Every Violent Male Criminal Is Rewarded With Sex From Beautiful Women

Feminists, especially in relation to rape hysteria, like to cling to figures showing that a majority of serious crimes are committed by men. What is left untouched (and you can guess why) is how large numbers of women reward hardened and violent male criminals with attention, short-term sex, and long-term relationships. No commensurate trend of men mass glamorizing convicted female murderers, rapists, and armed robbers has ever been observed.

Aside from their aggressiveness and penchant for confronting rivals, the one thing you always notice about the mafia, outlaw biker groups, and black gangstas is that they are never short of women, very frequently aesthetically pleasing ones. This continues whenever they are incarcerated.

In the conversations I have had with off-duty police officers and prison guards, the one constant characteristic they bring up about the criminals they have to apprehend or keep an eye on is the jealousy-inducing number of women they are often involved with.

This reality contradicts the feminist implication (read: lie) that only isolated and rejected individuals, like Elliot Rodger and Ben Moynihan, commit violent acts because of women.

A widespread female preference for violent and criminally-minded men isn’t just applicable to killers with a cult following, like Charlie Manson.

With conjugal rooms the norm in many prisons nowadays, third-party witnesses note a steady stream of very fertile, beautiful women visiting men convicted of horrendous acts. Of course, some of these men still claim innocence and convince the women of their purported purity, but most are incontrovertibly guilty or happily admit their responsibility. It matters little; the women still come. And when they do come, many will risk their own future personal freedom to smuggle in items or directly aid further criminal enterprises.

Do all women in society even come close to showering these men with praise, affection, and spread legs? Of course not. But given that only a minority of men perform the sorts of acts required to be serious criminals, only a small proportion of women are needed for this system of predictable and large rewards to perpetuate itself.

And the number of women either rewarding or very willing to reward these men is larger than the number of violent men in or out of jail.

A microcosm of a significantly wider trend

The standard, false narrative is that ROK readers contribute more to the condoning male violence than a woman like Caitlin Hall, who immediately began dating Michael Ibrahim following his release from prison for killing another man.

The cover image of this article features Michael Ibrahim, who was convicted of the very gruesome stabbing death of Robin Nassour, the brother of a well-known Australian comedian. Pictured with him is the girlfriend he landed right after being released from prison. Though one of his older brothers is a very wealthy and connected nightclub owner in Sydney, there is no doubt that Ibrahim’s serious criminal past would appeal to many good-looking women.

Men seeing or reading about people like Michael Ibrahim (and there are many, many stories like his) recognize the good probability of attracting more than decent women (appearance-wise) if they, too, are convicted of serious crimes. You may wish to attribute greater weight to Ibrahim’s family’s money or, in other cases, to the physicality of a male criminal than his actual crimes. Be my guest. All that achieves, at best, is demonstrating that women are able to overlook a man’s very violent criminal past for financial and/or power considerations.

Regardless of how you look at this issue, a female’s erstwhile morals (if they even existed) go out the window when she shacks up with a violent criminal. The condoning of serious male violence by many women remains, however harshly you judge an attractive woman’s reasons for doing it.

As a male, how am I responsible for other men’s crimes?

This average Western male is attributed more blame for violent male criminals he doesn’t even know than the women who decide to fuck them. Makes perfect sense.

A predictable trope employed by feminists, SJWs and white knights is the bogus theory of collective male responsibility. Everyone from the male philosophy student to the good-natured male garbage collector is somehow causing, abetting, and condoning broader male crime simply by possessing a penis. The classic conception of this collective guilt is the invented rape culture, but it extends much more broadly than that.

Like many of you, I have never knowingly met a convicted murderer, rapist, or armed robber. Yet I am apparently a contributing factor to the next male-on-female sexual assault that happens 2,000 kilometres away in Tasmania, or some guy allegedly punching his girlfriend in Lübeck, Germany at three o’clock in the morning.

Ironically, we are blamed for these incidents and women who actually know these men and can exert a real influence, from the mother who raised them to the sisters who lived alongside them, are cleared of any moral involvement. Female friends and acquaintances who continue social interactions with men they know are violent or convicted criminals also get a free pass.

The conundrum only gets worse when we start to consider females who give out sex and intimate companionship to these men. A guy, perhaps a member of a biker gang, beats another man to death and is released after some years, only to find a couple models falling in his lap. How doesn’t this make some men more willing to commit violent acts?

If all women categorically refused to sleep with violent criminals, male crime would drop by 80-90% overnight

Women like Claudia Ochoa Felix have openly associated themselves with the criminal underworld, rewarding the choices of the men who act within it.

If this were to take place, some men, a small minority, would resort to rape to get some action. By contrast, the great majority of male criminals or criminally-inclined men would have no choice but to reform themselves and ameliorate their rougher tendencies. They would have to act more like the average male accountant or office worker, who is presently on a much, much lower rung of sexual appeal for a considerable cross-section of attractive women.

From the preceding discussion we can see that women are equally as, if not more, responsible for male crime than other men. The numbers of women who lavish or are willing to lavish violent men with access to their genitals far outstrip the rate of men committing repulsive crimes.

Yet this is probably the most inconvenient truth of all for feminists, so don’t expect them to even half-heartedly try to refute it any time soon. For them it’s always best ignored.

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285 thoughts on “Every Violent Male Criminal Is Rewarded With Sex From Beautiful Women”

  1. Women’s attraction to violent men is simply a more extreme example. Women constantly reward and excuse crappy male behaviour on a regular basis and then complain about men’s crappy behaviour, and wonder why men don’t change. Doesn’t help that women rarely can tell the difference between an Alpha and an asshole (something I noticed even before the term ‘Alpha male’ was being bounced about).
    But admittedly, we men do similar. How much general bitchiness do we let hotter women away with? I do think women are much worse though, as the article says, men don’t go for criminal women.

    1. All this PUA stuff is so off the mark and completely misguided that I don’t even now where to start, if you believe that shit everything you think you know about women is wrong.

      1. Oy Vey guys! PUA is wrong. You just did not find the right woman.
        I am a magical special snowflake, start dating true WOMEN like me, not those stupid skanks. Just forget all previous male experience and learn the true hardcore redpill is that all women are actually cool, apart from a few bad apples. Cause we, most women, are not totally not like those girls you talk about, pinky swear. We have nothing in common, they are just some rare skanks. It’s not female nature, it’s just you did not find the right one.
        This message was brought by WIDF (Women Internet Defence Force) and the Bureau of Special Snowflakes

        1. Sorry, your secret man language does not make any sense to me. While were talking about men, you know what male-nature is? To get angry and act like a baby bitch when he has to put effort into getting the pussy. We should just give it to you! You’re a white man, everything should just be given to you no matter how stupid, fat, boring, and lazy you are. Tell you what, why don’t I come over, clean your house, you can show off your lack luster sex skills and when YOU are done I will give you all the money is my purse???
          The only thing you need to meet women is confidence and once you meet us treat us with respect and talk to us like were normal human beings. Being bitter and angry because you cant use your douche bag formulas and secret man launguage tactics to get pussy is really NOT SEXY.

        2. Ah I see, more manshaming. Sure girl, all guys here are bitter and “search for douchebag formulas”.
          This is why don’t let women into male spaces. It always comes down to NAWALT, but i’m so redpill, for real ;D
          How is it working for they guys “who are just confident and treat women with respect” . If it worked, there would be no manosphere. “PUA” developed specifically because “just respecting women” did not work. But of course you know better sunshine.
          You don’t let women into male spaces. I wager that’s why 4chan came with the TITS OR GTFO.

        3. PUA exists because of social awkwardness, the belief that because a man wants something he should have it (cuz fuck consent, right?) because women have the right to decide who we sleep with and that angers men so they made tactics up to trick us instead stopping to think that maybe a woman just isn’t in to you and you should try your luck elsewhere.

        4. At the risk of being banned for talking to a female, here’s a dose of truth, sister:
          I went through college and while not all women considered me funny, more than a few did. I was flirty and held doors; reasonable-looking and always neat, clean, and showered. And whenever I, or someone like me, got stared at or flirted with and took what we thought was a hint, and asked out one of these “nice,” allegedly decent, young women, we got epic turndowns. As in confidence-shattering. Then they threw themselves at jerks who treated them, and eveyone else, like dirt. And the girls made excuses for them.
          Never mind, my boomer and pre-boomer elders would tell me. These girls are young and silly. They’ll come to their senses and soon enough, guys like you will be fighting ’em off.
          Not exactly. As near as I can tell, the last two generations of women have been chasing and ecstatically screwing the functional equivalent of the rumpled, unhygienic, perpetually hung-over party animals they so loved in college.
          And unless you’re married to a nice, steady guy who never moved the needle on the cool-dude meter, your input is invalid. Lots of guys like that out there–and if you’re not finding them, you’re frequenting the wrong kinds of places.

        5. Ah, here we have it gentlemen. The mind of a feminist. I should have guessed from the nickname. So PUA is tricking, eh ? And all men trying to trick you. They just won’t respect your consent. poor ladybug
          All hetersoxual intercourse and courting is covert rape and all PUA are covert rapists who don’t respect female consent by trying to make women sleep with them against their will.
          This is the mind of a feminst guys. Male sexual desires are patological, and male self improvement and courting tactics are rape.
          There you go guys, do I need to rest my case further ?

        6. Consent is overrated, many people don’t consent to IRS taking their money but in the end, might does make right.

        7. Refer to my comments bellow. She is a typical female snowflake who showed her true colors.
          Her whole proposition is that PUAs are rapists who try to trick women into sleeping with them against their will, if you don’t believe me just look at the comments bellow. Her whole argument is basically NAWALT and that the secret to slaying pussy is being a beta provider who respects women. Jeez, where did I hear that before.
          She is a typical cunt, shaming men for their sexuality, calling us douchebags who search for ways to trick women.
          Whenever you let a woman into a male space she will derail to further her own goals and the feminine imperative it will always be 3 things :
          1) Game does not work. Just be a beta provider who respects women
          2) NAWALT. I am a special snowflake. All other women you saw were skanks
          3) Shaming your sexuality, constantly denying your conclusions and experience all to gaslight and shame you back to the plantation, derail the conversation and push their own interests and feminine imperative forward.
          No women in male spaces. Not even “red-pill women” or special snowflakes. Remember gentlemen, TITS OR GTFO.

        8. The do love to tell us how wrong we are. But yet, none of them seems to be married to the kind of guy she claims to like.
          Women invaders have despoiled everything from men’s clubs to traditional churches. Enough, already. If there is some kind of cataclysm, we’ll see just how strong, independent, and special these NAWALT snowflakes are.

        9. Consent is Consent, Rape is Rape, PUA doesn’t teach Rape it Teaches gaining Consent, if a woman feels “tricked” after Giving Consent its her fault not the PUA, Maybe women can’t decide what’s best for themselves?

        10. PUA exists because of social awkwardness, that’s true: so why do you have any problem with it? Are you saying you want to be courted by socially awkward men?

        11. We do you try to reason and engage with this inferior life form known as CUNTOZAURUS FEMZAURUS REX. Her only purpose here is to shame us for having a biological sex drive and call us names and guilt us into being obedient beta cucks.
          No engaging. Only TITS OR GTFO

        12. She doesn’t make sense. She is just shaming betas. Refer to another comment of hers :
          “how dare PUAs not see we are not interested in them, they don’t respect consent and try to trick us into having sex with them”.
          So to her, PUAs are just betas pretending to be alphas. To a woman sex with a beta is rape. That’s the way they think. They hate PUA because they think a beta mught turn alpha, and woman hate the idea that a beta might trick her into thinking he is alpha, (that’s RAPE!). They want men organized in neat little boxes : fuckboys, providers, creeps. They don’t want anyone steeping out of their box so that’s why she call betas names(akward men, rapists, losers). It’s just a giant shit test.
          In a woman’s mind there is nothing worse than betas (akward men) learning PUA, you are stepping outside your designate box, crawl back faggot. You will only have my pussy when I am 35 and tired of bad boys

        13. Yeah, but I ripped her ass. I showed her for what she really is, everyone else is engaging her as if she is honest and not here to shame us.
          Either ignore or put her in her place, no explaining, backpedalling, apologizing.

        14. The breakdown of traditional courtship and monogamy is the main reason it exists. If most men followed your advice—‘don’t bother with tricks, she just isn’t into you’–they would be forever alone in the current deregulated market.
          Manipulation does not imply the absence of consent. Seduction=manipulation, but women who go along with it are willing participants.

        15. Nobody is “tricking” anybody. PUAs embarrass many women by revealing to the rest of the male population how shallow many women actually are. Not all women respond to PUAs. If PUAs make you feel threatened personally then that says something about you, that you’re in the pump and dump category for males. You put yourself there.

        16. Give it up, sweetheart. Most, of course **not** all, but most women are manipulative and deceitful little cunts who cause immense suffering and grief in the world. The phenomenon outlined in the article above is just an extreme manifestation of the female psyche, but it’s an excellent illustration of the twisted female mind. Ultimately, one can say “it is what it is” … “so what do we do about it”?
          Okay, once we’ve diagnosed and elucidated the problem, then we can come up with strategies to deal with it. Realistically, we can’t throw all the skanks and cunts down some giant volcanoe or drown them in an ocean. So how do we create a nurturing healthy society that tames the cuntistry of a large segment of the female population? … that’s the million dollar question.

        17. Well said. First, you’re not going to get many, or any, red-pill women on such boards because they’re aware and respectful of male spaces. Thus, anytime a skank shows up, well, you can bet with certainty that she’s a first-rate cunt. So, immediate ban … or “get da fuck atta hea” – eye-talian expression

        18. “So how do we create a nurturing healthy society that tames the douchebaggery and cuntistry of a large segment of the female population?”
          For one, do not vote for women into political office.

        19. Again, on average and statistically, even if a woman has high intelligence and aptitude, regrettably, the first response to any situation that deviates from the norm, or an emergency situation, is an *emotional* response and panic.
          Amazingly, I’ve observed this repeatedly, ad nauseum, over the years. She may smarten up a little while after and analyze the situation calmly and rationally but by then the damage is done. There are situations in life in which the first few seconds, or first few minutes, or the first six hours … those critical moments are key on how to prevent a catastrophe; either hesitation or a complete emotional breakdown vastly amplifies the disaster. So, yes, because of that defect of nature, i.e. primary emotional reaction, I absolutely agree with you that women can *not* be in critical positions of power until they have amply proven that they think and act like a man.
          (as an aside, the first female “top gun” in the Navy back in 1992 killed herself and the co-pilot of a F-14 Tomcat when on attempting to land on the aircraft carrier, there was a minor tail wind, she panicked (surprise, surprise!), and almost crashed right into the carrier, except the fighter jet blew up on impact with the sea … only three months! after being lauded as the “first female top gun” and many close calls in those three months; the U.S. Navy has not had another female “top gun” since)

        20. Mating is biological validation. That’s why men want to have sex with women – you’re biologically (and deeply psychologically) validating. But women mate up the dominance hierarchy. PUA tactics are methods to SIMULATE and ACCENTUATE dominance hierarchy status to get that sweet feeling of psychological validation we get from having sex with creatures like you. You’re right – if you believe that dressing expensively when you’re poor is trickery.

          “A lot of restriction on female sexual behavior is put there by other females…” – Jordan Peterson
          Don’t blame men for women’s bad choices. Learn some REAL psychology instead of parroting feminist cliches.

        21. Really ‘fuck consent’…Hardly! PUA does not advocate slipping roofies into women’s drinks to ‘get what they are owed’ by women. From what I read the early advocates of PUA got into it after studying the behaviors of natural players/womanizers and employing the same behaviors many of them exhibited. Majority of women these days are up for casual sex and rather be left on the sidelines watching a subset of guys get all the action, they decided to get proactive on becoming one of those guys that women were DTF for. If NSA sex was more equally distributed when it came to guys there would have been no PUA movement. I would not call, wanting your share of the NSA sex pie and to get more out of life -> entitled..Is it anymore so than women only being bang up for action with guys hotter/more accomplished than they would get for a relationship?
          Women can only be tricked by as much as they allow themselves to. At the end of the day if you take a guy home to shag, does it really make any difference if he is a natural player or a PUA who learned seduction skills…,as long as he put in a good performance and didn’t treat you with disrespect? Going home with a PUA you are still having your right to decide….its just that the guy did a better job of convincing you to choose him over the hotter guy that you would have been DTF for otherwise. If a guy is a good seduction artist you wouldn’t realize the difference anyway, as you would just rationalize the sex as ‘amazing chemistry’.
          ‘Tricks’ as you say, will only have limited scope especially as women get older. PUA has expanded beyond that to encourage men to develop their life to be a better prospect for women (short term & long term). In the same vein, some would call women using make up to boost their appearance a trick too.

      2. Have you ever done something stupid and someone asks you why and you respond in a coy tone of voice, “I don’t know. It just happened.”
        So you’re telling me you understand women?

      3. Maybe you are very perceptive, astute and calm an collected around men and take your time to suss a guy out, but many women are not like that, or maybe they are more savvy now in their 30s but was a different story in their 20s. I agree with Nifty, a lot of women (esp more so when they are younger) don’t make the distinction between alpha, assertive, asshole, arrogant jerk – its all good…all dominant macho behavior which gives them the tingles.
        It is certainly not just damaged goods or dipstick women who don’t make the distinction on this either. I’ve seen numerous confident/smart career women or sweet girl next door types go for them as well. No not all women go for the badboy types, but more often than not its the more attractive girls with plenty of options rather then dumpy chunky girls that are desperate for any guy.

        1. That’s why keep banging frumpy-but-cute gals. Every time I go an a single date with an actual hot chick, I get sussed out in 2 minutes, rejected at the close, and ghosted when I text about a 2nd or 3rd date.

      4. I’m talking from personal experience, not from PUA stuff. I’ve seen plenty of women keep going back to guys who treat them like crap, and had more than a few women admit they go for guys that are bad for them to me.
        We see this stuff for ourselves.

  2. This argument is similar to the argument that feminists make about men objectifying women. Women objectify themselves and other women on a regular basis. They use their bodies, their sexuality, etc.. on a regular basis to “cash in”…be it a model shoot, porn, a higher position in a company etc… Yet, they still make this claim that it’s men who objectify women the most.
    This kind of thinking (by SJWs and feminists) is a disease. Many need to start seeing it for what it really is at this point. The women who align themselves with criminals either have no morals, no self esteem or have a mental issue (we call it crazy).
    More people need to call it out.

        1. Beta negatives always have anger issues. They swear and tell women they are ‘whores’ in online forums like this. Does it make you feel stronger? More masculine maybe? Sitting behind that keyboard safe at home?

        2. Any one with SCUMmanifesto as their avatar is provoking trouble. That shit is off the scale for male hatred and Solanas was clearly unhinged and should have been institutionalized.
          Spineless feminists today have tried apoligism by ridiculously attempting to classify it as satire despite Solanas never saying so. That is the nature of feminism today. Hiding behind a veil of irony/sarcasm to ensure an exit from the consequences through plausable deniability doesn’t cut it. It’s cowardly and disingenuous.
          And yes feminism has tried to fucking kill people – ask Andy Warhol and all the upstanding women who handed out white feathers to men who were not fit to go to war – fuck your gender privilege. Handing out white feathers to men is the only real evidence of “white privilege” one sees.

  3. Slightly exagerated.
    It is usually the criminals who get lots of media coverage that are coveted, although petty violent criminals can score some chicks here and there.
    There was a discussion about it on a forum. The explanation was that women are biologically built to prefer men who are risktakers, but once a man has achieved success, they will usually hold the man down to make sure not to lose him. A general’s wife doesn’t want her husband deployed to get killed AFTER he was decorated. This explains why some women will tell you that you obsess with the gym and that you look good already and hold you back from growing in the gym or other places. It’s a milder form of that.
    Some women are however mentally broken so they are attracted to extreme violence and sometimes unsuccessful one at that. It might be due to the fact that their fame might be seen as success unconsciously (just think how famous Brejvik and Ted Bundy are now), or that it’s biology gone awry.
    Such women are a minority and not all of them are hot. However, there is a general inclination towards strong, unapologetic men. But few women genuinely like very violent men. Strong, violent, maybe. But very violent and criminal, not so many.
    Either way, it’s not all it’s hyped to be. Stick to lifting weights and reading BANG. You’ll be better off in the long run, and can get hot chiks without geting a sentence or killing yourself. I just don’t believe 80% of crime will stop if women stop choosing bad boys. That might be a bit much.

    1. “Either way, it’s not all it’s hyped to be. Stick to lifting weights and reading BANG. You’ll be better off in the long run, and can get hot chciks without getiing a sentence or killing yourself. I just don’t believe 80% of crime will stop if women stop choosing bad boys. That might be a bit much.”
      You made some interesting points; Im not sure if I agree with you, but I’m not willing just yet to dismiss your ideas.
      It might be too that now an entire generation of men are raised to be feminine and pathetically weak, both physically and mentally that females gravitate to violent douche-bags just to be around men who hold some of the classic “strengths” most men had 50 years ago.

      1. Women want manly men, not effeminate, not easily dominated, not weak willed. Finding a man who balances masculinity with thoughtfulness and respect is very, very difficult but it’s what we’re all looking for.

        1. “Finding a man who balances masculinity with thoughtfulness and respect is very, very difficult but it’s what we’re all looking for.”
          So a man who is a better slave basically, manly, but still beta. Doesn’t corrode with my experince.
          You’re basically describing Beta Bucks PLUS or as some call him alpha bucks. Of course that might be the female ideal. But why should we care. What do we get from fullfiling all the female needs. Litlle.
          I can get all I need from women from half the effort it takes to be your “ideal man”. Men should be selfish and care about getting their part of the deal.
          It’s time we put pressure on women to perform and not the other way around. We already give women way more than they deserve. It’s time for them to keep their part of the deal.
          Gentlemen, remember give little, take a lot. That’s the secret to success. No money, no commitment, just tingles.
          Let them earn everything else, with something more than their vagina. They might start being feminine and maybe just put that iphone down for 5 minute and get rid of tattoos and piercings and actually care about what we want.

        2. And once you find him, you start turning him into a weakling, beta chump. Tell him to stop going to the gym, buy you flowers because just cause. You get pissed off if he doesn’t do what you ask, you get more pissed later if he does do what you ask.
          In other words, you have no fucking clue what you want.

        3. …”balances masculinity with thoughtfulness and respect” means women want an alpha in the bedroom and a beta everywhere else in their life. Which doesn’t exist in reality. Hence average length of marriage in america is now 7 years. Ignore the cunt troll.

        4. A woman’s blind spot is that virtually ANY guy can be that, but we are always told to be the opposite when we are younger. So we get burned, and then become that ideal later. If a female friend would’ve just told us what is attractive, and why, we could easily just shift into that behavior in a short amount of time.
          It’s hard when from birth your mom, sister, school teachers etc all tell you to “be a sensitive guy” “treat her really nice” “buy her flowers” etc. When you figure out you’ve been lied to your whole life by all the women you trusted it gets pretty dark and women are lucky we aren’t as emotionally unhinged because we could easily dish out some sadistic revenge.

        5. I’ve heard her definition of ideal man from many women over the years. I think they probably do exist but are rare, and while what she and most women want is a bit of a dream, it still propels them in their choices and actions when in a relationship…see J.Hue post…that scenario I’ve seen play out numerous times where the chick tries/hopes to domesticate the badboy/jerk/dominate type. Probably there better bet is to take on the beta and try and make him more assertive/aggressive, but lots of women want the guy to be their ideal from the start sand not interested in taking on a work in progress. Yeh they want the best of both worlds, but many are fine doing the AF in their 20s and settling down with the BB in their 30s to score it.

        6. The BB in their 30’s are their life line…something to fall back on of being in a relationship so they don’t appear to be a loser. Make no mistake about it, even after they’re married to BB, they still crave AF as demonstrated by the popularity of 50 Shades.

        7. Yeah. My parents never told me anything. They both always said don’t worry about it now, you’re too young. Looking back I’m not sure if that was a good thing or not.

        8. Honey. What the modern western cunt says and what she does are two different things. After 32 years of marriage and the regular round of observing females around me I unfortunately found that almost all, if not all, of you are either liars or completely unaware of your own wants. I have come to the conclusion that you are children with screwed up manners and mentalities. And your nic is ‘Scummanifesto’…

      2. Could be. I was thinking about it as well. One theory of the social ladder I saw was that it divided men into positive and negative. For example:
        alpha positive(bussinessman, sportsman, public speaker)
        alpha negative(jersey shore types, criminals, tattooed degenerates)
        beta positive(aspiring alpha, nice guy but without confidence)
        beta negative(jealous bitches, back stabbers, feminized males)
        and so on
        In a society with few alpha positives, women might gravitate towards the negative to the lack of the first type. However, it would be foolish to say there aren’t women attracted particulary to the negative. I just think their numbers are not as big as we think.
        The question is, if we had more positive alphas would women ditch the negative ones ? Some might, but the negatives won’t stay hungry for pussy.
        Also, you’re theory of overcompensating is also interesting. Women of the first world might be attracte to extreme violence as a response to extreme pussification of society, so who knows ?

        1. I see charts like this a lot, but they always fail to consider the “evolution of man”.
          So what do I mean?
          Modern Humans have been on earth for approximately 200,000 years, civilization has existed for 6,000 years and the “society” that we live in today, which has rules we are FORCED to follow, is a little over 200 years old. What this means, is that MANY of the people we THINK are Alphas today, may in fact, NOT be Alphas at all. Simply put, the last 200+ years has given LEGAL advantages to crafty, backstabbing, two-faced, Betas, whom gain undeserved Alpha status, due to LEGAL protection from PHYSICAL retaliation, whereas in the previous 199,800 years of mans existence, these guys would have been the “follower”.
          If you have any doubts, just think of people like Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. Could either if these schmucks have lead men and convinced them to give their lives for a cause, like say, ALEXANDER THE GREAT or HANNIBAL? Of course not, BUT, people like these guys are given “Alpha Status” today because they can act TOUGH, without any real threat of losing their heads or getting Tarred & Feathered by disgruntled peasants.
          I’ll clarify further, “Pseudo Alphas” win in America because the “unspoken rules” and “legal system” have been designed to prevent “aggressive retaliation” by disgruntled underlings. Think back to the early Teamsters tactics used against stubborn business owners and how you don’t see similar tactics being applied anymore. Once you recognize the overt influence of “undue physical protection” it becomes easy to understand why “Pseudo Alphas” rule today. Note, its not because of superior leadership or endowed masculinity, it is because these “Pseudo Alphas” are receiving undue legal protection, that keeps the hordes of frustrated Betas from ripping these “leaders”, limb from limb. As I said earlier, the current batch of successful business leaders, that we see today, would have been beaten within an inch of their lives during the time of the Teamsters or Tarred & Feathered, right in front of their factories, in earlier times.
          In Tribal and Chieftain level societies, the males that accumulated the most wealth and children were neither the “most fierce” nor the “most “timid”. These “successful leaders” tended to fall somewhere in the middle, the main reason being that the “most fierce” warriors typically died in the hunt or battle because they could not temper when to be “bold” versus “when to hold back”. Also, on the flip side, it should be obvious why the “most timid” didn’t accumulate any wealth or children in a world based on hand-to-hand battles and hunts.
          In today’s world we have set up a legal system that solely rewards the “most fierce” warriors and it is contributing to our eventual downfall. In the past, when mortality rates were high, due to living in a dangerous environment, these were the LAST people you wanted running ANYTHING. Today, these types of people get to go to the front of the line for leadership roles. Remember, just because they are “bold” and “fierce”, in a safe, OFFICE setting, doesn’t make them a real ALPHA, in the world of nature.
          If you need a modern example, look no further than the post-war years, after WWII. Who do you think returned back to the USA, alive, after the war? Was it the foolhardy or the yellow bellies or the ones whom could properly weigh the situation? The answer should be obvious because not coincidentally, that was a period of stable employment and high wages for EVERYONE. With that said, it should safe to assume that it was the most “balanced’ people returning alive from the war that became captains of industry in the post-war years. The foolhardy and yellow bellies died on the battlefield or returned home too physically damaged to function in civilian leadership roles.
          Culturally we have had a big shift in the USA, where those given “appointed authority” seems to be trumping those that have “natural authority” more often than not. Make no mistake, the “winners” that we are seeing and hearing about day-to-day, are “Pseudo Alphas”. Since the early 2000’s I see MORE and MORE spineless Beta types easily surpassing people with stronger personalities, both in personal life and professional life. However, at one time, in the not so distant past, people displaying “natural authority” would have EASILY been the first choice of BOTH women and corporations and put in charge of most things, due to simply having REAL leadership qualities.
          What exactly do I mean and how did we get here?
          Well it starts in K-12 education, where certain kids are publicly punished for being natural leaders and Beta Types are rewarded with leadership positions for being “yes men” and “yes women”. Other kids see this and then begin to develop an indoctrinated aversion to kids that have natural leadership, for fear of getting in trouble, by simply being around or associated with them. This mindset then gets extended into the workplace where “appointed authority” is the rule, with no exceptions being made for “natural authority” to usurp the direction of projects, conversations or policies. Once people get past a certain age, their “profiles” and “resume” begin to carry much more weight than their actual “endowed masculinity”. Sure, women don’t pine over Manginas when they meet them in the flesh, but they will pine over a “hidden mangina” with a perfectly crafted okcupid or Tinder profile.
          Do real Alpha types still clean up, like the ones noted in the ROK article above? Of course they do, but a LOT of “hidden betas” are getting FAR more than their share, of both “first looks” and “last looks”, than they would have received in the previous 50 years. These days, this situation applies to both the career and women tracks.
          Note, its not specifically that women standards have risen (we all know they have not), its that women keep on adding to the list of “non essential” traits that their potential partners and hook-ups must have, at minimum. So while going over that “non essential” list of traits, women unknowing eliminate what they ACTUALLY want and end up with something that they are ultimately dissatisfied with, a “Pseudo Alpha”. This exact same scenario goes for employers as well.
          I always use the old comedy film “Revenge of the Nerds”, from 1984, as an example of where we are as a society today.
          When the JOCKS were in charge of the “Greek Council”, parties raged, un-PC behavior was tolerated and everyone was having a good time, with few harsh consequences for bad behavior (hence the term, “boy will be boys”). As we all know now, in hindsight, when the JOCKS were in charge, people earned good wages, nobody was micromanaged (use your best judgement was a common phrase), people didn’t get fired on a whim and life in general was good.
          Then one day the NERDS gained control of the “Greek Council” and parties started sucking, people had to kowtow to PC behavior (so as not to offend anyone), EVERYONE became micromanaged (i.e. Lean) and people started having less fun in EVERY aspect of life, while consequences for uncouth behaviors were jacked up to the highest degree (i.e. zero tolerance).
          So I ask, was “life” better for EVERYONE, under the rule of the JOCKS or better today under the rule of the NERDS, whom are nothing more than “Pseudo Alphas” with “appointed authority”?
          Long live the “beta types” with “appointed authority, I guess, to our own civilizations demise, I might add.

        2. Mate brevity is a virture.
          But yes Steve Jobs and Zuckerberg would definitely have prospered, either in the sciences or in the merchant craft, both of which have existed as long as civilization.
          Btw, do you really think these guys are alphas?

        3. @englishbob
          In earlier times people like Jobs and Zuckerberg would have been working for the Natural Alphas, possibly even under harsh and cruel conditions. Make no mistake, people like them are not Natural Alphas, they are “appointed business leaders”, nothing more. Their power and influence evaporates the moment they have no money and legal codes protecting them from bodily harm.
          An easy, but unethical test, would be, to drop a group of people in a jungle, under the false pretense of plane crash. Withing hours, nobody, would be listening to folks like Jobs or Zuckerberg,despite their high flying titles or public status. In circumstances like that, even a Janitor with Natural Leadership qualities could dispose them.
          Another good fictional example is the movie “Out of Sight” with George Clooney. In that film, he plays an inmate that helps an “Appointed Alpha” survive his jail sentence. This scenario is VERY true to real life, despite what people seem to have started believing in the last 15 years. Fifty years ago this was common knowledge, but today people dispute it, thinking that “drive to succeed in business” somehow equals, Natural Leader, per evolution. Its is not true, never has been and never will be. If you learn ANYTHING from how the NAZIS took power in Germany, it should be this: In troubled economic times and cultural instability, “appointed business leaders”, almost always, quickly lose their power to Natures Alphas.

        4. Well just look at Britain’s leadership. They look like a bunch of hand painted marionettes. Then compare them to Churchill and his contemporaries.

        5. @englishbob, most of the people you are referring to have, of the most part, inherited wealth, title and position. Just because a few “Churchill’s”, slip through the cracks, here and there, doesn’t change anything that I’ve said so far.

      3. Also, to refer to my personal experience. When I was growing up we had yard hooligans, guys who would constantly get in trouble. They were sometimes stopped by cops and arrested for graffiti or shit, they would throw rocks at drunk hobos and so on. Well, those guys never had problems with girls, they always had a girlfriend, and often, quite ironically, decent looking and not even thuggish.
        However, we also had preppy kids in school, what you would consider traditionally alpha. Well those guys were trully pinnacle alpha from perspective of female attraction. They usually had charm and dressed well so they attracted higher tier girls. Their girlfriends were preppier and more attractive than the hood rats girlfriends. Not only that, but more of them developed into players and had 3 or 4 girlfriends when I was still a virgin. Not to mention they spent times in glamurous clubs and took rich kids drugs like E or shit rather than getting drunk and smoking cheap cigarettes.
        So I would say, yes being a criminal dick will most likely mean you will have a decent girlfriend. But it’s not the higher quality girls that preppy guys got, not to mention preppy guys were usually better players due to natural charm. What preppy guys did not have in aggression they compensated more than enough with metrosexuality and natural narcissim which drew women like catnip.
        So, there are multiple strategies to pursue women, I preffer the metrosexual one, although I am quite manly myself, but now that I grown up I learned to take care myself so I am attractive to the second type of girls I talked about. Honestly, if you prefer scars and beer bottle fights, fine. But that ain’t for me. Cocky funny, lifting, good clothes are my personal preference.

        1. @SomeRandomFellow
          Ahhh…I lived this, BUT, you have to understand that quite a few of those “Perfect Preppy Alpha Guys” weren’t very good in the sack and in turn their women were EXTREMELY bored with them in that single aspect of their relationship.
          In my experience, quite a few of these “Top Tier Women” would indeed eventually sleep with the “Hooligans”, behind the backs of their “surface perfect” boyfriends. In my case, I know at least 5 women that married the “Perfect Preppy Alpha Guys” whom they met near the end of college and all are quite wealthy today. BUT, at the same time, those women had a few “secret rendezvouses” early on in those relationships, that their husband still do not know about. These women didn’t tell their friends either because they would have been shamed into oblivion and the Hooligans kept their mouths shut because they we not friends or even acquaintances with the “Perfect Preppy Alpha Guys” whom were getting cheated on.
          Look no further than the movie “Magic Mike”. As far as I am concerned, that move is a documentary.

        2. I have a funny story about bad boys having more Darwinian success.
          I’m on a team going down to the ER to examine some manic deaf dude with an infected wound. He’s quite young and dressed “thugish” and is Latino. It’s all a mess and he’s being crazy, but we get some info from the guy who runs the halfway house the patient been crashing at. Apparently this kid has been using something for the past few days.
          We also find out he has kids in a different state. We also find out some chick he’s been shooting up with is on her way. To my surprise – I’ve seen her before – she’s known smackhead freshly failing rehab! She’s pretty, but a little too thin and “used up” (with those dark sunken eyes and ashy complexion).
          Still I think to myself, this guy is beating by every possible objective biological Darwinian standard 1) already reproduced 2) banging a hotter chick than the fat-but-funny slump buster I’ve been plowing.

        3. “What preppy guys did not have in aggression they compensated more than enough with metrosexuality and natural narcissim ”
          Good insight, im inclined to agree on the differences between these types of men.

        4. I think the problem is we see things as purely boring rich guy vs exciting violent thug. That maybe the case sometimes. But to get my point across:
          Paul janka :
          He was one of the few legit mainstream PUAs. Not only did he have good looks, he was also had a good career, he is the best example of the SWPL ideal.
          He got laid a ton, and guys like him do as well. Are you going to tell me that guys like him lose to some violent dudes ? Maybe sometimes, but I would wager the criminal’s girlfriend might leave him for a guy like this, as well.
          Are you going to tell me, guys like this are more attractive ?
          Sure, there are cases where a criminal is coveted, but usually it’s because he has charm or good looks.
          Of course violence is attractive in itself, but it’s not the only thing. Sure, if the choice is between boring preppy guy and alpha thug, then the choice is obvious. But what if the choice is between a thug and a SWPL dude like Janka ? They would at least be on equal footing.
          Not to mention you can build a strong persona without being violent. Just be confident and lift and be a little jerkish. That’s more than enough. Sure, you may not be attractive to crazies that like thugs, you’ll still be swimming in pussy

        5. @SomeRandomFellow
          Seems you missed my overall point, those “thug” guys that you are dismissing are almost ALWAYS better in the sack than the Perfectly Groomed Professional man (who has a CAREER to concentrate on, at the same time, while chasing women, THUGS don’t have this time sink to deal with).
          What part of woman having “secret rendezvouses” BEFORE getting engaged to be married, did you not understand?
          I didn’t say the thug would “keep the woman”, nor did I say that the woman preferred the “thug”. I said the woman,”early on”, in the relationship with the “perfect guy”, is likley to cheat with a “thug”, IF, the “perfect guy” is not good in bed. She will also “cheat again” in later years, if he continued to “not be good in bed”. That point has NOTHING to do with any of your counter examples.
          I lived this. Sure i don’t “have” these women today, but the “Perfect Guys” they married would be horrified if they knew the truth about the period of time between when they first met their current wife and when they finally asked to marry them. This truth would completely shatter their sexual confidence, possibly forever.
          Note, just because guys like Janka pick up a lot of women, doesn’t necessarily make them better in the sack than the average thug who meets mostly hoodrats.

    2. I’ve found that women from alot of third world countries really consider if their boyfriends could protect them, because in their world horrible things have happened to them or women they know.

  4. Glad to see an article focusing on this topic. Shit ya… it’s true. Years ago there were two brothers convicted of killing their father – the Menendez brothers. They both were rather preppy looking compared to the average violent piece-of-shit one sees behind bars. But one of the bothers had a girlfriend after he was thrown in jail. And the scag was a playboy model as well. And she contacted him.
    Best way to game today’s skank is to tell the bitch you just got out of prison, but you best look the part because jail time does do domething to a man’s psyche and makes him give off a demeanor that hot chicks pick up on.
    And yes “not all chicks go for violent convicts”(tm) but as the author stated, the women who do gravitate to these assholes are definitely the prettier ones, which is why this subject tends to be of great interest for men trying to break the code of the hot chyck mental criteria.

    1. The women who go for these types aren’t the prettier ones, they’re the kinds of girls who are open to getting involved with the same kinds of crimes her man is, if it’s drug dealing etc. Your boring neighbor’s fat wife wouldn’t be seen on the back of a Harley would she? No, she’s hanging out with her cargo shorts wearing husband.

    2. Best way to game today’s skank is to tell the bitch you just got out of
      prison, but you best look the part because jail time does do something
      to a man’s psyche and makes him give off a demeanor that hot chicks pick
      up on.

      Pick her up for a date with a red substance under your fingernails and in a car that smells like death. When she inquires about the “blood” on your hands, just say that you don’t know what she’s talking about. When she asks about the smell, just tell her not to worry about it.
      She will love you forever after that.

    3. Maybe because the prettier ones have lots of regular guys giving her compliments and gifts and treated like a queen makes her bored out of her mind. The criminal types don’t do these things for her so that strikes her interest. She actually have to chase the guy and that’s what’s so intriguing to her.

      1. Interesting
        But why criminal types ? There are plenty of non-criminal alphas, or is it that the criminal alpha was the first one she met ? Hard to believe.
        There must be something more to this.

  5. The heat Greg Hardy caught amazed me. Punish him for beating skanks and groupies? Regardless of what smack on the wrist he gets, women will still flock to him. Only “haters” wanted him punished.

  6. Same reason why that chick Kate de castillo hung around Chapo so long and then ultimately led to his recapture with that whole sean penn thing.
    There was some newspaper saying that a lot of the top gangsters look to film and media and copy it afterwards to make themselves look like more romantic anti-heros rather than the scum to society that they are.
    ah yes, this is the one: http://www.theguardian.com/film/2016/jan/12/el-chapo-joaquin-gatman-hollywood-lure-of-movies-sean-penn

  7. Have a favorite example of this irrefutable law of female poon for male violence? Share it here and let’s dissect the issue more deeply.

    1. All the batshit crazy women that write men in prison, and then marry them like the woman who married the nightstalker.

    2. “Have a favorite example of this irrefutable law of female poon for male
      violence? Share it here and let’s dissect the issue more deeply.”
      A girl I was pursuing thought I was too quiet and conservative for her
      liking…until she found out that due to the business I was in I often
      wore concealed weapons. At any given time I would have two handguns
      hidden under my clothes. She playfully sat in my lap one day and
      discovered I was packing heat. She then proceeded to have her way with
      me for many days after that.

    3. I’m not proud of this one, but I actually learned this the hard way. I actually once pushed my last ex in a fit of fury. Yet, partly her, partly her family not wanting her to go away forever, not only no one pressed charges against me, but she begged me to work it out with her, and me being a beta chump, obliged. Bear in mind, I was in the military. Anyone who has served knows they don’t fuck around if you fuck up. After all, they still punish people for adultery.

      1. WTF!??!?! Someone is seriously dropping the ball on parenting. You’d think a black(ish?) chick from NYC would have more street smarts than this:
        “There was another guy there, Shakir, who was desperately trying to get with me. I kissed him once but he seemed drunk so I told him it was bad timing, I had already met someone. Before heading out, I went upstairs to say hi to one more friend, Clyde from the states. Shakir followed me upstairs and said he was going to take a shower. He invited me to join. I said yes because the water at my current hostel is pretty cold and after 2 days of being sick, I just really wanted a hot shower.”

    4. Guy I knew during my Uni years.
      A late-20s construction worker who just did not give a fuck. Wore leather jackets, shaved head, aviator glasses, smoker, sold drugs, crew of addicts, amateur rapper, drove a stolen car with no insurance, and would flirt with a dude’s gf right in front of him. Slept with other mens’ women, stole shit, picked fights with random people just for the fun of it. General psychopathic tendencies.
      Always had a gf, always had other dudes’ girlfriends, created a whole brand for himself around his rapper persona.
      Eventually one day a crew with face-masks broke into his house and stabbed him to death in his shower.
      Chicks lamented his death for a long time…
      What I took from it is that people love confidence. Seeing someone else do shit that you would never have the courage to do is an aphrodisiac, for men and women alike. Not everyone is naturally “good”, most people are just too afraid to fulfill their sociopathic urges.

      1. “Seeing someone else do shit that you would never have the courage to do is an aphrodisiac..”
        I would disagree. Men I know would gladly escalate violence on those who are being “disrespectful” or rude, however they also know they would go to jail, lose their job and their families would suffer. Friend of mine was being harrassed at a stop light by a car full of young men. He didn’t react as his kids were in the car. They drove on, but not after he got the licence plate and remembered the drives description. Caught the guy a month later alone at gas station and well….some times the opportunity presents itself, men will grab the chance.
        The guy in your example eventually fucked with the wrong guy and got his comeuppance. That happens.

    5. I have a funny story about bad boys having more Darwinian success.
      I’m on a team going down to the ER to examine some manic deaf dude with an infected wound. He’s quite young and dressed “thugish” and is Latino. It’s all a mess and he’s being crazy, but we get some info from the guy who runs the halfway house the patient been crashing at. Apparently this kid has been using something for the past few days.
      We also find out he has kids in a different state. We also find out some chick he’s been shooting up with is on her way. To my surprise – I’ve seen her before – she’s known smackhead freshly failing rehab! She’s pretty, but a little too thin and “used up” (with those dark sunken eyes and ashy complexion).
      Still I think to myself, this guy is beating me by every possible objective biological Darwinian standard 1) already reproduced 2) banging a hotter chick than the fat-but-funny slump buster I’ve been plowing.

    6. James Holmes, the Joker-haired Colorado movie theater massacre guy.
      He has a bunch of photos on his cell wall that are pix women sent to him. There are a number of bangable chicks in the group:
      One of Holmes fan letters:
      Some 19 y.o. girl sent him a photo for his “enjoyment” (“Thwap! Thwap! Thwap!”)
      It boggles the mind…..

  8. Criminals go after what they want and take it without being beholden to anyone or anything. Women find that wildly attractive. To obey the rules means that you are afraid of breaking them, which translates into fear . Having fear of anything is not sexy to females.
    Also women tend to want to be of a higher moral standing than their male counterparts. Call it natural arrogance. She wants something to be wrong with you so that she can fix you. If nothing is wrong with you, or you have less things to fix about yourself than she does, you can kiss her goodbye.

  9. Of course the low self-esteem goes with low self-esteem, you can tell a lot about a woman by the man she is with

    1. That is a two way street. I heard long ago, if you want to know what a man thinks of himself check out the woman on his arm.

  10. How about Breaking Bad? Skylar actually became more attracted to Walt in Season 4 when he was starting to become head honcho of the ABQ drug biz. ONLY when her children’s lives began to be put in danger did she start to turn against him.
    Oh and she stopped fucking Ted when he started to become a beta bitch pussy.
    As for Jessie, Jane became totally enamored with him after she opened up his stash of drug money. She’s like “what a successful entrepreneur! Let’s go to New Zealand!”
    Whether it’s drugs or being a hit man or hired muscle, women don’t care what you do for a living as long as your bringing home some serious bacon.

      1. Women who claim scantily clad sexy women on screen objectifies all women vehemently disagree with you.

      2. I dare you to go to my adoptive city of CD Juarez Mexico and see it for yourself how this unfolds. I’ve actually been in high end strip clubs where these guys hoard all the dancers. And it’s not like you can protest about it. Also, I’ve seen guys in pimped out Escalades and Hummers pick up teen girls and take them for a ride.

  11. While ive never physically abused a woman, the most success I’ve had with women has always come when I gave zero fucks and was a complete and total prick. Not only that but every female I had on my own terms.
    Every time I think about about changing my ways, being more caring and actually respecting the girl, I remember pictures of serial killers prison cells lined with love letters and accompanying pictures of scantily clad nubile women.
    Fuck these goddamn whores and their outdated biology. You can’t tell me shit or do one motherfuckin thing to make me care. Get shit on skanks!
    Got a problem with that and I’ll knock your fuckin teeth out.

  12. My good nature is worth infinitely more than a smelly vagina. I’d never corrupt myself to win the (worthless) favour of women.

      1. It’s not even about morals. Why waste even a moment of your time just because some piece of tail will potentially offer herself up? Enjoy life. Don’t hang with people who drag you down, male or female. Invest time in people only as a very calculated decision once you are sure they are worth investing in.

    1. I pretend to be a bit of bastard when around women. For example, I say nasty things about homeless people we see or I laugh and call her a retard when she drops her glasses and breaks them. I would not do these things in polite company (the boys).
      I like helping old people carry stuff up stairs – they are so appreciative – but I would never do that when with a girl. She’d peg me as boyfriend material and refuse to have sex with me until we’ve had four dates.
      I don’t do really bad things, like stab people. That’s one reason why I don’t get as many girls pursuing me as the gentlemen described in the article.

        1. Q: How do we know that Frankenstein’s creature was not a monster?
          A: If he was, the chicks would have been all over him!

        1. Ha ha “She’d peg me”
          Inigo Montoya: You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

        2. Lol when I read where he wrote “peg me” I got a big laugh inside lol. I wonder if he intends to google the term ‘pegging’? Haha.

      1. Maybe she’d be saving herself for marriage, Nikolai. After all, that’s what the manosphere wants- hymens or no diamonds, right? Why press for a girl to have sex with you and not respect her decision to save herself? How do you know she isn’t a ‘good girl’?
        You guys push for sex on the first date and then complain that women are hoes. If men are not to get married or involved in serious relationships then there’s no reason for women not to hoe around. Especially in Mother Russia^^

        1. Almost any girl will sleep with a guy quickly if he is cool enough and if she is unencumbered. If she holds out it’s not because she’s virtuous, it’s because you don’t excite her enough and she needs more (resources, commitment etc.)
          Source: A little too much experience and many conversations with ‘nice girls’ when they thought I was being non-judgemental.
          Such sexual virtue is better conceived as a societal rather than individual trait.

      2. The 80/20 rule applies: spend 80% of your time being her prince charming but 20% being a selfish dick to keep her in line (and appreciative of the 80% where you treat her like gold). I have two sisters and several female friends and they are not shy to admit that if you are a “nice guy” they will throw you under the bus.

        1. They want a “real man” rather than a “nice guy”. If you give them everything they want then you are perceived as weak. Maybe it’s evolutionary in that if you will not assert yourself and stand up to her then how can she expect you to stand up to another man who threatens you, her or your family?

        2. I had four sisters, three of them drop-dead gorgeous, and he’s right. Two of them liberal, two conservative. One went the college route, one a career/religious girl, and the other two total tramps. I got to know most of their freinds, and women love violent psychopaths, while at the same time complaining about problem people in society. And they happily threw nice guys under the bus. Even to the point of getting them arrested for shit they had done, or getting beaten up at bars where they knew it was going to happen. Oh, but they were oh so innocent and claimed the guys got into the trouble themselves.

    2. But you have in the past haven’t you? .. and you got your little feelings hurt. How pathetic! Grow up!

    3. Being a bad-ass is a lot of work, and not a comfortable life by any means. Why bother? Not every woman is an insensible thug-worhsiper. Also, these “model” hot women are rarely worth it. Many of these “models” look like hell without their make-up. I once knew a stripper that looked like a little boy until she put on her facepaint.

      1. True. There was a news article I believe in the daily mail that featured pictures of prominent “hot” celebrities with and without makeup. Needless to say the difference was shocking to say the least. I find the typical “hot” women you see in media to be boring and not very attractive to be honest. Whatever looks they have is ALL they have. And they each believe they are worth the world even though the competition can be as near as 2 feet away.

      2. Maybe Chinese girls aren’t your thing but I dated this and she jumped all over my cock at one point. Nice legs, shame about the face. . .
        Years ago I was in the university pub and I made a comment in mixed company that I tend to prefer “cute” girls rather than “hot” girls. One girl took issue with this. She was tall and slim with a nice rack – ie “hot” – but goaded me by asking “Is that because you can’t get a hot girl?”
        I said “I can get hot girls but they tend to be complete fucking bitches.” That shut her the fuck up and later a beta guy who saw this go down told me I was awesome.

        1. She looks great! Actually, she looks like she would be still quite attractive without make-up. I would like to bang a Chinese girl one of these days.

        2. Fucked lots, not worth it. Chinese girls are bitchy, money hungry and selfish. Try a Japanese or Korean girl.

        3. Most Asian girls – Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Filipina, you name it – are rather plain looking, in terms of their face. They tend to be slimmer, sometimes extremely petite, an the generally hit the wall significantly later, but the distribution (HB5, 6, 7, 8, 9) is heavily weighted to the lower end an doesn’t seem to vary much based on country of origin. Of course, if you spend a lot of time watching K-Pop videos and big budget Asian movies you end up with an unrealistic sense of what you will actually see walking around a second tier city.

  13. These articles are getting dumber and dumber, honestly.
    Why so alarmist?
    What’s that about Israel?
    Hermione is black (again)?

  14. “Have a favorite example of this irrefutable law of female poon for male
    violence? Share it here and let’s dissect the issue more deeply.”
    A girl I was pursuing thought I was too quiet and conservative for her liking…until she found out that due to the business I was in I often wore concealed weapons. At any given time I would have two handguns hidden under my clothes. She playfully sat in my lap one day and discovered I was packing heat. She then proceeded to have her way with me for many days after that.

  15. That’s small fry compared to the billions of women who validate and lust for powerful men who kill millions and destroy everything around them, all for access to “better” Pussy.
    The “men” society considered alpha, I consider Omega, just a bunch of useless bitches collecting trinkets to impress simple bitches.
    Women are 100% responsible for everything thats going on in the world, it they weren’t long term whores (looking for marriage to the highest bidder), men would have no motivation to kill everything to buy them.

  16. Although I am personally not a member of The Hells Angels I have interacted enough with them enough to confirm that harems of beautiful young women are most definitely the norm amongst their members, on the other hand despite their beauty they do tend to be the absolute lowest kind of white trash sluts in all other regards

    1. Bikers churn and burn these low rent sluts then toss them to the curve. They better be hooking, dancing or both.
      Like cheap wine, they age badly.

      1. girlfriends are chattel to the biker. something that he owns, something that can be traded for a debt or loaned out to return a favor or used to make them money. Maybe the older bikers end up picking one and treating her okay when
        their wild days are behind them, but previously like you say churn &
        burn, and plenty of prospects have been gangbanged if no one wants to claim her as his bitch. Any woman that sees glamour in the bikey life has got to be damaged goods.

  17. Ah yes, Claudia Ochoa, the Queen of the Anthrax hit squad. Or a.k.a, Kim Kardashian with a Kalashnikov. And then there’s Kate del Castillo, the woman responsible for “accidentally” helping to catch El Chapo. I am pretty sure what their “friendship” means. The video is in Spanish, but the images speak for themselves.

    1. Last set of pics of Claudia Ochoa kind of looks like a girl from Mex I used to date…some interesting memories.
      Is Kate del Castillo still alive?!

        1. She is still fairly hot, even as age is catching up to her. I recall watching her since I was a kid in Mexican telenovelas. As a side note, she dated Mexican singer Luis Miguel, who among others, nailed both Daisy Fuentes and Mariah Carey when both were in their prime.

  18. No mention of that terrorist savage Dzhokhar Tsarnaev? He received tons of love letters in prison and lest you forget, Rolling Stone made him out to look like some kind of rock star after the Boston attacks.

  19. I use to goto AA for a brief time years ago. At the biggest meeting in my city there was this guy who always showed up with his blonde bombshell girlfriend. The guy had a shaven head, stud earrings, side ways cap, and always had his sleaves rolled up to show off his flame tattoos going down his forearms. The guy straight up looked like a marvel comic book villian. His chick was fine though.

  20. Criminals? Ha! Be a man! I give you example – I remember dating an Australian man who insisted we cross the road at a designated crossing, he would {{{NEVER}}} cross a road without going to a designated pedestrian crossing. He always obeyed stupid catholic laws and only had sex in the missionary position! Sickening! My current boyfriend crosses the road whenever he feels like it and wherever he wants to! I like him! Sometimes he even jaywalks! Yes, it is true! Following stupid rules is real turn off!

  21. My favorite example is the hot blonde who married convicted murderer Jeffrey MacDonald. It was an in-prison marriage since MacDonald is doing life. MacDonald was the guy who killed his whole family in the ’70s and who the book “Fatal Vision” was written about. His wife is getting older now, but still looks good. In her day this woman was considered stunning and worked as an actress.

    1. The little skankerette who wanted to marry Charles Manson really wanted control over his body when he dies.

  22. I grew up knowing a couple murderers and a whole lot of scumbags. Those pieces of sh!t had the hottest women chasing them. I went into the scumbag bit for a couple years and instantly got more attention from good looking women. This article hits home. A piece of me will always hate women because I was definitely influenced by the LACK of attention when I was an honest, good guy. The trend I’ve seen in my life is hot women only chased me when I was involved in crime, when I was on a stage in front of hundreds of people, when I had a lot of muscle, and when I treated them like less than sh!t. I don’t respect women. They are clowns. Sh!t, they even wear makeup and drive little cars. Women cause enough suffering in the world to get me to question whether they are an instrument of a devil, djinn, or some other malevolent force that feeds on pain energy. A woman decided my circumcision. From day 1 a woman stole from me and wronged me in a horrible manner. It’s crazy how wicked they are, it boggles the mind.

    1. that’s why I kind of doubt the existence of a judgemental god.
      there’s no possible way you could hold women to any kind of standard. their lying, deceitful nature comes pre-programmed into them. they act without hesitation or remorse.

      1. Might be the judgemental gods idea of a punishment. Plenty of people getting killed in the Old Testament for not being mentally and morally strong and upholding community values. Plus there’re plenty of rules in most religions on how to keep women controlled, presumably for their own good.

    2. 12 to 14 years old I was a religious guy. Doing what i was taught, respecting the girls and going to church. I was a tall very athletic good looking young guy. Friendly and, well liked. I should have been a hit with the hot girls at the church youth group. You guessed it, I was everyone’s friend. The guy they all said would be good for that other girl. All while they were making out with the local bad boys. That had a lot to do with me dropping the chruch thing and becoming a bad boy. Now the chruch girls actually showed me interest.
      Belief in God is good, being moral is good. But never see your faith and morality as a call to be a soft “nice guy”. Think strong womanizing and sometimes violent Sampson, not the soft worded asexual Paul. if you want the love of woman and a faith that makes you a good man as well. You can be good, but do not be soft. Woman are not more evil than men. But they are no less evil. We live better when we are with a good woman. They make us happier. But fuck it all, we do not change who we are for them and we should never idolize any woman.

      1. soft worded asexual Paul? are you crazy? he got killed for his words. you unlearned fool. he rebuked all the immature congregations and believers.

        1. sorry dude but is words had a very soft style. I have read them many times. and he was asexual in practice. Also called celibate

        2. because fornication is not allowed we can’t live to fulfill pathetic lusts of the flesh. he was a warrior on a mission, its better to not have a wife next to you if you are going through fiery trials and tribulations, persecutions = the way of a christian. the narrow way.

        3. Dude its your life. Live like Pual if you wish. I’m not saying his life was bad and he didn’t spend his life serving God. But if you want to follow Paul’s example, become a priest

        4. “dude” real disciples/learners/followers of Christ are kings and priests. “And you shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and a holy nation. These are the words which you shall speak unto the children of Israel.” “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.” And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth.”And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I amthe LORD that healeth thee.”

        5. probably. i was made to be a learner, i was since birth. so im drawn to redpill topics . im not into PUA consumerism redpill: ‘how can i use the most girls for my pleasure. or how can i become popular to fools.’ im fascinated by peoples unreasonable stupidity and experiences. im always studying the human behaviors so i can kill off what´s worthless in myself easier. trials and error.
          There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man.
          the redpill talked about at ROK is only a small branch, the ‘mcdonalds redpill’ not very nutritious but quick and easy. im a man and im very attracted to the looks of a beautiful made up girl. i’d say 99% of them are very ugly without all the make up. its only an Illusion. deceit. we would not be obsessed with sex if girls wouldn’t wear it.
          “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” i have to understand it before i can defeat it and even then i tend to forget quick so i have to keep studying all the time.

        6. Desire and lust are not the same thing.
          “It is not good for the man to be alone; I will make him a helper suitable for him.” The helper was a woman.
          Something tells me you should think about that. You have a desire for something God thinks you should have. A woman. That desire can not be defeated and leave a man still healthy.

        7. that´s so ignorant. If God wants me to have a wife, children, cancer, being rich. i’d have it. Whatever is = is God’s will. good and evil, war and peace.

        8. If your life is so pre ordained. Then way would God even bother to tell us how to live? We will do what we will do and have what God gives us no matter what? Do you see Eve as God making a mistake? That his words about it not being good for a man not have a woman, were those words a mistake? Was Adam’s pleasure at first seeing Eve mans first real sin?

        9. This guy is seems to be wresting the scripture. Why is evil allowed in the world? Because the price you have to pay for free will is the option of humans being awful to each other. Otherwise, there would be no real love and anything we did for God would be out of fear. If there is no free will, then God himself is evil for forcing our souls to be damned. But He isn’t so what is the alternative? He predestines us with the gender, family and natural abilities that he has gifted us with, ect… and that’s where this teacher is confused. There is no reason for prayer under total predestination, because God’s Will will be done whether you want it to or not. Silly Calvinists.

        10. you don´t know what you are talking about. you should keep your uneducated guess to yourself. you are confused stop talking and start learning.

      2. Wes, I have the exact background as you. Maybe you thought you would be a great man with a queen by your side. Then as the years went by, you saw women dating absolute losers while you got friend zoned. Thats my experience. Weird thing is, I was better looking, taller, and have a better job than these luckier scumbags. I do need to respect their skillset tho.
        Today, I live a double life. Any woman I meet at work or through friends wants lunch dates, coffee and a slow, arduos, expensive courting process. I have to oblige because of my reputation at work. But at night I just get drunk, be as aggressive and loud as possible, and I make some miracles happen. But, It also makes me angry and disappointed with American women.
        The weirdest part is, sometimes its the same kind of woman I meet in both of my separate lives. Hey way she views me just depends which channel I found her in.
        Just friday I went home with a chick from a bar and she was great. She has an awesome condo and great job. She was a freak too. Now she wants to date haha… And I havent spent a dime on her! 2 weeks earlier I racked up a $300 tab with a girl. Going to the museum, a concert etc. Finally we hooked up. It was boring, and she was very selfish. She also admitted to dating someone else simultaneously.
        Maybe its my fault for wasting so much time on the sober courting. All these years I should have just taken advice from the douchebags. I guess I thought I would find a good girl if I acted like a good guy. The reality is, Im 32, and I havent met a good girl yet.
        Thanks for listening fellas.

        1. Oh Damn did I ever have that dream. It was force fed us from childhood. I was the prince, soon to be king needing only a queen at my side. What bull shit all that was.
          I’m 20 years older than you are. My life is a good one. I found a good woman and lot of bad ones. I lost my illusions about love. But I did find love. I have lived as the hard ass and the gentlemen. And yes the hard ass is treated a lot better by woman. Like you I serrated the gentleman from the hard ass and felt fake. It took a while for me to see. I was not being a fake. I was both gentleman and a hard ass. My mistake was separating them. No wonder my woman were all less than I desired (outside of sex) I wasn’t me, they were not attracted to all of me. So why would I be attracted to all of who they are?
          My advice to you. The alcohol is just letting out something that is inside of you. It is the real you. But so is that good man who wants a woman who wants a good man. Let that asshole out, when you are not drinking. Your good man will control the jerk. But the jerk will tell you to go get her and take no shit from her. And the good girls (they do exist) will melt. Your jerk side will tell you to dump the bad girls and move on fast to the next one. The jerk is right. Your good side will yell stop. When its finally a good one. The good man is also right. Work together and have fun.
          Stop dating at work if its a problem. I never had that problem, I’m a tradesmen

    3. Genital mutilation is horrible, especially when it’s a betrayal by one’s own parents and the system you were supposed to trust and on-top of the that by a cunt that will never have to be subjected to it herself.
      That said there is much that can be done psychologically and physically to heal that trauma.

  23. I’m really glad this is being examined. It’s time to shine the spotlight on female behaviour and preferences as maintaining the so called system of oppression they whine endlessly about while masturbating to it literally and metaphorically. Through this door lies the undiscovered country of female accountability.

  24. This also explain the part of “violence against women” no one wants to talk about: The part that blames women for choosing violent males.

  25. Most girls may like their men to be a bit wild. The majority do not like extreme violence. But the ones who do like it, they like it a lot. And they often are very good looking women.
    I first noticed that when I was but a wee lad of 14 years old, still living in East LA. The girls who hung with the vatos of Las Avenidas. They were in abundance and their men sexually satisfied. This was in a time when girls were much slower to put out. They really feared being called sluts back then. I was very much a virgin and could hardly even get girls to talk to me. At the junior high school, I got in a fight with a “bad ass” vato during lunch. I left him a bloody heap. At the end of the school day 4 of his friends, plus him, jumped me. Before it was broken up (which may have saved my life) Two vatos had their faces hit a block wall. There was blood everywhere as we were marched through the school. It was ugly. Back then they asked who started it still. So I was back at school the next day.
    The rumors of the events had me nearly killing those guys. I was one bad, ass whooping machine. I had hospitalized all before me. I was said to be extremely violent and scary. While all that was news to me, it was the going rumor. About 4 girls who had never looked at me before, they had to ask who I was. They were looking at me with wide eyed wonder asking about the fight. It was rather sick really. Long story short, I lost my virginity at what was for then an almost unheard of age for a guy.
    The rest of the story, is why I did not grow up in East LA. I would not have lived much longer and my mother loved me.

    1. Like I always say… its not who started it its who finished it. Always be the one who finishes it.
      I had a similar fight and a similar reaction from the females. Girls love a guy who can fight.

      1. It feels odd, we are told they hate it. They tell us how stupid the guys are for fighting. Then when you do get a rep as a fighter. So many of them love you. Lessen one. Never believe what a girl says other girls like and don’t like.

        1. A friend of mine who is older and a good hunting partner put it in perspective for me. Its primal, they want the man who will fight the bear at the entrance of the cave and win.

  26. Ted Bundy received 1000s of letters from women offering themselves to him when he was on death row for killing…women.
    How fcuked is that? Funny creatures women.

    1. Ya. When I was in the army there were so many skanks . Let’s not mix words: my job was to kill the enemies of the Queen. But so many girls lusted after this sort of violence. I am one of the good guys and as far as I am concerned Bundy and his ilk can rot. There is web site that is called “Danger and Play”. Women are attracted to men who have the capacity to kill. Terrible but true.

      1. Yup I was just going to say the same thing. I am a US Marine. When I was single all the women in college or enlightened would tell me how horrible my job was right up to the point I had their feet behind their ears. Women are programmed to love/be attracted to rough men.

  27. Lets me clear: the only person responsible for criminal violence is the one that does it. Only a fool acts violently to impress a woman but it was his choice. You can choose whether or not you want to let a woman influence your decisions. Choose wisely.

    1. It is a clear fact that men are responsible for the vast majority of violent crime. However, I refuse to let feminist cunts wave that over my head. I am ex-military and have a dozen years of martial arts training. I am a sheepdog, not a wolf. I use my skills to protect people rather than violate them.

      1. Well statists like to use statistics to collectively punish people. As we know, this is invalid. Each individual is solely responsible for his own actions. What violent act some male criminal may do has nothing to do with me.

  28. What women fuck is what women want to see more of in the world.
    Whether consciously or unconsciously, that’s just how it works.

    1. Solid words. Never really thought about that…
      Sex is the ultimate gift a woman can give to a man. What kind of guys gets that gift and how they have to behave to get it will speak AN AWFUL LOT about a woman’s nature, character and what she thinks it’s right and wrong, no matter what else they may claim. Don’t listen to their words, ALWAYS judge women’s character by the type of guys who get to fuck them, gentlemen… no mistakes there..

    2. Women are fucking retards. I got so much play when I was in bad boy mode but really I was at my worst. When I was an army sergeant I could put 5 bullets into a silver dollar at 100 yards and had 6 ways to end some punk in a bar fight.
      I don’t completely understand the mindset but women picked up on this and would throw themselves at me knowing full well that I could rape them at will and there was not a damn thing they could do about it.
      It completely flies in the face of our modern system where any sort of kino is characterized as rape.

      1. “It completely flies in the face of our modern system where any sort of kino is characterized as rape.”
        This is something I’m struggling with in my game lately.
        For my whole life I’ve basically gotten laid by attracting a girl and then pushing the physical interaction. There is always going to be some last minute resistance or pushback. Pushing through that last bit of resistance with some charm and confidence leads to sex.
        With the new definition of rape, pretty much every sexual encounter is rape. According to modern society I’ve raped ex-gfs who stayed with me for years.

        1. I am not going all gay on you by saying that you are a good looking man with a nice body and – having met you – you have a brain in your head and you deserve a quality woman,
          Here is a suggestion: maybe it will work for you or maybe it won’t.
          I spent a few years in BDSM culture. During that time I did all sorts of horrible things to women. However, the whole “yes means yes” bullshit was decades ahead of the curve.
          Just ask nicely and women will submit to all sorts of debauchery.
          Or simply put it forth your desires as your god-given right.
          There are changes but you can still get laid or find your unicorn.

        2. You have to get into their brains. I am not the best looking dude in the world: I get laid because I deploy some intelligence. I move the chess pieces around the board until I have “checkmate”. I lay down on the sofa and the girl throws herself at me.
          The biggest secret is this: WOMEN WANT SEX.
          If I had to negotiate the new world then I think BDSM would be the way to go
          However, what has worked for me is to find a quality woman and just let it happen. Convince her that sex is the furthest thing on your mind and the next thing you know she is your fuck doll.
          DON’T DATE A SKANK!

  29. When I was in the military it astounded me the way women would line to be tied down, smacked about and generally abused.

  30. Having worked in corrections, I have seen how serial domestic violence abusers are NEVER without a woman. Women want these psychopaths and want to breed with them.

  31. These men draw a lot of attention to themselves and all the drama along with it. It’s no wonder so many women find this appealing given our current cultures preoccupation with fame.

    1. I see what you did there. Try asking that question around Jizzabel. You’d be doing the world and yourself good if even one person there agrees.

  32. SCUMmanifesto User Here is what she is promoting.
    “The male is a biological accident: the Y (male) gene is an incomplete X (female) gene, that is, has an incomplete set of chromosomes. In other words, the male is an incomplete female, a walking abortion, aborted at the gene stage. To be male is to be deficient, emotionally limited; maleness is a deficiency disease and males are emotional cripples.”
    “Eaten up with guilt, shame, fears and insecurities and obtaining, if he’s lucky, a barely perceptible physical feeling, the male is, nonetheless, obsessed with screwing; he’ll swim through a river of snot, wade nostril-deep through a mile of vomit, if he thinks there’ll be a friendly pussy awaiting him. He’ll screw a woman he despises, any snaggle-toothed hag, and furthermore, pay for the opportunity. Why? Relieving physical tension isn’t the answer, as masturbation suffices for that. It’s not ego satisfaction; that doesn’t explain screwing corpses and babies.”
    “Every man, deep down, knows he’s a worthless piece of shit. Overwhelmed by a sense of animalism and deeply ashamed of it; wanting, not to express himself, but to hide from others his total physicality, total egocentricity, the hate and contempt he feels for other men, and to hide from himself the hate and contempt he suspects other men feel for him; having a crudely constructed nervous system that is easily upset by the least display of emotion or feeling, the male tries to enforce a `social’ code that ensures perfect blandness, unsullied by the slightest trace or feeling or upsetting opinion. He uses terms like `copulate’, `sexual congress’, `have relations with’ (to men sexual relations is a redundancy), overlaid with stilted manners; the suit on the chimp.”
    Feminism is HATE.

  33. You’re offering anecdotal evidence involving sluts and other type of rotten, worthless females who wouldn’t be accepted by a ‘normal’ man. Those women wouldn’t even be able to integrate in a normal society- the Mexican drug lord’s girlfriend is most likely a violent thug herself who grew up in a narco- and crime-ridden family and environment, while the first chick is obviously a sexually depraved woman, most likely a former stripper, dancer, ‘glamour model’ i.e. internet prostitute etc., judging by her appearance (inflated lips, tattooed eyebrows, dental veneers etc).
    These women are not representative for ALL women who ‘might’ get involved with criminals. The Manson girls also had the common denominator of early promiscuity through early mental issues, broken families, sexual abuse as children etc.
    Ok, ok, maybe NAWALT doesn’t really exist in its core, but come on. There has to be more to your experiment than these exponents of societal waste.

    1. That’s deflecting. The original premise stands that the amount of women lining up fuck violent offenders far outnumbers the violent offenders.

      1. Based on what evidence? Seriously, where do you guys get your statistic evidence from? And if those women are severely damaged, like the examples pointed in the original article, doesn’t that kinda defeat the point of your premise?

        1. In a time of military defeat, women will compete against other women to sleep with the highest ranking conquerors. Its all totally congruent behavior with the female mind.

    2. Try looking into the levels to which native French women collaborated with the Nazis:
      The Guardian provides all sorts of moral excuses for why certain contingents of women slept with occupying German soldiers – everything from “they were just prostitutes making a living” to the extraordinary excuse that some were “bored” female teenagers – but at the end of the day 20,000 women got their heads shaved after liberation and it’s estimated 80,000 children of French women were fathered by Wehrmacht soldiers.
      Were all 20,000 of those women “damaged goods”?

  34. I imagine that Ted Bundy received more love letters in a month than the all the men in the state of California receive in a year.
    It’s called serial killer game. Apparently, chicks dig it.

    1. Even having the air of a serial killer works. You’d think women would find that creepy, but they don’t. If anything, it’s the opposite, paradoxically. Whenever a girl brings up my serial killer air, I now play along. “Ever heard of the three SH’s? Shoot, shovel, and shut up.”
      And yes, I’ve even gotten told I look like Ted Bundy.

  35. My cousin just got out of prison for two years for growing marijuana plants in his basement and he’s on parole with an ankle monitor. He’s a cook at a restaurant now and he bangs all the hosts and waitresses that work there. I assumed these were trashy chick’s but when I went there these were 8s, middle class college girls. He said they all want to play with his ankle monitor and tattoos from prison.

    1. Women are terrible that way. I am not a felon but I am ex-military. Do you want to know how many women will fuck a guy who kills other people for a living?

      1. It’s not really terrible it’s just reality. Women are wired for survival, civilization has only been safe and comfortable for the last 150 years or so. If society collapsed today, the thugs and violent men would seize all the power.
        I just don’t like to

        1. As a Canadian living in China, the whole second amendment thing is not religion for me. However, any man who can call himself a man should have a basic competence in 1) one or more forms of unarmed combat 2) one or more forms of armed melee combat and 3) one or more forms of ranged combat.
          If the balloon goes up and everything collapses then a sheepdog like me has a limit on how many sheep I can keep organized.

  36. `I remember having a Colombian guy try to intimidate in a bar in Paraguay because he thought I had taken his spot at the bar. I immediately offered to step outside and resolve the matter. When he backed up I said in spanish in a very loud voice “Let’s step outside now FAGGOT”. His friends started laughing at him(I suspect he was a drug dealer as at that time they had been leaving Colombia in droves looking for fertile territory to ply their trade). After the incident an unknown guy introduced me to two of his cute friends. Probably the best example I have where (potential)violence turned immediately into Gina Tingles.

  37. You could in theory be a criminal or military mastermind, but if you choke under the mind-numbing stress you’re as good as dead. Other examples would include athletes that perform well in practice but choke during the big game, or a straight-A student that chokes on the exam. In the real world you’re only as smart as what you can think of under pressure
    Women instinctively know this and will always first select for strength/toughness/bravery, with intelligence/creativity/charisma being a moderately distant second and morality/kindness coming in dead-last.
    Morality and kindness can be very important survival traits but only in conditions of a male-dominated, stable, intelligent, high-trust society. Women are now allowed to do as they please and are dragging us right back to the stone age.

  38. Michael Ibrahim has a big fat silly face. You’d like to punch him right in his smarmy Turkish gob….and as for the girl, typical empty airhead, believes she has status and kudos posting her pictures on Instagram…still hope she doesn’t end up in hospital from dating this grease ball.

  39. Feminists also ignore massive nonwhite gang rapes of white women.
    Western feminists don’t care about women, they care about personal gain. They are antiwomen and antiwhite.

  40. It’s true. A woman will love you more if she is a little afraid of you. Also, she will look up to you if you do things that she wants to do but won’t because she is afraid of the consequences.

  41. Or is more of a case of confirmation bias – some Alpha males are criminals therefore they will have little trouble snaring women but not all Alphas are criminals and can still get women while plenty of criminals aren’t Alphas and as such can’t attract many women? After all, when a beautiful woman commit a heinous crime it captures male attention and makes them wonder why she did it and stirs the White Knight passion to save her from her fallen ways. Yet when ugly women commit crimes no one cares.

  42. What is the point of removing parasites from the general population (i.e. prison) if they are still allowed to pass on their worthless genetics? Prison should be an evolutionary dead end

  43. For a perfect example of this, look no further than women’s responses on Facebook to the posting of Jeremy Meeks’ mugshot.

      1. Disagree. Women don’t line up for the crooked accountant like they do for the violent thug. It doesn’t give them the tingles.

  44. *sigh* This article is exactly what’s wrong with this movement.
    “A guy, perhaps a member of a biker gang, beats another man to death and is released after some years, only to find a couple models falling in his lap. How doesn’t this make some men more willing to commit violent acts?”
    Are you insane or just stupid? Articles like these are the very thing that hinder our movement from gaining any kind of credibility from those outside of the movement and or those that are sceptical and may be willing to join with enough persuasion and encouragement.
    In order to advance ourselves and be seen as reputable, we need to lose this frat boy mentality of thinking only with our dicks and complaining about women all the time, it’s juvenile. If we want this movement to flourish, we need to be writing articles that are, intelligent and thought provoking, not concerning ourselves with what women do and don’t find attractive.
    Think about the bigger picture, Gentlemen, there’s a war going on, and were losing it.

      1. You need to think before you type @fact_comment because you’ve just now made yourself look like an absolute idiot. “Sigh” is a universal expression and I used to display my disappointment in the article. How that equates to being “female speech” is entirely beyond me.
        I made many valid points in my comment and until we start to apply them, this movement will continue to be seen as a joke with no credibility. Wise up.

  45. Hip Hop has always glorified women who wait patiently for their man to get out of jail, or assist in the crime itself or even take the fall for their man.

  46. Remember how Sun Tsu dealt with this behavior. If we ever get in a position to do so, gather 100 women how behave like this and have them sterilized in a public showing. 99% of the ‘bad bitches’ will become timid housewives over night. Ostracize them still, it is better if this behavior is completely stamped out of the next generation.

  47. What you misunderstand is physical attractiveness is nothing . These women are as broken as the men they date. They simply prefer being around a murderer than a normal guy Becuase they are the same as him. They condone murdet and rape and thuggery they support it and llike to live on the edge .

    1. Which would make you…?
      EDIT: Incidentally, why are you posting under a sock puppet from the same IP or address? When we click on your name you come up as “The Red Pill”, a seven-post guy who has already commented on the thread.

        1. At least we’re not so ashamed of ourselves we make sock puppets of our sock puppets. I doubt you’re even a male.

        2. Incidentally, would you like to give us a good old spray of anti-Catholicism from your posting history while you’re at it, since you seem to be all about being a confused loser?

      1. @Marcus Aurelius I have nothing to do with this clown. I have been a follower of this site for just over a year and I have just started commenting as of last Friday.

  48. This article is spot on.
    My second ex cheated on me with a school bully at age 17. (Now shes married to a 43yo drug dealer thug)
    My friends ex gf hooked up with a drug dealin kid who bailed when he got her pregnant.
    An old coworker had a violent past as a wifebeater.
    A inbred-lookin redneck wannabe-drug dealer managed to get with this girl
    And lastly El Chapo was able to get into Kate Del Castillos pants….

  49. this is why ancient cultures has patriarchy and oppressive rules toward women. without these controls in place, they revert to their natural tendency of being immoral beasts.

  50. You can’t fix STUPID !
    & being a MCP my opinion is, the majority of STUPID are young

  51. I was a cop for many years, working in a small town. A murder occurred and several men were arrested for torturing and killing the victim. One suspect made bond with the condition he not leave the county. He rented a house in town. This guy was a good looking Italian guy who worked out a lot. Even though he had been charged with murder this guy got laid by local chicks more than any other three guys combined. I mean he couldn’t keep up with the demand. We caught wind of this, checked in to it and discovered he had women at his house daily. Not the same women; rarely repeats. We had to get the word out to fathers, husbands, etc. of what was happening. Not a pretty scene. As it turned out the murder suspect had herpes so now all these women who had slept with him were coming down with herpes.
    As a single guy I had to watch where I stepped as it were. You had to make lists of the women who slept with this guy to avoid them and avoid herpes. Crazy. It was a disgusting display. What a bunch of whores, sullied for life.

    1. And despite what the women and cucks infesting the comment threads say, these types of women are as common as Kool-Aid.

  52. It comes down to what you value. If you inflate value of hottest women instead of finding good women it’s a recipe for heartbreak. My guy is not an alpha by traditional standards but he’s smart, even tempered, treats me like gold, is ambitious (but not wealthy) and yes even attractive. I have stepped over slime balls to stay available for a man like him. There are women who value good men. Flashy women won’t make men any happier than low life men will make us. We just need to find each other.

  53. Convict women of living off the avails of crime when they become involved with criminals. Give them the same sentence as their male perp partner. This would end organized crime overnight. No women would associate with known criminals, and most of these men would turn straight.

  54. My rule of thumb is to treat women according to their worth. Meaning if she wants an asshole well I act like and asshole, pushing a shitty I act (without crossing my personal line of value) If she is a mature and logical women then I bast out the intellect talk. If she a slutty I push for sex faster. I try to match the girls need like a chameleon (this is hard for me, because I am more logical than emotional. I tend to talk about business and hustling so sometimes I forget my own rule. But when I remember I get results like number, date, or sex.)

  55. I’m a girl. I just want to point out the fact that it’s just sad that u guys think all women are the way some trashy women are. It works the same ridiculous way it does when the men speciïes is blamed and linked with crimes many individual decent men haven’t committed. I’m a lady, and I don’t hate men nor follow the feminist trend nor act irrational on these topics. But yes, I AM a lady, but I’m not dumber or weaker. We do have different roles. I agree. Men are to do certain things, women are to do some others. I just genuinely, with a good attitude cannot understand how you cannot grasp the fact that there ARE some good, strong, respect deserving women, for I’m sure there is at least one -a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend- woman like this in your lives.

    1. “But yes, I AM a lady, but I’m not dumber or weaker.” That is the flaw in the whole premise of your statement. This article never said women are stupid, it simply said that many women are sexually attracted to these kinds of men.
      “I just genuinely, with a good attitude cannot understand how you cannot grasp the fact that there ARE some good, strong, respect deserving women, for I’m sure there is at least one -a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend- woman like this in your lives.” And most people in the manosphere don’t think all women are bad either (unless they are homosexual maybe), they think the overall culture of modern western femininity is hostile to men.

  56. i don’t find sluts beautiful but a highly sexual attraction objects. the one that just good for a blowjob and doggystyle. that is it! my definition of beautiful woman is the one worthy to have family with, that is a complete package. IMO

  57. Women loves Power. all types of power.
    But, your ‘powerness’ attracts only the type of women who craves for it. So…
    You’ll have plenty of women for being a drug lord, or a gangster, but, what kind of women ?
    It might be interesting to have a kind of power that reflects your ethic, if you want other thing that bimbos, crazies, gold diggers…

  58. Yes, Hybrostophilia is very commonplace among women, especially if that man still has his power and wealth after coming out of prison.
    I can’t tell you how many women online fantasize about serial killers.

  59. So I was just reading the following: http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf
    In this link, I found the following:
    From 1980 to 2008, among all homicide victims—

    Females were more likely than males to be the victim of intimate
    killings (63.7%) and sex-related homicides (81.7%)
    (table 5)

    Males were more likely to be involved in drug- (90.5%) and
    gang-related homicides (94.6%).

    Female murder victims (41.5%) were almost 6 times more likely
    than male murder victims (7.1%) to have been killed by an
    (table 6)
    ^^^ Would this be explained by the points discussed in this article? Perhaps the reason women are killed in intimate violence is because they prefer such relationships with violent offenders?
    I’m currently doing research on this, and I would simply *LOVE* it if someone could provide actual statistics backing these findings, so it’s not simply narrative or hearsay, but we have actual data showing that women prefer dating offenders. I could then connect these two statistics and shut down a huge chunk of feminist arguments.

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