5 Serious Problems With The Alt Right Movement

Recently, Paul Ramsey published an excellent article here at ROK introducing the Alternative Right. While I sympathize with some of the goals of the alt right, I believe the movement as it is constituted today has serious weaknesses that will prevent it from succeeding.

Bona Fides


Because the alt right is such a new movement, it is at risk for being subverted (if that hasn’t happened already). Thus, I’ve noticed some alt righters are a little bit distrustful of people who say they are allies of the movement. To allay that realistic concern, I need to give you a little bit of my background.

I’m a first generation American. Both of my parents are European and my ancestors have all been Catholics for hundreds of years. In other words, I am 100% white by most people’s definition.

I come from a political family. On my mother’s side, my forebears were regional leaders. Both sides of my family were virulently anti-Marxist so it is no coincidence that I find myself battling the latest retread of Marxism in the form of SJWs.

Although I have not participated in any formal events that are associated with the alt right, I’ve been watching the movement for the past year. A perusal of my writing here at ROK and at my blog will show that I’ve been consistently supportive of nationalism, patriarchy, and tradition—ideas that align well with a large segment of the alt right.

My goal in writing is to help men move society in this direction. It is with this in mind that I highlight the following problems with the movement.

1. Lack of organization


Most of us are familiar with the story of the 300 Spartan warriors who made a stand against a Persian force numbering close to one million at the Battle of Thermopylae. Yet the secret to the Spartan’s fighting prowess was not that each man was an individual MMA badass, but that they were trained to fight as a coordinated unit in the phalanx formation. In other words, it was organization that made the Spartan armies great.

If a movement is tightly coordinated, even a small group of men can achieve disproportionate results. The Bolshevik takeover of Russia, the rise of the National Socialists in Germany, and even the American Revolution are examples of what can be done when relatively small groups of dedicated men work together.

One of the alt right’s biggest weaknesses is that it is an informal movement. Most of the movement’s followers preach its ideas on Twitter and 4chan. While there is some intellectual firepower behind the movement, its lack of formality makes it inconsequential when compared to the well-organized establishment parties.

2. Lack of a plan


Let’s avoid this

Probably the biggest unifying principle in the alt right is the desire for an all white state, but there is no real plan to get there. I’ve seen some ideas floated, but they are not pleasant options. One is to await the inevitable collapse of the US as we know it today (i.e. it’s destruction). Presumably, those who are prepared can then strike out to form a new nation that does not repeat the same mistakes that the US made.

But there is no guarantee that the United States will collapse anytime soon. A more likely scenario is the US will evolve into a surveillance state to “protect us” from all the Muslim immigrants that are conveniently being allowed into the country.

A second, less frequently discussed option, is civil war that would lead to a white state. But the US still has the finest military in the world, and the controlling elites would have no problem slaughtering thousands of “right wing terrorists” to maintain their control. For sane people, any sort of bloodshed should be the option of last resort.

The lack of a serious plan to make things better leaves us with hope for something that may not happen in our lifetimes—or even in our children’s lifetimes.

3. Utopian view of white people


One of the best observations of the alt right is that you cannot divorce culture from race. If you replace all the Frenchmen in France with Arabs, it would no longer be France. If whites cease to be a majority in the US, the character of the country will change. Even the Italian and Irish immigration of the late 19th and early 20th centuries diminished the Anglo-Saxon character of the US. Filling the US with Central Americans will make the US more like Central America.

But we should not be under any illusions that an all-white state would take us back to the late 1950s. White people have been conditioned for generations to oppose nationalism. Our public education system teaches that nationalism, the radical idea that a government should benefit its own people, inevitably leads to war and totalitarianism. That’s why when Trump proposed closing the borders to illegal immigration and limiting legal immigration, he was immediately attacked as being a new Hitler.

American whites have also been taught that they do not have any tradition. I once had a conversation with a teacher who was coordinating an “international day” at her school. She complained that she felt bad because the Africans, Pakistanis, Asians, and Indians had such rich cultures while her white American culture was “nothing.”

I had to explain to her that she was an inheritor of what is arguably the greatest culture in the world: Western culture. On top that, I pointed out that American culture is very distinctive and that it has a reputation for excellence. After all, it was the US that put a man on the moon.

For any nationalist movement to work in the US, the culture and all its institutions need to be reoriented to remove the self-loathing that whites have for themselves. The institutions must be changed to create citizens who are proud of their heritage, and who put the needs of their nation ahead of globalist concerns. This can’t be done with memes alone.

Without these changes, any success of the alt right would be short lived.

4. Inability to cause genuine harm to conservative establishment

Meeting of the Cuckservative Jedi High Council

In one of the forgettable Star Wars prequels, Darth Maul says: “At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.” Emboldened by the Donald Trump campaign, many alt right people took to Twitter to engage the cuckservative establishment Jedi.

The cuckservatives immediately found that they were no match for the alt right. None of the usual thought-stopping epithets worked. The happy warriors of the alt right laugh at being called racists or Nazis. But while the establishment is not able to answer the alt right arguments using reason, they are now very aware of the existence of the alt right as a real force—and they are hell bent to crush it.

The establishment will use a three-prong approach. The first is to purge the alt right as being beyond the pale of the Conservative Movement. National Review, the primary organ of the Republicans, has dismissed alt right ideas as the ravings of “racist peckerwoods” who are “on the wrong side of history.” National Review even deletes the comments of their readers who agree with the alt right.

The purging of the alt right has been successful. Apart from Ann Coulter, not a single mainstream pundit is willing to defend alt right ideas.

The second step the establishment will use is to focus on stopping the candidacy of Donald Trump. While Trump himself is not a subscriber to the alt right, his promises to curb Mexican and Islamic immigration make him a champion to his alt right supporters.

The entire Republican establishment is working on defeating Trump’s nomination through funding anti-Trump ads and by procedural tricks that will make it more difficult for Trump to win the primaries. The GOP elite hope that if Ted Cruz can siphon off enough votes from Trump, it could open the door to a brokered convention where an establishment-approved candidate such as Jeb or Rubio could emerge with the nomination.

If these measures fail, it is likely that the GOP elite will run a third party donor-owned candidate to frustrate the democratic process and hand victory to Hillary or Bernie. A Trump defeat would land a demoralizing blow to the alt right. It would leave the movement with no political representation at any level.

The third step in suppressing the alt right is taking away its methods of communicating. The movement relies heavily on social media to spread its message, but Twitter has recently announced censorship rules that will make it easier to ban alt right accounts that are “offensive,” and thus severely limit any further growth.

The alt right prides itself on being younger and smarter than the GOP establishment, but at this point it looks like the stodgy establishment is poised to strangle the alt right.

5. Alienating and purging allies


Exclude the Russian girl. Too Slavic.

There’s a saying on the alt right that runs, “No enemies to the right.” It is a reaction to the type of purging the mainstream conservative movement has engaged in. Despite this dictum, I see a lot of discussion in alt right circles excluding various people from the movement.

For example, I recently had a conversation with an Asian lady who has been in the US for over 40 years. She’s a big Trump supporter and she favors completely shutting down immigration. She agrees that whites are being marginalized by the current immigration policies. Far from being an proponent of diversity, she would actually prefer to live in a majority white country—after all, she left her own country for a reason.

Under certain understandings of the alt right, this woman, who is a natural ally, would be excluded while a white leftist like Rachel Maddow would be welcomed.

The purging is not limited to nonwhite allies. A small group of people associated with the alt right appear to even want to create a pecking order of white people using actual genetic test results. My guess is that this tendency is mostly coming from the 14/88 groups that Paul Ramsey referenced in his article.

In one case, I saw someone on Twitter cast aspersions at the Irish as being somehow beneath Anglo-Saxons and Nordics. Another person was fixated on German descent. His definition of being German was even more rigorous than what the National Socialists espoused.

Suffice it to say that any American movement that not only purges blacks, Asians, and Hispanics, but also segments of the white population is set to fail.


In the end the biggest problem with the alt right is that a portion of it is too idealistic. By setting the goal of an all white nation, it ignores the possibility of dramatically improving what we have now. Personally, I am unwilling to wait for decades for something that may never happen. Rather, the way forward is a turn toward nationalism using democratic means.

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695 thoughts on “5 Serious Problems With The Alt Right Movement”

  1. Good article. It’s not complicated. its pro-white vs. anti-white. Whites need to cultivate every ally they can in order to survive. Don’t be a cuck and throw allies under the bus.

  2. #1 is a very bad idea. Organising would allow the altright to be decapitated by smearing its leaders, and having any leadership positions at all invites corruption, as hangers-on try to entrench themselves in positions of power and influence.
    Better to be anon and highly mobile – attacking cucks with ideas rather than formalised representation.
    TL;DR Fuck organisation!

    1. I think the issue is more or organizing without a dedicated leadership to cut off. There needs to be some organisation but that doesn’t mean establishing a ACORN group.

      1. The organisation and coordination would probably be improved if there was a central place for discussion, as right now the alt-right is sort of segregated into a bunch of different community sites and of course /pol/. That said, you can’t really just mandate a particular platform to become popular, you just have to hope that it happens organically… I dunno. It would certainly be a lot of fun to coordinate targets.

  3. This kind of movement is impossible to lead (rightfully so), and attracts all kinds of characters. It’s about trolling the establishment to get them to honestly discuss the collapse of western civilization at the hands of modern (((elites)))

    1. This is the only reason why I put support behind Trump.
      Heck what’s really entertaining is looking at timeline of an atheist friend who use the topic of Trump to draw out the Atheism Plus SJWs. The mere word gets that crowd of entryists into a frothing rage.

  4. Hierarchy and division of labor is the number one way individuals in the alt-right can further their goals and agenda. That being said it is extremely hard to organize in such a fashion when it is such a disconnected group with next to zero support from member to member in the real world. Hence ROK international meetup being the only chance people of our persuasions have at forming close groups close to home. Contrary to what ROK readers think about college students there is an ever growing divide between SJW powerhouse and students being pushed towards the fringe and easily converted to our ideology. Happy Hunting and try to start even more localized groups.

  5. “A more likely scenario is the US will evolve into a surveillance state
    to ‘protect us’ from all the Muslim immigrants that are conveniently
    being allowed into the country.”
    As much as I like him, even Trump has espoused pro-surveillance views. I want him to be President – since he would be no better than anyone else on the NSA issue and he would be a victory on all the other issues. But we really need to look out for this. Sometimes I wonder if it’s by design that Greenwald, Snowden, Drake, etc espouse insane cultural leftist bullshit to alienate masculine conservatives from the privacy cause. But it’s so obvious that shit is going to be turned against us. Just look at what’s already happening with the censorship/arrests in Europe for “anti migrant speech” and what’s starting in the US Twitter accounts getting banned – Chuck Johnson, Heartiste, and Milo is probably on his way out. Those are just the public figures you hear about – it’s happening on a much larger scale. And it’s going to get worse.

  6. The only thing you would really need to end feminism is widespread use of lifelike sex robots… until they regulate the industry so that it’s either illegal or so that the robots need to have ‘healthy’ body types.
    Bring on the Islamapocalypse.

  7. Video of Ramzpaul responding to the AltRight being upset that he doesn’t hate Roosh.

    There are such huge fucked up issues going on that I don’t understand why different sections of the manosphere spend time attacking each other. I don’t mean that with reference to the above article however, which is in the spirit of constructive criticism.

    1. They went completely apeshit over that video. The Alt Right white nationalists (which I am) are currently on this “protect our women” campaign even though “our women” are a fucking mess (understatement) and are big gov’t incarnate wanting to share a piece of the pie (they didn’t bake) with all their minority friends of the world. I keep telling them that unless they can fight “our women” first (who are frankly not part of the movement [save a few ugly ones])….how are they going to fight rapeugees or invaders or cultural marxists or whatever?

      1. “Protect our women”. Women that do not deserve protection. They need to end up with their panties around their necks before they learn anything.
        So the white nationalists are white knighting. Doktor Jeep is not impressed.

        1. So you are telling me that my daughter doesn’t deserve my protection? If that is what it takes to be allies with y’all, you can fuck yourselves.

        2. I think he’s saying that he dislikes the alt right notion to protect all white women because they’re not virtuous, meanwhile you’re bringing up an example of a specific girl (daughter) you know to be virtuous.

        3. OK?… Ethno nationalist altrighters are not saying save “ALL” white women though. I would like quotes if you guys are going to make that claim. Like I said, we probably hate degenerate white feminist far more than you all do. So either way this is bull shit. When we say save white people, we only mean the ones that are worth saving. The welcome all refugees crowd can get raped to death for all I care.

        4. Yeah yeah we all get that.
          You’re getting too hung up on this particular issue.
          Hang around here a little while and you’ll see where our ideas mix-and-match. We don’t use such specific language all the time because we all sorta-kinda-ish-know each other and we’ve seen the main ideas evolve over some time… years for some of us.

        5. Well it is strange that you and I have identical goals of preserving our kin, yet I am a militant Christian fundamentalist, and you are a white nationalist.

      1. Men have allies and the have enemies. And men can even honor, respect, and glorify their enemies. What’s greater than fighting a worthy foe and winning?
        Although there is danger in respecting your enemies too much, as the original Knight Templar are rumored to have done with the Muslims.

  8. The answer is simple, and rooted in the comprehension of Jewish tactics.
    Jews have always looked to destroy their opponents by dividing them, looking for stress lines within a movement (Blacks and Arabs in the West, Nordic and Southern Europeans in the Alt Right, etc.) and trolling them under an assumed identity (“Arab girls loves to fuck Black men!”, “Fuck Southern mongrels, they’re not pure white!”).
    This is how they keep their own ascendancy as a minority : divide and conquer. They’ve always done it, and always will, it’s a cultural trait which allowed them to survive and thrive despite being a hated minority.
    How to counter this? Simple, publicize this tactic as much as you can, and exclude anyone you catch using it. Accuse them of being Jews, or Jew-controlled, and banish them from the discussion/group. Zero tolerance. There will be some initial attrition, but once this tactic becomes a huge taboo, we’ll be immune.

    1. Excellent comment. I see this CONSTANTLY in the altRight and I am starting to call it out now.
      But it is NOT just jew infiltration. There is also a lot of autism – smart people with extremely poor communication skills who do not understand how to get people working together for the common good.
      Also a lot of immaturity, I think, among those who just want to attack people on the same side. Who does that? Infiltrators, mentally ill people and immature, self centered people.

    2. isn’t it astonishing that throughout the history of humanity this simple tactics was only used by Jews – and overlooked by anyone else? you’d think that at least ancient Greeks and Romans could do better!

  9. I do not think that alt-right is unified by desire for an all-white state. Most of us would probably be well pleased with a solid white majority and an elite and government in which our interests are well-represented. Our enemies are so openly hostile to us now that we are unified simply by opposition. We should not fall into infighting over long-term goals at this point.
    Trump is appealing because he represents an American nationalism that is unquestionably culturally and majority white (and Christian), but is tolerant and accepting of non-whites who are willing to assimilate to it. This classic American nationalism may or may not have a long-term future, but at this point it is the best unifying vision for the unaffiliated American whites that we desperately need to reach out to.

    1. Cultural homogeneity is much easier to digest (and explain) than a movement toward ethnic homogeneity. When Africans, Asians, Hispanics, etc, want to learn English, work honestly, follow a roughly Judeo-Christian set of moral standards, and live freely, then I can’t think of any rational reason they should be excluded. (Some of the most pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-conservatism people I’ve ever met are 1st generation West African Christian immigrants)
      The groups the alt-Right consistently excludes are the people who demand their own little isolated cultures and special privileges subsidized by taxes from citizens in the culture they reject. It turns out that those lines are clearly seen down racial lines. They aren’t quite drawn down racial lines though. I would hire a pro-Trump working black or Hispanic for my own company every time over a white BlackLivesMatter protester.
      Then again, While I follow and love the Alt-Right, I’m not a very good Alt-Righter myself. I absolutely believe that a strongly-limited Republic with the right limiting factors for political involvement is better than a Monarchy.

      1. Well said, and it echoes my comment above. So long as one espouses certain values and ideals, race ought not to be a determining factor. Heck, if a wild-eyed Abdullah shuns the ways of a barbarian, repents, and deeply and genuinely espouses Life, Liberty, and the Rule of Law … then he’s welcome at my home anytime, and will be even given the honorary name of “MacAbdullah” as he participates in the Highland Games.

      2. i’ve been feeling gradually more disillusioned with the overt racism of the alt right lately. i despise how the left cynically uses racism as a political weapon, and i honestly used to think that the cartoonish 1950s racism you see at sites like heartiste was a fictional leftist strawman, since i’d never encountered it in real life. but now i see people on the alt right arguing, for example, that the children of racially mixed marriages are “weak” or that black people are demonstrably less intelligent than white and asians, which just seems delusional to me based on my experiences in the real world. “weak” isn’t an adjective i’d use to describe elliot hulse or dwayne johnson, and i know i’ve worked with black guys who are far more intelligent than me.

        1. “i’ve been feeling gradually more disillusioned with the overt racism of the alt right lately”
          Whites are at the 11th hour, we are facing genocide in a generation (20 years). Witness Germany, it is ending with only 11 million fertile age Germans. Two thousand years of identity and history will be over in 20 years.
          We’ve tried everything else, we’ve tried compromise, reason, kindness, generosity, affirmative action.
          We have the right to survive as a race. If you want to us to survive as a race then you are racist, though I would reject the word itself as it is too preloaded. You have to accept that. What I suspect you are rebelling against is the incredibly heavy conditioning of shame and guilt propaganda that makes you feel you can’t stand up for our own persecuted people. Every other race has the right to survive, except Whites, why only us? We are only 6% of the worlds population now.

        2. I think the AltRight’s biggest stumbling block is the ever-difficult division of genetics and culture, and the inevitable effect of selection bias.
          For example, my own experiences DO reinforce the idea that African-Americans are less intelligent than Anglo-Europeans and Asians. I’ve only met a few in the slave-descended black American population who are even fully functional adults, and I work with dozens.
          Fresh African immigrants however, are an entirely different story in my anecdotal experience. They are genetically only divergent for a few centuries, but they are as culturally dissimilar as could be. So, recent African immigrants seem just fine, but the countries they come from are corrupt shitholes.
          The reason for this is probably that I’ve met African immigrants who are within +2 to +3 Std Deviations on the distribution of brains. Thus, their ability to even migrate to America.
          My line of work has likely brought me into contact with African-Americans who are between -3 and 0 Std Deviations in their population distribution.
          This confusion in language seems to make many people stumble. Saying that “blacks are less intelligent than whites” is really saying that, when taken as a population, the median intelligence of blacks lies below the median intelligence of whites. The personal experiences where a black man is actually smarter than you does not disprove the idea, since he could very well be in the 92nd percentile for his race while you’re in the 85th.
          The race discussion gets to be lots of conflicted bullshit. So again, the obvious answer to me is fighting for segregation by cultural, moral, and philosophical standards, and simply accepting it when those divisions also fall along racial lines.

        3. The British experience shows that certain immigrant blacks from Ghana and Nigeria perform equal to Whites. It’s probably tribal, there’s a lot of diversity in Africa but its a minority.

        4. You’re conflating anecdote, and personal experience with large demographics. In my personal experience, the vast majority of my interactions with people from a different race/religion were greatly negative. Whose view is correct? Mine or yours?
          Studies, census information, and other data points to interracial marriages as more prone to divorce, domestic abuse, child abuse, etc. Your examples of Dwayne Johnson are statistically insignificant. I’m sorry.

        5. The time for waffling is over. Go ahead and continue to be nailed to a cross because of racial issues. That is fine, but you should not be upset that others are saying “fuck that.”

        6. I agree with everything you said but treating other races as the enemy will get you nowhere. No one is stopping whites from reproducing besides themselves. With the resources Whites have, they have the capacity to out produce every other race. Yet they choose not to due to the erosion of family values. Selfishness through feminism has caused this to happen.

        7. see, i don’t know about that. take my last job. the only two guys in my department who weren’t flabby man boobs with big guts were these two black guys who lifted. i lift too. it was something we had in common. the one black guy had a thing for knocking up various women over the world like kids were a collection and i didn’t approve of that, but he was smart and interesting and knew a few foreign languages, another interest of mine. the other black guy was smart as hell and just an all-around good guy. you probably would have hated him because of his thick alabama blackcent alone (e.g. “now we gots ta do dis”) but i have enough experience with other cultures and languages to know that grammar and accent have nothing to do with intelligence. besides, he was just a cool guy. yet, by your logic i should have hung out with white dudes who spent all day droning on about their days in the military, while trying to hide my disgust at the thought that their tits are probably bigger than my wife’s.

        8. Personally, I recommend being somewhat guarded with work relationships, especially in today’s political climate, no matter what the race of the person is. Other than that, nice anecdotal straw man.

        9. i could go on and on with examples like the above, my point being that i care a lot more about what a guy is like than the color of his skin. is it possible that white people are smarter than blacks on average? maybe, but i’ve worked with enough highly intelligent black guys to make me suspect the difference is negligible.
          most of the reasons you hate black people stem from human nature. that is, most people would rather blame someone else (in this case, whitey) for their problems, and accept government handouts instead of improving themselves. i’d likely do the same, had i been brought up that way. regardless, some black guys get it. this is a long video, but watch it and tell me this guy isn’t inspiring:

        10. not sure whose view is correct. you’ve got studies, so link them and i’ll look at them. of course, studies are only as good as the vast number of variables they manage to take into account, not to mention outright bias and falsification.
          about your negative experiences with other races and religions, think through a few of them and ask yourself if you’ve ever had a similar experience with a white guy. i think you just notice more if you’re white and a black guy, say, steals from you or threatens to kick your ass and you have to back down than when a white guy does it. some of the most awful people i’ve met in my travels have been russian, and they are as white as they come. meanwhile, in central america, people were mostly dark skinned and indigenous, and i rarely had any problems with even rudeness, let alone violence. then again, one reason for that is that if you do piss someone off in el salvador or honduras, he’s likely to just shoot you, so people in general are very polite. whereas in russia, the guy you offended will just get his friends together and kick your ass, but not actually murder you. so like i said, many variables in this equation.

        11. i’d like to see the white race survive, although not enough to avoid marrying my brown-skinned, thick accented central american wife, i guess. i’m a bit of a paradox, because i feel tremendous pride in my northern european heritage and i hate the fact that even expressing that would put me under suspicion of “racism” from the loony, yet inexplicably powerful, SJW crowd. at the same time, i’ve never been able to work up a serious disdain for other races, not even the jews and blacks, apparently the most hated on here and on heartiste.

        12. First, I don’t hate blacks. My outlook is based on a preference for my own people rather than a hatred for anyone else. I do not mind if other races of people have a preference for their own either. I consider it natural. I also was not brought up this way. My parents were liberal. I came to my conclusions through my own observations.
          Second, I am not your enemy. I am not going to argue with someone who FEELS this way about something, as it is pointless. There is plenty of information out there on levels of intelligence between the races based on IQ testing, grades, and standardized tests. They all deal with averages, so of course there will be individual blacks that are smart. There is also the direct comparison in scientific and civilization accomplishments. If someone chooses to overlook that for a preference in personal experiences so be it.

        13. throw me some links and i’ll look at them. even if you do have links from unbiased sources, it’s still probably cultural. a black guy who expresses an interest in science, engineering, or philosophy will typically be mocked as “trying to be white” by other blacks. most will let the crabs in their bucket drag them down, hence the apparent difference in intelligence.

        14. There needs to be a distinction made between racism brought about by generalizations of fact and racism brought about by pure hate.
          When you say blacks are prone to be criminals in the US compared to other races, based on those already imprisoned, it’s a safe generalization to make. Same thing goes for saying whites are more prone to commit white collar crimes compared to other races.
          And of course there are exceptions to all rules and generalizations.
          But when you say Blacks don’t deserve to work here or blacks aren’t good enough to do so and so then that could very well stem from hate and these kinds of distinctions should never be made.
          And guess what? If you feel bad about it and cry and bitch well too bad. It’s up to you to prove you are exceptional and rise above those stereotypes. That’s the price everybody pays when they are not native to their country of residence.

        15. That’s because native African blacks from Africa have a rich culture, know who they are, and have pride for their identity.

        16. Let’s say you are right, and it is all culture… The outcome is the same. Whether it is black culture, or black biology they are not on the same level as whites and should therefor be separated from. It would benefit both whites and blacks. No more racism from whites, and no more rent seeking from blacks.

        17. I’m with you. I’m not married but I can’t get over the ridiculous beatdown that Slavic, Latin and Asian women are giving to Anglo women. The overrating of Anglo women in order to fit alt-right visions is impossible to take seriously.

        18. Bucky should be named Cucky. He is clearly a self-flagellating wussy. However, there are jews pretending they are white, and they are adding their venom to make white power look mean and crazy. Keep that in mind.

        19. There are jews infiltrating the white power scene. They try to make us look cruel and crazy.
          The jews pretend they are white and then they promote terrorism and killing non-white children, for example.
          These jews are very persistent and they call me all kinds of names, while insisting they are white.
          You as a white man about to marry non-white fiance, I do not resent. I only resent white women who stray from the race.

        20. I don’t know why you think Dwayne Johnson is so great. So he has a strong physique. So what? Manhood has always been defined by courage in the face of death, throughout history, not merely by a strong physique.

        21. No, I singled out Cromwell because he was singularly responsible for the forced racial integration with jews in England. No woman did that. Many English women have been flattered by jews since. Cromwell did that.

        22. i’d guess that you’re projecting about the cuckold fetish. at any rate, easy for you to say from the safety of your keyboard.

        23. what i was addressing was the argument that mixed raced children are somehow “weak” which just seems ludicrous to me. for another example of a supposedly “weak” zebra, check out elliot hulse, one of my favorite power lifting/strength training gurus, on youtube. white mother, black father, and one hell of a strong and manly dude. extremely intelligent too.

        24. There you go again. You’re obnoxiously queer in your flattery of non-white men, based on physical strength which appears to be your only criteria for manliness. It is pathetic.

        25. again, projecting your fetishes on me. it’s unbecoming and unmanly.
          the original argument that i was addressing was that the physical health and strength of mixed race children is inferior. again, i see no evidence of that. regardless, elliot hulse would be an example of a zebra who projects strength in all senses, not merely physical.

        26. I’m trying to help you break a bad habit shared by millions of other white men who think negro NFL players and negro NBA players are the epitome of manhood.

        27. Contemplate my profile picture. It’s Napoleon. Only 5’5″ and not such an impressive athletic specimen. He united about as much of Europe as Adolf Hitler did. These are good examples of racial manhood for you to praise.

        28. see, there i think can agree with you. even in my pre-red pill days, i would always kind of roll my eyes when i’d see a “celebrate diversity” bumper sticker or hear some talking head politician say that “diversity is our strength.” i was well aware that most people prefer their own kind and thought of diversity as a burden that america must contend with due to its history. in fact, i’m still kind of amazed that we manage to keep the country together and not devolve into a rwanda/bosnia type civil war type situation. in nowhere near as patriotic as i once was, but i guess it’s says something positive about america.
          i’ve talked to white separatists and listened to black separatists online, but to me it’s a bit like people who honestly think that overpopulation can be solved by colonizing other planets. sounds great in theory, but far too complex to pull off in the real world.

        29. i’m not trying to be mean, but if you find my admiring a zebra or a black guy because of his character and individual accomplishments threatening and think it means i don’t admire white men with the same qualities, there’s really something wrong with you.
          here’s an example of a white man i deeply admire below. i’m of scandanavian decent, and i love this guy. he’s like a throwback to the viking age, before those of my kind who stayed in the mother country were emasculated. it’s so goddamn inspiring to watch his training sessions and hear him talk, yet sad because it forces you to think of all that sweden has lost, and in a very short time:

        30. I’m sure before your wife cucked you, you were a emotional leftoid, with no rational inductive or deductive skills. Like a girlz

        31. actually, not entirely off the mark, at least before i found the red pill/neomasculinity. yeah, my first wife cheated on me. it sucked. i doubled down, thinking that if i “loved her unconditionally” and “worked on the relationship,” it would make it all better. after all, she was “the one.” what can i say? i was a beta idiot back then, didn’t know any better. i’m sure i have lots of company here, other guys whose suffering led them to roosh and ROK.
          still i must have had at least some reasoning skills back then, since i’m here now and i’m a devout right-wing reactionary. i just don’t buy the overt racism on heartiste and other alt right sites. i’m willing to discuss it, but guys like you who only have ad-hominems and nothing else frankly remind me of SJWs and make me suspect there’s not much there, which is really what i want to believe since i know a lot of dark-skinned people i quite like and i’m not particularly excited for a race war or the collapse of america. as a rational male, it seems to me that your best course would be to attempt to reason with me, but it’s up to you.

        32. You’re speaking of the civilization the west devolved into, not what it would have been had it held the course. Your observations and choices are post-Rome.

        33. And in a country that returns to it’s European roots, none of us would be worrying about black people’s problems.
          We’d be watching positive videos featuring white people.

        34. Nigerians fill the prisons in the south of Ireland. Somalis they are not but to compare them to the British population is laughable.

        35. Marcus Follin is okay, but he places too much emphasis on pageantry, not enough on being a racial soldier. He should be talking about guns more than biceps.

        36. I have not lurking at “Chateau Heartiste”, but what I expect to find there is a healthy amount of race loyalty as reaction to boasting criminality of negro men and then excessive zeal against Muslims, religion distracting from race, and then very weak opposition to the jews. This is the typical alt-right racial attitude.
          The alt-right is not racist enough, and perhaps if you saw a more strict racial worldview, you would see the even-handedness and decency of it.

        37. White men have been denuded by affirmative action. The act of having children had been turned into a communal and taxable event under the guise of racial and gender politics by non whites.

        38. whoever heartiste is/are, he/they are a great writer and i agree with a lot of their stuff. for example they’re against letting millions of muslims into europe all at once, as any sane person who doesn’t want to see europe destoryed would be.
          i’ll read anyone who is interesting though. i thoroughly enjoy mark ames’ and john dolan’s writing, even though they are despicable commie degenerates.

        39. I oppose all non-white immigration into Europe. I insist on deporting the non-whites who are already there. Those who focus excessively on Islam are almost always squishy on the jewish problem, and believe it or not, usually weak against the negro menace also. It’s a problem of emphasis and proportion.
          Like I said, I have not lurked much at Chateau Heartiste. I only told you what I expect to find there. The strongest white racialist must be committed to the defeat of Israel and the exile of all jews from Europe for one thousand years, for a start.

        40. White men can’t afford to form families because no one can afford to form families. The parents are not assumed to be responsible for feeding, housing, clothing, educating or providing child care to their own children except through federal agencies. These agencies were organized by feminist Marxists to attack white male hegemony. Any attempt to roll them back would be attacked as racist and sexist as happened a few years back in my county when defunding daycare was proposed. Should whites just procreate irresponsibly and become democrats or what? Do all minorities have it worse than all white men? What percentage of heroic black single mother’s pay anything in income tax?

        41. When I said minorities, I meant minority men. Women of all races, especially white women, have arguably never had it better than they do in our Marxist society today, now that they are married to big daddy government. And as much as white men seem to love to complain about their race rapidly vanishing (which admittedly is a legitimate concern), that sure hasn’t stopped a lot of you, including my father, from marrying women of color. If anything I would say black men have it the worst in terms of family formation, considering that 72% of black children are born out of wedlock, and single motherhood is the norm in the majority of black communities.

        42. I agree that black men have it bad, especially responsible lower status men in that community. I have seen it firsthand. But whenever any policies that would help them with bargaining power with the opposite sex come up the issues are quickly tossed aside by racial tribalism. Jim Brown the football star wanted to throw black men under the bus recently in an interview after seeing out of control activists.

        43. quote” i know i’ve worked with black guys who are far more intelligent than me.”
          I never have–and most often it is not even close.

        44. Racism arises from the observation of nature. The odd conclusion is think that each group of living beings is equal to other even when they’re different for a variety of other traits. I also know a lot of dark skin people and they are stupids, except one indian who is above average, although not a genius.
          Since I can’t argue with you, because you have a very very positive experience with non whites and you ground your conclusion on that. I prefer more information aside of that coming from my daily life.
          History, genetics, anthropology. There is a considerable amount of information out there that hasn’t been made from “scientific racists” but it will lead you to the truth, the same and only truth, the same that is seen in every site except human groups. Try it as a expansion of the red pill, the first time you took it you were hurt by womynz, that time you don’t need a bad experience just curiosity.

        45. give me some specific references, and i’ll look at them. however, my experience with most hardcore racists like you has been that you immediately engage in ad hominems (as you did with me) and “no true scottsman” fallacies when you meet a white guy who disagrees with you rather than presenting any specific, rational arguments, much like the SJWs do.
          that’s the irony of my position. since i don’t consider a guy who robs a convenience store then attacks a cop and gets a shot a martyr just because he’s black, the SJWs consider me a “racist.” however, i’m not enough of a racist for your ilk, so you freak out and project your apparent cuckold and homosexual fantasies onto me.

        46. it might help that i work in IT. lots of brilliant people in IT, and if a black guy solves a complex problem or understands a complex technology that you don’t, his superior intelligence is readily apparent. also, i’ve lived overseas for a large part of my adult life and learned many foreign languages. i think a lot of times when white people think blacks are stupid, it’s because of their blackcent and non-standard grammar, neither of which have anything to do with actual intelligence.

        47. I said that you were a irrational leftist, in the past. Now I am sure you are redpilled and more rational.
          I’m too lazy to search it and I’m busy with exams.

        48. With rare exception no so called ‘racist’ has treated other races as the enemy though in many cases they are hostile, people pretend not to be hostile of course.
          As far as the reproduction rate goes. Over 25 years ago I started being a keyboard warrior blogging, writing posts on Usenet, posting letters to newspapers etc. on the fertility issue.
          There was a consistent pattern of yewish folks opposing me. The reason is simple: they preferred immigration as a way to minoritise Whites. At that time people weren’t so politically correct either.
          They came up with all sorts of other reasons such as that we don’t want to turn women into baby making factories or that it was ‘nazi’ like. (My argument was that an economy must be optimised to produced at least births equalling deaths.
          Feminism was started with people with names such as Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Susan Sontag and many others.
          You can get all the proof you need from Kevin McDonalds excellent book “The culture of Critique” which is available as kindle or pdf (just read the forward).
          The culture of critique refers to the constant destruction and criticism of western culture through media, music and images that has taken us to the point we are on death row.
          Of course it isn’t just chosenites.
          The complete abandonment of anything that could be called morality and respect of the population by elites due to them subsisting true morality with something that should only apply to economics: lais·sez-faire

        49. In 1960 (In Australia) one could buy a home for 38 weeks of average male weekly earnings. It is now 7 years or more.
          Immigration has driven up the price of housing by creating incessant high demand. Its the same in the UK, US etc.
          This was done by elites positioned to take advantage of this, those building houses and operating shipping centres. women do extra work, can’t have children but immigrants replace those dying off.
          It is genocide via the corrosive demoralisation of our youth by a White hostile media.

        50. I don’t know we can say the elites demanded this, it would be more accurate to say the voters demanded this. Taxing the productive, embracing moral relativism as well as government paternalism, demanding entitlement after entitlement, denouncing the very concept of personal responsibility.

        51. Anonymous conservative in his book “r/K or politics” says the liberal strategy is to a r type which is to exploit resources by a parasitic strategy.
          Surplus production intrinsically leads to socialism, welfares and victim groups to try and exploit the excess.
          Most people avoid whiney whingey people that never pull their fair share. However the government can’t.
          Nevertheless I assert that Whites are the victims of a subverted racial hostility we could barely fathom. Nothing else explains the senselessness of the immigration we are seeing so well. Nothing else is so deadly, so final.

        52. Most of our problems stem from the fact that too many people are allowed to vote. Once it is admitted that everyone has an equal say then all bets are off.

        53. Dude NEUROPLASTICITY, also ever thought that political upheaval has nothing to do with genetics bit Corporate interest?

        54. I’m not doing your research for you. Its easily observed that white women with black men will end up more abused, divorced, or murdered, google interracial divorce rates.
          Russians and many Slavic peoples are white in skin color, but come from a completely different genetic haplogroup than Western European whites.

        55. huh. most white nationalists i talk to consider russians 100% legitimate good white folk and natural allies. they are certainly more likely to be openly racist than western europeans and north americans.
          as far as “it’s easily observed” i don’t know. maybe there are studies out there, not that you can just take studies at face value. anyway, you’ve just done what every hardcore racist (white or black) i’ve ever talked to has done: 1) claim that science supports you and 2) when pressed present no evidence. since i’m a right-wing white guy who is willing to discuss race, i’d think it would be worth your time to try to convince me (and those reading along) but obviously it’s up to you.

        56. And you would think that if you were honestly curious about this topic, it would be worth your time educating yourself. I see that’s not something you really care about.
          By the sheer volume of your posts on this article, it looks to me like you have plenty of time on your hands that I don’t. In my first response I directed you to google interracial divorce rates.
          This is such a quick and simple action, but you would rather write yet another post and compare me to, no, wait, let’s be honest – call me – racist. It’s almost like you don’t
          want to be proven wrong and you’ve already made up your mind about this
          entire issue.
          You claim to be right-wing, and yet your inability to be inquisitive about this topic, and self-reliant in finding resources to further your knowledge leads me to believe you’re misrepresenting yourself. You’re also very quick to use malicious accusatory language designed to attack character rather than argument, coined by Marxists in the 20th century which self hating whites, Jewish “intellectuals” in academia, BLM, La Raza, half of my professors in college and multiple other minority identity groups now claim only can apply to white people. Remember, people of color can only be “bigoted”.
          I’ll throw you a bone, look into 2002 National Survey of Family Growth. Pay attention to their findings on interracial divorce rates between white women with non-white male partners. Something tells me you won’t though.

        57. if it makes you feel better about my “malicious accusatory language” this is the process that usually ensues if i question white supremacy on ROK:
          1) a white supremacist responds, calling me a homosexual or “cuck.”
          2) i point out that this an ad-hominem rather than a rational argument, and also a likely projection of said white supremacist’s own repressed sexual fetishes.
          3) white supremacist responds by saying that science backs him up. i ask for specifics. white supremacist has nothing.
          you’ve done a little better. you have an actual study showing that white women don’t do well in marriages to non-white men. this i don’t doubt. mixed-culture marriages are a bad idea in most cases.
          none of that has much to do with my original points, that i see no evidence that mixed-race children are somehow “weak” or that black people are inherently less intelligent than whites. if you have anything on that, please let me know (IQ, i know, but IQ in itself is controversial…would be interesting to see the IQ of the brilliant black sys admin i worked with in guatemala a few years ago, one of the smartest guys i’ve ever worked with).
          why are you so upset about being called a racist? would you say you’re not? i’m not calling you a racist in an SJW-going-to-try-to-get-you-fired-from-your-job way, just calling a spade a spade. if you believe white people are inherently superior or more intelligent than black people aren’t you a racist by definition? one of the things i enjoy about this site is being able to discuss race and racism openly without fear of social repercussions. also, if it makes you feel better, the SJWs would consider me a racist too since i think being black doesn’t give you a pass to rob a convenience store and attack a cop without getting shot.

        58. and another thing…is alt-right/right-wing synonymous with white supremacy now? i thought it was more about tradition and opposing feminism and cultural marxism.

        59. So you’re excusing your ad-hominem with me because someone else called you a bad word on the internet once upon a time? I am beginning to see why you have a problem understanding objective facts when you don’t care for objectivity at all.
          As I said, “racism” is a word and concept created by a Marxist. It’s intended use was to destabilize developed democratically elected representative, Republican capitalistic countries by creating racial division, in order for that country to transition towards Marxism, where the labor class directly controlled the government. What group of people patented this form of government, I wonder? In the modern application, it only applies to white people. I see you completely avoided addressing this point.
          Your comment on how you would be labelled a racist proves my point. Anyone to the right of publicly accepted race theory is a “racist”. They call you a racist because of your insistence that there are cultural differences at play, they deny them entirely. You call me a racist because I insist there are biological factors at play, you deny them.
          We here at RoK are all sexists, right? Sexism doesn’t exist because there are differences between the two sexes, these are biological and unchangeable. Racism doesn’t exist for the same reason. All human races are not biologically equal, we are the products of tens of thousands of years of evolution in different environments with different diets, climates, threats, predators and prey. Whites and Asians have been selected for intelligence through natural selection by future planning because of winter, trapping prey, and abstract methods of obtaining resources, etc. Blacks have musculature developed for fast movements, and stamina that other races don’t. Hence the line-up of black sprinters in the Olympics in the final heat.
          It’s easily observed that western European culture has been dominant in nearly every form of civilization for the greater part of the last two thousands years, and especially the 20th century. Art, architecture, philosophy, medicine, science, etc. Most of the creative and adaptive methods of invention can be attributed to western European ethnic groups.
          Why were ethnocentric black civilizations not as advanced as white civilizations before the “evils” of western imperialism developed their countries better than they ever could? They had just as much outside contact with other tribes, they had trade, they had a vast continent of resources at their disposal. Some African societies were even pretty advanced. Why did they never unify? I see primitive biology based tribalism and mysticism getting in the way.
          The most beautiful, desirable people worldwide, are whites.
          In a study conducted in 2009, out of 125,000 people surveyed, OkCupid found that White men are the most responded to race by all types of females. Black males were the least responded to the least by females. Asian women only beat out white women because of white men responding to them. Hell, every white guy I know loves asian women.
          Your insistence that culture is the issue is easily refuted, as White-Male and Black-Females are less likely to be divorced than even White-Male, White-Female pairings. Black women know that they lucked out with a white man, thus less divorce. White women realize their mistakes with black men after being beaten or cheated on, thus more divorce. The problem is males of another race.
          The truth is out there, and I’m not going to sit here and ping pong
          research back and forth. Some scientists say race doesn’t exist and IQ
          is fake, a lot of research says otherwise. You’re not going to agree
          unless you’re ready to accept the truth.
          Your example of the brilliant black admin you worked with would be an
          outlier, on the right side of the bell curve, and statistically
          insignificant compared to the vast majority of his ethnic group. But you
          knew this already. You speak as if you are familiar with IQ research, which tells me you’ve already looked into it, and didn’t like what you have found. Your subconscious is gnawing at you because of your moral and intellectual dissonance, feed it with knowledge instead of being a malicious coward.

        60. i don’t think i’ve said anything too traumatizing, but if i have, not my intention. i tend to assume guys on here are thick skinned (i don’t lose sleep over neo-nazis projecting their cuckold fetishes and latent homosexuality on me, for example) but that’s not always the case.
          do you prefer “white supremacist” instead of “racist” to describe your beliefs? maybe that’s better, i’ll admit that it is a less loaded word. i don’t mind being called “sexist” by the way. it’s all semantics.
          you said that “Themost beautiful, desirable people worldwide, are whites.” that’s subjective but has some truth to it. we dominate at the moment, so it’s natural (i imagine the mongol look got you laid a lot in 12th century asia). i’ve known white guys who are only into black chicks and latinas, for example. i personally find white women very physically attractive, but i also associate them with materialism, feminism, and flakiness, so i prefer traditional latina women.
          i really don’t see black people as less intelligent than whites. i’ve met a lot of intelligent black guys, and a lot of intelligent guys of all races. intelligence is a bit abstract anyway. i see a lot of white guys adopting the effeminate hipster look in my city, whereas the black guys tend to be more masculine. which is more intelligent? anyway, if not being a white supremacist makes me a “malicious coward” in your mind, i suppose i’ll have to live with that.

      3. “When Africans, Asians, Hispanics, etc, want to learn English, work honestly, follow a roughly Judeo-Christian set of moral standards, and live freely, then I can’t think of any rational reason they should be excluded”
        Won’t happen, biologically impossible outside of small numbers or the East Asians. Christianity got us into the mess, preconditioned to feel shame and guilt and the resulting paralysis of logic and action.
        Judeo-Christianity, doesn’t really exist. The

        1. Right. So the result is ethnic preservation, but through the far more palatable ideology of cultural preservation. I believe the results will be the same. But the slightly different ethos gets far more normal people on board.

        2. Christian cultural ‘shame’ and ‘guilt’ is not universal and is relatively recent. Judeo-Christianity does exist just may be not where you live. I know enough “assimilated” people of different ethnic heritage that the “white’s only” is simple wishful thinking and frankly susceptible to further division by “white ethinic groups”
          The real issue is how to determine who your allies are? Skin color and accent are “easy” but I know enough white midwestern’s who go to local church’s but are liberal to their core and would undo anything the Alt-Right is trying to accomplish so the “easy” is a trap that can be exploited.

        3. Christian societies were hardly paralyzed or emasculated by shame and guilt until very recently. They dominated the world and created much of the good that we are trying to preserve.
          The debased residue of Christianity that you’re rightly criticizing has more in common with Marx than with Christ.

        4. Judeo-Christian is an oxymoronic term invented by Jews. There has NEVER been a Judeo-Christian Ethic. There is traditional Christianity (before the Social Gospel and Progressive takeover of seminaries in the late 1800’s/early 1900’s) and there is Judaism. They are NOT synonymous. They are two COMPLETELY different world-views with completely different values and dogma. Here are a bunch of traditional Christians lynching the Jewish murderer Leo Frank. No paralysis of logic and action there.

        5. That jew should never have raped and murdered young Mary Fagan. It was a triumph of racial manhood that they executed the culprit, Leo Frank.

      4. “Cultural homogeneity is much easier to digest (and explain) than a movement toward ethnic homogeneity. When Africans, Asians, Hispanics, etc, want to learn English, work honestly, follow a roughly Judeo-Christian set of moral standards, and live freely, then I can’t think of any rational reason they should be excluded. (Some of the most pro-America, pro-freedom, pro-conservatism people I’ve ever met are 1st generation West African Christian immigrants)”
        Okay, but why would any of these other groups want to assimilate or adopt a culture that is alien to theirs, even if they could? Why should they not want to practice their own? Culture is based in blood and isn’t something that can be grafted into like a new set of clothes or shoes. Culture is determined by race and no culture will eclipse that of the white race or be worthy of doing so.
        “The groups the alt-Right consistently excludes are the people who demand their own little isolated cultures and special privileges subsidized by taxes from citizens in the culture they reject.”
        You mean like how Jews have done their entire history?
        No matter what, when different cultures and ethnicities occupy the same territory, there will be conflict over resources and living space. Multiculturalism can only inevitably lead to the mongrelization of the white race, as has happened in every single multicultural society that ever existed. How many of them still exist today? None.

        1. “but why would any of these other groups want to assimilate or adopt a culture that is alien to theirs, even if they could? Why should they not want to practice their own? ”
          Scattered individuals might be able to and want to. A group won’t integrate, and you’re right, can’t integrate. Roosh is genetically an Armenian (I believe), but here he is, as an INDIVIDUAL, fighting harder for the West than nearly every Western man. The goal is to make people accepting of the exclusion of entire ethnic groups based on exclusion of the ethnic group’s culture, not the genetics of individuals (some of whom may honestly wish to assimilate).
          What I’m trying to say is that your goals of ethnic preservation could be achieved through the far more palatable standard of cultural preservation. Cultural Marxists want to say that ethnicity and culture are totally unrelated. We call them on their bluff and insist on enforcing cultural preservation with ethnic freedom. because we know full well that genetics makes a major difference and that cultural protectionism WILL also result in ethnic protection.
          Example: The West doesn’t need to ban Arabs and Persians. We need to ban Sharia-following Muslims. Muslims are not an ethnic group but a cultural group (as both a religion but mostly a political movement). Europe is dead in the water, but do you remember when Trump initially called for the Muslim ban? All the media in the US went apeshit calling him racist. And thousands of normal Americans seemed to finally get that the “racist” insult is absolutely meaningless since Muslims aren’t a race.
          The minds of the public are ALREADY open to the idea of cultural exclusion. The Alt-Right can take huge steps by exploiting this environment.

    2. The broader definition of alt-right is simply the realization that equality and Enlightenment humanist values are socially backwards concepts, especially when one separates things like ‘compassion’ from rational thought
      The concept of alt-right can, and should be applied worldwide. It is not so much a new way of thinking as it is the human default – it is modernist thought that represents regressive change

      1. I agree on the general philosophical ideas you present here BUT the very core of alt-Right is White ethnocentrism. I do agree that we can have friendly nonWhite allies in the outer circle of this movement but the inner circle in 100% White.

        1. Sorry, pal, but on that I disagree with you. Not that I wouldn’t want to live in all white country or society, but that’s beside the point. The only way of a conceivable success in the vision is if the movement, whether it’s called “alt right” or “libertarian” … the only way it will ever have a chance is if it’s based on IDEAS first and foremost, and then race.
          What ideas? I present you the Founding Fathers. Going back to the initial and sacred ideals of the Republic of Liberty which have been utterly tarnished and barely recognizable in our depraved and corrupt current age. So long as one genuinely and passionately espouses the highest ideals of “Republicanism”, in its true and real definition as espoused by the Founders, then race should not be an issue.

        2. LOL at your “ideas” nation. Try making a go of that in any nation in Africa, or Asia. The one common denominator of truly excellent civilizations and countries in which you would want to actually live is that fact that they are White.
          If White ethnocentrism is not nurtured, Whites will be gone in a few generations and all the lovely “ideas” you care about will go with them.

        3. Exactly. I’m all for saving white people, but frankly, Anglos blew it. Generations of of shitty child rearing habits (gay boarding schools), terrible political decisions, and, yes, Soviet-Marxist propaganda to destabilize the West and destroy the family have taken their toll.
          Plus American culture is a shit-show. I’m proud that I don’t share in it and have my own old-world habits, including a different language at home. I consider myself a Slavic Jew even though I’ve been told to “check my white privilege.”

        4. Boy, you seem like ally material. jews have played more than their fair share in destroying Western institutions. This is why I am against allowing jews into white circles. We have tried it before and every single time it doesn’t work. As soon as whites cease to benefit y’all you are out the back door.

        5. No one cares about “Republicanism” anymore, or haven’t you been paying attention? Your bumper sticker nation BS doesn’t work. We saw it with conservatism, and we saw it with Libertarianism. Race and nation first, than we can move from there.

        6. It was co-opted by Jews: Joel, Jonah, and Ben. But, Andrew Breitbart himself was of northern European, gentile stock. He was adopted by reformed Jewish parents and spoke of being an agnostic on the Bill Maher Show. He also had an adopted Latina sister. Andrew was not “tribe”. I read both his books.

        7. It’s nice finding a site that allows race realism discussions concerning Jews. Most people think they’re a religion. They are clearly an ethnicity. Largely Haplogroup J.

        8. Jewish, pervert-ridden Hollywood, the anti-white cesspool from which 99% of people have their perception of reality formed.

        9. Also, they’re a religion when it suits their purpose, then an ethnic group/race, then a cultural group. They’re really just a tribe of cunning grifters with narcissistic personality disorder.

        10. The live and breath to subvert. It’s that latent, toxic Neanderthal gene they picked up in the southern Caucasus Mtn region. The Humane Genome Project isolated all the various groups. They are haplogroup J. They are acting out their genes.

        11. They’ve also undergone a selection process over the centuries, weeding out the less hostile and subversive elements – who left the fold and integrated fully with gentiles – and leaving a distilled concoction of lies and pure malice, who we are so blessed to have running our nations today.

        12. Peter Brimelow calls it “the minority occupation government”. Jews and Armenians are wildly over-represented in federal government and at federal contractors. And always in high, critical places like Lois Lerner, Janet Yellen, Victoria Nuland, Sid Blumenthal, etc.

        13. They are haplogroup J cousins. The haplogroup J posse. Armenians get a considerable diversity tailwind. They were in high concentrations within the Bolshevik government during the genocide of 10s of millions of Russians and Ukrainians. Their affiliation with the Bolshevik Jews was no coincidence.

        14. Many of them were killed back in the Young Turks days, which many say was controlled by the Donmeh – crypto-Jews living in Turkey and other Ottoman lands.
          On another note, what do you think about the prospect over at Breitbart as far as waking them up to Jewish influence? I’m over their a lot and I’ve made countless informative posts, but they don’t really seem to respond. One good thing is that they all seem to understand that Levin is a fraud due to his hostility toward Trump.

        15. That IS odd, given the complete Jew takeover of Breitbart (so has NRO). They aren’t overly delete happy when tribe references are made. Almost contrite. You’re far more likely to get your Jew reference moderated by Joe Farrah at WND, for example. He’s obviously funded by a more rabid Jew. Breitbart is propped up by Jew, Bob Mercer, but they don’t foam at the mouth quite so much when the goyim get a little truthy.

        16. ‘….moderate by Joe Farrah at WND’
          This has happened to me many times.
          Another good thing on BB is that Shapiro is slowly being exposed, as well.

        17. I worry about White cats. They used to be common but inter-breeding with Black cats and other races of cat has all but eliminated them. I look at “Snowy” in pity knowing that he is practically the last of his race. He has the same sad expression when he looks up at me, eating his kibble with the knowledge that when he departs, he will take White cats with him.

        18. Can White people save themselves? They have been pushing this Socialist, feminist, egalitarian homo agenda for 200 years now, with horrific effects.
          We can look to the manly example of Sub-Saharan Africa where men are still men and you won’t last long if you are a homo…

        19. There is something significant happening with the Jews. And maybe Breitbart is an example. They are starting to realize that the Frankfurt School was a weee bit too successful. They’re seeing the MoozLame rise in power, their mortalist of enemies–and now the Jew stands between them and the West he de-fanged. Mr. Jew should have been more careful what he wished for. The Frankfurters didn’t factor in the MoozLame. The Left really swallowed a cane toad with that demographic. The Jews see the need to switch sides now. I, for one, will let them squirm awhile. The Jew voted 90% Democrat up until Obama.

        20. The soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq tell us that homosexuality and pedophilia are standard operating procedure in MENA countries. It’s embedded in Arab/MoozLame culture.

        21. Umm no. The average IQ of Sub-Saharan Africa is 70. That is well documented, by the way. Notice how Africans tend to not be able to create or maintain a high degree of civilization. That will happen with a population of people whose IQ is what we would categorize as “retarded”.

        22. The first act of the very first US congress (1790) was to limit immigration to “free white persons of good character”
          So according to the founders race was indeed an issue.

        23. I wish for all peoples to stand for their own kind, rather than the machinations of the elites. The refugees should have stayed in and improved their own countries, and the elites in Europe should never have been allowed to put the interests of foreign entities over their own people. The core of the alt-right is ethnocentrism, white is emphasized because the incoming members are hot headed from being marginalized in their own countries for so long.

        24. “IQ is bollocks”
          Funny how the only people who think IQ is bollocks are defending blacks. Scientists have noticed that it is almost perfectly correlated with success. Which explains why no African country or city anywhere is a “success”

        25. Seems like if we enforce the ideas we will soon enough learn the Truth of your assertion. If only Europeans can hold to the ideas of the Dead White Males who founded the country then we will end up with eurocentrism as a side effect. But doing it by ideas entirely avoids the real problems of trying to formally define ‘sufficient whiteness’.

        26. I’m a fence-sitter on the issue, but a tremendous amount of ink has been shed on either side of the IQ debate. I hear what you’re saying, but it gets really tricky and muddy: IQ tests are designed such that they test one’s skills and aptitude **within** a set and given context. “Context” being the key word: so if you live, say, in Edinburgh, and want to succeed in life (whatever that means, but let’s say, wife, kids, Range Rover, and a fancy flat) … well, the IQ test is designed to “test” if you have, or can, master the “steps” to get there.
          But now, suppose you lived among a group or tribe in the South Pacific who had mind-blowing hunting and fishing skills, and navigational aptitudes in the sea, by using stars and constellations, so precise that they would put modern GPS systems to shame … these folk would utterly flunk the IQ test (assuming translated in their own language). If you were to design a test for them, and then give that test to the lad in Edinburgh, well, you can guess how he would fare … Thus, that tricky context becomes a sore point in defining what “intelligence” really is.
          One of the most persuasive ideas out of this conundrum is Prof. Howard Gardner’s, of Harvard, book “Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences.”

        27. FYI the Founding Fathers clearly stated that America belongs to “us and our prosperity” (Whites).
          Also, the Immigration Act of 1790 clearly stated that only “European men of good standing” are allowed to immigrate to America.
          If you’re going to source the Founding Fathers, don’t misrepresent what they stood for. Racial demographics are extremely important and come before “ideas.”

        28. Just FYI, the founding fathers weren’t Libertarian. Their vision of government would look kinda like the EU’s structure today. It’s not that they wanted “limited government” it’s that they want the States to be the main government, with a sort of union between them.

        29. Huh?!? The EU?!? The EU is a giant fraud, a pseudo-socialistic neo-Marxist cesspool. You’re absolutely mistaken in the comparison. No, the Founders did *not* aim for a republic along the lines of EU. As a matter of fact, they wanted a true republic with each state having utmost sovereignty with minimal federal government interference.
          The EU’s chief or main founder, not surprisingly, was a scoundrel Italian communist, who cooked up the idea while in prison.

        30. There is a type of IQ test called a reaction time test. It involves assessing a pattern of lights and pressing one of several buttons. The speed gives the IQ. Confirms standard IQ test. Other culturally insensitive IQ tests such a ravens progressive matrices.
          IQ works, Predicts academic achievement, car accidents, divorce rate, health, income almost all achievements.
          Most IQ tests asses 18 aspects of intelligence approximately half in the visual spatial and half in linguistic. It already looks at multiple intelligences.
          There are probably others, such as ability to empathise but that seems to come with intelligence anyway.

        31. You clearly don’t understand how political science or the EU works. I didn’t say the POLICIES are the same. I said the STRUCTURE is similar. They both have more powers in STATES, not the FEDERATION.Lets just do a comparison of the early US and the EU:
          Both have common currencies
          Both have more state based military systems
          Both have open borders (between states)
          In practice the EU leans socialist. But that is not necessarily going to always be the case. Anyways, that is still mostly irrelivant. What I was trying to say is that the founding fathers just gave the state (American “states”) power rather than the state (the way every other person on the planet uses the word).

        32. Crypto? They were full on. They just don’t have what you think of as Jewish names or looks because they were Mizrahi, not Ashkenazi.

        33. You obviously don’t, pal. You got your knowledge of EU from a fucking travel brochure. The EU bureaucracy is one of the most **top** down tyrannical institutions there is. Year by year Brussels has increased its central control, and tightened the noose around each nation’s neck. The real world ain’t a “poli sci 101” construct, which is usually based on a la-la land version of reality. The EU, in every regard, is based along the USSR, not the early American republic.
          Both the structure and policies of the EU are rotten to the core, and are aimed at one thing only: creating a monstrous super-state with **no** conception, or notion, of nationhood. That’s the reality you won’t find in a travel brochure.

        34. The whole EU thing is fÜcking irrelevant dude. I was using that as an example, and even though your full of horse sh!t. The fact is, AMERICA WASN’T FOUNDED ON LIBERTARIAN PRINCIPALS.

        35. Fair enough. The only way around this conundrum, realistically, is this: (and this “scenario” is somewhat “realistic” if the will is there) …
          You take 100 random kids of say age 1 or 2 … 50 boys, 50 girls, peppered from states like Zambia, Angola, Congo, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, etc etc … You put them in highly stimulating and nurturing homes in Virginia, Utah, Wyoming, California, upper New York, MA, Maine, etc mostly in areas with exposure to a lot of nature as well. Then you test their IQ’s at ages 10, 15, and 20. You then compare the numbers to European/white American averages. Voilà. End of story. No more arguments. If a billionaire or two supported such a venture, I don’t think some poor African or Pakistani would mind if one of their 16 kids had a better shot at life through such an “experiment.” That’s why I say such a venture is within the realm of the conceivable.

        36. The EU elite are some of the worst scoundrels. Your example above is true based on how the EU initially attracted members, and promised it would be run. That ‘s why it’s a massive fraud. What you say is correct to a certain degree.
          Once the house was in order, especially with the open borders and common currency, the psychopaths have since slowly, and stealthily, instituted policy after policy to turn the institution into a centralized super-state along the lines of the USSR, as I mentioned. They’re too cowardly to do it in the open, so they change the rules and laws just before holidays, or at 11:59pm on a Friday night, and NONE of these stories ever get covered in the media. Today, it’s unrecognizable from those principle which you outline: but that was the plan all along … to pull it off like con-artists do.

        37. “The EU elite are some of the worst scoundrels. Your example above is true based on how the EU initially attracted members, and promised it would be run. That ‘s why it’s a massive fraud. What you say is correct to a certain degree.
          Once the house was in order, especially with the open borders and common currency, the psychopaths have since slowly, and stealthily, instituted policy after policy to turn the institution into a centralized super-state along the lines of the USSR, as I mentioned. They’re too cowardly to do it in the open, so they change the rules and laws just before holidays, or at 11:59pm on a Friday night, and NONE of these stories ever get covered in the media. Today, it’s unrecognizable from those principle which you outline: but that was the plan all along … to pull it off like con-artists do.” Sounds exactly like what the happened to the US. Just further proves my point that federal systems inevitably fall apart.

        38. We just tried that experiment, it failed miserably. Blood and soil must come first. Ideas can be highjacked, as the Jews have done with the Enlightenment.

        39. The only people pushing this multiple intelligence nonsense are jews. It is just more excuse making for black failure in white society.

        40. If we put aside the racial question for a second, the multiple intelligence theory is a reasonable hypothesis, and hardly pushed by Jews alone. Gardner, its main proponent, is not a Jew, nor a Jewish shill.
          Perhaps some groups excel in certain “skills” while others are naturally endowed with others. ie group A can be gifted in math, or calculating abilities, while group B can excel in “intuition” or intuitive abilities. I have met people who were “average” or just “above average” in school marks, but were able to read people to such a degree that it gave me goosebumps … whatever you call that skill, it would certainly give one a huge social advantage, for example, though not get you a scholarship at MIT.

        41. You may not know, but white cats are not naturally occurring; they came about as a result of selective breeding. Getting rid of white cats only helps restore the cat world to its natural state.
          Having said that, white cats look cool.

        42. Im not saying that IQ is the only kind of intelligence that matters on this planet but i am saying its the only kind of intelligence that matters in the west. A white with an IQ of 70 looks and acts retarded, a black with an IQ of 70 is indistinguishable from the average black(65-70 IS average in Africa). But when you take this “normal” black who has an IQ of 70 and move him from Somalia to Sweden say, he will fail in everything just the same as the white retard, we wont be able to hold down a “real” job, he is too stupid to face death row, he cant plan his finances etc. He may have a different kind of intelligence but it has no importance once they move to the west.
          Also those South Pacific tribesmen even with the navigation skills are incompatable with western civilization. Look at every tribe of rain forest natives. They may be great hunters and navigators but as soon as civilization shows up within 1 generation theyre alcoholic street people prostituting themselves to survive.
          Basically if your IQ is less than 100 you may be smart at somethings but assimilating into the west is not one of them. A person with an IQ on a standardized test of below 100 will never be a Socrates, a Galilaeo, a Hawking etc Howard Gardner can make up whatever bullshit he wants to help the feels of non whites but this chart is everything you actually need to know. Our civilization is slipping away and the Harvard parasites are running cover while they turn the entire planet into brown slaves with no one to oppose them. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/d5ce2f7b69b8c4dc144e0697edf44a2beb11b459008b27449adb59b268e6f113.png

        43. We already have the ideas, and the media (especially the “History” channel), governments, world high finance, basically the power structure of the world is terrified of it and they lie constantly.
          And race will never go away it will always be an issue because it goes down to the smallest level of your genetics

        44. I agree with you: there’s the “theoritical” and then there’s the “practical.”. We can talk about “theory” ’till the cows come home, or pigs fly, and it’s interesting stuff. But at the level of raw reality, the every day 3D world, one can’t in any way counter what you state.
          Saddest part also is the amount of pain and suffering the third world folk themselves endure when they immigrate to the West: due to lower overall aptitudes, they’re unable to secure employment that would support the vision of a “western lifestyle” that they have. Doing menial work just to survive, further resentment and contempt toward the respective Western countries increases. It ‘s a lose-lose situation for everyone: for the local/native born population for obvious reasons, and the immigrants themselves who simply don’t have the tools to succeed, and become bitter and spiteful. Exhibit A: the “banlieux” in the Paris suburbs.

        45. Exactly, liberals in their eagerness to destroy western civilization have given no thought to the various natives around the world. They see tribes in the jungle standing in their loin cloths being self sufficient and say we need to give them as much free stuff that we cant afford. But time after time after time that destoys them. I was in the NWT a while ago and young eskimos cant build an ingloo or hunt in the winter to survive, these skills are being lost so rapidly now that when our whole rotting mess of a world economy collapses they are going to starve, literally. Hopefully there is still a few old timers when that day comes

        46. These tests have been done mainly via adoption studies in the US and UK sometimes with twins. but in fact all over the world.
          There is a huge amount of consistent evidence and science backing this up. It goes against liberal and egalitarian thinking so there are many angry polemics out there rejecting it.
          There is excellent coverage in Herrnstein and Murrays “The Bell Curve, Cognitive Inequality in American Life”. Both men were liberal scientists. Herrnstein a Jew and Murray married to an Asian not exactly nazi material. Go back further to the 50s and 60s and you’ll see Arthur Jensen try and improve the performance of certain groups by enriching the environment with money form the family, mentors etc and come back with a paltry 1-2 IQ points. Herrenstein also tried to develop programs to close the gap and failed.
          It was published in 1994 and 22 years latter is I would say 100% correct.
          The Bell Curve is a Beautifully written book, Scientists forced to make conclusions on the basis of the evidence against their own inclinations. Read the book yourself, don’t take it second hand. Never take anything second hand.
          See “main stream science on intelligence” published in the wall streat journal.
          (Below jpg of the journal)
          More recent book is
          Nicholas Wades “A troublesome Inheritance”
          Lots of sources by Phillip Rushton, Arthur Jensen, Richard Lynn and many other scientists not associated with the right.

        47. you’re jew like me. we are different than “these people” aka the slavs and other lesser elements of the white race.
          we are our own separate race of people, don’t forget that. you can be pro-white like i am but never forget that you are not white.

        48. I have The Bell Curve but haven’t had a chance in reading it fully, though now my curiosity is stoked.
          You will really enjoy Gustav LeBon’s works. He was a brilliant French sociologist and anthropologist who first published a comprehensive treatise on racial and gender differences in 1881! … it’s still a classic, and the book was revolutionary in how it used empirical methods and thorough scientific protocols and data in deriving sound conclusions: that there’s an inherent and natural difference between the white races and non-whites, and that women’s intellect is far below that of men. He clearly states that women should *never* be allowed in important decision making roles! … As well as immigration from non-white countries *must* be prohibited. It’s a very prescient book given it was written in fucking 1881!!! “The Study of Races” by Gustav LeBon.

        49. And that’s why they all left – so you can enjoy the top-notch healthcare and skilled industry to be found in Russia today.

        50. I am fine with that. But what do I get out of it? What about the 7 out of 10 Jews that seek to undermine Western Civilization and white people in general? I am all about allies, but that means compromises. I just don’t see the compromising, I see demands and that is it.

        51. No, I really do not. I have zero need of middle east desert cults and their stories. Gypsies and other assorted wandering foreigners have never been a net positive to White European nations. I think you are getting a little high on your own supply.
          So I ask again, besides fairy tales, what can i expect to gain from an alliance with you?

        52. yeah…the reality of the social safety net that enables the least successful people to not only survive, but replicate, has done nothing but lower the lowest common denominator. The evidence is all around us. We “save” these people at our own peril.

        53. Well, not to be politically correct, but even as a white guy, I recognize that even though African nations are in a worse state, this doesn’t necessarily mean they have lower IQs.
          When Europeans left Africans to run the countries themselves, corrupt leaders took over with little stability to stop them and Africa has been a hellhole since. Of course they’ve been tribal for most of their history, but I’m not descended from civilization builders either; I’m mainly descended from Celts and Germanics, which were essentially barbarians.
          We obviously need to be careful not to take the mainstream too seriously, but we also need to not avoid ANYTHING the mainstream says like a plague completely.

        54. If your trying to say west africa is a success ill just ask you if youve heard of a fistula? It doesnt exist in the west because its caused by being raped so brutally that the wall between your anal cavity and vagina is ruptured. Well heres a link to a Charity that helps millions of fistula sufferers as young as infants in west africa.
          Sorry I dont pretend that things that arent, are and vice versa

        55. I’ll just correct a few things here, African nations are in a worse state because they have low IQs not the other way around. At the end of colonialism every African country had a legal system, healthcare, education, police, infastructure etc and in every African countries those are all gone. Hospitals crumbling, roads and rail lines un passable, farms sinking back to the jungle. They are incapable of maintaining civilization much less creating it. Detroit, St louis, Haiti the list goes on forever.
          And lastly you need to learn some history because Celts and Germanics (or we’ll say all indo-europeans) are solely responsible for building civilization, Whether its the Latini establishing the Roman Empire, the Dorians establishing ancient Sparta, the Aryans of ancient India, or the Celts and Germanics creating modern England, Germany, France. Saying ancient white “barbarians” ran around like modern African barbarians is ridiculous.

        56. repeated and reputable recent science proves the 70 IQ of Sub Saharans quite conclusively. I know it is hard to hear, because IQ science has been brutally suppressed for decades, so when you do hear the facts, they sound extremely shocking.

        57. I am sure your honey is good. It is funny you mention accounting. My brother is an accountant. I do not wish to be enemies. I obviously have enough of those. I just wish to have a serious conversation about the relationship. In my case I would prefer to keep religión out of it. I feel that muddies the waters.

        58. There is nothing that could be construed as “economics” in Africa in the way we think of it in the west. Basically exploitative capitalism is the only thing that works there. A company pays off the local dictator, then goes and exploits Africas abundance of natural resources. And repeat

        59. Ok, you make good points, but I still feel I should mention a book called ‘Guns, Germs and Steel’-it explains that continents like Europe and Asia advance so well is because they’re primarily east to west, meaning less fluctuation in temperature, thus agricultural crops could be spread much faster ( crops allow many people to settle in an area, leading to civilization), as compared to North-to-South continents, like Africa and the Americas.Also, as for the atrocities committed by African tribes as shown in this video (I never want to relive that again O_O), I should mention the Celts were notorious for head hunting.
          But nonetheless, I will admit that even the Celtic tribes were more advanced than the Africans shown in the video, as Celts were quite skilled in ironworking.

        60. LOL that’s based of a Eurocentric IQ test over 70 ago also did you just argue over neuroplasticity?(Looks like you don’t know much off how the brain works)

        61. Again West Africa is going through fast approaching growth LOOK IT UP YOU FOOL. Seriously man ww live in a age of information and people could be so IGNORANT

        62. You are correct Celts were an iron age civilization, Africa now isnt an iron age civilization.
          And I am aware of the book but have long ago discounted any European “history” book written by jews (All jewish anthropologists need to be discounted as well starting with fake scientist Franz Boas). Basically it goes into alot of bullshit to get around the fact that north asians and whites lived through 2 brutal ice ages that lasted for thousands of years. The first one wiped out 95% of the proto europeans, by the second we had clothes and permanent dwellings so only lost 70%. This bottleneck severely selected for intelligence and forward planning, which is why whites and north asians have it and everyone else doesnt.
          You want to fix Africa? Find the smartest 5 % of the pop, kill everyone else, wait a few thousand years find the smartest 30%, then kill everyone else. Thats the crucible required to create civilization

        63. Didnt realize 1994 was ancient history already. And its been “debunked” by the jew Stephen J Gould, who thinks all races are the exact same(except jews who are the chosen people of course), which is about as valid as the claim that men and women are exactly the same. Once you remove the jews muddying the water things actually start to make sense.

        64. any non-white who abides by the traditional western ideal and proves himself capable by the standards of being in the inner circle deserves the position
          and it shall be like this until everything is set to be a real traditional society where race actually matters on a spiritual level and not merely blood

        65. LMFAO looks like you intentionally picked bad search terms.
          I don’t know which timeframe you live in but as of right now there is no political upheaval in any west African countries. So not only are you IGNORANT but also economically illiterate lmfao

        66. Whatever bud im not gonna let some ignorant African try and convince me that these are the kind of countries that are successful when they are jokes. Just because your not currently eating each other doesnt mean it couldnt happen at any time with the slightest provocation, whites are always singled out for attacks in Africa, luckily only mentally defective (liberal) whites visit Africa

        67. LOL Looks like your under 30? Grow up already most of their problems have foreign causes and most which are gone. Hence West Africa is the fastest growing place 2nd to China right now.
          Why the prejudice you want people to suffer?

        68. I am aware of neuroplasticity. You are using it incorrectly to disprove well establlished IQ data. No, recent IQ tests are NOT Eurocentric. It is useless to argue this with you further because you are not familiar with recent IQ science and your ideological beliefs are threatened by facts.

        69. Its been debunked all over and so much that no one pays attention to it anymore. And the fact you had to go back to 1994 to find something says it all.

        70. Ok well you say its been debunked, I say its been debunked in the same way that men and women being genetically wired different has been “debunked”. Basically if you like jewish pseudo science, then your right, if you like hard provable “hate” facts, then im right

        71. whether im 30 or 100 there has still never been a successful african country. Im pointing out an obvious fact.

        72. Recent? Show me also I used neurology this whole time fyi Neuroplasticity disproves that any human is dumb by default unless you ignore the existence of public schooling system

        73. LOL It’s a theory that needs Government backing to even hold its ground. Why ignore the author of said theory anyways read his books his books and why isn’t this portion of science open for debate if it science anyways?

        74. I agree that there is way to much dogma in science this days. But that is a general trend, not only in biology.(think global warming)
          Darwin was really red-pill in his views on women, he diden`t hate them.
          Are you a SJW by the way?
          Again, evolution is a fact, the theory had to overcome massive resistance from the dogmatic views of the church, just like with Galileo and the Heliocentric world view, but still won through, because off the weight of the evidence.

        75. LOL he didn’t HATE women or he wouldn’t have married he believed them to be lesser human. He also thought the to blacks(Remember what was going on that time? Colonialism)
          And no I’m no SJW there you go getting dogmatic about it you can look the term up it’s a theory. Which btw is backed by the Government which is why it’s still in the mainstream. Hell before the 90’s kids had a hard time buying into that.(Heliocentric theory existed over 3000 years ago)

        76. Yeah I guess your right men and women are equal in every way, every race is totally equal, homosexuality is equal to heterosexuality, jews said so so its science. Just because everyone can see with their own eyes that its bullshit doesnt mean anything. We can debate jewish bullshit back and forth all day or i can post some pictures of african farming and stuff and let everyone figure it out for themselves. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/50a8e470c72561e23ad7ada1138d9cb7ce34b8f2054d27cb2d8b5cde52c1ddaa.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/577f305fd87b8e1abfef9331c5571c44fa482de2c64ac10390ed29ddba76f831.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/67156bf0ee96e65513f44bd93a695fca6f2503d7f7b7583fcc428d63d2f6cd28.jpg

        77. Well im not west african so dumb would have to be relative to other whites only. And Nigeria, we got Ebola, Boko Haram, 124th per capita GDP in the world, massive overpopulation and deforestation, email scams, and an inability like all african countries to grow enough food to feed everybody.
          Sounds great if your west african. Once we deport all the Nigerians back there they can fill them in about civilized farming and sanitaion techniques

        78. This is frankly a losing position, being colorblind. One can still not be a dickhead without being colorblind

        79. Yup FOCUS on the negative makes you a mature person can’t take yah seriously if you have that childish demeanor

        80. unfortunately a lot of us who once felt as you have concluded that the enlightenment’s rejection of hierarchy inevitably leads to the demotism we now live in. all men are not created equal they evolved differently I have never even met two men that were self evidently equal let alone all of them.

        81. Yes, you definitely are a SJW.
          The truth is the truth regardless of who claims it, whether the Government supports it or not, or whether kids buy into it or not.

        82. True, good point. But the “all men are created equal” does not mean, at least how the Founding Fathers defined it, as equality of talents and intelligence. Rather, “all men are created equal” implies equality before the Rule of Law. The drafts of the Declaration make this point very clear. Jefferson, Adams, Madison … none of them believed that there weren’t significant differences in attributes between people which determined their social contribution and worth.

        83. Ah so you don’t know what a Theory means? Better yet you didn’t know Darwinism means? Damn no wonder the blacks had a time with the KKK, head is made out of solid crystalline

        84. Oh sorry for being so “immature” that I cant ignore what a hell hole Africa is. Absolutely unfit for whites in the same way our parasitic government has made Detroit, Baltimore, Atlanta etc unlivable for whites. Once we remove the black plague from our shores im all for working with Africa to make those places as livable as possible, but it will never be up to white standards again

        85. you and I know egalitarianism didnt mean racial redistribution schemes but like everything else in the constitution its come to mean something entirely different.Some have come to think the moment jefferson and co plotted to overthrow a legitimate [and rather good king; read the anti federalist papers] he overthrew hieratchy in favor of demotism and the die was cast for the ever lefter ratchet.

        86. i’ve never been to japan or south korea, but i’ve known a lot of people who’ve lived there and found those non-white countries quite pleasant. supposedly the standard of living is vastly higher than white countries like ukraine and moldova.

        87. on the other side of the coin, several years ago my friends were passing around a book called (IIRC) “guns germs and steel” or something like that, about the european conquest of the rest of the world. in the opening chapter the author, some self-loathing socialist professor, wrote that papua new guinea islanders are actually far more intelligent than your average american office worker because the islanders know how to thrive in the jungle with just the flora and fauna available, whereas the american office worker would be lost. i stopped reading at that point.

        88. Theory yes, like in the THEORY of gravity.
          Darwinism is an ideology, and has nothing to do with evolution by natural selection, which as I said is a FACT.

        89. That’s a democrat technique, enforcing ideologies using the Government, they should be able to stand on it’s own

        90. I stand corrected, gravity is a theory because you can’t see it happen therefore it’s not 100%.
          Yup looks like you got the public school version as you operate more on authority than reason. Darwinism is applying evolution into real life implications

        91. “Darwinism is applying evolution into real life implications”
          Again, that has nothing to do with the science of biology and what we can observe in for example the fossil record.
          Humans are the product of evolution, and we have evolved differently from one or several common ancestors.
          Genus Homo Sapiens
          Gene Populations
          Sub species
          (for example Japanese, somali etc.)
          About the theory thing, as i`m sure you know, everything in science is dubbed a theory, as theoretically there is always a possibility that a new observation can contradict previous ones.

        92. You can’t see gravity hence it’s not absolute which is why its called a theory.
          I noticed your getting attached to this are you giving me the public education version of it?
          Better yet do you know what the word Darwinism means?
          We have Google

        93. That’s what it was used for until recently.
          Already contradicted by the fact that A:human can reproduce with another half way across the world
          B: Human babies are dependent until around age 5 before then they can’t survive on their own unlike most other creatures on this planet

        94. yes importing non whites requires the full force of the state and the media. Immigration is opposed by a majority in every white country

        95. “A:human can reproduce with another half way across the world”
          You are confusing race with sub species. (gene population)
          B: That has nothing to do with anything we are discussing.

        96. Again using semantics Darwin invented? Don’t you know blacks are were considered jungle apes? LOL
          Ah I see can’t form a rebuttal so it’s a non sequitur, classic

        97. YES it’s a failed businessmen model, basing customer base on race instead of money but hey knock yourself out

        98. Not semantics.
          There is an objective test to see if you are dealing with two sub species or not.
          Dosent matter if its Galapagos finches or homo sapiens.
          The rest of your reply is just bitching…

        99. LOL interesting your two examples are both extremely racist, ethnostates with a very homogeneous population.

        100. you’re misdirecting from your original argument that only white countries are nice places to live, but yeah, i’m against multiculturalism and think western countries should follow the examples of japan and south korea and limit immigration too.
          i went with two examples of wealthy non-white countries, but some places in latin america are nice too. i’d much rather live in costa rica than the US, for example, if i could figure out a way to generate a decent income there. i’m working on that, actually. it’s got a good economy for latin america and the culture is less degenerate than the US. also, much cheaper surfing than anywhere in the US. hell, i have a school friend who’s living in morroco and loving it. a lot of guys swear by SEA, but i’ve never been there so i can’t really say.

        101. That’s the point most of our problems come from the Government remember it’s the problem not the solution

        102. Objective? Than you basically just called yourself a racist(Literally) using Darwin’s glossary. Remember the type of person he was in and what his ideas were used for?
          Yes the fact that the human baby needs protection essentially refutes the whole notion of the theory

        103. “Yes the fact that the human baby needs protection essentially refutes the whole notion of the theory”
          It dosent refute anything at all. Many animals are dependant in their infancy. It has nothing to do with anything were talking about at all.
          “Racist” is just name calling. No more graceless way of loosing an argument than calling someone a name.
          Besides, we are all part of the same race since we can all interbreed, as far as we know at least.
          However, we have evolved differently from a common ancestor and differ not only in skin tone, but in many other ways as well, including cognitively.
          That dosent mean any particular people is better, we are all adapted to the environment we live in, and of course a lot is left to chance when it comes to evolution.
          No point ranting on about this anymore,
          if you want to remain ignorant that’s your choice.

        104. How are you suppose to “evolve” when you’re entirely dependant on parents vs having to survive on your own? By that logic we should still be cavemen.
          Nope racist was just a word created by Communist who wanted to apply Darwin’s beliefs to society. Look it up hence I used the word “literally”. You really didn’t do any research on the subject I take it.
          Nope NEUROPLASTICITY and the hunan brain isn’t different across any ethnicity.
          Unless you have any neurology to prove otherwise those are what we know so far as the human brain.
          But if you want to pull the civilization card Roman empire already disproves that

        105. “How are you suppose to “evolve” when you’re entirely dependant on parents vs having to survive on your own? By that logic we should still be cavemen.”
          Sorry man, but you are VERY ignorant about these things.
          Random mutations. Ring any bells.
          We dont actually evolve AFTER we are born. You need to read up on the basics.
          Evolution and life started probably some 4 billion years ago, not when we were cavemen.
          Besides, child mortality was high among most hunter-gatherers, so plenty of pressure from the enviroment at youth.
          Besides that, evolution can also work on groups as well, meaning caring for offspring is a trait developed gradually. Children with more caring parents had greater chance of survival etc.
          And as I said most other animals are also dependant in their infancy.

        106. I know that my point was how are we suppose to progress if we lived as our parents did?
          What mutations? You’re treading on hot waters if you’re referring to environmental factors then you just used a theory.
          Nice jumbo number, age were life began is interestingly enough another theory.
          That only expands the problem, most animals are dependent during infancy for less than 5 years. It actually goes beyond that if you only give what a human needs to survive. It might go all the way unti adolescence if you want to include environmental factors

      2. Exactly. I’m all for saving white people, but frankly, Anglos blew it. Generations of of shitty child rearing habits (gay boarding schools), terrible political decisions, and, yes, Soviet-Marxist propaganda to destabilize the West and destroy the family have taken their toll.
        Plus American culture is a shit-show. I’m proud that I don’t share in it and have my own old-world habits, including a different language at home. I consider myself a Slavic Jew even though I’ve been told to “check my white privilege” to my face.

      3. We can always count on your Laconic Speech to cut through the morass of clatter and get to the marrow of the dialogue. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

      4. Alt-Right is against Humanism? In fact it’s the opposite, we are rejecting other non western cultures because they reject Humanism. In fact, Alt Right is one of the only philosophies that are Humanist enough to say “non whites who want their people to be successful, can if they adopt western values.” As compared to the SJW mantra that “WE NEED TO HELP SUPPRESSED NON WHITES!” or 14/88er “NON WHITES CAN GO TO HELL!”

      5. Much of what I detest came from the Enlightenment, but then again, so did fascism. Let’s face it, fascism had little in common with conservatism. Think of it like this: the Alt-Right are the guys who supported Napoleon after the French Revolution, not the pre-revolution Old Right.
        While fascism, my personal Alt-Right ideology, is “Might Makes Right”, it is still progressive in the real sense of human progress. I want space colonization, etc. The current “progressivism” simply holds us back.

    3. No. You just wrote “American History” the post. You know, the nation that is currently failing in spectacular fashion. Assimilation doesn’t work, and universal culture doesn’t work. I’ll take a white nation and the rest of humanity can fend for themselves for a while we sort our own shit out.

    4. I’ve had discussions with some alt righters who refuse to include anyone who wasn’t pure white. They couldn’t coherently back up this position. Interestingly, these were women I was talking to.
      Ultimately this is a cultural battle, not racial. It is a search for nationalism and identity. It needs to be a positive movement, with info about what makes Euro-American culture so great. It also needs to allow for diversity of thought. There are hundreds of sub-issues and we all have our own opinions about them. I see all these alt right women throwing nasty insults at Roosh and others, and I can’t understand why they do it. Do they think they have all the answers? Does it make sense to hate someone who espouses and propagates your values?

    5. The Alt-Right wants the country we were promised before:
      The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and The Hart-Celler Act of 1965.
      Had the promises been kept, during the debates leading up to the signing of those bills, America would still be a meritocracy and 90% European. Ethnic homogeneity is key.

    6. But we should not be under any illusions that an all-white state would take us back to the late 1950s.

      This would be an illusion given that the US has never been all-white.

    7. Good points. I believe that many are not so much for an “all white” nation but they want the freedom to be proud of their white heritage or culture….like any other group.
      This country (U.S.) has been so busy talking about the needs of everyone else (including women) over the last so many decades that when white men speak about issues that are important to them they are shouted down or shamed.
      When was the last time you heard any politician talk about issues or needs important to white men (or men in general for that matter)? Now, we’re openly importing terrorists (Syria, not long ago was the number one terror nation according to many politicians and foreign policy). People (especially white men) see that as a potential problem (see Europe as an example) regarding national security but we’re supposed to keep our mouths shout because it seems racist.
      Well, I’ll be a racist all day long if it means improving security for myself and my family members. That is the reason (I believe) Trump is gaining popularity with many across party lines. He’s the one person who is finally talking about issues (openly) that can drastically have an impact on our nation (too many politicians avoided these issues in the past because it would mean losing votes, losing power, etc…). So politicians continued to pander to groups to stay in power but we’re now seeing the long term effect it’s having on the people.

    8. Not all of the alt-right, but there are strong strains of “human biodiversity” and “race realism” in the alt-right that make points # 3 and 5 very relevant.

    9. That’s something that Trump gets right. America was “ethnically diverse” in the ’50s, and still a paradise compared to any other nation or era in history. Why? Because immigrants were expected to assimilate–and most had. Unlike today when they come here to take advantage of our country while fully intending to transform it into a Godless socialist hellhole like what they escaped from. Their loyalties remain fixed overseas (kinda like our professional politicians’ loyalty).

  10. The best course of organized action Alt-Right believers could take is quiet infiltration like the leftists pulled off initially. Run for office in your city, county, or state Talk like a cuck, maybe even vote like a cuck, but drop little nuggets of Right Nationalism when safe and start slowly eroding leftist power structures. Try to get work in education.
    Use the manipulative tactics that leftist and feminists have used for years. The masculine right has a prime opportunity to divide and conquer in education RIGHT NOW. With all the rape hysteria and boy-hating, I am certain that feminist-framed proposals to make girls safe in education by removing boys altogether could get passed in many places.
    If it was anti-feminist men proposing it without giving away their intentions, then education for boys could be turned around over night right under the nose of the establishment. When poor white and black parents saw their boys succeeding in school, they’s back the new system and begin dividing Marxist parents from their children just like traditional parents were divided from their children generations ago.
    Unfortunately, the men who are needed to do this are not in place yet. The good news is that feminist hysteria is not going away anytime soon, so the window for infiltration is still open.
    Also, the need to avoid violence is 100% correct. I don’t think anything could permanently break public perception of the emerging AltRight faster than physical violence.

    1. Exactly; well said. The Fabian Socialists aka cultural Marxists outlined their sinister agenda way back in the 1930’s and what you state is *exactly* what was their primary objective: to subvert the system through infiltration, and they’ve been mighty successful at it. Time to give them back a taste of their own medicine.
      As an aside, I agree with you on violence but with a caveat: violence is extremely effective if one can manage not to harm anyone in the process. That is, if a group is clever enough to target largely economic infrastructure that brings a nation to its knees, you would be amazed how quickly money talks, and when real economic loss occurs, how swiftly even a mighty nation caves in. Exhibit A: IRA’s very clever campaign in the late 80’s/early 90’s to target the financial sector in London, and *only* in the off-hours making sure no one was around when the bombs went off. After sustaining millions of pounds in lost business, the Brits were quick to come to the table. However … However, as soon as but one life is taken, it has a bizarre effect of uniting the entire population against a movement, and violence becomes absolutely counter-productive.

  11. #3 is the biggest one. I’ve also noticed that alt-righters occasionally mistake “White” for “Aryan.” For instance, Blue State contempt for White trash Appalachia is dismissed on the alt-right as ethnomasochism or Jewishness. And it may be (especially if the Blue State Goodwhites have more contempt for Appalachian Whites than the far more criminal America Blacks). But people seem to forget that the Dutch/British New England Goodwhites are distinct from the Appalachian/Southern Scots and Irish. Also, the ideological divide between faggy liberal Goodwhites and Badgoys could be due to the fact that Scots/Irish still have some honor culture left in them.

  12. in-fighting is part of the alt-right personality, unfortunately
    another problem is the lack of a coherent ideology – this is why I suggest alt-right communities take up the neoreactionary writers no matter how nerdy or verbose they might be
    theirs is an ideology that’s directly arraigned against egalitarianism and should be the first thing to be understood by any nationalist

  13. Not certain I see it as something which would be traditionally be defined as a movement yet, it seems more in the reactionary stages. Primarily it is a loose affiliation of people awakened to the fact that the so-called conservatives in the US, do not actually espouse conservative values the majority (or any) of the time. They simply bid for power. People tired of a lack of meaningful and measurable representation in government by their elected representatives. And people tired of feeling persecuted and attacked for their personal beliefs and activities (all very justified points).
    Within any such group, there are going to be disagreements, those who want one thing and those who argue against it and those using this to gain power. There will be agendas and co-opting and loud voices which may not best represent the majority. But here is where one natural progression is crucial, this entire concept will need to stand and perpetuate on its own should it be truly worthy, otherwise it will already be antithetical to its intent.
    At some point the discussion will need to turn toward what is an actual principle and what isn’t. Some stances may be negotiable, but when principles are sacrificed that is the death knell.
    As a fundamental individual and internal change within a people this “movement” is seeing its greatest success, to try and “bottle that for sale” would likely be self-defeating.

  14. Throw away left vs right vs alt-right. This is a distraction, and have become nothing but meaningless pejoratives.
    The way I see it, you are either for individual liberty or collective tyranny.

    1. Bingo! That said, as someone with libertarian sympathies, I part ways with my libertarian friends when it comes to liberal immigration policy. Individual liberty doesn’t mean open borders and it doesn’t ignore the adverse impact on a culture – the very culture that still, at a diminishing rate – values individual liberty.

      1. Hans-Hermann Hoppe is a libertarian godfather (or something) and he’s anti-immigration (also extremely conservative)
        Libertarians that like Rothbard tend to dislike his later (90’s) writing because that’s when he started seeing that things like carte-blanche immigration is a tool for state expansion

      1. Bumper sticker phrases are all you will get from anybody adhering to right or left ideological box thinking. There is reality, with facts and evidence based opinions and fantasy. I don’t care if it comes from “right” or “left” or “alt-right” sources, is it reality based, backed up with evidence, that’s what I care about.

    2. Thank you GEN. So much of the right wing (alt-right, trad-con whoever) is flat collectivism. Try getting to 45 without marrying or having children and you’ll see. Conservatives are often very dictatorial-minded in determining for you how you should be living in order to benefit the collective.

  15. But there is no guarantee that the United States will collapse anytime soon. A more likely scenario is the US will evolve into a surveillance state to “protect us” from all the Muslim immigrants that are conveniently being allowed into the country.
    While there is no guarantee of collapse I would suggest it is far more possible now than ever before in our history. I would hedge bets that a financial crisis that precedes a national collapse is inevitable.
    The timing of the implementation of a surveillance/police state with a collapse or failed economy will be critical to the amount of initial backlash patriots can muster.
    If the variables coalesce in such a way: economic collapse, continued push for gun control, muslim refugees behaving here like they do in Europe and men feeling even more marginalized then I would theorize that violence will be inevitable. And on that issue I also would speculate that the globalist elites would require forces from the U.N. as opposed to unleashing our own armed forces against us…in my mind that risks a coup.
    Good article.

    1. Given the US’s military spending and strength, even post-draw down, I don’t think every UN Soldier in the world could do much harm to the US itself. I don’t really fear the UN, I fear slow corruption from the inside.

  16. Great article, and #5 could be their biggest weakness in my opinion.
    The biggest complaint I have with the alt-right currently is their knee jerk reactions to “bite any hand” that is extended to them in friendship if they don’t consider the individual or group within their defined sphere of whiteness (which we see has varying definitions depending on who you talk too.)
    Just look how they turned on Roosh and even Ramz Paul for posting on Return of Kings, simply because of Roosh’s history as a PUA and his Middle Eastern ancestry. All the hate and it didn’t seem like one person in the alt right was aware of Roosh’s sort of awakening, or movement away from PUA and his neo-masculinity movement.
    Frankly the alt right needs to gather allies where ever it can find them at this point

    1. I actually think if anyone needs to be purged, we should purge the “14 88” types who want to exclude those of us who are ideologically in line with the movement but aren’t white or fully white. They are a minority and between the Hispanics in our movement and us we can relegate them back to the shit-tier NSM and KKK groups who promote what they want.

      1. Well the fact that they want to create a hierarchy of whites on top of that is insane, talk about alienating potential allies.
        I would fall under the Anglo-American category I guess, or as I jokingly call myself “the American Mutt”. I can trace my ancestry to Italian, Irish, German and French but according to the 14 88 group it seems like I’m going to the back of the line with my only benefit being that my skin is actually white.
        An alt right movement / neo-masculinity alliance is something that needs to happen.
        Both movements want the same things:
        – Return to traditional/conservative society
        – elimination of SJW/Feminist/Cultural Marxist domination of the social narrative.
        – Rejection of globalism and a return to strong, independent nationalist countries.
        – Rejection of crony capitalism and a return to Meritocracy and true capitalism
        – Reduced sized of federal government and more power to smaller local governments/communities
        I mean the the list could go on but both groups need to stop arguing over petty bullshit and start collaborating and working on a strategy to start taking back our countries from the moral rot that has infected them.

  17. “One of the best observations of the alt right is that you cannot divorce culture from race.”
    Is that so? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a cultural relativist but I would like to see some evidence that if an Arabian baby is raised in France by catholic parents, he will invariably become a Muslim who think women should wear a burka and homos should be thrown off of buildings. I’m opened to the idea that there are neurological differences between the races but I don’t think we should disregard the cultural impact of behaviours that are disparate between races (such as the crime rate in black areas or countries). If the responsibility to rebuild society falls on the shoulders of men, and it will, we shouldn’t preemptively segregate ourselves by race, instead we should make sure that we all take the red pill and are fit to control our women, regardless of their race.
    One article on ROK once stated that the black community was the canari in the coal mine for the white community. A majority of black children are born out of wedlock and are raised without a father figure. This is feminism in a nutshell. We all know that children raised by single mothers are more likely to be failures and I think that’s why black communities are such crime-ridden shitholes. Or, at least, that’s mostly because of that. Maybe part of it is accounted for by neurological differences (there are indeed studies that show that black people have lower IQ’s and unfortunately we’ll never be abled to prove of disprove these findings because the political establishement would go nuclear if a scientist merely attempted to research that topic) but I don’t think that’s reason enough the bring back segregation. There are better solutions.

    1. A nicely written post and I agree with some of it but it is extremely obvious you have NOT read any of the solid racial theory that the #altRight is built upon. Differences in race are very real and CRUCIAL. My suggestion is that you go to Amren.com and read as many of their excellent articles as possible, especially articles by Jared Taylor and THEN feel free to talk about race.

      1. All right, I’ll go check that out. I actually know of Jared Taylor, he destroyed some dumbass sociology professor in a debate about immigration in Canada. The professor was rambling on about diversity as if it were a benefit of immigration in and of itself. Circular logic at its finest: immigration creates diversity, diversity is good therefore immigration is good. Meanwhile, Taylor was bombarding him with facts about crime rates and failed integration.

    2. “We all know that children raised by single mothers are more likely to be failures..”
      And the evidence is all around us. Common bottom denominator from education and prison institutions cut the same no matter how they dice the control group— No father in the picture.

  18. not to cause any attention, in number 3, if you remove white people from the U.S. it goes back to what it was before, natives in the mid and east, Mexicans in the deep south and west.
    once upon a time cali an texas were both mexico… so yeah, just sayin

    1. if you removed all the white people from America, the cities east of the Rockies would implode as the welfare parasites starve and burn…the West Coast would become an Asian enclave most likely structured like Shogunite Japan (but including all East Asian races as the Shogunite class) within a generation.

  19. 5. Alienating and purging allies — On this I fully agree. Obsessing over the ‘pedigree’ of those that want a better America just leaves us divided against the Globalists. Instead we need to accept an ideal of allowing the races to mix under white oversight…an America where the majority ‘white’ race is ‘browned’ a slight bit but emerging as a larger, nationalist ‘American’ identity is preferable to whites being marginalized in a country that has devolved into a batch of feuding racial enclaves.

    1. “an America where the majority ‘white’ race is ‘browned’ a slight bit”
      OH HELL NO. That is sickening cuck talk, dude.
      Race mixing is 100% forbidden,

      1. It is NOT ‘cuck’ talk, cuck talk is “Well we have to accept declining birth rates” etc…and to say race mixing is forbidden…that’s a slap in the face to every guy that got a foreign bride to bring good values and a hot body to his home. You gonna tell me if your choices are a smoking hot Latina, a Thai / Phillipina bikini model, or Momma Boo Boo, that the ‘White’ option gets your dick hard? Bull. Plus, those ‘latin’ ‘asian’ ‘south asian’ features will breed out in a generation or two… (black it takes about 3 but it happens as long as you keep your daughters away from the homies); finally, among minorities ‘white’ features are prefered meaning White Men will be prized as husbands…our current culture is a ‘burp’ created by the hollywood media glamorizing black culture but deep dowm, Asians (especially east Asians) and Latins value light hair and blue/green eyes (so much that you’d think they were Nazi’s) — since their own men cannot provide this, they will seek out White men as husbands to quite literally ‘inject’ the desired traits into the genome. As for blacks, I remember my time in the army…even black men hate their own dark skin color and eyes (and hair) their women are even more desperate, and will seek out white men to ‘lighten’ their progeny. I have personally talked with black women who aspire to ‘breed out’ their hair and eyes. This is bubbling below the surface, and behind much of the minority hatred of ‘whitey’ is a jealousy and deflection of their own self hatred.

        1. I agree Mike. I got a great foreign bride that’s not white and she’s a better “alt-right” mom than 99% of white mothers. It’s also true that white men are liked by really every race of woman so white men literally have nothing to fear by being “cucked.” If anything, colored men are in a bad position because their men aren’t generally wanted by white women, and in some cases, such as with Asian women, their women want white men even more. I was in the Army too and witnessed the same things. I also think there are a lot of great black women out there as far as wives go who’d like to get away from thuglife Jamaal and just have a good Christian husband and family. Whether one likes black or foreign women or not is not the debate here – the fact is some do and they cannot be excluded when they are non-degenerates.

    2. That’s what the globalists want.
      “The man of the future will be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear owing to the vanishing of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future, similar in its appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples with a diversity of individuals.”
      – Count Richard Nikolaus von Coudenhove-Kalergi ~ 1925 Practical Idealism
      There are already enough non-whites in white countries to breed whites out of existence. And there are unlimited reinforcements in the third world.
      Whites must exclude non-whites in some way in order to survive.
      And since behavioral traits are heritable and behavior is heavily influenced by genes, there is every reason to believe that something will be lost when whites are bred out of existence.

      1. Yup. That’s exactly what globalists want. It would make it infinity easier to get a one world government. That would be a total hellhole for everyone.

  20. I suggest the title “The Otaku Right” for the 1488 roleplayers; they post pictures of anime girls holding Mein Kampff, wonder why they can’t get laid, and then whine about Roosh. They have the souls of cuckolds.

    1. This is an good example of what separates the men (MRA) from the boys (PUA). MRA types will criticize men for disloyalty to the Patriarchy, while PUA types will criticize men who don’t have constant female validation. This is why PUA is properly categorized as a variant of Feminism. Roosh is moving away from PUA as he is learning its superficiality.

  21. I’ve seen some alt-righters sluff off the accusations of being racists the same why I ignore or laugh at accusations of being Imperialist: “Yeah, I am proudly an Imperialist. Theodore Roosevelt’s dream of an American Empire must be realized as we are the successors to the British Empire.”
    This may shock some folks here, but I am not white. Neither is Roosh (he is a sand nigger/towelhead/camel jockey etc…) If you have a problem with me living in America or considering Great Britain my birth country, you can lick my limey balls.
    The very idea that race and culture are impossibly separated is stupid. Having been raised by white adoptive parents since infancy, I bear zero cultural resemblance to the theoretical “race” I belong to.
    Alt-Right needs to drop the race angle and focus on cultural values over skin color. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for us to be allies (aside from the irrational non-interventionism that infects the Alt-Right movement).
    If alt-right tries to make me a second class citizen in either of my countries (the US and Great Britain), then expect such attempts to be met with means up to, and including, violence (should alt-right gain sufficient power to implement such policies without reforming some of their ideas about race).
    Aside from that, the fight against SJWs, feminism, anything left wing and the promotion of Western Culture coupled with a return to a more Victorian-era world view are things we can agree on. These are the things that alt-right is really fighting for, even if some don’t realize it.

    1. Therein lies the rub. The UK especially is a white nation, has been for tens of thousands of years. You have no right to it as a non white, I don’t care who your parents were. If you do not support white homelands like these than you cannot seriously expect me to consider you an ally. I know non whites are used to rolling over whites on a whim, just from looking at this comment section, I cannot blame you. However, you do not get to make ridiculous demands, threaten violence if you don’t get your way, and then say “but I thought we were allies.”

      1. Then we’re not allies. I am totally cool with that. You’d better message Roosh and tell him to get his ass back to Iran and out of the United States. Donovan Sharpe had better get his ass back to Africa as well.

        1. Why? Because I won’t be a cuck for a rent seeker? Pretty sure that is what the altright is fighting. I am all for allies, but you folks make such ridiculous demands it is impossible.

    2. We are focused on white identity and preserving the white race. Racial differences are real, and if you can’t deal with that you can kindly fuck off.

    1. They’re nice pale skinned is why. There’s little more reason or depth than that for some in supporting the alternative right.

      1. Nobody really believes in equality on the alt right.
        There is a broad consensus that slavs are white, but there is also an understanding of the diversity within the white family.

      2. It depends which section of the alt right you’re talking about. Among the more general alt right, there’s a consensus that more-or-less “white is white”. However among the more radical white nationalist contingent, there’s a sub-racial hierarchy where Germanics/Scandinavians are at the top, followed by Anglos, then the French, etc. etc.
        Some of the more extreme WNs are really annoying because they’re always denying or downplaying the achievements of non-Germanic whites.

  22. I agree, especially with #5. Many rightwing groups have a huge Hispanic male population. I’m partly Jewish and inter-racially married, but I agree with the ideals of the alt-right in general, I even desire a generally nearly all-white, Christian theocratic monarchy of some sort. But once you start playing “one drop rule” games and excluding allies you make a needless enemy out of me. The alt-right will just become some new neo-nazi type club that’s doomed to failure unless it at least treats and accepts non-whites as full participants and future Subjects of whatever empire or government they come up with. Deport illegals, even deport ghetto blacks who won’t assimilate, ban AIPAC and even ban synagogues – whatever. I don’t care. But don’t make this specifically about ancestry. My family is significantly more “alt-right” than 95% or more of full-white families.

    1. A number of conservative right wing groups have been wrecked by their Jewish membership. This includes the BNP under Nick Griffin (British National Party) and Ronald Reagan’s allowance of Trotskyite turned neoconservative (neokohenservative) stole the GOP from the traditional right. I’m wary. While the organisational, money and intellectual abilities of a Kikebart and Pamela Geller might be welcome (Witness the EDL and I believe Pegeida) one has a feeling that once they’ve dealt with the primary and existential fear of Islamic dominance it’ll be back to the old game of cultural insurrection.
      One thing is for sure, the words of the Koran will make sure the Muslims won’t allow any wiggle room since their fate is specifically foretold several times.
      There is no danger from the alt-right to Jews but they better become with good credentials if they want to be trusted.

      1. There’s a big difference between Jews who consider themselves part of “Jewry” and what to do what’s best for Jewry, an Ashkenazi Catholics and Christians who consider themselves white and are nationalists for their countries and don’t recognize Jewry as legit. There were many mischling’s who fought for National Socialist Germany – many who received the Iron Cross or died for Germany. Many in positions of great power. If you’re going to exclude anyone with some Jewish blood you’re going beyond Hitler and you’re making an enemy out of countless fellow warriors.

        1. The National Socialists of course didn’t: Erhard Milch who headed the Luftwaffe for a While and Emile Maurice (Hitler’s Cell Mate). Many others. I believe one attained officer status and were able to Worship openly.

        2. No that’s not right. You misunderstand Hitler and Mussolini. Their antipathy for jews grow over time.
          We must become more racially strict than Third Reich Germany, because they were defeated. If they had won, you would have been able to enjoy their relatively greater tolerance of jew mixlings. Sadly that was not the case and now we must go ahead with zero tolerance.
          No jews can dwell in Europe. That is final.

        3. I forgot to add, the jews cannot expect to keep their colony in Palestine either. They should be defeated and moved elsewhere.

        4. I’m not pro-Israel, but to the victor go the spoils. The Jews conquered that land and have a right to it so long as they can defend it. Ragnar Redbeard once said something along the line’s that the only rights you have are the one’s you can earn or keep at the end of your axe. The Israeli’s can at least do that, and as bad as Israel can be, it’s delusional to think that “rights” and what have you matter here. I personally favor Israel being replaced by a Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, as in the Middle Ages.

        5. No, sorry. The jew colony of 1948 cannot endure as the jewish racial homeland. Yids are going to be evicted.
          The reasons are as follows. Revenge for our Fascist martyrs, solidarity with Fascist Arab resistance to Israel, and principled rejection of jew racial state in that location.
          I approve racial nationalism, just not there for the jews. New Israel can be the racial state of jews somewhere else. To the victor goes the glory and we’ll see Israel defeated.

        6. That’s your jewish opinion. Either way, all non-whites have to be deported from Europe. Down with Israel. We shall see to it that Hezbollah are armed with the best weapons available. And if Hamas quits flirting with Fascism and makes the commitment like Hezbollah, we’ll see to it that Hamas is receiving weapons upgrades themselves.

        7. No, you’ll keep replying to me and others on Internet forums and going nowhere as you always do, because you’re too ignorant to do anything remotely effective.

        8. Fascism is not the achievement of one man by himself. I play an important role in defending the Fascist legacy against the Israelis who are trying to usurp it.
          Many white power affiliated guys get wobbly and want to have a truce with the jews and I’m usually there to tell them, our Fascist martyrs demand we retaliate for WWII and decades of phony holocaust criminal fraud.
          NSDAP began with seven guys. If I found just seven Fascist comrades as committed as myself, we would revive the party.
          “Die Partei ist Hitler! Hitler aber ist Deutschland wie Deutschland Hitler ist! Hitler, Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil! Sieg Heil!”

        1. She’s a nasty cunt jewess and she’s not white. She said Europe should be attacked by Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the case Iran attacks Israel. Anyone who thinks that skanky jewess is on the white side is delusional.

      2. “Cultural insurrection” – I’m flattered. Now I know what to call my mild disdain for the surrounding goyim. You can totally keep your Anglo chicks, although I reserve the right to seduce the Irish.

    2. I’m in the same boat as you are.
      Dad’s side of the family is Anglo-Scottish with some German and was part of some of the old WASP establishment. They were rich before the Great Depression. I traced one family member back to New York who died in 1799 and likely have ancestors who took part in the Revolution and settled here before that, in the 17th century. To the purity fags that would be just about as “good” an ancestry as you can get.
      Mom’s side on the other hand, while partly Austrian, has far more southern European and *gasp* even some Jewish extraction.
      So which side does that make me? I’ve always identified more with my father’s side of the family for some reason, I suppose out of respect for its exploits (including my grandfather’s stint at Leyte Gulf) and, for reasons I can’t explain, I spiritually identify somewhat with my father’s Protestant heritage despite the fact that my family was never religious or churchgoing, and I am still not, and of course, I’ve opposed the globalist left intellectually since I was 16.
      So which side am I “supposed” to be on, really, according to the SPLC shills? I’d really like to know.
      And your point about Jewish loyalties was spot on. I’ve witnessed it personally rolling around New York political circles. The Jews that had some kind of divided loyalty to their group or Israel usually caused trouble in some way. The ones that were Jewish but only by ancestry and had no such attachments are not troublemakers.

      1. I had largely similar results to yours when I traced my lineage. I discovered that out of my 32 great-great-great grandparents, 3 were Jewish, which came as a surprise since most of my living relatives come from fairly religious Catholic and Baptist backgrounds. Some people on the Alt Right who pride themselves on being fully European or “pure” might be in for a shock if they were to actually trace their complete ancestry.

        1. No one gives a fuck about a Jewish ancestor from 100 years ago. Aside from the odd nutjob. Even Hitler himself wouldn’t and DIDN’T care about such trivialities.

      2. I don’t think having some Jewish ancestry disqualifies you from the alt right. I’m as awake to the Jewish question as anyone. But those Jews that are on board have to recognize the damage that their fellow Jews have caused and absolutely no shilling for Israel. If you meet those requirements then you are in.

        1. It’s flattering to know that I’m “in,” especially since I’ve probably done more damage to the globalist traitors than any of the keyboard warriors seen in this thread.
          I’ll continue to promote nationalism and traditional sex roles. If the “alt right” wants to, like most rightist movements throughout history, throw good money after bad and descend into crate-blanche white knighting and becoming the tail-end of the SJW racial bean counting coin, that’s really their problem.

    3. You don’t get it. We don’t try to force you mixed-up people to live under our rule. We just don’t want to live under your rule. To each their own. We will have strictly white places without any racial interlopers. You won’t be welcome there.
      I would not tolerate jews in Europe. WWII was a stolen victory. Decades of phony holocaust profiteering have soured the relationship even further. It could not be worse.
      This does not mean I want to annihilate jews generally. This is a fiction dreamed up by jew propagandists to vilify the best leaders in WWII. I have known many jews for decades and have no wish to harm them. We just cannot allow jews in Europe anymore.

      1. You’re the one who isn’t welcome though, that’s the point. And if the 5 guys in the NSM and NWF make a country we’d overrun it within minutes.

        1. No, we’re much more determined than you think. We’re focused on the war before any homesteading.
          I have two slogans I like to repeat:
          Death to the men of the race war enemy, and death to white men who are their accomplices.

        2. Maybe you should consider dental insurance and moving out of the trailer park or Dad’s basement before taking the Turner Diaries seriously.

        3. Where did you go wrong?
          “But once you start playing “one drop rule” games and excluding allies you make a needless enemy out of me.”
          You are an enemy already. Not because of your different race, but because you think whites have no right to sort our selves out on the basis of racial purity.
          Of course we have that right, and I don’t care how many of the men of the Israeli Defense Forces we ought to kill to make that well understood.

        4. The ingenuity of the white race saves us again. By creating the digital network, we’ve established a platform for organization which the jews cannot acquire a controlling interest as they did in broadcast media and print media. So we have something better than good luck now.
          Remember, the greatest jewish victory over the white race was a stolen victory, preying upon the goodness of whites with the deception of historical magnitude.
          Now that the phony holocaust has been revealed as such, no white nation can prevent the reckoning which is ahead of your race. You will lose Israel and you will be ostracised more than ever before.

  23. I guess that the fundamental “problem” is that the alt right is made up of humans, and humans are flawed creatures (present commenter specifically included). But the alt right has come far in the last 3-4 years–it’s even perceived as a threat and is being denounced by its enemies. Don’t let the perfect become the enemy of the good!

  24. If women show their “empowerment” when they can reject all the men they don’t want in their lives – and the rejects have to accept this situation and go away – then why don’t whites show our “empowerment” by rejecting the peoples we don’t want in our communities and countries?

  25. As I tell the leftoids: We will have nationalism now, or ultra-nationalism later.
    They best play nice with the nationalists because it gets this far and people are not yet watching their kids starve.
    If it has to go ultra, I’m not going to care when the Second Coming of Pinochet is dropping leftist media people and academics from helicopters.

    1. Yeah, the Social Justice Warriors better whistle past their local sports stadiums, because they could very well die there under an American equivalent to Pinochet.

    2. I was thinking the same thing. The harder they push more radical the nationalism is going to get. Kind of like a pendulum.

    3. I think the kind of nationalism that might steamroll across Europe soon will be much more radical than what was under Hitler. Back then Europe was like 99% white and SJWs weren’t as extreme. Today, the West is like a cultural pressure cooker, if it blows, it will blow hard.

  26. Are Southern European people pure enough then? HAHA, everyone knows the alt-right is permanently stuck with …what’s that damn word…. Let’s say people obsessed with racial “purity”. This will cost it severely.

    1. I’ve always just seen it as just wanting them to be European, period. I didn’t even know it was divided into Anglo-Saxon European or German European until now. Lol.

      1. Haha, yeeah, it’s regressive and absurd. These people that obsess over Whiteness that much truly are fringe nutbags. Needless to say they aren’t interested in actually changing the world for the better, or realistically at all – except to help the liberal establishment neutralize the alt-right populist nationalist threat. They’re wrapped up in personal fantasies and obsessing over pedigree like faggots at a dog show.

  27. “I saw someone on Twitter cast aspersions at the Irish as being somehow beneath Anglo-Saxons…”
    Tiocfaidh ár lá
    Although outside of ROK, I have never heard of alt-right. I have heard of LaRaza, Nation of Islam, CAIR and a slew of other hate groups. Some of them even get invited to Obamas WH.

    1. As Robin Williams once said: The Irish saved civilization.
      Then they got drunk and forgot where they put it.

        1. I’ve seen it. When others at the bar, including the bartender, refuse to argue they will get mad and stomp outside and start shouting at the night.

        2. I lived in Ireland (before it tanked) and swear it is the only place on earth that you could walk into a pub, discourse on a multitude of topics and walk out saying goodnight on a first name basis to half the peole there. A old Dublin taxi driver dropped me off one night, charged me the fair and we discoursed/argued for over an hour after I paid the man.
          Mad people, great country.

        3. You can argue with other Irish people all night long, disagree, pull each others hair out, swear,curse, using a select choice of colorful language and still never get offended and remain even better friends at the end of it all. Irish people are not, to use a great Dublin phrase “up their own arse” which is a mighty fine way to be.

      1. When I was younger, I read a book on this- I thought it was cool, didnt realize how important they were in preserving things until I got older…

        1. Yes, often dismissed as a race of drunks by the “superior” Anglo-Saxons. The Irish Monks preserved a huge amount of the classics from antiquity. We wouldn’t have this golden thread back to our collective foundations without the ardent and painstaking transcription work they did. Often what people fail to understand is that like every other race, the Irish too are composed of Celts, Vikings, Normans, Saxons, Huguenots to name but a few. In essence, if the purest white race Nation is a blend of different mixed tribes.

    2. There’s too much trolling and adolescent bullshit to even begin to know how many are sincere degenerate racists.

      1. Even the term racist has been stretched to oblivion. I really don’t care if people are racists, it is when the individual acts upon his racism with criminal intent or it becomes enshried as public policy is where it should be denounced and uprooted. (And yes, enforcing hiring quotas is racism)

        1. The liberal or sjw use of “racism” is a joke. Ironically the truly racist insidious shit today is in the form of race quotas, identity politics gone overboard promoted by Hollywood, etc., supposedly fighting against racism. You know.
          I care when a scene like the alternative right has some great ideas and is vitally important and is sidetracked by idiotic pieces of shit.

        2. I must finished Sowell’s book “Economic Facts and Fallicies”, and would recommend anything he has authored, and he touches on race and hiring practices and how these types of policies hurt minorities more than help.
          The constant reinforced topics of race, sex, income classes, etc…shoved in your face daily is all by design.

        3. Sowell is a genius. Also an example of why the alt-right would do well not to reject people based on their pigmentation. We should reinvigorate American nationalism and citizenship.

    1. Good point. Well the working class “blue collar” White male will increasingly fuck and breed with Latina peasant stock, and upwardly mobile Latino males will have more access to White poon. This will not help preserve the historic United States and the common values and understanding of citizenship that most Americans understood until recently.

    1. A cause for concern in ROK and neomasculinity at large is the fact that bona fide white supremacists and/or people who genuinely think whites are genetically superior will attempt to co-opt the message and movement.
      I find much of the comments section here a little ironic, given that you (Roosh) are not a white European and neither are other ROK columnists.
      Although Roosh is ethnically Iranian/Middle Eastern, only a fool would group him with the degenerate barbarians that mostly inhabit that region of the world.
      But according to some, he is just the same. Because race trumps literally everything else, such as espousing the diametric opposite by opposing Muslim immigration due to the barbarism it involves letting into civilization.

      1. “Although Roosh is ethnically Iranian/Middle Eastern, only a fool would group him with the degenerate barbarians that mostly inhabit that region of the world.”
        They are actively doing this as we speak. The alt right is going through some sort of mass hysteria.

        1. When I hear the name “Daryush Valizadeh”, images a perfect proper bastard with skin as white as Bismarck don’t exactly come to mind.
          His parents are Armenian/Iranian (at least according to Wikipedia). Which, historically, was considered Aryan, although the vernacular has changed to mean WASP.
          One of the biggest problems with race based thinking (as opposed to culture based thinking) is that all too often, the purveyors of said ideology change the game when it is politically convenient: one minute, they praise British action during the Anglo-Zulu War and the heroic defense or Rorke’s Drift…until they realize that Disraeli, the biggest proponent of the war (save Rhodes himself), was Jewish.
          Even in South Africa, Koreans were considered “honorary whites”, mostly because they depended on South Korea economically.

        2. Race and culture are both factors, and there are probably genetic personality and temperament traits linked to race such that it should not be ignored. Still, when you look at history it also has not worked to take the race thing too far. When you look at what nazi Germany did, trying to conquer all of Europe and even having arguments of which white European races were Aryan and should be breeded with or annihilated. And the worst of it was that, along with colonial conquest, white people were left with a self-destructive guilt which we’re now all threatened by.

        3. Anyone from the out-group will need to be vetted for sometime before being trusted by the in-group and even more time before being allowed into the in-group.

        4. Iranians have always been *very* different in character, disposition, and most importantly intelligence, than the barbarous Arabs and the Afghans to the East. No wonder they’ve been called “aryans”, or the well-spring of aryans. Their characters and dispositions are very European. What has decimated the Persian personality is wretched Islam, an Arab importation through the sword.
          Just as Jewish Marxism has deliberately dumbed down white culture, so has Islam, non-deliberately because it’s a barbarous ideology, destroyed the higher intellect of the Persian race, though underneath the Islamic yolk it’s still alive.

        5. Excellent point … look at the Japs: one moment they were honorary whites, back in the 18th ad 19th century when the Brits were impressed by their culture and history, and then a race of savages when the war with the U.S. got underway. Objectively speaking, they’re an extremely capable and intelligent race, and if we were to measure them by the accomplishments of the badass, balls-out ninjas … well, they supersede even the white race.

        6. That’s an interesting analysis on race and culture…at least, from a Scot, lol.
          More importantly, there is objective evidence to support Islam’s destruction of civilization: about a century after the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire, the Sultan of the new Ottoman Empire essentially burned all the philosophy, mathematics and astronomy books and instituted a highly theocratic education system.
          After the Industrial Revolution, the Ottoman Empire was the sick man of Europe, largely because their technology, culture and governance was stuck in the 15th century. In spite of our mistakes in the Crimean War (in particular the Charge of the Light Brigade, ironically in a battle that Lord Raglan didn’t even lose), the Ottoman Turks and our mutual Russian enemies managed to fuck up a lot more.
          The rigid Islamic theocracy simply couldn’t adapt or grow. And were it not for Russia attempting to threaten our holdings in India, they would have collapsed long before WWI.

        7. I have attacked white supremacists using a similar argument, rather successfully: that if racial supremacy is a thing, white people aren’t necessarily on top.

        8. The people who are usually called white supremacists want their own people supreme in their own lands because they are their *own* people. Whether another race is generally faster or better at math is beside the point.

        9. Absolutely; well said. It’s astounding what an utterly retrograde force Islam is. I’m always reminded of the wonderful passage by young Churchill, so eloquently expressed: from the “River War” …
          “How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live. A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity.
          The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property—either as a child, a wife, or a concubine—must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men. Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities. Thousands become the brave and loyal soldiers of the Queen: all know how to die. But the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science—the science against which it had vainly struggled—the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”

        10. I will oppose the typical critics of Islamic fundamentalism, but I don’t want the presence of non-white Muslims in Europe in any significant numbers.
          It is important to defend the Muslims right to their Sharia law, within reason. Jew supremacists want everyone to be under jewish law, as David Ben Gurion said himself.

        11. I can’t say I agree with you on “opposing … the critics of Islamic fundamentalism”. Islam with its Sharia law is an extremely destructive force. Along with the vicious ideology of communism/socialism/marxism, these two entities are perhaps the most sinister ideologies ever conceived by the forces of Evil.

        12. Winston Churchill was a degenerate race traitor worthy of the firing squad. Judaism is a satanic religion.
          Islam is not bad. Sharia, when properly implemented does not necessarily require stoning adulterous women or chopping thieves hands off.
          What Sharia really means is that Muslims do not have to clone English Common Law such as in Pakistan, tolerate conniving jewish lawyers, implementing Feminism and no-fault divorce.
          Jew supremacist, David Ben Gurion had the idea all humanity would be subjugated by jews and there would be a “supreme court of humanity” based in Israel, and all around the world, Jewish prophets would be enshrined.

        13. Look, I’m not exactly a Jew admirer, but between the two, say, if I had to choose between two awful choices, I would rather be under the Jew’s thumb than a Muslim’s. But hey, let’s just agree that it’s all “same shit, different pile”.
          By the way, don’t be so harsh on Churchill; by the end of his life, he made many comments about how the real power in this world lies with “the hidden hands behind the scenes” and how we were, including him, all just puppets. He kept making references to the shadow or secret government running the world. I largely agree with him.

        14. Caucasians originally came from the Caucasus Mountains and spread throughout Europe (obviously) the Fertile Crescent and Indian/Iran and created all of these ancient high cultures. Mongrelization with the native populations are responsible for the current barbarian subhumans but pure European genes still persist in the upper classes of these countries today.

        15. Roosh, when we win we’ll give you a nice beach front apartment with two fire breathing ( and infertile ) whores in the western country of your choice. We got a deal?
          On a more serious note, most of the alt righters I speak to have no animosity towards you.

        16. “The rigid Islamic theocracy simply couldn’t adapt or grow. And were it not for Russia attempting to threaten our holdings in India, they would have collapsed long before WWI.”
          It is Britain that propped up the Turks and the rest of Islam to keep Russia from expanding at their expense and freeing the Christians suffering under Sharia. Meanwhile the British had a female monarch and a Jewish Prime Minister, began circumcising all males, developed a disguised sexual fetish for Orthodox rulers like Dracula who fought Islam (notice that Putin is often portrayed as a “vampire” as well), etc.
          Heterodox western Europe has a thousand years history of being effeminate back stabbers who’ve sabotaged Christendom’s long term interests over and over again.

        17. Britain propped up the Turks because the Russians wished to threaten holdings in India, any protection of Christians in the Ottoman Empire was merely a front for their territorial ambitions (similar to WMD arguments in the early 2000s).
          Russia, and eastern Europe as a whole, spent a large mount of time getting beaten by the Mongols and/or the Ottoman Turks. Their defense of Christendom failed numerous times.
          Further, Christians in the Ottoman Empire were not a homogeneous group, there were Eastern Orthodox and Catholics. France had an interest in protecting the Catholics, and Russia the Eastern Orthodox. Had Russia accepted France as the authority over both groups, they would have been far better off, as France was significantly better poised to provide protection than the Russians, whose military was was one of the worst in Europe.
          Eastern Europe has done a generally poor job of protecting themselves, must less Christendom. From being conquered by the Mongols to being conquered by the Muslims, their record of loss to pagan and Islamic invaders doesn’t inspire much confidence in their ability to promote Christianity. Unlike Great Britain, who fought numerous successful campaigns against the Barbary pirate states and the Ottoman Empire itself under General Allenby, who retook Jerusalem after hundreds of years of Muslim control.

        1. I find it funny that the “MagnaEuropa” guy alleges otherwise. It was the same science that scientifically classified Persians as different from Arabs that tried to give scientific basis for white supremacy.

      2. Dude, Roosh is not some special snowflake. His group IS the degenerate barbarians in the middle east, whether you, him or I like it or not.
        And in the grand scheme of things he is just the same. Another non-European latching on to the teat of the white mans civilization.

        1. That’s completely wrong, pal. I don’t want to repeat my comment above, but you’re most egregiously wrong. Persians *are* an entirely different race; with no connection to Arabs. Islam “arabized” them, but they’re not of Arab character.

        2. Mate you’re talking about a time when Persians were Zoroastrians, in those days Islam did not even exist. Things have changed since then and not only from a cultural point of view but also genetic.
          It’s like some Lebanese people saying they’re aren’t Arabs but Phoenician, it’s as if I considered myself an ancient Roman instead of modern Italian.
          Do you have any idea how much time as passed?
          Pakistan was part of India once upon a time, they were Hindus, now look at the state they are in. Inbreds, the worst type of Muslim

      3. I’m trying to figure some of this alt right stuff out. So is a white Muslim from Bosnia or Chechnya better than a brown Colombian Christian?

        1. Exactly, pal. Once you go down this path, it’s descends into a farce, and disintegrates into a total joke. Also, who’s “truly” white? A Highlander Scot, or a Cretian Greek? I guarantee you that I’m whiter than 99.99% of Greeks, but then a Greek would say that while their kind was busy inventing everything from philosophy to democracy to high literature and art to mathematics, the Scots were crawling in their own shit in some mountain cave. Of course, the Scots contributed a tremendous amount to Western Civilization later on, but you can see how it all degenerates into a slapstick comedy.

        2. How do you PUA, neo masculine folks makes it through a day?
          Pretty simple scale. Do they have their hands in my pockets, and how deep are they? How much do they want to kill me?
          South Americans have the hands deep in my pockets, but they do not necessarily want to kill me, yet. They would rather milk me. A white Muslim may want to kill me, but Islam is a religion and they can be converted. In the end they are white.
          Winner is a white Muslim born in Bosnia.

        3. This leap in logic requires an incredible level of delusion. You think you can convert a Muslim, you think someone working for a white company and paying his taxes is somehow milking you, but the Muslim isn’t milking you because he’s white. And to top it off you prefer someone who is trying to kill you simply because he is white!

        4. I am talking on the aggregate. South Americans illegally come to the US to suck on the teet of white tax dollars. They are a net drain. Sure there will be some individual that pull their weight, but they will be in the minority. They are also more prone to crime and are more violent. Even though they are better than Muslims they are still a net negative in the crime department.
          I will have far more in common with a Muslim white from Europe, than I will with anyone from South America. Religion can be overcome, a lot easier than race.
          In the end I would prefer that both of them stay in their perspective countries, and that is sort of the point. White Americans have no choice in all this. We are being forced to deal with all types of alien cultures from voodo worshiping Haitians to marauding, rapey Arab Muslims.

        5. Goes to show you how deluded these people are. They’d rather be killed by someone their own race than loved by someone from another race. But they’re not racists, no. Release him amongst a gang of Albanians or Chechens and see for how longs he clings to his idiocy.

      4. Why is it so hard to accept that Whites need to look out for our own interests and that we’re better at many things than most other ethnicities?

      5. It’s amazing that there are still people on this website that claim to be “red-pilled”, and don’t realize the fact that white societies and civilizations have been the most prosperous, creative, and intelligent for the majority of the past three millennia. To claim this is completely un-associated with genetics is a delusion rooted in jealousy, inferiority, or in the case of self-loathing whites, deeply ingrained racial guilt from western post imperial society.
        In terms of Roosh’s race, Iranians have always been the most stable and civilized middle eastern group since antiquity. In terms of pointing to an individual and saying how they are just as ____ as another person of a different race, that is a strategy of pointing to an outlier in the data. Ashkenazi Jews, and specific groups of Asians may have higher IQs than whites in general, but can you point to a society populated mostly by these groups of people and claim they are superior to the best white civilizations in history? Intelligent Jews push Jewish supremacy and use their intelligence for evil schemes against Western society, Intelligent Asians aren’t very creative or original, they lack lateral thinking. Intelligent whites have created philosophy, art, literature, medicine, technology, and these things have changed the world in the recent centuries. There are more creative, intelligent, and benevolent white minds throughout history than any other race.
        I have great respect for Roosh, however, he is just a man, like the rest of us. In response to a muslim commenter on RoK, Roosh did say that muslim men were “welcome” at the February 6th meet-up. I think this is a huge mistake and a showing a great lack of good judgment on the issue of Islam.

    2. You are being quite dishonest when you infer that white ethnocentric altrighters want to protect “all white women”. In fact it is safe to say you are full of shit on that one. No one is more aware of their treachery than us.
      That is where people like you and the MGTOW brigade go off the rails. There is a reason DoTR is an abbreviation used in our circles. The main difference is we know there are good white women, and we do not view them as simply fuckholes like you do. We have white daughters, mothers, and sisters, something that you don’t have and never will. I know the white cucks in your comment section don’t mind that you say their mothers and daughters are all shit. But that is why they are cucks, we are not.
      How would you react if I said all Persian women were whores not worth saving? And we are supposedly allies?

      1. Roosh is not so bad and not so great either. He doesn’t have enough appreciation for extremism. He doesn’t think creatively about what is the upside of extremism.
        On the geopolitical stage, Iran is an ally. This does not mean we approve or endorse the idea Iranians should fornicate white women. Neither does it mean we irrationally hate an Iranian because of his pursuit of some fornicating white women.
        He is acting like a jew sometimes, but this is not unique to him, this is the Liberal mindset at work. Jews often present a false dichotomy, of two bad choices for whites. Well, we can simply exile disloyal white women and sentence white men who are traitors to death. Then that false choice he presented with his cartoon is easily dismissed.
        Like I said, he doesn’t have enough appreciation for extremism, or else he would become an Islamic fundamentalist.

    3. I looked at the news today, and I saw people complaining that women workers are being harassed at migrant welcome centers. “Is someone forcing these women to work there?” I wondered. These women apparently support the mass migration, so they are simply getting what they ask for.
      From what I see, it is aimless women who are making this a strict race issue. Their hearts might be in the right place, to protect a strong Euro-American culture, but they need proper male leadership to make the movement effective. They need men to think through this logically and understand what this is actually about.

    4. There are more and more women being brought into the Alt-Right fold. I know this makes you uncomfortable Roosh, but if there are no more white girls being created then how are you going to rape them?

    5. I have a simple and humane answer for white women who are coal-burners or race traitors. Exile them.
      This is why I say death to the men of the race war enemy and death to men who are their accomplices. I leave out women as non-combatants.
      I often chide other white racial defenders about the immigrants and I tell them, listen we only need to deport them.
      Nevertheless, my determination for victory is such that I really would go to war against the men of the race war enemy, such as Israeli Defense Forces, in the event they attack Lebanon, just to gain stature.
      Furthermore, I would fight men of race war enemy as necessary to racially cleanse neighborhoods in important American cities which used to be white and were stolen by negros. Likewise for London and Paris.
      Very often, I tell people, don’t insult Islam, because the jews are insulting Islam with the cruelest deceptions as they’ve done to Fascists and National Socialists.
      Jews are insulting Islam so terribly with lies usually, to create chaos to defeat whites, not to help whites win against the non-white invasion of Europe, which is mostly Muslims.
      This is a war of survival against the jews primarily, and very few whites can see this clearly. Our only leverage over our fellow white men is to threaten those who are traitors with accountability for what is a capital offense.

    6. After reading the alt-right posters to this article, I am even more convinced they are unsuitable allies. Its unfortunate, as fighting the forces of the left, SJW’s and feminists is difficult enough as it is.
      However, the arbitrary drawing of national boundaries and identities based upon race (as opposed to culture) is the most impractical and mentally stunted ideas of the 21st century.
      I think it would be more appropriate to draw national boundaries based on religion or measurable IQ than race. Better to keep the mentally challenged out and institute Eugenics than to have mentally retarded or disease prone white people mucking up the human race.
      White Nationalists are to ROK and neomasculinity what the Russians were to Great Britain and the U.S. in the Second World War: slightly less evil people who are enemies of our enemies, but should probably be taken out as soon as the SJW movement dies and the debate in America is between the Donald Trump wing of the GOP and the Jeb Bush wing, with the Jeb Bush wing being considered the “extreme left” and the Democrat party no longer in existence.

      1. Racially-based nations are not a “21st century idea”. It was the norm across the entire globe, with the exception of Latin America, up until the 1960s.

    7. The reasoning on this is, the white women (and perhaps also the white men) who cuck in favor of migrants are victims of cradle-to-the-grave brainwashing and thus cannot be held fully accountable for their own actions.
      I understand this reasoning. I have always questioned political correctness myself, but then I may have a different brain structure from the vast majority of people. Some people have even speculated I may have “oppositional defiance disorder”, which is probably a common “disorder” for people on the alt right to have. I don’t agree with the premise that not being a sheep means that someone has a disorder, but it could mean that the vast majority of people are pre-programmed to have a sheep-like mentality, and many of us on the alt right are the minority for having brains that simply don’t work that way.

  28. ” Rather, the way forward is a turn toward nationalism using democratic means.”
    I’m not buying it. Democracy does not, and will never work. There is no solution that will not include some degree of force or opposition. If democracy worked it wouldn’t have been pushed by the elites.
    The true answer lies in shifting the overton window to make their ideas palatable to the masses. It must be done with memes, music, etc. Right now the alt-right has formed it’s one culture, and their views are seeping everywhere else. It’s not unusual to see the terms poz, fash and dildo in other places on the internet as well as the plethora of jewish jokes. It will slowly become less taboo to joke about the holocaust and then it’s just a matter of time.
    The alt-right is not a movement and therefore cannot be organized, it’s a counter-culture from which actual movements will emerge. Their main uniting ideology is dissapointment with egalitarianism, modernity and Enlightment values. Not all are WN. There are WNs, traditionalists, religious traditionalists, racialist libertrarians, etc. They can’t be organized together and shouldn’t be. Rather they should seek to establish a strong, educated minority of individuals which will eventually redpill everyone else.

    1. Aye, democracy can’t work. Our long term goal should be a monarchy or dictatorship of some sort that holds our values.

  29. I’m honestly done with the whole right and left differentiator. You can stick ‘alt’ in front of it or behind it or wherever you want, but at the end of the day when you declare yourself on either side of an arbitrary fence you are making your mind up about issues you haven’t thoroughly thought about or even may not have encountered yet. I consider myself a libertarian and a proponent of laissez faire capitalism. I fall on neither the ‘right’ or ‘left’ on a variety of issues and my default stance on most things is ‘if it doesn’t cost me anything or have any tangible effect on my life then go nuts.’ The right is often just as arrogant and fascist as the left in their unwavering confidence that they have the copyright on the truth. The level of ego and arrogance to assume you know what is exactly best for everyone in every aspect of their daily lives borders on religious zealot levels of delusion. Both the hard right and hard left are just two sides of the same coin. It’s all a distraction and both sides are ultimately the same. It’s time to take a stand as individuals instead of taking up residence in arbitrary camps where unelected ‘thought leaders’ will define what we as a people believe.

    1. “I consider myself a libertarian” Myself also, but, we’re a dying breed.
      “The right is often just as arrogant and fascist as the left in their unwavering confidence that they have the copyright on the truth” Agree, how can any one group know the truth? It’s both absurd and simplistic and I’d find been brow beaten by the ALT right into believing 2+2= 5 as intolerable and repugnant to my liberty as the 2+2=5 of the extreme left.
      “The level of ego and arrogance to assume you know what is exactly best for everyone in every aspect of their daily lives borders on religious zealot levels of delusion” There lies the hubris. Yes, I’m a conservative who’s opposed to State intervention and indoctrination in the lives of the people, but, I cannot for all the good reason in me believe that a State run by the ALT-right or Hard-Left wouldn’t currently resemble something far, far worse.
      ” It’s all a distraction and both sides are ultimately the same” Until people mature spiritually and realize that the goal of life is not about controlling other people out of a state of personal fear then nothing much will ever change. However, I do understand why people here fear the onslaught of Muslims and the empowerment of women to the same status as men, because, I also know that no state of personal spiritual maturity can occur if you live in a society where you’re subjugated to inferior elements.
      ” It’s time to take a stand as individuals instead of taking up residence in arbitrary camps where unelected ‘thought leaders’ will define what we as a people believe” Well said, never surrender your freedom of thought to any leader, elected or otherwise, for that is the moment of your enslavement.

      1. ‘However, I do understand why people here fear the onslaught of Muslims
        and the empowerment of women to the same status as men, because, I also
        know that no state of personal spiritual maturity can occur if you live
        in a society where you’re subjugated to inferior elements.’ – Many people will always be open to easy paths, like SJW’s who blame their own shortcomings on real or imagined oppressors rather than focusing on reality based solutions and self improvement. But it has been a generation that has never been able to find satisfaction in anything. A generation that has never tasted defeat because they have never tried to achieve anything that is truly difficult. My generation has been one that has gotten gold stars for merely showing up. When reality hits they have no character to fall back on. No grit. I do feel that mine is a lost generation and that we are living the last days of the West, particularly the Anglo West. A generation raised in a system that only reinforced an ideology not based in reality and squashed any opposing viewpoints will never be able to grow into the state of spiritual maturity of which you write. The ‘right’ and the ‘left’ are easy choices for people who don’t want to be bothered working out what their core beliefs truly are, instead taking the easy road they always have of letting someone else simply tell them that if they subscribe to ideology A or B then they are a special and wonderful person who has their politics on point. It’s an unbelievably lazy and unfulfilled way to live life. Truly striving to be a good person and improve every day is hard work and hard work simply isn’t part of who we are as a culture anymore. When Protestantism was tossed out of Western culture so went the Protestant Work Ethic.

        1. “When Protestantism was tossed out of Western culture so went the Protestant Work Ethic” Although my background would be mostly Catholic apart from my great-grandfather who was Protestant, I understand the notion of “work” in that very Protestant sense. It’s not necessarily about slaving your backside off in a 9-5 job, but, it also means accepting full responsibility to work on the betterment of your character during your life. Unlike Catholicism this places a massive onus on the shoulders of the individual living and breathing under the tutelage of God’s direct precinct without the intersession and help of saints, priests and other devotions one has as a crutch in the Catholic tradition.
          Maybe, with Protestantism the bar was set so high that most people couldn’t attain this degree of rectitude and measure in their lives. Why work towards a goal that is unattainable and never certain in the first place, is perhaps why even subliminally, most people have been left marooned and washed up on a desert island where no wants to marry, work, live or die?

        2. Perhaps, but the whole point of the Protestant Work Ethic isn’t striving for a bar set by others, but the bar set by God. That bar is set just a bit higher than it was yesterday. It’s a sliding bar that meets you where you are at. Is it still hard work? Of course, but it isn’t impossible work. When I do carpentry I always strive to do a better dovetail than I did yesterday. To plane the lumber just a little bit smoother than I did yesterday. To improve over yesterday, by any margin large or small. God’s grace covers the rest. I believe that the work I do every day with this attitude benefits both myself and society. Every time I build something from the raw materials nature provides me in abundance here in Canada, instead of going and getting a flat packed piece of crap from Ikea that was made in a machine in China to the lowest operating standards, I add value. When we as a culture moved away from being a manufacturing economy and became a service economy it had the most profound impact on us as individuals, not on the economy. Think of the change in people that shift made. Most people went from being producers to being consumers. I think people are meant to be producers. People are at their best when they are building things. But it is a lot easier to be a consumer. Being a consumer doesn’t take any work or skill, only require a base appetite. Just my thoughts.

        3. Good thoughts I mostly agree with. I’ve the utmost respect for men who can craft creations with their very own hands. It’s the perfect accompaniment of using your body, mind and imagination to create something that’s unique and irreversible by one’s own efforts alone.
          I’ve long argued that the classical economic distinction with regard to “added value” is fatally faulted in terms of valuing purely intellectual (mind) labor over physical (craft) labor. The recent world economic turmoil is proof, if ever, of this misguided doctrine where commodities that had no real physical value in terms of a product were traded and lost for billions without them ever adding a single tangential “added value” to the real world. This to me is testimony of how divorced we’ve become from ourselves, the natural world and our connection with values that allow us to mature mentally and spiritually.
          Perhaps, you’re correct about God, maybe He does set the bar high for us? Would we respect ourselves and God if He just let any old slacker and slug become worthy of His love and respect.

    1. Literal degeneracy! That’s not anything the alt-right would advocate at all . White women have to earn the respect of white men just like white men have to earn white women’s respect. Get Bent Troll!

        1. No, it wont. I’m part of the alt-right and I wouldn’t white knight for her. If you have met some one who will , he is most thirsty indeed. The alt-right does put forward the ideal of protecting white women who are worthy of said protection.

        2. All the alt-right message boards are filled with total betas pedestalizing white females calling them princess. Its the most extreme beta community on the net. Its a cult of worship of white pussy.

        3. Beta males make up the majority of all male communities.. The leaders lead that how life works.Im ok with them pedestalizing high caliber white women. Truckers and mechanics have been doing it via bikini clad Calendars for over a hundred years, and the Teamsters did pretty well for themselves. WW2 had soldiers idolizing movie stars too, most of those men who fought were so-called Beta males who stood up and became Alphas for their country. I’m ok with Beta-males just not Cuckolds! You sound like a fanatic who trying to separate himself form something he is afraid to admit he is.

  30. Isn’t the alt right just Richard Spencer’s last-ditch effort to rebrand the far right to attract teenagers?

  31. The alternative right should be about promoting and preserving the dominance of white western culture, traditon, and people. If we keep getting hung up on petty details such as “we must be 93.7% white and no Asians can help us” then we will never succeed. Dominance is the goal, not total consolidation.

    1. Western culture should be defended and promoted. Western culture has alot of fathers historically.. Greece, Jerusalem, Rome, Byzantine, etc… Drop the racial aspect as it is a misnomer.

      1. You must be kidding if you think Greece, Rome, and Byzantium are any different from White. Are you that postmodern? Or just unaware of subsequent population migrations?

        1. Comprehension fail. Eject race from your perspective when observing historical events that shaped the culture you are currently living in. I realize that the today’s culture demands you view everything from that lense, but let it go.

      2. White people are being attacked through social eugenics. I don’t want my race to go extict. I say white dominance because it does leave room for others in the cause. It’s not saying total consolidation. Whites should be dominate in their native lands.
        I believe in this general idea. Maybe you are looking at it from the perspective of how do we sell this. A marketing and recruitment perspective?

        1. “I don’t want my race to go extict.”
          If thats true, how many kids do you have? I checked the national birthrates of current white nations— not looking good. Do you know why? (Yes I know the answer).

        2. If thats true, how many kids do you have?

          Yeah, well here lies the rub. Feminism (which is just gynocentrism on steroids) makes that almost impossible. You are literally a prisoner in your own home at the woman’s behest. If you ask me, that’s why the only way to fix this mess is for feminism (and the Leftist cult period) to be completely and utterly destroyed. That’s the starting point and goal #1 for now IMO.

    2. Preserving white people means excluding non-whites, from our gene pool at the very least, and realistically, from our living space as well.

    3. Yes – the dominant white culture (Leitkultur in Germany) – everyone else is an appreciative guest, thankful to be accepted and respectful of the host culture. And a heterosexual dominant culture, where gays and lesbians are respected and tolerated but not glorified or given excess attention.

      1. Gays and lesbians rooted out. Homosexuality means the death of civilizations. You can’t have replacement level reproduction rates when such degeneracy is tolerated. Inevitably, like a festering piece of meat or rotten piece of fruit, the decay will spread and infect the rest of society.

        1. I even think that the Russian laws where there are fines for gay behaviour in public is a good thing https://www.rt.com/politics/319466-new-russian-bill-orders-fines/ . Protect children from getting the wrong idea. I was in a restaurant last night. An older German man came in and was joined about 15 minutes later by a half black man and they embraced and kissed on the lips, looking into each others eyes, and proceeded to sit next to each other, touching. Is in some ways kind of harmless, and why not let them be, but it’s attached to and symbolic of this much larger horrible sickness in our society, where the western politicians and MSM are promoting it and using it to drive down drive down white birthrates etc.. From that perspective we’d be better off to have laws like the Russians where they have to confine their activities to their own apartments.

  32. I disagree with the fourth point. I do not believe the cuckservative establishment will be successful in purging the alt right. The returns are in and the game is up. A charismatic man like Trump was all that was needed.
    On the other hand, I’m on the verge of just writing the movement off. It seems that the “alt right” is not interested in promoting nationalism and traditional sex roles, but in being purity fags and white knighting for white women (which I’m surprised you didn’t mention). In this regard they’re no different from the 14/88 WN faggots who have failed and will always fail.
    I think shills from the SPLC are infiltrating of course, but that observation is still clear. If the alt right becomes a Puritan movement of equal and opposite SJW’s, then it will fail, deserves to fail, and we will take right wing politics in another direction.
    I saw promise in the “alt right” as it promoted a sort of decentralized, anti-globalist cultural kind of nationalism (like French nationalism as seen in the FN, for example), but if it’s just turning into 14/88 junior, a distinctly American viewpoint, by the way, it’s done.

  33. I think Alt Right just means “no mass immigration.” Most additional complexity always appears like disinformation to me.

  34. 1) Plain Wrong. Alt right is organised, despite not being unified force. Try to tell Vox that his Vile Minions are disorganised. They’re not.
    2) Thats the whole point and strength of alt-right. There is no need for everyone to share single plan. Marketplace of ideas.
    3) Wrong. There is no utopian view of white people. Alt right hates “normies” with more passion they hate black people, muslim or jews. Non-whites are either mere enemies, or (if far away, in their own countries) neutral. White leftist are traitors. Making people proud of being white is one of alt-right goals, they kinda already know they have to convert them away from progressivism.
    4) “If you do x, you might be a cuckservative”. And where is Jeb! now? Altright can do plenty harm to Cuckservatives. thanks to that, Canadian Cruz is now only possible alternative to Trump. Trump will win, unless either outright betrayal by GOP establishment (3rd party candidate), or Democrats falsifying elections by equally obvious and eye opening means. Former will forever destroy credibility of GOP. Latter will destroy credibility of entire democratic process. Its a win-win.
    5) Its cute how you think that if alt-right ever gained power, it would welcome with open arms leftist media and political whores, but kick out peaceful asians. If they kicked out or killed peaceful asians, it would do twice the awfullnes to progressive parasites. If they let leftist live, it would certainly let non-hostile minorities live. They would most likely purge leftists, but leave non-hostile minorities alone. 1488 is minority in alt-right crowd, and probably a controlled opposition.
    c) Altright is not idealistic. Their ideal world is idealistic, but ideal world is not something they expect to achieve within their lifetimes. Most would be plenty happy just with Trump winning elections, even though they fully know it wont mean ovening all jews.

  35. When Rome was full of Romans they dominated Europe. When barbarians outnumbered them and voted themselves Bread and Circuses it collapsed. Race is everything. Race is what determines culture and economic success. European Whites can be rich as socialists or free marketeers. The blacks will be poor under any system whatsoever. Ideas require brains that understand them. Culture is a function of racial background. When America was mostly White it was the Richest country on Earth. As the White portion decreases, so do the economic factors and standards of living.

    1. You’re probably two thirds correct. Probably doesn’t need to be 100% white, but if it becomes 30% white that will be the end of the USA as we know it. If anyone doubts that, please give us a summary of car, aviation companies, achievements in space exploration, medical breakthroughs, weapons, nuclear technology – from a country in Africa – that comes anywhere near to the achievements of those of the USA (or Europe)

    2. Hmmm, it’s a never ending chicken and egg scenario, or similar to the intractable philosophical problem of free will and determinism. One can equally argue that race had nothing to do with it, and that as America, white America, abandoned the principles upon which it was founded, its culture disintegrated. Back around the turn of the 20th century, circa 1900, America was still almost all white, and that’s when some of the devastating political and social policies were put into place (with the creation of the Fed in 1913 which, indirectly, has eroded the American soul).
      Another problem with race is this:
      What “race” is this chap? Well, he’s white, right? except he’s not … he’s a born and pure bred Afghan. So now it becomes tricky.

      1. Yes but white people once resided in all parts of the world and this man is simply a pure European who by some feat of magic managed to have his family preserve their blood line in Afghanistan. This man is European and is a part of the European nation.

  36. This is getting more organized and grows with every day. It took a while for the manosphere to get “it” together and its still unfolding, but, with the advent of Neomasculinity we now have a doctrine and therefore an ideology. And Neomasculinity is a big part of the Alt Right. In terms of culture, which is discussed under item 3, I see the new media as the solution. Not only is it the logical, and only, place for the Alt Right and true American Nationalism to operate (since conventional media is infested with leftism) its also gives us the ability to literally create a revival of American Culture. Better yet a conservative cultural renaissance, which is desperately needed, unless, you like admiring jars of urine with a tampon. Imagine a tv show or movie that actually champions the real heroes of society. It can happen.

  37. Russia maintains a fairly traditional and conservative culture largely through its rigid border control and immigration policy. It’s a country composed of many ethnic groups, a lot of them non white, so excluding Russia’s economic issues, it does come close to the ideal of a traditional conservative multicultural nation.
    I know it sounds cheesy, but, the Russians I’ve encountered are proud of their Nation and have a real love for it and its this sensibility that western liberals just don’t get when they complain about Russians being homophobic, religious or “backward” in their outlook.
    Unlike Russia, it’s hard to imagine that a country like Britain, let alone the States will ever again be able to produce citizens who unashamedly feel that way about their our Nations. In the west you’re sneered and mocked at if you feel any respect and love for your country’s past, you’re perceived as being out of touch with the modern world, a reactionary and an eccentric! This is why even the first steps are so hard, as publicly, among your peers you’re swimming against the tide in every sense, and to do this takes confidence, toughness, and fortitude (and perhaps some hope) which such men have to be, before they can begin to build up the foundations of a new world imagined in the spirit of the old one.

  38. American as an “all-white” country is a stupid idea that I suspect most alt-right supporters would not support.
    Anyone who was born and raised here has a right to live here. (Regardless of race, etc.)
    That’s something that the alt-right has to affirm to not alienate people. That being said for white nationalists (because I don’t think all alt-right are white nationalists in the way I understand the term – i.e. stopping immigration and wanting an all-white country are two different things), they should commit our best efforts to stop immigration, deport illegal immigrants, and promote white birthrates, the traditional family, patriarchy,etc.

    1. Yeah and conflating wanting a SANE immigration policy, controlled borders, a system that does not lower the quality of life for American citizens and destroy the middle class, with dumbass White Nationalism, plays right into the hands of the corporate liberal and cuckservative establishment.

  39. Youy PUA faggots aren’t even a movement nor are you organized. You are bunch of men who whine about women not fucking them. The best you can do is shut the fuck up and vote for Donald Trump. Once we start winning you will roll over to our side anyway.

  40. If you aren’t married to a good woman and you have less than 3 children, you have no right to complain. You are part of the problem.
    Traditional Catholicism saved the pagan tribes of Europe from war and Canibalism. Read Pope Paul VI’s prophetic doc Humanae Vitae predicting that contraception and low birth rates would destroy civilization.
    Catholicism made Europe great. Protestantism divided and ruined it. If you want a great civilization, become Catholic and start raising MANY virtuous children.

    1. “and you have less than 3 children, you have no right to complain. You are part of the problem” Easier said than done. It’s economics and not any natural aversion to having more children that’s at the root of declining birth rates among white people in our countries.
      If the Catholic Church wants to increase the birth rates of white Catholics why don’t they provide free kindergarten for young Catholic couples, free primary and secondary school education for the faithful as they once did and, Catholic conservative universities where all students must be practicing Catholics, anti-abortion, conservative, and keen in preserving the values of western civilization, and of course non-feminism in their outlook. If they break these rules they should be admitted or expelled if found out.
      The Catholic Church is one of the last all male patriarchal global organisations in the world that still has huge resources. It could, if it had the energy, passion and self-belief radically arrest the decline in western societies if it had any balls left.

      1. It’s not one of the last. It is the last.
        There is no other organization on earth saying contracepting yourself out of existence is morally evil and a grave attack upon civilization. Catholicism stands alone. Only Catholicism can raise birth rates.
        Low cost Catholic education vanished when feminism infected the convents. We lost our charitable teaching nuns. Such a pity. God have mercy on us.

        1. It’s a shame it doesn’t realize this….
          With the Nuns, there were no problems with waiting lists and poor hygiene in our Hospitals when they ran them. The same with the schools, but, you’re right at what feminism did to the convents, at least with the liberal gay monks and the straight ones, they left the Church like men, but not the lesbian feminized Nuns, no, they stayed inside and corrupted from the inside out while living “irreligious” lives while they still got their bread and board free of charge from the CC…and how many Nuns with real vocations they must of twisted too?

        2. Don’t forget monks. They created hospitals and schools. And they created the modern concept of the hospitality industry.

        3. True, but women (nuns) are much better than men at administering general hospital wards than guys. Actually, I forgot about the Saint John of Gods hospitals, it’s more addiction based work they do.

        4. There are many evangelists who try to depict the Holy Father as a socialist or even the anti-christ. This is normal, if you read the bible you can see how the Pharisees treated Christ.
          “But because of the Pharisees they would not openly acknowledge their faith for fear they would be put out of the synagogue; 43for they loved human praise more than praise from God.”

      2. Yes but they are too busy handing out free shit to niggers and facilitating the invasion of Europe in the name of Jesus and loving thy enemy.

    2. There was a reason protestantism emerged. Learn history. Short version: Indulgence was one of the main reasons. Pay church some cash and your sins are forgiven? Dafuq. Catholics became too corrupt and needed a shake-up.

      1. Granted there have always been evil priests and abuses. An apostle literally sold away the life of Christ. But the answer is not: Let’s splinter Christendom into 39,000 sects so that secularism and Islam can devour it.
        That kind of “shake up” was devastating for Christianity.

        1. Back in 15th century people were actually fearful of God’s punishment. Religion was arguably the most important thing for them. They actually saw no other choice but to challenge catholicism, this is how serious the situation was. A corrupt and degenerate pope was not acceptable to them.

        1. Protestantism emerged because exploitation and then people promptly founded many different sects. Fast forward a century and corrupt individuals corrupted churches and the cycle continued . Shitty people everywhere in life, it doesn’t matter where you go. Unfortunately, catholicism when corrupt doesn’t allow you to just find a new church though, it does have better trained preachers even if a small amount are perves.