Gun Violence Cut In Half Despite Twice As Many People Owning Guns

If you listen to the hysterical mainstream media, you’ll walk away with the impression that something just has to be done about gun violence, rights of the peons be damned. Those rebel flag waving hicks and people who “cling to their guns and religion”—to quote Barack Hussein Obama—are going to have to bend the knee to the stripping of one of their most fundamental freedoms, the Second Amendment, so we can all live in a hypothetical, perfectly safe socialistic bubble, and more importantly, so people won’t have any defense against encroaching tyranny.

Sure, the American military has weapons beyond the wildest dreams of the simple gun owner, but the gun owners have strength in numbers. It’s hard to send people to government work camps when there are 357 million firearms in the nation—more guns than there are people. At the very least, all hell will break loose when government agents come around to round people up, if indeed that ever happened. It won’t be a neat and tidy transition to authoritarianism with a populace armed to the teeth.

Never is the fact mentioned by elites in the propagandist media that authoritarian governments from that of Mao Zedong to Hitler stripped their citizens of guns before instituting totalitarian governments that murdered millions, nor is the fact you have a near zero chance of dying in a mass shooting ever given the emphasis it deserves. Hitler knew the importance of disarming the citizenry before subjecting them.

The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subjugated races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing. Indeed, I would go so far as to say that the supply of arms to the underdogs is a sine qua non for the overthrow of any sovereignty. So let’s not have any native militia or native police.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Beyond the fact citizens are disarmed before they are subjected to centralized power, despite the genuflecting of countless empty headed talking heads, the fact is life is much more mundane than they would like it to be. You are far more likely to die when you go hop into your box on wheels sedan (that you are probably in debt bondage paying for) and make your way down to your corporate job. In fact, twice the number of people die every single day in automobile accidents than died in the “biggest mass shooting in history” in Orlando. Yet, we haven’t heard from the left about banning automobiles. (Yet, anyway. The global warming religion will push that agenda item at a later date.)

Here are things that really kill people in great numbers, but they don’t make for compelling video to suit a news director’s need to create drama so he, she or zhe (heh) can put asses in seats in front of the idiot box. Asses that your local propaganda outlet needs so desperately. You are more likely to die from falling out of a tree than you are at the hands of a mass murderer. Let’s look at things that kill more people than mass shooters:

  • Falling out of a tree: 100 deaths annually
  • Falling inside your home: 13,000 deaths annually
  • Suicide: 42,000 deaths annually
  • Kidney infections: 48,000 deaths annually
  • Stroke: 133,000 deaths annually
  • Cancer: 592,000 deaths annually
  • Heart disease: 614,000 deaths annually

The mass media also never bring up the fact that an increasing chorus of people, from Judge Napolitano to Steven Seagal are questioning the truthfulness of sensational news headlines the echo chamber foams at the mouth selling to a public that is, by and large, malleable and suggestive to thought control. Here are some bombshells that the media selectively avoided when they were trotting out their gun control narratives:

  • Judge Napolitano revealed that nobody died until 5:13 AM in the Orlando mass shooting—that is until the FBI and SWAT teams entered the Orlando gay club hours after the standoff began. This raises a number of questions that were never even brought up, let alone answered. Napolitano is apparently the only mainstream media personality who bothered to read the FBI’s report. He said: Here’s whats news in the summary, nobody died until 5:13 in the morning, when the SWAT team entered, prior to that no one had been killed. The 53 that were injured, and the 49 that were murdered all met their fates at the time of, and during, the police entry into the building. This is a bombshell revelation, readily available in the official FBI report.
  • Steven Seagal dropped this bomb on Russian television last fall: I believe that, and I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.

Beyond questioning the official narrative and conspiracy theories, even if you think people who question authority are nuts, the representation of of gun violence as increasing—as half the public thinks it is—reveals the power of the corporate press to distort facts and create false realities as Congress’ own statistics reveal. Gun crimes and gun violence have plummeted over the past 20 years, yet the public believes otherwise. As Einstein said: Blind belief in authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

Gun violence has tumbled over the past 20 years, despite what the media tell you

Gun violence has tumbled over the past 20 years, despite what the media tell you

Gun Violence At Record Lows

Let’s look at some statistics. The number of guns per person has increased from 0.93 to 1.45 over the last 20 years. There are more guns than people in the United States. That is a whopping 56% increase in the number of guns over a generation. However, the gun homicide rate has tumbled 49% in that same time. The gun homicide rate has fallen from 7.0 to 3.6 deaths per 100,000 people. Gun homicides have been cut in half while the number of guns has more than doubled! This is exceptional news, but chances are you have never heard of it unless you read alternative media. This fact gun crime is down is coming straight from the horse’s mouth, the U.S. Government itself.

Despite the fact you are more likely to die of just about anything but guns in your lifetime, the fact gun violence is plummeting to record lows, and the fact people own more guns than ever proving there is no link between gun ownership and violence, politicians feel the need to take away the average citizen’s capability to defend against criminals and tyranny. This reveals the gun violence narrative is pushed by politicians and the media for a reasons other than those stated by our “social betters.”

  • Politicians and social engineers need to create a gun violence issue to continue the Hegelian dialectic: spin up a “gun control” problem, have a preplanned solution (i.e. gun confiscation) in place, and direct all “solutions” towards that goal.
  • The media makes their living and maintains their ivory tower by creating problems to create profit. There is nothing scarier to average people than the prospect of being mowed down by a nut with a gun, so the rational and responsible view that yes, mass shootings are an issue but do not deserve 24/7 attention is immediately discarded in favor of sensationalism. This also speaks to the lack of journalistic integrity to report on mass shootings but also to calm the public down with the fact that these are very isolated events and that gun violence overall is tumbling. They often excuse their hysteria with “human interest” in these bloody stories, pointing to the victims. This is nothing but exploitation of tragedy for profit and to push an agenda, as far more people die from other causes of death each and every day.
  • Creating “sitting ducks” by pushing gun-free zones all over the nation is another way guns and gun owners are marginalized. The government doesn’t need to ban the Second Amendment if they make the entire country a gun-free zone. Gun-free zones invite violence, as attackers know they’re more likely to inflict harm on defenseless sheep than armed wolves.

Beyond gun violence and gun homicides being at historical lows, there are other facts the puppet masters don’t want you to know.

A teacher and student guarding the entrance to their Delaware school in 1973 after a shooter called in a threat. No gunman ever arrived

A teacher and student guarding the entrance to their Delaware school in 1973 after a shooter called in a threat. No gunman ever arrived

More Hidden Information

Let’s bust a couple more gun myths promulgated by the irresponsible and shameless mass media and look at a couple of important facts they ignore.

Myth: Children are at significant risk at school of being killed by a mass shooter.

After Sandy Hook, an impressionable and irrational public immediately pushed for schools to be gun-free zones, and to turn schools into the equivalent of prisons for children. However, only a couple of generations ago the above scene at a Delaware high school played out after a threat was called into the high school. Students and teachers went to their cars to pull out their guns at the school, and no gunman ever showed up. My, how times have changed.

Additionally, more children die each year on bicycles, from space heater fires, and in drownings than from guns. But, we don’t hear calls for banning bicycles, heaters, and swimming pools because that doesn’t make for good TV or good politics. Also, liberal mothers kill more unborn children than guns each and every year through abortion, yet women go into a hissy fit if anyone talks about taking away their right to murder a defenseless, voiceless human being.

Myth: Crime is lower in countries that have banned guns. 

One need look no further than our neighbor Mexico, where guns are forbidden for the average citizen but every cartel and criminal has them. Many Mexican cities look like war zones and I personally witnessed two shootouts between the Mexican military and cartel members when I lived there. One has to think the gangs would not be as brazen if the average citizen had the capability to defend themselves. So, Mexico is an example of gun control nightmare. The CATO institute also dropped this truth bomb on gun grabbers.

In Israel and Switzerland, for example, a license to possess guns is available on demand to every law-abiding adult, and guns are easily obtainable in both nations. Both countries also allow widespread carrying of concealed firearms, and yet, admits Dr. Arthur Kellerman, one of the foremost medical advocates of gun control, Switzerland and Israel “have rates of homicide that are low despite rates of home firearm ownership that are at least as high as those in the United States.” A comparison of crime rates within Europe reveals no correlation between access to guns and crime.

Gun control disarms good people, as criminals will always find a way around laws.

Fact: SSRIs are strongly correlated with mass shootings.

Eric Harris at Columbine, Seung Hui-Cho at Virginia Tech, James Holmes at Aurora, Christopher Harper Mercer in South Carolina, Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings pilot who killed 149 people, and Adam Lanza of Sandy Hook all were on high doses of SSRI anti-depressants. As Dr. Peter Breggin has warned, going to a psychiatrist has become one of the most dangerous things a person can do. Breggin also wrote this in his book Your Drug May Be Your Problem:

Advocates of psychiatric drugs often claim that the medications improve learning and the ability to benefit from psychotherapy, but the contrary is true.  There are no drugs that improve mental function, self-understanding, or human relations.  Any drug that affects mental processes does so by impairing them.

And more tellingly:

Despite a hugely successful promotional campaign by drug companies and biological psychiatry, the effectiveness of most or all psychiatric drugs remains difficult to demonstrate.  The drugs often prove no more effective than sugar pills, or placebos – and to accomplish even these limited positive results, the clinical trials and data that they generate typically have to be statistically manipulated.

The effects of these drugs are chilling, and a large number of people become agitated and manic when they take them.

The newer antidepressants including Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox, Celexa, and Lexapro commonly cause some degree of over-stimulation. The effects are not unlike those of cocaine and amphetamine, and both the Prozac-like drugs and the stimulants impair function of the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine. Some of the other newer antidepressants, including Effexor, Serzone, Cymbalta and Wellbutrin can have similar effects. No one knows the frequency of very severe reactions to the antidepressants. Some studies indicate that some degree of clinically significant over-stimulation and mania is caused in a startling 5%-10% of all patients taking these drugs. A number of clinical reports have also described a syndrome of obsessive SSRI-induced suicidality and violence that seems particular to these drugs.

Rather than calling for an investigation into pill-pushing prostitutes with medical degrees, as some doctors are, the media pushes a gun control agenda as the “magic bullet” that will fix everything. The correlation between SSRIs and mass shootings is never given proper attention because pharmaceutical advertising is a $5.17 billion dollar industry, and the media needs this revenue to prop up their sagging bottom lines.

Fact: Cops kill more people than mass shooters. 

The very people who are supposed to protect the public kill far more people than mass shooters. Statistically, you are 9 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a mass shooter. Are the cops acting in self defense most of the time? Probably. But there are also videos coming out by the truckload that show police are often acting inappropriately and an in abusive manner to the public they are supposed to protect and serve.

Last year alone cops killed 1,205 people. Were all those deaths justified? Most of them probably were. But how many people were killed that should not have been? Nobody is watching the watchers except for the web site Killed By Police, so nobody knows. Yet, the media never focus on this as they always push the public towards complete and total trust in authority, whether it be government bureaucrats or militarized police.

So, each of the gun grabbers’ arguments can be destroyed through some basic research and logic. The argument that people don’t need guns because there are police is the equivalent of saying people don’t need fire extinguishers because there are fire departments. By the time the police arrive in their average 10 minute response time, the criminal is already going to be gone. And your house is already likely to be burned down from a small kitchen fire that could have easily been extinguished.

Once again we defenders of freedom are making the colossal mistake of letting the Marxist left and media control the narrative, then playing defense against their narrative. Gentlemen, the time has come to push back against the left. We have to find some way to put them on the defense about their insane policies and beliefs. Every time they bring out a new agenda item, they push and push until we fall back. Sooner or later the line must the drawn, and the authoritarians shown we will not be pushed any farther. Making them defend their insane positions instead of libertarians and traditionalists defending their positions, as we are doing now, is the most important move we can make.

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157 thoughts on “Gun Violence Cut In Half Despite Twice As Many People Owning Guns”

  1. I pointed that out to an old friend of mine who didn’t believe until I told him to look up the stats. I think most of the the violenct gun deaths have been plumeting since 1993 in the US despite massive increase in gun ownership.

    1. Knowing that the guy next you is packing a gun, will absolutely make you think twice before busting his balls about his pink shirt.

      1. You are twice as likely to be a victim of a violent crime in the UK than the US, but tell any Brit that and he starts virtue signalling about the poor chav scum “who might get shot.” Bizarre folk.

        1. Indeed, they are truly bizarre about the topic. I also like the unison chant of “We’ve never had a gun culture!” that they do on cue. Which is weird, because I collect antique photos and newspapers and it seems to me that they had a rather significant middle class “gun culture” until quite recently. Can’t tell them that though, they categorically deny it, being taught nothing but government propaganda since the 1960’s forward. They literally wiped their collective memory of a significant portion of their history. It’s so strange, because originally the distinction between a free man and a slave in Anglo Saxon culture was that a free man could bear arms as he wished, whereas a slave was prohibited from such.

        2. They did indeed. Not sure why Europeans are such hoplophobes. I blame socialism (for alot of other things too).
          I heard that due to the amount of communists (union, labor, etc..) in the UK, they started banning firearms in the 1930s. When WWII kicked off and invasion seemed possible, there was a movement by the “American Committee for Defense of British Homes” where US citizens sent their own weapons to the UK. And after the war, they were all destroyed and not sent back.

        3. This is true, but you are also 50 times more likely to die by firearm in the US versus the UK. This is where the balanced discussion seems to fall apart: they have made a tradeoff: somewhat more violent crime (and theft/robbery) in exchange for significantly less murder. One is not better than the other.

        4. Maybe if you include suicides and dead thugs perhaps. Being able to defend yourself is preferable, but that responsibility is someting Brits have deferred to the state. No thanks.

        5. “…originally the distinction between a free man and a slave in Anglo Saxon culture was that a free man could bear arms as he wished, whereas a slave was prohibited from such.”
          Now THAT is an interesting comparison! “A FREE man could bear arms as he pleased” while “a slave was prohibited from such”.

      2. Permit?
        We have no-permit-required open carry in my part of the world. Feels like…freedom!

        1. Same here in Mississippi GOJ. I saw a statistic a while back that our Mississippi has the highest ratio of gun ownership per capita in the USA, which would likely be the highest, or close to it, in the developed world. Quite common to see open carry here; no one bats an eye. Even alot of young girls know how to shoot here. An armed society is a polite society.

        2. “We have no-permit-required open carry in my part of the world. Feels like…freedom”
          Is this for a hand gun? What State are you in again?

        3. Yes, sidearms AND long rifles AND shotguns AND if you own one, machine guns. If you can legally own it, you can legally open carry it without permit, period, end of sentence.
          I was thanked a couple of times yesterday by people in our community parade for open carrying.

        4. Anything. It was not unusual seeing a guy with a sidearm hanging on his belt in rural Ohio.

        5. I actually OC’d in Tennessee a few years back.
          You actually need a “permit” to OC in TN btw, excepting hunting.

        6. Ohio – sounds like a nice state. Isn’t that where the Keaton family from “Family Ties” was located? The fictional town of Leland I believe….
          If I would ever come back to live in the USA I’d consider Ohio.

        7. I think so, don’t remember actually. Lots of movies and shows seem to be based in Ohio when the writers wants to show “flyover country”. Unfortunately they also seem to base a huge number of horror movies in Ohio as well, heh. Nightmare on Elm Street? Ohio.

        8. Amazing how the two things coincide isn’t it?

        9. “Unfortunately they also seem to base a huge number of horror movies in Ohio as well”
          Governor Stickland.

        10. Yeah, the idea that you should need a permit to carry open or concealed has always seemed bizarre to me. It’s as if you needed a free speech permit to exercise your first amendment rights.

        11. No permit required for free speech, buddy, you simply go to the designated Free Speech Zone located far, far away from the public and you can say any darned thing you want! Within reason!

        12. Yeah, and here we are again where some Eu countries just read your guys’ comments like watching an american movie…wishing we could have those liberties as well. 🙁

        13. Increasingly suburban Ohio as well. When I go to Cabelas up here north of Columbus I’m not the only guy in there sporting a sidearm many times.

        14. Wasn’t there some “man of unknown orgin” last year attacking restaurant patrons because the owner was from Israel? Heard he filed for bankruptcy as well.

        15. We don’t have that here, but I nonetheless own and carry.
          A permit is a convenient list for the jack-booted thugs when it comes time for them to do their re-education thing.
          I’ll never understand why otherwise intelligent people are so quick to follow laws handed down to the them by the corrupt.

        16. That is something I have always asked close associates. If a bunch of immoral and corrupt dengerates are the ones holding power and making the laws of the land, why even bother to comply? In fact it is your moral, and in my case Christian, obligation as a free man to fight and undermine those bastards at every opportunity. We are all outlaws now.

        17. Yes. He was Muslim (the attacker). The restaurant is one I go to from time to time, the owner is a wonderful human being and a Christian. He endorsed concealed carry and did so quite loudly after the attack, which caused the news to stop…covering…the story quite so closely.

        18. FWIW – that statement about armed societies are polite is true, for higher-IQ high trust cultures.
          One of the things I’ve figured out is that when it comes to murder/violence/suicide stats, # of guns available and violence don’t really correlate. The only gun / no gun correlation you can reasonably get is change in same place – which tends to lead to less crime with more guns, and a lot more violence (though a few less murders) when guns are stripped away.
          As mentioned in the article – Mexico. Guns are banned, but readily available to the bad guys in addition to the govt.. Somalia, lots of guns. Almost all in the bad guys hands.
          What really stands out is crime rate vs IQ.
          And when you look at places with non-uniform demographics (despite mixing, a lot of latin america is euro in stock or native), you’ll notice the high crime areas correspond to low IQ populations.
          So combine low IQ and bad time preference decision making with the small percentage of them who are aggressive and violent…. and amazingly outside of hellholes like Detroit and other Democrat-owned inner cities, our crime rate looks like the better parts of europe despite all the icky guns.
          Knowing their victims are harmless only encourages criminals. Lack of lethal consequences lets more of them repeat their crimes, as does making excuses for them.
          So, to come back around, as long as you have a forward looking civilizational core that is willing to enforce that civilization, then yes, more guns in the hands of the civilized – including lower-IQ law abiding – means a more polite society.
          Without that core, you end up with Somalia, or the middle east.

        19. Gun ownership is perhaps the only thing a foreigner like me is envious of America. Never lose it like our ancestors have done.

        20. I’ll add that Colorado also has permit-less open carry (except for Denver – our state’s asshole). With permit you can conceal, but there’s a bill on the governor’s desk to allow permit-less concealment.
          Feels good.

        21. Still requires a CHL, however we have pending legislation to eliminate this requirement in the Statehouse.

        22. I cant imagine there is much violent crime in Japan. Talk about the epitome of high-trust societies. Guess it helps when 99% of the pop is Japanese

        23. It happens, but most of their crime is digital, apparently.
          Also worth noting: the country that pumps out hentai and rape games has one of the lowest reported rape rates in the civilized world.

        24. Japan is not a good example, at least its modern iteration. Pussywhipped men who are just a pale reflection of their ultra-violent ancestors.

        25. “With God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly!”

        26. Fellow Coloradan here
          Hickenlooper would never allow that, he’s the one that passed the 15 round mag-capacity ban and p private sale of guns ban. Though in my county, Archuleta county, the county commissioners passed a bill, resolution 2013-19,nullifying federal and state gun control, and those bills are hardly enforced anyway. Though the 10th circuit court (Pueblo county) unlawfully ruled they were legal, so the scum are pushig to enforce them.

        27. The not being charged with a crime for speech also is pretty nice. You can question any ol’ thing here without being targeted by police for charges or “hate crimes”. So we have that going for us too. Otherwise, we’ve lost a hell of a lot of what we used to call liberty.

        28. I thought the premise was a bit too odd for a sitcom, but they made it work.

        29. You can openly carry in Michigan without a permit. On the other hand, handguns have to be registered. It’s a mixed bag.

        30. You should also note that in Japan even the Yakuza don’t have guns because if you get caught with one you go to jail for a long time with no questions asked and no exceptions.

      3. Everybody does. It’s called the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. It’s just some retards in your government who have used it as a means to collect revenue and identify gun owners.

        1. Actually I don’t believe he’s American (apologies if I’m mistaken Johnn).

        2. It wasn’t always like this.
          In 1990 in libtarded San Francisco I was carrying a rifle in a case right downtown. Iwent up to a cop and asked him if this was OK. He said, “Hey as long as you’re not trying to conceal it it’s OK.”
          In SF mind you.

    2. Interesting that point about Mateen and Napolitano. I did wonder how he was able to shoot a 100 people when the police were right outside. Seemed unlikely.
      What is more likely that if the police engaged in a full auto fire fight with this guy in a crowded club that a lot of friendlies would be hit. I would like to hear from the witnesses and survivors.
      And we know that the police have no problem engaging in firefights on crowded streets while hitting friendlies. This is documented.
      Of course, don’t you ever hit a friendly by mistake.

      1. Some of the survivors in Orlando who were trying to crawl were shot by police. That came out in the autopsies, but not much said. I have mentioned this before, but when police departments drop standards to meet diverstiy goals, police “bad shootings” and brutality charges goes up not to mention lawsuits.

    3. So Obama has caused the violent crime rate to fall since he caused more people to buy guns.

    4. violent gun deaths have been plumeting since 1993 in the US because of massive increase in gun ownership.

      1. That could be something too. The sloppiness and haphazardness of much of the reporting surrounding these events leaves too much to the imagination and is easily usable for many different purposes alongside the more obvious governmental attempts for gun control/banning.
        Something like “nearly controlled chaos” in effect.

    1. Beautiful. And yet you can sit down with a Leftist and pound these numbers into his head until he’s memorized them, and he won’t for one second stop pushing to have us disarmed. Because feelz.

    2. I’m fine with keeping guns. We just need to get rid of the ban on assault swords. I look ridiculous when I venture around town in my armor without my sword.

        1. He’s simply trying to bring quarter staff as a means of self defense. He’s really doing a community service by trying to teach others how to defend themselves.

        2. It’s actually a buck and a quarter staff.
          Yikes, and away!

        3. When he breaks it in half it turns into the eskrima though. When can see his obvious efficiency with his weapon.

        4. In all reality, I was just looking for an excuse to channel Daffy Duck this morning.

        5. My uncle has the boxed Warner Brothers cartoon set and every Saturday he and his 3 year old granddaughter and 1 year old grandson sit and watch Bugs Bunny and Company, uncensored and unedited. Little girly girl *loves* Bugs Bunny.

        6. Well, I’ll tell you direct that I think twice before ordering anything from a company named ACME.

        7. Attn: All ACME products work as specified. We at ACME strive to provide our customers with the best product experience possible. If you have received a defective product, please contact ACME customer support. Please note, we are not liable for user error:

        8. Indeed. I used to play Mortal Kombat with my brother during school break for hours a day (if I wasn’t reading books and the like and if it was raining outside) and we’d laugh our asses off at the hilarious violence and yet I am perfectly well-adjusted albeit I have felt the urge to tear someone’s face and eat it or rip their head and spine off 😛 I also was raised from birth watching pro wrestling and even if I would reenact the moves never got into fights etc. unless I was defending myself. These Leftists are morons.

        9. What’s funny about the uncut Golden Collections is they come with disclaimers. That’s how bad it is, there’s even one that starts out with Whoopi Goldberg warning that there may be racist depictions.
          Only somewhere, the intelligent counter of not censoring art and allowing that they were “products of another time” has gone out the window.
          Now kids get complete tripe like The Looney Tunes Show (the only good part is some of the mid-episode music videos) and Wabbit.

        10. I threw anvils off apartment rooftops when I was a kid(what can I say? it was the 90s).

        11. I was strongly considering buying the sloping high wire set with the accompanying helmet with a single wheel on top of it quite recently, but prudence dictated that I might want to give that purchase a second thought.

        12. I was sooooo disappointed with my rocket/roller skates combo package…I could never get it to work properly

        13. I cant tell you how many times ibe watched the predator rip out someones spine and skull.
          Yet i have never done it.

        14. All though I have an uncontrollable urge to bink people in the head with hammer and poke people’s eyes after watching Three Stooges.

  2. Democrats need to walk away from the minority and gun tripe; go back to FDR and do it for the working man. I said it before and I’ll say it again…liberals thrive on the chaos that they have sown.

  3. never thought Id see Napolitano and Segal mentioned in the same breath! I cannot believe Nap is still on tv…

  4. I know a whole lot of people who own guns legally, a few of them not exactly the most stable of sorts.
    I only know of one guy getting hurt, and the guy didn’t own it legally. On top of this he just shot himself, accidentally, in the temple while drunk and stupid. Darwin Award.
    I have also had a gun pointed at my face, and another time a guy pointing one at my chest. Not one of those guns were legal for them to own or have.

  5. Great article. All the gun control legislation will do is prompt law-abiding citizens to obtain weapons and ammo illegally, which is about as difficult as obtaining weed. Establishment types know this, which is why they’re using retards like Wil Wheaton and Whoopi Goldberg to combat the desire for guns with social engineering. Problem for them is that that kind of change takes years, and frankly they don’t have that long before the tipping point.
    Tldr: come and take them.

  6. “Once again we defenders of freedom are making the colossal mistake of letting the Marxist left and media control the narrative, then playing defense against their narrative. Gentlemen, the time has come to push back against the left.”
    This is the most important point in the article, and one of the most important points ever raised on this site. Rush Limbaugh has talked about this for years, and I’m glad to see the idea spread. People who believe as we do, whether you label yourself a conservative, a follower of neo-masculinity, or whatever, we need to play offense.
    The left is constantly putting us on the defensive, and we wont ever make substantial societal gains unless we attack them. I don’t know how exactly to do it, though alternative media is obviously the starting point.
    But this is so important, it can’t be repeated enough times. You can’t fix shit or change the culture if you’re constantly retreating.

    1. I copied a link to an infographic further down below but information like that is what we must use. That being said, it’s only half the solution. The other half is to take the logical, factual side and convert it to an emotional appeal as well.
      “200,000 women in the USA protect themselves from sexual abuse every year with guns. Are you saying you support women being sexually abused by taking away their means of defense?”
      “In states that adopted concealed carry laws, rapes dropped by 5%. If you don’t support concealed carry laws, you support rape.”

      1. Exactly, the emotional appeal is what authoritarians/leftists have mastered over the years. I’ve been frustrated forever by the seemingly permanent incompetence on display from conservatives and other common sense people who obviously know how to govern and build successful societies but utterly fail at basic tasks like PR and spreading the truth to a dumb populace.

        1. We conservatives have long tried to show the reason of our position to an unreasonable populace. We thought we could rationalize ourselves to victory while history shows that the left can tell the most bald-faced lies and get away with it because it successfully sets off people’s emotions. We must fight fire with fire. It’s an uphill battle but we do have one powerful thing on our side in this war of emotions: Our emotions and opinions are supported by facts and statistics.

        2. And we need to shame the white knights, traitors etc.. We need to forget about logically debating with the pink haired, tattooed, feminist whale and get on with attacking those of our own who have sided with the progressives.

      2. If you want women to voluntarily be for guns, I’d suggest making it “independent and badass” for a chick to support guns.
        It doesn’t have to necessarily make perfect sense, it just has to be emotionally appealing. If the idea of guns can be synonymous with feminism in some way, or “empowerment”, then they’d do it.
        For their men’s sense of security against a tyrannical government though? Fat chance.

      3. We can also do this same thing with the gays being able to defend themselves from the wonderful followers of the ‘religion of peace’.

  7. They dont lobby to ban cars when it comes to people killed in accidents, they dont lobby to ban alcohol/cigerattes when it comes to people killed in as a direct or indirect cause of using these vices, they don’t lobby to ban knives when it comes to people killed in stabbings I never understood why libs rally to ban guns, yeah thats sound logic. Ban guns and assume criminals will hand in their guns and we’ll live in some state of peace and harmony? Shit happens, gun violence is terrible but looking to take them away from law abiding citizens is a stupid kneejerk reaction. You won’t find criminals and hoodlums trying their luck in areas that permit concealed carry, never understood why the MSM never mentions this

    1. They’ve lobbied to ban both alcohol and cigarettes, tho…
      Ironically, to stop people from using alcohol the Government murdered people by adding poison to the mix.
      Daddy knows best. Let’s give them all our guns before they have to murder people with their guns to take your guns.

  8. Good article. There’s important stuff being communicated like death rates of other things besides guns. The article could focus more, this is material for 2 or more articles imo.
    Furthermore, I’d love to share it with my friends but I won’t as it contains no links to back up claims made about statistics, which is key to convince these people. Also I think it should focus on provable facts not including speculations such as Steven Seagal’s comments.

      1. Hey thanks a lot. What a sweet page. Do you have a similar page about violence in the Quran? 🙂

  9. I am not a hunter so I have no use for a gun. I don’t really think a gun is going to even my chances against the government. But this is exactly what the pro-gun side seems to be arguing. And it seems to be what the audience is hearing, since the audience is going out and buying guns like they are about to be discontinued.
    Neither side is ever telling you the truth, because they are both trying to make a buck off of you. The gun control people are trying to get more taxes for “Homeland Security,” while the gun advocates are hoping to sell you a gun. Just imagine the total market for domestic arms sales in the past five years. Which means the government is probably playing both sides, as usual. I would be willing to bet that most of the money spent on guns in the US since Obama took office has gone into the pockets of the same billionaires who are profiting from Homeland Security. It is doubtful that most folks have ever thought of that.
    The billionaire investors are making money off you both ways: they tax you for Homeland Security, which scares you into buying guns, and the money you spend on guns also goes to them.

    1. It’s more like Scott Adams (of Dilbert) says:

      So it seems to me that gun control can’t be solved because Democrats are
      using guns to kill each other – and want it to stop – whereas Republicans are using guns to defend against Democrats.
      Psychologically, those are different risk profiles. And you can’t
      reconcile those interests, except on the margins. For example, both
      sides might agree that rocket launchers are a step too far. But
      Democrats are unlikely to talk Republicans out of gun ownership because
      it comes off as “Put down your gun so I can shoot you.”

    2. What the fuck does hunting have to do with owning a gun?
      I’m a gun advocate, but can’t say that I’ve ever made a profit off of being one. If I missed the payout queue, let me know.
      And collective gun ownership is what evens your chances against government, not you alone and by your lonesome owning a gun. Afghanistan, the place where empires go to die, manages to hold off quite well with tribesmen and bolt action rifles for the most part. A lot of those guys are still using Enfield .303 bolt actions from WW1. Seems to work for them.
      And last, it doesn’t matter the political agenda, where in the world will you buy a manufactured gun and the money DOESN’T go into some rich person’s pocket? Last check, I’ve not seen panhandlers out giving jobs to people, it’s only the rich and the up and coming who do that, so it seems silly to sneer about “putting money in billionaire’s pockets!”. I mean because, hey, look, that computer you bought and are typing on right now? Yep, you just put money in a billionaire’s pocket. Same when you bought a car, or a house, or a boat or even laundry detergent. If that’s your standard – “People making money are evil!” then I’m afraid you may well be barking up the wrong tree here, pal.

        1. Oh please. We can target down to the individual level with our advanced weaponry, just like a video game. Mountains ain’t what they used to be any more.
          Their advantage is that they have little organizational hierarchy, so it’s hard to just “take them out”. That and everybody and his brother owns some kind of firearm, even antique ones.
          I notice you left the rest of my post un-addressed. Interesting.

        2. The rest of your post does not deserve to be addressed – too much sarcasm.

        3. That’s what you always say when you’re confronted with a counter argument that you cannot refute. How is pointing out that all manufacturers are owned by billionaires “sarcasm”? It isn’t. You’re just unable to answer without it mussing up your position.
          It’s ok, I didn’t expect you to actually be able to back up your screed, so this is no big loss.

      1. “I’m a gun advocate, but can’t say that I’ve ever made a profit off of being one. If I missed the payout queue, let me know.”
        I KNEW I bought the wrong NRA Membership!

        1. Right? I guess I missed that check box on the application form.

        2. I would have noticed a “Lifetime Shitlord Member” check box.
          And I’ve bought enough firearms on farm sales that the money “that went in a billionaire’s pocket” went there a long time before I ever owned them. (Lord, the crap people come up with regarding my personal habits and why I do what I do!) If I do buy new, it is always from a Ma & Pa Gun Shop and not some corporate beast anyway. Support the little guy, right?

    3. > I don’t really think a gun is going to even my chances against the government.
      No one argues that their AR-15 “evens” their odds against an oppressive military tyrant with the most advanced and well-equipped forces on the planet. It simply makes the enemy’s job far more costly. A disarmed man has no resistance at all.
      We don’t intend to simply win a stand-up fight against a superior military, Grandpa. We intend to make every last one of their soldiers fear death from every moving shadow, behind every tree. If you thought you came home fucked in the head with PTSD after Vietnam from being exposed to months at a time not knowing when the next sniper would explode the skull of a mate out for a piss, you’ve seen nothing compared to the neverending psychological hell that would be Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo.

    4. I don’t really think a gun is going to even my chances against the government.
      So what you are saying is, “since gun owners can’t beat the military/government, we should just hand them over”.
      Liberal logic- it’s not logical.

      1. One of us, no. A hundred of us? No. One hundred and ten million of us? I wouldn’t bet against us.

  10. Cite sources please?
    Can’t seem to find a source for the article’s thesis. Gotta kill the liberals with FACTS! So please provide so we can act accordingly…
    Also, for fun: try getting the big scary numbers – like heart disease and car accidents, in per capita stats instead of raw numbers. THEN, just for fun, compare those per capita numbers to OTHER developed countries (crazy idea). That gives you a good idea of, given your population, how likely the unfortunate fate in question could happen to you. THEN, also for fun, do it with guns. The liberals can’t STAND facts, so it’s best to present them with comprehensive ones.

  11. Scott Adams, said it best about gun control:
    “So it seems to me that gun control can’t be solved because Democrats are using guns to kill each other – and want it to stop – whereas Republicans are using guns to defend against Democrats. Psychologically, those are different risk profiles. And you can’t reconcile those interests, except on the margins. For example, both sides might agree that rocket launchers are a step too far. But Democrats are unlikely to talk Republicans out of gun ownership because it comes off as “Put down your gun so I can shoot you.” -Source: (
    The media controls the optics of the gun debate. Many of the media are Democrats, hence many of them want to ban guns to be safe from fellow Democrats. Place with lax gun laws are place of high trust society. People with similar values, religion, and shared culture. Guns are tools that provide means of protection, and entertainment in these area. Those with a gun at hand will have higher situational awareness of the surroundings, under proper training, and know when something is wrong.
    Democrats do not have this reality in place when compare to the gun toting parts of the US, since they live in communities with low trust society with variety of differences and only commonalities is voting democrat and the distrust of community to take care of itself. These area are also high violence, where gun is view not as tool, but instrument of violence and power to the local population. Hence the push for gun control for safety for all.
    We understand how the mass of people view gun control. Our elites view gun control as means of power. Disarm populace is easy to control populace. Gun control is a given monopoly of violence to the state and protect the elites from consequences of their actions. This why the 2nd amendment was put into place in the US Constitution, for our founding fathers did not denied to themselves reality of human nature.
    To sum it up, gun control give the power of violence to the state that view people incapable of defending themselves, while forbidding law abiding citizen to protect themselves.

  12. Hiliary Clinton will not be recommended for prosecution by the FBI. Its ok though because she did not intend to abuse any laws. She was just very careless in sending Top Secret information on an unencrypted private email server. Her servers were probably hacked by foreign governments too but the FBI says don’t worry about it. A set of laws for the people and another set for the politicians.

    1. are you seriously surprised by this? I bet you are the guy who thinks the Generals actually have a shot at beating the Harlem Globetrotters

      1. It’s not surprising per se, but what is shocking is how open they were about the corruption this time around. It’s not that they’re taking a casual approach to it, they are literally flaunting the direct corruption in our faces and flipping us the bird while laughing. This is banana republic levels of open corruption, on this one.

        1. “This is banana republic levels of open corruption, on this one”
          GOJ – my impression is that at least the banana republics leaders are willing to put on the fascade and dog and pony show – it doesn’t seem like they are as blatant about their indiscretions compared to the politicos in the USA.
          Same goes for the movie industry. Hollywood has always been Hollyweird, but the difference between then and now is that at least back 60 years that culture kept their dog felching, pig fellating, baby fucking, shit eating, satan worshiping antics to themselves. But unfortunately today this kind of sick, fucked up behavior makes for good marketing.

  13. Fact: Liberals remain silent about the thousands of blacks murdered each year by other blacks. Liberals only perk up demanding gun control when white people die.

  14. Wonderful article, extremely well written, an excellent defense for those confronting liberal revisionism and hysterical anti gun fear mongering.

  15. You don’t have to go to a psychiatrist to be handed a prescription for SSRIs. There is no requirement for a psych evaluation. Any GP can hand them out like Halloween candy if you come in describing feeling fatigued.

  16. All great stuff.

    And you didnt even address the black elephant in the room.

  17. Citing and quoting Steven Seagal in your article significantly weakens all of your otherwise legitimate arguments.

    1. “I want violent crimes curbed as much as anyone, but not at the expense of our Second Amendment rights — which are there to protect us,” action star Chuck Norris wrote in a column.

      1. stop dyeing your hair n beard chuck, youre 75- you aint foolin anyone

        1. His hair has a grip of steel on his skull, and no gray hairs can make it past this formidable defense.

        2. Just for Men doesnt sell different hair coloring, just varying shades of chuck

  18. Very well rounded article Relampago! What struck me was your attention to the details on cops and guns. Often it has been brought up that everything brought to blacks in society in America is an early grooming for whites yet some how the police are left out of the discussion.
    The police are more multicultural and morally weaker than many other organizations in America yet fall under the trusted umbrella because they defend the populace from black people. Yet they kill with no more than a trial and a release date. Have raped women but as long as the woman is black the scenario will be excused. And have been outed in Oakland as having extensive ties to pedophile sex slave ring. Yet they are never scrutinized except from the liberals so it all excused.
    There is only one enemy who we must all watch fastidiously; the government. Whether they are using the Republicans of old, the liberals of new, or the Marxist of today, we need to be mindful of our rights and protect them. And that is for everyone who chooses to be a respectful citizen of the United States.

  19. The rhetoric of the gun control crowd has changed, in the 60s/70s it was GUN CONTROL! In the 80s/90s it was GUN BAN! Now it’s COMMON SENSE GUN LEGISLATION! The words change but, the goal remains the same.

    1. Gun Safety seems to have replaced Gun Control, although it’s not getting much traction.

      1. The advent of the Internet has soundly reinvigorated the Right. I think it’s why the Left is pressing so desperately and has become so transparent in its push for totalitarianism, they know that their days are effectively numbered. Lots of us have woken up to their crap, and more are opening their eyes every single day. It’s a hard press and a prayer for a hail Mary for the Left.

  20. We aussies cant even imagine what it is like to own guns without jumping through months and months of paperwork and background checks. We have no ability to defend ourselves against criminals or the government if it comes to that!

    1. I can today, right now, take a 20 minute drive to a shop where I can buy a Barrett .50 caliber rifle, semi-auto if I have the cash, put top quality glass on top of it, buy as much ammo as the shop has in it, and purchase a nice Ruger Super Blackhawk as a nice sidearm accessory to it, and walk out in less than 30 minutes, assuming I know exactly what I want and don’t dally. And if I’m feeling cheeky I can even get paperwork started on a silencer or the nice M2 machine gun they have sitting in a beautiful display case.

      1. 50 cal rifle and single action revolver go together like a Sopwith Camel and a laser guided bomb. I like it.

        1. I like being eccentric at the range.

      2. “Top quality glass”…made me kinda hard. I’d imagine trijicon or eotech.

  21. Most guns I see are black! Why would the left hate them so much, are they racist?

  22. What I found is that socialist atheist jews are the #1 advocates of gun control & emasculation of Christian men in the west, but are advocates of arming Israelis. It’s from Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust hereditary PTSD that we laud instead of ask them to get treatment for it. They are also #1 advocates of promoting feminism, atheism, weakening men through emasculization & stripping of religion & guns. They helped the black community in the civil rights movement, Obama is a reflection of that. Socialist atheist jews are well to do “victims” and our media & academics catering to those special snowflakes every whim gives them rewards, if you don’t there are mild consequences. If you are not corrupt, none of the this matter. In the Middle East, we also have special snowflakes called Palestinians, and the secular ones bog down host non-Palestine countries they live in with their leftism. They are also violinists & bankers. If you criticize Palestinians in the Middle East, they are seen as victims, you’ll be socially excluded by some people, and rewarded if you praise them. Religious jews & religious Palestinians are good people, but I don’t care for their leftists, one dominates media in the west due to white knights, their cousins dominate media in the Middle East due to white knights.
    I get the generation the Nakba/Holocaust happened to, when the refugees came, to be nice to people with PTSD, and not be to hard on them for the first ten years as they adjust after they lost everything … but to treat their kids and grandkids as special snowflakes and censor whatever they don’t like corrupts their kids & grandkids and messes up the society. When society worships “victims” instead of God, instead of respecting soldiers, that’s when problems start to happen. See the Return of Kings article on Jewish atheist socialist feminists. I really don’t judge athiest socialist jews or Palestinians for PTSD whose “triggering” habits are passed on if not treated – I just think PTSD should be treated and not made as a trendy Hollywood or academia fashion statement.

  23. We must outlaw cancer and heart disease. That’ll show those mutant cells whose boss!

  24. Load of crap article. You can say gun statistics have fallen. But that’s like punching someone in the face 100 times, then trying to argue that should be grateful because now you’ll punch them in the face 90 times. Fact is people die every day in the USA via guns and gun violence, is a major problem in the USA.

    1. Here is some liberal logic for you.
      Guns are evil = We should ban guns and only the military and police should have guns.
      Police and military are racist white institutions = only the military and police should have guns.

  25. Liberals are mad because one issue they have lost on over the last two decades has been guns (in fact it might be the only issue the left has not made progress on…) They need to manufacture controversy to nudge political opinion in their direction and are doing so at ludicrous speed.
    Any sane individual knows that none of the “solutions” forwarded by the Left will have any real impact on gun crime in the US.
    Close the fake gun show “loophole” and now you are regulating .001% of actual gun sales a year.
    Ban “assault “weapons. Didn’t work the first time, why would it work a second time? Even if we took long guns like the AR-15 off the market it would be a good 50-75 years before there would be any effect on the number in private circulation (assuming confiscation was not on the table).
    Australian style gun confiscation. Australia took around 750,000 guns out of private circulation after a massive societal effort. Three times that many guns were sold in June alone. Plus we are not an island nation with strict border controls. Any illegal from south of the border could carry up an illegal gun with them. All that confiscation would do is bring about the next American Revolutionary War.
    None of this will work. If anything we need to make sure this is an armed nation. Licenses to carry should be widely available for those who are trained and qualify. Tax write offs should be public policy for those who purchase defensive firearms (no registry though). Liberal states that continue to penalize their citizens by denying their second amendment rights should have public funding stripped.
    Enough is enough. Time to go on the public policy offensive. Stop apologizing and start winning.

  26. Stupid lib pussy f*cktards always use that govt superior technology drivel…OKAY, by that logic i guess the 13 colonies should of just said, “King George, you win” or Isis, al Qaeda, and the mujaheddin all just stop fighting because it’s “not working.” I swear, libtards like being weak and pathetic, their buttholes must prolapse often. No surprise there either.

  27. The argument that gun violence is down despite a great increase in the number of guns is limited by the fact that most of the new guns purchased are going to people who already own one, or many more of them already. Guns are not widely distributed and there is little reason to believe that there are more gun owner generally, just more guns. just 3% of the US population owns half of all the guns out there (

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