Why Is The Race Of Harry Potter’s Hermione Being Magically Changed From White To Black?

Already on this site we’ve expressed our disappointment that franchises like Mad Max, Star Wars, Game of Thrones and so many others have bowed before the social justice crowd. Unfortunately, Harry Potter is now among them.

The latest nonsense issue drummed up by the laughable degenerates of the far-left is the casting of black actors in the latest Harry Potter adaptions. The controversy began with the recent announcement that actress Noma Dumezweni – a black actress from Swaziland, with be playing a grown-up Hermione in the upcoming stage play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, which is meant to serve as a sequel to the books.

The one on the right

The responses have varied from unbounded enthusiasm to uneasy disbelief. If like I, you fall in the latter camp, don’t worry, it just proves you still retain an ounce of sanity.

We’ll get one thing right out of the way—many news articles, brimming with narcissistic contempt, have tried to get away with claiming that the character’s skin color is “never specified in the books.”

The internet has already called bullshit:

Hermione white face

Prisoner of Azkaban – pg 293

Hermione Granger is white. I don’t even care if J.K.Rowling (all hail) has forgotten her own words. Saying the character is black is a retcon. It’s not even like saying Dumbledore is gay, as this is left genuinely ambiguous in the books. No, this would be like saying the Dumbledore is actually a bald, overweight guy from Kentucky who sells Sherbet Lemons on the side.

But back to the point, so what exactly is the “problem” with a black Hermione? It is a surrender.

If the people wanting to create a “black Harry Potter” had a shred of integrity, dignity or creativity, here’s what they’d actually do. They wouldn’t just go and cast black actors to play a bunch of very English characters, speaking English, in a book set in England, written by a blonde white English woman. It is about as intellectually lazy as I can imagine.

Instead, if you had any decency, you’d create your own series with specifically black characters, hopefully set in a black country, with its own black culture. Trust me this isn’t hard. In fact, we’ve seen it done before. The first example that comes to my mind concerns Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg’s historical epic about the holocaust. If you were a social justice warrior, you might be jealous of the film’s success. How dare a Jewish director cast white actors in a film set in Europe during World War Two?

You may then demand that, to be “fair,” Hollywood must go and make a black version of the film. We must cast a black man as Oskar Schindler! Have a black commandant running the concentration camp! Even a little black girl wearing the red dress! Or instead, you could be like a sane person and go make a similar but different film, with similar themes, about an event actually relevant to Africans. Hence, we get a movie like Hotel Rwanda.


The real ‘black Oskar Schindler’

This was a movie released in 2004 that tells the real story of Paul Rusesabagina – the manager of a hotel in Kigali, Rwanda who protected 1,200 Hutu and Tusti refugees from the machete wielding mobs during the 1994 genocide. I happen to have seen it, and it’s not a bad film. Certainly, many have compared it to Schindler’s List, and there can be little doubt it was inspired by it, but ultimately it tells its own unique story. This is my point.

Don’t be half-assed about it. If you’re going to make a black Harry Potter, then do it properly. Go and make your own young-boy-discovers-he-is-a-wizard fantasy universe, set in Africa. Don’t be lazy and just copy what some white English single mother from Gloucestershire came up with one day on a delayed train from Manchester to London.

J K Rowling

‘Down with whitey bruthas!’

Simply casting a Swaziland actress as Hermione Granger doesn’t make the film one iota more about Africans. It does nothing to help the promotion of black culture. If anything, it’s a surrender. You’re literally admitting—“well no black author could ever write a story this good, better just copy what that blonde white English woman did and call it a day…”

Hermione Granger

As some may point this out, yes I understand that many aspects of quintessentially “white” culture have a foreign basis. We all know Star Wars had a plot inspired by The Hidden Fortress, but George Lucas didn’t just cast Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford as Tahei and Matashichi and call it a fucking day. He added to the story, set it in space and all that shit.

What does casting a black actress actually add to the story – other then making 400 million Harry Potter fans roll their collective eyes while like fifty SJWs—most of them Guardian journalists—shit themselves with excitement?

I’d also object if someone pointed out the way many Hollywood films whitewash characters in historical movies like Troy or Gladiator. True, its not ideal, but generally I wouldn’t call that being racist or lazy. There’s just something of a shortage of ancient Roman and Greek actors in the 21st century. But I’m sure there’s plenty of modern white actors to play modern white characters.

Unfortunately, things like your race, sex, eye color, hair color, looks, voice, accent, personality—these things are all a part of you. Audiences would be surprised if someone cast me—a skinny, twenty-something Australian guy—as Mohammad Ali or Nelson Mandela. A black Hermione can only be political—and we should rightly laugh at the absurdity of it.


At this point, you’re probably expecting me to call for a boycott of the stage play when it comes out later this year. And hell, why not? Its the fastest way for us to get in the news. But honestly, I don’t care. Yes I’m disappointed that Harry Potter is now bending to a vocal minority on the far-left. We’re here again, that lone voice in the crowd saying—“Um, guys? Isn’t this kinda crazy?” I’m simply here to wonder, why does everyone else so covet the stories told by us villainous (and usually male) white people?

You never see this happening overseas. We simply don’t hear people saying, “So why aren’t there more white actors in Seven Samurai.” Rather than complain about it, instead they went and made The Magnificent SevenI’d say, let Japanese people cast Japanese actors in Japanese movies about Japanese culture. Let the Chinese do the same, plus the Arabs, Indians, Africans, and so on. Oh—and those evil white people, them too.

I’m sorry guys, but Harry Potter and his friends are most definitely White Anglo-Saxon Wizards. There’s no point pretending otherwise.

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238 thoughts on “Why Is The Race Of Harry Potter’s Hermione Being Magically Changed From White To Black?”

  1. Just more sad pandering with a thin veneer of dishonestly pretending that it isn’t about race and that only ‘racists’ would notice or get upset about such a perfectly ‘innocent’ casting decision. It is race baiting in a cowardly fashion as a way of ‘virtue signalling’. Pathetic really

  2. I’m a huge Tolkien fan. I’ve met several Harry Potter fans who don’t like Tolkien because “he uses too many big words” and it’s always discouraged me from giving Rawlings stuff a try.

    1. I’ve listened to a few of the Harry Potter audiobooks and they’re ok. My only issue is each book begins the same where they introduce Harry Potter as if it’s the first time. Gets kind of old after about the 3rd book. YouTube search the audiobooks and listen for the first few minutes and you’ll see what I mean.

      1. That makes sense except that each book is plotted along a school year which basically starts and ends the same for all kids. It does give you a chance to catch up and as the books go on, what happens in these days before school starts becomes more important.

    2. Tolkien was a hugely intelligent and cultured man writing deep and complex, multilayered stories inspired by European mythology. Rawling is just writing some simple childish escapism.

        1. Read a chapter to my friends’ son as he was going to bed, and it was ghastly. I still can’t believe how that poorly written drivel is so popular. Then again, ever talked to a millenial?

        2. that’s how i felt when i tried to read the first song of fire and
          ice/game of thrones book. i normally read stuff like ancient roman classics, classic russian lit, nabokov, umberto eco, gabriel garcia marquez, and of course, tolkien. i like early 20th century pulp fiction like burroughs, lovecraft, and robert e. howard too, which may not be “great” literature but it’s sure written well and it’s extremely manly. anyway, compared to the above george r. r. martin’s writing just seemed laughably bad, and yet he’s somehow vastly more popular than all of the above authors, with the possible exception of tolkien.
          i sometimes wonder if the SJWs will ever fixate on tolkien’s devout christianity as they sometimes fixate on his supposed “racism” and have him stricken from the list of acceptable authors in our degenerate society, in favor of martin and rawlings. i also look at how soft and obese martin is physically and think it’s no surprise that his work is inferior to that of tolkien, a WW1 vet from an age when most western men were still just that, men.

        3. NIce. Keep reading. I actually loathe Garcia-Marquez but the others are cool. Also, I’m reading RR. Martin now by coincidence. I’m in Asia and my kindle battery ran out and I had an hour train ride. Had to pick a novel from a small selection and picked up the first Martin GOT book. I don’t mind it. I think he’s staying with the tone of what people want from fantasy fiction. Yeah it’s overwritten and overdone but he’s playing to his market quite well. Overblown, overdramatic but fantasy fiction types want that, I think. I LOVE Robert Howard too and I know what you mean about it being well written. You ought to learn his life history if you haven’t. I’m thinking it’s highly likely you know it but if you don’t, check it out.

        4. yes, i’m familiar with howard’s short, strange life. it’s cool that he was actually a prize fighter back in his day when i imagine that kind of thing was quite savage. it comes through in his writing. it’s amazing the grasp he has on the cruelty and splendor of the ancient world too, especially since i don’t think he really ever left rural texas.

      1. Even went so far as to invent functional languages to add to the world he created, clearly far beyond Harry Potter

        1. Actually Harry Potter is a much more interesting story with a far more fascinating universe. A made-up language doesn’t change that.

        2. It’s definitely more interesting you pretentious hipster. I have a high enough I.Q. to know how to write it properly.

        3. I can’t imagine how shit someone’s taste must be to think of LOTR as remotely as interesting as Harry Potter, which has a far more fascinating plot and world-build, with better characters.
          When I read LOTR I couldn’t give a shit who died in it. It’s a book for 9 year old children. HP is teen-ish and becomes darker and more serious especially from the 4th book and onward. I enjoyed the Riddle family story in the Half Blood Prince more than the whole first LOTR book.

        4. That may be, but the one thing we know for sure is that J.K Rowling wouldnt have the capacity to create a language whether it helped the story or not.

        5. i enjoy the harry potter series but I don’t think it’s on the level of LOTR’s world-building and narrative. Especially as a lot of extra stuff really needed to be tacked on at the end.
          Again, it’s fun as hell, but it’s just not LOTR.

        6. Incorrect. He created languages THEN created the stories. He was a linguist, first and foremost.

        7. If you go around claiming to love low brow children’s stories then expect to be treated with little respect. Now run along and leave the adults to their business.

        8. Yeah your comment makes perfect coherent sense. It also doesn’t presuppose anything at all.

        9. Well I can’t see how you would think that. LOTR was okay, but Harry Potter captivated and fascinated me. I’m not praising for being just ‘fun’

        10. No need to ‘presuppose’ anything, you express a preference for simple children’s stories over great literature. That tells us all we need to know about you. Low IQ idiot.

        11. i actually agree with that, it’s a tough issue to discuss but let me put it like this
          hogwarts sounded like an awesome place to be and harry’s adventures were awesome.
          But it’s just a different sort of scale, obviously. Not nearly as many characters, not nearly as complex a plot or a lore, and it wasn’t nearly as well planned out.
          i don’t know about ‘quality’ overall but LOTR is certainly more well written, I think Harry Potter just has the better and simpler concept

        12. You could very well be right, what is for sure is that he was the kind of genius that was relatively common 100 years ago, but in our multi culti, feminized hell of a future will become very rarer and rarer.

        13. People who are usually losing arguments sling the word hipster around as if that is some type of insult. Stop it.

        14. Children’s literature is fine. Being labeled as such does not automatically eliminate it from being profound or of a high standard of quality.

        15. I’m not losing any argument, there wasn’t any to begin with, all he used were Ad Hominems and nothing else, that doesn’t count as an argument.

        16. LOTR is a child’s story. Harry Potter is better in the most important aspects.
          Also, calls me idiot, writes I.Q. as “IQ”. Irony at its best. Dumbass

        17. It is not feminism to blame for lack of genius but philosophical retardation and the domination of simpleton, idiotic, colorless worldviews. It also explains why modern scientists are a bunch of idiots when math is not involved, unlike their predecessors in the early 20th Century and before whose genius is inspiring.
          Now that I think about it, you could call the breakthrough of feminism as we know it a symptom of our time being one of the dumbest ever (some idiot might read this and think it’s not true because we have better technology, as if that could ever be close to making up for everything else)

        18. Wow, you are a sad person with no taste or ability to read anything but a Harry Potter coloring book.

    3. I would blame those people more than the Potter books. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan and, once divorced from the press, I have to admit that the Harry Potter books, when taken as a series, are incredibly well written and interesting. To this day she is the only female author I will read because she has a true gift in finding very diverse voices for different characters.

      1. Yeah, and you know what? It got a lot of tween boys and girls to do something I doubt they do much these days

      2. i should probably give them a try, but i’m a huge snob about literature. i have the same attitude about game of thrones. tried to read one of the books, thought martin’s writing was laughably bad, and i can’t bring myself to try the TV show because i figure if it’s popular with the masses it can’t be good (and yet i love star wars).

        1. I am also a huge snob–I mean I am enormous elitist. I happen to like Martin and the potter books but I wouldn’t blame you if you skipped them.
          I look at them like candy or 22 year old girls. no nutrition but plenty of fun

        2. By the by if you want some light and fun reading that hits all my snob buttons read The Club Dumas. Really luscious writing

        3. just forget the drama about hp. read it, it flows good. not exceptional literature, but enough to lighten up your fantasy in your mind

      3. Good point. When we are exposed (read “shoved down our collective throats”) to the same strong empowered female character in every single film, it’s refreshing when a writer makes different characters different, with different personalities, drives, desired outcomes.

    4. big… words? I have the entire trilogy on my shelf, can’t think of a single big word. Examples?

      1. I could never read fantasy- always thought it translated better as a comic or a movie.
        To quote Joey Tribiani:
        Ross: “You never read the Lord of the Rings? What were YOU doing in high school?”
        Joey: “I was having sex”
        Ross: (no response)

      2. that was what blew me away. tolkien’s works are written in eloquent, somewhat poetic early-to-mid 20th century british standard english, but it’s not especially complex. these were american native english speakers who said they struggled to understand him, and it was hard to wrap my head around at first. one more sign of how seriously education has degenerated in this country.
        i’d assumed until recently that any educated american can easily read any form of english from shakespeare’s time on up, but apparently this is not so. i think one reason i assumed this is that i was raised reading the KJV bible with my parents, so i’m familiar with most of those big old words that cause many people trouble nowadays.

    5. Along a similar vein, it’s like when Jackson introduced the “Tauriel” character in The Hobbit movies because the film were “too male”.
      Diversity = deletion of straight white males in entertainment circles.

      1. “tauriel” just pissed me off, and she is the exact reason why i never bothered with any of the hobbit films, and i actually liked the “strong female characters” in the LOTR films. having arwen take over glorfindel’s role in the books by holding off the nazgul as froddo approaches rivendell? ok, fair enough, it simplifies the movies by not having to introduce glorfindel as another character, plus it made sense to give arwen something to do (she doesn’t really do anything in the books). eowyn goes to battle because of girl power, rather than a suicide mission after aragorn rejects her? i prefer the later, but ok, fine. at least she’s visibly frightened before the battle of pelennor fields (whereas in the book she’s comletely serene and intent on death) and there’s some believable character development there.
        but yeah, in general, i hate the warrior princess trope that’s required in pretty much every fantasy movie that’s come out in the last ten years or so. it was one of the main things that ruined the john carter movie. i know no one cared about that movie, but it was based on some of the greatest pulp fiction ever written and would have been a GREAT movie if they would have just stuck to the book but sadly 21st century hollywood could never produce something that purely beautiful, manly, and savage. seriously, check out “a princess of mars” if you ever want a great, masculine sword and socery story of the kind they just don’t make anymore.

        1. 21st century hollywood caters to 21st century public. This generation of movie goers no longer like “the purely beautiful, manly, and savage”, they have a different set of values they admire, and the warrior princess trope resonates with them.

        2. George RR Martin nailed the Warrior Princess trope with Brienne of Tarth: any woman who could actually fight against dudes is going to be a great big bitch – not a hot little sexpot who’s as deadly as she is desirable, as is usually the case in fantasy.

        3. I had one date with a girl who was 6’3″. I thought it was a misprint and that she was actually 5’3″, but no, here I was with a girl who towered over me. As with many girls, she was all legs so when we sat down to have lunch we could see eye-to-eye.
          She worked in the film industry and you can see her in funeral scene of the 3rd Xmen movie: the tall, blonde student.
          At the time she wanted to develop “special skills”. That is movie talk for driving, martial arts and weapons. I can’t remember why I did not follow up with her. I got a kiss goodnight but she would have been an awesome bang given that we are all the same height lying down.
          The actress who portrays Brienne is top notch but this girl was better looking. All she had to do was drop 5 pounds of fat and pack on 5 pounds of muscle. I wonder what happened to her.

        4. always kind of wanted to score with a cute girl who’s taller than me just to see what it would be like, but never quite managed to make it happen. i’m 6’2 and most girls taller than that are pretty gangly.

      2. Directing “The Lord of the Rings” well requires a director with the artistic vision to let the epic tell itself. Nothing needed to be tweaked. I watched The Fellowship the other night out of politeness to company and wanted to break the screen.

    6. Two different genres….give Rowling a try, she is good at what she does. Her books are targeted at children, and Tolkien is defiantly for adults.

      1. yeah I’m not going to take ANY advice from a screen name with a unicorn picture and the word ‘Brony’ in it.

    7. Admittedly, Tolkien is a bit thick and I have never been able to slog through his one thousand pages. However, Harry Potter seems like LCD: the lowest common denominator. Good for her in tapping into that to become a billionaire but it isn’t a great work of literature the way LOTR is.

    8. I read a couple of the Potter books, the descriptions are fantastic, the plot lines are absolute shit. Basically at the end nothing is ever as you thought it was, and there was zero foreshadowing or hints that things might have not been as they seemed.

  3. to be fair theatre troupes often racebend because they dont have the right actors for the roles
    nothing a little nationalism wouldnt fix tho

    1. Yeah. I remembered movies back from the 50s used white dudes dressed like samuris instead of Japanese. I thought it was weird when I saw it and laughed.

        1. ha- nothing is worse than Mickey Rooney in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”…

      1. To be fair, Hollywood did screw over Bruce Lee when they dissed him in favor of David Carradine for the main part in Kung Fu. But ever the trooper, Lee got even, and then some.

        1. i don’t really have a problem with casting a black chick for this, i just think they should have chosen a hot one.

        2. 3 Bagger. One over her head, one over your head, one over the head of the poor bastard walking by that happens to look in the window.

    1. The one on the right looks like a snarling, feral animal.
      This pic is a perfect example of the huge aesthetic contrast between the two races.

      1. Aesthetic is highly subjective, beauty’s in the face of the beholder, no?
        But nobody can’t deny the fact that in general and as a whole, black dudes eclipse other races in the schlong department.

      1. There’s no doubt that we will see a black Bond. Probably soon. There is already the fan debate as to whether or not James Bond is a code name that applies to the agent of the moment

  4. In other news: seth rogan playing Martin Luther King….oh no, that would be revisionist…How about Jackie Chan plays Abraham Lincoln?

    1. That would be interesting to see….or maybe a white actor playing Shaft. I’d love to see so many lose their shit and complain about the white man taking over all of their characters in movies.

  5. Nowhere in the books was said that Hermione was uglier than Voldemort.
    SJWs have so much free time – the result from the labour of millions of White men over the millenia, that they spend it thinking about an imaginary diversity in an imaginary world. I thought that most religions forbid the use of magic and sorcery, but then again SJW’s have to find something to whine and bitch about.

    1. It’s easy for them (now) to take over the world and destroy it (only after men have created it). You leave it up to women and after as short while they stop, give up and complain about everything not being “right”.
      No shit. We had a perfectly decent world and you (ladies) ran it into the ground because of “feelings”.

      1. I’ve already seen this. Recently in Italy, some Italian men stopped a Muslim thief in public (I think Muslim, not sure) and they held the thief until cops came. The female commentariat immediately went off on “Finally! Italian men acting like men again!” So they weren’t even grateful or complementary of the ballsy vigilantes who risked their skin to stop a petty thief.
        You can see how feminists (females, imo) are getting themselves primed up and ready to start blaming the incredible mess of the Muslim invasion on the native men for ‘allowing it,’ or ‘not doing anything,’ or ‘not having any balls.” When it was their leftist bullshit all along that led to the mess. Absolute teenagers to their soul. Running Daddy’s car out of gas or wrecking it in a ditch, “Daddy, come save me.”

        1. I agree. But in this case, the beauty of the open doors policy can be directly blamed on a woman (Merkel). They can try to deflect blame on this one but in the end it was a woman who put many citizens in harm’s way.
          It will take men to “right the ship” at this point, but it was a woman who was sinking the ship…in the first place. It’s a great way to set a feminist straight.

    2. I think you’re getting very close to the gist. SJW females simply have nothing in their own lives to wrap all of their haywire, overwrought female emotions around so they create things. With the internet connecting tens of millions of SJW’s, these emotional lightning rods are coming up almost daily. They should be worrying about a little kid 20 hours a day, wearing themselves out. But that kid doesn’t come until 35 if at all, so they spend a full 20 years shitting their pants with rage-pleasure over nonsense. Sadly, the government caters to their nonsense to farm votes.

  6. by the way, the proper caption under the sexy pre dyke haircut pic of hermoine and then snapes face is “Engorgio”

  7. The only reason liberals do this, is in hopes someone will actually buy into their stupid ideas.
    Liberals are intelectually bankrupt, they don’t have any talent and their ideas suck. The only way to promote their shit is to inject it into some already established work. No one wants to see some nigress from Swaziland in her own film, so they hope people will flock to it because it’s a famous franchise.
    It works sometimes, just look at the recent Star Wars. Either way, it won’t last long. People get tired of this shit. Eventually people will be explicitly looking for media that doesn’t pander to SJW. Just look at the popularity of the Witcher game series. They didn’t introduce any non-white characters into their work becuase it’s based on Polish mythology so there is no place for negroes there.
    Liberals won’t start making their own shit anytime soon. They will just inject their shit into existing work, until it’s so crap that only people who will consume it will be betas, SJWs and other assorted crap.
    They won’t pander to straight white males, because straight white males are not mindless consumers like women, so they don’t matter, since they don’t spend money on this shit.
    80% of household spending is done by women, think of that as you will. As long as women have a say in society movies will pander to them since they are the main consumers of this shit. Unless cishet staright privilleged men take their countries back from women, betas, nonwhite invaders and elites that hate them, including the (((((((Eskimos))))))) that control hollywood, everything will be about liberal virtue signalinig. Movies will take about the evil of white cracka devils who are always stupid redneck nazi crusader christians who are so backward and never check their privillege, and the good guys will be goodWhites and their minority superfriends fighting opression from patriarchy
    This is caused by women spending money on this shit. And women just follow trends. When the native males drop the guilt and begin fighting for their interest and take the power, women will suddenly switch sides and the media will reflect that.
    The only solution is to take the money from those that spend money on this shit, dethrone those who control universities and cultures, as well as instill radically patriotic cultural values. Think how can this be done under democracy or multiculturalism, not very well, isn’t it. First they erase you from movies, then they rewrite history (confederates were evil, crusaders were just bigots, nazis wanted to destroy all races, etc.), then they make your existence a crime. That’s what happened in South Africa, remember how it ended ? The price for liberal virtue signaling will be human blood.

    1. I’m hopeful the financial fuckening of young people will wake many of them up soon, and when their basic daily life becomes about survival and desperation they drop all this politicall correct bullshit.

      1. The question is, how bad will things be when they implode. Right now in the US blacks are being radicalized by the media to convince them of victimhood. BLM caused 9 million in damages in one of their protests, yet they are labeled heroes. Meanwhile ranchers are being sent to prison by the feds for some hundred dollard grazing fire fee.
        Blacks are only 13 percent though. the hispanics are a much bigger problem, they cross the border at astronomical levels. US should be majority nonwhite somewhere by 2040. Not to mention the risk of southern red states suddenly turning blue, it would mean eternal Democrats rule, since the last packets of opposition will be eliminated, which would only make things worse.
        I’m afraid Donald can only buy us time and not much more.
        If SHTF due to for example a petrodollar collapse or a simmilar economic collapse, urban centers will become jungles and blood will flow everywhere. The only chance seems to be the countryside. But now there are laws being implemented against “gentrification”(read whitefaction) of neighbourhoods with a mandatory percentage of Section8 housing. There will be no place to run. And if the gun-grabbing plot follows through it will be hell.
        Europe will have it’s share of problems due to the moslems, but there is more hope there. First, Eastern Europe will likely stay a safe haven. Two, the eurozone is collapsing as we speak and nationalism is on the rise. Europe has hope, US on the other hand … it won’t be pretty at all
        The only hope would be for people to awaken now, which I don’t think is happening quick enough. To effectively stop this we would have to destroy the federal reserve, remove corporate influence as well as take over the media and culture. But their stranglehold is too strong, I’m not keeping hope for that to happen.
        The only hope is to move or arm yourselves and prepare for Armaggedon.

        1. lol talk about bias.
          the ranchers were kinda of really far out of line, had been in trouble before for causing fires because they were using public property and didn’t want to pay, and might I add almost killed some people and came very close to burning some houses down? This is fact.

        2. Yeah, but BlackLivesMatters caused 9 MILLION dollars of damage, not to mention how many people they harass and attack, yet they are not labeled “domestic terrorists”

        3. Luckily Stephen Molyneux collected the actual facts

          Your obviously getting your info from blue pill sources, this really is a case of massive injustice by the BLM using strong arm tactics to steal more land. The fires are all a natural part of ranching and the BLM knows this but they charged them with terrorism. Also no one was almost killed these were professionals that did the burning. All this and more in the video

        4. “I’m afraid Donald can only buy us time and not much more.” — Which is why when he’s elected push for a “Whites Only” immigration policy … demographic realignment. The Latino’s will keep illegally entering and the East Asians will traffik into California. The South Asians will just go flood Canada some more.

      2. Essential! Only a generation of spoiled kids can misplace their generosity and heroic impulses so badly. Through some hardships, they might learn what is productive and where is their place in world, nation and family.
        I have come to embrace your perspective, even as unpopular as it is, after knowing how imprepared and ill-educated youths have become.

    2. The glaring flaw in your argument here is that the Harry Potter franchise was created by a liberal, who openly endorses the casting change.

      1. It actually proves my point. Liberals are in many ways trensetters and followers.
        The trendsetters, the media moguls, university staff and SJW will dictate what the new reality is : men are cisprivilleged, we live in a rape culture, black people were an integral part of Britain(I shit you not it’s a real thing)
        It is clear that Rowling did not intend Hermione to be black, she just says she is fine with it to get multicultural cookie points.
        And there lies the danger. These authors WILFULLY allow there works to be repurposed and changed just to get those cookie points.
        This is the danger of this “progressivism”. There is a new church, and it sets the norms of conduct, and you either follow and get appraisal (even if it is in detriment to your work of art) or you get steamrolled(your movies are too white, hetersoxeual, patriarchical, etc.) and you get ostracized. Just look at the writer of Ender’s Game. He was being chastized for disagreeing with homo propaganda.
        So it proves my point, wether the authors wilfully allow others to modify their work to be turned into propaganda shit or wether it’s done against their will, it’s the same shit.
        Agree with us or lose your money, respect, friends. It was always like that, but back in the day it was the church that was the official organism that declared what is right and what is wrong. An institution that was visible and whose authority everyone undestood, while today people don’t even realise who is really pulling the strings. And when you know it, you will be fired because of some joke you said about trannies 10 years ago when it was normal to do so.
        This is why it’s dangerous. We think we live in a free world where everyone is allowed total freedom, but it’s a lie. You better tow the line or lose your job. And most don’t evem know who this new church is, it just seems to happen randomly.
        Yesterday you were proud to be British, now you must ashamed of slavery and add black characters to your work for no reason, tommorow you will get estrogen shots to get you rid of male privillege while feeling proud that your daughter is raped by Pakistanis, serves the bitch right for being white !
        This is why wse must sieze back the control of these institutions(movies, media, games, universities) and control ruthleslly and unapologetically or it will be done by someone else against you.
        “The price of not desiring to rule over others is to be ruled by someone else”.
        Straight white men don’t want to rule, because they feel guilty and ashamed, or are lazy and now someone is doing it for them, and not for their benefit. Straight white men must sieze the power back or be eternally under the heel of Social Justice.

  8. If you’d read the books you’d know Harry potter turns black every time he puts on his invisibility cape

    1. But… Jon Stewart is black…. there are other Earth Lanterns, but he’s pretty infamous because he was the one in Justice League many non-nerds recognize… it’s not really ‘stealing’ a role, unless I am misinformed.
      There are not many other excuses though for some ‘black washing’ of characters, but other times it seems okay. For example, Miles Morales makes no real sense to me as a black spiderman, but Sam Wilson being the new Captain America makes sense. Spiderman was never really a ‘title’ per se, he was THE spider man. The Flash, is a title (there have been several). THE batman, is the same person, bruce wayne. In the instance she says, about green lantern being black, and black people ‘stealing’ white heroes…..kinda..no? Anyone born from 1985-2000 would remember a distinctly Black Lantern as their first one, more than likely due to JL/U. In contrast, ‘thor’ being a woman makes NO FUCKING SENSE now because thor isn’t a ‘title’, it’s an actual character, a person.
      But back to new captain america, he has had his character swapped as it’s more of a title multiple times and his best friend taking on the mantle of being captain america is actually really appropriate, since Sam has been there essentially forever as a best friend and mainstay.
      I guess what I am really trying to say, is that each of these cases is more fine tuned than ‘black people taking all the jerbs!’ when it comes to source text.
      I am no comic book aficionado, just stating my two cents. I could always be misinformed, though.

      1. There really shouldn’t be a problem with it as long as it runs both ways. If we had a white actor playing Shaft, for example, would people lose their shit? Probably.
        That is the real dilemma here. We have people preaching equality all day long, many grew up with it. But when you start to point out the true “selective equality” where things only run one way or a certain times…it’s a problem.
        I don’t have a problem with a black Green Lantern but I know there are definitely people who would lose their shit if a white man took over a black character or the character of a woman for that matter.
        That’s the true hypocrisy that we have operating today with all of the equality talk.

        1. I might entirely rewrite my previous comment to be more clear lol.
          The issue you just described seems to overlook alot of historical context around replacing actors who are black, with whites simply because hollywood says ‘those roles sell better with whites’.
          The equality you speak of does go one way, I admit, but there is alot of history why this is happening ‘only one way’. For example, blackface is now deemed offensive, even in cosplay, since it was used to keep black actors out of the show business industry or pigdeon holed blacks into tertiary, (mostly stereotypical) roles that were not really fair, or outright exploitative.
          ‘Stealing roles from white actors’ seems a bit extreme and alarmist, especially when you compare and contrast the history of how many roles were actually forfeit between the two races, and the charged history between the two races as well.
          Also, this article is saying Hermione was white, but that one line was taken out of context, and I’ve been in one too many HP literary circles where Hermione was accepted as black, and even JKR came out in an interview recently saying she was envisioned as black. Retroactive continuity changes or not, when the writer/author comes out saying ‘my fictional imaginary character looked THIS way”…especially being the rights holder…. we can bitch and moan, but we, as nerds, can’t really argue. It’s a bitter pill, but that’s just how that goes, at least to me. Just look at the Star Wars Expanded Universe…….

        2. Oh yeah, and shaft being played by a white dude kinda wouldn’t make sense, simply on the premise that shaft is from an era of blaxploitation and he’s built on negative black stereotypes that are subverted to being a badass, just like other films/movies/shows of that era. So I get your point, I just think it’s a bit of a bad example lol. Samuel L Jackson or Freeman might be bad examples too, simply because they play the same generic person (angry black man, wise old black man) almost every film. They don’t really play a role, they just play themselves. Substituting Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air though would be more appropriate, in my opinion, because most of his themes are not simply centered around ‘black-only’ or playing ‘will smith’ but around an urban youth; so a remake recasting him as latino or white, maybe even asian wouldn’t be terrible or unacceptable, because he represents more of an idea or fictional character.
          But that’s just my opinion, others may not feel that way as that would be ‘taking’ someone from them. His performance during that show is near and dear to black america today, so that is where I believe your point might be best applied.

        3. I don’t think the Shaft example is a bad example at all. We could easily place him (the character) in the same context in the white “trailer trash” world or community with the same. We’re not taking him…we’re merely adapting his environment to meet or explain his back story (as many others do when casting changes are made).
          My point, more or less, is how SJWs and feminists (as well as others) would lose their shit if this train ran both ways. The characters or examples really don’t matter (here)….I’m sure there are better examples to use.

        4. I was talking about this a bit farther along,
          Replacing some characters requires some creative context and needs to be a delicate process.
          I.e. Captain American being Black now is valid, seeing as ‘Captain America’ is a title of the person and has been exchanged several times, and he has been black before. A person assume the responsibilities and powers, functions, of that person. In total, there have been 18 Captain Americas, (including alternative timelines) and 5 of them have been black, or women. Captain America being non-white isn’t new to comic book nerds, just to everyone else.
          Thor, on the other hand, is a singular, fictional PERSON, not title or entity, and Thor being a Woman now is total bullshit. They have had other people borrow his powers, or take on a Thor-like aspect, Thor-Mind, whatever you want to call it, but nobody has fully replaced the body and person of Thor, until now, and the way that was handled was completely inappropriate.
          How does this all relate back to the previous topic?
          Well, what I am trying to express is that it requires alot of context on who the character was/is and what they have done in the past to introduce more dynamic storylines or to have different people use the same powers; and when this is expanded to acting sometimes it makes sense and is appropriate, other times its completely ridiculous SJW propaganda. But painting ALL instances as the same set of ‘sjw whining’ would be generalizing the situation and ignoring key points and circumstances in favor of alarmist rhetoric.
          Do you get me?

        5. I also want to add one more example to this, the Green Lantern Corps.
          The most infamous one arguable is John Stewart, a black man, due to the popularity of the Justice League/Unlimited. Green Lanterns are anyone from any race, human or otherwise, and having an African American Green Lantern is totally plausible as it is a TITLE that includes it’s own powers and responsibilities with it’s station, and it doesn’t matter who is particularly fulfilling that role or duty at a certain time. If he was white, or black, unless they are naming a particular historic Lantern, then it shouldn’t matter who is cast. But if it’s specifically John Stewart, and they cast a Latino guy, I would feel some type of way as well, lol.
          Point being, not all roles are locked into a race, and not all roles are okay to be ‘palette swapped’. In this instance, the article wants to make a stand on a ‘wrongful’ palette swap when, in fact, they are making a correction to an original error in the first place, and by doing it, they are taking the rest of the conversation out of context through misinformation (hermione was always black, and the quoted text is taken out of context. I recall other actors were cast as black in the movies and then whitewashed as well).

        6. No, I get it and I said I don’t have a problem with roles changing. It’s when we reverse that role (white to black or white man taking over a white woman’s (or any woman’s) role….then there is trouble.
          Don’t believe me….just throw a rumor out on Facebook or Twitter…see what kind of response you get.

        7. I see your point (title versus name)…but it’s larger than that when we get down to it.
          Society, today, will not let a white actor (man) take over any black man’s role or any woman’s role…yet, the opposite is just fine.

      2. Nope.
        A black Captain America makes no sense at all. Captain America is an stereotype that represents the best of the traditional white America, a kind of perfect soldier and correct gentleman like James Stewart. Most of black people reject those values and see them as the “oppressor values”. It doesn’t make sense to cast a black character to represent something that most of blacks reject.
        Neither makes sense a black Spiderman. Spiderman is the shy teen geek and wonk stereotype that uses his mask to get over his lack of self-confidence. In any case, you could cast him as Asian, but black?
        The same than Thor represents clearly the rough male behaviour and they cast… a woman???
        Just ridiculous.

        1. Dafuq chu be talkin bout dawg??
          I is captoon muhrica and I be mo black than da pot ass yaw!

        2. You realize that’s not factual, at all, right?
          This was a literally 12 second google search.
          Isaiah Bradly: black (circa 2003)
          Sam Wilson (current)
          Alternate Universe:
          Kiyoshi Morales: jap/latino/black
          Roberta Mendez: woman
          Samantha Wilson: black/woman
          “Minority” Captain America: 5
          Total Captains: 18
          To be fair, some of these captains didn’t last but more than a night and never really became captains.
          Ergo, Captain America has been black or a woman quite a few times, and if there wasn’t a woman role, he often had a female counterpart with him, citing Miss America (not the current one) among others.
          Now with that out of the way, I stick firmly by my previous analysis.
          “Captain America” is a title that can, and has been passed around to multiple people. Saying “Sam Wilson doesn’t deserve to be Captain America because he’s black and doesn’t represent the stereotype of the gentlemanly, white perfect soldier”. Like, that’s total crap and no thinking, mature adult is going to cosign that. Not even mentioning we had a Black Captain America a decade ago…
          Also stereotypes: “most black people reject [traditional white america] because they seem them as ‘oppressor values’ is total crap, again. No data, no proof, wild assumptions. As a matter of fact, I could actually cite with factual sources how that’s almost opposite the case, how ‘traditional white america’ was the ideal up into the 1960s for african americans in terms of familial values, dress code, conduct, etc.
          Black Spiderman I can agree with, but for different reasons. Spider Man isn’t a title, it’s a person. You can’t give someone the name Spiderman because reasons, there is only one. Make up another character, with even the same powers, but different storylines.
          Same again why I can agree with Thor being a woman, but not because of the same reasons. Thor is ‘the fictional character Thor’, the one and only, no others. He even has had his powers ‘lent out’ before, to others, through various plot devices, or even people getting the ‘Thor Aspect’ and temporarily going into Thor hivemind or whatever, but nobody prior has..literally..’become’ Thor. That’s fucking stupid as fuck.
          Assuming these characters at their initial inception may have represented one thing and havent changed in 50+ years seems a bit naive as well..

        3. Do you realize that Captain America is a comic character, isn’t it? So “facts” are just the decisions of the Marvel CEO. “Facts” could be a Squirrel Captain America, if they decided so, since they’re the ones that pay the bills.
          That doesn’t mean that their politically correct modern multicultural decisions make sense and fit the character.
          What I said is, no matter the decisions of the Marvel Big Bosses, nope, a black Captain America doesn’t make sense, because it’s an stereotype that doesn’t fit black culture, and whose values are even rejected by black people.
          It’s true that a small percentage of black people identify themselves with white culture (I don’t know, Thomas Sowell, for example) and those guys are usually rejected by black community. Captain America is more than a character, it’s a representation of a society. It doesn’t make sense to cast somebody that belongs to a community that rejects the values he represents.

        4. In the origin story, the Captain America drug was developed to make a team of American super soldiers to fight WW2. So there would have been black Captains, just like there were ordinary black soldiers fighting that war.

      3. “Anyone born from 1985-2000 would remember a distinctly Black Lantern as their first one, more than likely due to JL/U.” — Bull. Kyle Rayner. But then again the Green Lanterns have a revolving cast.

        1. Kyle Rayner is one of them, with Alan Scott as well. I also forgot to mention Hal Jordan being of the other notorious green lanterns of today, but my real point was that a very prominent lantern that is recognized very clearly by a generation of people born in the mid 80’s through 90’s is John Steward, who is black (Hal Jordan is up there too).

    2. She has some common sense.

      There are many cultures in Hollywood that are not white that can come up with their own mythology.

      We all get it from the same reservoir of life, the fountain of life-It doesn’t matter what culture you come from. …
      Instead of trying to turn a girl character into a guy or instead of trying to turn a white character into a black character or a latin character, I think that people should stop being lazy and that people should actually make an effort in Hollywood to develop their own mythology.
      It’s time to stop-stop trying to take what’s already there and try to fit a culture into it.
      I think that it’s time for us to write our own mythology and our own story, every culture.
      So that’s what I really meant and I’m sorry if it came off rude or stupid. It’s not what I meant.
      — Michelle Rodriguez

  9. Sorry, I don’t trust this corrupted site anymore. Blocking people because they don’t agree with the Jewish glorification of some foolish contributor (Matt Forney)? And what’s up with all the white supremacy articles and comments?
    Nah..time to look for a new site in the manosphere, because this one is getting creepy as fuck.

    1. After a article about the pros of Islam and how a black criket player was wrongfully fined for flirting with a woman …..

    2. “White supremacy” AKA white people fighting for their interest. This “supremacy” canard is getting old. No one wants to rule other races. Most of the pro-white demands are: remove affirmative action, allow white people to congregate based on their race(freedom of association) like white student unions or all white neighbourhoods, and remove anti-white bias from culture.
      Those are pretty reasonable demands. No one plans to harm minorities, even the most extreme guys demand peaceful separation at best.
      As for “supremacy” as in white people are better, well, in certain areas maybe. But it’s not like they are rubbing it in everyone’s face or being arrogant. Some might be dismissive of minorities or laugh at them here and there, it’s not like they don’t deserve it. They also laugh at certain whites like liberals or some more loony pro-whites, so I don’t get what the problem is. It’s not like whites don’t have bad apples, everyone aknowledges that.
      I don’t think there is any “hate”. As a guy who hangs out with those type of guys all the time, none actually want to cause harm, even if they joke about race wars. Maybe except for muslims, which everyone wants to deport.
      Even if there was “hate”, well how are people supposed to feel when they are demonized, their country is taken away, and race hustlers will not leave anyone in peace.
      A person in the 50’s and 60’s might have hold this position and he would have been called liberal, now this is considered racist and people lose job over this, even though it was considered normal or even progressive in the past.
      Most WN or pro-whites are young cultured guys, with a few skinheads here and there. Most of this website could probably be considered “pro-white” today since they are against media demonization and consider straight white males to be fine and that they have the right to rule over their own nations.
      What is the problem with “white supremacists” ?

    3. ‘White Supremacy’: just means White people control their lives, their society, their identity and their future as Whites.
      Ending ‘White Supremacy’: just means non-whites and ‘diversity’ (and the state)
      controls your life, your future and everything….. and forever.

      1. Upvote. Please refrain from sharing your hamster ramblings.
        Men don’t have time and couldn’t care less what kind of warped logic your hamster can spin on its ever spinning wheel.

      1. Yea. Keep bitching and whining about everything that is wrong, but most of you stupid fucks don’t realize that you feed the system instead of working against it.
        MGTOW, making sex a substantial part of your life and gaming women for your own sexual pleasures. You’re basically the male equivalent of a feminist, who are FGTOW, have slutty lifestyles and play games on men for their own benefits.
        I’m not sure how that gaming lifestyle is going to restore a patriarchy, family values, put women on their places and fights the degeneracy that’s going on in society. If you enjoy the gaming lifestyle, then you enjoy the degeneracy. You’re just the male equivalent of a degenerate woman.

        1. The number one defense of any feminist (be it a man or woman).
          Shame men when they speak out (at all).
          Like I said…the door is ————————>

        2. Nope. You’re a hopeless nerd who doesn’t have the balls to fight the degeneracy, but instead joins the degeneracy to get some poon from a degenerate woman that is already fucked by +50 other men.

        3. Why are you making an assumption that we are MGTOW? In fact, last time I checked, RoK was anti-MGTOW. Nice try at shaming tho.

        4. Somebody’s projecting here. Hmm. Is it Driver, or is it her ^^
          Hmm, I’m going to have ponder on this for about .2 seconds.

        5. The player lifestyle will hasten the collapse of society, which is the only way patriarchy will ever be restored. It certainly won’t be through your futile tradcon efforts

        6. That’s certainly far better than marrying a woman who has been fucked by fifty plus men, as you trad cons would have us do

    4. “creepy” and “creepy as fuck” are tells.
      As sure as the sun rises in the East.
      Tells for what you ask? Allow me…
      Female or mangina. All the fucking way.

  10. This level of rewrite and revision is comparable to those incidents we all have our faces rubbed in, from the 1930s, when “the Nazis took the award from the Jew and handed it to the German”.
    The leftoids absolutely will not stop.

  11. Where’s the protests for non-Indian actors in Bollywood films?? I want to see Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston do spicy musical interludes!

  12. In that case, let’s have Jack Nicholson play Frederick Douglass. Or have Bill Murray play Martin Luther King. Or since he’s already in drag, have Bruce Jenner play Madea. Or have Morgan Freeman play God…actually that already happened, and he truly is the Lord thy God.
    Also, I don’t think this woman can play Hermione, and look hot like Emma Watson in the above picture. Emma, you can do magic tricks with my wand all day.
    What’s next, a Jew playing Jesus Christ….oh wait…

  13. Its stupid indeed. What bothers me though is when Hollywood white faces characters that arent/werent white to begin with like most of the MIT BlackJAck Team from the movie 21.

  14. You are probably right but i dont care about anything related to Harry Potter either way.
    The rubber band will snap. I believe no one will see the play.

    1. That’s what I’m wondering… odds are most of us never really cared for Harry Potter and none of us are going to see this play.
      Moves like these cater primarily to the SJW crowd who frequents Broadway. They don’t need to care about people like us.

  15. Harry Potter was SJW propaganda from the very beginning. If you want a SJW free version of Harry Potter, read the 70’s series The Worst Witch.

  16. And you still haven’t seen the new TV series about Beowulf, with a nordic viking town becoming a girlie feminist multicultural community.
    And people in the imdb board saying that, of course, it was usual to meet black people in viking-age nordic countries. I don’t know whether to cry or to laugh.

  17. These types of changes are only allowed to happen “one way” in our society of equality (yes, I fucking laughed as I typed it out).
    A woman or a black woman is allowed to slip into the character of any white man or woman. But, let that happen the other way around or a man taking over the character of a woman and many people would lose their shit. It’s a big problem today and SJWs (and feminists) can’t see it. It’s a one way road when we’re talking “equality”.
    White men are still taking shit for Hollywood casting them in other roles – “back when”. Lord knows (now) if we had one even try out for the role that many would really lose their shit.

  18. Nancy Drew is being rebooted and CBS already said she won’t be white. The reasons were absolutely absurd. Apparently, it’s 2016 and to reflect that all fictional characters with vast publication history must be changed so they aren’t heterosexual or white because that ‘doesnt reflect the world we live in.’ Problem being most if not all Nancy Drew fans will be the heterosexual white women who grew up reading those books. They literally just took the piss on the few people who actually knew the character. So then why not create a new name for the character since literally the only thing she will have in common with the published character is a name? The reality is our culture is being appropriated, not the other way around. This was never about being creative and adding to a literary body of work, it’s been about taking from English literature and culture.

    1. They should also make her a polysexual demierotic otherkin, just to get extra multicultural points. That would be SO progressive.

    2. It’s really about destroying and rewriting every white piece of fiction, from TinTin to Peppy Longstockings. It’s a way of fighting “whiteness” under the banner of progress. First they will eliminate us from culture and fiction, then they will eliminate us from reality. Politics follow culture.
      “Politics is just downstream from culture” – Andrew Breitbart

      1. TinTin is actually awesome because no matter how much the left complains about him he is just way too popular. Several years ago to try to stain TinTin and Georges Remy’s reputation the left started making claims that TinTin is actually a homosexual. This issue was slammed on and crushed so fast by the TinTin community and the family of the Remy estate that they never tried to approach TinTin again. I also thought the Spielberg/Jackson animated TinTin film was a good representation of the character. They didn’t censor out Haddock’s drunkenness or ‘profanity’ and the entire merging of a couple of TinTin stories into one was well handled. No doubt they will try to drag TinTin through the mud again but he is too resilient and too well loved by European people’s of all ages and has a strong organization backing his integrity. Too bad Superman didn’t have such luck.

  19. Jada picit smith and spike lee want to boy cot the oscars , there are no black nominations this year . This is what will help with their community’s . Any body with me ? Come on

    1. Can we protest the lack of white tailbacks and corner backs in the NFL?
      To me it sounds about the same.

  20. Well, maybe Hermione was hit by fireball, or flamestrike. Not that I care about it. HP fans are not that far from Twilight fans, so no, thanks.

  21. Harry Potter books and movies made a deep impression on my youth and, even to this day, me and my girlfriend watch an Harry Potter marathon every year. What Rowling does is implicitely stating that nothing she wrote matters and everything can be changed at a whim. She did that before when she told her fans via Twitter that Dumbledore (that’s the headmaster of the school for those who aren’t initiated) was gay. This isn’t mentionned or even implied in the books or movies but Rowling knew that the gay lobby and their allies would fall for it and they did. Now she’s pandering to the Black Lives Matter crowd and all the SJW with the black Hermione (she really has a face like a bag of spanners now… what a shame…).
    Frankly, I never expected her to be such a cunt. She looks like a sweet lady.

    1. Look at her background. She’s not on speaking terms with her father thanks to shit that happened while she was a teenager (i.e. Daddy issues). Not smart enough for Oxford. Single mother, alleged without coming out and saying it that she was abused during her marriage, on state benefits until she struck it lucky with Harry Potter, went on to marry up a doctor though.
      And let’s not class it as anything else. Publication is pure fucking luck, nothing else, and plenty of superior authors get passed over by Big Publishing year in year out. She is no great literary talent and her crime works under her pseudonym didn’t sell shit until her real identity was revealed.

      1. “And let’s not class it as anything else. Publication is pure fucking
        luck, nothing else, and plenty of superior authors get passed over by
        Big Publishing year in year out. She is no great literary talent and
        her crime works under her pseudonym didn’t sell shit until her real
        identity was revealed.”
        I wouldn’t call it luck. She choose to be and was chosen as a vehicle to popularize witchcraft.
        Church authorities in Thrace are determined to take the magic out of
        Harry Potter, as the latest film featuring the fictional teenage English
        magician opened in the area.
        In a statement yesterday, the Orthodox see of Didymoteicho quoted international Potter-bashers to argue that H.K. Rowling’s books encourage children to visit Satanist websites, while their hero has ersatz Christ-like attributes.
        “(The books and films) acquaint people with evil, wizardry, the occult and demonology,” the announcement said. “It is beyond doubt that Harry was made to resemble a young savior. Upon his birth people try to kill him, he is forever subjected to injustice but always supernaturally manages to prevail and save others. Let us reflect, who else… is held to be the unjustly treated God?”
        Greece has no tradition of children’s books about sorcery and magic, a long-established genre in English literature.

    2. What Rowling does is implicitely stating is that nothing she wrote matters and everything can be changed at a whim.

      Sounds like George Lucas.

  22. “I’m simply here to wonder, why does everyone else so covet the stories told by us villainous (and usually male) white people?”
    Speaking as an author working his way towards getting his first book to market, the answer has to do with effort and creativity.
    Creators are willing to work to make their stuff come to life. Agitators/Leeches are not, and the sole way they can be creative is by forcing others who are creative to do their work for them, usually by demanding some caliber of gender/race-bending.
    And frankly, fuck those lazy shits. It’s never been easier to get a self-published book to market, especially in 2016. What keeps them out though, again, is effort/creativity.

      1. Werewolves. Specifically, what my MC goes through for the first month and a half following him getting bitten.

    1. Yeah same. I wrote a book myself and it was a serious, years long commitment/obsession. For someone to think that ‘privilege’ is what leads to creativity and finishing off a massive project is so FOS.

  23. Everyone who thinks the decision to make Hermione black wasn’t political is an imbecile.

    1. The only people who care about wizards and fairies are people who are lost in their own reality.

      1. I don’t really care though, why are you making this assumption? I was simply answering to apologetic omegas who tried to justify black Hermione.

  24. Jesus are you 12 years old? Who gives one single solitary fuck what people do with a bullshit children’s story? Unwind your knickers and go find something important to worry about.

        1. Because he is butthurt that white men are opposed to the idea of black Hermione. In his victimhood he thinks white men are all racists. And he misses the point entirely. It’s not about race. It’s about the political agenda that is being pushed so hard by the leftist establishment. And this is what we are truly opposed to.

        2. Simply because that is the thread of the article. Bubba’s mad because we prefer a white girl playing the part of a white
          girl. If it were reversed and they cast a white girl playing a black
          role I bet he’d have a hell of a lot to say about it then.

      1. Europe’s “men” are basically being cuckolded by Teenage Muslim Ninja Perverts. U.S. is on the brink of legalizing pedophilia. Environment is going to shit. And this article is worried about some stupid children’s play. Choke on a dick idiot.

    1. Agreed, however, culture means everything. I don’t mind one bit that a Black person is in a movie. I think the power of Neomasculinity is that we transcend race completely and in a real way. Compared to the liberal progressive “sjw’s” who are fake about their views on race and, worse, are dependent on racism because without racism they have no reason to exist. Or, in other words, they’ll be out of money and a job and righteous indignation. What I think is going on here is that the progressive stack, the arbitrary categorization of humans into a hierarchy, emphasis on hierarchy, based upon how much of a victim you are vis-a-vi society, is being pushed into culture. A lead character or hero or heroine is now determined by progressive stack i.e. the higher you are the more you should be the hero et al. So, a Black woman is both Black (high on the progressive stack) and a woman (even higher than Blacks in general on the stack), which put together yields a high progressive stack score. Ergo, this group of people are, apparently, victims and should be championed and put into positions of prominence; the easiest way is through the media and fantasy, which is culture. Cultural icons have influence over our lives, especially the lemmings, and there are a shit ton of them. The left knows this that’s why they exploit this mechanism. Note, Black men are on the progressive stack (white men don’t even make it), but, observe another example of the PS in media with the new “star wars”. The Black storm trooper is very much a second place to the female lead – a white fucking women no less! Since I subscribe to reality I have no issue admitting that Black men are on average stronger and more athletic than other races…good for you. But, that also means I know that men are stronger than women and Black men are very much stronger than white women! To me the Black storm trooper is an insult to Black men, period. So, its not a rejection based on race its a rejection of the methodology behind it. If this was done out of pure artistic originality then no one would have a problem, but, in 2016 we know its political.

      1. I had all sorts of problems with the Black Stormtrooper. First of all, he was a real idiot. Black men are often depicted this way but that wasn’t what really concerned me. He talks about how he was trained from birth to kill and yet he runs away from a small girl with a stick. Next he gets totally owned by a Sith Lord and then the small girl with a stick owns the Sith Lord. Huh? And that’s after she gets bounced off a tree. And his boss was Brienne of Tarth (you know, the woman who owned the unbeatable Hound?).
        Frankly, the best and strongest character in the new Star Wars was Han Solo. And he dies.
        And you are right. There is no reason for White men to be upset about the Black Stormtrooper. Black men should be mad about it. He was less man than a woman and he was nearly as pathetic as the new Kyle Reese.

        1. We’re all in this together. I’m not going to see that movie, period. Black men deserve better.

  25. Right off the bat I tagged Emma Watson as being super sexy once she cam of age. That played out as correct but her mind went to mush as she bought into various leftist garbage.

    1. That’s what they do. Brainwash her and sheep will follow. Notice how hollywood has the obsession with ruining every family friendly star ? Just look at Miley Cyrus. They either use them as talking heads for leftist crap or they turn them into degenerate whores. Nothing stays pure in this world ;(

      1. Miley Cyrus is a fucking train wreck. Emma is – physically – a very beautiful girl but she chose the dark side!

        1. Funny thing: my first serious girlfriend was an Indo-African mix from Guyana (in South America). However, I have never actually dated a black chick or a latino; they were all white or Chinese. Maybe it is just the circles I have walked in or maybe it is because there are so few who are both good looking and intelligent. I dunno.

        2. I once dated a Russian/Korean hybrid. She had a nice ass and her pussy tasted like strawberries. I’m not into black girls for some reason I just don’t find them attractive at all. The mixed black girls though are a different story.

      2. Miley Cyrus is desperately doing whatever she can to stay in the public eye, and being family friendly sadly isn’t going to cut it

  26. The first comment at the bottom suggests this site doesn’t like black people. No that’s not it at all. It is the sacrifice of the integrity of art for some sort of racial quota. Imagine sticking a white person into the movie “The Color Purple”, even if (…or especially if!) they spoke with a southern negro dialect it would come off as laughably absurd.

      1. If you find racists on this site you can be pretty confident that they are most likely government paid provocateurs who are here to discredit the movement.

  27. People come on it should be obvious what happened her, while doing her best “ocullus repairo” in the mirror (she was attempting to repair the mirror) she must have said “ocullus de’negro” after a night of heavily imbibing black russians and the rest as they say is history.

  28. Never read a Harry potter book, never intend too. It was intended for children and while I have no problem with children’s literature, I see this current adult obsession with ‘kids’ literature as unhealthy…and yes I have read more than my share of comic books and rocketship sci-fi so I’m not being a snob. Harry just isn’t something that interests me.

  29. If I were to go pedo Emma Watson was first on my statutory rape list. Not that I have done that or would follow through: it has been 30 years since I fucked a 16 year old but it is something my wandering mind contemplates from time to time. I rather enjoyed the first few movies and pegged her as being a hottie once she filled out. It turns out I was correct but she also turned into a super-stupid Hollywood leftist bitch.

  30. There’s just something of a shortage of ancient Roman and Greek actors in the 21st century

    Newsflash, Roman were and Greeks are white.
    Actually, I would say there is blackwashing and replacing whites in remakes, also fictional and real white people.
    Oenomaus was white, Gaul, not as negro portrayed in multicult leftist-liberal fantasy in “Spartacus”.
    Inventor of dolphin prosthetic tale was white man, in film was portrayed by negro Morgan Freeman. Even stories based on real events are twisted and distorted by Jewllywood.

    1. That’s Hollywood. There are multiple examples of this phenomenon, and it’s not just whites who are replaced. Here are some more examples:
      – Aloha – Emma Stony portrays an Asian woman
      – Dragonball Z – Justin Chatwin as Goku
      – The Last Airbender – Asian characters were portrayed by white actors
      – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunoshi
      – The Conqueror – John Wayne as Genghis Khan
      – Stuck – Chante Mallard (black) is portrayed by Mena Suvari (white)
      – Othello – Othello is portrayed by Laurence Olivier
      – The Martian – white actress Mackenzie Davis stars as the Mindy Park, who’s Asian
      – Ghost In The Shell – Scarlett Johansson is set to portray Motoko Kusanagi
      – Apache – Burt Lancaster as a Native American
      – The Teahouse of the August Moon – Marlon Brado as a Japanese man
      – 30 Days of Night – Josh Hartnett portrays a comic book character who is an Eskimo.
      – 21 – The main characters, who in real life are Asian, are portrayed by white actors
      – Cloud Atlas – Jim Sturgess in yellowface as a Korean man
      – The Hunger Games – Jennifer Lawrence portrays a character who is described as non-white in the book
      – Warm Bodies – Analeigh Tipton as Nora, an Ethiopian woman
      – Batman Begins – Liam Neeson portrays Ra’s al Ghul
      – Charlie Chan – Warner Oland (white) portrays Charlie Chan (Asian)
      – The King And I – Yul Brynner plays a Thai king
      – A Majority Of One – Alec Guiness as a Japanese businessman
      – Pan – white actor Rooney Mara plays Tiger Lily, a Native American character
      – A Passage To India – Alec Guiness as an Indian man
      – Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins – white actor Joel Grey plays a Korean martial arts master
      – Short Circuit – Fisher Stevens plays an Indian character
      – Star Trek Into Darkness – Benedict Cumberbatch plays an Indian villain
      – Starship Troopers – Casper van Dien portrays a character who is Asian in the book
      – World Trade Center – William Mapother plays Marine Sergeant Jason Thomas, who in real life is of African American descent
      That’s just a small sample.

    2. Archimedes was black, so was Aristotle, Plato, Seneca, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Nero & Caligula where white…Gutenberg was black, Mozart was black, But Hitler was white…
      LOL ! Just keep saying the above & it will make the POS,SJW happy…

    1. When will they reboot “Roots” with an all Asian cast?
      But first the reboot of Roots should be done historically correct & have it cast By Irish men & women …..

  31. JK Rowling has become a PC luvvie twit. She became hugely successful writing books for kids then transformed into an obnoxious SJW. Screw her, and Harry Potter. Over-rated plagiarised rubbish anyway.

  32. Is it just me who finds it funny that feminist Emma Watson will in general be replaced by a black person and it might decline her income with future merchandise.
    Feminist (hopefully) destroyed by feminism.

  33. Well, Hermione was a “mud blood”. /grin
    That said, I think the SJWs missed an opportunity here; if they’d been thinking, they’d have made Ron black, so he’d be banging a lily-white Hermione in pursuit of the BM/WW IR coupling that they’re pushing…*everywhere else*.
    IRL, I don’t care who’s zooming who, but there’s definitely a narrative being pushed.

  34. Article makes a point, but if they’re erasing all trace of Emma “MenRScum” Watson from a character, I have a hard time giving a fuck. But calling for a boycott of a *stage play*?? Good gracious Niles, how will we ever cope… 😉

  35. I’m writing a book. It may not sell but whatever. Don’t care.
    I wanted a more realistic world with varying races. This comes into play and is more than just diversity for diversities sake.
    I was considering making some characters black, but it feels cheap. Doing a color swap is insulting. My characters have a history, a people and traditions. Making a white hit suddenly black is an insult to black people. Who you are is more than just your skin color.
    As a black man and an author, I dislike this and I will NEVER color swap my characters. If my character is black, you know where he came from. He won’t suddenly be a black guy from England in a land full of white people cause SJWs demand it.

  36. “I’m simply here to wonder, why does everyone else so covet the stories told by us villainous (and usually male) white people?”
    A key question.

  37. The colour and race of a character in a film, story or play aimed for children is not a thing worth fretting about when their are much more concerning issues going on in society that already directly effect us. We must focus our energy on the most critical issues in society (the education system, our malfunctioning politics, the celebration and promotion of sexual perversion), not trivial nonsense that belongs on a Harry Potter fan forum.
    Once the system and society is fixed, minor and trivial things such as this wont even be a dust particle on our radar. Wise up, Gentlemen.

  38. Long time quiet reader, infrequent commentor, and (recently) wavering supporter of this site.
    Is this really where we should be focusing? or is this site just starved for content?
    Stage plays often mix up characters because solid stage actors aren’t in huge supply. Although valid, this is minor concern at best and this article smacks of race baiting content. No-one is going back and re-writing the books!
    Are we so desperate to create “cheap” hype to draw traffic that we will put anything here now? This has been a notable trend on ROK and forces me to consider smarter content in the manosphere.
    Hollywood’s devising of new stories with a nonsensical degree of diversity is the real issue here. Not some stage play that the vast majority of the world isn’t going to see based on a book that isn’t changed.

  39. If the black woman in the second pic is supposed to be Noma, then that bitch is FUGLY!!!!!!!!

  40. They used to call this sampling when they stole hit music from the past but only using the catchy parts. They claim this was artistry and creativity. This is even worse. They’re taking the whole story.

  41. Harry Potter is a terrible franchise anyway, and as far as I’m concerned, all the characters could be gay, lesbian, authistic, black, brown, trans, etc. I don’t give a shit.

    1. My sentiment as well….
      Just to say, my two last flicks that I have seen, some years ago it was Garfield & lately Charlie Brown… No Caitlyn Jenner appearance in it, neither Conchita Wurst… LOL !

  42. As an African-American fan of the Harry Potter series, I am disappointed and insulted by the decision to cast a non-white actress to play Hermione.

  43. Well, first off I’d have to point out, fuck Harry Potter. It’s a woman book for women. Ohhh, Snape loved some whore and did noble stuff, so female erection. That’s the ENTIRE SERIES of books and movies culminated in a single scoff. But… if they put one more black actor in place of a white actor, I would assume it confirmation liberals are ready to lose the next civil war, as they are incompetent beta males who are afraid and unwilling to fight, and that we should fire the first shot.

    1. Eh, it’s somewhat of a children’s book but a woman book? It’s mostly fantasy and hardly any women I know enjoy sci fi or fantasy. I didn’t get any of the plot lines being feminine, except for the silly Harry has a crush on an Asian chick subplot that went nowhere.

      1. I’ve explained above why Harry Potter isn’t a children’s book. More or less. I just wanted to say I hate Cho Chang (the Asian subplot) and thought it was pretty stupid. That is all.
        Also I fucking love sci fi and fantasy what the hell not all women read kinky BDSM books mate.

    2. Let’s be real here. Harry Potter is a well thought out series which has entertained not only children but adults everywhere. You’ve just clamped onto one plot line, the Severus – Lily one, (which I find stupid and something that shouldn’t be used to defend Snape of his psychological abuse to students) when there are so many more and interesting plots, and thought out similarities, like Remus’ lycanthropy being linked to the real life AIDS and HIV discrimination.
      And read my other comment (if you wanna) about why the character’s skin colour was changed. Nothing to do with liberals and all that fucking shit you assume.

  44. Low-value, low-intelligent AFR*CAN AMERICAN people are very good at blaming and complaining until White people acquiesce. It is White acquiescence that has made them weak.
    To reiterate what the article already points out, which I have also thought about countless times in the privacy of my own mind: minorities, especially BL*CKS and WOMYN, will complain that White Patriarchy do not include them. Instead of USING THEIR OWN CREATIVITY to write and create their own characters, they go complain until Whites just give in.
    And before anyone says I’m racist: yes, I am racist, and yes, “Asian American” people bitch about things all the time too and demand “representation”.

  45. Firstly the white face line was because of fear. As in the color drained from her face. It’s common reference.
    Secondly what the f**k guys?! England has black people. They make up a substantial part of the population. Saying that for there to be a black character it needs to be in a ‘black country’ is idiotic.

  46. The article isn’t loading for me but I’ll say from what I’ve gathered from the title, I am assuming you think it’s some “SJW bullshit” or “feminist playwright”. It’s not.
    In actual fact, there isn’t an actual description of Hermione in the books (in terms of colour), from what I can remember there are two loose descriptions, one saying how her dark (or brown I can’t remember) texture glistened (along the lines of that). You get descriptions about her teeth and bushy hair, because they’re two of her defining characteristics, just like Harry’s green eyes and messy jet black hair or Ron’s flaming red hair and gangly frame.
    The movies just made her white for whatever reason, maybe because Emma showed such promise as a child or that JK specifically stated it.
    Also, if you do picture Hermione as a POC, it makes much more sense as to why she is so hell bent on rights for house elves (SPEW for those who can’t remember) [Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare], because as a POC of colour she has experienced prejudice so much of her life.
    Furthermore it is very common for stage actors of different colours and whatnot to be cast in roles. In stage, (The Cursed Child was made for stage) it’s common for that. Literally no one cares. You have the acting chops, you’re in.
    So please, stop trying to make such a big deal out of this and spouting bullshit about SJW’s taking over blah blah blah.
    *** Although let me state again, the article didn’t load for me so please excuse my last accusatory comments if the article wasn’t complaining ***

  47. Harry Potter is not now suddenly apart of the “social justice craze”. I have read the books a great number of times and I can tell you that the book includes references to inequailties besides the obvious blood status predjudice. There are direct examples from the text where J.K. Rowling condemns racism and sexism. For example, some of the bullies in the books made fun of a black character for her hairstyle and have used degrading language to other female characters. The entire book explains the supremacist mindset of wizards towards muggles (non wizards) and attempts to condemn predjudice. If you should also like (since you all seem to hate crazy social justice warriors) Rowling also condemns the concept of a “white hero” through Hermione’s obsession with the oppressed house elves. Rather than listen to their opinion, she tries to force her beliefs onto the elves in a very self righteous way. The entire series of Harry Potter makes a very clear social justice statement on both the pros and cons of its existence, so if you did not see this beforehand, I hope you do now even this is just a quick little summary. Mainly though, the books supported social change, even if they weren’t perfect. There is a little bit of ignorance when it came to the creation of the character Cho Chang’s name and the fact that she kind of hid Dumbledore’s sexuality wasn’t entirely progressive. Still, it aimed for social change and by you saying that the story has not been some “social justice nonsense” until now is completely wrong on your part.
    Also, there are many non-white people in Europe. Hermione could very well be of African descent or any other racial descent. Hermione should exist as a character for children to look up to, and changing her race does not at all change the core of who her character is, so why should it matter to you if she is black? Why are you whining? Is it that you refuse to love the same exact character because of her skin color? Hermione’s skin color may have changed, and it may still change, but if she is the exact same character, why are you upset?

  48. From the sound of things, they didn’t set out looking to cast a Black Hermione, its just they felt that the actress who got the part was best for the role and Rowling signed off on it and retconned a little bit to pretend that Hermione’s race was never established (which, to be fair, either way, her race was never integral to her character and a couple throwaway mentions in a series of that length is hardly enough to get bent out of shape about).

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