6 Types Of Stupid Tattoos That Girls Get

Men have been imprinting their bodies for decades. Cultures like the Pacific Islanders and even the Vikings have long respected a tradition of tattoos. These cultures would be shocked that people today are treating tattoos like a human graffiti wall. They would even be more shocked that women in Western cultures are getting more tattoos then the men. It’s time to put my empirical knowledge of being around tattooed sluts to use and teach you what different types of tattoos mean.

Small coin-sized tattoos all over her body

Female rationale: A female who gets small tattoos on her body wants to rebel. She wants to be seen as a strong unique individual but can’t handle the pressure of doing so in full earnest. This allows her to rationalize being a unique person with the feasibility of covering it up when she needs to be.

Tips to getting her in bed: A woman like this is generally not a full blown slut. Light teasing should work well with some gentlemen game thrown in her or there. Don’t over do it with the negging since these females are exceedingly self conscious.

Names of former lovers or husbands

Female rationale: Women in general are enjoy the moment. That guy who domestically abuses her for 30 minutes a day will be seen as a superhero because he plays her emotions like a yo-yo and is the perfect complement to her volatile frame of mind. She believes that the relationship will eventually end up like a Disney fairytale. A permanent shallow sign of this commitment is to ink that person’s name.

Tips to getting her in bed: Women who do this are horrendously clingy. Aloof game will work wonders on them. Make sure to have an escape plan because she will falsely accuse you of a crime if mad enough.

Quotes on her body

Female rationale: Check the Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblrs of young modern-day women. Besides posting numerous gifs and being lazy participants in activism, most of them are filled with childish psuedo-intellectual quotes. Women are wooed by the same “empowering” quotes that teenage boys are, though teenage boys simply enjoy slogans like “hard work beats talent” for their own sake. Women, on the other hand, are so enamored by such quotes that they want to use them as a template for life. The template is not an internal one like most sane people, but one to give them daily encouragement merely to live.

Tips to getting her in bed: Women who have these tattoos are basket cases. Standard issue game is deadly on them, since they fall for any confident man who acts like he doesn’t need her.

Anorexia tattoo

Female rationale: Take the rationale of quotes on the body and expand it even further. Women who get this sort of tattoo want to advertise their “struggle” by becoming a lifelong victim. They need a physical embedded reminder of their mental illness to stop from relapsing. It’s an advertisement of mental illness from the kooky women of first world countries.

Tips to getting her in bed: Tuthmosis already wrote the reasons to date an anorexic chick. My game tips are to take her out to food choices that anorexics have pigeonholed as “healthy.” Try places like sushi, vegan, and lean ethnic food. Preposition for oral fast as possible because once you get oral sex from them, everything else falls into place. Women with food problems generally are loose with the first date blowjob. Use that to your benefit.


Female rationale: The reason that you see so many stars on women is because it is the most affordable tattoo on the market to get (it’s incredibly simple for most tattoo artists to do). Especially for the quality that these chicks are willing to pay for. The female rationale is getting a cheap tattoo. Follow the trend but don’t spend too much money or time at the tattoo shop. Star’s generally don’t have a contrived deeper meaning but the blue star (a blue star on the wrist might hint that she’s a lesbian). Yet, we at ROK know that most chicks are two dates with an alpha away from riding penis again.

Tips to getting her in bed: Regular game with a touch of flash will work well here. These chicks tend to be heavily into recent pop culture than any other group of females I know. Keep the pop culture references heavy and make sure you’re watching the food tab. Women are cheap with their bank account but don’t mind putting you in debt. Get separate bills if out for food.

Slut zone!

Female rationale: Take some tailor measuring tape. Put it around a chicks belly button and measure from there to the thighs. This is called the slut zone. A woman who gets a tattoo here both wants and adores male attention. They want to emphasize that they want men to stare down there. They know that the men they target have been with quite a few women and want to advertise that they are a piece of sexual meat. This area is the perfect place especially with low cut jeans or a thong to get male attention.

Tips to getting her in bed: Women who get these tattoos are like bodybuilders looking for protein. Replace protein with penis and you get the mental picture. They will use their body and more importantly sex to get their goals. Some women just want alpha attention. Others might want to have half your property. These types of women barely work in a LTR. DON’T EVER MARRY THEM OR EVEN COMMON LAW MARRY THEM. Have a story for the beginning, middle and end. Stick with it or you will get hurt. Any woman who lets a tattoo artist tattoo an ass or pelvis art piece for hours is a slut. If this doesn’t set up your slut anti-missile defense, nothing will.

These aren’t all the tattoos but should give new players a morning dose of coffee. Women have been taking male customs and butchering them since the dawn of time. And now they want to have their cake and eat it too, meaning they will slut it up while young, with their “unique” tattoos, and then they’ll find a thirsty provider beta that doesn’t understand her tats are an advertisement for all the past cock she has had.

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312 thoughts on “6 Types Of Stupid Tattoos That Girls Get”

  1. I wish this blog would publish just one article per day. All this urgency is very feminine! LOL

  2. #7: The Tattoo Sleeve. This has become an epidemic amongst U.S. women that has to be stopped in its tracks. Tattoo sleeves, as well as repeatedly dying hair different colors, is a sign of a girl with serious psychological issues. What’s ironic is that there are number women with full tattoo sleeves showing up on dating sights. Normally, they would be 8s, 9s, and 10s, but sane man wants to deal with a women that mutilates her body that much.

    1. I totally agree. And beyond that, they have this attitude that “you don’t have the right to say it’s wrong.” Um, yes we do. It’s gross and I hope they fail to even pair up with low-level guys in the long run. NO WAY I would invest in that.

    2. Seconded. I’ve seen a lot of girls out there who would have been drop-dead gorgeous women if not for all the hideous tattoos they’ve covered themselves with.
      Edit: Funny thing, “Scott Pilgrim” was spot on it’s implication about women who dye their hair different flashy colors. The one who does in that series carries some serious issues.

      1. Amy Winehouse being the poster child for bad tattoos and the outcome…. how a chick that could sing such classy music would ever dream of tattoos is beyond me…. tragic!

      2. Damn, all this time I thought I was simply altering my hair style I had deep-rooted psychology issues! Men and their knowledge.

        1. LOL. human beings with the capability of emotions. im sorry that women seem to be some emotionless sex machine to you but you know sometimes they will appose to being treated like a piece of shit you stepped in. i feel so terrible for the poor woman with ‘feelings’ you manage to struggle your way into a relationship with.

        2. I’ll take knowledge over feelings regarding issues. I could easily tell you, women look at men as ATMs these days, if you’re going the full men misogyny route. Easy to put everyone into a category, isn’t it? I don’t look at women as anything but what they are, and act accordingly. Tattoos are a big red flag, especially tramp stamps.

    3. Those women *still* get validated by thirsty guys. Female behavior becomes only as degenerate as men enable.

    4. This rapey post needs wider distribution. Please report the author to tattoo forums, tattooed twats on Twatter, tattooed twats on Farcebook, hipster hangouts, etc. Thanks and may the force be with you.

      1. Make fun of a girl’s tattoo, and watch her already fragile self-esteem disappear for the rest of her life. It’s quite a riot. They have no retort.

      2. The whore with the back tattoo is already advertising what she’ll do in her future marriage to her beta mangina husband. Couldn’t say she didn’t warn him.

        1. Or advertising that she comes from a broken home, broken background..ie she has more issues than the National Geographic.

      3. that is not a a sleeve. that is a sad excuse of a sleeve. plus, her arms are too thick anyhow. so it doesn’t even matter if she’s tattooed or not.

    5. If you’re down for many, many hours of fun: tattooed sleeve and whole side of body (I’m talking down the side of the body, through the slutzone, and down the leg). Often cupping one breast, sometimes both. Beware because these types are both fun and seriously mutilated in the brainbox.
      Add multicolour short hair, perhaps a Skryllix haircut, heavy smoker, various colored contacts, and many facial and body implants.
      Always remember that this type of thing is serious bottom-feeding. Not recommended.

  3. Comic and appropriate article, but I feel the need to mention the increasingly atrocious copy-editing on this site. Some of these articles are so riddled with easily correctable errors it makes one imagine nobody actually read through the thing before its being published here, including the author himself. If this site aspires to be taken seriously on a grander scale, these articles really ought be combed through before being posted, and by someone who can spell and spot at least minor grammatical errors. I know this is the internet, but some quality control would really tighten the product.

  4. Dude, I’m all about articles like this. The author doesn’t seem so much like an avid writer, but this is the kind of information that I would hang onto even if I found it scrawled on a bar napkin. All-aces!!

  5. My top 2 types of bullshit chick tattoos:
    1. Tramp stamp on lower back. An oldie but goodie. They think it’s unique and original. For me, it makes me think of pulling out and blasting all over it.
    2. Tattoo in a foreign language they can’t read. In Rio I’ve seen a few chicks with Arabic tattoos that they can’t understand. In the US I see chicks with bullshit Chinese characters, Hindi letters, or Hebrew tattoos they can’t understand. For them, it’s just decoration.

    1. Actually, the slut zone is literally the circumference around the belly bottom down to the bottoms of the butt cheeks. Tramp stamps are just one of the many tattoos in the slut zone.

    2. It would be a trip if you were a tatoo artist who understood Chinese characters…and you put “I Am A Useless, Hardcore Slut” on a girl lol

      1. According to Google Translate (and using “extreme” instead of “hardcore”, which is rather slangy), it is:

        1. Well, two, actually: 荡妇 (dàng fù). Simplified characters of course, as we all know that cheap low-quality things come from Mainland China.

  6. Are you a sailor, biker or criminal? No? Then don’t get a tattoo.
    …although tattoo artists do get a ton of pussy thrown at them. Parlor next to my dojo has a steady stream of chicks talking about how cute and hot the artists are. Thing is, these guys look like average sad sacks with some tattoos, one is a big fat guy.

    1. That’s because women are fucking stupid. To them, any loser ex-heroin addict with an emaciated body full of meaningless tattoos is the equivalent of a Navy Seal or Yakuza. They think, “oh, how cute and tough.” This is exactly why no woman could ever turn a boy into a man, they don’t know shit about masculinity or manhood.

      1. Exactly. Women are all about superficial appearances. That’s what their entire lives are about.

        1. You know why that is right? We tell girls that they are dumb and they only thing that makes them worth anything is their looks, so they start to care about their look a lot to boost up the confidence we have torn down. Then we go and mock them for being “superficial” and “only caring about their looks”

      2. You’re hitting on a good point, from which a good lesson is to be taken. Tuth posted a comment once summarizing it: Women care more about how things appear vs. how they actually are.

        1. “Women care more about how things appear vs. how they actually are.”
          Quoted for truth. This is actually one of the most basic truths about women.
          It’s also precisely the reason why they look up to a ripped guy who puts a needle is his ass every morning in order to attain this, but don’t if it’s a guy who isn’t this ripped but works his ass of in the gym or at the track 6 days a week.
          For them, it all about external appearances. They don’t care about the work behind it, or about the sacrifices a guy has to make to look this fit.

        2. This is so true, and honestly this is why I never workout with the thought of a woman in my mind. When I’m in beautiful agony doing WODs in Crossfit, I’m thinking of preparing for a war, killing North Koreans, hand to hand fighting. Exercising for a woman is one of the most pathetic reasons a guy can get in shape for, and that’s why those types look as vapid and empty as the women they train to impress vis-à-vis the Jersey Shore guido types. I exercise with the mindset of primal survival and combat, if sex is a beneficiary of that then fine. I’d rather be normal body weight, jog every once in a while, smoke my cohiba lanceros in great volume, sip on whiskey everyday and enjoy a nice gourmet meal than get in shape for a bitch.
          What no one tells these douchebags, is that women don’t necessarily find your muscles or abs, “sexy,” they find the allure of power behind them, “sexy.” You can evoke this same power by simply puffing a nice cigar whilst reading the WSJ, and they’d find it “sexy,” because it alludes power. Women are quite empty on average and very malleable to what you want them to be, the constant is, exuding power and domination. Some broke douchebag, pumping his asshole full of steroids with 4% bodyfat is not going to get as many girls or even the same quality as some skinny drug-dealer who exudes power. Women don’t give a shit, because their morals are subjective and transient to whatever alpha male dominates them at that time, I know this, because I did this with multiple women.

        3. I see this at my gym a fair bit. A guy comes in wanting to “train UFC” and has the look, and of course the hot girl in tow. Then he goes up against our tough guy, who looks and acts like he belongs in a library (outside the gym of course) and our guy throttles him. Great guy, good looking, clearly a badass…and single. B/c he doesn’t “look” like the tough guy the other guy does. Nor does he publicly act like it. But they only care about perception. I think this is just a glitch b/c for most of human history, look and perception were the same thing. You didn’t walk around acting like a badass unless you actually were a badass (you’d be tested). So the ability to detect real dominance hasn’t caught up to the modern times. The old Roissy had a point about this….irrational confidence is better for getting laid than rational defeatism.

      3. Oh god how about these pussy musicians like Adam Levine with his tatts…Bieber is covered in tatts now…

  7. I don’t like ink of any kind but the one that I can’t understand is the ink inside the lower lip. Why would anyone do that? It is surprisingly common.

  8. I would like to add another rather horrible one that’s increasingly common among the fairer sex: angel wings. Those full back versions are especially horrendous.

  9. what about no tattoos?
    seems to be such a rarity – what does that tell us these days?

    1. Ironically, those without tats are now the rebels. Everyone has tats now. Does that mean those without are rebels? I think so. Either that or those without tats are just smart enough not to destroy their delicate skin with Arsenic-laden Chinese tattoo ink. Who wants to bet incidents of tattoo related skin cancer rise 1000% 20 years from now? The tat was cool until my fucking skin started falling off…

      1. God, this is all starting to sound like “The Sneeches”…Dr Seuss sets a precedent again.

  10. Who wants any of these women?
    And Game? What is game? Find one worth keeping and make some babies.
    Be a man!

  11. I have been disgusted by tattoos since I was a kid – my biker uncle has lots of them, and my mom always warned me they were a sign of low class. But these days they’re almost unavoidable. Practically every girl I’ve been with in the past 2 years has had a tattoo. Even girls who otherwise look feminine will sometimes have one on their side in the rib cage area, etc.
    Personally I think we need to start “tat shaming,” along with fat shaming. When did it become the norm to not have any respect for your body? And yet we’re called misogynists for pointing it out.

    1. “When did it become the norm to not have any respect for your body?”
      Since men loosened the reins and the majority of women became feral.

    2. Jeez, either you’re living somewhere horrible or date too many sluts. I’m in a country where tattoos are more common than usual, yet most girls I’ve been with haven’t had tattoos. A few have. My favorite was a playboy bunny right above the pelvic bone. Sure sign of a slut, and a slut she was.

    3. When did it become the norm to disrespect each other because of an apperence ?
      So your saying that if a person has one tattoo and you don’t know why they have that tattoo they should be shunned ?
      If a person is fat they should be shunned what do you consider fat ? because i know some people consofer a size 14 girl fat.

  12. back in the day only legit warriors soldiers and badass tough guys got tattoos. now every women and beta justin beiber hipster looka like have em. every bit of masculinity that had strong deep meanings and culture just has been bastardized now.
    rather earn those tattoos or stripes or inks then just be given.

  13. I advise men not to get tattoos either unless you have real meaning to get one, you know being a Navy Seal, sailor, yakuza etc. If you haven’t gone through some real alpha shit, please, please do not get a tattoo. Tattoos possessed a deep intrinsic meaning once a upon a time, and was the sole badge of honor for warriors. Now every cheap college slut and wanna-be gangster believes getting a tattoo will make them hipper and tougher. Truth is, it’s only a sign of their moral depravity. This is the reason why when I see women with tattoos, I immediate think slut. I’m not just talking about a tramp-stamp, but any tattoo, of their children etc. Tattoos on a woman, scream slut and problems. Use this for sex, but by all means stay the fuck away from any woman with a slut. If she doesn’t value her body enough to keep it ink-free, then I guarantee you, that girl has let some guys do some crazy shit to her. And it screams of daddy issues. Whereas only a very very select group of men have legitimate reason to get tattoos (war, gangs, etc), no woman ever has a reason to get a tattoo.

    1. At least getting “tough guy” tattoos is better than getting an earned tattoo and lying about it. A few years ago, I was drinking with some fellow Citadel alumni, a few VMI alumni and a couple of members of the 82nd at a bar in DC. Some drunk frat looking guy at the bar started to show of his tattoos to a girl he was hitting on and claimed they proved he went to VMI and was an Air Force PJ. We were intrigued and asked him to join us and started showing off our school tattoos. The guy sat down and got really quiet. When we asked him where his class ring was or what company he was in, he claimed his ring was stolen and he was in Company P (nonexistent). He then got up said he had to go, paid for his drinks and ours and made a b line for the door.

    2. Also don’t forget that the concept of the modern ubiquitous tattoo on the average sheep is supported by the elites to condition the masses to accept bar code chips, hand tattoos for commerce, tracking, etc. Everything happens for a reason. 99% of millenials have tattoos. They will all gladly accept a Google microchip implant, as long as all the other cool people are doing it.

      1. Also, during the Middle Ages, the serfs belonging to the feudal landlords had their skin permanently imprinted with their master’s seal, in order to prevent them from fleeing the land or being stolen by competing landlords. Just as done for cattle. A permanent skin imprint on a non-warrior human being was a sure sign of slavery, of a low class human cattle owned by the nobility. During those times members of the landlord / nobility class would never get tattoos exactly because of this. It continues to modern days, higher upper class people seldom have tattoos; nor do they mutilate their bodies. Any tattoo on a woman, done in free will, points to mental issues – the larger and more visible the tattoo the bigger the mental issues. It’s correlated.

        1. Hahahahaha so right. I have been dating a girl with a small tramp stamp and I have to agree i am dubious

    3. Goddamn man, you are on fire!!! Your prose is hotter than a 3 peckered billy goat!

    4. You do not put bumper stickers on a Lamborghini. 1967 Voltswagon , cover that shit with whatever.

        1. bring your lambo to the paris dakar rally…. i’ll bring my stickered up landrover….

      1. Hahaha, reminds me of a guy I knew who put racing stripes on his old station wagon in high school.

    5. Uh, no, up to the 19th century tattoos were almost exclusively part of tribal culture, and were used to signal tribe affiliation and social rank. The Maori, for instance, tatted up both their men and women. They were mostly unheard of in the west, even for ‘warriors’, mainly because the biggest religions forbade them. They were reintroduced in the west by British sailors in the 19th century and then spread from there, with people of all classes and ranks having them in the 20th century. There is nothing ‘honorable’ about a tattoo. It’s just a signal of belonging to some group.

      1. Both King George V of Great Britain and Tsar Nicolas II of all the Russias, had sailor tattoos, given that both had served in both their navies as Prince and Tsarevich (even if in minor roles, more than the spoilt entiled Kardashatrash brats today). I don’t know how you can get more honorable or prestigious than those two.

        1. @ LC—dude if you wanna see a great movie that has a tatt theme watch “Eastern Promises” with Viggo Mortensen. It’s about the Russian Mob. Tatts in the Russian Mob are big deal as with the Yakuza. Russian mob tatts have all sorts of meaning and have religious/spiritual links to Mother Russia and the Orthodox Church. A cool coffee table book is out there that gives a great history of Russian Mob tatts.

        2. I had seen it, great flick. Yes tattoos are something that’s earned. To mafiosos whether Russian, Japanese or Italian, tattoos are stripes you earn as one earns their stripes in the military. It’s a rank and file system. That’s what these faggots in the West don’t understand, no matter what tribal or panther eating a gazelle tattoo you get, doesn’t make you respectable, in fact it makes you look like a poser and idiot, and for women, sluts. Military (not bitch ass Coast Guard types or paper pushers but real military servicemen), mafiosos, bikers (Hell’s Angel’s types) and maybe seaman of various sorts are the only ones who are worthy of tattoo distinction. Shit should be law.

        3. Agreed. These white ,suburban , cul-de-sac dwelling folks with tribal tatts?? Absurd….

        4. The men who decides to have a relationship with any Kardashian woman pretty much has to leave his balls in her purse and pay tribute to fame whore/momager, Kris Jenner.

        5. I agree with everything up until the “Coast Guard” types.
          There are some truly badass coasties, and they are not rare. The ones who perform the water rescue missions? They’re always on call and are on par to Navy Seals, save for firefights.
          Not an easy feat to willingly dive into raging and deep oceans/waves to save people from death.
          Just my little imput.

        6. I’m glad in most parts of the world people are free to do what they wish with their OWN bodies without needing permission or approval from narrow-minded ignorants like you. The fact that you deem criminals worthy says a lot about the depth of your thoughts and your education on ethics. A person’s body is their most fundamental, private and natural possession; whatever they decide to do with it is their own business. If others’ tattoos offend you, it’s not their problem, it’s yours. I seriously doubt a dimwit like you could ever embrace the basic tenets of a liberal democracy where people respect others’ private and personal choices. But nevertheless, people will continue to exercise their freedom regardless of what individuals like you think.
          The fact that you call women and men who get tattoos “sluts” and “idiots” respectively doesn’t mean they are so. It means, however, that you are full of prejudice and not a very bright man. But believe me, one day mankind will stop discriminating against manifestations of personal freedom and will discriminate against stupidity. Then it will be the ones like you who will suffer.
          And no, I don’t have any tattoos, nor will I ever get one. But I want to live in a world without discrimination, where, if I ever felt like changing something in my body, I’d be allowed to and not messed with.

        7. I totally agree. The Coasties put it on the line every single day. Not just when we’re at war. Look on YouTube for some of the video feeds from sea rescues — stunning cool in appalling conditions.

        8. Speaking of which, does Bruce Jenner have balls? Did they chop those things off? Just wondering

        9. Speaking of which, Sauron666 is a troll. He likes to answer old posts from abandoned memberships so he can build up a posting history. He is a fraud.

      2. What about Vikings? I’m pretty sure they were tatted up.
        ” Each man has an axe, a sword, and a knife and keeps each by him at all times. The swords are broad and grooved, of Frankish sort. Every man is tattooed from finger nails to neck with dark green (or green or blue-black) trees, figures, etc.

        Ibn Fadlan

    6. Right. There is a psychiatric basis IMO for gals and guys to get tatts. I think folks think that if they change their skin (the external) with ink it will change their inner (internal) self. So if I get a tiger eating a cobra on my arm that will somehow make me a badass. Also it’s this fascination with the primitive.

      1. Possibly in many cases but I think a lot of guys attribute too much complexity to females. Many if not most get inked because other females do. Just that. Maybe some of the originals did because they wanted to be like men, just as they wanted to enter men’s locker rooms and restrooms, but most females simply imitate other females they think are alphas.

      2. The “fascination with the primitive” is about the only possible justification that even begins to make sense to me. Looks kind of cool on a very young slutty girl for two seconds. But is an 80 year old woman with an old manky tattoo pretending to still be fascinated with that? Yuck.

      3. The “fascination with responding to old posts” by Sauron666 is so he or she can build up a posting history. Trolls usually stick out because of a lack of legitimate responses. He answers old posts because the odds are low someone will answer.

    7. My grandfather was a decorated veteran in WWII. He was in the army, and even though he was at Omaha Beach, the bulge, and in other engagements, he only had one tattoo. The ship he crossed the Atlantic in had been struck by a U-Boat. The sailers managed to prevent the ship from sinking, and after the war he got an anchor tattooed on his arm in their honor. He had been in danger many, many times after that, but I think that first experience shook him up severely.
      It’s irritating the way we use tattooing in our culture today.

      1. My father got a tattoo of Popeye on his forearm during the Korean war. His destroyer got shot out from under him, and he spent a day and a half in the water. While waiting for his next assignment in Malta, he and his former shipmates got blind drunk, stole the Onassis family’s yacht and got tattooed. He has no memory of the tattoo or the yacht. He said he regretted the tattoo, (but not accidentally kidnapping the richest man in the world) but it’s a hell of a story.

        1. Your Father may be selling you wolf tickets. The only US ships lost during the Korean war were two destroyers which hit mines (not shot or torpedoed).
          The survivors of those two ships remained adrift in the water no more than 4hrs. About as long as it took the rest of the UN fleet (read US) to wipe out NK shore batteries delaying rescue operations. Besides another incident – where US destroyers decimated 3 NK torpedo boats with no loss to themselves – there were no sea battles of any note during the Korean war.

        2. I think you’ll find that H.M.S. Jamacia and the frigate H.M.S. Blackswan, fought the first naval action of the Korean War on the 2nd of July 1950. The two ships were attacked by six North Korean Torpedo boats; the action was brief and decisive, 5 of the enemy craft were sunk.

        3. Did you intend to reinforce everything I said?
          I’m confused because your comment (if directed at me) seems entirely pointless.

      2. It is irritating, because, females especially, think that by getting a tattoo means they’ve retroactively earned a place with these kinds of men. And its so cliché, in that, this tough image is literally skin deep. Another give-away of the loser-poser is how they over-due it. You see women obnoxiously tattooed all over the place affirm to her that she is always passively saying to people – “you see my tattoos”, “hey everyone look at me I have tattoos”…etc. And what is this kind of behavior…is it characteristic of “strength”? No, it says the complete opposite, such as, I’m so insecure about myself that I have to cover myself in meaningless and permanent tattoos all because I want people to perceive me as something I’m not and/or to fit in. It’s pathetic. Tattoos used to indicate some kind of achievement, such as the token USMC stamp, cliché in its own right, sure, but, one had to at least endure Parris Island to get it. Russian criminals tattoo their criminal lives on their bodies…contrast this to a female who has no “story” to tell let alone any hardships to say other than I’m weak, I conform and I’m a fraud. I mean, she’s going to tattoo her over privileged upper middle class if not upper class life and consider that equivalent to a Russian mobster?

        1. So you value the life and career of a Russian mobster over that of a woman? What gives you the right to presume that women who get tattoos haven’t earned them? Granted, some women do get meaningless tattoos, but are you so ignorant that you haven’t noticed men do it too? Or is it male arrogance? I’m pretty sure the Google logo or PAC-MAN aren’t actually tattoos that a decorated war veteran would get after returning from a tour and all you need do is type ‘stupid tattoos’ into Google and you’ll see both males and females make the same idiot choices with regards to tattooing themselves. That doesn’t mean, however, that men have some false-macho claim over the business of being tattooed. And believe it or fucking not, not everything we women do is an attempt to impress you self-absorbed pricks

        2. I am an Iraq veteran, an explosives expert and a girl. I have tattoos. Each have a specific meaning. Trust in the fact that I have earned my place to be tattooed while some men have not. I am also a single mom with a well adjusted 20 year old. I hold 4 degrees (2 from Cambridge and 2 from UCLA). I own several businesses. I am about to get a Voudou piece on my lower back (and yes, I practice that religion AND I have a Ph.D. in Anthropology of Religions). I am also an author. I must, with all due respect, blow that entire stereotype out of the water. I have an Irish tattoo, as I am Irish. I have a Shinto tattoo, as I was in Japan for a TDY for non-conventional weapon work and went often to the Shinto temples. I even have one in the ‘slut zone’ and I have no need for the attention of men or anyone else. Good day and I have no need to actually check back to the ignorant and close minded Midwest men who will, undoubtedly, tear me apart. And, you are quite welcome for my service.

        3. Holy shit! I literally can not tell if this is a joke or not. It hits every cliche in the book. Hilarious.
          Kudos for knowing what a TDY is. And for being an honorary Japanese person, of course. ; D

        4. Not a joke. Before they changed the MOS’s in USAF, I was a 461. Munitions System Specialist. I went TDY all over in USAFE (my home base was RAF Lakenheath), but then I was also in before they did away with MAC and combined MAC into TAC. 🙂 My picture is actually taken in the West LA VA hospital right after I got my new glasses. Now, from what I understand from AMMO troops still in, the MOS has combined with the load toads and the glow worms (462’s and 463’s) into some other MOS. I got out in 95 on a medical pension due to some unfortunate accidents with a blue band (trainer) that shattered the 4th and 5th digit in my left hand, an AIM9 that dislocated my knees (rebuilt now) and an EOD jaunt in the Shield that resulted in a head injury with a TBI to the linear part of the brain (I have no clue what day it is but I can recite any BLU, MARK, AIM, CBU, GBU, etc TOS that you would like as well as the history of any religion of the top of my head). ;D IYAAYAS!!!

        5. I agree. Women DO earn their tats.
          I know females with donut tattoos…for having lost the Battle of the Bulge.
          I know other wimmin who have zeros tatted on their temples to show their cranial content.

        6. > ” am an Iraq veteran, an explosives expert and a girl.”
          Did you “serve” in the canteen over there, Private Benjamin?
          > “I am also a single mom”
          Did you kill your husband?
          > I hold 4 degrees…
          In Women’s Studies, Slut-walking, a batchelorette in Whining, along with a masters in Misandry.
          > “I own several businesses”
          Employing how many hookers, total?
          > “I am about to get a Voudou piece on my lower back”
          A lot of wimmin have a voodoo arrow pointing to their anus, seat of their brains.
          > “I have a Ph.D. in Anthropology of Religions). I am also an author.”
          You also get elected Queen of Modesty each year at the annual gathering of N.O.W. cows…right?
          > “I must, with all due respect, blow…”
          Have at it. Guys will line up to your left on Bukkake Lane.
          > “I have an Irish tattoo, as I am Irish.”
          Clever. Did you make the connection all on your own?
          > “I even have one in the ‘slut zone’”
          I bet it’s an extra-wide version.
          >” and I have no need for the attention of men or anyone else.”
          Nope. You just have to brag to strangers online all the time, just because.
          > “And, you are quite welcome for my service.”
          Service? What else were you going to do?
          You sound like Mother Teresa, expecting kudos. What else was she going to do, become a supermodel?
          What were YOU going to do, stay married and raise a child? Nope. You skanked-out, as your tats predicted, raising another man-hater by yourself.
          Thank US for feeding your bragging ass for years, Corporal Punishment!

        7. Sounds like you got MOFOS yanking the SHEIT meisters per military SNAFU-JANFU jargonista piddly-diddlies, right?
          Seriously, your Football Bat prolly done Gone Elvis with
          Grid Squares.
          Did the helos airdrop your Jesus Slippers? Or did a Left Handed Monkey Wrench get used to Long Pig your Meat Identifier on, you know, a Meat Wagon unguided by a Moonbeam?
          Don’t go AWOL over your ABRO lest your BTO causes CF in your heh nonny-nonny before ballin’ the jack.
          Mkay, Ms. Patton Leather Shu?
          (Gotta love them acronym-spoutin’ riotgrrrrrrrrls in the gnu milterry!)

        8. Either way, women and faggots are not welcome to comment here, so take your whore-tattooes and get THE FUCK out of here.

        9. Theodore Dalrymple was been writing about the modern plague of tattoos for a while and is especially insightful on their social meaning, including the fatuous reasons given by ‘educated’ people for their dismal ink choices. Read his aptly named article ‘Exposing Shallowness’ at The New Criterion website.

        10. I agree completely!!!
          Every female I’ve encountered that is tatted up seems to have some very dysfunctional behaviors.
          I knew a couple of heavily tatted white chicks – one that was from MA and she was a overbearing personality. She often tried to be something she was not.
          She’d profess herself to be vegan (not vegetarian, but vegan), but that twit ate truckloads of cheese and fish sauce in her Thai food.
          I shared all of that to convey how she tried feebly to come off as edgy, different and unique, when she conveyed the opposite as weak, a fraud and weird for all of her ugly tattoos.

    8. Boys and young men want to belong to something larger than themselves. Tattoos were reserved for sailors and convicts in recent history, and slaves prior to that, hence the requirement that they be registered and enumerated as identifying marks back in the day… and other things, like taking comfort in a torso tattoo and a gold earring for sailors- increasing the likelihood of being identified after being mangled or partially eaten and being given a Christian burial (the earring was supposed to be twice the value of the cost of a funeral, split 50/50 with the finder).
      I have 4, but then again, I’m a 4th generation sailor and have been going to sea for over 20 years. As captain I will not hire or promote any man who has visible tattoos on his hands, head or neck. Poor impulse control and inability to think long-term.

    9. Even if guys are part of a group like that, don’t do it quickly. For example most groups won’t let you get a “back pack”(look it up) until you’ve got ten years in.

    10. I have no legitimate reason to get a tattoo, other than “DO NOT REVIVE!”
      on my left breast.
      Any slut with a tattoo is treated as such, and paid for her time.

    11. I have a tattoo on my breast, I must be the worst kind, because it didn’t get a mention…

    12. I was a sailor, luckily I had the foresight to arrange them in such a way you cant see them in a professional setting. I have eight total counting a 3/4 sleeve as one.

    13. Lance my boy, you need to grow up in your thinking. I’m a woman and in no way a slut. I got a tattoo cause my left leg got burned by hot oil as a kid and I wanted something other than ugly scars to decorate my leg…people get tattoos for a lot of different reasons. I find tattoos to be beautiful. If you do not want to be with a woman with tattoos then cool, it’s a free world, but show them some god damn respect cause apparently you know nothing about anything.

        1. so closed minded and immature…i can’t really have a reasonable conversation with a child. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or not. It still remains the truth.

    14. Calling yourself or assuming the things you do are “alpha” usually means you are a giant douche.

  14. Ha….The only girl I know who has a higher K count than me has an “innocent” slut zone tat.
    Feel sorry for the dude who marries her, she is a pretty girl.

  15. It’s pretty safe to say that if a girl has a tattoo then she’s probably a slut.

    1. Yeah, I had the same thought. My decision tree is a lot simpler than the writer’s. Does she have any kind of tattoo? If so, she’s a raging ho.

  16. ANY tattoo on a woman is bad. Like smoking, a tattoo is a major hurdle, and takes at least two points right off the top. It makes me nervous; I figure there are a lot of other shoes to drop, and I’m going to be finding out the hard way what those are. I also figure she’s impulsive and trendy, and doesn’t think for herself or respect herself. It’s easy for someone or something or some idea to get inside her head, and then anything can happen.
    Tattoos on a guy? Ok only if he earned it. If he’s races motorcycles for a living, or he’s an Airborne Ranger, or works on fishing boats off the coast of Alaska, he’s entitled to a tattoo. But on some college weenie? NFW.

      1. So what about T&AM, a service academy, fraternities, Mountain Order of Colombo….etc?
        “earned” is a very relative and subjective term.

        1. I attended a service academy and I can tell you that getting a tattoo is a class A offense punishable by 75 demerits and 30 days restriction to quarters with an hourly inspection in a class A uniform on the quarter hour during daylight hours.

    1. What if a woman was in the Army, Marines, Navy, or Air Force and got a tattoo of that respective profession? Would that be a bad thing, or would it be earned?

      1. Tattoos are for men only. Full stop. On a woman they are vulgar – earned or not.

        1. Why? If a woman fought for our country in the military I think she earned a tat, like any man who earned one.

        2. No responding to women on this site, against site rules. I agree. Women shouldn’t be in the military to boot. A man has his place and a woman has hers.

        3. Not a woman. Repeat: NOT a woman. Good god. Is it really so hard to believe that not all men are assholes who feel that women can’t do anything? I suppose it threatens your masculinity that I choose to express my own beliefs about society in such a manner that I actually treat the opposite sex with RESPECT instead of contempt

        4. I don’t respect someone who is gets tattoos JUST because everyone else is getting them. that’s the whole point of this discussion. it just hit me last night. EVERY girl my age has a tattoo. Literally every single one. My future wife is going to have some retarded ass tattoo, just because hanna Montana said it was cool. Do you understand how fucking lame that is?

        1. Why? Some women can pass the same physical exams as men do to be in combat. Also, women in the military help defend the country just as much as men do even if they aren’t in combat. Who do you think ends up driving the supply trucks and convoys and whatnot? If a woman can pass the same test as a man to be combat certified, by all means, let her go to combat. It’s none of your goddamn business what she does with her life.

        2. The female standard for a physical fitness test is not the same as the male one, therefor a female can have the same physical grade ( a first class PFT for example) and not perform anywhere near the capacity of a male.
          The supply trucks and convoys are not combat roles, so my argument is untouched. Also I know exactly who rides in convoys in combat, and that is infantrymen in CAAT platoons.
          A woman also destroys the ability for a male gang culture, like a team of infantry men, to properly function.
          It is my business because weak politics kill me or my men.

        3. There have been women to pass the same physical exam as men in occupations such as the military, fire department, and police. If they can’t pass the same exam as men, then you’re right, that’s dangerous and they shouldn’t be allowed in those roles. But for the women who can, and there are women like that, they should be allowed to sacrifice their lives for what they believe is right.

        4. The standard of fitness a woman needs to uphold would have to be at the elite level to perform the feats of even a moderately fit man. If she did have this elite level of performance it would exponentially degrade in an environment of poor nutrition and lack of exercise equipment.
          Where as a moderately fit man would experience little degradation in ability, due to his more stable level of fitness. True modern war is not fought in the same surplus of logistical support that is offered to non-combat deployed infantrymen in the military at major bases, non infantry military persons, or people in the fire department, or police.
          Your argument is innocent in its ignorance. Life is not as simple as only sacrificing one owns life for a cause. The experiment of integration conducted solely for the cause of upward job mobility ratified at the abstract political level will cost the tangible lives of young men. The opinions will be backed by other young men, whom will never fight a war, and women ignorant of the true issues at hand.

        5. Even if .001 percent of women can physically compete on a male level physically we should not retool the entire military culture and combat unit effectiveness for that tiny percentage of women. This is the fundamental reason why men hate feminism they think everything should change to suit their wishes , warfare does not work like that.

        6. “Also, women in the military help defend the country just as much as men do even if they aren’t in combat.”
          You just contradicted yourself, then ignored it because you want to believe a lie. It is our business because, social considerations aside, they can’t perform at the same level.

        7. So change up everything and create a new dynamic because of a fraction of 1% who can hang with some standards for a small fraction of their career?

        8. Can a company of women beat a company of men? If the answer is “no” (and we all know it is), then why would you want to water down the force with lesser soldiers? In the interest of being “fair”? That may fly on campus but not on the battlefield.

        9. Hey man if someone wasn’t driving those supply convoys and what not, how would the troops in combat get their supplies? Oh right, they wouldn’t. So, if anything, the women driving the supply trucks are the reason men in combat can fight.

        10. If you think that driving a truck is a contribution that is equivalent to combat, then you should give the infantry a try.
          Yes, I know you want to recognize women’s contributions. I’m just pointing out the glaringly, and to some people painfully, obvious point that there is a significant difference in the contribution and necessity of men in the combat vs women in the military.
          Men can and have and still do – drive trucks in military convoys. OTOH, biological differences prevent women from performing combat tasks like men. Or the NFL, NHL, NBA, UFC, etc.
          This does not degrade women. It is a simple acknowledgement of reality.

      2. Does it really matter? A woman masculine enough to go in military shouldn’t even be considered in the first place.

        1. MAN seriously!! If you can’t tell this is a woman from her asinine form of reasoning then there is no hope for you. Site rules. don’t feed the bitches.

        2. I really don’t know why you continue to say I am a woman when I’m not. You think I’m a girl? Well prove that I am. I just happen to be on my school debate team and get a kick out of disagreeing with people, you know, making them think about their own failed arguments. Honestly, you’re so dense to think that just because I disagree, I must be female. Well news flash, not all dudes are assholes like you, some of us actually have our own opinions that we like to share.

        3. If “Jacob” isnt a woman he should consider becoming one.
          Seems like he is about 90% of the way there already.

        4. Yes, but your opinions are feeble, poorly informed and based on – what? Movies? TV? Popular opinion? Good feelings?.

    2. Do you not realise then that everyone has a list professions which they believe earns them the right to get a tattoo? How does a man who rides motorcycles for a living have more of a claim than a woman who goes to war? Because, hey! Guess what old timers! It is the FUCKING 21st CENTURY!!

  17. Again, the ”outward” is a representation of the “inward” – tell tell signs to those that can understand it. We know ‘war paint’ when we see it.
    They cut themselves, they will hurt you.
    They’ve got a tattoo and soon enough you’ll be branded!
    Literally a verse for everyone of these – “Do not cut your bodies…or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the LORD.” – Lev 19:28

    1. Now wait a minute…. Date chicks with tats… fuck to the no. However, there are some hot hot sluts with tats man that could get dicked down all day. Seriously that kind of borders on crazy.

  18. Here’s a twofer phenomenon I’ve noticed: girls who get quotes tattoos on the sides of their torsos, i.e., inches away from one of their tits.

  19. Just look up the portrayals of women in the 21st Century on the covers of the science fiction magazines published in the 1930-1960 era. Did any of them show obese, damaged broads with tats and Skrillex haircuts?

    1. No sir. They normally showed clean, wholesome 1950’s looking beauties, in weird spandex spacesuit-ish attire.

  20. Nothing says ‘white trash’ quite like an ankle tattoo. I hate tattoos so much. It’s the ultimate form of branding human sheep. Nothing more.

  21. I’ve always felt that excessive tattoos on a woman are simply a roadmap chronicling all the abuse she’s suffered in her life at the hands of men. Poor, pathetic creatures they are.

  22. As a former alpha, I would like to add that any girl with a tattoo will definitely let you b*tt f*ck them. At least in my sexperiences.

    1. Got a tattoo on your lower back, women?
      This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

      1. Ha ha! Walter my man! Long time no see. I’m gonna need you to come by the bar later, Donny’s acting up again!

      1. Wow! I’d bet $100 some fucking beta whiteknight mangina put a ring on the bitch too. Amazing… Not even trying to hide what she is.

  23. So I have a problem.
    I absolutely cannot stand tattoos or piercings. They automatically turn a 9 into a 3 in my eyes. It’s like they have open gangrene sores – not sexy.
    Problem is I don’t have much game yet (still learning) and these tatted up hos are apparently much easier to bed. How do I get around this?

    1. either be patient and get what you want or settle and take what you can get. it’s all on you.

    2. Quit worrying about “how to bed” girls. It makes you over think things, which means you act tense and aren’t fun……”fun” is the most important thing to women.
      Just enjoy the process of escalating with them. And don’t worry yet about your own preferences take the girls you can get(which may or may not be the tattooed girls, talk to the ones that check you out), and get yourself into the game. From there you practice your game and start adding more to the rotation.

    3. ” How do I get around this”
      Either go about 8 feet to the left as you pass them, or 8 feet to the right.
      Also, avoid making any eye contact. Walk briskly.

  24. Does a tattoo of lyics by an alternative/ indie band fall into the quotes category? These chick are usually “artistic, deep, not like those mainstream bitches.” They crack me up. They are common whores like the rest of them

  25. If she has an Insane Clown Posse Hatchet Man….you need to take a few showers after simply looking at her.

  26. > That guy who domestically abuses her for 30 minutes a day will be seen as a superhero because he plays her emotions like a yo-yo and is the perfect complement to her volatile frame of mind.
    These ‘alphas’ who go into fits of rage and hit their girlfriends – who, let’s not kid ourselves, are loved by women and manosphere men alike – are a perfect compliment to those sluts and bitches with their female mood swings and chaotic nature. Let them have each other and take themselves out of society, thanks. And stop with the ‘end domestic abuse’ bs. There is literally NO way a guy can hit a woman in a developed country and get away with it if the woman doesn’t want to. She can call the cops and they’ll be on the guy in 2 seconds flat.

    1. But those alphas hit their GF and don’t get the cops called on them.
      Also those alphas won’t take themselves out of society….they will reproduce with said women and the trend continuous next gen.

  27. The tattoo in the Slut Zone photo is written in French and translates to “Let The Good Times Roll.”

    1. I used to live in the suburbs of New Orleans, and speak French, and I missed that. In my defense I will state that I was distracted looking at the pussy.

  28. Oh yeah…”tramp stamps” DANGER WILL ROBINSON ! DANGER!!
    I see beautiful young girls ( in their teens) get these enormous tatts that would put a Yakuza hit man or a Samoan warrior to shame. Young beautiful gals permanently disfiguring their skin with ink. Tatts are permanent. You can get them lasered off but it is super expensive and it leaves your skin changed forever ( hypopigmented). Sun damage and aging will make you hideous. Google “old woman with tattoos” and you will throw up. That cute little sparrow you got on spring break at 18 will look like a pterodactyl done by a tattoo artist on LSD…..

    1. Old faded cartoon characters or Grateful Dead stuff looks RIDICULOUS on moms as they’re walking around with their kids. Ask them if getting a tattoo is a good idea.
      Ladies, the guys here are shooting you straight. You might as well stamp “USED” on your body. Nobody wants to be reminded of your crazy spring break days. You’ll be so glad later, if you don’t do it.

  29. Tip if you’re unsure about a tattoo: ask her about it. They don’t tend to see it as a big deal to have one any more, so many women are suprisingly honest about it.
    Some rare women seem to have a back-story that actually almost justifies a tattoo. Though they tend to be goths, so you win some, you lose some. Most women will shrug, or bring up a story that makes them sound like a victim, such as the anorexic ones, previous boyfriends, scar cover-ups, etc, etc, etc. If it sounds like she got it on a whim or she’s trying to sell you a sob story,, it should be pretty damn easy to get her in the sack in short order. Impulsive and emotionally flitty women are quick to persuade.

    1. The ‘back story’ typically entails being pumped and dumped by alpha’s who didn’t want to commit.

      1. Nah, that’s the sob-story, mate. Pity-searching doesn’t count as a back story.

    2. My wife is a very conservative Asian woman from the UMC of the Philippines. She is considering a tattoo, and I am encouraging it, to cover a scar from an appendectomy. Otherwise she is thinking of going to one piece bathing suits only and I really like her in a bikini, the smaller the better.

      1. NO, don’t let her do that. That are options to help with scars–lasers, castor oil, etc. A tattoo on that part of the stomach will look like an even worse scar, if not a disease, be visible from even farther away, and age horribly no matter how fit she is.

        1. Got to agree with Guts, here. Your lady sounds lovely, so you’ll want to keep her that way. Scars fade and can be treated. Tattoos just take a few years to look dated and faded. A new fresh tattoo I don’t mind that much… but the older ones are a big turn-off. Good luck!

      2. Generally agree with Guts, but if the scar is pretty bad and you like the idea of the tattoo, go for it. Your woman, your body mate. Just ensure neither of you regret it.

  30. I’ve disliked tattoos on either gender since forever. It’s like tagging a Venus statue. Absolutely disgusting!
    – 1 point for tatts, – 2-3 points for obscene/abrasive/creepy tatts. My only exceptions are military, prison & Asian mafia tattoos.

    1. So, are you saying it is okay to date a woman that was a member of the Asian mafia/tong/yakusa?

  31. The golden rule with women and tattoos is to treat them like children who have just had their faces painted. Humour them.

  32. One of the worst types of tattoos to me, is the large thigh tattoo. Especially on a woman with great legs. Why disfigure such a beautiful part of your body like that? Awful.

    1. Thigh tattoos gross me out more than on any other body part except maybe the face. It’s a boner killer.

  33. The huge fucking chest tattoo that has become increasingly popular the last few years should have been on this list.

  34. There is some decently legit tells here in this article. Honestly if a girl has large tattoos, or more than one or two on her body then she will surely put out easy. Tattoos are more than just self-expression or appreciation for body art (especially for women). Tattoos are empowerment and narcissism at it’s finest. It is an ever growing trend that tattoos are sexy and make you look like a badazz bitch or whatever. Chicks who are down with tattoos (and I’m not talking some little thing on her wrist to remember her dead grandpapa) have completely embraced the independent woman yolo I-do-what-I-want life style where anything and everything goes. Regret nothing and live life in the fast lane. Especially girls with tattoos on typically unexposed body parts (chest, stomach, back, but, thighs, pelvis, etc.) these are girls that are totally cool having a stranger touching their private areas for hours on end for non-medical reasons and obviously want to show them off.

  35. When I see a female with a tattoo(s), I used to think slut, and also, higher probability of anal, which proved right most of the time.
    But that was > 10 years ago when tattoos were still for jailbirds or military men, namely sailors and marines. Today, when I see a female with tattoos only one thing comes to mind is – POSER! In fact, not just poser but LOSER!
    I abhor conformity, which is one of the main reasons I detest feminism and “ism’s” in general. The edgy, tough and unique image that a tattoo apparently portrays has been utterly diluted to worthlessness. Why? Well, the allure of tattoos is to be “different”, but, since everyone else is getting tattoos all she accomplished is the very thing she didn’t want to be, which is the being the same as everyone else aka the opposite of different? ???
    Unique – certainly not, you’re being the same
    Tough – HA! Conformist are not strong or tough they’re weak.
    Also, consider this; coming from a group of people who champion “fat acceptance”, which says that its what’s inside that counts is also another glaring contradiction, because, if it did then why get tattoos in the first place? And if you do have tattoos, fatty or no fatty, then you’re really telling everyone that its the outside that counts, otherwise, why’d you waste the time, money and skin?
    Full disclosure I have two tattoos, a tribal and usmc EGA, mostly covered with a T-shirt versus obnoxiously placed all over my body so that NO one can miss my cry for attention. I now see how silly I am and will get them removed.

  36. I too have noticed in recent years the proliferation of tattoos on women, especially Millennials. To me it smacks of the mental rot evident in all other areas of their lives, only broadcast for the world to see. Like many have said on here, it’s true that not being inked is nowadays a contrarian attitude. Too many times have I seen what would otherwise be physically ravishing women tarnished with the most garish or vacuous images on their bodies. Nothing discreet that can be covered with sensible clothing either but skin graffiti covering their chest, arms, most of their legs, feet, you name it. Even five years ago you didn’t see the ubiquity of ink on them that you do now. That and all types of body modification, clownish hairstyles and complete affront in displaying themselves as desirable. I have occasion to be around college age women on a regular basis and most SWPL girls are either bordering on obese, have shorn pixie-like or Skrillex-type haircuts, tattos, piercings, stretched-out earlobes and dress like masculine hobos. Most almost always have “hard” bitch-shield expressions on their faces. In short, there is very little that is pleasant or friendly about them. Contrast that with the exchange or foreign women studying or working here and most I see are smiling, laughing and seem friendly in disposition, not to mention feminine in appearance.

  37. Here is another reason why the tattoo fad with females is so darn pathetic. So, at the heart of it, it contradicts what they’re attempting to do i.e. be edgy, unique or tough. Notice a chicken an egg here…LA Ink TV show and then tattoos. Monkey see monkey do…yeah that’s real original and unique. These females are just imitating TV…literally imagine me yelling this so loud glass shakes – PATHETIC!

  38. To add to the historic context there were 3 major groups of people who had tattoos: slaves, prisoners and army deserters (as punishment if caught). Most of the world still associates tattoos with these types of people and the US is one of the few places that tattoos are remotely acceptable

    1. Heh, you need to brush up on history. The Picts, or “painted people” were lavished in tattoos and were a major kick ass people and kingdom. That passed on to the Scots to a certain degree as well. In fact a lot of the Celtic tribes had a rich tradition of tattoos.
      That said, I find inking loathsome.

      1. Exactly! The thing no one has mentioned is how dated they look after five to ten years. If you see a tribal tattoo – you know you make fun of it. The retro and Sailor Jerry style tattoos are going to be just as dated in a few more years. They’ll be worse since they were just knockoffs of someone else’s culture.

  39. There are two kinds of tattoos: public tattoos and personal tattoos. The first aforementioned kind are done by others to a person for a religious or cultural significance (initiation of boy to man, military initiation, gang initiation, fertility, spiritual protection, religious journey etc.).
    The latter kind are done by one’s free will and choice. It is purely for vanity. I see it as a sign of a fractured ego that seeks external validation by portraying something on their own skin.

  40. Tramp stamps are bad enough.
    Why would a woman want to deface one of the most beautiful parts of her body?
    It’s like slapping as bumper sticker on a Porcshe

  41. I dislike tattoos on men AND on women. They look silly, cheap and trashy. I wonder why some people think that they look good on men? David Beckham has RUINED himself with tattoos!

  42. I have always found that women with a tattoo are like having signs that say, “Free Rides”… Never passed up the opportunity to pump a load into one…
    Gotta remember that tattoos on women came from the porn industry since you’re only seeing “the good parts” so that is where the tattoo are – to help you identify the porn-actress. Women have carried on that trend mostly without realizing it. And they all seem to enjoy getting a photo taken in the act with the tattoo showing…

  43. I don’t understand why girls get tattoos. Don’t tell me there’s an explanation that can’t be generalized to most females, because until 10-15 years ago, the vast majority of girls (say 18-30) didn’t have them. That’s all changed. It’s not just a manifestation of female herd mentality. That’s part of it, but there’s another dimension to it. I always thought women wanted to look pretty, but tattoos do nothing to enhance their beauty. Someone told me that women get them for attention but that doesn’t mean much since 90% of girls have them.

    1. Totally agree. Today’s young women do whatever other young women do, or what the liberal media tells them to do, without any thought. The “I have to splatter myself all over with graffiti” mentality has really picked up speed just within the past few years, with virtually all women (mostly uneducated), getting “tatted up,” and within just this year, most of these tats have been in the most visible parts of their bodies: forearms, feet, hands, knuckles, and now all over their necks.

  44. yall dont like tatted up girls pass em to me, shid I dig it. let me know she like a lil pain and im game to dish it out

  45. Tattooed women…much like blue-ringed octopus – Interesting to look at but DO NOT TOUCH or even approach.

  46. We have fat shaming, now bring it on for tatts. They look common, vile and cheap on everyone, that also includes men. We need a few fashion leaders to bag them out in a few high fashion glossies, and the stupid bitches will be lining up at the laser removal clinics……. At least you can use them as an quick screening out tool. It has tatts, instant lowest common dominator douche bag, no need to waste time with dealing with them…

  47. I don’t have tats, but any chick who has tatoos near her tits, tramp stamps, or alphas only enter here tats (the ones directly above the velva) are cock gobblers not worth putting a ring on.

  48. Meh, I have a chest piece, and half sleeves, and am married having been with the same man for 7 of my 28 years. generalizations are meaningless, and serve no purpose other than making yourself feel better about your own shorcomings, by bashing on the choices of others.

    1. Generalizations are ‘generally’ true, that’s why they are generalizations. Are you the rare exception to the rule? Probably not. Tattoos are all about the pretentious and narcissistic losers of today. Good luck with your future divorce and child support.

      1. You are all a bunch of uptight ass hat losers. I have been married, happily, to the same man for 21 years after being high school sweethearts. I am beautiful, and interesting and a successful paralegal and mother. I have 20 + tattoos and several piercings. My husband is the definitive alpha in our relationship and I am submissive. I have never cheated. Our children are gorgeous and genius level. This article (and several others that are similar) are BS, misogynistic ramblings by little boys who can’t get decent women and want to blame the women instead of their own shortcomings. Pussies!

        1. Oh yeah, and I am 42, and my tattoos all look beautiful and bright, not saggy or terrible. Even after age, babies, and weight loss.

        2. ROFLMAO sure thing, honey. You’re beautiful, interesting, successful with genius kids and your 20 tramp stamps look great on your wrinkly old bod.
          Fuck, I couldn’t make this shit up

        3. You are an idiot! First, one can only have one “tramp stamp”. It is a particularly type of tat that goes in one body location. Second, you have no idea. All of the things I said Are true. I am a pinup model and popular local karaoke host in my spare time. I have one child in college on a full ride scholarship and another who will graduate next year in the top Ten of his class. I take care of my skin and my tattoos, and chose locations that wouldn’t be as susceptible to wrinkles and sagging, and at 42, that is hardly an issue, especially with proper diet and exercise. You must be about 12 to think that 40 is wrinkly and old. When was the last time you looked up from your supermodel fantasies or stopped jerking off to porn long enough to see any real women?

        4. From your avatar you look pretty chunky, sister. And how can a paralegal be “successful”? What fucking bullshit you are spewing (“… our children are gorgeous and genius level…”).

        5. Successful meaning 3 promotions and $30 + per hour. Smart kids meaning One in college on full scholarship and on the Dean’s List and the other making straight A’s in high school AP and Honors classes while being a leader and popular.
          And if you think I am “chunky”, you must be a total stud who only dates perfect size 0 supermodels (but I suspect that you are a fat lonely slob).

        6. Gee, thirty whole dollars an hour? That’s really successful. You fat fuck, go away. And I do try to date only size 0 girls.

  49. This is so stupid. Why should a person be branded a slut just for having a tattoo between their hips and thighs? Many people get tattoos there because it is easier to cover up, so they can choose who they want to see the tattoo, and so that it can be covered up when going to work/ a meeting/interview etc. Although I do agree that some tattoos may be slightly slutty or inappropriate, men also get inappropriate tattoos. And the way that this article is talking about women is disgusting, like just because of their choice in tattoo makes them easy to get into bed. I know several women who have tattoos in the pelvic region, who are the most respectable people I have ever met. So, in case I somehow haven’t got my point across, stop judging people because of the design/ placement of a tattoo, because it is shallow and pathetic.

    1. Why Bubbles, Why? Why do we judge? Because that’s what primates do, Bubbles. I agree with you that it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman getting a tattoo. But I think tattoos are ugly, like bumper stickers on a car.

  50. I believe that woman’s tat says “let the good times role” in French. Oui, Oui.

  51. This about “covers” it all, but what about girls that cover complete parts of their body? Where the heLL does it end when they start off that way? Holy heLL!!! And to tan on top of $3000 plus work of so-called-work via the tanning salon?! Beyond me… Must be crying out for boundaries since the parents lack the where with-all to do so….

  52. Oh, I see now. I was wondering why you’re all such ignorant bastards. The whole point of this website is to entertain idiotic assholes like yourselves. Now that I know my comments are going to be deleted because I am (shock, horror!) FEMALE, I might as well get in one last dig. You’re all cowards for not letting women express an opinion here. Seems to me that you all just want another guy to hold your dicks and agree with everything you say. So gay people are also banned right? I’m surprised this site is still running what with all the limp-dick faggots who frequent it. Oh no, that was harsh, I’m sorry. I’m sure the guys who are courageous enough to come out of the closet can get it up better than you assholes can. Fuck you very much 🙂

  53. This is fucking awful. Nobody deserves to be treated like a sex object who is only worth something if a someone else validates her. It doesn’t matter how many trendy/meaningless tattoos they may have, or why they got them. Also, I find the “tips to getting her into bed” extremely offensive. Women aren’t some toy for you to manipulate into pleasing you. People who find this article amusing or helpful are what is wrong with the male-female dynamic in this world.

    1. Wait. It does matter how many tattoos they have. Also, most people and certainly women want/need to be validated. It’s not any different kind of manipulation than has been done for thousands of years, hence the title of this site.

  54. I love how this is about WOMEN and tattoos there are just as many males who do the same thing

  55. To the bald fuck tard that shits out of his mouth…..
    Your a fucken pussy…. What’s wrong? Removed your Google link after my reply to your pathetic attempt to bash women who pass you up like trash on the street??
    How does BITTER taste?

  56. No woman ever has a reason to get a tattoo seriously thats bullshit wat about her kids birth or if she lost a kid so guys can get tattoos that mean something but women have no reason huh thats interesting im ki da guessing ur not married.

    1. I believe that NO-ONE of either gender should get a tattoo, but that’s just my opinion.

  57. Personally I feel that people can do what they want to their bodies if they want to have it forever

  58. If you let a random man sit there around your vagina and butt for hours drilling you with a needle, you’re a slut.
    There is no way around it.
    However, what if you’re a lesbian?
    What if you request a female?
    If you’re a lesbian and request a female, you’re a slut.
    I suppose these are exceptions.
    PS. they should make a lesbian locker room, because I don’t like lesbians in my shower, it’s the equivalent to having men there.

  59. Tips for being a decent human being:
    Stop trying to exploit, make a conquest, or take advantage of the opposite gender.

  60. I am sorry but I am a woman I don’t have slutty tattoos I have a small tattoo on my right shoulder blade that has real sentimental value to me … Just out of curiosity how does this make me a slut or emotionally broken? … I am completely sane … And one final question who on this planet doesnt get a little bit anxious or feel a bit depressed at times because I happen to know more men that fit the description in this article than women

    1. So many want attention and have no self esteem, they only do things to try to gain acceptance from others, even when they try to come off as defiant, but everyone can see the obvious.
      I don’t think you’re included in the category of bad taste. You did something tasteful by it holding sentiment and didn’t do something for trend like many are. You’re definitely not in the category the post is about.

  61. burn in hell you fucking son of a bitch. fuck anyone thinks this shit. its so opinionated, biased, conservative, and childish to think this shit. fuck you.

  62. omg reading these comments…your all the same!!!!!!! its so grosssss!!!!!!!!!!!old left brained puss bags

  63. tats of former lovers. big mistake! the only name I would remotely consider putting on my body is that of my mother, who has passed away. anyone else, forget it.

  64. These are just stupid tattoos to get, period. Well the quotes maybe not so much, those I kinda get, but the name of your lover (s)? Guys are just as bad about this. The reference image for the remark had a guy with a girl’s name on his back, after all. The so called ‘slut zone’ tats…well, ow. Just ow. If you really want a tat there, it’s your choice, but damn there is no way in hell for me. Don’t agree with the advice for getting women with these tattoos in bed or calling them sluts, but if you are going to get a tattoo, ladies and gentlemen, these should not be your first choices.

  65. Here in the Tampa Bay area, it’s a mecca for young women splattered all over with vile body graffiti. I knew a really pretty girl who had two of the six stupid tats that were named, as well as others. She got two cheap green star outlines on both shoulder blades, then a quote tattoo across her entire torso just below her pert lil’ boobies. Not to be outdone with all the tat whores she worked with, this girl then got a huge tattoo on the right leg…actually, it was on the right butt cheek, of a happy octopus sitting on top of a happy Sun. WTF? Well, this woman ended up killing herself a couple of months ago, a shock to everyone as she was just 25, attractive, had an excellent job (plus a decent part-time job on the side), and happily married. I’ve noticed that when I read about young women committing suicide, they always seem to have multiple tats, so maybe there really is some mental disorder going on.

    1. I forgot to mention that she had those ridiculous Chinese letter tats as well, which definitely should have been #7 on this list. She probably thought the letters spelled “peace” or “strength” which they most certainly meant “shit waffle” or “horse testicles.”

  66. I’m a woman with tattoos. I also have a bachelor’s in engineering, an M.S. in biotechnology, and a Ph.D. in neuroscience. I enjoy reading these types of posts because they’re just such train wrecks – invariably written by the type of overgrown boys who come up to me and rudely comment on my tattoos, as if their opinions mattered to me. As if their pathetic attempts at turning my tattoos into a pickup line would actually succeed in getting me into bed. You guys have zero game, do you realize that? Every single one of your type who has tried some variation of this on me – this “negging” and “alpha” bullshit – has demonstrated mind-blowing entitlement and immaturity. You’re disgusting. You’re laughable. You’re parodies of men. Frankly, watching you guys in action is cringe-worthy.
    Because you boys have such a *complex* about your masculinity, I just feel like mentioning here that not only am I a woman with tattoos, I’m also an excellent shot. Better than the men I’ve gone to the range with. My favorite pistol? The Sig Sauer. It just handles so well and is so much fun to point and fire. You boys will all have a lark bashing this comment, but you’ll do it because it’s the only thing you can do to delude yourselves that women like me don’t exist. Well, boys, I do. We do. And we are laughing at you, tattoos and all.

    1. Sorry I didn’t get this to you earlier.
      As a woman with _____ tattoos and ____ piercings, I will have you know I
      am not ______ and I am not a _____. I am happily ______ with ______
      children and I am a ______, ______, and ______ person. I was educated at
      the finest ________ where I studied _______. My tattoo is not _____, it
      is ______ and _______. I got it after a ______-changing experience
      where I visited ______ and _______ with the ______.
      You are a vicious _________ and a _______, and I hope you ______.
      ______ Check here if the author has a little pee pee.
      ______ Check here if the author is a (homosexual/homophobe)(select one or both.)
      ______ Check here if the author hurt your butt.
      ______ Check here if the author dumped you.
      Please respond to this post if you need a more detailed form due to a
      complex case of butt-hurt.
      You may expect a response immediately following our figuring out why your
      opinion of what men should find attractive about a woman is relevant.

      1. Shep Schultz you are a FUCKING LITTLE PRICK if i saw you in the street i would stomp your face into the fucking ground, like any woman with tattos or not would ever find you attractive you ugly little piece of filth, as for me being barely english what sort of english name is Shep Schultz you fucking douche, tell you what you internet nancy boy lets meet up see who the real man is when i end you, you fucking tool.

    2. No one who has a Ph.D in neurocience talks like that. There’s no way you are real. And, as anyone who has one knows, there is no period after the “D”. What kind of tattoos do you have btw?

  67. anythang bees passable onna tight female body but if yo is phat, why ya wanna draw attention to your body? dass just arrogantly stoopid!

  68. Lance Christopher, sorry to burst your macho manly bubble, but traditional women through-out history and around the world tattoo. It’s hardly a man thing.
    the women of Karnataca in India tattoo (arms and hands), the Berber women of Morocco tattoo (faces), many different native American women tattooed (faces), etc. etc. Women tattooed for the same reasons men did – to mark important life events, social status, etc. Births were honored with tattoos because bringing life into the world was considered at least as sacred as taking it out of the world (i.e. warriors). Probably because until the 20th century – and still in many places around the world, 1 in 5 women die giving birth.
    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the comments on this site.
    “women and faggots are not welcome to comment here.”
    I guess that pretty much says it all.

    1. Wait that’s different. Those kinds of tattoos are simple patterns. There are no words or pictures on them. Those type are an order of magnitude less offensive than quotes or images of butterflies. Plus, what we are saying is that it’s antisocial in _our_ culture. Those cultures are different and have entirely different customs.

    2. Wait Sauron666 is a troll. He likes to answer old posts in the hopes that no one is listening. That way he builds up a posting history to make him/her look less of a troll.

  69. Nothing is a bigger turn off to me than a woman with a tattoo. No matter how hot she may be, I have no interest at all.

  70. My whore ex wife had an alligator in the tramp stamp location. I would have been better off marrying an actual alligator.

  71. I can’t take you seriously when if you can’t “then” instead of “than” properly in your first paragraph. Who edits your shit??? Fire them. Then kill your dumb self.

  72. I tried a temporary (henna) tattoo once and it looked horrible. Lasted a little over a week. I don’t know what I was thinking, but thankfully was too chicken to get the real thing.

  73. Reasonably entertaining article but pockmarked with too many spelling and grammatical errors to be truly funny. The joke is on you bud.

  74. I’ve known a few hardcore Christian missionaries over the years. They tell stories about 3rd world peoples who had tats and piercings according to their pagan belief systems. Once the village was converted, the natives stopped tatting and piercing, as they were no longer necessary. Then, the younger missionaries started showing up, sporting many tattoos. The natives were confused and scared, thinking tattoo was part of their old dead religion. They could not fathom getting tattoos for no other reason than – it looks cool, man. This is a true story I have heard on more than one occasion, from more than one old school missionary.

    1. Leviticus 19:28 does not allow Israelites to get tattoos to distinguish themselves from other tribes. Go figure! The New Testament does not prohibit them, but various texts do discourage them on the grounds of modesty and taking care of one’s body. And I looked and every Christian site, from Jehovah’s Witnesses to Bible Hub to the Catholic Church. To each his own, but I wonder what those dirty Christian bikers would say about that.

  75. It’s symptomatic of the “live in the now/YOLO” philosophy followed to it’s most extreme idiotic conclusion. In short: “I’m going to permanently deface my body with the name of my current lover/pet etc. because the concept of long term planning and unintended consequences is foreign to my hamster brain. Now…hold my beer and watch this…”.

  76. I agree regarding the whore/thot sign tattoos – belly, ass, thighs, hips that are visible. The trend of thot thigh tatts is disgusting, none of them are pretty or well done. Many females are gullible and follow any thing.. All of them will regret the disaster of the thot tatt – it’s the equivalent of the tramp stamp from the 90’s.
    Every female that I’ve ever seen with a thot thigh tatt has been grotesquely ugly and ghetto. The last nail salon I was at ching lee was complimenting some ghetto hood rat with a huge ugly thot thigh tatt. I knew that tech was tacky and have never been back to that low class nail salon.

  77. All I got from this article is the author is clearly a closeted self-loathing homosexual who hates women.

  78. This is one of the most bigoted, rampantly idiotic things I’ve ever read… and that’s saying a whole lot. Maybe stop bitching about stupid tattoos that PEOPLE (both sexes, if you didn’t catch that) get and start worrying about what a tool you are.
    And I’d venture to guess you don’t get even a fraction of the sluts you pretend to… doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what a bitter, self loathing person you are, just begging for validation…pathetic and quite sad.

  79. “Women have been taking male customs and butchering them since the dawn of time.”
    Only Betas get tattoos anyways.

  80. One of the most tried and true slut tells, I only need one other tell than this to be %120 sure she is a slut.

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