How To Live After Trump

Before Trump’s glorious victory over the forces of progressive darkness, I promised that I would provide a roadmap on what traditional men could do next to usher in a return of the patriarchy. If Hillary had prevailed, the roadmap would have been a grim one, as all of our work would have had to take place underground. Happily, we will be able to work in the open. Here are three ways that we can leverage Trump’s victory to bring back the patriarchy.

Rule yourself


Bruce Wayne is a good role model for traditional men: Urbane, fit, financially independent—and dangerous.

This may seem obvious, but if we are going to bring back the patriarchy, we have to be men who are worthy of it. A patriarch who relies solely on the fact that he is a man will quickly be overthrown. However, a man who has authority because he has earned it by the way he lives will naturally retain it. Thus, the first step in making progress under a Trump administration is the same as it would have been if Hillary had been elected—self-improvement.

Self-improvement involves the obvious things: getting in shape, training martial arts, getting rid of addictions, and exercising self-discipline. The process of self-improvement needs to be under-girded with a philosophy of life. For most men, this will involve adopting, and faithfully living, one of the faith-traditions. For others, it may mean adopting stoic philosophy. Whatever it is, it will have to be more substantial than the degenerate, “pleasure, wealth, and power at any cost” morality of our Spirit Cooking elites—lack of morality got us into this problem in the first place.

Self-improvement also involves moving in the direction of financial independence. Under a Trump administration, this last goal will become easier to achieve. Trump’s tax plan cuts tax rates across the board. This will especially benefit men who are in the middle class who are trying to generate more income. They will be able to keep their savings so that they can move ahead rather than paying a penalty that keeps them from becoming wealthy.

Trump’s emphasis on fair trade will also result in more American jobs and unleash unprecedented creativity. The age of Trump will be a great time to start a new business. One word of warning is in order though: Under Trump the US is likely to flourish in a way that hasn’t happened since the the 1920s. Enjoy the prosperity but don’t get caught back in the materialism merry-go-round. Our goal is a lifetime of financial independence, not conspicuous consumption.

Financial independence is an important practical consideration because you will need a firm financial foundation for the second step, which is ruling your family.

Rule your family


Be the patriarch.

Starting with the boomers, our society rejected the traditional way of life and adopted progressivism. Families got smaller, divorce became more common, promiscuity increased, feminism became the default philosophy for girls, and the remaining vestiges of the patriarchy vanished. Progressivism promised freedom but delivered enslavement to political correctness and globalism.

A Trump administration will do little to reverse the deleterious effects that progressivism has had on the family. At best, the only thing government can do for the family is encourage it financially and provide a safe environment for it. But real change has to come from the bottom up—from men and women who return to tradition. For us, that means finding a traditional woman, or more likely one who can be converted to tradition, getting married, and having lots of children. A Twitter shitlord (@johnrandom1234) drove home this point in a humorous way by suggesting with a four-step “Trump Bump” starter kit:





Getting married, having children, and raising them to hold to the patriarchy is the long game, but it is the only way we will have long term victory. Without a next generation of traditional men, any ground that we gain under Trump will soon be lost.

Rule society—bring back the patriarchy


Benjamin Franklin is a great example of a man who was serious about his civic duty.

The next thing that we must do is start reclaiming our institutions. Trump has captured the presidency and Republicans control Congress, but many of those Republicans are cucks who will oppose the Trumpian agenda. And our other institutions are still dominated by leftists. Hollywood, the news media, education, and corporations all proclaim the progressive, anti-patriarchy message. If we don’t take advantage of the current moment, any gains that Trump makes will be quickly rolled-back after he leaves office.

Therefore, we need to start re-engaging with these institutions to shift them towards Patriarchal Nationalism. You can share any ideas you have to do this in the comments. Here, I’d like to suggest that one institution that needs our participation: the Republican Party. Trump has created many allies within the GOP but the majority of the Party still holds to the cucked ideology of open borders and bad trade deals like NAFTA. The GOP desperately needs like-minded men within its ranks who will help Trump achieve his vision.

Getting involved in your local GOP is easy. You merely have to get in touch with your local party leadership in your district. You don’t have to run for elected office. Simply volunteer your time in getting local officials elected, voting for delegates, or attending GOP events. Go in with a respectful attitude. A lot of the local GOP leaders are good people who still don’t understand that the real battle is against globalists. Work for incremental change. And, if you have the disposition required for it, consider running for local office yourself.

One piece of advice: If you do choose to get involved in politics, don’t get caught up in it. One way we ended up with an ossified and out-of-touch GOP is that people started to hold the globalist neoconservatism with an almost religious fervor. The other trap is to use politics as a way of enriching oneself in the manner of Hillary Clinton. If you do choose to enter the political realm, resolve at the outset to not use it for your own financial gain. Don’t make politics your life. Think of it strictly as civic duty.

Of course, politics is not everybody’s cup of tea. The key is to use your gifts, whether that is in movie-making or in running a company, to help create an environment where the patriarchy can flourish.


The one thing we must not do in wake of the Trump victory is rest on our laurels. If Hillary had won, we’d all have a great sense of urgency to protect what little remained of our way of life. Now that Trump is coming into power, the temptation is to relax—to just let Trump do it all. This temptation must be avoided. We must capitalize on the Trump victory with the same high level of urgency that we would have regarded a Hillary victory. If we don’t, we run the risk of losing all the ground we have gained.

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  1. I agree we should not rest on our laurels. We need to press our victory without hesitation. Now is the time to send in the cavalry and rout these SJWanker idiots once and for all, cause their political defeat to be so decisive it will be centuries before the progressive Sauron rises again.
    I am especially enjoying the feminists clutch their pearls and panties screaming it just isn’t fair! Feminism is nothing more than a raging case of Penis Envy escalated to the political level.
    Nip it! Nip it now in the bud and strike against them while they are all disorganized, demoralized, and their political structure in temporary disarray. Do not let them buy time to fight back, keep hitting them until they collapse into the mildewed pile of filth that is all of the progressive agenda.

  2. During in peace a million things may go wrong, but during war only a thousand. We must remain vigilant and push neomasculity and alt-rightism, sorry the real right, more and start taking true control of the normies. It is our greatest chance and oportunity!
    Also a note on Bruce Wayne: he is the archetype of the medieval aristocracy, cultured, reliable, warrior and governor translated to the closest possible way that the modern man may grasp it.
    Anyway you may party and relax a bit but then everyone should put themselves together and continue fighting the fight in any way they can!

  3. At first glance I thought the title was ‘how to live like a tramp’. You know the sort of thing, fuck self-improvement, be free, eat from garbage cans and still bang super-hot chicks

    1. THAT’s IT !
      It’s been under my nose this whole time and I didn’t even see it.
      The answer is inside the garbage cans !
      Diogenes ain’t got shit on me !

    2. I was under the impression that being a tramp meant carrying a cane, wearing a comically outdated suit and sporting a pork pie hat?

      1. Everytime I watch the media freak out about trump, this song pops into my head

  4. In order to raise traditional children, you need a traditional wife to help make that happen.
    Look, I’m glad Trump won, he had my vote from the get-go, and the mere fact that he’s going to keep a bunch of potential Muslim terrorists out of here is a huge deal to me — specifically because my industry is a beloved target for those cocksuckers. Him getting elected was a great relief for myself and for many in my industry.
    However, Donald Trump is not going to magically re-attach hymens; he’s not going to make the woman who thought it was a good idea to have a high school dropout permanently draw a butterfly an inch-and-a-half north of her ass-crack mother of your children material — unless you want your children to look at Mama Trampstamp as some sort of role model; he’s not going to change the fact that a young woman who would have made a great wife is going to head to a frat party tonight, get drunk off her ass, and get fucked by some dude who will never love her — thereby fracturing her ability to love properly, forever.
    Keep looking for a good girl to start a family with, and do everything in your power to vet her properly — make every effort possible to be the patriarch you want to be and raise sterling young men and women who will make a difference someday. But don’t think for a fucking second that just because Donald Trump got the White House that she’s going to materialize out of nowhere: she isn’t.
    Nothing has changed on that front.

    1. In the restored healthy patriarchal society, fathers will put their daughters into something like convent schools to keep them away from boys until the girls come of age.

    2. Just look at his wives..his shortest marriage was to an American woman then all the rest EE women.

      1. I must admit that even here in Greece, the least West part of the West Greek women are a gamble. Recent studies found that the 90% of Greek men and the 80% of Greek women are cheating their husbands or wives. So you can roughly say that only one in ten marriages are stable and happy. Also reading newspapers (in the country a marriage should be publicized in a newspaper) approx half of new marriages happen with EE women and Greek men. When women marry foreigners they tend to marry people from Pakistan or Afghanistan or the middle east… It is much less common than men but come on!
        The thing is that the west has had for decades a campagin to destroy their women by such they stoped being in average good wives and mothers. Only to notice that in the 50’s any man could have been sure of a long and happy marriage compare this to now and you can see the difference. For this reason the 50’s the last decade of sanity is being targeted by the modern creators of culture.

        1. I lived on a street where it was unusual to find a woman who wasn’t cheating. All the bfs/husbands were simpering betas.

        2. Don’t get me wrong but a street is one thing a country is a wholly different one, this simply shows extreme moral decay. I mean you can trust no one, this can get you mad, it isn’t like if these statistics were speaking about the most they say nearly all. I’d wish though this would have been the only problem.
          The thing is women have become sluts and we value sex as the only value.

        3. The same thing wrong with everywhere else. We take from the producers and hand it to the consumers.

        4. And the sluts shame any chaste woman like crazy because they feel guilty. That is why they go crazy when someone questions feminism. The guilt. They know they are doing something wrong being a slut, and feminism is just a series of excuses that allow sluts to sleep at night. That’s why they viciously defame anyone who disagrees with them.
          Having sex with a woman validates her world view. If enough high value men have a sex boycott of local women in your country and announce how EE women are better, and that if Trump is doing that, everyone is doing that… and that they will never get married to a high value male, their behavior will change. Sex boycott by high value men and announcing that hey those guys do it is key

        5. They feel guilty and they CANNOT reverse what they’ve done to themselves. Whoever believes in “born again virgin” is delusional. There’s no such thing. Either you’re a virgin or not.

        6. I couldn’t believe when Greece legalized sodomy. I mean, Greece that gave Russia its Orthodox faith and cultural foundation? I was really disappointed to learn that.

        7. Me too! When it was legalized I believed that there would have been big protests, there were some small ones and some known priests reacted. We as a people have truly degenerated to an immense degree the last 50 years, it is like we are a different people, my grandpa does not recognize the Greek attitude no longer.

        8. Problem is they do not know what type of men constitute high-value-men. Also in Greece the shame of chaste women may happen only in private, in general they don’t care for anything.

        9. Is it possible to find a good girl at church in Greece? My wife is a devout Catholic from Central America. It’s great. Can’t imagine being married to a godless North American woman.

        10. I could tell you other things I’ve witnessed but I wouldn’t want to ruin your Sunday…Trust me the rabbit hole only gets deeper.

        11. But what about “”Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.” (Isiah 1:18). Why wouldn’t a woman good enough to go to heaven not be good enough to marry?

        12. They can go to heaven or not — don’t care. One thing for sure is, I don’t want my kids to be kissed goodnight by the same mouth that had sucked an army of anonymous cocks.
          Another reason is, a slutty mother will raise a slutty daughter. I don’t want to have a slutty daughter.
          Yes, there are exceptions out there, but when it comes to family, I don’t want to risk it. My bad.

        13. in a gallop we were put quite low, recently though, due to the effects of the crisis. The fact that the couple does or said that it does a lot of sex does not mean necessarily that they are faithful to each other. One man here said to me that if you have a girlfriend you need to have sex with your wife double the times to keep her satisfied and not nosy.

        1. For me there is only Western Europe and Eastern Europe. And she ain’t from Western Europe.

        1. People who have never traveled and don’t understand other cultures agree with you.

        2. Might want to check your assumptions, bud. I immigrated from the middle east to the US a few years ago.
          I’m pretty sure his wives didn’t pick him for his good looks or lovely personality.

        3. Yup, and in a few years it’ll be sporting a black eye while trying to convince itself that it simply walked into a door.

        4. I prefer the candidate who isnt bought and paid for by every country except our own. And the one not regularly having people murdered. Some idiots had a hard time making that decision. But it just shows what exceptional types of idiots are being special engineered these days.

        5. Yeah, I’m sure we will all be congratulating ourselves in a few years when we realize that the president was using his office to negotiate better real estate deals and settle personal scores around the globe.
          I’d rather take a corrupt but competent liberal over a vindictive manchild with a failed business record, handled by some of the worst conservatives in the history of the US.

        6. I wish I could fail my way to a billion dollars, and man-child my way into the whitehouse(with both the media and his own party fighting him just about every step of the way). Failing once isnt a crime, Sam Walton has been bankrupt, and apparently you’ve forgotten that Clinton was crying bankrupt leaving office. Its an amazing story you spin that doesnt fit the history that actually happened. Any ways we will all find out soon enough who was right. We are all sure how wonderful Obama turned out to be. HOPE! CHANGE!= killing innocents with drones and massive bailouts to criminal bankers. But he closed Guantamo and, rebuilt our infrastructure, and gave us Obamacare that we can all be thankful for.

        7. The fact that your side failed to predict or understand what even happened this election doesnt even make you hesitate to predict the future. I bow to your superior…hmm im looking for the word.

        8. Nah, I thought we’d barely eke out a victory at best because Trump did manage to tap into the current reservoir of anger and resentment in the country. I’m convinced that the people who voted for him either won’t get what they hoped for (because many of his promises are unfeasible, or because he doesn’t actually care to implement them) or they will get exactly what they hoped for and choke on it (like red counties which are about to lose the last bit of welfare that they so heavily depend on.)

        9. Pretty easy to fail your way to a billion dollars when you start out with a few million and a real estate empire. The guy would be even richer now had he just stashed his inheritance in a mutual fund and lived off the capital gains.
          Yeah, I guess we’ll find out.

        10. He learned personally what was a banker which apparently you dont realize is why he switched to branding and mostly got out of real estate.

        11. Yeah, I know, but it was one hell of a launch pad. The man is one hell of a marketer, I’ll give him that.

        12. There was alot going on behind the scenes this election. It wasn’t the Russians feeding wikileaks their info, it was midlevel FBI, who really really didn’t want to see Hillary elected. If you weren’t following the wikileaks I strongly suggest you do so, the worst stuff was purposely ignored by the main stream media(which is 90% owned by 6 corportations). I realize it doesnt seem fair that there wasn’t a wikileaks against Trump.
          Wikileaks was the extremely rare opportunity to see what was really going on behind the scenes. And it made alot of Americans, like myself realize just how bought and paid for our elections, and our media(including Twitter, Google, and Facebook) and our politicians were. You might also be interested to read about the history of Central Banks. The Federal Reserve is not our friend. You might also want to verify that Citi chose 70% of Obamas cabinet. So one bank virtually chose our Executive Branch leadership. Does that sound like Democracy?

        13. Oh I’m well aware of those. You seem to think that all liberals are a hive mind hooked up to CNN or something. We have some very thorough investigative reporters, you should check out TYT at some point.
          Still if you want to talk about Citi and corruption you must be very incensed at Trump basically handing half the government to oil and finance execs

        14. Im not familiar with TYT, pass over some links if you have them. No not all liberals are, but I would say many liberals have been socially and chemically engineered to maximally respond emotionally not logically(I’ve never seen so many people crying in my life at the end of the election, which is not the proper response of an adult). Trump will have to make some concessions. You don’t kill the monster by taking it head on. But we will know soon enough if he means business by what he goes after. It may be more important thta he has a bully pulpit like Teddy R had, to beat the industrialists death grip back. Those people didnt give a shit if the people lived or died, they were locked in their own little worlds..kind of like today.

        15. I’m mostly disappointed. I had high hopes that he would push through major liberal policies, but he’s been lukewarm at best, if not outright conservative in some cases. The ACA, for example, is a piss-poor replacement for a single payer or public option system.
          He also did very little to rein in the banking and finance sector, which will probably set us up for another bubble soon. That won’t affect me much, since my industry is very stable, but it’ll definitely screw over a lot of people again. He did sponsor the CFPB though, so at least that’s a plus.
          I didn’t think that either of the 2016 candidates would be an improvement, I’m afraid, but at least Clinton wasn’t as likely to roll back the few things that I consider to be recent liberal victories.

        16. I think you might be giving him even more credit than I gave Obama. Trump’s already filling his administration with industry stooges.

    3. The good girls are out there, you just need to know where and how to look. Not at clubs, bars, or websites. They keep more to themselves typically.
      In my early 20’s, I thought much like you do. I was disgusted with the quality of women out there. I was tired of the club scene for picking up trashy women and getting nowhere. At this time, I had an experience that made me question the existence of God. I picked up the Bible and started reading it.
      That year, I came to myself and said “Self, you need to take control of your life and find a decent girl to raise a proper family with”. I was in college at the time. I asked the classiest girls in my classes that I could see. In a community of about 10% being Mormon, 4 dates in a row happened to belong to the church. The 4th girl asked me to go to church with her. I never responded to her and she moved on.
      About a week later, I had an epiphany. I realized that it was just those girls. They have the same genetics as everyone else. They carried a spirit with them that made me feel attracted to them. I had an old Mormon friend that I called up and wen to church with. Shortly after, I was baptized and really jumped in with both feet. I gave up my vices and changed myself. I was still seen as an outsider from the girls in my home ward, but the following year I moved.
      From then on, things were gravy. Lots of hot girls, with traditional values. Sex was out of the picture for dating, but I didn’t care. I eventually found a good looking virgin who I married. Within the church, there is actually a shortage of guys. There is a running joke at BYU Idaho about that “Surf City” song by Dan and Jean, because it seriously is 2 girls for every guy.
      The trick is to become (not just fake it), and they will be there. I chose the Mormon route, but I’m sure there are others.

      1. Awww, how sweet…Mormon advertising much?
        Nah, I’m just pushing with you, man.
        Nice to hear you got your woman !

        1. I was advertising I suppose, but seriously, pick some church and jump in with both feet. Find something that has a strong young adult program. Volunteer your time and become the man that a good girl would want to marry. That doesn’t mean become a beta simp. When you see the dating pool, take lots of girls out. Turn them down, play them off each other. Have them make dinner for you. Sex is out of the question, and tell them that. Get them to fight over you. The principles of game is similar, just on a different level.

        2. I can relate.
          This year I went to some meetings of some Adventists people I know.
          Plenty of wife material.
          Betraying my Church, doesn’t feel like a good idea, because I deeply respect my faith.
          I was born in Orthodox Christianity like my ancestors.
          My ancestors gave their life in the face of barbaric hoards.
          I will not betray my faith, nor my Church, even if it has forsaken me.
          I’m certain my woman exists, it’s just not the moment yet.
          Not yet.

        3. I know the mormons get a bad rap but I think they are among the few sectors of the Christian demographic who are tribal – and it is tribalism that preserves culture.
          They have been heavily criticised for having multiple wives. But we are living in very unusual times for Christianity. Unless every Christian family goes Brady Bunch and has six kids – the math on the demographics say we are done. The Mormons are the only group, that if allowed to have multiple wives, could help offsett the drop in our numbers.

        4. If a man has vision, and can prepare himself for the future, experience is a powerfull ally.
          Let’s say you’re 28.. The culture isn’t favourable to long term stable marriages and children at this point, but who’s to say what it will be like in 20 years? Maybe the woman for you has just come into being, from an honest to god family, society is changing in the interests of people, and she will meet you in 16-20 years provided you know how to position yourself. You 48, her 20.. What’s not to like?
          Granted, few can take that road.. And time waits for no man. But if we must cede to the passions of the flesh, best do it in a way that does not hinder our future.

        1. In like Flynn.
          A reference to Errol Flynn, one of the most fantastic womanizers to ever grace the silver screen.

        2. Sorry, that stopped in 1890 when Utah entered the Union.
          I don’t know why so many have a hangup on that. Lots of Biblical figures had multiple wives. I would probably take on another if it were legal and condoned.

        3. Yep. A whole mess of Biblical patriarchs had stables full of women. The modern fascination with Oneitis is confusing to me, at an intellectual level, when it comes to women and marriage in Christianity. Guaranteed Solomon didn’t attend a ceremony for all of his hundreds of “wives”.

        4. Especially with the hookup culture today. Which is better, have 2 or 3 wives who you provide for, or 4-10 women that you pay child support for?

        5. I’m not a fan of what the SMP has become, but I do recognize the validity of the old arrangements men used to make in traditional marriages. Modern “Christians” seethe at that. I find it a natural extension of what the Patriarchs were doing, and it worked well for centuries.
          Catting around and dropping babies you don’t take care of though, that’s just stupid shit and makes us no better than ghetto dwellers. We should aspire to higher.

        6. I am truly saddened by what has happened to the bulk of Christianity since the feminist movement took hold. For nearly three decades, men have cowered from the media mantra and most of Christianity was no exception. You have women “priests”, or more damaging is preachers who are afraid to teach the way it is for fear of bad publicity. People become disinterested in the hollow, “love your neighbor, no matter how they behave” stuff that comes over the pulpit. Part of loving your neighbor is to stand up to them when they are doing wrong.

        7. It seemed like a good day to change things up.
          Welcome to my new avatar. Clark Gable: Ohioan, masculine he-man, womanizer, gun collector, lover of life, all around good egg.

        8. I can relate to that. I picked John Wayne, masculine, alpha character, but still only had one woman at a time and was the good guy.

        9. The problem is polygamy is de facto inbreeding.
          Case(s) in point, sub-Saharan Africa and the middle East.

        10. That would be an issue if you were part of a clan that followed around the same herd of sheep for multiple generations. Not in modern society.

        11. It’s said that Solomon had 700 wives and 300 concubines. If he had a different woman each night, it would take him almost 3 yrs to get back to the woman he originally started with….that’s pretty damn good.

        12. Not interested then, looks like a poor deal for me, but glad you found happiness
          I need the mayhem of multiple women in my life, just one wont do it for me

        13. It reminds me to a friend of mine back in middle school. She’s the 4th child of her dad’s 2nd wife. He has 10 children in total. 4 from his 1st wife and 6 from the 2nd.
          1 man, 2 women, 10 children in one household.
          Intact and happy.

        14. Inspired choice. My very oldschool grandfather told me a few times that I reminded him of Gable (I don’t look much like him, though)– At the time, I was too young and ignorant to appreciate his confidence in me. Lots to make up for, now.

        15. True! True! Everyone loves to preach about forgiveness, but always seems to forget the “rebuke thy neighbor” that is supposed to proceed it. Smh

        16. I like the story of the woman caught in adultery, where some same to Christ and asked him if she should be stoned in accordance with Mosiac Law. He said, “he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone”. Knowing that Jesus knew their sins, they left. Jesus then turned to the woman and told her to “Go and sin no more”.
          He did not condone the sin, but rather forgave her and told her not to do it anymore. Forgiving someone is not the same as condoning their actions. Today, we have SJW’s trying to muddle the two. You can love someone and not approve of their actions. Which is more loving, putting your wayward son through rehab, or telling him “go and do whatever, see if I care”?

        17. I always like to describe the current ideological climate as emphasizing Love without Truth. Many Christians took “God is Love”, and forgot that He is also Truth. Love without Truth can be just as harmful as Hate. Here is an example: You ever watch those tv shows where they have these super fat 5 and 6 year old kids running around on stage, and there mothers all say the same thing. “I Love him too much to deny him the food when he asks for it”. Do these mothers lack love? I think not, but they lack the truth and the will to implement the truth, that feeding the kids chicken nuggets everyday will kill them by 25. In the same way, Christianity has forgotten Truth, or at least turned a blind eye to it. Love is easy, but Truth is hard.

        18. I swear the biggest reason the bulk of Christianity is dwindling is preachers are afraid of telling it like it is. People don’t want to waste several hours of their day to hear that Jesus loves them. That is all well and good, but we know that already. People want to be challenged, they want to become something greater than they already are. They want to “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father in Heaven is perfect”. Of course we fall short, but at least point us in the right direction.

      2. It is true what you said. Mormons are the last fort of somehow decent white girls in the West, but a religious girl is not a warranty per se.
        I knew this girl at my former work, somehow intelligent, with good education, religious (catholic), married, etc, etc. If she were good looking (she’s ugly) you might say “unicorn!”…..she was/is fucking the priest of her church, became impregnated and now she’s rearing that child, and the husband doesn’t know a thing about it. How I know? she told me.

        1. Ain’t that sick truth? I know a guy who admitted to fucked a NUN and it wasn’t an innocent love-making, “She loves this cock more than she loves Jesus!”
          I don’t know if that’s true or he just lied to my face.
          I hope he lied.

        2. Religion is not a full proof way of finding a loyal wife, but your odds are much higher than at a club. Slut tells in religious women pretending to be chaste is actually a good article idea for ROK

        3. Agreed, my Mormon coworker is going through a divorce because his wife decided to try the dark meat. But then again, he let himself become a 300 pound schlub that is an expert on “Call of Duty”.
          However, if you combine red pill wisdom with a strict moral code, you have a very good chance of having a successful marriage.

        4. Best slut tell: Don’t have sex with her until marriage. If she is a slut, she will push for it. If you refuse, she will think you are rejecting her and move on, same as you when you figure out she is a skank. I suppose it would work both ways.

    4. Agreed, those are systematic, long term changes that even if Trump could reverse them in 8 years in office, we wouldn’t see the real benefits for another 20 years.

      1. Nujac I’m curious about your take on Trump from an econ/finance perspective. Whatever insight or hunch you’ve had would be much appreciated.

        1. The short answer is I have no clue.
          I was hoping a Trump administration would bring in more outsiders, new thinking, and eliminate the neocons and lifelong politicos.
          Appointing the head of the Republican party, Priebus, as Trump’s chief of staff, is a strong signal he’s not going in that way. But Trump is a wild card. Priebus spent zero dollars on Trump ads, something I have never heard of a national party doing, and openly attacked Trump for pussy grabbing and such. And as head of the establishment party you know he would have preferred a Jeb! or something. Surely Trump hates him, right? So maybe Trump is playing him. Or using him. Or has some grand strategy.
          The best analysis I can offer is that I think overall the economy will strengthen and the US dollar will increase in value. So much of the economy, especially the modern economy that is based so much on feelings and service industry and iphones and luxury goods, is all about the feels. Donald Trump will make us feel great again. Even if he changes nothing behind the scenes, there is the image that things are more fairer, and he is eliminating waste and corruption and unfair rules and bad tax policy. Even if net immigration from Mexico has been negative for years, Trump makes people think he has stopped latinos from “takin are jerbs”
          Contrast that with the social upheaval we are feeling now. Even if you don’t care about gays or foreigners or whatever, the combined effect of an inexperienced minority president combined with double digit health care increases every year, ballooning debts, endless wars, past heros becoming trannies, and all the degeneracy combines to make people very uncomfortable and unsure of the future. So they don’t marry, spend, have kids, and start businesses.
          People will believe the Federal Reserve is no longer going to secretly manipulate interest rates to benefit the elites. And people will think the banksters are being booted out, and the people will benefit, so they will have more confidence. The idea of ending trillion dollar wars gives us the idea that we will all be wealthier and more prosperous in the future. Which is almost as good as actually being prosperous. In other words, B.S. works. Trump will use the bully pulpit better than any president in our lifetime, and I think the bully pulpit can be a more effective tool than the army, or the federal reserve, or the Education Department, at solving real problems.
          I heard that Ford already scrapped plans to close a plant and move it to Mexico. Probably in part because Trump has already hurt them by calling them out on their anti-American activity, and now he will be president and they don’t want him to continue. So he doesn’t even pass a law, or use any enforcement tools at his disposal, and he is already saving jobs. I think he can do a lot of this type of thing.
          On the other hand, he is 90% bluster, and his comments have indicated he’s not that interested in running the day to day business of the country. Of course, I think the country pretty much runs itself and the president has very little real power, but if there is some huge crisis that needs good strong decisions, I’m not confident he can make them.
          That’s my practical side talking. My dreaming side thinks Trump could do things no other president can. He could scrap Obamacare and replace it with a universal health system like the rest of the world has, and cut out the insurance middle men. He could end the absurd wars and close down hundreds of foreign military bases. He could ally with Putin, and we could see a masculine, conservative, religious culture going forward.
          He could make populist decisions which benefit the little guy, because while Trump has never been anything but an elitist, he craves adoration, and that’s why I don’t think he’ll do anything terribly controversial like building a border wall or banning Islam from America. He wants to be loved. We will soon see if populism works.
          But I think it’s near impossible to predict how Trump will govern. I would keep my mind open to any possibility.

        2. Thanks for this post, lots of stuff in there that I’ll have to think about.
          The whole notion of low-confidence in the economy having an impact on peoples’ social and financial investments has been something I have been thinking a bit about though lately.
          Why is it that Westerners are not having as many kids as foreigners, or the very poor? I think it’s a lack of confidence in the economy like you mentioned. For foreigners, the economic situation has been a huge improvement compared to back home, and for the very poor they might as well have kids now because their financial station seems to be stuck at the bottom anyways.
          The “middle-class” natives on the other hand are in a strange middle-area where they are better off than the majority of the world economically, but they know that things could be much better than they are now. That’s my sentiment anyways… Until I see that things will be relatively stable for a while I don’t want to have kids… The middle-class knows how easily things can collapse if not managed carefully (e.g., 2008).
          I agree with you that while Trump doesn’t necessarily offer fleshed out and logical guarantees, he really does somehow add a sense of security, “law and order”, and big hopes for greatness. At the very least, he gives the sense that he wants the best for the country, unlike some of the world leaders I see right now.
          Something else I don’t understand is the American health-care system. Canadian health-care bumps our taxes up across the board but it seems to more or less work. I’ll never go bankrupt because I need a surgery for example. Do you think Obama-care isa good thing, should it be removed, or does it just need to be improved?
          I know I’m bugging you with questions but to me you’re the guy when it comes to stuff like this.

        3. It’s not just a lack of confidence in the economy, but lack of confidence overall. There are plenty of poor people in the world spawning away. Why do a third of guys up to age 35 still live at home with parents? Why are marriage rates at an all time low? Why are people joining self help movements and alternative religions at record levels? Why is the rate of male virginity increasing? Why is there the phenomenon like Japan has with the “grass eating men” not even interested in the opposite sex? Why do men need to learn game in order to have a reasonable sex life?
          This is true even among people like me. I’m pretty self satisfied, but in any past generation, I would be raising a large family by now. What am I going to do, other than save money and have an endless quest to seek out feminine women throughout the globe to conquest? What is the meaning of life? We used to have religions and parents and strong institutions that answered these questions for us. Now we have a million voices telling us to go genderqueer or become vegan or go hike Mt Everest or collect 5 degrees or save the spotted owl.
          I think a lot of the tranny multi gender shit is explained by this blanket of discontent and confusion which has set over our nation. People don’t actually want to chop off their dick, but they are so confused and directionless and desperate for anything which gives them meaning. Some of them are hopeless with the opposite sex, so they just become it.
          As for health care, the #1 problem with our health care system is insurance companies. Obamacare increased the role insurance companies play. It’s a terrible system, that helped out a few really poor or sick people at the expense of everyone else. Honestly my plan is to just stay as healthy as I can until age 65, when I’m guaranteed health care by Medicare. I save many thousands of dollars every year by not participating in this industry.
          As far as public policy, the best option would probably be to phase in Medicare gradually to younger and younger ages until everyone is covered. Next best would be to use health savings accounts which are special untaxed funds individuals use to pay for health care expenditures. Since they are spending their own money, price becomes an important part of health care, whereas today most people don’t know or care what a treatment costs. Health care providers would start competing on cost, instead of just charging you $2,000 an hour or whatever they do now. That would be an improvement, but I don’t think people should have to make decisions about their health based on the price of the treatment. Anyway, what’s new with you Clark?

        4. As usual thanks for the info.
          What’s new with me? Kinda similar to you man in the sense that I’m looking around and asking myself what the fuck is going on? Where are things headed? What do I bother to invest myself into? I just turned 30 this week, and in many ways I have a great deal to be thankful for. I’ve got some wonderful friends, a caring family, and I’m healthy and smart enough to take care of myself. But I’ve kinda come to a similar attitude and conclusion as Roosh I think, in that I’ve taken on kind of a stoic stance on things. I don’t expect anything anymore. I had 200$ worth of property stolen from me this week by some young fuckheads and I honestly don’t even care for some reason. Everyone around me was more upset than I was.
          I feel you man… Life is great in many ways but in other ways I’m confused, and I feel like I’m surrounded by morons half the time. Financially I’m doing ok, I’m in the best shape of my life, I had some maturing experiences this year, and I’ve lost that buzzing anxiety that I had in my teens and twenties.
          But now I’m just like what now??? I’ll be done school for good come next April and then I plan to just bank some cash, meet some girls, work on projects, and travel. But even so there is that part of me that wants to commit to something fully, but I haven’t found it yet. And I’m afraid I’ll end up adopting a mindset similar to lolknee’s (not dissing the guy, he’s obviously brilliant) where it’s just have fun, fuck this chick, go to this event, live the cosmopolitan high-life, and then die.
          I’m not in a funk or a negative place so much as just like you said, not sure what the point is. I see lots of people around in the same mindset but with even less self-acceptance than I have right now, and I see that even though I might be objectively “happier” than they are, it’s still the same underlying problem.
          I don’t know man… We’ll see what happens in the near future. The people I surround myself with are great, and the ROK community is generally a bunch of intelligent fun guys, but it’s not representative of the whole world, or necessarily of the future. As off-putting as things can be right now (Toronto women a nightmare of snobbishness lol), they can always be worse, so I plan to just enjoy as much as possible for now, but keep an eye out for the bigger movements that are going on.
          From what I’ve seen so far, Trump’s win might just be the beginning of something much bigger and much more frighteningly organic. Much respect man I hope you have a good weekend.

        5. Trump = Bush II plus Obama plus a little white supremacy – its going to be a police state pretty quickly….. dont you see the liberal conservative liberal conservative bait and switch game…. ? The whole thing is BS.

        6. I have a very bright friend who told me months ago that there was no way Trump would be allowed near the nomination if he wasn’t a controlled interest. We’ve had real populists run before, but the media totally ignores them. I’m fairly suspicious of Trump.

        7. I’m a few years older (just don’t tell the girls at my local uni), and you have a far better understanding of the world than I did at 30. Happy birthday, brother.

        8. Here’s a really intelligent guy with a strong background in econ/finance answering your question. I have huge respect for this guy. Asst Treasury secretary from the 1980s, he was a Republican but is one of the most unbiased, non-ideological honest people I know, and he really, really understands what’s going on in the world today.

          Short answer to can Trump make a difference: Possibly, but probably not, because the establishment must approve his advisors, who control the information he receives, and if he could, he would just be killed.

        9. Healthcare just needs to be deregulated. All the licensing does, is drive up the price and worsen the quality. The industrialists were the ones who pushed the current system, and like so much that they did it was in THEIR interests not ours, the people. Milton Friedman said the AMA was the second best monopoly in the US. He knows all the dirty little secrets they’ve been keeping from the people too, like weather manipulation, fake climate science and poisonous vaccines,as a short list.

        10. Think of how quickly once the elections are over, including Bush-Gore, that the transition takes place without much problem. This one they are fighting him every inch even AFTER the election. Thats a tell. I’ve seen many many other things that suggest he is the real deal. Only time will tell for sure.

        11. Don’t forget just the poisoning too, men today have about half the level of testosterone as their grandfathers, that is a key hormone.

        12. I had a college pharmacist who would just give us whatever drugs we needed if we were sick (No I don’t mean he would pass out pain killers to be abused but if you came in with a runny nose and swollen glands he would ask you a few questions to determine you had a sinus infection and give you antibiotics). Bonus was the place was open 24 hours. So it was far superior than any doctors office I’ve ever been to for the minor illnesses that 99% of us contract. Licensed doctors and hospitals and HIPAA laws and all that is only useful (if at all) for those minority cases of extreme afflictions (gunshots, internal bleeding, ruptured spleen, etc.)
          Although this was just last decade, I suspect today kids raised under the Matrix would be too afraid of bending or breaking any rules, and the world is full of snitches so it’s not worth the risk to actually help people but instead tell them “No you need to go pay a Doctor $100 first before I’ll give you medicine.” By the way in most of the world pharmacists are indeed minor medical treatment facilities.
          As far as medical licensing going away, no chance in hell in the USA. The move is for every profession to be licensed and regulated by the man. If they are running billboards warning you not to have your hair cut or toilet plunged by a worker who hasn’t purchased their government license, as they are in my Republican Small Government state, there’s no chance healthcare will be deregulated.

        13. Not only the seen, but the unseen. Testosterone is low. But what are the effects of all the estrogen from the Pill that women are urinating out into our water supply every month? Or the mental health pills that 25% of women are taking like SSRIs which most mass killers are found to be on? Or all the other chemical and medical residues? The combination of all these drugs, most of which were never even tested in combination with each other, surely is killing us.

      2. We have to accept that our part may not be to reap the benefits, if we truly want western society to be great again. How long did it take for the left to get us to the brink of self destruction? We could do it a lot faster than they have done…just a matter of how thirsty the tree of Liberty is.

    5. Men should really look for themselves in the modern world, game and neomasculinity are not tools for a good life, they are needed tools for just going through in the modern situation. Looking for a good wife is needed so that a man may complete his life, not because he needs a centerpiece, I write this so that no one forgets it. But beware of the slut she is a ruiner that will be becoming more unstable with each year.
      Superb Post Yader!

      1. “But beware of the slut she is a ruiner that will be becoming more unstable with each year.”
        Sage advice. Never wife up a tart. “You can’t make a whore a housewife.”

    6. “But don’t think for a fucking second that just because Donald Trump got the White House that she’s going to materialize out of nowhere: she isn’t”
      Exactly. Back in the 1950’s and 1960’s and even the 1970’s it was easier to find someone to wife up, but today it will take 2 generations of the USA being in a traditional culture before we see the return of the sweet wholesome american female.
      I do think that morale is higher among men and they can hold their head up high as they walk down the street; and that’s a good thing.

      1. “I do think that morale is higher among men and they can hold their head up high as they walk down the street; and that’s a good thing.”

    7. As men, we really need to stop sucking up to sluts to get a quick lay. Actions should have consequences, and they need to be shamed.

    8. There is a solution: teach English abroad, get a foreign wife. Notice Trump’s wife is foreign. She is a traditional woman, but to survive in a media world created by a matriarchal secular globalist group she had to take her clothes off. Becoming a mormon or old rite Catholic or a Muslim is another solution. Religious girls who go to church in small towns or go abroad.
      Sluts feel guilty being a slut, so they shame, ostracize, bash and are downright evil to women who are not slutty as they are to eliminate competition. It takes religion and a faith community for a woman to develop a strong backbone and not cave into the chastity-shaming vicious abuse by sluts. Or a strong character of steel, one in a million. Ignore city girls in favor of religious country girls or get a religious wife abroad.
      Don’t EVER marry a chaste/traditional secular/agnostic woman abroad & bring her to the city like NYC or Toronto. Even if she is a virgin. Either marry a religious woman, or bring your wife to a small town with a strong religions community. You bring her back, the city sluts are going to abuse her, ostracize her, chastity shame her until she loses her values. Many secular Syrian guys lost their wives when the wives came to the west, discovered radical feminism and became impossible, and they had to get a divorce. Religion is what tells an insecure woman she’s okay being chaste and ignore the insecure sluts and the vicious nasty hurtful things they say.

      1. “Sluts feel guilty being a slut, so they shame, ostracize, bash and are downright evil to women who are not slutty as they are to eliminate competition.”
        This is what I’ve long suspected. Those who rail against the evils of “slut-shaming” are typically sluts who don’t want to be shamed themselves, but who want to shame the chaste instead.
        “Don’t EVER marry a chaste/traditional secular/agnostic woman abroad & bring her to the city like NYC or Toronto.”
        Sound advice.
        “Even if she is a virgin.”
        …But how do you make sure she’s one of those, these days? …Even in the conservative Middle East, hymenoplasty is booming business.

        1. I know a woman who built a business on hymenoplasty. You can tell the chasity of a girl by her personality, get a friend to observe if she is bashful, shy, tries to be religious and good but struggles but makes an effort. As someone who was a virgin until marriage, I think the difference before and after marriage is bashfulness, blushing, inexperience. Have a friend spot. Virgins have some silly ideas on what men find attractive. For example the skirt is too short or too long, where an experienced woman knows knee length Kate Middleton clothes are most attractive.

        2. I know a woman who built a business on hymenoplasty.

          A business based on sexual fraud…

          As someone who was a virgin until marriage, I think the difference before and after marriage is bashfulness, blushing, inexperience.

          Yes, one can often tell from things like this. I’m wondering how young one would have to go, though, in order to get a virgin in the Middle East — most of the middle-aged men here aren’t interested in women over the age of about 25, but that’s really just for the sex. When it comes to marriage, a two-decade age gap is liable to translate to a lack of common ground or interests (which, if she’s from a different culture as well, could prove a strain on the marriage). How long do women generally wait over there? Are there virgins in their late twenties and thirties? A ten or maybe fifteen year age-gap isn’t so bad, but when it’s twenty or twenty-five? Hmmm…

        3. age gap depends on if the man has the money to be able to have an apartment even on top of his family home and an income to raise a family. Very rich people, no gap. Most people 5 year gap, poor 10 year gap, very poor people, two decade gap but at that level of poverty, people are just happy to survive

        4. Thanks for the reply. …I think my question perhaps wasn’t too clear: if a 40-year-old Westerner sought a virgin wife in the Middle East, what are his chances of finding an older virgin to marry? (That is, a woman at least in her late twenties or thirties.) Are there many of them? Did you know women who remained virgins into their late twenties and thirties? Do Middle Eastern women hang on that long?! …Or are the only Middle Eastern women who are virgins beyond their twenties generally unmarriagable?

        5. quite a few. Unless they are married, they remain a virgin. Where the economy is not great, many women prefer to be a spinster virgin than marry a poor man.

    9. I recommend you all to be extra-vigilant in the matter of women.
      I heard there are a lot of traditional, high quality women in the countrysides of America, altought I can’t confirm the veracity of this.
      If you have intention to consider foreign women from traditional places, I recommend Brazil and almost any country here on south america.
      I’m brazilian, so I can attest to the quality of women here. For some reason they’re fascinated to americans, so it will not be too hard to find a wife material around here. If you’re worried with race, in the south states there are more arians than you would think. I would not recommend this if I was not already married, because honestly brazilian men don’t want to compete with gringos, really. If you decide to come here to take our women with you, don’t tell this to the males. It may be dangerous, I’m not kidding.
      Anyway, you guys don’t have much choice. Visit the countrysides, travel to another countries that still hold patriarchy, but it is essential to fill America with traditional children. Unless you do that, any progress you make will go to waste in the next generation.

    10. Absolutely agree with this 100%. As long as white men allow their women to behave like trashy whores and compete with men in the workforce and vote against us in politics we will fail. Understanding the true nature of Woman and making good wives and mothers out of them is the key to saving Western Civilization.

    11. exactly and considering he seems to be taking advice from safra catz etc who praise house husbands etc, do not expect women to change…

    12. I am hoping trump will remove the stigma of dating younger women. If men date younger, then girls will be guided by men rather than the media and old spinsters.
      I rarely place money on my hopes. The best that will likely happen is women start playing lip service to ideals because they think it is what men want.

    1. Don’t blame me. I practice a strict population replacement policy. For every baby I produce, I kill one full grown adult.
      (Disclaimer: I have no kids. Stupid trolls around here taking things so darn seriously…)

    2. I would actually love to have kids. At least 4 of them.
      But the problem is…Where do I find a suitable wife ?
      And…Where the fuck am I going to make the money to support a family ?
      Move to a new city ?
      Fuck that.
      Blue collar is the way.

    3. It’s not over-populated with Europeans. Why should we eschew having children because a couple of other continents pump out ten kids per mother that they can’t keep alive?
      If the earth were actually over populated, we wouldn’t be having this conversation, we’d be out scrounging for food and killing each other over a can of pork and beans. Go pump your Leftism somewhere else, woman.
      Don’t you have some chores to attend to?

      1. In fact we should start forcing that agenda to: Hindi, Pakistani, Chinese, Africans and Arabs.
        The world would higly benefit from more Europeans, not less, as long as they are not libs.

        1. Most of the world has stabilized as far as population goes. It’s really just parts of sub-Saharan Africa and the Islamic world where populations are booming.

        2. You know, we can easily craft an argument to piss off Leftists such that we posit that in order to best serve the interests of the environment and overpopulation, we should by needs drop several nuclear bombs over basically all of the African continent. I mean the population numbers don’t lie, and we all care for the planet…don’t we?

        3. I saw something on Twitter where someone had spliced together clips of Trump at the third debate saying “Nuclear weapons on the inner cities. It’ll be beautiful” in response to what to do about that situation. It was pretty funny.

        4. Hell, even if he really said it, I’m basically down with that. Heh.

        5. This happens I believe due to the fact that we give to them far too much aid, really sending aid to the third world SHOULD be banned, they take too much and you can see no change.

        6. Places that largely would be unsustainable if we didn’t pipe them full of food.
          It’s insane to think of all the aid we give other countries, when we have folks starving in ours. We could easily establish a minimum food distribution to each citizen if we even tried.

  5. This is not the end of the fight, it is the beginning.

  6. I keep emphasizing that Trump’s hysterical opponents show that they have knowingly done wrong through their public anxiety attacks: They have based their lives on lies, fantasies and myths; the Trumprising has busted their delusions wide open; and the older, ones, especially, realize that they have no way to redeem themselves now.

        1. Reminds me of that thing on “Alien” that sucked on that guys face and laid eggs in his throat.

  7. The elites have done their best to divide and conquer. Race against race, man against woman, democrat against republican. And the reason we saw the crazy shit storm on the media when there was a planned meet up is we are the ones they fear the most. We are the ones who can plan and fight and sacrifice. We are the ones strategizing and directly counteracting their propaganda. And we will be the ones with the pitchforks outside of their gates when the time comes.

    1. Notice that nothing of the sort happens when libertarians want to meet in public or, say, criticize the Federal Reserve System like that ineffectual kook Ron Paul. Has Twitter cancelled any libertarian’s account because of “hate speech” about the Federal Reserve?
      You have to go after what our elites really care about, namely, their childish utopianism regarding race, immigration, feminism and sexual degeneracy, to get a rise out of them. The elites’ consider Alt-Rightish types a real threat to their power, not libertarians.

      1. You seem really hung up on libertarians. Did one kill your dog when you were a kid?
        The NSA has long considered libertarians to be a threat to national security and a fringe movement. Try a FOIA request some time, check for yourself. Being libertarian means more than criticizing the Fed Reserve.

      2. That isnt their utopia, that is propaganda to weaken their enemies. Just as insisting and making laws that keep my enemies from having guns weakens my enemies. They really care about themselves..they are few we are many, all the money in the world didnt save Pablo Escobar when the pitchforks came out.

  8. Sensible article with its emphasis on self-development and being your own Trump in your own Trumpian empire. Self-development is really where it is at, and the thing missed by bitchy-snarky cock-addled feminazis is that the Patriarchs of old were there because of their fine self-development – a point missed in the swinish me-me-me cock-guzzling feminist culture of today.
    The suggestion to get involved with politics is sound too, for those that have the temperament. Many years ago I believed that politics and the central core of Government was ‘over there’ and unreachable. What I found was that by a mix of aggressive speaking out and publicity it was quite reachable. I ended up advising on my own Governments policy In certain areas (in fact technology – open standards, open data, open source) and effecting real change. I even wrote parts of speaches for the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the day.
    Now Trump has shown this indelibly… Against all odds and with every element of the establishment against him he has won the very highest office. If he can, you can – in your own sphere and in your own way.
    If we are serious about this movement, it *must* be embedded politically…

  9. What if there never was a patriarchy? To me it seems as if (married) women always had been in charge – secretly by proxy through their men.
    Edit: grammar

    1. That’s the feminist line. I’ve seen traditional relationships in couples from the “Greatest Generation” and their parents as well. The woman could lay claim to the workings of the inside of the home, but the man took care of everything outside the house when it came to being the head of the family. A woman asked for things from the hubby, she didn’t demand, and if needed, she’d up the “being nice” to get what she wanted and even then that didn’t always work. The man always had the last word. I saw it first hand.

      1. Me too, Grandpa Confederate made jokes about “keeping the boss happy” however, there was never any doubt about who wore the pants around there.

        1. My grandfather was gaming my grandmother long into the last years of their marriage. He bought a new welcome mat for the house. He brought it home and showed her. It said “Welcome! Inside is one pleasant happy person and one grouch!” He told her, laughing “Don’t worry, nobody else is allowed to call you a grouch!”

      2. Another feminist line is that the patriarchal household is abusive. Never did I see my Grandpa ever lay a hand or even mildly threaten her. Yet she did her best to run the house the best she could. Towards the end of her life and my grandma couldn’t do it anymore, my grandpa took over the chores and would do the cooking when it became necessary.

        1. Same here. And I am from the blue collar working class, where we’re told by feminists, all of the drunk abusive men resided, who would return home every night at 10pm, drunk, beat the wife, rape her and then have her get up and make him supper…or else!

  10. I’m starting to wonder if there aren’t more than few people who have unrealistic expectations about Trumps win. We can have hope but, there’s not that much that’s going to change. He’s just going to be the president, he can’t work miracles, God does that.

    1. The GOP needs it as much or more than the Dems. We’d have much more luck turning potentially right wing or right wing sympathetic white knights, than we ever will trying to turn the estrogen filled hipster democrat “men”.

      1. C’mon SIGINT, “sleeping” men of intelligence, dedication and drive moving up the ranks in media et al, quietly and steadily and seemingly as hardcore as anyone. Much as I imagine the Cucks came among the Reps and the Marxists into higher learning and broadcasting. Then activated throughout every political party and elsewhere.

    2. It would be cool to eliminate SJW ideas from both parties. The babies can then have their own third party where they get 1% of the vote, like the Constitution Party or Libertarians, or whatever common sense ideas have gotten for years.
      The political parties we have are weird… each has enough bullshit thrown into their platform that I could never get behind either. And each has some good ideas in certain areas. I would say yeah, infiltrate both and reinforce positive, America-Great-Making ideas in both. There are always more than 2 answers to a problem.

  11. Patriarchy is dead in USA.Sorry,but Trump win wont change anything on this case.Greetings from Sofia,Bulgaria.

    1. Awww, davai komrad ?
      Working on discouraging my brothers ?
      How many rubles are you paid in, son ?

      1. I’m not doubting you but, I have to ask, the Russians really have enough extra rubles to pay guys to troll the Internet to instill uncertainty among citizens? Damn, that sounds like an easy job. What’s the pay? Where do I sign up?

        1. their intelligence basically lays within controlling a narrative.
          let me give the most recent and elaborate example:
          Merkel is a kgb agent.
          Erdogan is under Russian imperatives.
          Russia wants to conquer Europe, but it can’t.
          Infiltrate the European Union and destroy it from within.
          How ?
          Order Merkel to yap on public TV that Europe is prepared to receive sand-people.
          Order Erdogan to support with logistics and money for the sand-people to travel from fucking Africa to Europe through????? TURKEY !!!
          Weaken the spirit of the Europeans.
          There is so much crime done by the sand-people in Europe today that Europe has never seen before.
          And after all of this chaos, guess who comes up portraying the white knight yapping about traditional values, that’s right…tavaraski Tsar Putin.
          Guess what the next steps might be ?

        2. not sure you want to deal with these guys.
          word is after they have no use for your intelligence services, or God forbid you’ve been deconspired…they will kill you.
          Best of luck !

        3. The guys with the hooked noses aren’t russians my friend. You got something terribly wrong.

        4. Let’s just say for arguments sake that the Russkies really want to conquer the E.U. what do they stand to gain besides bragging rights? A modern all out war between two 21st century military’s even without using nukes would be devastating to both sides.

        5. They don’t do it with tanks or troops because that means war and they will lose.
          What they do is infiltrate, detract, dissinform, manipulate and control the narrative.
          Let me explain.
          They form a political party in your country.
          They enforce the opposers of that party to submit by blackmail, bribes, murder threats.
          They then come to power.
          They then go into Parlament which means they make the laws > heavy thing here.
          Once you as an invaded country are being run by laws made by another country( invader )…you are fucked.
          half of our country’s citizens are forced to leave the country, because local industry has been declared useless ( by rulling powers from the polical party ), and afterwards taken to the to the Steel Mills in Ukraine and Russia.
          That’s just one point from the spectrum.

        6. or better yet, ask Litvinenko:
          ,,They had fled to London after Litvinenko, a former FSB officer, publicly spoke in 1998 about the spy agency’s links to organized crime and revealed he had been asked by his superiors to kill Russian tycoon Boris Berezovsky the year before. He spent nine months in jail after breaking the FSB’s code of silence and then was released on acquittal. Berezovsky, who acquired great wealth after the breakup of the Soviet Union, fell afoul of Putin after the latter’s rise to the presidency, and would go into exile in London himself in 2000.”

    2. Thanks for offering me an opinion of my nation from a small squat nation in Europe.

      1. don’t fall for it, these guys are russian agents meant to instill uncertainty among citizens.
        The net’s full of ’em.
        …and unfortuantely they’re around here too.
        Surprised you guys haven’t noticed.

      2. This moron has no idea. USA is our civilisations’s last hope. Europe is almost a socialist dictature now. The last of us standing over here , dreaming of a traditional patriarchal society , are counting on you guys. Trump’s election was a huge step. Keep it up. Give the Left no chance.

        1. It is a process. The socialist experiment started off in the early 1900’s has tried nearly every version in various countries and still has not came up with a viable option. Deep down inside, people know right from wrong. Constitutional Capitalist Republicanism is the best form of government found. Lots of deniers out there, but they know the truth deep down.

        1. I don’t know why he picked a picture of a cat. If you squint your eyes, it sort of looks like Clark Gable though.

        2. The world has changed. My avatar change is part of the New Order.
          You will conform, and comply….resistance is futile.

    3. Trump himself won’t do much, but what it has done is exposed the SJW narrative. Guys and traditional women are becoming more willing to stand up to the bullshit.

    4. Is Bulgaria even still a country? The only thing I know about Bulgaria is they produce substandard AK-47s/74s.

    5. Quite the contrary. If there is one nation of earth that can reinstate the patriarchy despite its overall erosion it is the US. And it might as well spread to the rest of the world from there, as it’s happened with countless other cultural trends in the past. In my view, the Trump phenomenon during this election had a global impact like few others during the last 20 years.

    1. Yeah, Bobby and I hang out and drink from time to time. (seriously)

  12. Not directly on topic, but I thought folks here might appreciate the read. Robert Stacy McCain wrote a thoroughly enjoyable deconstruction of 3rd wave feminist Jessica Valenti’s biography. The piece is entitled “Lessons of a ‘Sex Object’” and contains plenty of red pill truths. A bit long, but meticulous in its take down; I recommend reading it with a beer in hand for maximum enjoyment.
    HT Dalrock’s blog.

  13. Don’t run away from the freaks. There’s no reason Democrat Party can’t become a conservative party.

  14. After Trump ? betas will still be betas and modern women will continue their degenerate behavior. Materialism and modernity will never bring happiness, quite the contrary. I know, one step at a time.

  15. Trump’s potential cabinet is starting to look like the NWO’s wet dream (John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani, et al), which is no suprise to many. Still, even though Trump was the elitists’ choice, he is leveling the SJW vs. Red Pill playing field. So it isn’t all bad. Plus, he gives us the opportunity to gloat in the face of a bazillion online Hillary supporters who thought she was a “sure thing”; I took this screen shot yesterday – “Suck it, SJWs” (click to enlarge) –

      1. Hey, man. It’s an improvement. But nobody becomes president unless the guys up top want it to be that way. We’ll have less SJW lunatics opening their mouths, and castigating red-pillers. You have to take the good with the bad, and this is mostly good. You’ll see.

        1. I said Trump was the NWO’s wet dream here, about two months ago. He is indeed that. But there are more opportunities for guys like us, now that’s he’s president. More upward mobility. If Thomas Jefferson were reincarnated, and installed as president, we’d still have to deal with our own situations and our own lives, above all else. Onward and upward. Climb. Fuck the small shit that is beyond our control, we must take care of our own, individual business, and improve ourselves – and everything will work out.

        2. If people in his cabinet don’t perform to his vision I would imagine he will fire them. I know what you’re saying about the NWO….same shit different day….. call me eternally idealistic……

        3. You’re welcome. The uber-rich run the show. We can deal with it or not. They run everything and everybody in the critical halls of power. There are no exceptions. Wrap your mind around it and bind it to your heart, and soldier on with your own lives. Going up against the NWO is like going up against Superman. Wishing things were different than they are, is exactly like an SJW wishing that the world would comport to their childlike wishes – not gonna happen.
          This is about reality. Improve yourselves, cast aside childish ideals, and rise. Put your energy into things you can do to make yourselves better. It’s about survival of the fittest. So be the fittest. But butting your head against something that is unfathomably powerful, is a fool’s errand. Admirable, in terms of its desire for fair play and goodness and a sane world; but SJW-esque in its failure to discern reality.
          And here’s the juice – most people are incapable of waking up, and the rest don’t want to wake up. Why fight for them? It’s another fool’s errand. Every man for himself. It’s a lesson, a test, and nothing more. See you at the top of the heap, where we will toast our success. Failure is not an option. Just do it.

    1. Have you heared of the pedophile scandal around John Podesta, Jimmy Comet and other Clinton rats?
      Here is a good summary:
      Now watch this video of Clinton rat Katy Perry, do you notice the motives? Pizza, PingPong, Twerking Ice Cream.

      Still the MSM don’t report anything about it. ‘Investigative journalism’, heh?

      1. I’m familiar with that, yes. I can’t imagine the MSM would investigate it. That would be like the elite investigating themselves. If they did investigate it (the MSM), they wouldn’t come up with anything. Business as usual…crazy shit though, all the way around.

  16. Patriarchy is natural law. It’s return is a fact of nature, it cannot be stopped. All progressivism does is create a temporary vaccum to be filled. The only question is: which patriarchy fills the void. Ours, a traditional western one, or the muslims….or I suppose some kind of post apocalyptic tribal “mad max” patriarchy

  17. The one thing to do about the Trump victory is to shut up about it, shut up about how you actually like him, about that he has the better big-picture-policy. Remember SJW and all sorts of beta folks are still in power and intend on staying that way.

  18. If you want the patriarchy back, switch off alimony and its bastard spawn individual child-support.
    Cancel, repeal, write out of existence.
    No-fault alimony is a siren inducement to crash a family.
    Enforcing one side of a broken contract is insane. If you have a cool half-million in bearer bonds, do you tell your roomie “Y’know Joe, if you put your signature on them, these are legally yours”?
    Women struggle to make reasonable decisions in an unreasonable framework.

  19. Lena Dunham, the hater of white men, comes close to fulfilling bible prophecy:
    Anguished by Trump, Lena Dunham Flees to Posh Arizona Resort, Asks Rocks for ‘Guidance’
    Revelation 6:15-17 “And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?”

  20. All well and good on a personal level, but the society has put hordes of women on a pedestal, who have become desperate for the status and power held by men. Cannot see these deadbeats going away for at least a few generations.

    1. I grew up in the 50’s when husbands/fathers were shamed for not earning enough money to feed and support their families and it was deemed a disgrace when wives/mothers had to be in the paid workforce because of their “no good” men. The 50’s were a man’s paradise only for those men who had the jingle to support their families and have spinners on the side. Wives/mothers weren’t blamed and shamed for having “too many children” then so only men bore responsibility, plus men died younger then.

  21. At first I thought the clean shaven ‘role model patriarch’ man at the top of the article was Mitt Romney until I put on my reading glasses. It was Bruce Wayne (Batman).
    Mr wayne is shaven. In real life, shaven folks compromise some of their senses. Einstein and psychics like Kenny Kingston all have a big electrostatic bush of hair and they have attuned extra senses and perceptions.
    THE HAIR FOLLICLE acts as both an antenna and transducer. It is a strand of hair attached to a grounded body much like a simple crystal detector radio RF modulator. It pics up RF frequencies from UHF to ultra low. The flood of overlapping signals are like white noise but a discipdined man is able to modulate the signals and process the waves quickly to information in the form of intuition. In many militaries, the antennae (hair) are shaved and chopped off to produce blind, unquestioning and obedient order followers. But an indipendent renegade and soverign warrior has footlong locks. They can feel the entire battlefield. (Conan the Barbarian). A pussy hound with his ‘antennae’ intact can triangulate and hone in a tingling snatch that’s emitting vibratory RF that the shave mugged man misses.
    On a sidenote, Romney follows in line with a BYU campus ban on beards initiated during the 70’s that was in retalliation to the ‘dirty hippies’. The ban is still in effect and just recently BYU allowed Muslim students to keep their beards, BUT NOT WHITIE. I’d normally like to patronize the LDS but they have some cucks and cuckery that needs uprooted. Like ending how mainstream LDS takes favor to circumcising and shaving their males. What will they do next? Clip their tails and ears? The CIA can never hire enough shaved obedient robo servants you know. Their divorce rates are climbing too. YOU CAN’T DOMINATE A SINGLE BITCHWIFE OR MULTIPLE WIVES WITH A CHOPPED OFF BEARD AND CHOPPED OFF DICKHEAD!! Did the bitch wrath of 70’s feminism covertly win over the mainstream LDS? On the other hand, polygamous FLDS celebrates beards. Brigham Young himself sported a halo of hair, from top to bottom, forehead to chin, all the way around his pussy plundering and commanding face.
    What a nifty “daa-whoop” curly crown on top huh Beave? Proof that it’s not all over by 40. Not for bearded hairy men that is. The divorce rape and cuckmother slam that a man is ready for the glue factory by age 40 is nothing but pure feminist bullshit. Hairy patriarch men don’t die. They live on. Post wall women are the ones who are done by 40. At best, they’re domestic fucktoys and bread bakers after 40 whereas the males have lifelong fertility.
    Throughout his years, Brigham Young had a robust beard and he had nooo problem CLEAVING BEAVERS, marrying numerous women aging from the teens on upwards. The photo above of Brigham was taken when he was in his 40’s. This is when he joined the original polygamous Mormons, and within a year he began expandeding his monogamous family from one wife to a harem of FIFTY-FIVE WIVES within a five year period.
    Even a decade later, Brigham’s top hair is thinning, the curly-Q subsiding but his cock-a-doodle remained lifelong, projecting his seedline with the powerful trio of ‘BEARD, FERTILITY and DOODLE DOO’.
    Let’s face it. Hair takes time to grow and there seems to be different dimentions and degrees of masculine acumen with proportion to hair. Brigham Young was a pussy marauder but Mitt Romney? Or Batman? Bruce Wayne is an okay role model for the newly awakened patriarch, clean shaven and fresh out of the corporate rat race but to fully develop your masculine senses and to activate and make full use of your faculties YOU NEED HAIR, lots of it.
    Let me take a moment to discuss THE BEARD ADVANTAGE
    Whether you’re destined to be a mighty soverign warrior or a pussy hound of seismic proportions, HAIR SEALS THE DEAL. You can see with John Cena, you reach a level of alpha with a big rhinocerous dick and beefed up biceps, but then what on earth are you going to peacock with? A propellor hat? Come on seriously. It’s all about peacocking and in the coming decades, you’d be best to start cultivating a full bush like yesterday.×1024.jpg
    Maybe you’re fresh out of the corporate cubicle. Mommy has got you shaved from ear to ear and has you consistently home early, bitchwhipped and domesticated. Okay then GO MOHAWK. Go anything for that matter but a mohawk is conservative if you ask me. When the patriarchy comes to order and blows its horn, we’ll need ARMIES OF HAIRY MOTHERFUCKERS. But mohawk is a commendable start. Let’s see the HR bitches try and out-psyche a mohawk man. They take the other road and just get wet in their seats when they smell a patriarch man braving a mohawk. But it’s a start.
    2028 will be zooming in on us like a toboggan ride soon. BRING YOUR HAIR.
    (the Samson rule)

    1. Really, beards can go both ways. If someone is wearing a beard to fit in with the rest of the crowd, it is just as bad as shaving because your mom or wife told you. Be yourself and don’t care what others think.

  22. YO FELLAS !!!!
    Precious information coming through for you guys over there in the US from the Romanian underground:
    A secret war has started in the US against TRUMP by the leftist disguised communists supported by SOROS.
    ”The Democracy Alliance was launched after the 2004 election by Soros, the late insurance mogul Peter Lewis, and a handful of fellow Democratic mega-donors who had combined to spend tens of millions trying to boost then-Sen. John Kerry’s ultimately unsuccessful challenge to then-President George W. Bush.
    The DA, as the liberal group is known to insiders, is increasing its ranks of rich donors for the first time in years and is gearing up to spend huge sums on political data, voter registration, ground organizing and advertising to influence the 2014 midterms and 2016 presidential elections. Potentially more significant, the groups’ donors also could play an important role in determining whether the post-Barack Obama Democratic Party embraces the rising tide of progressive populism or hews to a more cautious, centrist course — in other words, whether the Hillary Clinton wing or Elizabeth Warren wing will seize the reins.
    The donors’ goal was to seed a set of advocacy groups and think tanks outside the Democratic Party that could push the party and its politicians to the left while also defending them against attack from the right.
    The group requires its members — a group that now numbers more than 100 and includes finance titans like Soros, Tom Steyer and Donald Sussman, as well as major labor unions and liberal foundations — to contribute a total of at least $200,000 a year to recommended groups. Members also pay annual dues of $30,000 to fund the DA staff and its meetings, which include catered meals and entertainment (on Sunday, interested donors were treated to a VIP tour of the recently opened National Museum of African American History and Culture).
    Since its inception in 2005, the DA has steered upward of $500 million to a range of groups, including pillars of the political left such as the watchdog group Media Matters, the policy advocacy outfit Center for American Progress and the data firm Catalist — all of which are run by Clinton allies who are expected to send representatives to the DA meeting.
    The degree to which those groups will be able to adapt to the post-Clinton Democratic Party is not entirely clear, though some of the key DA donors have given generously to them for years.
    That includes Soros, who, after stepping back a bit from campaign-related giving in recent years, had committed or donated $25 million to boosting Clinton and other Democratic candidates and causes in 2016. ”

  23. For those opposed to the new culture and religion that has been cultivated in mainstream churches, schools, and universities, aimed at desecrating the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods, Trump is our Emperor Julian. I hope he doesn’t get a spear shoved in his back by some devotee of the New Church of the Multicult.

  24. I think we should consolidate our core conservative beliefs so we dont waste our time. I care more about the economy, ending terrorism, ending feminism, and 2nd amendment.
    I think it’d be a waste of time to go after abortion, gay rights, marijuana, porn, Prayer in schools etc first like Ive heard some people rant on.

  25. I feel like a king! 31, just got divorced, no kids, great job, great health. the world is my oyster! need to find that traditional (white) American wife to continue western civilization. We can’t let our ancestors down!!

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