5 Mistakes That Most Guys Make When Trying To Text Message A Girl

Meeting and attracting women is a challenging process. Not only do you have to summon up the courage to approach a girl in the first place, but you also need to make sure that you have interesting things to say, that you are funny and a little bit cocky, and that you pass all the numerous little tests she’s sure to throw your way.

Even if you manage to get through all of that and successfully get her phone number, the game is really only just beginning, for now you need to maintain the same level of attraction you’ve created so that you can set up a date over text.

The texting part of the puzzle is often forgotten by overzealous guys who jump for joy just because they got a number, not realizing that the real work is only just beginning. Because even if she liked you face-to-face in the moment when you met, you still have to use the right strategies to ensure that she stays interested until you meet again. It is at this point that a great many guys lose girls that should otherwise have been a sure thing.

Here are five of the key mistakes that men make when texting girls and why you should avoid them…

1. Not Using Call Back Humor

Let’s say that when you first met a girl she had this cute look about her and you told her she reminded you of a little puppy dog your aunt once had. If you start texting her and you don’t make reference to the cute puppy dog joke then you are seriously missing an opportunity to spike her emotions.

Call back humor of this kind will take her back to the moment you first connected, rekindling the attraction. Having little shared jokes of this kind between really helps to cement your bond and makes it feel as though you’ve known each other for longer than you have.

2. Not Keeping The Ball In Your Court

If there’s one thing absolutely necessary to learn and internalize in game, it is that women love to be led. This means not sending her lame questions like ‘How’s it going?’ or ‘What are you up to?’ Use a bit of imagination and make statements instead. Something jokey like, ‘Hey, I just saw a cat that looks just like you’ will get a better response. Avoid the usual dull, mundane chat that she gets from so many other guys.

3. Introducing Explicit Sexual Topics

You need to be introducing subtle sexual spikes into your texts, and this is where your interactions start getting fun. Watch out though: don’t go too crazy and crude. It’s far better to keep it subtle with things like ‘You’re bad news, I knew it,’ or ‘Cool, that’s my fetish.’ Another one is ‘You’re definitely going to get me into trouble.’ These examples make your messages a little naughty and suggestive without pushing things so far over the line that she gets scared off.

4. Not Striking While The Iron’s Hot

This one is absolutely key—text game is great up to a point, but when the time is right you need to push the button and get her out on a date. If you don’t then you run a very real chance of allowing the whole thing to go flat, causing you to lose the girl altogether. Knowing precisely when she is ready isn’t always easy and definitely comes with practice, but if her messages are coming through quickly and she seems interested then you need to go ahead and tell her you want to meet up. If you don’t then she’s liable to get bored and turned off pretty quickly.

5. Not Using Humor and Mass Texts To Rekindle Flaky Numbers

All of those old numbers in your phone that went nowhere are not necessarily dead—they’re lying dormant. What you need to do is send out the odd humorous mass text to all of them to see if any girls bite. Try something like ‘Hey, just making sure you’re attending my screening tonight. My new film ‘Penis’ starts at 8pm – hope to see you there!’ Or simply send out a picture of a flower with dog poo behind it saying how much you miss her. As stupid as these tricks may sound, you’d be surprised how much interest you can rekindle with a cheeky mass text like this.

Given how important the texting side of game is, it’s truly surprising how many men leave it entirely to chance and hope that just by sending out a few poorly-thought out messages they’re going to score. Luckily, Love Systems has produced an incredibly powerful product available to solve just this issue.

The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game is a 290-page digital book, compiled by instructor Nick Braddock after ten years of research. It tells you everything you need to know about text game. Here’s a small sample of what it includes…

  • A thorough grounding in the reason for texting in the first place so you don’t waste time staring at your phone instead of going out on dates
  • How to get a phone number of a girl who is interested in you
  • How to avoid the fatal error that 60% of men make over text so you don’t lose solid prospects
  • How to seed interest before you text or call so she responds with excitement

This guide has everything to bridge the gap from meeting a girl to dating her. Wave goodbye to flakes and phone numbers going cold by getting a copy of this fantastic, comprehensive resource today. Click here for more details. And if you are seeking a more advanced training course, check out Charisma Decoded, created by our veteran instructor Derek Cajun.

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    1. If you did that you won’t need a cell phone. Women from as far away as a mile would just drop what they are doing and wander up to you in a daze and start fighting over who gets to suck your dick.

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  1. mass texting … ‘My new film ‘Penis’ starts at 8pm – hope to see you there!’
    Ah, the Anthony Weiner approach. I recommend thinking twice before heading down that dark, dark path.

    1. I’m trying really hard to come up with a relevant Human joke that is also funny. Damn her and her stupid non-referencable name!

    2. I kind of had a foot in mouth experience this weekend. I was driving though town with my wife. She asks me “If you could have anything on a bumper sticker, what would you say on it?” Without thinking, I replied “THIS CAR STOPS FOR ALL FAT CHICKS”. Needless to say, my shoulder was pretty well bruised up by the time we got to the store.

      1. Yeah, I hear you. I get in trouble for going through the list of people I wouldn’t stop for. There’s just no pleasing women.

      1. Can someone fill me in on all the Kratom Clique, I know what it is, but why all the jokes (genuinely asking for explanation) thanks

        1. Because of its overhyped benefits…they don’t post articles anymore, but the jokes live on…

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    1. Can someone fill me in on all the Kratom Clique, I know what it is, but why all the jokes (genuinely asking for explanation)

      1. When you can snatch the Kratom from my hand, you, too, will have to be on Kratom.

  2. Surprisingly good content for a sponsored post. I’ve found that tip 1 alone can get you really far.

  3. I just text new girls a picture of me naked, covered in jello and eating fresh roadkill with a Confederate flag dangling off muh dick. That shit has a 96% immediate conversion rate. In generating restraining orders, yes, but hell, a man has to be bold about his pecadillos, right?

    1. Cutting through the bullshit is never a bad thing. Get it down or move on.

  4. The biggest mistake I see is the lack of complimenting and/or flirtatious emoticons/emojis such as the smile or winky face after said compliment. 10% of all text message communication should include said simple emoji while also being flirtatious. Women have a very simple need of sexual attention through simple small talk. Tell her you thought she looked beautiful or gorgeous in her shoes/dress/earings/hair followed by a winky face. Rinse/wash/repeat once a day.

    1. Didn’t Roosh write a book called “Why Can’t I Use a Smiley Face”? (paraphrase). I stopped using emoticons and “lol” when texting bitches because I realized it made me seem like a bitch, which is actually their role by nature.

      1. I have never felt like a bitch with anything I have ever done in my life. I wink at women from across the bar and at weddings. I wink at them when I text too.

        1. That is cool if it works for you, am not disputing that and my reply to your post was obviously nothing personal. It doesnt work for most guys though, am telling you.

  5. after 1 hours of texting I usually start the sexual topics.
    I brought up piss sex a few times (letting her know that I am the one who pees on her).
    2-3 out of 8 girls were totally in. Another 2-3 did not freak out at all and still showed interest.
    just leaving this here. Astonishing how much you can get away with if the girl is into you, without being funny, playing games or shit like that.
    But thats Hungary.

    1. You just gave me the incentive to go out gaming next weekend.
      Make Hungary Great Again!

  6. If text banter calls for it I might send one of several preset responses: “Ahh, you’re making me naughty” — one of their faves, even for innocuous stuff. They tend to want to know that you can be a little bit out-of-control. I send it whether or not they’re actually charming me, just to keep it stirred up.

  7. Man, some of the shit in the article/comments would never work for me. But then again I slid into this one hot girl’s DM’s on Instangram with the opener “what’s up dickface” and ended up banging her for a few months.

  8. Definitely don’t listen to music while texting; it gives you a false sense of mood and can negatively affect your texts. She’s not gonna hear it the same way it’s playing out in your head.

  9. #4 is most important. You have a small window of opportunity to smash before the newness fades.

  10. It’s too late for you, her daddy already told her you’re a loser who can’t get a girlfriend : )

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