Why Muslim Men Become Terrorists

On March 22, 2016, the attacks in Brussels marked the fourth major terrorist attack witnessed in the Western world in just over a year. Once again, we are reminded by journalists, pundits, and politicians that terrorism has nothing to do with religion. Following the attacks on Brussels, President Obama stated, “This is yet another reminder that the world must unite. We must be together regardless of nationality, or race, or faith, in fighting against the scourge of terrorism.”

What motivates a terrorist? Insert the standard hopes and projections of progressive leftism: how would you feel if Western colonial powers divided your lands, stole your oil, and insulted your culture? Furthermore, consider Bernie Sanders’ nonsensical statements that terrorism is a consequence of climate change.

Above all, leftists claim that one can’t take Islamic terrorists at their word: their statements about God, infidels, and martyrdom are obscuring their real motivations. It’s obvious that Muslims want what everyone wants—political and economic security, a chance at a better life, and a bright future for their children.

There are four important factors that leftists fail to take into account: Religious scripture, the emptiness of Western decadence, destructive school curricula, and sexual frustration.

Divine Faith

IS 8

The primary recruiting technique of ISIS is not social or financial but rather theological. The Quran and hadith (the collection of the quotes of the prophet Muhammad) are the highest sources of authority in Islam. ISIS references specific passages and calls upon Muslims their duty to fight against the enemies of Islam and to emigrate to the Islamic State once it has been established.

Part of the problem is that leftists are Godless, and therefore assume that anyone who claims they are doing something in the name of God must be lying or concealing their true motivations. They think to themselves that because they don’t believe in God, most other people don’t believe in Him either. Therefore they must be turning to terrorism because of factors that liberals can personally understand, like joblessness, oppression, or the cruelty of the West.

Following the murder of journalist James Foley by a British jihadist, President Obama said, “ISIL speaks for no religion.” This is a delusional statement because the name of the religion which inspired this group is in their title “Islamic State.” Somehow liberals think they understand the religion of Islam better than Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi who is the leader of ISIS and obtained a PhD in Islamic Studies.

Maajid Nawaz, author of the book Islam and the Future of Tolerance, has said,

We Muslims must admit there are challenging Koranic passages that require reinterpretation today. Only by rejecting vacuous literalism are we able to condemn, in principle, ISIS-style slavery, beheading, lashing, amputation & other medieval practices forever (all of which are in the Quran).

In short, ISIS abides by a literal reading of the Quran, which is as close to “true Islam” as one can get. Liberals have a rosy-eyed view of any religion that is not Christianity. The fact of the matter is that terrorism has strong roots in religion. A cursory examination of history clearly shows that beliefs inform behavior and certain religious ideas—jihad, martyrdom, blasphemy, apostasy—reliably lead to violence and murder.

Whenever someone mentions the violent nature of Islam, politicians like Obama bring up the Crusades. Angela Merkel, when asked a question about whether the influence of Islam might have some unforeseen consequences on Europe, responded that Christianity hasn’t been the perfect religion either. It’s as though one person says, “That person murdered someone!” And another responds, “So what? Your ancestor murdered someone too!” as though that excuses all murder done by anyone in the present.

This point can be summed up by a quote from an article titled What ISIS Really Wants: “When a masked executioner says Allahu Akbar while beheading an apostate, sometimes he’s doing so for religious reasons.”

Consumer Culture Is No Match For God

IS 3

There is severe ennui, a feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction among the Western-born would-be jihadists. Lack of access to jobs or other economic factors cannot explain why Western-born Muslims are leaving the comforts of home to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq. These individuals are seeking some source of transcendental fulfillment, which Western-style consumerism has failed to provide.

In the West, Apple products have replaced God. While some young people are content to drink more Starbucks and buy more iPhones, others want the chance to become a part of something greater than themselves. SJWs do this by shouting about imaginary oppression, creating their own form of religion where the infidels are white males and conservative thinkers.

Western-style decadence has not a source of fulfillment for ISIS recruits

Decadence is the new religion for young Westerners

For people who have struggled to find meaning in their lives amid social media and consumer culture, ISIS is a thrilling cause that guarantees glory and esteem. It ensures that the person will be remembered after death for serving a cause worth fighting for. This is the theme of Michel Houellebecq’s Submission, in which the narrator notes the appeal of Islam in light of the emptiness of Western consumerism and decadence.

Western Education Teaches Students To Hate Their Culture

IS 5

What do potential terrorists think when they see this image?

While the transcendental aspect of religious terrorism explains why people might uproot their lives and move to another country, it doesn’t explain why others in the West excuse or rationalize the behavior of terrorists.

The West lacks the confidence in its own culture to assert the values of a liberal democracy. School curricula have brainwashed citizens into thinking that the negative aspects of Western history far outweigh any benefits it has brought forth. For Western-born terrorists who go through our school systems, they quickly learn the evils of the West while remaining ignorant to the many benefits of living in a free society.

This is depicted in one reported scenario involving FBI agents and a teenage girl from a Chicago suburb on her way to Syria. When asked by the FBI if joining a group that controls the dress of women and beheads people with whom they disagree seemed like a good plan, the girl retorted “Well, what about the barrel bombings that kill thousands? Maybe if the beheading helps to stop that.”

This is the inevitable result of an education curriculum and culture that repeatedly emphasizes the sins of the West, without instructing students on the advances made by their culture. Self-flagellating college student can speak at length about the effects of colonialism on non-Western countries or the horrible conditions of the American slave trade, but few are aware that countries like Afghanistan, Yemen, and Saudi Arabia did not outlaw slavery until well into the 20th century.

IS 6

The failures of the West: Brussels, March 22, 2016.

If you present this fact to a student, it is guaranteed that they will spin it to somehow place the blame on Western countries. This in itself is a sort of soft prejudice—the belief that only the actions of Western countries matter, while others make no decisions unless they are in response to, or result of, the actions of the West.

Even the foundation of Western society—freedom of speech—is not given the appreciation it truly deserves. Leftists don’t understand that this law exists to protect the communication of radical ideas. Freedom of speech laws weren’t made to protect old ladies from saying, “Good morning” but rather to protect cartoonists who draw provocative images or writers who pen controversial satire. Freedom of speech is under assault by people who do not understand its importance and fragility.

Large Populations Of Sexually Frustrated Males Lead To Inevitable Violence

IS 7

Another element of terrorism that is not given the attention it deserves is the sexual frustration of young males. Marriage and family have a stabilizing effect on men. Married men are far less likely to commit violent or sexual crimes.

In the Middle East, where polygamy is rampant, young males are left without sexual partners. Simple math shows that in a population of 10 men and 10 women, if 1 of the men has 4 wives, that leaves 6 single men. Scale that up to entire countries, and you can see this playing out across the Middle East.

In an article in The Economist, the author writes, “Wars, alas, give young men a chance to kill potential rivals (ie, other men) and seize or rape women. From Islamic State to the Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, rebel forces often let their troops treat females as spoils.”

In the same article, they note that polygamous societies suffer “higher rates of murder, theft, rape, social disruption, kidnapping (especially of females), sexual slavery and prostitution.”

One well-known passage from the Hadith is the reward of 72 virgins given to a martyr after death. This appeals directly to a young man’s sexual desires. Martyrs are not promised a well-paying job, political peace, or economic security. They are promised sexual partners. ISIS is now using the promise of sexual slaves to recruit new members.

The failure to understand the power of male sexuality has had destabilizing effects on the Middle East. As male-female relationships collapse in the West, with top tier males maintaining soft harems and beta males left out, the future looks bleak for young men in the West.

The four factors of religious inspiration, emptiness of consumer culture, indoctrination of Western education, and sexual frustration are motivating young males (and even females) to join the ranks of ISIS and wage jihad. Perhaps one day we will make good on our “pledge to do everything we can to assist our European allies.” But today, we won’t even honestly discuss the motivations of terrorism.

For young males, neomasculinity may be the only viable alternative philosophy to the decadence of the West and the violence of Islamic terrorism.

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421 thoughts on “Why Muslim Men Become Terrorists”

  1. Hey Rod, I didn’t subscribe to returnofkings because I am racist or islamophob. I simply subscribed because I am antifeminist. And if you had thought a bit wider or event travelled to a muslim country you might have realized that there are many good aspects about muslim societies that may serve us as an example, in particular in terms of the roles of men and women.

    1. I think this article shows why the west has failed… and will be replaced. Ironically, the Koran even predicts this. Those who LEAVE God… God leaves them. Those who DENY God… God punishes them.
      ISIS is not Islam… not even close. But… it is also not devoid of connection to it.
      The problem of course… is one of interpretation of scripture, which Christians are also very familiar with and also led to much death and destruction.
      What needs to happen is for people to follow the money. The money supporting ISIS… who is giving it to them… and what kind of interpretation of Islam they prefer.
      I stumbled upon some Koran “quotes” that read NOTHING like what the four versions I have read actually say.
      In short… there is a version of the Koran out there being peddled as the truth… to people who cannot and will never read Arabic… and this truth is coming straight out of CIA headquarters in Langley.
      In the end… the whole sitch is FUBAR. And as one Korean vet told me…
      “When the other guy picks up a gun, you do the same, the time for talking is over.”

      1. “When the other guy picks up a gun, you do the same, the time for talking is over.”
        Nothing else to be said…

        1. Indeed. Coming from a guy pushing 80… and has SEEN real war… it was a lesson that was striking in its simplicity, even more so coming from a man whose eyes have learned the truth of the advice being given.
          Sadly… he was also asking the sitting Conservative MP (it was during the last election in Canada at an all party meet and greet) “When are we bringing in the refugees?”
          A good man… who has seen war… and clings to the ideal that Canada ONCE was. A nation of justice and peace keepers, not liars and traitors.
          I did not vote this year for the first time in my adult life. There is no point. All parties are broken. The system is broken.
          And that is the really sad point. This man fought for this country… and he has no idea what it has become.
          It is my hope he will pass on before the next big war breaks out. He should not have to see his children (boomers) who did not learn the lessons of his generation (I suspect he is the silent middle generation born during the war years) repeat the same sad mistakes of the past.

        2. I think not only your own (once)great country… When I think of my grandfather’s generation, and of the great Churchill, I despair for what ‘Great’ Britain has become…
          I look at the US and compare Obama with, say, Teddy Roosevelt and conclude their is little hope…

        3. There is always hope. But… we must know our enemy and be fighting the right battles. The distraction that is Islam/Muslims is deflecting much needed soul/spirit and energy in fighting the WRONG battle, and instead only enforcing and ensuring the enemy’s victory.
          This is not about Islam. It is not about Christianity.
          It is about a FREE humanity or not.
          When the world, when all people, finally see the truth and take the battle to the real enemy, victory will be ours.

      2. The West will fail because they won’t bring a religion to a religious war. The only response is to better employ a genuine Christian nation, with Christian laws and rulers, designed to protect the rights and duties of Christian fathers.

    2. Other men have subscribed here because they are “racists” and “islamophobs”. So you better enjoy the anti-feminist articles here and just stay out of these kind of articles. As simple as that.

    3. Have you travelled to a Muslim country? Not trolling, just genuinely curious. If you have, maybe you can submit an article of your own and share your perspective.

      1. I have and it’s not pretty. But in a way he’s right. Saying muslim is like saying christian. Doesn’t really mean much. Catholics have nothing to do evangelical christians, and orthodox christians are world’s apart from methodist protestants. If you travel to Russia the muslim Tatar population are fully integrated in Russian society, some are even famous and hold positions in government (see Marat Safin). That’s because their faith, although essentially also of Sunni branch, is practiced completely differently than the obscure one of Saudi Arabia. In Syria some branches of Islam are pretty open and enlightened and they fight ISIS and die alongside Christians. Not apologising for Islam just saying the world is more complicated than that and generalising is unhealthy and is something feminists and SJW love to do. It’s also like stating that all “Yanks” are fat, ill-educated and ignorant. Although it’s true for some, it certainly doesn’t reflect all of the US. I’ll probably get loads of hate for this but i’m just stating what i’ve seen.

        1. Where specifically? I would like to visit the Middle East or North Africa one day.
          And yes, I agree with the rest of your statement.

        2. I was in Syria in 2005 before the war started with a Catholic group. But i dont’ think I would go there now. I would visit Oman, Lebanon or Jordan probably. Not sure, but they seem to be the only countries for the most part not poisoned by Wahabi Islam. You’d have to talk to someone who lives there or works there. I haven’t been in like 10 years. Just saying i was surprised by some things i saw and some people i met (in a good way).

        3. Oh yeah Jordan is awesome…their King & Queen rock! (He’s a trekkie by the way, he was on an episode of Voyager…how cool is that?)

        4. Sufism has been considered outside of Islam and attacked by Muslims for most of it’s existence. Many of it’s greatest saints, for example Mansur Al-Hallaj, have been murdered by Islam. Jalal-al-Din Rumi is clearly on record making the distinction between the ‘friends’ and Islam, and, for that matter, saying that true faith does not lie within *any* formal religion…

        5. I personally think it is a set of mystical disciplines that predated Islam and chose to ‘hide in plain sight’, not unlike how the various Mary Mother of God branches of Christianity were incorporating ways to venerate a belief in the earth mother.

        6. There would appear to be anecdotal evidence supporting that view.
          I wonder whether the ‘people of the bench’ were they?
          Interesting that most Sufi orders trace lineage to 4th Caliph, Ali, except Naqshibandi tracing themselves to 1st, Abu Bakr…
          In any case I consider Sufis and Sufism to be ‘hidden’ within Islam rather than part of it… and the polar opposite of what is being discussed in this article… The kind of people that would chop Al-Hallaj’s hands off without a second thought (rather than hitting him with a flower)

    4. There are no good aspects of muslim societies that cannot be found elsewhere, and in a far superior form. It’s like communism that way. We don’t need communism in order to enjoy the benefits of collective activities. Neither do we need islam to enjoy the benefits of a pious and God fearing culture. Islam is just too violent and backward to fit into any modern version of civilization. Islam is all about the past and is violent because it does not respect individuality.

  2. In the same way that religious groups used to give instructions for
    likely candidates to go forth and teach God to africans so the middle east Imams have also given the instruction for muslims to occupy the west and preach about Islam.The west is almost Godless,it’s main
    leaders certainly are,Governments rule and make new laws in kneejerks with no reference to the bible but what a few people “feel is right”.Religions like Islam will win ,in the end and God help those who
    think they can replace him.

  3. Literacy
    Back 100 years ago very few people could read in these societies. Now that most do, they read the Koran which calls them to jihad against the unbelievers.

  4. The reason is simple. As muslims it is their duty to make Islam the world’s dominating religion by murdering or terrorising and then converting the “unbelievers”. You can’t blame them for that. You don’t need to justify the crusades either by saying it happened many times ago etc. It is our duty as christians to protect our religion , culture , lands and yes even to impose our faith by strength if needed to non-christians. This is only natural and how it is meant to be. The only ones to blame are the globalist lefties who have castrated our men and turned them into weak SJWs.

      1. What do you mean “until satisfied”? At any given moment, survival is satisfied, until its not. Existence is, death will be.
        I think I know what you mean by implication though… a sort of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I presume? Correct me of course if I’m wrong.

        1. Yes, that’s exactly what I mean. Even at the biological level the body is pretty much switched off from anything else until the ‘immediate threat to existence’ has passed.

    1. I learned this by looking at secular people. They have various values, morals, and beliefs, none of which are found in science. For example, equality. That does not exist. Fraternity and camaraderie is more useless nonsense. Justice and free will are yet more non-scientific beliefs. Since secularists “believe” in so many faith based concepts, then why should their little religion be superior to mine? They would put their secular religious boot on my neck, why not I put mine on theirs?

      1. For all the conclusions I make I observe the nature and specifically the world of animals. The cyrcle of life is at its purest there , unpolluted from the fake human bullshit. All one is supposed to do , is fight for recources and protect them , watch over his pack and survive by any means and make sure his legacy survives also. Fraternities make sense because one needs a strong pack and allies to survive even in the wild. God only left us one DIVINE LAW , “Survive whatever it takes” . Everything else is just made-up bullshit. I also don’t believe world is beautiful. This life is close to hell on earth. We have to do what we have to do , to not end up being crushed like insignificant ants.

        1. That’s false. Survival is a value that you have created with your humanistic mind. There is no imperative, law, rule, or design for survival. Many many things do not, will not, cannot, survive. And there is no consequence on the whole if a part does not survive. In fact, there is no consequence if the whole does not survive. In fact, the whole will not survive, the best theories are that the cosmos will drift apart and died a cold death, or it will contract and everything will be wiped out, nothing will survive, perhaps even the laws of physics will alter, etc.
          You have invented a religion based on your belief in survival. You created this religion and choose to believe in this concept because you are a human and cling to your humanity, rationality, value, and life. You’re too weak to face the truth that in a Godless universe you’re nothing. YOU’RE NOTHING.

        2. I have accepted nature as the absolute and only truth, as god’s only piece of work we can use for explanations. Each individual in the wild , subconsciously does everything it takes to survive. You can say I have made this up in my mind , but you can’t deny an animal does it without thinking about it , without ever doubting it , like something far greater pushes it to do so. And I don’t believe the man can go against nature. Man can only honor nature as the most perfect work of the Creator.

        3. “God only left us one DIVINE LAW , “Survive whatever it takes””
          No… he did not. I am pretty sure there are at least 10 commandments, last time I checked. And none of them talk about man’s only purpose being survival.
          That makes man an animal, and we are not animals.
          Unless of course, you believe man came from an ape.
          If you are a materialist, then your view of the world would be absolutely 100% true. This… is the world we now live in BECAUSE man has cast out God from his life.
          If you believe this life is only a test, and the next life is the true reality, the real life… then survival means doing only that which does not allow others to take advantage of you, which means you have the RIGHT to defend yourself. But not…
          “…and yes even to impose our faith by strength if needed to non-christians.”
          How is becoming your enemy seen to be doing God’s will?
          There is no compulsion in religion. Anyone who insists otherwise, is not doing God’s will and has gone astray.

        4. “you can’t deny an animal does it without thinking about it”
          Exactly. Man…. THINKS. Thus… he is not an animal and is not bound by the rules of the animal world, but that of God’s.
          Again.. if one believes survival is the ONLY purpose of life, then ANYTHING that allows one to survive is permitted.
          There is no law. No morality. No ethics. No justice.
          All the above… are a hindrance to survival.
          Is this not the VERY STATE we now find ourselves in? Living like animals, instead of human beings?

        5. Yes, a nihilistic view is rational, strictly speaking. But what results do we get when we try to live life by that absence of values? If you were to slit your best friend’s throat today it means nothing.
          Even if the universe will one day die, ask a man in front of a firing squad about the value of this life.
          Native Balkanian is right. If there’s a creator, we know its plan through its creation, nature. By nature in all its beauty and brutality we know how we should live. If there is no agency of creation, then we still know what works for us and what works against us. The choice is ours.

        6. An amazing heuristic to eliminate all the noise in life and determine what really matters and what is in our best interests. In my own blog linked to from my disqus profile I ponder applying principles very like those you live by to peoples and civilizations.

        7. I have wondered if the mission of intelligent life is to become the “mind of God” in a sense, within its body, the universe. Why else do we suppose the existence and development of consciousness and intelligence is a good thing?

        8. The answers can be found in Bible , but it has been rewritten and adjusted so many times by human hands to appeal to modern times that I tend to look at nature for answers instead. I believe we can find out what we are supposed to do but we’ll never find out why , not in this life at least. It is pointless worrying about it. It is beyond our limits.

        9. Your best friend is part of your pack. By killing him you reduce your own chances of survival. That makes no sense , value or not. We can imagine ourselves as christians as a big pack for example. We need to watch each other’s back and be loyal to the pack. These are my values.

        10. It’s funny though how human culture was able to set it up for a longtime where most humans could have a little piece of the pie for themselves without having to be subjected to winner take all violence. I’m not sure what is better, but I think if we were all living in a very violent society, watching our brothers and sisters, sons and daughers, fathers and mothers, dying, being kidnapped, raped, etc…. because the strongest gets all the spoils. I think we would ask to go back to a structured society where most men get one wife, get to have several kids and most family’s stay intact with no deaths. So this made up human shit may have some benefit. It doesn’t necessarily benefit our gene pool, but then again, all our smart nerds that make iPhones and rockets would probably be killed in the animal world.

        11. Now here’s a real thinker. For me, it does always come back to this. Without God, how does any of this matter at all. Let’s say I don’t believe in God and I think I’ll eventually die and become dust and that eventually all of my offspring will die, never to have offspring again, and eventually my race will die out, and eventually all life will end and nothing will be after this. Why wouldn’t I just rape, cheat, lie, steal pillage etc…. Why not? I’m a smart guy and a good shot? I know how to use night vision, silencers etc…. Why wouldn’t everyone just live like animals if not God. Why shouldn’t I have sex with that hot girl? Why shouldn’t I punch that mouthy pussy right in the face, or do even worse to him?
          And that’s part of the problem with the godless west. We are living more and more like animals in terms of morals and the sexual marketplace. Because, why not? But when does the rest societies behaviors degenerate to animal behavior? How low can it go? Of course we are slowly finding out.

        12. I’ve seen animals give it up. Maybe they had no choice and just gave in, but even in the animal world, some animals seem to have more will to survive than others.

        13. Natural Selection is the law that enforces survival. To admit no need to survive and reproduce is to admit that your ideology is immoral and deserves to die. Ayn Rand wrote about this in ‘The Virtue of Selfishness,’ and implied it in Atlas Shrugged.

        14. No need for the smart nerds to survive. They are just liberal bitches who contribute to the destruction of patriarchy and the downfall of humanity.

        15. Wrong we are far from the animal world (patriarchy) now as it gets. Skinny beta fags who would be dead meat in the animal world now get hot young women because of feminism and SJW propaganda. We “the humans of West” live in the bullshit we have created and which will be our downfall.

        16. “Skinny beta fags who would be dead meat in the animal world now get hot young women because of feminism and SJW propaganda. ”
          I got to disagree there pal. Beta fags, whether muscled up or skinny, almost still never get hot young women. Maybe old hags who’ve hit the wall, but not young hot ones with alpha options.
          Why’d woman with access to James Bond or Bourne types ever go with a low testosterone male?

        17. Wow, your comments have really opened my eyes. I mean, this is mind blowing stuff! You make some powerful points, except … let’s put the Hitchens-Dawkins Kool-Aid down for a while and look at reality: Kalaam Cosmological Argument, the Argument from Reason, Fine Tuning of Universal Constants, irreducible biological complexity, the argument from morality…. Your entire world view lies shattered at your feet. If you truly honor the gods of reason and critical thinking half as much as you claim, you would plant your face firmly into your hand, step away from the device, find a quiet place, and rethink your life. Indeed, why are you even bothering to comment at all? No atheistic position can be taken seriously until two threshold questions can coherently be answered. 1. Why is the atheist even engaging in the debate. On atheism, there is no objective basis for even ascertaining truth; there is no immaterial aspect to consciousness and all mental states are material. Therefore, everyone who ever lived and ever will live could be wrong about a thing. By what standard would that ever be ascertained on atheism? Also if atheism is true, there is no objective meaning to existence and no objective standard by which the ‘rational’ world view of atheism is more desirable, morally or otherwise, to the ‘irrational’ beliefs of religion. Ridding the world of the scourge of religion, so that humanity can ‘progress’ or outgrow it, is not a legitimate response to this because on atheism, there is no reason to expect humanity to progress or grow. We are a historical accident that should fully expect to be destroyed by the next asteriod, pandemic, or fascist atheist with a nuke. In short, if atheism is correct, there is no benefit, either on an individual or societal level, to knowing this or to spreading such ‘knowledge.’ 2. Related to this, why is the atheist debater even alive to participate. If there is no heaven, no hell, no afterlife at all, only an incredibly window of blind pitiless indifference, then the agony of struggling to exist, seeing loved ones die, and then dying yourself can never be outweighed by any benefit to existing. As rude as it way sound (and I AM NOT advocating suicide) the atheist should have a coherent explanation for why they chose to continue existing. Failure to adequately address these threshold questions should result in summary rejection of the neckbeard’s position. In the end, we all know you can’t answer these questions because yours is a petty, trivial, localized, earth bound philosophy, unworthy of the universe.

        18. “By killing him you reduce your own chances of survival.”
          Unless by killing him, I become leader and take his girl, kill his children, kill all of his friends with my friends and now I am the top dog of the tribe!!! Anyone who gets out of line or thinks of revenge, I kill them too!!!.
          Who are you to stop me? There is no God. There is only nature and survival of the fittest. I survived, you and your friend did not. That is the end of it and the purpose of our life. This is what nature teaches.
          Where is your moral argument that killing someone from my tribe is wrong if doing so allows me to become the leader of the tribe and thus the women (many of them) to create my genetic legacy that survives for the next 100 years or more? Perhaps for eternity!!!
          Have I not survived?
          Have I not succeeded by your definition of survival using nature’s ways?
          The tribe is still intact, but I am leading it and in a better position to survive so long as I kill anyone who threatens my domination and my sons continue this tradition of killing off anyone who threatens MY tribes rule.
          This… is what happens with a pure animal/survival philosophy… nothing but a cycle of death and violence for eternity.

        19. “On atheism, there is no objective basis for even ascertaining truth;”
          This… right here… blows my mind about atheists and they are completely blind to the fact they are arguing for a view of life that, if taken seriously as truth… means there is NO POINT in arguing about what is true because NONE OF IT MATTERS.
          We are born. We survive or not. We die
          That is the end of it.
          Any means that allows us to survive… is thus permissible.
          Thus… there is simply ZERO grounds for any moral law in society because all moral laws reduce and put a road block on survival.
          Kill or be killed… shall be the whole of the law.

        20. Dang bro, I am a Christian. I illustrate the inevitable conclusion of nihilism to atheists in order to hasten their journey to the dark end of their worldview, so that they may be utterly crushed, killed, dead, in hopes that they may be born again in The Spirit.
          “…for if you are living according to the flesh, you must die; but if by the Spirit you are putting to death the deeds of the body, you will live.” Romans 8:13

        21. It happens more often than you’d think. Women have no commen sense or inner compass. They now feel entitled to jump in the sack with whomever/whatever they want because it’s a power-dynamic for them. They’ll dabble with beta-fags because it suits their “female game” at the moment, but the beta will find himself alone as soon as a different guy walks in the room that triggers whatever inner-dynamic the girl has going on. What boggles me are the beta losers who obviously, physically and mentally are on the downward path of humanity who get laid. However, it IS the alphas who get tail consistenly and on their own terms.

        22. Once upon a time, I did. And it is true. Absent a higher order, there is no order, thus there is no meaning, value, or reason. We’re just magically accidentally animated meat robots.

      2. “They have various values, morals, and beliefs, none of which are found in science.”
        Having grown up among atheists, I know that most of them live on very watered down or perverted morals taken from the dominant religion in their country. They have no morals of their own.

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        2. Bingo. I grew up around an atheist “mom’s boyfriend” that lived with us. His family was all atheists. Yet they had this weird family mythos about their dead ancestors. They’re typical German-Americans, yet they have this ancestral thing, where they talk about the contact they’ve had with their loved ones after they died. They have all these notions of what heaven is going to be like, playing pool with uncle Ron in heaven. I have to admit that they have also had some weird things happen regarding their loved ones, in one case when the guy I’m talking about died his brother started getting texts from him during the funeral! The guy, while he was alive, raged against people “going around telling others how to be moral and sticking their finger in everyone’s faces.” he was a Bill Maher type liberal.
          I told him that if you vote you’re doing exactly that, going around sticking your morality in people’s faces. Same thing, different title. He was blown away.

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      3. It has been statistically proven that most atheists(about 75%) are emotionally motivated by their beliefs, most people who struggled through any kind of hardships or tragedies in life tend to become nihilistic by blaming God for their failures.
        Atheists whether they are left or right, tend to pick and choose the ideologies they like from Religion, some go as far as changing the Religion to fit their perspective, E.g how leftists like to assume Jesus was a John Lennon hippy as opposed to being a moral absolutist.
        Atheists mostly pick on Christianity because its the one true faith that the Zionists cant stand because its the only Religion that opposes one world Religion/government, and it liberates people from the desire of succeeding in the material world. The Zionist elite can control whatever the common consensus is, and if Christianity is the Religion they choose to hate, then the Atheists will use that as their poster child.

        1. Yes, it is true that many atheists became atheists when something tragic happened in their life. It is also true that many atheists will admit that they wish they could be religious and wish they could believe.

      4. “Faith based concepts”
        Everything you address here can be explained also by evolution. (social dynamics within groups etc.)
        Absolute justice and equality for example are indeed an illusion, but the human concept of them are “real.”
        Superimposed on “real” reality.
        It is not therefore a belief as such, but rather hardwired into us by evolutionary processes.
        This also explains why we are religious, we reflect our internal reality upon the real world.
        Really, the SJW mindset and the more traditional religious mindset are one and the same.
        I still see how some religious beliefs are a benefit
        to society though.

        1. “Absolute justice and equality for example are indeed an illusion”
          Then I kill you and take your wife, kill your children… and survive.
          My will… achieved by force… is justice for me and judgement for you.
          Yes… indeed, it is best we do away with such illusions as an outside force that is capable of holding all souls to account. Antiquated, archaic, stupid and preventing me from ruling over the dumb and stupid masses that are still tricked by their evolutionary mind to adhere to this internal illusion of universal and absolute justice.
          My might… makes me right.

        2. “Then I kill you and take your wife, kill your children… and survive.”
          Who says you survive?
          You would be punished by the other men in the group or frozen out, which would have meant certain death.
          Hence their exists a “balance” between using brute force and having empathy etc.(unless you are mentally ill) that is adapted and fine tuned after millions of years of living in a group setting.
          Of course there still is an element of might is right, but that is simply the the nature of biological life.

    2. On board except that you can’t force Jesus Christ on anyone and I believe we risk His judgement in doing so. We can tell those who would persecute Christians to take a hike though.
      The Crusades are a great untold story. One big distinction is that many of the abuses of the Crusades were condemned by Christian leaders at the time. Bernard told those who would massacre Jews to cut it out or be excommunicated. In Jihad the “abuses” aren’t abuses, they’re plan A, “thug religion”.

      1. You are delusional if you think think people were suddenly illuminated and “opened their hearts to Jesus”. If it wasn’t for the the heavy bloody swords of brave men like Vlad Tepes and others , world would have long forgotten Jesus’ name. Saying things like “we shouldn’t force” etc is just insulting those great men. ISIS commiting genocide on christians in middle east is acceptable , we standing here and doing nothing to protect our fellow christians is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
        Also long live to the memory of SKANDERBEG , THE PROTECTOR OF CHRISTIANITY !

        1. Thank you for Skanderberg, didn’t know about him.
          Some other badass protectors of Christianity : Philippe Villiers de l’Isle-Adams, and Jean de Valette, at Malta.

        2. If you are prepared to meet your Lord, Jesus Christ, with the blood of all those who did not convert to believing in his name on your sword… then you sir… will get your reward. As will all the ISIS jihadists who believe THE EXACT SAME IDEOLOGY as you do!!! You are brothers!!! Why are you fighting?

        3. I think Christianity needs more Vlad Tepes and Skanderbegs than peaceful preachers. You sound like Pope Francis or Obama is talking. “These aren’t our values…” BLA BLA BLA

        4. I am a human being, not an animal enslaved to some Darwinian belief that survival is our only purpose of existence.
          Peace… a pacifist… is NOT someone who does not fight.
          A pacifist… is someone who CAN fight… but does everything he can to prevent conflict.
          You can’t enforce any peace if you are unable to fight for it.
          That is why the movie Dracula (2015) was such a good film for me as it was far more historically accurate compared to the legend of myth.

          Muslims… have much to answer for from the past.
          Christians… have my full support in needing protection and to protect themselves at all costs.
          What I DON’T agree with… is blanket calls for violence against a whole race/religion based on historical grievances and some belief that “the tribe” is all that matters.
          What matters is… we find a way to live together. But unlike the Pope or gay Obama… I understand that there are those who do not want peace, and only violence will stop the violent, for it is the only thing they respect.
          Despite our difference of perspective my friend… I am your ally. I just don’t wish you to become the very thing you claim to hate the most.

        5. I shall not be enslaved to a book either. I should be able to make my own observations and come to conclusions. This is what differs Christianity from Islam right ? The free will. And call me a “bad believer” but where I come from ,a multi- religional land , being christian is not only a religion , it is an identity , it is my tribe. It is Us and Them. One will say I am a christian or a muslim even if he doesn’t believe in god at all. It is part of our flesh and blood. My forefathers endured hell on earth to remain christians in 500 years of jihadist ottoman rule. I can’t let it go in vain.
          As for being pacifist , it goes against neo-masculinity. I believe men are born to be warriors not pacifists. Some sort of conflict , even if it is artificial and not needed, is neccesary to turn boys to men. Otherwise boys turn into useless hipsters , unable to protect their “tribe” when real conflict comes. The problem we have now in West.
          I am your ally too, never doubt that. We should just be able to handle a gentelmen’s debate here.

        6. “You are delusional if you think think people were suddenly illuminated and “opened their hearts to Jesus”. If it wasn’t for the the heavy bloody swords of brave men like Vlad Tepes and others , world would have long forgotten Jesus’ name”
          Valid point. That, plus wasn’t it not a Roman leader who decided to make Christianity the official religion of Rome?

        7. Salve, friend. I noticed a reference towards the nephew of Mircea Cel Batran ( Basarab Dinasty ). Did you know that Vlad Tepes is of Romanian nobility, the same nobility of Stefan Cel Mare ( Musat Dinasty ). I recently found out that even Michael The Brave ( Mihai Viteazul ) was indeed related with Vlad Tepes, Stefan Cel Mare as well as Mircea Cel Batran, all related through the Basarab Dinasty. All of the aformentioned gentlemen ( may God rest them in peace ) are declared athletes of Christianity against Islam.
          There are very little people indeed in Eastern Europe that even understand how we came to be and what context we find oursleves in today. The Islamic conquest has started. Time to repent, spread the word and prepare the swords.

        8. To my understanding, today the Order of Malta still exists and thrives. I wish I could participate in one of their gatherings to see how they see the Islamic invasion. Would be an interesting discussion indeed. My mind takes me to the Order of the Dragon.

        9. It’s because of brainwashed morons like yourself that the very idea of opening a border to invaders was accepted. Thank you for taking part in the destruction of European culture and civilation. You are as much responsible for the bombings in the EU as Frau Sucubus Merkel. Congradulations, you are the invention of jews and politics paid with middle-eastern oil money, you are the ,,NEW MAN” Marx defined -God-less, no identity, no true knowledge of one’s roots, easily manipulable. Because of you and the generations like your-self we will all be doomed. Wake-up brother, the barbarians are inside the fortress, wake-up !

        10. ,,What I DON’T agree with… is blanket calls for violence against a whole race/religion based on historical grievances and some belief that “the tribe” is all that matters.” – What you did there is confirm that you have absolutely no notion as to what a nation or tribe is. Please be aware that you are an internal threat to your tribe. Society has been built upon Christian Values, now those values are being sabotaged from within, once they will be completely abolished you can see society crumbling. Count on it.

        11. My nation or tribe… is one that works for peace, no matter WHO is in that tribe. A tribe that is willing to FIGHT for peace, no matter WHO is by my side fighting with me.
          Peace. Justice. Truth.
          THIS.. is my tribe. And anyone who desires to belong to this tribe is a fellow member of my nation of tribesman.
          There are societies all over the planet that have been built on other values than Christian. All those different societies survived because the three values I put forth above were the founding principles that united people.
          If you continue to buy into this elite narrative of Christian vs Muslim, you are the one who is plugged into the matrix and is a betrayer of the tribe.
          This is also why I am traveling more now and with a purpose… to find the next tribe that DOES believe in truth, justice and peace, for it is DEAD in America, Christian or not.
          You might also want to ask yourself this question?
          Why was it so easy to subvert, undermine and discredit Christianity to the point of its complete abandonment by the West?
          Why… is this same effort, despite the terror and demonization of the MSM of Islam… not only NOT doing the same to Islam… but instead seeing more people convert to it in the West than at any time in history?

        12. Ok. You are about ,,Peace. Justice. Truth.” tell me, friend what is the nature of your tribe or nation ? Where are you from and who do you belong to? I ask this so that I can get to know you better to see if you are brethren worthy.

        13. “I ask this so that I can get to know you better to see if you are brethren worthy.”
          No need… you have proved unworthy already to be in my tribe.
          Unless of course you want to play Crusader together and I can drop kick you as a buddy like in that animated Giff above.
          Seriously… keyboard warriors are the worst.

        14. “Wake-up brother, the barbarians are inside the fortress, wake-up !”
          Dude… ISIS is 100% CIA, Zionists and psychopathic Salafist Saudi royalty. FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!
          Wake up already.
          Man… they are going to get you nutter Christians to go on a bloody rampage once again. You just don’t THINK!!!!
          I am not your enemy. Good grief Charlie Brown.

    3. The crusades were a direct REACTION to the spread of Islam by the sword. I laugh at any revisionist “historian” who peddles the poor muslim narrative. They had it coming the previous time and are going to regret it the 2nd time.

        1. Yes… they are funny!!! Since they are historical when the “popes” were warring and SACKING CHRISTIAN CITIES during the crusades to “liberate” BEFORE the Eastern Byzantine empire fell to the Muslms.
          Siege of Constantinople (1204)

          Mutinous Crusader armies captured, looted, and destroyed parts of Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire. After the capture, the Byzantine Empire fragmented into a number of small successor states, the Crusader-led Latin Empire was founded in its place and Baldwin of Flanders was crowned Emperor Baldwin I of Constantinople in the Hagia Sophia.
          Thus… CHRISTIANS THEMSELVES destroyed their OWN empire in the orthodox east leaving it open to…
          Fall of Constantinople (453)
          Dudes… read some history. Christians… have been THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY from day one.
          I mean… just look at that Giff. Dudes… running around playing “crusader”… jumps up and DROP KICKS his own tribesman.
          I can’t wait for you guys to get out there and start mixing it up. You are going to have your asses handed to you in spades.

        2. I’m glad you took it the right way. Never can tell how others will take comments. I think and you Native Balkanian have the right spirit, I just don’t want either of you falling for the bullshit that is being fed right now about Islam and Muslims.
          “They”… want us all at each others throats instead of theirs. I am hoping that this time, for the first time in history, “they” won’t get their race/religious war based on ignorance and prejudice. Their is simply too much information out there now and the world is fully global. The other is now close and a friend, not far and foreign.
          It also shocked me as I did not know about the fall of Constantinople until I googled “pope crusades sacking christian cities” or something like that. I knew that many cities had been sacked for pure power reasons, and not just in the east. I am talking even western catholic Italy! It was all a major power grab by different monarchs at the time and the pope was getting LIVID at these Crusader armies sacking and burning Christian cities all across Europe.
          Learning Constantinople was one of them… and this led to the downfall of the Eastern empire after they had SURVIVED Genghis Khan and mongols for almost a 1000 years… was truly sad.
          Christian crusader knights… paved the way for the take over of the single OLDEST Christian church in the world by Islam.

    4. As well as people don’t realize and accept these factsites. I totally agree, you can’t really blame them for the murderous tendencies of a religion that was created long ago when being a savage was the norm. The only fault lies with those who don’t recognize this fact.

    5. Christian chauvinism and monarchism are the most distasteful and unsellable aspects of the alternative right. You are saying that your unobservable faith-dependent myths should be believed just because some bully monarch and his dragoons say so. How Asian. How African. How Semitic. This is not a bit different from Jewish Cultural Marxism; both movements view people as moronic beasts needing psychological coercion by a self-appointed cadre of Chosen People (which explains why so many upper-class whites and leftist Jews support Bernie Sanders).
      Ideas like civilization, rule of law, race realism, ethnic nationalism, building the wall, truthful understanding of women’s nature, and recognition of the Jewish problem, which is not religious but ethnocultural, can be supported by blatantly obvious facts but are rarely spoken for fear of coercive retribution by politically correct types, which include most Christians. These ideas are weakened when the one positing them has nothing better with which to back them than, “You’ll roast in hell,” or, “The Bible, all of which is true because the Bible says so, says…”
      The real reason why so many right-wingers are Christian is because the twentieth-century Bolsheviks pushed atheism, which is more precisely the statetheist Marxist quasi-religion. As a result, twentieth-century Americans – and to a lesser extent people in the Western Bloc – childishly amped up the (Corporate American) Jesus factor and put “under God” into the Pledge of Allegiance to be the opposite of the Communists. This is why rebellious hipster and fedora types tend toward atheism today, which continues to repulse registered Republicans from irreligion by its association with those trash. It will be a few decades before irreligion stops being a rebellious youth thing and goes mainstream like jeans did.
      We can have an anti-Cultural-Marxist rightist movement without cowering or making others cower before a being whom nearly all of us know to be fictional.

      1. Even if you don’t believe in god we should agree that West need Christianism and Church as a structure in opose to liberalism in general. I mean the old school Church not that liberal bitch we call pope today.

        1. I can see from a practical point we need some sort of “old school” church… But a part of me still asks, why Christianity? You said it yourself: “liberal bitch pope”.
          Will Christianity really be what we need? I want Islam in the west as little as any one else, but they have strong, patriarchal values and can stand against “Liberal-bitchism” among themselves even if they stand with it out of purely political interests of undermining the west. Can Christianity, which is already thoroughly bitched, stand against this successfully? Do you think there is hope among say, the Eastern Orthodox, or more traditionally minded Catholics and Protestants?
          What about “Paganism”?
          I don’t ask out of hostility to Christianity, but out of genuine interest.

    6. Sex and the availability of women in the West is also a great – unrecognised – reason for Muslim Men swamping Europe at the moment.

    7. I would also like to say this race is inherently possibly the worst race in the entire world due to their geographic location. People develop temperaments due to their sorroundings. The Russians are inherently insensitive due to their cold climate and so are some of chineese and japaneese.
      Arabians on the other live in a unforgiving piece of dessert stretch that has never on its record in its entire existence in history being known for mercy rather deathly bent to annihilate. The dessert is encapsuled in a thanatonic like nature. And so the Arabians are. They have always being death dealers usually few in number but Terrorising non the least.

  5. I’m Muslim and trust me…Islam is NOT a violent religion. It is a peaceful one. However, it has been viewed that way due to these ISIS idiots misinterpreting the Qur’an and killing people all over. Islam is the world’s second largest religion – so many people wouldn’t follow it if it preached terrorism and killing. Sometimes I can’t blame people for hating us because the completely wrong message is being sent about us.
    Most Muslims HATE ISIS with a passion. I do. I would love for the U.S. to send its troops and go wipe them out. On top of their atrocious acts, they are giving us a bad name.
    So, just wanted to clear a few things up about Muslims. I love the U.S., I love the people here, just yesterday I went to a mosque for our weekly Friday prayers and the man who was giving a sermon preached tolerance and respect and kindness for everyone – even if they are unkind to you. He also said one thing too as a message to us: “If anyone suspects his brother (meaning in Islam) has any inclinations towards terrorism, please do NOT hesitate to report him to the authorities.”
    We do not tolerate ISIS and hate them – and everything that they do is the exact polar opposite of what Islam is.
    Anyway, thanks for reading this, and awesome website guys.

    1. Please explain Jihad to me. What is it meant to be ? And why are you so sure that you are a right muslim and those who are fighting according to Quran are the wrong ones ?

    2. Are you saying that the passages in the Qur’an that specify the kinds of acts that ISIS are carrying out should be interpreted metaphorically or something?
      See I would love to believe you, as will be apparent that most westerners do, but those many passages LITERALLY prescribe the kinds of actions ISIS routinely carry out.
      In fact there are all sorts of hadith about not changing a single letter of the Qur’an, and taking the words and behaviour of the Prophet quite literally, aren’t there?

      1. “Qur’an that specify the kinds of acts that ISIS are carrying out should be interpreted metaphorically or something?”
        Of course. That’s the way all the religions re-write their particular brand of book to keep it relevant and get their sheep to do their bidding.
        I got in a discussion here a week or so ago about the book of Genesis and how, without question, we know that is NOT how the world came about. It was met with all kinds of stuff like “the days in Genesis aren’t actually days” and “the order isn’t really the order”. And then, as the conversation continued, the retorts turned into something along the lines of “It’s not up to us to question god”.
        And, see, this stuff is important. The bible (or other religious texts) are held up as the word of god. So, if Genesis is wrong, it’s pretty incontrovertible that it was not, in fact, written by god. And Genesis is just one example, there are lots “facts” presented in the bible that we know simply aren’t true. This presents a problem; I can be wrong about the big bang, because, I’m telling you it’s a theory and is developed by man. But, you cannot be wrong about Genesis without invalidating your entire religious basis; it’s the word of god, and therefore infallible. Or it’s wrong, and then your bible is a collection of short stories, NOT the word of god.
        This is why religion spends so much time trying to “interpret” Genesis. It’s absolutely fundamental that it’s not wrong. Which, to any rational person, it clearly is.

        1. Genesis is a creation myth, easily disproven by science.
          Your analogy is comparing mythology to prescriptions of courses of action for believers.
          Let’s talk about those prescriptions of courses of action…
          Are you saying that Sharia is metaphorical too?

        2. “Are you saying that Sharia is metaphorical too?”
          No, I’m saying it’s bullshit based on bullshit. People can interpret it any way the fuck they want to, but, at the end of the day, it’s a bunch of words written by men to control other men (and women, in the case of Sharia). It has no more validity than the laws allowing slavery in the US did, or the laws today prohibiting the use of drugs. They are all made up by men, not penned by god. The problem is that the Muslims seem to be unable to make the leap to “this is a fairy tale, perhaps I should live this like it’s my only life and try to be a good man”. They believe it; they really do, and that makes them terribly dangerous.

        3. Now I’m agreeing with you…
          If you expressed this view to most Pious Muslims, and certainly to an Imam, you would rapidly hear the term Bid’ah wouldn’t you?
          Or even be accused of falling out of the faith and being a Kafir!
          For which the punishment is? Be honest…
          Forgive me for saying this, but it sounds like there is not much of your Islam left….

        4. Yes, I see you are correct.
          Strange he felt the need to reply to my questions to the muslim. It explains the ease with which he violated Muslim-think. I was not expecting questioning, facts and logic to draw any response, as, indeed, it hasn’t.

        5. Exactly none. I’m as atheist as they come. No fedora either; somehow I seem to have missed that step.

        6. Forgive me, Sir, I had the wrong end of the stick. For some reason I was arguing under the impression that it was with the original poster. A simple check of your handle would have been all it took to correct my mistake, but I was carried away with the sound of my own ‘impeccable logic’. Please excuse me.
          I, myself, struggle with the notion of religion, and have settled on worshipping the 12 Olympians, who not even a fool could believe we’re meant to be taken seriously, but who embed the psychological and red pill thinking of the ancients…

        7. In defense of religion, making claims like “we know the story of Creation is not true” or “making the leap to thinking this is the only life you have” is even more dogmatic and short-sighted than any religion ever purports to be.
          In fact, one of the fundamental principles of almost every serious religion is that man is quite ignorant, in his very limited experience so far in a very tiny planet amidst galaxy clusters composed of trillions of planets replete with hitherto unknown, unexperienced, unobserved phenomena that are limitless. And furthermore, one of the most basic teachings of any philosophical study highlights that how any seemingly “objective” truth can be altered, modified, made extremely subjective (which actually is great), and in short, be “truth-made”.
          So maybe the problem is there just aren’t many intellectuals left anymore because of short attention spans and the vast majority of modern humans, whether it’s the 1st or the 3rd world, idling themselves with useless distractions like watching sports (as opposed to playing) or entertainers or smart phones for most of the time, instead of doing some critical thinking and original accomplishments.
          There is just too many people in the world now and believe me, the vast majority of them are incapable, in the current status quo and watered down modern lifestyles where everyone is encouraged to become a corporate drone, to make an original contribution to really justify their presence here on Earth. So war and conflict, under the current circumstances, with 8 billion people, most of which have succumbed to living like mindless drones, are inevitable, and from a Hegelian synthetic perspective, or even from a survival of the fittest perspective, it’s necessary.

    3. “Islam is NOT a violent religion”
      I’d change this to “no more violent than other religions”. Religion, by virtue, is violent. I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. Most of the wars in history have been fought “in the name of god”.
      There is a fundamental reason for this that many seem unable to grasp. If you don’t believe in god; you, by proxy, believe that “this” is all there is to your life. If you believe that, it becomes a act of lunacy to go pick up a gun and shoot it at someone (let alone strapping on a suicide vest) for some bullshit reason. Without religion, it’s nearly impossible to have men sacrifice their lives in any kind of significant way.
      However, once you introduce the “afterlife”, now it becomes entirely reasonable to blow yourself up if someone convinces you that’s what god wants. If you believe this is a “dress rehearsal” for an afterlife, all kind of things become much more reasonable; in fact, much of society is predicated on men believing in some abstract morality that has become twisted to the point of ridiculous.
      Religion is, and likely always will be a violent and terrifying thing. I believe in science, and believe that the books of Genesis is bull; but I’m sure as shit not going to shoot bullets over it. Staying alive (because I believe this is “it”, no afterlife) is FAR more important that getting Ghost of Jefferson to come around to my viewpoint. I just don’t care enough to die for it, and, without religion, almost nothing is worth dying for other than an actual invasion into our territory (the USA, not the other BS that we consider a “sign of aggression” like shooting at each other in the middle east). Atheism leads to a policy of seclusion and isolation; a policy that I think we’d be wise to follow. If the Jews and Muslims want to blow each other up in the holy land, so be it.

      1. “Most of the wars in history have been fought “in the name of god”.”
        That’s just wrong. You’re wrong. Very wrong.
        So now that you know that you’re wrong, how does that change your anti-theist thesis? “Religion is, and likely always will be a violent and terrifying thing. I believe in science…”
        “getting Ghost of Jefferson to come around to my viewpoint.”
        Do you really think a young and dumb kid is going to get an older man like Jefferson or I, who’s been through wayward periods of disbelief and doubt and sin, and has seen the wages of sin and destruction, and has studied out his faith to obtain a rational conviction- to change his views? You’re a lightweight, honestly. You probably smoke a lot of pot, right? Serious question, do you smoke pot regularly?

        1. “That’s just wrong. You’re wrong. Very wrong. So now that you know that you’re wrong, how does that change your anti-theist thesis?”
          “You’re a lightweight, honestly.”
          And your “heavyweight” response is “your just wrong”.
          Fine, show me how I’m wrong, I’m happy to listen. But “your just wrong” is not an coherent argument.

        2. Interesting article. I don’t agree with some of it, but it’s a new perspective.
          However, let me throw this out there. Without religion, you can’t wage war. There’s no way to motivate men to fight in a war that’s 1000’s of miles away if they think this life is “all there is”. You have to have the promise of an afterlife and glory to get men to lay their lives down for their country. There are exceptions in history (the Revolutionary War, for example) where war was really about something important. But, if you are dealing with a bunch of “devout” atheists, the “right answer” is to keep living because, this is all you’ve got. Unless conditions are so horrible under the new guy, it’s still better (for many) than an eternal dirt nap.
          Without the “higher purpose”, getting a man to lay down their lives for anything that’s not directly impacting them (as most wars in the last 50+ years have been) is going to be very difficult/impossible. Atheism and nihilism are like 2nd cousins; same basic dogma. Nothing matters; and therefore, nothing is worth fighting for. Religion, even if it’s not the cause of war, is the fuel that allows us to feed the beast.

        3. The 100 years War.
          The War of Secession
          The conquest of India
          The Napoleonic Wars
          China-Japan wars
          All the wars of the Roman Empire
          The Mongolian Campaign under Genghis Khan and his descendants
          The campaigns of Alexander the Great
          The cold War and all its derivative conflicts
          Our current wars in the Middle East
          and if I continue, I would probable have to dedicate a webpage for all the Wars in which religion influence was zero.

        4. Again, your thesis is historically invalidated. There are many examples of non-religious wars and empires. The Soviet Union is one example, China can be an example, and depending on how you view the Japanese, another example.
          Further, your new thesis is very weak. Saying that there cannot be war without religion is like saying there cannot be car accidents without automobiles. Religion is an important part of humanity. I would argue that you cannot also LIVE without religion, that you self-destruct and socially decay. Many common social aspects are religious in nature, such as marriage, birth, death, and justice. War cannot be fought justly unless you have a theory of justified warfare. And nature offers no example or lesson in justified warfare. Only religious concepts like “human value” and “ultimate meaning” can provide a basis for justified warfare.
          Lastly, there are many religious wars and warriors that you should be thankful for. Do not blanket criticize religious warfare. Many people fought for the security of their posterity: You. You don’t have to repeat it, you can be a pacifist if you like, but you should at least be thankful, and you should not try to tell others to be pacifists or how to properly fight a justified war unless you have a solid theory. You can’t just tear down religion and everything that flows from it.
          You have to build up a philosophy and a way to give people prescriptions for their lives. That’s why atheism is so distrusted and unpopular. Atheists are great and tearing everything down, but they fail in giving people hope and transcendent values.

    4. From above : “I would love for the U.S. to send its troops and go wipe them out. On top of their atrocious acts, they are giving us a bad name.” — The problem is Obama & his ilk are convinced you & your community DON’T want that, or worse yet, will rise up in anger if we try and stop the very obvious genocide going on over there. Groups whom ‘advocate’ on your behalf, like CAIR, do not help.

  6. Another clear article, probably the clearest yet.
    Reading the Qur’an makes is unmissably apparent that ISIS/Islamists/Terrorists/Potato/Potato take it quite literally and are in fact following the precepts of a 7th Century religion in the modern age.
    Unless and until Leftist Governments/SJWs/Feminists/Potato/Potato get that what they say, literally, is what they mean, and stop the endless fucking psychobabble combined with Western self-loathing, this isn’t going to stop.
    I really don’t think reality gets any clearer, and yet is is astounding to see so many people desperately denying it.
    Can only hope it turns out to be a wake-up call before time is up, otherwise it really will be goodnight all.

    1. And the reactions of Muslims are very hypocritical. When a Muslim retard detonates himself accompanied by howls of Aloha Snackbar, the Muslims clerics will hog the media limelight to lecture us infidels that Not All Muslims Are Like That, we mustn’t stereotype all Muslims as terrorist and yada yada yada. Not even once they ask sorry to the family of victims and denounce the terrorist. The Muslims are TOTALLY responsible for Islamophobia. And it is not a Western trait to be wary of Muslim Menace. Even in India Hindus are suffering Muslim atrocities while the Leftist Politicians preach about tolerance to the HINDUS!!!! Muslims will always come up with an excuse to justify the evil deeds of suicide bombers, but when the native population hits back they brandish the victim card.

      1. Leftists are very susceptible to “those weren’t true ____” arguments. Despite the fact that Leftists are called “collectivists” they have a hyper-individualistic viewpoint and refuse to acknowledge demonstrable trends because that wouldn’t be fair to the outliers.

  7. What if all of these attacks were orchestrated by our governments to have a perfect reason to initiate martial law and take away our rights and liberty? We know who funds ISIS. Maybe we should stop pointing our fingers at Muslims and ask our leaders why they allow waves of immigrants in our countries without proper screening.

    1. Why choose?
      Why not both?
      If facing an existential threat, which we clearly are, how about not taking chances?

      1. Well, the main problem here is playing empire all over the world (while calling it “defense”) while at the same time allowing all these 3rd worlds and Muslims in. Doing one or the other is bad enough (I don’t believe in multiculturalism since it’s a proven failure) but doing both is just plain insane.

  8. do you really think hundreds of years of plunder by western nations has NO effect ?? youa re being willfully blind,i think they (not ISIS,its stooge) but people form the middle east have a legitimate gripe with the west. However if they choose to move tho these countries they have to assimilate and adapt. Two wrongs dont make a right

    1. “but people form the middle east have a legitimate gripe with the west”
      Cry me a river. Turkey doesn’t feel guilty for trying and almost succeeding at conquering Europe.
      I agree we must stop foreign intervention in the name of Israel, banks and multinational corps, though.
      They don’t need to assimilated and adapt, they need to go back to where they came from.

      1. Good point about the Ottoman Empire bro. The Ottomans plundered and and massacred their way through Europe only to be stopped by the valiant Hussars at the Gate of Vienna. And how about the Moors who ruled Spain for centuries with an iron fist? Nobody seems to pressure the Muslims for the atrocities committed against Christian Europe. But White Men guilt are relentlessly pushed everywhere. And also never forget the massacre and genocide of Armenian Christians by the putrid Turkish Muslims. Everyone knows about the Holocaust and it is even illegal to deny it in certain countries like France. But how many of us still remember the Armenian Christians???

        1. I do but the article isnt about them now is it ?? im consistent dont ever worry about that,i guarantee you i know more about the armenian genocide than you.

        2. I don’t intend to reply to you or get into dick measuring contest with online stranger. I was replying to SomeRandomFellow. Don’t know why you got butt hurt though.

        3. sorry my mistake i thought it was a forum for debate. I am not getting into any dick measuring with you nor am i butthurt in any sense,you jsut totted out the standard cliched response and i replied,also go see someone about all that homosexual innuendo its very revealing

        4. You saying butthurt is NOT gay innuendo ?? really ??? are heterosexuals known for sore arse’s ?? thats poor attempt im completely comfortable with my sexuality but work away
          Look if i came at you strong my apologizes. I’m just listening to a lot of shit talk and emotional BS off little girls on this website. If you have any thing decent to say or reasonable i will listen and respond in kind,i often concede ive been wrong and either way appreciate a good point of view even if i disagree. However if you just want to hurl juvenile insults about butthurt and the like im just going to pass. It is up to you

        5. The article isn’t about Ottomans, nor is it about Colonialists, which you want to bring up. Why do you get to go off track but he doesnt?

        6. jesus work with me SGT i meant thats why i didnt INITIALLY bring them up !!!!!!!!
          If the article had been i guarantee i would have taken the same side irrespective of religion,color or creed. That is my point.
          And yes this article is indirectly about colonialists seen as I personally think its one of the causes of terrorism.

        7. What’s worse is it hasn’t been declared a genocide because “Oh no, Turkey’s feelings”

      2. who’s crying ??? stop the shit talk. I didnt say feel guilty i said they were right to have grievance with the west.Can you make the distinction ??
        what on this fucking earth makes you think i exempt turkey or any colonial power ???
        Make them go back. I have no sympathy for any former colonial power who now suffers. Belgium killed and maimed millions in afirca fuck belgium ,fuck france and fuck britian and any other colonial power now feeling the sting

        1. What about all the good that colonization did? You seem to want to talk a walk on the wild side of speculation that maybe the West deserves what they’re getting. What about all the good that colonization did? The public health, infrastructure, crime reduction, education, stability. Look at South Africa. They went from living in mud huts butchering albinos for witchcraft to having a nuclear energy program. Sure, apartheid was hard to swallow, but it resulted in a nice stable place to live for many bushwackers. Now that apartheid has been lifted the place is going to hell, they’re butchering albinos again and buggering virgins to cure the ebola.

        2. I disagree completely. SA is a fucked up place today but do you not think that has something to do with years of being a colonized apartheid country ?? History has an affect on future generations. If not then why arent all countries the same ?? Because they have different experiences !!
          While you may look down on how they lived i personally do not think thats for you or any one else to decide. Who is to sya they weren’t happy ?? are you happy with modern civilized society ?? I highly doubt it if you are ROK

        3. “I disagree completely. SA is a fucked up place today but do you not
          think that has something to do with years of being a colonized apartheid
          country ??”
          They were crap before they wre colonized and they are crap now. SA was populated by savages and those savages have now outnumbered the colonizers and we are back at were we started. You think Africa would be a utopia if white people never came ? lol
          “History has an affect on future generations. If not then why arent all countries the same ??”
          Because some countries have better people. And history has an effect, but some people recover from bad past while others don’t. See for yourself.
          “Because they have different experiences !!”
          I prefer the Jimi Hendrix Experience myself.

        4. they were crap before ?? how so ??? and dont be emotional and subjective.Give me stats and facts about disease and unhappiness because im pretty sure the Zulu empire were as happy as any dominant people in history
          You can recover from bad past. It does depend on how bad of a past and current circumstances and of course time > how long has SA been a free country ????

        5. No, I’d rather be a black living in SA during white apartheid than a black living there pre-apartheid.

        6. thats shortsighted and i disagree. The blacks are now doing the plundering WITH the whites of other blacks of course so tis all relative

        7. Yeah even if I were a black American I’d rather live in a white neighborhood. Indeed, many blacks do prefer to live in white neighborhoods. Added to that is the fact that millions of non-whites around the world are all clamoring to immigrate to white run and oppressed Christian privileged white racist bigoted shitlord white homophobic white America.

    2. Well let’s go back to who tried to invade who first . The greco-Persian war wasn’t started by the Greeks

        1. He said middle east . I’ve also talked to many Iranians , it goes deeper than just religion . They have racial slurs for blacks and whites

      1. I do not break it down into west and east,i break it down into oppressor and oppressed . Also i have a limit on what i care about,ancient history just doesnt arouse my passions im afraid. City states and peoples that don’t exist in anything like their current form doesnt ring a bell for me( just MY opinion before you shit yourself,you are welcome to feel how YOU want)

        1. So you have a limited understanding of history but are acting like you know the situation in the middle east ….

        2. This guy is a troll account who has nothing better to do than leave his droppings on ROK.
          He’s actually saying that ISIS has a legitimate gripe with the US, not realizing or not caring that Islamic fundies like them have been at war with us for CENTURIES (the western civilization) because their entire religion is based on the force assimilation of other cultures. They’re like a religious borg.
          This guy knows NOTHING of history, of the Crusades waged to keep them from conquering the holy land, of their piracy in the Barbary wars, etc.
          He’s just another poser who created this account to troll safely for Trump. Have fun destroying him…trust me, it isn’t hard lol

      2. right well if thats what you took form what i said,good day to you
        if you want to discuss it rationally though and actually listen to what i say i would love too and i will be here if not no hard feelings i realize how hard it is to respond with logic and not use emotion

        1. Yes, they have a legit reason to gripe. And we should just stay out of there. Islamic countries for Islam. No tangling alliances.
          Doesn’t mean they will stop bombing us. That will continue even if we gave them their own countries, gave them money, gave them slaves, gave them anything you can think of.
          Islam gonna do what Islam has always done.

        2. What ? How old are you ? I pointed out that the middle east made the first move , nothing more .you said that history from that period didn’t interest you, I then pointed out that you are trying to sound educated about something you clearly aren’t .

        3. I completely agree with the first half of the statement,each to their own.
          i think they would stop bombing and if they didnt,then yes action and severe action would be justified

        4. nah we’ve run our course on this. You insist on making it petty and i am not strong enough to not engage .”how old am i” come on man you can do better. Also i didnt say it didnt interest me. I would wager i know more about that time period than you what i said was it doesnt ring a bell with me and ignite my passions and i explained why. Either you are stupid or willfully ignorant.
          I hope if we cross paths on another thread we can do it right and im sure you’ll have some good points

        5. Name some famous Greek and Persian generals from that time and name the incident that started the war . “Doesn’t ignite your passion ” ? Give me a fucking break ….

        6. as in i dont hold it against either the current persians and greeks what their fucking ancestors did thousnds of years ago you fucking imbecile !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          as in i dont personally feel that the greeks of today have anything in common with the spartans of that age,nor the iranians of today with the persians of that time !!! you fucking retard and because so much has changed,religion,concepts of nationalism which is a very recent concept but im sure you knew that now fuck off back into whatever hole you crawled out of you fucking fool

        7. Yeah very fair point sgt and it was nice talking to you. I dont need everyone to agree just not get hysterical

        8. Iranians have alot in common with their ancestors, they are the real Aryans . Greeks maybe a little taller but still share many traits , I’d say they were more like the Athenians than the Spartans , though . Next time educate yourself , I feel you’re knowledge on the subject is as about as credible as the movie 300 haha

        9. They will keep bombing until they learn how to run their own States. The question Arabs and Muslims have to ask themselves and I know this is difficult for them because of their natural duplicity and slyness, but, at the moment they want all the good things the west has (look at the way they live in Dubai for example) while at the same time practicing values that are inimical to the western spirit that produced everything they want.
          Muslims and Arabs are incapable of producing advanced economies that make products the world wants. In fact, apart from Oil (which is extracted by western countries) they produce absolutely nothing of any real tangible value. Yet, in their deluded little universe they want everything we have, but, will not accept our values, so in their confused minds they resort to their typical strategy- blackmail, slyness and terror against the west so that we’ll accept them as equals. Again, they’re too weak and cowardly to face up to the notion of building up their own States, that takes hard work, ingenuity, courage and intelligence, qualities Arab States don’t encourage in their peoples. So the bombing will continue for a long time…

        10. From above : “(look at the way they live in Dubai for example)” — only the wealthy…those gleaming towers are surrounded by slums inhabited by mostly Pakistani laborers who are worked literally to death. Then the Imam comes by and tells them that the ‘evil western values’ are the oppressor so the ones that don’t drop dead go and blow themselves up.

        11. Well, doesn’t this speak volumes about the values of Islam as they relate to members of its own flock. Islam doesn’t do “social conscience” so it would appear, again yet another fact conveniently ignored by our friends on the left…and supporters of Islamic virtues.

        12. I know. It’s the ultimate scam…the Sheiks & Emirs & Princes live their gilded life, with the bling and materialism, while they work Pakistani’s, Africans, and others to death…if those ‘lowers’ complain, maybe state security ‘dissapears’ them…if not, they are told it’s the evil Israeli’s and the evil west that is to blame for their squalor & oppression, and that the solution is to go blow up a school bus or a train station. If some group like the Red Cross or Amnesty International pipes up, you tell them they are being ‘racist’ by imposing their ‘cultural values’ upon you. Ship in more Pakistani’s to pay slave wages, or Africans to castrate and keep as real slaves, rinse & repeat.

        13. You make ridiculous sweeping statements. You throw Arabs and Muslims together with the press of a few buttons. One a cultural loose definition the other a world wide religion of one billion people.
          Arab itself is a loaded term and i guarantee you all the countries you consider Arab would’t agree on what it means or their part of it. For example Egyptians arent genetically related to Saudi Arabians and have their own unique history and culture too which im sure you know of.
          Islam is a religion of a billion people and takes many strains and means different things in different regions. Sufi doesn’t mix well with salafism. In Chechnya before the 80’s and 90’s the Islam they practiced was very alien to the Arabs that went their and it was only through funding and little alternative that they converted them.
          The point being if you are going to talk in such absolutes you really are going to get it wrong. I am not saying they have no links or similar traits but they neither Arabs nor Muslims are one coherent homogeneous group that you can’t make sweeping statements representing of them all.
          As for their inability to draw oil without the west thats plain ridiculous. They would not be allowed !! Go look it up in Iran and Irag they simply were not allowed. In the 60’s Iran DEMOCRATICALLY elected prime minister was overthrown by British and American forces because he nationalized the countries oil company and that was unacceptable. Go check that out that is a fact. If you are truly interested in the truth see for yourself. So you see its not that they cannot it is that they are not allowed. Look at Libya an Arab and Muslim country and it was a wealthy one that extracted oil until recent WESTERN intervention,now where is it ?? Syria and Iran also do fine extracting their natural resources but in the case of Iran simply couldn’t sell it due to sanctions rather than inability to mine it.

        14. “The point being if you are going to talk in such absolutes you really are going to get it wrong. I am not saying they have no links or similar traits but they neither Arabs nor Muslims are one coherent homogeneous group that you can’t make sweeping statements representing of them all” Read my other posts please. I’ve have differentiated between Arabs and Muslims. One is an ethnicity while the other is a religion. When you combine Arabs + Islam that’s when you get trouble. As I said, over the last year alone more deaths have been caused by Arabian Muslims killing each other in Civil wars more than any other conflict around the world. So stop your proselyting nonsense about Islam being the religion of peace.
          ” As for their inability to draw oil without the west thats plain ridiculous. They would not be allowed !! Go look it up in Iran and Irag they simply were not allowed. In the 60’s Iran DEMOCRATICALLY elected prime minister was overthrown by British and American forces because he nationalized the countries oil company and that was unacceptable” I wasn’t talking about Iran and you know that. It was speaking about the gulf States and Saudi which has the largest reverses of oil in the world. They had to invite western oil companies in because quite simply they didn’t have the skills, knowledge and infrastructure to extract one tea-spoon without western “intervention”.
          ” Syria and Iran also do fine extracting their natural resources but in the case of Iran simply couldn’t sell it due to sanctions rather than inability to mine it” Every dog on the street knows that they were selling their oil to Russia and China over the last decade. Nobody pays any attention to UN trade sanctions when it comes to oil.
          Like a typical liberal educated westerner you cannot face the fact that none of these countries would have be able to extract oil without our help, which you describe like it’s a terrible thing despite the fact that its increased the wealth for people living there. I strongly disagree with what the US did in Iran, just as what it did in Chile in 1973, the US has a lot of blood on its hands from it immoral interventions around the world. The US Government and its agencies have been vectors for pure evil and chaos in many parts of the world, however, normal trade agreements, like the buying and selling of oil does not constitute them being “raped” by us. They’ve done extremely well out of this arrangement.

        15. I am not going repeating myself over and over. If you think the term Arab is an ethnicity then you do not understand the term fully. Simple as that.
          I am not a liberal either. Quite the opposite so if you want to shut me down you are going to have to do better than roll oil your standard internet put downs.
          I’ve enough of talking to you now. You wont see my perspective and you just glide over any valid points i make. We are talking about Muslim countries as well as Arab(i know they are not Arab) but some how magically we aren’t referencing Iran ??? come on,you are clutching at straws. Muslim country in the middle east but you arent talking about them ?? And what about my examples of Libya and Syria not gulf countries ?? but an Arab and Muslim ones. Wasn’t that the topic,do not move the goal posts my friend !!!
          I do not think these countries are perfect or have no need for western technology but i certainly do not think they are inherently inferior either. It was nice talking to you and we will do it again i am sure just not on this thread.

        16. they deleted my response for some reason ??? hope you got it though if not we’ll do it again some time

    3. Hundreds of years of plunder by the west? Look, when has the Middle East not been run by some tyrant or another? Do you think the poor fellah out in the fields cares a whit whether it’s a fellow Muslim grinding him up, or its a foreigner?
      Another thing, there’s a big chunk of people in middle eastern countries who would weep with joy if the British or French were back running the joint with the old rules.

      1. Well clearly the poor fellah in the field does care because that is the type of person that joins ISIS and obviously not all of them of course
        And i doubt that.I think that is entirely your opinion and not based in any facts though you are of course perfectly entitled to come to that conclusion
        And lets be clear i do not think the middle east would be perfect without interference but i do believe it would be better. Not all were tyrants in my opinion. Saddam yes,Assad no and thats jsut my own opinion

      2. Most people prefer a local tyrant to a foreign tyrant believe it or not. It’s one of the reasons I think multiculturalism is a failure. It’s just human nature.

      3. “Look, when has the Middle East not been run by some tyrant or another?” — which is why “Nation Building” will not work, you can not expect people who have never known democracy to suddenly line up for elections other than as a means to an end (a new strongman in power) — best to just leave a bunch of kings over there and hope for some kind of benevolent monarchy in a few generations.

  9. It is pretty simple.
    Religion is a tool meant to promote the interest of a group.
    The interest of arabs is to conquer and kill. They have been doing this before Islam was a thing. The banner doesn’t matter.
    Muslims kill each other all the time as well. This has nothing to do with faith. It is just ethnic competition.
    You think if we adopt Islam they will spare us ? Then we will be 2 different muslim factions killing each other, and when one wins, new factions will be formed inside the newer one and it will start all over again.
    It is just ethnic competition justified by a pseudo-religion. Groups that have high rates of breeding tend to expand, and Islam is a political ideology that promotes high level of breeding, and therefore now seeks to expand into new territories.
    Forget about religion. It is an ethnic issue period. We must promote our own ethnic interest by deporting hostile ethnic groups from within our borders and building the Great Wall of Europe.

    1. Insightful.
      And backed up internally within Islam itself… They consider the first four (rightly guided) Caliphs to be ok, but all those afterwards to be degenerate.
      Infighting was and is endemic, and not just in the two major streams Shia and Sunni.
      Even amongst the ‘companions of the Prophet’ back-stabbing and betrayal were frequent. It is even widely believed that the Prophet’s favourite (and extraordinarily underage) wife Ayesha poisoned his son-in-law and the so-called fourth ‘rightly-guided’ Caliph Ali….
      The past, present and one would guess future of Islam is laced with violence…

      1. Yes, people are focused on the wrong issue in such discussions in my opinion.
        Religion does not change human nature. Human nature prevails everytime.
        People who like to have sex with children will have sex will children while claiming to be righteous muslims and seeing nothing wrong with that.

        Similarily to killing. Some people are just violent and need an outlet, so terrorist cells provide them an outlet for violence.
        You cannot fight an ideology without fighting the people who support the ideology.
        Pointing out the problems of Islam will not make desert people less violent. I bet if they converted to Christianity in mass they would still attack us. They would just do it in the name of Lord Jesus and the Holy Crusade to spread Christ.

        1. I have known some Christian Lebanese.
          From my point of view they’re very different from the Muslims, in a good way.
          I disagree with you on this.
          Islam is a demonic virus comparable to communism. They completely rewrite their host and on the long term may change them genetically.

        2. It is true. But we must remember who created the virus.
          The european soul may have it’s faults but it is not attracted to extreme brutality such as the one found in Islam, which is why western Christianity is focused on compassion and humility rather than conquest.
          Islam is the product of the people who inhabited the Arabian Peninsula for 1000 of years. It encapsulates their vision of humanity. Those who are bright enough to avoid it’s clutch are worthy of respect, but ultimately Islam only worsens the inherent bad qualities of the arabians from that region as well as people from around the world who follow it.

        3. Yes, I agree here.
          Noticed the same patterns with Christian and Muslim blacks. Islam worsens their ferral traits.

        4. “which is why western Christianity is focused on compassion and humility rather than conquest.”
          Excuse me… maybe I forgot something… but what was colonialism all about?
          I am serious. Did I miss something in history class?

        5. Honestly, I think we need to become more tolerant and accept that occasional bombings and gun shootings in the streets are part of their peaceful culture/religion

        6. Sure Islam has been very brutal and intolerant but christianity wiped out almost 100 million native americans. That’s not exactly compassionate. As a christian you should also learn humility.

        7. In the case of French colonialism, the Christian evangelism is accessory to it, since the all thing was clearly instigated by French Free-Masons wanting to bring the “values of Enlightenment” and “civilization” to backward and enslaved peoples. The colonial period in France is a very anti-christian one.
          I believe it was mostly the same ideas behind the English colonianism too.

        8. Why leftists cannot stop spouting lies. Only in Northamerica can your genocide claims hold some water, however there were not even 50 million Indians in the whole continent, let alone 100 million so shut up.

        9. Islam is the product of the people who inhabited the Arabian Peninsula
          for 1000 of years. It encapsulates their vision of humanity. Those who
          are bright enough to avoid it’s clutch are worthy of respect, but
          ultimately Islam only worsens the inherent bad qualities of the Arabians
          from that region as well as people from around the world who follow it

          I think you got it partially right. However if that was the case, Christian Arabs behaviour would be the same as the one in their fellow Muslims, however that’s not the case. Even as immigrants, the Cristian Arabs are able to be assimilated to their host nation, the same cannot be said of Muslims. I think that all in all Islam is easier to follow, simply because it’s more pleasing to our animal desires (lust, wrath, even sloth).

        10. Sorry but odds are if they suddenly converted to Christianity that maybe, they get their act together and then, they would become a serious contender. By the way even our ancestors would have declared war against a culture like ours, so you might have a point.

        11. Exactly. There was never the intention to kill off all the inhabitants of the new world…in spanish America. In English America the story is not the same however even those regions the great killers were the diseases , not the cannons…

        12. Christians in the middle east are generally of native non-arab middle eastern descent. The Copts, the Assyrians, etc. This is the stock I am largely descended from. These were the peoples who first developed civilizations milennia ago. One could still make the ethnic argument that these people are Christian because their ancestors weren’t savages, which explains their current behaviour. With the exception of Lebanese christians, these groups are minuscule and all but destroyed by the scourge of Islam. I agree with your assessment of Islam being a demonic virus, but there is most certainly a racial component as well.

        13. Yes… I that is how I understood the times. And when you begin to look into just how far back in history this illuminism/free masonry thing goes… it is little wonder many Muslims look at Christianity (and wrongly so) as some kind of evil blight on the whole of humanity. It is not Christianity of course, but the psychopaths behind the robes and monarchies of the time.
          I think there was some good discussion on this post today.
          When I think about it… there is so much in COMMON between Islam and Christianity (God, traditional family and morals, rejection of LGBT and even an understanding of how dark forces/satan/iblis is running and ruining everything)… I just don’t understand why they can’t come together on what they both share, instead of focusing on what the differ on.

        14. Bitch boys like you need to learn about keeping your mouth shut and your eyes open.
          100 million native americans killed by Christianity??? How stupid are you???

        15. That’s an interesting, often overlooked point: The Arabs did not necessarily genocide the places they occupied, and those who speak Arabic today are not necessarily (predominantly) Arabic by blood.
          So one would expect that Arabs who follow minority religions to concentrate the genes of pre-Arabic peoples in the Middle East.

      1. Liberal faggots or not, it’s still not a race. Perhaps it has a racial element in the Semitic part of the Middle East, but considering it is also a dominant religion across Asia and Africa, and that Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim nation, it’s hard to see it as a race.

    2. I must agree with this analysis. It is very accurate.
      That said… I wish to ask you what underpins this ethnic competition? Why is the west losing out? This is precisely what the author brings up in this piece.
      The West… not only no longer belives in God, it is actively going against God, regardless of what faith you believe God to be.
      I also think that again, the majority of this thread is missing the core truth.
      ISIS… wahabissm… is a creation of the CIA/elites. Saudi Arabia is a pariah nation on its own people and neighbors. They have been funded by oil in US dollars for over 40 years now.
      ALL terrorism… goes back to the roots with the deal made by America after Nixon broke the dollar from gold. Fiat currency MUST be backed by something of value to be accepted, and for the last 40 years, that backing has been Saudi Arabian oil.
      Add to this a conspiracy that is now fact… a plan to impose a one world government on the whole planet by starting up the 3rd world war to end all wars… knowing the truth behind Turkey/NATO support of ISIS to keep moving this ball forward DESPITE set backs (Assad/Russia/Iran)…
      It is incredible to me that even though many on this site KNOW the truth of ISIS origins… they still cling to the belief this is somehow a religious war against Christians.
      It is… but it is ALSO against Muslims as they are now going to be demonized just like Christianity has been for the bast 50 years or more by the left.
      This war… pure and simple… is a WAR AGAINST GOD and morality of any kind.
      It is a war against any independent nation state that does NOT submit to them.
      And if you still don’t know who they are?
      Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows
      Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone – but WHY
      are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?
      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3315347/Watch-heart-pounding-moment-Israeli-commandos-save-Islamic-militants-Syrian-warzone-risking-lives-sworn-enemies.html#ixzz442Fn7by8

  10. People can argue that Islam is peaceful but just like every other religion all have the capacity to breed violence . Even Buddhism has Zen Buddhism which affords them the right to kill. You can argue about translations and blah blah , but more than just 1 group throughout history has claimed Islam and commited violence on its behalf . WW1 and the Armenian genocide comes to mind . Tell me why is it illegal to speak of that in turkey ?

  11. “Another element of terrorism that is not given the attention it deserves is the sexual frustration of young males. Marriage and family have a stabilizing effect on men. Married men are far less likely to commit violent or sexual crimes.”
    Insightful, however I’d change this is a bit. Fucking has a stabilizing effect on men. You don’t need to be married, you just need to get a lot of pussy. Not a whole lot of rich alpha men out there blowing themselves up.
    This is why realistic sexual simulations for men can’t get here fast enough. Be that a sex robot, VR sex, or just sex toys that are better than sex (think a “Magic wand” for men), the access to awesome ways to bust a nut will dramatically bring down the incidence of violence in society. Look at us here in the USA; the more porn we consume, the less violence we seem to have. 😉

  12. Divine revelation is the most powerful impetus to have men commit terrorist acts as it’s not open to any type rational enquiry. This is why, unlike the IRA in the past, they will blow themselves up and never negotiate for peace, because, there’s nothing to negotiate about as they are 100% correct because their God has stated it in the Quran.
    You can’t argue and fight against this and left wing people who use the “social deprivation” argument to explain their acts of terror are deluded, clueless, half-wits.

    1. Doesn’t have to be religion, never forget the soviets invented modern terrorism and Marxists make up the great bulk of non Muslim terrorists in the world. Before the rise of jihad, they were the absolute majority.
      Religion is absolutely subject to rational inquiry. Going back to the Bible straight through Augustine to Aquinas to the modern day, Christians have absolutely applied rational thought to their religion, we even believe it is a duty to do so. It has always been a leftist lie that the Christian faith is mindless or hostile to science.

      1. “Religion is absolutely subject to rational inquiry” Christianity is, but, not Islam and that’s why it’s completely antithetical to western secular values. How left wing intellectuals ignore this point is only proof of either their willful dishonesty or stupidity.
        Even the fact that Islam condemns homosexuals to death in many countries along with it’s treatment of women is likewise conveniently ignored by the left, because it disturbs their childish anti-imperialism argument. Incidentally if imperialism is the root cause of this terrorism why haven’t the millions of Indians who’ve settled in Britain being bombing their “oppressors” for the last 50 years?? Could it be to with their religious values which are benign and not the left wing bogus construct of “imperialism and social exclusion of Muslims”.

        1. South Asians (Hindu, Sikh’s, etc) seem very happy adopting and embracing the materialism of our culture…without any of the guilt imposed by the Left.

        2. Exactly. They’ve got more out of it than we’ve got from them, especially when it comes to Arabs.

      2. “Marxists make up the great bulk of non Muslim terrorists in the world”.
        Good point… and they did in the past as well. Leftists act as is fascism arose out of nothing but as a reaction to the Great Depression and Versailles, and that their thuggery was unprovoked. But it’s worth remembering, that countries like Germany and Austria had their fair share of communist terrorism, and that fascism was reacting to a genuine threat.
        And anyone who would say they the threat was imaginary and communists were scapegoats, need only look at the legacy of Eastern Europe.

    1. Great article.
      “No one wants to go toe to toe with ISIS, it seems. Everyone is hoping that they will dry up and blow away if we just “cut off their funding” or “provide more training” to the Iraqi military. People who say such things do not fully understand the power of a fanatical, militant ideology. The only way to inspire men to confront ISIS will be to equip them with an ideology of equal conviction and strength.”

      1. An interesting read… but with all due respect, I don’t think Quintus knows what is actually going on on the ground. I hope as moderator you will let this comment stand. It is written respectfully and in the spirit of honest inquiry into the truth.
        Just look at what Russia has accomplished, along with Assad’s forces and Iran’s Hezbollah, in a mere 4+ months. A COMPLETE ROUTING of the sneaker-and-hoodie ak47 ISIS “force” to be reckoned with. The same “force” that is getting “stronger by the day” that America has not been able to make a dint in for over a year before Russia got involved.
        The Russians DID cut off ISIS’s funding… and the elite (CIA etc) controlling this mercenary army got DESPERATE and unleashed the “refugee” crisis on Europe.
        Just google Turkey Syrian refugee camps.
        Look at those images. Turkey was given MILLIONS to house all the Syrian and other refugees for the past 5 years.
        Then… all of a sudden… a “refugee” crisis emerges as Turkey told them all to GO TO EUROPE.
        This is also when Russia decided to finally step in. It had to BECAUSE this refugee crisis was AIMED AT THEIR DOORSTEP as well.
        This has all been planned. ISIS fighters scatter like cockroaches the second REAL resistance is shown to them and Russia exposed to the entire world. But still many believe the MSM narrative that ISIS is some kind of serious military threat. They are not. They are the most chicken shit “army” the world has ever seen.
        ISIS… exists… because America (who created them)… WANTS them to exist… funds and arms them… directs them… and PROTECTS them!!!
        You can’t beat an ideology by demonizing the wrong enemy.
        Of course, I have no real information on what is happening on the ground in Syria. But this guy… I think he will suffice as someone who can speak with some authority on the real situation and “threat” that is ISIS and its ideology.

  13. I dunno about this site sometimes. Now it seems to be using a cop out for terrorists “lack of marriage”.
    Pros and cons to everything. After the Paris attacks, some yokels burned a synagogue, and the neighbouring mosque raised money for repairs.
    Does no one remember Rambo 3? Dedicated to the valiant freedom fighters of Afghanistan?
    What would be the thinking if 9/11 were to be 100% exposed as an inside job?

    1. That movie was just s reflection of the times , nothing bit propaganda for the fight against communist. Read the actual book the first one was based off of , alot more realistic.

      1. I agree. I’m not excusing the wasteland and empty existence of the material west media wants its users to live.
        However, it’s hard to ignore that deals have been ongoing with domestic elites and international elites.
        The pawns feel a divide of religion, while presidents hold hands and kiss a royal muslim.
        I mean. Doesn’t north Korea have weapons of mass destruction or aspirations for such. Why is usa standing idly by?
        What’s really going on

        1. I imagine the global politics stage is much like highschool. Has been that way forever . The Spartans hitched Persians to help destroy their own county men , the Athenians . The American south tried to get help from the British during the civil war . The US helped Iraqi in their war with Iran in 1988 then invaded them a few years later .

    2. From above : Now it seems to be using a cop out for terrorists “lack of marriage”.
      I think it’s more “Lack of pussy”, ISIS would not feature “Rape Brothels” so prominently in their society if meditating and reciting the Koran was it’s own reward.

  14. Christianity is no longer violent like Islam, but that’s because most Christian denominations have lost their balls in the last 100 years or so. And before you start dissing me, think about American Christianity, how it seems to be more focused on the pastor, on how women seem to dominate churches, on how Sunday Schools seem to treat children like retarded beings. And how many of these folks, instead of whining and bitching and playing the martyr card, how many actually follow Jesus’s example by bringing Christian refugees? Or even better, by going over and fighting ISIS and Al Nusra? Not that many, it seems. And the ones that have gone over are mostly vets and others with fighting experience. I have a disdain for religion in general and for Islam in particular, but I will give ISIS credit. At least those folks do practice what they preach. American Christians? Meh, not so much. Quite frankly, if they did, half of those Christians would be dead by execution, due to sins like blasphemy, adultery, missing the Sabbath, gluttony and drunkenness, etc.

    1. Christianity got pacified as the countries who practiced it developed into 1st world nations . For most Islamic nations half of the country is still in the stone age.

      1. Precisely. After a while of fighting each other for exactly the same idea, at some point they had to put down the weapons. To quote Chris Rock, just like women, they don’t kill each other, they just don’t talk to each other.
        Ironically enough, the half of those Muslim countries you mentioned, like Syria and Iraq, that are Westernized tend to be labeled as intolerant because of their rulers, like the Al Assads.

      2. Although let’s not forget Yugoslavia. I think part of the reason it broke up was religion. Croats are Catholic, Bosnians are Muslim, Serbs are Orthodox. True, there are also other reasons they fought each other, but it would be foolish to discount religion a one reason.

        1. I guess I should say that most of the countries that are at the top of the industrialized list (us , Britain , Russia ) tend to have Christianity as their unofficial religion , except for China . The majority of the people in these nations have rather easy jobs and what is consider poor is significantly better than even the average is a poor African country . In contrast the majority of Islamic nations most are rural farmers and cities are few and far between

        2. On the same day of the Brussels explosion, the man who engineered the Bosnian Muslim genocide was sentenced to 40 years in prison…I wonder how many Serb’s look at him not as a monster but as a George Washington figure when you consider those rape-fugees walked AROUND Serbia to get to Germany.

  15. Marriage to an attractive white American woman didn’t seem to make Tamerlan Tsarnaev any less of a militant Muslim.

  16. I once watched an interview with a Muslim woman who came to America when she was younger to escape the oppression of women in the Middle East. Her father mutilated all sexually stimulant parts of her body, among other horrific things.
    At first, I truly felt for this woman. But as the interview unfolded, I realized something: she’s still wearing a fucking HIJAB.
    Hare dare you? Hare dare you come into my country to try to escape that bullshit way of life your own people created, Sharia Law, and yet you STILL are under it? You want freedom in my country from the very thing that is wrapped around your head and neck! How do you speak out publicly about something you so obviously still abide by? That’s like me getting up on a stage, wearing a shirt that says: “I LOVE SHIRTS” in neon green, and saying: “ALL PEOPLE THAT WEAR SHIRTS AND LIKE SHIRTS ARE EVIL!” You protest your own product, you hypocrite.
    Everything in this article makes sense except for this bit right here: “It’s obvious that Muslims want what everyone wants—political and economic security, a chance at a better life, and a bright future for their children.”
    THAT IS FALSE for the majority. Anyone who believes that is lying to themselves. Because if Muslims really wanted to escape Sharia Law, then they (or at least the majority of them) wouldn’t be bringing it with them wherever they migrate to (legally or illegally).
    Conversely, when my grandfather came to the United States (legally) from Mussolini-Italy in the 1950s, he started a business and a family. He didn’t go around wearing a shirt that said: “FASCISM! SOCIALISM!”
    Jesus Christ. Wake up.

    1. Bravo. I could not agree more-these assholes flee their Islamic Koranic shitholes and import their retardation into host countries; I liken them to a cancer or a virus and there needs to be a massive dose of chemotherapy.

  17. Excellent article…one small problem with your math: 10 men, 10 women. 1 man has 4 wives, this leaves 9 men and 6 women. If all others have 1 to 1 pairings there are only 3 single men left, not 6. Keep up the good work.

    1. 2 men with 4 wives each, leaves 8 guys and 2 women. 1 to 1 pairings not the thing throughout Islam in the Middle East, maybe in Europe…… whatever the pairings, with polygamy it just leaves less pussy to go around…..

  18. Great read. One thing I’d like to add though:
    “Part of the problem is that leftists are Godless, and therefore assume that anyone who claims they are doing something in the name of God must be lying or concealing their true motivations.”
    I would make the argument that liberalism and progressivism actually is a religion. Just because they don’t refer to anything in their ideology by any religious names, doesn’t mean the traits aren’t there. That book “Godless” by Ann Coulter explains it perfectly.

    1. Agreed, they have their own churches, organisations, dogmas. The progressives have all the same accoutrements of organised religion. “When you believe in nothing you will believe in anything.”

      1. I believe its “when you stand for nothing, you fall for anything”, but yours works too

      2. And inquisition squads. Like That bunch of motherfuckers who gather to protest against rok meetings, for example..

    2. It’s ironic, but the gods of traditional religions have more chance of existing than the liberal god of “equality, fairness and everybody gets”.

  19. As someone said below, leave them to it in the Middle East. Let them work it out on their own. Ok so oil goes up….. let’s see what happens and send the rest back….

    1. And we have the technology to use sources of energy not based on oil…and we’d be saving the planet too, who said we’re not progressive here!

    2. I concur-leave them to their own devices, ban trade with them under penalty of nuclear annihilation and let’s see how well they do-between them they have a single digit IQ given how they fornicate with farm animals and are inbred.

  20. Muslim beta male rage. They see muslim girls slutting around when they travel to non-muslim countries having sex with non-muslim men and muslim males get none at home. Then if they immigrate to non-muslim country its like being on sex vacation every day for muslim women. Muslim women must fear for their reputation if they have sex with a muslim man, that fear doesn’t exist with non-muslim men.

  21. Brussels earned what they experienced…they failed to hang their politicians when they let in this low IQ cousin fucking Muslim filth.

  22. The arithmetic is wrong. Starting with 10 men and women, if 2 of the men have 4 wives each, that leaves unmarried 8 men and 2 women. If 2 of each get married, that leaves unmarried 6 men and 0 women.

  23. I think polygamy is dangerous and I think our western style of gender equality is dangerous too. As women are able to provide for themselves they do not need men as much as in previous generations. Therefore, less women get married leaving some men without a wife(stable sex partner). As the article states, unmarried and sexless men are dangerous to society. I suppose politicians will at some point try to push prostitution to satisfy these sexless men when they eventually start to lash out. Currently, they are pushing marijuana to calm these men, i suppose that is the more politically palpable path. I am against it as I think men should go for women who they can marry/have a family with in order to build something that is bigger and better then just themselves.

    1. As women are able to provide for themselves they do not need men as much as in previous generations.

      It’s really just an illusion. They’re as dependent as they ever were. It’s just not as obvious these days. Here’s why:

      1. The problem with the modern welfare state is that the government has replaced a husband/father as the breadwinner. Men are reduced to sperm donors.

  24. The majority of the population in the Middle East and North Africa are the product of inbred. They are degenerates with a low IQ who can’t function in a modern society. Ever noticed how the majority of the terrorists are retards? They have no future, so they don’t care about their own lives or the lives of other people. If you have nothing to lose in life, then it’s easy to become a terrorist.

    1. “If you have nothing to lose in life, then it’s easy to become a terrorist” Very true and this is why I repeat to our left wing friends why Islamic religious values are the catalysts in their actions. It’s not some imperialism legacy or lack of social inclusion that’s instigating this phenomena, however, I will concede that a way of dealing with this would be to insist that all Muslims must be educated in secular schools.

      1. There is some truth to this…
        “If you have nothing to lose in life, then it’s easy to become a terrorist”
        But I think it over simplifies the equation.
        If you get the chance, read Economic Hitman. It’s a searing indictment of the west’s interference in foreign lands. Something many here simply do NOT understand how deep and how wide spread it is. Something that the book makes clear is this: this fact IS KNOWN BY ALL LOCALS.
        Asia, Africa, the Middle East or South/Central America.
        It does not matter. These 3rd world people ALL know what the west has been doing to them. So… in my opinion… it is this IGNORANCE of the west that breeds the hate of the 3rd world for us.
        It is not our wealth. It is not our way of life. It is the west’s BLINDNESS to its own elites psychopathic wars/control on the rest of the whole planet.
        I think this is why even though the Koran forbids the killing of innocents/non-combatants… can anyone in the west, at this point, honestly say that they do not know our complicity in creating the mess that is the MENA region? And if so… and this person STILL believe this is just evil Islam “the religion of peace strikes again”… then maybe, this person is no longer innocent, but a part of the oppression because they are completely ignorant of the truth.
        Add to this… a religious understanding of God/man that can prove WHY the West is what it is (satanism/illuminism/free masonry)…
        Are we not fighting the very same fight right here, on ROK comments?
        It is a real conundrum. It is so easy to look for the easy answer, but it never is that simple.
        I have studied Islam and its theology/escatology extensively for the past 6 years. There is so much it gets RIGHT about what the problem in the west is. This is why if any ROK member were to walk into a mosque and have a discussion with someone there, they would learn in short order that Islam… is the single biggest defender of EVERYTHING we are trying to do here – return the world to sane, traditional values that are underpinned by an appeal to universal moral truth that have guided mankind to live in peace and harmony for millenia.
        God… is not responsible for wars. Neither is any religion.
        It is man… man’s ignorance of the truth of his creation and purpose… that is the cause of all suffering on the planet.

        1. “If you get the chance, read Economic Hitman. It’s a searing indictment of the west’s interference in foreign lands. Something many here simply do NOT understand how deep and how wide spread it is. Something that the book makes clear is this: this fact IS KNOWN BY ALL LOCALS” I haven’t read this particular book, but, along a very similar theme I’ve read both Robert Frisk and John Pillager’s accounts (like the secret rulers of the world) about the incessant covert manipulation of Middle Eastern States by both the US and indeed Russia since the 1950s.
          However, in many, many cases these powers have been actively encouraged and welcomed by the Arab Rulers in these States, who, quite frankly have treated their own populations like human detritus . This is well known and understood by the host populations who despite this have never sought in over 50 years to change their societies from the inside out. Why is this? Spain, Portugal, Chile, Argentina and Greece all eventually revolted through the ballet box against the tyranny of their respective juntas, but, in Middle Eastern countries where they had every reason to do so, they didn’t. The question for this failure, must in no small measure relate back again to the stagnant power of Islam that prevents the establishment of properly functioning States where laws and policies can be made that are based on principles that are not based on religion.
          I’m afraid I don’t buy into the whole notion that the west “raped them” and now we must collectively feel eternally guilty for our alleged crimes against them. Their failure to separate religion from the State, for ordinary Muslims to question the power and authority of their leaders (both secular and religious) is a major factor in their status as failed nations.
          ” It is the west’s BLINDNESS to its own elites psychopathic wars/control on the rest of the whole planet” I don’t think the majority of us are blind, but, maybe we’re completely powerless on occasions to prevent our democratic leaders from doing these things. Personally, I’m a complete isolationist in foreign policy matters and I’ve been opposed to nearly every single US and British intervention in the world for the last 40 years or so. None of them were justified, with, the exception of Bill Clinton’s belated air-strikes in Serbia (credit were credit is due).
          ” This is why if any ROK member were to walk into a mosque and have a discussion with someone there, they would learn in short order that Islam… is the single biggest defender of EVERYTHING we are trying to do here” Like what exactly??? I don’t trust them, they, always tell you half-truths, but, I’d be interested in you expanding on this point?
          ” Return the world to sane, traditional values that are underpinned by an appeal to universal moral truth that have guided mankind to live in peace and harmony for millenia” Universal moral truth and Islam! Look, this is not the same type of moral imperative as Kant’s idea of goodness and virtue that don’t necessarily need passages from the Quran to justify their universality to “all of humanity”. Kant was an orthodox Christian in his everyday life, but, his philosophical thoughts went beyond this tradition. I would seriously doubt that even today in Islamic nations there would that degree of intellectual tolerance that Kant was afforded by his good Christian brethren in Königsberg.
          ” It is man… man’s ignorance of the truth of his creation and purpose… that is the cause of all suffering on the planet” And yet you appeal to religion, particularly Islam as a great panacea to these eternal woes of humanity? Incidentally Islam, the religion of peace, has caused more deaths through wars than any other single cause (Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq) and most of these were different factions of Islam slaughtering each other. I rest my case.

        2. The question for this failure, must in no small measure relate back
          again to the stagnant power of Islam that prevents the establishment of
          properly functioning States where laws and policies can be made that
          are based on principles that are not based on religion.

          Very good point. I 100% agree. It is Islam’s refusal, at a theological level, to accept that democracy CAN work.
          I also agree that you and I should feel no guilt for what the west has done in these lands. But we can’t ignore the CONSEQUENCES of these actions that were not taken by us.
          There is SERIOUS hatred for all the economic/political interventions which you are aware of yourself. You just can’t IGNORE this fact and then blame all Muslim hatred on us as irrational and somehow linked to their wholly irrational religion. It’s not. It is REAL grievance for what the west has done to their countries… couched in religious language that allows them to justify their violence toward us. Without our oppression of them, there would be none of this violence toward us.
          But I also agree with you on Muslims need to take responsibility for their condition. If you want things to change, you gotta do it yourself. God is not going to help you if you don’t help yourself.

          Universal moral truth and Islam! Look, this is not the same type of
          moral imperative as Kant’s idea of goodness and virtue that don’t
          necessarily need passages from the Quran to justify their universality
          to “all of humanity”.

          Yes… philosophy can show you why one SHOULD be good/virtuous… but it can’t prove to you why you therefore MUST be trying to be so, or why those who are NOT good/virtuous are a problem.
          Yes… not being violent makes life more pleasant… but for someone who does not give a shit, without UNIVERSAL MORAL AUTHORITY to condemn his violence, all we end up with is… your way of life vs mine.
          “Who are you to judge?” now becomes the legal basis for law, which is what the feminists/SJWS and women all want is it not?
          This… was the whole purpose of a concept of God having developed (revelation or evolution, choose either it matters not).
          This… is the problem the west faces. They no longer believe in any concept of universal moral truth, so each and every one is becoming a God unto themselves. “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.” as Crowley expounded.
          So the west is “shocked” that Islam makes claims to absolute moral truth. Of course the west reacts in horror… they have rejected ALL claims moral universalism.
          This has been the problem for atheists going all the way back to Christ.
          How do you justify being good… unless there is an OUTSIDE and UNIVERSAL arbitrator of perfect truth and justice?
          Without even the concept of God (Christian or Islamic)… there is no morality.
          24 Signs She Is A Slut

          24 Signs She’s A Slut

          Full circle my friend. Islam is not the enemy. The enemy is all those who are against God and a concept of a universal morality in any form.
          Which brings us to the Islamic argument on truth/judgement vs Christianity.
          In Islam… it is made CLEAR… this life is a MORAL test and there WILL BE a judgement. This is their truth claim.
          The claim to truth of Christianity… is one of faith in Christ as redeemer of ALL sins and is all one needs, especially in the
          reformation and evangelical sects compared to Catholicism or Orthodox.
          Faith… vs truth. Christianity… vs Islam.
          This is the turning point in history humanity has come to.

  25. Some in the manosphere think polygamy should be legalized. RPT is accurate on female behavior, with 80% females chasing 20% males, women would rather share an alpha male than have exclusive relationship with another male. Having said that, I can’t see why an alpha would want multiple wives if he can have access to multiple females without marrying them. Why assume that burden?

    1. When you’re a religious man and you believe that Allah allows you to marry 4 women, and forbids you from marrying more or having premarital sex with other women, then you’ll assume the burden.
      I actually know several men that have 2 or 3 wives. Their joy isn’t from being with more women, but from bearing large numbers of children. I know one guy with 14 kids. To him, that’s his success, his purpose in life.

      1. I’m calling BS on that. Muslims have the temporary marriage / divorce thing.
        Also with 14 kids, he can’t even remember their names.

        1. If he’s a Muslim in England he just constantly impregnates them & the welfare state pays for it.

  26. Strong words on the Brussells attacks by the biggest flamer on the right. The only guy that wont be crucified for speaking common sense.

    1. Our enemies are in plain sight… yet there are so few who can see.
      Milo: “The west, the west that Islam hates so much, is what has given us GAY RIGHTS… it has GIVEN WOMEN THE VOTE… it has given GAY PEOPLE AND WOMEN all the rights we now enjoy… effective, blanket equality in the west for all of these people… Importing Muslims is GOING TO TURN THE CLOCK BACK.”
      Turn the clock back? To what?
      Traditional definition of marriage?
      Poisonous LGBT culture removed from the public space to protect children and returned to being seen as deviant and destructive of society?
      Women back to valuing motherhood and being a supportive and helpful wife to a man that is seen as the head of the house with a degree of authority over women (in the Koran).
      Yea… horrible… those Muslims, we got to keep them out because as Milo said… Muslims and Islam are so incompatible with liberal, western democracies that we here at ROK are so in love with we started this whole website as the biggest troll/gag in human history.
      It’s funny. The more those who want to find an enemy focus on Islam, the less they are going to see who is TRULY the enemy of man, heterosexual men, and thus God.

      Rubin (8:46) – “It shows what a MORAL MESS we are in.”
      Rubin (9:30): “I don’t want to kill straight white guys, even though I KNOW THEY ARE THE WORST.”
      Like Rubin said (4:25 in comment clip above mine): “We can’t bomb these people [Muslims] into oblivion.”
      No… just like we can’t take every straight white male who are THE WORST of humanity and shoot them. But… something HAS to be done right? I mean, Islam, heterosexual whites, they are THE WORST!!! They just can’t be allowed to exist in the west.
      No… we just need to do what… oh right… keep blaming Islam.
      Milo (4:11): “ It is not the peaceful majority that blow up buildings.. it is the extremists.”
      And who CREATED the ISIS extremists that are such a “threat” to the west now in Europe?
      America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group
      “The CIA first aligned itself with extremist Islam during the Cold War era.
      The director of the National Security Agency under Ronald Reagan, General William Odom recently remarked,
      “by any measure the U.S. has long used terrorism. In 1978-79 the Senate was trying to pass a law against international terrorism – in every version they produced, the lawyers said the U.S. would be in violation.”
      When will people who demonize Islam and wake up?
      They… HATE… every religion. They… HATE… heterosexuals. They… HATE… anyone who does not bow down in submission to secular/liberal/atheist/materialist/consumer society of enslavement to fiat currency.
      And “they”… are is NOT Islam and Muslims… the very silent MAJORITY who are no threat to the west, because they are actually REAL Muslims, not this ISIS nightmare they all reject and wish… just wish… western people would wake up to the truth of its origins.

    2. I don’t think there is such a thing as a “conservative” gay. Its an oxymoron. Unless they’re celibate and in therapy trying to be straight. That hair cut is way out of the closet like george michael.

      1. Mio’s argument has been that conservatives are better at maintaining a high quality of life for everybody, and ultimately maintain a more free culture despite their more reserved values.
        Pros and cons.
        I think it’s possible that milo believes this. It’s also possible that he saw a niche and took the opportunity.

        1. I know my reply is long and you most likely read it… but I will bring out the Rubin quote I found that proves Milo will never argue in our (heterosexual) favour.
          Rubin (9:30): “I don’t want to kill straight white guys, even though I KNOW THEY ARE THE WORST.”
          To gay men… we white heterosexual are the worst of all of human history. Gays… are not on our side any more than women are. They have a culture that is entirely alien to heterosexual values and norms.
          I won’t demonize Islam because it has a LOT of the answers the west is looking for.
          But I won’t let Islam off the hook either because Muslims… have got themselves into this mess by doing precisely what the adherents to the first revelation have done – placed themselves in a divine position of superiority that is above any criticism or condemnation.
          Islam… is either going to humble itself in the 21st century and learn to get along with others or it will earn the reward that Milo says it will – complete abandonment and abolishment by the world community.

        2. I read through your previous comment.
          I understand what you’re saying and I know enough homos to know that they are fundamentally different than straight guys. Very different mentality. They prize the moment, whereas straight guys develop a long-term sense for legacy. Gay dudes can marry and even adopt all the kids they want, but at the end of the day they don’t have the same primal drive to secure a future for their offspring. Straight and gay men will never fully see eye to eye. Milo can rip on white guys all he wants but at the end of the day he knows that he needs us more than we need him.
          With that said, he’s been a public figure for men’s rights and conservative values long before the manosphere became “mainstream”. I’m not going to dismiss his ideas just because he’s gay. Either way he recognizes that feminists are idiots, and the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Rubin I don’t know anything about… He’s not someone I’m interested in.
          “Islam… is either going to humble itself in the 21st century and learn to get along with others or it will earn the reward that Milo says it will – complete abandonment and abolishment by the world community.”
          It’s sad because I’m sure there are many Muslims out there who want the exact same things that we do. But I’m in agreement with Trump on this issue. No mass immigration. Prevent terrorist attacks and figure out the situation.

        3. Yes. I also agree with your assessment of the good Milo is doing… but again… it is ONLY because he is gay. If it was you or I saying what he is… we would be lynched.
          I would like to see Milo come out and say there is a dark side to homosexuality that he does not agree with and the community is in denial of, but he won’t.
          The enemy of my enemy is my friend… unless he proves to simply be my enemy. Sadly, I believe this is the case with the entire LGBT crowd. As you say, they are simply wired differently and that wiring has been proven to lead to society’s ultimate collapse.
          Which is why… Milo is scared of Islam. He is scared of a patriarchal, heterosexual norm returning to take the upper hand.
          Which it must, simply because gay men cannot reproduce or make children. Islam WILL take over unless the Christian west gets its head out of the feminist toilet and starts having babies… but I just don’t see that happening.
          But I’m in agreement with Trump on this issue. No mass immigration. Prevent terrorist attacks and figure out the situation.
          100% agree. This is also why I believe Trump has many Muslims supporting him. They too want this madness to end. While many Muslims are going to react in fear to these kinds of statements, I believe they will come around to realize that my friend is my enemy pretending to be my friend and is making everyone hate me.
          I just pray Trump is not the negative con to Obama’s positive con on the American people.
          I am truly afraid, after his AIPAC speech, he is just going to arm up and blow up Iran and the entire Middle East.

      2. No I can imagine a gay guy that doesn’t want filthy illegals lurking on the sidewalks of his neighborhood and is resentful that his tax dollars are paying for Shani’quas EBT card. He hears about Republicans in Congress cutting funding for abortion clinics and he thinks “Good…cuz five minutes after scientists discover the ‘gay’ gene that’s it for West Hollywood.” , he wants smelly cab drivers off the street and only travels by Uber, he thinks those idiots at Starbucks need to stop whining that they don’t make $15/hr and write his name correctly on his cup.

    3. Oh no, ‘They’ go after him as much as they can…he is even banned from college campuses because he ‘triggers’

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  28. Such a bullshit article. The main reason we have terrorists is “Cause and Effect”. Where was ISIS before America destroyed Iraq? Where was Hamas before the jews occupied palestine? Where was Al-Qaeda before the Soviets and Americans tore the country apart?
    Blame Islam or the Quran when I bet you never even took the time to read it except follow major news agencies. Read the Quran if its actually about terror, I would be the first to abandon that religion. And dont go googling some random verses out of context.
    Yet when we look at the bigger picture, this so called war on terror killed millions of muslims in the past 15 years, how many did muslims kill? The only difference is that ISIS use swords and Ak’s while America uses planes and tanks.
    Its a shame, such a great website is blaming Islam and the Quran. Keep believing christianity is peace and love, keep believing that a human being is a god or son of god, keep believing your sins are washed away by jesus’s sacrafice, keep believing a pedo priest has the authority to forgive on behalf of god, keep believing this non-sense and attack a religion that is still strong and growing not like the christian religion which is abandoned.
    Dont judge a religion by a small percent of people that were created due to the crimes of America in their home land. You authors write about game and pickup because you have first hand exp in it. Yet you write on a religion when you haven’t even read the relevant sources.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I want more Muslims (if you are) to feel they have a place here on ROK to comment and contribute. Many here may down vote me, but I don’t care.
      I don’t believe Muslims can claim 100% innocence though. How is that? Despite ISIS being a complete fabrication of the CIA and the most perverted interpretation of the Koran (I have read 4 different English versions)… there are still many Muslims who believe there is a war going on between east and west, Christianity and Islam, and that Islam is destined to triumph.
      The problem of course, is that they are right. There is a war against Islam, but it is not Christianity waging it any more than it is The West. It is a satanic/illuminati/gnostic/atheist world elite that are conspiring to bring about the total enslavement of humanity.
      Muslims know this. They have so much knowledge to share on this subject.
      Christians also know this. They to have much knowledge to share.
      God… Allah… gives to man precisely what he needs so that he may learn the truth of his condition and purpose. The West… is earning the reward of rejecting God and pursuing this world, the dunya, at the expense of the oppression and enslavement of the rest of the planet.
      These strikes of terror… are going to have the opposite effect than what they hope for. The chaos ISIS will unleash this summer will usher in the single greatest awakening in the west as to who the real enemy is.
      The bigots… the politicians… will all make their claim to blame Islam and Muslims. But it will fall on an increasingly deaf and defiant ear. The people of the west, your average human being with a belief in truth and justice, will see through the veil.
      But I wonder if Muslims can also pierce their own veil. The veil that believes the west deserves what it is getting. That they only need to out breed the atheist/secular/goddless to have the numbers to impose Islam and sharia law on a people without their consent.
      This… sadly… is the true state of thought of many in mosques across the west for those Muslims who are honest with themselves.
      Muslims need to confront their own… to help the west in rooting out a poisonous ideology of supremacy and superiority that is destroying the true message of Islam.
      There is no compulsion in religion. To you your way, to us ours.
      God formed us into nations and tribes, so that we may know one another.
      If enough brave Christians… and enough brave Muslims… can begin to have this dialogue of understanding the other, this war and terror being waged upon the WHOLE of humanity will come to a stop over night. The fear and anger will be replaced with co-operation and action to root out the source of the lies and violence that has been allowed to go unchecked this long for a reason.
      God… wants us all united in faith, no mater what faith we choose to believe.
      Truth… justice… and peace… are His way, and His will always prevails.

      1. Thank you for your comment. I have been following roosh since 2008 and recently ROK but I have never really been active.
        It saddens me that there is hate towards Islam, but its their choice. However, claiming false reasons as to why muslim men become terrorists just really pissed me off. There is a war between christians/jews vs muslims and this war will never end, no matter how hard people try.
        Another problem is Sharia law is actually not implemented in all muslim countries, in Egypt for example we dont have that. In the Quran there is nothing that says we should forcefully convert people of other religions to islam. It actually goes against the whole Idea of submitting to God by oneself in islam. Again ofcourse, another lie by the media that the people here claim so strongly they reject media lies but when it comes to anything against islam they tend to believe it.
        About polygamy is not that common as people think it is yet ofcourse they think every arabic man has four wives.
        About opression of women, its true in some countries women are opressed like Saudi Arabia, but in India too which is not an Islamic country.
        The whole idea here is that, western people are just like their politicians and elites. They choose to believe Islam is evil and that its the biggest threat. They love directing their hate towards it. They claim that muslims are aggressive yet they tend to forget and ignore what their governments are doing.
        A great example is Donald Trump, he kept saying “we should ban muslims, because they hate us” he didnt give reason to why America is hated by most Arabs. He said “he is pro Israel, and that hamas stabbed a jewish soldier and that they teach their kids to hate jews” again he didnt claim why is there so much hate. He didnt tell people that the jews occupied the land, and the Americans know it, yet they still support him.
        They are the biggest hypocrites, racist, blood thristy cowards I have ever seen.

        1. I agree with many of your sentiments, but I won’t let prejudice and ignorance slide either.
          I watched Trumps AIPAC speech. I almost did not want to and I am more convinced now than ever he may be just another con. He certainly seemed to be saying he is going to do what both Bush and Obama failed to do… take this war to Iran. He said everything he needed to say without actually, explicitly, saying Iran is ISIS and the sole source and cause of all the worlds terrorism.
          But… I think back on the FIRST FEW SECONDS before the speech. If you watch his body language, Trump does not look comfortable. In fact, he looked to me like he felt he was surrounded by enemies and on enemy territory.
          Only God knows what Trump’s and America’s final role will be in all of this.
          But I would not be too quick to dismiss all Americans as naive and unaware of what is going on. For every negative comment toward Islam, you will find one that knows what ISIS is and who is really responsible for this entire mess. I am proof of this, and I am not alone on these comments.
          They… are trying their best to crank up the hatred of the other one last time to bring about their glorious NWO under the light of Lucifer… but it will not work. Don’t give in to hating the other as they do unto you.
          I encourage you to comment more. Be open. Do as the Prophet (PBUH) did and show the best of Islam and what he actually did to gain such absolute trust in his message.
          He did not hate. He loved.
          He did not blame. He corrected.
          He was not the aggressor, but the defender of the oppressed and the weak.
          He was known as The Truthful one. A man that never lied to anyone. THIS… is why even his enemies trusted him with their money and their life when he gave his word.
          Islam also needs to undergo reform. There may be no polygamy in practice that is widespread, but it does exist and it is simply not compatible with stable societies (much evidence for this). More than one wife must be rejected.
          Sharia law… does not allow for any democratic consultation that I am aware of. What is explicit in the Koran is above a vote by the people. (i.e. flogging for adulterers for example). What worked for pagan Arabia for correction is not going to work now. But, does Islam have the strength to see where the context of the revelation is no longer applicable in any case to a modern society? Can it allow for private individuals to do as they wish in private without interference from a theological state?
          And the hadiths… while I am aware of the science behind them and their proper interpretation… need to be outright condemned as inapplicable to a modern context.
          For me… THE single source of ALL Islam’s problem as a religion… is these hadiths and many Imam’s making them take precedent (wrongly of course) over Koranic injunctions. There is a strong direction now to give the hadiths, the sayings of a man, not God… equal weight to God’s word. And I do not mean the one’s that have undergone the most rigorous authenticity process, I mean ALL the Hadith’s of the prophet as part of God’s revelation. This… is clearly wrong and something even the Prophet (PBUH) would condemn. He is not God’s word, the Koran is.
          And for me personally… as with Christianity… the idea of a virgin birth simply does not compute to a modern and scientific mind. Islam has this as faith, as well as the return of Christ in the flesh. No one is going to believe this. I believe that the return of Christ… is going to be a renewed Christian faith. A return to the roots of WHY Christ’s message appealed to a pagan world that had seen the collapse of the then world empire, that of Rome. The parallels of then to today, even of the Prophet’s (PBUH) time to today… I see as providence, not coincidence.
          But does anyone… Christian or Muslim… have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, or the heart to understand?
          I wonder at night as I go to sleep… is it possible… is it likely… that man will take all of God’s words to all his prophets… and finally grow up and learn the lessons He tried His best to give man for guidance?
          Are we truly at the final and most important test of all human history?

        2. The quran justifies polygamy due to the larger number of women in the world, or as a form of charity when marrying a widow, or a single mom to provide and the Quran orders us to be equal and just between them. Some do abuse it for pleasure just like every religion not just islam. And you shoulnt be complaining when this website considers most women to be sluts and cum buckets.
          Opression of women is not true, only in extremist countries like Saudi Arabia, yet the Quran orders men to provide and be the maintainers of women. Something this site has been trying to achieve in western society “Patriarchy”. Again some abuse that and beat their wives or do other nasty things. Which is not justified in the Quran. Again look at how western women are abusing their bodies to be an alternative to a mans hand.
          Sharia law, is actually a mix between Quran and Hadith, if you did some research you would see that the inhuman parts are from ahadith. And there is no evidence that they are related to Mohammad. Which parts dont you like? Which ones do you think are unjust, from the Quran?
          You judge without even knowing what this religion is truly about. Watch the media and support the governments that kill and destroy in the name of democracy. Small example to show that most people here are hypocrites

        3. I agree with you 100%. I reject all ahadith, i believe they are all made up. I reject imams, scholars and sheikhs of all kinds. I only accept the Quran and believe in it, nothing more.
          And most of the crazy shit coming out of muslims is from ahadith. You made an example of adultry. Stoning is actually an old jewish tradition and its in the old testament and its not in the Quran but in the ahadith. And these christians and jews claim islam is terror.
          I dont care if they bash muslim ideology day and night, but the Quran … No. Unless they come up with an argument and i will be more than happy to reply.
          I actually like Donald trump, i think hes great. He kept saying hes against lobbyists and special interests but he was there making a speech infront of the strongest organisation in the states showing his loyalty to them. Hypocrite? Even if he wasnt comfortable or felt like he was surrounded by enemies, this just shows how strong the movement against islam is.

        4. But if you are trying to get into a position of power to actually try and change things… it’s a slippery slope. But anyone… anyone… who comes right out and points a finger… will get the grassy nole shot to the head. Trump… I hope… is trying to avoid this.

    2. I’ve worked in high finance in the middle east and we use federal reserve notes to prop up dictatorships in the region, which is the true reason why we are being attacked.

  29. We’ve been putting up with this crap from islam since its beginning. Enough. Nuke the whole region; with these people, The Almighty obviously messed up.

    1. Save the women. I’m sure they’d appreciate a guy treating them decent. Or am I thinking Blue Pill?

      1. Without the women, the men couldn’t do what they do. The women enforce Sharia just as much as the men. They’re all tainted with this spawn of satan religion.

    2. Yeah, so what about the Millions of Christians and Shia Muslims who are perfectly peaceful? Nuclear bombs don’t magically only kill certain people.

      1. There are no peaceful Shia, there are no peaceful moslems. They’ve pretty much cleared the Christian areas…

  30. That’s right.. and western foreign policy has nothing to do it…
    Like when the west strikes a University in Raqqa and kill 40 students, they’re must be some evil sand-nigger people.
    When you drone Somalia and kill 150 unidentified people, they’re similarly terrori$
    Anything the west does is divine justice and absolute morally unquestionable.
    You could run somebody over repeatedly and he must be a dirty muzzie terro$ scum.
    If a western person does it, it is in the name of justice or he is a poor troubled bullied misunderstood youth.
    Your violence is rightly justified and when people react their violence is unequivocally evil.
    Totally dudes.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Some of this belief exists in the world, but it is not the majority. I think the silent majority feel and believe as you do. You will find many on this website and elsewhere are aware of what the elites have done in the name of the west to oppress and subjugate the “vassals” as Brzezinski called the entire MENA region in The Grand Chessboard.
      The west is waking up. Slowly… horrifically… but they are waking up. The acts of terror and violence, both in war and economics, on the third world is coming to roost back home. It won’t be quick, and many will fall into prejudice and bigotry, but truth will prevail. Justice will return.
      We all need to work together, Christian and Muslim, Buddhist and Atheist.
      If we can find the line… hold it… as one… we will win. It is what they fear most, so they will pull out all the terror and fear they can muster know but it won’t work. With each passing day, these acts of the CIA and it’s mercenary army are being exposed to a people who have fought for justice and truth in the past with great passion and intensity.
      They are few. We are legion. There can be only one outcome and “they” know it.

      1. nah bro we’re doomed.
        All the commenters here agree with this post and all the alternative right narrative…. which is dum dum dum .. SAME AS THE MAINSTREAM RIGHT NARATIVE
        There will probably be another genocide soon in Europe like what happened in Bosnia.
        But wait a minute that would be just terrori$ elimination right?

        1. I agree to a degree. The future, will not be without violence.
          But, I think you will be surprised at just how much unity you will find when the bullets and fists start flying. People want peace. The bigots/ignorant want violence. The majority who want peace, REGARDLESS OF RACE… will form. One by one, group by group. Town by town. Lines will be drawn, choices made. And when “shit gets real” the bigots/haters are going to find the silent majority, the ones that don’t appear to have any fight in them, are the ones that are going to be throwing down the heaviest and enforcing the peace of THEIR community.
          You want violence? You want to hate? GTFO. We want nothing to do with you.
          This is what is going to happen in Europe. Any HUMAN BEING that wants to see peace will find others as well, and their numbers will absolutely DESTROY the very minority who want to go on a genocidal killing spree.
          I have more faith and hope in humanity than I thought. We have simply come through too much peace and prosperity to go back to complete violence and chaos. That does not mean there won’t be any. There will be. The chaos is just not going to play out like the elite have been used to in the past because ignorance, while still wide spread, is not near what it was during the past two world wars when the planet’s peoples were still completely isolated with zero to little interaction with anyone outside one’s tribe/clan.

    2. You know what sets a new low though? When they drone strike someone, then turn around and drone strike the funeral…

  31. I thought it was because of the large amount of retardation due to heavy inbreeding.

    1. Many mammals, including human beings, are exogomous. Males leave the troop, pride, town to find mating opportunities. Women submit to cousin marriages, but they desire to mix up a stagnant gene pool with a handsome stranger.

  32. Something doesn’t sit right strategically. France was an outspoken opponent of the invasion of Iraq; why attack them and turn them against your cause?
    Secondly, if this is about religion, why has ISIS not attacked any Latin American countries who are deeply catholic with significant Palestinian and Lebanese populations?

    1. The powers that be would lke to think that there is a strategy involved… but, there isn’t. It’s radicalism at its finest, and defies logic.

      1. Mike… do you truly believe that, or are you simply
        not convinced of the evidence that the CIA created ISIS?
        Do you truly believe this is NOT an intelligence global/elite mercenary army to be used as the shock troops to galvanize the deluded masses into seeing “an enemy” they need to go to war with?
        Did you not know that Belgium is NATO headquarters… and the single largest source of ISIS recruits to Syria?
        Belgium providing most ISIS recruits per capita in Europe – UN
        Belgium is seeing more of its citizens per capita travel to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State than any other country in Europe, while jihadists are paying families up to $10,000 for each new recruit, a UN
        working group has revealed.
        Who do you think is the source for all the money ISIS has to give to the family of jihadists?
        I guess what I am really asking is… are you really this naive to think this is all just illogical “radicalism” with no goal or point?

        1. Young folks are rebelling, CIA-inspired or not, against institutional government all over the globe. So, I dont see how CIA-driven or not makes any difference.
          I tend to blame secondary ed all over the globe: convincing kids that they can play any role they choose in installing their own ego-driven political dreams as they see fit.

        2. No. Sharia Law is antithetical to everything the West represents and protects. Supporters of Sharia Law must be met head-on by any means necessary. God bless America for any attempt to combat it, for no one else has the sand to do so.

        3. What does the west now represent?
          Last time I checked, this was the new normal.

          I am sympathetic to your views… but the awakening for me is that The West you and I valued… no longer exists.
          Sharia law will be antithetical… so long as it continues to reject democracy as a universal framework for working out God’s law on earth. But to say that ALL that Islam teaches – traditional family, a rejection of LGBT culture as toxic, the enforcement of justice without bias (all legal history begins with jurisprudence in the Islamic empire. It was the Muslims creation of laws for governance that forced the Jews to sit down and make their own clear statement of laws by Miamonides)… this is to ignore just how much Christians have in common with Muslims, not their differences.
          I would not ask you to go against your beliefs and convictions… but do not close your mind entirely to truth where it is found.

        4. I am not throwing out the proverbial “baby with the bathwater”. Islam is not “bad”, neither are the ideas of Plato, Augustine, Rousseau, Hegel, and Thomas Jefferson. However, Sharia Law and Modern ideology are not what the finest thinkers of the Islam and The West had in mind.

        5. Precisely. Which is why I just don’t understand why Christians and Muslims are not talking! They are both on the EXACT same page in agreeing with what is WRONG in the world, but both sides seem to insist the other is the sole cause of each other’s problems. Why are both religions not focusing on WHO is actually behind this whole insane mess and working together to fix it?

      2. I’ve worked high finance in the middle east [Djibouti and Iraq]. We use federal reserve notes to prop up dictatorships which is the true reason we are being attacked. Not the popular thing to say on ROK, but so be it.

    2. “Something doesn’t sit right strategically. France was an outspoken opponent of the invasion of Iraq” Well then why did they turn around and invade anyways?

      1. Which reinforces the point I was making: These people are only attacking countries that invade them. Media uses religion as a crutch to sell the war to the American public.

  33. Let’s be clear.
    The word “terrorism,” before 1795, in the specific sense of “government intimidation during the Reign of Terror in France” (March 1793-July 1794), comes from the French “terrorisme,” which in turn derives from the Latin “terror”, from “terròrem,” derived from “tèrreo,” as per in “tèrseo,” “très-eo,” properly “I cause tremor,” “I frighten,” which in turn has root in “tras” = “tars / zendo” “tarec,” by lengthening “tra = tar,” to move back and forth, to agitate. (Source: http://bit.ly/1RvcZnF)
    Therefore, “terrorism” comes in many forms.
    Generally, it could be said that any behavior which causes unjustified and uncalled for fright is a form of “terrorism.” Evidently, people who constantly behave that way are unable to “put themselves in their victims’ shoes” in order to evaluate if they would like someone else to terrorize them the way they terrorize others.
    Now let’s ask ourselves some very important questions:
    1. Is there anything else on top of the cultural cause that lies at the origin of a “behavior that induces terror?”
    2. What’s the first ritual “behavior which causes terror” (let’s call it a practice that causes “deadly frigh”) generally performed daily on Muslim Men as well as other Men all over the World numbering in the millions?
    2. What’s the biophysical and psychological impact of that barbaric practice?
    3. What if that practice does permanently alters the brain?
    4. What is the general observable behavior of people who have been subject to that form of “terrorism” in relationship to the rest of the population?
    5. Why could it be relevant?
    6. Is there is a pattern to be discovered between an act which caused terror to an infant individual and the acts that cause terror to other human beings performed by that same individual later on?
    7. Is there anyone who could contribute to this topic and the veil of silence shrouding it?
    The behavior of a living organism is simple and follows simple laws. After all, it’s a biocomputer, and it works like any computer: there is an input, and because of that there is an output as well; if the input is terror, how can the output NOT be terror as well?
    Here is some material for those who are interested in this topic.

    1. Circumcision I think is an interesting debate to have, but, there is also so much evidence for the health of a man for the majority of his life in NOT having to keep his foreskin perfectly clean I think it is a moot point now.
      Never mind the fact I have never been violent toward anyone because my shaft is lacking a foreskin. Terrorism… is pure and simple might equals right. It is an ideology, not a biology, problem.
      Bacteria and smegma (collection of dead skin cells and oily secretions)
      can collect under the foreskin. To help with genital hygiene, the
      foreskin should be gently pulled back and cleaned daily, but not with
      strong soaps or chemicals. Keeping the foreskin clean helps to prevent
      inflammation of the glans penis that is sometimes caused by infection.

      1. Do NOT avoid the real problem:
        …”A neurologist who saw the results postulated that the data indicated that circumcision affected most intensely the portions of the victim’s brain associated with reasoning, perception and emotions. Follow up tests on the infant one day, one week and one month after the surgery indicated that the child’s brain never returned to its baseline configuration.,,,
        Our problems began when we attempted to publish our findings in the open medical literature,,, Not only could we not publish the results of our research, but we also had to destroy all of our results. If we refused to comply, we were all threatened with immediate dismissal and legal action…
        Paul D. Tinari, Ph.D. ”
        A tree can fully heal only when the roots are healed.
        Denial won’t make it better.

        1. And yet… there are billions of circumcised men such as myself with no health or psychological problems with violence toward others.
          I thank you for your science articles. This is new information to me and I believe it should be up to the parents to decide or not. It should not be a religious injunction forced on anyone.
          That said, I don’t see a link between the violence of the three religious traditions and this medical procedure. How do you explain the violence of cultures that do not have forced circumcision?

        2. The subtitle of the article is “Factors of terrorism that are ignored by the mainstream.”
          What is interesting to notice is that of the 100% of the people who commit “acts of terrorism” (of different nature), ALL of them have been brutally terrorized as infants with sadistic ritual mutilation practices. We are not interested in pointing to the exceptions: we are interested in observing and discovering a pattern whose cause is ignored by the mainstream. It’s a fact, an observable and verifiable FACT, and it ought to be mentioned.

        3. And I am glad you are mentioning this fact. But when put under scrutiny, for me, this fact does not prove to be the cause of terrorism.
          What of the pattern of CIA backed false flags and complete financial/military/political support for a terror group do you fail to see?
          There are billions of Muslims with no desire to kill anyone. Billions of Christians to. Exceptions to a rule… that can be counted in the BILLIONS… completely refutes your argument.
          Even if we take your observable/verifiable evidence as fact… I think the truth lies in the very fact itself…

          ALL of them have been brutally terrorized as infants with sadistic ritual mutilation practices

          Exactly. What kind of practices are these? How is circumcision done? Are these cuts being made in a modern hospital with modern equipment and the most humane procedures medical science has created?
          No. Even then… why are there still so FEW people who are capable of becoming terrorists… who would not if they were not paid… and on massive amounts of mind altering drugs to do so?
          If we take as fact these brutal and sadistic rituals take place primarily in the MENA region.. why… are there STILL billions of people living their lives in those regions with no desire to commit violent acts?
          Again… billions of exceptions become the RULE… not an exception.

      2. Bad information and for a bad reason.
        Myth #1: The foreskin is unclean and will cause health issues.
        The foreskin serves a great function. It is not just a flap of skin. The foreskin is half of the skin surrounding the penis. The foreskin is an “intricate web of blood vessels, muscle, and nerves. In fact, the foreskin contains about 240 feet of nerve fibers and tens of thousands of specialized erotogenic nerve endings of various types, which can feel the slightest pressure, the lightest touch, the smallest motion, the subtlest changes in temperature, and the finest gradations in texture. … In many ways, the foreskin is just like the eyelid. It covers, cleans, and protects the glans just as the eyelid covers, cleans, and protects the eye. Also, just as the eyelid can open and close to uncover the eye, so the foreskin can open to reveal the delicate glans. The foreskin’s inside fold is lined with a smooth red tissue called mucous membrane. This type of tissue is also found lining the lips, the inside of the mouth, and the inner fold of the eyelid. The foreskin’s soothing inner fold gently keeps the surface of the glans healthy, clean, shiny, warm, soft, moist, and sensitive.” (The Whole Network)

  34. All of the documents for islam are available for anyone to read at any time online.
    The quran, the hadith, and the sirah, along with “The Reliance of the Traveller” (An excellent book that within a couple paragraphs will make it obvious why that without oil Saudi Arabia would be like Somalia, and without the Sphinx and Pyramids and other ruins, Egypt would be like Libya.) “Milestones” and other works, are all available in a variety of languages and translations, and one can simply compare one version to another. More people can read the documents about islam than in any other time in history. There is no excuse for not knowing about muhammed and his horrible actions, and his followers and their history written in the blood of innocent kafirs.
    This isn’t the 13th century, and all you have is a single Latin translation of the quran that only a select few monks scattered throughout Europe can read, let alone make sense of, this is the year 2016. If after the Brussel’s bombing you’re asking yourself “Why do they hate us…?” You deserve to be beheaded.

    1. Then you are also someone who can only see one side of a coin. Christianity’s darkness on all of humanity is also available for all those who wish to read and learn from history. But I would not condemn an entire people and religion (The West) based on actions that go clearly AGAINST everything that people’s religion teaches.
      You are feeding the beast of hatred. Know your true enemy, and the energy of spirt and soul you waste hating someone THEY want you to hate will have a true purpose and chance of success.

      1. I replied to you below why I don’t believe Islam can be understood as the religion of peace. It’s simply ridiculous to suggest that a religion that has a complete prohibition on rationally (unlike Christianity) examining its own self declared proclamations for the betterment of humanity, could address the issues of our peaceful co-existence on this planet.

        1. Not ignoring you… just been busy commenting on a couple posts today.
          Your assumption of history completely ignores the entire era when Islam did just that – made inquires into what it believes based on the Greek texts (Aristotle, etc) it preserved and passed on to the Christians during the Crusades. I believe this inquiry gave rise to Sufism and was seen as heretical, much like rational inquiry into Christianity is still seen to be today.
          There IS a history of rational inquiry and argument in Islam. In fact, the faith is BASED on rationality. You can’t read the Koran and NOT see the appeal to reason. It is all over the text of the book. Just watch any lecture by a Muslim scholar (good or bad) on youtube. One thing you will note is they ALL are founded on rational argument and evidence. As compared to Christian appeals to “feelings” and “faith.”
          I am reading Augustine’s city of God right now. I am learning the rational basis of the Christian faith. It is an incredible book that every Christian needs to read at least once in their life.
          That said, I would now ask you this…
          Why is it so hard to convince a Muslim his faith is wrong? Flat out wrong?
          Is it REALLY an avoidance of rationality… or… is the rational argument against Islam (which is really an argument against God) simply not true.
          I will never forget a Christian preacher who thought he had a Muslim ready to leave his faith and follow Christ.
          The Muslim said to the preacher…
          “If you can PROVE to me Christianity is the truth, I will leave Islam.”
          To which the preacher replied (as you would expect)…
          “Proof? No, not proof. Belief in Christ is a matter of FAITH. Are you [a Muslim] telling me you can PROVE Islam is true?”
          To which the Muslim replied…
          “Are you telling me Christianity can’t?”

        2. “You assumption of history completely ignores the entire era when Islam’s did just that – made inquires into what it believes based on the Greek texts (Aristotle, etc) it preserved and passed on to the Christians during the Crusades” This isn’t true at different levels. The books in question fell into the hands of the Gauls and Frankish tribes, who passed them over to the catholic monks who transcribed them at different stages in remote places, largely around the British Isles. On the wider point, if Islam bases its insights on reason, why has it never produced any significant work of Theology like Saint Thomas Aquinas works, where reason is used consistently to justify “the ways of God to Man”?.
          ” As compared to Christian appeals to “feelings” and “faith.” And Islam is not wholly based on feelings and faith? The Koran is written like a treatise on the laws of motion? Oh, come on.
          “”Proof? No, not proof. Belief in Christ is a matter of FAITH. Are you [a Muslim] telling me you can PROVE Islam is true?”
          To which the Muslim replied…
          “Are you telling me Christianity can’t?”
          And yet the Muslim can’t provide any rational proof. It’s curious the point at which this fable or tale ends at, making the Christian preacher look a fool for having nothing but his faith…and yet the Muslim has nothing more too.

        3. “And yet the Muslim can’t provide any rational proof. ”
          I won’t comment further… because I know you have not watched the video. Watch the video… then tell me the Islamic argument for… at the very least the proof of God’s existence… is NOT based 100% on pure reason and logic.
          I am not saying Islam has not lost some of its rational basis… but don’t assume billions of people believe something because they have no brains. I think even you would not make such a claim as that.

        4. “at the very least the proof of God’s existence… is NOT based 100% on pure reason and logic” Unless you’re Gottfried Leibniz or Kurt Godel, both exceptional men imbued fully within the tenets of the Christian tradition.
          ” but don’t assume billions of people believe something because they have no brains” Belief is a knotty philosophical concern as we all believe things everyday which we’ve absolutely no first hand evidence about. This appears to be a central part of the way human beings function, if we had to seek proof before we actually acted every time we’d never no anything much in life.
          The corollary to this point means that people can up end also believing in ideas that are manifestly partial or wholly incorrect. The problem arises when “believers” like Communists or Muslims try to universalize them for everyone in society. This is why religion and the State should always be kept separate in my opinion.

        5. The problem arises when “believers” like Communists or Muslims try to universalize them for everyone in society.

          And Christianity makes no claim to universalization?
          Gottfried Leibniz or Kurt Godel may be good Christian tradition men who can prove God’s existence.
          But what about the Trinity? What about the divine God/man? What about the argument that the creator of man, had to become man to know man’s suffering? All these are not so easy to prove logically/rationally and thus… the argument comes down to one of faith. Islam does not have these problems because it has only one main truth claim about God – that God is one, and there is no other God(s) but god.
          I agree with you that the state and church do need to be kept separate. This… is what Islam’s reformation success will pivot around. It may ultimately not be possible… but I think Muslims, especially since their exposure to the West, are going to incorporate the Christian intellectual foundation of the separation of church and state going forward. What we are seeing in ISIS… is the reactionary hard liners that do NOT want Islam to change.

        6. “Islam does not have these problems because it has only one main truth claim about God – that God is one, and there is no other God(s) but god” This is essentially the same as Judaism and Christianity which is not surprising when you consider the common ancestry.
          “but I think Muslims, especially since their exposure to the West, are going to incorporate the Christian intellectual foundation of the separation of church and state going forward” This is a possibility, especially, with Muslims not having to live in all their indigenous Muslim States where their outlook could broaden.

        7. —-
          especially, with Muslims not having to live in all their indigenous Muslim States where their outlook could broaden.

          Yes… this is the major schism in Islam right now. It is global. They were insulted for so long that their way was right and the west was all evil… until they got here and began to see you CAN live a life of faith WITHIN a democratic institution.
          Despite the fact that most of the color revolutions were CIA directed and inspired, the spirit of those revolutions was just what you said Muslims need to do… begin to FIX what is wrong in their own countries.
          We are not helping matters, but the stone of progress for Islam and Muslim peoples is now rolling.
          If only we can get rid of the people who want war in the region, many, and I can tell you from Muslims I have personally talked to, many would go back to their home countries if they could live the life they are able to live here in the west back home.

        8. “I have personally talked to, many would go back to their home countries if they could live the life they are able to live here in the west back home” When they return home it could signal the beginning of a long overdue reformation within Islam, but, I suspect like the one we had in Christianity it won’t be pleasant when in happens in their lands, ten years down the line we could see more civil wars and refugees from civil strife arriving back in the west.

        9. The reform of Islam is happening now. Right before our eyes. It will either succeed, or Islam will go the same way as Christianity. So many people will associate Islam with hatred/violence and intolerance no one will want to be called Muslim anymore. Much the same way Christianity was so demonized for its colonialism (and the guilt, wrongly of course) and oppression of women and belief it is the truth…. hmmm… sounds an awful lot like the SAME accusations being made against Islam now does it not? Curious why that is, that’s me, Mr. Curiousity.

        10. ” and oppression of women and belief it is the truth…. hmmm… sounds an awful lot like the SAME accusations being made against Islam now does it not? Curious why that is, that’s me, Mr. Curiousity” There’s nothing very profound about that insight, considering the twisted branches are all anchored in the body of the same tree.

        11. By same tree… you you mean the Jewish/Christian/Islamic belief in one God?
          One ultimate moral truth?
          I ask because much of your line of logic seems to indicate a belief that religion is the problem (i.e. same tree) and that philosophy is the cure (aka The Matrix – free your mind).
          But that is the very problem the west is in, why ROK exists, and why the author wrote this article.
          God… is dead in the west.
          Muslims… have remained true to God.
          Russians have returned to God.
          The west… is in decline.
          Islam… is on the rise.
          Russia… is on the rise.
          Am I the only one that sees this connection?

        12. “God… is dead in the west” The notion of the monotheistic God of Christianity maybe dying, but, you might recall that western civilization existed and flourished in ancient times long before this “alien” God of the middle east became the one true God that we’re meant to worship? Is it any wonder Europeans have rejected Him? Did not the old Norse and Celtic Gods present a more realistic mythology and sanctuary for the hearts and souls of the indigenous European peoples?
          ” Muslims… have remained true to God” They’ve remained true to different versions of their God which has caused strife and bloodshed before the two main branches, hardly, something to recommend it.
          “Russians have returned to God” There are far less Russians who believe in God than Americans, besides, have you ever actually visited Russia? It’s an even more divided Nation than America, and, the majority of people live a penurious existence with low mortality rates, because of alcoholism, crime and corruption which are ripe.
          There’s simply no correlation between advanced societies and a widespread belief in God. Religious faith is a private matter in our societies, people have the right to reject a conception of God, like the Jewish one all Christians believe in. There are other paths to the divine, there are ancient pagan resonances with their local deities still in the European heartlands that people continue to respect and celebrate, why do we always have to bow down and accept your middle eastern God?He’s alien to the original spirit of the Germanic/Norse/Celtic worlds.

        13. And we come to the root. The rejection of God. Jew, Christian or Muslim, none can make those see who chose to be blind.
          If you look into those pagan Germanic/Norse/Celtic gods… you will find they ALL have their roots in goddess worship.
          Zeus… the progenitor in my view of the acceptance of the concept of one, patriarchal God, was the beginning of the long road to civilization.
          We are returning to pagan times and beliefs. Many gods/goddess, all of whom can do nothing to save man or help him. Each tribe bowing to idols that if broken, one must ask why they could not protect themselves from the hand of man if they are supposed to be able to guard man’s own life!
          With this return to paganism/goddess worship, can you not see the destruction being wrought on those nations that reject God?
          I am appalled and saddened at the take over of Europe by Muslim immigration. Belgium it seems is the first to go extinct. There is simply no native Belgium culture left. Sweden will be the 2nd.
          Give this another 100 years… Muslims will have taken over the whole of Europe. Not with bombs. Not with bullets. Not with central banker fiat currency enslavement and corruption of the masses.
          Through faith in God… and adherence to traditional family values.
          Paganism or atheism… both are paths to the end of your genetic line as a people and nation.

          “See they not how many a generation We destroyed before them, whom We had established in the earth more firmly than We have established you, and We shed on them abundant showers from the sky, and made the rivers flow beneath them. Yet we destroyed them for their sins, and created after them another generation.”
          Quran – 6:6

          You come across to me as someone who is well versed in philosophy. It astonishes me you have not read the proofs for the existence of God. This was something I found only recently missing from the Matrix trilogy. All those faiths, even reference to Christianity and the one true God, but no, absolutely NO, reference to the philosophy of a pure, just, truthful and merciful God that has guided through three faiths the only people to have created a lasting legacy of justice, democracy and progress out of the caves and swamps of our goddess/pagan ignorant past.
          As for Russia, I do hope to get there this fall, God willing. I suspect I will find much of what you write, but I also suspect I will find a spirit that is resilient, strong and faithful that in staying true to God, no matter one’s conception of it, they as a people will survive the coming collapse and failure of the global new world order we are seeing happen all around us.

        1. Afghanistan war. Iraq war. Libya’s destruction. Syria’s destruction. Yemen’s destruction. Somalia’s destruction.
          Of course…. this is not Christianity, but try to explain that to a Muslim who has lost his whole family and his country is now a wasteland of chaos and misery.

        2. Those weren’t Christian attacks at all, they were Jewish attacks.
          With the exception of Somalia, that was pretty much just Islams fault.

        3. Yes… you are correct.. but they are attacks that happened BECAUSE Christian governments/people have allowed them to take place. Where are the protests against these wars? Where is the sympathy with Muslims for what “they” have done in the name of Christians? How many Christians do you know who believe Islam is a religion inspired by satan and must be nuked off the face of the planet?
          This is why I just don’t understand why Muslims and Christians are fighting each other. They both have the same enemy, but instead are focused on destroying each other.

        4. “Yes… you are correct.. but they are attacks that happened BECAUSE Christian governments/people have allowed them to take place.” You mean Jewish governments?
          “This is why I just don’t understand why Muslims and Christians are fighting each other. They both have the same enemy, but instead are focused on destroying each other.” Christians have never really preemptively attacked Muslims, it’s always been the other way around. Iraq? Jewish war. Libya? Jewish war. Afghanistan? Well it’s no secret that it was known Al Qaeda was planning 9/11, and the Jewish run government didn’t do anything to prevent it.
          I have lots of problems with Islam btw, and Terrorism isn’t even one of them, anyone’s chances of being killed in Terrorism are very slim.

  35. I don’t know. I think the biggest reason why people from that part of the world do savage shit like acts of terror is because they are savage. Words like “savage” and “uncivilized” are no longer in our culture’s lexicon and that is a problem because we don’t have the language to describe a very important concept- that different groups of people vary in terms of how civilized they are. Blaming it all on their religion obfuscates the ugly fact that even if they weren’t religious, Arabic and Western cultures probably wouldn’t be compatible. Think about some of the other backwards stuff that you hear about from the Middle East such as “bacha bazi” in Afghanistan, the practice of men having prepubescent boys as concubines. That has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with the fact that those people are just backwards.

    1. You’ve a good point here. I’ve respect for certain types of Islam, especially the kind that flourished in Persia which had a very rich pre-Islamic culture that’s still an integral part of Iranian society.
      I think we have to distinguish between Islam and Arabic culture which is very different to the Islam in Persia for example. All of the historic and current terrorism comes from the Arabic and North Africa branches of the religion who feel as though they’ve a natural entitlement to force and take what they want from the west.

      1. Yes… which again… one can’t ignore the past 50 or more years of complete economic/political interference and destruction of these very same regions BY THE WEST for the sole purpose of dominating them as a people and extracting these countries resources for free.
        No justification for their violence toward us in return… but shit don’t happen in a vacuum. It takes two tango.

        1. It’s called trade and the majority of the western companies were invited in with open arms by the Arab rulers in these States. Additionally, the GDP in the Gulf States has risen exponentially in the last 50 years and the average income for the indigenous citizen in these States is one of the highest in the world, with zero taxes in some of them. Yet they still hate us and countries like Saudi fund extremists who come to our lands with their heads filled up with fanatical nonsense and an appetite for destruction. You, see it’s all about the religion, isn’t it.

        2. Invited with open arms? Or… allowed to come in and steal with an installed dictator?
          Seriously. Please read Confessions Of An Economic Hitman. You are a good man. Don’t let others tell you what to believe, least of all me. Read for yourself the history of the regions we have “liberated and raised the standard of living” in.

        3. You sound like the idiot liberals the article mentions. There are no oil wells in Syria, it’s the poorest Middle East country (was even before the war) there’s nothing to extract there so why is the coalition and the russians bombing? To take out the sunni terrorists who kill shiites, christians and yazidis out of sheer hate nothing else, that’s why. Sorry but the islamists started this, no one was bombing Syria before isis and the others started stirring shit.
          Also if the West is so mean and only wants to destroy and dominate these people, how do you explain these people all want to go live in the West? In your view they should see us as their enemy, yet they all want to come over here….??

        4. I think Yemen was the poorest country in the middle east? What syria and yemen have in common: both no longer are oil exporters(neither is Egypt). What has happened to these countries as a result of peak oil?

        5. “Or… allowed to come in and steal with an installed dictator?” I’m not sure about the steal part always being the case. Natural resources will always be exploited. They’ll be traded and in theory the people in such Nations will enjoy part of this wealth. The fact is that these countries didn’t have the knowledge or infrastructure to do this themselves so they had to get American companies in to do it. Of course, you’re going to be in a weaker bargaining position, but what were the opinions, do nothing, leave them there? Then nobody would have benefited and the record shows that people in these countries have got significantly wealthy over the last 50 odd years.

        6. The fact is that these countries didn’t have knowledge or infrastructure
          to do this themselves so they had to get American companies in to do
          … but what were the opinions, do nothing, leave them there?

          Going to come at this from another angle entirely and challenge some western assumptions.
          Who is to say… these people WANTED to exploit there resources? Or have others do so because they could not?
          What if they simply wanted to live an agricultural/pastoral life FOCUSED on God/spirit and NOT chase after pieces of paper with dead heads on them in some vain pursuit of “happiness” in material consumerism that MUST exploit the resources of the earth?
          Is it possible for a people to tell the United States Government and its corporation/military… “No thank you. We don’t need or want your way of life. We like ours just fine.”
          Answer THAT line of inquiry… and you might be able to see things from my (and many 3rd world) perspectives.

        7. Google before you comment on something that you believe is fact.
          There is oil in Syria… a LOT of it.

          The geopolitical stakes in the Middle East have just gotten higher by an order of magnitude. Take a little-known Newark, New Jersey oil company, the contested Golan Heights between Syria and Israel, add a
          reported major oil discovery there just as Russia’s bombing campaign in Syria goes into high gear, shake it vigorously and we have a potential detonator for World War III.

          Never mind the fact this ENTIRE death orgy in Syria.. has been over a natural gas pipeline that would undercut Russia’s deliveries to Europe.
          Guest Post: Is The US Going To War With Syria Over A Natural Gas Pipeline?

          As we asked (rhetorically, of course) and answered over 3 months ago, why has the little nation of Qatar spent 3 billion dollars to support the rebels in Syria? The answer revolves, as usually is the case in the Middle East, around a pipeline.

        8. “Is it possible for a people to tell the United States Government and its corporation/military… “No thank you. We don’t need or want your way of life. We like ours just fine.” People vote with their feet and they didn’t say this, besides, it’s generally western liberals who say “let them live their happy simple lives in the desert”. It’s akin to the romantic idea of the “noble savage” expect the reality of grinding poverty and constant hunger is anything but romantic or pleasant.

        9. No… dude… it’s not. Don’t intellectualize this too much.
          Do you have ANY say in a feminist government deciding all males of heterosexual declaration must register with the police and submit to ankle bracelet tracking in order to keep women “safe”.
          Remember… this is your government… in your country… doing only what “the people” say they want and the government believe is “in the best interests” of all?
          And you are right. People ARE voting with their feet. Muslims are coming to the insane west, creating enclaves of their own people, protected by a state that has an agenda to protect them, and live their lives free from interference from their despotic governments back home.
          I was not making a noble savage argument.
          I was making the argument that these countries were not allowed to develop and progress at their own rate and guided by their values.
          Read Economic Hitman. It will open your eyes to my arguments above.

        10. Everyone here is wrong. Palestine is not only the poorest country in the Islamic world, it’s one of the poorest in the world. The GDP per capita is just over 1000 USD.

        11. Yeah, but they have always been poor(never had any oil to sell) the countries I mentioned fared well for a few decades when they had surplus oil. Now, they dont.

        12. I don’t think it helps that they also have a blockade on all 4 sides of their country, no airport, and bombing every 5 years…

    2. Agreed. 100%. Even though I defend/criticize both Christianity and Islam… it is this… CIVILIZED behaviour… that the west has an advantage over Islam and the MENA region to some degree.
      That said… I think anyone would be “savage” if they are poor, uneducated (especially of their own religion) and have no access ability to advance themselves as a society and people.
      The MENA region… I believe regressed because of the dominance of western political/economic oppression over the past 50 years and more.
      We need only look to the “savage” behaviour that is emerging in our next door neighbors to see this reality is not that far from home.
      One could claim Black Friday “savagery” is not comparable, but it is THE SAME SLIPPERY SLOPE. It is a once civilized society… becoming increasingly LESS so.
      When America collapses, the savagery of Muslims be look tame in comparison to the Free Shit Army going ape shit beserk trying to survive without EBT cards.

      1. The last example is insane. Two beta husbands shoot each other dead after their wives began fighting over black friday shit. So the white knight hubbies step in to reinforce their bitches when they start hamster warring.
        Jesus, I would have cold slapped my bitch and tightened her hajib. No bitch opens her mouth in public like that. It makes me seem like I’m unable to control a bitch. A woman starting fights in public is like a crazy bitch that kicks her man in the nuts publicly. It is an embarrassment. I’m a white looking peckerwood without an islamic bone, but you damn well believe I would have found a pasley bandana or towel set to make her a quick hajib.

      2. If you really think it’s just the poverty, education, etc. and not the religion, then why doesn’t anyone other than Sunni’s have this problem? You don’t see Shia doing terrorism, I don’t see Copts doing terrorism, I don’t see Eastern Orthodox doing terrorism, I don’t see Catholics, etc. Even within Arab countries, Sunni’s are the only ones acting so radical.
        Most of the 19 attackers were from Saudi Arabia, pretty much all of Al Qaeda’s funding comes from Saudi Arab. Saudi Arab isn’t poor and isn’t under educated.

        1. Again… WHO has created, funded, armed and directed ISIS from the very beginning?
          America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group
          Sunni’s accepting a more literal interpretation of the Koran is a problem, to be sure. But don’t let that distract from the fact it is NOT Islam that created ISIS… but the west.
          Take away all the money and arms McCain et al and congress has given to the Syrian “rebels”… and ISIS completely disappears!!! This is a plain statement of fact, and the very reason WHY Russia went into Syria to clean house. This shit is aimed at them and they know it.

        2. Ever heard of Ockham’s Razor?
          The simplest solution is probably right, and Sunni Islam is the simplest solution to the question of who created ISIS and Al Qaeda.

        3. I can agree with you on point of fact ISIS is Sunni based. But without American / CIA support, there would be no ISIS. This is just plain fact. Look at how little Bin Laden was able to do with his Sunni extremist Al Qaeda.
          Remember the FBI “sting” of the bombing in the basement parkade in 1993?
          The Afghan war with Russia was CIA backed. Al Qaeda was the name given by the CIA to their fighters in that war.
          9/11… another pentagon/CIA inspired false flag. As was 7/7/7 in London, the Paris attacks.. etc etc etc.
          All of this Sunni “terror”… is happening ONLY because of the money/arms/tactical support of its creators.
          Take that away… and there is no Sunni terrorism. There is no Islamic terrorism period.
          The reality of the situation is this: A few, and I mean a few, crazed psychopaths with delusions of empire based around their holy book seem to think they are living in some time of great war and where God is going to grant them victory… which they are taking money, arms, and direction FROM THE INFIDELS… without which… none of these cowards would exist.
          ISIS… is the 21st century equivalent to tribal keyboard warriors.
          Give them lots of money (for they will do NOTHING without being paid)… weapons… assurance they will never face any real opposition (as they were told in Syria)… pump them full of mind altering drugs that make them believe they ARE God (just google the drugs being used by ISIS fighters)… and you have a recipe for a nightmare in the middle east and Europe.

        4. “The Afghan war with Russia was CIA backed.” The Mujaheddin in Afghanistan was backed by the CIA, but Al-Qaeda wasn’t. They didn’t need to be anyways, they were and are still backed by lots of rich people from Saudi Arabia. Also it was the Soviet Union, not Russia.
          “Take that away… and there is no Sunni terrorism. There is no Islamic terrorism period.” Yes there is. Sunni’s continue to commit terror against almost every other religion, including Shia Islam.

        5. You know… this truth stuff is exhausting.

          “The Mujaheddin in Afghanistan was backed by the CIA, but Al-Qaeda wasn’t.”

          Dude… Al-Qaeda IS the name for the CIA mujaheddin in Afghanistan.
          CIA = Al-Qaeda
          Al Qaeda: The Database
          Shortly before his untimely death, former British Foreign Secretary
          Robin Cook told the House of Commons that “Al Qaeda” is not really a
          terrorist group but a database of international mujaheddin and arms
          smugglers used by the CIA and Saudis to funnel guerrillas, arms, and
          money into Soviet-occupied Afghanistan.
          Man… it is ALL OUT THERE for those that want to find the truth.
          This entire radical/Sunni/salafist “islam” that is ISIS is WHOLLY AND COMPLETELY a creation…. it DOES NOT EXIST in the Muslim world without CIA/Zio sponsorship.

    3. So i guess you have never heard about the catholic church and their alter boys or what goes on in prison. Hell, just a few decades ago, some folks thought it was acceptable to cut off a mans genitals stuff, it in his mouth and hang him from a tree. And i can name many more western examples. We are all savages. Civilization is an illusion. In fact you sound just like muslim savages who think they are the enlightened and you the savage.

      1. There is savagery in the West. But there is way more of it in the Middle East. Look at the Cologne sex attacks. That should tell you something about their culture compared to the West. You have, on the one side, a culture where women can generally walk around a city, even at night, and reasonably expect not to be raped or sexually assaulted. On the other side, you have a culture that thinks that if a woman is walking around unaccompanied by her husband or other male relative, that it is okay to rape her. Put those two cultures together, and bad things happen.
        And you don’t understand my point about the Afghanistan pedophilia thing. My point is not that pedophilia happens over there but not over here. My point is that it is accepted over there in a way that it isn’t here.

        1. Male on boy is pedo. Man on 14 yo girl depends on local marriage laws. My own great grandfather married my great grandmother when she was almost 14. He was a 23yo soldier from Delaware. His dowrey was a piece of land that is now in the family. She had her first child when she was 14 and produced seven more white children over the following decade. She WAS DONE at 25!! Unlike today’s carousel whores that are just getting started reproducing at 30 something. They need their asses kicked back in time. TO 1912 seriously!! Third world non white women begin breeding at puberty with a male sire (husband) who is anywhere from 5 to 20 years older. THEY’RE KICKING OUR ASSES outbreeding us. Lynch mobs and witches screaming ‘pedo’ are everywhere in the west ready to lynch any budding white family that follows the third world non-white model. Next they’ll outlaw white on white reproduction altogether. Or at least they’ll try. The fembitches are running out of gas though. I can smell it.

        2. Man-on-boy is what I’m talking about. Reread my first comment. “Bacha Bazi” is the practice of using a BOY for sex. Here is another article describing what I am talking about.
          Maybe I’ll find the source later, but I have also read that during the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Russian soldiers (and we’re talking males, here) who were captured by Afghan militia were often raped.

        3. Hmm . . I think there may be a clear dividing line with humans. People who stink due to eating babies in their history (Aztecs and South Pacific matriarchal/aboriginal island cultures) VERSUS those who put shit in its place. Romans invented the sewer system so they check out ok. Abrahamic protocols call for digging a latrine so the non-freemason and non-luciferian jews, Arabs and Christians check out too. Arabs are busy playing ‘roof sports’ culling the bung hole blood from their tribes. ”They’re Lot’s people” they say as they throw gays from rooftops. It seems in prisons, some bung blood is revealed. Mostly the lowly offspring of black whore mothers will let loose and will become down low bung apes. They would just as well engage in beastiality. Bung is bung wherever it comes from. ISIS men in prisons would sniff out the bung apes and even the big ones wouldn’t last long. Also the bung apes in the prisons had relationships with whore mothers on the outside. The whore mothers are the other side of the same coin.

        4. That the cultures shouldn’t mix is probably true.
          To you forst point, you admit they dont rape indiscriminately. It is punishment for not adhering to their moral standards. The establisment of laws and punishment are the starting point for a civilized society. As to the nature of the punishment, even here, we still debate what is cruel and unusual.
          To your second point, my understanding is that pedastry is somrthing that warlords engage in and is not necessarily sanctioned by the broader community. If my understanding is correct, then there is little difference between them and what we tolerate in the prison system. As well the catholic church systemic toleration of pedastry among their priest and the same still in some mormon communities but with girls.
          Again, the savage is in all of us.

      2. The number of preists who are pedophiles is way lower than the number of priests who aren’t. In fact, off all the professions pedophilia victims told Social Workers, religious figure didn’t even chart.

        1. Yes… while tragic, I think the Catholic faith is demonized far too much for these sins. It is a problem to be sure (rooted in celibacy and the satanic roots in the Vatican), but TRUE Catholic priests and bishops are smeared with the same pedo brush and they don’t deserve to be.
          I remember having a good conversation with a Catholic priest at a wedding. He married the couple of the day and I could tell he was glad to talk to someone who took God seriously. It is not a matter of faith for him, but ULTIMATE truth, the passing on of Christ’s message of love and forgiveness. He lamented so few in the church today share this passion, never mind the rest of the world.

    4. “Blaming it all on their religion obfuscates the ugly fact that even if they weren’t religious, Arabic and Western cultures probably wouldn’t be compatible.” Iraq was the birth place of civilization, and Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco all were functional parts of Hellenic and Roman Society. All of these areas had COMPLETELY different cultures before Islam came in. Go read some history books…
      “Think about some of the other backwards stuff that you hear about from the Middle East such as “bacha bazi” in Afghanistan, the practice of men having prepubescent boys as concubines.” Islamic countries are the ONLY places where stuff like this shit is so common, I don’t see why you would say Islam isn’t the cause of that shit.

      1. Because Islam CONDEMNS all such practices.
        That said… this cultural backwardness I am slowing being educated on is sad to hear.
        I think this has to do with the fact that Christianity had an INTACT civilization with laws to graft onto at the collapse of the Roman empire. Pagan? Yes. Ideal? No. But… there WAS civil/moral norm behaviour expectations for its time and place. Christianity elevated this and made civil ways even more of a priority. Rome was seen as the light of the world for a reason, the rest of the world lived in barbaric darkness.
        Islam… had no civilization to graft itself onto.
        No state. No rule of law. Pure, unadulterated pagan goddess worship and superstition…. was supplanted overnight in an attempt to reform a completely ignorant and backward people.
        It is a miracle Islam was able to do what it did no matter how you look at it. But this lack of a state/civil foundation does explain to me WHY so much cultural backwardness remains in Muslim countries.
        Muslims even distinguish between true Islam and cultural Islam. It is a REAL problem the world is becoming increasingly aware of and so to Muslims. Muslims can’t hide this anymore. Muslims need to accept that a LOT of their old, pagan and ignorant morally wrong cultural prejudices and habits need to be rooted out if they wish to join the wider global community and be accepted.

        1. I think the best thing the world can do is to exterminate Sunni Islam, it just can’t be fixed. Even the “westernized ones” such as Bosnia moments of Terrorism like the rest of Islam. (think 1994)

        2. You know… I think I have to agree with you on the problems with Sunni Islam. I would not use the world exterminate of course, but there needs to be a reckoning in that particular community that… interestingly enough… the times seem to be bringing about.
          Ironically… this goes back to the split after the Prophet (PBUH) died. The Shia wished leadership to pass on within the family (to Ali) while the Sunni felt a member chosen from the community (democracy.. for its time and place I guess) should lead. Which… was of course of the community of the foes of Islam that “converted” to Islam in much the same way many pagan elites “converted” to Christianity once they saw the way the wind was permanently blowing with the masses. This sickness of psychopathic elites in bloodlines goes back millenia, and is not exclusive to any one race or religion.
          Shia Islam believed Ali was the best representative of both the spirit and the law of Islam… and he was quickly murdered. The next few leaders of Islam did come from the best of the Prophets(PBUH) companions, but they too were killed off in short order.
          I am now more convinced than ever that what gave Christianity such civilizing strength… was the Roman empire it was able to build upon that included the best of the Greek knowledge about how man should live based on a foundation of philosophy that came well before both Christianity and Islam, and two which both religions then leaned on heavily to buttress their texts with non-sectarian logical reasoning.
          Islam… had no such civil society to build on. It was literally trying to boot strap Macos X into Apple II in terms of human development and progress. Much progress was made, but a lot of the “old code” as it were from tribal/pagan times simply never got replaced.

      2. Those are also the places from which the Muslim Golden Age emerged (as well as especially so, Iran) and are the least Arab parts of the Arab world.
        I’m not arguing here that is necessarily a racial/ethnic issue over religious one, but it is worth noting that the central Arab areas were not parts of functional Hellenic/Roman/Persian society, and were not the areas from which the Islamic Golden Age emerged.
        The most heavily Muslim of the area may indeed be the most Arab, whereas those who practice Christianity may be closer genetically to those who lived there in Classical times.
        That may also be the case for the Shia/Sunni split, where Shias are more “Persian” even if not actually from Iran.

        1. “I’m not arguing here that is necessarily a racial/ethnic issue over religious one, but it is worth noting that the central Arab areas were not parts of functional Hellenic/Roman/Persian society, and were not the areas from which the Islamic Golden Age emerged.” You mean the Arab peninsula? That was the center of the golden age. Where are you talking about. Anyways, I don’t really believe in the Muslim golden age, it’s bollocks.
          “The most heavily Muslim of the area may indeed be the most Arab” You mean Saudi Arabia? They are the most Muslim because they still behead people for “apostasy”.

        2. The Arab Peninsula was not the centre of the Islamic Golden Age. Rather, much of the ‘Golden Age’ (whether it was “golden” or not) came from Spain, the Levant, North Africa including Egypt, Mesopotamia (all Greco-Roman areas, as well as with their own heritage) and Iran (including parts of what is now Turkic Central Asia). Even Iran had plenty of Hellenic influence thanks to Alexander the Great.
          The Arabian Peninsula was and is the religious centre of Islam and the ethnic homeland of the Arabs, but it was not where Islamic civilisation reached its highest peaks. Other than some border areas where the Arabian Peninsula meets the Levant (such as modern Jordan, where the Arab Nabataeans built Petra) there was no Roman, Persian, or Macedonian conquest and very little Hellenic cultural influence. It was not the area where science and art flourished.
          Baghdad, “City of Peace”, the centre of Islamic civilisation before the Mongol Conquests, is not in the Arabian Peninsula, but in Mesopotamia, an area which had been both under Roman and Persian rule, as well as home to earlier civilisations such as the Babylonians.

    1. The jewmafia zionists must be lumped in with the rest of the globalist elitists. They’re not devoted or even true Israelites. They hide behind the ‘persecuted’ legacy when necessary but they’re as guerilla as the rest of the sinister globalist cabal. The entire cabal goes out with the bathwater.
      THE LINE IN THE SAND remaining will then be the savages vs the cultured. The people who stink and shit on the ground VERSUS those who bathe and erect the civilizations that rise time and time again throughout history.

  36. Muslim men are so beta that they have to dominate the women that are arranged for them. They’re so beta that they would go kill dozens of innocent people just for a chance to get some pussy. Pathetic cowards. Funny thing about Islam is, if you’re not murdering people in the name of the pedophile, you’re not following the religion correctly.

    1. If it wasn’t for arranged marriages, their cocks would be as dry as the fucking deserts they come from.

      1. Unless you’re the local Sheikh/warlord, hogging all the women everybody is missing out on.
        I guess polygamy explains part of the expansionism. Rich, powerful men want a harem of the finest foreign pussy, and the powerless just want pussy.

    1. Good point.
      Who is the main source and origin of radical islam and salafism?
      Saudi Arabia.
      Which countries has the west bombed into submission for being sponsors of radical islamic terrorism and jihad?
      Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and soon to be Iran.
      Are you curious about that? I am curious. It’s a puzzle, that is for sure.

        1. Interesting… I was actually curious myself what the sectarian breakdown would be and was going to speculate, but did not want to get it wrong so just went with country names instead. Like I said… VERY curious indeed.

    2. Those jiihadists with signs are so unoriginal. The signs are lame and all look like they were printed at the same kinko’s on the same day. The protesters also look like fake shits, some probably jews from long island who switched their costume from the sjw anti roosh cancellation. They come into town on schoolbuses and sometimes they can’t even remember what to chant about. They’ll do a millie vanilli and blow their credibility. Let’s look at some ‘protester’ bloopers from the past.
      Here we have vintage ’60’s white rednecks cordonned off from their anti player ‘hippie’ counter demonstrators. The ‘short hairs’ versus the ‘long hairs’.
      Short hairs:
      And across the street from Flo’s diner are the ‘long hairs’:
      Now this chick and her friend join in. She’ll get laid two or three times at the smokeout ‘hippie happening’ afterwards.
      Now this fella knows how to stir a party. See, the protesters whether they be ISIS schills or foundation pranksters are all a bunch of silver spoon kids with nothing better to do. How many betas will end up cucking this guy’s many ‘love’ children?
      Nothing better to do, and I mean NOTHING. Get a life people:

  37. I see no difference in consequences of “one man marrying a few women in a Muslim country” or “too many women sleeping with a few men in the US (because he is rich/etc and slut culture supports/approves it)”.
    PS. Do not expect those women to have anything to do with other guys as they are already physiologically or maybe financially satisfied!

    1. The carousel sluts have no loyalty to any one sire. It is a form of group matriarchy where the women broker and trade off the common alphas, but without the loyalty, control (and breadwinning and property) falls into the hands of the women. Matriarchy, though group oligarchical, ocurrs by default.
      WE WESTERN MEN must wrest control and breed by our women YOUNG AND VIRGIN. Only BRAND SPANKING NEW will do. Amen

      1. “Only BRAND NEW will do” You’ve more chance of finding the proverbial needle in the haystack.

        1. I am with you! Even Trump married a Slovenian!!
          That means A LOT.
          PS to Admin:
          Sorry, I thought my comments got deleted and I sent an email inquiring about them. I wish newer comments stay on top. Their moving all to the bottom, (requiring to click “more comments” to see) after few minutes of submitting, is so misleading to new users.

        2. Virgins are born every day. It’s just a matter of keeping them pure and shielded from corruption. It is surely a daily fight to keep a family these days. I’d say we might as well learn to love fighting. If fighting for sport were our passion, I guarantee we’d all survive the modern day. Times are gettin’ exciting.

        3. This is what strict Muslims (those somewhat closer to terrorists in ideology and faith) do and no matter how masculine we would be, we might not agree to do same.
          I see a bit of paradox here and to be honest, I have no answer for it.

        4. “It’s just a matter of keeping them pure and shielded from corruption” Veils like the Muslims use might work.

        5. The ancient Mayans, not Aztec but the original Mayans would peel the faces off of their defeated enemies. Then they would dehydrate the skin and flatten it and glue the ‘facemats’ onto the stairways of the finer homes in the community. Then the whole family, kids and all would regularly STEP ON THE FACES of their vanquished enemies everytime they went upstairs to bed or downstairs to breakfast. I like the idea of picking and choosing morsels from every religion, and the ‘facemat’ concept would teach the globalists and other traitors of the human race a lesson wouldn’t it? Kids would learn NEVER to sell out to aliens, green paper or to be tempted by the bitch spirits that make low netherworldly groaning sounds from the gutters. There’s got to be some way to put the awful bitch whore spirit back in its place here on Earth. Like in a can with cement over it.

        6. That is the use of Hijab in Islam. Isolating and shielding women from predators. But it is important she “believes in it” and not being simply enforced.
          That is why Hijab is included in Islamic Religion (instead of Islamic culture). They needed the philosophy does not fade out over the time.

        7. No they don’t. Muslim countries still have high rape rates. Western Civilization did exactly what MCGOO is promoting for thousands of years without Hijabs/Burqas.

  38. I see no difference in consequences of “one man marrying a few women in a Muslim country” or “too many women sleeping with a few men in the US (because he is rich/etc and slut culture supports/approves it)”.
    PS. Do not expect those women to have anything to do with other guys as they are already physiologically or maybe financially satisfied!

    1. My comment got deleted. I am not female and I am not feminist. I am just trying to be neutral when analyzing something. Of course I am not approving any of them.

  39. “Consumer culture is no match for God.” It should be the other way around. Unfettered, unabated Western cultural imperialism into the Muslim world and this religious barbarism shit ends. I also don’t buy the narrative that poverty is causing all of this; hell, Osama bin Laden went from a westernized multimillionaire to a cave-dwelling Islamist.

    1. Your post is backwards. It may actually be so perfectly backwards that people can actually figure out whats actually going on.

      1. Believe what you want. But so much of the Muslim world has been closed off to western cultural imperialism; do you really think countries like Afghanistan and Somalia would remain the way they are now if Western thought and innovation took hold?

        1. Afghanistan thwarted Alexander the great long before Islam. Somalia has never been a civilized area hence its vast coast never being used as a trade hub by any colonial powers.

        2. “Afghanistan thwarted Alexander the great long before Islam. ” He made it all the way to the Indus River, he didn’t even fight that much in Afghanistan.
          “Somalia has never been a civilized area hence its vast coast never being used as a trade hub by any colonial powers.” That isn’t true at all. Somalia was a stopping point for Roman merchant vessels heading to and from India. There are records of Mogadishu existing as far back as Ancient Greece. Islam is the root of most of the problems in Islamic areas.

        3. Where the Somali pirates came from. The West has been dumping NUCLEAR TOXIC WASTE on the Somali coastline for DECADES. So naturally… eventually… the local Somali fisherman decided enough was enough. Hence… pirates of the coast of Somalia.

  40. It is way simpler than this:
    America supports Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia spends money on promoting Wahhabism
    Wahhabism promotes Jihad (but Saudi Arabia puts a disclaimer that they don’t endorse terrorism so that they don’t loose US money)
    New Wahhabists around the world decide to start paramilitary organizations to spread the “religion of peace”
    Said Paramilitary Organizations fly an 3 airplanes into World Trade Center towers 1 and 2 and into the Pentagon.
    US decides this phenomenon is not explainable because because US citizens are stupid.

    1. Yes… and even with all that known… “evil Islam” is the problem. Muslims “just don’t share our values.” Islam deserves criticism where it is due, but blind hatred and mistrust when the truth is out there for all to see? I just don’t get it.

      1. Did I ever say I hate Islam? I only dislike it the same way I dislike every other religion besides Christianity, I find it to be a false religion (anyone who preaches 2 religions is a charlatan). I said the US supports the Saudi State and the Saudi state promotes radical SUNNI Islam. This in no way reflects the other sects of Islam. Have you ever noticed that Shia Islam doesn’t have this problem? It’s because Shia Islam doesn’t have a Saudi Arabia that pushes a highly radical sect.

  41. Over-population is another factor. The middle east is crammed with millions of people and the numbers are growing year over year. Throughout human history that region had much smaller populations that were more dispersed. People had room to get away from tribes or areas they didn’t like. Now there are fences and walls in every direction. People can’t freely move or spread out without bumping into another set of potentially hostile humans.

    1. Mohammedans live in poverty because of their own backwards way of life. Hell, they’ve been raping and pillaging for 1,400 years and have contributed nothing of value since the 14th century. If they dropped this Bronze Age, blood Jihad, infidel-killing shit and embraced secularism, their quality of life would improve drastically. Guaranteed.

        1. Sykes-Picot was after defeating the Ottoman Empire (which is a moot point; how do you think the huge swath of current Muslim land today came to be), and yes, the Mossadegh overthrow was chaotic (and led to the installed Pahlavi dynasty ousted by the Ayatollah and Revolutionary Guard in 1979).
          But intra-Muslim strife from Indonesia to Morocco has nothing to do with the U.S and was waged long before any western intervention. Hell, if you want to talk about violence against the infidels, go back to the Sack of Baltimore in Ireland in 1631.

        2. Why should we care about their conflicts against each other? Oh because it can keep a narrative alive. Why should americans die and be maimed to get involved in their wars and conflicts? Which for the last century often are the result of the arbitrary drawn
          borders and rulers that were put into place by the european powers. If they are such savages fighting each other let them kill each other without our expense. And since when does northern africa not have anything to do with the european powers and the USA? These areas were colonized by the european powers. Remember the battles there in WW2?

      1. Start in 1915 with sykes-picot. Work your way to the present with each intervention. The US federal government gets intimately involved in the early 1950s when it instigates the overthrow of Iran’s elected government in favor of the US federal government controlled Shah. Then there is the deliberate wrecking of any country that started to advance without being controlled by the USA or a western european power.
        There’s only one reason they give two fucks about the USA and european countries and that is because those governments have been meddling over
        there for the last century. We here in the USA are deliberately not taught the history.

    2. Usama Bin Laden had a net worth in the tens of millions of dollars or even more. Most of these terrorists come from middle class backgrounds. They’re hardly poor.

      1. The people who manipulate others are rarely poor. What’s your point? Did you see OBL blow himself up? Of course not. Just like the ruling class in the west doesn’t do the fighting themselves. They haven’t had that sort of prides since TR. Even though it is unlikely you’re correct that the majority of those being manipulated into killing themselves are middle class although it does happen especially with a liberal definition of middle class even if you are what are they fighting against? How does the US government convince middle class kids to join the military and go off and fight foreign wars?

      2. The people who manipulate others are rarely poor. What’s your point? Did
        you see OBL blow himself up? Of course not. Just like the ruling class
        in the west doesn’t do the fighting themselves. They haven’t had that
        sort of prides since TR. Even though it is unlikely you’re correct that
        the majority of those being manipulated into killing themselves are
        middle class although it does happen especially with a liberal
        definition of middle class even if you are what are they fighting
        against? How does the US government convince middle class kids to join
        the military and go off and fight foreign wars?

        1. My point is that the middle eastern monogoloids who are blowing themselves up aren’t doing it out of poverty.

        2. ”how they convince kids to fight??” – – soft bribery.
          ”’STOP IN to your local recruiter for tons of free gear or make an appointment to claim your free gift. Serve your country and get cool stuff!! That’s like a sore dick – – CAN’T BEAT IT!!”’
          **prizes subject to availability and may change without notice**
          COME ONE, COME ALL!!

        3. Generally only the leaders aren’t poor. It’s not the leaders sacrificing their lives for “the cause”. It never is. The few you’re calling middle class are convinced into doing something because of what has happened to those around them or to help the poor or things very much like those used to convince american kids to go off and get maimed or die. I doubt the relative economic make up is much different than that of the US military. It’s not the wealthy kids who are out there getting blown up by IEDs as a rule.

        4. Only the leaders are rich but their money doesn’t go to charity in their own country or to building business opportunities that would lead to upward mobility for their poor. Their oligarchs love the surrounding poverty in their countries more than we supposedly do.

        5. They get wealthy by preaching and running the organization in most cases. Think of a violent Jesse Jackson on steroids. OBL was a huge exception but there’s a great deal of suspicion that he was working with the CIA.

  42. Here is some more food for thought about the “Factors of terrorism that are ignored by the mainstream:”
    1. “Terrorism and circumcision; circumcised first, then fanaticized (psychoanalysis of terrorism) (updated 03.27.2016)”
    2. “Circumcision, the Greatest Crime Against Humanity, Racist and Catalyzer of Fanaticism, Terrorism, Genocide and Feminicide”
    3. “The concept of the Circumcision complex allows rethinking of history. It rationalizes many of the most irrational social phenomena including interreligious hatred and explains them with the same factor. ”
    As an aside, one really cannot comprehend why “FGM Is an Act of Terrorism — Not an Act of Islam” is being openly talked about while any critic of Ritual Male Genital Mutilation regularly gets ridiculed and/or swept under the carpet…

    Only by healing the roots we can heal the tree.

    1. Circumcision is and always was for peasants. Virtually all of sub tropical Africa is circumcised. The muslim droids, zoids and bots are chopped as well. Circumcised jews will always be an underdog beneath the wing of the globalist cabal. Alpha traits are supressed with circumcision. They have to be learned since they don’t develop naturally. A chopped man is an easy shoe-in for a dominating female, be it a mother, spouse, teacher. There are no real ”KING DING DONGS” to be found in Judiasm, only a bunch of ‘princesses’ but no king for the Jews, and none in circumcised Islam or Christianity. The ‘dickchopping’ issue is personal and a difficult self introspection for those peoples and tribes affected.
      OH MIGHTY THOR wields a 500 lb. plinking hammer – – BUT THE BITCH GODDESS who wields her bitch tyranny and her bitch rule over men . . . she swings not a hammer . . but a tiny pair of foresnips.

      1. What do you think about the connection between males who have been victims of genital mutilation and their more probable propensity to exhibit sadistic and terroristic behaviors? Do you see that the connection is most probably due to permanent brain structures alterations and feelings of hatred and revenge following male infant ritual genital mutilation?
        Rage can be directed outwards, inwards, or both ways.
        Until we do not heal the roots the whole tree will always be sick.

        1. Famous Elliot Rodger tweet quote:
          ”My circumcised little dong is simply shriveled up with veneration”
          Say no more. Alex Jones often correlates school shooters with psychotropic use but skirts the circ. designation that is shared by all school shooters. I can’t find any who were uncircumcised. Even back in the 1920’s, the worst school shooting ever was done by a circumcised man long before prozac, so psychotropics are a secondary issue. Cannibals, mass murderers and general reprobates result from circumcision. The list is endless:
          1). Yoo Young-chul 柳永哲, born and circumcised in Seoul, South Korea around 1981, mutilated his female prostitute victims and ate their livers. Said, “Women shouldn’t be sluts, and the rich should know what they’ve done.”
          2). The Craig’s List Killer, i.e., Philip Markoff, was born and circumcised in 1986 in Sherrill, New York. He killed a Jewess named Julissa Brisman (right), whose surname means circumciser.
          3). Dylan Klebold, born and circumcised in 1981 in Lakewood Colorado, and Eric Harris, born and circumcised in 1981 in Witchita, Kansas murdered 13 and injured of 23 others
          For the full listing of men maddened by forced circumcision, go to:
          This site has a breakdown correlating circumcision to the most infamous people. ‘Son of Sam’ Berkowitcz, school shooters and so on. I can’t find any graphs or stats searching ”circ. vs school shooters” or ”circ. vs serial killers” but this site has it all compiled. MGM is but another topic google sweeps under the rug, or tries to.

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