had an understanding of logistics and trajectory/range with field artillery. The goal was to find a way to provide a large quantity of competent soldiers to counter Napoleon’s new practice of using a military draft to overwhelm his enemies with sheer numbers.

  33. Here’s an article about for homeschooling, “men with similarly-aged children would seek out a well-known scholar…pool their resources, and the group of six or seven students would meet in one of their homes for their lessons…would take an active role in the cultural and moral development of the youths…meet with the fathers on a regular basis, and would schedule one-on-one sessions with his students as needed.”

    1. Reminds me of my hot 9th grade English teacher, who happened to be single. Her class was a joke, but she kept our attention with her see through blouses.

  34. Here’s an anti-common core speech by Dr. Duke Pesta.
    He explains how the end game of common core is to replace the family with a global government. Their mandatory Marxist math methods are so confusing that parents are unable to help their own kids, and must rely on the state to help them. Kids are taken to rooms where they’re asked questions like, “Do your parents own guns?” There’s an assignment in Wisconsin on the topic of how the state is like the family, but better. In two schools, they gave free breakfast, lunch, and dinner year round to all students because they didn’t want to stigmatize the poor kids. Now the government controls what your kids eat. As Dr. Duke says, common core seeks to force the idea that children belong to the government first, and parents second.

    1. this is so fucked up…
      I think its time to get my kid out. And shes at a private school.
      I viewed a paper “suggesting” a new topic that kids must ask if the parents have guns before going on a playdate…

      1. Instead of a math problem reading “4 + 4 =”, it could read “if you have 4 dogs and 4 cats, how many animals would you have if you added them together?” This is for a 7 yr old. What if you arent doing so well with reading comprehension yet? Now you cant read the math problem either

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  36. Ever notice how female professors grade male students harder? Almost every female teacher I had throughout my life (including college) were straight up c*nts. I had a few feminist professors that graded me brutally because I was not only a male, but because I war pursuing a doctorates degree in medicine. They felt the need to challenge my expertise because they (the professors) didn’t achieve their maximum potential since they were too busy riding the cock carousal and getting gang banged at college parties. —-Tl;dr Don’t tell anyone what you want to pursue, keep it personal and let your actions speak louder than words.

  37. Just hope these ‘boys’ come across the red pill wisdom at some point in their youth.
    Perhaps convent schools weren’t such a bad idea after all.

  38. So in every class I’m in most of the lessons revolve around great minds and heroes of the past. The teachers always point out how those minds and heroes were rejected during their time, that the majority were kicked out of school for disruption or some other like thing. Given I’m a quick learn, I stopped going to school…it was getting in the way of work and internships anyway.

  39. Most of you guys here don’t comprehend feminism. I explain to you: Feminism was never a women’s movement. It was an agenda by the rich men, so they could steal all the women from the poor men… The rich men control the media, government and they make the laws. They played the feminist agenda to give women freebies and rights through the government. They took the money from the poor men by force (in form of taxes) kept one part to themselves and gave one part to the women (via government).
    Once the women realized that they got so many freebies from the government, they started to leave their poor men. Then the rich men came in and started to buy the many single women. They use them as escorts, maids, or work slaves for their corporations. That’s ALL THE TRUTH about feminism. It’s NOT a gender war. It’s a CLASS WAR between rich men and poor men.
    The feminist women don’t respect you because you obey the rich men. Because you lick the rich men’s bums instead of going to the street and standing up to them. If you want to fight feminism, then you need to fight rich men.
    Stop paying tax, stop serving them. stop working for them, be active in overthrowing them. That’s the only way to kill off feminism. Then there will be no more rich men taxing you, the rich men will lose their wealth and power, the women will get nothing free from the government anymore and then they will respect you again, because they NEED YOU or else they starve to death.

    1. The question of Feminism is a bit more complex than that, IMO of course, but I definitely do like and appreciate your way of thinking, sir!
      There are certain undeniable truths in what you say.

      1. Exactly. It’s too easy to get into that “rich vs. the poor” banter. Anyone with little or nothing is bound to view anyone with anything more as the “rich.” My income tells some I’m rich, but it sure doesn’t feel like it for the stress, work hours and taxes that I and the wife deal with, not to mention the hail damaged car that I drive. If anything, I want to see more rich men!

    1. what, sex is that?
      or rather what of the 72 genders does it identify with…
      and to be clear it is not violence when you hit a nazi, its not racist when you hate white people, and not misandry to malign men…
      because they are all fascists and Nazis…/sarc

  40. 1) School is for girls;
    2) If you send your child to a government school, you are engaging in child abuse.

  41. Fantastic post, Mr. Anthony. I’m a history teacher at a small private school in the rural South. Many of my students grow up in a more conservative and traditional political culture, but I still witness some of the same globalist and feminizing tendencies at play, even in our relatively cloistered academic setting. As you note, there are many great female teachers; in fact, I find the best ones are those that are married and have children of their own (the young single women I work with tend to be ultra-progressive globalists, and their classes, particularly in English, look like cultural Marxist indoctrination seminars). That being said, you’re spot-on about the need for more male teachers and role models. I have found that simply being there to talk with boys helps them grow into young men. One of my students went from being a raging SJW–he once unironically argued that all churches should be abolished, as their public presence represented a form of “establishment of religion”–to transforming into a red-pilling Trump voter. He credits that transformation (in part) to my influence, and my willingness to discuss and debate big ideas and topics with him (he also credits his father and Sargon of Akkad).
    I could go on and on–in fact, I’ve considered submitting a piece to RoK about the condition of thought and social ideas in education–but I’ll close with my opening line: fantastic, Mr. Anthony. We need to keep hammering home the importance of male role models in young men’s lives, and we need to give them the opportunity to get a little rowdy now and then. Keep up the good fight!

      1. I’m doing what I can. It takes patience and good cheer–and a lot of faith and energy! But it’s worth the effort.

  42. I like probably all of us guys started out with all female teachers. I was never taught to read (“let’s sit in a circle and listen to older kids read”), which doesn’t mean that I can’t read today, but I was never properly taught. My parents were well educated, and back then in the 1970s, they were instructed to leave my education to the professionals as they knew best.
    I, however, excelled in basic math, thanks to a simple but advanced for the time electronic math calculator/game that I had been given when I was six. But I found myself sitting around waiting for the rest of the class to catch up, and as boys do, I started checking out. The female teachers I had from junior high through high school were more interested in talking about feelings and feminizing us boys, and otherwise ignored us. Their classes were mostly babysitting.
    I had a few male teachers along the way. They were the demanding ones and made me want to EARN THEIR RESPECT. One time I skipped basketball practice for the school’s team that I had joined, and my one and only male teacher for an entire year (last year of elementary) made me feel embarrassed for doing so, and not only did I not do that again, I’ve never again not shown up for anything that I had agreed to.

  43. No. It’s good times create weak men, weak men create bad times, and bad times create strong men, and strong men create good times.
    Can you guess where we are now? 😉

  44. I would school a boy at home and send any daughters to private schools. Different environments are certainly beneficial depending on your sex, particularly now a big portion of masculinity has been both outlawed and socially marginalized. Almost any school in England now is detrimental to a boys natural masculine development, self esteem and the learning of man skills.
    In regards to girls one of my brothers has his daughters in a Catholic school, and you can already see the difference from other kids in the area, but like myself my younger sibling is no religious man. He just appreciates the values and virtues of a moral, realistic, practically useful and traditional education in a world ideologically drunk on cultural relativism.

  45. 100% TRUE.
    In my own case, I was sentenced to a private school for 4th grade. All the teachers were hateful old yentas. By the time I was asked not to return for 7th grade, I was panned as an “anti-semite” and a “trouble maker”. Also, the short-tempered scrapper I was as a child had become a total pussy, fighting/confrontation-wise.
    Mostly male teaches after that, things improved.

  46. I wholeheartedly agree with this article and I would like to add that what is being said here is not only in high school, but also in college, albeit to a lesser degree.
    I work as an University lecturer and a combination of game, social awareness and simple masculine behavior, like the one mentioned in the beginning, bring me very nice results. I have no problem in handling my students, my authority is seldomly questioned and, when it is, they back off quite fast. They know that I mean business.
    I don’t get the rare episodes of defiance only from the guys. The girls do it as well, only they do in in their feminine way. It’s a short of shit test. As a result of me “passing” these shit tests, the girls become very calm, submissive and feminine. It’s a pleasure, then, to work and talk with them.
    It makes me smile when I hear other teachers talking about the students they have. I hear very frequently from female teacher having obedience problems with their students, either as a group or only a few from one group, yet I almost never heard that from male teachers, no matter their age or status. It’s obvious that the ladies don’t have either the ability or the willingness to impose themselves in front of the students. Some of them try to look tough and cold to compensate that but it doesn’t work either. They are simply not being taken seriously (nor they should be), because it’s obvious that this roughness is a facade.
    What’s a chap to do, in this case? A good part of them were MY teachers when I was a student and I get along very well with them. I am grateful because they contributed to who I am today. But it really seems that the lady teachers really don’t know what to do. Should I tell them the blunt truth? I would, but I am afraid they won’t believe me. Should I shut up and do my stuff? I am already doing this.
    There are some things a woman just can’t do. Leading is one of them.

  47. Though a straight A student hated all female teachers, can’t stand the sound or attitude, got better with male teachers. Now can’t call any office, even auto voice is full of skanky women, no wonder some companies are losing sales.

  48. Being a male teacher, I see boys wrestling with each other, punching. It’s all play. The subtle jokes kids make about masturbation and sex, I don’t care. If it’s funny, I laugh just as hard. But what do you do with a school-system which is just ancient. Sitting on your ass whole day. Subjects that are all separate from each other instead of combined in projects. Terrible when you look at how nature intended organisms to learn. Surely girls do better for a reason. Because young men question themselves more about the use of making one boring assignment after another. Most girls just do it because the teacher says it.

  49. here is a question for you americans…
    where are your fathers?
    yes, the school system is full fem… ok…
    but a single word from his father is enough for a boy to ignore everything else…
    “don’t be a pussy, boy”… is all it takes….
    “act like a man”
    “stop crying, you’re a man now”
    yeah I know, the feminist and the bleeding hart vaginas will go full crazy but is your kid not their… they aborted theirs…
    what you need in America is a school for FATHERS on how to make men out of their boys….
    also, destroy those divorce laws!
    is shameful to see so many families ruined by those damn laws!

  50. Affirmative action for male teachers, and acknowledgment of victimhood for mom-raised late boys who lack agency or fine social sense. Fuck the SJWs’ dichotomy between their privileged-and-victim-groups and we, the unprivileged, perpetually accused, never positively acknowledged majority. We deserve some motherfucking positive recognition and affirmative action for us. Oh, and some affirmative action for non-Jewish Whites in Hollywood and Ivy League universities as well.

  51. It never was a “noble crusade for justice” to begin with.
    And for better or worse, Devos is now sec Ed. The breaking down of public school systems has begun. I just hope the one thing liberals fear as well – corrupt privatized schooling.

  52. Not All American boys are being “Broken” into a matriarchy….equally!! Its mostly the poor and working class ( and the whole of the black community) that are being “broken” into this perpetual matriarchy of chaos and violence. And the DOJ is now funding it!!

    1. The democrats like to claim that they are the ones helping to raise up the black community…but facts tell a different story!!

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