How Working At Comic-Con Showed Me That America Is A Nation Of Cucks

Last weekend I had to the opportunity to work as a brand ambassador for a company at Comic-Con in Saint Louis, Missouri. My job was simply to approach people and tell them about my company’s amazing breakthroughs in research, but in those three days I made several observations about our society that explains why America is a cuck-nation. Now I do realize that the people that go to these types of conventions are a small sample size and do not represent all Americans, but what I saw can be seen pretty much anywhere else in the country

Grown Men Getting Dressed Up As Comic Book Characters


There’s nothing super about these guys.

When I was a kid, I loved Spider-Man. Every month I would ride my bicycle to the comic book store and buy the newest issue. I watched the Spider-Man cartoons and played the Spider-Man video games. I collected entire box sets of Spider-Man cards. I was very passionate about Spider-Man. But I did all this as a kid, and eventually grew out of it all as I got older.

At Comic-Con, grown men come dressed up as their favorite comic book or movie character. I saw men in their 40s wearing capes. I witnessed a duel between one man with a Harry Potter magic wand and another man with a lightsaber. A very obese man was dressed up as Nintendo’s Mario.

I can completely understand being passionate about a certain character. But what does it say about a society where grown adult men are still playing dress up and buying toys made for children? These are basically little boys trapped in men’s bodies.

Men Are Afraid To Touch Women


The classic double hover hand

Comic-Con is a great excuse for women to wear something sexy and go get massive attention. The most popular costume was Harley Quinn (because of course women want to dress as the bad girl that dates the psychotic bad boy, Joker). Girls were also dressed as the X-Men, Poison Ivy, Jessica Rabbit, and several anime characters that I’m unfamiliar with.

As these women are walking around the convention collecting attention, men will stop them and ask to take their picture. They won’t ask to be in it though. They’re just content with getting a picture and that’s it. Several times I would butt-in and tell the guy “wouldn’t you like to be in the picture? Give me your camera.” The guy is happy to have his picture taken with a sexy girl, but then you can feel his awkwardness come out as he’s not sure what to with his hands. Most guys just keep their hands to their sides. One guy even held his hands together, as if to make sure 100% sure he would not accidentally touch the girl. Then there’s the famous “hover-hand” where the guy hovers his hand over the girl’s shoulders or side.

I’m guessing these men are playing it safe by not touching the girls. With the constant crying about rape culture and the many false rape accusations out there, men have become too scared to touch women.

The Average American Man Is Content With Being A Sad Cunt

In case you are unaware of the term “sad cunt,” it’s basically what you call a man that has no interest in self-improvement. He doesn’t work out. He doesn’t further his education. He doesn’t seek out to improve his status. Most of the men at this convention just do not care how bad they look. For them, it’s just easier to be fat than to get in shape. It’s easier to just put on a t-shirt and sweatpants than to find a nice fitted outfit. It’s easier to just stick with the job that pays $10 an hour than to try find a better paying opportunity.

So when you have men that are content with being low-status, then it’s no surprise to see the kind of women these men will be with. Low-status men will have no problem at all being with a fat woman and taking care of her bastard children. Low-status men also have no issue with their woman taking her time to talk to another man in front of him. Women will have long conversations with me while their boyfriends stand idly by the side holding her bags, the both of us just ignoring him and not include him in the conversation. There were a couple of times where I had to ask the woman if that man was with her, because he was just standing there quietly waiting for her to finish talking to me. Women have no shame; they will talk and flirt with other men in front of their own husband if he allows it.

Boys Are Groomed To Be Gay


When your parents tell you that you are a strong independent woman that don’t need no man!

I used to think homosexuals were born that way, but today I think boys are actually groomed to be queer. Several people might say this is a silly opinion, but let me explain. When I was in high school I had zero exposure to anyone that was gay. I thought being gay was some weird rare abnormality. The first time I ever met a gay guy was not until college, and it was my roommate freshman year (keep in mind I graduated high school back in 1997). Throughout my four years of attending a university in North Carolina, I did not know anyone else that was gay. It really wasn’t until I moved to California for a job in 2007 that I began to see gay people all over the place.

This weekend I encountered so many young high school boys that were very effeminate. Boys are hanging out with girls, but instead of having sex with them, they are becoming like them. I just find it strange how I went from never seeing someone that is gay, to seeing gay people everywhere every day. It’s like the cool thing now to be gay. I’m definitely going to put the blame on the liberal media, since they have constantly been on an agenda of normalizing homosexuality. What really shocked me was seeing a mom and dad walking with their two teenage sons, which were dressed as some female anime characters. Parents today encourage their boys to dress as women. My dad would have kicked my ass if I ever wore a skirt and a long pink wig.

Women Are Degenerates That Like To Dye Their Hair Unnatural Colors

I’ve said enough about the men, so let me make one final comment about several of the women that I saw. There were a lot of ugly women here, and for some reason these ugly women make themselves even uglier by dyeing their hair purple or blue, covering their bodies in tattoos, and piercing body parts that should not be pierced. One would think that an obese woman with blue hair and a pierced septum would live a lonely life, but somehow these ugly wildebeests still manage to find a man willing to do whatever she tells him.


In Conclusion

Based on my observations at Comic-Con over three days, you can see why I call America a cuck-nation. I know that the people that go to Comic-Con are just a small part of the American population, but aside from the dressing up as a superhero part, you can pretty much observe what I observed anywhere you go.

Go to the mall on Saturday and you’ll see plenty of weak men walking around with their obese wives that have some purple or blue in her hair. You can pretty much see the despair in his eyes, whenever a young slim girl walks by that he could only dream about touching, as he walks hand in hand with his 1.5/10 wife. Go to any other convention where attractive women would be at, such as a fitness expo, and be prepared to count how many “hover hands” you see. Go to a bar and try to find one woman nowadays that does not have a tattoo. This is sadly what our society has come to.

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509 thoughts on “How Working At Comic-Con Showed Me That America Is A Nation Of Cucks”

    1. There’s usually some predetermined bar or club the cosplayers go to after the shows, and if you find out where they’re at, then I think your chances are better.

      1. I’ve never been. But I always imagined the majority of the men are betas with approach anxiety. In LA we have some spin-off of comic con. I may have to check it out next year and test my hypothesis.

        1. I’d be interested to read what you find out. It’s been a mix of normal guys and betas whenever I’ve gone, and I’ve been to 3 now (4th is next month). My group of friends going this time all have decent game and specifically want to chat up cosplay girls so it should be a pretty interesting/hilarious trip.

        2. At least when you attend those, your intentions/interests are quite clear. Plus you need to be an adult (legal age) to attend.

        3. Never went to one of their bar meetups but I’ve had fun going to the conventions themselves. Cosplay girls are really friendly (the fatties dressed as superheroes aren’t as common as you’d think), so are the artists. The celebrity guests, at least in my experience, are really nice. I try to have a short conversation with them about stuff they enjoy in their spare time or charities they’re a part of because I figure they’re tired of talking for the 5,000th time about whatever tv show or movie they’ve been in.
          The whole event is basically a shit-ton of artists and vendors selling prints or comics or whatever other merchandise they can think of. People will buy passes to go for the whole weekend (a lot of times they run Friday-Sunday), but I just do one day.

    2. If you have the least bit of skill, yes. Many even have late night singles gatherings. These places are filled with such anti-social omegas that most major ones have instituted cosplay consent policies and the SJW police forces are strong. Just remember, nerds (even chick nerds) are a fickle bunch and can smell a poser so be knowledgeable in at least one nerd activity.

      1. Ah! good point my good man….I’d probably have to go with a buddy who is into comics to throw off their scent.

    3. I bet if you could set up strong logistics, like staying at an apartment nearby during the convention, you would stand out amongst the spergs.

      1. Many are held in hotels so its a matter of only going up a few floors on an elevator and her walk of shame means she won’t miss the early morning workshops.

  1. It’s funny, I go to these to for photo ops with celebrities and the women, whether cosplay girls or actresses, always want my arm around them or they’ll put their arms around me themselves. If you approach them like a normal, confident guy and not some sex-starved beta then they’ll let you pose with them however you’re comfortable.

  2. A 6 in real life, is a 9 at cons.
    That said, I like cons. I’m a nerd and still read comic books and play nerdy games. Where else would I have had the chance to get drunk as a skunk on Patron with Chewbacca and his wife – actual Peter Mayhew – saw him sitting at a table and walked over and bought him a drink, which turned into quite a few. Nice dude.
    I don’t dress up though. At our last local con, I wore my standard boots, jeans, hunting themed ball cap, and a Wolverine X-men mask hoodie I found on sale on Amazon. Was walking through the con with the woman and got a bunch of compliments from other women there. Call it con dread game.

    1. I’ve debated going to cons several times (the answer is always no) and doubt I’d have the ability to not laugh at some of the walking freakshows at those places. Exhibit A. is that cross dresser as WW up there. Then again, I’m not one to talk since I go to tattoo conventions.

      1. A local one is worth checking out. The people watching is fantastic. They are usually so crowded that nobody will notice your snickering (cause I do the same thing). That said, there are some pretty amazing costumes too – lots of high level sewing and leatherwork.
        At the end of the day, a con is still better than thousands of people putting on jerseys and going to a professional football. At least at cons, people actually had to make their outfit.

        1. I’ve always enjoyed people watching so I guess I’ll give it a go at the next local one. I’ll admit that the costumes have always fascinated me. In a lot of ways it’s like watching art come to life if the person models it right.

        2. We have one of the nation’s largest Renaissance Festivals locally. It is a huge dress up in costume affair. I have gone in costume once or twice but mostly don’t go to the effort. It is always fun to go. the shows are bawdy, and there is plenty of ale available. It is a nice escape from the PC modern world. I don’t fault others for their own methods of occasional escape.

        3. I used to go to Cons, back then there’d be the occasional wildebeast. But most of the chicks were actually decent and the pickings were so easy when most of the guys were utterly gameless. And don’t knock cosplay, if you’re physically fit and not butt ugly you can actually pull it off and chicks will ask to take your picture and flirt with you. My go to was Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. Nowadays though its just not nearly as fun and the overall quality of things has dropped. I still occasionally will tag along to small ones but Im almost always disappointed.

        4. Good point on game level and pulling pool at Cons. Have never done the cosplay BUT Take a wild guess as to who I would go as. Best place to hide is in plain sight.

        5. I’ve considered going to a Ren fair. I like swordfighting and trained in Kendo for a while. I am a member of and would like to train more, except I am too much into shooting sports right now.
          When I go into a comic or game store, which I do about once or twice a year because I’m bored and the wife is on her period or something, I get a lot of funny looks. I look like the guy that beats up the LARPers, I guess. They suspect that I am only pretending to look at the latest tabletop RPG rule systems to see what’s changed since AD&D.

        6. Nice. I’m cynical enough to actually use that to my advantage-I think I could pull off Viktor from Suikoden II very easily having the long hair and solid build but beyond that I would provably go to said cons to laugh at the neckbeards and try to mack on all the girlies using my unabashed machismo.

        7. I’m right there with you, G-dog.
          I appreciate the massive amount of talent on display. Quite amazing what some folks can churn out.
          It’s like the art scene without all the pretentiousness.
          Aaaaaand the eye candy is a plus.
          Since I usually go as Logan, I keep the shape up to par. When posing for pics, with said eye candy, there’s no “hovering of hands”, I can assure you.

        8. “I don’t fault others for their own methods of occasional escape.”
          And that’s all it comes down to.
          If you:
          Collect= nerd
          Hunt= neck
          Lift= knuckle dragger
          Sports= jock
          Like snatch= ussy’ hound
          … the list goes on

        9. “In a lot of ways it’s like watchin art come to life…”
          It really is.

        10. Bishca, you’re dead on.
          I’ve had chicks go out of their way to holla’ at me. Most definitely an ego massage. Especially when married and pushing 40.
          Story for ya’:
          An omega acquaintance, I’ve the dipleasure of knowing, who’s also a legend in his own mind, sows his own costume of some obscure character that apparently only he knows.
          He asks who I’m going as.
          I say, “Logan.”
          He smugly replies, “Again?”
          To which I add, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”
          Man, you can just cut the hate with a knife.
          He spends months on his costume while I slip on cowboy boots, belt, faded jeans and a wife beater, chew on a stogie and sip bourbon from my flask… “and the ladies are just dying to hear me go, WOOOOOO!”

        11. I like the sound of clam-bake; I’ve got game and an accent-big points as I understand the American girlies become rainforests by such.

        12. I will warn you, though… the wildebeest’s are legion. And their girth continues to grow.

        13. For they are many. I will crush that abomination with my valour and manliness.

        14. There’s this thing called glomping. Its basically a cutesy bearhug attack. I’d just be walking in my Luffy cosplay and random chicks would just jump out and wah! Shit was crazy. It helps that I have his exact body type and am shredded as fuck. What most nerds don’t get is if you cosplay as a character which looks like the fat discount sad version of your character, well no one will give a fuck. If you dont want to be stuck with cosplaying a fat character, then dont be fat!

        15. Bang on, mang! Own the character.
          With so many effete boys and neckbeards, you stand out like a hot fit person when, you’re, uh… fit.
          Had to cross ref the UD on that verb, though.
          Thanks. You learned me something new.

        16. Yup. But people are afraid to take in the soortsfans so they cowardly pick the easier target.

    2. Why not stop being a nerd? Forget about comic books and super heroes. Grow the fuck up.

      1. Why?
        I make six figures, have a hot wife who does what I tell her to do, and I’m basically the master of my own destiny (as much as anyone can be in modern Amerika).
        If I want to read Batman comics after I get a blowjob and a hot homecooked meal, I absolutely will.

        1. Dungeon Master of your own destiny.
          Sorry, I have no actual qualm with what you say and agree wholeheartedly….but I couldn’t resist the line.

        2. Snide bastard must not know rule one of being an alpha; You can do whatever the FUCK you wanna do.

        3. Well played, sir.
          I think you just dropped the mic and walked out like a boss with that statement.

      2. Because I like the stories and the art. I also train dogs, hunt, fish, hike, lift, swim, garden, forage, build, have a successful career, draw, paint, sculpt, model, cook, can, coach a softball team, bike, mentor, volunteer, and occasionally even find time to just relax with a cup of mulled cider around the fire pit.
        Yeah, maybe I should just grow the fuck up and drink Budwieser and follow sports like all the other adults around me.

        1. Huge die hard sports games fans, the ones who live and die with their teams, are to me one of the saddest classes of people (I don’t count it if you are currently or were formerly a player on that team).

        2. I would find them much more tolerable if they even participated in a rec league in whatever sport they follow. Not surprisingly, most don’t.

        3. I guess I just don’t understand super fandom in general.
          I like the rolling stones is one thing. Screaming myself voiceless because Mic Jagger walks by seems insane. I like baseball….I really do, I enjoy watching it, I really enjoy going to the games and every year I hope that my team makes the playoffs and the world series. But I see people who will literally come to work in such a depression when the team loses that you would think their mother died and the mortician anally raped the body….during the funeral services.
          Same with the comic con stuff. I love lord of the rings, song of ice and fire, star wars and star trek. I will even go as far as reading and contributing to fan theories about what is going on or, in the case of ASOIAF, what will happen. That is a fine way, I believe, to entertain my mind in my down time.
          But when I start spending months at a time devising my luke skywalker costume — to the detriment of my actual life — or when the loss of whatever group of south americans has been purchased this year by the NY Mets sends me into fits of lethargy and depression or when some guy who sings a song I like shows up and I go totally apoplectic or whatever…that’s when I know something has gone very, very wrong.

        4. Luke wore basically a martial arts uniform. How much fucking devising would that take, man?

        5. I heard the first sentence out of his mouth and instantly said “well, I know what I will be watching over dinner tonight” Thanks.

        6. His lightsaber is now a multi colored Rainbow Saber!

        7. That doc is awesome. I am a casual Rush fan, but the wife is hard-freaking-core, so I have watched it a few times to try to even get in the same room as her.

        8. Do you watch Archer? The episode where Silvio Berlusconi died fucking *killed* me.
          EDIT: This actually relates to your post.

        9. It’s a hooby. You don’t need to justify it. You’re not obsessing over it while ignoring every other aspect of your life. Continue being a nerd.

        10. I miss being a kid. Everyone getting together for street football, basketball or some baseball. Nowadays dudes will literally kill each other over goofy shit regarding sports. Still fun to troll sports fans.

        11. Literally every single person I know has told me I have to get to watching archer, but no, alas, I haven’t.

        12. Well, count me in on that. Once you do you’ll thank me. The guy sometimes talks *exactly* like I’d figure you might talk.

        13. I’ve only caught a couple episodes, but man are they golden. Definitely worth a watch.

        14. Not even a whiff of political correctness in them.
          Hippy confronts a woman in a fur coat.
          “What’s it feel like to be a murderer!!!!!”
          Woman in coat: [draws out a .357] “I don’t know, let’s find out”

        15. Trolling is always valuable entertainment.
          I agree about being a kid. I remember my sunday football games. My friends and I would watch the game and then go to the park and play just absolutely brutal full contact football for hours. Same goes with stick ball in the summer (usually a broomstick and a handball)

        16. Two of my cousins swear that the show is based on me. Honestly, I am not even sure how to take it because I don’t even know the premise. I will try to watch some this weekend

        17. You won’t regret it. I actually tend to agree with your friends, based on some things you’ve posted here.
          EDIT: It’s a take on the Bond spy series, mostly.

        18. Grown men don’t mess with myths and legends or fantastical powers. Besides the Illiad. Or the Prose Edda. Or Beowulf.
          I mean I understand the “hate” thrown at a guy who reads about heroes all day and then doesn’t do anything with his life, but if you’re saying that I shouldn’t like stories about punching monsters in the face, I don’t know what to tell you.

        19. Ugh sports fans. More ways they distract us from the real issues. It wouldn’t be that bad if the players actually hailed from the same places they played for. It would give it a sense of pride.

        20. I think it must have something to do with an identity crisis. The fans want to either be so badly included into that identity group and accepted or because they have none of their own to claim so they latch onto the next best thing on the menu instead of looking in the mirror.

        21. Check out the movie “Big Fan” starring Patton Oswald. He would write down his “rants” and rehearse them before calling in to sports talk radio shows

        22. Yeah, you gotta cheer on those black men doing sports to be considered a real white man.

        23. Yes. Grow up. Comic books and video games are for little boys. Little boys like colorful pictures of superheroes with easy stories to read. Why not try reading history, real super heroes and villains there.

        24. Teams used to want a few locals to make the team. Phil Rizzuto, Hall of Fame Yankee shortstop, earned a minor league contract as a result of his performance during a local tryout- Im sure there were many others during baseball’s golden era. Mickey Mantle took the subway to work, Willie Mays played stickball in the street with the local kids. Now, the stars live in modern day castles with 24/7 security

        25. “Yeah, maybe I should just grow the fuck up and drink Budwieser and follow sports like all the other adults around me.”
          Someone complained about “too many nerds on ROK these days.” Funny, I didn’t think ROK subscribed to strictly jockism, either.
          Good point, though; sports fanatics are by far, worse and proliferated.

        26. Used to be one 15 years ago. Had to divorce that crap. What a worthless endeavor.
          A friend of mine, who’s dad’s take on sports was:
          “Look at all these people, running around, getting paid… To play games.”
          My sentiments, exactly.

        27. One thing I like is to go to a baseball game and keep a score card. I did it with my grandfather as a kid. On a nice day I still think it is fun. Nice weather, stadium food and little golf pencil.
          I also think that watching baseball from a wide angle lens is great, the way strategy plays out.
          But the idea of being ape shit insane about it boggles the mind.
          I actually don’t mind the players getting paid so much in terms of….look at what the team makes…..if someone is going to get rich it might as well be the people with the talent and as long as the back office can fleece the morons to the tune of billions, giving millions to the people who make it possible seems ok to me.

        28. I totally agreee with you man. People who become hardcore hardcore fans are hard to tolarate (It appliees to everything: Comics,Sports… Religion)oh.. wait.

        29. The problem with history is you spend too much time questioning the narrative if you are smart. Comics give a chance to enjoy a story where you know some of what happened.
          Are you one if those faggots who would rather watch Hunting Hitler than Walking Dead because “mai reals”?

        30. You can read all the little boy books you want. Then, you can play with your action figures. Mommy will call you when dinner is ready.

        1. LOL, Yeah, something like that. I loved that movie. And there’s a little known of, soft-core porn, version with some of the same actors. It was also really great. It also had Keith Carradine in it.

    3. I enjoy the costuming, but I take it pretty easy.
      My standard is Naked Snake from MGS3 – military BDUs, shitty headband, and an eyepatch do the trick. Then I get autographs on my box – people get a kick out of it.
      I don’t hit Comic Con anymore, though. Too expensive, and it attracts all the cucks I’d rather avoid. Sticking to local cons has served me better, and I meet more interesting people there.

        1. Lemme guess you were disappointed to find out it was a girl under there at the end, just like the video game? Haha!

        2. Lol gay jokes, you cad. Nah but serious man it was just that skin tight blue thing she wears. All I got was a quick bj cause the slut didnt want to take off her cosplay. Since she wasnt wearing anything underneath.

        3. Pic, please;)
          Yeah, I’ve got a pic with one of those zero suit hotties.

        4. Being married, window dressing is plenty for me. But do you find most of the attention whores at Cons dtf?

        5. I wouldn’t say its the best place for an easy lay, mostly from a logistical finding and isolating from all the constant beta orbiters, but if you do find a slut holy hell. She’ll practically whip your dick out there right in front of everyone and go to town.

        6. Wow, man! Just, wow.
          I was getting a lot of that beta-orbiter feedback about “next to zero chance at a con.”
          Like anything else in life; if you’ve game, it improves your chances.
          I hear DragonCon in Atl is like the Freaknic of cons. Since it’s roaming from hotel to hotel, with copious amounts of alcohol involved, I can only imagine.
          Hope to check it one, day.

    4. Same. I was long outed as a non nerd but love the writers so usually seek them out for good conversation, trade secrets, and as Intel while I work on my own portfolio. Nothing wrong with some nerd culture, especially when a few of the writers have to stick to a consistent level of quality to stick in the business.
      Will agree on the surplus of fat people. As much as I agree the fear of touching is instilled and Comic Con is a space to show how much fear that has instilled, it makes all the easier to bag trim from the few girls without crazy hair. Last Con I went to had a sign saying some shit about cosplay not being consent. At that point I said to myself, F$&& the few whores who like comics, they only want to attention whore anyway and can all get the boot.

      1. I worked there once. I was shocked to see how out of shape Spider-Man has become.

      2. Cosplay chicks are the ultimate attention whores, most are good lookin, but still are only there for the attention

        1. I’m pretty sure the slutty dressed women at cons are doing to boost their ego at the level of attention they get one bad touch and they scream for white knight security
          Seriously these guys pay top dollar to buy an expensive costume, deive over and have a hotel room all ready and dont get down to business sad really

      3. How were you “outed as a non-nerd”?
        I’m interested in that back story.

  3. You don’t need to work at Comic Con to know any of this. Just looking at the pictures is enough.

  4. What’s with pierced septums and fat girls? It looks dreadful on any woman, but on a fatty it brings cows to mind.

    1. It does seem to be a peculiar obsession of fatties doesn’t it?

    2. Oh yeah, when I was still in retail management a couple years ago, this 20 year old kid who we hired (fairly pretty face, but already getting pudgy) starting coming in with the nose/septum ring; had to threaten her with dress code violations because even in retail, seeing employees with that shit in their nose looks pretty bad to customers. Unbelievably or not, this mediocre looking chick with the nose ring, tats, etc., still had a ton of orbiters and several guys she was fucking and bragging about; yeah, male thirst being through the roof proved itself to me with this girl, especially with 20 somethings today.

    3. I am SO happy I married a nice girl from Poland. No tattoos, no weird peircings etc…My generation, generation X started this weird shit. Sorry.

  5. So does this mean that a guy with some game can clean up in this environment? Or are the girls all delusional beyond repair?

    1. As I told somebody else, yes you can. It’s like a nerd spring break. Girls are there for attention they don’t get the rest of the year. However, they will be able to smell a faker so brush up on a nerd activity you can wax poetically about.

      1. I’m a fan of the golden age of anime so I got that covered.
        These chicks are obviously swarmed with attention… But I bet that something as simple as not hover-handing would make you stand out.

        1. I have never hover handed. We have some seriously sexy young female friends that love picture taking. I have caught large volumes of shit from my wife for “flirting” with these girls simply by putting my arms around them and actually touching them. I never gave any of her complaints any attention. When she complained that my looking at other women made her feel bad, I told her to grow up and get over that or get used to feeling bad. I told her I am a guy and guys look at women. Lately she has backed off, and when I was caught ogling this hard 10 at the resort last week, she simply said, “You are such a guy aren’t you?”

        2. You wanna be careful she doesn’t use that as an excuse to shag a beta 🙂

      2. At the same time, I think a lot of the nerd girls are also fakers. The geek trappings just are part of their hipster nerd girl image. They’ll do some cursory research on Wikipedia and YouTube and master a series/game/topic in their own minds. It’s also really cyclical. They’ll be obsessed with Doctor Who for a few months, then completely drop it in favor of Death Note. Their knowledge and devotion doesn’t tend to match that of their male equivalents.

        1. They didn’t care about this shit at all until they could dress up and be “models”.

        2. True. As much as the internet wants to deny it Fake Geek Girls are a real thing. I think you hit the nail on the head, girls become obsessed with something, want to gab about it and show how cool they are, but then it fades. For many dudes, whatever that thing is, it is a lifelong passion, we don’t give a shit if others share that passion and we dislike tourists.

        3. I’ve noticed the same with the sudden obsession with firearms recently as well. I’ll go to a gun store, look and price of what I’m looking for and notice firearms painted with pink. If that’s not screaming to get noticed at a firing range I’m not sure what is.

        4. You’ve hit the nail directly on the head. It’s all about their narcissism.

        5. You nailed it. It’s just another convenient vehicle to pull male attention & validation.

      3. nah man all the chicks are posers themselves, you dont have to know anything. in fact you’d probably do best just saying “look at all these fucking nerds” type shit

    2. YES!
      I used to go to cons with a dealer buddy of mine. He had one of the shittiest costumes in the room (Ryu, Street Fighter II), but he is one charismatic guy. He got depressed at the end because he was worried that the amount he was getting over the con weekend was jading him.
      (At the time, I’d only just started down the Red path. I could see his game, but not emulate it.)

  6. I’m fine with nerdy hobbies. I still have some selected comics(The Sandman, Watchmen, the Killing Joke), Battlestar Galactica dvds, and old game books in my study, which I keep locked most of the time.
    It just doesn’t seem like there’s any moderation these days. These hobbies get turned into lifestyles, when they should be treated like spices in the meal of life.

    1. I’ll admit that it’s killed my interest in a lot of the genre’s present in the nerd culture. I think it’s because of shitcoms like Big Bang Theory that made it worse. (And this is coming from a guy who has original early copies of 90’s era Ghost Rider issues in his box)

      1. ‘Intelligence= Autism’ seems to be the overriding message of Big Bang Theory.

      2. Marvel is owned by Disney. Star Wars is owned by Disney. Harry Potter is owned by Disney. To say nerd culture has become a bland soma for the masses is an understatement.
        Still, D&D and RPGs in general are holding strong. With those you have to rely on thinking and imagination and not flashy costumes showing your tits.
        I’ve been getting into wargaming miniatures lately. It model building with occasionally getting together to fight them with dice. Lots of highly detailed, solitary work, with no attention gained from having tits. Not surprisingly, its a bunch of dudes.

        1. Indeed. A lot of friends and family who know I’m into Star Wars were shocked when I refused to see that raging pile that came out last year. I’ve stated repeatedly that anything that’s aimed at “nerds” when it comes to pop culture is pure shit, as the best ones happened by accident with the invention of the home video industry. Is this snobby on my part? Perhaps but I’d prefer to discover something on my own rather than have it crammed down my throat.
          What’s even more infuriating is the influx of remakes that are trying to make lighting strike twice.

        2. Yeah we’re at that point…
          I’m personally waiting for the next truly original thing, but it’s clearly not going to come out of the mainstream… It’s going to start where no one is looking like the manosphere.
          When I get some time off I want to look through the darkWeb… See what kind of weird shit is going on in the gutter of the internet.

        3. Did any of you guys ever watch Farscape? Sure, it is sci-fi and thus inherently a bit nerdy, but had puppets, Claudia Black, cool special effects, fun characters and a wicked sense of humor. Pretty cool show.

        4. Advanced Squad Leader, man. No miniatures, just pure unadulterated tactics.
          I’m still trying to figure out the rules, myself. Vox Day ( is an avid gamer who actually understands and has mastered it.

        5. I’ll check it out. I used to play tactic video games. I actually like the miniature games for the modeling/painting aspect of it more than the actual game play. Something cool about building and customizing your own army, kind of like those Chinese terracotta armies.

        6. What sort of wargames do you like? There’s a lot of good guys in the historical wargames community and the scene has been revived by newer games like Saga and Bolt Action.
          Sci-fi gaming seems overrun with hyper-competitive betamaxes, sadly. Not really sure what’s going on with fantasy gaming, though. I went on the Games Workshop site to look at Warhammer Fantasy stuff and it’s gotten completely unrecognizable.
          There are some women who linger around, but they’re usually into the painting and social aspects(they want attention). Might be an evolutionary thing. The men of the tribe gather around the fire to plan how they’d defend their land from an invader, the womens’ eyes glaze over and wander off to gossip or catch up on their weaving.

        7. Still really new to the hobby. I started building a Warhammer 40K Ork army in January. Good way to beat the cold and dark. I recently picked up a used copy of the Malifaux rule book just to check out. It’s a relatively indie horror-steampunk-western skirmish game and only requires like 8 miniatures to play. Those are the two big ones played in my town.
          I was actually checking out Bolt Action the other day. It looks pretty cool. I like the large army choice. I can honor my roots and fight with the Polish army!! I will look into Saga as well. Thanks for the tips.

        8. I can relate. I never played, but I got pretty handy at painting when my buddies did. Turns out I have a knack for miniature painting…

        9. Battletech is a pretty easy one to start, too. Generally played with a few mechs at a time, good ruleset. You can pick up a starter kit with something like 20 single-piece minis for $60.

        10. My brother and I got really into Mechwarrior way back in the day and painted minis and played. I still love the idea of fighting robots…

        11. Yes it was a pretty good sci-fi show in the late 90’s. Back in the hey day of great sci-fi television on that channel. It was followed by Lexx. A german scifi show that as pretty hilarious and off the wall.

        12. I zoned out whenever it wasn’t the Han Solo Adventures. He and Chewie together were probably worth the cost of admission, but just barely.

        13. Have not yet tried ASL. Grew up on AH (Panzerblitz, Arnheim, Starship Troopers) and SSI (computer games) for wargames as well as Starfleet Battles. These days I’m trying to find people to play those and COmmand and Colors against, as well as learn/play Fed Commander, Fifth Frontier War, and, yes, ASL.

        14. Got into Warmachine for a bit when it was still small – scale, then it blaoted and grew to the point you couldn’t just have a small collection of figures. Malifaux is pretty cool adn still small scale. Tat said, tehse days I’m getting back more into the board and counter – Commands and Colors, Federation Commander, etc.

        15. Not there yet.. Like I said I’ll be looking into it when I have some free time.
          Hopefully in the next couple weeks. I’ll mention what I find in future posts.

      3. Last two women I dated loved Big Bang Theory; both of their ex-husbands came off as total beta cucks. I hated that show the first time I watched it; the beta/nerd/blue pill/barely supressed gayness-factor in that show is beyond belief; not sure why so many women like it, though. Needless to say, I ended both those relationships – was not going to spend half my life larding out on the couch watching Big Bang Theory or How I Met Your Mother or other beta boy wish fulfillment claptrap.

        1. How I Met Your Mother
          That show is light years into awful. Fuck it’s bad.

        2. I’d rather watch Al Bundy fail, fail and when in doubt fail again over this shit. At least the man had principles

        3. I saw an episode last night where they go on a scavenger hunt and the women dominate and berate the men the entire time.

        4. Al is my hero. Deadpan red pill. He insults fat women every episode. That show would never fly now that we have obese Ghostbusters and other dumb shit like Super Girl.

        5. I recently learned that Ed Oneill is a black belt in jiu jitsu and has been practicing for like 20 years. Made me like that show even more.

        6. I heard about that. Supposedly he was cut by an NFL team before he took up acting as well.

        7. Yeah, I recall that being nasty as well. Tool Time also pissed me off a lot. All of these “Let’s make men stupid” type shows, started in earnest in the 1990’s.

        8. Yeah, that one. The only good thing about that show was the then young and hot Pamela Anderson.

        9. I had no idea she was even in it! Is she the hot girl on his Tool Time show? If so, I barely recognized her. She was way hotter before the surgery and cocks. I just do not remember the show being all that bad, though. I may have missed something.

        10. Yes, the hot blonde. She looked actually rather innocent, because at the time she hadn’t really been long in Hollywood.
          I didn’t like it because it always made the father figure into a stark raving idiot and mom into the wise savior of the family.

        11. Damn, she was amazing back then. Oh man, she pulled a Michael Jackson and messed up her looks. Too bad too, she was a hot piece of ass.
          You’re right. I do remember the mom now. She even badgered the kids all the time. The boys were basically told to follow mom and not dad. Wilson rocked, though. He was a sage and manly. He was always behind a fence, but he really made the show.

        12. That wasn’t a bad show, that I recall. Yes, he was in fact rather stoic and confident.

        13. Think so. It’s surprisingly something you can do into old age. Television chef Anthony Bourdain has taken it up and just won a gold medal at some tournament and he’s damn near pushing 60.

        14. What was she, like 19 or 20 when she was on that show? Pre-cock carousel, hadn’t done porn yet, no surgery yet, and a very innocent Hinterland look. I’d a fucked her until my dick fell off, at the time. That she crashed and burned so hard it’s painful to contemplate.

        15. I learned about the thousand cock stare here and man she got it bad later on. I never knew that too much cock could damage a woman so much.

        16. Hank Hill is a badass and confronts those that he thinks are wrong. He drinks beer with the guys every day and is ready to throw fists for his family. 10/10 man

        17. There was something in Home Improvement, though. There were two male influences unrivaled in today’s television:
          One was Tim, a caring and loving man who was a bit too self-obsessed. He rarely caved in under pressure, he had mad bantering skills, and he was actually very skilled. His greatest weakness, IMO, was his over-eagerness, which tended to ruin whatever project he sank his teeth into.
          The other was Wilson, the philosopher who lived next door. He was reasonable and emotive, but also somehow above most of the pettiness of the world.
          I think there is a lot of good material in Home Improvement, and it certainly beats most shows of its ilk.
          You’d probably enjoy “Last Man Standing,” though – an older Tim, more alpha and generally in control, in a house full of women.

        18. I’ve heard that about Last Man Standing actually. Like he’s trying to atone for the Beta “Tim” or something.

        19. Is it on Netflix, do you know? I don’t have my iPad close by.

        20. Four seasons, with the fifth due to come out soon-ish.
          It’s an interesting setup: Tim works at “Outdoor Man”, a sporting goods shop run by a hard-as-nails Basque fellow. His primary underling is a beta hipster who craves Tim’s approval, and is slowly working up to it.
          He has three daughters: the eldest is a Lib of the highest order, a single mom dating her son’s father. The middle child is the airheaded bimbo type, who’s slowly moving towards adulthood and responsibility. The youngest (everyone’s favorite) is a tomboy who is actually dedicated to sports and the ROTC.
          It makes for a LOT of interesting material. The show largely revolves around how an older Alpha man deals with the nonsense that we see today.

        21. I’ll give it a whirl then, thanks for the recommendation.

        22. Yes, that’s normally where most people peg it. I suspect that it’s about right. Although I would have fucked the living brains out of the young Jennifer Aniston at the time, no question.

        23. I think it’s always been around, but never this heavily.
          My sister is a big fan of The Cosby Show. After the first couple of seasons, almost every episode has Mrs. Huxtable going on about oppression and how awful men are. It’s sickening to watch.

        24. Ah man I just remembered about Ross passively getting divorced by his lesbian wife stealing him his unborn kid ! It was not just beta it was downright leftist propaganda.

        25. Friends and Sex in the City, were by far the worst and most dangerous shows coming from the 90s.
          The “males” in those shows were ridiculous.

        26. I’ve seen it and actively rooted against Ted. I sincerely hoped he never found love, not just because he was such an inconstant wuss, but because, maybe I’m the only one that noticed, he seemed like a genuinely bad person. No guts, no heart, and no sense.

        27. No, in 1969 he signed with the Steelers out of college, was invited to training camp but did not make the team. Still, pretty damn good.

        28. Did you know that his tv wife was actually 19 years older than him in real life and even though he played a middle aged father in the tv show, he was actually about 33-34 years old during his time on the show.

        29. I got a theory: the “beta/nerd/blue pill/barely supressed gayness-factor” is cute to women because those kinds of men are not a threat to women. They’re laughing on the inside at those kinds of men because of how mentally weak those men are.

      4. I liked the Big Bang theory. Although, in real life, a man like Leonard getting a girl like Penny is exceedingly rare. I remember the episode where her bodybuilder ex boyfriend patted him on the head and then picked him up to show who’s boss, right in front of Penny until she told him to put Leonard down. Moments later, her and Leonard are tongue kissing in the kitchen while the ex looks on butt hurt. In reality, she’d be tonguing her ex and the most that a guy like Leonard could expect from Penny is maternal pity or a sexless, purely platonic friendship.

        1. Adults cannot enjoy shows with laugh tracks except in one-off episodes where they are parodied like in Supernatural and Mr. Robot. I began to enjoy BBt just like Frasier/friends/Seinfeld but it is shit just like those are shit.
          Nothing against Larry David. Love Curb Your Enthusiasm. But laugh tracks are for babies.
          It is actually more adult to watch Arthur in PBS and laugh at shit you think is funny instead of at what then show instructs you to laugh at by playing its track.
          Watch YT edit where someone takes on the lauh track in any show that uses them you thought was funny. You will feel ashamed of yourself.

    2. That’s where I’m at. I still read comics (at least until the SJWs get hold of them and Batman turns gay or into Batwoman). It’s a part of my youth that I’m simply unwilling to let go of even though some people in the manosphere disapprove.
      As long as I’m banging my beautiful stay-at-home wife and making bank, though, I don’t really give a fuck what anyone thinks about my hobbies.

      1. Read some Invader Zim just for the pessimistic view of humanity present in that comic series.

        1. The first few issues was okay. After the initial artist left they brought in some other person that made it look like a 5 year old was drawing it. No amount of great writer can help elevate crappy art.

        2. Volume 5 and 6 were amazing to me. I agree that the art can be hit or miss in some of the others later on but those volumes were great.

        3. Been a big fan of Jhonen Vasquez for many years now. Johnny The Homicidal Maniac was a good response to the early hispter/goth movements of the 2000’s.

        1. Implying that a guy with a healing factor would share a common man’s phobia of sticking things up his pooper.

    3. “These hobbies get turned into lifestyles”
      THIS. Nothing wrong with liking nerd shit. Just don’t build your life around it.

    4. Talking about lifestyle, something needs to be written about this phenomenon taken to the extreme: bronies and their little poney obsession.
      I haven’t seen one in real life, so I’m not sure if the whole thing is a giant joke or not. Anyone can confirm it’s for real? This has to be the most pathetic thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

      1. My son who is being raised by his single mom confessed to having a couple of these. I told him “don’t ever be a brony…girls will NOT like you and its unmasculine”…

        1. You do realize that choosing what shows to watch on the basis if “will girls like me?” Is pathetic and unmasculine right?
          Watching MLP because you like it is a masculine thing to do. Masculinity is about taking what you want. Being afraid to give something a chance because it will make you unmasculine proves you are not masculine. True masculinity is unquenchable and unerasable.
          Those worried about sustaining a masculine reputation by avoiding things girls like proves they have no core masculinity to fall back on when threatened. They must tend to the artifice that is their masculine image.

      2. I’ve always had the impression Bronies are closet pedos. Any grown man interested in an obviously young girl’s show like that has to like it for a reason.

        1. All things are liked for reasons. But no, the primary motive for watching FIM is not “I will talk to tween girls about this”
          Besides they don’t even appreciate the PLOT.

  7. The thing is i love Star Trek, Star Wars and comic books but the only time I ever felt compelled to dress in a costume was at drunken Halloween or New Years parties. Even then i would usually go as Randolph Scott (I’m Virginian) or someone badass like Han Solo. An obese man dressing as Batman or Superman is beyond ironic. Same with those fucking guys who like My Little Pony. Even my five year old son hates that.

  8. I take the Golden One’s argument about geeking out, use it as a way of giving you motivation to improve yourself in life, fitness, going on adventures (holidays, hikes, martial arts etc) If you spend too much time in it you’re just escaping from reality, but you can harness it to become “Highly Glorious”.

  9. This guy is absolutely spot on but harassing people in public on their leisure time for some corporation is cuck. Regardless of how amazing the research is.

    1. I’m “this guy”… author of this article. People only think you’re harassing them if they see you as creepy or unattractive. It’s not harassment if the girl wants to talk to you.
      Here I am with Chun Li after I “harassed” her into giving blood.

        1. meh. you will just be horny an hour later.
          (sorry to recycle that line, but it really was too good to only use once)

      1. Very cool pic. thats her decision. Personally If I wanted to hear about your bosses amazing research I’d check it out rather than being “approached” (use whatever word you prefer) while I’m out. It’s like interpersonal telemarketing and I find it obnoxious. Hey, good deal getting a pic with chun li but I stand by my comment. To each their own, I’m sure it makes somebody money or it wouldn’t be done right ? That’s his or her business. I personally think it’s bullshit.

        1. Everyone has the chance to simply say they’re not interested. I didn’t harass anyone. If anyone didn’t want to talk to me, all they had to say was “no thanks” and keep moving.
          You say if you wanted to hear about the company’s research you would rather check it out, but how would you even be aware of them to begin with if they didn’t go out to conventions to talk to people?

        2. Simple, I’d require it, and seek it out. Of course people have the right to say “not interested”. Demanding that of people is an imposition though. Is an in person telemarketing call.

    2. That seems like BS. That is what a convention is. That is like saying that advertisers are all “cuck” for putting commercials in your tv? What about the shop in my gym that sells shit? Are they “cuck”
      These conventions cost a lot of money and I am sure that the hosts of the conventions are happy to have corporations there.
      Some faggot in a pacman costume who is feeling harassed by the corporations that are likely sponsoring the majority of their fagathon gets 0 sympathy.

      1. That’s a very innapropriate analogy and here’s why. You can turn a tv off, you can change the channel. You are choosing to watch the commercial. Once again, no. The shop in your gym offers you the option of buying some shit there. A proper analogy would be that gym sending people out trying to hustle their shit while you work out.
        Look, I think this need shit is for the birds but, I stand by my comment. Don’t beg me for attention by accosting me on behalf of some asshole and pretend it’s a legit job. Everyone’s got to make ends meet, I get that, but it is cuck to go chasing people around like that.

        1. Gyms absolutely send out people to hustle while you work out….trainers.
          All I am saying is that without the corporate sponsorship this circle jerk would be in a high school auditorium and the biggest celeb there would be Gredo.
          The reason this comment in particular got to me was that it is very much in league with the people who are always complaining about the sponsorship. Whether it is NASCAR, ComicCon or fucking college….if the “man” wasn’t there shoving stuff down your throat then your dumb ass even wouldn’t be there either.
          Instead of being pissed that some guy is trying to sell you something on behalf of a corporation who is sponsoring an event you have gone out of your way to go to, why not try to be polite. You don’t have to say thank you, but it might be a nice gesture.
          Everyone wants a paycheck…no one wants to do any work.

        2. VNow we’re on to trainers lol. I have never had a workout interrupted by a trainer trying to sell me. Also, it’s directly associated with the activity. If I were interrupted more than once is find a new gym. Why ? Because I’m there just to work out, not sway away pitches.
          I’m not pissed. I simply recognize the lack of civility and respect involved. And once again sponsorship is passive advertising. If you went to a school that allowed someone to enter a class or whatever to try to hustle Pepsi and you think that’s a good thing then enjoy it.
          That’s not how I do business, you can acquiesce how you prefer.

        3. There is simply no such thing as passive advertising, just more subtle advertising.
          If you don’t like aggressive advertising then save up some money and throw a costume party at home.
          Stadiums cost money.
          Everyone is always bitching about corporations. As it turns out, the thing you are complaining about is the thing that makes the event possible in the first place.
          Take the “good” with the bad or throw your own party. Otherwise it just sounds like milenial bellyaching that the world isn’t perfect

        4. There is a massive difference that is entirely relevant. It is actually passive because you look at it rather than it demanding that you pay attention. have no problem with sponsorship or advertising and the difference between the two is frankly too obvious not to be understood. You are simply deliberately conflating the two (very different) things, why ? I don’t know or care. How about this. If you don’t think that your boss’s company is making enough money then maybe save up and buy the broad a commercial or radio spot for Christmas ? See how bitch that sounds ?. I guess we’ll just agree to disagree because to me this sounds like millennial bellyaching that that thing that makes you (or whomever, and once again everyon has to eat) money is actually pretty rude and intrusive. I’ve read your other comments and they seem to be on point. This is my merely my opinion that this behaviour is low, obnoxious, and really doesn’t need to be tolerated. Put a screen on top of a urinal or something. This is an in person telemarketing call and it’s pbnoxiius as hell.

  10. What motivation do these doughy comic-collecting fellows have to not be sad cunts?
    We can point our fingers at them, but can we blame them?
    At a certain point we can, but I have had, even in my own life, situations that carried on without reason until one day, enlightenment shineth upon me.
    And I slap myself in the head for not realizing key points decades ago, key points that would have changed EVERYTHING.
    So this is why the SJWs, the vanguard of the brainwashing and indoctrination, resort to no-platforming, name games, smearing, and other tactics. They don’t want men to wake up. It won’t even take some kind of de-programming, just argument in some cases…
    But setting a good example in MOST cases is enough. Just being in the room is enough.
    This is why they called out all resources at risk of libel to smear Roush and the RoK meetings. Real men, getting together, and … talking about stuff? OMG. An older fellow who has been through the divorce mill talking to a younger one, a fellow who knows game talking to another that suspects something is wrong in his blue pill world but can’t put his finger on it and is drawn to this site? OMG THE SJWS CAN’T EVEN!
    And now that having the red pill (we’ll use that term in spite of it being an invention of the Tranny Brothers) does not mean “spend all your time and resources being an entertaining clown to stupid post-modern sluts” but instead means reclaiming masculinity and civilization (patriarchy), we have gone from propeller planes to ICBMs in the culture war.
    Maybe I’ll go to a comic con this year, and just be in the room. It would not be the first time nerds got some enlightenment and I don’t even need to do anything the SJWs can get me kicked out for. I’ll call up some of the pinup girls I know from the car shows.

    1. …and go in like a pimp with an f’ing entourage. Brilliant! Could you go as Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver? Just kidding…still, that would kill!

    2. Its like everyone is telling me I should romance some subpar wench at a bar and fuck her instead of appreciating superior Xavier a academy females and falling to them. I will not apologize for my high standards that real girls can’t live up to.

  11. While I agree that conventions are host to some of the most feminized and shameless men there are I find myself in opposition to your ‘Sad Cunt’ section.
    I do not blame and would not try to shame anyone who wants to live life on Easy Mode.
    If someone decides not to give a damn about self-improvement and spends all their ressources on finding new ways to distract themselves then by all means do it; they will have to face the consequences sooner or later and in fact will be rendering everyone else a favor because everyone else will have improved their SMV in that same time period (which you acknowledge in your second paragraph by the way; I find it hilarious, not sad though, that a guy would let his woman flirt with someone else when he’s standing right there).

    1. I disagree.
      This idea of someone being a slob if they chose is fine if we live in a meritocratic society. As we become more egalitarian, we start to have to give more of what we make to these POSs that collect welfare and do nothing (like the Bernie Sanders supporters).
      Not only this, but it is actually quite pleasant to step outside to a public place and see good, well dressed/groomed people. I noticed this when I flew to Hong Kong from LA on business and could not believe the number of good looking women there, young and old, compared to LA.

    2. I have a tendency to agree with you though, like J Hue below, I can recognize the problem of not shaming and punishing that behavior leading to massive laziness and mediocrity.
      I think, maybe, against what he says, that even given the chance to be totally useless cunts, people who aren’t will tend not to be anyway….but then again that is just what I like to think.
      What does bother me is that when you let people be sad sack cunts and do nothing to better themselves they don’t just sit there and be happy in their saggy diapers…..they start demandin dem rights.
      If you decide “fuck it I am going to be a fat lazy fuck” or “i want to live a terribly unhealthy lifestyle” or blah blah blha…guess who gets the bill for health care, for your state and fed hand outs, for your fucking free cheese. And this is where it bugs me.
      It’s enough that I have to pay for pediatric braces in my dental insurance and despite being a single male have to pony up for pre natal care in my health insurance….the sheer number of things I have to give to fat, lazy, unhealthy and overall useless cunts based solely on the fact that I am a go getter who busts my ass is fucking annoying.
      If someone wants to crawl into their basement with their video games, dorritos and macdonalds and just be a fat, disgusting pig while, simultaneously, contributing nothing to fucking society that’s fine….but don’t expect me to be happy about subsidizing that shit.
      I may be a useless twat who lives only for himself, but at least I am picking up the tab for it.

      1. The fucked up thing is also the lazy fucks will start bringing others down to his level like the disgusting feminists. Misery loves company.

        1. I have, on more than one occasion, been shamed for working. My best friend in high school was a total stoner. When I basically ignored him because I started college and a full time job and didn’t just have time to sit around I was “sellin’ out man” sorry bud, my dad wasn’t rich.
          I’ve dealt with this all my life. Between borderline personality bitches ion unemployment to occupy wall street fuckers protesting god knows what in the middle of an afternoon while I am at work.
          To a degree I understand why I have to pay taxes. It is in my best interest that the lazy hippies and unemployed savages have some kind of support to keep them from going full Somalian refuge on people who work for a living….but fuck if I need to get shamed for it in the process.

        2. Between borderline personality bitches ion unemployment
          The last thing you want your particle with a net charge to do, is not have a job.

  12. I lost my lunch appetite on that second to last picture. She’s about a 4, on the Richter scale!

  13. I like playing video games here and there but if you dress up at 25 or older then you’re a faggot.

    1. I play SNES and GameBoy still. Old school gamer before the whole girl power shit came along.

  14. Acceptable costumes at any con: Brock Sampson, Wonderman (TV Funhouse version), and Solomon Kane.
    You, of course, have to be muscular to pull off any of these, save Solomon Kane.
    But you can’t be fat or too skinny. Look the part.

  15. After looking at my competition I think I’ll go to comic con dressed in a suit looking hella successful and confident. Sure to lay the hottest chick

    1. Say that you’re Tony Stark. Insta-lay.

  16. I briefly saw a chick that went to those. She had 0 men in her life. She had girlfriends with vaginas and girlfriends with penises. Pathetic.
    The “dudes” were more feminine than the chicks.

  17. Hey these are your basic delta males who have nothing to say about their pathetic little selves so seek to impersonate what they are not. I used to enjoy these conventions for access to the science fiction stuff but I never wore a costume I went as Me.

  18. Good field work. You should get some kind of medal of valor.

  19. Comic-Con is just another chance for women to attention whore themselves to the most desperate blue-pill men in the nation. However, I imagine most of the women there are probably very low quality as well, since degenerate dwellers are the only “men” that will go for them.

  20. The opening picture form left to right:
    Bo’ Rai Cho
    Flawless victory.

    1. The mind boggles doesn’t it? I mean sure, I hang with weird lowlifes, but they’re chick getting alpha male type lowlifes that women throw themselves at. If you’re going to associate with weird people, pick the ones that don’t have effeminate men and that get the hot chicks, I say.

      1. Depends on the lowlifes. As long as they do not steal from you or drag you down then more power to you.

        1. Nah, they’re solid, and there’s a strong code of honor at play.

  21. I agree with the entire article except maybe for the part that semi shamed dudes for not trying to touch the women there.
    Comic-Con, and by extension the gaming industry and other traditionally male entertainment areas are now infested by a cabal of obese bearded hipster social justice warriors, poly colored hair feminists, and LGBT bath house dwelling losers.
    I wouldn’t dip my wick in a pool of piranhas either.

  22. Looks like a good place to practice day game on some hotties there for a quick lay. Definitely not marriage material.

  23. If you touch these girls, make sure it is one of the sexy girls that work there as models. They love attention and want to show off their body. Never bother with the girls that show up in costume. Ugly girls will scream if you touch them, which is funny, because they should love any attention they get. Most of these sexy girls will be so shocked that you actually had the balls to touch them and that will suck them in. These guys need some balls.

  24. I can’t even wrap my mind around what kind of mindset causes people to devolve into this shit. Girls and men both, I mean what…the…flying…fuck? This is entirely alien to anything in my life and experience, I literally have no context to understand this whatsoever. Good God.

    1. That’s why you guys have me here. I get this culture. I think I already told you about the messed up hair colors, actually.

      1. To be honest, I’m not entirely certain that I even want to attempt to get this culture. Remind me of the Trekkies (or whatever the fuck they demand to be called) and Star Wars costume people. Geesh.

        1. You will not miss out on much by ignoring this culture. Do you know about Bronies?

        2. I read about them on ROK, and that’s all I ever want to know about them. Egads.

        3. Yeah, we got ’em at my college. They are on my list of duded that might shoot the place up. I am wary of them. They all hate their parents and are mad at the world.

        4. If I turned out to be a grown man who liked little princess pony cartoons, instead of having real life girlfriends, I’d be pretty pissed at the poor guidance my parents provided too.

        5. True. I wonder what went wrong to make them that way. I mean you are a parent, so what they hell would have to happen to fuck up that badly? I noticed they are all almost white boys from decent areas. Maybe they were sheltered too much.

        6. No guidance from the father. My son kinda-sorta went through an Anime (or whatever the fuck it’s called, I still call it Japanimation) phase for a while. I watched that shit *real* close, because while some of it can be actually pretty good, it can get real weird, real fast. If he’d ever ventured near the weird shit the ban hammer would have come down with a vengeance. And any hint of “my little pony” would have him in military school.

        7. Which anime? I love anime. I stay away from some of the weird stuff, though. I do not hear much about fathers, come to think of it. Boys suffer the most from divorce, I am sure of that much.

        8. Fuck if I can remember man, they all sounded the same to me. This was a few years ago. I can make up some Japanese sounding words and we can pretend that’s the show names, if you want?
          Na’gamo i Na’gari
          Shi na’n Bishimi
          Don’t know of those will fly, but what the hell. heh

        9. Really? These people exist in real life?
          So they’re dudes that watch MyLittlePony together???
          Sometimes I think I’m weird… and then I realize I’m patently normal.

        10. I know this from this website (I was so blissfully ignorant before)….they are called Bronies

        11. They gather at the top of the university center and watch together on laptops. They all pick a certain pony they like. I imagine the image in your head of these guys is spot on already.

        12. I hope we never see the words “My Little Pony” and “mass murder” in the same sentence

        13. My oldest son sure the fuck did. And they are probably poisoning his mind against me.

        14. Some anime are complete girl power bullshit, so watch out. Death Note was not so bad. The men drove the story and were the brains, and the females were used as pawns.

        15. Dude only 4 princesses on FIM, originally just two and one was a genocidal dictator. Majority are non royals.

        16. If you don’t like the romanization then you can probably find an English translation of the title. Diehard fans keep to romaji to stay closer to the original product for consistency.

        17. Not All bronies are like that. picking favorite char is sign if child or they are just joking around.

    2. I have always thought it was basically like Whore-o-ween but it came early and was heavy on Asians and nerds.

      1. I figure, that already exists with Sexapalooza down in Florida (I think?).

        1. I am not going to google. I don’t want that shit in my browser history.

        2. You don’t. Good choice. My dad told me about it, he was riding with some of his buddies in Florida and apparently they ran through the part of town where this was happening. His word was “freaks” I believe.

      1. Right, kid. I mean being an adult and having that mindset, how do these people function in real life without extensive government assistance?

        1. Since my son is still a kid (under 10), I would consider dressing up with him for him in his favorite character. Once he gets older, this will not fly. He can still enjoy reading comics or watching the movies/shows, but that’s about it.

    3. I get why girls do it – Male attention. Guys? I’m right there with you. What the fuck is their malfunction?

      1. Yeah, girls maybe, but I really don’t count them in the same “adult” category. I do wonder why they’d want omega male attention, but I’m not a chick and I really don’t think I’d want to know *that* mindset either.

      2. Celebration of what they love. Why does this anger you? Do you lack any hobbies you love? I only cosplayer once as Larva as a teen into Vampire Princes Miyu. Expense and time consumption are the deterrent. Nothing wrong with cosplay its probably fun if you do it in a group. I tried it alone and had a bad experience.

      1. Coupled with religious style brainwashing from the companies that own these characters and works of art.

    4. It’s easy to understand, think of it as a religious cult complete with brainwashing.

  25. Comic con is one of the easiest pick up spots. If you are in decent shape and wearing a nice outfit, not over-dressed, with clean fresh shoes, you can get laid with some effort. Hundreds of girls from out of town away from mommy and daddy looking to attention whore. Comic cons are great hunting grounds

  26. I’ve been to comic conventions all my life. Even worked a few as an artist myself. I’ve seen similar people as mentioned in this article. Here’s something else I’ve observed. Cosplay girls make a shit ton of money at these shows. Most are probably only 6-7s themselves, but when they’re surrounded by all these fuglies it only makes them appear hotter. They know how to flirt, smile, and be fun for all the guys hovering around their tables buying up prints, following them on their social media accounts, and inflating their self esteem. Rarely if ever does a guy ever go up and ask one out on a date. They’re often scared away by their body guards. I once saw a guy on facebook offering his services to stand around and “guard” the sexy cosplay girls at shows so creepy guys wouldn’t get too close to them.
    Comic conventions used to be a celebration of the arts and the creative people behind the industry. They’ve now become more media centered events and the artists themselves are pushed further and further back into the convention center. They raise the rates of the tables and many artists can even afford to go. Figuring in gas, hotel, parking, and merchandising. Only the cream of the top are ever in attendance.

      1. One with tits is ok, if I can look through all of that awful “cosplay” shit she’s wearing. Yellow is passable, probably what, a 6 or so in real life I take it? Otherwise, I’m not much into Asians.

        1. The one with the heavy make up and costumes is Jessica Nigri. She’s pulling in 12k a month on her pateron page from all her supports.
          The one in yellow, Riddle Lee, actually started out as a make up artist for MTV before moving into costume making. the SyFy channel featured her for two seasons in their “heroes of cosplay” mini series. I’d give her face a 6 and her tits an 8.

        2. A pretty young girl 16 to 25 has it made and don’t know it. Most will piss off their most valuable years riding the cock carousel. At least be a well fed whore if you’re going to be one. Go to L.A. and make your fortune in the porn industry. I read an article on this site aboutoe porn perfoormer who made 20 grand a week in her prime. All because she had a nice pair off its, ass and a cute face. But most girls will do the exact same sex acts with multiple guys, but consider her the whore because she does it on camera and is paid for it. And because she does it off camera and for free, she is Ms.Virtuous.
          If I was a pretty girl in that age range, I’d get while the getting is good. I’d look for a high earning, six figure husband about 5 to 12 years older who’s in good shape, cook, clean for him and have his babies. And for young women with a pretty face, nice body and feminine demeanor, it really can be that simple. They needlessly complicate it though.

        3. But women don’t have the capacity that you as a male making that comment has. Without agency you are like a bag in the wind with the biggest blowers shaping your life for you.

    1. I’ve wanted to go to Comic Con in San Diego for a while, but just seeing the media shit storm in the past five years, I’m staying away. Hell, if you get Westboro Baptist Church protesting you, you know you’ve jumped the shark. I stick to local ones where I can meet and talk to local and up and coming artists.

      1. San Diego has pretty much been taken over by big media companies and Hollywood Studios. Each year they raise the price of the tickets for attendance. They almost always sell out a year in advance. The artist alley section of the show has gotten smaller and smaller as even top level comic artists can’t afford to go. WonderCon started up as an alternative to the SDCC and features more creative members of the industry as opposed to media guests.

  27. The easiest girls to game are the ones with cucked boyfriends. Seriously, it’s like robbing a store during the zombie apocalypse. Now that I think of it, you can’t really call it game. If you display any masculinity, she will shoot you the “come fuck me” eyes quicker than you can blink. You can pull her digits while her mangina boyfriend hangs his head in shame. Hell, you could probably take her back to your room and fuck her like a rabid beast while he sits outside playing on his phone. Never feel guilty, because these sad saps made their choices. And who knows, maybe seeing his little princess get wooed by a real man will wake him from his slumber.

    1. I almost believe that…scratch that, I do believe that this is more for the benefit of the cuck male than yourself. A public service if you will.

  28. Speaking of crossdressers at Comic-Cons, I’ve never been to one, but then I remembered this weird Japanese music video and that’s what I imagine guys who cross dress look like. Btw, I thought the weirdest stuff out of Japan was chicks in schoolgirl outfits in a line passing candy from mouth to mouth in a candy commercial. But no. Stay weird Japan.

    1. haha, Japanese are so fucking crazy.
      I love in the simpsons when they go to japan and there is a camera inside the toilet pointing up and displaying cctv style on the hotel television and homer is just like “why does this exist”

      1. That’s the same reaction I had the first time I watched this. Makes you think. How does a country go from executing Pearl Harbor to this? Partly, I blame Little Boy and Fat Man.

  29. Comic Cons, at its beginning, were and strictly US phenomenon, but it is spreading fast to Central, South America and Europe. This phenomena has certain implicit characteristics that are universal:
    1. Lack of testosterone: all the male attendees of this events are a) skinny nerds, b) fat nerds, or c) skinny-fat nerds. They are the typical basement dweller who masturbates to anime, and the only real sex they ever had (if they ever had sex at all) was with prostitutes, or in the best scenario, with an ugly landwhale with pink hair who thinks she is a character of Sailor Moon or Evangelion.
    2. Lack of maturity: as the author said, grown up adults dressed like Super Mario, whose only worries in life are to seclude in his mother basement to watch cartoons (and a little porn in between).
    3. Lack of aesthetics: most of this immature skinny/fat/skinnyfat nerds are ugly, they don’t do a thing about it. They dont go the gym, they dont dress well in real life, etc.
    4. Glorification of female characters: as the author said, the attention whores are a factor, but analyzing in deep, most comics and viodegames glorify your typical warrior girl like Lara Croft, etc.
    The worse thing of all: most attendees are white males (with a lot of asians thrown in). What the fuck is happening to the white man? We conquered the world, we build civilization, we invented everything, we put the white man on the moon…..and now these stupid white omega males are fapping to Sailor Moon while thinking in the costume for the next ComicCon?
    It is time for the white man to wake up and be what once he was.

    1. I’m rather revolted by all of this at a certain level, but I wonder what would happen if me and some of my athlete buddies (think the kind who do tables at the Arnold Fitness Festival) were to show up decently dressed and walked around? From what I hear described just being there might insta shame 90% of the males into the fetal position.

      1. I think the shaming would be really bad. Funny thing is, since you mention it, if you go to the Arnold classic totally out of shape and tell the people there you are there to get inspiration to get into fitness and change your life you will find that you instantly have a billion new friends, tons of good advice and no shaming. I mean, you aren’t about to smash jen selter, but you will meet good people.
        It’s just like going to a gym and being open and curious. You will very rarely encounter someone who is being an ass to you.
        I think it has something to do with the confidence that very strong people have. I know a guy who is a trainer and is in such better shape than me that it can’t properly be measured, we aren’t even on the same scale. I watched him do 760 lbs deadlift doubles. His raw score is over 1700. When I ask him to spot me for a PR which would essentially be a warm up for him, if even, or some tips on deadlifting to get a few extra pounds on what is a non event for him, he isn’t just there to help me but is honestly enthusiastic and helpful.
        The problem is that the majority (I won’t say all because I never say all) of the people at the CC are weak and never have an outlet for the natural human aggression (like male feminists and other SJW’s) and I believe, due to this, if you showed up dressed normally and knowing nothing at all about comic books (or whatever the fat out of shape guy showing up to the Arnold Classic analogy would be) you would find you are met with a much, much different reaction.

        1. Hmmm, it would be interesting to see.
          Agree on the Arnold stuff. Do you ever go to that? For me it’s like a 20 minute car drive, tops, to get there, it’s just off High Street at the CCC in Columbus.

        2. I actually thought about going to it a few times, but never pulled the switch.
          I can’t tell if it would be cool or if I would just wish I spent the weekend at the gym.
          It reminds me of a bachelor party years ago. We were all geared up because we went to the AVN awards in vegas with a VIP table, passes to the convention and a bunch of invites to after parties.
          It took 4 days to shake the hangover and that was back when I drank more, I spent a small fortune and all in all wish I hadn’t gone.

        3. Well if you decide to go, you have to give me a shout. I have gone annually since at least 2003 as I recall (maybe 2004? I don’t remember). You’d have a personal tour guide to the more interesting and fun parts of Columbus, though I’m sure the city itself would bore you to tears, heh.

  30. I don’t think these dress-up parties are good indicators of “average” American men. I think some time at a Farm or Gun Show would balance things out a bit.

    1. Thank you, exactly. Hit a gun shop or range and you’ll see the exact opposite of this. And the women are almost always far better looking.

  31. The video below provided me with all that I need to know about the male clientele of Comic Con.

    1. Is it staged ? It sounds too extreme to be true. Also, the fact that it is a video chain now is suspicious. I’d like to believe it is staged.

      1. Just like porn and Springer, even assuming this is staged, you know this is based on real life events.

    2. Don’t know if it’s the same kid, but there’s two more videos. One, he flips out over getting his Warcraft account suspended. The other one, he flips out over getting an old truck as a gift.

      1. Hate to break it to you, but the Warcraft video is fake. Kid was acting the whole time.

        1. A small part of me assumed thus. Too good to be true. Yet, perhaps they know someone who acted like this.

  32. I think the sample here is a little skewed.
    Also, the black guy is making a pretty good “smarm face.” I’m kinda surprised at the hover hands.

      1. Seriously. The few pics I’ve taken with fitness models (outside of my…ahem…friend) I’ve basically held them like I owned them. They never seemed to mind at all, and had their arms around me the same way. Dig chicks like that.

        1. Same here whenever I’ve gone to Twin Peaks and have taken pics with the waitresses. You grab them like it’s business. Not to be a misogynist dick, but that’s how they make bank. As long as I’m not grabbing boobs or ass, I’m golden

        2. Ghost, not everyone is a 6’3″+, jacked, anglo-ideal, ex-military biker. Most men, regardless of how much game they spit or self-improvement they invest in will never have the kind of options you do.

        3. I agree. I think attitude and demeanor go into it. I think porn has also made young guys believe any female interaction must be sexual in nature

  33. Regarding fags, don’t accept the false choice that these people are either born or made. The truth is both.
    I accept that some of these little fairies were genetically predisposed to homosexuality. But that is a minority. And while whether it is a birth defect, a mental disorder, or something else is beyond my expertise, any way you look at it, it is abnormal.
    But there is choice here too, and it is undeniable to anyone who even casually observes our society that young men are encouraged to chose homosexuality. In fact, arguably the wheels are turning to such an extent that many do not even have a choice – they are basically forced into it by constant cultural brainwashing and a legal system that penalizes heterosexuality while bestowing homosexuality with favored status.
    But to keep on point, I can force myself to accept things that my natural biology resists. For example, when I was a young man and had my first experiences with drinking, my body told me it didn’t taste good, and made me feel like shit for it the next day. But I persisted and conditioned myself to grow accustomed to this unnatural behavior until I actually grew to like it. The same can be true of homosexuality, which is why the current culture is so toxic.
    Most of these effeminate, spaghetti-armed hipster faggots were not “born” gay, they were groomed to be gay through overt and covert social signaling and programming. Now, many of them have become homosexual, but this was by choice, not by nature’s design, but by the design of a society that is rapidly running off the rails. Either we are doing this to normalize the abnormal, or we are doing it in hopes that by making more people act abnormal we can destroy traditional pillars of society, like family and marriage.
    The trend today is to “accept” someone who claims to be gay. The most ridiculous examples are people who accept that their toddlers, who don’t yet even comprehend sexual attraction, are homosexual because they want to play with their sister’s barbie or some such. If you are a father, you should reject this notion. You do not have to be harsh, but you have to be firm. Homosexuality IS often a choice, and you need to be vigilant to ensure that your sons chose wisely.

    1. I saw a documentary of a lesbian couple in Russia, in order to portray the gay community over there. One of the lesbians said, that she always loved men, until she was 22 year old and then started enjoying women.
      The idea of same sex attraction being genetic is a lie, because there is not a single evidence of it. A dangerous lie, because its goal its to make homosexuality the same as for instance, the color of our eyes or some other genetic predisposition and therefore, out or any criticism. Numbers show, that in many cases is a choice, and if you create the correct environment, it can be adopted by children that have no inclination to do so, in the first case.

      1. Do you remember the short lived Russian pop female duo? T.A.T.U? Used to love their raunchy lesbian vids back when I was a teen. Now I just them for what they are, another push from the social engineers driving the identity politic narrative.

    2. I read a report on prison rape conducted in the 70s.
      In it, they interview both perpetrators and victims. Both groups claimed to be heterosexual before incarceration with the perpetrators returning toa srictly heterosexual lifestyle upon release or so they claim. The victims on the other hand, though initially forced into it remained homosexual upon release and made little attempt to go back to heterosexuality. One victim even admitted to working as a gay prostitute on the side. This was after his release. Maybe these guys weren’t born gay, but they certainly did turn out that way. All of the victims stated that it was while in prison that they came out as gay.
      The perpetrators justified their actions by saying that a man who gets penetrated is not a man, but a girl and that if a potential victim didn’t really want it, he’d have fought them off. They compared it to how a girl might say no at first, but changes her mind when you put some pressure on her. They didn’t seem to view their own actions as homosexual, but the victims were viewed as girls, homosexual etc and as substitute women.

      1. I think its sick dudes penetrating other dudes. I would say the guy perpetrating it is even gayer because he is seeking it out on weaker victims.

        1. In a way, I do think that a guy should rather die than give up his anal virginity or in the unfortunate event it happens, visit death or serious maiming on the responsible party. I readthat the founder of the Mexican mafia was accosted in prison as a skinny teenager by an older, 300 pound black convict who claimed him as his new girlfriend and even tried to feel him up. Well, the teenager got a knife, came back on the yard and killed him in front of everyone. But no one saw anything and he was never messed with again.

    3. I concur. My son is being raised by his mom, grandmother (domineering) and weak beta grandfatether. He is needless to say not very macho at all.

    4. In the animal kingdom, it’s not unknown for two males of the species to go at it. Being gay is a fact of life. Some are, some aren’t. But I refuse to give people status they haven’t earned just because their sexuality ticks the correct box in Leftie Land.

  34. The acceptance of comics needs to end. It is the dumbest of hobbies. I like sci-fi and fantasy, and comic book movies have saturated the market with cartoonist crap. It’s pandering to wish fulfillment and the lowest common denominator.
    Read an actual fucking book and grow the hell up!

    1. Ever picked up a piece from Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman? Not much wish fulfillment in those, just visual interpretations of fairly dark and deep subject matter.

      1. Alan Moore is a commie, homo wack job and Neil Gaiman just sucks. Your shitty “graphic novels” aren’t literature.

    2. Capitalism. What sells, gets made. Simple. When comic movies pull in a billion, hell they’re gonna keep making them.

    3. “Muh nostalgia”
      I play the same games and read the same books as I did as a child. That’s what these man children are doing- they just have far worse source material. I didn’t read comics much as a kid, and today I still don’t

      1. I didn’t mind comics, anime, and crappy video games all that much until a) strippers started dressing up at the conventions and then complained about being harassed b) Every. Single. Mother. Fucking. Comic. Just had to be made into a movie c) being a geek or a nerd stopped being generic insults for shy boys who had odd hobbies and started being some sort of ethnic identities (just like sodomy stopped being a vice and became a “sexual orientation”).
        Your hobbies aren’t your identity. Like I said I like fantasy and sci-fi, and I’ve even occasionally enjoyed comics and I’m sure I feel nostalgia for old books and games that aren’t that great, but there isn’t any sense of weird solidarity i feel with people who like the same stuff as me.

      1. I honestly don’t know much about them, but at least women haven’t adopted them en masse yet.

  35. I used to read comics as a kid, especially the classic Marvel /DC stuff, Dark Horse (when they were still a thing). It contributed to improving my use of the English language, fuelled my imagination & introduced complex concepts by way of imaginative storytelling.
    To actually commit to dressing up for something like a Convention though? No.
    Why serve the commercialized interests of those cashing in on the infantilization of modern civilization…..
    Plus, there are very real problems existing that require getting one’s hands dirty, ones brains intellectually stimulated & one’s moral fibre challenged. In short, actual fucking heroism of the non dress up kind.

  36. Also, ever noticed whose really into cosplay? Japanese people. Who, as a society, are shrinking because of the ever increasing number of asexual men who would rather jerk off to anime than have sex with a female. These things are related.

    1. I’ve noticed what I can only describe as a subtle cultural disdain towards masculinity and pride during my time in former Axis countries.

      1. I’ve never been to Japan so I don’t have any first hand experience with how their culture functions. I’m just baffled that a large portion of the younger male population is self-selecting themselves out of the sexual marketplace.

        1. The men are mostly content with wanking to virtual reality, and the women are content with white men, black men that they view as ‘thug-nasty’ or dying alone.

        2. Well I have been there and there is a weird mix to it. Sure there are many of those guys but the issue at the root of the population decline is more wage related. In Japan a family has to get by on one salary a lot of the time, or the wife will be unhappy. So many don’t have the money simply to pay for many kids.
          But there is another factor also, there is a long subculture of playing female roles by men in theaters and so on, and many of them are highly regarded and sought after by women etc. it’s not as gay as it might seem at glance.
          Japanese wives can be very good though, very pleasant company.

        3. Japan is still suffering the effects of the 1991 economic crash.
          Their rigid and inflexible culture, as well as their overemphasis on manners and not offending anyone, do not allow them to change their country’s direction easily.

        4. If you’re a white man and havent been to Japan, you are seriously missing out on getting laid beyond your wildest dreams

      2. Italy was a former Axis country and I cannot imagine them having such a subtle disdain for masculinity-maybe it s a Southern European thing they don’t whereas Germany I can definitely see it. Romania and Hungary I don’t see having that contempt either for that matter-especially not Romania being Eastern Orthodox Christian which is innately masculine like its counterparts in Serbia, Russia and Greece.

      3. Japan was nuked twice to end WW2 in the Pacific. That ultimately ended up discrediting that country’s militarists and their entire identity. Since then, Japan has gone 100% pacifist and wants nothing to do with hyper masculinity or war.
        The Germans have spent the last 70 years being shamed over WW2 and the Holocaust. Like Japan, they no longer have any interest in hyper masculinity or warfare, either.
        As for Italy, they’re more interested in chasing booty than killing.
        All 3 countries after WW2 basically resolved to never go back to those days and considering the carnage all three of those countries experienced, who could blame them? Let the “gullible” and “stupid” Americans do it, instead, is what they figure.

        1. Always my friend. I do a 360 scan every time I get out of the Jeep. If I don’t have a plan for any potential threats, I get back in and drive off.
          My kids thought I was nuckin’ futz, but in the last year they’ve seen a couple of situations turn ugly when they weren’t with me. I never have to remind my son anymore. My daughter is a believer now, but sometimes she forgets.

    2. In Japan there is a whole town that rival Manhattan for its brightness and luster that is filled with spiky haired, silver dyed, earring wearing, tattoo marked, but all fit, teens to young adults just walking the street. It is something out of a video game.

    3. The reason Japan is going downhill is due to America and it’s liberal feminist influences.

  37. I definitely have to find the link for this. But there was a guy at comic asking I believe a model a question and feminist took to Twitter claiming he harassed her. Luckly the model defened guy.

  38. “The most popular costume was Harley Quinn (because of course women want to dress as the bad girl that dates the psychotic bad boy, Joker).”
    This sentence alone deserves a serious reflection on womens nature.

    1. For what it’s worth, the root of that sentence is why this site is here in the first place.

    2. That Harley Quinn chick is not bad looking. I could be persuaded to part with $20 if she shows some skin in that movie

      1. 90s full spandex Harleen or nothing. New movie costume is the shit from Arkham Asylum that leaked into comics.

    3. I read that line to my teenage daughter who goes to cons and she said, “Yup. That’s about right.”

  39. I loved comics books as a kid and still sort of do. I retained my collection for its increasing $ value. What frank rook mentioned below is my experience too; my mind was opened to better vocabulary and even scientific concepts I was probably ignoring at school.
    Having said that, however, few things to note:
    1) While comic books can extol the virtues of bravery, honesty, tolerance,etc. the presenting of one dimensional heroes performing clear-cut heroic acts doesn’t do much for advancing moral and ethical philosophy. I’m sure there are some characters that are complicated players in complex moral situations, but they are rare.
    2) Reading comics for brief escapism is one thing, dressing up to go to a convention center to play make believe with other 35 year old children is nearly mental illness. You’re not observing some older cultural ritual like the Dias de los Muertos (or more importantly, KRAMPUSNACHT). It won’t be long before a bunch of these “players” will say they are “trans-character” and unable to work/function.
    3) Many of these “cosplayers”, especially the very attractive women, are there to promote their “cam-careers” or “pin-up/fetish modeling”. Thirsty, nerdy betas wanting to take pictures with them are easy marks. “My cam sesh is only $2.99 a minute!!!”
    4) At the risk of sounding like a “safe-spacer”, comic books and the conventions etc. used to be for the nerds/outcast people to get together, sell stuff, talk, meet artists/writers etc. Now they’re like Sundance for the summer comic movies. I’m sure Margot Robbie will have to take many picture with many a young man she would otherwise disdain in the next few months.

        1. The main thing I get out if what you wrote is some sort of defense for comics, and a minor defense of comic cons of the past which I just don’t care about tbh.
          The point of the article had nothing whatsoever to do with comics…
          So you know… Having overtly emotional attachments to stuff is generally meh, much more so if there is no pussy attached to that stuff. My opinion anyway hehe.
          I regularly lose almost everything I own in one way or another, but always there is pussy involved. And I’m saying keep the pussy and the stuff, I’ll get a new and better pussy and a new set of stuff to go with it…

    1. She will probably have her agent charge $200-300 for a picture and autograph bundle. That will weed out a ton of geeky fanboys that had to get their parents to drive and drop them off.

  40. I have zero respect for men who hover their hands around a woman like that. Is pathetic.

  41. “Go to a bar and try to find one woman nowadays that does not have a tattoo. This is sadly what our society has come to.”
    Impossible today.
    And try going to church and finding a female that doesn’t have a tramp stamp is becoming increasingly difficult these days. At least the inked scags in a house of worship are not displaying their ass crack tattoos.

    1. Aren’t the tatted up women in a church supposed to be ‘born again virgins’?

    2. Married a traditional girl from Poland. No tattoos! No shitty attitude!

  42. As if we needed any more proof that millenials are a bunch of kidults who refuse to acknowledge that the child they once were has stayed put in the corridor of time and has no interest moving into the future. I loved my childhood for the most part, and yes I do have dreams (particularly after a shitty day at work) when I sleep where I’m back to when I was 12 years old and I was happy playing little league and my family wasn’t a bunch of degenerate malcontents, but you will NEVER see me dress up like this, not even on Halloween where it’s far more acceptable to dress and act like a goof for one night. The child has grown, the dream is gone. I’ve become comfortably numb…

  43. WAIT A SEC !! You mean you still have chicks slim enough to fit into a Poison Ivy costume ???!!!

      1. Brilliant! I am going to use that.
        Such a shame we have hot slim nerdy girls here but very very few natural redheads 🙁
        I haven’t seen any fat americans in DC Comics. Truly an imaginary world/parallel universe.

  44. Just before he died, I figured out that my grandpa was right about everything. I miss him so much.

  45. I don’t know why but the hover hand thing these nerds do actively pisses me off, I almost want to force their hand to get grab a healthy chunk of waist or whatever to let these poor self conscious dolts actually feel relaxed for once.
    She wants (or is paid to) pose with you. Stop thinking about it so fucking much and actually grab firmly where appropriate.
    I imagine these near autists would even need direction on that (if they’re working or you don’t know them, waist okay, small of back okay, boobs not okay, butt not okay).*
    It’s really fucking simple and yet they opt for infinite awkwardness instead.
    *rules may vary in nightclub environment. But pawwing is about as annoying as hoverhanding for people working

    1. I find hover handing very offensive too, especially when the broad(s) are touching the guy!

  46. “When your parents tell you that you are a strong independent woman that don’t need no man!”
    I wasnt sure if you were speaking about the man dressed up as Wonder Woman….
    I would love to go to a cons like a member of an audience attending a circus.

  47. My daughter goes to cons with her mother. She thinks that the adults at those things are, “Uncomfortable, over-weight, creepy, and smell really bad.”
    She points out that the cartoon Futurama, when trying to illustrate how disgusting a character is, describes Zoidberg as smelling “like a comic con in a submarine.”
    I will say that I go along occasionally because cons can be a great place to find interesting art.
    And the hot chicks can be seriously good fun. A well built 20 year old wearing half gallon of paint and three strings is always good fun.

  48. I never understood how Superman, Spiderman etc. became serious topic of conversations.
    When i hear 2 grown up adults having discussion and debates about super heroes, I can’t help but cringe. When I was in the US, I heard so many serious conversations about those topics. I didn’t know if it was for real or the guys were messing around at first, then it stroke me: they were debating it as it was an important subject.
    It plays a big part in the “teenagerization” of our generation. I can’t watch Hollywood super heroes movies anymore, but more importantly, I can’t stand the sight of those losers getting all excited and waiting in line to watch that…when they’re almost 30.
    I wish we still had clear rites of passages to go from being a teenager to becoming an adult.

      1. There is a good deal of difference between watching a movie, and seriously debating issues related to imaginary superheroes… Think about it.

        1. Correct, but on the other hand, it makes for light-hearted conversation at times.

        2. True, you can use the events and plots of the movies to leeway into more serious conversations. “Captain America:Winter Soldier” brought up a lot of good points about big brother, the spy-nature apparatus of the NSA, the power of big government, and many other thought provoking themes.

    1. I’m a comics fan BT I wait to watch it free in TV years later. Why the fuck are you watching in theatres? Don’t judge the media by the excited fucks.

  49. Cultures throughout history have had dress up festivals that celebrate cultural mythology. Comic cons are the modern American version of this, as Mardi Gras is only really celebrated in New Orleans.
    Superheroes are part of our cultural mythology. Look at the article just written on this site, about how the new Batman vs. Superman movie had the potential to make a cultural/political impact, but failed to do so

  50. We are all pining for concrete rites of passage separating childhood from adulthood. Getting plastered at 21 isn’t cutting it anymore. Read Joseph Campell’s Hero of a Thousand Faces or anything by Mircea Eliade, Victor Turner, or even Katherine Bell to get a sense of why. Also Iron John. Every preceding culture on Earth valued and preserved these things. The symbolism of rites of passage is as natural to humans as breathing. And we have nothing to segregate boy child/warrior/hunter and girl child/mother anymore….rot starts at the roots, but so does growth. Some transition without these social acknowledgements but most do not.

    1. Thats the whole idea. Who is easier to control – a man or a boy?
      Who is the better consumer, the better servant and the most loyal soldier?
      You know the answer. So does the emperor.

  51. I’m a cosplayer, I still play video games (a lot), to say the truth, I live of pop culture, since I’m a professional writer, illustrator and cartoonist with specialization in manga and anime.
    I was raised in a christian household, I do gym and martial-arts, play soccer every weekend, and even as a nerd, I always dated girls of good quality. I’ll marry a virgin girl and I’m very capable of provide for my future family with my current wage.
    Am I a cuck for doing so?
    However, I’m brazilian so maybe in USA things are different.

    1. For me the cosplaying stuff is no different from cross dressing or playing with dolls…
      Under the age of 10 or so probably not a big deal but past that I start to wonder what’s going on ;-).

      1. Well, you have quite a simplistic way of thinking about cosplay.
        Cosplay is no different than using a halloween costume or going in a costume party. The difference is that people do it just because is cool. Cosplaying is celebrate how much you like something..

        1. You hit the nail on the head in a way but perhaps not intentionally. I don’t dress like other things to celebrate them, nor do I think it’s cool or mature to do so. I don’t do Halloween or costume parties dressed up etc, and I never have.
          I’m quite sure there isn’t anything I like enough to celebrate it either except perhaps birthdays of members of my family.
          But in the same vein I would never vote for a politician or party, or trust anyone who has no economical incentive to be on my side in, or a family related reason and long history of being trustworthy.
          You are of course entitled to view these things however you wish, but at some point I think you will realize that it might be something that can harm you later. Say for instance that your looking for a serious job position and the choice is between you and another equally qualified person… And a Google search of your name turns up pictures of you partying away dressed like some anime character, and a Google of the other guy turns up that he likes golf and seems otherwise normal…
          I’m telling you for your benefit that in the group that makes the decision there is likely to be someone like me.
          I know you said what you do, but you “sound” young to me and anyone can tell you things can and mostly do change.

        2. “I don’t do Halloween or costume parties dressed up etc”
          Well, I pointed those because I thought it was common to americans, as I saw in movies.
          Anyway, I apreciate your advices, really, but it’s nothing I didn’t hear from my father earlier. However, I already proved to him that I can live for the rest of my life doing what I do now, someone gotta feed the nerds, I know you understand what I mean.
          Of course, there are risks, but what is the work that has no risk?
          Cosplaying stuff is a immature hobby, I know this. But I never had the intention of doing it for the rest of my life. This is something I do for now, while I’m young (I’m 23 year old).
          I’ll not try to make it sound like a mature thing, but if it could serve as justification, maybe you might know that for brazilians it’s common to use costumes in festivities, as commonly happens in Carnival and Festa Junina. Cosplay was first accepted by brazilians because dress up like other things was already common.
          Brazilians are people of festivities. We’re always celebrating something and doing partys just because you can, you don’t even need special ocasions. Brazilians are passionate people, the things we love we love much, the things we hate we hate much.
          As a consequence, foreigners who visit Brazil tend to think we’re irresponsible and imature… and if doing many parties means we’re immature, then we really are, but that’s how brazilian society works, and despite the many problems, it works. This is not to say that brazilian people don’t take their jobs seriously… we just are not so serious as europeans and americans.
          In other words, cosplay is just one of the many costume celebrations we have, so I don’t think brazilian employers think too much about it. But even if they think, it does not matter to me, since I don’t have the intention of doing any job that is outside my area.

  52. “When I was a kid, I loved Spider-Man. Every month I would ride my
    bicycle to the comic book store and buy the newest issue. I watched the
    Spider-Man cartoons and played the Spider-Man video games. I collected
    entire box sets of Spider-Man cards. I was very passionate about
    Spider-Man. But I did all this as a kid, and eventually grew out of it
    all as I got older.
    At Comic-Con, grown men come dressed up as their favorite comic book
    or movie character. I saw men in their 40s wearing capes. I witnessed a
    duel between one man with a Harry Potter magic wand and another man with
    a lightsaber. A very obese man was dressed up as Nintendo’s Mario.
    I can completely understand being passionate about a certain
    character. But what does it say about a society where grown adult men
    are still playing dress up and buying toys made for children? These are
    basically little boys trapped in men’s bodies.”
    ^^^This just butthurt about 90% of ROK’s readership.
    Read top-voted comment for proof.

  53. I honestly wouldn’t use Comic-Con (a fringe collection of misfits) to judge the rest of society.

  54. Great…now I want to go to comic con just to point & laugh. Or to meet Norman Reedus. Which ever happens first.

  55. I guess I can understand the scared to touch thing, what with all the false allegations going around. But to my way of thinking, if someone touches me, that’s a clear signal that they are OK with me touching them.
    Do you think girls are encouraged to be gay (or at least bisexual) by society more than they used to be also? I think so, the combination of making out/sleeping with other girls being depicted as cool, plus the *TRIGGER WARNING* objectification of the female body (which I’m not blaming men for, mind you, after all these women willingly put themselves out there to be objectified, and are duly compensated), I think maybe seeing women presented in a blatantly sexual way on a daily basis can make young girls start to see other girls in a sexual light when maybe they otherwise wouldn’t have.
    “Go to a bar and try to find one woman nowadays that does not have a tattoo.” I don’t have any tattoos, or any piercings for that matter, but then I don’t go to bars, either. My guess is a bar is about the last place you can expect to find a “good girl” (feminine, virgin, traditional minded, etc.), but I’ve never been in a bar, so I’m just going by what I’ve heard and seen on TV/movies. That is probably one reason why good girls are so hard to find, we tend not to get out much.
    Seems to me the best way to get a marriageable girl is just to marry your high-school sweetheart. By college it is mostly already too late, unless you go to an ultra-conservative Christian college (like mine) where most of the girls (and even the boys) come from homeschool/Christian school backgrounds and have been kept under parental lock and key all their lives. But don’t expect to get laid in this environment unless you are extremely good at being sneaky, people get expelled just for kissing in these places!

    1. A large amount of guys never had a high school sweetheart you know… It’s just the jocks usually.
      And I would guess most girls who have a bf then only seem like good girls from far enough away that you could be in orbit.

  56. Go to an oil field, truck yard, chemical plant, mine, etc. You’ll see men. Unfortunately they’re mostly cucked by the marriage racket or greedbag, cunt gfs, often single mothers and fatty whorebags. So yea, a Nation of Cucks. FEMINISM WON and Globalists are taking away our nation.

  57. As a artist, I love comic books growing up and still do when there is quality work to be read. I see the characters, especially superheros, as a idealized version of ourselves if we achieve our potential. But even growing up I noticed something odd even back when the cons were not big Hollywood events that the guys would talk about Batman but never took a page from his book and actually work out or improve themselves. Bruce Wayne would be an outstanding role model but hardly anybody took the hint. Nowadays, if I go, I go to network and to research the market but the fat men and fat girls depress me. They could become a better version of themselves if they try. Some, mostly model cosplayers, did and they are very sexy because they put the work into it. Very few creators are macho. Mike Grell, who created Jon Sable Freelance,
    actually went to Africa on hunting trips

  58. These “nerdy” hobbies actually used to be pretty awesome. They promoted strength/masculinity in the male characters, the video games actually challenged players, no one gave a shit if female characters had slightly revealing outfits, the sci-fi films were well-written and interesting, emerging electronics/computer technology was exploited to its fullest, etc.
    Ever since 2007 everything has been completely corrupted by SJWs. Men who are still a fan of such hobbies at this point are obviously going to be the most beta cucks there are.

  59. Sadly this is true. I noticed it when I took my wife to Wizard World last November. The first thing that triggered me was the big COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT!!!!!!! sign at the door. So, just because a “9” is walking around in public in a bralet, G-string, and fishnets, she really doesn’t want you looking at her without first handing over three valid forms of ID, a blood sample, donation to Anita Sarkeesian’s latest project, etc.
    It got worse as I saw more of what the article’s descriptions. Seeing “men” much older and in much worse physical condition than me dressed up as Batman and Wolverine really made me grieve for society.
    The worst triggering for me was sitting in John Barrowman’s panel and listening to him go off and say how awesome it was gays were coming out left and right, following it up with a song about it.

    1. Back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s a lot of these cons featured Adult Models and Actresses in the back sections of the show. I met and talked to Aria Giovanni a few times. Her table was surrounded by dude paying her films,prints, and autographs. I even had a few playboy models grab me by the arm and walk me back to their tables trying to get me to buy stuff from them!
      However with all that skin and raunchy behavior at a family show, the cons started to phase them out as they wanted to appeal to a broader audience and bring in more people. The thing is that now that the modern comic con attendee (young teenage boys) no longer gets to see what an actual 10 looks like up close. Thus they can’t compare them to the average, frumpy looking women that now go to the shows too. Gone were the hot models and replaced with the feminist, SJW types.
      This crowd has even gone out of their way to get the hotter cosplay models banned from other conventions. They pushed out the booth babes at consumer shows like the Pax and E3 because they said they promoted sexism.

  60. There’s a scene in Marvel’s The Ultimates where Hawkeye is captured, in a cell and about to be tortured by some people he messed up years back. The lead torturer is grinning with glee until he starts to choke.
    Grasping his hands, he looks around the room to see his cohorts also about to asphyxiate. One by one they collapse to the ground and die.
    Hawkeye has one fingernail left, pointed at a remaining thug. Thug removes constraints and Hawkeye is free to inflict more carnage.
    THIS is what I love about comics. He peeled off his fingernails and flicked them in their mouths. Call me a nerd, but that is rekt.

  61. Comic-cons have always been the reserve of beta INTJ types and man-children, the kind of dudes who spend weeks sewing their own costumes and writing 5-page theses on the composition of adamantium. But at least it was a male space, and these guys just wanted to take a few days out of their mundane lives to live their fantasy and be happy.. and hell, they were dedicated.
    But alas, like all male spaces, along came the SJW bullies and took over. The result of this is that Comic cons (along with Atheist/Skeptic cons, and everything else inhabited by geeks) have become a nexus for PC thuggery, radical feminism and the removal of all traces of testosterone.. where the males either shiver like frightened children, or just say “fuck it” and become women themselves. Yes, they have become supremely cuckafied.

  62. There it is! I knew a con hit piece was coming!
    This will be my third year going to a con. Guess I’m an unabashed nerd.
    I take my 16 year old, who loves it. This year, I’m constructing a suit for him to go as Groot. He’s stoked.
    Aside from all the other family things we do, this has been quite the bonding experience.
    My wife’s even thinking about going this year as Phoenix. I’ve been going as Logan.
    It’s light fun for all.
    I’m even going into a side business with a friend to make props, etc., since people are nuts about this stuff and are willing to pay through the nose for costumes.
    But, hey! I also teach my boys how to fight, shoot guns, lift, camp, blah, blah… but I guess this bit of nerdom negates my efforts.
    Guilty as charged.
    Such is life.

    1. There is nothing wrong about going to cons and having a good time. I’ve been going with my family since ’96. It was always and still is a great bonding experience. Also it helped me develop as an artist getting feedback from editors and my favorite comic illustrators.

    2. >My wife’s even thinking about going this year as Phoenix. I’ve been going as Logan.
      You won the wife lottery.

      1. Bless you, brother. I mos def feel like I have.
        But in her defense, since this will be her first con, she informed me; “plenty of alcohol will be in order, before setting foot out the hotel door.”
        I told her, “That’s ok, baby. Logan always carries his flask full of Booker’s, just to stay in character.”

  63. Wow. I figured I’d see some shit after stumbling upon this garbage fire of a site, but god damn dude. You’re a fucking sad little cuntboy, so fuck you and your stupid fucking cuntboy opinions. Your horseshit feelings aren’t going to change anything, you don’t fucking matter, and nobody cares what you think. Live your life and fuck off from everyone else’s.

  64. I agree with your comments on American men, but give the comic book nerds a little slack. They are nerds and this is their nerd culture. They’re overweight from eating junk food and being in front of the computer all day? That’s a nerd. For some reason, I respect them, probably because they developed their own culture. The women you will see are usually flat chested, and a lot will be fat. They are basically invaders coming in to a male (even though nerd) space. They do this because they see they can be a queen bee. They also can freely dress as a slut, and it is considered normal. A flat chested girl that is thin enough with a decent face goes to one of these events dressed up in her skimpy outfit, and she’ll get all the attention.

  65. Grown men dressing up as comic book characters? What about the other form of dress up I see everyday and is somehow socially acceptable – grown men dressing up as their favorite professional sports stars. Every time I see a grown man in a jersey or baseball cab that he paid 10x what’s it’s actually worth because it has some sweaty negros name or team logo on it, I want to give him a wedgie and a slap to the backside of his head.

    1. Well, on occasion that would be me. Any time you feel like dancing, I’m your huckleberry.

  66. “I’m guessing these men are playing it safe by not touching the girls. With the constant crying about rape culture and the many false rape accusations out there, men have become too scared to touch women.”
    Indeed. I’d also tack on some select memories of these men, myself included, showing interest in a girl when he was younger and then having it blow up in his face and being told by a female teacher that girls dont like it when YOU do that.

  67. Um, Henry, your little bio blurb is about as cuck as it gets. Actual men don’t prattle on about their future goals. Maybe you ought to try the batman suit on after all.

  68. The upper picture is funny… The skinny girl has bigger arms than the guy lol.

  69. Grown men dressed up as comic book characters? What EXACTLY did you think you were going to see at Comic Con??

  70. I can’t blame them. They have been taught that aggressively going after women, or aggressively going after having children with women, which is normal, is a crime. From the time they are born to when they leave college at 22 (or high school at 18). The whole time they are punished and conditioned to be this way. I once read about a man captured by jihadists for longer than a decade. He could no longer speak English and hated his country at the end of it. The human mind will do anything to avoid being excluded. The word tortured comes to mind before the words sad and pathetic.

  71. “”It’s easier to just stick with the job that pays $10 an hour than to try find a better paying opportunity.
    So when you have men that are content with being low-status, then
    it’s no surprise to see the kind of women these men will be with.
    Low-status men will have no problem at all being with a fat woman and
    taking care of her bastard children. Low-status men also have no issue
    with their woman taking her time to talk to another man in front of him.
    Women will have long conversations with me while their boyfriends stand
    idly by the side holding her bags, the both of us just ignoring him and
    not include him in the conversation. There were a couple of times where
    I had to ask the woman if that man was with her, because he was just
    standing there quietly waiting for her to finish talking to me. Women
    have no shame; they will talk and flirt with other men in front of their
    own husband if he allows it.””
    Just so you know I happen to be in the lower class but I dont allow my women to be running around with other men with me just idly standing by. Elliot Rodger was rich and yet he died a virgin!!! So I dont know where you got the mentality of “Rich men are alphas, lower class men are betas” from. Not trying to argue but just giving out my points..

    1. Elliot Rodger was raised by a feminist mother and a cuckold father. He had no real male influences or friends in his life. Stephan Molyneux did a great break down of that kid’s psyche in his “Untold Truth” series. Was actually how I first came upon his work.

  72. As a woman, this makes me want to cry for the sons who have given their lives to pursue whatever this is.

    1. Please die, some men have freed themselves from dependence on women’s emotional reactions.

      1. I don’t think I’ll be dying because you said please.
        Please die? For my opinion? You sound very mentally stable. Not.

        1. Liberals do not allow that kind of talk. Your sentiment is violent. It is a step above a microaggression. I think you need to be put into a safe space if my comment causes such a strong emotive reaction from you.

      2. It’s not about my emotions, kid. It’s about the logical conclusion that dedicating one’s life to this is not the slightest bit about building a better human. It’s about trying to be someone else and sleep with whatever will pile up next to each other. Not a healthy lifestyle.

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