Mark Zuckerberg Announces Plan To Censor Discussion Of Europe’s Refugee Crisis On Facebook

In the past, it took the power of oppressive, tyrannical governments to crush free speech. In the year 2016, we have multinational corporations doing it for us. Recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared that his site would take a more active role in policing “hate speech” against the Muslim refugees streaming into Europe:

Zuckerberg pointed to efforts including funding a team to work with police to combat hate speech on Facebook. He said that learning more about German law has led the company to expand its view of “protected groups” there, and “to now include hate speech against migrants as an important part of what we just now have no tolerance for.”

According to reports, Zuckerberg has hired a 200-person censorship crew whose sole purpose will be to monitor and shut down discussion of how the refugees are tearing Europe apart. The numerous stories of how Muslim refugees are abusing the goodwill of their European hosts, such as the New Years’ Eve rape attacks in Germany, will be censored and removed from Facebook, one of the world’s largest social networking sites.

Zuckerberg’s sudden concern for the feeeeeelings of Muslim rapefugees is a cover for his true agenda. Globalist politicians and businessmen seek to use the refugee crisis to consolidate their power and destroy nationalism in Europe and in the West in general. Because the Internet enables people to circumvent the lies of the mainstream media, the globalists are now using corporate censorship to maintain their narrative.

Social Networks vs. Nationalists


The mainstream media and politicians have sought to portray the unprecedented wave of “refugees” pouring into Europe as a humanitarian crisis, claiming that Europeans are obligated to take them in. In actuality, the “refugees” are predominantly young men in search of plunder and booty. Report after report shows Muslim “refugees” starting riots, engaging in petty crime, harassing and raping European women, and generally behaving like swaggering conquerors instead of desperate paupers fleeing war.

To keep the truth from becoming public, the German government and other pro-refugee politicians have resorted to increasingly extreme measures to censor news coming out of Europe. In a particularly notable example of collusion, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was caught on mic confronting Mark Zuckerberg about the proliferation of “anti-immigrant hate posts” on Facebook. In the same conversation, Zuckerberg pledged to do a better job of curbing “hate speech” on the site.

Facebook’s censorship crusade is almost identical to a similar push by rival network Twitter. Last month, Twitter unveiled its new “Trust and Safety Council,” a tribunal dedicated to policing “hate speech” and “harassment” on the platform. The Council is headed by notorious anti-free speech feminist Anita Sarkeesian and is staffed by representatives from various left-wing organizations. Since the Council was unveiled, conservative journalist Robert Stacy McCain has been banned from Twitter, and several major personalities such as Adam Baldwin have abandoned the site.

The Elites’ End Game


As ROK publisher Roosh has stated, the central conflict of our time is between globalists and nationalists. Globalists seek to dissolve the world’s cultures into a degenerate, consumerist stew, while nationalists seek to preserve their societies in the face of these pressures. While nationalism has been dormant in the West for quite some time, the worsening global economy combined with the destruction wrought by invading Muslim “refugees” has threatened to inspire a tribalist backlash.

This is something the global elite want to prevent at all costs. Their avarice is so great that they will not even permit discussion of the horrors their policies are inflicting on the average Westerner. When they can’t use government coercion to shut us up, they’ll do an end run around free speech by conspiring with social media networks to do the job for them, branding it as “fighting hate speech” or “clamping down on racism.”

It is up to us to resist the global elite’s machinations by exposing their lies and deceit. Mark Zuckerberg may try to run his site like a digital bantustan, but no matter how much the globalists try, they cannot plug all the holes. By continuing to spread the word about Muslim refugee misbehavior and other stories the elites don’t want us to share, we can put a dent in their plans.

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248 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg Announces Plan To Censor Discussion Of Europe’s Refugee Crisis On Facebook”

  1. Stop reading Facebook feed, or quit Social Media altogether, and you will not be affected.
    Pressuring against hate speech, as Zuckerberg is trying, will only make people more inclined towards using hate speech.

    1. I’m not a fan of the term ‘hate-speech’ mostly because its now predominantly used as a scarlet word to censor uncomfortable, ugly truths.

      1. I am with you on this one. “hate-speech” is far too subjective to have any meaning. A lot of guys here would claim that things are hate speech that the social narrative promotes and vice versa.
        Same with hate crimes.
        As a life long holder of minority opinions, I don’t want the unwashed masses deciding the ethos and then labeling ideas as hate speech if they don’t like them. It essentially a global counsel of Nicaea

        1. I agree with you on that. Realistically it is free speech being surpressed, not just hate speech.
          P.S. My mention of hate speech was more a quotation of Facebook’s wording.

        2. Your postscript is well understood.
          The question of “hate crimes” is also one that has long since bothered me.
          So I get a harsher sentencing if the guy I kill is gay and I call him a faggot because it is a hate crime? I call pretty much everyone I know a faggot at least one out of every 5 times I speak to them. Also, If I am killing someone shouldn’t it be assumed I hate them no matter what extenuating circumstances exist? Further, do we really want to legislate what someone is thinking?
          The same with hate speech. As you say…it is just one brand of suppression of free speech.

        3. Personally I hardly ever read through these new words such as ”hate crime” consciously, but that might be because my mind is trained to skip through bs words when reading.
          I mean, hate crime, what the hell is that even supposed to mean? A crime is a crime, so what is a hate crime? Why would that be any different from other crimes?
          But like I said, I don’t consciously take in these words when I read them, so I’m not much affected by it.
          In conclusion, I dislike unnecessary specification of anything, just to make it seem ”more important” or ”more horrifying”. It’s childish.
          This might also be what you’re saying.

        4. The reasoning behind the designation of supposedly racially motivated crimes or any other ‘bigotry’ as hate-crimes is the same reasoning behind why a high-profile case can tend to get a harsher than is warranted sentence – to make an example. Its the system communicating to us, if you think like this you will be punished, assimilate into the borg or you will be destroyed. It would be almost worthy of respect as a tool to control the masses if it wasn’t completely terrifying.

        5. The TRUTH is that SJW’s never use language honestly. They are able to destroy perfectly good words, like “love,” “compassion,” “kindness,” etc. I’ve been having an argument with my sister because she told me, “All I know is that love is better than hate.” And I told her that was a stupid mindless and idiotic thing to say because it doesn’t actually say anything in particular and if she wants to talk that way in political terms it really has to be nothing but pure lying bullshit. I demanded that she define her terms, and she got mad and said that the meanings of the terms are obvious. I told her the meaning was most certainly not obvious because she was using the terms politically with the intent to manipulate emotions for political purposes. Then I told her that the Epistle of James says that people pretend to love their neighbor by saying, “be ye warmed and filled,” but then do not lift a finger to provide the things their neighbor actually needs to be warmed and filled, and the Apostle James said that amounted to empty vain use of rhetoric for the purpose of moral posturing and most certainly did not demonstrate faith in God or represent a manifestation of God’s love. She won’t talk to me now but I don’t care because she is an idiot and an asshole.

        6. I don’t take issue with much of what you say, but I wonder — why bother making such a strong stand with your sister? Simple cost benefit analysis should be conducted. With no extenuating circumstances, it is costing you a relationship with your own sister to press this point to her and resulting in what benefit? Some feeling of moral superiority? I just don’t understand.
          Also, using the Epistles or any of the Bible is always a mistake in my opinion. The truth is, the vast majority of people who are quoting scriptures are cherry picking things without ever really and truly understanding their deeper significance.
          I don’t think you are wrong about the manipulation of language. I just find it odd that it is worth sacrificing so much for what appears to be very little or no actual gain.

        7. That’s a fair question, and I will give you what I consider a fair answer. My sister does not respect me and she does not respect the truth enough to stop and consider her ways. If I beg her to think about what she is saying before she crams her totalitarian Marxism down my throat, she doesn’t care. So, on what basis is it possible to have a relationship with her? If she were my kid I would have to disown her. If I were her kid she would probably feel like she had to disown me. Like I’ve tried to explain to her, principles like truth and justice are more important than people, for the simple and obvious reason that people answer to the truth and to justice and not the other way around. If she decides she wants to change and be honest, then, I’m open to reconciliation. But I’m like the father in the prodigal son parable, I’m not going out to look for her, she has to come back to her senses first.

        8. The better you know Holy Scripture the better you will be in recognizing when people are misusing it. Why would you expect ignorant people of recognizing the misuse and misinterpretation of something they know little or nothing about? If someone doesn’t like what I tell them, whether I say that it is from the Bible or from off the top of my own head, I would ask them to refute it directly and on it’s own terms and not play games trying to tell me I’m cherry picking or twisting things. I believe that things are true because they are true, whether they are in the Bible or not, and the truth is always subject to manipulation. For example, do you realize that the story of The Fall and our expulsion from the Garden of Eden is an example of the truth spoken by God being twisted and cherry picked for the purpose of deceiving Eve? So, nothing new about the truth being a sensitive commodity. That’s just the way the truth is. You won’t get more truth by pretending that the truth is above and beyond that vulnerability.

        9. I can understand that. My sister is not dissimilar. I am not saying my way of dealing with it was right, but it has worked for me.
          Whenever my sister would talk about this stuff I would make fun of it…not the points…just be silly…I would never take her seriously. I would treat her opinions like the opinions of a child (or a girl for that mater).
          When she would say she believes in something I would tell her I believe in Santa Claus. After a while she understood that her beliefs mean to me about as much as her 1 year old child’s beliefs about things mean to her. She was and always be a child in my eyes and it is pointless for her to try to talk to me about something.
          In the end it turns out that we simply don’t discuss our beliefs and we are able to be siblings.
          I don’t know if this would work for you, but if it does I would be glad. Fighting with family causes terible anxiety and depression.

        10. You are, of course, exactly correct here. Scripture is so incredibly complicated, however, that I feel it is just a bad resource to use to prove a point.
          For a millennia or more people have been arguing over minute little details….and these are people who a) aren’t forced to suffer the hideous translations that exist and don’t understand the subtlety of ancient greek 2) who understand or, in some cases, were part of the relevant history and 3) have a full working knowledge of relevant secondary texts and thousands of these people for thousands of years are still arguing over such small little points.
          I agree with you that it is better to believe what is true regardless of the source. However, appealing to such a complicated and disputed book often times will weaken rather than strengthen an argument.

        11. I should have mentioned that my sister and I are in our late 50’s and we’ve been having this problem since we were teenagers. In the last few years it finally sank past my thick skull and into my pea brain that my sister was fundamentally intellectually dishonest. She’s intellectually dishonest even beyond what is typical for women. My other sister is not the same way at all about her approach to truth, and I don’t have a problem with her, not because we always agree, but because intellectual honesty is the issue, not the particular conclusions.
          Like the Bible says, our enemas will be those of our own households.

        12. I am sorry you are having these issues and hope that you can find some peace with your family. For whatever else they are, they are your family.
          Also, you win for THE most hilarious typo ever. Seriously, I am having a really shit day and your last sentence made me laugh something fierce.

        13. When speaking generally and when not dealing with a fellow Christian who asserts belief in the Bible, I don’t use the Bible to prove my point, I will use it to help me illustrate my point. That was my intent when I referred to The Fall story in the book of Genesis. I didn’t need or expect you to “believe” in the technical truthiness of the story, I was only trying to illustrate an example of “truth” being twisted around to serve an evil end by an manipulative entity. One need not believe a Word in the Bible nor believe in the supernatural to appreciate the example of truth being twisted around by a lying bastard.

        14. Oops. I’m afraid my subconscious came leaking out again. At least apparently my meaning was still clear, so, as they say, my point is still moot.

        15. it was clear and I do agree with you. A lot of issues with the people in your home. Something about prophets not being recognized and all. Still, an enema line will get me every time.

        16. Now for the punchline. We actually have sort of a truce in that she knows I’m angry at her and that I think she’s an asshole, but at this point she is just confused because the truth is she is not a totally bad person but merely just another one of the severely brainwashed. She really didn’t get my point about love and compassion being merely words unless we back them up with substance, until I made a stink about it, and now she’s at least thinking about it.

        17. Boy, if I stopped talking to all my relatives that were idiots and assholes I wouldn’t be talking to any of them, and I have a very large family. The fact that they are all brain dead yellow dog democrats is their biggest hurdle to clear thinking. For those that may not understand the term, a yellow dog democrat is one that would vote for a yellow dog if it was on the democrat candidate slate. My parents were yellow dog democrats. I asked them why they stopped thinking and just pulled the democrat lever and they said, “Because FDR was a democrat.” I asked some yellow dog democrats in the deep south why they voted democrat and the reply was, “Because Lincoln was a Republican.” Last I looked neither of those to men have been on the ballot for many years, and I’m almost certain they are both dead.

        18. It’s a case by case issue. If I would criticize them for other things if I thought it was serious enough, like, for example, say I caught them robbing a bank, then I might criticize them for other, more abstract things, such as their belief that robbing banks is OK if the government does it in the name of the poor but wont admit that the government is lying about doing it for the poor.

        19. “Scripture is so incredibly complicated, however, that I feel it is just a bad resource to use to prove a point.”
          The Scriptures are just the liturgical book of the Orthodox Church. To understand it, all you need to do is accept how the Orthodox Church tradition explains it, after all, the accepted collection (canon) came about gradually over centuries because it agreed with Holy Tradition. The Church predates the Bible.
          “a) aren’t forced to suffer the hideous translations that exist and don’t understand the subtlety of ancient greek”
          The Greek Church is Orthodox and always has been. Enough said.

        20. I like the orthodox church for just this reason. However, I think you could convene a meeting of every biblical scholar in the world and in 500 years you wouldn’t get an answer to whether icons are prohibited by the third commandment let alone on much more subtle questions like “is the love of self mandated as a love of ones own being and free will or the love of the part of ones self that is in the image of the lord thus being further love of god”

      2. You are on right track. “Hate speech” is leftist-liberal newspeak version of Commie’s “verbal delict” and clear example of leftist-liberal double standards.
        “Kill whitey”, “black power” is expression of free speech, but “white power”, Europe to Europeans is “hate speech” and “white supremacy”.
        Hate is normal, just like love, it is integral part of human nature. People have right to love and hate. It is like we are living in Orwellian distopia and people must not feel “bad thoughts” or “bad emotions”.
        I have right to say for example, I don’t like niggers. I did not say that I want to kill them or something, just, I don’t like them, and don’t want them in my neighbourhood. This is not even hate, cause I don’t hate blacks nor any other nonwhite people, I don’t want them in my country.
        The Sordid Origin of Hate-Speech Laws

      3. It´s a nonsensical term mostly. I hate people with poor social graces and I´ll say it to thier faces, should I be prohibted from doing so?
        It really comes back to the notion of giving offence to someone, which in istself is also nonsensical as they´ll always be people who´ll take offence at something, that´s life, and these self-indulgent babies should learn to grow up and take offence if they deserve it.

        1. I suppose a drill sergeant can not spew all kinds of vulgar language to new cadets in boot camp. That is how people become thick skinned so shit like this doesn’t bother them.

      4. yeah which is exactly why we need to abuse that term, until it loses all meaning. then their newspeak garbage cant get a foothold

    2. Things can get interesting when you’re active on social media AGAINST the globalist narrative, though.
      Look at what happened to Twitter, the execs are really revealing their true colors in attempts to squash those types of discussions, and it’s bringing down Twitter as a result.

      1. It astonishes me that a genius such as Zuckerberg does not realize that surpressing free speech only motivates the folks to go to more extremes.
        Or maybe he does realize it, but is unable or unmotivated to resist the command of the establishment.

        1. Genius? He lifted the concept from some else at Harvard. No? Give him credit for seeing an opportunity, but not originality.

  2. Screw facebook I deleted all my social media accounts a few years ago and never looked back.

  3. Delete Facebook. It’s possible, you must select the option and then it requires you to avoid signing in for 14 days or so. Afterwards you cannot ‘reactivate’ again.
    I did this two years ago and have never looked back. Plus it’s a great way of knowing who your friends are. Those who realise you are gone will find some way to contact you.

    1. Agreed. Deleted mine 3 years ago as I identified that its a cesspool of attention whores, internet ‘activists’, narcissists and SJW’s.
      The urban dictionary accurately describes it as a Narcissists wet dream. Anyone who claims they are addicted to it are just people that are obsessed with external validation to feed their egos. Its a fundamental feature of Narcissism. The fact over a billion people use it is a serious red flag as it conveys the extent in which our culture is exponentially becoming more narcissistic. The end results of pathological narcissism is self-destruction. Which is fine when contained among individuals but when it becomes one of the tenets of a respective culture then that culture will eventually consume itself.

    2. Deleted mine too and not one of the people on it have contacted me since (to be fair, they were all loose acquaintances, not actual friends).
      Just keep in mind that it is not actually deleted, they still have all the contents, you just can’t access it and neither can any other muggle.

    3. Facebook is just full of validation seeking females and beta orbiter faggots. No lose.

  4. It would seem that now the time is ripe for a twitter/facebook alternative to spring out of the woodwork from an enterprising individual advertising the advantage of their site over the competition purely as, Censorship? What even is that? 1st amendment all the way. Look what happened to reddit when Chairman Pao went all feminazi on fph and co, the community just migrated to VOAT. Unfortunately I don’t see the vast majority of those plugged in ditching the mainstream social media sites, but hey – small victories.

    1. The question is where you’ll base the servers? If in countries like the US and Germany you’ll be right out of luck…The governments and Cuckerburg et al won’t even let it get off the ground…
      Controlling the servers is probably the next censorship move of the SJW puppets and their real masters Cuckerburg and Hillary Clinton etc.
      Think about it, wherever they can control the servers then they have control of the Matrix just like the movie. Orwell must be rolling over in his grave…

    2. No, now the time is ripe, for regular people, to completely ABANDON centralized social media services, all together, and start migrating back to the unregulated web, within decentralized, website based, forums, etc. All the top social media sites and apps are nothing more than propaganda tools that can simultaneously track behavior patterns, for use by the “Owners of Capital” (note, Matt simply calls these people the “Elite”, but lets face facts, folks like Zuckerberg think they OWN us, like indentured servants)

      1. Perhaps something like twitter, but instead of a central server the tweets are hosted on the user’s device and finds other users similar to tinder.

      2. I would say they deem us less worthy than indentured servants. Their concept of us is more akin to cattle…

  5. Tim Steyer’s hedge fund money wants to shut down all traditional media in favor for Social media in which his hedge funds are heavily invested. This will be done through Hilary. Do the research. Silicon Valley social media is pure evil.

    1. He ought to get his post pregnancy wife on a treadmill to lose the baby weight.

      1. With all of his money that’s the best he could do? She was a troll before the baby

        1. I get the feeling zberg never had a lot of girlfriends and wifed up the first one that wasn’t fat. Now all she had to do is say she fell out of love and walk away with half his billions. He looks very blue pill.

        2. His looks are the very definition of blue pill. Soft, feminine features and a dopey grin that says “I fuck ugly women and marry even uglier ones” on his face. And yes, getting married when your a billionaire is a really fucking dumb idea.
          I will give it to him, FB is an incredible change in the way we function as a society. It was a great idea. I’m not sure it was his idea, but.. He who dies with the most money wins, and he sure as shit is winning by that standard.

        3. I have noticed Jews and Chinese tend to inter-marry. There is even a Chinese-Jewish community in China.

        4. I’ve noticed jewish males going for asian women, wonder if they force them to convert.

        5. I’d say, he who dies with people who remember him wins. And by that standard, we have people who have been winning for a thousand years in Scandinavia.
          As long as people remember you, you influence the world, you live on. Who will remember Zuckerberg (or at least remember him and think well of him) in a hundred years?

        6. Most of the non Hasid Jews around here are pretty secular. There religion seems to have ended at the bar mitzvah.

        7. I hope this douchebag loses his money on the divorce. Let’s wonder if he will still be pro-feminism after that.

        8. make no mistake there friend, take another solid, good look at his eyes. Those eyes are of a killer zionist jew, that sits with Germanys High Chancelor along with CIA agents. From the Pantheon of elite threats to God, a first pawn emerges, check out his eyes and you can literally see a legion of fucking demons. I am not fucking around. It will take big guns to take these assholes off their pedestals.

        9. No thanks. All those baby girl hormones swirling around. Estrogen – it’s what makes chickens and women fat. Obviously her diet does not consist of what her ancestors ate. Surely he built an exercise room in the mansion?

        10. No, estrogen is what makes a woman appear like a woman. It’s lack of it that makes them into a butch.

        11. Estrogen from that baby girl piled on the pounds. That and too many kosher egg rolls and mooshu pork.

        12. There is something reptilian in particular in the first pic when you kind of allow your eyes to lose their focus slightly.

        13. laugh all you want, but that guy ,,owns” facebook and sits down with prime ministers & presidents.

        14. How is it different to Hi5, Myspace etc that came before it really? He just got lucky. Its still shit.

      2. Get ready for that baby to grow up and terrorize the country with his daddy’s billions in support of “good causes”.

        1. Maybe just an entitled trust fund brat who eventually dies of a drug overdose in a posh hotel room.

  6. The more you ban and censor, the more the “plebs” always rightfully smell a rat. How stupid and backward these people are, don´t they realize that the tide is turning strongly against their constant manipulation.

    1. I hope so but if they deplatform us all then their narratrive is the only one out there.
      This is their ultimate goal. I’m not American but boy I hope Trump wins the election!

      1. There´s a huge anti-establishment in many western countries at the moment, business as usual is no longer the case in countries like Spain,the UK and Ireland were people are fed up with de-facto elities treating the voters with contempt over the last 3 decades.
        What´s great about Trump is he righfully puts it up to the old phoney establishment by saying “Well, prove to me why I´m an X,Y or Z” and they can´t because all they´ve ever used were slogans to bully people, and underneath these they cannot rationally back up what they mostly slanderously shout about.

        1. They were used to having JEB style Cucks that would deflate and cry when you accused them of something.

      1. A war is brewing. It’s nearly EXACTLY the war the Frankfurt School scum wanted too: the bourgeois verses proletariat across national lines. It’s the Nationalists versus the Globalists across national lines.
        I’ll admit, that the effort has even worked on me. I’ll sooner fight along side a Russian, Hungarian, or Slovokian who recognizes my right to exist as a white American than I would fight with an American leftist who hates the country and wants my culture dead.
        For the moment, it looks like the effort to erode national identity and culture has been a resounding success in Europe. It’s up to the few remaining Nationalists there to win now that the enemy has made themselves known.

        1. My grandpa liked painting poorly lit buildings. Does that make him Hitler?
          I once knew a guy with black hair and a mustache. He might as well gas some Jews, right?

        2. Stalin killed more than Hitler, Mao killed more than Stalin.
          History is written by the victor.

        3. Hitler was right, catch up man, you’re stuck in the 20th century Jewish hollywood/big media agit-prop matrix.

        4. A great war between rabbits (r-selected people) and wolves (K-selected people) is coming. The precise form it will take is still murky, but the overall theme is clear.

        5. The only thing Hitler (and the nazis) did wrong was lose. If they had won the primary western language might have been german, and america would have been The Great Devil of the West.
          The winner always writes history. Never forget that.

        6. The Great Devil of the West. That´s what Stalin called America….it´s strange how his marxistcredo has found new life there almost 60 years after his death.

        7. I was in Israel a month ago seeing the country and spoke to an Israeli girl about 24 who was in active service for IDF. We spoke politics of course , and hitter etc. Something that blew my mind was that she kept saying how hitler DID win the war. Because if you consider what was achieved by it, they did come out on top long term. The standard of living in Germany has increased, it has the biggest economy in Europe, and is a major world player, and is an overall powerhouse. I had never heard this argument in my life. Especially coming from an Israeli in israel. ‘Germany DID win the war’

        8. The west hates Hitler more be causes he showed that Judaism is not the invincible system it claims to be.

        9. Check out the movie “the mouse that roared” if you can.
          Basic plot is a small bankrupt country no one has heard of decides the way to prosperity is to pick a fight with the US and lose (eg Germany, Japan, etc).

        10. Quite possibly the most idiotic theory I have heard. Jews are gifted a country and legally allowed to trample its native inhabitants the Palestinians. They are then propelled into vast amounts of power globally completely beyond reproach because ‘holocaust’. Germany took a long time to recover even now as its leeches rob it of billions in reparations but lets not give the German people any credit it must just be because they ‘won’.

        11. Yes. The Germans eventually came out on top because they are smart and industrious, not because they ‘won the war’.
          What a moron.

        12. You got that arse-about-face…America ‘picked’ the fight…they weren’t bankrupt and you didn’t win it.(on your own at least)

        13. I’ll keep it simple for you. The British beat the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century. They then owned the land that is called Palestine / Israel. Some years later it was given to Israel from the British. Zionist or not, the land was given from Britain to Israel. Israel did not steal it. Technically, Britain won it in the war. And no country has ever been legally told to return land they win in a war. For some reason people can’t get their heads around this. And by the way Palestine is a shit hole, especially the West Bank. If they can’t manage what land they already have, why do they need more. And that goes for Egypt and Lebanon too. Some of the dirtiest countries in the world.

        14. some daft Israeli bint claims Germany won the war and it’s supposed to mean something?

        15. The plot of the story is that every country who has lost a war with the US, regardless of who started it. Happy now?

        16. i was wondering if i should bring this up – good to see somebody else knows about this angle

        17. Il take the word of Miko Peled son of an Israeli general who has first hand knowledge and studied Israeli war archives over some Zionist propaganda you spit at me.

    2. News came out the other day that Twitter lost a BILLION (with a “B”) dollars over the past 10 years…they are in a panic and censoring everything they can over there. If that company was worth anything other than a headache over the long term…Facebook, Microsoft or Google would have bought them out by now.

      1. Twitter was money loser from day one. Classic case study of venture capital pump and dump.

      2. Twitter will follow Yahoo to the dustbin. Except Yahoo used to have a real product (search, mail, news). Twitter never did. The entire idea of Twitter is so asinine as to be laughable. Any CS student with 1/2 a brain could re-write the functionality of Twitter in a few days. It’s mindboggling that something so simple has such a high valuation.
        Facebook will add a “tweet” feature and that’ll be the death of Twitter. Shocked that it hasn’t happened yet to be completely honest.

      3. Looking at the photos of Zuckerberg, and knowing that he gave almost a billion dollars to Planned Parenthood as a charitable donation, as well as his forays into kissing the ass of every uber left politician…it makes me question what type of “genius” he is?
        Is he a diabolical mad genius that is merely tooling these fools. Doubtful, his picture speaks a thousand words. Literally, I would not be shocked if his Asian wife, now having his money, does not sire the pool boy’s offspring.
        His political moves, including this one about the rapefugee crisis in Europe, indicate that he is a really intelligent computer programmer, but a naïve imbecile when it comes to the highest levels of political intrigue. Literally, an exotic, interesting pet to the liberal elites.
        Or he is really not a genius, but I seriously doubt that one. I think he is just an eccentric genius, trying to please. Mixed with the reasoning just above.
        Zuck=Cuck waiting to happen. I bet his heart is in the right place. But Hell’s gate is receiving billions in new pavement.

        1. He’s not a genius, all he did was steal the Winklevoss twins idea. The programming for the website was not very complicated but the idea was solid enough to grow to a point he could hire programmers who were skilled.

    3. They believe they have a critical mass of sheeple that are too afraid to live without the comforts of these (false) necessities of modern communication.
      So they may lose a few people, but this is a mall price to further divide the populous into those who believe in ‘equality’, ‘diversity’, etc. and those who will be “on the wrong side of history.”
      They believe this is a small price for progress (consolidation of their power and control) because they understand the underlying cravings of human nature the same way fast/food processors/restaurants understand how to press those physiological buttons that are ill-equipped to handle such excesses of the sugar-fat-salt layering. The addictive aspects of these conveniences are quite similar.
      Twitter and Facebook are not public utilities. The expectation of their amoral, service-oriented neutrality is ignorant. As is the idea that as a (“free”) user we have “rights” that these companies are obligated to protect.
      I hope they are wrong, but my faith in the average man is not particularly robust. The only way to undermine their premise is to starve the machine entirely. Reaching boys and men with the kind of messaging we desire requires more than 140-ch snips and FB posturing withing hordes of blue-pill feminized drones. Most things worth a shit require more than armchair banter. The only message should be: quit.
      I do believe the tide is turning, as you say, but ego-invested identity maintenance tools are quite sticky. Even those who see the manipulation will, in the same sentence, complain about such moves but then rationalize why they won’t (can’t) quit using these tools.
      Even so called red pill men will stop short of starving the beast because they think that these tools are where we need to ‘take the fight’. I wish them well, but using their weapons on their turf according to their (ever tightening) rules, does not seem very strategic. Until such time as similar versions of these tools are developed without the social-political agenda, the best fight is attrition via withdrawal.
      Though I don’t see how the next version of such things would eventually not fall to the same forces, that is for another day. In the meantime, I’ve got better shit to do and so should most men. The very existence of these mechanisms of this culture war requires that men invest, even if those men don’t see it as such.

      1. Retreat and withdrawal. I tend to agree with this tactic on the issue of peoples´ near obsessive over-dependency on the social media narratives. It´s a trap in many ways and also obviously a complete waste of a proper man´s time that could be spend on more useful pursuits.
        I was in Asia very recently, my first time there, and I couldn’t´t get over how totally tuned into technology they are, I then spent a few days on a break in Portugal on my way home and the same phenomena you see with everyone under 50, just like China, on buses, streets, shops, bars, even restaurants people are sitting in total silence “communicating” with their i-phone virtual contacts. It´s immensely sad, as i remember a time, only a few years ago where you´d see people conversing in the real world in these countries, now it´s mostly the over 50s that talk and interact like human beings.
        Lastly, I´d say Twitter and Facebook will go the way of all extraneous matter very soon, as the one thing people generally hate is being to conform to some corporate way of thinking, this is very uncool and I can´t see even this dull and prosaic under 30 generation sticking with it.

        1. I wouldn’t call it tuned into technology. More like addicted to it. I don’t know Asia, but in the Western World only a precious minority (less than 5% of whites and even less for hispanics and other groups) really understands the technology. It’s sad how conversational skills are out and being an iphone zombie is in…

    4. This is no big deal. No one of any consequence discusses anything important over Facebook.
      Notwithstanding that, we all know that Facebook is CIA… right?

    5. Man, I hope you’re right, but I’m sceptical and pessimistic.
      Pew, I think it was, found that Facebook is by far (20 percentage points) the most popular news source for millenials. Add in the fact that Facebook’s “filter bubble” will often only show news articles that already confirm the person’s worldview, and it seems to me like we’ve got a generation whose understanding of the world mainly comes from what they see on Facebook. They may not have enough awareness of the outside world to actually realise that they’re being manipulated. For many people, if something happens, but isn’t shown to them (or their like-minded friends) on Facebook, it might as well not’ve happened at all.
      Seriously, this is one of the more disturbing articles I’ve read recently:

      1. I suppose, why should we care if a generation are brought up as total morons? It´s the classic lopsided equation between quantity and quality, their stupidity en-mass will be balanced out by the selective intelligence of people who can think outside their artificial frame of reference (facebook).
        To be honest, I don´t really care about the future generations anymore, let them dance with the devil…

        1. I agree with your point about that type of situation, but I don’t think that’s what’s happening now. If they were all vapid, empty-headed and only cared about reality stars and whatnot, then fine, who cares.
          But the fact that they’re vapid, lack critical-thinking skills, and are being fed nothing but news that reinforces a certain worldview, essentially inculcates them into whatever sjw/extreme leftism/pc nonsense… then you have a legion of ideologues who won’t listen to reason, and will likely never even consider altering their views at all

  7. So anybody who gets their feelings hurt reading your FB page can flag it for offensive content and it will get reviewed. How long before ROK gets booted?

    1. Good thing it is it’s own website. Keep in mind Roosh could build on this and expand and in time, RoK could be a voice for like minded men. Don’t think it can’t happen…when Facebook started you couldn’t get on unless you had a .edu email address…back then the big thing was MySpace…but empires rise and fall…I bet Zuck the Cuck is aware of this which is why he’s trying to learn Mandarin (to get into China) and stashing his 45 Billion into a charity (as a shelter in case he can’t get into China and the inevitable contraction occurs)

      1. I had intended on writing my feelings about Zuckerberg and his powerful influence of PC tyranny but your “Zuck the Cuck” seems to have summed it up in three words.

  8. The European Union needs to break up and it will only take one or two countries to pull out and others will follow.

  9. Assbook- screw that globalist jew. That is for attention whores only. Don’t be an attention whore.

  10. Yikes, I posted about that New Years Eve story in Cologne and about the European Muslim crisis. Oh, well, we’ll see if my posts get taken down.

  11. The definition of hate speech is ambiguous and can be used to censor anybody who hurts somebody’s feelings. What if zberg hurts my feelings by protecting another person’s feelings?

    1. An excerpt from a Suicidal Tendencies song “You Can’t Bring Me Down”. This song was back from the 90’s.
      “Can you say “feel like shit”?
      Yea maybe sometimes I do feel like shit
      I ain’t happy ’bout it, but I’d rather feel like shit than be full of shit!
      And if I offended you, oh I’m sorry…
      But maybe you need to be offended
      But here’s my apology and one more thing…fuck you!”

  12. A counter attack would be to make numerous bogus accounts and invite random people in Europe as friends and make “hate speech”.

  13. I wonder if this “end run” is actually leading up to something more sinister such as marshalling the force of state against anyone who types a few key strokes against refugees, gays, SJWs the state etc ?? This would be done on grand scale Soviet Russian style..
    I mean once you deplatform the average free speaking / thinking citizen then you have the media as your tool to manipulate elections to maintain the illusion of a free media, elections and speech.
    We, the nationalist right partiarchy types won’t get ourcandidates messages out, they probably won’t let you register and then really ellections willl be simply formalites approving state mantras with fat pig femminists, faggots, sodomites, illiterate blacks and other minorites controlled by cuckerberg, Hillary and other elites .
    The muppets will support then in exchange for welfare, food stamps and jobs that aren’t really jobs like “Diversity Co-ordinator” also because they don’t weant their feelings on FB hurt..
    Once this is complete written “thought crimes” will be punished by “swatting” once you type “Zuckerburg is agianst free speech” for example.
    Judged by a panel of Women c***s and Queers like Human Rights tribunals you’ll have little if any reprieve in the courts and certainly not your constitution.
    I’m sure these scumbags tell themselves this is “good” for society as they undermine thousands of years of development, from Greek times, of democaracy but in the end they’re building 1984..

    1. You write that as if we don’t have and fully understand the intent of the 2nd Amendment.

      1. Keep in mind Ghost that since Scalia’s death the future of the 2nd Amendment is hanging on by a thread.

        1. The internet’s been around nigh on 20 years now (http I mean) and we’ve done a lot of work instructing people that amendments do not give us rights, they only tells us what the government is instituted to protect. Nobody is giving up anything, no matter what SCOTUS says or doesn’t say.

  14. I hope they keep going too far. It makes a secession more legitimate and marketable.

  15. I feel that people who recognise the danger of multicultural societies are a minority, as it always happens when there are big swifts in a society like when mechanisation was introduced sprouting the Luddite movement. After some little unrest, societies happily move forwards. I think that’s ingrained in the human species. Nobody cares too much till it’s too late and a war or some other truculent and bloody measures inevitably start to re-balance the situation which has gone too far, like in the case of the Nazis and the Jews. I’m for preventing things before they get too nasty and out of control. It’s not too late to save our European culture and identity but it’s sad that we need to resort to wait for the situation to get worse or even to hope that the situation will get worse.

    1. I feel that people who recognise the danger of multicultural societies are a minority,
      This reminds me of a meeting I went to two weeks ago in regards to the future development in the neighborhood. I live in a gentrifying urban area (think hipsters mixed with poor minorities) and a local organization wanted the input from the neighborhood. This area is about 30% white, but the meeting attendees were about 90% white with a smattering of Asiatics (India, China, Pakistan, etc.)
      We broke up into groups and when requested “what you like about the area” each group (in particular the white women) had to mentioned how much they loved the ‘DIVERSITY!’. I think they were all oblivious to the fact that the people who actually have a future time orientation about the area weren’t very diverse. The meeting was a white bread affair.

      1. That’s a very misleading way of considering diversity, in my opinion. The diversity those white women were applauding about for me represent the suicide of an ethnic group. I think that the current view that diversity always enhance a community is flawed, the same way that it is in adding as many flavors to an original meal: you add something but you loose something too. Most importantly you loose the dish in question forever which represented in its own right a diversity within the global cuisine. Endless wars have been fought to avoid diversity and many more will be fought in the future. I feel pity on those people who fought them if the result is those women loving diversity. If they love it so much they should experience it by going to other countries not only as tourists but actually living there even just for a month.

  16. The hamster wheel thought proccess of the left is nothing short of hilarious. They claim to be all about tolerance, yet when faced with any viewpoint that runs contrary to their mob doctrine, they overreact with extreme intolerance. Free speech and meaningful debate is OK with them so long as whatever is being said is in complete agreement with their views. Otherwise it’s hate speech, mysoginy, racism, bigotry, or whatever other word salad label these idiots come up with to define things they don’t like.
    If you’re using Facebook or any other form of social media for anything other than business or professional purposes, now’s a great time to pull the plug. Fuckerberg and his ilk are laughing all the way to the bank with the profits made from selling your information to the highest bidder while catering exclusively to the lowest common denominator of society; the left. Get rid of social media for personal use. It offers you nothing that you can’t live without and contributes nothing of value to your life.

  17. Haven’t read the article yet, but, from the first picture.. I’m pretty sure if you look up “beta bitch” on Wikipedia, you’ll find that picture of MZ. If he has a testosterone level over 10 I’d be fucking shocked.

    1. Very beta to roll with a lot of money, and settle for a 4.5/10 woman, especially marrying her.

  18. Free Speech is totally incompatible with Jewish plans for a New World Order.
    There has been extreme urgency in getting rid of the last vestiges of it, over the course of the Obama presidency.

  19. Anyone who still thinks the so-called “migrant crisis”, or invasion, is an organic event triggered by fighting in Syria, is an absolute dolt.
    Every step of this has been meticulously planned.
    War is on the horizon.

  20. Freedom of speech doesn’t exist as far as private corporations are concerned…Zuck the Cuck can demand you only talk about how great things are in Europe and since he control’s Facebook, he controls the conversation. Freedom of Speech only applies if YOU want to create your own weblog, newspaper or news broadcast…in which case the government can’t censor you. But if you want your message to get out, you must financially control the medium…thus the reason liberal elites control the discourse thru a stranglehold.

    1. That’s probably how most speech will be policed in the future. Laws are more likely to be seen as oppressive than moderation policies introduced by private companies. With facebook and twitter now partly gagged half the job of the censor is already done

  21. Promoting and protecting a rape culture that comes wrapped in a Muslim wrapper. Nice move Suckerberg. You got a few billion, why don’t you let them sleep over your home and baby sit YOUR wife.

  22. I think this Censorship Roll Out in Germany is more of a dry run for the big enchelada: America..
    If it goes well in Germany I think a larger role out in English speaking countries such as England, Australia and Canada leading up to America or vice versa.
    The risk which I think he knows is that you get a backlash al la Twitter and shareholders punish you.
    Hopefully Twitter dies a slow painful death for it’s treason against free speech and this will slow things down but I have a feeling we’re in big trouble on the free thinking and speaking pan nationalist right..

      1. I see that and raise you him free to flail about as he wish. Makes it more enjoyable.

        1. I raise you an outta-the-blue elbow to the jaw from behind. Shock tactics.

      2. This would certainly take less than 30 minutes. After all, why waste time when you have important things to do.

  23. Who gives Zuckerberg the right to censor free speech? Let’s all ditch his site and let it rot like myspace. Not even Judaism can tame the will of the people.

    1. its his company. gives him the right to do whatever he likes. unfortunately, that just so happ to shutting down free speech, but at the end of the day, he can do it

    2. he’s censoring hate speech, you rapists!!
      wow, just wow… i cant even
      zuckerberg is doubleplusgood and thats all there is to it

  24. There are so many alternative roots now for men to learn the truth on the internet, we don’t even need Faggot Book

  25. facebook is a nest of attention whores, betas, sjw, feminists and politicaly correctness preachers.

  26. Technically this is not censorship as Facebook is a private company. To solve this crisis we need our governments to take robust stand; that won’t be achieved by jabbering on social media.

    1. It IS censorship. By a private company. You’re confusing the genetic term censorship, used correctly in the article, with the First Amendment to the US Constitution, which prohibits the government from interfering with certain speech.

  27. I ditched Facebook completely in 2007…some say I’m out of the loop and missing everything for not participating. Like any fad, it should die off within a few years.

  28. Obviously its a movie so it is nowhere near real life but in the social network i like how he was portrayed as someone who would say anything he wanted and not care what people thought, turns out the real zuckerberg is just a giant pussy like most of the world.

  29. Now look here, in what kind of times do we live in when a man can’t set the terms and conditions on the intellectual property he stole and profited from immensely?!? I mean c’mon, he stole the source code fair and square just like any hard working young man and is entitled to certain rights and privileges!
    Every time I see his gormless mug I want to punch it. If not for FB he’d be just another skinny jeans wearing hipster sitting in Starbucks complaining about how unfair life is when you live off a trust fun.

    1. Exactly. I quickly regarded it as garbage. It still is, but it also appears that a lot of folks are “addicted” to the FB feed. The fellow is in trouble if we both run into him at the same time.
      It’s amazing how many people have no problem using the product of a criminal (or vote for one) these days.

  30. I’m not sure why I expected more. But I am so disappointed that Zuckerberg has turned out to be such a total brain-dead, knee-jerk, globalist, elitist dweeb.

  31. I just called zuckerberg hitler on facebook i wonder how long before it gets taken down

  32. Facebook is a private company that can do as it likes…So I suggest people use their power as consumers and simply quit. Zuckerberg only has the power you give to him.
    People were able to communicate on the internet long before Facebook was around. The only “value added” attribute Facebook offers is the ability to be a full blown narcissist online. Simply communicating and sharing like minded ideas as opposed to pictures of you engulfing a beer bong last weekend.
    Also, last time I checked, racism and hate are not illegal.

    1. For me Facebook serves the purpose of highlighting where the left is at at any given moment.
      Most people know that if they post pro-Trump or pro-conservative values on FB, they could have that information used against them in the future.
      Trump’s support however reveals a silent majority, and these hordes of lefty Facebookers seem genuinely astonished that there is an opposing point of view.

      1. Yes, the shock of an opposing opinion leaves MSM bobble heads just perplexed as hell.

  33. If he’s only got 200 people monitoring all of CuckBook, that can easily be subverted. Surely 200 people read RoK every day, not to mention all of the other sites in the manosphere. If even a fraction of those people flooded FB with anti-immigration sentiment, they wouldn’t be able to get to all of it.

    1. 200 people, I guess some of them are data analysts, machine learning specialists.

  34. I like Facebook because I put out all sorts of red-pill truths and smack down the false narratives of my friend’s posts. On one hand it’s sad to see that none of them support Trump. On the other hand it’s great to be totally out with my worldview and ZFG. Hopefully I’ll be a beacon of light for a few people I know.
    To be clear, Zuckerburg is a piece of shit and I’ve posted “Fuck Zuckerburg” and an article similar to this one before.

  35. Arabs/Muslims are cowards. They have always been like this. They can only attack women, children and weak men. When shit gets tough, they flee like little bitches. They come to Northwestern Europe, because of welfare and free pussy. They know that the men are weak and won’t protect their women or country.
    That’s why they dont want to stay in Eastern Europe, because the men over there aren’t weak. They can’t do their sandnigger bullshit over there.

  36. Yesterday I dropped Facebook. They asked me lots of questions, as if they did not like that much me leaving. And my life continues. Today YOU can do the same thing.

    1. Well done. You’re a better man for it.

      1. Thanks. I just thought at how was my life before 2008 + this pro “rapefugee” censorship. Enough is enough. Let’s make this bastard bankrupt.

    2. Never went on FarceBook. I smelled trouble from day one with the hang your arse out the window and let everyone have a look mentality. I make certain prospective employers know that I don’t tweet, twit or farcebook.

      1. That makes two of us-when asked why I don’t use the Facespace I snort in disgust and say ‘I have a life’ or ‘I don’t need people to massage my balls’.

  37. I’m ordinarily for free market capitalism, but maybe in this instance each country should be encouraged to nationalise facebook within their territory.

  38. Social media sites can be deserted or created with ease. It’s all about capturing the needs and desires of a certain audience, who then naturally shift to your platform. The more sites like ROK build their communities, the less control places like Facebook have over them.

  39. Aside from the leftist/PC/SJW bullshit culture that is now permeating Facebook, what really annoys me about the site is the fact that many potential employers use it as some kind of gauge to figure out whether you’re a suitable candidate for the job. And if you don’t have an account, you’re viewed as some sort of sociopath. When FB does bite the dust, what will be the requirement? Periscope? Instagram? Twitter?

    1. I make sure all prospective employers know that I DO NOT have a farcebook account. If you want to know how I wipe my ass just ask me.

    2. I’ve not been asked to disclose anything one way or the other. It just never comes up. I’ve heard of some companies trying to get your sign on, but one should just point out that this would be a violation of their terms of agreement and gosh, you wouldn’t want me to act unethically if I thought it would profit me, do you?

      1. Nor I for that matter-no employer has ever asked me if I use social media albeit there is a social media policy in place in which case I state clearly and unequivocally that I do not waste my time on such idiocy. I think that revelation assuages any concern I cause them harm by making inappropriate postings etc. or reveal information I shouldn’t on such a platform.

    3. My favorite interview question(s) of new software engineers is: “Do you know the names of your neighbors? What about their children?” It gives me a much better gauge of who I am dealing with than to know what online garbage they take to the curb.

  40. Political correctness will come to an end after Trump is elected. I sure hope.

  41. Zuckerberg doesn’t have to worry about rapists and jihadists trying to go after his family.

      1. While Zuckerberg demands that Europe welcome more Muslim rapists and jihadists, he lives in a gated community surrounded by armed security.

  42. If it weren’t for Facebook Mark Zuckerberg would have ended up doing IT jobs for online masturbation sites like Pornhub and the like.
    He can piss off and drop in his own pudding for all i care. He’s just another anorchous autocrat who uses his money to compensate for the petite proportions of his progressive pee pee.

    1. Assuming that sack of garbage even has male genitalia 😉

  43. I have never seen a purpose for facebook other than being creepy. It is interesting that the groups whom participate in such a stalker and voyeuristic driven site are also those which cry the loudest about rape culture and micro aggression. In my opinion social media is the biggest data mining operation of all time by our friends at the alphabet soup agencies. It is also well documented that facebook has performed psychological experiments on their users.
    There is a very simple solution to this rise of social media. Go talk to your neighbors, go join a club, go do something other than online narcissism.

  44. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Zuckerberg for validating my decision to delete my facebook profile after 10 years. This is the exact same Orwellian bullshit that I was getting sick and tired of dealing with on there day in and day out. If it wasn’t some SJW shoving the lefts agenda down my throat, it was an attention whore posting another sexually suggestive selfie and crying “rape” every time someone made a pass at her in the comments section. This decision made by Cuckerberg only reinforces the notion that I made the right choice.

  45. Facebook has jumped the shark. It’s only a matter of time when something else will come out and FB will fall to the wayside.
    You can’t have something like this available to everyone and then start censoring it (like they are doing on Twitter, now).
    Who decides what is “hate speech”? Back in the old days, we would consider this a difference of opinions…not hate speech. Hate speech is something that’s been invented by SJWs (socialists) to ban free speech by anyone who doesn’t agree with them. The best thing that people in Germany can do is delete their FB accounts (say fuck you to Zuckerberg). The days of FB are numbered.

  46. Everything you need to know about Zuckerberg can be determined by a quick glance at his wife.

  47. Why not leading a ROK-based campaign for people to drop from facebook? (Perhaps twitter first as well?)

  48. what makes this worse than just “censor discussion on refugees”…
    if they can do this, they can censor discussions on elections (for the purpose of its influence to elect someone they like) or enhance discussions on something that may cause mob violence and get innocent people killed.
    For me I am tired of Social Media in general. It brings trolls and bottom feeders who love the power to destroy but would never attempt to do so in person because they are too chicken shit. Just dont use it.

  49. Look at that little rat-faced turd. Why people use the product casually is beyond me. I used it a bit when my band was active–it used to be a decent marketing tool, before it was commercialized.

  50. This is the beginning… The elite can control the media BUT when it comes to free speech online, restrictions is the way to control what is said.
    This is why there is an .ist for everything these days! (Control the people and what they think).

  51. Meanwhile, Muslim woman cuts off child’s head in Moscow and nobody cared in the media. Had to rely on Bestgore for that note. If you guys want to catch up, go ahead and Google it,but NSFW if you do.

  52. Get real world friends instead of Facebook friends and you can discuss the issue all that you want without Mark Zuckerberg’s involvement.

  53. I can’t wait to see what they try to blame it on when their little digital utopias come crashing down around them.

  54. “We can put a dent in their plans”. Be ready to put a dent in their heads with high velocity lead if the fuckers start shit in this country

  55. “As ROK publisher Roosh has stated, the central conflict of our time is between globalists and nationalists. Globalists seek to dissolve the world’s cultures into a degenerate, consumerist stew, while nationalists seek to preserve their societies in the face of these pressures. ”
    can someone elaborate on this? i still dont get whats the point of degenerating the world–and on purpose no less.

    1. Less pesky laws. Less pesky customs and morals. Less pesky people to oppose them. Less free minded and thoughtful individuals. More freedom to rape us of ours.
      Succumb to the mindless entertainment and give them your soul. Okay it’s not that bad but you get the point.

      1. no i still dont get it. it makes it seem like these people are like jafar from aladdin. i cant imagine anyone degenerating the world with ulterior motives to rule over the planet satan goatee and pitchfork in hand. on some level they believe its the right thing to do – mark zberg must think hes being noble in curbing ‘hate speech’

        1. What else is there to do when you have the world in your hand? You fuck with it for shits and giggles. They have no reason to stir shit, but they also have no reason to leave it alone.
          There’s probably a whole other world of politics above the one we see. Throw in greed, conflict, and vengeance and it’s no wonder things are the way they are.

  56. Thanks for the heads-up, Matt. Lets also not forget that facebook also owns Whatsapp, so expect their censorship to extend to that as well.

  57. This ass clown is defending radical Muslims because of feelings but closing down the pages of reputable fire arms manufacturers and tactical training pages.

  58. just look at his spastic, smug jew, fuckhead face. hey zuckerberg!…. we see you

  59. I’ve been saying for months that he’s been doing everything possible to show the least amount of conservative media and opinions by using his logarithms to keep such things out of people’s feed. I have a majority of conservative “friends” on there who feel as I do, yet when I post anything conservative, pro gun, or negative about the immigrants destroying Europe, almost nobody sees it. He’s been censoring our content for months already. Combine that with his attempt to tell his employees how to feel about BLM in his HQ, and it’s clear he can’t be trusted and we should all stop supporting him. Unfortunately we can’t put FB out of business by not using it since there are far too many liberals on there who think he’s right in censoring what we show our friends.

  60. Facebook is a pretty good place for doing intel on females, but that’s about it, IMHO. One of my favorite tricks is to pretend I’m a zodiac psychic. I’ll get a girl’s first name after I meet her in a bar, and then I’ll find her on Facebook. (It’s easy to do if you meet her at a bar; you can generally find her page by doing some research on the bar’s Facebook page. Then I’ll run down her zodiac sign by doing some more research and finding her birthdate by working a search engine – sometimes she’ll make it really easy, by putting her actual zodiac sign on her Facebook page).
    Next time I see her, I’ll say, “Hi (cunt’s first name here)…wow, I just got such a really powerful vibe from you here…I have a strong feeling about your zodiac sign for some weird reason…” (She’ll get interested at this point, and usually she will figure that you’ll be wrong with your guess.) “I’ll bet you’re a Scorpio (or whatever the cunt’s zodiac sign actually is).”
    Women flip out over that one, they will think you’re a psychic and if they are into astrology at all (which a lot of cunts are), it’s really easy from there…
    For an even better effect, find out the names of two or three of her friends that you see her with on a regular basis at the bar in question. Do your research on them, too, and memorize their zodiac signs. Then run the same thing on her female friends, because she will usually grab them and bring them up to see if you can guess what they are. If you hit two out of two, or three out of three, she’ll think you are, OMG, like, ah-MAY-zing, and she’ll practically suck your dick on the spot (especially if you have some measure of game and/or money and/or package size).
    Another great trick is to use a cunt’s Facebook page to find out her tastes in music and literature. At the bottom of the typical profile, women will often name the books and movies they really like (their “favorites”). Memorize at least two of the books and movies. And after you “guess” her zodiac sign, and you strike up a conversation, ask her if she’s into movies. Don’t ask her what her favorites are, just ask if she’s into film. Then ask her if she’s into the category of one of the film titles you memorized. Then name one of the films on her “favorites” list, and claim that it’s a favorite of yours, too. (Or do the same with a book she likes.) She’ll really get interested in you at that point.
    Both of these tricks work great, because the woman in question will be certain that you did not know her last name initially (virtually zero women give out their last names when they first meet a guy). So she will stupidly assume that you are: a) A psychic – and b) The two of you have common tastes in film and literature.
    It’s war. Play it to win.

  61. Further reason there has been a covert silencing of any posts critical about the Rapefugees and Islam is because $300 million was invested by some piece of shit camel-fucking inbred Saudi Prince. A fool and his money are easily partied.

  62. I expected nothing more from him. Just look at the controversy surrounding origin of facebook. There reasonable doubts whether it’s his invention.
    If someone is scum in one aspect of life, he is scum in all of them.

  63. Of course. Facebook is just a carefully crafted platform to manipulate and control a huge number of people. Allowing only certain meet-ups to occur guarantees a mindless population of users who buy into the SJW’s narrative. And everything that’s bad for humanity. Over the years I’ve noticed people who hate FB and won’t use it. And they’ve always been people who can have intelligent conversations and believe in running their own lives by their own rules. FB perpetuates a race of zombies, which is what our corporate-sponsered government (both Democrat AND Republican) wants.

    1. Facebook is investing in the mind reading and virtual reality technology so users can share their thoughts and experiences. They will become literally of one mind, sharing all their thoughts and experiences.
      The only way to remain independent is to stay off FB

  64. But nudity is ok. Freedom of speech is gone by the way side along with much of our constitutional rights.

  65. Google “Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan” if you want to really understand the long term goals of a plan that was set in motion since at least 1923. Make no mistake, it is not coincidental that everything is seemingly randomly falling into place year by year, month by month, day by day. Governance between Europe and North America is coordinated through hundreds of think tanks besides the ones everyone knows about (Bilderberg, CFR, RIIA, Club of Rome, Trilaterals, UN). Governments and their politicians are merely salespeople who parrot talking points given to them by these groups to sell what amounts to an approaching global marxist regime with a plutocracy (Rothschilds, Rockefellers etc.) pulling the strings at the top. Millennials in particular are falling into line like hitler youth – policing eachother’s free expression brown-shirt style for the next generation. Sarkeesian, in particular, is a modern day Goebbels for the 21st century.

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