6 Things White Males Should Be Proud Of

Attention heterosexual white males! Are you tired of being endlessly browbeaten and derided by universities, human resources, CNN, MSNBC, Buzzfeed, Everyday Feminism, MIC, Alternet, and Huffington Shitpost among countless other media establishments?

Are you tired of being repeatedly told you are “the oppressor” and the descendant of imperialists, rapists, thieves, racists, conquerors, and genocidal maniacs by our cultural Marxist overlords?

(1:33 – 1:55) Way to paint all white people with a broad brush .MIC!

Do you get the funny feeling that all these nefarious forces out there are designed to make you think that the world would be a lot better off without you? That you should just make your way to the nearest cliff and take a stumble over?

Well all that left wing buffalo manure is coming to a stop today.

Tread carefully liberal snowflakes, because here are six damn good reasons why white males should feel good about themselves, their history, and their cultures.

1. Creating And Maintaining The World’s Most Prosperous And Desirable Countries (For Everyone Apparently!)

The 16 most prosperous countries in the world are all predominately populated by Germanic and Celtic Europeans, or city states heavily influenced by the British Empire (Singapore & Hong Kong)

White males (particularly white males of Germanic European extraction) do an absolutely fantastic job at creating and maintaining the world’s cleanest, safest, high-income, low-corruption, politically stable, and technologically innovative societies on the planet.

And (surprise surprise!), a huge percentage of the planets population would jump at the first opportunity to come and live in one of these “white supremacies.”

There are certainly a few major non-white first world exceptions out there (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.) but these countries are primarily the way they are through adopting Western technologies and systems of government and laws. Immigration to these countries is also extremely limited, while all the white majority countries are major migration destinations for non-white people around the world seeking a better life.

“White Supremacy”? It’s more like white competency than anything else. And competency is a virtue that should cherished and praised. Not derided.

2. Science, Medicine, And Technology

Aaron Clarey is exaggerating with humorous intent in the preceding video, but he is certainly far from incorrect. White males now make up less than 5% of the population of the planet, but have been, and continue to be, at the forefront of the vast majority of the world’s scientific, medical, and technological advancements for 500+ years.

Japan, Korea, and China could very well still be lingering in a 13th century standard of living if not for increased contact with the West starting in the 1800’s, and western medicine has added decades to the average life expectancy of all races of people across the globe.

Can’t live without your smartphone? It might not be here if it wasn’t for Scotland (population less than 6 million), as Scotsmen invented both the telephone and television among countless other revolutionary discoveries from just this one small country alone.

Sure, some white man innovations have been created for destruction, but for every V-2 rocket there is a Saturn V, for every attack helicopter there is a rescue helicopter, and for every nuclear bomb there is an asteroid in space which could be obliterated before it has a chance to destroy Earth.

The innovations of white men have brought far more health and happiness to people around the world than their negatives, so cultural Marxists and all the “white privilege” brow-beaters are more than welcome to move to a Madagascar mud hut if they can’t stand living around first world white males and their penicillin and techno toys.

3. NOT Being The World’s Most Violent Race

8 out of 12 of the world’s most destructive conflicts did not feature European oppressors at all!

Cultural Marxists, feminists, and other poorly informed left-wing freaks love to keep espousing that white males have historically been the most “violent” or the most “oppressive” race of men on the planet. However, this is entirely untrue.

It is in fact Asians who have been responsible for the lion’s share of the highest death toll conflicts in human history, and the Japanese, Mongols, and Chinese are well represented in the four most deadly.

But when is the leftist media and education system ever going to teach you about the Taiping Rebellion, the conquests of Tamerlane, or the Mongol hordes and the Japanese Empire’s rampant “rape culture“?

NEVER. It doesn’t fit their white browbeating agenda. They’ll just keep “wagging the Nazi” forever and ever, and continue trying to espouse the endless virtues of the pre-Columbian Meso-Americans (who loved child buggery and human sacrifice) at the expense of their European conquerors.

4. NOT Being The World’s Most Racist People

The fake news media continues to push garbage claims that whites are uniquely racist above all others. On an even more ridiculous note, they may even claim that non-whites can’t be racist at all, because the world is a “white supremacy”. This is not true in the slightest (and cue the eye rolling).

White majority countries all across the world are the most tolerant and the most accepting of living amongst people with different cultures and backgrounds, while countries in the Middle East and Southeast Asia are deemed the least accepting.

Furthermore, only white majority countries take in huge numbers of immigrants and refugees, while the wealthy Northeast Asian countries (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) scoff at such humanitarianism.

Attention Liberals. No other countries on Earth are more accepting, tolerant, altruistic, or humanitarian than countries which are predominately run by white males.

5. Ending Slavery Worldwide

White Christian nations worked hard to end the enslavement of non-Muslims (including countless black Africans) in the 20th century Islamic world

Only white people have been slave owners, and only black Africans were their slaves right? WRONG.

Not only have left wingers and the mainstream media purposefully chosen to avoid any kind of discussion of the Arab slave trade (Muslims who enslaved millions of both whites and blacks well into the 20th century), but white males made more contributions to ending slavery across the world than any other group of people.

Britain abolished slavery throughout the British Empire with the Slavery Abolition Act 1833, the French colonies abolished it in 1848, and the U.S. abolished slavery in 1865 with the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Brazil was the last European colony to do so in 1888.

Compare that to the far East, where chattel slavery was a legal part of Chinese culture until 1910.

Additionally, slavery continued in much of the Islamic world well into the 20th century. It was gradually outlawed and suppressed in Muslim lands largely due to pressure exerted from western nations like Britain and France.

Among the last states to abolish slavery were Saudi Arabia and Yemen, which both abolished slavery in 1962 while under considerable pressure from Britain, in addition to Oman in 1970. Unfortunately, slavery still continues under the radar in some Muslim countries like Mauritania.

Where is ‘Black Lives Matter’ on that one? Or is it only ok when black Muslims are enslaving other black Muslims?

6. Having A Great Stiff Upper Lip

Finally, despite all the humiliation, browbeating, and derision that white males experience in the 21st century west, they maintain a great ‘stiff upper lip’.

The expression describes someone who displays great fortitude in the face of adversity, and exercises restraint in letting their negative emotions get the best of them. And that is exactly what red pilled and non-cuckolded white men do.

Despite knowing that popular culture, hiring practices, and so many different media outlets and national institutions are 100% against our well being, 99.99% of white men do not raise hell or start riots. We do not shoot five black police officers if one of them kills “one of ours“. We do not start million strong “White Men’s Marches” like idiot feminists (and their beta cucks) who think they’re rights are being trampled.

No, we will continue to move forward in life with a stoic pride, with stoicism best described as

the path to happiness for humans is found in accepting that which we have been given in life, by not allowing ourselves to be controlled by our desire for pleasure or our fear of pain, by using our minds to understand the world around us and to do our part in nature’s plan, and by working together and treating others in a fair and just manner.

So in closing, I hope this article has given you the much needed motivation to conquer life in the best way you can despite the all-seeing eye of the Frankfurt School working against white-men-who-like-women. Don’t let the bastards knock you down.

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451 thoughts on “6 Things White Males Should Be Proud Of”

  1. I wouldnt even be self-aware of my race and gender if not for Marxist MSM constantly telling me that Im evil for being a white male.

    1. I became conscious that my race gave away the cure to polio for free, put humans on the moon, while australoids and negroids didn’t even know what a wheel was until recent times. I would’ve never given so much thought into racial IQ gaps had MSM not labelled me a racist for simply being white.

      1. It’s amazing. After a few centuries, we’ve gone from huts to stone cities to complex insulated housing with electricity, plumbing, and the ability to communicate nearly instantaneously across the world. I have a magic box in my pocket that displays videos from California (pretty sure that’s where most of the streaming services host their servers), lets me talk or send text messages to friends and family, and performs complex calculations.
        Look into the patents, and you find 99% white men.

        1. Exactly. Evolutionary pressures gave Whites the gift of civilization and achievement. Comparing the GDP per capita and life expectancy of white countries vs non-white countries tells me everything I need to know.

        2. More powerful than the computers used to put the first man on the moon, and you’re doing what with it?!?

        3. What’s funny is that is exactly what I think the baby race was developed for. The end justifying the means. So many pacts and agreements that meant nothing with the native people who inhabited the lands they “discovered” to exploit their resources. Could only be done by an apathetic people. It put us in the age of information. Where we know so much or at least have access to so much knowledge. More than we could ever learn individually in a lifetime. Shame the world is a pollution ball. Air land and sea because of these industries created. Maybe a new baby race will develop to fix that. Or our time will be up here

        4. Baby race?
          The West is by and large pristine and clean compared to third world hell holes who are scum *by their own hands*.
          As to the whole guilt trip “exploit” thing, fuck that noise. People in third world hell holes had all of their time there as an indigenous people to develop those resources, but chose instead to live in grass huts and die at age 12 from fly bites, disease or being eaten by a jaguar. They walked over an entire treasure chest buried in their lands with as much knowledge and ability to access it as the native chimpanzees that they shared the jungle with. Our coming in raised their standard of living immensely and now they’re growing at, frankly, unsustainable rates thanks to our largess.
          Spare us the guilt bullshit complex and the eco-religionist crap next time.

        5. You know what’s fucked up? With the state of things today, I don’t think we could put another man on the moon if we had to. If there was some strange and totally improbable emergency that we needed to go back to the moon, we’d probably end up having to hire China to go do it for us because we wouldn’t be able to get our shit together.

        6. From a certain point of view, the whole explosion of technology and pioneering that comes with space travel was just the byproduct of two groups of white people competing.
          On the one side, American whites of German and British descent, primarily (plus a few indentured Nazis and Russians). On the other, Russians.

        7. We actually have a lot of the equipment in storage to manufacture the rockets, interestingly enough. It’d be a bitch to get it up and running again, but it could be done.
          I’ve heard a lot about why we never replaced the space shuttle. Apparently the problem is 100% politics – penny-pinchers were content to waste money on unused R&D while complaining that the end result was too expensive (though cheaper than having Russia fly us up), project direction changed more often than the weather in Texas, and regulators of every stripe worked to make the job impossible.
          It’ll never be the same as the old days, though. There’s more tech in a graphing calculator than all of MCC during Apollo, but they flew several crews to and from the moon.

        8. Yeah ghost, baby, as in newly born. I don’t have any guilt for you bro. Just facts. I’m sure the assholes who walk their wolves down the street while sipping starbucks think they did their wolves a favor by taking them home and feeding them. Wolves were pretty good with the lifestyle they had though. People did all types of shit for freedom from oppression. Only a heartless person would think “I’m right in how I’m treating this guy savagely because he is better off than where I found him”. The people were dying off at 12? Didn’t want to wait to rob the graves huh?

        9. You fail to impress.
          Hope your day gets better, victim.

        10. Well, impressing you wasn’t a goal…so….I hope it does too! Thanks. And a good day to you ghost

        11. To be honest GOJ, I think we have fucked up Africa and some other hellholes by trying to impose a western lifestyle on them , which is clearly beyond their genetic limit. Think about it , sub-saharian Africans could feed themselves just fine as hunter-gatherers living on small hut-villages built on dry land , free of diseases. Than the European smartasses think it is their duty to make africans “prosper” , fail , and we get the hellhole known as modern Africa.

        12. Au contraire, the problem is that everything done in Africa was half-assed. Christianization? Hahaha what a good joke the religion was never imposed, hence only a small minority has assimilated the very ideas and the mindset of it. Civilized? We never even tried.
          Granted the current mess is their fault but the point is that they only got the “hardware” (rifles, machine guns, cars, trains, roads, buildings) not the “software” (Christianity or least its ethos, philosophical foundations, abandonment of tribal identities etc.). Unfortunately the “software” can only be acquired and implemented after centuries, just as it happened in Europe. Colonization was not bad as long as they stayed on their colonies and in return for our services we got the bounty. Unfortunately by the time we reached Africa, we were sick already.

        13. Since you think animal-like lifestyles are equal to those who can read, write and build…you are the dumb one

        14. #1 Man you just compared non-whites to animal pets of the white man.
          #2 If its facts you seek, read some books on the warring history of native peoples. From native americans, south americans to subsaharan africa, war and conquest of neighboring cultures was a part of life. (For the snowflakes: The Sioux are a tiny exception sure.) Still, Human sacrifice, palygamy, and slavery existed in 99% of all human cultures. Ive touched all the worlds pyramids and many great acheivements of antiquity. They all relied on brutal slave power ( unless you believe in ancient aliens!)
          If it was these native people who developed metal tools, guns, cannons, and ships before Europeans, they would have eventually set off to conquer and modernize the world in the same fashion and we’d all be speaking Quechua.

        15. Making a metaphor and describing a likeness is two different things. Saying the gold watch shines like the sun doesn’t make either object congruent. Defending a behavior by saying they did it too!!!! Is pretty juvenile. Slavery exists right now let alone in your books and you sound apethetic to it. If instead you were subjected to brutality I wonder how you’d want the world to see your plight bro. Its simple to me. Right or wrong. I’m saying it’s wrong. You’re saying it’s right. We disagree.

      2. Leftist scum been antagonising us relentlessly with ever increasing intensity. You keep calling someone Nazi and eventually thats what you’ll get.

        1. Calling everyone Nazis has only goaded people like me into looking a little deeper into WW2 history, only to discover that Hitler practically predicted what is now happening in the West.

        2. If you blackwash somebody often enough, it sticks. Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. The elite have this shit down…

        3. Everything social justice warriors have done is reason not to put them in a position to lead. And I will repeat this until the day I die; They aspire to be oppressors and they will be oppressive if/when given the chance.

        4. Dictators predicting the future. Gaddafi predict the Refuge crisis, He ask for money to keep the hordes of blacks in africa. The EU did not like that.
          Quoting “There are millions of blacks who could come to the Mediterranean
          to cross to France and Italy, and Libya plays a role in security in the
          “Libya may become the Somalia of North Africa, of the Mediterranean. You
          will see the pirates in Sicily, in Crete, in Lampedusa. You will see
          millions of illegal immigrants. The terror will be next door”

        1. I was stationed in Djibouti for a year. Conditions were so bad, that the government [headed by a Khat dealer, btw] pleaded for France to re-occupy their country. The result? They are now the only Horn of Africa nation that is not a failed state.

        2. Africa needs a giant Ebola epidemic to “cull the herd” by about 900 million people (or any diseas would do).

        3. Eh-Hem, white genocide is their aim, but honestly I do not think anymore that they really have an aim the next situation will be so chaotic that they won’t be able to control it, even us, whites, they controlled only by shaming us to death! Those Muslims and Africans cannot be controlled for all the wrong reasons.

        4. It is a personal predicament that all help towards the Third world should immediately be stopped. No food, medicine or water. Anyone that sends help there should be considered a traitor and shot to death. In the end an unsustainable situation is developing. Also that graph is false: the moment that help won’t be able to be given for any reason or be sufficient that moment epidemics and famine will cull them.

        5. I have seen it when he first posted it. Honestly once I’d be 100% with it. Today not so these people look to me like not having a plan anymore, the fact that they hurled the masses for so long (~100 years) is beyond me. Depopulation works only on us and some asiatics on savages that was impossible to happen, it would affect only the very best of them in the end! I have come to believe that these skypes really prove the irrationality of their people and bad planning in general. The world literally collapses! The very institutions that they base their power are today as fragile as ever! I am not adding the many national and state banks they destroyed by devaluing currencies all the time, ruining economies in the process!
          I just can’t imagine anymore that these “people” have any ANY plan, it is like a dog with two toys trying to play with both at the same time…

        6. I must respectfully disagree. If the SJWs, Hollyweird Elite and their ilk wish to spend their own time and money “helping the poor” in some retched third world country, that’s fine with me. Don’t hold your breath for that. I just don’t want to see one thin dime of our tax money spent on food, medicine or water (or anything else) for the ne’er-do-wells in any foreign country (nor even here for that matter). If something is going on in my neighbor’s house, it’s none of my business. Therefore, collectively it’s no different; what is going on in a foreign country, no matter how bad, is none of the U.S. government’s business either.

        7. The money sent by any means to the Third world help sustain more Third worlders. In time they mature enough so that they can go to our countries and destroy us by their mere presence. If your neighbour’s house is on fire you call the fire department ’cause yours might burn too. Although the Neighbor must have something common with you by being a bit close to your place. The fact that most Third World countries are bad and self-destructive is their problem, but let’s say that if your neighborhood is Europe and Greece decides to welcome hordes of them into it then it’s neighbors should make sure that the STUPID FUCKING COUNTRY CLOSES IT’S FUCKING BORDERS!!!!
          Minding only yourself is the fastest road to ruin for countries. I.e. campuses are ful of commie professors that teach communism to everybody we must stop this! NO, how dare you say that, let anyone believe anything they want it’s none of your business. 20 years later the country wants socialism and the state takes far too much money from it’s citizens so that worthless excuses of human beings may sit and be fed.
          You understand my predicament now?

        8. Their objective is to rule over a mush-minded, dysfunctional brown horde they can control easily and cheaply.

        9. My point was, without OUR money to spend, the elite “do-gooders” will let the third world starve or the vast majority of it any. As far as my current neighbor goes (I live in a rural area), yes I would call the fire department if his house was on fire. In fact I’d go over and help put it out. But what goes on in the confines of his house under normal circumstances isn’t my business. If he and his wife were starving and he asked for my help, I would lend it. But if he asked armed men (police or revenuers) to come to my house and take my property (taxes) on his behalf (democratic socialism) under pain of death, we now have a problem…
          The last place I lived, the nearest neighbor was the lowest form of scum(thief, meth cook, child abuser) who stole gas out of my shed and money out of our paychecks (he’s on disability). If his house had caught on fire, I’d have poured a glass of wine and watched it burn. I had to put up a fence (i.e. a “wall”), cameras, lock my toolshed and finally threaten him with physical force to get him to cease and desist. But up to that point what he did on HIS property was none of my business. The police were completely useless (he was an informant). So I told the local pot heads where his weed was growing. That cost him a lot of money and didn’t cost me or the taxpayers one dime.
          I contend that the same principles apply between nations, whether it be the U.S., Mexico, Honduras, Greece or Mauritania. Whatever they do THERE isn’t our business. But when they start coming into our yard, taking our stuff, we may have to build a wall, put up cameras, threaten them, etc. The biggest problem is the traitors in our midst that want to throw open the doors and let them all in. We have corruption from the courthouse to the White House and all points in between. We have to deal with that problem first, before we can cut off all the free sh!+ being handed out.

        10. Not exactly. Birthrates are down globally. My impression is that Africa is being primed for a big catastrophe…whether Europe survives or not.

        11. There is some truth in what you say. The big problem is that the real shakers and movers are not the dumb Bureaucrats that show on T.V., at least most of them. They (the real elites) overplayed their hand but at these point they have partial control over their minions. For a conspiracy to work you don’t need millions of persons to work for it, it would be madness, just a few in the know with the ability to manipulate and the law of incentives and self-interest will do their work for you, millions will dig their own graves if they don’t realize they will lie on those graves, thinking they are made for someone else, as long as they have some benefits in sight (some money, sex, access to their favourite perversion…)
          So is the world.

        12. Sorry but it’s our responsibility to protect ourselves from invaders, no one else’s. Moreover should some wacko want to go there and spend money helping those wretched there well that’s his problem as long as he does it with HIS money and time. For me, the Africa issue is overblown. The ONLY reason Africans, Arabs and other are present in ever greater numbers is because our countries have faggot traitors as “leaders”, who don’t want to enforce the existing immigration laws. Should the naval coast shoot one or two ships in the Mediterranean and the flow will stop. As long as they know their ships are sunk and they are unceremoniously dumped back in the African Coast, beaten and or shot at the borders should they try to force their entrance, they will desist. If they know all they have to do is set foot in the continent, pop out some babies and voilá, they have citizenship and all the benefits, of course millions will come.
          Africa will not reach those demented numbers (see graph above) because they will self destruct long before those dates, with a little from abroad of course. By the end of these century, most of the bloodlines present today on Earth will be over. Extermination is on the agenda, I have no doubt about it.

        13. France just can’t seem to quit the “white man’s burden”, they’re still keeping Chad on life support and they had “battered wife syndrome” in full effect after the Haitian earthquake.
          …I wouldn’t be surprised if they’d even bail out Vietnam if they were to entreat.

        14. Arabs and Africans in African are weaponized humans against us, sending aid to them helps them proliferate and then our traitorous leaders let them in though for me there shouldn’t be any help to them as having more of these people is bad for mankind in general.
          To the rest I agree completely!

        15. I meant the real elites…
          They need some institutions that won’t stand after the hordes settle. Also the migrants can’t be easily controlled by their own elites and agitators so that is a disaster brewing.

        16. My opinion is that they are not expecting the hordes to win…but are expecting something close to “mutual destruction” (not necessarily physical) after which, what’s left of Europeans and others will accept their iron rule and quit nationalism (after the former fails to tackle the problems round the corner and even hastens the collapse, Trump, I think, is being primed for such an event when the market falls…), for Africa I am pretty sure nasty plagues are in the works (if not ready for deployment) as well as for most of humanity regardless of color. They are already setting the elements necessary to undergird a tyrannical system never seen before in the history of humanity.
          Look for example at Britain, the idiots thought Brexit was all they needed to regain their freedoms but right now there are businesses in London that already refuse cash and only accept plastic, meanwhile India (which in many aspects is even worse than Africa) is being used as a guinea pig for the introduction of a cashless society, where all the transactions can be taxed and monitored, under the guise of fighting terrorism and corruption….
          I think their plan in many if not fronts will backfire in ways they haven’t expected but one will have to wait and see…

        17. Any help from governments, you are right. Help from individuals: That’s their problem. BTW AFrica has lots of fertile land so I wouldn’t worry about them.
          Those are my points. By the way the only way those human groups can be weaponized is through the non-enforcement of our borders, otherwise no flow would exist.

        18. I think that they have far too many plans, and that the “elite” today acts upon the loss of our natural elite and is in reality a collection of groups that try to make even more money trough chaos and destruction…. with no end in sight, the world is such a mess that there would be nothing for them to rule. As for Africa, take away the white man’s charity and plagues will expand without ANY help, as most of these countries lack a system for healthcare.

        19. That’s why I said many of their plans are likely to backfire in ways completely unexpected for them…

        20. This is a message that needs to get out there. The food, help and supplies sent to these areas only creates bursts in population. No one in these cultures thinks about the future, period. So all this guilt tripping into charity donations is actually making things worse.
          I have two friends who moved to africa for years to volunteer. One person told me no one uses condoms because they have bad luck and cause aids lol. They have as many kids as possible because only 1/8 will survive, and its bad luck to not have a kid.
          The other person told me the charity only destroyed the local culture by encouraging locals to quit their jobs and beg for supplies all day. They would sell the supplies and spend the money on child prostitution.
          People dont understand that giving is enabling. Its incentivising a negative situation to get worse.

        21. I distinctly recall in gradeschool, the teacher asked us why there was starvation in the world, and I said there’s too many humans on this planet. The teacher scowled and frowned and tried to shame me. So, teach – you were saying???

        22. Conrad, apparently you missed the bit about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funding HCG laced tetanus shots for young women in Africa (causes miscarriages & infertility). The infertility vaccine is patented: U.S. Pat. No. 4,780,312. This was also done in the Philippines, Mexico and Nicaragua back in the nineties. The World Health Organization was in on it. Gates’ stated goal was a ten percent reduction (based on a 9 billion population worldwide by 2050), so almost a billion dead. This is supposedly to stem CO2 production and AGW. The elite might be failing but they’re working on it. I’d say 200 million plus dead at the hands of government in the 20th century alone was a pretty good effort on their part, wouldn’t you?

    2. Growing up I never thought of myself as white. I just was. My family didn’t brainwash me with identity politics like it seems most minority people do to their children

        1. I think the White Guilt hoax was largely a baby boomer phenomenon. As the boomer generation fades and alternative media continues to rise, white guilt has begun to fall by the wayside.

        2. With people who still watch MSM, its worse than ever. For those who go to alternative media, we see it for the BS it is.

        3. I’d want to agree, but here in Greece the average 23-year-old is totally clueless… This means he doesn’t think or care for anti-white (anti-Greek here) sentiments, dislikes the army, the church and doesn’t care much for the migrant crisis and is oblivious to race. Also national problems are also overlooked, liked the fact that Albanians (we have a land dispute with them) are accepted into the army while keeping their Albanian identity… In short they aren’t maniacal on white guilt buuuuuut not that they care for anything…
          I believe the same is true for most young people today.

        4. Europe is in a lot worse situation than America. Here in the states, we have entire regions [South and Midwest] resistant to liberalism and cling to old ideals. Is there anything of the sort in Europe?

        5. Yes considering the eastern part, especially Hungary and Poland (I refer only to EU members). In western Europe, honestly I don’t know. The reason is that people are too afraid to speak out so only during elections one might have an idea of what happens, for example if Germany votes out Merkel (CDU) it will be a good indication, if AfD, the populists, will get a second or close to the second place things will be going rapidly to the right direction. In the Netherlands Geert Wilders (a liberal, actually, who is against Islamic and African migration) will probably be the first party, if he manages to make a coalition is the problem.
          Greece gives no indication for a change and GD looks stuck to it’s position while it remains surprisingly silent. To that contributes also the bad manners of many of it’s members and the fact that the leader has a Hitler portrait in his study…. All these make it unelectable and sadly there is no other party that moves against the migrants and the left in any meaningful way…

        6. The common denominator is a government school education, no matter which country. The schools indoctrinate, they do not educate and it has been this way for a long time. The difference now is there are fewer intact families with traditional values to counteract the indoctrination and disinformation at home. Breaking up families and providing government run day-care in the form of publik skules is a major part of the plan to destroy Western culture. As we can see, it’s working very well.

        7. In Greece laws also predetermine the curiculum of all schools not only the government ones, the same applies to private ones too, so you cannot escape bad education material, and here the idea of home schooling is unheard of, if heard it won’t be believed. I decided that this was something that had to be clarified about Greece’s education system, so that foreigners may have a better idea for it’s state in Greece….

        8. It’s apparently as a bad or worse in Germany. I know of one German home-schooling family that moved here to the U.S. for asylum, because the German government was going to take their children away from them. Our bone-headed government sent them back. So much for their white privilege…

        9. Letting *Albanians* into the Greek army? Good luck with that one. Prepare for massive problems with drug use and trafficking, as well as theft of everything from vehicles to the wristwatches of Greek soldiers in the barracks.
          That’s how the “albos” roll….

        10. Do you see a future for Greece? I heard all the real native Greeks (genetically) abandoned the Peloponnese to head north into Europe around the time Constantinople fell, and now all that are left are Turkish off-shoots by some third or fourth generation mix. While I may be wrong in the extreme on that, I also heard that the whole culture in Greece doesn’t give a fuck about anything, as in the young Greek men are not marrying Greek women, everybody cheats on everybody, and nobody has a fucking idea what to be ambitious about or aspire to in life other than drugs and malakias. Just want to hear it from you, I have great respect for Greece and they could be a great ally if their young generation got off their butts and decided to do something.

        11. Actually an acquittance of mine did read a book about modern Greek genetics and Turks, hopefully, are a minor admixture (religious differences helped for that, the reason why an early Greek writer Papathiamantis condemned atheism to Greeks but did not care for foreign ones). Mixtures are mostly from Slavs, who are Europeans, and in the Peloponese from Jews, as there lived the last Jewish minority that used to work the land in time they were Christened and mixed with the population, in general though the mediterranoid phenotype still reigns, so the admixtures did not de-Greekify us.
          The sacking of Constantinople is a disaster that we cannot as a nation comprehend to it’s furthest, the reason is that it lead to the fleeting of ALL our upper class that wasn’t slaughtered and the monks that kept the tomes with the knowledge of the ancients, to the West. From that the Renascaince can be attributed. The effect on us was that for 400 years we had a worsening of our knowledge due to the bad influence of the Turks. This is what has made our culture to incline to the middle east rather than to Europe. The affect of that is our modern mindset in which we do not care for anything in the end, some Greeks at the beginning of the 20th century did try to stop it but they failed as with the complete and total domination of the campuses by commies has given the idea to the average Greek that the right cannot produce any thought. Here though I must say that the person who said to me that Plato was against democracy, traditionalist and still a good philosopher was a commie. After though the Polytehneio (the student revolt that cemented the current political class in Greece) the left dominated in 20 years time the culture completely and totally.
          Many Greek men have forgone Greek women because the second are unbearable in marriages, it did n’t used to be so but today it is as they tend to only bring a very private part to the marriage, not knowing even how to cook and not wanting to learn, even if the Greek tv is ful of cook shows, they marry though women from Eastern Europe and is some cases Western Europe and still it isn’t as professed as anyone will say it is though a noticeable trend. Greek women though when they marry foreigners they mostly take middle easterns although I must underscore that the trend is mostly an observation as only landwhales would marry them who, hopefully, are few in Greece, mostly due to rampant dieting.
          People, especially young people, do not aspire for anything, cause there is nothing to aspire. From the 90’s and onwards many Greeks dream of a job in the public sector, from which they cannot fire you even if your are incompetent or you have committed a crime, due to it’s job security. The private sector is being taxed to ruin and job prospects do not exist anymore. The culture is highly materialistic under which all is food and sex. This is what has led to the rise of cheating in couples and in divorces. Pop-culture in Greece shows as cool for people to cheat the state, this means that if one can hide money from it they do it. This makes the burden of taxation to mostly fall on the middle class alone, as the upper class simply moves it’s belongings ouside and the working class is either a beneficiary of the state or does jobs that do not require a direct transfer to a bank account, so one might say that only half the Greeks can really be taxed for what they have.
          Lastly, yeah nobody gives a fuck anymore. It happens though due to the fact that the political institutions have failed to combat the crisis and that we are still under a memorandum and going to sign for a new one in a bit. No one trusts that change can happen and in truth as long as the people are allowed to vote this situation will try to continue. A thing you need to understand is that while in other countries you can understand just by looking at the skin-color of some people in Greece parasitism is mostly centered around Greeks so that doesn’t help at all and parasites are also supported in the ballot by their families and close relatives so it is very difficult for any change to occur as mostly Greeks need for a problem to touch them so that they can care for it.
          On the good side there are only two good things that still remain here: The family unit is mostly intact, as families still stand together and support each other, the forming of new families though is dificult and young people have trouble to cement a marriage, the good thing is that divorces occur mostly in that group so that old families still keep on being, providing support for their members. The second is that people started to dislike the “refugees” this started due to an incident in which “refugees” threw back to police spinach-rice (a food that can be considered halal mind you) because they weren’t satisfied by it! That food also is something that even a poor family would eat so it caused some outrage as even diehard leftists became angry with them!

        12. Interesting. Thank you for all of this. I wonder if this pattern is very similar across other countries. I have noticed a trend for Greece to associate itself more with Turkey / Crete / the Middle East than the rest of Europe, and I know the loss of Constantinople is to blame for that. Do you see Greece retaining its orthodoxy for the majority of its population? Is there hope that the young generation will abandon the YOLO complex in favor of a return to normalcy in the spreading of legacy? Their economy is shit is really no excuse, if the Greek countrymen worked together they could reverse the damage, but all the urban Greeks seem to care about is drama / clubs / drugs / BMWs / etc. The only exception I note is from families, mothers, thias, theos, yiayias, etc. You are right in that they still cling together like glue which is probably the only thing saving Greece from becoming another bazaar seaport stop for traveling muslims.
          Can anything be done to change the minds and behaviors of the youth into returning to traditionalism and marrying to procreate? Specifically the women, as you said they are unbearable. I imagine only a war would work.

        13. Whoah!!
          My generation will become traditional only if it’s forced to. Greece will keep it’s Orthodoxy as the elements that do not adhere to it DO NOT procreate and the greatest threat are some neo-pagans worshiping a Dionysian phallus….

          watch it ’till the end…
          Also in Greece, if you exempt migrants from Albania, most migrants come from Orthodox countries, so the basis of our culture is not at such a great risk. The problem is that we have lost the ability to create culture (thanks commies). Also the crisis that will strengthen the family bonds will be the only thing that might recreate some tradition in Greece but sadly many Greeks will leave (I am not condemning them if I could I would have done so) and many will die childless. Muslims on the other hand if given a citizenship will try to leave for Europe to receive better benefits, this is also partially the reason why Muslims are behaving better here than in Europe: they do not consider Greece their new home. The YOLO complex for me is difficult to be removed as the Greek culture probably was of the first that promoted as other leftist ideas would not have been able to take root, like homo marriage, you see even 50-year olds having it… still they support the institution of family though.
          Lastly on Greek women: if you are their friend, not an orbiter here mind you, they treat you perfectly, the closer you are to them the harsher they tend to treat you why, I do not know. Also what you call as day game we Greeks had to employ it from 20-40 years ago as Greek Kamaki (= a spear made to catch fish… or whales) which had the effect that girls took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much attention that it became very difficult to approach and even more to satisfy them. Lastly they tend to want to have the benefits of emancipation with the benefits of traditional marriage… Honestly the half-work’s done but there are too many manginas for the rest half to be done, I do not know but in the end the non-traditionalists just fail to reproduce so that’s my answer to that.

        14. It’s complicated: half are, half are not. The general problem is that they are Albanians. They aren’t Christian they aren’t Muslim they are Albanians first and foremost. The problem with them is the fact they lack any honor and also they’re crime rate, which by itself disqualifies them from whites.

        15. Unsettling, to say in the least. A return to the old ways of Pre-Christian Hellenic society? There are always degenerate elements of society that worship the devil, or pagan gods, but I have yet to see an open night worship gathering of satanists in the middle of a crowded city street.
          So it looks like Greece will just be lazy until anything true, original, or even pertaining to authentic Greek culture just becomes a mix of YOLO, drugs, and mixed race buffoonery.
          When the war starts hopefully the men there (and I know there are lots) will do something, because in the end, its only the real men that survive the slaughter of their own culture by fighting it.
          It’s hard to imagine a world devoid of degeneracy, deviancy, homos, thuggery, and lack of ambition. A war is the only option to gut the rot inside of western civilization and reset the clocks back to a productive age, where all advancements weren’t simply for the sake of benefiting the oligarchical bank lords in their human ponze scheme.

        16. In Greece there are many ancient customs that got Christianised, or got a Christian twist on them. What you saw was the first of such customs that have been linked openly and directly to the ancient times. Even worse it was a custom dedicated to Dionysus… got of wine, orgies and to some of democracy too, as he used to be quite popular. The event wasn’t as big though centered in plaka it was though the second time it was made there but a few years ago that would have been unheard of.
          Yes in case of a war many Greeks will act rightly, the rest will cower on their fear. For our culture the many villages we have still manage to somehow keep it but also even for the cities and most islands they are being kept. The problem for me is centered in Athens and Thessaloniki… and Patra (an inside joke, as Patrans are a bit crazy). The problem is that the vast majority of Greeks live in only two cities and the capital holds nearly the half of the population.
          Of course there is also the weird phenomenon that is known as Crete, it is one of the most traditional places in Greece but….. it is populated by buffoons, it votes progressively… always, it’s women are pretty and a bit too frisky. Honestly if you’d live here you wouldn’t be able to make sane of the mess the Greek mind is…

        1. Im too young to know that. I heard some older Russians mentioning how dumb some Soviet ethnics were

        2. It wasnt homogenous, but it didnt have identity politics either, plus many ethnic groups had their natural settlment areas and wouldnt spread out much to Russian dominated parts of the country.

      1. Identity politics are important and only whites people are capable of dissuading themselves of it.

      2. Nah bro, we spoke about ourselves as a group because we lacked a presence in the media. When we learned it wasn’t about how we were oppressed but how we contributed. I grew up in brooklyn during the crack era. It was bleak. You didn’t hear people walking up the street blaming the white man for whatever. You heard them blaming tyrone for breaking into their car and stealing their stereo. Thing is now we can stop talking about each other and talk to each other. You dont have to suppose anything. There are people here you can ask

        1. So when did it change from holding your fellows accountable to blaming the “other”? Because that’s all I see now. The few blacks who try to challenge their brothers to be better get shouted down as traitors

        2. Riiiiggt, all you see. We talk about the people who give us these “popular” opinions here all the time ((( ))). I comment on two sites, just 2. This one and a hip hop site. Most people there said great when trump said he was bringing in help to chicago and stfu to celebs like common and john legend who talked that “we can save ourselves” shit and didnt do shit. You see what they want you to see but you can go outside and see for yourself bro. I had a conversation about the old racist owner of the la clippers with a black isrealite. The militants that believe isreal is their birth right and the world is fooled by the tribe…we both agreed that the guy should be able to say whatever the fuck he wanted in the privacy of his own home and that they stole his property from him. Wouldnt know it without talking about it how much we have in common bro

        3. I hope so man. I have talked to a few black dudes who are red pill and not caught up in all this PC BS. I guess I’ve been guilty of allowing the few blowhards that hoard the spotlight color my view of the whole. We’ll see.

        4. I think it basically boils down to culture, not race. Like Sheriff Clark. I would love to sit down for a nice long meal with him because he sounds like my dad.

        5. It is the blessing of game. I didnt happen upon game until I was well awake…woke? That’s what they say? But yeah, I already knew much of what I know without knowing the mechanics. By studying the human condition and the causes these game nerds actually cracked the code. Like all other information in this information age its up to us how to use it. We can plant seeds in open minds or try to crack air holes in closed ones. The techniques are right here on rok

    3. I wouldnt even be self-aware of my race and gender if not for Marxist
      MSM constantly telling me that Im evil for being a white male.

      Damn, but if that isn’t the truth. I didn’t grow up around “diversity” and I didn’t grow up in a time when it was wrong and evil to be either white or male, so I never had any kind of weird “identity” outside of “Me, myself and I”. I was just GOJ, quantity one, and I was happy in life to go around and get around. When the race screaming shit started though, man, I was instantly told by every major media outlet, movie, television and even university how I was XYZ demographic which was, as it turns out, the evil demographic. Like I even knew or cared.
      But now, now I do. These idiot Leftists create the “problems” that they claim to be against.

      1. I grew up around some “diversity” but didn’t identify myself as white or the kids I played with by their race or nationality. Of the 10 or 12 kids we would regularly get together to play ball with, one was black, one was dot-Indian, and one was like half-latino or whatever. But we all lived in the same neighborhood, same socio-economic class. Our parents were all relatively traditional, and we really didn’t notice the differences in skin color because we all grew up in the same culture.
        It just wasn’t a thing. Probably the major difference was that the Indian kid’s house always smelled funny so we never went over there. We never picked the black kid last (or first) when choosing teams, we never asked the latino kid to mow our lawns. We just didn’t care. He was just another kid to play ball with. Sometimes we invited or didn’t invite certain kids to spend the night or to birthday parties, but it wasn’t because of the color of their skin, it was because that particular kid was being a dick or we were pissy that that kid beat us in some game or something.
        Legitimately, the closest thing we had to discrimination was that there was this one fat kid we didn’t let play with us, and we hated that kid cause he was creepy, not because he was fat. We teased him about being fat, because he was fat (at least “fat” for those days), but there were fat kids that played with us, too. The kid we banned was just creepy and did creepy shit.
        it wasn’t until we got to high school and met some people of different colors that grew up in different cultures that we began to understand there were real differences between people. But I never saw it as solely because of their genetic race, and still don’t.
        And then the creepy fat kid turned out to be gay.

        1. I did have some “diversity” during 1st and 2nd Grade, but the Diversity Enriched me with Vibrancy (I was mugged) so we moved out and away from the Diversity and back to Ohio. Forgot about that.
          Yeah, I recall differences at the time being “fat” or “faggot” or “ugly chick”, or “sissy/pussy” mostly.

        2. We called each other all kinds of names, but only because they were “bad” words. We never even knew what the hell they meant.

    4. Ostensibly one of the main goals of your HR department is to prevent a hostile work environment because the last thing they need is the EEOC going through their files over an employee‘s complaint. Yet I know some of you have experienced the racial undertones a white female supervisor gives you for being a white male. It makes you wonder why these same women would be married to one, as well as more than a few minority women in the department

    5. Same for me as a black person. Their constant need to “engage” with me for oppression I’ve never actually experienced is so patronizing and is generally the only time I have to think about my race at all. I’ve yet to meet the diabolical white people the MSM keeps warning me about. That even includes meeting many *gasp* Southern white males. I view myself as a proud member of Western Civilization (the _only_ civilization where I could say that, not sharing the same genetics as its founders), end of story.

        1. LOL
          There are going to be some special snowflakes who need safe spaces when they read this thread. … Precisely why I love coming to RoK….

        2. my computer’s keyboard is racist- why are the keys black with WHITE lettering? Why is whitey always on top?

        3. don’t laugh, I actually have these somewhere. Some girl bought them for me when I got my apartment lol

        4. salt and pepper were transported on the spice trail. The spice trail went through india. Indians are in india and therefore salt and pepper are involved in casinos opso fatso (((jooos)))

        5. I wonder if there is some store where all crazy bitches by the same fucking gifts. It is like they all get it at the same place. I am guessing the store is called Boarderlines and is totally made up of stupid houseware shit, scented candles and broken hearts.

        6. hey, I feel ya man. I am still pissed off that the Washington Wizards didn’t name their cheerleaders “The Wizard Sleeves”

        7. Really a missed opportunity, they even make Magic Wands in home colors.
          Talk about a rousing halftime show!
          “Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise and follow along.”

        8. Mine are white with black lettering. Why does the WHITE part take up the vast majority of the space? How racist!!

      1. “I view myself as a proud member of Western Civilization”
        If I could, I would buy you a beer.

      2. I was just having a convesation with bob smith on here about how visiting north carolina changed me personally. Being from ny gives you a certain standoffish foundation but the people are friendly to me regardless. Whether they have hoods in their closets I don’t know but it wouldn’t matter to me. I could converse with a neo nazi with a swastika tat on his face. I’m more into how people treat me as a man than treat me as a race

        1. let me preface this by saying I have no way to substantiate this, but I think tension between blacks and whites back in the day had more to do with job scarcity and protecting their women(these are OUR chicks! get your own!) than it did with skin color…when blacks started migrating north, you had an influx of cheap(er) labor…seems like a rationale response

        2. That was my experience as well. Among strangers, manners are the only gauge of a person’s response to me, and to some extent, their character.

        3. Dude I was going back and forth earlier with basically said that. I did too in a separate post. It’s definitely about competition. I don’t feel my resources are threatened. Earning power, access to women, way of life etc. I’m open-minded though, so I can dig it. I don’t think about what a next man does. I don’t pocket watch, lust after my friend’s girl, hate ona guy that can afford a better car but I can see how this is some people’s realities. It’s a shame, we all could really have it all

        4. I went to HS in the 90s, for the most part, it reflected the demographics of the area. We pretty much got along. But we didnt have any groups based on color, ethnicity, or religion. That all changed once I hit college. Everyone gravitated towards their people. I didnt make one non-white friend at that level, not a one

        5. Interesting and pretty reasonable. There’s some evidence that the northern blacks who were already in the north didn’t experience this same tensions with whites initially either. Henry Gates published some interesting research supporting at least part of this assertion.
          Fast-forward a century (give or take a few years) and we see increasing hostility among blacks and hispanics over jobs. It’s as natural to resent being undercut for labor as it is to actually be undercut.

        6. I was class of ’96. If i went to my satellite school I would’ve had tge same experience bro but I was accepted to what would be deemed a stem school now, brooklyn tech. It was one of the top 5 public schools in america. The tv show, head of the class with robin givens was about one the other two schools here, bronx science. There were 4000+ students there. Every ethnicity you could think of and they pretty much got in like jail, with their own. I was part of a group, basically the cool kids, cool as in bad really, that had a bit of every demographic. There was only one white kid though. Funny. He was the kfed, hip to hip hop type. I knew plenty of white girls though…I never even thought about it in race terms even though the only white people I had met were teachers in junior high. That’s funny

        7. end of the day, its all about money. once the blacks were freed, the owners needed a source of dirt cheap labor- enter the Italians. Thats why there are alot of people with Italian surnames down there, and they had an influence on the local cuisine

        8. there is a small dick joke to be made here but I am juggling work, two sisters and clowing on you fools and can’t pull it together.

        9. Hey Brooklyn, what school did you graduate in 96?
          I was FK Lane a few short years earlier than you. Any more specific and I will dox myself. It isn’t hard to pick me out of a class picture in that school….if you are from BK I am sure you understand why

        10. I hear you bro lol lane was a little notorious. I graduated brooklyn tech. My brother is 3 years older than me. You are more likely to be in his class. Derrick from westinghouse

        11. you were a good boy in Brooklyn tech lol. I am a little older than your brother too. Lane was not a fun school that I will tell you.

        12. If not tech I was going to have to go to boys and girls or transit tech. I actually had to go to westinghouse for night school too… I was used to the metal detectors at house lol we had them in my junior high…brooklyn tech was a blessing

        13. Lucky guy! Still harbor a grudge for not getting in there. Must have been fun times.

        14. back in the days of Brooklyn….lol…..I lived on Knickerbocker and Myrtle….always fun times back then.

        15. It really was. It wasn’t much harder work than what others had. I believe, at least, but there was so much other stuff going on. Mensa and what not. I actually only wanted to go because I wanted to play football and figured it’d be easy to get on at a nerd school

        16. Quickest way I’ve found to be tossed from a pub: offer to play Jump Around by House of Pain…and if that doesn’t do it actually play Kriss Kross instead:

          Drunks get all upset about having trouble jumping…

        17. Hah! Priceless! I always had the highest IQ of people I went to school with but besides my grades or pet projects, I didn’t get to go there while a girl who I knew who was C average got in. All in all Where I did go to school was actually a good choice. Nice mix of students and afforded me some decent college options.
          Easily that joke of going to a nerd school for football seeding has to be the best joke on life I’ve heard in a while. Good on you man.

        18. Haaaaa nice. I moved from bed stuy to over by myrtle /wyckoff Lived there for a couple of years before moving to rego park queens. Similar type neighborhoods, nice and quiet. I lived on palmetto. I have a friend that owns one of those huge brownstones a couple of blocks from the j myrtle station. Love brooklyn bro. You made it outta there you can make it anywhere

        19. It is true. Miles wise I didn’t make it far, but it is a whole other universe.

        20. To be a dick I really enjoyed popping on “I’m a Barbie girl” or “blue” by Eiffel 65. Oh that pisses off a bar really quickly. Followed by 10 more tracks by Ace of Base and Real McCoy

        21. Hey bk are you black, white, Hispanic or any multic race combo? Just curious.

        22. Busta and jay actually went to my brother’s school, Westinghouse. I don’t know about krs. Talib kweli came out of tech though

        23. I’m melinated bro. They’d call me black. Life isn’t so… black and white, but long story short, black guy.

      3. Your post reminds me of all the black kids I knew growing up on the East Coast, Texas, and Cali. Some were assholes, some were great friends, some were smart, some were dumb, some were nerds, some were cool. But a decent handful of my childhood friends in various schools were black and it’s silly to imagine that my old buds and I are supposed to be divided culturally. It’s laughable to think of being reunited with some of those old clowns for some kind of ‘reaching across the aisle’ or ‘racial healing’ moment or some kind of MSM prefabricated bullcrap. We would just be laughing about it.

      4. “…not sharing the same genetics as its founders…”
        Are you a black American? If so, then you are probably 20-30% white, if not more. So you do, in fact, share 20-30% (if not more) of your DNA with whites.
        The vast majority of African slaves in America came from West Africa. If you’ve ever met a Nigerian or Senegalese person, their skin is way darker than your average black American, even though the two groups share the same African roots. The reason for this is that black Americans are 20-30% white. Light-skinned American blacks are likely more than 50% white.
        Actually, pretty much all ethnic groups that have been living in America (or the West, for that matter) for generations likely share a large percentage of their DNA with whites.
        Take Jews, for example. The majority of Jews in Israel have way darker skin (due to their shared DNA with Arabs) than European and American Jews (who have shared DNA with whites).
        Another example is indigenous Americans (not just from the U.S. but from the Americas as a whole). Before European colonization, North and South America were inhabited by indigenous people with dark, reddish skin. After European colonization, whites and indigenous people started to mix, especially in Latin America. The “Hispanic” race (i.e. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Colombians, etc.) is actually just a hybrid between indigenous Americans and Europeans (most likely Spaniards). In countries like Dominican Republic, most people also have a high percentage of African (black) DNA, due to race mixing with African slaves. Today, there are not many “pure-blooded” indigenous Americans with no European blood, except maybe on U.S. Native American reservations.
        Paraguay in the early 19th Century was ruled by a leftist ideologue who believed in “equality of the races,” Jose Gaspar Rodriguez de Francia. He actually FORBADE WHITES FROM MARRYING AND REPRODUCING WITH EACH OTHER, and forced them to marry blacks and/or indigenous Americans. Whites were literally not allowed to marry other whites. That is why there are so few whites in Paraguay today.

      5. It was always my belief that we southerners were more racist than the rest of the country. Then I went to Boston, Massachusetts for a sight seeing trip. There was a bus strike going on there and most of the protesters were black. They were on strike because the white leaders of Boston were promoting white bus drivers disproportionately compared to black drivers. That event shocked me into realizing that northern whites were bigoted, racist hippocrites. I never witnessed such disgraceful behavior growing up in the south.

      6. You are a beneficiary of what white people toiled to create and now pretend you are a member of it. If your people became the majority, Western civilisation would end, just as it is in South Africa. You aren’t a member, you are a parasite/ beneficiary.

  2. White Male Achievement Week? More like White Male Achievement Year.
    Oh and those death statistics for the conquest of the Americas & Mexico are BS

  3. I’ll be interested to see if this triggers as many snowflakes as the before/after feminism pics article.
    EDIT: I guess RoK won’t get the swarm of Brazil traffic, but the Stormcucks will be all over it.

    1. Can’t help but lament it’s posted on the wrong website. What we need is a subversive operative inside Salon or HuffPo to post it there.

        1. Haha That’s awesome… I stumble onto chatrooms where one dude is taking on 100’s of SJWs/BLM fags and I post the link to his comments. It’s good for recruitment.

  4. Without white men, there wouldn’t be anything remotely resembling civilization as we know it. Barely any science, art, literature worth reading, technology, or philosophy. In short – the world would still be in the stone age. These groups attacking us sure do it out of an inferiority complex, knowing perfectly well how badly they size up to us.

      1. Which is funny, because east Africa actually did have civilization, of a sort. (Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia.)

    1. Enough with that nonsense, I dont think you know what civilization means. Civilisation has always existed irrespective of race, I think you mean the standard of technological advancement, in which you won’t get any arguments from me

    1. saw an ad for a product, essentially you drop a deuce in a box, and UPS will pick it up and bring to the doctor for colon cancer screening. men have gotten so lazy they cant be gentlemen and do it in the privacy of a dr’s office, a middleman had to get involved!

      1. Pretty sick. I wonder how many men over the age of 30 can do five pushups. I’m betting less than half – way less.

        1. I touched them many times on Wednesday doing stretches for leg day at the gym.
          Pushups? Until the cows come home.
          Late 40’s.
          But your point is well made, I am acutely aware that I am the exception for my age. When I talk to my same age friends, they’re all out of shape, bellies and taking at least 2 or more prescriptions for conditions that I’d call “being lazy and overweight” but which their doctor generously attributes to “high blood pressure” etc.
          And young guys, the great thing about staying in shape your whole life is that you effectively age at about 20% the rate of your contemporary pals. You probably don’t see it yet, but by your mid 30’s I guarantee you that you will.

        2. Uh…maybe 20%. Maybe. Or see their dicks when looking straight down (without their protruding guts blocking the view).

        3. See, I don’t know how you get to the point that you can’t see your dick. If I ever got to the point where my gut was protruding out so far that I couldn’t see my junk, I would regard that as a huge fucking screaming signal that I need to stop fucking eating.

        4. I don’t get it either, but it’s an epidemic. Maybe all the chemicals that guys like that are ingesting via processed foods, shut off those signals to the brain that you are talking about…

        5. Being seated all day probably doesn’t help either. Seated office jobs being the majority is a very new thing. We’re inert, but still eating like the new Ice Age is approaching and we have to fuel up to hunt mastodons or something.

        6. Fat be where it’s not at.
          Shitter is that 15-20 years from now all of my contemporaries will be in the depths of Living in the Hospital and guess who they’ll say “won the lottery of life” and will be picking up the tab for it? Just guess….

        7. GOJ, by then I pray we will have figured out how to “go Galt” and not pay a cent toward their Teflon knees and colostomy bags.

        8. Amen GOJ. I hit the weights hard twice a week, do burpees on my “off days” and pull-ups when I walk by the power rack in my garage. I take the stairs and eat a modified paleo / Type O diet. No sodas, cake, cookies, bread, sugar, ‘taters, rice, etc. Just a lot of meat, eggs, vegetables, raw nuts and seeds. I don’t need a full length mirror and a transmission jack to check my junk like a lot of my contemporaries. I don’t know how they tolerate walking around looking pregnant. People guess that I’m in my early forties and I’m actually in my late fifties. Living well truly is the best revenge…

        9. Bob, it’s the simple carbs, sugar, pastries, high fructose corn syrup. They change the flora in your gut, which in turn send chemical signals to your brain to eat more simple carbs. Hence the obese, diabetic, cancer ridden, demented American public. No joke.

        10. I disagree, and claim the problem to be lack of exercise. I can eat all the shit I like as long as I cycle 25Km every day.

        11. Absolutely. I know a few exceptional men in my circle older than you reaching those fitness markers.
          Experienced getting smoked a short while ago sea kayaking on the open sea by a 63 year old British guy and a 60 year old Italian on a half day journey.
          And I’m no slouch on the athletic and fitness scale for a 35 year old.
          Challenging perhaps but not impossible for a man to work at being as fit as he should be the older he gets.
          “The only muscle that matters is the one between your ears, Frank”

        12. Of course I’m not happy! Look at me, I’m a big fat slob. I’ve got
          bigger titties than you do. I’ve got more chins than a Chinese
          I’ve not seen my willie in two years, which is long enough to
          declare it legally dead.

          This quote from Austin Powers describes many a male nowadays.

        13. Well PJ that may be true depending on your age and genetics. However, men much wiser than me on the subject of fitness will tell you six-pack abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. As I am now in my late fifties, that is especially true for me. The down side to your theory is even though you may not be gaining weight, the sh!+ food that you’re eating will affect you adversely in other ways over time. Eating oodles and gobs of simple carbs, heavily processed and fast foods will eventually damage your immune system, your insulin resistance, your circulatory system and even your cognition.
          Much like smoking doesn’t kill you in a few days, eating sh!+ food takes its sweet time killing you too. On top of that, look up chronic cardio and deaths of men in their fifties. Numerous middle aged men that assumed they were fit as a fiddle, because they ran, biked, etc. every day for miles simply drop dead from heart failure. Look around in any gym and you’ll find the lean guys at the weights and the fatties sweating for hours on the cardio machines.
          Chronic cardio will enlarge your heart, wear out your joints and we aren’t designed for it. We are designed to sprint for short bursts, move slowly the rest of the time and primarily depending on blood type, live on meats, eggs, green and colorful vegetables, moderate amounts of fruit, raw seeds (not grass seed like wheat) and nuts. Wheat (as we know it nowadays) is essentially toxic, especially when you factor in it’s being “Round Up ready” and contaminated with glyphosate. Do a little research on your own and leave off of eating sh!+ foods. You’ll be glad you did.

        14. I’m not sure there are any wise people in the ‘diet and exercise’ game. It seems to be fads that change from year to year with little or no science behind them. I’m 61, still alive, while many of the “lean guys at weights” are long buried. Life’s a lottery, some will live, some will die, nothing you can do to change that.
          Not sure wheat is in any way harmful, it might not be all that good in bread with the other 27 chemicals they use in the breadmaking process. But then I make my own bread from flour, water, salt, sugar and yeast.

        15. I can think of a few: Mark Rippetoe, Pavel Tsatouline, P. D. Mangan and Mark Sisson. Do any one of these guys have all the answers? In a word, no. But taken collectively, they offer a lot of wisdom and knowledge in health and fitness. I am sure there are others too. P.D. Mangan offers a lot of really good information and advice for guys our age; he reads the studies so we don’t have to. I don’t believe for one minute it’s purely a genetic lottery. Where we find ourselves today, in terms of fitness, finances, virtue, valor and vigilance are primarily the results of our own decisions. It is comforting to some, I suppose, to place the blame for their current situation elsewhere. But for me, I am happy to take responsibility for my own failures (and successes) in this journey we call life. It is how we learn.
          Wheat? Most of it isn’t wheat anymore. It has, at the very least been hybridized, at worst genetically modified and as I previously stated “Round Up ready.” Glyphosate (Round Up and similar herbicides) contamination and consumption has been linked to leaky gut syndrome among other things. It is poison plain and simple. You can still find Emmer, Einkorn, White Sonora and Spelt, all heirloom varieties. But each one has it’s own peculiar characteristics when it comes to cooking and baking. The bottom line is we don’t need to eat grass seeds. For me, grass seeds (i.e. wheat, corn, rice, etc.) run my blood pressure up and make me fat. So I don’t eat them; YMMV.

  5. There’s an video floating around about what black people would take back if they all just up and moved to Africa and how the US would miss their contributions. After watching it, I started to laugh at how fucked Africa would be if that happened and whitey withdrew all our contributions to Africa.

    1. All you have to do is look up “Liberia” and “South Africa.”
      Liberia was created as a country for ex-slaves. They live better in the deep woods of the South than out there, but the resources aren’t that different. (Heck, they live better in the deserts of America than out there.)
      South Africa was close to Western standards. Then whites were kicked to the outside of their society, and it looks like it’ll be Congo in a generation or two.

    2. Back in the day in the USA, there actually was a restaurant named the Coon Chicken Inn. Below is a photo of the restaurant, taken back in those much less politically correct days, at a time when freedom of speech still upset certain groups, but we still had freedom of speech.
      You actually had to walk right into the grinning black man’s mouth, to get into the restaurant (founded in 1925, there were actually three of these restaurants in the chain – one in Salt Lake City, Utah; another in Seattle, Washington; and a third in Portland, Oregon) –

        1. You mean, you’re just pulling the grenades and letting ’em roll around, lol… #pewdiepie.

      1. Oh God, please tell me that this still exists, even in “museum” form. I like to visit really weird shit like this, one of my minor life hobbies, and I’d give two solid dollars, cash on the barrel head, to go to this place.

      2. That’s good stuff right there. Never in a millions years could you open a place like that in Seattle or Portland.

        1. If most people didn’t act like wounded little children, places like this would still exist. It’s from the past. Act like an adult, and accept it – so what. It’s history. People want to destroy history and cover it up and/or rewrite it.
          Most adults are angry little kids wallowing in self-pity. The more they do it, the more they destroy free speech. Fuck it, I want some Coon Chicken…if a guy wants to say “Not my chicken” that’s fine, but dammit, I want it.
          “No chicken, no peace…”

        1. “So good a coon would love it.” Wonder why Popeye’s doesn’t use that slogan. Their pitchmen are all black, their target market is all black…

      3. Nice! In my old neighborhood we had a restaurant called Sambo’s which had a mascot of a little african child with a spear in his hand. No way that would fly in this PC world.

        1. Ironically, once the area went ghetto, the parking lot of the old building started selling watermelons. Can’t make that shit up.

        2. Sambos was good!
          I remember from when I was a kid and my parents used to take us to Florida on vacation.
          I used to love “Lum’s” as well. Great chili dogs.

      4. Theres some movie with steve buscemi. Ghost world i think. Part of the story is he has a sign from an old restaurant like that. He shows it to some young broad whos weirdly into him.
        He loans it to her telling her fo not show anyone.
        Ofc dumb broad makes it into a school project.
        Dude gets fired somehow.
        Never trust a broad.

  6. The White Man’s Burden: The United States and The Philippine Islands (1899)
    Take up the White Man’s burden, Send forth the best ye breed
    Go bind your sons to exile, to serve your captives’ need;
    To wait in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild—
    Your new-caught, sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child.
    Take up the White Man’s burden, In patience to abide,
    To veil the threat of terror And check the show of pride;
    By open speech and simple, An hundred times made plain
    To seek another’s profit, And work another’s gain.
    Take up the White Man’s burden, The savage wars of peace—
    Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease;
    And when your goal is nearest The end for others sought,
    Watch sloth and heathen Folly Bring all your hopes to nought.
    Take up the White Man’s burden, No tawdry rule of kings,
    But toil of serf and sweeper, The tale of common things.
    The ports ye shall not enter, The roads ye shall not tread,
    Go mark them with your living, And mark them with your dead.
    Take up the White Man’s burden And reap his old reward:
    The blame of those ye better, The hate of those ye guard—
    The cry of hosts ye humour (Ah, slowly!) toward the light:—
    “Why brought he us from bondage, Our loved Egyptian night?”
    Take up the White Man’s burden, Ye dare not stoop to less—
    Nor call too loud on Freedom To cloak your weariness;
    By all ye cry or whisper, By all ye leave or do,
    The silent, sullen peoples Shall weigh your gods and you.
    Take up the White Man’s burden, Have done with childish days—
    The lightly proffered laurel, The easy, ungrudged praise.
    Comes now, to search your manhood, through all the thankless years
    Cold, edged with dear-bought wisdom, The judgment of your peers!
    By Joseph Rudyard Kipling.
    If you are white that is the reason why you should not help bring civilization to savages and barbarians.

  7. I must say that it’s good to see people finally rebelling against the anti-white negativity. Many Whites engage in a bit of guilty hand-wringing from time to time but that doesn’t mean it was wise to try to use us as punching bags 24/7. We saw the backlash with the election, the failures of the most recent crop of race-baiting movies, etc. Now we’re flocking together like a minority group while still the majority.
    Another blessing is that the Left couldn’t bring it under control if they wanted to. I’ve never seen them this stupid, tone-deaf, and balkanized before.

    1. I’m hearing a lot of grumbling in bars and other social gatherings now from white males, and some white females even. They’re apolitical, or marginally political as are most people, but you make a one sentence observation about how the “bad guy is always a white male in the movies now” and you’ve just started a 20 minute conversation where you don’t have to talk much at all.
      Lots of resentment boiling under the surface out here.

        1. By white do you mean “honky” or (((white)))?
          I hate using that ((())) thing non-jokingly, but there is some truth to it with regard to “entertainment” and who finances what.

        2. Yeah, I was being diplomatic, figuring the (((( ))))) thing would manifest in responses (that’s what I was getting at though). Heh. I wonder if Hollyweird bigwigs back in the day ever ate at the Coon Chicken Inn…

      1. My brother and I have started pointing that out to white people as well as how tired even we’re getting of it. Wish I’d secretly recorded some of the responses.

        1. I’ve been pretty aware of this for a while, when I stopped watching television back in the Stone Age year of 2003 I had really had enough of it then, and this was what, 14 years ago? Today it’s utterly appalling, I’ve even almost entirely cut out movies at this point. Now sure, I’m one of those politically savvy guys who knows about propaganda, etc. But those folk at the bar, they aren’t, and they’re clearly seeing it and resenting it.
          I don’t think any sane man likes to be constantly made out to be both dumb, and evil, as a standard part of a culture. What Hollywood thinks that they’re gaining by this is anybody’s guess, but this shit is clearly riding on E and running on fumes at this point.

        2. I can hardly stand anything but classical music and literature these days. What a shame! All those hours I could have spent watching sitcoms and superhero movies.

        1. I saw this when it was an episode of Saved by the Bell where Jessie wanted to date Slater but Jessie’s parents were racist against Latino-actors-playing-Italian-characters.

        2. Ah shit……..
          …….i bet the kneeman has some things to say about “wrong weekend chicano” slater

      2. I see this in games as well. Don’t play a lot but sometimes feel like engaging in our incredible gaming technology every now and then. Play Call Of Duty, Infinite Warfare a few months ago. Pretty much the bad guys are from Mars and are all white, male fascists who want to take over earth and all the outlying space colonies. The good guys? You guessed it! A multicultural group of men and women from all walks of life. Not so hidden propaganda much?

  8. Excellent article, thank you very much. I’ve been saying these things for years, but leftists aren’t exactly known for their intelligence.
    Also not shown on that war casualty list is the Islamic-Arab invasion of Afghanistan which allegedly caused more deaths than both world wars and every Euro colonization combined. Too bad there’s so little info on it.

  9. Why don’t we make some more innovations to remind the women and melanins of this world who is boss?

  10. In other words…everything that doesn’t suck.
    The ones who say that it’s ridiculous to take pride in your race because you didn’t personally contribute those things, are the same a$$holes who expect you to be punished as a race when it’s time for reparations.

    1. Liberals on Nationalism: “OMG! You can’t take pride for something you had no choice in!”
      Liberals on Slavery: “OMG! You must show guilt over something you had no choice in!”

    2. What time will that be? Only time I hear of reparations is when a non “black” brings it up nowadays. I think we gave up on that bread we are owed bro….

      1. If you are owed bread then so is everyone else. But that’s beside the point. Every race should hold themselves to higher standards, and take pride when they hit the mark.

        1. Indeed. Each person should hold themselves to a high standard. I only know a few people who were promised compensation for being wronged that didn’t get it but you may have more information on that than I. Its not something I find myself having conversations about or staying up at night thinking about bro

      2. Michael Erick Dyson is a pseudoscience professor from Georgetown that recently called for Whites to open an IRA reparations account. Not living in shitty Africa is enough reparations.

        1. Bingo. Being granted citizenship in the greatest country on earth is more than enough to make up for the injustice of slavery. The trillions in welfare paid since then is just icing on the cake. If anything, blacks owe the rest of us a tremendous debt.

        2. Not to mention the cost paid in White blood to free the slaves and make them equal under the law – something that no other race in history besides White gentiles has ever done.

        3. I was stationed in Africa for a year. When my black co-workers were asked if they’d rather had their ancestors stayed in Africa, it was met with a resounding “Fuck No!!”

        4. Being granted citizenship is laughable bro. That’s like coming to my house, taking my house, then offering my house to me as a tenant.

        5. No, being granted citizenship here is like being given a free room in a beautiful mansion that somebody else paid for.

        6. Lol!!!!! Point taken. Touche. Don’t allow foreigners to feel like brothers or comrades, I see. I don’t think the browns are apathetic in that regard. That’s a winner though. Worked for the chinese up to this point.

        7. Reparations. OK, fine. its all yours, we’ll just go ahead and deduct all the benefit your family has received since becoming free and living in the US. O wait – now you owe ME money!

        8. The richest blacks per capita on EARTH are those which reside in white countries. The same is true of life expectancy.

        9. Paid for by several generations of people forced labor for hardly any compensation by an apathetic group of people who saw a means to their end. I pay my taxes registration on my car house note etc. A free year would be nice but not necessary. I think my ancestors covered my room and bored though bro

        10. Lol I don’t have to. I can tell by the context clues…..and I won’t because I don’t really give a shit. Which brings me back to my original point.

        11. Simple concept. When “empowered” black professors stop bringing up reparations, then your non black acquaintances will stop talking about it.

        12. Don’t forget to deduct the cost of policing and jailing them, and the cost of having vast swaths of prime urban real estate deemed uninhabitable by working people.

        13. I’d rather it be like one of my native friends from canada who actually got reparations. The conversation could stop when the promise is fulfilled. I don’t begrudge a man that was told he would receive something for asking when he would receive it. I’m just not holding my breath. Anyone could see the lie. Do you owe this prof some money or something? You sound pretty concerned.

        14. I have a few Native American friends who not only get subsidized land and housing on the res but they also get big money when they turn 18. You could make an argument that blacks deserve the same thing if they descended directly from slaves. But trust me bro, you don’t want it. Welfare of any sort is a spirit-killer. These guys that get these big checks blow it all partying within a couple years and then they are broke and angry for the rest of their lives.

        15. You cant fix injustices committed in the past here in the present. The Sins of the Father will also NOT be visited upon the sons.
          Fuk that.

        16. I’m sure mostly angry with themselves. A man with resources has more potential than a man without them. The reservations are a dirty consolation prize but it’s a consolation. I don’t care for the race talk. I think it’s fake, fabricated. I compete with every man the same. Some have more resources. T’is life

        17. I don’t think you can fix injustices at all. Building a house on ground where you burned down the original house doesn’t fix it. Even if the house is a better house you built. It would be something tangible though. If someone holds you captive for a decade then let’s you go one day would he be correct in saying you are lucky he let you go?lol dude said he had 5 dollars for my grandpa. My grandpa died, all the while asking for his 5. My dad asked for my grandpa’s 5 and died waiting on it. I’m not asking for shit. I’m cool with what I earn but I’m not mad at the next dude asking for his grandpa’s 5 bucks

    1. You can take pride for upholding standards that are valued by your culture.
      Let’s say you buy a house in a bad neighborhood, and you put a lot of work and money into fixing it up. After several months, it has a beautiful lawn and a fresh coat of paint, and your positive example starts to influence the neighbors to repair their own homes. This is called pride of ownership.
      But – if you didn’t build that house and create that neighborhood, how dare you take any pride in it?

      1. Well, ‘upholding’ can be an achievement, if its active. I am proud of doing exactly what you said (stop stalkin’ me, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!), and the maintenance behind the ownership IS the active element to be proud of.

        1. Whether you’re a master architect or a guy who drove a few nails, you can take pride in a house you’ve constructed.
          Same principle, I’d say. If you’re part of a culture and society that has merited pride, and you contribute in some way to that, then you can feel proud of it.
          If, however, you oppose or do not contribute to that for which we have pride, you don’t get to be proud. You can’t tweet proudly about your anti-Capitalist march from your iPhone.

      2. It don’t work like that, the niggers would burn you out.
        (I watched that Clint Eastwood movie)
        Not to mention, I don’t agree with most of the standards of my culture, so I wouldn’t uphold them.

    2. I generally feel something similar to this as well. However, nobody should be made to feel inordinate shame for being born into a race either. Nor should they be tasked with answering for actions – real or imagined – which they didn’t themselves commit. I actually haven’t heard anyone on this site claiming credit for inventions from the past, but I have a feeling that many here have been called racist or “privileged” simply for being white.

      1. Quite. I share no guilt for the evil of my ancestors, nor pride for their accomplishments.
        It’s My Turn.

        1. I think some pride of our heritage is warranted. However, your individual mastery is what defines YOU as a man.

    3. Bem, I would like to agree with you but the non-white/anti-whites want to lump all whites together and ascribe collective blame for the actions of all whites to all whites. In that context it is consistent for all whites to take credit for the positive achievements as well. So, no, it’s not “crap”.

        1. I understand, but the aggressor sets the standard and if you don’t at least meet their standard they easily beat you.
          You may not be interested in politics but politics will most certainly be interested in you.

  11. The question should be, What have YOU personally achieved, worthy to be proud of? whether black, white, yellow

    1. To be honest, most whites became racially conscious only after the former president resorted to anti-white rhetoric during his tenure. If the MSM lays off the race button, most whites will go back to being moderate again.

      1. No, we wont go back.
        Don’t raise false hopes for the negro.
        We will bring back RWDS and f*ck em all to death.

  12. I see your points and raise my own, since I am a History major and being consistent and offering counter arguments is sort of what I do. You claim that “9.99% of white men do not raise hell or start riots. We do not shoot five black police officers if one of them kills “one of ours“.”
    You seem to conveniently forget that US history has proven time and again that white men in this nation often do take “eye for an eye” to an irrational and exaggerated extreme.
    I will give you a long list of examples of white-majority riots and protests throughout American history where they were the aggressors (i.e. attacked or antagonized innocent people, or those they perceived as nee) or were protesting supposed ill-treatment by the government (i.e. food prices, taxes, lack of jobs, work conditions, etc.) and were absolutely *enraged* by what they thought were injustices that could be corrected by speaking out about them and organizing.
    It’s up to you to dig deeper and sift through the social, economic, historical, cultural, and political causes and what led up to people rioting and attacking others. Interestingly enough, virtually every single one was sparked by growing unrest, dissatisfaction, and frustration at the government. Reasons for these include lack of economic opportunity, repeatedly being ignored by the government, their staunch resistance to government policies and decisions, xenophobia, racism, and religious intolerance.
    -The American Revolutionary War is one of the ultimate American examples of “white men raising hell”..even IF it created our nation.
    -Shays’ Rebellion (1786-87)
    -Whiskey Rebellion (1791)
    -Cincinnati Riots of 1829
    -Anti-abolition riots (1834)
    -Cincinnati Riots of 1836
    -Lombard Street Riot of 1842
    -Philadelphia Nativist Riots (1844)
    -Cincinnati Riot of 1853 … Hm, I’m seeing a pattern here.
    -Cincinnati Riot of 1855
    -Lager Beer Riot of 1855
    -Bloody Monday (1855)
    -Know-Nothing Riots of 1856, ’57, ’58
    -Baltimore Riot of 1861
    -Memphis Riots of 1866
    -Chinese Massacre of 1871
    -Election Riot of 1874
    -Tompkins Square Riot (1874)
    -Battle of Liberty Place (1874)
    -San Francisco riot (1877)
    -Great Railroad Strike of 1877 (Pittsburgh, PA)
    -Great Railroad Strike of 1877 (Philadelphia, PA)
    -Thibodaux Massacre (1887)
    -Pullman Strike (1894)
    -May Day riots of 1894
    -New Orleans Dockworkers Riot (1895)
    -Wilmington insurrection of 1898
    -Akron Riot of 1900 *
    -Atlanta Race Riot of 1906 *
    -Springfield Race Riot of 1908 (One of the few where more whites than blacks were killed in a race riot started by whites) *
    -Paint Creek Mine War (1912-13)
    -East St. Louis Race Riots (1917)
    -Red Summer of 1919 –>Massive amounts of race riots around the nation, including:
    -Chicago race riot of 1919 *
    -Knoxville Race Riot of 1919 *
    -Longview Race Riot of 1919
    -Omaha Race Riot of 1919
    -Elaine Race Riot of 1919
    -Tulsa race riot of 1921
    -Battle of Blair Mountain (1921)
    -Rosewood Massacre (1923)
    -Ford Hunger March (1932)
    -Beaumont Race Riot of 1943 *
    -Detroit Race Riot of 1943 *
    -Cicero Race Riot of 1951
    It is then, after 1960 that we see a switch from whites doing most of the riots and protests to it being non-whites –mainly black.
    * In those that were sparked by a non-white person (almost all instances they were black) committing a crime–or allegedly doing so–the backlash was 100x much more harsh and deadly against the surrounding black community than what ever grievance a few non-white individuals may have done to the white community.
    Of course I do not and will never agree that looting and destruction of property is the right answer. It only destroys the livelihoods of the people in the neighborhood and could very well endanger that belonging to the protesters as well. And it makes people look irrational and insane, even if their reasons for doing so can be empathized with.

      1. Did you know that one can be academic and serious in one situation, and completely relaxed and casual in another?
        It’s almost like a human being has facets and different sides to them that turn on and off depending on the situation they’re in or the people they’re with.

    1. I learned more about history online than I ever did in school. I’d suggest changing your major

      1. Thrill me with your knowledge of, well, anything. I’d really love to see how it stacks up compared to mine in subjects such as European political ideologies of the 20th century, French Revolution, American Progressive Era of the 20s-30s, or the contradictory policies of Mao Tsetung’s China, just as an example.
        I really fucking would.

    2. Lumping all of those events together as though it is one context with one people is not a relevant way of viewing history.
      It would be relevant to break down the events by race demographics, as that is the context here.
      That would be a good place to start but there are many more factors that make your comparison to the here and now not relevant.

    3. Seems most of these incidents listed occurred when pretty much everyone around was white. Who else would do it?

      1. Wrong. Many of these riots–specifically the race riots–were triggered because the population of non-whites in that particular city were becoming too large for the native white population’s comfort. Their presence–and any little success they had–was seen as a threat to the economic success of the whites that lived in those cities up until then. They were taking jobs away from whites, or so the narrative always goes, when really when someone “takes a job away from someone” it’s to support their family, it’s not out of malice or a desire to undercut some group.

        1. You are right about the cause of many of the so-called race riots, but still, we’re talking about mostly white populations. If a group is truly a minority population, they cant get a good riot off the ground, particularly because of what you point out: their ‘otherness’ raises the perception of them as a threat.

  13. White men invented, refined and ultimately enforced the entire concept of human rights in the first place. It began with the ancient Greeks, and then was developed by Locke, Rousseau, Hobbes, and ultimately, Jefferson and Thomas Paine. The very idea that everyone had certain inalienable rights simply because they were human, which led to feminism, the legal system and so on was completely the product of white male thinkers.
    The same is true of the Enlightenment, and the whole concept of using reason, logic and facts rather than religion, superstition or emotion as the basis for decisions and action. That was totally the result of Western European white men.
    Basically, every single way of thinking that powers our existing society, and which provides the right for Social Justice Warriors, feminists and similar assholes to have a point of view was created by white men purely because it was the just, fair thing to do.

    1. You need to read history, real history not propaganda. “Enlightenment” was one of the worse things that could happen to Europe, lead by a bunch of hypocrites who didn’t shy away from slandering and libel to make our history before their period look like the “Dark Ages”…

    2. Reminds me of environmentalism. The EPA signed into law by Nixon, but then hijacked by the Marxists. This idea of evildoers taking a decent idea and twisting it to suit their needs is not uncommon.

  14. “White pride” is a normal reaction to being forcefully indoctrinated to believe that your own race is uniquely evil, and responsible for nearly all of the trouble in the world.
    It’s not about taking pride in the accomplishments of others. It’s about pushing back and saying, “no, wait a minute, fuck you – Whites have NOTHING to be ashamed of because on balance they have contributed more positive things to this world than all other races combined.”
    Put up or shut up, non-Whites. Show us how the accomplishments of your race measure up to white achievement. Let’s see it.

        1. Look up statistics on Euro economies. There is clearly a gradient.
          If Richard Spencer ever gets his “white ethnostate,” here are what the class stratifications will look like:
          Germanic/Nordic upper class
          Mediterranean middle class.
          Slavic underclass

  15. Calling white people racist and trying to make them guilty has nothing to do with what’s going on in reality.
    It is all about the money. Whites have all the money, and everyone else want them to give it to them. Guilt is one way to go about it.
    Ask yourself the following question. If whites lived in africa and were dirt poor, would anybody call them racists?

    1. What, and I am being serious here, does racist even mean? I mean, we use it a lot, this word, but wtf does it mean?

      1. We can use prior knowledge to help us parse the meaning of this word. For example, a cyclist is someone who enjoys cycling.

      2. It denotes a person who has thoughts and opinions that are outside the strictly-controlled normative thoughts and opinions approved by the SJW PC police… which is a constantly changing standard.

      3. Depends a hell of a lot on who you ask. There’s hardly a more loaded term today (though its power is fast waning).
        Ask an SJW, and it means, “believing something other than what I believe if it can conceivably be connected to your personal feelings about some group of non-white people; not worshiping non-white cultures and hating white cultures.”
        The dictionary says something about prejudice and bigotry, meaning that it’s just about hating people of a certain race for no good reason. Frankly, under the dictionary it’s not racist to hate Black drivers if your experience indicates that they’re a danger to you and yours on the road.
        Words with such varied definitions actually have as much use and meaning as words with no definition. I could call you a wogglepompit and convey just as much information about you.

        1. yeah, it seems largely meaningless. If you think that your race is better than another race? I also like my baseball team. I am really miles away from the white nationalists, but even I understand that there is a natural inclination to look towards people who look similar to you. What’s more, even the more extreme “racists” on this site don’t seem to hate other races, they just want to be separated from them which, while it isn’t something I totally agree with, is something I can totally understand.

        2. It’s amazing that “Britain for the Brits” is considered so racist by the same people who wanted “South Africa for the Africans”.
          I’ve had some great black friends. But if I had to choose between living with them in a city full of BLM terrorists and living with neither, I’d buy their ticket and help them pack. Call it what you will, but it seems fair enough.

      4. It means the same thing as sexist, homophobe, islamophobe- I dont like what you are saying, so stop talking

        1. Thats partially what it means, racism is a socially engineered term specifically designed to attack the social & racial bond of a society.
          Socially engineered terms & catch phrases, are carefully engineered algorithms programmed to attack specific types of people in a society.
          In this case a groups ability to bond racially & form an effective united front against the jews & globalists …
          You cant unite as a white people, if youre calling each racist for criticising people destroying your country …

        1. because it is you I will just assume this is funny. It just looks too painful to watch.

      5. It’s a word that is faster to say and easier to spell than literally Hitler.

      6. It means absolutely nothing, as of course you already know. The same way “discriminate” means nothing. Every decision in life is a discrimination. Coming to a conclusion due to facts and life experience.
        And…there is also that little thing called individual liberty that the constitution is supposed to guarantee. Like the freedom of a business owner hiring whomever he wants, or a landlord renting to whomever he wants, or a real estate agent showing houses to whomever he feels like, etc…

    2. Heck, we have the answer to that question, kind of:
      The left both gleefully bashes trailer park whites as “privileged” and “losers” and mocks them as racists because they thought (until recently) that this demographic had been effectively marginalized. In other words, the SJW’s love to pick on people they think they have bullied and when they lose, they cry a river about it.
      When Occupy Wall Street marchers were on the, er, march they deliberately avoided picketing Goldman Sachs.

    3. You’re right, “it is all about the money”, but the concentration of wealth in so few holders doesn’t benefit the majority of Americans, whites and non-whites. The labor movement was composed entirely of white people, for instance. Any talk of race or tribal allegiance is noise concealing larger economic forces underpinning our society.

    4. It’s about the money AND the women. Whites have the most desirable share of both, and everyone else wants to take it.

        1. that’s why a key component of all this has been to turn White women against their own men

        2. I’m not sure that’s the case, maybe. Women want what they’ve always wanted: resources. And those resources belong in majority to white men. That was probably a fertile ground for implementing a more devious plan, idk. At the core of everything are two things. Always two: resources, and sex. That’s it.

        3. Definitely. It was very easy to turn White women into vapid, materialistic whores because that’s what their darker nature always wanted. There are three parties to blame – the White women who were led by that propaganda, the Jews who deployed “liberation” ideology as a psychological weapon, and the White men who stood by and allowed it to happen – and in many cases became traitors to their own kind. Basically the entire Baby Boomer generation were a bunch of shitheads.

        4. Nothing could have ever happened without the white men who enabled all these. These are as you said traitors to their own kind. These are the weak men, maginas, white knights, cucks. But…..
          If you think about it, what they did was execute their own reproductive strategy. The only way for these men to get access to sex was by appeasing to women and help them go clubber the alphas and the producers… And they won because of numbers.
          Is anybody happy now? No.

    5. “Whites have all the money” Haha. You guys are adorable. Saudi Arabia, The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Qatar; just to name a few; are among the richest countries on the planet. In fact Luxembourg is the only European country in the top 5.

      1. You are confusing a few thousand sheiks with tens of millions of whites that combined own more than all those countries put together. Your perspective is quite distorted.
        The join I work for is worth 2B alone (not a public co.) and is owed by one white dude. Talk about real money…
        I don’t think you understand how much money is in the U.S.

      2. You mean the oil originally discovered by the West, extracted by white males with high IQs and then delivered to countries with vehicles/machines also invented by white males??? Those rich lazy sand niggggers who now enjoy the spoils of white men!!!

  16. Nobody wants to fix their own ugly, bitchy women – they want to steal the White man’s women instead.
    Nobody wants to fix their own shitty, backward country – they want to come squat in the White man’s country instead.
    Nobody wants to fix their own crime-plagued neighborhood and failing schools – they want to be moved into White neighborhoods, on government subsidies, so they can steal access to good White neighborhoods and schools.
    Are we seeing a pattern here?

    1. “Nobody wants to fix their own ugly, bitchy women ”
      Don’t know about that one. Asians and latinas tend to be sweeter/less bitchy. Also in 10 years yellow fever will grow exponentially as more and more white people begin to resemble hippos.
      However, I do see liberal guys who talk about how women shouldnt be slut shammed, yet when asked if they would marry a woman who has had sex with a lot of men, they said no. Same with tattoos, obesity, short hair, pink hair etc
      Everything else is spot on.

      1. I have no problems marrying a slut. I first married a virgin who turned into a slut. Now I’ve married a slut who’s trying to turn into a virgin.
        At least the slut turning into a virgin has plenty of sex with me.
        As long as their womb still works, they weigh less than 50Kg, and they don’t have a disease I can’t live with ……. what does it matter?

        1. “As long as their womb still works, they weigh less than 50Kg, and they don’t have a disease I can’t live with ……. what does it matter?”
          This is why we’ll lose.

        2. In Pjclark1s defense most females these days lose their virginity in middle/high school. I cant name 1 girl I graduated with today that is “pure”

    2. Africans are unique, in that they have no sense of preservation as a group, that is they dont internalise their need for racism as a group.
      Africans dont discriminate to preserve their race. Africans discriminate to externalise their problems as a race.
      Basically they externalise theyre racism, blaming external factors for their race’s inability to survive. As external reasons for the failures of a race arent fixable.
      It is because of this impotence as a race, africans murder each other because they believe their problems arent fixable.
      This is also why africans murder each other, by externalising their racism they have no way of bonding as a race. When an african is convinced his problems arent fixable, you have no way of bonding as a race.
      White people are essentially sufferring from the effects of christianiaty, which states there is no race, instead everyone is as one under god.
      This is why they dont see other white people as a cohesive white race.
      When pushed white people discriminate to preserve their race, they internalise & bond as a group to preserve their race. We saw this in action in the civil rights era, bonding as a race in order to preserve their race from Africans. Of course undone by jews & do gooder white women.
      This is also why SJW’s are brainwashed to externalise their problems as a group. Unfixable external problems & macro boogymen such as white men & patriarchy, all prevent them bonding as a racial group of white people. As you cant bond over unfixable problems.
      This is also why women are forbidden from taking responsibility, by realising your inability to fix a problem, allows you to bond with other people, the problem becomes fixable.
      Incoherent boogymen & macro societal wide ideologies of victimhood, are specifically designed to target the racial bond white people have with each other.
      You cant bond over what you cant control. You cant fix what you cant control.
      You can fix, when you take responsibility for what you can control …
      When you fix, what you can control, it will inevitably teach you how to fix what you cant fix, what you cant control.
      This is what makes the white race a powerhouse of innovation & superiority.

      1. Another idiot that says blacks are not Racist and Christianity is the source of our problems…Blacks are one of the most racist peoples on Earth, just behind China and India, the West hasn’t been Christian in at least a hundred years…

    1. It’s statements like that why you’ll never be happy. You’ve got far to much hate inside of you. Sad!

        1. Loathing and hatred are the same thing. Here’s the definition for you:
          noun: loathing; plural noun: loathings
          a feeling of intense dislike or disgust; hatred.

  17. 1. Most prosperous and desirable countries – partly true.
    The question is whether this has got to do anything with race/ethnicity or simply does with climate. All the top 9 countries have moderate climate with four seasons. This encourages planning ahead and the optimal use of the available resources.
    2. Science, medicine and technology
    Somehow relates to point 1. More the results of climate than genetics. If you insist of credit genetics for those achievement , you have to admit that most of those achievements should be credited to Jewish scientist? Are Jewish people White or not? I guess this is a hard question to White supremacists.
    3. Most violent group – Maybe
    However, most White victims of war were killed by another Whites. WW1, WW2, the killings following the collapse of Yugoslavia in the 1990s. Enough said. The recent surge in tribalism and primitive nationalism across Europe proves the point.

    1. Have you ever been to Norway? The climate is one of the worst in the world, lots of really cold weather and months of perpetual night.

  18. 4. White folks are not homogenic group, neither are Black folks Asians or any other group of people. History, education and personal experiences all shape someone`s perception and attitude towards people from other ethnic groups.
    Educated urban folks in the Pacific Northwest are less likely to be racist than uneducated hillbillies from West Virginia. The same way a successful Nigerian engineer , an Ethiopian doctor or a Rwandan dentist would be less likely to be racist towards you then the jobless Tyrone from Baltimore, MD or Winston from Jamaica.
    5. There is probably some truth to this one.
    6. I don` t know what that was suppose to mean. Maybe I am not White enough. ( I am partly Asian)
    Overall, a pretty pointless article. Being Alpha and red-pilled should come with a realization that there are decent women in every race/ethnic group. As a matter of fact, these days decent, feminine women who are willing to have children are likely to come from Africa or Asia.

    1. Good points and all very true. When addressing accomplishments it needs to be said your ancestor’s accomplishments are not specifically your own. They are gone and the results remain.

    2. Educated urban folks in the Pacific Northwest are less likely to be racist than uneducated hillbillies from West Virginia.

      Those “hillbillies” just might not like blacks because they have had more experience with them than whites living in the Northwest. So-called “racism” doesn’t necessarily follow from the inability to absorb progressive utopian thinking, but rather from having a practical reality-orientation about different groups’ behaviors.
      If racial stereotypes come about randomly and mistakenly, then why don’t people ever get them mixed up? As in, blacks do well in school, Jews live paycheck to paycheck and Koreans control finance and the media.

      1. West Virginia is 94% white, its the (third) whitest state in the country, and too be honest, its not even that racist…
        edit:slightly wrong on the statistics, fixed.

  19. It’s funny – before the sjw and 3rd wave feminist revolution, I never saw my race and ethnicity as anything other than an interesting side note to my physical and biological make-up.
    But now that I know that I am the offspring “literally hitler” and satan himself, I am now more conscious and proud of my ethno-cultural history and biology.
    So thanks, sjws and fems! Now I know some whole new ways in which I, and my people, kick serious ass!
    Now fuck off.

  20. Good article and I agree. But whites will soon become extinct, or the extreme minority, with the major majority being replaced with inbred retreads..

    1. We really need to pay more attention to this creep Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi, the intellectual father of the European Union who wanted white Europeans to disappear through breeding with nonwhite people.

      The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals. […]
      Instead of destroying European Jewry, Europe, against its own will, refined and educated this people into a future leader-nation through this artificial selection process. No wonder that this people, that escaped Ghetto-Prison, developed into a spiritual nobility of Europe. Therefore a gracious Providence provided Europe with a new race of nobility by the Grace of Spirit. This happened at the moment when Europe’s feudal aristocracy became dilapidated, and thanks to Jewish emancipation.

      Coudenhove-Kalergi apparently wrote this in the 1930’s, and the resemblance to what has happened in Europe lately suggests that our elites have acted upon this idea as their plan for social engineering.

      1. Indeed – a while ago the German government produced a website aimed at migrants – on how to have sex. I’m serious. They used illustrations too, and all the images featured a black skinned immigrant fucking a white german girl. White genocide, anyone?

        1. Was the girl being raped? You might be referring to “white nature” rather than “white genocide.”

        2. Yes, but it’s a Caucasian girl’s choice who she has sex with. “Genocide” is suggestive of force or something, not a voluntary choice to fuck somebody else from another race.

        3. Ok you have a point, but my point (I don’t think I made it clear) is that the illustrations the government is encouraging interbreeding. They images they are putting up clearly showing a white female with a non white male – and showing a dark skinned doctor giving a vesectomy to a white patient. This of course is far from genocide in the traditional sense, but I’m just saying.

        4. Douche, it doesn’t matter how much game Merkel teaches immigrants, women still fuck who they choose. So what are you afraid of? Why does a woman’s free choice scare you? You’re obviously a fucken loser
          What’s even funnier is how much of a fucken idiot you are. You’re a loser complaining Merkel teaches Middle Eastern immigrants how to game Caucasian women on a fucken site run by a Middle Eastern immigrant who teaches Caucasian men how to game the same women ROFL!!!
          I can’t stop laughing at you!! ! It’s beyond pathetic!!!

      2. I mostly agree with him, and am busy creating that mixed race. But disagree with his reasoning. I’m thinking white women are removing themselves from the genetic pool due to excessive false feelings of entitlement and overeating.

  21. If someone needs to use their skin color to be proud of themself then that person is a loser with no accomplishments of their own to hang their hat on.

    1. The “color” of your mind matters. Mediocre white people can do things that most of the world’s nonwhite people can’t seem to pull off, like having water you can drink safely right out of the tap.

        1. If the wel-fay dindus got crappy water, it is their own fault. Live on the dole and eat sh*t. No sympathy for them whatsoever.

        2. Flint has been run by the Democrats — like NYC, Detroit, LA, Sacramento, Oakland, Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, and Newark have been. That alone explains a LOT…

        3. Democrats? Caucasian democrats in Portland, San Francisco, Sacramento, NYC, run there cities just fine, in fact these are some of the best places to live in the world. Its not the democrats, its the blacks.

  22. If you take an African studies class in college the leftist professor will sing praises of Sub-Saharan African culture because it is overwhelmingly matriarchal, unlike traditional Western civilization, which is patriarchal. They never seem to make the connection that women leading tribes has contributed to Africa’s perpetual state of economic and technological stagnation.

    1. This shows the problem with the “ascent of man” thinking that resulted from the fact that evolutionary biology and anthropology arose in Britain and Europe. The fathers of these ideas look around their immediate environments and decided that the process culminated in them – competent European white people – instead of seeing that most of the human species outside of a few areas in the Eurasian continent never amounted to much. A more objective assessment of man would see our species as billions of losers with a few million outliers who have the cognitive ability to rise above mere animal existence, by, for example, launching rockets to explore the solar system.

      1. Imagine being born into a matriarchal world. The aboriginal dwelling resembles a vagina somewhat, a dark hole for an entrance, natural, uncovered, welcoming to any wild beast. It is thatched from surrounding materials like a cradle, a never ending cusp, a vagina like hole that you duck back into. Every day of life is like a ground hog popping in and out of its hole. Matriarchal life is like popping in and out of the warm and comfortable ‘vagina hole’ dwelling. Carnate life in the world is an extension or continuation of the incubation/gestation process within your mother’s womb. The matriarchal ‘vagina home’ is a continuing extension of the original mother’s vaginal cavity. Its lines and contours are in harmony with the elements.
        It resembles a cave and I’m sure the author can relate. Fixated in time it is life defined, unquestioningly a simple acceptance of the elements and materials at hand. Water is good. Tit milk gives life. Obey the one that doles out the tit milk. From the amniotic fluid and placenta in the womb, it must be such a magnificent experience to open your eyes for the first time in the world. The womb was dark. It was like a fish gazing at the rippling surface beyond which one could only wonder. AND YOU’RE BORN into an ongoing and continuing journey. The world is like a big stadium sized vagina with floodlights and wonders to behold. Sticks, leaves, snakes, bugs, some delicious some yucky. And home is the vagina. Mmmmm.

  23. We must be proud because we did almost all. From democracy to space rockets, from philosophy to microchips, from art to weapons of mass destruction, from enunciating the laws of Physics to apply them in a car or a weapon, WE did that.
    A world without white males would be like Congo in the year 300 A.D.

      1. Asians are odd. Take for example Japan, they developed a highly sophisticated ethical system, they were excellent warriors and decent poets…..but nothing else. They spend centuries writing haikus and slashing each other. They somehow lack the kind of driven impulse the white man has.

        1. Yet they were on the level of gunpowder before we even reached them. The irony is their own ethical code is what kept them from advancing further. They also are the ones who adapted fastest to the white empire’s ways. Just take Japan for example… Now look at China. We underestimate them at our own peril!

  24. For me, the only motive of shame, as a white male, is that we have been unable to kill all whales.
    Can’t stand those aquatic obeses things.
    Now, as revenge, land whales try to enter our beds. Disgracefull.

  25. Nice article! Not to mention reverse racism. I was really big into basketball as a kid and had dreams of being in the NBA. But once I realized I was 5’11” and white my chances of hoop dream reality became moot. I was constantly reminded of this fact when my all black teammates never passed me the ball, was always picked last in pick-up games, and I was relegated to the dirty work of getting my own brutal rebounds and hustling up and down the court which seemed to be something that they were above (thanks to players like Kobe who make not giving it your all somehow ‘cool’). But I didn’t complain, just moved on and realized that I could make better use of my talents where whites excel… So everything else basically.

    1. You were at a genetic disadvantage.
      Your ancestors evolved due from selection for intelligence and innovations to survive in cold weather climates. Their ancestors evolved from selection for running, jumping, and stealing coconuts from monkeys. Yup, they sure are good at basketball.

  26. Thank you for this article. Now, if only you can get MSM to feature a story on this. Better yet a documentary. Terrific post.

  27. This article does more to incriminate white male shittery than any meticulously researched libertarian article ever could jfc

  28. The figures look better if you count the deaths in percentage of the world population. The Mongols are number one, killing 25% of the world population. WW2 only managed around 5% (and a lot of the killers were Japanese).

  29. “White males (particularly white males of Germanic European extraction) do an absolutely fantastic job”
    How about a little credit for the foundations my Southern European ancestors created that led to this point?

    1. Exactly. While we were making philosophy everyone else was swinging from trees.

  30. “Furthermore, only white majority countries take in huge numbers of
    immigrants and refugees, while the wealthy Northeast Asian countries
    (Japan, South Korea, Taiwan) scoff at such humanitarianism.”
    That is absolutely NOT a good quality for Whites.
    There is no such thing as NE Asian guilt. Good for them.

  31. Look into the Manhattan Project and further development of nuclear weapons. The key designers were from The Tribe. Even in the Soviet Union, the key scientists were Tribe members.
    Fission bomb: Oppenheimer, Teller, Szilard, et al.
    Fusion bomb: Teller (Hungarian Jew)
    Neutron bomb: Cohen

      1. Looking at the lst names, none of them were sephardic. That doesn’t really matter anyways, there religion, culture, are the same.

  32. though some of the things mentioned are factaul, this writer has clearly not acknowledged the subtle nuances as how they actually came about, which is disappointing….cuz i would suspect this level of incompetence from sjw, not a rok writer…:/

  33. I did not know what to expect when I clicked on this… and sadly… even as awake as I like to think I am… you can see just how deep the programming of shame goes.
    Truly a remarkable post. Thank you for writing this.
    PS. It also proves the law of value. Those who have value will always be attacked by those who have none.

  34. The most racist people in my experience have been Chinese, for some reason they really don’t like Soul Brothers, never figured out why. I couldn’t give a fig about someone’s skin pigmentation, best man at my wedding was my Chinese buddy, if you treat me with respect I will reciprocate. For all others, KRATOM!

    1. ” have been Chinese, for some reason they really don’t like Soul Brothers, never figured out why…”
      1) Blacks are by far the most criminally violent race on the planet. They have earned all the hate they incur, and THEN SOME!!!
      2) Chinese (and other NE Asians) are not inflicted with the mental illness responsible for “white guilt”.

      1. I don’t go for the white guilt either, but qualify your first point? How do get the figures to arrive at your conclusion?

        1. US DOJ/FBI crime statistics.
          Google “The Color of Crime”.
          Research the violent crime rate in South Africa before and then after Mandela took over.
          Listen, there are some decent Herman Cains, Ben Carsons and Thomas Sowells out there. But they are few and far between.
          I will also admit that my wording in (1) is a bit harsh.

    2. The only group of people I could ever say I don’t like would be the Chinese. I have nothing against Chinese individuals, but as a group they tend to be some of the biggest assholes on the planet.

  35. I have said this before and I will say it again: Thank God for King George! On March 25, 1807, the issue became imperial in scale and the Royal Assent was give to the Acts of the Abolition of the Slave Trade. King George III was the Great Emancipator fifty-six years before Abraham Lincoln. If it weren’t for Protestant white males from Europe, niggers would still be selling themselves wholesale from Africa to the New World.
    When King George signed the act, the [BLACK/NEGRO] chiefs of the slave tribes demanded that the act be lifted. They asked why if slavery was OK in 1806, why would it be wrong in 1809+ … this is the nigger mentality of many from Africa. And remember, in [REAL LIFE] I am negro, so if anyone can use the word ‘nigger’, its me!
    Whites have been made to feel as the reasons for all the sins in world. This is due to jewish media, and international socialists/marxists.
    Its sad to see the propaganda that is being foisted upon the planet!
    Laws, theology, medicine, abstract thinking computers, artificial intelligence, technology are the inspirations of the European and Asian. Again, remember I am black/negro in real life and it pains me to tell the truth, but the truth I must tell!
    Other truths hidden from people who are educated in government schools:
    Blacks, Native Americans, French, Mexicans fought [FOR] the Confederate States of America. Blacks either were proxied into the war by their slave owners, or they were free blacks who were fighting to maintain their investments in their slaves; yes blacks did in fact own other blacks in the Americas!
    Today, 2017, you can buy a nigger slave girl in Chad for $50.00 and a carton of cigarettes! Where are black lives matter on this? Where is the negro out cry?
    More whites by numbers are killed by police every year, but if you let the jewish media tell you, blacks are being hunted by police!
    Its very sad to see the truth because it hurts. Its easy for me to see the propaganda. I’m over 50 folks, I remember when they would say nigger on TV. Sanford and Son, cop and robber shows, and now we see the pendulum swinging to the other extreme where whites are now the modern day wiggers. Its all propaganda!
    One more thing, I would like to thank my white teachers at El Camino Community College and UC Berkeley who taught and aided me in achieving my degrees in Music, Chemistry, Physics and Astronomy. Thank you white people for believing in me and investing your time and patience!

    1. Yup, greats like William Wilberforce did remarkable work. Rarely do you hear about the thousands of whites who sacrificed their lives for the emaciation of slavery.
      I am amused by all the leftists who are in this race to be the ultimate victim in their quest for power. On the playground, the loudest whiner may get some sympathy from the teacher for a little bit. But after a time, it wears thin, especially if there isn’t any shenanigans. That is what you are seeing today.

  36. Where can I find statistics on population by sex and race combined? I’m googling it and I just found that whites will be less than 10% of the world’s population around 2060.

  37. Here is the thing. You can be proud of your own (insert race here); whatever race you are.
    But if you haven’t personally done jack shit for your own personal self development,
    then it doesn’t matter worth shit.
    Also I wouldn’t put number three.
    “3. NOT Being The World’s Most Violent Race”
    Every race were violent. White people happen to be very creative about it.
    Instead of constantly hacking enemies with machete, they just invented nuclear weapon and made it much easier and made efficient way to kill in less of a time. Think of machine gun during WWI.
    I personally think Asians were more violent if we are talking about large scale (think about Mongols during 1200s and the Japanese during WWII, some of the shit they did).
    But on impulse wise, blacks, hispanics and arabs top that.

  38. 1) Even inventions of destruction were impressive for their mere technological aspects.
    2) only around 2% of the union owned slaves; arguments can be made that the majority of that 2% were khazars; what some would not consider Indo European white.
    3) how many people are sharing this article? We need to. This is the most non racist and enlightening information I came across. White men help abolish slavery and institute tolerance? Who woulda thought?!
    Just my thoughts.

  39. “Japan, Korea, and China could very well still be lingering in a 13th century ”
    Hell no!
    Those 3 countries have invented numerous things.
    Lots of stuff you mentioned in the text was originally developed in Asia, and Europeans were refining it…
    Chinese lead in invention.

  40. “We do not start million strong “White Men’s Marches” like idiot feminists (and their beta cucks) who think they’re rights are being trampled”
    We should. Men face inequalities in society that need fixing, men shouldn’t be punished more than women when both commit the same crime, men should have the right to op-out of parenthood that women have and the right not to have their gentitals cut and for men’s suffering with suicide, homelessness and violence to recieve as much support as women get

  41. We don’t need any lists or laudations to tell us how fine we are. The day we do is the day we ain’t so fine anymore. Remember that, white people!

  42. Sometimes, it is good to stop and smell the roses. Excellent article. To hell with the whiny hand wringing. We are who created the society as it now stands, and I see improvements every day. If some beta cries that we are doing this, or not doing that, pick up the wormy maggot, throw him over a barrel, and teach him a lesson he won’t soon forget.

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