3 Hollywood Films For Blue-Pill Men That Reinforce SJW Values And Concepts

Your old Uncle Bob is mixing things up here—and I think you will see where I’m going with this new angle of mine pretty quickly. I have selected three SJW films to review: one from the 1960s, one from the 1980s, and one of much more recent vintage, from 2015. And what might all three of these insidious Hollywood movies have in common? Why, they outwardly or subliminally program viewers to blindly adopt blue-pill beliefs and behaviors, that’s what…

I feel unsettlingly dirty just writing about these films, but somebody’s gotta do it. So let’s get busy here and expose these three, flat-out, unintentional farces for what they really are. Seize the day. Onward and upward. (Or is that downward…in this case, in terms of these three horrendously blatant SJW films, most definitely downward.)

1. To Kill A Mockingbird (1962 – Gregory Peck, Robert Duvall, Brock Peters, Mary Badham)


This multiple-Oscar-winning film is based on the Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel of the same name, which was written by Harper Lee and published in 1960—and it is that Pulitzer Prize, and those multiple Oscars, that should be your first major clues that the Hollywood elitists were up to no good while crafting this brilliantly clever piece of SJW brainwashing.

This wickedly hypnotic movie cleverly reinforces the statistically bankrupt notion that most white males in the American Deep South are vicious, stupid, ignorantly racist crackers who spend most of their time ruining the lives of innocent blacks—that is, when they aren’t shooting them down like dogs or lynching them outright.
The plot centers around a hard-working, stand-up, straight-arrow black man, Tom Robinson (Brock Peters), who is falsely accused of rape by a conniving, white-trash slut named Mayella Ewell (Collin Wilcox), whose alcoholic father, Bob Ewell (James Anderson), is a racist pig of unfathomably low character.

The town’s SJW lawyer, Atticus Finch (Gregory Peck), plays white knight and comes rushing to Tom Robinson’s defense—much to the dismay of the local good ole boys—but despite his best efforts to free the poor, wrongly accused black man, Finch cannot hold back the powerful tide of racist anger, which ultimately results in the backwater town’s killer cops shooting poor Tom down in cold blood (a familiar theme, which can be abundantly found in today’s world of dindu-nothin’ black folk, who are perennially and viciously gunned down by racist white cops, on an ever-increasing and frightening basis…yawn, “Gee, never heard this one before.”).

I’m not even going to get into the rest of this mind-numbing film’s plot and story line, because it’s a waste of both my time and yours. But I will mention a few correlative facts here, which you might find just a little bit interesting…
The SJW-controlled civil rights movement exploded with a vengeance not long after this film was released. And here’s the red-pill truth of the matter: according to the 1994 annual report on murder by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, most interracial murders in the USA involved black assailants and white victims, with blacks murdering whites at 18 times the rate that whites murder blacks.

These stunning disparities began to emerge in the mid-1960s, when there was a sharp increase in black crime against white people, an upsurge which, not so coincidentally enough, corresponds exactly with the beginning of the modern SJW-crafted civil rights movement. Blacks thus committed 7.5 times more violent interracial crimes than whites, even though the black population was only one-seventh the size of the white population at the time. This is according to the survey, Highlights from 20 Years of Surveying Crime Victims, published in 1993. You’ll have to buy the book if you want to find out the real truth.

These days, Washington’s SJW data-gatherers no longer keep track of such “bigoted” statistics…probably because they care about our safety so very, very deeply. Over the years, the cumulative effects have been staggering. Justice Department and FBI statistics indicate that between 1964 and 1994 more than 25 million violent interracial crimes were committed in the USA, overwhelmingly involving black offenders and white victims, and more than 45,000 people were killed in interracial murders—the vast majority of them being black-on-white killings. By comparison, 58,000 Americans died in the Vietnam War, and 34,000 were killed in the Korean War.


I wonder how many additional people have been killed in America, during the escalation of these deliberately inflamed race wars, since 1995? Unfortunately, we can’t get a look at those statistics, as previously mentioned, because the Puppet Masters no longer keep such records, so far as I can tell—and if they do, they definitely don’t want us to see them.

Be that as it may, the notions set forth in To Kill A Mockingbird are repulsively twisted, morally insidious and patently false. And if that offends anybody out there who might be reading this review, that makes my entire freaking day. Because in the end, all that should matter to any critically thinking person is the truth. And what Hollywood dishes out on a regular basis, is anything but…

2. Gandhi (1982 – Sir Ben Kingsley, Martin Sheen, Candice Bergen, Sir John Gielgud)

Supposedly, as the crafters of history have quite ingeniously led us to believe, Mohandas K. Gandhi (played by Sir Ben Kingsley, in this multiple-Oscar-winning film) utilized the greatest weapon of all in his epic fight against British tyranny on behalf of the Indian people—the incredibly effective method of non-violent resistance.

And in the movie, Gandhi, there is a sequence in the film featuring a large group of non-compliant protesters, as it faces down a group of security forces armed with sticks, outside of a salt factory, the end result being that the protesters get the holy crap beaten out of them.


In reality, that was basically all that happened. There was a public dog-and-pony show, shortly after this supposedly real-life event, which was choreographed by the elitist-owned media. And indeed, in this cleverly constructed movie, actor Martin Sheen can be seen describing the bloody mayhem at the factory over the telephone to his cohorts back in the USA (Sheen plays American Journalist Vince Walker in the film).

And what Sheen’s character witnessed, and put into words, and then passed along to his editor over the phone, was summarily put into print in vast numbers of elitist-owned newspapers, as well as on film, in elitist-owned news reels, and marketed all over the world…which resulted in bringing worldwide focus on the “terrorist acts” of the security workers at the salt factory. This entire episode was allegedly a key element of India’s signature accomplishment of gaining her independence from the British.

Despite the fact that every single major worldwide event that finds its way into the mainstream media’s propaganda conduits, is either a completely staged event (like the Indian protesters getting beaten outside the salt mine, IMHO), or something that meshes well with the elite’s overall master plan, or they will not even put it into print or on film to begin with (90% of the world’s major media companies are owned by just six major players), we are supposed to believe that the elitist-produced film, Gandhi, depicts real-life events that occurred as the direct result of one brave man in a loincloth, who stood up to the ferocious might of the British Empire and brought the entire house down, single-handedly?

Please. You’d have a better chance of talking me into using Tinder.


There is another infamous sequence in the film, wherein a group of Hindi demonstrators is peacefully assembling in protest, within an enclosed, park-like area of the Indian city of Amritsar. The demonstrators are consequently assaulted by British soldiers, who open fire, brutally and randomly, on the assembled sitting ducks, and proceed to gun down hundreds of protesters (this incident allegedly occurred on April 13, 1919, and some estimates put the actual number of demonstrators killed at well over 1000).

And in this single, crucial, very revealing sequence of the film, the sobering truth is once again put on display for all to see—assembling peacefully, going against the grain of the established order, by utilizing peaceful protest and non-compliance within a group setting, is exactly what the elite want the people to do. Because it makes it a whole lot easier to identify them and kill them.

In the film, after the mass slaughter, the soldiers’ commander is dressed down by his higher-ups for taking the law into his own hands, and gunning down the peaceful demonstrators. But that was all done strictly for show. And this is most obviously a case of cinematic cover here, as anyone who can think for themselves can easily infer (who do you think produced Gandhi…uh, that would be an elitist-owned film company, Columbia Pictures—do you really think the elite are going to pass along the bona fide solution to wiping them out…uh, no way; last time I checked, rattlesnakes don’t commit suicide).


The British Empire has a long and bloody history of usurping lands. And the notion that the string-pullers at the very top of the greasy flagpole would be aghast at the actions of the British commander who ordered the slaughter at Amritsar, is comical at best.

What the slaughter at Amritsar actually accomplished (in addition to the mass-murder of a huge swath of ardent protesters) was the following:

With the complicit assistance of the elitist-owned press, the British commander’s actions that day reinforced the suicidal notion that peaceful protest and non-violent resistance were the keys to bringing about significant social change. And throughout history, other choreographed events like the slaughter at Amritsar and the subsequent explosion of moral outrage, fueled by the reports in the elite-owned media, have continued to give rise to the suicidal notion that non-violent resistance actually works.

Which of course it does, but only in isolated, high-profile, choreographed incidents, where the outcome has already been decided beforehand, whenever the Puppet Masters want it to appear that way to the sleeping sheep…the rest of the time, it only results in mass-incarceration, physical assault, political harassment or murder.
On a more subtle note, you might have noticed that two of the leading actors in this Oscar-winning film were eventually knighted by the British Empire—namely, Sir Ben Kingsley (knighted in 2001) and Sir John Gielgud (knighted in 1953)…to which I can only say, “I rest my case, Your Honor.”

3) The Gift (2015 –  Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall, Joel Edgerton, Allison Tolman)

I don’t typically watch modern Hollywood films these days. Mostly because I know what Hollywood is up to, so I normally avoid them in the exact same way that I avoid single mothers with tramp stamps, or chicks with green hair. But I went ahead and checked out this absolute mindfuck of a movie on Showtime the other night, knowing it would probably throw me a wicked, SJW curveball—and sure enough, it didn’t disappoint.

As an aside, I threw this film into the mix, juxtaposed with the previous two Oscar-winners, partly to demonstrate how far the bar has fallen in the Hollywood filmmaking industry, in terms of the standard of quality.

They don’t even try to hide the SJW brainwashing madness in their films any longer. At least back in the day, they could mindfuck the sheep in an entertaining and captivating way, while keeping their overall intentions under the radar…but today, as this next film proves? Not so much.


Simon Callem (Jason Bateman) has a “horrifying” secret buried in his “twisted” past, and his wife, Robyn (Rebecca Hall), is clueless about the whole thing (innocent white female vs. evil white male, the usual bullshit here). The couple relocates from Chicago to a suburb of Los Angeles, where they run into Gordon “Gordo” Moseley (Joel Edgerton), a creepy, awkward, socially inept former high school classmate of Simon’s. Gordo starts dropping by the couple’s new house, uninvited and unannounced, and he does so on far too many occasions. Simon thinks Gordon’s behavior is weird (which it is), but his SJW wife thinks Gordo is sweet, shy, and simply misunderstood.


Gordo’s weirdness escalates in typical bore-me-to-death fashion (Hollywood is really great at this audience-wowing technique lately), until Robyn finally discovers her husband’s long-held secret: he bullied poor Gordo back in high school, by inventing a story about him, which centered around a homosexual relationship that Gordo never had. The horrendously unfair story got back to Gordo’s father, and Gordo’s father nearly killed him!

Of course, Simon’s liberal, SJW, brainwashed wife eventually wants her bully-boy husband out of her life forever, shortly after discovering this unforgivable transgression (even though she’s pregnant with their first child, and they were very much in love up to this point; yeah, like that would ever happen in real life).


The SJW bullshit meter spikes so hard in this film, that you’ll be left slack-jawed, stunned and eye-rollingly incredulous, and if you are unfortunate enough to have to sit through this absolutely putrid piece of garbage, be sure to keep a barf-bucket handy (especially for the ending)—because you are definitely going to need it.


Hopefully, it’s getting a whole lot easier for you to spot the bullshit that is being sold, not only in today’s SJW Hollywood films, but in Hollywood films of days gone by (most especially Oscar winners).

The elite are always using the magic of Hollywood for nefarious purposes—namely, to “magically” instill behaviors in its audience members that will get them into trouble, or instill beliefs in them that are totally divorced from reality.

Doing this makes it much easier to divide the movie-going sheep, and thereby conquer them, typically by race, or by historical beliefs, or by sociopolitical beliefs.

So do yourself, and the world, a huge favor, and avoid SJW Hollywood films wherever and whenever you can. The rule is simple: if it’s being made in Hollywood today, it’s a BPO film (blue pill only). And unfortunately, as it pertains to movies that were made all the way back in the early 1960s (if not even further), well, as we have just seen, the same rule applies, in many cases.

By boycotting Hollywood films, you are lessening the degree of brainwashing to which you subject yourself, simply by being alive in the world at the present time. And in this particular case, less is most definitely more.

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351 thoughts on “3 Hollywood Films For Blue-Pill Men That Reinforce SJW Values And Concepts”

  1. Pay it Forward, starring Haley Joel Osment. It posits that if you do someone a really big favor and tell them to “Pay it Forward”, they will actually do so. It ignores how “no good deed goes unpunished” is a frequent response and presents the world in an idealized state. Hollywood. It’s worth watching to see what happens to HJO’s character at the end though.

  2. If you are dumb enough to let yourself being brainwashed by Hollywood movies, you should probably left to your out devices and whatever happens to you is left up to Darwin.

    1. But pretty much everyone is somewhat brainwashed by films and TV. Propaganda doesn’t only work on the stupid people. It’s precisely the people who think their worldview is not somewhat determined by the messages in entertainment that are the most susceptible to it.

  3. How about nearly every movie esp ‘rom-com’ where the star woman is typically in an unhappy marriage, meets the rogue badboy, girl gets badboy, badboy becomes chump, happily ever after.
    Of course the damage to the oringinal guy is usually covered up or ‘he beat her’ etc.

    1. Any one who admires courage and discipline should also be admiring these Zulu. Charging mass, rapid, accurate rifle fire armed with the equivalent of a pointy stick and a cowhide shield – not any less brave than Pickett’s division charging eighty pieces of artillery well placed on the higher ground. They just kept coming. The British did not despise the Zulu – or the Sundanese. Look at Kipling’s poem on “Fuzzy Wuuzy”

  4. I should have known even “Pan” wasn’t safe for the kiddies. Here we learn that Peter Pan’s mom abandoned him to be a kick–ass warrior against the pirates in Neverland. She also trained Tiger Lily to be a bad ass before she made Peter an orphan and if Peter is too young to understand then he can just rot in hell (well, that’s how I saw it).

  5. I beg to differ with To Kill A Mockingbird. I have always seen Atticus Finch as a masculine role model. He wasn’t eager to defend Tom Robinson, but reluctantly agreed to do so because that was his duty, and the town knew he could be trusted with a difficult and unpopular task. He’s smart, dresses sharp, is skilled with a gun, isn’t weepy or long winded, disciplines and teaches his children, and is well respected. I don’t remember what happened to his wife. Some might call it white knighting to defend an innocent black man, but remember, he was innocent. Sure, the film has probably encouraged a few to go into social work or some SJW career, but that doesn’t make it a bad story.
    Besides, how else would you learn what a chifferobe is?
    I guess the alpha thing to do was to join in the lynching and then go bang some sluts at the high school.

    1. That’s the point though. Hollywood promotes their ideal groupthink as the true hero and their enemies as the most absolute deplorable villain

      1. Exactly this is the point…
        I agree that Atticus Finch had masculine traits. Except for being able to think for himself. Black people are mockingbirds, was the point of the book and the film, and that’s what he told his kids; they are only put on this earth to sing and give us fine music for us to enjoy (actually his neighbor said this to the kids; Atticus confirmed it by telling them it was a sin to kill a mockingbird). Juxtaposed against the body count that blacks have stacked up, Atticus, like most SJWs, had no business raising children. Just my opinion.
        I object to the mindfuckery, most of all. Gullible white people watch that crap and they think they can stroll into the ‘hood and listen to the mockingbirds sing. Odds are they’ll get assaulted or killed. I’ve lived in the ‘hood in three different major U.S. cities. I used to think blacks were just like us, a long time ago. Now I know better. They aren’t. I’ve seen it, firsthand. Which is irrelevant, because the statistics prove it. They’ve killed more white people in North America over the last 50 years, than were killed in the Korean War. Not a peep from the media.
        I left one statistical fact out of the piece. Blacks rape white women at ungodly high levels. There are tens of thousands of rapes reported (black on white), every year. The incidence of the reverse – white on black rape – is so statistically insignificant, it doesn’t even appear in the data sets (basically, white men never rape black women).
        The evil white man always oppresses, rapes, assaults and murders the innocent blacks – that’s the crap they lay out incessantly. Blacks commit over 65% of all violent crime in the USA, while comprising about 13% of the population. That’s what we call “statistically significant”, in the field of mathematics (it’s beyond statistically significant, it points out an affinity for violence within the members of one race.)
        The opposite is portrayed, constantly, in SJW Hollywood films, and in the news. That’s dangerous to the white people who believe the bullshit they are laying out. Usually only liberals believe that crap, and I’m not too concerned about them strolling into the ‘hood to embrace their “just like us” brothers and sisters. It keeps their numbers down, and I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s the other people that concern me – the young, the impressionable, and the weak-minded, most specifically.
        Rant over…and yeah, a chifferobe is pretty damned cool.

        1. I was wondering when someone would have the balls and the know to say this.
          The same fucking thing is in my country.
          Black skinned minorities comit 90% of the crimes, but instead of jail they get something called – judiciary control ?
          If we natives do the same crime, we get years in prison.
          For example:
          A minority black skinned puts a knife into somone’s chest:
          1. The media quickly reports the story: ,,a man was severly stabbed in the chest multiple times by a minority group, we still have to find out as to why they attacked him.
          There’s the first problem – ,,why they attacked and stabbed him” ???????
          Who the fuck cares, put’em to fucking prison !
          Those minority groups get judicial control.
          The native white male gets 5 years minimum.
          What that means is actually:
          Protection for the mass voters – who else would vote for the thieves except the morons.
          Just as an extra info :
          Russia runs the largest political party in my country…it’s that party that protects the aggressive minorities completely against the natives.
          Get the idea ?

        2. In Greece when Blacks started to come in numbers in a few days literally they replaced the Albanian mafia and took all the drug trade! Hopefully they are too few or stay for too few time for rapes and murders to sky-rocket. Muslims mostly rape and in fewer cases steal, most of the time though they try to combine it.
          Problem is we really can’t see them as a danger and even worse the domestification of the Greek man (a very good movie you may watch on it is the “The Enemy Within” the 2013 Greek film) there is next to no chances for any short of reaction! Once in Greece IF one broke into your house he would have been shot, if he raped your daughter he would be hunted and killed, if he attacked your son or even tried to do any of the things listed in the last movie (read its plot through wiki) he would have been killed. Today though that stands true only for some places in some regions (in Kreta, in mani and some villages).

        3. There is a pattern here, especially concerning the new wave of black oppression movies like Selma, Remember the Titans, The Help, etc. The characters are all the same throughout every single film.
          The white characters fall into the following categories:
          1) Evil White Devils (about 99.9% of white people in the films): They’re a scowling lynch mob that’s ready and waiting to lynch a black guy for merely strolling down the sidewalk.
          2) The White Hero: This person (usually someone who’s living a wealthy, privileged lifestyle) just can’t understand why all the people around him are such ignorant dickheads. He’s cool with all the black folk he encounters, so he spends the film trying to convince all those backwards rednecks around him to jump on board.
          3) The White Hero’s Racist Best Friend: The white hero and this person have been friends ever since they were born. But as soon as a couple of black people enter the fray, the racist best friend reveals his true colors, which, for some strange fucking reason catches the white hero completely off guard. The white hero tries to mend the relationship, but the racist best friend is too far gone and unwilling to accept black people, so the white hero tosses away the friendship.
          4) The Skeptic: This person is skeptical of black people, and kind of scared of them. But the skeptic isn’t a bad person, just someone who grew up in the wrong era and who just needs race counseling from the white hero. The skeptic eventually comes around and invites a shitload of blacks to his house by the end of the film. Coincidentally, the credits roll before the film shows the house being robbed.
          5) The Cool White Person: This person is a nut. He jokes, makes people laugh, and black people love him. The white girls want to fuck him, and the white guys want to kill him (remember Sunshine from Remember the Titans?).
          The black characters:
          1) Sweet, innocent people just trying to live their lives in a bigoted country (99.9% of black characters).
          2) The Wise One: This person has seen his fair share of shit, and he’s grown because of it. He becomes the natural leader of his fellow black people.
          3) The Angry One: His friend got murdered for no reason by some piece of shit white guy, and now he’s on a mission. It’s up to the wise one to keep him in check. Sometimes the angry one starts a fight and ends up on the losing end, thus propelling the wise one to become much more aggressive in his stance.
          4) The Funny One: This mother fucker can’t say a word without making people cry from laughing so hard.
          5) The Skeptic: This person doesn’t want a part of the fight for progress. He hates white people because they’re all a bunch of racist assholes. It takes the death or the beating of someone close to him for him to come around.
          6) The Sweet Old Lady: She receives the most vicious treatment from white people everywhere she goes. Her character helps drive home the point that not even the elderly are safe from being horrifically assaulted by white bigots.

        4. Okay, I think you may be onto something. It’s cool how you broke things down in such detail, by the way. Say some movie guys came to you and said you can make a movie about anything you want, but you need to put eight white guys, four black guys, and eight women of various ethnicities in the movie. How would you break down each character, and what would their roles be?

        5. There’s just one small wrinkle, though. I was just reading some Federal Bureau of Prisons statistics. At the state level, black male prisoners represent 38 percent of the population while whites males account for 35 percent and 21 percent are Hispanic males. Additionally, blacks represent more than half of the prison population in 11 states. If the prisons we have are already jam-packed to capacity with blacks, I would think there’d be nobody left to commit a lot of the crimes you read about in statistics. What do we do, build more jails?

        6. Its Russia? Sounds like hot BS to me. Check the ass whipping the girls from Pussy Riot got at the Olympic Games at Sochi.

        7. I’m talking about facts here friend. Not about Olimpic games but about acts of war – murder, genocide, national economic detraction.

        8. Very astute observations. Modern films turn me off to the point where I can’t even sit through the entire film, 99-plus percent of the time. But the snippets of contemporary films I’ve seen where Hollywood is portraying the “reality” of the black vs. white dynamic, always contain all or most of the components you’ve described. It’s even the same for TV commercials. The white guy in the TV commercial is an idiot, the black guy is in a position of power and is incredibly intelligent, strong and dominant, and the white woman (usually the white guy’s wife) shows an obvious attraction to the strong, dominant black man while rolling her eyes at the ass-clown white-dude she wound up marrying. Add it all up and it spells P-R-O-G-R-A-M-M-I-N-G.
          I keep expecting to encounter the black males portrayed in the Hollywood films, prime time programs (interesting they call them “programs”, hmm?), and TV commercials, and I have not found one yet. Maybe it’s just my neighborhood (which in the last 10 years has included 38 states and much of Canada). I’m sure they are out there somewhere, I just have to stop using my bigoted eyeballs and try harder to see through the veil. Smirk…

        9. If To Kill A Mockingbird were made today about Treyvon Martin, or Michael Brown, or whoever, I would agree. Society was different back then. Yes, there is a racial component to their behavior, as throughout history and through different cultures blacks have a higher rate of criminal behavior than whites. But it’s nothing like today where one in 3 blacks are in the prison system (including released inmates).
          But because blacks are more likely to be criminal doesn’t mean a lying white woman should be allowed to condemn, incarcerate, or kill, an innocent, hard working black man.
          If you want to have an honest conversation about race, yeah America would be a more peaceful and prosperous nation if Africans didn’t live here. But they do. And there is no changing that any more. The government would also look a lot different, as opposition to a lot of public policy, like unemployment insurance, public education, health care, etc. is often based on racial prejudice.
          I also disagree that TKAM is presenting the idea that white men are evil, and rape, assault, and oppress. If that was the case, the hero of the story would be some lesbian feminist. Instead, it was a handsome, educated, well dressed, masculine, white man.
          Atticus wasn’t a SJW. He lived in an all white community. He dressed conservatively and is a serious, no nonsense conservative man. He worked in a white collar profession. He didn’t attack or shame fellow whites. He didn’t repeat lies like the one in four or use emotion or anything other than cold, hard logic and frame to prove the truth. He didn’t blame it on slavery, or Tom’s poor upbringing, or systematic inequalities in the legal or education systems. He didn’t want to take on the case the judge assigned him. But he did so, because strong men will take up the cause of justice and right, even when it doesn’t benefit them. Even when it harms them.
          Yes, white knighting is caused by men fighting for others. We have female suffrage, equal rights, divorce law, and welfare all because men wanted to help someone weaker than themselves. But strong men are the only ones who CAN fight for others–otherwise the elderly, infirm, sick, young, and female would be wiped out, raped, kidnapped, or killed. So in a sense the white knight spirit is inherently masculine. But it must be tempered. Finch seems to handle this balance well.
          I don’t know how much truth inspired Harper Lee to write the novel, but there are well documented cases of innocent black men being killed because a white woman lied about them. In such a case, is the alpha thing to do, to join in the crowd and murder an innocent man? Atticus Finch is a heroic figure, and an archetype that we should model.

        10. Ah yes, the stupid white guy has infected about half of all modern commercials. Like that one where the white couple is eluding the insurance company by doing all sorts of stupid shit outside and the normal, rational black couple across the street looks at them like they’re retarded.
          This is also true with the push for feminism. Men being emasculated by either their children or wives in commercials. Another pattern too is the strong female who works, cooks, cares for the children, cleans the house–you know, the supermom. The man either doesn’t exist or is a stupid dolt that can’t change his socks without fucking something up.
          Funny thing is, like you, I don’t see many of these people either. Even the most pathetic simps are at least halfway competent doing day to day tasks. Like you said, programming.

        11. Oh yes. And the programming works, too. Just look around. Nothing but mind-controlled zombies, for the most part. Parroting opinions and mimicking behaviors that they see on TV. Nothing to see here, move along, etc.

        12. I see your points. But the book was fictional. Hollywood promoted the film to mindfuck the malleable. “That’s what they do, that’s all they do” (just like the Terminator). We’re going to have to agree to disagree on this one, my friend. Hey do you do camera work? I’m going to produce some films in 2017 and 2018. I’d rather use ROK regulars and/or red-pill men if I can swing it. Let me know if you are interested, it will be a paying gig, although I can’t promise “star” wages. Heh.

        13. Hah, actually I do, and have worked on some short films before. Mostly still photos. A good buddy of mine does a lot of video, I’m helping him expand his studio and business now, and in return picking up some video tips.
          I suppose in hindsight, most of the films do look like propaganda, and yes they are all controlled by a very few number of studios who are all related to each other, and certain themes and stories get greenlighted, and others don’t.
          Have you seen the newest Mel Gibson film, Blood Father? It was pretty good. Also a lesson in how a woman can totally fuck up your life haha.

        14. No, I haven’t seen that one, but I have heard really great things about it. (“Bloodfather”.) I’ll have to check it out now. I can use some help from red-pill guys, so I will post more info about the film jobs here in the future, and if you are interested, just let me know. I don’t have a problem with a video guy who is learning his chops. I’m going to shoot the films in digital, and everything is storyboarded so it’s set it up and shoot it. But I want all red-pill guys if I can swing it, for the crew members. Makes for a happier set, I’m thinkin’…

        15. What are we talking about? Something along the lines of Goodfellas? The Revenant? A Fistful of Dollars? I’m with you when it comes to how messed up Hollywood is, but what would a modern-day red pill movie look like?

        16. I don’t think there is such a thing, when you boil it down. As in, 100% red pill. All films have SJW/blue-pill components, pretty much. To me, a film leans in one direction or the other. If they didn’t have some measure of SJW/blue-pill components – i.e., if they relayed actual hard-core truths – they’d probably be banned and/or burned.

        17. The story was completely fictional. From an altruistic point of view I think you are correct. The problem I believe is Hollywood exploits this altruism using psychological warfare through story.

        18. Russia has more Neo-Nazis than the rest of Europe combined. Which country are you in? Ukraine obviously suffered because of Russia, but it got caught in a tug of war, so the elites are just as culpable.

        19. From a business man’s perspective it makes sense to make a movie on a best selling book than run with a story hatched at some studio managers meeting. Like spicynujac I would not have called TKAMB or Atticus blue pill. If the movie was one of many ‘poor persecuted blacks’ movie being pumped out by the studios back then, then I could see your point more, but coming at the end of the 50s, it was not a typical hollywood fare movie for the era. If they changed the story to make the townfolk more evil or the black guy more saintly, it would be a bit different, but still movies are often designed to have an emotional impact or to embellish to make for a more exciting story. Racism ran strong down the south back then and prior…the black crime wave had not begun then. Hollywood could balance things out and have a dirty harry or lethal weapon movie taking on black crime gangs, but it doesn’t but that doesn’t make that 1960 justice movie a bad smear on hollywood imo. There was plenty of Perry Mason shows of that era with him getting justice for white folks. There was no shortage of white focused.white hero movies of that time just with westerns, war movies and film noirs.
          I have a greater issue with how family men are portrayed these days in advertising and tv shows,

        20. It would be interesting to see how they could have made the townsfolk more evil, or Tom Robinson more saintly. Most people who watched the film were ready to shoot most of the townsfolk (especially the white males), and give Tom Robinson the Medal of Valor, while simultaneously nominating him for Rapidly Accelerated Sainthood.
          Given the context of the larger picture (Hollywood’s penchant for selling false notions and narratives, and mindfucking the naive), I think I made a pretty strong case by pointing out the statistics on race, as they pertain to violent crime, and what Hollywood was ultimately up to with this film (as well as with hundreds of others of a similar variety).
          That’s basically all I was trying to do. Interpretations about what the film conveys in terms of the alleged veracity of the totally fictional script, and the motivations behind the actions of the totally fictional characters, that’s a different story. What matters is the mindfuckery behind it all. The subtle push for accepting what the mindfuckers want you to accept. At least that’s important to me.
          Opinions vary. But that’s what makes the world go round.

        21. “I think I made a pretty strong case by pointing out the statistics on race, as they pertain to violent crime,….”
          but those statistics came from a different era (late 60s/70s quite likely) and things were not like that back in the late 50s when the book came out and subsequent movie was given the go ahead. I would say it was even more skewed against blacks pre 1960 down south from reports I had read…of course Alabama does not represent the rest of the country. It was not so much a case as the studio trying to paint a different narrative (well I dont see it that way and even then it is just one movie in hundreds churned out each year). I was curious what the current murder stats are now and they now.at 1.8x, so certainly not as bad as once was but a point that still gets ignored my the media and Hollywood is wary of going there. Its safer to show whites as the baddies.
          I have not seen TKAMB movie for a long time, but I was surprised to see it listed in your article. The movie the Gift – It doesn’t sound like a blue pill propaganda movie, more just a weird stalker twist in the plot story. The wife siding with the old school friend you can interpret as anti family propaganda but also it could just be a good twist to the story to make it more interesting and to stretch the plot out to 110mins. If the old friend is weird/creepy I cant see how that would inspire other men watching to want to behave similar. The wife not standing by her husband, could also be seen as redpill truth. I have not seen the movie though, but am a bit curious to see it now, and I am past the point where hollywood influences me and like to think I dont buy whatever message they are trying to pitch. these days its not just movies that impact on the culture now, but also tv shows and subscriber networks that also have a big impact as well.

        22. Well you are definitely entitled to air your opinions. This week, freedom of speech is still intact. Next week is another story, however. Especially if the SJWs get their way, and silence everyone who has a different opinion. Enjoy your evening, good sir…

        23. Russia having Neo-Nazis ????
          You are clearly misinformed, friend.
          They are the pinnacle of jewish supremacism.
          Israel is little kid sucking a candy compared to Russia.
          You clearly have missed history class.

        24. Read Taleeb Starkes “The UnCivil War…Blacks vs. n”…its by a black guy who lives in the hood and he is tired of the bullshit.

        25. You nailed it Bro. Fed up of this fucking Hollywood & TV movies. They always, I mean ALWAYS try to portray the otherwise weak and inferior as strong and superior, imitating MASCULINITY (the way they walk, behave, talk, body language, dressing etc.).
          Pussies are always shows as “somehow” invincible and MEN are shown as clowns ! Let’s boycott the Hollywood & TV flicks.

    2. I agree, Spicy. I would think the feminists would be outraged over this film since it showed a white woman responsible for Tom’s death when she was the guilty one who falsely accused him.

    3. Agree. I don’t know about the rest of the guys here, but for me alpha male defends what is RIGHT. He got balls to do so. Even though he doesn’t have lots of people on his side.
      This white bitch falsely accuse a black man as a rapist. Shit. I’d defend the shit outta him too if I were ever in Atticus’ position.
      Fuck the colors. Attitude that matters to me.

      1. You’re basically proving Bob’s point. The movie is deliberately made to provoke emotional outrage toward “this white bitch” and white people in general.
        Feelings of deep injustice for the innocent black man at the hands of evil white America in a perfectly written leftist fantasy where the handsome, intelligent social justice thinking man saves the day.
        I’m not saying there has never been an evil white person that has wronged blacks. Bob interestingly correlates the huge boon the civil rights movement had thanks to a self congratulating industry that heavily promoted this film and the actual facts of violent race crime and murder is actually highly stacked completely opposite to the Hollywood narrative.
        Companies spend billions of dollars for small 30 second advertisements that are highly successful at manipulating the consumerist public yet people think 2 hour propaganda films and television programs have no affect on them.

        1. Movies are ALWAYS made “deliberately” or with “deliberately invent” to convey or vomit whatever they want to !! For a while, if you ignore the color, the fact is; it’s a woman who “falsely accused” a Man !
          But of course, I understand your point. I was really deeply agonized when I heard that “civilians” (or shall I call “black civilians” ?) killed “5 on duty Police MEN”. I can’t put my feelings in words.
          When thinking about the Police MEN who were killed, I thought; why on the earth there was no “single” female police or Police Woman !!??
          The 5 Police MEN: Rest In Peace. God will do justice pretty soon.

        1. I know a man from a 3rd world nation who has very masculine way of thinking and acts like a man.
          I also know a man from a 1st world nation who thinks and behaves like a faggot.
          Go figure.
          Someone decent enough to connect and bond with is hard enough to find. I don’t wanna limit my potential relationship/partnership/friendship with people just because of their skin color.
          I’ll take anything (yes, anything) with decent attitude and common sense.

        2. Got your point but one thing I would like to say: MASCULINITY has nothing to do with 1st world / 2nd world (!!) / 3rd world OR nothing to do with Color OR nothing to do with Continent OR nothing to do with Religion.

    4. Agreed. It has some SJW elements to it, but let’s recall that this was 1960: Complaining about racism when there literally were separate drinking fountains for the races is different from complaining about racism in 2016.

      1. Its no secret who owns and runs Hollywood. It is why we will never see a heartbreaking emotional story of the poor Palestinian plight living under Israeli tyranny nor will we ever see the holocaust of Holodomor or the Jewish Bolshevik terror inflicted upon Russia. But we will get a steady stream of award winning Nazi and black slavery films.

    5. I would much rather watch older movies with Peck, Bogart, Wayne, Brando, etc than most modern movies. Even Too Kill a Mockingbird. Most of the lead actors today seem sissy by comparison.

  6. Gielgud wasn’t “eventually knighted”. He was knighted 29 years before the Ghandi film was ever made, and was possibly the greatest Shakespearean actor of all time. Don’t be a philistine.

  7. I agree. I would think the feminists would be outraged over this film since it showed a white woman responsible for Tom’s death when she was the guilty one who falsely accused him.

  8. The Gift absolutely sucked because the twist made zero sense. Near the end of the movie the female protagonist realizes that the man she’s been married to has been a sadistic bully the whole time. If that were true, wouldn’t she have noticed that earlier? The Girl on the Train has a similar twist. The alcoholic, middle aged, mentally ill woman realizes near the end of the movie that her ex husband who left her for a sane woman had been abusing her the whole time they were together and was responsible for driving her to alcoholism, she just never noticed until years later when she put the pieces together.
    I hate how films portray bullying. It’s common for bullies in movies to actually try to kill the people they are bullying, as if high school bullies are constantly committing murder against any nerds or weirdos they don’t like. And it’s never the misfit kid with the abusive parents who bully, it’s the popular jocks who get all the girls who bully. Like they get bored with their popularity and ability to get the hottest girls in school so they go find amusement by picking on the dweebs. If it were a real school, the popular jock wouldn’t even know the name of the weird outcast kid.

    1. “the female protagonist realizes that the man she’s been married to has been a sadistic bully the whole time. If that were true, wouldn’t she have noticed that earlier?”
      Probably not. Women are pretty retarded. I thought the movie was actually quite accurate. Once the guy loses his job, the girl leaves him.

    2. You literally either haven’t seen that movie The Gift, or you are too thick to actually understand the plot. female protagonist didn’t only realizes that the man she’s been married to has been a sadistic bully the whole time, but in fact that her new baby is Gordo’s baby. He drugged her, raped her, which resulted her pregnancy. Basically, Gordo was mindfully plotting how to revengeagainst the guy who ruined his life. Simon lost his job, his wife told him not to go home with him, basically divorcing him, and even if they stay together, the kid is Gordo’s and he knew it, while his wife has no idea about it. Thats a fucking sweet revenge if I have ever seen one.

      1. Your retarded response did not address the implausibility of a woman suddenly discovering that her nice, charming husband is a sadistic asshole years after marrying him. My point still stands.

  9. “Pleasantville” is the ultimate SJW cuckfest.
    Teenage brother and sister magically transported into black and white 1950s family TV show. Everyone is white and wholesome “Leave it to Beaver”-style but terribly sexually repressed. Whites are super racist to angel-like black people.
    Brother likes this world. Sister rebells, sluts it up and teaches boys about sex. Sister encourages mother to divorce father, whose only crime is being boring. Teaches mother about masturbation. There’s a scene where mother touches herself for the first time and orgasms in the bathtub for the first time (because boring father never bangs her). When she comes, she turns from black and white to color. Get it? The color represents liberation.
    Color spreads to other characters who discover and cast of their sexual repression and racial bigotry. Some people don’t like the change. Signs begin appearing in shops, restaurants “No colored allowed”. Haha, get it? So clever!
    Eventually whole town is colorized, released from sexual oppression. Mother leaves father for high-school boyfriend. Sister sluts it up more. Everyone is so happy they have seen the light, been released from their bad old white ways.
    The story could not be more pozzed. Screenplay by (surprise!) Skype Gary Ross.
    That said I enjoyed the film despite the subversive message. Clever depiction of stereotyped 1950s world. It was a better time in America.

    1. Yeah, the brother character anticipates the retraditionalizing trend in the early 21st Century. If he went 40 years into the future (from the 1990’s), he might have found himself in an Alt-Right/Neoreactionary world more to his liking.

  10. Said many times before. More than ever especially with the MSM at a 6% approval rating – we must make our own art! Once we start doing and it gets big enough we will win, period.

    1. I agree on your assessment of Ted, but at the same time his bluepull character was juxtaposed against that of redpill ‘find em fuck em and forget em’ Barney. I think the later had more of a cultural impact than Ted.

        1. Yeh I know. The Barney character was watered down at the end to be husband material. It was disappointing but not surprising. it was a good run for many seasons prior with him as the pua/womaniser. The show ran for like 10 seasons and its hard to keep the quality consistent without any change or growth in the characters. In the later seasons you could see the change in the wind with the other characters disapproving on his lifestyle + they threw in Robyn relationship. I’ve seen the story play out with mates of mine who used to be players who then fell in love and settled down.
          I didn’t see the show as painting the pua/player/redpill life via Barney as being a bad lifestyle, just another way to live life vs that of Lilly & Marshall and sappy love lorn Ted.

  11. This cultural brainwashing started way back.
    South Pacific: Interracial romance between white men and Pacific Islanders.
    West Side Story: Romance between a white boy and a Puerto Rican girl.
    Giant: The redneck rancher’s son marries a Mexican woman, and towards the end of the movie the rancher redeems himself of his racism by getting into a fight with a restaurant owner who refuses service to Mexicans.
    You can see more examples here:

  12. Rebel Without a Cause always struck me as a stupid movie. These teenagers in 1950’s L.A. had it made compared with teenagers in the rest of the world, especially during and after the Second World War. They even lived better than my hillbilly Mom in Tulsa during that decade.
    They lived in a country at peace.
    Their parents had good jobs.
    They had decent shelter.
    They had plenty to eat.
    They could bathe or shower regularly.
    They had access to 1950’s health care.
    They could wear new clothes.
    They had free schooling.
    They could enjoy the cultural riches of the world, as we can see from the planetarium scene.
    Hell, some of the boys could even afford their own cars.
    So by objective standards, what did they really have to complain about?
    I suppose you could argue that they had full bellies but empty souls, or something to that effect. But plenty of people would kill have those problems.

    1. Rebel Without a Cause is an elaboration of themes found in Plato’s Republic and Apology of Socrates. It’ s no coincidence that Sal Mineo’s character in the movie is named Plato

  13. Someone has to make a movie set in the 2050’s where the Alt Right becomes culturally and politically dominant, and whites live in a functional, safe and prosperous society. It has started to progress technologically faster than our society because it encourage baby-making for quality (namely, good IQ’s), and it uses merit instead of political ideology to guide investment into the people who can make this progress happen. That means no girls, sexual degenerates or low-IQ nonwhites pushed into STEM careers.

  14. I haven’t seen the movie, but regarding #2:
    The Jallianwala Bagh Massacre occurred on Vaisakhi, the start of the Sikh New Year. Most of the 1,000 or so people killed were actually Sikhs and not Hindus, as Amritsar is the spiritual headquarters of Sikhism.
    General Dyer had mistaken the assembly by the large amount of people (in prep for celebration) as a protest. The concept of non-violence (ahimsa) isn’t a part of Sikhism.
    He was reprimanded not for the loss of life, but for making the job of his handlers more difficult and was forced to retire shortly thereafter.
    At that time, Gandhi was a relative nobody in Indian politics. Why this incident is even in the movie doesn’t make any sense.
    Anyways, the idea that Gandhi shook the core of the British Empire and as a divine champion of truth is pure bullshit. The British left India (just like Myanmar and other colonies) not out of altruism but simply because it was no longer financially viable to stay.
    In reality, he was a sophisticated, casteist politician and pedophile that slept with adolescent girls to “prove” his chastity among other things. Liberals blindly worship him just like Karl Marx.

  15. Ok, Uncle Bob, I haven’t seen any of those movies so, I’m good….right?
    I can’t think of a recent movie that’s worth sitting through. The last half ass manly movie I recall watching was Fury. It wasn’t perfect but, at least it was about men doing their thing.

    1. Yeah, if you haven’t seen these movies, you’ve got to be better off than those who have…I don’t think I’ve seen a good red-pill film that was made in the last few years. There might be some, but I haven’t seen them. I realize this shit goes way back to before the 1960s. Hell it goes back to the silent films, if a person wants to get technical about it. Heh. Hollywood has always been about mind control. But sometimes they let a good red-pill film slip through, but usually, they always play some SJW angle, even in those films. Oh well. Not much we can do about it except make our own films.
      Hmm, that’s exactly what I plan on doing, as a matter of fact. If anybody here can contribute to the projects, let me know. I’d love having red-pill guys on the set. It would be a blast. I’m starting off with three short films (horror films, but horror films that contain heavy red-pill messages). Then I plan on producing a feature film (horror again). Camera men, sound men, I would use any ROK-er who has some experience and consider them for any jobs on the film set (and for some positions, experience doesn’t really matter). I plan on shooting the three short films at the end of 2017. And the feature in 2018 (unless I get hit by a truck).
      So let me know if you are interested – anybody at all.

      1. Yeah they’ve been slipping that SJW b.s. in on us for a long time but, they’ve stepped up the game over the last few years. At least up into the 90s they could still make fun of fags in movies, now they can only make fun of straight white men and southerners.
        If we ever get to make our own films I want to play the comic relief or the bad guy.

        1. I’ll consider anybody here for parts, or jobs on the set. I can’t pay scale, obviously (I’m producing them myself), but I can pay enough to make it worthwhile. Like I said anybody who is interested, just let me know in the comments section. It will be fun. The shorts will be quick work. The feature will be a tougher task. Regardless of how it all plays out, there will be plenty of fun to be had. More of a group effort kind of thing. I will take input from everybody, and give credit where it’s due. Anyway that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

        2. Oh, you are seriously considering making movies? Good luck, it has to be better than the girl power b.s. on every other movie now.
          If you remake Slingblade I can play Carl Childers or Dale Hargraves equally well lol

        3. Thank you. I’m not just considering it, I’m going to do it. I’ve written three short-film scripts, and one feature script. And I could use a good Southern boy actor or two for one of the films. I’m shooting all of them in digital. I’m going to let people watch all of them for free, on websites of my own, and at YouTube. If they want to buy a DVD that’s fine, but I’m not in it for the money. I just want to make films that hopefully are decent, and without a speck of SJW bullshit. We’ll see what happens but the idea is, produce a product that hopefully people like. And give the people who work on the films some film credits, which might be a stepping stone to bigger and better things for them, if that’s what they want to do (as in, go Hollywood). Anyway, it’ll be fun.

        4. Sounds like a good idea actually. I would watch them. Especially if you get someone with a real southern accent instead of a Yankee faking it.
          Which reminds me of Buford T Justice, I really can’t think of anyone who could have played that part better but, his southern accent was atrocious.

        5. Yeah, I hate it when they use actors who can’t hack an accent. I’d rather use a non-actor with a great accent, and help him achieve a good performance (basically, be himself, which is what acting is). I’m working on a couple of known actresses for two of the films, but I don’t really care if I get a known commodity. The shorts are between 12 and 20 minutes long, and the feature is an hour and a half, possibly a bit longer. There’s actually a rapidly growing market for short films. Horror films are tough to pull off, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. I hate most horror films because they suck (they aren’t scary).

        6. Haha. No shit. Ridiculous stuff. These aren’t like that. More psychological terror, followed by physical terror.

        7. Doesn’t matter. If you’ve had some, that’s fine. I’ll consider you. I’ll post something more about it here once I get closer. End of 2017 for the short films, 2018 for the feature.

        8. My stats are 5’5″ 145 (I lift weights and wear a size 6-8) look closer to 30, brown hair, blown eyes, fair complexion. I’m a 6-7 most days when I don’t try, an 8 if I doll myself up.

        9. There have been a few horror movies made locally around here the last few years, The Crazies is probably the best known out of the bunch. I kind of wanted to be an extra in it just for the hell of it however, it was in the spring and I was too busy to fool with it.
          It seems over the years that Kalifornia has about taxed themselves out of the movie business and now they are coming here to do it.

        10. I tend to play nice lady roles, because I look deceptively friendly. My most “famous” role was Maria Von Trapp (Sound of Music) on an off off off “Broadway” Play in Chicago. But that was almost 10 years ago. I did some catalog modeling as a baby and small child. Sorry, my resume sucks!

        11. Yeah they are leaving Califoria like rats off a sinking ship. Doing an extra part would be a kick in the ass, and get you some experience. I started acting with zero experience, so a person’s experience doesn’t mean shit to me. Plus, I’m doing what’s called “going off the page” (ad-libbing). So there will be a script, if people prefer sticking to the lines, but the best performances come from being natural, in my opinion. So going off the script is encouraged. I have parts for two southern brothers who are Satanists in the feature. Their daddy runs the county. They are both badasses. And they both get killed by this creature that is running around the area…

        12. Sign me up for the daddy that runs the county, I can mean mug like a mofo without even trying 🙂

        13. Well, now that’s a definite possibility, especially because he’s only going to be seen – and not heard (as things stand right now). Head Daddy Satanist. He gets killed by the creature, too. I’ll let you know more later.

        14. You’re forgetting the movie gets dubbed in most countries. Money-wise (not quality-wise) they’re making the right decisions. As for “good acting”, I feel it’s all indoctrinated opinion-pieces too. For example how they praised this drug-addict who played in Batman. I always felt something stank about it … so he acted totally strange and psycho. What’s so fucking hard about that? But everyone jumped on the bandwagon and praised him like he was the total hero. For playing a psycho role. That was totally beyond me.

        15. Yeah I mean…acting really is being yourself. You take the words, and say them as you would say them. You aren’t being somebody else. You filter the words through yourself, and say them the way you would say them, if they had just occurred to you naturally. It’s overrated. And in Hollywood, it isn’t if you truly are good – it’s if the elite say you are good. Heh. Mindfuck.

        16. Surprise, surprise.
          Hey, do you know Armond White? Contrarian movie critic who got kicked out of some New York film critics circle. Love the guy. He is a bit obsessed with the idea of racism, but otherwise has real fine ideas in my opinion.

        17. That’s okay. I’m not looking to cure cancer or make an artsy film. I don’t have any grandiose notions about myself. I just know I can do better than what’s out there. It’s more collaborative, because I hate it when a director acts like a dick and orders people around. That’s cool that you’ve had some experience.

        18. I have a different angle. It’s going to employ more ad-lib technique. The script isn’t a sacred, holy document. There are just a few points that need to be relayed (or only a couple), in a person’s line. More natural that way. And some theater actors are great on film, but not most, in my opinion. It’s a different deal. You sit there waiting and waiting and waiting for the lighting to be perfect, and the sound to be perfect, and it’s hurry up and wait. And then deliver on “action”. It’s not as easy as it seems. Heh.

        19. If the actors have film experience, that’s a different matter. But to take someone who has been doing only theatre for a while into film … I think that’s unwise. They tend to act much too dramatically to have a nice effect on film. You actually made a nice point about “being yourself”. What I most often miss in Hollywood these days are truly masculine actors. I mean, they say the masculine lines, they move “masculinely”, but they don’t have the energy, if you get what I mean. They just radiate boyishness. And it all ends up seeming really unreal.

        20. Oh what I missed to say … you want ad-lib stuff, you want it to be natural. Theatre actors NEVER act naturally. It wouldn’t work on stage. You can’t show some very subtle emotion with a whispery voice on stage. Guess why. Cause nobody would notice it from far away.

        21. Exactly. If the part calls for a mouthy feminist, select a mouthy feminist. It’s about realism. So the people in the audience feel like they are a fly on the wall. In somebody’s actual living space. And maybe they don’t want to hear what’s being said, because it’s too real. Tough to pull of but it can be done. You just have to understand the actor, and figure out what makes them comfortable. Then let ’em loose.

        22. Yup. But still, I don’t think doing theater disqualifies anybody. They might disqualify themselves at the audition, but even then, auditions don’t really showcase people at their best. If I think somebody is more than enough of a cunt to play a cunt, I’ll work with her. Or if a guy is more than enough of a jerk to play a jerk. Etc.

        23. Sounds good. Well, you’ll find out. You are awake enough to have a good eye for this stuff, I believe that.
          (I used to do some video, hence why I say this stuff)

        24. That would certainly be an idea, although you would have to come up with some smart logistics like sending the material on a hard drive or something. I am definitely not gonna work on some web-compressed low-bandwith shit.

        25. Well I like your ideas and your thought-processes. I’m sure we can work something out…plus you have that Gemini thing, so I know you’d always attack from the opposite perspective. Heh. That’s a plus.

        26. Well, I’m not gonna promise anything, because despite liking the idea, I right now don’t have any energy to do work reliably, however much I’d enjoy it. Focused on meditation.
          But that may change within the next months, so let’s just talk about it again when you have progressed further.

        27. If you do a movie about a wayward slutty teen who ends up knocked up, I can play her mom. I even got the Southern trailer park accent nailed to a T. Although I don’t speak that way normally.

        28. Cool. Bring the attitude. Be a bitch if that’s what it calls for. This is about making it real. Whatever you think you’re best at, let me know.

  16. Wild, with Reese Witherspoon, is a nonstop sjw bullshit train trying to ride on Into the Wild. Based on the story of an abortion having, heroin using slut-she bangs every other guy and upon further research half assed the PCT. Every other male that doesnt pipe her out is portrayed as a potential rapist. The scene with the archery hunters too dumb to bring water with them had me gagging. Please bitches, hunters take everything but the kitchen sink with them during deer season.

  17. Mayor DeBlasio has been all over the news today, came home tonight turned on the news, there he is again, bitchboy extraordinaire. I really really don’t like that ropesmoker.

  18. Damn, that was a great article. Whenever I saw stuff like that, I felt like someone was physically beating my brain, but I couldn’t point a finger to it. I just wanted to protest, but I didn’t know how to or what about. (All is relative after all, right?) I tried pointing out bullshit a few times, I think, but others would say: Oh Tom, don’t be a buzzkill. Insecure as I was, I eventually stopped questioning stuff as I didn’t wanna be the contrary asshole.
    Now I can only say I feel endlessly broken, have to admit. Broken not even because I’ve been lied to. But because I wasn’t even courageous or smart enough to figure it out on my own and put it into words like this. Always been told I was intelligent, after all … fuck. I wanna philosophically shoot myself right now.

    1. Oh heck, Tom. It’s the power of indoctrination. I believed everything I was told, or saw, until I was about 34. Heh. I’ve told black people (strangers) about what non-violent resistance is all about, and they started crying (because they got it). Don’t beat yourself up, shit. That’s what your friends are for…heh.

        1. The important part is that you KNOW and have reached that level of self-awareness and worth. Most people die without knowing and fulfilling their full potential.
          Are you an old guy?

        2. Well I stand corrected. I tend to take what people write literally too often, on the Net, while I hope they don’t take me literally. It’s called being demented. As all humans are…

        3. Seriously….I know a lot of men and women in their 40;s working 2 jobs, still paying off student loans, about to lose their homes while having to feed their bratty kids. You want THEIR lives instead?

        4. It’s not about having a bad life. It’s about … I don’t know … pride? I don’t wanna be dependent on others to guide me. I hate the idea. I don’t really trust anyone.

        5. I think mostly just the moronic ones are unwelcome. You know, the ones that say “literally” all the time.

        6. Tom, seriously…the world is full of male mentors that are older than wiser than you. They help you take chances and open your eyes to your potential.

        7. I’ll be honest….came on here to make fun of you guys because some moron from here kept posting links on one of my women’s sites and calling us whores. But I actually think some of you aren’t so bad. Although I think Roosh is a fool.

        8. Nah she is a psychic feminist. The sister of the lead female character. So if you have some attitude, that’s even better (wink). She doesn’t die.

        9. I have attitude, I guess. Maybe more assertive. I am 40 and tired of all the BS. And I am not talking about men, either.

        10. Aw Roosh is ok. Smart, resourceful, well spoken seems to be doing well
          for himself and has evidently seen some of the errors in his ways. Can’t fault a man for that.

        11. I want people to be themselves. Whatever you are, that’s fine. And have you ad-libbed before – gone off the page. I’m really looking for actors who are good at that. Talking shit, basically, and making it sound natural.

        12. Hey, we have talked before. I didn’t HIDE my identity on purpose. For some reason, I assumed every knew I was a women, but looking at amy username and avatar, I can see the confusion. But we have chatted before, a comment here or there.

        13. I’m not justifying anything I just tell it like it is. Simply pointing out that not everyone here is a moron, which is why I come here. If I wanted to converse with morons all the time, I could do that on Facebook.

        14. I don’t mean the high school definition of cool. Someone cool to me is someone who has something intelligent to say.

        15. Critical thinking is a skill like anything else. There’s no shame in learning from others wiser than you, it’s foolish to ignore people who are ahead of you in life.

        16. Well nobody can help you with your confidence dude, you’re the only one who will always have your back. I’m inclined to say “That’s life, shit happens”, you just learn from your fuck ups and use them to build your judgment.
          The only way to get better is to do, and if that means failing then so be it.

        17. Ok, man. I’m sorry to have bothered you. But (and I am not BSing you), if you seem like a man who hates women at your young age, some people might think you are “repressed”, if you know what I mean.

        18. I hope you don’t look up to Roosh as some sort of mentor, because he tends to lie and exaggerate a lot. And you can tell he is unhappy. Like he doesn’t even have a real job, and when this site fades away, he’s going to be a broken middle-age lonely guy. Either that, or he’ll end up “falling in love” and say he now sees the light.

      1. I was lucky Uncle Bob-my epiphany came at about 15 but I was always mistrustful of the authorities and all the other indoctrination out there thanks to my father who is very red pill and was before the term existed.

        1. You are so fortunate, as I know you realize. You are one of my favorite Internet-adopted nephews, and I’m proud of you.

        2. I got my epiphany when I was 34 and almost died from a traumatic brain injury. I woke up from my coma no longer fearing death or taking risks, I and found out that most the stuff I thought was important in life wasn’t really important.

        3. It truly is. I kicked all my addictions and been productive and happy overall, without being a bore. Engaging the senses is a big key to happiness, for me, anyway. And talking to people, everyone has a good story to tell if you let them. I can talk to anyone (although I am not SUPER chatty by nature). Even people who voted for Trump (haha). But I have learned that even though you may not seem to share the same ideals or beliefs as someone, they usually have something interesting to say.

        4. Only where it achieves my ends 😉 Otherwise I relish being a villain (and the ladies like that too).

        5. How do you feel about turning 60? I thought I was going to freak out at 40, but I am embracing my age more as I get older.

        6. I had a near-death experience at 16. Changed my worldview, too, although I admit with the long gap between now and the event, I can get lazy. But I know what you are going through, in a way. People who have those types of experiences tend to relate to each other more easily. It’s an eye-opener and a game-changer, for sure. Dance, dance, for tomorrow we die.

        7. I freaked at 30. Haven’t since. I am on top of my freaking game. More than when I was younger. And I’m in good shape. Death is an exit door on the prison cell of life, I think. At least my near-death experience showed me that…

        8. Yeah, everyone should have a near-death experience. I swear to God, pretty much anyone I’ve known to have one wakes up a better, happier person.
          Maybe if we gave Tom a severe mugging, he will have a new perspective on life.

        9. Yeah-I guess he is. And something else to make you smile-I’ve got a 21st birthday of a cousin coming and I cornered him with a command that he point out which female guests are the most nubile and suggestible. I’ll be hawklike as far as ascertaining what is what also but envisage I will be in for a very entertaining evening and beyond.

        10. Yeah, I was gonna say the same. When I was in my coma, it was like my mind ceased to exist until I woke up. It was freaky, going to a hospital, waking up in a bed, thinking that you have only been there a few hours, and 4 days have gone by.

        11. Wow. That’s awesome. Mine was like this – I drowned in a swimming pool, boom, I’m fully awake in this other world. I knew everybody there, but couldn’t name them. I was home. I was so excited to be there. And I was talking to people and there were trees and a sun, and then they said I had to go back. Boom, came back to life, coughing water out of my lungs in the swimming pool. I was so disappointed I started crying. I wanted to go back, even though I was 16 and had my whole life was ahead of me. Definitely gave me a new perspective on life. And zero fear of death.

        12. What if that was an illusion too?
          I mean, I personally know how real this stuff seems (had that serious DMT session) and I had some pretty fantastic weird moments during meditation, but hey who knows, it could all be a smokescreen too.

        13. Oh my god you are something else. What a great scheme. I hope you get the hottest of the bunch, and your cousin, too. I’m sure you will. Excellent! Have fun man.

        14. That’s crazy. So do you ever want to go back?
          I had such a fear of drowning, I didn’t learn to swim until 37.

        15. I don’t think this was an illusion, Tom. I mean, true, it could be. I think the deceivers exist at all levels of consciousness. But if you had experienced it, you’d have been floored. Here’s the kicker. I met a guy who had virtually the same experience. He told me his experience first. I was like…you’ve been there, too? Heh.

        16. Someone else having the same experience would indicate its an illusion, no?
          And as I said, I know it. That DMT … man, it takes you into a whole different world that is by all standards 1000 times as real as this.

        17. Well in a sense this world is real too, ain’t it.
          But maybe the absolute reality or truth is somwhere along the lines of reuniting with the Creator or consciousness or something. Some kind of Tao thing where existence = nothingness. It doesn’t make much sense rationally, but it feels right to me.

        18. It kinda is to a lot of people. It’s usually not my type of show. But it is a deeply psychological show, rife with symbolism. It has a way of sucking you in. And it’s not some girly show either.

        19. Oh man, I said that wrong. It’s not some goofy ass artsy shit like that. But the guy, being freed from death row, has some super intense experiences. And it also examines personal relationships, and how ambiguous life can seem, until you dig deeper.
          That sounds awful…good thing I didn’t write the imdb summary.

        20. Thank you very much. He came over for something and I put him on the spot. He said he was going the next evening to the strippers and I hit him with some knowledge-among those was to never, ever make eye contact as they take that as an invitation to solicit for a dance, to act and look disinterested and unimpressed and to play very hard to get if not outright blunt in calling their bluff about their attention being for a ‘business transaction’. I said if he wanted to be King Kong level to make fun of them and say they should be paying him to dance for him.

        21. Shit yeah, man. Sage advice. And only tip $1 per dance, if you sit at the rack up close. Never throw money at ’em. Excellent.

        22. *Nods*. We don’t have $1 notes here but your point is otherwise very salient and sage also.

        23. Far from it. I absolutely believe that can and does happen. A little inebriation can make crazy things happen.

        24. Yeah, we all have our story. I have TONS. One of the more unusal ones that happened to me and an ex is when we were wasted and found a dead body while on vacation. We called 911, fished his corpse out of the water, and the police took us in for questioning and threatened arrest. The thought we had killed the guy at first haha. So I was once (very briefly) a Murder Suspect.

        25. I got fukked up in a car wreck when I was 20. When I opened my eyes and realized I wasn’t dead or paralyzed I was euphoric, despite the unspeakable pain of multiple fractures.
          You might be on to something.
          However, it occurs to me that the most significant things are the ones YOU MAKE happen, not those which happen TO you.

    2. Sometimes just knowing something is fucked up is good enough, you can figure out WHY it’s fucked up later.

    3. You’re confusing intelligence with omniscience. And drinking hemlock is the traditional philosophic means of offing one’s self.

      1. But I felt it. I felt something was wrong. Yet I was not man enough to listen to that. In fact, I was often eager to prove I understand their bullshit only to get some validation. It’s humiliating.

        1. The primary theme of To Kill A Mockingbird is the destruction of innocence, to which the title of the book symbolically refers. One innocent character is literally killed off and several other characters lose their innocence throughout the course of the novel/movie. This theme is what elevates the work to the status of literature and there is no reason that should cause you to beat yourself up. Uncle Bob doesn’t understand the theme of the book and is just pissed that a fictional black man is portrayed as being innocent of a crime.

        2. You know I’m not going to respond to this guy, Dennis. Half the anti-ROK-article commenters on this site are government-paid fakes. I’ve interacted with enough of them to know. But hey, a guy’s gotta eat. I have no problem with it.

        3. Yes, we in the government are quite concerned about your shocking inability to recognize basic themes in English Literature that are easily grasped by bright eighth graders, if only after reading Cliff’s Notes. My report to the the home office will be most grave, Mr. Smith. Most grave indeed…

        4. I was talking about somebody else. He might not be, either. I was just pointing the practice out. I’m actually pro-NWO, to a degree. I know, go figure. Heh. I have no problems with the globalists’ aims. It’s all a freaking theater. Life goes on. What astrology sign are you.

        5. I was called a government-fake on that Facebook Red Pill group myself. For making rational arguments against their theories which are based on my pratcical experience (not just what I learned at school, but actual knowledge of thinsg like photography

        6. Heh, it’s funny. I’ve had the same thing happen. It’s hard to tell who is, and who isn’t. But usually, when somebody comes in to disrupt a discussion, or cast stones at a commenter, and they have no avatar (check), they are a potential paid disinfo guy. I mean, what, somebody really likes ROK, comes in, and starts bashing writers. Yeah, if I didn’t believe in Bigfoot, I’d spend my time at a Bigfoot site and bash people for their opinions. Heh. They try to start arguments, get you to respond. Cast aspersions toward your intellect and your manhood. I get it, hey, a guy’s gotta eat. They are all over this site, though. Usually they don’t hang out long. They change names, come back, whatever.

        7. Now why would they make it that obvious tho? A real smart paid guy would google some photograph of someone, make a nice profile, hell maybe even start a motivational blog about masculintiy to get reputation … and then very now and then, pour in some of “the message”.

        8. Wow. That’s tough. It changes based on whether or not I’m sick of one of them. I like “The Exorcist”. A lot. I like “Repulsion” (1965), by that weasel Roman Polanski. I like “Carnival of Souls” (1962). Creepy film. I like “Salem’s Lot” (original TV version). The original Dracula (Bela Lugosi). There are others, I can’t think of right now. What about you.

        9. I tend to like the obvious 70’s classics, like “The Exorcist”, “The Shining”, “Omen” (the first one, although I think the second one was somewhat decent), “Rosemary’s Baby”, “Carrie”.
          “Psycho” is great, too. I have seen many of Hitchcock’s other movies yet, but I love his TV series from the 50’s

        10. I like “The Shining”, “Rosemary’s Baby” – the others, not so much. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Here’s a creepy short film, by an even creepier dude, Guillermo del Toro (3:27 in length, with the ending promo tacked on) –

        11. I saw this! There were a bunch of short creepy movies I watched last year after someone sent me some links. They were pretty awesome.

        12. Short films can be really effective. Hell, how many times have you watched a full-length film, and it started out great, and tanked…and you wished it would have ended an hour and a half earlier…

        13. I KNOW. Someone talked me into that Ouija Board movie that was just out. Started out decent, but the end was a mess.

        14. Yeah I watched part of another one that was supposed to be really good…damn, what was the name. “It Follows…” Fucking sucked, big-time.

        15. That fucking movie SUCKED. I think it had a hidden agenda, like if you have sex before marriage, you are gonna die a horrible death.

        16. Yeah, something like that. Jesus, I truly knew I could do better than that, after a 3-week crack and alcohol binge. Not that I do crack. But you know what I mean. It was just…terrible.

        17. I just watched the first one. The style almost seemed like a futurist take on a silent movie. Although I know there was sound…but when they “talked”, it was just gibberish to me.

        18. In addition to the above, the original Carrie was pretty good, and a unique story, too. 28 Days Later and Dawn of the Dead were awesome zombie films (I haven’t seen the original Dawn).
          The Devil’s Rejects, by Rob Zombie, is perhaps the best modern horror film I’ve seen. And it has a racially appropriate crime scene (pretty sure the clown is black).

        19. Actually, the clown is Armenian (Sid Haig, born Sidney Eddy Mosesian, who portrays Captain Spaulding). I thought the film was average. But then, I think Rob Zombie is average. He should have stuck to music, not that his music was much better than his films, IMHO.
          Again, we’re seeing crazed white people raping and murdering everybody in their path. Since 65% of all violent crimes in the USA are committed by 13% of the population (blacks), we should see a proportionate number of Hollywood films that display criminals as being the race that most of them really are. But we see exactly…zero. An occasional “Boyz in the Hood” type film, where the blacks are sympathetic characters, living in a much cleaner neighborhood that exists somewhere in Bullshitville, USA, and they sell some drugs and do some bangin’ but hey, they’re good boys.
          It’s comical how divorced from reality these films are. If they did a film that showed black men using ebonics, saying “fuck”, “motherfucker”, “gnome sane” and “shee-it”, as the mainstays of their vocabulary, threatening lawsuits against everyone (“I’ll sue your AZZZZ”), raping black and white women, burglarizing black and white people’s homes arbitrarily, and murdering black and white people left and right, in fits of uncontrollable rage, okay, now we’re getting closer. Otherwise, no.

        20. I am concerned that some of us a doing a “Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc” on this particular movie. How it is now interpreted and offered is, of course, a very different matter.

        21. Update 1/12/2013: CLN has received a takedown notice asking us to remove this article on the basis that “It is libelous and utterly false” from someone claiming to be a legal agent of Above Top Secret’s parent company. We are currently investigating and will post status updates as they become available. The original thread now appears to have vanished from Above Top Secret’s website.
          Update 1/17/2013: We have requested clarification regarding the takedown request and have not received a response. We will provide updates on any new developments.
          Update 4/3/2012: Above Top Secret’s legal agent never responded to our request for clarification of their takedown request. The original thread has now been moved to the “Hoax” category of the website, as ATS claims the author admitted it was a hoax in a private exchange. To the best of our knowledge, this private exchange or the details thereof have not been posted publicly to substantiate this claim. Regardless, we believe that covert operations to manipulate online opinion and debate do exist (and indeed have been publicly acknowledged in many of the supporting links below). Whether this specific case is true or not, it remains a valuable and provocative dialogue still worthy of consideration.

        22. Did you read the article or supporting links Tom? For someone seemingly open-minded Im a little surprised you have rejected its content so rashly.

        23. Oh. No, I haven’t. It’s not so much that I’m not open to the idea as I tend to be choosy as to what I read. I spend most of my time meditating. Are you arguing that the notice is there only so that they can plausibly deny exposing that stuff?

  19. Sometimes just knowing that something is fucked up is good enough, you can figure out WHY it’s fucked up later.

  20. The Gift helps explain why so many lefties were so up in arms about that tale of milquetoast Mitt Romney’s dabbling in bullying in school.

  21. Here’s what I think about the Alt. Right guys. For whatever it’s worth. I’m going to crash here so I thought I’d dash this off before I hit the rack. I like the notions set forth by the movement. Women have been given so much power that it’s obvious there’s a war going on, by the elite, against men – especially white men. But I think it’s a wolf dressed up in sheep’s clothing. I think the overall aim, is more divide and conquer. The Alt. Right will eventually gain legitimacy. And then you’ll have a 50/50 balance. The Alt. Right vs. SJWs and their ilk. And that will make the two factions hate each other even more. Especially men and women. So you might think about that one.
    If there’s ever a narrative aimed at waking everybody up, well, what the fuck, sign me up. But this is not what it seems. It just isn’t. If men and women hate each other even more, and if Alt. Right men and SJWs hate each other even more, but they are equal factions…who wins? The elite. As usual. Anyway, that’s my two cents’ on the matter. Adios and enjoyed the back and forth as usual here guys. You are really a great bunch of men. Truly. I’m honored to be associated with you, even in this distant way. Goodnight and don’t get any on ya (and if you do, wipe it on her drapes).
    (P.S. I’m not knocking it for its concepts. I’m saying it’s co-opted. Partially, right now. And eventually, it will be in totality. The elite will co-opt it completely. Sure as shit. So take what you need, but don’t swallow everything because you think the people selling it to you are good people. Take what makes sense, do your own research, draw your own conclusions. But question everything. It’s your right as a thinking, breathing, living expression of creation. And it makes good sense as well.)

  22. Ghandi slept naked with 13 year old girls to “test his temptation.”
    Umm…I’m not tempted by 13 year old girls. Ghandi, if you are, that’s a bit distrubing…
    Ghandi also refused to allow us British to treat his wife for pneumonia on the basis of religious belief, and she died. But when Ghandi himself got pneumonia, he accepted modern medical care.
    Ghandi was a hypocrite and likely pedophile. Winston Churchill was right about him: we should have let him starve to death.

    1. He was also quite vocal in cheering violence other people were doing against the British. He was a fraud living in a country that worships cows and has its streets covered in shit. The British were the best thing to ever happen to India, and every other country that they came into contact with or founded, back when they had balls bigger than church bells.

      1. 100% agreed! While I didn’t mention it originally because of the audience, Ghandi was also an unrepentant racist against Africans (this argument is highly effective when challenging his legacy to liberals).
        India was a cesspool of tin-pot princes who slaughtered each other’s populations in tribal feuds. Great Britain modernised the country, and banned barbaric practices such as the Sati (where widows burned themselves alive).
        And Ghandi was a fraud: he was a lawyer, not some spiritual guru. He was a genius activist, but not some mystical priest.

        1. Gandhi’s first fast was against legislation in South Africa that would give the Untouchables (the lowest members of the caste system) more rights. Curious move to say the least. The number of acts he undertook that demonstrated his allegiance to the British Empire were legion, and too numerous to mention here. But he was a mindfucker’s mindfucker, for sure.

      2. Oh please that might be true for some savages but for Europe England was a disaster. Even for Africa, by the time they got there, they were unable to offer anything to that continent. They just were a bit better than their tribal chiefs…

      3. Having actually spent a month in India, I will cosign this statement. The only things that work there are remnants of the colonial administration. That country is just a flat out cluster fuck. The filth is unimaginable.

      4. Indeed-contemplate what an absolute shithole Zimbabwe is now and how it used to be as Rhodesia under Ian Smith and look at South Africa with its galactic levels of rape, car jackings and AIDs post Apartheid.

  23. “falsely accused of rape by a conniving, white-trash slut named Mayella Ewell”
    Had TKAMB focused on this it would have been red pill.
    Instead they made her out to be a victim of her evil white male patriarchal father.
    The filmmakers completely absolved her of basically having handed a black man a death sentence all because of HER actions.

  24. The thing most Oscar winning movies have these days is they are FUCKING BORING! It’s a long way from the Godfather 1 and 2, 3 was formulaic. Anyhow I’m looking forward to watchin the Gift to have a good laugh. The more of this brainwashing they put out the more it will weed out the weak and debauched.

  25. To kill a mockingbird was terrible. I watched that whole film and did not see one mockingbird die. Ghanai was awful. It left out The Whole story of mahatmas ghandi’s brother Larryhatmas Ghandi and Curlyhatmas Ghandi.

        1. I concur. If one cannot laugh at this they have no soul. (Feminists and SJWs for certain in that case).

        2. I just had a funny thought about how we (modern culture not you and I) worship celebrity and celebs weigh in on all sorts of issues. Can you imagine that being the case in during the era with the stooges.
          New Person: we are here with Lary Fine and Curly Howard to ask what they think about Kaiser Wilhelm
          Curly: nyuck nyuck nyuck
          Larry: why I oughtaaaaa!

        3. And then Moe comes in and attacks the reporter-‘What’s the matter with you, you chowderhead!’ and then clocks the other two with the microphone to which Curly could caterwaul saying ‘But that ain’t politically correct, Moe’.

        4. Exactly!
          That is basically what I am going to think of every single time a celebrity weighs in on a current topic from now in.
          Kanye would have voted for trump
          Emma Watson made a wage gap speech
          It’s all three stooges in my head now

        5. The Stooges were at least entertaining and very clever. Those bozos are like garbage-household names and they stink.

        6. Sometimes I wonder. I feel that dopamine production has a lot to do with it. I watched the stooges when I was young and my brain was producing tons of natural dopamine and so when I look at them I think they are great. People who were in their 40′ or 50’s when they first am out probably looked at them like nonsense bozos the kids are into. Every generation thinks the young generations celebrities are terrible compared to what they had as a kid

        7. Same. I was raised on them, Spaghetti westerns and Popeye cartoons as well pro wrestling. I was lucky for the fact my dad is what can be termed ‘red pill’ and was before it became a known commodity. These days most things suck and I look at my generation with a great degree of contempt for their vapidness and general sissiness.

  26. To Kill A Mockingbird could also be interpreted as having a completely red pill message, almost prescient of the false accusations of rape we have today:
    Some dumb slut accuses an innocent man of rape. He is defended by an alpha-male single father who takes care of his kids, can use a gun, and is fighting against feminism.
    Let’s not jump to hasty conclusions just because of the racial undertones.

  27. Star Wars: Mary Sue Awakens is more nauseatingly feminist and SJW than all of these movies combined… It is truly the lowest of all lows in American cinema, intellect and malevolent political propaganda, and yet it grossed a Billion USD… so Trump’s recent win marks just the beginning in a very very tough war ahead.

  28. People forget that non-violent resistance only works when the other side respects it.
    If India had been a German colony, things might have turned out differently.

  29. ‘Ghosts of Mars’ opening scene:
    “2050 -Earth has established a colony on Mars”
    Then across the screen in computer font:
    “type of government – MATRIARCHAL” – – say no more
    From the opening scene you know this John Carpenter (2001) movie is a loaded burrito. It will deliver uncontrollable explosive shits and will clean you out. No Oscars but it did get rotten tomatoes. The movie is like your example of Ghandi and peaceful protest, ‘Ghosts of Mars is another natural impossibility. Space missions with ALL FEMALE commanders who constantly bitchwhip their beta male lapdog crews? Impossible. Any bitch-lead exploration would fizzle on the launchpad. And the Mars colony has become like an Earth ghetto of single mothers, rife with substance abuse, sloth and beta thirst – – and zomboid baby eating bloodthirsty cannibals (posession from the ghosts). It’s any geeky science girl’s wish sandwitch and pipe dream that anything in this movie is even a remote possibility under any craggy, menstruating BITCH AUTHORITY. lololol

  30. @Bob Smith – bro I think you’ve sunk to a new low with the whole Mockingbird analysis, essentially becoming what you despise most. A weak little insecure white boy unable to man up and take it on the chin.
    I assure you that I’m no SJW.

    1. I’m so sorry that you disapproved of my article. I hope this doesn’t mean that you won’t be inviting me over soon, to listen to your Fetty Wap CD collection. Believe me when I tell you that if this were the case, I’d be crushed, homie…

      1. Possibly the saddest ever attempt at sarcasm, anyways, I just don’t think you fully understand the theme of ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ and that’s unfortunate.

        1. Well, point me to the next SJW rally, and maybe I’ll be enlightened after attending. There’s always hope. Hope and change…

  31. 90% of (((Hollywood))) films are pure subversive propaganda, but the worst and most subversive film I have ever watched is Maleficient (2014). It is hard and pure Feminist/SJW madness….and the film is aimed to young and teenage girls!!
    I was with a girl at the time, tall (180 cm), slim, brunette, 22 yo, totally apolitical and I asked her “what is the message of that crap we just watched?” and she said without thinking “all men are sonsofabitches”. I explained to her patiently how the film is pure feminist/SJW propaganda; her reaction: blinked, shrugged and asked about what were we going to do next.

  32. Damn, when I watched the gift I wasn’t thinking about all that stuff, but you are spot on. I’ve been watching a lot of Batman cartoon movies lately and the concepts even make it into there somehow. Any time a woman is a character in the central plot, the cartoon sucks. The Year One and the Dark Knight ones are solid though.

  33. One thing escapes me. Hollywood is effective at brainawhing men into believing that being nice gets you the girl but it seems like girls are totally immune to being brainwashed into liking nice guys back.

    1. That’s because 80% of the male audience is comprised of normal guys and “betas,” and 80% of the female audience is comprised of hypergamous uber-bitches. Let’s say these two groups go to see a Kevin James movie or any movie where Seth Rogen gets the hot chick. The guys go there to give their misplaced hopes and dreams a boost, while all the women who are 7s and up are just rolling their eyes muttering “as if” under their breath. The only time you’d see the exact opposite of this effect play out is if the audience was mostly comprised of alpha males and overweight divorced women in their 40s dragging 3-5 teenaged kids in tow.

  34. I’m too attuned these days to rainbow dreamer movies and TV shows. Every bit of SJW dialogue that leaps out of the script shocks my inner red pill discriminator into life. Most of what is offered as entertainment is a huge turn off for me these days.

  35. Another Blue Pill, race baiting piece of recent propaganda worth noting is the gratuitous Django.
    Hostels around the world love to play this movie and after it finishes a bunch of vapid backpackers sit around and lament how racist the evil white people of America are.
    Sadly this disgusting movie is really loved by the millennial generation, people are always shocked with me when I tell them that I really dislike Quentin Tarantino.

    1. I fucking hate that film. It’s about as realistic as the nightly news. It incites hatred of whites at a visceral level. Tarantino is a bitch and a traitor. But everybody says he’s a genius (especially Hollywood critics) – go figure.

        1. But that article….women with dogs…REALLY? C’mon.
          Are you joking?? Either, way, I was laughingly hysterically (sorry). It seems like some of the guys think they aren’t getting the sex because of DOGS, haha
          BTW – my dog is a female and I am not a lesbian.

        2. You write for the venue. That’s what writers do. It’s no different at Cosmo. Which is not to say that some women aren’t really into their dogs. Some of them really, really are. According to numerous surveys, three percent of all women fantasize about having sex with animals (thugs not included; we’re talking four legs here). But hey, to each their own. And I’m not just woofing here…

    2. I love some of his movies, but he doesn’t do it for me anymore. I thought Django Unchained was AWFUL. Everyone was falling all over themselves praising it, but I’ve yet to meet a person who has seen it more than once.

  36. I despise gandhi myself being from india.HIs picture is on the Indian Currency notes.The real freedom fighters who used weapons didnt get much recognition in our history books.

  37. even as a kid I thought the idea of passive resistance was fucking stupid. now I know why I hated that Ghandi movie.

  38. I think you people should rethink your decision to boycott Hollywood films, because the new Wonder Woman movie looks really good. Are you guys really going to sit out the new spate of superhero movies. Hollywood is going to give us not just Wonder Woman, but Guardians of the Galaxy 2, the new Spiderman movie, a new Avengers movie, Ant-man and The Wasp, Aquaman, Justice League, and more. Hell, they’re even going to make a live action adaptation of Mulan.

  39. After this recent election cycle, I am DONE with Hollywood ! The Robert de Niros, the George Clooneys and all the rest of them can fade into oblivion, as far as I am concerned. They won’t be getting any of my $ at the box office. And I hope the rest of the deplorables are with me on this.

  40. This little excerpt was taken directly from Barack Obama’s farewell speech, given on 1/11/2017, in Selma, Alabama:
    “If our democracy is to work in this increasingly diverse nation, each one of us must try to heed the advice of one of the great characters in American fiction, Atticus Finch…you never really understand a person…until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”
    If Obama is quoting directly from “To Kill a Mockingbird” in his farewell speech, no less, you know what I outlined about the whole Hollywood clusterfuck in these blue-pill films is pretty damn close to being dead-on. I rest my case…

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