Stay Away From Me American Woman

Nearly 45 years ago, Canadian band The Guess Who released one of classic rock’s archetypal hits to critical acclaim, quickly reaching #1 on the Billboard Top 100 list. What originally was meant as an allegorical critique on American foreign policy regarding the Vietnam war, portraying the country as an unstable woman, the dust of the 20th century has settled and we can now analyze the song in a more literal way.

Though its lyrics may be simplistic, they have come to perfectly encapsulate the turbulent and chaotic behavior of young Anglo women in the 21st century. Right off the bat, lyricist and singer Burton Cummings goes for the jugular:

American woman, stay away from me
American woman, mama, let me be
Don’t come a-hangin’ around my door
I don’t wanna see your face no more

Recently, a UK study concluded that divorced men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, have high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and are 39% more likely to commit suicide. While the study’s statistics are significant, they are hardly surprising. According to the 2006 Canadian census, there were 8.6 million families at roughly 2.5 people per household. Considering that here in Canada, roughly 50% of those marriages end in divorce, 75% of them being initiated by women, 3.25 million men will be taken to the proverbial cleaners – unwillingly exposed to the serious health risks mentioned above, not to mention the financial burden it will place on them to continue to support their broken household. With figures like these, it is hardly surprising marriage rates have been steadily declining for the last 60 years.

I got more important things to do
Than spend my time growin’ old with you

As noted in the marriage rates above, men are increasingly choosing to opt out of marriage and make more sensible life choices. Whether it be to devote time to a personal side business, travel extensively, master a skill or hobby, or simply bed as many young women as possible, young men are simply no longer interested in buying a depreciating asset – they would rather invest the time and money back into themselves to become a person of true value and worth.

Simply put, there are absolutely no incentives for men to get married and grow old with a woman, picking one or several of the above “more important things to do” is far more rewarding financially and emotionally than walking down the aisle. Oddly enough, it is this investing in oneself to create a well-rounded man who creates an incredible attraction from women, making it a romantically rewarding choice as well.

Coloured lights can hypnotize
Sparkle someone else’s eyes
Now woman, I said get away
American woman, listen what I say, hey

Recently covered on Return of Kings are two cases of young men driven to kill by the allure of a woman, Why Young Men Need the Red Pill and The Tragedy of Letting a Broken Woman Into Your Life. Not to ignore the strong possibility of personal trauma or mental illness bubbling below the surface of these adolescent minds, but Kell and Wade were each so consumed with desire for a specific woman in their life that they resorted to theft, deceit, violence, and even murder in hopes of winning their affection.

As two isolated incidents, the truly sad fact is that most cases like this go unreported. While most differ wildly in scope, severity and outcome, anecdotal evidence confirms that events where men are emotionally enslaved to aiming to please a woman happen on a daily basis. We all know of a man, whether close friend or acquaintance, recently or years ago, who went to extreme lengths in hopes of winning over a woman. It started out innocently, constantly striking up awkward conversations, trying to buy her attention with gifts and promises, then turned serious with stalking, threats, attempts at controlling, or sometimes worse.

Whether the choice is to seek the greener pastures of foreign countries or simply sleep with easy North American women without commitment, men are increasingly becoming aware of the poisonous frame of mind many of these Anglo women now have. A realization has occurred, long overdue, by the sexual market place’s elite men: these women are attempting to coerce, convince, and pressure them into submission. These men have then made a conscious choice to either avoid them altogether, or learn to extract as much sex from them while limiting what they exchange in commitment and resources. They have bowed out of the race, and will let the next chump’s eyes be sparkled with something glittery that is not gold.

With these three small and brief quotes from a classic rock song, we can extract an incredible amount of information about the current state of women and their motives. One can only wonder, that some 44 years ago, the men writing the song would ever have any idea that their definitive single would foreshadow the decline of the once great creature, the American Woman.

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223 thoughts on “Stay Away From Me American Woman”

    1. Correction, boycott marriage to American women, but use their orifice as practice for the foreign woman who is worth an LTR.

      1. Just beware of the American ones infected with HIV, Herpes, incurable gonorrhea, etc….and most especially, the ones that will that LIE about it!
        (OK, we know that they ALL will lie about it…)

  1. It can’t be said enough, until the Cathedral’s lies are completely exposed, the Red Pill truth that Anglo women are the absolute worst in the world. She is The Predatory Female at her absolute worst, possibly the worst in recorded history.
    Biologically, they are abominations. Instead of becoming an asset to their offspring and submitting to a man and letting him lead the family as served her ancestors since time immemorial, she has become a wild, loose party grrl, with absolutely no negative consquences foisted upon her by our limp-wristed society. Instead, her family and civilization-destroying behavior is rewarded with divorce theft lottery winnings, male shaming, and any dissenters are punished with almost religious fervor by being immediately outcast from the hive, treated worse than murderers for merely questioning the imploding status quo.
    Instead of focusing on the time-honored traditions of being a loving, supporting wife and good mother she has decided to replace her man by marrying herself to the Company and/or Big Daddy Government.
    As painful as this is for any self-respecting man to watch, there is literally almost nothing that can be done about it except learning to take advantage of the situation. Mentally, a man must check himself out and become a mercenary as he watches the society around him crumble. Use Anglo women for pump and dumps if you dare, but fool around with this “Predator” (the book The Predatory Female has it right) at your own risk. Better to do as so many men have and abandon these creatures while they self-destruct, so as not to be taken down with them.
    This is wisdom that has been known for thousands of years, the destructive nature of women. Yet, our insane society has seen fit to give them unlimited power with no checks or balances. It seems the painful lessons about woman’s true nature encoded in Bronze Age texts will have to be learned the hard way, again.
    Better to save yourself and enjoy the finite time you have on this planet, and the remaining fruits of Western Civilization as it begins it’s long descent into oblivion.

        1. If you’re trying to insult me by comparing me to Roger Ebert, you’ve done only the opposite. Now, if you told me to act like an armchair Richard Roeper, that would hurt.

        2. Oh look, the movie fanboi shut-in who spends all day commenting on the spin-off site of a fake newspaper feels qualified to have an opinion on something other than his own B.O. and masturbation habits… how funny.
          Go back to playing unpaid cultural critic elsewhere.

    1. what’s worse is that the LTR that does work is even more horrendous than one that doesn’t…. at least if she ups and cheats and throws it away and you lose some asset in a divorce you can start again…… some wives just grind on in this most pathetic lifeless state for years and years….
      you are talking about the ones that fail…. fine…. but the ones that succeed are even more abominable !!!

    2. I am now convinced that all the bullshit that the White men take from the anti-white male Cathedral(Synagogue) is primarily due to the control on their life by the bitchy, feral and all out disgusting White western women. The day the White man shrugs off this cancer it will usher in a new Golden age for the West. Send the white western vagina the way of the dinosaur.

  2. My dad is getting completely ass raped in his recent divorce.
    I will never get married.

    1. Silly @disqus_gARSUyhv1V:disqus, women can’t ass-rape you. That’s just science.

    2. Your dad will always be a reminder if you begin to have a temporary lapse in judgement.

      1. Pretty much. The moment I saw him give her the ring I knew he was screwed. I love him and hate to see him or anyone go through this shit.
        It’s so blatantly slanted it’s ridiculous. She was ready to try a fake battery charge on him. Luckily she flaked on the threat.

        1. well, you know the solution. Let’s see if you have the strength to go through with it.

        2. What?! Is it not enough to divorce him, she has to lie on him too?! Man, that’s evil!

        1. I learned today that it is possible to add equal custody of children in event of divorce into a prenup. If that’s true, that means you can even insulate against wealth redistribution by child support. Only problem might be if she relocates it could become null…

        2. There aren’t too many things that make sense in the UK legal or penal system, Cody.

      2. Pre-nups do not do shit. They can and will be overturned “for the good of the children” – even in cases where said children are the spawn of another man.

      3. For men, prenups are not worth the paper they are printed on. All Cupcake has to do is start lying about how she was ‘coerced’ into signing it and cry a few crocodile tears, and the White Knight judge can throw it in the trash can.
        If you don’t believe me, look it up on the ‘net, talk to a lawyer (who’s also a personal friend of yours), or go sit in Family Court for a couple of hours.

        1. The trick to beating “coerced into signing the prenup” argument is to have the fiancee sign the prenup on three separate occasions, a month apart each time – notarized. So, if groom brings forth bride before his lawyer on Jan 01, Feb 01 and Mar 01, and she signs the prenup on each of those dates, princess is going to have a difficult time explaining to the court that she was “coerced” on three separate dates, a month apart each date.

        2. Why co-erced…. she didn’t have to marry him, she could have found another man, but this is a good idea, in addition to that, statements from family and friends that she wasn’t co-erced, recorded on video.

      4. In Australia, you don’t even need to be married for a girl to start claiming entitlements to your hard earned money and assets. If you live together for two years under the same roof, legally it’s considered a “defacto” relationship that is as binding as marriage. Prenup be dammed!
        I don’t have anything against marriage per se, my beef is with over-entitled women brought up in Anglo-countries. F**k that, I can think of better ways of blowing my own money!

        1. You should not even risk allowing any female to live with you. They can always falsely claim violence or rape. Their word is enough to convict you. However, should you be dumb enough to let your babe move in, get a Cohabitation Agreement. And make sure you are RENTING. That way, should she flake and call the cops on you, when they evict you from YOUR HOME, she will be stuck paying the rent and you will not lose the equity in a house you already paid for.

        1. “Leader of men” types are often very beta with women.
          My personal take is: either don’t get married, or if you do, make darn sure you’re alpha with your prospective wife, and not just with everybody else. Because when it comes to divorce, that’s all that really counts.

        2. So true, I’ve got great entrepreneurial men in my family who are horrible with women and let themselves get taken advantage of in a way that they never would have in business.

    3. In the martial arts world, the student must go beyond the master. In this way the art flourishes and gets stronger. Otherwise, it will stagnate.
      So too, in the real world, the son must eclipse the father.

    4. Happened to my old man. My mum died seven years ago and the legend panicked, got himself a young thing and she left him four years later. He had a good lawyer so only had to pay her 40k and walked away after that. Makes you realise if you want to go down the relationship route these days you gotta be protecting your assets.

      1. 40k for 4 years of dicking & companionship = 10k/year…
        Makes more sense to get a dog and bang hookers…

        1. 40k is just the settlement. How much did he spend on her while they were together? Probably much more. Makes your suggestion seem even smarter

        2. Do you know what’s the difference between having a dog and having a girlfriend?
          After a year, the dog is still happy to see you when you come home.

    5. White Western women are a cancer on White men and western civilization at large, they need to be bred out, I suggest looking to east Europe, central Europe and advancement in sexbots and alternative reproductive methods to send these women the way of the dodo.

      1. Amen Alex. Wait 50 or so years, when advances in technology will bring about realistic robotic female robot servants and lovers. Who would want a complaining, nagging, feminazi, imperfect-looking, obese, American biotch, when they can have a beautiful humanoid that will be programmed to be subservant and have more features to do more things and be more intellectually stimulating than the wisest of women? I hope to live to see that day.


    7. The gays think the govt gives a shit about their “rights”, it’s about getting more cash through the divorce system. Especially when men look at your dad and see marriage is no longer attractive. Sorry your dad is going through that btw.

    8. Well I hope you will stick up for him by never HELPING your mother in any way shape or form

    9. Happened to me. Thankfully no kids involved, I dodged that bullet. She was an American Woman. XD
      Happened to my brother. He pays $550pw child support, ending this year. Even so he has a home and a rental property, investments, all built up since precious was shown the door.
      Happened to a friend. He was bitching to me that $750pw child support doesn’t extend enough to cover $1k per year of school uniforms. I know that it does extend enough for her to go flying around the country 2-3 times a month for “training” and “holiday breaks”.
      Once you get over the BS and stop having to pay for precious, I can confidently say that you will be surprised what you will be capable of. When before I struggled to make sure that precious’ bills were paid (two incomes) I now have managed to do $20k of improvements on my home and invest $30k (one income). Time: 3.5 years.
      “Never, never marry my friend…marry when you’re old and good for nothing…” Tolstoy

      1. “Never, never marry my friend…marry when you’re old and good for nothing…” Tolstoy
        Fucking excellent!

    10. If he cries in your presence – slap him hard on the side of his face and tell him a real man never cries.
      Ever. For any reason.

  3. speaking from experience…. even if you do get into an LTR with a great woman… it rapidly becomes so ‘serious’ and stifling that’s it’s not worth it.
    it’s not that there are better things do to…. chasing pussy, getting rich, traveling etc… and you are selfish forgoing family and a relationship for your own personal gain…..
    it’s that any LTR becomes so negative, draining, limiting, unimaginative, old fashioned, stuffy, and fucking sucks the youth right out of you…. and that’s a good one !!!.
    so on the one hand you can have a ball, and on the other hand you are in a self created jail… even if it’s only a low security one….. pick wrong and your are in the supermax federal and haven’t see daylight in years…
    the difference between the options are not +5 or +10… it’s more like -100 or +10.

    1. “it’s not that there are better things do to…. chasing pussy, getting
      rich, traveling etc… and you are selfishly forgoing family and a
      relationship for your own personal gain.”
      Ah, yes, the deadly combination of narcissism and fatalism. At the end of your life, you will be judged by Him.

    2. Pick your Option:
      1) Marry a trophy wife = 100% screwed because of divorce
      2) Marry a homely wife = 100% screwed for lack of sexual desire
      3) Stay single = 80% screwed since no kids in your life
      4) Single father = 200% screwed because you are poor
      Option #3 is clearly the winner here.
      Any questions?

        1. Really? Because I am over 50 and never had any kids.
          Never feel like I missed out on anything at all.
          Except maybe a bunch of pablum puking, smelly diapered loud annoying rugrats. And dont forget what the female children will eventually turn into.
          No, bringing a male child into this world is a dis-service to him. Dont ruin another life to satisfy your own foolish pride.
          Having children? It just…
          Another bullshit myth — foisted upon men.

        2. Nein, you are doing him a service, what is coming is not bad at all if you are properly prepared and know how to enjoy it.
          Rejoice in the coming storm and what is coming after!
          Life was always a struggle and is best along with comrads in arms, not marriage and “good life”.

  4. “Simply put, there are absolutely no incentives for men to get married and grow old with a woman.”
    Then do not expect the white population to increase in numbers or stature anytime soon. Demographic suicide, I guess, is your preference.
    Regardless, being able to sire offspring, especially a boy, and share that experience with a female is the essence of a true alpha male.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much about that. There will always be an endless supply of blue pill suckers.

    2. White bitches are delaying family formation until it is too late to achieve replacement levels.
      Laying the blame for this demographic slow suicide on the author is the essence of a true white knight.

    3. Ugh, not this again.
      These things that are happening are out of our control. Sure, the white population dying out is sad, but if you want the truth, the white population died a long, long time ago. The death was cultural.

    4. Men with kids = pussy beta faggots.
      If for a moment you are insinuating I need to have some cunt shit out a kid from her slimy hole so I can prove I am a man..
      then fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

    5. With a female? Nope, that is Epsilon.
      Put simply, sustainable post-collapse societies are simply not going to want all these people who never wanted to have children.

  5. While I more or less agree with most of this, can we stop repeating the tired old myth that 50% of marriages end in divorce. Its not true and is based on a twisted statistic. The actual rate is estimated to be at least half that, if not lower.

      1. 50% of marriages do end in divorce, but the hidden fact lying behind that statistic is that serial divorcers have driven the rate up that high. I’ve known several people who were divorced five or six times. If you take twelve couples, and eleven stay married while one breaks up and the guy or gal divorces and remarries five or six times, you suddenly have a 50% divorce rate, even though most of those people stayed married.

        1. You have to look at the various divorce statistics. It is estimated that 41% of first marriages and in divorce; 60% of second marriages end in divorce, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce. You then have to put two and two together, and realize that the people getting those second and third divorces were the 41% of first marriages ending in divorce.
          It is also worth pointing out that of those divorced for the first time, 64% of the women divorced do so under the age of 25, and 50% of the men.
          The picture that emerges is that about half of all the first divorces are the result of a perhaps foolish marriage in youth. So. 60% of first marriages make it, and half of those that don’t were very young. Almost all of those folk remarry, and 40% of their marriages make it. 40% of 60% is 24%, so you can add that to your 60% of marriages that make it in the first place, to say that 84% of people who marry, if we forgive a mistake in early youth, manage to stay married to their partner for the greater part of their lives.

        2. No, like everything it is to be taken on a case-by-case basis. I move in extremely traditional circles. What that means, is there are very few marriageable women (most women have forsaken tradition for narcissism). But what that also means, is that the few guys who are boss enough to attract one of our women (who demand masculinity and traditional gender roles) are pretty damn sure that their marriages are going to be fine. The youngest married guy I know well, has been married ten years at this point and the marriage shows no signs of quitting. The guy is my godson, and his family was kind enough to let me live with them while I was finishing my Master’s degree. I saw their whole family’s interaction on a daily basis. They are kind, considerate, pray together twice daily, have fun together and essentially only turn the tv on twice a week to watch a dvd. They spend their time together. Their marriage will be fine.
          But if you are your average guy, with no real commitment to religion or morality or the hard personal effort required to be a virtuous person… then, chances are you married a similar woman. Chances are you prefer to spend your time on unimportant things, in separate rooms. You probably don’t have very open lines of communication with each other or the kids. Your marriage is pretty sure to sink. I hate to say it, but healthy religion (there are a lot of zombie Christians and other religious quacks) and a traditional lifestyle are essential. If you won’t commit to those, your marriage has almost no chance. If you will, it has a very good chance of being worth it. It will be the best thing you ever did.

  6. I want to say a little something that’s long overdue
    The disrespect to women has got to be through
    To all the mothers and the sisters and the wives and friends
    I want to offer my love and respect to the end

      1. It’s not even close, really. I mean, it’s like comparing apples and apples that have been left out in the sun for a few days.

        1. It just occurred to me that all my posts on this piece of shit website will show up in my Disqus history. I may have do penance by posting extensively at the Dissolve to cover them up.

        2. And people were so worried about Facebook. Now, you have a comment on ROK, and it will be there forever. Say hi to the guys back there. I am enjoying my exile here.

  7. <—– my reaction to every stupid fucking word on this article and everything else on this god forsaken moronic website.

  8. So, I was watching Girls tonight, and I think it’s a really great show. Lena Dunham is probably the most original voice currently working, and her writing really gets to the heart of the modern woman. It’s probably my favorite show currently airing.

    1. Oh, and I saw the Veronica Mars movie today. As a fan of the show, the movie was great, especially the performance by Kristen Bell, who is proving one of the most talented actors currently working. And I was pleased to see Krysten Ritter, who’s been a favorite of mine since Breaking Bad (I loved Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23), giving a great dramatic performance.

      1. Kristen Bell is really a fantastic actress. It’s too bad she’s an American woman though. 🙁

      2. And Community, what’s there to say about Community? Hilarious, that’s what. But it wouldn’t be half as funny without the three fantastically talented female actresses at the lead; Gillian Jacobs, Alison Brie, and Yvette Nicole Brown. Each knows their character inside-and-out, and they consistently give great performances each week. I’d love to see a show that’s just about them.

        1. I dunno. That Alison Brie intimidates my tiny penis with how she embraces her sexuality.

        2. It’s like she thinks she’s a human being with needs and values of her own, damn it! It’s not okay.

        1. No need to eat a Mars Bar watching Mars, it’s a sweet treat that’s hard to beat!

    2. I am really sorry everybody. I think I caused a convergence or something. Narrator, not even in the AVC “The Dunham” is adored or something. And people here are not going to troll you like in those sites that you seem to uphold.
      Again, sorry everybody. Let´s keep the conversation civilized, and trolls will go on their way to re-watch SaTC and express their love for Spike Jonze.

        1. Is “Her” for you a dystopia? Because for me, it is, and it kind of shows what this website is telling people all the time: it will end like that.

  9. What originally was meant as an allegorical critique on American foreign policy regarding the Vietnam war, portraying the country as an unstable woman, the dust of the 20th century has settled and we can now analyze the song in a more literal way.
    Serious question: this has to be satire, right?

    1. Is any member of the Guess Who on Twitter? If any of them are, someone tweet this article to them. They’ll get a kick out of it.

        1. Hell, if Lenny Kravitz is on Twitter, tweet it to him too. Spread this bitch around.

    2. It started out innocently, constantly striking up awkward conversations,
      trying to buy her attention with gifts and promises, then turned
      serious with stalking, threats, attempts at controlling, or sometimes

      Because if romcoms taught me anything, stalkers are just misunderstood romantics.

  10. But let’s get serious. We kid, but behind it all, we know that females are the infinitely superior breed of humans. We hope our message isn’t obscured by all this kidding, only helped. Thank you all, and bow before your high heel-wearing overlords.

  11. “Recently, a UK study
    concluded that divorced men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol,
    have high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and are 39% more
    likely to commit suicide.”
    Sounds a hell of a lot better than marriage to me, and I’ve been there and done that! 😀

        1. I think I speak for every man in America when I say let Britta sing her awkward song.

  12. I always wondered why guys who hate women with a burning passion don’t just date their best friend.
    Surely nature can handle two alpha bros or whatever you call it.

    1. Hahaha! Dave the Douchebag Tweeted a link to this article to Burton Cummings, the singer for the Guess Who. No matter how the band backpedaled, IMO this song was actually about American women, not politics. Their explanation of it was retroactive, after women started whining. I bet Cummings would find this piece amusing.

    2. I’m sorry to hear you’re so insecure that the slightest thing to offend your weak male pride causes you to lash out at others. I hope you find a nice man one day who treats you right.

      1. Hahahaha, I see many cats in this one’s future. Always the bride’s maid, never the bride.

    3. lmao, there’s something really offputting about dudes trolling a website on behalf of the establishment approved, politically correct viewpoint. It’s just highly incongruent at its core.
      Come on “DavetheDouchebag”, you’re too much of a goodie-goodie momma’s boy to be acting this way. Behave yourself.

    4. What’s it like being you? Do you wake up every day and curse the world that your fedora has grown too big to fit?
      That’s low hanging fruit.
      What’s it like hating women anyway? Like, how does that work? I’m confused what being so petty and childish around women is going to do, considering you are apparently straight. Or a self hating gay man. I’m just, I’m just wondering how your brain works.
      This is the part where you ban me and go “I am beardo, I am many much alpha. Fear my alphaness.” Then cry yourself to sleep because women are scary and confusing and why don’t they love me I’m sexy and alpha.

        1. Notice he responds to the least challenging comment. If he had a picture you’d see the Beta stamp on his forehead.

      1. Why does it irk so you badly that his opinion and lifestyle is as it is? What compels your curiosity to comment freely on a website when other options are limitless?
        What does it say about YOU?
        What does it say about how you feel about your own life? Does a happy person demand answers from others? Are you working out your own issues?
        Do you use sarcasm as an attempt to cover up your own insecurities? Do you need other people to agree with you in order to feel good about yourself? Are you unfulfilled without the approval of other people? Do you have your own thinking ability or do you try to fit a mold that is socially acceptable?
        are you afraid?

      2. Why do you resort to name calling? Does a confident and secure person need to call other people names who he disagrees with?
        Assumptions, name calling, emotional reactivity, easily offended, needing constant re-assurance. What type of person holds these habits and qualities? How would you describe them?

      3. Hahahahahah
        Look up “Where have all the good men gone?” articles on google. There have not been many the past three years.
        Know why?
        Because women know the truth. Their ship has sailed.
        Your references to fedoras are laughable. Because you now realize one of our few eras where men were men. Women were happy.
        Your feminism is dying. I don’t care if you notice. In fact, I prefer you don’t. Seeing your pain will be that much sweeter.
        If you want to see petty and childish, look up the View’s Sharon Osbourne on the View.
        I don’t ever hear you bitching about stuff like that. That is why men see that, and the bachelor BS, and they are walking away. ANd pumping and dumping your princesses!
        So insult away. Like any loser on the basket ball court, the game is over, I just direct you to the scoreboard.
        1. We have ample whores with which to avoid marriage with.
        2. Women today are miserable, we own you, you just don’t realize it…yet.
        3. You have flooded our ranks for decades through the divorce grinder, and it is coming to a halt.
        4. Government is running out of ways to pay for sluts. Uncle Bingo is coming to collect the checks. Good luck with that.
        We here know the truth. No amount of feminist shaming is going to stave off what we know is coming. So talk away. It will make seeing you suffer that more enjoyable.

    5. My fault. They are all men anyway. They followed me from the AV Club (where I was banned 2 days ago) and from The Dissolve. For some reason, the commentariat in The AVC is kind of… “powerful”. Two days of these guys in here and ROK will reach the top charts. I´ll say “let them do it”, but your site, your rules. (I kid not, these guys crying in the Internet have the power of many Tuth articles).

    6. Good thinking but it’s hard not being able to answer. It’s a good exersize in self control though

    7. Trolling til we cry huh? I suppose this means we can expect another crop of the usual “You’re a big gay virgin who’s scared of women and lives in your mothers basement wearing a fedora” style comments from this guy and his friend.
      Never mind, Im sure they will wear themselves out pretty quickly with all the congratulatory back patting from their victory against the Patriarchy, and we can get back to our misogyny in peace.


    9. More like dave the dumbass. What misogyny? Just ignore the trolls, don’t feed them.

  13. I am in Europe right now for the first time in 15 years, the women are SO much fatter in the United States. The only good states for women in the U.S now are like Texas, Oklahoma, Utah etc. NYC is only good for banging tourists…

  14. Burton wrote and performed lots of good songs, very realistic concerning u.s. and canadien women, and not shy.
    She’s Come Undone
    No Sugar/New Mother Nature
    I know a nonverbal autistic kid, who since age five, when mad at his mother, would put American Woman on d.v.d. and loop it awhile
    Very effective!

  15. I still don’t get why you guys just don’t date each other and cut out the middle man. You’d clearly be happier with a boyfriend than a wife.

    1. Wow, even more homophobic language as part of an attempt to insult and troll.
      Guess you really don’t care about an end to gay taunts and bullying, eh, feminist?

  16. For a site so based around being manly and “alpha”, you guys are terrified of women.
    It’s kind of adorable.

  17. So, is this no responding to females thing like a callback to high school when they didn’t talk to you?

    1. Haha, how’s that Twitter-led trolling campaign against this article going for you….lulz

  18. what id like to learn is how do the few men that actually won their cases do it?
    I look through the comment sections of these divorce threads and its always a woman with some sob story and everyone takes pity and gets sources. Now I wanna know the loop holes and moves that put the odds in our favor.
    Is there a lawyer among us on how to beat our female counterparts in the court game?
    if a guy does lose his court case he should just quit his job so she wont get any money from him or just disappear in thailand. Lets see what the government does when important skilled men opt out from the labour force. let the “strong independent woman” do it

    1. There are some threads on MRA forums where folks discuss how to get the best possible result from the divorce system, which you can read. The gist seems to be that you have to get way out in front of it and be very proactive – start converting and hiding assets, make your income temporarily lower, move your important documents and heirlooms out on the sly to a storage space or friend’s house so she can’t preemptively steal them, never be alone with the wife once filing takes places to guard against fake DV claims, etc etc.
      If you are reading some women b*tching about their divorce result, the guys probably did some of these techniques.

      1. That part is true, but the maneuvering you have to do in family court can’t be taught. It must be learned. Most “father’s rights” attorneys are scam artists who know they have to work with those a holes after you are done. So more often than not, you are taken to the cleaners no matter what.
        Essentially, you have to read legal documents for years, even with an attorney, and speak up to represent yourself. They don’t like it, but if they don’t represent you well, you have to represent yourself.
        If you are not living where the court battle happens, say like within a couple hours drive or less…hire an attorney. There will be no option. Her attorney will just file, and say they could not find you.

    2. Survived a 10 year marriage, and deserve a purple heart for my bravery. Somehow I made it through with my property, my cars, and my life not destroyed in the process. May never get married again, or atleast stay single until I’m 40 years old, but at this rate I never see myself marrying another woman again. Its just pointless, with the risks that are involved.

  19. Yes. No man should become entrapped by a woman. It’s just not a healthy lifestyle. This is why I only have sex with other men.

  20. To be honest, I don’t think American women are going to put up much of a fight in your requests for them to stay away from you.

  21. This was unfortunate article, poorly written with a lot of exaggerated stereotypes about millions of people that the writer claims to be a pure fact. My only hope is that one day this Mr. ephemerae (if that is his real name) can one day see the error of his ways.
    P.S. the fact that I see an ad for a dating service right below this article (and not too far below a paragraph describing the dangers of men trying to seek out women) is hilarious and I thank this website for providing such a terrific moment of unintentional comedy.

  22. This song still applies as an allegorical critique on American foreign policy.
    These day, it even more literally refers to American Women. Other countries do not want the American feminist state imposing its outrageously destructive “ideals” on them. The US military these days is nothing more than a power projection of the feminist state. I hope young men learn not to join the military for an ungrateful feminist state that thinks it is owed the limbs and lives of young men.
    Meanwhile, I am quite looking forward to Putin taking over Kiev. Things will be rough for a while, but the will eventually settle down. Putin will put up an iron curtain to keep out the West’s corruption feminist ideology. But he will also keep Ukraine poor enough that the beautiful women there will be looking for a way out. They’ll have their conservative values in tact while still being beautiful.
    Putin is the best thing that has ever happened to American men that like to shop for women in Eastern Europe.

    1. also, don’t forget that the soon-to-come international sanctions will drive the rouble down ever further, thus making it even cheaper to live there. booyah!

      1. Too bad the west depends on Russia more than Russia depends on the west. If that wasn´t the case already, these sanctiosn would have happened immediately.
        In fact, US astronauts gets to the US space station thanks to Russian crafts and US military needs machinery imported from the russian federation.
        Thought I doubt “american” women will be that popular in Russia.

    2. Too bad you forgot just one thing, the moment they move to the US, the “rule of law” gives them the upper hand and exposed to feminist corruption in full, your money will belong to her…
      Beside, your wealth is soon going to the seized, there are far fewer and less paid jobs and politial correctness (meaning White males comes last) is going to be much worst.
      if they move to that, they obviously have zero conservative thinking.
      And if you are caught by Bandera-worshippers…

  23. THis song has been in my playlist recently because it reminds me of how low these slits have sunk. It motivates me to get up out of this Animal Farm bitch.

  24. I think it’s cute that the author thinks for even a second that the Guess who weren’t sucking commie dick back in the 60’s. They were on the bandwagon with most such musicians, who somehow thought eliminating religion, possessions, ethics, the military, marriage, responsibility, and technology would magically lead to unicorns and rainbows and peace and humanity forever and ever amen.
    The only unicorns and rainbows they ever saw were in their heads, just before their brains shut down from overdose.
    Frankly, I wish John Lennon had been shot ten years earlier.

    1. The 60’s hippie culture washed out but they had the right message…
      Keep supporting the Gov. until they lock you up in a FEMA camp for speaking against them as a “terrorist”.
      Also you wished Lennon was killed earlier?
      You are not a man, you are a roach.

      1. The hippies hated government because they hated all authority and structure and truth… not for any rational reason.
        To say that the hippies had “the right message” because one, small part of their message happened to be right for the wrong reasons, is absurd. These are the people that put the nail in Western Civilization’s coffin.

        1. The hippies hated authority that they weren’t a part of. The “anti-authoritarians” of the ’60s and ’70s are the ones in positions of power today and are definitely not anti-authority.

        2. Their favorite bumper-sticker in the 70’s was “Question Authority”.
          When their stupid leaders finally gained power, it has become “DON’T QUESTION MY AUTHORITY!”

      2. Are you serious? Lennon was pushing for communism, was in love with Maoist China and Stalin, and even wrote a song about how great it would be to fuck up America.
        I am not saying he wasn’t artistically creative. Many brilliant Artists are fucking retarded, he just refused to keep his stupidity private where it belongs.
        Sometimes I wonder if Artistic Creativity is simply part of ASD. The price you pay is in logic.

    2. “Imagine all the people Living for today”
      The Grasshopper and the Ant fable, but without a moral.
      “Imagine no possessions”
      Really? What are you supposed to eat? Is food your possession after you swallow it into your body? Is your own body your possession? That would make assault and rape laws pretty shady.
      Yes, John Lennon was a commie fool.

  25. Thank you for not mentioning Lenny Kravitz’s lame version. Though I’m sure angry American women would still gladly let Kravitz pump-and-dump them in a heartbeat….further proving this song’s poignancy.

    1. I found neither version of the song a good example for the point the author was trying to get across.


        1. I am truly impressed with the compliance and willpower shown by (most) everyone here so far in regards to your new edict Roosh.
          Congratulations gentleman. The comments sections have improved dramatically.

  27. What man with any self worth wants a cum dumpster for anything more than a cum dumpster?

  28. If every beta male could live one day in the shoes of an alpha male and see how even the “committed” females of any age eye fucking him, he will NEVER think of actually marrying an American woman…

    1. There are better things than marriage.
      The sound of your jackboot on the enemy´s throat, see their men cry, not to protect any family but for the cheer enjoyement of it, children being a necessary mean and warriors of the future.

  29. These articles on the feral American woman are getting old. American women are worthless, pope shits in woods.

  30. For all the dudes that are like, marry an Asian woman… what about your kids. If you have a boy the kid is going to suffer. And honestly you can’t really say that Asian women are the shit if they are so ready to abandon their own men. Most of them seem pretty happy to do it.
    Fuck all women, whatever.
    half asian dude

  31. RoK, where ” divorced men are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, have high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes, and are 39% more likely to commit suicide” means that these are results of a divorce and not contributing factors

  32. In my town there is a classic rock radio station. Whenever “American Woman” plays, I turn up the volume in my car and hope white women hear the song.

  33. My buddy told me a story I found humorous. He has been briefly married, No kids, got divorced. Later in life, 30’s, he met a great gal and they got serious. Before he married her, he gave her an ultimatum.
    He said, “I go to races with my friends and once a year we have a Guys weekend. You have a problem with that? Because I’m gonna keep doing it and if you do, tell me now. We’ll make it simple, I won’t marry you”.
    She didn’t. In fact, I beleive him “laying down the law”, prior to becoming a husband, actually made her respect him more. I’m not an expert, I only see the results.
    Compliant, Respectful, obedient and loving and he treats her like HIS queen.

  34. 2nd best tell off of an American woman in cinema history (“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” is number one).

  35. “You keep me searching for a heart of gold, and i’m growing old.” – Neil Young

  36. The first step to getting a divorce is signing the marriage docs lol until I have a c can filled with money buried in my backyard plus a prenup ill never sign my life away. Fuuuuck that shit

  37. See Canadian men get somethings right. Dudes, travel. Fucking travel man. Then watch and learn from the men there, try it yourself and you’ll be a happy!
    Foreign woman vs American woman, what’s the difference? R-E-S-P-E-C-T.
    Yes, respect. In Russia or Latino or Arab culture, women dress up for their man. In Arab culture, women may veil, but when its time to see their husband, at home there is no veil, but a beautiful dress, make-up, gold jewelery and heels..Russian, Latino women dress up, go to the gym. Looking good for your man is a sign of respect in other cultures. Outside America, if women want respect, like a man opening the door for them or not splitting a bill for drinks, they respect the guy by dressing up, showing up on time, etc.
    Respect goes both ways. American women stay with a man loooong after they should have broken up as its not working, and say “let’s do counseling” “lets communicate better” “lets make it work”. Honey, if there is no respect, it ain’t gonna work! Many (as you see the Tinderella article, don’t respect themselves, then get mad that others don’t. If it doesn’t work, then dump, it doesn’t get better. Foreign women move on from disprespectful men pretty quickly — and if all men are disrespectful, they ask their brothers and male cousins what’s wrong with them and then go fix it, like going to the gym.
    American women scream ” LOVE ME AS I AM” – and how do they expect a hetrosexual male to love and make love to a killer whale? When healthy female friends of mine that go to the gym and post selfies of their hard work, they hate on them, try to get them banned on facebook, call going to the gym “an unrealistic body type.” Honey, getting your ass off that coach is realistic, you are just lazy, so stop hating on others because you are lazy. I HATE this horrible trend called “No make-up selfie” – wtf is that! They also hate on actress friends for “being unrealistic hollywood types.” Girls, how about you meet my friends, they cook their own meals, go to the gym, take youtube lessons on make-up and save up for professional artist make-up brushes, and read books to find what clothes suit them. You could teach a monkey that.
    It’s realistic, unlike useless university degrees that women are expected to take that make them debt slaves forever. US women should stop hating and being lazy.
    I was in US, God help you guys. Maybe we should start a kickstarter campaign to help poor American men stuck with debts in the land of land whales to travel and meet real women. Natural selection and Darwinism will then breed these whiny spoiled rhinoceroses out of the gene pool. Let’s fund-raise to send good men abroad, to prevent these elephants from breeding!

  38. Let’s start a kickstarter campaign to help poor American men stuck with debts
    in the land of land whales to travel and meet real women. Natural
    selection and Darwinism will then breed these whiny spoiled rhinoceroses
    out of the gene pool! Let’s fund-raise to send good men abroad, to
    prevent these elephants from breeding! To kickstarter! Arm the barricades! Forward march!

  39. Which is to say nothing of the continuation of despicable American foreign policy. Good article, in any case.

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