British Men Are Finished

Before I begin, I want to say that what I am about to write is in no way intended to be malicious. I was born and raised in the UK and many of the men I most admire are British or of Anglo descent, with the UK producing some of finest minds in all of Western Civilisation, from Geoffrey Chaucer to Sir Roger Scruton.

However, British men of today are (for the most part) finished, in terms of being torch bearers for Western Civilisation. They are no longer at the forefront in any of the crucial battlegrounds, be it creative, philosophical or technological, and I want to attempt to explain exactly why that is.

British Men Are Ruled by Their Women

The bossy wife and hen-pecked husband have been a mainstay in British entertainment for many decades.

The majority of British men clamour for female attention and only feel validated once they have secured the attention of a woman. Today, this has reached the point where, if I walk down any street in any town or city, I will see many a slim and in shape man holding hands with an ungrateful land whale in a tight fitting top and “jeggings”.

Growing up in a family that had a mix of Eastern and British roots, I was able to witness the differences between how husbands and wives behaved with each other. The Eastern side had very defined male and female roles, husbands and wives were not in each other’s pockets but had an equal balance of a life together and a life apart, which made for healthier marriages. For example, all of my male relatives would spend time with their friends, there was no need for clock watching or fearing they would get a thrashing because they were neglecting the little woman at home.

In stark contrast, my British relatives and their friends, ranging from working to lower middle class, always had, what appeared from my perspective, odd marriages. The husbands would be described as the head of the house, but in name only. They would generally be down-trodden, subjected to decades of tirades and tantrums from their wives, they would neglect friendships, sometimes allowing lifelong friends to slip into oblivion, because they placed their wives on pedestals and treated them like Goddesses, attending to their every whim. The husbands would very rarely spend any time away from their wives for fear of retribution.

Despite being so obsequious, to the point of turning into clones of Uriah Heep, the wives would always complain to their friends about how lazy and stupid their husbands were, irrespective of these husbands, especially the Baby Boomers, working long hours and still concentrating on keeping the garden in shape and fixing up the house during weekends.

For those of you thinking the bossy wife and hen-pecked husband is a recent phenomenon, then you only have to take a look at British culture to see this has been a present theme for over 100 years. From films such as ‘Sailor, Beware!’ (1956), the long-running and still highly popular soap opera ‘Coronation Street’ (1960 – onwards) which, from its inception, portrayed a plethora of domineering women, to comical seaside postcards from the late Victorian era.

I believe it has always been the case in Britain that women have had the upper-hand in marriage, but due to the social dynamics shifting dramatically, coupled with the decline in Christian social conservatism after WWII, it’s become more pervasive.

Britain Is Feminist Ground Zero

British suffragettes proved to be the most violent of all, in trying to get what they wanted.

Britain is a bastion of feminism and has long been so. It bore Mary Wollstonecraft and its intelligentsia welcomed, with open arms, the likes of Antipodean harpy Germaine Greer. One can trace the very beginning of feminism as an ideology in Britain back to Wollstonecraft and her pamphlet – A Vindication of the Rights of Woman (1792).

Britain’s rigid class system has been the perfect breeding ground for insidious ideologies like feminism. Queen Victoria may have called women’s rights a “dangerous folly”, but the burgeoning suffragette movement, consisting of well-to-do ladies, unleashed the poison which Wollstonecraft had wanted to do some 100 years previously.

Let’s compare the behaviour of British suffragettes to their French counterparts. Women’s suffrage was encouraged by the Catholic clergy in France, as they knew that women were still influenced by their local priests and husbands. The approach of French suffragettes was also more refined. The British suffragettes, on the other hand, quickly descended into anarchy and outright hatred of men, with many sympathetic to social justice, wreaking havoc across London and other cities.

This strain of anarchy did not die when women secured the vote in the UK in 1918, but remained at the heart of every social justice movement women were involved in.

Britain Allowed Soft Socialism To Gain A Foothold

Sidney Webb, an early member of the nefarious Fabian Society and co-founder of the leftist cesspool known as the London School of Economics.

Britain’s handling of socialism with kid gloves can be traced back to Methodism, the weakest of all Christian denominations. Methodism was born and cultivated in the UK in the 18th century, by the Anglican theologian John Wesley and George Whitefield et al, and it would be the Methodists who would become the most active proponents of social justice.

Methodists were big players in the formation of Trade Unions in Britain, as well as other social and cultural enterprises during the Victorian era and, as ideas of socialism as we know it today began to circulate, the Methodists were quick to embrace certain elements of it.

Socialism truly began to entrench itself during the first decade of the 20th century, with the formation of the British Labour Party, an amalgamation of radical socialists, Trade Unionists and intellectuals of the Fabian Society. In a few decades, the party would become a dominant force in politics, especially after WWII.

If it wasn’t for the Methodists and their promotion of soft socialism in British culture, I feel Britons today would be less inclined towards social liberalism and the destructiveness that comes with it.


After over a century of assault, many British men, like most of their Western counterparts, feel lost and confused.

In 2017, all of these components have reached their zenith, becoming a Goliath that is hindering British men from reaching their true potential. Of course, there are myriad other components, historical, psychological, cultural, and it’s a very complex issue, but these three are the most injurious, laying the foundation for the many ills Britain faces today.

If one looks at the bigger picture, men across the Anglosphere are hindered in becoming men of merit due to these same problems, some less, others more. Yet, I am optimistic some British men will be able to break through this mess, as the country further self-destructs. British society has always had this ability to produce some of the most unique voices in Western culture, such as Enoch Powell, Jonathan Bowden et al, men who stood as prophets, able to see through the miasma.

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  1. I’ve also noticed , mostly from the comments , that the British males are more open to miscegenation , than any other White people. Truly pathetic.

  2. I think it´s much more simple, brits are only interested in self indulgece AKA football and beer, it´s only a matter of time to lose control over women.

    1. You want the British to take back their country? Just tell the hooligans that the immigrants dissed their favorite football teams.

    1. Or……
      Finnish men are Britished!

  3. There’s a glimmer of hope. Did anyone hear if the Milwall hooligan who faced off against three three Muslim attackers at a pub while yelling “Fuck you I’m Milwall!”….after having five pints of beer?

    1. He was older.
      I said it before in the ROK comments: those 3 fucks should have been ripped apart by the men of England before a single cop arrived. I saw pics of young men in way better shape than me running in packs — a few still with their pint glasses in hand!
      I’d like to believe that American men would die of shame before running from 3 terrorist faggots slashing the necks of women.

      1. Completely agree.
        We *do* have some Men who would do this left, but very few and far between…
        plus we’ve had decades of being shamed about our ‘toxic masculinity’…

        1. Fight, brother. Can’t stay silent in the face of that “toxic masculinity” line anymore. Time’s up for holding your tongue.

        2. There are millions out there like “Milwall” and Tommy Robinson but (((they))) want to keep the country in a state of demoralisation (see the Yuri Bezmenov video on communist subversion for further details) . This is why the footy lads alliance march in London received such little media coverage, can’t have the goyim getting uppity ideas now can we ?

        3. I think you are right…
          speaking with my ‘footy’ friends many are sick of PC, feminism and our once-great country being invaded!

        4. I’ve got a lot of footy friends right across the spectrum from The Hammers to The Wall and they’re all sick to the back teeth of it , once again it looks like the working class “lads” are going to be on the frontline ( ironic yet prescient seeing as Milwall’s main firm back in the day were called The Frontline, maybe a harbinger of things to come …)

      2. Unless one of those women were personally known to me I would have to assume they are 100% feminists that don’t need no man for nuthin and actually hate men for interfering. I no longer owe anything to random women as a group.

      3. Unfortunately, I think most men living in America today would run. We’ve been conditioned for years not to fight and to avoid conflict.
        Yes, there are plenty of American men who would fight back. Just look at the guys on Flight 93. Those were some legitimate American bad-asses who knew they were probably gonna die but fought back anyway to try to save some other lives.
        But I think the majority of men in America have been taught to be sheep for too long.

        1. I don’t think that American men are that far gone, yet. At the very least, I think that if one man stood up to fight, the others would not leave him to do it alone.

    2. Yes, but he was then stabbed repeatedly while failing to even defend himself…
      He is a typical ‘manufactured’ hero from our gutter-press…
      loud, obnoxious, an *echo* of some ancient British values (‘rah, rah, rule Britannia’), but ultimately futile…

      1. True, but in all fairness, to misquote Mr Miyagi, one vs one, fair fight, one vs three crazed Muslims with knives, too much to ask for anyone, unless you’re Chuck Norris.
        But I think you’ll agree with me on one aspect: you know the sun set a long time ago on the British Empire when a country relies on an old hooligan yo fight its battles.

        1. You are right, of course…. and I *do* admire what he did! a few more ‘old hooligans’ like that and who knows…
          Just saying understand the extent to which he was ‘successful’… that is *symbolically*…
          Of course symbolically can be the start of something… as Leonidas well knew!

      2. He stood up. He defied those bastards. He said “Fuck you” and at least tried to fight back. I don’t care if he didn’t lay a single hand on them, he at least stood up and said “Fuck you.”
        That’s the best that can be expected of any man when three knife-wielding psychos charge into a bar and start slashing people. You can hope for more, but that’s the bare minimum you can expect.
        And if that’s how I die, spitting out blood between my teeth as I just say “Fuck you” one last time, I’ll be proud of it.

  4. In Eastern Europe, Britan has been known as the land of sissies for many decades. I literally grew up thinking that england consists of gays and bulldykes

    1. And it’s a very correct perception being how they embrace such unabashed faggotry as if it is something to be proud of. I remember if you were a man dressing up in a skirt it was purely for comedic purposes whereas now you’re lionised and feted. What a sick, sad world we live in.

    2. just the soft southern shite and public school boys with their soggy biscuit games

    3. I grew up amongst them here in the States. Very proud and dignified with reason. I’m talking being surrounded by and raised by WW2 survivors. Then came the guys I have worked with over the years and ran into while traveling. I have never met a larger group of apologists in my life. If I have to hear from another Brit that his beast of a woman is a ‘good girl’ and ‘means well’ while he takes it in the can and my verbiage is harsh or premature…..ah F it. They can’t even talk reasonably about their own social and political situations. Better left swept under the rug.

        1. Are their ugly teeth genetic or something? I’ve heard of the “ugly teeth” stereotype before.

        2. Just late to jump on the American bandwagon of perfect orthodontia being a God Given Right.

        3. A lot of the Germanic line have historically had awful teeth. No idea why.

        4. The Germans are like that too? That’s sad. For a long time, I was glad thinking this problem was unique to the British. lol

        5. There’s a type of dental genetic defect that my daughter got (and we corrected) that comes straight from my Viking genetics. We know this because they did a genetic screening of her and DNA analysis before proceeding with the cure.

        6. I always thought it was just the English DNA, and their poverty in the decades after WWII just exacerbated it.

        7. If you or someone really wanted to get a rise out of them, call the Spitfire a shit plane, the bulldog a cunt and Twinings Tea rubbish. The teeth thing ain’t even on their radar. Otherwise the head swings low on just about every subject.

        8. My guess is that poverty is the main culprit, although there seems to be some genetic predisposition towards bad choppers (I mean crooked/missing, not “bad teeth due to lack of hygiene”).

        9. Right, it may not be all Germanics, but the Scandis and the Brits, probably through interbreeding, share some pretty snaggly looking mouths from time to time.

  5. Sitting in a London bar in 2009. While I was dressed nicer than my normal biker attire, I was still wearing my western hat and boots (and jeans and a button up shirt). I was looking, if I might say so myself, quite snazzy. This immediately attracted the attention of a couple of British birds, who made it a point to come over and say hello and we chatted for a while, nothing major, whatever.
    Girls leave and I turn back to my drink and staring out the window. Three lads walk over and just stand around my table. The biggest was a full, maybe, 5’6″ and 170lbs sopping wet. They were kind of sloppy dressed and clearly at least two of them were drunk.
    “We’d all be better off if you just leave, mate” (this apparently over women talking to me while ignoring them?)
    Sensing “Oh fuck, what now” I stood up and towered over them. The speaker gets these saucer type eyes.
    Me: (in semi-redneck Ohio accent) “Mind your own business, runt”
    They do this weird look between them and turn and leave. Nothing more said, just a silent retreat.
    Strangest encounter I’ve ever had in my life regarding what I thought was going to turn into a bar fight. I can only assume that they were flagrant cowards.
    Not sure if this completely relates to the article, but even then, what, 8 years ago they struck me as cowards who think numbers give them superiority, and the moment they encountered push back they turned tail and fled like little puppies.
    These are not the men who endured the raids on London in the 1940’s. Shamefully, these men are descended from the men who my grandparents stood shoulder to shoulder with against the Germans. I was kind of ashamed to be only 2 generations removed from these people.

    1. I watched an old documentary on WW2.
      Churchill surveyed one of the bombed cities, looked at the people and said, “We can take it!”
      One of the women shouts, “What are you talking about? We’re the ones who are taking it. You’re sitting all safe and secure!”
      LOL! Even the women back then had more balls than the modern British man.

      1. Churchill was no wimp. He was one of the greatest men to come out of England. My grandparents (English) were quite fond of him, as am I. Nobody is perfect, but that dude has his poop in a group.
        Today though, yeah, clearly.

        1. You missed the point. I was highlighting the nature of the people back then.

        2. My last sentence kind of covered that I hope.

        3. Right, this great man was one of the main pushers for Britain entering the great war, which was a disaster. From what I have read of his life, I’ve only found negative things, what did you find that was so positive?

        4. 1. War doesn’t bother me, I’m not a Leftist
          2. The Great War (WW1) was a matter of treaty obligation. Since I believe in rule of law, I uphold that honoring treaties is the proper course of action, else, don’t sign treaties.
          3. Dude was a lightning rod of inspiration during the London raids and kept the spirit of the people in tip top condition and ready to repel the Krauts should they decide to invade, which was in the works.

        5. Yeah, and Churchill saw active combat in the Boer War and the West Indies as an officer. He further made a daring escape from a Boer PoW camp and made his way across the African jungle/desert surviving on his wits.
          He was no coward and didn’t shirk from danger.

        6. Right, because only Germany was fighting. Or….hey…the Axis also had multiple nations and fronts.
          Christ on a Popsicle stick, let me guess, you’re British?

        7. He was perhaps the last of our great Men… certainly the last of our great politicians…
          It is good he is gone…. he would weep…

        8. Indeed… one might say cut from the same cloth as Teddy Roosevelt even…

        9. Oh, no question. I just note how the vast majority of Englishmen I talk to today have been thoroughly conditioned to hold Churchill in contempt and they seem to make a point of letting you know this even if you’re discussing, for example, DVD players.

        10. In addition to his military and political success, he was also an excellent writer (for 10 years he supported himself with writing) and a great painter. In fact, an art dealer in Paris was once shown many of Churchill’s paintings anonymously — and without knowing the name of the artist, this dealer declared that they were the work of a minor master.

        11. Yes, very few know about his painting skills nowadays.

        12. Absolutely! and it is *disgusting*! these leftist filth wouldn’t be fit to *tie his shoelaces*!
          I consider it the same phenomenon as the repulsive chipping away at the images of great American Men (“coz they is racist, innit?”)

        13. His writing is excellent… not only was he a pretty decent historian, he brings to life much history he writes about because he had first hand experience of power and of being a historical mover.

        14. 1. Dysgenics might bother you, and those two wars were def. that.
          2. That’s just bs, a lot of signatories to that treaty didn’t bother declaring war, Germany/Austria sure didn’t respect it, and there are reasons for why it’s no longer valid.
          3. He also helped caused the whole thing by pushing for the first one, and the London raids were also caused by him bombing civilians in Germany….. (it was Britain that started it).

        15. Nope. He’s the Churchill who held it all together until the Yanks finally got there.

        16. Not all. There’s plenty of us left. Check out The Paras and Royal Marines.

        17. Churchill made a lot of mistakes, but he was the RIGHT MAN at the RIGHT TIME in 1940. If he hadn’t have been there we’d all be wearing dinky leather shorts and having bratwurst for breakfast.

        18. When he was forced to resign after the Dardenelles fiasco in 1915, he went to serve as a front line officer in France. Can you imagine a modern pol doing something like that? How about Hillary Clinton working for a charity or serving at a soup kitchen? Not gonna happen.

        19. I forgot about that. Imagine doing from being the Secretary of the Navy to being a Major in a line battalion .
          Yeah, I couldn’t see even Mad Dog Mattis doing that.

        20. One of my Dad’s heroes, as flawed as he (Churchill) was. Tried and tested in the fire of war.

        21. They fail to consider the isolation (no Internet ease of communication. No global bank of shared ideas to draw from) and the desperation of the times. Real leadership. Real men forged in situations with real life changing stakes.

        22. he was controlled by zionists and fought against the only man to stand up to (((them))) and made britain lose its empire and its future. he is no great man.

        23. Royal Marines, true, I’ve spoken to a few of those, good men all.

        24. I see you have your self loathing firmly intact.
          If you pledge to help an ally in a treaty, then you help an ally when the conditions arise in the treaty to trigger action. Period.
          War and dysgenics, sure, but that doesn’t mean that war bothers me. I figure, if you don’t want a war on your land wiping out your people, then don’t go out and invade other nations. Seems simple enough.

        25. And, I heard he was the one who taught the Asians about pee-peeing our Coke.

        26. Great Britain has always been for its own personal gaining while shitting on the rest of Europe

        27. Britain didn’t pledge to defend them though, Britain pledged to defend their sovereignty, which Germany claimed it never threatened and that they would withdraw after the wars end. Britain didn’t have alliances, it just was suppose to uphold the statehood of Belgium. The Netherlands was pledged to do the same and t hey did fuck all.

        28. Also, it was Britain that declared war on Germany, not the other way around (Churchill pushed for it once again).

        29. It’s a greatly misunderstood position. Pro Britain, not anti Germany, they pushed for the war.

        30. Boer War: Brits invented the concentration camp and interned women and children (the men were guerilla fighters). As I recall 25% of the interned died.

        31. After the Gallipoli fiasco, he rejoined his regiment in November 1915 at the age of 41 and ended up being the BC of the 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers battalion, 9th Division and spent 6 months on the front lines in France.
          A pussy, he was not.

        32. Huuum…
          Not sure about that, younger & ‘lefty’ type Englishmen, maybe….

      2. They have an impressive record for not being invaded. The last ones to pull that off are STILL there, running shit!

        1. Eh, not so much. The Plantagenets ceased being a “thing” around the early 1500’s, and lost the throne much earlier than that.

        2. fortunately both tiers can still communicate with each other through funny handshakes

        3. of course, but that’s a universal for the british upper classes. No gentleman’s club will admit you as a member until you’ve admitted one of their members…if you know what I mean. Anything less than a 2 inch wide gape is positively plebian

      3. the historical record attests that that was spoken with a high-pitched monty python accent.

    2. London is a wierd town. The last time I spent anytime there was a decade ago for a wedding and I found the culture gap a bit pronounced. Still had a good time though.
      I spent the night in Dover back in 2000 (long story) and had the opposite experience. I went to a local crowded pub on a Friday night and everyone gave me a wide berth. I might as well have been a rag wearing panhandler with halitosis asking for spare change.

      1. This was in Islington. Other pubs were fine, but this one the birds chatting me up and then the circle around the table stood out as interrelated. They were likely just full of liquid courage, at least initially, I was just kind of baffled at the immediate and silent backing down. Seemed cowardly.

        1. TBH this sort of cowardice can be found in the U.S. as well. Liquid courage is no courage at all.
          On Saturday night, some random dude started hollering shit at me from a passing car, just because I stood out in a crowd of people on the sidewalk (I’m tall and white). I turned to him, and put a finger to my chest and said, “Me? Who the hell are you?” He immediately drove off. Not because I look particularly nasty, but just because paper tigers… you know, they fold up and blow away.

        2. Oh, no question. I just thought that their superior numbers would have bolstered their courage even a little bit. One on one and nobody yet has not backed down, but in a group you’d figure that they’d at least think “Well, he’s big, but it’s 3 on 1”. Here…not so much.

        3. I’ve observed the phenomena closely, and these groups always have one and only one bigmouth… the other weasely ones will take their cues from him, get jittery when he’s challenged (and keep looking at him), and back down instantly the moment he does…
          It’s all entirely robotic….

        1. Argh! NEVER name Slough!
          And always hold your breath if you drive near it…

        2. If the undead inhabited the place, I would consider that an improvement.
          I defer to a quote I read in the London Times from 2009, “Slough is the most depressing place on earth.” End qoute. Never a truer statment have I read in the London Times.

        3. I would think the mines of Moria would have better environs than that…”forbidden place.”

        4. no fake news there. I think any foreigner wanting to understand Britain should get hold of a copy of “Crap towns: volume 1”

        5. Indeed! for they do not have such an intense stench, and they do not house anywhere near the evil darkness at the core as Slough does!

        6. yes, the undead moved out in disgust as Slough’s current population invaded…
          they are currently applying for the multitudinous ‘aspirational’ flats mushrooming across Surrey and Berkshire…

        7. To give our trans-Atlantic cousins an idea what Slough is like , our esteemed Poet Laureate John Betjemen wrote a poem about it that goes “Come merry bombs and fall on Slough, it isn’t fit for humans now, there isn’t grass to graze a cow, Swarm over, Death !!” and this was back in 1937 !!

    3. Hard to believe what has happened to descendants of men like Carol Mather and David Stirling.

      1. It is entirely cultural in nature. In not just theory but genetic reality my DNA originates from that little island on both sides of the family (although earlier it comes from the Normans, but that’s perfectly peachy given Hastings) 100%. So if it were genetic, I’d be like them, yet I’m not. Wholly a matter of propaganda and culture.

        1. And it’s shocking how few generations it takes to impact the DNA feedback loop…

    4. Yeah, those lads wouldn’t have held the line against Napoleon’s Old Guard at Waterloo.
      Worse yet, a poll a few years back showed that most 18-25 Britons can’t even name the British Army commander at Waterloo (Wellington) and a third of them mistook him for Nelson (who won at Trafalgar ten years earlier).

      1. Were my beloved English grandfather still alive, I suspect that he’d likely kidney punched those boys without saying a word and then wiped his boots on their faces. The difference in just a few generations is staggering.

        1. He probably wouldn’t have even put down his groceries while doing it.

      2. Nelson also died at Trafalgar 10 years earlier. It is right there on the Trafalgar square monument.

      3. I watched a video once of young Brits being interviewed on whether they would join the military should their country need them to. I think about 2/5 said yes and all of the affirmatives looked like they were raised from old stock. The Muslim/urban Britbongs reacted with disgust and refused.

        1. i would be interested if the question was asked of commonwealth men,
          “would you go fight alongside the poms again like your grandfathers in WW2 for queen and country”
          it would be interesting to see the results

    5. Yeah… I’m every bit ashamed of them as you are…
      The current crop are barely describable as ‘manlets’…

      1. It was the only place I’ve had a problem. I’ve had the opposite experience in Scotland. In the (likely one single solitary) pub on the Isle of Skye I literally was not allowed to buy my own drinks, the entire place insisted on playing the three Beach Boy songs on the juke box because “‘Merica” and I had an amazing time conversing with Scottish Lumberjacks and some pretty Irish girls.
        Scottish Lumberjacks means, of course, that they posessed four times the T level of normal men. You combine being Scot and a Lumberjack at your own peril.

        1. haven’t spent that much time in Scotland, but the one and only time I’ve been to Glasgow – for a couple of hours – I’d stopped at a train station and slightly soused Glaswegian dragged me into a pub for a drink. You could live a life-time without that happening in London.

        2. Skye was one of the only places in my lifetime where I was able to practice my Gaelic. That being said, my language skills in that fine tongue are that of a 4 year old, and turns out, talking about sippy cups, blankies and nap time doesn’t really hold a conversation together well in a pub.

        3. don’t know much about Gaelic or even what it sounds like, but it’s good to know those kinds of languages are still spoken. Nice up there in that part of the world, although I haven’t been to skye

        4. It’s an Indo European language but sounds like it was invented as a prank by aliens in order to fool linguists into classifying it as such. Beautiful when you hear a woman singing in Gaelic though, unearthly even.

        5. You cannot drink alone in Scotland. I only spent a week there but was bowled over by the gregariousness of the people. At one pub, when the fellas found out that I played the guitar, they brought out an acoustic and forced me to play for my beers. LOL
          There’s a Scottish ocean kayaking/whiskey distillery trip that I’ve had my eye on for a few years. I don’t do guided tours but for this one I might make an exception.

        6. Lock two strangers in London in the same room. After three weeks, the only thing they will have discussed is the weather.
          Lock two strangers in Scotland in the same room. After three minutes, they’re best friends.

        7. That is so very true. They are naturally friendly (if of short temper at times). I think that a lot of their personality got transferred to the States which is why we’re so informal as well. We hit a restaurant, again on Skye, and I had prawns. Finished the meal but left the head of the garnish prawn sitting on my plate. The bus boy cleaned up the table then two minutes later this funny ass waiter comes out with a plate with the prawn head centered in a bunch of leafy garnish, with a cover on it, sets it down and uncovers it and says “You must have forgotten to eat this sir!” I was like “Wuh wuh what?!” then he laughs and buys me a free after dinner Scotch. Really nice people.

        8. I fully subscribe to the alien theory. I’m not sure I would recognise a woman singing in Gaelic though

        9. That looks fascinating, I think I’ll order it and give it a read. Thanks!

        10. Welsh, Manx, Cornish, Breton and Basque all could have been the result of a cosmic prank too.

        11. that’s true. Although depending on your state of mind, the former can be a relief sometimes. The north as a whole is much friendlier

        12. For you, then, listen to this. Julie Fowler has done amazing work, and it’s Scot Gaelic (not Irish Gaelic).

        13. They’re all related of course (except Basque).

        14. Scots Gaelic is called Erse. My DNA is a mix of Scottish and one Island to the west.

        15. Erse means, literally, “Irish”. Which is correct, they considered themselves the same people up through the 1500’s, give or take.

        16. Yeah, my dad and I both read it. We’re neither Scottish, Irish, nor English but it was fascinating. Webb explains a lot of the reasons behind our peculiar Appalachian and military culture.

        17. don’t worry — I have a lot to say about the Cheeto Emperor and his treasonous gang of Kremlin agents, so you will surely be alienated again soon lol

        18. No, it’s not. It’s not even an Indo-European language, it is a language isolate likely left over from the original pre-Neolithic people who inhabited that region prior to the arrival of the Indo Europeans.

        19. My Honky Lore is powerful. If the interwebs disappeared tomorrow, I would be like one of those Vulcan types that holds the culture in my head for dispensing to the masses later. Heh.

        20. Some linguists believe Basque could be distantly related. Or perhaps I am mistaken. The others are of the ‘Celtic’ language family-supposedly Basque is ‘Ibero-Celtic’.

        21. that’s a sweet sound actually, rather hypnotic. Good luck learning that language though

        22. I actually kinda know it, at least to a small child’s level. Kind of how 3rd generation Hispanics will know a smattering of Spanish and will attach random Spanish words to normal English sentences.

        23. I don’t think that there’s any credibility to claims of such a link. I’ve looked at Basque and it follows literally no rules or conventions of Indo European languages whatsoever, even going back to a reconstructed proto Indo European language root. It is utterly alien.
          That said, there’s a better than even chance that Celts lived along side the Basques on the Iberian penninsula. The story of the origin of the Irish pinpoints that exact location (likely unintentionally) and there is some good genetic and linguistic evidence (not the Basques) of there being a direct tie in there as well.

        24. Yes-it is very peculiar and truly an oddity as far as languages go.
          As far as Celts being from iberia, it’s very interesting as far as their forebears.
          I often wonder about me in the sense that I have dark hair and light eyes but my family lineage has been very ethnically/genetically homogenous from both sides of my family-one half being from the Peloponnese and the other from the Black Sea/Asia Minor.

        25. Scots from Glasgow are the fucking best. I lived on the West End for a bit and the people there are so gregarious and they swear like it’s an art form.

        26. Damn, the words and pronunciations are almost unrelated, and I thought French was bad. Still, I like the sound of the language. Really does sound beautiful.

        27. I’m jealous, I’ve heard the Isle of Skye is one of the most beautiful places in Scotland. I only made it to Loch Lomond, which was honestly like being in Game of Thrones…

        28. Loch Lomond is quite beautiful. Skye is like entering a fairy tale world.

        29. I’m still aiming to achieve a small child’s level of czech. Gaelic looks hard but lyrical

        30. Spelling was optional for Gaels I suppose, heh. Yeah, anybody who thinks that we have a phonetic word in our language has clearly never heard nor seen the language written. It was constructed in order to drive simpler men mad, probably to serve some evolutionary function to cull the weak. Or something.

        31. well my first impression was pretty positive so I can well believe it. I love Edinburgh but it’s massively middle class in most places

        32. I’d love to visit these places. Being a chess player allows me travel around the world. If there is an international tournament in Scotland…

        33. Edinburgh is the snobby, tourist city (pretty, though). Glasgow is the industrial, working-class city. It’s like the Boston of the UK.

        34. My maternal Irish side is of the “Black Irish” stock and I inherited that. I have dark brown almost black hair and very light blue eyes.

        35. I got into studying my lineage about three years ago and it’s very engrossing. One day I would like to write a book (or series) about my family’s migrations

        36. yes it is all those things, but if you can forego earthiness and friendliness then it’s a fine place.

        37. and he made for an interesting D candidate, dont you think? He dropped out early

        38. Looks like Breitbart has uncovered the real Trump/Russian connection:
          “Clinton aide and Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin connected State Department officials to a Russian cultural organization, per a request by Clinton Foundation donor, Eddie Trump (no relation to President Trump).
          According to a May 10, 2010, email obtained and published by Judicial Watch, Abedin told Doug Band, a Bill Clinton aide who formerly headed the foundation, that she “hooked up” people who recommended Trump to the “right people” at the State Department.
          Trump had apparently recommended that Abedin connect Russian American Foundation Vice President Rina Kirshner with people at the State Department.”

    6. You were on the edge of an international incident!
      Landing in a jail cell outside the US is one of my top 10 fears.

      1. Yeah, I know. Been on that edge in a couple of nations. I had an interesting youth.

    7. I’ve got one of a similar vein. This happened last year. I’m sitting on the patio at the local Hooters breastaurant. Minding my own business, talking to these two young dudes with whom I’d struck up a conversation. We’re talking some serious red pill shit, mainly about how women are dangerous and you’d better watch your ass when handling them. So I recounted a tale about a woman who had fucked me over, and told the young dudes about how I got even with her.
      Way over on the other side of the outdoor bar we’re sitting at, are these two dudes, and they are maybe 22 years old. Apparently they were orbiting this hot girl who worked there; they would drive her to the store on her breaks, pick up food for her, that kind of thing. And they get up and come over and one of the guys says to me, “We don’t like what you’re talking about. You’re talking about getting even with women and we don’t like it and you should leave.” So I look at him like he just walked out of a loony bin, and before I could say anything, one of the guys I was talking to tells him, “We’re minding our own business and having a private conversation, so you guys should fuck straight off.”
      So the guy who butted in, he starts arguing with this kid who I’d been talking to, and one thing leads to another, and finally I stand up and say, “You clowns have two choices here – you can keep pushing this shit and wind up in an ambulance, or you can shut the fuck up and leave.” They left.
      The white knight syndrome is getting way out of control these days. After the two dudes left, all three of us agreed that they were in serious need of a resounding beat-down. I mean, that’s about the only way red pill guys are going to get these cucked beta fags to knock off the white-knighting…

      1. One of my favorite bits:
        Q: “hey – what are you doing!”
        A: ” I’m minding my own fukkin business!”

        1. No shit. I don’t know when it happened, but all of a sudden there are all these young dudes wandering around out there who have been so brainwashed that they think it’s okay to virtue signal in public, to the point where they actually play the Speech Police. I wanted to sit those two clowns down and talk sense to them, but they were hell-bent on starting a fight (over a woman I was talking about, who I hadn’t seen in 30 years!). Now…that’s just fucking insane. So there would have been no point in trying to talk sense into them. They’re long gone, Daddy-o.
          Two rules are hard and fast in this world:
          1) Mind your own business.
          2) Never start shit with anybody, most especially people you do not know (because you never know who you are fucking with).
          Both those dudes were probably raised by a single mom.

        2. These little shits have become emboldened as of late, haven’t they?
          We must stand firm.

        3. Yep. The funny thing was, the guy who told me I should leave was drunk (obviously), but he had only seen my head, from the other side of the bar, before he strolled over like John Wayne. While he was telling me that I should leave, he simultaneously realized that I was a lot more than just a head. And right away you could see he was second-guessing his decision – oops. He basically crumpled like paper after I stood up and told him he was going to wind up in an ambulance. But still…that kind of shit can get a guy killed, what he did there (himself, or somebody else, over absolutely nothing). Jesus, mind your own business. They just don’t get it, so as you said, we must stand firm. (That’s the one and only time I’ve ever had anything like that happen. Thank god.)

        4. “Shut that cunt’s mouth or I’ll come over there and fuckstart her head!”
          I’ll actually pay good money to hear a man say that in real life!

        5. I have actually used a version of that line in at a bar once. Except I threatened a guy that was doing something he knew he shouldn’t be doing that if I had to come over there, I was going to fuckstart his head.

        6. At a bus stop yesterday I started a conversation with a metal-head looking dude. He told me he moved from a rural town in Ontario to Toronto to write music and overcome his depression. He went on to tell me that rural Canadians are terribly racist and that Toronto is much more enlightened.
          I didn’t respond to his virtue signalling the way he expected, and instead asked further questions about demographics and the strength of the Church.
          All I could think to myself was “hey, maybe rural whites still have a chance!” and he read it all off my face with horror.

        7. You’re not saying it for them, you’re saying it for you. Tone and demeanor will communicate the rest.

        8. I don’t understand why white people are complaining that they are racist towards other people. I mean, that guy was not on the receiving end of it, so why whine?

        9. hmm, Dashboard Confessional lyrics meet Metallica. Seems insane enough to work these days

        10. Toronto is SO Fucking gay. My 13 year old is totally sick of SJW Ontario….I tell him to keep his mouth shut is school and just do whatever the fuck the teacher asks for….and to complain to me or my wife or his mom…its pc hell over there.

        11. What a dick. They are legion. I think rural areas are the last bastion, in terms of finding a measure of decency in life. I love the Canadian rural towns, for example. Don’t know if they are still as they were about 12 years back but I was mightily impressed with the down-to-earth nature of the people in those towns, and the total absence of blue-haired feminists and thirsty beta cucks. Might have changed. Down here in the States, it’s still like that in small towns. The big cities are a Satanic clusterfuck. Make your money in them, and get the fuck out…

        12. That’s the plan.
          I’ve been seriously considering moving to rural USA once I’ve gathered enough assets.
          I grew up with an open mind to liberal ideas, but now I just want to grow my own food and sit on my porch with a gun.

        13. Sound wisdom. GOJ talks about the Midwestern vibe, and it’s really magnetic for red pill men. I grew up in the Midwest, and plan to move back at some point (maybe just a summer place, but I miss it). I am going full-bore to make all the loot I need here over the next two or three years, with that very thing in mind. I’ve traveled all over North America over the last 15 years, and it’s the same in most American (and Canadian) small towns I’ve visited. You just don’t see the revolting behavior that you see in the cities. A gun, a porch, a stack of cash, and a few down-to-earth females, along with a small group of male friends who hold the same values. Man, I just can’t say no to that…

        14. Lots of busybodies in the world.
          And they all seem to be white.
          Just about every people related problem on this planet has been caused by busybodies. To them I say: Take care of yourself and your own. The world will do just fine without your “help”.

        15. Cuz we’ve been propagandized for a long time that “racism” or “anti-semitism,” are simply the worst human behaviors/views that any white person can engage in. The media and academe will have a field day with any instance of racist speech or actions (by whites), while downplaying actual rapes, assaults, armed robberies, and murders by those we are not supposed to be “racist” against.
          The mere use of the N word by a white causes the propagandists to stroke out more than Tyrone committing a cold-blooded murder.
          The (((propaganda))) has been quite effective, especially with white women.

        16. Thats it. For some reason a racial slur is the worst thing that anyone could ever do in their life here. It has ruined careers. And supposedly we have free speech.

        17. I remember when a racially diverse advertising banner for some fashion label went up on a pillar in my street, I wanted to go and write “N..” on it, but invisible conditioning stopped, me knowing as you say, that doing that is in the eyes of the law worse than sticking a knife into someone.

      2. Your story reminded me of something that happened just recently. I had a new male bartender try to kick me out of a bar I have been going to for years. Met a few buddies there and said the word “rape” to one of them jokingly. I don’t remember what I said exactly (drunk), but I do know it was something along the lines that his current girlfriend probably rapes him. I was informed by said bartender that the word “rape”would not be tolerated and that I needed to leave unless I promised never to say it again. Luckily, before I even had a chance to respond, the bar’s owner pulled the bartender aside, apologized to us and gave us a round on the house. Despite the pleasant ending and the fact that the offending bartender is no longer employed there, the fact that it even happened amazes me. Sign of the times I guess.

        1. That is a sad testament to the state of the world. Glad the owner was wise enough to make it right. These white knight beta males are being born at a rate that is astounding…

        2. This shit is spreading all over the world. I almost vomited in disgust when I first saw this video. Prepare yourself…

        3. Was talking to a younger guy fairly recently and in passing said in just ‘Let’s Play the Rape Game’ which of course leads to the person saying ‘No’ and you follow with ‘That’s the spirit!’ It was all in relation to having a few fights literally so objectively, the rapes were more a testament to being demolished without any real reprieve. This lead to the statement ‘Rape is not a joke’. This was not a statement a male would hear in the presence of another male 10 years ago, especially, if there were no females around.

        4. That’s the culture of Indians. I wasn’t bothered so much by the woman slapping the guy. I was more pissed about the White Knights that went to her rescue. That’s the beta mentality of Indian males. They think that Bollywood romance is the true path to winning a girl’s heart, it’s no wonder they turn out as beta boys and watch a lot of porn.

        5. … And absolutely !HATE! White dudes pounding out Indian women… They know it and it drives them nuts. Intersectional fuckery is the future.

      3. I think I can count on the fingers of one hand the very few things that are more pathetic and frankly disgusting than a White Knight, and would still have enough free fingers to pick up a bottle.

        1. Virtue-signaling in the hopes of getting laid. Deep down, they know they have no chance. So it’s a cock-blocking stunt as well. They need to get slapped up the side of the head – often, if necessary.

        2. this virtue signalling thing is a mental sickness people never used to care so much..

      4. White-knighting is a poor attempt to slap a noble veneer on this caustic, constant super-thirst that seems to afflict everyone and everything. Pussy-beggars aren’t just disgusting, they are destroying society.

      5. Unreal. *smfh*
        They butt into someone else private conversation because you dared not to get on your knees and worship? How fucking cucked can you get?

      6. Haha schmucks who hit on girls that work in bars or restaurants are as pathetic as it gets. How is it they cannot wrap their heads around they get hit on about 100 times a day and are either going to pick the guy with the most financial/socio-political resources or the most exciting baaaaad boy type with a Harley and full-sleeve tattoos that listen to mall metal like Disturbed? Fucking clueless morons!

    8. How could we expect any different of them? Men have been raised to be spineless in this way.
      Football is what saved me I think. Family tried to beat that “violence is never the answer” shit into my head growing up.. but I remember the first time I knocked the shit out of someone on a football field.
      It was a feeling I believe 80% of men my age have never experienced in their lives.
      And I’m pretty confident on that number too, cause until my senior year in high school, only about 20% of the guys I hit on the field were mentally prepared for it.
      And an even smaller portion of those were white guys.

      1. Two things a bath as to do in order to become a man. Beat someone up for a good reason, and secondly get beat up for a good reason.

      1. Not so, AFAIK Hitler liked the Brits, let lots of them escape at Dunkirk.

  6. Not related to this topic but just when I think we’ve hit rock bottom, somebody on my Fb wall posts a link to this:
    Now I’m not one to get into arguments on social media (even if the person who posted it gushed about what a great idea it was and how they were going to look through titles to read with their young child) BUT…
    I did give my 2 cents worth in the comments section down the bottom of the site link. I encourage you to do the same, as some others have already done:

    1. Absolutely sickening. These deranged fucks should be fried in oil.

        1. Personally I enjoy the more tactile feeling of squeezing the life out of them with my bare hands-seeing their eyes bulge out of their heads amid that realisation that shit is very real would be like mana from heaven.

        2. If one is using a blade then the Xiphos is the way to go-efficient and elegant in its simplicity.

        3. It’s called a Indian katar. A khukri is of Nepali origin and looks like a bowie knife.

        4. Interesting. India has some positively insane weapons-the Urumi for example from Kerala is staggering.

        5. Odd really, given the general low T nature of the vast majority of Hindudes, but yes, their weaponry is very fascinating.

        6. More or less. I think Punjabis/Sikhs are a different proposition though as they are descended from the warrior caste.

        7. Warrior castes exist throughout India. Unfortunately, they are the only ones with fighting spirit.

        8. That is fucking fantastic, indeed! Never looked into Game of Thrones. I’ll check it out when I get the time.

        9. I imagine you as some chess hustler, going from smoke-filled chess hall to smoke-filled chess hall, conning rubes outta their cash. Do a little dance a la Tom Cruise right before checkmate

        10. This is true-I have a very close family friend who is Sikh and has that physiognomy and noble bearing.

        11. In case you don’t know, that term was coined by bem. GoJ can claim no credit whatsoever!

        12. This is entirely a bem thing, but you ruined my plan of not once ever crediting him for it.

        13. I’m an honorable man! In my presence, credit will be given only to those who deserve it!

        14. Dude! We agreed yesterday we weren’t going to give Bem an *ounce* of credit for his genius coinage!

        15. You’re thinking of “Westy-O’s”,
          The preferred breakfast of Irish hit men. “Lucky Charms” for violent criminals, if you will.

    2. Your comment didn’t show up there, and knowing the nature of that site, it is unlikely to happen.

      1. I figured. But I also screen-shotted it and shared it on some relevant Fb groups who I’m sure will take an interest in forwarding it.
        This is a line too far…like I’m fully aware of the degeneracy out there, but pushing this shit on kids and doing all you can to raise a future generation of suicidal government dependants, rapists and mass shooters? In a world I have to live in, and my children have to share with them?
        Fuck right off.

    3. Im at the point that whenever I hear a woman says “hey, thats a great idea!” I know its a shitty one w/o even knowing what she is referring to

      1. Put it this way-if a woman says anything you can be sure that 9/10 times I will do the polar opposite or scoff at their ‘opinion’/’feelings’; and it’s a good way to be.

        1. Context is key.
          “Hey baby, let me suck your cock and then you can pound my pussy until I can’t walk” is almost always sound and sane advice to hear from a woman.

  7. Dysgenics is not even mentioned. I am pretty sure sending the best men in two enormous wars and then birth control/abortion/feminism and women having no or few children also made a dent…

      1. Huge chunks of the best men in certain generations were killed, in the upper classes that volunteered first were hit heavily.

        1. Should your theory hold water, Russia would be the gay capital of the world or a Caliphate by now. They lost by the far the most men in that period. Don’t misunderstand me, Russia is still a fucked up place (likely to be non existent by the end of this century) but the origin of our malaise is not genetic. If our civilization survives, maybe science should explore the possible existence of mental viruses..

  8. I thought this was going to be an article about the muzzie immigration problem. But this is even worse. Dying from within.
    I suppose that also explains the muzzie immigration problem.

    1. All Europe seems to be dying from within and willingly speeding their own extinction. If they don’t want to exist, if they want to pass nothing into the future, we can’t save them. Maybe we should let them go.

      1. We’re kind of doing the same thing here in the US. Maybe not as fast, but heading in the same direction.

        1. I don’t think that holds true. The trends are reversing here, especially in the younger half of the Millenials who are almost the polar opposite of the Hipster older Millenials. We may have detected the disease in time to stop it.

        2. I’m an older Millenial and I’m conservative and I’m in the process of raising three Gen Zs who will be red pilled to the core

        3. Hope you are right.
          Really do.
          Still waiting for the wall, though.
          And lower taxes.
          And ending Obammy care.
          All these “Kushner types” in Trump’s ear is a very bad sign.

        4. Yeah, it seems hard to believe sometimes when you see all the shit still going on.
          I actually think the biggest mistake the progressives made was getting too sure of themselves. Their incrementalism strategy to normalize homosexuality was an unqualified success. They’d begun to use the same incrementalism with pedophilia, trans, etc., and were having the same sort of slow but steady progress. If they had keep just boiling us slowly like frogs, we might never have woken up.
          But they got cocky and just started shoving in our faces, both figuratively and literally (Hitler). People only really started fighting back when they began making us drink their progressive bullshit from the firehose.

        5. Yes exactly. We bring in 100,000 H1b visa workers from India every year. 300,000 Indians also enter our country through student visas and get OPT work permits for 2 years. Have you noticed how there’s a big push for brown men in Hollywood now. Aziz Ansari has his own Netflix Show. Star Wars cast a paki dude in Rogue One and used him Nightcrawler and The Night Of on HBO. Hasan Minhaj gets invited to the White House Correspondant dinner and his video goes viral. The Paki foreigner from Silicon Valley now has his own Hollywood movie in theaters called the Big Sick. Priyanka Chopra, from India has come out in several Hollywood movies and TV shows. Notice how it’s all Indians, Muslims, and Pakis? That’s the America now. It’s going to be nothing but them. Every goddamn new journal article has some Indian journalist name associated with it with a last name that runs off the page.

        6. Are you in IT?
          I am. And I work for Wall St. firms.
          I am usually surrounded by 80% Indians.
          But not today. I am WFH…
          But regarding the Indians, really sickening how we are letting this happen. Trump promised to fix this H1B mess. Hope he does it. And soon.

        7. Yes, I’m in IT and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. Surrounded by all Indians here even in the counter culture city of SF. They even wear their sandals to work while failing to utilize any proper hygiene to combat their body odor. And they pack like 6 people into an apartment. Lets not forget the anchor babies they produce since Indians are heavy breeders. Indians are pretty much parasites and suck the resources of their host country without offering anything in return.

        8. Agree with all of that.
          Now, how to we get the rest of our very blue cities and states on board with our correct line of thinking?
          BTW, I lived in the Bay Area back in 90 – 92.
          San Mateo to be exact. Always liked the Peninsula area, even though my neighborhood was kind of crappy.
          Worked IT for Safeway Stores over in Oakland.
          Didn’t like the East Bay at all…

        9. Millennial here.
          My political views are so far right, they disturb my ultra conservative grandfather a bit lmfao
          I dunno many others my age as serious as myself, but most of them generally understand my views.
          They all agree 100% on one thing though. Progressives and sjws are insane, and they hate them.

        10. Yes, I agree.
          But more of the whites here are starting to wake up. Not all, and maybe not a majority just yet, but still, enough to give us a slight hope for the future.
          How many whites in Western Europe can you say that about?

        11. The US is just as fucked as England…and what can be done about it anyway, mass expulsions? Once they’re here(there) they ain’t going anywhere.The majority in England have always been against mass immigration, but the main parties stitched us up over it…too late now.

        12. “The US is just as fucked as England.”
          Yeah, I know.
          I did say “slight hope”…and I mean very slight.

        13. At least Indians don’t impose their culture on everyone like the muslims or homo-fags. Ill take crazy indians over disgusting muslims anyday.

        14. Plenty of us know what’s wrong, doing something about it is something else…people voted Trump for that reason(and for Brexit over here. It won’t make any difference. The political process is a dead end.

        15. Never too late, if the extreme right had a vote for every time that someone has said this there’d be no one saying it.

        16. the two are kind of opposites of each other…. where the UK runs on social repression and the old stiff upper lip and no one can say what they really mean… the US runs on hysteria and mania. if people in the US just STFU and got on with being creative and industrious – it would be a great country.

        17. Compare a Persian woman and to your average H1b Indian woman. Persian women are genetically superior and better looking. You can say the same that Mexican people don’t force their culture down on us, yet we are trying to kick them all out. I don’t want any of them: you can’t make exceptions.

        18. We have to rally protests. We have to specifically hold large protests in these areas where companies are only hiring Indians. Protests in from Visa in foster city. Protests in front of LinkedIn and Salesforce. Just like the labor union use to hold protests back in the day. We need to pass flyers to everyone so they can learn about the H1b abuse and open their eyes.

        19. H1b is a fucking slap in the face to americans. Hire foreigners and subsidize their salaries?! What the fuck kind of anti american shit is that?
          And student visas/minority scholarships?! While the hardworking middle class citizen has to spend 50k on college because theyre white and american?
          So many anti american negotiations with asia and mexico. It only makes sense we should go to these countries and fuck hundreds of their women in exchange.

        20. Indians arent half as bad as middle eastern or african immigrants in that regard. Math loving kids who eat curry make safer neighborhoods than the other two at least.

        21. You forget that India has a large Muslim population and a lot of them enter on the H1b. Hydrebard is mini silicon valley in India and is primarily Muslims. A lot of them come on the H1b to take our jobs. The culture is also backwards. Stop using this logic. If that’s the case, we shouldn’t be bothered by Mexican illegals either because a vast majority of them are hardworkers doing jobs that most Americans won’t do. Second, Indians are destroying the middle class because of them willing to work for cheap. Third, they breed like crazy. Do you want your white homogenous town to now be rampant by all Indians? If so, you are clearly in the wrong section.

        22. Yes, the lesser of two evils, and India I once heard was the worlds largest democracy. Still, they divide up the country, even if they are not half as bad, if they are only 40% as bad that’s still not good. Some of the time you can see a good work ethic among the Indians but then travel in their taxis a few times and read about the gang rapes that go in India and it makes it seem like an unwise idea

        23. You are right, they don’t force hinduism on others etc but they do like to cry “racist”, Pakistanis too and I think their numbers in the UK has also driven the crazy levels of political correctness they have there.

        24. Pakis are filthy muslims. Indian women slide quickly into SJW mindset unless they have a real man who doesnt tolerate that crap.

        25. India looked more awfully English quite a long back ! and what you looked at the UK airports is nothing in comparison !! I know, I understand… TRUTH is hard to digest and easy to forget !

        26. What you said is correct ! We have no problem if:
          Jews enter into Hollywood (maybe because of their color !)
          Feminists portray MEN as worthless shit holes in movies !
          Diversity Green Card Lottery !
          Asylum seekers and Refugees (feeding on Tax Payers Money) !
          ILLEGAL migrants and Border crossing !
          But we have problems with people entering into this Country (by up-paying Visa fees, filing fees and God Damn fees !) LEGALLY, who work and pay their Taxes, who contribute positively, who create employment, who DO NOT involve in University/Mass Shootings/Looting Shopping Malls/Mass Protests/Kill on duty MALE Police Officers etc. etc. etc.
          Why !? It’s quite simple, isn’t it !?; they are not of “same color” and/or are not of “same religion” !!

        27. Why take any of them in?
          Let them be good at math in their own country.
          They need smart guys over there. I have been there. It is a hell hole.

        28. “…Take our jobs”. Don’t give them jobs, damn IT ! It’s that simple ! Why don’t you show to the Corporations that you are better bet than H1Bs (read: Hindustanis), you work harder than H1Bs, you don’t expect un-realistic perks & salary, the pussies won’t take FOUR fully-paid maternity leaves at the cost of Companies budget !!, you are more skilled etc. etc. etc.
          Why the hell Corporations in this Country need outsiders or H1B or more specifically, Hindustanis in first place! (I know, I know, you have grudge on Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai and many more !) Why? Why? Why H1Bs and why majorly Hindustanis !? Do Not Give Them Jobs ! It’s that simple, don’t you see IT !!

        29. Thanks, but hey, how did you come to the conclusion that Indians are crazy !? Also, Indians don’t “preach” their culture or don’t try to “convert” !!

        30. Stupids, the Hindustanis are ! to call “few” local people as “racist”. There is no racism and there was never. It all boils down to the JEG&IIC Syndrome (Jealousy, Enviousness, Grudge & Inherent Inferiority Complex) !
          There are “few” local people who take it granted to assault, abuse, threaten, shout at and even kill Hindustanis; just because Hindustanis are minority and nobody gives a shit about it !

        31. Agreed on this ! Indian pussies are as much arrogant, bitchy, whorish, slutty and ungrateful as their western counterparts !!

        32. Still doesn’t mean we should let them in the US.
          They are crazy, too. Lot’s of gang rapes over there. And they throw acid in peoples faces (the untouchables) just for walking in the “wrong” part of a town. They are nuts. I have been there. It is a hell hole.

        33. “Why don’t you show to the Corporations that you are better bet than H1Bs
          (read: Hindustanis), you work harder than H1Bs, you don’t expect
          un-realistic perks…”
          – They work for much, much less $$$.
          – They will work very long hours because they have no life.
          – They will never complain, because they know they will get fired & have to move back to the hell hole from whence they came.
          The H1B program should be disbanded. Hard working, intelligent Americans have a right to these jobs. Not grubby, stinky foreigners.

        34. Gang rapes has nothing to do with a Country or Race or Religion or Continent or Color !! Rape and Gang rapes are everywhere; just as much as the females who are: Promiscuous, Slutty / Whorish, Opportunistic, Hookers, Luring MEN to get Jobs/Promotions/Monitory benefits, Arrogant, Bitchy and Ungrateful !!
          Don’t think that only white pussies are slutty, whorish etc. etc. ! Even Hindustani pussies are (more) slutty, whorish, cunning and dangerous !
          No point in arguing brother ! Do you want me to talk about Mass Shootings by whites/pales at Universities !? People who are Mentally ill but are roaming freely on streets !? Pussies walking bare chested !?
          Oh, no, there is a big list of CRAZY things about Femiricans, sorry to say !!

        35. No more curry eating, elevator stinking, job stealing wogs in my country!!!

        36. So that’s the guy that Peter Thiel helped destroy a left wing website 🙂

        37. The UK runs on social oppression and the stiff upper lip? Where have you been for the last 50 years?

        38. For those benefiting from the decline of British (and European men), the political process acts as a shield from the public.

        39. No…India never looked English…and there are plenty of places in England where there are very few darkies.

        40. How does it matter who am I !? other than trying to evade the facts, just like the pussies ! You talked about “others” to get out of “your” Country (really !?) and I am talking about “few” people like you to get out of this Country, which belongs to the Native RED INDIANS !!
          You see, How does it matter who am I !?

        41. Holy smoke, you’ve really blown a gasket, haven’t you?
          At least I was drunk when I posted the comment with the Hulk Hogan song. What’s your excuse? — that’s rhetorical. I really don’t give a damn.
          It is not the Red man’s country.
          Never was.
          The country belongs to those who built it and made it great.
          And that was and is White Europeans.
          I am not evading anything. I posted a funny video of the Simpsons for entertainment purposes. If you had a sense of humor you would have recognized that.
          Finally…”How does it matter who am I !?”…it doesn’t. I couldn’t care less.
          Have a good night.

        42. That is true, and the “experts” say the US is will be majority non-white in 2040-2045, looking at that number it will be much sooner, more like 2025. I already heard that 25 percent of the population will be speaking Spanish by 2020, that is 3 years from now!!

        43. Fair enough. I can’t in good conscience impose my views. However, there are some more extreme options available in different parts of the world. In Canada or America for example, there really isn’t any conservatives.

        1. The Brits allied with Ottoman muslims in 1853 against christian Russia. They gave Czechoslovakia and Poland to Hitler. Later they gave half of Europe to Stalin. Now they allied with Alah against humanity. They deserve it.

        1. Like the man said, no English voters voted for the destruction of their culture. Too bad but it’s way too late.
          Waaaaay too late

        2. Because they’ve been poisoned in their minds, culture and nutrition. Everyone gets to eat regularly and they have their idiotic “sportball” games to distract them from the destruction of their culture and race.

        3. EVERY English voter voting for ANY party other than UKIP has been voting for their own extinction for 30 years.
          They KNOW they are voting for pc, multi-cult and mass immigration.
          The parties they vote for scream it from the rooftops….

        4. Yep, British and destroyed their own country, but at least they were not racist.. On my last trip there noticed how much of an unsavoury mix it is there compared to back on the continent (not including France)

      2. ay thank the jews for all of tthis tho. its all going accoring to he (((plan)))

      3. What do you expect when all the major European leaders don’t have children. Infertility = death and lack if purpose and care for the future. All these losers do is slave away for a few at the top while the top showers excremate all over them.

        1. It’s a good point about children and how people without them are different and act differently.
          It’s like being at the casino with $1,000, If that’s just disposal income then you play your hand differently than if that’s your rent money. I.e. if you don’t care what happens in the future because you have no stake in it (or no children or that grand is not vital to you) then who cares. Its all about the moment and doing whatever makes you feel good at that moment regardless of future concerns.
          That’s why these European childless “leaders” vitural signal each other with diversity so they can feel good about themselves. To them the future is nothing and of no concern its about them now so “let it ride.”

        2. Macron: 0 kids (FRA)
          May: 0 kids (UK)
          Sturgeon: 0 kids (SCO)
          Gentiloni: 0 kids (ITA)
          Merkel: 0 kids (GER)
          Bettel: 0 kids (LUX)
          Lofven: 0 kids (SWE)
          Rutte: 0 kids (NET)
          Rajoy: 2 kids (ESP
          Sousa: 2 kids (POR)
          Higgins: 4 kids (IRL)
          Michel: 0 kids (BEL)
          Rasmussen: 3 kids (DEN)
          Solberg: 2 kids (NOR)
          Pavlopoulos: 3 kids (GRE)
          WEST Total: 16 kids of 15 leader (1.06)
          (Ireland, Portugalia, Spain, Greece pulls up the average, more religious countries, without them, it is 0.33)
          Schultz: 0 kids (EU – now going for GER)
          Juncker: 0 kids (EU)
          Fico: 1 kid (SLO)
          Sobotka: 2 kids (CZR)
          Szydlo: 2 kids (POL)
          Borisov: 1 kid (BUL)
          Grindeanu: 2 kids (ROM)
          Plenkovic: 2 kids (CRO)
          Vucic: 2 kids (SRB)
          Zvizdic: 1 kid (BHZ)
          Gruevski: 2 kids (MAC)
          Pahor: 1 kid (SLV)
          Vejonis: 0 kids (LAT)
          Grybauskaitė: 0 kids (LIT)
          Kaljulaid: 0 kids (EST)
          Orban: 5 kids (HUN)
          EAST Total: 21 kids of 14 leaders (1.5, still not ideal)
          (Baltic countries pull down the average, seems scandinavic, without them it is 1.9)

        3. Notice Orban has the most kids and he is the face of the Anti-immigrant stance of EE. He started alone and became the voice aganist the tyranny of the EU and Neo Nazi Germany. Through his kids he is forced to look at the reality of allowing economic migrants from Africa and anywhere Middle East into his country. He doesn’t want his family living in the hellhole that France, England, and Germany all are. These countries have no soul and their people are dying, figuratively and literally.

        4. Bettel is a fudgepacker, no chance of kids. Luxembourg is your typical limo liberal type country, love their own backyard nice and spiffy but want to push all sorts of leftwing bullshit on everyone else. The Swiss you can admire, the Lux you cannot.

        5. That’s nice one, but you know the kids from the 2nd and 3rd wife adds only half points at the end… 🙂 Having 5 from the same woman… that’s something. (joking)
          Anyway: having kids changes the thinking of most sane adults fundamentally. About the future, about goals in life. I guess it is the same with Trump, that’s one reason (among different others for sure) why these leaders behave the way they do.

      4. Im curious how the Italians are handling feminism and immigration. They seem like the most macho dudes on earth. Every traveling woman I know says they are passionate, or overtly aggressive, both probably meaning the same thing. I dont picture them being bossed around by their wives. Nor do i picture the italian mafia letting muslims run rampant in their neighborhoods.

        1. Nah…..they’re gone too…..
          Italy has had the lowest birth rate in Europe for years.

        2. It’s a great question. I’ve got no info on it. I think that many NGOs operate out of Sicily, using it as a transport hub to bring in “refugees.”

        3. Hi David, im from Italy, here is what i’ve seen, i see and my opinion regarding your questions.
          In italy femminism is rampart in any places, from government(femminist) approved many feminist laws agaisnt men (like in US) to the media ( majority of which are conducted by feminist women and gay/beta men), mafia? it earn a lot more with immigrants than with drugs, they also hire those immigrants to works as low wage slaves, expecially in the southern part of italy.
          Italian men generally speaking are tatooed pussies beta men, white knights, wage slaves, who will live a life of illusions and they will do everythings for a pussy, they will not move a finger as long as you feed them with soccer and false prospects and you are set! they are mostly Leftist, the rest from the right (Berlusconi anyone?) and very few of them want to do somethings good for their country, they just ride the band wagon to have privileges, money and power, while regular joe’s don’t reach the end of the month.
          Divorce in Italy is skyrocketing, as marriage is dropping down inesorable, the newborns are mostly from immigrants, that’s the reason why the average population is almost stable.
          Italian women are also seeking bad boy and riding the cock carousel with slutty mind attitude and very rude behaviours unless they hit the wall or get divorced from the beta simp, then they have simply to chose from a wide array of starving joe’s,
          their looks? ffs, the times of Sofia Loren or Monica bellucci are gone my friend, women today act like men with pussy also here, many are fat, dress like shits, follow the bad attitude fashion and are simply not worth of a commitment anymore, so it’s not so easy to deal with them unless you are a weirdo tatooed stupid man looking for female attention and you don’t know nothings about our divorce laws against men. many are married with landwhales who threat them worsth than their stupid dogs who usually kiss in the mouth after thei clean their ass.
          Muslim are the left trojan horse here in Italy too, to kill the status quo regarding what italians used to be, our land is now ruled by people who doesn’t give a fuck about their ancestor, culture and so on, many young people emigrates away each years and politics doesn’t give a damn either. We are already conquered by China people (like indians in US) who got basically all the middle works here, then all the rest of illegal immigrant do crimes and simply live a life of pleasure since each day the italian government giv’em 35 euros! hell! is like to win a lottery! meanwhile all the tax keep the italians in a new poverty status we never seen before, maybe after the ww2.
          Social, health, school, factory, industry, research,financial and work prospects in Italy are over, we also have no clues what going on in the world since media broadcast all the same shit to keep calm people and brainwash them to do nothing and enjoy slowly the decline.
          you must consider that this is a master plan who has involved al the western cultures, ruled by jews, using financial, political, neoculturalism and media to ((eradicate)) every culture, to create a melting pot without any concerns regarding their countries, their history, art culture, a popolation of mixed races who are easy to manipulate and to subdue as slaves for the elites who will rule in the future. yes! this is a war! where your enemy is invading your land with the help of politicians, sjw, femminism and so on.
          Italy is like the european pier where every illegal immigrants swipe their feets on before going to germany, spain, france and so on, our situation is already fucked up, with a birth ratio of 1,35, whe are already doomed; Italy will be dead in 50/100 years almost the half of the population would be from mixed race and italian culture will be lost forever.
          The bad side is that this is working! everywhere, and since this war have no enemy, uniform and is disguised as an immigration due war in Siria, you may figure out the end.
          well, in USA you still have the right to own a gun, good for you, i believe you will need it in the future to fight for your land, europe is doomed, God bless America.

        4. they are simply making money from our government and europe, many of them are under investigation, our government are considering to close our harbours to foreign NGO ship’s in the hope they will dock to other european countries, many of which already refuse to accept more immigrants so i figure out the immigrants number will increase in the next months in italy where already they do crimes everywhere. for more info see the reply above.

        5. These NGOs are the engines of anarchy in the 21st century, truly lawless. I hope the Italian government sends ships out to escort the NGO boats away– or that the government gets out of the way of citizens doing it themselves.

        6. i’ve seen all the video, basically the guy said a lot of good things, however the answer is no. i never seen such media in TV or newspaper here; Italians are pussies and aren’t lift a finger, and as i told before, the media won’t inform us about what’s going on, just the same shit over and over.
          Yes, in some cities someone start to be concearned about immigrants and their crimes, someone run a website where are archived all the immigrant’s crimes ( but every try meet the brute force of law to stop them in minutes, plus the nazifemminist and the sjw looks at you in a weird way and accuse you to be a racist if you dare to speak about the situation.
          plus, since we have the Pope here, you know, this pussies italian attitude will last until the inevitable decline. (welcome refugeeeeeeees! eat spaghetti and fuck our gRRRrrll!)
          furthermore, as i said in the reply above, mafia and many “italians” are making fast cash with “refugeees”, can you imagine our state border ships are litterally going near Lybia shores to get refugees with other’s NGO ships? (about 350 miles)hell, we are fucked up!
          this is a war! bear it in mind, and i agree with the last words of advices, we must go in the street now or it would be too late.

        1. “We” are your cousins in North America and Australia.
          In the USA we can say that the government is working against the will of the people; in Western Europe, it looks like you guys want to be culturally extinguished, and the people are behind the official efforts to make it so.

        2. No cousins of mine…and like its any different in N America or Australia(compared to the 1960s). Whites are heading for minority status in all ”Western” nations.

        3. The attitude is different. Our people don’t want to be “replaced.” Yours talk like it’s their moral obligation to shuffle off the pages of history. That’s not us.

        4. I don’t know where you get your ideas from..
          No “normal” people here believe that..
          And America seems more anti-white male than here..
          No AA for starters. Or “White Privilege”.

    2. “I thought this was going to be an article about the muzzie immigration problem. But this is even worse. Dying from within. I suppose that also explains the muzzie immigration problem”
      My exact thoughts too.

    3. My thoughts exactly. The only problem with the British is that they aren’t British anymore. There is no Great Britain. It’s now dubbed Englistan. The Anglo Saxons are dead. I’m surprised that the author saw British lads holding hands with Whales. When I was in Britain, all I saw were Indians and Pakistanis – a lot of hijabs and beta looking south Asian men. There is no Britain anymore.

      1. Yup, London is depressing, but let’s avoid generalizations. The more urban, the less national (and obviously the more globalized) a region is. That’s a general pattern, all over the world (yes, even in China, Japan, Russia or the middle east).
        Globalized people are mostly fruitless parasites. The day they lose their hosts’ good favour, they’ll depart and never again be heard of. The soon to be Brexit will be a case study for this, I am sure.
        The fact is, even second, third or fourth generation immigrants are only “british” as much as they feel welcome and “nourished” (health, education, subsidies, etc.). You take that away, and in less than 30 seconds, you’re granted to hear “those racist, toothless brits”/”not-so-great Britain” rants.

        1. Your last paragraph is a load of shit. I’m a third generation Jamaican immigrant who’s parents like me were born and bred in England. I love my country, I contribute to my country and I would never want to live anywhere else but my country, so don’t generalise, It makes you sound foolish.

    4. Britain was a Matriarchy under QE1 in the 1500s…. Victoria embedded it as a tradition and the current setup has been running more than 1/2 century… add in Thatcher and the current hag, this article is 30 years too late.

    5. Mate check the facts. The biggest immigration problem is the one coming from Europe. There are hardly any Muslims coming to Britain.

    6. I have had a discussion with a german leftist male about migration. When
      I argued that it would be a bad idea to accept so many african muslim
      young men because it will lead to a gender imbalance between men and
      women. These men also travel in packs and they already start attacking
      and harassing women who are in company of a local man, so they actually
      have a “guardian” but they don’t take this guardian seriously. They
      accept a 12 year old muslim boy as guardian but not a 40 year old German
      In Cologne New Years Eve some women reported they weren’t
      attacked or less attacked (just yelling slurs) when they were in company
      of an arab male
      An african man raped a german girl who was wild
      camping at a lake. He slit the tent with a saw blade, wiggled around
      with the same saw blade and told the woman to follow him.
      Outside he
      raped her and placed the saw blade next to him, he did not keep it in
      hand. The boyfriend at the same time was sitting in the tent, talking
      with the police while in the background you could hear the pain screams
      of the women. But he stayed inside after it was all over.
      I asked
      him, if he was not, somewhere deep within, at the bottom of his core,
      somehow worried about young German men who could not find a partner
      under circumstances like that and if he does not feel somehow threatend
      as a male by this situation. Because if German men can’t protect their
      woman most women will look for other men. That will increase the decline
      of Germany.
      You know what he answered? He said, well, if I want to
      be on such a racial, folkish trip, I should better stay away. Because
      I’m being racist because I want young local men to find a
      woman, because I don’t find it fair to force them into a situation of
      lack of females, into rivalry with brainless savages who gladly kick
      their heads in if they make eye contact.
      Another man, a mens rights
      activist, accused me of sexism because I saw a problem in accepting
      millions of young, uneducated, badly socialised, low IQ males. He said
      it was sexist to mention that hordes of young men who got nothing to
      lose was always a guarantee for trouble in history. He said it was
      sexist because he thought all men are brothers.
      I’m so tired of this.

      1. Are you also in Germany? I have a German leftist who I am friends with but I only humour his leftie comments, don’t waste any energy debating with leftists, but am slowly gathering a few right wing buddies. I would say “conservative”, but unfortunately, “conservative” in 2017 means “left” so it must be right / rechts 😉

      2. That’s just plain sick.
        Mental illness to the nth degree.
        They better wake up over there.
        I really hope they do.

        1. no they won’t. And as I mentioned in one of my older comments, it’s a number’s game after all. Muslims and african start earlier with children and have more because they raise them by welfare money.
          I would also argue, that it could be possible that the testosterone level of German or western european men is not high anymore.
          In an ape horde, when the alpha ape gets defeatet, his testosterone level goes down within two days and the testosterone of the new alpha ape goes up.
          Coudn’t it be, that an omega bully victim has or develops low level of testosterone because he knows, he’s in danger, he has got no group to rely on. With mices it is seen as well if you pet them under constant stress.
          Living in a big crowded city with lots of multiculti and violence also reduces the size of your brain.
          German men are also not used to this kind of brutish direct violence and the will to kill or beat other people out of nowhere. Some even started to kick random peple down the subway stairs.

          How could this boy grow into a mentally stable, healthy, coragous man if he gets treated like this through his whole pubercy? I’m not even calling him weakling, he just can’t do anything because he is a minority and his parents probably only have one or two children, while the other guy has 38 cousins who would help him.
          Not even police cando their work. 1 Minute later an aggressive crowd surrounds the police and tries to intimidate them. 250 people against 2 cops last time.

        2. the same leftist man also told me, it’s a proof of racism that he reads so little about mass rapes among German men. He could not accept, that he doesn’t read about that because German men hardly do that. Attacking random women and rape them in broad daylight.
          Even men and old women get raped. An 85 year old woman wanted to visit her husbands grave and was raped by an african. children, girls boys it doesn’t matter.
          But he was so deep into thinking that white man is THE DEVIL that he could not think logical anymore.
          That counts for media, politicians, people on the street. You can’t speak your mind anymore.

        3. 1st video posted 12/2016, so I would say that boy’s parent’s better get him out of that situation as fast as they can. There is no way he can defend against those other bullies without weapons. He is about 10 or 11 and they look to be in the 15-17 range. An impossible task. If his father cannot train him , then he should be sent to military school to get out of that bad situation, and to be trained to be a man.
          Yes, you are correct. He will NEVER have a normal life growing u as a bullied victim. I say this from 1st hand knowledge, as I grew up a bullied victim, and YES, I am an omega with an abnormal life.
          I was very skinny and weak as a boy, and was treated lower than dirt and less than human through grade school and high school. And I am far from normal. But I do get laid. A lot. Fortunately I went into a field that pays well, and I can afford hot young escorts. I would much rather be a “playboy” who bangs girls for free, but that is not in the cards for me. If I wanted a girlfriend for free, I would have to settle for 2/3/4 (ugly, or fat, or an old bag). I will never do that.
          I work out usually 4 times a week (mostly body weight exercises and a little bit of weights), take plenty of vitamins, including zinc and magnesium, and my Testosterone levels are, I think, quite high for my age (51). I usually get laid 3 times a week, and even that is not enough, but the cost would be too high to do more than that. I am quite horny all the time. So I think being bullied as a boy will not affect Testosterone levels later in life if the kid gets on the right track. But absolutely, his parents have to get him out of that terrible situation. Really hope the best for the kid.
          The 2nd video I do not quite understand. Just two girls slapping another girl over and over. And it seems staged, like the girl getting slapped is allowing it to happen. Was that the wrong link?

    7. I firmly believe that feminism is the root cause for the muzz problem and much more. Make a timeline of just about any serious global issue that we face. Trace it back.

      1. Giving women the vote is one of the root causes of just about everything wrong in the US today.
        2 worst mistakes in US history:
        1) Importing African slaves
        2) Universal suffrage

  9. Why is it that Britain has foisted upon us some of the world’s most famous sods? Boy George, George Michael, Elton John, and, long ago, Oscar Wilde (even though he was Irish).

  10. It’s a stereotype but many British men do only partake in the lowest of typically male interests, such as massive pub drinking and being football fans. With such estrogen-increasing and plebeian interests it is no wonder that they have a bad reputation pretty much all over the world, although not as bad as Mussies.

    1. That’s the thing though-you have other nations partake of that and yet they’re hard as nails. The Russians for example absolutely annihilated the Pommy poofs in France-which was absolutely hilarious by the way because they fancied themselves tough guys etc. and were destroyed.

      1. As much as I respect them, watching Frenchies getting pulverized is always entertaining. They’ve sadly turned into Europe’s punching bag after Napoleon’s defeat.

        1. I guess. The Poms getting a belting was hilarious-the thought a few beer guzzling hooligans could handle Sambo practitioners was so comical I almost felt bad laughing.

        2. The Russians, Germans and Italians are the only people in Europe I respect. Their culture was something I always admired. The Russians are the last ones standing now. What’s happening to the latter two nations is truly tragic.

        3. Not Greeks? They invented civilisation and pound for pound were the greatest asskickers in human history-forget about the modern Leftist twits who have been corrupted by the Germans-there are many who are hard nationalists and would love nothing more than to revive the Junta and throw the Leftists out of helicopters; myself being one who’d relish that.

        4. I wanted to mention the Greeks, but they kinda stopped being badass after the collapse of their ancient empire. In modern history, Greek and badass usually don’t pop up in the same sentence.
          You’re right, though. the Spartans were epic!

        5. Yeah, whenever I think of Greece from the year 0 A.D. forward the only thing that pops in my head is “Greek Navy” and that, as we all know, kind of isn’t a good thing.

        6. If you look at WW2 they were absolutely badass-they held off the Germans and Italians and dealt the Axis its first defeat and in turn the Cretan resistance held them up such that Operation Barbarossa was postponed and they ended up freezing to death in Stalingrad.

        7. The invasion of Crete was the first airborne opeation and the casualties were so high, the Germans never attempted another massive airborne op again.

        8. That’s what I gathered-and from what I understand also, the British effectively left the Australians to fend for themselves there and the native population had to hide them/protect them.

        9. The Germans took the island, but some of the airborne units had 90% casualty rates and the resistance was tougher than origianlly suspected. Instead of 2 days, it took 2 weeks.

        10. good ol’ blighty, the poor Aussies got the same treatment during the Fall of Singapore

        11. Yep. Cannon fodder-just as the Americans did a lot of the heavy lifting so did the Australians in the Pacific Theater.

      2. Those pommy poofs you refer to were no football hooligans for the most part.
        For the last 20 years or so anybody with football related violence has their passports taken off them at football tournament times to prevent them going over for a scrap, first it was just known trouble causers then anybody who might have got into a tussle near a football ground.
        Do you think Vlad and his pals impose similar penalties on Russian scrappers?

        1. Be that as it may-and I am aware of the ‘measures’ they have tried to corporatise and sanitise the sport over there in the aftermath of Hillsborough, Heysel and the like, they have a tendency to try and cause trouble in other countries and got their bells rung this time.
          Vlad is the man and accordingly recognises manly virtue-if you’re looking for trouble then you’d be out of your mind to take on anybody who has been trained as some may have even been Spetsnaz or similar.

        2. “Do you think Vlad and his pals impose similar penalties on Russian scrappers?”
 Slav fans go to soccer games other than watching dudes chase a round ball. I know a few who used to do this:

          If soccer was my national sport, I could see where fighting would be more entertaining.

    2. That’s indeed very true and sad.That’s what plebs do, bread and circus. Same everywhere really.

  11. At least with the decline of western men, the technological singularity will be averted.

  12. Cucks I tell you. If you’re name ain’t Iqbal ah rahmoud el Habibi, you ain’t Britistani enough.

  13. Yeah, it’s sad to see the greatest Empire in history reduced to this. Wellington, Nelson, Churchill and Disraeli would roll over in their graves if they know that Oscar Wilde’s degeneracy would seem mild compared to the degeneracy of today.
    In 1922 the British Empire had reached it’s height. Less than 100 years later, we are now weaker than Wessex before Alfred the Great.

    1. Yes, we are a perfect case study in the consequences of abandoning classical values, and adopting feminist cancer hook, line, and sinker…

    2. “Oscar Wilde’s degeneracy”
      The man was a literary genius. You may not like what he stood for, or the modern epoch that he presaged, but don’t detract from his talent.

        1. It belongs in some art gallery in SoHo- the message would fly over 99% of the chumps

        2. Some cheesy art gallery, at that…and the chumps would be walking the streets of SoHo, in the rain. Ah-oooo.

        3. hey in nyc, they says its 10% of males; Im sure its higher in Manhattan

  14. An interesting article, but really quite lightweight. Yes, it’s an introduction to the poison flowing through the Anglosphere, with ‘Great’ Britain as ground zero.
    For a full, scholarly, and weighty analysis I highly recommend the work, of nearly a decade, of Rookh Kshatria which you will find here:
    An accessible summary of his work can be found in his book “Havok’, which is a devastating analysis of Feminism and it’s deadly effects on the ‘Anglosphere’.
    He places the blame, as does this article, firmly at the door of the British and the ‘Anglo’ culture. Of course America does not get off likely, our feminism terminal illness has flourished and prospered in the UK too. Rookh analyses superbly the historical context and demonstrated that far be it a *radical* doctrine, Feminism was the natural and inevitable expression of Anglo ‘puritan’ culture.
    Really this article is fine, but can’t hold a candle to the work of Mr Kshatria!
    And yes, I am British!

    1. You have my deepest sympathy. That nation is ground zero for this kind of idiocy; it vomited forth all that Cultural Marxist/Political Correctness idiocy.

      1. Thank you brother.
        I spend my time with people who share my pursuits – lifting, martial arts (full-contact, not prancing around) and Motorbikes – where you are likeliest to find the remaining masculine Men.

    2. Thanks for the link. This was not a bad article and got into some good background when it came to the Methodists but I also thought the rest was was too light weight as well, and the UK would provide a great case study as ground zero for the changes that have undergone anglo cultures, but in more comprehensive dissection than this

      1. Hmmmmm… I am wondering if I inadvertently linked to just one article on the blog, or you perhaps only read one article… the site should contain around a decade’s worth of articles which, taken as a whole, comprises as ‘less lightweight(™)’ body of work… for an accessible overview of this Man’s thinking on the subject his book ‘Havok’ is worthwhile…

    1. Met a few of your women. Would agree generally. Do you notice more women not marrying now in turn or more interracial couples in Russia?

      1. Dont know about marrying, but Russian women love men from Caucas (Chechen, Armenian, Azer, Georgian, Dagestan), Turkey, Marocco, etc

  15. Having lived a total of seven months of my life in England, I’m not too upset. The place never held any magic for me, the people were too frosty, and even the national soccer team is in serious decline. (Loss to Iceland??!! Really?!)
    Scotland and Wales, on the other hand…

        1. Normally I’d say a properly delivered head butt to the bridge of the nose is quite the show stopper but a Glasgow kiss has got nothing on the G Smile.

        2. Let’s just put that down to good ole fashion fun shall we? boys will be boys as it were.

        3. 1,500 acid attacks reported in London since 2011. Some say many are due to the Muzzies, but the locals are also getting into it.
          For all the traditional politeness (“Sorry” and queuing for buses) the UK has always had an undercurrent of violence. As I recall the rakes of the Hellfire Club used to put their victim’s mouth on the curb and stomp out his teeth, just for fun.

    1. Have family there. Haven’t seen them in over a decade easily so no idea how their existence is over on that side of the pond. My own time there, I hated the weather and noticed mostly migrants doing a great job with the foods and a proliferation of pubs. That said the big plus for Londonites seemed to be they were well versed in global affairs and literature, but what makes there less appealing to live than America? Besides the shitty weather.

      1. I was in London in January of this year. I ran into very few British (ethnically) people while I was there. Almost all service people were foreigners. We were visiting my Filipina wife’s best friend from back in the Philippines. Her daughter is in what in the US would be middle school. She told us that there were no white children in her school. They were either Asian or mixed race.

        1. Was also there recently. Agreed, the place doesn’t feel like England. If you see a genuine male Brit on the streets of London, he’s probably wearing a suit. Everyone else seemed to be either eastern European or some flavor of Asian or African. Latin Americans, on the other hand, were very rare. Lots of hijabs and veils too. All in all, it was a very surreal experience, especially when compared with my previous visit in 2000.

  16. “We shall fight on the beaches…and we will never surrender. Unless we go full-on homo.” – Winston Churchill

    1. “We shall fight on the beaches…and we will never surrender. Unless we go full-on homo.” – Winston Churchill
      “You’ll never walk alone” – originally Gerry & The Pacemakers, but bought to new audiences courtesy of Germany & Sweden

    1. They did alright under Queen Victoria-but that was before all this bullshit took hold. In my estimation it was a consequence of her reign in the sense that it is their way of atonement for ‘colonialism’, this despite the fact that they ended a lot of savagery in those third world shitholes they had conquered mind you.

        1. They did beat the Spanish Armada so that has to say something. Again, a time before they lost their balls.

        2. At least stared them down – I thought the weather did the leg work of fukking up the Spanish fleet.

        3. The fire ships did a lot of damage then once the armada was broken into random ships the weather finished the job.

        4. see movies “Elizabeth” and it’s sequel “Elizabeth: the Golden Years”

        5. Was it the Brits that beat them, or was it the bad weather that defeated the Spaniards?

        1. I think for the fact that the Queen is a figurehead and therefore has either been incapable or unwilling to stop the rot setting in.

        2. I think she got more and more unwilling as she aged. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn she’s sick of everything and just goes along with whatever at this point.
          What I think is that since she’s been without a King for so long, British women just get the message they don’t need a man and can be in charge and do whatever the hell they want with no consequences. British media hasn’t helped fix that as far as I know.

        3. That’s definitely plausible. God help us with the next one that does take over-thoroughly cucked and anything but regal.

      1. At least under Victoria the political structure was still male. Not so much today.

        1. Male and not cucked-now there’s males but they’re not men.

  17. the men of Britain live; the skinhead/trojan spirit lives on in a lot of Brits.
    but they’re mostly white and black men in the formerly-working class.
    UK is a powderkeg in reality.
    buy your popcorn early….

    1. Its also has the most cc tv surveillance per person in the world I beleive. The country also more liberal laws when it comes to surveillance on its citizens. Back in the 70s the skinheads and the National Front let immigrants know they were not welcome in the UK. They got infiltrated and many members received long jail terms.Those days of open resistance to govt social policies are gone.

  18. The thing with northern Europe truly is a problem with culture. Marxism being propagated by the academia, the media, by the education system, by the political parties…I have family living in London for about 24 years…A cousin of mine dated a german girl. Do you think she had the “ho fuck off i am a independent women crap”? No. Every time she went to dinner at my uncle house, she served the food and then took the dishes when it was over, helping, willingly, my aunt. No feminist crap, no tension, no rebellion, no hate. Just a normal, happy, functional portuguese family with a german fraulein just being a women. Change the culture, respect biology and all will be ok.

  19. I don’t know about UK per se but the brits as tourists are horrendous and conduct themselves very badly, especially in Spain and Portugal. They’re all fat as fuck, heavily tatooed and are drunk from morning til dawn. This applies to australians as well…Are they escaping something ? The women I’ve seen are vulgar,very slutty and big mouthed. British men are indeed finished.

    1. The sight of the ‘common’ English abroad is indeed horrible to behold.

  20. Conclusion: Red-pillers have to re-model society on the Amish model – work is hard physically and religion is king. A technologically-advanced society doesn’t favor men as physical laboring isn’t a way to become successful.

    1. “A technologically-advanced society doesn’t favor men”
      It should.
      First world men are the only ones who have built, understand, and can progress the technology. Women cannot and neither can black and brown 3rd worlders. Even India, with their H1B legions, would be nowhere if the west had left them on their own, as it should have been. And if we pull back, they will go back to sh*tting in the millet field. No, the technological advancements are fine. Just don’t share with the 3rd world, and don’t allow females to vote. Problem solved.

  21. They divided Christianity. They funded the muslims against Spain and Germany. They created feminism. Let’s hope a tsunami wipes off that damn island. The World will be a much better place.

        1. Then who did if not the Pilgrims?
          I’ve drank at the Pub they set sail from in London, the historians will have to alter all the signs on the walls…..

  22. Brits are trash. Every disgusting act of debacuhery is comitted by these losers after debarkation of easyjet across Europe. 100% drunkards.

  23. Great article but depressing . Saw the movie “Lost City of Z” about the British explorer Fawcett who explored the Amazon. He ( Fawcett) was relatively unknown amongst the Victorian era explorers e.g Livingston , polar explorers..Where did these guys go??

    1. ‘Where did these guys go??’
      ….but you…….but you said to the Amazon, I thought?

  24. Well as long as plenty of lowlife and integrity-bereft American women fuck these schmucks simply because of their “really cool” accents I think they’ll be okay for a bit.

  25. Strange little essay….
    I assume the writer omitted to mention that we in GB established the modern post war Welfare State, because it is too obvious a point to mention.
    Anyway, everything is generated by the destruction of the family by the Welfare State, a Welfare State that should be rightly termed a Single Parent State.
    British men are certainly finished.
    I’ve been saying the same for about three years.
    This essay is too ambitious. The subject is far too broad.
    Should have been series.

  26. Wonder how much the effect of the gender imbalance in 20th century Britain had on this? The huge numbers of British men killed in WWI & WWII leading to a large no. of “spinster” women without men sublimating their discontent in political/social activism?

    1. Interesting point.
      And the number of single mothers too.
      Yes, the world wars, especially 2 had a huge downstream impact.
      Like here in the US with females going to work as “Rosie the Riveter” and slutting it up with their 4F coworkers while their husbands were at war.

      1. “Like here in the US with females going to work as “Rosie the Riveter” and slutting it up with their 4F coworkers while their husbands were at war.”
        Yes but in the US the situation “corrected” when the menfolk came home. In the case of Europe they got a double-whammy of military age (young) men dying first by the millions in WWI and 20 odd years later and even bigger hit in WWII. We (the US) didn’t lose anywhere close to that number in both Wars combined. Large no. of European women experiencing involuntary spinsterhood; no husband or children. Without question this would have produced social effects; like the perceived unprecedented need for a “Nanny state” to take the place of the deceased men who were no longer husband/fathers/providers. And also in the democratic countries (like Britain & France) a unprecedented gender imbalance in voting favoring women for the first time.

        1. “Yes but in the US the situation “corrected” when the menfolk came home.”
          – The “women’s movement”
          – The “sexual revolution”
          – No fault divorce with Alimony and Child support.
          – AA/EEOC
          You call that correcting itself???

        2. “You call that correcting itself???”
          I meant that the “gender imbalance” in the US caused by the war corrected itself to a large degree; in the case of Europe they died by the millions. Our guys by comparison most of them made it back home.

    2. I would have thought a situation like that (Russia & Germany copped it worse) could have led to the opposite effect. The remaining men would have been seen as more valuable. They would have been more sort after by an excess number of women, and women would be more eager to please to snag a man. with excess women I thought that would result in more cads and less dads type of men. I do understand the spinsters and political activism aspect as well, but still thought a country with less men would give them the upper hand.
      The county that got hit with the worst with gender imbalance from war, most people would never guess. It was Paraguay after they took on Argentine & Brazil in the late 19th century. Sounds crazy to take on 2 much larger countries to the north and the south but they were winning for the first 2 yrs, but when the tide turned, they got smashed.

    3. No.
      Interesting musing, but, no.
      If we look at Britain in the 1950s, we see the sort of ordered, sane and solvent male structured society that people like me admire.
      This would not be the case if your ‘crazy political spinster’ suggestion was accurate.

      1. “This would not be the case if your ‘crazy political spinster’ suggestion was accurate.”
        I would think there would be a lag time before the effect showed up. People don’t just “unlearn” the values/beliefs they have been raised with over night. It takes years in some cases for the changes to start to show up in mass. For instance women in Britain didn’t get the vote until 1918; and it was restricted at the time to “householders” over the age of 30.

        1. ‘I would think there would be a lag time before the effect showed up. People don’t just “unlearn” the values/beliefs they have been raised with over night. ‘
          ….depends upon whether they WANT to unlearn them , or not.
          Women’s sexual liberation IS the unlearning of values and beliefs.
          You suggest the war losses altered the ‘paring odds’ of females leading to socially destabilising effects later.
          However, the reality of large losses of men due to warfare is a social constant through all human history. Nothing new in that.
          Instead, the post war man was too exhausted to maintain male authority over women.
          The women took power under the guise of ‘justice and equality’.

  27. The problem is the British government and media both did not steer the country’s wealth gained in the 20th century into beefing up the numbers and the genestock of native Brits. The excess wealth was burned off as disposable income and massive council housing projects. WW I-II further bled the pool of men, grinding them down to a stub, kind of like when you trust a retard with an electric pencil sharpener to kindly tip off your writing utinsils.
    Upon the fall of the Soviet Union, Russian elites were in agreement that Russian men should be encouraged to take two wives AND BREED to compensate for the entire generation lost in Afghanistan. Did Brits ever dream of such a thing after WWII? Hell no. They were too bitch cucked from half a century of successive black widow bitch royalty. Who is to say the queens didn’t start a tradition of killing off the king? No real king since feminism hit the streets should raise some eyebrows. Queens are devious. They kill. That’s what queens officially do. Did Elizabeth engage with George VI in rock climbing, jogging and paleo diet? Hell no. She ordered him bloat special fattening quisine and rigged every event to keep him sitting with clove cigarettes to chain smoke as she raised and lowered the neurotic bitching to queue him to light another and then she’d shut up. She puppeted him to cope with her and she made sure he died a sedentary Archie Bunker death. Women commonly kill by proxy like that in all classes.
    An old Hindu tradition called ‘Sati’ (widow burning) worked as such: upon the death of the husband, they tied the widow up and burned her alive at the stake during his funeral. That way when HE goes, SHE goes with him. Brits should have at least picked up the tradition from Colonial India by then. Still, the ‘queens’ need whacked whenever the king expires. When HE goes, SHE goes with him. If that rule were practiced in Britain, queens would make damn sure their king lived a long and prosperous life.
    And why didn’t Britain encourage British men to marry more than one woman after WWII? Because polygamy (two wives/one man) threatens any matriarchal bitch rule monarchy. It’s been too damn long since a true anglo king took several wives and romped all their asses accordingly. Elizabeth just needed a true alpha king to put her in her place beside a bevy of royal wives and to mash her face regularly into a matterhorn pile of crotches. Elizabeth should have been properly seasoned as a piece of beat meat in a cremepie stack of king’s wives. What the hell makes her so special? Monogamy that’s what.
    And British men need to grind their dicks in the bedroom, not in an electric pencil sharpener and not on some theater battlefield.
    Hail the patriarchy!

  28. It’s amusing how so many historically masculine cultures have swung to the other side of the pendulum after WW2.

    1. We can thank the machine gun for that. Probably deserves an article to explain. Men became too good at killing. WWI and WWII killed way more ‘red pillers than blue”. This killed off masculinity.

      1. ‘This killed off masculinity.’
        Yes, it killed off the ‘masculine principle’ in ‘white’ human decision making.
        Certainly does deserve it’s own article.

    2. The rot from the UK spread to the rest of the Commonwealth. Former frontier lands Canada, Australia and NZ have the feminine imperative taking precedence in policies.

      1. Churchill probably would’ve sued for peace if he could see how fast Britain would go down the tubes.

  29. I regretfully talked to some Britchish woman that were tourists here in Cambodia, I will never ever say hello to a british woman ever again…ever…it was just a massive screaming match right from the first word.

    1. I just find the majority of British women disgusting. It isn’t even about looks, their language and behavior is a complete turn-off.

      1. Well I got screamed at “We are EQUAL!” I just stood up and said fuck your arrogance this conversation is over.

        1. People make fun of the Irish for drinking, but holy fuck do the British girls like to get wasted.

        2. They are obnoxious, fat and just loud mouth idiots, I wont ever go near them again, ever, I don’t like arrogant cunty woman, my friend from Chile fucked one of them but she was ugly as sin, no way would I degrade myself to that shit.

    2. Female English backpackers are infamous for being the sluttiest, skankiest women in the entire world.

  30. Sidney Webb isn’t English he’s a Jew and a Trotskyite and that’s all you really have to know.

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