British Police: Men Who Try To Get Laid Are Guilty Of Misogynistic “Hate Crimes”

Are you less than 100% certain a girl will accept your approach? If not, do not approach them in Nottingham and maybe soon a host of other British cities. Nottingham Police have declared that “misogyny,” which they say includes “unwanted approaches,” is now a hate crime attracting significantly higher criminal penalties. The girl alone gets to decide if the intention of your interaction was misogynistic or not.

A police force revealed today it has become Britain’s first to recognise misogyny as a hate crime.

Nottinghamshire Police is recording incidents such as street harassment, verbal abuse, unwanted physical approaches and taking photographs without consent within the hate crime definition.

Unwanted physical or verbal contact or engagement is defined as exactly that and so can cover wolf whistling and other similar types of contact. If the victim feels that this has happened because they are a woman then we will record it as a hate crime.

According to the police instructions being distributed to frontline officers, when you use your cell phone to text a woman, she fails to reply and you text her back, this is now also a potential hate crime if she decides the messages are “unwanted” or “uninvited.” In fact, even the first message you send her can be classified as “unwanted” or “uninvited” and therefore a hate crime. By chance, have the feminist designers of the new law read and been offended by Roosh’s free texting guide? Other interesting triggers for this perfect example of misandry will be wolf-whistling and comments like “Hey, cutie!”

The new law, which has essentially been constructed from the “interpretation” of an existing law without any democratic process, applies only to men dealing with women and not either sexual minorities or heterosexual women interacting with men. Nottingham Police are taking it so seriously that men deemed to be behaving in a “misogynistic” fashion are already having their “crimes” and details recorded.

The architects of this fascistically feminist experiment are, in order of appearance, Chief Constable of Nottingham Police, Sue Fish, and the manager of Nottingham’s Women’s Center, Melanie Jeffs:

The United Kingdom’s very muddled system

The Nottingham Police debacle is not an isolated incident. The National Police Chiefs’ Council head, Sara Thornton, announced last year that, Britain-wide, online “threats” would take precedence over violent crimes like burglaries.

Despite the conventional belief that the British Parliament at Westminster is supreme, in practice local authorities, including the police, have substantial, legalized leeway in defining what constitutes crimes defined either by legislation or the common (judge-made) law. Westminster could theoretically end the sort of farces we have seen with the Nottingham Police this week. Nonetheless, a betting man would probably have a better chance successfully putting money on Britain getting rid of the Queen in the next five years than county and regional authorities being brought into a more democratic line line.

Consequently, substantial elements of British laws are subject to the vagaries of local, sometimes rampantly feminist officials and the very undemocratic fiefdoms they have cultivated. This is in addition to the wide discretion that police already have in prosecuting certain politically correct crimes over others. As I brought you last year, British police have already begun prioritizing “online abuse,” comprising often exaggerated internet exchanges that rarely result in actual harm, over far more violent burglaries and assaults. For all the criticisms that federal systems like the United States’ are convoluted, they often give better formal and informal political protections than unitary systems like Britain’s.

Why the law matters

Now illegal and a hate crime in Nottingham if the woman does not like it.

Game and its offshoots gained prominence because many men caught between the dating world of their fathers or grandfathers and a grotesquely politically correct “modern” world finally had a means for navigating through the apparent complexity of women. Oftentimes hypocritical female expectations, belief systems, and conduct became more manageable and less murky. Because game and related concepts expose women (and men) for the creatures they almost always are, they themselves and those who practice them are now in the direct line of fire from zealous feminists both within and outside government.

More generally, the new law reinforces the increasing subjectivity of bizarre attempts to criminalize decidedly non-harmful behavior. Rather than being based on a reasonable prospect of injury, especially of a physical kind, hate crimes like “misogyny” are being predicated on the feelings of already delicate individuals. Tellingly, a text message from a man to a woman, one that has zero evidence of any threats or violence, is being treated more severely than, say, fists and bottles being thrown in a nightclub or on the street (provided those being hit are not female).

The draconic move does not (*surprise, surprise*) include lesbians or straight women

“You have no right to look at the skimpy clothing that I have deliberately worn so everyone but you can see it!”

Unsurprisingly, given we are surrounded by a deplorably anti-male political climate, the criminalization of unwanted male approaches has not been extended to include either lesbians or straight females (or those identifying as starfish or attack helicopters). As even LGBT groups have complained that gay and lesbian domestic violence is at least equally prevalent as the alleged figures for male-on-female domestic violence, such omissions are glaring. In fact, on a topic I covered last year, lesbians in particular were found to be more prone to domestic violence than straight couples.

At its heart, this Nottingham Police “law” is aimed at simultaneously vilifying and criminalizing normal male behavior. Paradoxically, this is behavior that even otherwise indoctrinated Western women still want from men, such as men approaching first, being confident, and making the first move in other contexts, too.

Put bluntly, it’s really just a walking crime to be a man nowadays.

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412 thoughts on “British Police: Men Who Try To Get Laid Are Guilty Of Misogynistic “Hate Crimes””

  1. It’s like inverse Sharia Law. Instead of having “religious police” patrol the streets with canes, ready to beat women for not correctly wearing their hijab, the West now has police patrolling the streets on the hunt for straight men who commit “hate crimes” against women. This is what living in a matriarchy looks like, where a woman’s feelings can determine if a law was broken or not.
    The elites usually try out test cases in a small jurisdiction before rolling it out nationally. “Yes means yes” was tried in a couple universities but is now law in Germany and Sweden, and will be so in the USA if Hillary wins. I have no doubt that men will be charged with crimes for cold approaching women within the next few years.

    1. Correct. Women are playing up more and more, as Michael Sebastian just posted, they are so arrested in their development they act like insolent children.
      They are carrying out one big shit test on the public. They want to be told off by the public. When they held slut walks, they really wanted to be told no, you cannot act or dress like harlots. Instead they got whimpering acceptance. So they up their game and ask for an invading army to dominate them, they really wanted the men to say, “hell no, don’t be stupid.”. Instead they got whimpering acceptance. I don’t know how far this society wide shit test will escalate, but public castrations or complete female domination sadly won’t be off the table.

      1. I agree whole-heartedly.
        People keep hearing study after study talking about how miserable the modern woman is… and how it’s only getting worse *despite* their apparent, and continuing, “success”.
        Like Andrew P. and many others have pointed out… these women, knowingly or not, keep shit testing society and each turn we bend over backwards to accommodate them and their needs. Hence, the downward spiral of unhappiness/depression/”someone please pay attention to me!” deepens by the day.
        I hate to generalize… but I want to look at these ladies and say “sorry but your problems aren’t real problems”.

        1. I never understand why they would call it a “success”..women are still outnumbered 1000 to 1 in every meaningful field. Everything important is still done/invented/run by man. And it is not because they don’t have the opportunity. Earning a degree in genders studies is hardly a success. It’s a complete and utter failure.
          Yea they have jobs, but it’s not like the world would end if they stopped doing them. After a week the world would run again. And this time without constant bitching.
          They have quit the one job that they and only they can sad.

        2. “Yea they have jobs, but it’s not like the world would end if they stopped doing them.”
          On the contrary; the world will end if they KEEP doing them. Because their jobs produce nothing and are money bonfires.

        3. In six months, when everyone realized we no longer needed any harrasement trainging in the work place and no one was going to get sued, the ecomony would increase substantially.

        4. Now you’re learning. I only speak what’s true. I don’t have time for opinions.

      2. Bingo. And it all started with the vote, and consequently the sexual revolution and “liberation”
        What they were really liberated from was having to marry betas. Once that domino fell the west was fucked.

        1. I read a man saying that it is betas and omegas who are the most against feminism, since they are the ones losing when women got to make their own choices in regards to who they sleep with. I disagree.

      3. I’m just going to start claiming to be a gender fluid moslem and rape whomever I want.

    2. And that’s why these laws need to be challenged at all levels. Defendants need to take them to trial whenever possible, and appeal them. Expose the system for being what it is. Force them to spend money and resources on this chickenshit nonsense.
      Watch municipal and state budgets dwindle to nothing as the SJW thought police bankrupt the public polity. Then real crime will see a dramatic increase, as real criminals realize that the opportunities are there.
      Soon there will be public pressure to restore order.
      But men need to organize and mobilize, and this is something that hasn’t happened yet. But it will, as the SJWs become more and more radical.
      We make this society run. We are the ones who drive the cabs, man the watchtowers, police the streets, drive the buses, cook the food, haul the trash, and all that. When we decide to flex our muscles, we will. Push us too hard, and we will.
      At some point some sort of push-back needs to happen. You can’t just escape and go abroad any more. This shit is spreading everywhere, and at some point you have to take a stand.

        1. Yet surely to leave a theif unattended in one’s home is the surest path to bankruptcy.

        2. This reminds me of an incident that happened to one of my dads friends. His house was getting burgled, and he managed to overwhelm the two intruders and kept them restrained until the police arrived. Upon the police arriving, they arrested my dads friend for assault, and let the robbers go. The police didn’t take the names of the two robbers or any of their information, and left them alone, leaving the house unlocked with my dads friend being taken away in a police van. Upon being released from custody, he returned to his house to find all of his stuff had gone, unsurprisingly, and found that the police hadn’t taken any of their information, and had just left the robbers in the house unattended.
          There was another incident where it was just my mother alone in the house a few years ago, and some people tried to break into our garage, so she rang the police and went outside shouting at them, which scared them away. The robbers had broken down the door, so my dad and his friend came and spent all night repairing the garage door, so they couldn’t come back to break in. It took the police 36 hours to arrive, at which point they said “it doesn’t look like anyone tried to break in”, and tried to fine my parents for wasting police time.
          We don’t ring the police anymore, no matter what happens, as they are beyond useless, and it seems that the only thing you can achieve by contacting the police in the UK is a fine or a night in jail.

        3. @Joeseph O’Rourke
          You and you parents have learned a valuable lesson:
          Law Enforecement (LEO’s) and the Department of Justice (DOJ) have created a untenable position for themselves and they are not trusted by large portions of the general public any longer. Perhaps not a majority, YET, but still, large numbers concentrated heavily among those under 40 years of age, do not trust LEO’s or the DOJ. Also, even, IF, this under 40 crowd does not believe that LEO’s are dangerously lethal to civilians (which they do seem to believe), this under 40 cohort, ABSOLUTELY believes that LEO’s are, primarily, “revenue collectors”. People are finally starting to realize that the police are not there to assist or save people in danger.
          Police brutality against non-violent civilians and the DOJ’s dereliction of the US Constitution clearly shows that LEO’s are learning to deal with the LONG TERM consequence of these actions, which they, as a group, have taken, while in the field. These actions have been compounding all the issues surrounding their increasingly negative public image over the last 25 years.
          Contemporary LEOs have proven, through their actions, that they are in place to do the following and NOTHING MORE:
          1. Protect themselves.
          2. Maximize their total compensation.
          3. Act as a source of revenue generation for the department currently employing them, the union they belong to and the local governments authorizing their activities.
          4. Protecting the commercial interests of national corporations (with PAC’s lobbying on the behalf of the big corporations)
          5. Protecting the private property and political interests of large, influential, land & business owners, residing within their jurisdiction; that also contribute to and participate in local politics (i.e. campaign donations for Police Chief, Judges and Sheriff elections).
          6. Controlling dissenting narratives that would interfere with 1-5.
          LEO’s have been totally co-opted, insulated from financial consequences and tax paying citizens are picking up the tab. That’s the sad reality of where we are today, in regards to contemporary Law Enforcement Culture. Civilians should view the police no differently than the way in which police typically view the general public, with suspicion.
          Here is an example of a sleepy county in Oregon, that is 92% white, with 56% of the population over 45 years of age, yet, these people still VOTED TO DE-FUND THE POLICE DEPARTMENT because they got sick of receiving unjust traffic tickets, “Defunding government is a sensible voter solution to reining in local government” by Dave Duffy

          Think about that for a minute, if LEO’s can’t hold the trust of small communities, with these kinds of demographics, what chance do they stand anywhere else? Not much. This should be a VERY CLEAR message that LEO’s, in general, have lost the trust of the public.
          Civilians should not trust the motivations of LEO’s nor the DOJ and must always assume that their lives are in danger, with EVERY interaction they have with LEO’s.
          Why? Not because ALL LEO’s are bad, but because ALL LEO’s are LEGALLY AUTHORIZED to kill civilians AND TAKE THEIR PROPERTY, as they see fit (and the DOJ will ALWAYS take the side of the LEO murderer in court).
          Why should civilians take any risk of death or loss of property? It is far easier to simply not interact with, refuse to help and actively avoid contact with LEO’s, whom are LEGALLY AUTHORIZED to kill civilians AND TAKE THEIR PROPERTY, as they see fit.
          We have come full circle, except now, LEO’s don’t regularly “exterminate” undesirables, JUST TO TAKE THEIR PROPERTY, they simply put them in jail indefinitely, for petty offenses, so someone can make money off their existence while in the system, via a government contract.
          Law Enforcement Agencies and the DOJ, AS CURRENTLY OPERATED (see above items 1-6), can’t function when large numbers of people with good consciences serve in them. So, even if good people with consciences tried to enact grass-root change from within, they would simply be denied entry to the agency or get quickly removed from the ranks through various legal and administrative means.
          Here is an except from Bowers v. DeVito. In 1982, the Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit held, “…there is no Constitutional right to be protected by the state against being murdered by criminals or madmen. It is monstrous if the state fails to protect its residents… but it does not violate… the Constitution.”
          “no duty” = “free to ignore” because if there is no financial or legal consequence to inaction, then certainly some “bad apples” will use that as a legal basis for “choosing”, when to “render services” or when not to.
          From the perspective of LEO’s, the above noted ruling means that they may “pick and choose” when they attempt to “save someone from death or injury” because the ruling does not obligate them to act. It is that perspective, which LEO’s are allowed to legally take, that should matter to the average citizen. The context from Bowers v. DeVito is very clear, the police CHOSE to not assist, despite Marguerite Anne Bowers repeatedly requesting their help and the courts then determined that the police are not liable for making the “choice” to not help her.
          Finally, as for the “Oath’s” that LEO’s typically take, lets use a few excerpts from the LAPD oath for example, which seems to be MOSTLY concerned with swearing to not overthrow the government:
          “And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or other- wise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or other-wise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means. I will not advocate nor become (name of office) a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

        4. If you give a man a $20 bill, he may eat for a day or two, maybe a week if he has mickeyD coupons. BUT IF YOU TEACH that man how to operate an offset press and engraver, then he can print his own $20’s. Then that man gets years of free room and board and a color TV too! Hell they even put you through college in the federal pen. And you get a pen pal writing you from the outside, like a good ol’ FAT GIRL waiting to marry you when you get out. What a deal. I’m telling you.

        5. Why a fat girl dammit?Besides he will have plenty men to have fun with if you get my drift.

        6. Fat Chic’s Don’t Root (Fuck) em just Shoot ’em, Save a whale Harpoon a fat chic!

        7. When your society makes it impossible to be a law abiding cirizen, you should consider tge benefits of being an outlaw.

      1. The problem is always taxation. People are brainwashed to believe that high taxes are normal and good. I could do a lot of evil if I didn’t have to spend my own money but the (stolen) money of others. And that’s what the western governments are doing.

      2. this is to apply EU directive? maybe not, but it sounds like a bad joke,
        after their “grooming” rape jihads (exclusively muslim males),
        were carried out in broad daylight, by the thousands for decades,
        with the consent, cover up by local officials, police.
        is this law an expression of extreme islamophilia, that is one of the final nails in the coffin for the average european male?
        (because we would let’s face it, have a law like this applied against our own, but never once have it applied against a muslim, for fear of being accused of “islamophobia”)

      3. Quintus, you may be just the man to write an ROK article on red pill jury nullification. Please consider it. And to the rest, don’t shirk your civil duty, an innocent man’s life could depend on it.

      4. Did you know that being a cab driver is more dangerous than being a cop? Just an aside, I read that recently…

        1. That is quite a fact for sure, given how many cops are murdered by black men. For every one thug committing a crime who gets killed by the police, 18 police are murdered by thugs.

        2. Being a cop is no where near the top of dangerous jobs. Here’s a list of many jobs that are much more dangerous than policing. It is NOT exhaustive.
          Fisherman (anykind on the seas, not just crab fishing)
          Big rig truck driver
          delivery truck driver (Like UPS)
          Fireman (yep, and they don’t get any of the power, just the danger)
          Farmer (my dad and brother are farmers, 6th most dangerous job in the world by deaths I believe)
          Soldier (expected)
          There’s a hell of a lot more. Cops are down the list in the 20’s or 30’s I think. They spend more time filling out paperwork than they do performing actual police work, which isn’t their fault mind you.

        3. No, it is their fault. You can always quit and do honest work. And I’ve met ex cops who did exactly that.

        4. That is an absolute lie and racist to boot. More black men are killed by cops year after year than any other group. Most cops are killed by other white men. Do some research before you spout nonsense. It is obvious by you saying “thug” just shows how ignorant and racist you really are.

        5. Westray, you have spouted nonsense before, just leave this site completely and never return. Go visit the White Knights or White Power where you will be loved and blown by ugly fat white chicks.

        6. It’s all fact. More white men are killed by cops than black men. Nearly as many Latins are killed as blacks. I see how enraged you get when your victim status is threatened though. That’s very clear. You NEED victimhood. You’re lost without it.
          Point out my racism.

      5. The day I get charged with a crime for chatting a women up is the day I go berzek and become a real criminal. Why not at that point. If they keep pushing this stuff they are going to see way more men checking out and taking as many people with them as they can. I wouldn’t do that, I’d just start raping and pillaging whenever I could get away with it. But others… many others would.
        I mean, this is absolute insanity. Now I see that sexual harrasment law at work were the prelude to this. If you talk to a women at work whom wants to suck your dick, great! Then she can happily suck it. But if you talk to a gal at work whom doesn’t, woe is you. You can be fired and sued.
        Now it enters the public sphere including both the street and text messaging and it is criminal? There is no more refuge and no more freedom. Fuck other peoples feelings. I want my freedom. And it’s clear anything they introduce in Europe or the UK is meant for the US eventually.

      6. Courtrooms are a dramatic farce QC. You cannot win with logic in the courtroom, only to fail in the arena of public opinion.

      7. I hope you are right. Men have a history of feeling it doesn’t apply to them personally and so they let their brothers down in typical alpha fashion. Its time for even the alpha male to break with tradition and team up with his male brethren to fight the good fight and stop this perversion. The fact that women are exempt means the women who brought about this change, feel women are incapable of wrong or bad thoughts and actions. When in fact they are more violent. A fact discovered by the woman who set up the first shelters for women from men. When she found out women were at fault 60% of the time, she tried to set up shelters for men too and the feminists shut her down in every way.

      8. These cunt’s need to be put down with a sawn off shotgun directly to the head PERMANENTLY! Fuck it 99.99999999% of women DESERVE a SHOTGUN BLAST TO THE FACE to put the fucking animal out of it’s misery.

    3. Methinks all this feminist bullshit about “misogyny”, “hate crimes”, and “street harrassment”, is a meta-shit test; regardless, British lads, ignore the new statutes and bang the hell out of the fat/pasty/drunk sluts known as British women before Allah’s hoards do it for you. Consider it a form of national service.

      1. What’s most sad about this is there are probably are very few British men cold approaching women anyway, hence the lack of opposition. I wonder when, if ever the bottled up sexual frustration of Western men will be so bad that they will just go out and take women by force. Nah, probably won’t happen given all the cheap porn and that Western men are such pansies.

        1. Nope. Most British men will take a look around and see nothing worth fighting for or risking arrest for. They will then leave to find better hunting grounds. There will be some nostalgia for those left behind, but they will be focused on the glorious future ahead.

        2. Nah, they just buy it. I was in London last week, and theres plenty of prostitutes. Why bother going on a date when you can buy it for 50 quid less? Oh, and she’ll probably be better looking too.

        3. Porn is what will stop them. Why go to jail when once a day they can fap one out with little effort.

        4. Don’t you care that prostitute fucks with different men every day, that she doesn’t have any feeling to you but only fucks for money?
          Don’t you think These are very poor standards to use prostitutes?
          After them you go to normal women. Men who take prostitutes should not cretisize women for their actions. It’s same like to be a slut but to pay for sex.

        5. Prostitutes (whores, whatever you want to label them) are honest. They are fucking you for money. Women in general, and it’s generally agreed to here, fuck men for resources. They’re whores in all but name, especially on “dates” man.

        6. No comments! I wonder how people get married, have children live in love? Seems all women you meet are whores or prostitutes. How to call men who fuck only prostitutes? How to call men who use women only for sex, own satisfaction? How to call men who cheat on their women?These men are not better but also whores.
          Every self confident man will never say that women want only money, because genetically men should provide a family. Man who doesn’t have what to offer to woman will justify himself saying all women around want only money. Women need stability, women need reliable man, father of future children, man whom a woman can trust.
          There are women who are looking only for sponsors but usually these women don’t need family.
          To fuck cheap prostitutes at 50$ or to have love is your choice. Until you have in your mind only negative thoughts about women you will not meet any good woman or you will be hot able to hold a good one.
          At least you could try to respect women because every woman is somebody’s daughter, mother, sister etc. Woman has given you life. If you don’t respect women, you don’t respect women in your family because every man who thinks in the same way you think can say about women from your family that they are whores or want only money. Life is a circle. Good luck.

        7. Do you know how few women you can trust? Pfft. Even in the old eastern bloc, most women aren’t worth the time. Quit pretending women even further west are worthy of a man’s dedication and resources.
          Most western women are whores in all but name. You’re pathetic attempt to personalize the attack does not change this fact.

        8. What about men who lie to women in order to seduce them, men who cheat on their women?
          What for to look at bad sides. Everywhere there bad people.
          The fact is if you think that all women are whores , are bad you will meet exactly such kind of women. Period.

      2. There are barely any british women worth touching anyway…. so its largely a case of the police protecting a bank that has no money in it……anyone stupid enough to live in a country where even the olympic team is banned from using hand guns should realize its prison planet central….. the reason the elites exited the EU was to up their fascist police state…whilst making the foolish population think they’d won a victory……. brexit was by design not an accident.

        1. “There are barely any british women worth touching anyway”
          Let be me honest with you: when those groups of english women come to Portugal on vacation, they are by far the least attractive and the ones with worse behavior. I never ever saw a classy english lady in my country.

        2. Last summer in Spain, I was with my kids walking to the beach at a resort that was mostly russian and english. A group of thin, tanned russian male teens walked by a group of English girls. The Girls all stopped and turned to eye up the Ivans. The russian lads never acknowledged their existance. Funny to watch.

        3. Usually the ones hitting on them are english men also on vacation…it says a lot about the all situation. English women are loud, rude, dress like prostitutes and get drunk with just one beer. Depressive to look at.

        4. I’ve been an expat for a long time. I have seen the English on holiday and the reputation is well deserved. A brit friend once explained it to me, that in the UK they supress their urges then they fly across the channel and let it all out.
          Strange bunch.

        5. I’m guessing whores (hey, it’s an honest profession) will get a lot more business in Nottingham. Why bother even offering to go on a date when just asking is illegal?

        6. “in the UK they supress their urges then they fly across the channel and let it all out.”
          I have the same feeling. They are so robotic in the UK, so obsessed with rules that when they are away from that social landscape they loose it.

        7. As many already said, this only applies to beta unattractive men. If these feminazis are approached by someone like Mr. Grey, they will gladly be raped.

        8. I am not very familiar with modern feminism history in the UK but, it seems the roots are indeed in that society.

        9. And this applies to “normal” women. If a good looking guy approaches them, they will gladly talk to him and eventually get fucked. Another shit test in imo.

        10. That is my opinion. Northern European women loose it when they come to southern Europe. Probably its the heat mixed with severe rules in their own nations where everything is more controlled. British women are certainly on the lead here.

        11. Do Portuguese men hit on them? I bet Portuguese girls are more feminine and more conservative than Northern women, so why would Portuguese men hit on Northern women? I know in Turkey a lot of British, Irish and Nordic girls fuck with local Turkish men. Because these Turkish/Kurdish men are so desperate.

        12. Yes, many hit on them but its like you say: its desperation. Its so easy to get access to their vagina, that many simply do not give a damn and that is connected to Portuguese women, that generally, are way harder to seduce. Its simply the logic of less work.

        13. It’s not asking for a date that is wrong, it’s HOW you ask for a date. If you are clumsy and impolite in your approach towards women for a date, then you deserve to be put in your place.

        14. Young men are, more often than not, inherently clumsy when it comes to talking to women. If men held women in the same age bracket to the exact same standard as men, most women would be labeled creepy losers and be subject to the same consequences.
          Rude behavior is, more often than not, reciprocated behavior. This means that the guy goes up and flubs, gets a quasi-rude/rude response and returns the favor. Women use rudeness to display disinterest, but younger men don’t realize this yet – and quite often haven’t learned the best response: walk away without a care in the world.
          By holding twin standards of attitude, while simultaneously demanding to be treated equally, women are not helping young men learn the rules of etiquette. Way back when, before most of us were born, a nerdy (i.e. undesirable physically) male would ask a “cute” girl out. He’d get mocked and walk away with his tail between his legs. Best case, if the gal didn’t like him, he’d get a more polite brush off about how she’s (the gal) kinda seeing someone. He’d still walk away with his tail between his legs, but not publicly crushed in the same way. In either case, unless he persisted in stalker fashion, it would simply have been the classic:
          Boy sees girl
          Boy pines for girl
          Boy works up the courage to talk to/ask girl out
          Girl turns boy down
          Boy leaves, life goes on
          We turned a corner when we started labeling awkwardness creepy and stalkerish. The girl from long ago realized that she wasn’t the one throwing herself (potentially) into the fire by asking for a date. Women/girls had a certain amount of respect for that because they knew the consequences of failure only existed for the men/boys. Only in the worst behavioral cases were the ladies rude.
          Long story short: if you want to label awkward as creepy, you’d better get ready to label a ton of young women as creepy. I won’t even go into the single mothers we see today. Creepy and stalkerish.

      3. It’s not a shit test, it’s a cry for attention AND a way to explain their own failure. See, the reason men are still better than women at because women are being held down and objectified by the evil patriarchy..sigh..
        If only those catcalls would stop, they would instantly get it together, find a cure for cancer and invent the holo deck.
        That despite most of them have problems with 8th grade mat.

      4. Has anyone here actually been to Shottingham aka Nottingham? It’s a crappy city dominated by obese, short haired femiturds and useless, Jamaicans. The city is way past gone.
        I think living in Mexico city is preferable to living in Nottingham.

    4. Yes. But, maybe it’s wishful thinking, I have a gut feeling, that we are about to reach the peak. It is too late for the current generation of young men, but I think the guys born today, the few that still grow up in intact families, will find a better situation. (After the EU went down etc.)

    5. Hideous women pushed for women’s suffrage, prohibition, and are now behind these modern laws. It’s some warped form a puritanism resulting from their spinster status. I say we institutionalize all unmarried women over the age of 33.

    6. Fine.
      Let them (the police, not the parliment) illegitimately legislate such idiotic nonsense, if and only if women make their “NO” clear as a traffic signal to any make approaching from any direction.
      Women should be required wear mandatory traffic signals to any alert any oncoming males whether or not she’s open to their advances — and by advances that includes even a simple “hello.” Any female not wearing her required signal outfit is open to the charge of criminal negligence.
      And now I understand better why traditional Muslim men require women to wear burqas. They’re tired of dealing with women’s bullshit.

    7. “The elites usually try out test cases in a small jurisdiction before rolling it out nationally. ”
      Exactly. I’ve seen this with my own eyes.

    8. Men of Nottingham need to petition the courts for restraining orders against all females to prevent them from enter an man’s space, consisting of an area 50′ in diameter. Then he can have her tossed into the klink for violating the court order.
      In the future all female interaction, even simply saying “good morning,” must be coordinated and pre approved by females via some sort of smartphone or smartwatch app in which she pre selects eligible males. Of course, since women don’t know how to build such technology, men will put in back doors and create augmented realities to send arrogant bitches into the middle of oncoming traffic to pick up valuable virtual jewels or Pokemon in an augmented reality.

    9. I propose we build publicly funded temples. A safe space where women can go to live and it should have an altar in the sanctuary where dead fetuses are placed and burned, and ritual sacrifice of men and boys is occasioned.
      Women can live there for free, while acolyte men who are forbidden to entre the inner sanctum serve the women by procuring their groceries and feminine products (unless they choose to free bleed.)
      If a woman ever leaves the temple it should be legally required that all who identify as male silently fall down and avert their face if she walks near.
      Commoners should be permitted to make an offering to the temple so that ritual sexual Intercourse take place with a willing goddess, all children born of such union that are not burnt on the alter admitted as acolytes to serve the temple.

      1. If you did that then the women of the temple would unconsciously do everything possible to undermine their nation so that they could get the massive gang raping they secretly crave.

        1. The secret to maintaining a temple of prostitution is to have it run by male priests that pimp out the women and keep them in check.

    10. I’ve been predicting that cold approach would become illegal for a few years now. You guys should start a petition. Use their own tools against them. Get some press.

    11. Asking a woman out cannot be classed as “hate speech” even under the idiotic laws over here.
      Here we have a situation were PC coppers –who did nothing about real sexual assaults on little girls in Rotherham and many other places–are deciding what the law is and announcing that they intend to assault men without valid legal cause.
      It is time that legal test cases smashed this PC nonsense.

      1. I didn’t know the police could make up their own laws. They certainly can’t sentence you using homemade laws.

    12. What’s implicit with all these laws is that BETAS are, per usual, the ones to pay the price.
      Alphas will still be able to cold approach free of consequence.

    13. The solution is very simple…. if there’s any trouble just say you are gay or transgender transitioning….

    14. It is not true that there is a “yes means yes” law in Sweden. Rape, by Swedish law, is when a person “by assault or other violence or by threat of a criminal act forces another person to have sexual intercourse [or thereby comparable act]”.
      Moreover, this also applies if someone “improperly exploits” that the
      victim, “due to unconsciousness, sleep, serious fear, intoxication” etc. “is in a particularly vulnerable situation”.
      Now, there is an governmental inquiry due to deliver a report in October. It is expected that it will to propose that the concept of “rape” should be replaced by the more general term “sexual assault”, and that this new crime also include when the “victim” simply said “no”, but otherwise did not resist. However, the result of this inquiry has not been presented yet (so we do not know exactly what the conclusions will look like), and it is up to the government and the legislature if they wish to implement its recommendations.
      So, simply put:
      – Sweden still has a rather classical rape legislation, but with the addition of the rubber paragraph formulation of “particularly vulnerable situation”, which opens up for a wide range of very questionable interpretations.
      – It is not unlikely that, in the near future, this will change into a “no means no” type of law (“if she said no, it was rape”).
      – The possible new law will not, from what we know today, require actively expressed consent (“yes means yes”).

    15. And we have Islam on the otherhand getting free reign because it is a non-white religion.

    16. Wow this is crazy. I said recently that eventually “game” would be criminalized, even prosecuted as a form of rape but I didn’t expect the process to begin so quickly.
      It is notable that the women pushing this are precisely those who are in no danger of being approached. It makes one wonder if their real target is not heterosexual men but actually pretty girls.

      1. Bob never feel at anytime as though shit isn’t happening behind the scenes at an incredible rate to hold men down and back. This is happening everywhere, why are we really bombing the shit out of Muslim countries ? Because they are bad or what they stand for is totally anti-Elite and anti-feminazi. Remember, we started bombing them 70 years ago, how long can any person/society go without getting pissed to the point of revenge at any cost.

    17. isn’t it ironic when we will in a time of muslims raping native european women? I guess it will be even more muslims caught now.

    18. melanie is gagging for sues truncheon wood hahahahahaa they suit eachother loool

    19. What did you expet from a society, where Bull Dykes are in authority ??
      We had here in OZ Vic a Bull Dyke as chief Constable & same story ??
      BTW She was proud to be in the Perverted Freaks Pride march !

    20. “It’s like inverse Sharia Law.” Yeah, it’s like the nuns at the old Catholic School dances on steroids. Back then, they’d have (angry man-hating lesbian) nuns monitor how close you were dancing with a girl or if you were talking to her for too long. If you were found “guilty,” they’d break you apart and make you stand in separate corners. This is basically an extension of that mindset — a ruling body of sexual deviants gets to determine what is “proper.” The question is: Who voted these tyrants in? What kind of adults voluntarily put themselves into permanent Catholic School?

    21. The answer is simple, dress like a Muslim, grow a beard, and just have at it! lol

    22. This is a testimony to the success of PUA techniques. They work so well that the Powers That Be are panicking. Seduction = rape because no woman has the power to resist a skilled PUA

    23. Oh Roosh it’s like that Here in Australia We men are not allowed to wolf whistle we are not allowed to cold approach we’ve had this shit since 1996/97 you know how bad Australian women are we had this shit introduced straight after they confiscated our guns over here

    24. You made some good points but I doubt women will not complain if good looking men chat them up only ugly men need to worry .I am myself am considered ugly by most women and unfortunately I live in Nottingham! I long ago gave up on chatting up the opposite sex and giving them compliments because I always received verbal abuse from women so I don’t think I will fall foul of this new law.I just have to make sure I keep my eyes to the pavement in case I get accused of looking at females.

  2. “Unwanted approaches”

    Isn’t that a catch 22, how would you know if it is unwanted until you approach?
    I suspect it is to make all men guilty in the eyes of the law, even those who aren’t looking for sex, but possibly includes men who disagree with some vapid opinion or unbecoming behaviour.

  3. Welcome to a world where we have no social interaction and the media can further control us as our only interactions come from faceless companies.
    Did you open a door for a handicapped person? That is now a hate crime because you hate handicapped people and assume they cannot do it themselves.
    Did you brush up against a woman on a subway that is very crowded? That is a hate crime, you sexist pig.
    Did you look at a woman? You obviously saw you as an object for your pleasure.
    Meanwhile women are given supreme authority based on their whims.
    Hate crimes against fat people.
    Heck, you may even have hate crimes against kids soon if you live near a bus stop, because you may see them as objects to prey upon!
    This will make us socialize less. We will be afraid to talk to each other, look at each other, or even go outside. Stay inside and buy more shit and listen to the news. They will tell you about the real world.

    1. To be safe, only ever introduce yourself to someone else through a smartphone ap.

    2. Its a part of the grander plan of completely turn the white population into atomized units. A white man must have no friends, network, must know no women, must not procreate. He must be a slave.

  4. Ten years ago: “Tell me, BDTR. Which harm do they (lesbians and gays) do to you?”
    The acceptance of homosexuality is incompatible with the heterosexual world we used to live in. I knew they were not going to stop at “being accepted”. Deeply, they wanted to spread their sickness and make it law.
    I am not a religious person, but if ALL religious texts forbidded sodomites and pussyrubbers was for a reason. Trust your masculine gut. Always.

    1. I agree. In the past, I fell for the same sentimental weakness men did in the past that gave us democracy, women’s suffrage, affirmative action, etc. Trying to empathize with others and think you are helping them. I thought “Who cares about gayness–that just leaves more women for me if guys go gay”. And if you’re naturally gay, then you should be able to marry if you wish.
      I couldn’t foresee where it ended up. But at this point we have made so many errors, I think it’s best to just let it explode and start over.

  5. Coming Soon: I couldn’t verbally consent because I was sucking dick at the time.

      1. like Kenny Roger’s chicken….it’s the wood that makes it good.

    1. You know you want to bang those haggardly old cop dykes. Right up your alley. As you go up theirs

      1. I only want one to add to my collection. Like the midget. I don’t find midgets hot, but until I bang one I will want to bang one.
        I am working on a full set.

        1. I had a couple of those. It is interesting….not the Asian part…the 5% body weight who can deadlift 300+
          Sometimes you just have to try.

        2. I don’t think asian girls know anything but sexy and how it appeals to men. They literally live to serve their man but expect the man to be A MAN and NOT CHEAT. If you can manage those two things, you WILL find a lovely asian woman. HOWEVER, the next step for Feminazi’s is to stop men from going overseas to be with foreign women. They say its about sex tourism and its misogyny. Funny women go abroad to fuck foreign men and thats fine. Mark my words, the femincunts are working behind the scenes right now, to keep white men from meeting asian women.

  6. Awesome article! ROK is really on the ball bringing information to the masses. It’s hard to imagine we are living in totalitarian societies like 1984, etc but this is the proof. You are not free. These stories force you to question the narrative, everything you have ever been told and learned.

  7. “Unwanted approaches” ? That means the end of approaching since most approaches are “unwanted”, at least judging from being shut down fast and rudely 9/10. And how could you even know if it’s “unwanted ? Crazy thing is that women will miss the approaching once it’s gone. Because who will do the approaching now ? We sure as hell know THEY won’t do it..
    I wonder if this law is in effect at bars and clubs as well.

    1. It will be like in that short story of Roosh’s. All men will be listen in an online catalogue including CV and body data. They will choose a man and the man has to obey. They use the man for whatever they please and then they discard him again.

    2. It will be all those refugees they’re importing…except those guys won’t bother with texting/approaching, they’ll get straight to the point.

    3. They will miss getting approached by hot well-dressed men. What they are trying to avoid are those with bad posture, poor-looking, or otherwise creepy.

      1. I dont think so. They are on a power trip now, getting much more pleasure from rejecting men, any man, than to actually be with one.
        They will miss getting hit on for validation that is for sure.

        1. That would be a small minority, the vanguard of the radical feminist movement. Most ‘normal’ women today just want to be with alphas, as they always have.

      2. Yeah, this is pretty much the female sexual imperative at work. being actually institutionalized through the State and laws.
        Women only want tall, hot, successful and well-dressed men approaching and taking to them. They will cream their panties for those men and will gladly spread their legs for them. Unattractive, short, bald and fat men approaching them are “creepy” and “misogynistic” and need to be jailed.

        1. So incredibly true it fucking sucks. I’m short and bald. Never has a woman stooped so low as to talk to me as a human being except for the super ugly fat ones. I at least work out and look after myself. But even the so-so women think themselves high above me on every level, even intellect.

    1. No worries, Africans are making up for any gains the elites make in the depopulation of the west in a single day.

  8. This fits nicely into Roosh theory on the elite trying to decimate the white population. Obviously this means fewer bangs=fewer babies. Constantly they are driving a wedge between men and women.
    As of now, the only group of people who have a functioning baby factory is muslims. And that is just what the elite want.

  9. This stuff makes me hate to be alive.
    Had a Facebook conversation with a young gal about this. And she’s not the first one who argues like that. Fucking special snowflakes and crybabies, that’s what they are. Somebody ought to give them a spanking.

    1. If this continues, someone named Abdul or Ahmed will be doing that in he near future.

        1. So it looks shit got ugly during the debate and then started to re-decorate the studio.

  10. How will new couples even form now? Oh wait, they shouldn’t as straight sex is soon going to be banned. This makes me want to stone LGBTWTF’s if it weren’t for Milo Yiannopoulos being the coolest fag.

    1. We might have to figure out how to literally plant our seed in the ground so that babies sprout out of the ground like Cabbage Patch Kids.

      1. Not as fun as sex though. We need to reduce women to the status of cattle and buy/sell them like cows.

        1. After all, women trade themselves for Louis Vutton bags already. Not as valuable or useful as cows. Too expensive and you can’t carry big amounts of cheese in them.

  11. The next update will be: All men must learn to interpret female body language and mimics perfectly. If you approach without her wanting you to approach, you committed a hate crime. If you DON’T approach despite her having given you clear signals, you ALSO commit a hate crime. 🙂

    1. If she winks at you, either she’s telling you to come hither, or her contact lens slipped into the back of her skull.
      Figure it out son.

      1. either way, proceed as normal. Stick penis in first available wet hole….including, but not limited to, her eyes where the contact may have slipped.

    2. Better yet — ignore her altogether (like they have said that they wanted).

  12. Open with your being gay whenever you are in Nottingham – then laugh it off. Then keep gaming – Problem solved. If they call the cops, claim you are gay – you told her so. She must hate gay people. Problem solved.
    On a serious note? Women can expect a future without male protection. I am a natural protector, however, now – its only for those close to me. When i read about women get attacked or beaten? I dont really care anymore.

        1. Really? That means whoever came up with this word spent too much time coming up with it.

        2. yeah. I looked it up because I didn’t get it. Then I read the definition like 5 times before I realized that this is just what they call normal because you need a word for normal because calling it normal makes it seem like other things aren’t normal. So to create the illusion of parity it is like transgender, cisgender, whatevergender so they are all equal.
          pause to vomit.

        3. Congratulations. We just lost both valuable minutes of our lives and brain cells trying to figure out a word. Now let’s go outside and do a walk of shame.

    1. That happened to me last weekend. Young chick wrapped her car around a rural bridge support as she was driving in front of me (talking on her phone, no doubt).
      I slowed down and initially intended to stop and make sure she was ok. Given the state of male/female relations these days and given the fact that I have plenty to lose if taken to court for whatever reason, I thought better of that and drove right the fuck on about my business.

      1. Wise decision…if you had stopped to help, she likely would have tried to blame you by lying her a** off.

    2. I once was a protector now I am the same way as you. unless I know you…fuck you I don’t care.

    1. Totally hit that…in the face. With a hammer. Until it fucking DIES!!

        1. Notice that the policewomen are wearing mens’ ties and coats with their uniforms? This points to how government agencies seek to blur the lines of male and female by defaulting to the male-style uniform, which, ironically, “empowers” the females who wear it, due to or despite its masculine facade. It really makes them look cheap and non-threatening. But, it’s the UK. whaddya expect?

        2. That ain’t no shit, neither! But, Christ…tie with short sleeves? STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPID!
          Sorry, that just gripes me!
          The fuck is Gordon Ramsay when you need him? You know…for the insults: calling out cows, cunts, plonkers and pillocks.

  13. Apparently Harvard economics researcher Roland G. Fryer, Jr has shown that police do not statistically murder citizens of one racial group more than any other racial group. This paper casts a lot of doubt on the legitimacy of the BLM movement as a whole. While university research deserves a skeptical eye and is not infallible, this could make for an informative read.
    Here’s a link to the journal article published July 16, 2016

  14. Just identify as a lesbian transgender woman when they try to charge you with a hate crime. Problem solved.

    1. No because perhaps she has a “fluid” gender identity, meaning at the time she was a straight woman.

      1. Like they care how “authoritative” they look; what matters is how many White Knights in Blue Uniforms they have at their beck and call.

      1. Go to Poland there are CITIES filled with women like that in the summer….oh-my-GOD. Even the middle aged ladies look better than whats here in the USA.

  15. My wife didn’t like it when people tried to get her number, but the way she dealt with that was to either refuse to give her number or to give a fake one if she felt intimidated. The vast majority of men (in civilized countries) aren’t going to physically attack a woman; I don’t see how the authorities need to get involved in what at worst is an annoyance.

    1. I don’t see how the authorities need to get involved
      My best guess is you have to be insane, married to the state, or both to get it.

  16. Carry a wad of money with you when hitting on a woman you don’t know. If she starts in with the “unwanted advance” shit, pull the bankroll out, and tell her you are solely interested in negotiating a business transaction with her, because you think she’s the hottest woman you have ever seen in your entire life, and you realize there’s no way in hell that she would actually date you. This will stand the whole thing on its ear. A woman won’t cause trouble for any guy who considers her so irresistible that he actually offers her money for sex. (Plus, there’s the added bonus of frequently winding up in bed with her a short time after negotiating the final price.) Doing this is the ultimate compliment for today’s modern attention whore. After all, as we all know, women are sluts. They love being offered money for sex – it’s the ultimate compliment, the ultimate validation of their SMV. Even if she turns you down, she’ll smile about it for days afterward. And she’ll gloat about it and tell all her friends. And her friends will get jealous of her. So it’s a win/win for everybody…

  17. What did that beast in uniform get all those ribbons for? I wish all white men would just disappear for 6 months or so but still be able to observe the fallout. Which would be an actual rape culture and impassable roads littered with broken down cars not to mention the absence of water, power, garbage piling up in the streets, you get the point. So each individual child, oh sorry, woman decides whether you’re a criminal or not and even if they’re pleased at the moment they will just ruin you later. My poor 10 year old son.

    1. Just wait untill the robots come. Then they won’t need men, not even for war.

    2. the worst part is that if they arbitrarily decide you are a criminal there will be a legion of white knights there to hunt you down for her honor.

    3. Existing an hanging around long enough. Looks like several Queen’s Jubilee medals.

  18. Either the cunts rise up and stop this or they deserve every effing rape provided by their lovely Moslem migrants: because it is obvious that is what the bitches really want: the ultimate badboy.

    1. “Either the cunts rise up and stop this…”
      I’m NOT holding my breath waiting for THAT to happen…because it won’t. What needs to happen is a real “V for Vendetta”.

  19. Correction, it is a crime to be a beta male nowadays. If you haven’t maximized your game with women, you are on the hook. If you are not over 6ft tall you are on the hook. If you are not fully sexualized and beloved man, you are on the hook. If you are a native, you are on the hook. If you are one of the masses who happens to be under 6ft, average social circle, poor in texting, a member of an unbeloved race (which can be anything from Aryan to white), you are likely to be arrested or charged in street harassment. Guess where this leaves the top 20% of men?

    1. And she’s got a foot in the door of Ministry of Education. The kids about to indoctrinated with all that LGTERFVBSTNG love….. you don’t have to love fisting to work here but it helps……

        1. I remember the Benny Hill Show I couldn’t imagine a show like that coming out again.

  20. Of course, none of this will extend to women-beating/sexual assaulting migrants, right? We don’t want to be racist here.

    1. paper bag test. If attacker is darker than paper bag it was not rape.

  21. “The girl alone gets to decide if the intention of your interaction was misogynistic or not”
    So if you have the look, swagger and say the right things on the first try, then you’re good to go. If not, a jail sentence awaits you.
    Jesus fucking christ this shit will indeed come to the USA if that bitter, aged cunt gets elected president.

    1. I almost hope she gets elected, for the expedited outcomes of course. Civil War: Why Procrastinate?

      1. “I almost hope she gets elected, for the expedited outcomes of course”
        You are not the only one who thinks this way. In many respects it makes sense.

    2. Time to go and kidnap some hot women, like the Romans did with the sabines. Believe me: that time will come if things go on this path.

      1. ” that time will come if things go on this path”
        Indeed. When it all comes tumbling down there will be payback.

  22. Too bad British men are helplessly unarmed. Otherwise they could have just killed that cop for even trying that shit. No Muslims will go down for this. They kill people and blow up stuff. And they actually do really rape women.

    1. those aren’t real muslims. They don’t represent is…..sorry,couldn’t get whole absurd sentence out. How do they do it?

  23. Sad, but the muslims are going to rape the bejesus out of every woman in Britain over the next decade anyway. Enjoy, leftists!

    1. In a few hundred years England is going to look like Italy south of rome 🙂

      1. How ironic. The Normans fought hard to kick the Saracens out of Sicily.

    2. But you have to admit that it will be funny when Britain’s Muslim male population justifiably gets incurable STDs after doing so…

  24. It is funny that the only women who care about “women’s rights” are ugly, disgusting, fat women who have no place in civil society.

  25. Let’s be honest here: the only women who would call the police about this law are the ones you wouldn’t wanna be anywhere near to begin with.

    1. aside from her looks….I will tell you that a girl who appears in court in a red mini dress and black heels and says she doesn’t feel bad for clipping a cop car is, pretty much, exactly my type.

        1. Yeah. Take those cunts, make them 22-30 year old social climber with debt due to fashion choices and you pretty much have 75% of what I’m with and def my favorite type

  26. Seems appropriate:

    “And in the death
    As the last few corpses lay rotting on the slimy
    The shutters lifted in inches in Temperance Building
    High on Poacher’s Hill
    And red, mutant eyes gaze down on Hunger City
    No more big wheels
    Fleas the size of rats sucked on rats the size of cats
    And ten thousand peoploids split into small tribes
    Coverting the highest of the sterile skyscrapers
    Like packs of dogs assaulting the glass fronts of Love-Me Avenue
    Ripping and rewrapping mink and shiny silver fox, now legwarmers
    Family badge of sapphire and cracked emerald
    Any day now
    The Year of the Diamond Dogs
    This ain’t Rock’n’Roll
    This is Genocide”

  27. About the time I think the USA has fallen as far as it can. I see something like this. Our founders were geniuses. Our constitution makes it very hard to get away with this crap in the USA. They cant do it, other than rules at jobs and schools. Nope they cant get the police and courts in on it, as much as they want to.

  28. No surprise that this new law is aimed ONLY at white heterosexual males.
    There has never been a better time to be a MGHOW.

  29. This stuff started with social media. I have seen many a profile where the woman will post evidence of the “crime” committed against her. Online, there are rules for approaching women, and authorities who take action against those who hurt their feelz. I’ve seen plenty of:
    Guy: Hey sugar, what you up to tonight?
    Girl: Ew, you’re 5 years older than me, shut up you gross pervert!
    Guy: Bite me, twat.
    Girl: This exchange has been reported to the community standards policing squad
    System: This person has been banned
    It’s really just an extension into real life of what women are already doing in their “second lives” which are at least as important to them as their real ones.

    1. I know the feelz and can sympathize with that guy. Something similar once happened to me

    1. Welly welly welly welly well
      come get one in the yarbles….if you have any yarbles.

  30. For some reason this made me think of the classic joke….Death or Ugu

    1. A funny riff on this joke, but the way I heard it told originally, the chief responded, “very well. Death. . . BY ugu.”

      1. I’ve heard the death by ugu as well, but I love how gilbert nails this one…and I somehow feel ugu first makes it even worse. Like you need to finish your ugu before we will kill you.

    1. French women with overgrown armpit hair is an American stereotype against the femininity in French women. Of course, France has its share of feminist cunts and they have the same pit hair that American cunts have.
      But French women, overall, I have found to be incredibly feminine. Just like American women put down Asian bitches as mail order brides, south American girls as sluts, etc. etc…..thinking that france is the female armpit hair capital is just buying into the feminist script.

        1. My evidence is extensive, though anecdotal.
          My time in france, both in the cities and in the vacation towns, gave me a great fondness for French women as has my time in the islands which the French have civilized in the Caribbean.
          American women are jealous little monsters and spin tales about the European girls. But the French are general hyper feminine (they wouldn’t dare go to a grocery store in pajamas and sneakers) and very into fashion…even the professionals and academics.
          That said, there are cunty feminists but those are a nation in and of themselves and not, in my opinion, indicative of the host nation.

        2. go to a grocery store in pajamas and sneakers
          I see slippers and flip-flops. You still get ’em wearing sneakers in NYC? That’s somewhat almost nearly as good as feminine French women. Ooh là là.

        3. depends on time of day. I go at opening every day to avoid the stroller brigade which means I go directly from the gym. So I am usually in track pants, tank top and sneakers in the nice weather.
          The soccer moms are all whored out and the work out girls are eying every guys basket to see his macros, but you still get the pigs.
          Flip flops in the streets and subways of nyc disgusts me. It is so fucking filthy. Just terrible. If she isn’t at the beach, at the park or in some other place and is wearing flip flops I automatically assume she must be cool with getting triple penetration.

        4. That’s how I feel about flip flops anywhere. That’s just laziness. What’s worse, as I pointed out in another comment, women who walk barefoot in the scorching heat. Just saying, if she can’t feel 104F heat on the soles on her feet, then she must not give a damn. Then again, maybe this confirms that theory that women that aren’t ticklish are more liable to be whores.

        5. agreed. I will make exception for the beach though or places like that. Other than that shit aint going down.
          Interesting theory btw. I have always suspected being ticklish is connected somehow to sex, but never knew how.

        6. Funny thing is, as someone who actually grew up outside the States, I always considered flip flops as something poor proles wear, or at least that’s how it is in Mexico. I always assumed Americans, and especially gringos, were impeccably dressed. That’s one of the many things that Yanquis have let me down. I mean, if you can’t bother to wear sneakers to go to a Chinese buffet or even to meet the President of the United States, then something is wrong with you. To this day, I’d rather take extra five minutes to put on socks and sneakers rather just to go to the store to buy milk than go in flip flops. I’m no troglodyte.

        7. I am with you and a big proponent of dressing up. In general my rule is
          Business=suit and tie
          Business casual= slacks, shirt, sports jacket
          Casual is either nice jeans button down and blazer or some variation of it.
          Exceptions for me are the gym, the beach, a bike ride, a bbq etc.
          I am never dressed down. You would be amazed what good above the calf socks will do for your self esteem.
          I do wear flip flops when I am at the beach. But when I go on vacation, if I leave the beach itself to hit town I am in boat shoes and if a restaurant I wear linen pants. Never shorts when out to dinner, even in Caribbean .

        8. You are showing your age. Not sure a.bout Manueals Age though, but could be culture. I didn’t own a pair of flip-flops until my wife bought me a pair for our beach holiday on the Med. Saved my feet on the Spanish sand. I like the fact after we shower, we dress for dinner. The girls look great. I found that some hotels we frequent still require men to wear slacks and shoes at dinner or they will be denied service.

        1. you absolutely can. “oh where did you find her? mail order” “French girl? enjoy those arm pits”
          I will take a classy Parisian girl who is dressed to the hilts and thinks of conversation with a man like a subtle battle in her heels and stockings sipping a martini over pretty much every American girl and 2 on sundays.

  31. Why don’t they just come out and make it a crime to just saying Hello to a woman.
    This law is so stupid. This must be a joke.

    1. Seems to have been written entirely by females who never have been nor ever would be approached by any sane healthy male.

      1. Don’t be ridiculous. This law wasn’t written by women. It isn’t a recipe for a delicious pie. How is it a woman could have written it then?

      2. Probably written by the same persons who come up with sex offender registry laws. And I feel it was also conservatives who had part in this.

        1. Not sure I can immediately agree. I tend to think of the registry laws as well-meaning but full of unintended consequences. This Nottingham nonsense seems to be ill-meaning and full of spite, with intended consequences.

        2. It is well meaning. However, it’s a case of apples and oranges. It’s one thing to have a pedophile in it, it’s another thing to have a guy who had to pee in public. The problem is, all “sex” crimes seen to be equal to these folks. I hear that UK sex offender laws are harsh. If that’s true, and with this law in effect, expect scores of men ending up registering as sex offenders, some perhaps for life, just for catcalling. Meanwhile, those poor exploited women can walk around topless with nary a consequence.

      3. Yup. Their mentality is, “If I can’t have any, then no one else is allowed.”

  32. I have contacted Nottinghamshire Police about this. They directed me to the police and crime commissioner, where I was then asked to address my concerns via email. I have sent them an email asking them to cite the legislative basis for this policy, pointing out that it is not only impractical and inherently sexist (as this new policy affords protections to women that men are denied), but that it appears to bypass the legislative process overseen by our democratically elected representatives. The police are mandated to enforce the law. They are not there to make or interpret the law. I implore anyone concerned about this issue to join me in directing their concerns to the commissioner and request the name act or statute that legally justifies this discrimination. There isn’t one.

    1. Hey, you should write a basic letter template. You obviously have the chops and it will be taken much more seriously if it isn’t in the form of “YOU STUPID FUCKING CUNTS!!!!!”
      I bet if you make a template and post it here with an email address to send it to they will get quite a few.

      1. The Command Team got back to me a couple of weeks ago (sorry I didn’t update). In short, their argument is that it is not beyond their authority to institute this policy as they claim they aren’t changing any laws. However, what they did admit is that cat calling and unwanted verbal engagement will be recorded as a “hate incident” and not a “hate crime”. The latter will be covered by pre-existing sexual assault laws and laws against making overt threats of violence. So basically, my interpretation of this is as far as cat calling goes, provided you don’t make a threat of physical violence, they basically can’t do anything. They did make it clear that they would use their resources to intimidate people they claim have perpetrated ” hate incidents”, to make sure they impress on the poor bastard just how unacceptable they find his behaviour. This actually is unlikely to affect me as I don’t do cat calling, and I can’t give anyone advice because I’m not a lawyer, however, if I am ever pulled up on this bullshit I will ask the officers involved what law I have broken. I would then insist, if they believe I have broken a law, to arrest me or fuck off. If they were to arrest me I would keep my mouth shut, refuse to acknowledge any wrong doing (which I guarantee they would pressure me to do by trying to have me sign something so they don’t have to take it to the court, but rather give me some bullshit warning or caution), wait to be bailed, contact a legal professional that would represent me, go to court and wait for the magistrate to throw it out. After which I’d be tempted to file a formal complaint with the IPCC and look at legal action for damages. All hypothetical. Hopefully enough people called them out on this bullshit that they won’t be stupid enough to try and enforce it.

    2. Yeah, your government has a terrorist watch list, too? They probably just put you on the list.

        1. I’d love to read my secret file one day. I’m involved in what the powers that be would classify as both “left wing” and “right wing” causes. I wonder if they think I’m a professional troll, an undercover informant for another organization, or just a confused person lol. Anyway, I’d be extremely disappointed if I wasn’t on their list. But I enjoy the fact that they’re probably scratching their head wondering if I’m to be taken seriously or not.

        2. I don’t think they can deal with outliers, people who don’t fit the ideologically manufactured profiling they seem to have been taught in recent years. The FBI etc seem to take their cue from organisations like the SPLC to focus on the far right and the utterly silly idea that their is a continuum of “extremism” – something which serves well to link political dissidence to the evil of ISIS etc, but does absolutely nothing to tackle real terror and real extremism of the type we’ve just seen last night in Nice. Personally I think the resources wasted on ‘threat to the narrative’ kind of off message dissidence – which ridiculously probably includes people who visit sites like ROK etc should be subject to a careful review of expenditure/efficacy.
          But to address your point yes it would be fascinating to see the information they hold on us …..and what better job could there be than professional troll

        3. We have a HUGE secret spy organization, the largest and most powerful the world has ever seen (no free society should ever be able to say that). Don’t forget that while it is certainly focusing on far right organizations, there are also focusing on leftist groups too. When I say leftist I don’t mean the mainstream degenerate groups that the politicians support like gay marriage, multicultural stuff, but environmental protest groups, extreme vegans, peace groups etc.
          Remember the powers that be aren’t really left or right, they’re just degenerate. I have been involved in some “leftist” causes because I enjoy clean air and water, want fresh, local, non-GMO food, don’t want to spend another trillion dollars blowing up brown peasants in a desert somewhere, especially when our military could be put to productive use like ending the civil war in Syria that is causing this refugee problem and leading to violent attacks throughout the west. Things like that.
          And these groups are also routinely monitored, because they are against the globalist goals of the power structure. They send undercover spies to Quaker meetings in this country, for Chrissake, which are full of little old ladies knitting and talking about how we need to all love each other.
          The key will be if anyone can ever unite these left and right movements successfully. Ron Paul sort of tried that, and was given a media boycott. Alain Soral is definitely trying it in France.

        4. I think we’re all coming to see the limits of thinking in terms of left and right, but yes I used to have some left wing sympathies myself, and in some sense I still do. Clearly the intelligence services look upon divisive identity politics etc more kindly than say occupy wall street. Freedom, individual rights, and ones attitude to corporatism / globalism seems to be the touchstone here, or as Anthony Sutton saw it individualism versus collectivism, where the left and right wing that reflects elite interests is perfectly at east with the latter but tends to attack any kind of rugged individualism mercilessly. The anti-war issue is an important one. I have no particular love for the UK’s Jeremy Corbyn but his stance in opposing war criminal Tony Blair and his illegal wars (in supporting Bush) his potentially an important one. I can fully get behind such things, which isn’t obviously a cause limited to the left.
          As for the surveillance state and its ever growing objects of concern, this is likely to be the most threatening thing to all our freedoms notwithstanding the growing political instability in the world today in the short to medium term. The rationale here, such as there is one, is enormously weak. So far the growth of surveillance has gone hand in hand with the growth of terrorism, which is unlikely to be a coincidence. That’s a correlation perhaps but one might speculate (and attempt to evidence) the possibility that there is a causal link. All organisations / institutions have to justify themselves and it isn’t hard to see that intelligence services are perversely invested in their own limited and managed failure. That’s not to suggest they are ‘behind’ anything, but that their focus of attention, the degree of effort / speed of response etc. might be seen to depend upon the implications of their own actions for their own ability to self-sustain and grown, as well of course for the wider narrative that they serve. As for the Quaker example, I’d have to say that might be something different: simply a sign of a state apparatus that is veering towards the routine observation and control of every aspect of its citizens lives rather than out of a sense of imminent threat. Foucault would have seen this all-seeing-eye aspect as part of the panoptikon, and would have noted also its disciplinary and ‘governmental’ effect: the knowledge that we are being surveilled changes behaviour and it is designed to change behaviour. It is a control system masquerading as a means of ensuring public safety (even if that may be a part of what they do). The absurd thing is such analyses are completely ‘out there’ and publicly available but rarely find their way into the mainstream political discourse.
          There probably are differences between the US and the UK but five-eyes wise, not much I would imagine. It’s entirely the same ideology, and arguably a coherent system.

        5. I was reading a bio of an FBI guy, and he admitted some FBI guys will wait until they arrest a big shot, until he makes it to the top 10 list. Letting a bank robber sit around and enjoy his earnings for a few months is far less risky than letting terists actually commit their acts, but human nature would tell you this same principle would hold true. BTW, I feel most terist acts are false flags.

        6. Having some kind of advance knowledge or at least prior intelligence about possible intentions is morally different from planning the whole thing to happen (for example as truthers suspect is the case with 9/11 etc). I am sure there have been false flags but I’m reluctant to assume that that’s what they are. I would certainly find it hard to believe that the Nice attacks were anything other than a genuine atrocity, but the point is I would say that there doesn’t necessarily have to be deception like that on such a massive scale. I do believe there is a commitment to, and perhaps a kind of management of ‘spectacle’, risk-perception and above all the creation of fear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean micro-management: as you indicate in your FBI guy anecdote all it really takes is to be selective about intervening. Failing to act on intelligence should potentially be seen as being as serious as actually doing the plotting / funding / carrying out the deed etc. Also re. false flags youtube etc is awash with people who almost immediately claim that terrorist atrocities are intelligence operations. When you start doubting everything you hear it’s not much better than believing everything if you hear. Having said that I haven’t really looked hard at the evidence for Sandy Hook / Boston Marathon etc

        7. I don’t delve into them too deeply, because at some level I don’t know how much it matters. For example, ISIS was clearly a complete invention of the west, as was Al Q. One day you never heard of them before, the next they are the world’s biggest threat to stability. Yeah, right.
          But then once such a ghost entity is created, real people will “join” it, because they want to do what it claims it stands for, and then presto, you have a “real” organization (it still doesn’t have a history, hierarchy, etc. but you have people taking action and acting on behalf of said organization). I mean if you are in the Mideast and your family was all killed by a western drone strike, what other group would you join?
          But the Orlando night club thing where people were carrying “victims” *towards* the nightclub where the attack was going on… was very suspicious. And the fact that all regular media outlets ignore any oddities and just repeat the line they are given from the gov’t spokesperson is troubling.
          This is just speculation, but I view this as an attack *ON* Islam. Islam is a traditional, conservative, anti-feminist group. Globalists do not like that, so they encourage violence and the west responds by making Islam enemy #1. Then the anti-feminist Islam is eliminated, and we proceed down the path of globalism. Then the regular rank and file Muslims get a watered down megachurch version of their religion that eliminates all the sexual restrictions and is all modern and liberal, just like what happened to Christianity over the past 60 years.

        8. You might be more or less right about ISIS (the name even references the mother Goddess of occult globalist? religion). It’s a very clear that the West has done very little to combat ISIS – a group that began as a rag-bag mini-army that could have been wiped out in a day with any concerted military effort. There is some evidence of funding sympathetic / related groups like Al Nusra with respect to the Syrian ‘freedom fighters’ / moderates (who turned out to be the exact opposite) and in Libya resources appear to have been directed to support the fight against Assad (this might help explain what happened in Benghazi). It might not be a top down thing perhaps, but there has certainly been some kind of effective funding going on and it seems likely to me that whoever ultimately controls ISIS it is effectively engaged in a proxy war against Russia, and serves the west’s / America’s interest in balkanising the region so that it can present any kind of a formidable bloc. It was easy to set the ball rolling, the first and second gulf wars did that, and now all that’s needed is a little nudge here and there.
          Like you I try not to get too involved in the false flag evidence – there is a simulated aspect to a lot of news / infotainment – but much of it is still real. We might doubt ISIS is necessarily exactly what it claims to be, but Boko Haram is real enough, the bombings in Baghdad all the time are real enough. In a sense if events like the Paris attacks or Orlando were massively orchestrated (and I am assuming they weren’t) then it may be playing into the hands of the “the narrative’s” administrators to not give them the benefit of the doubt. If you see clear evidence that it’s manufactured then sure you need to consider that, or at least file it away somewhere in your mind. So far there are lot of events that seem staged or somehow a bit ‘wrong’ but seeming isn’t in itself evidence, and there’s very little strong evidence out there for most false flags. That doesn’t mean taking a position necessarily, but rather choosing to ‘bracket off’ such issues, to stay agnostic unless you’re faced with something pretty solid. I’d say the evidence of ISIS being at least partially supported at points where they were useful to western interests is pretty strong.
          Re. Islam, I think you’re right at least in part. I tend to think of the Gulf War as the first salvo against the middle east and I agree it’s a target of ‘liberal democratising’ for the reasons you mention – it is patriarchal and anti-feminist: ultimately the war on terror and the fight against Islam (leaving aside the very real hatred islamic extremists have for the west, democracy, gay rights, women’s rights etc.) is a way of showing us the values that we should reject, because they are extreme, anti-democratic, misogynistic, etc – of course the radical islamists themselves play right into this role (because they at least if not Islamic society more generally) are pretty much like that. It’s all about shaping people’s values and behaviour: who are our enemies? Patriarchal misogynistic gay-hating ISIS. What values should we therefore hold? Feminist, LGBTQ liberal progressive values. Except the manipulation is increasingly apparent for all to see.
          The progressive’s refusing to name the Islamic problem is a trick – people will eventually demand that action is taken. This is how the tyranny will happen – we will ask them (the elites) to take the actions that will lead to our unfreedom (just as in UK ‘we’ asked them to take a course of action that is causing major economic issues which require an elite-brokered solution).
          With regard to the ultimate resolution – it’s difficult to say. It will be interesting to see how this Turkish coup pans out. Will there be a military run governments – something like Assad’s? I’ve often heard the name Fethullah Gülen (he’s the head of a massive movement). He’s supposedly a moderate muslim and some have even suggested that he might be a new Mahdi, who will help to establish some kind of peaceful (non-ISIS) caliphate. Of course he’s also a reputed CIA asset based last time I heard in the USA. He appears to be an enemy of Erdogan so if this is a coup against Erdogan one might wonder whether he will become involved somehow…..all of this is speculation, but I mention it because Turkey is a great imponderable. Erdogan seemed to be in the pocket of the West but sometimes he isn’t. I’m not sure whether what is happening is pro-globalist or anti (or something else entirely)

          There is absolutely an ongoing war against religion, but it’s a subtle and convoluted affair

        9. Very thoughtful discussion, and I saw reference to Gulen in the story posted above, so it could just be exchanging one controlled dictator for another. Anyway, I will try to read this again on Monday, assuming all hell doesn’t break loose before then. Right now I have a hot date with a chick over a decade younger, that’s as “sure of a thing” as is possible with women these days! Peace, brother!

        10. Also I was watching the live stream posted to the guardian link, some shots were fired, people running around, and then the link was cut. It’s night time so it was hard to see anyway, but I trust my own eyes much more than whatever the media tells me is happening. They have supposedly cut social media in Turkey and attacked the state media offices, so the people there are being fed a narrative as well.

        11. Cheers. Decade younger – nice one. That’s a kind of coup in its own right

        12. The government seems to saying its back control and that the coup has failed. The coup orchestrators claiming the opposite. They should have seized control of facetime

        13. This is what I have been saying, We have been waging war on Islam for centuries. The Jews have recently become right wing supporters now the left wing isn’t so anxious to support them. Isreal exists strictly for Isreal, no one else. Prime Minister Begin, 1977-83,” Jews are superior to everyone as everyone is superior to insects”, a very close paraphrase and not from an anti semite but Begin himself. I also believe there are many great Jews in the world who understand this, and bless them, Also research the “Greater Isreal Plan” you think this anti muslim madness is because of a few supposed rapes and terrorist acts ? No. ISIS and ISIL were funded and allowed to grow because the US and Isreal thought it would be easier to control for their own reasons than a legit government. I’m sure I’m on a hit list, just make it quick, you fucking ELITE suck, Fuck you, I don’t believe a word from mass media. All I ask is do it quick. If you take your time and torture me, all you will do is ensure your place in hell. Satan is a liar and you will not rule at his right hand.

      1. I’m long past worrying about that. I’ve probably been on one for the last 10 years. I’m looking for people to put pressure on them because this is an extremely slippery slope (the kind that lead to Russians being dragged from their homes, thrown in gulags and 20 million murdered). If you don’t want to help, that is fine, but I’m not interested in justifications for inaction.

      2. If you do decide to write to the commissioner, please be polite and respectful. Do not make assertions about the law, ask sincere questions and intelligently express your concerns.

    3. UPDATE: I have received a response from the Commissioner. He has stated that it does not fall under his responsibilities. He has forwarded my enquiry to the Command Team and asked them to contact me directly.

  33. I’ve been reading Rok for years and this has made me comment for the first time.
    I live about 1 hour away from Nottingham and 30 mins away from Rotherham.
    The state passes laws that criminalise men on tinder and doesn’t enforce laws protecting children from rape gangs.
    I have it on good authority that Rotherham was not an isolated case and that other social services/police forces are expecting similar stories to reach the press.
    The crazy thing is I’ll be accused of wrongspeech if I say this is bullshit!

    1. Welcome, keep your head high and your stride confident, but keep your tongue on a leash in the pub etc.
      I’m sure there are a lot more than Rotherham and not just in Britain, all over Europe.
      Most of Europe have press controls that make it illegal to publish articles about things that are labeled as possible riot starters so it’s just censored.

  34. Game is dying, just like masturbation on Chatroulette died.
    We can wait women’s invitations. We all know that those invitations almost never happen. Hahaha.
    On the other hand, not all men are handsome, respectful and alpha (or nice polite beta) like us. Unfortunately, frustrated losers, assholes, mentally fucked-up, bullies and disgusting slopes exist. They game in the field too. They insult women or become angry when they get rejected.
    Most of the time, the game is not wanted by women. That’s why we see an average ratio lay/approach in the street gaming around 1/45. Street gaming often turns to harassment. Neg-hits are psychological violence. To me, hypnosis, NLP or simple manipulation are fraud.
    Our destiny might be living in a boring relationship like Neil Strauss. And masturbate because there is exactly where marriage leads to.

    1. You are right. The answer, however, is what game will become I believe. Instead of cold attempts at gaming etc etc you will work on self improvement to the point where the women are approaching you.
      Spend all that time you would normally have spent learning game and approaching women in books, at the gym, learning languages, making money. Everything you do say “does this make me a better man”
      There will come a point where women will just want to meet you. If you are in shape, well employed, intelligent, brave, resourceful, etc. etc. etc it is just going to come to you.
      At this point, an approach is almost a dead end because bitches are so spoiled that once you say hello they already have what they want…your attention….keep honing your skills…new game is coming.

      1. Sex with robots is upcoming! No game at all. They will not shut down our sexual life after three years of marriage.

        1. ugh, I shut down after 3 weeks of fucking the same bitch. No, if this well ever dries up on me it is MGTOW all the way. I don’t see the well drying up before I die though.

      2. Watch they will then pass a law saying misogynist (hate crime) if you refuse a woman’s advances, hottie or fattie.

        1. Heh, it often suddenly becomes that if the setting allows.
          Many guys nowadays who reject girls in private settings get the girls calling cops on them for assault or rape or both, I read of these almost every week it seems.

  35. “the criminalization of unwanted male approaches has not been extended to include either lesbians or straight females”
    You could make the case that feminism in the main, at least with respect to its chief practitioners is little more than a lesbian seduction strategy, where the major part of that is to appropriate the symbolic phallus from mankind. As a strategy it’s as aggressive and dangerous ‘to women’ as male seduction strategies and should be countered on that basis. At the moment feminists, many of whom are lesbians and / or inherently prejudiced against men (how can you not be if you condemn heterosexuality as inherently oppressive) get away this covert and rivalrous seduction strategy because straight feminists / women are effectively their allies. It seems odd to me that the women’s centre, who one might reasonably suspect was batting for the lgbtq team, should be seen as being fit to advise on an issue about which, if the suspicion is correct, she cannot help but have a conflict of interest: she as a (likely) lesbian is engaged in creating a a framework of policing that is targeted at a group she will impose ideologically but who she is in direct rivalry with (however weird that may be). I think it is this conflict of interest – of the lesbian feminist, trying to function as simply another woman, with a woman’s universal interests at heart, that needs to be – sensitively and constructively – questioned. Do radical lesbian feminists have the same interests and perspectives as straight feminists let alone straight (or lesbian) women who aren’t feminists? You probably wouldn’t put a male in charge of a women’s centre – however safe the women might be it would arouse suspicion. Yet why is it any different for ‘lesbians feminists’. There is a massive part of feminism which when push comes to shove is little more than a lesbian pick up strategy, and indeed lesbian feminism has always advocated that more women should become lesbian (Adrienne Rich & many others). For women who are never likely to be approached by let alone harassed or abused by a man to make it their chief concern to target such behaviour is highly suspect, particularly if in the process it improves their own sexual pairing strategies.
    And on that subject, it’s time any woman who identifies as a lesbian was banned from straight women’s bathrooms for the same reason that men are: women’s safety

  36. Looks like English men are going to have to just plain ignore English women. I don’t see how England can get an English man give a shit about anything in that country.

    1. Yeah, especially when literally any English man can come to any even semi populated part of the united states, walk into a pub and order a drink with an English accent and instantly get blown.

      1. My UK freinds don’t believe it, but I told them in the US their accent alone gives them a +2 in SMV.

        1. A British guy who doesn’t put his foot in his mouth, act desperate or start talking about soccer automatic sex

    1. Misogynistic hate crime if she doesn’t like your profile, the law is pretty clear.

  37. As messed up as our courts and legal system is in the US, we should be thankful that most of our rights are tough to do away with entirely due to the Constitution. Especially the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th amendments.
    I could only imagine what the US would look like if EVERYTHING could be done away with a judge’s ruling.

  38. All three of those women shown there, the “authority” women, all register about 9.8 on the dyke meter. Oh yeah, just what we need, man-hating lesbians making the rules when it comes to hetero-sexual interaction between the sexes. What could go wrong with that?

    1. Women can not and never had the capacity to think rule of law. Everything about women is a personal thing. How they feel about men sexually should be no bearing but of course being women it means everything.

      1. Yeah, this is why matriarchal societies don’t ever amount to a pile of dogshit in a cantaloupe patch. I don’ t of a single one that ever accomplished anything of any note.

    2. I picked up on the same thought. I suspect there is some irony here with this new interpretation of the ‘hate crime’ law which is against gender prejudice, but now the law prejudices men,and it was pushed along by a few power position women who have prejudice against heterosexual men.

  39. Ha, women do everything to get men’s sexual attention(perverted mating behavior)
    The reason why this happens is men’s denial. We don’t want to see the behavior of females as being animal, primitive, vulgar, and all about reproduction.
    We don’t say women are perverts for doing porn, women are thieves for doing prostitution(all variations, like divorce, hollywood, etc.) by taking advantage of the sexual nature of men(thus, “abuse”), or we don’t say women are murderers for the fact that in our species the female is the “infanticide”, characteristically(how many times did you hear this fact from others), we don’t say that women are exhibitionists “harassing” men with how desperate things they do to get male sexual attention. We are not conscious of how it is that females are obsessed with “everything” men sees sexual, like waist/hip ratio, having a nice ass, breasts, not having a belly, body hair, surgery, clothing, long hair, etc. etc. etc….. In other words, we don’t realize that women are acting like “female primates” showing their asses and genitals to males, that ends up in copulation, in situ, but women are doing it full time, thus perverted. But to “hide” the meaning of her behavior, we have to blame men’s, and limit his natural sexuality, recognize and react to female mating acts(sexual).
    When we accuse men of being perverted, or evil or misogynists, or oppressors, etc. what we are doing is hiding female sexual, social and historical inferiority, a constant attempt to “humanize” the female, to make her innocent, good, so we can be paternal with them; that is what the male does, he creates the concept of “woman” and “femininity”, a complete derivation from his own masculinity, to make her a human he can love. It is also what insignificant males do when they are given power, they pretend to be dominant/paternal/manly/alpha by using women through laws against men(government male vs the man)
    Men are not perverts, women are(but for mating), men are sexually normal, naturally attracted to “sex”, and so females use that to attract men “with” sex(mating). Hating women is contradicted by the paternal nature of men(biological), and the immature nature of women(neoteny), but by blaming men of being misogynists we are hiding the real meaning of women’s behavior, her envy on male sexuality, her manipulation through men’s sexuality, and their hate on men, and the fact that females have been privileged since always. It is denial to the extreme. The “man” defines the “woman concept” and projects it on her, to make her like him in every sense, just a coward who can’t accept the truth of our species.

    1. You miss the main point. Yes, women want to show off their bodies. tits. asses.. legs.. They rub their sexuality in men’s faces to get attention from men. But they only want the “right kind” of man. They only want to attract hot, tall, athletic, well dressed men. This is a way for them to “filter” out unwanted male attention from undesirable, unattractive and “creepy” men.

      1. No all attention is welcome. Of course the higher status, the better, but they will take what they can attention wise.

      2. No, women do not choose the male. That is more of the same: reinterpretations, indoctrination, telling men how to be men. The dominant man always had the choice, not her. While low status males did not, except now that there is no status, but the state who defines your worth(not merit). Money for example, that females prefer rather than genes.
        Female choice is another attempt to give women value, and disguise her behavior. Besides, sexual interest is temporal
        There is no such thing as “female sexuality”, but a reflection of male sexuality, that she “imitates”, because that is mating, and she’s been doing this imitation throughout evolution, changing according to how male sexuality changes.”To get his attention by being like him”, and having him see in her a resemblance of himself(and so he bonds with her, not just for sex)
        Women do not filter out anything by showing off their bodies in public, rather it is nothing but an invitation to copulation or mating. Only men prevent other males through competition and status. We are polygynous, which makes it contradictory to have females choosing “one” male who can select others and abandon her. But polygyny explains females fighting against each other, competing for males, and hating men ignoring them and women being chosen, their exhibitionism is exactly that, hoping to be chosen by a man, being validated by him, what you see now is the female “without limits” getting lots of “false” attention(a projection)
        Females stimulating males publicly reduces their value and makes them disposable, like prostitutes (or apes). You need men to be non dominant, thus having no status, to have them marrying them. And the state protecting them unnaturally, otherwise you would see males just ‘reacting’, responding to her ‘mating call’ with sex.
        Women today marry creepy men all the time. A male is significant because he is being “tested” by himself and other males, thus testosterone. The woman does not need to be important, not even having ‘great’ genes, she just needs to be stimulating. But now she is artificial, and male status too.

        1. I will add, this is an artificial byproduct of the Elite who seek to alienate us from ourselves until we are totally lost and easily led like sheeple to the slaughter or slavehood.

      1. It’s a toss up whether women are more likely the drivers, or the useful idiots of “criminalize them all” legislation. While women appear to excel at elevating petty annoyances and regretful conduct into criminal behavior, I’m not sure there isn’t a hidden nanny state hand spinning their hamster wheels.

  40. Those women pictured know that no one is going to hit on them and that is what this is all about. Every time women get a rule or law passed it is about one thing -attention. That is most women’s currency. So if certain women are getting attention and others in power are not watch out. Insane!

  41. don’t know if any of you follow the antics of the slutwhisperer but he had a great post the other day where he said “i have never dated a girl in my life that I didn’t wish was killed by a bus”
    Just thought I would throw that out there for fellas thinking about being with one woman.

    1. Always a bit of love/hate there must be, young padawan.
      Love you can, but hate you must.

  42. Let’s hope it’s one of those laws that are rarely actually enforced (whether by the cops or the “harassed” women). In the meantime, just stay away from crabby-looking fatties, feminazis, and dykes.

    1. I can just imagine a scenario like the man putting his hand on the blonde’s shoulder above where she pulls out a whistle and policemen instantly emerge from all corners to apprehend the “offender.”

    2. If you’re going to risk getting caught under this law, you might as well go for the hotties and get the most bang (pun intended) for your buck. It would suck getting screwed hitting on a harpie feminist when you were drunk.

  43. Some comments:
    – they let 11 year old boys run women’s shelters Nottingham?
    – Alphas will continue to win, Betas will continue to lose, as ever
    – to paraphrase the ancient Chinese: “what is the penalty for talking to women? Prison. What is the penalty for rape? Prison. Well, then…”

      1. The ancestors left W. Europe 400 years ago with the police hot on their tail, so for me, the choice is: stay in America, or go to E. Europe.

  44. To think that at one time England was the most powerful nation in the world.
    I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for the British. It’s a damn shame. How the mighty have fallen.

  45. So I wonder if this law will apply to Muslim migrants who rape and assault women in English cities. Nah….probably not.

    1. Given the state of Western Europe right now, the police would be more likely to censure the person/people/groups reporting said rapes/assaults rather than the actual perpetrators. Because remember, preventing “racism” and not appearing “racist” (even if it’s not) is more important than public safety and law and order.

      1. Yes in this day and age, “racism” and “sexism” are still the biggest crimes

  46. Christ.
    I live in Nottingham. My politics aren’t those of a typical ROK reader (we’re all crying into our beer about that), but if the police are unable / disinclined to distinguish between ‘Can I just say something quickly?’ and sex-pest-ism, something’s really screwed up.
    I’ve been thinking it’s time I gave daygame a shot, for the self-improvement as much as the possible lays. Looks like I’d best take my charm and testicles to Derby or Leicester – the kind of work I do needs a great big blank to come up on a criminal record check before you’re allowed to do it.

    1. If I were you I’d vote with my feet and move somewhere else entirely p, but I realize that’s not easy for most.
      But actually the point if he law is that it’s no longer up to the police but the “victim”, so in your shoes I’d forget about day game or any game in Nottingham.
      Saying anything to or looking at a female is a crime if she feels it is according to the law, so it’s her standard, not cops or judges.

      1. Thanks for the reply, C. Nottingham’s indeed looking risky, for the reason you state.
        Am just about to start new job (and am unimpressively broke), so no prospect of shipping out to the fabled poosy paradises of Leeds or Manchester.
        Best regards.

  47. fascistically feminist

    Comunistically feminist.
    There is no Feminism in fascism and nationalsocialism.
    Feminism is present in communism and marxism.

  48. Ugly and masculine feminists hate the idea of women receiving any positive attention from men.

  49. What if you’re part of a Pakistani rape/grooming gang that preys on underage lower class white girls? Is that illegal in Nottinghamshire? Because it was cool w/ the Rotherham police.

    1. Nothing immigrants do can be a crime you see, it just means we were not clear enough in explaining what’s allowed and what not.
      Or we are just targeting them because racism, because of course patriarchy means tape gangs by white men operate everywhere with impunity…

  50. Literally a woman’s feelings determining if a law was broken or not. Fucking insane. Truly.

  51. Let me guess only white males can be charged with this crime. If an immigrant does this or groping it is just a cultural misunderstanding.
    Panhandlers will be exempted, so you can still approach women by asking for any spare change.

    1. Could be cultural misunderstanding but the main point is the cops don’t even write a report often if the perp is clearly an immigrant. What’s the point, the prosecutor won’t press because if he does racism, or if in the off chance it ends in court the judge will dismiss it often because “he didn’t know better, we have to teach not punish” so Ahmed goes back on the street to find his next piece of ass, rinse and repeat.
      The most idiotic thing is that if they repeat offend, it’s still because we somehow didn’t teach him well enough. They cannot be blamed simply, regardless of how obvious it is they know it’s a crime etc.

  52. Wait, so is this a law the fat lesbians in the British government are just wanting to pass, or has it already passed?

  53. I hope this kills any remaining sympathy or protective instinct that men have for women in nottingham. I hope they get over run with rape happy sand monkeys and the girls get gang raped in the streets. Then as theyre pinned down in the mud getting ass reamed by ahmed and fahd I hope they reach out and beg the local men who are leisurely strolling by to help them and the men nonchalantly reply, “cant help you, it’s a hate crime lol”
    Fuckin cunts.

  54. Depression, emptiness, addictions off all sorts , from passing hours in the mall to some anti depressive drug, sterile, stupid, vapid, materialistic…The portrait of the “modern” western women is dark as a black hole and still they go forward with this shit.
    The thing is: if this continue, their shit test will be violently repressed and you know by whom…

    1. I actually can’t stand going out anymore. I need drugs or else it’s too depressing (I’m in Denmark but that is not much better).
      Staying in a Western country as a man is some ordeal. It takes its toll on you, and I suspect it causes a lot of mental cases.

      1. I agree. If you are a men of intellect, discipline and higher purpose, no way are you going to find a good women in the most common places.

      2. I’m in NL and doing OK. I just don’t interact with local women. My wife is Japanese and for the side dishes I stick to foreigners strictly.
        That said I don’t go out if you mean like for a drink at a bar or so, unless I have a specific person or group to meet with who I know are ok.
        Extraordinary times call for extraordinary methods ;-).
        Edit to add: I was born in Sweden but wise enough to GTFO long ago.

  55. Britains Police are fucking useless
    This is what happens when socialism/sjw’s converge on both social & judicial reform
    Instead of the bill of rights, habeas corpus & rule of law – we now have human rights, which are ill defined, forever changing & subject to retraction on the will of the state, and also now we have the listen and believe khunts, where in a few years; men will be in prison just for looking at a rug muncher the wrong way
    The police need to be reminded that they are uniformed citizens; charged with maintaining the peace & the law of the land, which belong to all British subjects – not agents of the state, who do what the fuck they please

  56. This is ridiculous, but it wont surprise me in the least that Nottingham is a test case for a wider rollout. So according to Nottingham Police, if I complement a woman walking past for looking hot who is pretty and dressed in one of her little black dresses, i have potentially committed a hate crime. I find the woman desirable and would love to date/sex her, but now in this part of the UK I could end up in the dock accused of actually hating her & women in general.
    Nottingham Police – ““A hate crime is simply any incident, which may or may not be deemed as a criminal offence, which is perceived by the victim or any other person,as being motivated by prejudice or hatred.”
    – Guess what heterosexual men are very much prejudiced when it comes to sexual interest & intent towards women as is the exact intent of mother nature. The nature of Nottingham Police now is to have prejudice against men with their interpretation of the law.
    “…perceived by the victim..” – you really cant have a fair & unbiased law with this as a key determinant. An attractive man snaps a pic of a woman walking down the city mall and smiles at her…she is flattered & smiles back. Later that day an unattractive man snaps a pic of the woman while walking the street,…her mind = ‘eeew creepy guy who might wank off to my pic’ now = police officer arrest that man for hate crime. If same woman has any bikini or skimpy gym attire pics on her instagram will the Nottingham magistrate throw her case out?
    I would call a guy telling an overweight woman she’s a fat cow or a woman calling a short guy a little troll closer to the mark of a hate crime, with the later being closest as the short man was born that way and cannot do anything to change his appearance. Are Nottingham Police going to charge women who slag off at guys over their height with a hate crime.

  57. This is what happens when people who have Radical ideas, but are in the small percentage of the populace and minority, and who’s ideas are not healthy and normal, are elected to govern. A majority identity, should never elect an fringe minority to govern it.

  58. Hmm… reading the Daily Mail article, it doesn’t not seem to be _as_bad_ as David suggests. “Hate crime” is not a criminal offence in itself, it is a label that can be attached to other crimes in certain cases, and then lead to a harsher sentence for the offender (and a package of extra pampering for the victim, etc.).
    Nothing in the article seems to suggest that any behaviour that was legal before will now be criminalised, only that the “hate crime” label will be applied to basically any case which involves a male perpetrator and a female “victim”.
    I do not think that this will make any real difference when it comes to actual criminal convictions — it looks more like a case of ideological posturing than anything else. But, of course, ideology matters. Telling the public that things like wolf-whistling and approaching constitute some kind of inherently hateful and (at least) semi-criminal behaviours is yet another step on the long feminist march towards complete psychological castration of mankind.

  59. This is absurd. Also probably thought of by a woman who receives no attention.

  60. Be a swashbuckling Robin Hood among these cuck sheriffs of Nottinghams

  61. A few years ago was at a pub having a beer with a few friends,
    one was going travelling,
    I go outside to have a smoke,
    this lumpy drunk obnoxious piglet starts trying to get my attention dribbling like a fool,
    turned around said some pleasant thing bout not been interested, turned around to keep smoking.
    She comes round the pole gets even closer into my face slurring some nonsense,
    said firmly not interested, please go away,
    she goes away angry, i finish my smoke, turn around to head back into pub.
    All of a sudden I am being attacked by 2 huge bouncers and this piglet is screaming and pointing at me, he punched me in the face, he punched me in the face, and more guys are turning towards me.
    Managed to escape with only a few light hits to the head.
    This is just one story suffered at the hands of belligerent sexist violent women

    1. I am a bit curious as to why and how the bouncers thought that the area outside the pub, where you stood, is within their “locus of control”? If you were on the pavement, was that not public area or domain, whereas the bouncers couldn’t interfere?

      1. Leb bouncers on amphetamines,
        not the most intelligent, rational people on the planet.
        To them it’s one of the fringe benefits of the job.
        Security do have a duty of care ( from memory) in the immediate surrounds, if someone walks out of your club drunk & straight into a bus you would be in court, same if someone is being assaulted outside the venue, even if it’s a stupid dumpy drunk lying British mole.

        1. And that’s why we have the 2nd Amendment. In my state, those bouncers would have been ventilated.

  62. At least once a week now my jaw drops in further despair at the decimation and emasculation of my country and culture. This really is a dystopia for men.

  63. This is a continuing, deliberate, pre-planned course that is heading downhill rapidly. It’s no accident or shit-test cry for help. Read 1984 (written in England in the 40s). Read the Protocols (written around 1900/05. Find the modern translation.) They are not going to stop until it’s a totalitarian, marxist nightmare. Just trace out the descent of the last 40-50 years- the pattern is crystal clear. And it’s accelerating…

    1. Well, what they’re doing is making it harder for men to meet women. So it will stop one day.
      It will stop when all the people who think this way are dead and left no children to carry on their message. Then the only problems we’ll have to worry about is prime ministers shouting, “Allahu akbar,” in parliament after being elected by a majority Muslim population.
      Yes, then the problem shall be ended. The West’s future Muslim leaders won’t tolerate this feminist bullshit.

  64. Are the “white” supremacists on this site watching? Who wants to tell me again it’s a dumb idea to go to SE Asia for women instead? They don’t have these ridiculous laws there.
    Gods, the West has gone to shit.

      1. I suppose. It’s like Pokemon; there’s common sluts everywhere, and there’s chaste girls but they’re really rare to find.
        What am I supposed to do in the countryside whilst I’m playing Pokemon, anyway?! That’s the problem.
        I’m not entirely convinced there’s an abundance of super rare Pokemon in these hidden values, either. It sounds like a myth.

  65. And all the time—such is the tragi-comedy of our [educational] situation—we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. You can hardly open a periodical without coming across the statement that our civilization needs more ‘drive’, or dynamism, or self-sacrifice, or ‘creativity’. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests [hearts] and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.
    — C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man

  66. The Cuntstable is built like Curly from the Three Stooges, and the one below her could actually be a guy with a receding hairline. Someone actually put these genetic abominations in a position to make LAWS for normal people? But seriously though, fuck the both of them (not literally, of course), and their misandric horseshit. IMAGINE if 2 men in charge came up with a law that stated, “If a woman is wearing a top that exposes 4 or more inches of cleavage, and she attempts to shame men into not looking, she automatically gets charged with a violation against common sense”. This is the level of audacity that bitches have, whenever its something they think they want. But back to my second sentence, why are mutant looking bitches trying to dictate to people that are BETTER than them?

  67. Humans are such trouble makers we need some serious virtual reality therapy and maybe even some serious spankings for the worst offenders.

  68. is eye contact still allowed?
    when an inner issue is too painful to confront, an external enemy is invented to deflect from that inner unsolved issue.

    1. Ugly feminist police chief: “Hmph men never approach me…..if I can’t get male attention then no woman will! MWUHAHAHAHAH!”

  69. Given that women are attracted to boldness, it makes me wonder if this law might increase your approach success with feminine, foreign-looking women in English cities. “Oh wow he must really be brave and bold to approach me at the risk of prison *tingles*”

    1. IOW, if you’re an “exciting”, “romantic” ‘Bad Boy’…
      It never changes.

  70. Only the 10,000th reason to seriously consider Pay-for-Play, particularly in foreign countries such as SE Asia, South America or E. Europe. Take 3 mini-holidays per year and get your fill of young pussy, warm beaches and healthier food. Almost every employed man in the Western World can afford this. I left Canada 14 years ago and have never regretted it. I mix in escorts with professional bar girls, street girls and some regular civilians. I flirt and use game, go on normal dates sometimes and bang “non-pros”, but always come back to the convenience of P4P. The professional whores are on their best behavior, try harder, look great, don’t vent or whine about bullshit and have skills in bed. They take my money and never consider the possibility of asking to “move in” or “change my life” or “replace my friends”. They’re simply a side dish and they know it.
    Furthermore, as long as you don’t get addicted to the lifestyle, banging pros is actually much more cost effective in the long run. Skip the dinners, drinks, coffees, taxis, club fees, birthday gifts and little loans that regular gals demand, and put your hard-earned money directly into banging younger pro hotties — they’ll even supply the condoms and lube for you. What better way to spend $100???

  71. To me the most sensible way to respond to this is first, get the word out to everyone in the jurisdiction that it applies to and then for men to protest it by having one day a week where they all go out, young and old, married and single, and hit on as many women as possible. Just talk to women all day. Let them arrest as many as they can until they can’t arrest anymore, and then let their own mothers, sisters and wives, under the direction of their fathers and brothers, demand their release. This law goes so far if true, that even 90% of women can’t be supporting it.

  72. This naturally will lead to fewer men approaching women > fewer marriages > lower birth rate > fewer families. On the plus side, more cats will be adopted.

  73. The UK seems ripe for invasion. Bunch of pussywhipped mofos. Send in the Scandinavians or Normans, again.

  74. No need to challenge anything. Women will only realize and understand the unintended consequences of their choices when blood is spilled in the streets, on a very significant scale.
    “where have all the good men gone?”
    We are just letting the free men of sharia law persuasion manage you, before we erase them from the earth.
    Imagine this scenario…..After being raped and beaten by several sharia law men, women cry out for safety and protection from the men of their culture. The non-sharia law men kill off the sharia law men and then are guilty of religious hate crimes and brought up on charges, portrayed as evil in the local media and tossed aside.
    Silence is the only way to live. It will not be much longer before the purge begins.

  75. So law enforcement in the UK will arrest men for showing romantic and sexual interest in women but they won’t do jack shit when migrants rape women and kids in their country which they have been doing for years. Ass backward fucktards.

    1. I recently quoted the end of the film “catfish” to apply to this situation. If it wasn’t for the the migrants, the feminists would have their western Swedish paradise where beta males would be serfs forbidden to gaze upon women. The migrants are stepping into the power vacuum and making the feminists lives hell.

  76. One thing that’s important to remember is that this is not a law but an activity. From the quote in the above article:
    “If the victim feels that this has happened because they are a woman then we will record it as a hate crime…”
    Men can not and will not be charged for these ‘hate crimes’, because there’s no law against their activities. They’re not engaging in a crime. It’s likely they won’t even know their activity was ever recorded as a ‘hate crime’.
    However, what I see happening in maybe 5 to 10 years from now is attempts to use these ‘hate crime statistics’ to criminalise men for any attraction they might have towards women. And because the numbers will be incredible and overwhelming, there’ll be mass panic amongst the ignorant about the epidemic of misogyny that can be seen. They’ll demand something be done about it. They’ll demand their politicians change the laws.
    The fears being expressed about this today are certainly relevant, but nothing can be challenged yet because there’s no laws in play. And by the time it CAN be challenged, it will be too late because any challenge to it will be seen as further ‘evidence’ of misogyny (“Oh, you want to preserve the current overwhelming hatred of women we’re seeing in these statistics? You’re evil, sir!”). It’s cunning.

  77. If you are a Pakistani cab driver/sex slave procurer these rules don’t apply though.

  78. On the bright side, this very cool phrase should eventually come back en vogue, “You eyeballing me boy?”

  79. Perhaps it’s because of men’s retarded behaviour. I sometimes look around in bars and see fellow men trying to pick up broads with such utterly stupid and gross behaviour, that it makes me cringe instantly. And also, it is this ridiculous double standard: let’s game her to fuck us, but if she fucks us, suddenly she is a slut and worthless.

    1. Drunk people act stupid. Being accused of a “hate crime” for talking to a woman is beyond irrational, its suicidal to civilization. Leftists have a death instinct gone wild.

    2. If a woman quickly and easily relents to a request for sex by a complete stranger, then she’s obviously not a very classy lady and therefore not wife or mother material, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun, afterall, they’re basically prostitutes.

  80. Just hire prostitutes then, these women aren’t worth it, fuck I hate what the West has become. Better start learning Mandarin at this rate.

  81. If I were British I’d just stand back and let the Muslims have their way with British women. Not worth your concern or time.

  82. Afterall the muslims got it right while the westerners keep getting beat up like the bitchz tbey are.

  83. Men of Nottingham – if you have any functioning brain cells it would be prudent to evacuate that hostile feminist war zone, stat.

  84. Somehow this has become about Muslims raping women and getting away with it. Short but accurate history lesson, you are all smarter than normal men, but you are still being duped by the Elite. Muslims have been shot, bombed and shelled for 70 years. If this took place in the US or the UK or Europe, who amongst you would take that shit for 70 YEARS ?????????????? No One ???? right so what makes you think they are all bad people now ? The Elite driven, owned and operated media. I’m sorry if you feel your white skinned angel women are in danger but fuck them. When a man and a woman get injured by guns, bombs or shells, who generally survives, the man hence an abundance of men in the middle east, all driven to anger over their short end of the stick. Think about this a little before your anti-muslim comments. REALLY THINK. Fuck, get smart about all aspects of life.

  85. Wow. Men in he UK should start doing what those people in the states do, when they hang the card from their window explaining that they don alk to cops with a number to thier laywers.
    But it would be switched to “sorrh dont talk to females, I do t want to be accused of a hate crime.” With a number to your lawyer. Just whip it out of your pocket let em read it then casually walk away ignoring any further questioning.

  86. You know what? Fuck Britain and the rest of Western Europe. They deserve to be conquered by the Muslims.

  87. Don’t be surprised if there is a sudden surge in the number of British MGTOWs.

  88. To the ones saying “just hire prostitutes” – are you comfortable being intimate with a walking Petri dish and risking the contraction of who knows how many STI’s?
    For those who answer “just always use a condom”, keep in mind that some STI’s like genital warts can easily be passed even if you use a condom. Even worse is HSV-2 (genital herpes). That stuff is incurable, meaning you deal with it your whole life. And if you do meet a NAWALT later, will she stick around when you disclose your status?
    Terrifyingly, recent studies show that it’s not just a matter of the condom providing “less than full protection”….they actually found that when it comes to female to male transmission, condoms provide ZERO protection to the male. Yep, you read that right. When it comes to herpes, wearing a condom or not makes literally no difference to you as the guy. The reason is that the female “sheds” the virus from her whole crotch area and the virus will transmit to anywhere in your similar area (not just the penile shaft).
    Didn’t tell you that in health class did they?
    So given this fact of biology, combined with the fact that working girls have typically been with many hundreds (if not thousands) of guys…this means if you have sex with prostitutes even using a condom every single time, you are virtually GUARANTEED to contract HSV-2 and have to deal with consequences for the rest of your life.
    Knowledge is power. You’ve been warned.

    1. ‘To the ones saying “just hire prostitutes” – are you comfortable being intimate with a walking Petri dish and risking the contraction of who knows how many STI’s?”
      I’ve been using hookers for 10 years, never caught anything.
      Real stats on STDs here ……….
      Herpes, a very strange disease, most people who catch it notice no ill effects.
      Apparently 1 in 8 people already have it. As far as I can see, the only way to avoid it is to never have sex.

  89. They are doing men a favor, interacting with your average british woman is bad for your health.

  90. Damn, I work too much and miss out when a good conversation starts on here. Anyway ‘Yes Means Yes’ is already in California and has been since 2015 I believe. Haven’t looked into if it’s been enforced or not. For those who don’t know it requires the man to ask consent EVERY 10 MINUTES during sex. No bullshit. This is technically law where I live:

    1. Bad luck,
      Where I am, if a woman goes somewhere alone with you, irrevocable consent is assumed.

  91. Well, well. So – the “free love” experiment was a failure. These female cops are no doubt casualties. They thought they were free when they were young. They defied convention. They were liberated. Then they got dumped. And it was the man’s fault for luring them into immorality. But who’s to blame? Well, it’s not just men.

  92. You should probably stop approaching women in the street then, just saying. You guys can just disturb each other’s day instead. 🙂

  93. Completely true take. This law is crazy. And businesses who employ males there should relocate.

  94. Basically, don’t cat call us, don’t follow us, and leave us alone when we make it obvious we’re not interested. Why is that difficult to understand? It’s basic common courtesy.

    1. Basically don’t interact with white women on any level.
      They’re pure poison, AVOID.
      I left the UK 10 years back, the Muslims can have it.

  95. Britain is gone. They brought it on themselves and they deserve every bit of it.

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