Alpha Is Anything

When most men think of an “alpha male,” they think of some tall, young, and cool man who’s got impeccable style and class. They think of this:

english gentleman

But the above is merely just one expression of how an alpha male acts. Most guys see an example of an alpha male and try to emulate it. They see the tough jacked dude or suave looking guy in a suit and decide they can fit that mold too. But they are getting confused. They see the passive game, such as looks or money, and think that’s all there is to it, when in fact it’s the active game which is responsible for getting the pull. Most men fail to understand the relativity of game — just because one type of game works for one man, does not mean it will work for another. Tight game is relative to each man. So while being a gentleman may work for some guys, like the Englishman in the above photo, it does not mean it will work for you.

Indeed, what I have noticed about the vast majority of alpha males is that none of them have anything in common, other than a base set of traits that have been repeated over and over again in game blogs such as dominance, confidence, extroversion, charisma, etc. But having these attractive qualities can manifest themselves in unlimited ways, so describing these qualities in abstract is usually pretty worthless. Let’s have another example of an alpha:

This guy is a construction worker who married John Boehner’s daughter. Most people were shocked in disbelief, but to the eyes of Boehner’s daughter he was attractive. And since the only thing that matters for making a relationship work is the woman’s interest level, it doesn’t matter if the guy lives like a bum. All that matters is his ability to make her feel good when he’s around her with his own brand of game. While very few men could probably pull off this kind of Rastafarian game, you don’t need to. All you need to do is figure out your own optimal version of game, which I guarantee you will be unlike the vast majority of other men’s game.

So if you’re trying to become more successful with women, don’t be afraid to experiment. Extreme individualism will only help you appeal to specific niche of women. I found my niche this way – and you can too, providing you are fearless and eager to try out lots of new behaviors with as many women as possible until you find something that sticks. I’ll never forget one of my successful womanizer friends who got most of his lays from the subway. I would watch him score numbers with girls right on the train within a few stops. I would try his exact style of game and get a horrible rejection, over and over again. His type of game didn’t work for me, but it worked for him. Likewise he hated to dance, but dancing worked for me.

Remember, if you can’t get laid, then it’s almost certainly because you aren’t specializing yourself  or you’re simply in an environment that works against you. Consider being a young man in South East Asia – girls will value you because of your youth and good looks. But in Colombia, being young is considered a disadvantage, while older men in their 50’s get 20-year old girlfriends. The culture you’re in has an enormous influence, so sometimes it is necessary to travel in order to determine if it is you who needs to change or your home address that needs to change. Consider this Ukrainian example:

poolside ukraine

Be open when evaluating other man’s game, and not like the game denialists, since it is not immediately obvious to see how a guy can be wildly successful with women when most men are not. If you pay attention, and stay humble (never think you’re better than the guy who’s getting hotter women than you) then it is possible to learn from other alpha males in order to build onto your own style. Not everyone can be alpha, but alpha could be anyone. An alpha male is best defined as that which is attractive to women, and what a woman could be attracted to is only limited by your imagination. Take this knowledge and create yourself into the alpha you want to be.

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102 thoughts on “Alpha Is Anything”

  1. Implicit in this is the old business principle: know your market. You have a product to sell (you), so what’s the best way to sell it?

  2. I still say an alpha male is defined as a male that is attractive to everyone.
    Women you only need one set of rules…dominance. This can also work on men sometimes unless you run into another alpha male. Then you need to learn to take the humble route.
    Know when to hold them and when to fold them.

    1. I agree with taterearl. Different kinds of guys can sometimes attract women for idiosyncratic reasons, and game may need to be calibrated depending on culture/environment, but alpha male dominance is universal.

    2. I agree wholeheartedly. If anything promoting the idea that being 300lbs and marrying a super model is just going to promote more feminist and beta propaganda that just being you is enough, when in reality it’s not.

    3. All alpha is local, just like real estate.
      Rock stars and movie stars probably have longer reach, but a wall street alpha is not likely to play well at the rodeo, where the rodeo star probably can’t get much play on wall street.
      Attractive to even MOST women is a very high hurdle and would make few men alpha. Alpha is a question of degree, not distinction, and it can be very malleable.
      The high school hockey star might be alpha to all the girls at that school, but probably won’t make a hot college cheerleader tingle, especially if she’s dating an attractive college athlete.
      Does that make the high school hockey player a non-alpha? What if he is presented with many offers of female attention from his female peers?
      Alpha is a question of perceived value, when the value is generally sexual, and the perceivers are women who are potential sexual/romantic partners.
      It is always and everywhere a question of degree, not binary status.

    4. taterearl I’ve been reading your comments for a while now (and laughing all the way as well with your little “beef” with Carson D). Truly respect your wisdom and your vision as well.
      I’d just like to understand your position a little better though. You’ve got all this wisdom that could probably get you laid like crazy and yet you choose to remain a virgin? This is not me being insulting by any stretch.
      You obviously have game and you share a lot of your knowledge about human nature and about women, and yet you willingly choose to remain a virgin. If you don’t mind could you explain to me your position and the why you made that decision? Would truly appreciate an answer to understand your knowledge a bit better

  3. This probably explains game better than anything. Create your own penis showing game.

  4. “An alpha male is best defined as that which is attractive to women.”
    Boom. Sexy sons theory nutting all up in this bitch.
    One of you Game Of Thrones nerds needs to write up an article about Peter Dinklage being a sex symbol in modern culture after being depicted as a guy who gets the ladies in that show.

      1. 3rd rate romantic comedy tripe — check.
        Ego-saving rationalizations and masculinity-shaming from the feminine imperative — check.
        Typical Hollywood’s narrative of a “player” who lacks any semblance of frame, unlike his real life counterparts — check.
        What was your point in showing me this again?

        1. I always win.
          You look at things on the outside…I can see things on the outside and inside.

        2. You always rationalize yourself back to identifying with the feminine imperative, stud-shamer.

        3. Don’t you get the feminine imperative is a masculine creation?
          Your brain has a masculine and a feminine part. I’m only playing to the audience presented to me. If you were like Jason Biggs I’d be bashing your head in with dominance.
          Beta boys, white knights, manginas play the same game as a PUA. Do whatever it takes to get those ladies to be attracted to you. They use the feminine part…and never use the masculine part of dominance.
          PUAs use the masculine part….but their lack of a feminine side shows they have really no understanding.
          Now if you want to pump and dump til the day you die…more power to you. Your only version of Heaven will be your short life on earth. However should one of those ladies actually trick you into meaning something more than that to you…you won’t have a clue on how to keep her.

        4. Besides what better way to defeat women at their own game than to have the feminine imperative in your arsenal.
          You can use your masculine dominance and logic as a weapon…and/or your emotions.
          And then she won’t have any idea where you are coming from.

        5. I’m just a dude too. If I can toy with your emotions this easily…just think how easy it would be for a woman.

        6. Not really. Do you always insult women and lose your cool when they call you less than favorable things?
          You’ve done a great job of insulting me. I’m sure if I had a vagina I’d leave to find some man who doesn’t take my insults personally.
          However since I have a dick…I rather enjoy pulling your strings.

      2. I found this scene funny, mostly because a woman can only get the better of a man in a situation like this when her lines are written by a man.

        1. Exactly. Which is why guys need to do this to each other. So that when a woman does it…you just laugh.

        2. If it doesn’t hurt your feelings or break your frame it doesn’t really count.
          Now, outside observers may or may not know whether a girl has “gotten the better of you”, but that is a tertiary issue.
          Although, to maintain true social-circle alpha cred, you have to manage the observer’s impression as well.
          There are no absolute rules or guidelines here.
          The girl in this clip is approaching butthurt try-hard retaliation.
          A good response would be “Are you done? Can I cry now?”
          “Nice job, I see you have been rehearsing. But you didn’t answer my question: wasn’t I inside you once?”

        3. You know what, I reckon this monologue has to be accurate. Reason: I get the opposite response. Yeah, I’m bragging, but hear me out… 1) I have a big dick and most girls yelp in pain if I go all the way in (i.e. most guys have a small dick, no matter what they say). 2) Almost every time I have a ONS the chick will make a comment like, “Aren’t you about to cum yet?” and this is after only about 10-15 minutes (i.e. most guys cum quickly). As for technique… hard to self-crit, but most girls are phoning me for a second ride.
          So if that isn’t your experience you’re probably deluding yourself you’re something special in the sack when you’re not.

  5. As simple as this seems, it isn’t. Men often fail to respect the need for lower class males to denigrate their betters for their inner fear they are not good enough themselves. Couple that with their actions as a tacit admission they are too cowardly to transcend their limitations and you would be surprised how often a guy who looks alpha is anything but.
    Like the Rastafarian dude with Boehner’s daughter. He could literally never reach the status her father naturally elevates her to, let alone reach the level her superior education has most likely brought her. Yet, there is he is plugging the moist center of the daughter of our Nation’s leading representative in Congress. When you can lay the pipe, and provide stability to a woman who is by her very nature emotionally unstable, you reap rewards others wish they had.
    Yet that is the point, it does not matter what you are on the outside, or to everyone else’s point of view. That is all worthless. The wisest men follow their own advice. A man who tells you one thing to do but does another is no one to follow. A man who practices what he preaches, though he might be wrong, will have the inner fortitude to admit when he is wrong and change course. He will also have the courage to let you know that he was going the wrong way. Forget his detractors, they are only happy he failed once. Solely because they fail at everything in life, and cannot muster the courage to risk failure in order to have success. They get what they want every time.
    There is a reason men tend to marry much older then women. Women like older men because older men are experienced. He has already conquered his mountains, slayed his demons, and reached a level of success that offers comfort and peace; ie, he signals his ability to provide and maintain stability through the turbulent chemical drama she is naturally going to induce. This emanates into the highly liquid deluge inside the attraction of a women’s inner most parts; and compels her, even against what society deems reasonable, to plunge that man inside of her and obey his every whim. Even if he is a mountain of blubber, it truly is what is inside that counts. When we were young we just had no one to tell us that that saying only works if you are alpha.
    You want to be alpha? Discover yourself, and don’t be afraid of your environments. Be willing to face death, and win. Or suffer failure. Societies of the past witnessed men’s inner nature, what his identity is and naturally instituted practices (marriage for example) that isolated and domesticated men’s best attributes for their own benefit.
    Granted, it will signal to others that you are a valuable commodity. Yet in today’s age, they now have to prove you should offer them your services. You don’t have to commit.
    Enjoy it while it lasts. When they can no longer afford it, they are going to try and force you to do what they want.

    1. Conquering mountains and slaying your inner dragons will reward you as a man completely. The woman is just one of the many rewards.
      But I’d think of her as just another worldly reward….like money or fame. They aren’t important in the grand scheme of your life…but they are nice if you get them.

      1. Or instead of conquering mountains and slaying your dragons, you could just get a job as a bartender and slay pussy all day. That would be pretty rewarding too.

        1. I suppose.
          Instead of using fertilizer to grow plants to feed people…I could use it to blow up buildings. That’s pretty rewarding.

        2. Interesting that you would compare fucking lots of women to blowing up buildings.

        3. Have you seen what a woman looks like and acts after being blown up by a bunch of guys? A bombed out building.

        4. Half the girls in sororities, metaphorically speaking, look like they were in Beirut if that is the case. LOL
          Bombed out buildings is one way of putting it.

        5. LOL!!! That’s a funny one. As a U.S. Army veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, I’d say it was the thousand yard(or meter) blank stare they have. It’ll happen to a girl when too many guns for fun have shot into her. Bombed out buildings can be rebuilt. Combat boot wearing vicious sluts can not. Let’s sing!!! This is my Rifle! this is my Gun! This is for fighting! This is for fun!

        6. Us that because they are lesbianlebanese?
          Or is it the testosterone supplements?

        7. If she is originally from Beirut, and likes deep muff diving with her frat BF who needs roids to have a shot at red shirting………..I would say all of the above.
          Note to self, if my marriage does not last, try muff diving lebanese girl.

  6. Women are maddeningly perverse in their variety of hot buttons. I learned long ago that it is far more efficient to be the best man you can be according to your own lights and then find the right women that can appreciate who you are.
    I’ll never appeal to biker chicks or feminists so I don’t waste me time there – I have a more efficient market niche.
    And please, do NOT narrowly define “alpha male” as a lone bachelor with a string of one night stands and pump-and-dumps. In my mind, a man who creates and supports a loving family, participates in his community, and proudly stands by his principles meets most of the criteria for alpha male. While it seems many hen-pecked betas take the easy path and become supplicating family men, not all family men are betas.

    1. Betas are one of two people.
      Those who let a woman’s emotions dictate their life.
      Those who let a woman’s body dictate their life.
      It’s easy to get women to sleep with you…or get married to them. Alphas do both great.

    2. LOL. You hear that men? Hurry up and get married. Take that girl off the market and support her for the rest of your life. Only then will you be an alpha.

      1. That is not at all what I wrote or intended. Snark is no substitute for intelligence or wisdom. It is seldom even witty.
        To every thing there is a season, a time to sow wild oats, and a time to plant your orchard. Sometimes sowing wild oats as ground cover in your orchard works too.
        If you don’t take a wife and have children, then you’re “a barren branch” as the Chinese say. Your line dies with you, unless you’ve sired a bunch of bastards but with widespread abortion, that’s not likely.

        1. See Carson keeps proving his emotional strings can be tugged at any point when somebody shines a bad light on pumps-and-dumps.
          Get your head together, man. Nobody is saying that isn’t a fun endeavor…it’s just not as alpha as you think.

        2. Have you noticed the rate of single motherhood in this society? It’s not “either you’re a family beta or your kids are aborted.” Seriously, man, get off the pulpit and step outside every once in a while.

        3. Congrats…your seed will end up in prison (either of the jail or woman variety) or on a stripper pole because you weren’t there to put masculinity into it.
          It’s still basically a barren branch.

        4. Go learn the difference between “have a higher chance of” and “definitely will”, genius.

        5. So you’d prefer a scenario that has higher chances of.
          Do us all a favor and never reproduce.

        6. The TOTAL rate of reproduction is down, even with single moms.
          Any spawn you have that are raised by a single mom will likely be stunted socially and emotionally as well as being a net burden on society. Maybe they’ll still use your name so you can take credit for being the proud papa – or just proud sperm donor.
          There are exceptions, of course – would Bill Clinton’s biological father been proud of him?

        7. I agree about snark. We can disagree intelligently. Carson’s comments have degraded over the past two months into a Jezebel-type of speech.

        8. Earl… your comments have also degraded, more than Carson’s. I used to look forward to reading them, but they’ve become petty.
          I guess with some commenters, once they blow their modest load of wisdom, have very little to offer after that besides bad jokes and insults.

        9. You are advocating that men marry in this current social climate with all the risks involved? Are you insane, in denial, or do you just hate men?

        10. No, no, and no.
          There’s risk involved in every endeavor.
          This system however has made it to where marriage is a bad choice or banging sluts and turning them into single mothers when the baby rabies goes off is also a bad choice.
          The best a man can do with in this system is to treat women like the enemies they are. They can get you emotionally and/or physically.

        11. Roosh when you finally experience that player burnout…feel free to join a Fight Club. You’ll become alive again.

        12. Congratulations Carson you answered my question correctly…you have achieved the first step to enlightenment.
          See I’m not all about insults here…I’m about helping you become a better man.

        13. So the best thing for men to do is to be sexually bitter celibates claiming themselves to be alpha like you?

        14. I am a virgin…but why would I suck a black cock. I want only the best…a white cock. That is what virgins deserve.

        15. What’s the point of having children when you will be dead soon? Your children is not you nor are they a part of you.
          People have children because they feel they failed as humans and as a result feel they have to perfect their offspring. Married men have nothing going for themselves that’s why they become fathers.

        16. Talked like a typical SJW that believes genes will create an exact replica of it’s parents when in fact you have no clue about social conditioning and think homosexuals are just born that way

        17. Joe,
          If you don’t understand the rewards of fatherhood and are willing to dedicate a major part of your life to that, then don’t do it.
          Your non-kids will thank you.
          Your arguments have an element of sour grape to them. Sure you’re not sterile?

    3. A married man can be considered alpha depending on how hot his wife is, and depending on how much hand he has in the relationship. If he’s married to a 6 but lords over her like a King, I would classify him towards the alpha side. If he’s married to a 9 but is her total bitch, he’s a beta. Indeed this discussion could be it’s own RoK post.

  7. On the most primitive level, the only true measure of an Alpha Male is in combat with another male. Of course, limitations in our modern society don’t really make this possible anymore.

    1. This is true. But because unsanctioned physical combat is absolutely not tolerated in our society, the true test of an “alpha male” becomes “how many women can you lure into your loins?”

      1. Not exclusively. But as has been reiterated many times on this website, you can’t eliminate millions of years of biology through a couple generations of political correctness. That primal masculinity will reveal itself in other ways, such as picking up women, among many other pursuits.

        1. The problem i see though is that the traditional ways in which men have proved their masculinity are now closed to us. And so masculinity becomes purely a matter of externals, of looks and size: number of women you can bed, height, size of muscles, size of penis, size of bank account, size of house, etc.

        2. Absolutely. And rational people are not suggesting a regression to the days of Viking berserkers. I think pretty much all the contributors to these boards recognize the flaws of the unrealistic pressures on men and exploit such a flawed system in the hopes that society acknowledges it. Maybe it is insidious and superficial but outlets will be found. I personally think combatant and provider are the true measures. Neither of which are viable options in western society. Ergo, I travel a lot.

  8. Can someone who is 5’5” like myself and Michael James be alpha? How could we create our own type of game? Perhaps Tyrion Game (from Game of Thrones) would prove fruitful?

      1. Yes, Nutlick – I know he was a little man. If he can conquer great lands – Mike James and I can conquer some fine lasses.

        1. He was not a little an, he was between 5’6.6-5’7. That was like 5’9 back in the 19th century . Now this michael james guy is 5’4, which means you need to find a niche where short guys can appear attractive to girls…and I can’t think of one.

        2. First off – Michael James is five foot fucken five inches. That extra pump in his sole shant not be forgotten. Also, I’d like to paint a picture of yesteryears rulers for you in terms of a modern phenomenon. Take for instance- Jackass (The movie). Our modern day heros can equally (and quite accurately) be compared to the dictactors of centuries past. Steve-O (Wanton and crazy) would be the sex craving Mussolinni (check spellling). Chris Pontius would be Hitler (just cause). And to finally drive my point home, Wee-man would be Napolean. Do you get it now?

        3. It is to be said that a master can teach his subject, regardless of complexity, to an eight year old. I feel like I have just done that. Now stop trolling.

        4. Fair enough. Also do you believe that he gets rejected that much for his height, I just think he does not put in work. Then again, I don’t know what short guys go through.

  9. If the girl is omega, she’ll go for any guy. John Boehner’s daughter only indicates that her father wasn’t alpha, and she has had no compass for judging quality in males. I’m guessing there was a huge disconnect between the appearance of Boehner, and the reality at home, which manifests itself in this “preacher’s kid” style rebellion of her marrying a dreadlocked Jamaican guy.
    Since quality is no longer required to survive, female selection is now regressing to whatever gives them good emotions. Long-term survival is assumed to be almost guaranteed, so now short-term happiness is the focus.

  10. The concept of alpha male has been distorted by modern society and social engineering. We agree that alpha means dominance. The real question is whether alpha means:
    (1) leader of men
    (2) leader of women
    (3) both conditions must be fulfilled.
    The above will lead to much debate over the years to come, however, I believe it is (3) that most would agree to be correct. Thus, modern day game players are a result of social engineering and many men who claim to be alpha are indeed not. This misappropriation of the term alpha is why the West is going down the drain (partly by design, as we are then easier to control).

  11. An “alpha male” is a man who refuses to be defined in terms dictated by women, ie alpha and beta male.

  12. Being attractive to women is only ONE part of being an alpha male. Being a LEADER OF MEN is another. Everything has it’s time and place. If you just get women, you’re not necessarily an alpha in my book. that’s a ladies man, sure. can you also lead and gain respect from men? that is a leader. Only when you do both are you an alpha male. I know plenty of ladies’ men who would would fall down like children crying if they tried to insult or fight me. likewise i know tough guys who couldn’t get a woman to open her legs if they paid.
    An alpha is more than just sex appeal, much more. if you’re leading the pack, you must be able to put down all challenges. learning to handle men and women alike.

    1. I find that improving my attitude and interactions with women, I have also been doing so with men. You do make a good point, though. Neglecting both facets of social interaction is like dudes who go to the gym and only work their arms.

      1. Of course, as you interact with all humans more you learn things about human nature. There are many similarities, such as if you show weakness to men they can exploit it much as women can. The thing is that certain things go in certain groups. As a college professor and a leader in a fraternal organization i’ve had to come to grips with leadership in a way that has truly challenged me, and also made me better at spitting game at women, as well.

  13. Alpha males do not have to fit an archetype. The ones who are detached from conditioning are usually the most successful.

  14. There’s a lot of kickback to the idea of defining Alpha as someone who women are attracted to. For one, it puts the definition of a man’s apparent worth in the hands of women, which doesn’t sound appealing. Also, the same people who don’t like that idea probably aren’t very attractive to women, but they want to aspire to alphaness. Or whatever.
    Let’s try a thought experiment, to solve this problem. Let’s imagine that a virus wipes out all but twelve American men. Of these men, one becomes the leader, is the most dominant, decisive, charismatic, etc. There are no females around to be attracted to him, so the question becomes: Is he still Alpha?
    I won’t answer that question for anyone else, but it’s safe to say that if suddenly some women showed up, any number of them would be most likely to be attracted to the leader in this example. Which would, by manosphere standers, make him suddenly become Alpha even though nothing about him as a person has changed.
    Whether or not you’re comforable defining an Alpha based on women’s attraction, the fact is that there’s an unavoidable correlation. However you define Alphas, women are going to be attracted to those Alphas more than they’re attracted to you.
    Also, I would disagree that Alphas are attractive to everyone. Especially Omegas and a lot of Betas are going to be very annoyed/put off by Alphas. I’ve seen it in action time and time again, and in fact, a lot of Alphas can have a hard time getting along with other Alphas. Hell, I’ve even seen Omegas get bitter about mid-level or greater betas.

    1. According to game literature, an alpha male is simply a male who is attractive to large numbers of females. That’s it. That is the only requirement in becoming a so-called alpha male. There are many, many men who are attractive to large numbers of women who would have absolutely no luck in leading a group of men, ie witness the thousands of teenage girls go wild over Justin Bieber or some equivalent metro-sexual pop star.

  15. Spot-on that your environment might be working against you. It took me a long time to realize this and change my environment.

  16. To conclude my thoughts, i believe the alpha/beta distinction (which, as I’ve said before, are emphatically female adjudicated terms) is extremely detrimental and damaging to men. What are men as a collective gaining by being classified as “Alphas” or “betas?” Letting your masculinity be defined by women is the ultimate sign of the triumph of a feminized culture over men. But unfortunately, many PUA’s see being knighted as an “alpha male” by Western skanks as the pinnacle of male masculinity, befitting of great praise and honor. In a way, being called a “beta male” by a gamer is like being called a pig or a misogynist by a male feminist- they are seperative terms to show women who has what they want and who doesn’t.
    I say it’s time to stop letting ourselves be defined in terms dictated by women. Let men be men and determine for themselves what it means to be a man. That means for each individual man.

  17. Alpha is the man who can get laid everywhere.Feminism?Does not fucking matter-woman is a woman is a woman,she still wants to fuck an alpha.
    A man who has to escape in his prime to Romania just to get laid-is the pinnacle of Omega.

  18. This is a question I have been asking myself a long time. I know some guys… alpha as fuck, dominant, leaders. When they talk everybody else listens. But, they don’t get laid. Every girl they talk to is attracted but closing is -logistically- not possible. Her slut shaming kicks in. Her friends watch over her. She lives 20min away. Not going to happen.
    Then you have the lazy fraternity brother that fucks drunk chick after drunk chick on university parties. When he leaves university the flow of pussy stops and he marries a fat whale and settles.
    More and more I’m convinced that being successful with woman (being “alpha”) has not so much to do with your personality, more with the circumstances and environment you’re in. If you look around in 3-tier cities where everybody knows everybody you can start to spot the true alpha males. They are the few guys that get approached by woman. They just have to choose. What good is being an alpha if the logistics or your female public are not there? Is an omega who goes to Thailand and gets laid there as crazy an alpha yes or not?

  19. >Indeed, what I have noticed about the vast majority of alpha males is that none of them have anything in common, other than a base set of traits that have been repeated over and over again
    isnt having base traits, the same as having things in common?
    But i do get what you’re saying, the one size fits all Alpha model does not exist

  20. Yep, it’s very important to find the niche where your strengths can shine the most. This seems to also automatically select which kind of women will be most attracted to you, in my case girls who appreciate my vibe of ‘rock musician, artist and philosopher’, which is basically who I am. Interestingly, I notice common traits in many of them too. Typically they will be into rock/metal music a lot, will love reading and good conversation, like drinking red wine, and like their meat cooked rare. No coincidence, since I also like all those things. Even seemingly minor details will tell you a lot about someone, when considered as a whole package.
    Conversely I probably don’t attract girls who, say, love loud, tattooed, semi illiterate thugs with a criminal record. Which is perfectly fine with me, since that’s definitely not who I am and I find those kind of trashy skanks a total turn off anyway. I like women with a certain quality and poise which reflect who I am. Natural selection at work.
    PS: I agree with Roosh. The constant schoolyard bickering between commentators has become totally retarded lately.

  21. Love this read always interesting; just as much as the comment section. A real alpha, on the topic of how he lives his life, doesn’t give a damn about other people’s thoughts let alone other alpha wanna-bes. He’s content to doing things his way. He doesn’t fit any cookie cutter mold that self-righteous assholes think he should fit in. He wants to fuck? He finds a way. He wants respect? Thats his too. His status quo is his own. If he’s fulfilled by the end of the day, what the fuck else is going to matter?
    Over analyzing is good for an accountant but an overkill for other shit.

  22. I think many here are confusing the concept of a sexual alpha with a leader of men, or a great man.
    To be alpha is not necessarily correlated with being a great man.
    The problem with the redefinition of “alpha” is that too many men chafe at the idea that alpha status is decided by women. Well, that is because that is the working definition of a sexual alpha. And that is all that many men are discussing here.
    So, to enter the discussion and insist that the working definition be expanded or redefined to better represent some other concept is silly, really.
    So, since there are some men here who feel that it is very, very important to own the definition of alpha, I will now use the term “sexually desirable to women” in place of the term alpha. Go ahead and clutch the word tightly if you must.
    Not all alphas are great men. Not all great men are alphas. Some are both. Some are neither.
    From my mountaintop, I once again give the law:
    Ashur’s Razor:
    The more energy you put into arguing over whatever it is “alpha” might be, the less likely you are to be whatever it is “alpha” might be.

    1. Hahahahahaha, and to which I decry the mountain top which has all at once shut its doors of hallowed wisdom………………Do I need to scream “open sesame” with my ginormous appendage of mighty alpha vagina slaying to stamp my approval of UMan 2.0 finally opening its doors?
      Don’t make me do it man, I’ll do it!

  23. While I’m at it:
    Sailer’s Law of Female Journalism: The most heartfelt articles by female journalists tend to be demands that social values be overturned in order that, Come the Revolution, the journalist herself will be considered hotter-looking.
    Ashur’s corollary:
    The most fervent statements by male commenters tend to be demands that the term “alpha” be re-defined in order that the commenter himself will better fit the definition of alpha.

  24. This is rather easy to quantify to be honest.
    Currently Western society heavily incentivizes female and beta behavior(social rewards). While heavily disincentivizing Alpha behavior(social demerits/prison).
    So it can safely be concluded that if anyone achieving a level of success in western society has to be much more beta than alpha. Not that that is a bad thing is a prudent survival strategy.
    I agree with the post in a way. However, it is a bit to equalist for my tastes.
    As another commenter succinctly stated on a primal level alpha is the male that is superior to another male when it comes to a physical altercation.
    There are very few alphas in our society since alpha behavior is heavily penalized.

  25. You can never be alpha if you’re short. Height is honestly the only reason men get game or don’t. There maybe that one rare short guy that scores but he is probably still deficit compared to taller men and is less likely to exist
    If you’re short trying to be alpha just makes you an asshole beta in women eyes

  26. “Lindsay Marie Boehner, 35”
    That may explain a lot right there. I’d be more impressed if the female in question was 25.
    That, plus there is always the chance that she’s marrying the jamacian dude simply because she hates her father or something.
    I’m not saying that is the reason, but let’s not rule out other possible mittigating factors that’s causing this union.

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