The Dream Recorder

Pete was using his virtual reality device to explore a moon of Jupiter when a notification popped up on his display: “Dream Recorder is now here. Record your dreams. Limited availability. Touch here to learn more!” He moved his finger over the box and tapped.

The Dream Recorder was the most anticipated tech gadget of the year. It recorded your dreams while you slept, using a small electrode attached to your skull. Brainwaves were wirelessly sent to a special device and then analyzed to create a video segment that could be played on the dreamer’s VR unit. The playback was grainy and lacking in color, but it gave realistic depictions of dreams.

The first people to buy the Dream Recorder were those who had trouble remembering their dreams. Finally, they could see what their dreams were made of. Pete decided to buy the Dream Recorder for a different reason: he had too many dreams.

Every night, Pete had at least three dreams. After he turned 40, they became even more elaborate. Most people had dreams consisting of people they knew or places they had been to, but Pete had dreams of worlds and ideas he had never been exposed to. He tried to talk to other people about dreams, but could find no one who had his same dream pattern. Whenever he went to bed, he braced himself for what was essentially watching a new movie, with original characters and invented places. He even had a dream that seemed to predict a real-life event.

Pete was walking on the sidewalk when a beautiful young woman in a car tried to mow him down. He ran into the woods to get away from her, but her car was like a tank, tearing down trees to get at him. Pete reached a stone wall with no way to escape. He was certain he would die. Then the woman stopped the car right before he was crushed, got out, and reached her hand out to him.

Three weeks later, Pete absent-mindedly tried to cross the street without looking both ways. A woman to his right yelled “Watch out!” and pulled him back onto the sidewalk as he felt a speeding car nip against his pant leg. He looked at her and she was indeed beautiful. Startled, he didn’t even speak a word before she crossed the street and disappeared. He was distraught for the rest of the month, not because he almost died but because he didn’t make vocalizations to her.

Pete then tried to write down his dreams with a pen and notepad upon waking, but they took too long to write out, and he only clearly remembered the last dream of the bunch. The Dream Recorder was a perfect gadget for him.

On his first night with the recorder, he placed the wireless electrode on his head, leaving the receiver nearby. He went to sleep and after a few hours of continuous sleep he began his usual insomniac routine of unconsciously waking several times and trying to sleep again until his alarm would finally ring. He looked at the display on the receiver. “2 Dreams Recorded.” Excited, Pete plugged the receiver into his VR unit and hit play.

First dream. Brightly lit room. Long rectangle table. A man wearing a gold crown sitting at one end while a woman also wearing a crown on the other. People at the table wearing elaborate robes and jewelry. Careful mannerisms. A feast set on the table. “Would you like some more wine,” someone asks Pete. His goblet is filled and a toast is made.

Second dream. Country diner. Old waitress walks up to his table with a pot of steaming coffee. She begins pouring it into his mug but doesn’t stop. It starts overflowing. Pete instinctively hunches backwards to not get burned, but when the liquid falls on his legs, it’s cold. The waitress smiles at him.

The two dreams took only four minutes to play. Pete took off the VR unit and started to analyze them. Both dreams had a pouring component in them. What did that mean? This was the first time Pete was able to consider the connection between dreams he had in the same night. He wondered if the pouring signified someone giving him something that he may or may not want. He would be given a gift, perhaps. He played the dreams again, and noticed a detail he missed earlier. In the background of both dreams was a man nodding his head up and down as the pouring was taking place. Pete made a mental note to accept whatever was given to him in the upcoming weeks, even if it didn’t seem favorable at first.

Pete would usually jump into the shower after waking, but watching his dreams and then thinking about them took almost half an hour. He would be late for work. Only a week went by before he became so obsessed with analyzing his dreams after waking that he couldn’t leave the house. Within one month he lost his job, with no interest in getting another one.

Top floor of huge apartment building. Window view of a great metropolis. The loud city is too quiet. The lights in the room are flickering on and off. He looks at the peephole and sees alien figures covered in cloaks, going from room to room. He locks the door, grabs a knife, and hides behind the couch. A slight tap at his door. They insert a wand into the keyhole. A gas starts entering. Suddenly he is on his back, paralyzed. He can see, but can’t move or talk. Three aliens stand above him. They bend down over him to pick him up.

Within two years, Pete had such a vast collection of dreams that he was spending hours a week organizing them all. This was on top of the three hours a day he spent watching old dreams and analyzing them, trying to decode their meaning. He was beginning to substitute his dreams for real life.

A new version of the Dream Recorder allowed you to trade dreams with others. Every fantastical human experience was now being recorded and shared. Some dreams were free but others, particularly sex dreams that broke the laws of physics, were priced steeply. Pete bought the dream “Amsterdam on a flying mattress pre-Caliphate” for one Ameripeso. While Pete couldn’t control the bought dream, he was able to experience it as the dreamer did, evading buildings and waving at people below as he toured the city on the flying bed.

Soon came the dream engineers. They designed and programmed artificial dreams that fulfilled the needs of dreamers, though their work was generally seen as “inauthentic.” Real dreams were always prized above fake ones.

There was one particular dream which shook him the most. He watched it several times a week, trying to understand its meaning by picking apart little details. He thought this dream was the key to understanding his future.

A woman leads him through a quiet fishing village, grabbing his hand snugly. Her long hair, down to her lower back, swings back and forth. Her step is happy. She stops to say hi to the villagers. He tries to get a look at her beauty, but is unable to. She walks to the water. He says he doesn’t want to get wet. Her grip gets tighter as she pulls him into the water. He yells at her to stop but she doesn’t. Just before the water submerges him, she turns around. Her face is a skeleton, with worms and maggots crawling out of her eye sockets. He yells as she pulls him down, his lungs filling with water.

Pete wasn’t the only one getting addicted to the Dream Recorder. The heaviest users were spending more than half of their waking hours on it. Telling them that they were living their entire lives in a dream world had the same effect as telling a heroin addict that the drug was bad for them. While Pete mostly used dreams to understand himself and the future, most others used it because it was simply more enjoyable than normal life. This was especially the case when the VR units started to use body suits and olfactory simulators that blurred the line between what was real and not.

THE FIRST version of the Dream Recorder was released during a time when capitalism in the United States began to fail. Permanent unemployment hit 40%, mostly due to technological advances in robotics. Human labor was no longer needed to sustain society. In fact, people began to get in the way.

The elite were getting nervous about how to keep so many idle human beings occupied. They approached the problem using a variety of tactics: increased spying to identify potential threats to their rule, depopulation in the form of childhood “vaccines” and cultural programs that preached the innumerable benefits of sterile lifestyles like homosexuality and trassexuality, and welfare for companies that produced and distributed mind-numbing entertainment.

When the American government saw how useful the Dream Recorder was, they poured money into a front company run by a college student named David Steinberg to create the Dream Pod. Many journalists lavished praise on Steinberg with a dorm-to-riches storyline without knowing that the government was behind his success.

The Dream Pod had three major features. The first was a full sensory suite. Smells, touches, kisses, slaps, punches, and even sex could now be reliably simulated in a way that a home version of the Dream Recorder could not. The second feature of the Dream Pod was providing biological nourishment through two IV lines. One pumped a saline solution for hydration and the other a slurry of insect protein and fructose syrup that was fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals. Lastly, urine and bowel exit tubes were provided so the dreamer could excrete waste while he was dreaming.

Steinberg started to offer a day package where users would be plugged into the pod for eight hours. During that time, they could access not only the company’s entire library of archived dreams but the libraries of other users who made their dreams available on Dream Pod’s network for a small royalty fee. In spite of this massive collection, dreamers complained of boredom towards the end of their “charge.”

To solve the problem, Steinberg came up with the idea of the Dream Stay, where hotel guests at major chains could stay for free as long as their dreams could be harvested with an electrode. Within one year, Steinberg had over three million dreams powered with an algorithm that auto-played dreams for its customers depending on their biometric responses and psychological profiles. Instead of being bored at the end of an 8-hour charge, customers were now demanding weekend stays of 48 continuous hours. Steinberg obliged and created dozens of dream centers throughout America that were converted from unused factory and warehouse space.

The number of dreams in the Dream Pod collection increased logarithmically, and with that came demands for even longer charges in the Pod. The first man to stay charged for one continuous week made international news and even got to meet the President of the United States, Muhammad Rodriguez, who said that the dreamer was a hero to the country and served as a shining beacon of what America stands for. As President Rodriguez praised the Dream Pod publicly, he privately pushed Steinberg into developing infinite stays. Steinberg didn’t need to be convinced by the government—the people were demanding it themselves.

Charging money for Dream Pod access became an unsustainable model because customers tended to get addicted to the pod and not maintain consistent employment. They racked up huge invoices with Steinberg. The problem was solved through a special program where your pod charge was free if you agreed to have a government-sponsored public service dream (PSD) inserted into your dream rotation once per hour. The only catch is that you didn’t know which dream was the PSD.

A handful of anti-pod protesters argued that this was a diabolical means of brainwashing the masses, but those masses didn’t seem to care, and there was no way to prove that weird dreams where a dreamer was on his knees and begged for mercy from a uniformed police officer was actually a PSD. Free was a powerful draw, and within twenty years of the PSD program release, over 50% of the population were active customers on the plan.

Sitting in a classroom with other adults. The chairs and desks are too small. The alphabet is above the blackboard in bold type. He’s wearing a necklace, and hanging from it is a pacifier. ‘What did I tell you!’ the teacher yelled, scolding a naked adult. ‘We know best, so you must rest.’ The adult began crying, and he begged the teacher to return to his desk. ‘You know best, so I will rest,’ he said.

Pete was now in his late 60’s. He was on the quarterly pod plan, where he stayed plugged in for three months nonstop, and during that time there was no reliable way for him to tell whether he was getting a programmed dream or a genuine dream produced by his own brain. The quarterly plan required unplugging for a two week break period, and during that time Pete felt immediate pain and discomfort to any real world problem, disturbance, or even opinion that didn’t fully match his own. Even normal conversations with people became unbearable. He would use his outdated Dream Recorder for most of the days on his break until he could be plugged back in.

Dreamers like Pete could no longer live independently outside of the pod. Even if he could afford real food, his stomach couldn’t digest it without vomiting it all back up, so he manually fed himself with a bag of pod slurry. His body became emaciated and weak; he couldn’t walk up stairs without holding onto the railing. Steinberg rushed to implement the permanent hookup, not so much to make more money, but because millions of Americans were becoming incapable of living real life, and would die unless they found a way to plug in or get cheap slurry.

Pete was one of the first dreamers to be permanently hooked up. He arrived to the pod wearing pajamas. Before slipping into his new home, he was presented with a contract saying that he would never be unplugged, and when he died, he’d be cremated and used as fertilizer for the slurry crops. With the little strength he had left, Pete signed and slipped into his new home, anxious for the attendant to turn on the switch.

Thirty years after the Dream Recorder was first introduced, seventy percent of the American population were permanent dreamers. The awake were composed of the technocratic class, blue color workers who methodically demolished empty metropolises, the anti-dreamers who lived in rural areas, and the ruling elite.

A big squeeze was put on the anti-dreamers to get plugged in. Jail had been abolished in favor of the pod and new laws declared that in the case of martial law, when the country was threatened by terrorists, citizens must be plugged in for their own safety as long as the threat remained. With over 25,000 pod centers, it would have been futile to shut the system down, and even if that happened, dreamers would revolt with whatever strength they had left to turn the pod centers back on. One anti-dreamer commented how pod centers resembled server farms of the early 21st century.

Pete survived for two years in his permanent pod before his body started to give way. Sensing his imminent death, the pod played the heaven dream of him walking towards a beautiful bright light to the sound of harp music before his body was flushed into an acid vat. The pod was then cleaned and readied for a new dreamer to be plugged in.

This story was originally published on Roosh V.

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  1. Great story. I have had one pleasant result of my discovery that I had high blood pressure. Refusing to take meds, I got away from my surfing habit and lost 20 pounds walking 10 miles a day and eating much less. Down from 187 to 165 pounds. Much lower blood pressure, it seems. Some tests showing normal normal and healthy now.. Seems to be working. My online time is more like an on-off quickread. This morning, got up at 4:10, was walking by 4:30 and had 7 miles down by 7:30. Will do 3 more when it cools off.
    Living in reality involves struggle and pain. But it is where I prefer to be.

    1. I was told several times in my life due to injuries I’d never be able to be 100% normal/valid lol, and same for chronic illnesses.
      Well turns out they were all wrong, and badly so.
      Man is a powerful creature, not for nothing we are the absolute apex now ruling a planet.
      I passed the fitness test for SF after breaking both arms and my right very badly and it was according to doctors about 60% function. Well I trained like fuck and passed flying colors, full A.

  2. That was some great writing Roosh; it gave me the same sense of chills and horror that I got in high school when I first read Brave New World. It’s a very plausible account of how a Matrix like world could come into being.
    While reading it dawned on me just how much time I had wasted web surfing today on my day off. Over a lifetime how many days lost does that add up to? Better to go outside, force myself to move and endure discomfort and build tolerance. The better to feel the joys (mental, physical and spiritual) that real living can bring.
    Those that would choose to hide from the pains of existence will be enslaved by that fear; for those with the fortitude it is far better to follow the thoughts of Thoreau in this matter:
    “I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived. I did not wish to live what was not life, living is so dear; nor did I wish to practise resignation, unless it was quite necessary. I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life, to cut a broad swath and shave close, to drive life into a corner, and reduce it to its lowest terms, and, if it proved to be mean, why then to get the whole and genuine meanness of it, and publish its meanness to the world; or if it were sublime, to know it by experience, and be able to give a true account of it in my next excursion.”

    1. Nice post. And I agree, also with Thoreau.
      I know my wife would prefer a less Spartan way of being and I do intend to change that aspect since we are soon going to have a child. At some point in life, if you want to have a family, you have to mellow out a bit :-).
      As alpha manly as one wants to be, if you want to have a family at some point some compromises are kind of required for success. I know it’s kind of unrelated but that’s what this made me think of.

    2. “While reading it dawned on me just how much time I had wasted web surfing today on my day off” This is so true, There is absolutely no substitute for sitting down and not merely reading, but studying and actively absorbing the knowledge and insights from books. It’s a habit I’ve let slip a bit recently and surfing the net with a few notable exceptions (like here) is no substitute for this type of discipline that yields a mighty harvest in the fullness of time.

  3. What if any woman could show that in her recorded dream you banged her without her consent? Don’t laugh, “dream rape” is virgin territory for feminists and attorneys!

  4. There is no doubt that human beings have enslaved themselves in a virtual world where they are surrounded by many different variety of technological gadgets at their disposal such as smartphones, laptops and tablets. As our everyday lives are consumed with the heavy reliance of the internet and the information age where we process more data and packets of information than what we eat on a given day, the reality is that unfortunately as much as the greatness and improvement in our standards of living technology has given us, it is also important to analyse the other side of the coin.
    For example, people are now glued to their smartphones and cannot restrain themselves for even a few minutes. This can be seen with the heavy addiction that today’s young adults have with the different range of social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter, where it is now more important for an individual to take and display pictures of what he has eaten than to actually go out and get some exercise. From the amount of online gaming someone particpates in, to the amount of time one spends binge watching the latest television show, it is obvious that people are now becoming more reclusive over time and spending less time going outdoors.
    Or if they do go out for some fresh air, then it will always be with the companion known as a smartphone. I mean take a look at the latest trend of people playing the augmented reality based game known as “Pokemon Go,” where people are obsessively walking around not taking care of their well being or carefully observing their surroundings, as they hunt for fictional little video game creatures. The technological epidemic is without a shadow of a doubt, an illness and at the same time, frightening to witness what it is slowly doing to most people and their minds. I believe that we as individuals, must carefully learn to observe the amount of tecnhology that we intake on a daily basis because even though it can help us to open our minds, at the same time it can also keep us enslaved mentally and physically, deteriorate our health and cognitive ability.
    I am not speaking as a luddite or some sort of technophobe. On the contrary. What I simply ask is that society needs to take account and responsibility of their own actions and make a careful and astute observation about the direction in which our planet is heading towards. As we are going into an age where our economy is becoming more fragile in conjunction with the latest development in artificial intelligence, it is imperative that we as humans do not give up on what it means to connect with nature and to be able to feel spiritually whole again. We cannot continue to numb our pain and live in a world of denial with the use of technology and the advancements it provides to us.
    Remember, we as people only have a limited amount of time in our lives on this planet. Therefore, as people, we should make the most of it by doing the things which truly makes us human such as travelling, meeting new friends in person and learning to use our time in more productive manners. By doing all of this, then I believe it can help us to make a lives more fulfilling and and to be able to appeciate our lives with an open mind.

  5. I think Roosh might be subtly telling us that we are already living in a similar type of dream world…

    1. It was Rudolf Steiner (one of the few theosophists I admire) who stated that the material world had to be created with all its flaws and imperfections so that God/Divine’s greater purpose could come to fruition. Apparently, even the Cosmos and the great divine plan above rests upon the feeble shoulders and thoughts of mankind. There is an intuition deep inside my spirit that kind of agrees with this idea, namely that the perfect angels and gods with all their glory are nothing in comparison to the trail and tribulations of suffering mankind.

      1. That’s awesome. I like Carlos Castaneda’s take on the whole thing. “The Art of Dreaming” is particularly stimulating, at least for me…

  6. Roosh, Good writing I have to say.
    I’d buy a book if the storyline of it was of someone else or of perhaps Pete plus others of the different classes and it was say 2-300 pages. Hint hint ;-).

    1. Well obviously there can’t be a way to prove we aren’t. So why bother thinking about it?

      1. Because it’s a possibility that could make sense out of the inexplicable and often logic defying craziness of our world.

        1. I don’t really see anything crazy that can’t be chalked up to humans acting in their perceived best interests.

        2. I disagree. They’re acts of mind numbing stupidity and pure wickedness like what happened in Nice that negate the self interest argument.

        3. Muslim terrorists believe it’s in their self-interest to kill infidels, as that’s what they believe their god wants them to do. Killing infidels gets them a higher spot in their Eternal Paradise.

        4. But, that’s exactly what I mean by craziness. How can killing yourself for something you believe, but, can never prove be classified as being in one’s self interest unless your’re not related to the biological and grounded sense of life in the first place?
          This is why I query any sense of self interest in your example unless the people can be classified as beings that have innate knowledge of a greater reality, which I doubt. Belief and knowledge are two very different things , but in the minds of zealots this distinction no longer exists.

  7. The dream world that everyone is living in is called Pokemon Go. Before that, it was Instagram.

    1. Fuck this stupid latest Great American Fad. Somebody almost clobbered me on their bicycle a few days ago while I was jogging as he held his phone out in front of him and steered with only one hand!

    1. What?!? How could this happen in today’s Europe???
      Oh wait, Turkey is only “Europe” in the minds of Turks themselves, right.

    2. Wow, let’s hope it will be putting in a more rational government. They almost destroyed themselves attacking Putin in Syria.

      1. The coup may have something to do with the ever increasing influence of islam in the Turkish government.

    3. What a time to be alive!
      If Erdogan goes Turkey will turn into some sort of ME country or at least take them back to the 70s.

      1. I think what would happen is the civil war in Syria would spill over into Turkey. The Islamists don’t want to lose Turkey. I suspect the Turkish coup military is sealing the borders now to keep the Syrian thug fighters out. This has the potential of causing a widespread war.
        But the Turkey that is being overthrown is the Islamist, CIA-allied Turkey, not the Turkey of the Byzantine empire or that which modernized under Ataturk.

        1. Every Turk I know is mad about Ataturk and proudly display flags with his face on it. However, in these volatile times and especially in that region, we in Europe need someone with a fist of steel in charge of Turkey.They are in fact the gateway to Europe which must be guarded.
          When Erdogan goes, so will the industries and poverty will fuel extremism which usually fill avoid in a Muslim country. He is a tyrant but not to me or you or the Turks living abroad.
          A weakened Turkey will look like an old horse to the Communist Kurds which could seek to attack in this window of opportunity and if there is one Muslim country which does not follow the Arab code is Turkey; they are Central Asians.
          More attacks will unleash a Mongolian style wipe-out of the ME by Turkey.
          What if Iran gets involved? That’s WW3 because that will pull Nato and Russia (which is very close by).

        2. I’m slightly optimistic about this tbh, but it is a marked shift. A NATO member bordering a war theatre.
          Big things are shifting, also with France I think soon.

        3. Not the scared type but I worry for the safety of Europe. Things will start to fall like a domino in this global, interconnected world.
          Nothing will change in France in the next year unless there’s a coup d’etat.

        4. Not sure where you are, but I’m in NL. I have a family. And to be honest I’m not too worried, but have an escape plan of course hehe, if shit goes bad here I move to Japan.

        5. When you said ‘what a time to be alive’ you were thinking….but not necessarily for very long perhaps?

        6. Best case scenario, this even slows or halts Visa free travel, sparing Europe at least for a little while.

        7. Too be honest, I’m more worried about the supervolcanos, I mean who the fuck wants to live in Wyoming or where that shit is! 3 million rapefugees is the last thing we need as May the “uber cunt crust” is doing everything in her power to stop Brexit.

        8. with that weakling husband of hers I imagine Mrs May (sounds a bit like Mrs Mop) might quite appreciate some refugee lovin’. If I hear supervolcanoes have gone off suddenly as well I’m going to get worried

        9. You haven’t been paying attention. Schengen status has been on the table, and was a rather decent motivating factor for the Brexit, and what appears to be even more fractures that could develop on the continent.

        10. 17 policeman have been killed by helicopter fire. He has a smaller force than a half an hour ago. This could be a civil war if it isn’t resolved quickly

        11. true – if he’s just got a bunch of special police forces available in the capital . Difficult to know right now

        12. No way Jose. They tried to blackmail Europe but that shit aint gonna harness results. If Germany says no, then it’s NO TO Turkey.
          P.S. Germany doesn’t feel guilty about Turkey or turks and there’s no way to shame Germans about it. They’ll play the “rehabilitated” genocider card and would invite Turkey to take a page out of Germany’s book. (Armenian genocide)

        13. “Strong womynz” type with a psychotic smile like Hilary’s with a mega beta husband (I bet he’s gay) doing everything to strop Brexit. I much preferred Leadsome and yes, her being a mother is worth taking in to account.

        14. “Every Turk I know is mad about Ataturk and proudly display flags with his face on it”
          Unfortunately, they have been fooled. The “father of modern turkey” Ataturk aside of the crimes that he instigated to other minorities (Greek, Armenian, Kurdish) inside turkey in order to homogenize the country, he was also a traitor to the turkish people too. Actually, hes was not even a turk… he was a Dönmeh Jew and he executed the plan of the “revoltution of neoturks” to overthrow the ottoman empire and create in its place a “modern democratic” state, a puppet state.

        15. leadsom seemed to have promise. Her points about being a mother and having a stake were good ones. Now barren May and her barren female cabinet ministers will import immigrants to make up for the children they’re not having. And yes, her husband if he wasn’t gay before he married is almost certainly gay now

        16. A jew you say? hmmmmmmmmm, could make sense.
          I heard a theory that the main culprits in the Armenian genocide were the Kurdish units under Ottoman rule.
          Does anyone know more about this?

        17. he’s in a hotel room. Looks like maid service may be all the forces left under his command

        18. The genocide was organized by ultra-nationalist Young Turks (Their leader was Ataturk) and massacres were done mainly by Ottoman Army. They were some kurds involved but their role was not significant

        19. Yeah, so say the Government intel services. We’ll see. People are still fighting in the streets.

        20. Share some links or pictures to prove the opposite, otherwise you ar just one of the many that will be brought down when his takes hold.

        21. Not so much renamed, as mispronounced by people whose language makes them sound like they’re talking with shit in their mouths.

        22. The “Byzantine Empire” is a false term propagated by the western historians in order to hide the fact that Roman Empire never collapsed in the 4th or 5th Century, but moved the capital from Rome to Constantinople and existed for further 1.000 years until the fall of Constantinople in 1453. So, “Byzantine Empire” should be called Roman Empire or Romania as the people called themselves because they where the true and only heirs of the Roman empire.
          To our subject now, “Byzantine empire” has nothing to do with the Ottoman Empire and the turks except that it was conquered by them completely after 1453. That is pretty much it.

        23. aha you came pretty close…So Contantinople (Constantino Polis aka the city of Constantine) was officialy renamed to Instanbul after the collapse of the ottoman empire. Before that it was called either Polis (City) or Constantinople or Istanbul or islambol . The most common theory for the origins of name Istanbul is that It comes form the Greek “Εις την Πόλην” pronounced: “Istinpolin” which means “to the city”. It was common for the Greeks to refer Constantinople plainly as “the City” because it was the biggest of all at the time.

        24. I think this is unnecessary. See my comments above for further information about this subject or just google it!

        1. He was working on it. He wasn’t stupid enough to go full-Sunni in a relatively stable secular country.

        1. That was a perfectly Friday worthy comment. Well done.

  8. Great story, I had my son read it the when you posted it on RooshV. Blew his little mind

    1. Who can write lyrics like this anymore? Fucking brilliant, such natural and effortless excellence!

  9. I think just five years ago people would not have been ready for mainstream virtual reality applications.
    I think we are getting to the point where the tech, hype, and culture might be ready for such a cultural jump.

      1. Not necessarily.
        It’ll be a new medium in communications technology. I’m interested in it from a psychological perspective.
        The iPhone changed culture rapidly, augmented reality (ie PokemonGo) has influenced culture within a week.
        The VR experience is categorically different imo from tese other experiences, and opens up new possibilities in technology.
        I’m writing a masters thesis on the topic.

        1. “The iPhone changed culture rapidly, augmented reality (ie PokemonGo) has influenced culture within a week” It’s changed some peoples, but by no means everyones culture rapidly. We’re migrating into a realm where essentially there’s not just “two cultures” within our societies anymore, but multiple ones cutting across whole manners of traditional boundaries like class, religion. ethnicity. Western Communications technologies for example have been employed and manipulated to great, if sinister and disturbing affect by the likes of ISIS.
          I’m not sure per se if technology in and of itself can establish distinct cultural grouping that are homogeneous and resilient. For example do cultural groups based around gaming have the necessary organic beliefs and values that define Baptists for example? Or are we not simply looking at a phenomena that’s merely at the level of fashions and fads, like Teddy Boys or Mods and Rockers? Who remembers them now!! The question of whether technology is a part of culture and particularly in what “sense” this can be stated is I think a really interesting question.
          Your thesis by the way sounds very interesting. VR could be our greatest leap or fall?

        2. Who knows.
          Those r interesting questions. Is technological similarity enough to foster in-group preference among users? Is there lower class technology users and higher class tech users?
          I wish I could write a thoughtful response but I’m at work heh.

    1. Cultural COLLAPSE, you mean. We’re about to make a cultural collapse, not a cultural jump.
      I’m being serious. For example, what’s the difference between virtual reality game and real life game?
      Answer: There’s only one difference: Virtual reality game will NEVER end in pregnancy.
      All those hours spent in a world where the possibility of conceiving a child is so greatly reduced… I mean, the fertility rate is low enough already. Virtual reality WILL be the end of the West.

      1. I totally agree with you man.
        it has the potential to annihilate hordes of betas. They will enslave themselves, and become even more disengaged from reality.
        Whether women will be attracted to this medium in any way or not is an open question.

        1. I just had an idea. How about building mother’s basement pods. You know custom design for VR.

  10. So Ghostbusters comes out and France is destroyed while turkey goes nuts. These are the fact, men. Ghostbusters is evil.

  11. * Turkish coup could be a false flag giving Erdogan the motivation to seize all power and become a complete dictator or sultan of a new Ottoman empire.
    * Erdogan has toiled away nonstopp on legislation which will consolidate power, crush political opponents and free speech.
    * He has made it widely known he views himself as the sultan of a new Ottoman empire and leader of muslims worldwide.
    * If the coup fails Erdogan will become like Hitler and we will see a revived Ottoman Empire
    * As a side note this is an extraordinary year of mercy designated by the Catholic Church. That year will end in November. The last one declared was in 2000.

      1. Excellent observation. If you’ve got questions about livestock farming, this is absolutely the man to turn to.

  12. Soon VR will replace religon as the the opiate of the masses, and we all thought war would be end of humanity…

    1. It’s not much an opiate a it’s more of a Frappucino for the masses. I doubt the proles could tolerate opium.

  13. I indulge in virtually virtual reality. I hear my iPhone buzzing and I think “Nah, fuck it, time to ride”. I’ll carry it with me and message buddies and “friends” but generally it sits in my leather jacket pocket buzzing happily away for hours until I check it.
    During work hours though, seem pretty connected. Mostly doing non-productive stuff. In fact, mainly doing non-productive stuff. What’s left to produce in 21st century America besides bullshit?

    1. As corny as it sounds, we can still produce the Truth. The Truth that is buried beneath all the bullshit of which you speak. The Truth is this: there is a thick layer of bullshit covering the Truth.

  14. Whoa that was a great story. I got chills reading his decision to permanently go into the dream pod. How many of us are “plugged in” to something and don’t even realize it? You got to mentally wake yourself up everyday and realize everything around you. If you aren’t are you then plugged in?

  15. I don’t know if this works for everyone but I think you can reach a sort of lucid dream state when you stay awake for long periods of time. After 24 hrs plus of wake time without doping of any sort, just fresh water and electrolytes and while the body is carrying on some sort of coordinated physical function while the mind dozes in and out, half asleep and half awake, and you may find that lucid or psychic flash dreams and visions will appear.
    I’ve worked long shifts at a job (30 hrs+), stationary manual sort of work, not flying a plane or operating a commuter train or anything like that but simple repetative task work that’s low pressure and invites daydreaming, and lo and behold I had psychic type flashes and deja vu type experiences at 24 hrs+. One such deja vu vision actually turned out to be on my second day at that job. At 30 hrs+, I was working on a simple maintenance check, tired and half asleep/dazed and suddenly I felt that I had been working that job for years. It was only my second day but for a second I thought I had worked there forever. It was only me dozing off for a second. I actually totally forgot about that freaky thought when I downed a cold soda and got myself fully awake. Then two years later in the same spot of the plant I was working wee hours and I half way dozed off again. THEN I had the official deja vu and remembered vividly the second day at work. That was ME two years in the future in that mini dream I had on the second day on the job. This dream was significant because when I took the job initially, I thought there’s NO WAY I’ll be doing this job for more than a couple of weeks or a few months tops.
    Also sometimes when driving a vehicle traversing long stretches of highway for hours on end, the street light poles whizzing by begin to look like a still picket fence. Half awake and half dreaming but still the body is functioning. That happened once and I decided it was time to pull it the fuck over.

  16. Reminds me. Should make time to re read some of those classic Ray Bradbury & Isaac Asimov collections.

  17. It’s already annoying to talk to someone who only pay attention to his *cell* phone and ignores me…

  18. Nice story but a dream recorder May have unexpected results. Maybe there’s a reason why dreams memories are deleted by our conscious minds. Of those dreams I’ve been able to remember most are about really bad things happening to me or my family (fortunately none of them has become true. So being able to recall consciously something that should have been erased may do more harm that good

  19. Roosh, start publishing full stories or a collection of shorts like Asimov. Use a pseudoname, like most early famous authors. These are really good.

  20. Some of my friends have given into societal pressures to download a fairly new app that maybe some of you have heard of. It’s called “Pokemon Go” and its purpose is completely pointless. It’s for those of us who want to forget how the sky looks, really. And the dumb ones – the ones who have minds which can be satisfied by virtual reality and synthesized success – will be spiritually fulfilled by a game made for a cellular device.
    I cringe at the thought that one day soon from now there is a possibility that I’ll be out with a girl, and the one-sided conversation that I’m “enjoying” while she quietly looks down at a pocket-sized screen will suddenly evaporate into the air because she decided to stand up, sashay over to a nearby park, and proceeded to capture a Pokemon.
    But I also smile at the thought that there will be men and women that I meet who will outright reject social media as a necessity for a better life. It is miraculous, and it still exists – this idea that the world is enough for us, that we don’t need to create one in order to be happy. Everyone indulges in technology, and many people will plug completely into it. But some people will always enjoy the prospect of traveling and experiencing the real world with all five senses.

  21. I really like Roosh’s fiction stories. How about putting them together into a book? (assuming there are enough of them to fill a whole book)

  22. There are lots of avenues that mankind can choose to enslave themselves to. Drugs, porn, women, work, video games, hobbies….just to name a few. The trick is to remember balance. Do the things you haven’t done in awhile.

  23. In paragraph 26 when you write “logarithmically” you probably wanted to write “exponencially”. Nonetheless, while pretty often I do disagree with you, this proves definitely how an excellent writter you are. Cheers
    PS: pretty sad that my text “From Portugal” wasn’t published.

  24. “The two dreams took only four minutes to play. Pete took off the VR unit and started to analyze them. ”
    Four minutes, then four hours, then forty years…this my friends is how to lose a life.

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