Carnival Of Gangs Is An Unapologetically Masculine Multimedia Series

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Nobody who reads Return Of Kings needs to be reminded that modern society seeks to demonize and crush masculinity. Nowhere is this more evident than in entertainment, which is fiercely anti-male and actively works to destroy masculine virtues. From Star Wars: The Force Awakens, in which a bitchy preteen is given Force powers and lightsaber combat talents that outshine Luke Skywalker at the end of the original trilogy, to the Ghostbusters reboot, in which the four female leads defeat the villain by shooting him in the balls, modern pop culture is geared towards making men feel shame about who they are.

Given this obvious void, someone could easily make a killing by creating quality entertainment that celebrates masculine virtues, but not many have risen to this challenge. Until now.

Carnival Of Gangs is a new multimedia series created by Lauri Liukkonen that is made by men and for men. In addition to the series, the Carnival of Gangs website aims to provide useful information for men on topics such as lifting and others geared toward self-improvement. As of right now, the first episode of the show, “The Criminal,” has been released and is available for watching. While a little shaky, Carnival of Gangs shows great promise and is worth watching and following.

Men Making Entertainment For Men


Part of the reason why Hollywood can’t create convincing entertainment for men is because there are few if any men left in mainstream men. There are plenty of males, but no men. The masculine actors and directors of old—your Clint Eastwoods, Arnold Schwarzeneggers and Sylvester Stallones—have no heirs in modern Hollywood, the younger generation of male actors being a bunch of simps and wusses in comparison.

Moreover, modern filmmakers and actors fundamentally misunderstand the nature of masculinity. In action movies of today, male characters behave like menstruating women, constantly screaming at other characters and having no self-control. For example, see the Star Trek reboot, which depicts Kirk and Spock as hormonal teenagers constantly at each others’ throats. In contrast to feminist claims about “testosterone poisoning,” science shows that men with more testosterone actually behave more fairly and more calmly than those without it.

Part of the reason why Carnival of Gangs is so enthralling is because it is made by and starring men who embody masculine virtues; hence, they know how to create a series that appeals to men. For example, one of the show’s cast members is an elite level powerlifter, and the entire team in general is knowledgeable on issues of importance to men. The site also features a number of articles on topics of interest to men, including a recent interview with Way of Men author Jack Donovan.

This verisimilitude and gravitas shines through in the first episode of Carnival of Gangs. The show’s gritty cinematography, masculine characters and premise show that its creators know what they’re talking about. Carnival of Gangs oozes with a credibility that is absent from most mainstream media, making it a joy to watch despite its flaws.

The Way Of The Gang


Carnival Of Gangs is set in a apocalyptic world in which a despotic government obliquely referred to as the “Federation” has seized control of all of humanity. Under their aegis, civilization is collapsing and reverting to savagery, with even posh areas experiencing rapid social and economic decline. The story follows five different characters—obliquely referred to as the Criminal, the Grinder, the Player, the Outcast, and the Hermit—as they unexpectedly meet and form a gang in order to survive in their dystopic world.

The first episode follows Ray Coleman (the Criminal), a hitman for the Finnish mafia. Tired of killing people for the mob, he accepts one final job from his handler in exchange for being released from his duties. In the process, he meets Mark Hayes (the Grinder) getting drunk at a bar. The episode is split into four chapters, each focusing on the different aspects of the story and showcasing a different variety of storytelling methods.

While only one episode of the series is out, “The Criminal” demonstrates an interesting story and a good variety of cinema techniques. For example, Chapter 2, which depicts Ray’s final assassination, is told as a slideshow with music, while Chapter 3 features a silent fight scene between Ray and his target. The acting is also quite good; in particular, Chapter 4, depicting Ray’s encounter with Mark, helps establish their future friendship and camaraderie.

Carnival of Gangs’ premise owes a great deal to Donovan’s Way of Men and Becoming a Barbarian, particularly the concept of “gangs”: tribes of men who band together with a shared culture, common purpose and brotherhood. “The Criminal” depicts Ray trying to extricate himself from a gang—the Finnish mob—that is self-destructive and using him for its own selfish ends. However, the show could use a little more backstory—the only bits of it that we’re given come in a quick text crawl at the beginning of Chapter 1—and more elaboration on its characters’ histories and motivations.

Nonetheless, despite these missteps, Carnival of Gangs’ first episode is a success and a great start to the series, more than worth watching. It’ll be interesting to watch where both the show and the site itself go. Click here to watch.

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  1. I no longer watch any shows and I only read the instructions on the side of my kratom. Warning: May Cause Amazingness.

  2. The only show I’m currently watching is better call saul, which is in between seasons at the moment. I’ll check this out.
    I have to say I’d never advertise here. Everyone is too jaded to do anything but make kratom jokes.

    1. It used to be kratom was the only thing advertised on her besides the occasional penis pill

    2. “The only show I’m currently watching is better call saul, which is in between seasons at the moment.”
      Crystal Meth is a spin-off of Kratom not the other way round.
      Heisenberg may have discovered Crystal Meth but Kratom discovered Heisenberg

    3. The only show I currently watch is Vikings. They put some feminism in it but it’s so obvious you can laugh and ignore it. The rest of it:

      1. All except for commenter RSF32… If he makes Kratom upset we’ll have to get him banned.

    1. that I believe, but there must not be much money in it as the people on the vid look poor as church mice.

  3. I can’t watch net series because I have Internet as slow as 1997.
    I was thinking about this sort of thing just the other day. Revenge Of The Nerds from around 1983- a movie aimed at a younger audience, I won’t go through the plot as surely most of you have seen or at least are familiar with it. Anyway it was about a bunch of nerds, with the exception of the gay black guy(who was there to laugh at, not to promote homosexuality) they were at least men and acted like nerdy men. Now we move to the 21st century around 2010 and we have Super Bad, another movie about nerdy guys aimed at a younger audience. The difference you ask? The young men whom the movie was centered around whine and bitch like 12 year old girls, there’s hardly anything masculine about them other than they want to hook up with some girls but, the way they act you would think they would be happier packing each other’s fudge.
    I will have to admit though, McLovin was funny.

    1. That’s because McLovin was actually trying. Yeah he’s a goof but he seemed to be doing more with enthusiasm than anybody else.

      1. He at least had a little masculinity, those other two…..sissy boys. I would hang out with McLovin though.

      2. Perhaps that’s why the 2 cops decided to mentor him?
        I’m not sure that the message of the movie was too far off RotN. They didn’t aspire to the same levels as the nerds, but they have to consider their audience; Superbad could’ve been titled “Revenge of the Stoners/Slackers”…and the movie had the misfortune of not being in the more liberated Hollywood of the 80s.

    2. Sadly, what I recollect most from that movie was that the best lines (as seen in trailers) were absent from the movie.
      ex: “Breast reduction surgery?! That’s like slapping God in the face!”

    3. “the way they act you would think they would be happier packing each other’s fudge.”
      Dont forget. The fat guy used to have a thing for drawing dicks!!

  4. Finnish mafia. I used to know a chick who’s Dad was in the Finnish Mob. Lol Finnish Mob. If you mess around in Finland the mob will finish you. HA HA HA!

      1. Well, Hell’s Kitchen is now “Clinton”, which is basically North Chelsea.

    1. what’s going to happen though is the manosphere made being masculine fashionable in the underground which then goes mainstream until being masculine becomes a kind of watered down fashion statement (which it already is to some degree) and then the whole thing just turns into a new type of ‘pop music’.
      when metallica first came out, it was underground and dark and cool and etc. and today they are just another bunch of glossy pop stars, that even needed therapy for anger management – so much for heavy metal attitude.
      this is what happens to a successful trend, pretty soon it will be muscled masculine men addressing their feminine side and the whole thing gets perverted.

  5. The web site says, “Every man needs a gang.” Hmmm. A gang is a social cell in which a few alpha dogs vie for leadership of a bunch of beta followers.
    I follow the way of the Zeta. The lone wolf. The outlaw. Which in today’s world means a digital nomad only doing as much freelance work as he needs to to discharge his responsibilities to his dependants.
    “Do not follow me, for I may not lead.
    Do not lead me, for I may not follow.
    Do not walk beside me …
    … just bugger off will you?”

      1. I suppose you’re right. I threw away the network tv back in 1998 so I probably have my perspective thrown off a bit. Just trying to say there are better ways to spend your time.

    1. That looks like a shot from a movie in your avatar there. Admittedly an old movie, but a movie nonetheless.

    1. At this stage it’s self-funded by me so there’s no “actual funding”. Just a bunch of like-minded men creating together. Aim is to be agile, learn and gather additional funding as we go forward.

  6. In the (Hollywood) movies and other “media / entertainment” movies:
    A female can kick a MAN on his genitals, but not the reverse !
    A female can shoot a MAN on his genitals, but not the reverse !
    A female can make fun of MALE anatomy, but not the reverse !
    Ignoring the facts ! Isn’t it hypocrisy !?
    A MAN can crush the pussy/vulva (labia majora & minora, clit) in less than split second ! making it virtually useless and even break the pubic bone ! (no need to mention about “upper body” !!!)
    A MAN can beat a female into pulp in less than split second !
    Then why don’t “facts” appear on the full screen ! Isn’t it indeed hypocrisy ! Oh, I got it wrong, it is “equality” !!

    1. In The Tuxedo, Jackie Chan quipped “Not everybody Chinese is Bruce Lee!” In Hollywood, every woman, however, is.
      It really has gotten terrible. So much so that when I happened to, a while back, see some of NCIS LA, I was downright shocked that it showed a man effortlessly beating a woman (who was the aggressor) in 1-on-1 hand to hand combat.
      IIRC, back in the day of Total Recall, women had been cleared to do point #1 to other women but even that has been dropped.

      1. The problem is; otherwise weak and inferior are “seriously suffering with inherent inferiority complex” and they want to “satisfy their ego” ! so much so that, they “knowingly” forget the facts. What could be the reason ? Because the strong and superior are “allowing” them, Because the Societal & Legal Double Standards encourage & protect them, Because of the shaming and feeling of guilt forced upon the strong and superior.
        Back in my Home Country (Bharat / India), If MEN doubt, think or presume that a MAN is abusing a female (even though he is not), that immediately “triggers” a event in their minds (courtesy to brainwashing); My mother is female, my sister is female etc. etc. Result = The MEN will beat up the MAN !
        As you might have guess it, the reverse NEVER happened ! If females see another female abusing a MAN, they will NEVER think that; My father is a MAN, my brother is a MAN etc. etc. Result = other females will join the female to further abuse that MAN !
        Free pass, No accountability, No consequences to face, No shame, No guilt and Identity NOT revealed !

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