Desperate Angela Merkel Attempts To Blame Greece For The Problem She Created

The lion which ravaged the European flock is now blaming the lambs for the carnage it created. Angela Merkel, whose policies of intra-EU economic indifference have reduced Hellenic women to spreading their legs for mere sandwiches, is warning Greece that it faces being kicked out of the passport-free Schengen Zone in Europe for not curbing the flow of migrants. The government in Athens is already functionally bankrupt, especially as Berlin is devoting billions over the coming years to accommodate foreigners instead of assisting destitute EU partners like the Greeks.

As ROK readers are no doubt aware, Angela Merkel’s government, along with Sweden’s, virtually opened their borders to the permanent settlement of countless “refugees,” which is now the codeword for able-bodied young Arab and North African men, many of whom go onto rape and pillage on a scale reminiscent of the Crusades or the Russian retaking of Eastern Europe during the Second World War. Due to patently obvious matters of geography, most of these migrants come across the Mediterranean and transit through Greece, their sights set on richer and ridiculously indulging fellow EU countries to the north.

The Europe-wide idiocracy


Germany and Sweden may be the biggest offenders, but they are not the only countries whose pernicious policies explain the literal human inundation faced in the Mediterranean by cash-strapped Greece, Italy and Spain. Even the United Kingdom, the most sensible Western European government when it comes to ameliorating the tide of the hordes of unwanted foreigners, is guilty of taking an overly passive approach. The problem on its doorstep in the French port of Calais, which is linked to Great Britain via the Channel Tunnel, is comparatively easy to fix. Yet the Cameron government has continually relied on pointless rhetoric at the expense of action.

Similar sentiments can be expressed about France, the Netherlands and Belgium, whose only concerted means of opposition have been the growing numbers of voters supporting narrative-revising parties, including the French National Front, Dutch PVV and Flemish Vlaams Belang. Unfortunately, many of these groups and others elsewhere in Europe have not had the opportunity to consolidate this support in national parliamentary elections since the migrant crisis’ latest turns for the worse. Some may have incorrectly thought that France had national elections very recently; the end of 2015 had regional voting, in which the two major parties, the Socialists and UMP, meticulously collaborated to keep the National Front away from provincial power.

As all this excuse-making and political exacerbation goes on, Greece is footing the bulk of the blame, very undeservedly. In the end, more financial and social misery will be shoved down the throats of the long-suffering Greek people, all so Merkel can deflect criticism of her rape and other crime-enabling decisions.

Merkel expects Greece to pay for HER mistakes

There is no other way of putting this. Although she will not lose the rightwing vote to any of the other parties currently in the German parliament, the Bundestag, because the rest of them are all leftist, she is facing an unprecedented backlash. And who better to take this out on than the Greeks? They have no ability to fight back and are dependent on ongoing EU goodwill and consultation as they navigate along a mind-boggling path of bringing their economy back from a multi-year catastrophe. If the Greek woes were replicated in the United States, for example, the world economy would savagely implode.

If Germany had taken the hardline political approach of Poland or Hungary, the arrivals in Greece would have been 5% or less of the actual figures from both last year and early this year. Of course, the greater wealth of Germany and the presence of many self-hating German SJWs would still have attracted enough (read: too many) migrant opportunists. But these lawbreakers could have been dealt with properly, without German law enforcement efforts being smashed into pieces as the Cologne rape fury and related incidents across the country illustrated.

Not only is this almost completely Germany’s fault, it is doing nothing to correct the issues either within or beyond its borders. Merkel has, for lack of a better phrase, made the very pissweak insistence that criminal migrant elements will be deported, ignoring the hard truth that German police usually have no idea what these offenders look like (bar their sub-race), let alone who they are. And she additionally, and very helpfully for her, forgets the wider dilemma of the ever growing strains on Germany’s presently tattered social fabric.

It’s called supply and demand, morons

In lieu of castigating Greek paupers, Merkel and her administration can take a simple lesson from economics. When Berlin stops demanding the importation of other countries’ problems, migrants will stop supplying the numbers needed to assuage German SJWs’ World War Two guilt complex.

These migrants do not go to Saudi Arabia as the government in Riyadh is unwilling to even accept fellow Arabs. And why are Japan and Korea not flooded by Arab and North African illegal migrants? Geography only answers part of the question. After all, the SJW narrative says these people will do anything to escape Syria (or some leafy but non-First World suburb of Tunis). They are not in East Asia because Tokyo and Seoul, plus Taipei and Singapore, would turn them all back.

You created the crisis, Merkel. So how about finally switching the tap of indulgence off for good?

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161 thoughts on “Desperate Angela Merkel Attempts To Blame Greece For The Problem She Created”

  1. As dreadful as Merkel and her European elite compatriots are, isn’t it clear that Germany wouldn’t feel the pressure to import an entire nation’s worth of Muslim outcasts from Syria/Afghanistan, et al, if it weren’t for the fact that German women have bought the feminism/careerism/consumerist/corporate office drone pathology hook, line and sinker? If German/Italian/Swedish (etc.) gals were actually giving birth at replacement rate or better, then corporate entities in Germany and the other “refugee” accepting European countries presumably wouldn’t put as much pressure on their respective governments to import this class of Third World undesirables. Even European-style capitalism depends on never-ending growth of consumers for their corporations’ products and their elites could give a rat’s ass about nationalism/national identity as long as they replace barren native womens’ uteruses with more warm bodies from somewhere, even from rancid disaster areas like Syria. So, how do we get native European women to decide to start making babies again/forming families with betas before it is too late for Europe demographically?

    1. “Even European-style capitalism depends on never-ending growth of consumers”
      That’s part of the reason for the expansion of NATO into E. Europe; new customers and new opportunities for takeover (honestly, everything in places like Ukraine is dirt-cheap priced by the euro or USD).

      1. Capitalism was intended to be small bakers and delis not these world-straddling corporate behemoths that control national agendas. I’m sure Adam Smith wouldn’t have approved of Google and Zuckerpuss

      2. I’d love to buy a cottage to retire too….our Eastern European brothers should keep eyes out so members can invest in a chunk of land here and there 😉

    2. That’s the million dollar question.
      MGTOW wont make that kind of difference for the very reason you mentioned, the government can just import more people and drown out the sentiments of the native population.
      MRAs have had no substantial victories for us to even speak of.
      Neo-masculinity is basically a grassroots re-branding of traditionalism. At least by appealing to men’s (and presumably womens’) natural drives there is an opportunity to gain cultural momentum. This is coming from the perspective of a Canadian, who is well aware that our economy simply wouldn’t function without importing a quota of foreigners every year and sponging their life savings.
      I think the best approach is to understand the root causes of why family formation has ceased. While there are many causes, I think ultimately it boils down to the issue of mass immigration. Native people are not feeling the effects of their own behaviour because importing foreigners eliminates the negative consequences of being socially and fiscally irresponsible. When people must actually face the harshness of the world family formation is ultimately the most stable way of life.
      The reason that we’re seeing this negative reaction now in Germany is because the immigration wave came too strong and too quickly. There wasn’t a gradual general sense of unease but rather a sudden realization that Germany doesn’t belong to Germans, and instead belongs to the globalist elite.

      1. Yes. I think we’ve had this discussion before but the Western governments have made themselves independent of their own native populations’ support and approval. If every White man boycotted college, it would not matter one bit. Microsoft, Facefuck, Goldman Sachs will just hire well-educated Chinese to handle all the tech, software, and finance industries.

        1. We’ve discussed this before for sure.
          I think it’s the kind of point that is worth repeating, especially for new red-pillers that stumble onto the site.

        2. For sure. A lot of MGTOW’s like Sandman say they’ll be able to bring the system to its knees by not playing. BS. The system has already made itself non-dependent on native men. They’ve been bypassed. College enrollment is 60/40 female to male and they still keep pushing initiatives for women.

        3. I like Sandman and think he’s made some great contributions to the manosphere but like you said the system just doesn’t need native men.

        4. And what happens when system stop being dependent on native men?
          Collapse of country and civil war.
          Country is not dirt, name and flag. It is defined by its people.
          Blood and soil.

        5. Global elites took that away already, by removing the sense of national identity from the native population. This included anti-Christian movements, breakup of the family unit and force-feeding people multiculturalism. The system doesn’t depend on native men any more. It doesn’t need to.

        6. Global elites took that away already, by removing the sense of national identity from the native population.

          You can’t remove something from nothing. Meaning, Injuns were not nation, they were tribes. Ethnicity>tribes>people>nation.
          Apache, Comanche, Cherokee and so on were tribes, not nation.

    3. I am not sure we can. The White Man has been the dominant species on the planet for a long time now, I can’t help but feel our time is an at end. We have been out-evolved and out-bred by competing races – at the end of the day nature is a competition and we lost, despite all our apparent superiority.When it comes to nature and natural selection, all that matters is which race is the more successful at procreating.

      1. Who are the imported dune coons going to breed with? The Euro women who love their office jobs and dress their cats up in outfits? Suddenly they’re gonna breed with Mahmoud who doesn’t have a pot to piss in? Really?

        1. my italian ex despised italian men for being unmanly and claimed that it was pretty common to see european women with muslims because “at least they act like men.”

        2. yeah. i’ve heard the same thing about the areas around the US bases in italy. supposedly the US servicemen get all the hot chicks for the same reason, and the italian guys resent it.

    4. Can’t. The entire west has deficient amygdalas and overdeveloped ACC’s. Nothing will change until people begin to starve.

    5. But how does importing a large number of males do anything about the low birth rate? Only women can give birth. If Europe wanted to increase their birth rate, they would only bring in young females of child-bearing age.
      The limiting factor to a nation’s birthrate is the number of females of child-bearing age. Increasing the number of males doesn’t do shit.

      1. One man could single handedly reverse any country’s birth rate eg Japan, S Korea, Germany. The number of women is the bottleneck

      2. You would almost think there were some kind of agenda being pushed that has nothing to do with increasing the birth rate. More like increasing the death rate.
        Naah, that’s crazy conspiracy talk.

        1. Yes. Since the 70s, there has been vigorous shaming of large families (natural resources, pollution, etc.). Now they’re claiming there aren’t enough people to prop up the welfare state. But again they expect us to overlook glaring deficits in logic like the conspicuous absence of women in the orc hordes.

        2. What are you talking about? The elite isn’t trying to kill off most of the native population and import foreigners until there is no discernible ethnic majority! Don’t be ridiculous!

    6. If Germany wanted to increase its birth rate, increasing the number of future citizens who would integrate into German society and contribute and work hard, they would be importing 1-2 million Asian women 18-35 years old for the young German men to start families with. Importing 2 million men is as about as useful as importing 2 million post-menopausal careerists.

      1. …just wait, the “shortage” of morning after pills is about to hit Germany’s socialized medicine.

    7. And how does importing piss poor men with no money and no jobs stimulate material consumption?
      Although I was surprised to see how well dressed these dune coons are and how they seemingly have enough money for cover charges and drinks at Euro fag nightclubs.

      1. What are the dune coons gonna buy Apple products with? Rocks from their home country? If the government wanted to increase consumption, why not just give stipends to all German children? I’m sure the German children would spend it on ipods and ipads.

    8. you’d have to get women to stop making decisions with compassion too – when pigs fly
      at some point german men will just have to do things by force

    9. months before the “Rapefugees” arrived, Denmark was making news with its desperate program of encouraging Danes to go on vacation and breed…it’s clear this refugee situation is the elites attempting to bring in as many new proletarians to pick up their garbage & scrub their toilets since their women are choosing to either become lesbians or sit in their flats bloating up into purple haired landwhales.

    10. youre right on everything except tptb do give many rats asses about national identity. mainly, the continued depopulation of white people.

    11. They each have to be raped personally by migrants, and even then most of them wouldn’t get it. The simple solution to this problem was thought up by our forefathers: Women aren’t allowed to vote. Their sympathy and nurturing nature comes out no matter how much they try to suppress it. In the local sphere this is wonderful and creates a good community for children to grow in.
      They were convinced that useless garbage is more important than the future of their stock, and their true nature came out even though they thought they were ‘strong career women’. Their nurturing nature comes out on the international scale for total strangers from a perpetually violent world. A complete disaster.

  2. Does Germany have a WWII guilt complex? That’s fucked up, if they do. They had heroes like Erwin Rommel and Erich Hartmann, the greatest fighter ace of all time (noticeably absent from the record books because he fought for the Third Reich).
    The only Germans who should feel guilty about WWII are those directly involved with the Holocaust or events like the Malmedy massacre. And most of them are either dead, or too old to be relevant. Most others didn’t have a choice, or were misinformed by a woefully Orwellian government.
    I was pleased in 2014 to see a YouGov poll that found that, by a ratio of 3 to 1, my fellow Britons felt that the British Empire was “something to be proud of.” While the Third Reich and the British Empire had very little in common (not the least of which being the level of success each attained), it is sad to see Germany fall to generational guilt, even if it was certainly a good thing that Great Britain and the U.S. defeated the Axis powers.
    Things Germany should be proud and nationalistic of:
    -Being key to Wellington’s victory at Waterloo. Had Blucher not arrived when he did, Wellington would not have been able to win.
    -The Prussian (and later German) General Staff. Probably the best land-based military organization in history. The best naval organization would be the Royal Navy, and the best Air organization the U.S. Air Force.
    -Victory in the Franco-Prussian War and the Austo-Prussian war. Helmuth von Moltke the Elder won stunning victories, especially in the former when France was heavily favored to win.
    -German Unification under Bismarck. Otto von Bismarck managed to take what was over 500 fiefdoms, fractured after Austerlitz, and unite most of them into a German state. This is probably the greatest feat of statesmanship in history.

    1. “Does Germany have a WWII guilt complex?”
      I went to Berlin a couple years ago. It seemed like they had a Holocaust memorial on every street corner.
      My guess is that they’ve had to eat national pride for breakfast for 70 years. Between that and NATO (the purpose of NATO being to ‘keep the US in, the Russians out, and the Germans down”), they really have no base for national pride left.

      1. Give some credit to the Russians in East Germany for their years of efforts to “get back at” the “fascists” after the war.

        1. Germans were just as bad as the Russians during World War II; to this day, the Ukrainians (that is, the ones in the Central / East) don’t like the Germans.
          The Stasi (E. German secret Police) were rumored to be worse than the KGB.

        2. You mean after World war II then ?
          The Stasi was the secret police in the GDR, not in nazi germany.

        3. “The Stasi (E. German secret Police) were rumored to be worse than the KGB.”
          Considering alot of them were former nazi party members during their formation, it should not be a surprise. I know more than few fomer “Osis” but the fucked up thing after Germany re-united, all that shit was buried ASAP. The state members that murdered people for trying to flee, like North Korea, was never brought to trial. The pig dictator, Honecker, at least had the sense to flee (as he didn’t want to end up like Ceaușescu) and die in exile.

    2. The real culprits were the Germans and Europeans that permitted the mass migration of Jews in Europe. The Holocaust was an inevitable result of the clash of cultures and the added population pressures.

  3. Just for the record, Angela Kasner Merkel is not ethnically German. Racial hatred may have something to do with why she allows third-world barbarians to stab and molest the German people en masse.

    1. Yes she is. Her father comes from a long line of Beliner Germans and her mother was born in the then German city of Danzig and she was raised as an evangelical Lutheran. She’s as German as any other random Kraut.

    2. I am positive I read something about her having some Polish jew in her. Those “j” genes usually tend to be dominant, even when only 1/4 of a person’s genome… and I have seen examples of this.
      Her having some “chosenite” in her would explain a lot.

      1. Kasner, her maiden name, is a Jewish name. Anyway, it’s not really about the genes, it’s about how she was raised. She likely grew up hearing non-stop about Germans were evil racists that killed “six million Jews”. Sort of like how Obama grew up hearing about white Americans were a bunch of racist, colonizing slave-owners. Merkel and Obama are both people who took control of a ship in order to steer it into the rocks.

  4. Germans need to find a way to deal with Merkel and the rest of the sell outs in the German government, and fast, before all is lost.
    To quote Henning von Tresckow, who drafted operation Valkyrie:

    What matters now is no longer the practical purpose of the coup, but to prove to the world and for the records of history that the men of the resistance dared to take the decisive step. Compared to this objective, nothing else is of consequence.

    God promised Abraham that He would not destroy Sodom if only ten righteous men could be found in the city, and so I hope for our sake God will not destroy Germany. No one among us can complain about dying, for whoever joined our ranks put on the shirt of Nessus. A man’s moral worth is established only at the point where he is ready to give his life in defense of his convictions.

  5. And then, there’s the possibility of more regions and entities trying to split away. Scotland already tried to pull out of the U.K, Catalonia has been trying to split from Spain, and there’s other regions with sizable populations such as the Basque Country, Alsace, Flanders, and Savoy. Forget the EU and Schengen, should this crisis continue, we might see a giant split of nations and the end of the nation state as we know it.

  6. I can see a few countries breaking away from the EU as this disaster continues. We saw how Hungary didn’t put up with this shit. They know exactly the type of element that they are dealing with (same as the Russians) and they know how to handle them.
    It will take many countries in (and around) the EU to protest and tell these “leaders” that they’ve made a big mistake. I’m glad to see that a country like Hungary stood up to them and said “no”, they build a fence and they are guarding it. Any of them push on the border (gates) and they are dealt with, accordingly. It’s the only thing that many of these illegals understand. Strength (and violence).

    1. Are these eastern European countries really breaking away, or just moving back towards being controlled by Russia??

        1. Russia must be reunited with the rest of Europe to stop the demise of Europeans and their gradual replacement by non Europeans till when the day will come that we will be present in homeopathic concentration in our own land. Whoever will control Europe at that time hopefully could stuff a specimen in the local History Museum, near the Neanderthals.

      1. Yes, but they are not being controlled by Russia but allied with them in terms of protecting European borders from nonwhite and Moslem invasion.

    2. “I can see a few countries breaking away from the EU as this disaster continues. ” — I can see the Visegrad countries, Romania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia forming some kind of “Eastern Alliance” and telling Western Europe & Scandinavia to get stuffed.

        1. What about Serbia? You forgot how they poured your border with nonwhite invaders?
          There were leftist and Commies in power when this “refugee crisis” happened.
          Now there is right-wing coalition in power and they are not fond of being hot-spot for rapefugees.
          Croatian people unlike Swedes does not support nonwhite invaders, but cucktard politicians are forcing it.

        2. srbia became a huge smuggler because of their own self-interest, while croatia went full cucks because the eu told them to. the funny thing is, after the fence was built the serbs sided with us, not with the croats.
          also, does the current govt plan to build their own fence? I don’t think so. meanwhile, our govt is already doing preparations at the romanian border for when the migrants change route…

        3. No one supports non white invaders do not be naive. Eastern Europe is in masonic hands of EU. Everyone will do what they have to do starting with Greece. The moment this bursts like a puss filled abscess is when the real shit starts.

      1. We had those sons of jackals and hyenas for 4 centuries so you can appreciate our disdain for them also.

      1. There are powers at force here more powerful than your little minds and penises….As a white witch I curse you and everything that you hold dear to you. May the torture of a million souls come to you, may you never live in peace, may your lives be taken slowly and painfully, may the souls of all the women and children that you rape, torture and terrorize make your useless lives on this earth (not YOUR EARTH), may they torture you in your living waking hours, may you NEVER enjoy your “prizes truly”, may EVERY LOST MISSING OR MURDERED WOMAN AND CHILD COME TO YOU I CURSE YOU. This is my GIFT TO YOU, you think that you can snuff out the light, power and innocence of SACRED BEINGS WOMEN AND CHILD YOU ARE WRONG. May you SUFFER DEEP PAIN, AND TERROR. I bestow this upon ALL OF YOU I will share this will THE MOST POWERFUL that I know we shall ask the spirits and higher powers to take from you your self declared power you have no power…you are the lowest forms on earth I hope your days are numbered, I PRAY you end it for yourselves, your lives aren’t worth anything…PRAY FOR MERCY YOU WON’T GET IT ALL THE SOULS UNITE COME TO THEM THIS IS MY WISH AND CURSE TO ALL OF YOU RISE UP WOMAN THE LIVING AND THE DEAD IT IS YOUR TIME FOR VENGEANCE ON THESE EMPTY VESSELS WITH NO SOULS….you shall be held accountable by powers you can’t fight or see, I will share this prayer we will fight you every living hour, even when you sleep….see you in your nightmares

    3. Keeping an eye on Poland. Not only is the divorce rate turning around, the population believe that God calls them to serve their country by repelling the migrants. They have huge rallies where people chant such things. Nationalism and religious duty will make them powerful. Or they’ll be annihilated in another Russia vs Western Europe shitfest.

  7. There’s plenty of blame to go around, however not a single one of the countries in western Europe has done anything to stop it. I think the hooligans in Sweden that smacked those kids around is only the G rated preview of what’s going to happen within the next couple of years as more Euro nationals grow sick of the ineptitude of their governments. The police and governments can sweep it under the rug all they want, but eventually the pile will be too big to ignore.

  8. In the name of democratic socialism the people of greece voted themselves so many freebies they bankrupted their country and lost the ability to defend their own borders. It will soon become over-run by muslims like turkey which used to be christian.

    1. That sounds a LOT like what the “progressive” idiots who vote for the Demoncrats are doing right now — voting themselves so many ‘freebies’ that they will bankrupt the country. And the spineless, gutless politicians who keep ‘kicking the can down the road’ WRT to the US’s debt so that they can keep getting re-elected, leaving the mess for their grandchildren to pay. Makes me glad that I never married nor fathered kids who will inherit this mess.

  9. Merkel’s not entirely wrong.
    Germany was free riding on Greek border control, and when Greece stopped enforcing the border the flood started. Of course Greece stopped enforcing the border because Germany wasn’t subsidizing the value Greece was adding to the EU.
    But that’s just the political rhetoric.
    The red pill reality is that Merkel is a Soros owned politician, and so is the far left Greek leader. They both want the invasion, because Soros and his people hate white Germans. Soros, holocaust survivor, hates Germans for good reason. It’s up to the German people if they will help their globalist masters cleanse them from their own homes.

    1. Greece should have never been let in the EU as the cooked the books for admittance and never bothered attempting to meet any of it’s obligations as a member state. Greeks are fine as persons, but their cultural (tax-dodging since they were ruled by Turks) and corruption make them simply incompatible to be allowed to free-load off others expense (which is all they have done since admitted). Their punk PM simply blacked mailed Merkel as far as he could and then f*cked her over. Hey. It’s what all socialist cunts do. They steal from others.
      Merkel hereself has never really has to do shit, but now her post menapausal vag has gotten her, and all the white haired old german socialist scum, in more than a bind than they can handle. They are sicking the riot Police and their citizens.. not the islamo-pigs. Tells you who the fear more.

      1. I hate to break it to you sport but Germany owes Greece 454 billion Euros in compensation for war crimes that it has never paid-it remains the only nation that was occupied by the Nazis that was never compensated and let’s not forget that they stole the gold bullion from the Athens treasury.
        Further, you seem to gloss over how the Germans would buy off politicians and the like with companies like Siemens being involved in some crony deals. The Germans are butt-hurt because Greece inflicted the first defeat upon the Axis and turned the tide of war such that the Russians finished the job and because they told them to go fornicate themselves rather than be blackmailed. The Krauts can go piss up a rope.

        1. The idea that a people of a nation owe financial reparations to other nations, for wars that were long since fought, is patently absurd.
          Who will pay German citizens for the devastation unleashed upon Dresden?

        2. Perhaps but the fact of the matter was that during the Paris Peace Accord that was conveniently not discussed-this was in 1947. Having regard to the bombings of Dresden and the like I naturally understand and was gravely saddened at the stupidity of war given the cultural destruction but it is ‘victor’s justice’ as we know and that’s how it goes.

        3. Germany started the war, Greece did not. Greece was invaded. That’s the difference. If Germany didn’t want Dresden, then they should have been a bit less grabby when it came to taking land.
          In short, don’t start something you can’t finish, and if you lose you have nobody to blame but yourself.
          I like what Germany used to be, or at least was idealized to be after Bismark’s unification, but they had what was coming to them in WW2 and deserve no re-compensation, unlike the nations that they invaded and tried to “cleanse”.

        4. Just think-if they had of left Greece alone they would never have lost WWII; their invasion of Crete in conjunction with their failures in North Africa were colossal military blunders which lead to the postponement of Operation Barbarossa such that they froze to death and didn’t have a prayer. They ought to have asked Napoleon how easy it is to invade Russia.

        5. Those hairy bulbous nosed Greeks rioting over bags of oranges LOL … how far that country fell from the days of Athens

        6. Which is nothing short of miraculous considering they were under the Ottoman Empire which was one of the singularly most intellectually bankrupt atrocities committed upon the world; those spaghetti and meatball eating charlatans in Italy got lucky as they’d be a bigger basket case had the Ottomans ruled over them for close to 500 years.

        7. Yep i think the Spartans were blonde with blue or green eyes. The present day Greeks are the mixed offspring of Greeks and Turks and slaves. Not anything resembling ancient Greeks. That’s the future with immigration – Brazilification.

        8. That’s a fallacy if ever I saw such a thing. I beg to differ on that point entirely as studies-of which I will have to procure citations, have stated categorically that Modern Greeks are 90% genetically the same as their ancient forebears. In fact-using my own features for example of which I have dark hair yet light eyes that are blue-grey and facial structure, I resemble statues/busts particularly the ones made of Hades and Zeus facially.

        9. You may but most Greeks that I see in film and TV look less like the Hellenistic ideal and more like a Toydarian junk dealer.
          Pretty sure the Spartans weren’t a bunch of pot bellied greasy manlets.
          Same applies to the italians: the current stock little resembles the ancient Roman stock due to interbreeding with barbarians and slaves.

        10. Populations change there’s more to the difference between current androgynous Kpop Herbivore pretty boys and Genghis Khan than just guy-liner and blow-outs. It’s dysgenics.

        11. Film and television is certainly by no means any reflection of reality. Italians are different in the sense that they had a lot more inter-mixing with Spaniards, French, Croats/Slovenes, Arabs, Berbers/Moors and so forth-it’s particularly pronounced in the geographic divide between north and south as I have a friend who is darker being Calabrian+Sicilian while another is of Friulian extraction and looks more Croatian than anything.

        12. What absolutely nonsense-just as well Greek Democracy that gives them the freedom to write and publish such unabashed stupidity as it does you to disseminate it.
          So firstly-interest not due on a zero interest loan?! If you don’t see something very wrong here there is an issue-Hitler strode into the Greek bank and demanded a loan with 0% interest-do you think the Greek bank could have refused such outrageous terms.
          If Greece could show the money was stolen they don’t have to pay it back?! Hello, McFly-anybody home?
          Germans of today are just individuals inhabiting the land today-so by that facetious logic the Greeks of today merely inhabit the land and therefore they are under no obligation to pay any loans or monies to rebuild their country and their children therefore are debt-free.
          What a disgusting piece of garbage that was. For shame-you speak of a country that lost 1,000,000, suffered untold destruction of villages and had an economy destroyed by the Nazis. There’s a special circle of hell for people who defend such-I feel sorry for you using such a vile article.

        13. This reparations crap is getting old. Greece got 3 EU bailouts, mostly courtesy of Germany. The current German government is also in no way responsible for what happened ~75 years ago.
          What’s next? Germany gets a check from France because of Napoleon?
          Greece’s problems in modern times are 100% the fault of the Greek government, which was elected by the people of Greece. They need to own up to their messes and stop expecting someone else to fix things.

        14. You understand that the situation with Greece was on account of Germany and the corruption it sowed with the crooked governments it worked deals with including those bastards at Siemens? And yes, they are responsible.

        15. That is not in dispute at all. Post the military junta it went down the toilet barring some bright spots here and there from the conservatives.

        16. Hitler strode into a Greek bank? You can attempt to breach the topic of war reparations from Germany all you want. They have been paying for quite some time and the topic has been wrote about and documented for decades.
          You can beat that dead horse all you want, but what you are insinuating it is pure rubbish mate.

        17. And just to further pick apart your argument-Greece as creditor of the then West Germany made an agreement in 1953, in which Greece and about 20 other countries effectively wrote off a large chunk of Germany’s loans and restructured the rest, is a landmark case that shows how effective debt relief can be. It helped spark what became known as the German economic miracle. Not bad for a nation that lost two world wars and yet still is economically viable.
          Those kraut bastards can suck my fat Greek pole and anybody who has the temerity to argue the point. Pack of ingrates-we created western civilisation and saved it from despotism and tyranny from Persians, Ottomans and Nazis so you can spew such ignorance.

      2. Greek politicians promised a land of milk and honey decades ago and the public bought into it willingly, blissfully unaware that their lifestyles were being paid by other member states. Rather than live according to their means, Greeks kept borrowing and got a taste of the good life and then couldn’t give it up when shit the fan.
        I lived in Greece during the so called ‘good times’ of the early to mid 00’s and was at a loss then to explain how they were living so well on their relatively low incomes. Then I realised that it was possible for two major reasons: 1.Major tax dodging (especially on secondary incomes) and 2.Overly generous pensions that are redistributed among family members.
        Greece in the 90s was good though. There was no political correctness. Journalists used to openly bash migrants and Jews. There was no fear whatsoever.
        Those days are long gone. Greece is slowly becoming another dull EU state.

        1. You observations coincide with Dr. Victor Hanson’s who lived there for a few years in the 70s. He didn’t see how people could live so well without working much.
          I have been there on holiday and the locals were great, but their choice of politicians and the economic view is simply out of whack with reality.

    2. “Soros, holocaust survivor, hates Germans for good reason.”
      That’s hilarious. I don’t think you would call Soros a holocaust “survivor” so much as a holocaust “thriver”, since he made the start of his fortune by ratting out fellow jews and having them sent away to the work camps.
      If he had good reason to hate Germans, he must hate himself ten times more, for he betrayed his own Tribe for a few shekels rather than out of any ideological principle.

      1. Hilarity indeed-he was a Judenrat of the highest order whose little pecker would go hard because of the power he felt he wielded in betraying his own.

        1. 14 years old during WWII I understand was selling out his own to the occupying Germans.

  10. Merkel offers her people a hope for redemption that taps deep into the German psyche. It is misleading to think of guilt. The Germans actually suffer from pride in their historical sin (Sündenstolz). To them the refugee situation is an opportunity to prove the superiority of Germany: “we can do it” also means: “we Germans can succeed where others have failed.”
    That is why Merkel loyalists need to be relentlessly compared to SS purging defeatists who reveal they have less than 100% do-gooder purity.
    (More on my blog:

    1. Interestingly, the unamerican left in the USA believes the same thing. If you point out all the places where socialism has failed it won’t matter to them because they believe they’ll be the ones to get it right this time.

  11. it’s time that we Europeans comes to terms with our looming demise. It’s already too late to turn things around. The European Union should be called European Disunion. I’m starting to think that we would have been better if Hitler would have won WW2: less freedom of expression but at least unity against our forthcoming extinction as an Ethnic group.

    1. It only becomes demise when soft defeatism is allowed to rule over courage and justice.
      Why aren’t you out marching with PEGIDA or forming a local chapter?

  12. “Sub-race” ?
    You mean sub-culture?
    No one should place himself above anyone because of race. Only achievement will do.

      1. I reject your fatalism/defeatism.
        A race does not achieve anything. There are many people of our own race that reject our culture and customs. Just look to the left.

        1. Just tell me how you feel when you place yourself above others simply because of race.
          Would you be proud to have won the lottery too?
          But no, I will not avoid it.
          Those “sub-races” have a lower iq on average, and?
          There are still plenty who have a higher iq than the either of us.
          Meaning that it falls flat to just place yourself above them based on race.

        2. Lotto is a game of chance.
          Building a successful civilization is a bit different.
          If you judge each race by its overall fruits, the sum contributions it has made to benefit greater mankind, well the situation just kind of speaks for itself.

        3. You don’t quite seem to understand…
          I never said that building a civilization is like lotto.
          Did you built that civilization and culture? No, you didn’t.
          You just so happened to be lucky enough to be born into it.
          You achieved nothing. With just that you want to place yourself above others?
          Also, before you even think it:
          You may place yourself above others regarding your culture sure…
          But you should help keep that culture alive by indulging in it and respecting and even fighting for it.
          And that is called patriotism.

        4. Don’t you misunderstand.
          I am not saying I am superior to any random black man merely because of my race.
          I am saying that “White Culture” or “Western Civilization” if you prefer, is obviously superior to other cultures that other races practice. So, in effect, you could say that while not all White individuals are superior, White Culture is definitely superior to other cultures.
          It’s tricky because race and culture are hopelessly intertwined and inseparable. Culture follows from race. Did I single-handedly create White Culture? Of course not, but millions of men who think and act just like me did so, and I played my part as well.
          Are there Whites who act to degrade our culture, and soil the reputation of our race? Of course. Scum comes in all colors.

        5. Well, then I do not understand our clash nor your text comprehension skills.
          Tell me what you didn’t understand about that:
          “You mean sub-culture?
          No one should place himself above anyone because of race. Only achievement will do.”
          Didn’t this make it obvious that I find it okay to use achievement to place yourself above others regarding their achievement? And that I file culture under achievement?
          Yet you still started this conversation.
          “…are hopelessly intertwined and inseparable…”
          “Are there Whites who act to degrade our culture, and soil the reputation of our race? Of course.”
          Apparently they are not “hopelessly intertwined”. Separation can clearly be shown by rejecting and degrading this culture.

        6. Look we agree on more than we disagree on. No hard feelings.
          My central point was that each race has a right to be proud of their people and country and culture. If they are ashamed of those things, they should work to fix them. Pride does not have to mean superiority, nor does it mean claiming undue credit. It’s just a healthy spirit of wanting to continue the path laid out by your ancestors. That is usually a racial thing but there is a lot of crossover.

        7. I do almost agree. First, look at roosh for example. He is technically from a “sub-race”.
          Yet he has contributed more to our cultures than likely both of us combined did.
          What I am saying is, that if a man like roosh were to settle here in Germany and pride himself of it’s culture because he has participated and cared for it, I would greet him and say that he has every right to.
          Culture is something that you aren’t just assigned to by race. Even if kids only grow up in one culture they still only a choice. That choice being to embrace or reject it.
          Everyone who embraces and would even go so far as to fight for the culture of the land he lives in, no matter the ethnicity, deserves to be part of it in my opinion.
          I understand that that is in reality just a minor and almost only theoretical difference but I find it to be an important one.

  13. “whose policies of intra-EU economic indifference have reduced Hellenic women to spreading their legs for mere sandwiches”
    Sorry, but the vast majority of prostitutes in greece are not greek!
    They come from countries with 4 times smaller GDP per capita like bulgaria etc etc..
    This story totally twisted the words of a greek researcher.
    The research of panteion university, found that 40% of prostitutes in greece have a connection with greece (immigrants who live in greece for many years or having immigrant parents) the majority are foreigners and there is some 2,7% who is actually of greek origin (500 women out of 18,500).
    Yoy will need google translate for the first one:

    1. Ας τους να λένε βλακείες. Είναι απλώς ζήλια επειδής όταν οι Έλληνες δημιουργούσαν φιλοσοφία και διαφώτισαν τον κόσμο αυτοί ζούσαν σε σπηλιές και έτρωγαν τα παιδιά τους.
      Apologies for the non-Hellenophones; I’m saying that the words attributed to a Greek researcher were translated as bullcrap.

      1. Δεν νομίζω ότι ετούτη η σελίδα το κάνει επίτηδες, είναι απλή άγνοια.
        Αυτή που φέρει ευθύνη και θα έπρεπε να διωχθεί ποινικά από την ελληνική δημοκρατία για δυσφήμηση είναι η δημοσιογραφος που εφηύρε το αρχικό άρθρο.
        The one that is to blame is the journalist that made up the initial story.

  14. There should be a law against barren women like Merkel ever holding the reins of power. They have no offspring and hence no stake in the future. Germany, S Korea, now Taiwan with sterile childless old hags in charge.

  15. These ‘puppeteers’ will try to coerce all of our cultures into a race war and cross-breeding until there is no purity left only a bunch of miscegenated mush. Easy to control people with no national identity, or racial one for that matter. Easy to make more fiat money off of people who have no loyalties and are confused at who they are!
    I’ve seen the real Angela Merkel, just like the real George Soros, Bill Gates, Rockefellers, Jacob Rothschilds and all his ilk. They are all a bunch of undead secular mummies who refuse to die, and want to grip the world in a slippery grasp of their own self-imbibed elitism and fake bullshit. No conspiracy theories here gents, just a careful plan by an oligarchical pussy wagon. In essence we all lost before we were born because this agenda has been going on for a couple hundred years, but they are all old, human, frail, and weak. They will not last. Their ideas are poison in itself.
    Need some bandages that are going to last for eternity for these ones!

    1. Yes these elites are more in love with their agendas than with their families. Did you see how indifferent Sheryl Sandberg was when her dumb fuck husband slipped on the treadmill and cracked his head open like Humpty Dumpty? She was giving talks on leaning in the next day lol.

  16. Just read this on Breitbart: senior journalist confesses that the German (public) media gets its orders on what to report, and how to report it, directly from the government. The basic rule of thumb is: would Angela Merkel approve. Negative reporting on the refugee crisis is effectively forbidden. This bombshell report has apparently been virtually ignored in the German media, except where it has been denied and condemned. Evidence in itself that the press is controlled, if any were needed. Now, obviously everywhere else the press is completely free to report what it wants. Obviously

  17. What I don’t get is why folk aren’t addressing the fact these ‘refugees’ are “Asylum Shopping” by gunning for the countries with the most generous welfare…which is illegal under international law.

  18. The fightback has started. This is what men from Amsterdam are doing about the mass sexual assaults across Germany on new years eve.

    1. WTF is this? A cuck convention? Or just a gathering a of garden variety faggots?
      Most Dutch men are about as masculine as my 8 year old niece.

    1. Let’s not beat around the bush here. Though not typical or easily recognized, Kasner is usually a jewish (small j) surname. Merkel has some Polish jew roots, as I recall.
      And her behavior in s trying to undermine a white Christian country (Germany in this case) would fit in with perfectly with the normal behavior of “the chosen ones.”

  19. The height of hypocrisy and idiocy is when I see German politicians bashing the police for “failing to prevent the sexual assaults”, while they directly imported thousands and thousands of rapists and criminals in the country. Now the police resources are stretched this because of the huge amount of criminality from the foreigners.

  20. reminiscent of the Crusades or the Russian retaking of Eastern Europe during the Second World War.

    Wrong and to some extent intentionally malevolent analogy, like leftards woud do, ignoring truth.
    It is reminscent of Arab and Ottoman (Turkish) invading of Europe.
    Check your facts.

  21. This will be the rest of the Western World soon. There is definitely an agenda to destroy Western culture. When warfare failed, they have now turned to dilution through migration.

  22. 60% of germans don’t want to economically rescue Greece the origin of our civilization.
    70% of germans want to have their country invaded, one of the peaks of our civilization.
    Fucking cucks

    1. Cucks and ingrates-they deserve the special Platinum Darwin Award for idiocy amounting to self-inflicted genocide.

  23. What troubles me is the feeling that the Greek Navy and Coast Guard seem to be acting like the world’s biggest people smugglers. They have one of the largest navies in the Mediterranean why aren’t they pushing back?

    1. They can’t. Believe me they’d love to but the can’t afford to anger other nations lest the US stooge Turkey is encouraged to become more bellicose and belligerent.

  24. I think you’re partially right. Elements in the Hellenic armed forces might privately want to take a stronger position on migrants. But my feeling is that Alexis Tsipras’s views on this crisis reflects the establishment consensus – that an Australian push back policy is unfathomable. Perhaps if Macedonia and Bulgaria would build fences on their frontiers with Greece boxing the migrants into Greece Tsipras would start singing a different tune.
    2000 migrants are still making the crossing in the winter. Do the math. Imagine the human deluge when the weather becomes more mild.

      1. Yes I was speaking of FYROM. I’m about as much a Hellonphile as the late, great Patrick Leigh Fermor. But it seems modern Greeks get more exercised about Slavs appropriating historical names than about modern invasions from the East. Byzantium used to be the bulwark of the East! It seems many Greeks forget the reason why their Evzones have 400 pleats in their Foustanella.

        1. It’s a crap situation Hellas is in insofar as it where it is located geographically what with the Balkans, Albanians, Turks and then North Africa etc. so it compounds all the headaches it has.

    1. I agree with you. The Germans have screwed you a few times in the last 70 years. But like I have argured before it is in your national interest to take a harder line with migrants entering your country. Put the word out the boats will be turned back. Those that arrive (Allowances can be made for Arab Christians, Assyrians and other minorities) will be bused back to the Turkish border on the Maritsa.

      1. No, no, no.
        This is actually the first time in years that the Greeks have some kind of real-world leverage.
        Play this well Greeks. We do not mind here in the North.

        1. What part of my post did you actually disagree with? Whatever argument the Greeks have with Northern Europe should not cloud their judgement in what is happening.

        2. Yes, but they´ve been screwed over with economically. Now they have some kind of real-world leverage to up-negotiate their position.
          “No stimulus? Well, maybe our borders will continue leaking.”
          … my point being.

      2. Its a really sticky situation to be in. You only have 2 choices essentially:
        1) Help them.
        2) Sink them
        Who is going to take the political cost of taking these human lives in light of setting an example? This would resonate particularly harsh internally and with the EU -everywhere. With the current good for nothing Marxist ass government that is comprised of people who have never worked in their lives (but for the party) you can never expect an actually brave decision. The government is concerned with ‘not dropping the ball completely’ as our stock market crashed again yesterday and serious backlash from the newest pension cuts is going on. The agricultural workers have blocked all the major highways… just giving you a picture of the seriousness of the situation from a civilized wealthy (once at least) nation…
        Now back to what i was saying..Its not easy to pull the trigger.
        What is is appallingly disgraceful from the side of the Eu is the claim that “We are not guarding our borders correctly” which is of course just bullshit. If you may know Greece is the key to the Western World I mean if you look at it from a geopolitical perspective we are actually located where the world is split in 3: Africa is right below us to the South. Asia is right next to us to East. The West right next to us to the West. We have no psychical border, and everyone comes through the sea which cannot be guarded. Or so to say the costs of guarding the Greek coast are immense. So the argument the Europeans are putting forth is at the very least naive, at worst a planned move to kick Greece out of Shengen force us to keep all the immigrants as a result of their own (sic) policies.
        Sorry for this quickly written response, I’m currently at work and don’t have time to to put together an eloquent piece of writing. Would love to write more about the situation here from the perspective of a Greek that is occupied in the shipping industry. (Greek shippers are the wealthiest in the world, traditionally right wing conservative families.)

        1. Re: Greek shipping families. Taki Theodoracopulos of Spectator fame (High Life column) is my favorite. Thanks for the reply I was hoping for more responses as this topic I believe is the most pressing and crucially important for the West’s future.
          I think there is a third choice and it’s turn them back. The Royal Australian Navy and Coast Guard – although not facing the Biblical numbers Greece is facing in the Aegean – has shown that this works. The Hellenic Navy has the assets but what they lack is the political will. Of course for this to work, as Turkey would raise a proverbial shit-storm, Greece would have to receive concrete political and material support from Nato and EU members. What Greece needs right now is a Victor Orbin.

  25. its mixing up separate issues to just blame her i think…Greece too is to be blamed for main entry and conduit point and for its fiscal and financial and self reliance issues not looking to depend solely on others for ever….as also other countries and individuals…but still the acceptance of immigrants at such huge scale and so regularly and since so long is self destructive and selfun-preservation….why do not they go to fellow North African and Arabian and Middle Eastern countries almost all of them rich and with white females and women too!!!??? and why do not they help their fellow Muslims and aid and settle them inside their borders???

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