Firestone’s Newest Commercial Continues The Anti-Male Media Narrative

I was sitting at home watching the Cavs against the Celts when I saw something during the commercial break that was so inappropriate I did a double take in disbelief. The video is linked here.

The short of it is this: every single thing with this commercial is utterly evil and wrong.


For those of you who are not yet well versed in the act of male bashing, let me enlighten you as to what is going on in this commercial.

Presumably it is a Sunday afternoon and this man has decided to take it easy, have a nap, play some video games and enjoy his fucking Sunday as his God-given right. The wife comes home with groceries and decides that this simply will not do. Her man-hating instinct overwhelms her and she decides that it is time to mete out feminist justice in all its glory.

And so the miserable cunt decides to toy with him as a cat does with a mouse and actually destroys his console that is potentially worth 400 dollars, then has the gall and audacity to kiss him on the neck and brush him off.

Incidentally, having a cunty controlling bitch of a wife is PRECISELY what might encourage a guy to indulge in escapism through video games. What do we see in this video?

  • Zero respect for the man’s personal boundaries
  • Abuse and torture as fun and games because the target is a man and the perpetrator is a woman
  • Narcissism and sociopathy as good things

You might be inclined to think to yourself that this commercial is relatively harmless, but I can tell you with certainty that this woman’s behavior is exhibiting a controlling personality disorder, and possibly more. The director told her to wag her tongue out of her mouth as she runs over his beloved gaming console.

What would a normal, nurturing wife do? She would nudge him awake and ask him to help her with the groceries, which he would be more than happy to do because he has been enjoying his day off like a normal person. Normalcy it would seem, is no longer enough to sell a bunch of tires.

Beware the message

A man crouches in front of television sets broadcasting recorded footage of 2014 Brazil World Cup group match between England and Uruguay, at a home appliances store in Wuhan


Cultural engineering is no new topic, but the speed at which it is being applied has accelerated. I myself don’t watch TV that often so I don’t usually expose myself to this sort of drivel, but after watching this commercial, I noticed with regularity that each subsequent commercial presented men in the same manner.

Doughy eyed, weak willed pussies with no frame control, no integrity. Basically, a bunch of simps.

Our youth is too stupid to understand that television is cancer. They watch this and develop self-esteem problems and pedestalize the pussy, while women become ever increasingly entitled and narcissistic because society is literally instructing them to behave this way.

Those SJW who want to squelch free speech probably watch commercials like this gleefully. I bet they think to themselves “Good for her for getting her lazy, worthless husband off the couch and showing him who’s the boss, and who really makes the rules.”

There must be repercussions for bashing men in this manner.

I don’t do social media, but perhaps a Twitter campaign crushing Firestone’s image is in order. Companies need to know that men will not tolerate this sort of character assassination over and over.

Firestone needs to be hit where it hurts—their wallets. So I challenge all of you to come up with an appropriate hashtag that will make the marketing department at Firestone cower in fear. I want their stomachs to turn, I want the blood to drain from their face.

Or at the very least go out and buy some Goodyears.

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330 thoughts on “Firestone’s Newest Commercial Continues The Anti-Male Media Narrative”

    1. I won’t give Firestone another dime. I bought tires from them 2 years ago. Next time … won’t be Firestone.

      1. The only logical conclusion is Firestone want out of the tyre business and are thinking about a move into women’s clothing, women’s accessories or selling kitchen ware. I thought it was mostly guys made the decision on which tires go on the car even if it was a woman’s car. At least that’s the case in my household, my dads and my brothers households, my uncles friends and any man I know.
        Its not like game consoles are stealing their market or the tyre shop industry is being overrun by women. Poor thinking. It can only be a beta or a woman who came up with this advert. Firestone’s marketing director better be a woman as well as I don’t understand how any man would sign this off.

  1. I have trouble feeling sorry for any parties involved in the gamer/sjw war. I spent my weekend building shit and making my life better. Why waste energy fighting over video games?

    1. I don’t game either and feel its exceedingly better for any man to get out and do something versus atrophy inside and inside a virtual world. BUT, old media is dying and with it a centralized propaganda machine that is largely responsible for feminism and all the other ism’s. Consider that a hollywood production, today, barely makes much money but a new release of a marquee video game yields >10x more in revenue in the first few hours and days. This fight is very important even if you don’t game and even if, like you and me, we adamantly believe gaming is bad. Because this is a critical line in the culture war. We have to wonder where is the outrage for commercials like this? Indeed where are all the men, well, look were the resistance is – games. And good for them to put up this fight and say no fucking more! So, we have to support this, this is the point where things start to turn around.

      1. Good point. It really is about drawing boundaries & saying we make our stand here…

    2. It’s not really about gaming though, the object she destroyed could have been a set of golf clubs or a trap shooting 12 gauge. The point was the absolute disdain and man hate going on by a company who serves, primarily, men.

      1. Yep the only reason women would make commercials like this because gamer men are less threatening.
        They would not try that shit on the possession of a drug dealer or exmarine

    3. Exactly. I used to play PC games much earlier in my youth. I came back over the weekend from an outdoor mobile expedition program. Spent it sewing & stitching up some torn pants (trousers if you’re American) & setting up a new pull up bar station in the house & working out as normal. More fulfilling than being at the receiving end of the Idiot box.

      1. there is a whole series of these commercials. Find a compilation. They are brutal. There is one with a chef that is so disturbing.

    1. Fucking revolting. I can’t believe how awful television has become. First time I’ve actually watched commercials in years, on this thread, and it’s 1,000 times worse than when I left television in the rear view.

    2. Why didn’t they show her bleeding out on the floor with the screams of her children in the background?

      1. Bleed?!? She ain’t got time to bleed!

    3. If only MEN hadn’t invented glass, that never would have happened. Stupid men!
      I could watch that asshole eat glass all day long. Hilarious.

  2. #tiredofmisandryfirestone or just #tiredofmisandry. For Brits, #tyredofmisandry.
    More effective, perhaps, would be a concentrated letter-writing campaign to the corporate head of marketing – not the agency who created the campaign. The agency is just throwing what they think will stick to the wall, and they should know better: Marketing 101 is Don’t Insult Your Customer, and last time I checked men, not women, made the majority of automotive, and especially tire-purchasing decisions. But if you rag the agency, they will bury it, because marketers don’t like telling their bosses that people are angry with their campaigns.
    Corporate marketing executives, on the other hand, are responsive to their companies, and are the ones in charge of making the hiring decision/approval of all marketing campaigns. Someone took a look at this and went “Cute! Women will dig this!” because aggressively going after female customers (who tend to be far more brand-loyal than male customers) is the Holy Grail of marketing departments these days.
    Remind Firestone that Men buy tires . . . and that there are PLENTY of tire companies in the world. If some enterprising Flying Monkey will dig up that contact info, I recommend email (copying the company president) and, even better, a hand-written two-page letter.
    Why? Marketing response demonstrates that for every person who was concerned enough with a problem to sit down and write a hand-written, two page letter expressing his feelings, there were upward of a dozen others who felt the same way but did not extend that effort. Such letters get noticed more than yet-another email. Especially by old white guys who have been in the tire business their entire lives.
    Hashtag activism is fine for SJWs . . . but if you want to actually accomplish something, you have to know how to tug on the actual strings of power.

      1. I rarely keep a cunt in my wallet. It makes the credit cards all sticky and the twenties basically are useless until I dry them out with a fan.

  3. Theres an ad for a waterpark here in the northeast that features a boy who lost his bathing trunks, and his mom and sister hold them up, laughing at him rather than helping him.
    “Come to out waterpark where you can humiliate your son! no judgements!”

  4. When was the last time a chick went to buy tires? Firestone’s feminist angle just destroyed their customer base.

    1. Yup. I’ve given them business in the past. Not anymore. I’ve had it with the prevalent male bashing commercials.
      They’re everywhere. From Reds Apple where it’s always a guy getting drilled in head by Apple to Verizon’s new commercials. Pay attention: the person on the supposed losing end is always male.

      1. I am done with them too, write them and tell them so they know why. Heck you could even ask them to refund the remaining value on your tires so you can purchase from a company that doesn’t think you are an object of ridicule.

    2. Problem is, alot of men would not even begin to understand what is actually happening in this advert. It may not make a dent of worth to their coffers.

      1. I don’t know man, this one was pretty blatantly man-hate without the window dressing of even trying to be humorous. It’s in your face in a way that even betas will relate to I think (hope?).

        1. Yeah, but that’s the problem. While it is blatant to us, the general populace is so damn dumbed down that it could quite easily pass over their heads.

        2. Nah, I mean it’s so blatant that it would be hard to miss even if you’re a desperate, dry omega. The hate is pure and strong in this ad.

        3. Well, it seems so easily accepted.
          Did you see the ATT commercial with 4 or five women realtors inquiring about mobile phone services? There is one “man” in the realtor group who’s sole job is to make the most submissive facial expressions possible. It is nauseating.
          Men acting like pussies is the norm in television advertising.

        4. Nah man, I really haven’t watched television for nearly 12 years now. Catch incidental shit if I’m in a bar, but I have no interest in it and don’t sit and stare, it literally is an alien institution to me now.

        5. Agreed. I caught the commercial watching the NFL playoffs. My seasonal viewing time.
          “it literally is an alien institution to me now.”
          Same here. When it comes to cable reality or drama serious, I’m a void.
          However, I loath that commercial and AT&T.

      2. Tell that to jeep when they ran their anti hunter ad. It got crushed fast when they got a few hundred thousand messages with a promise to not buy any dodge products. It is especially effective if people who currently own their products complain, but people need to tell them why they won’t be buying.

        1. That is true…but the Jeep used to be a symbol of masculinity… tyres not so much.

        2. It was a while back. Couple driving with a deer on the hood goes past a bunch of hunters. Then the couple and the deer have a “look how much smarter we are” moment and the deer runs off. It was big news in the hunting/shooting forums. It is surprising how few people who buy fleets for companies have to write in and say that they will no longer buy any dodge product to have an impact. They pulled the ad and made a groveling apology. Sadly we don’t have the kind of numbers to make that happen … yet.

    3. Might be some masochistic angle here, guy gets to be a slob, has a replaceable toy taken away…and then gets that sweet kiss from mommy.

      1. Holy
        The man did something competent, correct, wasn’t a goof, she profited from his knowledge and then comes home and hugs him in thanks.
        Good Jiminey Cricket, Michelin is in cahoots with The Patriarchy! ™

        1. Indeed. This is what men do for the women he cares about. The women reciprocate and show gratitude. THAT is what a normal family do.

        2. That’s a good ad that sells tires.
          You associate feeling safe with the product. That is something that I bet causes tire sales to spike after every series of runs of the ad.

  5. I was sitting at home watching the Cavs against the Celts…

    Yeah… there’s your problem. My grandmother was a Lakers fan, I was raised on watching the NBA. But that was back when the NBA was still a sport for pay, instead of a fem-centric distraction with human interest stories. I haven’t watched an NBA game or any major sport game in years, and I’m actually happier for it.
    Most televised sports are not worth exposing yourself to. If/when I have a son, I’ll deliberately avoid exposing him to most of this crap.

    1. Straight-up! To Hell with the “National Feminist League” and the “National Bitch Association”, why are these people even revered by the rabble and paid such ridiculous salaries? To get some object past another group of guys on some random type of ground (ice, grass, hardwood, what have you)? Never could wrap my head around that, even as a young boy when all of my friends were ready and willing to lick these guys’s balls if they had the chance!

      1. Yep. Use military men, writers, MMAnd fighters, doctors, farmers and scientists as inspirations

  6. Vittoria tire ads consist of the specifications, performance data and pictures of the tire.

    1. Which is how I prefer ads about cars and accessories. Most car ads used to be like that too, prior to the early 2000’s.

      1. I cant imagine tv spots from thr 50s or 60s portraying women as dolts and men as geniuses – but if anyone can find one, please feel free to post it

        1. Well, that was before my time, but I recall that the general portrayal (1970’s-1990’s) was, usually, man was competent or intelligent or at least witty and the women were admiring and pleasant, or if it was a woman’s product, simply neutral and pleasant. At least prior to the 1990’s. There were some funny commercials for Hi Karate in the 1970’s but they never made men and women look bad, they were just funny.

  7. How about: “Firestone – encouraging domestic violence since 2015.”
    The video could be amended to show him knifing the tires, punching this worthless bitch in the face, and then taking batting practice with her fine china.

    1. You gave me an idea. Starting a protest on Firestone by boycotting them and slashing the Firestone tires of their buyers. They get fucked either way.

        1. LOL! Fingers on the wrong “center” keys. Meant “Done”. heh

      1. No no no. Answer “Sonw”. Let’s start a meme!

  8. This ad which the article talks about, perfectly describes the pathetic generation of men and women which I am seeing more often on a regular basis. This is what happens when we have had decades of feminism, deindustrialisation and advancement in technology, which have all played a role in the destruction of the nuclear family and society on a moral, social, political and economic level.
    Its make me sick to see the traditional gender roles reversed, where women are now calling the shots in the relationship. This is what happens when women are now becoming the breadwinners and the husbands have turned into trophy husbands. I mean, just the idea of being committed to a woman who shouts, screams and mentally tortures you, is simply horrific.
    Also, look at the pathetic state of men today in society. Seeing grown men in their twenties and thirties, playing video games like a 12 year old child while having to go to desperate measures to form a “mancave.” Translation: mancave is the adult child’s playroom. Honestly, any man with a “mancave” is a pathetic pussy whipped loser, who has simply lost his balls. Its pathetic. It seriously pisses me off to see the decline in masculine men, because the typical hipster, effiminate manchild, who needs to resort to this kind of lifestyle, is what gives further ammunition to feminists and the feminist media, to character assasinate our gender.
    There is no doubt, that today’s modern day women are monsters and the epitome of selfishness and narcissism and I have on many times in many articles, have been critical of them. But seriously, that does not mean that men are awarded a free pass on default. On the contrary, today’s men are the pathetic losers that are correctly portrayed in these commericials, and are sadly, living up to that pathetic loser reputation which they have built for themselves.
    If you are one of these men, then it is never too late to change yourself. Stand up, be strong, assert your authority, never allow a woman to call the shots and for godsake, grow a pair of balls and do something more constructive with your downtime, rather than play video games.
    Maintain your masculinity and self respect.

      1. Actually, he’s right. When I see a grown man play video games, it looks fuckin weird.

        1. I think its weird that you watch men play video games. Peeping toms in my day checked out women

        2. I stopped playing video games when I was 16.
          I started to get laid, make money and travel and read more books and learn new skills.
          I now see some of my old friends who are married, have the mancave and play their x box, get high (men who are 32.) Fucking hell, I feel like throwin up.

        3. Just admit you have a weird fetish. Watching man boobed dudes lick their cheetos encrusted fingers while playing Call of Duty turns you on lol

        4. Same deal, I’m 30 and I have friends who get more excited about the new superhero movie than their 5 year old kid. what is it about this generation that doesn’t allow them to grow up. Same thing with clothes, I’m no fashionista but I like to think I dress like a man. It looks so ridiculous to see a 35 year old father of 3 wearing baggy jeans, a monster energy hoodie and a flat brimmed hat over his balding head and beer gut.

        5. Its pathetic. It is the demasculation of men. And to think, these man-childs are fathers? Fucking hell. I saw that commercial and that man perfectly resembles the fucking loser generation of men.
          Look at this clip of Heat. The way Robert De Niro dresses up, is how I aspire to dress like:

        6. Trendy tiny glasses, product in their hair, funky shoes, hoodies. They look like people that haven’t grown the fuck up. Seriously, there is a lack of class when people dress like 16 year olds at 35+.
          In IT there is a boatload of little toy freaks with shit scattered around their desk Weirdos. My opinion.

        7. My nearly 16 year old daughter gets excited about Thor movies. If she could kidnap Hemsworth and get away with it, she would and would relocate him to a desert isle forever with her, or so she says. Girl likes her the tall masculine Germanic types, that’s clear.
          Me, eh, I could give two shits. Superhero movies were fun for like one or two years in my life, back when Jack Nicholson was the Joker. The last Batman was ok to (with Bane) but that’s about the extent of it.

        8. I love that scene too. The dress, the demeanor and the attitude of being able to drop everything and walk in thirty seconds. The movie doesn’t end up that way, but the attitude in this scene is just purely clean; no supplication, no obligations to any long-term personal narrative. Just a good feeling good at that very moment with the good threads on, ready to move into his future. His personal narrative (his past) has so little significance to him that it can be dropped in 30 seconds.
          It’s been discussed here before. Grown men dress like 8th graders about 95% of the time these days and it alters their frame by the time they take their first step outside the door.
          Get the threads on and then live up to them.

        9. Meh if he’s married he wouldn’t dress to impress. Also guys that wear suits or any other formal wear everywhere they go have some kind of anxiety issues. If you can’t be a real man without wearing the clothes than you need to work on that. Reminds me of an uncle who couldn’t go out dressed in professional attire that it was exactly like how women can’t go out without dressing uo and putting on make up

        10. ” ……. I’m 30 and I have friends who get more excited about the new superhero movie than their 5 year old kid. ”
          Sorry friend but your friends ain’t got no shit on these dudes.

        11. When I say dress like a man, I don’t mean you have to wear a 3 price suit to 7-11. I’m a regular blue collar guy, and don’t wear a suit unless I’m going to a wedding or funeral. What I mean is wear clothes that fit properly, and aren’t overly loud or flashy. Don’t wear glasses unless you need them, and avoid t-shirts with toys or cartoon characters from the 80’s. Maybe I just dress like an old man, at least that’s what all the guys in red skinny jeans, purple converse all stars, and a new, but vintage looking thunder cats shirt say.

        12. Is he wearing any socks? Photoshop error?
          I would usually expect dress socks of the same color as the shoes.

        13. No, he isn’t wearing socks. Suit supply is a bit fashion forward.

    1. Necessary item one, stop allowing “Man cave” to be used in your presences.
      Actual conversation:
      Her 1: “My husband goes to his man cave to do…xyz!”
      Her 2: “Mine disappears for hours in his. What kind of man cave do you have Mr. Jefferson?”
      Me: My house. I don’t accept being the secondary party in the home I paid for. My home, my castle
      Them: (blank stare with mouths slightly open)
      Have had a couple of opportunities to do this actually.

      1. Mancaves used to be called your office, workshop, or studio and were specialized male space in a still equally-shared house. I think most modern men are just so dull and boring that their lives can be fulfilled by one cave.

        1. Agree. I have a leather workshop in my basement, an upstairs office, a woodworking setup in the ga-rage and room for working on my car/motorcycle too. Not to mention a designated homebrew burner area (those propane boilers are outside only, freakin’ intense).

        2. The man cave is the woman’s way of making her husband feel like he has a little control left in the relationship. While she pisses money on redecorating the house every two years with new paint, furniture, etc. he gets one small, out of the way room to feel like the child he is and hang up his beer posters, sports memorabilia and all the other “tacky junk” she wishes she could throw away. When I was growing up my dad did the decorating in the house, animal mounts, old car hubcaps on the wall, antique furniture he would find at auctions and garage sales. My friends would come over and go wild over what a cool house I lived in.

        3. I guess I am lucky in that I’ve never been thirsty enough to sink that low. My girlfriend is my girlfriend because she is on board with my way of living, which includes use and design of shared space.

        4. I will not be relegated to a cave!! My projects are spread all over the tiny bungalow I share with the woman. I finished fixing up the new used aviary this weekend. Now I just have to go trap some pigeons.

        5. You are thinking about it the wrong way. My man cave is mine BECAUSE I support my family. My reward is that I am the only one allowed in it. My own private playground.

        6. I don’t yet have my own home, but I already have plans for it. It will include a room designed to act as library, guest room (male gatherings only) and writing room. May or may not actually ever write anything, but it is worth having the option built in.

        7. Just ensure that it’s not “your only room”. Women nest and take over shit like nobody’s business. This is fine for raising a family, and I could give two shits about what color to paint the living room so I let my wife have the say on that kind of tediousness (plus, she has a good eye for color coordination). But placing you into a dank small office and telling you “that’s yours, the rest is mine” is bullshit. Why men put up with this, even for some boring, predictable, awful duty sex once every two months, is beyond me.

        8. It’s a win win for her too if you think about it. She gets free wine and beer that is of high quality, the stairs and cupboards stay in good repair, the cars run forever and are well maintained without the huge costs of taking them to “a mechanic” and hey, my spending time doing leather work gives her some free space to get some of her own shit done. There’s a lot to be had for women by not regaling a man to a dank dark office, just most of them are too petty and stupid to realize it.

        9. Of course. I plan to live a very traditional life. If I can’t make enough to support a family, I probably will not start one. Nor do I want a breadwinning wife. Who would keep the house in order and watch the kids when I’m not around?

        10. Especially if the man is the one working and paying for it all! How in the world could a man work 40+ hours a week to support a wife, to have her tell him what to do with his own money? That shit is so pathetic

        11. Do not mistake a generous king for a weak one. Loyal and obedient subjects get to decorate most of the house ( especially when the king has no sense of interior design).

      2. Nice one. Im actually the king of my castle – home – and I let others know this fact often. I can’t relate to the man cave because as king…I live in a castle.
        Pisses women off just to hear it from me. Fuck ’em.

      3. GOJ i always enjoy reading your musings. You really should write a book called “Memoirs of an unapologetic masculine Man” or something.
        I can tell you right now your anecdotes would be worth the price of purchase.

        1. You know, that is a fantastic idea actually. Thank you.

        2. Damn straight it’s a fantastic idea, and I hope you take him up on it. You’ve got enough of a following around here to garner a quite the audience right out of the gate.
          I’ll take things a step further: in ages past I’ve seen your offer that if anyone happens through your neck of the woods meeting up for beers would be in order… well, I’m doing a cross-continent tour this summer, should be rolling through Ohio early August, and damn it, I’d be honoured to catch a few such anecdotes in person over a couple cold ones!
          If you’re game, drop me a line and we can coordinate. Already have things worked out with a couple other guys from here, too (and hey, this goes for other legendary commentators around here, if you happen to be along my route — Mistral, Driver, Red Hood’s Assault, etc… I’ve always enjoyed your comments and would be down for a beer if schedules work out. Doktorjeep I’ll be in Seattle Aug 6 if you’re around).
          It would be pretty surreal meeting in person. An interesting article for RoK might even come out of it.

        3. I actually wouldn’t mind meeting up with some of you myself. It would definitely make for an interesting series of cerebral exchanges 🙂

        4. I may take you up on that. I have created a rough outline of topics and subtopics and am starting to divide it into chapters right now.

      4. I have already been shaming those who use the term man cave and that there is to be no such a thing as a man cave.

        1. No shit. I knew a guy that had a shed with a TV sofa, AC. He seemed to think it was independence and freedom. To me it was like he wasn’t allowed in his own fucking house. One step above digging a hole and laying in it.

        2. Increasingly with new DV laws … men are becoming guests in their own homes. It’s fucking ridiculous.
          Wifey who flips her shit on you can call cops and have you removed from your own home for period of time.
          Why would any guy marry now a days?

        3. they don’t. And that is the actual purpose of those laws. So that the degenerate unmarriable freaks should feel like they are normal.
          Suffrage was funded in the 1800’s by the prostitutes/madams who made all their money on their backs from the miners and adventurers who went out west. They would take that money and their networks and put it into businesses and real estate. The first thing they did was to use their power and influence to overturn the natural state of men and women.
          After all, there is nothing a corrupt whore hates more than a loved honorable woman.
          With the aid of the corrupt and stupid, they were able to do so.

        4. I have a shed. It’s full of tools, power equipment, and petro chemicals. It’s where I work on my cars and motorcycles and keep the small engines running. Also build stuff out there.
          It happens to have a vintage Sansui receiver and some Cerwin Vega speakers with 12″ woofers — old school.
          It’s not an escape for me. It’s just where I keep tools and work on stuff with some good rock and roll as accompaniment. No TV. Just wrenches, hammers, and other masculine items.
          My BIL has a ‘man cave’ as well as a fat wife. He has TV, fridge, video games, and that type of thing in there. And yes he does hide from his wife in there — if you saw her you’d be hiding too.
          Quite a difference IMHO. My shed is a work space. His is a beta diversion cave.

        5. All it takes to end up in jail is her WORD. No probable cause or evidence required.
          Guilty until proven innocent. It’s like Salem MA circa 1660 with regard to ‘rape’ and ‘domestic violence’.
          In NC, there’s even a crime called ‘assault on a female’. I asked a lawyer if one woman hits another, is that also ‘assault on a female’? Answer: no, that law only applies on Male>Female assualts, and it has worse penalties than male>male or female>female.
          Because feminism.

        6. Vintage Sansui….. vacuum tubes, heavy duty toroidal transformers and tape monitors.
          I love it.

        7. My whole apartment is a man cave.
          The last time I let a woman live with me, was 1999. Lasted 4 months, and never done it again.
          I run a solid “no 2 nights in a row policy”. Any of the harem can stay overnight, but by the next afternoon, I’m hitting them with the “so how do you get home”… knowing full well its either the train or the bus.

        8. my buddy’s friend had his wife run off for a few weeks with some new guy then showed up out of the blue several weeks later with cops saying he threw her out with no help and then he got hit for that abandonment rule and so no he lives in a trailer during their divorce while she and her new whipping bitch lives it up in the big ass house he earned

        9. Drives you fucking mad, doesn’t it? At any point with the snap of fingers, the bitch can get hubby tossed out of HIS house while forcing him to subsidize it.
          I met a guy in Denver. Fairly same story. His wife was going ballistic cause he didn’t hook VCR up right or something. So for his own protection he called cops saying his wife was going nuts and he’d be outside waiting.
          When the police arrived, they went in and asked the wife if she wanted him arrested.
          It makes my blood boil.

        10. It drives me nuts. During the day I watch women out in public. The group of women who go for walks pushing kids in strollers or out running errands. They all have such an entitled, bitchy attitude. I watch these bitches knowing how they’ve got it made: hubby is out slaving so she doesn’t have to work while at any point she could divorce him, take kids n house while garnishing his wages to keep her dream alive.

        11. Yea you almost need cameras up in your house for your own protection depending on who you bring home but it’s sad cause even if you meet a decent woman all those horror stories are in the back of your head

      5. I always wondered how to respond to that “man-cave” crap. I’m definitely using that spot-on comeback of yours, provided it isn’t patent-pending already. The problem is that people are so used to hearing the word “man-cave” being thrown around all the time that they don’t even stop to see what’s wrong with that picture.

      6. Just when did “man cave” start? My dad let my mother run the household and he did the heavy duty fix up work. Some old guys in the neighbourhood had a room in the basement where they would go and listen to the races, call the bookie and smoke a cigar.

      7. You ever watch Justified? Great red pill drama. Tough talking, slightly shady US Marshal who’s a bit of a dick but doesn’t take any shit. Loses his frame a little with the ladies who invariably turn out to be losers. Eloquent southern criminal who is always one step ahead of the law. Realistic and slightly mistrustful relationships between the races. Violent.

      8. The “man cave” is the functional equivalent of a permanent “kiddie table” employed during holidays.
        That said, men used to have genuine “man caves” in the form of male-only institutions for the display of skill, liberal consumption of intoxicants, stimulating discussion, and deal-making. These could be as elaborate of the famed London gentleman’s clubs to traditional country clubs where it was explicitly or impliedly made known that “no dogs nor women [are] allowed.” Of course, our cultural commissars have systematically eliminated them legally or by attrition.

        1. Yeah, me too, nearly since the first day I heard it.
          Also hate married women I meet who comment how they “would never let their husband ride a motorcycle!”, usually said with a mixture of contempt and, unsurprisingly, sexual attraction.
          “I don’t ask my wife for permission to engage in my own hobbies. I’m an adult, not a child”.

      9. Yeah, plus Man Cave always sounded like a cheap Attempt for Modern Feminized Couch potatoes to have a Masculine Gathering point.

      10. Exactly! A man should have a castle, not a cave… unless of course your Bruce Wayne and at that point you can afford what ever you wish.

      11. Just saw this article and finally had to get an account to leave a long-overdue comment on RoK. Been reading these comments for many months now, so thanks to the regular commenters.
        Firestone has something in common with Dr. Oz, which is that both have had really negative press (Firestone, less recently), and both have tried to divert negative attention using the only acceptable scapegoat in mainstream feminist culture: men. Firestone is synonymous with the phrase “tread separation,” and Dr. Oz himself is practically getting a public hanging in the MSM—so it isn’t hard to see why they need to create a common enemy to engage sheeple viewers. Additionally, as with any tarnished brand, Firestone can’t rely on normal ads that bank on their product’s quality or reliability (as does a Michelin ad posted in another comment), so all they have left is shock advertising. I’ll happily continue driving on my Michelin Pilots, thanks.
        For what its worth, I think the male-bashing MSM and ads like this have simultaneously lowered the expectations of men and inflated the egos of women to the extent that some women are completely dumbfounded when they encounter a witty man who doesn’t hide or apologize for his intellect. There is a vogue notion in mainstream feminist culture that young men have had their egos inflated, that they feel entitled to good grades in school and promotions at work, and that once reality settles in, they feel threatened by the education and credentials of their female counterparts. While I can imagine that might have been true to some extent as women entered the workforce in past generations, I very much see the opposite today. Women today have constantly had their egos inflated by the “go girl” echo chambers of the feminist establishment, and have been repeatedly told they are better than men. Yet many of the women I encounter, highly credentialed as they may be, seem to unable to hide their jealously when I start listing the things I do and have accomplished. It’s as if the “go girl” echo chamber told them men like me—who make their paper credentials look worthless—shouldn’t exist. It’s no consequence that the women I hit it off with are either the ones who have actually accomplished something outside the usual confines of career/academia, or the ones who are at least humble and honest enough to laugh at themselves and to admit their degrees in “[blank] Studies” are kind of silly.
        About the phrase “man cave,” “bachelor pad” has a similar connotation. Next time I hear someone refer to where I live as such, I’ll correct them: “You mean my Netflix-free zone of genius, creativity and self-improvement?” Not to hate on Netflix…just a lot of what oozes out of it…Frank Zappa’s song “I am the Slime” comes to mind.

    2. Well done. My favorite line (though I don’t remember where I got it) was always “my grandfather had a mancave. He called it the house. He was nice though and let my grandmother have the run of the kitchen and her own little room to do laundry in”

    3. Well men that seems to have a limited comfort zone to express himself is living in a mancave. And it’s unfortunate that for men to be able to do what they want without social pressure they have to do it where no woman or SJW is looking.
      Women keep blabbing on how “this is a man’s world.” Still acting like the victims. If it was a man’s world men wouldn’t have to go into hiding in mancaves.

    4. Growing balls?
      And then what? Either exhaust yourself fighting her, or she gets the legal machine to castrate you.
      Guys like you offer advice like this thinking it always works without once realizing it wasn’t what you did, but dumb luck that won your battle.
      Show her who’s boss and pray she’s not a psycho who’s going to cut your cock off.
      How old are you?

      1. ” Show her who’s boss and pray she’s not a psycho who’s going to cut your cock off. ”
        Speaking of cock cutting, please meet John Wayne ……………. Bobbitt

      2. Contrary to what you might think, women actually respect a man who asserts his dominance and authority over her. If you happended to marry a typical aggresive bitch, then you only have yourself to blame.
        In fact, any man with common sense, would know not to get married in the first place.
        I have managed to win my battles by doing what is traditionally expected of a man. So how old am I you ask? Well, the fact that I don’t have mancave, don’t play videogames or allow any women to boss me around, should provide you with an indicator.

        1. Things were different 30 years ago. I keep telling my old man that and he keeps not getting it.

        2. Baby boomers are indeed, the worst generation ever. However, even though times have changed economically, socially and politically, men need to be men, a timeless belief which I have lived with throughout my entire life, and believe, that the current generation of men and future generations, need to find in order to save their masculinity.

    5. I like to play video games from time to time. Am I not allowed to ever unwind? Must I always work?

    6. I really disagree with you on the “mancave”.
      “do something more constructive with your downtime, rather than play video games.” Tell me, what is wrong with playing video games? I will do what I want, not what you think is right.
      You are basically the same shit like women are, just shaming men for doing what they feel are best..
      Oh and by the way tell me what is “more constructive”? Let me guess picking up girls right?

      1. Thats probably because you are a pussy. I’m guessing you are one of those “men” who needs to form a mancave because you constantly get bossed around by your woman.
        Whats wrong with playing video games? Well the fact that you see nothing wrong, is precisely why society is going down the toilet. You sound no different from those women who complain about fat shaming.
        More constructive- what does that mean? Well how about something that does not involve playing video games like a child does. You’re a grown man and you still play videogames?
        I rest my case.

        1. Actually you are the one who behaves the same like feminists are shaming men for doing what they like.
          Look, I enjoy playing video games, reading books, working out, going out with friends, now what is wrong with the first one?
          Oh yeah you can’t be grown up and mature if you are playing games..Because reasons..

        2. Okay, points for funny. But I’m the second to last guy and am working on setting up a net-based passive income that should eventually rival or exceed a regular working salary. Which, funny enough, will allow me to live like a caveman.

        3. i play video games, but no man cave. i take over the living room because it has the best TV and surround sound. other family members are welcome to watch, but only if they aren’t too loud or obnoxious. cuz i work the rest of the week, and i’m not accepting any shit tests over it.

        4. “More constructive- what does that mean? Well how about something that does not involve playing video games like a child does. You’re a grown man and you still play videogames?
          I rest my case.”
          Totally moronic. Why though. Why are video games bad you salty sjw?

    7. Better commercial than this to prove the feminist agenda is Dannon’s Light and Fit commercials. The summed up synopsis is the lady eating the yogurt is insecure with her eating habits and can’t control her eating habits so much that she starts controlling other people’s food…

  9. Holy shit, so this is what television has come to since I abandoned it 12+ years ago then?!?
    Good Gravy and George Carlin, we really do need to smack these retards where it hurts. I have not seen something that openly man-hating from a company that is supposedly selling things men buy. There needs to be consequences for this.
    Reposting the link others have already shared. Screw these man hating corporate idiots and their kissing of the arses of mentally unstable women.

    1. My email to them (do not copy paste, it’s just to give you an idea):

      I watched with disbelief your absolute travesty of a tire commercial today. Specifically, the one where the clearly mentally unbalanced woman comes home, finds that her husband is taking a nap on his day off, which prompts her to steal his Xbox (or game console) and then run over it, tongue thrown out like a rampaging banshee as she does it to his disbelief. Then tops it off by blowing him a kiss.
      This is *revolting* and so insulting to men in general that I find it hard to believe somebody gave it a green light in your marketing department. I know you may find this hard to believe, but men make a lot of purchasing decisions when it comes to automobiles and accessories, and guess what, tires fall into that category.
      Using “it was humor” or whatever is not acceptable. You would NEVER make a commercial where a man did something diabolic like that to a wife and expect it to be well received, yet you feel no issue at all belittling and snarking at men, your primary customer.
      We deserve an apology for that commercial, all men whom you foisted it upon. There is no way that I will ever give a go ahead in our household for buying another Firestone product if you do not issue an apology, or at least make a commercial equally as insulting towards wives/women.
      Just disgusting how far we’ve come as a society that you think this is acceptable.
      (my name)

      1. That’s a well written and thought out letter, but the only thing that will get the point out to them is to boycott their company. Hit them in the wallet!

        1. That’s basically what I told them I’d do, because we both know that they will not 1) apologize nor 2) make an anti-woman commercial in the same vein as this one.

      2. GhostofJefferson,
        Your above email is solid. I’m in the midst of crafting one to send to Firestone right now. I included two questions in it and have requested that they answer these.
        I’m really bewildered at the thought process which led to that commercial being hailed as a good idea. Alienating their customer base is counterproductive. What am I missing here? Do guys just want to lay down and take this nonsense?
        This could be a great chance to wake men up. The more attention brought to this, the better.

    1. I did. I cut it off entirely last year in favor of Netflix. I don’t watch much Netflix but for the little I do it’s a vast improvement, well worth the cost, and I don’t have to watch commercials. Don’t miss TV in the slightest.

      1. Wait until you’re unplugged for over a decade. This commercial is shocking to me in a very real, visceral way. I thought it was awful in 2003, but this takes the cake.

      2. Netflix and Hulu Plus (has many older shows from before the decline started in the last twenty years and foreign TV shows) together don’t even cost $20 total a month and you get minimum intrusive commercials and get to cherry-pick what you watch and when with minimal feminist, pro-gay and anti-White propaganda and brainwashing. Die in fire, cable and satellite programming!

        1. Gents, this is why I have hope. You’re examples of how old media is technically dead and the new one, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon is shaping up to take over. But, its still in its infancy, note the redundancy between these apps and the overall clumsy user interface. Soon, we’ll be customizing everything and the ensuing fragmentation of media will be a decisive blow to the cathedral. Why? Because propaganda can only exist if its centralized and this new media will be incredibly decentralized.

        2. Yes. Now consider Obama’s FCC taking over the internet not long ago.
          Cue ominous music…

        3. I have a Roku and pay $7.99 for streaming Netflix and still don’t watch enough tv to make it through my queue. Add on the free Roku channels/apps and a set of rabbit ears and its more television than a person could ever need.
          How much television do people watch that makes $80+/month seem like a good idea?

        4. Beta sports junkies (and these hideous women who post football jersey-selfies) who subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket are who keep expensive Dish Network and DirectTV pricing plans afloat. #wouldnotbang

        5. Right, that 0.01% percent of the population that is trying to forcefuck the rest of us to use “cisgender” to describe ourselves. Not happening in this lifetime or the next with me, so too goddamn bad, you living Frankenstein monsters!

      3. You really don’t have to spend money on Netflix or Hulu or whatever when torrents exist.

    2. Not really a solution since a lot of other people watch TV and are influenced by it — including the high schools boys today who aren’t doing too well. Better advice is to write these companies, as others have suggested.

  10. Sell products to men by making men look like retards.
    I guess that marketing plan came from the feminist woman in the marketing dept who got a degree in Women’s Studies rather than Marketing like everyone else she works with.

  11. A few years back, Firestone got a lot of bad reputation for their SUV tires that were standard equipment on Ford Explorers. They survived that, but have lost a lot of trust with their customer base. Now this. Ridicule your customer base.
    I’ve never bought Firestone tires in the past and I surely now would never buy them.
    Edit: Bridgestone is the parent company.

    1. Yeah, I had a Firestone that blew up to shreds at 75mph on the highway. I literally ended up on the rim. I was lucky it was a rear one..

  12. Is this what we’ve been reduced to? Whining about TV commercials like spoiled little SJW brats? smh

    1. Right, we should just Man Up! ™ and let the culture become more and more toxic to men to the point that we’ll soon see castration commercials become normalized.
      Because as we all know, especially advertising agencies, commercials have no effect on individuals or culture and are completely harmless. It’s a wonder companies even pay advertisers five dollars for one, given how ineffective they are at transmitting messages and memes. Geesh, us guys!
      So what would you opt to see instead? More articles on kino?

    2. How are we supposed to know not to buy Firestone tires if not for articles like these?

    3. This might sound like whining, but in fact it’s concentrated guerilla ontology. If we were SJWs then we’d sputter about it on Twitter. As men of conscience, we’re using the latent powers of the patriarchy to effect change. You need not participate, if you wish.

  13. I haven’t seen the commercial, but from the description it sounds more like it makes the woman look bad. She comes off like an insane tyrant. Reverse the roles and how would it look if a man did that? If you had play either sex role in this one, I’d choose the man.

    1. Eh, you should watch it. It makes the man out to be an absolute shit upon loser dominated by a Strong, Independent Woman.

  14. Can someone post the link to the video for me? Link in the article is not working for me

    1. Site appears to have gone down…
      No, wait, now it’s there.

    1. Well, she did spill his coffee. Christ, how is she supposed to learn if there are no consequences? Geesh.

    2. I went to a restaurant the other day and I noticed that my waitress had a black eye. I made sure I ordered real slow because it was obvious she had trouble listening.

  15. This is the most cringe-worthy commercial I’ve ever seen. Here is a cunt wife telling her beta husband what to do with the money that he works for, saying he needs to consult with her before making any financial decisions.

    1. To be fair, she is made out to be a controlling nag.

        1. I try not to ponder such things actually.

    2. I have seen more wives than husbands talk about how they should have married someone else.

      1. But they never say only after they sucked all his resources dry and pussified him to make him lose his confidence and self esteem.

        1. My theory on that is that most if not all the women who bitch about how the wound up with a real hamster and shoulda married the alpha dude…are the ones who drained and pussified that man the most.

  16. Uh, if “making shitty tires” wasn’t enough to drive people away from firestone, I doubt their commercials will change anything.

    1. My Firestone experience
      I had the chance to get a set of four tires a few years ago at one of their centers. They put on the bill a protection plan that I did not ask for, and tried to get me to schedule a brake job also.
      The best part is that about 1 1/2 years later, the tires had alignment problems and were wearing very uneven, to the point where the tires needed to be replaced.
      Even with the Firestone warranty, I decided that I wanted to replace them and get another alignment somewhere else since I no longer trusted Firestone. When I went to the other place, they asked if I had been in an accident or something. The reason they thought that was because the alignment was so off that they thought something else must have happened. Since this other place replaced the tires, and redid the alignment, I have had no problems.

      1. You get what you pay for. Most of these large chain shops hire low level, wannabe techs, to save money. The best thing to do is find a good small shop. They usually hire good technicians because they need to keep their customers.

        1. I used Firestone that one (and only time) because they were more convient since I got a Sunday appointment. Of course, later when the work started to go to pieces I paid for it by not going to my local shop like I normally would.
          I was particulally appalled when I saw them doing the selling of a brake job on a woman that was there. To show ‘how dangerous’ and worn her brakes were, they had these gauges of different colors and thicknesses. There were about nine thicknesses, with the three thickest painted green, the next three yellow, and the thinest three painted red and used it as a ‘prop’ to sell the brake job. Of course, when they showed you your brakes were ‘this thick’ and it happened to be one of the red painted thicknesses, it would make the customer panic and get the brake job right then and there.
          At that point my car was already being worked on and it was too late to stop the work for tires.

        2. Yes. They have to use these tactics to milk as much money from the customer as possible, because they know that there is a good chance the customer will never return.

      1. Well, I dunno about women in distress, but I do know I live a couple miles from a Firestone plant and that thing has been on fire more times than any still standing building has any right to have been.

      2. Well, I dunno about thaf, but I do know I live a couple miles from a Firestone plant that’s been on fire more times than any still standing building has any right to have been.

  17. Oh you guys are just giving them killer advertisement…this is just like the skinny protein thing. Man, advertisers are so on key this year.

    1. Actually it’s apples and oranges.
      Fat ugly feminists going on about a protein product sold to people who generally hold fat ugly feminists in contempt will not affect the protein company’s bottom line. Fat ugly feminists by definition are not into fitness.
      An automotive part manufacturer insulting it’s customer base directly and getting dumped on for it only brings the ad to light to other men who will also, likely, feel pretty damned insulted, which will in fact impact the company’s bottom line.

      1. Well it’s getting people aware of the advertisement…so no, it’s doing the same thing.
        They are obviously going after a new clientele. Women. So that’s who will be buying their tires. Men who don’t game and find this funny, will as well. Only gamers will be all up in arms. But chances are they can’t even afford a truck.

        1. You missed the distinction.
          Making people aware of a product they do not use, will never use, and whose target demographic holds them in contempt may spur protests from the animals, but who cares?
          Call your main buying demographic stupid and that’s a whole other can of beans. Ask any marketing major the wisdom in insulting your target group. Never a good idea.
          Just saying “But more people are aware” ignores the outcome of awareness.

        2. You’re very, very literal.
          It could have been golf clubs. Or a shotgun. Or his pet rock collection. The object of destruction is irrelevant to the message delivered.

        3. I don’t know. My dad just told me he hates that our generation games…and he’s going to support Firestone this week. I bet if it were his golf clubs, he’d change his tune.

        4. Although they are trying to target a new demographic, women, when it gets time to get new tires, will she know what’s the best tire? She most definitely will ask the technician which 99.99% of the time would be a man. She will take his advice since she knows jack shit about cars. He will know what brand belittled men and steer her to other brands not associated with Firestone.

        5. I wonder what Microsoft thinks about their XBox getting crushed under the tires of Firestone? Is this a challenge?

    2. No. Protein World was advocating a healthy lifestyle and then a bunch of fat feminist retards got mad and were like “huurrr everyone got a beach body durrr being ugly is beautiful hurrr”
      This Firestone commercial is telling people that it’s okay to be a psycho and fuck up another dude’s afternoon as long as you are a woman. Big difference.
      But yeah, by denouncing it we are giving them a little publicity, negative as it is…

      1. “Healthy lifestyle” yes, gaming all day is definitely a healthy life style. You could argue Firestone was advocating for a healthy lifestyle (aka not sit on your fat ass all day).
        No such thing as bad publicity.

  18. Firestone is owned by Bridgestone. Bridgestone also owns
    – Driveguard
    – Potenza
    – Ecopia
    – Turanza
    – Dueler
    – Blizzak

  19. Grow the fuck up men. Fuck video games and be outside. You run the house and dont buy firestone tires.

  20. Who was the focus group? (and what was wrong with them?)
    Who did the ad agency use as for the focus group to get feedback on the ad? I can not see their target demographic (men with a car/van/SUV/pickup truck) thinking this is a great ad that would make them want to buy tires from Firestone.
    Normally, in my experience with marketing, is that you want the ad to generate a ‘positive feeling’ in the target customer, and then have the customer associate your product with that feeling so they will want to buy the product.
    As an example. I had the chance years ago to take part in a marketing survey in a mall. The marketing company rented space there and would have a person standing in the mall with a clipboard, looking around at the people walking by. If you seemed to fit the target audience for an ad, they would ask to talk with you, ask a few questions, and then ask if you would be willing to spend 20 minutes on a marketing survey for which you could get paid (I think at the time it was $20, mid 1990s). The survey was done is parts. The first part was questions asking about what are good qualities in general or more important to you, like health, youth, being happy, etc. The next set of questions was to ask questions about different situations, like people having a meal and multiple choices as to what you though best described the photo. The next step was asking questions about the general product line, for this ad it was an orange soft drink. The last step, and most important, was a set of photos that were different takes for the ad campaign. The idea was to ask you which ad conveyed or associated the positive or good feelings identified in the first steps with the product. Price, quality or safety could win out, but a lot of times an ad that conveyed youth or health would place higher than an ad about price or quality.
    I viewed the Firestone ad with the sound off and my initial reaction, especially with the few initial fake run overs of the video game by the wife in the SUV, would be to tell her to F off, throw her stuff out of the second floor window and lock her out of the house for a few days.
    Not exactly what I would expect, the feelings an advertiser would be trying to associate with their product.

    1. If one considers that government empowered women(single & married aka Democrats) now make most of the consumer choices while their Beta-Male husbands(aka the Republican Establishment) have surrendered the power of the spending, then yes, ads like the above are targeted for who makes the financial decisions in America. Grim stuff indeed, but I’m comforted by the fact there will be a national & cultural reckoning against this unnatural state of affairs sooner rather than later.
      Personally, I think Toyota marketing are the one’s who really did their homework about their audience;

  21. Nut sure what to think of this… Why would they do that ad? No woman ever buys tires in a relationship. None. Ever.
    Ok, obv. the guy got his dick cut off already, see: car. Idk the model, but it looks like the Hyundai IX35 I got as a rental. It’s a nice car. Excellent mileage. Acceptable seats. Fair room. Good price. But it’s not a man’s car. It’s a car for being on holiday with your 90yo grandma – easy entry. Maybe it’s a middle class wife’s car, but why would they buy tires – they buy new cars before the tires wear. Wifes don’t drive much.
    I really miss my Mercedes.

    1. “- they buy new cars before the tires wear.”
      Or, if divorced, when the oil light comes on.

      1. Check Engine in a nice amber glow also qualifies as a Time To Liquidate signal.

        1. “It said ‘Check Engine’ I looked and it was still in there. Then it broke.” — Some Chick
          I was in an Audi dealership. Some ditz was going ballistic because the car ran out of wiper fluid. “This is an Audi, this shouldn’t happen! I payed 60k on this car!” The service guy looked like hell trying to explain it was a user maintenance issue. Hot as hell but dumber than a rock.

        2. I think we all understand that wiper fluid is self replenishing, or at least, it’s replaced by Car Faeries after you park it for the night, assuming you own an Audi.
          Fucktoast, how dumb can some broads be?
          Women and cars, or any complex thing, really boggle me, especially when you’ll hear the same woman go on about “I doan needs no man!”. Yeah, until you get a flat tire and cannot grasp how to actually set up and use the car jack on the side of the road.
          My own wife suffers from this malady (without the man hate). Smart woman but the moment the computer acts even vaguely suspicious I do a scan and find seventy two viruses, none of which she can recall how she got (opening email attachments from people she doesn’t know I tell her, but it does no good). Needless to say she has her own system because I simply will not allow her to touch mine upon fear of “to the pain”.
          Or the car. Aye caramba. Her method of getting rid of 1.5 solid inches of ice off of her car’s windshield during a particularly bad winter was a tin of hot water, in -18F degrees. So then I had to get rid of 2 inches of ice on her car windshield. heh
          She’s cute as hell and nice, but when it comes to the physics and technology stuff, I tend to steer her away from active participation.

        3. You should’ve gave it back to her and point out what a fucking idiot she was. She would have been sucking your dick by the end of the day.

        4. Yeah, but it had a thick coating of ice on it already, in fact the whole car did. There was no melting through that shit or anything even vaguely close.

  22. Related: Deutsche Telekom (who you may know as T-Mobile) runs adverts in Germany depicting “Mom and Dad” on romantic dinner, daughter partying with friends, “dad” switching power off (from mobile), daughter and creepy guy alone. Nice. WHO THE FUCK WOULD BUY THAT? (though I’d recommend to my gilfriend’s parents if I were 17).

  23. What the media idiots do not get is that some of us who are already several decades of age have had to put up with this insult since day one.
    By the time The Beatles split up this misandry had lost its shock value.
    It was 2002 when I read this online in a now-defunct website:
    Try this experiment: Go to your cable TV tomorrow afternoon around 4 PM (prime time female viewing hours) and jot down on a legal pad, one line for each channel, a summary of what you see. Just look for 15 seconds or so per channel till you get the gist. This is what consultants call a “Gilson snapshot” — typically, you will find over 80 percent of the channels portray abuse, devaluing, or demeaning of men. See if you experience highlights similar to these as you flip the channels, one by one:
    * An afternoon cartoon: the girls push around the boys, who somehow just can‘t get science. Barney appears afterward to say let’s all be friends.
    * A show on financial empowerment for divorced women
    * A wife in a movie discovers her husband is involved in an affair and sets out to kill him to everyone’s approval
    * A man is slapped by a woman
    * A woman screams at her son and calls him a loser. She is then praised by the talk show host for attending anger management class. The boy is told it is up to him to keep her calm by a guest therapist.
    * A man is shot by a woman
    * “The More You Know” series of ads warns abuse can happen to anyone, so call for help immediately when he, repeat he, does it
    * A man says he is wildly in love with a woman who just kicked his testicles and insulted his father
    * A news report on forced or fraudulent government castration of men in India — focus? The emotional effects on the women, unhappy with their subsequent sex lives …but who are learning they can now remarry, and many of whom targeted their unsuspecting husbands for such “radical birth control” to government bureaucrats in the first place. “Improvements must be made based on experiments there before this can be rolled out to America,” says the commentator.
    * A woman shoots her boyfriend for buying a stereo without consulting her
    * A woman throws off her wedding veil and abandons the groom to have what looks like a personal erotic moment while driving a car
    * Another abandons her boyfriend and steals his car after discovering a soft drink is all she needs in life
    * A court case is interrupted when a woman begins to shampoo her hair and is happily pursued by sex maniacs, cheer-led by a psychotherapist
    * A government panel determines more funds are needed for “violence against women”
    * A man bursts on the screen saying “There is a plot by the government to use women to take over the world!” That one made be pause. Alas, it was an old comedy — the man is soon characterized as mad
    * Barry Scheck is interviewed with his discovery that DNA shows, in apparently those few cases where the police did not screw up the evidence, that 1/3rd of those serving time for rape (in many states until recently still a capital offense) were falsely accused. The panel afterward speculates on the “growing problem” that this fact may discourage women from making domestic violence accusations. The commentator continues, “Of course there is the rare case as we saw with Barry Scheck, maybe one in a million cases, where the woman lies.” “Or much more likely just made a mistake because she was upset,” says the other. The two women both nod, satisfied with the math that turns one third into a million to one shot.
    * A rerun of Donahue. He says under no circumstances should you hit a woman, even if she attacks you or must fight back. This is followed by a news story of the pardon by the Governor of a woman who dug through several walls to beat her disabled husband to death while he repeatedly called police who felt his call was insignificant. She felt abused, said the Governor. It is a victory for women, said several women’s shelters and advocacy groups.
    * A man comes home to discover his girlfriend has cleaned out the house and run off with a lesbian. He sets out to win her back after she hits him over the head with a bat
    * A woman throws a drink at a man who says she looks better in the blue dress
    * In the final episode of Star Trek, Captain Kirk finds his body stolen by a sympathetically portrayed woman
    * A woman fakes a rape scene to frame her lover and makes off triumphantly with her husband’s money, whom she has just murdered. Her husband is bad as he deals drugs, unlike her, who wants a better life.
    * Boys are embarrassed by a smug teacher because they can’t give the birthdate of Susan B. Anthony or name when votes happened for women. They are not taught when, or by whom, votes were won for men
    * A man tries to help an eccentric and distressed visiting professor by inviting him to stay over. His wife leaves him
    * On a nature show, a female praying mantis eats the male while mating
    * In Afghanistan a desperate father whose home was destroyed by American bombing has his young daughters take in piecework. This, says the reporter, is a vestige of Moslem male dominance the US is trying to correct. The reporter patronizingly asks the wife why she doesn’t leave him since he won’t send the daughters to school and continues luridly on the custom of polygamy.
    The reporter has apparently forgotten she also reported the US bombs had pulverized the school to flinders.
    * A man is slapped and hit by his girlfriend and called an abuser because he did not tell her that he was adopted.
    * Psychologists discuss the “controversial” proposition that fathers are beneficial
    * A CNN reporter reveals the shocking fact that in Arab countries, women do not automatically get custody. Tune in tonight for the courageous story of a woman who kidnapped her son to America after leaving her husband to avoid the custom of the country where the boy has grown up.
    * A man gets twenty years for consensual non-vaginal sex with his wife. She gets therapy
    * A raped 12 year old boy is ordered to pay child support to the rapist, his teacher
    * A story on deadbeat dads features a man who must, under antique laws, pay support even though the child was by the man with whom his wife was two-timing him. “Women are fighting back against the many men who seek to avoid their legal obligations,” intones the reporter
    * “You worm!” a woman tells a befuddled Curly, slapping the icon of male power.

    This is from an article by Michael Gilson De Lemos in The Laissez Faire Electronic Times, Vol 1, No 45, December 23, 2002

    1. The classic example of a girl trying to explain a bit of basic science to a boy, who just can’t get it:

      1. I couldn’t watch all of the video.
        I thought at first the video was a ‘wind up’ or something since the convoluted logic was so tangled that I didn’t think it could be real. After a few minutes of more discussion, it became apparent that this was the way she thinks. (and I fear how a lot of women think out problems or come to solutions)
        The man must be a saint to put up with it, I couldn’t do it.

  24. “I was sitting at home watching the Cavs against the Celts”
    There’s your mistake. As Brian Logan’s ROK article clearly shows, the NBA is being infiltrated by the disease of feminist progressivism thanks to SJC’s like Sheryl Sandberg.
    I agree with your succeeding commentary, but i recommend fixing that first mistake as soon as possible.
    Marx had it wrong…religion isn’t the opiate of the masses…its sports.

    Why You Need To Boycott The NBA

    1. No, now it’s Pornography, it’s free, it Saps the Energy out of Men, it’s Time Consuming, and it can cause Anxiety and Depression, and it will absolutely lower a man’s Confidence mingling with Women and every other aspect in life, and Just about every Man goes back to it every Time, it’s the perfect Opiate because it uses the Male sex drive and tricks it to make the Man think he is accomplishing something when in fact he is accomplishing nothing, Pornography Is the Opiate of the Masses. Just think how Much Feminist’s must love it, The Man chooses to stay in his room Fapping himself Dull, while the Feminist’s/SJW’s Take over the world.

      1. I always thought feminists hated pornography because it presented attractive Women that Most heterosexual Men sexually objectified? (shrugs)
        Regardless, porn definitely saps the strength of the average Man…however it’s not as convenient to watch as sports is. You can watch sports anywhere, anytime. While porn is definitely available on demand, there is still a stigma behind it where a Man caught watching porn in public will be summarily shamed.
        Since sports is so much more prolific and there is less of a stigma to watch it anywhere, i would therefore state that it’s more of an opiate than porn is simply because it isn’t just adults who can be seen engaging in it, it’s children and the elderly as well.
        We can however, agree to disagree, since they both have their negatives.

        1. Well you are right about the sports though, the Roman leaders Said it best “Give them Bread and Circuses” the Colosseum Back then was pretty much a sporting event to opiate the Masses.

  25. The wisest thing you could possibly do is unplug from the matrix. Turn off that TV! It’s just a machine used to fill your brain with propaganda.

    1. I am so proud to not have owned a TV set in over a year now, and I don’t miss it one bit.

      1. She should have run over the TV set but oh no that says stop watching TV and she will miss her reality show.

  26. #FuckFirestone
    #Cuntstone (That’ll raise a few eyebrows)
    What’s most remarkable about this is that men do go out of their way for specific brands of tires, and women do not. So the commercial is way off on it’s own. It’s not going to make women want firestone tires in fact, I never heard any woman say they have any specific liking for any brand of tire.
    But men – ah we all have our preferences.
    And Firestone is not going to be one of mine for the rest of my life. Even if they are on sale and I was going to sell the car.

    1. Indeed, and differing preferences for summer tires over what we might prefer for winter tires. Something those of us in the snow belt who actually enjoy driving still pay attention to. I don’t know of a woman alive here, even from my yoot, who even realized that you should change tires at the end of fall and around the middle of spring.

    2. This was probably cooked up by some empowered cunt in the marketing department…
      Well, one thing’s for sure-They say the customer NEVER forgets.

  27. I hardly watch TV anymore but when I did or occasionally do there’s endless commercials making fun of men or making men look like bafoons while the female is always made out to be the smart one or the problem solver. Men are considered nothing but a joke in Western society.

  28. The worst part is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with what he did. Spending your day relaxing once food and basic safety has been taken care of is exactly what our ancestors spent their time doing.
    The second worst part is that he will stay with her.

    1. That’s what pisses me off about the men carping on him.
      “Video games! Ugh!”
      Yeah, ok, what the fuck ever, thing is it was his time, he (being a middle class male) holds a job and was relaxing while Princess Empowerment was out and about. It doesn’t matter if he was doing video games, or golfing, or was skinning rabbits he brought back from a hunt on the back patio, it was *HIS TIME*.

      1. I think that should be added to the red flags laundry list: If she violates YOUR time, she has no respect for you. This should actually be one of the first flags, as it’s very easy to not recognize it but it tells volumes.

      2. This is why marriage is shit
        Marriage is putting a man and woman to live together. Whoever has the law on his side will always have a leg up in that life (the woman)and the other would have to put up with a worst life than when he is single.

  29. Imagine if the genders were reversed…
    A respectable, well-dressed, glowingly radiant man in sunglasses bursts through the door. He’s conspicuously 5’9 and a facial 7. He says “Hey love, I dropped off the kids at their musical lessons. How are you feeling today?”
    His wife is on the couch in their dimly lit and messy living room, watching television. She is unkempt, pale like a corpse, and has raggedy short hair. Candy and chip fragments are spattered all over her clothing. QVC is on the television, and magazines litter the table in front of her. She doesn’t even greet him as he walks in, but rather rolls her eyes…And then gazes into…wait for it now…
    HER SMARTPHONE. She pecks away like it’s more important than anything else. Then suddenly demands, “give me some money so I can go out wit my ‘girlfriends’…
    The noble businessman walks up to her coldly without a word, a look of determination on his face. He snatches up the wretched contraption from her hands, and heads for the door. She pleads “no! hey! what are you doing with my phone, you mini cave man?”
    “You need a lesson in priorities, sweetheart”, he says as he scales his lifted 2015 F150 Super Duty…his tie and hair swaying in the obviously artificial wind.
    He places the smart phone in the middle of the road, and pops a monster truck wheelie only 5 feet from it. Mud specks dust the phone.
    “YEAHHHHHH How do you like that, bitch? Disrespect me in my house? I PAID FOR THIS HOUSE! I BOUGHT YOU THAT PHONE! I RAISE THESE KIDS!”
    He does donuts around the phone as she wails and cries, a look of panic on her face akin to sexual violation.
    He jumps out, grinning and sneering. And as she pulls at his feet trying to stop him, he smashes the phone with his Italian leather dress shoes. He stomps it a few times for good measure, as she continues to bawl and beg for him to stop. He cackles like a gremlin, grabs her by the hair, and licks a streak through some makeup which had drizzled down her face from a torrent of tears. Her expression is one of pure disgust and terror. As the camera pans away, she slips into catatonic numbness.
    THEN, a radio announcer voice with stereotypical soft rock music plays in the background…
    “Built Ford tough, because a real man doesn’t tolerate shit from his woman. Buy now and get %15 off, with our own a bitch sales event!!!”
    I don’t think it would be received positively by the public, but at least it would mirror this commercial by Firestone!

    1. I would immediately go and purchase an F-250.

    2. Monster truck coming out with heavy metal playing and hot young girls riding on the back now that’s serious reverse cuckolding.

  30. Why not cut a commercial where the wife is at home sleeping with the ipad on her lap with a clear shot of FB, and the TV with the bachelor on, and have the husband run over the ipad.
    Oh wait, that is domestic “violence” and grounds for divorce on cause of emotional abuse.

    1. That would be perfect, as it is the truth of so many homes these days as I hear tell. Make it happen after he tries to “put the moves” on her and she rejects him for what we all assume was the seventh time that month.

  31. What an awful commercial. Does it do anything to promote Firestone tires? Are they durable? A good value for the price? Who knows? How did the ad agency (Laughlin Constable, btw) pitch this? “We’re going to pitch your product by showing men as lazy d-bags and women as nutty, spiteful bitches. Sign here.”
    This ad serves two functions, neither of them good. First, it’s a shibboleth directed at the SJW crowd, “Look! We’re in on it! Men suck!” and the second is to alienate half of Firestone’s potential customers.
    Dumb, dumb, dumb.

    1. Half?
      When was the last time a woman you actually know, actually studied and made a tire purchase on her own, without a man guiding her? That man can be you, your relatives, your friends or even the man at the counter of the tire store.
      This commercial is like the stupidity I was starting to see around 2002 or so where they were pitching power tools to women. Fucking idiotic.

        1. He’s a generous man, a very generous man.
          Just watched Sin City again recently. Everything is “triggering” me as of late. Same with The Big Lebowski, from earlier in the week. I’m doing a “keep it or trash it” DVD review.

        2. Everything is “triggering” me as of late.
          I get you. Lately, it seems like there’s been an uptick in shittiness in the air. Not sure what’s behind it, or if it’s just a passing thing, but I have noticed it.

  32. I needed to get tires for the car the wife drives last week. The tire shop I went to had firestone tires on sale cheap…surprisingly cheap. I wasn’t sure why until i saw this.

    1. Whatever you do, don’t let them do an alignment.
      The one done on my car was so bad that my regular tire shop asked me if I had been in an accident.

  33. What the fuck? Imagine this ad showed a guy come home from work to find his fat wife watching Sex and the City, facebooking and admiring her shoe collection. He abuses her, then burns the lot right in her face and walks off with a sense of satisfaction. If that happened, somebody would be lynched. Seriously! Every second commercial these days features a smug, empowered feminist cunt showing up a braindead, useless man. But you never see the other way around. Why do men need to put up with this shit?

    1. We don’t its that simple. There is a link to firestone below, send them a message.

    2. Just as Tow said. We don’t.. Read the comments under that commercial, and you’ll see. Men are very very pissed.

    3. ” Why do men need to put up with this shit? ”
      Because the notion of brotherhood of men or bros before hos rarely exists in real life. Have you ever witnessed or personally experienced when hanging out with a group of male & female “friends” each time the males of the group discuss about what they find desirable in females then the females of the group invariably will attempt to shame and lecture the males about having “shallow” and unrealistic expectations? But the reverse never happen whenever the females of the group discuss that their dream guys must meet their 375 checklists?
      Or have you ever noticed the females are quick to shush the males whenever the males were laughing and talking shit about some aggressive fat girl but the reverse never happen whenever the females were giggling and talking shit about some short “creepy” dude?
      Or have you ever noticed that your female friends & relatives are quick to take umbrage at the few of their fellow women who “degrade all women” by showing too much flesh? But your male friends & relatives never take umbrage and or even merely think less at the hordes of their fellow men who putting some worthless woman on pedestal?

      Truth be told, most males instinctively hold the “better all of the other dudes be dead so I can hog all the pussies to myself” – the white knights are all driven by this instinct and the only thing that stopped them from literally throwing other men under the speeding bus is that it is still an unlawful thing to do. But I foresee great changes will dawn upon us all when Hillary ascended to the throne, “misogynistic” sites like ROK and or Chateau Heartiste might even be banned under the pretext of “promoting the continuation of sexist patriarchy” or “promoting hostility towards women and the institution of marriage” or some other similar fucking bullshit.

      1. Of course some beta simp is gonna act like he’s the man by calling bros before hoes gay

  34. Tbh I don’t think I could ever have a relationship in this day and age I would be in jail for beating a bitch up for something like this.

  35. Commercials like these will contribute to women’s psychopathy.
    Their psychopathy will contribute to the decline in marriage.
    The decline in marriage will contribute to their extinction.
    Where’s the bad part in all of this?

  36. A buddy of mine just shared this on facebook, it’s an old article, but it’s a good story which proves how miserable a woman will end up if she follows her career instead of being a good wife. She had a loyal loving husband, but she left him because she was bored and wanted more excitement in her life. Now she’s old, single, and childless

    1. “How different things would be for me now if only I’d listened to Matthew when he pleaded with me not to leave him in 1997, tears pouring down his face.”
      Holy shit no wonder she left the dude. Beta as fuck, I can’t imagine crying over a woman no matter what the circumstance. Guess she realized the beta chump wasn’t going to fufill her and she still had a chance to ride the cock caraosul, at least it backfired though haha.

      1. That’s right. Matthew was beta. She hooked up with an alpha and she knew he was not stable for a family. Alpha knocks up another girl so she left. Then she found another beta and was tired of him as well.
        Just a classic example of hypergamy in action AND nice guys always finish last.

        1. Either way.. Fuck her in the ass. She deserves to die a spinster. I have zero sympathy for these women.

        2. That’s right! Pay back is a bitch. She deserves every bit of misery for what she did. Reminds me of the Metallica song “Master of Puppets” but about a different type of master (Feminism)
          Master. Master.
          Where’s the dreams that I’ve been after.
          Master. Master.
          Promised only lies.
          Laughter. Laughter.
          All I hear or see is laughter.
          Laughter. Laughter.
          Laughing at my cries.

      2. That sounds pretty average, but maybe it’s just the people where I live. A distant relative comes to mind, who’s an even more pathetic beta. When this beta finally figured out his wife was cheating on him (she often leaves the house dressed like a slut, to go out “with the girls” and party/drink, not returning till next day) – what did he do? He went over to his mother-in-law’s (wife’s mom) house and cried for hours, asking his MIL how to win his wife back/how to make it up to her. Who does that lol?
        In the meantime, he spends his time drinking and depressed in the garage (essentially giving her the rest of the house as her territory), but still does things for her like petty house maintenance or gardening based on her preferences (even for the MIL) – instead of kicking out the home-wrecker. This cheating whore wife of his once told other relatives she’s only staying with him to get the money when he dies. I wish there was some justice that would set things right.

        1. Jesus Christ thats pathetic. How can a dude support her after she fucks another man then says she only wants him for his money. Is she really hot or something?

        2. Not hot in the slightest. Lol far from it. Even if she was that’s still no excuse to allow that type of treatment. She’s a middle-aged highly overweight/obese land whale, with a huge jaw and witch nose, that recently bleached her hair and now compares herself to Marilyn Monroe. She has had several guys on the side during most of her marriage (a few decades). She bragged how one married guy would sit with her near the fireplace at his house and they would have wine (then cried how he “broke up with her” because she thought he loved her). She often goes on vacations to the Caribbean with her slut friends to party and “get away from it all” (she works in cosmetics lol). She said one reason she cheats is because her husband’s “fat”, funny coming from her.
          But, in front of her mom and select relatives, she plays the “innocent, hard-working angel” image. This is all to get the inheritance money, as she only visits her widowed mother to perform paid chores (also gets gas money, free lunches, and pity money after telling stories on how hard up she is). Everyone has to hear about what a wonderful person she is. Puke.

    2. Dang, I found a redpill female commenter. Not what you’d expect on Dailymail of all places. ppl are waking up.

      Ah, the lovely legacy feminism has left for women. Nobody wants to say it but if she didn’t have a fancy career she would probably have had everything she wanted by now. The truth is, when the woman makes more money there is a significantly increased chance the marriage or relationship will end. The more women move up in the economy, the more unhappy they become. Experts here in the states are baffled that women supposedly “have it all” yet from every angle their happiness has been declining over the last 40 years relative to men’s. I don’t work. I’ve never had a career. I’m one of those “deadbeat” housewives out there that “doesn’t do anything” (or at least that’s how modern society has come to view those like me thanks to feminism the truth is I do a lot). This story really made me want to cry but I know there are millions of other women just like her out there. I think hopefully my generation is slowly catching on that the feminist movement has been bad for us”

    1. Goddamn imagine if the commercial was the exact opposite and it said “sorry, it’s a female.” “Girl power” outrage for weeks.

      1. Fuck, feminists started crying about being called “bossy” if they said ‘sorry its a girl’ they would get annihilated by mainstream media.

  37. Someone needs to make an article on the idea of women kicking their husbands out of their own house they financed to live in the dog house.

  38. I’ve never bought Firestone. They’re total shit. I’ll stick with my Nokias for the winter and Bridgestone AT for summer.
    What a nasty commercial.

  39. I guess he could graduate towards the biggest mancave of all-prison just after he beat the unborn child out of her.

  40. Simple ! Any shitty politically correct add for a product. This product is straight away on my list. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP ! DO NOT EVEN THINK OF IT !
    It’s my money & the P.O.S. can keep their shitty product !

  41. i wouldn´t beat her. she started it, i would accept. she destroyed some silly video game console – i would destroy her car. then if she still wanted to play, she would have to burn the house, which would be in my favor also. so she lost everything within minutes because of her pride.
    if i was amurican i would grab my passport, and leave to another country. a new beginning.
    a normal healthy wife would never do that. but if she would: play the game

  42. I don’t use twitter, but how about #firestonehatesmen

    Scroll the menu to advertising feedback. I have filled out mine, and requested the email address of the director in charge of PR and corporate communications. Will post it if/when it comes.
    But, I think these guys are fucking morons. How many women go out and buy tyres ?. Usually its left to the husband. Why would a company go out of its way to belittle its target market, by painting them as video-game playing, beta-buffoons.
    I want to see a sequel to this advertisement. Where the guy grows a pair of balls, burns all his wife’s shit, kicks her feminista ass out of the house, works out heavy in the garage (Lester Burnham style), shaves off his hipster stubble,.. and then bangs a long string of young beaver.
    And the closing scene, he is in a hot-tub with 2 girls called Amber and Tiffany, under the slogan. “Whatever you drive bitch.., its my way or the highway”

  44. So what are you gonna do? Go on a social media and cry about it like a pack of mangina feminists? Nobody will care. If you are applying game to your relatioship, then she would never do this, and you can watch a commercial like this and respond by saying, what a fag.

  45. these ads are ubiquitous (tv, radio). guy with high-pitched whiny voice complains about problem x. condescending woman gives solution to his problem. ad often finishes with guy groveling, or perhaps a warning by the narrator ‘don’t be like this guy.’
    gotta follow the money-trail. companies invest big-bucks into studying who is buying their products and how to get these consumers to buy/spend more. my guess is the answer that turns up time and again is… women. empower those women with phony-baloney praise and they’ll open their purses as fast as their legs!

  46. In my family there is no man cave, just the garage. That’s where all the fun stuff is anyway.

  47. Look I hate all this shit posted by all these feminazis about this patriarchy BS but come on it is just a dumb as commercial trying to get women to buy tires. If a marketing ploy makes you this upset you are not better than the transgender lesbo whores on tumblr.

    1. Men are no longer the breadwinners. Feminism has displaced men from the labor market, and as a result of this corrupt ideology, there are now more women in the workplace than men.

  48. What you described is what happerns in TV and Movies 24/7. It has become the norm to attempt to make the White Male look weak as often as possible.
    It’s always the Beta personality that is beatup on though. You are on point about the social engineering aspect… I’ve noticed this evolution since the 80s.
    The ones in charge of the media aren’t fooling me. As a matter of fact, I see it as Trolling plain and simple.
    Either vote with your wallet or with your violence; there is no other way.

  49. Yuck, misandry.
    No fucking wonder Western men are becoming more and MORE eager to marry out, just to be with a woman who doesn’t remind them of their own mentally unstable female relatives be it emotionally, mentally, AND EVEN PHYSICALLY!

  50. We should start a “do not buy or patronize” list for businesses and products who think it is profitable to sell their services or merchandise with ads that make men look like doormats for women. I don’t know what the ad execs at Firestone could possibly be thinking. Targeting an ad for tires at women? Women can’t tell you how long the damned “change oil” light has been glowing, or how long the metal against metal grinding has been going on with the brakes, much less when the last time the tires were rotated or which are the best all-weather tires (screw Firestone, Michelin Primacy for my money), nevertheless, I’ll be sending an email to Firestone about how much I’ve liked their tires over the years, but after watching this ad, won’t be a buyer any longer.

  51. i’m torn between the things i want to think about this.
    on one hand, i think it’s downright stupid to feel attacked by this spot – it’s exactly the reaction it would aim to provoke if it knew. i wouldn’t say that it’s harmless, but i would say that plain indifference is the best weapon against it.
    also, you could argue that this depicts a real man’s situation. why would i feel affected by it? it’s not me. because i have a penis and he does, too? differentiating between reality and fiction and also between other men and oneself is something a man should be able to do. when a woman says “men are lazy” i will ideally answer “i don’t know, show me the data”. i am not “men”. it’s the same kind of groupthink that makes a policeman offended when you say “policemen are idiots”.
    to be offended by this also in some way opens me up to the message itself. resistance often is the guise of failure. to be offended by it portrays me, a man, as a victim. i don’t like that line of thought even for a second. i choose my life, not a commercial.
    also, it’s the free market. feminism as an idea is just selling better right now, let’s face it and not feel offended. people get what they choose and thus, what they deserve.
    on the other hand, yes, it’s shit. like most mainstream media. yes, i would like to see other values propagated because it is true that men who don’t have the privilege of knowing “the red pill” would profit from it. possibly.
    it’s not even that i would want to force the other way down people’s throat, but i would like for men to see two sides of the coin portrayed with the same kind of confidence and then make a choice.
    i would like men to have a choice. to see it. will boycotting do any good? meh. it probably won’t work. a minority cannot boycott unless it is supported by a majority. we may just look like the angry men they want us to be.
    much better would be something along the lines of thought i had had recently. i am a somewhat talented filmmaker and i wanted to do some real red pill movies that portray masculinity in a positive way. though, i found out that i am too young and would rather invest time into growing myself up first.
    it would be a challenge for any real man, though. write up some great positive stories about manhood and publish them. as books. as audios. find someone to make videos of it.
    nobody cares about the screeching feminists on the streets, not primarily. they care about the positive propaganda. only through that image – real or not – can they start to see oppressors. the red pill needs to do the same kind of positive propaganda instead of simply crying out against feminists.

  52. Yeah, business as usual. After decades of watching TV, this is what I’ve noticed:
    – Ads appealing to men: Make them feel good about themselves by living vicariously thru a handsome and/or successful male protagonist, often associated with a sexually attractive female.
    – Ads appealing to women: Make them feel good about themselves by living vicariously thru a good-looking and/or “empowered” female protagonist, often associated with being superior over a weak and/or sexually unattractive male.
    What does it say about women, when the main way to get her to buy your products is to make her feel all superior over half the world’s population? Seriously, what is wrong with this picture.

    1. Bingo! My thoughts exactly. It says a great deal about women, indeed, and its not very good and, moreover, its contrary to their progressive bullshit.

  53. Fuck Firestone. Their tires are shit anyway.
    Fuck TV and watching sports. Like you said, the commercials are insulting, the sports leagues have succumbed to feminism and SJWs, and finally, they call it programming for a reason.

  54. I’m giving the below email a final edit and sending it to Firestone tonight. I’m still amazed by how incredibly stupid this commercials is on many levels.
    If we want to see change, then we need to write emails en masse.
    No demands, no screeching or emotional outbursts–just use your brain and convey your dissatisfaction with this turd of a marketing blunder.
    I’ll keep this letter brief so that you may address and respond to all of the other feedback that you have undoubtedly been receiving regarding your recent commercial which depicts a man having his property flattened by Firestone Tires.
    I’m thrilled that you have confidence in your tires’ reliability and effectiveness when it comes to stopping on a dime and crushing hard plastic; a single-product company like yours should proudly stand behind its products .
    I’m curious though—how exactly does it make financial sense to alienate your male customer base by creating something like this? Wouldn’t it be wiser to develop commercials that empowered men to buy your product, instead of showing one of them being disrespected?
    I look forward to your answers to both of these questions.
    If you’d still prefer to continue to air an anti-male agenda, at least be more tactful about it. I’m bewildered by the thought process that somehow led to this commercial being hailed as a successful marketing idea. Yes, there is a trend of “smart woman, dumb man” commercials dominating television, as I’m sure you’ve seen, but is it necessary to take a part too in that cheap, cowardly and ultimately insecure display?
    You can do better. I cannot envision myself buying Firestone tires in the future, nor would I recommend them to anyone else.
    In a 2014 article featured in the Nashville Business Journal, Gary Garfield, your CEO, stated “Bridgestone had ‘lost sight of you, our boss’ – meaning consumers that use the company’s tires. He added that “There’s been an added focus during the past four years to gain a “deeper understanding” of what customers want out of the company.”
    Your customers want:
    a). not to be ridiculed
    b). an apology
    My name

    1. Hat tip. I wish I had this when I sent my email to them. But, I did send them a message. This shit has to end.

  55. See, to me, if a woman pulls something like this, she deserves to be knocked across the room.

  56. I am so glad I quit watching TV when I left for college in 1981. I cannot name more than a couple of shows since the days of Eight is Enough and Three’s Company.
    My wife watches some TV and a lot of movies to improve her English, so we do have a TV in the house. I do not even know how to work the damn thing and do not care. Whenever I walk into the room and see for three or four seconds what is going on, I see I am not missing anything.
    Even my favorite sports teams (which I do not care about that much), I just pick up on the radio. I have heard that you can now regularly see two dudes kissing on TV.
    I have never seen that and do not care to. The weather is great today and I have enough to do on my micro-farm to keep me busy all day.
    It does bother me a little the effect TV is having on the people around me.

  57. Well it has become perfectly acceptable to bash male behavior and marginalize the hobbies we like and the things we value. Feminist society might not view these male behaviors and hobbies with any value to society but what I don’t like is the hypocrisy this commercial displays. Just imagine if the wife came home from spending the evening out with her friends wearing her most prized jewelry and when she comes home her husband has her jewelry box in the street threatening to run over it with the car. He toys with her while she screams and cries for him to stop and then he puts the car in drive and floors the gas shattering the jewelry box into a thousand splinters. You would hear millions of voices in disgust proclaiming this is emotional abuse and torture of a woman and the producer should be shot. You see women would not be able to handle it like most men. We have been hardened and can take abuse like this without even questioning it. The fact is no wife who loves her husband would ever do this to him. And no man in his right mind would ever marry or stay married to a woman that ever did.

  58. Even if nobody ever bought a single Bridgestone/Firestone tire ever again; they will still survive and still be a healthy fat cow because they are fitted to hundreds of thousands of vehicles at the factories i.e. FORD cars/trucks, Kawasaki motorcycles, etc.

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