Why Father’s Day Is The Scorn Of Swedish Feminists

Swedish dads should not be celebrated on Father’s day, one feminist says. While the mothers are raising the children and doing all the work at home, dads lean back and never do any parenting themselves.

This attack on the patriarchy is being praised by feminists. But even if they’re right—that fathers leave a lot of the parenting to the mothers—is it really such a bad thing?

Bad dads

In Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Estonia, Father’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday of November. Now it’s that time of the year again—ties are selling better than ever, and feminists are not happy.

It’s quite understandable. Feminists spend all their waking hours hating men and spewing vitriol about how evil they are. And now comes a day dedicated to honoring men exclusively. One can only imagine the outrage they feel inside.

One feminist, or “equality activist” as Manuela Fredriksson likes to call herself, wrote a widely circulated column about it with the title, “The dads don’t need a father’s day congratulation.”

To make her case that fathers don’t deserve to be celebrated, she lists nine points which all say basically two things: In general, dads work while moms stay at home with the kids, and kids prefer to be comforted by their mom when they’re sad. Two things which actually show that fathers are doing their job right.


Men are workers

Studies done by union organizations show that men work a lot more during the toddler years than the women they live with do. […] Stop having children you’re not gonna be parents to. You suck.

It is true that men like to work. They are driven to compete, succeed, and improve themselves. As a consequence, they make money to be able to feed their family. This lets the mother be there for her children all the time, giving them a stable home environment.

Manuela Fredriksson says that fathers who go to work are bad “role models.” The truth is that working dads are exactly the kind of men that young boys need to look up to. Having that can keep them away from the thuggish culture that seems so attractive to adolescents lacking guidance.

Furthermore, having a job doesn’t mean that fathers are never at home. They can spend time with their kids in the morning, evening, and weekends. The little ones won’t have time to miss their dads before they come home again after their shift.

Men are tough

In a Swedish study, made with 6.000 children in the ages 8-14, 40.9 percent said that they most of all want to talk with mom when they are sad. […] Swedish children would prefer not being comforted over going to this dad we will celebrate on Father’s day.

This is probably partly due to the mother being present more often than the father. But there’s also another reason behind the mother being the main comforter.

In a tough world, kids, and especially boys, need to learn early on that life is not all happiness and sunshine. While the mom is the one who picks up and holds the crying child, the dad sets an example of not always showing one’s feelings openly, thereby displaying weakness.

With a mother and a father, the children have both a sensitive female role model and a tough male role model. These are the natural, traditional gender roles that feminists despise. But they themselves are horrific examples of what humanity turns into when it tries to fight nature.

Leftists smother individuality


This feminist column is an example of the fundamental problem with leftists: They don’t think people can or should be able to decide for themselves how to live their lives. This is evident in both what they say (or scream in your ear), and the collectivist politics they promote.

Making everything forcibly equal might work for some. There are many men out there who would happily be pussy whipped by Manuela Fredriksson on a daily basis (answering a comment on Facebook, she wrote, “No one whips the patriarchy as hard as I do.”)

In the end, it should be up to the parents to decide how to organize their household, and they will all make different decisions. But leftists are not content until everyone lives the exact same lives. They must suppress individuality for their utopian pipe dream to be realized.

It’s kind of sad that they don’t have anything better to do.

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137 thoughts on “Why Father’s Day Is The Scorn Of Swedish Feminists”

      1. It really is amazing. At least physically, you literally couldn’t ask for a better gene pool.

        1. I’ve met a few Swedish birds while travelling in Europe. Agree genetics aren’t the problem. However, with their stupid haircuts, piercings, tats and Converse shoes, the only conclusion I can draw is that they make themselves look as bad as they can on purpose.

  1. We need Sweden to collapse faster so more people can see how much socialism and political correctness fails.

    1. Dont worry sweden is collapsing without a doubt, i live in the middle of stockholm and im watching it unfolding in front of my eyes.

        1. Not the Netherlands. There, under Geert Wilder’s inspired leadership,, he and his party are fighting back. We must wish them every succe3ss.

        2. He will never rule, the established political elite in the Netherlands will never allow it. I know they are trying to convinct Wilders on bogus claims of hate speech. But if that doesn’t work, they might decide to deal with him the way they dealt with Pim Fortuyn.

        3. Holland is a very small country in the middle made of concrete and some parks, not ideal for a crisis. In scandinavia we have great wildlands, mountains and deep forests especially up north where sweden, norway and finland meets. The desert people gets a panic attack just looking at a picture of a forest,
          trust me i have traveled in the middle east and as soon as things get quite and dark no traffic noise no bright light, the anxiety comes over them, so i would much rather be in sweden if/when things get bad.

        4. Indeed. I personally love the solitude of the forest and the colder climates. If the shit were to hit the fan, I’d be taking my family to the seclusion of the forests asap. Too many people see the treeline from the streets and think anything past that line spells certain death.

        5. I’ve seen some programs that indicate feminsts get little to no traction there, that women don’t believe things to be unfair.

        6. Thank you for having mentioned Pim Fortuyn. I googled his name and found out he was “a Dutch politician, civil servant, sociologist, author and professor who formed his own party, Pim Fortuyn List” and he ” provoked controversy with his outspoken views about multiculturalism, immigration and Islam in the Netherlands. He called Islam “a backward culture”, and was quoted as saying that if it were legally possible, he would close the borders for Muslim immigrants”. Nine deays before elections, his victory almost assured, he was murdered by Volkert van der Graaf, a far-left activist who killed Fortuyn because “he had become alarmed that Fortuyn was using Muslims and immigrants as scapegoats in a campaign to seek political power”. Also, “he thought the politician endangered society with his controversial statements” (trigger alarm and utter inability to deal with different viewpoints).
          And people still wonder why I’ve left leftism and became one of its greatest critcs, amongst my social circle.

      1. Can you give an example?
        I am living in Southern Sweden and cannot tolerate the societal nightmare anymore.

        1. Well you live in southern sweden so you’re worse of than i am.
          Stockholm central station is a good example enough, every day 1000 to 1500 people come in to seek asylum and equally many comes in without seeking asylum but just disappears into the country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpd20QWRNvQ
          Btw im also a swede with german ancestry.

        2. WTF picture is that on the right? Looks like a retarded muslim and his gay Swedish boyfriend.

        3. I believe its a syrian rebel and a german police officer.
          I suggest you watch the clip instead of commenting on the picture that doesnt say much of the content.

        4. I did watch it… and I’ll stick with my interpretation of that pic itself.
          The muzzie looks mildly retarded, and the “german police officer” hugging him and grinning like a moron looks like his gay butt buddy.

      2. All of the Western Democracies are collapsing at one rate or another. Its a race to the bottom.

      3. I read Sweden is unable to house the immigrants/invaders, instead perpetually bussing them around the country. Now, Sweden could do two things: close the borders and eject the surplus of immigrants, or forcibly seize property of its citizens to house them. What do you think it’s going to be?

        1. Both your options will probably happen to some extent. Its hard to tell exactly whats going to happen right now with the migrant influx, we can only know for sure that its gonna become steadily more chaotic. As far as i am concerned all this has to do with a bigger communist idea and the migrants may very well be intended to play the role the mongols played for the bolsheviks.
          This will give a clearer picture how everything connects:

        2. “Manuela Fredriksson says that fathers who go to work are bad “role models.””
          And I presume she says that Mothers who go to work are good role models?

        1. There is a lot of swedes that has allready left sweden, argentina and russia seem to be the choice of many.
          I have some contacts with swedish people in argentina but its to early for me to say what i am going to do. I dont want to move far away from the northern hemisphere and my ancestral roots.
          Anyway the collapse will not happen to tomorrow, its a slow and grinding process and nothing is written in stone.

        2. Thank you i will. Indeed you are very right and i keep my eyes open and try to steer in the best direction as possible, as you say it just takes one spark and their are many potential sparks all over the place.

      4. And why don’t the Swedish feminists object to the muslim invasion when they know it will dramatically increase rape and misogyny in Sweden. Funny how feminism demonizes western men but allows muslim men to do whatever they choose.

        1. Feminism is a political moviment. It is not and it has never been about gender equality and improve women’s lives. This Muslim influx suits feminism’s agenda, so these unsightly triggered witches will not say a word against these barbarians invading the country, killing decent white men, rapping decent white women…oh, have I forgotten to say? Feminists hate white people, even though a lot of them are white too. Ill-mindedness at its best.

    2. I hope you’re right, but never underestimate the power of the progressive rationalization hamster.

      1. Sweden is the socialist figurehead, with tax paid healthcare and university, and an easy life for all. What liberals don’t understand is that system isn’t going to last long. With Sweden down, socialists don’t have a utopia to look at. Some will start to have doubts, and capitalists will have plenty of ammunition for propaganda.
        You can’t sway all, but you can get some, and slowly many.

        1. ” With Sweden down, socialists don’t have a utopia to look at. Some will start to have doubts”
          Like the leftists cheering the Bolshevik Revolution did when Stalin signed the pact with Hitler, then went right back to their nonsense after the Battle of Stalingrad and WW II?
          What they will probably say is ‘that Sweden didn’t do it right,’ and then find another form to take (like Sauron in the LOTR).
          I’m not saying that you are wrong, I’m simply saying I’m highly skeptical on your optimism. I could maybe see what you describe happening in Europe, but the assumption is that the socialists think rationally, when Socialism / Marxism is really like a religion to these idiots.
          And since the US media has imposed a blackout on Sweden, I doubt it will affect the US presidential race , although Trump is pretty much running and winning on the immigration.

        2. The left iost a lot of support in the US after WWII. Infact we had a witchhunt on communists, known as the McCarthy Era. What we need is recent examples.
          Now, I’m not entirely optimistic, though may be still too optimistic. I feel that the political sway largely depends on the collapse of socialist countries. Sweden is the best and most immediate target. The sooner it goes down, the better for us. Word will spread on the internet, and Fox will publicize the hell out of it. It won’t happen in time for the presidential, unfortunately, and I fear that Bernie Sanders has a good shot.

        3. McCarthy was a good guy, a decent and fair man. He always let people talk themselves out. There was no whitch hunt, these were real spy’s and traitors working for the Soviet Union. The US Army Venona decrypts were released in 1996 and confirmed what McCarthy (a senator) said. Hollywood also had writers with relationships with soviet intelligence and they really were inserting propaganda narratives into the movie scripts.
          Try M Stanton Evans’s biography on McCarthy “blacklisted by history” as either book or audible. Nothing bad you hear about McCarthy is true. “The Hollywood Traitors” by Allan Riskin whose father knew them exposes these traitors for what they did.

    3. Don’t worry…Sweden is already FUBAR…No turning back Sweden is becoming a shithole of a country a la Africa/Middle East….

        1. Actually born during WWII….BTW have lived in Africa for some years, so I’m talking from experience & I’m very politically incorrect ! I know that, to some TRUTH is HATE SPEECH, but I don’t give a monkey’s arse or ass about the sensitivity of the easily offended so called victims of white man !
          Have a nice day & mazel tov to you !

        2. The term FUBAR was still being used when I was in the military in the 80’s…
          (means Fucked Up Beyond All Repair for those who don’t know)

        3. Telling the truth is good, telling it in a way that folks are inclined to change their beliefs is better.

        4. Telling the truth is good, but only some people will pay attention to the truth..People come in three categories on this.
          50% or so, are only interested in Kardatrashian, Miley Cyrus,&…Not to forget the WOMAN of the YEAR Caytlin Jenner.. Only when reality will bite their ass, maybe they will react..
          Second group about 35% is ?? I know that you are telling the TRUTH, but I still don’t believe you & don’t confuse me with facts. My mind is made up.. Those are found mainly in so called “intellectual” class media, academia, & of course mercenary renegades paid big money to bullshit the people..see e.g. “Global Warming” bullshit propaganda, science turned upside down…
          The remaining 15% or so, are people with an open mind & see the TRUTH…
          The only think that I can say to the 85% or so is
          Veritas vos liberabit….

    4. No the Swedish government needs to be crushed and their borders dissolved. Marauders from the east and west can come in and haul off their women as they squeal like piggies. The Norwegian and Finn marauders can then divvy up Sweden down the middle. Are the men up to it? Is anything not possible with kratom?

    5. Try not to confuse feminist leftism with economic ‘conservatism’. The latter means that the rich don’t pay tax, and infinite cash is wasted on war. Nothing to do with Father’s Day, as should be self evident.

    6. Not only that, but the faster fall of Sweden will at last put an end to the looking up to Sweden as progressive ideals.
      I feel for the Swedes who did not wish this upon themselves, but the brighter and wider Sweden burns, the faster ethnic Swedes are turned into genuine refugees, the better.

      1. Yes, because white Sweden refugees (GENUINE refugees) will be welcomed in whatever place they flee and they will integrate themselves to their new homeland and they will be productive and beloved citizens, the extreme opposite of these filthy Muslims crowding themselves on Sweden.

      1. Just come to the US, go to trade school, live well and easily pursue further education with the money you get from your new job.

      2. I would invite you to live here in Brazil, but we are a so fucked third-world country that I’d rather you to go to some wealthy country and start anew. I wish you all my best!

    7. As far as crimes against humanity are concerned the American legal system and Scandinavian feminism are on par with ISIS beheadings and heart eating rituals …

      1. I know about the beheadings, but I am not aware about those heart-eating rituals you are talking about.

    8. Sad as it is, I agree with you. We need Sweden to become a Muslim leftist wasteland, where white people are pursued and killed by those animals, where there is absolutely no man to stand for women there, where urban violence, rape and murder will have risen to estratospheric levels. Having witnessed what socialism has done to one of the wealthiest and most stable countries of the world will quickly change a lot of minds throughout the world.

  2. Its still pretty shocking to hear that there are humans who can’t handle the fact that men and women are different. We have different DNA, different hormones, different bodies, and different psychological wiring, yet they can’t accept that we have different roles in society.

  3. Does this person have some sort of authority or is she just the standard mentally ill harpy made visible by the internet?

  4. Her problem lies in the bizarre idea that parenting is one defined task. Mothers and fathers have different roles and excel at different parenting tasks. Her definition of parenting seems to be ‘comforting children’ and that is all. How is providing food, shelter and clothing not parenting? She is doing what liberals excel at; carefully redefining a word to suit her bias.

    1. That before and after picture makes me cringe. It has gotten to the point where Sweden is probably a laughing stock among the red pill community. It’s up to the Swedish men if they can grab pair of balls (like that blonde hair tanned guy in pink shirt is doing on the right) and just that pair of balls, grow a spine and fight back against insanity sweeping Sweden around (feminism, Multiculturalim, Islam, gangrape, media, etc..) instead of getting drunk in pub/bar/club and looking like a metrosexual faggot.

    2. I know there are valid arguments for both sides, but I honestly believe it is men being weak that are the cause. Not too put too fine a point on it, but women have been cunts since the dawn of time. At some point pen stopped being strong enough to keep them in check. If you walk around with bacon in your pocket you can’t blame the dogs that attack you…women are just being women. If men would just act like men this wouldn’t be a problem.
      Has it gone past the point of no return? I honestly don’t know.
      As a side note, the egg came first. That is an absurd question. Of course the egg came first.

    3. Swedish men need to begin enforcing Leviticus 15:19-20:
      Lev 15:19
      And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the even.
      Lev 15:20
      Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean.
      KICK THEIR ASSES into the closet when they’re on the rag. Yes I agree it’s HARD MEDICINE but you’ve gotta agree, poor Sweden has got it bad and I mean reeeal baaad. The worst case of bitch plague on the planet right now. The Israelites have dealt with this before. OUT OUT OUT with the funk.

    4. I hope that pic on the right is some gay boy band or something, and not the typical Swedish young men.

  5. At this rate, Sweden might as well be a finished country. These idiots will keep pushing the boundary and limits of patient Nordic swedes and one day, their pent up anger is going to be directed somewhere at some point.

      1. Yeah might as well be. Northern Europeans tend to be patient; very patient but when they get real mad, they can be as hell and vicious. Once very nice and patient people lose their cool, their bottled up anger exploding would get everyone (who happens to be on the path) real hurt. I wouldn’t want to keep pushing them around if I was those stupid SJWs or Muslims who gangrape their women. One day I feel like something is going to happen far worse in that place.

  6. Has it ever occured to you guys that these people probably have a good reason to hate men? One can only assume that their own dads have been huge disappointments, explaining their wish to throw vitriol at all men as proxies.

    1. You have a point.
      If their dads were failures, it must have happened for a reason too. Perhaps it accumulated like a snowball: feminism – pussified dads – more feminism – more pussified dads.

      1. The hen or the egg? What came first? I say the failure or absence of fathers kickstarted it. After all, all this shit started roughly 30 years after WW2.

        1. That’s the point in time that we see. But what if it started way earlier? We have always had wars. We also know that women need the comfort of civilization, if they are to be feminists, but maybe it affects men in a bad way too. Imagine a viking having a wife nag him. No fucking way! If we lived in the Dark Ages forever, women would never start feminism. Men need artificial ways, if they want to stay as masculine as their ancestors. It can not happen naturally in our current civilization.

        2. Possibly industrialization is a culprit here (along with the death of Christianity). In former times, men had more time to be with their children. This was certainly true since the children in the farm used to begin working since they were 10 yo or earlier. With industrialization, men began to stay for long periods of time away from the children and an important source of wisdom and culture was severed. For a time all was good since mothers still had some elements of the traditional culture and were able to pass them to their offspring. However in time this female domination of the Family took its toll and men were relegated to a secondary role (if any). The developments of technology and the decoupling of sex and reproduction as well as the rise of well financed activist groups whose main goal was to destroy the government and tyranny’s competition (namely family with men as the head) threw everything off the rails.
          At least that’s my take.

        3. Many of these developments are verifiable. The only one really hard to prove is the first one, the impact of industrialization on the family and the extinction of the extended family and the decrease of paternal influence in children as a result of that. The only thing I would have is some anecdotes. Someone, paid for it, should do the research…

        4. It started with the tender years doctrine in the late 1890s so it is concurrent with the industrial revolution.

      2. We actually need research to understand this so we can prevent, treat and cure feminism. There are some Freudian theories, of little use I expect. Some may simply end up indoctrinated by the General media, literature and university they are exposed to. The poor relationship with the father seems to be what I notice the most.
        Roger Devlin in “sexual utopia in power” argues that the 60s sexual revolution broke down effective monogamy. The revolution was promoted by feminists who he argues were subconsciously hypergamous and wanted to be free to persue the ideal alpha male or at least have a long enough relationship with. This is not mathematically possible, so large numbers of these women are left frustrated and angry. By staying angry one has a certain amount of power. However in the context of modern political and social systems outside of a village this anger is very destructive. Feminist women are literally destroying western civilisation by attacking, it’s basis (Hellenic reason) and the white male. It’s irrational but so is their anger.

    2. Blaming others for your psychological issues is the surest way to stay saddled with those issues.
      Even the earliest versions of the MRA movement — Iron John, etc — encouraged men to make peace with their absent fathers by trying to understand them or understand their reasons. Feminism *never* wants to understand fathers, or men at large — it’s counterproductive to their rage machine, it requires empathy that (unfeminine) women simply cannot summon up, and it requires a desire for intellectual rigour that feminism does not have.

      1. I will say, from my experience, that the hatred and rage needs to be directed. But at the right people.
        Understanding is one thing. Ignoring your emotions and forcing yourself to let go and forgive is another. Once conscious, this takes some time. ‘Swallow it’ is the surest way to keep it in your stomach.
        But yes, you are right. Their blind projection of emotions at the wrong people makes them unable to resolve the issue.

    3. I visited a Swedish relative long ago, a divorced single skank. Even though I was a child at the time, I recall vividly a familiar smell about the apartment, especially in the bathroom. The front door had five deadbolt locks on it and the ‘smell’ was something I used to call ‘cat box’ smell. It was actually DOUCHE PAIL odor. Friends with dads never had the odor in their homes, only working/independent bitchwomen had it. The silver bullet for sweden right now is to begin enforcing Leviticus 15:19-20:
      Lev 15:19
      And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the even.
      Lev 15:20
      Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean.
      O Swedes drive ye mothers and sisters from the home when they are unclean (menstruating) and drive the foul air back to the heavens. They may return after 7 days. The patriarchs lungs must remain crisp and clean. A man can never be the master of his own house with unclean air.
      Lev 15 may be a challenge to implement at first, but it will definately pull the plug on feminism there. The Israelites have dealt with this before.

      1. That is disgusting. A problem I never thought of before. After living with my mother for 23 years, this brings up images in my head I would rather not contemplate.
        Send her away? But where?

        1. Well, the practice of isolating women during their menstrual cycle has been around a long time. Zoroastrian women in Iran were required to menstruate in isolation since the fall of Babylon. The practice became a long held stop gap measure to keep their bitch funk at bay. Hindu women in Nepal practice ‘chhaupadi’ where the women are left in a tent with rudiments for survival only. Certain Native American tribes did practice a form of isolation too where a pit was dug in the ground with a tent or tarp above. The woman would squat for a week. The Israelites also mention in Leviticus 15:19-20:
          Lev 15:19
          And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the even.
          Lev 15:20
          Anything she lies on during her period will be unclean, and anything she sits on will be unclean.
          FOR MODERN WOMEN, I would suggest a 8×8 foot outhouse constructed at the far periphery of the property, preferrably by a stream. Rudiments such as water, honey and crackers, candle and bible and a cot to lay upon. A straw cot can be disposed of and flung to the field when done. The shed is ONLY for ragging women and should be avoided by every healthy male. And I mean avoid it like it were a haunted poltergeist. It is also in some cultures referred to as a ‘birthing shed’.

        2. I must say I find it a bit silly to call them unclean, but that is just my distaste for Christian sexual shaming and its panic over earthly matters. If the smell is as bad as you say, I like the idea.
          Find a woman who will like that, though. On the other hand, it gives her time to meditate in solitude.
          Then again, there are hygienuc products that may make it bearable these days.

  7. Sweden is a real bitch storm. This is kind of hard to explain, but the feminist storm in Sweden can be likened to a ‘superstorm’ when several hurricane fronts converge. Katrina nearly became a superstorm, converging with another front. It would have taken on its own momentum, feeding off of itself and growing ever larger.
    Sweden’s bitch storm isn’t meteorological, but it is comprised of many tiny micro bitch storms, many little ‘time of the month’ ravaging PMS bouts that ‘relay’ and hand off to other PMS’ing bitch ‘runners’ when the pms ebbs and another freshly ‘ragging’ woman takes the bitch issue and runs with it. Like a big PMS relay bitch baton race, the bitches put out their funk smell and other bitches smell it and are themselves pheromonally activated as additional bitch ravagers. Sweden is suffering a super ‘bitch storm’ comprised of many improperly ‘disposed of’ menstrual bouts. A great ‘period gajanga’!!
    In scripture, women are ‘unclean’ when ragging. They’re supposed to leave their families during their dirty pms onset and they go to an outhouse or shed constructed just for them during their ‘unclean’ times. Separatist Randy Weaver built a small cabin for his wife where she went and squatted during her periods. The cabin was a good 500 ft from the main residence and not within earshot thank god. The woman has water, crackers, a candle, bible and a cot to sleep on in the shed. She’s gone for a week but her abscence is well worth it. Dad cooks. You SEPARATE YOUR UNCLEANLINESS from others always. GOT THAT SWEDISH BITCHES??!!
    IN SWEDEN TODAY, I hear some menstruating women drip down their leg. They even toss their soiled tampons behind the fridge and sometimes on the ground like a cigarette butt beside the doorway. The matriarch bitches are marking their territory. That shit REEKS. One unseen crusty tossed under the sink smells up the whole kitchen and takes a dog to track and locate. Here in US, we don’t see douche bags thrown about at least NOT YET.
    Swedish men LAY DOWN THE LAW. Douche pails STINK like all geecryminnie and westerners know it. Matriarchal cultures like the aboriginal island monkeys in the pacific will spray their period funk all over their pussywhipped males and we all know they STINK LIKE FUCK. Visit a primitive matriarchal tribe and the whole place smells like douche, even their cooking. The matriarchal turf is marked with their perma spray. Douche pails have lids for a reason. Uncontained ragdag inhaled is as taboo as eating the dead, and we know matriarchal cultures do that too.
    If ever there were a reason to take whips to women, the Swede bitches have it coming. THE LAW must be put down. BANISH YOUR WOMEN SWEDEN, banish them to the outhouse when they are unclean and ragging. No cooking, no handshaking, no contact, nothing. GUGFUNK HAS DESTRUCTIVE POWERS and when men and kids smell it and get it on them, the results are worse than VOO DOO AND WICCA combined. Men, let’s PUMMEL AND WIPE some dirty swedish bitch asses. But please don’t get any in your nostrils. Build those outhouses pronto. Openly smelly FOOFUNK will trigger a bitch superstorm. CLEAN IT UP Sweden.

    1. I’m not a feminist at all, I am a traditional, religious woman with a husband and children. But I must ask…what is wrong with you? Please see a professional.

  8. We have International mother’s day, International gay’s day, soon we will have International everything-but-white-heterosexual-men’s day.

    1. Pretty much. Then when someone says, ‘White Power,’ they get called racists by the SJW Crew.

  9. (answering a comment on Facebook, she wrote, “No one whips the patriarchy as hard as I do.”)
    I have a feeling she’ll understand what a true whipping is once a group of muslim “immigrants” corner her in a train car. Karma would truly be served if a bunch of Swedish guys can’t or won’t help her in such a situation.

    1. Why would they? Stopping Muslims from expressing themselves is racism. It would be a beautiful scene though.

    2. If I knew who she was I wouldn’t take a risk to help, not her. Unfortunately it seems it’s usually working class girls that can’t avoid the dangerous areas and that suffer these kinds of attacks. Feminists are simultaneously both elitist and socialist. They don’t care about the less well off sisters.

      1. That’s redundant. That’s like saying feminists blame patriarchy because of patriarchy. Feminists have a unique special form of hate in their heart for their own individual father.

        1. How so? Girls need a strong masculine figure just as much boys need one.
          I would think that the absence of the father or presence of a weak father would affect the development of a female child if such would affect the development of a male child.

  10. Sweden may be in horrible way, but how,may I ask, is Sweden different from any other Western country with respect to Father’s Day?
    I’ve sat in one Evangelical pew or another for 30-odd years, and only one time has the pastor said anything positive or encouraging to men on Father’s Day. The rest of the time, the message (if preached at all) is something along the lines of “You are not doing good enough, do better” man-up rants.
    Contrast that with Mother’s Day, which is a slobber-fest of “Mother’s are great, mother’s are wonderful; thank God for mothers” that makes you want to puke and/or throttle the pastor.

    1. This has been a reoccurring theme brought out by Dalrock. The man is always to blame, even in faith-based marriage counseling, movies, and in the pews. If only he was good enough!
      Ah yes, the classic “man up” phrase. Which means “comply” and accept circumstances you should not. Submit to a woman, let yourself go.
      Very sad.

  11. Leftists are also, paradoxically, recklessly individualistic.
    I remember a Facebook discussion about an app that could be used to track crime and warn newcomers to a city about bad neighborhoods. The Leftists were essentially arguing that we should ignore crime statistics because that wouldn’t be fair to the outliers(also, we were racist).
    And the people who need 50 tattoos, gauges, and blue Skrillex hair to “express themselves” are always leftists.

  12. Nature’s revenge – Muslim rapists will step up their attacks on the Swedish females, nearly all of whom buy into the feminist agenda. Swedish government likely reaction will be to step up importation of Muslims. Ah, business creating more business.

  13. Its funny, reading the the Feminist column it actually sounds to me like she is extolling all the good things about men and women. Do I, as and adult, prefer to be comforted by a man or a woman? A woman of course. When I need a hard person to watch my back do I want a man or a woman? A man of course.
    What’s the problem?
    The trouble with feminists is that what they actually are, are immature little girls with weak fathers who didn’t discipline them enough.

    1. Yes. And when the agenda constantly involves making men look like the root of all problems, there’s no way any credit will be given to men or that any of the healthy, positive attributes a father makes in the child’s life will be brought to light.
      Notice how it showed absolutely no gratitude or respect for the idea of fathers being responsible, hard workers who still make time for their children.

      1. Feminists with their mysoginy bullshit are teaching young girls to fear and hate men.
        When my father died, after mourning him, I was left with an overwhelming sense of respect for him. He did his job, he did his duty as a man even though it was clearly hard at times. I feel very appreciative of that. When a father is physically absent he is still present as a force and sense of security.

        1. Great points! Also these mentally defective women drag down the otherwise naive but normal women, spreading the propaganda under the guise of “equality” and the other usual rhetoric.

      2. We used to label women (like this one) crazy and throw them in the nut house. What do women want, today? Who the fuck knows. They got everything they’ve wanted and they are still miserable bitches.

  14. Everything she says is based on the idea that men and women should be doing everything exactly the same, and that if they are not then that is evidence of the structural oppression of women. This is what gender equality means to marxist feminism, just as gender neutral parenting means that mums and dads are entirely interchangeable. This is also the the ‘philosophical-ethical’ basis for LGBTQ parenting, and the reason that ‘experts’ can claim that parenting is about nothing more than caring, and ‘love’ (defined against a feminine standard of caring as mothering). This definition of correct parenting as equivalent to mothering and of fathering (in its unique specifically masculine aspect) as something that is completely unnecessary is the entire basis of the new crypto-matriarchy that feminism has established as the official state / global ideology of the west
    The problem for feminism is that increasingly people are starting to see through the deceit, manipulation, and machiavellian word play involved in this devious little ploy to kidnap the worlds’ children. All the evidence points to the fact that not only do children – and boys in particular – need fathers, but that they need them precisely because they do different things, represent different (currently maligned) values, and practice different methods of bringing up kids, instilling values of discipline, fortitude and virtue that female parenting is completely unable to provide.
    The task is incredibly simple: just throw back in their faces the ever increasing evidence that gender neutral parenting – more properly known as matriarchal parenting – doesn’t work; that it is not capable of doing what it claims, namely bringing up balanced, disciplined, functional kids, and more generally is slowly destroying the social cohesion of societies, Sweden being a case in point.
    This woman is also being unwise. By attacking father’s day she’s opening up an obvious counter-attack against the far more fundamental mothers day. Fathers are used to being disparaged. One wonders how well mothers would cope with a boycott of mother’s day: no flowers, no card, no pampering. I doubt that would go down well. feminists should think twice about throwing bricks when it seems increasingly apparent that they live in a very badly designed glass house

  15. I read an interesting study (can’t find it) that says that the key to a child developing compassion for others is, paradoxically, a tough dad. On closer inspection the idea makes sense. The mother will indulge a child’s every whim, but a father won’t. When a child comes against that, they begin to develop an understanding that other people have needs and wants too, and that their own demands don’t trump everyone.
    A world without dads won’t be a softer, gentler world. It will be a harsh, selfish world.

    1. Steve Moxon’s ‘The Woman Racket’ details this father/compassion connection and many other fatherhood / masculine phenomenon. Excellent book. Highly recommend.

    2. We are already living in this world to a great extent. This societal experiment is going to have truly brutal results.

  16. Norway still has plenty of cash, and is beeing overrun by young Swedes looking for work.
    Im afraid that my Country will be the the last stand for the Socialist utopians. Hope not though.

  17. Oh yeah, that’s a great idea. Show utter contempt for the sex that is going to work each day so the mother can stay at home with the children. Sorry babe, that IS being a good father. I work a regular full-time job and you know what I do when I get home? I work some more! My job is the primary breadwinner for the family. Do I love hanging out and playing with my kids? Absolutely! But that is secondary to providing for their material needs.
    What a disgrace to women everywhere. Is she even a parent?

    1. Yup. There were a couple of times (not many) when I was a kid and my younger sisters would have friends over, and, never having encountered my dad, would ask “Who are you?”. “Oh, I’m no one special. I’m just the guy who pays the mortgage on this house, pays the bills and paid for all the food you’ve eaten since you arrived. Any other questions?”

      1. and it’s funny to hear it from women, today, bitch or complain about how they pay for everything.
        Women wanted equal pay and they wanted our jobs…so they can pay for everything as well (like men used to pay when they had those jobs).
        You can’t make this shit up and you just have to laugh.

    2. Women are actually starting to feel the “cause and effect” of feminism (over the last so many decades). There are, now, plenty of unhappy women in their 30s and 40s, single, with a terrible disposition. It was all brought to them by feminism – how men are terrible and not to be trusted.
      Now, they are earning their own living, no family and are completely miserable. At this point, what man in their right mind would want them? No one. It’s a cycle.

      1. Exactly. My family keeps telling me that I need to settle down and find a ‘nice’ girl, but they don’t realize that women in my age range (i.e women between 33-37 who are open to dating me) are generally damaged beyond belief. They seem bitter and entitled. Some of them put on a sweet act, but you can just tell that it’s business with them at this life stage.
        Where is my incentive? I can’t see any.

  18. #EndFathersDay – A 4chan troll operation didn’t become reality; 4chan simply exposed the reality that lie hidden and brought it into the light.
    The left quite literally cannot be satirized, because they already are a joke. There is nothing, no position, no matter how obscene, that one can invent and tag to some progressive liberal or social justice cultist that won’t be taken as believable. They are Poe’s Law in physical form.

    1. Sadly, you are right. So many of their “causes” are so utterly ridiculous (or pushed in ridiculous way) that it leave the common man scratching their head.
      A few that come to mind are the woman who ran the marathon with period blood running down her leg or the other woman claiming A/C was sexist. Before I became more red pill, I would have thought these were merely Onion articles. Now I see them for the societal decline that they are.
      Also, “Poe’s Law in physical form” would be an excellent sign to hold in the middle of a slutwalk or the like. Trolling that would go over most of these broads’ heads.

  19. I would love to have a chat with the father of this whore.
    Also “In a Swedish study, made with 6.000 children in the ages 8-14, 40.9 percent said that they most of all want to talk with mom when they are sad.”
    So, wouldn’t that mean a MAJORITY of kids want to talk to their fathers when they are sad?

    1. I have a feeling it wouldn’t be so much of chatting and more of a physical altercation.
      Also -Don’t know if you edited your original comment or if I just missed it, but that study is hilarious. Apparently that cunt can’t do math. Sweden, you’re doomed!

  20. “We don’t need fathers day and we don’t need men” I’m pretty sure thats the basis of feminism.

    1. Almost.
      We don’t need fathers day and we don’t need men…until we do need them
      Because quite frequently while feminists are ranting against men, they are also demanding men help them do things they can’t do for themselves.

      1. Hell, the HeforShe bullshit was just Emma Watson begging men to help further the feminist cause.
        Really, Feminism is like a parasite that men willingly let thrive. It was men that gave women the right to vote afterall. They never HAD to do it.

  21. What, earning a living and feeding your family isn’t being a parent?

  22. A single father can put out better children than the baby mammas More than 50% of children are raised by single moms. look at the state of civilization.

  23. Dear Ms Fredriksson, as someone who was raised by a single father, I have this to say: Kindly grow a penis and go fuck yourself.

  24. Four Words: Crew Served Machine Guns. That’s what’s missing. Would solve a lot of problems.

    1. I favor the SB LAG 40. An automatic 40 MM granade launcher is a powerful friend to have beside you.

  25. It’s sad that we live in a world where such unnatural thoughts (as those from Miss – we all know nobody in their right mind would marry her – Frederiksson) need responding to and aren’t just ignored.

  26. There’s something to be said about what happens to a country’s people when the country becomes too successful, opulent, and has seen no conflict in a long time.
    It sounds like an invasion by very rough, masculine, violent men would put things into perspective for the Swedes. Countries could use an invasion every once in a while; put those survival instincts to use.

  27. “No one whips the patriarchy as hard as I do.”
    I am constantly astounded at this go girrlll machismo. Rhetorically directed at vague, inanimate entities like “patriarchy”, but actually directed at men as actual beings.
    (“No one whips the matriarchy as hard as I do.” Imagine a columnist saying that? Even though it does need to be said, meh.)
    The truly venal thing about that is, that women as individuals or as a collective cannot inflict upon the patriarchy, or on any man. They literally lack the power to compel men to do any blessed thing. What fuels their constant rage at nature and men is that they know this.
    It is tempting to say that they are so cute when they’re mad. But by their alliance with men who actually exercise the power to inflict on their behalf (I call them the feminist haram masters), and the befuddling compliance of normal men who should know better, it is not cute, but dangerous.
    Feminism lasts only as long as most men permit it to exist, and not a moment longer. We have always had that power to end it.

  28. Aww, did somebody not receive enough love from Daddy so she’s declaring war on every father out there?

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