3 Reasons A Man Needs A Good Pair Of Boots

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A long-standing tradition in many circles, boots have experienced a comeback in both fashion and work applications. Here are three situations where the right pair of boots can make or break your comfort and style:

1. Maximum convenience, both in health and style


As you get older, you begin to realize that keeping your feet comfortable is a serious priority. Whether trying to keep your feet warm in cold climates, let them breathe in warmer weather, or or simply fitting in with others in a style-conscious environment, sometimes tennis shoes just won’t cut it.

Even if you don’t aspire to be a master of the sartorial arts, having a pair of boots to either accentuate your style or keep yourself comfortable can never be a bad thing. There are boots to fit every occasion, and having a pair or two can expand your clothing possibilities exponentially.

2. Comfort and safety when working


Footwear is more than just a comfort issue in some businesses— it’s a matter of safety. With a construction or other outdoor job, a pair of boots can offer protection for your foot and support so that long days on the feet don’t take a toll on your health, and you can work at maximum productivity.

In certain types of professional or office jobs, boots can also be an appropriate and often preferable choice.

3. Peacocking


You didn’t think we’d forget the effects on women, did you? It is often said that the first thing a woman notices are your shoes, and if you’re clomping around in a scuffed-up pair of sneakers, she’s going to pick up on it immediately.

While the days of the Mystery Method’s pink furry hats are thankfully well in the past, you can still use your clothing choices to signal individuality and a devil-may-care attitude. Science still shows us that women respond to these visible cues of “value,” and use it as a proxy to determine your degree of “dark triad”-ness:


By comparing the attractiveness ratings of the dressed-down and dressed-up students, the researchers were able to determine how much each student was able to make themselves more appealing through flashy clothes, makeup, accessories, etc.


The dark triad score was positively correlated with their “dressed-up” attractiveness – a finding that mirrors previous findings. However, the dark triad score was not related to ratings of physical attractiveness in the dressed-down photos. In other words, people with dark personality traits are not seen as more physically attractive than others when you take away their freedom to wear their own clothes and makeup.

In other words, sharp clothing choices are associated with the “dark triad” traits that push the attraction buttons in women. Instead of becoming Patrick Bateman, you can just have the right footwear.

This brings a scientific perspective to the idea that a special pair of boots with a bit of flair can be the perfect way to draw the eyes of women without coming off like you are insecure or trying overly hard.

Bonus peacocking accessory: the cowboy hat

Cover Images 1018

If you’re going out in the American south, you may want to add a sharp-looking cowboy hat to your boots, since “Cowboy chic” is a common style seen at the bars and honkytonks. Your hat can also be used in non-southern cities to attract girls to you and add to your individual vibe.

Where to get them?

One of the best options out there is my store, Botas Locas. There you can browse many sizes and styles of boots for all occasions, as well as cowboy hats at low prices. We offer free returns and free shipping. Click here to visit us and set yourself up with the perfect accessory for work or leisure.

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141 thoughts on “3 Reasons A Man Needs A Good Pair Of Boots”

  1. If you are looking for quality, multi-purpose boots I recommend the Hi Tec Altitude V. They are the cheapest day hiking boot on the market and beat the shit out of any fancy crap you find at REI. I have only gone through two pairs in the past 6 or so years of hard use both hiking and hunting. I have never gotten a blister in them. And they look damn good with jeans (buy some red laces for that old school camp counselor look).

    1. Strongly agree. As someone who works in the outdoor education/recreation field in Asia now, Hi Tec’s are excellent anywhere. Definitely a few steps above most of the more well known (better marketing over here i suppose) Columbia models. Though, if were strictly focusing on outdoor footwear, i’m also partial to Salomons.

      1. Agree. I used Salomons for a long time. I went through a few pairs of their trail runners, but there was something wrong with the last pair I got and they squeaked every step I took so I switched to North Face for my trail go-fasties.

    1. Good one. Soldiers wear boots right? Not sneakers, sandals or dress shoes. Few things look more manly, assertive and inspiring than a good pair of boots.

    2. They last forever too. I have a collection of old mil-surp. One pair of Russians are my winter chore beat arounds, they’ve lasted 17 years and counting.

  2. I heartily endorse both of these fashion accessories. I’m glad to see that dress boots are starting to come back in style again.
    Dress shoes are for communists, bankers, and limousine liberals. A gentleman wears dress boots.

      1. Dress boots are fine but get some rugged boots to impress the ladies. Red Wings—engineer boot, Heritage collection
        Wolverine–“1000 Mile “collection

  3. My pair of cowboy boots, purchased from a real boot store in Texas about 10 years ago, are by far the most superior shoe I have ever owned.

    1. Those are at the top of my short list as well.
      Right now my daily wear is Ariat Basic Black Ropers.
      For fancier dress I’ve got Hush Puppies Wingtip Paddock Boots.
      Topped off with either a Woolrich Bush Hat, or an Akubra Snowy River.

    2. Clarks make the famous Desert boots with the crepe sole for skulking about hence nickname “brothel creepers”……

      1. I’m pretty sure that “brothel creepers” were around before Clarks became popular. It was like a suede slip on with a rubber sole.

    3. dude get them now. I own 2 pair. Very comfortable. Can dress them up or down. I even wear them with shorts??!! Clarks are a classic. See my post after you gives a list…

        1. Just be warned they are not a “work” boot but more of a shoe. I think they are classified as a “chukka” ( i think another Brit inspired term”) type boot. They are a very basic shoe. Leather +sole that’s it. They give your foot no protection against getting smashed. I think these are the original design of the shoe way-back-when. Can find pics of British Tommies fighting in North Africa wearing them in the khaki shorts??!!
          Can find pics of Steve Motherfucking McQueen wearing them so if that ain’t an endorsement I don’t know what is.

        2. I’m thinking of them as a spring/fall city boot.
          Obviously not for sports and obviously not for the construction yard.
          That sweet spot between business casual and a stroll through the park.

    4. Those things were De Rigueur for the guys at my high school in the 80’s…….with a grey and brown school uniform.

    1. Those have been annoying me for ages, because I think they’re fantastic, except – they’re not mono black. The “pop of color” ruins them for me.

      1. … a little bit of black edge dressing and yer good to go. I custom two tone dyed some Italian made wingtips I bought for like five bucks at Goodwill. They look damn near new, plus now they’re one of a kind. It was not as difficult a task as you would think.

        1. I’ve got black leather dye, as well as the colors of the NBC peacock. I’ve even done a bit of hobbyist shoe making, but if the blue is synthetic, it’s going to be problematic.
          Not insurmountable, but problematic.

  4. I got hooked on boots as a result of my first job, landscaping and maintenance in a public park. I always wear boots. I’m a school teacher but I wear work boots as part of my “ensemble”. So far, my favorites are the Wolverines which makes the Catepillar boots. I also had a pair of Lacrosse Ice Kings. I moved to the south so having a pair of boots that were guaranteed to keep your feet warm in temperatures rated at 75 below zero became unnecessary. When I lived on “the Island” though, those boots came in handy when I had to shovel snow.

    1. “they are all uncomfortable”…I beg to differ sir. Try the Frye boot Engineer or Strap boots. Wear like a shoe. Have flat heels. I agree that COWBOY boots can be uncomfortable. There are square toe , flat heeled cowboy boots that working ranch people wear that fit like a shoe..

      1. I’ve worn every type of shoe and boot in existence. I had engineer boots when I was 8, half a century ago.
        Flat heels are not that good. You need a heel because it just slightly pushes the weight on you foot forward taking weight off your heel.You also tend to walk correctly. Many boys today sort of walk(or prance) on their soles(like effeminate fags) because all they’ve ever worn in life are those Nike type athletic shoes.
        When you jog and wear these athletic type shoes you’re really running on your soles.When you walk you’re heel comes down first and then it pivots forward onto the sole while the other foot is lifting and then does the same things. There’s no sole scrapping or walking on soles or shuffling along like a beta sad sack.Many boys who only buy real shoes when older frequently wear out the soles quickly but the reason is that they are not walking correctly from years of wearing Nikes since childhood and are dragging their feet.
        Go to any ‘hood or white poor area and watch how the men walk as a result of wearing Nikes etc It’s a sure tell (among other things) to a female

        1. “Many boys today sort of walk(or prance) on their soles(like effeminate fags) because all they’ve ever worn in life are those Nike type athletic shoes.When you jog and wear these athletic type shoes you’re really running on your soles.”
          Minimalist shoes are the historic norm. The shoes that old school athletes from the 70s and before used. Heel striking is a result of the build up of the 1980s-90s shoes.
          Caligae (Latin; singular caliga) are heavy-soled hobnailed military boots known for being issued to Roman legionary soldiers and auxiliaries throughout the Roman Republic and Empire. Worn by all ranks up to and including centurions, no other shoes in history are as symbolic of the expansion of an empire as the famed caligae.
          The caligae can resemble modern sandals but were actually marching boots.

        2. First, you may want to stop consulting Wiki because almost all of the articles are written by kids with too much time on their hands and who are not old enough to know anything from experience. Wiki is also tampered with by people with an agenda who want to ‘prove’ something and spread false info around that is then picked up by naive inexperienced people and used by them to ‘prove’ something. It’s pathetic.btw, the NYC cops were caught altering Wiki.
          Heels are from the 80’s? hahahaha Perhaps if you were older than a 20 something(you’re likely a Nike wearing ‘tween) and had worn real shoes you would know how ridiculous that comment is.
          And what does some primitive foot covering worn by a Roman soldier have to do with anything? You think they spent any money on these common soldiers?
          General von Blücher had shoes commissioned for his army in the 17th century (which is not the 1980’s lol) Since you like Wiki, see the heel?
          Furthermore, didn’t your mommy ever take you to a museum as a boy to look at the pictures? And didn’t you notice the shoes worn by the people in the old paintings that were not from the 1980’s? Here’s a newer one from 1780 (not 1980) notice the heels? In fact the shoes they’re wearing can be Gucci loafers (all bespoke in those days) with a silver buckle in place of the bit used today.

    2. Yes the Chelsea and Chukka boots are boots but wear like a shoe.
      Check out Alden boots …

  5. Twisted x Silver Buckle Collection. The Western range. Quite simply the most comfortable cowboy boots I have ever worn. I wear these every day, and no one else wears cowboy boots here – instant classic style. I also own a couple of good pairs of ropers. I only ever wear boots.

    1. Ha, yes. I rocked these skinhead inspired steel toed monstrosities throughout college. Nothing says “bring it, frat boy pussy” quite like ’em.

    1. When you go down to the saloon on Saturday night to pick up a tart for shagging you don’t want to be wearing that.

      1. No, they’re fine if you remember to bring along your Single Action Army and your Winchester 94. I’ve unfortunately run out of mustache wax so I’ll have to remember to pick some up from the dry goods purveyor.
        Mine are good and scuffed though, from actual use.
        When you walk over snow and ice with those things, you feel thankful for the traction and forget about fashion issues.

        1. They’re not fine. Suppose you take some slut home and are shagging her and her husband comes home. You need some slip ons you can get on easily and then climb out the window.

  6. Chicks dig boots. The trick is to not look like some Russian oligarch or pimp. You want a casual ruggedness with boots. You want them to look like you might actually use them doing real work ( MANUAL labor maybe). If they are scuffed up and look used that is better. If you aren’t a cowboy or live in the West be careful with cowboy boots especially the pointy tip kind. If you do you might look like you are trying too hard ( an affectation). The USA makes the best boots still. I’m a boot whore so I speak from authority. Here’s a list:
    Frye Boots ( usa)great quality ; not inexpensive but will last you a lifetime. You want a pair of Engineer boots and squared toe strap boots
    Wolverine( usa made)—
    Chippewa —-
    Alden boots—made in Mass. These are pricey but are an investment. Get the “Indy Boot” line
    There are custom boot makers too especially for cowboy boots e.g Billy Martin, Luchese
    PS Clark’s —especially the Desert Boot
    Doc Fucking Martins—super comfortable. “Guaranteed for Life”
    Blundstone’s–aka Blunnies–the national boot of Oz

      1. I’ve seen those online. More expensive but quality seems better than Blundstones.. Never tried on a pair. Think Blundstones made in China now

    1. Do not buy Blundstone’s (anymore). A buddy of mine ordered a better size for him and gave me his old pairs. I absolutely loved them, until about a year later found a bunch of black residue in my car floorboard. Then I looked at the bottom and the soles were disintegrating. I went online and googled and this is a problem with all new Blundstones. I think they stopped making them in Oz and moved it to China. The sole was down to the leather in a couple of months.
      If interested, I would consider RM Williams, since they look the same, but out of my price range.

    2. I too am a boot whore:
      Add to the list : Schnees- Bozeman, MT.
      Limmer – Intervale, NH.
      Definitely Fryes are great boots. My wife has a pair – I was looking at the construction of them – they look solid. An added bonus is they look hot on her

      1. Wow you are a “filthy boot whore” lol . Those Limmers look great…custom jobs. Bet they fit like a glove. Check out Quoddy shoes of Maine. Make these old school moccasins and these moccasin boots. Pretty cool.

      1. Wow…went to their site. Amazing. Thanks for info …Viberg do you own a pair?? Those service boots look kick ass

        1. I have a pair of the color 8 service boots on order. I’ve been eyeing them for about a year.

  7. The chick in the photo in the article with the hat on is cute – but she appears to have those jaded, broken eyes that may reveal she has been shat on by a group of arabs.

      1. That’s a given. I just like the thought she may have uselessly debased herself for ephemeral ‘benefits’.

  8. SHOE SIZE is important. If a shoe is even 1/2 size too small you can permanently damage your feet especially on a long trek. GO BIG – I mean GREAT BIG. If you’re a size 10 usa try a 14. Not only does it appear that you have a GREAT BIG DICK, but your toes spread out comfortably and you have more balance. It feels the closest thing to walking barefoot and if you don’t believe it TRY IT. Years ago I went 4 sizes over and now I PREACH once you GO BIG YOU WON’T GO BACK. I promise. If you need a little tightness, then put on a couple of extra socks. This I learned way back when I had to walk 10 miles to buy an alternator in a pair of TOO SMALL SHOES. Two miles into the walk I swore I wished I had GREAT BIG SHOES. My feet were communicating with me. Now I preach BIG SHOES.

    1. Gotta try this…… I love being barefoot.
      I always buy *wide* shoes when possible (New Balance is especially good with wide models) and imagine this is just like taking it to the next level. 4 sizes sounds crazy though, I’ll stick with +1.

  9. Doc Martens. Comfy, and looks awesome even when they are beat to hell. Also, manly as all get out.

      1. Or, look at the origins of the popularity of the boots. 60’s English Skinheads. The opposite of feministy.

    1. Docs look like they should be worn by some grunge looking motherfucker wearing his ratted up flannel in Seattle. Get some grown man boots.

      1. Well, I’m a 6’2″ bodybuilder with a beard and shaved head…so…. I don’t get made fun of for them.

      1. Lots of formerly good American leather has completely sold out to become Chinese garbage.
        Although they are not leather, I wore BF Goodrich Xtra-Tuffs when I worked in the fishing industry. They were amazing. One pair would last for several years. I understand that they can still be purchased, but are now Chinese crap. My buddies tell me that the new ones split out at the heel in less than a month. Too bad. They used to be awesome. Every once in a while I still wear a pair I bought in ’94 along with a set of fleece liners. They still work and will keep your feet warm and dry even in the worst conditions.

        1. Best pair of boots ive ever owned is a pair of motoboots I bought in Montreal when I was 15. Locally made with the kind of quality that hardly exists nowadays. I STILL wear them- Im 29! Resoled twice, still going strong.

        2. I have to disagree. There are many high quality Chinese products. What difference is there between a factory in England and the same factory in China? The Chinese are quite capable of producing skilled workers (Hong Kong was always a good place to manufacture for quality. They’re labelled made in China today) The other factory towns have modern factories owned by Europeans or US businessmen so what difference is there between a factory in NY with Chinese workers and one in Shanghai?

        3. The difference is my Thom McCanns fall apart in 3 months and my Xtra-Tuffs won’t last a single season.
          Not to mention the Cadmium, Lead and Melamine content.

        4. The managers of the co. are the same regardless of where the product is manufactured.

  10. Tom Brady could wear ballerina slippers and a rotting pig carcass on his head and would still look good. Motherfucker….

  11. Only two times has a girl ever mentioned my shoes. Once in middle school, I wore those Adidas triple stripe shoes and a girl said they were girl shoes. Later on in college, I wore black boots and a girl said she liked them. In general I like boots because they feel like more authority and they definitely give that look.

  12. Motoboots > uk style (docs, grinders, etc) > american style work boots (tims,redwings) > cowboy in a normal color(brown, black) > cowboy boots In a stupid color (red, white, patterns) > mystery “peacocking” mall goth boots

      1. No, I don’t ride but I find those boots quite classy. The “western” collection looks more masculine and probably better for peacocking.

  13. Sigh the sponsored posts are mostly atrocious, but I guess $ is $…
    I just hope it’s worth the sacrifice in overall article quality.

  14. I bought a pair of RedWing steel-toed pull-ons last fall.
    For years I had been exclusively wearing sneakers, dress shoes, and rarely hiking boots.
    I had forgotten how nice it is to just slip into a good pair of boots in the morning.
    They are plain, round-toed work boots, but women compliment me on them often.

    1. I generally go with medium-toed western. A good pair of properly fitting pull-on boots of any style are extremely comfortable. The only type of boot I can’t understand are the ultra-sharp long-toed type — they look like witches shoes.

      1. The young Mexicans down here are nuts about those. Some of them are even fitted with battery packs and little Christmas lights.
        I don’t get it either.

      2. I bought my son a pair of RedWings like mine. He’s learned to polish them.
        Every young man should know how to polish a pair of boots and wax a car properly.

        1. Not all boots should be polished. It depends on the type of leather and how you should clean them.

        2. These are OK for polishing. He wears them when we work outdoors, but he likes for them to look nice sometimes.

        3. Very true. Some leathers are best kept cleaned and oiled only. I learned that the hard way on a good pair of brindle leather boots; brought them back, but it was a chore.
          On the other hand, there’s nothing like a good spit polish on those that will take it.

        4. That’s what I meant. The pigment in a creme or wax will stain certain leathers. Personally, I don’t like high gloss or spit shines.

        5. I don’t care for a high gloss shine on anything except dress shoes myself, but a good high luster shine on some boots looks good.

    2. This raises an interesting point. I don’t think sneakers have any place on your feet outside of a gym. On most people they look terrible and can be the difference between a decent outfit and a scruffy one.
      Btw, has anyone ever told you, you look just like a cat?

      1. Yeah, I’ve heard that cat thing before.

        1. No te preocupes. Es dulce y viejo.

        1. Lol. That’s fair enough. Sneakers are built for a purpose…I.e. Physical pursuits of which walking is one.

    3. I have a pair of red wings slip ons, round steel toe, I imagine the same model, been wearing them for almost 8 years and still look new after a quick polish, get more comfortable the more I wear them. Great purchase, sneakers are for kids.

  15. Everyone has their own style but I don’t recommend any of the boots shown in the above article. Maybe they will work “down South” but in Europe you’ll want something more fashionable.

  16. Winter boots – for those in winter climates : Schnee Boots. Handmade in Bozeman, MT. Ive worn them for over 20 years. As good as they come.
    For hiking/casual attire : Limmer Boots.
    Made in North Conway, NH. The craftsmanship can’t be beat and when spiffed up with some boot grease- they look great for a night on the town
    I’ve owned a pair for over 25 years.
    Added bonus: both companies resole their boots for a modest fee.

    1. check out Quoddy from Maine
      W.C.Russell Mocassin Co–from Wisconsin. Check out their “tracking and stalking ” line which uses fucking BOARhide

  17. Where I live, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat actually means you are a cowboy. Yeah, no thanks.

  18. Makes manspreading more enjoyable when you wear big ass boots, especially when crossing legs. You can smell the hate.

  19. If you wear the 1st and 3rd boot and arent hiking or living in texas you are a dork

    1. and if you wear the cowboy hate at anytime and your arent from the country you are a dork

  20. LOL a cowboy hat, get the fuck outta here Deadwood. I endorse leather shoes, but never that cowboy, sweet tea lovin’ shit- it’s 2015. You fail to mention a leather jacket (no elastic, fitted, horse or steerhide).

    1. I live in rural Arizona, and I know working cowboys. You don’t want to fuck with those people.

  21. I have a nice pair of cowboy boots, and they have horseshit on them, because I actually ride.

  22. Belleville 390 HW and a Stetson. You can get these from the Government for free. In order to get these two items, simply go to the nearest Armed Forces Career Center and request a job as a “19 Series.”

  23. Lately I’ve found myself wearing those weird vibrams toe shoes. Things are shockingly comfortable.

  24. Begone from me you filthy Craigslist-She-Male-Escort.
    It is disgusting to think of all the nastiness one must engage in to make $6525 thiss (sic) month.
    Consider yourself flagged, and diseased.

  25. Oakley tactical makes an extremely comfortable boot. If you want to save a few$ go for 5.11. I’ve got a pair of Wolverine steel toes that are very comfortable.

  26. This article is a marked exception to the generally excellent ones on this site. Outside a couple of geographic regions, guys who wear cowboy boots and especially cowboy hats look like total idiots. The kind of girls we want would be most unlikely to have anything to do with that.

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