“Yes Means Yes” Comes To London

“Hard cases make bad law.”
-US Surpeme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes

When California’s “Yes Means Yes” law was passed last fall, much speculation took place throughout the manophere and beyond; the general consensus seemed to be that it was only the beginning in what would be a society-wide change in relations between men and women.

From the looks of things over the past week, it looks like the speculators were right.

Appearing in the London Telegraph, Director of Public Prosecutions Ms. Alison Saunders said that it was time that the British legal system moved beyond “no means no” in order to curtail rape and sexual assault:

“Alison Saunders said rape victims should no longer be “blamed” by society if they are too drunk to consent to sex, or if they simply freeze and say nothing because they are terrified of their attacker.

Instead, police and prosecutors must now put a greater onus on rape suspects to demonstrate how the complainant had consented “with full capacity and freedom to do so”.

Campaigners described the move as “a huge step forward” in ensuring fewer rapists escape justice.”

Ms. Saunders continues:

“For too long society has blamed rape victims for confusing the issue of consent – by drinking or dressing provocatively for example – but it is not they who are confused, it is society itself and we must challenge that.

“Consent to sexual activity is not a grey area – in law it is clearly defined and must be given fully and freely.
“It is not a crime to drink, but it is a crime for a rapist to target someone who is no longer capable of consenting to sex though drink.

“These tools take us well beyond the old saying ‘no means no’ – it is now well established that many rape victims freeze rather than fight as a protective and coping mechanism.

“We want police and prosecutors to make sure they ask in every case where consent is the issue – how did the suspect know the complainant was saying yes and doing so freely and knowingly?”

Ms. Saunders goes on to point out that these new laws will also target teachers, employers, doctors, even gangbangers – again, giving credence to speculations about YMY going well beyond the American college campus, and even well beyond America’s borders itself.

I’m no expert in British common law, but here in the states the age-old standard of innocent until proven guilty is being horribly changed with YMY – a standard that has protected the rights of the individual against the predations of the state, or in the case of the UK I suppose, the sovereign.

As RooshV himself noted in his excellent article “What is a Social Justice Warrior?”, people like Saunders and their many allies in academia, law, media and entertainment – what we in the manosphere recognize as the Cathedral – want to erode if not outright destroy time-honored Western traditions such as the rule of law, due process rights, and the protection of the individual and the minority against the state and mob rule.

Writing for the men’s issues blog collective Just Four Guys, Mr. Deti lays out the following scenarios we are all likely to see as a direct result of YMY going viral, even global:

“The Long Range Effects of Yes Means Yes

1. This law is clearly intended to have a chilling effect on all sexual activity. This law will discourage the formation and development of relationships leading to marriage. It is intended to deter and discourage less attractive men from attempting sexual conduct with any women, and it will have that effect. Marriages will decrease, as men who might have made good matches with certain women will withdraw even further into porn, video games and minimum wage jobs. Men who might have tried before will give up trying. Lesser alphas, betas and deltas cannot run the risk of an attempted encounter going bad. They can’t run the risk of job loss, university expulsion, lawyer fees and social stigma.


4. Men who do engage in sex will increasingly video record every sexual encounter. They’ll save every sext, every text, every selfie, every nudie — because they’re all evidence of a relationship and help establish “affirmative consent”. Men will get increasingly aggressive in gathering and saving evidence of consent, and will not hesitate to deploy their evidence in response to threats of “sexual assault” claims.


6. Marriage? Forget about it. That will increasingly become the province of the Upper Middle Class and Upper Classes. None of the top 15% of men (the only ones willing to participate) will offer marriage to any woman, no matter how attractive or valuable. They won’t have to. For every extremely attractive HB 9 or 10, there’ll be an ever-increasingly deep backbench of HB 7s and 8s who will go from “hi” to “sexy time” in a couple of hours, for far less effort. The top men will continue to clean up, and they’ll never marry. The bottom 85% of men won’t even be in the marketplace.”

Indeed, for the black community in particular here in the states, nd dare I say over in the UK, YMY will be the coup de grace to a state of affairs that have been at their lowest point since Reconstruction.

There has been a long-running debate—some might even call a “war”— between the MGTOW and PUA factions of the manosphere. Both sides make legitimate points in my view, and their bickering is, again in my opinion, more counterproductive than not.

What these latest developments coming out of the UK shows all of us is that no matter where you fall on the manospherian spectrum, if you’re a guy, you’re in the crosshairs—a suspected rapist, guilty until proven innocent, the standards of which are exceedingly difficult to meet and can be changed on a whim, at any time. Whether you choose to engage women at all, or whether you choose to drop out, it’s all the same in the final accounting – just by merely being a man, you’re suspect, if not guilty.

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281 thoughts on ““Yes Means Yes” Comes To London”

  1. Time to give these feminists and sjws their own medicine. Target them and inform their employers that they are harboring racist child abusers, since proof is no longer required.

    1. But women are victims! And only white males can be racist!
      One can only hope, that at some point, the pendulum will eventually swing too far, and a correction is required.

      1. The pendulum will swing back when the entire society collapses, and not before. Unfortunately I think we have a good 25 years to there.
        Edit: We need a full generation that grew up in this environment. They will take things to the breaking point where the societal trends will start altering the deeper economic and financial structures. I don’t see that happening currently.

        1. It’s already happening. Witness the panic in Japan over their plunging fertility rates. Here in the US, we have more unemployed and under employed men than ever before. Men have been in the minority of college enrollees for a couple of decades now.
          With the media and feminists always on the warpath against “income inequality”, and demonizing any one who succeeds in life, men have even fewer incentives to excel than ever before.

        2. I know about Japan. Actually I am keeping a close eye for when it will implode in a black hole. However, I still think it’ll take a while for us over here.

        3. First – with all the thirsty betas in the US, I don’t see a declining birth rate any time soon. Ever-increasing numbers single mothers? Oh, hell yes.
          Second – man, it’s a little scary that you’re sounding a little bit Atlas Shrugged. I really wish I was joking.

        4. Atlas Shrugged was the top guys walking away. I don’t think that is likely to happen anytime soon. They are too sought after by women for the ladies to go nuke on them.
          If the ladies ever do realize the power this law gives them, and do pull the trigger on a few rich guys, and it makes the news, the sexodus will accelerate.

        5. There was a study that states that 70% of men 20-35 are not getting married. So I think we are not too far from Japan right now.

        6. I’m an electrical engineer, and am old enough to be able to resist the allure of pussy if the person it’s attached to is psycho, which, sadly, seems to be more and more of them. Does that count? Eventually enough men will be burned enough that they’ll seek out the manosphere.
          This law isn’t new. Well, the exact legal wording of it might be. When I was in high school, the big ticket controversy was ‘sexual harassment,’ back when that was an ambiguous term. I was terrified back then to even do a blind approach for fear I’d get tagged. I can only imagine the current rape hysteria is worse for today’s young men concerned about their criminal record.

        7. It’s over now, you’re just too young to see it. Some of the worst battles in a war are fought at the end. After it’s won you still have the mopping up to do.

        8. “Unfortunately I think we have a good 25 years to there.”
          vote for Hilary to speed it along.

        9. There is the stated opinion that if you want to disprove all the leftist nonsense, just let them enact every iota of it. Don’t fight it; let it roll out in all its glory. A Hitlery presidency may be just the straw needed to break the camel’s back.

        10. For many years the Total Fertility Rate (TFR = number of children per woman lifetime) hovered around 2.06 (the minimum required to maitain a stable population). The figures I get for 2014 are it has slipped to 1.96; well below replacement levels. And yes, the trend is for single mothers, but they only tend to have 1 child, and that late in their 30s. The male BC non-hormonal BC pill will put the nail in the coffin. Gandarusa in the form of a dietary supplement available over the internet soon, will change things immensely.

      2. Here’s the only way I see it swinging — if men are seen as victims. The reason why blacks n women are portrayed as victims is because it’s a business to ensure feminist orgs and race baiters like Sharpton stay well funded.
        Only until groups can start raking in cash off men as ‘oppressed’ will it swing.

    2. EXACTLY! It’s Machiavelli Time, time to get medieval on these bitches. Every man needs to take up a new hobby. Kunt Killing. Make false phone calls “voice changers are cheap and make you sound like a woman”, make anonymous non-violent threats “but be sure that it all leads back to her”, make false sexual harassment claims “then sue the company if they ignore your allegations, really muck up this fucked up broken system”, plant evidence, get the Bosses wife involved by making her think her man is screwing every woman at work, ANYTHING to get every woman fired at your place of employment. Even the women you like, ESPECIALLY the women you like. Don’t be evil or sadistic about it. The important thing is to have FUN! Hell, start dressing like a woman and start using the womens bathroom at work, really stink it up! Tell everyone that you are “trying to get in touch with your feminine side.” Make everyone uncomfortable and if you are fired sue the shit out of them and take a 2 month vacation to the Keys or Hawaii. But don’t stop at work, help out your male friends at their places of employment. There will be nothing to connect the scams to them if it is done by someone with no connection to the company. Call the bitches husband and tell him that she is going down on all the guys at work. If you know some intimate detail like a birth mark this will be blown out of proportion and be declared as PROOF that she is a whore. Make it so costly that the company will have to fire them or go out of business. Time for some male Masonic secret societies in my book. Time we took back… Control.

    3. It’s going to take men fighting back. The funny thing is these feminist argue this law is written to protect both men and women. If a guy is accused of rape after a chick was all over him, he needs to argue he was drunk and couldn’t consent. Use the damn law to his advantage.
      Side note: But I’m ecstatic the OU Frat Guys got a lawyer and are fighting back. I’m sick of these guys whose lives are ruined by SJW not fighting back.
      Start fighting back on the bogus rape allegations and getting expelled for singing a damn rap song as a white guy and things will change. The SJW keep gaining more power because no one is challenging them. Like that stupid DV commercial, NO MORE !
      No more allowing SJW to get whatever they want because it’s politically incorrect to question/ challenge this BS

      1. We both know this law does not apply to men. Watch the legal backflipping and double speak that will happen if he tries.
        Isn’t it already a law there that only men can rape and they cannot be raped?

        1. I believe feminist legislation defined rape as only committed by a man.
          I’m aware this law is a joke on men yet if I were a guy falsely accused under this BS law I’d lawyer up n work the, “but I too was drunk and couldn’t consent” bs written in to highlight how utterly absurd and lop sided this law is against men.
          Guys have got to STOP accepting this shit and fight back. Sue the shit out of colleges or any cunt who falsely accuses. I’m sick of these guys who are ruined but accept it. These guys not retaliating are why the SJW and feminist keep gaining more ground.
          Personally I want to see a mass of lawsuits on colleges by guys expelled without due process. Colleges have become havens of anti male activity. I want to see them destroyed.

  2. What is moronic about this law is that most of people who are pushing this are going to be very people who will eventually be victims of it. Morons and retards can only learn through hard experience.

    1. I don’t ever want to hear someone on the left complain the right is in their bedroom.
      The SJW/Feminist/Marxist Zealots are WAY more in people’s bedrooms with these beyond absurd laws regulating activity conducted in private.
      This is destined to divide the genders further as men will naturally avoid any interaction with women. Of course you know what’s coming, right? Women complaining men don’t take charge anymore. The entitled -unts who know the law is kinda stacked against guys and at any second with the snap of her fingers she can ruin the guy. But Yea … Like he needs to like …’Man Up.’”

      1. Nah.. Men will say “fuck you all”, and then the feminist society will start taxing the shit out of us.. So you’re either get ruined by one of these broads, get married and get ruined in a divorce, or check out and get ruined by draconian taxes. Either way it spells slavery. It always was and it will always be about resources… money.
        So guys start looking for your back up country. Fast.

        1. Problem is if you have child support to pay. They won’t let you lower your income too drastically. On the other hand I am not sure I would want to. I don’t want my child to suffer..And most of the value men are in this situation. There is no way around it. Everything we see around is fluff. At the core of it it’s all about money. It’s a no win, I am telling you. They have us by the balls.. they have our money.

        2. As a matter of fact. The only solution I see out of this is get out of this country. It’s over!

        3. Bummer for you. Took the red pill a little too late, eh?
          I’m a late comer to TRP too, but at least my kids are all adults and my wife is way past her prime. She has no incentive to frivorce me.
          I’ve already encouraged both of my sons to avoid marriage. Of course, since I’m just their crazy old man, they’ll probably ignore my advice.I’m okay with my line of the family tree ending.

        4. “Took the red pill a little too late, eh?”
          hehe, yep. The good news is I was happy in my blissful ignorance, so good times. On the other hand, I probably have several more years, and I’m done with this.. hanging off my balls. Problem is I am worried what all these will do to my daughter. I know she will be a woman, but she’s my blood and I love her. Men will figure this scam on a large scale and eventually she will suffer one way or another. I think women will suffer from all these more than men will tbh.

        5. That’s pretty much where I’m at man.
          Moved back with parents, working round the clock, only spending my money from weekend tips.
          Just wanna save enough to leave… I have completely lost track of what the culture here is supposed to be or how I’m supposed to fit into it. I am social and get along with people but I’ve just got a bad feeling about staying here for the long haul.
          Every time I leave my house or go in the subway I’m bombarded with pictures of “strong independent women.” This trope is literally on every advertisement around me… Women action stars with machine guns, women breaking new grounds in innovation and technology, women both as invincible heroes AND helpless victims all at the same time all the time.
          Today I looked at how they’re changing the local junior-high-school textbooks to include more feminist teachings and that is enough for me. Maybe I’ll move back here if I find out the rest of the world is the same shit but there is way too much reason to believe that there are actual cultures out there and not just feminist brainwashing.

        6. Clark, I am absolutely amazed of how much feminist message is out there. I wasn’t seeing it before RP. Now I do, and as you said it’s intoxicating. One thing that’s bouncing through my empty skull is this… The ramp up in the propaganda corresponds with 2016. I will bet my left nut hillary will be our next prezidente. And with that it’s OVER. I do what I can.. I am working on laying the ground to gtfo myself. There’s simply no other way. I simply refuse to be a slave to this shenanigan anymore. I’ll watch the implosion from afar while tapping a beer and laughing my ass off.

        7. I think a lot of men wont be able to accept having their blue-pill-balloon burst but you’re probably right that the remaining guys will find new ways to live…

        8. It’s a little counter intuitive. Taking the RP, helped me tremendously in understanding what is going on and not have any hard feelings during one of the darkest times in my life. How can you be upset on a dog that bites? How can you be upset on a woman executing her hypergamy. However, I am upset about the government supporting all these. If I were a thin foil type I would think it’s a conspiracy, but it’s not. It is what it is, so I’m working on plan B. A man always has to have a plan B…

        9. I have a daughter too. She just filed for divorce after 2 years of marriage. I even gave her fiancé the same advice I gave my sons – don’t marry.
          She’s also a full on tumblr SJW. She doesn’t even realize the misandry on her tumblr page. Still believes it “doesn’t exist”.

        10. You and me both buddy.
          I also had a good life in my blue-pill days… no regrets really… but I really get the vibe now that things are building to a boiling point. I don’t remember things being this weird just 5-10 years ago. I come from a more traditional family background (Catholic Italian immigrants) and I’ve woken up to how ass-backwards the culture is around me. I just don’t see how it is possible to recreate the community life of my grandparents here. And if not that, then what are we replacing it with? Frivorce and child-custody battles? Kids being raised in a PC mind-numbing wasteland?
          What about all these legal changes all around the West all within the last few years? Even though women make up the majority of university students and half of the workforce somehow they are still the victims of society? Even though men are ten times more likely to commit suicide and the vast majority of the homeless are men?
          It has become crazy town and there is just no place for the normal man unless he doesn’t mind being a bitch to the state his whole life. Time to GTFOutta here…

        11. That’s what I’m afraid of too.. And there is not one damn thing we can do about it as parents. This shit society takes them away and does something to them..

        12. I wouldn’t be surprised if it were a conspiracy personally…
          How do you dismantle a nation? Make it impossible for the men and the women to get along or relate to each other…
          But yeah it could just be that different things are combining to spiral out of control.
          Either way I agree with you. Can’t be mad at women for being what they are. But to have the government step in and side with them on every issue makes it impossible to live a sensible life. Plan B it is…

        13. They are building to a boiling point. I had the same feeling while living in the EE before the Wall fell. The surface was extremely calm, but man shit was boiling underneath…

        14. It *is* a conspiracy. Fact-based evidence is out there if you really search for it. But at this point, they’ve won anyway…
          The only thing that could reverse things is a TOTAL (not partial) collapse of the West. But even if that happens, it would be decades to rebuild anything new. Hate to be cynical but them’s the facts. So don’t worry about it.
          The only thing you can do as a man is take sensible precautions, minimize your exposure to most women, have sex only with women you have thoroughly vetted and otherwise just concentrate on other hobbies and endeavors. Life can still be fun. The trick is to simply delete any nostalgic visions in your head for a traditional wife, family, etc. It’s the holding on to that mental image, which no longer correlates with reality, that creates most of the mental suffering and anxiety. Just accept the fact (completely) that the old world no longer exists.
          At this stage in my life, I am more than happy training jiu-jitsu every day, working on my business, lifting, hiking in the mountains, banging a high-class escort once a month, flirting with “normal” women every now and then, going to movies or other events with buddies, and smoking weed whenever I want to unwind.
          It’s a MGTOW style life and I enjoy it. The rest of society can have whatever kind of bizarre life that they want. It’s not my problem and I no longer give a shit.

        15. Yea that’s the ironic thing. They’re “strong and independent” yet they have to be treated like delicate flowers.
          This SB was a prime example. You’ve got commercials shaming little boys for thinking girls are weaker since … you know, they’re “strong and independent.”
          Yet then 2 commercials later you’ve got the DV propaganda telling men to restrain because essentially women are weaker … .

        16. I could roll like that for a while I’m sure… Doesn’t sound half bad hehe…
          But I’m not ready to accept never being able to have a more traditional life. If I have to move, then I have to move and that is fine. That is what I’m working towards right now.
          I got nothing against MGTOWs, especially the ones that create a good life for themselves. But not every man is ready to eschew the possibility to one day start a family. Whether I go MGTOW or live in EE or something I have to move regardless… Toronto is too feminist for me…

        17. Have you also noticed all the commercials lately of men being assaulted in the nuts or hit with something?
          Let’s see. Reds Apple: always men being dropped to the ground by an apple hitting them in head.
          Realtor.com: the dad gets closed lined by daughter on swing because he’s an idiot while mom is inside and just so smart.
          Pizza Hut: guy is in meeting and a red flag is thrown at his nuts.
          Dollar Shave: guy punched in nuts while asking for razors.
          Commercial for that new Will Farrel movie: The wife turns around and starts smacking, assaulting husband.
          How does someone with a little boy explain this now? It’s drilled into his head not to hit girls but then commercials show nothing but men being assaulted and women hitting guys. Any little boy with a beating heart is destined to ask mom n dad why it’s bad to hit girls but girls hitting boys is okay and funny.

        18. AGENDA 21 is world-wide. There is no escape from the Beast. No place to run, no place to hide.

        19. Hey, if you are happy then thats all that matters…your routine sounds A-OK to me.

        20. Good you brought this up. Actually this is so bad, that I even noticed it many years back while I was BP. I always wondered, why are men shown as being the idiots, clumsy morons in most of the commercials.
          Now here’s something we can do. Not buy any of these companies products. Boycott the shit out of them. I personally am doing this. Let’s see how they’re liking it..

        21. Hey I just remembered this article by Billy Chubbs from last year.
          He tells a story about how much pro-women advertising he saw just on his journey from his house to get a soda.
          Thought you might enjoy it.

          A Typical Day In The Patriarchy

        22. What do you mean by “they won’t let you lower your income”? If you refuse to work the authorities can’t stop you.

        23. Martin. The law is more perverse than what most people think.. Here’s how it goes in family court. When it’s time for the court to determine (rip you off) child support, “they take you as they get you”.
          In other words, your value in $ is established right then and there. Let’s say, after a little while, I say: Fuck this, I’m taking a job that pays half. You will have to go back to court and argue why you’re doing this, and why you’re taking a job that pays half. You are the one that has to ask for lowering your child support payment and the burden of proof is on you.
          More often than not, the court will not accept the fact that you went from 6 figures, down to 50K, and they’ll let the child support payment unchanged. So ultimately it’s up to you, that’s fine, but the payments stay the same as before.
          And not only that, people think the statutory child support is all there is to it. No it’s not.. This is just the beginning, and it goes straight to your ex no questions asked… Only then there come: all the extracurricular activities, day care expenses ($1300/mo where I live), sports, camps, medical expenses, deductibles your child require (approximately another $1500/month). These are all split according to the salaries (yours and the ex). These extra expenses will always stay the same regardless of your income. One can not change them because the day care for instance is regarded as obligatory for both parents to be able to continue working..
          You really have to prove hardship and all that to accomplish this, and unless there’s real hardship I am not sure one can get away with it.
          In conclusion the general guidelines for the courts is to equalize income between the parents. So if you make let’s say 80K net and she makes 40K net, they’ll take 20K from me and give it to her one way or another. The funny part is they always do this when you make more, but the reverse never happens. Add this on top to the fact that women now are starting to make more than men and you can get a clear picture of how fucked we are on all fronts. As I said in my original post. It’s.all.about.the.money.
          And this is why most men are ruined by a divorce and never recover.. And I didn’t even talk about the assets “splitting” (house, shares, etc) that go to her by default…You are left with enough to be able to survive and slave away, no matter how much money you make while she’s fucking the Alphas literally on your expense… It all comes down to this. After a divorce in order for you to maintain your lifestyle from before, you have to increase your salary to what you and your ex were making together before the divorce. Anything less than that, cuts into your current disposable income. The arithmetic is very simple and it’s defavorable to us on all angles.

        24. I’m gonna save up money and leave this misandrist, soul-destroying culture of the anglo-sphere. Asia looks great right about now. MGTOW is the way that I’m headed.

        25. See my post below. Oh yes, they can. If you refuse to work, you go to jail. That’s the law. Simple.

        26. That’s easy for you and most of the other boys on here to say since your prospects of making any money are nil anyway. You’re in the lowest tax bracket because that’s all you’re good for so don’t try to rationalise and pretend that you’re intentionally doing it out of some protest lol

        27. Sorry doc, I left the bottom bracket three decades ago. I don’t have a choice anymore. I was blue pill for most of my adult life. I already did the marriage and kids thing. Minimalism is just something I recommend for my kids these days.
          If my wife ever predeceased me, I’d downsize in a heartbeat.
          Or did I misunderstand you? It seems your post is just a bit of derisive shaming language, typical of feminists and their white knights. Did you mean it differently?

        28. So be sure that you are disabled and can’t work when it comes time for the family court hearing. Mental disability is the best because it’s hard to prove otherwise compared to a physical disability. Get yourself addicted to drugs too. You can’t force a disabled person to work or pay anything he doesn’t already have. In these civil cases you can sue someone regardless of whether they are retarded or insane but you can’t sue for future income they don’t have.
          I’m a physician but also know a bit about psychiatry so if you need any advice on faking symptoms just ask :o)
          You want to be just disabled enough to collect disability which can’t be touched by the court so it would be SSI once the psych doctor writes a diagnosis;SSD is too hard to qualify for. SSI is also for temporary disability but of course your symptoms are always going to stay the same or even get worse so it may be quite awhile:o) You’ll probably improve just about the time the kids turn 18 and since you never had any judgement against you the wife won’t be able to get back payments :o)

        29. Why would not want to live within the income level at the very bottom? The lowest tax rates are for extremely low incomes that no man could possibly live on.You would have to be earning like a few hundred a week (min wage)
          You’d actually be better off being homeless and trying to get tax free benefits like sec 8 food stamps and anything else that’s not considered income but certainly has the value of money than working at some low paying job.You don’t want to live like a pauper thinking that you’re spiting someone because you’re only spiting yourself in the end. You want to live at a good level by using schemes that are not taxable but give you the same lifestyle as if you were actually earning higher sums.

        30. Perfect. A person can be in a wheelchair and still not be consider disabled by SS because they can still do some sort of work but when you’re wacko and maybe even taking drugs for it you can’t do anything because you may fuck up. Or fall asleep on the job.

        31. That’s why I said this: “Stay in the lowest tax bracket you can and still live comfortably”. The goal is really to just minimize your surplus, so you aren’t “over-producing”. The advice I’ve given my kids is to “neither pull the cart, nor ride in it, but walk along beside”. Be self-supporting, but know that if you work hard to earn much more than that, you’re effectively working to upgrade the niceness/newness of your “stuff”, and to support other people. That’s the trap I fell into 30 years ago. I now work to provide stuff to other people. This is what society and feminism still demands from men – that they be utility/wealth objects for others. I just think men should choose to say “no thanks”.

        32. Just as Obama was not our first black president (that would be Bill Clinton), Hillary will not be our first female president (that honor is Obama’s).

        33. If every man refused to pay CS and went into jail with a middle finger extended, what could they do? How long could the system function? Where would they put all the prisoners? We need to go full Gandhi on their asses. The system works only because the vast majority of men go along with it. Non-cooperation is the only way this will ever turn around (absent a Mad Max apocalypse).

        34. Doesn’t work. My brother in law has MS. He has been in a nursing home for decades. His social security is garnished to pay back child support to his first wife, even though the “children” are in their 40s and 50s. Being 100% disabled is no excuse; he can’t walk, stand up, talk, and no longer can hold a pencil to write. They still want their pound of flesh. There is no mercy or logic in the system.

        35. His SS is garnished to pay his hospital bill. Unless he has his own assets to pay the bill it’s being paid for by medicaid or some other government charity and they take the SS as partial payment. Get your facts straight.

      2. It’s not one or the other. Just because Coke is rotting your teeth doesn’t mean you should have Pepsi with every meal. The right attacks plenty of civil liberties. This law, from twisted leftists, is evil on its own merits. Let’s not turn this into political posturing. This is wrong, period. In no other realm other than sex, does one have to openly and affirmatively state they are wanting to do what they are actually doing (fucking).

        1. I’m not turning it into political posturing. It’s the fact this law IS from the twisted leftist who routinely protest the govt and right stay out of their bedrooms.

        2. Our answer shouldn’t be to mimic the hypocricy of feminists, who only acknowledge bad things coming from one political party. It should be the opposite–to violently and vehemently reject such absurdities, not on the basis of who invented of them or where they come from in ad hominem distractions, but on the basis of right and wrong, and using logic and reason.

        3. there is no right, there’s only leftist, more leftist, and most leftist. All the right were killed during the civil war… all we have left are skinheads and the politically powerless.

        4. Logic and reason are usless in an emotional arguement, and all arguements involving women (especially if they are feminists) are emotional first and foremost.

      3. Problem is, the SMP is under attack from both sides.. The left through feminism and their SJWs and from the Christian right on the other side. It seems to me the left is concerned with what happens before the sex act while the right is concerned with what happens after. Then the SJWs come back in at divorce time. So the whole spectrum is covered and it’s all against the MAN at every step.

    2. Don’t forget Toronto, where YMY has been driven in by no less than a rug-muncher Premier.

      1. For some reason I’m unaware of this.
        Please enlighten me.
        Nvm I looked it up.
        They don’t mention in this article the potential for false criminal allegation but they probably don’t want anyone to think about that part.
        They are apparently teaching this mindset to students starting in grade 6…
        My favourite part from this article…
        “Parents influence this culture of casual sex [being] slutty for girls, but an achievement for guys. A lot of my guy friends are always encouraged to be sexually active by their father, but girls’ fathers are so against them having sex. This leads to girls being very quiet about their sex lives.”
        Modern Dads should just tell their daughters the following.
        “You can sleep with as many men as you want. If you don’t like them just tell the authorities that they assaulted you and everything will be taken care of. When you reach your mid-30s and those same guys aren’t interested in you anymore there will always be an idiot loser who will put a ring on your finger just because you exist. If you get bored you can then call the authorities again and they’ll give you his money and the kids. After that you should be able to bounce from guy to guy until you’re old and then you can just take pills and wonder where have all the good men gone.”

        1. Didn’t we also just legalize euthanasia?
          Now I see why.
          In all seriousness thanks for pointing this out I missed it.

    3. There would be no war if Men were on the same page, the problem is white knights and Feminist Males enable women these laws and rights. The real war is against these kinds of Men,”Enablers”, women don’t create their freedoms Men Give or take it away from them. It’s an illusion War, Women aren’t the threat here, though feminists are annoying, if Men decided that women had no rights it would be so, there would be nothing women could do, but unfortunately Male Enablers Give rights to women and allow these injustices to happen.

      1. Agree with you. That’s exactly how it is, and even in the manosphere very few people realize this. That’s the ultimate truth.

      2. Spot on. There’s lots of them in the branded (tattoo) thread. I just told some dummy the other day he was an enabler and shooting himself in the foot. Dummies.

  3. YMY is just another front in politics. “Rape culture” is a narrative of lies and deceit meant to accrue and retain political power for leftists.
    Leftist-race baiting is a classic tactic. Now thy have rape-baiting. They are just setting you up to say something stupid to which they will ring up points.
    They want power.

  4. This is nothing more than a signed, sealed, and delivered declaration of war against men. The state has manginas and white knights packed ranks deep and they know it. Police Officers, men, will enforce these orders rather than simply telling their superiors to fuck off when they get told to enforce these sorts of warrants.
    Working to get these laws changed peacefully is utterly pointless. Look around you. This isn’t the USA. This isn’t the UK. This is Leningrad in 1944 and 1945. We can sit around our various apartments cowering in fear, listening to the boots as they stomp down the hallway and lead us one by one into the gulags, or we can accept the only option that men who truly love freedom have ever had.

    1. “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    2. You want a solution?
      MGTOW is the solution.
      Passive resistance.
      Simply. Do. Nothing.

  5. Accuse her of anal rape. Tell the cops you were hard at it when she stuck her finger up your brown eye and said she wanted to milk your prostate.

  6. As an older man, please allow my response. People are different. Needs are different. This has become a topic from those with a different agenda. Lets get back to the basics. Its all about Lust and Desire. On both parties. Both have desires. Both want those desires fulfilled.
    The old standard allowed for a man to search and a woman to deny. Because of the continuing acceptance of equity, women and men know longer see the boundaries. There are none.
    Some ladies take a drink with the full knowledge they are no longer responsible for their actions. Also knowing that their lover knows this as well. “He knows I drinking, so he knows I’LL DO ANY AND EVERYTHING. Let the good time roll…until I sober up.

    1. “The old standard allowed for a man to search and a woman to deny.”
      Very interesting… The price discovery in the Sexual Market Place has been degraded down to becoming nonexistent, so what they’ve done they destroyed the Market. Just as the FED is doing to the real ones as we speak. From my understanding of the Markets, there WILL be a violent correction that will set things straight. So hatches down, and let’s wait for it.

  7. YMY has the potential to severely curtail male interest in women. Now that virtually any (unwanted) attention is assault, no attention at all is the proper response. Imagine if we had a grassroots “men disappear day”. Men everywhere just don’t show up in the usual places. They stay home for a day.
    It’ll never happen, but oh the fun we could have when the “where have all the men gone” is asked with a little panic in their voices.

    1. I’m thinking after a while women themselves will start bitching about these laws. As you said, men will check out, probably only thirsty betas will hold out and we know women despise this kind.

  8. I propose the Ministry of Protection. Their job: to cruise the streets, on the lookout for women who might be incapable and therefore at risk of being raped.
    Upon seeing such a potential victim: taze her, remove her cellphone, and take her back home to safety. If there is a man with her: shoot him down in a hail of bullets without asking questions. It doesn’t matter if he is a member of the family, husband, son, boyfriend, or other passer-by. No risks will be taken with the safety and sanctity of a woman’s vagina.
    The Ministry of Truth fully-endorses this proposition for a new Ministry.

  9. I don’t understand how she can be “too drunk to consent” even though she’s bouncing up and down in pleasure on your cock?
    “Too drunk to consent” should mean she’s drunk as fuck, puked all over herself and passed out. No one ever says “well she was too drunk to drive, so let’s not charge her with manslaughter”

    1. Exactly. I don’t think there is a point where a woman is too drunk to consent. If you are out in public and you drink yourself to the verge of death, you are implicitly agreeing to have your holes penetrated. Kind of like throwing my wallet out into the gutter in South Central LA and expecting others to observe my property rights lol.

      1. But, see, if that was the case, then you’re overlooking the fact that big daddy government is there to protect these fragile little flowers from themselves. Remember, women refuse to accept they have agency. Because they’re women. Or victims. Both? I can’t remember.

    2. Feminism is a proliferatin of non-responsibility for women. Look at everything they’re passing lately. It’s all laws which place nearly 0 responsibility on women and all responsibility on men.
      You’re example is the problem. Innocent college guys go back with a chick and she’s all over him. Clearly the guy knows this is not rape and she IS asking for it.
      The problem is when she regrets it days later she’s now “empowered” to turn her own regret into a bogus rape allegation.
      And the drunk driving example. I guarantee in the next 3 years they’ll be legislation to abstain WOMEN from drunk driving charges. Oh man. Especially if there’s a male in the car. I can see it now. “She got behind the wheel out of fear he’d rape her if she didn’t. She had no choice.”

      1. If you talk to an SJW you will see how true this is. I had a loser tell me that women do not support female politicians because (wait for it!!) they are brainwashed by years of patriarchy.
        So even when women make decisions and exercise their rights in a way that does not fit the SJW narrative, it’s because of men.

        1. It’s sad how blindly ignorant these people are. Theyre so brainwashed they’ve no clue how those with a thinking mind and common sense can’t take anything from them seriously.
          I was randomly watching Hannity last night as a reporter was grabbing folks in Ferguson and asking them questions. I watched and legit just felt sad for them — so gullible, ignorant and brainwashed. The Useful Idiots. SJW’s are exactly the same.

        2. haha I watched that segment….it was really mindblowing how dumb most of those people were. They are victims trapped in their own minds. They blindly follow whatever their leftist masters tell them to.

      2. Feminism is a proliferation of non-responsibility for women.
        This, exactly.
        You know how they can never admit fault or take the blame for what they did wrong? It’s that, writ large.

        1. “You know how they can never admit fault or take the blame for what they did wrong?” ~ That is classic psychopathic/sociopathic behavior.

        2. On the money man. Especially ‘You know how they can never admit fault or take the blame for what they did wrong’.

        3. Here’s what I posted there.. Fuck her:
          “Your boys will never live in the world you wish for them. Thank that to feminism. And you were part of that until now that you have boys you realize the damage you and your ilk created. It’s too late lady. You reap what you saw now, and I don’t feel sorry for you and your boys one iota. Have at your own medicine.”

      3. A year or so ago a stolen car mounted a crib and nearly knocked me and some other pedestrians down. They damaged some cars in the street. They ditched the cars at the top of the street and we made our way up and the rest of our neighbourhood came out. The male driver legged it just as the police were closing in. They took the two females out of the back, didn’t cuff them or anything like that. They were pissed and were laughing, shouting and insulting the police. At the end of it they walked down the street but not before shouting abuse at the neighbours and the people they very nearly killed.

    3. At my school, one drink is considered too drunk to consent. What’s hilarious is that they have a chart that states the amount of alcohol that is required for people of different body weights and gender to become intoxicated. All the body weights for both genders require more than 3 drinks.

      1. That’s nonsense because they’re using the BAC under the law to drive a car, not have sex, and at .08% no one is drunk(outside of rare people who have no tolerance)

    4. Under the law drinking is voluntary intoxication and you can’t use it as a defence to a crime.You can’t say that you didn’t know you were driving a car because you were too drunk as a defence to DWI. This would not though have anything to do to what someone else did to you while drunk and besides under rape laws it always states incapacitated which means unconscious or paralysed or something like that etc This whole thing is absurd anyway because it’s always two people doing the drinking and having sex and the man can just as easily say the female took advantage of him when he didn’t have the mental capacity to make a decision.
      What we’re going to have to do and what will ultimately happen is that there will never be a conviction and the most a DA will ever get is a hung jury.Once DA’s know they can never get a conviction they will also lose the ability to scare men into a plea bargain which is how 98% of cases are handled and where many innocent men are railroaded. At this point charging a man will just be a waste of time and money and no ones will give a damn about rape anymore. 95% of rape allegations are fake anyway. But what really annoys me is how stupid the average person is. You would have to be insane to believe 1 in 5 females get raped (it’s like 1 in 50k) I have never Personally heard of even 1 and I’m one of these men who females tell everything to so even if she never reported it I would still hear about cases. Never happened.
      About 1 in 40,000 people die in auto accidents and I’ve known people who have as many other people have as well. Never known of any girl getting raped. Read stories occasionally but never knew any.
      1 in 5 raped? Nurse! Thorazine stat

      1. Unfortunately people today are very stupid. They just don’t understand this. I attribute this to feminist intoxication which has made, women, who are illogical by nature, even more illogical, and to the new breed of men being raised by single moms, who willingly ignore the facts and prefer to live a life of delusion so that they can receive that pat on the head, by other women.

        1. Never place your faith in any part of the legal system. Once you’re in, you’re fucked.

        2. I was on trial a while back. We had CCTV evidence to back up my case. The judge later dismissed it even though it was the prosecution that entered it into the trial. They wouldn’t hand it over for us to see (they originally said it went missing). one police officer was caught red handed sneaking his statement into the witness box and reading from it ( the judge told my lawyer to stop making a big deal out it when he said the case should be thrown out). The eye witness for the prosecution broke on the stand and admitted he wasn’t even there and didn’t see the incident. The female cop broke down on the stand and cried. The fourth cop kept his story straight and held up but all the other cops contradicted his version of events (there fault not his). when I was found guilty the bailiff walked me and the eye witnesses from the court, shook our hands and started cursing the judge and the police. I’m glad I had my day in court. It was the first time I saw the system in action and I appreciated it and respected it until the judge gave his overview and verdict.

        3. You missed the point. it was about shutting down prosecutors by preventing them from ever getting a conviction and also stopping plea bargains being made by innocent but fearful defendants. When prosecutors claim they have a 98% conviction rate what it really means is plea bargains which count as wins. In reality in the 2% of cases they try they lose 1/2 which is about the same as chance.

      2. IF 1 in 5 women were being raped, it makes getting shitfaced at a party alone in a skirt all the more stupid. If feminists wanted to stop rape they would start “know your limits” or “no drunk girl left behind” campaigns to encourage girls to be more responsible and aware. Targeting rapists is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Thats like saying “dont tell me to lock my doors, tell burglars not to steal”.

        1. Feminists don’t want to stop anything. Imagine if all of their perceived ills were resolved? What would they have to live for? What would they do if there is nothing left to fight against? They would cease to exist, which I’m pretty sure they do not want.

        2. Feminists are not responsible. They want to do whatever they want and absolve themselves of responsibility. They’re children in adult bodies and the direct product of what happens to a society that ‘has it all’-invented struggle where none exists.

        3. They would do what they always do. Create drama, stir shit up, then blame men for it.

        4. Yeah, my post was rhetorical, I do realise what they would try to continue to do. I was pointing out that they are not really after a ‘resolution’ at all.

        5. I don’t know who to thank for this, but it is not my creation. Still, I liked it.

        6. “dont tell me to lock my doors, tell burglars not to steal”.
          Genius! But they cant seem to understand logic.

    5. While I agree in essense, trotting out that illogical example makes you look silly. A person who drives while drunk is commiting a crime. A drunk person being raped is the victim of a crime. There is no comparison.

      1. Yeh exactly like talking to someone on a phone whilst driving is illegal but talking to someone on a phone isn’t illegal.

      2. You’ve somehow managed to missed the points:
        Ask anyone you know, male or female, if they’d get plastered drunk at a bar and ask them for their reasoning. They will tell you that they don’t want to get robbed, raped, or possibly killed because every human being who knows what alcohol is also knows what it can do.
        Now we come to the point of being responsible for your actions while taking a substance.
        If you are putting yourself in a position where you have the ability to make a cognitive thought and refuse to make one properly then you are responsible for any actions taken thereafter like Vehicular manslaughter as well as getting robbed, raped, or killed. What these laws do are remove the legal and moral responsibility (like laws do to children since they don’t know any better) and places them squarely in the hands of the other person there which applies.
        Bonus: If you’ve ever had a drunk girl jump on and ride you, you’ll often realize she’s not really drunk if you’ve ever drank to the point of being unable to realize what’s going on (I have).
        Also they simply don’t want to look slutty for societal reasons so they say that.

        1. I think you are replying to something else. CamelJockey was comparing:
          “Drunk person being a victim of a crime”
          “Drunk person commiting a crime”
          And suggesting that because a drunk person who is the victim of a crime is not responsible for the crime, then it follows that a drunk person who commits a crime should not be responsible either. That is obviously silly and illogical. Driving is a bad comparison, because drunk driving is a crime in itself, while drunk sex is not (for now, at least).

    6. the problem will be when the prosecutor asks “did she have a drink” – the answer is yes and the man is guilty. – she does not decide how much is too much – a feminist third party will decide. How do you think you will make out?

        1. because women are helpless victims and men have agency – team Feminism scores again.

  10. How the fuck do you confirm a “sexual encounter” to be consented? Unless you record the act, everything will him versus her. She may have said yes but what happens when she decides to lie like most rape accusations lately?

    1. In a he-said/she-said, who do think the courts will side with? We have to protect the poor defenseless women!
      Consent is not provable, by design. The goal is guilty until proven innocent, with no proof permitted.

    2. And in California — I believe — if a dude recoded sex for his own protection against a rape allegation and brought it before law … He’d be hit with a crime for recording without her consent. I believe CA is dual consent on recording. This is certainly the next law to pass per feminist push. States who enact Yes means Yes will then make recording sex as a crime.
      It’s finally to the point men have to just avoid women.

  11. There is a confluence coming. YMY, Rape Culture, and VR Porn are all working to discourage male sexual interest in women.
    I’m sure we’re still a long way from any sort of critical mass of men “checking out”, but the trend is there. Men respond well to incentives AND disincentives.

    1. With marriage rates declining over the past several decades, the MGTOW movement becoming a reality, and record numbers of 30 somethings living at home with parents, I don’t think we are “a long way” from men checking out. I think it is well in progress.

      1. I agree, but are the men going MGTOW even missed by the women yet? Or are they the guys who weren’t getting female attention anyway?
        Due to the increase in hypergamy, it won’t make an impact until the men women want start checking out in noticeable numbers.
        Where the unwanted MGTOWs can have an impact is in refusing to climb the ladder of success. Refuse to rise up to the higher tax brackets.
        Feminists should cheer. The more men making less than average, the quicker the wage gap (based on averages) disappears.

        1. That’s a very good point. I don’t think the female half of this country even realizes that MGTOW exists. And there always seems to be a guy available to wife up even the trashiest sluttiest tattooed teen mom whale.

        2. That is the issue. So many thirsty guys. But I feel that men will wise up soon. Sure, they won’t outright stay away from women, but already men are not getting married.
          But the benefit of going your own way is you (meaning me) generally don’t give two shits about all that. I still shut down females on the regular (this chick in my class with a boyfriend for one)
          Meanwhile, I still bang women. Just not western women unless they show they are more than a talking vagina.

        3. If you are in class then you are not learning anything. School is for making robots not education. Stay away from all “schools.”

        4. I am here for the degree bro. And to learn Spanish so I can communicate with others better. You are preaching to the quire. I am just paying a few thousand for a piece of paper that puts me on par with my competition man.

        5. Stupid. I would suggest taking as many loans as you can and just keep studying at Uni.
          I guess that you didn’t hear Obama a week ago talking about loans and this is just the beginning. I predict that if enough people can’t pay back loans that there will eventually be an amnesty of perhaps just paying back 10 cents on the dollar. And all of you boys who are afraid of student loans and debt will be kicking yourselves in the arse for being so stupid.

        6. I paid off my degree throughout college to avoid debt. Saved aggressively and lived a less fancy lifestyle than my peers.
          If I find out that everyone else just gets bailed out and I don’t get reimbursed for being responsible to myself and everyone else I don’t know what I’d do.

    1. OMG.
      Yup. How many women like to say NO to test a guy. Then they cry when he doesn’t pursue. It’s because of -unts like this.
      How many stories where the chick turned down the guy a couple times then offered him date and what do you know … years later they’re married.
      This f-ing Cunt on this video, if the guy was 6’3, athletic and a lawyer … if her daughter said NO … she’d make an exception to the rule.
      I’m so damn sick of this harassment hysteria. Or the rape culture meme. That idea that if a guy asks a girl out twice “that’s rape culture.”
      God I can’t take this absolute madness anymore!

      1. My question is: why the molly-fuck did she not conference with the boy’s parents, rather than go to YouTube? A thirty-something mother of a teen girl posting a video basically telling a KID to fuck off? Can’t get more passive-aggressive than that. Oh, but she’s so tough…

        1. Oh, great news: the comments for this video verbal diarrhea are disabled…wonder why?

        2. My thoughts precisely. I see the vid’s up to nearly 300k views (including most of the poor kid’s local community, high school, parents, teachers, admin staff – you name it, no doubt).
          He’s going to have a hard time just walking out the front door, let alone taking the bus to school, without being humiliated by all and sundry. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s forced to change schools or even move out of the area altoghther.
          What a class act she and her recently adopted “daughter” are.

        3. Dear Me. Dear God. To add to the heaped plateful of crazy that is Dr Doeeyes, she offered this (sexology became a useful rationalization at a later date, I’m sure – but you can see why that poor boy had no chance when under the gaze of a barking narcissist like this):

        4. Edited up the wazoo, for full vanity validation. Dental work so she’ll be forever a 10

    2. A little more investigation into that particular product of the hive mind reveals a rad-fem “Sexologist” who has recently fostered a couple of girls (12 & 14) with who knows what issues (she confidently calls them her “daughters”).
      I pity the poor kid who was identified to all those in his highschool as a creepy predator (I’ll bet that video was shared around at light-speed) when the truth will never be known. A 14 year old who was recently fostered is going to have, shall we say, an alternative view of guys approaching her. The fact that “Dr Doeeyes” lept to the worst of all possible conclusions despite the fact the girl has only been with her a few months speaks volumes, as does the dear Doctors willingness to use these girls in her videos.
      Perhaps we’re on the cusp of a new paradigm. As men are ever more reluctant to date or approach feminists of any description, foster kids can take the place of cats. Lord knows, single moms will be producing plenty of likely candidates for rad-fems to window-shop from.

      1. good point about lonely, ageing feminists getting into fostering kids. hadn’t thought of that, but it makes sense.

    3. thank god i’m not married to an american woman. that was my first, unfiltered thought while watching this.

      1. Amen brother! My European wife does EVERYTHING for me. Sure she gets on my nerves occasionally but I am absolutely certain that I get on her nerves more than she gets on mine. She is very laid back and I am the fiery one. Because she does so much for me and has had plenty of opportunities to screw me over in 15 plus years of marriage (which she never has) I would in turn do anything for her. It’s called love and commitment. The only thing this loopy bitch knows about commitment is when she signs the admittance papers at the local asylum.

        1. yeah man, i’d just gotten off skype with my wife, who is from honduras, when i watched that video. the contrast between her sweet, feminine manner and the attitude on this gringa was pretty jarring.

        2. I dated a girl who grew up in West Africa last year and I saw the difference for myself.
          She insisted that she’d cook me dinner and I thought it was a shit-test. Turns out she actually enjoyed taking care of other people. She was fun and Earthy, reminded me what it was like to date girls that remember how to be happy.
          The longer she lived here though the more I saw how feverishly she needed her Gucci bags, Versace this, Prada thiat, and I realized I just don’t relate to that sort of materialistic mentality…
          If I used the money she was willing to spend on being comfortable and “classy” I could have probably built a spaceship.

        3. I blame the Russians. Clearly, they have been pushing materialism in the west in order to sabotage our space program. Who knows how far ahead of us they are now….

        4. my ukrainian ex was like that too. mountain of stupid handbags, shoes and clothes, thousands of $$$ worth of that junk sitting in a heap in our apartment by the time she moved out. that’s one reason i say go for a religious girl who takes her faith’s teachings against materialism seriously.

        5. Seems like women need that sort of thing… like a social structure.
          Many North American women will speak about how materialism is bad blah blah blah and then go shopping two hours later. Or that compassion is important and then forget to pay back their friend who is on the poverty line and needs the money.
          The general culture right now is feminism and materialism, and no individual reasoning or argumentation is going to change their actual behaviour. But if you put them in a religious culture where they see their family and friends behaving a certain way they will follow suit.. And not because philosophically they agree or disagree, but rather that being liked and part of the group is paramount. If there was threat of being cast aside for dating a bunch of bad-boys the majority of them would adapt in an hour after seeing Harriet living on her own working a shitty job with no man to take care of her.
          Feminism keeps this going though because it offers the short-sighted promise that Harriet can get a man at any age… That she is only part of the fem-borg so long as she is “strong and independent.” When the government money runs out though we’ll see how strong and independent they really are.

        6. And then you know that a women is a women wherever they come from. It’s the Western environment that is toxic. They don’t have Dr. Phil, Ellen Degenerate, Feminist politicians in rural Asia/Africa. And consumerism is just out of the question because all the money will be spend on food. So there is not a “fashion competition” among those women.

    4. I just vomited a little in my mouth. I’ll bet the family farm that this bitch is unwed and on Prozac or some other anti-depressant.

      1. I bet her habitat is a mess. Dirt, dust, mess and disorganzed. That’ s my bet.

    5. Lovin’ the shirt she’s wearing…wonder if she swaps it for a triangular baggy jumper on chilly evenings.

    6. yet another nail in the coffin- letting EVERYONE post videos on the web. You dont think more views equals more narcissism? If only we could go back to the days of 10 or 12 tv channels…

    7. Elliot couldn’t pick up the phone and call a hooker to shag the crap out of him. Elliot’s father failed him.

      1. We need to change how we rear boys in our culture so that we make sure they have their sexual debut at an appropriate age if they have trouble closing the deal with a girl for that first time on their own. Otherwise we’ll wind up like Japan, where reportedly a quarter of the men in their early 30’s have remained virgins.

  12. http://therationalmale.com/2014/10/19/yes-means-fear/
    …men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter.
    –Ezra Klein
    Sadie Hawkins’ World
    And thus we understand the latent purpose of this law – instilling fear in men. Nominally the law is about making men so fearful that they concede all aspects of any intersexual discourse to a feminine imperative. This is Sadie Hawkins’ world. One in which only women are allowed to make any intersexual approach to a man for fear that his doing so will be construed as rape, or an intent to rape, even before he initiates anything.
    The goal of feminism is to remove all constraints on female sexuality while maximally restricting male sexuality – Heartiste
    The more a feminine-primary social order embraces, endorses and openly promotes feminine hypergamy as the normative, correct, social paradigm, the more it will be necessary to legally force men to comply with it.
    As it stands now, the Feminine Imperative is having an increasingly difficult time enforcing its primacy through social conventions and popular culture shaming men into compliance with it. Increasingly men are becoming aware of the raw duplicity of open hypergamy and are becoming less and less cooperative with what really amounts to their participation in their own hypergamous cuckoldry – which women triumphantly crow about in as public a manner as is practical now.
    In Sadie Hawkins’ world there are no “advantages” for men in marriage – only liabilities enforced by fear.

    1. Hey Rollo. Thanks for stopping by. Got your second book, finished it in one day. Your books changed my life. Thank you for that.

    2. But they don’t. I know women who will want a man and will do everything in her power to get with him EXCEPT approach him and engage. They will even get friends to tell you how they like you and how you should “Man up” and approach them.
      So next will be the complaints about how men are avoiding women and not getting in relationships. So the taxes will follow.

  13. If the ordinary men try to Lysistrata on women they’ll hardly notice as women are meant to go after greater man anyway. Going Lysistrata will give Alpha man more choices than ever.

    1. That’s why it’ll take more than just shunning them. MGTOWs will need to “starve the beast” of government by staying in low tax brackets. Easy to do if you aren’t chasing women or the latest gizmo from Apple.

      1. You mean a thousand dollar iphone and a few drinks are what’s standing between you and a lot of money? lol

        1. How do you even come up with this nonsense? And why?
          I think you are just a woman troll. You haven’t said anything useful yet.

  14. Its just stupid and vindictive, when a drunk woman gets into a taxi and tells the driver to take her somewhere, and he does, can she now claim the driver kidnapped her? Drunken sex is now a crime by solely the man, you guys are right, it is war.

    1. Check out some of the videos online. Two come to mind. One in Canada where a gaggle of -unts who didn’t pay their cab fare claimed the cab driver was sexually assaulting them. Then another one where a female is all over a cabbie and he is refusing to have sex with her. In both cases video was rolling showing the cabbies weren’t doing a thing wrong yet they were both hit with bogus rape allegations

    2. Ask any cab driver who has ever driven at night how many women fares (drunk of course) get taken to their destination, and then want to ‘pay’ without money, if you get the picture. Being the distributors of earthly manna, these women just assume the cab driver’s kids won’t mind missing a meal or two when he regales them with how great each drunken blowjob was. “Let them eat cake!” Cab drivers are a very valuable resource for what’s going on at street level.

  15. If their friends or random people see a drunken couple making out and tell them to get a room, are they now accesories to a rape? No wonder women were ignored in the past, they are idiots. Its very telling that the ‘academic’ field of women’s studies, a field almost solely driven and created by women, has never come up with anything useful, forget useful so much of they prattle on about is just poisonous, or even makes sense. The fact that state funded women’s studies is widely available in itself proves that the ‘patriarchy’ does not exist.

    1. It is not widely available, it is widely mandatory. Freshmen incoming classes have required women’s studies courses. Think about being forced to sit in a room and be insulted and slimed for being a man, and having to suck it up or drop out of college.

  16. In all honesty I’m not worried about these retard feminist laws. It’s all highschool physics. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. The fem/sjw scum will cause alot of problems but it won’t last.

    1. It *will* last. Just look at the last 50+ years. Every single feminist law has remained on the books with more stupid laws added every couple of years.
      Of course it will eventually collapse but that could take decades.

      1. I think they’ve already peaked. These are people who rely on twitter to further their message of killallmen, manspreading and shirt gate among other endeavours. But if men and boys can be defeated by these mentally ill retards then I think we may deserve it. In my experience working in a female dominated profession the only people who profess to be feminist types are wackos who nobody likes anyways. I also make it a point to infirm my female co-workers about things like killallmen, PIV is rape and male tears. They especially like the internalized misogyny bits also.

  17. There was once a time when women were considered adult and responsible enough to drink and fuck in the same evening. Then came feminism.

    1. Amen. After a pump and dump, when you realize you were just a warm wet hole, your slutty ho feeling of regret is rape.

  18. Clearly it’s my fault when some dumb chick T-Bones me since she was clearly too drunk to drive…
    All pot shots aside, I don’t care. I am officially off the market as this thing snowballs. My life is going good now. I just bought a plane ticket for an 18 day vacation. I am not saying I will never give a female a chance in the future. I am just being realistic in how stupid this is getting.
    Getting involved with a woman is certain areas = the following risks.
    1: Accused of rape. Just the accusation leads to stigma, job loss and loss of friends and respect.
    2: Possible conviction of rape. Sex offender list and so on.
    3: Lose half my wealth in divorce.
    4: Pay % of income for 18 years (regardless if the child is mine or not)
    And so on….
    So I do not see why some of these thirsty ass dudes are so eager to risk it all. The way i see it, men have FAR more to lose so women should be putting on their A game in trying to get us to even risk looking at them (sexual harassment) let alone stick a cock in them (STD’s/ child support/Rape claims) .
    I’m good. I feel bad for you guys out there who thrive on puss. I’m taking my ass to Manila in may. Western Women are dead to me.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. I’m 29. Few years ago I recognized chasing after pussy was stupid. I’m one of those guys who is liberated from “needing” pussy and am happy with myself.
      I look at the guys desperate for pussy and it’s almost always the same: either they’re dishing out $ trying to get it or they’re dishing out $ on alimony n child support because they got it.
      Forget it. It’s not that remarkable to enslave yourself.
      The funny thing is clearly more guys my age feel the same way since I read stories of women having a fit men aren’t dropping $ on them and demanding they pick up half the tab.

      1. dont forget STDs- women under 30 have higher rates than men under 30

    2. Pretty soon there will be 3 categories of men. The betas and the financially ruined ones after divorces. These will not see any pussy.. Maybe once in a year by accident.. They will be the 90% out there. And then there will be the harem owners, financially successful that ALL women will want to fuck. There will be a very cruel competition among women for these guys.. So the question bears, who do we want to be? So because of all these 90% of men will be screwed, but so will be 100% of women. Nice work..

  19. You’re all fucked haha. Prepare for the the descent into 100 percent Japanese style herbivorism. invest in porn, hentai and lube companies. You allowed this to happen.

    1. why so gleeful? this nonsense somehow wont impact your life too?
      no one “allowed” this to happen- it was planned this way. Why dont you look up who said this:
      “In politics, nothing happens by chance; and if it did, it was probably planned that way.”

  20. I thought these slutwalks were already a thing in London. Mexico and Colombia are sadly following pursuit.

    1. I can see that the average man is just a pussy whipped moron that does not know how to control unruly females. You don’t know how to mock and embarrass them and make them look like the fools they are.There’s something everyone is afraid of so get inside their heads and find out and use that against them. Don’t argue or try to debate these dingbats because that like the attention.
      If necessary throw cat piss or dogshit on them when they slut parade because that will stop them unless they like stinking. Then take pics of them and put them on the net drenched in cat piss. Degrade them in ways they can’t take lol
      Or throw a pail of water on them and yell ‘wet T shirt contest’ and take pics for the Net. Anything that effects their fragile female ego will work.

  21. Another thing…
    I love this law they are trying to pass making (lying to get laid) akin to rape.
    Me: “I make 6 figures baby.” = Rape.
    Her: “Makeup,fake hair, fake nails, fake eye color, died hair, lied about sexual history, lie about age, Push up bra,slimming undershirts= Okay.
    Yeah, I want out of this country/

  22. So if a man has been drinking and a has sex with a sober woman is that rape too? Was he too drunk to consent? What if they had both been drinking?

  23. You have to ask for consent? lol
    Hey honey, when you say no do you really mean yes?
    There you go boys, she just consented.

  24. I personally uphold MGTOW’s beliefs, and I believe that laws like these, will, eventually force the majority of men to embrace the MGTOW movement. Yes, sex is satisfying, but it is not worth being falsely accused of “rape”(whatever that word means in our progressive society). If all men or the majority became MGTOW’s for lets say, a year, the society will be forced to change these draconian laws. Realize the power we have. Understand the concept of men on strike.

    1. It’s simpler than that.
      Just rape. After all, you are gonna get accused and jailed for it anyway, so you might as well enjoy it. And if you hide the bodies after you are done with them, you dramatically reduce your chances of getting caught.
      It sounds horrible, but females have overplayed the guilt angle… There’s very little guilt left.
      That’s why sex tourism is so great… fuck a bunch of girls, who cares if they give ‘affirmative consent’ or not, be out of the city by the end of the week.

      1. I have been wondering of late how long it will be before most men just say fuck it and become barbarian savages. What have we to gain by being civilized? Serfdom and slavery.?!

      2. There was a post by someone on here a few weeks ago that basically said… once the laws become so absurd that 80% of the men realize they’ll never get sex by being a part of society, they will divide into 2 camps.
        1) Monks who just lay low and try to avoid the governmental and social havok around them.
        2) Men that just go savage, form gangs, rape the women and dismantle “civilization.” Basically Lord of the Flies.

    2. Nothing was ever gained through passive action. Live MGTOW and encourage others to do so, but do not expect change until we as men band together and make those changes ourselves. This is ours to do.

      1. I beg to differ, but this passive action, and that of men on strike can actually change a lot of things. What we need, is as you said, unity. If all men unite in this passive protest, then and only then things will change. A few lone voices won’t make a difference. This means that we need to make more blue pill men see the truth of red pill. The more of us the better, and we are increasing everyday. That’s good, and I’m convinced it will make a difference.

  25. Its a shit test, just like all of Feminism. Oh may I please touch your vagina? No? Maybe if I beg a little? Still not turned on?

      1. Really, so how come all those white men get found not guilty like darren wilson and jorge zimmerman and pantaleo?

        1. Glitch in the matrix. I’d have to read up on these cases to answer you, but it’s probably because of prejudice in the judicial system

  26. I wanna know what happens when the men that enforce these laws become victims of them?

    1. Men will always want to dominate other men, even if only allowed to do so by their matriarchal mistresses.

      1. That’s why we should all choose to become gay. Men always grant consent. And what’s more masculine than exerting sexual dominance over another man? We can cut women out of the loop entirely. That will show them!

        1. I’m not much into male ass but those Spartans sure were not afraid to bugger another guy, but then again they were not gay. They were bi-sexual.

        2. Spartans:
          Men are for love, women are for children
          Of course, The true fags loved this, which is why sparta fell. Fags despise ‘breeders’.

    2. Then he realizes how wrong it is to be a white knight, as he is escorted to jail by other uniformed white knights. Then in prison, he gets raw fucked by the rapey white knight, who takes upon the responsibility to avenge all rape victims, by raping the former white knight. The former white knight realizes that he has been bitch slapped by karma, his life is ruined forever and even if he manages to get out from the rapey cell, he’ll have to face a multitude to white knights who will be always be on his nerves. Moreover he’ll be kicked out from colleges, workplace, and all other public institutions like a piece of dirt. Then he remembers his glorious white knight days when he was the bully, and curses himself each night to sleep, realizing fully that white knighting is evil.

      1. I have this “friend” who is the whitest of the white knights. I mean he is the quintessential wk. I don’t argue with him anymore… What I am saying simply does not register with him… I always smile, as he has a little boy who he educates in the Bluest Pill possible spirit.. I shake my head.. ohkay…

        1. I feel bad for the little boy, but I can see his next 35 years of hell unfolding for him.. Too bad..

        2. The boy’s blue pill influence from the parent may be overrided by friends, depending who he hangs out with.

        3. Hope so.. but I can’t even begin to tell you how white knight his father is.. I mean, phd university professor, tip of the spear in the rape hysteria.. Deplorable..As bad as it can get..

        4. We can always try to help blue pill men to take the red pill, but if that man isn’t willing to unplug himself from the matrix, there is not much we can do. I hate to say this, but many men learn it the hard way. So much worse for them if they have a male child. When this child enters his teen years, he’ll be at a great risk owing to these anti male laws and his blue pill brainwashing. I personally feel more sad for his child than for him.

  27. “Yes Means Yes” is what happens when people who don’t have sex make up rules for people who do have sex.

  28. I have largely embraced all of this nonsense. I don’t fuck drunk chicks and now seduction is a complete fucking hand-holding exercise.

  29. its offical, approaching, dating,courting,hooking up and marriage is either risky and borderline illegal to totally dead. Watch the global population drop and age like japan.
    With so many crazy guys lashing out, arent these feminists worried that elliot roger type might come at them, or some lynch mob jump them or some stalker of confirmed feminists? O wait thats right they have no concept of retaliation,retribution or acting out because of their actions.
    Like if that dont happen I think more guys will challenge them on line like Mike Cernavich of d and p did with Sam Biddle, but course theyll puss out and call themselves brave then work to make it illegal.

  30. And they will still expect men to go to war to defend these stupid laws. With heightened tensions in Eastern Europe Poland recently instituted the draft for men between certain ages that haven’t already done their military service. Why are they not calling up the women? They are members of the EU after all and we’re all equal, right?
    I mentioned this fact by texting a liberal radio show over here the other day. I texted that as Poland were introducing the draft why weren’t they calling on the women? Also that there would only be true equality when equal numbers of body bags of men and women were being sent home. What was the response of the libtard host? “If there was true equality between the sexes there would be no need as there would be no war”.
    This is the utter bollix they are espousing. These SJW’s are imbeciles. I just hope I live long enough to see this guys daughters knocked up by some thugs with a crack habit.

    1. “If there was true equality between the sexes there would be no need as there would be no war”.
      Arguing with them is completely pointless.
      I’ve been thinking about that a lot since I’ve become slightly more vocal about my opinions.
      Whenever I get into a conversation with a woman about gender and politics it goes absolutely nowhere. And its not because I’m being “masculinist” or some shit… If they point out a flaw in my reasoning or try to broaden my perspective, I always entertain their ideas… Even if I have to think about it further to determine if I really think it is true.
      Do I get the same kind of treatment in return? Absolutely not. Just as your quote suggests, they either try to derail the topic when it doesn’t agree with their story or they get upset and it becomes “too much.”
      We really aren’t dealing with people that want to reason and get to the truth so we can all move forward and just live our lives. 99.9999% of the time it is just about having their cake and eating it too.

      1. Arguing with feminists is completely pointless, and trust me, they like it even less when it comes from another woman (me). You are seen as a patriarchal, probable rapist. I am seen as a victimized, oppressed simpleton who just hasn’t been enlightened.

        1. It has become too exhausting to deal with women in any serious way.
          Us “red pill” guys are just trying to figure out how to cover our own asses for when the system becomes too strained and the government steps in to “fix” everything.

        2. It’s unfortunate you feel that way, but who am I to judge? Based on your personal experiences, you’re probably right to take that attitude. I think the system is going to come crashing down, for a host of reasons, a large part due to this “3rd???” wave feminism and general leftist hysteria. Consumerism and greed will also play a major role in the inevitable economic/political apocalypse. I think you’re Canadian for some reason, in which case you may be aware of bill C51 and the controversy. My feelings on this are mixed, but I especially love the great unwashed “protestors” running around Queen’s Park last weekend. Happen to be in the area, and saw one of them (a man actually, though that’s neither here nor there) holding a sign which said: “I’m more afraid of Harper than I am of Isis!”.
          Let me get this straight: you’re more afraid of the democratically elected leader of a G8 nation than you are of a group who puts people in cages and sets them on fire. Huh.
          I realize my rant was completely off topic, but it really is a fine example of how ignorant the left can be at times, and how dangerous the media can be in swaying people’s opinions.

        3. I am Canadian you are correct.
          There are a few recent changes to Canadian policy that are making me very nervous about living here. Since I’ve realized this I’ve been taking steps to secure a European citizenship. It wouldn’t hurt for you to take similar measures if possible, regardless of what your attitude becomes in the coming years.
          The policy changes that are making me nervous are the following…
          – Pushing Bill C-51, which basically allows the government to treat its own citizens as potential terrorists and dissenters. I do not support this law in the slightest.
          – The recent changes to prostitution laws. It is now law that a male can be given a criminal record for purchasing sex, but it is now perfectly legal for a woman to solicit sex. A huge double-standard that no one wants to talk about. I brought this up last night at a bar actually and a group of males responded to me “Well its too bad you need to go to a prostitute.” They were entirely missing the point. I’ve never gone to a prostitute, but this law is hardly designed to protect them. It is about marginalizing and stigmatizing men. All educated gentlemen will now think twice about going to an escort, and only those with nothing to lose will purchase sex. If anything prostitutes only have hoodlums and criminals now to purchase their services. It is a backwards law that makes no sense.
          – The new sex-education curriculum in Ontario. We are now teaching young elementary students (starting grade 3) about homosexuals, transexuals, gender as a social construct, and worst of all the new YesMeansYes campaign. I think it is a good thing to update sex-ed but the new curriculum is pushing a new set of values in line with feminist dogma. This new curriculum was pushed by Kathleen Wynne of course and I am assuming this will only further marginalize boys in the education system, who are already falling far behind and are opting to just drop out.
          – The YesMeansYes campaign around sexual harassment laws. “YesMeansYes” was started in California and basically forces consenting sexual partners to vocalize their consent to every stage of sexual activity. It is not enough to get intimate with a woman now and make love without basically signing a contract that she thinks it is ok at every step of the way. The problem with this is that it creates a weapon that females can use to ruin a male’s reputation and potentially incriminate him through false-rape accusation. This can essentially derail a man’s life and I’ve personally seen the leftist-PC-crowd use such measures to ruin men’s careers. I was hit by a similar circumstance and it had professional implications that I had to navigate through (that is what brought me to the manosphere actually). If you follow this site much at all we’ve already documented a number of these cases, and when it boils down to he-said-she-said, it is always framed in such a way as to “protect” the girl.
          When you add these all up… and throw in absurdities such as “manspreading”, “mansplaining”, “all boys are potential rapists”, you will end up with a culture where men stop trying… because turning to crime and gang violence has a bigger pay-off and is actually safer then becoming a reliable and proud citizen.
          Toronto’s economy is only floating right now because of mass-immigration (I haven’t checked the stats to claim this as absolutely true but we do immigrate a shit-tonne of people every year to balance out our below-replacement birth-rate as the middle class disappears).
          I don’t think this can last… GirlWritesWhat in Edmonton predicted this almost ten years ago and she was dead-on. In Edmonton and other rural Canadian areas people have nothing better to do than do drugs and drink beer. And as men lose all respect in society this overly-basic culture yields to crime and gang-mentality.
          This culture is spreading to Toronto which is Canada’s main economy and so it is only a matter of time until we see things start to turn ugly.
          What truly offends me as a hard-working intelligent male is that when shit goes down women world-wide will be saying “See!!! We told you men are Evil!!! We tried to teach them that masculinity is evil and they wouldn’t listen!!!”
          Our culture will devolve and sociopathic men will rule where the authorities refuse to stick their noses in. There is no place here for the entrepreneurial inventive male… Everything is designed to keep him underground and marginalized.
          Perhaps my predictions sound extreme… But if you get to know male culture from the inside, we have a generation of young men with nowhere to go, nothing to believe in, nothing to work for, and basically no hope. Just this afternoon I had an encounter with such young men at York University. A group of young guys waiting for a drug-dealer to show up so they could rob him of $600 worth of pot. Interestingly enough they opened up to me and instantly befriended me… It was as though coming into contact with a self-confident educated man who exists outside of that life was like a breath of fresh air to them. They had no reason to tell me about their illegal activity or to invite me to hang out with them, but they did.
          Just make sure you have a plan or assets to fall back on if things turn to shit. I am 99.9999% certain the social justice wankers are not going to come save me when a gun is put in my hand and I’m told to go fight a war I want nothing to do with. Most likely they will lay in bed with the very man that stuffs a knife down my throat.

        4. I too agree Bill C-51 is setting a very dangerous precedent, for the precise reasons you’ve stated. I am not however, willing to compare Harper to Isis (nor are you, I’m sure). That’s hysteria.
          In general, we’ve become a society where personal responsibility is no longer expected of any individual. Get drunk and crash your car? Blame the bar for serving you too much alcohol. Run yourself into ridiculous amounts of debt? Blame the bank for giving you access to so much credit. I’m loathe to say it…but YesMeansYes could result in similar outcomes. That one’s tricky, a careful balancing act needs to be played between “she had it coming to her” and “she did want to engage in those behaviours at the time, but you should have realized she might feel differently the next day.” If I were a man it would make me nervous, for sure. Especially since the moment these types of allegations surface, the man is always guilty in the court of public opinion.
          Haven’t really paid that much attention to the sex-ed curriculum to be honest. I know it’s controversial but that’s about it. Probably should read up on it though.
          The entire global economy is falsely propped up with government spending. It will come crashing down. It’s good advice to squirrel away assets, but where? I have amassed reasonable wealth: the markets have performed horribly for years now, and they will be the most vulnerable in the inevitable economic crash. Properties? The real estate market will go down just as fast when the interest rates go up and all of the over spent twats are forced out of their homes.
          In the end, as always, those who are respectable, responsible and frugal will end up paying for everyone else’s mistakes.
          Good for you for trying to secure European citizenship, but may I ask why you think that will be an improvement? I’m really interested in your viewpoint on this because I’ve always thought of all Western nations as being plagued with the same problems.

        5. Sure the west in general has problems but cultures and legislation are not identical from place to place.
          I’d rather have more mobile option in terms of lifestyle, architectural surroundings, real-estate, and work opportunities.
          I don’t feel proud to be Canadian anymore… So long as I can travel and enjoy my life let the people here waste their lives figuring out if boys are identical to girls. I actually believe the cultural decay I described in my last post is real.

        6. You forgot the abhorrent climate. Good for you. My husband and I both want to explore these options. We know of a few people who’ve re-located and seem much happier for it. I still like being Canadian, there’s a lot wrong here, but there’s worse out there in terms of culture etc…In any event we have a pretty good reputation globally, so my preference is to be Canadian elsewhere. Certainly North Americans in general are very caught up in a consumeristic, materialistic lifestyle and I think it leads to a lot of stress and anxiety. Say what you want about women working, there’s simply no way most couples could live in TO without a dual income. The cost of living is so high, the taxes are insane, and it seems like a huge struggle just to stay afloat. My husband and I choose to live a pretty frugal, simple lifestyle, well beneath our means, and we still get fucked. There doesn’t seem to be much incentive to be a responsible, decent human being anymore. Very discouraging indeed.

  31. here’s a fun strategy I’ve used to have drunk nsas. Get her naked and engage in well played foreplay for an extended period of time until she begs you to fuck her. Works every time. No regret rape cases when you kiss her on the cheek in the morning Before you leave.

  32. feminism wants to make it harder and harder for men to get sex. Nothing new about that except the means employed. Power always masquerades as ethics these days

  33. This is really disappointing. I had hoped Britain hadn’t fallen down the hysteric-authoritarian rabbit-hole.

  34. In the uk, they also want free, tax subsidised tampons now (google it). I wouldn’t be surprised if they get it. I’m out of this hellhole. Me and my tax money will be in another country by the end of the year.

  35. Let’s remind everyone of the recent case here in the UK of the footballer Ched Evans who was accused of raping a woman on a night out. The judge and jury agreed the women was “too drunk to consent” even though CCTV footage from immediately before the encounter showed her walking and running upright on high heels, and behaving normally with functioning coordination.

    1. she also accused another man of rape that night, a friend of evans……who was cleared, due to said footage. Which casts into doubt the whole case. If she can be mistaken/lying about one man raping her that night, then surely she can be mistaken about evans. He was cleared because footage of him entering the hotel with her implied at least some kind of consent. Whereas Evans entered later, and alone. But that doesn’t change the fact that she accused him of rape, and evidently was judged to be mistaken/lying. The case should have been thrown out. It was a ridiculous ruling.

  36. A January 1 2015 article on BBC gives following reasons for Japan fertility rate decline:
    Various reasons have been cited for the population decline, including:
    The rising cost of childbirth and child-raising
    The increasing number of women in the workforce
    The later average age of marriage
    The increasing number of unmarried people
    Changes in the housing environment and in social customs
    Every. Single. One. Is due to dumb broads. With some assistance here and there from the thirsty betas. The entire list.

    1. I agree with you completely. Women are the first to accept communism and the complete destruction of all society.

  37. How many times must I repeat this, feminism is a lesbian man-hating movement. “The demolition of heterosexual desire is a necessary step on the route to women’s liberation.”-Sheila Jeffreys (feminazi, University professor of Melbourne), “You must be willing to be identified as being a lesbian in order to be fully feminist.”, “Feminism is the theory, lesbianism is the practice.” — Ti-Grace Atkinson (feminazi), and “Feminism, Socialism, and Communism are one in the same, and Socialist/Communist government is the goal of feminism.” Every single book and quote from these lesbians is about hating men. Yes means yes law (communism) is to prevent women from meeting men at all costs.

    1. FARC are also communist, they basically run the drug trade worldwide. See how Hollywood pushes/promotes drugs heavily on the populace, and see how rap does so too? It all ties in.

      1. I agree with you. Communism works in double speak. Say one thing and do another all at the same time. Feminism “Yes means yes law” (lesbian racist movement) wants all men to be faggots and promote homosexuality. If you notice every single damn show on television now has a faggot in it. Women also watch more television then men hence the brain washing. An example of communist goal to make sexual deviancy normal. Look up the book: “The Naked Communist” by Cleon Skousen it talks about everything that is happening right now and leading to world war 3.
        25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting
        pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio,
        and TV.
        26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity
        as “normal, natural, healthy.”
        27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion
        with “social” religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the
        need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a “religious crutch.”

  38. For the Albionic fellows on here. How do ya’ll even stay in this country? In the last few days I’ve seen three articles that would make me reconsider being a male there. These moves are Draconian.

  39. Women cannot be trusted with authority of any kind. They use hysteria to gain it, and wield it like a weapon when its achieved. We need to start working together to take the authority back.

    1. Women should never be leaders of anything, period. The Bible tells men that we are the leaders and women cannot use any role in that position correctly. 1 Timothy 2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

  40. I don’t really go to bars anymore but if you want to really piss off females (and perhaps even save a man from a fake rape allegation) this is what you do. Under the law a bartender cannot serve an intoxicated person so if you see a female who has had a number of drinks tell the bartender she’s drunk and he’ll cut her off. That should annoy the slut lol The bartender will always do it because once a person tells him he’ll have no excuse if something happens (like a car accident) and he may be prosecuted too.You may also want to remind him of laws still on the books. Like a female is prohibited from sitting at a bar alone without a male chaperone (the bar can be closed down for promoting prostitution) and that it’s illegal in NYC to serve a female more than 3 drinks. Let’s start enforcing these old reasonable laws.
    If men were a bit more clever and just used every underhanded method that females do you would put them back into their rightful subordinate place. You see, in the human struggle for dominance which is how the world works the female has been able to temporarily get the upper hand because there has been no real opposition. Once she knows she can no longer get over on men she’ll give up and probably even be happier in her position ordained by Nature. All this needs is some stiff opposition and this feminist house of cards will collapse and things will go back to normal (which is still sort of crappy and always was). Of course the omega boys still won’t get any pussy but that has more to do with sex/mate selection than feminism so most of you here, don’t get your hopes up lol

      1. Sure, if you imposed these things some femicunt like Alred would try to get the statue removed from the books in the legislature but if she did I’ll be there working pro bono and just to amuse myself and make it hard and expensive for her.I’ll demand a hearing and call expert medical and science experts to testify that the female can’t tolerate alcohol like a man and that her consumption should be limited in bars.
        And let’s also remember that there’s an alcohol licensing commission and they’re very strict in most places about any infractions according to their owns laws and can cancel liquor licenses. For example, in NYC you can’t serve alcohol where there is full nudity like in strip clubs.
        Bars are afraid of losing their license because they’ll be out of business so what you want to do is get bars etc themselves to impose restrictions on female conduct.What we want to do is to put females back under our control and force them to behave. That will really annoy them :o)
        And btw, I expect free drinks on lady’s night because I identify with being a woman.

  41. As for the bullshit alcohol excuse: it is a simple case of Progressive women attempting to find ways to alleviate the responsibility of losing control.
    It’s on par with unrealistic foolhardy imbeciles who think they can trespass on private property, assault police officers, and generally act like animals free of negative repurcussions.
    Come back to reality I say, but alas….. Beta males are not only encouraging said behavior at an alarming rate, they are successfully aiding these movements with their genuine energy and resources.

  42. These emasculated faggots are the reason all of us men are in this mess today. This is one of the reasons I ban watching sports. Our money goes to the hatred of men and feminazi propaganda. #Leanin/ feminazi (also sponsored by the LGBT) campaign is another propaganda ploy to make men into white knight/ simps. Women also sponsor trannys into commercials.
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 “Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.

    1. This is what blue pill men look like. Completely clueless as to the full nature of women and western law.

  43. i knew many women that use to threaten their exs with FAKE RAPE charges so they would see them again for sex! At least another 10 women i knew pulled out fake rape to get back at their exs!
    Oh course men cant EVER be raped by a woman and women are all angels!

  44. it is now well established,
    Because why? Other SJW’s have repeated it endlessly? Yes? Yes. And that, folks, is “well established”. The Big Lie write large.
    Welcome to your new Nazi overlords.

  45. I do not think you understand how it is in American universities – they do not need any more than a panel of administrators who think 51% of a chance that it happened – it is not a criminal matter but a university matter – he is shown the door – no refund

    1. You’re correct, it’s called the “April 4th Directive”. You are guilty by the University no matter what happens.

  46. How many women will try to trap a man by using the “do as I say or you will be in serious trouble/jail.” Women have another button to push for blackmail. Great way to get through college debt free. just get twenty or so guys to pay or be expelled.

  47. So by admitting that women can’t make logical decisions when they’re intoxicated and placing the the responsibility squarely on us the men they’re freely admitting that we are superior to women when drunk. We are the only ones capable of making good intelligent rational decisions when under the influence. This then should call into question every other decision that they make while intoxicated.
    Should then, by this line of logic, women be allowed to drink at all? Anyone who can not make an informed decision, while intoxicated, to fuck or not fuck another human being should not be allowed anywhere near any form of drugs or alcohol.

  48. I also think that someone in the manosphere who has serious legal experience write up some sort of consenting contract to be signed before sex happens. lol See how the ladies like that.

  49. Yes Means Yes goes global.
    Prostitutes, escorts, and high end call girls across the world cheer and start raising prices.

  50. I have a niece who is going on 16. If some swinging dick got her liquored up and took advantage of her I would assassinate him with a rusty knife to his spleen.
    That being said, I am a law school graduate and have a particular perspective. YMY does not particularly faze me. Several years ago I was hanging out with a girl and she initiated on the couch. I asked her point blank: “Do you want to make love, fuck or be dominated?” YMY: no problem.
    It can actually be quite sexy.

  51. It completely infantilizes women, but there you go. They want to be treated like children. As men, we should really embrace this.

  52. I, as a classy meninist, believe this is disgusting!! How dare a woman want to be protected from rape?? I think that if she did not want to get raped, she should have just not been born? It really is her fault for existing. I am so sick of feminists trying to protect other women. Due process cant be achieved if people are getting punished for hurting women. Truly the nation is in shambles and i am opressed yet again and forced to pleasure myself with pictures of bloody corpses and dead animals. Atleast they cannot take away my gamer fuel.
    – Anti-feminist pro-rape.

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