How To Get More Sex With Alpha Douchebag Club Game

A problem for many guys who come to manosphere and game sites to learn about getting good with women is that they are naturally nice, or at least they are conditioned by a feminized society to limit the expression of their masculinity, and instead to display a PG-rated, polite, caring, soft version of themselves. This, after all, is what we’ve been told works. Girls want to meet a man who is non-threatening, interested in the same things they are, and in touch with his emotions. But very quickly our illusions are shattered when the exact behaviors we thought were prescribed not only fail to work, but often attract harsh blow-outs and female ridicule.

I don’t think we should denigrate men for this. I have a theory that the qualities that many of us naively thought women should like are in fact male values we projected onto them. Qualities I assumed would endear me to women, but which frequently had the opposite effect, are actually those that I value myself – being well-read; being willing to converse deeply on philosophy, literature, or politics; being polite and interested in others; having a sense of honor.

Make no mistake – so-called White Knighting is not merely a (flawed) strategy for obtaining sex (“You should like me because I’m such a great guy”): it is also a quixotic but in some senses admirable affirmation of how many men think things ought to be, if only the sexual marketplace were fair and reasonable: if only female psychology was more aligned with their own. I’m not saying that women don’t value these traits, or that they don’t end up with men who possess them. What I am saying is that they don’t find them inherently attractive.

What Women Really Want

ed hardy

What women really want, as is well-documented, is the bad boy, the jock, the douchebag, the exciting alpha whose devil-may-care swag causes tornadic pupil-enlarging and tsunamic Victoria’s Secret panty-wetting. For those readers unfamiliar with theories about women’s dual sexual strategy I suggest you start by checking out Sperm Wars by Robin Baker, or Krauser on r/k selection.

For our purposes here it suffices to say that an idea gaining a lot of credence is that as women grow increasingly independent from men (with their own incomes, support from the state, alimony payments etc.) provider qualities that were once attractive – being a sensible beta male with a good steady job to support her – are now frequently thought inferior to sexy jerk qualities that don’t suggest stability, but do suggest a damn good bang and superior, alpha genes.

I was once the guy discussing Sartre and existentialism with some philosophically-inclined girl at the bar for hours before getting a polite peck on the cheek at the end of the night and no sex. Meanwhile, some juiced dude in an Ed Hardy wifebeater and trucker cap would already be nuts deep in whatever co-ed he’d picked up. If I’m honest, I would probably have been a bit snobbish about such a man, whose technique was the polar opposite to my smoother, more cerebral and woefully ineffective approach. But it would have served me better to have observed his behavior and attitudes and incorporated some of them into my own.

Alpha Douchebag Club Game in Action

DC10 New Years Day

I recently spent a few days on the Spanish party island of Ibiza. For those who haven’t been, you can read my write-up of it here, but suffice to say it is the Vegas of Europe – blazing sunshine for five months of the year, huge clubs and literally thousands of hot girls getting off planes from England, Russia, Italy, mainland Spain, and the US every day. Here, at my favorite party Circo Loco at DC10, I was privileged to observe some of the most exquisite alpha douchebag club game that I have seen for a long time.

Circo Loco is a techno party that used to attract a very underground crowd composed largely of Italian music lovers. It was defiantly unglamorous with the focus being firmly on the beats. Ten years later, as with everywhere on the island, it now attracts a much bigger, more mainstream crowd, including many, many cute 18-24 year old girls in cut-off denim shorts, and alpha jock types. Standing in the back room listening to DJ Mees Dierpdorf play, I saw a very cute young English brunette get picked up by a loud AMOG (alpha male of the group) type in a vest with YOLO written on it. Here’s how it happened.

Scot T

The AMOG was dancing with a group of three other guys in front of the DJ box. He was tall and muscular with a cheeky, good-looking face. He was whooping, throwing his arms in the air and moving around a lot, dominating the space about him. He was talking to everyone – guys, girls, young, old, cute or ugly. Just a friendly word or two here and there: “Alright mate,” “Sweet,” “Have a good night,” etc. He had a huge grin on his face and looked as though he was having the time of his life (of course, it is more than possible that he had taken MDMA, although I have no way of knowing this). He was touching everyone – a handshake here, a pat on the head there. He appeared interested only in having fun, in enjoying the music and dancing.

The cute brunette whispered something to her friend, and then approached the AMOG. She was holding a Spanish flamenco fan. She stood right in front of him and wafted it up and down, cooling him off – after all, he was glowing with sweat from all that dancing. He laughed, pulled her towards him, rubbed the top of her head with his palm then kissed her on the cheek as though she were his little sister. He spoke briefly to her, looking down at her as though highly skeptical and puzzled by everything she said, sometimes pulling her in close to speak in her ear.

Shortly afterwards he carried on dancing as before. But now the brunette and her friend were part of the group. The AMOG didn’t pay much attention to them; he just carried on partying, talking to other guys and girls, having a blast. From time to time one of his friends would whisper something to the brunette, probably in attempt to ingratiate himself, but with a light, playful touch.

After ten minutes or so the group disbanded a little, and now the two girls were on the periphery again. Seeing his opportunity, a Spanish guy not associated with the AMOG’s group came up behind the brunette and began dancing close to her, holding her hips. The AMOG noticed. He came over immediately, put a huge arm around the girl and moved her to his right. Then he took her place in front of the unfortunate interlocutor, and began grinding his ass into her crotch, laughing all the while. Then he turned and playfully grabbed the guy’s head, pulled it towards him and kissed him on the cheek, as though this was all just good fun rather than serious mate-guarding.

His physical dominance over the man, and the latter’s humiliation, were plain for everyone to see. Then – and this was the AMOG’s masterstroke – he grabbed the brunette and threw her back into the Spaniard’s arms. Predictably, she shook her head, disgusted by the implication that she might actually want to be with this weaker, beta male. With huge, shining eyes she walked once more into the protective radius of the AMOG, who was now ignoring her and dancing wildly once more as though nothing had happened.

The unfortunate Spaniard walked away, his emasculation confirmed, his opportunity for sexual access to the brunette entirely and brutally eradicated. In contrast, the AMOG’s supremacy was now assured. I am certain that after his seeing off the lesser man, the brunette would have had sex with him in the bathroom right then, had he chosen to lead her there.

DC 10 girls

If this sounds like something you might see on a wildlife documentary, believe me, it was. But there is no other environment I know of where female hypergamy is so visible as in the modern nightclub. Here, the combination of alcohol, drugs, and overtly sexual music, as well as the array of potential male suitors on hand, means that attractive young women have little need or inclination to hide their active seeking out of the highest value males they can get.

Does this mean that alpha douchebag game is the only way? No. My natural style is based more on conversation, coupled with increasing physicality throughout the interaction. It works well for me and for people I’ve taught. Could I have pulled the cute brunette? Quite possibly. She was certainly no more attractive than other girls I’ve slept with recently. But let’s be honest, stealing her from the AMOG that night would have been a challenge. A well-built natural who exhibits physical dominance and emanates a fun, don’t-give-a-shit attitude in a club is always going to be hard to beat, as this is an environment where women are bombarded with stimuli and are looking for the most exciting, shiny thing they can find.

How To Use Alpha Douchebag Game

If you are not like the AMOG in this anecdote then there a few things you can do. The first is to consider whether night game is for you at all. If you favor a softer, more conversationally-led approach, then you might be better off sticking to daygame. That’s not to say that you’re not also competing with AMOGs in the girl’s circle during the day, but at least they won’t be present, so you can take your shot in a more low-key, less pressured situation. If clubs are your thing, though, I would say there is a lot to be learned from AMOGs and it’s worth watching them and copying some of their behaviors.

First, if you don’t work out, then begin immediately. I go to the gym about five times a week. I’m not huge, but I have developed greater muscle mass over the years, which means that I feel significantly more confident around other men than when I was in my early twenties. Second, rather than doing hundreds of “gamey” cold approaches, you might experiment with simply going out with a group of high-value male friends, dominating the club environment, speaking to everyone, having a great time and attracting girls to you that way. In my anecdote – and this is the mark of the true alpha – the AMOG didn’t have to bother approaching the cute brunette. She came to him. I’m not saying do nothing – obviously you still need to interact with girls, but given you will be talking to everyone anyway, and those close to you will likely be there because they are attracted to your energy, then the job of pulling them will be much easier.

You should look quizzically at girls when they talk to you, as if they are children who aren’t quite making sense. Be physical with everyone – especially other men. High-fives, hugs, pats on the back, handshakes. If you can make it look as though you can dominate other guys then you are well on the way to creating pussy Niagara Falls in your vicinity. Don’t try to be cool – smile, be happy and look like you’re having an amazing time. Be friendly to people – the true alpha can afford to be magnanimous because he knows he can kick the ass of anyone who steps out of line.

While “dark triad” characteristics are undeniably attractive to women, the greatest currency in a nightclub is fun. You should not appear to attach too much importance to your target. And if another guy moves in on her then feel free to replicate the technique I’ve described here as it was, quite frankly, a stroke of genius (judge the situation carefully though – don’t get yourself beaten up).


Another thing you should bear in mind is this. The cute brunette I describe looked like a typical good girl – the type who the average beta would assume would be swayed by intelligent conversation, flowers and dinner. Not a bit of it. It was a central tenet of Mystery’s thinking that ultimate masculine energy attracts ultimate feminine energy. This is well worth remembering – especially in a highly competitive environment like a nightclub.

There will be those who read this and attribute the alpha’s success entirely to his looks and build, but that would be to miss the point. While those things undeniably helped (and every man can work on his body and his appearance) it was his behavior, his display of masculine dominance that really made the difference. Not everyone has to use this type of physically dominant game – there are other strategies – but you should at least be aware of it, of how susceptible beautiful young women are to it, and how easy to imitate it is.

Even if you are not a six foot, granite-jawed champion lifter, aping a few of the behaviors I’ve outlined here while in the club will pay dividends and will certainly differentiate you from the scared-looking, James Bond-imitating, wall-hugging guys that you are competing with.

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445 thoughts on “How To Get More Sex With Alpha Douchebag Club Game”

    1. Agreed. While this article is great advice if you want to kick this type of game (which, when I was in my “prime” PUA days, was my specialty), it’s so fucking sad how it works. If you want a visual primer on how to kick this type of game, just watch Jersey Shore and see how Mike acts in the club. It’s pretty much alpha-douche (though not always).
      This shit/style does work. You’re going to pull a lot of trash using this type of game, but, some of that trash will have a nice ass, so, if that’s your goal, by all means, follow this advice. The fact that this works is one of the big reasons that I started to lose respect for 99% of women before I even meet them. I couldn’t believe that women were stupid enough to fall for this shit.. When, in fact, I probably didn’t take it far enough; I probably had blowouts because I wasn’t “douchebag enough” in some these interactions. Which, given my behavior, is just fucking terrifying.

      1. It certainly works better than going to a loud dance club and asking girls a retarded hypothetical question to “hook” them or asking them where they got their glasses/pen/bracelet.

    2. True, for society it is very sad but the only thing to do is enjoy it. And remember the girls won’t feel sad (until they’re 35 anyway) they just go out and have sex with who they want, so we should do the same. Remember too though that the sweet girl you like one day has probably had holidays like this – the only solution is to be sure if you ever do settle down that she must be a virgin.
      Society once protected women from their own promiscuity. It’s amazing to think really that feminists were so stupid that they thought that removing all the old codes of conduct, the morals, the chivalric behaviour, honour and yes love that the only thing that would replace all that would be liberal bourgeois “equal” rights etc. What replaced it was people reverting to animal instincts, all the cruelty and coldness, lust and greed that every person has in them, suddenly come to the fore and the father who wants to protect his daughter is shouted down with cries of “it’s her body”, “sex is liberating” – the father is right of course, the daughter will regret it and understand he was right when she is 30 and it’s too late but the cult of youth and sex we have had since 1968 won’t allow it.
      So I say, as civilisation in the west falls, just enjoy it, don’t get them pregnant and have fun with lots of tight young girls – just don’t get them pregnant or 16 years later you’re going to be having to let your daughter become “empowered” by being used by douchebags in nightclubs before she goes to college to study “womens and equalities studies”.

    1. You gotta build em up, and knock them down again. Then build them up, and knock them down again. But END it on a note when they are fully built up. It’s exactly like basic training in the military.
      By knocking them down a lot. It made you out to be an “interesting guy” or some silly female explanation like that…

  1. Or, in the words of the Pook, simply treat women as if they were little girls. Think about when you were a little boy. You didn’t care about politics, philosophy, or any of that. You just cared about having fun. Think about how you treated girls when you were a strapping young lad of 8 years. That’s how you should treat women in your adulthood, if you want to get laid.

    1. the funniest thing that happened to me, which proves this point… is going into a club to find the promoter, a friend of mine, whose about 50 with a shaved head… I walk up behind this guy at the bar, who looked like him from behind and had a shaved head….. i grab him on the shoulder, hi five him as he turns and then realize it’s the wrong guy… just a stranger…. but i carry on and him and his friends are so happy to meet me…..
      it has to be natural, you cannot fake AMOG, but it works on everyone men and women… the most important point missing from the article is that showing social value by being obviously friendly with the local ‘guys’ – even if you met them 1 minute ago, also brings the girls in – that has worked for me too when it’s natural.
      it’s not hard to do, but it’s hard to do naturally if you are an introverted dweeb – which i am not, but i am prone to be overly serious and geeky….. switching on fun mode, without looking like a drunkard is hard…. E and Coke are probably involved in this particular story….. drugs are not necessary but they can help to program neural networks and behavior, you can use without drugs later on…. it’s largely a question of getting in the mood and that can be hard……. dancing is definitely a good way…..

      1. Once we put “getting laid” aside we enjoyed the heck out of clubbing. In fact I rarely ever got laid from club activities but I did get numbers and dates. Date on Friday night, club on Saturday…

      2. Great comment. I’m no longer a club guy, but when I was I found that I had to really work to get into that “magnetic zone” this article describes. The handful of times I nailed it created magical nights and awesome memories — it was just great fun. At the time, I thought it wasn’t my natural personality (I was acting more James Bond-like), but I’ve since learned that being a friendly, fun “ring leader” is closer to who I really am and pushing myself into behavior what I previously thought was a little “douchie” actually turned out to be quite liberating.

        1. yeah… when you don’t care it all comes your way, and i think that any man can be the leader and life of the party, it’s just a question of crawling out of your shell….. sometimes you do it by accident and it’s hard to repeat, but it shouldn’t be an act it has to be real…….. raise the energy level and everyone loves it…..

    2. Amazing how you all can analyze the entire article and miss the biggest takeaway.
      This dude wasn’t “cold approaching”, or “using a stack”, and he didn’t “have an awesome opener”. He waited until a woman demonstrated interest in him, then snapped that woman up.

    1. no most clubs in the west have more sausages than a german butcher. going to a western club is a recipe to get jacked by a raging steroid apeman.

        1. translation: I’ll never have the physique that can pull off a snug fitting t-shirt.
          Keep whining, skeletor

        2. Not very accurate, Anonymous-person-on-the-internet-making-assumptions-about-my-body-shape-because-he-got-offended-by-the-desdain-I-manfested-over-tight-girly-flashy-colored-shirts-that-make-you-look-like-a-sausage.
          But if you like to dress like a gay porn star and express your feminine side with wide neckline, who I am to judge you ? 🙂

        3. I have a few v neck shirts… with no logos… I find them more comfortable around the neck area.

      1. Or a recipe to have to gtfo out of dodge like you just did a bank job because you airholed said apeman in front of multiple witnesses

  2. I’ve seen this before. I saw it in Magaluf in August when I was in BCM. The problem I have is that I don’t do drugs, don’t drink a lot and cannot stand that kind of music ( you might ask what I was doing in Magaluf in the first place but actually I was staying elsewhere and had to check out the slut fest that is Magaluf). I actually cannot physically get that pumped up and generate that kind of energy in clubs. Did I pull whilst there? Yes, a blonde Russian girl I met on the beach but sadly due to the biggest cockblocking son of a bitch hotel receptionist alive I figured I would not pull anytime soon without clubbing. But in the end you have to realize that women aren’t everything, so instead of trying to bang sluts I rented a motorbike and rode up to Valledemosa and then down some glorious mountain roads. No doubt whilst I was doing this AMOG was off his head having bad sex with club sluts or nursing the mother of all hangovers. But by riding of the beaten track I had my own experience every bit as good as the pill heads. And to top it all off I ran some day game in Palma and hooked up with a cute Spanish girl. But be under no illusions, the power of a natural Alpha is hard irresistible to women, you must always be strong and always red pill otherwise you will wind up being a chump.

    1. the girls you pick up pulling club game are not worth it. life it too short for those dramas.

      1. There’s no drama in those kinds of resorts if you know your shit. You simply take the girl to your hotel or the beach, bang her, leave her, then brag about it to your friends. But you should live each day as it if it were your last, if you hate clubs don’t bother with them. In the long run you’ll get less sex than some of the hardcore club guys but why bother doing something you don’t really enjoy anyway just for a desperate shot at pussy. That’s not strong, that’s weak.

        1. You simply take the girl to your hotel or the beach, bang her, leave her, then brag about it to your friends.

          As an occasional treat? Maybe. As a steady diet? Nah.

        2. hm well a steady diet of girls from Magaluf will leave you needing a steady diet STD treatment.

    2. If you don’t like drinking, drugs, or the music that are in the venue then that’s not your market. You’ll have more fun and pull better if you go somewhere that you like the music.

      1. Yes you’re right although i was specifically talking about Magaluf/Ibiza and those kinds of places where that’s the only music you’re gonna get. I went for cheap sun and to explore the island not for the music. But I did check out the clubs for the hell of it because I wanted to see if it really is how the media portray, I discovered it actually is.

  3. interesting read. Any tips for those traveling solo. I never have a group when I leave and it’s usually just me

  4. This is acute and well-written. Women today–who no longer need the beta provider’s resources–are drawn to men who are so confident, so energetic, so cold, and so aloof, that they (men) are just a step away from being outright sociopaths.
    But, it’s important to know that while this behavior is what gets women in bed, they are far from wanting a man to dominate them in any other sense: the days of the man wearing the pants in a relationship are long gone; because of their high sexual market value/power, and because of their current cultural conditioning, most women are far too independent and self-centered to even comprise/work with you, let alone answer to you.
    So, while you need to be a confident cartoon—full of endless swagger and high in entertainment value—to slay these young hotties, don’t for a moment expect them to defer to you outside the bedroom. (Of course, there will be some exceptions, but they are just that, and likely to be lower than you on the looks scale.)
    Finally, it seems that a man is either a natural alpha or not. (Can it really be learned?) Most men today (red pill men NOT excepted), looking at a man dominate other men, will see him as some sort of “bully,” or a “poser,” “insecure,” etc., etc. They do not think that there are men out there who really are no fuckin’ joke, and who could kick their resentful, passive-aggressive ass, lol.

    1. Actually I think that every woman can be dominated outside of the bedroom and in every aspect. Its just a different kind of game. At the end of the day, you are bigger, stronger and can yell louder. Even career women shut their mouths when I get angry and they follow my right direction. Especially if you play on their fear of abandonment (“You don’t like it? There’s the door!”). I learned this game from my father – it is important to be prepared to carry the threat out though.
      Generally, the best course is to Insta-Dump women who look like they’ll be a problem otherwise women will do what the fuck I say when I say it or I’ll know the reason why.

      1. Being bigger and stronger than a woman–able to kick her ass, in other words–is something very different from being able to keep her in a relationship in which you wear the pants.
        And as I said, there are exceptions.
        And my main point was that, given how they are conditioned today, most high SMV women will not go for the take it or leave it attitude (though it’s still always desirable to exude that), in the sense of hanging in there with you in a relationship. Usually, they will go. To be crystal clear, my point was that alpha game in a club doesn’t extend (in most cases) to a relationship, because most women today do not want to be dominated in all respects. There are very few twenty-something 8s and up (the women I myself go after) in the Anglo world today who want a 1950s-style relationship.
        Of course, having said all this, I know that readers like the aptly-named Beavis_Bunghole and others will continue to misread what I wrote, read other things into it, and presume to know something about my own relations with women.

        1. It is definitely a different skill. If you want proof, go on to the forums. There’s a ton of guys on there with beautifully sculpted bodies who still can’t get a woman because of how fucked up their head is.
          Also keep in mind that we’re not talking about a “1950’s style” relationship. We’re talking much more about a dom-submissive relationship similar to what the BDSM community has, and similar to the relationship that a pimp has with his “bitches” who (contrary to popular belief) typically view themselves as in love with their pimp.
          You should see some of the field reports(most with proof of game) that are posted on the closed forum I’m part of. It would completely destroy the notion that women don’t want to be dominated.

        2. I would never perform that kind of act (AMOG) in a relationship. To me, that guy was acting the fool. Sure I’ve been the fool from time to time in clubs after a few drinks and especially when I am vacationing. A large part of it is when traveling you really don’t give a fuck. That seems to be what this guy was channeling.
          In a relationship it is different. My experience with women is that they actually want to be dominated. They will very quickly hand over decision making to me and frequently ask me for permission to do things that really don’t require my permission. They love a man to be a man. Certainly I have no idea what kind of women you deal with but if I had an inkling that a woman would not allow me to play my role she would be immediately ejected. That said, all women act crazy from time to time. Outside of that, the only time I need to raise my voice is a) when they fuck-up and b) when they fail to recognize that they have fucked up. Then I get medieval on them.

        3. I know what you mean, but I still think women wanting you to be a man today is different from what that meant in the 50s. And again, there are lots of young hotties–especially here in the urban northeast—which want a man only in the sack. They have no interest in deferring to you in any other respect.

        4. Of course, here many readers will say, “you just don’t know how to bring out their inner sub–you aren’t man enough, etc.” My point is that today many high SMV women are effectively masculine through and through. They really have no desire to be led by a strong man.
          Now, given how illiterate the average ROK reader seems to be, let me be sure to spell out the fact that not all women are like this, in my view. In other words, there are exceptions, and in a country this large, lots of them.

        5. only because they read too many cosmo articles and never tried it… they are like horses that have never been broken in….
          back in the day a girl came pre-trained by her father, brothers, uncles etc… today you have to work harder, but you can make them heel…

        6. Respect for your nuanced perspective on this issue. And you are entirely correct.
          Painting women with a broad brush in a way that suggests something positive about your interactions with them is a facile position to take. “Bro the fuck you talkin about some chicks dont wanna get dominated. They fuckin do, every single one of em. Ur just not alpha enuff trolololol”.
          It’s humblebrag peacocking, through and through. Even readers of a website like this one aren’t above it.
          Incidentally, it’s this same kind of shithouse thinking that gives rise to the various strains of leftism that plague the West today. They’re superficially easy positions to defend. “What do you mean you’re against feminism? Women just want equal rights. You must be a mysoginist.” // “What do you mean you’re against immigration? Those poor downtrodden folks are just trying to build a better future for themselves. You must be racist.” And on and on.
          The devil’s in the details. But yeah yeah, I know, “alphas” ain’t got no time for dat.
          I’m going to write my own disclaimer for the illiterate chumps who will otherwise misinterpret my message. Of course women who want to be dominated in all facets of their life exist. I’m seeing one right now.
          But not all of them do. And anyone who pretends otherwise is either a keyboard warrior or a shyster with a book to sell.

        7. I actually am quite certain the reverse is true: most women want to be dominated, but there are exceptions, because there are always exceptions.
          It’s genetics 101. Even to this point women haven’t evolved above the need for a “protector”(=leader/dominant) while they have evolved above the need for a provider. That is why “being alpha” is so attractive to them. On a genetic, and thus unconscious, level they view you as a good sperm holder.Strong enough to protect them while they raise the fragile infant.
          In every relationship I’ve had I’ve dominated the woman and I was always the one to end it. Shit happened when I agreed and most times stuff was my idea and initiating. You wouldn’t believe how many women have told me “I love that when I’m with you I don’t have to think about anything”. Simply because II have the “my way or the high way” attitude and you don’t even have to be mean or ‘bossy’ about it.
          If your girl asks “baby, what you wanna do tonight” and your reply is “(dunno) what do you wanna do?” you’re failing in playing your role as a man.
          If a woman can’t see you as a protector, then you have absolutely no value on an evolutionary level. If she can dominate you, you can’t protect her more than she can protect herself. So in essence, she doesn’t view you as a man or “alpha”.
          A lot of men annoy the fuck out of me with the crap they put up with and after that they complain it’s the woman’s fault. Women’s use is children. Treat them that way. They have no say in your affaires or bank account. Just fuck her and have fun with her.
          rule 1. It’s about your happiness=don’t ever compromise.
          rule 2. Always be prepared to walk out or to tell her to fuck off.
          rule 3. Set the boundaries from the beginning and protect them. She will never stop testing you.
          rule 4. If you’re unhappy it is ALWAYS YOUR fault. This applies to life so why do men think it doesn’t apply to relationships?
          There is a lot more and I could probably write a book about it but In short: your conclusion is completely false. Women need to be dominated to be happy in a relationship.

        8. Re the sentence you quoted: I had in mind that this is not what women expect today, and many don’t want it either. Nor will they “settle for it.”
          To be sure, I get where you are coming from, and have had experiences like your own, but today many women don’t need a man’s money, and neither do many want a boyfriend or husband. There are lots of high SMV young women who just want hot hook ups, and when it comes to these women, and also women unlike them, if you check them, they will bail, or even call the police, lol.
          Since you don’t know me personally, a remark such as “grow a set of balls” means nothing to me.

        9. Thank you, Sir. I find that, because of their cognitive limitations (the result of a low IQ and lack of education), many people cannot do otherwise than misinterpret and simplify the contexts of thing. This happens all throughout life in all sorts of situations and with respect to all sorts of issues. And many of the men who do this on this site are the type to say to me—a fucking ROK staff writer (so much for having any respect; but this too is dying in the West)—“yo pussy, haven’t you ever choked a bitch out, etc.”
          The notion that EVERY woman wants to be dominated or wants to defer to a man is an absurd simplification. Every, most, many: there are important differences between these words, and any smart writer and reader knows this. These words function to keep one from writing and reading with too broad of a stroke. They function to provide NUANCE, without which there is bound to be all sorts of foolish misunderstandings.

        10. I understand why most women wouldn’t want a boyfriend with all these overly jealous and controlling ‘men’. They simply add nothing to their lives but a headache and constant nagging.
          “but today many women don’t need a man’s money”.
          I completely agree, because a man’s money would be a provider thing. As I said in my previous reply women have outgrown providers, atleast in the western world.
          People only commit with someone who adds value. Like many of us wouldn’t marry any of our hook ups, it’s the same for women. Sex alone is not enough value to make someone commit, because sex can be found everywhere.
          The only added value a man has to a women is his protector role. If you forsake this, deny your evolutionary meaning to the other sex, she won’t commit and if she does it’ll be hell untill she eventually dumps you.
          She needs to feel that her life is easier because of you. Maybe you’re smarter than her and protect her from making stupid decisions. Maybe you have lots of life lessons which you casually exude. Maybe she notices how no one seems to be able to fuck with you on any level(physical, intellectual, mentally).
          A woman can’t respect you in a relationship if you’re not better than her. I tell every girl I have on a regular that I’m better than her and she believes it, because I believe it and because it’s true. When my ex used to complain about not having insight in my administration I’d tell her “I was doing great without you. I don’t need you”. In turn she’d ask for my help on her administration. Not because she couldn’t do it, but because she wanted to see how good I actually was in it. Testing me.
          “even call the police”. Lol. I don’t know what you mean by that, because I wasn’t implying the use of violence. You’re probably talking about some bogus charges some women press?
          Btw I consider the use of violence to control a woman pathetic. That means that she is so much stronger than you mentally, that she has stripped you of everything except your physical advantage which you now feel compelled to use. A castrated man.I can not respect a man who forsake’s his evolutionary role. That is how feminisme started.

        11. Agree. In LTRs, you need a good balance…but the main thing I find is the need for her to respect you.
          If she steps out of line (and she will) then you kindly remind her who she is talking to in the moment.
          Shit test or not…..the bus stops and the driver will tell a woman to GTFO.

        12. Put down the women’s mags and get the hell out of New York.
          Even most of the bitchy cock carousel riders ( that’s what they are called) wake up at some point and start making dinner. Even if she has to get it already prepared at the supermarket.
          The myth of boy toy went out with sex and the city. Stop perpetuating it like a feminist fag hag.
          It’s all twilight and 50 shades for my generation

    2. You’ve clearly never run a harem have you?
      The reason why you don’t think women can be dominated is because you don’t have it in you. Women who want to be dominated will(in 90%+ of cases) only be attracted to men who do have it in them.

      1. One caveat: I disagree with the assessment that “either a man is a natural alpha or he is not”. Humans are much like dogs and very easily conditioned. Disciplined training and practice will result in acquiring those “alpha” behavior and thought patterns.

      2. Seeing as you don’t know me personally, what do you know about what I have in me or whether I have ever run a harem?
        But I see that, like many of our readers here at ROK, you are an idiot who misreads what a man writes, then presumes to know something about the man himself. If you ever come through Philly, email me on here so we can arrange for you to kiss my ass.

        1. Because of your attitude and how it correlates to the results that I’ve seen in real life.
          I’ve seen a lot of betas who think like you do, while I’ve also seen a number(admittedly smaller) of true alphas who strongly believe that women can be dominated in a relationship. One of them would make his girlfriend wear a collar any time they were at home.
          I’ve also yet to see any true alphas who have the attitude you have.
          I may be wrong, but given the strong correlation I’ve seen in real life that’s unlikely and I doubt you have the same level of game these guys have. We’re talking about guys who literally have enough power over these women to call them up at 2AM to drive over, bring some food, suck their dick, and GTFO.
          Do you have that kind of power?
          Even what I’m talking about isn’t anywhere near what exists out there in real life. There’s a reason that a lot of hookers don’t think they’re hookers but instead see themselves as loyal girls helping to pay their boyfriend’s bills(to quote one article).
          Incidentally I do plan to travel to Philly in the near future for a career training program(I’m switching industries). We can go to the club and see how things stand.

        2. example:
          “they see themselves not as women being pimped out for sex but as
          girlfriends helping their boyfriend pay the bills. “We’ve had women
          testify on behalf of their abuser, that they loved them and were not
          there against their will,” even though they had been severely abused,”
          The reporter doesn’t seem to understand it but I assure men with game are capable of putting a woman’s mind that far under their control.

        3. You seemed to have missed two things: that I wrote “most women,” not all, or women in general, and that I allowed that there are “exceptions.”
          So, you are not making any point when you tell me about what this or that guy is able to do, whether it’s having women show up with food or whatever. I granted that sort of thing from the beginning.

        4. No, I didn’t miss a point. Men a very dominant personality type will generally attract submissive women, hence if you did have a dominant personality type your opinion would most likely be that “most” women want to be dominated…..because that would have been the majority of your experiences.

        5. Yes you did. And you also missed my clarification. So, for the last time: I said that MOST women today don’t want the man to wear the pants in the relationship. If this wasn’t true, sites like this would not exist. And again, I said that there are exceptions to this. So, when you point out those exceptions, you merely agree with what I said all along. You aren’t telling me anything I don’t know. Your talk about my personality type–as if you knew me–is likewise irrelevant. I will not waste more of my time on you.

        6. No, I didn’t. The “most” is irrelevant if you have the personal power to take what you want. Trying to analyze the pool of women in America the way you’d analyze a merger’s effects on stockholder value is a mistake and symptomatic of why yo have the poor results that you do.
          And no, sites like this don’t exist because of how terrible the women are. They exist for two reasons: first and foremost to make money, and second because there are a lot of highly feminized, emasculated males out there who don’t know how to be a man and lead a relationship.

        7. you’re exactly right, it’s a question of trying it, again and again and again and taking all the hits until you make it work….. some men get lucky and hit it first time, but when they fail… boy do they fail because it’s all instinctive they have no idea what went wrong…… on the other hand if you build it up consciously… sure it’s awkward in the beginning… it’s like learning to play the piano…. you look like a goof doing scales, but one day you will be on stage playing to hundreds of people and it all just looks so natural…..

      3. I am an American women I think this website is a little degrading to women I treat my man with respect I cook clean and do the laundry I would never go out on him. I do my hair make up and dress up every day my nails always are done. I stay fit not only for myself but for my man. I know it’s hard to find a good woman as hard as it is to find a good man. In return I expect to be treated with respect and love I expect my man to be loyal and faithful to me otherwise I’ll leave him. My man is very kind and never gets mad but he has put me in my place once he firmly grabbed my arm and my face and told me to never do what I did again and that he was the man in the relationship and I respect that and I never did it again

    3. “just a step from being outright sociopaths.”
      They aren’t a step away. Women love outright sociopaths. For max pulling power in a club, you want to go just on this side of “psychopath”, way beyond a meager sociopath. So sad.

    4. I am living proof that any man can be an alpha. Nobody is more beta than me, but I have pulled off some heinously alpha things when the situation or desire called for it.
      It would not be going to far to say that it’s like flipping a switch. Yes you read that right. It’s only in our minds that we build such a wall between this “alpha” and “beta” business.

      1. I agree with this comment. The way you live your life is a state of mind. Anyone can become an Alpha and anyone can become a Beta. Mind will always be superior to matter and this has always been taught in ancient spiritual traditions. You hardly ever see successful people in any aspect of life being depressed because they keep their state of mind healthy. Opposite is true as well people who are depressed all the time about their situation usually live shitty lives. Too many people these days use the bullshit excuse of genetics as a reason for their failures.
        Below are two quotes from two of the greatest minds ever born on this planet.
        “Mediocrity is self-inflicted. genius is self-bestowed”
        -Walter Russell.
        “The mind is everything. What you think you become.”

    5. of course the geeky nerd is going to struggle, but it takes practice…. you can’t act it – you have to be it … and that only comes from actually being it….. thus in the long run you need to be fit, healthy, toned, good diet, good professional life, and actually be a friendly interesting person….. only then it comes naturally…. for all we know the guy in the example, just got a dream job, promotion, graduated, finished a Phd or won the lottery… who knows…..
      just being fit and healthy and having enough sleep can make a huge difference … people read your vibe – you cannot fake it…… it also requires living very much in the moment and taking advantage of opportunities… trying to engineer game might get you a few phone numbers, but the best nights are all spontaneous…. that requires shutting down the little voice in your head that tells you everyone hates you…..
      as far as the long term goes, it can also work, but you have to tone down the asshole, keep the woman in her place and be very guarded, because the long game is generally won by women who wrap men around their finger with a slow siege….. lots of little nagging and comments and day to day drizzle….
      i sent a girlfriend off for the afternoon, on the back of a friend’s 1000cc motor bike and of course he was hitting on her a bit during the ride…… but now she won’t go near him…. it’s the same principal…..

    6. I work in a nightclub on the weekends as a busser/barback to get some extra cash while I’m finishing school. I’ve seen ALL OF THIS SHIT play out on the dancefloor. In the worst cases I’ve seen men be sent to the hospital over pussy.
      What I find most interesting about your post is the idea that while you can slay the pussy by being Mr Macho Alpha that no one can mess with, you wont necessarily be able to lock a girl like that down in a relationship. Or even have her take you seriously as a person.
      I’m friends with the bouncers at my club. They’re all cool guys, and you wouldn’t wanna mess with any of them… Ex-wrestlers, ex-soldiers, total tough guys. Anyways my point is that I know for a fact that one of them, named Mido, is such a fun-loving friendly dude who is built like a good looking army tank, that he can charm his way into woman’s panties no problem. I’ve seen him in action. Literally grabbing women and dragging them back into the staff area lol. When he wants to be he can be intimidating, but most of the time he’s having a good time, and his clown game attracts women.
      I took the bus home with him once at 4 in the morning and we got to know each other a little more in a calmer setting. I learned that the guy isn’t particularly bright. I like him a lot, this isn’t some bitter talk, I really like working with him. But the fact is he just aint that bright… doesn’t know how to listen and gather information… his mind is constantly distracted… I could tell that in this setting I was the one who intimidated him a little bit… even though he could pull girls right in front of me with little effort. The guy has no thought out long term plans… While I’m the one who is low status at the nightclub in terms of that hierarchy, all my energy outside that club is going into how I’m going to get a better career.
      I think he is exactly the type of guy that you described there. The question is in my mind… if one were so inclined…
      Can a man be both of characters… The super-alpha-“douchebag”, and then transform into the boyfriend without handing over his balls in the process?
      Can you entice pussy tingles on the dance-floor, and then win the girl’s heart at home?

      1. Hey, thanks for asking. My view is that while being confident and direct works great for night game, it doesn’t (usually) follow that women will incline to have you wear the pants in the relationship; but I believe this because I don’t think most women today–whether you meet them at a bar, a cafe, on Tinder, or wherever and however—want that period.
        It all depends on what we mean by “wearing the pants.” No doubt most women do want a strong man: decisive, direct, able to pass shit tests, and check them–somewhat. Notice that somewhat: I use it because I think wearing the pants now means something very different from what it did in the 50s, and indeed even 10-20 years ago. As I have mentioned in several of my articles on here, many women today–especially young, high SMV ones—will deem you abusive or some such thing if you put them in check in the way that our fathers and grandfathers used to check women as a matter of course. I am not talking about smacking a woman. I am talking about saying, e.g., and with a fierce look, “shut your fucking mouth—now.”
        The surest way, these days, to lock a woman down, to quote from an article of mine, is through a combination of rough sex and emotional deprivation.
        Of course, it’s possible to transition from an alpha night game pull to an alpha relationship. I think it more and more unlikely, however. Indeed, I’ve taken home four college age girls in the last two months. Not one had any interest in dating any man. They are all about “fun.” Nor do such sexy young brats have any interest in you wearing the pants, even if they were to date you. They want to be banged out deep and rough. They don’t want you telling them what to do. (Of course, there are some exceptions, especially if you run air tight aloof game so as to give the hamster the emotional torture it loves so dearly.)
        Yeah, lol, most bouncers—I’ve known many, and have been one and off for about ten years—are working-class guys without any higher education. You are right to focus on your career, I think. Let me also suggest that you maximize your looks and conversation skills, and run a lot of day game, so as to be able to get the high SMV, non-cuntish women out there, women who are not to be found in the bars and clubs. Nor are most hot careerist chicks interested in dating bouncers. (That said, those same women–most of them–are not worth dating anyway.)

    7. Some good points here. Men can start to take back some of the power from women in a couple of different ways.
      One way is to stop accepting the idea that older women actually have “high value”. Men need to show women that the ‘Sex in the City’ philosophy is all bullshit (she’s old, I’m looking for younger, hotter women).
      Another way, especially if you’re in a LTR, is to remind a woman that she’s not at work. Many of them are in supervisor or management positions (positions of authority). They’ll come home from work and start barking orders. I like to remind mine once in awhile that she may get smacked if she keeps it up. She’ll make a smart comment…but she stops all of that fucking “barking”.
      Men have to realize that respect is key. Plus, many men need to stop believing in all of the nonsense fed to them through the media about women.

  5. I have to say, that AMOG (Original Gangsta in my book!) story was absolutely hilarious. I have actually been that type of guy (not as emasculating as him) before without actually realizing it. I have walked up and chatted up a guy’s girlfriend right in front of him and taken her number while he sat there and fumed. This is not to brag only because the guy looked like such a loser it never occurred to me that they were together. Still I do avoid those sorts of situations because a humiliated man is a dangerous man.

    1. a humiliated man is a dangerous man.

      True. When playing the AMOG game, you have to develop a sense for how far is too far. Don’t (metaphorically) back the guy into a corner if you don’t have to.

      1. Agreed. Always leave an opponent an avenue of retreat and most of the time, they’ll take it, especially if they are able to save face (not looking weak or humiliated) doing so.

    2. Yeah I can imagine.. he was probably sitting there fuming like some passive aggressive bitch giving you dirty looks.

    3. In college I went to a party, chatted up this one girl the whole night, and left with her to go back to her place when the evening wrapped up. I didn’t realize until we were AT HER APARTMENT that this dude who had sort of been around the periphery all night was her “boyfriend” (meaning they were hooking up regularly and would become “facebook official” several weeks later). The guy had not touched her all night, and hadn’t said a work to her since I approached. I didn’t drink much that night- there was no way to tell these two were even acquainted, much less involved.
      Her assumption was that I knew the rumors that the two of them were banging and that if I was talking to her at a party it must just be because I wanted to be her platonic friend, respecting the monogamy of their undefined hookup connection.
      People are just so fucking weird now.

      1. That happens. That’s why I never take a girl to a party / club. You’ll end up mate guarding the whole time and not enjoy yourself. A party / club is where you go to meet new people. That’s not where you take a woman you already know to get closer to her.

    4. Life is weird like that.
      I don’t know about you but I’ve been on both sides of that spectrum. When you’re dealing with hard times your girl is itchy to jump ship and find a bigger boat. When you roll up looking like a million bucks, other men’s women are doing everything they can to win over your Moby Dick.
      I think that is why its called the Game.

  6. Fantastic stuff. I’ve never been to Ibiza but it’s up on my travel destination list for 2015 and will be great to see in person what the whole place looks like. Ha…probably end up like the beta in this article but at least I can say that I accomplished one of my travel and Game goals.

  7. So in other words, beta male behavior stands no chance in a nightclub especially when women have a lot of choices. You all would do well to remember that.

    1. They won’t remember that. They’ll chalk up their continued failure to the cuntiness of western women and needing a better stack.

  8. Terrible article, unless being douchebag is part of your core personality, there is no reason why a man has to change his core personality for a wet hole
    This article should be titled : how to bend over backwards for shallow club trash

    1. I guess the article is right, that’s how most women work (un-fucking-fortunately).. The big question is: Is it worth it? Will I change my core and become the douchebag alpha just so I can score the type of chick that fall for this bullshit? I know for a fact that won’t.. first because I just don’t want to be like that and second because you gotta be careful when acting like the ultimate douchebag around other people.. it’s not just you and the chick, you see, there are also other people witnessing your behavior (the author, who noticed the alpha douchebag, the spaniard dude, who probably didn’t like what happened, and so on) who might not like what you do and you never know if you are ever going to meet them again or how their opinions of how much of a fucking douchebag you are might impact your life. I know that’s taking it too far but it happens.

      1. You don’t need to become a douchebag. Just become more confident, stop being so uptight, and stop giving a shit.

    2. This is an article on a game site. That pertains to game. Meaning, mechanical techniques to maximize the probability of getting laid. It’s not about passing judgment.
      Acting Dbag works in the kind of environment the author describes. (I happened to be in Ibiza this summer as well. I’ve seen it first hand.) I’d suggest actually having some real dance moves works even better than simply flailing about (as long s you can make it look effortless), but the again Disco Ibiza does suffer from a fairly acute lack of Black American presence…. Or the presence of people with any kind of rythm, period….
      The whole point is to be the center of attention. Create a whirlwind of activity around yourself, and both men and women can’t help but paying attention. And women will always go for the one other men and women are paying the most attention to. Doesn’t matter if you’re being paid attention to because you are on a stage and they are the audience, or because you just make so much noise people can’t avoid noticing you. All that matters is YOU are the one THEY are looking at. Just like the alpha is the one all the other dogs are looking at.

  9. “He had a huge grin on his face and looked as though he was having the time of his life (of course, it is more than possible that he had taken MDMA, although I have no way of knowing this).”
    From your description, the dude sounds like he was definitely dancing with Molly.
    Everybody thinks they are a champion when they’re on MDMA.

      1. Where I come from we call them a couple of fags. I assumed the picture was taken at a gay nightclub

  10. But alpha douchebag isn’t a man, he’s a four year old child. Do you really think this archetype is a healthy form of masculinity?
    I agree with working out, having a strong frame, being detached … Because that’s actually what men should be doing. But this? No way.
    There is a growing insinuation in many articles here that if you aren’t a thug, you must be a wimpy beta. Let’s get something straight, all things being equal (looks, wealth and status), the man who is intelligent and virtuous is objectively far superior to the douchebag, even if women prefer the later.
    I see so many men now defining masculinity by what women want. That’s feminine logic and in the long run, it will back fire.
    Sluts and douchebags … The story of modernity.

    1. Man child or not… Pulling chicks out of a club is one of the most inefficient ways to get ass. That’s my main issue with this crap.

        1. I agree, it’s pretty easy to pull out of clubs. But soul destroying. This is one of those things you really just don’t want to know about women. While we all sit and laugh at the “douchebags” on Jersey Shore, if you want to pull max ass in min time out of club, that’s exactly how you should act. And it will put a whole in your stomach that you can never fill with more pus, because, as you become better and better at it, you’ll lose any level of respect that you have left for women.

        2. Once I got into triple digits, hell, even before I got into triple digits with my notch count, I stopped respecting women. Well, Anglo-American gurlz. It stopped being any fun other than the challenge and conquest of pulling some strange. After the initial rush of the new found fling passed, I was ready to move on to the next girl.
          I realized this was something I didn’t want to do long term, as fantastic as it may sound to hungry Betas out there. Women who still have cultural constraints placed on them and aren’t allowed to run around like wild animals still attract me. (But you won’t find that here at home.) Respect…ah, that’s earned later when she submits to me. As much I can respect women, which isn’t much.

        3. The only time it gets hard is when you’re in a club where there isn’t a single girl worth approaching. I’ve had nights like that. In the end girls start approaching but sadly they are usually the fugly ones.

        4. Is it so easy that the girls are regularly hitting on you? I suggest you try a women’s conference or similar, because no matter how good you get at crushing bitch shields…not having to deal with them on full is soo much better.

        5. Its hard to respect any creature that seems to lack empathy and cannot be reasoned with.

        6. ‘While we all sit and laugh at the “douchebags” on Jersey Shore, if you want to pull max ass in min time out of club, that’s exactly how you should act.’

        7. “Once I got into triple digits,”
          Okay, this is just silly.
          No one with a soul cares about your triple digits.
          Triple digits suggest, you fuck fatties and fuglys for a notch.
          No respectable man has that high of a notch count.
          Or you are just making up bullshit to impress your ego.

        8. I know a guy with a triple digit count. He truly does not care what the bitch looks like or how old. He tried to criticize my game once. I told him “you are a man with a shotgun shooting into a pack of rats. You’ll definitely hit something. I am a man with a scoped rifle hunting deer. It’s either one shot one kill or I come back tomorrow.”

        9. Absolutely true.
          But if I impregnated Snooky, I’d probably jump off a skyscraper… and strap a bomb to my chest…

        10. If you are into pumping and dumping. It’s easy to reach 100 even if you are picky.

        11. The truth is that the girls they get are as shallow and empty as the douchebags. Game recognize game and they belong together. This would explain why these guys get sought out by these chicks.

        12. I should add we both got laid that night. Mine was a cute little brunette nice tits and ass. His looked like something that slithered and crawled from out the Black Lagoon. It made us all say “oh no you didn’t!
          To his credit he tipped his hat to me the next morning.

        13. Its easy enough. I wouldn’t say the girls are regularly hitting on me but I regularly realise my objective. The important thing is target selection. The girls give off vibes that suggest either that “shields are up” or as Eazy E used to say “the pussy holes are open.” I learned to read these signs reasonably well and proceed accordingly.

        14. By what age? By the time your fifty?
          If she’s fat, over 40, or below a 6, that shouldn’t be counted. It’s not an accomplishment.
          100 quality notches … That’s something Tom Brady might not even have.
          Anything above 20 quality notches is extraordinary. Must men here claim they have that, but they don’t. My notch count is 5, but high quality 8 plus (three virgins).

        15. triple digits is actually more common than you would think, I stopped counting but I’m sure I’m around the 70-80 notch count

        16. Isn’t fat and below a 6 redundant? And seriously you wouldn’t nail Sofía Vergara (40+)
          20 quality notches is not extraordinary… at all.
          And once again you need to define what you mean by 8 plus…. send me a link.

        17. Vergara has the 2 thousand cock stare.
          She is bitchy and annoying.
          She has fake tits, dyed hair, and no personality, and, I might add she cannot act. She is latino trash.
          No one wants to put up with that.
          Thats why she isn’t married.

        18. I’ve done both the vegas club scene and the vegas conference scene and when I compare ease I much prefer fucking a girl at noon who is skipping her middle of the day seminar to banging a girl at midnight that I got from the club.

        19. I had a college buddy that was over 250. His opinion was, “as long as she has a vagina and will leave with me I don’t give a fuck.” He was truly a man-whore for the ages. Great wingman too. But his life revolved around hooking up. He didn’t care about anything else in life.

        20. Dear Homo’s Ghost
          Are you sure you are straight?
          Cause no one gives a shit about her personality. I said fuck Vergara, I didn’t say marry or even date her.

        21. I don’t think it is as difficult to make it into triple digits with 6s or better as you believe. Not in America at least. If dedicated to the effort, it can be done. However, I do believe it is at the expense of most everything else as they are reaching those numbers.

        22. If she is bitchy and trashy in life, why would you want to stick your dick in it?
          I suppose if you are a narcissist and believe banging to orgasm crazy bitches is fun?
          And BTW, PUA’s count as homosexual.
          Homosexuality is inability to bond with the opposite sex.
          How is that not what you wannabe high notch counters project?

        23. “I don’t think it is as difficult to make it into triple digits with 6s or better as you believe.”
          I do.
          And I have lived in a college town with a 4 to 1 girl to guy ratio.
          I think you people concentrate so much on sex you think the world is a giant orgy.
          I think guys add numbers to their notch count. Women subtract.

        24. Tom Brady could have 100 quality notches in 30 days. Just by walking into a starbucks for breakfast, whole foods for lunch and club at night. Hell, old school basketball players in the ABA had lifetime numbers in the thousands. If you really think triple digits are that hard to get as an above average guy then you need to work on your game.

        25. Well I wouldn’t expect you to understand male sexuality, but personality is why a man keeps a woman, not why he wishes to fuck her. We can even “hate fuck”… 🙂
          See Vergara looks your snarky, bitchy complaint about her fake boobs, dyed hair, and latino trashiness so clearly indicates.However, 90% of men would fuck her.
          Pumping and dumping good looking chicks that aren’t worth keeping isnt’ gay. It’s good common sense. But shame away for the sake of your fellow womenfolk since that makes you feel better.

        26. “Well I wouldn’t expect you to understand male sexuality”
          I just pointed out how PUA’s cannot bond with a woman, which is the very definition of homosexuality.
          “We can even “hate fuck”… :)”
          Sounds kind of sick to me.
          “This is why 90% of straight men would fuck her”
          90% of straight men watch football, drink beer, and do what peasants do.
          I.E. Who in hell cares what a majority would do? Only women care about what the herd does.
          “Pumping and dumping good looking chicks that aren’t worth keeping isnt’ gay.”
          It is the very definition of homosexual. It is a devaluation of the sex act. It is a deviation from the “norm”.
          “It’s good common sense.”
          Most of the world doesn’t pump and dump.
          “Common sense” seems to be lingo of the commoners in the PUA industry. But I don’t think it means what you think it means.

        27. What college town is 80% female? My senior year I threw parties every weekend and hooked up with 12 girls the fall semester and 19 the spring semester. I did concentrate on getting laid then because all my hard coursework was largely completed and I knew I wouldn’t get to party like that again. Still, there were guys getting laid more than me.

        28. I think guys add numbers to their notch count. Women subtract.

          lol… hasn’t it ever been so?

        29. Julio Iglesias claimed a notch count of 3000 by a decade ago. Whilt Chamberlain supposedly 5000. Tom Jones could get close to triple digits simultaneously after his Vegas shows. And who the F knows what Fillmore Slim’s count must be by now….
          I advise clients who run high pressure sales rooms, to try attracting guys with high counts. The churn and burn mindset, and latent insecurity and need to prove that “one has what it takes to be top dog”, work both on women and the kind of customers susceptible to high pressure sales. In both venues it’s about establishing control over the client/girl, then close the deal and move on. I don’t think I’m exaggerating by saying I have walked into sales rooms where the entire staff is in triple digits. Sadly, in some cases probably even the female staff….

        30. Yeah for some guys its a hobby. I knew a guy who would hook up with a couple girls from Facebook. Some were cute, most were butt ugly. He didn’t discriminate he was an equal rights ho.
          He was a serious sociopath though. Seriously, he had issues.

        31. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It doesn’t matter what he thinks is an 8. People have posted pictures up here of gorgeous women with half the commentators complaining that her nose is too big, ass is too flat etc.
          Personally, for me, never anything below a good 7. Although I never say never because I know I just might.

        32. So lost aren’t ya.
          Homosexuality is sexual desire for the same sex. Why are you making shit up?
          And I beg your pardon… The “hate fuck” isn’t sick. Frape laws. Starfucking. Sexual ostracism. Cuckoldry. Cockblocking. That’s some sick shit. But bitches will be bitches eh?
          Nope. Most of the world doesn’t pump and dump, but then most of the world isn’t dealing with entitled western cunts.
          Common sense. You don’t have it.

        33. Yes. But there is a difference between Tom Brady doesn’t and couldn’t. He’s been married for a while and also has a baby mama. Plus he was only so so until he got into the NFL.

        34. I get the subjective part, but while we all might not agree on what a pretty face is when can at least say that a 10 must have an absolute stunning face.

        35. I knew a superslut who had triple digit notch count in high school.
          High school.
          She gave herpes to her ex (and god knows how many others) who she has kids with.
          I fear herpes enough to swear off sex with whores forever.

        36. Too funny. Speaking of which. I actually have a shirt that says “carnivore”. It works.

        37. Quality over quantity. Always the way to go. I’ve got 2 maybe 3 tops that are in the “damn, her?!” category. Testosterone is a he’ll of a hormone.

        38. Its pretty popular college down south, they play in the ACC because they suck and cannot handle the SCC.
          You figure it out.

        39. Its not impossible at all. The type of guy who played a college sport who has a good smile can bang a different woman every week running minimal game. After 2-3 years he can be into triple digits. It usually means targeting women just a degree below himself on the hotness scale, and telling them things they want to hear about themselves. If they don’t fuck by 3rd date, he wouldn’t call them back. The thing is these guys usually aren’t arrogant douche bags who need to taunt other men to get what they want. Just the opposite, they have so much abundance of pussy they can be your best friend, like Joey on Friends. They have lost all sense of competitiveness because they actually don’t need to compete,

        40. “Just the opposite, they have so much abundance of pussy they can be your best friend, like Joey on Friends”
          Yet they graduate and cannot read.

        41. Right … above average guys in their 20s with three digit notch counts.
          I’m sure they exist, but not many.

        42. High notch count means absolutely nothing. It’s like saying I have run 50 miles! What does that mean? Nothing … context there would be time.
          With women its the quality you can attract.

        43. So homosexuals have a hard time bonding with the opposite sex, is that why so many chicks go shopping with their gay friends? I’m pretty sure that being gay simply means that seeing a young handsome man gets you hard

        44. Respect and sex are not related in many people’s minds nowadays. Ive taken a few girls home recently and was so turned off by her lack of manners and self-respect that I almost told her to go home at 2am. It gets harder and harder to get up the energy to deal with creatures with no restraint or self control.
          A creature with only sexual lust and no empathy, no ethics, no intelligence, no self-analysis, no conscience, no goals or aspirations is a dolphin or a monkey.

        45. I’m not talking about illiterate ghetto players on the football / basketball team. Could be a country club sport like tennis. But you are correct in that women have absolutely no interest in intelligent conversation when they are attracted to a man. That’s one big take away from this. Just keep it light and fun, or even stupid, for the female.

        46. Same here, the only guy I know in the triple digits has a rich dad that basically takes care of him so all of his time and energy is spent gaming girls. His life is getting drunk and high on coke and taking anything that walks home. He is a complete sociopath and treats girls like shit. He told me one night that out of all those girls, hes only banged about 10 of them more than once.
          Alot of men think they want to be players but it can be a hollow, soulless existence if you take it too seriously.

        47. It depends, there are guys that can consistently pull quality girls and its impressive. Mastering the female mind is a skill that should be respected if done right. It can be rewarding if you set healthy boundaries.
          And I disagree with your comment above, 20 quality notches is nothing with game. Hell, I would say that I habe about 15 quality notches, though I did play college football. I think many of you guys exaggerate how hard it is to get laid.

        48. lol… you asked a women to squeal like a dolphin during sex, and she did that for you?

        49. Why you hatin’ on dolphins brah? Dolphins are majestic creatures 😛
          But yeah I agree with you. When a guy tells me how he thinks women are these beautiful angels that dropped from heaven I’m 99% sure he is basically a virgin… or maybe from the future.

        50. Yeah, that guy I mentioned was demented as well. He found a slight in everything a girl did to him even if it was innocuous.

        51. You’re entitled to your opinion. But I fail to see, on any level, how banging attractive women is in any way, shape or form, homosexual. Sex is a type of bonding, did you know that? So PUAs do bond with women. Maybe not emotionally, but who the fuck cares? Bonding emotionally is unnecessary if all you want is the box. You seriously aspire to bond emotionally with every woman you’re attracted to? That must be really exhausting.

        52. Damn. In high school there was a commercial that was all the rage. It showed a 20 something, white brunette, running, hiking, biking and rowing through the mountains all to the back drop of, “Take Charge!!” Even then (97-98) female hypergamy was known as this woman paraded her life of triumph living with herpes

        53. And then what??? Deal with legions of Agent Smith homos trying to AMOG you?
          lol jks I don’t know what I’m saying.

        54. Heh. Imagine that nonsense? “OMG!! Look at you! Wait, do a twirl!! You look FABULOUS!!!” Now take that and put it in stereo. This is what I see on tv between the days that are safe to watch. So far all I can think of is Thursday. I’ll find another day soon

        55. “Gay” means happy and homosexuality is a cover for pederasts.
          The degenerates even changed a word to conform to their psychopathy.
          “I’m pretty sure….”
          I don’t think you think very much.

        56. “But you are correct in that women have absolutely no interest in intelligent conversation when they are attracted to a man.”
          Men too.
          There are quite a few here who cannot think independently, too much fluoride and public education and teevee.
          When I was younger I used to talk for hours with female friends on the phone my age.
          Most chicks are terminally boring.
          Humanity is devolving at an alarming rate.

        57. “You’re entitled to your opinion. But I fail to see, on any level, how banging attractive women is in any way, shape or form, homosexual. ”
          That doesn’t surprise me. You haven’t ever held a thought that was contrary to your programming.
          “Sex is a type of bonding, did you know that? ”
          No. Pick up sex is using another body for mutual masterbation. Bonding is caused by chemicals released by sex. It’s science so I won’t bore you with the details.
          “So PUAs do bond with women. Maybe not emotionally, but who the fuck cares? Bonding emotionally is unnecessary if all you want is the box. ”
          So you keep rationalizing.
          “You seriously aspire to bond emotionally with every woman you’re attracted to? That must be really exhausing”
          No. Your body releases chemicals after sex. You just act like body chemistry is a foreign language.

        58. “female hypergamy was known as this woman paraded her life of triumph living with herpes”
          They haven’t gotten any better.
          Some of those recent commercials for dry, stinky vaginas are nasty.
          If a woman needs that crap in her gash she needs to see a doctor, or herbalist.
          Not put that crap all over teevee.
          People gotta eat.

        59. “The degenerates”
          LOL, so what fuels this hatred of yours? I mean, tell me. Why exactly should we hate them?

        60. First off, what is wrong with “hatred”?
          Secondly, History has proven, time and time again, that all civilizations degenerate and fall after they accept homo butt sex and feminism.
          The anus is a outflow pipe. It was not created to put large objects into it.
          And lesbian women have always been sick IMO.
          A woman who likes gash over dick hates masculinity, and hates herself.
          I’ve been in a threesome.
          I thought it would be fun.
          But it just caused problems.

        61. Well to be honest blogs like this would hardly exist if western civilizations weren’t heading to the gutter. I say let it burn! Maybe once it all crumbles down, people will finally pull their heads out of their asses and put things in their rightful place. Why postpone the unavoidable? I say let us all enjoy the fireworks, and afterwards we can build from the ashes a new civilization, a healthier one! Sure beats losing nerves over it, Instead grab a gas can and pour it over the fire. (metaphorically speaking ofc , I don’t want some psycho reading my comment and finding himself inspired to raise a few building into the air)

        62. “Well to be honest blogs like this would hardly exist if western civilizations weren’t heading to the gutter. I say let it burn!”
          The PUA mantra. The end result of narcissistic self absorption. How banal.
          ” Maybe once it all crumbles down, people will finally pull their heads out of their asses and put things in their rightful place.”
          Nope. Life doesn’t work the want you want too. Sorry.
          “Why postpone the unavoidable?”
          Why do anything by that logic?
          “I say let us all enjoy the fireworks, and afterwards we can build from the ashes a new civilization, a healthier one! ”
          Again, life doesn’t work that way. Never has and never will.
          You sound ungrateful for all that you have been blessed with. Sounds like moral relativism to me. A big PUA trait.
          “Sure beats losing nerves over it,”
          Hell yes! Do nothing to fix the mess. Nihilsm mixed with Moral relativism. ”
          stead grab a gas can and pour it over the fire. (metaphorically speaking ofc , I don’t want some psycho reading my comment and finding himself inspired to raise a few building into the air)”
          People like you pull the wings off insects and feel no guilt cause you “can”.
          How is this philosophy any different than feminism?

        63. Lets put it this way. I believe that they can’t be stopped because, like I’ve already said, I think that the majority has their head so deep up their ass that they remain blind and refuse to see where bending over to feminist harpies is going to lead them. And I predict that if they are allowed, they will slowly take all the power they want. And since it won’t happen overnight, people won’t even blink and it will already be to late to act against it. And now, now it comes what I refere to when I say “Let it burn” and ” pour gasoline over it” instead of allowing a slow decay, and watching how they slowly ruin everything. I say let us give them everything they want now. You might ask: but why should we do such a stupid thing? Well I think it’s quite simple, when peoples life quality slowly drops they get to adopt to the decay, they learn to accept it. But if their life rapidly dropped down beyond their ability to come to terms with it, they wouldn’t have any other option but to revolt. I admit, I might be overly optimistic with this idea, maybe even downright naive. But what other option is there?

        64. “But what other option is there?”
          Two quotes from Mencken in rebuttal to your nihilistic response.
          “The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out for himself, without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, and intolerable…”

          Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.”
          So few men in the world.
          So fewer men in the “manosphere”.

        65. There are many if you are in a large college town it’s easy for top players or certain people like promoters and bartenders to get three digits in during their 20’s!
          Honestly though, I’m more impressed by the guy with one hot wife, a successful business and a few million in the bank account than I am by a deadbeat who wasted his 20’s chasing pussy and has a three digit kill count but works as a bartender.

        66. Every guy from Mystery down to any player who gets good will say the same thing getting laid in itself is not rewarding. Who cares if you’re 40 and banged 100 women if you’re a deadbeat loser who never accomplished anything in life.

        67. Yeah, only those that used to hoist the black flag usually ended up swinging from gallows.
          It is more than obvious that this discussion won’t end up in something productive, none of us are going to come out of it any smarter or better. So I bid you farewell.

        68. “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”
          –Sam Addams

        69. I’m 63 and I think I can count on one hand the number of real in depth quality conversations I’ve had with women in my generation, let alone those younger. I can honestly say I had many with my two grandmothers and my mother’s sister, my aunt. Things are devolving but it’s been going on for a long time. This coming from a man whose work involves talking to and interviewing people, and who loves what Irv Kupcinet (a Chicago TV personality) used to call “the lively art of conversation.”

        70. I hear you man.
          Good to have standards.
          Some guys will fuck anything though…
          Bottom line Roosh is right on this… its all about the personal boner test…
          If a 7 gets you revved up and an 8.5 leaves you wanting… you gotta make a life-choice. Personally, I’d take a 7 with a mind-blowing sex life over an 8.5 who is uptight about sex any day of the week.

        71. An interesting thread. Dudes please feel free to add your data (honestly and objectively!).
          I’m 39, married 13 years. In the 9 years between banging my first broad at 17 and going down for the count with the ring at 26, I nailed 16 chicks. Most were on-off 2-3 month girlfriends, 3 were 1 night stands. The best was objectively an 8, the worst a 5-6. My worst dry spell was 2 years (horrible) broken by a married triathlete woman 10 years my senior and the only squirter I ever got (OH, Diana.)
          I always felt I was missing something, and didnt learn till later that thing was “game”…this was effectively pre-internet so i couldnt just look it up. I remember at least 4 girls that were overtly signalling to me they wanted the cock, but i missed it my being a “gentleman”. If I ever end up back in the market, I wont make that mistake again!

        72. Most chicks are terminally boring.

          I once dated a chick that should have been a keeper. She was Iranian, Russian, Native American mix. Stunning eyes, beautiful long dark hair, and petite with big tits. 9 or 10 depending on your perspective.
          But my god, she bored me. Telephone conversations revolved around her hair, her dress, her friend’s dress, some RnB star… yawn. Worse she even told me she loved me the first time we banged. She irritated me so much I had my sister dump her for me because I couldn’t bear another phone conversation.

        73. So you are not actually attending the conferences but hanging out at the hotel? That’s actually a pretty good idea. Something about women when they travel – they really open up.

        74. Vegans eat grass and carnivores eat vegans. There is something vaguely gay about a man who doesn’t eat meat.

        75. She looks good from the kneeling blow job angle, and has nice tits, but the lower half of her body is just ok. I’m guessing she has a mediocre ass cause she seems more youthful than toned.
          Yup. That is where the line is, but I’d rate her a 6.
          And here’s the best part. Tons of restaurants up and down the east coast typically employ 3 girls just like her… on each shift.
          20 notches ain’t nothing.

        76. Depends. Whatever is most efficient
          Sometimes my conference overlapped and I would simply stay an extra day. Sometimes I’d simply crash one of their after parties. If the conference was in my city I would just go eat at the bar in the hotel where most of them were staying.
          This summer I moved my vacation up a couple of days so I could over lap with a women’s professional conference and a volleyball tournament. Talk about pussy!

        77. Leaving quality vs quantity out of the question (though I certainly don’t disagree with you that it can be of importance) and looking strictly at the notch count. Let’s say a merely 40 year old man (like me in two years) has mostly been doing one night stands and short term relationships in the typically 20+ years he’ll have been sexually active.
          In order to have slept with a hundred women – which does sound like a pretty high number in isolation – that’s only a new notch every two or three months, and if the majority have been one night stands, often only a lay every two or three months).
          Not quite the hedonistic heaven the three digit number sounds like initially (obviously for some guys most of those 100 might have been short term relationships instead, which makes for a lot few dry spells).
          If I one night stand player (if such a mythical creature exists) were to have sex once a week, he would have slept with over a thousand women by the age of 40. Which makes some of the famous people stats a couple of other commenters mentiontied sound not so far fetched.

        78. If you went out every weekend for three years and pulled ONE girl each time, and you selectively chose a hottie, that would be triple digits,, and thats only in those three years..

        79. “Honestly though, I’m more impressed by the guy with one hot wife, a successful business and a few million in the bank account”
          Replace “wife” with “Girlfriend, paramour, FWB, harem, etc and I am with you.

        80. probably because the people who would normally judge them or spread gossip aren’t around…

        81. That’s tricky, a successful man will usually increase his status in societies eyes and open up more opportunities for himself if he’s seen as married by a certain age. I’m not saying its good or bad but I don’t know many powerful men who’ve gotten away with being a 40-50 year old player and CEO of a company or politician.

        82. I see your point. There are still some of us here that don’t behave and participate in what is assumed to be the typical western women whorish ways.
          I view men who make a habit of sleeping around with numerous, easy, random chicks…well, easy and disgusting. There is no attraction in being one of 50 and possibly contract in an std.

        83. Hey! Stop insulting dolphins! Those are noble folks. They save kids from drowning and shit.

        84. I went to Michigan a few years after Tom Brady. Trust me, he could easily have gotten a 100 quality notches, if he wanted to, even in college. I knew players that literally “owned” whole floors in the dorm apartments.

        85. Agreed much of that High School looker room mentality here lately, One of the things that annoys me about the Alpha wannabe PUA community Is this constant need to seek validation especially from women.

        86. I am a decent looking dude, fair game, good build, can converse on a wide range of subjects, etc… At 43 I still have not come close to the 100 mark and I am only somewhat picky.

        87. Rick, High Status Men aka Alpha’s the all these PUA wannabes claim to be can possibility do this but even many of them have more important goals in life then Notch Counts.

        88. It is not fantastic for the hungry betas, because what you fucked and threw away is what they will have to live with. At least an older more worn out, and far crazier version.

        89. well yes, certainly the type of women that go to clubs, get high and then fuck any stranger…. i don’t think thats 100% by any means. I suppose given the right circumstances any women might premeditate it, revenge sex and etc. Any women knows full well that a club is basically a cockhouse where she can get some should she choose.
          However most of the time, they are there for validation… even a 5 or 6 gets more validation in a club by going home without giving it up. It’s a tipping point, a game that women play with themselves… the more attention they get, the more validated they get but at the same time the more titillated they get and thus the more likely they are to spread their legs, but at the same time, the game they are playing is NOT to. A bit like surfer on a big wave, the end game is to bail and get off…. not to go all the way into the reef.

      1. “Man child or not… Pulling chicks out of a club is one of the most inefficient ways to get ass. That’s my main issue with this crap.”

        1. Having been friends with a guy who bankrolled a club and having dated a girl who routinely modeled clothes for the local retailers at the same club… I can say unequivocally that a club is not the best target of opportunity even for men with extra tight game.

        2. Indeed. The question for other men is, what type of girl does one want to become associated with? Or is the notch all that matters?

        3. Yeah – Clubs are all about titillation. It’s a marketing con. There is no good sex. By the time you’ve had a few drinks, got hot and sweaty and rubbed shoulders with 100 other people, got to somewhere comfortable and private, the sex is going to be crap by default. The attraction of fucking in the bathrooms or the alley applies mainly to gay men or just for a once off thrill.
          It’s about time that men had some class and just ignored the circus. The best you might hope for in a nightclub is getting a string of phone numbers and setting up a rendezvous another night.

        4. “The question for other men is, what type of girl does one want to become associated with?”
          Hot chycks. And the hot chycks go to clubs. This is why guys are willing to use whatever it takes to get with hot chycks. Women’s personalities, morals take a back seat when men are trying to find a hot chyck to dump his load in her.

        5. ” By the time you’ve had a few drinks, got hot and sweaty and rubbed shoulders with 100 other people, got to somewhere comfortable and private, the sex is going to be crap by default. ”
          And a good chance of an STD – condoms are far from 100% protection – and the bitch is most likely a cum bucket.

        6. And a club is her arena, this is like trying to play someone else’s game. Youre starting with a huge handicap just lowering yourself to this field of fuckery.

      2. At a cafe or grocery store, I only meet gold diggers.
        Online, I only meet fat girls.
        At the club, I find a fit girl who’s looking to have some fun… Right now. And I enjoy the whole process.

    2. I have found most “men” in the mansophere to be complete and utter frauds, omega as hell, and scared of being found out, whilst selling pop “get laid” tricks on gullible, lost youth.
      Its almost like it is a planned attack on the anti-feminist movement by “them” to control the energy and use it to weaken men further.

    3. “But alpha douchebag isn’t a man, he’s a four year old child.”
      And a modern Euro DIsco is a sandbox…….
      When in Rome and all that…

    4. You have to learn to act like everyone else in public situations but be a well read intellect in business situations. Be like water and change your image when necessary. To girls, you appear as the simple douche bag but really you’re 10 steps ahead of everyone. Be the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    5. He doesn’t sound like a douchebag, contrary to the title. He sounds like a guy who is having fun, making friends with male and female alike.
      “He was talking to everyone – guys, girls, young, old, cute or ugly. Just
      a friendly word or two here and there: “Alright mate,” “Sweet,” “Have a
      good night,” etc. He had a huge grin on his face and looked as though
      he was having the time of his life (of course, it is more than possible
      that he had taken MDMA, although I have no way of knowing this). He was
      touching everyone – a handshake here, a pat on the head there. He
      appeared interested only in having fun, in enjoying the music and

    6. “The man who is intelligent and virtuous is objectively far superior to the douchebag, even if women prefer the latter.” Absolutely crystaline. Perfect. Everybody should read this and obey it like a commandment. I tip my hat to you, sir.

      1. I’m a misanthrope like you, but not a nihilist. I do believe life has spiritual value outside of conventional theism.
        If I thought life was just about pleasure alone I would off myself.

        1. Haha, orange, are you trying to hurt my feelings? lol.
          I am a nihilist no doubt, but I believe in purpose that I, as a man, assign life. Thats enough for me. I deny that life has any INTRINSIC value. Thats it 😉 I agree with your last comment about offing oneself very much so.

        2. Dr. Orange. Are you trying to hurt my feelings? lol.
          I am most certainly a nihilist, but I believe that as a man, I assign purpose to life thanks to my ability to perceive purpose. I deny that their is intrinsic value/purpose to life. People sometimes get confused as to what Nihilism means/can mean. I thoroughly agree with your final sentence. You must have a sense of direction and spirituality about life. So long as, of course, youre not one of those imbeciles who says:”Oh, if I didnt believe in God and the afterlife, I’d be a murderer. I mean, what would be the point to being good?”

    7. Amen. I’d rather never get laid again than be like one of those buffoons in the top photo. They’re a little dated but guys like Sean Connery, Cary Grant and Liam Neeson are much better role models for adult men than what this article is promoting. What’s wrong with class and style? Women who like those guys just have bad taste and they deserve each other.

    8. he’s not a child. You missed the point. He’s an animal and a very effective one at that. This is what the female animal picked up on and looked for.
      The clubs, the lights, the rhythmic music, the nakedness, the lust, if that is what you want, OK, but don’t deceive yourself about what you and your society are doing. This is animalism and so it is only natural that the strongest and most dominant animal is considered the sexiest.

    9. Yeah, it’s not my thing, but some guys want that, and in that arena, what this guy is saying is sadly true. Philistines or not, guys who love the club scene deserve advice, too.

    10. Yeah I agree, the real AMOG thug carries a 9mm and is not scared to use it. That I can understand, the disco douche I do not. He’s just a clown, no matter how much sweaty drunk pussy he gets 2 minutes with at 4am.

    11. Francis has a tendency to put deny male agency and put female agency on a pedestal that shouldn’t exist.

  11. Who the hell in this day and age would stick his dick in club whores?
    I must be getting old, but I don’t pick up low class broads in loud, stinking clubs with horrible music, using “game”, or whatever that is you are using to sell worthless books on nonsense to young kids because you don’t have any morals.

    1. Yes you are getting old. Its all good though. When you find yourself complaining about loud horrible music, you are just one breath away from a care home. At least I’ll have someone to play checkers with and watch re-runs of Falcon Crest.

        1. you’re probably listening to the wrong music….. find something you like….. the problem with dance music is 90% of it is absolute crap, but a good DJ like Sasha, Carl Cox, Umek, one of the old school boys that get’s club music…. that’s another thing entirely….. club music is like wine…. if you just go for the commercial crap in the supermarket for $3 a bottle of course you get a headache…..

        2. If you’re selective about the music (as in… go to an awesome house music party… or go listen to some proper live minimal techno… avoid the top-40s bullshit mixes), you can go to some wicked fuckin dance parties.

        3. I just googled your recomendations. That noise sounds just like every other retard who never learned to play an instrument fucking around on a radio shack keyboard and a craptop

  12. Do what you like, but alpha douche bag club game is inefficient because you are gaming in a gynocentric venue.. There are sooo many better places to fish for poon.

      1. Even better. Conferences HR, Nursing etc… 1000s of women… 95% pussy, 4% gay men… and 1 playa.
        When I traveled to Orlando or Vegas for business. I made sure to pick the correct hotel. 🙂 I killed!

      2. 1) College campus= Is like gaming at work, don’t shit where you eat
        2) Gym = women don’t go to a real gym so you must be a nautilus fag
        3) Bookstore= Physically attractive women are braindead and don’t read
        4) Private parties= see #1

  13. Ever tried picking up in a bookstore ?
    Not a specialist, but someone who’s got both more brawn than average and a fonctionning brain, could easily be successfull there in my opinion.

  14. As a man, MDMA will likely prevent you from getting an erection or, if you get one, it may be a weak one with no orgasm. Too much serotonin in your system.
    As for females, MDMA may increase sensorial input to the point where sex may become irrelevant or uncomfortable that night.
    There are many other drugs which will increase men/women chances of sex, but leave the Molly for dancing and flying.

  15. Man wtf. Troy your articles are usually on point but this shit is ridiculous. First of all that picture up top is to suppose give us a view of the 21st Century ‘alpha’male? Those guys had their eyebrows and chests waxed, got fake tans and are metrosexuals (I mean look at those faggot ass shirts, and they are drinking some fruity ass cocktails, get a fucking Old Fashioned or Scotch neat!) to the highest power. Secondly, if a guy has to feign game with ‘douchebag’ ‘alpha’ game, means that guy is not alpha nor possesses true game. Bitches know when you’re faking, and they’ll respond according and honestly who could blame them. Lastly, never inconvenience yourself for pussy. Get money and fuck hoes, it’s no longer a crass ghetto rap mantra, this shit is code.

    1. Hey man. Firstly the picture at the top was meant to be funny – obviously they look like idiots (and as you say, their being ‘alpha’ is questionable). But unfortunately there are a lot of idiots like that around who hoover up industrial quantities of pussy.
      My point wasn’t that men should aspire to be like them. As I say, there are many different styles. What I am getting at is that people like me, who have a very different, more cerebral approach, may do well to look at what they are doing successfully, and see if there’s anything we can learn.
      What I would never recommend is trying to outright change your personality to pick up girls. Not only is it ineffective, but you should always focus on yourself first. In the words of Jay Z – ‘money over bitches, stick to the script.’
      That said, it’s always worth observing what others do that makes them successful, and seeing if there’s anything you can incorporate into your own style.
      Cheers, TF

      1. Using an image from what appears to be a “guido club” was probably not a good idea though if mirth or ridicule was your goal, it would only be apparent to people like myself who comes from the NY/NJ/CT (Tri-state area) and had to grow up putting up with the guidos.
        You see these were the guys wearing the v-necks and capesio (my spelling is probably off) shoes back in the 80s. They were the chief consumers of IROC Camaros and Mustang GTs too. When we saw a Mustang with full ground effects we’d say “There’s one for the Guido Hall of Shame”.
        Sadly a moment of channel surfing into an episode of Jersey Shore (short lived experience) indicates that this guido scourge is still in existence.
        Still, if anybody wants to really see what “douche game” is all about, the guido subculture is probably the best example I would use. And indeed these guys always got the hottest tang around and where I come from (NY) where materialism is a key element of any woman you find. If you are the guy with the pickup truck, then the guy getting the Corvette for his birthday down the road is going to be the one getting laid. Period. End of Story. I saw men work a second job for a year and run themselves into poor health just so they can get an expensive car just so they could impress girls. Those on the coast might get a boat instead.
        Yes all of this had brought back my memory of the damned guidos. They are worthy of a study all to their own. They are probably the best example of “asshole game that worked” because the biggest guido assholes I knew were banging 8+ weekly. But they also left in their wake pissed off pumped and dumped women.
        (though as coworkers and friends, guidos are not bad fellows generally)

        1. The guys in the pic are from the UK version of that show, called Geordie Shore (A geordie is slang for someone from Newcastle).
          The UK is over-run with these types of guys now.

        2. I thought the pics were great because they looked like typical douche bags — which was the point of the article! I’m actually surprised you had the patience to answer Lance so politely, when he missed your points so dramatically. Nice one Troy.

        3. I have to say if a picture says a thousand words this one was it. As a result I had a perfect image of what the AMOG was like. They looked like fucking idiots but I know girls who love that look because they think it looks tough! Lol!

        4. OMG LOL.
          Yeah your article got me pacing around thinking of the days when I lived around, dealt with, and competed with, the Guidos of New York. And now I’m remembering the lessons I learned, should have learned, and regret forgetting from those days. I think a study of this might even be worthy. Thing is, this was back in the 80s so it would be a historical view of alpha and game concepts (and the terms did not exist back then) and the sharp differences between a guido and a non-guido. It’s almost as if, looking back, when a fellow made a conscious decision to start banging really hot women and lived in that region, he had to get a “Guido Card”, trade the muscle car in for a Corvette, get his hair cut short and trade the leather jacket in for the baggy musclehead pants (we called them “guido pants”) and those v-neck loose shirts that had no sleeves and also also slit from the armpits down to the waist.
          Oh and the gold chains…. had to have that Mr. T Starter Kit.
          But back then, a fellow deciding not to change himself just to get laid still had a chance at a NAWALT and this in an environment where the materialism of women was so blatant it seemed impossible but they did exist. They were “rare” then – now they are unicorns existing only in legend.
          I’m both sad and amused right now. Thank you for the article. I’m having flashbacks. >:-D

        5. MTV is simply propaganda. They tell young people how they are supposed to be like, and todays youth is so incredible stupid that they buy into it.

      2. i think the point that people miss is that it has to be natural…… if it’s an act then you are another one of those….. sounds like the guy was high, but it can be done naturally….. just a question of phasing out the inhibitions and enjoying life….. there’s intelligence in everything, but not when you try to copycat….

      3. Maybe I’m wrong but the guy that was being described in the club didn’t seem all that douch-baggy to me. Just seemed like a guy having fun and not making women a priority. Isn’t that one of the main tennets of game, to go out and enjoy yourself without TRYING to get laid?

  16. This article belongs in the same category as the one advocating men to start smoking just to increase the chance of appearing on some skank’s radar.

    1. One just came out instructing guys to hit themselves with a stick to harden their bodies

  17. While I would be first in line to say that western women are the apex feeder of all of the energy and resources of the world and we should not bother with them….
    While I would say that men should aspire towards higher states of being and treat sex as an emotion to be controlled as much as we treat those other monkey tendencies…
    I must also say that not only do I like this article, it brought back memories. I would also say that it’s wrong to call this “douchebag game”. We didn’t think anything douchey about this at all when we did it.
    Back in the day I was doing almost exactly the same stuff as this AMOG described in the article, but there was not manosphere then, nobody was writing books about this stuff. I had one friend who was a natural PUA and, though I did not know it at the time, I was under his tutelage.
    What was being described in this article is pretty much the direction myself and my friend were evolving to because trial and error was putting us on this path. We were both soldiers but he was miles ahead of me. We could go to any small town in Germany in the Eifel region and every woman we met already knew his name.
    But being a soldier, and also going to night school, I did not get enough “evolution” offered by way of experience. Time was a luxury I did not have.
    I would also say that “game” is wasted on women, but NOT when you learn it for all aspects of life. What I learned from my friend in only a couple of short busy years also helped me in job interviews, relations with everybody and everything, and life overall. Last I heard of him he finished enlistment and left the US to go live with some Dutch hotty (a 7 *without makeup*) but that was in the 1990s.
    Seeing the responses to this article and knowing what I know from experience, I can now understand what Roush was complaining about the other day after the Matt Forney article. While there’s a lot about PUA lifestyle I can disagree with in regards to men elevating themselves for the intangible and wasteful quest of “getting laid” (IMO it’s being just as much a product of feminism as the women they are trying to bang), I must admit that the road there is sound. You should ALREADY be staying in shape because you get only one body in this life and it’s better to be healthy. You should already be elevating yourself in the various aspects of life because it’s good for you and makes you better man overall. If it’s all about “getting laid”, you have missed the point.
    But the negativity here – I now see what the problem is. The direction a lot of people here are coming from is from the downtrodden direction. My friend had at times admitted to being “laid low” by a few women but to see himself as a victim or downtrodden? He would have none of that. If a woman laid you low, in his opinion, it was still your fault if you let that stay with you the next day.
    (that kind of mindset, after being raised in USDA issue one each media driven victim mindset, was alien to me, but it saved me from a lifetime of beta schlubbery)
    But perhaps to call this “douchebag game”, though wrong, is to “hook” the kind of people who need to read it? But then, the kind of pessimistic response should be expected from that kind of person?
    (hence if Roush is frustrated with his own readers at this point it would be understandable)
    Back in the day when I was doing this, that “AMOG” game was defacto the “way to do it”. We did not have a label for it. I have done it, or something like it, and got good results as well.
    And the best part is, you HAVE A SHITLOAD OF FUN. And that was the sole goal. Yes the “don’t care about getting laid” dictum is tried and true even here. If you are thinking “why bother?” then you are missing the point. Your energy is not derived from sex. If you had sex once a week and ate three meals a day you can survive. If you had sex three times a day and ate once a week you’d be in trouble. Desire for sex is a facet of your life, NOT the core. And if “getting laid” was your only reason to get in shape and put on a clean shirt, you are doing it wrong.
    Did I get laid a lot? NO! But I did not care. Heck I used to weed out the really uptight special snowflake girls (The USA was already exporting cuntery in the 90s) with my “game” and the overall atmosphere improved wherever I went. I’d have them get so pissed off they would leave the club. Of course the bouncers in Europe, men of game themselves, knew what I was doing and didn’t like having cunts around either.
    This article is well written and the contrast of the replies to it should be observed carefully. A lot of fellows need to get past their damage and lighten up. Remember, the feminists and cunts that you hate right now are not giving a shit, if they even bother to remember. Don’t waste your energy.

    1. Thanks man. ‘Douchebag’ is undeniably a bit of a loaded term, and possibly a little unfair – but really it was just a tongue-in-cheek way of describing that type of game.

      1. LOL at the commenters here who imply that they could become “douchebags” and slay poon but don’t because they are too principled. Good article BTW.

    2. I agree with you man… at no point in the article did I think “Wow that guy is a real asshole.” He didn’t pick a fight with the smaller dude who tried to come in and talk to the girls he was obviously partying with. I thought he handled that totally fair honestly.
      The posters that are hating on this guy… I think they’re just jealous at the idea of a fit dude having a great time with a few pretty girls honestly. I love going to a sick dance party where people are actually feeling the music and being silly… and despite being extremely introverted, I’ve gone out dancing with beautiful women when I’m on the up and it can be one of the best feelings in the world.
      Also.. I’m one of those guys that is extremely picky about the music. No name brand bullshit Lady Gaga Jay-Z mixes wont do for me… to each their own… Bottom line, whether or not you’re dancing like a fucking freak who is going to die the next day should not be a choice. IF the music is not MAKING you dance, than the music isn’t good enough.

    3. I appreciate your intelligent comments. To be sure, night game really did used to be a lot more fun–I mean before smart phones and social media turned most attractive women into flaky and entitled cunts. Christ, it was better even five years ago. I don’t think most guys under 30 today could have experienced the golden age of night game (and of game period). Back then, a # probably meant a date. The cuntish attitudes were not the norm. Everything was much more pleasant and straightforward.

  18. He is right about being comfortable with night vs day game. Day game fits me better even though night game will teach me how to get out of my comfort zones. But nevertheless I still get assertiveness, I just think it would be fun to experiment with night game.

  19. Excellent article and very entertaining read. Opening paragraph should be printed on pamphlets and dropped from planes.

  20. Could a specialist gamer recommend me good day places to get if not smart, at least not dumb women ?
    I thought about the bookstore.
    Talking to dumb party sluts juste makes me want to hang myself.

    1. Take a loot at the charts for jobs that employ the most women. HR, Nursing etc. Almost all of them have conferences or orgs or meetings at the hotel in your area.
      The odds are stacked in your favor.
      Pussy awaits.

    2. The bookstore is a good bet. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found that girls who take the trouble to drive to a brick and mortar store with physical books tend to be smarter than the average club going bitch, if that’s what you’re looking for. Stay away from girls who are browsing in the Wicca/Occult section. Trust me on that one.

    3. Are you in the north or south of France. Say your in Nice then I recommend the beaches. If your in Paris I recommend the parks but not after nightfall.

  21. This article is truth. Great read.
    My 0.02… I think different guys need to take different paths to become the AMOG.
    The guy you described was obviously (1) high on life (or xtc), (2) taking great care of himself, (3) not concerned with thirst, and (4) self confident.
    Do these things exist as soon as you come onto the dance-floor and decide to game? Maybe for some… But I know for myself these kinds of AMOG behaviours come naturally when I’m excited with life in general. If you are living a life that you are excited about in general hanging with women and having a great time will come naturally. My impression is you have to be genuinely having a good time.

    1. Agreed. This AMOG was on drugs, although he displayed the characteristics that are deadly to pick up. But I wonder if he banged the chick in the end and actually enjoyed it?? I bet not. His highness lead to too much boozing and jumping around, which probably lead to some yacking in the toilet, a killer headache and a limp cock. So the dude was great for educational purposes, but not to be completely emulated. When clubbing, the goal should be to have fun, consciously enjoy some pussy and feminine energy, and wake up w/ a smile on your face. Me thinks that the AMOG didn’t progress that far.

      1. Possibly. But as you say the whole point is that his behavior was bang on for creating attraction, and there’s something to be learned there.

        1. Oh exactly, and your point / thesis is accepted and well appreciated, Troy. However, knowing how he ended up (if he did use drugs to transform into a AMOG) would have been far more interesting because it would have likely included the caveat: internalize your game until it becomes natural. My core personality is more like yours, but adding some “alpha doucheness” is not only more effective in certain settings, it’s invariably more fun! Cheers.

    2. The bookstore is a good bet. Your mileage may vary, but I’ve found that girls who take the trouble to drive to a brick and mortar store with physical books are generally a bit smarter than the average club goer if that’s what you’re looking for. Stay away from girls who are browsing in the Wicca/Occult sections though. Trust me on that one.

      1. I found that girls in clubs generally are not into feminism( at least not in the intellectual sense). That girls in bookstores are generally intellectually into feminism.they will recite the feminist doctrine all day every day.

  22. Good article. I’m an introvert by default, so day game comes more naturally to me than being the wild fun loving AMOG at the club. Pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone is good, but take care not to come across as try hard. I’ve sabotaged my night game many times that way.

  23. HAHA! As if any guy here could roll up in the club and be the alpha douchebag who gets laid. Keep dreaming.

    1. You’re right. The ‘alpha douchebag’ archetype is a comical version of masculinity and is absurd as hell.

  24. If I’m at an club I’m not to waste my night dancing around like an idiot like the dude in the article. I’m there simply to find a slut that i can pump and dump. I might talk to some dudes but most of my night will be hitting on chicks. The point: Don’t waste your time trying to impressive everyone, just remember what you are there for, to get laid.

  25. My brothers in arms normally I’d post this in forums but I need quick response and you guys in the comment section seem to be equally wise.
    2 weekends ago I banged this girl in my friends bathroom she said it was the best sex she had ever had blah blah you’re so big you’re so muscular etc, we wanted to chill I blew her off cause I’m a dick like that and I told her I’d hit her uo when I’m free but then I forgot,anyways this weekend my friend is having a party she’ll be there. What frame should I be in for the party.. Assuming a round 2 is my goal let’s say

    1. Outcome independence – you’re there to have fun. If you see the chick, treat her like a buddy or old friend. Given on what you’ve said it sounds like the attraction is there but there may be some comfort issues (asd).

      1. OK, to be the ultimate alpha PUA MRA, take MDMA. And steroids. And you’ll be a man going his own way!

  26. I remember in the early 2000’s the ‘shit face’ look was a trend. Douche bags would rub what literally looks like excrement on their faces. Fuckin stupid as hell.
    Douche bag game just aint it for me.

  27. Know a guy who must have bed around 2,500 women by now. He is probably almost 40 by now. Loud, arrogant, brash, snide, angry and a bit bitter, but women appease him because his attitude makes them weak in the knees. He had kids young and lives through his sexual escapades. Make no mistake, if he were to ever lose his penis, I almost guarantee he’d commit suicide. I say that to say, leave anything that isn’t for you alone. Add what may help but don’t attempt to serve a False God (and I’m in now way religious) to get pleasure. Threesomes, Foursomes, Eightsomes, Orgies, the list of sexual pleasure go on, but at the end of the day, every experience you have gains weight from the road taken, not the end result.

  28. Celibacy sounds so much better then debase myself for a quick lay. Is this what it means to be a modern man. Anything for ass. This site always talks about the downfall and how shitty wome are. And there is a lot of truth to what is said here ,but i feel like a fucking fool everytime i talk to a chick. Why is game even necessary. Why all the games ,what purpose do they serve. can a man really be grouped into two classifications (alpha ,beta)

    1. It’s a useful but simplistic binary. Alpha need not mean a Ronnie-from-the Jersey Shore-type clown. It MUST mean not being supplicating, needy, weak in response to shit tests, etc.
      And yes, welcome to the West, where it often feels sinful to have relations with high SMV women. Male sexuality can reasonably be viewed as kind of affliction in our time, most attractive women now being so wretched as people.
      Still, without slaying the horny inner demon we’d be bored to death, not to mention miserable from being so goddamn horny, lol.
      And there are plenty of fun and exhilarating times–stuff to look back on when old and gray.

    2. “Why is game even necessary.”
      For the same reason you bought one thing today instead of another.
      For the same reason that you can’t sell something by just walking up to a person and saying, “Here. Now gimme a thousand bucks.”
      Because we are social animals, but have, each and every one of us, our own needs and agendas and thus must negotiate with others to have them met.
      Because your question boils down to, “Why can’t I just get what I want, when I want it?”
      Well, because a universe can’t work like that.
      ” . . . what purpose do they serve . . .”
      The possibility of life. It’s successful chains of reproduction all the way down.

    3. Yupp… jurst two grps in this werl.Grp 1: Man who makes grrls prego.
      Grp 2: Grrls who cants gets pregofied.

  29. its quite obvious that the way things are now women are choosing to breed a generation of dumber, brutish, aggressive men. in a few generations, all the beta male qualities that made mankind advance throughout the ages will have been bred out and replaced with what would seem a step backwards in evolutionary terms. Then i wonder, this new generation of dumber, aggressive dominant men, will see women as they really are.. and then they will truly be fucked and back to being treated as property. women truly arent the same as men, they are self destructive.

    1. ” . . .women truly arent the same as men, they are self destructive.”
      There is little need for most women to live much past 30.
      Men, on the other hand, are suicidal, but then there is little need for most of them to live much past 40.

    2. I think you are forgetting how much nurture rather than nature will play out in the development of these offspring. they will have these women as mothers, you can be guaranteed that they will not be raised by the guys these women bring home (read; pump ‘n’ dump) and their mother will turn bitter at having to deal with life as a single mother (“but I’m not haaaaaapppy with all this responsibility I want to go out drinking this weekend”).
      even if these children were raised thuggish by very definition “Alpha” will be the reality of the top echelon – so no matter how many of them want to be alpha like in the animal Kingdom in a certain area or pack there is always ONE leader. So those that don’t make the cut in the vicinity of the leader will become “Beta” by default unless they seek new territory.

  30. Today night game is very inefficient unless you are at least an 8 on the looks scale–that is, tall, well-built, with a symmetrical face and well-dressed. And even then you need (if you aren’t going to waste your time) to go after the college girls–that is, the most DTF age range.
    Cover these two bases, then begin with dance game (still the best for easy lays—a good grind alone can lead to an easy venue change); or, failing that, a witty/cocky/confident opener;–transition to small talk (this is mere filler to let her see you aren’t a creep and to get comfortable);–then venue change: Leading her by the hand, say: “Let’s get out of here. I know of this sick party up the street.” Or whatever BS will get her walking….
    I find that this method still works very well with college girls. Of course, you have to be willing to tolerate them as people. So, get drunk or smoke some dope, lol.

    1. Well-said. these days ive found night-game to be less appealing to me for the following (which you have mentioned):
      – Tolerating them as people; good fun, make a grind but in the end im not wholly upset if I have to revert to my rotational girls at the end of a night
      – So many guys will actually fight over a girl they just met, and as if to prove my point last weekend when I was out (cocktail lounge setup) saw two guys, different social circles trying to woo a girl, turned into a full-on punch up not just with them, but with their friends and all the White Knights that came out of the woodwork to defend this females honour. when it all died down (cops cleared them all out) that same girl went home with one of the guys looking on.

      1. Haha. These white knights are the worst–as if these women had any honor.
        All a girl has to do is accuse a man of something, and in most cases every bouncer in the joint will swarm the poor dude. Myself a bouncer, I think like a lawyer or detective: I take no one’s word for anything. But most bouncers are stupid working-class guys who cannot distinguish between allegation and fact. A whiny white bitch has only to allege something in her high-pitched cunt voice.

        1. I hear you mate I was a bartender so id usually have to make the call for the bouncers on WHO to throw out because they would be called to address the scene rather than be there to stop it escalating. it’s amazing how you learn to assess people in one good look over (body language, mannerisms etc.) and then wholeheartedly pathetic when you see the lengths they go to to indirectly prove you right.

        2. Exactly. To a discerning eye, body language and tone will usually reveal whether a person has done something wrong. But most bouncers, while not bad guys, are unthinking white knights who tend to take a pissed off Americunt’s word for fact. These (the Americunts) are the same manipulative vampires who will cry rape once they feel guilty for putting out early on, rape you in divorce court, keep you from seeing your kids, etc.

        3. For guys their body language may betray their words however I firmly believe that a person has to KNOW consciously or otherwise they have done something wrong – and here in Aus (which seems to take everything America does and amp it up) women have no shame to the point where even with video footage of a girl glassing some random guy she has never met she will not display body language of a guilty person and as a result neither does her tone or mannerisms.
          I agree that some bouncers are white knights in bouncer clothing, the ones I dealt with were actually pretty clued on after a few months as they went through the stages of naivety to sceptical very quickly (even women’s behaviour when out runs a noticeable script) and given how they all live to be on parade and adored (on their terms) you get desensitized to things like cleavage and sweet talk – more so if you’re having a crappy night.

        4. Which is one reason why I also believe hospitality (specifically bartending and security) is one of the best ways to put someone on the path to red pill and alpha. seeing women at their most obnoxious (with alcohol) seeing interaction sober and as an added bonus the uniform or knowing you work there makes approaches much more in your favour (they let their guard down when you talk to them and much more receptive to arsehole game) plus you see the ugly side where they degrade to uncoordinated, attention seeking things that urinate themselves. and as an added bonus you see the extent of blue-pills and white-knights and learn to not take any of their shit.

        5. Yeah, well-said. I trust my ability to judge a man’s body language, not a woman’s, since, as I’ve stressed in my articles on here, women are preternatural masters of dissimulation who lie as easily and casually as a person talks about the weather.

        6. With all that we have said would you agree that those new to game SHOULD start by doing it sober?? Specifically night game based on what we have discussed I think night game should be approached sober at least at first rather than tanked.

  31. Interesting article. If anyone would like to see this mentality in action watch Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Pumping Iron.” It’s ostensibly about body building of course, but the real show is its examination of just the kind of game you discuss here.

  32. Females look for attention to validate themselves. Omega males use random sex to validate their existence. Alpha males dont need validation, they are too busy achieving. Know the difference.

  33. I might get hated on for this but I dont see a reason to go to a party surrounded by sluts and Jersey-Shore-Wannabe phaggots.

    1. because I can, because banging those sluts, then either kicking them out and/or getting them to make me breakfast, THEN bang again and THEN kick them out is pretty fun 🙂 especially because they are so independent XD

  34. This article reminds us that the raw “fun guy” side of game really is at the heart of night game. You can’t fake it. The more you let loose and really aren’t afraid to enjoy life in front of others, typically the better the results you get.
    I’ve seen AMOGs walk into lame clubs/bars and literally change the entire atmosphere where everyone benefited from their energy. It’s sad it takes people like this to remind us that life was meant to be very fun at times .. plus, some muscle and a dominance can go a very long way.. its not usually the biggest guy in the club having the most fun.. keep that in mind as well.

  35. I agree with Dr.Orange’s point about quality. If i took advantage of all the opportunities available to me in my 20’s I’d have a much higher notch count, but I’d be lying if I said that many were 7’s and above.
    The only time i was averaging 7-7.5’s was when I lived in Greece. In Australia, it’s mostly 5’s and 6’s and the occasional 7, but the 7 usually doesn’t want to jump me, she is looking for provisioning. If she doesn’t, she usually has a few screws loose. That’s real talk.
    Some guys will fuck anything though. John Cena once admitted on Howard Stern that he fucked a morbidly obese woman. Why the hell would a guy like that hook up with a woman who weighs 280 pounds?

    1. if you were in Brisbane id say maybe depending on the circles you ran in. Here in Perth and Sydney its textbook Alpha Fux – Beta Bux if you aren’t in the top 10% all of a sudden game becomes limited to <7 more often than not.
      but I can speak from experience girls within the 18-26 bracket are all looking for alpha because “I don’t want to settle I want to have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun and paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarty and traaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavel”

      1. I’m from Melbourne. It’s tough here, but not quite as tough as Sydney. I have no idea about Perth.
        Australia is a great place to date/fuck as a man if you are tall and classically handsome. It’s absolutely shit if you aren’t.

        1. Melbourne has more the aloof trendy vibe but on the whole more mellow than Sydney. Perth if you aren’t FIFO most women wont even talk to you. And by that I mean they will actively approach you and ask if you’re FIFO, if you say no they leave, if you say yes they ask for a credit card.
          Gaming here is enjoyable but definitely not a walk in the park.

  36. Being alpha is quite relative with the environment you are set in. A douchebag clubber is an alpha in clubs because he knows what clubs are for, a club is where you want to spend a night for fun and dancing thus he dominates in that field by exuding confidence, energy, and fun. But if he is set in an entirely different environment which is out of his comfort zone and he keeps bickering how hell his life is in that environement then he wouldn’t be treated the same. Say for example he lacks survival and mountaineering skills yet he was out in the mountains not knowing what to do. The women will be much more attracted to the skinny man who has dominant skills to survive the wilderness.
    I myself was very religious when I was a teenager – I was the most devout in fact. I knew all my saints, all their lives and everything. I was extremely active in my church. I played music and I excelled in arts. I also practiced the most traditional virtues and had incorporated it in my life and everyone could see it and feel it. I was sincere as hell. And being religious, it was never my main goal to get laid plus I was always around a very religious environment. I actually never thought I would be attracting so many pretty girls. Then there was this one seminar in the church when both boys and girls were asked to stand up to determine who was virgin or not. The boys were to stand up first so almost 60 percent present stood up. There were mild claps from the girls. As I was quite embarassed that I was still a virgin I did not stand up immediately, but then the proctor was very reinforcing so I finally stood up. The moment I stood every girl’s head turned to me, there was silence until one girl screamed then the next thing I knew every girl was already screaming, cheering, and clapping. I was stunned, then that was the moment I realized that I just had to focus with my own life – be strong in my beliefs – be sincere at what I do – then dominance and power will just come along…and women too. I know hypergamy is very real this is why men should do their best of their ability to dominate in his field of interest – we should not make this a game of who fucks the most women because women, gay people (mind you gay people fuck more women that you can imagine) and evil druglords will win at that kind of game.

    1. Agree that alpha is contextual, and also that there are different kinds of alpha. Russell Brand slays more pussy than most men, and he is certainly not a muscle-bound meathead.

    2. Top post. Just be yourself and excel in what you’re doing. A woman’s freedom is: “I am with him” a man’s freedom: “I am myself”.
      Women will naturally be attracted to a man who is himself as woman is incomplete without such a man. This is the biggest mistake many of the writers here make (including Troy Francis), they define masculinity through what women want. Women don’t want anything, they have an enormous void inside that longs to be filled by either a baby or an alpha dick.

  37. Never was my scene. I did sometimes enjoy watching it. When I saw those kind of alpha-douches and the sluts they attracted, I always felt like I was seeing some kind of animal documentary.
    Like the mating habits of the peacock or bull walrus. The male stakes out a good area and shows off. Females in heat come by, get pumped full of sperm, and move on – instantly forgotten.

  38. At the end of the day: like attracts like. Beta males who chase after Alpha females are playing a fool’s errand. Alpha females are meant for Alpha males. Ultimately a Beta male can’t stand the fact he’s supposed to settle down with a Beta female. You know: a woman who is down-to-earth, not particularly good-looking, doesn’t have a particularly curvy figure and won’t cheat on you because her dating options are very limited too.

    1. I;ve known plenty of alpha females 9s and 10s that married betas. dude there is a price to pay for everything. remember that

  39. Alpha douchebag game is really good, but often you run it because you just done give a damn and you’re just having a good time. Once females show interest in you, and they will, you have two choices, either to continue not giving a damn (and you wont score then) or give a damn, which will bring you down from your high horse.
    Either way you’re doomed.

  40. Those two guys at the top of the article very well may be douchebags but I seriously doubt they are alphas. They should work in some of the neighborhoods I worked in alone and unarmed. Watch the attitude disappear and the fear become evident. That is one of the biggest disagreements I have with the manosphere. Calling these douchebags alphas and contending women want alphas. Well they do, but real alphas are rare (as I type this I feel like banging my head) and douchebag bad boys are a dime a dozen. Women will get on their knees and passionately service these assholes, even some attached or married women. I’m not an expert on women, in fact I don’t know who the hell is, but I’ve learned that women want to feel special. One way to feel special is to throw oneself on the bad boy, especially the dangerous bad boy. The bad boy from another side of town or better yet one of another race if you’re a white girl. The good guy with the good job and the good heart will not make them feel special. The latest version of Charles Starkweather will. The badass black dude or chicano gangbanger will. Yet most of these guys are not real alphas! All right?

  41. I agree with those many guys on here who say that it’s simply not worth being the Jersey Shore club type douche. First, every half decent girl I ever met would only roll her eyes at any of those guys, whether at a club, at a gym or anywhere else. Most of those girls were in a 7.5/8 range, but I will take that with a great personality over a 10 ditz any day. I might in a minority on this but it’s a substantial one.
    I also don’t think guys should be jealous of the douches who score with all those hot girls. If you are not brain dead, you are not going to last having even one whole conversation with most of those girls, and you might just conclude that masturbating to their photos is better and easier than going through the pain of talking to them in order to have sex with them.

  42. The guy didn’t bang the chick. So, does he have game? No. Getting laid is hard. You must be focused and attentive. He humilated the spaniard because 1: he was probably bigger than him and, most important, 2. he had a group of friends who could back him in case of fight. NOTICE THE LATTER.
    I’m sure if this guy went out alone, he could be tame and unoffensive like a doggy doggy.
    But still, I dont doubt the girl was attracted by him. But still, he doesn’t have the game and/or the ball to go to the insta-fuck with the girl.
    Again: in order to get laid you must be intelligent and focused.
    Being an alpha douchebag who fucks chicks in bar toilets after 10 minutes of talks, is something you were born to, there’s no game involved.

    1. We don’t known the guy didn’t bang the chick. And isn’t it more alpha to have a blast with your mates and then bang her later, rather than interrupting the flow of your night for some random pussy?
      Agree with your other points, though.

    2. Is having sex with the young woman necessary? He might not have been into her, not just scared or inadequate, as it sounds like he was neither of those things.
      “Getting laid” is something that happens when two or more mutually attracted individuals meet. Being attractive is something that happens with the right people, with the right attitude. And that takes life skills, not “game”, just life skills and developing confidence and learning what you like.

  43. Something about the majority of ROK commenters just screams beta, weakling, pussies to me.
    Are you all in your mid-40s? If I’m going out to the club, *especially* at a party destination, my goal is to have a damn good time. That means having drinks, taking drugs, and fucking bitches. This article outlines how to do that quite successfully, although you have to meet some certain standards before it becomes this easy.
    You guys would be the pathetic fucks standing alone on the wall, sipping some wimpy beer while the rest of us bros are having fun and getting laid.

    1. oh wow … you go to the club 3 times per week. In your 20s that can be physically done. In your 30s you’ll barely wake up by noon the next day, your hobbies and health will suffer and you’ll look like you’re 50 @ age 35. There is a price to pay for this.

  44. 100% Chance that guy was rolling his balls off. The way you described him sounds *exactly* like someone on MDMA.

    1. the author does not state the consequences of the nightclub game. It comes with a price to your health and your personal life outside of women.

  45. All those narcissistic self-entitled alpha males that act like selfish children – so pathetic. And boasting about triple figures? Yuk – you must be a petri dish swarming with STIs. The more ‘ordinary’ nice guy might get laid less, but they are the ones that marry the best girls and enjoy satisfying sex that they don’t have any need to try to validate themselves using hundreds of girls as nothing more than masturbation toys. Some bad boy vibes and confidence is attractive, but not if you’re an arsehole. You alpha males have never experienced love – I pity you

    1. 1. STI’s can be easily treated with anti biotics, plus, not all sex is without condoms.
      2. You’re right about life not being a competition to get simply numbers.

    1. In a good non feminist country where the police don’t give a shit. Or even better in a secluded area of such a country where there are no cops at all.

  46. big fucken deal your all what 5’11” or six foor + all the while Im 5’7″ and 210lbs so everything for me when it comes to women is harder. Right now I have to lose like 50lbs and gain a ton of muscle mass just to make the difference, just to try and be the alpha male. So quit complaining and bring it back to reality ….. looks matter wayyyyy fucken more than all you guys are willing to admit too.

  47. Keep in mind you have to waste a lot of time, effort, and your health, and your hobbies in order to run night game. There is always a price to pay and it is not guaranteed.

  48. Some boys trying to describe themselves as kings (let alone alphas which are extremely rare). No wonder the fatties think they are sexy too.
    The only sure way to know you are one, is if other women are desperate and hurt when you won’t commit to a LTR. If she isn’t, you aren’t.

    1. I really have no idea about how things like that work in the 21st century. In the latter part of the 20th century though going around acting like that around a bunch of other men would have resulted in the “AMOG” in question being beaten senseless 3 Saturday nights out of 4. Poontang is important but it ain’t worth all that.

      1. Yeah, that seem absolutely correct to me. I mean, I went to clubs and shows and stuff and sometimes, in various states of consciousness, just started kissing some girl and sometimes it actually worked. Booze and dope and me being in shape and young…..hey, what the hell. But this kind of stuff is really foreign form my experiences.

        1. I don’t get it either. Most of the guys I knew that had women eating out of their hands have just about always been, for lack of a better description, a smooth operator not a loudmouth fratboy. It seemed like women would act interested in them but grew bored quickly and then the smooth operator was there to take care of business. Those guys can flirt, tease and in a few minutes would have women ready to sign over their bank account.

        2. At nearly 75,000 people per square mile New York City is obscenely population dense and all my life there has always been about 3 women for every man. Staying in shape, smiling, not being needs and not being a total cunt has always been enough to have all the puss I can handle. I’d be totally fucking lost in a place where these antics were necessary

        3. They aren’t necessary here in an area with much lower population density either. A man doesn’t have to act like an idiot to get some, I wish I could explain it better to some of these young cats here.

        4. Really simple explanation. I was sitting in a bar a week or so ago having a drink and saw a few girls sitting next to me laughing. They were close enough that I organically became part of the conversation by virtue of being friendly. I zeroed in on the one I liked and made her laugh a few times. I gave her my card when I left. She called a few days later. We went out for drinks and she went home with me.

        5. To be fair, when I was in LA I couldn’t get a whiff of poon. There were tons of guys, few girls and they had a game culture I couldn’t hack. I am sure there is something to learn in these articles for a certain age group in very particular places but those are places that I would avoid as if they were the Dew Drop Inn

        6. Actually all I did was not be a dick, make a girl laugh and have confidence. That’s pretty much the entire thing.

        7. Those women at the Dew Drop Inn don’t have teeth. I suppose in certain situations that could be advantageous.

        8. That’s what being smooth is all about. Having a business card also is something no man wanting to pick up women should be without even if he’s not in business. Just a name and contact info is enough. Digging for a pen and paper or the modern day equivalent of getting out your phone and her getting her phone out to exchange numbers causes a pause in the conversation and broken eye contact and attention. A business card can be reached and handed over without breaking stride. Don’t worry with getting HER number because she has your info therefore if interested she will contact you and then you know you’re in. If not you don’t have to waste your time.

        9. Percisely. I have always wanted personal business cards and I figure once I buy a condo I will get them. In the meantime the ones the office supplies are great.
          Absolutely about not getting her number. If she calls you you know it’s a done deal if not no worries…nothing you were going to do would work anyway.
          Also, it lets the woman feel like she has a measure of safety. She knows who you are and makes the decision whether or not to see you.

        10. Personal cards are a lost art and one that can reap a confident man many rewards. Include your name, form of contact, creative description of what you do and some interesting quote that alludes to your outlook or style. If she doesn’t call, oh well.

        11. In LA, “game” consists of spending $1500 for a b/g scene and then selling it online before the tube sites put it up for free so you can’t at least break even on your investment

    2. I can’t talk about what the article describes regarding the AMOG and the group thing. However I used to go to the clubs back in my twenties. I’ve done both modes of club hunting, the sidelines and dominating the dance floor, all solo however (I do not believe in wingmen). I’ve been approached, grinded on and gotten laid with both modes of operation. I think it matters more how you handle yourself rather than if you are dancing or not. Most women in the club have already checked you out moments after you walked in the door. Everything beyond your entrance I think they vet you to see if you’re just an act.
      But the AMOG thing described above, I dunno it almost sounds like clown game with a propensity to get ones ass kicked. Better do a good job of vetting your opponent before jumping into the ring. Patting a guy on the head and kissing him is an invitation to a right hook in my book.

      1. I haven’t really gone to clubs like the ones described here. My club days ended when Tunnel closed back in the early 90’s and the music now is strange and painful to my ears. That said, what you describe perfectly fits with my understanding of clubs even a generation back and makes absolute perfect sense to me and is basically what I would consider normal flirting and picking up women translated into a different atmosphere.

  49. I figured out my problem with This type of game:
    “The AMOG was dancing with a group of three other guys in front of the DJ box.”
    Ok right there. That is it. There simply isn’t enough 20 year old twat in the world to convince me to ever dance with a group of three guy so in front of a DJ Box.
    Times when it is acceptable to dance include
    1) at your own wedding if you should decide to get married
    2) at your daughters wedding should she decide To get married
    3) any event with your granddaughter where she stands on your feet while you hence her around.
    Under no other circumstances should A man be dancing. If any of you guys out there ever see me dancing with three other dudes in a club please beat me to death. Don’t shoot me. I want to feel this beating.
    I mean, ok…I will admit it. Back in the 80’s when I was in high school a young knee man went to clubs and, when necessary to get laid and prompted by the woman, did do some dancing to new age music. It happened. I am not proud of it. However, there has never been a time in my life when I turned to my buddies and said “hey lets go dancing” and, in fact, I have never had buddies that, were I to have said that to them I wouldn’t have been immediately mocked.

      1. I would have to be REALLY high since I have about as much rhythm as a flat head V-8 missing a spark plug.

        1. Damn, maybe that’s why there are so many Latinos around who dress a little TOO well.

        2. They are actually all farm boys from Idaho. Rickey Martin was born Jimbo Jones from Mississippi. He took some MDMA once and, well, livin’ la vida loca. It’s a cautionary tale

        3. That MDMA must be some powerful stuff, I considered trying it but, I didn’t want to buy all those gay looking expensive clothes and blue jeans with sparkles on the back pockets.
          You know, I thought I had seen that Jones guy at the John Deere dealer I guess I was right.

        4. I thought they just sprout on you once you take it. Then again, and I know I am opening myself up to abuse here, I am responding while getting a pedicure

        5. I suppose a pedicure is ok for a two bit dandy city boy as long as you don’t wear jeans with sparkles on the pockets you are above suspicion.

        6. Following your comments here I would strongly recommend you try it at least once…it is a whole new perspective..not that I would advocate the ‘lifestyle’ as sucj

        7. 5 bits is good as long as you don’t have sparkle my back pockets haha.
          I happen to know a gentlemen who is a little rough around the edges that changes large truck and tractor tires for a living who gets a monthly pedicure. He says it makes his feet feel better but, I think he just does it so those Asian girls will rub his feet.

        8. Having a little Asian girl at your feet massaging you is not the worst thing in the world. And look, even Jesus liked a good pendicure. I mean he was super into footwashing. It was like his whole thing

        9. People have told me that. Over the summer at a wedding I tried “molly” which may or may not be similar. I will be honest, the high was awesome but I was totally fucking battered for like 3 days after.

        10. It drains your spinal fluid, plus dehydrates you to the point of passing out and leaving the club in an ambulance! Good times!

      2. You forgot wack R and B niggers. But do they really enjoy it, or is it just a way to make chedda like slangin rock, shootin hoops and spittin rhymes?

  50. IMO you should get a vasectomy before using this kind of game. The women you will attract with this behaviour aren’t wife material thats for sure.

    1. Ain’t that the truth. From personal observation every guy I have known that lost his mind and married a woman he met at a club or bar walked into a no win situation. Can’t make a housewife out of a hoe and the ones in bars and clubs are…well, hoes.

    2. Agree that there is not much in the ways of wife material to find here, but why the vasectomy. Just don’t knock a bitch up. Most these girls will be on birth control and if you are smart you will be wearing a bag.

    3. Any girls in a night club are likely to have big N counts.It is not as if you can trust them to tell the truth about that. Honestly that is a younger mans game. But it has not changed since the days of disco. Where a gram of coke and a winning way gave you a girl whose last name had little importance to you. You did not even want to see her the next day

  51. OT: Just saw on local news. They finally arrested a guy in a rape from august. Black guy just walking around totally fucking butt ass naked (they have him on video) and walks by some woman and grabs her and rapes her. Ok…so my first thought is here is a case of legit rape. This girl got beat up and raped by an obviously deranged and naked black man roaming the streets. Then I thought, what kind of stupid fucking whore sees a but ass naked man roaming the streets and doesn’t immediately cross the street and start moving in the other direction as fast as possible. I am a pretty big dude and I can handle myself in a fight but if I was walking down the street and spied, at 50 years, a naked guy I would do everything possible to make sure I was as far from him as possible

    1. I bet the lady was out in public without her hijab. No one rapes a lady when she’s draped in her nice conservative pastel print gear. The color and tone of her hijab reflects her mood, nothing more.
      Bright pink and/or zebra stripes might invite a swarm of bees but the insolent naked bonobo wouldn’t have raised an eyebrow or noticed her. But look Knee, neither he nor she can be held totally blameless for the rape. See the guy was out in public without his penis gourd and she obviously got too close to get a better ‘lookie-see’.
      Something tells me the bitch was just asking for it. She should be at home making mac n cheese for her grandkids . . but nooooo . . she’s out skipping around with no hijab like it’s a free for all. Like women can have it all. All the sidewalk and all the perks. And then she goes poking the sleeping bear.
      Whaddya think is going to happen? A BONOBO? Heck I’d walk at least 15 feet away if I saw a dog shaking himself
      Now imagine a stark naked sambo in heat running, sweating and slinging bodily fluids in every direction. I’d definately cross the road if I were carrying fresh groceries.
      And this is in NYC I presume. Of all the great people in such a big city and no one dared to step up to the plate and at least pop the buck naked jungle bunny with a wet towel. I would have loved to see that

      1. I am pretty sure it was 3 am in a neighborhood that no white person has any business being in.

        1. Eeh . . they may not go over well in Starbucks or Panera. Give it a shot at the public library maybe. The librarians would be fascinated.

      1. I’m pretty sure he was a psychotic homeless man. Hypergamy in that neighborhood is all fucked up

      2. Whites on average are bigger than blacks when erect.
        John Holmes and Jonah Falcon make the bruthas cry.

    2. … what kind of stupid fucking whore sees a but ass naked man roaming the streets and doesn’t immediately cross the street and start moving in the other direction as fast as possible.

      In today’s USA, doing that will get you branded an evil racist bigot, and that of course is the “worst thing EVAR.”

    3. Deer in headlights.
      It’s not every day one sees this. She didn’t know and practice the creed: Around blacks never relax.
      Don’t blame the victim craphead

      1. I totally blame the victim and don’t buy the deer in headlights. If you see a crazy naked guy and don’t immediately cross the street then you have what is coming to you.

      1. Really man, seek professional help. At first I thought you were just stupid, and you are, but after you posted your interracial porn fetish I realize that you have severe mental problems and should really get help

  52. True and fitness is essential. I used this game years ago before it was even called alpha. Works like a charm but beware some bigger AMOG may want to fight you.

  53. Club ass is asking for rape charges. Leave that shit to the borderline retarded that should probably be in captivity anyway.

  54. Somehow I don’t think douchebag game will work if done by a dude in his late forties; this is something for the younger guys.

  55. And what happens if the spaniard breaks the ‘AMOG’s jaw? Oh yeah, that’s right, the police come and attack him for stopping someone who will ruin many women and thus society. The woman created the situation where he couldn’t win, his only choice was to walk away or make them both look ridiculous (which is what I would of done, the no violence bullshit swings both ways).

  56. I work with lots and lots and have known lots and lots of male engineers and other working college educated professionals as well. Just about each and every single one of them are married and got married directly after college. The stereotype that male engineers are nerds and geeks is just simply untrue. A lot of them have very attractive wives. Women that are attracted to “good guys” , “educated guys” will get with those guys early in their late teens and early 20s, form a healthy relationship, and then get married. And the divorce occurance seems to be almost non-existent amongst them as well. The women they are married to are mentally healthy, come from married traditional families, and have the emotional intelligence to not stray & cheat. Women that are capable of forming life long healthy non-cheating relationships are taken early in life. That’s why they are off the market earlier in life.
    The other types of females (no matter how hot they look) do not end up married in their early 20s and typically come from split up families. Family and marriage is foreign to them. Don’t let the looks and bodies fool you, because they come from the same genetic douchebag gene pool as the douchebags. These females come from douchebag backgrounds, so they go after douchebag guys. They cheat, cause drama, reject “good men”, and then they might get married have kids and then divorce later on.
    When you step into a post-college bar/clubbing environment, you are at a disadvantage if you are not a douchebag. The females that frequent these places are the sisters and friends of the douchebags. That’s what they like. Thats’ what they relate to.

  57. Man…half of the game is being confident in yourself. Even if your not a muscle bound bro, confidence and grigarty will go a long way. The fact that it was mentioned several times that the AMOG aappeared to be having the time of his life is of importance. Women in the club or any social setting are attracted to someone who can show them a good time, and not in a clownish, buy them drinks kinda of way. Im an overweight, somewhat handsome in the face kind of guy but being outgoing and sociable has opened doors to many women who would be considered out of my league.

  58. I find this sad because I can’t help but compare it to men who have displayed iconic alpha male cool and class in movies: Connery (as Bond), Bogey, Cary Grant, and Steve McQueen. Douchebag game seems like it is a fit for men who are stunted adolescents and have no sense of pride.

    1. Someone on this site used the term “Psuedo Alpha” and I really like that. I think women have this idea in their head of what they think is an alpha male and the dbag bro guy is typically what makes them wet. They aren’t true alphas by definition, but reap the same rewards that an alpha does.

      1. Makes sense especially if a woman is shallow and bombed. The Pseudo Alpha is an Alpha just like that Rolex you can by in Bangkok for $50 is a real Rolex. The difference in price and quality doesn’t mean it can’t fool people.

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