How To Travel To Taiwan For The First Time

The East Asian region is dominated by economically and geopolitically powerful states such as China and Japan, and tertiary South Korea. Taiwan, often referred to as the the Republic of China, is relatively small in comparison.

However, due its relative wealth, high level of democracy, largely superb infrastructure and beautiful scenery, both younger and older males can find something of value here. In fact, I regard this as one of the most optimal destinations for travel or a more extensive visit. Thus in this article I intend to describe contemporary Taiwan in a nuanced way, and inform the reader about what this country has to offer from the aspect of travel or temporary migration.

The emergence of Taiwan

Taiwan has been colonized since the early 17th century onwards. In earlier phases of the island’s history, the only locally dominant group was those who are nowadays collectively labelled Taiwanese aborigines, a population of Austronesian ancestry who managed to chase away earlier Chinese conquerors who stepped their feet on the island. The first successful colonizers were linked to the Dutch East India Company and later the Spanish Empire (northern area), followed by Chinese during the Qing dynasty (1683-1895), Japan until the end of World War II, and eventually Chinese nationalists who fled to the country in 1949 in the aftermath of the Chinese civil war. Basically, a number of sub-groups of Han Chinese migrants are now the locally dominant group which makes up today’s Taiwanese people. Aborigines make up only about 2%.

The nationalist party Kuomintang (KMT), formed in 1912 and which even ruled mainland China 1928-1949, has been largely dominant in Taiwan after 1949. Its hegemony, though, has been severely undermined by other parties, not the least the liberal-oriented Democratic Progressive Party – now the country’s largest – during the advent of democracy in the mid-80s and forward. The partial americanization of Taiwan is linked to the technocratic and democratic reforms during the last three-four decades.

The contentious relationship with mainland China and The U.S. is a topic that could be further addressed, and the situation is perhaps increasingly tense due to President-elect Donald Trump’s capricious (?) greetings after his conversation with the current president of ROC, Tsai Ing-wen. In short, Taiwan is a geopolically significant player on the global chessboard. A pawn, surrounded by larger forces that make it into a symbol for hegemonic struggle. Hopefully the stalemate can continue for the sake of all involved competitors.

The years of fundamental industrialization under Japanese rule and martial law between 1949-1987 now appear distant. Taiwan is currently a high-tech nation with a GDP per capita size which places it as the 22th wealthiest nation in the world, according to IMF.

What modern Taiwan has to offer

Some Portugese explorers who visited Taiwan called it Ilha Formosa, the beautiful Island, and rightly so. Taiwan, both the main island, and various smaller islands along the coastal lines, are indeed very pleasing to the eye. It is a green and mountainous country, with vast areas of unpopulated land. Although being very densely populated in city regions, it is not very difficult to move outside of the urban landscapes and find nature. National parks such as Taroko National Park and Yushan National Park offer beautiful scenery and great opportunities for hiking.

A traveler can of course choose different routes within Taiwan, but I would say that to travel along the east coast is the best choice. If one has more than 10 days, then I would suggest the Penghu Islands as the secondary destination after the east coast. The east coast is not integrated into the bullet train railway system, but the distances are not that extensive and one can go from Taipei to Taitung within 5-6 hours.

Besides from the National Palace Museum, I would suggest several visits to some of the capital city’s Taoist and Confucian temples. Remember that these are the true religio-cultural and philosophical systems of the world’s greatest civilization (besides the West). I am not a Confucianist or Taoist but I find some ideas interesting, even accurate, and do respect them.

Game and girls

When I stress that this country is a more or less optimal travel destination it is because the relatively low price levels, safety, scenery and well-developed infrastructure, rather than the level of female talent. But with the rise of global-Western culture and the Korean wave spreading across the region, some of all of these thin girls tend to turn hotter and might be pursued as at least short-term flings.

For the game-oriented person, several strategies can work. Perhaps with an overbalance to night game, online game and social connections. A Westerner who works as an English teacher or study overseas have the time and opportunity to meet girls by means of any relevant method.

Since Taiwan is overall a well-educated and status-oriented nation, one’s image could be at least slightly adjusted. In the West you play the clown, whereas in the East you are more like a talking and walking CV with humility written all over it to cover the big letters. With the best from a well-groomed look and a good job and/or educational background, East Asians and Southeast Asians will respond well to a balanced world game.

For the traveler who only has a limited amount of time (less than a month), I think that preparatory game through apps such as OkCupid and HelloTalk can be useful in order to obtain more options close to arrival. Focus only on Taipei. This should, of course, be complemented with several night club visits, creating a possible interplay between night time fun and daytime dates. Since club venues in Asian cities come and go, it is wise to keep updated and try to pinpoint the most optimal places with a large degree of cosmopolitan girls but without too much hookers and/or expat male competition.

Just stay at a hostel or hotel and try to get lucky, and if it is worthwhile, try to rent a room for a couple of weeks. If one has zero social connections then hostels can be an option in order to met momentary mates, but since hotels often are so cheap (one can find a 3-star hotel for 25 dollars) it seems generally preferable.

Regarding talent in Taipei, one can expect about the same average levels as in mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea and Japan. Alternative assertions on the supposed hotness or ugliness of Taiwanese girls are likely exaggerations. With that said, from the totality of information from the Roosh V Forum, other relevant websites, and my own experiences, they are slightly harder to get laid than Japanese girls but easier than Koreans. If to get laid is your sole purpose for travel, then I would suggest Thailand or the Philippines instead.

Trip schedule suggestion:

Taipei day 1: Visit the National Palace Museum. Day game and online game.

Taipei day 2: Visit Yulin village. Day game and online game. Visit Dalongdong Baoan Temple.

Taipei day 3: Check out the metropolitan area and do some night game, forn instance at Elektro (earlier Club Spark 101).

Taroko National Park day 4: After departure early in the morning spend almost the entire day in Taroko National Park. Walk along the Shakadang River Trail. Make sure to digress from the tourist groups after about 2 hours. Then you will have an entire valley for yourself. Meditate or just simply behold the beautiful landscape.

Take the train to the town Yuli and sleep at a budget hotel. Make sure to rent a bike early in the morning.

Walami Trail day 5: Get up early and ride with a mountain bike until the point of departure of the Walami trail. Bring loads of water and snacks. Hike uphill in the rainforest for 4-8 hours. Make sure to not miss the best waterfall. Head to Taitung with train in the evening.

Green Island day 6: While on Green Island the day after, ride with an electronic bike or scooter around the island. Visit the beaches around the lighthouse and eat some fresh seafood.

Green Island day 7: Continue to go around the island. Try snorkeling or scuba diving. Visit the Chaorih Hot Spring in the evening.

Taipei day 8:
Take the ferry back to Taitung early and the train back to Taipei. Continue gaming.

Taipei day 9: Explore the city. Do night game.

Taipei day 10: Visit some more temples and parks. Do more night game.


Overall Taiwan is a great destination for travel and perhaps longer visits. It is not the most optimal place for love tourism, but on the other hand one of the best choices if one takes into account culture, price levels, quality of infrastructure, and scenery.

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30 thoughts on “How To Travel To Taiwan For The First Time”

  1. I’ve been living here for twenty years. One thing that you didn’t mention is a very low crime rate. You can’t have a gun here, but that’s not a big deal, even the cops can’t carry when they’re off duty. The people are friendly and you meet lots of women, especially if you teach. I got my MA here and it’s a lot cheaper than in the States, about US$1,800 per semester.

    1. Low crime rates are natural when 2 key criteria are met.
      1) A High IQ and advanced culture populated by Northeast Asians or Germanic Europeans
      2) No Low I.Q., impulsive, and petulent Blacks, Muslims, or Meso-Americans
      Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, etc. have got all of that covered.
      Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Germany, etc. USED TO sadly…

      1. A lot of these low crime rates are due to a homogeneous society. Something we should all want.

  2. I loved Taiwan. It’s a great place for single guys in their later 20s and 30s who want a good combination of female talent on offer, very affordable prices for a 1st world nation (1/2 to 1/3rd of Japan), great scenery, and it’s still a very motorbike friendly nation to explore on your own terms.
    Also NONE of the drunken, degenerate, dickwad western yahoo’s which are all over the more established SE Asia travel circuit are around.
    Taipei is good enough already, but some of the other cities down the west coast will have so few other westerners around (Tainan, Kaohsiung, etc.) that you’ll clean up on Tinder etc. with the local ladies who speak English quite well.
    I know Asians aren’t everyone’s thing, but Taiwanese women have a good attitude, are pro-intellectual, don’t destroy themselves with feminism, and it’s got the 2nd most consistently attractive talent pool in Asia after Japan I would say. LOTS of 7’s and soft 8’s are around.
    Finally, you get 90 days visa free unlike Mainland China and many countries in SE Asia. All in all a great place and very underrated.

    1. I bet you loved Taiwan, that is where losers who can’t get quality women in their own country go for some attention from women who may have been born with a cock.

      1. I’ve never been there & don’t want to go. Tell me about your experience over there please, I want to hear your story.
        I bet it’s a lot freer than mainland/Communist China, which is probably what you prefer.

      2. Although there might be some underlying truth in it, it does not work that way. Here are some things to give context:
        1. Guys in the top 20% can still get higher quality puss in their home countries, but the sexual market works against them, due to a number of factors, including obesity. Thus they might get more 7s and 8s in East Asia and makes a rational choice to go there, at least for fun.
        2. Guys who don’t get pretty girls in the West will not get that in East Asia either. They go for SMV 3-5.
        3. One can go to East Asia for a variety of reasons. It is such a nice region. To explore nature is great, for instance.

  3. I lived in Taiwan for a year. I consider it more of a work and business place than a holiday place. However, it does have its attractions. Get an international drivers license so that you can rent a car and drive down the east coast (which include Toroko gorge). Take three days to do this. Stay the first night in Ilan county. Drive down to Hualien and visit toroko gorge. You want to spend a day at the gorge. Spend the second night in Hualien and enjoy the night markets. Drive down to Taitung and then cross over to Kaoshiung.
    The other attraction is Kenting, and especially Baisha beach. This is at the very southern tip fo Taiwan. Baisha beach is truly competitive with any famous international beach, with hardly any people on it. The water is so clear you can easily see 15-20 meters through it. Very few international visitors know of Baisha beach.
    The downside to Taiwan’s cities is that they are horribly polluted, or used to be. This probably has improved over the years as the two-stroke motor scooters are slowly being replaced with electrics.
    Taiwan is “messy” in the traditional Chinese way, which takes some getting used to. However, once you get used to it, Taiwan is actually a very good place to live. Generally Taichung (mid way between Taipei and Tainan) is the most popular city among the resident “gaijin”.

    1. Great comment. But Kenting is a bit overrated. Blue pill travelers swallow every sight mentioned in Lonely Planet and think it is “awesome” and a must see; red pill travelers are more cynical and selective. This is the optimal 10 day holiday red pill guide.

      1. Kenting may be overrated, but Biasha beach is not. Baisha beach is somewhat separated from the main Kenting area and is relatively undeveloped.

        1. It’s a good beach indeed but the return on investment, timewise and logistically, makes it questionable. Personally I love the three locations that I mentioned:
          1. Taroko National Park, particularly Shakadang river trail. Typically, East Asians will go in groups (field dependent and collectivist mindset and culture, according to for example Richard Nisbett) and take photos at the major photo spots. Westerners digress and this place opens up for a whole river and valley to yourself, but without unreasonable practical obstacles.
          2. Walami Trail. Amazing rainforest/mountain hiking. Perfect cardio training and stunning views, plus great swim.
          3. Green island. Go around on an electronic bike half of the day and enjoy the stunning landscape.
          Due to the highly cultivated population it is perhaps the best country in the entire (sub)tropical region. Forget about Balinese bunglers who want to sell you “bike bike”, “beautiful ladies” and all kinds of drugs and ugly souvenirs and sunglasses.

  4. Correction: The KMT ruled China from 1928 to 1949, when it was toppled by communist subversion and military force built up when the nationalists were fighting Japan.

  5. You should also visit wufenpu clothe market, Taipei 101 tower, the “Little japan” place in Taipei forgot the name. Very cool country

    1. I mentioned Club Spark 101. It is at the bottom floor of Taipei 101 mall. Some of the prettiest girls in all of Asia, I’ve seen at this club.

  6. How is night game in Taipei? I hate karoake. Are clubs open all night? What’s m/f ratio? My friend got crabs from taiwanese female on new years eve. Had to remove all his body hair and use special soap. lol

    1. These kinds of details I spared in the article due to – besides space – the largely fluid factors such as night and venue, and that clubs tend to open and close down (happens in places like Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei is no different). But Club Spark 101, still open, is a place to visit if one wants to meet high-quality girls. Closes at 4. Some venues later.
      The point is that Taiwan is a great place overall and if you decide to go, then spend a couple days to do preparatory online game, and search for the best clubs – have a plan A, B and C. If too many guys that night at place A, then go to B or maybe some other place that you’ve heard about or where your online fling will hang out. From what I’ve seen the F/M ratio is not bad and there are less foreigners than in for example Hong Kong, but also some pros here and there that distort the picture.
      Like I more or less explicitly stressed in my two previous articles on East Asian culture (South Korea and Japan), males in this region generally lack game/SMV compared to moderately to good-looking Westerners so it is not that hard to meet 7-8 talent if one can present oneself in a favorable way.

  7. This is the island of my people. Treat her well. Next time I return will be with my white girlfriend though. Lol

  8. Curious… For white westerners who travel to Asia to look for sex, do you guys mingle with local Asian population or form your own white social circle
    (like immigrants do in the United States)… ?

    1. I go alone (but I’ve been to Indonesia and Malaysia with a close friend and he didn’t cock block, well in fact we rather helped each other out) and hang out with the girls that I meet. Occasionally I stay at a hostel and hang out with some of those people who are not annoying losers and go to clubs together, but mostly in my hotel or apartment.

    1. It’s basically the same club, only different name. Venues come and go in Asia, often at a higher pace, which I mentioned in the article. In my latest article on East Asia I mentioned Elektro.

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