France’s Cucked Presidential Frontrunner Is Married To A Woman 24 Years Older Than Him

A 39-year-old former Rothschild banker walks into a bar (and the French Presidential race) with his 63-year-old wife. No, this isn’t a joke, except for maybe the bar part. “Centrist” Emmanuel Macron has been catapulted to frontrunner status in the lead-up to the April 23 vote. France is thus at serious risk of electing a globalist, pro-open borders SJW to its highest political office.

Support for perennial dark horse Marine Le Pen remains steady, but poll after poll shows Macron will easily defeat her if both make it to the second round. Despite all of us supporting Le Pen, opinion at Return Of Kings is divided on whether she will actually win. I for one believe that if both Macron and Le Pen make it to the second round, the latter will lose. Should that happen, fellow ROK columnist Jean-Batave Poqueliche will owe me five beers next time I am in France.

The previous frontrunner, Les Républicains’ François Fillon, is embroiled in allegations of corruption and will have to meet French investigators soon. For practical and political reasons (he is about as rightwing as a centre-right politician will go), I think it is better that Fillon, not Le Pen, wins the first round and perhaps even the Presidency. The two-round nature of French Presidential elections (unless a candidate wins a majority of votes the first time) means that a preliminary victory for Le Pen could still result in a loss to Emmanuel Macron in the second round.

Macron’s marriage is a perfect advertisement for France’s non-existent birthrate

No words.

France faces an existential crisis, with its flagging birthrate and surging numbers of ethnic “minorities” threatening to turn it into a majority-Muslim state within a few generations. Macron’s marriage to the geriatric Brigitte Trogneux is a microcosm of this demographic disaster. Though she already has children (whom she conveniently uprooted to pursue Macron), the couple are pursuing catastrophic political policies, like open borders à la Angela Merkel, that do nothing to preserve French identity and culture and actually destroy them.

Sadly, it would seem that other very thirsty French men are following the Presidential candidate’s lead. A number are now opting for older women, further reducing the chances of plugging the gap in numbers between older generations and the young. We’ve all heard the stories of French capitulation and helplessness in World War II and, to a lesser extent, World War I, but 21st century France is falling over like never before. This is unfortunate, as post-war French leaders in particular had a reputation for being tireless crusaders against leftist terror tactics. President Charles de Gaulle, for example, famously stared down millions of radical leftists in 1968.

Emmanuel Macron is simply a rebranded leftist globalist

Emmanuel Macron worked for the most virtue-signaling and cucked President in history (a title he may soon steal), but tells us he’s a centrist now.

Part of Macron’s appeal to French voters is that he pretends to be a centrist, whatever that means. Yet this charlatan is a former member of the Socialist Party, whose allegiance to corporations goes hand-in-hand with his appallingly cucked positions on excessive immigration, “refugees,” and other social malaises. He infamously claimed this year that Angela Merkel’s open door policy saved Europe’s “dignity.” He has also attacked Donald Trump, who, unlike Macron, would not respond to terror attacks like those in Paris and Nice by maintaining and increasing the number of migrants refusing to assimilate.

Macron’s economic credentials are laughable, too. Having been a member of the Hollande Socialist government, he publicly supported the bloated French welfare system for too long. Now he insists that he is the man to reduce public spending. More and more, Emmanuel Macron comes across as a political chameleon whose party, En Marche!, serves more as a personal vehicle than a cohesive ideological organization. One thing that has remained perfectly consistent, however, is his devotion to sucking France’s ethnic base and cultural history dry.

And so the protracted, gurgling death of France continues

Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse for France, after five years of François Hollande, Emmanuel Macron may make it even worse. I am happy to be corrected, yet I think Macron will soon live in the Élysée Palace. I would be thrilled to lose my bet with Jean-Batave Poqueliche, just as I was thrilled to see Donald Trump defy my prediction for most of the election cycle that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.

Nonetheless, even if both Le Pen and Fillon lose, France at least has some organizational potential to fight back against Macron. The problem is that time is of the essence. Waiting until 2022 to rectify five years of Emmanuel Macron is not the road France needs. What it also does not need is a cucked President married to a woman old enough to be his mother.

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  1. Back in 1890, Ragnar Redbeard wrote,
    “Look over at France where (with the growth of government supervision) the absolutism of the husband is attenuated to a mere fiction — and what do you see? A nation steeped in communistic eroticism, as in a stygian sewer. French women are notoriously
    unfaithful, and the most horrible sexual lusts are practiced and pleasantly laughed at.There promiscuity results in barrenness; and this, when supplemented by correlated self-sterilization,is rapidly transmuting the once all-powerful Frankish Confederacy, into a
    feeble and decaying tribe of wasted marasma-struck manglings, sheltering themselves beneath the all-protecting wing of an Asiatic Despot.”

  2. These the same polls that showed Brexit would fail dismally and Hillary had a 98% chance of winning the election?
    What I hear out of France (and a bit out of Germany) is that Le Pen has those silent supporters that carried Trump to his landslide and Brexit to its 4-point victory.

    1. “that carried Trump to his 3 million popular vote loss and subsequent placement in the White House via a electoral college technicality.”
      Fixed that for you.

        1. Whenever you’d like to return to reality, we who live here will welcome you and give you a tour. It’s a nice place to live.
          tl;dr: Stop reading Breitbart.

        2. Breitbart? I grew up in Texas – I just asked the illegals. It’s nice when you have the right accent and enough Spanish to pass for Mexican – you get so much insight.

        3. Regressive liberalism is cancer. And illegals voting for the Clinton crime family’s matriarch does not count as popular vote.

        4. I smell someone who’s brain is poisoned with untruths.
          Check out what Pew Research had to say about the U.S. electoral process. You probably won’t, because it will challenge your confirmation bias, but click on this anyways.

          Takeaway: Trump supporters simply have less faith in elections than other people do. That why you guys were prepared to contest a Clinton win, and that’s why you’re even contesting the circumstances of a Trump win.
          tl;dr Trump supporters feel aggrieved about everything. But no country can run on grievance.

        5. I don’t have CNN and don’t watch it except in airports. But I do believe in facts — and they’re being drowned out in a sea of ridiculous propaganda on both sides of the aisle.

        6. We get it, the entire process is rigged. Politicians are nothing but puppets. Of the choices the plebes like us were given, Trump was the superior pick. You can knit pick, but consider the alternative of Hillary winning for a moment.

        7. Trump is a brain-damaged 70-yr-old cable news addict who cannot distinguish between fact and conspiracy. He’s a pathological liar. ANYBODY would be more competent. Thanks to the 25th Amendment, we’ll have someone slightly more competent soon, whether Pence or Ryan.

        8. Ever looked at Twitter? There’s about 300 million of us all over the world, all saying the same thing. However, it seems that I’m the only one in the manosphere who is willing to see this mental defective and pathological liar for what he really is.

        9. its not 300 million, its more like 300 key influencers who get their posts re-tweeted by 299,999,700 dummies

        10. I just want to break down a bit the claims you are making, if that’s okay:
          – Trump is brain-damaged, which is to say he’s entirely mentally incompetent. Implicitly, whatever he says or does is either literally insane or the work of puppet masters.
          – He’s a cable-news addict. (Possible, granted, but it does make one wonder why he does so much to go around the cable news.)
          – He cannot distinguish between fact and conspiracy, meaning that he’s psychotic and paranoid.
          – He’s a pathological liar, indicating that he not only lies consistently but is essentially incapable of truth (for he does not distinguish between truth and lie).
          – Anybody (assuming you mean any politician, not literally babies and retarded murderers) would be more competent.
          – Twitter reflects the opinions of 300M real people with 100% accuracy, and all of these people unanimously agree with the above claims.
          – Everyone else in the manosphere is deluded.
          Am I understanding these correctly?

        11. Oh, that Hillary or Bernie would’ve been so much better. Of the options given, the right person won the job. Debating on the internet solves nothing.

        12. Addendum: it does not count as a claim, but you assert with confidence that Trump will soon be unable to serve as President. As I understand it, the only mechanisms by which that could be true are if he were impeached or incapacitated.
          Do you expect an assassination, or do you think he’s likely to be the first President successfully impeached?

        13. They’re actually lucky if their tweets are viewed by half that many people. We know that various news agencies have been caught buying views and retweets (both on social media and their own pages), so it could be far smaller than the numbers currently suggest.

        14. It’s way smaller. Most of the MSM’s online newspapers have stopped allowing people to comment. Why? Because when they try to tell you Global Warming is real, or Trump is insane, or any of the other millions of lies they try to sell us, the scathing comments by people who call “bullshit” outnumber the paid commenters’ lapdog comments by about 10-1…it’s about what they can make it look like, not what it actually is. Control the perception, control the sheeple. Etc.

        15. And Twitter is explicitly politically oriented. They’ve been rolling out policies over the past months to hide comments from feeds (shadow deleting posts, selectively promoting tweets, hiding trending hashtags, etc.)
          They say numbers don’t lie, but it’s just so easy to manipulate the numbers.

        16. Yup. When Twitter first came out, I thought, “Ooh, a new way for the elite to control and shape the narrative and spy on everybody while they do it…” Mission accomplished.

        17. That’s why we don’t see Hillary supporters still contesting and protesting the election, I guess. Because Trump supporters are the ones who feed off of grievance. smh

        18. He can’t help himself, he’s only taken a small nibble of the Red Pill, but not enough to get over his love of the Female Ego Write Large Into Politics, or as we refer to it in short hand, Leftism. He can grasp that his wife fucked him over, but can’t quite see that her exact mindset is the default condition required to adopt and practice Leftism.

        19. I used to think impeached, but he may be removed for mental incapacity instead. He’s living on the knife’s edge of a mental breakdown. Look at how his handlers have to be sure that he sees enough praise about himself every day. That’s not the mark of a healthy individual.
          Howard Stern knows him well and revealed recently that he told Trump NOT to run for president for fear of what it would do to his mental health.

        20. I would enjoy pulling your tongue out with a pair of pliers, you vile, lying, cocksucking troll.

        21. I would think that grievance is more appropriate if your candidate won the popular vote but never got to hold office.
          The candidate who lost the popular vote but got sworn in got LUCKY. His supporters should recognize that and stop bitching about imaginary massive voter fraud.

        22. Looking at the text of the 25th Amendment, I have to add that Trump could file a written declaration to the Senate and House that he is unable to discharge his duties. He would remain president, but Pence would become Acting President until such time as Trump filed a declaration contradicting the first.
          Otherwise, impeachment or death look like the only players. They could try to impeach him for insanity, I suppose, but I doubt they’d make that play unless they were certain it would work.
          I still fear another assassination attempt is the most likely way Trump is removed from power. That’s disconcerting, and those who promote the notion are both dangerous and (legally speaking, at the least) traitorous.

        23. How long have you been around jammy? I’m pushing 60. I have seen and studied enough to realize that you can’t trust any of them on either side of the aisle. If you believe Hillary was a better choice for president, then you are delusional. That woman is a ruthless criminal with the compassion and morals of a rattlesnake. She has covered for her rapist husband for years to secure her own position and wealth. Remember him? The guy that wanted to strip you of your right to keep and bear arms? So does his wife. Why? So she can push us around without fear of meaningful reprisal. So if you don’t understand the historical significance of an armed populace or the very real deterrent that provides against crime and tyranny, you need to go and do some serious studying on the subject. Then you’ll swallow the rest of the red pill. Even though I don’t agree with many of Trump’s policies, he supports my right to keep and bear arms. That’s the key deal breaking issue for me, because once that right is gone, the prison camps follow…

        24. You criticize others for using personal anecdotes, but suddenly its okay when Howard Stern uses one? By your logic when you said conservative websites are emotionally compromised, couldn’t you say the same for Stern since he voted Hillary? How do you know for sure hes not just another liberal elitist pushing the exact same narrative as 90% of the celebrities?
          Its not like he has any definitive or circumstantial evidence for Trump’s mental illness.

        25. I don’t have confirmation bias with respect to the electoral process. It is spelled out for you in the constitution. It was done this way to prevent “true democracy” which, to paraphrase Madison, will have a death that is as violent as its life is short. True democracy is mob rule. People in the cities, the so-called “blue areas”, typically have very little contact with the land, do not understand rural life and are in no position to tell me or my neighbors how to live. In fact they may tell me I can’t live on the land at all, and need to move to a little concrete box in town just like them. That’s not freedom, that’s a dictatorship and it has happened too many times in the past for my liking. Therefore the majority of denizens of these urban areas cannot be allowed an unfettered referendum to impose their will on the minority of us in “flyover country.” The Electoral College is our system to stop that nonsense and if you don’t like it, expatriate or work to change it. But don’t spew sour grapes when things work like they’re supposed to and you don’t get the outcome you want.

        26. You are a dyed-in-the-wool conservative if gun ownership is the single most important issue in your life. That’s just who you are, and that’s who you’re going to be. Your identity is tied up with your weapons, and you can’t imagine life without them.
          To centrists and Democrats and everybodys else, there are a hundred other issues that are more pressing and more damaging to the average American than expanding open-carry laws.
          Agreed about lack of trust on both sides. Still, I take great delight in mocking anybody worshipping at the altar of Trump, since he’s the most transparent bullshitter of them all, bar none.

        27. Thanks GOJ, I should have known. He apparently doesn’t understand that the very system he seems to want more of enabled her to F him over.

        28. I’m not complaining about the process. It was executed fairly, with minimum problems.
          My problem is with the character of the mental defective that currently sits in the Oval Office. If we encounter a natural disaster, a war, or a terrorist attack, the country will be unable to unite behind him.

        29. GOJ equates views of women with political philosophy. There’s no connection between them — a man who understands the nature of women doesn’t automatically start voting Republican. Quite the opposite–think of all the white knight churchians who have no idea how women think, yet who faithfully pull that handle for GOP every two years. And then recall that the states with the highest rate of divorce are red states. So that’s his fallacy.
          The truth is that I had strong political opinions before, during, and after my short marriage — as do most people in my family. Nothing has changed that.

        30. I read the article. Summary: the U.S. ranks 11 out of a possible 12. The countries that ranked 12 are predominately “progressive”, which is a
          the euphemism for leftist / socialist. The Pew Research Center is closely associated with National Public Radio which is notoriously “progressive.” Who’s suffering from confirmation bias here?

        31. Oh, and I didn’t vote for Trump. He was the lesser of two evils and I cannot in good conscience vote for evil. I voted Constitution Party, since individual liberty, strictly limited government and low taxes are the most important things to me. Neither the Demoplicans or the Republicrats offer what I want. Although Trump is better on gun rights than Billary, that doesn’t make me a “supporter”.

        32. Dude, Pew Research is nonpartisan and it takes no policy positions. It says it right at the bottom of their front page.

          Stop grasping at straws to protest, stop cherrypicking, stop believing the world looks one way when things are actually quite different. Start educating yourself with FACTS.

        33. You cite their own statement on their own webpage to prove they aren’t biased?

        34. This guy/girl is obviously a shill. Trump still has work to do if he really doesn’t work for the fake jews or the banking clans. It would be hard pressed to believe that a billionaire has the interests of the common people in mind, even one so humorous as Teflon D. I like Trump alot, but there is something going on we don’t see, his children are all married to jews, maybe he did this to buy himself immunity when he would later attack their white genocide plan, who knows?

        35. “Dude” anyone (and that includes organizations because they are made up of people) that tells you they are non-partisan or don’t have an agenda are lying to you.

        36. Its not the “views of women” here, it’s the thought process. In short, intent and emotion are more important than action and/or result. This fallacy is undeniably evident in collectivist philosophy and worldview.
          Your bit about ‘churchians’ and divorce rate is irrelevant to GOJ’s claim.

        37. The churchians vote GOP yet pedestalize their women. According to GOJ’s reasoning, they’re red-pill politically but not personally (he thinks the opposite of me).
          My point: There’s no connection between one’s personal view of women and one’s political bent.

        38. Again, the source you cite itself is biased. Wikipedia is lousy with SJWism.

        39. Quite right. It is the difference between critical thinking / weighing the evidence or simply “feeling”. Feeling will get you into all kinds of trouble.

        40. That is not what GoJ said, and your reasoning is flawed. Even if taking the Red Pill makes you vote GOP (which I don’t believe and which GoJ did not say in that comment above), that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone who votes GOP must be Red Pilled.

        41. I don’t need to poison the well. The well is already poisoned. The well poisoned itself and it is damn proud of how much poison it has.

        42. We’re not debating what one group or another thinks ABOUT a woman, its a matter of one group thinking LIKE a woman. Collectivist theory reflects the flawed reasoning of the feminine mind.
          How the practitioners of this foolishness feel towards women is irrelevant.

        43. That Pew study was done shortly before the election, when the vast majority of the media said Hillary was going to win and Trump was going to lose, and there were rumors of potential voter fraud and possible cheating coming from both sides. It makes since that, in that heated climate with those prominent factors, Clinton supporters would respond to a poll saying that people should trust election outcomes and that Trump supporters would respond with distrust. If you took that same poll today, the numbers would likely be reversed. Also, nothing in the poll results stated that “Trump supporters feel aggrieved about everything,” that was just your own personal bias.

        44. Actually GOJ understands that seeing truth applies in all realms and not just in regard to women. This has nothing to do with the GOP, that’s your boogeyman, not mine, I’m of the mind that a lot of the ‘conservatives’ are every bit as silly as all of you Leftists when it comes to women and politics both. So that’s your fallacy.
          As bem notes, it’s the thought process. The overall mindset of the Left is highly feminine, as well as it’s methods of discourse and needs determination. It’s like somebody graphed out Eve’s brain and gave it a political label.

        45. Wrong. You keep throwing out the GOP totem as if it were true. It’s not. I’ve voted GOP before, and I’ve voted Dem before, and many times I’ve voted third party. You on the other hand are fully embracing a feminist world view and feminized political view, and you can’t even see it, all you do is sneer at the GOP which, I’m just noting, were never in discussion here since they’re irrelevant. Even if I were some stalwart Republican, Argumentum Tu Quoque is a logical fallacy.

        46. First sentence is a perfect summary of the point I was attempting to make.

        47. I agree, we do need a younger President.
          Would be much better with a 69 year old Alzheimer patient!

        48. Feelings instead of thinking – check
          A matronly need to protect people from their own actions – check
          Inability to assign blame where individuals fail and cast about looking for ways to be a victim – check
          “Equality” – check
          Emotional outbursts when cornered – check
          Describes women to a T.

        49. You mean the left won’t be able to unite behind him. Good. Fuck em. We don’t need a bunch of ignorant, lazy people who regurgitate whatever information they see in the mainstream.
          If you don’t support Trump, and you’re a man, I seriously question your masculinity. There were no better options on the Republican ticket. Cruz, Rubio, Bush, and Kasich were all faggots. So that leaves good ole Jew boy Bernie Sanders and that money-whore Clinton.
          No thanks.

        50. He’s just regurgitating the semi-latest new trend in Leftist circles. They keep throwing shit at the wall trying to see if something will stick. I believe that the 25th Amendment thing first surfaced a couple of weeks ago.
          They all pretend to be independent thinkers, but their spew is boilerplate that’s easily tracked down. Thank God for the internet and how it’s exposed so much of their Hivemind to the general view the last 20 years.

        51. No that means that everyone of these organizations has a particular agenda they are pushing (usually evidenced by the name of the organization). To attempt to conflate my previous post with “every one of these organizations is filled with liars” is a logical fallacy. This is a typical liberal method of argumentation. It does not work on most of us here. Try again.

        52. “You on the other hand are fully embracing a feminist world view and feminized political view”
          Dude, you’re confusing me with a raging leftist. Haven’t I made it clear that I’m a CENTRIST? Yes, people must take responsibility for their own actions. But I also am insistent that a good government helps set a level playing field so that people can get a decent start for a life of responsibility.
          You think those two statements are mutually exclusive, and that’s YOUR shortcoming. They can coexist quite well. Obama was a good example of man who demanded personal reponsibility as well as responsible government.

        53. Nota bene: There’s no truth in political philosophy. There’s merely competing systems.

        54. “That 25th Amendment thing?” You mean that outlines the process by which a president may be removed? That “thing” is a “trend”?
          Yes, opinions are shared by groups of people. Your political opinions are shared by a lot of rural uneducated white men. (Not deriding; that’s just factual.) My opinions are shared by a lot of college-educated urban city dwellers. (Factual too.) So let’s stop critcizing lack of independent thought. Everybody belongs to a tribe.

        55. People like to say “uneducated white men”… many do you know? Have you met many?
          No, I suspect this is a media-driven trope…no less odious than the “welfare queen”…

        56. “anyone (and that includes organizations because they are made up of people) that tells you they are non-partisan … are lying to you”
          Don’t nitpick. You wrote the above words. All non-partisan individuals and organizations are lying about their non-partisanship. Got it.

        57. Personal responsibility from his opponents only. Expanding welfare and Medicaid are not exactly demanding personal responsibility.

        58. One characteristic of all the leftists I’ve known is how they insist their views are the balanced common sense ones.

        59. Bem, I grew up in the Midwest, spending four months a year in the forests, fields, and lakes. My two best friends were uneducated blue collar, and I went on vacations with them, and their fathers taught me to fire rifles. I have great memories of hunting with them, camping trips, biking, etc. Some of the best times of my life. So please don’t confuse me with a coastal liberal elite. I’ve lived on both coasts but am back in the Midwest, where I belong.

        60. Too bad for them. If we run down a checklist of issues, I flip back and forth from D to R. I’m generally liberal on economic issues but more conservative on some social issues. On some issues, like trannies in the bathroom, I have no opinion at all, because it’s so freaking ridiculously minor.

        61. I ain’t nobody’s pincushion, butthead. Just because I’m the only one here who disagrees with the extreme-right orthodoxy doesn’t make me a leftist. See comment above.

        62. I see. But you cant tell me “uneducated” is not a pejorative, particularly when applied to those who think differently than yourself.

        63. Mike “TPPence” is every bit as bad as Lyin’ Ryan.
          Pence was (unduly) considered a conservative until 2015. Then the facade started to crack.
          The only reason that Pence is considered better than Ryan is because Pence is still coasting along on “conservative inertia”.

        64. Not the only one. There are a few of us who think Donald Trump is a mentally-fragile, dangerous, authoritarian con-artist. I understand why so many men here were drawn to him.. but this shows how for all their supposed claims to be clear-sighted and non-ideological, the people here are just as blind, stupid and ideological as the feminists and liberals they accuse of being.
          The point is people from all political bents are vulnerable to letting their emotions and feelings cloud over the facts. It is a human foible.. and not one simply relegated to the left or liberals as GOF above smugly likes to assert. The difference is which particular emotions you tend to allow to override facts and your rational processing part of the brain. For the left, it is their desire for equality at all costs, despite the uncomfortable fact that human beings are profoundly unequal in character and talents, and their desire to embrace anything new or different, even when sometimes those differences, whether in culture or people, can be harmful to their current civilization. For the right, it is their xenophobia which taken to an extreme can lead to ugly, violent and genocidal ends. The right is also less open to new ideas and that can leave them stunted and not open to growing and learning new things and facts that might contradict their deeply held beliefs.
          There is actually scientific evidence and study of the differences in psychological traits between liberals and conservatives. It is actually quite fascinating and everyone should understand how so many of their political views and worldview is actually shaped much less by reason and facts as they might like to imagine and shaped far more by their individual psychological traits and temperament. See the following programs for more on this:
          Jonathan Haidt on moral psychology

          TVO – The Agenda – Temperament and Ideology

        65. So you are the one we’ve been waiting for?
          Your Obama complex is showing. Tuck it back under your skirt.

        66. Howard Stern the shock jock? Those guys are never known for imbellishing stories for entertainment or self-promotion. (cough)
          Anyone else?

        67. The fact that you cant find anything bettef to do at an airport than watch cnn speaks volumes.

        68. “To centrists and Democrats and everybodys else”
          Wide net your throwing, but you mean democrats.
          ” there are a hundred other issues that are more pressing and more damaging to the average American than expanding open carry.”
          Name them. You’re claiming to speak for average Americans now? Thats a bit presumptuous, but a defining leftist trait. Define average.
          Democrats just spent 8 years jamming socialism down everyones throats and doubling public debt with nothing to show for it. Obama has benefited, but he has left the democrat party a husk of it’s former self. As for guns, strangley democrats spend a lot of time trying to disarm the people instead of attempting a constitutional amendment (because it will fail). Pretty big issue for them as gun control is a central plank in their party platform every election.
          You can resume lying and denying as you only baffle yourself.

        69. You’re full of shit. The majority of Trump supporters don’t deify the guy, but they respect the hatestorm he has weathered for being the only politician in 12 years to tackle the immigration issue & fight political correctness. Spare us all the smug talk about “Facts” and impartial institutions. The US legacy media & most institutions/foundations pose as nonpartisan but that is just a vanity pretense. It is 95% liberal narrative reinforcement, and they are echo chambers for J-school droids & social science SWPLs. You need to live in some other countries where at least the press & institutions are more honest about their bias (try AUS, UK, France or Italy). Breitbart has a right wing slant, but they don’t pretend otherwise. You can listen to NPR for the other perspective. You should fess up and tell us who you voted for (McMuffin or Hilltron?) and why there are no good alternatives to Trump who will assert border control and fight the onslaught of cultMarx in the media-edu complex. Trump was the best option available. Ryan is a Coward

        70. Stopped reading at “You are a dyed-in-the-wool conservative if gun ownership is the single most important issue in your life.”
          The reason the 2nd amendment is always under attack from Leftists is because it is the only thing backing up the other amendments. So, framing this as “conservative” or “liberal” is a mischaracterization of issue.
          Once Americans are unarmed and unable to defend themselves, against their own government, we will have no more rights. Period.
          Were you truly a “centrist” (which is likely a bullshit claim), you wouldn’t need anyone to point this out to you. Moreover, if you are seriously naive enough to believe those in power will continue to allow you freedom, without the threat of force hanging over their heads, then you should try reading a history book.

        71. Are you sure that college nowadays produces people who can be called educated in a very meaningful sense? Back in the bad old days of the patriarchy a man would have had to be able to carry on a conversation in French and read Latin at a minimum to be considered educated. Nowadays, reciting leftist boilerplate, in your native English of course, is sufficient.
          I’m a pretty strong Trump supporter. I’m conversant in five languages and have read Dante, Dostoevsky, St. Augustine, and Marquez in the original languages. Not as many of us are “uneducated” as you might think.

        72. Partisan – “an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, especially a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance.” I have yet to meet anyone that had enough gumption to actually do something, even if it was merely write a comment on the Internet, that didn’t have an agenda or support some cause. That is in fact partisanship; even a mild partiality toward one side or the other qualifies. If you believe that any organization (they are comprised of people, remember) that runs on money (and they all have to) is “unbiased” you are seriously mistaken. So, yes, I stand behind what I wrote: If an organization makes a public statement that they are non-partisan, by the very definition of the word, they are indeed lying. They will bow to the will of the source(s) of their funding and will pursue an agenda that will ensure the survival of their organization. That organization will incorporate the dominant religious, political and or social beliefs of its members, like it or not. If you believe them when they aver otherwise, then you are lying to yourself. “This above all: To thine own self be true.”

        73. No I am a dyed in the wool Native American who leans Jeffersonian. Most of those “hundred other issues” are resolved when individual liberty is restored and expanded. Your ilk believe that “need” is when you want something someone else has, “greed” is when we want to keep what we’ve worked for and “compassion” is when you send men with guns around to take it from us to give to the “needy.” The critical thinker calls that “stealing.” The overall problem is invariably too much government. You have the delusion that more government will fix this. You are part of the problem.
          And Trump is the ultimate PUA; he got a good portion of the country out of the club and back to his apartment where he closed the deal. The next four years will tell us whether or not this is true romance or a ONS. Get out the popcorn…

        74. Would it not be more PC to refer to him as “it”? Until we know for sure what it’s preferred, current, gender identity thingy is.

        75. I’ll take the rural common sense over “college educated city dwellers” every time.

        76. he lost the popular vote but demolished in the electoral. even all the pundits bad to admit it was landslide until they found a new narrative

        77. everyone lies you fucking moronic twat. I don’t think you are trolling but just lost.

        78. Perverts posing as “trannies” in the bathroom with young children is hardly a “freaking ridiculously minor” issue. Nothing good can ever come from that. You now display your despicable true colors. In your case apparently, centrist = having no solid moral foundation (or worse).

        79. Wrong.
          If you don’t think that death camps and gulags are legitimately wrong, which is a truth, then you’re bent in the mind. Period.

        80. Well there we go. Obama was a “centerist”, just like you.
          Just stop dude. Nobody is buying your bullshit.

        81. It’s a normal fallacy I see Leftists engage in (more than those on the Right). They can’t help themselves, and generally it’s really an admission that they’ve been caught and their only retort is “Nyah nyah you too!”.

        82. Have any proof for these claims? No left wing sites. Only neutral, balanced links.

        83. If you’re not complaining about the process, then why are you whining about the popular vote? The popular vote is irrelevant and inconsequential.

        84. Why? Breitbart usually does nothing more than quote MSM outlets and provide some criticism.

        85. ” Obama was a good example of man who demanded personal reponsibility as well as responsible government.”
          EVidence please. recent revelations by wikileaks show that there was an awful lot of dishonest crud going on in his admin.

        86. Death squads are found both on the right and the left. For examples from the right: Argentina, El Salvador, Colombia, etc.
          The extreme right and extreme left both use violence. The center right and center left both use compromise.

        87. Read my entire disqus account (it’s public for a reason), and let me know if you still believe that.

        88. You obviously don’t know what a real leftist looks like. Obama governed from very close to the center. That in fact was the complaint about him from the left wing of the party.
          You want a real leftist? Bernie Sanders is about as close as you’re gonna see.

        89. Haidt is really sharp. I’ve enjoyed reading his work in the past. High levels of disgust is what animates a true conservative v high levels of openness animating a true liberal.
          Nice comment. At least there’s one other person here who can see beyond the tip of his own nose.

        90. I understand your point of view, and I strongly disagree.
          Re: Trump: His approval ratings will always hover around 35%. They’re remarkably low but remarkably stable. Those are the true believers who want to be ravaged for a ONS.

        91. Yahhh, sure…Pew Research is non-partisan. OK, Chieffy, read ya “Lickin’ Chicken!”
          (blows raspberry and shakes fist in a 90-degree arc)

        92. jammy – this country was a better place when there was a lot more individual liberty, people understood they were responsible for their own lives and livelihood and moral values were enforced socially. When people know they have to get off their butts and do something productive to eat and have a roof over their heads, they do it. Most people, if you will let them, will take advantage of you. Hence, when you have a system that allows them to sit on their collective butts, collect “free” money and pop out feral crotch fruit, too many will do that. When the government sets up that system to buy their votes (Roosevelt and Johnson knew exactly what they were doing) that isn’t compassion, it is a criminal act.
          And Trump’s approval rating is currently at 43%, according to “unbiased” (snicker) Gallup and has never fallen below 38%. His disapproval rating hasn’t dipped below 50% since January 27. But the unions are now getting behind him which is truly fascinating.

        93. That equation, “Left”=”feminine”, might be valid in current day America, but not in all left-wing movements in all times.
          Was Lenin “feminine”? I don’t think so. Not to mention Marx and most of 19th century trade unionists.
          I don’t really fault you for that association since the American left has traditionally been mostly cultural, hence the “cultural marxism” concept. Also, Americans have not experienced for the most part the kind of poverty and underdevelopment some European countries had until recently, and which still persist in South America.

        94. I fail to see the link between “emotion” and collectivism.
          In fact, I would be careful with left-right divide: jammyjaybird was onto something when he mentioned the GOP. Many of those derided as “cucks” are in fact much more right-wing than people here, because they believe that you, and you alone, are responsible for your fate. In that scenario, if some foreign alien takes your job because he makes less, it is your problem.
          Sure, you can construct the worry about the displaced worker as “emotional”, but in fact it is very reasonable. Any form of nationalism is collectivist by definition.

        95. Nah, the prison camps don’t follow the takedown of the 2nd Amendment.
          I am in Europe and I envy that chance at buying some firearms, here all you can get is hunting weapons I don’t like. I am interested in vintage guns such as bolt-action rifles, SMGs, etc.
          But truth be told, it is simply an American tradition from the Revolution and Wild West days that has endured thanks to a very intense and successful lobbying on the part of the NRA and other entities. Also the higher crime rate there might explain why this is such an important single issue for so many people.
          The romantic image of the people up in arms against the state is a pipe dream. Reminds me of Ben Carson saying that armed Jews might have resisted Hitler, which was laughable. Revolutions happen when the conditions are there for them, whether people own guns or not (which both Frenchmen and Russians did not in 1789 and 1917).
          The real important amendment is the First one. In Europe, you can go to jail for merely saying something, as part of a “hate crime”. That is the real problem. In fact, I would say that firearm ownership might even be kept as an effective delusion, the message being, “you own a rifle, you are in control”.

        96. Yes, thought so. I am Spanish, and I really liked the book. You did the right thing by choosing the original language: much would be lost in translation due to the very peculiar way in which it is written.
          About Trump and uneducated voters, I think we can safely assume some are, but the point of democracy is that everybody has a voice. On paper it makes a lot of sense to allow only ‘educated’ people to vote, but the practical result would be a society skewed to benefit them.
          It was funny to watch how the supposedly egalitarian left embraced elitism, while the right-wing types moved into a much more populist mindset that one normally expects. I don’t expect much of Trump, and it is quite probable that he degenerates into another Reagan (clever slogans but little achievement), but it amazes me how some people can not see why he won.

        97. I say collectivism is based on emotion because it suggests
          that ‘good intentions’ can be enforced as a top-down system.
          And re: collectivism vs nationalism there is really no correlation – one is an
          economic system concerned with wealth/resource distribution. Nationalism is political ethos where you value
          your nation or people above others’

        98. It is a way of seeing it, of course. I said nationalism is always collectivist in the sense that looks beyond the individual and believes in the existence of supra-entities such as “nations” or “peoples”, even if there is no wealth redistribution going on.

      1. My hometown is a notorious sanctuary city. Every illegal I know used their driver’s license as ID, and voted Hillary. It’s not conspiracy.

        1. Your made-up anecdotes don’t count as evidence. Please provide serious evidence of massive voter fraud. The source cannot come from a right-wing website. The source must be independent and verifiable by election commissions.
          I’ll be here waiting.

        2. I appreciate the effort, but you seem to be lacking some basic knowledge of election process, so I’ll reply.
          Voting precincts keep lists of people who are registered to vote in that precinct. They’re called “voter rolls”.
          In many states, you must arrive with voter ID card, present it, and be matched against the voter rolls.
          In some states, if you don’t have your voter ID card, they will allow a ***provisional vote***. That means that you must present proof within the following three days of your vote registration, or your vote won’t be counted.
          More information about strict v nonstrict enforcement of people without voter ID:

          Note: 10 of the 15 states with non-strict enforcement of people without photo ID are Republican states.

        3. Didja know they issue voter ID cards in India? If they can do it…
          Trump was off a bit about the voter fraud, he claimed 3 million; it was more like 1million, approx 800k were by “democrats”, the rest by “republicans”, so it does exist…

        4. Little wonder why progressives want to rid of the EC. 16 of the 19 states that require NO I.D. to vote are liberal states. Which happen to be the most populous states in the country.

        5. “In many states, you must arrive with voter ID card, present it, and be matched against the voter rolls.”
          -Unless you’re in the 19 most populous states in the country, which require zero ID to vote.

        6. Voting fraud is very real, and it goes both ways. In San Diego, they had interpreters and bilingual ballots at the booths to vote. What voting age American isn’t able to speak English?

        7. ha, didnt know that…Im sure that appeared in the San Diego Tribune? Front page I bet

        8. I don’t think we have any clue how significant voter fraud really is across the nation.

        9. You’re really not understanding the process because it’s complex. I don’t have time to explain it. Read this:

          “In 2012, Florida Governor Rick Scott’s administration started an effort trying to crack down on noncitizens voting by comparing driver’s license data against voter rolls.
          Through this process the Florida Department of State created a list of 182,000 potential noncitizens that had voted. That number was whittled down to 2,700, then to about 200 before the purge was stopped amid criticism that the data was flawed given the number of false positives — including a Brooklyn-born World War II vet.
          Ultimately, only 85 people were removed from the voting rolls. State officials began to pursue a second attempt at a purge in advance of the 2014 election but then abandoned that effort, too.
          Richard Hasen, an election law expert at the University of California, Irvine, called Phillips’ claim “fake news.”
          “There is no credible evidence I have seen to show large numbers of noncitizens voting in U.S. elections anywhere,” Hasen said. “The idea that 3 million noncitizens could have illegally voted in our elections without being detected is obscenely ludicrous.”

        10. “You’re really not understanding the process…” Says the Bernie fan.

        11. “You’re really not understanding the process because it’s complex. I don’t have time to explain it.”
          LOL. Voter fraud isn’t that hard to explain Chip.

        12. Are your faggot lefty friends going to keep fighting our attempts to require voter ID?
          If we had that your argument would be much stronger.

        13. Haha, you shitlord real good. You’re flyin in real low! The shit-liner’s pullin up at the dock!!!

        14. “Please provide serious evidence of massive voter fraud”
          Great. Let’s do a full audit and then we will see.
          PS: any security professional will tell you that if there is no authentication and identity management mechanism in place, people will access a system. This is particularly the case where they have some incentive to do so.

        15. …and I have crazy-ass hair!
          Hey, Bernie, bubelah, it’s called a barber shop! Bar-ber-shop. They can reasonably unfuck your coif in about 15 minutes and for no more than 20 bucks!

        16. Iowa, W Virginia, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Wyoming all went for Trump — does that mean their ballots are suspect? Anyways, where did you get that obviously wrong info? W Virginia’s coal interest cause it to vote reliably Republican in the last century; Wyoming has voted Democrat precisely twice in the last century. Pennsylvania is a well-known swing state.

        17. Also: if ID was the issue, there should be millions of cases of voters being double-counted as someone was using their name to vote. There haven’t been.

        18. Also: It’s a made-up fact. I voted in NYC and they asked for my ID. Shut the fuck up Donny.

        19. Agreed. Whenever I see his/her name around here, it’s never for anything good.

        20. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean but don’t pollute truth with some left-field bullshit.

        21. I am in Europe and I don’t really know if voter fraud is really making an impact, but the fact that no ID is required to vote boggles the mind.
          “I can’t even”, to steal the SJW catchphrase.
          However, and in my humble opinion, this serves well some conservatives and their unhealthy attachment to ancient practices of small goverment, such as not having a normalized nation-wide ID card.
          What wasn’t necessary in 18th century America is necessary now.

        22. Ok man, but the fact that in some places no ID is required at the moment of voting is preposterous.
          As a European this mesmerizes me, just like the fact that America still does not have a nation-wide ID card and its citizens have to rely on driving licenses!

      2. The electoral college is not a technicality, it is the legal process established by the Constitution to formally elect the President. The United States is not a pure democracy and never has been: it is a Republic.
        Whether or not you agree with the electoral college process, it is the established process the US elects its President. It has been changed and revised over the years, but that is how it is done.
        If the election was based purely on the popular vote, Presidential candidates would campaign very differently. They would probably just spend all their time in the cities with the largest populations, and focus all of their campaigns on issues important to the people that live in those big cities.

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        2. If we had no Electoral College, California (which has more people than most countries) would solely dictate the outcome of every election if it were based on popular vote alone and more and more Leftist trash would further precipatate our nation’s demise.

        3. Jammy- your a liberal.. see the responses below your comment? I expect you to deny their truth and act like a typical liberal – devoid of logic, reason and sanity.

        4. Actually California is pretty representative of the nation as a whole, no matter what demographic you choose. The entire Central Valley and a large chunk of the state’s South are super-Red. Of course, there are many more Democrats — because there are many more Democrats in the United States (cf recent popular votes).

      3. You should move to Cali before it secedes. Watch Silicon Valley move to Nevada, and whatever is left of Hollywood moves to China.

        1. I really hope they don’t take the whole state with them when they go. Those farmers further inland are good people who hate that their (good) land is inside such a crazy state.

        2. Maybe they will buy Cali outright, turn it into a colony. One third of welfare cases live there (only 12% of our total population). Im sure the Chinese wont stand for that shit anymore

        3. Cant we just create new aqueducts, divert the water to Idaho and Nevada? They wont be part of the US anymore, so eff em

        4. There have got to be flow controls on those pipes, right? So that the Republic of California (or the Democratic People’s Republic of Cali, whatever they call it after the divorce) can be forced to pay for the water they buy from their neighboring country?

        5. That “crazy state” produced every movie or television show that you ever loved. It also produced whatever technology that you typed that comment on. And it produces half the fruits and vegetables that you eat.

        6. China manufactures most of the products we consume here – does that mean we must not criticize their policies and/or culture? The Middle East produces a great deal of the crude we process in the States – must we not criticize them in any way?
          It’s a crazy state. Whatever value the people or companies residing there produce, it’s a crazy state.

        7. Florida’s a crazy state. Illinois is a crazy state. Michigan is a crazy state. Alaska is a crazy state. Texas is a crazy state.
          It’s easy to make comments like that if nobody knows what “crazy” means. You seem like a smart guy. Use some evidence to support your claims.

        8. I have a pet theory that somehow, for some reason, anti-psychotic drugs made it into their water.
          Considering that anti-psychotics occasionally make people extremely psychotic, it would explain entirely too much.

        9. are they known for their personal hygiene down there? If so, maybe the water is full of bath salts

        10. The James Bond films are not produced in Hollywood. They are filmed at Pinewood in England and various locations around the world.
          We don’t object to Hollywood movies.

        11. Being from, and in, Florida myself, I can say it is the ill mannered and rude yankee retirees, the libtard yankee immigrant, the jewish yankee immigrant, the illegal immigrants from Cuba that Castro let out of prison to send us the worst of the worst, the Hatian losers, and their New England libtard protectors, the out of control land developers, and Jeb Bush.
          It’s enough to drive the best crazy. Can we have our psych meds in our water back now?

        12. Indeed, why can’t tourists vote? After all, they have more right to be here than illegal aliens do.

        13. So you are dissing the rather substantial NYC and Toronto film industries, which produced an awful lot of films over the years?
          ‘every’. Anytime you hear someone use universal claims like this you know you are dealing with someone who has poor education.

        1. Because your guy won? That’s why the EC did a good job? TRY to at least project a facade of fairness.

        2. Leftists can’t stand the idea that all of the states are not bent to the will of California and New York. That’s where all their “votes” come from most of the time. That some yokel hayseeds in Wyoming or Indiana have a chance for real representation irks them to no end.
          Except when Clinton did the same thing when he was in office. They’re kind of silent on that one.

        3. The EC is not a perfect system but it’s what was in place and Trump has won under that system end of story.
          One could also say neither the polls nor media, overwhelmingly Left wing were not fair to Trump but in the end it didn’t matter..

        4. He likes it hence he can’t let it go. His lesbian couldn’t bribe, dupe or threaten enough idiots to come out to vote, so he’s been moping ever since.

        5. So you want a popular vote? You really haven’t thought that through. The entire country will end up obeying the will of a few counties. That’s all the democrats you elect will care about and that’s where they will come from.
          It’s great for those of us in those counties that have more people than some/many states. We’ll see lots of money delivered to them from the rest of the country. Cook county illinois politicians are corrupt and professional at what they do. If you want to be taxed for things like to cover the pensions of government workers that get the vote out, go ahead and get rid of the electoral college.

        6. Hillary Clinton: “We have a 240 year history of free and fair elections. In the US, we respect the outcome.”

        7. What are you talking about? There is a rationale for the EC. If California was ultra right you would be out in the street praising the EC for saving you from right wingers.

        8. In case you haven’t noticed we are tired of being told to “be fair” I want to go to a women’s bathroom without seeing a swinging dick or man with boobs or a sexual predator who uses the excuse “I’m transgender”. I want my husband and future sons to be able to find a job despite their “white man” discrimination. I want a president who will protect EVERYONE not just sit there and party with JayZ. How’s that for fair?

        9. I understand your point, but Trump was right when he said that he would have campaigned in a different way had the popular vote been the key element.
          Many conservatives in California and NY don’t even bother to vote anymore I think.

      4. Q: Whattaya call someone who loses the popular vote but wins the electoral college?
        A: Mr. President.

        1. Exactly. All these leftists going on about the popular vote are like a football team losing a game and saying yeah, but we got more total yardage.

        2. France deserves this because they left Czechoslovakia and Poland to be conquered by nazis and therefore offering the whole Europe to nazis.

      5. The electoral college is not a technicality… Lincoln lost the popular vote too but won the electoral college….

        1. Lincoln’s last words: “I need this job like I need a hole in my head…”

        2. As did Bill Clinton (never won more than 49%) and Nixon (the first term), and JFK.

      6. “The Electoral College is a rayssissst anachronism that needs to be eliminated!” was the proglodyte narrative in November. Try to keep up. Is Soros not forwarding the emails to you anymore? “Updates are for closers!”

      7. Such a courageous lib. This one can last longer than a snowball in hell outside its safe zone. Too bad it can’t use such courage for useful things.

      8. Sorry, but the Electoral College is no technicality. It worked exactly as it was designed to work, specifically, to prevent a few lopsided states from electing a President who was not supported by the general population of the country.

      9. “.. electoral college technicality.”
        Not a technicality, but a part of the US voting methodology established by the US Constitution.
        All leftists lie and you are no exception Chip.

      10. OMG! A Troll! Get lost you Klinton loving Bastahhhrrdddd! Oh and why are you here? Why not go back to Daily Kos and talk with your friends?

      11. So what. Going on about the popular vote is like losing a basketball game and pointing out that your team got more rebounds. It doesn’t matter. That wasn’t the contest. Had the election been for the popular vote, campaigns would have been run differently and voter turnout would have been different. Even if you believe voter fraud wasn’t an influence, you can’t infer that Hillary had more support than the Donald from the popular vote results.

      12. So you think LA, Chicago, and New York should decide for the rest of the country who there President should be? Because that is where your “popular” vote comes from and the very reason the electoral college exists. To prevent high density populations from imposing their will on the majority.

      13. Trump only “lost” the popular vote because illegal aliens were allowed to vote 50 times each.

      14. Interesting that you were not concerned about the technicalities of the constitution before the election. The rules only matter after a loss, I suppose. Change the constitution, if you don’t like it. There is a process. Another technicality for you.

      15. Popular vote? Lol. Why would you mention that? How is it relevent to a US Presidential election? Maybe I am mistaken, but as far as I know, it is completely irrelevant. Why would you raise an irrelevant point to make a point?

      16. The electoral college is a technicality? Good lord, how ignorant of history. It was a system designed from the outset to avoid certain dynamics.

      17. Trump lost the popular vote? You really think that Killary was more popular than Trump? Who d’you believe: the “official sources” or your lyin’ eyes?

      18. The popular vote only matters when there is a popular vote, I’m sure there were many Republicans in California that didn’t bother voting, same with democrats in the south. (From what I’ve read also 2 million illegals also voted and many democrats voted twice).

      19. 3,000,000 + Illegal Alien, dead and illegally-registered voter, ‘popular vote’ loss.
        There. Fixed that for you.

    2. A massive number of French voters are a) completely disillusioned with main stream pols, and b) undecided on how they will vote. Remind you of somewhere in November 2016?

    3. The polls predicted Hillary would beat Trump by 3 points (which she pretty much did BTW). Macron is 30 POINTS ahead of Le Pen. Not the same thing.
      Interpreting Trump’s electoral college victory as meaning “the losing candidate will always win” is going to be a recipe for disappointment, especially in a country like France where the popular vote decides the election.

    4. The Electoral College helped Trump win the election. Some people, particularly the Left do not like the Electoral College, but it prevents the most populated coastal states from having too much influence in the Presidential elections and national politics. If it was repealed, the smaller economically disadvantaged states that voted for Trump would be marginalized.
      With Brexit the polls were quite close, with Remain and Leave within a couple of points of each other, so it was pretty much going to go either way.
      I think Trump would have loved a scenario where he won the popular vote but lost the Electoral College, it would have been more interesting to see Trump supporters goad the liberals and then Trump running in 2020 and demolishing Hillary like Reagan demolished Jimmy Carter.

      1. Exactly. I think that the bankers and “Jews” in the media enjoy fucking things up, then stepping back and letting ordinary Jews take the fall. Clearly, the vast majority of Jews are not responsible for this reprehensible filth, however they take the blame while the powerful men stay protected…

    1. Let’s see:
      Thugged-out black man. Check.
      Effeminate, self-loathing white men. Check.
      Unrepentant skank. Check.
      Now all that’s missing is a peaceful muslim, and you’ll have your basic example of modern advertisement. Self respecting people of all demographics have to be getting tired of their kind being represented by the lowest common denominator.

      1. White women hate their own men. They will sooner date a black, Arab, Indian, Paki, Asian, Latino etc.

    2. And yet people on this forum continue to argue with me when I say that white women hate their own men.
      Why don’t we ever see a commercial where a white man has an Asian girl on his lap and his big cow white wife has to sit there and watch the spectacle?
      Can anyone on this forum even offer up an example in recent time when a white woman was actually “nice” to them? I’m waiting…

      1. No argument from me.
        I’ve had an Asian girl on my lap for the last 10 years.
        And I would add that not only do white women hate white men (especially their white husband), but they appear to hate their own white children too.

  3. WTF Mitterand had a mistress 27 years younger than him!
    He’s manifestly unfit to lead the Repubic! Fuck this guy!

      1. I majorly misread this article, and now I feel like a colossal idiot. Shows what happens when I don’t brew my morning coffee, I guess.

        1. I totally respect that you admitted that you misread it. A lesser man would have double-down and thrown a tantrum, or deleted it and ran away. Kudos to you.

        2. Well, my response could have been a little less snarky. I have to work on that.

        3. Taig, you were suffering from some kind of repression. Your mind blocked out what it did not want to know.

  4. This was clearly a marriage of convenience. He wanted her money and connections; she saw a way to solidify her influence. Power has been marrying power for thousands of years.
    What’s his sex life *really* like? Smart money says it ain’t happening in his marriage.

    1. Political marriage is what allowed the Bank of England to be overtaken by “Jewish” bankers in the first place (see: Wilhelm Van Orange)

    2. Some scotch, a bunch of lube, and a photo of someone else to tape to her back and he’ll be in business!

    1. The Western man is to blame for the state of his civilization. We let out women get out of hand. As men, it’s our responsibility to turn the tide. I came very, very close to being indoctrinated; we need to voraciously red-pill our brothers.

      1. Totally agreed!
        The generation of our fathers failed us. We must not fail our future sons!
        We can not expect women to stand up for us, saying: Feminism up to a certain point was enough, so no more, thanks! It is our duty to draw the line in the sand, and to say: sorry ladies, this can not go on this way from now on!
        I totally swallowed the Feminist bullshit, hook, line and sinker, and it destroyed my life totally… until the Red Pill came. I swallowed it and never looked back. My life is significantly improving, but I feel the anger, the hatred for those who indoctrinated me, stealing what should have been the best years of my life as a young male…
        More and more I think this is no game, this shit destorys more and more lives to such an extent, that those people who push the Feminist agenda should be executed…

    2. It’s easy to see how military dictatorships naturally arise. You have a collection of weak cuckolded politicians that would put up zero fight should a strong man decide to march on the capital.

      1. And after being led into existential crisis by said cuck politicians, the populace welcomes their new Caesar with open arms.

        1. If a strong man stormed Europe, I would applaud it. The same way I applaud Duterte’s extrajudicial killings of Phillipino drug cartel members.

        2. And that’s how democracy dies. When the people turn away from their own voices because strong man promises to keep them safe.

        3. Considering how closely they follow “The Manifesto”, I am more inclined to view the American Federal Government as a Communist Regime that would give Khruschchev priaprism.

        4. The AFG has become what happens to all large bureaucracies. They operate purely for their own self-interest. The leaders are corrupt and entrench themselves into power as long as they can (eg. Clintons) and the public employees covet their protected positions and lavish pensions. If their machinations bankrupts the country– so what. They got theirs.

        5. Good point. Elections don’t matter as much if the labaryth of deep state bureaucrats that can’t be changed every few years continues to grow and holds all the actual power.

  5. She should be paedo-shamed the same way women paedo-shame men who like much younger women.

    1. It’s kind of like how men are “sex tourists” but women are just “looking for love” lol

  6. If he’s a Rothschild banker, he has other female options. This is for show; clearly pushing an agenda. I’m OK with interracial relationships, but this is just gross.

    1. Would you walk around with a woman 24 years older than you just “for show”? The thought alone turns my stomach.
      Rothschild banker or not, he’s a cuck.

        1. And another feature of these Alt-right (Old-wrong) dog shit websites, is they ghost write comments on their own BS websites, using aliases.
          Hey Beau… Or is it Matt??
          It doesn’t really matter.
          You are all Italian singers from the Enlightenment era, who cannot get a root.

        2. Nope, most of the writers on this site disagree with me. They think the west is salvageable. I gave up on that idea 10 years ago and moved to Asia when I noticed how available young and pretty (and small) Asian women were. White women are entirely worthless (and dangerous), I wouldn’t stick my cock in them (any more) if they were free. I never had a problem getting a root in the west, just though it wasn’t worth donating my home to them for the pleasure of it.
          Plenty of your Australian countrymen seem to have moved out here too ……. I don’t blame them, Australian women must be the ugliest, most manly cunts in the white world.

        3. “Nope, most of the writers on this site disagree with me.”
          Of course, you’re just proving my point.
          The “writers”, of this trash, use aliases to post comments on stories that they have written, to generate debate, in the hope that more blowflies will land on this dog shit of a website.

        4. Oh you poor little waif. Do you feel better now that you made some posts and can link them to virtue signal to your clown haired boyfriend?

    1. Lolknee, please. The butler of merkel has an other part time job. You did not know that ?

  7. France is already lost. It’s set to be *the* muslim stronghold for the european invasion in less than 10 years.
    And they themselves are the ones to blame for this.

    1. I’ve seen a lot of fresh graffiti on the Arc de Triomphe. Symbolically, that’s “refugees” coming in and pissing all over the notion of French Triumph, is it not?
      France has got to wake up fast, or it won’t be symbolic for long.

      1. the CIA may place some dynamite on it and fly a plane into it and usher in the war on the west that skullomaniac speaks of … ??? maybe

    2. I last went to Paris 7 years ago, and I can’t believe the reason I can’t go back is because it isn’t safe enough. It is extremely stupid to accept migrants when accommodations for them are nonexistent. If they come here to live on the streets, then why did they leave their country in the first place? It just creates more strife as the citizens get angry, and so do the migrants because they feel poorly treated and discriminated against.

  8. If the French elect yet another socialist into office, I’m inclined to say they deserve everything they get.

  9. What?
    Is she rich? Is this satire?
    Someone, please tell me this is NOT true?
    WTF would a 39 year old man be doing married to a 63 year old woman?
    Do they still wonder why the birth rate is declining?
    Apparently, they meet when he was 15 and a student in her high school class, and only ‘officially’ together since he was 18 (and she would have been 42).
    Good deal for her since her options were probably completely gone.
    Apparently, she was married with three children, and got divorced to marry him.
    While no details on her first husband, one can only assume that she monkey branched and traded up with a younger and much richer husband with Macron.
    I do wonder if he is providing support for her children also?

    1. Maybe his fetish is a partner with a 24 year age difference, and recognized up was less controversial than down.

  10. Sadly, it looks like Macron’s victory is all but certain now that the EU overlords are going to toss Le Pen into le pen.

      1. Nothing major has happened yet, but the EU has removed her immunity to investigation into charges of spreading violent images, or some shit like that. Link is down below.
        Perhaps I’m being a bit of a Chicken Little for saying they’re going to lock her up — but at the very least, an active federal investigation will give opponents a fresh angle of attack. And at worst, I wouldn’t discount the possibility that they’ll either incarcerate her, or use the conviction to barre her from election.

  11. Interesting how the Rothschilds have their hands in so many deep and apparently independent pockets…
    From Wikipedia – “In the 1980s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble with regard to his casinos in Atlantic City. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Ross, then senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.[9][10]”
    So guess who Trump selected as his Secretary of Commerce? That would be Wilbur Ross. (Nothing to see here, move along…)

  12. Interesting how the Rothschilds have their hands deeply immersed in so many apparently independent pockets…
    From Wikipedia – “In the 1980s, Donald Trump found himself in financial trouble with regard to his casinos in Atlantic City. His three casinos in Atlantic City were under foreclosure threat from lenders. Wilbur Ross, then senior managing director of Rothschild Inc., represented investors in the casino. Along with Carl Icahn, Ross convinced bondholders to strike a deal with Trump that allowed Trump to keep control of the casinos.[9][10]”
    So guess who Trump selected as his Secretary of Commerce? That would be Wilbur Ross. (Nothing to see here, move along…)

    1. We’re fools if we think Trump is immune to the influence of international banking cartel.

      1. Nobody becomes president unless that’s how the banking cartels want it. I like Trump, and I’m glad he got elected, but his relationship with Wilbur Ross and the Rothschilds just underscores my point.

    2. The tenticles are so inevitably deep, the only way to overcome thier influence is to abandon the fiat currency. Question is… how?

        1. Man, I have to read up on my current events… That’s pretty serious.

        2. Dude, it so not current, this was like 07/08. I stopped reading about that shit in 11/12 bc it just drives you mad…

        3. Don’t know about that. But they jailed a bunch of banksters (banking gangsters = banksters)…

        4. I’m surprised Iceland was able to get away with it. Hopefully, some form of competant alternative curreny eventually rises. Competition will undermine Rothschild fiat.

        5. Iceland’s pretty tiny. They probably got away with it because the cartels wanted to see how it would play out…who knows for sure but it definitely righted the country’s financial ship.

        6. Iceland is the only country that both prosecuted and jailed the people who caused the economic recession.

        7. have the powers that be not flooded the countryside with angry military aged mooslim men??? … i mean peace loving refugees

    3. You are just an anti-cementic conspiracy nut…..Ross was appointed because he’s a nice fellow and and willing to work for your nation’s interests.

      1. Yes. And now that I’m chugging anti-psychotic meds, I suddenly noticed that the sky is green…

        1. They are mostly big-guts, too…
          (“Bigots”…”big-guts”…never mind…shoulda skipped it.)

        2. I’m going to need something more concrete than this before I can solidify my opinion.

        3. I don’t think anyone here is against cement, this isn’t a bricklayers union.

  13. Please, proud people of France, show the world that you are not evil misogynists, that in France it is possible for a woman to break through the glass ceiling!
    In other words: vote for Marine Le Pen! Do not vote for Monsieur Cucked What’s his name…
    Remember: Le Pen is mightier than the sword!

  14. They’d have been better off under the 3rd Reich than turning into the Islamic Republic of Gaul

  15. How in the actual fuck could you marry a 63 year old woman, lmao. No amount of money is worth that.

      1. They just fvck them. They don’t marry them, or at least, not until “death do them part”.

      2. yeah those guys are so horny they would fvk men if they had to and just about anything with a vag

  16. This guy has got to be a fag. There’s no way you could fuck that, her pussy must feel like sandpaper with sawdust in between. That worn out body is the defintion of “old bag”.

  17. France: Where paternity testing is illegal without a special court order.
    Surprised the feminists in the USA haven’t done this yet.

    1. We have written down codified rights here, at some level anyway. France has never really had that, in fact, Europe proper really has been running on the “Anything Goes” theory of rights for well over a century now.

        1. The movie is unabashedly stupid, a showcase of that shrill and narcissistic generation.
          BUT – I like Simon and Garfunkel, and Rain Man is a good actor.

        2. “Youre counting cards!”
          “Im autistic, my underwear isnt from Kmart.”
          “Well in that case, keep raiding the casino! Im in the mob, but I turn pussy when an autist waltzes into my joint.”

    1. If you had to unearth first, then yes. Yes it is.
      EDIT: Mrs Robinson and that walking corpse share nothing in common except that they were both once human and at least one of them may be dead.

  18. Everything you need to know about this man…. he married a wizened old hag in FRANCE! French women have a high percentage of hotties! He’s not an unattractive man and he went for that…. wasn’t she his school teacher or something? Zero fucking game. I bet he describes himself as a feminist.
    If the French vote for this guy (I’m thinking of the women who think he’s hot aka Justin Throw up) then millennia of art, literature, cuisine, etc., are at risk of being destroyed.

    1. He is indeed a Feminist, he is pro-EU, and anti-Trump.
      He expressed to his voters at a rally how ashamed he is, and how ashamed they should be, of the evil colonial past of France. And how the evil colonial history of France must prompt them to accept the present colored 3rd world immigration with open arms.
      A total cuck, a cultural marxist, a promoter of white guilt. Maybe he is (((French))).
      And probably gay.

  19. another facts :
    – His wife was his professor (i think in university). Remember folks the article or the discussion about female teachers abusing their students ?
    – He was suspected to be gay and to have an affair with a radio ceo..
    – he apologizes publicly to some algerian interviewer of the colonization of Algeria, saying it was a “crime against humanity” (which is only for war crimes. Algeria was a shithole before France and seems to be a shithole since it’s independance)
    – He’s supported by a (((guy))) named jacques Attali, who is some sort of counselor of every french president since 30 years. See how and why France is fuckep up now ?
    – he’s supported by almost all MSM.
    Unfortunatly, I agree that this guy has a lot of chance of being the next president.
    But Fillon is still here (and seems to recover from the trouble with justicr since this sunday) and Le Pen too, with her steady base, nothing is sure for the moment.

    1. His schoolteacher in fact – they use the term Prof for senior school teachers in France.
      I find something dark and creepy about the whole story. Reminds me of the Manchurian Candidate and the fake mother/lover figure.

      1. manchurian candidate, you nailed it. I was thinking the same thing, this guy is a crafted mondialist candidate who reeks falseness

  20. Theres a segment on The Beatles anthology DVDs where Paul talks about, every other country they went to, hordes of screaming teenage girls were after them foaming at the mouth, but when they went to France, a bunch of boys “came out” to see them. Hmmmmm

  21. I wonder what exactly is the psychology behind young men dating and marrying older women? I have friend who is 25 and has been dating a 47 year old woman now for about 1 year. He is completely taken with her. She has no children of her own, is divorced and post menopausal, so their are no children in his future if he settles for her. I think he is with her because she treats him like gold, I think she has ridden so many cocks in her 20’s and 30’s and then realized it was over in her 40’s. However she hooked my friend because she is wealthy and responsible where he is neither.

      1. That is so.
        Once a mate of mine convinced me to visit a hooker of the same age as the wife of Emmanuel Macron. At first I was reluctant, so he said he will pay me for the experience, but if I liked it, I will have to pay him back the double amount. She licked my arse, she let me piss in her mouth, and at the end, she fucked her own dog as extra, because she liked my style. So I had to pay the double to my mate, as agreed, and went back for more… On the other hand, that was the exact time in history when I lost all the remaining respect that lingered in me towards women…

    1. Young beta men will sometimes be tempted to go for older women because the cougars make it so easy for them. IOW, the younger men are lazy and/or beaten down.

    2. because such men have never had another woman touch their pecker before in their lives … there are way more incels around than people imagine

    3. It is the sex without the risk of pregnancy that draws them. When I was younger, I used to love the sugar mommas for that reason. However, I knew better than to wife up or make Mrs. Robinson my girlfriend.

  22. It is ironic to see that only person standing before globalists’s aim for complete subversion of France is a woman

      1. I think it would be funny as hell if when SJWs criticize Le Pen, she calls them misogynists.

  23. “I would be thrilled to lose my bet with Jean-Batave Poqueliche, just as I was thrilled to see Donald Trump defy my prediction for most of the election cycle that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016.”
    What do the French polls say? How far behind is Marine? Trump was behind by 2% to the Hildabeest in the popular vote, and won by getting an electoral majority. Would it be possible for Marine to do the same thing?

  24. So I guess the young French women are up for grabs now. Gonna need to make a visit before the country commits seppuku for real and the Muslims get them all.

    1. I lived in France for 15 years. Young French women are just as entitled as all the rest.

  25. They first met when he was a student in her class, age 15!
    Became a couple officially three years later, Macrons parents tried to split them up before that.
    Very strange indeed, imagine the headlines had the genders been reversed. Woulden`t surprise me if she had a role in brainwashing him either.

    1. Nope, age of consent in France is 15 ……. no problems banging your students.
      There was a male teacher in the UK who banged his 15yo female student. They starting living together in France, the UK government wanted to extradite him for under age sex. The French said, no offence has been committed, no extradition. In the end they did a dodgy deal with the French and managed to extradite him for child abduction. Poor guy got 5 years …

  26. ‘Ex Redshield’ bankster
    Pure creation from the establishment
    Closeted homosexual
    ‘Une synthèse’, comme dirait l’autre…

  27. Well the French wanted “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” – let them bond with their Muslim brothers haha
    Seriously, until they renounce their Revolutionary spirit and admit they shouldn’t have beheaded their kings (who were far, far more in tune with the struggles of the peasants than the modern Silicon Valley Elites are with the American middle class), they will continue to deserve to suffer.

  28. All the good French are gone: France had its time back in the 1700s and 1800s. Amazing inventors, scientists, etc. Now what are they? Women opted to breed with the losers and gave birth to more losers. Genetics.

  29. White people having children? The world is overpopulated as is, won’t you think about the environment?
    Brown and black people having children? Children are a gift, we need to do all we can to protect them and give them a good future.
    Are people still not seeing the light???

  30. Macron is living the modern white dream: no children and lots of cash from a prestigious career. Gotta make more money for faceless mega corporations. Gotta update my linkedin profile. Reproducing? Who needs it??? I wear a suit and tie. Playing dress up is more important than breeding.

  31. Strangely, France is the only western country that doesn’t give the woman everything in divorce. You leave the marriage with the assets you brought. No divorce rape in France and the age of consent is 15.

  32. Charles Martel, Charlemagne and Phillip Augustus the second fought for nothing

  33. he’s gay and thats his beard…i hope…how do you get it up for an old hag ?

  34. Do the dentures come out before the blowjob? “Oh, baby! Gum me! GUM MEEE!”

  35. The good news is that Fillon seems to have had a good day in the media and in the polls. Don’t count him out yet.

  36. There has got to be more to this. It is either a sham marriage to conceal a business or political team, and the guy is getting action on the side, or is gay. Or he is asexual with no libido, and has psychological mommy issues. I mean wouldn’t he be at least a little self conscious of how bizarre this is for a potential President? From a distance, one might also guess that she’s his sugar mommy & wants him to win the Presidency so she can wield power through him.

  37. Even the most distinguished men in the world lose respect in my eyes if they are tugging along with a wildebeest. Have some respect for yourself. Your partner is a reflection of you. Might as well be a bachelor. At least you have your damn respect.

    1. Seconded. It’s embarasing when friends of mine settle, and a couple have. When I see them together, I fake courteousy, and it’s exhausting.

      1. I prefer not to mix with my friends women, they usually show themselves up as whores and I really don’t want to be involved when the inevitable breakup happens. If I don’t know her, it won’t be my fault.

    2. A mans current girlfriend or wife is a reflection of his standards. Even if she starts out slim and fit but in a few years becomes a landwhale then he has allowed his standards to slip. More importantly it signals to everyone that she has checked out of the relationship and no longer cares.

  38. He’s French. He’s probably got 5 mistresses on the side. Likely it was some kind of marriage where he got something out of it.

    Or he really is gay and this woman is his cover.

    1. I’m betting on unusually good-looking omega male.

  39. WNB Brigitte.
    There are much better looking Frenchwomen, like Marine Le Pen and her niece Marion. Not to forget Varg Vikernes’ wife Marie Cachet.

  40. The coevals have the best chemistry! Relationships with big difference in age usually does not last long…

    1. Tell us that again when you’re 60 years old.
      As for relationships lasting long …… I find an hour long enough.

      1. “As for relationships lasting long …… I find an hour long enough”
        That was a good one!
        I might be a bit conservative, but I think that I’ll be with my wife (unfortunately, I believe in love…).
        If I live to be 60 (without marriage behind me) – I couldn’t be with someone who could be my daughter or even worse, a granddaughter.
        I would probably look for some 40y.o. young looking and in a good shape. Heck, even 50:×594
        I shall be more than satisfied in that case… 😉

        1. You think that now, I thought that them ……… but at 60 most of my pals and I are looking to bang 20 year olds, and I’m sure you’ll be the same.
          Those girls in the photos …… waaaaaay too wide.

        2. I thought all that too, was perfectly happy with my 50yo English wife (apart from the lack of sex), would have still been with her given the choice, but she wasn’t happy (no clue why) and divorced me after 30 years together.
          Now I’m forced to live with an Asian wife (university student) half my age, and bang loads of 20 year olds on the side.
          Life can be hard!

        3. I am sorry to hear that…
          Yes, life is a bitch! Politics is a bitch, too. My family had suffered a lot in the past, many of them died during WW2.
          That is the reason why I do not like prejudice, bigotry and xenophobes…
          I believe that they are good people everywhere.
          Speaking of Monica Bellucci, considering that she is 50+, I would say that she looks fantastic. 🙂
          I haven’t got any problems with age, as long as the people seem young. It is just a number for me.
          I’ve got numerous examples and photos where people 25-30 doesn’t look a day older than 5-10 years ago…
          Genetics matter!
          I would rather choose good looking 25-30 than older looking 22.
          But that is just my opinion, as I say, everyone is different!

  41. She looks like she hit the wall and the wall called his bros and beat the shit out of her. I mean, you would think a woman of her economic class would at least have the decency to get plastic surgery before campaining in public with her husband…

  42. He is not that much of a cuck. I cant say why he married his mother, but character wise he seems to be more of a benevolent geek / career-addict

  43. Goodbye to the county I used to love … another one down to the brown hordes

  44. The wife sounds as if she’s a beard to me — she’s there to mask the fact he’s queer. …Same story as Blair, Brown and Barry.
    Blair, Brown and Barry are all botty-boys.

  45. How is France, the country that banned the hijab, dying of political correctness?

  46. On the positive side, Le Pen gets her strongest support from the youngest cohort of voters. The youth in France are rallying.
    Ultimately, there can be no saving France without a return to its true culture and identity, which is Catholic and European.

  47. She is just hideous!!! There ain’t enough Viagra coming off the production line that coax anything more than polite nod out of my member to fuck that.
    Guys like him will exist, always have always will. It’s the voters that should be ashamed however. How do people like him even get a voice unless the public is nothing more than a collection of eunuchs as well. In that case is such a society really worth trying to save?

  48. So you would literally rather be ruled by a woman, than a guy who promotes free markets and capitalism, because he happened to marry someone older than him.
    And since when is being a banker/knowledge of economics a bad thing? Macron would reform the economy, Le Pen will double down on protectionism and socialism.

  49. Macron was either molested by an old woman as a child, or has some serious mommy issues.
    Or both…

  50. Macron is seriously gay and living with stand-in for his mother, just in a weirdo paradigm where he married a substitute to legitimize it. This dude is so compromised by his sexual reality that he will do anything that the banksters who he works for, and own him, tell him to do. Macron is the French version of Germany’s Merkel – owned by banksters who the have goods on them – Macron is a fag, and Merkel is ex-communist East German – so they do what they are told – meaning at present mass immigration into EU.

  51. As an actual cuckold, I find it quite offensive that you people use “cuck” as an insult. You are ruining it for us real cucks who simply enjoy our livestyle and bother no one. I believe a statement should be made as to ackowledge the distinction between real cucks and what you people call “cucks” but is actually something else.

    1. By “cuck” I assume you mean you sit by and watch other men fuck your wife/SO?

      1. Well sometimes the bull is not comfortable with having me present, but mostly yes.

  52. Congrats on having won ur bet, I hope you enjoy those beers. Perhaps you could even smoke them? A trick I learned from a weird young man, Kenneth abbot, in my 6th grade swimming class: place a beer in a glass, let the water evaporate, leaving behind a film. Take that beer film, roll into cigarette shape and enjoy.

  53. I was in Epcot Center a few years ago with my family, we watched a program called “Impressions de France”. The whole irony of the presentation was that the usher that introduced the film, his name was Middle Eastern, and he told the audience that “France is his country”. The video showed a very different France than what exists today. I looked up the date the movie was released, it was in 1982, which meant it was probably filmed in 1981 or 1982. Have to say that France has went through a lot of change in 35 years and if they were going to update that film, it would most likely not be appropriate to show in a park for families.
    France must have been a really nice place in the early 1980s and 1970s but its certainly not the same place today.
    Macron’s wife is a metaphor for modern France, a nation in its twilight years, getting old but believing its still young and beautiful and worthy of younger romantic partners.
    I am sure many people who watched the film were probably impressed enough to go visit France. I wonder if they wound up disappointed by the current reality.

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