4 Pieces Of Advice For Liberals Who Hate-Read Return Of Kings

As of late, Return of Kings has had some unwelcome pests infest the woodwork. The closing of the former comments system has paved the way for an influx of mentally ill social justice warriors to troll their unwelcome whining. Still, every crisis presents an opportunity. Now is a fantastic opportunity to speak to our detractors man-to-cuck, and deliver a quartet of home truths for them to take home.

1. You Aren’t Really Liberals

If a duck quacks, it’s a duck, but a liberal fighting for their own gain at the expense of others is no liberal. No matter how many thumbs up your comments gain at HuffPo, unless you hold yourself true to the concept of egalitarianism, you are not a liberal, but a charlatan. A true liberal fights for equality for every human.

Yes, that means white males too. It means hearing the opinions of others that you may vehemently disagree with and giving them due process. It means you are moderate with your response when somebody offends you. It means accepting your share of responsibility and not passing the blame to others for your shortcomings and hardships. And it means you support every cause, not just the current bandwagon you are rolling on.

The next time you are “triggered,” please take a minute to ask yourself a question: in my reaction, am I taking into consideration the truth and the effect it will have on others? A real liberal would. If you’re a feminist and aren’t fighting for men’s rights, or an illegal immigrant appeaser that isn’t concerned about its effect on white communities, then you aren’t a liberal, you’ve picked a side. Just like we did. So get off your soapbox.

Is this really liberal enlightenment?

2. The Privileges You Enjoy Are Based Upon Freedoms You Are Trying To Destroy

Abraham Lincoln bust destroyed in Chicago.

In recent years, a dangerous brand of thought control has developed according to the demands of social justice warriors and their puppet masters, the mainstream media. The brave new world you envisage appears to have only one point of view: yours. An opinion that doesn’t fit the Marxist narrative assigned by the biased news outlets and their enablers is a surefire way to achieve social stigmatisation, or even prison. Although you may celebrate each small win the left achieves, they are merely pyrrhic victories.

The reality is that the hedonistic “rights” you now enjoy are based on achievements hard won in blood and sand, by better men and women than you. The (flawed) idols whom you adore, such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela all achieved their greater success by freedom of speech.

Free speech is precious because it is the only buffer between society and the people we elect. It is how we hold them accountable for their actions, and without it, we lose the only chance to protect ourselves against their bad decisions. Maybe consider what is of greater importance: the pacification of a childish liberal snowflake, or the protection of their right to be offended in the first place?

3. Conservative Men Are Not The Enemy You Think They Are

Toxic masculinity fighting for women’s rights.

Despite what the Soros-backed media says, men are very rarely misogynists. If we were, you can be sure the world wouldn’t be shaped the way it is. In fact, it is due to the ingrained sense of loyalty and care towards women that your worldview has been allowed to flourish at the expense of 2,000 years of tradition.

Name one liberal achievement that has occurred without the backing and commitment of thousands of men. The emancipation of women, the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the National Park System, and the American Civil War are just some examples of supposed toxic masculinity working for the benefits of society. Not to mention the millions of male lives lost fighting for the safe spaces you now enjoy.

The Gestapo propaganda outlets that masquerade as news brainwash with you false tales that have no basis in truth. Make no mistake: as much as you have been programmed to hate Western values, it is the fundamental logic that underpins them that has led to your safety. The world you are building is not one you will want your children to inherit. And it is now too late to go back.

4. You Are Not As Important As You Think You Are

You wish.

The modern liberal is an example of unabashed hubris. A walking automaton of hot air and bile, your average social justice warrior has enough self-entitlement to last a lifetime. But the sneering façade belies the overall insignificance of each and every one of them.

The truth is that apart from our parents and close family, we are never truly special to anybody. Every bit of respect we glean is from hard work and achievement, especially for men. There is nothing wrong with that. Society is developed and sustained from the commitment and efforts of its contributors.

The assumption that you can become significant through virtue signalling or freakish behaviour is wrong. Sure, you may get some views on Facebook—or even a safe space of your very own—but you are still the detritus of the cosmos packaged into finite balls of flesh just like the rest of us. We owe you nothing. Our ancestors didn’t die on beaches for us to take orders from a 21-year old graduate with anxiety issues, and we never will.

Its true that not every liberal falls into the asshole category. A point of view well-made is valid, even if we disagree. But there are far too many people who, failing to understand the key concepts of the democracy that just about exists, invalidate themselves. If you have to troll the ROK comments, at lease be gracious enough to become educated first. You are supposed to be smarter than us, after all.

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92 thoughts on “4 Pieces Of Advice For Liberals Who Hate-Read Return Of Kings”

  1. Correction, Gandhi and Mandela were rabid racists, just like Obama’s transgressions were not reported by the MSM so were these two former “Freedom Fighters”.
    Mandela wrote a short hand while in prison on how to be a good communist, with friends such as Yasar Arafat, Fidel Castro and the likes all the while chastising the Western world for their abhorrent behaviour and they worshipped him like a god.
    He is the ultimate modern liberal and virtue signaller, never a better PR job done on an old terrorist than on this one, ordering the bombing of civilians at restaurants, movie cinema’s and killing of farmers and their workers from the safety of his prison cell. Those were a hard 27 years in prison…

    1. And Mandela did get freed, but what a shithole South Africa turned into.
      Microaggressions are racism, but blacks killing white farmers in SA, perfectly A-OK.

    2. and remember there are worse things than prison.
      “27 years in jail – gets out – married for 6 months, and says ‘I can’t take this shit’…” Chris Rock

    3. Mandela needs necklaced.
      All of South Africa will burn if the openly attack the Boer again.

      1. and the ANACS will probably side with the Mandela’s – sad to say but probably true.
        Australia is fully cucked.

    4. This flat hierarchal society idea still exists but now its called SJW-ism. Its like the monotheism idea in that in that it has a simple and appealing core message BUT it is is absolutely as unworkable in the long run as Communism, which was really the same idea. This same idea has now moved from being a flat-hierachy economic system to a racial/gender flat system where we assume that Asians and blacks are only separated by skin color, and men and women only by genital differences. Every difference is written of as “a social construct” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. We’ll see where it leads but communism like the modern left are both dumb-as-fuck!

      1. The problem is that the rest of the media are so controlled they cannot dare say it. Its the lack of a free media – aside from a few renegade sites – thats costing the West. Will America really benefit from Immigrants from shithole countries? the answer everybody knows but not a single media outlet can actually admit it. Why are Asian nations developing and not African nations Mr journalist/Young Turks guy ” urrr urrr discimination” honest man: ” what about genes?” Cenk: ” get off my show racist” LOL Liars the lot of them! They only keep it all up by destroying anybody who tries to mention it.

  2. Today’s common leftist is so unaware of the world and it’s problems that it is annoying and comical. They do everything out of spite and ignorance. To them everything goes like this. 1) Conservatives and Republicans are bad. 2) If they support it, must be sexist and racist. 3) Rich people are bad and they oppress the “little ones” and 4) My life is bad because the selfish republicans took all my money. I know many people this way and they are all miserable by choice. No desire or motivation. Duped by the media and their guppy leftist parents to believe they have it so bad.

    1. All about the gimmes. No reflection on how rich people make money, by solving problems for people.

    2. @Sean Ortuno
      accurate – I see the same.
      Chris Rock quote again – paraphrasng IIRC -> “Stop blindly following a party – make decisions based on each issue”.
      but not gunna happen with leftists as you stated.

    3. “Rich people are bad and they oppress the “little ones”
      Most of those “rich” people are business owners who create jobs. AFTER paying their employees, the highest corporate taxes in the world, getting sued by employees, etc, they don’t make what people think.

    4. Today’s common American alt-right supporter is so unaware of the world and its problems that it is annoying and comical. They do everything out of spite and ignorance. To them everything goes like this. 1) Liberals and Democrats are bad. 2) If they support it, must be degenerate and misandrist. 3) Immigrants are bad and they threaten the “regular folk” and 4) My life is bad because the selfish women and lefties want rights that used to be all mine. I know many people this way and they are all miserable by choice. No empathy or critical thinking. Duped by the media and their conservative right-wing parents to believe they have it so bad.

      1. “Immigrants are bad and they threaten the ‘regular folk’”
        The right has more empathy for the victims of immigrants than you blind ideologists.
        Just a quick selection:

      2. Your originality is lacking. Shouldn’t you be out protesting phony oppression? Or maybe get out in the sun a bit.

  3. Thank you for addressing these parasites with mental illness. As for the liberal women, members of ROK are here to help you out. We can offer spankings and kitchens for you to cook in to help you get back on track.

    1. it is what they want.
      part of the mental-illness/confusion comes from hating on men(by indoctrination), but loving dick…

  4. SJW is morality without sacrifice. They don’t give to charities they want they want taxpayers to pay for what they want. They want to bring in tons of immigrants without building housing/infrastructure to support population growth. They want healthcare for all but few want to take care of the sick.

  5. “you aren’t liberals” every single “classical liberal”, since some people are making the distinction these days, were all for beheading and guillotining conservatives, burning churches, killing priests, raping nuns, overthrowing the system which had served us for milennia with a new one which has destroyed us in 200 years.

    1. I don’t think that we should let the left claim liberalism as an identity when they are the furthest from it.

    1. Gays actually have little time for women at all. If you look at gayification what happens is that women move out of out because nobody will support them and they cannot peddle ass and gays prefer to hire other males who will suck their wiener at lunch.
    So how would every man being gay be good for women when men did not care to support them?
    Just curious.
    Imagine if all men became gay tomorrow what it would actually DO to the economy. It would crash.

    1. Gay guys seem very into fashion and interior decorating and such and are very feminine and care about brand name clothing and behave like women economically. Whether something is good or bad for “the economy” which is to say whether it generates more profits for someone, is a very poor metric on which to judge right or wrong behavior. And in this instance its not even true.

    2. Gay hiring more gays, is an issue nobody wants to talk, if you let just one sodomite in a position of power or in HR there will be a purge of normal people, and in a matter of months the place will be full of degenerates. Gays usually don´t like to help women, holding doors, moving heavy stuff, helping a female coworker with her TPS reports or doing more hours to cover women absence, they hate it, and of course almost all of them hates feminist and transsexuals. Despise what MSM wants us to believe, there is no rainbow in the LGBT community every letter hates each other.

  7. Here’s a little redpill about feminism. Many of the suffragettes (pictured above) participated in the White Feather movement. During WWI they would hand out white feathers to men they saw who weren’t at the front lines getting mowed down by machine gun fire.

    1. this is true – that’s how they got to vote.
      imagine the courage of these women to march in the face of the main stream media at the time. all that attention going to silly little men in uniform -40,000 dead this day, 10,000 dead that day.blah blah blah…/sarc
      or perhaps its solipsism?
      many of the men marching into machine gun fire did not have the right to vote.

    2. Private Ernest Atkins who was on leave from the Western Front. He was riding a tram when he was presented with a white feather by a girl sitting behind him. He smacked her across the face with his pay book saying: “Certainly I’ll take your feather back to the boys at Passchendaele. I’m in civvies because people think my uniform might be lousy, but if I had it on I wouldn’t be half as lousy as you.”

  8. Any libs lurking watch the SOTU last night? Are you proud of the Dems? Scowling, feigning sleep. I’m surprised they didn’t just cover their ears, ‘Nyaah, nyaah, I can’t hear you’.
    Seems like a washed up party to me. The best they could come up with was that drooling ginger Kennedy.

    1. If my fellow countrymen do not sweep aside the retarded dindu lobby in the midterms, then all hope is lost and fair play is history.

    2. @Drudge
      How about the tardive dyskinesia that Pooplosie was doing. She needs her meds adjusted.
      As for the rest, the virtue signalling was intense. Then they jump in their limos and take off to their gated communities.

    3. If you look at a photo of the Democrats at the 2018 SOTU address next to a photo of the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials, there is almost zero difference. “We were just following orders.”

    1. It all derives from Marxism – we are the new phantom bourgeois: toxic masculinity/white-privilege.
      Lenin stated IIRC: “we ask where they stand politically, if they don’t stand for the party, we stand them up against a wall and shoot them”

  9. I’have recntly taken to reading some of the liberal vomitus.
    Usually can’t read of hear a few bits – impossible to fathom the depths of nonsense.
    But, read on – the hatred towards everything white/conservative is so deep, so distorted, I don’t have the ability to describe it.
    Hate, death threats etc… there is a sample of a terrorist stating in detail how he will rape murder dismember, and eat a conservative’s family. and nothing happens. juxtaposed against a guy who left a bacon sandwich outside a mosque and sentenced to 12 months in prison.
    i think important for everyone to read a little of it – and see how angry and violent and impossibly insane most leftists are…
    And this blog-post is useless – because you cannot reason with them.
    They are hate-filled, insane bigots intent on destruction. Whether by k-12/college indoctrination or self harm is irrelevant…

      1. Did you just assume ALL liberals identify as human? How dare you spread that kind of hateful ignorant filth

  10. The so-called “Alt-Right,” which is actually a tiny contingent of pretenders that claim to be “conservative,” is rampant with people that think skin color is somehow immediately reflective of mindset. While SJWs see all white people as inherently dangerous, the Alt-Right sees all non-white people as inherently dangerous. This of course ignores all cultural factors and individual factors for the sake of lazy broad brush politics and absurd non-solutions. These groups are basically two sides of the same coin.
    That said, it is true that SJWs are the most aggressive and vicious of the two sides so far.

  11. Eventually it will be YOUR turn to be dumped on, even if you’re currently untouchable and high on the victimhood totem pole. I was a college liberal in the early 00’s and I can tell you that no one was talking about how gay men were “privileged”(compared to trannies, black lesbians, etc) back then. East Asians are also under attack by Neo-Marxists who hate them because they’re living proof that culture is a factor in success.
    You’ve been conditioned to not notice that your values are completely programmable and constantly in flux. Think about that annoying argumentative right-wing relative of yours and how he’s been singing the same tune as long as you’ve known him. Unlike you he has a firm ideology. Try to think back to the time before the transsexual fad exploded. Someone who said that a man who likes gardening and isn’t assertive actually has a female brain would have been shunned as sexist back then. Maybe you even remember leftists arguing that most or all gendered behavior was programmed via socialization. (Bonus round: Remember the anti-war protests when Bush Jr was president? And how they suddenly stopped when the Bamster was elected? Your younger self would be horrified to see you agitating for a war with Russia.)
    None of this will work for you outside the bubble of campus life. Maybe you’ve escaped to a different bubble(a progressive tech company, a Bohemian city in the Pacific Northwest) but you have an eventual rendevouz with the real world and no one will call you xim/xir or otherwise cater to your delusions. Your friends will become more conservative(or at least understanding of conservatives) as their salaries/taxes increase and/or they have children and realize that traditional values aren’t some huge joke. The SJW mentality will begin poison all your interactions, whether you scare off all your friends with constant whining, tolerate abuse from a person because of their victim status, etc.

  12. Liberal are not smarter they are self-deluding. Are we the only group of group mammals where the gender differences in role observed are cultural? If race is just a social construct then why are East Asian nations and African Nations making such different societies and moving in such different directions? Do you seriously believe what you say you hysterical no-platforming illogical so-called “liberal” ?
    They assume no hierarchies or differences between groups and only seriously manage to maintain that stance by shutting down all conversation to the contrary. Selective hierarchical Schooling was what gave the chance for the good students to excel further together and moved society, to a large degree, rapidly upwards before leftists started throwing hissy-fits? New hierarchies instead form because thats human nature your fighting and that is hard coded and you cannot rewrite it.
    The sheer extreme ratios of gender differences in IR dating means its likely to implode IMO as groups get cut out like Asian men and Black women. When IR dating becomes the norm it’ll unravel. Would Asian men accept a high percentage of women to whites with few returns? Or Christian white men in Europe to Muslim men with few returned? When Muslims hit 75M in Europe and Muslims refuse their women, and prize white Christian women, will these white men feel enriched or genocidal and enraged?
    Men can come under intense competition and feel that because for a man to have progeny thats a victory over competition not a right . Women will never understand that competition because they have sex and progeny as a right. Tip that competition harshly against those men and then watch them get genocidal. A multiracial society with bans on miscegenation sounds pretty darn harsh but has less chance in the long run of unraveling.
    Leftists ignorant attempts to stifle dissent is not rewriting human nature or reducing these issues on the ground . They are bubbling bigger than ever under the surface and the social landscape of The West is morphing into a Yellowstone Park situation.

    1. Thanks Man! My view is that banning it is a pragmatic position that liberals should look at rather and not a racist position at all. Some black guys reckon that 30 black guys hookup with white women for every one hookup in reverse direction but nobody knows the real ratios. This shits growing.
      This issue will be the big reason Asian societies will rollback on multiculturalism/multi-racialism. In the long run a divided world will be more likely to go to war and destroy itself. Sex and these ratios sadly result from biological differences not Hollywood/culture IMO.

      1. Competition for women historically was to find a man that could provide but the state removed that competition from them whilst mens competition for females is more fierce than ever before.

      2. Le Man
        I am married to a Chinese and they do not necessarily care about whites.
        Whites, sad to say, are easily absorbed. If you shoot your load into an African woman, your kid is basically black. Asian, he is basically Asian.
        The color white lightens other colors a little, but that color is still the same.

        1. They don’t let whites move to almost any of their countries and thats basically since they don’t want sexual competition. Don’t kid yourself that men move anywhere without thinking about sex. GDP is just an advantage on that sexual level. If asian dudes were slaying WW and WM couldn’t get AW I think they would be very different in their policies and China would long ago have had marriage work visas.

      3. LE MAN
        You have not lived in Asia. I live there now and have had to make a living here. My motivation is racism-I cannot live in a country where jungle Indians and Hood Rats rule the streets and Beastie Boys in NYC and LA are Wolves on Wall Street with economy.
        Southeast Asia depends on white males living there. They’d be fucked if they had to depend entirely on remissions from OFW.

  13. Good article. I’ve found it interesting that in my 60 years, I’ve seen numerous liberal elitists who look down their noses at the working class blue collar man. But if it wasn’t for skilled machinists, plumbers, welders, electricians, carpenters, etc.-etc. these same liberals would be living in makeshift tree branch shelters, dragging crudely improvised travois, pounding with rocks, and dying in droves from starvation because of no Whole Foods.

  14. My sister is a morbidly obese bi-polar woman living off of disability checks who uses me and my mother like we somehow owe her whatever she demands. Surprise – she’s a Liberal.

  15. ROK, taking it to the hoop…nothing but net!
    You hit the bulls-eye, yet again. Well done.

  16. I am libertarian/conservative. I also care little about “women’s issues”.
    I don’t care about abortion, other then the fact that after a certain point in time we should not have a society that at least legally endorses infanticide by allowing viable babies to be murdered simply because they do not exist outside a woman’s body. Other then that 20, 28, 36 weeks whatever….
    I don’t care about your paid maternity leave policies. I am actually fine with them as a matter of public policy as long as men have the same access. Believe it or not most men want to also spend time bonding with their new child instead of shlepping up to the office the day after the baby is born.
    I care about “pay discrimination” to the extent when it actually happens (which is rare). If I was auditing payroll for a company and noticed women consistently making less then men I would ask management for a justification. If that was “women should make less then men for comparable work” I would have a problem with that and might even say/do something.
    If a woman can do the same job as a man, she is welcome to apply and I would hire her regardless of gender.
    I don’t really feel bad when a woman complains about harassment. Most of it is fake anyhow or at least induced. Truth is, if you wear a very small skirt and top out to a bar and ask men to buy you drinks you are creating the demons that are going to eventually bug you. That is not on me and is your deliberate decision. Deal with the consequences. Same for the (almost always a minority) whistles at you while you are walking down the street. You knew when you got dressed in the morning it was to attract attention. When one attempts to attract attention sometimes it turns out to be undesired.
    The few times I have encountered actual gender based harassment have been three times in my career. One time was male on male. That was in the 80’s and ended in about 2 seconds because of the day and age. The other two were women who were being actually harassed by co-worker(s). I was manager of the department at the time and once I was able to verify it was actual, real, illegal harassment by conducting a fair inquiry it ended within a day. And when I say “end” the two men, were fired, marked not eligible for re-hire, and women were given reasonable accommodations to deal with it how they needed to (yeah reasonable accommodations sounds like PC BS but if I spent three weeks taking midnight phone calls from a harasser I might not mind a few free days off to catch up on sleep and get my mind in the right place).
    The other dozen or so harassment complaints I ever got were complete bullshit. All were women seeking retribution or making a power play, usually against a boss, but sometimes against other women. Your ex-boyfriend fucking another co-worker is not harassment. Your male boss disciplining you for showing up late five times in a calendar month is not discrimination/harassment when I can demonstrate he has a practice of doing it usually to men if they show up late three times (which is actually male vs. female discrimination). Off-color, rude jokes in the break room are not harassment. And the guy in the shop who has a bikini model calendar is not a rapist. He is a guy who posts the free calendar he gets in the mail every year in a place that is not open to the public and co-workers rarely ever visit. And, oh ladies, requiring women to not wear open toed shoes during the summer is not harassment/discrimination either. In fact, in a lot of work environments it is a bona-fide safety issue.
    Point being, is most men don’t give two shits about “women’s issues” and most “women’s issues” are made up garbage or an attempt to have a double standard applied to them solely because of their genitals. But, when there is an actual issue men will usually approach it with an eye toward equity and fairness. Otherwise, most men I know just don’t give a fuck.

  17. More points:
    1. Today’s liberals are LINOs (liberals in name only), the accurate description is they are leftist totalitarians.
    2. Most of them are poorly educated half-wits, who cannot think properly. They however have an inflated opinion of their intellectual prowess, and when you consider the fact that if they don’t have a dysfunctional identity to hang on to – like slutty or ugly female, trans, gay, dysfunctional colored minority, Muslim, illegal immigrant, criminal delinquent etc. – i.e, the typical soy boy white liberal males – they hang on to their exaggerated sense of intellectual superiority for dear life. So by the 2nd sentence in any of their argument they will try to call the other side ignorant, troglodytes etc. The third sentence , they will enforce the Goodwin law and call the other side Nazis.
    3. The male liberals – if they are not part of the aforementioned dyfuctional identity groups – are almost all soy boys. Their ideology is a product of their lack of masculinity. And also their lack of masculinity is because of their ideology. It is goddamned vicious circle they have no clue how to get out off. Don’t ever fall into that trap, boys.

  18. Yes, I am a true Liberal. I would fight for your physical well being, I would take care of you when you are sick and so on. It’s strictly your habit of spreading hatred towards minorities and women, and teaching men how to abuse and mistreat women, how to turn them into cum dumpsters, then insult them for being cum dumpsters that nauseates me.
    It’s your hypocrisy that allows you to teach pump and dump, on one hand, and whine about degeneracy, on the other.
    And just like young Germans refuse to take responsibility for Nazi crimes, you should stop taking credit for the work and sacrifices of real men. They were generous, chivalrous human beings who had meaningful lives. You are quite the contrary.

    1. We don’t spread hatred towards minorities or other groups. We just expose the falsehoods and destructive propaganda that scum like you who control MSM try to spin. like the following:
      1. Races and genders exists.
      2. All cultures are not equal, some produce superior civilizations.
      3. there is IQ and other genetic differences between groups and genders, that have a pronounced effect on life outcomes, it is not all because of oppression
      3. Some minorities are hyper masculine, low IQ, and culturally dysfunctional and that is the number one important reason they have poor live outcomes, comit most violent crimes and fill the prisons and welfare rolls.
      4. Muslim cultures are violent and intolerant and mideval and Muslims are prone to violent extremism and have proven to be unable to assimilate in any non-Muslim society anywhere ever, in the 14000 year history of Islam. Muslim population around the World lead to only 2 outcomes allways.
      a. Violent conquest and erasure out of the existing culture and replacement of it with totalitarian Islam
      b. Violent rebellion until outcome number a. is achieved.
      5. Global warming is mostly exagerated propaganda
      6. Socialism does not work ever. Examples abound. In fact every socialistic experiment has failed or is the process of failing. Capitalism works. Examples of Failed capitalistic systems does not exist.

      1. … I need to stop there, because this is just a comments section. Not a dissertation. But there is obviously a lot more to it.

      2. The “culture myth” is a lie as much as a myth. Most cultures are created and influenced in their directionality by your genetics so weak beta males like Indians and Aast Asians made their weak beta ideas like Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism respectively. Highly orderly groups with high intellect like west Europeans created Protestantism.
        African religions and cultures are around dancing and music as that is their genetic mating dance where other groups dancing is a smaller relic ( like dogs howling ) because they were evolving away from these traits, to a degree. Yes there is chance but culture is not complete chance and differences are linked to our genetic differences. When these leftists say all differences are culture they are just lying really, as nobody sane believes that anymore.

      3. Great points well made. It isn’t about being deliberately discriminatory to anyone, just not avoiding the truth in front of you

    2. Study history, especially things like the Mayan Hiatus, the Barbary Pirates, etc. Are you preaching responsibility there? No.
      And young Germans taking responsibility…for something they had nothing to do with? What you are preaching is cowardice: sure, you can act tough babbling about responsibility for something you know you had nothing to with, but what about the things liberals DID do, maybe you included? The drug culture, the sexual revolution, the crime wave of the 1980s, etc.
      No, you would NOT fight for me. Where were people like you when Black Lives Matter was preaching “Kill Whitey” and causing destruction? Nowhere. No, you would NOT care for me when I’m sick: 1960s Baby Boomer liberals clearly intend to leave us Generation Xers and younger out in the cold in a flat-broke society.
      The ONLY thing I would grant you is the “pump and dump” routine- but that would be directly related to the Sexual Revolution, which YOU liberals foisted upon society. You talk about responsibility- how about taking some for that one? And since nobody here advocates rape, then only if women are willing to go along could it happen- unless you will claim they are eternal victims who should still be allowed in the police and military forces.

      1. How many communist party supporters in America are working at big corps? or as self employed business people? There is a range of opinions here and many do not support PUA but other aspects of the manosphere

    3. YAWN
      I’m German-American and why would I assume responsibility for Nazi crimes THREE GENERATIONS AGO.
      What the fuck do you want “young Germans” born in 1994 on the 50th anniversary of the war to do per se? Fall on their knees and blow “Beastie Boys” from New Jersey or Brooklyn out of penance.
      We all know that World War 2 was terrible. It was 75 years ago. Adolph was born in 1889 for fuck’s sake. Like 130 years ago.
      I don’t watch some shitty film about Nazis and then go home and feel terrible guilt at being German-American.

    4. Don’t bother. I tried having a respectful discussion on here once. It was impossible. I was called a troll within 10 minutes for attempting it. Nobody here is interested in a genuine, civil discussion with anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their ideology.

    5. So what you’re saying is if a woman is a “cum dumpster”, it’s because a man turned her into one… she has no control over her own choices/actions. Isn’t that (gasp) misogyny? Better not let your fellow liberals hear you say that, they will happily declare you a “nazi” and assault you 6 to 1 for daring to utter such a thing.

  19. The strange part is how, when you see a Leftist get-together, Occupy Wall Street being a perfect example, you suddenly realize that if you dropped these groups on a deserted island somewhere they would soon be tearing each other apart (or at least whining and ranting at each other non-stop…think I’d prefer the former).
    The ONLY thing that unites them is hatred towards an “oppressor.”
    Yet for all the tough talk and tough-acting feminist characters in the media, what happens 99% of the time trouble occurs? That’s right- the so-called “sexist” roles assert themselves.
    When Moldylocks at the Berkley riots of 2017 was punched out, the way the media ranted about it when it was mentioned at all was like something out of Victorian times or even the 1950s. Gone was all the “woman warrior” tough talk (she started it), gone was all the talk about the “science” of gender-fluidity, how “gender” is merely social sexist construct, etc. and right back to “boo hoo a man hit a woman!”
    Why did those fat lesbians go after that Christian bakery? Because they knew they could. Nobody went after them and the government sided with them. If it had been an Islamic bakery do you think they would have tried that?
    The only problem with any of this- and we saw it in places like Woodstock 1999- is that if ever ANYTHING bad and prolonged ever happens these leftists are out of luck. All their politically correct tough talk is no match for reality.
    Interesting yet unpleasant times are ahead.

  20. Yawn
    Why a young german should take responsibity for Nazi crimes more than 70 years ago?
    According to your logic:
    Modern muslims should take responsibility for slavery of both Europeans and Africans for centuries… Where´s the libtard guilt trip? oh wait that would be islamophobia…
    Guilt trips are only and only for the white people of the western civilization…

    1. The Quran actually advocates rape against non-muslims in many places. Google rape and the religion of peace website its written all over the Quran. The rape is them practicing their religion in a country they were told had freedom of religion so I blame the leftists for keeping telling them they were free to practice their faith.
      Its not about fucking understanding a 3 year old knows rape is wrong but they have a faith that specifically gives examples of mohamed advocating it towards kuffir. They even have contrary rulings on if you should come inside the victim with one side saying its mandatory and the other saying you can withdraw ( minority view ) if you want to.

    2. Young Germans take responsibility…most of them were born 50 years after the war. Adolph was born in 1889 for fuck’s sake.

  21. I am a woman who knows several far-left sympathizers. I like to call their bluff and you can do the same. If someone whines about privilege, ask them: “So when are you going to give up YOUR privilege?” If someone whines about colonialism, ask them: “So have you given YOUR land back to the aboriginal people?” If they whine about toxic masculinity, ask them: “Do you have a son (or grandson, nephew)? Why do you want the world to hate HIM?” If they whine about inequality, ask them: “I’ve noticed you drive a nicer car (or have a nicer house) than your neighbors. It’s not fair. So when are YOU going to give it to them?” If they can’t wait for Communism to be declared, ask them: “I hear that in Communism everybody had to be employed, by law. Seeing that you currently don’t have a job, what will YOU choose — a job in agriculture, a mine or a factory?” If a professor extols the virtues of Communism, ask them: “So are you ready to work for $100 a month? Because that was standard pay in Communism.” As soon as you make it about them personally, their mental gears will seize up.

    1. Hi Madre. I have two sons, and their future is the main reason I’d like toxic masculinity to die out already. It hurts men. My husband suffers from anxiety because his “traditional” upbringing instilled in him that he MUST be the sole backbone of a family, when that’s not the case and we’re much better as a team. How ridiculous is that? I want our boys to have the freedom to be themselves, whatever that may be, rather than being forbidden by societal norms to have certain traits or being encouraged to act “manly”.
      Luckily though, I don’t live in the US. The gender wars aren’t really raging over here so much. People mostly just see each other as, you know, people. The US is just a bunch of extremists, apparently.

      1. Ana the US is not a bunch of extremists. Our fake news media, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, and yes FOXNEWS, etc., makes it seem that way. It is a small vocal minority that is making it seem like everything is extreme and over sensationalized.

      2. You have a family and 2 boys and are clueless as to what is it that your boys “may be”. I will break it you you. They are young men, when they grow up they will be men. masculinity is the essence of a man. There is indeed a crisis of masculinity in the West, but it is exactly opposite of what you think it is. The crisis is not one of toxic masculinity, it is the erosion of traditional masculinity, the pervasive anti-masculinity of the dominant contemporary culture and political ideologies – Then there is this absurd situation where it certain colored (in fact it is lack of color if you know a bit of physics) minority groups and immigrants and Muslims can enjoy their hyper-masculine culture, because the muti-culti god says so., but native born white men have to give up their masculinity, hard earned money and even their reproductive rights and their sisters and daughters and cuck themselves. Sad, you are a mom (an unfit one) of 2 boys. You are a potential child abuser.

        1. Big comment Nick!
          When they criticize toxic masculinity its a hit at the core of masculinity because thats the masculinity which these scumbags consider toxic. Its not some aberrant added extra we can just eliminate.

        2. Men are proud savages. Now we live caged. Women should never have gotten the vote or the right to legal personhood. Its been a disaster. They don’t even now want us to dissent..
          They treat us like we are children why? Kek. They are mother ducks and designed for that function remarkably well.
          Its a disaster that we have involved them in mens business such as deciding on tribal strategy/direction and it needs to be reversed ASAP.
          Being taken over by your own women and suiciding that way is like being taken over by your own sheep as a farmer and herded between pens. Its rather an excruciatingly embarrassing way for your farm to fail. It would be hilarious if it happened to another group of men/tribe but when it happened to us its horrifically embarrassing and humiliating. There can be no worse way for a tribe to suicide by this mutiny of our own barn hens!

        3. Death of your group by your own women taking over is more embarrassing than shitting your own pants at school.

      3. Feminism is not about equality its about usurping men. They ain’t planning to stop or cannot evaluate or care for their own advantages. We moved from a trad society with strong gender roles/rights. Men lost their advantages largely where some how women still own the family with all rights.
        Does a man have an equal chance to take a newborn baby home from the hospital and receive the government flat and welfare? LOL When they get all of the first few years they will then continue to win full custody in 89% of custody battles in the US. In the USA they have only “rights to visit” a baby so its far from fair.
        Give women a choice between an equal society where women lose these rights and where 50% of times when couples are apart men gets the baby home and see it once week only ( paying for that privilege ) and a trad society where they are at home and see what they’d pick.
        They gave up none of their historic advantages whilst taking all of ours! Feminism is not cancer but thermonuclear war!

      4. Deciding what what constitutes acceptable masculinity must of course be done by feminists kek

      5. Your boys will probably grow up sexless, frustrated and psychologically ill prepared to cope and compete in the adult world. Women will be passing them up for ‘toxic masculine’ boys from migrant families who were raised traditionally masculine.

        1. good point Sasquatch
          Half the girls in some areas already are impregnated by the blacks. They sexually eliminated their men already in hilarious style by importing african/muslim men for the women while the african/muslim women don’t touch their men kek they are advanced on where the rest of Europe is about to head for sexual replacement of about half of the men by migrants, who now only send men.

  22. Hahahah! Most liberals aren’t real liberals anyways now a days. A real liberal is for freedom and liberty, the word which liberal comes from, yet now a days “liberals” are not for liberty and freedom but enslavement of the masses!

  23. Liberals are ignorant and have a childlike attitude toward other cultures. Again, this is supposed to be a strong suit for American liberals, yet they always seem to come up short when I meet them in person. Liberals often slip when speaking of Europeans (not a protected class); they may point out a simple word or custom and like a five year old, “that’s weeeeeiiiiird.” And it’s usually not that weird but since political correctness doesn’t apply to white Europeans they think they can get away with such comments without you noticing.

  24. The real reason we’re fucked is because the Khazarian controls the SJW’s minds through the holohoax
    War is Peace

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